About josephinebloom

Psychic josephinebloomhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic josephinebloomhas recently helped 48members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about josephinebloom's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I am a Lenormand reader for almost 40 years and Tarot reader for 20. I can help you achieve clarity when it comes about questions such as : HOW TO MOVE ON? / DOES HE/ SHE LOVE ME? / WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE IN THE RELATIONSHIP ? / ARE WE ON THE SAME PATH FOR THE NEXT... YEARS? Or, if you met a new person, to get an answer for WHAT IS THE LONG TERM POTENTIAL with him/ her?

There are no words to describe this woman. She is amazing!!! I could talk to her forever and wish i could put her in my pocket and take her everywhere i go!!! I will be back. Thank you Josephine!!!!!!!!!!!xoxo" ... written by tash1921
Her reading was brilliant, it was very thorough and very believable. I am going to act on her advice and see what changes take place xx" ... written by fouzinabet
Thankyou for making me feel better !! i have been crying nd she's a sweetheart !! THankyou jo!" ... written by M
So i decided to have a reading with her, forgot I had one with her before and this time I had more credits but OMG so blown away. VERy detailed, takes a while but she gives you the whole picture. Destiny is destiny and she has shown me that through her cards. :) TY dear!" ... written by charmedangelx31
A very thorough reading and she allows the client to watch. I got a bit dizzy. She confirmed I would marry my soul mate from a past life, confirmed a few concerns so I can deal with them over time. She went through all three decks. Impressive!" ... written by jswede1149
this lady is right on the money....try her you ll not be sorry" ... written by sapphiremoon
Very detailed and thorough...told me things that were consistent with other readings I had in the past.....I'd give her a try! D" ... written by dstufra1
Josephinabloom i had a nice reading thanks alot for the advice " ... written by marybeth1love
Detailed, picked up things very quickly. Will definitely recommend her for a PVT!! thank you for all the help..i will follow ur advise!!" ... written by TD
Great!!! Thank You....." ... written by bubblelove33
She is great and awesome :) nice reading session with her." ... written by solsticeva
She is such a great reader. She picks up on things so accurately...predictions have come to pass. And, she gives amazing advice!!!" ... written by yas
What an incredibly detailed and wonderful reading! Truly excellent :)" ... written by yas
Amazing reading, very true and pricise..." ... written by femme77
Such a wonderful person! thank you Josephine:*" ... written by Mandalalight
Omg i will be back!" ... written by skinnyminnie
Once again she amazes me with her truthfulness!!! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by tash1921
Excellent reading. she explained to me what other psychic had been saying. Now it finally make sense. I have had a lot of reading on this site but for the first time i can really say that I got clarity out of it. I'm happy!" ... written by Retsy44
She is amazing! and so spot on with her accuracy" ... written by marsylyttle
She is very very good, highly recommended!" ... written by Donna333
Great feedback on my relationship." ... written by formeoly
She is wonderful! Such an incredible reader and looks far into the future and has great detail!" ... written by sacredlove77
Just wonderful" ... written by latonyadanielle
Beautiful, truthful, she can really read your situation. " ... written by VF
Thank you!!!!!" ... written by bubblelove33
She is awesome....i could not have spent my credits any better way..... " ... written by makaylalarayn1
Honest, truthful and interesting, she is a great person to talk to. We will be in touch again, thank you" ... written by crystalrei
Wonderful reading. took me hours to pick a psychic and I picked the right one. very detailed. she was worth the wait." ... written by ringsofsaturn11
Thank you very much. Great and nice woman, professional card reader. I will back hun." ... written by Zaya21
Great reading! She really helped to clear things up fr me. Didn't have to tell her anything. Truly Amazing! " ... written by Joy007
She is fantastic! Her readings are detailed, honest, accurate...and she provides excellent guidance to keep the future positive! Love her!" ... written by jas
She is very good, connected on a lot of things describe them down to the core. She is good, try her! It's hard to stop." ... written by scorpionqueen
Josephine just blew me away with her reading ,very accurate and very detail in foressing the future. What an amazing person she is . I tell u if want answers she is the right person to go to . Many blessings to josephine, I will definetly come back for more future readings." ... written by Lucy117
Shes amazing and very kind." ... written by toyoungtoold
Amazing!!! Amazing Reading!!! She is the best here on Oranum! YOU WILL NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!" ... written by msnikki20
That was an amazing reading...." ... written by spiritualgirl1
You spoke absolute clarity and truth and I thank you!" ... written by senita0816
She is very warm. She was very calm. I have never had a reading like hers. She ask me to pray and then she began to read the cards and tell me what was going on and also she offered me advice. " ... written by Ashley
A very professional card reader! She uses the Lenormand cards and techniques which are on a more advanced level of card reading, in my opinion. It was amazing watching her lay out the cards and read your life's details. The past and present interpretations were 100% accurate. I won't know about the predictions until time goes on, but I always return to update if predictions come true. I can tell that Josephine is a highly skilled card reader and Oranum is lucky to have her here. Absolutely amazing reading! " ... written by Nona29
Very detailed and accurate about the past, will have to wait and see if predictions for the future come true." ... written by smiley2011
She is awesome i really really love the way she reads very honest and to the point i will call again!" ... written by scorpionqueen
I can't even describe how accurate and uplifting Josephine is ... and beyond that, she is so patient and genuine. She is what is called the real deal." ... written by Donna333
Wow i'm sooo happy , i had great news today. Josephine thank you sooo much. I will come to you again for sure . lots of love." ... written by missmel2012
Really interesting, Good. Accurate in lots of things about past and current situation - will now need to see if future events come about. Many thanks Josephine" ... written by Mobie1
Prediction from private reading and free chat came to pass! She said it would be very soon and she wasn't kidding me! One of the best on here. She will blow you away even with her connection time in Free Chat! " ... written by Nona29
She was amazing, very very accurate!" ... written by blueberrypigs
She is the best ... incredible, no doubt about it!!!" ... written by bonnielynn
Omg .. she is ALWAYS otustanding .. simpley the best of the best" ... written by bonnielynn
I gave her a try again and went another route with my question on me being a widow and will i find love again and this time its a no,now 3 wks.ago we had a wonderful chance now we do but difficult and he wont make a move in relationship.hmmmm" ... written by scorpionqueen
She is amazing!!!! perfect!!!" ... written by g
OMG!!! She is incredible!!! everything she said was so true!!! Evrything!!! She is the best!!!! " ... written by F
Jose deserves more than 5 stars! She is always in-tuned with the situation and explains things so clearly." ... written by PurePurplePisces
very very helpful" ... written by 1 eye panda
Nailed it! she got everything right in the my current situation and was completely straight forward and truthful about the future" ... written by jp
Josephine is incredible in reading into ones character and personality, I was amazed how much she knew about the person I was inquiring about. She answered all of my questions and more. I came to her once about 2 years ago and her predictions were all true for me then and so I am hoping for the best in what she sees for me this time - very happy I chose her, she is a unique reader on this site and you can tell her many years of experience make a difference! Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Very good" ... written by focusing
Very good. She has the spirit in her. Talk to her. She will help." ... written by focusing a spiritual mother!! I can't say enough! " ... written by lyriclove
Awesome " ... written by r a
Always spot on and consistent." ... written by axia
Wow I always recommend her to everyone.. if you want the truth she is your lady,if not find another reader. :)" ... written by elle11
Thank you sooooooooooo much Josephine! You gave such a great advise! I felt a great connection with you! Ill be contacting you soon. God bless you!" ... written by melaniecz15
Great." ... written by dd41783
A wonderful reader. I highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by luella05
Excellent woman to talk to." ... written by luella05
Lovely person!!!!if things will pan out as she said i ll be the happiest return customer" ... written by mariah88
I liked her very much - Her reading was very reassuring and in depth - Very direct and I believe she had a good understanding of the circumstance I find myself in. I recommend her highly." ... written by dmbertault1
She's detailed and to the point! Can't wait for her predictions to come true! " ... written by itsuramo
My goodness she is good! One prediction came true! Love her I will come back thats for sure!" ... written by msnikki20
Wow, She is honestly, the best psychic that I have ever had on this site. She know what she is talking about very well. I am so grateful, she is so very worth the private. She is amazing. thank you so much, I can't wait and I will think positive from now on to attract the good things in life. Thank you! " ... written by blueberrypigs
Great reading thank u" ... written by smiley2011
One of my favourites! x" ... written by fretan
One of my favourites! x" ... written by fretan
J is very detailed and right on so many things it is hard to explain. I love her...." ... written by dstufra1
VERY INFORMATIVE READING" ... written by Katja87
Wonderful, thorough, loving, truthful and highly, highly recommended! Thank you so much dear josephine!!!! xoxo many many stars for you!" ... written by 1000suns
She is the best of the best. She got everything on point and so fast. All the time! 5 of out of stars. Love her readings!" ... written by christopher
