About vaness07

Psychic vaness07has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic vaness07has recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about vaness07's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Blessings to all! My name is Vaness07 I am a third generation naturally gifted empathetic psychic/ medium that process the gifts of clairvoyance and astral traveling abilities. I have been working with my gifts since the age of 7 years old with the help of spiritual guidance. I have the ability to see spirits and events of the past as if they where happening before my eyes in the present.

She was amazing! Words cannot describe things she knew! Was amazing, thank you! Blessings" ... written by ashley
Interesting...I like her!" ... written by cat
She was great with the few credits I had. She went right in. Great reader!" ... written by Love
Amazing!!!!" ... written by ashley
Thanks for your help Vanessa you are so open and honest, no sugar coating, excellent reader!" ... written by ikroyal
Was amazing." ... written by jon
She was good she gave me good advice. She connected well with me. She was right about a lot of things." ... written by Latin Lady
Vanessa is fantastic. She is truly gifted with her spirit led readings. She is kind, caring and genuine. I recommend her. x" ... written by Globe
Very good! Picked up on things without me even saying a word! Great psychic!" ... written by Rachel
Very helpful and sweet :)" ... written by elena
What can I say? Very wonderful woman. I am glad I chosen her, she picked up on something straight away." ... written by Kara Louise Graham
All I can say is wow.. She connected me with my buddy from two years ago, and I feel so much comfort. I was his unfinished business." ... written by Hannah Ritter
Holy Moly! That was an absolutely incredible reading. I am utterly flabbergasted. Vaness07 could see so many things without me saying a single thing. Completely spot on. I will take what you said and keep in touch to tell you if your wonderful predictions come true. WOW! *****" ... written by Justin
She is a super sweet reader. She connects amazingly with spirit. She doesn't feed you a fairy tale story, but does a great job actually connecting with with spirits, describing how they died and giving messages if there are any. She also described another person and a room exactly right. " ... written by spirit
Thank you!" ... written by c
Excellent reader, very in tune with my situation. " ... written by BlessedRDL2014
She seems very intuitive. She saw things that made me believe she truly is gifted." ... written by celticfreckles
Amazing. Speechless, she just connected and told me the truth. no tools nothing. It was just amazing, I have no words." ... written by Vinnie
WOW.. Absolutely amazing!! 5 star Vanessa07..You are an angel!!!" ... written by aqua
Wow, amazing what she picked up on...blew me away!!!" ... written by r
Amazing! Take this lady for a first class reading." ... written by michelle
Excellent, specific details about the situation, professional delivery of information, highly recommend" ... written by L
She was very interesting. Different from other readings. I'll be looking forward to valentine's day since she didn't see me alone on that day." ... written by Christopher
Once we got connected it was on. Thank you." ... written by QTyrone
She was amazing, she reconfirmed everything I was feeling and I would recommend her to anyone!" ... written by DUNCAN
Brilliant! I will come back with good news :)" ... written by sparklejules
She described a situation to me that was spot on. Excellent reading :)" ... written by Pam
soooooooo on point.... very accurate !!!!! RECOMENDED" ... written by Dre Tae
Wow this is the real deal, no words to describe.. TY very much vaness07 and God bless you.. " ... written by Mike
She's really sweet. Told me I am going to be surprised this valentine's day!! Can't wait to see that." ... written by aquac
Vanessa is amazing, picks up on everything, spot on. I consider her my friend she tells me the TRUTH! Highly reccomend her. :)" ... written by ashley
She's on spot. I was amazed with her reading. She connects fast and accurate. I will be back again !" ... written by riza
Was a pretty cool reading " ... written by Angela
Awesome! I think you are very gifted and thank you for the reading." ... written by Mike Ramirez
She was very helpful and really good..." ... written by edelaine
She is very different and a real psychic. " ... written by miko
Thanks so much! You were tons helpful and did not need much information from my behalf, or any information for that matter!" ... written by E
