About psychicmimi

Psychic psychicmimihas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicmimihas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicmimi's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

~*Summer Rate: Just 3.99/min!*~ Welcome, friends! My name is Mimi and I have been doing readings here since 2012. I work very quickly to find the answers you need using the Tarot along with my psychic gifts. My specialties include love and relationships questions and spirit communication. I offer readings with or without tools.

This woman was amazing, was very helpful and got alot of stuff right.. motivated me a great deal :) thank you." ... written by rkaur22
OMG! I love her! She is so on point with things.... Thank you again so much with all you helped me with." ... written by mummycrtr
She was great made me feel a whole lot better. Trust me I was close to committing suicide, but she gave me insight on what I needed. Thank you!!" ... written by Redd_Bean
Extremely accurate and detailed! I highly recommend!!!" ... written by annetteraquel10
Mimi is fantastic! In the short amount of time we had she answered all of my questions and left me satisfied :)" ... written by shayshay36
Thank you for your help. I will let you know the outcome :-) Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Very helpful and sweet. Thank you." ... written by linn115
So kind and wonderful!" ... written by 003dncr
She connected to me and she seems to be accurate :) I like her personality, she is great :)" ... written by fatzy20
Best reader ever!" ... written by andreabaker1223
Mimi was right on target with several things happening in my life right now. She gave some great insights. She also showed kindness by making sure I understood the importance of something that she was picking up on." ... written by trinkrdink
Brilliant I really didnt have to tell her alot about me. Just the question that I asked her was all she needed from me." ... written by kaladin88
Was an awesome reading and gave so much confirmation to what I was thinking, but backed it up so much. Thank you again for helping see that I am on the right road and don`t look back. She was very good and the cards with her said it all.... Thank you again. " ... written by mummycrtr
Great lady, very insightful. xxx" ... written by jackals1312
She was great! I guess we will wait and see what's going to happen. She answered all the areas I wanted her to. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by Smiles1977
She was amazing! picked up on so many details. I love her!" ... written by tbrooke2012
Great reading!!! " ... written by vigglesworth216
She told me exactly what I needed, not what I wanted. And I'm thankful for that. I gave her no info but she picked up on everything. Will be back." ... written by nahdluv
She did very well!" ... written by goodfuture23
Thank you for a lovely reading... Answered all my questions. x" ... written by Carpi17
Pretty good. Very realistic." ... written by altuna0
Great! I can't wait for the new job. I'll be checking in for sure." ... written by city1982
Very helpful and she helped me feel peace!" ... written by curielpatricia
Psychicmimi is a kind lady love how she connects really fast to the situation thanks again. " ... written by marybeth1love
She's honest, straightforward to the piont. loved to have a reading with her." ... written by bellacasa
thank u ..u gave me a sound mind " ... written by lavelle
Amazing insight! Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it." ... written by Shaz119
She's wonderful! Straight and to the point! Answered all my questions. Totally worth it! Thanks again mimi!" ... written by spooono887
First reading with Mimi. She connects very quickly. Would like to get another in the future." ... written by lifetime1974
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
have been a client of psychicmimi since last year and will always be :) she is always accurate and her predictions have come to pass for me which is why i always come for guidance even if its not regarding predictions as well! thank you so much again!!!" ... written by winter
i always love mimi she is fast and picks up on situation!!!" ... written by lisa
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Her reading had me in tears. She was so in touch with the situation! I hope it all works out like she said. I trust in her and know that it will. Thanks again, Mimi " ... written by l
very good with the tarot cards, very fast and I feel very accurate with the readings, will need to see how the future is going to be also, with the readings for that, feel very good about things that wer said in the readings" ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you I will keep up the looking .... I know it is there" ... written by jillian5
I was chosen for a demo reading and being shocked at her accuracy I decided to request an email. Mimi was extremely in tune with my situation. The email I received was like she was reading me completely, I am so amazed, she is extraordinary. The help and explanation I received were more than I ever got on Oranum. She explained all from every possible angle. Great, fantastic, please try her. I cannot thank her more, its like she was solving the puzzles that are in my head... xoxo Malinda2011" ... written by malinda2011
Lovely reading, she has a lovely, warm and fun personality and is very quick with her readings. Recommend!!" ... written by random_diamond
Nice lady!" ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
Wow gave me a peace of mind on my dad and has helped us through this very difficult time." ... written by curielpatricia
Pls dont cry! Thank u mimi for always being there. The cards read my question before u even read my typing! How cool is that??" ... written by Linn115
Thank you SO much!! You helped me so much!! I wish I had of contacted you sooner than I did today!! Talk to you soon!!!" ... written by mysunshines
Awesome reading!! " ... written by svht
Trustworthy, sincere, concerned and very accurate. She connects fast and very honest. She tells the truth just as it is. Gentle soul. 5 stars rating will use again!!!!" ... written by dominquez1
Very helpful and sincere!" ... written by curielpatricia
Absolutely a great person. Kind and sweet, but most importantly she is a great psychic. I had three very different and not connected questions and she was excellent at picking up on the situations. People, details and her predictions were not sugar coated, but so deeply grounded in reality as I know it. I absolutely have no doubt of the accuracy, especially that her assessment of my past and present was so perfectly accurate. Five stars and I will be back." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Wonderful insight and amazing reading. Thank you!" ... written by corvettime02
Very calm and sincere reading. The details were accurate too." ... written by mummahen1
Very sweet lady. I adore her presence and her spirit. very uplifting, positive, and told me which direction i should go towards. Love to you mimi and all the best, from ivory~" ... written by ivory_onyx
Very nice!" ... written by sudha2809
So great... What a wonderful, sweet reading!" ... written by andreabaker1223
Answered my question again! :) Thanks mimi!" ... written by spooono887
Excellent!" ... written by kellourex
Very interesting infos you gave, which will be helpful to me." ... written by druvina1973
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
She is brilliant and very friendly. Her free chat room is so amazingly fun. You can interact chat freely . She is very good at cards, and pinpoint easily things that are hard for you to understand. She always find a way to clear out doubts , with good explanation.. What else to say, just give it a try. Thank you!" ... written by AYASANDY
I really love her insightful reading..." ... written by dewdrops007
She is amazing! I will report back because I know she hit it right on the head! Wonderful!" ... written by CarrieJane
Very good! Lovey person! :)" ... written by xcharlotte00x
Wow, Mimi is right on target. Thank you for anothger terriffic reading." ... written by corvettime02
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Made me feel at ease . I would recommend." ... written by snowplow1
Another awesome reading with the best! " ... written by tbrooke2012
I was chosen for a demo reading and being shocked at her accuracy I decided to request an email. Mimi was extremely in tune with my situation. The email I received was like she was reading me completely, I am so amazed, she is extraordinary. The help and explanation I received were more than I ever got on oranum. She explained all from every possible angle. Great, fantastic, please try her. I cannot thank her more, its like she was solving the puzzles that are in my head... xox Malinda2011" ... written by malinda2011
Great reading with advice! " ... written by yvettepandora
Love Mimi, she is great. Truthful and respectful always gets me to a tee!! xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Good reading." ... written by steffleblanc
Helped me a lot! Feel a lot better! :)" ... written by sharphandz247
She's awesome!" ... written by maniacally
Always a great read, and very on spot with details, luv her! x0x" ... written by rachel1312
Very kind hearted person 5 stars." ... written by aaron843
Mimi is awesome, so clear and positive. She connects well . I will be back!" ... written by sunshine678
Very good, very quick, and very sweet! Thank you so much, you have been wonderful!" ... written by scadoodle
Great reading. Very helpful and detailed. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by Christina
Connected with situation immediately and offered good insight." ... written by shannonlo
Very awesome... Knew everything... Now I am looking forward to the New Year... Happy Holidays Mimi.... and a wonderful New Year!!" ... written by kristinaison
She was extremly accurate and gave me hope and very good news! I beleive her and I like her very much! Will be back later." ... written by JoeytheOne
I only had a short period of time with my credits but she did what she could with little time! Thank you!" ... written by Alopez43512
Fast connector, very honest and gives great advice. A truthful person, I am never disappointed in her readings. 5 stars again!" ... written by dominquez1
Excellent! Very helpful, thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
Mimi was really on point she is fast to connect. She even gave me goosebumps when she revealed a certain information that I have been sensing for a long time. Her accuracy it's astounding...She has a true gift...Can't wait to foresee what the future holds for me...10****** to you Mimi." ... written by Lucy117
Lovely reader, very honest!" ... written by cb1987
Thanks so much!" ... written by mmd1990
I love my readings with Mimi. she is awsome and has helped me thru some hard time in my life and i can not thank her enough for that. lv ya chicky! " ... written by mummycrtr
Awesome!!!!" ... written by cjay23
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Awesome!" ... written by sharphandz247
She is great!!" ... written by rusa11
She did an excellent job of answering what I needed to know. She was spot on with things I never mentioned so I believe she knows what she is doing. Will use her again and recommend others to use her as well. " ... written by EternityRaine
Very good!" ... written by pamela0619
Mimi is awesome as always - tells the truth." ... written by sunshine678
She keeps it 100 and she is great at what she does. excellent " ... written by vonjay1990
Thank you! I feel so much better!!! =)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Absolutely spot on i have had a few reading, like it or not as to what i heard it was bang on the money, deffo a 5 star rating no questions asked." ... written by Durand1981
Great!!" ... written by jamira76
A great woman and really helpful, id recommend her to anyone she is really great. " ... written by limerickman33
Yes, worth talking to if you need clarity and confirmation about any issue...highly recommend and thanks again!" ... written by antigoni99991
Lovely chat! funny...i will come back for updates soon lol." ... written by lonely04
Very nice reading, she saw my situation clearly, and gave me advice and hope:)" ... written by Aryastark
Can't say enough." ... written by sharphandz247
Superb, right on target." ... written by Member625811
Awesome!" ... written by sharphandz247
Not only can she give amazing readings she treats you like family, very kind heart and has only the best intentions in her reading..... A+ x infinity!!!!" ... written by Smilegodlovesu77
She told me stuff in my heart I knew, but I guess I'm a little afraid of getting hurt again. I'll definitely come back again." ... written by tijeihill
:-) I am so glaw we spoke Mimi. Wonderful. Thank you! I will let you last words were: Silly boy, he could have gotten so many treats if he would listen and obey :-) Thank you. Pls, dont forget about the candle honey thing." ... written by susanna12345
5 stars all the way!" ... written by sharphandz247
Good info!! Accurate." ... written by lonely192012
The feeling was all positive but she stayed completely honest with me. :) I will recommend to my friends" ... written by junise1423
Thanks for the great reading. You gave me some good insight on my situation. I will come back and give you an update." ... written by chenagib
She's really nice and understanding. Loved her!" ... written by stefy89
You are awesome!" ... written by sunshine678
Really good and doesn't waste time." ... written by smiley2011
She tried, I liked her!" ... written by PEGY44
Thanks Mimi!!!" ... written by speakone
Thank you for your very kind words." ... written by angela22
Mimi is awesome :)" ... written by sharphandz247
Very nice and seemed on target!" ... written by lilliableu
Perceptive and full of good news...Made me feel at ease about who I really am." ... written by vainlust
Awesome reading!!! Thank you:)" ... written by tash1921
Mimi always knows how to help me. Awesome!" ... written by sharphandz247
First time I asked her something she was very accurate even though it was a demo question, and that made me come back again, hopefully, you'll be right again... Thank you very much, and we will keep in touch!!!" ... written by paoberg
I so love my readings with Mini she is the stuff! And always knows what I am talking about. I know I drive her crazy but I still love her and she does deal with me well.... :) Love ya momma!" ... written by mummycrtr
She is just amazing and joyful and will make you feel better" ... written by ddandelion
Mimi was great I strongly advise people to give her a go she is very accurate." ... written by PinkBeatle10
Ty for the help:)" ... written by Cell14
Picked up on situation, did not sugar coat and told me the truth. Very nice and gifted!! I will be back to update." ... written by MissyS
Very warm welcome and polite gave really good advice thumbs up and thanku xx" ... written by kezzabella
She has been right before and I hate it then that she was right. Doesn't sugar coat anything so I trust her. " ... written by linn115
GREAT READING!" ... written by crazyFbaby1453
Mimi gives the best readings and always with a smile and a friendly disposition. I really love mimi, I call her bestie. She probably means more to me then all of my friends except one. And even then, she's tied for first if not a close second. Mimi is a God send and I mean that with all my heart. You'll see when you have a private of your own." ... written by Smilegodlovesu77
Very helpful lady. Thank you. I will be back :-) Xx" ... written by Helgaz1
Perfect." ... written by wurzle
Awesome." ... written by sharphandz247
Psychicmimi is a really sweet person. It was a great experience." ... written by nivayo1
I had a good reading with Mimi. She is very compassionate, and picked up on many parts of my situtation that I didn't tell her." ... written by baxter51865186
Very honest, didn't sugarcoat anything." ... written by elfforhirex
Mimi is so sweet and so gifted!! I hope her predictions come true for me, will be sure to update when/if they do!!!" ... written by MissyS
She is great! :)" ... written by Cell14
Wonderful person. Is a great help! :)" ... written by Cell14
Really sweet, understanding. She feels emotions really good. Keep you updated for the details. " ... written by hyde92
Great reading! Very sweet and talented! I will certainly be back to update :)" ... written by Needalilhelp
Good reading. Thanks." ... written by hard2break
Thank you Mimi...your emaul reading was very precise..even if the news was not what i whished for..i rather hear the truth then nonsense..thank you Mimi" ... written by leililaloo
Brilliant and accurate reading. " ... written by harry_888
Absolutely smashing! :) Probably the best reading I have ever had, she focused on my question direct in the tarot. Question was answered along with a few added extras along the way but kept on a basic direct path. :) I'll be back mimi!" ... written by Durand1981
Very sweet and on-target. Tried to answer my concerns as best as she could." ... written by jaf7470
Very good energy. Gentle, patient kind, what all of us need, an understanding and comfort from our advisors. Thanks!" ... written by divinelight700
Thank you Mimi, I hope realise how much your readings help xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Found out two days later what Mimi said was going on WAS indeed the truth. She is accurate with her information and will not give false hope. Mimi told me things that were going on behind my back and I am thankful she was honest. Thank you Mimi for being honest, now I know what I have to do. I will be back." ... written by MistiRain
Wow Mimi is just like a sister she gave me an amazing advice,she was so fast and accurate with my situation,i was dumbfounded, y'all better check out,she s like the best on here." ... written by lovingyou22
She is Great:)" ... written by Cell14
I LOVE PsychicMiMi's style and accuracy. Quick and to the point. She will not waste your time nor $. Thank you so very much for this reading - just what I needed! :-)" ... written by Canalgal
Awesome reader fast honest, just right to the point really enjoyed her. Try her u will not be disapointed.Thank you will be back....:)" ... written by newhorizons12
I love mimi, " ... written by sharphandz247
Thank you for making things look lighter and better. :) " ... written by linn115
Good, good, good!" ... written by twiggyjam
I so love her readings she is so good and on point with my situation. It is awesome. And as always I will be back for more. Love ya momma!" ... written by mummycrtr
Mimi once again eased my mind and heart. She is caring and compassionate while giving you the honest truth. There is no other reader I trust more than Mimi. Thanks:)" ... written by MissyS
Very non judgemental and accurate. I felt she was open and quick to respond. will chat again. " ... written by jwbideau
Speechless." ... written by sharphandz247
She is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gm
Great!" ... written by artisticfreakk
So friendly, goes out her way to suit you and is accurate and open-minded." ... written by hanpig
A prediction Mimi made has come true!! She has guided and continues to guide me through the darkest time of my life. She tells me the truth with no sugar coating but does it with compassion. When she made this prediction I was sceptical, but I was informed it has indeed happened!! This was the first hurdle to get through in order to obtain my goal. Mimi is REAL and will take your hand and help lead you down the right path. I can not thank Mimi enough for all her help. Thank you Mimi, for all your help (even when I have been a pain!! lol). xx - M" ... written by MissyS
Made me feel so much better!" ... written by nursekat
Great explanations, precise and helpful!" ... written by Member625811
Very accurate reader. Awesome, friendly, direct and to the point." ... written by brightsoul84
She is amazing and so sweet, it was a pleasant to get a reading from her, I will be back for sure!" ... written by Niamore1
Mimi seriously cares about those who talk with her, she is a sweet person with a heart of gold. Everyone should get a reading from her if not to meet a good person, but to get clarity. I love you mimi and thank you!!!!" ... written by sharphandz247
OMG she was so much fun and quick too! she answered all my questions! Terrific reading! I will be back......" ... written by sparklejules
Great psychic, very caring and insightful, highly recommended." ... written by kia3025
Good!" ... written by Majoma
I love her reading style and how she explains everything in detail." ... written by iPreferMimi
Appreciate your time and detail. I will definitely let you know how this works out. Thank you for the details! You are great!" ... written by Jillian5
Great reading with lots of information. This women knows how to read the cards and she does it fast. With clear answered. Give her a try and you won`t regret. A real deal and you get value for your money." ... written by randb1765
Mimi is very quick, helpful and comprehensive. Answered the questions I asked! xox" ... written by malinda2011
I am sure it is all good advice she gave me. She is excellent and very warm encouraging reading. I loved it. thanks. " ... written by peace808
I will always enjoy my readings with Mimi, thank you so much for your excellent gift! x" ... written by tickleme2011
Always great and informative!" ... written by Member625811
She is very good and accurate cant wait until i can have another reading with her " ... written by manda1127
Interesting" ... written by lala86
I had one of the best readings ever :)" ... written by manda1127
Thanks!" ... written by sunangel69
Very accurate, caring, non-judgemental, and answered all my questions! " ... written by smithchrissy
Thank you! Great reading!" ... written by tara6208
Great reading. :)" ... written by Cell14
I really liked her. She was straight forward and kind. I can't wait to see what happens!" ... written by march0319
Very nice and knowledgeable. Thanks. " ... written by Designdivine
One of the most honest and friendliest people on this site. Not only have I found someone to help guide me but I found a really good friend. Thank you mimi. I recommend her to everyone :)" ... written by sharphandz247
Direct and to messing about. Would recommend. Thank U " ... written by jade6996
She is absolutely fantastic. " ... written by usr
Still kind and consistent reading. I love her never false hope I so appreciate her and all her honesty!" ... written by KKat21
She is awesome my reading was done with very little known facts of the other party. Her consistency to hit the nail on the donkey is phenomenal. Never getting any part wrong. She just amazes me at every reading!!! 5 stars for mimi." ... written by dominquez1
I love her soo much!!!!! She simply my best friend and an angel in disguise!! One of the 2 people I love most on here!!!!! Does gangster dance whoop whoop" ... written by Smilegodlovesu77
Great energy!" ... written by wurzle
As always, spot on! :) Thank you mimi!" ... written by Durand1981
Always great to read with. Spot on!" ... written by jwbideau
She was spot on with my situation and I will just remain patient." ... written by jeter28
Clear and accurate - she has a wonderful gift!" ... written by sunshine678
Thank you for your kind advise and tips. Somethings are worth waiting for and others sure take a long time to arrive regardless. I will keep open eyes and safe heart regarding the work situation. Thank you!" ... written by Jillian5
She is awesome!" ... written by Niamore1
She is amazing! I just love her :)" ... written by sparklejules
Her insight is incredible.. She picked up on things before I even entered a private reading... Very sweet and talented!" ... written by sairaross
Had the best reading with her, she is awesome : D" ... written by manda1127
Very on point and accurate! She is awesome!!! Coming back soon, thank you! :)" ... written by tinkerbell51
She is always honest." ... written by manda1127
Perfect!" ... written by wurzle
She is always honest and she really cares about me and others, I can't wait for the next reading! :D" ... written by manda1127
Great reading! :)" ... written by cynthia47890
Mimi is so funny and so right on!!! She connected with me so quickly! Awesome reading!" ... written by xtine930
Mimi is really so sweet, told me exactly what she saw, and was spot on! Thank you!" ... written by Lolabe11a
Nice and telling the truth! It's up to me!" ... written by mariela
Her prediction came true." ... written by winterhot
She is very caring and tells you what you need to know and not what you want to hear very honest." ... written by manda1127
Very fast gonna come back for another reading :)" ... written by babygurl657
Love her, good or bad I always get the truth!" ... written by KKat21
Thanks Mimi always fun to talk to you. I think it is a good thing everything is status quo. I will concentrate on work and then manifest something spectacular. Thank you for your honesty." ... written by Jillian5
Wow she is really amazing and so real and straight to it she will tell you what you need to know and how to handle your situation" ... written by walt89
Great reading." ... written by peoplesman
Honest and straight to the point" ... written by greypearl
Insightful! I recommend!" ... written by ItsMeTonyG
I'll see her again!" ... written by AleahRyder
Fast and to the point! Nice and lovely lady!!" ... written by shopgirl
She is always very caring and loving and tells u what u need to hear she is great." ... written by manda1127
Awesome. points galore" ... written by sharphandz247
I had my 2nd chat with MiMi ad it was more incredible this time than it was before. If you don't have a reading with her. You do not want to miss her in action. You do not have to say to much. She know right off the back and just sit back and watch her work. Thank you MiMi" ... written by sunshyn56278
Sometimes getting the clear clarity of what needs to be defined is a must. I have a lot of faith in what mimi predicts, and find comfort in her words and her readings. I'm happy to have come across her, and she is worth a private reading. Please try her, you will not regret it." ... written by tickleme2011
She knows what she is talking about :D she is awesome." ... written by manda1127
Thank you so much, reading with you was fun. I felt much better afterwards." ... written by doralice
Very helpful and calmed me down. Great lesson i learned from her too. Will definitely take her advice. She is the real deal too." ... written by P
She is very accurate with her readings just says how she sees it, thank you so much. " ... written by ashley11100
Mimi, love you. x" ... written by tickleme2011
I absolutely have total faith in Mimi's readings. She says the bad and the good. I find i'm in awe with her readings as I just ask one simple question and she knows the specific background and give sound advice and guidance. Just WOW!" ... written by kissmeangel
She gives good timing and accurate answers!" ... written by bluelovemoon
Mimi understood and pinpointed the issue immediately and gave me clear and succinct answers without preamble. Thank you, Mimi! Highly recommended." ... written by theogirl
Very nice lady. Honest, to the point and helpful. Will come back." ... written by rollanda
Amazing! Very caring and a great reading.. really leaves you in a positive state of mind and calms you down.. She also gives you the direction that you need! over all A++++++" ... written by lizd131
Love her so much! " ... written by andreabaker1223
Thank u for ur time and energy, Mimi :) FAST connection, ACCURATE regarding on current situation and HONEST with answers, made me laugh :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Wonderful and thoughtful and caring.. Tells you what you need to know." ... written by manda1127
She is wonderful cant wait for an update : D" ... written by manda1127
She is wonderful." ... written by manda1127
Thank you so much for your help. After following your advice things worked out my way! You are truly gifted! Super accurate!" ... written by DACACAU
Mimi is amazing as always, what would I do without her clarity!!!" ... written by KKat21
5 star!" ... written by kyandra
She was great!!! Very personable, sweet, charming, knowledgeable, caring, empathetic, andamp; gave me a LOT of hope!!! =-)" ... written by jwbideau
Great very friendly.....thanks" ... written by Duce1919
Great reading! Gave me details of what will happen and what I should do in the meantime. I really do hope your right! thank you for the great reading." ... written by jasminepapas
Great." ... written by wurzle
Lovely Lovely Lovely reading!" ... written by Ibanezman
She is amazing, love her!" ... written by Niamore1
One more time amazing! Thank you hun!" ... written by DACACAU
She was great! Very truthful and powerful...she has a true gift...:) I hope what she said doesn't come true but know that it will...if that makes sense." ... written by Janetevelyn7
She gave me the answers I wanted to hear! I will be visiting her again! Thank you so much!" ... written by Lizkds1234
Mimi is so amazing! She was so accurate I was just so blown away. She gave specific details and time frames. Please do not underestimate her abilities she will durprise you. I'm looking forward to more updates with Mimi. Many Blessings to you...." ... written by Lucy117
Very practical and useful! :D" ... written by vivviolett
She is wonderful, she is always here for me no matter what... She is an awesome reader!!!" ... written by manda1127
Thank you so much Mimi, very nice lady xx" ... written by Coraldeacon
Insightful!" ... written by janesi
Trusted 100%! :)" ... written by tickleme2011
She is really worthed to hear. She gave me in short time all info which i need to know." ... written by epilock
Thank you Mimi! You are very sweet and honest. Great reader!" ... written by lifetime1974
I needed help regardking a loved one who passed away. I felt their presence and Mimi was able to help me with that. It's someone I love very much. I'm very glad I had a reading with her. " ... written by GroovyGoddess
Thank you so much for the warm, loving and caring reading. You are kind and gentle, but very much to the point. My reading we precise and on-target... as if you were actually in my heart and mind. Thank you for the amazing guidance and counsel... *hugs*" ... written by CDsShyGirl
Good." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Thank you again! xxx" ... written by tickleme2011
Mimi is my absolute favorite, kind, caring and direct, no lies! Mimi thanks for the clarity as always!" ... written by KKat21
Very good Lady, very sweet and compassionate." ... written by Ferdinandverbeke
She went the extra mile to help me." ... written by Sherroll08
Insightful" ... written by munirah007
Right to the point. Good reading" ... written by EdsonD
The complete and utter best!xox" ... written by tickleme2011
Always a great reading with mimi! " ... written by jwbideau
I always have one of the best readings with mimi she is sweet but gets to the point." ... written by manda1127
Excellent reader!! really enjoyed the reading and cant wait to visit with mimi again!!! Thank you so much. " ... written by mlafield
Thanks mimi. Told me what I need to know." ... written by vivviolett
Thanks mimi. Very true." ... written by vivviolett
Thank you for the reading" ... written by thanya
GREAT AS ALWAYS!" ... written by sunangel69
She is very sweet and tells the truth she is awesome :D" ... written by manda1127
Great reader." ... written by Sherroll08
Great Reading, she will answer your questions. Really like her. " ... written by starchild700
Answered all my questions and went straight to the point. Extremely fast and accurate. Thanks for shedding light into my situation. Great help indeed! " ... written by jessywhat
Excellent." ... written by rita
Cooler than cool. neat andamp;amp; complete! Thanks mimi for a nice private. Just hoping i have the andamp;quot;rightandamp;quot; plan and when to venture to make my move. Thanks for being so sweet, adore you." ... written by BL3SSED
Great reading. Now need a job for better life. " ... written by edel95
Loved her reading very fast and worth the money!! " ... written by rita
Very helpful, thanks." ... written by venom500
So nice!!! Lovely lady, funnny and helpful!" ... written by mimi
She is one of the best on this site, she is amazing!!!" ... written by manda1127
I feel she was extremely good at reading the situation. She told me things about my issue that I suspected but did not realize. She is very good." ... written by FJ
Thank you. :)" ... written by tickleme2011
Thank you, yes you were very helpful! XX" ... written by Helgaz1
Very sweet and honest very, very straight forward......" ... written by Delila_shula_777
Great readings....." ... written by Stormfire28
Mimi was on the mark, wonderful read. Thank You :-)" ... written by LunaBear
And another great reading from my Mimi! she is awsome and always gets thru to me. and makes me feel so at ease even if its stuff i dont want to hear she still tells me and i love the honesty that she has. i of course will be back for more whenever the need arises.... lol. lv ya momma,." ... written by Mummycrtr
MiMi is the real Efin deal! She listens and gets to the point. If I could say anything I would say get a reading that lasts more that 2 minutes with her, because you will NOT be disappointed. Top Notch!!!!! 5 Stars!!!! " ... written by sharphandz247
VERY good reader, will be back was spot on !!! " ... written by kitten
Wonderful woman." ... written by Ibanezman
My one and truely. xox" ... written by tickleme2011
Mimi is the best, always on the mark and very nice! :-)" ... written by LunaBear
Very helpful, understanding, caring, gives good information and advice, easy to talk to, as a great sense of humor as well which is a plus! :)" ... written by GroovyGoddess
She was nice and straight to the point. Really believable." ... written by welena10
Mimi is awesome, always connects fast with me. I like how she doesn't sugar coat things, she tells it like she sees it. Her accuracy is just mind blowing. I will continue with more future updates with her. Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Beautiful soul and someone who listens with their heart. 5 star always!" ... written by sharphandz247
I just love getting a reading from Mimi! " ... written by xtine930
Mimi is great. I've had a couple reading with her and she's always been direct and great!" ... written by spooono887
She made my day, I was really hurt about that some feelings and I am really feeling better after she was understanding." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Beautiful lady!" ... written by mi
Wonderful! Straight to the point! Very classy!" ... written by Funinmck
Phenomenal! Another great reading, she always hit the target. Update for previous reading time frame is a direct hit. Awesome reader, she tells the truth. 5 stars for Mimi!" ... written by dominquez1
Love her She is great." ... written by katehrine1965
Great reading thanks" ... written by sandy1113
MIMI is my number 1 reader here on Oranum that I used quite often to get my answers. Iove, love, love her. Her readings are very accurate and on the money. There were many things I did not know about my marriage and MIMI saved my marriage. Two word: INCREDIBLY INDESCRIBABLE. I LOVE YOU. Thanks you for everything. " ... written by sunshyn56278
Thanks Mimi, I am anxious for things to start rolling with my brother. I shall check back with you. I appreciate your words of wisdom." ... written by Jillian5
She knows me too well!! xox" ... written by tickleme2011
