About psychMedeea

Psychic psychMedeeahas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic psychMedeeahas recently helped 37members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about psychMedeea's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Namaste & may the Sun be with you! I am part of Oranum team for9 years now, period in which i had helped thousands reach out into the threshold between the material and the spiritual world. I analyse auras, I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, a medium, I have the ability to predict what will happen or what is needed in the future.I am here for You! Every second is a chance to turn Your life around!

Good healing session" ... written by Ray
Great... Clear... Fast insight!!!" ... written by Gaby11
Lovely reading!!" ... written by marion
She is wonderful, very caring andamp; Excellent reader, Very methodical in how she does her readings, but was able to provide answers to all of my my questions what ever it would be. Always happy with her! She's so sweet and love having update readings with her. She answers straight to the point and is very kind. Good reading. Accurate. Thank you." ... written by praveenp
yes she was very helpful and confident and lovely very accurate.. im grateful to her kind help!!!! beautiful soul." ... written by erika cowell
She has amazing ability to connect very very deeply, more so than other psychics. Takes a bit of time but results are truly jaw dropping!" ... written by ikroyalal
Good reader! She knows her stuff, just let her read her cards. " ... written by Rei
She was very accurate for me.. he cards are spot on, i didn't tell her anything, she knew.. " ... written by elle11
Absolutely an amazing session... This was so different and genuine." ... written by linda
Strong expert and good adviser. A very good reading thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Thanks for the insight, I'll remember the time frame." ... written by g
Worked very hard for me was deff. gifted got great insights." ... written by angela
We connected! she picked up on personalities and energies. We couldn't locate my lost items. but over all good reading!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
She was very honest and very advisable. I liked my reading with her a lot! :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
She is very good at guiding." ... written by Abdul Moeed Khan
Detailed insightful read but a little slow." ... written by k
Very Good Would Recommend" ... written by annette
Loved my time with her." ... written by khadija roberts
Veryy nice to talk to!! She is very intuitive!!! Thanks!!!" ... written by Alerisse
Loved her. Very insightful. " ... written by khadija roberts
would reccomend her for sure...very good!! I was very impressed with all of her insight..thank you so much i will def be back" ... written by misty
I totally love your session!! Thanks!!! I am super happy!!! I recommend her 100%" ... written by Alerisse
thank you so much for your comforting words! I love the way how you make things work. " ... written by olivezcy
Thanks for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
she is so talented and gentle. i always love her reading!!! strongly recommend!" ... written by zcy
Great!! Always a relief talking to her and her advices are amazing!!" ... written by Alerisse
She is great... clear... warmhearted... love my sister! :)" ... written by Gaby11
Great reading." ... written by Rei
My spiritual sister, she is amazing and oh so gifted. You must try her to believe. " ... written by leelee32384
She is gifted. On point and wholeheartedly understands you and helps" ... written by Annette
she saw the situation before I said a word! WOW." ... written by L
I really like computer kept getting stuck, but I think she is wonderful" ... written by Amanda
She can see right through you." ... written by Lightinside
Good." ... written by oju
Another very meaningful fulfilling reading by Medeea. Thank you so much and your advise is so valuable. I look forward to the follow up" ... written by Tom
awesome reading!!! thanks so much!!! such a quick connection!!! thanks again :-)" ... written by vigglesworth216
it's very interesting talking to you. What you analyzed was very accurate and promising." ... written by olive
what a lovely woman, fast reading, accurate and no sugar coating. really enjoyed talking to Medeea, look forward to our next reading. " ... written by bijutsu
she really good reader! love it " ... written by paulina
Great reader. Connected instantly. Very accurate. Will definitely come back." ... written by Sanju
love her reading!!! " ... written by zcy
She was the best psychic I have talked to on here in long time. Non judgemental and very clear!" ... written by mary
Spot on right away!! she is amazing!! She tells everything what you need to know. The moment I saw her I feel The connection and she sensed it.. God bless you medea..will see you soon for updates! thank you." ... written by Medea
Good advice, very easy going and fun psychic. Hope to see you again soon! :) Got some very good vibes from you!" ... written by Raphael
Seemed good!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Nice with Tarot cards." ... written by rb
Good, enjoyed my time." ... written by Devon
great reading and advise" ... written by MARCO NAVARRO
Great readings picked up on m situations before I said a word. 5 star" ... written by PEter
she was good " ... written by Mary
She is wonderful. " ... written by d2k1000
very detailed, honest, patient and kind. Thank you for your assistance" ... written by jusbinformed
Very kind, compassionate and understanding - great help :0)" ... written by RJ
she was awesome, picked up on my situation and really hit the nail on the head. " ... written by sarah
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Very good, sweet, and gives good details and advice! THank you!" ... written by Roseanna
i will give her all my money for help shes going to be so fast an real blessings " ... written by danny morris
she was great! she gave me insight on things i needed to know! i see things better now. thanks" ... written by Shasmine
a great session thanx" ... written by zimerili1
A sweet gentle soul. Spot on. I would recommend her. " ... written by Thuy
She connects quickly and was spot on with things she saw. Thank you so much!" ... written by Thuy
She is awesome... no words to express.. go to her she is tuned. " ... written by Jake
Smart, compassionate reading again " ... written by RJH
It took me a long time to finally decide on getting readings for myself. I am happy to meet such a lovely and friendly person as Medeea. I felt very comfortable. She has a great sense of things happening and the session has been very helpful for me. I will surely continue visiting Medeea. Thank you. " ... written by Sahar2004
thank you for helping." ... written by madhu_thomass
great!" ... written by Rachel
Medeea was helpful" ... written by juanita christopher
great reading! She gave me a LOT of great information. Thanks!" ... written by slinky222
Second thorough reading with her. This one is very very details and precise. She is so confident and very intuitive, gifted as usual. She did not answer the question right a way, she really think through before she will answer you. Worth 10 stars. Wait to see the predictions in sept." ... written by pigletme123
