About lifecfiona

Psychic lifecfionahas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic lifecfionahas recently helped 3343members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about lifecfiona's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.


I am ready to help you with your problems concerning your private life, love issues, partnership and career difficulties. Other than these you can bring up any other type of private matter to me.

We will work together here, and you will see that the solution lays all in you. My ability is to offer you the sensation of success that you can handle your problems with just a little help. And not the least it will be fun! Please get wise and consider your problems as the sources of learning and maturing. Never forget that the natural power is in you.

I am an empath and have some decks. I use antique destiny cards, Hungarian cards and intuitive tools deck. The last two is only done by me here on oranum. I give u a special mix of these cards so u can end up with a totally new point and a clear vison of solution to your problem.

I also do Tarot card interpretation in free chat every day!

My intention is to awaken the creative You. As I am trying to be as creative as possible with my methods, I will show you how to do that as well.

I do email readings as well. Based on your exact birth date (by the hour) I can prepare you natal birth chart as per the Western Astrology. I do it only in email reading.

My motto is this:
Let's be grateful for our problems, because these encourage us to start the most important tour in our lives, the voyage of discovering ourselves. Bon voyage!

Come to my room and experience my healing energy as well... You can experience my tibetan singing bowl sound anytime in free chat. A delight to your heart chakra...

Some of my testimonials:

"Very interesting reading. I enjoyed getting my lifepath and career. I can't wait to see the balance come out. Thank you "

"Fiona has a most gentle and calming spirit. She couples her readings with wise counsel and an openness to probe more."

"fantastic, straightforward and accurate... good and clear vision and very realistic insight. quick and focused... one need to keep up the pace... very challenging! ;)"

"than you for such an insightful reading. always reliable when i need some insight into the other person's inner thoughts, especially when they are not as communicative about expressing them."

"she is sooo nice and told me great things about my future, i love her readings. i will be coming back to her for more readings."

"very insightful. very nice reading and tackled so many areas. She is very clear and uses hungarian cards which I like. She is very good with her interpretations and is gifted."

"very insightful. very nice reading and tackled so many areas. She is very clear and uses hungarian cards which I like. She is very good with her interpretations and is gifted. "

