About lovereader1

Psychic lovereader1has 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic lovereader1has recently helped 22members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about lovereader1's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am Clairvoyant, Energy sender and healer. I am proficient in Love/relationships, Money/finance, Deceased loved ones, Spiritual development, Destiny/life path Spiritual Counseling and more,Clairaudient, Clairsentient,Clairvoyant, Empath, Channeling Money/finance, Deceased loved ones, Spiritual development

5 stars...very good reader for all" ... written by focusing
Quick and easy answer to my question." ... written by B
awesome reader" ... written by miko
Was quick to pick up on what i was feeling and quickly told me great advice to calm the nerves! Thanks!" ... written by Rigo
Really good. Sees the situation perfectly. " ... written by Chris
Wow he is incredibly amazing!! First time reading with him and I didn't tell him anything but he picked up on the whole situation... Blessings to him he really cleared things up for me and I am so thankful!!!" ... written by Ash
good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
wow, amazing, spot on about everything! I will be back he is really good!!" ... written by moonlight700
very insightful! great reading overall" ... written by tob
Lovereader1 is amazing! Really good connection and got right down to the truth of the situation...truly appreciate his guidance and his words of wisdom. He is a great reader and I highly recommend him:)" ... written by Carrie
it was a great reading!" ... written by KM
He said that Alex is the right one for me and not Steve. We will see. " ... written by Antoinette
he really gave me future insight on the situation...ill just wait and see" ... written by amoura88
He get to the point and thanks " ... written by Curador
THANK YOIU!" ... written by MMarmalade
He was amazing." ... written by Chanelle1961
Very good reading, got it spot on" ... written by R.
Always helpful, kind and patient with me...he always try to provide more information in order to help me understand the situation...and feel better after consulting him...he has always encourage me to be more positive in order to see more good to come..." ... written by think blue
Great reader.. connected fast and gave me some good important information.. " ... written by shereice
I love his readings... he's honestly a true blessing!!!!" ... written by Ash
very nice reader " ... written by o
Wonderful update! Is such a sweet soul...appreciate his guidance and his positivity in my situation...I really trust him and look forward to providing him with my updates:)" ... written by Carrie
Thank you so much " ... written by cute
Thank you so much,,," ... written by cute
Thank you so much,,,," ... written by leo
wow his timeframe was a bit scary as i'm certain someone else gave me a very very similar timeframe, almost to the day, maybe a couple months ago and I gave him no details of the situation. We'll see what happens." ... written by l
thank you so much,,, its really fast and deep reading,,, and its really wonderful awesome" ... written by cute
Really happy with my reading, straight to the point, patient and got people right. thank you soo much" ... written by Nicola
Thanks, your insight was really helpful! Thanks for the advice as well. God Bless!" ... written by apriicot
I was having computer problems, but very accurate reading!" ... written by Amy
Awesome reader. Gave me hope for the future. Hope that I lost from previous relationships. I would recommend Lovereader to anyone who has a question." ... written by Erica
He is great,,, calm,,,but sure,," ... written by yleo
seems to be in line with oother readinsg i had" ... written by malteser70
Good insight our reading was short but very accurate... He is great and on point and new here so give him a try! I can't wait to be back." ... written by cathleen
oh wow ur really good wow!" ... written by jody
Nice reading,,,, " ... written by yleo
Good reading... he connects fast... answers all questions and really helped me out!!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
First reading, he has a kind and caring soul. Thank you very much. He picked up on my emotions from free chat and asked to help me out if I wanted any assistance. I'll be back. I totally recommend." ... written by Vanessa
Wow incredible reading thank you so much. You are accurate and amazing spot on!" ... written by Lorna23
quick and precise" ... written by j
He is a gifted sweetheart... he helps me ALOT!!!! I am grateful for him!!! Thanks again" ... written by Ash
Thankyou didn't have many credits but my reading was very detailed thankyou " ... written by t
He is great! I hope what he says is true :) he was right about my ability and my love life... thank u!" ... written by Lina
Thank you so much." ... written by leo
Decent reading." ... written by krat13
Lovely guy! great reader! very detailed with his reading. :) Thank you very much. Lots of love! xxx" ... written by SpicyxPepper
He was very nice and to the point. I hope what he says is true!" ... written by Robbie
Great connection! on point! kind and genuine! Looking forward to a follow up. Must get a reading! He is great! " ... written by Ang3l33
he is great! loved the reading , i felt like he understand what i was going through ... wished i had more time with him" ... written by COCO20141
he's great!!! thank you for the reading sir. I recommend him!" ... written by jj
Thank you so much," ... written by leo
thank you so much,,," ... written by cute
He was accurate about one thing which is the only thing I verify at the moment. I think he's good." ... written by Missymiss77
Very good reading. Thank you :) " ... written by Cindy
thank you ,, its a great reading," ... written by cute
I had my first reading with this awesome lovereader.. I will say he gave me so much information about what my situation is at this moment. He connnected to me extremely fast. I was so speechless of what he told me. He gave me clarity and was so detailed about everything. He really released my tension and told me that my love is true to me and he is loyal. LoveReader 1 is real.. I thank you for being patience and compassionate to my situation. Please give him a try you will not be disappointed in him... Blessing to you and your love one :)" ... written by BELLA :)
