About pendora

Psychic pendorahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic pendorahas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about pendora's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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At Oranum since Feb. 2012 with 9K+ readings. 5 STAR INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED PSYCHIC AUTHOR & LIFE COACH - Love/ Money/ Success/ Law of Attraction/ Magical Counsel - 49 yrs exp. - Respected, Accurate, fast. No outrageous claims. Tarot, Runes, Spirit Art, Herb Work. I can help you with relationships, career, soul mates, past lives, and more.

She is real deal, she answer all my questions fast and accurate, very happy have reading with her,:DD" ... written by TUSHAN
I know she doesn't have a lot of reviews yet, but I'm sure she will...I believe she will become one of Oranum's top psychics..she's great..thank you" ... written by dreamer65
I am very pleased with miss pendora. I truly believe this was an acurate reading. I suggest everyone get a private reading. I look forward to this new year :)" ... written by themrs24
She is an angel! I loved her and will definitely come back! " ... written by livelovelaugh88
Thank you so much for your time =)" ... written by ant1
This was such an amazing thing to know that you can actually tell me how im feeling its awesome. i now know how to handle this situation better now. it kinda brought tears to my eyes because as you were reading my cards i could feel it in my heart . i could feel what you were saying, it was incredable. you were right i do have alot of emotion. i need to listen to my heart and follow it and do what is best for me. thank you soo much. " ... written by JessieBabe111
Shes so kind, lovely lady! Very accurate reading, i will definitely have another reading with her in the future, Thanks for your time Pendora!" ... written by mwlknsn
She's a sweetheart..and very very helpful..patient and peaceful spirit" ... written by sarahsellers1985
She is fantastic and warm lovely lady. She was spot on." ... written by De5pina
Pendora was wonderful, gave me the truth and hope for the future." ... written by bettyrubble
Very kind and truthful. Good reading!" ... written by wendic
Great hope it definately comes true " ... written by MALEX3007
Very kind and sweet, picks up on things and tells you like it is, no sugar coating, just the truth, Thanks" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Very insightful and calming! Thank You" ... written by damaria34
Had a very really great reading , explains everything clearly and very patient person will come back for another longer reading ty!!" ... written by saskia82
She is very good at what she does.I am very happy to have found her.The first words she said to me made me a believer of her gift. :)" ... written by ANGELLA1641
She is realy helpfull" ... written by manoj2562
LOVELY! intimate like talking to an old friend. VERY MUCH TUNED IN, A TRUE GIFTED READER." ... written by star1300
Thank you very much for the wonderful advice." ... written by Angel168
Very nice... " ... written by qndiva
Great insight, very sweet! Thanks so much!" ... written by ak3000
Really nice, tells it as it sees it. Highly recommend to others." ... written by sycammer781
Awesome. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Love her. Very nice spirit. Honest and very comforting. I felt compassion from her, like a mother talking to her of the best here in Oranum." ... written by Ladyinred3
Great reading. Gave me alot of good information. " ... written by cmpierce79
Very sharp..... very very shap.. i enjoyed the reading and I am very happy to have met pendora. I am now a lot more clear on things that will happen soon. thank you very much pendora" ... written by pepestone1
Great work, thank you very interesting." ... written by casper36
Nice reading." ... written by vinnythepoo
She told me what I already knew. I was very pleased." ... written by luckycharms312
My Favorite already! :)" ... written by Summer84
Lovely lady! Spot on! I recommend her to all." ... written by memickee
Wonderful reading, very motivating and helpful. I will follow your advice thank you" ... written by crystalrei
She was really very good. Very gifted. i would get a reading from her if I were you. that is if you want to know the truth." ... written by harmony_decree
Wow!!! I really liked Pendora I will come back she is truthful and love her reading to one question she answered she is good!!!" ... written by goddess70
She is so great....very compassionate and spot on! " ... written by parkernin
She was pretty connected though I did have to tell her a lot." ... written by courtneybdraper
She was good." ... written by cammyboo
This reading was so down to earth.. like real life.. no sugar coating but direct and directive to the future and I will be able to move forward in a much better light now" ... written by katharazz
She is good at reading cards and empathy but soul mate/twin flames is not her strong suite." ... written by jswede1149
I had a great reading, I felt positive after the reading. I can't wait to see what will be unfolding in the future." ... written by bailey1983
Pendora is great. Reading was straight to the point, very accurate and gentle. I had mentioned three people in my life an she described everyone of them accurately just by me giving her their names. She was also able to provide insight as to a directions I needed to take. I really didn't say much because she already knew. Thanks for the great reading. :-)" ... written by hopeylynn
Pendora is very sweet and kind and will tell you like it is. Her insight is very keen as are her intuitive abilities! Worth the credits!!" ... written by thewritegrl
Very accurate.....and awesome!!!!! As well a five star reader.....Loved it" ... written by IamMeandUisU
Very kind and accurate, wow. She was also quick! She has restored hope within me. Thank you very much, love! " ... written by JustBreathe
Great Reading. Friendly and well worth the call." ... written by kvasa7
Lovely lady!!! I will chat with her again! Quick connection!" ... written by kalanipuu1
Very nice.. very helpful will come back to see her again" ... written by Talbain
Shes great, she gave me really great advice and shes very accurate in the things she says" ... written by cammyboo
Pendora knows exactly what she's talking about! She made such a good connection with me, and tapped right in to my personal relationship and what was going on around me. Talking to her gave me a lot of reassurance to keep doing what I'm already doing, and to expect a good outcome. Thank you so much for the clarity, Pendora! (:" ... written by Kaiine
I loved Pendora she great very kind and good hearted i love her sprit thanks again i am looking forward to having a reading again in the near future" ... written by marybeth1love
I had a great reading with her. She's to the point and i will be back!!!" ... written by tash1921
Nice reading with Pendora. All questions were answered quickly and at ease. Thank you for the clarity!" ... written by greekgoddess71
I enjoyed the private reading. She tells the truth!!! It's amazing!!!!" ... written by JABxxx2009
I came to speak with her again because I felt she's the one person on Oranum that gave me the most clarity. She practically melts my worries away every time!" ... written by Kaiine
Just wonderful..." ... written by positivity08
Picked right up on situation. Fantastic and quick" ... written by happy4eva
Great reader " ... written by lccort
I am comforted and acknowledged with Pendora. She knows my heart like an long time child hood friend or a favourite relative! Pendora is the go-to lady with all my secrets. Thank you for your Sharing Heart. Respectfully, BraunWynn" ... written by BraunWynn
The private chat was inspiring. She told me some really funny coincidences! For instance, she thought I should go buy some new yoga pants and funny thing is that I love to look at and have new good-fitting yoga pants and purchased two tanks and yoga apparel today but didn't get pants so I think I should go back and get them now!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
Great job" ... written by yogibaby123
She was marvelous i will be back " ... written by Goodietwoshoes
Good. saw things" ... written by johanna123
Awesome" ... written by 1201steele
She was awesome...very good!" ... written by Talbain
I totally love her and I didn't even have to tell her anything for her to pick it up!! your awesome!" ... written by LadyJ88
Man. Just wow. Her healing power....her energy is off the charts. The time I spent with her has me in tears...she is awesome." ... written by tara_mcm
Love her kind, honest approach and keep with you to help as she can later:)" ... written by Snowscape
You filled me with hope and I thank you!" ... written by senita0816
Spot on in answering any and all questions I had. Her sincere attitude made me feel comforted and welcomed. She was so warm and accurate. If anything take the time to get a reading from her." ... written by SandFox
Very nice and lovely lady." ... written by winterhot
What a lovely reading and lady. She gave me great advice." ... written by florwer85
Great reading...connected with me well. Will have to see if predictions come to pass, but she did pick up some specifics she couldn't have known otherwise for my current situation. So, I trust her and recommend her to others." ... written by sparkly1
She is excellent ! She right on the dot !" ... written by asia07
Great reading! She was awesome! :)" ... written by Tishiab
She is awesome! I am going back now :)" ... written by Tishiab
She is amazing! very accurate" ... written by nadia_h
Very positive reading that only put what I was already felling into prospective, she was able to reconize my personal strengths and traits and saw that I had delt with relationship before that gave me my no crap attitude... I will visit her again... thank you Pendora." ... written by latbarksdale
Pendora's reading was delightfully wonderful!!! Pendora captured the heart of my spirit guides and the guides told Pendora things about myself that I never would have known without the two!!! Pendora gave the most wonderful reading that I have ever had!!! I cannot wait to see all of the upcoming events that Pendora and my guides have predicted for me!!! I enjoyed Pendora's reading and delighted in her friendliness!!! " ... written by scarbs
She is the best. Wonderful, wonderful human being." ... written by tara_mcm
Positive and uplifting, very nice reading" ... written by wendic
So great speaking with her, she is patient and straight forward with her readings. I will for sure be back to her in the future as I felt very comfortable. I will keep her updated for sure! :)" ... written by lisa
She told me exactly how I am... and What I like...she really connected with me" ... written by nadia_h
Thank you, very insightful and right to the point. listening." ... written by sleepysnugs
So right on so much gave me so much peace and calm" ... written by swisskat27
She was so great and very nice woman tooooooooooo" ... written by CandyKahne
Pendora was so sweet. It's my first reading with her and I was happy with what she said and hopefully it will come true - and would love to get future readings from her." ... written by Rita1767
She was awesome didn't tell her a thing!!! she knew things exactly and I hope her predictions come true...thanks Pandora I recommend you greatly and will be back to speak with you again!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Good reading. Will need more time and will try again with her. " ... written by CJrogers
Wow pendora is fantastic!!!!!!" ... written by marsylyttle
I think Pendora is one of the best at interpreting and connecting quickly. I am always pleased and amazed at her readings!" ... written by piscesmoonshine
I love her...she's so inspiring and honest!!! Thanks for advice...I will keep you posted. Take care! " ... written by positivity08
She is always great and she has the best advice." ... written by florwer85
She was great!!!" ... written by bflow1
Very kind, helpful, and pretty accurate. Will see again." ... written by beetlenut
Very good psychic, fast and accurate she was spot on everything I really liked her :) I recommend her to everyone :)" ... written by ReinventedStar
She was wonderful and very spot on about me and what i was going through" ... written by jazz1111
Thanks you so much!!!" ... written by hene111
LOVE HER!" ... written by positivity08
Guess I forgot to write a review! I really like Pendora!!!" ... written by Summer84
Accurate and very niceandamp;quot;)" ... written by Redspicedfairy45
I am psychic and empath. She confirmed some information and gave me good advice." ... written by jswede1149
Very accurate, hope what she says come true. Had a good feeling of the reading. Very nice and caring lady." ... written by geethanjali
Great Reading! Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by Joy007
AMAZING!" ... written by mirandalynn
Pendora is such a great psychic. Such a great energy. She had such a mothering quality to her that I took a lot of comfort in when I spoke to her and sought her advice on my love life, professional life and finances. With what little time we had at the private reading, she was even able to console me when it came to my mother's situation. In addition to all this, she was very encouraging. I will definitely be coming back to her for another reading." ... written by delia123
I had a previous reading with her last week and I asked if it was ok to take her private again about the similar thing...and she said no to wait it out, that my anxieties were getting the best of me and ive never had such an honest reader give that advice..To me this lets me know I can trust her to tell me the truth in my readings and that she is the real deal..Thanks Pendora you have a dedicated client thats for sure :)" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Always a charm." ... written by piscesmoonshine
:) very nice lady" ... written by mame12
She is just amazing!! " ... written by Myrtille
Wonderful, will always stay with her she was very kind and easy to talk too..." ... written by kernt34
Great, very down to earth, would love to speak on just a general level about life. Wonderful first reading. Thanks so much!" ... written by MichelleBuff
Guess what, Pendora? I'm staying positive! Despite any setbacks!! I wanted to tell you that just in case I don't get to speak to you soon, but thanks for being so uplifting! Namaste! Send some more positive energy my way ;-)" ... written by positivity08
She is just so wonderful. There are no words...she just knows." ... written by tara_mcm
Thank you!" ... written by hondo2
This lady was great!!!!! So much to say wich was very true and a lot to bring me back my faith again!!! thank you, pendora!!! Luv you!!! I recommend her to everyone!" ... written by imheather
Very honest and gentle. Lovely reading." ... written by HiJinks
Absolutely amazed. My question was answered fully but Pendora also told me to get my sight checked I didn't mention this to her. It wasn't even in my question but my sight has been declining for a while, Pendora was also very accurate with her description of me as a person, thank you Pendora!" ... written by kath68m
Great feed back and very true, thank you!!!" ... written by jvandle
Loved her!!! Omg so right on!" ... written by jen1210
I love Pendora. She is simple, direct and right on! Where many other readers beat around the bush and string out time, she is so direct, there is no waste of money or time here. Try her if you want the truth! " ... written by kre8tiveauthor
Excellent, excellent excellent! Need I say more? she picked up on things I did not tell her, and she even knew I was not taking care of myself at all! Amazing, I will be back! Thank you!" ... written by ra
I have had 2 reading with the wonderful lady every time she has been straight forward and honest and caring always put my mind at ease and even helps after my readings if she can Miss Pendora is a must try in my book keep it up hun:)" ... written by Snowscape
AMAZING SO ON POINT" ... written by rachipoo13
Wonderful. Very Accurate. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
She is so sweet and honest! She has a great heart and gave great advice! You can tell how genuine she is too" ... written by sweetjanuary08
Truly made my night... everything made sense... I do need to forgive myself... and move along.. there is much for me to explore in my Life... thank you so much. " ... written by LuckySunflowers7
Thank you so much! I now understand the meaning of there is a crack in everything... That's how the light comes in... thank you x1000" ... written by allerena
Awesome and quick....oh boy I found a new home!!! I love her!!" ... written by unity4me2
Was ok but I ran out of time" ... written by juliajenny
Wonderful reader picked up on things quickly and accurately ...... her energy and abilities are a blessed gift .... try u wont regret..." ... written by murdocca
Omg!! i will sooo be coming back again!! she is spot on and i highly recommend having a private chat with her!" ... written by sweeties
Thank you for your honesty!!! love every min of the reading!" ... written by SweetFireFly
Really lovely and kind and sweet, a beautiful energy, thank you!" ... written by bluenadz82
Very helpful. i feel much better after talking to her. it feels like she gives me this positive and calm aura and helps me with what i am facing at the moment. ill return :)" ... written by ellen00
Thank you so much...I appreciate you so much...very accurate and intuned" ... written by dreamer65
Super! Many thanks for clarifications and words of wisdom." ... written by sparkly1
Thank you" ... written by dreamer65
She was wonderful and very insightful. I will talk to her again." ... written by LenoraJanie
Very well done. She speaks fluently and knows what she is going to say before she says it. I enjoyed the time with her and got to know things about myself I didn't know. I would recommend her." ... written by Sadiebear16
She was so wonderful and on the button." ... written by phyllisdiller195
Great and insightful reading. Honest and to the point. Very compassionate." ... written by Susie27
This woman is so awesome! Everytime I read with her, she explains not only the situation in detail, but she quickly and deeply provides understand. I have read with a lot of people, and she is the one who can explain and resolve. I always leave her readings uplifted. She is triple-five stars!" ... written by st5sts
Wonderful reading! Very straight forward yet compassionate. Thank you!" ... written by jenniebella83
I just love her, she has made me make a decision. She is just amazing. All I can say is thank you, thank you and may you always be happy. Kisses" ... written by meralla
Wonderful reading! Pendora has such a pleasant calmness.." ... written by Christine
Thank you. You confirmed it" ... written by Antranae1
Great!" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful woman. Patient, kind, compassionate, and honest. She's quick with her responses and very imformative. Will return." ... written by LeslieKay
Lovely and warm. Will be back" ... written by me
Pendora is a very gifted psychic. Beautiful spirit and very accurate, positive and easy to talk to. Definitely worth going private to have a proper reading. Do that and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about." ... written by victoria111
Great reading, very compassionate. Thanks." ... written by crystalrei
WONDERFUL!!! VERY ACCURATE. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! She will never fail a reading with you. " ... written by mcvang08
Ok!" ... written by mason3735
She is so wonderful she makes me feel so much better i love her readings" ... written by phyllisdiller195
She was awesome and right on point!" ... written by Court082186
She gave me answers to my question about love. I will take her advise. " ... written by tumyheart10
Always a pleasure. Just such a wonderful lady." ... written by tara
Ran out of credits. But good reading!" ... written by damsel124
Not a single psychic online at the time had even drawn my attention, let alone drag me into a private reading, other than this lady, And her reading, well, not only she very kindly goes as fast as she possibly can, to answer as much as possible, and to save you money, but she also read and answers with feelings and care, made me feel as if I've known her for ages, and she knew me even better. P.S. I'm not someone who does this a lot, or is easily convinced that a reading is good from just any blah blah that applies to everyone. Pendora really has it. Thanks a million" ... written by Spearhead2011
Great reading and good clarity! Appreciate it!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
Thanks for the quick read and great advice! Love you!" ... written by positivity08
Pen is absolutely fabulous! I have had this re-occuring dream for so many years and I knew it was time to face the fear and Pen not only told me where it's coming from, but what it is and how to embrace it. Pen, thank you for being you and for bringing me a message I needed to hear on many levels. " ... written by indigorayne
Excellent!" ... written by luckyanna
She was a sweetheart, very accurate, good dealing, I definitely recommend her, will defintely do another reading with her again!!!" ... written by BESTGIFT32
She's a really good psychic..." ... written by mouagshg
She's amazing! I hope what she said will come true!" ... written by Pam_mie
Your the greatest worth every penny" ... written by LADYRIDER1954
Honest answers that address the heart of the matter quickly. Perfect in Every way!" ... written by winterwitche
She is simply amazing... She hit on things that ~ ONLY myself knew about... I left the reading with a huge smile and feeling much better about my life and things to come... Thank you so much... Hugz, Tooie" ... written by Tooie1969
I am blown away from her reading....just blown away" ... written by Questionlove2
First reading with her but I trust it, she seemed to really pick up on everything that I was looking at and gave me fantastic advice I hope it all comes to pass and can't wait. Thanks!" ... written by jessica-ebony
You are awesome!!! The best so far... Thank you, I wish we had more time." ... written by Tiffany1976
She gave me a very kind and honest reading." ... written by canadaingirlxx
Thank you! so much! You know heart go's to you." ... written by bbree78
Pendora is such a beautiful soul, and there aren't words enough to say how much I appreciate the reading she gave me. I had a very good past life reading, and everything she said that would relate to my current life was right on. I already knew that she's wonderful but this reading was well worth it. Get a reading with her guys, it is well worth it! Love and Light xxx" ... written by WillowKatonia
Very nice and soothing with the chat. Thank you once again. " ... written by atacrossroads
Thanks so much it was a great reading. " ... written by lisa
Awesome... Love her!" ... written by hoofer13
She is spot on in everything excellent reader !!" ... written by Darkdov
Thank you very much for your reading, it was fabulous and you hit it all on the nail." ... written by tylerreo
Pendora thank you very much. You inspired me greatly and assured me on my way : )" ... written by lightworker72
Great connection!! wonderful reading.." ... written by Darkdov
She is great as always thank you for a great reading" ... written by hoofer13
Wonderful.. i loved her" ... written by mstammy
Her insight and advice were so clear. Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by Mary Jo
First time and she is great!" ... written by tanya22
TOTALLY AWESOME!!! 5 stars and a circle. Enjoyed every minute of my reading. Got to learn about my past, present, and things to come. " ... written by winterwitche
Pendora is great, always on target" ... written by hoofer13
SHe is wonderful , great spirit very connected and says what needs to be said ... " ... written by Darkdov
Great" ... written by jamira76
OK..I really liked this reading. She was honest and open not ghetto like my previous reading. I probably will contact her back again. " ... written by aquasoul
Wow fantastic." ... written by higherthanlife
She did an awesome job in the past lives reading. very helpful" ... written by adelmom5
Wow, thank you ever so much pen!" ... written by shyhali
Great reading I will do my homework too! x" ... written by rhia456
She is the BEST!!!" ... written by jclark64
Absolutely amazing reader... very deeply intuitive and extremely wise! I waited the whole day to talk to her and am so glad I did so. I feel so much better having gained some spiritual insight now :) She definitely tells you what others will never tell you on Oranum :) Every blessings!" ... written by manijhe
Don't know if this is going to happen or not but she gave me the confidence to believe. " ... written by rstrong4
You have awakened my spirit to understand myself..." ... written by rooster051
Thank You Ever so much you wisdom has help guide me through a great deal... I do appreciate you...much love and light xoxox" ... written by shyhali
I just completed a past life reading with Pendora - wow! So much makes the current life make sense ... I can't wait to ponder and see where the information takes me. Thank you beyond words." ... written by Catrina77
WOW i have never had such a great reading,, Ms. Pendora was RIGHT ON ,,,she knew exact details of my situation!! I just love her, not only would i recommend her i would surely come back for another reading! Thank you Ms. Pendora!!" ... written by electricbluez
Gave me a distinct lead for the future" ... written by rooster051
She is terrific! She described my building and where I sleep to the T. She understood and connected to my situation very fast. " ... written by Darkdov
Second time doing a reading with Pen... Still amazing and very encouraging. " ... written by eb
Amazing...very helpful and I will be back for sure! Thank you so much Pendora!" ... written by annabedda86
Great reading !!! Thank you so much " ... written by kiki228
Sensitive compassionate reading...will keep her updated on how things turn out..." ... written by sparkly1
We liked her. She shocked us quite a bit." ... written by ghost041382
Pandora is a really great reader and i highly recommend her ! " ... written by rhia456
She was just amazing and very on. Thanks Pendora. " ... written by BlueTiger2311
My first reading with Pandora has been transformational. I have had countless readings with other psychics here on Oranum and no one told me what I need to understand about the spiritual approach I am forgetting to take my condition into. With matters of the heart and love, it is most difficult to feel balanced and accept one's emotions as natural. I am so glad to have found Pendora :) She is a very wise woman! Many blessings!" ... written by manijhe