Oh My Goodness she was fantastic and I highly recommend her to you. I have been with her for more than a year and she is so right." ... written by Luella63
This lady you can not pass up, she is so good, accurate, honest, whether you like it or not she will not give you false hope, just truth... Thank you so much... God bless, I will be back..." ... written by newhorizons12
The Best!!!" ... written by Summer84
She is awesome... She saw all..." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Very helpful and helped me out a lot" ... written by angelstar12
Thank you very much. She is good and professional." ... written by Zaya21
Very kind and understanding. Good advice." ... written by Flowers2012
She was awesome...very down to earth..she gave me hope!" ... written by vampgirlninja
WOW! Very insightful and detailed - some accuracy and some predictions that I look forward to.. Thanks - I hope that he will return!" ... written by Brokenhearted2011
Good!" ... written by luckyanna
She is an incrediably gifted person ,she will only tell u the truth that will be in you future Thank you!!! Sandra" ... written by sandra-xo
I love Josephine Bloom so much but she is very slow with the cards and the language is a barrier but she is very good still." ... written by Katja87
This was so insightful. I learned more about my future than I thought I would. Not just yea or no stuff...the actual plan of action to take for what is about to happen. She was awesome." ... written by katharazz
Wonderful as always!! her readings are incredible :)" ... written by yas
Amazing is all that I can say about her!!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by EAG
WOW!! She sure knows her stuff. She told me about things I never mentioned and told me that the future looked good and to not worry." ... written by Sonny927
WOW!! She sure knows her stuff. She told me about things I never mentioned and told me that the future looked good and to not worry." ... written by Sonny927
Thank you very much!!! Fast readings with a lot of information!!! I really enjoyed it!!!" ... written by weissinha
She is wonderful..." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Honest and good, sorry it ended like that, my computer froze... but you are wonderful. Thanks." ... written by SaintlyCat123
Josephine is the MOST CARING reader there is!!! The readings are lengthy but I love every reading with her!! SO MUCH information and CLARITY!! I WILL BE BACK AGAIN!!! " ... written by Summer84
She is great great I am so happy I finally got to talk to her. She have relieved my mind now I can breath again. I was so stressed out. Thank you " ... written by luella05
Thank you so much! you are amazing!" ... written by teisin00
Picked up on things right away today. Yesterday as soon as I entered her room she asked about my health and I did have an health issue earlier that day and had to leave work because of it. Today I received a private and she knew exactly what my concerns were and gave me some timeless advice and insight!! She has the ability to talk to you about any topic or concern going on in your life. Love her! Has always been right for me!" ... written by Nona29
Great reader. Recommend her to everyone" ... written by luella05
I have found MY MENTOR!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! No one cares as much as Josephine does!! I am GREATFUL to have found you! :))" ... written by Summer84
THANK YOU! YOU ARE AMAZING! LOTS OF DETAILS." ... written by teisin00
Nice reading!" ... written by MayGirl
Excellent; my favorite. I feel like she is a mom, a friend and a confident. Really really love her. She s also so positive and supporting." ... written by mimatisse
Interesting reading, will see how everything plays out, and if predications come through. Lot of detail given." ... written by warrenkitty83
Omg Josephine answered ALL my questions and much more this is an excellent excellent woman with lenormand, runes and tarot." ... written by Katja87
Amazing reader. She tapped right into my situation and she gave me the best advice ever! She is truly gifted! Contact her for a truthful, in depth and accurate reading!!!" ... written by Chloe28
Wow. So accurate..detailed... What a gifted and beautiful woman. " ... written by steffleblanc
Josephine was very honest . Told me what i needed to hear, not what i wanted to hear. Let's see how it all goes. " ... written by missmel2012
I have to be honest and say Josephine is gifted. She gave me insight on many of my concerns. She really seems genuinely interesting in helping people." ... written by ibito610
JOSEPHINE IS WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you again!!! I WILL be back with THE GOOD NEWS!! ;););)" ... written by Summer84
Very very indepth and insightful" ... written by newperson
She was most fun!" ... written by sparklejules
She is outstanding great. Thanks for your patience and time to read for me. She reduce my stress and have a excellent reading. Thumps up for anyone who just trying it out for the first time." ... written by dominquez1
Very honest and helpful!" ... written by essonbabe
Josephine was the best reader.. thank you for all your insight!" ... written by dodoshoe
Great lady to talk to. She gives me a peace of mind." ... written by luella05
Well she is good, she told me a lot of strong stuff that make me think!!! But she is amazing!!! I strongly recommend...she hits the spot!" ... written by amazingjulie
Thank you for re-capping our private reading in a free email reading, I really liked our reading and take your advice on board. Thanks again josephine. " ... written by random_diamond
I wanted to post a follow up to my reading with Josephine. This reading occurred about four months ago. She predicted that the man I asked about was my twin flame, had a drinking and womanizing problem, our relationship would be kept under wraps for sometime, that I would end up with him when my current ex passes, we would marry and I would come into a lot of money. She decided to do this thru three different decks which confirmed each other. Unlike other readers, she offered to show me the cards as she placed them on the table and pointed to each as she read them. The man is my twin flame. He had a drinking problem in a previous lifetime and he cheated on me in another previous lifetime. Right now, our relationship is under wraps.. He proposed last June. I am waiting to see if the last two predictions come true. She is honest, does not sugar coat anything and as you can see, she is highly accurate. There is no ego about her unlike many of the readers here. She appreciates her gift and wants to genuinely share it with others. If you want the truth read accurately and with genuine care for your well being, this is the professional for you." ... written by Josephines Client
So in depth and so tuned in... great experience and I highly recommend talking with Josephine!" ... written by lilliableu
Josephine has a powerful gift! she answered all my questions and without asking she saw the current situation and the future outcome. she is a wise and compassionate woman with excellent advice and communication skills. love her!!!!!!!!!! more than 5 stars**********" ... written by 1000suns
Thank you josephine. very warm reading and truthful." ... written by hardeep21
Oh well the truth is the truth..." ... written by Katja87
Excellent as alwys" ... written by mimatisse
Good" ... written by druvina1973
Great" ... written by druvina1973
Very good thanks." ... written by maryannepav
Amazing! Always." ... written by fretan
5 STARSss ***** ! She always amazes me!! Joe is very HONEST, CARING, and Right Spot on things!!! She is Winderful! I always feel wonderful when I have a private reading with her. God Bless You My Dear Joe! Love you, Ellie- Sep 17, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
She is absolutely wonderful. I love her cards and she is one of a kind! Thank you very much. Many blessings. :)" ... written by sweetstephy31
She s fantastic as usual, phenomenal. What s so amazing is how consistent her cards are. Everything she had told me before, is always repeated in each and every single reading. Also, a lot of things that she had said before DID MANIFEST, from the smallest things to pinpointing people s personalities, i saw it all. I have the utmost respect for her. She s so wise, she has helped me change in so many ways; she has taught me how to be positive, respect other people even when they dont like me, and the power of words...I have learned so much from josephine, she doesn t even know how much I value her, her guidance and her wisdom. She s a very special woman and I am very lucky I have met her. She was definitely brought in my life for a reason and I know the reason :) " ... written by mimatisse
Thank u very much this was very informative." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Love her and trust her" ... written by mimatisse
Excellent as always" ... written by mimatisse
Very good clear reading. " ... written by ibito610
ALWAYS helpful! Thank you again, Josephine!!!" ... written by Summer84
This is a review for all the times I have sought out her guidance. She has told me many things that have come to pass, but more importantly she has taught me so much wisdom. Her genuine care, love, and counsel has helped me make positive changes in my life. For that I am eternally grateful. She is wonderful!" ... written by Nona29
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are very good! God bless you and lots of love! " ... written by tatianasmile
She is gr8 her cards tell her everyting and more" ... written by orchidgirl
Time will tell but i trusted enough in her to do 3 readings back to back !!" ... written by halovm
5 Satrs to Jose! ***** !!!! I loved my Reading with her as always! She always amzes me and She is a Gifted, Lovely, WonderFul, AmaZing Person!! Jose is very very HONEST, AccuRate, and right on Spot with the situation!! She is totally Gifted and has a strong WonderfuL energy which gives her the power to read her Cards Accurately and Amazingly related to your situation!! She is different!! Take her to Private, you would love it and Won't Regret it!!! Thanks My Dear Jose and God Bless You and Your Family!!! Ellie- USA- OCt 12th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Great she made me feel better about the outcome of my situations" ... written by luella05
Second reading. Excellent and accurate as the first reading. She blows me away each time." ... written by jswede1149
Wow this was quite shocking honestly my reading never been as positive as now. And I don't know why but it makes me glad to hear my destiny changed this positively." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
This woman is amazing! She knows here cards and they are so accurate!" ... written by florwer85
Josephine gave me an amazing follow up to my previous readings. always hitting the mark exactly and illuminating the coming path. love you j :)) xoxo" ... written by 1000suns
