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Psychic psychicjadehas 10-15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychicjadehas recently helped 4576members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychicjade's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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im the most accurate psychic and astrologer , read my testimonials for that purpose.

I know the outcome , answer to your question.

We can look at problems like in the following

Very nice person! So kind sweet! Gave great advice! Very positive!" ... written by kat620
Good sight." ... written by englandsglory
Fantastic, will come again!" ... written by englandsglory
Enjoyed my reading!" ... written by marionlyttle
A real superstar... Very good and accurate reader." ... written by focusing
Had my first reading with Jade. An amazing reading. Gave her some time to lay out the spread, and when she started interpreting everything was so connected and accurate. A wonderful experience. I will be back another time." ... written by omegaman
Nice person very good accuracy and detail stright forward kind advice. Thank you!!" ... written by ikroyal
She was really good, really picked up on things. " ... written by beetlenut
Excellent, very good reader and accurate..Very helpful." ... written by focusing
Really lovely person and knew my situation. :)" ... written by Billyxo
Good reading. Gives me hope for the future." ... written by katie46
Great!!!!" ... written by Skyranger333
She is excellent an on point i will be back." ... written by Carolyn101
Thanks for the read!" ... written by d2k1000
PSYCHICjade is my new favorite psychic for now on. Jade is very talented, smart and really nice. " ... written by johnny
I felt very good about your reading. You did tell much about to my question! Thank you for that. I would like to hear more...! I will get back to You soon!" ... written by Epi
Lovely and described the person accurately. " ... written by Sarah
Jade, is magnificent. So much detail and totally on point. she is a gem in her community. Love you Jade. " ... written by Robin Norman
amaizing!!" ... written by pescadinha
PSYCHIC Jade is very nice, I am comfortable taking her private and discussing my life. " ... written by JOHNNY
love love her she is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
She is so sweet just love her! so kind and very good! She helps you soooooo much. You should have a reading with her." ... written by kat620
She is the best psychic on oranum. She is also very nice and calm. She helps me every week. I hope she's my friend forever. " ... written by j
LOVE HER!!! she gave me great advise and incite, will defiantly be back for more!! " ... written by susan holder
Great reading very helpful!" ... written by Destiny68
5*****" ... written by j
jade you are my favorite psychic on Oranum. Thanks for being a psychic..." ... written by johnny
Out of 10 psychics, I've had the best readings with Psychicjade. None of them could ever get to her level. She is honest even if there is bad news she will tell you. Most of the time she helps me solve the bad news so it turns into good. " ... written by johnny
Jade is truly terrific. She is very talkative and expressive and has accurate reading with cards and also with pendulum. Had great session and obtained information of what to look out for in the upcoming future." ... written by Brian
She's good and sweet!.. Very sweet lady!!" ... written by Mamoon
I personally think I went on here just for a laugh, but now..she has pin point something that was in my life that I needed advice on the most and I am truly grateful of what she has said. I wished that I had more time with her but within those minutes I received great results. Thank you very much. " ... written by Jesse Zyra
Great!!!" ... written by Starfish444
VERY VERY GOOOD!" ... written by ROBIN
Very good insight about all that is happening in my life! Very honest, straight forward and earnest in her intuitions." ... written by TiffaniMichele
Good quick reading." ... written by Unknown
VERY GOOD." ... written by JAMAICAWIN
Jade is amazing. She was able to tell me the truth about a situation without upsetting me and was able to help me move on from a particular situation. She's very accurate!" ... written by Taylor
Psychicjade connected very well, gave wonderful advice and guidance in a few short minutes. I am very grateful to have had a reading with you :)" ... written by Starry16
She's a very sweet lady. Nice reading." ... written by Laughing Light