He is amazing!! Will be back to let him know about the outcome!!! Excited!! :D" ... written by Rain
great reading, deep insightly" ... written by cute
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for the insight." ... written by Jerald
will wait to see predictions... will come back.. good insight thank u" ... written by christina
he is fabulous and i recommend him to anyone with a questions about love or energy surrounding your life" ... written by Linda
Thank you, " ... written by cute
very good reading thanks" ... written by jo
He's great!" ... written by Danielle
Thank you, its a great reading and intuitive" ... written by cute
very nice confirmed items I have questions on for sure. Put me at ease." ... written by Lesa
He was very honest about where things stand currently that I needed to know. Reassured feelings that are there between us both. Hoping to hear from him soon as predicted. Will let you know." ... written by Michelle
Really good and accurate. Awesome!" ... written by G
Thank you so much" ... written by cute
Very on point. Accurate. Gave me hope when I felt all hope was lost. Will keep you updated." ... written by JJ
Very kind forward with what is seen . thank you.." ... written by Lesa
Thank you, its a great reading, " ... written by cute
Thanks for the reading. I appreciate it." ... written by Orly
Great reading..." ... written by kobe
thank you so much" ... written by cute
thank you so much, " ... written by cute
Incredibly gifted reader. Sees in great detail. Was able to answer my questions and more. Awesome!" ... written by G
Amazing, very accurate from start to finish!!! Highly recommend" ... written by Sheila
Thank you so much," ... written by cute
This guy is really awesome! Very insightful and informative. Spot on accuracy. Perfect!" ... written by G
Good reading" ... written by Ricardo
Some very interesting info. I will just wait and see what happens and then I will come back and post another comment. I am intrigued though. " ... written by Sam
five stars very good reader quick to connect with energies of all parties....very positive outcome expected and makes me hopeful" ... written by Kathy
English was a little hard to understand but he gave me hope on my situation :)" ... written by Linda
thankyou for very fast accurate reading he will not waist your time" ... written by Felicia
picked up on things around me ... wow" ... written by Siempre
Great and very helpful. Awesome" ... written by G
Great!" ... written by G
he has a very gentle energy, kind and patient. gives a lot of information" ... written by askme2001
A very moving reading that effected me in a positive way. He channels quickly and affirmed some and enlighten me on my one question. I would return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Awesome and very quick to give a response. Will be returning soon. " ... written by Jason
Draws on and on sometimes. Over all good reading." ... written by Karli
Great" ... written by edgar
Nice and comforting, wanting to give as much information as he can on what he was hearing. Plus confirmed things I've seen in the situation." ... written by LalitainAR
good he explains what is hapening" ... written by maria
Awesome" ... written by Jazmen
thank you, its a great reading as always" ... written by cute
Fantastic reading, couldn't have been better!!! Great psychic!" ... written by Linda
Genuinely caring and awesome reader. So gifted and accurate. It is incredible how smooth he reads into everything. Really nice guy." ... written by G
wrapping up another session!!! LOVE this guy! hes great!!! THank you!! " ... written by Travis
He was amazing....couldnt ask for anything better :)" ... written by Travis
Perceptive and kind reader and guide. I will check in with him again." ... written by Serenity
I asked for a timeframe ... he gave it... I think he might be on to something ;) Grateful for the read" ... written by Siempre
very quick reading with lots of details thx you so much!!" ... written by queenbee22
Offered a lot of information, very helpful" ... written by AK
thank u beyond words how amazing u are" ... written by christina
He really put my mind at ease about something I was really worried about I feel 100 percent better and I cant wait till the things he said will happen happens. " ... written by Meagan
wow, very intiutive and such a great aura about him! Will definitely come back for another reading" ... written by sahreen
Putting me at ease always.... Always putting me down the right road no matter what. My words dont express how nice he is and how wonderful he is :)" ... written by Travis
Thank you so much." ... written by cute
This boy can be horribly honest and amazingly soothing. How he does it? No idea! But every word is spot-on and trustworthy Thanks, love!" ... written by Lily
He was really, really, really good!! Nailed my relationship and helped me to understand some things!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
My first time with Lovereader1 and I was very happy with his reading. Gave me wonderful insight about my relationship. Will definately try him again. Thank you!" ... written by angel_hugs
AMAZING!" ... written by Diana
Awesome reading as always, If what he predicts is true.....uh, my mind would be blown. So I'll definitely update. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great, Great, Great reading! He was amazing!!!!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
Great! Awesome reader" ... written by Chris
lovereader is very positive and can see things clearly. He is giving me hope for future" ... written by Rob
Thank you so much" ... written by cute
thank you for your insight and clarity." ... written by charlene
a deeply connected and detailed reading. I am pleased by this connection and look forward to another meetup soon." ... written by beauty
Was fast and to the point" ... written by Angela
lovereader1 is amazing as always :) I love this guy....i couldnt ask for a better person to help me. Thank u :)" ... written by travis
quick connection" ... written by oracle