Excellent reading really helpful she definitely has a talent" ... written by maryannepav
She is great, she puts things in persepctive for me today. Great psychic comes, highly recommended." ... written by Luella63
Josephine blew my mind.. I will be honest here. I have talked to many readers, psychics here on Oranum. And when i entered Josephine's room, i did not know that she was the best of all. She is the only person to see a situation that is very very important (and actually a big secret) in my partner's life. She saw that, warned me, told me everything that has been going on and what i should expect from the future.. I am telling you again, she blew my mind.. I will keep coming back for sure. Do not hesitate a second to go into a private reading with Josephine. She is a wonderful soul, extremely honest (she tells you the truth and nothing but the truth) and a very beautiful person. I STRONGLY recommend a reading with her... (Thank you so much Josephine, i will keep you posted and do what you asked me to do)." ... written by LoveElly
Came to get an update...Previous predictions have come to pass in regards to my trip and my relationship. She is honest, ethical, and filled with love! I will continue to update my readings with Josephine. She is a true blessing!" ... written by Nona29
Thank you Josephine Bloom. You are like the refreshing Spring flower in full bloom :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Very very good impressed" ... written by meg1963
SHE IS VERY CLEAR!" ... written by ppp
Wonderful as usual" ... written by Luella63
Very honest and compassionate. Spoke great truths with complete understanding." ... written by Yoda1520
Wow! Yes, wow. Josephine is awesome. She sees the things nobody else ever did, i mean that. I seriously, highly recommend a private reading with Josephine... wow." ... written by LoveElly
Excellent reading thank you" ... written by maryannepav
Very fast and extremely accurate. thanks so much! Outstanding reader!" ... written by p
I love her ...........omg your the best period .." ... written by clearblu
Brilliant reading " ... written by jackiei
Josephine, you work very hard to answer all my questions. You are so dedicated to telling me the truth, and what you tell me uplifts me on many levels. You are extremely honest and very accurate, as well as trustworthy. I trust your cards, very revealing. Thank you Josephine, you are like the refreshing spring flower in full bloom :)" ... written by AppleBite707
She is so amazing and I enjoy talking to and she gives me hope when I feel hopeless." ... written by Luella63
Josephine is truly gifted and I have a lot of respect and love for her. She s more than a psychic for me, she s a life coach. She has a lot of wisdom and I am listening to everything she s saying cause I really think it can help turn anyone s life around." ... written by mimatisse
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by ppp
5 Stars ***** ! No doubt on that!! Wowwww!!! She amazes me!!! She is an EXPERT!! Jose is Wonderful, Caring, Different andamp;amp; REAL!! If you want to get the right and accurate answers, just go to her!! She knows what is she doing and will tell you the truth!!! I'd never seen a psychic and card reader like her! TEUST ME!! I could feel her strong energy during the private reading! Try her!! You will never REGRET it!! Thanks Jose, Ellie USA Sep, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Excellent insight. She provided me a great insight along with a very kind and sweet heart. Loves to listen and is great on advice. I couldn't recommend anyone else. " ... written by Dan2313
I am speechless!!! She is ACCURATE, HONEST, and CARING!! She is Gifted and has a wonderful energy! I LOVE her!!! I will see her again and always! Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
Wow, is all i can say" ... written by SaintlyCat123
Had a very detailed and very lengthy reading with her, due to a desperate situation I am in. She is so loving and honest, and very very accurate. She gave me the strength and message that, I needed to hear to change my situation. I am forever grateful to her for saving my heart. I will come back to her always." ... written by redwritergirl
Here is the reason why Josephine is so trustworthy. First of all, she is accurate, because things she tells me are spot on, but she s very consistent. Her readings are always consistent. I adore this woman. Will always be back!" ... written by mimatisse
good reading" ... written by luckystars
Her readings are amazing, thank you J!" ... written by R
You are truly amazing! And you give incredible advice. Just praying that I can follow it. Thank you" ... written by Gzelle1
Thanks a very clear reading !" ... written by Rose
was really accurate !" ... written by chris
one of the most amazing reding." ... written by synapsy
This year has been a long one but Josephine 's been there for me, all the way. I have learned so much from this gracious lady; i have a lot of respect for her and yes her prediction is happening, the big move. It doesnt matter where i go josephine, I will always stop by in your room, leaving some reviews :) I just love her so much. She is definitely my number 1 choice on the site, when she s on, i drop everything :)) gotta go to say hi. She s the one on this site who i can trust because many, i mean many of her predictions had happened. There is no one like her, she s so wise, kindhearted and very caring." ... written by mimatisse
Awesome reader...will definitely come back:) TY " ... written by KC0716
Good reading, thank you; i ll come back for news soon." ... written by whishes43
Always good." ... written by SaintlyCat123
5 STARS to Josephinebloom!!! She is absolutely gifted, talented, honest, and amazing!! I love her honesty, and strong positive Energy!! She reads the cards with so much amazing energy and she always knows what she says! I am a returning client and I truly trust her! God bless you Joe! Peace,Love, Ellie." ... written by Ellie11
Amazing!!!!!!! accurate" ... written by Jen
Always good" ... written by SaintlyCat123
Thank you for your help." ... written by poisonruby
Josephine is lovely she is always good I love her even when she delivers sad news she keeps it real she doesnt give u fairytailes, sometimes it becomes too much with the personal opinion but at least she doesnt lie." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
God loves me eough to be honest to me..." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Good as always" ... written by mashmellowbunni3
I just adore her, period. She s the best here, I mean the best, I have no doubt about it." ... written by mimatisse
Thank you Josephine. That was a very detailed reading. I will keep working on it all. And I will guide those who need my guidance." ... written by Charlie0605
Greatest reader ever! I love her. She will please you with her insightful! " ... written by skinnyminnie
She's my angel and she never ceases to amaze, she sees things around me that are going on that no one else sees, she's amazing. I love her dearly." ... written by mimatisse
Very good, nice reading!" ... written by vinnythepoo
Extremely accurate, knew details about me and some family members. Would definitely read with her again in the future." ... written by glow71
Right on the money! Thanks so much hun!" ... written by Summaluv8
Great reading! Very in depth. Worth a private :)" ... written by yvettepandora
She is the Best. What an amazing reader and she reads you like a book... Thank you so much.. xxoo" ... written by lovelilacs
Very good reading!" ... written by peoplesman
Great reading!" ... written by yvettepandora
Outstanding reader. Very very detailed. She picked up on many many things. Definitely a must!" ... written by soul2love
Josephine is a marvelous! I Thank you so so much.." ... written by leililaloo
Thank you." ... written by ppp
She was absolutely amazing! She answered every question I asked about my me and my marriage! I love her!!! Anyone should get her!!!" ... written by dominicanguy
Excellent reading! Unfortunately, ran out of credits. But will be back again for sure." ... written by success168
Thank you very much again. It was again good reading. I will back to you soon." ... written by Zaya21
Very informative and accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Amazing!" ... written by happyheather
Very good!" ... written by smileysteph123
She was great - spot on, and very sympathetic!" ... written by mandari
This woman is great. Please trust her. She will not disappoint. She has divine accuracy." ... written by skinnyminnie
She's accurate!" ... written by rainbows8
She is so GOOD, the REAL DEAL." ... written by mel1261
Wonderful as usual!" ... written by Luella63
Awesome! " ... written by Summaluv8
I enjoyed the reading, thanks so much for your honesty... I will keep in touch with you and keep you posted, have a Blessed day! *hugs*" ... written by Bridget Olagundoye
Very nice reading!" ... written by sunny0day
5 Stars to Josephine. She's wonderful, amazing and Honest. I love her and her Pure Soul and Heart. Joe is the best and reads with all her Soul and Heart. God Bless you Joe. Ellie-USA-Feb 25th, 2013" ... written by Ellie11
Always happy to visit her even if after so long. Clear, concise clarity, no frills, no waste time, direct, honest." ... written by fretan
Very kind and caring. Thank you so much." ... written by katie46
All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! So intuitive I will be back." ... written by yvette90
Great as always... Will go out of her way to help you very accurate and caring fast and straight to the point" ... written by cooki311
This woman is good, she explained a lot made sense." ... written by elle11
Accurate. Nice reading." ... written by druvina1973
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Jospehine is the best card reader on Oranum!! I believe even the best in the world!!!!" ... written by leililaloo
BEAUTFIFUL CARDS THX YOU HAPPY EASTER!!" ... written by queenbee22
Amazing reader! Great connection!" ... written by sartoris
Very good reading. She's intuitive and go really in depth. My favourite on Oranum!" ... written by sunny0day
Josephine is a wonderful woman. She is honest and straight to the point. She will blow you away. Hope she is dead on about the future as I need some happiness in my life. God Bless you Joesphine!" ... written by Mitzer
Awesome!" ... written by sunny0day
Beautiful Honest Lady!! God Bless You Thx for the great advice." ... written by queenbee22
amazing reading about my past life incredible , thankyou xx" ... written by Terri
What a wonderful and genuine lady. She is absolutely amazing x" ... written by B
The real deal here. Will not waste your time or money." ... written by whiteflowers 1
