About gracepetals

Psychic gracepetalshas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic gracepetalshas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about gracepetals's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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My specialities are relationship issues, career concerns, etc. 5 yrs and more than 20,000 readings on Oranum. One of the most trusted, authentic readers. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium who uses few tools. I connect quickly with little information required. I am a Certified Life Coach, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki healer. 3.99/min.

Grace is incredible. I knew the first time I met her that she was special to me and would play a huge part in my life. This reading has proven it. She helped me so much, she doesn't even realize how much. I needed this reading in so many ways. She set my mind to easy and made me realize that things I was feeling about my life were not stupid. She has given me hope. Now I can focus on what I need to do. I now know that even though I feel very alone sometimes..I am not. Thank you so much Grace. You are a true friend." ... written by J
Very insightful...honest and understanding." ... written by mags0123
She is very friendly and easy to chat with. She knows her stuff for sure , I did get very good feeling about reading and it did help me to see things better." ... written by epi
Very good reading. Connected very well." ... written by Christopher roth
What an amazing and compassionate reader! Picked up on the energy of the situation with a lot of accuracy! I am soooo ready to face what is coming up!!! Thank you soooo much Grace! Love and light to you! God bless you! I'll keep you posted." ... written by Heartnsoul
Good reading with lots of things to think about. Very caring and wants to know how I get on. Thanks." ... written by tired and lost
Very nice lady...she was very calm and had a lot of knowledge." ... written by rlchambers
Unusual deck, accurate details, and stellar awareness. Excellent reading!" ... written by Leslie Kay
Great advice. Thanks for listening." ... written by TravlFunLove
Fabulous, really, enjoyed reading!" ... written by Taurus357
So wonderful, caring and compassionate. What a great reading. " ... written by Lindsay
Very compassionate lady. x" ... written by donnamck
Lots of good advice. " ... written by Sapphire
A wonderful reading, built me up and showed me the way. thanks a lot!" ... written by jazzychic7
Great reading. The deck she uses is really interesting and positive. She really has a great way of explaining things. Thank you so much!" ... written by SunnyD
I feel gracepetals has something very special handed down to her from god. I feel a very strong connection. Anybody who encounters her will have serious good luck. I hope she has the strength to keep going. Gracepetal will take people literally from deaths door to good health. God bless you and your healing hands thank you." ... written by martina
Pretty good, gave me a lot of boost. Hope it all comes true. She's honest I feel. " ... written by rahman
Excellent guidance and wonderful woman!" ... written by nclout
Picked up on energy well." ... written by FM
Hey Grace :) Thanks again for the quick reading. It was just what I needed to get my head on straight after all this time away from you lol. I've been working hard at work and doing lots of stuff with my diets and workouts so it's really no excuse when I say I just haven't been on around your schedule to catch up, lol. But yes everything is working out for me right now so no worries here thanks to you :) But more enlightenment from you is always the best! I'll catch up with you again soon!" ... written by Richard
She helped us a lot and has guided us in the right direction. Thank You!" ... written by Juliet andamp; heather
Great insight. Caring compassionate yet direct advice. non-judgmental." ... written by sk
Great reading! I love her!" ... written by nora
Enjoyed my reading!" ... written by marion
Great." ... written by brilo1969
Thank you so much for the wisdom you've given me Grace on how to deal with my relationship problems. I highly recommend Gracepetals if you're looking for someone with great experience on this subject everyone :)" ... written by Richard
Hey Grace :) just want to remind you how much you've honestly changed my life. I was really an emotional fist of emotions before I met you and you helped me find inner peace in my self and helped me realize that I have so much more worth giving if I just find the inner richness inside myself first :) and I feel like now all the dots are being connected in the universe and everything is starting to play out my way for once :) Catch you soon!" ... written by Richard
This is the 3rd time I've spoken with GracePetals. I think she picks up the truth, has offered me clear insight into the situation. She gave me hope. I'm quite excited." ... written by jen0227
Thank you.....for confirming what I have been feeling!" ... written by Rosa
Gracepetals is so intuitive and really accurate. I feel that I can really trust her readings." ... written by julie
Fantastic reading!" ... written by SM
It has been an amazing experience for me to connect with gracepetals. We had a deep connection and she totally felt where I come from and what are my aspirations and goals in this life. " ... written by sara
Really helpful, insightful and genuine. Thanks, Gracepetals." ... written by julie
Really nice lady. Thorough and empathetic. " ... written by alterego
5 star reader...very in depth reading and accurate. Certainly think that her advice is valid!!!" ... written by SunshineLynn
This was an excellent reading. I feel like we really connected and she gave great advice. " ... written by Silentsong
Wonderful as always. Thanks again for your help and insight. And of course I will keep you posted on things. :)" ... written by Melissa
I fired my Shrink and I hired GracePetals. That was the smartest thing I ever did. Life is really good now and she made me understand that. Thank You so much! What a Bright future I have ahead of me. I am so glad she has shown me the way. I have put my trust in GracePetals, give her a try! Way better than 5 stars!" ... written by stargazer152
She was awesome, right on target with my intuition! She was so kind and caring in her delivery. I like the way she reads the cards!" ... written by Beth
Very kind and caring woman. Good reading." ... written by Radiant
Excellent. Very real. " ... written by charlotte
A lovely lovely lady with very good insight and advice." ... written by IainHarg46
Great!" ... written by kerryb14
Love her and her readings was right on and she is such a sweetheart." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
So cool and sound guidance from spirit. She will guide you towards your true path. Warm energy." ... written by Kaveri566
Just ok reading!!" ... written by taurusmay5
I was very happy with my reading, she had stated some predictions similar to other readers. I liked her because she appears very genuine. We shall see..." ... written by Sticky toffee
She gave a very clear reading and gave me real answers and perspective to the problem i am struggling with. " ... written by Marc Smits
Very insightful and compassionate. Help me make an important decision. " ... written by Miraanne
Thank you. You hit on so much of how I feel. I will see you again. As someone said, you are fun!" ... written by bobbie j
I love this lady she has a divine and caring way of explaining things - but is spot on with what she says. Will def see her again and the free chat room is great!" ... written by sharon
Very insightful lady! Definitely...worth a try!" ... written by Frank
Excellent lovely honest and genuine what more can I say." ... written by sharon
I really enjoy talking to grace when im having a bad day she makes me feel better you should go see her she really good" ... written by Gavin
Hello, I would like to say that this wonderful woman uses spirituality as her intuitive guiding too but also starts with a beautifully psychological approach. I felt more confident with the answers to my questions because if anything I haven't asked she fills in the rest with her guides and angels. Realistic, supportive and gifted with a down to earth, honest and clear approach. Many of the answers I was looking for she was able to support me. Thank you very a very helpful and constructive reading. " ... written by Chrisitina
Very insightful, thank you." ... written by Samantha
Thanks , very open and honest and considerate of the situation..." ... written by Geri
The best advice I have had yet. Gracepetals is right on the money and very sharp. She deserves more than 5 stars. I am very satisfied. She see's things very clearly. Really Gifted." ... written by stargazer152
Grace is the best!! I fired my shrink and hired Grace!" ... written by stargazer152
Excellent, honest, uplifting, freeing, a wonderful reading! " ... written by iamworthit
Amazing!" ... written by Chrissy
I felt the reading was right on point to the situation I am going through." ... written by Kiaramarie1025
Really nice and straight to the point!" ... written by kitty
Nice lady." ... written by rose
Grace was very helpful, saw through my situation very clearly and supported my decision on where things need to be going for me. Thanks grace, you are a star. " ... written by Monty1212
Once again you've given me the clarity I've needed to figure out what I need to get done in my life! And I started working on it right away after the private and I'm feeling great and not a single negative thing is on my mind. :)" ... written by Richard
This was an excellent reading. She was compassionate and realistic. We really connected and I look forward to positive outcomes in my life. " ... written by Silentsong
Gracepetals is truly wonderful, sincere, supportive, sweet, clear, and beautiful. Everything she gave me is supportive, loving, nurturing, and more. Many Blessings and love to you, Gracepetals! " ... written by Samsharia
A beautiful reading, very detailed very supportive very precise, I am grateful thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Grace is a wonderful gifted psychic who explains the cards perfectly with your situation. She told me everything I needed to here. She is brilliant. I think I was guided to her because she is the best. Thank You Grace I will have another reading. Hugs and kisses! Smile." ... written by smileatwill
Very Good reading :) " ... written by Anders
She was very accurate with my reading. Knew exactly what to say about my questions. " ... written by Maria
Gracepetals is a very insightful reader. She has a genuine sense of the situation and the people involved. Her advice is great and she has a very calming way of relaying it. Thanks again. You have to have her read for you!" ... written by newness
A genuine reader and picks up very well on others energy... She is a credit to ORANUM." ... written by murdocca
Thank u for the advice Grace much appreciated :)" ... written by Yoogii
I appreciate your guidance and insight. You are very special. Thank you again." ... written by jerald
Fantastic! Very to the point and excellent presence! Thank you :)" ... written by Miss_Lady
A truly fantastic lady...I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the love, help and guidance I receive from Grace...xxxxx" ... written by IainHarg46
Good! " ... written by jenny
Nice reading - accurate and to the point." ... written by mary5890
Very insightful." ... written by katie
Wow! Thank you so much for that reading :) I have found out so much about me that I never knew I had. :) " ... written by terrisue
Gracepetals was able to help me and confirm a new path forward. Clarity was given and I can now move ahead with confidence." ... written by Debra
I found GracePetals to be right on. I had a first reading a while ago, and wanted to follow up today. Her insights have been very helpful." ... written by Jen
The reading was very good and very informative. She gave me a lot of tools and things to tap into. Thank you. A five star reader." ... written by Harold
THANK YOU GRACE!" ... written by KYMII
She gave me a lot to think about. She will help you understand some thing that really need to be deal with. " ... written by Tammy
Very kind and she is genuine in everything." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Had me in tears bc she helped me so much bless her soul i have clarity and hope." ... written by Amy
She was to the point. Made a lot of sense. Cleared up lots of things for me. Worth every penny :)" ... written by BrainyBeauty
The woman was right on, I kind of knew some things did not sound right about this person in my life at this time, she was very honest with me, and encouraged me to move on. I am happy I chatted with her tonight. Thank you Grace Petals, thank you! for your guidance." ... written by SassyCat
Enjoyed the reading ..she was right about what I should do ." ... written by denise
wonderful, helpful" ... written by tgirl
She's so warm and her reading made me feel so much better about my difficult situation. What a blesing she is thank you." ... written by christa
Good reading." ... written by Rick
Hey Grace :) thank you again for the reading. I love how it's gone to the point now where we pretty much complete each others sentences. I ask a question and while you answer I am pretty much completing your sentence in my mind and I seem to always ask the right questions to you to receive the answer I want. It's obvious you've helped me so much on guiding me onto the right path :)" ... written by Richard
Great reading very insightful." ... written by Pam
Very enlightening and compassionate. I appreciated her candor.. Thank you. Blessings to you." ... written by jANINE
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Thank you so much grace!!!" ... written by Kymii
Great accurate reading!" ... written by nanada
Just like a mother.....I feel much better now!" ... written by stargazer152
Love love love her! Down to earth. Straight forward. Kind. Non judgmental. Highly recommend her! " ... written by Diane
Another great reading! Confirmed what I thought. You hit everything right on target. 5 star rating for sure. However, my heart will never be the same." ... written by Martank
Thank you grace you've helped me so much with your insight today. Very professional and a counselor too!" ... written by Angela
Very good and accurate in reading the cards. Good reading!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Thank you, always a pleasure speaking to you :)" ... written by :)
Wonderful reader - clear and concise - very kind. " ... written by Lyne
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!" ... written by Rachel
Love this woman she is so caring and I completely trust the guidance she gives me. Grace is very straight and to the point and I feel so lucky to have found her on here xx" ... written by shaz
That was a wonderful reading .. iI have never felt so sure than I do now after talking to you that everything is going to be GREAT .. and I mean everything .. I've got a lot to look forward to .. So grateful .. You were very helpful and supportive .. Ty ty .. will do a follow up soon" ... written by Beautifulmesss
Excellent" ... written by Betty Bramblett
Huge Love to you Grace - everything you conveyed was really true for me, and clearly defined what I need to do for myself. I know this is what I need. Perfect read. Beautiful person you are . . . . " ... written by Samsharia
Well I've been chatting with Grace several times now. She's very honest and doesn't just tell you what you may want to hear. She reads energy very well. Of course I'll be back! ~bella82576" ... written by Melissa
Thank you for help me out on my problem. I feel much better!" ... written by kymiibymii
AMAZING!!! She was soo intuitive, gave me so much clarity. I feel so much better, and she seems like she really cares!! def will come back." ... written by Krissy
She was awesome very accurate and it was an amazing experience, she told me things I had been waiting to hear for a while, I'd highly recommend her!" ... written by Jessica J.
I spoke with this reader about relocation and transferring with my present employer. I was very pleased with the information conveyed during the reading. " ... written by Rick
Awesome!" ... written by rlchambers
Very good! Love her!" ... written by jamaicanwin
This was scary! She knows so much, it was like she was there. Grace is a fantastic read! Don't wait at all.......better than spot on.. Grace is the real deal for sure.... It's like she has a magic mirror. Grace see's all and tells all." ... written by stargazer152
Another case solved! Grace is very understanding and I just love that pendulum. Nobody should be without one. Step by step she took the problem and solved all." ... written by stargazer152
It was such a nice reading. She was able to pick out the problems quickly and explain it clearly. She confirmed many things I was concerned with. I will have another reading with her." ... written by Martank
Very sweet lady. Enjoyable reading and good advice. " ... written by Chrissy
Very good!" ... written by jamaicanwin
She was wonderful and felt very comforting. " ... written by BluMorningGlory
Very kind and compassionate. I'm hoping that you're right. I'm looking for a miracle. Thank you." ... written by Melissa
Very helpful." ... written by suzanne
Great as always: her advice is this or better!!! I write this as I remember it this way. xoxo" ... written by edel95
Sge is very authentic and her narration is perfect. Very helpful and she is very affectionate " ... written by light NY
Grace eases my mind .. I am happy I talked to her tonight .. I could just talk to her for hours .. So sweet and genuine and her advice is very, very helpful! I will def. be back again and again!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Hey Grace :) Thank you for blessing me with your gracefulness - haha see what I did there? =P. Lol, but yeah thank you for helping me out with this whole evil sleep paralysis thing...I'm glad I spoke to you about it because I knew very well that what has been happening isn't a good thing.. But I've been doing what you've said and my dreams are all back to normal and I haven't gone through this bad stuff ever since ! I'll keep you up to date!" ... written by Richard
Thanks for that quick clarification, about my spirituality." ... written by thanks for that quick clarification
Very perceptive. She knew the situation like she were in it. I really like her personality. She used many of the words talking about the situation that I've used in my own life trying to resolve the situation, which was interesting and confirming to me that we were connected and on track." ... written by l
Really good, clear reading. Sensible lady. :) " ... written by Amy177
Exellent." ... written by clare benson
Thank you so much. You were wonderful." ... written by Denise
I'm leary of psychic I don't believe in much but Grace was like talking to a counselor. I felt immediately lighter mentally after speaking with her about some issues I was dealing with. She gets my recommendation. " ... written by Char
Gracepetals is a very kind, caring and compassionate woman. Her readings are absolutely amazing, she touched right on to the situation and gives clear guidance, I would get a reading from her anytime and recommend if you need clarity that you have one with her, you wont be disappointed!! She told me some things I already knew to be true and has been accurate in all that she has told me. Thank you Gracepetals, I will be back!" ... written by heather038
She is really understanding :)" ... written by Asanka
Great reading. Wonderful lady. Thank you." ... written by Katie46
Great, a real comfort. " ... written by Greg
Thank you for a great reading!" ... written by Crystal
GREAT CHAT" ... written by Nicole
Thank you Gracepetals. You have helped me tremendously." ... written by Denise
Excellent reading" ... written by Silentsong
Thank you so much for the reading makes me feel so much better" ... written by ronelle
Helpful as always. Thank you!" ... written by bella82576
Although I came into the reading without any specific questions in mind, I was looking for some general I had just come through a very transitional time. Gracepetals was able to give me advice about work, and my love life. Very useful." ... written by Azur01
Wonderful!" ... written by Matt
She was really accurate! she helped me a lot and gave me great advice! _Now I see things clearly!" ... written by sarm19
Great insight - like talking to a knowing friend without judgement." ... written by lookingforlove88
Wonderful insight and VERY honest!!! Thanks a bunch!" ... written by Hollie
It was more than just a reading. Gracepetals was insightful and has a great coaching ability. She has a kind healing about her. She is spiritual and brings great perspective and confirmed what I felt and know and that I am on the right track. Thank you! K." ... written by Kallen73
She has more than just psychic knowledge, she has true honest knowledge of the world and people. Very sweet lady." ... written by danielle burritt
I really enjoyed the reading. It isnt tarot - more guides with wisdom. She was spot on about what was going on in the situation - and gave me great guidance and relief. " ... written by Danielle
Thank you." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Very good listener." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Wonderful and very articulate reader. Thank you!" ... written by Shannon Hall
She is really good. She completely confirmed what 2 other psychics had already told me. She is to the point and a lovely woman." ... written by TallBeauty
Thank you mom." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
This was very nice. good to have someone to talk to. Was good to see things from a different point of view. She was very easy to talk to. Will do this again." ... written by padlyn
She was very comforting and spoke with clarity on the situation. Very kind and I would certainly speak with her again." ... written by whitefeathers
Wonderful reading :) " ... written by Pam
Great reading, very precise with the details." ... written by Ammer
Gracepetals is absolutely amazing and so very accurate!!!!! I am so grateful. Many thanks :)" ... written by spirit0123
Words fail very very special will never regret having a reading." ... written by IainHarg46
I really enjoyed this reading. It was way too short, but I had all my questions answered. I hope to see what these answers bring me over the next few weeks and I will come back to share my experiences =)" ... written by Iris
She was great with the reading. Picked up on some things that are happening with me correctly. Gave me good advice." ... written by florwer85
Been to a lot of psychics on this site. Grace is more than gifted. She is WONDERFULLY amazing! She's not only a good reader, but a great healer and teacher. Highly recommended!!!!" ... written by Taylor
Really good reading." ... written by Hana
Thank you. That's cleared up some intuitive feelings I had. Thanks for your compassion and expertise at a time where I feel very lost, upset and confused. You're a trusted phychic." ... written by Angela
She is awesome!" ... written by mbbadua
I appreciate your tolerance with informative ,discrete advice. " ... written by Dopplersonograph
Lovely and kind and didn't waste my time. Would talk with this gem forever if I wasn't a starving college student. I highly recommend her I feel so much better after the reading." ... written by sunshinebella
Wonderful reading!! Exactly what I wanted to hear. Now just to follow through with it!" ... written by Amy Atkison
Love her .. She is so nice to talk to .. Reassuring and I trust whats she's telling me .. Since coming into her room about a month ago (felt i was drawn to her) I feel so much lighter and at peace with how things are going and how they will turn out... The meditation in her room on sun nights have helped me get more grounded .. Everything JUST feelssss better .. MANY THANKS GRACE!!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
good" ... written by sadhana
She was great... thanks!" ... written by Stacey
Not only was Grace remarkably accurate in my reading, She is such a kind and sweet soul. Her insights helped me greatly and I felt like I was speaking to a good friend and confidante. I will be doing future readings with her, for sure." ... written by Annie
Gracepetals was very helpful. I have a strong understanding about my situation. highly recommend!" ... written by Erika
Thanks heaps, grace, you are very helpful with updates." ... written by guiseppe
I appreciate your discrete ,insightful advice. " ... written by Dopplersonograph
Truly amazing and straight on point with my mother situation. Thank you so much." ... written by Starhx
Grace was extremely clear and picked up situation quickly - lovely lady - helped me to calm down lol. God Bless You! x" ... written by Redtab333
Thank you so much i will be back i wasn't looking at the time. " ... written by bar
As always.. Wonderful." ... written by Insightful
GREAT!!!!!" ... written by TExas
Great Reading! Thanks for the great advice!! " ... written by TravlFunLove
Wonderful reading as always." ... written by Pam
Very kind and very thoughtful in her wisdom. I really appreciated her guidance and will definitely come back to her for more advice. Thank you Grace. :-)" ... written by rose423
She is wonderful." ... written by mslt83
She is as lovely as her name. Very genuine and compassionate in giving answers to your questions. I really enjoyed her answers to my questions. I feel she was honest and humble. Glad to have met her!" ... written by linda
I honestly don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for being you, and keeping me focused." ... written by Melissa
Very caring strong loving understanding person,listens to everything your saying andamp; feels your emotions... She replys with srong pozitive uplifing feedback to your situation... 10 out 10 thank you xox" ... written by denella
Terrific reading, thanks" ... written by Matt
Helped a lot on issues I was questioning. Very good!" ... written by dl
Always great talking with you and getting a fresh perspective." ... written by Pam
Seems to be very honest. Very good energy coming from that woman." ... written by Anna
Thanks mom for the advice." ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Thank you so much. As always you help me sort through this" ... written by Denise
TY Grace that was good advice and i will apply it in my life ... i am trying so hard to do the right thing but cant at my own expense .. your advice is invaluable .. and right on .. ty ty!!" ... written by Beautifulmesss
She is very nice and gentle. Very to the point." ... written by bebe810
Amazing. Connected with my situation instantly and told me what I needed to hear today. I feel at peace. " ... written by Shira
Gracepetals was quick to pick up the heart of the matter quickly and give me the advice I needed on relationship questions on several individuals. Felt like her advice was spot on. I would have another reading with her again." ... written by Energylady1001
Another Great reading, very accurate . I your going to have a reading I would highly recommend gracepetals." ... written by Heather
She gave me some very good pointers to help me be more positive...I'm going to try that out today!!! Very excited about the reading" ... written by Fleur
Thank you so much for your guidance" ... written by Denise
Dr. grace she is the best." ... written by stargazer152
Very cool reading. Direct to the point. Straight answers. Perfect timing. If you feel is the right time. Get it." ... written by Sharon
Grace is accurate and helpful." ... written by insaneca50
Gracepetals' reading was absolutely marvellous. She was absolutely spot on, precise and so incredibly helpful. I felt as if doors has been opened for me just through her guidance. Big big massive thank you Gracepetal. xxx" ... written by Debra
Thank you, Grace... I knew what I was thinking about doing and you confirming it will make it easier, no more standing in the doorway. You are very comforting and I needed the nudge... Many Thanks!" ... written by beautifulmesss
My second mum, don't know what I would do without her, honest genuine and caring. Thank you, Grace! :)" ... written by shaz
Thank you... helped clarify and affirm whats coming through for me now... looking forward to expanding my life." ... written by Rhadhannia
I appreciate your sincere and thoughtful word about my questions. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Gracepetals really knows what she was talking about, I barely told her anything and she knew exactly what was going on with my ex boyfriend." ... written by Siren0802
Very good reading. She is balanced in her approach. " ... written by Jessica
Always a pleasure, gives me great guidance." ... written by Krissy
Gracepetals, you are so wonderful to me. I always feel much better after talking to you. Thank you so much." ... written by Denise
Wonderful! :)" ... written by Aryastark
Very caring and kind picked up correctly on the other woman. I will take your advice, thank you so much." ... written by gipsy girl
Was able to identify the issues I was going through right on target." ... written by sasha
Awesome!" ... written by Krissy
Very Accurate!!! She really knew my whole entire situation! I would definitely make her the only one you go too!!!" ... written by Moll89
Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding, not and easy situation." ... written by Charlie2111
Thank you so much, Grace." ... written by Denise
Great!!" ... written by Amy
Kind and honest." ... written by Quantia
She was great! Very honest and to the point!" ... written by sweetkisses
Very good!" ... written by StacyR
I feel she has such a great passion for helping people and really focuses on improving the good things within you. I am very thankful for her advice." ... written by holly lungu
Grace is wonderful. I visit her room on a regular basis. Sometimes just to listen. Great energy in the light room. I can't even put into words how I connect with her. I believe in her, and will always refer back to her. And I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you again! I'll keep you posted! " ... written by Melissa
Good reading." ... written by sweet84
Great reading! Gave me so much information that I needed to help move forward. Spot on and reads with passion. :) Thank you so much! " ... written by Terri
Grace is more than just a psychic to me. she is a loving and caring person, who helps her clients through in a very special manner. she always knows what she is talking about and the guidance she receives from her spirit guides is always helpful. every reading with grace is an healing experience. I love her. And I thank her. " ... written by sara
Good person to talk to definitely recommend her." ... written by Whitney
Again, thank you so much for helping me through this. You are .the best. God Bless." ... written by Denise
Very very helpful to me!! love this woman very well detailed and gifted! Pick her out of all of them!! shes with awesome!" ... written by Amy