She has wonderful aura." ... written by peter
She listens, understands... her advice is very much appreciated and welcome." ... written by rivereed
She got it right about my diet problems. I don't know if it will help with my dreams but I will try to follow her advice. She is a nice and friendly person! I will surely come back again!" ... written by Sophoniba
One of the natural experts here.. She will put you on ease." ... written by lingearthy
I didn't get a straightforward answer, but I got an answer that was empowering - that's important. So, thanks a lot!" ... written by Nata
She is a different psychic in Oranum. She helps us to find the answers together.. There was a nice synergy." ... written by lingearthy
She is very initiative...Love her enrgy" ... written by subru
Fabulous!" ... written by d
Thanks for the help, very helpful! Calming lady Xx" ... written by Laura
What a lovely lady ! And a great reading. Thank you Fiona, you give me hope. Will be back again. Blessings" ... written by Lorna
She caught on my situation spot on. and give me clear direction in my confused situation. Thank you " ... written by Stephanie Liu
Simply awesome. Loved her positive enrgy" ... written by jeffrey
Extremely warm and very friendly and calm. Spot on with regard to the reading. Looking forward to more readings Lifecfiona via her new email service." ... written by Rosebudy
Always so genuine always explains in detail and has tremdous faith. Thank you for my reading I will take note as it was a good direction x" ... written by Rosebudy
She's nice" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Thank you again lifecfiona you are really good and i love your readings. I will again be checking back with you" ... written by Patricia
I really liked my reading with lifecfiona she was wonderful I'm giving her 10 stars. She is a wonderful reader." ... written by Patricia
Very new to this whole experience. And I loved it very much" ... written by Shelly
Thanks lifecfiona. Very helpful. I think your advice is great!" ... written by Justin
Awesome!" ... written by skyranger
Marriage " ... written by christal
Very good caring reading." ... written by KJ
This was an awesome reading-- now I can relax about my situation" ... written by JacquieLM1
She is so kind and lovely. I loved her." ... written by Jennifer
On point great." ... written by adam
Fiona is a wonderful women who's intuition and guidance are extremely accurate and honest." ... written by David
Very detailed reading and right to the point. I will be back to see you...Thanks millions for the last answer!" ... written by Jean
Very insightful, relatable. I will be back for more!" ... written by sasha
Fiona is a great helper! What she has to say is very inspiring! Very understandable and very very kind! I recommend her a lot! Thanks for my reading Fiona! I'll be back!" ... written by Pren Prekaj
Very good reading. Thank you." ... written by vertover
Wonderful, inspiring reading!" ... written by Clarity5
Very amazing reading I will give her 1000 stars." ... written by sam
Life is a wonderful counselor and friend all the time. She is a great person beautiful inside and out. " ... written by Ben
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
Thanks and waiting for your predictions." ... written by wildrose
Very good, straight to the point of the question. " ... written by lynn
Good." ... written by K
She is a great reader and wonderful. Like the way she says things" ... written by ilha
She was a help to me but I need more answers, I can trust her already, she's very easy to open up with, I'll be seeing her more often. " ... written by natasha
She is intuitive and truly helpful, I shall have faith." ... written by leanna
love, Love, LOVE her. Very informative and intuitive. I appreciate all the advice and guidance. Will continue on with her." ... written by Colleen Ferrara
Great to know, sound advise." ... written by Colleen Ferrara
Light hearted and enjoyable" ... written by Mary
Very Thought Provoking! Very analytical and honest...spoke to my situation" ... written by Julia
Was spot on about my best friend. Hopefully her reading comes true. Positive and clear." ... written by summerbreeze
nice lady" ... written by lotus99
beautiful reading" ... written by kevin
She is an amazing intuitive reader. She works with Hungarian cards and was clear and concise in her reading for me! She was worth every cent. Thank you Lifecfiona!" ... written by Emilie
Fiona is very positive compassionate reader. Clear and accurate, answers any question you want. I love her!" ... written by Lefleur5
Very sweet, very helpful, straight to the point. I'll be back." ... written by angelsent21
Very nice, seemed credible. Liked her energy." ... written by stateofwonder
Very good reading, helped me look more positive and can't wait to see what happens now." ... written by Lucy
She was very good. Caring and personal, but professional. She saw my situation and will wait to see how it is resolved." ... written by Diane
great reading. She was on point with a lot of things that are going on around me " ... written by Bri
I was very impressed!!!!" ... written by d
Lifecfiona was so wonderful to talk to. She put a lot of stuff about me at ease." ... written by Susan
She hit everything right on. From the minute she started talking, I knew she was on track." ... written by James Moore
I enjoyed the reading very much. She is a good reader. " ... written by butterflysun7
Very nice lady and it was an informative reading, with good details." ... written by Jennifer
I so much enjoyed LifeCfiona, her energy as a person is just amazing. I felt like she really truly connected with me, as though we were friends a long time. Her connection to my loved one on the other side was really good and had me crying, and what she said gave me goosebumps. She was so right about my ex too. I recommend highly." ... written by Satiah
She gave me a very good reading, felt that she opened new doors for me:)" ... written by jonah
I love the reading from here. It's precise in some areas that is happening currently. I'll be coming back. :) thanks, Fiona!!" ... written by Lori
I found it really interesting. She knew things about me that only close people to me know. Waiting to see if her predictions come true :) I'd definitely try with her again. " ... written by Joliie
great reading!" ... written by skyranger333
my second reading with lifecfiona and she was spot on on so many things, and I love her Hungarian cards. " ... written by bijutsu
absolutely accurate!!!! please try her, she is amazing!!! love her!!" ... written by loveseeker23
interesting read" ... written by leodragon
Always good to talk to you, so far everything you said became true.....having to move, etc...thank you for clarifying things in my bizarre life. :-)" ... written by tunerdilona
She's awesome, try her and you will be pleased with her services." ... written by Ek
Thank you very much for the reading. Highly recommended. " ... written by Jerin2000
She was marvellous!" ... written by Subolch
great reading. thank u so every much for your insight" ... written by erini
good" ... written by Trish Loucas
I loved this reading. Very accurate and helpful, but the decision I have to make is a hard one" ... written by Karen Kutassy
If you dont want a "REAL" reading dont hire her if you want the truth pay for it 10++++ not the answers I wanted and the truth but needed to hear LOL" ... written by Steve Stephens
amazing as always thank u huni xxx" ... written by smiler801
Good, they pretty much say all the same thing, wanting a miracle I think. She was good." ... written by Debbie H.
Fiona gave me a wonderful, comprehensive reading on all of the issues I am currently desiring information about. She gave me very positive direction and a couple of warnings. I shall steer clear of the pitfalls she mentioned. I loved her use of the cards, utterly fascinating and I certainly hope her predictions for me come to pass. As before, I left feeling reassured and positive and energized about my path. Looking forward to consulting with Fiona again in the future and I highly recommend her readings to anyone who visits Oranum. She is totally professional and delivers an encouraging heartfelt report. Many thanks Fiona! " ... written by amethystt
Spot on, on details. Great reading" ... written by Shasha
Fiona is good. she is caring, and gets to the point gently. great insights and i love her approach cards. " ... written by angelz2
Very through reading with the most patience and absolute courtesy. Very much on target and worth every second sitting with excitement and some fear to learn what the future holds. Great reading and lovely lady...will be back for an update." ... written by LJC