5 star psychic. " ... written by j
5*****" ... written by j
I`m a psychic as well and i use psychic jade all the time for my readings. Her predictions for the future are always right." ... written by john
5 Stars! Very sweet!" ... written by ann s
I was totally amazed by PsyhicJade's ability to accurately see what is happening in my situation. In my case, what appears to be true on the surface may not be happening on a deeper level. She tapped into the deeper level, and said things that were true even though what is happening on the surface could tell someone otherwise. I immediately knew she was the real deal from that. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
PERFECTTTTT ! " ... written by Sebiye Yetisti
Wonderful reading. She is very careful, giving sound advice. Very compassionate and caring, very much a blessing that gives beauty to this earth!!! Go see her!!! :)" ... written by turbo girl
5 stars." ... written by 128
Jade is BOSS!" ... written by Prana Doll
5 stars! No1!" ... written by 1
Great !" ... written by Wiljar
Psychic jade is a beast psychic. AMAZING!!!!!!!!" ... written by johnny
Jade is wonderful. She is very clear and provides many details and was accurate about the situation. Thank you so much!! I enjoyed having a reading with Jade very much. :)" ... written by Julia
very good ... 5 stars!!!" ... written by Ann
Great!" ... written by April
Jade is such a sweetie!!! I recommend her highly :)" ... written by le dolle
Jade is a beautiful person and really knew exactly how my partner and relationship is. I really appreciated her advice. Thank you Jade!" ... written by Rana
5 *" ... written by 21
Absolutely wonderful! She answered my questions with specific answers and helped me in an incredible way. " ... written by Dayla
Very good read." ... written by jana kadri
Great, thank you" ... written by missa
Thank you" ... written by S
She's very talented and gifted. She helped me a lot on my situation. She's very kind and honest. Thank you so much Jade for your help. I will let you know how everything works out." ... written by maria
Very accurate. Thanks! " ... written by shante
Just love her! She is wonderful and so kind! Everything she has told me has happen!! She is AWESOME!!! HAVE A READING WITH HER!! SHE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Great ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Amazing!!! " ... written by peace
Jade is the most genuinely caring soul you can have the pleasure to meet. Her gifts are true. She is much more than the average Oranum card reader; Not only has every card she has chosen for me been absolutely relevant and meaningful, but she backs everything up with her keen psychological consult. So, her gifts and intelligence combined make for a truly outstanding experience. This is not some form of entertainment, there are no flashy decorations nor assortment of toys to fiddle with. No dramatic card spreads with vague meanings leaving you confused and wasting credit. Jade is very humble, not needing advertisements nor boasting. But don't let that fool you, she has the inherent, gifted talent of a psychic with fluency in metaphysical matters. I give her 1,111 stars! ;D" ... written by Prana Dolle
Thank you Jade, perfect reading !!" ... written by jillian5
Always enjoyable to read with" ... written by kendra
Outstanding reading! I wholeheartedly recommend Psychicjade. " ... written by AsothPeace
Thank you for a very clear reading, I know how to handle this situation now, thank you so much!" ... written by cara
Thank You Jade ... I understand what is clearly coming. Not sure of the discussions onboard, but all part of my job. I will update you when all comes through. " ... written by jillian5
Thank you Jade, I will get through this life challenge. Many blessings to you. I will challenge and come through. I am strong. Thank you!!! Many times !!" ... written by Jillian5
I didnt give her much information and she seemed to describe someone I questions very well. Thanks!" ... written by jacqueline
Thanks very helpful." ... written by luvu
Thanks Jade. Your reading was very informative. I will be back for more updates. Thanks." ... written by Jaqueline
She was really good and spot on with everything." ... written by jessica
Good." ... written by praveen
Thank you Jade always a pleasure to read with you" ... written by jillian5
Jade is a beautiful person. I always come to her for help and she has always lifted my spirits up! Thank you for your kindness" ... written by Rana