Nice reading!" ... written by sadhana
Verified everything with Grace, now I feel secure!" ... written by stargazer152
Always the best" ... written by Matt
I really enjoyed chatting with you! I will definitely keep you posted!" ... written by Anastacia
Wonderful reading, bang on every detail :) thank you so much :) honest and caring, love her lol :) " ... written by Matthew
Spot on" ... written by pinkster11
Grace was very good and helpful and also very compassionate. Her reading was very good and gave me a couple of great ideas. Thank you." ... written by Viviann
Excellent reading! Very insightful and kind! I would suggest Gracepetals to anyone looking for an honest reading. " ... written by Noturmama
She was frickin' amazing!!! Wow, just wow, awesome useful advice!" ... written by Steph
Thanks very much .... was very helpful and very intuitive. :) definitely coming back ...thanks so much" ... written by susana
Once again I can't tell you enough about Graces readings, she knows how to give you guidance. You just need to give her a try. She has helped me in so many ways. She is truly a blessing for me. Thanks grace!!!!" ... written by Lisat281
Awesome reading, as always, what she says makes sense!" ... written by Fleur
Honest and accurate, 2nd came coming back to Grace, thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
Thank you so much. You ar wonderful as usual" ... written by Denise
Beautiful, wonderful soul. So glad I spoke with her. Recommend highly." ... written by iconnect
Very good reading, felt as if she could feel what I have been feeling for the past few years. I also feel a change coming, and gracepetals made me feel more comfortable about the changes I have been feeling. I'm excited for the next few months. " ... written by rromstad
Excellent adviser and very friendly. Definitely would speak with her again! Very positive energy!" ... written by Kris
Awesome :)" ... written by Shira
Got my answer immediately, I trust Grace! Thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
It's so nice to have a private with Gracepetals..... she is so understanding, and give really good advice.... I learn to think more positive... Thank you!!!" ... written by mette44
Incredible and intuitive, beautiful reading. Helped me move on from a very difficult situation. I highly recommend." ... written by Shannon Hall
I enjoyed my reading with gracepetals. She is very professional and I highly recommend her!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Fantastic as usual....xxxxxx" ... written by IainHarg46
oooooooommmmmmmmgggg! where do i begin? where, where where? i stole gracie like 5 or 6 times into private! she is phenomenal!!!!! our connection was unbelievable. i can't believe it...i'm so happy i believed all the hype from others in her testimonials because for me it was TOO REAL!! i feel so happy and fulfilled and understood. she understood me so well as a person. she's what i've been looking for! omg gracie is simply amazing. her name is grace, but i have to call her gracie because she's my gracie!!! she's my little gracie!!! omg she's fooling us all in that human body of hers because i'm absolutely POSITIVE her being is LARGER than the eyes can behold. her aura is simply amazing... pure white light mixed with some yellow i tell you! she's phenomenal and so calm. and man my favorite part is the fact that she doesn't dilly dally around when receiving messages to your questions. she's really in tune with herself, which in turn means its easier for messages to flow through her. and she's very detailed and thorough. most of what i was thinking she would say as i was typing it or before i could even begin! she scared me a few times with some of her accuracy and questions. one time in particular i had to pause, and ask her to please stop scaring me because she is SUPERB!!! all of the angels, guides, faeries, and beings in other dimensions are giving her a round of applause!! myself included!!! she is something special... a "wonder" if you may..." ... written by lovebugshay
Thank you so much Grace." ... written by Denise
Very in tune, spot on and insightful. Helped me with deep soul connection and clearing. Good energy, very understanding, knows her spiritual work very well and connects to the divine.." ... written by mahoo122
Great advice I've gotten." ... written by laylay
Very kind and informative...took the time to explain things, which I appreciated. She gave me information and answered questions I had been wondering about. I will call on her again in the future." ... written by banditlra
I just love how you make me feel better. Grace thank you so much for listening and giving me advice." ... written by Denise
Very good, Grace was right about the main things and gave me good solid guidance. I was very sceptical at first but she seemed to know what was going on and how things will play out. Ty Grace :)" ... written by louise
Always on target." ... written by Pam
She was soft spoken but able to look into my life with great detail. Was able to confirm a time frame that was also predicted by another psychic a few months ago. Now I just have to wait and see!" ... written by enterchange
Such a beautiful reading! Hopefully my 4 month timeline is accurate, and if not then I know how to manifest my hearts desire! I feel very uplifted and positive for my future right now, thanks!!!!" ... written by madilyn
Thank you mom!" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Good advice. Thank you I will keep you posted! " ... written by Artemisia
Grace is the best! You should definitely get a reading with her, you will not be disappointed. " ... written by bella82576
Thank you for your help grace!!!" ... written by Kymii
She was quick and very nice to talk to! Answered all my questions and did confirm some things. Waiting to see if the last thing comes true. :-)" ... written by heather
She gives you the truth even when you don't want to hear it. Thank you again. " ... written by Visvires
She's great and very kind" ... written by LilianaOrbegozo
She was great" ... written by Peace2u
Thank you so much Grace" ... written by Denise
Grace is always warm, caring and genuine. After Private reading, always feel centered and well balanced. Thank you Grace, thank you." ... written by julie
i love connecting with gracie because she speaks from her heart and will only give me the purest information she filters...its really nice, warm and soothing to have sessions with her, especially when i get confused about certain spiritual matters and she's able to give me clarity. thank you gracie for always taking time out for me and being phenomenal! i call you gracie because it's just such a beautiful reminder of how gentle and tender you kind and soothing." ... written by shay
BRILLIANT, gave good insight and understood what was going on. Will definitely come back, worth every minuet!!! Feel much more relaxed and better after the reading. Put my mind at rest with what's going on in my life, Grace knew what was going on before I had even finished explaining and gave me good advice to go with. Cannot wait for next payday and my next reading!!! Haahaa!" ... written by Louise
You are a gift. thank you." ... written by jerald
Very helpful indeed - I will do what grace said and am certain I will see change - so glad grace incarnated at this time to help so many :)" ... written by susanne
Awesome as always - such a great listener and give great direction." ... written by Pam
Thank you most kindly, she was so nice." ... written by Emily Stevenson
She gave a sweet and insightful reading to me this evening. She has a wonderful kind energy. Thank you GracePetals. " ... written by AndroLane
Thank you" ... written by Grace
It was very helpfull. Very nice and accurate." ... written by Maria Antonia
Very very interesting reading, can't wait to do some things she asked me to!!!" ... written by Fleur
She was very direct, and awesome!" ... written by Kat
Very good. Thanks!" ... written by rox
We had an update reading and it was great again, a very good expert, thank you very much" ... written by zimerili1
Amazing....I have always been a skeptic about psychics, but I needed some guidance and another opinion and I have to say she nailed it!! She is pleasant and very calming. I will definitely recommend and come back and talk to her again!!! She just helped my day and week so much..." ... written by chris cloud
Wonderful and very straight to the point. Her guidance is something which must be truly valued. Thank You so much :)" ... written by nclout
So reassuring and positive." ... written by Pam
Thank you Grace" ... written by Denise
Short and to the point... Told me to follow my intuition. " ... written by Rachael
GREAT READING, VERY HELPFUL!" ... written by Briginette
Grace was amazing and so right in everything she said xx" ... written by charmaine
Grace was so helpful and accurate, Grace is a lovely, true person! Luv: Diane xxxxxxxxxx" ... written by dianedi56
Great feedback!" ... written by chelledmack
Excellent reading! Helped provide resolution to current love issue and find ways to heal through it" ... written by nbkgzq1
Grace is the best!" ... written by bella82576
She was very kind and helpful! Very in-tune with my situation. Would recommend to anyone!" ... written by Michelle
I think she was awesome, and she assure me a lot of things on my mind" ... written by Grecia
As always Grace, thank you. You just put a glimmer of hope at the end of a long and dark tunnel I was looking at today. I'll let you know how tonight goes. I have faith." ... written by bella82576
Wonderful" ... written by Steph
Grace has been so wonderful. She has helped me out a lot" ... written by LaVonne
One of my favorite ppl to just talk to :)" ... written by Amy
Very accurate and helpful!" ... written by insaneca50
Great as usual, grace is one of my favs!" ... written by jazzychic7
Absolutely spot on about my situation!!! She was a great help. I could not have asked for a better and more detailed reading. WOW!!! I will consult with gracepetals again. Very honest and accurate. Your time nor $$ will be wasted." ... written by Mary
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Shira
Thank you Grace!" ... written by kymii
She was an overall good read, but there wasn't enough time to answer other things I had in mind." ... written by Dan
Honest, straightforward reading!" ... written by Paul
Great, seemed very honest!!" ... written by msblondie01
Grace is amazing, very accurate, very sweet, to the point I would always have a reading with her for any question I had or clarity I needed. She is the absolute best!!!! Thanks For another amazing reading Grace!!!" ... written by Heather
Was an encouraging reading, I can work with what I was told and retain love." ... written by Paul
Shes great and so caring." ... written by LilianaOrbegozo
She's always so nice and so fast and honest, great reader!" ... written by heather
Great advise!" ... written by Pam
Thank you, Grace, as usual, you make me feel better." ... written by Denise
Thank you :) " ... written by Shira
Good reading very calm and gentle was very quick as I did not have much time. Well done. Will see how it goes. Thanks" ... written by Nick
Thank you grace for your accurate reading. xoxox" ... written by shaz
Very real... very helpful." ... written by me
Was right on with the reading. Got a lot of my answers which I deep down knew about. Thank you!!" ... written by Stang93
What a great lady, thank you so much. You picked up on my situation and were very accurate with the details you gave me. I am going to follow your advice...I will update you as to the out come. Blessings to you." ... written by miffincat
I came again to have a nice connection :)" ... written by Amy
Accurate 100%. Right to the point and no messing around. Highly recommended. " ... written by Marcin Szyling
Very insightful. Thank you!!!!" ... written by DAN23
Good reading with great advice, insight and spiritual guidance - thank you! " ... written by Samantha
Thank you!!" ... written by Shira
You're the best! Thank you :)" ... written by bella82576
Really practical advice and a great connection. Excellent reading! A SOLID 5 STARS!" ... written by lulu
Thank you so much Grace." ... written by Grace
Very wonderful, straightforward, honest, clear and very supportive. So very well grounded. Huge Love, Blessings and Miracles. XOXOX " ... written by Samsharia
Grace petals was amazing!! She tapped in and connected me to my father spiritually. Thank you so much Grace! I will return!" ... written by Chloe
OMG, she is just great. Gets it all, very quickly and very clearly. Gives sensible advice and makes logical connections and inferences but most of all, she is a very gifted psychic. Love her and you will as well, just try her." ... written by AnnaMariaEwaMashpee
Very helpful, answered questions that i needed to be answered and communiated with the person i need to hear from. thank you." ... written by Leblanc
She was VERY insightful and helpful!" ... written by Misst
Grace made me feel relaxed and a lot better than I did prior to her reading. She hit the nail on the head about my friend and me. I will talk to her again. Great reading....." ... written by Jean
OMG best yet!! I would give her a zillion stars! she connected so well in every aspect I love her to death. great connection! she is a blessing! " ... written by tiffany
Thank you. :) " ... written by Shira
Very soothing" ... written by Sarah
Great reading, very helpfull..." ... written by Antonio
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Millie
I was so amazed about how well she hit it right on the head it gave me goose bumps! An amazing woman and a wonderful reading! I will be back many times!" ... written by Brittney
Excellent" ... written by markey
She was very good at focusing in on the heart and healing of the matter , and gave me details on how to deal with this!" ... written by Sonia
Great advice and very practical good sense that I think will establish a base for my future!" ... written by Sonia
I have always had tremendous respect for Grace and her readings. None of that has changed she still is a very loving soul who is truly gifted." ... written by stargazer152
Always great." ... written by Pam
Grace gave me a recap from my previous reading and hit everything right on target. I feel my questions have been answered and I can proceed now with a better insight about this man. Thanks again Grace and God Bless you continuously. love you xoxoxoxox" ... written by Jean Robertson
thank you Grace" ... written by Denise
Good advice given." ... written by Paul
Best person to talk to when feeling anxious. It's like talking to an old friend!" ... written by Shira
THE BEST!!!! OM I'M SOOO SHOCKED" ... written by beautiful
Incredible as always" ... written by Shira
Absolutely on the mark! She could 'see' my situation very clearly and even suggested good coping strategies. A Five Star reading! Thank you." ... written by WingVictory3
She was extremely accurate and trust worthy. " ... written by tt
Great reading! Helped solidify some things. Gracepetals is precise - not wishy washy. 5 stars :) Thanks Grace!" ... written by Kndra
Thanks Grace" ... written by Denise
GREAT READING, SHE HELPED ME OUT A LOT." ... written by sabrilla green
She's actually amazing. She's your go to girl for love things" ... written by Steph
Grace is highly accurate and straight to point as always! Would highly recommend her" ... written by Rachel
Enjoyable talking again!!!" ... written by Pam
GREAT!" ... written by hector
She's very warm and caring... Love her advice and energy. I'm excited for the good news she predicted. Thanks!" ... written by Joanne
Wonderful as always. I did not hear what I wanted to hear but deep down I know that all she said is exactly so. She sees it all just the way it is." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She was delightful and very kind. We will see if her time frame will be true. " ... written by tbdoye
She was very understanding and gave me great advice. Thanks, dear!" ... written by ggbeca
Amazing. I had a very difficult situation and talked to Gracepetals last night. She gave me very detailed insight into my relationship and the reading of my partner and where he was, which was at a critical point. Then she gave me an advice on what to do. I had followed her advice and assumed all she said in her reading was so...I would have been risking a lot if it was not." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Thank you, grace. Keep up good work." ... written by kymii
Helped, give me advise, thanks." ... written by pinkpather30
Very helpful!" ... written by Dee
Hey Grace, it was great having you connect with me again after so long. I feel everything that needed to be said was said and thank you for the supportive guidance in helping me figure out what my priorities should be right now. My biggest fear as I said right now is losing her as a friend but with the direction that I'm heading in I feel that's very unlikely. Until then I'm just going to continue with school, Jiu Jitsu, work and hope that every once in a while the Universe will give me a break and let me hold my Boo again :)" ... written by Richard
I think the reading went very well, I believe that she was accurate and on point. I really appreciate the reading gracepetals and will be sure to return. Great Job!" ... written by Rissa
She was a wonderful and reassuring mentor... Thank you...;))" ... written by Cynthia Beckwith-Conran
Thanks Grace!" ... written by Denise
Very honest and felt at ease talking to you! Highly recommend and will keep you updated." ... written by Mercedes
Lovely reading. Gracepetals really tunes in quickly, and she has great resolution skills. Very positive reading." ... written by Gzelle1
time goes so quickly, will see what happens." ... written by gipsygirl
I like the way you are helping me spirit and telling me how to come along with my issue in my life. Thx, may nature earth and Jesus and god be connected with you. My opinion is 'recommended', her good rightness in her heart. Regards chinese flower" ... written by Chinese Flower
thank you grace!" ... written by Denise
Happy with reading. A very truthful and honest reading." ... written by sticky toffee
She was warm and friendly. Seems honest s let's see if what she says is true!" ... written by jillr
thank you" ... written by Denise
Thanks very nice reading." ... written by Rose
This has been my 3rd or 4rth reading with Gracepetals. Great ability to see the situation...asses people in it...give a brilliant advice and a heart felt loving energies. She is incredible in every possible way. Thank you so much...will be back again...hard not to." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
She honed right in on the area that I was going to ask her about without me even asking. Impressive. She gave me great feedback and information and made me feel empowered. Thank you so much! Great reading." ... written by Heather
thank you Grace. WOnderful as always" ... written by Denise
thank you" ... written by Denise
Thank you" ... written by Grace
Spot on as usual!! To the point and direct." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
^-^ very positive first reading, I like what she told me. Thanks again Grace! keep you posted." ... written by Rach
I liked her and she seemed to be on a correct track. I just don't know if it was THE correct track. She made me feel better though. I wish I had more time with her and was better able to articulate my questions. " ... written by Hillary
Thank you, thank you a million times." ... written by Pam
Very tuned in - and gave lots of helpful information about my situation. Great reading." ... written by Ahz
thanks" ... written by Denise
thank you" ... written by Denise
Thank you, was so great. Put my mind to rest on so many things. I know he is here... Your words came out like butter so soothing and reassuring. I'll nap now..." ... written by bobbie j
I love her! She is amazing. I could talk to her all day. She is soothing and to the point and Gives advice. Helped me out a lot with all my questions. I feel a sense of relief and some heaviness has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel my future in my head will play out just as I imagined. Which is the best feeling, since not knowing if things are gonna work out or even if it's a good option she answered it all. She has great gifts. God has blessed her! I would give her way more than 5 stars if I could. Try her and I am sure you will love her within 2 minutes or less and 2 minutes is stretching it. More like under 1 minute" ... written by Tiffany
She's really good! She helped me out a lot to relax and to be patient. I'm really happy with my reading. She's great!!! :D" ... written by Diego
Good advice as always. Grace is the best." ... written by stargazer152
Thanks for the clarity :)" ... written by Laurie
Thank you" ... written by Denise
She makes it very clear that things are in my hands, and i must do some tasks in order to get what i need." ... written by Rachel
Tnank you grace" ... written by Denise
Super!" ... written by Mary
Deep and connected. bold and honest. The way it should be." ... written by christine
Thanks for the reading! Wonderful advice definitely recommended." ... written by hardeep
I feel confident in Grace and her abilities, so much so that I always return to her room. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks again Grace!" ... written by Melissa
Thank you Grace!" ... written by Denise
Thank you Grace i needed to hear what you told me ... ive been really confused on how to handle all this stuff going thru my head ... and trying to have an open heart .. i will visit more often .. your room has great energy and it always helps me .. but my nights have been tied up a bit ... thank you so so much! " ... written by Beautifulmesss
I appreciate your calm yet encouraging words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She is wonderful." ... written by mslt
She is awesome! Down to business and spot on. Thank you for the answers I need to hear." ... written by Pistolbbee
Thank you" ... written by Denise
Accurate reading! Thanks for the advice! " ... written by Bizou1981
thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Clear and sure read, thanks so much!" ... written by Denise
Wow... She was reallyyyyyyyy goood!!! Loved her reading!! I do recommend her..!! Thanks!!" ... written by ray
Great as always." ... written by Pam
Thank you so much. I am going to your advice and work on it. =)" ... written by kymii
Grace was so kind and reassuring that what I was feeling was a positive and beautiful thing. This is so the real thing she has a beautiful gift and I blessed I was able to meet her and have her help me . Thank you Grace petals" ... written by susan rogers
I enjoyed the reading thx so much " ... written by Bridget apples
Thank you" ... written by Denise
She is accurate" ... written by erika
Simply thank you. Love and blessings to you and all." ... written by summer
she helped me a lot, told me the hard facts and helped me move on. i really recommend her" ... written by Magpiies
Thank you" ... written by Denise
Wonderful reading! She was spot on about the people in my life." ... written by Lou
Thank you!" ... written by shopgirl
Excellent reading thank you grace! " ... written by GD
Really lovely person and seer. Thanks so much!" ... written by lovewater
^-^ Always very happy coming out of my reading with her. Gives me really clear goals." ... written by Rachel
She told me something different than what the others told me, but I felt like she was more accurate. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens! She was very nice and patient. I will likely come back for a follow up reading." ... written by Paige
Another private session and another wonderful, great reading. Gracepedals is able to see it all in a great detail and predict all that is going to take place (always has so far) and give the background from the past (and here her deep knowledge of what was or currently is happening tells me how great her clairvoyance is). Be back of course!" ... written by AnnaMaria Ewa
PHENOMENAL! I've got chills!" ... written by Stacy (Twiggy)
A great reading, very clear and gave me some direction to follow." ... written by ozchck
LOVE HER!!! I am putting you in my favorites!!!" ... written by sharon lewis
Thank you so much, Grace!" ... written by Denise
Thank you again!" ... written by kymii
Thank you Grace!" ... written by Denise
She is accurate and kind and good person to consult with, thanks." ... written by Ampily
She sensed what is going on and was very accurate in what she said as to exactly what I have felt about my situation from the beginning." ... written by delynn
Thank you... You have relieved some stress!" ... written by maria
Very compassionate, caring, kind and fast in picking up situation. Excellent advice! 5 STARS!!! " ... written by JL
I enjoy talking with Gracepetals. She's very clear and direct. A nice reading!" ... written by Catpearl
As always a great perspective and insight." ... written by Pam
Grace was spot on with what she said. A very honest reader and I appreciate that so as I can move forward." ... written by bambi1979
Very good reading," ... written by grosszen
Sweet and to the point, very accurate." ... written by Stef
She is fantastic." ... written by MS
She was great Beautiful message." ... written by Amy
Grace is great, she treats me individually, knows and remembers who i am :) I trust her, her advice is always v helpful. Thanks!!!" ... written by jazzychic7
Excellent *****" ... written by Fiona
Thank you great advice!!" ... written by Fiona
Extremely helpful and didn't waste any time!" ... written by Rhonda
Very good!! I appreciate her honesty. I love her warm spirit.. Def should try her." ... written by christianlady
Perfect!" ... written by Kiduchinha
Very nice reading. I hope to see the things we've discussed come into fruition" ... written by Ellewilla
She was great and I really enjoyed my reading with her! " ... written by Yosef
Great read. Very straightforwards." ... written by tilthe
She's so wonderful. x" ... written by chris
Wow! She was so easy to talk to. Caring and Good energy. I would recommend her to everyone. And I will be back for another...xoxo" ... written by Tracy
Caring, lovely, calm, fast, accurate! Let's see what future will bring! I will post the updates! Many thanks!!!" ... written by emmanuel
She was good." ... written by l
Thank you so much Grace!" ... written by Denise
Thanks with the advice :-)" ... written by loving
No words to describe how incredibly gifted Gracepetals is. She can see it all, she can sense the most subtle of dynamics and with my 1-2 a week sessions with her, so far EVERYTHING she ever said came true, all of it!" ... written by AnnaMairEwa
Thank God there's grace! LOVE!!!!" ... written by sara
Thanks Grace." ... written by Denise
Great reading!" ... written by Paulina
She was great! First sentence right out of the gate was spot on and confirmed what I felt and how things would play out to what I thought would happen. I would definitely come back to do another reading! Thanks again Gracepetals! " ... written by Lisa
Very accurate I believe she knows what she's talking about, thank YOU!" ... written by Judy
Great accurate reading as always." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Great reading as always, wonderful advice, great ability to tap into the details of my life and people in my life...she is so right about seeing the future, amazing." ... written by AnnaMairaEwa
Great as always, read my other postings, she is my savior ..." ... written by AnnaMairaEwa
Thank you Grace" ... written by Denise
Very warm and inviting. Easy to talk to. Will do another reading soon." ... written by Leta
Thank you for the reading, not what i wanted to hear but what i feel in my heart is the truth. " ... written by Bliss
Thank you so much for the reading! It gave me a lot of clarity :-)" ... written by nessa
Very compassionate, and gave me even more reason to hope that I will be getting the news I really want to hear soon. So, we shall see! (I'll let you know next week!)" ... written by grace2you
Very accurate" ... written by Karren
Good advice and insight." ... written by hummingbird
Gracepetals has wonderful energy. Her reading was accurate. Will do again." ... written by risenphoenix
Simply a genius..such a kind and warm person. I could give her 5 stars for all the help she has done in guiding me. I think grace has an amazing personality and knows a lot. I must say everyone should definitely try her once." ... written by aquavenus always, read my other reviews, she is just consistently great" ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very sensitive, yet cut right to the matter. I enjoyed chatting with her. She knew what I was feeling right-out-of-the-box. I would definitely read with her again." ... written by Alysia
Excellent light worker, very peaceful and healing for me." ... written by Amy
One of the best. Thank you!" ... written by Melissa
As always, priceless, read my other reviews, nothing changes but my appreciation for her abilities and her kindness grows.." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
Very good reading. On point!" ... written by Noah
I really enjoyed my reading with Gracepetals. Her energy was wise and comforting. It was like talking to someone who already knew the whole story and even now, afterward, I can feel her uplifting energy, something really light and spiritual is passing through me or filling me. She is a reiki healer and can remotely energize you. I didn't realize she was doing that while she did my reading. She gave me a lot of great information based on very little that I'd given to her. I feel great. I also feel very clear on my next steps. Thank you! " ... written by Carolyn
Helpful! Accurate!" ... written by Mix
Superb reading." ... written by sticky toffee
Thank you!" ... written by Shira
Excellent. Very honest and cleared it beautifully for me. I am grateful and thankful. **** love **** hugs **** many thanks!***" ... written by Quest
Grace petals was very quick with her answer and straight to the point. I would definitely recommend her and use her again. She made me feel very comfortable throughout." ... written by Paula
Very wonderful, clear. Gave depth and solid foundation. Thank You so much Grace. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
I appreciate your words to encourage me in what I`ve been doing. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
So kind, so thorough, so wonderful person. " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
I can't write enough words to describe grace, she is just such a amazing professional, she is my lifeline on my sailboat of life and gets me through rough waters and back to taking in the wind and enjoying my sail. I truly recommend her. I'll be back for the next course on my journey." ... written by Lisat281
Great reader... Honest and true!!" ... written by KAI
Awesome reading !!! Thank you Grace!!!" ... written by Heather
Thank you Grace!" ... written by Denise
Spot on, helped me connect to a loved one, thank you so much! I will be back!" ... written by brittany