She made so much sense. " ... written by JY
she is wonderful and in tune with everything as usual. great update." ... written by wren1414
Jo thank you for the beautiful reading and positivity.. I will follow what you said" ... written by H
Josephine was wonderful, thorough, accurate and read my situation in real depth. I will see her again andamp; I highly recommend her without hesitation! She shone light on a very positive way forward for me." ... written by W
she is super!!! she read my situation like a book! perfect!!!" ... written by j
Thank you Jo. You are wonderful as always." ... written by Maryann
Everything she read has resonated. Jose is very honest and accurate. That's the truth. " ... written by reenaji
Thank youu.. interesting read." ... written by linn115
Awesome, very intuitive!" ... written by Valerie
So I finally found someone I'd go to for a reading. She isn't about the money. She actually tunes into your situation and helps you with destiny. 5 stars all the way. So much clarity and accuracy on everything. She made predictions and the stuff she did tell me was all correct. " ... written by goodfuture23
This is a truly gifted woman. She is kind, loving, honest, accurate, helpful. Many details. Best of the best! A million stars!" ... written by skinnyminnie
Thank you so much for being so honest. Thank you for my great follow up reading." ... written by mel1261
I love talking to her if I had money I would talk to her everyday she gives me hope when I feel hopeless and her readings are always consistent. She does not say one thing today and tomorrow different. She is most definitely my favorite and she is not judgmental." ... written by Luella63
Thank you for the reading." ... written by maria
Great update needed more time." ... written by Quennbee22
I am so glad I waited patiently for her because she make things so clear to me when I don't understand" ... written by Luella63
GREAT." ... written by Luella63
Very good card reader sees everything." ... written by elle11
very intuitive glad i went to her she held some valuable info for me and my family although it wasn't all i wanted to hear but it was what i needed to hear..." ... written by Keisha
OMG you were amazing. Wished there was more time. I will definitely come back. God Bless you!" ... written by Maryann
Love this lady, she is so nice to talk to and a great reader." ... written by elle11
Excellent Reading! She was very accurate about my past and present. I look forward to things unfolding. Her energy is so soothing and unpretentious and she is very knowledgeable about her craft. I will call on her again." ... written by Lisa
It was good." ... written by Luella63
Wow - amazing accuracy - she is so gifted! Her cards said the whole story - worth every moment of time spent with her!" ... written by alwayslovetrg
great read" ... written by misty
This woman was AWESOME!! I have tried a few on here and she is by far one of the best!" ... written by Patty
It was like she almost reached in, and pulled out my deepest pains in my heart. She helped me out a lot. I am amazed by Josephinebloom, and I will be back." ... written by Matthew
Good and thorough reading. Lots to think about. Thank you." ... written by tired and lost
She is wonderful and very accurate, thank you so much!" ... written by CYNTHIA C STREGGER
She is absolutely dead on point! I LUV this lady. Very thoughtful, helpful and accurate." ... written by Lisa
Amazing !!!!! Amazing !!!! Amazing !!!! Amazing !!!" ... written by ....
VERY GOOOOOOOD!" ... written by V
Very good reading, she always tells me what i need to know and puts my mind at ease." ... written by mimi0129
AMAZING!!!! She was so on point and accurate WOW!!!" ... written by angelloverose
She is great." ... written by Starfish444
Amazing session." ... written by sunny0day
She is so accurate and right on. Thank you Josephine for your help as always. " ... written by Maryann
Only the very best oh my god, you don't have to tell Jose anything, she grabs it out your mouth before you say it! OMG! And it's all true!" ... written by V
Great!!!" ... written by Luella Dudley
Great reading! :)" ... written by sunny0day
This woman is TRULY gifted. Although she reads cards she has a detailed intuition and can give specific facts and predictions. She has been such a blessing to me during my difficult times. If you don't believe me just watch how she connects with people in her free chat. I have tried MANY psychics here on Oranum but she is one of two or three that I feel is TRULY gifted." ... written by Axia
Excellent!!!" ... written by hopingfortomorrow
Good" ... written by Luella63
Very kind woman, very easy to talk to. I really enjoyed my reading with her and I advise others to take her to private also. You wont be disappointed. Thank you Josephine I am very grateful to you x 10 stars" ... written by suzanna
I LOVE Josephone! Why? Because she is accurate, honest, direct, don't waste time, sincere, compassionate and knows her craft. Enough said! :-)" ... written by Leeza
Josephine gives a great detailed reading. She really picked up on my situation and told me what I needed to know. I shall return!" ... written by janesi
Great reading" ... written by marie kat
Wow!" ... written by Starfish444
1,000 stars!" ... written by V
BRILLIANT!" ... written by V
You are wonderful so much info, wow glad to know the best is yet to come !!" ... written by queenbee22
Had many readings -Josephine is an expert her cards tell her the whole story she makes so much sense... I don't need to tell her anything apart from listen to what she has to say AMAZING..." ... written by elle11
Jose is great as usual! :-) Give her a try, a lot of details in her readings! Thank you!" ... written by weissinha
this WOMAN IS AMAZING. SHE HAS DETAILS and is uncannily accurate, she is to the point. He has a very caring attitude as well. Full of loving helpful words. ***** 5 STARS" ... written by skinny
Josephine is awesome. She is very accurate and tells you a lot of details. One of the best I've met in Oranum. I will continue to consult her as she seems very real. " ... written by glow71
Every reading with her is amazing... :))" ... written by elle11
Josephine is so kind and caring. a lot of what she said was very interesting. wish i had more time with her i didnt want it to end. she is very fast but easy to follow. I would recommend a reading with her, 6 stars." ... written by Suzanna
short but right to point! I'm sorry that I didn't have more credits" ... written by sara
Josephine is an incredibly wise and skillful reader with enormous generosity of heart and mind. She sees accurately and has always been correct in her predictions with me she is sooo loving and insightful. A wonderful guide and support! Thank you so much josephine. Lovelovelove" ... written by 1000suns
Thank you so very much, Josephine. You gave me the information that I so desperately needed. It was very clear, and exactly what I needed. Fabulous! " ... written by P
Jospehine, you are a ray of hope and encouragement. The insightful reading filled with accuracy and honesty is amazing. I will definitely return. You have to get a reading with her!!!" ... written by janesi
She tells it like it is. She is very informative. I will be back soon." ... written by Starfish444
I was amazed! She knew things I didn't tell her and was spot on with everything. I look forward to what she saw. She is very good with her cards and interpreting them. She is very skilled, professional and very pleasant. I will definitely be back." ... written by Christine
Amazing women so true and predicted things correctly!!! " ... written by mani
Thank you once more for your amazing reading Josephine. You always help me with your kindness and accuracy. Much love and light to you!" ... written by Maryann
We have technical issues today, but it's still a great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Josephine is GREAT!!!!" ... written by dana
Josephine is such a wonderful reader. Thank you for all your guidance. What she can see and feel with her cards is amazing. Thank you and many blessings to you always Josephine!!" ... written by E/M
You have to talk to Josephine because she is very, very accurate and tells you exactly the way it is. A VERY GIFTED woman, you will not be disappointed, even though some of the things she tells you, you do not want to hear. " ... written by CYNTHIA C STREGGER
One of the best readings I've ever had, very very painful but at least he can never use me again thank you!!! " ... written by angela
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, VERY GOOD INFOMATION" ... written by queenbee22
Very very very good !!! Really wow!!!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
BEST of the best! I love her she gets right to business of what is going on and NO! questions asked on point 1000000%" ... written by V
Wow! She completely blew me away! Very very detailed reading and exactly on point with everything! Thank you! " ... written by jp
My Favourite!! No matter how's the news, she always delivers it with compassions and lots of details." ... written by sunny0day
Amazing! Is all that I can say. Has an immediate connection! 10 stars for Josephine!Thank u so much." ... written by E/M
She so wonderful and I love talking to her." ... written by Luella63
INCREDIBLE what can i say?? amazing just love her!" ... written by V
Thank you Josephine for another wonderful reading. " ... written by Maryann
Awesome." ... written by Tina
Thank you josephine for my follow up reading. You have been able to calm me down when i get anxious about the future. Your cards are very reassuring." ... written by jp
Thank you. " ... written by mariekat72
Lately I get readings only from her. She is accurate and I trust her. Thank you Jose!!!" ... written by glow71
Very sweet women, calm soul. Hope things are right." ... written by east
lovely lovely.. Made me really think but I know I need to do it. Josephine is so warm, special...and beautiful experience." ... written by lilliableu
Very very good reading. " ... written by friend
She is very very very good. She had very good insight and offers the truth. Wow, thank you. " ... written by Rox
Josephine is always on point. I love her no-nonsense approach and accuracy." ... written by Patrice
Thank you very Much. I will really stay focused. " ... written by queenbee22
Josephine is awesome, confirmed my suspicions. Will return." ... written by janesi
Very special lady she can really help you! Great Advice" ... written by queenbee22
Josephine as always gives an honest, accurate, and insightful reading. She gets down to the bottom of the truth. It was through her reading that I discovered some things that I had not been aware of. Thanks!" ... written by janesi