VERY accurate..almost freaky..." ... written by random skeptic
She was very precise on her reading." ... written by lyn
she is amazing we had a very long reading and she made me realize everything i love her so much amazaing she is worth it i love her " ... written by molina
Fabulous! So gifted and intuitive. I did not even need to ask questions :)" ... written by Katherine
great fantastic spot on" ... written by lorna
my first reading with her after reading her testimonials. i would recommend!" ... written by luxxicon
great reading! I'll be back :)" ... written by kundra
A pure soul filled with great wisdom! She figured me right out! And we had a fun time! :) Definitely an amazing woman!" ... written by Eva
she is really amazing. so many details and predictions. thanks " ... written by val
great great reading I loved it" ... written by Tyler
great reading" ... written by Ammer
AMAZING READING SUCH HEALING POWER " ... written by paul.golden69
oh my days she is awesome thank you for the read.. keep me in your prayers" ... written by kritika
I couldn't add more credits but she is super accurate... starting with no tools!" ... written by S-
So wonderful, an amazing lady with great advice and insight" ... written by RJ
the reading was amazing and very details.. without any info given she can just read to you all the things you need to know!! also good advise indeed! highly recommended!! " ... written by hermestarrr
she was very intuitive....very enjoyable and quick with her answers saw what i was experiencing....enjoyed her reading will follow up" ... written by angelmist
She is like a sun, so positive and beautiful person! :)) Thank you for your time and nice reading :)) See u soon!" ... written by Angie
A Lovely reading with great accuracy and clarity." ... written by Wiccaman
Good insight and very perceptive" ... written by Lyn
PsychMedeea is my favorite. She is warm and deeply intuitive. She is able to answer quetions that were never asked. I feel calm and restored after a reading with her :)" ... written by Katherine
She is awesome,a true pshychic! nuff said." ... written by Ioane
Very sweet spirit. Lovely person. Thorough. " ... written by Sha
Will keep you posted on predictions. Seemed to connect very well, knew what I wanted to speak about before I went pvt with her. " ... written by T
She is amazing! Spot on! Saw my situation before I typed! I love her!" ... written by Megan
was a beutiful readin " ... written by dan
:)" ... written by solobolo25
Pleasing, Polite, Perfect, soft, and accurate. Doing the perfect job that too in the right way, right manner and clear reply. I indeed happy and appreciate the clarity of replying. Good Job. God Bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
Very good reading." ... written by itwillbeok
wow she was fast no info needed and spot on with my boyfriends charecter" ... written by Tracey
Wicked and accurate" ... written by Neu
Really enjoyed my first session with Medeea! I look forward to her reading for me again." ... written by inlovewithhim
Ah, my funds finished. She was really good, telling me in detailed manner what was going on, but I didn't have more funds to stay,, thanks anyways" ... written by sharen223
I had to cut our reading short but for no other reason than my phone rang. This lady is sweet and accurate. I really enjoyed my reading with her x" ... written by Mshelli
Intuitive, connected, fast, highly recommend!" ... written by BK
Great Reading Love every bit of it" ... written by Mark
another reading with psyhmedeea. Very precise and read very carefully with cards . She is able to tell the whole situation. " ... written by pigletme123
great ****" ... written by sweet461
She is amazing! wow wow wow..she is spot on...every time!!!" ... written by ash
ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! WOW! Truly blew my mind. With no info from me she nailed my entire situation - personalities, circumstances, everything! Amazing accuracy on things that have happened and are currently happening. So much detail and deep insight. And the timeframe given gave me chills. I so look forward to posting when it happens. Sweet, gifted and wonderful. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
She is lovely and straight forward and reassured me greatly but wow 20 bucks for a couple of minutes? not what I was expecting" ... written by butlerstc
very good :)" ... written by hienanh2310
tunes in really fast. fast typer, highly recommended" ... written by bec
For so young she is very, very professional. I am very impressed with her readings and I am so thankful I have found her!! I highly recommend Medeea!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very much enjoyed her reading!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very great connection.. She really spot on and gave a precised and accurate reading" ... written by femi
thank u that was amazing" ... written by christina
spot on about details without having to ask about many details!" ... written by ginigini
Thank you psychMedeea! I feel better about my decision and intuitive feelings. I will talk to Darin and hope he understands. Great Reading!" ... written by kundra
u are the best!!!!" ... written by asl
wow Medeea is amazing! She is soooo good! she is able to describe the sitaution -- very very detailed and spot on!!!" ... written by ash
thank you so much for the reading! she read my situation clearly and we vibed so well that i believe it helped the reading even further!" ... written by luxxicon
Spot on about everything. No tools. Excellent reading. thanks for the advice!" ... written by Rigo
Thank you very much! Medeea was great and very accurate!! :-)" ... written by sara
Excellent! Pleasant, knowledgable and accurate! Would recommend to anyone and I will definitely reach out to her again. :D" ... written by Mickey
I don't have enough vocabulary words to describe how amazing Medeea is! So very talented and a beautiful soul!" ... written by Eva
Absolutely wonderful reading. Spot on with everything. Received much clarity in my situation. 5 stars.....100 if I could :) " ... written by Cindy
Amazingly quick connection and spot on. Her knowledge is so vast and provided for such a thorough look at things" ... written by J
very connected" ... written by Vu
pretty amazing she picked up on alot of things. wish i had more time " ... written by crystal
She is AMAZING omg so spot on and accurate.... I can honestly say WOW .....Everyone must have a read with her... I will be back for sure..... If I had more money I would talk to her all day..... the best and worth every dollar" ... written by Rosa
thank you so much she helped me with great insight!" ... written by Nadia
was best reading ive had" ... written by des
wonderful! really knows the situation and what advice to give" ... written by toby
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Raibowspirit123
****1000 trillion stars**** she has such a big heart. spot on with everything. I didn't even have to say much to her and she was able to tell me all kinds of facts about my situation. ill definitely be back for another read!" ... written by oozaru
what an incredible reading. if you have love issues come see her. " ... written by tyler
great read as always, most amazing person on here :)" ... written by oozaru
Quick typist. To the point. Direct" ... written by K