She's very good and right on. Helped a lot!" ... written by joseph
Thank you a lot, Grace help me out." ... written by kymii
Superb!!! Blown away! :) Very nice lady too. xxx" ... written by oopsydaisy
Amazing! Answered my question and revealed things to me that I have needed to hear. THANKS!!!" ... written by C. Pitts
Cleared some things with my situation. And put me in the right direction. " ... written by Ray
Thank you so much always such a good reading!" ... written by Michele
She was really fast and confident. I like someone who is confident in their answers and tell you right away. I hope what she says will come to pass, but we will see. " ... written by rils
She was very sweet and seemed to hit his personality perfectly!!" ... written by Jennifer
I was very happy with the reading, she was able to answer my questions. I have had several readings with Gracepetals she is very, very good!" ... written by Sticky toffee
THANKS, GRACE!" ... written by Denise
Great reading" ... written by Bonnie
Awesome!" ... written by melissa
THANKS GRACE." ... written by Denise
THANK YOU GRACE!" ... written by Grace
I didn't want the info to end! I really appreciated her insight about my future boyfriend it made me cheerful and gave me hope! :) " ... written by Ashley
Sincere reader. Good information ." ... written by Ahz
Very confirming!" ... written by marestails
Clarified things and confirmed other things that I had forgotten about. Five stars all the way! 'She's good money.' (in a Brooklyn accent). lol" ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Open Honest and very comforting" ... written by Kim
Always clear and helpful down to earth and practical." ... written by bloc
Gracepetals was a lot of fun to speak with. She explains the reading in detail and patiently answers all the questions. Very kind and I would call back!!" ... written by Sheryl
She is very caring and grounded. I'm very pleased because I feel she has great advice and intuition!" ... written by Sophhia
You brought me to the happiest tears I've had in ages. Thank you, thank you so much. " ... written by Amanda
Very honest and helpful! I would recomend 100%!!!" ... written by Danielle
Like a lovely smart friend how much better could that be." ... written by bloc
She was really great! I really enjoyed my reading and I felt like she was right on track with knowing what kind of person I am without speaking with me. Thanks again!" ... written by Chantelle
very good readings uncanny." ... written by lakshmi
Grace is absolutely amazing! She helped me to relax and she's helping me to improve myself in my life. I'm really thankful for having her with me. If you want someone to help you! she will!! Trust her! :)" ... written by Diego
Very patient and made it point to give me information on timing! We shall see what the future holds! :-) I liked that she asked questions, felt as if I was having a conversation with someone I knew." ... written by Poet
Excellent!" ... written by paula
Wonderful insight, warm, and caring. " ... written by Stephanie
Love her! :)" ... written by Shira
She is great, explained my whole situation." ... written by Brooklyn Nicole Rouse
Loved Grace Petals. I looked at her and had this pull to ask her something, she felt right for me. Perfect Earth Mom to answer questions. Very clear reading." ... written by Crystal
Grace is always terrific, very in tune, accurate, healing and strengthening. Highly recommend. " ... written by jag
She is great and direct to the point." ... written by jenita julian
Wonderful as always, supportive and understanding." ... written by Pam
She is amazing! I have no words...she knew exactly what is going on. Thanks! God bless you!" ... written by bela
Very calm and composed. Very comforting. Will definitely come back " ... written by bba
She was very insightful...she gave me the guidance that I was looking for with some events to look forward too. Will be back and highly recommend." ... written by Shashana
My first time every trying this and glad I chose Grace. Next time I will make it a little longer. Thank you" ... written by JamieN1971
I like how quick and to the point she is. Thank you so much. " ... written by rox
Grace is amazing , thank you so much " ... written by Rachael
Very warm. Insightful. Genuine!" ... written by Heather
SHE IS AWESOME!!!" ... written by BM
She was fair and sound minded......we will see if what we think happens will happen. Soft spoken and kind." ... written by Tami
she is wonderful...she knows what she's talking out" ... written by dimples8452
Very honest and comforting conversation, Grace will not only help answer your questions but she will also provide you with many advices. Thanks" ... written by dolmenia
I'm glad I spoke with her!!!!" ... written by Libby
She is sweet! Exactly on and very supportive! She's great!" ... written by Mamma6
No sugar coating...excellent read! Picked up on everything about my situation.... loved the advice!!" ... written by Randi
Very compassionate and I felt an inner connection. I hope the reading pans out about my appointment as trustee so I can continue to take care of my dad. " ... written by sapphron
Fantastic. Absolutely wonderful reading. She spoke and didn't sugar coat anything. Very honest and made me realize what I need to do to salvage my relationship. " ... written by Jake
Great reader! " ... written by ann
Thank you :)" ... written by Shira
She is really excellent!!! very accurate and insightful! I will definitely contact her again!" ... written by deniseb
I gave graceptals minimal information and she helped me a lot. She knew things right off the bat and it gave my heart something to lean on. Thank you so much!" ... written by Rebeca
She was amazing, connected right away, helped me see a solution to my problem." ... written by Marie
It was a great Reading and very loving. She tuned in and gave me honesty and clear advice. Thank you for giving me that feeling of love and warmth in my heart for a while again! :) hugs" ... written by emotions
Good reading, love you, Grace!" ... written by edel95
Good reading very honest, knew things with out me saying them. " ... written by littlelovely
She is great! I love her!" ... written by Brooklyn Nicole Rouse
She was down to earth and very tuned in. She helped me a lot!" ... written by Bricht11
Honest, open, caring... Really helped me through this tough time." ... written by Aysha
OMG SO HELPFUL!!!!!" ... written by Deandre
Great, I love her!" ... written by Brooklyn Nicole Rouse
Very wonderfully supportive, understanding, clear and precise. So glad to have been able to meet and to share with this very wonderful woman. Great Love and Deepest Blessings! XOXOX " ... written by Samsharia
Very insightful! Gave accurate descriptions!" ... written by LavenderBlossoms
Quite intuitive, can't wait to see everything unfold!" ... written by LavenderBlossoms
Very helpful!" ... written by kristina
A little slow moving, gave her a lot of info... Pretty generic responses, but somewhat reassuring. Thanks." ... written by Sierra
She came through with compassion and "GRACE"... Many blessings." ... written by Lynn
I feel Gracepetals is honest and I feel she could read my energy over the internet. She got many points right on. Probably from many miles away, which is remarkable. I would highly recommend her to you. She also has a sweet and interested (yes that is correct word) personality." ... written by mystrywoman
I thought Gracepetals was wonderful. Very kind and quick with responses." ... written by Carolyn
Tomorrow is the big ruling for me and my dad. I hope and pray all the positiveness from Gracepetal carries through and I will hold her good energy with me..." ... written by sapphron
I adore Gracepetals. She told me the truth when I first came to her, after getting over the blow I went back. I found out wonderful things and they came true! Help yourself and talk to her!" ... written by catpearl
Amazing reading .. Spot on, very nurturing andamp; kind!" ... written by stas
nice gal went totoo fast. God bless you Rose petals." ... written by lynn
She has a great calm demeanor, listens and answers your questions directly and clearly. I left with a feeling of ease afterwards. " ... written by Rob
Nice lady, quick to respond." ... written by tochoose
Gracepetals helped with some confusion and I'm grateful. :) " ... written by Kndra
Great Reading! Very informative and deep reaching!" ... written by Corry
Love this woman :) My very own little adviser. Always lovely and Always spot on with everything :) Love you Grace. xxx" ... written by Oopsydaisy
so good to talk to Grace petal... and she has grace. and was so right in my first reading, about such a huge event complicated situation. very kind person. very present. thank you for such insight and guidance." ... written by sapphron
Really good reading, it gave me hope and a light out of depression. Thanks Grace" ... written by Kate (Mp3help)
Wonderful." ... written by sapphron
I love Grace, she always listens and takes everything in. And gives the best advice. I love her like a mom. Her skills and insight are the best" ... written by Kellie
Is always great!" ... written by Brooklyn
she told me exactly how I felt without me telling her... she was accurate." ... written by Maria
Thank you." ... written by Denise
Thanks for confirmation of movement" ... written by georgiapeach21
Thank you grace for your help. You always there when i need chat about my problem. Thanks alot" ... written by kymiibymii82
She's very nice and friendly and gives you the truth. I barely told her anything and she knew what was going on. Thanks so much!" ... written by Joelle Murray
Spot on" ... written by frankie
She was amazing and very truthful and up front. Spot on! She gave excellent advice and I pray I will follow it as she stated. I feel so much better. " ... written by Grace
Fast, accurate, very nice. Thank you." ... written by akro5683
THANK YOU GRACE" ... written by Denise
Gracepetals is absolutely great, as someone else has written in the past - in which i agree - I fired the shrink and hired GracePetals! I always come away feeling more confident, intact, strengthened and more focused to take the next steps forward. She is also very, very intuitive and accurate. Thank you Gracepetals for being there for the past 9 months, helping me through a very challenging period in my life, and now I'm stronger to move forward and really take those next steps. You've been like a good friend / clairvoyant who I've needed along the way. With thanks andamp; endearment, Julieanne x." ... written by julieanne
Helpful!" ... written by Vicky
She was wonderful and nice! :D" ... written by travis
That was amazing!! Finally someone who 'got' what i'm going through!" ... written by Nimue
Always wonderful!" ... written by Shira
Excellent reading, so accurate!" ... written by Carrie
Good Reading." ... written by Noah Bowens
Excellent, very good, direct and to the point." ... written by paula
Grace was lovely!, she understood the situation completely and was able to give an initial which made everything clear to me...great advice too :) Thanks very much Grace!" ... written by Ciara
Helpful, honest." ... written by millstarr
I loved her thorough advice throughout with her spot on interpretation of everything. It was amazing on how spot on she was about everything I asked her about every general thing in my life I asked her about. HIGHLY recommend her for everyone with relationship issues as well as marriage, family, children, love, success, studies, career and life inside you in a general sense. I would definitely talk to her again sometime!" ... written by SydM
Again thank you gracepetals for a wonderful chat. I will have to take your advice!" ... written by Grace
Thanks grace!!" ... written by Shira
Grace is brilliantly quick and on point. She's honest, calming, and I always feel better after talking to her. Even when the message isn't necessarily what I want to hear, she delivers it kindly and helps force you to look beyond what you see initially. I trust her like no one else!" ... written by Amanda
awesome!" ... written by Toby
Thanks! Great insights." ... written by Teedub
THANK GRACE!" ... written by Denise
Great reading. Thank you!" ... written by jessica
Thank you so much Grace for helping me out tonight. I really needed some insight on my situation. You are very truthful and quick on picking up things and letting me know it's ok and that I am doing the right thing right now, even though it's difficult for me. I have to keep being that strong person that I know I am." ... written by Raquel
Grace was very good at giving me a big confidence boost in asking the girl I like out and hopefully it all pays off and she accepts me for who I am. What she said about my personality is spot on and hopefully everything works out for the best. " ... written by Keir Luke
Thanks!" ... written by JD
She is so accurate and loving and reassuring. I feel grateful to be able to receive her guidance. All her insight has been exactly progressing in what she has said. amazing. Thank you Gracepetals." ... written by sapphron
Very wonderful and thoughtful, clear advice, very patient, and wise. Thank You Grace for so much, Great Love and Blessings. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Really helped, lovely energy, confirmed so much for me and gave me insight and knowledge I know will be useful. Really resonated with me. Thank you very much Grace." ... written by Sacha
She knew the second I entered her room that the energy changed with me and it has. I have to do this even though it's not like me, I will forever wonder. xxxx to grace" ... written by findingpeace
Very brief but to the point. Guess she's right, though hard to acknowledge." ... written by nimue
Thank you!" ... written by Grace
Good reading was pretty accurate with the cards. " ... written by Sunshine
She excellent person, she answer all my question accurate and I would consider to any one." ... written by Shirlena
Gracepetals really helped me to see the steps I need to take to help myself. I appreciate her kindness and clarity." ... written by sometimes4321
Excellent, wonderful, accurate, smart, and just a good solid person. Best on this site. Very precise and 100% accurate in her outcomes so far. " ... written by sapphron
Very intuitive. Be prepared for the truth" ... written by Kent Lackey
Just great I love her so much. She is understanding and gives good advice." ... written by Brooklyn
Amazing.... After pain for a long time I found some answers and now know were to start with it. Thank you so much " ... written by Mary
She was very accurate in her reading." ... written by humility
Pretty accurate reading. " ... written by beagle88
She was great and seemed to get me even though we just met." ... written by Tri
Great!" ... written by kinz
She made me feel better!" ... written by vorgogoeddess
It was really great. She helped me just accept things that have been difficult." ... written by megan wiegand
THANK YOU GRACE!!!" ... written by Denise
Great insight brought a lot of inner peace." ... written by fitnes_freak
Grace was right on and awesome :) So inspiring I plan on definitely reading with her again soon!" ... written by jzukerman
Always Great!!!" ... written by Brooklyn
Good!" ... written by chris
THANK YOU GRACE!!!" ... written by Denise
She is so sweet and informative, highly recommended!" ... written by Brooklyn Nicole Rouse
Very kind and loving spirit. Genuine and helpful." ... written by Angela
Excellent! Accurate and intuitive! Thank you so much!" ... written by Crystal
I appreciate your encouraging words and warm, discreet advice from the heart. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She was very accurate!" ... written by kelli
Gracepetal is great! I will recommend her with my friends." ... written by Maryann
Wonderful reading. Lovely lady." ... written by Angie
Wonderful reading, provided a lot of clarity to my situation." ... written by Ammer
Like always very helpful." ... written by Brooklyn
Good as always." ... written by Brooklyn
She was spot on and connected really quick." ... written by gina
Thank you grace, Always!" ... written by sara
Awesome advice for major dilemma for me! she was excellent and compassionate!!! I needed to hear the advice and she is the relationship expert!!! will update for sure!!!! Thank you a million!" ... written by carlycaligirl
Grace is such a blessing. She is so truly helpful, really, such insight and helpful advice." ... written by Steph
She gives good advice I love her so much." ... written by Brooklyn
Thanks a lot Grace." ... written by kymii
THANK YOU." ... written by Denise
Very straightforward. A former reading outcome shifted which was a bummer, but that can happen as she explained it very well... free will in people..... very trusting ... " ... written by sapphron
Fantastic!" ... written by GM
Grace is very intuitive, non judgemental and insightful - very quick and picks up on details very well... highly recommend" ... written by JL
Thank you so much. Pulled out an inner voice I couldn't quite hear loud enough. " ... written by Ranya
Grace is such a beautiful, loving soul. She cares about all who enter her room to chat. It's as if you are speaking with a trusted friend....and I feel as though I have made friends with other members who frequent her room, as well. No matter how I am feeling, when I stop by here I always leave with my spirit lifted. A reading with Grace brings insight, comfort and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Eagle Rising
Really on point advice, mellow approach and honest. Thank you." ... written by janee120
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn
Grace - Is amazing - she is truly gifted insightful wonderful kind reader. Highly recommend for private!!!! 5 STARS!" ... written by JL
Great!" ... written by Candace
On target." ... written by Barbara
I love her! She is so sweet!" ... written by Brooklyn
Thank you for your help! And your kind advice! You did very much for me! asked of my past life, and I was getting a picture of it, and who my soul was from. Thanks so much! So much love from me to you! You are a light shining. I am so glad that people like you is out there! I'm coming back. Best regards, Patrik" ... written by Patrik
Excellent!" ... written by sapphron
Wonderful as always." ... written by Pam
Sound advise. Looking forward to new years eve :)" ... written by kundra
GracePetals is fantastic. She picks up on the situation quickly and takes the time to thoroughly answer questions. I will definitely be seeking her guidance in the future. " ... written by Sheryl
She was honest and clear, very precise and to the point. It was a pleasure talking to her, and I will be back very soon." ... written by Sabrina
Loved it! Great reading " ... written by edel95
If I had 3 thumbs.. I'd give her 5.. but I only have 2 so I give her 2.. ;)!! She's great.." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
She is amazing....chills down your spine amazing" ... written by ANFISA L. TEMPLE
Very genuine and true. i trust her :) thanks" ... written by emotions
She was right on the money as always!!!!" ... written by lab
Thank you." ... written by Denise
She was spot on. Very Truthful!" ... written by Kathy
Very accurate, very fast, and today, a life saver! Huge Love and Hugs Gracepetals, XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
She is great she got to everything I needed to hear." ... written by Les-Leigh
Good reading as always! 5 stars. " ... written by edel95
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
THANK YOU GRACE" ... written by Denise
She is soo great, always got so much information who get so much more detaild information and better, one of the best here in Oranium. I always got answers of question who blows me out. Thanks so much . So much love to you , and love that you help so much people ! " ... written by Patrik Holmstrom
She is excellent, straight to the point and very calm and helpful. she has helped me on many occasions and i will continue to go back to her for help and insights." ... written by paula
Good reading! Will see how all work out, thank you. :)" ... written by leebee4
Great insight! She was great!!" ... written by Karyl
Lovely as always." ... written by Brooke
Great as always." ... written by Brooklyn
Doesn't waste time - gets to the point quickly. I'll let her know end of Jan if she is right.:)" ... written by MicheleAnnE
Thank you for the advice. I will keep you updated on the progress." ... written by sara
So supportive. Kind. and solid in consult. Excellent and accurate all the way. Grace taps into the essence of lifes situation and peoples intentions, right away." ... written by sapphron
Great!" ... written by healingD
THANK YOU GRACE" ... written by Denise
Wonderful insight. Great accuracy." ... written by mix
Thank you for the reading and advice. Even though some of it was a little tough to hear, I got a little more clarity about what I should do so thank you for that." ... written by Joel
Grace was exactly spot on with everything she said! She confirmed what I already suspected as well. What an awesome and accurate reading! Thank you, Grace!" ... written by Penny
Once again, Grace was spot on!! This time we focused on an entirely different area and she could not have been more accurate!! I feel so blessed to have found her here at Oranum!!! I now refer to her as my" ... written by Penny
She is awesome!" ... written by sapphron
Very good!" ... written by kelly
Shes so sweet I just hope what she says comes forth. Thank you again." ... written by Tasha
Very gifted. Honest, fast and accurate. What an amazing insightfull reading. Very highly reccomended." ... written by Joan Dafel
Awesome reading! She is so direct and kind and intelligent. In my personal situation, she could not have been more relevant and meaningful... and it was not a "general" situation, so the nature of her response held more truth than it might have if my case wasn't so complicated, but she saw that, and simplified it down to a nutshell that made perfect sense. Her message brought great relief. " ... written by Cynthia
Thank you darling!" ... written by maria
Always good!" ... written by Brooke
Excellent, she is very helpful and had great insight for me and gave me so much clarity. I always go back to her when I need answers. She never disappointed me. " ... written by paual
Thanks a lot. Just what I need to hear!" ... written by loving
Excellent" ... written by sapphron
She was very good enjoy talking with her" ... written by elvia davis
Wow, I am very please! 1000 Stars for this AWESOME LADY!!!!" ... written by Ruth Beach
Helped me out during a tough time and some tough decisions. Very accurate" ... written by Emma
Just wonderful, great and so honest and understanding. She gets it and is sooo accurate. Thanks, Grace. Love You!" ... written by familyhelper
She was helpful.. Saw the clear picture.." ... written by olivia
GracePetals is always brilliant - so clear, concise and caring - and I always find her readings very intuitive, accurate and helpful in so many ways. Thanks Grace. xxx" ... written by julieanne
Grace has a way of grounding me when I can no longer see the path in front of me. She hasn't led me astray yet. I once again, based on what she told me, will follow her advice alongside my prayers. Thank you. " ... written by bella82576
She is great." ... written by Brooklyn
Best experience in the world to have every feeling validated and clairified!!!! Grace is truely one of the best :)" ... written by Amy
She is mind blowing me every time. I am filled of so much love afterwords that we can have so much people like gracepetals, who help so much. And have such of gifts. Much love to you Grace and the souls who help you." ... written by Patrik
Very clear. Good reading" ... written by ln
Accurate, understanding, thoughtful, kind, Very Beautiful Person! God Bless XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Excellent reading. Very honest and upfront. I will be back. Very kind." ... written by cindy
Really good reading I will come back for sure. Many thanks " ... written by Ana
Info was helpful... Better to know than living with the fear of not knowing. :) thank you" ... written by jennifer
Wonderful reading, thank you so much" ... written by lala
THANK YOU GRACE!" ... written by Denise
Tuned in Great! Great Reader. Honest, Straightforward, no sugar-coating." ... written by Lady E
She was very spot on with what's going on in my relationship and I would recommend her to anyone! Deff. coming back for another reading!" ... written by Bri
She was amazing. I needed help with making sure I was doing the right thing and I feel I got the closure I needed." ... written by Sara
Thank you! This truly helped me stay focused!!" ... written by Mozart 427
gracepetals is centered and clear. She addressed the question and gave me good advice for moving forward. Thank you!" ... written by sharon
Very good reading very truthful.." ... written by Boris
Great reading I loved it! " ... written by edel95
Grace, you are really amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift, your incredible insight. This reading was very timely, and definitely necessary. I feel alot clearer now, and can't wait to see how this thing will play out. All the best." ... written by Gzelle1
She is absolutely amazing. I think she gave me the courage to do what I know is right." ... written by Sara
Very supportive." ... written by sapphron
Excellent advise and support" ... written by sapphron
Once again grace spot on" ... written by susan 2013
Grace is a wonderful reader--this was my first time and she gave a very detailed and thorough reading that resonated. She is also very reassuring and kind." ... written by Champers11
Honest and sincere!" ... written by Mskim1
Lovely lady. I definitely recommend!" ... written by gio
Very sympathetic and lovely person. I enjoyed the reading and it made sense in terms of what I'm going through. " ... written by Halo
I think she was pretty spot on and she gave great advice regarding my situation. Good reading!" ... written by moon1leo1
She's my go to girl. Quick, insightful, always the best!" ... written by Steph
Very insightful and honest.. Thank you so much." ... written by climaticflower
Great advice as always! " ... written by edel95
Amazing. Heartfelt. Honest. Helpful. Accurate." ... written by Angela
I have been visiting gracepetals for a little while now and i have seen alot of her predictions come true. she is a very caring and honest lady and kept my belief that things would get better and they did. Thank you" ... written by paula
Everything she said was so on point. Amazingly concise and connected. What a soul friend. Superlative reading" ... written by freespiritwave
She is amazing!!!! Very nice and very accurate. Gave my heart hope. she knows what she is talking about, loved the reading!!!!" ... written by Kristina
Perfect she picked up on the situation right away, and I'm going to take her advice. That's kind of what I felt like was going on, but needed an outside opinion. Now I know how to handle it. Thank you again!" ... written by Marissa
Thanks alot for everything, you are special. ;)" ... written by Alice
Thank you Grace for everything. Amazing and sincere as always. I'll update you when I get back. Pray for me! :)" ... written by bella82576
Great reading and very helpful." ... written by Paulo
Not bad " ... written by Aydin
Very wise and good person..." ... written by jazmeena
Good reading" ... written by Happinessisbest
I have learned many things from this teacher. She has humor wisdom and ease that has guided me. Through some rocky steps, blessings to work with her gifts." ... written by quiet
Grace is so accurate in her predicitons. And very solid, kind, energy. The best I have ever had in this challengin phase of my life. Very comforting, but just in tune with the people, situation, and outcomes." ... written by sapphron
She was able to tell me things about my sister, who recently passed away -- . I am very grateful, and comforted as well." ... written by Ahz
Thank you very much for tapping into the situation and giving me advice and encouragement! Very calm and supportive reading :)" ... written by Bethany
I appreciate your words with me . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Grace gives wonderfully clear, detailed and insightful readings--I find her really reassuring and inspiring!" ... written by Champers11
Very helpful. Will keep her advice in mind. :)" ... written by janine
Grace, you helped me go back to the peace I needed for Christmas. It's Amazing to have you. I wish you an Amazing Christmas of love from the bottom of my heart. Lots of love!!!" ... written by sara
very good" ... written by Darla
Thankyou so much for reminding me what i had forgotten. setting positive intentions :)" ... written by tan
This my first reading with her, and my best reading that was very powerful. She was spiritually connected with me that allowed peace and understanding... weight lifted off me." ... written by Karenda
Great as always." ... written by Brooklyn
She's amazing and always on point. I've had a few readings with her and she never disappoints!!! Consult with Gracepetals today! You'll love her!!" ... written by Mary
Very clear, doesn't waste time. Nice lady." ... written by Emma
5stars! This Woman's light is beyond!You could see in her eyes she is true! What to tell outstanding reading! Thank you Grace, it was pleasure! 5stars!!!!!!!!!" ... written by oksav1
Love Grace... a calming, good spirit, which is what I need now!" ... written by sapphron
Good reading. Love grace more and more." ... written by edel95
She is quick, insightful, and very accurate with details that one wouldn't know otherwise. I have had many readings with her - 5 STAR Rating - highly recommend for private! " ... written by Love and Light
great!" ... written by sapphron
Grace was right on the money!!!!! I asked about my career and she def helped me." ... written by Natalie
Very accurate and warming, thank you xx" ... written by Claire
I hope this all comes true.... a wonderful support and solid intuitive advise for so many months now. Thank you Gracepetals.." ... written by sapphron
Very compassionate reader. Calm, caring, and compassionate...really a nice person to talk to and very insightful. I like that she shows you the cards then interprets them for you and applies to your situation. She is also knowledgeable in astrology so that info added to the reading. Not sure for accuracy as her time frame is 6 weeks I'll be back to see!!! Great Reading. " ... written by K
Fantastic. So much help! xxx" ... written by nicola dalby
We both felt that this was very genuine. She is very kind and warm but still honest in her readings. it was very accurate and helpful and this reading will help us to move forward and deal with life in a better way! Thank you!" ... written by Magnus andamp; Petronella
Thanks a lot :)" ... written by nana
Very good." ... written by romana2014
Great reading, very friendly, right on with saying the exact thing I was feeling in my gut, but hadn't said to her at all" ... written by Susie
Very trustworthy psychic, thank you grace I would rate you 10 out of 10 :) xx" ... written by terrisue