This is my first reading with lovereader1, he is very sweet and nice and does not sugarcoat his words! Once he gets connection, everything flows out of him easily. He has helped me feel better about myself bring out the positive energy :)" ... written by Mckayla_08
He is a sweet guy who understands me very well!! definitely will come back for more " ... written by Mckayla_08
nice reader and connects fast" ... written by Mckayla_08
thank you so much" ... written by cute
everything he said was so accurate, i am amazed!!" ... written by Mckayla_08
finishing up same session :) beautiful" ... written by Travis
:) amazing reader as always " ... written by Travis
great connection" ... written by pink
He is nice and honest and direct" ... written by sangeeta
He was great!" ... written by Alexis
Thank you so much" ... written by cute
thanks for the amazing reading, and its really helpful," ... written by cute
This young man is amazing. No tools, no feedback. He just spilled out everything which 100%accuracy. This is the 3rd best psychic in Oranum so far. " ... written by belovedheart12
thank you so much" ... written by cute
Everything was pretty on point. I got the questions that I needed answered, answered. " ... written by Stephanie
Very nice and encouraging, Would advise others to speak with him." ... written by Lisa
very insightful, I wish I had more credits. I'm doing to keep coming for more readings" ... written by Miko
great reading thank you " ... written by davena
I felt positive after the reading. I felt he was accurate when he did my readings. The reading was quite general, but accurate. " ... written by 21312
awesome reading. I feel at ease now" ... written by miko
He tapped in pretty quick and called it accurate." ... written by nbarnes2
Very satisfied with his reading. Wish you all the best" ... written by noni
This man is an incredibly awesome and gifted reader. " ... written by Chris..
Excellent reading! He really connected with me and reaffirmed what I was already thinking. He's awesome. " ... written by TS
Thank you lovereader1 for your insights. I appreciate your empathy and kind approach. Highly recommended ! Hope it will all turn out well" ... written by COCOLO1989
Great" ... written by Lexi
Lovereader1 connected so well. my truths were simply not what i hoped for. Yet he made it softer for me to understand and I appreciate it from him." ... written by Lisa
Hes amazing as always :)" ... written by travis
thanks you so much" ... written by cute
Picked up on situation and personalities very accurately. Highly recommend." ... written by la
Great reading, awesome psychic!!!" ... written by Kitten
He was sooo good! So right on!! Needed a man's perspective!! :) xo" ... written by Alexis
thank you so much," ... written by cute
Visited for an update, he was very quick to re connect to situation. lots of information, thank you again. :)" ... written by Dakota2043
BOOM! Clarity. Love it. Try it. :)" ... written by Kitten
He was very accurate, very quick, and informative. I told him only my and my lover's name and birthdate and he had a clear picture of what is going on in our lives. I was amazed. This guy is legit. Five stars." ... written by Jimmy Ranso
God Bless this boy. He is devoted to what he does and does his job well. So many things he sees from beginning to end, from top to bottom... sometimes, it is shocking and difficult to swallow. Thank you, love. 10 stars" ... written by Lily
Thank you for sharing your insight." ... written by Jerald
Really kind advisor. Very fast and gives a lot of information. Perfect!" ... written by Candamp;P
good reading connected quickly. very honest" ... written by miko
thank you so much for this reading. you have given me so much insight." ... written by charlene
first i don't trust what he told me...but then in a minutes he change my mind blowing...he told me very deep and long accurate love reader..i like this guy..and I'm looking forward to talk with him again!! thank you so much and we will see again soon. " ... written by lipsangel
It was a good reading. Thank you for your time." ... written by Margaret Brewer
great guy! accurate on point, amazing healing abilities...i will be back!" ... written by spirit
great session. He was very accurate an to the point. thank you so much" ... written by Tyler
Good reading will work at it." ... written by BN
Thank you so much," ... written by cute,
Such a beautiful soul and wonderful psychic. Pleasure to know him and very accurate reading." ... written by Beautyclarity
Amazing reader!" ... written by Chrissy
very good. I highly recommend. he is consistent with what he says" ... written by ken
Great reading, he is lovely and accurate." ... written by Beautyclarity
Very well connected. I didn't have to explain anything, it was very clear that he understood the situation. He gave me very concrete advise, and I trust that it will work. Thanks! " ... written by Starliteny
Thank you so much. You gave me new hope and strength :)" ... written by Snowfright
Not only is he handsome but intuitive and lovely! You can expect total honesty from him. First time having a webcam session with a psychic and I'm convinced. Love and light my friend x" ... written by Gurusophie
Good reading!!! gave me so much perspective :) :) love it. " ... written by Kimberly
thank you. i had one question and he helped me clarify thank you again." ... written by melinawai
very accurate! What he says was in tune with what I felt. Thank you! " ... written by keetz
Not only helpful but cute as a button!" ... written by Sonja
Hes amazing as always. :) Everything that he says gives me hope and it just feels so right inside." ... written by Travis
Nice guy, accurate reading . Thanks alot." ... written by amaachiaa
very awesome person " ... written by stephanie
he made me feel a lot better than before i started talking to him. i enjoy the reading and he gave me hope" ... written by Stephanie
Such a sweetheart. Kind and gentle soul. Great psychic." ... written by Beauty
thank you, " ... written by cute
Thank you so much" ... written by cute