lifecfiona was very helpful and intuitive and was able to get a quick insightful reading for me :) i enjoyed having a reading with her and i strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reading to help solve their situations :)" ... written by melissa
good reading with fiona, she was able to provide me clarity with my situation :) thanks fiona" ... written by melissa
lifecfiona gave me a very positive reading with clear advice on an issue that has been haunting me for a long while. I am very grateful for her encouragement and clear understanding of my situation. Thank you very much lifecfiona! Looking forward to your guidance the next time I am in need of it. " ... written by Michael
very sweet, she took her time and was genuine. " ... written by nene2778
She was excellent! Will come back..very thorough!" ... written by Mona
good psychic,,nice and friendly." ... written by joseph
fiona always provides em with clarity to my situation. it was a good reading and she does her best and always honest :)" ... written by melissa
Thank you for the quick responses and being helpful all the time" ... written by tunderilona
Excellent reading Fiona is very nice and is easy to understand" ... written by cheyanne18
Love talking to her, honest, to the point, and very very helpful." ... written by ilona
very calming and she was right on tysvm :)" ... written by MistyBlue438
accurate and very nice person." ... written by joseph
Was very insightful and quick as i was low on credits Gave me a time frame and im waiting to see if it comes true thanks a lot again.Highly recommended" ... written by Mettlwire
good reading. I enjoyed it." ... written by kevin
Great reader. Very concerned and caring. " ... written by jknm
was very insightful and to the point.Will wait for the prediction to come true ty very much" ... written by Jerin2000
terrible" ... written by ganesh
nice reader, always helpful" ... written by mnt1446
she read me well however i will only be able to tell when the things she said comes to pass!!!" ... written by cecilia
fab as always " ... written by trace
thanks for a quick private chat" ... written by Edward Cahill
Very positive, very kind, and a very good professional reading. " ... written by Ben
Nice person, wish connection was batter." ... written by peaceandlover
very nice!! love her!!" ... written by loveseeker23
nice reading. very positive and cheerful. " ... written by leodragon
Thanks again for your help, it's good to talk to someone who knows my situation. Your predictions about my husband's legal problems came true....." ... written by tunde
sweet and kind lady. helped me a lot" ... written by mt
This was an amazing reading. She is very sweet, kind and easy to talk to. Her reading was spot on and left me feeling much better about my situation. 5 stars, I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. You won't be disappointed! Peace x" ... written by Richard
Nice, good, felt a connection. Will wait to see..." ... written by Diane
Thank you for the readings and your help. It feels good to know someone who knows me, and someone who can help me with my struggles. I'll try to be strong." ... written by tunderilona
a wonderful,kind and insightful reading." ... written by jamie
Lifecfiona helped me be aware of possible situations with my business partner that I will now understand better and be able to correct so that the business will move forward. She was very helping and understanding. Thank you" ... written by Paul
I enjoyed the reading, she used different cards and was quick answering my questions. Thank you, look forward to things happening as you say!" ... written by Caliza
Good and insightful reading!" ... written by Trish Loucas
Fiona is a wonderful women who has helped and guided me on many occasions. Her clear and concise readings are of huge benefit to me." ... written by David Pottinger
fiona was quick to answer my questions and she was very insightful to my situation :)" ... written by melissa
fiona is great! i ran out of credits the first time so i got more and we finished off from the first reading and shes very gifted and insihgtful to her cards and she knows what shes talkign about when it comes to matters fo the heart and whats troubling me. " ... written by melissa
This was my first time and I was very nervous; but Very warm, welcoming, friendly environment Lifecfiona creates. Thank you for being honest and kind. " ... written by Elisha
Very supportive!" ... written by Cindy
lifecfiona has given me many wonderful, and true readings. Looking back on our conversations I can see that what was said by her has been the truth and whats best for me. Thank you lifecfiona for many warm and truthful readings." ... written by Hayden
she was wonderful" ... written by Roni Gerhardt
she is fab :)" ... written by Bey
she provided me with some wonderful news. i hope it pans out... :)very insightful." ... written by leodragon
Good." ... written by lavanya
I would recommend lifecfiona to anyone who needs answers to their questions. she is very good and was able to see things very clearly." ... written by countryliving
thank you fiona for reading! ill keep informing you about the outcome" ... written by Alicja
Fiona is a highly intuitive women who uses her skills and knowledge to help others with questions and dilemma's they face in their life." ... written by David Pottinger
i love her so fast and sincere with her reading..." ... written by olivia07
great reading - will come for follow up" ... written by Taurus
Thank you for revealing reading." ... written by leodragon
gd reader seems honest...will see the outcome and very straight forward person" ... written by patout
Wow!! Amazing!!! Highly recommend! Seriously, I've had many readings before but she surpasses them all. Extremely detailed and active, tells you everything. She's always thinking ahead which is great!" ... written by Sylvie03
Had a very nice general reading with Fiona. She is very gentle and warm. Loved her gypsy deck and would definitely recommend to have a reading with her!" ... written by PMK2005
Very warm and eager to help. a lovely lady and very giving :)" ... written by Scott
very accurate. Her famous gispcy cards tell a lot. She worth more than 5 stars. Very honest no sugar coating. Thank you very much." ... written by pigletme123
Super reading, loved her a lot!" ... written by AOC
Excellent and kind" ... written by Kim Hudson
Very nice reading... thank you! She is very quick and to the point. Very encouraging andamp; honest. She had a very calming effect on me and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you again!" ... written by CCLady
She was Awesome!" ... written by Shakti
excellent Fiona was a great listener it really helped me to be honest and open she is my life coach and everyone else reading this should allow this beautiful lady with an amazing gift to help you 10/10 thank you oranum for providing such an angel the cards were accurate spot on the healing I felt was incredible. thank you Fiona godbless you.chris x" ... written by chris
Excellent insightful reading, very helpful and quick response." ... written by David Pottinger
Good reading.. Thank you. " ... written by cathyf
Lovely reading!!! very accurate and concise. perfect person to go to go to. Thank you very much LifecFiona. An amazing person xx" ... written by SpicyxPepper
love her" ... written by nhint2481
She was great and spot on with everything..helped me tremendously" ... written by Beautiful89
WOW! Lifecfiona is an amazing reader!! she is kind, sweet, professional, very informative in her readings,and fast and efficient.. it was a real pleasure to have a reading with her. Many many Thanks. And many many blessings. A great thank you. i will remember this one.." ... written by ceeclouds77
Loved the reading. Thank you Fiona :) " ... written by Cindy
Great tarot reader. I enjoyed my reading very much." ... written by Krista Elliott
LifecFiona is a very kind person. With down to earth recommendations. Much appreciated." ... written by jennymcjenny
very accruate" ... written by pigletme123
Fiona was very professional very accurate I enjoyed her reading very much glad I had a private today with her will thouroughly recommend this lady to everyone the best phychic in oranum without doubt ." ... written by chris
wish it could have been better :/" ... written by finallyanswers
thank you for the reassurance and clarity. i really appreciate these little windows into the heart of the other person. i hope things turn out well between me and "A". again, thank you very much for your wonderful reading. :)" ... written by leodragon2014
she is impressive." ... written by Elizabeth
she is great" ... written by Elizabeth
Thank you, you are so good" ... written by JJ
FABULOUS!" ... written by marya
Love Fiona Always great advice :) " ... written by Cindy
Very good reader and very quick. Lifecfiiona will only take more time if you request it. She is conscience of your money and does not waist it needlessly." ... written by Krista Eliott