Very easy to talk to, no judgment. Answered everything I needed and I feel better! Great advice. Talk to you soon grace!" ... written by steelbutterfly
grace has helped me so much. I understand more of what i have to do. She is kind and very helpful. Thank you grace!!!" ... written by sora
Excellent! Great insight and advice. She told me exactly what I needed to hear and put me at ease without sugar coating. She was very honest. " ... written by Jordyn
Good reading. Was concise and to the point. Although I really didn't like what I have to do or heard I know she had my best interest at heart. Thanks." ... written by gina
great healing session loved it :))" ... written by edel95
She is 100% a 5 star reader - VERY intuitive and excellent! Highly recommend! " ... written by jdl
Extremely good!!" ... written by Renee
I think she got me immediately and connected to me straight away. I felt emotionally involved and accompanied all the way, getting details I wasn't able to get." ... written by eligeia11
I only booked in for a few minutes of Credits, but I was immediately drawn to her because she has a beautiful kind face and energy (P.S I love your believe sign) Insightful was a pleasure receiving advice and direction. Wonderful lady LOVE HER! " ... written by Lynn
Grace is amazing on many levels and she sees all the dimensions of what is truly happening. I appreciate her friendship as well as her readings. I am glad I found her here at Oranum." ... written by Rachel
A great great presentation about my life purpose and some great news for 2014! Felt like being read from inside, without even speaking. Such a good sensation. Will be back to give you feedback on my research! Many thanks!" ... written by Raphael
She was wonderful! I feel she saw my situation for what it is. I highly recommend her and I will speak with her again. She is very good!" ... written by Diane
Good read, thanks! " ... written by lavett
Very nice. Helpful." ... written by Afton
Always accurate and very helpful." ... written by insaneca50
Great Reading! Very intuitive and specific and I appreciated that. Did not waste time." ... written by mzsimoen
She was amazing spot on. She gave me some relief, thank you." ... written by Maria
Spot on with everything!" ... written by Rosie
Now to stop second to stop second guessing myself and following my gut feeling." ... written by Ruth
Thank you so, so much! You've given me clarity and reassurance that I'm going the right path. I will definitely come back for updates :)" ... written by essjayokay
Awesome and true read!" ... written by gypsyvisiting
Confirmed my suspicions. picked up on my situation and understood it right away. even gave me some dates. very informative and lotsa guidance offered. thank you. :)" ... written by longlegs1112
I like her, she was nice very polite, and kind, good" ... written by carlos
Consistent readings. Liked her energy. Very warm and honest in what she sees. Will be back for more updates. :)" ... written by skroses
Very good and positive reading with helpful advice. Looking forward to seeing what happens. X" ... written by Brianindublin
A quick catch up since the last reading and again gracepetals has given me plenty of light and hope. Will see you again soon!!" ... written by Raphael
amazing" ... written by Tracy
Ms. Grace just has this way of turning darkness to light. She is comforting, kind, thorough and dead on about everything that I feel she is my savior. You will not regret reading with her. Please give her a try. She can save you if you need it." ... written by Joanna
Lovely lovely really warm and giving lady. " ... written by Claire (tinker)
Wonderful as always. Clear and Light. Great Thanks Grace, and lots and lots of Love. XOXOX" ... written by Sam
Great" ... written by gusessendon
Excellent! i will definetly be back..." ... written by planejane7
Very helpful, and good clarity." ... written by Magnus
She was very good and gave great insight on things going on now and whats to come very happy." ... written by Taija252
Thank you very much for the reading, was quick and to the point. Recommended." ... written by mettlwire
I didn't have long with her but damn she hit the spot!! def a go to" ... written by Jo
Such a lovely woman with a good heart!" ... written by Rosie
Wonderful reading, very insightful and helpful with guidance. " ... written by Rebecca
Ah, she's so wonderful. I really connected with her in the reading and mentally we were on the same page and interpreting things the same way. It was really neat to have a reading like that. I felt extremely confident by the end, and her advice was sound and beyond appropriate. She was super constructive on the areas I need to work on for my situation to blossom, and she was very nurturing and validating in the areas that are solid. I greatly enjoyed this reading. " ... written by Erica
Great as always " ... written by Brooklyn
very nice chat with her. she is terrific" ... written by sue
Thank you grace. You are a gift from God and Mother Mary. It's beautiful to dance into the light with you! Bless you always!" ... written by sara
Thanks mom for that" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Very intuitive... Very spot on about everything going on in my life. She gave me chills on the accuracy of my situation and feelings about myself and brought me more peace than I've had in a long time." ... written by Kaley
quick and to the point" ... written by mary
Excellent Reader...I love her " ... written by Tracy
Very good reading - answered some queries I had. thanks " ... written by Carol Tencza
Lovely lady, very gentle, straight to the point, definitely recommend, Thank you grace! " ... written by Nat
she gave some good advice" ... written by Fitgurl
Great advice ! I was SO stuck in a career decision and she totally helped me to finally head down a path. Feltnsuch a connection with her - in fact I busted out in tears for no reason, in the middle of my reading. happy tears!!Thank you Gracepetals ! Awesome to chat with, if it were free I'd come chat everyday....just because !" ... written by Beth
Great..feel really positive :))" ... written by Anushka Arya
A very clear and straight forward session. I got in contact with my passed away grandmother and I know that she's ok and in healing. Thank you so much. This session have helped me a little bit on the road for some healing for myself." ... written by Maria Carolina
She was very good in answering my questions." ... written by Jen
10 star reading. Brilliant and wise and much depth and love. Amazing!" ... written by freespiritwave
We will see." ... written by Oscar Rodriguez
Great, thanks!" ... written by Christy
I REALLY LIKE HER!" ... written by Purpl
Such a lovely reader, feeling very refreshed. Very very accurate and quick! Thanks Grace! " ... written by Nat
Grace - is amazing very gifted - always a 5 STAR Reading! Always a pleasure to receive her insight and guidance!!! Highly recommended for a private!!! " ... written by JL
I enjoyed my reading! I didn't want it to end! I'll be chatting with you again! " ... written by Nikita
Wonderful reading she tapped right into what was going on with my life right now. I barely told her anything. She is awesome and very very kind. Highly recommend her." ... written by monica
She was very sweet and helped me see what I need to do." ... written by Roxy
Once again.... Right on information! Thank you." ... written by Pistolbbee
She is right on the money, she knows me like a book without even asking my birth date. She is very good." ... written by LaShanna Brooks
Very insightful and encouraging news, thank you so much!" ... written by Ashley
Petals of Grace! That's what it felt like for me tonight speaking with gracepetals. She gave me amazing insights, reassured my fears and gave me tools to understand what is going on in my life right now. Thank you so much for your tremendous assistance, gracepetals! You are so appreciate and special to me." ... written by Stephanie
Second session with Grace and it was helpful. She gave good advice and was direct and honest in a way that helped me hear what I needed to hear. Thank you!" ... written by Livethemoment2
Thank you." ... written by s
Grace is absolutely amazing. She's accurate, and everything she says is for the best. She's full of love and compassion, she speaks with the truth and makes you feel really good while the reading is coming! " ... written by Diego
LOVE her as always. feels like family member. Always connects fast and accurate! Come have a reading with her you won't be disappointed! She is so awesome. Top reader." ... written by Tiffany
Grace was SO accurate as always!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a TRUE psychic!" ... written by Rachel
What a great reading! Grace was clear, concise, quick and really accurate. She's also a lovely, supportive reader. I got a great energy from her. Thanks so much!" ... written by Katherine
thank you!!" ... written by sam
thank you. It is not gonna be easy for me....I am not sure I can do it. I will let you know. thanks." ... written by lan2013
I still love Grace. She's consistent, honest and maintains a caring delivery. If you want someone to tap into your situation and give you some clarity and guidance, she's the one!" ... written by Sheryl
Nice person, tells you what it is, not what you want to hear." ... written by sharen223
very good" ... written by gusessendon
She is such an amazing spirit, beautiful in her readings. So accurate and caring." ... written by Tatjana
Grace is an amazing insightful gifted intuitive guide that has an amazing ability to recall details and provide guidance. I highly recommend Grace for PRIVATE - 5 STARS! " ... written by JL
Very intuitive onto me straight away, great advice will visit Grace again really soon." ... written by Irene
Gracepetals is always very helpful and provides valuable guidance. Thank you." ... written by insaneca50
Great reading as grace is on top!!!! with my situation and i have to work so hard to make things happen. " ... written by edel95
Good reading, great advice" ... written by Susie
Grace is so comforting and reassuring; she gives very detailed readings that resonnate strongly with the situation." ... written by Champers11
ty for the reading" ... written by Angel
Grace gives wonderfully detailed and clear readings that give a clear pathway to action." ... written by Champers11
Grace was able confirm a lot of things and see the good thing that were coming my way.. Feeling very hopeful of what's to come as a result of this reading. Feeling at peace.. " ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Thank you for the clarity I needed" ... written by Jennifer
she was very good." ... written by Staci
Grace is very insightful, empathic and intuitive. Thank you for the reading it just clarified everything I have been feeling. " ... written by FP
Grace readings are always spot on Most of what we had discussed has come true!!" ... written by Bad Bonster
great reading as always and amazing as you have took the worry out of my mind. " ... written by edel95
she is great! best person to consult with" ... written by chelledmack
Thank you for your insight. " ... written by Nikki
Grace is a fantastic reader--she's clear, detailed, and completely in tune! " ... written by Champers11
very good! so straightforward and confident. thank you so much!" ... written by positivity08
It was alright." ... written by cheryl
UmmMm... Can't say much right now, I will wait till May because that's what I was told. :)" ... written by Mai
amazing and so very accurate........thank you!!!!!!!!" ... written by Laurie
She was really insightful and I'm glad I chose her for my first reading :)" ... written by Justin
She is fast and very accurate. It was a very good reading and I enjoyed it very much." ... written by dimond110
Very nice and informative session. Thank you." ... written by ABA
Great reading...she knows what she's talking about." ... written by s
Thank you! Very realistic and very REAL. I def got a lot out of this session. Thank you and bless you!" ... written by loving
Quick answers, very detailed if wanted. " ... written by Magnus Ewerlöf
4th time now, She is the best!" ... written by Magnus Ewerlöf
Awesome, very nice, and sweet.. Highly recommended " ... written by luckys786
Amazing reading, so dead accurate and her guidance was excellent!" ... written by Peter
Gracepetals is truly a beautiful soul inside andamp; out. " ... written by Tatjana
She was wonderful!" ... written by joshua
thanks so much for a great reading, amazing at putting someone at ease about a difficult situation" ... written by Korrena
Good!" ... written by keisha
Great reading as always and I have a direction now. :)) So we'll see how yet things will come about but I am pretty sure that they will happen as Grace told me. :)))" ... written by edel95
Great reading! " ... written by Jessica
Very good!!!" ... written by Marilyn
Grace brought up specific places that I am considering on moving to and was direct, no nonsense, and caring." ... written by derrick
She is the Best, So accurate, quick, to the point, honest and just the best ever!!!" ... written by heather
Thank you Grace! " ... written by Melissa
Great reading, quick, to the point, on target, made me feel validated in my beliefs. Highly recommended." ... written by Trademkr
I appreciate your words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
She was great." ... written by Sonia
Lovely reading :) Very pleased :)" ... written by M
Grace is so warm hearted n such a beautiful soul!!! She has brilliant insight n has no problem with connecting 2 energy 8). I am grateful 4 the wonderful reading I received 2day!! She answered 1 of my questions without me even asking!! Don't hesitate to take her private she won't let u down!! Many Blessings 2 u Grace!! XOXO " ... written by LibraDragon11
xox" ... written by kikwara
I like what she informed me of, gave me hope because during my reading, I flashed back to a dream I had involving what she told me. I didn't mention the dream, but she brought clarity to it and now I understand. She was elaborate without me asking, wanting me to understand what was in store for me. I now have a big smile on my face." ... written by Lighttraining
So sweet and comforting! Thank you!" ... written by Shelly
Grace… what can I say. She is spot on, time after time, and I am so glad she has crossed my path and I am able to utilize her support and advice. If any member needs help, and resonates with Grace's energy, I would highly recommend a reading with her. you will walk away with genuine clarity. Thank you Grace" ... written by Sacha
She's great as always!" ... written by luxxicon
Very intuitive and accurate." ... written by Tammy
Puts a really good view on everything!" ... written by Louise77721
She was spot on!" ... written by Beth
I love her readings. I do recommend her." ... written by Ana Rorigues
Very helpful and caring. I feel a lot better having spoken to her today :)" ... written by Amy Christine Denton
Not a lot of time to really get a lot of info... but she knew enough to tell me I did do a good job with my son." ... written by Theresa
Ms. Grace thanks so much for helping easy my mind and thoughts, it is something I have concentrated on for a while. So thanks so much you remain blessed will be talking to you soon." ... written by Allyson
Once again, Grace gave me an incredible reading, far beyond what you can imagine. She is straight forward, accurate, kind and has many gifts. Connected with my grandmother again and the whole reading was exceptional. Thank you, Grace." ... written by Heather
I love, love, love my Ms. Grace. She is an incredible reader and knows every detail of my situation. She has become a very important person in my life and I come to her often/daily to stop in and say hello. She has helped me beyond comprehension. I highly recommend her to anyone who desires to have clarity and understanding in their situation." ... written by Traci
Good reading on a twin flame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gave me so much hope!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful!" ... written by angel
Grace is a wonderful person with a wonderful gift." ... written by Magnus Ewerlöf
Good reading. Very intuitive." ... written by Heather
Always, always amazing! The details and the insight are beyond words. Grace is a genuine and amazing reader, and does not disappoint." ... written by Amanda
Very kind, insightful, and talented!" ... written by Angela
AMAZING!! I cried with tears from our reading. I spent so much money with someone else who said the opposite of another reading and it left me so terrified and I felt awful! She clarified what I felt and what my other reading a T. I am so thankful that I starred at her picture and knew she had the answer for me and now I faith with my future and the man I want to be with. I can't wait to come back and get a reading after I am paid. Thank you so much for caring and just knowing that I needed you. I feel blessed and I will let you know how it all goes! Thank you mam...bless your heart with happiness! :)" ... written by Brandi
I thought i would have heard more but it was enough. Thank you" ... written by Lindsey
An excellent reading. I appreciate her compassion and understanding of my situation. So much is up to me and I am so weak." ... written by Holly Hicks
Ms. Grace is so good. She can feel out the most intense feelings inside.... I almost wanted to cry. She is that good. Thanks Ms. Grace. " ... written by joanna
Very compassionate and clear on situation and its dynamics, and me. Thank You Grace for you Love and Care. God's Blessings." ... written by S
First time reading...great to talk with!" ... written by Mare2013
Always calming and good. :)) Love you Grace " ... written by edel95
Awesome." ... written by mark
Thank you advice grace. Feel better!" ... written by kymiibymii
Thank you, you really solved my question and confirm it." ... written by maria
OMG, she was spot on!!! She new exactly what I was going through, she knew exactly how I felt, and she helped me to get a better understanding of what is happening in my life." ... written by Jennifer
Very good advice, right on with information that she could not have known, great read, will come back!" ... written by Susie
Fun, and good reading." ... written by cristhian
Awesome as usual!!!! " ... written by Lovewoman17
Great healing as always and great reading. :)) xoxo" ... written by edel95
GREAT ADVICE!" ... written by pb
Wow! I was in a panic and didn't know why. Grace hit it spot on with what was going on. I feel so much better. I will visit her often! Thank you so much!" ... written by Julia
Absolutely spot on with details about me and where I work. Looking forward to the future :) xx" ... written by misstr1982
Grace was wonderful! She was very down to earth and answered all of my questions. She was clear in her explanations and I found her reading to be accurate. I highly recommend her! =)" ... written by Ashley
Grace is an amazing reader! She really taps into what's going on in a situation and provides wonderful advice and assurance." ... written by Champers11
Excellent genuine, heart to heart. You will not be disappointed. Accuracy is spot in and she is soooo nice it will make you melt. Glad I went to her. Will return." ... written by iman
Gracepetals is a wonderful expert and always so helpful to guide you in the right place." ... written by badbonster
Amazing and full of insight!!!" ... written by james
Thanks she is very intuitive and very assertive. " ... written by Angela
Excellent reading and advice. I very much appreciate your guidance and gifts. No tools, no cards... just pure spirit coming through. Love and light to you. " ... written by Liz
Good reading. We will see how things pan out and wait for the predictions to come true. " ... written by tilthe
Awesome and very accurate reading.. Grace is very compassionate as well and told me like it is.. thank you! " ... written by Lynda
She was dead on with a question I had about my grandmother. She helped me understand a lot of things that were going on in my life. She's amazing!!!" ... written by sequoya
Amazingly perceptive. Gets to the " ... written by beathive
She was great! She knew things about me quickly that I didn't expect her to know. Wow!" ... written by ANgel
She was great please seek her she told me things that were so true but with time this will change loved her giver her a chance Edna" ... written by Edna Maldonado
Amazing. I feel she picked up a lot of things. I just hope that it all works out." ... written by Charlotte
Awesome!" ... written by Kathy
She is the real deal!!! She picked-up on my situation before I even said anything. Very gentle, compassionate and caring when informing you what you need to know." ... written by Zoonieboomer
Thank you for answering my question. I really think it's very accurate." ... written by rjsmommy
It is good to know about it." ... written by Faisal Khan
She brought clarity to a potential love situation...gave me a heads up about what to expect and how to maneuver..As always, a good reading." ... written by BrainyBeauty28
Very good." ... written by helen
Grace is very insightful and I appreciate all her advice." ... written by FP
Absolutely lovely lady and very in tune. I will return again. Fabulous and generous spirit :)" ... written by Susan
Great and thorough." ... written by TC
Honest and accurate reading!" ... written by Christine
This woman is amazing!! Caught my situation right on time and accurate!" ... written by daniela
Was honest and accurate. Very helpful and a good listener." ... written by curiousgeorgette
She positively picked up two personalities, and spotted our confusing relationship." ... written by Elaine Faber
That answered my questions." ... written by miranda
Always so perceptive and spot on. Thank you for always being that rational voice. I respect your honesty and guidance. Love and light" ... written by Gzelle1
Loved the healing and the reading! :))" ... written by edel95
Amazing accurate no gimmicks just honesty." ... written by Dreaming201
She was wonderful and gave some great practical advice that I can implement. Five stars *****" ... written by sonia40
Always a clear, solid reading. " ... written by Ahz
She was wonderful and gave some great practical advice that I can implement. Five stars!" ... written by sonia40
I spoke with gracepetals and felt she gave good honest advice." ... written by Lightstar
Loved the reading :)) as always - time frames changed but that's OK. " ... written by edel95
Wonderfully clear and warm. Thank You so much for everything Grace. God's Blessings XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Thank you for everything! " ... written by Christy
Very thoughtful and helpful!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Gatorgal
Good!!! As usual :) " ... written by Senem
FANTASTIC reading! She is very intone with you and tells you how it is… I will revisit over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by KC
Amazing and clear woman. Thanks so very much!" ... written by lovewater
BRILLIANT " ... written by Sonia
She was very accurate about what I wanted to know." ... written by jennie
I love grace so much! she has helped me go thru some tough times with a positive and firm mind set. its important to me that she is always willing to take on anything I ask, and honestly tells me the truth. I recommend grace to anyone who is truly in need of answers" ... written by christina
Very positive and helpful" ... written by TR
Timelines shifted but then there maybe hope. " ... written by edel95
Hit certain areas right on. Would go back and do another. Thank you.........." ... written by tess
She told me about a friendly spirit named Emuf! Sweet! :)" ... written by Annie
She is really good. Very clear and has amazing insight! Worth the money." ... written by Lou
So i do feel what she said. I need to stick with my gut" ... written by nistalgia
Very good" ... written by gusessendon
I was very happy with my reading, she confirmed what other readers had said relating to the time scale that is." ... written by Stickytoffee
Grace was very clear and answered my questions straightforward. Very Good, honest, and real. Thank you" ... written by Christine
She is great! I love the sense of ease with her!" ... written by kirti
I was stressed and anxious but after talking to her i felt as if the whole stress has gone down the drain. I am thankful to her for making me feel good by clearing the doubts that i had. Thanks a lot. I appreciate what you did for me. God Bless." ... written by Sara
Very good." ... written by gusessendon
She gives me a very good energy whenever I have reading with her. She is fast and to the point. Thanks Grace" ... written by dimond110
Very interesting, lots of questions answered!" ... written by anna
Another great reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Magnus
She is just purely amazing. she was able to relay information from my cousin you passed away and I needed that." ... written by kirti85
Great second talk in one day. Thanks." ... written by Zeijaan
Spot on, great reading. I will let you know if it all comes to fruition!" ... written by roselilly5
Oh wow. She is awesome. So much doubt to go private but worth every penny. Thanks a lot." ... written by Zeijaan
What Grace provides in her readings is simply profound. I am in awe of her grounded wisdom and insight. She is a spiritual teacher and friend. Her heart is huge and her work beyond stellar. What a gift" ... written by freespiritwave2
Thank you for delivering the messages so gently and clearly!" ... written by acb
Thank you. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Very clear andamp; very fast. Always accurate and reliable. Beautiful. Biggest Love andamp; Blessings XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
I am so grateful that you are so accurate and have such great insight and guidance. This has been a hard healing journey for me and I know where to turn when I am second guessing what my intuition is telling me. I am grateful for your direct, honest, approach. Thank you!!!!!!" ... written by Dreaming201
Thanks for the message. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
She's a gem...will be in touch again for sure. Thanks!" ... written by lovewater
Thanks for caring. She has helped settle me down and change my life course hopefully for the better." ... written by Kittyj
Very well done" ... written by Teri
EXCELLENT! She keeps me grounded and tells me what I should do and I appreciate her." ... written by Brandi
Very to the point. Thank you. " ... written by Accentit
Very good reading...thanks " ... written by Carol
another great reading, she knows her stuff" ... written by Sticky toffee
Very mind blowing and accurate. I'm speechless and would definitely recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Kristy Close
Amazing as always, she always tells me exactly what I need to do...thank you so much. I feel blessed" ... written by Brandi
I wanted to get a little more info, but by the time I told her my story my time was up..but as always it was wonderful!" ... written by Brandi
Always amazing honest insight!!!!!!!! I am grateful" ... written by Dreaming201
Thank you very much for your input with my situation." ... written by Kristol
As always, Grace is spot on on all comments." ... written by Raphael
Really good and accurate. Definitely reliable. " ... written by Sofia
Thank you." ... written by K
Grace is outstanding time to time. She amazes me, no words can describe this amazement." ... written by christina
She is wonderful as always, straight to the point in what I need to do, I am going to listen!" ... written by Brandi
Informative...quick, direct, respectful, andamp; confident." ... written by K
Love Grace straight to the point, no sugar coating." ... written by Irene
Gracepetals is a 5 star person and psycic. Very helpful and informative on que for everything. thank you" ... written by barbara
This woman is amazing! Worth the money for the insight." ... written by Lou
Connects instantly, straight to the point and a good reading, with many details!" ... written by Sanne
She is excellent. very straight to the point and can pick up on your energy very quickly. Gives you great insight and the answers whether they are good or bad, she tells you what you need to hear to make your life better." ... written by paula
This woman is so helpful. She is really terrific!" ... written by Lou
she is AWESOME! always spot on, honest, caring and calm.... i highly recommend her. ty Grace oxoxo" ... written by tip
This woman is incredible! I get so much out of each reading." ... written by Lou
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Grace was really nice and gave me a lot of insight into my situation and gave me a lot of hope. She rememered me from a past reading and gave me a definite time line to look forward to. Thank you Grace!! " ... written by Mimi
She was a great help and give me clarity regarding love and career options. Direct yet very understanding. " ... written by Nelia
She's lovely! Thanks so much." ... written by lovewater
Very wonderful woman, and very tuned in. Clear, thoughtful, patient. God Bless Grace XOXOX" ... written by S
she is amazing thxs Grace" ... written by serran
Gracepetal is the best anything in the world! You will not regret talking to her in the chat room or in private! she is awesome! Please check her out! Thank you Grace!!!!!" ... written by Amy
Amazing. Caring. And asked every question with no hesitation. Gave me so much clarity. Thank you." ... written by katherine
excellent" ... written by roxana
very good reading" ... written by gusessendon
Very nice and really good information. I think she is the best. She has helped me the most then any other psychic has! Thank You and I can't wait to have another reading!" ... written by Angela
excellent and to the point I will see how things turn out" ... written by PatriciaAC
very very good reading... gracepetals is terrific... 5 star for sure..." ... written by linda pryharski
Grace is always a fantastic reader - very clear, concise and focused!" ... written by Champers11
Thank you gracepetals, love your readings" ... written by barbara
Grace was spot on with everything! She gave me wonderful insights about my upcoming future and which actions that I will be taking that will work in my best interest. She doesn't need much information either. Just your first name and sign. I will come back to Grace for more readings. " ... written by Lataya
Wonderful reading she was very helpful didn't need any tools truly gifted. I would highly recommend her. Very caring." ... written by Starlight23
she is excellent. gives you great clarity and i continue to go back to her always" ... written by paula
I came to Grace today for a follow up and some good news! It was a great reading and I feel good about the heads up! Thank you! :)" ... written by Mimi
very intuitive, and confirmed exactly what I was feeling. Thank you" ... written by Shannon
Absolutely spot on, so accurate, thank you so much." ... written by felixboy
To the point right on!" ... written by mfurney
Thank you for your help in my situation... got spot on reading and help! Worth it!" ... written by T.