Very detailed reading and very straight forward. Was accurate and quickly connected to the current situation fast. Very kind and great accuracy with the events to unfold and what currently has taken place. He was a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to the events to be expected to unfold in the coming months." ... written by Aliyah
Such a sweet person and very intuitive. Tapped in to what was going on right away and helped me very much." ... written by Bethany
Great, great reading! So accurate!!! :) xoox" ... written by Alexis
Great reading as always. Very caring. Realistic predictions" ... written by kmathis
The best reading I've had so far" ... written by kmathis
Very nice reading, details accurate to situation, thanks again, talk soon, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
much details thank you!!!" ... written by christina
Lovely person, lovely reading." ... written by Beauty
great reading" ... written by kmathis
Wonderful reading I will be back for more......" ... written by Jennifer
New news and I am not excited about it but at least I know the truth. No sugar coating today" ... written by kmathis
Very harmonious healer. " ... written by Kathy
excellent reader" ... written by mike
Nice quick reading, fast to connect to situation, talk soon. :)" ... written by Dakota2043
Lovereader was very in tune with my relationship and our connection and energy. Amazing. Unfortunately we got cut off and I didn't get to read the final words he sent!" ... written by Rebecca Husted
Thank U !" ... written by maria
Great reading. Very compassionate and gentle but truthful" ... written by kmathis
awesome reader. typed fast and said a lot " ... written by kenn
awesome reading. put my mind at ease" ... written by miko
he is wonderful. and checks to see how you are feeling." ... written by miko
very good reader. connected really quick." ... written by miko
Very good psychic, he was able to connect with me easily and did gave solutions for my life problems. God Bless u a lot" ... written by sara
Lovereader1 is great to read with! his energy is gentle yet direct. I hope to read again soon. He's gifted and really connects! " ... written by Kathy
Was good" ... written by Angela
always the best person to refer because he always make me think and act fast on what to do next in life..i never feel waste with my money towards this guy who i called "love guru" " ... written by lipsangel
quick. almost seemed to read my mind and ans my questions b4 i could ask them. " ... written by plutogirl
Good reading, connected quickly, thanks again" ... written by Dakota2043
Ok. I think I found the new star here. He connects fast. He is direct. He is soon good! Just wow!!" ... written by stylus
The insight is similar to what I was able to see as well. With little detail he was able to be spot on with current situations. Thank you!" ... written by Rob
Thank you so much," ... written by cute
He was quick, and honest! Thank you for the clarity and insight. Many blessings to you and until we meet again!" ... written by scadoodle
Very good" ... written by Ang
So good. Direct and precise. 5 stars" ... written by stulus
Always great and detailed. Awesome " ... written by Gce
Great reader always" ... written by Gce
very fast n to the point !!thx for ur messages 5 stars " ... written by queenbee22
lovereader 1 is just an incredibly amazing person. He is so kind with words. He is honest in what he tells you whether good or bad. He connects to you quickly and straight to the point of things. He told me things I needed to know, I was confused a bit but I trust what he tells me is the truth.. I will come back for another reading.. Thank You ;)" ... written by Faith
he really digs thru the situation to explain the issues, that's on going appreciate your advise. 5 stars will see in a few months " ... written by queenbee22
thank you so much" ... written by cute
very good reader. I highly recommend" ... written by ken
very good reading as always" ... written by kmathis
He's very in tune with relationships! Knows the feelings intensely. Not necessarily the actions but definitely what each party is going through for sure!" ... written by Rebecca Husted
Thanks for the follow-up." ... written by Rebecca Husted
Very genuinely nice guy Will need to give it time to see if reading unfolds as stated but thank you - great connection and picked up on a couple of things but will have to see how it all plays out :) " ... written by Juju4445
LoveReader is very in touch with my connections to a loved one! He can read both our energies. Very impressive. I wouldn't count on him for time frames or specifics but very in touch with feelings, pain, happiness, etc. of each of us!" ... written by Rebecca Husted
execellent! want to extend the reading" ... written by dharamdevi
Great as always - thanks and I love you!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Great! Picks up everything really fast and accurately so. Awesome reader" ... written by GC
My brother, my advisor, my friend.... Thanks for working so hard and for all your loving care! THE BEST!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
excellent reading thank you" ... written by zui
very clear and quick answers. connected very quickly." ... written by angelszone
one of oranums best for sure. I feel he is honest accurate and professional. " ... written by ken
Hes amazing as always!! :D thank you!!!! I need to come back!! sorry about that!" ... written by Travis
very good reader. I will def return," ... written by ken
Positive as alwaysss!!! let hope that everything comes true" ... written by nina
Very reassuring :) always accurate" ... written by Travis
Thankyou for my reading xx" ... written by m
first time with him; i was a bit skeptical for some reason, but he won me over! he tapped into the real problem right away and was able to ease my worries. i'll for sure come back to him. " ... written by abyss00
He is always very positive and gives me hope. Thanks for the update!" ... written by Starliteny
very fast reader and to the point" ... written by sally
Very good update greatly your information lots of details" ... written by queenbee22
Always a beautiful and wonderful experience with Lovereader. Full of insights, positive energy and love, compassion and healing. " ... written by Beauty
Great reader" ... written by GC
." ... written by .