She was able to connect to many passed loved ones, she knew a lot of things she couldn't have otherwise. Highly recommend!!" ... written by Shannon
Vanessa is always amazing picks up on everything, such a great reader highly recommend :)" ... written by ashley
Thank you, very insightful!" ... written by kate
She's really great. Picked up on everything without any info from me." ... written by JPM
Good reading. Thank you for the time frames. Will keep you posted." ... written by M. Lewis
Excellent....I didn't tell her anything but she told me everything!!!!" ... written by spankyyy
No candy coating. Thanks!" ... written by Ketya
Vanessa was wonderful! I will be back when I am able to hold a stronger intent for the reading. She picked up on both my past and future. :)" ... written by Kathryn
I love my reading, it's a 100 stars. I wood like to tell to anyone to get a reading. I love my reading." ... written by carol
she is amazing beyond words everything she says is true!and comes true! wow" ... written by ashley
Bless her bless her! Very straight forward, accurate and amazing. Five Star Reading!" ... written by michele
Didn't need to say or ask anything, she knew my situation." ... written by Sarah
Very good advice. Will follow it and come back for an update. Many thanks!" ... written by Raphael
Fantastic!!!!! " ... written by spankyyy
I love her! She is gentle, but very direct. The things she told me were very calming and I feel safe after talking to her. And the tools she left me with are powerful and will help me on my path." ... written by Happy Mango
She was good spot on everything!!!" ... written by ash
Vanessa is quick and honest!thank you vanessa for my reading" ... written by marionlyttle
LOVED her! Connected very fast! Extremely accurate! Genuine and sweet! I appreciate that she shares her gift! I believe in free will but hope all that she predicts comes true! Will be back for updates! Also I greatly appreciate her not charging $6 a minute. Most of my favorite readers (meaning accurate and connects well and no awkwardness) are very fairly priced so I can have updates often. They become like family when you go in to the chat room and have updates often!" ... written by Tiffany
Awesome, wish I had more money. Session was over too fast. :(" ... written by Brandi
thank you , would have been good to have video instead of typing. I think she is good, but not enough time with 40 credits even to get a lot of answers . So she was right in her feelings, but not enough time for specific questions. if there are lots of questions to answer by me, theres not much time for answers for me." ... written by joy99123
Very good and honest-rough subject to talk about personally but glad I did. I really trusted her to give me her honest perception." ... written by Adalan
She is a real deal!!! Very accurate!!!!!!!" ... written by arthur
Great reading. I would look for her again. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Shelley
Thank you so much for my reading. I will be open to change and not settle. " ... written by Sanaya
She was very intuitive and friendly, I am pleased with my reading." ... written by Jocelyn
she's always amazing great update!" ... written by ashley
Wow...that was really amazing." ... written by Annie
Ms. Vanessa has helped me realize my gifts and I was one of the chosen. I feel great honor with Ms. Vanessa. I must talk with her again to find out about my gifts." ... written by Rooster052
Very good reading!" ... written by catherine
Thank you for praying with me. You are very kind. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Thank you so much for the lovely reading! You were lovely, and I appreciate that you did not use any tools! " ... written by E
She was honest about not being able to provide me with accuracy and that is exactly what happened. " ... written by Vanessa
Great reading :). I will see if predictions come to passed. " ... written by starz
Vanessa is a down to earth no nonsense person who is a good sounding board. Love to talk to her and get her guidance. " ... written by freyasmom
She is honest and to the point. Can't ask for a better reading! I will use her again for questions!!!!!!" ... written by freyasmom
I had an interesting reading. This reader did not immediately answer questions but was thorough. " ... written by Lightstar
Amazing. " ... written by Michelle
excellent" ... written by tiff
Every thing she picked was true and right. I do recommend her if you need a clear reading. I am short on money and will be back to get more reading soon. Thank you!!!!!!!" ... written by Zoliaries
vanessa is an amazing person she cares about her clients and tells you how it is thank you for the update!" ... written by ashley