this woman is very straight to the point helped me out pin pointed me on my situation and helped me learned what i needed to know" ... written by daniela
amazing are the best!!!!!" ... written by dreaming201
Very nice great reading!!!" ... written by veezee
Thanks for the guidance. You are truly gifted in many ways!!!!!!" ... written by dreaming201
She is really nice! Fast with her reading (:" ... written by victoria
I Love her energy and her honesty and her predictions .. she's on track!" ... written by steven
I am so grateful for you and for your guidance. It goes beyond what words could ever express!!!!!! :) :)" ... written by dreaming201
Grace is wonderful and always right on point!!" ... written by Bonnie
Love straight-forwardness and was quite accurate in understanding my situation. Helpful!" ... written by shapeshifter
I had a wonderful reading and got great advice. She knew things that only one other person knew." ... written by serene_7
She is awesome! First time but very wise woman!" ... written by naz
shes great" ... written by seeker1993
ONE OF A KIND!Grace is always able to tell me things that I have never spoken to anyone about.She is always on point.Gives great advice.She is straightforward and picks up energies well.She can tell you about your past,present,and future.She always tries to help in anyway possible.She is very caring.Very warm spirit.Please Take a Private Session with Grace,you won't be disappointed.Grace is truly one of a kind:))" ... written by AT
Very Good reading and insight " ... written by Janee
She is very on target and good. I highly recommend her. This is my third reading with her and each time she connects very well." ... written by Amista
Gracepetals is amazing!! Extremely accurate." ... written by Khulile Kweyama
She gives clear and concise in all she says!!! She knows everything as if she was told...but in actual fact, it is her gift!!!" ... written by Khulile Kweyama
My reading was very accurate and I was able to relate to what was being said. I will definitely purchase more credits for future readings." ... written by Nakia
Gracepetals is straight to the point. She pinpointed the root cause of the problem without asking many questions. She is amazing and I recommend her to all " ... written by Umabalan
thank you again love the reading and very helpful" ... written by barbara
thank you again 5 star" ... written by barbara
As again 5 star psychic. very connected to the sprits and love her" ... written by barbara
awesome lady and very precise recommended reader" ... written by debbie
Grace is awesome. Always on point!!!!! No gimmicks, No appeasing!" ... written by Gatesilla
Grace is wonderful. She gives excellent guidance and it is right on target. She is also very caring and upbeat. I am grateful for her readings." ... written by Gatorgal
Grace is so loving and caring.She is to the point.My 2nd private reading.So accurate!She is direct and straightforward.Thanks Grace helping!" ... written by AT
She is amazing and connect with me very fast. Does not waste time and is always right." ... written by dimond110
This woman is so helpful! She is truly amazing!" ... written by Lou
she is excellent, i continue to go back all the time for guidance. " ... written by paula
Field of Daisy's haha :) Great reading as always with the beautiful Grace :) Always a pleasure :) Thank you xxx" ... written by Sara - Oopsy Daisy
definitely and 5 star person and psychic. " ... written by barbara
Grace was right on point with everything she was saying. I had a fantastic reading with her. I now know what i need to do thanks to Grace helping me. She gets straight to the point and she does not waste your money or your time. I will definitely let Grace know how things are coming along for me. Thanks so much for your help i really appreciate it. I rate her 10 stars." ... written by Gorgeous33
I listened, I wanted more questions answered, but my time ran out. Specific answers on what to do, what is the future and so on. As always though, she is in it and read it right. I am grateful for gracepetals!" ... written by Brandi
Grace was wonderful! She was warm and got to the point right away. She helped to provide clarity where I needed it and gave me solutions to my issues. I have had her read for me a few times now and I will continue to use her in the future. I highly suggest her! =)" ... written by Ashley
Gracepetals is the best!!!! She is honest, forthright,accurate and most definitely will tell you the truth vs what you want the situation to be. She is precise and does not waste a moment in getting to the truth of the matter. Thank you I am grateful!!!!!! " ... written by Dreaming201
SHE IS WONDERFUL AND ACCURATE. EVERYONE SHOULD SPEAK TO HER. She changed my life. " ... written by TTlasttimeagain
Great reading, to the point, honest. Kind and caring too. Lovely reader!! :)" ... written by Karlie
Thank you Grace for wonderful reading and give peace to my heart. Bless you" ... written by TheShiny
Amazing, you are amazing thank you! xxxx" ... written by perseus
Very good reading " ... written by natalie hope
honesty , and truthfullness" ... written by henry
She's very straight forward no sugar coating. Although there were things I would not have like to hear, like the truth but she made me feel at ease somewhat at peace. You want a straight answer? Try her out?" ... written by susana valdez
Very intuitive, highly recommend!" ... written by B
There are a few very good readers. Gracepetals is one of the best here is why. She is focused on the answers and she really does hear from Spirit. She is kind, sensitive and very intuitive. If you go in with an open mind, and don't have expectations of a certain answer, but to get clarity, you will find it with her." ... written by frankj
She gave me the answers I needed to feel calm. So I am going to do me and relax. :) Thank you as always." ... written by Brandi
another great reading" ... written by ruth
great healing i have enjoyed it! " ... written by edel95
She helped me calm down and showed me the light. The confidence and assurance in her voice tells me that she knows what she is talking about. I can finally breathe. A reading with Gracepetals is a blessing. " ... written by LadyGrace
I cannot thank grace enough for the path she has set me on. grace has helped me numerous of times as well as putting me on a positive path, to happiness and true love. thank u grace" ... written by christina
There is a special spirit about this woman. She has a very clear connection and it is a pure one, a good one. Others tap into the cosmic all via darker channels but not this one. I felt drawn to her the minute I saw her pic and she has been exceptionally accurate in a very positive way. Love her and will consult her on a regular basis. My new psychic friend. :)" ... written by Lori
Thanks Grace for the advice. Will come back again to give you an update :)" ... written by RaphaelG
Love the reading thank you so much.." ... written by Yasmin
loves the stuff she tells" ... written by Gurpreet Kaur
Thank you grace. Always come to you for advice." ... written by kymii
Very nice lady. And she did hit it on the nose. I always was thinking it was me he was unhappy with... but when I started thinking about it, It all made sense to me. " ... written by Ashley
spot on, she will give Real Clairty in spades. And she does not waste time or money. Gets to it " ... written by fJ
Grace was right on point!She said things that no one else knew about.Please contact gracepetals.She is honest and truthful." ... written by AT
Gracepetals gave me a kind, honest reading that although it was not what I wanted to hear, it's what I needed to hear. Thanks so much." ... written by IslandCore
Love her. She speaks to my heart. It resonates with truth. I highly recommend her." ... written by KaLa
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Always amazing and no sugar coating and just what I needed. " ... written by dreaming 201
She told me exactly what I was thinking, about the situation" ... written by Debra
Very, VERY good!!! - Drew a lot of personal information from me that was only known to myself and another :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
grace is wonderful " ... written by Gurpreet Kaur
thank you so much for another great reading." ... written by Zeta
Awesome!!! very accurate :)" ... written by Kyla
Very honest and open person to talk to. Makes you feel very comfortable." ... written by Laurie
Gracie!!!! We have been down this road before. I thank you again for being there. Love and light" ... written by Gzelle1
Very clear, and Grace always gives her best!! Every Blessing Grace, and Loads of Love. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
she is excellent, so great at what she does. very very talented and gifted person. " ... written by paula
good reading" ... written by gusessendon
Explained to me why I found myself in the situation I was in and what do to about it. Makes a lot of sense, along with my intuition that was trying to steer me in the right direction to begin with." ... written by Ellen
Gave me great advice and will keep grace updated on my progress" ... written by Tri
love Grace..very calming, up front and honest about things. Affirmed my feeling completely about things. " ... written by Brenda
She is quick and reliable" ... written by Liliana Tontcheva
Grace is an amazing reader. She gets very clear messages without any prompting or other tools, and gives wonderful, warm and compassionate advice." ... written by Champers11
Veeeeerry helpful. Thank you so much Grace!" ... written by Amista
spot on!!!! i hope!!" ... written by jojo
Very helpful with the information that came thru in the reading and also the advice given...felt a sense of healing...tysm!" ... written by ragingwaters
Amazing interaction and great readings. All her readings came true so far.Many thanks Grace" ... written by dimond110
Very good. Honest and to the point and my type of person. Just says it like it is and gives you a way to deal with the situation. would try again. :)" ... written by Amy
Awesome and super friendly! Hit everything on the nail!" ... written by Teressa Clark
I have always enjoyed the readings with gracepetals. She has amazing gifts to share. She is very accurate with the information and insight that she is given. I value her integrity and honesty. I will continue to get readings done whenever I need clarification. She also has this wonderful meditation that she facilitates on Sunday evenings. Thank you I am so grateful." ... written by Dreaming201
nice catching up, grace! :)" ... written by shira
Thank you so much. " ... written by Jenna
great reading, knew a lot about the situation." ... written by roselilly5
awesome" ... written by chistina
Grace is on point as usual, amazing" ... written by Aaron
Excellent." ... written by paula
She is excellent. i continue to go back to her regularly for clarity and help in all my situations. very calmly spoken and picks up the energy fantastically." ... written by paula
awesome, thanks will come back . " ... written by target
She is an excellent reader " ... written by Nidal
EXCELLENT.." ... written by paula
I have no words for the spectacular advice and accuracy that Ms Grace has. Thank you again for helping me see more into my life and helping to guide me with such love, truth and understanding. I am yet again, left in AWE..." ... written by Khulile Kweyama
i feel a real kinship to this lovely woman" ... written by qp
Wow, thank you Grace, for your insight and compassion. Really hit on my life cycle and issues here in this life.! and great advice and healing. thanks so much :)" ... written by Lynda22
beautiful inside and out, warm and loving like a motherly figure. so calm and gentle and knows how to get through the clouds to where the clearer skies are and where you can see the light or the world from a better place. Grace also is true, genuine, honest, nurturing, realistic, understanding and so very compassionate and is here to help us all as her mission with the gift that GOd has given her. everyone should really take their time to talk here with beautiful Grace." ... written by Cammy1101
She is Wonderful! Genuine intuitive, truly. Give her your truth and watch her pull even more from it than you thought was there!" ... written by Michael
very honest and thank you for you truthfulness" ... written by erini
So hopeful and helpful." ... written by Lori
thank you i think you helped me enough and what u said was true " ... written by katia
very good, connected well on everything! very encouraging! will use again!" ... written by Mariah
She was outstanding. She connected to some things that other readers have not. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Amazing reading. Will come back soon for an update!! Many thanks"!" ... written by Raphael
Just amazing and breath taking!" ... written by Jessica
She is great! Very nice! She tells it like it is and she is right!" ... written by Angiecat45
I really appreciate your honesty and straight forwardness. I am always grateful for what I learn. Thank you!!!!!" ... written by dreaming201
It was a good session indeed. thankyou for the patience, warm words and assurance Grace." ... written by Pournima
sorry grace we got cut off..dunt knw why//" ... written by aqua
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
EXCELLENT" ... written by paula
thank you so much for the reading....." ... written by sheree
shes awesome pinpoint on a lot of stuff..." ... written by maria
Excellent healer!" ... written by Quantia
Gracepetals is always authentic, honest, direct. She has some amazing gifts that she is able to share. I am so grateful for her insight and her abilities. Thank you and I am looking forward to" ... written by Dreaming201
very good reading" ... written by gusessendon on, very appropriate to how I am feeling," ... written by Kate Anekki
thanks so much again Grace! great to connect and receive the calming, nurturing wisdom!" ... written by lovewater
brilliant " ... written by kalvinder
Readings with Grace is intense and I like her straightforward readings. It punctures me sometimes." ... written by Short Bow
she is excellent!!" ... written by Paula
Gracepetals quickly seemed in sync with my situation. I felt she absolutely understood the situation. I could feel intuitively that her advice was spot on." ... written by Jenny
wonderful!" ... written by cris
She is wonderful, I love GRACE. when I'm uneasy shes knows how to clam me down. LOVE YOU GRACE and thank you" ... written by TTlasttimeagain
she is excellent. the best!!" ... written by paula
A very lovely acurite reader, I send Gracepetels all my love and blessings" ... written by divintiy01
grace is one of the nicest persons i met she gives really good advises " ... written by gurpreet
Wonderful.." ... written by marai
Thanks Grace for the amazing reading again and clarifying my thoughts :)" ... written by Raphael
My mother has had a reading with grace and my mom couldn't be any more surprised she is happy with the reading she had provided." ... written by christina
Awesome person to work with gave me a great reading and was positive about it. Anyone need advice please go to her excellent reading." ... written by Tina
awesome reading.... luv u." ... written by maria
extremely helpful allowed me to see the situation better..thank you so much..blessings" ... written by zephyr2311
EXCELLENT." ... written by paula
Kind, Caring, Simple, Straight Forward and Real" ... written by Michael
Very good reading." ... written by gusessendon
she is the BOMB right on the money~ love her" ... written by db
wow amazing reading. Will wait for the predictions to happen. Very accurate on my work issues, spot on." ... written by reenu70
gracepetals pulls things that nobody knows." ... written by henry
Phenomenal reader....gosh I'm in love! Thank you so much, will be back soon with updates. MWAH" ... written by LALALAND
she was great i will update you!!! and i will make an effort to see where things can go." ... written by Angelica
It was short but good." ... written by Serena
Grace is honest and sincere.The best,clear,insightful readings I have ever had.Thank you Grace for all the insight.You are so caring and right on target with your readings!Very clear!Thank you for your time you share with so many others.You help me in more ways than I can say.Peace andamp; Blessings from above:)" ... written by AT
I continue to go back to her for clarity and guidance. she is very compassionate and understanding and speaks in a very calming voice which puts you at ease right from the start. She is excellent and can pick up on things very quickly. the best!" ... written by paula
very nice lady, good advice, thanks" ... written by fragrant
Grace is wonderful to talk to! She is really talented and kind and has great insight into my situation and gives me great advices!" ... written by Meg
excellent" ... written by paula
Amazing reading, kind, honest, accurate, and helpful" ... written by Michael
Great reading -very accurate." ... written by Andrew
She is just precise and very clear. Seems she can read my brain :)" ... written by siddharth Mishra
gracepetals is always honest and forthright in the readings. I just can't imagine going to someone else. She always provides clarification when I need it. Thank you!!!!!" ... written by Dreaming201
5 stars !!!" ... written by edel95
calming and made me feel really balanced" ... written by becky
great reading - everything was extremely accurate" ... written by andrew
Thank you great reading" ... written by Sarah
very good reading" ... written by gusessendon
Always awesome readings! Very specific and great advice. Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by Jenna
So helpful" ... written by Steph
Gracepetals is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Such a light of peace and grace. I come back again and again." ... written by hope037
excellent" ... written by paula
very gracefull :) and accurate. Thank you. " ... written by Zeta
very good" ... written by gusessendon
I'm satisfied" ... written by Jennifer
Always amazing and insightful. Thank you" ... written by Dreaming201
She is awesome as always!!!" ... written by Lou
Great job." ... written by Sarah
She is alway incredible!" ... written by Lou
Awesome!!!! Gracepetals read my situation so clearly and quickly! Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
lovely and clear! a great guide. thank you" ... written by lovewater
Gracepetals is so comforting with her readings. She connected very quickly and was able to see very deeply into the situation. Thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
wonderful ready. Very accurate" ... written by gina
Grace is wonderful! There are a tiny handful of readers I consult on Oranum, who I absolutely trust to give me the best advice and clearest readings, and Grace is one of them. She is also thoughtful, kind and compassionate." ... written by Champers11
This woman is amazing!!!" ... written by Lou
Amazing Grace, how sweet that sounds.... :) thank you grace. When I come to you I find peace. Amazing reader guys, if you want someone who works in and for the light. I love you" ... written by sara
Gave me great news and insight! Thank you so much!" ... written by Brooklyn
told what i needed to hear " ... written by gmarie
This lady is always incredible. Really clear reading." ... written by Lou
Oh i can not say how much things you helped me ´. I have been in so much dilemma. But now i know. So much love to you! I cannot describe how i feel when i meet so much light souls as yourself bringing so much help to us others. And helping mother earth. Let us help earth to its evolving destiny. Much love!" ... written by Patrik
Amazing reader, accurate, clear, kind and provides great guidance" ... written by Michael Taube
awesome! Shes great. " ... written by Christina
thank you mom for that piece of mind" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
SO lovely, clear and gifted!!" ... written by lovewater
Always insightful thank you!!!!!" ... written by Dreaming201
She is very good. When I had a reading previously on one occasion she predicted I would meet someone and she described him very well." ... written by Stickytoffee
So good! so much past-life view and it was so interesting! This is my favorite in this place!! Much love to you grace!" ... written by PAtrik
she was wonderful thanks" ... written by brenda
So good so much information. So exact. My favorite!" ... written by patrik
best experience i ever had with a person on this site." ... written by joey
She is amazing and whatever she had told me came true!" ... written by dimond110
My session was good, my before ended to early, but i got so much good information. Thanks so much grace! much LOVE" ... written by Patrik
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn
Clear, accurate, caring, and providing insight and resolution in every reading i have. " ... written by Michael
I love reading with Grace, she's unbelievable. Her connection and advice is just .... it's magically at times. I always feel so much better after talking to her. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!" ... written by Amanda
This woman is amazing !! I highly recommend her !! i never met my dad when he was alive , but I was able to meet him through her!!! sounds crazy , but she knew things , details about things my mom would say about him!!! Gracepetals is the real deal!!" ... written by tammyj1974
An important and trusted guide! So glad to be able to connect with her in this way. Many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
Grace is like a teacher to me.... I've never seen a talent quite like hers before...thank you again, you made my night.." ... written by joey
Gracepetals is amazing she is authentic, honest, accurate beyond belief. I return to her whenever I need guidance and clarification. Oranum is very fortunate to have her. She is so very gifted in many ways. " ... written by Dreaming201
thank you for helping me means a lot to me" ... written by joey
I loved my reading. I found her to be honest and up front. Will definitely seek another reading fr her. Fantastic." ... written by Paula Jonagan
Could talk all day! Thanks so very much. " ... written by lovewater
Thank you for the great advice as always :) Even though it always seems to be bad news XD I will keep you posted. Have a great weekend!" ... written by Jenna
she is my go to counselor" ... written by qp
Great as always!" ... written by Lou
She was very accurate I will surely come back for a follow up." ... written by raym
She is so very helpful." ... written by Stephanie
she is excellent. i continue to use her regualry. all her prediction come true and she offers great advice to help you through problems. she is hte best" ... written by paulaq
very nice" ... written by emilie
As always, precise, kind, straight forward and needed" ... written by Michael Taube
Excellent 7 stars " ... written by gigaman1978
Amazing!!! Amazing!!! Great advice cant wait for my predictions" ... written by bm
thanks once again. still in a wait mode, but always great to get some clarity from Grace. " ... written by lovewater
She was very accurate about my situation and I would recommend her to anyone." ... written by Teresa
Very caring and nice. would recommend" ... written by Pen
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Very good and honest. Kind. Some psychics I have encountered can be sarcastic and she is not. :) She does not judge what you are feeling. Sometimes you come to a psychic because you feel guilty about what you are feeling-BUT-it is what you are feeling and thinking ansimply need to tell someone." ... written by Amy
thank you for all the help you have given me've gotten me through times where i needed someone desperately to be there...and you thank you." ... written by joey
excellent" ... written by saleh
lovely lady, picked up very quickly and i hope she is right. xx" ... written by Carly
grace is my angel, she has helped me for quite some time now, and everything she has said to me has been on point. I come to her for advise, laughter, and the truth and I can honestly say she is my favorite reader that I have ever came across. " ... written by christina
Kind and gentle. Thorough." ... written by Sha
She was very helplful " ... written by bm
Grace is a wonderful reader, always very clear and reassuring." ... written by Champers11
thank you so much!!! great help... " ... written by AmberKos
Thank you again Grace for the Gentle, straight forward, instructive and accurate reading" ... written by Michael
Thank you for knowing where I needed to go, because I didnt. Also thank you for the clear homework. " ... written by Michael Taube
Great as always! I missed her!" ... written by Brooke
good reader I recommend her" ... written by morgan
Gracepetals was great. She knew things without me having to give details. Thank you!" ... written by Joan
Thank you so much!" ... written by B
she knows everything!" ... written by g
Grace is very intuitive and always on point!! ty!! xo" ... written by ragingwaters
Thank you Grace for yet another wonderful reading! I really needed some clarity and direction!" ... written by Meg
It's always beautiful to be in private with grace. Lots of confirmation and clear connection. I feel safe when I connect to her. She is a creature of the light and blessed by God and she has your best interest at heart. Thank you grace for being on this journey with me. I love you!" ... written by sara
She is always amazing! She is the best one here she is always very caring, patient with me and always makes me feel so comfortable during the reading. She is always spot on! GO TO HER!!!" ... written by Molly95
good reading as usual. Thank you again" ... written by PIGLETME
she is great....thanks lot for helping me but our conversation cut off because i was run out my credit.. :(" ... written by yanti
Very kind and nice to communicate with. She provided great guidance." ... written by Christina
very good" ... written by Vanessa
Just spoke with her. Such a kindred spirit! very direct and loving." ... written by Katie
she is gorgeous!! love her!" ... written by Katie
Once again, a chat full of beautiful advices and clarity." ... written by Raphael
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn
Excellent reading" ... written by M
thank you. very insightful" ... written by leodragon
Thank you again, for the clear, accuarate, honest information i needed to have" ... written by Michael Taube
was very insightful and to the point.Highly recommended.Will wait for the prediction to come true. Everything she told made sense.Ty so much Highly recommended" ... written by Mettlwire
Amazing reading - extremely accurate." ... written by Andrew
Thank you for the very accurate and clear reading and guidance." ... written by Michael Taube
Great advice. Honest and assertive but caring and supportive. Will be coming back for more. Thank you." ... written by Karina
thankyou so much for the brilliant reading it was so calm and fast at answering thankyou so much" ... written by Emma
Great" ... written by oddvin
She is an amazing woman. Talking to her makes me feel very good. Her readings are great and almost always she is right." ... written by dimond110
She was lovely. Very calm and insightful. Reiterated information I definitely needed to hear and intuited messages I needed to be reminded of. Will definitely reconsult in the future (should my monetary situation allow it!). " ... written by Jordan
Thank You Grace for the clear and accurate reading as always. Your gentle and caring touch is always felt and apreciated" ... written by Michael Taube
Thank you so very much for being clear and giving such help full guidance" ... written by Michael Taube
Shes very good! Shes fair, fast, honest and accurate : ) Im a repeat customer" ... written by Jillian
Grace was extremely spot on as per usual!!! I can never say enough about her abilities and understanding and compassion!!!!!!" ... written by Delton1
grace was so nice and sweet and caring love talking with her!" ... written by stacey
Always to the point an informative. Awesome reading." ... written by Goddesspearl
She cut through to the heart of my situation. I am really grateful. I actually feel lighter. And she touched on a past life situation that I really had a strong feeling about. I will be a regular with gracepetals. Thank you so much!" ... written by Lisa
Grace is always great. she connects very well and see's what is going on, through her visions and guides. thanks Grace! " ... written by Lynda22
Wonderfully insightful, thanks Grace " ... written by capricorn_dancer
I think she was very straightforwad, kind and confident. She gave me good insight. It gave me some food for thought. I appreciate that. I'll contact her again. " ... written by Eliane Peçanha Rabello de Oliveira
thankyou for the great reading" ... written by emma
THANK YOU GRACE" ... written by kymii
very good . need more info" ... written by sherry hill
good reading very honest! :)" ... written by danielle
Amazing and so much insight. Thank you Grace :)" ... written by Dreaming201
Very good, offered some clarity on my lifes issues." ... written by badgerman6
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is a great reader." ... written by miti
Thank for the accurate and clear reading and help/guidance in working things out" ... written by Michael Taube
Very very good and listened to everything I had to say give her a try" ... written by Tina
Once again my experience is like im sailing along in life and reach a storm and she navigates me through a storm, and gets me through high seas ,back to calmer water,and im back on my course,in my experiences in life. test her out she will definitely keep you on course in your life." ... written by Lisat281
excellent!!" ... written by nnv1980
good to know im on the right track grace as allways thanks for the honesty 5 stars" ... written by mfurney
Knew things nobody would know, im crying shaking and sweating! outrageous!" ... written by Abi
excelllent!!" ... written by paula
Grace is absolutely wonderful- fair, honest, real, and compassionate. Right on target with situations." ... written by Christine
AWESOME!" ... written by Victoria
very helpful thank you" ... written by jessylouise
Still holds the same predictions as some months ago. We shall wait and see..... I will report back if it happens..." ... written by Sticky
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
thank you " ... written by preeti
she is excellent. i go back to her on a regular basis. the best." ... written by paula
The connection with you is so great that no italian bad connection can ruin this for us:) I love you grace, thank you for being the mom (spiritual mom) I go to for this kind of advice! I love you!" ... written by grace
great!" ... written by cris
Very accurate and insight full. Thank you very much for the help" ... written by Michael Taube
I love her! she doesn't mess around! give it a try!" ... written by Amy
This was a great reading, I will be coming back. I got so much information that I sort of knew but really needed confirmation on. This really helped me to be sure I was headed in the right direction and to stay on that path. I didn't want my reading to end!!" ... written by Chesley