Very good reading. Just the clarity I desired" ... written by kmathis
Will wait and see what happens. He tapped in well and picked up on the situation. Will be sure to come back for further updates." ... written by B
Thank you so much, that's great and lovely" ... written by cute
VERY accurate. You don't need to tell him your situation. He already knows. " ... written by keetz
Thank you so much," ... written by cute
Extremely accurate insight. Was spot on the entire reading. Told me what was going on, what to look for, and what to expect. I am so glad I was able to get a reading. Gratitude!" ... written by Tomika
Wow, I'm Impressed!!! I felt very emotional during my reading because I felt what he was delivering to me was truth and I felt very appreciative of being able to receive it and have my mind assuaged finally after some mental distress to do with my circumstances. :) And he seemed to confirm something that had been told to me another time, and his confirmation of it solidified some very important questions I had in mind. I'm very happy I got this reading. I would highly recommend lovereader1!!!! :) Thank you! :) And he also seems to be a very nice individual, too! :) Thanks :)" ... written by ObeliskDame
wonderful update just hv to let things fall in place 5 stars thx u " ... written by queenbee22
I went for a continuation of my previous reading done a few minutes prior, and this one felt it could have held more details, as some of the information conveyed was repeated, so that was unfortunate. So I felt this one could have been a little better. However, I don't know if it's one of those situations where all that's to be said about a subject had already been touched upon before, so maybe that's why not a lot of new info was given. However, I still feel this psychic is a very good one. So I do want to say that. That first reading was very wonderful and I do think he possesses very good connecting abilities! :) Just this reading could have been better, but that's okay! :) However, I got all my questions satisfactorily answered, so I'm happy about that! :) Thank you again. :) " ... written by ObeliskDame
Very accurate and helpful . Thank you!" ... written by echoubi
Great! good connection, believe good things are to come. Not sure what happened but lost connection. will try again. " ... written by synnove23
Good reading. I hope everything he said will come to pass" ... written by kmathis
Thank you for the positive energies and i look forward to what have said. " ... written by echoubi
I felt very comfortable and I very nice energy, told me things that are very important to me and hope to speak to him again. Loved the experience." ... written by Avita
good reading, truthful insight. " ... written by golden
Connects immediately. Very insightful. Whoa!!" ... written by Daniela
great reading" ... written by Rob
Thanks for the great reading, and its convinced me" ... written by cute
Thanks that was great, you just right into the situation and always consistent and positive, honest" ... written by cute
Feeling blessed to have the insight you share . . . thanksmy friend - and brother for your guidance!" ... written by Abigail
lots of information" ... written by s
Thank you so much, for the great reading," ... written by cute
This is one of the best ever thought partners ever. thanks and I love you..." ... written by Abigail Rudner
this Man is one of the absoute BEST on Oranum! Thanks brother" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Fantastic reading! Quick and straight to the point. First prediction was correct and I'm sure his new prediction is accurate as well." ... written by TS
A great reading as usual. Straight to the point." ... written by kmathis
Lovely session with a wonderful and caring psychic. Always puts me at ease and shows me that everything is going to be ok. :)" ... written by Beauty
Fast reader and is very straight with his answers. There is no sugarcoating. Great! TY" ... written by G
Detailed.Connects fast. Very accurate. Amazing reader!" ... written by G
Thank you that was great, " ... written by cute
good, but my time was to short" ... written by gipsygirl
I felt reading was very accurate, hoping at least the future will be wonderful, as much as he predicts. " ... written by Susie
He picked up on stuff that I never hinted at, amazing. Thank you so much for your clarity." ... written by Tatiana
Lovely reading with Lovereader. He is so kind and gifted. I truly appreciate his insight and caring. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by Beauty
Good one" ... written by amber
Really nice. Gave great and accurate insight into the situation. Types fast and is very detailed. Awesome reader! :D" ... written by G
Answered all questions directly, fast connection. Thank you so much for your clarity." ... written by T