Great - clean clear and right on -" ... written by Abigail
very good ready hopefully her prediction will come to pass" ... written by patout
very good" ... written by Alex
Fiona has an amazing intuition which she uses to not only answer your questions honestly but guides you through situations and allows you to think intuitively about how you feel and what is right for you." ... written by David
She is such a gentle soul- kind in her advice, accurate, a pleasure to speak with," ... written by Sylvia812
Fiiona is always on point in any venue. Her readings are exactly where i am led in the right direction and guidance is nderfully shown" ... written by Thomas
Fiona is my favourite reader, she is awesome " ... written by Bey
Excellent reader and fast and advice is good also." ... written by Krista Elliott
The blessing of her words strikes the cords of truth. Fiona is blessed with a gift of foresight and love that comes from her words and through her actions. " ... written by Thomas
Sweet and helpful" ... written by b
excellent reading, generous, insightful, thoughtful" ... written by Ganesh
It is so wonderful that this woman has such insight and such a gift. Her messages are amazing" ... written by Thomas
she is very accurate. and very clear. owesome reading. Thanks again" ... written by gugu58
i enjoyed her reading is was quiet unique. very clear understanding. " ... written by lavelle
Very interesting reading." ... written by leodragon2014
you are awesome! i love how straight forward you are" ... written by maggielee
great indepth reading x" ... written by claire
fiona is great... she was completely in tune with my situation and had ways for me to overcome them too. thanks fiona. i will try the tips out. and i will def talk to u again!" ... written by aby
Thank you Fiona for another insightful and honest reading." ... written by David
she is my favouite" ... written by Bey
Great reading !! Answered all the pinpoint areas i was asking about" ... written by Thomas
She was able to tell me helpful information in a short amount of time. Great experience!" ... written by lina200013
this was a lively and lovely read. Fiona regardless of the given story gave me an unexpected reading; the things turn around. certain info she sensed was spookily true." ... written by deanerius stormborn
Very nice details, quick to pick up the energy of my situation and provide good information, insight, and advice." ... written by J
Fiona is a very honest and genuine woman who uses her intuition and card reading techniques to give straight and concise answers to your questions." ... written by David
She was wonderful to relate and really good insight to the future and definitely recommend her ***** " ... written by Gary Pinto
Another brilliant honest and insightful reading from Fiona who never fails to give answer your questions or issues. " ... written by David
She is amazing. She made me very happy :) She is perfect and very detailed in her reading" ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
Love listening to you thank you so much" ... written by Tunderilona
Excellent reading..." ... written by Ganesh
excellent reader,,,,recommended." ... written by joseph
Thanks for your feedback, or should I say It helps a lot to know where I'm standing. When you told me in the summer that I will find love this fall I DID NOT believe you...and there WAS a false alarm......but sure enough, here HE IS. I never felt more in love in my entire life. If you would've told me he was also the most handsome person I EVER SAW in my life, I would've never believed you. But you kept my hopes up, you told me there WILL be a new love, and you WERE right. Your expertise is appreciated. Love youuuuuuu!!!" ... written by Tunderilona
A real pleasure to chat to and gave clear answers to my questions." ... written by Colin
Fiona is a very kind hearted intuitive women who uses her empathy and intuition to give you honest and insightful reading and answers to your questions and issues. A true diamond." ... written by David
very accuarate reading considering first ime, and complex scenario to dip into. Lovely personality and friendly reader." ... written by Seahorses
I love this lady, right on point and very in tune to the situation. I enjoyed her reading. Give her a call guys. I will be chatting with you again" ... written by R
nice reading straight to point thanks x" ... written by claire
She is a very good and gifted psychic. Love her readings" ... written by Harsha
she was very accurate answering my questions..very good reader" ... written by Trippy_Star
confirm my intuitive thought. great psychic. very kind energies. " ... written by lirlandais49000
cool" ... written by Bey
Very good. Thank you" ... written by travellerz00
I experienced Fiona as a fast and honest reader.. Worth to have a read with her" ... written by P
Really good great psychic" ... written by Jonathan Ochoa
Seems efficient and encouraging ...... Yet to know due to the time frame....." ... written by Teaser
you were exactly what i needed this morning. to confirm everything i was feeling. thank u for gifts" ... written by lavelle
very nice! pleasant!" ... written by searchthetruth
Great reading !!" ... written by Andrea
Fiona made me feel comfortable with her. She suggested that I want to have another child but I am 58. I hope her predictions come true." ... written by Eva
amazing" ... written by loveandtruth23
She, is very nice and i feel she connected really well." ... written by Matt
i enjoyed her reading very informational." ... written by lavelle
great" ... written by lirlandais49000
thank you for the reading and advice. " ... written by princess1218
She is one of the best on this site!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by derrick
She is very on point and doesn't require detailed questions to get to the root of your concerns, but is able to address them." ... written by Louise
Cheerful and Happy after the reading. Gives practical advise" ... written by SHAGUN
excellent" ... written by honey rocks
I love Fiona very much, and her accuracy in the answers is quite extraordinary. She gives you a warm feeling of energies and I enjoyed my visit very much." ... written by seahorses
I love spending time with Fiona, warm and honest and really nice. Readings are a pleasure with the truth delivered." ... written by seahorses
Thank you nice reading" ... written by marie7498
thank you for being honest and kind. I appreciate every reading you do for me.. " ... written by princess1218
thank you so much. great reader. so approachable and great person to turn to for advice. " ... written by leodragon2014
Amazing" ... written by ahmad
Excellent readings .. with such a perfection .. Love u Fiona" ... written by Ashish
thank you for your spot on reading it's amazing how cards can really show what peoples heart and personality is. thank you for clarity and i will be back to update you thank you love! god bless" ... written by mag
very good reading" ... written by Hehewuti
Great energy, positive person and my first reading with her was excellent! I'm definitely checking in on her more often!" ... written by Saveena
thank you for this reading. Great news ... Now I will do what you told me and wait for it to happen. tnx" ... written by princess1218
Great" ... written by baharalivand
Very compassionate and honest" ... written by Louis
she was wuick and to the point will come back" ... written by luz
Fiona is a very talented and warm person who uses her skills and intuition to give honest answers always and will not just tell you what she thinks you want to hear. In the case of not so good news Fiona will use her intuition and experience to help guide you." ... written by Davd
GREAT.....will come back for another reading. Unbelieveable insight. thank you so much!!!" ... written by Debbie
I love Fiona!! She is very wise and always helpful!!" ... written by Delicia
Very good and insightful reading. She is a pleasure to read with." ... written by R
so very nice and calm, detailed reading of substance. great delivey and makes you feel warm. Please visit this lovely girl" ... written by seahorses
Answered all of my questions clearly, I'm hoping what she had to say comes to pass!" ... written by B
Fabulous Fiona .. So accurate and the most perfectionist reader i have been in touch so far... God bless " ... written by Ashish
excellent reading. very clear, warm, and detailed. thank you so much as always." ... written by leodragon2014
lovely calm reading which always hits the nail on the head. Please feel good about going into private reading as it will not be a mistake, that's for sure. Lovely insight" ... written by seahorses
i had a good talk with fiona and i know its from the heart" ... written by leigh osborne
Open positive and reassuring...........nice reading" ... written by Nigel