THANK YOU! She's wonderful. Very accurate andamp; fast. I appreciate her talent andamp; hard work. She's easy to talk to andamp; learn from." ... written by Jazmine
Excellent, insightful and honest." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
Very compassionate, understanding and accurate." ... written by abby
Fantastic, gave great consolling advice. Would recommend!" ... written by Rohit
She has told me everything that the other psychics has said to me about my ex BF. So weird, right on the money with everything." ... written by Trevino
Jade is always so wonderful. She always is spot on with my situation. She is definitely a great person to talk to! " ... written by Rana
thank you jane" ... written by maria
Quick and precise. Good reading, great advice." ... written by MzGina
Thank you Jade you are fantastic! This is all good, and I am very pleased with your readings, you are magic!!" ... written by jillian5
she was good." ... written by Staci
I always come to Jade for my privates. She always clears my mind and answers me directly in a kind way. She is sincere and loving in her readings. :)" ... written by Rana
She was very real and to the point! Thanks a lot!" ... written by meet76
Jade was Crisp and Precise! Like her analysis" ... written by Bhanu
Lovely, kind and truthful. Consistent with a previous reading I'd had with her a few months earlier, thank you! Recommended! 5stars!!" ... written by b1anc4
Thank you, again!!" ... written by Jason
Very insightful.. Confirmed what I knew deep down just needed to hear it said by someone. Very useful to have the pre chat before signing up for the reading . thank you . " ... written by wendi
I was really delighted with her reading. Very helpful!" ... written by Mrznikki
She knows tarot very well, and interprets it wonderfully." ... written by kendra
On point again XOXO I love her" ... written by Trevino
I ran out of time and didn't get my answer, but she gave some good advice. Thanks!" ... written by Jaqueline
Excellent... Spot on... " ... written by Hitesh
Great reading! :) " ... written by Jess
very thoughtful and insightful reading, and highly caring and good energy" ... written by jonykim
Careful reading. Thank you." ... written by jonykim
5*" ... written by KING
PsychicJade is an excellent reader with great inuition." ... written by softwater
i appreciate jade's reading so much :)) thank you jade. I will definitely be back" ... written by nicole
I have been to Jade several times. I have my trust in her 100 percent. She has never been wrong. Thank you for your friendship and support Jade. Blessings. XOXOXO" ... written by Rana
She's very good and very sweet. I'll definitely come back when I have more money." ... written by celticfreckles
Jade is a blessings in my life. She is a true friend. Thank you for your kindness and all that you have done for me. Blessings Jade!xoxox" ... written by Rana
Jade is someone I always go through. Her predictions have always been clear for me. She is really a great friend and always has my situation spot on. Blessings and thank you." ... written by Rana
Jade is a true friend. Love her so much! She has always predicted what is happening to me correctly. Many blessings and thank you!!!!" ... written by Rana
Good." ... written by sylvestri
great reading, thank you" ... written by Rudiestar1
Thank you soo much! Very helpful! :)" ... written by E
I respect mostly her complete honesty. Insight and without prompting saw directly into the situation." ... written by callme_ambi
Clear, honest, very good!" ... written by softwater
Very honest, Clear, so Nice and Kind, very good psychic. Worth to try her. " ... written by naraina
Jade is a lovely person. She is past the 5 star rating if you take her private. Gotta love her! :)" ... written by Rana
If there is a meaning of a real psychic power, here is one! Amazing........... up to the point and really clairvoyant!!!!! :) Nice to have you as our friend. Thanks a lot. " ... written by Prem
Very good! Thanks." ... written by Muffin1603
She was very insightful, thanks :). " ... written by amoura88
Jade is a beautiful person. Very intuitive and careful with her reading. Always on point and a super sweet and kind soul." ... written by Robin
very accurate" ... written by gregg
PsychicJade is very refined in he approach - she's good!" ... written by softwater
PsychicJade is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by softwater
she is really sweet and really cares" ... written by Carol
Very helpful, honest and gets str8 to the point." ... written by bb
very kind and insightful, she tells the truth" ... written by valerie