Thank you so much Mimi. You're not only understanding and patient... you are "all-knowing"! Your comfort and kindness is so warm and genuine. Big hugs to you and your 18 puppy dogs! ::giggle::" ... written by cdsshygirl
She is one of the sweetest people I know : )" ... written by manda1127
This was really great and so helpful. I wish I could have chatted longer and kept going. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by brandi7291
Thank you for a great reading! You gave me new hope!" ... written by cfrankl
Great!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
So honest and sweet. She can really help." ... written by pisceskaran
Very good." ... written by 30nlove
I had a reading with her months ago and just waiting to see if it came true and it did. Loved her!" ... written by winterhot
Excellent - fantastic! :) " ... written by Angelique7
Excellent reader. She is the real thing. Fast and efficient too!" ... written by FrankJ
Wow. Just wow. She really related to me and my relationship problems and she was spot on on certain things. One of my all time favorites. Thank you so much! I'll keep you updated. " ... written by stayclosedontgo
Really made things clear and helped with my chaotic emotions. Will be seeing her again. :) " ... written by Judysmiles4u
She's amazing, very kind andamp; helpful ... Knows what she's talking about!" ... written by rapperlover01
Wonderful! Wonderful session.. As always u r right! Luv u chica!" ... written by sunshyn56278
She is amazing, always knows my situation and cares and takes to me about my brother that has passed, much love mimi!" ... written by ashley11100
I loved her reading, I will definitely be back to keep her posted, you have a Blessed week, will be back to keep you updated for sure, I appreciate you letting me know the good news. *hugs* Pyschmimi. :) I enjoyed chatting with you :)" ... written by Bridget
Thank you Mimi, you are the best! great advice... i'll keep you posted. :)" ... written by HappyMango
Excellent reading and precise thank you " ... written by sexysag
Very clear and concise information. Not afraid to tell me what I did not expect to hear." ... written by EdsonD
Very lovely and straight on...she knows what i would like to know and answers the questions." ... written by ginlin
Awesome and accurate as always. You're the best MIMI!!!!" ... written by sunshyn56278
Connected well and confirmed what i was feeling." ... written by angelloverose
Mimi is great, she has helped me and guided as friend. I have grown a great relationship with her and I want to thank her and her amazing gifts. No matter what, you will get the truth. Mims thank you x" ... written by tickleme2011
She was honest and gave good sound advise. I can only hope and pray that things will work out. Only time will tell." ... written by Tennisdebc
Love you, girl! xox" ... written by tickleme2011
Great reading. Really helped me clarify my thoughts and desires." ... written by EdsonD
She was very nice and very helpful in my needs. She made feel very comfortable." ... written by sithlordsam
Thank you for your time you are such a good advisor and psychic" ... written by sandy1113
Cheers love! xox" ... written by tickleme2011
She is just wonderful and kind hearted!!! I would go to her for anything : D" ... written by manda1127
It was very helpful, allowed me to remove anxiety about making any poor choices." ... written by Seaywealth
Mimi shed some wonderful light upon me, she was patient, kind, and helpful. Open my eyes to so much things and was spot on, with everything. Thanks again mimi! :)" ... written by diamondcutz
She was amazing! I love her!" ... written by Kasherr
She is very very good psychic, I really recomend her: ) Thanks hun for the reading xxx" ... written by k-dhillon
Great reading I thought-Mimi managed to tune in to what I needed to know, otherwise one dies of not knowing. Thank you Mimi I will keep you posted" ... written by tara00
Thanks you sooo much for your sight on my situation. You are very sweet and kind. I will keep contact with you very soon." ... written by izy2013
she seems to be very on point :) " ... written by Raquel
Picked up very early what was going on and gave me information to allow me to move least in my mind...thanks Mimi...xx" ... written by IainHarg46
Informative and awesome as usual." ... written by sunshyn56278
Great... can you finish the sentence on the six of swords?" ... written by jessyq
Wow connected with my grandma imm. what a great reading I started to cry at the end " ... written by 22BEAUTYME22
Thank you for always having my best interest at hand. You have such a big heart... and kind spirit. *hugs... lots of them!*" ... written by Happy Mango
Excellent very helpful and compassionate." ... written by maryannepav
Very happy with the reading. She was very detailed. Thank you again!" ... written by karendee1994
Where there is hope, there is light! xox" ... written by tickleme2011
You are such a kind person. You have eased so many of my worries and I feel so much better about my situation. Thank you so much! " ... written by ajb0719
She was great and fast. Will come back for update!" ... written by dladie42
5 star psychic. has alot of experience, and knowledge. Take her private for a question or two and you will see what I am talking about. " ... written by happyslappper
She was really good. Had great foresight. Will definitely keep the reading in mind when making choices." ... written by rabzyiwill87
Thank you for a quick answer, she was nice and thoughtful" ... written by silvoleon
I can only hope she is correct!! :)) Great reading" ... written by feebers1
Honest, straight to the point and did not try to waste time. She explained everything perfectly. Great Reading. Put my heart and mind at ease. :) Thanks again Mimi!" ... written by aabyqf
Thanks so much you helped me so much. I will be back to chat with you always .. time was up I could not get the answer to my last question how many kids Fabrizio and I will have." ... written by apples8
I appreciated your time and reading Mimi I have lots of good things coming and I will be very patient and understanding of all my blessings. You are incredible." ... written by Jillian5
Honest and straight to the point. I enjoyed the reading...thanks. " ... written by Shirley
She was so kind and put me at ease about some things that were really bothering me. Thank you so much!" ... written by ajb0719
Great reading.... " ... written by veezee
She was to the point. Was already answering my questions before I was asking them. Great soul and energy. Liked the reading it was good. Thanks!" ... written by bella911912
Great as always." ... written by LunaBear
She is great loved her.." ... written by vicky
Psychicmimi is wonderful. She is straightforward but gentle. She is so respectful and genuine. Her reading of my relationship situation was intense and accurate, validating what I already knew and adding new information that deepened my understanding. She connected with one of my Guides and that was unbelievably helpful to me. She has encouraged me, left me hopeful for the future by making certain choices. I highly recommend her. Thank you and God Bless you, psychicmimi." ... written by Eileen1005
I just love mimi! she is my favorite here!" ... written by xtine
Great reading every time. :)" ... written by Judy
Thank you for everything. :)" ... written by BeastMode
I love this lady lots, she has provided me the comfort and support I needed in my hour of need. I just need to keep strong :)!!" ... written by Tickleme2011
She is absolutely amazing! I love her!" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you! i will find out." ... written by bb0i8o8
Very honest, says what he really sees." ... written by maria
Great reading." ... written by veezee
Mimi is always helpful, on target, up front, clear, and easy to talk to! " ... written by starsandmoons
1 million stars for you! you are very kind, and fast! thank you so very much for everything! I will be back to give you updates, when I come for another reading! Not enough words to say how great you are!" ... written by Scadoodle
She's a real sweetheart..very generous and accommodating in an effort to make up for technical term sf my reading, she was AWESOME. For a first time reading...she was dead-on accurate and honest about my crazy situation. I love the fact that she gave practical advice tempered with honest answers. I wanted a fresh perspective, and Mimi surely gave me one..." ... written by JazzyME
Thank You Mimi" ... written by Sheree Christopher
She is great, get a reading you won't regret it :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
She's great!" ... written by Asia
Great!" ... written by Jessica
Amazing!!" ... written by Bella
I just had another great reading from Mimi and I just want to thank you for all the clarification that I get from your readings. your so good and to the point. Love you momma and again, Thank You!!!!" ... written by Mummycrtr
Very honest pleasant reading... Good advice" ... written by sanditom
Great calming and informative information as usual." ... written by sunshyn56278
Mimi give the best advice. She is kind and caring, but also very direct. Thank you Mimi... *hugs*" ... written by Happy Mango
Mimi is always as awesome at what she does? There is no one else like her. I love her always on point and exact at what she does." ... written by sunshyn56278
Very nice excellent timing." ... written by ambrose
She helped me with answering my questions that I have been dwelling on for some time and just want to say thank you." ... written by latasha
Thank you Mimi for always being there when I need a laugh, hug or kick in the butt! *hugs* But really, you always give me good advice and counsel. Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Happy Mango
Thank you, much love. xox" ... written by Ticklemode
GREAT!!!!!!" ... written by Angela
She is truly amazing she helps me through my situation shes fast honest and caring also connects with my brother buddy love you mimi. xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Mimi is the best. One hundred stars. Her cards told me what the situation was and will be. In my heart I knew and she said things that were accurate. Love her!" ... written by kissmeangel
Mimi is wonderful. I can't describe in words the help she has provided me. We have grown as friends, and I love our readings. Her accuracy and faith keeps me hopeful and I very much look forward to many more of her predictions coming to pass. Thank you!" ... written by Tickleme2011
Great, amazing WOW." ... written by Vanboom
I have learned so much from Mimi since I've known her. She has many gifts/talents and knows exactly how to apply the right remedy for every situation. Thank you~ *hugs*" ... written by Happy Mango
Great, positive, accurate and honest reading!" ... written by veezee
Love the way she cheers me up :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
Always reassuring! xox" ... written by Vanboom
Awesome as always!!" ... written by sunshyn
One of the best top psychics on Oranum!" ... written by Vanboom
Never had such good reading, honest and firm read... Love her!" ... written by veezee
Mimi is wonderful, look no further!" ... written by hopeful
Always awesome!" ... written by Michele
Thank you so much Mimi" ... written by jillian5
She's great!!" ... written by md1990
Thank you Mimi." ... written by jillian5
Good reading." ... written by Tom
Amazing lady with amazing talents. You MUST have a reading to truly witness her talents" ... written by Vanboom
She is so on key with everything, a god send!!" ... written by Awesometastic
Very forthright, the same person in private as in free chat. Great reading!" ... written by Derek
Mims is great, please go for a reading her gifts are amazing!" ... written by Tickleme2011
Very good, I really enjoyed it" ... written by mitch
LOVE HER ABSOLUTELY LOVE!" ... written by krssy
Thank you mimi you are nice and wonderful i enjoyed my reading with you and will come back again. I give you 30 stars thank you again u are a good person." ... written by Patricia
Great!" ... written by spooono
Operation**. Count me in! *hugs*" ... written by Mango
Thank you Mimi... you always put me at ease. And you make me laugh... :) Thank you for the reading... precise and from your heart. *hugs*" ... written by Mango
Incredible, truthful amazing. " ... written by Ghostlyspirit
She is incredible, lovable, relate able has the edge over most of the psychics here" ... written by InAwe
Great reading!" ... written by starchild700
Thanks again Mimi I am glad the cards had some light at the end of the drama. I will be careful and watch my finances and my back. Lots of responsibility lies ahead, but I will persevere. Shall see you soon. And keep you informed, like you keep me in the know. :)" ... written by Jillian5
I loved my reading it was great and helpful really needed her advice and guidance." ... written by india bonita
She is absolutely wonderful, you would be a fool not to seek her guidance. She is very direct and mind reads. =] she is a person that I instantly connected with. And one of my most enjoyable readings yet!! " ... written by Alciai
excellent!" ... written by solo
Sweet lady, accurate in picking up stuff...wonderful..." ... written by Ian
Always patient and kind, great intuition on your situation." ... written by wildrose
Very good reading!" ... written by Aurelia
She's cute (LOL), she's right on excellent and QUICK!!!" ... written by Stormfire
Very good reading, to the point, exact, no sugar coating! Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
Thank you. :)" ... written by Ticklemode
So not what I wanted to hear, but deep in my heart I think it is what I was feeling but denying.. She picked up on what was going on and the problems he was having I will come back in 5 weeks, like she said. We will see what happens." ... written by DEBBIE
Mimi always gives me good direction and down to earth advice. She looks beyond the drama and outside influences and finds the true answers/reasons for the situation. Thank you, Mimi... for being you! *hugs*" ... written by Happy Mango
Thank you for my most excellent reading, you are truly an amazing woman." ... written by Vanboom
She is sweet and calm. " ... written by Akilah
Awesome as always, that's my MIMI! Love you chica. Thank you." ... written by sunshyn
She was very fast, very nice, I'll give an update once I know more about the situation and can confirm her predictions" ... written by heather
she was amazing!! thank you so much" ... written by leebee4
Wow!! this lady was absolutely amazing and on point. She made me feel so much better!" ... written by Lanette
Mimi did a great honest reading. No BS style." ... written by Vanboom
Thank You Mimi" ... written by jillian5
Great reading, it really made sense to me :)" ... written by shawn
She was quick as usual and answered my question with clarity." ... written by dladie42
Thank you :)" ... written by TickledPink
Very sweet, kind, calming. Able to give fast, yet efficient and informative answers. Had an air of hope. " ... written by Jenn
She's very honest, if you want a straightforward reading without any BS , please try Mimi!" ... written by Grovvespinks
She is sooooooo good. A must try. She is clear, accurate and very direct in her interpretations." ... written by Patty
Great reading!" ... written by Mona
Very good reading - on the mark without asking questions myself - not sure why the end as negative since all the cards were positive. Recommend Mimi highly!" ... written by EsotericRJM
She is really sweet and answers and explains everything. Really helped a lot!" ... written by bella
Very calm and precise." ... written by termo
She is very sweet. " ... written by anita
:)" ... written by marie5290
Amazing as always, helped clear my mind soo much!" ... written by Krissy
She blew my mind....omg!!!! Highly recommended!!!! She blew me away !!!" ... written by Adreanna
One word: AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by Sunshyn
Loves ya xox" ... written by Vanboom
Lovely, Lovely Lady! Will definitely return to her!!!" ... written by EsotericRJM
She predicted the previous reading I had." ... written by tanya
Once again, completely outstanding x" ... written by BoomBoom
Very good reading...she was very honest and accurate!!! I highly recommend." ... written by Kim
Predictions happened so came back for another reading :) xx" ... written by Lisa1775
Mimi is very pleasant, I believe she is accurate, what she said made sense to my circumstances, and concurred with my previous gut feelings. She is quick, and clear, and very compassionate and sweet, I recommend her : )" ... written by OndeMystere
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS makes me feel better about my situation. her readings are accurate, comforting, and reassuring. And while I'm talking to her, the subject of my readings always reaches out to me mid-conversation!!! :D" ... written by Krissy
She totally rocks with gifts, please try a reading you won't regret it." ... written by SS
She's is one of my favorite readers!!! always a pleasure, she gives clarity as well as guidance and makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend! :)" ... written by Krissy
Psychicmimi is such a nice person! She's clever and really understands the situation and very accurate in her readings. :)" ... written by melissa
Wow Mimi, it's been a journey. I first started reading with Mimi back in November. Her predictions have come to pass, she has provided me straightforward information and even saved from moments where I felt like giving up. " ... written by Tickleme2011
As usual, she was helpful" ... written by dladie42
I love my sessions with Mims, she is so accurate " ... written by Vanboom
Has always been accurate and predictions came true in the past" ... written by winterhot
July reading done, pretty kick ass. All very positive, and I will take heed of the notice of relaxing more ;) xox" ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is easy to talk to, cares about how you feel and give you all the options. Even breaks the bad news gently. Still waiting for the predictions to come to fruition." ... written by Wildrose
So good!" ... written by Groovespinks
Excellent! So clear and accurate!" ... written by Miss_Lady
Straight to the point and very positive. Would see her again!!!" ... written by wun
Mimi is always quick to pick up on the finest details of a situation. Very good, and encouraging and never tires in answering your questions to the best of her ability. Still waiting for the predictions to come. Thanks Mimi." ... written by wildrose
She is a straight foreward psychic and is really good. Thank You for the best reading i have ever had. " ... written by 8christopher
Mimi is so sincere and caring and gifted in her readings. Always a pleasure to talk with Mimi. She's optimistic and looks more deeply in the readings to help me figure out exactly what im looking for." ... written by melissa
Thank you for the clarity :)" ... written by Groovespinks
Wow what a reading, I found out everything I wanted to know and then some. Mimi is a really good reader, loved how she showed me the cards that she pulled, and told me what they mean. And her voice was very soothing, especially when I told her about my friend. I will definitely go back to her again to find out more. Thanks Mimi!!!! I definitely recommend anyone to go to a private reading with her." ... written by Cynthia
Mimi is awesome. She is lightning fast, doesn't waste your time or money and very very accurate. I enjoyed my reading with her and she is definitely talented." ... written by Patrice
I found her very easy to talk to and have to wait to see what happens." ... written by lifeneedlove
Mimi is my fav psychic. She's so very kind and nice and caring and has a real insight to what is going on. It's amazing how she answers my questions before I ask them :) Thank you Mimi!" ... written by melissa
Thank you for bringing clarity to the situation. You always give me such impartial, unbiased advice. And I'm going to tell Michael what you said... He owes you, big time! *hugs* " ... written by Happy Mango
Easy to talk with, very patient. Waiting for prediction to come true. Thank you for your support." ... written by wildrose
Great reading." ... written by frankiecai
Mimi is always helpful and kind. Thank you." ... written by wildrose
Love this woman! xox" ... written by Vanboom
Easy to talk with, give me great updates!" ... written by Wildrose
Thank you Mims, yet again a great read - as always a pleasure :) xo" ... written by tickleme2011
Exactly what i needed!! anxiety gone!." ... written by Krissy
Time will tell ." ... written by halovm
Mimi is great at what she does. She offers you the truth, if you want a reading, which is going to be uplifting, and honest then please hit that private reading button. She has never shied away in telling me what I need to know, to continue on the path I am destined for. I thank her for her abilities and the time along with complete admiration of her talents. She is truly worth her weight in gold. " ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is Awesome she is really accurate with all her readings. She is just an amazing person. Many blessings to her." ... written by Lucy117
She keeps sane, when I'm going potty. Thank you! xox" ... written by Tickle
She's good, I do recommend her." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Mimi always comes through for me, helping me out of a difficult situation. Always spot on with her advice.. She is gentle even when she breaks the bad news. Thanks for your friendship Mimi!" ... written by wildrose
She is awesome!!!" ... written by angelic03
lovely reading. time periods helped a lot for planning, and the clarity i get is always soo helpful! thanks again." ... written by Krissy
It was great i wish I did this sooner." ... written by takoya brown
Always a pleasure!! She's the best. :)" ... written by Krissy
Always great!" ... written by Krissy
Mims, we are so close! Thank you for being my sanity point! xoxo" ... written by Vanboom
Always helpful and great with advice. I love you, Mimi! Thanks for everything. xoxoxox" ... written by Wildrose
Thanks for honesty!" ... written by termo
Thank you Mimi always very accurate and truthful, enjoy our reading so much, appreciate your honesty. I cannot wait to land this new job and move on." ... written by jillian5
Good reader, recommended." ... written by Rei
One of Oranum's top readers. Doesn't shy away from you telling you the truth!" ... written by Vanboom
LOVE Mimi...shes the best! Very clear and knows her cards." ... written by Mona
Mimi is very easy to talk to. She is always helpful and cheery, never sugar coats, but breaks even the bad news gently. Thanks for your support! xoxoxxo" ... written by wildrose
Beautimous, thank you Mims, pleasant, direct and helpful as always :)" ... written by TickledPinked
Always there when I need her. Truly a wonderful person and great friend. Helps me with her guidance and spot on readings. Thanks so much Mimi!" ... written by wildrose
She is bloody good!!!" ... written by Vanboom
Thank you my dear friend." ... written by Nicole
Great reading, thanks!" ... written by Gabriela
Excellent. Accurate on point." ... written by nia
AWESOME SO GREATT!" ... written by dee
Thanks Mimi. I think that since you are a licensed therapist that the inter working of logic and your abilities help me out in helping me keep my faith in life and in situations that are thrown against me. I hope people that are reading this comment will see this will be enticed to come and seek your advice and guidance." ... written by Izy2013
Always makes me feel better about my situation. Easy to talk with. Thanks Miimi!" ... written by wildrose
She is awesome and so will be coming back for many more reading and advise. She is so care-giving and loving." ... written by Krystalynn
Always helpful and easy to speak with. Thank you." ... written by wildrose
her predictions always come true." ... written by winterhot
Mimi knows how to dissect the issues down to the very cell of the problem, she doesnt speak in vague terms that leave you wondering and asking more questions, she doesnt waste time nor speak in parables, hikus and whatnot. Straight forward answers. Thank you Mimi." ... written by Izy2013
She's awesome!" ... written by luckystars
Good, accurate and genuinely seemed concerned and wanted to help as apposed to someone just saying bs about this and that. " ... written by Alex
I love my readings with Mimi, she always provides the truth. No sugarcoating, just what she sees :)" ... written by TickledPinked
Mimi is great, she exceptional, down to earth and tunes in so well . Thank you. :)" ... written by TickledPinked
Awesome always on target with what she sees. Thank you so much! You always help me stay sane in my difficult situation." ... written by wildrose
Great confirmed everything for me, thank you. Will recommend and come back to, she's great at making things easier." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for the reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Even in 1 minute, she answered my questions! Thanks Mimi!" ... written by Derek
She really good." ... written by David Frick
Wow. Hit the nail on the head on my relationship. " ... written by Mindy
So very sweet and caring! Loved the reading! Thank you so much! I will be back!" ... written by spendstomuch
mimi is awesome! she is up front, caring, and give valuable information and insight." ... written by michele
She's amazing Mimi gets right to it and my brother always comes through in our readings love her thanks Mimi. :)" ... written by ashley11100
Always very helpful and encouraging. Makes things clearer for me. Thank so much Mimi." ... written by wildrose
That's for your honesty. :)" ... written by Nicole
Straight to the heart of all my questions! :)" ... written by Zeigen
Always helpful and kind even with bad news. Very spot on with timing and a great support and great friend. Thanks Mimi." ... written by wildrose
Great clarity :)" ... written by Groovybaby
Mims is my girl, always there and providing genuine answers." ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is amazing." ... written by Groovybaby
Mimi as always you are a guiding light and are great! Thank you!" ... written by 8Christopher
Thank you very much." ... written by Denise
Always very insightful in the situation. Helps me through. Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Great reading" ... written by sunshyn
Thank you! xoxox" ... written by Vanboom
Was good, just need to decide what to do with what I go read to me." ... written by Paul
Mimi has been helping me with a difficult situation. She sees things that I do not see and helps pinpoint areas that I just would miss. I really appreciate all her clarity and talent. Mimi you are awesome! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by wildrose
Always helpful, and sheds light on my difficult situation. Thanks. Mimi!" ... written by wildrose
My friend and confidant... thank you. :) *hugs and love*" ... written by Happy Mango
Mimi is amazing to talk to, a fast reader an basically know her stuff. Go to her!" ... written by Eva
She's awesome. direct compassionate and empowering." ... written by sincerely
Great reading! Many thanks!" ... written by boru
encouraging" ... written by Paul
Despite my frustrating situation she is always able to navigate through it with me and help me make the right choices. Thanks Mimi for all your help. Really appreciate all you do." ... written by wildrose
Mimi is great, thank you for your clarity and your time :) xox" ... written by Vanboom
She was very truthful and made me think about the situation." ... written by Erika
Thanks so much for the reading, very clear what my options are!!" ... written by ikr oyala
Always helpful and spot on with her advice. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time." ... written by wildrose
Lovely thank you for the reading." ... written by cautiontothewind
Always helpful. Don't know what I'd do without her!" ... written by wildrose
Thank you, I needed to hear everything you said. Mimi is wonderful." ... written by Vanboom
Miimi is always helpful and to the point. Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
She is wonderful, helped me a lot. Made me feel secure and helped me understand the situation I'm in. Thanks as always." ... written by Karma
She's amazing! She was able to pick up on things I never mentioned. She gave me timeframes, specific details, and gave me peace of mind. I will be back for a follow up reading. Thank you for sharing your gift with me." ... written by Miami
Encouraging reading." ... written by Paul
Always, helpful and easy to talk with. Thanks for all your insight." ... written by wildrose
Overwhelming honest, thank you." ... written by Grovychick
lol cool." ... written by luckystar222
Very good encouraging reading" ... written by Paul
Truthful, funny and amazing!" ... written by Grovychick
Thank you for reading. Helped open issues of conflict." ... written by Karma
Ah I love you girl, time for the party hats! :)" ... written by cautiontothewind
Got the clarity, and the direct answers I needed, thank you :)" ... written by Vanboom
always helpful. Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Thank you Mimi ... I feel change is coming and good news for work will be here soon. Thank you for the news. Once I get job we will take the reading further. :)" ... written by jillian5
Good straight to the point and accurate." ... written by Rose
Truthfull reading" ... written by Paul
Thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Hope you are right... Fingers crossed" ... written by bba
Mimi is a straight arrow. Go for a reading!" ... written by Cheeky
Always helpful . Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Great!" ... written by leebee4
Good reading." ... written by Paul
Thanks mimi you always help me love ya. xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Spot on, Very Good!!!" ... written by jonian72
Always helpful. Thanks so much Miimi!" ... written by wildrose
Thank you for your help, you have no idea how much it means :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
She is the absolute best! She was a wonderful spirit about her and she is very knowledgeable about her craft and very proficient and fast in her service. The best!" ... written by Pat
Direct, honest, caring and delivers. Thank you." ... written by Grovychick
Answered a lot of questions so we will see what happens." ... written by Natasha Brown
Very good at advice" ... written by Paul
Mimi is great, her predictions have come to pass and I have no doubt in my mind the rest will too. XOX" ... written by Tickleme2011
Thank you!" ... written by Summer84
Mimi is so good and honest and sweet and upfront with clear, wonderful information... She is a great reader!" ... written by mim
My go to GAL! Always hits everything spot on." ... written by Grovychick
Wow she was very good told me things I had felt I sort of knew wow thank you" ... written by Danielle
I love the time I spend with Mimi, she helps clarify a lot of points and keeping me on the path I am destined for :)" ... written by Sharon
Mimi is very direct, honest and clear in her readings. A true GEM!" ... written by Vanboom
Very good reading." ... written by Paul
Mimi has been a great help to me. Always accurate, kind and considerate. Talking to me when things were really bad and when they were really good. Sharing my journey and cheering me on when things were rough. I really don't know what I'd do with out your support Mimi. xoxoxxoo" ... written by wildrose
I will admit that Mimi is so down-to-earth and doesn't waste time. This Reading has been possibly the best I've ever had because it made sense and was aligned with my own Readings. I sat in Mimi's chat for a while, getting a feel for her and, meanwhile, I did my own Reading and pulled a Card saying I just need to wait for a situation to happen (this is something I have been getting for a few weeks now). In the Reading Mimi actually said that my ex and I will get back together if I wait for it; I didn't even ask the question of reuniting but Mimi's Cards picked up on it. Thank you, Mimi. Patience is a Virtue I don't have... but will need to develop! :)" ... written by Natasha
Good reader!" ... written by Deborah
She was very intuitive and knew things with out being told. I really like her! 100 stars!" ... written by Donna
Great reading, helped give me hope for a positive future. I look forward to what's to come and will keep her [posted as always." ... written by pinkpather30
Mimi is very sweet and upfront..good information." ... written by michele
Thanks Mimi .... hopefully things will turn soon. I am hopeful and working hard at it. Appreciate your insight and honesty." ... written by jillian5
Calming, amazing, brilliant not enough words to describe what Mimi can provide :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
She is awesome, lovey and accurate like always...I feel so safe and reassured when talking to her...." ... written by carina
very nice , great reading... honest and answered my questions... will be back...." ... written by mette44
Thank you so much for a great and detailed reading!" ... written by mmd1990
Thank you" ... written by cheryl
always helpful and tells even the bad news kindly. Thanks Mimi." ... written by wildrose
Always helpful. Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Always helpful and there when I need her. Thank you so much!" ... written by wildrose
I love her..she's so genuinely sweet and to the point....easy to talk to " ... written by 1Ashcake1984`
Amazing, thank you very much for the clear concise answers" ... written by TickledPinked
Thank you very much you really helped answer my question. xxx" ... written by serena21
She truly wants to help and has no ego about her gift like some others. Really sweet and a good person. Lovely reading!" ... written by P
Always great advice. Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by s
Great reading as always! :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
Always helpful! Thank you." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for all the insight. xoxox" ... written by wildrose
Surprising readings!" ... written by Paul
Great reading always!!!" ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is a great reader!!" ... written by Virgo
Thanks mimi so much for your guidance through very hard times much love." ... written by ashley11100
Straightforward, honest. Verified what I felt and encouraging!" ... written by msblondie01
Thank you so much, Mimi. You were wonderful." ... written by Denise
Love the vibe and she cracks me up and is soooo sweet!! =] I feel amazing now and more hopeful to step out my boundaries and try new things that I would never think I would try. I will def keep u updated. Thank u sooooo much Mimi." ... written by B
Always helpful." ... written by wildrose
Great reading as always. Love ya momma and thank you for your guidance again!" ... written by Mummycrtr
Always helpful!" ... written by wildrose
Any time spent with Mimi is great. She is clear and gives you straight answers. That is what essentially you are looking for. Her warmth and her delivery of news is overwhelming. Beautiful soul" ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is so on the money, her accuracy astounds me! Thank you Mims for your beautiful readings!" ... written by TickledPink2011
Thank you for the insightful reading." ... written by rmartin
Thank you so much, you have no idea of the clarity you provide me. :)" ... written by Vanboom
Mimi is very accurate and supportive. She is always on my side and helpful with great updates. Don't know what I'd do without her!" ... written by wildrose