Grace is really wonderful. She is a great reader and a great listener, and she always gives terrific advice. I always really appreciate my readings with Grace." ... written by Champers11
very gifted reader and it was an amazing reading thank you for the clarity you provided...I really appreciate it more than words can say...def be back again...thank you" ... written by Lehua
Thank you so much for bring me clarity" ... written by Sarah
Great read of my current career situation. Offered me perspective and other ways of thinking about my situatoin. Thanks for all your help!" ... written by beathive
good reading" ... written by brandy
she is the best. i continue to go back to her always for guidance and support. she predicted things for me a long time ago that have all come true over time just like she said they would." ... written by paula
Wonderful reader! Gave me such clarity and guidance. put me on the right path regarding my situation!" ... written by Moon_Flower
grance is great person to talk to " ... written by preeti
Grace provided us with great insight, with details." ... written by Diamondstp
Wonderful reading, I am so glad I decided to do the private reading. She is insightful, clear and reassuring. Well worth it!" ... written by Maggie
She is very good, very kind and helpful." ... written by Helena Keinapel
Good reader. Quick accurate answers." ... written by Fulgur
She was so on the money! Wow scary!" ... written by Robert Harrison
One of the best readings I've ever had. She read the entire situation with compassion and wonderful insight. Amazingly accurate. I will definitely be back." ... written by GBHistorian
Grace is always so kind! She is very gifted.Gives readings from the heart! Always right on target:) Thank you Grace:) You are one of a kind!" ... written by AT
I love reading with Grace. She's so quick to connect, the information just starts pouring out of her. It's like talking to a trusted friend that knows everything (even what you bury deep). She's amazing!" ... written by Amanda
Se was bang on I didn't have too tell much at all. Would definitely recommend her" ... written by gutswoman49
very reassuring. also gave specific timeline. nice reading. thank you! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
She is amazing and whatever she has told me came true." ... written by diamond
Very kind, informative and encouraging reading. Spot on about circumstances and personalities. Thank you!!" ... written by GBHistorian
Amazing! I love going to her because she always tells me the truth and gives great advice for what I should do now and in the future!" ... written by Molly95
Sincere, Honest and clear information and guidance as always " ... written by Michael Taube
Very good" ... written by roslyn
SHE WAS WONDERFUL" ... written by TTlasttimeagain
She is great, had several readings with her and she has been spot on!" ... written by dimond110
Thank you so much for your time and advice, gracepetals. I'm so impressed with your accuracy and insight. I promise to take on board what you said and I will try to find the courage to make contact with my spiritual Libran ;) Peace and love xxx" ... written by Clare
She is my go to gal every year for an update - she, is dead on and will not sugar coat your readings .. She is a real intuitive and fun to chat with .. I will be back grace .. Give you updates for 2015 " ... written by olivia
Thank you so much. You are very helpful." ... written by lana
I like Gracepetals. She is easy to talk to and very straight forward with her answers. I would definitely recommend her and do another reading with her. Look forward to her predictions. " ... written by Soniya
Nice lady" ... written by md
good connection" ... written by md
very precise" ... written by Lyn
excellent was able to help me see things alot more clearly very good " ... written by vicky wise
This was an amazing and caring honest read! Thank you very much!" ... written by Erlinda
Thank you so much for this very honest and truly tuned in reading. I am truly impressed by your talent." ... written by Blue Sky
Wonderful thank you so much!! I may need a nap but I do feel better and ready for the next.. a thousand thank you Health and love to you." ... written by Marie
Thank You Grace!!! She was wonderful at putting things in prospective, and shedding light on situations. She was VERY in tune to not only me but also the 5 people involved in my life, how they feel, who they really are, and what they really are on a soul/deep level, as well as me. I can not wait to come back and say you were right Grace! Thank you, Thank you!! " ... written by Dawn
She is so amazing! Does not waste time at all and she is always right." ... written by dimond110
She is awesome!!!!!!" ... written by tania
She was very straightforward and easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her!" ... written by Rasheedaw
Amazing as always!!!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Excellent Reading, would recommend !!" ... written by Mim
Whoa!!!!!!!!!! Neat-o!! Found out some awesome information, and interesting things I cant wait to check it all out n watch everything else unfold! Grace is so worth it!! Thanks again!!!" ... written by Dawn
Great reading, concise and too the point." ... written by Brad
Once again grace helped with very important issues and concerns I had and was about to give me information and answers in a very loving and caring way, being direct and without sugarcoating. She is close to God and to the light and she is on this earth to help and give you direction. Everytime I go to her, I do feel loved and in God's grace. Thank you! " ... written by sara
Real nice lady, great connection." ... written by MD
lovely talking " ... written by preeti
Thank you grace for being so precise and assertive as always, going right to the heart of the matter and telling me what I need to do in order to progress and be ok. Grace is a star in the heavens" ... written by sara
was very helpful knowing what lies ahead" ... written by melcarol
connected right away!" ... written by TT
awesome she was fast and furious and just awesome !" ... written by Cheryl
Amazing as always" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
she is so accurate and nurturing" ... written by K
Grace is my candle in the wind. When everything else around me seems to lead me astray, I find peace in her smile. She always makes me feel things will be fine, if I just believe. Thank you, I love you!" ... written by sara
Grace is fabulous...right on...with love and true intention" ... written by ChristinesLove
amazing so helpful :) " ... written by vik
Your were just awesome,, thanks for your advice.." ... written by MoRicharda
Very accurate and information that i needed, thank you Grace for the help. " ... written by Michael Taube
Amazing as always" ... written by Brooklyn
simple and straightforward, thank you!" ... written by hilly
Thank You so much! " ... written by Tammy
Need more time for results, but was accurate on a few things..." ... written by Tammy
Grace is absolutely wonderful! She gives really clear readings and beautiful advice. I always feel very reassured and newly resolved to take action after my readings with her." ... written by Champers11
thanks" ... written by rose
thank you for the insight and all the input" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Grace - is amazing! She recalls details from months ago and can quickly connect to give insight to assist with decisions." ... written by JDL
Thank you, Grace. I will be very careful with the advice you have given me. I'll drop by and chat again soon. Again, thank you so much. " ... written by G
gracepetals is always terrific, wonderful insight and counsel…" ... written by julieanne
very insightful and cleared up some confusions i had. thank you for the detailed look into his current situation. will try to be supportive on my end. " ... written by leodragon
reading was good but my typing was slow....and I felt like that took up a lot of my time." ... written by blkbarbie
Thank you grace, I truly appreciate the information you provide, and your gentle touch in providing it " ... written by Michael Taube
Accurate and help full as always. Thank You Grace" ... written by Michael Taube
good reading of feelings, quite accurate" ... written by shaz1001
Great as always!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Love Gracepetals-five stars and soooooo nice." ... written by Tristanevan8
She tapped right into the current stage of my work life. I feel she was authentic, and a little surprised at the reading as I was. Enjoyed her manner, and the reading ." ... written by msevelyn
always so clear and connected" ... written by qp
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll let you know how it turns out and I look forward to the meditation later. " ... written by G
Thank you" ... written by Kymii
amazing helpful and supportive :) " ... written by vicky
Great as always " ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Gracie did an awesome job and was bang on. she understood the issues and helped . " ... written by cheryl
Thank You! Very gifted and a good person." ... written by stressed29
wish could talk privately all night really really helps " ... written by vicky
brilliant as always :) x" ... written by vikki
accurate. and complete." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Very accurate, caring and real in her responses. It was really nice talking to hear and give my best regards, thank you." ... written by zana
Awsome, thank you! " ... written by clover 434
Good reader" ... written by Krista Elliott
She is amazing, she knew about all the items tied to my family that had passed on. I got the chills each time she asked about something else. Thank you so much, I needed this chat!" ... written by clover434
Grace is always right about her reading, I enjoy very much talking to her and it gives me hope " ... written by Yasmin
Quick response to question. Waiting to see if she would respond. Thank you" ... written by Van Anh
very good. direct and to the point. " ... written by carla
Thank you!! " ... written by Jennifer
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Gave me great advice live changing advice!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
What an awesome intuitive lady with a beautiful energy all her own ... Namaste!" ... written by Fran
great reading, fun to talk with" ... written by md
Thank you so much" ... written by Mandamp;M
Thank for the guidance and assistance, support and knowledge in a kind clear way" ... written by Michael Taube
Got right to the answers for me which was really helpful since I was short on time. thank you! " ... written by longlegs1112
Thank you for a fantastic reading! it was so great to connect. I thank you for all the information that was delivered and that i have received. Many many many blessings. with love." ... written by ceeclouds77
excellent reading; loved her calmness and steadiness" ... written by Jeff
She is awesome! Really good!" ... written by LOU
Thank you for your advice." ... written by d2k1000
Grace is always the best, kind, insightful and leaves you with clear direction and hope. Thank you, as always. :)" ... written by G...
Great, compassionate as always " ... written by capricorn_dancer
she's awesome! thank you Gracie! " ... written by cheryl
Grace was very informative and helpful. She gave me some clarity and now I know what I need to do. Thx!" ... written by peach
WOW, Gracepetals was so on point! If I had more credits, I would have kept going...I will be back!!" ... written by Kay
Amazing. She always lets me see the light of the situation " ... written by Brooklyn
this woman in an absolute starr thank you wondeful." ... written by lovely
Connected very quickly. Very excited to see how things go." ... written by AB
am so grateful to grace" ... written by qp
Thank you, Grace, for your extended time with me tonight. I will be very careful to follow your advice. I will keep you posted." ... written by G...
This is not the first time i have a reading with Grace, and as allways this time was full of insight. I feel confident in her guidence. " ... written by Magnus
Well Grace was very intuitive and also comforting tonight! I loved her message and I am praying to my angels that they finalize some things. I will remain patient! Will check back soon!" ... written by peach
Inspiring and accurate" ... written by lotus71
One of if not the best readers on Oranum..... !" ... written by Abigail
Very straight forward and honest. I felt she connected with me right away. Answered my questions and also made some predictions. I am pleased with my reading and look forward to having another reading soon. Thank you, once again gracepetals. :) xo" ... written by SK
Congratulations on your 5000th reading, Grace. A beautiful spirit, wise advice, kind heart. Bless you, my friend. " ... written by G...
very good! its a lot of what I was already feeling and my own personal cards told me." ... written by melisa
Excellent counsel, Grace is always really genuine and accurate with what she picks up. Thank you Grace" ... written by julieanne
Thank you Grace once again for all your help! You are truly God sent:)" ... written by AT
Life is beautiful grace!!!!! I am happy, happy, happy, happy:)" ... written by sara
Grace was straightforward and accurate on the state of matters and person I was inquiring about. I loved her advice and now it falls on me to do the homework to improve my life. Thank you for your kind words!" ... written by Adrienne
REMARKABLE! " ... written by MG
Very kind and helpful. Talk to her when you are feeling stressed about something." ... written by Cinnadoll
Grace was very caring and kind. She was very positive and supportive. Very Clear and direct. will go back again when I need to. thanks grace." ... written by Sparkles
She's great. " ... written by SK
Very honest and direct but compassionate." ... written by suzy
Hi Grace. Apologies didn't have time to say goodbye. Thanks again for the advices. It is always a pleasure to come to you and have our regular chats! Hope to come back to you with amazing news next time! Working on it..." ... written by Raphael
good " ... written by Elizabeth
Very helpful, help me to undertand a bit more what is happening" ... written by Luis
She's always so spot on, I love reading with her! It's always like talking to a trusted friend, who can finishes your thoughts. " ... written by Amanda
Grace has been helping me to see some clarity in a situation which has been very challenging and emotional for me. I feel I am on the tight track for the parties involved. She has been reassuring and comforting. Very intuitive!" ... written by Peach
Peach is very good, 5 stars!" ... written by Peach
great visit with Grace she's awesome!" ... written by cheryl
Very accurate reading. I recommend her." ... written by mds
Amazing reading. She was spot on and I will go to her again and again. She is the best" ... written by Eli
Grace is absolutely wonderful! She gives super clear and detailed readings that are right on the mark. Whenever I need clarity around a situation, I always come to Grace." ... written by Champers11
Grace is the Best! She is always honest and on point.Very accurate!" ... written by AT
she gives me strength and insight like no other" ... written by eli
very good and honest reading. " ... written by Nana
Always so sweet and nice!" ... written by Brooklyn
amazing reading she was so compassionate and connected right off the bat. she has helped me finally get the message from my lost loved oen that ive been needing to hear. thank you" ... written by katyanne
Very accurate information, insight and input to provide resolution" ... written by Michael Taube
quick and very helpful" ... written by gingerbetty
Amazing like always!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Great insightful reading as always. I always learn a great deal from Grace. " ... written by eli
Grace is a kindred spirit. Full of wisdom. I return to her often. " ... written by eli
Grace is honest and see things clearly. She offers directions that empower me in my situation so I go back to her often. " ... written by Eli
always helpful as usual. " ... written by eli
Grace is the best!" ... written by eli
Great thank you ! " ... written by Nichole
Very good reading, would have enjoyed it much more if my internet was working properly. She was very intune with the questions i had for her." ... written by han720518
I hope everything she says is true! She usually is very accurate! Like coming to her. " ... written by Jillian
GracePetals is a pillar of strength in so many ways. Not only is she incredibly accurate, she's open and honest and supportive of the entire situation. Thanks GP, you really are terrific." ... written by juleanne
im shaking while writing this truly amazing if i had doubts before i dont no at a loss for words" ... written by Jamie Smith
Wow she immediatly picked up on my situation without me saying anything at all. Was completley in tune with what is going on. Will visit again :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Grace is a really wonderful reader - she is very clear and direct and gives terrific advice. I always love my readings with her." ... written by Champers11
The connection with her is unmatched. When she finishes my thoughts and says what I'm typing, as I type it, I know that we're exactly on the same wave length. She is a trusted friend and uncanny on what she picks up on. Truly one of Oranum's best, an absolute blessing." ... written by Amanda
Grace just gave me some very good insight!!! She is awesome. I love her!" ... written by Peach
there is such wisdom in this lovely woman" ... written by gp
Great reading, thanks Gracie !" ... written by cheryl
Thank you for the most amazing reading we ever had. I feel extremely healed by it!" ... written by sara
Grace, I don't even know how to express what I feel when I have a reading with you anymore. It's so beautiful we met again. You are so gifted and so kind and helping in so many ways. Happiness is what you bring to my heart every day. You are a star, you don't need stars to define your abilities!! I love you" ... written by sara
She was fantastic. She sensed things correctly. And gave me a good plan to follow. " ... written by Beth
Amazing as always!" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Very soft spoken. love her energy. Picked up on situation pretty well. Thanks so much!" ... written by jand777
great reading thank you !" ... written by Cheryl
Grace is such a fantastic reader - very clear and to the point. I've had many readings with her and always get great insights and advice." ... written by Champers11
amazing!!!!!" ... written by anna
very insightful." ... written by rani
great talking to you! :))" ... written by edel95
always pleasure to talk to . " ... written by edel95
she is very calm and patient :)" ... written by niky
Very good. was very accurate on the way I was and my relationships. will do this again. Thank You Gracepetals" ... written by cindy
She had helped me to feel less guilty about a decision I had to make some years ago and also assures me that I can heal from the wounds of the past. Straight to the point and very wonderful to talk to. Will do another reading from her again. =)" ... written by Tidarut
Lovely as always :) been a while interesting to see what happens " ... written by Vikki
Accurate, kind, gentle, and to the point as always" ... written by Michael Taube
Grace is an expert reader - totally tuned in and spot-on in her analysis of situations." ... written by Champers11
Amazing as always!" ... written by Brooklyn
She is simply gr8... i come back to her every time. She is very honest and helps perceive things logically " ... written by skroses638
Thanks for the help!!!!!" ... written by Notasha Chester
Very insightful! She's great!" ... written by Peach
Grace is an amazing, kind and lovely soul. She not only has fantastic psychic abilities but is a wonderful counsellor. " ... written by Champers11
very good" ... written by cecily
Great reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
Clear accurate and help full as always " ... written by Michael Taube
Always VERY insightful and accurate!!!!!! A very good person, as well! One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by peach
I love Grace. She is such a great reader. She knows how to talk to you and she is the real deal. She really knows what she is doing. Love her and totally recommend her. " ... written by Brenda
she was wonderful, easy to understand and very helpful " ... written by Tina
excellent ! " ... written by Cheryl
she is so great, helped me so much - totally and wholeheartedly recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
Very accurate! Thanks!! " ... written by Tiziana
My reader was lovely and has helped. Thank you, I send her love and light x" ... written by LJ
Glenda the good witch was awesome, Happy Helloween! " ... written by Cheryl
gave me hope" ... written by annie
Grace is a wondefully astute and accurate reader, who also gives terrific advice and is lovely to talk to." ... written by Champers11
she knew as soon as I went into chat, and she gave me an amazing reading with great advice and steps to take." ... written by Mia_Koda
great" ... written by DEMETRIUS ROBERTS
Very friendly, gave my some unique visions I haven't thought of before." ... written by AB
She is fantastic" ... written by rita
I love Grace's readings. Always wonderful"!" ... written by Leonora
Lovely reading as always" ... written by Amanda
She is amazing!" ... written by Lou
She's very nice. She tells you what you need to do to move forward. Picked up on a lot of things and I didnt have to share much. I appreciate her help. " ... written by Eileen
grace clarified for me years of wracking y brain trying to figure out my family dynamic. What she said totally resonated. I cannot thank her enough. I am so grateful." ... written by Sylvia812
Always very intuitive and wise ;) " ... written by peach
Very helpful, highly recommended." ... written by Tracy
i like Grace. She's very kind and is accurate about her insight into people's personalities and I look forward to her predictions. Something about her makes me come back over and over for more. " ... written by soniyausa
She is just amazing. Picks up on so many details. A comfort to speak with. I highly recommend taking her private. " ... written by A
Beautiful reading, Thank you! Soooo Spot on and exactly what I needed to hear to clarify where I am supposed to go. I will be back for more insight! xx " ... written by Vanessa Cooney
Good reading:)" ... written by Annie
Been talking to Grace for awhile now. She is my go to for clarification." ... written by Melissa
Very intuitive, kind, and even keel. She can sense what you are looking for and guides her session accordingly. Authentic and shines!" ... written by seaofpeace
Quick, precise, clear and full of insight as usual" ... written by Michael Taube
She gave me very clear answers to a problem" ... written by Elaine Faber
Grace is always so intuitive, and a great person to talk to. She gives lots of good info!" ... written by Peach
Love Lady great reading didnt have much time but will be back as she was on point with what she was saying. Thank you xxx" ... written by Izzy1941
ok" ... written by jen
Grateful to be heard " ... written by Cheryl
very well thought out and insightful thank you Gracie! " ... written by Cheryl
Right on with my reading she nailed his personality to the tee ,going to take her advice for sure.Thank you so much " ... written by Katie
Thank you Grace, for your wise, and level headed advice and your experience with situations like these. You always keep me focused and calm. I'll let you know how things continue." ... written by G
Once again great advice, and wonderful reading. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Dawn
Wpnderful helped me make a firm hard choice" ... written by pinkpather30
Very helpful!" ... written by Trish Lemmon
She is one amazing person with accurate readings" ... written by Maira
She's amazing. There is truly no other way to describe the quick connection, impeccable insight and ways things make sense after talking to her. She's just incredible." ... written by Amanda
Absolutely amazing as always! Genuine and kind and an awesome connection! All predictions have come true! Every single one! Our readings are always so amazing and gives such clarity and guidance! Looking forward to following up always! God Bless! XO" ... written by Ang3l33
my first time going to her she gives good advice and clearly tells me what she sees. thank you so much" ... written by amoura88
I love Grace- she is the best! " ... written by Teri Liebman
Sorry we got disconnected, but I took the opportunity to get more credits. Thanks for the reading, will stop back!" ... written by Peach
excellent. the best. i use her on a frequent basis for guidance and support. the best" ... written by paula
excellent reading, Grace is very patient understanding, and easy to talk with. " ... written by Cheryl
Really got what i expected. Thank you Grace for all the advise. Will work on that. " ... written by 8luedragonfly
excellent" ... written by paula
Very nice lady - easy to talk to" ... written by Ang
Grace is so good! Always very intuitive! One of the best on Oranum!" ... written by rose
Grace is such a good reader. Everything she says happens and before it does it's always in tune with what I know deep down inside. I am also intuitively gifted but when it comes to my own life I don't always trust my gift. This is one psychic I trust plus she is such a sweet heart. Very genuine person and I love that about her. " ... written by Barbara
excellent" ... written by paula
Clear and accurate information and advise as awlays" ... written by Michael Taube
Grace is a wonderful, wise, trusted advisor and friend. Thank you so much, Grace, for being there all these months. I am proud to know you. " ... written by G
Grace is always so helpful and right on point she has been correct in everything she discussed with me" ... written by Bonnie
Amazing!" ... written by Great as always
I'll let you know in a few months, but she definitely saw the situation perfectly." ... written by Bari
Thanks" ... written by Anonymous
She great" ... written by Amber
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
amazing reading : )" ... written by anna
very honest and on point got all my answers and more" ... written by johanna
You have to get this lady to read for you. She is amazing, and right on." ... written by Veronica
I like that she manages the time. I can see a path with her advice. She certainly doesn't waste time. I just need to step back and focus on one thing at a time. I have a good feeling about what she said. :)" ... written by El
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Honest as always thankyou grace x " ... written by vicky
Great as always " ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Absolutely, by far the best reading I could have gotten. She had the best advice and I feel as though she really connected with me and my situation. Thank you much! Highly recommended! " ... written by Brittany Webb
What a delight! I enjoyed talking to you so much! You are a lovely person and no wonder your always busy. :)" ... written by Tie
awesome reading, she was clear and present and knew what she's talking about, and was very very positive! God bless you Gracie! " ... written by Cheryl
excellent" ... written by paula
Nice woman, too bad time runs short." ... written by Siojan
great!!!" ... written by edel95
She was very clear and open. Hope her predictions come to pass." ... written by Chantal
Another clear and concise reading with all my questions answered Thank You Grace" ... written by Michael Taube
good reading ,she connected quickly with me and told me 2-3 things that I did not ask about " ... written by 1828
She is a nice woman with a great voice!" ... written by chineseflower
Always dialed in - I trust her implicitly She is a friend and a brilliant guide. " ... written by Amanda
Grace is so grounded and reassuring! She gives great insight and I always give her 5 stars!" ... written by peach
grace was lovely to talk to, thanks grace" ... written by Lauren
Great...answers questions directly. Gave information I was looking for." ... written by K
Great as always" ... written by Brooklyn Rouse
Great " ... written by edel95
Please help me out about the case, i seriously dont know what to do... hi spoiled my career." ... written by Shovie Prasad
grace petals is very insightful and intuitive, spot on and gets right to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend her" ... written by beathive
Grace is awesome." ... written by MsKatMoon
Grace is the only one to ask. Love her." ... written by jojo
Great! Fast, clear, explains well. totally recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
Grace always gives me good insight into the situation! Very good!" ... written by peach
thank you for the advice I waned to hear that" ... written by susana
Grace is always such a lovely person! Truly gifted and uplifting while being honest and direct. Thank you!" ... written by Adrienne
precise, she knows what she's talking about." ... written by fiona saint cyr
good so far" ... written by Sherrie Anderson
very accurate" ... written by Sydney
Grace is so intuitive! I love talking to her! Will follow up next week!" ... written by peach
Gracepetals is a mystical, magical woman for whom we should all feel blessed to encounter!" ... written by Diane
Thank you again for answering my questions in a clear and simple way. " ... written by Michael Taube
She can see everything! Take a chance and get a reading. As I just got my text from who I had been waiting on :)" ... written by Tie
She hit it right on!" ... written by Trena
Grace has a wonderful empathetic nature, listens carefully and guides gently. Has helped to put my mind at rest" ... written by Janette
Thanks so much I'll keep in touch to see if it happens!" ... written by samantha
Amazing and spot on. I will come back." ... written by Jaimie
I'm a repeat customer for Grace. I feel we connect, or maybe it's just our spirit guides, but it works. Thank you for sharing your gift." ... written by Melissa
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
I loved it because i really feel i connected with her and i will as she tells me" ... written by stace
A lifesaver. Truly an angel, a messenger. I love her. Thank you so much for helping me help others..." ... written by Lori
Thank you Grace. great reading" ... written by Jessica
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
5 stars :)))" ... written by edel95
She has a wonderful power and beauty to her readings. She is deeply attuned to her readers in a way that is life changing " ... written by freespiritwave2
shes amazing" ... written by yasmarlyn
Grace is an absolutely fantastic reader - clear, detailed and thorough, kind and compassionate." ... written by Champers11
I am hoping some things will change , and come out so much differently then what was told. The reader very sweet" ... written by sheribear
very sweet lady thank you so much :)))) xxx" ... written by ...