Very happy and positive with my reading today.... Am feeling very light and more excited to the future... :) " ... written by Rutinha133
Thank You Jade appreciate you! You are wonderful and honest!" ... written by jillian5
Very reassuring :)" ... written by Lala
She is always awesome and so caring!" ... written by Robin Norman
Jade, has become a good friend. I look forward to her readings and trust all that she says. She is very gifted and a true angel." ... written by Robin Norman
Great reader, she is quick and accurate" ... written by missannie
She is the best! Friendly, Caring, accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by Ernesto
invaluable reading" ... written by eva
Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. Genuine psychic and reads cards also. I enjoyed all 4 of my readings. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by GArace
Always Awesome" ... written by Robin
she is good and does not sugar coat!! she is worth ur time and money" ... written by amoura88
Jade is a wonderful person! Love her as a friend! Jades predictions have always been spot on! She deserves more than 5 stars for sure! Many blessings, love, and light! :)" ... written by Rana
Thank you for your time and reading i will come back to you in next couple of days and let you know ... Highly recommended ..." ... written by Rutinha133
Jade is a wonderful friend and person. She tells you directly what is happening in your situation. Her predictions have always been spot on. Thank you for all the privates and advice that you have given to me. Many blessings, love, and light Jade :)" ... written by Rana
Wonderful, beautiful and thank you." ... written by Jason
Wonderful!" ... written by Garace
Jade is an awesome reader! She is more than 5 stars with her readings! Take her private! She is worth every penny! :)" ... written by Rana
Very Happy with my reading today, Will keep you updated.. Thank you again... 100% accurate. xxxR" ... written by Rutinha
Jade is very caring and intuitive! Always explains what she sees in the cards very clearly and thoughtful in her interpretation." ... written by Robin
very good reading, first time here. she picked sth up i did not tell about... very honest and saw how things are. i hope prediction comes true and will update :)" ... written by jazzychic7
She is an excellent reader. She picks up incredible details in her cards and I like talking to her" ... written by missannie
She is always spot on ! Very intuitive and thoughtful readings." ... written by Jade
Jade is a blessing. I love to go to her. She is one of the best on here. Her advice has always been spot on. I have had over 15 readings with her. XOXOOXO" ... written by Rana
a good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
she is amazing...soooo good at seeing everything from every angle...I loved the reading...recommend to all..thank you jade" ... written by missvika
went in for an update:) thanks" ... written by amoura88
very insightful !" ... written by Tiffany
Ich bedanke mich sehr bei Ihnen für Ihre guten Ratschläge.:)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
pretty good reading" ... written by sam
Nice reading thank you" ... written by Green tea
I love her, so sweet caring, thorough...I recommend her. I WILL BE BACK. " ... written by ne
I appreciate your words with me , JADE. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She is very good and compassionate! 100stars!!!" ... written by Liliana
Always enjoy my updates from Psychicjade... xxxxR" ... written by Rutinha1333
i love her sweet personailty" ... written by vell
lovely quick update!!! jade's prediction came true to me when I lost totally hope... i hope this will continue!!!" ... written by jazzychic7
She's very accurate." ... written by vpoh
Absolutely fabulous psychic reader and tarot card reader both! She is so tuned in. And caring and nice. I love speaking with her. She is really wonderful!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
great" ... written by Rabe79
very calm lady.. she tells you what she sees. and she tells you the message from angel and god.. very good advise. thank you jade. god bless you with abundance of gifts!!. vielen dank! " ... written by hermesstarr
Powerful reading, really caring, she picks up on all of the most salient points, definitely worth coming to for a reading, highest recommendation!" ... written by Alan
Had few technical problems my end computer playing up she connected well but we ran out of time thank you!" ... written by bimi5959
good reading with jade" ... written by ....