OMG I love this girl.....she is a blessing...amazing...wonderful...worth the money........If I had more money I would speak to her all day! She is such a beautiful person..... I will be back for more readings and updates..." ... written by Rosa
very expert psychic..a true healer of the best here..predictions come through..thank you" ... written by love
Amazing!" ... written by Olivia
she brings me smile and tons of good energy! love the reading with her!! A true healer" ... written by lousie
thank you for all the insights!" ... written by lousie
Very nice reading, she used the cards which i thought were pretty accurate. cards predicted the past and present accuratley.. very plesant lady she was, honest and sincere" ... written by Zira
thanks, will look forward to predictions and advice. Her reading was accurate, and fit!!" ... written by jon
very kind and compassionate reader, i recommend her " ... written by cc
hahah awesome reading, and great sense of humor! Appreciate your help and reading! Connected well, and looking forward to future =]" ... written by jon
Amazing person! Really made me feel good about the future, and I can't wait to talk to her again. Highly recommend her!" ... written by cinnadoll7
24/7" ... written by Michael
great individual, very professional, and gives great advise" ... written by ruben
Medeea’s humanity is unmistakably present in her readings. I have met with her on numerous occasions and spoken on many different topics. " ... written by 1111
i like her. quick, patience. will come back for advise for sure" ... written by mm
great, helps , and gives advise" ... written by ruben
i wish she can answer my questions directly because her answers took quite some time and there was pause every now and then. will hope predictions does comes to pass" ... written by vpoh
another reading with psychmedeea. Gifted and very precise. insightful and knowledgable. Thank you again" ... written by pigletme123
Things were going really well but then it froze up. " ... written by Jennifer
great and on point she's very friendly and helpful thank you" ... written by ruben
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
love her" ... written by majoma
I love the reading and i love the advice that she gave me... she was very helpful to me!!! thanks so much for the reading" ... written by viggles
This was my first time reading with Medeea and I must say it was pretty great. She quickly tapped into the energies surrounding my relationship and was accurate in the things she told me and there were good predictions for things to come. She confirmed it all with her cards and again more details and accurate insight. Overall a really wonderful reading. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you very much for a honest to goodness reading. That gave me clarity." ... written by JJ
short and sweet first reading:)" ... written by ginbellen
it was quick and informative.. hope she's right !" ... written by jazzychic
Left me to ponder in a very loving way. I know to come back to her and I am grateful. I trust her." ... written by Azalia
you are amazing and love your calm peaceful energy thank you for the positive reading" ... written by mag
Overwhelmingly powerful experience, thank you so much." ... written by Brayden
interesting reading. seemed to connect. Made predictions." ... written by A
I always enjoy her readings. I believe she only tells the truth even if it is not what you want to hear. I trust her and I recommend her." ... written by inlovewithhim
Excellent!! Very in tune with the situation without me giving any info - accurate and on-point." ... written by SoulDesire1
shes awesome. fast typist and picks up without you saying anything to her. i just confirmed everything she said. awesome read" ... written by m
Sounds like a happy 2015 for me :)" ... written by kundra
thank you ill be back" ... written by yesenia martinez
brilliant!!! awesome readings!!" ... written by hermestarr
Very positive and hopeful reading. I will return for another." ... written by dittman67
Wonderful and sweet spirited. " ... written by Sha
hi medeea i paid for a reading a few months ago but havnt heard from you" ... written by kevin
Thank you Medeea, you have been extremely helpful to me." ... written by adf
great reading" ... written by lousie
excellent reader and says what needs to be said" ... written by ruben
She was very connected and accurate with everything she told me. Very positive and will definitely read with her again. I look forward to the predictions." ... written by Anny
she is very detailed, accurate and patient! definitely recommend her!" ... written by lousie
Looking forward to what the future holds 2015 is looking great. " ... written by l
amazzzingg. love her . very in tuned with my situation" ... written by natasha
She is very good and I highly recommend her. I hope what she sees comes to pass. " ... written by inlovewithhim
Wonderful reader....very intuitive, accurate, and caring." ... written by Jiminy Christmas
Thank you, it was quick but straight to the point and most important of all, accurate. Thanks." ... written by Joseph
quick picking up on my situation wish I was able to have longer time but I was unabl to get more credts at this time. I will keep my faith as long as I can." ... written by luvuchaluka
LOVED my reading !!! " ... written by summer
Exceptionally intuitive. very caring and helpful. saw right into the core issues." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
She is so wonderful and spot on!" ... written by Nadia
wonderful reading" ... written by maria
Thanks I always like getting readings from you it's a pleasure to work with you" ... written by Catherine
The best reading I ever had! She was so kind and lovely and connected really well with me. I will definitely be returning sometime in the future. Thank you! " ... written by lynnrmc
She was accurate in her reading and advice was fantastic. Will be back again. It make sense what she told me and understand my situation . Thank you so much" ... written by Nadesh
outstanding" ... written by Ronald
Really good reading, and lots of insight into my love life." ... written by BN
Thank you again. Honestly never had a more spot on reading with tarot than with you. Thank you" ... written by J
great accurate and patience" ... written by majoma
love her readings!!!" ... written by lousie
Dang it, that was a really good reading! Medeea's one of the best on oranum. " ... written by Marty Robbins
One of the best readings I've had - really remarkable" ... written by lotus71
Beautiful reading, I knew when I met her that this would be a great connection. Medeea is very empathic and psychic and worth every penny. I will be back for sure!" ... written by EyeRis6
Thank you again so much. It is always a pleasure talking to you. The advice you give is great and the things you see amazes me. Will definitely chat again soon!" ... written by J
Wow a really good reading, we went through all my questions about a person I've been thinking about lately, and I am a little excited! I feel relieved that it was a positive and insightful reading." ... written by Bhavna
fantastic ,She new me very well, thank You, she has a insight to people, a trusted person , highly recommend" ... written by Doug South
good." ... written by lousie
love your reading!!!" ... written by olive
She is a Wonderful Psychic , so in tune to peoples feelings" ... written by Doug South
thank you" ... written by nolulamo
