About kt27

Psychic kt27has 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic kt27has recently helped 30members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about kt27's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I have extreme intuition and knowledge by which i will help you .My answers are fast and accurate. cause my mind is connected to other dimensional world.I have bachelors degree in computer engineering and masters in psychology and masters in international business. i have 10 to 15 years of experience.

Excellent psychic - Honest and straightforward." ... written by Imran Hashmi
she is very top rated psychic..though she is new but she seem to know a lot of astrology..please give her a try! God bless!" ... written by aqs
She was very quick, straight to the point. Thanks" ... written by teddy
thanx for reading" ... written by zimerili1
she was fast... accurate and very patient.." ... written by dex
very fast in her reading and tells in details i like her and will be back for anther reading very soon." ... written by mp
First reading itself is great and the reply was clear and concrete. She is very specific in answering and it is really a worth reading. Good job. God bless. " ... written by Doctorkesavan
very good" ... written by Dasani
The absolute best! Spot on, and even predicted the time. Highly recommended." ... written by B
Intuitive, recommend" ... written by BK
she was very good and quick" ... written by Helix
nice lady ... must come and ask ur question u will get a solution here .. i appreciate.. i got the solution. it was perfect and awesome reading.." ... written by sahil
She gave me a very good reading. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by butterfly
Thanks for the quick and helpful answer. This made me happy. :)" ... written by O.K
it was lovely asking questions " ... written by preetiT
great reading very truthfull and to the point" ... written by maz101
Great reading!" ... written by Rohit
Very thoughtful and reflective and smart reading. A kind soul and good friend. " ... written by Ben
Excellent like always. " ... written by Imran Hashmi
I really liked the reading." ... written by Thais
KT provided a very good reading and was to the point, does not waste your time. She listened to my concerns and was very open on how to move forward. Very nice as well. TY. " ... written by Ben
Wonderful reading and great advise. Thank you so much and I look forward to the follow up reading." ... written by Tom
KT has a very calm demeanor and is able to intuitively identify where you are headed and what you need. She is also smart and logical. Nothing artificial at all about her. She has very genuine motives. Thanks KT :) " ... written by Ben
Excellent reader and very truthful. Highly Recommended." ... written by need2know5
she picked up on things very good give her a try " ... written by risinsunset
Spot on!!!" ... written by Alicia
She predicted that we will be together within two weeks. Lets see what happens." ... written by Angela
she gave a time line, very fast, will see if that comes out to be true. Best regards" ... written by -blue
She was fast, I like that a lot!!!!!" ... written by ALY
She's great! very intuiitive and knows about remedies. " ... written by Lammonator
Nice reading and provided remedies as well. she doesnt waste any credit and answers your questions pinpoint." ... written by Suchita
very intuitive and helpful she gave me inspiration" ... written by Chris
good reading , she was able to focus in on me very quickly and answered by questions. THanks KT27 !" ... written by D.