5 STARS to Josephinebloom!!!! She is the Most Understanding, Caring, Educated Physic I have ever met. Try her, she will tell you the truth and never lies to you!!! She is great at reading her amazing Cards! God Bless you Jose! Thanks....Lots of Hugs and Love, Ellie - 07-18-13 USA" ... written by Ellie
Amazing lady, very strong expert, very kind and warm maner very serious and dedicated, I am extremely satisfied and I do believe Josephinebloom is one of the top experts on ORANUM and I know them all. God bless you and see you very soon" ... written by zimerili1
Awesome!" ... written by _x
A miraculous woman that is an angel in the flesh - my god, her cards are alive and are guided by the angels, yes!!" ... written by v
Thank you so much josephine, you are by far the most accurate reader on this site!" ... written by jp
she went right into the reading so deeply and pulled out all the causes of the situation I am in which nobody could have ever known. Not even my own family realise this is going on inside me. she is absolutely amazing! you cannot lie to this woman because im telling you she will know the truth. her predictions WILL happen and i trust it completely." ... written by jp
Josephine is so amazing with her cards, I don't know how to describe it." ... written by jp
She is the REAL DEAL! She is flawless in her interpretation and a wonderful adviser." ... written by Moneque
Truly gifted and heavenly sent. Fantastic reading! Put me at ease and told me nothing but the truth. So helpful and insightful. Highly recommended. " ... written by Liz
Amazing cards! I just love her!" ... written by jp
You have been my saviour! Thank you so much Josephine for the confirmation. She has been so patient with me on my issue and is always there to help no matter what. I cannot wait for her predictions to happen" ... written by jp
This woman is a blessing from God. She is accurate caring and quick. I have used her many times and will use her again." ... written by skinny
On point and great to speak with on issue!" ... written by LikeLov
Wow. Very informative and feel she connected to my situation. Will update about predictions. She is a lovely lady." ... written by iconnect
EXTRAORDINARY GIFT!" ... written by V
She is the greatest reader of all." ... written by Luella63
Thank you so much. I so appreciate your caring and concern. You are truly gifted and an angel to me. Love and light to you always, Maryann" ... written by Maryann
Very talented, I cant get enough of her accuracy." ... written by elle11
I am absolutely floored by her gift! Hands down amazing! Just beautiful and spiritual!" ... written by shafinaz
BRILLIANT all the time!" ... written by V
I absolutely love this lady, she is so right about everything!" ... written by jp
Wonderful Lady, very soft-spoken, I really did enjoy my reading. She was on point and will be back for updates." ... written by sunshinec
Her cards are historical and have a voice of their own, I felt accompanied by the many gifted hands who have read those cards, thanks for the experience!" ... written by Ben
Another wonderful reading with Josephine. She is accurate and detailed and I highly recommend her. Thank you Jo." ... written by Maryann
Thank you! I ran out of credits. but thanks for making me feel better" ... written by luckystars
Absolutely awesome! This is my second reading with Josephine. Her predictions were on point and came to pass within days of my reading. Thank you, Josephine! My marriage and family are healed now. Thanks to God!" ... written by Claudia
Welcome back Josephine!!! You were so missed. You gave me so much insight and clarity into my situation as well as calmed and eased my mind. You readings are so accurate! I just want to give you a big hug and thank you. I will follow your advice too!" ... written by janesi
Excellent, thanks!!" ... written by pleasure
She is the greatest." ... written by Luella63
Very insightful." ... written by Mel0Dee
Excellent reading Josephinebloom is truly gifted! She explained everything in full details and with clear understanding. Very honest woman!" ... written by Rene067
Excellent." ... written by E
Jo is always so accurate and detailed, as always." ... written by Maryann
Wow! What can I say?!! She nailed it! She is a very warm and extremely proficient and accurate reader. I will be back!" ... written by Alexyss
She was super great. Very detailed about the reading. I will come back for update" ... written by dladie42
great reading" ... written by sophie
Great, scary accurate!" ... written by angela
Very clear and, I feel, very accurate." ... written by angela
Very thorough and convincing! thank you" ... written by librabeauty
Great reading terrific thanks" ... written by zimerili1
Josephine is a wonderful empathetic reader who really gets to the heart of issues and gives clear succinct advice. " ... written by SUNSHINE0105
Josephine is awesome. She really gave me a much needed detailed reading as usual and profound insight and clarity in to my situation. She was honest, accurate, and so loving and caring in her delivery of the reading. Thanks so much! You told me all what I needed to know and hear. God Bless You." ... written by janesi
God Bless you Thank You Very Much I am looking forward for better things to come my way great update!!" ... written by queenbee22
I just love Josephine. She is an amazing reader and a beautiful soul. I trust her completely. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
STILL THE BEST !!! I love her a lotttt !!!" ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
VERY AMAZING !! The best in the world, I love her so much everything she said was truee !! Will be coming back for sure" ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
Her predictions has happened, great reader. " ... written by renaji
Very good reading I would definitely recommend. She is very good at what she does!!! " ... written by barry
I always feel so much better after a reading with Josephine. She puts everything into the right perspective and gives a lot of clarity into the situation at hand to make the right decisions in our lives. She is honest, accurate, and very insightful. " ... written by janesi
She was awesome!" ... written by Cheryl
God bless Very Good details wow." ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful." ... written by queenbee22
Always a blessing jose !!" ... written by Purp
She is just fantastic!! So solid and wise and wonderful tender! " ... written by Angel
Josephine, you have become like a good friend to me. I trust your insight and your accuracy is always spot on. Thank you for a beautiful reading and for being the beautiful soul you are. Much love and light to you always. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Josephine is very accurate with her reading. She didn't have to ask questions to be able to read into my situation. She was way ahead of what I wanted to know. Thank you so much, Josephine, for giving me hope and clarity. You deserve way over 5 stars!!!!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
She helped me see a blind problem that has been an issue for a long time that I didn't realize. Very helpful." ... written by Monica
Connections was bad.. but it was an awesome reading" ... written by luckystars
This reading made me so happy. may or may not come true, only time will tell, but this gave me so much to look forward to! thank you so much!!! keeping my fingers crossed on the marriage part :)" ... written by Aisha
Josephine bloom knew a great deal about me past and present. Amazing and she is very connected to the spirits and she is giving me a great deal of good promising future to come. very intuitive!" ... written by BNJPANGELS
Thank you so much Josephine, you are wonderful and I appreciate it. I now have clarity. You are awesome. Thank you do much and god bless you :)" ... written by MARRIED2MONEY
I can assure all of you, that Josephinebloom is by far the best reader you will find. example: Over a year ago she told me I would have a big quarrel with my family and I would move away from them. She was right, without me even mentioning my dispute with them. She had details she could not know and saw details, no guessing, no vague visions. Again: I tell readers nothing apart from my name. " ... written by mon
Thank you Jo for a beautiful reading as always. You put my mind at ease and I appreciate you compassion, accuracy to details, and the wisdom of your words. You are a beautiful soul and you know I will be back again. I will keep you posed. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Amazing as always. Thank you Josephine. xoxo" ... written by Maryann
Insightful realding, accurate. Sweet woman with the most soothing voice. Will remember her words when predictions come to pass. Thank you!" ... written by Elisa
Accurate and so amazing in her reading I feel she was able to pick up on my feelings and also give me precise answers too." ... written by dmw4300
Great reading. Very clear and in depth." ... written by lucky stars
I love her help" ... written by mimi
Great reading!" ... written by luckystars
Great session" ... written by -
She is truly incredible!" ... written by SR
Wow, awesome, mind blowing reading with many details and clarity! A very eye-opening reading. God Bless Josephine. " ... written by janesi
Josephine has been very supportive, accurate, honest, and insightful in her readings. I will return for an update." ... written by janesi
Thanks Josephine! x" ... written by luckystars
Thank you Jo. I so appreciate your insight, accuracy, and support. I will let you know what happens. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Josephine was accurate about my situation and compassionate in relating the information. She always helps me and I will come back again. Definitely would recommend her to all!" ... written by Maryann
Great reading once again. Can't wait till it all comes true!!!" ... written by Diamondbaby
Greatly appreciate your insight on my issues. This is really hard case. Just want Justice for my kids. Thank you!" ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful Update. Thank you Josie." ... written by sunshinec
Always wonderful. " ... written by sunshine0105
She is very wise and good with her cards. I really got a lot from the reading with her. Thank you Joesephine!" ... written by Angela
Thanks for the insight and the advice!!!" ... written by janesi
good reading as always" ... written by dladie42
great and accurate as always" ... written by Christopher
It was great reconnecting with her and she always gives so much clarity" ... written by Luella63
awesome, clear andamp; great advice" ... written by Autumne
Great session!" ... written by luckystars
Really sweet woman, supportive" ... written by Simon
omg she is amazing... 100% spot on accurate...she is mind reader :))" ... written by elle11