Jade is very compassionate and caring in her readings. She gives great advice and guidance, love her" ... written by Robin
ich bedanke mich für deine Sorge für mich. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Jade is so accurate and in-depth, also good about future predictions. I have enjoyed each reading with her very much. Thank you so much for your insight and clarity." ... written by Julia
she's awesome!!!" ... written by hermestarr
Very friendly nice lady with helpful advice" ... written by RJH
talking to her make me feel at ease.. she opened up my eyes and gave so many good advise that really make sense after the readings. thank you so much Jade! god bless you always.. " ... written by hermestarr
Awesome! I will be back. She has definitely helped me figure out some things! I cannot wait for the outcome! Beautiful spirit! Very sweet and accurate." ... written by SmileyT
I love her she is really kind." ... written by Janelle
Jade is always very enlightening and a sweet and kind soul. I appreciate all advises me on. She is one of a kind" ... written by Robin
i love the reading...very on point and helpful..thank you!!!" ... written by missvika
Thank you Jade. I don't have a lot of time, but I did want to communicate with you in private about this. Thank you for your insight." ... written by Fuzz
i like how the reading was given. very good knowledge with cards. and also right about my situation in an in depth manner. told about the person i was concerned with also correctly and accurately. i got wat i was looking for . " ... written by an
Most kind, loving, supportive psychic that I talk to on this website. Has own ways of reading which is unique and comforting to all the situations that I give. " ... written by ranasimh1
love love love! i trust her. visit her! :)" ... written by sehneo
Jade is great! Sweet, friendly andamp; awesome. I would definitely keep in touch with her." ... written by sehneo
as always such a pleasant talk and bringing clarity to what I do." ... written by Rabe
She is very good, and knows everything 100 % accurate." ... written by Joelette Gonzalez
Very good reading. i was very happy with my interaction with her and would highly reccomend" ... written by Rob
jade is amazing.....she is an awesome psychic and wonderful person...always on point...ty for everything!!" ... written by missvika
Amazing reading as always...thank you so much Jade!!" ... written by Lehua
THANK YOU (((((HUGS))))) ♥" ... written by MIA
outstanding.....very accurate and a pleasure to read with" ... written by gingerbetty
Jade is amazing every time!!!! Her sixth sense is just as accurate as her cards...every single thing she has ever predicted for me has been on point or has come to pass...she has a very powerful gift and i trust everything she says as she is very very good. It is also a pleasure to chat with her as she gives great and very wise insight to any situation and is a beautiful person..will always come back to her...thank you Jade x" ... written by lehua
she is awesome, i strongly recommend :)" ... written by Humility
I absolutely love psychicjade! She is very good and so very wise and I appreciate all the clarity she always gives me!! Will always come back to her for guidance as she is def one of the best here on oranum....she also has great energy that I enjoy being around...thanks jade!!" ... written by lehua
A lovely lady. :-) xxx many thanks for the advice." ... written by anon
She was very good!" ... written by clover434
5 Stars." ... written by s
she lift me up with her positives energy. very wise advises.. and awesome reading. definitely a friend that you can share your curiosity with.. I'm blessed that i have known jade.. :))) " ... written by hermestarr
Good reading. :)" ... written by Adiz
amazing reading as always..jade is very good and provides much needed clarity. thank you so much jade for everything!!" ... written by missvika
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
she is always a star for me!!! i can always talk to her when I'm feeling down. feel like i knew her for years. that is jade.. she tells you what you have to know. thank you Jade.. " ... written by hermestarr
Great reading , very personable, and understanding. Gives clarity and comes from the heart." ... written by Briyah
Great Lady! Love her humor too! She hit things on the nut shell and added confirmation to my issues in question. Thanks and " ... written by Cordie167
Good reading" ... written by vjrei01
I love! her .. she is great!" ... written by maddicat333
A wonderful person and very intuitive. Thank you!" ... written by Garace123
She was great...picked up on some delicate issues I was having and helped me look into the reasons behind it. I did run out of time but very pleased to have a private reading with her and will come back again. Thumbs UP!!!" ... written by Cordie167