Really quick and was nice to talk with u... great thank you!!" ... written by Petra
very accurate" ... written by hayley
very good reading, she is so accurate and precise, we establish connection right away. i highly recommend her ;)" ... written by feetlover04040
just amazing!! she is the best! She is always great . More than perfect.kind thorough and patient Great and accurate, easy to talk to. Great kind and helpful reader, very very good. 7 Star" ... written by PraveenP
Kt is super intuitive and experienced, direct vision of the patterns and karmas about to unfold and I appreciate her clarity and expertise." ... written by Leroy Sibbles
she seems very accurate!" ... written by humility
thank you for your honesty and reading, you were accurate." ... written by mag
Very fast and straight to the point." ... written by Flirty Bee
Wonderful reading from a kind and knowledgeable person" ... written by Elroy jetson
She was great andamp; very nice. I look forward to her predictions and will update :) andamp; she's very genuine and sweet :) " ... written by Birdyspark
Had a very good reading. Very honest (i did not like that much the answer), but fast and to the point. I appreciate it very much." ... written by Morten
Kt27 has a gift and can really read people very accurately. Her insights into any situation are very profound. Will recommend her to everyone who needs any kind of guidance in any matter. She truly delivers beyond expectations." ... written by Roohani Deshpande
accurate reading" ... written by 1111100000
My tensions, doubts and inhibitions regarding my personal life got cleared with her reading. She was to the point , crisp and clear without sugar coating, takes a strong determination and knowledge to give such a reading, I strongly recommend her if you want to know the truth and be prepared to face the reality rather than cursing the fate. I would like to come back to her soon again for another session. God bless you dear." ... written by loveluv
Great, Great, Great, and really fast and accurate with details and time frames. I needed quick anwers and this lady produces. I wish I had more credits to do a less hurried reading. No doubt she is the real deal! Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
very informative..gave me a hope and i will try her remedies..very pleasant and loving vibrations" ... written by Anupama
very loving and caring :) gave me great advice..and was accurate about things..gods blessings to you " ... written by Anupama
very good 10 out of 10" ... written by chand
she is kind and very caring correct she get to the point and " ... written by hop loves un
She was quick, better use writing! Accurate questions for her! I will be waiting for my situation clears " ... written by mimi
nice person, good reading. thank u" ... written by k
I was blown away with my reading. Kt27 was able to not only read myself, she also was able to pinpoint everything about the person I had concerns with and how to enlighten our lives. I suggest that you give her a try, you will not be disappointed." ... written by monnie
Yes very helpful and very accurate. She knew the way my ex fiance was without me saying anything. she knew that our rels was v intense and knew the accurate effects it was having on me. she read both how he was feeling and how it was affecting me " ... written by Hayley
Great and accurate also she gave me great advice.. 100% recommended. " ... written by NatashaJ88
KT is a very good reader, very calm, compassionate, and a good listener. I am always relaxed and have a good direction after speaking with her. Thanks! " ... written by Ben
was very insightful and to the point.very caring and compassionate.Highly recommended.You wont be diss pointed." ... written by watermeadows
an excellent reading. It was very through and precise. and very enjoyable along with informative." ... written by sati11
good reading :) thank u" ... written by Libsta
She is very intuitive and helpful. She gave me all of the guidance I need to continue successfully on my path." ... written by labelle15
she is good..... very fast and undertanding" ... written by abhay
Awesome reading, KT is right on the money. So accurate and always to the point." ... written by Tom
she was very good with picking upon things i will come back very good reader" ... written by rosie64
Good readung" ... written by Sunday
she is very nice person.... thanks kt27" ... written by cj
very good reading explained in detail to help me " ... written by sandra
KT is really good in the reading... accurate" ... written by raj
Very helpful and it does giving inspiration to go for the highest one. " ... written by 'Iunisi Maile
nice lady. seemed to have the answers I was looking for. we will see. thank you" ... written by karen
i like her because, she always says truth. " ... written by sahil
Excellent help" ... written by Ashok
k" ... written by k
Thank you very helpful reading" ... written by Lucyclaremussett
Very accurate reading." ... written by Milan
She is calm, caring and accurate, and gave remedies to counteract various interferences that hopefully will work." ... written by bythelake