He is such a sweetheart. Patient and his face just shows how much he cares about your situation. He is a very nice guy and cute! Give him a shot. " ... written by Y
great reader" ... written by Cristina
Hes wonderful as always!!! :)" ... written by Xekseita
good" ... written by Chanelle1961
Thank you so much! I am so happy!" ... written by T
always great" ... written by Abigail
Absolutely incredible, fast connection and so detailed in his response. I loved it" ... written by Fab
Thanks so much for the reading spot on !! with the situation i am in now." ... written by gipsygirl
Great reading, I was impressed with the detail. Thanks so much." ... written by Jesse
good reader got connected give him a try" ... written by sam
Really nice and funny. very genuine and very detailed with his readings" ... written by Fab
he assessed the situation very accurately with very little info provided. i will see him again." ... written by wren1414
He was great. He told me a lot . I need more money so I can contact him again.. thanks so much.. " ... written by randi1158
thank you that wonderful, you are so nice," ... written by cute
Surprisingly accurate predictions! True expert in relationships. " ... written by TS
woooow you are so wonderful, great psychic," ... written by cute
Thank you that's great reading, you connect so fast and you just straight to the situation, and its really honest and you tell me all, you are wonderful psychic," ... written by cute
Thanks for awesome reading, he understand and are very helpful" ... written by Khadracandy
i run out of time i was only able to get one question but he is good" ... written by pepestone1
Awesome!" ... written by g
well he did pick up on something that I did not tell him and I'll have to see for future predicitions. this was my first reading with him. thanks" ... written by leo girl
Thank you so much, thats was really great, thanks for your help," ... written by Cute
Thank you so much my dear friend, you are so nice, wonderful psychic, " ... written by cute
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading, " ... written by Cute
Thank you for the wonderful reading, you are awesome, accurate and intuitive. Blessings and thanks again" ... written by Lorna
AWESOME! " ... written by Cat
This guy is GREAT!!!!" ... written by w
Excellent reading" ... written by Maria
eased my mind up a little bit. thank you (:" ... written by T
he can tune into the people involved very well" ... written by wren1414
Very fast and accurate. Love his reading. Professional and caring. Two thumbs up!" ... written by Betina
thanks for the great reading, you are wonderful, definitely fabulous," ... written by cute
thanks for the great reading, its so fast to connect and very positive, you are wonderful psychic, " ... written by cute
I got a nice reading from him. Very nice and genuine, made me feel calmer. Highly recommend him" ... written by S
Very lovely :)" ... written by M
he is very good and tuned in to the situation." ... written by wren1414
Very kind and insightful, I feel so much better about how things are playing out. connected well to the situation. very reassuring and sweet reader" ... written by Amy
Good psychic insights" ... written by amisha
awesome!" ... written by real love
very genuine and sincere and direct" ... written by Zoozanne
Gave me detailed information about someone I met recently. Very accurate. Hopeful. Awesome reader!" ... written by Christi
very gifted intuitive - provides healing" ... written by mT
I got a lot of hope and positivity from Lovereader's reading, hes a genuine intuitive and has helped me a lot in my personal and spiritual growth" ... written by Bernie Sanders
Always so kind, sweet and gentle with his readings. Just a beautiful and precious soul he has, so loving and generous, I never leave his room feeling down. Thanks so much for your kindness. I needed that today. God bless you." ... written by B
He did connect with me easily and my problems too. good insights. Always feel good when i talk with him" ... written by amisha
Thanks thats was interesting, and great " ... written by Cute
Awesome always" ... written by GC
Great, i wish it could be faster though. ty!" ... written by bisscare
very intuitiver and to the point - exactly spot on" ... written by MT
the best" ... written by Abigail
very good, detailed and insightful. I was really worried, but he eased my mind and i can't wait for all to unfold." ... written by dee
very fast and accurate. thank you!" ... written by keeetz
He was very nice and spoke so nicely to me. I will have to wait though to see if his prediction comes true." ... written by Nolene
Thank you that was wonderful reading, " ... written by Cute
Amazing reading, thanks so much. You are such a wonderful and kind person. Blessings to you always." ... written by m
Great reading. He answered all my questions so patiently. Gives a lot of detail" ... written by Moongirl17