thank you so much for the positive reading. i look forward to hearing from my guy. :) " ... written by leodragon2014
always good advice" ... written by leigh osborne
Thank you once again for a very insightful and honest reading." ... written by David
i enjoyed her reading. it was very detailed and confirmed a lot of what i was thinking. great reading" ... written by lavelle
Very comforting and non judgmental, good suggestions such as meditation. " ... written by Robin
Fiona is very calm and wel read in her gifts. Very uplifting too." ... written by seahorses
great" ... written by baharalivand
:)" ... written by rae
Thanks for the fantastic lovely reading. I feel so much joyful and positive now. Looking forward to all that to unfold. Thanks Fiona." ... written by leana
Thank you Fiona for a quick honest and kind reading" ... written by David
thank you. i really appreciate your insightful and detailed readings. they really help to raise my spirits when I am down. " ... written by leodragon2014
i put all my trust in fiona" ... written by leigh
Thank you Fiona, you were right on about everything you told me, and I trust your advice because you were right the last time we spoke over a year ago. I couldn't explain because I was lagging but over a year ago you gave me a demo in public chat and you made a prediction about my love life that came true. Looking forward to speaking to you again!" ... written by S.A.
great reading and thank you for everything" ... written by pat
The reading clarified a lot of the uncertainties. It's really reassuring to get confirmation that the person I am concerned about still feels connected to me even if he doesn't say it in so many words. thank you lifecfiona. I always feel comfortable coming to you for advice and counsel. " ... written by leodragon2014
wow thank you" ... written by bee
very insightful. very nice reading and tackled so many areas. She is very clear and uses hungarian cards which I like. She is very good with her interpretations and is gifted. " ... written by Golden Aura
i always appreciate her candidness and her sincerity in getting to the heart of the matter. thank you lifecfiona~/ " ... written by leodragon2014
Loved my reading and was very informative!! will defiantly come back for more!!! " ... written by tmfolta
great reading" ... written by leigh osborne
As always very helpful...loved the discounted rate today!! Thanks Fiona!!" ... written by Beautiful89
She is really good and in detail, and very very accurate. And also intelligent, so she can actually interpret and discuss the matter in a way that makes sense." ... written by frg
short but to-the-point reading" ... written by f
Great reading. Thank you so much, Fiona." ... written by familyhelper
Accurate and sweet, will return" ... written by cmarie
Very good reading straight to the point I liked her reading very good made me feel good." ... written by Fallon
she's very nice and fast. will be waiting for predictions!" ... written by BP
She is a kind soul who concentrates on the client very well. I will talk to her again soon!" ... written by eli
Very nice reading and very helpful. " ... written by Ray
i thought she was great and quick and to the point, love talking to her. " ... written by tracy
I like her." ... written by Auberjyne1
Great reading!!!" ... written by e
She does a thorough reading and is accurate" ... written by eli
very happy with the reading" ... written by sugar
She was awesome. Very detailed. Answered all the questions I had, with great detail. I will definitely be back." ... written by Janice
Thank you soo much!!! incredible reading!" ... written by freeandlove23
she is sooo nice and told me great things about my future, i love her readings. i will be coming back to her for more readings." ... written by matt
Fiona's reading's are always honest, supportive and genuine." ... written by David
than you for such an insightful reading. always reliable when i need some insight into the other person's inner thoughts, especially when they are not as communicative about expressing them. " ... written by leodragon2014
The reading went great! She is so nice and pretty!" ... written by Celine
She's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Very on point! Very good" ... written by Rebecca
Fiona is great. She is kind and straight forward. Nice reading" ... written by leana
Thank you Fiona for an extremely thorough and considered reading." ... written by David
Fiona has a most gentle and calming spirit. She couples her readings with wise counsel and an openness to probe more." ... written by AnnicB1
Thank you Fiona for a calming and honest reading. Thank you also for you kindness and patients." ... written by David
fantastic, straightforward and accurate... good and clear vision and very realistic insight. quick and focused... one need to keep up the pace... very challenging! ;)" ... written by oryon
Very interesting reading. I enjoyed getting my lifepath and career. I can't wait to see the balance come out. Thank you " ... written by mystique810
very nice reading..very empathetic..i liked it allot!!!" ... written by Sonia
Great reading!" ... written by Angel
I think she is a great reading, will be back." ... written by tracy
good reading " ... written by lala
she is a great reader and very positive" ... written by lavelle
thanks :)" ... written by c.
Thanks you Fiona for another insightful and precise reading, you guidance is truly appreciated and valued." ... written by David
Very good!" ... written by aurelia
amazing" ... written by derick
lifecfiona could share my question before I know how to ask. I thought I knew my own answer but was tooo unsure. I was right according to the cards lifecfiona drew. her explanations were clear. professional and kind, warm. tyvm" ... written by cindy
generally good. Not very specific. Positive vibes , i like." ... written by sundar
was great reading thank you... I hope to have another reading again soon with her" ... written by Brenda
thank you" ... written by chaluka
Thanks Fiona. Always love her card reading.... fast, clean, direct and wonderful!! Thanks for the guidance. Truly inspiring!! " ... written by leana
thanks Fiona for another insightful open and fun reading. Always honest and full of wisdom." ... written by David
very kind sincere and genuine reader" ... written by yvonne
very sincere and genuine reader" ... written by ola
Thanks Fiona for you patients and honesty with me and for your continued kindness." ... written by David
Thanks for the honest reading fiona.." ... written by dc
really like her ,she is very nice !!!" ... written by janari4
Fiona is absolutely amazing and teach me how to live better and happier. " ... written by Bey
Fiona is a real ray of sunshine, who always offers honest readings and positive and constructive advice as well." ... written by David
Thank you. You were absolutely wonderful!" ... written by sapphire_orchid
thank you so much for your candid reading. As always, it is nice to get clarity among all the grey!" ... written by leodragon2014
gOOD" ... written by G
Such a pure, amazing soul this lady has. I loved every minute of our reading and she was able to dig deeper in the questions providing me with many details like I was looking for. Very honest, quick, enjoyed her different decks specific for certain situations :) and how much she helped!! Will be back another time for more lol " ... written by A
thank u so much fiona. i enjoyed my reading very much and verified what i was feeling." ... written by lavelle
Thanks Fiona for the reading!! REally encouraging" ... written by leana
A really interesting and thorough reading using a combination of decks. Thanks again Fiona for a kind and thoughtful reading." ... written by David
She was lovely and pleasant, why not try. " ... written by Merrysinclair
she is the best" ... written by leigh osborne
Thanks Fiona for an insightful and kind reading. Thank you also for you amazing energy, warmth and gorgeous smile." ... written by David
so consoling and reassuring. someone to go to when you need to untie your emotional knots. thank you so much lifecfiona!" ... written by leodragon2014
A really thorough and thoughtful reading which was open and honest. Thank you also for your advice and support." ... written by David
A wonderful lady. I hope whatever was guided is very right. I really enjoyed her guidance" ... written by k
great!" ... written by mb
She was very quick and insightful in a short period of time. Very upfront, honest, and compassionate. I would definitely do reading with her again." ... written by Ginny
Great insight and advice as always : ) Thank you so much : )" ... written by B
she is honest andamp; quick" ... written by olivia07
Thanks Fiona for an honest reading and positive guidance. Sorry for not being my usual self. Thanks again for your continued support." ... written by David