I have visited Josephine four times. She has been quite accurate on all readings. She does not sugar coat but is compassionate with her reading and advice. She is easily top 5 here." ... written by thinkingone
Would highly recommend her. She was extremely good and understood the situation. I will definitely talk to her again! You will not be disappointed!!" ... written by Diane
I always come back to Josephine. She is amazing and always compassionate. She always guides me. Hoping what she said comes true! XOXO" ... written by Maryann
She was on point! LOVE Josephine! Awesome reader!" ... written by Mona
She is fabulous!!!!!! Very well connects with you and the situation. Very in depth and accurate!!!!! Love her!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU, JOSEPHINE!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Josephine is wonderful such a kind soul. Was very connected to my situation, I will see her again. So gifted, I thank you, God bless you." ... written by pauly61
thanks you!! :)" ... written by luckystars
I cant describe how accurate this woman is she is just amazing at what she picks up I can stop taking her to private..." ... written by elle11
Always the great reader!!! Always reading precisely. " ... written by Rena
Thank you for your wonderful information and advice!!!!" ... written by Ladyseeking
always wonderful" ... written by l bug
Very accurate, one of the best there is!" ... written by Christopher
Jose is always 100% accurate. 100 stars!!" ... written by Pure
She saw it all. Incredible accuracy again !" ... written by chris
She is just amazing and her readings are fabulous !!!!!" ... written by Rose
There will never be words great enough to explain the readings jose gives. countless predictions come true and she is always right!!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
She is the best I have ever spoken with. She is so kind and very very good at her craft. I will keep in touch with her. =) Highly recommend her." ... written by Diane
Thanks so much Jo !! " ... written by pure
Josephine was fast and accurate. Amazing and compassionate as always. Thanks Jo. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Maryann
Great reading" ... written by luckystars
Her cards are amazing" ... written by luckystars
she was very sweet andamp; remind me of my mom...I wish whatever she says happens..thanks for a lovely reading :)" ... written by aquavenus
Thank you dear Jose, what you told me now in our reading you have told me months ago, even if you don't remember :-) It was very reassuring that you see the same things!!! Thank you!!" ... written by sara
she was very good. she's very spiritual and gives advice from the heart. i'll be back" ... written by olga
Josephine is so amazing in her readings. I have been a client of hers for awhile now ansd she never disappoints me. She is very straight forward and so compassionate too. " ... written by dmw4300
I THANK U FOR GREAT UPDATE !!!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
She's one of my favourite here!" ... written by luckystars
always the best . GOD BLESS U JOSEPHINE " ... written by remedio
Very awesome reading" ... written by luckystars
spot on!!! picked out that the person i was asking about was traveling :-)" ... written by ABSFAB
very positive lady !! she's great truthful " ... written by QUEENBEE22
Another amazingly accurate reading with Josephine. I always come back to her bc I trust her. She is the best! Thank you Josephine. Much love and light to you and your family! XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Thanks for the reading" ... written by luckystars
Love her. She is always right on and gives me the guidance to deal with what she sees. Thanks Jo. Many Blessings!" ... written by Maryann
Greatly Appreciate Your Update God Bless You Always!!! You Are Spot On !!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
I love her I love her I love her. PAY her a million dollars but this woman got integrity and will bot be manipulated unlike some disgusting disgusting psychics that I have seen not gonna say where but we all know where. I love her because she is genuine and will not design a reading to make anyone happy and if she sees something dirty she will tell u immediately!!!" ... written by lover
Thank you! your cards always provide so much details" ... written by luckystars
she is the best recommend her 100%" ... written by elle11
she was very accurate about my life. She accommodated me i a limited time andamp; that has to be appreciated." ... written by aqua
Thanks jose!! 5 stars as always i always love her readings!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Spot on!!" ... written by absfab
great" ... written by -
Speechless..absolutely amazing!" ... written by el
Josephine is a wonderful person !!! She is a true psychic !!! I have talked to many psychics but when i go to Jo i always get the true answers to my questions!!! She is genuine in her readings, very detaied and knows too many aspects of a situation . She gives good advice, very firm about her opinions and clarifies everything in simple language that you could understand. I think she is one of the best psychics of the world !!!!GOD has been very kind to you if you cross path with JO !!!! Jo love you and GOD BLESS !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Josephine is a very genuine psychic. Wonderful as always !!! Love her readings. She is 100% accurate !!! She is very honest and the predictions have all come true for me !!!!" ... written by Rose
Josephine is too good!! She is very very accurate and her predictions have come true always!!!!!! GOD BLESS !!!!" ... written by Rose
thank you dear , you are best," ... written by Zaya21
Very Good Update .. She can really go in deep details thx u" ... written by QUEENBEE22
always so deep" ... written by angela
thanks , will need to come back ." ... written by target
Excellent!!!!!! NO words for her !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
simply outstanding - very helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you josephine for the update :) Very awesome" ... written by luckystars
Thanks for the reading" ... written by luckystars
grat" ... written by hasan
V good reading" ... written by luckystars
Awesome reading!!!! Wow!!! Veery insightful, accurate, detailed with a lot of clarity. Josephine tuned right into my situation without me even asking the question. " ... written by janesi
Jo is an amazing reader. She is always accurate, detailed and compassionate. I highly recommend her ! Thanks Jo. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
She is accurate. She is loving. And she is truly gifted. I only come here now on the rare occasion, and this is the one reader I return to. Over time, her readings have proven to be true and accurately reflect my life just as it is and how it will be. She will give you the good and the not-so-good. But best of all, she will give you advice that can really change your life and with such genuineness. Please be aware that she will only tell you what she sees in her cards and not try to sell you a fantasy. One of the best and REAL Lenormand card readers!" ... written by Nona29
Great as usual" ... written by luckystars
FABULOUS as always-aunty jose hits it on the nail and doesnt waste time-love her always!" ... written by seaqueen
she is devine... such a lovely lady... gave me attention and helped alot." ... written by gio
!00 stars joses readings are the realest ive received from any one on this site." ... written by Pure Purple Pisces
great reading" ... written by luckystars
great great SO detailed reading!!!! " ... written by lightstreet
Great reading! Accurate, honest, and very insight with details as always!" ... written by janesi
Jo is the REAL DEAL !!!! Whatever she has told me . has come out true !!!!! She is strongly connected with THE ALMIGHTY and that's why she tells very direct answers without hesitation in any situation !!! All her predictions come true !!!!!!! Love you JO !!!!" ... written by Rose
she's sooo good!!!!" ... written by n
i have to come back 3 times, josephine was amazing, deliver the bad news in such calming way, very very accurate and def no sugar coating!" ... written by n
Jo is just FANTASTIC !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Very nice reading. Was spot on with my fears" ... written by butter factory
very excellent reader, she pcked up very well...I trust her intuition and will remain positive awaiting the outcome!!!" ... written by kw
thank you for being so straightfoward!! :)" ... written by hilly
Jo is so wonderful accurate so grateful to find her today!" ... written by rosy
Onceagain aunty Jose is on point and gave me secrets for what I NEED! I love this woman!" ... written by me
Jo is a GEM! wow cannot believe it! amazing amazing amazing." ... written by rosy
Jo IS THE BEST PSYCHIC IN THE WORLD i would say !!!!!! She is fast, accurate honest and on target !!!!! I love her !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Always the best- amazing accuracy andamp; advice. Josephine has always been spot on with my situation!" ... written by ellie
great!" ... written by luckystars
Jo is above and beyond everyone !!! She is a top class psychic here on Oranum !!!! THE BEST ORANUM HAS TO OFFER !!!!!" ... written by Rose
perfect reading." ... written by tick
She was excellent!" ... written by Mona
this woman is incredible how much she covered is such short amount of time such as 10 minutes and i asked her like three times to lower price for me and she did. she is so very kind. love u already. god bless x" ... written by Sandra
Thank you! Always so n depth :)" ... written by luckystars
OUTSTANDING READINGS !!!!" ... written by rose
always so much details!" ... written by luckystars
Jo is a top most psychic here!!!! Love ings !!!! Always my favorite!!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Jo is a greatest psychic i have met !!!! She is very accurate, honest and very quick !!!! Love her a lot !!!!!" ... written by Rose
Josephine's reading was so deep and full of wisdom, she picked up on all of the details only I knew already going on, truly one of the most sincere and humble readers I have been too, I have never been given so much in depth information before. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jena
Love my reading with Josephine, lovely lovely reading... i jumped out of my bed just to speak to her" ... written by nm
Josephine is amazing as usual and so accurate. I trust her with guiding me in my difficult situation." ... written by dmw4300
wow!!!" ... written by answerstodestiny
great update" ... written by luckystars
She is fabulous, absolutely fantastic! Way to go Josie. All those who come are blessed..." ... written by newperson
excellent" ... written by LB
spot on!!!!!" ... written by absfaB
Very accurate and good reading." ... written by Compli_cated
beautiful soul. great reading." ... written by Anne