good advice and health tips to overcome my disorder. I will try them out and see if they work." ... written by Mark
very good reading :)" ... written by libsta
kt27 was GREAT. she didn't waste time getting to my questions. straight to the point and positive. thank you kt27!" ... written by 121429
Asked the right questions and persistent in trying to help me locate an object. Gave me clues and went over scenarios. Will update upon finding" ... written by Limu
Kt27 is on the money!! She is fast, accurate, and detailed. I wish I could have had more time. I needed quick accurate answers and she lives up to her profile.!!! Gave me time frames, the critical insight i needed...Thumbs Up Lady and I will come back! kt27 is on my preferred psychic readers list!" ... written by Cordie167
KT is very gifted. She is knowledgeable and calm and has a soothing spiritual side. She can connect well and is intelligent also. She helps me out a lot. " ... written by Ben
she is very good, when is my marrage? " ... written by jijo joseph
KT is very accurate to the point and gave remedies which gave me results as well, thanks once again KT for your deeper understanding. God bless you my dear." ... written by loveluv
Kt is one of the most gifted psychics on oranum. Always a pleasure to talk to her and she gives absolutely accurate answers for every situation." ... written by Roohani
I would like to say Kt27 was a wonderful person. She very truthful and she touch the heart of person. She read me and I didnandamp;amp;#039;t gave her no detail not even my name or dob. I wasnt in l" ... written by vfbrown247
Very intelligent and quick in answering, didnt waste time a second and value for money, thank you so much KT , I am glad to take reading from you , will come back again, God bless you" ... written by loveluv
very accurate and perfect reading. will come again KT god bless u " ... written by loveluv
KT thanks again, for your deeper insight and the Trust you have on me, I didn't know that before. I will surely follows remedies and come back to update you very soon. Hoping that everything will fall in place like before. God bless you and the trust you show on me." ... written by loveluv
KT is Very accurate and things are moving pretty fast after following the remedies, highly knowledgeable. Godbless you." ... written by love love
very truthful and awesome reading with her i just love this lady reading she is too good with detailed reading." ... written by mds
SHE WAS AMAZING, RIGHT ON POINT. She was amazing, recommend her to anyone, seriously!" ... written by maria
good insight, gave some remedies. helped me understand a bit more" ... written by golden
Kt27 is my favourite on this website.. She is very warm and sweet. And she gives honest and detailed answers to all questions. She helped me a lot and her energy puts people at peace. Thanks!" ... written by Roohani Deshpande
Great reading !" ... written by dasani
pretty amazing" ... written by frag
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
wow!! not bad reading she's really good" ... written by S
very accurate will be back" ... written by mds
truthful fast and accurate i just love her reading thank u kt will be back for more updates for sure." ... written by mds
Very accurate, I would recommend to everyone. Thanks Mez. You are wonderful" ... written by Jennifer
Excellent" ... written by dasani
Very good, accurate reader, recommend" ... written by ray
thank you sooooo much for this great reading" ... written by mamiesoum
Kt has the fastest, most accurate answers for any problem. She can correctly read any person and gives valuable answers. She has been a big help to me recently and I will always consult her for any problem in future." ... written by Roohani Deshpande
connected fast " ... written by Tiffany
KT is wonderful! The best I've come by so far! She is very talented and kind-hearted. Please go to her for a reading. She knows things that left me speechless. " ... written by Amy
We shall see if the predictions come to fruition picked up on a few things." ... written by MT
good insight, good advice,she reads situation correctly and advises. thank you" ... written by dingding
great insight into my situtaion, she is truthful and doesn't sugar coat details, today looked more positive but she tells the truth to me. " ... written by goldenaura
very good info, i appreciate her. She should write a book on men. " ... written by golden
very good insight and teaching. Told me about my children and she was correct as she shared insight about their futures and personalities. She was straight on and I believe her. " ... written by golden
KT was right on about so many things! I really hope all her predictions come true! She is a great reader! I fee really satisfied and clear now! :)" ... written by Sal
KT, thanks for another nice reading and for being so calm, accepting, and always connecting well. A good friend. " ... written by Ben
As always Kt is guiding me and encouraging me about my current situation, she is so accurate. It also helps that I remain positive and solid during this process I'm going thru...it really has helped me achieve my goals up to this point. Kt makes me feel energetic and stay motivated after her readings. Definetly try her readings....you won't be sorry! " ... written by Amy