Very nice and honest. I appreciate her time." ... written by AD
vanessa is amazing amazing update wow! thank you " ... written by ashley
excellent" ... written by tiff
very helpful" ... written by c arly
Vanessa is the best. So open and friendly, I enjoy our readings and know that she is always honest with what she sees. If you are looking for answers, she is the resource!!!!!!!!!" ... written by freyasmom
great work .. thank you for your help very helpful and friendly " ... written by clearblu
she's amazing!" ... written by bmw2004
Absolutely amazing reading and connection. She connected so fast and provided many details. I'm in awe." ... written by Amy
Vanessa always delivers the message I need to hear! Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing your gifts!" ... written by freyasmom
Great Reading! " ... written by Mark
Easy to talk to and honest!!! " ... written by b
Wow! She hit on a really big point which I think will be a turning point in my life. She's really honest too. It's not what I wanted to hear but it was what I was ready to hear. " ... written by Adalan
Thank you so much Vaness, I thoroughly enjoyed that reading, on the ball and to the point. will be visiting again god bless xo" ... written by libsta
Best reading I have had on here by far. She had a date and good advice and guidance that was very specific to what I had asked. Where other psychics couldn't give me details, she had an exact message to give me about a situation." ... written by Rosepetal56
She was awesome very helpful and very on point, so if you want results and accuracy she is the one." ... written by Msmarie2014
She is awesome. Words were from spirit. She picked up on my problem very clearly and accurately. Will continue to read with her. " ... written by brightsoul84
AWESOME! Right on the money! Time well spent. Thank you soooooo much!" ... written by rainigold
Incredible reading. I didn't share any information and she provided me with lots of facts. I look forward to future readings." ... written by Amy
vanessa is really good! picked up my car accident and i didnt even mention it and also that i was getting money from it which is true lol. she's legit" ... written by m
Vanessa's a great reader. She truly has a gift and is honest and blunt. She won't give you false information." ... written by Adalan
We'll see what happens " ... written by Jessica
she's amazing. very kind. I recommend to everyone!" ... written by bmw
she is amazing what an update words cant describe what she has told me since i met her and things that have happened shes the real deal!" ... written by ashley
vanessa is an amazing reader and person everything she has predicted since i met her has come true and more to come much love to you my friend" ... written by vanessa
very accurate and fun" ... written by Azeriyuuki
Vanessa will tell you what you need to hear. She is honest, and won't sugar coat something. But honestly, that's what I needed. Thanks for a good reading! " ... written by Adalan
vanessa is amazing her predictions have come true!and more to come love her honesty great update hoping for the best " ... written by ashley
still contacting to you, you ar3 so cool,,,, so nic3 and grat3 woman,,, thank you so much,,,, i lov3 it,,,,,,," ... written by lodrimint
Nice and saw things I didn't even bring up. She did and she was correct!!! I will be back!!!" ... written by jevnas85
thank u I know u r right about him" ... written by benina
Always fun and clarifying to talk with Vanessa!" ... written by freyasmom
Wow, Amazing. She got alot of details correct. Thank you so much." ... written by angloThai
it was perfect! exelent" ... written by vanesa alvarez
shes good woman" ... written by ansh
she is amazing wow million stars" ... written by ghost
Amazing update vanessa as always :)" ... written by ashley
She kept it 100% real, I loved the truth she told me and she really connected. Enjoyed every minute!" ... written by meags
Vanessa is a trusted person in my life. Her insights and wisdom always hit right on target of what is an issue for me" ... written by freyasmom
I enjoyed the reading and look forward to an update." ... written by Olivia
Thanks for the reading great connection awesome advice" ... written by ikroyala
Very nice lady, introspective~accurate" ... written by Jo-Ann
Very good." ... written by angloThai
She was a lovely lady. I think she was accurate but time will tell. " ... written by Carrie
wonderful" ... written by meags
Intuitive!" ... written by B
Love talking with Vaness07, great energy." ... written by meags