OUTSTANDING, MAGNIFICENT!!! Blown away. WOW!" ... written by jand777
Great Update." ... written by luckystars
Great update! Always so much details!" ... written by luckystars
She is a fab reader. An angel come to sort out issues..." ... written by newperson
She is always good!" ... written by Mona
JO is the best psychic !!!! One of a kind !!!! She is just superb !!!!! Very intuitive and accurate !!!!!Her cards are nothing but wonder !!!!!! Love her readings !!!!! God Bless You !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Amazing! Thank you so much!! With love," ... written by P
OMG! She is a 5 STARS!!! She is THE BEST on ORANUM. No doubt about it. She is 98% accurate on her predictions. She will give you goose bumps. She is a Brilliant and Gifted psychic. Go to her for your readings and you will never regret it. Highly Recommended !!!" ... written by Oolong
Absolutely wonderful !!!! Jo is the best psychic and i trust her completely !!! What a wonderful reading !!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU JO !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
Jose is stupendous, fast and accurate in her readings. Fabulous dear! Multiple stars all the way." ... written by newperson
I had a wonderful, very accurate and detailed reading with Josephine! This lady is very kind and provided great insights into a situation that I had. I definitely recommend to have a reading with her and will come back for updates!" ... written by PMK2005
She is great and knew so much!" ... written by clover434
She's the one i go to for advice :)" ... written by lukcystars
My favourite! Always in depth. :)" ... written by luckystars
I was surprised of the depth of her reading! Very insightful made me think a lot. I'm very happy to meet with her. Thank you so much! with love," ... written by K
Thank you so much for your reading again! I will come back!" ... written by K
she is my favourite reader!" ... written by luckystars
Jo is always able to connect with my situation no matter how much time passes. She is clear, accurate and detailed with her readings. She helps me see things and advises me on how to best deal with situations for the best outcome. I always come back to Jo and highly recommend her. Thanks Jo XOXO" ... written by Maryann
great reading" ... written by luckystars
she is the best 5star nothing less.. " ... written by clearblu
What a deep, detailed and clear reading! Love her always. Thank you!" ... written by P
She is fabulous as always!" ... written by newperson
Josie is a fabulous reader she is on point with every card ..I love the way that she reads she will not sugarcoat you ..she will keep it real.. Thanks for prvt ..she you soon I enjoyed my reading.. Thanks Josie " ... written by sunshinec
JO is fantastic !!!!! She is pure loving energy !!!!! Love her readings !!!!! Thank you Jo !!!!! GOD BLESS !!!!!!" ... written by Rose
love her" ... written by v
i love her so much!" ... written by v
It great to have her back! Always an amazing reader" ... written by luckystars
great readings I really loved them" ... written by marqutia
WOW!! SHe is amazing so full of accurate details!!" ... written by Optimistic
Great update! i always trust her :)" ... written by lucky
Excellent as always. Highly recommend. Thanks Jo. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Great reading" ... written by Lucky
Amazing reading as always. Thank you JO." ... written by Maryann
She was very good!" ... written by Gracie
I have had several readings with her... she is truly gifted and non judgemental... picks up on things right away.... and encouragement given" ... written by mag
Great Update" ... written by luckystars
Sweet lady. She is honest and kind." ... written by Amy
Thank you for your honest advice. With love," ... written by P
Jo is an amazing reader. She is always detailed, accurate, and compassionate. She is always my go to and I trust her. I highly recommend her. OXOX Much love and light my friend." ... written by Maryann
she's really good with her cards. got a lot of information and all i told her was names and gave her "yes or no" responses. awesome reading" ... written by m
OMG!!! She is a 5 STARS!!! She is Fabulous!!! I have to admit she is the BEST on Oranum. It is very rare to find an excellent and warm hearted psychic who will guide you to success. She only tells you the truth with her predictions. She speaks from the heart and no lies to make you happy. A very Gifted woman. She is Phenomenal !!! Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
lots of details! great reading:)" ... written by luckystars
GREAT Reading very detailed." ... written by Sunday
very detailed reading great thanx" ... written by z
My favourite reader!!" ... written by luckystars
bi love this woman so much ... no more what she tell me she give it to me straight always .. she is sweet as pie but the truth is the truth .. and that what she is the truth.. i love you joe and i don't care who know ... screaming from the top )))))))))))))))) " ... written by clearblu
great reading" ... written by lucky
wow!!! Josephine is an excellent reader! I love how she gets right into it and gives so many accurate details nobody else knows. I highly recommend her and she is definitely one of my few favourites. Thank you Jospehine!! XO" ... written by ginbellen
Thank you Jo for a wonderful reading." ... written by Maryann
thanks Jo...really very accurate" ... written by R
wow what an amazing reading! she was so so accurate with everything. I've been waiting to see josephine for a while now and i finally caught her online. I'm so glad i did! everything has been clarified. thank you josephine" ... written by jp
Thank you Jo for an amazing reading. You are always able to pick up immediately with clarity, detail, and compassion. I highly recommend her. Thanks my friend XOXO" ... written by Maryann
She is fabulous, a great healer with immense insights" ... written by newperson
Great reading! I always come to her for advice when the situation gets tough, or even just for a quick update on life happenings :)" ... written by luckystars
Josephine is always accurate, detailed, and compassionate. I trust her and always come back to her. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Maryann
I am impressed for a first reading!!! Thank you for calming me down and confirming my gut feeling." ... written by Joseph
She is the best, the very best! 10 stars! " ... written by hotpinkpassion
she was great gave me wonderful news for this winter this was my first time I trust it will happen and will be back to tell her. very compassionate and wonderful reader." ... written by A
great reading" ... written by luckystars
love josephine! gives the most accurate readings out of all other readers" ... written by jp
Wow, even with just my name, you were able to tell me exactly what is going on with my life. This was my second reading with you and still am impressed, Thanks. I will see you once more in the weeks to come." ... written by Joseph
She did it again. accurate on everything. she is one of the best on the site. i appreciate her kindness and she is great with the cards. she saw the situation 100%. thank you josephine !" ... written by Christopher
always great reading with ms Bloom great information never fails to give the honesty n truth" ... written by queenbee22
FANTASTICALWAYS!" ... written by v
great reading" ... written by luckystars
Thank you for the amazing reading" ... written by luckystars
fantastic reading as always . god bless u josephine " ... written by remedio
Thanks, Very Good Connection...and Reading..." ... written by Geri
wow!! She is simply amazing she knew so much information without me saying a word!! She was simply amazing take her to private you will not be dissappointed" ... written by love
Amazing!!! " ... written by Carla
Jo is an amazing reader. Always accurate and detailed. I trust her and always come back to her. Thanks my friend. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
shes one of the best here!" ... written by luckystars
WOW that was an amazing demo and an amazing reading. Thank You!" ... written by frag
excellent insight on situation. she is talented. Will wait and see what happens." ... written by mag
good reading" ... written by luckystars
She was wonderful! She picked up on situation very quickly I would highly recommend her." ... written by phyl
wait 3-weeks/ of info." ... written by sndy
great reading" ... written by lucky
very detailed!! great reading" ... written by lucky
great reading like always" ... written by luckystars
great supportive reading as usual" ... written by Panda eyes
Jo is one of the best readers on here. She is accurate, detailed, and compassionate. Thanks Jo. xoxo" ... written by Maryann
well, she is really nice and very competent" ... written by frg
she's the best here!! " ... written by luckystars
Very deep and profound reading! " ... written by Tony
Thank you Jo for your accuracy and compassion. You have helped and taught me so much. Much love and light my friend. xoxo" ... written by Maryann
Wow, Thanks Josephine for the very insightful reading filled with detials and gread advice. Something great to look forward to!!!" ... written by janesi
amazing i just could not stop" ... written by laziz
Amazing! So Accurate!" ... written by geri
great reading" ... written by luckystars
First of all, you must take Josephine to private! I promise, you will be simply amazed at her level of accuracy and pinpoint readings. I am still in awe at how well she described my situation. She is the most authentic reader on Oranum. The best kept secret on Oranum. I am the most frequent user on Oranum, and have been a member on here since May. Folks who use Oranum know that I have tried other readers before, but need to trust me on this one. JosephineBloom is mind-blowing! " ... written by Tony
This lady is amazing! Thank you x" ... written by pinkprincess1206
Josephine was accurate and helpful with answers" ... written by p
very accurate" ... written by p
OMG! She is a 5 STARS! Wow! She is an excellent psychic on Oranum. Go to her for your readings. She is very honest and no so sugar coating to make you happy. Very Highly Recommended!!!" ... written by Oolong
great reading" ... written by luckystars
thanks" ... written by k
thanks for the reading and the insights.. highly recommend" ... written by .plo
excellent reading, very detailed fast reading" ... written by gabby
always honest !!!" ... written by trulove
wonderful wonderful wonderful !!! She is very informative and a pleasure to work with - highly recommended !! Thank you for everything !! I will return soon" ... written by S
Josephine! I beg of you. Please be my full-time psychic! You blow me away again and again!! Just amazing." ... written by Tony
The best reading ever 5 stars great honest I am speechless " ... written by india
