About upmanyu

Psychic upmanyuhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic upmanyuhas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about upmanyu's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Born fortune teller with God gifted powers. World renowned psychic, astrologer, numerologist, palmist, face reader, vastu expert and spiritual guide. Expert in love and relationship issues, very accurate in predictions.

Thank you very much for fast and good reading. No wasting time and answers directly to the questions!" ... written by Little one
He gave some predication, hopefully they come true!" ... written by vari
Real deal!" ... written by dan
Authentic and reliable reader... would recommend him " ... written by pjgovind
thanks, lets see how it goes!" ... written by jc
The best!" ... written by Chris
Super reading, spot on assesments and predictions, i felt empowered and helped a lot by this man, great abilities w astrolgy and psychic" ... written by Jiddu Krshnamurti
Amazing reading accurate and detailed, highly recommended." ... written by PB1923
Listen to him!" ... written by sm
Very good" ... written by AB
Thank you for a fantastic reading and sorry we had so many difficulties that were not your fault. Computers are like that (lol). Thank you for sharing your gifts with me....thumbs up to you...I know you were spot on with your responses to me....thank you again." ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
He is a good astrologer. He cast my chart and gave me insight. I think he knows quite well in astrology. Very intuitive andamp; would give you straight answers. No sugar coating.." ... written by aquavenus
He is very good. He's accurate and honest. " ... written by earthlings
Great reading." ... written by Jean
Rest assured he is the real deal. I was impressed by his reading. He is really a fortune teller. His tying is not too fast but his response is well worth it. Try him and you will get real answers and be able to rest in peace knowing what's real. TY Sir. " ... written by Rena
Great knowledge, just picked up on my situation and advised me why I was in this situation, Very calm and composed Great Astrologer." ... written by Vin
Upmanyu says I will find my true love after April. I sure hope so,I have been waiting a very long time for this !" ... written by Stacey
Very nice!" ... written by Ratan
Great reading....thanks! Thumbs up" ... written by Jean
Picked up current situation...intuitive, recommended!" ... written by Bhanu
TY for everything. " ... written by Rena
Excellent reader." ... written by need2now5
To the point and very patient." ... written by n g
10 on 10." ... written by need2know5
Thank you very much, Sir, for the reading. Will recommend everyone to try him because he is very good. Thanks again." ... written by jerin2000
This gifted man is wise, intelligent and sensible. He can really grasp the situation correctly. There were other readers also picked up situations, yet failed to see deep enough, or missed key elements or didn't understand well enough and took easy way out into stereo type interpretation. He knows what he is seeing very well and have deep insight into it. He is excellent at describing characters, personalities, and emotions. This man will not miss guide you. A trust worthy reader!" ... written by PM
I enjoyed my reading with upmanyu. He really sees my ups and downs." ... written by SHAWONIA
Good reading. He is very correct in predictions." ... written by tejaswini
Thank you so much for your feedback. I will return and keep you posted on everything. Thanks. I really needed direction." ... written by Felicia
I believe him because his predictions are happening and all he tells me about the past and present is correct. TY Sir. " ... written by RE
Yet another good reading from Mr upanamyu. He is very correct in predictions and a very good human too" ... written by aquavenus
Awesome reader, he's beyond five stars. :)))" ... written by toni
Re assurance and closure gotten. Recommend. :)" ... written by Stacey
LOVED HIM!!!!" ... written by Brav0923
Good update, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
He said something that I know is true, will wait to see if what he predicted happens." ... written by Calizaliza
Bit confused...will have to wait and see what happens.....but felt like a genuine reading. Thanks" ... written by dream1980
He made some interesting observations and predictions." ... written by rosebud77
Very good and connected. Answers clearly will no delay. " ... written by romi944
Quite calming reading, thank you." ... written by sirilee
Very open, will come again!" ... written by angied03
Very good person!" ... written by Achour
my 1st reading with Upmanyu but it won't be my last...he is amazing in pvt!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thank you Sir for everything. I would love to talk with you longer...You know so much and it's comforting. " ... written by Ree
A true gentleman with such an insight and was spot on. Thank you so much sir for your guidance. I will come back to you with feedback. " ... written by Veronica
Good reading... Had some good predictions, I will look forward to them. " ... written by MZLOVELYRED32
Good and honest!!!!!!!" ... written by na
He is the absolute best, my god wow, such a gray man, absolutely correct and spot on and helpful, i will not go to anyone else ever again" ... written by cali
Confidence reassured with this psychic, I've been to many, and well, I honestly feel like he is the one that will solve my problems, and all will be well now!, he was great, accurate, and assured me and was spot on!" ... written by caliz
Kind man. TBD..." ... written by Karen
Upmanyu has given me hope to an impossible issue. He is accurate. I can't wait for his prediction to come true. Thank you, Manyu for being supportive!" ... written by Moonchild59
Precise, helpful and upfront, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!" ... written by t
He is the best! Time frame he gave 2 weeks ago happened exactly. I can honestly say he is a fortune teller and I say that about no other on here...I wait for him to come online." ... written by R
Upmanyu is the greatest. So informative, so helpful, he is just great, just fantastic! Accurate and helpful." ... written by calizbest
Very insightful. Knew exactly who I am and what kind of person I am. Wow. Very positive. Thank you!" ... written by Tammy
He is definitely gifted and gets down to the core of the problem really soon. He knows what he is talking about and i believe in 100%. Definitely consult him. " ... written by pbajoria
Another great and fantastic private readings with Upmanyu. He is honestly one true person. He knows about my love and financial situation and is first keeping me through my love situation and next my financial situation. My goodness, he is so great." ... written by calizbestjatti
Very accurate astrologer. Very intuitive as well !" ... written by Bobbin
Nice sugesstions!" ... written by moby
Great. " ... written by barbara
Very calm and relaxed reading. I enjoyed it. " ... written by Ratan
he is great " ... written by ns
A good man with powerful reading. This reading is real and true. Give me peace and happiness. I will always recommend to anybody. " ... written by jj
No waste of time. just great. No further comments needed." ... written by jonykim
He is great at his job!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ns
Reliable. Reassuring. Clear." ... written by jonykim
Many stars for Upmanyu!!! I loved my private! " ... written by Erikaafs
thanks for the great reading " ... written by msdavis213
clear clear clear" ... written by jonykim
Thank you nothing short of amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):)" ... written by christina
very nice and calming" ... written by Ratan
Always great" ... written by R
He is very straigh forward.. and he says what he has too without taking too much time. I will come to see him again. And i guess all of u shud give it a try. Good and accurate reader." ... written by Peacegal
Thank you!!" ... written by ladyseeking
goooood assuring advisor" ... written by johnny
Best one on here!" ... written by Lulu0904
TY for another great read." ... written by R
Firm assuring and clear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sam
Upmanyu, is such a gentle soul... Connected right away and was able to share many things that he could have not know without the divine guide. Gave me direction and hope through this part of my life which is ever folding. Thanks Up for being a beacon of light in the midst of my darkness." ... written by Mariasheart
He's really good and very nice. Enjoyed it." ... written by rataniitm
very nice and relaxing and fixes to his predictions. " ... written by Ratan
Really Awesome, I will only communicate with him from now on!" ... written by Lucie
I find upmany to be strong in getting clarity, is caring, and I am grateful he is here to help people." ... written by Jerdine
On point with date accuracy, very good." ... written by Srallen
Calm. Knowledgeable.. will wait for his predictions for me and will come back again." ... written by Gaurav
Sir is fast reader and gave suggestion to me on taking decision. " ... written by Anuradha
sirji is good in his predictions. I have come to him soo many times now andamp; every time hes very accurate in what he says. thanks:)" ... written by aquavenus
He spent quite a lot of time and effort into this reading. Told me upfront exactly what I needed to know and gave me specific timelines on what I should expect to see. He answered questions honestly and thoroughly without that annoying habit some have of being purposefully vague. It was very soothing to get answers, even the ones I didn't want to hear. Because now I know. " ... written by LJC
He is very accurate" ... written by Humility
He is a good reader. Does not waste time and gets straight to the point and provides details and time frames. Highly recommended" ... written by LadyGrace
Good insight" ... written by Adiz
Love this guy! Thank you so much!" ... written by Lucie
My very 1st reading with Upmanyu and it was very insightful! He was on point and totally accurate with describing my situation. He also described a few of my characteristics which were very encouraging. I will definitely be back for another reading!" ... written by Fatimah
very nice and gifted person" ... written by Ratan
definitely god gifted with special powers. knows what he is talking about and can sense the problems. most recommended. " ... written by pbajoria
Very expensive" ... written by Angelique888
Very nice!" ... written by Ratan
very nice and helping " ... written by Ratan
he was good. i hope his predictions come true. he was spot on" ... written by priya
Thank you. Chat soon." ... written by Liz
very nice and calming" ... written by Ratan
Really enjoyed this reading. HE is very accurate and fast. I will come back again and again. He is the real deal." ... written by Jennifer
very nice and relieving" ... written by Ratan
after such a beautiful, and marvelous reading, i feel soo happy with what we discussed, and was advised, and he is simply sooo great, accurate, and helpful, am feeling sooooooooooooo happy and blessed . Thank you Upmanyu Ji!!!!!" ... written by caliz
ahhhh i feel soooooooo greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!! eek, soo happy, he is the greatest!!!!!!!" ... written by cali
Upmanyu is wonderful, ACCUARTAE AND VERY VERY HELPFULLLLLLLLLLLLL" ... written by caliz
Amazing as always." ... written by christina
Great psychic, I highly recommend!" ... written by ns
An excellent update, thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
VERY good!!!" ... written by Brav0923
thanks you were great! Very insightful and right on" ... written by Terrell Lynn Simms
Very fast response. No time wasting. " ... written by Sharlene
VERY VERY VERY accurate and provided timeframes that I had already confirmed and information that I already knew with just names and DOB. THIS MAN IS AWESOME!!!! Highly recommend" ... written by JM
he's good with his predictions, too general in other places, but I have to wait and be patient." ... written by Nbarnes
Upmanya...is so peaceful and well connected, I've had several reads with him and he hasn't steered me wrong yet. His blessing has giving me a peace. I look forward to the coming months to see what else he was right on," ... written by Mariasheart
insightful" ... written by S
very nice reading and he sticks to his predictions and I have full faith in him. " ... written by Ratan
what happened...lost contact????...anyway thanks for positive response...good enough!" ... written by sirilee
Upmanyu is a gifted soul... he has been this piece of light for me in the midst of my darkness. Always on point and true in his vision. Really excited about today!" ... written by mariaheart
Exactly as I like it: Straightforward, concise, no bullshit and fast." ... written by .
Amazing reading. Thanks upmanyu!" ... written by christina
It was a an extremely insightful reading.. Upmanyu is very accurate..I felt the reading very in depth with my character, my surroundings and most important insight with my future:) what and a honor to come across, such a respectful reader:) thank you for sharing the personal added touch at the end,:) that was very special to me:)you have given me a huge confirmation to the life purpose i deeply desire;)-I will revisit, for sure!!!" ... written by DAINA
Was fantastic reading by a great man." ... written by dan
Very fast and accurate... one of the best." ... written by veezee
he has made some predictions..will wait for them to come true egarly...he was very easy to chat...even if u do not want to know future...you can have a relaxed and friendly chat with him. 5 stars" ... written by hs
i absolutely LOVE UPMANYU, my goodness he is the BEST, and GREATEST, such a blessing for me!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
he is wonderful, wonderful, JUST wonderfulllllllll" ... written by caliz
i am totally amazed by his prediction! and i hope what he said will come true." ... written by princess
Wonderful he is straight forward" ... written by maraisheart
Amazing psychic and accurate! :)" ... written by Vas
if your have issues of spirituality he can help you here on oranum. not many ppl can help u in that department. witchcraft is different from spiritual interpretation. " ... written by ansh
Was very intuitive" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Great fast reading... " ... written by veezee
Thank you for the update!" ... written by lulu0904
Good reading lets see if it all comes true? " ... written by khushi123
He was very spot on! " ... written by Born Aries
good reading always gives me confidence. And makes me belive again" ... written by pjgovind
Always a light in the midst of my darkness. :) 10 stars!" ... written by mariasheart
Really accurate reading, and UPMANYU gave solid, simple advice." ... written by yellowMushroom
thank you so much, needed to hear that ! :-) " ... written by SamSam
Gave me a lot of insight into an experience that had me a bit shaken. Revealed a lot of things about me and my experience that was very encouraging and I believe will open a whole new door to my personal development." ... written by bizzybbest
very good psychic i highly recommend him..." ... written by ns
He's good and perfect, when I say good that means always on point and accurate ...U just try him and see .. " ... written by `Andy
Fabulous! " ... written by pjgovind
he was a very good astrologer..i had a very pleasant converstion with him" ... written by vidhi parnami
He reads and guides clearly." ... written by jane
Very practical. Very accurate. His prediction came to pass. Very good with numerology. I totally recommend him." ... written by lux
very nice and relieving. He also confirms things and time lines which he predicts and sticks to it - very relaxing session. " ... written by Ratan
very fast at answering my question. he also made me feel I could trust his advise." ... written by mj
IT was great. " ... written by Nediana Pavlova
very good " ... written by ns
he is great" ... written by ns
My favorite psychic. He is fast. His predictions always come to pass. He doesn't give me bullshit in his readings. He always remember me. He is consistent. I recommend him 200 %." ... written by ...