was okay, we weren't connected and there was a lot of background noise, her family/children were making a lot of noise behind and so it was unclear. also picked up on a lot of things not related to me. " ... written by star
had a good reading!" ... written by aqua
Excellent!!!! pics up everything!!!!" ... written by spanky
Real, clear, to the point, and friendly. Will connect with her again. Amazing chat that helped me connect with a long lost friend. Could not be happier. " ... written by Dana
VERY APPRECIATIVE" ... written by stephenie
Excellent reader u dont even have to tell her anything....she tells u !!!!!!" ... written by spankyyy
thanks vanessa for my update always a great reading " ... written by ashley
Vaness did me a reading and hit the spot. her reading came to pass and i am thankful to her. i love her, she is totally accurate, no sugar coating. highly recommended :)" ... written by RC
Kind heart to share and encourage. " ... written by Loris Puglia
Thank you soo much vaness07. Very great reading you very insightful and helpful. 5 star reading" ... written by philadelphia
love this woman she is always there for me very honest loyal true to her readings great update!" ... written by ashley
love the reading vaness gave I think she is awesome" ... written by maafia1
Very good. Spot on with the reading and my situation. I highly recommend to everyone. She is the real deal." ... written by angloThai
great" ... written by meags
Clarity at it's finest" ... written by meags
Great and specific reading. She is more than awesome. I never had such an amazing reading; will definitely come back. I strongly recommend her" ... written by Bibi123
shes amazing as always " ... written by ashley
love talking to Vanessa. She is too the point and doesnt mince words" ... written by freyasmom
she's super! just awesome reading..simply perfect!" ... written by lonelybaby
Vanessa is like having a good friend that will tell you what you need to hear. I know she has true gifts and uses them for good!" ... written by freyasmom
I am so happy to finally catch her! She is amazing!!!! WOW the things I have to look forward to. I wish I had more time to read with her. I hope I catch her again, when I have time to concentrate on the reading. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with others. I will be back as soon as I can to continue our fantastic reading. I am blown away! Like a kid waiting for santa, that is how excited i am to finish this reading! " ... written by tiffany
Great as always!" ... written by Amy
Vaness is amazing! It feels like she gave me a box of what to watch out for and what to welcome in my future :)" ... written by Coconut08
rescheduled" ... written by meags
Insightful" ... written by meags
Vaness was to the point and could pick up on what I was feeling. I may of had some tears but good tears. She will tell you like it is and shes not afraid to. Thank you my dear Vaness! Faith, Believe and Trust =) " ... written by Tanya
vanessa is amazing tunes into my situation right away has been there through it all have some bumps but still going thanks so much xoxo awesome reader!" ... written by ashley
Cool reading" ... written by meags
Seemed good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
She was absolutely wonderful.. ability to connect to the spirit realm like no other.. very on point and proactive about getting the information to you.. no sugarcoating." ... written by alicia
i like her :) she is very polite and i enjoyed her reading" ... written by vell
Always fantastic. The best on the site!" ... written by AB
Interesting reading." ... written by meags
Wonderfully dead on the nail!!!!" ... written by SWEETS
She is soo helpful in a smart way just what I need and what you need to!!!" ... written by SWEETS
She's excellent, as always, so sweet and patient too. Thanks Ness!!! " ... written by Always wonderful
Lovely reading" ... written by meags
Thank You" ... written by Alex
V is the absolute best. Go private and you won't regret it!" ... written by AB
Vanessa is always on the money. The very best on Oranums site. If you want the truth...not just what you want to hear, then go private with V!" ... written by AB
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
informative" ... written by meags
She didnt ask me any private info, and yet her reading is spot on" ... written by frankiekr
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
thank you for my update vanessa love that your always honest to me blessings" ... written by ashley
She is kind but straight, I needed that, Thank you so much!!! You were worth it!!" ... written by TM
