About taylorbrearley

Psychic taylorbrearleyhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic taylorbrearleyhas recently helped 36members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about taylorbrearley's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Taylor Brearley’s evolution into a highly skilled psychic medium started at his earliest childhood memory. At just 3-years-old, Taylor had a near death experience (NDE) and made his first contact with the other side or spirit world. His life thereafter was a series of chaos and uncertainty. Taylor knew he had a purpose and found how to fulfill that purpose in his work as a psychic medium.

one of the best readers out there. very accurate and precise, connects fast, says what's necessary and helpful not what you want to hear with kindness which I always appreciate. Thanks!" ... written by starrose
Taylor is amazing and connects at once...he doesn't sugarcoat and will persist until he has proper answer for you! I highly recommend you take him pvt.." ... written by marion
Very helpful and informative. Looks at all sides of a situation. " ... written by leorising
Was very good and helped me out a bunch. Thank you!!!!" ... written by La_chula2004
True! Pure! Clear! Thank you much much! " ... written by gurushek
Great." ... written by Bbrave1
Absolutly loved my reading! best physchic i been to on oranum...highly recomended by me...knew so many things in my situations...feel very thankfull and hopefull...gave me some great advice also...thank you so much taylor I really appreciate it so much... Much love here." ... written by rissa21
Thank you :)" ... written by jrinker
This guy is pretty awesome. he picks up on a situation very greatly. he could tell me about the persons feelings what he been thru what I've been through and what we look like etc and that was quite amazing. thanks" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Great reader. Looking forward to your predictions :)" ... written by KC0716
Taylor is an amazing seer. What a connection we had! He helped me to clarify certain aspects about a relationship and has given tremendous inspiration and guidance." ... written by peter9225
Great Reading!!" ... written by mark2991
Love the reading...lots of help and good insight." ... written by suz1031
Great reading!" ... written by mancrm
Very honest. I enjoyed his reading. Thanks" ... written by happy20
OUTSTANDING, awesome and so accurate.. he is very nice and relax to talk to. So honest, gifted one and patient to answer all my queries... thank you so much. " ... written by home888
Taylor was awesome! Will come back to him for sure!" ... written by Jesssika21
Thank you , really made me feel better, I believe you really heard him, " ... written by Lyn-Ann
Clear swift and to the point, very nice." ... written by tigertiger9
Wonderful soul. Very kind and soft spoken and connected with me quickly and answered all questions promptly! Thank you!!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow. Best reading I've have had on the site. His energy hit me immediately and told me exactly what I needed to know. Picked up immediately on emotions, concerns, future life path stuff, etc. Seriously amazing energy and nice to look at, too!" ... written by pomegrntsunrz
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
Good reader... Without any tools you can get answers fast..." ... written by Sweetyhunn12
Taylor is awesome and very on point! Everything he tells me comes true, he's very accurate and professional." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Thank you! I am looking forward for the truth to come out. I appreciate your help. :) " ... written by libraj16
Very good , very sweet and darling, gave great advice will be back again ty you again...:-)" ... written by BESTGIFT32
WOW, what a great reading!!!!" ... written by mancrm
Taylor is incredibly gifted and connects instantly. He always brings clarity, has very uplifting insights and practical suggestions for how to deal with life's challenges. He is very caring and genuine and has assisted me a great deal x" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Great as always! " ... written by gurushek
Simply great and accurate!" ... written by oalanis
Very accurate and honest." ... written by white337
Very nice and easy to talk to, reat reader!" ... written by missgreeneyes
He's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!" ... written by wingtip
Very great reading, I love him, go to him for answers :) " ... written by Dphsgo93
Great reading, straight to the point, tells it as it is." ... written by aar
He was great and totally right on things, very accurate! I recommend him!" ... written by awakendreams
Oranum, you are really scoring with the new readers to your site. Taylor is definitely one of the very best!! His insights are so profoundly accurate and he evoked seep,deep healing energies inside me. I feel like I understand many thing better, and also feel great. He is a WONDERFUL Man and Reader!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent reading and very informative" ... written by maryannepav
Taylor was spot on and to the point! I had never had a reading done before but this just made me a believer!!!" ... written by heavenlywarrior
Very insightful answered all questions. good reading" ... written by becca2312
Good reader. worth a try.u r the best" ... written by waterfall
Taylor is very helpful, honest and genuine." ... written by nature7
Very calm and connected and honest reading." ... written by delighted2
Lovely guy. Very softly spoken. Tunes in incredibly well and quickly to people in question. Like him a lot! Thank you. " ... written by zebedeee39
Good reader." ... written by cherry
Really good!!!!! Spot on with connecting to my dad." ... written by archangel786
Taylor really helped me and gave me some great advice, he was a real help and i thank him for that." ... written by k16grh
Taylor was great! Very genuine! Thanks" ... written by ariesdiva22
Very straightforward, saw things quickly, incise and insightful answers. Genuinely concerned and gave good advice." ... written by moonstone2
THat was a great reading...highly recommend! " ... written by heather
Taylor is great! He read me and the situation like a book... crazy! He was spot on about situation and I'm so happy I chatted with him. I feel much better about things. " ... written by nina
This guy helps me think about my life and what I need to do....thank you. xxxx" ... written by 86babygirl33
Truly talented. He gives information quickly and accurately. He discussed love, career, and spiritual growth with me in as much detail as i required. I was moved by quite a lot that he said--in not only his accuracy but in his spirit. Please try getting a reading from him if you have the creds! He's worth the money! " ... written by daydreamer246
Very good for a young and good looking guy. Doesn't use cards and ask a bunch of questions. Pick on many details. He is very good." ... written by mandylynn30
Amazing!! Connected quickly and confirmed things about the situatiion I already new. Loved that he needed no tools. Thanks again Taylor" ... written by angelwings7
Another great reading! Came back to tell him how something happened that he told me about. Always accurate and helpful.))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Excellent well tuned in. really like this guy and hes so friendly and kind. well worth a private" ... written by lady-gadiva
Excellent and fantastic reader.. One of the best I have ever talked to." ... written by focusing
I love Taylor, he is the best." ... written by Belle1
Taylor U ROCK!!!!! Private was gr8 with you! Thanks!" ... written by am3thyst
Sincere, direct and honest. Will be returning for updates... " ... written by leti98
He is very good." ... written by masterone
Always a pleasure to do a reading with Taylor - he's genuinely concerned, very accurate/visual reader and a caring person. Thanks for the advice again bro." ... written by moonstone2
He is great. He mentioned up front about being yelled at a lot and I just don't notice it anymore or thought about it and he keyed right in on it! Thanks! Loved his reading. I def. will return! Thank you So so Much Taylor! :)" ... written by jeh014
Wonderful, great connection and very accurate " ... written by Belle1
Taylor was great! He really helped to give me more insight about my issues. I highly recommend him." ... written by sweetsiren0072
great reading" ... written by andrea
absolutely amazing !!!not only I heard what I really wanted to hear hahaha but it was also all true , so THANK YOU, Gifted Taylor, for making me feel better ! Worth every dollar every cent, and more... RESPECT what you do. Totally impressed. Keep on sharing your amazing Gift with the world - you are making a difference, God bless you, man" ... written by Rybka Gold
I found him to be very accurate, interesting, eager to help and candid and up front. He was very easy to understand." ... written by TerritheSecretar
Had another amazing reading with talor he brought peace and hope to me and he is a very caring person and you can feel it he is really concerned about youre problems and he will give you the answer that you are looking for ;)namaste " ... written by jluv29
This guy is awesome, you won't regret. Trust me!!" ... written by trinigentleman2
Absolutely wonderful. SO reassuring, although nothing is sugarcoated. I feel like Taylor has been a friend of mine for a long time, and we just had our first session together tonight. If I weren't already involved with someone, I'd swoop him up in a heartbeat. Total gentleman and easy to talk to. :)" ... written by kelsey919
Thank you very much, I found this man very enlightening, he's very openminded, very grounded in himself. Is very lovely to speak to :)" ... written by hope2321
Thank you so much, Taylor. I got answers I need, and you take time to listen to me... now I can relax, got good advices. Most of my problems has a natural explanation, I'm glad I have you to tell me about them. Good reading, I'm happy... Will be back for a 3. reading sometime..." ... written by mette44
Great as always!" ... written by bubblelove33
Brilliant!!!! Thank you so much for the reading, Taylor! You are truly gifted!" ... written by heartnsoul
Truly truly amazing! I connected with my dear friend who passed away just yesterday and the reading was so healing! God bless you Taylor!" ... written by heartnsoul
Good reading. He's very calm and relaxed." ... written by itsuramo
He is Upfront and too the point ... He makes you feel comfortable and No sugar coating will be back soon ... Thanx Taylor :-)" ... written by Nessa31
This guy is great... Talked to him twice so far and got some really good insight!!! Thanks again, dude." ... written by vigglesworth216
Incredible, a weight has been lifted off of my heart. Thank you, Taylor. Very sweet and caring. Let him help you." ... written by sprunked