Once Again... Pendora has quickly and precisely delivered the truth with gentleness and respect. Many Blessings come from her readings." ... written by BraunWynn
Wonderful reading---Right On---Very Insightful!" ... written by zoonieboomer
Honed in on everything, great!" ... written by dd41783
Great reader!" ... written by quaz101
She gives very candid and to the point answers. She's fast, she's honest and even if you don't want to hear it she tells the truth. Love readings from her." ... written by jmatthews19
Yes love the details something to look forward to finally" ... written by jeneye21
I will read again,much love to ya xox thank u" ... written by jeneye21
Got to Pendora in free chat, when I took her private, she did not disappoint! Very insightful, thank you!!!" ... written by justme1365
Pandora, thank you, I love that you are very honest about your readings and dont say just what I want to hear. Very helpful in what I was going through and cleared my mind of a lot of things. I will keep you updated as to how it goes :) " ... written by HolstonJane
I'm speechless... she told me things about myself that haven't told anyone else. The things she told me shook me to my core because I've held them back from everyone else. No one has been able to get to me like this. Feeling this exposed leaves me feeling a little vulnerable, however it gives me no doubt that she is the real deal. " ... written by jmatthews19
She has a strong insight into things." ... written by MerkabahMan633
My reading was amazing. She seemed to know details that were very helpful in a monumental decision that I have to make and helped me a lot. " ... written by musicgirl1971
She was right had been a while and she could still read it like she was seeing my situation in person." ... written by piscesmoonshine
Clear. concise. and so pleasant to speak with!" ... written by enlightenme512
Wonderful!!! I thank her so much! " ... written by enlightenme512
Fast and clear answer for my question! It was really helpful! Thank you Pendora!! 100 stars!" ... written by kosmosss
She's good... really good..." ... written by GN
She was very helpful. I loved her! " ... written by JoKing01
She was very optimistic and spot on about my personality. It was like she knew me all my life. It was short but very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by amnarashid
She's phenomenal. She's smart, encouraging and there were many validators in our reading. It was clear and concise and she was able to help me steer back on track which I thought was much further away than it actually was. I hope everyone is able to have a reading with her, it most certainly was a life changing experience for me." ... written by Erica89
Gave such good insight and made me think about things in a whole different perspective. awesome reading" ... written by rileytaite2
Really good reading - She even knew about the one time I didnt trust my instincts and it ended badly. Well worth the money -I'll be back, thank you Pendora! x." ... written by LittleSue74
Pendora is amazing. so caring and understanding. I don't know what I would do without her email readings and advice. Thank you for everything Pendora." ... written by micloh
Loving person!!!" ... written by terrilynn1
Genuine!" ... written by catlike
Woww awesomeee she is !! 5 stars" ... written by beeb218
You were excellent. i have experience with readers, in person. i wanted a 2nd opinion. you were right on the money, no lies or scams here! thank you, i will be back to see you again on line! god bless you." ... written by fluffy555
Excellent she definitely picked up alot of things without me having to tell her! I feel as if she has known me forever hahaha. Definitely reassuring to what I feel in my heart." ... written by leowoman15
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Very good!" ... written by tanya22
Very insightful and wise. A very gifted person." ... written by Exies7
Reading was great. Information was so correct. Thank you." ... written by donna320
She was great! Very nice and very intuitive. She was right on. She predicted a few things, so I will see. " ... written by snappy300
She was right on the money. She had what I want right to the core just the name, that's all and she conforms what I already know the truth. Thank you!" ... written by jasminescrubb
Her predictions are realistic. So easy to talk to and understand. Wonderful! Just wonderful!" ... written by eb
She gave me a brilliant reading ! very accurate !! she was actually the best one ive got a reading off !! highly recommended !! worth every penny !" ... written by LeanneJay
Always a pleasure to talk with pendora... The way she is able to pick up how I'm feeling is almost like she is in my shoes... Love ya pendora " ... written by LadyJ88
Nice lady :) Good advice." ... written by tamtam753
Very good. I felt it was fairly accurate. Wish I had more time. Very nice, good energy. :)" ... written by Gemini2828
Great awesome!!! I was picked for demo, she's great!" ... written by jamira76
Pendora picked up on my energy very well. Everything that she said makes a lot of sense to me. I appreciate this reading a lot. *****" ... written by justinsensei
Just had an amazing 20 minute Chakra Alignment therapy with Pendora after consulting her about general life and love issues.. she has serious spiritual energies so I can only say - definitely see her! You will leave with important spiritual messages about your life every time you see Pendora :) I was actually feeling quite deprived of energies in many different aspects of my life and right now it feels like I've had a full healthy meal through chakra alignment and would definitely like to have another one some time :) Many many blessings :) Ah... I'm feeling like a goddess haha" ... written by manijhe
Wonderful reader she deserves 5 stars and more an angel xxxx" ... written by murdocca
She was excellent and very thorough. I felt like she was my friend. Very warm and caring. Very accurate. I would highly recommend her as the 'real deal' I will visit her often. 5 STARS" ... written by cooboz
Always feel so much better when I have a reading with Pendora. She is very kind and loving." ... written by tmy0558
Love love love her. Very spot on and great to listen to!" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Just amazing!!! She was spot on. Highly highly recommend her." ... written by gracepacific
I enjoy her. She's the only psychic that I highly recommend and only come see. I even have my email notify me if she's on. She's great to work with. Very accurate. For sure she will not give you a fail reading. Thank You, Pendora. " ... written by mcvang08
What a way to release confusion! She has a calming energy that makes me feel so much better! She was accurate in what's going on, and I need to release fear and confusion from myself. Excellent reader! highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Very helpful and insightful!" ... written by fitchchic5
Holy Kansas, she is my favourite reader on here. I have had three readings to date and she hasn't let me down. Thank you Pendora." ... written by BraunWynn
Very present, direct and connected. Happy I talked to her." ... written by rachelesp2
Amazing and accurate..just what i needed to hear today,as i was very upset and shattered,did her for the first time...brilliant" ... written by beautifulmoi
Incredible! She picked up on what I was working on with out me telling her. Absolutely incredible. I will be back. " ... written by deltaj
She is absolutely amazing! I didn't even ask anything, and she told me everything! Do not even think - take her to a Private. She worth every credit! Highly recommend! 5***** ~~~~ hugs ~~~~ " ... written by hugs2020
Loved her." ... written by cupcake1117
She helped me find the courage to make those last decisive steps for my future.And understood the need to take this direction.I cannot thank you enough." ... written by swestooka
It's always lovely reading with Pendora :) She's so wise and so educated- also the fact that she speaks very kindly and softly makes her a great empath :) I'm so glad to have her here whenever I need to talk to a wise person who understands my problem! God bless and I will be back for more readings :) " ... written by manijhe
This reading helped me alot. It gave me closure and hope. I" ... written by Chandy997553
WOW... hands down the best reading I've had on this site. I left the reading feeling light-hearted and energized. Thank you Pendora!" ... written by KundraPhoenix
Wonderful psychic, wonderful honest reading." ... written by Linney444
For such a short time, the reading was surprisingly detailed, informative and thought provoking. Inspiring and also honest. I will definitely have another reading from this lovely lady again." ... written by claireylou
Pendora is a true empath very connected beautiful soul I had an a touching connected reading that was both helpful and detailed" ... written by blackLiquid
Good reading." ... written by natei08
Great Reading !!!" ... written by kiki228
Great reading and overview, thanks again!" ... written by xl_HaVoKk_lx
She connected with me straight away .. and picked up what was going on .. I cant thank her enough for her words and encouragement .. Top Reader !!! " ... written by EagleSpiiriit
I can't thank you enough.. you are so special! Picked up on my past lives... and what was going on for me... I shall return again!!! Love and Light" ... written by EagleSpiiriit
Beautiful and loving soul! Guidance is direct, concise and helpful. Pen is a true gem and her pearls of wisdom are priceless. " ... written by HawaiiGene
She is wonderful! spot on and very kind. Has a very gentle and understanding tone. Thank you again dear!" ... written by scadoodle
Once again, Pendora you made me feel so much better. I will definitely be back to you. Great connection. Once again I'm blown away by your accuracy and your compassion. " ... written by Pixie73
Very good! right when the reading started she gave me good insight, might not have been what I wanted to hear but it was what I needed to know! very nice and accurate :)" ... written by beachwander
Amazing, spot on as always. It's wonderful to have someone guide me on my spiritual journey." ... written by Catrina77
What can I say, amazing connection and amazing reading can't wait for August :-) love and light! " ... written by rhia456
It's like finding what's left in my Pandora box..."HOPE"! Thank you so much Pendora for her insightful guidance (spot on!) and wisdom for giving me confidences and clarity. You will be blown away, yet still able to obtain the peace and happiness inside you. I am grateful!" ... written by shopgirl
Excellent. Insightful andamp; compassionate. Good advice." ... written by laginala
I recommend a past life reading. It was very enlightening. I feel full of energy now, when all I wanted to do before the reading was take a nap. Pendora read for me several lives... 6 or 7 in just about 20 min. Her energy and spirit are so kind. I will be back for more. Thank you Pendora!" ... written by KundraPhoenix
I love spending time in Pendora's room because of her positive energy and she carries that into her private readings so beautifully! She gave me great insight on my situation and helped me feel so much more clarity on how I'm feeling. I will certainly be back again!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
My second time with Pendora and she is very sincere and to the point, and will offer guidance and suggestions..she calmed my mind of my marriage. thank you ! " ... written by belledujour07
GREAT!" ... written by medena27
It was interesting, indeed. I urge you to try one of these private readings out. " ... written by BrockLanders815
I love Pendora!!! She is one of my favourites! I think words can't even describe how helpful she is :))) " ... written by hugs2020
Good reader - gave a lot of information. Suggested a move to an area where I have been contemplating and also saw a potential relationship on the horizon. Hope all of this manifests. Good reading...." ... written by Lightstar
Very calming. Very caring. She helped me find patience with a situation and explained how my impatient was blocking my progress in the situation. Will definitely talk to her again!" ... written by tmy0558
This reading gave me great insights to whom I am and where I came from. It tells me what and why my career has given me great pleasures." ... written by rooster051
I felt that Pendora read me well. I felt validation in the way I am doing things. The answers to my questions were helpful in knowing that my decisions are correct." ... written by sitecreator4u
I LOVE HER AWWWWWSSSSOOOOMMEEE" ... written by sutherland123
Truly intuitive AND gives wonderful, practical advice." ... written by laginala
I've been having issues lately with a loved one and I felt a lot more calm after my reading. She gave me a lot of insight on my situation and helped me during a rough time. Very accurate on details and I'm grateful." ... written by Michiex0
Wonderful smile, tell you what you need to know... answer the question what you asked... said thing correct..." ... written by ginlin
WOW is all I can say. That was incredible. SO much detail and accuracy!" ... written by bluesky941
Another fab reading , Pend has become my best friend and confidant. thank you Pend!" ... written by belledujour07
FANTASTIC! Must talk to Pendora she 'hits the nail on the head' seriously! Will come back soon! " ... written by Rosiesrb
Great, very accurate." ... written by lccort
Awesome as always." ... written by dd41783
Pendora was sooo right on about everything. She made me feel very safe and not judged at all with the things I asked her. I haven't gotten that same treatment from other psychics. That's how I can tell she is a real empath. I would definitely recommend going to her for advice. Thank You Pendora..You are wonderful :)" ... written by answers16
Pendora ," ... written by tonio73
Brilliant psychic insight. Very calming." ... written by laginala
She was very nice with me. I am faithful that she was right with all she said." ... written by elena312
Amazing psychic. Spot on with everything and a pleasure to talk with. Will consult Pendora again soon!Thanks!" ... written by psycheight
I cannot thank you enough Janet for comforting me in my situation, giving me clarification, and opening my eyes to what the future may hold. :)" ... written by psycheight
Interesting experience - we did Chakra Alignment :) it was very helpful, and I felt so relaxed and light after the session. Pendora is great!" ... written by hugs2020
She was very interesting. I hope she was right about meeting someone new." ... written by duckkait
Everything she said was true it helped me out and well help in the future thanks again : )" ... written by fluffy4891
She is SO amazing. I'm in here all the time! " ... written by bluesky941
Pretty accurate...very positive loved it" ... written by gmarilyn21
Was my first reading it was fun and very informative! She did it pretty quick cuz I didnt have much money. Really appreciated it and knew things that i didnt even tell her" ... written by akaslips
Kind hearted and accurate" ... written by luxem38
Amazing :)" ... written by happyfriend123
Shes such a good reader .. I felt like shes known me for years. Thank you for everything." ... written by Jena13
Wow blown away by her clarity and absolution. amazing reading!!!! Thank u I feel much better than when i went into the reading. bless u" ... written by higherthanlife
I had a wonderful reading with Janet and look forward to the next. Brought a bigger smile to my face and reassured me. thank you very much" ... written by Sandinmaheye
Always to helpful, sweet, caring and honest... best qualities to have. :) " ... written by HolstonJane
Absolutely amazing, Pendora was so quick to pick up the situation and my feelings straightaway. Such a calming and soothing energy from her that really relaxed me and gave me a lot of peace. Thank you so much for the reading and I will do my best to just trust my instincts. :) you're wonderful!" ... written by fialuz
Very good, gave me details on what i was asking about, confirmed emotions, and feelings, features, just awesome reading very happy with it and i will definitely come back for another one well recommended thank you so much." ... written by Klaudyna27
She was right on. An excellent read. She told me what I needed to hear and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Pendora" ... written by cat20122013
She was AMAZING!! Dead on!! I LOVE YOU PEN!!" ... written by PeaceNSerenity
Another amazing read! She has now become part of my daily life! She uplifts me and resonates positive energy my way ...she's is addictively delicious!" ... written by belledujour07
Wonderful! Thank you very much ~" ... written by lek543
Positive, clarity and reassurement. Thank you Pendora." ... written by Ceeclouds77
Like a caring aunt, she embraces you into her arms with her reading. Some things she said were consistent from my first reading with her 4 months back! Thanks again pendora. " ... written by random_diamond
She is wonderful... awesome connection and so much wisdom. Thank you for time with me." ... written by maorichik
Amazing very nice. Never had a reading before and she made me realize the true meaning of things." ... written by babye43
Thank you so much for your clarity, insight and direction. Warmly appreciated. Many thanks." ... written by Ceeclouds77
She is great and straight forward. I will follow up with her again. " ... written by tallnurse
Very accurate reading. So very uplifting. Will be back some time." ... written by Charlie0605
I think what I heard was somewhat harsh, but very helpful and felt true. I'd like it that way any day. Thanks, pendora." ... written by user8628
PEN IS THE GREATEST. She has guided me through so many difficult times. I am so thankful for her." ... written by tara_mcm
THANK YOU! Clear, concise and very helpful. I felt comfortable with her answers and didn't feel like I was being hurried off. I feel like I can trust what she's telling me, and this is after the first reading." ... written by Steph7
Loved her." ... written by Agapelove7
Right On point! amazing, intuitive and gave me peace of mind to my insecurities. Thank you Pen, your part of me now. " ... written by belledujour07
Clairity, guidance and sincerity. Thank you Pendora." ... written by Ceeclouds77
Gave me clear and percise answers and told me somethings i did not know. " ... written by fiberartist
Thanks for the reading." ... written by thanya
Wonderful again! 100 stars!" ... written by ellym3
Pendora is very thoughtful and very thorough in her reading... she has deep insight and goes above and beyond to provide guidance!!" ... written by anduknowthis83
Pendora is the best, just love her and her accuracy." ... written by hoofer13
She was nice clear speaking and I heard exactly what I wanted to hear." ... written by truekatiana7899
Fantastic meditation and reading. Once again, one of those psychics who can tell what's going on without you having to volunteer any information. I felt a calming aura from her during the entire reading." ... written by persephonestears
Ty Pendora for such a awesome reading. She really understood what I was going through and everything going on in my life. The cards were spot on and everything she told me was so accurate about my current situation. I look forward to coming back to her for follow-ups in the future. Love and light to her. " ... written by Pixie73
Pendora was very helpful. She had some interesting answers for me. " ... written by losthearts33
I loved her...I wish I had a web so we could of actually talked. I am still real confused, but she got to the point...That the guy I asked about was not my guy for my future. She is so great...I have had many teachers and pshchic friends around me all my life. She was the only one on here, I wanted to connect with. I will connect with her again. When I have my web camera and microhone set up. So we can really get into it...Thank you Pendora...God has blessed you with a real gift, and I love you for it...." ... written by cutierocker
As usual she is excellent and on point." ... written by deltaj
Thank you for honest and quick reading.." ... written by Anya
She was dead on...she got everything right." ... written by Jass7869
She's excellent. She touched upon issues that I didn't mention to her. That's what I call honesty and dedication. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by emorton21108
She was great, made connection immediately, was correct on feelings." ... written by moniquea
A really true meaning I am so glad that we talked." ... written by catmeow74
AMAZING, gives good clarity and advice. Made me feel so much better." ... written by Ryan747
The connection with Pen is absolutely andamp;quot;magicalandamp;quot;! She has become my friend , family, sister, mother. She reads with genuineness and sharp accuracy. She is my queen of hearts.! Love you Pen!!!" ... written by belledujour07
She is SO gifted/skilled/STRONG. She was able to make a STRONG connection with me and the person in question. She is SO amazing, will use her again. :)" ... written by MrsNovemburrrr
Pendora has been 100% true in her you honey. You were just awesome.:)" ... written by kallie33
Spot on as always. Love this gal." ... written by TT1225
Been speaking to this lady for a good while now, on here, and I can tell you she's not only a kind lady, but a friend who is open and honest about your problems. I'd definitely have another one, one day for sure. She's now opened my eyes to looking forward to a brilliant future ahead of me in my life now. Thank you Pendora" ... written by dickie2k12
WOW! that's all I have to say. She is great, bless her heart for all the great things she has help me to get closer to higher self. I'm so grateful to have that wonderful connection with my spiritual guides/angels." ... written by tumyheart10
Once we were a few minutes into the reading the information was just flowing freely. Very sweet and caring also." ... written by usa
Pendora was wonderful and very on par,, I give her 10 stars and will be calling back to talk with her. " ... written by obnurse1
Very cool she tells the truth and is to the point ." ... written by oliviab
Very-Very good, entertaining, on the spot reading! Loved it! Thank you!" ... written by katinka
Very kind and honest!" ... written by bessbess03
Another great reading, it is amazing how she goes right to the core of things." ... written by MerkabahMan633
She does a wonderful job. HIghly recommended!" ... written by musicgirl1971
That was very helpfull. conversation was absolutelly relaxing and honest. thank you." ... written by olgaban1986
Pendora was AWESOME and right on target with everything!!!!" ... written by yankeegirl8554
She was very open and understanding and helped me with a situation that I'm having trouble letting go of. Thank you." ... written by Stephanie
Tells it like it is. Doesn't hold back. " ... written by SabrinaLynne21
Pendora is really who you want to talk to, and in more she is so sweet and gentle in how she presents and give clarity. she cares. thank you for your time Pendora" ... written by fresiaflower
She is very soothing. She was right now with the predictions" ... written by Jass7869
Seemed to connect well. had some good advice. i thank you." ... written by sunflower9
Very good very much needed information i'll be back later. " ... written by deltaj
Great and to the point. She was soft, kind and direct. I really enjoyed the reading. Spot on!" ... written by sheegeri
All the experiences I've had with her are incredible. I always leaving feeling more positive and able to achieve my goals. I am ready to get what I want and deserve in this life time, and Pendora has been a wonderful tool for putting me on the right track. I know I will continue to discuss with her my goals and future plans, and trust her advice and wisdom completely. I highly recommend her to all. " ... written by Erica89
Another endearing reading with Pendora! So sweet, so helpful and intuitive. What a gift. I feel so inspired and empowered after our readings. Thank you Pendora!" ... written by KundraPhoenix
Pendora was SO wonderful.... really in-depth and wonderful reading. where another reader on this site left me with yes or no answers, Pendora ran the gamut. 5 stars. thank you again." ... written by angelone44
Great, kind, honest. She knows before you tell her and picks up what you don't. I will come back again. Thank you Pendora" ... written by Onewarmheart
Lovely - fast - to the point - hit home on a lot of things! Delighted we spent the money on the reading! Made us closer as a couple! Would recommend without hesitation!!! Lovely Aura and spirit!" ... written by imregisterednow
Very sweet woman - very intuitive and was pretty spot on with everything about my past!" ... written by bobbilynn85
This is my first time on this site, and wow. Amazing lady. So straight to the point and knew exactly what was going on." ... written by Jeninthebox
She is so helpful and so accurate. It boggles my mind." ... written by amnarashid
She is the best , I just love her." ... written by hoofer13
Pendora was very open and quick. I asked her questions that she gave answers to, but it's impossible to know whether or not she was correct, as the dates she gave me were pretty far into the future. I will definitely update my review at those times." ... written by Tipper916
Another wonderful reading. Thanks again for connecting and giving me such good advice. " ... written by Pixie73
We were a little skeptic ... So we thought what the he; let's give it a try - God we were surprised with the answers that she gave to our questions - She guessed things that ONLY ME andamp;amp; MY WIFE know ... - A REAL GIFTED LADY - GOD BLESS YOU SWEETIE !!!" ... written by GreeceRussia
She is really lovely to talk correct advice.." ... written by karmikecho
Thank you... Great reading." ... written by Annie009
I felt an instant connection with her, I tired to go other psychics on the cite but just didn't feel anything. She really cleared things up for me :) " ... written by heidiwern
Your are my savior pendoar!" ... written by belledujour07
Very sweet and caring ..Will see what happens in future." ... written by jade6996
Janet is always insightful and caring.. I feel like she is my life-time friend who is there for me all the time... so I get to come to her over and over again... Many thanks janet! " ... written by K.602
WOW and wow :) absolutly amazing! soo spot on and in depth going right into it. First time I have had reading with her and I dont regret my money spent on her, shes brilliant, thanks! Will be back :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
I loved her" ... written by ckayx69
1st reading with Pendora. felt a strong connection with her and she worked fast not to waste time. the audio cut out, but that was not her fault. ;) touched on some very true issues. i will be back. love and light.." ... written by farleysangels77
AMAZING!! Tonight she was able to read me like a book and zoned in exactly onto specifics. very calming and make me feel so much better with very good advice." ... written by Ryan747
Wonderful... She gave me lots of details and then lots of other stuff." ... written by believe923
Thank you good reading." ... written by donna320
Spot on; she is truely gifted! I will seek her advice again." ... written by pitpen2010
She is awesome, I love her." ... written by hoofer13
Thank you so much for the advice, I know what I have to do now. Thank you! xxxx" ... written by sweetsx
Pendora is lovely. So warm. What a wonderful reading. She is extremely accurate. I highly recommend this beautiful person to read for you." ... written by benkepsychic
Spot on, thanks." ... written by yd
I loved her! She told it like I was!" ... written by codyboy22
This is my second reading I've had with Pen, I decided to have a past life reading and I was blown away with things she said. I recommend this lady each and every time. Thanks again Pen. You're awesome! " ... written by dickie2k12
She is such a kind person I have been checking her out in the free chat for awhile now and I I felt she was the real deal now i know for sure after taking her into private. She totally connected with me she knew so much about me without giving her any information. She is 5 stars for sure and I will be back. " ... written by mj1963
Very good." ... written by Poet9713
Great reading. She had perfect clarity about my situation with good advice. She's also a great mentor!" ... written by persephonestears
I needed to hear what you had to say it was a great help." ... written by mckitee
You're awesome pendora! Thank you so much." ... written by Zain85
Awesome! She's soothing and to the point" ... written by naenkinc
Very sweet and caring, right on topic. Great advice, thank you so much. :)" ... written by Chepianna
Honest... but probably right." ... written by anehave
5 Star Rating. Very quick connection and insight. Good and sound advice. Will definetely come back for another reading." ... written by horaceryan
I cannot wait to see all the dreams and visions come to pass that Pendora has seen in my near future!! This sounds very promising and very exciting for things to come!! I Love You Pendora. :)" ... written by scarbs
One of the loveliest, warmest psychics you can ever come to talk to. Open your heart out to her and you will receive guaranteed words of true wisdom to help you reach for love again. Many blessings with you Pendora :)" ... written by manijhe
Pendora, with your guidance you've given me the confidence to move forward and a comforting sense of ease. I definitely felt a strong and honest connection immediately. Thank you!" ... written by mink5256
Very good, thank you. Will see you soon." ... written by BESTGIFT32
I really appreciate Pendora's gifts, his compassion and sincerity." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Very accurate." ... written by tanya22
Quick, straightforward and SPOT ON!" ... written by Montice
Wow I feel amazing, thank you so much. I'm glad I cleared everything up. :)" ... written by rhia456
She was amazing she answered my question and made me feel at ease loved her will def come back to her when i need guidance thank you." ... written by lizgon1986
Beautiful insight, clear direction and great energy work. I feel much better after the reading than before. Thank you Pendora!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
She's great! And a wonderful adviser. Very understanding and helpful. " ... written by mcvang08
Thank you pendora again! wonderful as always :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
I think that Pendora is great, she helped me so much, even though finding out the situation she gave me all the advise I needed. I would recommend her to anyone needing the straight up answer they need. She is honest and knows what she is doing. She gave me all the advice I needed. I went and did exactly what she told me to as soon as it ended and even after not speaking to my boyfriend for an hour because of it, he forgave me in the end and he knew I was true to him. Thank you so much Pendora, love you and thank you!" ... written by meldarling
Thankyou of your honesty... much appreciated. hard to hear but better to see than not." ... written by ttan15
5 stars all the way--didnt have to ask--she already knew--amazing." ... written by Vandwnbthervr
Pendora has absolutely wonderful energy and is extremely talented and trustworthy. " ... written by annie13r
Thank you pendora for your answers. Everything sums up correctly to what I was expecting. I will come back to give you an update. Thank you. " ... written by pepestone1
Always wonderful. Always supportive with good readings and advice. She one of my few favorites. Her psychic abilities are phenomenal." ... written by persephonestears
WOW! she's the 3rd private chat i've had and she's been the most helpful. THANK YOU " ... written by Frusciland
Very sharp and simple. Not jugemental at all and deeply energized with love, understanding and honesty" ... written by linkofgrace
So glad I gave her a try! " ... written by SillyGirl
She was great!!!" ... written by sophia1984
She is simply stunning. Absolutely stunning. God bless you!" ... written by gerritmarx
Wonderful reading! :-)))" ... written by Bojan99
Pendora was excellent with dream interpretation. I really enjoyed her. We had a great time. Her energy warms the heart, spirit and comforts my soul." ... written by kprattis
Very Nice! Thanks For The Reading!" ... written by Colombian Diva
Fantastic reading! Sooo much fun and very positive thank you =)" ... written by jasminepapas
Excellent. She was quick to answer my questions and seems to be spot on." ... written by iPreferMimi
She is a great reader i would reccommend her to anybody who needs their aura and life renewed Pendora is a wonderful person and she is here for everyone that needs an acurate reading... " ... written by luckyone8888
Pendora is always great. Can sense what I am feeling right away." ... written by tmy0558
Excellent!" ... written by barby1
Very accurate thank you so much! :)x" ... written by barby1
I love her she is the best psychic on here hands down! I will always go to her, read me very well when I was emotional. A lot of psychics on here have read me in this same state and I've gotten mixed readings from them...NOT PENDORA, SHE IS TRUELY TALENTED :)" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Thank you again Pendora!!" ... written by Michiex0
She is awsome! picked up on my digestive system acting up because of the stress ive been putting myself through!!!!! Not only gave me her psychic amazingness but also told me how much us women drive ourselves nuts!! and we need to focus on this!!! Love you Janet with all my heart she is awsome so awsome Id pay for a reading for someone to have lol....thanks Pendora!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
Provided much needed clarity. " ... written by flowergarden
Great sight. very kind, hits home. very accurate. " ... written by wanderingpsyche
Really lovely lady, direct, clear and straight to the point. Gave me realistic timeframes and fantastic advice. I sure hope it all comes together. I can usually see things for what they are but with the problem I asked Pendora about, l am totally confused. Pendora gave me confidence to see again. Thank you and I hope to talk again. x" ... written by apollobay
Amazing.... just amazing." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Good." ... written by farheenasim124
Gotta run. Thanks for an excellent reading." ... written by Greg5811
"We're adults, we talk", those were my words and Pendora liked them:) I cannot thank Pendora enough for giving me straight forward answers about my questions and she was so accurate. She described me and my man perfectly as if she was rght next to us:) Thank you so much Pendora, I will keep you posted..." ... written by LoveElly
Great reader and amazing! " ... written by kate19871
She is such a sweet incredible woman! She knew so much without me saying much at all! Thank you so much!" ... written by kiki3070
I found Pendora to be most pleasant and she included everyone in the chat room. I will continue to visit her" ... written by aqaurius67
Just amazing :) I will be coming back for sure. " ... written by supernatural77
Another insightful, learning experience with Pandora... Thank you so much!!!" ... written by KundraPhoenix
She is very patient, but will deliver concrete and a lot of information." ... written by onlinevisitor
Pendora gave me a great reading. She was able to cover a lot in a short amount of time. Highly reccommend" ... written by earthangel4477
Always gets right to the matter. Love my readings with Pendora." ... written by tmy0558
Ms.Pendora spoke to me with sincerity in her heart. I strongly believed that everything this lady told me will come to light. However, she is not God but what she said made sense. " ... written by TrueRadiance
She is a wonderful earthly woman, who speaks from knowing." ... written by LadyEmeryDraven
Wonderful, wonderful job and was very accurate." ... written by white337
AWESOME as always! What else can I say. I am amazed the way she reads my mind. It is the exact pattern of thoughts that she can read. It is unreal. But thats Pendora's private chat for you!" ... written by amnarashid
She is THE best, and I've seen a lot of people on here. Trust me. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
There are six to seven upper echelon psychics here. She is one of them. She knew I had a twin flame, she knew how many lifetimes I've been on the earth, she knew what I knew about these past lifetimes without saying anything. She knew who my current archangel is (my guides are archangels), she felt my ascension and spiritual work with myself and my twin flame. She even took a message from Aaron the Levite about my twin flame situation. She was impressed and recommended me to Oranum based on my psychic and medium skill set. " ... written by jswede1149
Pendora is just adorable, I am really glad that I finally had a reading from her. As I'd always enjoyed the free chat. Wonderful energy and calm in the room." ... written by paulthefool
You have lifted a weight off of my shoulders. You have helped me so much. I feel so confident about my situation then I do about being scared. thank you so much" ... written by JessieBabe111
She was very accurate." ... written by baxter51865186
Love pendora :-) got told alot for 66 credits :) highly recommended. " ... written by awkwardturtle19
Wonderful reading, so spot on! great lady too :)" ... written by gemmie
Thanks Pendora... always great to have a reading with you. Thanks for the guidance and help." ... written by Wondering
Thanks again for the reading!! " ... written by KundraPhoenix
Thank you so much for the insight, time went so fast! Very compassionate person." ... written by skippy
She is good." ... written by Ellie11
Amaaaaaaaaaazing. I'd do it all again... if I had the money! Lol. Definitely worth more than a shot!" ... written by Jenna12793
Pendora is accurate, honest and supportive. Very Intuitive, she was bang on. I feel at ease with Pendora. " ... written by soniasweetone
Awesome ! " ... written by sillygirl1198
So blown away! I learned so much about myself and the person I was, am, and will be. Thank you SO MUCH Pendora! I can't believe have amazing this reading was. As soon as I can I want another one!!! Fantastic and Incredible!!!!!!" ... written by BellaDecadance
Thank you pendora!!!! You always make me feel at ease. With your advise and guidance! I'll see you soon!" ... written by elledaly24
She is phenomenal. I've gone to her for several readings, and always had a positive experience. She's calming, always picks up on what I'm feeling right away and is encouraging. I would highly recommend her to anyone who asks. She's truly gifted. " ... written by Erica89
She is caring, Lovely and very accurate. I loved my reading and will get back to her soon. I highly recommand her." ... written by Ellie11
She was dead on! trust her so much!" ... written by akbaby1
Love her!!!!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Pendora is so sweet and compassionate during private readings. I storngly recommend a private reading with Pendora:)" ... written by LoveElly
Great!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
I just love her. She is so intuned with me. She helps me to untangle the web I am in. Has helped me see this man I was having trouble with, for what he really is . And has helped me move on. To freedom, to go look for my real love. Thank you Pendora. I will keep keeping on, Nadine " ... written by cutierockerv
Agh! Time ran out! I wish it didn't! This woman is AMAZING. If you don't give her a shot, you're missing out on one of the best readings you'll ever receive! " ... written by Jenna12793
My favourite reader :) Her heart is an ocean of wisdom. No one has ever given me more beautiful advice than she has about my most complex questions :) I absolutely love her :) Blessings!!" ... written by manijhe
I can't even explain how much I love this woman. She is so amazing! She knows things I haven't even asked about." ... written by bluesky941
Thank You for being there for me during this time. Know I was guided to You tonight.. Wow An Amaging reading during a tradgedy. Blessings to You Pendora" ... written by BrownEyes72
Very compassionate, caring and wise. Only the clarity and peace that comes with years of experience! Highly recommend to all who need some extra loving care." ... written by QuinineKiss
This lady is the reason I come back to this website. Pendora you're the best! " ... written by Spearhead2011
As always, completely spot on with everything. She has superb understanding of what the body and mind needs." ... written by Catrina77
I had been waiting really long to finally have a reading with my favorite reader Pendora. She has got a lovely energy. She is a very caring person and she always says the truth, not what you want to hear:) but what the reality is, so I really recommend a reading with her." ... written by rainbowwarrior
She is amazing .. rare gem on these types of sites .. Love to chat again." ... written by eyelashgirl123
Spot on!" ... written by librabeauty
AWESOME reading as usual! I will continue to enjoy the great readings and come back to Pendora- She is the best!!!" ... written by BellaDecadance
This reading was such a good spiritual enlightment for me. I really enjoyed her. She is the best in dream interpretation and her abilities are wonderful. Definately recommend Pendora to anyone who needs clarity" ... written by kprattis
Pendora is excellent. So encouraging. Wonderful wonderful reader!" ... written by benkepsychic
Very helpful, and kind, dead on. I highly recommend her, very in tune and in depth :)" ... written by Chepianna
Very good reading on career :)" ... written by piscesYL90
Like always as accurate as it gets!!!!!!!!!!! God bless her she changed my life and now helping me change my brothers life!!!!!!!!! I can never thank her for her help!" ... written by amnarashid
Very accurate in details, very friendly and as she said she tell you as it is, will surely come back" ... written by ellenmom521
Thank you pendora, you are very helpful :) will keep you updated on everything!" ... written by Jodyleelee
Her readings are wonderful and wise with lots of wisdom. She always has great insight with what's going on in my life and what's coming. " ... written by persephonestears
Thank you very much, highly recommended!" ... written by pb
Wow she was so on the mark. I recommend her" ... written by theodorab
Ms. Pendora reading has opened the capsule of life and now I have began a new exploration of life. My time now is so fabulous." ... written by rooster051
Nice accurate reading, recommended. " ... written by vjrei01
Excellent, positive and enthusing. xx" ... written by alisonseymour73
Amazing as always...remembered everything that was said in a prior reading and reinforced her predictions, so encouraging, sympathetic, and very caring." ... written by KarlaSmith
Excellent reading, really enjoyed it! Thanks pendora!" ... written by mini1214
My favorite lady :)" ... written by Fruscitown
Great! good advice, seemed honest, will see how everything turns out and let you know! :)" ... written by eastcoast1
Incredibly accurate. Didn't need to say a thing. She knew it all. Told me exactly how to handle it. I need to work on myself for sure." ... written by emmiliecaterham
Pendora gave me a great reading as she hit things right on the money without asking questions which i feel is the right way to read. If you haven't tried her its your mistake so give her a try now. Thanks i will be looking for my future things to come to me." ... written by raym57
Very accurate and insightful. Brilliant. Thanks Pendora " ... written by sunshinegirl30
Well was very quick very nice psychic . Very honest even if it wasnt what I wanted to hear. " ... written by AnaForero
Very beautiful soul." ... written by DarkMotherDivine
She is great as always!" ... written by amnarashid
Very accurate and wise. Gave me a lot of answers and peace." ... written by Crab1993
Thank you Janet for your guidance and insight. We'll keep in touch." ... written by Charlie0605
She is skilled." ... written by baxter51865186
She's phenomenal. I truly do not know words with greater meaning to describe her. I've always connected with her and feel a sense of calm and comfort. She's amazingly talented and truly makes the session memorable. I will continue to come back and would highly recommend." ... written by Erica89
She is very accurate " ... written by theodorab
I Thought Pendora was great! She helped me a great deal with manifestation and I am going to put all of her words into practice. I am excited." ... written by Uvrs53
I always feel good after a reading with Pendora. I learn so much about myself. She's so insightful. Thank you Pendora :) " ... written by KundraPhoenix
She was wonderful." ... written by theodorab
Accurate with info Pendora gave me about myself and I will have to wait for predictions to come true." ... written by smiley2011
Very special reading, thank you very much :-)" ... written by Bojan99
This reading was simply amazing. I'm speechless now. It's been ten minutes and I'm still stunned. Pendora picked up on something that no one could have known about me. The specific things that she mentioned were completely relevant and accurate. She is incredibly gifted. Thank you so much!" ... written by bleuberries
Need more time but she was correct about many things" ... written by dashdarling
Amazing! One of the bests on Oranum. Quickly answers all questions. Told me things without me telling her." ... written by junkfoodie
Very nice. " ... written by jliz1625
She made things seem very bright in what i asked. I had a great reading." ... written by hotcowgirl33
BRILLIANT!!I have no words to describe how good the reading was..she confirmed all the things and described my situation completely...I am very pleased." ... written by tasha_j
Pendora is awesome! She was spot on with a couple of situations without any information from me. She is caring and doesn't sugar-coat what she sees. I definitely recommend a reading with her. Love her!" ... written by hopefull11
She knew so many things that no one would be able to know over the internet. She was great and really opened my eyes. I definitely recommend her! It is worth the credits!" ... written by azkemper
Great as always in interpreting my dreams and gave me excellent advice. " ... written by kprattis
Thank's pendora for giving me a reading it is so nice that I talked to you....ur the best..." ... written by fallbegun4u
She is just so her. She is a great soul." ... written by tara
Such a true blessing to have a reading with you. Pendora is one of a kind. She tells you like it is, whether you are ready to hear it or not. I look forward to the next reading with you. XOXO" ... written by hewla11
Very kind and accurate. Huge help - thank you will definitely come back! " ... written by ehonderich
Awesome!!! Very sweet!!! Vey very helpful!!" ... written by ajones5edison
She was dead spot on!!! I just hope what she said is right..." ... written by Severnka99
Yes very helpful.. Thanks pendora." ... written by irishtaurus
Pendora is a very loving and carring person and she does have the gifts of sight and understanding.She is very honest and does not sugarcoat anything. I have seen her many times in chat and she always is honest even if it is not what people want to hear.She speaks the truth. " ... written by meneese
Pendora is sweet and helpful, it was my first reading so guess I'll have to wait and see if it all turns out the way she said it would!" ... written by aquarius49
Pendora is so sweet, just love her, and she is soooo in tune" ... written by hoofer13
Pretty accurate about my ex and the woman he's seeing now. " ... written by JerriAnne
Verified my thoughts and gave me so much insight. Very caring and sweet." ... written by ewieder92
Pendora was really helpful. One of the best readings I've ever had. Thank you." ... written by Buffygrrl
Nice reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
Very nice, positive.. I enjoyed her very well." ... written by smileycat23
Thanks!! No more worries!! :) I hope I can give you the good news :) " ... written by hk3737
Very nice and real reading. Made a lot of connects without me saying much. I enjoyed her and would recommend her." ... written by Courtygurl1028
She is always right on the money! is been 4 months since I started to have reading with her. she helped me change my life completely!" ... written by amnarashid
She is awesome and good honest lady!" ... written by hawa871
Thank you very much, 1 of the nicest ladies I have ever met on here. Pendora makes a lot of sense, definitely will be talking again in private. xxx " ... written by Coraldeacon
GREAT READING..I will call again for so far !!!" ... written by gigi47
Great as always. She's a very calming energy and helps me get right back on my feet. I adore readings with her." ... written by Erica89
Good advice!" ... written by kwassa63
She is amazing!" ... written by sbug1990
Thanks for the reading!!!" ... written by gm
Great experience, it was great!" ... written by radix4use
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Liesjep
She is so kind, picked up on my situation instantly! Knew what I needed to hear and she is very talented." ... written by becca
Always a great read." ... written by spiritualgirl2
She's excellent!!! She listens, and doesn't criticize." ... written by emorton21108
Lovely, caring, amazingly accurate, and she will not only tell you the future but you will learn how to make your future the best for yourself :). Empathic, calming, energy with pure love and light: that's Pendora :). And much more. Thank you, my dear Pendora." ... written by rainbowwarrior
Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but she was very knowledgeable and spoke of many things in my life that I thought were true. I think that she Pendora is worth the time and money for a private reading." ... written by Uvrs53
Absolutely lovely to speak with, spot on. She doesn't need any information at all. Will come back. Have a lovely trip to London! x" ... written by rosiep
She was good. To the point." ... written by Maechosen
Pendora was lovely! She is very warm and reassuring! Was a treat to talk to her. Thanks very much!" ... written by mrsshufflebottom
She is the real deal!!! Was blunt honest." ... written by angelwhisper
She told it like it is, very honest and true. I will take her advice and move on thanks." ... written by dottucker
Very honest. Didn't want to hear it but I need the truth." ... written by katie46
As always.... Pendora was spectacular. Always brings clarity to mind :) THANK YOU!" ... written by angelone44
Very nice and sweet " ... written by Severnka99
Wonderful reading....Great energy...Love her!!!" ... written by jennie7010
Very accurate reading!" ... written by Lovingheart118
Such a calming and protecting person" ... written by Annemelize8
It's a blessing to connect with her!" ... written by heartnsoul
I can count on her to provide me with the correct insight into a situation and reach into the heart of the issue. Love her compassionate and loving energy! Much love and light Pendora! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Your are a kind person... Thank you." ... written by mispiggy5
She was awesome, and very quick. She was on the spot on so many details it was awesome listening to her!! I will definitely be chatting in private with Pendora again! " ... written by LizNorway
Thanks! Time will tell..." ... written by Pistachio
I just had an Amazing past life reading!!!!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Very kind, seemed to know what little there is to know about the I said, time will tell." ... written by Pistachio
Pendora is kind, gentle andamp; compassionate. She connects very quickly with a lot of info. I felt she understood my question in depth. Her energy touched me." ... written by bluetig
She is awesome. just love her" ... written by hoofer13
Oh, my. She's fantastic. I had such a fulfilling conversation with her, and felt completely whole. She's always been a great person to have a reading with, and I've connected with her several times and always left satisfied. I would highly recommend her to anyone, and hope that you all can enjoy her services as much as I have. " ... written by Erica89
She is AMAZING and so personable.. Made me feel like there hope. Will be back to have her read for me again. I feel like I have known her forever...." ... written by Jettset
Love love love my readings with this special lady! She knows what she's talking about! " ... written by rosiep
Great reading, thanks so much." ... written by hoofer13
Always great insight and conforting ..will be back ..thank you " ... written by gigi47
This woman is amazing!! Seriously, one of the best here!!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Happy to find someone like her in oranum. 20 stars!" ... written by JBee01
Was very comforting put my mind at rest. Thank you." ... written by zambazoo
One of the most professional and legit Psychic on this site!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Wonderful experience." ... written by jesrichardson
Pendora is marvellous, always accurate. Take her for a reading, you will be amazed." ... written by hoofer13
Amazing psychic, fast connection! Gave me a wonderful past life reading, impressive speed, detail, truly wonderful. I recommend her. From another psychic I can honestly say CHECK HER OUT - SHE IS THE REAL DEAL." ... written by Anon.
Accurate, gave me a sense of belief and brought feelings of hope." ... written by happymonica
Told so much in little time that I had... Gave a great insight into my relationship and picked up on personality quickly. Will call back again soon. Thank you. xxx " ... written by misszaza
Very well said. Thanks for the help. It direct me to the path I should take." ... written by maryjoy88
She didn't waste time and got a grip on my situation instantly. Her serenity is inspiring me to get comfortable with myself and my situation." ... written by golemrise
Thank you. Very fast and kind." ... written by godzilla54
Excellent" ... written by Eternety
Can't wait to see what happens :) Great reading." ... written by precious_angel7
She is awesome! She told me things I already know about myself and can see about other people. I wish I could afford more time with her!" ... written by Angela2508
Very good, answered my question fast and clearly." ... written by Sheilamay1303
Thank you! It was a very positive chat " ... written by yvettepandora
:-)))" ... written by JerriAnne
Wonderful reading!" ... written by chawks009
Amazing. period." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
She is fantastic. thanks u so much for the reading and update....." ... written by gm
Thank you for the reading. Goes way to fast and can't afford more...Like your reading though!" ... written by justcajun
I was having trust issues with my marriage and she helped me see what i needed to do, and what my husband needed to do also. Thank you so much for your advice!" ... written by vcervantes2012
Extremely professional. She is the real deal!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Was good. Thank you!" ... written by nat3211
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by thanya
Great!! Warm and generous!" ... written by Dollybird19
Fantastic, pendora always brings her great wisdom into her readings and really empowring person. thank you again :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
She helped me figure out what I already knew and gave me what I need to move forward. " ... written by alandry1966
Always calming me, hope it works out!" ... written by ellym3
She does it again. She is the real deal. Picks up on people and personalities spot on andamp; gives great advice." ... written by spiritflower79
Pendora is such a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight on what is transpiring at the moment. God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
She was great like a mother figure. She told me the problem and how to fix it. I had a reader a few minute before her saying some crazy stuff, that had me scared. She told me they just wanted money and she helped me with her experience and wisdom. Thank you!" ... written by Sherroll08
Dead on! Very honest and was again dead on and also told me stuff about the future that excited me! :) I'd suggest her to EVERYONE going through a struggle or problem in life." ... written by akbaby1
Great advice!" ... written by lorri67
Insightful, direct, and full of kindness, Pendora will not let you down in any answer you may seek. " ... written by riotgurl345
Great reading. Right on target." ... written by bridgette222
She is the best psychic I have ever talked to. She is always right on point. I will never go to anyone else when I come to this site! " ... written by answers16
Very spot on...awesome! love her :)" ... written by stillsmilin
Pendora is the greatest psychic to date that I have talked with here. She was honest, but furthermore, was extremely calming to talk to and reassuring that I would get through the current situation that I'm in. I would recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Arrows26
Excellent reader! Very warm and compassionate and insightful. Read my situation very well." ... written by iPreferMimi
Excellent!!! Wonderful and extremely quick reader!!! Immediately connected with me! Thank you so much! Can't wait for the next reading! " ... written by mlafield
She's great, very motherly and kind. She's great and right to the point with questions :) :)" ... written by indigo_eagle
Thank you so much... Looking forward to your predictions..." ... written by buddy0914
Seems to be better than other psychics. Fast answers." ... written by happyapple18
Amazing as usual!!" ... written by Ryan747
Honest and straight forward. Felt right" ... written by gaylaramey
Excellent. 5 stars!" ... written by bridgette222
She is right on track. knows my life like a book." ... written by sunshinedee
She is a m a z i n g.. i think the best on oranum! Nobody ever gave me so much info on nothing! I will be back, Pendora! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you... :) " ... written by Janice75
She is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
That was short sweet to the point and what I needed today THANK YOU!! I will keep my promise to eat better breathe deeply and focus!!!! Love it!!" ... written by curious_nessa201
Superb and so accurate..." ... written by lawyergirl
Pendora is always great, take her for a reading you will be amazed and happy with what she tells you." ... written by hoofer13
Amazing! I will keep coming back to her, worth every penny !!" ... written by Janice75
Great reading!!!" ... written by Bojan99
Very nice reading!! Fast answers and very good connection!! Thank you Pendora!!" ... written by weissinha
Thank you. Always give me good advice. Always on point and you don`t sugar coat or tell me what I want to hear. You speak the truth. You helped me out so much. Thank You Again. " ... written by answers16
Wow Pendora is amazing.. Totally blew my mind away. All I can say is WOW WHAT A POWERFUL READING - THE BEST EVER - I need to recharge with more credit:)" ... written by liuchi9
She was so accurate knowing the exact feelings that I had in my heart as well as the thoughts in my head. I feel relieved and more peaceful after having her guidance and advices. " ... written by springoss
Oh my gosh, so accurate!!! Amazing!! Gave me goosebumps!! :o))) Love you Pendora :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
Excellent, thank you very much!!" ... written by Jupiter01
Pendora is simply amazing, so gifted. Very thankful for her insights and guidance." ... written by bleuberries
Wow, great reading, so on point and accurate...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" ... written by masseuse01
FANTASTIC:)" ... written by liuchi9
BEST KIND HEART EVER!" ... written by taurusmay5
This lady is awesome!" ... written by Triciaone
Pendora gave me a very good past life reading. She answered all of my questions and gave me a lot more information than I expected. I would recommend her to my friends." ... written by TerritheSecretar
Great reading. Very insightful!" ... written by AmyDog
Thanks Pendora once again for great info and conversation. You are amazing!" ... written by liuchi9
Pendora is very on track with her readings, always enlightening and honest. You will not be disappointed." ... written by hoofer13
She has clarity." ... written by justright44
She gave me positive feedback that I needed to at least take those beginning steps to better myself." ... written by Ruthless003
She is really good and very kind. She helped me. She also helped me feel relief. Take her to private. :)" ... written by ninjakitty88
Was very insightful, did not ask for my name or age prior to the session. " ... written by Aramia
Helps to ease choices, helps me move on, to see the truth of the situation! Thank you!" ... written by jacqueline1966
Pendora is always great to talk to. She is on target with the situation. Please take her for a reading. You will be amazed." ... written by hoofer13
Thank you very much!" ... written by altuna0
Thank you Pendora, that was a great reading!" ... written by Lucricia
Another great reading, very helpful!" ... written by earthangel4477
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
I love Pendora. She tunes in really quickly and she knows how to send messages of change in a positive manner. She's honest and clear. You will always be happy with her readings." ... written by Buffygrrl
This Lady is one of the best on the site! She tells you what she sees, no BS!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
Good advice." ... written by Aramia
She is just great, take her for a reading, you will love it." ... written by hoofer13
Several things were spot on!" ... written by nursejenn0623
Love her so much! It is so comforting to talk to Pendora. It's like talking to your best friend who happens to be a psychic!" ... written by bluesky941
All five stars!!!" ... written by andyleone
Thank you, you have such a kind soul and you speaks the truth always! :)" ... written by lila88
Pedora summed up my problem in less than 5 minutes. I asked one question and she did a lot of the talking which was nice because it didn't feel like she was pulling information out of me to tell me what I wanted to hear. It met a lot that she confirmed my thoughts without knowing the situation. Thanks again." ... written by jillybean11
Wow and double wow... Thanks again Pendora for your time and wonderful explanations. Take care." ... written by liuchi9
One thing I'd love to say about her and mean it with the upmost respect for her, she is the only physic I trust to give me reliable and accurate information. It's like she can deff. see what is going on around me. She always makes me realize and says things that I only would know. She amazes me and I have so much trust for her! I will be always coming back to her with a problem! :) Thank you for being amazing pendora! " ... written by akbaby1
Pendora's reading about my past lives was very in touch with who I am today." ... written by mel_rose6875
She is one of the best. Thank you so muck. I want to give you a 10 star rating. To bad they don't have it. Thanks again." ... written by DDDaniela
Greetings, Pendora is so sweet and well rounded. Her Psychic reading is on point and has a human touch. Its a mix of advise from this words and the beyond. Worth every penny. Thank you." ... written by jfilipin
You are always amazing...thank you:)" ... written by lila88
Thanks so much." ... written by mmd1990
Very good reading." ... written by AmyDog
Wonderful reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
She is truly gifted as an empath. She and I had a connection right off the bat. Very warm, gentle-spirited woman. It was like talking to a family member. I have never had a reading before and she drew cards and she was spot on. It was like she had met my mother and learned everything about me! I would recommend her to everyone. She is the real thing." ... written by Katie44122674164
Very lovely and kind woman. She didn't sugar coat anything and picked up on the situation right away. I am feeling so much better. Thank you :)" ... written by Jenn
As usual, Pendora was consistent with what she's said to me before and has nailed my current situation and what I'm feeling. I feel SO COMFORTABLE talking to her, like having a big sister. :) Worth every penny." ... written by Steph7
Very sweet, kind and caring. Accurate information and great insight/advice. Thank you." ... written by vocalmachine1
Helpful again." ... written by Aramia
She was great I loved the reading!!!" ... written by browneyes2005
Always a pleasure to speak with Janet she is an excellent reader and a kind soul" ... written by earthangel4477
I love, LOVE pendora's readings! Thank you, Thank you Pendora for your insight and another great reading." ... written by KundraPhoenix
Great, honest reading. Picked up lots of things, very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by gina733
Awesome! She is so clear and amazing!" ... written by angelwhisper
She connects immediately, and tells you exactly what she sees, no sugarcoating, absolutely amazing, best on Oranum," ... written by RoonilWazlib
Sometimes I just don't know what I would do without Pendora's clear, concise and honest guidance. While her readings are amazing and spot on, she is more than a reader, she is a mentor. Thank you!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
This was a great reader. Very accurate. I love Mrs Pendora. She was right on target and has given me a better view of my future. Thanks so much." ... written by Mechele706
I just had a private reading with Pendora. She was right on with my situation. She gave me some insight that I was confused on and I will gladly take her advice. I would highly recommend her." ... written by luvpinknblack
Pendora is truly gifted and right on point there's no bs with her. A true mystic :) I would give six stars if possible." ... written by indigo_eagle
You are amazing and such a wonderful person, thank you so much for your guidance, and sharing of your wisdom. I thank you so very much, words can not express." ... written by Sammy808
Very honest!! She didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. I appreciate that." ... written by anksy2001
Very sweet and honest." ... written by 04apple
Great reading, fast and right to the point." ... written by veezee
As always, Pendora has great insight and seems to be able to get to the heart of my feelings." ... written by tmy0558
Eerily accurate! amazing!!!!!" ... written by frankiecostello
I love my readings with pendora. Give her a shot. You're bound to get something out of it. " ... written by KundraPhoenix
One of the best psyhics here dont waste ur time with others." ... written by humii000
Lovely lady with a lot of good positive things to say about the future x" ... written by korkyburgereyes
Pendora is lovely, sweet, insightful and full of wisdom. She picked up on my situation even before I told her what I was concerned about. She gave me hope on a situation that I thought was completely hopeless. And I know she doesn't just tell me what I want to hear because the last time we spoke, she was very honest about how things with my ex were going to be difficult to hold together. Thank you Pendora!" ... written by MjOcho
Great! Kind-spoken and "real"; It's an emphasis I want to put on that. Because even though she is psychic she is still a human being and it was nice to hear her feedback that seemed very honest. " ... written by NorCalgirl89
I don't even know where to begin. Pendora is the definition of psychic. I gave very little information, almost nothing, and she told me what she was feeling, sensing, and what seeing and told me everything that happened in regards to my situation, where it stood, and where it was heading. Everything I felt in that particular situation she explained it. She was able to describe exactly the type of person I am, how I was raised, and what kind of personality I had, I am just soo stunned and amazed. I am a hardcore gamer and she saw that!!!! Amazing experience, the best experience I ever had. Throughout the whole reading, the most important part was that she was right there with me with positive guidance every step of the way. You have to get a reading, she is so awesome, so positive, and a loving person who just cares for you. I almost teared up, and I am a guy, just everything she said was as if she was living my past with me. I will be going to her again and no one else.. I highly recommend a reading from Pendora.. amazing just amazing." ... written by donorak
She is amazing, real advice about life also, not just predictions, I love her!" ... written by Janice75
I felt like she made me finally be at ease. She said what I wanted to hear, even though it was not directly related to the question, she broke through and answered the real question in my gut. She was right on point. " ... written by Pheonix_Gemini81
Absolutely fantastic! Brought up things I never mentioned or even hinted at. She is very good and if you want an honest read ask her for one. You'll get the answers, even the ones you don't want but it's the truth. " ... written by mishelle1111
Thank you! Very good! What I wanted to hear. x" ... written by mandy47
Amazing, so helpful, and I will definitely be coming back for advice whenever I need it. =] Thank you so much!!!" ... written by xCherylx
Lovelovelove" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
You were exactly correct. " ... written by lrk925
Pendora is GREAT!!! She always gives the best and most accurate advices and help! Listen to her and you will see! 5 stars!" ... written by JoeytheOne
5 stars a not enough for you Pendora! Thank you for the lovely and detailed reading. You picked up on areas of my life that have been on my mind for awhile and offered so much detail on what is in store for the year ahead. I love the honesty and sensitivity you bring to your readings. You are such a joy to have a reading with. Many blessings!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
So pleased with my reading!" ... written by flayflow
Thank you so much pendora. Your insight is amazing and I really appreciate that you tell it like it is. You are so right in everything that you said, and you have opened my eyes to the doors that are right in front of me. I always knew what was important in life and what I wanted, I just didnt know that I could actually have it, until now that is. You are amazing. " ... written by teenamaree1977
She is one of my favorites. She has a very calming effect when she speaks to you no matter if your situation is good or bad. She will always be up front and she can tune into things that no one else has ever picked up on in my readings before. I would definteley recommend her. " ... written by answers16
Pendora was helpful in easing my pain." ... written by mistymoons
Amazing reading!!!! She is magnificent and right on with heart and compassion!" ... written by Questionlove2
She was very clear about her reading. Will need time to see the accuracy :)" ... written by ozlemu
Brilliant ! Omg ! She's amazing and worth every penny. Thank you so much for being completely honest and forthright with me. Just what I needed to hear too. I think I have some soul searching to do but I look forward to seeing your predictions coming true.. She was quick and oh my gosh so accurate will be back for sure." ... written by Beccaboo72
Very kind and tells the truth!" ... written by cg3
Very easy to talk to!" ... written by ak3000
Great, right on point, quick, honest. One of the best here!" ... written by veezee
She is great and to the point very accurate." ... written by hoofer13
Great Psychic!!! Loved her!!!" ... written by kyandra
Great!" ... written by jeremydec1965
Amazing - amazing - wonderful, kind and spot on. A must call." ... written by jeremydec1965
Unfortunately, we were cut short...She is amazing and seems right on point...I am looking forward to speaking more to her about EVERYTHING! very kind!" ... written by kittie1622
Great quick and accurate..." ... written by veezee
She is very nice... And yes she is straight to the point which I really liked." ... written by rbrbmb1
Amazing, accurate and calming! I've tried plenty of psychics on here. She is the real thing." ... written by sheriniebeanie12
Most legit psychic ever." ... written by RoonilWazlib
Accurately depicted persons in question. Quick precise, a must try. thank you very much!" ... written by bellavitaxoxo
Awesome reading! Very accurate and uplifting advice. I will be keeping in touch!" ... written by Destiny68
Solid Solid solid.. She is always right! Before I even open my mouth she says it.. A real authentic psychic.." ... written by angelwhisper
Wonderful and kind. Very encouraging reading!" ... written by IrisSusan
Great! :)" ... written by eg198404
Thank you for helping. " ... written by linn115
Thank you so much! Went by too quick but was very insightful. I talked to another psychic earlier today that was confusing. I feel much better after talking with Pendora!" ... written by tashalynnmri
Pendora is just soooooo amazing to connect to. Two of her predictions have already started taking shape! Last year, when she had mentioned this to me, they had come as a surprise as I was not expecting them, today I am glad that I'd had the reading with her which not only helped me eventually become unstuck, but also helped clarify why I was here and what role I had to play. It is all coming together now, when a year ago it all seemed so difficult....I am so grateful to Pendora for all her compassion and support. Love you lots and God bless you!!!!" ... written by heartnsoul
Was very detailed and fantastic (: such positive energy and a great reader! " ... written by Sam_Hope2
Scary good wow." ... written by millyloves22
Pendora is amazing. It's always so nice to talk to her and she is extremely consistent in her readings and in what she sees. So thankful :) " ... written by bleuberries
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Quick and answered my questions quickly and gave me advice, i am satisfied" ... written by smiley2011
She was great.. thank you." ... written by aundreya25
Pendora a beautiful loving lady thank you. x" ... written by Coraldeacon
She is lovely as always...positive ...encouraging..I love her energy ..always a delight to speak to her,...I will be back again pendora!!!" ... written by elledaly24
Pendora gave me a kind and compassionate understanding of my situation. It was a guidance centered on solid awareness. She has the ability to connect and her energy can be felt. Pendora is a realistic person to talk to. You can talk to her. She will listen and channel all she has to help you. Pendora - I thank you for being an ear to listen and I truly appreciate your wise advise. May God Bless you in ways you've never experienced." ... written by donmosaic
Good!" ... written by shaw82
Fantastic once again. This is the real thing." ... written by krismic2
She is one of the best tarot readers I have ever spoken with!!! Highly recommended!" ... written by umabalan
Thank you Pendora. You were extremely helpful and insightful. Fantastic, I will be back." ... written by krismic2
Pendora is awesome, take her to private." ... written by hoofer13
Great insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Very quick to tune in and gives honest straight forward answers. I would recommend." ... written by angelszone
I just want to say Pandora you are amazing seriously the real deal no lie, she is the best, not only you made me laugh but I needed help and I found the right person. Your advice is amazing a truly gifted psychic I'm amazed I don't even know what to say but thank you, so glad I came here I will listen I feel at ease. :)))))" ... written by HeartOfsilver
I am awed. She was so brilliant; she knew everything there was a need to know about what was going on in my life and answered all of my questions completely. Thank you so much, Pendora. You have helped me beyond what my words can tell." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Awesome reading, made me feel a lot more comfortable now." ... written by supergordon24
Words can not describe how amazing this woman is!!!! i'm in absolute awe with this woman and her God given gift . from the accuracy in information about myself to the wonderful and realistic advise. i'm glad i came here today. most definitely will be coming back for future readings." ... written by victoria111
Wonderful as always" ... written by Snowscape
She is great, fast, straight to the point." ... written by carina12
She is wonderful to talk me such you pendora!" ... written by elledaly24
She is one of the best.. Highly recommended!" ... written by umabalan
Janet is awesome, I always enjoy her readings and chatting with her." ... written by earthangel4477
Very honest and reasonably accurate! Overall a good reading!" ... written by Lostgirl82
Very interesting love reading, we will see if it comes to pass. Thanks again Pendora. =)" ... written by Aramia
She right on the money!!!" ... written by mcasas
Dude and dudettes she is so amazing I love her!" ... written by aundreya25
Truthful and reliable!" ... written by Need2know5
A lovely soul. I always leave Pendora's room with a smile on my face. Very helpful and insightful." ... written by krismic2
Pendora was amazing! I highly recommend her for any guidance on your questions. She was able to give me practical and sound advice, which really hit home. Thank you, Pendora!" ... written by crystalbuddah
Wonderful reading!" ... written by Kristin
Pendora was amazing!! " ... written by kamoto
Great reading as always." ... written by hoofer13
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading. I felt connected right away and she tuned into my situation immediately. I look forward to speaking to her again soon :-)" ... written by satkins619
wow, she called it, things of myself things I should have seen and known.. She read it... I needed the truth.." ... written by Natasha
Good stuff" ... written by Zeigen
3rd reading was amazing just as the 1st and 2nd reading. I can listen to her and talk to her all day long if given the chance! Everything.... I mean everything that we talked about was just so accurate, which is why I keep going back. Things that she knows and talks to you about will absolutely blow your breath away. More importantly, every time after our private readings things are looked at more in a positive perspective and just understanding more and more about myself every time. Go for Pendora, she is a very great person who will listen and will not waste your time." ... written by Donorak
She is wonderful :) Awesome!" ... written by Christie
This is my second reading with Pendora. Once again, she blew me away.. Very caring and one of the nicest person I've ever met. I just love talking to her. All I asked was a question, and that's all she needed to see everything that happened in my past, present, and what will lies ahead. Talking to Pendora just gives me that positive energy that I need to move on and do things right. The best reading experiences ever no question about it. If you are skeptical, don't be. She listens and knows how you are feeling and really looks out for you." ... written by donorak
Thank you for the help." ... written by joey198402
Excellent reading as always, will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Thanks so much, I'll keep in mind all you said. Thank your uplifting spirit it has made me feel much better about my life. I'll definitely keep your advise in the upcoming months. You gave me something to think about... Thanks again." ... written by Teena8
Thank you very much for the reading." ... written by crystalmaze
very nice reading.. Very encouraging.Thank you! Be blessed" ... written by Aurelia
Quite accurate and gentle with it. Much appreciated, lets see what happens in mid 2013." ... written by annamarie08
Wow spot on for many topics and issues. definitely fast, doesn't waist your time. I wanted to talk or i would have left the reading with time still left. great read and would recommend completely. Been wanting a read for quite some time and glad I finally did. Thank you pendora" ... written by lisapatrick
Fast reading! Thanks!" ... written by md1990
wonderful reading with a heart of gold :) def 10+ stars. Thank u Pendora :) Love n light" ... written by courtk11
I'm so glad I spoke to her. She knew how I functioned lol, gave me great insight about what lies ahead." ... written by Thessa
SHE IS FREAKING AMAZING. She picked up on my situation right away! I'll be back ms. Pendora! thank you!" ... written by michelle0940
good reading - she hit it on the head." ... written by laura
This is my 5th or 6th reading i think. And the results/experience/feeling afterwards were amazing just as my previous readings (just look for the feedback that looks like an essay). Everything she saw/felt/read/or knew exceeded my expectations, as always." ... written by donorak
I always love coming to her! she tells it like it is! :)" ... written by akbaby1
So amazing. I wish I had more time." ... written by lionautumn
What a lovely lady, so easy to talk too, informative and genuine! Told me just what I wanted to hear!" ... written by benfreakley
Spot on no info needed THANKS! " ... written by Summaluv8
My reading with Pendora was one of the best experiences I have had here on Oranum! I have been trying to feel out who is the best for me to go to for some time and she is now among the few special readers I have found. She picked up on the situation before I said anything and her information was precise and clear and more than I knew to ask for in the shortest amount of time in any reading I have had here yet. Her reading felt very healing and most of all she is caring. Everything and more that I have been looking for, I will surely be back if I need anything! Thanks so much." ... written by Jena
She is good. I would give her another try. She is straight forward with her answer. I will have to wait and see what happens." ... written by kitkat
Thanks for the clarity! Your readings are sooo loving and right on the mark as far as what really needs to be looked at. And Thank you angle Michael :)" ... written by Kundra
What a great reading. Learned a lot about my past lives." ... written by raptor24
I love Janet. Her readings have been %500 correct. She knew things that would happen and how things were improving for me! :) :) I recommend her to anyone who wants a modern mystic touch to their readings " ... written by indigo_eagle
She is straight forward and does not waste time. Thanks so much!" ... written by angelwhisper
Pendora gets right to the point. She is also go at providing many precautionary things to keep in mind. Thanks Pendora!" ... written by Kundra
Dead on great reading." ... written by Annette
It was just OK reading. For the price, I expected more information, depth and accuracy that I can get from lesser priced readers. " ... written by psymeow
Good general read... gave some time frame. :) Will come back with updates :)" ... written by kumar
very good!" ... written by momalley
Very good!!" ... written by Angela
Great fast reading." ... written by veezee
Most appreciated... you are kind." ... written by Abigail
She has read for me for over a year, she is fabulous and always on target. Take her to private and you will be amazed." ... written by Hoofer13
She is honest and excellent." ... written by sprathap10
She knew me pretty well the first time she read me, i just happened to not leave the feedback because I x-ed out of the window. I definitely will continue to work with her. Thank you" ... written by RosieRN
Very good." ... written by Jennifer
5 stars, had a past life reading and was very satisfied by the experience. " ... written by ken
Fabuloussss!" ... written by MICHELLE
She's the best! No bs. I feel like she gets right to the heart of what I'm looking for right away." ... written by Stephanie
She was lightening fast! Straight to the point." ... written by Carla
Thank you so much for your reading) God bless you!)" ... written by Sabina
I love pendora - so positive and so clear - she's great." ... written by chloe
Lovely, and right on target... thank you!" ... written by Elaine Faber
I thought she was great, honest, and clear. I'd love to have another session!" ... written by Tiffany
As always, 5* reading with Pendora...she is #1" ... written by KS
Seems real as a psychic. No pretenses. Timeline will show how valid her forecast was. Definitely good pace and felt comfortable." ... written by Leachem
Direct response. Really encouraging! " ... written by Effie
Good reading ............very realistic and down to earth. " ... written by edel95
Lovely lady, been speaking to Janet a long time and she's always helped me on my Spiritual/life journey and it completely honest. She's great with advice and readings and I've always recommended her. Thanks once again Jan. =) " ... written by Richard
Very sweet lady!" ... written by maha
Quick and helpful." ... written by ken
Fate really brought me to her... through her guidance i saw what i was doing wrong and how to fix it. thanks pendora! now I am confident that things will work out better." ... written by frankiecai
I wish I had more time and that I had a way to talk to her instead of typing, but she pretty much hit the nail on the head." ... written by Shannon
She's a beautiful spirit and was a pleasure to speak with! She was very accurate andamp; compassionate but straight to the point with the reading I experienced with her! I appreciate her sooo much, looking forward to connecting with her again! " ... written by Nabria
Very accurate. Confirmed things for me. Definitely worth reading with." ... written by Carol
It always amazes me what she remembers about my last reading. Nice calming energy. Thanks Pendora!" ... written by Kundra
Pendora has been very accurate with my situation. Not what I wanted to hear but probably what I needed to hear :-) I really appreciate that!! Thank you!! :-)" ... written by weissinha
She was absolutely awesome." ... written by mariela
Pendora was wonderful. She gave me a very clear and accurate reading. " ... written by elizabeth
She is amazing, she is right on the key, she is a wonderful amazing woman. " ... written by lolo
Pendora is wonderful. She tells it like it is, whether it's what I want to hear or not. It's what I need to hear. It's the true answer." ... written by Mishelle
Connected very well. Gave great insight in short amount of time. Great reading." ... written by Freedom2211
This lady is absolutely amazing!" ... written by Earnest
This woman is amazing seriously she is the realist good advice really helpful the best of the best on here you will benefit from her positivity she is a natural healer honestly this woman is the best knows what she is talking about and is a good guide she just says the truth and is a great psychic :) " ... written by Heart
She is always on point and a solid advisor." ... written by SR
Pandora is a lovely healing soul." ... written by Elaine Faber
Pendora was very insightful and helped me to realize where I got some of my inclinations and why I'm feeling stuck where I am. Her past life reading nailed on the head that I should be writing and singing....why I feel so compelled to do those two things. Will be coming back!" ... written by Jenn
Best reading of my life!" ... written by John
An amazing woman, clear and was so accurate, a woman of great clarity compassion and understanding, I certainly will be visiting Pendora again.. top marks to her." ... written by Tess
She was amazing. Very honest" ... written by jackie
Hey Pendora ! :) Thanks again for the great detailed reading. You and your daughter are just fantastic at what you do here at Oranum. Everything that you have said thus far is coming up or has at least been hinted to me and I can feel the universe putting it all together for me. I'll keep you up to date ! " ... written by Richard
She give precise information. I can not wait to see the prediction come true." ... written by kitkat02
Reading was accurate and on point." ... written by Kiara
Very good." ... written by Klaudyna27
Very good!!!" ... written by Nina Clymer
Will wait for prediction, really nice sweet lady!" ... written by Kitty
She did not sugar coat. She was very straight to the point. I did not have enough time to get to all of my questions answered. She did not say what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. " ... written by Oraunlimited
Very precise - wise and knowledgeable - I will go back to Pendora again!" ... written by EsotericRJM
Thank you so much~ you were so accurate and helpful!" ... written by Margie
Amazing maybe not the answers i wanted to hear but needed to hear, very accurate." ... written by n
Great excellent reading." ... written by veezee
She is solid and always had been accurate. I stopped wasting time elsewhere." ... written by Naz
Very sweet lady, hope her predictions come true! " ... written by mshr
Insightful and helpful read. Recommend her. " ... written by d2k1000
I am impressed with u rpredection... You said whats going on mind...Thanks will wait for right time" ... written by san
Always great!!!!" ... written by Terrilynn
The page popped up this time ! :) alright thank you for the quick update about my job. Just wanted some confirmation and get worried free in my head lol. Catch you soon!" ... written by Richard
Great!" ... written by hihi234
Very good reading. She knew a lot of accurate information about me, my present situation and mindset. I am looking forward to seeing how her predictions unfold in my life. A very sweet lady, too. " ... written by Emily
Excellent!" ... written by SR
So good of her.... so precie and straightforward!" ... written by bluesky
Hey Pendora :) Thanks again for the update and confirmation reading! You popped right into my head when I saw the job I had applied for calling me right when you said they would! Everything else that you have foretold is coming true and or is in the process of manifesting so I feel so great right now knowing I'm on the right path ! Thank you so much, catch you soon!" ... written by Richard
I got good clarification from Pendora. Reading was good and hopefully thing will pan out as she has predicted. Thanks. " ... written by steph
Thank you Pendora 5*****" ... written by Amydog
5***** Thank you Pendora. I feel a lot better after talking to you." ... written by Amydog
Spot on!" ... written by Rachael
Thank you for encouragment" ... written by jerald
I feel that Pendora was extremely helpful with my very difficult situation. I appreciated the speed, accuracy, and above all, the honesty! It was very difficult for me to hear the reading, nevertheless, I know in my heart that it is true. Thank you, Pendora for your time and sincere guidance. " ... written by missmichelle81
Thank you for the reading. you've given me reassurance and hope with your predictions" ... written by jp
She is amazing! Best advise ever. I love her. She is blessed!" ... written by Maryann
Such a wonderful and helpful lady. Very impressed with her." ... written by Cindy Marquez
Right now i feel kinda speechless. I have never experienced this kind of psychic before. She is actually THE REAL DEAL!!! Wow. Im really amazed about the details and accuracy she provided me with. THANK YOU PENDORA! You have a new loyal client in me. xx" ... written by Lisa
Hey Pendora ! Thank you again for the great reading. I appreciate all the updates you give me about my situation and for help clarify my visions I have during meditation. Thank you so much I'll catch up with you again soon !" ... written by Richard
Excellent." ... written by vc1976
Accurate!" ... written by sk
She was right on the money in my reading. Thorough,amazing, delightful. She really cares about her readings and is precise. I would recommend Pendora to anyone and everyone!!!!" ... written by pisces61
Pendora was right on the money with a lot of reading...thank you so much..." ... written by Butter
Lovely reading. Taps in very quickly and connected. Recommend for private. Does not waste time." ... written by iconnect
Thanks good reading." ... written by S
She is very pleasant, positive. Thank you!" ... written by Michele
She's been great every time!" ... written by Meria Stapley
All not what I am hoping to hear but it is actually what my gut instinct told me. Very very pleasant lady to talk to. Thank you and much blessings." ... written by Acissej
i think she was brilliant beyond words ! Honestly connected first time to a psychic sooo well !!!!!! loved this beautiful lady ." ... written by laila
Thank you, Janet! I am amazed by your accuracy and outlook into what I want to do in my future. " ... written by JT
Pendora gave me much needed clarity. Thank you." ... written by Peter
She is kind and helpful " ... written by ashnnka
She hit it on the head." ... written by Angela
Good reading, clarified my question and was honest, thankful" ... written by Rhadhannia
What a beautiful person and so very positive. She has the true gift!" ... written by Rene067
This is my second time with pandora, and once again she comforted my heart and soul. She just has a way to see things clearly and cuts away everything that doesn't matter. I am very thankful for having her to go to when I feel confused and in need of clarity! Thank you, Pendora! " ... written by LisaB
Great past live reader! Tons of detail. Descriptions of past circumstances/lives totally match things that I either have an aversion to or love. Excellent!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Really nice and down to earth, picked me perfectly but I'll have to wait for prediction!" ... written by karolina
Wonderful Wonderful reading! Very accurate and intuitive with the issues at hand. I cant say enough great things about this reading. I will definitely be back for another. Blessings!!!!!" ... written by Sadee
Awesome! I am a reader and I recommend this reader. I understand why Oranum's best go to her, she's great. Take her private now. 5 stars." ... written by Anon
Awesome! 5 stars. One of the best on here and that comes from a psychic's perspective. I'm a reader too. Highly recommended. " ... written by Anon
She was very good." ... written by Lisa
She was really accurate in her reading and very nice." ... written by elinor
She was sweet and straight to the point!! Everything she said made so much sense!! Can't wait to see her predictions come true. :)" ... written by Michele
Excellent reading and excellent advice! Very accurate! " ... written by Jacki
Great Reading, spot on. Thank you very much!" ... written by Lanaishere
Awesome... 5 stars easily!" ... written by Ann
She was spot on...first time reading with her. Loved the reading, thanks!" ... written by Babs
Had another good reading. She reassured me tt things will be ok in my relationship. This is my second reading. The first time time she was on point" ... written by elvis
This is the 3rd time I've had a reading with pendora. I really enjoy her. Please give her a shot." ... written by sweet
I talked to Pendora in May, and asked her if she thought an ex was going to return, she told me around August or September and told me I would have to wait but that I had free will. She told me that she def saw him going threw a journey of growing into himself more spiritually, and that he would def come back but it was a matter if I would accept him or not. Well I just came back to tell her, that Its August, and I saw him drive by my house a couple times, my mother started having visions of him (which never happened before) and it's all starting to unfold. Pendora is definately a gifted gifted reader, if you want truth, talk to her! AND SHE SUCH A SWEETIE!!" ... written by michelle
Great reading.. straight and to the point. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by myob777
Ms. Pendora could not have been any more accommodating and understanding of my situation while bringing to me her insight and and very straightforward answers. Pendora came recommended to me by another highly regarded reader on Oranum who has been my advisor for the past year and is currently on hiatus. He did not disappoint me in the recommendation nor did Pendora. If and i stress IF you are wanting the truth, you have found the right person in Pendora. I appreciated her answer to one of my questions when i asked her how long something would take and she responded when you decide to change. She could have made up a timeframe but didn't. Her words were to the point, and tough at times but all the while made an impact. She opened up my eyes enabling me to see the entire picture. To me, her experience is priceless. " ... written by Missy
Very clarifying and informative session! Gave me the boost I needed so I can go forward with my plans. Recommended; Now I feel all warm and calm. :)" ... written by trolly doll
5***** Thank you so much Pendora for all your help." ... written by Amydog
She is very good! Just hit the nail with me! :) Highly recommended." ... written by Shauna
Pendora was straight to the point and was very accurate with the issues. She is so warm, welcoming and very honest. She deserves five stars. Thank you very much, Pendora!" ... written by Moonchild59
Always on the spot with everything she says. Really don't know anyone that I have ever connected with this well to me. Thank you so much Pendora. Love you." ... written by wildrose
She is good at showing me in tarot readings the situation behind what is going on in my career and finances... Also good at looking at what other people are doing in my life and family as well!" ... written by Appollonia
She is amazing and very warm" ... written by LilianaOrbegozo
very honest, straightforward and hit all I asked on target!!" ... written by msblondie01
Awesome reading she knows people without telling her anything about them!!!" ... written by findingpeace
Excellent reading....didn't have to tell her anything she just knew." ... written by Finding peace
thank you , you were a delight to talk to " ... written by me
Pendora, is a kind lady. Very honest and precise. She isn't in it for the money." ... written by Rachael
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Amazing as always Ashley love you and we will definitely be back for more after work starts:)" ... written by Snowscape
So accurate it almost scared me! She hit every point in my life! " ... written by Ginger
Pendora is no-nonsense and tells it like it is. I feel like I'm talking to an older sister and I wish I could just keep going on talking to her. She's not just psychic, but wise." ... written by Stephanie
Spot on no promting, thank you so much" ... written by excellent
very friendly, hope what she says about my job comes true!" ... written by Dee
Pendora is an amazing woman." ... written by victoria111
She was straight forward and amazing, loved her." ... written by laila
Absolute favourite on here. So gifted!! Thank you again, Pendora! " ... written by ozzy ozzy
Pendora is amazing! She gives me chills." ... written by Kaleigh
Pendora is amazing and dead on. ~Thank you~" ... written by Brie
Pendora is like a best friend that I have on this website. Always to the point and clear and supportive. Telling me the way it is and advises me like a best friend would. Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Always helpful and to the point. Thank you." ... written by wildrose
Absolutely Amazing! Pendora makes you feel at ease while giving you clarity. I will definitely return for future readings! " ... written by April
Wonderful as usual! Janet is such a breath of fresh air :) love connecting with her! Thanks Janet and God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Spot on every time has predicted my future more than once." ... written by stilldreamin
Awesome!" ... written by belgiumchocolate
She is incredible. Always spot on. Kind, calm and reassuring." ... written by Gabriella
Good reading will see how things go and keep u updated, answered my questions fast would recommend to others." ... written by kay
Some of her readings are spot on! " ... written by frankiekr
Friendly, professional and to the point. She answered more than I asked! Thanks!" ... written by J Huffman
Always good to talk to. Thank you very much!" ... written by Aramia
She's very sweet and accurate. And very insightful. " ... written by blacklemonade11
Very honest and straight forward. Read situation very accurate. Appreciate honesty." ... written by tstancato
She is wonderful and supportive and encouraging..." ... written by elledaly24
I had to go back for more because she was great answered questions and more :) " ... written by Jillian
She was great ! I loved what she had to say and I hope she is right very honest, doesn't sugar coat." ... written by Jillian
Pendora is very sweet. She gives details quickly and her advice is very good. Good person if you want a honest reading." ... written by Catpearl
Super lovely!! Very realistic, in tune, sweet, professional!" ... written by lovewater
She really did hit up on some facts regarding my life with my mom, and my financial issues. I will definitely call her again, because she is good." ... written by Appollonia
She's very sweet and accurate " ... written by regine
Very soothing and comforting. Accurate reading!" ... written by lady71
Very good reading! I feel better now and got some very good advices. Many thanks Pendora. Will watch the film and come back to tell you how I feel :)" ... written by Raphael
Very comforting reading that gives me hope for the future, she is on target for the present and I hope for what is to come as well. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Pendora was amazing, so genuine and down to earth. She cut right to the chase and lifted a weight off my shoulders I have been carrying for decades. Make peace with those who are gone. Find joy in your connection to them in life and move on. Focus on your loved ones here with you, enrich their spirit and time with you. Blessed be Pendora!" ... written by Kim
Very reassuring. Compassionate and insightful!" ... written by R. Pearl
Very good she was right. xx" ... written by kelly wild
Perfect and on target." ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you and I hope you are right!" ... written by Kate
Pendora's light always comes through so clear and beautiful. Had another great reading with her... she's wonderful. Nails personalities, people, and situations. Thanks again love!" ... written by angelone44
Accurate and very in tune. Very clear in explaining and gives great advice." ... written by jomielyn
Good reading was truthful honest with me." ... written by pinkpather30
She is an amazing reader.... and sees what it was and what it is :)" ... written by Kinga
I hope what she predicts comes through next week. A very quick read and kind woman right to the point." ... written by sapphron
Lovely lady." ... written by cazz
SHE IS AMAZING. her predictions Came TRUE!!! At first I admit I was a skeptic because her prediction sounded out of character for the person who I was asking about. BUT SHE NAILED IT!!! She saw beyond what I could see, she saw the truth of the matter and what would happen, and it all came true! I came back JUST to thank her. LOVE HER. SHES SO GIFTED!!!!! thank you SO MUCH PENDORA!" ... written by michelle
I really enjoyed this reading. It helped me understand what's going on with my life better." ... written by Krissy
She definitely knew what was going on in my relationship and her advice will truly go to heart. I thank her so much for caring for me and helping me. I definitely needed to hear what she told me. " ... written by Robert
SUPER lovely person and advisor. Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
She is so accurate, hit on many solid things. I will be speaking to her again." ... written by Sarah
Pendora is great! So wonderful and friendly and give a great reading. I really enjoyed her email response to me as well. This helped me clear my mind and allow myself to pay more attention to my guides and own psychic ways to be able to help myself more in the future. Thank you so much and God Bless you." ... written by Vanessa
Thank you." ... written by mzqtpye
Straightforward readings:)" ... written by amorluv
She was very nice, honest, fast and really understood my situation. Thank you so much for your insight and help!!! " ... written by M
Direct to the point..." ... written by amorluv
Great reading!" ... written by P
Thank you!!!" ... written by vine
It definitely helped to clear my mind. Thank you." ... written by Natasha
5* as always" ... written by KS
Excellent reading as always. She is phenomenal!" ... written by Mishelle
Awesome reading, hit the nail on the head!" ... written by caroleliza
Wow!!! So much on point! Very direct! I like her style. 5 stars. Great read!" ... written by Martank
thank you so much" ... written by amyamy
Very intuitive and genuine, highly recommended." ... written by zelenox
I feel very much that your answers were very correct and on .. thank you" ... written by Thomas 1800
Very nice lady!!!" ... written by Pinky
She is solid! My go to person! Has been very very consistent." ... written by SP
I think that this reading was beautiful and informative - let me know that I am on the right path and still have healing to do which is all true - I will continue to work on my self confidence." ... written by April
She gave a lot of great insight. Calmed my fears about a few things. I will come back again. Thank you." ... written by Carolyn
She was great great great!!! Thanks Pendoraaaa!!! She picked up my situation very quickly!!!" ... written by rai
She was straight to the point and picked up things very quickly and accurately." ... written by Olivia
Wonderful reading, truth which put me back into perspective and gave confidence back. thank you" ... written by maria
Great Reading , Also accurate." ... written by J
Excellent reading. Answered my question before I asked it. Lol. Confirmed a lot. I'm grateful for the feedback and advice. " ... written by Mishelle
She is fabulous! Enjoyed every minute!!" ... written by Traci G
Good reading" ... written by elvis
She is excellent... gives it to you straight... real deal! " ... written by Ann
Pendora, holy moly told me things about myself that I havent told anyone, I didnt even tell her, she told me!! She is the really deal." ... written by Shantaasha
5 stars *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Thanks!" ... written by jin
Thanks!" ... written by Jin
She is a sweetheart! To the point and very precise!" ... written by Ireaa
Wonderfully pleasant. Hearing about my past experiences and lives is something I find interesting. Thank you for the reading, for moving quickly through many lives, and for providing a beautiful reading. I felt as though the words flowed through freely and naturally. Thank you Pendora. " ... written by Ashley
She was awesome! She was truthful and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear." ... written by Tedwards
She has been so helpful, to the point and calming... Will continue to see her." ... written by shantaasha
So kind. So honest. So amazing. Truly insightful and touching words that help you move forward positively. Thank you so much for the reading. God Bless! :)" ... written by Kristina
It is hard to digest but she does not sugar coat." ... written by Sha
SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!" ... written by mai
Thank you for your reading. I appreciate your honesty. " ... written by Mar...
Great reading--just as advertised. She picked up on what I was going through straight away, and told me exactly what I've been needing to hear. Absolutely 100% worthwhile." ... written by Alex
She was good!" ... written by Carolyn
She is a delight to work with, to the point always." ... written by Shantaasha
Great, loved the reading very helpful. :)" ... written by anonymus
Amazing, thank you. You told the truth even if it hurts, and I respect that." ... written by madi
Good advise and encouraging. " ... written by ryates
Great!!!" ... written by andra01
Pendora picked up on my feelings right away. She let me know that there are some things that I need to let go and I will try to do that. loved the reading!" ... written by tonya
Very nice lady and gave great advice." ... written by tonya
Very good reading as always. Gets to the point. Helps me focus and relax and see things the way they are. Never a waste of time. Always the best!" ... written by Mishelle
I just had an excellent and accurate reading with Pendora with lots of validations. I would highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by Tippit
The most wonderful and accurate reader ever, I love her to death always a riot!" ... written by Jeramie Davis
Thank you so much, i will recommend her." ... written by maria
Good." ... written by Mamoon
Wow what a wonderful lady. Janet you are wonderful. Thank you for your advice. I hope we reunite, he feels like part of my soul. THANK YOU." ... written by Jill
Would really recommend. 10/10 - amazing!!" ... written by stuart
Thank you for sharing with me what you know and also for the reading and info, will let you know how things progress. :) You are definitely a ***** (5 star) Lady! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Positive energy all around!!!!!" ... written by Poet
Very good and sweet and calming hoping and praying what she says comes forth!" ... written by Tee
Sweet kind person tells the truth. Doesn't sugar coat and gives guidance." ... written by helen
She did a great reading right on the dot .. shocking.. loved it " ... written by Myra24
Very lovely lady, compassionate and straight to the point. Encouraging and warm." ... written by Sue
Very good. Clear. Accurate." ... written by Maria Cardoso
Truly gifted empath!!" ... written by moon1leo1
Absolutely amazing. Nothing short of spectacular :))) Thank you, hopefully all your predictions come true :))" ... written by christina
Thank you soo, sooo much!! The reading is much appreciated. :) You are too kind!!! " ... written by NVA123
Pandora is great with her tarot cards and is very accurate in her readings." ... written by Bonnie
Excellent reading" ... written by cindy
Reading was good and positive" ... written by longlegs1112
5***** Thank you so much Janet. I love talking with you." ... written by Amydog
I don't know why, but I felt tears coming as she spoke. I looked at her picture and felt she was who I needed to speak to. My reading was accurate and she was quick and straight to the point. I could genuinely tell she was a true intuitive person. Very pleased. I will come again. Thank You" ... written by angela
Thank you" ... written by Angela
She is a great reader and highly recommendable. I give her 5 Stars. She was on the dot and highly accurate. Must visit.." ... written by Need2know5
Great energy. Right on target. " ... written by consom
Pendora is awesome with her readings!!!" ... written by Scentsations
Connected so quick no down time. wow" ... written by angela
Great reading!!!! i have never had such an in depth past life reading on here and she is the one to go with. she doesn't just tell about what life you were in, she also connects it to the life you are living right now. Bravo!!!!" ... written by artisa
She makes smiles, tears and goose bumps. Give her a try." ... written by s
Pendora is an amazing gift. her reading for me was accurate and clear." ... written by victoria111
thanks. she was very awsome and VERY TRUTHFUL, HONEST AND CARING TO THE POINT, AND COMPASSONATE.. THANKS GOD BLESS" ... written by candace
She exactly described what is going on.. " ... written by lady
Helped a lot. Good advice. Got me centered and focused." ... written by Mishelle
She is good and what she says is true." ... written by Angeletta Tan
I love pendora and her wisdom. she always picks up on the best and most important things on my mind. Thank you! merry xmas!" ... written by angelone44
Always on point. Thats why I still keep coming to her." ... written by elvis
Thanks for the assurance " ... written by Angel
She was very good" ... written by cassidy
You were amazing!" ... written by Mitch
Thanks pendora for the reading. Was very quick and to the point. Didnt waste time and was very compassionate. Highly recommended" ... written by Crystalmaze
She is the best in the world!" ... written by michelle
HONEST! Easy to speak to, very comforting. Knows what I'm thinking of." ... written by Liya
thank you. so much. i'm literally exhausted from all my worrying, but i cant emphasize enough my thanks for your guidance." ... written by erica
she is excellent" ... written by love
Pendora is a wonderful, professional reader. Calming and clear in her messages. Will return." ... written by Elena
I like her readings." ... written by Ashwarya
Accurate, very warm and friendly women. Get a reading!" ... written by Randi
Very good reading! " ... written by Danielle
Pendora is always so honest, and so intuitive. Never a dull moment in her readings. Really puts it into perspective." ... written by angelone44
I have heard so many wonderful things about her I finally got a reading by her she was all the wonderful things I have heard she is very patient and understanding. Very calmness to her that eases your worries and helps you open up and be open to the answers that she's giving you and explanations great reading " ... written by Mistie1
Great: I have to wait and see." ... written by Joann
Pendora is amazing.... Compassionate, kind with great insight!" ... written by Stephanie
She was wonderful." ... written by amyjoki
Very good reading with a very nice lady. Picked up on the current situation very well and provided helpful guidance. I look forward to the seeing what happens. " ... written by Brian
She's awesome" ... written by Tammie
She is so amazing and comforting and caring." ... written by Tammie
Wonderful woman very comforting and relaxed." ... written by Tammie
She gave me so much clarity, and she is very peaceful. I felt comfortable knowing she was able to give me the right answers so i can journey on in my life, and continue to be a very strong woman. Thank you so much for this reading and i will be coming back to you soon." ... written by Tiffany Justine
good 5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
Very accurate and great reading." ... written by veezee
She's always wonderful!" ... written by Tammie
This woman is awesome. Really spot on and worth it!" ... written by Lou
She was wonderful. Right on target. Will be back." ... written by toby
She's good! Got to the heart of the matter in seconds!" ... written by LadyGrace
Lovely reading... thank you:) always trustworthy information" ... written by k
:) Always a blessing to speak with her! Always on point and sincere!" ... written by mariaheart
Very quick, to the point, no nonsense. Told me what I needed to hear to help me acknowledge my truth." ... written by S
Good advice. Straight to the point and no sugar coating. I always consult Pendora. She's the best." ... written by Mishelle
5***** My trusted friend. Thank you so much" ... written by Amydog
Excellent reading and advice! Ten stars are deserved, if they were available. I needed the advice and confirmation of what I already knew in my heart. She answered my question and even the questions I did not ask. Very best on Oranum. No one else compares!" ... written by Mishelle
She was Awesome!! Had wonderful advice and knew the situation very well. I would come back for an update!" ... written by Muse
my reading was very exceptional i truely enjoyed it" ... written by sandra
Thank you!" ... written by G
Good." ... written by apple
Pendora had good insight for me, was correct about my past and helped me gain some clarity." ... written by Laura
very good :)" ... written by jacob
Shes great. Love her. Will always come back" ... written by LadyGrace
Pendora is wonderful! ACCURATE!!! No Tools!" ... written by Elena
GREAT READS. To The Point !!!! I will be back !!!" ... written by Phreddie
Best reader! She's very amazing! Very accurate!" ... written by bo
very accurate...very nice..." ... written by ana babin
Darling, it was wonderful to open up to you ..with my thanks and gratitude..Blessings..." ... written by Elaine Faber
Very warm person and really helped me a lot." ... written by Patrice
Again, Most excellent Lady. Fun and to the point. This is not my first time with Pendora and will not be my last !!!" ... written by Phreddie
Great advise. Thank you so much" ... written by Claudia
wonderful, warm heart! answered honestly and came across as a lovely friend.would def. refer friends and loved one's" ... written by Rebecca
Pendora was spot on and guessing game...I appreciated her insight and honesty." ... written by penelope
To the point. Knew everything I was going through and gave helpful advice to solve my problem. Thanks pendora!" ... written by gracie
Incredibly accurate. Mind blowing. Very warm and kind spirited. Left me feeling better about myself." ... written by rebecca
Thank you very much! You clarified a few key points for me. " ... written by Egham
That was an awesome an interesting reading. She got right to it and touched on so many things. Very gifted woman." ... written by Tek
thanks a lot that was relieving just to know that one day he will be back" ... written by tammy
it helped" ... written by kiah
Pendora went straight to the issues and I'm writing filled with amazement at her accuracy. She read the situation before I could even type it out. Pendora has access to the Universal knowledge in a way that is majestic. Thank you so much, Pendora. Know I continue to benefit from your words and you touch those in my life as a result. Blessings!" ... written by Summerbreeze88
Awesome, pure pleasure, amazing, left me in awe, with an open jaw..." ... written by happy
Different perspective and good eye opener. I will make sure it does. :))" ... written by edel95
Very much on point." ... written by A
Very connected reading." ... written by angelina
Straight to the point, picked up the situation quickly" ... written by roselilly5
Very good, and friendly. Answered all my questions." ... written by Beth
Very quick in response, very thorough. Great insight andamp; very sweet. I will most definitely be coming back." ... written by Sabrina
I love readings with Pendora. She is so accurate and quick. No sugar coating and she can see into the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of my life. Just wonderful!" ... written by Livethemoment2
Spot on but wish I had not run out of money and could have stayed on for longer!!!!" ... written by Karen Stevens
She's awesome. She knew things that I didn't even tell her about." ... written by sylvia
Thanks, it felt like I spoke to my mother; Absolutely amazing and riveting. I feel so reassured about my situation " ... written by Sandeep
I SOOO hope your predictions come true. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
so much truth, so much honestly, so much love in Janet's readings. such a blessing :) thank you again darling. " ... written by angel
Very straight to the point so I didn't waste my minutes asking question over and trying to get a answer very compassionate very honest connected right away!!! " ... written by Mistie1
Super accurate! Will select Pendora again!" ... written by Nicole
She told me about his cute crooked smile... yup that's him... she's very sweet... she didn't sugar coat anything i heart her.. she said exactly what I needed to hear... " ... written by annonymous
Thank you for the very nice specific reading. ************ and then some! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
She was very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jazzmin
Pendora is always right on about what she says. " ... written by katherine
Thanks so much for your advice and reading which was so on the point.. Appreciate.. Take care, thanks a lot!" ... written by Neha
Great listener. :)" ... written by Mark
Wonderful! :)" ... written by paige
Very fast no mucking around and you get the answer straight away. " ... written by piper
She provided me with the clarity I needed to guide me on the right path." ... written by paige
Thank you Pendora! Great and fast reading! 5 stars." ... written by G
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
She is awesome!! Such an amazing uplifting spirit. I love her, any time I'm feeling a certain way she makes me feel much better. " ... written by Jada
Honest. Exactly what she is supposed to be. Gives great advice. " ... written by Jyotsna
She was warm, kind, and answered my quick questions FAST. I am glad I found her. Seem to have a great psychic gift and did not try to prolong the call. She was lovely and very professional. I will call again." ... written by diane1127
Fabulous :). " ... written by Fab
Did a past life reading and it all made so much sense!!!! So amazing, I will definitely be back." ... written by Emma
Great wonderful." ... written by jennifer
Pendora is fantastic.. great connection to my issues and good council.. thanks so much!! " ... written by Lynda22
Pendora zoned right into me, she is very compassionate, accurate, and I so appreciate her understanding and counsel.. She was quick in picking up on my life, past, present and future. Highly recommend Pendora!! " ... written by Lynda22
Very quick and to the point! Thank you!" ... written by Virgo
FANTASTIC READING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really fast --on point!!! Very clear--was right there with the question-no hesitation. No BS pondering. Love love love Pendora!" ... written by TuarusSAgRising
I enjoyed the reading although it was a brief one! I will be back for another!" ... written by patiencep14
good" ... written by georgiapeach37
I simply adore this woman! Her abilities are refined and accurate, above all she's genuine." ... written by Rachel
GREAT" ... written by SANTA
great reading" ... written by Josh
Wow! I feel that all of my questions have been answered! I will be back for more advice! She answered my questions very thoroughly and honestly. Great spiritual advice. " ... written by patiencep14
TY. VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP " ... written by pinky
Thanks so much Pendora :-) This was my first reading and she knocked my socks off totally incredible and amazing. Thank you so much for your honesty and for the reading. She didn't waste one min gave me lots of helpful info. I will be back. " ... written by notforgotten
great reading as always" ... written by veezee
Thank you Pendora for giving me clarity! I would love a longer reading with you in the near future when my computer isn't so laggy. Thank you again." ... written by Nina
I can never say enough wonderful things about my readings with Pendora. I come to see Pendora on a regular basis for guidance and wisdom. She is quick, honest, and soooo accurate. Thanks again Pendora for a great reading!" ... written by Livethemoment2
Pendora is very down to earth and makes you feel comfortable and easy to talk too which sometimes psychics can be intimatedating but she is very open and very honest straight to the point always nice chatting with her very posititve" ... written by Mistie1
Pendora has pin pointed the cause of my problems. She is so compassionate and loved talking to her. I recommend her to everyone" ... written by Umabalan
Good and to the point " ... written by Judy l
So lovely. So warm. I was on the verge of tears our whole session. I hope she is right. Thank you pendora " ... written by Bec
Lovely knowledgeable woman, positive words, and direction. I already knew the answers. I needed confirmation to which the light I see myself going. " ... written by Cherokee
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
5 ***** wow love this lady!! tells it like it is. No B.S." ... written by Amydog
I've had a reading with pendora before and it was very enlightening so i came back for another :) great great reader!! connects so fast and quickly" ... written by tj
She is very straightforward! Like her!" ... written by Nayeli
WONDERFUL! Always on the money! I can count on Pendora and her insight." ... written by Maria
Good connection and reading." ... written by Optimistic1
she's very on. it was like she was inside my head...only things that i think to myself...she pulled i'm interested to c what 2015 brings. I couldn't believe how she read me like an open book. everything she said was accurate. thank you Pendora" ... written by renee
Thank You Pendora for the wonderful readings." ... written by Sheila
Thank you very much for being very informative. We both are greatful for the reading. Very accurate and very uplifting. Thank you again for taking care of us during this time. Would love to ck again for another reading some day! Take care pendora." ... written by shawn
picked up on a lot of "stuff". it was wonderrful. everyone needs to try Pendora! :) *****" ... written by longlegs1112
She was right on the money! she sensed some things that I didnt even have to tell. She even made me break down. very good. Ill be back!" ... written by Sweet
Very helpful, honest, no gimmicks, kind - which does not mean telling me what I want to hear. It means telling me what I need to hear. Appreciate your style very much." ... written by Amanda
she's a calm and nice person, get straight to the point :)" ... written by Ian Kei
5***** Thank you so much Janet for your honesty." ... written by Amydog
What a fabulous reading and so many clarifiers! I can now move forward with confidence knowing that all I am doing is good and that my gut feelings were correct but I need not fear. " ... written by Joanna
shes really great she knows whats she does " ... written by Jorgekolda
I have had several readings from Pandoria. News about a past love relationship that would not work out and it didn't and I am better off. News about this relationship is positive .. but will take time and I believe her as I did then. " ... written by Katharazz
Fantastic, spot on" ... written by bellazaia
Just as the others are saying, she is wonderfully accurate, truthful, no rosy pictures, straight up answers. Wow. I needed this in my situation!" ... written by ikroyala
very good advisorr!!!" ... written by nohemi
Honest. Sincere and incredibly truthful, no matter how much it hurt to hear. I would search her out again in a heartbeat. " ... written by beatrice6269
thank you for your guidance. lovely." ... written by jessica
Absolutely wonderful! Pendora is my most trusted reader! I have had several readings and I will be back for more! " ... written by Livethemoment2
I feel that I connected with Pendora very well and I would like to thank you for the advice that u gave me and your true honesty. You do not know how much that means." ... written by angie
Very intuitive." ... written by Maria Pritchard
Pendora is amazing, she immediately hit the nail right on the head and pinpointed exactly what i am feeling inside, but made me feel at ease at the same time and confident that i am one the right path " ... written by bellazaia
Extremely good and accurate. I give her 10 on 10. She is a must visit. " ... written by need2know5
Thank you for being honest!" ... written by Lucie
thank you is all i can say,, very loving" ... written by g
Excellent, honest and accurate + warm personality!" ... written by Zmann
thank you , so awesome :)" ... written by unknownjourney
She is good and picks up instantly. 5 stars as always" ... written by georgiapeach37
I did a general reading with Pendora and she picked up on some very accurate details during that reading. " ... written by Curiosity24
Amazing reading. Thank you for helping me find some peace. " ... written by Angel
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
confirmed what I already knew but thanks!" ... written by Nicole
The best ever!" ... written by Selin İğdeli
Pendora was wonderful as always. She is always right on and she makes me feel better when i am lost!!! I highly recommend her :)" ... written by Brie
I thought she was very professional." ... written by Shortyy
5***** Thank you Janet" ... written by Amydog
pendora is so gifted and compassionate.. I always enjoy readings with her.. thanks again for helping me get more clarification on things!! " ... written by Lynda22
awsome!" ... written by nancy
She is good." ... written by Ray
She was absolutely amazing!!! I loved her!!!! " ... written by Ray
Very on point. She is helpful and very kind. " ... written by stacyshell
Excellent reading. Great feedback and insight. I have coming to Pendora for a while now and she is always fantastic." ... written by Mishelle
Wow.. I felt a connection instantly.. I felt elevated." ... written by richard
very accurate…I will be back!" ... written by Abundance
Shes wonderful! She sees it as it is, and she is so clear and compassionate. She is without a doubt the real deal, and i am blessed to have access to someone, so willing to share their gift with us 'mortals' lol. Thank you, pendora! You were wonderful! " ... written by B.
Beautiful reading with a sweet calming disposition. A joy to speak with. Honest and was on point. " ... written by Tonkaromana
she is such a cute, tender soul! and no backways there! love her ways!" ... written by Liliana
Honest and straight forward. She was amazing. Thank you." ... written by Victoria
So truly good. Now I am on my way to where I want to be in life." ... written by bradley
SHE IS AMAZING!!!!! not used to people hitting situations on the head like she did!! she is amazing!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I will be back!!" ... written by lacy
Great Reading" ... written by Jean
very very accurate, good reading. She is very honest. extremely" ... written by PIGLETME
Very chill and very honest!" ... written by tygerlilly
amazing" ... written by silly
5***** Wow! Thank you Janet for your incredible insight!" ... written by Amydog
wonderful and on point , quick, accurate, amazing...phenomenal, spiritual, and oh so BLESSED.... SHES THE REAL DEAL!! BAMM!" ... written by kitty
Excellent reading and guidance. Pendora says it like it is. " ... written by Mishelle
5 stars good and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Great reading!" ... written by D
wonderful spirit! very calm and confidant! and accurate! " ... written by nicole
Quick, accurate, and pleasant as always" ... written by Robyn
very accruate! very quick tune in the siutation!" ... written by PIGLETME
Wow...she is FAST! doesn't waste time or money and gets right to it...answered exactly what i was worried about and was very direct..thank you.. for the clarity and wonderful reading!" ... written by Lehua
Thank you Pendora! I love her! I became quite emotional knowing how accurate she was. She's really polite, honest and great. I highly recommend her if you needed to be read! She's right on point also. " ... written by mai
This is my third experience with Pendora. I can have a conversation with her and she understands the subtleties of my predicaments.She can talk about the stuff that rumbles around my head all day instantaneosly. It would take a year of therpy to get to this point so shes a bargain!!! " ... written by Laura Blackstone
GREAT!" ... written by W
she's good and to the point I liked it." ... written by nbarnes2
Very accurate and honest." ... written by Cheryl
wonderful, so knowledgeable, easy to talk to, one of my faves" ... written by Sylvia 812
thank you for the clarity provided. " ... written by mnt1446
She was amazing.I loved her spirit. She picked up many things very quickly. I can't wait to see the results of what would happened." ... written by Victoria
Very quick reading! Pendora was very clear about what she saw and had great advice." ... written by cherryblossom10
Pendora was completely on point with everything going on around me. She explained my personality and life without asking any questions or me saying a thing. She was concise and amazing. She gave great advice. I highly recommend her." ... written by 771529
I always come to Pendora when I feel I am on the edge of something or am just overwhelmed with emotions. Sometimes it just takes someone to help you see what is already there. She has always been right and is a very talented and sweet person." ... written by Michele Pond
Her reading was quite accurate, and she is very honest which is what i really liked. thank you for the clarity" ... written by cuteandcuddly9
She really gave me some insight on my situation." ... written by Marquita
Very fast answers! the site froze which bummed me out " ... written by Jessica
If you looking for a private reading that will help guide you, or give you some perspective into things to come, I recommend Pendora, she is very kind, supportive, and loving individual, I continue to have private readings with her to enlighten my life for the better :) Live, Laugh , Laugh and as my mate Pendora would say, stay positive! ;)" ... written by Tanya Kern-Croton
good reading thanks " ... written by kk
thanks" ... written by ash
Very nice- I felt like she didn't waste my time and was very clear." ... written by Alyssa
does not ask any questions and I feel she is genuine, so try her!!" ... written by rosebud77
Very fast! No sugar coating!" ... written by Teressa
Precise. Honest. No sugar coating. I enjoyed her reading." ... written by Kimberly
She was very friendly. I can't wait for the new job!!!" ... written by Darlene
She was warm, clear with her answers and did not waste time. I like her and am looking forward to the predictions unfolding." ... written by diane1127
5***** Thank you Janet . Thank you for your honesty and for telling It like It is." ... written by Amydog
very good" ... written by mary
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Quick, concise and doesn't waste your time. I look forward to some future predictions and will take her advice." ... written by Caffeinated24x7
Very nice and upfront!" ... written by Teressa
great reading, a lot of what she said i can confirm is very much true, and i guess we will see what happens in time, but she really is great! gave a detailed overview of the whole situation, she even know my cheeks were turning pink! so nice to speak to you, and please pray for me :)" ... written by eastcoast1
My first reading but seems right on so far.....can't wait for the next one" ... written by Kim
Right on!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Sylvia 812
Very kind soul... Thank you" ... written by Accentit
she is very tuned in. look forward to seeing the predictions she made." ... written by wren1414
good read. will be back" ... written by freyasmom
Great opinion and give alot of in sign " ... written by J
Will check back in to see how it pans out...she was fast though." ... written by Crissy
pickup up on a lot of my energy and could really read me.. it was helpful.. thank you " ... written by Tina
v good" ... written by beaty
A lovely lady" ... written by Londo
Pendora is a lovely lady and I had two privates with her and she answered very kindly and efficiently. She doesn't take advantage of you and answers very well. She tells you everything she gets and doesn't lie. I think everyone should see her sheandamp;amp;#039;s very gifted. 5 stars from me. " ... written by Mylifenow89
She is awesome!! " ... written by geministeph
as accruate as usual. Quick and honest. Thank you very much." ... written by pigletme123
wonderful as always!" ... written by gemmie
We are soooo thankful to have come across Pendora. We were meant to talk to each other. i feel it. Her interpretations resonate as truthful. She is straight to the point, empathetic, quick and doesn't sugarcoat it. She knows things she couldn't possibly find out. She uses the time wisely. She is relatable, comforting, and cares about what will help you. It feels like she has insight on our core being so she knows how to speak with us. each time we have had readings she has zeroed in on the most important things to us. It blew us away when she described loved ones, relationships and the situations at hand. I will come back again and again. She will tell you things you need to know (even if it hurts a little because it's what you need to her!) Shes like a straighttalking best friend. She has depth, warmth but is honest. she will not dissapoint! " ... written by Lauren Love andamp; Laura Blackstone (daught
Thank you again!" ... written by angel
Pendora is as ALWAYS spot on and wonderful! Reminds me of the stuff we forget, but so need to hear and act on. She is the real deal, 100%! Again, thank you for my reading (this may be my 10th haha) Lots of love x" ... written by moon P
5***** Thank you so much Janet. You tell it one way- the truth. Good,bad or ugly. I appreciate you so : )" ... written by Amydog
very good reading. she got right to the point. " ... written by jax
this lady is so spot on" ... written by jan
Shes the real deal...tells u the hard truth and I appreciate her so much for it..thanks Pendora" ... written by Lehua
Perfekt reading :)))))))))) Very helpful :) " ... written by Zuzana
I think she could be spot on......time will tell" ... written by Artemia
She's very quick, and spot on with everything she says. She's very gentle and considers the feelings of her clients when she says what she sees/feels. I really enjoy reading with her. " ... written by Erica
very accurate and know what she is talking about." ... written by Malik
awesome" ... written by obianuju nwosu
Very straight forward and very honest. thanks so much " ... written by susana
very good" ... written by Vanessa
Pendora was great! In that short time, she was able to help me regain my enthusiasm again! Thank you! I am so looking forward for this upcoming year!" ... written by Courtney
Loved her- Very compassionate and understanding - right on with what she says. Will be back to see her." ... written by Cindy
she is a nice psychic..did not waste my time at all.." ... written by aquavenus
was so wonderful...right mind was blown! she is amazing!" ... written by amyv95
I loved it! Wish I had more time" ... written by Aya
5 stars. Great reading. I felt comfortable and confident in her reading. She answered my questions with honesty and knew what I needed answers to at this time in my life. Thank you, Pendora!" ... written by ewuminnow84
I just had a reading from Pandora...Thank you. I wasn't sure if those were actual feelings or if I was putting my own thoughts in my head and she clarified that for me..Thank you!" ... written by Tania
soooo accurate. gave quick and honest feedback to questions. Confirmed some things that I think I already knew." ... written by coliecolie
She is really good!" ... written by clover434
Lovely lady with a very warm personality.... I can only hope what she says is true" ... written by Randi
Very Sweet and helpful" ... written by judi
Excellent reading. Straight to the point and very accurate on a lot of things. Thank you!!" ... written by tower
simply the best" ... written by ruff ruff
Thank you! great insight and helpful . Thank you from my heart" ... written by gayla
she was pretty accurate assessing my feelings- wish she gave more insight to my question regarding college but I think the time limit helped that lol thank you" ... written by Angela
Awesome reader." ... written by loveandlight
5***** Thank you so much Janet. Your someone I can talk to and laugh with! Thanks!" ... written by Amydog
great reading" ... written by veezee
Very uplifting, reassuring, encouraging. Gave me some exact timelines. Will let her know what happens. She gave me some specifics on someone that is exactly what is going on...amazing! Thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
She was fast and I believe she tuned in to what i was feeling very fast," ... written by Sarah
Excellent and confident as usual in her delivery of information. Great stuff and looking forward to it. Some of the feedback that I was given, I had a little bit of feeling about it, however Pendora just validated it for me even more. I feel relief. Thanks once again:)" ... written by Darrin
great reading as always" ... written by veezee
she is very sweet and calming straight to the point and caring " ... written by Mistie1
Pendora was really good and straight to the point!" ... written by Rai
She was absolutely on point for sure. She mentioned that I needed to heal a part of my past that I'm working on. She also gave me some clarity on a person that I believed to be one of my soul mates. Super intuitive and sweet." ... written by Joe
Pendora was such a sweetheart to talk to but do not get me wrong she was clear and very accurate. Thank You!" ... written by Mgrl
straightforward and fast!!" ... written by hilly
I will move on for a better realtionship" ... written by melinda
5***** What can I say that hasn't been said. This lady Is the best! Says It the way It is! What more can you ask for!!!" ... written by Amydog
wow she was so good and answered all my questions so quickly I had nothing left to ask. I really like her and she cam recommended from another psychic here who left. Wonderful!" ... written by jd
Pendora is so quick at her readings she is amazing..strongly recommend for 1st timmers...she answers your questions so fast you run out of what to say.**NO SCAM**SHE IS REAL**" ... written by Vere
Lovely spirit; incredibly generous and accurate. Thank you. :)" ... written by lotus71
she was very quick! wow..thanks!" ... written by ash
5***** Thank you so much Janet for all of your wonderful advice and for being a friend who tells it how it is no matter what!! I appreciate your honesty !" ... written by Amydog
Very good reading ... very sweet lady and funny too !" ... written by brownie
Lovely person, you can tell she really cares.... and very insightful. " ... written by Margaret
very encouraging with what all is going on. actually reassuring to a level of reinforcing what I believe is to come. Thank you! 5 stars plus! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Awesome!!!" ... written by BARBARA
Interesting guidance and gave me a lot to think about; thank you" ... written by JennEph
beautifull . loved it and will be back for more ! thank you" ... written by silvia
An amazing reader. Answers were quick and to the point - I did not need to use many credits in order to gain insight regarding my situation. Thank you" ... written by pinklight
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
good person - " ... written by Melissa
5***** Thank you Janet for your honesty. It means a lot " ... written by Amydog
very reassuring and informative about suspicions; lots of good information. right on target with many things. thanks!" ... written by longlegs1112
i love herrrr" ... written by Elizabeth
5***** Thank you Janet so much" ... written by Amydog
great reading as always very accurate" ... written by veezee
it was a simple question with a simple answer.. no wasting credits." ... written by intrigued8
Very fast on the mark, thanks" ... written by Gary
Really knows her stuff. She sure helps to gain perspective on what takes place and happens. Thank you! *****+" ... written by longlegs1112
5***** Thank you so much Janet for all you have done" ... written by Amydog
lovely and worth it, so full of life and advice." ... written by b
Pendora is always so good, connects so very well and is very compassionate and gives great advice. Thanks again!! many blessings!! " ... written by Lynda22
highly recomended.genuine and gifted lady" ... written by mira1974
exactly what I expected to hear, to the point and honest thank you. " ... written by monica
thnks Pendora for ur help i hope everything u said goes that wy only" ... written by Shivani Vaghela
pendora was so kind and right on the money, she even helped me through the registering process which i was completely oblivious to, andamp; she didnt need to do that. very sweet and definitely recommend!" ... written by jill
very truthful, says it like it is, great reading. thank you" ... written by longlegs1112
She is very intuitive and feels the energy that is provoking issues very quickly. Many blessings Pendora!" ... written by Elaine Faber
On point" ... written by Goldie
she is someone i trust all the time :)" ... written by humility
5***** Janet I so enjoy talking with you. You are someone I can trust and who tells it like it is. " ... written by Amydog
Amazing!!!" ... written by Kerry
Pendora said what was needed to be said and I wished for something else but all is good!" ... written by Silence2014
I absolutely love Pendora. She tells you what she sees/reads with no frills and at the same time along with the reading, her advice is straight forward and honest. Listen to her very carefully. Adhere to what she says." ... written by beatrice6269
Warm, friendly, and kind. I enjoyed her reading and look forward to her predictions. I'm excited! " ... written by Roseanna
she seemed to know me and what was going on without any input from me liked it thank you so much" ... written by valerie
Pendora had given me a reading a few weeks ago and it wasn't what I wanted to hear because I knew it was an honest decision I had to make in my life. I had to let go and find peace. It was painful, but followed through and now I see a world of possibilities. I will follow up in a few weeks :)" ... written by Barbara
Great reader! Thank you!" ... written by ramona
Very good but very short time." ... written by Svenko
lovely beautiful energy and very accurate " ... written by kalihart
She is superb....need I say more?" ... written by longlegs1112
very good reading." ... written by steve
Thank you, but I really hope it doesn't take until Spring. I can't wait that long. These shelters are dangerous." ... written by Fuzz
honesty… she didn’t try to hustle for credits. she just told what was in the cards" ... written by intrigued8
great thanks" ... written by ann
5***** Again, Janet thank you!!" ... written by Amydog
Very warm energy, clarifies what you need to know! Lots of good light around this woman!!" ... written by Amber
She was super fast - to the point and super spot on ! Specially on current events. We shall see about the near future and I will have to wait and see. I will come back and give you the update. I can´t wait :) !" ... written by Sarah
good advise. will let her know what happens. thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Thanks sooo very much pendora.. really appreciate our reading! You saw my real issues and connected so very well.. like we've been friends forever :) Perfect message and advice! " ... written by Lynda22
she won’t talk extra just to use your credits… honest!" ... written by intrigue8
Professional and honest. Thank you" ... written by Sue
I think she honest fun and fast she tells you the truth but still helps you understand the importance of the next step" ... written by Brandy
I truly hope what pendora told me comes true!!!" ... written by MRRN
5***** Thank you so much Janet." ... written by Amydog
very intuitive, lovely reading :)" ... written by db
5***** Thank you Janet for your help" ... written by Amydog
very practical and very insightful, great reading thanx." ... written by zimerili1
very forthright with answers, just superb!" ... written by longlegs1112
WOW. Pendora knows her stuff! She knew my exact situation and she wasn't afraid to sugar coat a thing, but she also was encouraging and helpful. If you need a psychic, definitely don't be afraid to ask her!" ... written by Chris
Gave me some great advice on what I should look out for, great reading thankyou! x" ... written by Hannah Davis
had a very interesting reading of past lives which gave some accurate connections to my current one" ... written by Heather
She is fabulous.. Helped me and I felt honest feedback from her" ... written by Jenny
She was very cool!" ... written by SML647
Spot on. picked up on many things I was thinking/ feeling. very happy with the reading!" ... written by Sarah
Pendora was wonderful! I received such insightful information in a brief amount of time. She has given me much to think about. I look forward to chatting with her privately again!" ... written by princessltla
really opened up my eyes . advice that was needed. definitely gifted woman. " ... written by melissa
She was very in tune with everything that was going on. I truly appreciate your advice! Thank you so very much!" ... written by Adrienne
Pandora is always fast and helpful!" ... written by Mona
Great Read.But my internet connection got cut off :(" ... written by Diana
Truly kind and wonderful! Amazing and right on point! I can't wait to follow up! Thank you so much for the positive energy and kind words! You are wonderful! " ... written by MG32704
I like her a lot, will wait on some predictions to come true but so far so good and also i believe she was spot on with her predictions for 2015, I will be back and update soon, much love and light on your path" ... written by Sarah
she is awesome. Strongly recommend" ... written by Humility
She picked up on my situation quite well and answered some of my questions. She gave a very good and honest reading." ... written by Mags
thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
Good but not want I wanted to hear :(" ... written by Lexi
accurate" ... written by Michael Mitchell
thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
Great reading, always accurate, I will be back again! Great adviser that is full of wisdom." ... written by Livethemoment2
Will have to wait and see about predictions coming true, I will be back for an update soon, blessings" ... written by Sarah
Amazing is all I can say right now she made so much sense about why I have certain feelings Would highly recommend" ... written by Marie
I really enjoyed my reading, she is very calm and gives good advise. " ... written by super
lovely:)" ... written by flowerix
5***** Thank you Janet for your honesty and compassion" ... written by Amydog
great soul!!! you feel just that unique moments:))) " ... written by flowerix
She nailed me. LOL Perfect reading if I ever had one. She pulled out that I was a belly dancer, and that there was a specific person who didn't feel right about me...and its all true. THANKS FOR A GREAT READING!" ... written by missyanne13
wow I think I found another great psychic to add to my fav list. I have talked to many psychics and I can tell this is the real deal, short reading but so much great advice , Pendora is a wise guide read me through… will be back !" ... written by jazzychc7
I felt she was genuine in answering my question, and was honest about how to approach it. Thank you" ... written by rubee2shoes
I felt relieved that my questions have been answered." ... written by Verenice
5***** Thank you so much Janet." ... written by Amydog
She is always there when i need her" ... written by humility
Great Thanks " ... written by mk
She has great kindness and love in her heart" ... written by Elaine Faber
i waited a while before I could get hold of Janet but she was well worth the wait! She gives so many details in her reading and picked up on very specific things which shocked me, to be honest. I'm totally sold. Janet's the real deal, a truly gifted lady who speaks the truth and nothing but. I will definitely be back for more. " ... written by ginbellen
thank you again, and i wish you all the best for tomorrow and look forward to seeing you online again very soon. sending you a big virtual hug" ... written by ginbellen
always so kind and understanding- i have such respect for her. totally recommend." ... written by Sylvia812
Looking forward to the road ahead :)" ... written by :)
Great reading. Right to the point. Answered quickly. Thank you Pendora" ... written by Melissa
shes amazing!" ... written by yasmarlyn
got answers will see what happens " ... written by cindi
Thank you for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
5***** Janet you're someone I can trust to tell me like it is!" ... written by AmyDog
5***** Thank you my friend" ... written by AmyDog
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
It was a smooth reading :)" ... written by Antoinette
brief but encouraging and interesting update!" ... written by ginbellen
Great as always!" ... written by samantha
Great reading. Very on point. She is good. Good vibes." ... written by Janice
5***** Thank you Janet" ... written by AmyDog
fast and spot-on" ... written by f
WONDERFUL WOMAN! GREAT AT READING! LOVE HER! Always come to her and only her for accurate readings!" ... written by mcvang08
wonderful thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
very quick to answer question, thank you" ... written by dynear
She is a blessing" ... written by Humility
spot on, encouraged me, feeling positive" ... written by fiona saint cyr
Amazingly accurate! highly recommended!" ... written by j
I love Pendora, she's very comforting. Her words are straight to the point, exactly describes what you are going through and what to anticipate. " ... written by Holbein888
Absolutely fantastic reading! " ... written by Bo
I feel that the information she give was on point, provided the information given to her. Pendora is highly intuned to you energy. I enjoyed my session with her. " ... written by Audacity54
Great reading! She was very thorough, and had some really great advice that I know I will be following! Thanks again!" ... written by slinky222
was interesting and informative." ... written by j
Freaking amazing!" ... written by Oceania30
she is an awesome psychic, strongly recommend her!" ... written by Humility
spot on!!!! Thank you, and lovely xxxx " ... written by m
Awesome! great connection! " ... written by Ang3l33
Many thanks Pendora. Will come back for updates. :)" ... written by RaphaelG
i had a past life reading with pendora to help uncover more about myself and why i struggle with things, and also feel connected with certain times. Pendora clarified all of this and more. I love her energy and nature! highly recommend" ... written by Emma
wow. she was something. Great reading and she got it all. but as she said I should decide. " ... written by pm
5***** Thank you so much Janet. You told me things that no one could possibly know! " ... written by amydog
She is a blessed one, i strongly recommend her!" ... written by HUMILITY
very very sweet and helped me realize i really really need to do some work to make myself feel better " ... written by victoia
Wonderful! Honest! Knew a lot! was right on point. Gave me the clarity I needed. So kind and gentle! Great connection. I definitely recommend Pendora! Absolutely awesome choice! God Bless! XOXOX" ... written by Ang3l33
Wow, she was so in tune with my feelings and I truly felt cared for. Thanks for the insight, advice, and uplifting my spirits. I appreciate it. Blessings." ... written by -
tuned into situation...quite realistic...." ... written by lovehouston
very straight-forward and good with explanations. Specific with timeframes. Good at reflecting back to clarify what to expect for the future. Five Stars ***** thank you." ... written by starfish57
great advice and love how she hit the mark" ... written by BRENDA J. PLATT
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
really good at this stuff and recognizes things so much" ... written by starfish57
she was very quick to tune in to my question." ... written by wren1414
Lovely lady." ... written by Lisa Smith
Consistently on the button! Awesome fast accurate reader.." ... written by Tiger
Thank you" ... written by Felix
Can only say thank you :)" ... written by TheRose
really good suggestions for my situation even though alot is common sense. sometimes we cannot always see it. she is also very honest and doesn't promise the moon when she cannot. good reading. thank you. *****" ... written by starfish57
Always full or energy and motivation. Many thanks Pendora, i took careful notes this time and will be more positive from now on! Will see you soon for an update." ... written by RaphaelG
as always excellent" ... written by june
Really gave me a good pep talk and injection of positive thinking which I needed today. Also, reassured me in a way that helped me to focus and take care of myself. Sometimes, we just need someone to reflect back to us when we get caught up in too much analytics. Thank you! :) ps Five Stars!!!!" ... written by starfish57
she knows me.. " ... written by lovebuzz11
she gave me her honest opinion" ... written by jo
5***** Janet Thank you so much for everything " ... written by amydog
Pendora is amazing, quickly tuned in and really love my reading :)" ... written by Stella
Very to the point of things. Really enjoy her reading will come back!" ... written by Angelmg
5***** Janet thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. And for telling me the way It is. I mean really the truth of the matter." ... written by amydog
she is very accurate :)" ... written by filomina
thank you so much! so accurate i will trust you and do my homework!" ... written by ma
She is wonderful. Very good reading." ... written by Lou
She was sooooo right! Need I say more?" ... written by starfish57
awesome reading...I left feeling better and crying" ... written by cg
always helpful and encouraging; very consistent; thank you." ... written by starfish57
Great reading! :)) Great psychics :))) Thank you Pendora!" ... written by Angie
super at giving encouragement. so pleased with her ability. Pendora is great! :)" ... written by starfish57
Great reading, very quick with the answers. Straight and to the point." ... written by han
Excellent reading! Pendora is kind and patient. Honest and accurate." ... written by AJ
5 stars. She is so accurate and picks up on things so easily. Very caring and gives good advice. One of the best on ORanumn. Thank you!" ... written by stacey
Was very happy with the reading I have received. I'm coming back for sure" ... written by Jenn
excellent reading!" ... written by kyz
She is a blessing in my life :) xo" ... written by Tanya
Carpe Diem!!" ... written by Barbara
Pendora is great! I've had readings with her before and she is very accurate and what I love the most is that she is also honest! Tells it like it is but with loving advice. Thanks, looking forward to the next reading." ... written by florwe85
AMAZING and accurate as always. Love it!" ... written by mai
Great reading! This day tapped in quickly!" ... written by Lou
Sometimes help is not given by what one can tell another, but in what one can make another feel. Your session will echo in my mind and heart forever. Thank you for the strength you have given me. Your advice and wisdom is of such profound value. Your accuracy and genuine feel compare to none. may you be blessed." ... written by Nicholas Bastos
sure helped me to understand what I feel. good reading. thanks." ... written by starfish57
I love this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She keeps me calm and brings balance. Will continue to reach out to her." ... written by AF
OMGosh! she is awesome. I had never had a reading this good. i'm coming back for more. and looking forward for more ... thanks a bunch. " ... written by Autumn
5***** Thank you Janet. I know I get the truth with you" ... written by amydog
Direct and honest. Sincere and truly kind hearted. Thank you." ... written by Alohawithlove2
FANTASTIC" ... written by freeandlove23
Pendora is awesome. Never have I had a bad reading. She is so keen to what she can see. If she cannot tell you anything more, then her honesty shines thru. Very genuine. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Pendora's reading was honest, ethical, fluent, insightful, helpful. I can recommend her skills." ... written by Martkos
very interesting read, she picked up a lot in short time and was very accurate." ... written by julie
as usual awesome :)" ... written by humility
Super honest and real! She was aware of all that was going on around me with out even asking me anything. I loved the feed back needed that. thank you." ... written by Michelle
I can't believe everything she knew!! AMAZING!!" ... written by Michele
5***** Janet I thank you so much for everything. And most of all for being you!!" ... written by amydog
Sorry! Ran out of time and funds! Thank you for the reading! I felt connected with you. I felt you were quick and accurate" ... written by leona
Very interesting Reading, I will be back for sure, thank you," ... written by Lanaishere
Very good and I enjoyed her reading. It seems like everything is working for the best for me. She confirmed it" ... written by georgiapeach37
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Amazingly intuitive and picks up on things immediately with no information provided." ... written by RS
excellent reading" ... written by spacemonkey
5 stars" ... written by geirgiapeach37
Pendora, has always reassure me with great confidences of whatever i'm dealing with. She is great and very kind with her words and understanding. I will continue to visit her with my problems, big or small. " ... written by autumn
quick and hit some things right on target. Will go back." ... written by Stephanie
pendora made me feel comforted knowing what I saw isnt a dream but a visit definitely ill go back to her " ... written by christina
As always, Pendora has led me to understand a few missing bits of my life. Sometimes all it needs is a small peace to complete a puzzle. " ... written by Raphael
She gives good reflection and suggestions. Very caring person." ... written by starfish57
This is the only person I will comeback for... She has spirits helping her to read... she uses nothing but true connection. I love her. Thank you for this reading. " ... written by Kinga
5***** Janet thank you again for everything you do" ... written by amydog
lovely person - honest reading, not all what i wanted to hear but i wanted the truth. Would highly recommend" ... written by petalface
5***** Janet again thank you" ... written by amydog
very truthful and supportive. great reading! thank you." ... written by starfish57
very straightforward and honest and down to earth. thank you." ... written by starfish57
5***** Thank you again Janet " ... written by amydog
very good with advise. thank you." ... written by starfish57
This was actually a real reading i am amazed you dont find that often.5 stars she is amazing she got everything right and hopefully the future prections will come out too :)" ... written by spacemonkey
she was very good was very accurate." ... written by rodri3277
Wonderful person. Very honest and intuitive. Made me feel comfortable and helped me with all my questions." ... written by Beth
Fabulous as always!" ... written by Maia
Always a pleasure - great reader" ... written by Liv
I like that she made a lot of things clear and she understood where I was coming from. Gave me the exact advice that I needed and was bang on with a lot. Thank you!" ... written by Tasha
She was right about the very first think she said to me. I thought she did well, sometimes hearing things you already know help you to internalize those things. " ... written by Camille
A very gentle lady. Very intuitive. Precise and to the point. A very good psychic. Loved her reading. " ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
She told me exactly what I needed to hear. She was honest and helped me realize the power to change lies with me. " ... written by Laura
always fast and great reading" ... written by julie
She was very good. Was able to hit a couple things I knew about myself already right on key w/out myself having mentioned it. I just did a gen reading, and she pretty much covered all kinds of stuff I have been personally experiencing. " ... written by Jnaujo
5***** Thank you Janet so much for everything " ... written by amydog
5***** Janet again thank you so much" ... written by amydog
Pretty quick and tuned in! Truly worth a try" ... written by Melissa
great woman :)))" ... written by edel95
Very Good!!!" ... written by kap
5***** Janet thank you again for seeing through to the heart of the matter" ... written by Amydog
HI thank you for your guidance its true what you said in the reading." ... written by meg.
Thanks for the honesty!" ... written by Water
Good reading, accurate, thank you Pendora x" ... written by jag
Very kind lady, I believed what she told me." ... written by S
says it like it is. love her to pieces." ... written by starfish57
She was very direct and forward and all of her answers were correct she was able to tune into the situation very fast." ... written by Angelica
Really enjoy her very interesting readings. Looking forward to see what happens. She's terrific, highly recommend" ... written by j
Great advice! Felt connected to her. She gave me advice that I will take to heart, and just follow through with it. She told me to do me, see that I am worthy. Thank you so much!" ... written by MaiLee24
5***** Thank you again Janet for all of your help" ... written by AmyDog
Always right with her intuition and ability to read the cards. Sure do appreciate her gift! thank you." ... written by starfish57
very helpful, now i have to wait keep living my life to see if things will happens, but she is very accurate and won't loose time with bs talking, things make sense and are helpful." ... written by happyangel
5***** Janet again thank you so much for everything" ... written by AmyDog
honest short and to the point. and am hoping she is correct about the future!" ... written by amber
5***** Janet again thank you so much for all your help" ... written by AmyDog
Absolutely fantastic. I told her nothing about my situation and she knew everything. She's the real deal. " ... written by Leona
First time to visit her. She was very good." ... written by Debbie
She was amazing! Told me everything I needed to hear, some of it I already knew but needed reassurance. I'd definitely come back :)" ... written by Lindsey
5***** Janet I just want to thank you. you're someone I can trust. and that means a lot to me." ... written by AmyDog
She was very good and spot on with alot in my life." ... written by matt
shes awesome! everytime :) its great to speak to someone who gets it, can see through the drama and tell u the truth for what it really is. She puts me back in the "vortex". I love this lovely soul. Never disappointed with a reading. " ... written by aby
she is my go to person at Oranum!" ... written by humility
you were very good thanks you very muh " ... written by seza
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
good" ... written by judith
very good, thanku , u are awesome, help alot. god bless u." ... written by monoagapi
I had a reading done maybe a month ago and she had said some things and I was excited for them. Lately... I have been anxious and confused and I saw she was online and went to her right away. She was bang on! She knew exactly what was going on. She's amazing and I truly appreciate people like her who want to help people get back on the right path. That is a beautiful gift in itself. I highly recommend her. Highly!" ... written by Tasha
Frank, and direct. She will tell you what you need to hear, and deliver her message with compassion. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
shes really honest and straight forward thank you." ... written by green
She knew everything right off the bat. Everything that she said made perfect sense. Thank you Pendora! Worth every penny! Now I can move on with my life. " ... written by Stephanie
Hugs to Pendora! She is quite a lady with a wealth of information and guidance, not to mention predictions that come true. I look forward to her next predictions coming true. Thank you! " ... written by starfish57
Thank you very much, much of the reading was centered on future. I am confident that it will take place. I will be coming back for updates." ... written by Joseph
Awesome" ... written by hoofer13
Awesome reading" ... written by hoofer13
5***** Thank you Janet " ... written by AmyDog
Great woman, spot on intuition-" ... written by emma
She is a very good psychic. Strongly recommend!" ... written by humility
Very sweet and intuitive. Great advice. Recommend her!" ... written by C
she is amazing helped me out alot " ... written by stephanie
She is very good and connects well. She is caring and pleasant and open and honest. Great reading!" ... written by SabrinaChristie
Wonderful reading...very insightful and comforting!! I came back cause her insight previously was incredibly helpful and accurate!" ... written by penelope
Hit the nail on the head. A wonderful reader!" ... written by Sylvia812
Very nice reading. Will see what happens, thanks for the advice and prediction." ... written by Conny
she's great straight to the point" ... written by Cristina
great reading " ... written by julie
awesome past life reading...understand why im the way I am now." ... written by cherie
5***** My go to lady. Whenever I want to know something. Janet tells you the truth. Good or bad. I mean really the truth. Thank you." ... written by AmyDog
very honest and caring lady" ... written by dre
Pendora is great. She has a great heart and really was honest. It may not have been what i wanted to hear but it was something i needed to and I'm glad she was so forth coming. " ... written by Cassandra
Very to the point, accuracy and honesty :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
good and honest" ... written by k
Very forthright and to the point. Gave some timelines. Says it how it is. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
simple and to the point but very good read." ... written by Yam
She is truly wonderful. She was super spot on and amazing. I definitely recommend her to anyone. It was my first reading with her, and I have had many....She is great...I will be back." ... written by Katie
good encouragement and reinforcement. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Awesome" ... written by hoofer13
A very good reading. she described me as I am and gave me predictions which I wish to see them come true." ... written by z
She was gentle kind and fast, i hope she is right about her predictions ! blessings" ... written by Sarah
Pendora is really nice and warm. I loved the way she answered my ques with so much of ease. She was Spot on." ... written by sabina0202
very fast and honest and yet very nice" ... written by jnaujo
Nice woman.Very warm andamp; caring soul.Reading was good." ... written by AT
She has always been my to go person. Strongly recommend her!" ... written by AngelFire
Lover her she is great" ... written by hoofer13
very accurate reading, something that i don't want to hear, but she is honest and have no sugar coating. very calm and confidence reader. worth 5 stars" ... written by dolly
5***** Janet I have gained so much from knowing you these past couple years. Thank you for everything." ... written by amydog
Very interesting... we'll see very soon. She picked up on some circumstances very quickly and accurately. Really like her reading. Definitely recommend." ... written by jag
Pendora is too awesome." ... written by yam
made me feel so at ease" ... written by me
she is my favorite and go to psychic. Her predictions with me has always been accurate. i simply love her and cherish her outrightness and honesty. Some people come to your life to guide you and be with you a lifetime. I am sure she is one among them. She is the best at uranium and i strongly recommend her!" ... written by smiley face
Amazing reading again! Pendora is a sweet. Very clear and goes straight to the point. Looking forward to our next reading!!" ... written by Raphael
Wow, Just outstanding!! she was spot on!! I will be back to verify certain things to come. I hope the world get's a chance to know of her! she is the real deal. I am impressed!!!" ... written by michael caldwell
Pendora is always fantastic! She set my mind at ease and brought me comfort with decisionmaking." ... written by AJ
I adored my reading with Pendora, everything was spot on. She picked up on a lot of my feelings around the situation and was able to tell me where I am in regards to everything else. She knows exactly what she's talking about; wonderful, insightful reading and little boost to let me know that everything is going to be fine." ... written by Rebecca
Had a great reading with pen. She went through some of my past lives and explained what I brought along with me to this life. It was great to gain some insight into why I am the way I am and she actually gave me advice in my current life based on my past lives. She was insistent that I pursue more education and writing, which was something I hadn't really thought much of but know in my gut i want. She told me to come back once I start to pursue these things, and I definitely will. Thank you Pen." ... written by shasha91
amazing! this lady is awesome!!! spot on with EVERYTHING! SHE BLEW ME AWAY!!! THANK U" ... written by Sara
very honest and felt like she really read the situation accurately" ... written by meesh
love her she is honest and doesn't " ... written by liv
Spot on! What can you say about someone who is honest and transparent to you? Looking forward to update her with what was said in my reading. LOADS of Blessings and SMILES Pendora! HUGS" ... written by Zuzu
Very detailed and accurate, just lovely" ... written by Joby
Hey Pendora, thank you so much for the session. It was extremely helpful and you were 100% right about everything I was feeling and what was going on..I really needed help and you gave me it. I'll talk to you again soon!" ... written by Richard
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. I don't know how many readings I have had with Pendora because there have been so many over the years that I have lost count. There aren't enough great things I can say about her. She is direct, quick, understands more than just the surface, she sees do the deeper spiritual side of our experiences. If you're looking to really understand your situation or looking for validation for a change you're already thinking about, Pendora is the person to see!" ... written by LivetheMoment2
This woman is truly a gift and very on point. Super clear and sweet human being." ... written by Isabelle Holman
Absolutely Nice and Great Reading, Good Price and Meant A Lot To Me! Pendora My Thank you, High and Warm Sincere Recommendations! " ... written by Christel
she is great" ... written by Katie
great" ... written by jacqui
Nailed it, I can not be more great full for my reading I now see what I did not before" ... written by Sarah
Accurate, honest and gave great advice. " ... written by jaxinabox
thank you so much for the reading.. straight to the point advise. " ... written by chloe
still my fav!" ... written by Jeramie
Thank you for the wonderful insights. Absolutely appreciated." ... written by Joseph
i got a reading from u last month and u told me something i didnt want to hear but your prediction happend! U also told me the situation i am in at the moment wont improve and will be on going. I didnt want to hear that but you have been nothing but true! this why i love and trust in you as a psychic. ! you are VERY talented !! thank u and god bless u xxxx" ... written by raindrops12a
AMAZING! 10 STARS!" ... written by BLUE
She did a great job giving me bad news. But the truth always hurts." ... written by Kana
she is an awesome reader" ... written by vedic
Once again Pendora has made my day with words of wisdom and love. Looking forward to the next big change in my life and with her help I am getting ready to take full advantage of it. Thanks my friend! I will be back shortly for more updates!" ... written by Raphael
very direct to the point picked up on things that are happening now great reader will get a reading again thank you " ... written by mc50000
Very good reader" ... written by michael
she's good, accurate, sensitive, truthful" ... written by jag
Spot on with my situation and VERY comforting to chat with." ... written by Kay
5***** Great as always. Thank you janet for everything" ... written by amydog
good info much needed to hear that ... ty so much for all that ... " ... written by new
She is very professional, caring, straight forward and honest. The reading was very clear and she made sure we had connected before proceeding. Truly thankful for your honesty. Many blessings." ... written by Melanie
my always to go person, love her, strongly recommend her!" ... written by me
thanks pendora! you were spot on about everything" ... written by k
Profound, and accurate, thank you" ... written by Eternety
Thanks Pendora! Great reading and warm uplifting vibe as usual." ... written by ok
very good. very fast. no need for tools! " ... written by keeetz
thank pendora you were right on point with everthing you say thank for making me feel better about my path and I will keep you up dated as things turn around for me" ... written by aisha gardner
Scary accurate is the perfect way to describe my reading with Pendora. She was able to pick up on details that no one could know unless they were family or a close friend. Not only is she accurate, but she gives the most effective advice. I left my session a changed woman, and I am forever grateful. Thank you soo much Pendora." ... written by cathy
Everything on the spot, not one detail was off, everything was accurate. Pendora can tell you details that you thought was kept private, she can read your soul beautifully. im honored and blessed to have session with her. Everyone is right, she is truly remarkable. Thank you Pendora!!" ... written by cathy
I feel such a connection with her. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. Her cards know the way, and always tell the truth in details, never general comments. Thank you soo much Pendora." ... written by cathy
impressive! very nice and smooth session. loook forward to all her predictions." ... written by catherine
Awakening and peaceful at the same time. I love your calm spirit and you knew how I was feeling and why without me having to say anything. You were on point with everything and I really appreciate your time :) " ... written by Vee Elle
She saw into the situation well and gave me some really good advice :)" ... written by Ritz
First time reading with Pendora but I felt she connected quite well and was fast in her reading. I look forward to meeting a new guy around January and dating in around February 2016" ... written by BFM
Thank you Pendora, I am grateful for your sincere and honest advice." ... written by it
ty so much to hear all that ... " ... written by new
thank you so much once again :) " ... written by newbabe
As per usual! she was spot on! and did not need to know any information on me other than my name and straight age "54" advice was what I knew already, and will do as told. Again I needed only conformation about things. she delivered as usual. I would highly recommended her to anyone whom needs a very honest ,very knowledgeable person, and will be very accurate with her answers. so with that I will return to her again for help, thanks for the help Pendora" ... written by michael
Pendora was very insightful.. she has a very cool attitude.. I loved talking to her today.." ... written by Hopi Dove Sunshine
thank u!! xx" ... written by unknown
thank u ! u were great as always.. predictions always happen xxxx" ... written by unknown
very good. very straight to the point. she's real. " ... written by keeetz
thank u very much for the reading today ! i was in a bad way but you calmed me down and I am not going to allow this to effect me.... thank u everything u say is always spot on!!!" ... written by raindrops12a
Awesome...." ... written by ritesh
Was very sweet and polite. Thank you for your reading." ... written by BrianaAF2
very good.." ... written by ritesh
thanks a bunch u were on it. u were right about everything." ... written by lavelle
great reading as usual. got what I felt I needed to see, she is a great reader! thanks so much Pendora! will talk again soon. " ... written by michael
Thank you for the honest reading. " ... written by CH
Amazing" ... written by ritesh
5***** Thanks again Janet for a great reading. " ... written by amydog
Very good, thanks" ... written by Clover
Thank you for the clear reading very much appreciate. " ... written by CC
excellent reading. quick to connect and could really assess the situation very accurately. 100% satisfied" ... written by leodragon2014
Thank you Pendora, always reliable." ... written by Joseph
best" ... written by ritesh
Amazingly intuitive and honest." ... written by RS
always gone to pendora she is an amazing reader most defently!" ... written by Angelica
great job two to three months 11/1/2015. love in march" ... written by Harkpop
I've had well over a dozen readings with Pendora over the last couple years, and I keep coming back. She is great!" ... written by Livethemoment2
she told me exactly what I needed to know for me to move on. no sugar coating at all. she's so wise and accurate and fast. lovely :) one of my favorites for sure. thanks so much!!" ... written by ale
good..." ... written by ritesh
her energy is SO calming and she's so understanding and supportive. love her." ... written by Justine
She's really great and sweet best reading(:" ... written by Alexandria
Pendora was incredible! So fast, accurate and wonderful! I highly recommend and will return for another reading soon. Bright blessings, In2itive1 :)" ... written by In2itive1
she's amazing, fast and furious and she's so caring!" ... written by serena
This was my first reading with Pendora. And she was amazing. Picked up on things right then. And didn't waste anytime. Got straight to the point and is very blunt and has beautiful energy. I want to thank you so much for your time and help and i will be back again. " ... written by uniquelele25
very honest and truthful " ... written by Mistie1
Came back once again! she's amazing! " ... written by Serena
good reading for little time available. really came forward quickly with info. thank you." ... written by starfish57
This was my 2nd reading with Pendora and i absolutely adore her!! She's an incredible and highly accurate reader. She provides wonderful guidance and has helped me immensely. I highly recommend her and look forward to future readings! " ... written by In2itive1
she is very honest" ... written by usa
Gave me honest answers, we will wait and see, lovely energy" ... written by MelissaA01
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
excellent reading, straight to the point, no sugar coating, tells the truth! thank you soo much!!" ... written by gabby
spot on picked up on the situation straight away" ... written by roselilly5
simple and sweet" ... written by lavelle
5***** Janet again I thank you" ... written by amydog
First time I spoke to her and it was great. she was accurate, straightforward, and very kind giving wise advice. I would see her again. " ... written by Eli
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
wise easy nurturing" ... written by qp
Thank you so much Pendora, you was right on point with everything. I will talk with you again. " ... written by PreziosaSusan
Wonderful reading, as always! Great connection and very accurate. highly recommend!!! Bright blessings, In2itive1 :)" ... written by IN2ITIVE1
Great reader. She connects well. Highly recommends her. I look forward to March for love, business success. And no legal meeting until first week in jan. " ... written by BFM
honest with answers and straightforward as always" ... written by starfish57
She was very spot on and very helpful." ... written by ashmarie1283
ty so much " ... written by new
excellent reading! thank you soo much." ... written by cat
5***** Thank you J so much for all you do" ... written by amydog
wonderful" ... written by Rayhaan
a fantastic reader" ... written by doli
Connected with me right away. Great insight and detailed information. " ... written by moon
She was direct and to thepoint. " ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
Pendora was very accurate and very informative. Will definitely be coming back!" ... written by Ashley
5***** Thank you J. You always keep it real. Appreciate that" ... written by amydog
good." ... written by ritesh
5 ***** Thank you J " ... written by amydog
As usual, right on time for the moment. I love to cook and she brought that out!! and I see myself doing it again. I appreciate her for all she does. thanks again Pendora!!" ... written by michael
she is always awesome!" ... written by jude
Pendora was right on the money! Amazing, I asked for a general for the year ahead and she just nailed what was going on currently on my life. just in awe- great reader, great read!" ... written by Sylvia812
No wasting time. She`s to the point. " ... written by rr
Pendora's readings are very enlightening, always so helpful and incredibly accurate. I highly recommend a reading with Pendora. Bright blessings, In2itive1" ... written by In2itive1
Always accurate" ... written by eighth wonder
thank you hope what she says comes to pass " ... written by bouncylady
great reading straight to the point " ... written by Mistie1
SHe was really great! Very tuned in and helped me see how I needed to stand up and communicate with my boyfriend. Really got it and helped so much. Thank you!" ... written by Gabrielle
She is wonderful psychic and straight to the point !!" ... written by Jennfier
amazing" ... written by ritesh
she has never been wrong" ... written by Alycia
She gave me the exact insight I needed and answers I think I knew deep down, however, she explained them in a way that was more in depth and more than I ever thought of to make the decisions that are best for me. She is wise and honest and very kind. I am very grateful. I really found peace after her reading as the issues I have been having she put in a way that finally gave me closure about why a relationship I have been in has not been working. So much gratitude Pendora! :)" ... written by Kelly
very good..." ... written by ritesh
good reading, truthful!" ... written by starfish57
Wonderful reader. Shes super fast and straight to the point. " ... written by op
great reading. I enjoyed it. " ... written by s elzy
5***** Wow Thanks J. you made things a lot clearer. Will be coming back as always." ... written by amydog
Thank you so much :) " ... written by ataun
best, awesome :)))))))" ... written by ritesh
wow...Pendora just blew me away with her speed and accuracy...this was not my first reading with her, but it's been awhile since my last one...try her out, you will definitely not be sorry you did" ... written by gemmie
My readings with Pendora are always so helpful and accurate. I highly recommend her for a reading. Many blessings, In2itive1" ... written by In2itive1
she was quick, honest, and calming. thank you so much for your kind words, and many blessings to you" ... written by scadoodle
she is very spot on" ... written by door
Pendora is always a pleasure to read with. She is genuine and accurate. Wonderful reader." ... written by Elena
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Very direct, very accurate and very timely. I don't think I've ever been so satisfied with such a short reading" ... written by Ben
best" ... written by Ritesh
uplifting" ... written by Hayley
awesome" ... written by ritesh
great! Thank you very much" ... written by jackie
She doesn't sugar coat things. she is straight to the point. Enjoyed my reading" ... written by ladyl5
Thank you so much. You helped me tremendously. Taking your advise, and seeing what happens. " ... written by Kristin
Very accurate. It made me feel better about my situation." ... written by G
She is so sweet to talk to,very accurate about my situation." ... written by N G
Lovely reading!! :)" ... written by Ven
best" ... written by ritesh
fast.....soon to see about accuracy" ... written by sabrina
Thanks alot big hello to goth and big hugs " ... written by new
The very best reading. She is very intuitive. " ... written by Jayne
specific, to the point, made sense" ... written by starfish57
Thanks for the honest reading always a blessing to talk to you. " ... written by B
excellent! tahnk u" ... written by monoagapi
she's good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
very positive! " ... written by brittney
Excellent as always, highly recommended" ... written by RS
This woman is a very good psycic. she is not beating around the bush. She is direct and honest. At the same time, she is caring and soothing and is there to help you. A lovely person. " ... written by hubbelman
Thanks for being honest with me :) and ty for your prayers offline that is a big blessing for you to do for me. " ... written by new
great reader ! calm and fast" ... written by diana
Good, just started and credits ran out :(" ... written by Jai Praveen
Oh, she is the most beautiful soul i have encountered on this site...pure delight! was having goosebumps the whole time we talked..was so drawn to felt so two old souls..from some old circle of friends meeting again and catching and gifted beyond was almost as i did not have to say a word..she saw it all..and gently confirmed it!!! WOW!:)...more *****stars then i can count...ty:)" ... written by t.d.
she was really helpful " ... written by paige
Very good and completely honest." ... written by LaCapri
Insightful and helpful as always. Repeat return customer, highly recommended." ... written by RS
very good -focused right in on the situation did not waste any time" ... written by bounct
very quick to answer questions-i recommend her" ... written by q
highly recommend, no frills, to the point, genuine psychic connection, sensible advice" ... written by joy
straight forward! thank you. I do think you are right! although i hope you are wrong" ... written by De
Amazing, honest, and compassionate." ... written by Theresa
good" ... written by Ritesh
5***** so good to see you again J. Thank you for your guidance and support." ... written by amydog
v.good" ... written by ritesh
great" ... written by e
Excellent reader, highly intuitive and honest. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
She was very fast! Didn't waste any time, picked up on my situation with hardly any input from me other than the general topic. Was caring, considerate, gave me the information I needed to make a clear decision. She knows her stuff and I recommend her greatly! " ... written by Herminia
5***** wow thank you Janet for all the insight. your past predictions have came true in the past" ... written by amydog
Amazing reading! Down to earth person." ... written by DW
vgood.." ... written by ritesh
Straight to the point and accurate, thank you!!!! x" ... written by Amanda
vgood" ... written by ritesh
Quick reader. Straight to the point." ... written by MarieAkba
This lady is such a blessing to this community. I love her advice and her heart. She always speaks the truth!" ... written by gina
1st reading with her. She IS indeed fast AND picked up on details quicky. we will see what happens" ... written by kim
Clear and fast." ... written by Karla
Thanks for your hones fast connection" ... written by jo
She's great. Real, honest" ... written by Me
Very warm lady. Made me feel comfortable. Will return as only had a few minutes. Knew a great deal with my saying next to nothing. Very gifted." ... written by Ann-Marie
amazing . spot on . outstanding reading" ... written by tamjones
The best!" ... written by Raine
many thanks for the reading and showing me there is a light at the end of the tunnel xx" ... written by rosiekate
my goodness this woman was on point. she might as well be in my home and a friend of many years. First time i reached out to her and it was very very very accurate. Down to the tattoo I was considering to start my new chapter and not forget all that has come to pass. I was asking about love so yes that was surprising. I highly highly recommend. She was fast but also kind and gave amazing soul advice that i could only get from a family member or close inner circle person. blown away and she is also very positive." ... written by Karla
always a spirit lifter love ya hun^^" ... written by jeramie
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
she is so sweet and kind. " ... written by allbright
Amazing amazing reading. Quick, accurate, to the point. No bullcrap. I can't begin to explain how legit this woman is. 10/10." ... written by Richard
She is very sweet, awesome and totally right on things ! 100% Accurate. She is very strong. I will be back for another reading. I would highly recommend her." ... written by amazing19922
She was really quick and compassaionate reader. Thanks!" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Very good information in a short period of time with much empathy and kindness. I could tell she had years of experience behind her credentials. She's a good price also." ... written by Sunshadow3
Great, great reading!!" ... written by MayGirl