Fiona is wonderful. She is so patient and encouraging. Thank you sosos much to have her here." ... written by leana
I think lifecfiona is simply lovely and her reading are so on target. I will talk with her again. " ... written by Susan
It was a wonderful reading:)! I felt like a lot my questions were answered and it felt really lovely to connect!!!" ... written by Cora
Lifecfiona was absolutely brilliant " ... written by lazylizzo
Very pleasant and accurate reading!!" ... written by Angel
Amazing reading!!! She sees right into the situation and gives guidance as well. Such a sweet person too!" ... written by B
great reading just love her reading so positive and so true second reading last thing she said spot on " ... written by crream
She is patient and she gives precise answers. She is very positive and calm. Hope things come to pass !" ... written by Rhaegal
such an uplifting reading. thank you so much. so much to look forward to. I am excited" ... written by leodragon2014
Fiona's reading are always open and honest and do not just tell you what you want to hear. Fiona also offers sound and caring advice to back up what the cards tell her." ... written by David
Honest without being hostile. Good reader, objective. " ... written by abby
I have had a couple of readings with Fiona and she has done an amazing job both times. She tells me things about my situation that she could not possibly know in detail and provides excellent, specific insight. " ... written by Kayla
Thanks Fiona. She is sweet, always fast andamp; direct. Wonderful" ... written by leana
after a demo reading I felt compelled to have a pvt, she is very sweet and above all really good at what she does. Thank you so much for shedding light on my situation" ... written by Pheonix
thank you for the reading. it is as always very clear and insightful. " ... written by leodragon2014
Thanks so much ... that lift me up and cleared my confusion." ... written by susana
Back again, wonderful lady full of guidance and love, thank you so much" ... written by Pheonix
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lightchild7
Fiona is lovely and she is really helpful. Thanks for her reading always" ... written by leana
Despite having big questions and in a hurry lifecfiona was really helpful and gave me some clear direction on a choice I am making today. Thank you so much lifecfiona, I will talk to you soon!" ... written by Bear
Crisp and to the point ...i liked her so much ." ... written by sabina0202
connected very well I could talk to her for hours " ... written by m
great! five stars always" ... written by paul
i'll be waiting for 8 months for my prediction to come true! i know it'will be worth the wait! thank you for encouraging me to get through the obstacles!" ... written by pearberry008
Lovely Women ! She was great!! :D" ... written by Ericah Vittie
quick and good. 5 stars" ... written by a
She does connect with your spirit. She gave me the positive encouragement that I was looking for - just not sure if that was what is going to happen. Always hoping for the best. Blessings." ... written by LalitainAR
always value her candor and honesty. thank you for telling me how it is and giving me clarity." ... written by leodragon2014
Thanks again Fiona for an honest and precise reading, always gives you clear answers with full explanations and advice on how to use this to your best advantage." ... written by David
She was very helpful, detailed and accurate!!!! Love her!!!! She answered all my questions with honestly, she's great! :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
amazing reading she is fast and straight forward no sugar coating." ... written by M
Fiona's reading are always honest, open and insightful. Fiona also takes the time to explain the reading and how it can be applied to you situation. All in a kind and warm way." ... written by David
well connected to the situation and solve my concerns" ... written by victor
Thanks Fiona for being here. She is always wonderful" ... written by leana
Fiona always gives you a very helpful and honest reading rather than just telling you what you want to hear. This is most beneficial in both the short and long term." ... written by David
Always so sweet and in touch with the situation. Very genuine and predictions come true " ... written by Ginny
Quick, Nice, Seems very accurate... will be back!" ... written by J
The best, she gives the best information. Very powerful and accurate information. I love her readings the best. " ... written by Helen
Very sweet lady. This was my first reading on here and it was good but i felt that nothing was revealed that i was hoping to get answers for. Thank you for your time. " ... written by Shaundra
I loved my reading!! Very insightful... Fiona, is awesome! She has a beautiful heart, peaceful grace about her, she has an amazing force field around her that reaches out too you automatically. I can honestly say she's my ONE and ONLY guide and I wouldn't choose another. " ... written by Alexis
Had the bestest reading ever.. now im good for another few months .... " ... written by LovelyRapsody
Its a delight to get readings from her." ... written by sabina0202
thank you for your insight. your connections are always very fast. appreciate it very much." ... written by leodragon2014
Hi Fiona, thanks for a private chat," ... written by Edward Cahill
Thanks again for a very precise and honest reading and for your continued guidance. I appreciate the honesty and openness very much." ... written by David
Excellent, honest, caring. I am very happy I did this." ... written by Marianne
very very good x" ... written by Damion
Excellent read. Total sweetheart and no sugar coating!" ... written by nyc-er
Amazing. even though we got cut off. shes awesome. i love speaking with her :)" ... written by Sabi
Great reading, she dialed right in and saw what was going on. Nice nergy" ... written by Cedric Hightower
Woooow! She's soooo beautiful, and her smile is sooo infectious and her readings are Spot on. The clarity is amazing. Love her!" ... written by Daniela
Fiona's reading are always very honest and informative and delivered in a kind and thoughtful way." ... written by David
Interesting woman. Her readings are a bit different from what I'm used to, but it was eye opening nonetheless. I'm curious to see how everything plays out. " ... written by Erica
Well 2nd time with her... Based on the 1st, it has been true and now have to wait for time and will be known soon. Believe it will be true again. :-)" ... written by Teaser2901
sorry that my credits run out .. but I loved my reading ,thank you for giving me hope! " ... written by ieva
A very concise 'short and sweet' reading with clear answers. Delivered by a kind, honest and super woman." ... written by David
helping me every step of the way. Love her" ... written by Daniela
i had pretty much no time but she was really great w what i had!" ... written by ad
Fiona has an open and honest approach to her work and maintains a positive outlook at all times without glossing over any potentially challenging issues." ... written by David
She did her best in a short amount of time. Always very sweet and insightful." ... written by Ginny
Every time she reads, she is right. Lovely, smart, kind, right on!" ... written by marya
she was very good and sweet she takes her time so that she can give a real answer!! " ... written by Catnesslove2310
it was very well interpreted. " ... written by Nichole
Excellent reading. Straight to the point" ... written by Anaama
Wonderful reading thank you. Shining a light at the end of a tunnel. X" ... written by pinkpegeasus
Thank you looking forward to us getting back together" ... written by Kellie
Fiona is like my big sister, I love her " ... written by Bey
Great reading!" ... written by AK
A quick honest and precise reading as always delivered with a genuine kindness and warmth. Also Fiona always offers practical advice especially when perhaps you don't get the answers you were hoping for initially." ... written by David
Excellent read, should try" ... written by nyc
Thank you Fiona for a patient honest and uplifting reading, delivered with your natural charm and positive energy." ... written by David
She's great. Love spending time with her!" ... written by D
I really liked her reading. She was honest, well rounded and kind hearted. She was someone I could relate to and a good voice to empower other women. Extremely accurate." ... written by Jamie
gppd" ... written by ko
good " ... written by edel95
quick to connect. very friendly and excellent advise given. Thank you very much." ... written by kob
Lovely lady! Very deep and true understanding of what is going on! Amazing insight" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
thanks for the reading. very insightful as always. hope things turn out positively for me. :)" ... written by leodragon2014