Keeps me sane, when I'm feeling out of sorts. Thank you so much." ... written by Vanboom
Such sweet and gentle energy! Pretty accurate about my situation without asking much questions." ... written by risenphoenix
Mimi is wonderful at what she does, very accurate and easy to talk with. Thank you so much for guiding me and being a huge support to me." ... written by wildrose
Honest and doesn't sugar coat." ... written by Intrigued8
Always helpful." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for verifying the things I felt, I really appreciate it!" ... written by tickleme2011
Mimi is so truthful and accurate with her readings, thank you." ... written by Tickleme2011
AWESOME on point as always and accurate oh yeah." ... written by sunsyn
Always very helpful. Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Just amazing!!!!" ... written by malinda2011
Excellent!! Very connected, sweet and accurate. Gave a very specific timeframe and I will post when it manifests!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Cool." ... written by kye2210
Always helpful. Thanks." ... written by wildrose
She is very intuitive. She brought up things that really hit it on the head for me. " ... written by Rox
Thanks for all the support" ... written by wildrose
Awesome right to the point as always good ole mimi." ... written by sunshyn
Her previous prediction for me came true the next day!! So wanted an update. More good news on the way! She is very fast, on point and sweet!" ... written by Seeker1200
Very good, will come back!" ... written by luvuchaluka
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is amazing as always, very sweet and not to mention her accuracy. Hoping to see her predictions to manifest themselves. Will most definitely go for more future update.... Thanks Mimi ......" ... written by Lucy117
Always amazing. Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is always able to figure out what is going on in my situation. Thank you so much for your friendship and support!" ... written by wildrose
Her readings always come true for me. That's why I'm always looking for her. Thank you so much Mimi." ... written by winterhot
She is very sweet, hopefully it will come true...." ... written by Grey pearl
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
So spot on and never judge. She's fantastic." ... written by Jessica
She was wonderful! I really enjoyed listening to her. I will be contacting her again. Thank you so much!" ... written by 9259tiger
Thank you Mimi, accurate and pleasant as ever. :)" ... written by Tickleme2011
Always helpful." ... written by wildrose
Great as usual! Thanks so much." ... written by boru
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is so genuine and superbly gifted. She really cares about her clients and is amazingly accurate!" ... written by bec
Great reading, no sugar coating , even if it hurts." ... written by TR
very quick reading and answered my question although not what I wanted to hear, but honest answers is always best than a fake story I guess. thanks." ... written by jacqueline
She's great. I love her. spot on" ... written by JPM
Always come back" ... written by rebecca
Mimi knows her stuff. She has a true gift, be it news you don't want to hear she puts it across as a friend would. Soft and gentle :)" ... written by Vanboom
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
So many obstacles !! Ugh … but I will make sure I send message today. It can all help!! Thank You Mimi for being very accurate." ... written by jillian5
She blew my heart out of sync! She is amazing; tuned in immediately almost made me cry but wow! I have to process this. I will de update her and will see her again. Great advice, sincere, seemed like she cared." ... written by lucky
Very insightful, and helped me realize so things that were hurting my love life." ... written by Katie
Always there for me. I appreciate all you do to keep me on track with my life." ... written by wildrose
Mimi is always there to support me, she tells it like it is even when things are looking bad. She has helped me each time find peace and understanding in what is going on in my life. Thanks for being such a great friend to me. xoxo" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is always precise and to the point, even when telling you the bad news. She has been a great friend to me, getting me through the worst parts of my life. Something I will be forever grateful for. xoxoxoxxo " ... written by wildrose
She is always very truthful and I love her!!" ... written by misty
A great reading, very direct and honest. " ... written by Tickleme01
Thanks so much! For everything." ... written by wildrose
Nice reading, honest and clear." ... written by mette44
Just lovely. :)" ... written by Angie
Very helpful, great reading. Thank you!!" ... written by Heather
Mango Lassi on track ;) " ... written by Tickleme01
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by Gold
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help. xoxoxo" ... written by wildrose
Great to talk to, update on my issues. She always makes me feel better. " ... written by luvu
Thanks for all the help." ... written by wildrose
She was so sweet and so calm and straight-forward w/out being judgemental. Gave me a sense of calm just talking to her. Will definately come back to her again soon. Thank you mimi!" ... written by Justine
Thank you for all your guidance and help. x" ... written by Sharon
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Direct and strong; clear and deep. Yes, I do recommend" ... written by quiet
I love mimi! Always tells me the truth." ... written by ashley
So spot on, it is scary. Thank you so much!" ... written by Marvelous
Always enjoy my time with Mimi, direct honest and kind in delivery of all news." ... written by Tickleme
Always there for me. I so appreciate you. Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Really good reading… Thinking positive." ... written by intrigued 8
Great reading! Told me how to handle current situation and what the outcome would be." ... written by boru
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
I go to her when I feel like the others are just trying to please me with answers I want to hear. " ... written by Intrigued8
Very warm and gentle, straight forward, and good with the tarot cards." ... written by tonya
such a lovely soul." ... written by calibabe
I was in Mimi's chat room once before, and during a Demo she drew a card for me. I came back to see her again to get to know her better. I then decided to have a quick private session. She is a very kind, soft spoken and sweet woman. She was very professional in her manner, and it was comforting to sit and listen to what she told me. I do hope what she has said will come to fruition. It would be a pleasure to speak with her again.. God Bless You, Happy New Year, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! " ... written by BlackDeuce
Mimi answered a yes/no question in free chat. I caught him a couple hours later. She is good." ... written by Vickie
She is amazing! I could not describe how impressed I am, thank you so much, Mimi!... I will let you know the outcome... Best wishes for you..." ... written by beth
Great reader, picked up on so much that blew my mind! Thank you for the clarity! " ... written by jaylo1980
:) " ... written by intrigued8
Mimi is the best. Honestly I can say she helped me more then everything or anything I can't explain... She more then took pain that couldn't come out of me now i now what to do... And don't even need to think twice. Much love and the most love to Mimi. Thank you very very much, Mimi. She is one that I can really trust in helping me find what I know needs to be done to get done... THANK YOU MIMI GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU AGAIN. Much love to you..." ... written by Monica
Lovely reading, thank you." ... written by calibabe
Mimi is great, her predictions for different aspects of my life have come to pass. I want to thank her for a guidance and support through the past year. I experienced some difficultly and she has helped keep me positive through it all. Her accuracy towards the area has been outstanding and I can't thank her enough. Try a reading with Mimi, and you will see how outstanding her gifts are. She is pure spirit, who has your interests at heart, she will not tell you what you want to hear. Only the truth." ... written by Tickleme
She is so Amazing, right to the point and she doesn't waste your time. Makes you feel calm and secure and gives you peace of mind. I was concern about a possible relationship and she really helped me feel peace. I recommend and will be speaking with her again. " ... written by Melissa
Great thanks for help." ... written by wildrose
She was accurate from our last reading so I came back to update! Thank you mimi." ... written by calibabe
She is so great at helping me know where to go from the pit I seem to keep putting myself in!" ... written by Katie
Thanks so much for all the help." ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much, very specific predictions :)" ... written by chris
Mimi was awesome and patient as always. Can't find a more lovely person with such an upbeat attitude. She takes her work seriously and I highly recommend her." ... written by Just Me
Good." ... written by samantha
Mimi is fast, sharp, honest, down to earth, ethical and tells it like it is. No fairy tales. I would consult her again. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting to hear the truth! Blessings." ... written by Lauren
Mimi was absolutely amazing. She spoke to me, what my own thoughts had always believed. I was beside myself when she told me things I always knew, but had only thought to myself. I am a huge believer and would visit with her again and again..." ... written by Lori R
Very good" ... written by lopezina
She is lovely and quick with her readings." ... written by Sarah
Very Sweet, and quick!! Can't wait to see the outcome! Thank you Mimi!! :0 **5 STAR NO DOUBT!" ... written by mysticwaters808
Thank you very much Mimi. Love your openness. :)" ... written by vainlsut
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Direct, honest and caring. What more can you ask for?" ... written by Shaz
Mimi is very generous and super gifted. I have wanted her to read for me for a while...and I'm so happy that she did. " ... written by becca
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Awesome reading!!!!" ... written by helen
good very honest" ... written by melindaa
Mimi deserves more than 5 stars! Thank you so much for reading for me! I'm feeling a whole lot better. You made my night! Have a Great and Happy New Year!" ... written by Aknative
Thrilled" ... written by Pamela
Great advice and dead sad but I needed to hear it." ... written by Melissa
Thanks." ... written by luvuchaluka
Amazing reader. She told me something that actually came to fruition two days later. I was shocked!" ... written by mi
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for your insight, very nice reading!" ... written by Michelle
Clarity to provide a functionality to your life. " ... written by Amaze
Excellent I keep coming back, she is perfect all I needed. Thank you Mimi!!" ... written by beth
nice reading she picked up what wanted to know " ... written by tony maynard
Awesome! Fast and detailed. Prediction to unfold very soon and I look forward to confirming/posting when it happens as a previous prediction already happened exactly as she had described. She is a sweetie! Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very nice reader! So sweet and accurate =) I hope the predictions come as read...will talk to her again =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
She was amazing...connected extremely fast..kind of speechless fast lol. Very kind spirit!" ... written by tj
Thanks so much!!!" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is a sweet person that gives honest and direct answers in my questions. She gave me great news and I will keep in touch with her for the updates. She is very fast and she doesn't waste your credits. 5 stars" ... written by Angel
Had a very good understanding of the situation. Very kind and understanding person. Had timelines too. Very reassuring. Thank you!" ... written by g
Very nice reading lovely lady!" ... written by Polly
She is amazing love mimi she has been there for me for a long time she is my friend and I hope for good news soon. :)" ... written by ashley
AMAZING! Picked up some things only I would know! Can't wait to share the blessings I received!" ... written by a
Very wonderful reader, I had a demo with her once and came back for a private and I'm very happy I did! I feel she connects very well and really looks into everything for you - I'm looking forward to her predictions! Thank you." ... written by Jena
Mimi is always so comforting and tells the truth about a lot of things. I'll be back for updates soon. " ... written by Sapphire456
She has always let me know the truth" ... written by Katie
Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Great reading" ... written by bba
Thank you for being such a great friend to me. Giving me clarity and confidence." ... written by wildrose
She's excellent !!!" ... written by Shirlena
Mimi always gives me great direction. She is straightforward, but gentle and will give me the support and the "push" that I need. Mimi is intelligent, insightful and caring... and if you get a reading from her, she will exceed your expectations! :)" ... written by Happy Mango
She is very fast and very accurate! I definitely would come for another reading." ... written by freyasmom
Amazeballs, you want the truth, hit this amazing lady up. The truth and nothing but the truth." ... written by Awesomesauce
Spot on!!" ... written by Sarah
Love Mimi. She has a heart of gold and is very connected to the cards. I love her readings." ... written by liz
Very honest and direct. Does not waste any time getting started. " ... written by gerrijj
Kind... reassuring.... and compassionate. Answered a lot of questions...." ... written by ann
Great :)" ... written by Autumne
Sweet as ever! She managed to understand everything with full clarity. Really made me feel better after the reading. =) " ... written by Sleepydreamer
Very straight forward reading" ... written by longlegs1112
thanks " ... written by wildrose
Good reading!" ... written by Chrissy
Thanks so much for your help." ... written by wildrose
So great to talk with and a great reader." ... written by luvuchaluka
Good :)" ... written by Emma
Wow, she is great!!" ... written by elle
Thank you Mimi for giving me the kick up the butt I needed. Very quick and informative too x" ... written by Beans
I love mimi! such a great psychic! very genuine!" ... written by Chrissy
She's great!!!!!" ... written by angie swanson
Mimi is great...very kind and soothing." ... written by cc
Thanks for everything." ... written by wildrose
Thank you so much." ... written by wildrose
She is fast. Honest. Accurate. She really brings clarity to all the questions you have. Thanks so much." ... written by Neke
Thank you for all your support! Being there for me always and helping me when I need you the most. I don't know what I'd do with out you. xoxoxoxoxoxox" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is awesome!!!! She doesn't waste ur time nor does she like for u to give her a lot of information. Her readings are always on point!!!!! I also love her free card readings via messaging. She's my favorite "O" psychic and I only use and trust her readings as they are ALWAYS accurate! Thanks Mimi!!!!!!!" ... written by A Williams
Great; had some good suggestions. Will connect with again." ... written by cj0209
Mimi is such a beautiful soul both inside and out!!! Very gifted and talented!! Everything she said resonated with me and my situation!! She was right on the money about the entire situation!! She predicted my Bf would come back in a demo, and she was right!! (I waited 6 months). I always enjoy chatting with her she is such a bright light and warm spirited. Mimi thank you for giving me the time-frames and clarification I needed in this time of uncertainty!! Many Blessings to you!! Om Shanti 8) xoxo " ... written by LibraDragon11
Lovely as always." ... written by Debbie
My ultimate confidante! She knows her stuff and is quick to answer questions with full details on the spot. Takes the time to know you and provides healthy good advice with outcomes. Really worth talking to!" ... written by Sleepydreamer
Very honest, insightful, and helpful!" ... written by Chelsey
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Thanks so much your assistance is always appreciated." ... written by wildrose
Great reading with clear and quick answers" ... written by Katie
I love her she is like my little sister who see things I do not understand. I really feel comfortable about what she tells me and Lord and Behold the man texted me and came over. So thank you for such a great reading she is natural and makes me feel at ease love her " ... written by Edna
Amazing and insightful reading . She is the best x" ... written by Blu
Very nice and understanding!" ... written by susette
thanks so much!!! you are great." ... written by wildrose
Loved me reading with her." ... written by Ann
I wish I had asked a better question there where some things that were correct I got confused with 2 orf the 4 ppl we discussed." ... written by Tiffany
Very comforting and informative!! Thank you!" ... written by Lisa
You area very intuitive and can tune into a situation very clearly! Thank you so much for reading for me!!!! It was a great pleasure!!!!!!" ... written by Wassiliane
Awesome reader!!! Very kind and detailed.. Good Good reading!!" ... written by Accentit
Love her. One of the best." ... written by samjval
thank you!!!" ... written by ladyseeking
Pretty straight forward, specific within reason; have to wait for outcomes of my situations, gave somewhat of time frames and estimates, reasonable" ... written by longlegs1112
Great reading as always! Accurate insight into current situation and how to improve it. Thanks so much!" ... written by boru
Such positive energy! first time having a reading with her and I came in feeling very down and she lifted my spirits.. the reading wasn't all that positive in regards to one situation but her advice and ability to bring back some light is why I will return. Highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
Very precise and clear. Helps me find peace and clarity." ... written by wildrose
Amazing lady , she helped me so much " ... written by blu
Mimi is my go to when ever i need to know something--kind f life a best friend!! her prediction in the past for me has come true. she's very genuine and i think if you haven't been to her you should try her :)!!" ... written by Chrissy
Wonderful reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by Sol
First of all she was so pretty and sweet and remembered me that was an amazing feeling. She was right on point with what I was feeling at the moment. Thank you so much for our chat your Great. " ... written by Edna
oh fingers crossed... thank you!" ... written by nimue
She was just and to the point." ... written by Tina
Quick and straight forward. Good reading!" ... written by PIGLETME
Love this lady she is a real gem. Thanks Mimilicious xx" ... written by Lisa
Always so helpful and to the point. Thank you for all you do for me and for your friendship as well." ... written by wildrose
Mimi is such a kind and helpful person, just great great great with a calming spirit. So down to earth and no sugar coating whatsoever!! I've been to her a couple of times and very pleased with the positive and negative. LOVE LOVE LOVE her and will continue to come back to her!!" ... written by tj
Man She is quick!!!! I am definitely looking forward to the predictions!!! I will keep you posted!!! Mimi thank so very much for sharing your amazing gift with all of us!! Oranum is lucky two have u!! Many Blessing to you!! Big (((HUGS)))!! 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
Thank you, always a pleasure!" ... written by Vanboom
She's great, confirmed what I already new, helped me make a decision about my love life :)" ... written by Leilani
I must tell everyone Psychicmimi is so awesome to talk to I feel she can be my little sister speaking to me. She always looks so happy and full of energy to tell you things that will make you laugh, smile so far no crying but I know she is a true person that no matter what will tell you what she feels. Thank you your an awesome person try her out she is good. " ... written by Edna
Great, quick follow-up reading and exciting news to come! " ... written by SoulDesire1
I found Mimi to be amazing! She has such wonderful positive and bright energy. She answered all of my questions in a very timely manner and was spot on! I would highly recommend and will return for future readings! Outstanding!! :o)" ... written by In2itive1
Tough one, but needed to be heard. Thank you darling. x" ... written by Blu
Positive reading that help lead me in a better path." ... written by Katie
As always got straight to the point on my two questions." ... written by cj0209
Very interesting info, direct, honest !" ... written by Sunny
Great and fast!" ... written by Her
I really enjoyed the session it was very informative." ... written by Jocelyn Francis
Thank you so much great reading !" ... written by Sunny
Thank you so much Mimi...very reassuring " ... written by irelandirish
Fast answers, encouraging, insightful. Have had some predictions come true but waiting for others. I enjoy her. Thank you for the nice reading ***** :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Mimi is sweet and accurate and quick on her feet! She's able to answer a lot of questions at once without a single pause of silence. Very friendly and always gives good advice!" ... written by Sleepydreamer
She will give you truth with a kind and clear heart." ... written by Katie
Got some eye opening answers, that I wish I had known sooner." ... written by Katie
As always was clear, concise and to the point. Will always recommend to anyone." ... written by cj0209
Thank you Mimi. Will heed your advise and move forward on making it happen. Appreciate your straight forward advice. Shall pray for good trip soon." ... written by jillian5
This is my 2nd reading with Mimi and i found her to be incredibly spot on with everything! I love her energy and she's very fast! Looking forward to future readings!! :o) " ... written by In2itive1
Very interesting.....thank you" ... written by Monalisa42
Wonderful!!! thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by Scadoodle
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
she was wonderful!!! :) thanks again mimi" ... written by Scadoodle
I enjoyed very much this reading. She was very clear on what she saw in the cards, positive and negative. Pretty much confirmed what I already know. Was able to answer a few questions in short amount of time. Will visit again soon. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Mimi is so amazing, I've had a couple of readings with her so far and she's absolutely incredible...I can't see myself going to any other reader now she has definitely "spoiled" me. Fast, to the point, no sugar coating, and on top of that amazing, love, LOVE her!!" ... written by tj
Mimi is lovely as always :)" ... written by tj
WOW!!! Hope it comes true! Can't wait," ... written by bm
Thanks and so sweet to talk to." ... written by luvuchaluka
Thank you so much for your honesty! I will be back to let you know how everything goes. " ... written by aerie
I love Mimi, very down to earth and accurate. :)" ... written by Leilani
Absolutely lovely reading, she gives such a beautiful positive vibe. I'll let you know how I go. Thank you so much for your words of inspiration" ... written by Tatjana
I've probably written more about Mimi than I know what to do with but she's just so amazing!! Absolutely love her and she's always so spot on." ... written by tj
Great help as always! Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
Love mimi!!!!!!" ... written by cc
I know she is always there for me she is so honest and gives me hope with that other special someone but I know things will happen with time. Thank you Mimi your an awesome person and blessed" ... written by Edna
Mimi's really quick and to the point.She's given valuable insight...and she's one psychic that truly wants to help you. Worth every single penny." ... written by QTyrone
Loved her, she was beautiful and warm! x" ... written by T
Always such a good friend. Thanks so much. xoxoxoxo" ... written by wildrose
Truly a beautiful soul, an amazing reading as always." ... written by tatjana
Truly lovely talking to you. " ... written by Tatjana
Gave me very quick answers that made sense. Would try again.Thanks." ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks again!!" ... written by wildrose
I love her!!!!!!! xxx" ... written by Blu
Thank for your time Mimi. I love talking to her, I feel at ease knowing I am on my right path and striving towards the positive future I am destined for. :)" ... written by Tickleme02
She hit it right in the head as usual. Private reading MiMI I love you chica!!!!!" ... written by Sunshyn
Just a quick reading, but as always phenomenal :D" ... written by tj
I loved my reading! You are awesome." ... written by Jocelyn Francis
Amazing. I will definitely use her again. I can't wait to see what she said unfold and I will be letting her know every step of the way! :) Thanks mimi. :)" ... written by Jessica
Wonderful first reading with PsychicMimi. Will return with good news, I hope!" ... written by Calizaliza
Sound advice." ... written by sms
she is a sweetheart and I enjoy my readings" ... written by tiffany
Wonderful! She has always been right on about everything. Gives great advice!" ... written by Hayden
Great reading. Really helped me understand what is going on." ... written by Katie
Answers were fast, quick and very definitive. It definitely gave me hope to believe and have faith. Thanks! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Very accurate. Told me what I needed to hear." ... written by alexis
Her readings are very fast! Answered every one of my questions with clarity. Thank you hon, xo. " ... written by Jaqueline
She is excellent! Had a quick read on a question I had and she answered it in seconds! I trust her insight and will heed her advice for sure. " ... written by Seeker1200
PsychicMimi is awesome, she gave me advice and told me what is currently happening with my career situation which is 100 percent correct since I am limiting myself and being picky. " ... written by Emerald
Great straightforward reading!" ... written by Katie
Thank you for being honest and being there for me." ... written by Linn115
sad reading but hope things will turn around as indicated. Very honest reading. Thank you." ... written by longlegs1112
Very nice lady, very accurate andamp; straight to the point.. I will be back. " ... written by misskk
I only had a few credits and Mimi did an excellent job answering my questions, she's fast, quick and accurate. I will certainly get rest, thank you." ... written by zamera
Very informative and helpful, was dealing with a lot of issues and didn't know which way to go she has helped direct me." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much, talking to you brings me such peace. " ... written by Tatjana
She is always sweet and supportive." ... written by Nyle
As always she is wonderful so real and a true wonderful person. Her cards do not lie they tell you what is real so she is truly amazing. Thank you Mimi, as always. " ... written by Edna
Always great to chat with and do reading very understanding and straight to the point." ... written by luvuchaluka
Great reading! " ... written by Katie
very informative. great insight and ideas. very sweet and kind disposition. intelligent with what she knows. thank you! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Thanks so much your advice is so helpful to me and I really appreciate your sincerity and friendship." ... written by wildrose
Very helpful and insightful. Thank you! You're so amazing. I'm definitely coming back to talk to you." ... written by ngonickie
Very fast connection, and tells the good with the bad. An honest read I feel." ... written by angelszone
Shes very quick n even know wat to ask her cards before i even say it. Very accurate n believable for future predictions" ... written by Linn115
I missed my girl , it was good to have a follow up. 5 stars as always, " ... written by Blu
As always, wonderful, love her." ... written by Edna
She's good." ... written by Nelson
Most amazing reading I've had very clear and to the point, no wasting time.... definitely will be back for more insight into whats going on. Thank you so much Mimi your Great the Best! xx" ... written by Prit83
Awesome reading, great details and lots of information and answers to my questions. Mimi was quick and didn't try to keep me in private longer than necessary. Very succinct, confident, and fun. Loved the reading, thank you and I'll be back for updates." ... written by Jennifer
Very informative and truthful with my situation. five star reading! Thank you ***** :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Great reading." ... written by Katie
Thanks Mimi for being my rock! U are fantastic n quick n always great with the advice!" ... written by Linn115
As good as always she is good gives me answers whether good or bad but i know she is looking out for us as people and there for me. She is awesome love this girl! Thank you for always being there for me." ... written by Edna
Always a great person to turn to ." ... written by wildrose
Always positive readings :)" ... written by Leilani
Thank you for the updates" ... written by luvuchalu
Thank u for all ur help again... " ... written by Linn115
Thank you darling xx" ... written by Lisa
AWESOME READER!" ... written by wel
She is very sweet. Good readings and very detailed." ... written by dee pennell
Not only did I have few credits but was able to answer all my ques before time ran out...she's excellent. " ... written by hfd
Thanks so much for your support and advice. xoxxoxoxox" ... written by wildrose
A plus plus, very good." ... written by Stacy R
Mimi is just amazing, so spot on with her readings and fast, no timing wasting straight to the point, highly recommended, gave great insight into situation, helping me make my next steps forward more clear and approach with confidence in what's right for me and what's not. Thank you Mimi. Totally amazing :)" ... written by Prit83
Wow very quick card reader, gives you tons of information. Picked up on a lot of things and gave me a timeline. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Mimi is wonder and sincere and honest about everything she tells me. thank you Mimi" ... written by melissa
Mimi, you are Awesome: This is my first time to your chat room. It was a great reading all the stars in the universe for you. You were fast, sincere, compassionate and most of all honest. I am so glad I was guided to you. May your gift bless you always.xx" ... written by Katrina
Thank u for helping me.. Its been rough but u have always helped! " ... written by Linn115
Always very helpful. Thank you so much for being a great friend to me." ... written by wildrose
Mimi 5 stars, she is always on point and like a sister to me, I love this girl. " ... written by Edna
Great!" ... written by spshp
Always reassuring!! And straight to the point, honesty is Mimi's thing :)" ... written by Leilani
Mimi is great 5 and more stars. xxxx" ... written by gerrijj
I loved her energy and I felt she gave me more detailed accurate info then a few others that I tried on this site. I would recommend her. I felt she was sincere,helpful and honest. I have been to two psychics before and felt like they tried to squeeze every dollar they could out of me with no real information. She is someone I would want to be friends with." ... written by orangeblossoms
She always gets it right, so insightful!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tat
Thanks so much. " ... written by wildrose
Thank you Mimi! Always good to rely on you. " ... written by Linn
Great as always!" ... written by Hayden
Awesome reading with direct and consistent information. Thank you so much for the confirmation! ***** :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Good reading, all truth! All I can say is wow." ... written by aa
Thank u for support thru my hard times." ... written by Linn115
I absolutely adore my readings with Mimi. She's amazing and I highly recommend her!! Thank you so much for giving me insight and hope for what's to come in the near future. :)" ... written by In2itive1
Always great to talk to Mimi... My only support that makes sense to me." ... written by Linn115
Psychicmimi always understands and helps me out when I need someone the most, she directs me on the right path. Forever grateful" ... written by Tat
Crossing fingers n toes over here too!!!" ... written by Linn115
Thank u for being my suppport" ... written by Linn115
Awesome reading! Very honest! I highly recommend her!" ... written by Flyaway
I feel much better, I've been feeling so miserable. thank you!" ... written by spaceship
Great and quick!!!!!!" ... written by David
mimi is a great psychic to get readings with I always come to her ." ... written by luvuchaluka
You helped so much thank you bunches." ... written by megan
Thank you for helping me feel less worried. I hope things will be fine soon" ... written by Linn115
Great quick read for a timeframe and I will adhere to it cause her past timeframes have been right on!! " ... written by Seeker1200
Awesome psychic, she gives great insight and I got the clarity I needed." ... written by Krista
Couldn't have picked a better person to read for me and give guidance. Thank you Mimi." ... written by Prit83
thanks for everything." ... written by wildrose
than you so much I love talking to you" ... written by luvuchaluka
WOW was recommended to me by other user, best reading ive had, and such a lovely lady " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
as always mimi is the the :) love her and her readings, always so spot on!!" ... written by tj
Muy bueno!! Always excellent...*thumbsup*" ... written by QT
She connected well and is fantastic. very light. one of my favorite psychics. and I do have a top five, she's in there :)" ... written by Nelson
AMAZING" ... written by jennifer naremskaya
thank you for the clarity!" ... written by Hayden
Very good. She did not need any of my details at all, and her responses were on point and genuine. Definitely would recommend to anyone searching for concrete answers." ... written by Marissa
Always accurate and QUICK" ... written by A Williams
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Thank you so much for your honesty, clarity, and kind heart! You were so patient with me! You gave me accurate answers about everything and I thank you so much for that! You are so sweet and I will be back! xoxo" ... written by Tiana
mimi is a blessing!! thank you mimi" ... written by melissa
love chatting with mimi and fillin her in on things great to talk to" ... written by luvuchaluka
always wonderful and helpful" ... written by wildrose
Fast reading" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reading as always! Very helpful, thanks so much!" ... written by boru
quick connection" ... written by angelszone
Quick connection and very honest! Hope all happens as she said will keep you posted." ... written by T.