Josie was so incredibly spot on.. She was quick and answered all of my questions.. Unfortunately ran out of time.. I would recommend her to anyone.. Namaste dear Josie.." ... written by Janine
Thank you so much for the reassurance i love your advice will keep you updated " ... written by me
Jo knew me and my situation exactly even tho it was not the question i entered private to ask.. she explained my situation and helped me along my path to resolve my issues and look forward to brighter days.. Thank you Jo :)" ... written by S
honest and sport on . accurate " ... written by sai! This was unbelievable, so acurate, it was amazing, i feel like crying of joy. Please do a reading with her its so worth amazing, dont waste you time on other psychics, this is the real deal right here." ... written by c
she is truly amazing and VERY precise!" ... written by wren1414
Josephine was wonderful. Connected to my situation almost immediately. Gave me the answers I was looking for and then some. As I was typing things, she was saying exact same sentence. Completely wonderful to find someone who sees exactly the situation and gives you advice and answers without any bull. I will definitely be back for an update. TERRIFIC!!!!! 5 star!!!" ... written by frannie929
Josephine should be TEN STARS!!!! She is excellent!!!!! The best psychic by far on Oranum!!!" ... written by frannie929
great reading" ... written by b
Good very good." ... written by geri
Jos, thanks a lot for your care and good reading.. You are always honest" ... written by p
Thank you Jos for your assuring readings always " ... written by p
Thank you Jo. I really needed your insight and guidance today and appreciate your honesty and compassion. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
She gets to the bottom of every situation...Im lucky to find her when she is on....thanks much Jo....very spot on and accurate" ... written by Geri
Thanks Jos for your honest readings.. " ... written by p
Jos's readings are very nice, deep, guided and explained very well. I appreciate the way she does this with so much care.. Thank you Jos.." ... written by P
Amazing...Just Amazing with details and details and DETAILS...All ACCURATE" ... written by GERI
Jospehine is by far and away, the BEST PSYCHIC ON ORANUM. She connects fast, she gets to the point, gives you the answers you need. She does not sugar coat anything, tells it as it is. She is FANTASTIC. You are wasting your money with anyone else!!! 10 STARS !!! " ... written by frannie929
Thank you so much!! " ... written by P
The best reader here!! :)" ... written by luckystars
great reading!!" ... written by Isabelle
Thank you so much for wonderful detailed reading! See you soon!" ... written by P
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
Great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
Thank you for the always honest readings jos.. Very deep and accurate.. " ... written by wonder
Jo was spot on once again.. She answered my questions truthfully and quickly.. She is such an accurate and wonderful reader.. Thank you Jo.. Much luv... Namaste" ... written by Janine
Very deep reading with Jo as always.." ... written by P
she is so wonderful, kind and accurate." ... written by wren1414
great reading" ... written by luckystars
AMAZING" ... written by Geri
Thank you for your honesty to me.. I really appreciate that.. " ... written by P
Very detailed and accurate reading. Highly recommended." ... written by faith
Josephine is an amazing reader. Very honest and insightful. Will definitely return for another reading." ... written by Fatimah7
Great reading, took her time to really explore everything I was asking about...highly recommend. " ... written by M.
great reading.." ... written by cheesesticks
Josephine is great! I have been coming to her for years now and she tells it like it is, like it or not but always honest. Thank you for everything. I will be back for another reading!" ... written by florwer85
GREAT as Always" ... written by Geri
Thank you Jo. What can I say. You are wonderful. XOXO" ... written by Maryann
First private reading andamp; very good, thank you xxxx" ... written by Havy
Thank you Jo" ... written by Meg
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
Just had to grab her she is her!! " ... written by Geri
wow she continues to amaze me with her accuracy and she also does great coaching to help you heal traumas etc. to move on with your life in a healthy way." ... written by wren1414
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! AMAZING" ... written by geri
she is wonderful and accurate as usual. she has a truly blessed gift." ... written by wren1414
Thank you Jo. you are always clear, accurate, and compassionate. I trust you and thank you. Blessings" ... written by Maryann
Just had to come back again, she is amazing! and on Target" ... written by Geri
Thank you JO" ... written by Meg
Josie is marveloous an angel and perfect in her reading. Multiple stars for her" ... written by newperson
oh wow she is always so wonderful, amazing...can't say enough. this woman is gifted and has such a great heart. wants the best for you always." ... written by wren1414
Amazing as Always....had to grab her while she was on" ... written by GERI
Than you jose! She is honest and will give you what she sees!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Josephine's the best ever! She will tell you about your past, present and future 100% accurately and her predictions always come to pass! If you want a reading with a truly gifted psychic, go to Josie or no one else!" ... written by sweetmarionette
Thanks a ton Jo for a wonderful and positive reading :)" ... written by P
wow" ... written by lou
Great reading" ... written by cheesesticks08
she is always so accurate and amazing. one of the best !!!!" ... written by chris
I loved having a reading with her. She is kind and right to the point. I am just so happy at this moment. Definitely recommend a reading with her if you're curious. She didn't ask dob or anything except first name. Amazing! " ... written by SSK
she is awesomely accurate as usual." ... written by wren1414
Thank you for the update!" ... written by cheesesticks08
Amazing, Amazing...hit the Nail on the HEAD" ... written by Geri
Always accurate and very clear. Things she has said are coming true and I'm very excited about what's to come!" ... written by florwer85
awsome reading as always" ... written by remedio
she is absolutely amazing! very gifted card reader and a psychic, too! wow!!!" ... written by natural
she is wonderful and blessed to speak to her as usual." ... written by wren1414
Josephine is excellent! She connects easily with little info. I ran out of time, but will definitely be back soon :)" ... written by nina
Always so fantastic! Will come back soon!! " ... written by P
Wonderful reading! Brought me so much clarity to what I'm moving forward to thank you so much thank you for existing in my world for this. you been on point with everything you said , i will follow your advice" ... written by Aida
OMG...OMG she is amazing...just love her!!! AMAZING" ... written by geri
Jo is a special reader. One of the best! XOXO" ... written by Maryann
Brilliant spot on amazing" ... written by Lorann
great reading! she is very talented. I will come back for updates." ... written by scurlock
She is a sweet soul, very genuine. Connects well...I really really like her and I will return for sure. Hugs" ... written by Grateful
Thank you ...very good" ... written by withmylove
Josephine is a very special reader, unlike any other. 5 stars" ... written by Carlos
she is very gifted. always love coming for updates." ... written by wren1414
First time reading and wow I'm amazed! Josephine was spot on and I'm just blown away with her accuracy! WOW thank u so much!" ... written by Adis
She is simply amazing!!! :) xoxo" ... written by Adis
Awesome! Very accurate. " ... written by s scurlock
she was very sweet and honest" ... written by lavelle
Thank you, that was so extensive and very revealing even if I gave you minimal information about the person I asked for a reading. You are so good." ... written by Joseph
She is so genuine and awesome! Really like her a lot!" ... written by RayGal
omg great reading and advice" ... written by mroddie
Really great. I feel that Jo was very clear and compassionate in her responses. I also see her as being very accurate and helpful." ... written by Maryann
Fantastic reading with great wisdom and depth. Thank you so much!" ... written by P
Jo was so fantastic in private... She answered every single question I had so quickly and with such clarity.. Thank you so very much dear Jo... Namaste" ... written by Janine
accurate again god bless u josephine" ... written by remedio
Once Again, Amazing..." ... written by GERI
She is wonderful and predicted things so accurately!! I cannot even believe how amazing the predictions have been and have come true!" ... written by yas
She is always amazing" ... written by Geri
always hits the nail on the head..." ... written by Geri
WOW! thers nothing like her.." ... written by dragons rose
she is great as usual." ... written by wren1414
she is very tuned in." ... written by wren1414
Shes great!!! love her!!!" ... written by wingtip
Thank u for being so honest. And it was an accurate reading" ... written by beautyqueen
spot on !" ... written by carina
wonderful reading! spot on with Josephine I promise you wont be disssapointed :) " ... written by tiny tiny cloud
very nice reading,, now just waiting to see will it come to past" ... written by DERRICK
Great!" ... written by 180
good reading" ... written by cheesesticks
great reading" ... written by cheesesticks
Joie is a star among psychics. The best around" ... written by Newperson
Thank you Josephine." ... written by Pamela
Thanks" ... written by ppp
Josphine is very honest and very accurate!" ... written by Adis
Thank you so so much Josephine for your amazing reading" ... written by Ronen
She suprised me picked up on alot. i never had to say anything." ... written by jamira76
I've done a lot but she has gone deep which I believe has help me at ease and focus on what I need to do. Thank you, sweetheart." ... written by Julisa
VERY good. So detailed in 20 mins and she was on point with a lot of it. Try her!" ... written by charmedangelx31
VERY good. So detailed in 20 mins and she was on point with a lot of it. Try her!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Amazing reading, very precise and true!!! " ... written by femme77
I couldn't stop the reading the information was so interesting...I will see if they will materialize. I will be back :)" ... written by HALOVM
Very thorough and honest used several different spreads to answer my question and verify information in an all encompassing way" ... written by wendic