very quick direct to the point" ... written by olivia
A really insightful and honest reading with lots of happy positive energy." ... written by David
very particular and took time to really answer the questions at hand in a clear and concise manner. thank you." ... written by starfish57
very concise and smart and communicates well. i felt a very good connection with her. " ... written by s
Lifecfiona nails stuff from just looking at the cards! It's brilliant." ... written by WeeFreeWoman
great careers reading " ... written by cream
Quick! On point! Accurate! Amazing! Extremely detailed and super kind! " ... written by Ang3l33
good reading over all confirmed what I knew and gave clarity on the new developments " ... written by edel95
first time ever and I was really surprised this might work I am so excited this is going to be a journey of all journeys this women knows hee stuff" ... written by Nichole
Very sweet lady and she gave me good information for the up coming year. I will come back to see her." ... written by Elizabeth
in taking a different approach this feels sa real right know she really know how to connect to ones inner soul." ... written by Nichole
A very positive and uplifting reading from a very kind and gifted woman. Thanks so much." ... written by David
Very accurate and fast to connect. Helpful information given. " ... written by MystifyMe
Wonderful reading! she was fast in her reading, have incredible advice, and was very very very accurate. her details are amazing. thank you soo much." ... written by gabby
love you fiona, you are the best :*" ... written by Bey
She is quick,accurate, honest and caring!" ... written by softwater
Very good, very smart, and caring." ... written by softwater
thanks for the tip. Very appreciatted thoughts" ... written by elhijodelmoro
just what i wanted to know ! now to wait as always !!!!!! " ... written by Summer
Thank you Fiona for providing me with clear guidance and allowing me to focus my energies in the right direction. A positive reading delivered in a kind and caring nature." ... written by David
very good foundational reading; some confirmations; timelines will be wonderful if true. will have to let her know. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Thank you for the reading. You were so right about my family. I will keep you posted. Sorry I ran out of credits. " ... written by Jennifer
An honest and insightful reading from Fiona delivered in a kind and calming way." ... written by David
G R E A T!!!!!" ... written by Marissa
she has been always great" ... written by benny
good reading. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Great reading" ... written by Zeigen
Love you, you are the best :*" ... written by Bey
quick,friendly ^^" ... written by martin
Thank you Fiona for an honest and open reading and for your continued advice and support which I value and appreciate very deeply. I can highly recommend Fiona for a reading for anyone as her approach can be applied to any situation or area of life." ... written by David
Great read with positive results ! direct and straight to the point." ... written by sohsal
Thanks for a very honest reading and for honest advice, I appreciate this." ... written by David
great positive reading thank you" ... written by guy from malta
Great Reading!!!" ... written by Ben
really enjoyed your poise and quick, clear reading so far. thank you" ... written by nic
thnx :*" ... written by Bey
Very spiritual, positive vibe, and very intuitive. She predicted something with a few days came up." ... written by elhijodelmoro
Thank Fiona for a precise and honest reading and for answering my diverse range of questions." ... written by David
tnx bestie :*" ... written by Bey
Fiona has a unique approach where she uses the information from the card readings to not only give details but also honest and practical real life advice and guidance on how to deal with problems or how to ensure you maximise opportunities. So you leave with a clear answer(s). Always delivered with a kind and positive energy." ... written by David
Lifecfiona was able to pick up on the situation very well!" ... written by Angelica
wonderful reading. look forward to my future and will keep her posted for sure" ... written by oscarbuffy
she very good she speaks very nice she made me feel better thank" ... written by lucy spano
very good reading. good but explanations long." ... written by starfish57
A quick and precise reading from Fiona, with honesty and guidance." ... written by David
tnx honey :*" ... written by Bey
she is really great i hope what she tells me comes true it really gives me hop she is terrific" ... written by bouncylady
She is one of the best readers ever. soo sweet, soo nice, and her predictions come true!! thank you soo much fiona, i really love your readings. thank you soo much." ... written by gabby
again, extremely nice, clear and insightful. Very quick and understanding. I absolutely enjoyed your message" ... written by nic
i think she is very gifted, it seems like she is accurate time will tell if her reading comes true. very nice and pretty lady" ... written by bouncylady
So amazing, thank you I'll be back " ... written by d
A very detailed and positive reading. Thanks very much Fiona" ... written by David
She is absolutely marvelous. Great reading, filled with warmth and amazing advice. Thank you soo much. I am forever grateful. " ... written by cathy
tnx ;)" ... written by Bey
this was great. very enlightening. She touched on issues that no one knows about and ones that i certainly did not lead on to. Very accurate" ... written by Paul
has provided insight and comfort thank you for your help" ... written by virgoe82
Fiona always gives you a 100% honest reading and does not sugar coat anything, if answers are not what you were hoping for she offers practical and wise advice on how to change the situation in a warm and kind manner." ... written by David
Thanks for a very quick and concise reading and for good clear advice." ... written by David
She was wonderful! Spot on I will be back!" ... written by Melinda
thank u! honest!" ... written by ami b
wonderful reading" ... written by qp
I loved her opinion! She is very sweet and knowledgeable about readings. She definitely made a connection with me and I love the vibes! Thank you! Will be back........" ... written by vandamme196
A quick and insightful reading, delivered with honesty and a charming smile." ... written by David
excellent read" ... written by nyc
Fiona always provides a very honest reading and always delivered in a sincere and kind manner. I would not hesitate to recommend a reading with Fiona either for a specific question or issue or just a general life reading." ... written by David
Thanks for the reading, unfortunately I ran out of credits.. Thanks for your insight and guidance.. Blessings" ... written by Uvifera
very on point! " ... written by ochun
Thank you Fiona, for a supportive and relaxed reading and for answering all my questions honestly and quickly. I can highly recommend a reading with Fiona for anyone who has any issue that is causing them any stress or worry." ... written by David
A very clear and honest reading is always guaranteed from Fiona and delivered in a kind and uplifting manner." ... written by David
An extraordinary way of seeing things without any extra details, cutting to the core of the problem - this woman amazes me again and again." ... written by WeeFreeWoman
Great insight on my situation." ... written by Aza
Very good reading!" ... written by Alice
I very honest reading and very insightful advice on how to deal with problems and lifes challenges." ... written by David
Good insight .. picked up on my situation .... interesting .... would recommend!" ... written by Ann
Sooooooo helpful - a must " ... written by Onslow
excellent reading, and spot on w the intuition, nice and compassionate person." ... written by Sanwar Addat
I like and appreciate Fiona's energy and vibe as well as her honesty and fiery spirit and personality which comes out in her readings." ... written by David
Quick and very insightful, picked up quickly - a good read" ... written by Onslow
Fiona was great! Very spot on, clear, did not waist any time and provided me with a clear vision of what is happening - both the visible and the "invisible" part. She gave me time frames, will be back to comment on the time frames." ... written by Audrey
Amazing - wonderful read- do yourself the favour " ... written by Webster
Fast and accurate " ... written by Webster
Wonderful reading - very good - very fast " ... written by Angelique
A very quick and accurate reading delivered in an open and honest way with a kind and warm energy." ... written by David
Amazing reader - fast and accurate" ... written by Webster
super" ... written by kkkk