Awesome" ... written by G
even thought it was very short. i truly felt his connection. A+" ... written by Michael Perez
This man is truly Blessed and Truly Gifted in Every Way. He sees clearly to the heart of the matter! God Bless." ... written by Maggie
He is a very quiet and calm reader but very precise on details and explains very clearly. I will definitely be back to see him again. Thank you for your honesty and deep connection. " ... written by maria
the best" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Thank you for your time and predictions. I will be back to talk about them. :)" ... written by Brianaaf2
Thanks for the read..! Hope things change.." ... written by SS
Very good reading, I hope that the prediction come true. Thank you so much." ... written by edysica
he is sincere and real.... great thanks bro" ... written by Abigail Rudner
I paid for a reading and he was not there!" ... written by Lastsupper123
Great reading. so much information. He picks up energies and clarify these clearly. " ... written by moon
Thanks alot for the update...Exactly what l feel myself..:-)" ... written by Linda
Wow! Amazing reader. He sees the emotions that will happen/has happened and describes it very clearly. Very honest about what to expect and I feel a positive vibe about my reading. He is very gifted. Thank you for the read. :)" ... written by Miamay
He picked up on my situation and is guiding me into what will be." ... written by j
Awesome!" ... written by Ge
very consistent came for an update and still the same thank you" ... written by nowk
oh he's so beautiful, caring, and quick to see what is going on with emotions of others. " ... written by fresh qigong
Thanks" ... written by s
Thank you very much for clarity. I feel energized. " ... written by Rose
Thank you for the confirmations..!" ... written by SS
Kind, sweet reader. Very detailed in his reading and accurate. Awesome" ... written by g
Good and honest reading" ... written by amisha
very accurate reader, with kindness reveals deeper truths and gives truth on life path and direction - has very positive, healing energy" ... written by mcf
Thanks for giving a detailed reading. " ... written by RR
Great reader. Always on point" ... written by G
Connected immediately, I feel he is very spot on with how its going with someone new =) " ... written by Tanya
HE IS GOOD" ... written by TABITH FULLER
It was a good reading. He did pick out some things that he couldn't possibly know about me." ... written by s
The special reader and guide . . helps to clear the way" ... written by Abigail
Sweet, kind reader. Pleasure to talk with. Gives many details. Spot on and Awesome!" ... written by G
this reading helped me and reassured me to stay hopeful " ... written by Krissy
calming and sees deeply into things." ... written by rainforlove
Excellent and fast reading to the point! recommended !!" ... written by Nelly
He is always so kind and patient. He knows details of things I have not told him and describes people both physically and their personalities when he can't possibly know. Still waiting for predictions (which he has consistently said should happen in a couple weeks) but he can definitely tell details of the present. I will post and let everyone know about the predictions. Fingers crossed. I'd still recommend him in the meantime." ... written by Karen
I had the most thorough and in-depth reading with Lovereader1. He was EXTREMELY detailed and gave me much clarity. He gave A LOT of information in such a short amount of time and has the incredible ability to sense the feelings of others and make you feel at ease. He gets directly to the point and is extremely straight forward! AMAZING reading. He is truly gifted. " ... written by Ohhhbrina
lovereader is a strong psychic and takes his work seriously... I have found his readings insightful and healing... thank you" ... written by freedm
Always so kind and patient..." ... written by Karen
he's great. connects well and types fast!" ... written by GG
Really great reader. He is never short with information and is very accurate. " ... written by G
sweet and charming and very caring.... looking forward to more positivity and smiles xoxox" ... written by freedm
very in depth reading. picked up the situation easily and without my input. Looking forward to coming back with feedback." ... written by roselilly5
he is a very great reader, typing is a little on the slower said, but it doesn't take away from his reading. he definetly reassured me about my relationship with my significant other.. and I feel very confident it what he has told me, and know things will work out for the best in my favor." ... written by alicia
he's always spot on" ... written by Gal
He is good in giving insights with accurate time frames. Must try him" ... written by amisha
nice reading- thank you" ... written by S.