quick and insightful... thanks" ... written by SamSam
uPMANYU IS ON THE money always" ... written by Ashwani
He is a very accurate psychic ; always get to the point. Trully gifted psychic I highly recommend him and for sure I will keep coming for my updates. Thanks a lot for making my life easier :)" ... written by ns
Ray of hope and good advice" ... written by pjgovind
very good quick reader, doesnt waste time at all. Recomended " ... written by kv
I was really impressed with what Upmanyu had to tell me in my reading. Upmanyu seems to be a very kind and caring man. I look forward to his predictions coming true. Thank you for a wonderful reading! I wish you many blessings! Take care." ... written by kayeluv1
Upmanyu is the realest, greatest, and truest psychic ive met, he is caring and really cares about and your situation!!!i ALWAYS COME BACK TO HIM!~" ... written by calizbestjatti
He is awesome! Answers all questions straight away and directly. His vibe is of one who has worked many lifetimes spiritually and conveys peace and wisdom. You can't go wrong if you want direct and relevant information!" ... written by wren1414
I ALWAYS come to Upmanyu daily becuase he is real, tru, and tells you the truth, he doesnt sugar coat anything, he cares about me, my situation, and advises me on how to proceed, he is truly a blessing for me!!!!!!!!!" ... written by CALIZBESTJATTI
ahhhhhhhh, i feel sooooooo relieved, and SOO SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY, i can not wait for everything to happen!!!!!!, he is absolutely the greatest and best yay!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
Always a pleasure to come back. He sticks to his predictions. His predictions come true. He's real. His approach is practical and logic. He has yet to fail me." ... written by ||||||
My regular go to person ! " ... written by PJ
He is good and I hope his predictions come true." ... written by priya
PS--he does NOT waste ur time or money! He will give you info to help boost your possibilities on all levels. Will definitely be going to him again!" ... written by wren1414
He provides great insight and advice . Definetly a recommend" ... written by pjgovind
very helpful and intuitive" ... written by Gina
Thank u for an indepth analysis" ... written by pjgovind
very insightful " ... written by seraph111
feel great, everything is happening, slowly but surely!!! he is GREAT!!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
Up is a great reader...gets to the heart of the matter fast. He is like family to me. Always see past present and future!" ... written by Mariasheart
Up Is fast and very understanding in seeing the situation. I am so thankful for him for my heart was heavy and he made it light. Looking forward to what will unfold. " ... written by Mariasheart
great reading honest n quick" ... written by apple
10 on 10. Great Reader and Very Accurate. Must visit." ... written by need2know5
very good reader, must visit and very accurate." ... written by need2know5
thanks again" ... written by vas
Fast psychic reader..." ... written by Vas
Great reading. Thank you." ... written by seraph111
reassuring and positive, thank you" ... written by ttt
Upmanyu is a kind and accurate psychic, he is the best on Oranum. kind and really cares about his clients and does all he can to help them. I visit him daily, and will continue on to do so, as he is the best of the best there is" ... written by calizbestjatti
excellent as usual" ... written by wren1414
Fantastic readings. Spot on accurate! Great price. Thank you for all your help!!!!" ... written by dream
Upmanyu is a very good and accurate reader, who picks up very quickly on the subtlety of a situation. This was my first reading with him and I was very impressed. " ... written by Champers11
He demonstrated his natural and powerful gifts in his reading for me. Immediately provided answers that rang through and was consistent and informative throughout. As a metaphyician myself, I am impressed with the depth that many Vedic astrologers have.... i feel they truly connect with the universal consciousness through that area of knowledge, and in the case of Upmanyu, it integrates with his inherited abilities. Will definitely return." ... written by Alan
I like his style of reading - Calming energy and down to earth. Recomand him highly as the things he predicted in the past already pan out as he said. Made me feel good. Blessings." ... written by Zeta
Thank you very much for a wonderful reading! Upmanyu is very reassuring and he is sticking with his predictions. He gave me very good news and dates to look out for and I can't wait! I just can't believe it's still so positive with all the bad that's happening right now!!!! I am wishing you many blessings! Take care! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
thanks...lets see" ... written by amit
He is one the best on your" ... written by Superb0
sound advice each time" ... written by pjgovind
Upmanyu uncle is a one of the most accurate readers here on the web. He connects with you soo deeply and can guide to the right path.." ... written by gurpreet
His reading was amazing, I hope that what he sees comes through. " ... written by mt
Reading was good with very calming prediction. I will comment more later. When predictions at near future will come true." ... written by Guzal
I love him. I'm going to come back so we can have a longer reading. He's very kind and totally insightful. I want to cry." ... written by MM
Upmanyu has a gift of time, which i love in his readings, very accurate and straight forward, i believe things will work out beautifully, i recommend using upmanyu's services. Good man." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Asked Upmanyu for an elaboration on my issue. And on our next session he did so- accurately, how he's so personally invested!!" ... written by dream
Great reading, Accurate. Thank you so much" ... written by dream
Very Nice and clear. Positive and straight forward to talk. I recommend a session." ... written by ap
He sees through the situation multi-dimensionally and reads the flow of events, the present and the future." ... written by sam
Very in depth reading, thank you!" ... written by Zeta
straight and to the point. very good, uplifting energy. thanks for the guidance " ... written by seraph111
i am sooooooooooooooooo happy with my reading, soo happy and blessed, and ekkk, i can not express my happiness, UPMANYU IS THE GREATESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, he is my savior, he is soo helpful, soooo accurate, and really really cares about you, and your situation, i will and dooo come to him daily and forever will!!!" ... written by caliz
Good reader good experience" ... written by Sooriamurthy
I am very happy with Mr. Upmanyu and I am anxiously looking forward to put his advise into motion. I will continue with his service as I have found him to be very accurate. " ... written by Omah Lall
Excellent, excellent excellent.I am definitely returning" ... written by Omah LalltOROMN
Great reader and accurate. 4-5th reading so far" ... written by dream
i have been going to upamanyu sir for a long time. He is unbelievingly accurate in all his predictions. I have respect for this man becoz of the work he does which is faf far better than so many 5.99 ones in oranum. he is an excellent astrologer andamp; spiritual advisor!!" ... written by neha
i love his reading nd i want to have another reading with him to finish up where we left off i want to add more crdit on my account now" ... written by aliene loveword
oh my goodness, he is the best soo accurate EVERYTHING is COMING TRUE AND HAPPENING AS HE SAID, HE IS THE BEST" ... written by cali
awesome predictions" ... written by dhruti patel
His predictions happen on accurate time he predicts. He sticks to his predictions - you might have to wait for the time - but it will happen " ... written by Ratan
he is the best " ... written by sai .
i want to tell anyone that needs a honest, thorough, insight recommend UPMANYA highly! he gave me a excellent reading. now i know what to expect and and plan for my future." ... written by alilov73
Thank you so much for update. you are amazing! God bless you." ... written by ZTS
Wow. Very good news. Look forward to all his predictions!" ... written by cj
hes very wise andamp; guides me correctly. thanks for being there in my tough times:)" ... written by neha
Upmanyu is soooooo honest, and caring, and TRUTHFUL he doesn't sugar coat anything, and tells u the truth, regardless if you will like it or not, he is very very helpful, n caressss about helping you. He knows me inside and out. i can come into his room cry but leave with ease and ym mind at peace. He do not feed you lies, rather he examines the situation advises you of the situation n helps you out and overcome the situaiton. He is just sooooo Very sweet and caring, n ACCURATE, VERY EXTREMELY ACCURATE N GIFTED, I'M GLAD I FOUND HIM, he's definitely on top, one of the best I've seen n stay in touch with daily!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
I LOVE love love Upmanyu, he always relieves me of all my worries,he is sooooo helpful, he knows everything about me, and my situation, I talk to him MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY, AND HE ALWAYS ALWAYSSSSS Helps me, talks to me, and is Here for me. I MUST MUST talk to Upmanyu daily, as it is apart of me and my day!!!!!,I always come to his room daily, n is truly ALWAYS ACCURATE!!!!" ... written by calizbestjatti
words can not express how wonderful and accurate Upmanyu is, he is my savior my angel. everything he said has come to happen JUST AS HE SAID and ACCURATE TIME LINE. you all must private with him one time. HE WILL ASTONISH YOU. i love him!!!! and wil come to him foreverrrrr" ... written by cali
Top talent , shares a lot of insight and waiting for his predictions to come true. " ... written by pjgovind
Upmanyu is an Accurate psychic, always spot on and to the point and CORRECT. He gives me pece of mind. He is very veryyyyy gifted and is the ONLY PSYCHIC I reccomend anyone to private with. He will blow you away. He connects with you instantly and after that you will be amazed. He doesnt use any tools or and tarot cards nothing. You must have one private with him even if its for a few minutes and in those few minutes you will be astonished and keep coming back to him as i doo everyday" ... written by calizbestjatti
Thanks for all the updates upmanyu. True Psychic! :)" ... written by V
he is the only psychic i will ever use. he doesnt advertise himself he is and honest man of god and very loyal and cares about YOU. I do and will come to him forever!" ... written by calizbestjatti
I felt like giving up prior to my reading with Upmanyu today. But He has lifted my spirits with his honesty and words of encouragement. This was my 2nd reading with him and it will not be my last. I look forward to returning for an update." ... written by Fatimah
Very pleased to have spoken and consulted with upmanyu! He is very knowledgeable and powerful psychic and astrologer!! Thanks for the tips! Hopefully I can consult again soon! 100 stars" ... written by Ben
His predictions are very accurate and his is one of the Gurus of his fields " ... written by Ratan
truly amazing, relieves all my stress, and helps me overcome everythign!" ... written by caliz
another fantastic reading and update with the great great upmanyu ahh feeling soo happy " ... written by calizbestjatti
Very nice reading, I love his readings, they're very consistent detailed and on point. You can always count on him for clarity and guidance and mostly honesty. Thank you so much" ... written by Think Blue
wow i can not get enough of a pvt haha 3 readings back to back, i keep coming back for moreeeeeeeeee" ... written by caliz
I am very happy with Mr. Upmanyu. I will continue seeking his help" ... written by Omah Lall
That was a good reading, thank you." ... written by thedreamer
Very nice and humble person! Sticks with his predictions!" ... written by Ratan
My top 3 psychic on oranum! :)" ... written by Vas
Thanks again for all the updates on my complex situation! :)" ... written by Vas
I was feeling soo stressed and confused about work, have a FANTASTIC private with the greatest UPMANYU and he put my mind to peace. Finally I can relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING HE SAYS has COME TRUE AND HIS TIMING IS SOOOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY ACCURATE, YOU MUST MUST Have even one reading with him to know and experiences his true ability. He is just fabulous,m great, fantastic, and there is nooo one word to express how great accurate and how much he means to me. HE IS THE GREATEST AND TRUEST.I WILL FOREVER REMAIN A LOYAL CLIENT OF HIS! He is simply AMAZING, IN TUNE WITH YOUR SITUATION, AND YOU WILL HONESTLY LEAVE HIS ROOM AND SESSION FEELING SOO GOOD, AND AMAZING, THE TRUTH IS THE ONLY THING HE SPEAKS, God Bless You UPMANYU" ... written by calizbestjatti
Thanks for the updates and tricks" ... written by V
very nice and humble person. sticks with his predictions. " ... written by Ratan
very good clear reading " ... written by val
great reading, thank you!" ... written by full of hope
Thanks again! :)" ... written by Vas
Thank you sir for the confirmation...coming back to continue the private." ... written by Partha
Upmanyu sir was very attentive ..got working on my qsn immediately and was able to pick up on the past correctly. He also gave me some very specific positive predictions for the future. This man is genuine and does his work sincerely. He made a great first impression and I will definitely come back for any further questions and also recommend him highly. Very fast and totally sincere. A man of God. God bless you, Upmanyu. " ... written by Partha
Thanks a lot for all the information and updates! :)" ... written by V
he was excellent..cant wait for his predictions to unfold" ... written by ss
he is very kind he helped me a lot " ... written by Mahwish Shahzad
So here we go … I keep my notes for every reading i have … I had first reading with upmanyu back in march and his prediction was for a month ahead … I was desperate but it happend as he said. I came back and he gave me more confidence that things are developing to the right direction and predicted further and assured me everything is going in my favor, gave me advice what I have to take care of and be careful. His predictions are becaming truth one by one as he said. He is so tuned in! Amaizingly accurate with timeframes and even exsact dates. He will not waste your time with describing and sugarcoating. He is a bit slow typer but he is so much worth to spend time with him in private. I recomand him highly. He is god gift to earth. His energy is soothing and kind. Very healing too. God bless you Upmanyu. I wish you many happy clients, i am for sure one of your regulars! " ... written by oranumgirl