she was a nice ladyandamp; it was an accurate reading xx thank you so much and god bless you!!!" ... written by ..
Great ,tuned it perfectly." ... written by m
she is the best. excellent!!" ... written by paula
I contacted Grace to help me to confirm if i had met my Twin Flame, she did that, and so much more!! Grace has a motherly nature which allowed me to put my absolute trust in her. Highly recommended!! " ... written by Emma
I will come back and let you know when I get the job :)" ... written by Tie
Awesome, everything Grace said made perfect sense. As soon I will know the outcome will post it. Thank you for the encouragement." ... written by hiran
Thank you for a great and honest reading" ... written by Lisa
She is amazing!" ... written by dimond110
Good reading." ... written by ancelle
Grace is gorgeous and a wonderful, wonderful reader!" ... written by Champers11
I feel so grateful for Grace. I really need her words of wisdom right now, and she has given some good advice. I just hope I have the strength to do what I need to do. Thanks, Grace, I will contact you in a few days." ... written by peach
truly amazing......" ... written by nromance
excellent" ... written by nromance
she was very accurate and honest" ... written by d
grace is a very spot on and a loving soul. thank you for the reading" ... written by stacey
Got cut off due to tech difficulties but this psychic is genuine. Really clear insight." ... written by Lori
excellent" ... written by paual
Thank you, I wish i had had more time. Good to speak with you, I think you picked up on the energies surrounding me really well. " ... written by becki
I am blown away by what I was told. I was speechless and didn't know what to say. In fact, I was in tears. She knew things that I never mentioned to her and there is no way she could have known other than being a Psychic. I already bought two batches of credits for my two private readings and I'm about to buy a third batch of credit for my third private reading." ... written by Ashley
Excellent very pleased." ... written by Marcelo
Clear and kind, and help full as always" ... written by Michael
Awesome! Always so insightful!" ... written by peach
Very helpful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
really good reading very reassuring" ... written by maggiemay
Gracepetals is dead on. she is the best medium that i have talked with so far. i will be in touch with her again! Absolutely amazing. " ... written by maura
This lady is outstanding......right on the mark........solid" ... written by Judy
I like her. She was able to help me with my dilemma." ... written by :)
She is very straightforward and credible. She did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. Good reading. Perhaps not what I wanted to know, but what I needed to know. " ... written by fairydust391
Wonderful reader answered all my questions" ... written by pinkpather30
She is focused and sees a lot..I was totally impressed." ... written by Bronxie
Right on with everything she told me, details and all! Great reader" ... written by Magnolia70
We did a past life reading, Grace explained why i felt so connected to Egypt!! Amazing and loving woman who is so warm. " ... written by Emma
Thank you - you are sweet lady! She is very accurate and does not sugarcoat! :) She gives good advices! Thank you :))))" ... written by ...
good advice. :))" ... written by edel95
Great reading, inspirational and needed some good advise. Thank you Grace! " ... written by Lynda22
Very insightful. Interesting intuition and I am glad that I had this opportunity." ... written by Mary
Very good reading.....thank you so much." ... written by Leaona
Grace is always so helpful in talking out this particular issue with me, giving me some new insight into the matter. Will check back next week!" ... written by peach
Accurate, clear and help full as always. " ... written by Michael Taube
shes awesome " ... written by nromance
Connected and gave good advice." ... written by Diana
Spot on and encouraging. Very informative and I left the reading feeling more focused. Thank you!!" ... written by Megan
GracePetal is the greatest. she has helped me in so many ways, she knows her stuff! Thank you soo much Grace." ... written by Amy
Okay. I know there are many good readers...but i have to say....she is the real real deal. Thanks Gracie You are amazing" ... written by frankj
Grace is an absolutely wonderful reader - very specific, fast and detailed, with a highly accurate and insightful take on a situation. " ... written by Champers11
thanks for all the insight" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
thank you grace petals. very honest and supportive- clear direction and strategy." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Grace is "full of grace"- she is not your typical "psychic" = her gifts flow from an excellent intuitive reading of where you are in mind, body and spirit = and she not only offers healing grace but can advise for your own healing path. I am grateful." ... written by Diane
Always helps.. very good reader, thankyou.x " ... written by vikki
Grace is an absolutely wonderful reader - always clear detailed and accurate." ... written by Champers11
She is very centered and calming. You really feel like she sees the big picture and gives you the best possible advice." ... written by honeylotus
She was right to the point which is what i needed. Perfect." ... written by giggles00
If you are seeking a connection of spirit and soul, then consult with Grace-petals of wisdom, insight, intuitive answers. She is quick to connect and leads on a truthful path." ... written by Diane
Great reading, she got it bang on, knows what I'm talking about, and is a very compassionate listener, she's awesome! " ... written by Cheryl
always a good response " ... written by qp
A very good reader. So intuitive, thank you :)" ... written by :)
Amazing. Absolutely amazing." ... written by familyhelper
Very honest and that is what I look for she doesn't tell you what you want hear she tells what you need to hear! I would highly recommend her to anyone! " ... written by Ash
Thank you for being clear, supportive, and accurate Grace" ... written by Michael Taube
loved her omg" ... written by Kennedy Craft
great!" ... written by Cris
she was great" ... written by Cindy
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Gracepetals is right on target with my readings. She is excellent and is very intuitive. I recommend her to anyone." ... written by maura
Thank you for a very sobering and good talk!" ... written by Charlie
I love Grace!!! She is the kind of reader that I could sit and have a cup of coffee with and spill all of my woes. She is always very intuitive about the situation, and she gives great perspective. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by peach
absolutely loved her! so dead on with things. i will do private readings with her often " ... written by tracy monday
extraordinary. Very very skilled and gifted by the Spirit" ... written by frankj
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
She picked up on things quickly and accurately! She was spot on with everything!! I highly recommend her for a reading!" ... written by ###
she was helpful and was spot on with my situation" ... written by Maria
Great talking to her." ... written by :)
awesome as always !!!" ... written by rahman
Awesome reading!!! always so intuitive and gives good info!" ... written by peach
Wow, she is so truthful and I think right on....she was right on for the business too so lets see about this!" ... written by aculight
wonderful lady" ... written by Allison
Amazing as always!! Grace always gives me honest feedback and clarification. Thank you :)" ... written by spiritweaver1
Very honest." ... written by Allison
Grace is absolutely amazing, she is kind and will tell you not what you want to hear but the truth. She is very accurate every time. She is also a very loving person who will help you in any doubts you have no matter what they are. I come to her every time I need guidance or any unanswered questions I may have. " ... written by macampos7641
you are the best ty from the bottom of my heart" ... written by Norine
awsome as usual .... Grace has been helping me through major transformations in my life over the last year. super advice and she's always spot on !! i wouldnt go to anyone eles " ... written by Rory
Felt good about the reading." ... written by Robin
she is dead on!!!" ... written by tracey
Another genuine healing exchange. I realized over the past couple of weeks that I was feeling better-today I was having autoimmune flare-and realized my last significant improvement was the morning after my last meeting with Grace. I came back today to simply open up to her gifts again. Grace working through Grace. Thank you!" ... written by Diane
Very Sweet and kind person w fast answers." ... written by acb
Clear, direct and purposeful. I think she is a blessing. Grace may you and yours be blessed" ... written by frankj
Don't know what else to say...she saves the day as always." ... written by Bronxie
She said a lot of things which are true, and gave a great advise, she also predicted things, will see what happens. Thank you" ... written by s
Clarity always provided.....Love the honesty GracePetals provides me. " ... written by Marie Georges PanelQueen
Great person. Did not waste any of my time, got right to the point. I really appreciate the honesty. Thank you. " ... written by mainstreem20
Going again to a psychic means something, Grace is a good , better, best mentor and psychic, she has a knowing..." ... written by miami
great reading. will be back, thank you" ... written by Amanda
Lots to think about--these were future predictions but the process had already begun so I feel comfortable with this reading. It was very thoughttful and thought provoking as well." ... written by Deborah J Zawacki
grace is not only my favorite psychic, she has grown to be a good friend to me and all of the situations that have came my way. Grace is constantly on point with everything, there has not been one reading where she has not told the 110% truth. I highly recommend grace, she is absolutely AMAZING! I have had multiple readings with her, and I swear she is the best at what she does. " ... written by christina
AWESOME" ... written by GZRNYC
amazing. She was able to bring my father through for me. Messeges i needed to hear. " ... written by Marie
awsome reading thank u 5 stars " ... written by loveing soul
Grace truly is graceful...her style is like poetry at the just flows. She is an intentional reader she tunes in and doesnt just run at the mouth searching for words...she listens to her inner guides and they are on point. I had her for quite some time and I am so glad...her amazing insight is phenomenal...." ... written by Bronxie
Grace is wonderful, very patient and understands dinamics in families in how they work. " ... written by Cheryl
u are fantastic" ... written by gerrit
Grace did a twin flame reading fro me. She eased out my pain. I feel grateful." ... written by miami
I wish more people could experience the amazing energy work that Grace does. I returned for additional session because last week was so effective. Energy Healing,especially remote,is increasingly becoming accepted by western culture as an effective adjunct to medical techniques. It is part of my treatment for autoimmune disorder and I am blessed to have found Grace." ... written by Diane
Thank you.. you have been very helpful. Its a pleasure to talk with you. " ... written by Mary
This is new to me and Grace is amazing. Everthing was so accurate and she is kind but honest and direct. I have returned several times already and highly recommend her. Thank you Grace :)" ... written by Jaxisabella
Is there any more to say.....Thank You. In gratitude, in respect, definitely admiration. " ... written by Bronxie
She was sweet. " ... written by Ladyme
All I can say is she is simply amazing...she just does her little mental magic...and I am guided for my highest good. She sees my stuff and let's me know this is your challenge...." ... written by Bronxi
Grace is an amazing reader, absolutely spot on in reading the emotional and psychological aspects of a situation!" ... written by Champers11
great advice as usual Gracie thank you! " ... written by Cheryl
Grace is by far the best. " ... written by jaxisabella
Grace is always spot on with her readings and predictions, as well as a great sounding board!" ... written by Champers11
WOW! I am simply so very grateful that I came to see Grace today...Her words and her guidance are literally priceless to me. I have felt at a bit of a crossroads, and she helped reassure me that my feelings were in fact point on. I can't wait to have her predictions come to pass. What a beautiful kind spirit she is, with a very wise soul. Just loved the reading!!" ... written by Carrie
Grace has given me amazing readings from time and time again. i couldnt be happier with the results that i have with grace. on point every single time" ... written by chrissy
So wonderful and brilliant, as always! Truly gifted and on point, it's almost scary how on point she is." ... written by Amanda
Awesome with honesty and clarity.....Motivating indeed" ... written by Marie Georges PanelQueen
Grace is a true gem...her spirit is so calming...she's like talking to an old friend, who never forgot the small things you did. She's a familiar type, one who just lets you be...and for that I am so very grateful" ... written by Bronxie
Grace feels like a great friend to talk to about my great concern! She is intuitive, experienced, and offers great perspectives!" ... written by peach
Grace Was Amazing! she read me like an open book and told me the things i needed t o hear. " ... written by AShley
There is no better "consultant" than Grace - when I weigh it out, it is less expensive than therapy and far more effective and healing. Thank you for your words of wisdom and insight." ... written by Diane
Grace is very patient understanding, and provides some hope and sometimes that's all someone wants to hear is hope. " ... written by Cheryl
Grace has given me a couple readings and I must say "she has been right on"! I like her confidence and reassurance! Thank you again, Grace! I will definitely be back!" ... written by Veronica
thanks for the insight and everything you have let me know" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
My "GurMa"...Grace is truly gifted...her gifts are boundless. And her Sunday class is phenomenal!" ... written by Bronxie
as usual grace is a loving person with the right words and guidance to help answer your questions." ... written by macampos7641
Grace, ty so much. You are here for me again and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.XO" ... written by Norine
The reading was fluent, detailed, informative and helpful. The dream interpretation and associated messages resonated. Thank you for helping me to remember. I can highly recommend your psychic abilities." ... written by Martkos
Absolutely fantastic " ... written by Ebonie
Graceptals is just amazing with the accuracy of picking up my situation with little to no info! I feel like I can really trust her. She is very dialed in ~ A must see!!!" ... written by M
always intuitive and gives good info!" ... written by peach
quick to connect and clear. accurate details.thank you for an insightful read." ... written by leodragon2014
This woman is excellent!" ... written by Lou
Grace, thank you again for the insight regarding my questions. I can highly recommend your services." ... written by Martkos
Thank you Grace for truth, in a kind simple and needed way" ... written by Michael Taube
Her first prediction came true. She gave me some great insight." ... written by 888
very quick very sharp ,, enjoyed very much thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Grace is a splendid reader, sees the family dinamics and how they play out, and gives focus for today. Thank you Grace. " ... written by Cheryl
very good!" ... written by c
she is very good!" ... written by coz
She is wonderful and awesome! Unbelievable how she reads the situation." ... written by Lou
Grace is an absolutely fantastic reader - she always predicts everything correctly and has amazing insigts and advice for every situation." ... written by Champers11
Grace is amazing she truly is gifted to help you find the answer you can not get by yourself." ... written by Mai
Thank you" ... written by
unbelievably talented ... a true psychic .. not much info needed and she felt everything!!!" ... written by tamalaa74
GP is terrific, stable and clear readings, and makes much sense. This reading has provided much hope and it has helped tremendously. Thanks GP, you really are a special gem xxx" ... written by julieanne
WOW! Grace was amazing! She had great and very accurate insight into what I'm going through right now and she confirmed many things for me. This reading has left me feeling reassured and positive about the future. Thank you Grace! I will definitely have more readings with Grace in the future." ... written by Katherine
Grace is amazing. such a comforting help and beautiful words of advice and direction. Highly reccomend her readings!!!! " ... written by Marie
Simply...I adore Grace...always practical, always honest :)" ... written by Bronxie
Grace...a beautiful thing to have in your life. Trust, she will bring it to you." ... written by Broxie
I always come to Grace!!! That says a lot." ... written by miami
yes always enriching reading with GP. Highly recommended" ... written by julieanne
great reading, thanks xxxx" ... written by Camilla Deeb
she is excellent. i continue to go back to her all the time. spot on with her predictions." ... written by paula
Grace as always so accurate and kind. She truly amazes me everytime with her guiding words. " ... written by Mai
She was wonderful. She eased my mind. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
very good , picks up energy from people she don't know and very accurate on characteristics that she wouldn't even know about them .Recommend Grace!" ... written by henry
" ... written by jaxisabella
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
great as usual!" ... written by ashley
There are only a few who are gifted...Grace is truly one of them, and I am honored to have her insight :)" ... written by Bronxie
Always the Best reader, will always come back!!" ... written by Heather
short,but what i needed to hear ,very honest person,very honest and very good..Thank You" ... written by md
thank you so so much grace I was really pleased with my reading spot on and helped me a lot thank you so much 5 stars " ... written by keyanna
Thank you so much!! your awesome and i will add you!! :) I keep praying for it to happen!" ... written by ShadowRayne
Grace is a wonderful reader - always right on the button and thoroughly insightful." ... written by Champers11
Can always count on her...wisdom, beauty, and always graceful" ... written by Bronxie
I love grace, i know that i can trust what she says and she gives you honesty and is straight forward with her readings. thank you grace" ... written by tracy
She was Amazing as always! She always knows exactly what is going on and how to help me! you should definitely go to her!" ... written by Molly95
Once again, Grace is accurate and precise. She is the real thing. She never disappoints with her readings!" ... written by jaxisabella
I came to her for advice and I rated her 4 stars because i dont know if what she said will come true. Grace made me feel like she understood me and had nothing but good wishes/hopes for me. I thank her for making me feel welcome and talking to me with compassion and like a friend." ... written by Jeannie
Grace will tell you just what she can see, whether good or bad. i feel she is just an amazing person, and will always go to her for guidance. " ... written by tracy
great reading Thank you so much" ... written by aundreya
Awesome and so true" ... written by bernice
great!" ... written by Crismarie
She is very good. Thank you." ... written by :)
Amazing!" ... written by Amrita
Grace is wonderful reader - she has the most amazing insights and gives the best advice." ... written by Champers11
she was very accurate really felt like she understood and connected with my situation so well. wish i didn't run out of time. Thank you ! " ... written by Gina
I highly recommend getting a reading from Gracepetals. This encouraging soul can get right down to what you need to know and do to start making the positive changes in your life. She will fill you in on your situation by being in touch with her Psychic gifts and is very accurate. You will be able to take the knowledge of the present and get a good idea of what to do to make a better future from your present learning experience. In order to go forward you need to know the truth so it can set you free to move on. Thank you gracpetals for being so encouraging and such a blessing!" ... written by livelygirl
I can not thank Grace enough for the guidance she has giving me and when I needed that little extra kick she make sure I had it. Her gifts are amazing in all its meaning. Every time I have an issue of any sort I will run to her, she is worth much more than her rate! " ... written by Mai
It's nice to get some feedback on family issues Grace is patient and is gentle and balanced with finding the middle ground on family stuff. Thank you Grace. " ... written by Cheryl
Another wonderful reading from Gracepetals!! she is Great!! so much insight and detail. thank you thank you thank you :)" ... written by Marie
She's great ... very lovable " ... written by Rena
very good" ... written by gusessendon
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
very good trueful" ... written by star
Very helpful. love talking to you.. Thanks" ... written by Mary
nice reading. helpful. Thanks! :)" ... written by Easyhorizons
I think Grace is so honest and to the point. She will guide you to the right direction. " ... written by tracy
Grace is such a passionate reader and you can really tell she cares about what she does. You can feel her compassion and she is spot on with her readings. 5 stars. Always a great reading :)" ... written by stacey
Wow just had an amazing talk, reading with Grace, she is the absolute best on here. she tells you the truth not just what you want to hear. she helps you to deal with the situaion. i will from here on out go to her all the time" ... written by tracy
thanks Gracie " ... written by Cheryl
Grace is so intuitive and great. She really tunes into the situation quickly and gives great insight." ... written by peach
Loved her! So clear/reliable/precise and very ethical. You will love Gracepetals!" ... written by Angel
Grace, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are the best person I have ever met. You have made me very excited and scared all at the same time. Hoping that your predictions are right again. I will definitely keep you informed. XO" ... written by Norine
Once again, Grace is awesome. She connects so well and reads my situations. Her predications and timeframes are very accurate. She won't disappoint you! Thank you Grace, for all of your help :)" ... written by jaxisabella
Very pleased made me cry about the entire message which was something very true. Thank you " ... written by Katrina W.