she's good." ... written by octoberchoc
many many thanks once again." ... written by JDR1202
good moral support, affirming and positive messages, she is there for me whenever I need it, she is generous, I appreciate her insight, she uses some cards but also her own ability. " ... written by golden
Fast typer! " ... written by T
shes is amazing. i have been chatting w her everyday. she is like a dear friend of mine. i really appreciate her advice very dearly. she's very true to me and i will always go to her for advice. very gifted reader. i wish she was in the u.s. so i can give her a big hug. " ... written by JDR1202
she is amazing" ... written by tammy
Wonderful news and reading again! You really need to get a reading done with KT. She is sweet, kind and tells you things you didn't expect to hear that I didn't even plan on being in my future. She is real deal! " ... written by Amy
This is my second reading with KT and the amount of precision in her reading always leaves me speechless! I consulted her regarding career, studies and love in general as i was quite unsure about my future and whether i would be okay with where im heading in life. She really connected well on my situation and gave exact and precise timeframes. She is truly honest and able to help with almost anything. Above all, i felt really satisfied and clear after the reading. Highly recommended!!! " ... written by Saloni
pretty close" ... written by geneva
very quick and efficient thanx happy" ... written by garth
Wonderful reading! Very insightful , very good on answering questions. Lovely energy. :)" ... written by MystifyMe
KT reassured me again and has given me some peace of mind :) gave lots of details too! " ... written by Saloni
KT27- Incredibly intuitive and very helpful. To be honest, she spoke of the matter I was concerned about, with grace and channeled the truth. She is the real thing. Blessings and thank you" ... written by malagina
Had a short reading with KT this time and she was able to answer my question with the limited credits i had and she gave some advice too! :) Thanks KT!!" ... written by Saloni
Good insight, words in needed to hear/read." ... written by J.Edwards
Terrific! KT is really helping me through my tough times and keeping me grounded to remain positive of the negative outcomes around me. It helps having backup while I navigate thru my transformation for a new beginning! Thanks KT! You are the best!!!!!!!" ... written by Amy
k27 was right on point and she knew everything that i wanted to know. She was great!" ... written by Nicole
KT has given me a detailed reading once again and it was great :)" ... written by Saloni
KT is intuitive and smart. She taps very well into what you are feeling and what that means for your direction. She is also kind and gentle. A good soul. " ... written by Ben
It was nice connecting with kt27. she went into the depth of the facts and conversed well. i would definatley go for more reading and wld recommend her." ... written by Sum
she is amazing!" ... written by adf
wow she is amazing…very quick and prompt! Spot on the situation!" ... written by adf
good insight, good guidance to situations. " ... written by goldenaura
Amazing! Reading! You must take her private. She types very quickly and can answer all of your most pressing questions!" ... written by Tony Alexander
Good feedback lets see what happens" ... written by Nina
Got an update and again more good on point readings. I'm very grateful. " ... written by JDR1202
KT27 was really great I will be doing another reading with her soon " ... written by Ros
kt's observations were quite correct about me..but need to wait and see her confidence towards my situation...she suggested some remedies...overall good interaction..i recommend" ... written by nj
Thank you for this great reading very enlightening and helpful" ... written by Ros
ts good" ... written by rahul harjai
Good reading and updates! " ... written by Amy
Excellent!!!!" ... written by j
very very insightful" ... written by tamara
the reading was great, and i really hope what i have heard is true and will happen. many thanks and i will be back when in doubt" ... written by Lulu
Quick and answered all my questions. Awesome reading!" ... written by Tara
Love talking to this lady. She's telling me things which is exactly what I think it is. I think my problem has been solved and i do believe in what she is saying:-). " ... written by 'Iunisi Maile
Once again a wonderful and accurate reading. Kt never disappoints. Its always a pleasure to talk to her and she can read the person and situation really well without telling much details. Will always be back for more." ... written by Roohani
She's good ....fast on typing i'm looking forward to everything she told me to come through." ... written by UniqueSlims
Kt27 was so nice and very accurate. She tells you like it and is sweet. Wish I had more time with her." ... written by empresstigris
KT is always awesome and ready to help with anything as always!! :) Highly recommended!!" ... written by Saloni