I can not express HOW HAPPY I AM AFTER MY READING, i have tears in my eyes, Upmanyu is sooo great, a true man of god, with a sweet pure heart, he is the greatesttttttttttt. i dont know what i would do without him" ... written by CALIZBESTJATTI
hadnt had a reading for about a week, really needed to talk wth upmanyu and now i feel soo good a nd positive!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by cali
Very insightful. full of wisdom. Accurate with predictions and readings. Thank you for the hope and inspiration." ... written by seraph
Amazing ..." ... written by Tiago
Excellent advise as always. He is now my guru." ... written by omahlall
Thank you for great insight and all the courage and faith you give me. " ... written by myself
i like his advice. he's a fast typer and i feel tells the truth" ... written by m
Very very genuine man. I will surely come back to him whether I have problems or not - for some pure inspiration at least. Highly highly recommend Upmanyu sir. He is god send...and a man of god. Please try him - this man is one of the FEW real and genuine experts on Oranum. Lucky if you do! " ... written by Partha
my ray of hope Upmanyu... he has been my strength in the toughest phase right now" ... written by pjgovind
He gave me peace in mind and clearaty. thank you" ... written by oranumgirl
thanks for the good energy always" ... written by seraph
I had a reading with him and he answered all of my questions :)" ... written by Zakouf
upmanyu delivers. his wisdom is always inspiring. I am excited for what the future holds. whatever your problems may be upmanyu will give proper guidance and much-needed hope" ... written by seraphiel
he is good. i hope his predictions come true." ... written by priya
sir was very good. he always helps me in deciding things." ... written by aquavenus
cool ,person ,with good intension and broad minded,,," ... written by moby
Thank you for great insight and advice! Ill ne back :) Bless you Upmanyu" ... written by neverknow
always a great guide. full of hope and optimism. I can see predictions coming true. thank you upmanyu" ... written by seraph
This was an excellent and very helpful reading! " ... written by Hildie Jones
Great reading. Very connected and spot on. Didn't waste my time andamp; told me the things nobody knew than me. I have to wait for the prediction though, but it was worth every single penny." ... written by sharen223
He is excellent as always. I am very very happy with his advise. " ... written by omahlall
Peace of mind! Whenever I go to him." ... written by pjgovind
Finally got to have an update with upmanyu, and fell just lovely he is the besttttttt." ... written by calizbestjatti
Great talking to him... loved my reading. Thanks for reassuring me that everything will be fine!!!" ... written by Ash
thank you for answering some difficult spiritual questions and redirecting me in the path of god. " ... written by M
Thank you so much for more deatails. You are a very calming and asuring and I thank you for that. Loved the reading." ... written by oranumgirl
Well a prediction just came true,some one contacted me within the timeframe he had given..looking forward to the other predictions to come to pass...he is an amazing person to talk to!!!" ... written by n g
great reader. great soul. go-to person for all consultations" ... written by ishmael
You're amazing and wonderful as always!! the level of detail and accuracy in you're readings are mind blowing!!! Your the best....god bless u and good luck always." ... written by thinkblue
finished off reading with upmanyu, great psychic, very intuitive and connects so well. thank you!" ... written by kreu
great psychic, came back for updates however i think the connection was lost! " ... written by kreu
Second reading with him and would recommend to any one who need truth. He is great and awesome. I will be back for another reading." ... written by moon
Very experience and Knowledgeable person. Great....... one should have reading with UPMANYU. Very straight forward and to the point." ... written by Moon
he put me at ease today ... his prediction came to pass in the past so I dont need to worry for the next ... thank you." ... written by theOne
there is something about a pure connection. He is so kind, and nice, very very calming. Thank you. " ... written by m
Words can not expressssss how happy and relieved i am after my reading, he is the greatest just absolutely fantastic, i love Upmanyu, HE IS THE BESTTTTTTTTT." ... written by CALIZBESTJATTI
He's an amazing man, and extremely gifted psychic! He gives precise details and timelines and hes highly accurate! I trust him as he has never been wrong up to date, i only had 5minutes and he kindly updated me and cleared a difficult situation... im so grateful for his help, god bless :))" ... written by GeorgiaB
Just take him to private, you will not be sorry!" ... written by theOne
He is the best! Perfect! I will so relaxed after talking to him! Thank you so much for everything :)" ... written by roop
Thank you for helping me!" ... written by Santhanakon
He is amazing,very quick and accurate.A very genuine person." ... written by n g
accurate. impressive.on-point." ... written by obianuju nwosu
he was spot on" ... written by emma
great reader, great guide and great soul. thanks for all you powerful insights." ... written by seraph
an excellent reading as always he's so supportive and I hope he is correct x" ... written by tracey
encouraging and helpful, thank you for listening" ... written by t
Upmanyu stands by his word. He has not waivered yet and that I appreciate. Not looking for a happily ever after; just honesty and I believe I've found it with Upmanyu. :)" ... written by Fatimah
thank you excellent reader. He is extremely accurate and god gifted. Made me relax and confirmed everything. " ... written by m
he's awesome. Gave me amazing insight and told me some big truths...gave me predictions! Awesome!!" ... written by sarah
Very nice and fast response, thanks. " ... written by Kendra
Thank you so much for all the help and support my dear friend. Your readings never lack of honesty, guidance, details and peace of mind. god bless you always. I do love ur sense of humor but not funny ;) take care" ... written by thinkblue
Quick, detailed and to the point. Awesome read. Got the information to start me off." ... written by Monee
we got disconnected! thank you so much for the great update, your truly amazing like always. god bless u" ... written by thinkblue
thank you and you are very accurate." ... written by mn
He is one who can allways ease my mind. Especialy if I do something stupid and than im lost in confuzion. lol Anyway, he is the guy to go to for real prediction and for guidance. If you listen to him and do as he says its much better you will make yourself a big favor. God bless you upmanyu" ... written by oranumgirl
Thank you sir. I have understood your advice and will adhere to and wait for this unfortunate events to pass. Thanks for your assurance and confidence." ... written by Jay
what relief i have gotten after our update, i was soo stressed and atleast now, i am at peace thank you soo muchhh" ... written by cali
wow wat an update he is marvelous" ... written by cali
Very accurate!" ... written by HC
Upmanyu is always honest and he's very witty! He makes me laugh. I will keep coming back to Upmanyu because he has remained consistent. " ... written by Fatimah
very calming, guiding soul. Thank you extremely accurate" ... written by mnt1444
Great reader!!! Thanks for always helping me get my clarity. He connects fast and you will not be disappointed" ... written by Ash
Awesome, Amazing reading with world's best Psychic. He is super.................Million starts to you sir." ... written by Moon
he was ok have to wait a wile to see" ... written by kitty
Highly accurate and authentic...great reading!" ... written by tasha_j
Picked up on very specific things about my situation which I didnt tell him :) Good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Thank you so much for tuning in to my situation... I will be back to update you again as everything you have told me is happening!!! =)" ... written by Ash
U will not imagine his talent.." ... written by dectora
Very talented and gifted psychic and fast typist..highly recommended" ... written by dectora
very very good reader. Kind, and perfect advice each time." ... written by m
very very accurate reader. " ... written by mnt1442
thank you always for excellent connection" ... written by mn
Awesome as usual..i cant imagine that i found him.." ... written by dectora
Awesome! Awesome! awesome! I keep coming back. That should say a lot " ... written by l
wow what an updateeee he is great" ... written by caliz
upmanyu is great, I love my updates with him" ... written by caliz
He is very straight forward. Did tell me what I expected. Look forward to the future. " ... written by knina2311
thank you and he is always fair, very balanced, and accurate. " ... written by m
Picked up on the situation pretty fast. I hope that his prediction comes true soon and I real do hope everything he said was true. I'll def be back!" ... written by L
He did give me answers until u left in the middle of the reading? " ... written by SK
always on point and very detailed in what he sees. " ... written by maria
he is very consistent with what he says and offers a lot of advice. thank you." ... written by kt
Excellent reading. Types a bit slow but was to the point. Gave me confidence and dates to look towards. Very warm andamp; calm person." ... written by Jay
Very detailed and fast answers. Peaceful feeling, thank you so much! " ... written by Sylvie
Great reader, energy, and details!! Gave me confirmation and peace of mind " ... written by Adam
thank you very much for the reading!" ... written by alicja
Great talk!! Very honest and to the point... Thanks!!!" ... written by Ash
So so amazing!! cant wait to see some of the early predictions happen " ... written by Adam
nice man, good help for me. " ... written by mnt1441
very good always very fast connection and always consistent" ... written by Tracey
I like all the help I've got, I think they all make sense and I do want to believe that everything will be ok, thank you for your help will see results soon" ... written by Yelena
he is just amazing..." ... written by n g
Thanks" ... written by David Ogle
I pray his prediction come true" ... written by Humility
great " ... written by sk
This man is very honest person... he makes me feel like I can trust talking to him!!! Thank you" ... written by Ash
he is quick to connect and precise on his visions:) thanks Up!" ... written by maria
Very good as always" ... written by Omah lall
Very honest and forthright as usual and he does so with a sense of humour. LOL. all I can do now is sit back and wait for his prediction to unfold. " ... written by Fatimah
Thank you so much for the update, ur amazing as always" ... written by Bo
Upmanyu is the best. He is quite accurate and comforting in his readings. A great reader and greater being. Definitely recommend him to All" ... written by superman
Everything he told me has been 100% correct... Now I can have more peace of mind in knowing that what he tells me is very true!!!! He is amazing!!!!" ... written by Ash
Great insight. Only time will tell on what will happen. Great reader. " ... written by G
The connection was cut during reading so did not get to finish...however, as far as we did get into the reading, he was on point with things. Kind reader." ... written by G
He gave me something to watch out for. The reading was very good and hit on somethings. He also gave me a date to watch for when things are to start to change for me. " ... written by Harold
Thank you so much your amazing and accurate as always... " ... written by Bo
I had less than ten minutes and he had no issue answering my questions in that time. Great insight with dates. Let's see how close his predictions are :)" ... written by LB
nice simple and thought provoking" ... written by coolpaaji
he is very good one of the best! thanku" ... written by christina
As usual he is very talented and he is my # 1 psychic in this site..and he even calls my name when I enter so he is really connecting to u very well..." ... written by dectora
The Best!" ... written by maria
Great talk every time... he can always clear my doubts!!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
GREAT... WILL COME BACK" ... written by GRN
always a wonderful and insightful reader a good feiend" ... written by Tracey
He is very consitant. His prediction came to pass for me in the past almost to the date he gave ...so i really hope this one will pass to even tho, im facing delays. Upmayu is sure about that ... so staying positive. " ... written by oranumgirl
good reading." ... written by kate
unfortunately I got disconnected because of low credits in my account, but I will be back soon. Upmanyu sir has shown me path and energized me for what I can do. " ... written by Saakshi
Helpful and made e comfortable to speak out my problems. " ... written by Saakshi
Really wonderful reader. Very kind and helpful to me. Accurate and on point with everything I discussed with him and gave a lot of insight. Awesome" ... written by Christina
precise in giving dates of when things will happen. Confident and clear. Thank you.." ... written by kr
He really helps me relax... great reader!!!" ... written by Ash
It's always great to talk to him... Thanks!!!" ... written by Ash
Wow strange how upmanyu can tell you things that are happening it's like he is riding in my back pocket taking notes...That was so awesome TY TY TY every so much. I will keep you posted between now and Dec. 6th,14 If you like. ty again!" ... written by Lynne52
The best readings ever, so accurate, and to point!" ... written by gurpreet kaur
his predictions always come to pass! thank u!!!!" ... written by christina
Very good and confident reader... I enjoy talking with him and I trust him!!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
Great person and wonderful reader always!!!" ... written by Ash
Very right on...and very sensative and very thoughtfull...everything has to do with timing...so time will tell all looks good...ty" ... written by Lynne52
Very good insight. Very calming spirit" ... written by l
Great reader. Always makes you feel at ease with his predictions. Very accurate. Thank you always Upmanyu!" ... written by superman
thanks sir for remedies andamp; timings..i will be back:)" ... written by aqs
Very nice reading, needs to type faster, but overall very pleased. " ... written by Gabriel
Really amazing reader. Very calm and gentle. Many details. Superb." ... written by Chris.