incredibly accurate. my father passed a month ago. she contacted him. she described him perfectly. told me things that only he could have known. makes me feel better knowing that he is okay. wow. she's good. " ... written by lauralee
Good reading, great information" ... written by meags
She truly is a God sent and very gifted. 10 stars!" ... written by wingtip
Got reassurance from what I had been feeling. she was great. Definitely recommend her and I plan on coming back. Thank you." ... written by luxxicon
Thank you Vanessa your amazing! Thanks for those messages that you gave me it helped me to move through." ... written by Dg
Interesting reading" ... written by meags
Very accurate! She was quick and to the point! She gave me some great advise and was able to tell me exactly what I was experiencing without me going into detail about my situation. All I did was ask my question. She is straight forward and honest." ... written by MLockhart
this woman is so good and has insights to myself. It was so real and she hit on everything without me telling her much. She knew what she was talking about and told me things I couldn't believe she knew. I asked specific questions and she told me the answers. and they are correct answers." ... written by bonnie buice
she picks up on things that really make a difference about the situation. I always come to her when I am confused and needing concrete advice" ... written by freyasmom
She is a great reader and new a lot. I truly thank her from the bottom of my heart. I will come back to talk to her soon. " ... written by Julianna
still thinking" ... written by Angela
great update thanks vanessa for being honest with me all this time and making me see what I need to do for me you pick up on it all thank you so much will keep you posted blessings xoxo" ... written by ashley
she is very good..she is truly gifted i really recomend her.." ... written by carmen
good reading" ... written by meags
she was a great reading just got to wait and see" ... written by sbenina
always truthful and helpful. great reader with compassion and caring" ... written by freyasmom
she is accurate and fast no tools needed she is the real deal guys" ... written by sandra
very thru and insightful. thank you Vaness 07" ... written by maria1501
Love hearing from my sister, glad she came through on my reading. " ... written by meags
vanessa is amazing awesome update laugh and cried she tells it how it is and guides me she is the real deal love her:)" ... written by ashley
She's the best! Has been accurate about so many things." ... written by AB
predictable but kind of accurate. " ... written by kat
Always nice to talk to Vanessa! missed her much" ... written by meags
Thank you for using your gifts for some much needed comfort. Blessing to you." ... written by judi
very good reading wow" ... written by m
Always spot on!" ... written by AB
Very on key, kept on the right track. She new exactly what was going on in my life and even told me stuff for the future. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Cassandra Pullen
always on the money" ... written by AB
very clear" ... written by heather
vanessa i consider a dear friend always there for me and always tells me nothing but the truth great update your an amazing woman blessings xoxo" ... written by ashley
WOW...absolutely amazing reading....100 % accurate.." ... written by tasha_j
Thank you yet again for a great connection. Truly gifted and blessed" ... written by judi
Thank you Vaness07 for a marvellous reading. Avery generous Kind Hearted lady who does her utmost to help you understand any situation. Does not mess around with word but will tell you how it is." ... written by Timothy
she always get to the point and picks up on things right away!" ... written by freya
very good, accurate in what she saw for the past, so I am confident in her abilities" ... written by d
Wow. Thanks again. Very nice reading." ... written by angloThai
very intuitive!" ... written by Ashley
Thanks for the reading. Wonderful as allways." ... written by angloThai
she is great!! so good to have her back, she was on point and did see what was happening now with my situation which is good. wow, very good and hope for all that she said to come to light " ... written by bem
hey hun wow you are amazing! love it! so right dead on!" ... written by m
you gave me something i need to do and i thankyou for that. I hope it works thankyou vaness im glad i came to you. x" ... written by kirsty
I really like her and trust her so much. She is always so on point and so honest. " ... written by betsy
very insightful and detailed reading. She was spot on " ... written by Gee
Thanks Vaness for your insight. It is very helpful." ... written by B
No tools and very good !!!" ... written by Jennifer