Kt is a cutie as she delivers accurate information and insight of other party to you directly. She is amazing reader and reads minds. Go to KT and you will be amazed how her information will help you." ... written by Awesome Pyshic
KT is always fast to connect and tells it like it is! :) She is really good at what she does and would highly recommend her for almost anything!! :)" ... written by Saloni
:) Thank you!" ... written by
Kt is da bomb. She knows what she is saying and give you the truth to your situation. She is so helpful to overcome any life situation. She is not dramatic and gives you INSIGHT. What she says is TRUE!!!!!" ... written by Brilliant andamp; Beautiful Psychic
She is amazing in what she sees and tells you. Compassionate and charming while being straightforward and honest. Highly recommended and she is worth it!!!" ... written by Future is Bright
She is an amazing reader. She gives accurate insight to make best outcome and decision. I can't believe what she knows. You will not be disappointed b/c she will help you!!!!!" ... written by Powerful Reading
First time speaking with her ..she was very assured and certain about job related things and not wishy washy at all with specifics. I hope they come true! :)" ... written by laurie
It was enlightening and very interesting" ... written by Margaret Rademan
excellent" ... written by zoo
She was good , fast and striaght to point.. perfect readings" ... written by earth
KT is great with her insight and she's a very smart and intelligent woman, too. She tells you the situation truthfully and guides you to best outcome. " ... written by GREAT READER
This reading put my mind at rest . Gave me hope of things to come . " ... written by connie
very honest and accurate reading thank u kt27" ... written by jazzz
KT was awesome once again! You can ask her anything and she has the answer for it! :)" ... written by Saloni
She is a 5star reader. Amazing reading" ... written by Preety
A nice and pleasant reading. A good outlook with nice predictions, waiting" ... written by Rusty74
KT was awesome as usual!! :)" ... written by S
accurate" ... written by zoo
Session was efficient and to the point :) Thank you!" ... written by Silky
she gave a detailed reading for the future. I am waiting to see if it will happen." ... written by rachel
she is very insightful so i am waiting to see if here readings come through" ... written by tamara
KT is very thoughtful and I had another excellent reading with her. She connects with you very quickly and is quite smart. Thank you! " ... written by Ben
Very good reading. I like this woman! helpful." ... written by Jay
Very fast, and reassuring. Great reading." ... written by legrande1202
Really Good reading, no sugar coating and accurate. " ... written by Stephanie
goo and very accurate :)." ... written by maria
She is very good and accurate at what she does she doesnt Sugarcoat. she tell you the way she see it. Ask a question you have truth." ... written by Goldengirl005
I admire her honesty. Very nice woman. I just like to keep her updated with what is going on with me. Wont' mind to go for more readings in the near future. Very great person to get honest readings from. " ... written by Juneth
she's the real deal no sugercoating ... crystal clear clarity worth every credit ... thanks kt27 x" ... written by katzhous8
thank you so much for your help. I understand the situation now." ... written by maria
Kt27 is very genuine and straight to the point. She doesnt sugar coat" ... written by vfbrown247
she was very quick she answered all my questions, this was my first time, she give me a timeframes and future predictions and lets see if it happens will come back to confirm it" ... written by kt review
Kt27. Had warn me about something and not know who he could have been but" ... written by vfbrown247
Once again KT27 she have told me his thought toward me during the holiday." ... written by Future Medical Assistant
Super cool and interesting reading I am coming back for sure " ... written by Sherry
great reading. kt27 had great abilities and I hope to see her predictions unfold. thank you! god bless!" ... written by kk
Kt27 had told me something about a situation and it came true. It" ... written by vfbrown247
phenomenal, didnt say much and she went into detail. amazing " ... written by real love
Very good reading :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Great reading. She gives so much information. Waiting for predictions" ... written by moon
Again, amazing reading!! So interesting, really accurate, want to come back when I can thank you " ... written by Sherry
kt27 is great to chat with, quick and to the point. i look forward to seeing her again soon" ... written by DavidJ8967
Kt is one of the best psychics ever. Very gifted and special. Always accurate with dates and timing. I'm very blessed to have her as a friend as well as an advisor. She will never let u down. She tells u the truth and not what u want to hear. She is very honest. Her work is guaranteed and i am a happy customer. Kt is simply the best and I'm glad we've met. " ... written by Lucinda
kt27 is the best psychic on this site.. accurate, fast and to the point. she is the only one i ask for advice and i am always satisfied. i recommend her to everyone, she will solve all ur troubles and give u clarity!" ... written by Roohani