This man is truly amazing and very kind. He gives many details and has helped me very much. " ... written by C
He is the truth, the light and the way!" ... written by T.SIMMS
Amazing reader and very detailed. " ... written by C
Awesome reading put my mind at ease.. Waiting to see how it all plays out.. :)" ... written by Indigo
Always straight forward and on point life long friend :)" ... written by maria
Good" ... written by Hanna
Positive and encouraging and confident for the future. Feel better now, thank you" ... written by t
thank u for the updates amazing as always :)" ... written by christina
Nice expert lovely" ... written by Loveanddlight
Thank you for great rading again. Looking forward ..." ... written by ZTS
Thank you!! I know I can always count on you!!" ... written by Ash
He is very good I hope! :)" ... written by loveanddlight
very fast, to the point, accurate, will be back soon, thank you" ... written by sbj
Upmanyu-- He is spot on with things happening now...time will tell for next month...so far everything he predicted from last month and now are happening; try a session with him and see for yourself what do you have to loose? He is amazing!!! " ... written by Lynne
Thanks great reading as always :). I worry much about things in my life especially w the man I love. I always come to you for guidance and reassurance on this. Because this man I love confuses me too much w the way acts etc. You always put my mind at ease and help me stop to worry from all that you told me that has happened and whats to come. Its hard for me to keep hope for good things to come when I am in such a hard time. You've helped me very much with this. Thank you :). " ... written by think blue
Always a great reading. Feel much more at easy and confident with the information provided. Always Highly recommended." ... written by seraph
he is the man to go to always accurate his predictions are on spot!" ... written by christina
Excellent and very accurate!!" ... written by Gregory
Excellent at reading!!!" ... written by greg_28
will be back soon" ... written by j
Very kind and to the point. Answered fast and direct. Great reader." ... written by 982
Good" ... written by Hanna
Very good!" ... written by Hanna
so true,, and genuine. " ... written by lucy
greatttt, " ... written by Luciana
its been a long road and Up has been there the whole time -I look forward to his vision, truly. He hasn't told me wrong yet." ... written by maria
this guy knows my situation inside and out. So accurate. He just types away with a smile and tells you the truth but gives guidance as well! Awesome. One of the best readings ever. 5 ***** stars for sure. Sadly we lost connection, but ill be back for sure. Thank you my friend" ... written by think
Upmanyu is very quick and forthright. His predictions for me have been timely and correct. I visit with him weekly. I love the fact that if he doesn't have anything he will tell me. " ... written by maria
He said something about my past Karma, I believe that every religion has some truths. My belief is that if you combine all the beliefs, eventually you see one true Almighty and ever belief has its own way of getting you on the right, track. Upmanyu seemed concerned about my situation and was trying to be really reassuring. I appreciate that. I'll definitely be talking to him again. " ... written by Sinnipoo
such a calming soul." ... written by mariaheart
wonderful connect! -thanks" ... written by mariasheart
This man is just the best. Gives great guidance and is spot on. Awesome" ... written by Chrissy
He is straight forward and to the point .. thank you again " ... written by Darkdov
Always a beacon of light -his predictions have been right so far. Looking forward to the future." ... written by maria
Kind and amazing reader. Shares many details and does not sugarcoat. Awesome!" ... written by C.
Wise reader who always puts heart and mind to ease with accurate predictions. Highly recommended counsel. Thank you Upmanyu." ... written by Solomon
This man is really awesome! Knows exactly what is going on and gives great solutions. Very detailed and honest reading. " ... written by Christine
great readings by upmanyu, his predictions have been quite accurate" ... written by kreuzen
very quick and very forward." ... written by maria
truthful straight forth, some predications have came to pass. I awaiting major one. he is one of my lights in the midst of darkness." ... written by maria
Very informative, I got just what i needed to understand. Thank you Upmanyu ji for your guidance. Hope to talk to you soon." ... written by Rohit
Very good reading. Just what i needed to hear." ... written by Mark Renton
Thank you upmanyu, you are so confidant in the prediction ... I pray for good outcome too. " ... written by ZTS
Highly Recommend. Details, Time Frames A+" ... written by Gabriel
He is spot on his visions of things -now we wait for the future :)always a blessing." ... written by maria
If you are unsure and need clarification Upmanyu is the one to visit. He is fast...straight to the point and very accruate. Even times and dates he is right on. He answers any concers you may have and even gives you advise for a deeper clarification. Everytime I have the chance for a reading with him, I am very relaxed and crystal clear. He is like having a road map, telling you when to exit and where to turn in order to achief your destination. I highly recommend Mr. Upmanyu especially if truth is what you seek. Thank you every so much Mr. Upmany for your time and help that you give to others. 52Lynne" ... written by Lynne52
Very precise, straight to he point. I am totally satisfied." ... written by Daniel Holmes
Upmanyu remembers everything and tells you what you need to know." ... written by Katie
Fantastic and on point. Thats all i have to say!!!" ... written by mc
Thank you for the insights. I will follow your advice." ... written by ZTS
Upmanyu is so re-assuring in matters at hand. I have a several readings with him and things have come to past just like he said. If he has an update he tells me - if not he tells me that to. I look forward to the predications he gave me during this session. Thanks Up!" ... written by mariasheart
great psychic to talk to. thank you for ur predictions and assistance!" ... written by katie
Very direct and to the point. I don't feel he waste credit like some do on here. He is sincere. I will update on his prediction when it happens." ... written by AMy
Upmanu tells what is important for your situation not only for present time but also for near future. He has always been spot on and even very close to the time of day. If the truth is what you seek, you should try at least one visit with Upmanu, you will not be dissapointed. He is easy to understand and a fast typer, He does waist your money...Thank you for your kindness and for being truthful. Many Blessing for this New Year to you! Lynne" ... written by Lynne
Very Helpful. Very Positive." ... written by Sam Winchester
" ... written by Lynne
This man is amazing. Very gifted 100% worth your money!" ... written by Chelley
I always loved readings from you in past .. thank you. You predict things that happened for me.. I knew you from another site a long time ago and you were brilliant... i dont know why I dont come to you more... i think i will have to change that :) you are accountable.. thank you for your gift. God bless you.. love and light always to you! " ... written by princess
Hands down one of the best on here! Connects very well and types fast too!" ... written by Shellie
He was very good - calm and patient with all my questions. I could make out that he knew his stuff and what he was talking about. His answers actually made sense to me. No sugarcoat. Very highly recommended. Glad I took a reading from Upmanyu. " ... written by Archana
good" ... written by nirav
GOOD" ... written by nirav
up has walked with me for awhile. I am so happy to have him as friend -1st and foremost, but most importantly guide :)" ... written by mariasheart
This man is amazing! Trust me, I have a lot of friends on here in this very lonely stage of my life. I think Upmanyu, is extremely gifted and very insightful. He has this very soothing calmness about him and I can not speak high enough about the reading. 5 Stars. " ... written by Michelle
Really great and kind reader. Connects fast and is accurate and detailed. " ... written by C982
I love Upmanyu ! 5 Stars!!!" ... written by Michell
Confident in his predictions. Only time will tell" ... written by l
Very calm andamp; confident reader. He has given me alot of hope and specific dates for things to fall in place..thank you very much for the reading sir :)" ... written by priscilla
Very accurate and to the point reading" ... written by Manoj
good" ... written by good
Upmanyu is truly gifted. He is very fast at his connections and typing. He sees the situation for what it is and offers guidance. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Michelle
Another great reading! Hard to catch but he has great insight and predications do come to pass." ... written by tlsimms2008
I only met Mr Upmanyu few days ago for the first reading. I was very impressed with him because he had such a calming nature. And I have felt very drawn to him since. He has made very confident predictions for me and has clearly told me what he sees for me. He has reassured me of my doubts many times in the last few days. Very patient, kind andamp; sensitive reader. I will now wait for things to unfold like he said.." ... written by Priscilla
Did an update reading with mr upmanyu..Things are seeming to pan out as he had mentioned..i have alot of confidence andamp; trust in his readings. Thanks once again sir :)" ... written by Priscilla
Good reader, strongly recommend!" ... written by Humility
Really a marvelous reader. Brings accurate details and clarity to every reading. 5 stars is an injustice. He deserves many more. " ... written by C-tina
good insight and knowledge" ... written by new lease
great counsel. thank you friend~" ... written by the seraph
u always make me feel alot better sir. thank u for telling me things as they are and for guiding me to make things progress." ... written by Priscilla
very positive and i hope he is right...looking forward to coming back for updates" ... written by ginbellen
upmanyu predicts very well! thank you!" ... written by katie
Upmanyu is like daily visit - I check -in with him he keeps me updated on my situation and he seeing's come to past. Im excited to see what happens in coming days. He is awesome, quick, and honest. Thanks up! for being there for me:)" ... written by maria
Amazing reading and would highly recommend! 10 Million Stars!" ... written by Sheila
Fantastic as always. Tells the truth and connects perfectly!" ... written by Mitchell
Thank you sir very much for the guidance." ... written by Sam Winchester
once again great reading with upmanyu he is very accurate and gives timely predictions, thank you. " ... written by katie
He is one of the best! Always so confident in his predictions! i cant wait for them to pass..more than that he is a wonderful, patient andamp; understanding person. I trust his readings..some things he mentioned has come to pass already.. " ... written by Priscilla
nice" ... written by nirav
Very good reading. He connected quickly and did not use extra time in answering. highly recommend. love and blessings" ... written by Hehewuti
thank u ure a gem... all ur predictions came true much love" ... written by christina
I have reached out via email and live as well and his reading is exceptional. He is quick and alert. And his predictions came through." ... written by Colliercg
Fantastic every time and spot on. A truly gifted man!!" ... written by Michelle
Such a nice man. Great insight and very detailed. Incredibly amazing reader. " ... written by Christina
Uncle was very informative..very optimistic..he knew alot about my love and i appreciate the time we had together!" ... written by Anupama
Really gifted and detailed reader. Amazing!" ... written by Chris.
always great to talk to upmanyu, thanks!" ... written by katie
Love love love having reading with Upmanyu he is great!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by caliz
hi! thanks :)" ... written by MMarmalade
i get such relief after a pvt with Upmanyu, he is just soo soo great and caring!" ... written by caliz
was not at ease and went for an update with Upmanyu! he helped calm me down and tell me what he sees and feels. it helped make me feel better. just can't wait til the predictions happen! thank you Upmanyu!" ... written by kat
I felt reassured, thank you Mr. Upmanyu for the guidance. I appreciate it a lot. Lets hope all goes well." ... written by Sam Winchester
I always come back to mr upmanyu for updates and he is always very accurate and confident in whatever he says to me. Very patient man who bothers to explain the situation. I am very thankful to have known him. His visions are very clear and he doesnt change his predictions. Knows exactly what he is talking abt andamp; very connected. Thank u sir :)" ... written by priscilla
very nice, emphatic person. He knows what the problem is guides you accordingly. Very soothing reading. " ... written by pbajoria
One more fruitful session.Got charged with more positive energy, thank you sir" ... written by Sam Winchester
As good as always were. Thank you very much for the insight. I felt at ease. I will follow ur instructions, they had done good to me andamp; hope will continue to do good." ... written by Mark Renton
back for another private with the GREAT UPMANYU!" ... written by cali
he is too good, I keep coming back for more and more!" ... written by caliz
I love love love Upmanyu, he is the best, accurate, on point and helpful. The Greatest!" ... written by caliz
accurate reading one of the best." ... written by amaachiaa
Had some questions about a previous reading...He answered them with detail and brought clarity to the situation. Very kind, honest and gifted reader. Really Amazing!" ... written by Chris
Updating on current situation. Great reader!" ... written by C
awesome, above all stars, thank you " ... written by stacy
very helpful wish I had time for more..." ... written by Maureen
Always knows the best way to help me understand what is going on and clear some of the confusion. Helps to keep me moving forward when my mind freaks out about things happening. Truly an amazing and accurate reader." ... written by Christin
My second reading with him and his first reading was over a year ago and came true. He's excellent. " ... written by knina2311
Upmanyu is the most honest and accurate and caring psychic I have ever met. He does not lie to you, he tell you the situation good and bad and helps you succeed. You don't need to talk to anyone except him, because he is honestly the truest and most accurate psychic i have ever met. he has helped me soo much and showed me the way to overcome everything from career wise, school wise, financially, love problems, and family issues. I don't trust anyone else except him!" ... written by calizbest
I absolutely LOVE UPMANYU, he is the greatest, i am at ease after my private with him!, " ... written by caliz
after a reading with upmanyu I am stress free and happily awaiting all he has advised me will happen!" ... written by caliz
i love having privates with Upmanyu, i can tell him everything and anything and he completley understands me how i feel and my situation, and then advises me and then i finally have peace of mind!" ... written by cali
i feel better now. im going to come back thank you!" ... written by lifetarot
Always see it the way it is...has been a great beacon of light throughout this journey :) Thanks Up!" ... written by maria
Always pleasant, always on target. Got to love him!" ... written by tlsimms2008
One of the best here!" ... written by tlsimms2008
Upmanyu is the greatest, i love having private sessions with him. I try to come in atleast 2 times a week, or as needed. He updates me on the curent situation, and i am able to relax, and stop worrying. He is the absolute best!" ... written by calizbestjatti
i can sleep peacefully now with no worries of any kind! He is he best! o and i was super sick, and he told me by the 6th i would be back to perfect health, and indeed when i awoke on the 6th i was 100% fine!" ... written by caliz
quick with connection! " ... written by kat
really quick with reading. knew how i felt when we went private. hope his predictions come true. thank you so much!!! =)" ... written by kat
third time coming back to him. im just waiting for the result what he told me. thank you " ... written by lifetarot
great, so accurate, will be back soon sir, thanks" ... written by cy
was disconnected but connected quickly when continued. thank you so much for the help! =)" ... written by kat
He knows his stuff.. All I can say.. I didnt have a long time but, enough time to know what he said was very accurate that not many know about me. I am a risk taker in life I take the good with the bad.. he is well worth the money. I am very spiritual myself and i challenge these people sometimes on here.. but, i know who is good and who is NOT " ... written by Sheila
He is amazing. I highly recommend. He is naturally gifted and sees the situation before you explain it." ... written by michelle
he is just soo wonderful and great" ... written by caliz
quick with connection. very helpful and a sweet man! thank you Upmanyu for the guidance and the view of what is going to happen. " ... written by kat
Very insightful. Gave a lot of details and advice on how to handle things occurring in my life. Spot on accuracy and great to talk to. Amazing reader!" ... written by Christin
yay i finally got my daily pvt in !" ... written by cali
he is the best" ... written by cali
quick with connection and very helpful! just waiting on the predictions to come true soon! " ... written by kat
great reading with upmanyu" ... written by katie
i just got an update and had to llet upmanyu kno! he i s soo accurate" ... written by caliz
wow i literally spent over 2 hours in private and im sooo happy with my update and everything yay love you upmanyu" ... written by caliz
love my pvts with upmanayu!" ... written by caliz
Great Reader, one of the best here. Always on target." ... written by tlsimms2008
i love my privates with upmanyu he is the best and sooo accurate" ... written by caliz
needed to get my daily update with upmanyu, he is soo great and accurate" ... written by cali
Excellent. Can't express in words." ... written by Kunal
I was stressing all day about something, and after just a 30 minute pvt im at easeeeeeeee thank you love u upmanyu!!" ... written by caliz
if you want the truth and only the truth, you don't need to go anywhere else except here with upmanyu, I gurantee u wont be disappointed" ... written by cali
Talking to Mr Upmanyu always gives me peace andamp; confidence. I am very grateful to have met him and trust his readings." ... written by Priscilla
hes is absolutely fantastic" ... written by cali
thanks alot sir, all your predictions came true, will come soon with more information" ... written by sj
Great and positive. Always awesome. " ... written by Chris.