mimi is great as always :) wasn't the news i wanted to hear but needed to!" ... written by tj
Always so helpful. Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Great reading as always! Very quick and insightful, well worth it. Will be back." ... written by boru
I loved this reading so hopeful and great I really really enjoyed it brought me a lot of new hope and im excited." ... written by indiabonita
thanks its always great getting reading with Mimi" ... written by luvuchalukausa
superb" ... written by yt
Very good and caring advice" ... written by angelszone
Shes so warm , like a mother figure." ... written by Nbarnes
thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Love card readings with Mimi. Very direct and to the point. Read exactly what is happening to me right now and now I know what I need to do, thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
I just Mimi's energy, she is so nice and very intuitive. She quickly picks up on the energy of my question and situation and her cards are very accurate. It's amazing how the answers are so accurate to what is happening and for what will come up. Always a pleasure to read with Mimi, take her private and she will definitely amaze you. Thank you!!" ... written by Jennifer
great!" ... written by Hayden
She was very honest and hit home on alot of things with me. I really liked her energy and felt very comfortable with her. I would definetly recommend her!!" ... written by Cathy
consistent with her answers. will have to let her know how things come together for me. very polite and sweet person. ***** (five stars) thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Thank u babe" ... written by Linn
Incredible. Spot on. Didn't miss a beat. Hit nail on head right out the gate, first question she was accurate 100%. Thank you for your messages and insight into my situations. I will follow up with how things turn out. Her energy and connection is wonderfully invigorating and I felt like we were old friends. I will continue to call on Mimi and hope that her life is full of love and light. Keep being amazing! 5 Star x 10! My Top pick." ... written by maxskyblue
awesome as always 5 star love this girl thank you" ... written by Edna
Awesome. 2nd reading. spot on. excellent. Thank you again!" ... written by maxskyblue
i love this women so calming to talk to." ... written by gerirish
Very insightful and detailed. I reay enjoyed this reading and could relate to everything that she told me." ... written by Maria
In june?? Oh no! " ... written by Linn115
Always gives encouragement! despite slowdowns or delays, she tells it like it is. Very informative. Really cares about people. Projects sincerity. Superior plus! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Very clear and concise reading she was great!!!" ... written by Penny
Great reading, very accurate." ... written by Pete
Great!!!! As always!" ... written by A Williams
Thanks Mimi loved the reading it was so great and detailed. Helped a lot and I finally made my decision. You are so great and accurate. Worth every penny." ... written by indiabonita
Excellent, I wouldn't go to anyone else, Mimi is by far the best." ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Never fails to clarify any questions I may have, helping me to make the right decision" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
really helped me to focus" ... written by longlegs1112
Thanks so much!" ... written by wildrose
Thanks babe" ... written by Linn115
As usual... shes always on point.... " ... written by Lala
Man she's good and it feels amazing to get a reading from her." ... written by nbarnes
No need to talk to anyone else. Shes the most accurate n most consistent in what is going on" ... written by Linn115
Always a pleasure my darling and such a great reading xx" ... written by Blu
Mimi is amazing. Gives me clarity every single time. She is the only one I turn to for answers. Thank you for kindness and honesty!" ... written by Cristal
so fast and honest. she gives really helpful tips" ... written by hhmit45
Thank you answer questions quickly and accurately" ... written by Debbie
always a pleasure talking to mimi. straight forward. no sugar coating and gives honest answers. thank you mimi :)" ... written by melissa
she is amazing the best of the best. Knows everything to the tee and will guide you down the right path" ... written by Tat
very good my first time with her" ... written by luckyanna
Its time to celebrate!" ... written by Linn115
5 stars as usually with specifics; great motivator! thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Mimi is very good. She is fast, honest, and detailed in her readings. She gave me details and timelines, let's hope it happens a little faster though = ) But thank you for the reading and reassuring me that this isn't over! Wonderful" ... written by Jennifer
Its really hard to stay with the faith that it will be ok. Whats meant to be, will be" ... written by Linn115
Thank u for ur support n advice" ... written by Linn115
thanks so much for all your support" ... written by wildrose
Mimi is great. No need to say more. :) " ... written by longl5egs1112
You are the only one who makes sense n knows the characters so well as if you know them personally. Will keep you updated and pray for June." ... written by Linn115
5 star, as always. really good to see near future" ... written by Nyle
love talking with mimi so good at what she does." ... written by luvuchaluka
A fast reading that was very informative " ... written by Katie
Love my Jersey girl xoxo She is so fast with her cards and they always seem to read into my situation. Answered my questions quick too, thanks hon xoxo" ... written by Jaqueline
Always direct, pleasant and fun to talk to. If you want someone who is genuine and offers you sincere advice then look no further. Mimi's predictions have manifested for me and I am at a point in my life where I am looking for surety that I am headed in the right direction. Everyone needs a slight tweak to ensure they are.. as always a pleasure and thank you." ... written by Tickleme
Oh Mimi, what to do! Another great reading with detailed answers. Thank you for always being honest, love you for it. We will see how things go and I will keep you updated." ... written by Jennifer
Thank u " ... written by Linn115
confirmed lots of things going on. makes so much sense. very accurate. so happy with how she guides me. many thanks! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Mimi is really wonderful in giving her readings and is someone I can say I will keep coming back to for more, I have had one of her predictions come true for me before and so I am hopeful for what she continues to see for me!" ... written by Jena
she's lovely. very accurate." ... written by nbarnes2
Thanks for all your guidance. It is always so appreciated. " ... written by wildrose
If you're ever stuck or took a wrong turn...quick come back and look for her! As always brilliant! Thank Q!" ... written by QT
always a five star reading with mimi :) thank you mimi" ... written by melissa
Thanks for the reading and update xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you sooo much Mimi, as always very quick to the point. Excellent " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Thank u babe! Always go to u for the accurate present" ... written by linn
mimi is always soooo awesome!! i love her all around :) she's helped me so much with things" ... written by tj
Wonderful as usual! Spot on with some solid advice that is very helpful to me and my loved ones!" ... written by ranigold55
Great reading as always! Thanks again." ... written by boru
as always mimi is her :)" ... written by tj
Great quick read for best days this week!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Mimi is great! She was so responsive, very quick to answer, and literally took the words out of my mouth. She even answered some of my questions before I asked her!" ... written by Slinky222
honest straight to the point. would want anything more from a read. Thank you soo much Mimi xx" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Thank you Mimi you confirmed what my instincts are telling me without me even hinting at it." ... written by nadyakb
Great to know where things stand" ... written by Linn115
AWESOME AS ALWAYS!!!! " ... written by A Williams
thank you mimi!" ... written by luxxicon
Thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
mimi is amazing sees it how it is right on point will let you know what happens" ... written by ashley
Psychicmimi is outstanding :)" ... written by Katherine
super reading thank you!" ... written by georgia
good ideas and suggestions. very direct with answers. really like her delivery of information. Thank you! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Excellent. The End." ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Thanks so much. Always a great friend to me keeping me sane and getting me through the bad times." ... written by wildrose
she was very sweet in answering my questions..very quick with the cards:)" ... written by aqua
She is quick and fast with her cards! Answered all my questions thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Top Woman x" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Great reading and very helpful as always!" ... written by boru
always a pleasure and very accurate." ... written by longlegs1112
alot of things she said before has happened!!! im excited abt the updates! she is amazing!!!!" ... written by angelic03
Great reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Awesome" ... written by Sparkle Pony
She was super sweet" ... written by Jess
always so helpful." ... written by wildrose
No messing around or sugar coating, questions cleared up and answered within minutes, won't be going anywhere else for a read :) " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
3rd reading a charm!! She is amazing and wonderful. If you are going to go get a reading and spend coins. You should rely on someone that is fast, reliable, honest, and REAL. She is the real deal folks. Don't delay, book her today before her prices go way up. I thank her for every reading and her energy is invigorating.5 stars" ... written by maxskyblue
always helpful" ... written by wildrose
she's amazing" ... written by nbarnes2
its always great to touch bases with her and to see how things are moving . straight to the point anf honest. love her" ... written by luvuchaluka
Good reading! Five starts for sure! :) thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
she is my angel always helps me when I need it the most" ... written by tat
she was great she nailed it wonderfully and answered all my questions thank you!!!! I def will come back for more answers thank you!!!" ... written by sunflowers33
Great predicitons, thanks :)" ... written by Jacqueline
as always mimi is great straight to the point honest and 5 star as always thanks hun" ... written by edna
very nice and straight to it, helpful and kind!" ... written by Kiran
Thank you, you're the best :) x" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
fantastic reader!!!! no sugar coating, fast, very accurate, her predicion came true previously. :)" ... written by jazzychic7
She's good." ... written by nbarnes2
Has helped me in so many ways, Mimi go's beyond just reading for you. Really is worth every minute you let her help and guide you" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
very nice reading with a sweet person who says things like they are. sure appreciate her talents! very accurate too. nothing but five starts all the way! HUGS!!!! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
LOVED my reading. It was like having it from my best friend. Very accurate, detailed, quick, and caring. provides time frames. Highly recommend. " ... written by S
pleased with the reading! she made a lot of sense. " ... written by leala23
mimi is the best! always and forever my fav person to talk too! everything she had told me. even in the past months and months ago. came true! " ... written by melissa
always love mimi!!! she is fast and accurate. thank you!" ... written by lisa
Mimi was uplifting, bright, and cheery as usual. She knows me well and certainly helps me to see the truth, not just what I want to believe or hear." ... written by Bryan
Mimi is awesome!!!" ... written by tj
A wonderful heartfelt reading from Mimi once again. Every emotions and question I had was answered. She is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to coming back again and again. " ... written by Linda
Psychic Mimi is awesome person and reader. I had many questions and she answered them thoroughly very fast, precisely, honestly and detailed. I liked that she was very organized!! Can't wait for her predictions to manifest!!! I would definitely recommend for a private reading! TY" ... written by Lefleur
mimi is truely an astonishing person. she reads with such great insight to my situation. easy to talk to. even looks into things deeper for me. i am very grateful that she is here to give me clarity and peace of mind :) " ... written by melissa
she is truly amazing inside and out, always guiding me through the confusing times" ... written by tat
Thank u mimi for ur words " ... written by Linn115
mimi is the best! can always count on her for clarity and details. she is a good person and i trust her readings" ... written by melissa
very specific again. has had a high accuracy. sure do appreciate your abilities. ***** " ... written by longlegs1112
She's such a sweetheart and amazing." ... written by nbarnes2
Just had my first reading with Mimi. She was very intuitive and helpful. I will be back!" ... written by Kat
Thank you again! Sorry, had to cut out short. I had nosies near me. :( Mimi was awesome as always" ... written by BRYAN
she was spot on!!!!!!" ... written by jayne
always amazing ! Thanks so much. you are wonderful." ... written by wildrose
mimi is awesome!! she truely is genuine and shes a caring and nice person with execellent insight and good advice :)" ... written by melissa
psychic mimi is 5 stars! shes awesome. the best! :)" ... written by melissa
great!" ... written by deiasallouti
very honest and open and super encouraging!" ... written by longlegs1112
im in shock! she is so wonderful andamp; gifted! she deserves a thousand stars!!! She is so kind and gentle, especially when giving news that you dont want to hear.....she tells it how it is and never lies!!! SHES AMAZING!" ... written by Mary
Psychic Mimi is a very gifted lady!! She knew the answers to all my questions and was very sweet!!! thanks mimi" ... written by Debbie
A good update. Mimi is excellent with her cards and she is always able to quickly tune in and provide relevant and truthful answers. I always enjoy reading with her, today was no different. She is terrific at what she does and has a gift to see the present and future. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
very good reader, i hope it all comes out in what she said cant wait to give her the update...thank you " ... written by misty
always sweet and kind. " ... written by mt
great psychic!! always good at giving the truth" ... written by Alice
mimi is such a wonder person, im very thankful to have mimi on oranum :) she is def one of my favs! shes got great insight and very good and positive guidance. going through a lot of changes and i know i can always count on mimi's intuition to guide me into a better path" ... written by melissa
wow! lotsa info. almost more than I could absorb in one sitting! very, very specific. lotsa accuracy in the past. so happy to know her! 5 stars all the way! Thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
mimi is brilliant as always 100 stars xxx" ... written by gerirish
clear readings of hope and truth" ... written by Katie
Thank u for helping me see where things are going n i m happy where things are. Will try to ease into things slowly" ... written by Linn115
Thank u for being there for me pretty babe" ... written by Linn115
very sweet and kind to me always. " ... written by mt
Another great reading! Mimi is very honest and very patient." ... written by Kat
Very quick reading! She connected so fast and didn't waste any time." ... written by cherryblossom10
love her, so sweet and kind. " ... written by mt
Great, quick and thorough reading. She's also very sweet. She has great energy and just tells you how it is. Thanks for the reading!" ... written by carosh
Mimi does more than just read for you, she gives you support advice and helps to direct you towards the right decisions/path. Such a lovely and amazing person, real connection there. Thank you so much for all your guidance :) " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
thanks so much for your support! Always so helpful. you are really my bffl." ... written by wildrose
Thank you for the quick reading. It helped to put my mind at rest that everything will be alright. Thank you. I will let you know the outcomes. She is always very accurate! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
very good reading!" ... written by aurelia
I don't know what my life would be without Mimmi she is the truly a blessing in this world. " ... written by Tat
thanks again" ... written by mt
If you want to hear the truth, go to her!!! She has surprised me with some answers. Very fast, honest, straightforward... I really appreciate your help Mimi" ... written by lefleur
thank you for confirmation." ... written by mt
She's good. Love her readings." ... written by nbarnes2
awesome as always 5 star" ... written by E
she is such a sweetheart , thank you so much for the honesty and integrity xx" ... written by B
Love the lady and will have a lot to tell her next week ;) Thanks for the advice xx" ... written by B
very nice reading and an honest person." ... written by Sapphire456
Thank u babe! Will come by soon" ... written by Linn115
thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Great fast reading that reviled a lot" ... written by Katie
omg mimi is sooooo ACCURATE...she confirmed what was going on with out me even telling her..i was like whhhaatttt!!! this is nuts..haha...thank you sooo much mimi..I will continue getting readings with you!! forgot to mention that you depicted a guy the same way told me how he would look and that's exactly what Im getting!!! you really are a true psychic!" ... written by Spaceship
She always knows how to make me feel better abt my situations. I thank her so much for that. She is wonderful and my favorite. She never let me down." ... written by angelic03
thanks for always helping me and being my bffl" ... written by wildrose
thanks so much for being such a good friend." ... written by wildrose
lotsa good suggestions. tremendous motivator. very helpful and sincere. helps one to accomplish goals. wonderful! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Fabulous reading. straight to the point. I enjoyed the reading. Mimi is a lovely person and easy to talk to and ask questions to. Very good energy will definitely visit again." ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
great update thanks mimi!" ... written by ashley
What a wonderful reading. All my questions were answered accurately and quickly. Psychic Mimi also picked up on factors that I never told her about the man I was asking about. I will return for another reading in the next few months. Yipeee" ... written by Stickytoffee
very accurate. cards spelled it out perfectly the situation at hand. just amazing! thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
very informative about a cross section of so many things. really helping me a lot. thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Thank u for reassuring me.. Neeeded it" ... written by Linn115
thanks so much for always being on my side" ... written by wildrose
my good friend and excellent reader." ... written by mnt1446
updates and great to talk to awesome" ... written by luvuchaluka
Honest as usual. Thanks Mimi!" ... written by carosh
she is lovely. very honest and straight forwad. very quick to give answers and her predictions are always coming true." ... written by paula
thank you. " ... written by mnt1446
thanks so much you are always such a great friend!" ... written by wildrose
Accurate, love this woman, always good." ... written by nbarnes2
Mimi has given me some great advice. Time to follow it and see what happens!" ... written by Kat
very fast. it is amazing how much she can answer in such a short time if you have your questions ready. thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
i love mimi she is aways accurate... fast and connects well!!!" ... written by lisa
She is just amazing , things are really happening as she predicted . she is so intuitive and never stop to surprise me. I just LOVE HER !!!! xxx" ... written by B
Nice reading!!Accurate as always!" ... written by aurelia
Mimi is so honest and real....she does not pull any punches, tells you what she sees and gives clear and honest answers. Always a pleasure. I even feel her voice is calming and brings joy!! " ... written by Linda
Great Reading, puts me at ease a lot" ... written by Katie
She was very good and seemed to knew what she was talking about. i would use her again! " ... written by Crystel
She's spot on and hit the point." ... written by nbarnes2
she was awesome gave me dates to go along with my questions i was super pleased!! " ... written by mrsrmvg
thank you my dear friend for being such a positive help always. " ... written by mnt1446
Good reading!" ... written by aurelia
very explicit and helpful with suggestions. always been accurate for the most part and consistent! sure do appreciate Mimi! thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Accurate in her understanding and picking up, and very sharp - her readings are delivered in a sweet and positive energy, and ultimately with truth and clarity. Trust her." ... written by Lana
Very knowledgable and supportive. Just love you so so much!!" ... written by wildrose
Thank u for ur constant support babe. Always can rely on ur answers babe" ... written by Linn115
she is my life line in this world always giving me the best advice " ... written by tat
She confirmed everything I had thought about a situation. thanks hon :)" ... written by Jaqueline
I just love this lady so on point and full of great advices _ most of her predictions came true so far . . Again just love her xx" ... written by B
Good, good stuff!! I really enjoy my readings with Mimi and her cards are very accurate and intuitive. Her readings are consistent and she is truthful and honest, which is always appreciated. There isn't any sugarcoating with Mimi and reading with her is informational and fun! Love ya Girl, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you for the quick and detailed update " ... written by D
very kind. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
Shes the best n the only person i will go to clarify things! " ... written by Linn115
thank you so much for always helping me out." ... written by wildrose
mimi has been dead spot on with predicitons based on single cards she drew for me. she has forseen amazing things coming up. I trust she is right!!! this is very exciting, def listening to her advice and staying positive. :)" ... written by jazzychic7
Thank u for being my rock!" ... written by Linn115
Very good reading!Thank you for the help!" ... written by aura
Praying everything will fall into place :)" ... written by Linn115
very kind and sweet. She is a good friend. I would go to her any time. Love you mimi." ... written by mnt1446
I was surprised, she mentioned something about my health and no one knows and she was dead on. I really like her! " ... written by Cindy
Thank u dont know wat to do without u" ... written by Linn115
Thank u babe. Sorry ran out of credits so fast. Will try not to be too bothered " ... written by Linn115
Just needed a little clarification on a current situation. Thanks, Mimi!" ... written by Kat
Very good." ... written by R
really connected with what was going on. it is amazing! thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Spectacular reading !" ... written by Lone
Great reader, supportive and kind too." ... written by JPM
wow she confirmed everything I already knew .. wonderful news all the way around .. knows the cards well.. I was impressed will get an update as things progress.. Many Thanks Mimi" ... written by beautifulmesss
it was quick but good, would do again" ... written by sj
always consistent and precision is amazing. thank you for letting her share her talent. very helpful. ***** 5 stars and more! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
What more can you say about our Mims? Absolutely on the money, and holding on the reality of a situation. She is honest and genuine and her prediction's do come to pass :)" ... written by Tickleme2014
her accuracy is incredible! really appreciate her abilities! thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Super special lady with fabulous gifts and wisdom also! She is a blessing to my spirit! Thanks for everything!" ... written by RaniGold55
Didn't connect as well as I did with others." ... written by Sparkle Pony
she was great as always!" ... written by cj0209
thank you so much i feel so much at ease 5 star awesome as always" ... written by dreamer
thanks so much" ... written by wildrose
Just ask her n she knows wats going on without me telling her!" ... written by Linn115
always sweet and kind. very special lady. " ... written by mnt1446
very informative and very sweet" ... written by saima
The Best Reader on here. Excellent Read!! Thank You Mimi your Amazing" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
She is awesome! I can't wait for another reading with her." ... written by sunshine
Mimi is the best! She is always fast, straight to the point and honest even with news that's not so great. But this news wasn't bad...will followup with her as she is very good at her work." ... written by Jules
Thanks so much! you are always awesome, always a great friend" ... written by wildrose
mimi is genuinely a good person, straight forward, speaks the truth and gave me strong insight to my situation. " ... written by melissa
Thanks again " ... written by Derrick
always so accurate in the long run. some things came to pass; others still waiting. very specific too. Thank you! 5 stars plus!" ... written by longlegs1112
Thank you for answering all my questions so quickly" ... written by D
Thanks for the insight it was very helpful" ... written by Derrick
Thank You Mimi ... glad we reviewed ~ been awhile, you are great and always a pleasure to get the truth and accuracy! You go girl !!" ... written by jillian5
cannot say enough good about Mimi. she is soooo good!" ... written by longlegs1112
ty Mimi just a short read to see how things r progressing .. I will def think about reaching out .. and let u know abt contact .. ty so much!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Wonderfully insightful as usual! Love Mimi.. she's the best!!" ... written by In2itive1
i love her she is always accurate with what she tells me. she is my go to girl." ... written by fallin
Crazy like soup, but amazing like chocolate. Yes, this amazing woman delivers the truth no incredible gestures of magically powers, straight down the line truth." ... written by Tickleme2014
I always enjoy my readings with mimi, pleasurable, accurate and kind :)" ... written by Tickleme2014
very helpful with guidance and encouragement. will have to let her know what happens. thank you! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Will be careful in sept " ... written by Linn115
<" ... written by Kat
always of great advice make me strong. Thanks lady xx" ... written by B
I come to mimi with questions and concerns and she is always right on the money.....I appreciate her connection and honesty...I can always trust her and know that I will have an insightful reading." ... written by Penny
Pray n hope this is the last one! Sept n dec :) " ... written by Linn115
very up front and direct. Straight talk no nonsense. " ... written by Robbin
good" ... written by Vanessa
FABULOUS!!! She is so sweet and put up with my plight in free chat and in private didnt ask 1 question,just told me what she saw and was only one out of 5 psychics that got it right! Thank U!" ... written by me
Thank u as always with the updates! Love u babe! Ur the best n i trust only u!" ... written by Linn115
Just went in for a quick update on a question and she answered quick and I believe right anyways, haha thanks" ... written by Jacqueline
TY Mimi you are very reassuring .. and consistent .. . you do a good job describing him and how he might react to things .. sounds just like him .. I know things are on the right path and I appreciate your time .. u were within a day predicting contact from him in our last reading .. so im sure it will happen again although I know time frames are tricky .. ty ty" ... written by beautifulmesss
lovely lady, always on target and beautiful energy. " ... written by m
I love her , and she is always so genuine and accurate . One of the best xxx" ... written by B
Always straight up and honest, confirms what I am feeling and really spot on with her accuracy. Cheers Mims ;)" ... written by Tickle
lovely lady " ... written by maria
shes sooo wonderful..confirmed my situation and one of her predictions came to pass..shes a total rockstar" ... written by spaceship
Thank you Mimi you described him perfectly .. you are a lot of help in understanding my situation .. as before you really seem to pick up on him he is a difficult man.. I'll just be as patient as I can .. at least I know it's coming .. thank you so much for your insight .. your time frames have been within a day or so of what you predicted and that's close enough for me ... thank you so much!" ... written by beautifulmesss
lots of info, very informative, needed to hear what she said. thank you! " ... written by longlegs1112
love her ! she is fast and does'nt waste your money and tells u the truth with out sugar coating anything. she is my go to girl!!" ... written by fallin
Great reading - will be back to post updates :)" ... written by Cece
Mimi is pleasant, and straight up which is exactly what you need in a reading. Thank you :)" ... written by TM
SHe is awesome!" ... written by spaceship
Mimi is always spot on and has your best interest at heart." ... written by TM
It's amazing how accurate Mimi and her cards are, she is consistent from each reading I have had with her. She gives good details and lots of information, she is thorough and truthful. She also comes up with questions to ask that I haven't thought about so the readings are always thorough and detailed. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Good reading as always!Thanks!" ... written by aur
very quick and concise. often her predictions have been perfect. thank you very much!" ... written by longlegs1112
Mimi is always great at providing clarity and support. So glad she's here!" ... written by Kat
Thank you Mimi for your honestly :) sometimes its not what you want hear but the truth is told with Mimi every time! " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Ur the best! Warnings on busy times n how it might affect me did come to pass and i m coping with it better and hoping the future predictions will hold! " ... written by Linn115
very direct delivery on information. accuracy is amazing. thank you." ... written by longlegs1112
thanks you are one of my favorite here on oranum and will always return. " ... written by luvuchaluka
Great reading as always! Very helpful." ... written by boru
great as always she is too the point and honest love this girl" ... written by edna
ty Mimi .. mimi is very sweet tells the truth in what she sees .. things have been a bit up and down but outcome still looks good .. MEN!.. lol ty so much MIMI " ... written by beautifulmesss
Awsome reading as always!" ... written by Aurelia
Always nice to have a check in and see how things are looking, manifest the positivity!!" ... written by TM
Honest!Straight forward! Thank you!" ... written by aurelia