i love jade!! she is amazingly good and insightful on all the love issues i bring her. i trust her completely as all advice she has given me thus far has led to best possible outcomes for me. i feel great with soo much clarity and strength after every reading i have with her that i always know how to proceed with different issues i have. thank you jade!! love and light x" ... written by missv
She is an amazing reader... wonderful update reading..." ... written by Marie
So grateful for Jade's readings, she's so accurate in what she sees, I always feel at ease after her readings, will update when things progress :)" ... written by Ameliaalice7
shes really good in her card reading. she picked up situation quickly and accurately" ... written by m
She is so sweet and thoughtful with her time and answers. Thank you!" ... written by stars
magnifique awsome reader..thank u very much .... " ... written by Marie
Jade is such a gifted person with a beautiful heart. She really gives her all in always providing a very thorough and caring reading and always always always gives the truth. Every reading I have had with her has been absolutely accurate on what she sees. She gives the good and the bad while providing hope and clarity on how to handle things the best possible way. Really such a beautiful soul and I am blessed to know her. She is a true friend. Thank you Jade!" ... written by missvika
Awesome woman =)" ... written by Petra
she my go to person when i have an issue... very accurate with her words. " ... written by Shereice
See's always so sweet and supportive" ... written by Robin
Superb! would to have loved to keep on talking, but as I'm a student, that can't happen! thanks you very much for your insights!" ... written by lauren
she's the best!" ... written by me
I love jade! such a caring and truthful reading...really am so fortunate to have found her!" ... written by missv
Jade is one of the best psychics on oranum! I recently had one of the best readings of my life with her! She connects quickly and is very accurate in her predictions. She gave me a prediction last week that came true two days later - she said I would get the call very, very soon, not as far off as she initially thought, and then two days later I got the call :) If you want an empowering spiritual experience and accurate predictions, I would highly recommend Jade as a reader. Also, know that she is very genuine and really cares about her clients and will provide updates after your reading in free chat to make sure things are still on track. Again, I would highly recommend you give her a try! " ... written by liz
Great advice!" ... written by Janine
very beautiful LOVE LOVE LOVED her reading.. " ... written by alicia
outstanding..." ... written by jo
Absolutely astounding!" ... written by Sarah
Jade is the best on here, you really need to get a email reading and then take her private. Upload a photo of the person you need to know about, she is extremely accurate, and knows things about the person that know one else could have known but you and gives you insight in other things as well. So wil give you her honest opinion too. " ... written by Sarah
Kind and very helpful!" ... written by Kim
Amazing!! My favorite reade :))" ... written by Petra
very clear in her reading" ... written by stars
great. very helpful.." ... written by ron
Lovely lady." ... written by Sarah
Brilliant!!" ... written by Sarah
Best every time..thank u jade XXx" ... written by missvika
good advice" ... written by sam6161
great reading nice lady" ... written by veezee
a lovely lovely soul. Gave me lots of peace" ... written by Chaitprice
Thank you Psychic Jade, you have been very helpful and kind :)" ... written by Asma Noor
she is very passionate with her work and accurate in her predictions. " ... written by Angela-homehoros
jades a sweetheart ..." ... written by davyboii
good reader . answered my question . " ... written by dharma
very good reading....she is a great psychic to state the least..definitely will come back for update reading" ... written by Ammer
excellent" ... written by ny
Missed you Jade, your great" ... written by Robin
always encouraging and passionate about her work. thanks for this afternoon. my heart can now be at peace." ... written by Angela
Jade is one of the best gifted psychics on this site. Always precise and accurate with her predictions. Give her a go and you will find out the truth.xx" ... written by Angela
Lovely reading sweet soul" ... written by Tifany
ty jade" ... written by davy
she had some mrs messages for me, very kind of her to pass them along" ... written by Tiffany
verygood ty so much hun" ... written by Foxsin
She is the best !!!! awsome" ... written by Roquelle Martinez
Jade is very skilled at what she does and very thorough and loving person" ... written by Robin