fast, spot on, calm, deep reading." ... written by aware
Really great reader. Very insightful" ... written by G
Comforting and compassionate..." ... written by Karen
Very good reading session:-)Calm and honest reading..." ... written by Linda
Sweet and kind reader. Detailed and connects fast. perfect!" ... written by G
very calm and informative reading, i got a feeling he really can connect to people hearts. " ... written by hubert
Thanks..." ... written by See
Great reading" ... written by Anonymous
A great psychic who intuits and picks up the energies of people and circumstances really well; Had a very reassuring reading session and a lot of what I had known or suspected was confirmed by him - Thank you so much for shedding light on the situation and clearing my doubts! Many blessings" ... written by Domino
thank you for your information and clarity" ... written by mn
Five stars, very powerful reading and energy! He was able to pickup on the situation and give me all the details and advice for me to go in the right direction. Very quick connection and responses. incredible. I have had many readings here on Oranum but I must just say that this man is incredible. so gentle and sensitive, and he is able to say everything that needs to be said without all the sugar coach or wasting you credit without getting something that you can use." ... written by think blue
In the middle of the morning, I was feeling soo distraught. And lovereader1, my first time with him. it was amazing. he put my mind and soul in peace and I felt better after his readings. RECOMMENDED HIGHLY! have a blessed Ramaadan Lovereader1. " ... written by Rania
Highly recommended. Hes reading is fine really fine and make me feel at ease. I thank him for the wonderful reading. Please go to him when you have doubts, he will give u clarity u needed. " ... written by Rania
Thank you..insightful and hopefully will help my nervous energy :)" ... written by Matthew
I have to admit I was a little skeptical however he told me what I needed to hear. He reassured me and reminded me that I hve to think put myself first. Tahnk you so much!!!!! I will be back!!" ... written by Robin
came back to continue where we left off yesterday. a little refreshing, and confirmed a few things that I had a hunch on. Although he did tell me something I didnt want to hear but he must tell me what he sees. correct? he's very patient and explains efficiently. thank you for your time! " ... written by Robin
For caring and good insights and clarity... Please do not hesitate to go to Lovereader1... u will find him most patient and he will make u be and feel positive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED :) have a blessed Ramadan. " ... written by Rania
My fist reading with Lovereader1. He is fast. He was fun, very kind, and seemed to know a lot about both matters I asked him about. I will come to him again for a reading. " ... written by BeautifulJewelia
A very kind hearted, down to earth psychics, connects to our situations very easily , gives us solutions and very much convincing . God Bless him always" ... written by sara
Sensitive and cute....waiting for his become reality......." ... written by Pure Soul ~ Bainzedda7
Very helpful and accurate! Great reading and very useful answers to my questions! TY!!!!!" ... written by Cynthia Grymes
Interesting read, hope that what he says will come to pass" ... written by NutellaCookie
Thank you for your honest info. " ... written by girls
Genuine guy." ... written by Londo
great" ... written by mari
amazing sends great vibes and delivers the message" ... written by virgoe82
was quick to connect and was really nice; unsure if any of it is true but will time will tell if predictions come to pass thank you " ... written by sher
he was very positive but only time will tell if his prediction is accurate. if i comeback that means he was accurate. i cant say he was accurate or the best because this is my first time reading with him. he dont use tools which is a good thing. " ... written by Nafayia
very good reading thank you. " ... written by noelle
Fantastic and efficient reader. Thanks :)" ... written by Christine
always the best reader and gives a good soul searching moments every time I'm with him for a read. his clarity always gives me a clear mind. I wished him well ... THUMBS UP LOVEREADER1 !" ... written by zuraini
A++ Reading" ... written by TS
There's no sugarcoating here! Lovereader1 provides quick and straightforward readings. Very kind and compassionate and patient to answer every questions. Fantastic reading!" ... written by TS
I needed to touch base with Lovereader1. I have been confused and needed to have an honest conversation with him. I was not confused from HIM. I was confused about my life and its circumstances. He let me explain in free chat. Then we had our private session. He is always so good about making me see that I must take care of myself first. I must make myself a priority. I have been SLOWLY adopting this. It just is hard because there are circumstances I cannot ignore. There is only one 'me', and I do the job of a whole team! SO, focusing on me first means, someone else gets less of me. Love-is very sincere. He really does care. " ... written by BeautifulJewelia
He confirmed what other psychics have told me and he was very, very in depth and connected very well to the energies involved in my situation. He was able to describe exactly how someone was feeling and it gave me a lot of clarity. I really recommend him." ... written by Fish
Good reading... Will see how it unfolds. Thanks" ... written by Kindaichi
Good and honest psychic with cystral clear visions and accurate time frames" ... written by sara
It is so so hard to find spiritualists who are kind and talented. Almost impossible. He is very loving. Highly psychic and caring." ... written by deserttree
He seems genuine. Time will tell." ... written by loyal4ever
he wasn't speaking clearly " ... written by Farwa
Always comforting to talk to..." ... written by Karen
He is adorable! It is not easy to get everything out of him at once but once he feels you, it flows. Have patience with him and you'll be happy you did! He is so interesting!" ... written by Liliana
This was my second reading from Lovereader. My first reading I was seeking love. I was afraid I would never find love again. Lovereader advised me that I will find love within the next 6 months. That was 1/2015. 5/23/2015 I met the love of my life. I never experienced a love like this and I knew he was the man Lovereader forseen months before. Now we are planning to be married soon and is expecting our first child together. This reading I wanted to know if we will be married before the baby comes and there is not doubt in my mind the information Lovereader provided will come true. He is very insightful and 100% accurate. Great reader!! Thank you Lovereader for peace of mind and happiness." ... written by Erica
he was really good" ... written by Farwa
So sweet. He knows what people feel - I don't know how but he does..." ... written by Karen
He was good, could read energies well. Could see changing happening soon. Very helpful, knowing a bit of background to the situation too. Thank you." ... written by Lexie
Great reading, thanks so much!!" ... written by Atesh
Good and honest psychic with true insights. Always ready to help other he is a good human being. Keep doing the good work as always" ... written by Amisha
he tuned into the person i was asking about very well." ... written by wren1414
great reading, very specific" ... written by dl