Always know where i stand with Mimi , she is amazing and such a great comfort xx" ... written by B
Mimi is one of the kindest readers I've been to, I've had several readings with her, she gets right to the point, and all details and predictions she has made in the past have all happened for me so far! So I feel very positive about this reading and everything coming through for me. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Mimi is great, straight to the point and very helpful like always muwah!" ... written by TM
very good reading; precise info; will have to see if predictions come true; thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Oh so great to talk to you again my dear. Fast, accurate, honest and really straight to the point. Always a good solid reading with Mimi! " ... written by greek
Cheers love! Sometimes it's all about confirming what you feel and that is exactly what you did ;)" ... written by TM
Always a wonderful and sensitive reading....I come to mimi for advice and direction and she always has clarity for me. " ... written by penny
The only one I go to for updates! Always accurate!" ... written by Linn115
first reading with mimi...just wanted more of a timeline and she was able to quickly deliver. thanks again." ... written by ashleigh
Always the best. :)" ... written by Kat
Forever the one i go to verify things" ... written by Linn115
Good reading!Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
extremely helpful with what all have going on. really super reading! thank you! ***** :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Fabulous reading once again....everything i am feeling, Mimi picks up on and tells me it right back. Truly gifted..... " ... written by Linda
She is a 5 STARS!!!" ... written by Oolong
I've been using mimi for a while and she always brings me clarity. Thank you for everything mimi." ... written by Sapphire456
she really picked up on my situation. she is great, now will wait for predicitons. highly recommended" ... written by bem
love talkin with mimi great one of my favorites" ... written by luvuchaluka
shes super awesome" ... written by spachp
love this girl . the best and so accuraet " ... written by B
things are happening as predicted; quite amazing! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
ty mimi you are so encouraging ... u make me smile and that's tough sometimes ... I feel optimistic .. I appreciate you being honest .. ands answering all my questions .. very thoroughly .. ty ty " ... written by gerri/bmesss
Mimi is always so helpful!" ... written by Kat
really helped to make things clear. now, have to wait for outcomes. thank you." ... written by longlegs1112
Awsome as always!" ... written by aurelia
MImi is such a great psychic. she knew how I was feeling, what was going and cleared the confused messages I was having. thank you! I feel ten times better. you are the greatest which is why I'm always looking for you on here. " ... written by spaceship
Thanks babe! Always the best!" ... written by Linn115
Mimi is great, so on point! Thank you so much, let the fun begin :)" ... written by Ticklemes1
very specific, concerns are being addressed, will let her know what happens, she is very gifted and talented. 5 stars plus! thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Thank you. " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
mimi is great .... very honest in private...." ... written by gerirish
awesome. " ... written by pandalou1969
Can't say enough how amazing a connection I have with Mimi. She is absolutely like a soul sister. I have much love and light for her and send her many blessings for the guidance and assistance she offers. She is very accurate, sincere, and genuine. Right to the point, and never fluff or garbage. Thank you and I will always come back to my friend. " ... written by maxskyblue
she is so awesome. I love mimi so much. I feel so much better talking to her. she calms me when I need it and tells me the absolute truth. one of her predictions has come true and which is why I continue coming back bcus I know she is the real deal. thank you!!!!!" ... written by spaceshp
Mimi is such a sweet and kind reader, her readings in the past have always been very accurate for me!" ... written by Jena
U r the best n the only constant one i go to now! The only one i go to for the last one year! " ... written by Linn115
Fast Accurate" ... written by Johnny
Thanks!" ... written by Kat
Always great to connect with. She is a solid, positive, and honest reader!" ... written by greek
I think it is amazing how accurate Mimi is, her cards are spot on time and again. She quickly answers my questions and automatically know what I want to know next. This was a wonderful update with accurate information about now and what is potentially coming up. Thank you!" ... written by Jenn
Excellent full stop. Highly recommended to anyone and to top it off such a lovely lady. Thank you for the read :)" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Love Mimi! Another fabulous reading!! :)" ... written by In2itive1
awesome reading. straight to the point and worth listening to" ... written by lou
Creepy accurate n the only one in here i trust! :) thank u babe for coming in for me! " ... written by Linn115
good" ... written by smiley2011
She is quick and reads well" ... written by tasha_j
so much to absorb and know, so fast. she has been very accurate and the connect has been more than perfect. thank you very much! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Extremely helpful! She's amazing and I highly recommend her. She knew what type of questions I would want to know the answers to and quickly provided a detailed answer. She's great! Will definitely come back again to see her. :)" ... written by Sylvie03
Good reading!Thank for all your help!" ... written by Aurelia
Mimi is such a great adviser, friend, and psychic. She has this uncanny connection with her cards and they are spot on accurate every time I read with her. I just need to relax and stay calm and let everything fall into place. Thanks for the update!" ... written by Jenn
she is awesome! clarified what I was feeling and told me what was going to happen. so far looks good. thanks so much! " ... written by spaceshp
I always feel better after leaving her room" ... written by luvuchaluka
Mimi is so wonderful. Cards always confirm happenings and feelings I have of certain situations. Could not be more pleased with all developments and Mimi sees every one and what's to come. 5 stars for her truth and honesty!! " ... written by Linda
Finally managed to catch mimi n shes fantastic n the only person i go to in here. And i have been a customer for years with others. Now mimi is the only one i trust" ... written by Linn115
Talks with Mimi are sometimes my only source of sanity. So glad to have her around!" ... written by Kat
fast answers, forgot to ask something, but will get back to her. she can really zero in on things. Thank you!" ... written by longlegs
she tells it like it is! cards don't lie :D" ... written by jacqueline
another amazing reading, i definitely know what to do now thank u so much!! " ... written by jbe
ThANKS MIMI .. u said a lot of things I was thinking .. and confirmed what I thought .. thanks .. I will get there .. appreciate all your help and advice .. ty ty" ... written by beautifulmesss
helpful, kind, intuitive, sensible guidance, past predictions have been accurate, will let her know what happens. thank you. *****" ... written by longlegs1112
very fast and helpful" ... written by d
First reading with Mimi and blown away!!! Wow that was amazing :) " ... written by Martino
very fast with answers and specific. wonderful reading. five stars." ... written by longlegs1112
Great!" ... written by Aurelia
Very honest and insigthful reading. Thank you so much :) " ... written by Martino
Best to talk to in here n the only one i can trust!" ... written by Linn115
Lovely, always nice to catch up and see where things are headed. :) Great accuracy and amazing insight." ... written by Tickleme
Lovely and very gifted lady. Thank you so much!" ... written by Elaine Faber
She is wonderful! thank you" ... written by spaceship
Great reading and very helpful as always!" ... written by boru
Great quick reading! Will be back." ... written by boru
Excellent card reading with Mimi. Literally knew exactly what I was going thru and the cards showed each path how it would turn up depending on which direction I go. Thanks for the advice!! " ... written by Jacqueline
She is a 5 STARS!!! Excellent!! Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
Success just around the corner. Thanks, mimi. :)" ... written by Trista
had a very good reading with psychicmimi, she was very on point and accurate. said exactly how i felt about the situation and gave me guidance which i already knew was right by heart. she also gave me wonderful information regarding the future! thank you so much! :)" ... written by jjjj
Very good reading! Thank you!" ... written by Aurelia
Excellent reading and update. Truth, accuracy, and great details...what more can you ask for! Take Mimi for a reading, she is consistent, truthful and her cards are accurate." ... written by Jennifer
I always come to mimi for my readings. she told me a guy from work would be interested and she was so rt. her other prediction on my job situation came to pass as well. I mean I keep coming to her for that reason bcus I know shes a really amazing psychic. she is able to calm my nerves with her calmness and give me advice. she truly is a sweetheart with a gift to help others. " ... written by Sacshp
Thank u for being there for me all these months n years. Always the one i can count on!" ... written by Linn115
Mimi is great, you would be foolish not to try one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by TM
Definitely will post a photo of the news when it happens! :)" ... written by Linn115
quick, simple and precise." ... written by RB
Wow... Everything is coming true like mimi says... Freaky! Get well soon mimi! " ... written by Linn115
She was awesome and spot on! Love her!" ... written by Meghan
Wow that was very honest reading and accurate. Thank you so much :) " ... written by Athlean
<" ... written by Kat
Honest and accurate anwsers wow still amazed. Shes amazing. Milllion stars. God bless you :) " ... written by Athlean
Oops.. Always havent got enough time with mimi! Hope u get well soon! Thank u for ur fab readings as usual" ... written by Linn115
lots of info exchanged to help me with my situation. thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
thank you soo much for the great reading! " ... written by md
Mimi is great n the best! Always can count on her to tell me whats going on. " ... written by Linn115
Thank u as usual! My only go to person in here! No one else i trust more!" ... written by Linn115
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading Mimi. You are truly a star and god bless you :) " ... written by Martino
Wow what an accurate reading. Thank you so much :) " ... written by Martino
Cant wait to tell mimi the good news!! :)" ... written by Linn115
She seemed accurate and made some predictions...hopefully they come to pass. Her predictions matched with what others have said even though the situation with him has changed dramatically; so I'm hopeful. " ... written by Jennifer
Very honest reading. Will see what happens. " ... written by Cindy
Great reading!!! Will come back and provide with feedback as soon as things come to pass!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Best one in here for me! Thank u mimi!" ... written by Linn115
I will be very interested to see if her predictions come true. So far she has been right many times. Thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
lotsa information this time, wow! I was able to get some confirmations on things which was great. thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Mimi is beyond amazing so honest and accurate wow. Heart is racing.... thank you so much and god bless you :) " ... written by Martino
such a caring lovely lady. thank u so much for all ur help! will be back :)" ... written by jb
Mimi was fast and accurate... She felt my situation and I knew the questions I was going to ask would be right on. She gets five stars from me amazing.." ... written by Rach
Another great reading with Amazing Mimi. Thgank you so much for all your help :) " ... written by Martino
Mimi is amazing, I had so many questions in my head all day and she has really let me see the light, her advice is what I needed... Thankyou so much MIMI " ... written by rachel
Anwsered all of my questions with honesty and accuracy. Wow seriously freaky stuff. Mimi is great at what she does. Truly amazing. God bless you :) " ... written by Martino
MiMi was awesome, quick and on-point as usual! Definitely my go-to for insight!" ... written by Luv2Write
Thank u babe! U r the best! " ... written by Linn115
She is so quick and fast shuffling those cards, haha. Amazing but the cards read exactly what was going on. Thanks hon :D" ... written by jaqueline
Excellent reading! Great to catch up again and always spot on, honest and can accurately asses the situation. " ... written by greek
She is awesome! She is very accurate about everything we spoke about." ... written by sunshine
Amazing as always come back as often as I can and get insight into my life and questions answered swiftly and on point. She is straight forward, quick and picks right up on the energy of the situations she is asked. Mimi is a wonderful and bright energy that is very comfortable and friendly to speak with. Fast, helpful and a blessing in my life. Hope she can bring you the answers you come to seek as well. if there were 10 Stars I would go 10!!" ... written by maxskyblue
Nice to have a catch up, it's been a while :)" ... written by Ticklemes1
Mimi has been so helpful in keeping me on the right path. I'm very grateful to her! Hopefully everything will work out in the end." ... written by Kat
thank you mimi great insight on this new person i am excited thank you so much 10 star your amazing" ... written by edna
Mimi's the best as usual! Love her!" ... written by Linn115
Mimi mimi I was feeling so down today and she put the smile back on my face. What a beautiful soul:) SHe is my go too the person I do trust here and the one I want my readings with.... Thankyou for your words and making me feel happy again.... she gets a million stars from me...." ... written by rachel
Cant go without my weekly dose of mimi! " ... written by Linn115
Very good reading!" ... written by aurelia
Thank you very much for the nice reading and clarity. It means alot. " ... written by Martino
Thank you so much for the reading Mimi. You are truly a blessing :) " ... written by Martino
Mimi is good spot on and helpful highly recommended! " ... written by SpicyxPepper
Wonderful reader always gives me lots of clarity and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
great women recommend anyone looking for a good reading to get one from her." ... written by luvuchaluka
She confirmed exactly what I had thought. Thanks hon :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Mimi is the BEST, so sweet and caring in her readings... I went in feeling down and came out smiling. She has a way of helping you with life and things Happening to let you see its going to be ok.. she is a god send. an amazing Person for sure. 5 stars. You you want answers and the truth go to and light mimi..." ... written by Rachel
she's awesome! Very accurate!" ... written by sunshine
Perfect every time! Truly wonderful and honest reading, Excellent full stop. Thank u Mimi :)" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Awesome... sweet, honest and encouraging! " ... written by BB
Always a great reading she has such wonderful insight!!! " ... written by penny
she is amazing, always knows exactly what is going on in my life and she gives true guidance. " ... written by Tat
Very quick and secure. " ... written by KAtrina
Best psychic ever thanks for being straight to the point!" ... written by dg
Thank you for your amazing insight Mimi. It means alot. God bless you. " ... written by Greatness
Always a pleasure with Mimi :) Thank you so much " ... written by Grateful
Thank you mimi! Love ya! Love our weekly chats!" ... written by Linn115
love mimi she tells u like it is .. and is very consistent in her readings .. will be back for updates " ... written by beautifulmesss
Always a pleasure! Mimi keeps me on the right path." ... written by Kat
Thank you very much for the clarity once again Mimi. God bless you. " ... written by Grateful
Thank you mimi it seems u are the only genuine psychic in this website. thanks for being straightforward" ... written by dg
Perfect reading!!! amazing person!! accurate and straight to the point! Love Mimi xxx" ... written by SpicyxPepper
really nice, very sincere. picked up on things right away" ... written by Deb
forever grateful for all of your guidance, she helps me walk the right path " ... written by tat
thanks your great as allways" ... written by luvuchaluka
Excellent, swift and sure!" ... written by Neu
Mimi was very clear and solution oriented. Recommend " ... written by DD
she was amazing! loved the reading. positive energy and very accurate, thank you mimi!" ... written by bb
wow, she blew me away with her accuracy, with her amazing card skills!!! 100% clarity, confirmation, everything!!! wow!!!" ... written by lillies
Thank you Mimi again! you always make sure iam in the right path. you are the best" ... written by Dg
Good update as usual. Mimi is really great, honest, consistent, and detailed. " ... written by J
Always honest, even when it hurts. Thank you, Mimi." ... written by Kat
Wow what an intense reading from amazing psychic :) " ... written by Adam
Great reading!!! Thank you Mimi!!" ... written by Mariela
she is truly amazing " ... written by tat
Great reading and very insightful, as usual." ... written by boru
Thank you darling for the reading and for all your predictions that have come to pass. Thank you for your constant honesty, patience and clarity. You are the best ! and it is always an absolute pleasure to have a reading with you xx" ... written by Myrtille
Very good" ... written by Loveanddlight
Just needed an update on things and Mimi is always so honest, straight forward, and accurate...her consistency is one reason I keep coming back. Excellent reading as usual. If you want the truth and answers take her private." ... written by Keeping the Faith
Still the one i trust most! Hugs! Get well soon!" ... written by Linn115
very acurate" ... written by lovely
Thank u so much for the reading today! she was spot on and very accurate :) so im glad - praying for all ur predictions to come true :) xoxo" ... written by Adiz02
Mimi is great with the card and realistic. She hones into the situation and accurately describes what is happening in a situation." ... written by Tickleme
Very accurate and a good reading overall....hopefully it comes true. Waiting is the hardest part." ... written by Jen
Very honest and accurate reading. Truly grateful :) " ... written by Marcin
Mimi's readings are very spot on, I've been around this site for a few years now and these past months I have been coming back to her as her accuracy for me has always been excellent. Everything she has said has been happening for me, and tonight she even guessed accurately what city someone is living in! She's also quick with her answers and doesn't waste time either." ... written by Jena
I really dont know how she does it, she is so good at perceiving what happens. Impressing" ... written by Katrina
she is amazing, always guiding me when I need it the most." ... written by tat
Honest and accurate reading. Thank you so much :) truly grateful. God bless. " ... written by Martin
Weekly updates with mimi is a must!" ... written by Linn115
Mimi thankyou so much for the reading :) always a pleasure" ... written by rachel
Great as always." ... written by boru
Just cant wait for my updates with mimi! Always great to listen to whats coming up! " ... written by Linn115
I am truly grateful for your gift Mimi. Thank you so much :) " ... written by Martin
Thank you Mimi. For the wonderful reading. Honest and accurate. " ... written by Martin
Always great to read with Mimi, she's got a great connection with her cards. She is honest, detailed, and accurate! " ... written by Jen
Thankyou :)" ... written by rachel
Mimi is absolutely wonderful. Im so glad i found her. She’s honest and she knows what she’s saying. She connected so well to my situation and the cards she pulled out for me were absolutely spot on. There was nothing vague about the answers in fact i walked away with a couple of action points. If you need answers to real problems, this is the one psychic i recommend. Out of all the psychics I’ve tried on Oranum, she’s got to be the BEST." ... written by aby_ms
Amazing reading and very helpful regarding what actions I should take." ... written by boru
Mimis predictions are so spot on, thanks love ya xo" ... written by TM
mimi is always so freaking awesome!! such a wonderful person and truly honest reader, no sugarcoating at allll!! " ... written by tj
Hi mim thank you thank you! again! ur one of the best! finally i encountered a real tarot reader." ... written by Dg
Thank u mimi! U r the one i go to for my weekly inspiration for my future!! Love ya!" ... written by Linn115
Thank u mimi! " ... written by Linn115
thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
Mimi is always awesomeeee, I've been coming to her for a longgg time and she's helped me through some very difficult times. And now that things are much, MUCH better she's there to hold my hand so that I don't panic anymore about the small stuff haha." ... written by tj
Intense reading. Thank you so much :) " ... written by Adndrew
I trust the woman" ... written by Debbie
Great reading :)" ... written by Katrina
i love her she's great " ... written by ebony
she is lovely. so genuine and sincere, i go back to her on a regular basis. she can pick up on things straight away without being given any information. lovely personality. excellent." ... written by Paula
Wonderful reader always very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
:) Five stars " ... written by Katrina
Thank you so much Mimi for the great reading :) " ... written by Andrew
A nice session, with some many points so spot on. Mimi is great and she has predicted so many which has come to pass I've lost count! She is honest, direct and realistic. Love her!" ... written by Tickleme
thank you so much mimi! had a wonderful reading, very accurate too. cards came out exactly what i thought :) thanks again!!" ... written by bb
Mimi is by far the very best reader I've ever encountered. She's very quick with her readings and always spot on! I always look forward to my readings with her, as she also gives me hope and inspiration. I highly highly recommend a reading with her and look forward to my next one! A+++ :O)" ... written by In2itive1
lovely lady and good readings" ... written by gchild001
Well Mimi is very thorough. A master of her art :)" ... written by Katrina
Love my follow up with my dear Mimi , she is always so accurate , straight to the point and no sugar coat . Thank you my dear xx" ... written by B
ty MIMI you are always straight up and things are still consistent as far as outcome .. I really enjoy our readings because I know u will tell me the truth in what u see .. no sugar coating , I don't want to be mislead and I feel you would never do that.. ty again always grateful." ... written by beautifulmesss
she is the BEST on here and anywhere, she's the real deal and always helps when you need it the most." ... written by tat
As always mimi is freaking awesomee! Very accurate and I love love LOVE her!!" ... written by tj
Always the best reading I get, so on point, very clear and detailed, no information needed, Mimi is truly great! Thank u Mimi x" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
We did a round check on a couple of potentials, and I know to trust Mimi when it comes to this she has never led me astray :)" ... written by TM
she always knows how to help me and sees my situation very clear. Her guidance is a blessing in my life." ... written by tat
she has been right all along." ... written by Nicole
SHe's good its been a while since I talked to her" ... written by Nelson
excellent. on point. great read. she is top notch." ... written by max
Top psychic and amazing. always fast and on point. She is the best here" ... written by Maxskyblue
she is excellent. always picks up on things very easily. is soothing and calm and has lovely energy. her predictions always are very clear and come true. i go back to her all the time." ... written by paula
she is excellent. the best. so direct and straight to the point. all with no info just uses the cards. i continue to go back to her for guidance and clarity. " ... written by paula
This is probably like my 100th review this week but can't help it, mimi is so doggone awesome!! Love her!!" ... written by tj
I was feeling a little deflated and Mimi's reassurance helped and directed me to a more pleasant outcome. As they say patience is a virtue." ... written by TM
Great reading." ... written by Lorann23
Mimi is always awesome!!" ... written by tj
Thank you mim for your advice i will keep you posted about what happened! ur the best" ... written by dg
fast, awesome answers, answered all my questions with assurance. amazing psychic! thank you soo much! Im excited for the next phase of my life. I would highly recommend Mimi!" ... written by Sparkle5682
she is excellent." ... written by paula
Great information, details, and honesty. Mimi is really fantastic!! " ... written by Jenn
mimi just gets right with everything to a T everytime! thank u so much for all those confirmations, soooo fast too! extremely accurate. can't wait til next month! thank u so much :))) xoxoxo" ... written by val
love this lady" ... written by luvuchaluka
She seems to know why i m here for the reading before i even ask - sent me an email to tell me how i m feeling before we even talk. She awesome!! " ... written by Linn115
she is truly the best here " ... written by tat
Thank you soooo much my darling xx making me strong xx" ... written by B
she is amazing truly the best here " ... written by tat
Oh mimi is awesome love her " ... written by Edna
Thank you mimi again ur the best ! " ... written by dg
love getting reading with this lady one of the best on oranum." ... written by luvuchaluka
thank you so much for a positive reading. i feel relieved and uplifted ." ... written by leodragon2014
always amazing!" ... written by cristal
got my usual updates with mimi :) love her so much and thank you so much for all the advices! i will definitely take it by heart and follow! xoxo" ... written by val
Enjoyed reading" ... written by Roseanna
Always can count on her for truth !!" ... written by Penny
AMAZING!!! Completely WOWED ME!!! You must get a reading from Mimi! She is absolutely mind blowing, great advice awesome connection... honest to the point. Quick! I can not wait to follow up! Wow! she knew everything about my situation with out me having to say anything! She gave me such comfort and peace in my heart. I can breathe! God bless!!! Wow wow wow!!!" ... written by Ang3l33
mimi gave me much needed clarity!! 5 stars to this gifted lady :)" ... written by melissa
Thanks Mimi for another amazing reading! i sure will keep you posted!" ... written by DG
mimi is always so freakin awesome!!" ... written by tj
she is amazing honestly the best here" ... written by tat
absolutely amazing! such a lovely spirit! will defiantly have more readings x" ... written by mimi
Thank you Mimi very, very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Angie
i don't know where i would've been without mimi's guidance. she is such an amazing woman with the most beautiful energy :) thank you for everything as always xoxo" ... written by val
second reading this week with mimi" ... written by val
THNK YOU MIMI UR THE BEST" ... written by DG
FANTASTIC spot on, super reassuring, loved it.. highly recommended!" ... written by ana
ONCE AGAIN MIMI HAS STUNNED ME!! love her to bits" ... written by MIMI
5 stars thank you for your advice and reading. you are the best" ... written by DG
amazing. best of the best.. thanks " ... written by Max
enjoyed my reading gives me lots of information to go on and helps me think" ... written by a
On point, quick, straight to the answers. She is right on and no fluff. Her readings are insightful and accurate. Gives it to you as it is out there. Enjoy her readings each time and will continue to keep coming back." ... written by Maxskyblue
what a sweetheart , thank thank you my darling xxx" ... written by B
Very accurate, best on site. Thanks for being so accurate" ... written by Maxskyblue
Great reading! Very insightful, thanks so much." ... written by boru
I really love getting my updates with Mimi. She has this connection to her cards that is unbelievable, time after time, they are so consistent and trustworthy. Mimi is fast, detailed, accurate, truthful, and she automatically knows what to ask because she always remembers my situation! Wonderful, loved this update, great things coming up!" ... written by Jenn
Mimi is an angel, she sees your situation as it is and gives true guidance. " ... written by tat
Perfect reading as always!!! thank you once again Mimi xx" ... written by SpicyxPepper
always very good xxx" ... written by amelia
WOW is all I can say- Not just because Mimi had some positive info to share with me, but she was able to pinpoint some of the things I've been dealing with, and interpersonal issues I've been struggling with, that nobody else knows about- Mimi also absolutely DOES NOT WASTE YOUR TIME- She spoke in a quick, rapid manner and really put 10 times more information in our time together, than another person on here that cost me $4.99 a minute- Bottom line, Mimi was great and I will DEFINITELY BE BACK- Thank you" ... written by Rolph1
Mimi is the only one i go to... Never fail to see whats coming. No need to see anyone else! :) " ... written by Linn115
Thank you mimi you always answering all my concerns! you are the best psychic here!" ... written by DG
She is a truly awesome reader and connects so well. She is honest and kind and really gets deep into the situation. I trust her guidance." ... written by greek
Mimi told me a certain guy whom I ended up going out with was only a dream in the last reading, turned out to be SO true! all talk and no walk. She will give you quick and exact predictions with time frame, that has come to pass many times for me. love coming to mimi for guidance and updates, always will. and i will go to that store this week! thank you so much hon xoxo" ... written by val
she was great, she did pick up on what was going on with me. i will wait now for her predictions. " ... written by bem
i've had a reading with her under a different username a year ago. everything she told me came true and correct. It was so dumb of me going to different people because i wanted a different answer(only lost my moneY), i didn't want to believe what she told me was true, because its not what i wanted to hear. i'm glad i had this reading with her and i will come back in a month to see what happens. thankyou." ... written by cindy
had to come back to mimi for an update because once again, what she has told me before had come to pass. she even got the appearance right! and today's reading was just right on the dot as always! she knew everything :) love u so much mimi and thank you xoxo" ... written by val
She was so kind and patient with me. Seemed to connect well. Will be back in a month or so to update :) xoxoxo " ... written by nas
Excellent reading, really connects very well to the situation. Always great advice and honesty from her." ... written by greek
Thank you for the detailed reading. " ... written by d2k1000
She was lovely, right to the point, no sugar coating. " ... written by Sarah
She always tunes into my situation so well! Thanks again! " ... written by Md