He is Awesome. Always very concise and quick to get to the root of my situation and what needs to be done to solve any problem i have. I always have the best readings and they are always, i mean always on point. I have had several readings in private with Upmanyu, and i still keep coming back to him because of his honesty and kindness, his accuracy, advice, knowledge, his excellence and honesty and because he is REAL. He helps me get re-oriented and back on track. He has got an amazing gift and helps me to see the big picture, and then helps me address everything and what i must do to reach that point. Everything he's ever told me/advised me has been true and correct. He is phenomenal. He doesn’t sugarcoat or tell you things just to make u feel good. He tells you the truth and the situation at hand, His dates and predictions are spot on and accurate as well. I always come back to him, every day, sometimes multiple times a day." ... written by cali
he is the best, I can talk to him about everything and know I am in good hands. the best hands and taken care off!" ... written by caliz
His insight and perspective is invaluable, honest, the truth. His psychic abilities are always spot on always. Upmanyu is everything and more you will ever need to help you. thank you so much for everything your the absolute best." ... written by cali
quick with connections! a great man! very helpful! thank you!" ... written by kat
Really nice and pleasant reading, now what I was expecting at all. Thank you kindly for your nice words." ... written by tracy
Very intuitive reading, I really appreciate the honesty and clear reading. Will be back for more. Thanks." ... written by Lou Mendoza
kj" ... written by kj
He is so right on thanks for your clarity and support...I will keep you posted..." ... written by Lynne
fast connection and honest! one of his predictions came true and i was surprised! thank you so much Upmanyu!" ... written by kat
very good" ... written by maura
He seems good person. I liked his energy and entered into a private. I wrote my details. " ... written by Maria
great reading!" ... written by vicky
always such a compassionate reader been a whike but he always picks up and his predictions always remain the same" ... written by TrCWEY
I have soo much stress and soo much going on, i know Upmanyu is here to help me." ... written by cali
I give him 10 stars for helping me release my stress and helping me" ... written by cali
great positive reading" ... written by veezee
i am in such a horrible situation and don't know what to do, after consulting with Upmanyu, i feel better and know what i must do." ... written by cali
great reading, thank you." ... written by vine
The right person I needed to talk to. Very calming understanding and detail. I will wait for the prediction to follow and learn to be patience. Thank you" ... written by SN
quick with connections. thank you" ... written by kat
Amazing!!!" ... written by amrita
So supportive as ever, Keeping the faith and he gives me strength" ... written by Tracey
thank you for ur reading. much appreciated" ... written by katie
no words can describe how incredible Upmanyu is and how much he cares about helping. True honest and sincere" ... written by cali
Great as always." ... written by Chrissy
Amazing!!!!!! FIVE STARS!" ... written by Shell
Upmanyu is an incredible ,calm person to have a reading with.Please choose him and trust him to do your reading." ... written by PK Tulla
Thank you. I liked your reading. It helps to understand a lot. " ... written by sz
Fun to talk to. Great reader and very accurate! Awesome!" ... written by Chrissy
Thank you very much for all the guidance." ... written by S
okay, i will keep that in my mind andamp; concentrate on the job at hand." ... written by S
Inspiring n positive approach by Upmanyu I was dishearted but now feeling better after being council by him very good and very learned man " ... written by jessica
very good time lines and insight come back for sure" ... written by shellbynz
Very good and understanding reader. said a lot of truth about the situation" ... written by Karolina
accurate reading , very honest will definitely come back again." ... written by amaachiaa
good man! quick with connections. always checks up on me. thank you and hope all comes true sooner!!! " ... written by kat
great readin, wonderful and informative update! cant wait for everything to happen" ... written by cali
thank you always!" ... written by kat
he is really good psychic does suggest some good really good remedies " ... written by bevin john
Very uplifting and encouraging. I always enjoy my readings and time is well spent. Thank you " ... written by SN
AWESOME READ " ... written by shellbynz
Highly accurate reader!" ... written by E
uncle is sweet, kind and very positive about things, i will see if things do change" ... written by a...
thanks, great reading. hoping to see the change in april end. He was quick and gave me guidance on my issue." ... written by oth
Excellent always precise. thank you very much" ... written by Carla
Straight to the point, great advice. " ... written by Natashaj88
A great advisor and reader!" ... written by E
Can't thank you enough . I feel so relief after the reading and advise you made everything so simple and clear to me just as i thought. Good man." ... written by am
This man is gentle , accurate with his reading and also gives you great advise. Try him you wont regret it." ... written by amaachiaa
thank you very much for being patient with me and your great advice" ... written by dawn
Had an update with him after my email reading and I gotta say I recommend this man to anyone! Caring, no wasting time and money and straight to the point! God bless!!!!" ... written by C
Wow!!! He's really good and very accurate. He ease my worries I really hope that all he predicted especially this coming September will com true. I will definitely go back and let him know about his prediction. I can really recommend him. His very fast and not waste my time and money at all." ... written by Sarah
Master calm me down and give me accurate answer..he is the real deal" ... written by peggy
Great astrologer and his prediction have come true in past so I believe him 100%......thx" ... written by MOONMOON2
This man is great and funny too. Always helpful and detailed. Perfect!!" ... written by Christina
he is so reassuring and forthright in what he sees, warned me about an argument once and forgot he told me - until it happened. He is a good friend and honest seer." ... written by marias
He is such a blessing. Very quick and accurate." ... written by Marias
Sooo amazing and spot on. His revelations, his predictions. You won't waste your time. He is absolutely amazing. God bless!!!" ... written by Debra
Very accurate, great help, truthful but kind and empathetic. He will answer your questions spot on! 5 stars!!!" ... written by Quest
a beacon of light in the darkness - he has been very helpful in my journey called life. Very honest and forthright doesn't say what you want to hear but what you need to know." ... written by marias
Love the true readings of the Psychic, so true" ... written by Shammit
Great reader! Awesome as always!!!!" ... written by Chris
10 stars :)" ... written by marias
ohhh Jesus!!! he is such a God's man,, know so much without even telling much.. " ... written by Sam
i never believed in Gods thing or the psychic readings,, but i believe now. he made me believed" ... written by Hank
upmanyu is one of the best psychic that i have come across so far in oranum because what all prediction he has made has come true for me he do suggest some good remedy " ... written by Bevin john
He is the best psychic that i have come across oranum because his prediction have come true or me in the provided time period and he is the best pls guys give it try " ... written by Bevin john
uomanyu is one of the best astrologer that i have come acroos he will guide you through the right path and right directions dfor sure " ... written by Bevin john
fantastic as awesome, highly recommend!!" ... written by Michele
A most compassionate and truthful reader. Wonderful session. He offered me clarity and solutions. When I need more assistance and support I will be back. More than 5 stars!!! Ty so much." ... written by tracey
WOW, my healing session was amazing ! Hands down the best feeling. Thank you very much for that and my update! " ... written by Sarah
I have been consulting astrologers / psychics for almost 20 years now. I have never come across someone like Mr. Upmanyu. His predictions and readings are absolutely spot on...extremely accurate to the extent of exact dates which he has predicted and everything as per his predictions has come true...I am really blessed to have found him via this site." ... written by Kunal
Absolutely amazing. I never believed in all this but after my private session with Mr. Upmanyu, I am amazed. He indeed has some powers which are beyond humans. Everything he has predicted has come true. I highly recommend Mr. Upmanyu to others." ... written by Iryna
Very nice, honest and humble person. He is very honest, does not like to mince words and whatever he predicts actually happens. In most cases there is not even a deviation of 1 day in his predictions, that's how accurate they are. " ... written by Rakesh
The best!" ... written by Christi
I liked this psychic because his prediction has come true he has great skills and after that he has great remainders for everything " ... written by arjun
finished the reading and it was really helpful. thanks upmanyu , always good to talk " ... written by katie
unfortunately it cut off but upmanyu is always helpful in advice thanks" ... written by katie
he is always on target and predictions come to pass" ... written by tlsimms2008
Always a good reading with UP" ... written by tlsimms2008
Great!" ... written by Christi
awesome reading. thank you" ... written by coffeecandy
i feel relaxed when i have discussion with him and share my problmes with so he is the ebst so far that i have met and after i feel ralxed guys so pls give him a chance or oppurtunity to read for you" ... written by Bevin john
great reading by upmanyu, thanks" ... written by katie
thank you awesome and honest reading. fast and insightful. " ... written by coffeecandy
he Is just fabulous no sugar coating, just the truth" ... written by cali
wow, what a reading! just pure greatness" ... written by cali
I was finally able to get a pvt in and my mind is a t peace!" ... written by cali
Thank u so much Upmanyu youre the best! I hope I will come back with some good news soon :))" ... written by christina
to the point, answered question well" ... written by kw
he is very good and give really acurate reading about things he has very good skills and some good remedies for the problem that we have he will guide he will provide knowledge and he is the best give him chance guys to read for you " ... written by andrew jacob
If you want the truth about your situation UP will tell you just that!" ... written by tlsimms2008
This man is fun to talk to. Always puts a smile on my face. Helpful in all areas. The star rating could not possibly measure the quality and value of this reader. Awesome!" ... written by Christina
he is a just wonderful, accurate and doesn't sugar coat" ... written by cali
he is spectacular!" ... written by caliz
10 stars" ... written by marias
Thankyou so much the reading was an excellent reading he was very honest and will absolutely not waist time and takes the readings seriously...will come again" ... written by Felicia
He is a truly psychic and always being consistent on his prediction." ... written by rose
This man brings a smile and laughter to me often.. He is very good at what he does. He answers my many questions without hesitation and is very detailed. Love talking with him. Perfect" ... written by Christina
AMAZING!!! WOW! " ... written by Shelly
Fantastic as always and fast! Today I brought in a new situation and without hesitation, he knew the facts of it, and described this person to a tee and was able to give me a direction on how I should process what actions to take. I think he is super fantastic! " ... written by M
Upmanyu is very good psychic because i do appreciate him for prediction that he has done for me he has suggested me with lot of good remedies and also he give very good suggestion on how to over comer problems in life he is a very good psychic that i have come across and guys i would recommend you guys to give him an opportunity to read for you all because he has prove it for you how good are is readings " ... written by alexander george
He really helped me and was nice and helped me look at the positive side :)" ... written by Jess