Wow she is SPOT on! she is great! very kind, knows what she is talking about, knows stuff that is very detailed. thanks!" ... written by Nadia
Jade is a very good psychic, nice lady and extremely honest. I would recommend Jade for a reading as I consider her to be a genuine psychic and a very accurate reader. 5 Stars for me. ♥" ... written by LarimarGem
always great" ... written by Abigail Rudner
I LOVE HER, SO KIND, GENEROUS AND INSIGHTFULL!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Jade is a sweetheart, a great reader on oranum. Always thorough and kind and caring" ... written by Robin
Very detailed reading! I enjoyed it very much. I've honestly heard two sides of the story to my situation from other advisors so I don't really know what to expect at this point.. but her predictions and time frames seem to line up (to the day!) with those of my trusted advisors and her descriptions seem to be accurate. So, I will take her advice and hope for the best." ... written by Mimi
She is an amazing person, and an amazing reader. And she explains things in a way that let people understand her well." ... written by ojosdecoyote
Awesome, positive reading! " ... written by LEILANI
Jade is a wonderful, caring, spiritual clairvoyant. Talented at her skills. Always very supportive and honest about what she feels. Love her :)" ... written by Robin Norman
Jade xoxo she is awesome as always" ... written by Robin
Jade is really really sweet and super on point. I love her honesty and she really checks her cards to make sure everything is right. Thank you so much Jade!!!" ... written by Teal
I needed more clarity about a situation and again Jade hit it on the head, she is brilliant, my go to reader, I would highly recommend her for a reading. Thanks again Jade for the information and confirmation. Answered all my questions and then some more. ♥" ... written by LarimarGem
Best reader on Oranaum in my opinion" ... written by gregg
Best reader on Oranaum in my opinion" ... written by Phila77
nice reading. sweet lady." ... written by Ess
Jade is a wonderful person and a very good psychic!" ... written by softwater
She was very helpful. She was very kind and answered all my questions. I feel better and by looking at her I can tell she was telling me the truth. " ... written by Akitty
Thanks Jade.. hope it gets okay.. lol " ... written by Shiks
5stars she is the best all prediction come true" ... written by naraina
Great help.. just wat I needed..! Thank you." ... written by Shiks
Jade thank you for being so sweet with me. You are very gifted in your abilities and I appreciate your time with me as always " ... written by Robin
thank you for the reading" ... written by ch
Jade is a wonderful reader who is calming and nonjudgemental. She may be one of the first psychics who has ever told me to own my personality and not be ashamed of who I am. She is very straight forward without being crass or aggressive about it. She takes the time to actually get to understand and know you so she can have a strong connection. I found her to be amazing." ... written by feebers1
excellent reading." ... written by jamira76
She is simply fantastic and so friendly!! " ... written by Me Again
she's great" ... written by Cristina
Jade is wonderful as always. Very detailed and accurate. I am always glad to have consulted her before making big decisions. Thank you so much!!~~~ 5 Stars!!" ... written by Julia
Jade is once again amazing - thank you!" ... written by softwater
Very deep, very accurate. " ... written by David Miller
Jade is an amazing reader, and she's honest and doesn't sugar coat things. Highly recommended!" ... written by Carl W. Orchard
She is very kind and accurate. :)" ... written by Jason
PsychicJade is a very gifted person, with deep connections." ... written by softwater
Jade has a great understanding of human beings,a nd wonderful intuition." ... written by softwater
Wow! What a wonderful reader! No tools and told me exactly what I needed to do! Thank you. :) " ... written by justme0234
very encouraging and helpful, very supportive. will come again" ... written by s
Good very good" ... written by Hussain
Good" ... written by Hussain
Shes a very gentle person. She is very spot on, on personality. I have asked her a timeframe and ill see to it if it is correct. She doesn't use tools! She was really nice and soft spoken. She also have positive energy around her. I enjoyed her time!" ... written by Mary
she is good!" ... written by katie
I always enjoy talking with her. She is a real deal in terms of mysituation." ... written by M.N
I love jade, she is such a nice and kind person. She reads into the situation and also reads your personality. She provides me clarity on why my ex didnt speak to me on a certain day because i told her i use pendulum and she explain to me how its going to happen in terms of timeframe." ... written by Mary