I love mimi, she's the best. Lighthearted and to the point, no fluff!" ... written by Andrea
Mimi is a the best I've ever seen, not only does she provide you with guidance but she's also your friend helping you out as much as she can. Forever grateful for all that she's done for me " ... written by tat
awesome as always " ... written by Pattyg
Thank you" ... written by Debbie
Mimi is amazing, so spot on and accurate. I've read with her many times and she never fails to pick up on what is happening around me. She has a radiant soul that personifies her reading to a whole different level. In truer words, she is legit.. Happy Holidays beautiful and here to 2015!" ... written by Tickleme_1
she always heals the soul and helps u out " ... written by tat
Thank you for the reading Mimi, you are very kind. " ... written by Ben
Psychicmimi is absolutely amazing. She is very intuitive. I look forward to her predictions coming true. Thank you! psychicmimi, I will keep you posted. " ... written by Samantha
mimi is just always right with everything she says, which is why i always come back to her :) i can always count on her for everything, can't wait for the new year!!!! happy new year mimi and thank u as always!! xxo" ... written by val
thank u mimi so much for all the confirmations!!! love u so much!!" ... written by ang
great read" ... written by gregg
Thank you soo much Mimi you just confirmed what I needed to hear. You're amazing, thank you for your help and guidance. " ... written by Samantha
five stars" ... written by starfish57
as always very helpful and a great source for getting information and resources. good specific reading!" ... written by starfish57
Happy 2015 mimi! Cant wait to share the new year's many news with u babe!" ... written by Linn115
I always thoroughly enjoy my readings with Mimi. I have to admit that card readers are not my favorite, but Mimi is definitely the exception!! I really love how her cards are accurate and consistent time after time. It amazes how the answers to my questions make sense and the predictions are sensible, plausible, and they apply to the situation. They are never far-fetched and too far into the future where I am waiting around for months on end. Reading with Mimi always centers me and puts me at ease. She is truly a gifted expert at what she does and she has the ability to be truthful, kind, fun, accurate, consistent, and most of all reliable with every reading I have with her, thank you so much. It's going to be a great year coming up!!!" ... written by Jenn
Impressive reading. She picked up on my situation without me giving her much of any info. I'm so lost with my situation but I'm hoping she was accurate in her predictions." ... written by l
straight forward and to the point. no waisting time! tells you the truth and no sugar coating. thanks hon :D" ... written by jqueln
MIMI thankyou so much for the reading... You really have me thinking about what it is I need to do in 2015... I have missed you and look forward to seeing you again, BIG HUGSSS and a zillion STARSSSS" ... written by rachel
Than you mimi for the advice again! thanks for helping on this stage of my life." ... written by dg
Wow, For a first time reading, it matches everything that my regular readers have given. Thank you for validating everything. You will be one of my regular readers." ... written by Joseph
sweet lady. gave me a prediction, will report back when that comes true." ... written by A
Mimi is really fast and accurate" ... written by Kat
great reader always come back to her " ... written by luvuchaluka
She told me what she saw... I believe she was being honest and genuine. No sugar coating give her a try." ... written by n/a
Always a pleasure. :)" ... written by Kat
Excellent!" ... written by sati11
*****" ... written by starfisy57
another amazing reading. two of her predictions already came true, and one within the same day. i'm so happy i found mimi again." ... written by cindy
best tarot reader here at oranum!!! try her out you wont be dissapointed! she gives good advice to fix your problems! " ... written by Dg
Great reading, truthful and insightful. Great advice. I shall see what happens." ... written by janesi
Mimi predicted something prior to Christmas, and it is certainly on it's way to be complete... all I can say DANG. Thanks love!" ... written by Tickleme
Thank you for the clarity and the explanation why all these things are happening to us. It gives me a big relief." ... written by Joseph
Just a couple of follow up questions from our last reading and of course Mimi delivered as usual! Her cards are very consistent, accurate, and honest and her intuition always serves me well. Another wonderful reading with good information, details, predictions, and insight. Thank you." ... written by JL
Thanks Mimi! your the best!" ... written by dg
Mimi is a wonderful reader, she provides the clarity in a reading you need and tells you the truth. No sugar coating, just the facts. So much information that I have to record our sessions. Love n Light xo" ... written by Tickleme
I liked her energy and her honesty vary sweet and kind Id defiantly go back ." ... written by christy
Appreciate Mimi .... looking forward to the time ahead ... changes are coming. Ha ha you saw the hesitation, but it will be okay." ... written by jillian5
Thanks mimi for the update!!! ur the best1!" ... written by dg
Wonderful reader informative" ... written by pinkpather30
lotsa confirmation but it was good to hear it all." ... written by starfish57
aaaalways great and right on with all her reading ." ... written by luvuchaluka
She is awesome , really totally in love with her" ... written by aggad11
Thanks, Mimi!" ... written by Kat
wonderful reader. I am always happy with our readings." ... written by andrea
thank you!" ... written by strawberries /tara
thank you for your help .. I appreciate it .." ... written by princess1218
Mimi can read my mind! Shes wonderful and I don't go to anyone else anymore! " ... written by Linn115
Very Good and very insightful,,,went back twice because whe was so on target. Thank you...She is not a phony!" ... written by Anthony
Thank you soo much Mimi.. you were so right about everything. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Samantha
I go to mimi for all my concerns... Even the silly ones.. Mimi doesnt judge and shes sweet n understanding" ... written by Linn115
Perfection!!! Mimi has this fantastic connection to her cards and it amazes me that they are so consistent time and time again. She is great during a reading, she answers questions with nice details, accurate assessments, and with sound predictions for what will come up. Predictions have come to light and I will continue to come back for updates as things progress as she sees them. Another outstanding reading, thanks!" ... written by Jenn
got my answers, yay!" ... written by cindy
gave me some good advice and needed support. " ... written by sparkly1
Great reading, Thanks Again Mimi" ... written by Kat
Mimi is very very fast. No sugarcoating, very direct and still caring. " ... written by Kat
Wow wow wow thank you! You're amazing!" ... written by candice
she is great!" ... written by Kiera 123
Everyone should go see mimi" ... written by rayray
Good stuff, relieved some of my fears about things coming up and now I know what I need to do. Thanks!!!" ... written by Jenn
my go to girl!" ... written by cindy
Thank you! She said something that's so surprising! She knew what was going on! :D" ... written by Candice
Mimi is wonderful to talk to n tells me incidents that already occurred n i havent even update her about. So funny n accurate! " ... written by Linn115
very consistent with predictions and outcomes have been congruent. she is good! thank you. 5 stars!!! :)" ... written by starfish57
she was wonderful" ... written by kassandra
Always my go-to whenever i am in doubt!! " ... written by Linn115
thank you" ... written by strawberries220
Always so helpful! I always do my best to follow her advice because she's pretty much always right." ... written by Kat
insightful!" ... written by diamond
Mimi is one of my favorite readers on here! The connection she has with her cards is uncanny, that paired with intuition is what makes for a wonderful reading every time. She is consistent, accurate, detailed, and always truthful and fun. Her predictions also come to pass! That is why I am regular and repeat client. Thanks again!" ... written by Jenn
Seriously SO good! Take Mimi private for the answers you need! She is honest, consistent, and accurate!" ... written by J
Love this lady! She's awesome!" ... written by candice
Mimi is straightforward and honest about what she sees while still being caring. I enjoyed my reading and would recommend her. Gave me predictions which I will be back to update." ... written by GratefulOne14
very helpful with suggestions and possible solutions with matters. warm, friendly individual who really enjoys her work with genuineness in a positive manner without being plastic. " ... written by starfish57
the best xx" ... written by Blu
Mimi was fast and on point! I appreciate her not wasting time and getting the issue and answering directly. She is a genuine talented reader." ... written by Grace
Thank you Mimi! Always great reading!!!" ... written by Mariela
mimi was very good - i loved her style and looking forward to her predictions :) " ... written by s
Thank you soo much Mimi for your help and guidance. You're amazing. I will keep you posted =)" ... written by Samantha
Mimi is always awesome ♥" ... written by tj
1,2,3, Flip...Mimi is amazing. I have never seen such speed and accuracy...she even knows a question before asked. She is good and I mean real good. I was totally amazed at her insight and she is so connected it is amazing. " ... written by Bronxie
She reassure what I was feeling. Now I feel I am on the right track. She was great. " ... written by Shortyvel
Mimi is always awesome, fast, accurate, and to the point. No sugar coating at all :)" ... written by tj
Great reading! Very helpful and insightful." ... written by boru
great and always come bac." ... written by luvuchaluke
Amazing reading!! thanks mimi for the clarity and reassurance(:" ... written by Ayane
ty Mimi for telling it to me straight .. and for your good advice always a great read and very thorough" ... written by beautifulmesss
great read like always wish the system wasn't frezzen tonight we could have gotten more done if we didn't have to type. true recommend mimi she is one of the greatest on oranum." ... written by luvuchaluka
very specific. she is a caring individual who wants the best for people. will let her know what happens. she has been right in the past. thank you. *****" ... written by starfish57
Great reader, hope to read with you again :)" ... written by galaxystar
Mimi privates are awesome she told me things that i didn't know that i confirmed. Thank you for everything your the best!" ... written by dg3113
mimi picked up on what's going on currently and gave predictions for the future as well as advice on how to get the outcome that i want. she also does it in a very calm and soothing manner with some humor thrown in! thanks, mimi!" ... written by ashleigh
Thank u as always! " ... written by Linn115
great reader one of my favorites right here you have to get your own opinion." ... written by rebecca
Mimi I love you soo much. You always manage to understand how I am feeling and how he feels about his situation. I'm much more assured and know that I'm not just making all of this up. You have really helped ease a lot of the worries that other readers have not been able to address. I feel like I can ask anything without being judged or shut down. Love how your caring attitude really shines in your readings!! :D" ... written by Venus
love her" ... written by Chrissy
Thank u for the long chat n reading! Always great checking in with mimi!" ... written by Linn115
very!" ... written by starfish57
Mimi gives the best advice! " ... written by Kat
SHe is awesome!" ... written by Happy
very fast will be waiting on predictions!" ... written by BP
thank you so much mimi for the confirmation mimi!! xoxoxo" ... written by daisy
very intuitive, and fast, she uses the cards very well, and can decipher them very accurately" ... written by sunrisegold
Awesome" ... written by Nicole
kind and loving" ... written by luvuchaluka
best one here!! 100 stars! don't shop around. she is awesome!" ... written by max
Wow, she was very good and told me things that made alot of sense and very truthful, fast paced I got my money's worth." ... written by Shelly
excellent. always on point. fast. accurate. picks up on things rapidly and talks quickly and with details. She is the best I have found on this site and have had many readings over the years. I will keep coming back as long as she is around. Thanks for your time and I appreciate you very much Mimi." ... written by maxskyblue
good reading and info" ... written by starfish57
omg!!, she is awesome. very accurate and very caring to your questions gives tons of detail. I loved her reading. I will come back to her again for a follow up. Thanks Mimi love and light to you. :))" ... written by moni
psychic mimi is awesome and gives clarity" ... written by kjds
lovely lady " ... written by nikki
great reading" ... written by star
Wonderful reader, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Mimi is so on the money. I love readings with her, it's more to make sure the choices I have made are beneficial to what I manifest in my life. Always positive and truthful. " ... written by Tickleme
very nice and good reading!!!! Thank you!" ... written by malinka88
Mimi is very dependable, accurate, and quick to answer all questions that you have in mind. One of the best here on the site" ... written by Ayane
thanks for the updates I will remain the way it is. ill keep u posted" ... written by rebecca
Thank you mimi! Best reader!" ... written by dg
Love coming to mimi for guidance! She's def one of my top two readers that I go to in almost a weekly basis! And I've gone to alot of readers so she's def at the top lol Love how she asks the right questions to tarot when my mind can't come up with anything haha. Very accurate and reliable. Def recommend!!! :D" ... written by Ayane
I so wish this lady was much closer id be her friend in person not just on this site. she has been helping me for over a year and I always come back to see her and even if its just to chill in her chat room." ... written by luvuchalauk
Thx for the reading. I sure will remember your advise. Its really helpful" ... written by eagle
I'd be such a wreck without Mimi's guidance!" ... written by Kat
Thank you mimi! for having the patience to deal with me ur the best advisor" ... written by dg
Great reading. Fast as always" ... written by Katrina
i only had a few minutes and she was very fast. going to wait for her predictions!" ... written by BP
i love her :) to the point." ... written by stas
awesome!! great detail and reassurance." ... written by jazzychic
First time reading with her. She is a fast reader, for me she used tarot and other tools :) Also intuitive insight from what she gathered. She gave me advice, and I feel they are very fitting for my situation. Thank you so much. " ... written by Ana
I didn't want to end the reading. She was just very in tune and helped me to really see into my situation. Wow she's super talented and definitely one of the best on this site. I will be back. " ... written by Elle
great reading" ... written by griselda
Very compassionate. a good reader, i love her!!" ... written by Chrissy
Amazing, highly recommended. Connects straight away no info needed, tells you exactly what she sees, good or bad. Much trusted psychic on here for sure! Thank u so much Mimi x" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
aesome" ... written by super
thank you hun" ... written by luvuchaluka
very very intuitive and quick to pick up on the situation. you can tell she's very in touch with her gifts. comforting and great reader." ... written by KMG
Thank u mimi for being there always! Love mimi!! " ... written by Linn115
Mimi is great! Kicks my butt when I need it, open my eyes to opportunities that I may be closed too." ... written by Tickleme
Mimi is straight forward, precise, and simply her amazing smile always adds warmth. She's a straight shooter and what makes me laugh is how quick she translates the readings...she doesn't fill your time with fluff or eye batting like she's connecting with an alien...I adore her and I promise you will too." ... written by Bronxie
Did an update with Mimi and as usual she delivered! She is honest, forthright, consistent, and accurate. I enjoy every reading with her and I keep coming back for more, mostly because her predictions happen but also because I consider her a friend. She's just GREAT!" ... written by J.
Great and fast answers. Ty" ... written by Lorena
Love coming to Mimi whenever I have doubts and need advice on what I need to do to find myself in a better place. Mimi def takes you thru all possible avenues and gives you a feeling for how things will pan out if you decide to change course." ... written by Venus
very nice reading. got confirmation!" ... written by starfish57
thanks you hun you made me feel a lil better but still leary about it all" ... written by luvuchaluka
my go to reader, always calming, and true." ... written by cindy
amazing !! thank you " ... written by dg
My first time ever reading with Mimi. And she connected well and helping to connect with a loved one that passed over. Thanks Mimi for your time and help i will be back. " ... written by uniquelele25
Not only is she amazingly correct, but she gives good advice, and before I was going to ask her a question she had already answered it. brilliant, your very gifted. thank you so much for you my reading xxxxx" ... written by lisa
Great reading as always! Will be back." ... written by boru
good guidance for my situation. many thanks." ... written by starfish57
always good to talk to you and always tell me how it is and what the cards say." ... written by luvuchaluka
Thank u mimi! Ur the best n only person i go to religiously! " ... written by Linn115
she is excellent. very good at reading you without knowing anything." ... written by paula
Such an honest reading and always extremely to the point . love mimi you are the best xxx" ... written by B
I totally recommend her for everyone! I had feelings that the guy I'm seeing have girlfriend yet it was true. She isn't just a psychic she actually cares for you. She mentioned how I should pursue medicine school that what I wanted but I hesitate since the financial costs are expensive. Her words are so real and she is friendly. She cares about the minutes you pay for too lol. THank you again psychicmimi " ... written by Kaschie
Amazing" ... written by amrita
Love this girl, always so accurate xx" ... written by B
she picked up on what was currently happening and was really able to see both mine and the person in question's feelings. she helped me see why things are the way they are and gave me hope for the future. thanks, mimi" ... written by ash
very good, need I say more?" ... written by starfish57
THANKS MIMI.. GREAT LIKE ALWAYS! " ... written by dg
Mimi is always great, she is consistent, honest, accurate, and forthright. She always gives it to me straight and asks questions that I just don't think of. This was another great update on things." ... written by Jenn
Quick and clear reading, really helped me breath better about things" ... written by Katie
I LOVE HER , She is my go to and never ever disappoint in the good times and bad times xxx" ... written by B
she is very clear and nice wen she does the reading" ... written by oo
Wow, spot on every time. Consistency, answers, clarity, and honesty. Really great reading with Mimi. A favorite of mine for sure." ... written by Jennifer
Glad to finally have had the chance to catch up!" ... written by Kat
Mimi is my go to for a reading....she connects and always has sound advice" ... written by penelope
Daily struggles sometimes and Mimi helps to clarify what is going on and why. Great psychic, great lady, and always a good reading with her. She stays accurate and consistent every time." ... written by J
Love this lady! You can see quite clearly she has a following. Have a reading and judge for yourself :)" ... written by Tickleme
Thank you so much, Mimi. You were so sweet with such amazing energy and a smile to light up the world. Thank you for reassuring me. I will be back to update you like I promised. " ... written by Tiana
mimi is like a warm cup of tea at the end of the day…. she's so comforting and soothing that you just know that what she says is true because her soul and energy is too kind to ever steer you wrong. so happy to have found her!" ... written by kg
it helped so much to be able to have a private reading with her. she teaches me to recognize what messages are right before me too. thank you." ... written by starfish57
One of the best readers on here without a doubt! I could't have made a better choice :)" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
One of the sweetest readers ever...very good" ... written by cmarie
Thank u mimi for being there for me! Xoxoxoxo" ... written by Linn115
very accurate, puts me at ease with the answers to my questions, will be using her again in the future" ... written by sunrisegold
thank you so much, for the clarity, and accuracy , helped me alot" ... written by Natasha
wow, she's good" ... written by sonee
quick and to the point. looking forward to applying for a career opportunity." ... written by vfowles
EXCELLENT!!! I didnt have to say anything about the situation and Psychic mimi picked it up! Accurate and no sugar coating so if you want the truth I would recommend 100%" ... written by Smily
worth every penny....did not waste time... to the point... thank you " ... written by natasha
Very honest and gave me hope, Thank you so very much mimi" ... written by Jennjenn7
She is so thorough and so clear . She is always give me peace and clarity with great accuracy , respect and honesty . " ... written by B
very accurate, puts me at ease with her answers to everything, really sweet person also, must add that, really awesome person, there are several psychics here that are really nice people who continue to answer your questions no matter how many times you ask them :)" ... written by sunrisegold
Another prediction that came to pass, she is amazing xx" ... written by B
Amazing, quick, on point, best psychic on this site or any others. Mimi hits the nail on the head and is very accurate with timelines and with picking up the situations. I go to her very often and she is like an old friend who connects and has a big warm heart. If you need answers to your questions. She is the one to go to 10 stars!! Thanks again for all the support and assistance. My go to here. " ... written by Maxskyblue
Love her direction and honesty , she is the best " ... written by B
shes great! encouraging and insightful. very quick too!" ... written by Andrea
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She was so clear and kind. I was feeling helpless before we spoke, now I feel calmed and hopeful. Everything she was saying sounded like the behavior of the person I was aquiring about. Will use her again!" ... written by tiwa
Mimi is fabulous!! She is always so accurate and i enjoy getting readings from her. Highly highly recommend!!! Thank you, Mimi.. you're the greatest!! :)" ... written by In2itive1
Appreciate your wisdom. I know I must let it go now and have faith. Thank you again ... you are special and unique and I trust you implicitly ... :)" ... written by jillian5
Thanks a million!! So hard to catch mimi with the different time zone but its all worth it!!" ... written by Linn115
Very kind and honest" ... written by Vivienne
Mimi is such a sweety. She goes in and just gives it straight (the way I prefer). I am grateful for her insight...always :)" ... written by Bronxie
Mimi is great, pleasant, on the ball and spot on. She is my trusted friend any psychic. I trust her implicitly " ... written by TM
was able to tell me a lot. this was great. thank you." ... written by starfish57
thank you soo much Mimi.. you instantly picked up on my situation. I am so thankful for your help and guidance. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Samantha
thank you my dear I will keep in touch" ... written by luvuchaluka
She's amazing. not in it to take your money. fast efficient straightforward and encouraging..i came across a review on a random website that mentioned how great she was and they were not wrong. Gives me hope. " ... written by Andrea
Thank u awesome mimi! " ... written by Linn115
she is so sweet and to the point. Really enjoy talking to her. I will talk to her again." ... written by Vfowles
Mimi is truly the best on here and anywhere. Her guidance and vision is a true gift." ... written by tat
She;'s a amzing i missed her." ... written by nbarnes2
positive reading, I will wait for the changes predicted. " ... written by kiera 123
Great reading! Very helpful and insightful as always." ... written by boru
Great reading! Very helpful and insightful, as always." ... written by boru
always a pleasure" ... written by Nicole
Thank u mimi! So worth staying up to catch u!" ... written by Linn115
Thank you Mims, it's like you're already there in my head knowing what the next question will be!" ... written by TM
Awesome as always. Timelines are helpful and accurate." ... written by boru
lovely lady always return to her." ... written by luvuchaluka
She is such a beauty and so true . I love her xxx" ... written by B
Great update, very detailed and precise with all answers to my questions. Mimi is one of my go to readers, she is accurate, consistent and her predictions happen!" ... written by Jen
Fabulous Always Fabulous!!!! her predictions are spot on!!!" ... written by penny
Amazing as always. Thanks again." ... written by maradox
Great reading. Gave good advice and knew about current situation." ... written by maradox
Mimi is awesome, take her private, you will NOT regret it. If you are looking for clear, concise, and accurate answers you've found the right lady!" ... written by Jennifer
Love her! She tells it like it is and picks up on the situation very well. I'll be back soon Mimi. " ... written by l
Our reading got cut off, so this is the second part of it...but still great! Accuracy and consistency is what I love best about Mimi. Predictions are out there and they usually come to pass, so I am happy about the answers that came up this time and will wait for them to happen too. Outstanding reading!!" ... written by Jen
mimi is great as always :)" ... written by tj
My angel " ... written by TM
Tarot card reading, did not waste time. Will wait to see if predictions happen." ... written by LA
Very good" ... written by Tasha
always straight to the point and very friendly" ... written by luvu
Mimi confirmed my feelings about a certain situation, which is both good and bad, but at least I know I'm doing the right thing. Thank you! " ... written by Kat
So much consistency , she is brilliant and so on track . She always amaze me with her accuracy and honesty . Love love her xx" ... written by B
Thank you Mimi! Her predictions are unfolding!Every single one! she doesn't sugar coat , she tells you only the truth! She is the best professional tarot reader in this whole website! Very good listener also, she reads you like book with a lot of patience! She wont take advantage of you at all like other psychics in this site telling you false hopes just to take your money, Instead she will offer REAL SOLUTIONS that will change your life and help to build your future!I really appreciate all the" ... written by dg3113
I always come to mim she is one of the best on here" ... written by luvu
The best" ... written by Cecilia
Great reading xx" ... written by B
Very good and accurate. Thanks Mimi" ... written by Vivienne
Thank u my mimi! Great as usual!" ... written by Linn115
Always awesome. So encouraging and quick and accurate every time I have gotten a reading! " ... written by Andrea
She's very good and very thorough. She's quick with the cards and gives her honest opinion. While what she told me isn't what I wanted to hear, its what I feel in my heart is accurate. Hopefully the other person involved will make a change to improve things between us." ... written by Jen
She is awesome!!! Within the first two minutes...I can tell already that she is the real deal. She gets right to the point and doesn't waste time. Thank you mimi. Too bad we cut out but I'll go back in to private with you again in a few seconds after this review. Lol." ... written by kat
Mimi is by far the best reader. Always, honest, quick and accurate. I always look forward to my readings with her. I highly recommend a reading with Mimi!! ~ Blessings, In2itive1" ... written by In2itive1
Great reading as usual, accurate and honest :)" ... written by TM
Amazing reader ..ive been coming back to Mimi for over a year now and I have relied on her for advice because her predictions about people and situations have all come to fruition.....I feel like she is really connected to me and doesn't sugar coat anything!!" ... written by penny
She always makes be feel better. Encouraging, quick, straight forward. ALways" ... written by Andrea
Awesome as always :) love her reading very straight forward and clear. thanks mimi" ... written by moni
Mimi is a wonderful person and psychic. she gave me a very positive and inspirational reading. i definitely recommend her." ... written by FaerieLovee
Mimi is always so awesome, love her!!" ... written by tj
Gifted. Truthful. Integrity. Authentic. Accurate. She is truly an amazing reader." ... written by Bronxie
I wanted some answers to the old usual situation and other things that have come up recently and of course Mimi was a shining diamond with her clear, concise, honest, and accurate answers and cards. She has been very consistent with me and her predictions have come to pass within given timeframes. If it's truth, clarity, and accuracy you are looking for, look no further. Take Mimi private, you'll enjoy it and get the answers you seek!" ... written by Jenn
awesome reading with mimi! didn't get one for awhile and really needed to get this update :) thank u so much for always helping me!" ... written by winter
love the girl " ... written by B
lovely reading" ... written by anna
she is unbelievably amazing! how much i missed her. if she is online i dont need to consult any body." ... written by aby
Had a couple of questions and Mimi answered them with ease, clarity and truth. She is super accurate and consistent and her predictions are happening!" ... written by LOVE
that was an amazing reading, looking forward to the next one! thank you so much" ... written by gat
mimi is fantastic" ... written by awesome
always here when i need her xx" ... written by B
Mimi is awesome as always, love her and her advice. =)" ... written by tj
Your awesome MIMI! Really enjoy my readings with you.Thanks again and I look forward to seeing how things play out!" ... written by Smiles32
Great reading. Very helpful with current situations and timelines." ... written by boru
one million stars all the way for Mimi. I had another few questions and she answered them...honesty, accuracy, and detailed. Home run here folks." ... written by LOVE
Excellent, answered all my questions easily and with honesty. A wonderful reading despite the news wasn't all pleasant. Live and learn and get a reading with Mimi...that's my motto." ... written by LOVE
Great reading xx" ... written by B
Great reading as always. Saw the situation very clearly and confirmed what my own intuition was telling me about the best course of action to take. Timeline regarding dr's appointment are accurate and seem to be staying on track. Will be back again. :)" ... written by boru
My first reading with her...very very accurate." ... written by Prettygirlny
awesome as always thank you hun 10 stars" ... written by edna
was great. and was clear and concise as always." ... written by c.j.