this gentle is very accurate about what he is he doing because he do give me right time frame in which things will happen and what alla re the things that are going to happen so guys i would recommend him for reading give a him try because he does really good job " ... written by david jones
Mr upmanyu always makes me feel better..very understanding and kind man :) God bless him for all his gd work." ... written by Priscilla
Very reassuring.. Picked up well. Will wait for predictions to come to pass. " ... written by Tiana
very good reading as usual. This is my third readings with him Thank you for your care and insightful. worth 10 stars. " ... written by g
He has always been accurate and on point. " ... written by Darkdov
Incredible reader and always pleasant to talk to. " ... written by Christina
wow wow wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, JUST WOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a reading. so much insight and what and update!!!! I can not wait to comeback to update and get my update" ... written by caliz
What can I say except that coming across mr upmanyu is such a blessing. This man goes all out to help in a difficult situation. He never changes his predictions and he is always very confident in his readings. No one can give you the kind of assurance he does unless they have such clear knowledge of what will happen. He is truly amazing. Very understanding though i can be a pain with my impatience. He gives so much support and comfort in the most painful of situations. My upmanyu is a wonderful and blessed human being. Thank you sir for all your sincere and genuine help :) God bless u" ... written by Priscilla
great reading thanks for always ur insight" ... written by kreuzen
Great reader!! Lovely person and guider..." ... written by jendio
he has done a very good job for me so far his prediction have come acurate so far what ever he has said for me he does have remdies for the problem i have he is very good psychic that hi have come accros " ... written by jacob toms
Beyond stars... I would give him the univers! Thank you :)" ... written by christina
he is very good psychic that i have come across guys i do love his reading he do tell about acurately wihtout any mistake he does provide me good remdies to over come the proble tha ti am going through " ... written by james george
hey guys please give him a chane to read for you because he s one of the best psychic that i have come accross so guys he is good reader " ... written by alexander george
upmanyu is one of the best psychic that i have come across he does have really good solutions for the problem he also provide with good remedies for the problems that we have so i feel so good to share my problems with him because he does help me " ... written by john george
he dioes give me good reading so far guys he is great psychic he will help u to over come your problem in life for sure " ... written by joseph
he is very great psychic tha t have come across he is very good guy he does provide god remadies guys u have any problem pls approach him" ... written by zaclariya
Up is fantastic every time. He connects super fast and knows the situations very well. I have always seeked his guidance. I also had the most amazing healing session ever. I felt so peaceful and happy after the session in well into the following days. It was so amazing and I highly recommend his services. " ... written by Mag
Hope are given..will definitely come back and write here once it comes true..." ... written by Aaaaa
everything he said was very accurate about my life, I was quite satisfied with my reading and I will return soon." ... written by ppatel
Accurate 100% without even saying a first word. He knew it all and was spot on. He is great with all the tough and hard to ask questions. He is mature and will tell you in a kind and loving way even the things you don't want to hear but always brings you back to understanding. Worth every minute!! Predictions accurate!" ... written by Valerie
Awesome as always :) " ... written by Christina
he is good psychic he has helped me lot guy he has give me accurate time frame " ... written by xaviour
he is one of the best psychic that i have come across he does really good job he does have remdies for evrything he will help you guide you and provide you with nice ideas" ... written by George alexander
Fantastic as always. Amazing healing!!! I felt incredible results! " ... written by Sarah
All i can say is i trust.this man completely. I always feel better speaking to him..thank u sir for all ur help." ... written by Priscilla
great reading always helpful thanks so much" ... written by kreuzen
Upmanyu is very talented and gifted" ... written by dectora
Wow amazing.......cant wait to see what he told me just now !" ... written by Sap
Always there when I need him....such a powerful psychic. Has all the remedies to overcome any problems. He is fast and all his prediction regarding career were 100% accuratend also his dates have come past for me and my sister. Thanks oranum for having him. " ... written by MOON
Very genuine and helpful person.. I trust his readings very much" ... written by Priscilla
i believe in him, suggests so clear and easy ways to accept " ... written by Bob
very good,, and true" ... written by Prashant
Amazing! Very authentic and honest in all matters. Love him!" ... written by Christina
He is very insightful and answered all my questions....can't wait for his prediction to come true :)" ... written by Ankita
many thanks and god bless" ... written by shine
he is the best here! You won't be disappointed" ... written by tlsimms2008
he is the best on this site look no further... he can look through your soul and your lovers too like no other... thank you!!!!" ... written by christina
enjoyed healing session with UP! He is the best!!!" ... written by tlsimms2008
Always a great session with UP. He is a great healer as well!" ... written by tlsimms2008
this gentleman has great view of things he can give you give deep veiw of what you want and what will be the perfect one for yo" ... written by Bevin john
he is wonderful person connects to your problems fast." ... written by ritu
thank u amazing as always" ... written by christina
Im always so relaxed and calm talking to mr upmanyu..i like how he is so confident in his readings. Always reassuring and kind." ... written by Priscilla
great read as always. gives important dates and provides clarity and guidance. Thank you." ... written by seraph
wonderful insight thank you " ... written by tsanaamjade
One of the best psychic as I always come to him for any problem. His predictions have come true for me as well as my sister. He is too good. Million stars for Upamanyu!" ... written by MOON
Very good and nice guy." ... written by Anonomys
helpful insights! thank you" ... written by kreuzen
My all time favourite and trusted reader. I appreciate mr upmanyu's genuinity. He doesnt tell u to come for readings like many other readers or waste credits. He's also very helpful, confident and accurate. Speaking to him always gives me confidence and hope." ... written by Priscilla
to the point without wasting my time and money,,," ... written by jimmy
Guy really good... " ... written by Jhonny
Great" ... written by Jayy
An amazing and comically articulate reader. Always makes me laugh. Very accurate and always helpful. The best!!!" ... written by Christina
PErfect" ... written by ,,
Great" ... written by ,
Will give if i see some positive developments" ... written by aaa
so far ok" ... written by lesley
he is a really good psychi he has some skills and has good strategies on how to over come the problem in life he has very good knowledge about the problem or daily issue that we are going through so i think he is the best " ... written by George alexander
impressive" ... written by bb22
HE IS TRULLY THE BEST ON ORANUM HANDS DOWN....all his predictions have come to pass... he is incredibly blessed.. thank u thank u thank u!" ... written by christina
he has given me very good reading for me and he has been very acurate about it " ... written by victor
Love this man. He is an incredibly amazing reader and always fun to chat with. The best of the best!" ... written by Christina
he knows all, will recommend you guys all to go for ,,," ... written by SU
Perfect." ... written by Chris
This man is soo fatherly and kind. Mr upmanyu is the only one that can really calm me on this site because he is so genuine and practical and at the same time kind and helpful." ... written by Priscilla
Always on point!" ... written by tlsimms2008
he is the one to go to for the truth! thank u!" ... written by christina
Best ! Best ! Best ! He is the best psychic on this website...people look no further and have a reading with him and yo will know why I said that. Can't thank him enough for his truthful readings and awesome solutions !!!! simply great !!!!...." ... written by Sap
thank you dearly for looking into things for me, so appreciated" ... written by kreuzen
a wonderful reader, connects very fast. just wonderful" ... written by rosie64
This gentlemen is one of the best that i have come across he has great working skills he has verry good accuracy on what he is saying he can evening give a very good reading for the things that you have come across " ... written by kevin alex
Very nice person and talented." ... written by XXX
upmanyu is the best he has really good skills he has proved it again and again to me he is really god gifted " ... written by david jones
He is always very fast and gifted. He uses no tools and connects with compassion and sincerity. Very honest. I highly recommend him for a reading ! " ... written by Maj
Absolutely love this man. He is amazing and great to talk to. " ... written by Christina
Perfect and awesome like always. The best!" ... written by Christina
Excellent - he has been very accurate for me " ... written by Sonia
The best! I trust what he sees. An incredibly gifted reader and always a joy to chat with. I feel very blessed to have him as my reader. " ... written by Christina
upmanyu has been doing predictions for me since last month and he has been very accurate" ... written by p_9106
He is like a father to me..Very caring and always guiding me in the right path..With his help andamp; guidance..things are going positively just as he said it will..Thank u sir. Am very grateful for all ur advice and sincere help.." ... written by Priscilla
Thank you very very much for several in depth readings with much information about my situation in love and career. I recommend your services to all clients at Oranum. " ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading again. Extremely accurate and very kind. He is direct but kind and caring. He is a good friend and will not waste your time. Come to him with confidence that you will get 100% from him. AAA+++" ... written by Valerie
Mr upmanyu is always my go to reader. So far he has been accurate and very helpful in my situation. He has never changed his predictions and has gone out of his way to help me alot." ... written by Priscilla
Great Reading as always.. 10 stars!" ... written by Priscilla
he is really good psychic that i have come across" ... written by george davidson
thank you upmanyu for helpful and insightful reading, always great" ... written by katie
this gentlemen has very good skills of predicting things in life he will guide you throught the right process he does have great skills so guys i dont need tos ay anything else rest is your choice " ... written by george davidson
Thanks dear Upmanyu!!! Great reading :))) xxxx Great guy!!!! xxxx" ... written by ...
seemed a very great guy! Thank you :)" ... written by ...
I want to thank Upmanyu for very insightful readings helping my mind to rest and to look forward to my future life with confidence! I recommend very much a reading with him. His accuracy is astounding. " ... written by Charlie0901
upmanyu is really great guy he has been giving me good remedies for all my problem he will help you with your problems for sure " ... written by xaviour
Upmanyu is always accurate with his predictions. He is a very caring person and will tell you the truth. He does not give false hopes. He deserves more than five stars. I will keep coming back for updates. Thank you!" ... written by Moonchild59
He is truly gifted... all his predictions have come to pass. thank you" ... written by christina
The best always. Very generous and clear with his answers. Many thanks and blessings :) :) :)" ... written by Christina
a great reading but then he suddenly left" ... written by tb
thank u ! it was a very good reading!! he gives timelines and tells accurately! thank u :)" ... written by ...