Loved my reading with Taylor. Was fast at connecting and right on target. Very gifted. Loved his energy. Try him out. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by cupcakegirl
Awesome just awesome. I would make him my friend, he is so easy and kind." ... written by sunshine456
GREAT GREAT GREAT pick up on things straight away and told how it is. Thanks heaps" ... written by rivalry
Taylor is the cream of the crop here - he is a pure psychic, so clear and caring.... i am so blessed to know this man. In my first three readings with him he has already said accurate things that blew my mind. And he is humble and REAL." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very kind, cleear" ... written by LionKing777
Accurate, on mark, and very very good." ... written by focusing
Understood the complexity of my situation from the start and was very understanding of it. For that I thank him. He also gave me feed back on how to handle it. I look forward to talking to him again." ... written by suz1031
First reading with him. He is amazing!" ... written by lifetime1974
To the point. will not waste your time. love him!" ... written by Lana2730
What a warm, kind loving being!!! oh my goodness ok let me list all the feelings i get from him.. ABUNDANCE DEEP-SOUL STIRRING PEACE LOVE AND CONFIDENCE REASSURANCE DETAILED AND SPOOOT ON PATIENT AND INTERACTS WITH YOU VERY HUMBLE, AND DOESN'T ASSUME BUT SUGGESTS LED BY THE SPIRIT FILLED WITH MUCH INTEGRITY AND HONESTY really has the intent of simply wanting to help. i'm sure his pvt chat will be flooding soon. great rate...excellent rate with beyond astounding insight! also a great person to talk with if you have any business endeavors pending or your seeking guidance and wisdom about a particular situation you are in. spot on and awesome! uses few words filled with so much energy and accuracy! quick reading, yet it's as if time stopped and he intricately removed my fears and replaced them with assurance. will come back again!" ... written by lovebugshay
Great reading." ... written by pandoy
Time will tell but he says things with suck confidence you believe it to be true :) try him out" ... written by halovm
He is very good, I like him , and that is why I came again to ask him about my life. I CAN Trust him, that is important! Thank you so much!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Direct, honest, very thoughtful reading. really helped clear up my doubts and gave me some answers I needed. thank you Taylor! :)" ... written by fialuz
Very good at what he does, very calm." ... written by coolbit108
Very nice." ... written by chandragomes3
He was a great phsyic, i recomend a reading with him! " ... written by melissaw8057
This Guy is Awsome! For sure I will come back!" ... written by bubblelove33
Taylor was sensational! I got a very well needed message(s) from me mum who has passed. Love and Light to you. I recomment Taylor to anyone!" ... written by blueyze
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
LOVE speaking with Taylor - he is very insightful and gives tons of information. Give him a try, you wont be disappointed !!!! Thanks Taylor :)" ... written by Shawna
Excellent!!! Amazing!!! Gifted!!! Gives details and descriptions of what's coming. He said things about how I feel, where I live plus where I will be moving to. Only a extremely talented person could do that. Nice down to earth person." ... written by Ace
He is on point he was very sincere and honest and very good with his abilility I loved my reading he is def worth it ;))))" ... written by jluv29
Wonderful :) Just wonderful :)" ... written by garkl33
Very insrightful, loving man. Would see again, he picked up on my situation right away. Lots of correct information. My best interest at heart." ... written by bacidoll
Wooooow, what a great reading! He tuned in with me perfectly!! And gave me a really good advice too! Thank you Taylor, I will be back!" ... written by Aryastark
Love talking with him, he is on the money." ... written by bacidoll
Easy to talk to. direct and was spot on" ... written by ttan15
Love Taylor. He knows his stuff and is loving and kind. Great psychic." ... written by bacidoll
I read the reviews before chatting and chose to read based on the great reviews. Taylor is so so good with getting into your situation, he pegged people so well. I really liked his conversational style, relaxing, very talented, very intuitive. love love him!" ... written by viviianne
Excellent... Super star...." ... written by focusing
Right to the point, but kind and compassionate." ... written by katie46
Was good talking to u.very accurate and helpful" ... written by druvina1973
Very personable and professional. Much better then the rest of these so called psychics on here." ... written by msmorgan69
Love Taylor. He is a wonderful person and psychic. Always has my best interest at heart. Thanks, Taylor. " ... written by bacidoll
Ty so much.. Was on target. Will see you soon.. :-)" ... written by BESTGIFT32
I came to Taylor for guidance about an issue. He gave me a prediction and it came to pass the next day. Taylor was right on the money and read the situation correctly. He is very easy to talk to and very understanding. Give him a try. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Taylor!" ... written by E andamp;amp; M
He really is amazing. Even got my profession..." ... written by spiritflower79
Excellent as always." ... written by focusing
Wow what a kick in the behind... In a very very good way. I love the style, accuracy and how very real you are. Lots of things to think about ." ... written by confusedchica
Compassionate, honest, kind, and real." ... written by 1searcher
Outstanding as always, very light-hearted and compassionate. Thanks again and Happy Monday!" ... written by P
Very good and honest and trustworthy. His energy is pure :-)" ... written by heaventime
thank you" ... written by ghost face
He is straight forward. A good reading in general. I recommend him." ... written by stylus
Taylor is awesome!! Very spiritual and connected... Very compassionate... Ty, Taylor!" ... written by reikilb
My reading was great, Taylor told me of some meditation techniques which are wonderful. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Seagoat1972
Thanks for the confirmation, Taylor! Once the right connection was established he was on track with reading the situation accurately. Thanks and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Love taylor, honest with integrity. Good psychic. He connects with me and my ex quickly. I go to him for honesty and he never disappoints. Thank you, Taylor." ... written by bacidoll
Taylor was superb, and funny straight to the point and described the person in question to a tee, he uses no tools with I loved...I will be back." ... written by mookii
Great advice! Definitely feel better after my reading. Coming from a very confusing time in my life he helped me feel more at ease, as at times I tend to get a little worked up when overly stressed. Taylor was very accurate with details about me and my situation. Very kind, gentle, beautiful soul. Can't wait to feel compelled to push the gold button again. :) Thank you very much Taylor ;)" ... written by vocalmachine1
REALLY GOOD!!" ... written by MyLove_
Excellent!" ... written by Blackthorn2012
Thanks again Taylor! God bless!" ... written by heartnsoul
Awesome as usual! Thank you soooo much Taylor! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Cool, you sure do see a lot of things." ... written by phoenixrisen
Taylor was great. He connected quickly and had lots of information for me without me saying too much. Very refreshing and honest. Will be back for a follow up" ... written by j_manthey
Taylor was just what I needed to believe in myself. He is very genuine, caring and gifted. great guidance and advice. Also a wonderful listener. thanks for lifting my spirits :-) " ... written by Kel_Vrol
Definitely what I needed to hear, thanks for everything Taylor! =) " ... written by m0nedabonita
Taylor was amazing. I was a bit cautious at first but in the first few seconds he was able to tell me things that I only knew. Very positive energy coming from him. 10 Stars!" ... written by Joanna93
Great reading! Very honest and accurate. Don't consult anyone else." ... written by Tulips90
Very very very good reading, I loved every second of it, that's the bonus, he is very blessed and he has no idea at all how correct he is, made me cry a few times and connected immediately with who I wanted to speak with lol thank you soooooooo much, Taylor :) I will be back!" ... written by 22BEAUTYME22
Poor guy had my mum, it was fab, I know why she was there! Absolutely amazing!" ... written by MALEX3007
Thanks Taylor! Hope all will work out with me. Take Care!! Always great talking to you! :) " ... written by libraj16
Sensitive and caring. Straight to the point! " ... written by divinedaughter
Thank you so much! It is always great to connect with you. You are fast and accurate all the time. Hope everything will fall into place soon. Take Care!! :) " ... written by libraj16
The most honest reading that I have ever had. Thank you so much for tell the truth." ... written by mel1261
Thank you for your honesty and help. :)" ... written by linn115
I have had readings with Taylor for a long time and I'll just say give him a chance. He's good! And he's been pretty accurate." ... written by Bbrave1
Hes amazing " ... written by ariesgirl1970
Awesome dude! Utterly uplifting, he knows what you need to hear even before you ask. He leaves no stone unturned and makes you feel very comfortable." ... written by SheilaRoberto
Last prediction for contact was spot on!! Taylor is great!! :)" ... written by tanyas3840
Great reading! Wonderful psychic!" ... written by Joanna93
Very good! Thank you so much!" ... written by myohmy81
Taylor is awesome! Everything he says has come to pass. He's one of my favorite psychics on Oranum!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Fantastic!!!! Calming, easy, picks up on a lot. Completely worth your credits people. :)" ... written by SAchickie
I've had many chats with Taylor in his free chat areas. Very confident, up front and always tells you how he feels and sees it. No sugar coating and won't hide things, he's a very well liked guy on Oranum and hope he'll stay for many months / years to come. Thanks Taylor. All the best." ... written by shadeykev
Excellent psychic. Very, very, very good and accurate." ... written by focusing
Taylor is a doll, he really helped me, thank goodness for him. MUCH-LOVE - Candace -5 stars for sure!" ... written by branigan11
Very talented and gifted. I don't know how he does it but he does it. " ... written by leorising
Love Taylor, he was very helpful. BLESS YOU! Candace" ... written by branigan11
He is really good and fast and if you want a good reading take him to pvt... I love his energy he is so positive... Will be back for sure... :)" ... written by Milena61