spot on. perfect as always. she is the best here. and worth x10 the time and credits. Thanks Mimi!" ... written by maxskyblue
mimi is awesome!!" ... written by tj
Details. Answers. Clear. Concise. Honesty. Consistency. Accuracy. These are the ingredients for a great reading and Mimi delivers every time. Oh and don't forget that her predictions come to pass as well. Excellent reading!" ... written by Jenn
I love this girl , she is the best xxx" ... written by B
This lady is fantastic and dynamic. We are a lot alike and I feel that is why she can read me so well. Our readings are very detailed, with timeframes and accurate descriptions of feelings, actions, and intentions. Another wonderful reading with Mimi, take her for a private reading and you'll understand what I'm talking about!" ... written by Jenn
My go to girl, thanks so much for confirming everything I should be believing in. May is manifestation month!" ... written by TM
i always have a good reading with mimi always spot on and fast" ... written by lisa
really like mimi a lot, very good readings with her, she is up there with the best of them, of the ones that I do use to help me, very accurate and fast, she does use cards, but uses them very quickly, " ... written by sunrisegold
she was great as always:)" ... written by moni
Great reading. Very caring and gives good advice. Gave me some clarity on the situation." ... written by cd
Quick questions, quick answers with detail, accuracy, and consistency. Excellent!" ... written by Jenn
love this girl xx" ... written by B
Quick connection, honest answers and left me with a sense of comfort. I have read with her before and her predictions have come to fruition. Strongly recommend her incredible gifts to anyone looking for excellence. TEN STARS!!" ... written by NoCutAbove
Always hones in on the situation to provide you clarity and assistance. Go for a reading you will not regret it :)" ... written by Tickleme_
thank you. you are always good to talk to when im down and blue." ... written by luvuchaluka
thank you for the amazing reading and for reassuring me :) god bless" ... written by gt
Needed the catchup, so much has happened. Love ya mims and thank you :)" ... written by TM
She great help me think a better Decision ." ... written by annie
very good readings with mimi, very fast and I feel very accurate, hoping that her predictions will happen for me, it still needs to be seen in the future" ... written by sunrisegold
great person to have a reading with. zeros in on things 1-2-3. really accurate too! thank you! " ... written by starfish57
thank you so much" ... written by purtygirl
very good readings with mimi, she is very intuitive, reads the cards very fast, we will see how things turn out " ... written by sunrisegold
one of her prediction came true again , and this was a big one too. She never stop being consistent and true . The good and the bad she is here " ... written by B
She's always awesome :)" ... written by tj
mimi is definitely my go-to psychic! have been coming to her for many months now as she helped me out so many times with my problems :) very thankful for having mimi to always help and guide me" ... written by winter
She is always very good and fast to providing lots of information. Sure appreciate her expertise. Will let her know what happens. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Love her and she is so much on track xxx" ... written by b
Thank you so much for your reading!" ... written by A
Mimi is my go to for advice and clarity. Her predictions have come to fruition and her advice has helped me make the right decisions many times. Love her!!!" ... written by penny
I don't know what more I can say...I am one of her fan club members :)" ... written by Bronxie
Very gifted reader! The information just flows.. The real deal" ... written by Jay
Wonderful reading, very insightful and had so much clarity about the situation that I am dealing with. Thank you so much" ... written by ncchick
i always love mimi always quick and spot on!!" ... written by lisa
I adore this girl , she is pretty amazing and caring . love love herxx" ... written by B
her predictions have come to pass" ... written by so
good reader, i will return" ... written by ai
Mimi is always so awesome - she is a very honest and sweet person - I trust her implicitly - she has always given me quick straight and honest answers - she give a lot of info in very little time and ALL of her predictions in past readings have happened xo " ... written by Claire
Pretty awesome reader, that sums it up to a tee!" ... written by TM
Great reading as always. Very helpful and insightful." ... written by boru
oh Mimi, thanks so much,!!! Mimi , is the one I have been waiting to take prvt for awhile, she is the most sweet woman, I loved her in free chat awhile back and saw and remembered how warm and caring she is to her clients and patrons...she is a true beautiful soul and angel on earth, I was glad and feel privileged to have met her, thank u with helping me today.. she doesn't try to keep u or waste your credits OR SUGAR COAT... she is wonderful.. I will come for an update for sure...TRillion stars for PSYCHIC MIMI...TRY HER.. PLZ, she doesn't over charge either, and she is lightning fast with those cards...VERY INTUITIVE ......excellent reader... ty again ,T" ... written by t@r@ XO
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Calm me down, and made me realise that sometimes to let the good times roll :)" ... written by Tickle
ive always had readings with mimi and her predictions have come to pass. she told me a woman woul dbe thanking and she was right, I got thanked and was recognized. ty" ... written by spca
awesome. her predictions have come to pass for me" ... written by spce
Thank you so much mimi - for the great clarification and insight you have given me" ... written by NK
Thank you for the clarity my love!" ... written by Tickle
Great catch up with my lady and once again her prediction came true and another big one . Damn this girl is on fire !! xx" ... written by B
Psychicmimi deserves a ten stars rating! Always caring and friendly telling you the truth only! Thank you soo much for your help! " ... written by Crystal
Love my reading with her, she is so spot on xx" ... written by B
thank you for the amazing reading :)" ... written by gt
She is the favorite and she is so very fabulous!" ... written by Bronxie
I liked her. Straight to the point and it seemed like accurate insight. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Great reader, and helps me feel at ease without sugar coating things" ... written by Katie
thank you for the reassurance :)" ... written by gt
always a great reading i appreciate Mimi so much!!!" ... written by pennyw
very good readings from mimi, she is very fast with the tarot cards, and very accurate I feel, we will need to see how the future come out also" ... written by sunrisegold
Awesome reading! Loved her demo so much I had to take her private! She connects so fast and extremely accurate. Many blessings! " ... written by tiffany
always the best!" ... written by cristal
I needed the session today , she is the best xxx" ... written by B
very good reader, I love getting readings from mimi, she is very good with the tarot cards, and I believe to be accurate, we will see what the future unfolds" ... written by sunrisegold
Love Mimi! she's always encouraging and straight forward and she has always been accurate! Doesn't waste time and gets straight to what you want to know!" ... written by Andrea
Mimi is amazing, her advice is legit. She is straight up, and I just enjoy my time with her. That is what we want, and she helps you focus. Thank you muwah!" ... written by TM
Love the girl and she is absolutely so accurate and true xx" ... written by B
Great reading as always. Very helpful and insightful into current situation, and upcoming anticipated events." ... written by boru
thank you for the reading darling, love talking to you :)" ... written by gt
she is so awesome, her predictions always come to pass" ... written by spacshp
thank you sweet mimi, hard to hear the outcome, but its what I needed to hear...u have a sweet and caring nature and I love that about you... thank u so much" ... written by t
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Thank u mimi! Always my support n pillar!" ... written by Linn115
what a very interesting reading this one was !! thank you mimi " ... written by B
Thank you soo much for your help! It was really precise, fast and no time wasting.! I really appreciate it! Thank you!" ... written by Crystal
Thank u mimi! " ... written by Linn115
thank you for the reading and kind words and great advice" ... written by gt
predictions in the past have happended and I look forward to more of your predictions coming true , thanks again xxx" ... written by lisa
always great... had a reading recently and what she said was going to happen did... hopefully again it will happen with this reading." ... written by lisa
Always the best reading!!! Shes Amazing Ive been coming to Mimi for a year and a half now and she is always spot on!!!" ... written by Penelope
very good reader, uses the tarot, but is really quick reading the cards, and I feel very accurate with them also, as for the future, I will see what the future will bring" ... written by sunrisegold
Mimi...always pulled through for me in the past and now. She is positive and still tells you want you need to hear, and she has this healing aura i feel when she reads ... whether news is good or bad." ... written by K_Angel
Mimi is one of the psychics I will wait on line for. When she is in demand she is in demand and people will keep her in private for a loooong time (but then again so do I). Since she's been working with me...everything, all the time, comes on time...just like she advises. She truly is gifted beyond gifted. Try her you can't deny her power." ... written by Bronxie
amazing as always" ... written by cristal
as always great reading and connection....shes my goto for advice its always right shes never been wrong yet!!!" ... written by penny
always a pleasure to have the lady in my life xx" ... written by B
Thank you so much mimi, she is unbelievably calming :)" ... written by Tickleme
very good tarot reader, I feel accurate, and very fast answering my questions, we will see what the future will be like" ... written by sunrisegold
A general reading but great details and lots of information. Mimi is a great psychic!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you for the clarity as always." ... written by TN
Love, love, loveeee her, always puts me on the right track!" ... written by tj
thank you for the reading mimi :)" ... written by gt
Great reading ! Thanks a lot. " ... written by K
she is very good. I highly recommend her" ... written by theodora
wow shes awesome! all the things she said were right on point and correct. thank you so much. i will keep your reading in my mind when he comes around again. thank you" ... written by someone
very good readings with mimi, will see what the future holds" ... written by sunrisegold
She was so sweet and straight to the point. She didn't sugarcoat and just tell me what I wanted to hear. I look forward to everything she said coming true :D" ... written by Jana
Great to catch up and make sure I am the right path to reach my goals, love, career and kicking ass in general. Mimi is great :)" ... written by TM
First time reading with her. She was quick and direct to the point and answered all my questions. I will be back to update on predictions coming. " ... written by RM
very quick and very helpful and insightful" ... written by ilovetravel
answered my questions quickly and was to the point." ... written by A
Good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
I have had too many readings over the years lol but recently had a reading with Mimi and loved it! So direct, confident, and accurately connected to my situation. She seems so honest and genuine. I truly enjoy her and will be a return customer." ... written by Positive201516
Always caring and sweet. Knows how to calm me when i need it the most. Super upfront. Doesn't sugar coat things. See her! You WON'T be disappointed" ... written by Justine
thank you for the detailed reading mimi!" ... written by md
as always a wonderful reading !!" ... written by penny
Mimi is wonderful! She reads quickly and accurately. Always a pleasure receiving a reading with her. I highly recommend and look forward to my next reading! - Many Blessing, In2itive1 :)" ... written by In2itive1
Confirmed things for me and whats to come in future" ... written by pinkpather30
Im still getting to know her but i like her insight. She has fast intuition. Shes descriptive in conveying her message. I would recommend a reading with her." ... written by Jeannie
thank its nice to be able to catch toyu on and fill you in on things." ... written by luvuchaluka
Quick and detailed answers, great reading. I'll see how things play out and come back to validate predictions. Mimi is really wonderful!" ... written by LOVE
this was my first reading with her... she did great i thank her =) i feel she is on point. Very nice and easy to talk to. " ... written by Jeannie
awesome awesome!!" ... written by super
very quick connection and clear guidance. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Mimi is amazing, she is truly gifted, I'm forever grateful for her insight and wisdom. " ... written by Tat
always quick and accurate thankyou so much xxx" ... written by lisa
it was so great to see the girl , i missed her xx" ... written by B
always a pleasure" ... written by cristal
awesome awesome awesome, she described the job I was going to get and here I am telling her about it. so glad and thankful mimi is on here. she is the best !!!!" ... written by spacesh
i felt a real connection with her, brilliant reading and i will wait to see if predictions pass" ... written by pree
Love my mimi " ... written by b
Thank u mimi! Cant wait to tell u the goid news!! Channel my inner mimi!" ... written by Linn115
Not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. thank you! " ... written by Tiffany
always my go to for advice and guidance shes always steered me in the right direction!!! " ... written by penelope
Fantastic for sure! Let's see what happens. Big hugs to you." ... written by Jennifer
What a great follow up , in depth and quick .. love her " ... written by B
amazing, put my mind at ease and my heart at rest. predictions will come true i feel it" ... written by pree
Thank you for being here my darling and for the accuracy of your reading xx" ... written by B
She is calm, very warm and seems honest, provides good insight. Thank you" ... written by vb
thank you so much" ... written by luv
Love her. She's very fast and very in-tune and answer all of my questions. Will be back. Thank you" ... written by Pretty
good" ... written by hit_chi
Love my darling mimi xx" ... written by B
Amazing as always, thank you so much for the clarity you provide me." ... written by Tickleme
amazing!" ... written by cristal
So on point with advice and Mimi always shows real concern for your situation xo" ... written by Tickleme
first reading with her. she was so detail about things. very truthful and honest. she was very good! thank you very much!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
SHE IS MARVELOUS . 100 STRAS " ... written by MYSTERY
Mimi is my favorite reader...I have left tons of reviews for her. To me she is the perfection of readers. Her advice is always followed she's never been wrong." ... written by Bronxie
Amazing!! On point every time, highly recommended. Thank u Mimi x" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
she is supper fantastic. her predictions come to pass, she predicted my previous job and it came to pass. she even told me the style of manager I would be working with and she was so right. I was like ah. that's what she told me." ... written by usa
Great reading, she is right on point! one of my two favorite psychics on this site!" ... written by kiera 123
OMG! She was so right on! No names no nothing" ... written by tlsimmS20088
thank you for your guidance. youve given me such clear insight! " ... written by md
Excellent....accurate....and fast!" ... written by Mya
Mimi is a great reader, she is very truthful and accurate in her guidance. She brings this sense of calm and serenity to your situations and the questions you are seeking answers too." ... written by Tickleme
thank you, looking forward to your predictions :)" ... written by Alicja
She is very accurate, fast and honest. She don't mince words and gives it to you straight! LUV her!" ... written by Monique
very good reading with mimi, hope the future is bright for me" ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you mimi!" ... written by dg
she is truly gifted the best reader i have ever come across " ... written by tat
always helpful and kind " ... written by cristal
Love ya mimi! " ... written by Linn115
very honest quick and to the point, no sugarcoating, thank you!" ... written by jc
Consistent, encouraging and has always been accurate. So sweet and reassuring i highly recommend. " ... written by Andrea
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much for the reading,great as usual, and i can't wait to tell you what happens :) take care xx" ... written by gate
I don't know what more I can say...truly a gifted woman who has such authenticity in her readings...she has never been wrong :)" ... written by Bronxie
THank you for the insight mimi!" ... written by dg
Just had a private session with Mimi. Always truthful...doesn't sugar coat things. Gives you advice on how to handle situation. One of the best on oranum. Actually listens to your questions and gives you answers and time frames accordingly . Does not waste your time. Fabulous. Will be back with an update soon!! " ... written by frannie929
Had an amazing reading with Mimi today. Confirms things we have spoke of in the past....No reason to see anyone else....Mimi has the answers you are searching for!" ... written by Frannie
great reading. quick connection." ... written by c
Mimi has taught me patient and realize that future has a lot in for everybody but it all comes with time" ... written by ilovetravel
I trust mimi n rather wait for her the whole day before setting my mind at ease... :) thank u mimi!" ... written by Linn115
awesome. amazing. on point. quick and fast to answer. friendly and incredible person to talk too. Have had multiple readings for over a year and she is always on point and accurate. Get a reading today! You will not be disappointed. 5 stars!" ... written by Maxskyblue
she's so lovely and reassuring. i needed that x" ... written by pree
i did have readings with her before and she has been correct about things and i will come back to her wen i need a reading" ... written by ona
Thank you mimi! good as ALWAYS" ... written by dg
Excellent!! Gave me quick answers to my questions." ... written by SR
thank you for the updates it will probally be a lil before I can get back in priv depending on money." ... written by chaluka
thank you mimi you are the best!" ... written by dg
mimi is amazing…… its hard to come to her sometimes because she will give you the real honest truth which we're not always ready to hear but she does it in a very positive, warm, and helpful manner… she's also so so quick at reading… amazing with her cards. very reassuring readings with her. i always leave them feeling at peace" ... written by kmg
as always mimi is my go to girl!!! i have complete trust in her readings and she has not steered me wrong yet!!!" ... written by Penelope
mimi is always awesome, i love her :)" ... written by tj
When Mimi get's on you have to rush to get her..someone will scoop her up with the quickness. She is an amazing reader!" ... written by Bronxie
Yes! Mimi has done it again. Great reading and great answers, no sugarcoating, lies, or judgement ever with this talented young lady. Give Mimi a chance to answer your questions, she won't disappoint even if it's something you don't want to hear. Bravo Mimi!" ... written by LOVE
Absolutely amazing :)" ... written by Tickleme
Mimi is very sweet and answered all my questions :) can't wait to see what she says come true" ... written by Ankita
Mimi is amazing n quick as usual! Shes my only go to in here! " ... written by Linn115
veeery helpful reading and lots of great constructive advice.!" ... written by jc
Absolutely love her! What a fantastic, realistic reading with the good and maybe not so good, haha. So much info and described certain situations that are happening and people before I even asked my first question. So happy I caught you online today Mimi. Thank You so much!" ... written by Daisy
thank you mimi x" ... written by pree
amazing as always! love her. so sweet and quick. to the point and doesnt waste time or money. I always go to her. The real deal " ... written by Andrea
Excellent for sure. Mimi is right on target and good fun to read with, will come and see her again." ... written by Star
great reading!" ... written by kiera 123
As always she is amazing! She is the go to all the time (when she's available of course) :)" ... written by Bronxie
Will see what happens!" ... written by bp
my go to girl!!! always can count on her for the right advice!" ... written by penelope
She's so caring and compassionate. calms me down every time!" ... written by Justine
thanks alot for clarifying it for me." ... written by soul
great" ... written by serena
Is very real and easy to talk to." ... written by Katie
good" ... written by .
excellent psychic !!! than you!" ... written by dg
Yeah had to come and visit Mimi feed my addiction for a bit. :)" ... written by Bronxie
She was lovely and supportive xox" ... written by kanya
love my mimi xx" ... written by b
love mimi… she's always so soothing and kind and honest " ... written by kmg
I loved everything!!!!She is so fast and spot on!!! The very best literally!" ... written by katie
Mimi flips cards quicker than hotcakes at IHOP. She is amazing always sincere and to the point, she doesn't dance around a reading. So I appreciate her always" ... written by Bronxie
Thank you so much MIMI. Wonderful reading and u picked him up exactly the way he is. I will reach out and comfort him. Hugs" ... written by lL
Always a pleasure Mimi, I feel like your insight is very good. Even when its not good please always tell me, you'll always be appreciated. Thanks =)" ... written by Jeannie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
love this woman!! so hard to get a hold of sometimes but for good reason! she's always so reassuring and consistent in what she sees!! " ... written by kg
Mimi is always awesome, she helps me out a lot!! Honest and direct with her answers always." ... written by tj
wouldnt trade her for any other" ... written by cristal
WONDERFUL!! " ... written by Dg
Spot on as always, thank you =)" ... written by Tickleme
Mimi is awesome.... she is quick to assist me when it comes to giving me advice about men. Shes blunt and tell me the truth, she gives quick answers and doesnt beat around the bush. THanks MImi" ... written by Jeannie
What can you say about perfection...Mimi!" ... written by Bronxie
awesome, 10 stars, wow, wow, wow" ... written by s.d.
Came in and got my readings...and Mimi knows me so well she can remind me of the last reading (usually a reminder of something I shouldn't be doing)...but its always with a smile. 100% accurate all the time" ... written by Bronxie
thanks...awesome clear and fast :)" ... written by tr
she's just a life/mind saver is all i have to say" ... written by kmg
love my mimi xx" ... written by B
Amazing, fast reading. Very in-tune and perfect detail. Will definitely be back to get a reading from Mimi - loved her!!! " ... written by Summer
LOVE HER! So fast, tons of info, doesn't waste any time and everything Mimi says andamp; describes is so accurate regarding people and situations. Thank you!!!" ... written by Daisy
mimi is always awesome, love her!!!" ... written by tj
Thank you mimi! very intuitive like always!" ... written by dg
She is so on target and so in tune. A lot of what she said has already come to pass." ... written by tlsimms20088
very good reader picked up on everything right away" ... written by bouncylady
Never disappointed! " ... written by Justine
I always come back to her. The time frames are always right such as when will the guy visit me and or does he have a girlfriend. He admitted it to me after 4 months. It hurts but I forgave hi. I asked about the career wise since I am in college idk what to do thinking of social work she said it all I guess I'll go for it then nursing. Thanks so much. You guys will love her very friendly. I am 19 year old and I really appreciate her." ... written by Kachie
Psychic Mimi gave a lot of detailed info." ... written by Ally
Very calm spirit; no fanfare! Look forward to the events of her reading coming to be." ... written by Annic B1
Mimi is my numero uno! I only have a few that I truly respect...Mimi is the first hands down!!!!" ... written by Bronxie
AWSOME!Very very good!" ... written by aurelia
Shes lovely n great as usual... Never a beat off !" ... written by Linn115
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reading with Mimi and discussing my plans in the future. She was on point with the situation and she allowed me to unlock one of the keys to our perspectives of what teh future is going to happen thanks psychic mimi!" ... written by Mary
its always a pleasure to talk to Mimi... its like talking with a friend and advice is always good... i feel like she doesnt sugar coat things. She does say how she feels and i thank her for that. Thanks" ... written by Jeannie
best reaader !!" ... written by dg
excellent. really enjoyed my reading" ... written by yorkiepoo2016
Quick to connect. Great timing and insight. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
Wow! Spot on this lady. I went in for the first time, connected with her and went for a reading. She knew. Wow!" ... written by Karishma 76
Mimi is fantastic! I have to learn to write faster to get all the information she gives. So appreciative of her help and kindness!" ... written by DaisyLoveee
Honest...full of her!" ... written by Daisy
Needed to talk to my friend Mimi i like her advice, thanks Mimi" ... written by Jeannie
The best " ... written by Lore
Mimi seemed to pick right up on my situation and got alot of detail. I can't wait to see if her time frames and predictions come true. She is a wonderful person to talk to. Love her!! " ... written by Summer
Love my lady , she is so accurate , real and genuine . A must ! if you have not read with Mimi ... well you have missed out . She is so true and accurate it is almost scary ;) xx" ... written by B
i felt great talking to her love her trust and believe her xxxx" ... written by caz
The Mimi strikes again. Excellent reading, excellent insight...I did a mini marathon. Thanks for everything Mimi!!!" ... written by Bronxie
Want a real reading?? Mimi is the lady to see, the insight you get from the readings with Mimi is unbelievable, no time wasting, straight to the point, honest. Highly recommended!" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Mimi is the best. Mimi is #1. Mimi is the best of the Best! Ok, I get so many readings from her I dont know what else to say..except, she's the best reader for me!" ... written by Bronxie
What a great catch up with the lady, love her xx" ... written by B
Thank you mimi!!!! you are the best reader on this site!" ... written by dg
Thank you very much for your insight into my situation Mimi and for your guidance!!" ... written by LostGirl
Always enjoy my readings with Mimi. She's one of the best readers on here. Highly recommend!! Thank you, Mimi!!" ... written by In2itive1
her predictions come to pass, will be waiting on the rest" ... written by BP
What else can you say except fabulous! Amazing...always incredible!" ... written by Bronxie
Awesome as usual! she is always on point. so sweet and reassuring. truly the best. " ... written by Andrea
will be waiting for predictions to come true! " ... written by BP
mimi is the best!!! i always trust her opinion and she has not steered me wrong yet in 2 years!!!" ... written by penny
got a reading from mimi, really hope this pans out. thank you for the positive insight!" ... written by luxxicon
Mimi's wonderful as usual!!! " ... written by Linn115
Very sweet as always :)" ... written by Jana
thank u mimi!!!!! really honest" ... written by dg
I've been reading with mimi for a few months now and she is very helpful and reassuring always! she's told me accurate things in the past.. some good some not so good but still turned out true….. I've been relying on her a lot lately for guidance regarding a situation thats been going on for months and no matter what, i always find her readings comforting and helpful" ... written by kg
she is very, very good reader..straight to the point, concise, accurate, clear, really spot on..reads her cards extremely well...." ... written by enya
Mimi is my go to and others will hold her like a marathon. She is attentive, and truly concentrates on you and not so many other things...i appreciate her on so many levels. Thanks mimi" ... written by Bronxie
mimi is awesome, prediciton cane true. she gets to the point without sugarcoating, really like her observations... she's fun and kind! thank you :)" ... written by jazzychic
Tonights session with Mimi was 100% deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. She brought things out that we have never discussed before and I am so grateful (not fully pleased -but grateful for the truth she shared)...things I'm not ready to face but I must for my own growth. Wow this was a huge one." ... written by Bronxie
great" ... written by Cristal
thanks mimi for the reading amazing!" ... written by dg
Highly recommended! " ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Always a pleasure to talk to Ms. Mimi" ... written by Jeannie
Very quick, very sweet personality, very insightful. Thank you and I will return :)" ... written by Tierra
Mimi is an amazing reader...she knows when Im not on point and when Im living accordingly and she calls me out on it. My life is one that must be held at a certain level and she is my reminder. As always Bravo!" ... written by Bronxie
one of my favs, great at picking up details and reading others. lets see how things go!" ... written by jazzychic
I love my lady , she is so in tune with people feelings. She is a real gem xx" ... written by B
Loved the reading, was quick, answered all my questions and made so much sense pretty accurate. Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
love her she seems to hit on things very accurately. i may hear from him in another week or two. he was very hurt by the break up he wasn't prepared for how much it would hurt" ... written by bouncylady
Thanks Mimi, it was wonderful to clarify a things that have occurred and as person how I should grow from the opportunities presented to me." ... written by Tickleme
honest, sweet, kind very helpful" ... written by pearl
i love her! and her quick to the point answers" ... written by cristal
thank you mimi! i had a reading with her last week and it came to pass. she's great and super intuitive. i hope this pans out again! :) more to come!" ... written by luxxicon
thank you so much " ... written by sasha
I think she was very good. This was my first reading with her. But I really liked her. " ... written by all
When you want perfection...then Mimi is it. I don't mean a maybe... I mean perfection of a reader :)" ... written by Bronxie
great" ... written by bouncylady
She is so great! has always been spot on! i love her readings. completely trust in her. so good!" ... written by Andrea
AWESOME READING. Mimi is saying the things I feel and say before I do!!! Always a pleasure and the sweetest person on Oranum. Thank you! xoxoxo" ... written by Frannie
Mimi u are an absolute beautiful soul, thanks for being there for me. Thanks for the advice as always" ... written by Jeannie
love talking to mimi… she gives so much detail and is always such a great person to turn to for advice and courage. " ... written by kmg
Mimi is by far the best on oranum. Tells you the truth, doesn't sugar coat things or tell you what you want to hear. She tells you what she sees and the truth!!! Love you Mimi!! xoxo" ... written by Frannie
Mimi is amazing...I had to come back in, needed further guidance. She was here (thank goodness) I know how to handle the dilemma/challenge so that it will be smooth sailing." ... written by Bronxie
She was great! She answered with honesty." ... written by mmmbop
Love her xx" ... written by B
always truthful" ... written by cristal
Mimi has been with me at almost every Im entering into a state of play and fun something needed and she is letting me know...girl dream and it will be :)" ... written by Bronxie
awesome as always!!" ... written by Andrea
She is my number one...all the time, every time...Mimi is the bestest and she knows it :)" ... written by Bronxie
Everything she says comes to pass!" ... written by tlsimms20088
thank you mimi! awesome like always !" ... written by dg
She is always polite and right on!" ... written by Serena
A true friend, a lovely person" ... written by Nicole
will be waiting for predictions. shes very fast!" ... written by BP
Love, love, love MiMi as always! She is like talking to a good friend, she is crazy fast and NEVER wastes time. She answers your questions quickly and accurately and doesn't string you along running the clock up. She amazes me with everything she picks up on. I love talking to her, definitely one of my very favorites :) " ... written by Summer
thanks mimi!!!!!!! wonderful reading" ... written by dg
She was really sweet, fast connection and gave some really nice advice. Coincidentally, her reading was exactly what i was hoping for now it's time to see if it all plays out like she said!" ... written by Fab
Another great reading with Mimi. It's so nice to have someone who answers your questions instead of asking you questions. Also, she moves fast and never wastes your credits. She is a caring person and an amazing psychic. She gets consistent answers and I believe that her predictions will come true. Thanks as always Mimi! " ... written by Summer
amazing. top rated. best reader I have found. She is great. Quick, easy to listen too and accurate. Thanks again and I will come back with updates as always. Thank you Mimi" ... written by Max
what a beautiful reading, Thank you for the honesty. xx" ... written by B
amazing, highly recommend, the details given in readings r unreal, all have come to pass every time. Truly gifted. Thank You Mimi" ... written by xx1inAmillionxx
Super sweet and very on point!" ... written by Ava
Mimi is absolutely amazing. ive been her customer for years and i feel like i have a great friendship with her. she is always so warm and welcoming." ... written by Cristal
thank you mimi! best reader at this website!" ... written by dg
i have been to her before and she has been right about things in my situation ... i will come back to her in the future thank you mimi" ... written by e.m
One step in the right direction , thanks god . All my gratitude to be here all the step in the way xx" ... written by B
cool nice lady . good reading :) " ... written by Tikay
I do love this lady , she is so clear and quick and accurate an absolute 10 stars !!!" ... written by B
Great reading, love her vivid spirt!" ... written by kiera 123
very good reading with mimi today, I felt like we were both in tune with each other, and the reading went really well, she was able to read her cards and use her intuition, and was able to give me answers very quickly. Thank you mimi, this reading was very important to me. " ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you mimi, need that catch up. Accurate and honest what else could you ask for?" ... written by Tickleme
Awesome as usual. Has always been right it's almost scary. Picks up on situations quickly and doesn't waste time. AMAZING!" ... written by Andrea
best on this site" ... written by cristal
what a doll , i do really love her .. she is a gem and is offering so much support and most of all honesty .. she rocks xx" ... written by B
She is always here when I need her...very grateful to have her as a reader." ... written by Bronxie
She's always awesome!!" ... written by tj
the internet connection was absolutely horrible but the connection with mimi was phenomenal and she did give me a great reading considering the technical circumstance . Thank you so much for your time you are the best xx" ... written by B
Thank you mimi helpful like always!" ... written by dg
great" ... written by cristal
Mimi is amazing. SHe is very accuarate. I cant wait for things to happen." ... written by Sammy
awesome as always! had never been wrong. my go to!!" ... written by Andrea
I have come here before; Mimi is extremely accurate; all she said a year ago has come to pass. She is one of my best friends ever." ... written by amigopedro
what a wonderful reading. she was right in the past and i think she will be again" ... written by pree
Phenomenal. Phenomenal! My new “go to” life advisor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very clear direction Mimi. " ... written by Daniela
she's amazing and always lovey." ... written by Peaceandcalm23
great as always" ... written by cristal
always a pleasure and she is always on point. Most predictions come to pass." ... written by tlsimms20088
Awesome as usual. always makes me feel better and has never been wrong :)" ... written by Andrea
she's awesome!!!" ... written by tj
always a great go to person for a couple of years now!!! " ... written by penny
She's always awesome :D" ... written by tj
she is so quick and lovely, thank you for the reading mimi xxx" ... written by mimosa
I ask the questions and Mimi gives the answers--easy! She's fast, truthful, and detailed. A great reading." ... written by Joy
Thanks mimi for always being straight with me... " ... written by Linn115
Great reader. Very informative, positive and gives helpful advise. She is truthful in her guidance. " ... written by pinkpather30
it is always a pleasure coming to private and free chat with mimi. she is awesome! she is very understanding and helps tremendously. No sugar coating happens with her. She tells it how it is and helps you receive clarity in any and every situation. I just love mimi!" ... written by Cristal
Thank you Mimi! It is always a pleasure to have a reading with you, I can't wait for your predictions to come true!" ... written by Alma
Good reading, she is honest but understanding. Great reader." ... written by pinkpather30
thank you for a great reading. loved your quick intuitions. thank you" ... written by gotham1234
Mimi is so sweet and down to earth. She is very fast and so talented. I will keep you updated!!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you mimi!!! you are such a great person always there when i need her" ... written by dg
accuraye, kind, sweet and my bestie" ... written by Damian
great as always, thank you!" ... written by Hayden