Oh my god she turned my life around! So so accurate. I adore her" ... written by Christina Tholstrup
amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Christina Tholstrup
love her reading!!!!" ... written by olive
speechless of all this sucess" ... written by christina Tholstrup
great! amazing! Couldn't do it without her!" ... written by Christina Tholstrup
Lovely reading..." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Very good psychic!" ... written by Senterra
thank you so much was very compassionate and very patient with my questions. gave quick insight " ... written by dani
thank you for all the guidance. thank you for caring for me so much" ... written by lousie
didn't realise i didnt have enough credit but she seems good" ... written by smiley2011
Super" ... written by Super
Awesome! Excellent as always" ... written by Jiminy Christmas
Great reading" ... written by Sunday
great reading.. A******" ... written by sweet461
brilliant readings! spot on! " ... written by chantelle
wonderfully connected to me and my situation thanks xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Lots and lots details, a timeline of events to happen and accurate assessment of current situation. Excellent reading and a lot to look forward to. Thank you." ... written by T
Beautiful on the inside and out. Very nice reading." ... written by Eyeris6
Absolutely my most favourite reader on here :) Thank you. x" ... written by lynnrmc
wonderful precise and very insightful. Very gifted! Thank you for the clarify and patient. Awesome reading. :)" ... written by g
Thank you, that was so clear and straightforward which gave me calmness. Thank you. I don't regret every spending money for you, it is always worth it." ... written by Joseph
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
Love your reading!!!" ... written by cy
Wow..... " ... written by Randi
Very nice. She was able to pick up on my concerns right away. I would definitely get another reading from her in the future. :-)" ... written by Marissa
She really thinks deep with you and works hard to give the most accurate insight about the situation. Must try. " ... written by ladyme
She is so amazing! Helped me gain insight and was spot on. " ... written by elizabeth
she is always so patient and her accuracy amazes me everytime" ... written by lousie
love her reading" ... written by olive
Medeea has a wonderful way about her.... I have read with many readers on here in the past that I feel I have bogged down with my energy.... and came for a "new" perspective as she has never read for me prior to yesterday. She picked up on things automatically.... without a word from me the level of accuracy and intuitiveness was astounding. Time frames and events of my past were spot on so I know the connection was there which gives amazing hope for what is to come. I am going to walk with confidence and hope" ... written by Randi
thank you for your readings! Sorry I ran out of fund! " ... written by leona
My pc has some problems, so can't fully finished it =(, but she is wonderful and hope her prediction will become true. " ... written by emily
Thank you again for your time and readings, psycMedeea!" ... written by leona
Amazing spot on I everything" ... written by Joanna
Indeed, Medeea is a wonderful reader, sheea will reead you like an open book and with grace, illuminate your path." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
She's so beautiful i love talking to her so much! Thank you! " ... written by lynnrmc
thank u so much!!! u are amazing,... will be back for updates :)" ... written by christina
Medeea is so right intuition, caring person and deep insights. I dont even have to ask the question, the answer is there from her." ... written by Jimminy Crickett
WOW - Medeea is amazing! She picked up quickly and brought so much clarity to my situation. I'm so glad I added extra credits, she is so worth it. Thank you Medeea for sharing your gifts in such a graceful and beautiful way." ... written by kundra
super legitimate reader with nice energy. felt verysafe in my reading with her- thank you." ... written by nicole
lovely accurate reading. very calm and good energy. really worth it. " ... written by Arandelle
Thank you, the answers to my questions have been so clear. Always somebody to go to when I need some clarity. Thank you once again." ... written by Joseph
She felt me directly and saw me through, impressive!" ... written by Gabyjaby
Nice treatment, accurate and wise." ... written by Erzulie
thank you for the info on retrograde hope it all works out" ... written by rebecca
superb!" ... written by kalissia
Shame my time ran out... Great reading, thank you! Very accurate " ... written by Drummergirl
Amazingly as always" ... written by Randi
Very accurate and amazing. She picks up on how I feel perfectly" ... written by Randi
Very good" ... written by Aisling
very good " ... written by tim
Had an amazing session with Medeea as always!!!! Absolutely love her. Thanks for the great advice. xx" ... written by lynnrmc
Thank you for the update. I'm glad I was able to catch you online. You have a gift for being able to see things as it is. I'll keep you posted!" ... written by J
very insightful! 5 stars!" ... written by peach
Medeea Love just answered all the questions to my worries. She doesn't waist your time, spoke as fast as she could to make good use to my credits and now things are starting to make a lot more sense in my life. She's very honest and she is worth every penny. Her energy is full of enthusiasm and she's very clear in her feed back. But she also cares about her clients and that puts in that extra mile which makes its so much more special to have a reading from her!" ... written by Christina007
wonderful reading...she is to the point and spot on !!! " ... written by penelope
Medeea a great spiritual psychic, she goes more in depth with the roots of why things are unfolding...which is quite amazing. She is able to merge everything in order to give greater clarity...amazing." ... written by Bronxie
Always good connections we have, even the feeling of warmth. Thank you for everything, for being honest, truthful and accurate. One the very few I have for readings. It was nice to have known you." ... written by Joseph
thank you for the in-depth reading today. even though we keep was definitely an excellent read! You're amazing and so detailed. This helps a lot!" ... written by af
wow!!! amazing read!!! what an expert! will be visiting again soon!" ... written by Anupama
so good! spot on!" ... written by f
thank you you are the best!" ... written by adf
I am so blown away but how sweet, and loving she was, super wonderful energy and great reading. Defo coming back especially if I can not sleep. Did not feel this energy or power with others " ... written by Sharifa
She is simply amazing...the more she gets to know you the more she goes in." ... written by Medeea
Ran out of time but thanks again. Lots to process. Will touch base with you in a few. Thanks again!" ... written by J
She is absolutely lovely andamp; connects right away. Would recommend her to anyone as she was so helpful. Many thanks andamp; blessings to you Medeea!! :)" ... written by Kosmo
Thank you as always for calming me down. At least I was given a guarantee on what has always been in my mind. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
intuitive very much" ... written by jamie