Seriously, taylor is the real deal!!! YOU NEED TO READ WITH HIM. He is amazing and very quick with his answers. One word: Amazing!!!" ... written by hudoklin
Thank you right on the dot, and very accurate! Would recommend him any time. :) " ... written by heavenly12
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by daisy17
Seriously, the best! Amazing, fast and well gifted 100%!!! You have to read with this reader!!! Taylor thank you!" ... written by rokzupan
Thanks taylor! That was an amazing reading! :) thank you for your help! xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
I connect so well with Taylor. His readings are always inspiring and his guidance priceless. Bless you,Taylor!" ... written by peter9225
Love Taylor like always... He is always straight to the point... He is the only one I trust with my problems and he's so understanding... He really helps me out always there for me when I need him... thanks so much Taylor once again... Much love!" ... written by rissa21
Great!" ... written by Tulips90
Great reading, I went back for updates... Once again keeping fingers crossed for the future!! Thank you!" ... written by v
Always a pleasure, my buddy... :)" ... written by Bbrave1
I like him very much and he is very accurate, and nice to talk with, I will come back!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Excellent... always right and on the money!!" ... written by focusing
Awesome as always!! Thank you! :) " ... written by libraj16
Great psychic. This was my second reading from him. If you want your answers, take him to private, you won't regret it." ... written by Tanbos1
One word: wow!!! Very accurate and was able to give answers right away. He's the real deal!" ... written by bosti82
This guy is great!!! I really felt he is connected to the situation. It's so spot on, I can't believe it. I left with a clear understanding of what to do next. Thank you so much!" ... written by leililaloo
Honest!" ... written by Isha234
Known him for a long time... Go for it... He'll give you the insight you need." ... written by Bbrave1
Thank you for the reading. Very friendly with good energy. Will come back to say hello again. " ... written by cosmiclatte
Taylor such a gifted seer. His work with me is not only very inspiring, but very healing and profound. Thank you!" ... written by peter9225
This guy is absolutely amazing! he is the most accurate psychic I have met, connects so fast, he left me speechless. wow absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by jjbunny0
Great reading, 5 stars. " ... written by maynardtony
Excellent as always " ... written by MALEX3007
Amazing reading! Would definitely recommend! " ... written by dolzi22
Taylor is amazing! Very genuine, caring, direct, professional, and definitely the real deal! Wish there were a recording option on Oranum, I can't write that fast with all Taylor told me, but he reconfirmed so much and I will keep him TOP of my Favorites! " ... written by Lolabe11a
Talk to him. That is all. " ... written by Bella100
Good grounding and understanding about people and their intentions. Perfect clarity....thank you" ... written by tasha2ki
Great. Super. Fantastic... One of the very best!" ... written by focusing
Such a wonderful, supportive and empathic person. Thanks Taylor, you always know exactly what to say, love your readings x" ... written by Kel_Vrol
Taylor is the kind of reader/person you just want to talk with for hours. He is the nicest and the most sincere in all ways. Beautiful reading, and I will contact back again to update. (((warmest hugs)))" ... written by Lolabe11a
Taylor reconfirmed again for me! A very genuine and caring person and psychic. Thanks Taylor for your honesty and insight!" ... written by Lolabe11a
Great Psychic love this guy" ... written by jjbunny0
This was the 1st reading I have ever had cause I am rather skeptical, but now I don't have a doubt in my mind - Taylor is the real deal! He gave me some priceless insight that I am eternally grateful for- Thank you Taylor!" ... written by skylark10
Thank you you were so clear! Love it!" ... written by djuanagraves
Very clear reading, and very caring as well, I enjoyed having a reading with Taylor. " ... written by Messenger87
Excellent feedback. " ... written by jeraldryan
He has a wonderful heart and spirit, he is very connected and accurate!" ... written by Darkdov
WOW, Wow, and WOW!" ... written by bunny222222
Wow you can't get better than this guy. He knew just about every little thing in my life." ... written by imapeach3
I truly value his reading. He is very straight forward and open (to the point). I highly recommend him." ... written by blueeyetara
Thank you so much for the chat, it really did help! You were very helpful! " ... written by EliseMay
Terrific reader and a great person... So intuitive." ... written by gemmie
He is great...amazing" ... written by purpleiris1215
You are a great person, Taylor great reading. Thank you for being honest, it does help a lot. Highly recommended. I will come back with the update. I got his info from a great Psychick that I had few reading with and she had highly recommended him, and she was so right. " ... written by mszkut29
Excellent and very accurate." ... written by focusing
My reading with him was great! He picked up on my situation so fast. He put my mind at ease!" ... written by bermt86
Very very good...so accurate it is scary...one of the world's greatest." ... written by focusing
Super star!!! Taylor tells the truth always." ... written by focusing
Thank you, Taylor! such a great person and gives great advice! :)) Much love xxx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Taylor is one of the sweetest people to talk to, he is right on the money and thinks about your feelings when he is telling you things you may not want to hear, He is the BEST! Thank you so much." ... written by blueladysue
It was obvious in free chat he was connected. And he was sure of the people in question around me. " ... written by le
I love his honesty. " ... written by lovedoesnotenvy
Gave lots of info and gave me some predictions of whats to come. I hope it all works out in the end. thank you for the reading though made me think a lot" ... written by jp
Very gifted medium. he conveyed messages that were precious to me, from a loved one who passed away recently. I highly recommend him " ... written by sara
Have to wait and see" ... written by Kaly2012
Thank you very much - I hope she comes back to me" ... written by Angelique7
Scary he's so dead on! Highly recommend." ... written by jen1210
Always helpful....Thank you Taylor." ... written by T
Thank you Taylor! Finally have a reading with you!!! great! Thank you." ... written by kingpi
Taylor was accurate and insightful as usual. He was also inspirational and gave good advice about honing in on my gifts. He was very calming and supportive . Thanks Taylor. God Bless!" ... written by janesi
Excellent.....super......accurate." ... written by focusing
Excellent advice and reading.. One of the very very best on Oranum...Super Star." ... written by focusing
Thanks for the reading" ... written by tanya
I am still amazed, moved! All my blessing for you and may you help more people like you did with me. May they be healed like I am right now! Angels don't always have wings I guess. Much love to you and be blessed!" ... written by mhlanga2013
Accurate, dead on about my concerns. Doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but paints a crystal clear picture. I will be calling on him again. The icing on the cake is his personality-really easy to talk to, puts up at ease and really cool vibe!" ... written by lovewarrior101
Thank you so much. Can't wait to see if my abilities develop." ... written by katie46
He was really good. Would totally recommend him!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Awesome man.. " ... written by McSh0rt13
Absolutely amazing." ... written by desiraerose
I cannot wait to come back!! This Was Astounding. " ... written by AleahRyder
He was excellent and very kind! He has the most wonderful spirit! He is so on point... That it is amazing! WOW!" ... written by Sayette72
Taylor is awesome. His predictions have always come true for me. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
amazingly he remember everything, shocking.. vl be back to update..:)" ... written by Rahul
Knocked it out of the park... Again." ... written by AleahRyder
First reading and he connected very quickly and pointed out a lot of relevant information. Thanks a lot!" ... written by P
Awesome... exact! :) Will come back with feedback for time frame!" ... written by rahul202
Thank you for passing on those messages from my Mum. Everything you said about her and my family was true and I hope your predictions will come to pass as well. Very honest whilst giving me a reading. Amazed by his insight and how spot on he was so would definitely recommend him." ... written by FireSue
Great session! Very very detailed. Again I say one of Oranum's best! Very kind and caring. Awesome meditation. Thank you Taylor." ... written by vocalmachine1
Very great reading picked up on a lot of accuracies :) Funny and super sweet :)" ... written by TahoeGirly
Taylor is the real deal! I've been investigating psychics and mediums for over 15 years and this man gives me the chills!" ... written by TamaraAquarious
Described the situation well.. Knew what he was talking about. Very informative!" ... written by tspeonie
Amazing session! Very detailed and thorough reading. he's very straight up and honest with the information. I'm so glad I had a private session with Taylor. Now that I've had a reading done, I'm ready to take that leap of faith :) Thank you so much!" ... written by alizag1tana1201
AMAZING !! truly one of the best reading i have gotten ~~ cant wait to come back ! " ... written by Mcra7x
He is so spot on things.... He knew things without saying anything to him... Highly recommended...." ... written by GM
Taylor, thanks a lot man. There's no questions you got a gift you don't even need these reviews lol!" ... written by kman123
EXCELLENT READER! He is the best!" ... written by Sunny
Very nice, thanks!" ... written by Adianez861
Thanks Taylor. Great reading and insight. We will see what happens." ... written by Grace035
I got the job!!! You were right!!!!!! Thank you!" ... written by meme2727
The greatest. Ever. Every time I get a reading with taylor, I just end up typing "wow" like 10000 times. I love taylor!" ... written by imapeach3
always accurate." ... written by Rahul
The most profound energy I've ever encountered comes from this man." ... written by gaiara
Great reading. Really enjoyed chatting to him, and I felt that he was able to pick up well on the situation. I do hope he is right with the outcome. " ... written by jen
Reasuring and pretty chilled out guy, great to talk to. felt relaxed. Thank you. x" ... written by shygal786
Very quick and right on point... he knew things I didn't mention so I give him 5 starts!!!! " ... written by roxy614