really good :)" ... written by autumne
Thank you very much! It was a nice reading. Hope it all will come true ;-)" ... written by C
She is wonderful! I love her insight, she is very thorough and incredibly helpful and kind. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so very much Psychic Jade! So much gratitude! :)" ... written by Kelly
amazing as usual! i tottally loved her" ... written by Erika
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Another helpful reading that is very warming. Thank you Jade" ... written by Randi
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awesome jade!" ... written by a
Lots of good info on the person personality " ... written by knowing2013
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she is very sweet and very good predictions! very clear and to the point. very positive. " ... written by Brianne
thankyou jade you are so awesome. and i know u r very honest and gifted lady. eevrything was spot on. " ... written by a
Jade your a sweetheart as usual" ... written by Robin
Just love you Jade, she is alway very accurate and we have been working together for 2 yrs.. xo" ... written by Robin
Helpful" ... written by Nona
She is right about his personality" ... written by knowing2013
Thanks for all. Spot on about his personality. wow" ... written by knowing2013
Lets wait and see what a future holds,,,so excited,, thank you Lina ))" ... written by miss Wait
She is soo correct about him and his personality wow. I do need to lean to be assertive and not stress." ... written by knowing2013
clear and true - i love you" ... written by Abigail Rudner
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great reading. will wait and see how it all works out. was able to tell exactly how i was feeling" ... written by jan
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The cards saw my situation as she read. " ... written by knowing2013
Follow up was awesome and very informative and in-depth. Appreciate you Jade" ... written by Robin
wonderful!!!" ... written by a
very sweet lady , very accurate and precise . loved the reading with her . takes her time but is correct. to the point no stalling . " ... written by sonam
thank you lina, you froze. but all the things you said are true. " ... written by all
I love talking to her. She is always straight to the point and tells the truth. She is kind and also go into detail. Thank help me understand the situation. She is one of the best in Oranum" ... written by bee
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great readign with psychicjade. she was in tune and her insight is great. Thank you! will be back" ... written by mm
she picked up details she could not possibly have know. really amazing. " ... written by all
stacks of fun Jade is enchanting" ... written by David
pychicjade is very caing, sheis concerned about others, and wants to help sincerely like a social worker would and her background in psychoanlaysis merits strength to get deeper rooted inpeople's patterns of despair. I love her very much" ... written by fresh qigong
She is a wonderfull reader reliable and honest " ... written by Abigail Rudner
Very very good. Told me some hard truths i needed to hear." ... written by angelszone
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thank you lina" ... written by all
thank you lina. lina is great. and she has been so accurate. and so patient and understanding with me. thank you so so much lina. " ... written by all
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thank you so much lina" ... written by all
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she was so cute and so accurate with my situation first time with her loved her 10 stars" ... written by Edna
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thank you so so much lina" ... written by all
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I appreciate you looking into this. thanks" ... written by knoning
thank you lina" ... written by all
she is very patient and kind" ... written by all
Great Psychic----very accurate and honest and nice and beautiful!" ... written by Tim
thank you lina" ... written by all
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Jade is an excellent reader here on oranum.. have been reading with her for 2 years and always very accurate" ... written by Robin
She is one of the best on Oranum! Her readings are very detailed and specific, and many things come to pass. She is a beautiful soul." ... written by Robin
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thank you lina. thank you so much. " ... written by all
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thank you lina. thank you very much. " ... written by all
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i truly love you lina. " ... written by all
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