Thank you dear friend for a yet another spot on reading! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Very kind, funny and positive always. Authentic and honestly accurate. Love him! He is incredible!" ... written by Christina
" ... written by Sonia
Excellent" ... written by Emmanuel
Manyu is 100% accurate! His predictions happen all the time. Maybe a day or two off with time frames but they still come to pass. I will come back for updates. I feel comfortable consulting with Upmanyu. Thank you, Manyu!" ... written by Moonchild59
he is really good psychic he has been very great really good " ... written by Bevin john
upmanyu is really good psychic he has given a really accurate reading with specific time period " ... written by james george
upmanyu has really great prediction skills he has given me a great reading with vey acurate time period he has a great insight of problem and ideas on how to deal with it i very happy wth him he will really guide you through your problems " ... written by George alexander
The greatest! Love him! Great style of reading." ... written by Christina
Amazing reading with fast and detailed updates! Thank you! " ... written by Kira
he is really good psychic he has really great skills and abilities to achieve it " ... written by George alexander
It was my first reading with upmanyu and I have to say he is very friendly. He explains the situation as is and is spot on in describing the personality! I really liked my reading and i look forward to the predictions he made. I will surely come back for more. " ... written by Lillysweet
Amazing reading as always!" ... written by Mindi
He is amazing. I feel bless to find him. I extremely recommend him. I guarantee your satisfaction." ... written by EliDu
Manyu has never been wrong with his predictions. His time frames are accurate. He will not tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy. He will tell you the truth. He also gives advice on what you should do. Thank you, Manyu! I will consult with you again next week!" ... written by Moonchild59
Perfect!" ... written by Chris
I really like getting readings from Upmanyu. He is very calm, friendly and always makes me understand the situation. I cant wait to see how things pan out but one thing is for sure.. I am extremely glad I had readings with him. " ... written by Lillysweet
Once again a very clear reading.. i had a reading with him recently but felt the need to have another one to calm my nerves. I am glad he explained everything once again and boosted my positive energy. " ... written by Lilly
Perfect and amazing always!" ... written by Chris
I like how mr upmanyu is always confident in his readings..he still sees positive outcome for me..im waiting for his prediction to come to pass" ... written by Priscilla
Perfect always :D" ... written by Christina
Manyu, as always, is spot on with his predictions. I like his sense of humor, too. His readings are accurate. Thank you, Manyu! I will go private with you next week." ... written by Moonchild59
Really appreciate his time and the reading. fantastic reading as always!" ... written by lilly
good reading, honest answers, no sugar coating, time frames" ... written by goldn
Love this man! He is incredibly awesome" ... written by Christina
upmanyu is such a great person, and just talking to have makes you feel like things will fall into place, I have had few readings with and I was always satisfied. " ... written by p9106
true from heart. so natural" ... written by Amad
my world changed, got the direction a right path." ... written by Sherin
impressive reading today. the conversation was very interesting thank you upmanyu" ... written by marieme tohe
Always a pleasure to speak with. Fun, honest and down-to-earth… Perfect" ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by C
thank you to upmanyu for your wisdom and help!" ... written by kreuzen
Upmanyu is very very accurate with his readings. 100% spot on. He is wonderful to talk to. He is calm, honest, humorous and does not waste time. It's a pity that we were disconnected. I regularly go back for updates. Thank you again, Manyu!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you for the update reading! It was very uplifting and like always i love the humor in our readings. LOL! Will keep coming back for more! :) :) I recommend him. " ... written by Lilly
Manyu is very accurate with his readings. It is always pleasant to have a private reading with him. His predictions happen. I consult with him every week. Thank you, Manyu! " ... written by Moonchild59
Amazing always!" ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by Christina
Amazing and powerful insight, gifts and accuracy " ... written by Maggie
Manyu is ALWAYS spot on with his predictions and time frames. His reading is very accurate. He does not waste time. He is quick but 100%. I enjoy our private readings because they are humorous. He will tell you the truth every time. Thank you, again, Manyu! I will keep you posted. Talk to you again next week!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thanks! c ya in next session soon :) " ... written by L
Consulted with Upmanyu a few times and he gave me a few dates that matched. It is very good to have him for when I seek some clarity." ... written by Karolina Roberts
Very nice talking toh im..he is calm and im waiting for the prediction to come true..thank you" ... written by lim
I would like to thank upmanyu sir for his guidance. He has been extremely helpful, calm, clear and understanding in this readings with me. His explains the situations and point of views very nicely and does not shy away from giving timelines. He is also consistent in his readings and gives you practice advice when needed/requested. I am glad I found him on Oranum. " ... written by lillysweet2109
Great Reading! " ... written by Ferre
Awesome. The best" ... written by Christina
Very detailed and positive reading. He tells you the good and the bad and also motivates you to understand your inner voice. I had a birth chart reading with him and it was amazing. He is honest and told me to come back within few minutes when the chart was ready. This tells you he is honest and not only here to make money. His speech is clear and easy to understand so i had time to take notes on things he said for future reference. Once again, I am glad i had a reading with you. Look forward to talking to you soon. " ... written by L
Manyu is 100% real. He is accurate with his predictions and readings. He does not waste time. Thank you again, Manyu! I will talk to you tomorrow!" ... written by Moonchild59
Always an amazing reading with thorough details and accuracy. I highly recommend" ... written by Michelle
Always a pleasure. The best!" ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by Christina
great as usual :)" ... written by yellowMellow51
This man is awesome to talk to. Funny and accurate! Love him" ... written by Christina
Thanks again Upmanyu, you have very clear readings on my situation involving many people. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
great reader, great insight, great honesty into all questions. 5 star expert with all the answers. " ... written by golden girl
thank you" ... written by MMarmalade
I always enjoy talking to Manyu. He is so pleasant and has a sense of humor. His readings and predictions are accurate. Thank you again, Manyu! I will consult with you next week. " ... written by Moonchild59
Great experience. Answered all of my questions and had a very good insight in my present and future. Great advice on what to do and how to handle things. Very insightful in almost every aspect you could ask, and believe me I asked a lot." ... written by yellowMellow51
Very Connected to the Situation. Gave Answers and Clarity." ... written by Geri
Awesome as always. " ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by Christina
Feels gd to talk to mr upmanyu always..dc half way.." ... written by Priscilla
Manyu is accurate with his readings and his predictions happen. We had a bad connection and were disconnected. I will go back to continue with reading when he is back online. Thank you,, Manyu! I will catch up with you soon!" ... written by Moonchild59
He has been really great with his works I like the way he suggest me a remedies and solution" ... written by Bevin john
i like him a lot ! Seems honest and professional. He did not waste my time, answer too fast, look like he was googling anything etc...etc.." ... written by Sarah
Reading that started well but was cut off. Talk to you later!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you again for two very good readings. I really got some good advice!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again for clearing this one extra question in my mind. Now i am ok for a while. Talk later!" ... written by Charlie
One of the best readers and people here. Genuine and helpful. Mr upmanyu cares abt his clients honestly" ... written by Priscilla
Great always" ... written by Christina
Right on track! Thanks yet again for a great reading on the best way forward!" ... written by Charlie
He was fast to connect and his connection was spot on too! :) looking forward to his prediction! Would highly recommend him! :)" ... written by Saloni
Thank u sir. U make me feel better always." ... written by Priscilla
Very good reading very talented i hope predictions will come true" ... written by Maia
Thanks again for giving me the facts. It is by now clear that your readings bare their weight!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again for a great reading. Five stars all around. We were just cut off..." ... written by Charlie
very helpful and understanding" ... written by Alec Smith
great psychic always able to express things well!" ... written by kreuzen
Private readings with Manyu are always pleasant. He does not accuse you. He tells the truth and is correct with his readings and predictions. I regularly consult with Manyu. Thank you, Manyu!" ... written by Moonchild59
Awesome and fun always! Love this man! He is great!" ... written by Christina
Great always" ... written by Christina
Manyu is always spot on with his predictions. His readings and time frames are accurate. He deserves more than five stars. He does not give false hopes. Thank you again, Manyu! Talk to you next week for update... or earlier if your prediction happens again earlier :)" ... written by Moonchild59
thank you so much to upmanyu for always being so reassuring thank you" ... written by kreuzen
Great!" ... written by Christina
Really spiritual" ... written by Al
Awesome and funny as always. Connects fast and easy. He is always amazingly accurate. Superb!" ... written by Christina
Ohh God, he is like God's messenger. feel so relaxed and feels like path shown where to travel." ... written by Ela
Manyu is confident with his readings because it is accurate. His predictions happen. He will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. He does not give hope if there is no hope. Thank you Manyu! I will talk to you soon" ... written by Moonchild59
Crucial help and guidance. I am very excited- thanks again for your reading! Five stars." ... written by Charlie
Amazing andamp; detailed!" ... written by Christina
upmayu is the best, he always sets your mind in the right direction." ... written by pz
highly recommended always gives positive feeling" ... written by pz
He connected quick and was a good listening ear. I just needed wisdom and he had it. " ... written by D
good reading" ... written by sdfs
Accurate, kind and thorough. Thank you Upmanyu " ... written by Nicole
Great!" ... written by C
wonderful as always !! very detailed" ... written by ....
Update was 5 stars as always. Very accurate, detailed and compassionate. Always calms and guides me. " ... written by Sal
Wow pretty amazing! Very accurate and connects well. " ... written by 5 Stars
Great and detailed. Funny always." ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by Christi.
I keep coming to him again n again as his readings are most accurate !!! Give him a try n you'll not be disappointed !" ... written by ...s
Very good skills and highly accurate thanks Upmanyu Ji" ... written by Bhakt
Always come to him as his predictions are 100% correct. Thank you for your support." ... written by Moon
Manyu is very confident with his reading because he is accurate with what both people are thinking. His predictions have happened in the past. So I am looking forward to the next ones. Thank you, Manyu! I will talk to you again." ... written by Moonchild59
the most amazing psychic/astrologer you can come across, he's always honest and upfront." ... written by pz
Great Abilities, Always spot on with predictions..." ... written by Vin
Thank you Upmanyu. He is accurate as always." ... written by Upmanyu
simply the best!" ... written by pz
Great and funny reader. Detailed and accurate. Has a way of bringing humor to the reading. Love it!" ... written by 982
Great" ... written by CB
I dont know why but I just trust him and he never fails to clear my doubts :)" ... written by Sal
ahaaa,, he is good and to the point" ... written by CP
expert of Career and Fortune telling" ... written by Ray
Really a saviour ... so true and helpful" ... written by Sen
very sweet, he's like a father figure, always guides you in a positive direction" ... written by pz
I am so glad i got a reading from him again! :) " ... written by Sal
Awesome and fun to talk to. Accurate and on point. Perfect " ... written by Christina
Awesome always. " ... written by Christina
He makes me calm lol. i come in all panic'd and he just soothes me lol. Great read" ... written by D
Awesome, detailed and fun as always :D" ... written by Christina
Manyu is a very warm and pleasant person to have a reading with. He is accurate and spot on with his predictions. I regularly go back for updates. Thank you, Manyu! I will talk to you soon." ... written by Moonchild59
this psychic has some good skills and abilites to halp us achive our goals he does guide and protecct us froma ll sought of evile aspects of life soo yes it was great experience " ... written by Bevin john
he is really good psychic he has some great prediction skills and he has the ability to to help you over come your struggles " ... written by Bevin john
he is really good and a reat psychic he has some good skills " ... written by Bevin john
The best hands down~" ... written by MJ
thanks for the help, always consistent" ... written by kreuzen
he's the best" ... written by pz
Wonderful reading " ... written by Darkdov
he's reading and predictions are so on point, I would highly recommend him." ... written by pz
Funny and awesome! Great insight and incredibly accurate. Love this man!" ... written by Christina
:)" ... written by C
Awesome" ... written by C
Great" ... written by C
Very understanding and supportive!" ... written by Karolina Roberts
Manyu is very precise with his predictions. They happen within the time frames. He is accurate with his readings and will tell you the truth. He will not give false hopes. He does not judge or accuse you. I go back for updates always. Thank you, Manyu! " ... written by Moonchild59
Always great! Perfect!" ... written by Christin
Great" ... written by .
He tells it like it is and you can trust him :)" ... written by S
Always a pleasure to speak with. He always clears things up. Very accurate and detailed. Sensational reader!" ... written by Christina
Great! Awesome!" ... written by Christina
Magnificent and fun as always :D" ... written by Christina
he was nice gave me a date to wait" ... written by kw
Truly one of the best psychics I ever spoke to." ... written by Goddesslive
thank you to upmanyu for his very detailed readings! he is very helpful" ... written by kreuzen
Manyu is always fun to talk to. He has a sense of humor :) He is spot on with his predictions and readings. I keep coming back for updates. Thank you, Manyu! I will talk to you next week!" ... written by moonchild59
He actually knows what he is talking about, also to the point." ... written by xxxxxxxx
Excellent believe in his reading, good skills..., will recommend any one" ... written by Shishya
upmanyu is such a positive soul, he's always there for me" ... written by Ganu
Great! Thank you" ... written by Christina
Mr upmanyu is like a father to me. Always reassuring me n wanting the best for me. He goes out of his way to help me. I truly appreciate him n his sincerity.." ... written by Priscilla
I am looking forward to Manyu's predictions. I can't wait but I have to be patient. He has been 100% accurate with his readings. He knows what is going on with the other person, which is what is really happening. He is quick and does not waste time. Manyu is very caring. Thank you, Manyu! I will consult with you next week or earlier. " ... written by Moonchild59
Manyu is very reliable with his advice. His readings are accurate and predictions come to pass. That is why I consult with him often. Thank you, Manyu! I will keep you updated with your prediction which I know will happen." ... written by Moonchild59
an excellent reader as usual" ... written by filipa
Fun, kind and always a pleasure to talk to. Awesome!" ... written by Christina
Upmanyu is the best, highly recommended" ... written by PZ
thank you so much for ur help upmanyu, always a great psychic and so much help!" ... written by kreuzen
Great" ... written by Christina
Upmanyu is a great reader and he is so patient, giving great help. always so lovely to talk to, thank you." ... written by kreuzen
Incredibly awesome reader. Accurate and always a pleasure to talk to. " ... written by Christina
:)" ... written by .
Amazing always!" ... written by Christina
good :)" ... written by .
Very caring, sincere, gifted, and kind. Thank you again and God Bless" ... written by Goddess Live
He blew away my mind completely...he is extremely good . Theres no other Psychic or astrologer as accurate as him. His predictions have come to pass in the past and today I went to him to discuss some thing happening in my personal life. whcih I had never discussed earlier... He was so accurate about the people we spoke about ...as if he's met those people." ... written by sap
Great" ... written by Christina
Excellent reading. Well worth the money" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Such a fun and kind man. He is amazing! I enjoy my time with him. It brings many laughs often. He is very accurate and detailed. Love him! " ... written by Christina
A very unique astrologer .. highly recommended .. seems good in astrology based which can never go wrong ..." ... written by A
Good one" ... written by Sara
Good psychic, he did connect with my situation very easily and gave me solutions. Must try him" ... written by Sara
Very fast accurate reading!" ... written by nelly
Every psychic is unique. He offered some important insights into a very interesting situation. Thank you." ... written by Serenity
One of the best reader in oranum .. Definitely will suggest for others.. he is very experienced and accurate reader … Never found one such in my recent years… " ... written by 7
explained something, it was helpful thanks" ... written by asdf
Great" ... written by Christina
Perfect!" ... written by Christina
haha. Thank you! The best and most awesome reader. " ... written by Christina the great ;)
Perfect like always" ... written by Chris
He is truly amazing with correct predictions and timeframes, must try. Highly recommended by me. Keep it up" ... written by sarah
Best psychic to go to .. very accurate" ... written by devisri
Best psychic to go to . Will definitely suggest for others." ... written by aries
wonderful psychic. not only psychic but upmanyu is so friendly, he's like a friend. full of great advice and great predictions" ... written by kreuzen
Fun and always a pleasure. This man is incredibly accurate. The best" ... written by Christina
Good and honest psychic with true insights " ... written by sara
Good insights and honest predictions" ... written by sarah
Honest psychic with true predictions" ... written by amber
THe best" ... written by Christina
Incredibly awesome always" ... written by Christina
he is truly amazing with his insights. Hats off to you" ... written by sarah
This man always makes me laugh. He is an incredibly awesome reader. Love him " ... written by Christina
Really great reader and always very informative and accurate. Awesome!" ... written by Christina
The best and always very informative. Love him!" ... written by Christina
upmanyu has a great calming manner in which he is also accurate with his readings! wonderful" ... written by kreuzen
Good one !!!" ... written by amber
Thank you." ... written by Goddesslive
definitely will recommend for others" ... written by Ji
Great!" ... written by C-tina
Perfect" ... written by C-tina
good and honest psychic with very good insights" ... written by sarah
...Best Astrologer on Oranum !! Do give him a try he is just toooooooooo good !!!!!! always on the point." ... written by sap
Awesome, fun and accurate. Love this man!" ... written by Christina
Great" ... written by Chris
:)" ... written by Chris
upmanyuji ..Is the best psychic.. he is not only vedic astrologer .. also a best psychic in reading energy and sensing about whats coming.. one of the psychic i trust in oranum.. He is true … " ... written by upmanyuji
fantastic reader thank you so much" ... written by benjamin
Really great always." ... written by Christina9
always helpful, thank you " ... written by kreuzen
Great always!" ... written by Christina
Great!" ... written by Chris.
One of the best psychics in oranum ." ... written by sri
good one, must try" ... written by sara
upmanyu is great to talk to - always" ... written by kreuzen
Perfect as always! " ... written by Chris.
Awesome! Great information! I will be back to talk to him in the future! I recommend!" ... written by B
Upmanyu is an excellent reader. Connects well and read into the situation well. Thank you so much. Highly recommend. " ... written by Ros
Really fun and detailed reading tonight. I enjoyed our conversation. He is really amazing. Perfect!" ... written by Christina
he is really good in giving psychic insights. I always come to him for guidance. God Bless him" ... written by sarah
Great reader as always" ... written by seraph
Really great! Love him!" ... written by Christina
He was great and gave me the clarity and hope that I needed" ... written by justme0234
he's always there to rescue" ... written by Ganu
Great" ... written by C
Great and fun as always. " ... written by Christina
This man is the best! Love him!" ... written by C-tina
Amazing as always. " ... written by C-tina
well, he still sees the same but I do face long delays. Patience is needed but at least still on track. Lets hope for the best." ... written by me me
Love this man. He is an incredibly funny reader and also very accurate! Always sure to leave a reading with a smile on my face and nothing short of at least a few bouts of laughter. Would give more than 5 stars if I could. Awesome" ... written by C-tina
Good and honest psychic" ... written by sara
Great!" ... written by Christina
Love this man. Awesome reader!" ... written by Christina
Love this man always! Awesome" ... written by C-tina
Most awesome! love him!" ... written by C-tina
Honest psychic, must try him" ... written by sara
Good and honest psychic with true insights" ... written by sara
he is really good " ... written by bevin
Very concise and clear. " ... written by Kelli
he is really good psychic " ... written by john
thanks for upmanyu's consistent readings!" ... written by kreuzen
good psychic , must try him. He is very good " ... written by amber
Upmanyu is the wisest, kindest, most honest and gifted psychic I know..." ... written by Goddesslive
Good reading. I am very pleased." ... written by RAM
soooooooooo good actually the BEST !! " ... written by sap
Awesome. The best!" ... written by Christina
Great always!" ... written by Christina
Was really a great reading, accurate and interesting I am going to come back for more information. Also was quick thank you " ... written by Sherry
thanks for the readings upmanyu, always so kind and sincere and helpful" ... written by kreuzen
:)" ... written by C
God gifted psychic with true visions" ... written by sara
good and honest psychic" ... written by sara
The greatest!" ... written by Christina
Amazing reader as always" ... written by Christian
Awesome" ... written by Chris.
Great!" ... written by Chris
Love him! He is awesome " ... written by Chris.
Psychic with good insights, always willing to help and come up with brilliant solutions for my problems" ... written by sara
the best in Oranum" ... written by testimonial
One of the very best psychics of Oranum . he is very unique and excellent. He not only goes by astrology . he is highly clairvoyant." ... written by review for upmanyu ji
Awesome" ... written by Christian
very accurate... " ... written by bsvvsd
So nice, understanding and sweet gives a lot of detail listens really well and puts my mind at ease :) Thank You so much" ... written by Sherry
Awesome" ... written by Chris.
Good psychic with true insights " ... written by sara
Awesome as always" ... written by Christina
One of the best psychic , who is with indian astrology and goes by it .. I think he is highly intuitive too … And very caring person .." ... written by For upmanyuji
He has given me a date so will see in the future if he has helped me. But otherwise very good" ... written by Lorraine Brett
The best!" ... written by Christina
This man is always a pleasure to talk to. The best always!" ... written by Christina
Good reader onpoint,will be back,thank you.xoxo" ... written by J
A psychic with true insights and in depth knowledge about astrology. Must try him" ... written by sara
The best" ... written by Christina
HE is one of the best astrologer . will definitly suggest him for others to take and see.. u will know only if you take." ... written by upmanyu - aries
Awesome read! Fun as always. The best" ... written by Christina
Great update, consistent andamp; seems pretty accurate! thank you " ... written by Sheri
thanks upmanyu for your reading and guidance always helpful!" ... written by kreuzen
He is good" ... written by N
Good and honest readings" ... written by sara
The best!" ... written by Christina
Good skills and knowledge.... spot on every time ... I recommend reading, try and you will know what I mean" ... written by Bhakt
He is nice and a very good reader" ... written by n
Love hime! The best" ... written by Christina
The best" ... written by Christina
the best" ... written by poli
he is the best psychic here in oranum" ... written by Louco
excellent reader" ... written by porco
upmanyu is super sweet and a lovely psychic!" ... written by kreuzen
Love him" ... written by Chris
Great" ... written by Chris
Great!" ... written by Chris
Great!" ... written by Chris
Very sincere and accurate and takes his profession seriously so that you get a good accurate reading." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
Great" ... written by Chris.
The best" ... written by Christina
Great skills Advice and reading ! Come to him often. Believe and highly recommend" ... written by Bhakt
excellent" ... written by wiki
Very helpful and positive astrologer. Very accurate and right on information. " ... written by Bobbin
an amazing reader as always!!thank you" ... written by zui
Great! the best! love him" ... written by Chris.
The best!" ... written by Christina
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you so much! You are very accurate! I appreciate your direct and compassionate reading and look forward to an update." ... written by Mj
One of the best astrologer and psychic.. very accurate " ... written by aries
ashtonishingly accurate" ... written by ji- aries
thank you upmanyu, always the most helpful psychic and understanding. he is basically a great and lovely person, thank you so much" ... written by kreuzen
Love him! Always great!" ... written by Chris.
Really great reading, nonjudgemental, accurate, quick and with detail and I really trust his readings thank you " ... written by Cheri
Awesome. Everything he said was correct. Highly recommend!!!!!" ... written by jini
fantastic reader" ... written by erki
Very wise. Thank you. And God bless." ... written by Goddess
The best" ... written by Chris.
Thank you." ... written by Goddesslive
The best!" ... written by Chris
consistent and kind; thank you for the advice " ... written by sheri
thank you upmanyu for his insights, they are always so accurate! great psychic and wonderful friend " ... written by kreuzen
super patient, always has the best advice, thank you upmanyu" ... written by kreuzen
The best!" ... written by Chris.
Thank you." ... written by Goddesslive
Really great update and reading up is really good and gives great advice and is accurate. Thank You " ... written by cheri
Highly insightful and accurate. Thanks again, God bless you..." ... written by Goddesslive
God bless you for always doing such kind, accurate, and insightful readings." ... written by Goddesslive
Great reading andamp; update; really love the reading with upmanyu; realistic, consistent and always accurate. Thank you! " ... written by cheri
Thank you and god bless." ... written by Goddesslive
The best!" ... written by Christina
Super great update andamp; reading; thank you so much for the update and advice. Thank You " ... written by sheri
thank yoiu" ... written by mwisteria
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9Uqc2p_5NkPclBjVUFKcndaSDQ/view?pref=2andamp;pli=1" ... written by de_funkboy
Thank you! Humbled and greatful " ... written by spring2013
Thank you again..." ... written by Goddesslive
Very accurate" ... written by new york
BEST in ORANUM" ... written by upmanyu ji
Great update and reading; understanding and accurate. Thank You " ... written by Sher
excellent reading" ... written by happy girl88
God bless you..." ... written by Goddesslive
good, we shall see" ... written by real love
the best" ... written by Christina
the best" ... written by Christina
thank you upmanyu! great psychic and friend as always" ... written by kreuzen
Thank you for the excellent reading Upmanyu! Will chat again with you soon! 10 Stars!" ... written by Amy
one of the best astrologer of oranum" ... written by me usa
i like Upman a great person really he find a good person and also guide me for at least three years with him very truthful and everything he said will happen true thanks upman" ... written by insurance
Thank you Upmanyu!" ... written by Amy
The best" ... written by Christina
he is the best psychic of oranum and best astrologer too" ... written by USA
very patient, very kind, always helpful and everything comes to pass from upmanyu, many thanks!" ... written by kreuzen
The best! Love this man!" ... written by Christina
Really great update and reading; always consistent. Thank You " ... written by Cher
I like upmanyu i feel he's accurate and kind person." ... written by Granville Crenwick
He is very very good! Described me to a T. His prediction sound right, too. See how it will pan out! Recommended!" ... written by P
The best." ... written by Christina
thanks !!" ... written by c
The best! Love him. He is awesome " ... written by Christina
The best astrologer in oranum. Will definitely suggest for others. " ... written by upmanyji-aries
GREAT" ... written by weenter4
5 starts as usual" ... written by rita
thanks for the reading it has been amazing and on spot" ... written by zuli
the best in oranum" ... written by kuka
he is good reader, thnks so much" ... written by happy
Right to the point, great!" ... written by Maria
definitly will recommend for others to take and see. very positive , and very realistic and his predictions did happen in past." ... written by upmanyuji - aries
He was spot on.. Told me things only I knew.. He knew me better than I knew myself!!" ... written by Micheal
Thank you sir for your clarity and good reading. Will definitely check with you from time to time! 10 Stars!" ... written by AR
always a great reading with upmanyu, so caring and so sensitive and so accurate thank you!" ... written by kreuzen
One of the best astrologer of oranum . Will definitely suggest for others to take and see..." ... written by upanyuji-aries
Thank you for your help. Was fast and straightforward. Answered my queries. " ... written by Naz
The best! Love him!" ... written by Christina
thank you for ur great advice. great psychic, always so accurate." ... written by kreuzen
kind" ... written by stavros
One of his predictions did come true in the year 2015 as he pointed out in the year 2013. He is spot on." ... written by n g
The best!" ... written by Christina
I always comes to him and he give clearity and straight to the point" ... written by di
He is a really quick and good ! TEN STARS! " ... written by Kuno
great reading" ... written by weenter4
thanks upmanyu for ur consistent readings and accuracy!" ... written by kreuzen
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Friendly guy. We'll see if his predictions are true." ... written by desertlily
His prediction in the past has come true. I always consult him for my family problems. He is very knowledgable in Astrology and knows what he is doing. His predictions regadring my carrier, and all other issus has been very very accurate. Thank you for being there when I need. " ... written by Moon
Thank for all your help. " ... written by Moon
wow !!!!!!!!!" ... written by sap
he is fantastic person and very straight forward!" ... written by chin
He is a very patient person and kind. Very accurate with my actual things and im pretty sure also with the ones coming. Also a nice advisor." ... written by Ale
very nice supportive talk... his past prediction came to pass so i came back. thank you!" ... written by gg
The best in oranum" ... written by aries722
Great reading as always Upmanyu!!! You connect so fast with so much information you give!!! Thanks very much my friend for your insights!!! Have a great weekend!!! :) The Best!!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Thank you for the quick information" ... written by r
gifted" ... written by ash
great reader" ... written by ash
Thank you very much!" ... written by RAM
prediction came true!" ... written by kk
Wow!! Incredible reading from Upmanyu!!! 10 Star Reading all the way!!! He gave me super fast answers that were confirmed by others straight away! Amazing psychic!!! Highly recommend!! :) Love andamp; Light to you my friend!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Thanks sir- very helpful and clear. I will update you." ... written by Rosha
Let's hope he is right. I will let him know." ... written by Elizabeth Zingani
Good reading" ... written by newson
Thank you so much Upmanyu for your insights!!! You really are gifted!!! :) Love andamp; Light to you my friend!!! :) Take care!!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Wow!!! Thanks so much Upmanyu!!! Wonderful reading as always!! Love and light to you!! :) Take care my friend!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
The best" ... written by Christina
Thank You Upmanyu for a quick reading!!! Have a blessed day!!! :) Amazing as always!!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Thank you Sir for your excellent advice! Will always chat with you! 10 Stars! God Bless!" ... written by A
thanks upmanyu for advice and great reading" ... written by kreuzen
amazing reader" ... written by maria
It is always a joy speaking to Upmanyu. He always always gives me honest advice and is extremely empathetic to all my worries. I always feel so much better after speaking with him. Everything he has said has been true and the dates he has given me for all matters have come true. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Fzeek
GREAT " ... written by LINDA K
Really great." ... written by Christina
was general." ... written by c
thanks! great! will see what happen!" ... written by c
The best" ... written by Christina
The best" ... written by Christina
A great expert lots of detail, I was extremely satisfied." ... written by zimerili1
Picked up accurately on traits, situation etc. Will have to wait for predictions. Thank you! " ... written by Hopeless