Wow what an amazing psychic.... he was so honest, truthful and respectful. Waiting on his prediction to come true and I will be checking back in with him in 3 weeks." ... written by sunnydeep
Very sensitive and on point. Amazed me at how well he could read me before my first words at to what I was needing help with. Confirmed everything I have been thinking and needed to do but just needed someone on the outside to confirm my thoughts. Very caring and understanding. Brought things to light and brought tears to my eyes. The ONLY person I will have private readings with. Highly suggest you come to him. Wish I had longer time with him. Feel like he could sense me as a person and was able to feel and know me. Crazy, I know. I hope to speak with him very soon again." ... written by GeminisPanda
I think Taylor is one of the most calming lovely people ever and think he can sense things about people which is what makes him more special it's not about predicting things it's about your instincts and feelings. I think he's one of the very few people who deserves money spent and complete positive feedback, a family man who wont let you down." ... written by daytonaphoenix
Very informative and professional, highly recommended!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Really is a nice guy and to the point. No sugarcoating. 5 star!" ... written by sharphandz247
Great guy with good insights! Ty :)" ... written by TahoeGirly
Thanks so much!" ... written by md1990
Known taylor for a long time as a psychic and he is always a good time a good confidant..." ... written by Bbrave1
Awesome guy. Right on point without wasted time. Thank you friend!" ... written by ludwigfreebird
Youre lovely!! THANK YOUUU!!" ... written by alizag1tana1201
Very good...." ... written by stylist85
I could talk to him all day! Thanks. Very intuitive and lovely to speak to! :)" ... written by librabeauty
Thank you! xo" ... written by AleahRyder
Another very good reading. A reliable guy. Thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Everytime I come to chat with him.... He tells me something which makes me trust his ability more :)...." ... written by Rahul
I LOVED his style of reading, he cut straight to the chase, didn't mince words and gave great advice!!!" ... written by bluetig
Always a treat to catch Taylor online. Gives great insights and what an amazing reader. He knows before you even say anything... I'm sincerely grateful having me Taylor here. Thank you very much!" ... written by P
Taylor was awesome! Thanks again Taylor!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
He was dead on...helped me very much!!" ... written by unlikemost04
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!!!! AWESOME READING... GREAT PERSON.... AWESOME IS NOT ENOUGH!!!! WAS SPOT ON ON THE READING AND MAKING IT ALL CLEAR!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Fantastic!" ... written by shygal786
BRILLIANT! He knows his stuff :) " ... written by loulourae
Hes very very good. Practical and sensitive. I feel very blessed to have had a reading with him, has given me much guidance and clarity. Thank you!!" ... written by ikroyal
Interesting perspective!" ... written by phoenixrisen
Taylor is amazing, I will come to see him for sure, thank you so much Taylor " ... written by kimim1
Very straightforward in what he articulates. The real deal! " ... written by gummigummi
Great and insightful reading. Loved it!" ... written by hoofer13
SERIOUSLY he was on point with description! I didn’t need to feed him any information about the persons DOB or NAME. He’s my go to guy..." ... written by intrigued8
He seemed unsure.." ... written by LovelyLibra91
I always feel good and strong after his readings. Best reader, honest, humble and a great human being. Happy to share that everything in my life is happening exactly like he said :-))) More blessings for you Taylor! Heal the world!!! Thank you" ... written by mhlanga2013
Good reader, tuned in fast and quick I liked very much his energy." ... written by taurusmay5
Great guy - saw a lot ...thank you. Looking forward to my dance floor encounter!!!" ... written by Sarah
Very good, very deep reader! 5 stars! :)" ... written by MicheeTen
Great, sweet, optimistic advice although I'm very critical of myself. We will see if I get that job!" ... written by Angelwings626
Great advice! Thank you!!" ... written by nikkiha123
Taylor was very honest and understanding in my reading with him. He picked up on several things including a job issue when no info was provided. I liked the fact that if he didn't know the answer to a question he simply said I don't know for sure and I don't want to guess. " ... written by curiosity24
He is awesome and great with his predictions!" ... written by mancrm
Brilliant reader! Picked on everything very accurate and helpful. Good guidance and insight, will definitely be back x" ... written by cb1987
He is fast and accurate, will wait for his prediction, thank you!" ... written by taurusmay5
Thank you! I only asked one question, but I believe it to be true the answer I received. So, Thank you!" ... written by nunothat
Excellent reading from Taylor, as ususal. He and I have a great connection, and his insight is always excellent." ... written by peter9225
Great reading, assuaged my worries, got some details completely right. I recommend this psychic. Solid. " ... written by marinakasha
Lovely guy! Really accurate! Spot on and no sugar coating so to speak!" ... written by Candice
Excellent reading." ... written by Kaly2012
Great reading as usual, Taylor is the best , take him to private." ... written by hoofer13
Very kind and seemed to hit the nail on a lot of things I would definitly reccomend him !!!!" ... written by krysie85
I love getting readings from Taylor! He gives such detailed responses and reassurance. He's full of light and positivity. Thank you Taylor! " ... written by alizag1tana1201
He is extremely accurate, picked up on my situation with no details and saw things that he didn't know about. Highly recommend him, will come back to him for advice, scary accurate." ... written by babybemine1975
Pretty awesome wish my credits would have went further !! I had more questions message me!! " ... written by focused326
Hes so right in predicting" ... written by misspeach
Awesome as always! Amazing! simply amazing reader!!! Believe me, u will get what u came for! " ... written by nyssa1
Taylor is confident and calm, yet quick. He can quickly jump from one thing to another. Definitely, I recommend a reading with him! You will not be disappointed!" ... written by Leorising
Cool!!!" ... written by phonenixrisen
Great, honest, wonderful guy. Picked my situation straight away. Thank you, I will be back." ... written by bernyrose
Awesome reading, picked up well this time, very caring and insightful man. Absolutely loved the reading. Thanks a lot Taylor!" ... written by mini
Great reading, Taylor is very sincere and honest in his approach. " ... written by curiosity24
He was very honest (which I needed) and told me like it is. I appreciate hearing it although it hurt. He was spot on with a lot of things and now I truly know what I need to do in my life." ... written by Shene
Taylor was totally awesome!!! Pretty accurate on a lot of things! And a totally great guy to talk to! You have to HAVE A PRIVATE WITH HIM!!!!" ... written by Cassie
Wonderful! He is great! Besides a great phychic, he is such a great personality, too!" ... written by psymeow
I feel as though we are starting to become friends. Taylor is someone I can come to and vent and get some clarity on my current life situations. I really appreciate his insight and help." ... written by Shene
Taylor has an incredibly easy going personality and is completely genuine which I find a rarity. I was skeptical about trying this service out but was "led" to select Taylor out of the many listed and I couldn't be more grateful. His reading was amazingly accurate and the affirmations I so desperately needed were given. Not only did he undoubtedly communicate with my grandparents but he gave me insight into my personal affairs with candid honesty (even when difficult things had to be said/told to me) and left me with recommendations for personal growth to aid me along on this journey. I HIGHLY recommend him for anyone seeking an authentic experience or in search of a little light to help you on your way. I'll definitely come back and am so thankful to have crossed paths with you. Love andamp; Light!- Nicole" ... written by 630dnicoled
He's amazing and I will be back without a doubt. He picked up a thing and gave me the details I needed, I need to come back. Amazing!!!" ... written by Kaveri566
Very nice!" ... written by 69wondering
Taylor! You are great! Love and light :)" ... written by mike
Just amazing..." ... written by tia
He was fast, great and he gave a male point of view. I really like him I would go back to him again!!!" ... written by Sherroll
Fantastic! Great reading, a lot of info!" ... written by mcssm5
Thanks taylor for your honesty always. :)" ... written by alizag1tana1201
He is fantastic!" ... written by psymeow
Taylor is an educated, well mannered, and very smart reader. Very helpful! Thank you!" ... written by psymeow
One of the best readings I have had, such a genuine person to talk to and had so much fun. Thank you! Highly recommended." ... written by lozkate1702
Expensive but, he hit the nail on the head." ... written by Mark Bauer
Taylor is a quick and to the point in his readings. He doesn't waste your time or money and he won't tell you what you want to hear just to placate you. " ... written by Curiosity24
He was so kind and just lovely! :) I enjoyed the reading. :)" ... written by Missbvee
Perfect as always!" ... written by AB
Wonderful read, very specific in details that only I would have known. When it came to the person from my past. Thanks Taylor!Recommend to everyone!" ... written by TriciaWondrs74
Taylor picked up on quite a lot of things without me telling him much at all. He was well worth chatting with and made me feel calm and positive about things in the future." ... written by SCB4001
Another amazing insight... awsooomeeee! Thank you thank you thank you." ... written by nyssa1
Thanks so much! Ur amazing!" ... written by P
Always fun " ... written by Loz
Taylor is great. He's very quick to connect and very direct. I like the fact he doesn't drag readings out, he gets to the point. " ... written by Curiosity24
On point and very true. Incredibly insightful." ... written by sara
This man predicted something I was not expecting but happy to hear it." ... written by RoonilWazlib
Very insightful and friendly!" ... written by sara
Taylor is awesome!!" ... written by Curiosity24
Each reading gets more and more detailed and more understanding comes to light." ... written by sara
Taylor was right on with previous readings and just had an update on my situation! Very excited for the future. " ... written by sara