amazing... i left feeling so confident about my future" ... written by Amanda
Medeea never cease to amaze w her insight, without me ask any question she knows whats up. And she suggests a wise course of action that i also feel is correct. I would recommend her to any freind for a good reading" ... written by Stanislaus Gorf
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Great reading, very fast, to the point. i feel like if you get a reading you will like it" ... written by Leany
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
ahhh i ran out of credit!!" ... written by rae
Thank you for the encouragement when I needed it most. xx" ... written by lynnrmc
Medeea is so insightful, and right on target , she is very good she really knows people and knows what to say to help them" ... written by Doug South
Medeea is fantstic... ridiculously accurate with time frames..." ... written by Randi
assuring, sensible, clear.. good. thank you-" ... written by haille
Love the reading such good insight excellent intuition and super sweet. Def coming back for another reading " ... written by Sharifa
Love her energy and vibe think she is spot on " ... written by Sherry
ok i dont really know what to say because she said exactly practically word for word what someone had to told me in my situation..." ... written by rae
Wonderful!" ... written by Miszy
amazing reader...gosh i wish i could afford more credits..wonderful!!!! shes a positive light" ... written by Anupama
AWESOME" ... written by GRIS
thank you " ... written by miguel
Medeea Love is a seer and sensitive of th highest order, and a caring person , full of pertinent insights and good counsel. I ve had several readings w her an each time its been just the right blend of intuitive insight and helpful suggestions." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
That was a very eye opening reading. I know now that I can move forward and let things pass as they may until due time. Due time that I need and deserve. Thank You bunches." ... written by Katharazz
Excellent reading, and very intuitive. Will definitely consult her again." ... written by Dennis
great thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Truly an amazing person!!" ... written by Amrita
always excited to do private readings with you. So accurate and true. I will never stop going to you for consultation. Keep up the good job. I am one of your followers since day 1" ... written by Joseph
Love the readings, they are spot on, good energy and very good soul love Medeea a lot! Always helps calm me down " ... written by Sherry
Always a terrific reading. Definitely one of the best!" ... written by Angel
Very reassuring and informative" ... written by Ed
she knew what was going on in my life before I said anything! Accurate reader -very accurate and kind. " ... written by Eli
Very Insightful, and know what is going on ,and all ways Knows the right words to say ,Thank You Medeea" ... written by Doug South
very sweet and to the point :)" ... written by angel
going through a tough time, and Medeea new just the right Words and things to say , what a beautiful INSIGHT to people she has " ... written by Doug South
Medeea is amazing - no other word to describe her!!!!!! :)" ... written by eva
She is an accurate reader and very thorough. She is enjoyable to work with. " ... written by eli
She is great and switched on" ... written by Catherine
Love my readings with Medeea. Our connection is stunning. SHe reads my minds and sends out vibes that speak to me truly. " ... written by Randi
One of the very best and accurate predictions. Very sharp and straight to the point. Good advises, besides recommending the right track. Very very god job. Keep it up. God Bless. Regards " ... written by DOCTORKESAVAN
awesome reading! loved every minute of it. medeea truly cares and she really gave me a lot of detail. thanks a bunch! will be back to update" ... written by m
OMG she is so accurate..I like talking to her she tells me whats happening and she is fast" ... written by p
Great details, answered my questions and put me at ease. I'll be in touch and validate the predictions as they happen. Wonderful lady, fantastic reading." ... written by Lisa
Thank you, time is so short when having a reading with you but I will always come to you for readings. You are one of the few people I trust. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
She is great!" ... written by rowinka
She gave me a look into my future and when i should start seeing things happening. Just going to what to see if her predictions come to pass" ... written by HaveFaith
Very Inspiring , she new just what words to say ,when some one is going through a troubling time , Thanks. " ... written by Doug South
she was great!!" ... written by christa
Medeea is sooo great in readings! she nailed every topic i bring up to her. and all her readings were right about my current situation!! thank you once again! " ... written by Medeea
She is the sweetest person, she always tells the truth and i always come back for update=) " ... written by lng
Thank you dear, I hope it all comes true xox" ... written by kulot
Another fantastic reading. She is amazing with what she does." ... written by Randi
I always come back for her readings, she tells me what exactly is happening and give me accurate way to do what I have to do. She also being very supportive to her client. Must give her a try" ... written by BabyBee
You are so marvelous when you do your readings, you hit the current situation and explain why the situation is happening and what is in store for us. I thank you for taking away the stress in me when I know I should not be stressed out. You have been so helpful with this journey of mine." ... written by Joseph
Thank you so much for the reading. You are so quick at picking up on my situation. You're wonderful at helping me see the bigger picture and understanding that it's normal to have certain feeling around sensitive issues. Thank you! " ... written by kundra
Madeea was so helpful and was able to to bring to light things that made my mind and heart feel as ease. She uses the time she spends with you wisely and gives much information. I highly recommend her. She is a beautiful soul." ... written by Nitewalker
AMAZING!!" ... written by Christina007
delightful reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
thank u" ... written by l
amazing, accurate, insightful and precise. Quick connection, did not waste your time. Thank you again!xoxoxo" ... written by g
Thanks, interesting spread and genuine, non-judgmental advice." ... written by gsx
Thank you for your advice." ... written by gsx
Very grateful for her help!! " ... written by Christina007
Amazing individual!!! Always on point!!! " ... written by Eva
My first reading with Medeea and she was all light. she gave me the perspective I needed to help me move on with hopeful anticipation instead of fear and doubt. I will most certainly be back to see Medeea." ... written by lili
Absolutely amazing!! Connected immediately and was able to answer my question before I had a chance to ask!" ... written by Angel
Had a great reading with medeea. she is very quick and connects to you situation well." ... written by havefaith
aww so sweet every single time, knows exactly the situation at hand, credits ran out :(, thank u love!" ... written by a