Thanks for a thorough and productive reading with honesty throughout." ... written by David
Wonderful and fast reading" ... written by Fiona
Was straight forward and told me exactly what I needed to know." ... written by CamoGirl87
Thanks Fiona, you are always great :)" ... written by Bey
First reading with Fiona and I have to say she was spot on. I have my select favorites on Oranum and she confirmed what I was told. Will be adding her to favorites. Thank you xo" ... written by Mandaa3
Very lovely reader. Very assuring andamp; feeling the power with her. " ... written by Missjk21
First time to the site and felt that Fiona did a great job, time will confirm what I heard. Thanks!" ... written by Gubbini
If I had plenty of money to spend on this, I would have gone further as she was spot on with the Aries man." ... written by Barbara
Fiona uses a technique that is quick and easy to understand as well has her intuition to give you honest answers. But always delivered with a calm and warm energy, with a little hint of her fiery spirit." ... written by David
very sweet and to the point. Very honest even if it is not what you want to hear. loved working with her. " ... written by paige
Wonderful as usual" ... written by Duane
great!!!" ... written by e
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
She was fantastic !!! Thanks so much xxx" ... written by Anna
Just wonderful as usual, quick and to the point " ... written by Duane
good reading" ... written by rosebud
Wonderful and insightful, always has such good advice" ... written by Fiona
A very fast reader! And I hope her reading turns out as she says. THanks" ... written by Susanne
Awesome reading. Very insightful !!!!" ... written by Vanessa
Thanks Fiona" ... written by Bey
Amazing as usual - such good advice " ... written by Jonathan
She was great! straight to the point. She knew the situation! " ... written by Emily
A clear and honest reading from Fiona with a kind and warm hearted spirit." ... written by David
A very honest and detailed reading from Fiona, always backed up with practical advice and solutions to issues or problems in kind hearted and charming manner." ... written by David
Thanks fiona for a wonderful reading .. Its been an year that i visited her for the same reason and shes right on spot always .. Thanks again" ... written by AshishMudgal
great very quick spot on" ... written by me
Seems very accurate....will be back shortly to update." ... written by roch
Fiona was lovely to do a reading for me, i hope that what she says will happen 11 days, time will tell.." ... written by leeanne M
connected with lifecfiona, very straightforward and encouraging and guided me through my burden :) thanks a lot!" ... written by Megumi
Fiona always offers quick and honest answers to my questions and does not hide the truth. Always offers practical advice and support in challenging circumstances and positive energy and friendly nature throughout." ... written by David
Thank you very much for your clarity" ... written by NA
ty" ... written by j
excellent" ... written by EA
i like talking to Fiona... she is lovely, honest , straight-forward and sincere" ... written by leana
LOVED MY READING!!! Thank you soo much!!!!" ... written by cathy
She was very accurate to she knew me like the back of her hand will come back to her for update" ... written by John
very good." ... written by Sany
Great reading!!! thank you soo much!" ... written by gabby
Always assured an honest and reading with quick and clear answers to your questions with Fiona. Always delivered with a warm and infectious energy." ... written by David
Very comforting and soul healing conversation. Fiona provided insights to my life and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you and blessings to you. :) " ... written by Richard
She was cool gave me some good time frames i enjoyed it very much. Thankyou so much I will be back" ... written by Veeee
Thank you to Lifecfiona for always providing a thoughtful reading. Always very kind and pleasant. And very accurate to needs. I recommend her. " ... written by Ben
thank you" ... written by alesha
Open, honest and intuitive readings with practical life advice and guidance. Also an uplifting spirit and smile." ... written by David
Lifeafiona was very helpful in leading me to my path. She lead me to my path." ... written by Jorge
EXCELLENT READER AND HELPER" ... written by wiki
A very detailed and thorough reading with Fiona using a variety of different techniques. Always delivered with honesty and kindness." ... written by David
she is very good she hit on things and time will tell if her predictions come true" ... written by bouncy
oh she's great, fun, artistic, serious, reads into your situation like a glove" ... written by ffresh qigong
Very good productive reading with LifecFiona!" ... written by W
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you very much" ... written by Bernadette
Honest and insightful readings with a warm and fiery spirit." ... written by David
Amazing woman. Great reading, very accurate." ... written by Nimue
Wonderful" ... written by brenda
thank u Fiona " ... written by lavelle
Absolutely loved! Direct.. credits go far! AMAZING!" ... written by Selina
i feel this was an accurate reading. She was able to answer all my concerns and help with more information. great reader. thank you , and sorry for the slow computer issue" ... written by gentle
grwst andamp; celar. thnak you mcuh" ... written by L
Super intelligent lady i reccomend with enthusiasm" ... written by mickthedoc
very good reading - i will let you know if predictions come true" ... written by bb
Fiona is amazing ! She connects with you instantly and accurately predicts your current situation and what the future holds and provides guidance on what should be done .... just the plain truth.. lovely lady with a kind heart :)" ... written by Annie
Awesomeness Personified! The Truth starts here!" ... written by LoveLight
thank you! :)" ... written by De
she is quick, accurate andamp; genuine keeping her! detialed! love her energy! no bullshit! thnak you much" ... written by L
Fiona is great! love her energy! very purew andamp; reads to thep oint very clearly!" ... written by L
very good updates spot on ;love her" ... written by paula
Very good reading" ... written by swtone71
she is straight to the ponint i really like her im coming bk" ... written by L
very professional and real" ... written by anu
She is genuine andamp; consistent, iwill always come back to her!!! for updates I cant wait for it all to ocme true!! lots of love" ... written by L
Fiona is a very gifted reader, who uses her skills to give you and honest and quick reading and clear answers to your questions." ... written by David
She is amazing andamp; I recommend everyone, she doesn't bullshit andamp; is clear andamp; doesn't keep changing her reading, thats how you know she is consistent andamp; she is worth a reading andamp; your time. i love her energy " ... written by L
Thank you for being you andamp; reading with love, giving me clarity! i am so grateful to really get a reaidng with you" ... written by L
fiona got a update! she is amazing :) true!!!" ... written by L
Just realised that how great she is! Definitly, I'll see her agin in pvt. Many thanks." ... written by Dignity
she is very thorough and picks up on the situation without being told anything. love her hope what he says comes true" ... written by bouncy
Thanks Fiona :)" ... written by Bey
wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by phyl
Good Reading. Thank you Fiona" ... written by Lucky
Fiona is a wonderful and amazing ! Accurate and spot on ! love her ! ... will def keep her updated ! :) lots of love ! :) x" ... written by Annie
Have not read with Fiona for a while now cos she was busy. But glad that im back. She gives succinct answers and straight to the point. accurate reading and will pray what she sees comes true :) " ... written by Miss jk21
Credit ran out but was such a lovely lady to speak to and was accurate about my situation thank you " ... written by sherr
Good reader, good advice" ... written by Alexa
Fiona uses both cards and her natural intuition to give clear and honest answers to your questions. She also offers practical advice and emotional support where it is needed. A very kind and genuine spirit and heart." ... written by David
great " ... written by eudora
Wonderful, just wonderful " ... written by Alexandra
she is lovely" ... written by h
fantastic worth every wonderful coach" ... written by Minx210
A very timely and insightful reading from Fiona, with a guiding and helping hand she has opened up my mind to new possibilities." ... written by David
She is a brilliant advisor... on any issues will help you get back on track." ... written by elle
Clever." ... written by gd
Very good." ... written by ccc