wonderful..." ... written by RL
Very incisive and to the point. Does not waste time. Five star quality." ... written by angelszone
Fast connection. She is non judgemental and also gives sound advice depending on what she sees. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
Thank you for the clarity and amazing reading! She was fast and got to the heart of the matter! Would definitely recommend her! :)" ... written by Susie
She was very accurate with information. She was able to tell me all that was bothering me without I giving her any information. Good work" ... written by maggielms
...very fast reading... will wait to see how things come to pass" ... written by sap
She is fast to connect and is spot on, totally recommended! :)" ... written by Sally
She is very good and knows actually what she is saying and all about. She is accurate with the information that she provides and make you Now's the truth.... its for you to accept it or not." ... written by maggie
good to have a chat with this psychic." ... written by anand
kt27 is a great and gifted psychic" ... written by lucinda777
Quick reading and on point thank you! :)" ... written by Sally
It have been a while since I talk with her, she like a tough mommy" ... written by vfbrown247
amazing reader. I do not necessary like that she types everything out, but you are able to get a copy of it. She is able to connect right away" ... written by db
She had told me something that was shocking she told me what he was wearing and that is , his favorite color. She doesn't sugarcoat she is direct and to the point." ... written by Goldengirl005
good one..accurate" ... written by yy
i liked kt's readings a lot....shes very accurate, quick , doesnt need much info and is in resonance w what i understand of myself and on a deeper level she helped me see even more. " ... written by Cedric Granfaloon
she was fast, accurate and connected quickly. very good" ... written by divine7777
Love kt27, shes so nice, helpful her reading was spot on" ... written by Weston Price
super reading, i highly recomend her" ... written by Ernesto Cardenas
I like Kt readings, shes for real, a nice person n good psychic., very intuitive" ... written by Arnold Shivanagar
awesome!" ... written by g
supre reader ,very intuitive, helpful and kind person" ... written by elron
i love KT's readings, so on point and accurate, and deep spiritual knowledge, helpful person." ... written by Graham Greene
a very nice and true reading, she sees deeply and intuitively into the issues ive had readings before and from her they help me a lot to understand and make correct decisions and actions. blessings" ... written by Bill Tripp
She very pen point of a person location and were they are at" ... written by goldengirl41
Kt27 is very quick to connect with whoever you are inquiring about she doesnt need the name or date of birth she know exactly who you are talking about" ... written by goldengirl41
good" ... written by sam
nice reading kt27. want more reading ." ... written by chris benoit
nice reading" ... written by sam
This women is amazing and she see way beyond the situation. She had confirm alot of stuff. She had told me other stuff that already been confirm just waiting for it to manifest it self. She is awesome she good . You wont be disappointed. . Thanks Kt27" ... written by goldengirl41
Kt27. I havent visit her in a while but when i came in she was on point.And she wa direct with no sugsr coat" ... written by goldengirl000005
Very good read. She read me well. She didn't only answer my question, she also looked further into my situations regarding relationships. Awesome!" ... written by Breanna
I love Kt readings, she is clear and concise and quick to be spot on w the details, nice person w load of helpful suggestions and her predictions come to pass." ... written by Anwar Sadat
She will tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear. Come in give her a tried you wont be disappointed." ... written by goldengirl41
thanks kt nice reading" ... written by l
nice reading . i want to give you 7 star for reading. but unfortunately there are 5 star." ... written by .......
good" ... written by m
She was very helpful. I am glad she spoke to me because I would have made the wrong decision if I hadn't listened to her. Thanks for the advice and for telling me dates on which to do certain things." ... written by amanda
She had told me some update information that was on time and to the main point... She won't waste your time and her . She fast and accurate " ... written by goldengirl41
She very good" ... written by Edward
Interesting read - fairly spot on and will wait to see what comes to pass." ... written by Lotus71
I just asked the question and she gave me every detail." ... written by sugababe2525
She really help me and gave me advice on how and why my situation is like that." ... written by sugababe2525
She was very accurate in her reading and she told me everything i did not have to say a word." ... written by sugababe2525
wow shes amazing !! totally gifted and so on it !!!! great reading!!" ... written by tamjones