Medeea is amazing as she comforts me and let's me see things that not only she sees, but allows me to feel them as well, and that only a special soul like she can do!!!! She is awesome!!!!" ... written by Willie
Thank you!! Amazing reading!" ... written by Christina
Very emphatic" ... written by Mirela-Lucia Sauca
very warm and positive, a good guide and counselor." ... written by Russell
Thank you again, I got the answers from my confusion and as always, you remain accurate with time frames. Thanks again. I will see you soon..." ... written by Joseph
Thank you very much for the reading... It remains very good and very fruitful. I am looking forward to the results." ... written by Joseph
Obrigado!" ... written by Marco
very good " ... written by tim
Very good will keep you posted" ... written by Danielle
Thank you very much for the readings. I know there are questions but you gave answers to it. Thank you. I will surely be back for more readings." ... written by Joseph
Loved her readings the way she conducts them .Spot on" ... written by sabina0202
amazing reader, very accurate, honest and fast, worth 10 stars" ... written by gugu58
She's the best! Always a quick connection and great reading without asking questions." ... written by Angel
She picked up on things before I had to speak. Very accurate as well. Thank you! xo" ... written by Tiana
Read into my situation without me saying much, and it was really nice to hear! I liked that she was honest. I feel she read into my situation more than any other psychic here." ... written by BN
As always, truthful and accurate... Never will miss an opportunity to have update readings with you. So short of time for so many things to talk about but all worth it. Thank you. Till the next time." ... written by Joseph
Awesome positive energy that comes with sincerity, and instills peace!!! What a delightful reading!!!" ... written by Willie
As always, too many details for so short of time. I wish I have that much budget at this time. But I am always thankful, however, for having you as one of my guides. You have been a BIG help during my journey. Thanks. I always appreciate your reading." ... written by Joseph
Awesome and connects quickly!!!! " ... written by Willie
I wish i could have a private reading with her forever,, thank you very kindly.." ... written by zimerili1
Medeea's always spot on...great intuitive and caring person. " ... written by Cedric Granfaloon
wonderful lady simply wonderful,,, truly appreciate the quality time spent with you." ... written by zimerili1
I believe that what you have said is true. You were quick and clear. " ... written by The hanged woman
For long I waited for her and it was all worth it. She remained connected with my readings even though it was several months ago since I last had a reading with her. Truly, a genuine reader that I would always go to and will always appreciate her. Thanks again and will come back for more." ... written by Joseph
Fast" ... written by Jay
Been a while since we last talked. Gosh I hope you're not right about the time she gets home :P hahaha. But seriously, you have such a kind heart and a compassionate understanding of the way things are. Your insight is just amazing. Thank you for the reading. I will stop by for updates when things come to pass...or if I just want to talk! " ... written by J
A***" ... written by DEMII
She's a sweetheart. she really did her best to try and help me. i appreciate her time and service." ... written by love
Wow....Madeea is absolutely amazing in her insight:) and she has the energy of an enlightened soul:)" ... written by Omeros
absolutely amazing" ... written by april
It has been about 6 months since I first had a reading with Medeea. I can’t explain what drew me to her but it was a life saver. Absolutely everything she has said has been ridiculously accurate. Without giving away too much, she told me communication with someone would start in 7 weeks. In 7 weeks time, it happened. She spoke of baby steps and slow progress in a situation that has meant the world to me. Everything she has said has come true without question. It is simply a matter of allowing time to pass and do it's thing and allow things to unfold. Do not hesitate to get a reading from her! I think my favorite part about our readings is the fact that she can calm me down so well. Her demeanor is so warm and welcoming and friendly! I am truly lucky to have found her as a guide!" ... written by Randi
Great reading! And i always connect with her." ... written by BN
Medeea is amazing. She is so calming and soothing. She picks up on little details and is ridiculously accurate" ... written by Randi
gifted ,very deep insight, accurate and fast. highly recommend" ... written by c
" ... written by d
great!" ... written by andrea
Was a very good reader was hitting my situation pretty much right on." ... written by Raym57
it's always a pleasure talking to her. " ... written by olive
Medeea has been with me quite a bit for quite a long time. She has helped me through a lot of ups and downs and is amazingly positive without telling you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. Do not hesitate to get a reading with her! She is fantastic!" ... written by Randi
Always connects quickly and readings are so accurate!!! She's the best!!" ... written by Angel
Thank you thank you thank you for the clarification!!! My mind is at much better ease now!" ... written by Randi B
Superb she is guys. " ... written by sabina0202
Shes a star with her readings. Love her warmth and energy ." ... written by sabina0202
Medeea was very much missed during her absence! She is a beautiful soul!" ... written by Eva
Medeea is amazing as always! Her predictions are spot on and accurate! She has a real talent here!" ... written by Randi
I always come to Medeea when I need an update. Love her energy and looking forward to her prediction to come true. " ... written by Emily
outstanding and accurate ... very highly recommended .. and fast too!! lots of detail :-)" ... written by d
outstanding reader .. its been a long road for me, and things are developing as she saw them, and in the timeline ... highly recommended!" ... written by d
Got my update done ..was superb. She is so warm and positive. Love her ....:-)" ... written by sabina0202
thank you again. i love our sessions. its like a comfortable conversation with a caring friend." ... written by J
excellent reading. so quick to connect and a lot of details. very uplifting. will be back for another reading." ... written by leodragon2014
very good" ... written by Nikolay
She was great told me a lot and confirmed some things for me." ... written by Stephanie
Always a great read. Medeea taps in to the situation and lessons and interprets very well, i appreciate her counsel. " ... written by Lanamator
psychMedeea is a comfort to talk to. She tells it like it is and then helps you with her readings on how to act next." ... written by Ed
Update was super and detailed. Glad we did it today .thanks so much hun you are super :-)" ... written by sabina0202
Medeea was exceptional" ... written by GZRNYC
Thank you, sorry I had to leave." ... written by GZRNYC
I always likes the reading with medeea as she is always right to the point. No sugar coating and she calms me down too. :)" ... written by bee
awesome, really enjoyed your reading, feeling awesome :)" ... written by Autumne
Really good reading. Great reading, Great reader clear and loving super good Awesome and decent in her manners and dealing.Very quick to pick up on energies. She has been honest and upfront from the beginning. She is accurate and very helpful.." ... written by PraveenP
wow such a great reading....very good energy and connected quickly. I can't wait for all to play out.... five stars" ... written by Kathy
very positive reading, honest and insightful, helped me gain balance" ... written by sarah
1st reading with her shes great" ... written by gene
Reading was great. She was talking so she reply my question fast. She is very positive and her prediction make sense. I feel she is right about my future . Now i have to wait and see her prediction which i will make it happen with my hard work ,dedication and will power." ... written by Nadesh
psychMedeea is absolutely amazing! she is on point with everything! i am so satisfied and will be back for an update!. sadly I ran out of time and had to go but it was a great session! the advice that was given to me I will take to heart, and just everything about the session was great! Blessings!" ... written by Amina
Wonderful as always!!" ... written by Angel
Medeea culpa...she is to blame for a great reading and understandings....such a sweet person and deep insights also knowledge of cards and archetypes. cool." ... written by Ernestine Trimble WImble
She is straight to the point and im waiting for her prediction to come true...she also spot on situation..good readings" ... written by Pei
Lovely!" ... written by coolGirl65
Love her. So cute and great reader!!! You can tell she cares." ... written by Mariana
she is very best" ... written by julie
Thankyou for an insightful reading" ... written by Ray
prediction # 2 came through!!! Medeaa is on point! have to take her for a reading. She is very good at what she does.. and she CARES! Thank you love!!" ... written by m
great and superb reading with medeea. I was a bit annoyed before but she calmed me down in such a sweet and gentle way. Thanks so much medeea for your patiene and kindness. One prediction just happened. looking forward to the rest!! Will be back!" ... written by m
Time runs out so quickly!! Didn't get to thank you. Such a lovely person and wonderfully insightful. The things you say just rings so accurately true. It'll be exciting to see where things unfold as you say." ... written by JnJ
Excellent, very exciting and very accurate reading, just amazing." ... written by arley1968
Medeea was extremely accurate and picked up on my situation right away. Thanks so much for the advice. You are so gifted!! May GOD continue to bless and keep you. " ... written by Angela
lovely calm reader with information and time lines. Thank you :)" ... written by s
amazing" ... written by nana smith
very interesting, very good and seemed accurate. thank you :-)" ... written by julie
picked up right away what i was feeling and what situations i was dealing with, very uplifting and encouraging!! definitely recommend! " ... written by emoonlight
what a kind genuine reader" ... written by myst
love medeea!! shes so awesome every time! picks up so fast and always in tune with what is going on. Where have you been all this time??? your so awesome! talk to you soon. " ... written by m
always there! love medeea!! words cant express!" ... written by m
Insightful, empathetic, connected. Grounds celestial issues, such that we can take action in this reality. Helps you learn more about yourself, which may be what this is all about." ... written by Andromeda
fantastic reader ... things she's seen in the past for me are developing nicely, as she saw..." ... written by Loyal Client
Very nice, although I'm waiting the results." ... written by ElfLover
thanks so much medeea. you are always here for me. I appreciate you helping me! god bless" ... written by m
thanks so much, psychMedeea! You were right on spot about my feelings and thoughts. " ... written by afdasfdasf
Thanks for the reading!! You were so right about many things! I'll come back later. " ... written by adfasdfa
She is great. Picked up on everything. Thank you so much " ... written by val
Thank you for the reading. As always, you are very accurate, you mentioned things that just took place. Thanks so much" ... written by Joseph
She's great psychic - exceptional guidance!" ... written by roly
wonderful reader and insightful counsellor, have benefitted a lot from her help." ... written by Sir Lawrence Olive Oilay
Wow!! This was the best reading I have had on this site. The insightful reading was accurate to the core. I now understand what happened, how they feel now, and how to handle it and reach resolution. I am totally awestruck at just how good this lady is. I would 100% recommend a reading!! I will be back :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Gentle love and wisdom! Like a breath of fresh air! :)" ... written by Eva
She is such a lovely reader and wonderful guidance was given to me. Highly recommend" ... written by Anna
Amazing as always :) Accurate fast and clear, terrifically talented reader, Thank you!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very nice communication between us.. Really had a pleasant and positive reading.. Im glad :)" ... written by P
Wow!! I don't recall if I have spoken to her before or not but I had no idea I was missing out on so much. She is on point! I didn't have to say much at all. She picked up on my concerns immediately, and she clearly read the person in question. It's weird but I almost felt his energy during the reading, and I trust her predictions are spot on! I will be back for sure :)" ... written by Mimi
very spot on, helpful, understanding, positive, and encouraging. wonderful reading!! let you know what will happen.. Thank you." ... written by mimi
FAV Psch ever she is so in tune with me! Sorry ran out of credit will check back soon! " ... written by anna
thanks medeea! Appreciate your generosity and caring abut my situation. You are a great person with a sweet soul. Thank you! xoxox" ... written by m
Really really good!" ... written by cdg
She gave me alternative view poits that help understand my bf better.." ... written by Eli
Incredible, precise, clear and intuitive" ... written by Suzanne
Sweetest person I have spoken to in a while. The best part was that she picked up on the guy i like without me even saying anything. I enjoyed my reading so much with Medeea. Thanks a billion, have a blessed night. Give her a try she is the REAL DEAL!!" ... written by enchanted2634
This girl is AMAZING!! So accurate, doesn't need tools to get to the heart of your issue. She's been helping me out for weeks now, and everything she predicts has come true. I always feel positive after reading with her!" ... written by sahreen
It was a good reading shame there was no sound as typing really slowed us down but I thought she was great and she said things I have heard from other psychics I trust. I would be happy to come to her again." ... written by Fish
Awesome, practical and wise!" ... written by Eva
Superb! Told me what I needed to know, not what I wanted to hear." ... written by comfortinGod
She has very calm energy. I was impressed that she could pick up on my energy. The reading was very helpful, she gave great detail and good encouragement. " ... written by Brianne
wow. she is soooo good! I hardly said anything and she knew it all!!" ... written by amazed!!!
She is an amazing psychic. Everything she told me came true in the timeline she told me. I would recommend her to anyone. She is super kind and a great reader. " ... written by Lily
great! accurate fast and nice lady" ... written by majoma
I hope it all comes true....really liked her a lot" ... written by ladyblue123
time ran out while i was writing my notes but great reading overall. thank you!!!" ... written by J
first time reading with her...very very in tune, very impressive...wish had more time to ask more....will definitely be back!" ... written by lovehouston
Always a great reading and quick to connect!!" ... written by Angel
Insight experienced advice " ... written by RG
I absolutely loved today's update. Everything said was amazing and is making me more confident and happy :). Even hearing about my mom made me feel so much better beyond belief!" ... written by Amina
Always 5 star - the best on here. Makes you feel so comfortable" ... written by anna
She is great and fast!!!" ... written by Gaby11
Just great :)" ... written by Autumne
Just got a wonderful update but will give it time to develop. She is a wonderful lady." ... written by Ray
She's just awesome!!! Wish I knew her in person she's just that cool!!!" ... written by proximo773
ABSOLUTELY LOVED YOU" ... written by
Wish I had more time but thats all the credit I had. Thank you for the update. Connection was immediate and your insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your kind words and prediction." ... written by J
good reading she was accurate." ... written by teatree77
Wonderful and compassionate always!" ... written by Eva
My credits ran out, but wow! Definitely one of the best readings I have had on here!!! She broke things down for me and gave great advise as to moving forward. I will beck coming back for sure!!! Highly recommend her!! " ... written by Walejr
amazing *****" ... written by shireen25
wow! she was good. connected fast. liked her a lot!" ... written by GG
She is so nice honestly. I wish I didn't have to pay to talk to her I could really use a friend like her. What a lovely woman. I could chat to her for hours." ... written by Fish
best reading! she is very talented" ... written by joeyfriends2
Wow so accurate!! thank you so much! " ... written by carlinw
Super duper reader, true and so helpful, quick and nice person" ... written by Howard johnson
She is very accurate and know the situation. I trust her a lot and really nice talking to her. Also she don;t sugar coat=) She is one of the best in oranum. I mean really good " ... written by deer
very very brilliant reading!!! love ya" ... written by joeyfriends2
Like talking to a psychic friend. Very lovely woman." ... written by Fish
great reading!!!" ... written by joeyfriends2
thank you" ... written by L
My first itme with medeea! she gave me so mcuh detials. lots of lvoe" ... written by L
Excellent but I cant just stop there she was hitting time and time again on subjects that were haunting me in my relationship and even tho time will heal this also opened my eyes on how to better handle things when this relationship gets rolling again but have to wait a little more for that to happen." ... written by Ray
Great to have Medeea back on Oranum. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. I recommend her highly." ... written by Fish
amazing :) spot on. " ... written by sabi
very thoughtful and put my mind at ease after weeks of worrying about my situation. even finished up in freechat even though she didnt have to. she is the real deal, and wanted to say thank you again. very comforting and thruthful reading, she went above and beyond to explain things that i didnt even ask about but that i was thinking about, so she truly picked up on the situation and on my energy correctly." ... written by cheesenips1
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Will check how it goes and come back" ... written by Nag
Seems real and genuine and my first time! thank you! lovely lady! " ... written by l
Bless you" ... written by
Thank you for your reading. :) I really look forward to your predictions to come to pass. I am waiting for my happiness with him!" ... written by Mei
Very nice:)" ... written by Nikolay
Insane:)One word:)" ... written by Nikolay
I am very connected to this lady but I honestly feel I am getting an honest reading from her so I highly recommend her " ... written by Ray
Thanks for the advice, greatly needed to hear positive things:)" ... written by p
Absolutely one I can always run to for honest readings. Thanks so much!" ... written by BA
Amazing reader! Always such a positive and wise vibe!" ... written by Eva
As usual fine. More positive vibe. Thanks. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
I really like this lady she is very accurate and quick to pick up on things" ... written by Ray
Wow, a reading worth waiting for! I will make sure to keep in touch with psychMedeea truly amazing thank you so much!" ... written by Cherie
She is always straight to the point. I love connect with her and she tells the truth too. =)" ... written by deer
good reading as usual" ... written by rainbow
Medeea is wonderful, thank you for the second continuation of my reading from the last time! She's extremely accurate with all of her information and that makes her one of the best psychics on here!" ... written by Cherie