Guy is awesome, answers your questions and you don't even need to tell him anything about you. Definately, get a reading he is worth it." ... written by queenenergizer
This guy is off the charts brilliant. I don't know how he does it but he is so on... Very, very, very powerful and accurate and no sugar coating and very kind. " ... written by questionlove2
So nice to catch up with you :) Thanks for the update. Outstanding, as always!" ... written by p
Taylor is fast and honest......highly recommended!" ... written by Curiosity24
Great, quick, very kind and insightful reader. Looking forward to seeing his predictions come to pass. " ... written by Lauren
picked up right away on it was real quick and a nice guy too" ... written by piper
Follow up reading with Taylor. " ... written by Curiosity24
After months of readings with Taylor, I found his true intuition amazing, he is a wonderful soul, and has become a good friend. " ... written by sara
Good reader... I am impressed." ... written by happykellygirl
Very interesting and revealing reading. Gave me the hope and the will to go on with my plans and goals. Highly recommended.Taylor's gift is real." ... written by Jamil
We clicked well.. He seemed to be on par with another psychic I talked to a few months ago with a girl I may meet .. The other Psychic from my home town totally unrelated to this site.. said I'd meet someone whose name was either a J or an M.. and right off the bat of my session today he said the same thing.. He said he felt there was a girl coming into my life starting with the name J... He seemed more natural about things. Some psychics will ask for your birth date and the other persons birth date as if they are using some software or something.. Regardless of what happens he seemed to enlighten me about everything. I really didn't feel he was blowing smoke at me. Good price, and good chat. Give him a shot, he's prob worth your time more than most on this site.. " ... written by jeffmt1234
Very great...Taylor tuned in very fast he even described the physical character of the person in question without me giving away any information! I'll wait until what he predicted comes to pass and update him again. " ... written by steph
I would like to give Taylorbrearley the highest rating possible for the private reading that he gave me. He is unbelievably excellent and I am appreciative. " ... written by lexiriley222
Taylor is very kind and picked up right away that I needed uplifting. He is very kind and aims to clear your energy of all black, and fill it with all BLUE! :) Learned something new today. Thank you for your positive perspectives." ... written by lovebugshay
Great! very intuitive and natural." ... written by Masha
Amazing every time I talk to him!!! " ... written by timaga
Amazing. Very connected. Real Deal. Blown away that he could be so accurate with just a screen name. Wow" ... written by iconnect
Very on point amazing! Will wait and see!" ... written by j
Another great, awesome reading. It's funny how Taylor kept getting messages in the middle of our reading. THANK YOU for your assurance and confidence. It certainly eased my frustration. Will keep you updated for sure. You are one of my favorites! :) " ... written by steph
Thank you Taylor. " ... written by leorising
Wow very impressive. I recommend it!" ... written by marie5290
The absolute best!" ... written by kathy
Taylor, I was finally able to get a reading with you, and I am so glad I did. You totally connected with me and my situation, and gave me clarity, insight, and hope into my future. Thanks for the messages from my dad as well! You are awesome!" ... written by janesi
Taylor is an amazing psychic. It has been too long since I sought his help. Plan to see him again soon.." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Love him, he is always on target!!!" ... written by timaga
Great update, thanks" ... written by daisy
OMG Taylor is so Awesome. This was my first reading with him I Enjoyed every bit of it. He is very accurate with specific details. He is also very nice and gentle, I will go to him for ore future Updates. Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Taylor is great to talk to and he's very laid back yet professional. I like that he doesn't sugarcoat and makes sure that you understand the message delivered in his readings. I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
5 Stars ... tuned in accurately!" ... written by Ann S
Amazing! Awesome ....Thanks a lot" ... written by arrshiesingh1234
Oh goodness, fast connection, calm, collected, amazing zen feelings talking to him. Thank you! Blessings." ... written by Acissej
How can you not love Taylor. He's such a great reader, spiritualist, and great guide. He's accurate and real about everything. Thanks, Taylor!" ... written by FAMILYHELPER
Great reading!!!" ... written by tina
Taylor, is so easy to talk to, He is very direct and to the point in what he is saying to you. I wish i had more time with him. I will definitely come back for another reading. he makes you think. 5 stars. " ... written by susie
GOOD!" ... written by TrueBlueSoul
So genuinely kind and caring. Really loved my reading. I hope to be back soon." ... written by sarebear
I don't think there's a thing you can hide from this guy. He just picks up on everything." ... written by imapeach3
Very, very helpful! Thank you for the insight Taylor." ... written by bequestions
Amazing amazing.. picked on my situation no questions asked will defo be back.. thank you taylor... love and light." ... written by Rose
Your amazing, I cannot thank you enough for all the help. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! xxx" ... written by Kathryne
He already knew I had a million questions in mind before I could even ask him for a private, haha! He picked up on my work/personal situation, plus more! Very funny, very helpful :) thank you!" ... written by Thessa
Really connected well with him. Hes a beautiful man, very gifted. You would do yourself well to have a reading with him. Much thanks. Really and truly. M" ... written by sweetea7
Had a private with Taylor Brearley's. He connected with me right away. Did not have to say anything. I have had readings with him before. He is very accurate and honest. I will go back again. Please give him five stars." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Taylor was very considerate and kind. he told me what i needed to hear, he connected with a loved one and i am very grateful for the message he gave me. thank you, 5 stars!" ... written by Suzanna
Absolutely amazing, thanks a lot!" ... written by P
Great reading." ... written by victoria111
Always a pleasure to have a reading with Taylor. He is a caring soul. Taylor always helps to shed light on the situation. Thanks!" ... written by E/M
I like his energy! I feel like he was completely tuned in to my energy and the people around me. I'd definitely return!" ... written by moon1leo1
GREAT READING " ... written by PREETI
He did pretty darn well. I was impressed. " ... written by Whspr
Good reader, easily picked up on things and doesn't make it seem better than it appears. Also has a good heart! He's here to help :) Happy with my reading!" ... written by jaimi
It all so true, love the readings from taylorbrearley." ... written by mette44
Taylor is amazing. He really cares and sees the truth. " ... written by leorising
Confirmed some things for me, thanks so much for that. Very fast, gets to the point, won't waste your time. " ... written by Anastasia
An interesting reading. Definitely able to look into the situation and provide information on what he is given." ... written by Alneverus
He is really great. Loved the reading." ... written by JPM
Love him! Really nice and to the point. So far the best!" ... written by Kitty
Spot on, so great and settled my head. Thank you." ... written by cinnamon
Nice reading! Great insights!" ... written by ystylus
Nice reading... very quick in getting into the situation." ... written by candy
Taylor is so sweet!!! I have an optimistic outlook and I'm gonna try to go with the flow...." ... written by angeleve79
He is really a great reader, highly recommnded!" ... written by petal
Quick connection, Taylor tapped into my situation as soon as I came in to his private room. Great predictions and I am looking forward to seeing how things will pan out. Thank you for the great reading!!! " ... written by woodencloud
Taylor, is wonderful. Beautiful loving energy, great guidance and advice." ... written by Peter
Taylor is very down to earth and was right on point and it was a great experience to hear from my loved ones that passed including my baby brother! :-) " ... written by Emily
Thank you Taylor... I know you're an honest guy... I really appreciate it!" ... written by Angeleve79
Very good at his readings. Able to give information seen and felt with ease. Very easy to talk to." ... written by Alneverus
Fantastic reading, TaylorBrearly is huge, he was so accurate in reading. Please hire Taylorbrearly, you'll se what I'm writing about." ... written by MyGoodtime11
Taylor is one of a kind!!! Awesomely unique... gracefully present with you, as he channels the wisdom from the higher realms, confirming what you, all of us, (we are born psychics, but many do not bother to develop....to listen...to cherish...) already know in our depths, our gut feelings..MESSAGES are straight forward, not confusing... really clarifying and confirming, extremely encouraging... as he has a gift to build you up, comfort you...altruistically offer his supportive spirit of guidance and understanding...that leads towards your heart's desire...Pleasant to talk to..beautiful to look at (like an Angel!!!)...just overall: reading with him is memorable, very useful, soul full experience that fills you with hope and knowing that you should fully embrace your joy filled path, the one of Unconditional Love. The kind of Love, that clearly guides him, too!" ... written by neela19
WOOOW... He picked me out from the room and was so on point I had to get a reading. :) " ... written by JW
Thank you for insight..." ... written by jerald
Taylor is amazing as always told me a lot of positive changes that are coming my way. Looking forward to those predictions. I will keep him posted. Blessings.." ... written by Lucy117
A pleasure." ... written by Alneverus
Amazing guy, feels like a known him for ages when he talks, can listen to him all day. Really makes you feel relaxed and I not only got food for thought but a really nice message. Will most definitely go back for another chat :)" ... written by Henrietta
Taylor connected with Jessie and gave me her wishes. He was vary accurate about her and grandpa Charlie. He gave me insight regarding my job. Thank you for blessing me Taylor. Many blessings to you." ... written by Janine
All I can say is thank you!" ... written by cheyenne manning
GOOD!" ... written by H.V.