love mimi! will see what happens" ... written by BP
Mimi is the voice of reason when my mind is restless! " ... written by Ally
very nice, soft spoken, gentle and honest. Tells he truth give really good advice :)" ... written by eilly
Great follow up with my lady xx " ... written by B
great!" ... written by kat
She's the best! my go to! so awesome and encouraging and has never been wrong. so spot on everytime!" ... written by Andrea
Always a pleasure. I've missed you, Mimi!" ... written by Kat
awesome as always. has always been spot on and makes me feel better about everything. she is the best!" ... written by Andrea
I love my Mimi, she is so accurate and honest, I am impressed at each reading xx" ... written by B
Mimi u are just awesome. Such an awesome friend, and very open minded. Thanks again blessings" ... written by Jeannie
very truth ful on point and accurate .. great reader even better friend" ... written by damian
She is the best , i love her " ... written by B
fast..thanks so much!" ... written by sin
Great reading! Have had a lot that I have questioned, worried about and she gave straight answers. Its easier to accept change when your aware of whats to come, guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Best in here! Cant do without chatting with mimi... " ... written by Linn115
Mimi has this uncanny connection with her cards and provides answers and accuracy every time. Details are there and she asks questions you don't even think of to give a better overall informative reading about your concerns. Aces!" ... written by Jennifer
Great reading. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
~~MIMI is so amazing, i had very little credits and was able to answer three questions with just three credits! I am so happy, she is a must go for psychic reading. She is sweet and caring and definitely a psychic! Merry Christmas! =) ~~" ... written by SS
accueate on point and caring.. my best friend for 5 years" ... written by Damian La Roche
thanks mimi for your honest reading. doesnt sugar coat and comes through with 100 percent accuracy x" ... written by pree
good reading" ... written by mariacalves23
will be waiting on Mimi's predictions!" ... written by BP
brilliant. love her, have been coming to her for over a year. tried and true. " ... written by tiffany
she was so nice, she listened to me and explained everything that came up in the cards, i will defintaley return to her for more readings.. she dosnt waste your time shes fast and accurate" ... written by mariam
Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
Simply fabulous!" ... written by Daniela
Thank you, Mimi. You don't know how much you changed my Christmas. I am so very sad, and this has given me hope. From the bottom of my heart...thank you. I look forward to the changes in my life. " ... written by familyhelper
Connects very well. Wish it was different news but it is probably the truth. Thank you." ... written by Daniella
Thanks Mimi. My heart and head are all over the place, and I feel sick inside and nervous. Don't really know how to embrace life and put faith in things. Thanks for the insight. Happy New Year." ... written by familyhelper
You are so kind, compassioate and understanding and understand my situation so well. Thank you so much. Yes, I am very very sad and my light is dim. I need it to come back." ... written by familyhelper
Thank you Mimi, I appreciate your time and clarity and here's hoping to a slamming new year! :)x" ... written by Tickleme
Outstanding reader" ... written by gregg
always very good reading with Mimi..she is a classic, accurate reader that I do come back to to check in with. Highly recommend her." ... written by greek
thankyou so much" ... written by Ava
Amazing!!!" ... written by pb
Great reading! Answered all my questions with details and great advice. I have to wait and see if things pans out as she sees but good things are happening." ... written by Lisa
Great reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Have a big prediction coming up! Just waiting for it to happen :) " ... written by Ally
She is calming and southing." ... written by PeaceandCalm
thanks babe " ... written by B
Shes the best. i depend on her and her insight. She has always been right. Scary good!" ... written by Andrea
mimi is always right about my situation ..... she is a good reader" ... written by ona
Mimi is wonderful as usual. happy birthday and may u be happy, gorgeous and healthy forever! :) xoxoxo" ... written by Linn115
Thank you mimi for giving me insight one more time! Thank you! best advisor in this website! always right!" ... written by Dg
always excellent! thank you, mimi" ... written by greek
She is awesome. Answers all questions to the point. No wasting time and money. will be back" ... written by Moongirl17
awesome and encouraging as usual. always makes me feel better!" ... written by Andrea
This is a gifted woman and she's very easy to talk to about anything you need to know. I like her details, quick answers, and she wants to make sure she explains everything for you to understand. Professional yet friendly." ... written by SS
Spot on! She was 100% accurate and well worth a private reading. Thank you mimi." ... written by Melinda
she's awesome :D" ... written by tj
Mimi is excellent, such good details with every reading. She see and describes things so vividly that you know she has a true gift." ... written by So
Honest and quick." ... written by gonzer
I enjoyed my reading alot, thanks for sharing your insights!" ... written by ffairy
she connects easily and has such a lovely demeanor" ... written by qp
She was amazing straight to the point. Very gifted I highly recommend her. Will definitely get a another reading in future. " ... written by Rosie
shes so great! cant say enough good things about her. has always been right!" ... written by Andrea
Mimi is absolutely amazing, her predictions have always come true for me. I'm looking forward to my future. I highly recommend Mimi, she's the best." ... written by Samantha
she has been amazing. thank you so much mimi" ... written by all
she's great" ... written by all
she was very gentle and sweet and she seems very accurate. " ... written by all
thank you mimi. she is so good! " ... written by all
shes so good. has never been wrong. always makes me feel better" ... written by Andrea
love mimi!" ... written by bp
I love my lady " ... written by B
Mimi is a good reader and she has a great connection with her cards. I'll see how things pan out and come back to give an update. " ... written by LISA
if you want the truth just come and ask her for it and dont spend your money on lies" ... written by mnm
awesome as always!" ... written by Andrea
i know now wen i need to know the truth i will come to mimi for that :) because what she told me in the other readings come up to be true " ... written by ooo
was comforting. was exactly what i was hoping for. and she has been correct in the past. so i hope she is just as accurate now. will come back with accolades and updates like crazy if she is. as i said, she has been accurate before. " ... written by all
She's awesome!!" ... written by tj
Mimi is fabulous! When you really want the best...look no further" ... written by Bronxie
Great reading, very insightful. " ... written by pinkpather30
awesome as always" ... written by Andrea
I love Mimi, I just love her insight, and always an angel and friend to speak to" ... written by Jeannie
awesome as usual! " ... written by phyl
thank you mimi for everything! for all my questions being answered! she is the best of this website no sugar coating ! " ... written by dg
This lady is the best , straight to the point and honest xx" ... written by B
Awesome! i depend on her. always right!" ... written by Andrea
the best as usual!" ... written by Andrea
Thank you so much! I will wait for him and fight for him, just what i needed! Thank you!" ... written by Daisy
Great" ... written by Lore
******************knows her stuff!!!!Thanks Mimi! I cant wait for him to reach out...finallyyyyy...xo" ... written by milena
Great reading, great guidance.. " ... written by pinkpather30
Absolutely on point. Amazing!" ... written by Angela
very thorough reading and she gave me the exact way i need to do things to get what i want here. she is honest and confirmed to me what i need to do. thank u mimi" ... written by greek
Thank you Mimi - think you connected very quickly and confirmed much of what I already knew and highlighted a few things that I didn't. Thanks so much!" ... written by V
always brings me peace of mind and helps me feel better :) never been wrong " ... written by Andrea
Mimi has been right for me more times than not and I feel she's spot on again. She's fast, accurate, detailed, and honest. She's not spinning any fairy tales for anyone and I appreciate that about her. I enjoy every reading with her!" ... written by Jennifer
a very good psycic, Perhaps a bit too economical with the words, but overall, quite good." ... written by weidelman
depend on her always. always makes me feel better" ... written by Andrea
thank you so much for your insight! " ... written by md
depend on her. sooo good" ... written by Andrea
awesome as usual. always makes me feel better :)" ... written by Andrea
Thanks mimi for the reading always resolving all my questions! you are the best thank you" ... written by dg
always awesome!" ... written by Andrea
Mimi was kind and fast. I hope her predictions come to pass. Very good reading." ... written by faith
Amazing like always . Mimi always leaves me speechless. Fast to the point . " ... written by Rosie
She uses cards but seems very in tune. Very honest - tells you what she sees. " ... written by DS
amazing!" ... written by Andrea
Great first reading. Thank you!" ... written by Stiletto6
Mimi is absolutely amazing.. her predictions have always come true.. I highly recommend her.. =)" ... written by Samantha
I just needed insight and she went straight in...gave me the insight I needed and helped me really gain a better perspective that I would have never saw." ... written by Bronxie
She's always awesome!!" ... written by tj
Always Great" ... written by Lore
always going back to this sweet kind mimi updates at least once a month when I can afford a private and I sit in chat rooms on accasions just to chat about what ever" ... written by luvuchaluka
Quick answers, honest and accurate. Mimi is great at her craft and she's great fun to read with." ... written by Lisa
And another great reading with her ! One big prediction came to pass which was almost impossible to predict but she did as always ! She is extraordinary xx" ... written by B
Very good reader and has a lot of positive energy! :)" ... written by Destiny
amazing reader, in tune with cards, fast and spot on, wow" ... written by special me
awesome as usual." ... written by amigopedrido
Awesome as usual. So quick and intuitive. Can always depend on her to give it to me straight. Always makes me feel better and has never been wrong!" ... written by Andrea
So true and honest. no sugar coating. truly appreciated " ... written by B
I have missed my Mimi , she is completely spot on it is almost scary " ... written by B
I love Mimi's readings, she delivers her messages in a clear, to the point manner, doesnt waste your time and she does it in such a sweetheart, like talking to a true friend. I really recommend her and her warm, true advice." ... written by Angel
i will come back to ask any time i have a question " ... written by oo
wow, I didn't know how great she really is. her predictions line up with others as well. she's awesome. I will definitely be back when I need to. Thanks so much mimi" ... written by nim
Good reading very informative and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
she was great, and gave me the right advice" ... written by mariam
very good reading with mimi, she uses cards to read, but is also psychic, so is a very strong reading , I feel, and will use her often in the future, thank you mimi for the reading today, I hope that everything turns out the way you said,." ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you so much Mimi you are the best .. I can believe how amazing you are I feel so much better talking to you. You always open my eyes to the truth.. If i could i would give u not 5 stars but millions stars. YOU ARE #1 THE BEST NO QUESTION ABOUT IT. Thank you so much. " ... written by Rosie
Mimi will tell you like it is... She is the best on here.. Her predictions have always come true for me.. Many Blessings.." ... written by Samantha
mimi is always awesome :)" ... written by tj
Nice catch up with Mimi, to go through a few things that needed some clarity. Thank you so much for your time, much love " ... written by Tickleme
Very good and fast! accurate too!" ... written by nik
superb always!" ... written by greek
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very good energy positive and strait forward Love her will come see her again soon. Answers my questions and quick to help me Thank you so much " ... written by Christine
She is spot on , nothing less to say xx" ... written by B
thanks mimi you are the best! always helping me out" ... written by dg
mimi is awesome!!" ... written by tj
mimi has been right about things and readings i hade with here i enjoy thank you again" ... written by aa
She is amazing!!!! The only person I will come to! Wow. Great reading." ... written by jupiter
patient and wonderful, can't wait for her predictions to come to pass." ... written by Alma
Amazing like always " ... written by Rosie
as always a spot on!! mimi just gets right too it ...ive counted on her for over 2 years now and shes never steered me wrong!" ... written by penelope
Thank you a million for everything. " ... written by Rosie
Awesome!" ... written by Angela
thanks mimi! always with a good advice~! always on point" ... written by Dg
I just had to get a reading from her, after reading all the great reviews. She was so sweet and patient and so fast, allowed me to ask all the questions I had, did not go into long stories and really focused on what I needed answered. I really appreciate that bc i am a very straight forward person, and I want my readings to be very to the point and she managed to do that with so much love and patience. I am very happy with this reading. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Mainstreem
she is great!!! " ... written by Faith
She an Angel with an amazing gift. " ... written by Rosie
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she is incredible!!!!" ... written by faith
Really fast and amazing!! Thanks!" ... written by p
Good Reader!!" ... written by Arron
thank you mimi" ... written by all
I came to Mimi because I read a lot of good reviews about her on site other than Oranum. They said that the accuracy was scary! So I decided to give it a shot. She was great... Super knowledgeable in her reading, and pretty much told me that I was too dang picky and not giving people a chance to be in my life. Very true, because I tell my friends daily of how picky I am when it comes to dating. :) She's definitely worth every penny!! Thanks Mimi." ... written by Maia
Mimi is such a sweet soul, loved my reading, thank you xox" ... written by usual
She was very quick and friendly with every question I had. The answers were on point. Thank You psychicmimi for this wonderful reading. :)" ... written by StarMoon5
she is simply wonderful!!!" ... written by t
wonderful picks up and is great love her will come see her lots :) Thank you so much blessings " ... written by Christine
She's very direct and honest, I really appreciate that. Thanks Mimi for the reading." ... written by Pamela
Amazing , Wonderful, Wow.. Love her :) " ... written by Rosie
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!" ... written by wf
omg..she gave me so much info in under 4 fast and clear..loooove mimi! " ... written by oh
thank you mimi" ... written by all
thanks for the update, will keep you posted!" ... written by luxxicon
She my Angel for sure. Amazing like always straight to the point. Mimi you are the best. " ... written by Rosie
Mimi was SO nice! Completely to to point, but at the same time very detailed in her answers. She responded very quickly to my questions, put my mind at ease and the overall reading was astoundingly quick! Excellent value for money. Thank you, Mimi x" ... written by Becci
i have been talking to her for 2 years now and she is amazing, predictions have come to pass. she never sugar coats, and her spirit is very calming. give her a shot and you won't be disappointed" ... written by chrissymarie
awesome as always!!" ... written by Andrea
Mimi was very helpful. She was able to give timelines, turn of events (in personal life) and give helpful logical advice and about two tools to look into for my personal spiritual growth and strength. She was patient working with me. " ... written by Keera
thanks mimi" ... written by all
awesome" ... written by g
Very honest, thanks!" ... written by b
freakin awesome as always" ... written by ksdjf
Great reading always very informative and understanding." ... written by pinkpather30
wow quite an ususpected reading more to come xx" ... written by B
WOOOOOW is just not enough!!! perfect!!!" ... written by t
awesome as always" ... written by Andrea
Great reading. Very informative and understanding" ... written by pinkpather30
awesome to the point, wonderful... what else can i say?" ... written by amigopedrido
wonderful" ... written by amigopedrido
love love love her!! so helpful and never wrong " ... written by Andrea
awesome as always!!" ... written by Andrea
i like her because she always tell the truth rather you like it or not....thanks!" ... written by mimi
wow she connects so fast and is so good. cant wait for prediction to come true :)" ... written by pia
Love MIMI! Loved this reading, it definitely made my night! I was so worried, but she eased my mind. Thank you so much!" ... written by Maia
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
mimi always speaks form the heart and she has a good spirit and a great psychic" ... written by melissa
i was waiting for her to get on line so i can ask questions and get a clear reading " ... written by l
she is so awesone!!!! love her" ... written by ET
She is amazing!!!" ... written by T
thank you mimi" ... written by all
awesome as usual!!" ... written by Andrea
She is the best here. a very warm and caring person and is perfect" ... written by ET
Really good, and happy to report back when it happens :)" ... written by Autumne
Mimi is fast, accurate, and detailed. She comes up with questions that I don't think of and provides answers. She's spot on every time too, that's what keeps me coming back. Have a reading with her and you won't regret it!" ... written by ...
see if it happens" ... written by bounc
thanks mimi" ... written by all
Great reading" ... written by pinkpather30
Amazing.. accurate.. fast... on point about specifics..and she is a great person.. fast talking.. clear.. concise..and dates.. times and information comes to pass as accurate.. definitely go to." ... written by Max
Always the best" ... written by Lo
just lovely... she was perfect... " ... written by h
Great reading. Very informative and great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
thank you always come back been seeing here for years" ... written by luv
She's so sweet and so helpful, very truthful...tell you what you may not want to hear but is the truth. She is so patient. Highly recommend her. She's wonderful. " ... written by M
She is amazing" ... written by h
You'r amazing. Thanks!" ... written by familyhelper
Such a sweet person. looking forward to her predictions" ... written by V
What a gem, I love her truth xx" ... written by B
Amazing like always. She been so right about everything. " ... written by Rosie
quick answers" ... written by Angela
Wonderful reading with Mimi.. was very accurate and quick in reading my life and situation. Very nice and compassionate also. And hope her predictions come true. " ... written by Lynda22
thanks mimi" ... written by all
i come to her because i know i get the truth and no sugar coding" ... written by usa
Predictions happen. Time frames are very accurate. I am really happy i have found her. She is also very real and gives you the truth, not just what you want to hear. That's what i am looking for in a reader. Thank you Mimi :) " ... written by M
SHe was on point from the very beginning! Wonderful insight." ... written by Cali RN
you are always so on point! thanks again! " ... written by md
really good and sweet" ... written by rchh
mimi is the best!!" ... written by melissa
Excellent spot on see and gives you honest answers a great reader 100 stars and will come see her again Blessings she is so worth it Thank you" ... written by Christine
My reading was very accurate and im happy with it " ... written by Amanda
Very fast reading with mimi, she gave very quick and direct asnwers. " ... written by S
mimi! thanks for saving my life again! " ... written by dg
i love coming to her and know the truth no sugar coding" ... written by ellaaa
awesome as usual!!" ... written by Andrea
Thank you mimi! you are the best! quick answers no bs! thank you" ... written by dg
So kind and compassionate, her cards have always been very accurate for me and predictions have happen. She is so straight to the point and doesn't waste your time, exactly what I need everytime I go see her. She's amazing!" ... written by M.
thank uu so much mimi" ... written by dg
Thank u angel mimi" ... written by Linn115
thank you so much. quick to connect. and reassuring. " ... written by leodragon
Great as always helped me to see the bigger picture and understand what is going on I so needed her today Thank you so much Blessings xo Helped me feel much better" ... written by Christine
Very quick and to the point. Don't need to tell her name or anything. She picked me up quickly." ... written by ckeg
spot on everytime" ... written by ang
Great reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you mimi - you put my mind at ease - I will work on making the changes you suggested. Mimi is so kind and gentle with her words. I look forward to her predictions. Blessings" ... written by CoyoteRoper
She is awesome. Helped me so many times.!!" ... written by Carrie
thanks as usual! awesome as always!" ... written by Andrea
I love her xx" ... written by B
Love her! so consistent and encouraging. Always picks up on the situation and has never been wrong. I rely on her and her encouragement! highly recommend, you will not be disappointed. " ... written by Andrea
thank you mimi! you are the best ! always answering all my silly questions" ... written by dg
WHat a beauty, exactly what i needed. SHe is amazing " ... written by B
fantastic all the time" ... written by ang
Always so helpful." ... written by Kat
thank you! been waiting for days to get a reading with you and i enjoyed the update :)" ... written by luxxicon
Always easy to talk with, accurate and wonderful reader." ... written by amigopedrido
Thank you mimi" ... written by B
Really enjoyed the reading on the complicated situation, really touched on a lot of things. " ... written by Swede
I depend on her. always accurate and so encouraging. consistent and her predictions come to pass almost always! " ... written by Andrea
Mimi is quick to connect with the cards and does not waste your time. She is easy to talk to and answers all of your questions." ... written by LB
Quick and clear reading!" ... written by Katie
she is good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
MIMI is the beeeeeeeeeeeest!!!" ... written by ok
Great advice." ... written by Cristian Tejada
good" ... written by jk
Mimi is awesome!!" ... written by tj
Very nice - first time so I will wait to see if predictions happen..." ... written by Karen
SHe is extraordinary xx" ... written by B
Such a great follow up xx" ... written by B
I love my lady xx" ... written by B
She gave me a contact prediction for someone that was dead on. And the excuse he gave for not calling earlier was exactly what she said it would be..." ... written by Karen
Sweet lady and I just luv her reading. She is fast and she read my situation right on point for me. Give her try if you get the chance. " ... written by tc
Mimi is really great! Quick, asks good questions of the cards and provides nice details. Always a pleasure to have a reading with her!" ... written by JCS
Interesting read and different perspective, I can't wait to see how everything unfolds! " ... written by Swede
Thank you so so much my darling needed the perk and advices xx" ... written by B
Awesome as always! so accurate and picked up on something we've never talked about before! highly recommend!" ... written by Andrea
very good " ... written by angelique
awesome reader" ... written by amigopedrido
Love my updates, she is right on the money " ... written by B
Wow she was quick at answering my questions. No story telling, just yes and no. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
Awesome. Thanks Mimi! Quick and efficient reading...xx" ... written by Lucy Class
Mimi is fast and to the point! Excellent and trustworthy, I really appreciate her cutting right to the heart of the matter. Thank you Mimi!" ... written by Starry Light
It's been a while since we've had catch up, she confirmed and clarified a lot of points. Thank you Mimi, great as usual!" ... written by Tickleme
love her! always awesome and so consistent. has never been wrong!" ... written by Andrea
Thank you my darling " ... written by B
Great reader sees the situation and helps me to understand and have faith and not worry as much great energy and leads you in the direction you should be will come see her again anytime she is great Thank you Blessings " ... written by Christine
thank you! she answered all my questions so fast! cant wait for things to happen. thank you very! I will be back for a update! YOUR GREAT!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle3
Love her! always amazing!" ... written by Andrea
thank you mimi!" ... written by dg
she is spot on xx" ... written by B
Thank you mimi for all your help. i really appreciate it you are the best." ... written by dg
nice! thank you for give me calmness to my life! " ... written by Dg
love her thank you " ... written by B
good reading, quick connection, very truthful" ... written by lornalulu
Thank you mimi you are the best!" ... written by dg
Time will tell." ... written by P
Mimi is always awesome!! On point as always and quick with the questions." ... written by tj
excellent !!!!! as always :)" ... written by amigopedrido
Thank u my angel mimi! Can always count on u !! " ... written by Linn115
She is great always a pleasure talking to her and such indite wonderful reader Thank you so much Blessings " ... written by Christine
Awesome as always. So consistent and has never been wrong. " ... written by Andrea
mimi is always awesome!!" ... written by tj
thanks mimi for your patience you are the best psychic!!!" ... written by dg
Great reading and advise. Gave me a heads up to whats to come." ... written by pinkpather30
She is great! she was right on and her predictions did come true! she is great and my new go to! Thank you!" ... written by Chapis
Great reader, great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
Really great reading was quick and accurate; super detailed and honest " ... written by Cher
beautiful gentle soul, amazing, accurate,perfect! five stars!" ... written by river
She's the best! rely on her. Always consistent and has never been wrong. Highly recommend. So sweet and tells you like it is!" ... written by Andrea
She is such a wonder and such a guide ! Love her xx" ... written by B
Thanks mimi for answering all my questions! yo uare the best" ... written by dg
amazing she was so keen on everything " ... written by vvd450
Wonderful as always thank you so much great incite and inspirational look forward to the future and everything to come I appreciate you so much your a blessing thank you Blessings xo" ... written by Christine
Very clear, straight-to-the-point reading. Loved her confidence in her answers. No vague bs. A good bit of extra information to help me anticipate what to expect. Warm personality. First time with this reader. Waiting for timeframes to pass, but I definitely expect to read with her again." ... written by Rene
Shes amazing! so consistent and has always been accurate. sweet and tells it like it is! highly recommend! " ... written by Andrea
amazing !!" ... written by tamjones
Nice lady who connects quickly." ... written by Karen
thank you mimi!" ... written by dg
Always a pleasure with mimi" ... written by B
Excellent reader. I always have 101 things on my mind and she always answers everything. Clear guidance and advise. Has became a special friend, mentor.." ... written by pinkpather30
MIMI is as the point and does not waste any freakin min! thanks sooooo much for everything" ... written by bubbles
Good reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
every time i had demo with mimi , she was amazingly spot on..and now again..first time in private she was very helpful once again. very straight to the point and clear cut to be sure, which you dont always get with other readers. oh andamp; super nice person too, cant forget it, ok cheers. " ... written by batdancer
really hope what she said comes true.....i felt a lot better after talking to her" ... written by pree
boy she is great! wow" ... written by free
honest, good reading" ... written by Deb
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Very accurate and straight forward reading. No time wasted. I hope her predictions come true. " ... written by Yas
Awesome as always! So sweet and caring. Very consistent and spot on. Trust her completely and highly recommend! " ... written by Andrea
Always nice and helpful..." ... written by Karen
1st reading, Mimi is so very sweet and smile is claiming, lets see whats happens " ... written by ***
Interesting insight. She picked up well on the other person. Can't wait to see how it all plays out!" ... written by l
Mimi is such a wonderful person! She always tries to work around your time if you can't catch her. She's very helpful and makes you feel 10x better. She deserves more than 5 stars!!! Truly gifted :)" ... written by Jen
She was so quick, honest and straight to the point! Can't wait to see her predictions unfold!" ... written by S
wanted to come in since i heard a lot of good things about her. first reading and pretty good" ... written by s
I enjoyed my reading with MiMi and she was very detailed about alot of things. She is one that I would definitely come back to for a future reading. She also gave me some good advice." ... written by Pris22
Mims does it again, she provided a timef rame for a family member getting a job, she hit the nail on the head. She is truly gifted and will provide you just the facts. :)" ... written by Tickleme_
Great reading. Very nice and understanding. Picked up on my situation right away. " ... written by Tai
Very nice and enjoyable to read with. She is very quick and easy to connect. Will chat with her again." ... written by Azaeachild
Awesome as always. Has never been wrong! Rely on her. Simply amazing and I highly recommend. " ... written by Andrea
always a positive and honest read from her!!!" ... written by penny
Great as always love her great reading always picks up and so kind and great energy a wonderful reader and a blessing giving great advice and answers to lead you on your path Thank you " ... written by Christine
Great as usual, thank you :)" ... written by Tickle
good" ... written by Cassaandra
my go-to. take her for pte. u won't need to go anywhere else :) " ... written by j
Mimi is amazing! Keeping that Latina swag! :)" ... written by sharphandz247
great reading...quick connection..can not beat that!" ... written by erica
my 1st time with her and i felt so at ease. She reads to the core of my problem and gave me very heartfelt honest readings. Take her for pte:)" ... written by j
thanks mimi..always the best~" ... written by sin
thank you mimi!" ... written by luxxicon
Confirmed my hunches. Very quick. Good reading. Will be back!" ... written by Jasmine
I love her xx" ... written by B
Always sweet and helpful... She is very calming..." ... written by Karen
Mimi is the real deal. like, seriously. real. so glad i found her. :) jk21" ... written by J09
She was great with pretty much no additional information" ... written by kate
She is excellent. Hoping for the best to happen what she predicted..." ... written by dilini
I love her energy and support x" ... written by B
She is insightful and her timelines were correct in the past." ... written by Karen
wow she is scary accurate and predictions came to pass again " ... written by Mimi
I wished i had chanced upon mimi earlier. Much readings with a lot of others sometimes confuses me much. But what mimi saw from her cards andamp; her intuitive self, pretty much cements what the situation is. " ... written by jk
She seemed good will let her know as predictions pass :)" ... written by tiff
thank you! shes so quick! " ... written by md
what a beautiful reading and so on point . love her she is so accurate " ... written by B
I am only coming to her now. take her for a pte and you will understand why :)" ... written by Miss jk21
Thank u mimi for helping me... Cant sleep without talking to u first.." ... written by Linn115
quick and nice reading" ... written by littlebudy1
i have never met a reader who is so conscientious about her clients. Helps to keep tab on the credit spending and such speed andamp; accuracy at reading the cards. Mimi is my def go-to. so glad and thankful i found her :) jk21" ... written by j09
So kind and gets right to it. No sugar coating..." ... written by Karen
Sweet and kind but won't sugar coat it..." ... written by Karen
I have had several sessions over the past few years with Mini and I take notes and she is always right! Even when she is giving bad news...she is right...She is also a sweetheart." ... written by DS
Thank you for being ever so kind, obliging to my 101 repeated questions and your clarity in helping me understand the situation. My trusted confidante for life. And i waited only for you here :)" ... written by Missjk21
Mimi was dead on accurate on a time frame from a previous reading, had to do a follow up to see where things are headed. Mimi is so accurate before you even say anything, she definitely knows!" ... written by Cosmo
You don't have to waste time andamp; money scouting all over. Take mimi for a pte. You will be blown away by her authenticity :) " ... written by J
awesome as always!" ... written by Andrea
Good reading very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Always the best! Encouraging n supportive with up coming goals. But mimi never lead u on with things she does not see with you. She will tell u honestly with kindness... Never harsh and hurtful. I know becoz i read with her for years and she had definitely told me things i did not want to hear, even if i didnt want to believe her back then. Always come true... Now i always go to mimi for advice and for some foresight into the upcoming future. " ... written by Linn115
So sweet and very quick. She does not waste time!" ... written by karen
awesome. truly rely on and trust her" ... written by Andrea
No need to go to anyone else. :)" ... written by Missj
Waited 3 days for mimi and all so worth it. She is genuine, sincere, accurate and puts worries to dust. Very logical + magickal! I am def only coming to her as a lifelong advisor :)" ... written by J09
very helpful" ... written by Anastasia
Kind and compassionate" ... written by Brittany
always clear and on point. Truthful and honest. Best on here." ... written by amigoperdio
always consistent and on point. so helpful. anxious to see what happens :) " ... written by Andrea
Will go to no one else after i found mimi. and faithfully wait for her every couple of days. take her for a pte to see why :)" ... written by Missjk21
awesome, so nice, accurate, 5 stars, wow" ... written by gina
I loved the reading it was so on point. Waiting for the predictions to happen. Thank you mimi" ... written by spiced
She was fast and gave very straightforward answers" ... written by RasheedaW
Very good great energy and positive right to the point and great readings all come true a blessing thank you " ... written by Christine
legitimately always has steered me in the correct path. On point and in tune....the best ever!!!" ... written by amigoperdio
10000 stars. :)" ... written by Missj
WHat a in depth reading. Once again exceptional xx" ... written by B
I love her xx" ... written by B
She predicted something and it came true! - this is just about the testimony that we all need from a genuine sweet and honest reader. Power to mimi!" ... written by Missjk21
A lot can be said about mimi and all in good faith. Take her for a pte and you will realize why there is really no need to try anyone else. And why she is such hot favorite :)" ... written by Missjk
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading. She was able to answer many of my questions in a straightforward manner." ... written by amethyst7777
Been coming to mimi for over a month now. Only thing i regret is not meeting her earlier. She is straight forward, strict but gentle and so so patient. But the most important thing is, what she saw for me did happened recently. Am so looking forward to the next. :) " ... written by Missjk
You have to take her for a pte. andamp; then you will understand. :)" ... written by A certain miss
She was extremely sweet and considerate of my time. She has a huge heart and she was very caring and non-judgmental. I would definitely go to her again :)" ... written by Riss
Great reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Mimi is such a wonder that i stayed 4 hours just to wait for her. Believe me! Take her for a pte reading! You will find nothing but warmth, truth, sincerity and much clarity. plus, they come true!!" ... written by Missj
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Mimi doesn't waste time and gets straight to the point. Always enjoy her readings. Thank you Mimi!" ... written by stas
Great" ... written by TD
Love this girl xx" ... written by B
Makes since, great guidance." ... written by pinkpather30
You'll be hard pressed to find someone like mimi. authentic, honest, sweetness x 1000 and predictions happen. Def a keeper for life - missjk21 :)" ... written by Missj
awesome reading, very on point and connected!" ... written by Tee
Connected perfectly and really fast and got down to the gist of my question. I recommend her to everyone that would like to know the indepth details of their situation. " ... written by Njeri
Great reading, always informative." ... written by pinkpather30
Love her sincerity " ... written by B
Awesome as always. Covers a lot in a short amount of time. So consistent and has never been wrong! Wow!" ... written by Andrea
She helped clarify a lot for me. I appreciate it so much! :) " ... written by stayclosedontgo
Absolutely awesome reader of cards!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle