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Hello My name is Don, I am a Master/ Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki , also an Intuitive Medium . I live in a small town in Maine, I love nature and everything it has to offer. I enjoy the outdoors and all the sign and messages it can provide.

Healing and Mediumship run in my family. Both of my Grandmother's were amazing healers in the own right.As I was not aware of their ability until later in life, I wished I had known earlier. Now they are helping me from the other side and are helping on a daily basis now.

I also have my own practice in Brewer, Maine. My mission is to healing the world one person at a time. I do alot of energy work as well ass healing messages from spirit. I love to have meditation groups that help people to achieve their true healing of themselves.Because we ourselves heal ourselves I'm just a conduit and assist you in your healing. My readings also bring about lots of healing as well, either through cards or spirit.

In closing, I am blessed to be able to help you on your journey!

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