Always nice to have a chat with him, feel really good after a session. Honest and caring, will go back for session again. " ... written by Henrietta
Incredible reading, i wish it could last for hours, he's quite gifted!" ... written by moon1leo1
Great reading tunes in easy to talk to very honest!" ... written by anna
Taylor is amazing! " ... written by Lou
This guy is really good!" ... written by Lou
This guy is rocking." ... written by eleonora
Thanks Taylor for an insightful reading. I know I am the one that has to make the decision and I really appreciate your honesty. " ... written by janesi
Excellent reading, he connected and could read me immediately, very good indeed, speaks the truth, no sugar coating, yet he is a very nice guy, will definitely recommend reading with him. I will be back again!" ... written by claireylou
wow......what a reader....all from his heart. Way to go.....blessings." ... written by Chrissie
Really great talking with him again. He is still one of Oranum's best. Very accurate and detailed and kind. Many Blessings to you! :)" ... written by vocalmachine1
Taylor is absolutely a wonderful reader. He really gave me the best advice that I have had. He got me through and through. If you want someone on point. Taylor is the guy!!! Woot! Woot!" ... written by Rana
Now I know why they call him the most likable psychic on this site. He is charming, and kind. He has a good energy and read me very well. He stayed on course with my question and the direction of flow. I really enjoyed my private with him. " ... written by leelee32384
OMG! I absolutely love Taylorbrearley! and I had been passing over him. NEVER again. I definitely will becoming back to him again and again. People if you want a terrific and honest reader, Taylor is your guy!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Thanks so much Taylor. If you have not read with Taylor, you have not read with one of the most amazing psychics that there is. God Bless!" ... written by kathy
He is amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
Will be back with updates for sure. Great reading." ... written by jp
Really enjoyed my reading with TaylorBrealey, he was very accurate and helpful to me" ... written by strebor34
What an amazing reading. Taylor is as accurate as it gets. Right on every single time. Thank you!" ... written by L Regnol
Extremely pinpoint accurate details, " ... written by L
He was very direct and nice - which is always a good combination. He answers questions quickly and to the point. Very good reading in my opinion. " ... written by Roxanne
Everyone should get a reading from taylor brearley. I have received several readings from different psychics on oranum but no one has been able to completely GET IT....except taylor! He is wonderful! Straight tot he point, honest and easy going. He is not here to bullshit or give you rules to follow in order to achieve something. I highly recommend him to anyone!! No one he's always busy he's just very good at what he does. Thanks Taylor you've definitely made a new friend in me!! :)" ... written by Nina
He is worth the money, this is my second reading. Kind of dumbfounded me when he described my parents perfectly from reaction to attitude. You have an authentic gift Taylor, and I feel fortunate to receive guidance from you. " ... written by leelee32384
taylorbrearley is awesome he right on point amazing o give him 5 stars thanks again Taylor many blessing to you " ... written by marybet1love
Mr. Charming is quick! Thank u! :3" ... written by Hana Trinh
awesome, totally awesome. to the point and honest. taylor is the real deal. Thank you so so much." ... written by leader72
Taylor is a real professional, and a pleasure. Excellent reading, accurate and powerful messages coming through. Provided accurate insights and guidance. Thanks so much Taylor, I will be back soon. Keep your high quality work up...x" ... written by globedove
What a comfortable, thorough and clear reading. So much love to this wonderful man with the big heart. I am glad I did this and will do it again when I can." ... written by Melanie
Wow very kind and accurate. Thank you soo much for what you are! " ... written by marie5290
Excellent reading. Spot on in so many ways. Thanks Taylor." ... written by sarebear
Great Reading wth Taylor Brearley!" ... written by Antonio
Awesome reading thank you Taylor you are great reader." ... written by bridget mckenna
He's good. Quick. Like him. I would recommend. " ... written by SophiaAnn
Thanks, hit it on the head, will come back!" ... written by me
Excellent reading! Picked right up on me (in detail)!" ... written by Leslie Kay
Awesome Guy, not a bs man. Got to the point and went straight in. Loved it." ... written by Tamara
Taylor is wonderful. Puts you at ease, and is very accurate with his insights he receives through spirit. He is very talented, and i trust him very much. He's my go-to person. Thank you Taylor dear! xxx" ... written by Globedove
Thanks, feel much better xxx" ... written by rena
Super reading. Love his directness. He sees very clearly what's going on with all of the people I asked about. Highly recommend him." ... written by Ahz
About the kids part very accurate.. i will keep an eyes on those things you said..." ... written by Karren
Awesome!" ... written by Lou
Ray of awesomeness. He is a very good advisor both spiritually and mentally. Never ceases to amaze me. " ... written by leelee32384
Taylor is always great and he feels just what is going on in your life. Tanks for the reading hon!" ... written by Rana
Very quick, and he always wants to assure his answer, that's what I am looking for :)" ... written by Hana Trinh
He's always helpful and worth spending time with" ... written by Jennifer
Taylor was absolutely awesome! Read me perfectly, knew what my love interest was all about. I didn't get what I wanted to hear but I left with a lot of confidence. Thanks and wow is all I can say." ... written by MaryB11
Great, spirit-lead reading as usual. Thank you!" ... written by GD
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Wonderful... always!!! Just love him!" ... written by timaga
Excellent Sprit Reading as usual. Thank you Taylor andamp; God bless you x" ... written by GD
Great insightful and helpful thanks" ... written by Denise
Taylor is always awesome and his predictions have always come true " ... written by Ashley
I absolutely love him! He's amazing!!!" ... written by Xdarkxalice
A pleasure to speak with in regards to issues present." ... written by Alneverus
Very calming and accurate." ... written by mkandy
Thanks for awesome reading! I highly recommend him to everyone whos not gotten a reading from yet. " ... written by bridget mckenna
Love this guy. Awesome reader. Please give him another star." ... written by bridget mckenna
Taylor... Always honest... and human..." ... written by mette44
He was soo good. He did not need any information from me at all to give this reading, and he read me like a book. In free chat he had my physical attributes down to a tee, that's when I knew he was legitimate, sop I entered a private! Thank you for the amazing reading! and bless you! " ... written by E
Always great andamp; on point. " ... written by Jennifer
Amazing!! He locked on in open chat that I had to go into private and he was spot on and very accurate! Helped so much!" ... written by ryan747
Thank you Taylor, you are an angel. :)" ... written by timaga
Love this guy. For straight and convincing answers go to him. No tools and no bull!" ... written by Libra
I thought he was pleasant, easy to speak with and nice man. He started right off with some immediate information. He hit on points that make sense and it will be interesting to see what comes to pass. " ... written by babs
He's WONDERFUL. He is the real deal. Clearly saw the people I asked about, and the situation itself. Besides clearly having amazing psychic ability, he is very intelligent. Love speaking with him." ... written by Ahz
Good." ... written by anon
Loved Taylor's reading! Exactly what I needed to hear :) Thanks mate." ... written by Jes
Missed you...... Taylor is amazing as always." ... written by kate
Taylor has always been right and I hate that he is sooo right!! Because a lot of it are things I don't really want to hear. But I respect him so much for the truth. Everything he has told me in the past has happened, and I'm bracing myself for more!" ... written by jp
Very nice, understands my interest in the law of attraction. " ... written by Sweetls
Taylor is such a wonderful person, and he picks up so much of what is going on.. love him amazing, clear and just the best." ... written by kathy
Taylor is just amazing. I believe he should be busy 24 /7.. After talking to many, I believe I can say he is just incredible." ... written by kathy
You gave me chills man!!!" ... written by FRED
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Sooooo great!!!" ... written by tim
He's just a great man, in every way. I love his calmness, strength and sense of purpose. Very infectious! He was accurate in every little thing he said, and lets me with a feeling of being understood and guided. Thank you, Taylor! " ... written by Lisa
He hit the situation right on the head. Just love him and he is always very honest. Very accurate and to the point!! Thanks so much, Taylor!! " ... written by TriciaWondrs74
He was quick and to the point, will be back." ... written by heather
You were amazing and helped me so much." ... written by Sally
Thank you so much Taylor, you lifted me at a very emotional time." ... written by twittwooo
Hit the nail over andamp; over again on the head!!" ... written by Suz
He cued right in on what was going on in my life. It has been months since I had been to him. He is very authentic. " ... written by Tricia
Loved talking to Taylor again! Definitely be back." ... written by Jes
he is awesome! i could talk to him forever! " ... written by timag
Taylor is awesome! He tapped right in." ... written by starzsign
Taylor is absolutely the BEST!!!!" ... written by Holly
Very personable. Really tunes in to the client" ... written by KTJ
thank you so muchhh it was a fantastic reading" ... written by talebini
SO culm...i appreciate that..." ... written by WM
Great and fast! Seeing J and I develop into committed relationship, next contact around 5/5. Will be taken card by J. " ... written by K
amazing just zones right in and tells you like it is " ... written by anna
Thank you ! Great reading" ... written by sarah
Taylor is fabulous !" ... written by Jennifer
taylor was really nice. had a really calm approach and seemed to really want to help. thanks" ... written by angela
First reading with Taylor, he is super nice and has good intuition and advise. I will stay the course and be patient as I navigate through this difficult situation. Thank you so much, it was a very nice reading. " ... written by Jennifer
That was fun AND exceptional too :) " ... written by Ahz
Taylor is the best, wow… he never ceases to amaze me with the clarity and the kindness he imparts. God bless you Taylor!" ... written by Peter
He is gooooooooooooooood" ... written by Nidal
i just love this guy!! :)" ... written by timaga
great reading and very helpful" ... written by ryan747
Very fast connect and sensed much of what was happening -- I have faith his prediction is accurate!" ... written by maddi
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Taylor is an exceptional psychic. Spot on. " ... written by L
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
He was so good ... i just had to take him back to pvt :) Try him you won't be disappointed." ... written by R
good advice and calming nature" ... written by ryan747
good reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Thanks Taylor!!" ... written by Angela
Ok - speechless... he's so quick, so right on target. He is amazing. Quick, smart, detailed. He's the one you want to get a reading with!" ... written by Ahz
on point and very informative. He is now my favorite and i loved every second of the reading with him!" ... written by Keiyonna
I can only talk to Taylor about the things I talk to him about. He is by far the best psychic on this site. It's just bizarre how good he is. He's so accurate and his visions are incredible. They amaze me the most. Taylor, you were one of the first psychics I had a reading with over a year ago, and I've had many since. Thank you for all your wisdom and help along the way. You've really paved the way for me to be able to face things." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks Taylor" ... written by Angela
very fast reader and detailed. " ... written by starrose
Good reading" ... written by Chrissy
he is amazing!!! love him!" ... written by timag
Fantastic reading!" ... written by Claudio Marks
Thankyou !!!" ... written by motherbear
very good describing! " ... written by absfaB
Taylor was awesome! Extremely quick to connect and very accurate. i will be back for sure." ... written by Deb
Wow - Taylor is the real deal!!!! Absolutely amazing. I'm still speechless. Thank you SO much" ... written by Brewster
Its been awhile since I have had a reading with Taylor, I have missed him dearly. He is a great soul." ... written by
Quick to connect. Good reading" ... written by Deb
he was great...reassuring without a doubt !!" ... written by shancw69
wonderful reading!" ... written by flow
Awesome reading, very connected and very accurate about my situations... Highly recommend Taylor.. and i'll be back, thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
Very good describing :-)" ... written by absfab
Really great to connect with Taylor again. He has been very helpful to me over the last (almost 3) years...An incredible reader and very inspiring. Always offers words of encouragement, change and straight up reality of whatever situations I am facing. Truly a blessing " ... written by Christina
Thank you for your honnesty, your efficiency, your kindness!!" ... written by Sophiecatwo
amazing!!!" ... written by timag
wow! what an outstanding reading! Taylor hit the nail on the head :) thanks again" ... written by gemmie
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
he's really good and connects fast." ... written by wren1414
This guy is awesome. He was right on so many levels. I will come back to speak with him!" ... written by AB
He is a charming and accurate reader. Very honest and direct, which i appreciate. No BS here...just a straight shooter who has intelligence, compassion and a great gift. will definitely be talking to him again." ... written by wren1414
Connected fast and gave me the real straight answer fast. I really appreciate it! thank you. got my money's worth =)" ... written by Miss C
Thank you for the beautiful reading . " ... written by Blue
Mind. Blown. So glad I took the chance and had a reading with this guy! He's not only got the gift, but can use it. He is someone I will be back to see soon!" ... written by EyeRis6
He is the best!!!" ... written by timag
He seemed to pick up amazingly without much info on not only the person I was coming to ask about but another relevant person in my life I had also had confusion with and described the situations and people really accurately. Gave some great advice and a lot of info, I would definitely recommend him and have no doubt I will return. Was also like talking to a friend which is always lovely :) Every blessing to you Taylor! " ... written by M
It's my first time to have readings with you and I am impressed with the accuracy. Thank you very much." ... written by Mulder
Love you, Taylor. You were the first psychic I connected with almost two years ago and there is nothing like connecting with you in a reading. You just are absolutely amazing in every way. Thank you so much. Many hugs," ... written by familyhelper
thank You very much Taylor Brearley with your consultation it was fanatsic." ... written by Felix Leitner
Really good psychic, wonderful reading." ... written by Sonja Boes
Great reading, thank you." ... written by daisy
He's awesome! I need this guy as a friend. He gives awesome advice even if I don't say much" ... written by Mermaidgirl719
Taylor was awesome. Gave me straight, blunt advice and his insight was spot on to my situation. I just gotta do something I'm not yet ready to do, but it'll benefit me in the long run so that is good" ... written by m
" ... written by Focusing
System keeps knocking me out! Coming back taylor" ... written by familyhelper
Taylor is absolutely awesome , he was on point through out the entire reading. He is just amazing with his gift. I'll be looking forward to see how his predictions start to unfold. Many Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Top class bloke. Good intuition. Get him to ramp up his Texan accent too!! Lovely guy to talk to!" ... written by Londo
The information he picks up on is truly unreal. " ... written by M
Seemed to connect really well, will wait and se eon predictions and will update if correct. x" ... written by TB
cool cat " ... written by z
he is amazing!!!" ... written by timag
really amazing connection andamp; reading. she is very precise with details andamp; very accurate on my situation" ... written by Ammer
Taylor is the best,keeps it real,no sugar coating,just the real deal, lookin forward to another reading,check him out you won't be sorry" ... written by pauly61
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Excellent reading!! A pleasure to talk to Taylor, he made me laugh a lot!! I will definitely be back!!! xxx" ... written by sara
Taylor's a great man, period." ... written by pauly61
Very calming and soothing energy, talking to Taylor was like talking to a brother and he saw and connected with the situation realistically. Also down to earth and no-nonsense, taps into the situation with ease and gets to the core of the matter; excellent guidance. " ... written by Aureus
He is very good" ... written by erika
Taylor is wonderful. He is calm and compassionate and most of all accurate. I would definitely recommend him and definitely be back. Thanks Taylor." ... written by R
I really like him, so I am getting another reading straight away :-)" ... written by sara
Very quick to connect, very easy to talk to and very positive... very nice!" ... written by J
Very good " ... written by Eve
such a compassionate reader! it has been sometime since the last reading I had with Taylor but again I was not disappointed. He really needs no info because he is just really able to connect. I ll be back, thank you so much!" ... written by dani
You're amazing as always. Such a gift! Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Taylor's a lovely guy to chat with and makes you feel very at ease. A very positive reading." ... written by SCB
Excellent psychic,,, 5 stars" ... written by Focusing
thank you so much for your help" ... written by Angelique
Very straight forward.. and you can ask him all different kinds of questions, he is able to switch back and forth with no problems.. Great guy! Worth the money" ... written by Korby
Taylor has such a warm energy. His reading was quick and honest and you can tell he truly cares..Will be back for an update..." ... written by USA
thank you =)" ... written by adraine
Taylor is one of a kind. He is so gifted, and is always a pleasure to have a session with. I totally trust what he tells me." ... written by L
He's great!" ... written by NEH
:)" ... written by NEH
Fast connection; great reader!!! Finally, I have the clarity that I need so I can get moving in my life!" ... written by Lav
Fast connection!" ... written by Lav
he is honest and sport on . dont even need to say much . he is very nice and polite person too . many blessing . " ... written by sai
you are so funny! i love how direct and honest you are. spot on and even though i know i can't catch him as long as i get confirmation that he's the one that hurt me. I will do the white light meditation so i can calm down lol. thanks a bunch love god bless" ... written by mag
Another great reading from Taylor, I like the way he is straightforward and he always makes me laugh :-) Great person!! Thank you Taylor :-)" ... written by sara
Really nice guy, very calming! Look forward to predictions!Thank you very much!!" ... written by marie7498
The real deal - look no further" ... written by Lotus71
I had a good dream... " ... written by andrew
Great reading and great advice as usual!" ... written by Lav
Taylor Brearley is the best every, evrything he says comes true." ... written by Benny
helpful. not to detailed, understanding. very helpful." ... written by DaViana
I love Taylor! He is awesome!" ... written by timag
Excellent psychic...5 stars....very fast and very accurate too. good guy" ... written by Focusing
Another awesome reading. Taylor read the situation exactly as he has always done. Love talking with him. You will enjoy his readings too. Reads fast and does not waste your money." ... written by R
Great reading as always" ... written by Lavi
I find sessions with Taylor so helpful. Not only because of his insights, but I feel grounded after speaking with him. His clarity brings about much needed stability." ... written by L
awesome, love Taylor!" ... written by timag
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
I had a pressing question regarding career, but Taylor was excellent in clarifying the situation. I am always impressed by the details he provides, amazing ability. " ... written by JC
Quick connection and great advice as always" ... written by Lavi
He is the best!!!" ... written by timag
Thank you for another great reading :-))) Taylor is amazing, I really like talking to him and he makes me smile...always!! xxx" ... written by sara
5 stars....excellent psychic...very fast and accurate" ... written by Focusing
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneveus
amazing!!!" ... written by timag
Fabulous Stuff!!" ... written by Cyndi
Thank you soo much! Wil be back to update for sure :) No tools needed and extremely quick!" ... written by lina
Excellent reader who is very fast and extremely accurate too." ... written by Focusing
He was so great Very good reader!!!!!!!!" ... written by amanda
Love you, Taylor. You're one of my most favorite psychics on here and friend. You're just great about everything. Many hugs," ... written by familyhelper
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
very very accurate sweet caring reader worth the money and i will be back!" ... written by Nicole Loustaunau
Great reading.. Picked up on a lot of stuff.. Thanks!" ... written by Mark
He was amazing. Picked up information within a snap. Very handsome too. haha I kill myself. 5stars." ... written by Tila T
very good knew the person well " ... written by sddddd
Awesome reading! Very accurate and compassionate, told me things I didn't know were possible! wow.. Highly recommend Taylor for any need! " ... written by Lynda22
He got straight to it. And he was right." ... written by Sierra
Taylor is beyond amazing! Love him!" ... written by timag
Taylor is gentle and kind and spot on!!" ... written by Raspberry47
Picked up on the issue very easily and quickly :)" ... written by angie
He is just good. He picks thing immediatly and is right." ... written by Heidi
Well, all I can say this man is AMAZING! He is not using anything just looking at the screen and everything thats coming out of his mouth is so true. Prediction wise I have to wait for about one moth to see but how he explained things to me is sooooo truth that I am speechless. I will be back for sure!!!!!" ... written by BORA
This man is wonderful and uses no tools" ... written by Knowing2013
Taylor's awesome. I totally trust him. He always tunes right in and has amazing and helpful insights." ... written by L
always a brilliant reading - thank you" ... written by Brewster
I've had a reading with Taylor long ago and was he was extremely accurate about events that unfolded. Grateful for his insight today :-)" ... written by JC
brilliant as usual. Going to get more credit and try to get a longer reading because Taylor is worth it !" ... written by Imys Girl
Amazing psychic :) will definitely get a reading again. His readings were spot on x" ... written by Amzie
thank you so much!! 2nd reading with him...will definitely be back : )" ... written by l
Powerful, motivating insight." ... written by .
thank you for the reassurance and confidence!" ... written by ginbellen
He is an amazing reader. Very accurate. Tunes right in. He is worth every penny and then some." ... written by Cheryl
great reading he picks up things. very accurate! " ... written by heather
Taylor really do have a gift :) He tunes in very quickly and I know he;s the real thing because everything he said is true. Every description is true to the T :)" ... written by Sheena
Wonderful reading. knew my situation and felt as if he knew me personally - recommended as a reader !!!" ... written by shawna
Thank you Taylor!!! I really enjoy Taylor's readings and he has been consistent in our readings!! :-))))" ... written by sara
i've consulted tens of oranum psychics since i discovered this site, and i can honestly tell you to stop when you read this review, and go to hire with taylor. he's the real deal - fast, accurate, confident and detailed. i was in awe the whole duration of our chat. thank you taylor for being so FANTASTIC!" ... written by ginbellen
great!!!" ... written by nina
very accurate and helpful" ... written by happyangel
He is amazing. That's all I can say. he picks up on info quickly and truly very accurate. Definitely, one of the best on oranum." ... written by Cheryl
Jump right in. He was great." ... written by Knowing2013
He's absolutely phenomenal! Take him private if you have the chance." ... written by Amy
OMG ! This Guy is brilliant !!!!" ... written by Rybka Gold
right on the money ! it's like having a private consultation with your Higher Self - awesome !!!" ... written by Rybka Gold
very wonderful reading - gave me hope for the further and i look forward to chatting with him again soon.. thank you Taylor !!!" ... written by S
Taylor exudes warmth... He picked everything up without tools... I am very amazed :)" ... written by Sheena
Taylor is amazing. He connects very quickly and is spot on. He picks up information without having to use tools... He sees the big and small picture... I am so glad I found him." ... written by Sheena
just awesome!!!" ... written by timag
gives really good advice:) read into the situation accurately" ... written by mia
I like his style. He told me what I needed to hear. Very reassuring, great service, excellent attitude. I will be back for more for sure" ... written by Rybka Gold
really accurate and quick to pick up on my situation, straight talker and fun, detailed reading, kind person!" ... written by starrose
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Holy smokes! i swear, I felt like I was at a bar or cafe. just sitting down talking with a cool friend! He tells you as he sees it. Extremely down to earth. Amazing gifts! I could talk to him all day. There is no b/s no sugar coating its just straight talk! From his spirit guides through him to you! Amazing gifts thank you for sharing it with us on Oranum. a million stars! " ... written by Tiffany
Awesome, awesome, awesome! As always good update! He is so down to earth and amazing! Could talk to him all day! wonderful soul" ... written by Tiffany
Lovely, kind angel. Thank you for your support. God bless you!" ... written by wicca7
Wonderful reading. Taylor is very helpful and picks up situations easily. He described the person I'm seeing in a previous reading (before I was even seeing him) and now continues to read him well. I also trust his guidance and opinions on my goals and dreams and will continue to seek him out for assistance!" ... written by .
awesome like always! :):)" ... written by timag
Very positive and uplifting reading! Thank you Taylor you have made me feel like I can do anything and anything is possible! xxxxx blessings to you" ... written by Liz
I was looking for additional insight on two potential job opportunities; to have an idea of possible implications at either employment. Taylor brought up different aspects of both positions, which he was accurate about. Thank you for confirming my planned action and your insight :-) " ... written by Jcal
Connected very easily and quickly, and tapped right into the questions I had before I could even ask them. Very good reader, try him out!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
amazing reader. quick fast and insightful" ... written by c
SSOOOOOO wonderful!!!!! He is just straightforward and to the point. He is awesome! I wish he lived by me, he would cool to hang out with! Extremely accurate, genuine and smart! God given gifts for a wonderful man! Truly talented! " ... written by Tfanyy
Thank you again Taylor for another great reading :-) xxx" ... written by sara
He blew me away! Without saying a word he knew exactly what was going on in my life and gave great insight advice. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Tells you exactly where you are, where you could end up and what you need to hear to make you have relief and hope, one of the most in tuned and positive readers who not only helps with what you want but what you need ;)" ... written by Lara
Really great as always! So accurate on your read on the person in question. " ... written by JC
Very good. Thank you. spot on. Will be back with updates" ... written by steph
Taylor is awesome!" ... written by NEH
Taylor is amazing!" ... written by NEH
great energy connection!" ... written by pink
Very good, accurate, personable. Would recommend to anyone. :) :)" ... written by JLS
Connected very fast and accurate. Im hoping everything falls into place soon! " ... written by Tiffany
Great insight and great connection, can get to the heart of the problem and help guide you through your challenges." ... written by Lara
amazingly fast and accurate, my speakers werent working and he was able to deliver all answers very quickly, was spot on, one of the best" ... written by jana
Im blown away every time I talk to him!" ... written by timag
I feel he picked up on the personalities involved accurately! Great reading!" ... written by Mimi
Impactful and honest as usual!" ... written by Sierra
He seems to really know his stuff! Very on point with reading the people involved especially about family.. very accurate. He made some really great predictions and one discouraging one for me.. so I appreciate him giving me the good with the bad but honestly only time will tell.. I'm more concerned with the present and the situation at hand, and he definitely delivered." ... written by Mimi
Balm for my worries as usual!" ... written by Sierra
Totally accurate, speaks with depth, not platitudes - I trust him completely, as he's been right for me before. Thanks so much!" ... written by Sierra
honest and quick . " ... written by sai.
absolutely brilliant !! the best guy on here for sure! worth every penny and more. Thank you, Taylor ! Exceptional service, reassuring and much much needed. Keep up the good work!" ... written by Imysgirl
He just knows the situation so well, I don't even have to say much. It's like he's reading my thoughts and emotions, and talking about them helped put things in perspective for me. " ... written by Mimi
Honest and accurate insight, which I always appreciate " ... written by JC
Taylor's awesome. He's such a solid guy - -I just TRUST HIM. Always tuned in. Always gives me great guidance and insight." ... written by L
- quick indeed to establish connection. thank you. " ... written by kiwimix
So firstly - I did two readings with Taylor approximately a year and the second 8months ago. I was at career crossroads, and the advice and predictions that Taylor predicted for me panned out like the said. He advised that I go ahead and dive in to my career goals (at this point they were only faint outlines in my head, no action had been taken and there was a high level of risk). I went ahead and got started, and true enough a year later the results were exactly as he mentioned. Reading wise, Taylor is empathetic and gets you immediately. More than personality, he just grasps the situation you're in without any questions asked and gives clear sighted advice. He's also quick at tuning in and reading. To sum it up - he's accurate, detailed and spiritually in tune. I highly recommend a reading. " ... written by starrose
Great, gave me advice based on his reading through the other person's thought. Oh my God, it's a huge step for me to take. I should think about it. Thank you for the reading, was excellent " ... written by Sharen223
He was awesome! Very fast and seemed very accurate :)" ... written by tiff
very helpful !!! Good Reader !!!" ... written by lorenzo
Taylor's great! immediately tuned in to where i was at developmentally, read my freinds and associates clearly, and offered some consistent good counsel regarding my current issues. " ... written by Cedrick Myleston
I didn't' tell Taylor much and he picked up on my personality, my heaviness in regards to building boundaries and saying no, and also my relationship woes. Truly gifted and I enjoyed the reading thoroughly. " ... written by Jennifer
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Fantastic reading with Taylor, he is awsome as always" ... written by Brent
awesome always!!!" ... written by timag
Amazing" ... written by kkbinid
Interesting reading " ... written by Sherry K
Always great, and accurate!" ... written by JC
great reader" ... written by oles
He's good" ... written by Girly521
Absolutely fantastic!" ... written by NEH
just amazing!" ... written by timag
amazing like always!" ... written by timag
amazing as always :)" ... written by timag
Excellent psychic, fast, helpful and kind" ... written by Aloysius McGee
You're the best! Thanks:)" ... written by Pat
I have been getting sessions from Taylor for almost 2 years now and he always amazes me. He is supremely gifted, and he is 100% truthful." ... written by L
so good!!! " ... written by carlinw
Excellent reading 100% on my past .. worth the time and money ... Thank you xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
Taylor's really a great person and guide. Thank you for your time." ... written by Cassandra
great" ... written by real love
I loved my reading with Taylor , he is awesome when he reads and funny too. I like his personality really sweet he helped me with a dilemma that I was having ready to quit. And let go ..but I'm going to give it a try. And Give him feedback Thanks so much ..you made my day ..TAYLOR CONNECTS REALLY WELL. THANKS YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR I ENJOYED MY READING TAL TO YOU SOON..XOXOXO " ... written by sc
Awesome reader!!!!!!!!! Very quick to pick up on the situation and accurate." ... written by V
Taylor is just so insightful and so connects so easily. His readings" ... written by Elena
I like him first reading! He sound chill but honest." ... written by Antoinette
Taylor's readings are always highly accurate and detailed. He connects quickly, and his energy is kind, empathetic and non-judgemental. I always leave his reads feeling certain about what steps I need to take in my life. Thanks Taylor :)" ... written by starrose
Wonderful and insightful reading with lots of detail about me and another person. Spot on and gave some great advise along with compassion. Thanks so much Taylor! " ... written by Lynda22
thank you " ... written by j
this was my first reading with Taylor and it was awesome. He connected quickly and was very upfront and clear as well as personable and honest. He has a care factor for what he does and how information is delivered. He is very worth a reading. " ... written by MB
Taylor is great! Quickly connects and gives answers, details, and predictions for things coming up. No fairy tales here, he's honest and upfront while delivering the info in a kind way. Thanks for the reading, I enjoyed and will be in touch." ... written by Jennifer
Remarkable!!!!!! Absolutely spot on" ... written by love
Great guy and lovely soul. He is very gifted and offers wonderful readings." ... written by L
It's been awhile, thank you." ... written by
First time reading with him. He picked up on everything so accurately...described the other guy to a T. Didn't have much time/money to get the prognosis but the reading of the situation was almost word perfect." ... written by Karishma 76
he was amazing he was really good I will be back I am so happy I found him he will be my go to from here on in stop wasting your money and go to him " ... written by j
great great great psychic, always trust him . 10 stars" ... written by cof
real deal. use him. " ... written by chris
Amazing reading! He described the person in question to a T!!" ... written by Mimi
very nice reading, taylor has the skills for sure, genuine intuitive and sagacious counsel." ... written by Alastair Cooke
I love having a session with Taylor, because not only is he unfailingly clear on what he sees in his readings, but his energy is always calming and grounding. " ... written by L
Great read, he was able to pinpoint things about me that were spot on and very comforting" ... written by KD
Thanks! He has an amazing talent. I can't believe how quickly he tuned in to the situation. I will be back for another reading." ... written by scurlock
I love taylor. He is so amazing: intelligent, extremely tuned in, and just calls it like it is. " ... written by A
He knows his stuff...very talented..asked nothing, very perceptive, very gifted. He connected almost immediately. Very positive, almost life-coach technique. I would recommend to anyone andamp; everyone. Much gratitude! :)" ... written by Kelly
Great reading with Taylor!!" ... written by Summer
I love Taylor. He is so so gifted. He is also direct, on point, and has a great heart." ... written by A
Taylor's a super start here. He's so in tune, and has a calming presence." ... written by A
Great connection, quick and to the point, very honest. will be back" ... written by lornalulu