nicely done for what little time we had" ... written by jeanv
AWESOME READING. I am actually shaking right now in my boots because it just felt so real!!!!" ... written by Meliss
Thank you so much for that! It really helped! " ... written by Jeanine (Crimsnqt)
awesome! as always. very very helpful." ... written by rahman
Your awesome!" ... written by Tie
first time with her. she was very comforting and to the point. giving me solid advice that felt right. will definitely come back. " ... written by abyss
Right on spot" ... written by kbartchy
Once again Grace has given Great advice and insight. Great detail and things to look forward to. I will continue to be a repeat customer with her. She is well worth the private readings. " ... written by Marie
OMG this reader is amazing, she realized i changed a lot in me and that my ex hasnt been able to see that yet." ... written by ThomasKnight
she's good i think!" ... written by ThomasKnight
I liked her! She guesses she asked for time (my ex)" ... written by ThomasKnight
lovely lady, easy to talk to and great advise. " ... written by vc
Always great :)" ... written by :)
good reading " ... written by edel95
Grace is a brilliant reader - first class, and spot on with all of her interpretation and guidance!" ... written by Champers11
Wonderful. Picks up on you immediately. " ... written by SH
Great as always!!!" ... written by Brooke
Always leave her reading with a smile. So good and a very nice soul." ... written by Amy
She was awesome. Got right to the point of the matter and explained in detail. I definitely will be back to talk with her." ... written by Janice
GracePetal, thank you as it cleared up a bunch of questions for me." ... written by Tie
Grace is wise strong and determine to help set the tone that is true for yourself, and esse quam videri, be yourself !" ... written by Cheryl
Grace is spot on and direct. No sugar coating -that works well for me." ... written by Mskim1
She is truly a gifted person...a pure talent and her energy is always soothing...always." ... written by Bronxie
She was extremely kind and compassionate and knew what my heart was feeling and my mind was thinking. she put into words what I could not. Gave good solid advice. Extremely connected to people's emotions when she reads. " ... written by michele
wonderful" ... written by Lisa Smith
very good enjoyed the reading thanks grace :)" ... written by gusessendon
Grace is awesome. Clean/Clear/intelligent energy. Love her! I am a repeat customer. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Press
She graces you with her presence. She graces you with her words of truth...your life will know, she speaks and she knows. If you're ready to hear your life unfold...Lady G is the one." ... written by Bronxie
Thank you so much, I feel a little better knowing he will be back" ... written by Michele
she is more accurate than any of the readings I have received. Very kind and personable. Quick, but patient." ... written by HS
she's an awesome medium she figures things out well and is positive and that matters a lot in this world. " ... written by Cheryl
Never ceases to amaze me with her insight and honesty. Thank you I am grateful beyond words!!!!" ... written by Dreaming 201
very informative" ... written by Cheryl
It was wonderful and just what I needed to hear:) " ... written by Cora
I love her. She's awesome." ... written by Elias
I think this lady is veeeeeeeeeeery good at what she does" ... written by ThomasKnight
Straight to the point, and good advice." ... written by SH
Grace, is professional..clear/clean/so helpful. Love her energy. So amazing! Thank you Grace!" ... written by Jillian
Grace, your wonderful! I so can't wait!" ... written by Tie
You were so beyond helpful. Thank you for everything. I am excited to see how your insight pans out in my relationship." ... written by Kayla
love her readings!!" ... written by anna
always helpful, very calm and i trust her.. a lot" ... written by rahman
Cant thank Grace enough for all the guidance she gives. So helpfull with all questions asked. She is truly gifted" ... written by marie
This was a great reading, it brought tears to my eyes. I have been waiting so long for the right person to come along and it seems that finally that person is here. I am looking forward to see the predictions come to fruition. Have gracepetals do a reading you will not regret it." ... written by jewelw203
Grace, your awesome! I love talking to you!" ... written by Tie
Grace is very intuitive, a great read of situations! I will check back in a week or so!" ... written by peach
Grace is my number one go-to person for any situation! She is amazingly accurate, detailed and insightful, and gives wonderful advice." ... written by Champers11
Gracepetals is the best. she puts me at ease with all my issues with my divorce. she is on target with my concerns and gets me thru my tough times." ... written by maura
very insightful let me no the truth in a comforting way but I have to learn patients" ... written by stacey
What a great reading. Very clear and didn't mince words. Answered my questions and didn't hold back the tough answers; even when they were not what I wanted to hear." ... written by SamanthaSmiles
Grace I enjoy talking to you about this! Thank you for the insight." ... written by Tie
very helpful" ... written by marissa
Grace is highly rated for good reason. She is the best! Love Grace and so do all my friends. We consult with Grace every week. Thanks so much!" ... written by Chetty
Always good readings with grace, she is always honest with me/ respect her a lot " ... written by tracy
Grace is always on point. It amazes me her intuition and kindness into answering a doubtful question I may have. She is truly a great human being with remarkable gifts. Indeed, do I come to her each time I am at worry or in doubt of an event or just for advise. " ... written by Mai
Grace is wonderful, one of the very best on Oranum. Always accurate and detailed, and providing fantastic advice and guidance." ... written by Champers11
Grace is my go to coach/mentor here and very helpful around personal and professional matters. She is very positive and empowering. Love her!" ... written by Jillian
Very insightful, connects quickly to situation, and gives good information. Will check back soon!" ... written by peach
Empathic!" ... written by SH
Fantastic as always. Thank you :)" ... written by :)
All I can say is Bravo! She is a gifted woman, who always shares her gifts. Thanks Lady G!" ... written by Bronxie
Grace is really a very special reader and a constant source of wonderful sight and guidance." ... written by Champers11
Gracepetals picked up June for my love life. She connects well so I trust her intuition. 5 stars" ... written by BMJ
Very excellent, open minded, honest, and sincere. I really love her insight and she is right on point. She guided me to the right decision and I will take her advice. I really recommend her. She is one of the best on here. " ... written by Roseanna
very good reading she put me at ease and told me what I already new with out me telling her so she is good" ... written by stacey
Grace is so professional and has such great business savvy advice and relationship expertise and I love talking to Grace and so will you. Thanks for everything!" ... written by Jillian
The best on this site! Don't waste your time with anybody else..Grace is awesome/helpful and wants to help you. Go grace!" ... written by Press
She is always very fast and accurate! Had several readings with her and happy with all of them. Thanks Grace" ... written by dimond110
my first reading with grace, and she was awesome and right to the point, i love her!!!! " ... written by emoonlight
Thank you. I needed your guidance today. " ... written by Renee
Gracepetals was very helpful and encouraging " ... written by Lauren
Really made me feel so much better. Amazing!! thank you!!" ... written by Lauren
She could pinpoint things right away. Verry positive. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
good ready, much appreciated" ... written by alr
Grace is an absolutely wonderful advisor and guide, providing such detailed clear-sightedness." ... written by Champers11
It was great and what I needed:) " ... written by Cora
Grace I love talking to you! I cant wait for all of this...." ... written by Tie
She's superb. It's always like talking to an old friend that already knows everything before you tell her. Beautifully insightful and empathetic. Truly brilliant." ... written by Amanda
Awesome, Inspiring, Brilliant and Empowering. Does it get any better? Great work!" ... written by Joan
Grace is the best here. She truly has a special gift and is very clear and direct in her answers, yet always gentle and compassionate. I get readings from her often and am never disappointed. Grace is real and she is also trustworthy...the 2 most important things in my opinion. Thank you as always!" ... written by jaxisabella
Grace you just gave me the most amazing reading of all. The most important. Thank you" ... written by jaxisabella
Always great to have a reading with Grace. Thank you :)" ... written by :)
Grace is outsanding! She sees everything so clearly and gives brilliant detailed readings that are right on the money. " ... written by Champers11
grace is the best.... :) she makes me feel so confident. " ... written by rahman
Wonderful. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
always go to grace for confirmation, she is honest and tells you what she sees." ... written by tracy
Very helpful in getting clear and past my fears" ... written by Sara
As a Scottish person, Grace was so easy to connect with and really has a unique gift of connecting with me. Thanks so much Grace." ... written by Inverness Smith
Very concise and empathic." ... written by SH
Wonderful and caring, very warm personality and opened my eyes to a lot of things about myself that I was unsure of but now I understand what is happening around me. Thank you so much for all your help." ... written by Beloved
Amazing and beyond words. She is my go too in confirming what i am picking up on. Very honest and very accurate. Thank you Gracepetals you are truly gifted in many ways!!!!" ... written by Dreaming 201
Grace is so attractive on the inside and out and has crystal clear energy. She is so clear and amazing. You will so enjoy her. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Jamie Mc Manus
Stellar Job Grace! You are awesome!" ... written by Jamie
I love Grace" ... written by Elias
very grateful" ... written by Linda
She nails it, every time. The insight always seems like it's too good to be true - but she's that amazing. Total and implicit trust!" ... written by Amanda
Grace your Awesome! cant wait!" ... written by Tie
Grace always gives great insight into the situation! I"m sorry that my internet connection here is not good tonight, or I would talk some more! She's great!" ... written by Peach
Stellar reader. Invest in a reading with Grace, you will be glad you did. I talk to Grace often! Thanks Grace!" ... written by Mojave Mc Manus
Thank you Grace for the clear information and guidance. " ... written by Michael
I be telling you this was the best reading ever with this lad Grace. You must talk to her. Love her! She really cares about her clients!" ... written by Grace Jamie
This was very healing and just what I needed to hear:) " ... written by Cora
She's straight to the point and doesn't waste your time. One of my new favorite readers. Everything she says is spot on. She is a gem! Truly very helpful " ... written by A
She is awesome!" ... written by Lou
Grace is just amazing!!! Excellent talk. Thank you :)" ... written by :)
She was great. Very honest and showed me things about my past that I've always thought but now am now sure about." ... written by Colleen
Grace I love talking to you! It wonderful!" ... written by Tie
Grace thank you as I cant wait! I really needed this :)" ... written by Tie
excellent" ... written by neil
Great reading always! Thank you Grace. " ... written by Scot Scottsmen
a very good psychic. Calm and economical, but still honest and straightforward. Reccomended." ... written by hubbelman
Grace stands out from the pack. You will see why when you invest in a reading. Give her a try and you will be back am certain. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Allice Awesome
Awesome Reading. So professional and precise. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Julie Walters
Always great to have a reading with Grace. Thank you." ... written by :)
She has a very calming presence about her. She confirmed my thoughts on a situation and deep down i feel it was the truth and not her just telling me what i wanted to hear. " ... written by melissa
Very good reading with timeframes!!" ... written by :)
She is empathetic and wonderful. Very, very gifted." ... written by Amanda
A woman of incredible gifts. Her energy never changes, she is always present 100% and gives you 100% of her. Amazing insight always, and it works when you take heed. " ... written by Bronxie
Grace is always wonderful - always incredibly detailed, clear and insightful." ... written by Champers
Lovely. Empathic, in tune immediately and to the point." ... written by SH
Grace stands out from the crowd because of her background, ethics, patience and professionalisim. There is a reason she is super busy. It is because she is so good. Definitely have a reading with her." ... written by Jillian Mc Manus
The best. One of the top psychics at Oranum. Honest. Kind. Does not judge you. Delivers her message with compassion and sincerity. Wonderful energy." ... written by Amy
Grace has an exceptional way to connect right away, she understands what the concern is and gives the precise advice and her intuition is one of a kind. It truly is astonishing the way she uses her gifts to aid those who come to her. I make sure each time I need any insight in my future plans I come to her." ... written by Mai
Grace is always so insightful and a great person to talk to on the issues!" ... written by peach
always good reading , thanks heaps. will come back again." ... written by sung
LOVED it. I got questions answered that I needed. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jessie
Grace is grounded and very clear and concise. She answers promptly and values your time and money here. You will be glad you talked with Grace. She is very professional. I am a repeat client!" ... written by Angel MacTavish
Grace is a superb reader - wise, insightful, detailed and honest." ... written by Chanel Hughes
very good reading! tells the truth and tuned in. " ... written by :)
Grace is dynamic, insightful and very helpful/professional. Thanks so much Grace!" ... written by Amanda Oregano
Awesome reader! You will love her." ... written by Chester Treesome
always fantastic and a joy .. love her energy" ... written by stas
thank you so much for your very caring advice, i'd appreciated very much your humanity, hour honesty. I thank you so much." ... written by crisamour
another good reading from gracie :)" ... written by jaxisabellau
Fantastic and accurate... made me lose my breath and cry" ... written by Joline
Grace is always so in tuned with the situation! Connects quickly and gives great insight!" ... written by peach
Grace is awesome. A great reader, honest, caring, direct, and compassionate. I trust her and she has not led my astray once. THank you Grace :)" ... written by jaxisabella
Thank you Grace. Thank you for always being honest, to the point, as well as kind and gentle with the needed truth. Right on target evertime" ... written by Michael Taube
Thank you grace for another extremely illuminating reading and for healing my heart" ... written by sara
So very accurate beyond words. If you want honesty and clarity gracepetals is the one for you. Thank you so very much!!!" ... written by Dreaming201
Grace is so Gracious and kind and has a beautiful kind heart, she speaks the truth as she sees it. its all about love and letting go. Letting love take over the truth of the mater. " ... written by Cheryl
grace is a wonderful reader. Truthful and has had predictions come true for me!" ... written by ny
thank you Grace. very helpful" ... written by Babe
Grace is an amazing reader. She has given me so many fantastic insights and such great guidance through one of the most difficult times I've been through in my life. I really love, admire and respect her." ... written by Champers11
great reading from a great person!" ... written by jaxisabella
I don't really know what to say, that i haven't said before...I love her guidance, she always does right by me." ... written by Bronxie
wonderful reading. So sweet and clear." ... written by chatiprice
Thanks for a helpful reading." ... written by Elias
amazing reading well connected" ... written by anna
Grace is one of a kind. She surprises me everytime with her words and clarity she offers to me. I am happy I came to Grace today." ... written by Mai
Picked up on my situation right away. Terrific! I wish we had more time " ... written by Lateisha
Gracie is a beautiful person and she can really feel the energy, personality of people. My mom says she loved having a reading with her. She has a wonderful sweet way to approach and speaking, she gives you confidence. She gives the information very accurate and exactly what we needed to hear. She's direct and sincere, we love her advices. She's God's instrument to help people with their paths. Thank you so much for the reading Gracie! We wish you the best! Blessings for ever!! " ... written by Diego Castro
This is my second reading with gracepetals and she always puts me at ease." ... written by Jeanine (Crimsnqt)
I love this woman...always honest, always truthful, her insight is always spot on. Lady Grace is totally amazing!" ... written by Bronxie
Grace picks up on your situation very quick and she is very accurate, genuine and honest, tells you how to deal with a situation and gives you peace of mind. " ... written by Marygolpink
Grace is grace. She is great at what she does and is to the point. 5 stars. thanks again for the reading " ... written by stacey
Grace is an amazing reader - she gives fantastic detailed insights into situations, as well as lots of reassurance and guidance." ... written by Champers11
She was very empathic and understanding. I received my answer and it helped a lot. " ... written by Cora
hm" ... written by ThomasKnight
Grace is insightful and can read into things that benefit people in a straightforward way and can help lead you were you need to go, and need to be in. Thanks Gracie. " ... written by Cheryl
She was very fast to the point - helped me a lot! Gave me good insight what is going on ..thank you so much" ... written by Sonia
Awesome every time. Always great! You will love Grace! Thanks for everything." ... written by Dana Pelter
Good as usual, nothing bad for sure" ... written by ThomasKnight
who needs a therapist when you have grace =]" ... written by Mai
When you can't see the truth in your face, you must go to Lady Grace...always honest, always powerful, always with grace." ... written by Bronxie
Grace is amazing - she is the most detailed, accurate and insightful reader on Oranum I have found, and always my first port of call for any worrying issue." ... written by Champers11
she gives me clarity. clarity. clarity. clarity. always." ... written by alecheme
Great as always :)" ... written by Brooke
Grace is the best! She is an amazing and insightful reader, and I can't say enough about how fantastic she has been in providing vision and guidance in my life." ... written by Champers11
This was one of my most hardest was personal, not about someone else, or what someone else is doing to me. This reading was about me,, moving in my own life, reaching higher than I want to believe. Grace is not only a phenomenal intuitive...she is an excellent life coach!" ... written by Bronxie
Grace Thank you! Your the best! June 10th :)" ... written by Tie
i am beyond happy with grace's readings. the information she gives me and the directions to guide me is undescribable. i love her readings and i would not choose anyone else. she is one of a kind. very quick to the point as always " ... written by christina
honest and forth write information. " ... written by Cheryl
i love her advice.. always clear and to the point.. truthful! everything she says totally aligns with how i feel" ... written by ale
Grace is always pleasant/professional and fun. My go to gal for insight/guidance. Thanks Grace." ... written by Chester Fisk
Excellent Reading! Got to the point, was straight forward honest and has excellent insights and advice based on those insights! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! One of the best on this SITE!" ... written by Candice
Grace is always so intuitive!" ... written by peach
Grace is a terrific! She is the best on Oranum! Always gives insightful readings and great advice and wisdom." ... written by Champers11
excellent job as usual Grace. she listens and hears all and gets the truth of the matter. " ... written by Cheryl
grace is very honest. she is always giving the right advise, and always very comforting. " ... written by rahman
thank you" ... written by britt
This woman is really good at this!" ... written by Lou
Very good reading, very honest!!! Would refer her to anyone!!!!!" ... written by Heather
She was amazing as always:) !" ... written by Cora
Wow, she was amazing." ... written by Melissa
Many thanks Grace for all the wise words and clear guidance. You are an amazing reader! Many thanks for the reading today. I will be back to update you shortly. " ... written by RaphaelG
Grace is really wonderful and such a fantastic reader. She's the best!" ... written by Champers11
Thank you for your time! excellent! x" ... written by ...
awesome lady tunes quickly into a situation! thanks!" ... written by ...
she's awesome... wish I have enough time to chat with her... " ... written by whiteswan28
one of my faves :D she gave my the exact advice i needed!! " ... written by ale
very kind, accurate and actually gave me some advise that helped me to rebuild my self confidence, and always very very honest" ... written by rahman
Grace is always good to talk to, and she hones in on the situation. She is very intuitive!" ... written by peach
Grace is fantastic she figures out people's names even before you've said it! " ... written by Cheryl
She was very on point, and gave me great guidance with my tarot business, and the other gifts i have been tapping into. She also gave me some info on my brother who has passed that was really great and accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Alicia
Really quick connection and great advice! Sweet and caring plus straightforward. Truly thankful!" ... written by Marge
Good connection, good manner." ... written by Londo
Grace was very accurate, precise and gave an informative and honest session without sugar coating anything. I feel that she is a true healer / psychic will natural ability and will genuinely give me a helping hand regarding my situation. " ... written by Sion
Good quality ideas and really good predictions that have come true. Appreciate her insights and suggestions. Thank you!" ... written by starfish57
very good really drew in and connected." ... written by Chris
The connection was great. She addressed my concerns about work and love. Thank you!" ... written by -
She is so wonderful. Love her! On point!" ... written by Crismarie
Great to get forecasting on career insight for me. Thanks a million Grace. You are awesome." ... written by *******
she is excellent, i go back to her all the time. great advice, guidance and can see thing with great clarity." ... written by paula
wonder full to get a reading of grace, easy to talk to , no time wasting, hope tings get better soon. thanks." ... written by sun
she was good " ... written by francis
Stellar as always. Great insight on a company I may be working for. Thanks Grace for your help!" ... written by Suzette Lewis
Amazing as always. Thanks." ... written by :)
Grace is absolutely the best reader on Oranum--she's always wonderfully clear, detailed and incredibly insightful!" ... written by Champers11
Grace is amazing without a doubt. She is always so accurate and connects quickly to whatever situation is being discussed. It amazes me how shes on point time after time! if there is a person to go to is her! I cant thank her enough" ... written by Mai
Grace has come onto her own in her magical ways of getting others to talk so others can listen. " ... written by Cheryl
nice reading" ... written by sagesoflight
She is very kind, very good medium. Im so thankful for our conversation:) It was very encouraging:) I defenetly recomend her:)" ... written by Reflect
Thank You Grace for the Clear, Kind, Accurate, and Honest reading. You always share the Truth with me and it is always the best Medicine" ... written by Michael Taube
v positive reading,,,eased my mind...looking forward to the near future! thanks :)" ... written by lovehouston
Helped clear things up, and i know what needs to be done now! I'm scared but at least i know now!" ... written by Tori
Grace was wonderful, so caring and really understood what I was seeking, not answers but comfort and reassurance that I had done the right thing" ... written by Jo
Love Grace. Especially good with connecting with loved ones that have past. I feel better talking to Grace now and so will you. She always give you a GRACE card when you go into her room after the reading. Cheers to you Grace and Many Thanks!" ... written by Jillian Green
I love how straight the point grace is. I wish I could talk to her all day long haha. honestly amazing, ALWAYS on point with everything. especially when I need/want to connect with someone who has crossed over, it is an amazing experience. " ... written by christina
She was helpful in breaking the news in to help me not get my hopes up for things that just may not happen not matter how hard I try. It was nice to have someone to give it to me straight instead of telling me what I want to hear" ... written by Casey
excellent reading and straight to the point! just when i needed a quickness in clarity.!!!" ... written by Cordie167
Great, she sounds positive and gives better advice. Loved talking with her. For sure will come back." ... written by Barani
Great reading!" ... written by Krista
Lovely lady....didn't waste any time! Made me feel at ease! Will update her!" ... written by Steph
Grace is amazing, I'm a returning happy customer as everything she did mention came true. thank you for that !! I value the truth above everything" ... written by Iris
Nice reading. Thanks" ... written by Fire Faery
nice lady thanks! time will tell! :) :)" ... written by ...
very good advice, looking into situation no tools" ... written by goldenaura
Grace is one of the MOST PROFESSIONAL readers on this site. You know this when you step into her room. Thanks for being so helpful and professional. Talk soon." ... written by :)
Thank you so much for all your insight!" ... written by Tie
Amazing as always......many thanks beyond words." ... written by Dreaming201
She's passionate, kind and always makes you feel welcome. " ... written by Drummergirl
Good reading, I hope that she is correct." ... written by Margaret Brewer
her readings always boost my growth! :) thanks grace" ... written by ale
Always a trusted friend, with amazing insight. She's a blessing." ... written by Amanda
She is very good! Kept saying 100% accurate things, one after the other, and before I knew it, she just hit the nail on the head with everything! Amazing. " ... written by Lana
Am a REPEAT customer of Graces. She has been so great on giving me Career insight on a job I interviewed for where the Manager seems to be so unorganized and more. Thanks so much G." ... written by :)
thank you very much that gave me great clarity!" ... written by c
i'm in tears. she really brought light into something i've been confused about for years........... gosh.. i can't thank her enough...... grace, thank you so much.. much love! " ... written by ale
Amazing as always. Thank you for your guidance." ... written by Dreamiing201
Great reading. Thank you." ... written by CSmith
"AMAZING GRACE, how sweet SHE it" Thanks for your help on my doggie and tuning into her energy. :). Clear/Awesome/Helpful/Insightful." ... written by :)
Grace is one of the absolute best readers on Oranum. She is so clear, detailed and thorough, with so much wisdom and grace, like her name." ... written by Champers11
to the point and very helpful, thanks so much Grace :)" ... written by Shannon
Thank you I am so grateful as always" ... written by Dreaming201
She was every informative and helpful." ... written by frompjm
very helpful, left feeling positive and empowered" ... written by molly
The reading with Grace was clear and reassuring as always. The information is helpful and she is a joy to talk to." ... written by AJ
Always helpful" ... written by mary
Grace is awesome - she has an amazing gift, and combines it with wonderful wisdom and empathy, to provide clear, detailed insights into every situation." ... written by Champers11
Grace is Accurate with her ability to see for people's strengths. " ... written by Cheryl
she is the best. i have been going back to her for nearly 2yrs now for clarity and help to move forward in my life. " ... written by paula
Very gentle but direct. Goes the extra mile. Considers other avenues. Delivers bad news nicely with options. Good computer connection and easy to understand! Can tell you how people feel and what they are likely to do. Predicts the future up to a year. Generally a good solid person will be back." ... written by Jen
Grace is simply incredible in all its meaning. Throughout my legal issues she has been right all along and guiding me to the right decisions. It does not matter what my question is about she has an answer. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Mai
She is really good!" ... written by shef
great" ... written by frankie
Grace is a wonderful and amazing reader with an astonishing gift. So much great advice and guidance." ... written by Champers11
I always wish Grace lived next door to me. We could sit down with some tea and talk for hours :) She is very intuitive and warm! " ... written by peach
Grace amazed me again. She spoke to the soul and truly is a wonderful reader with a beautiful spirit....she not only provides what she sees, but gives advice on how to handle what is coming up. She really has an amazing gift. She is kind, true spirited and a wonderful adviser. Thank you Grace!" ... written by Carrie
wonderful and insightful as always " ... written by emoonlight
great!" ... written by Cris
Thanks Grace, glad I came to you. I will be back again. peace, love and light." ... written by Karen
Do you want to have a reading with someone who has been on the spiritual path her whole life and who walks her walk and talks her talk? Grace is the person. I have so much respect for the clarity/insight and professionalism she provides during my readings with her. I am one of her regular clients. Thanks Grace for sharing your talent with us here on Oranum." ... written by Lynette Thomas
Grace is one amazing individual, her guidance when needed is incredible! everytime I need anything I come to her! Thanks Grace!" ... written by Mai
Great as always :)" ... written by Brooke
Best reader I've ever had. Gets right to the point and is spot on! Love her!" ... written by Lynda
Gracepetals your insight is amazing and I am so very grateful as always." ... written by Dreaming201
She had a handle on my situation almost immediately. Timelines/dates given will be interesting to see what pans out." ... written by starfish57
satisfied with answers, very smooth and quick answers. will be back soon" ... written by joeymannyg
Grace is very good and hones right in on the situation. She makes great points. Definitely recommend her!" ... written by pEACH
Stellar reading as usual with Grace. Super amazing reading. I love Grace and so will you. Thanks so much!" ... written by :)
Grace is wonderful. She was spot on with my ex boyfriend and it helped me move on when I needed too. I highly recommend her." ... written by skier8001
Gracepetals was wonderful!!! You made my day!!!" ... written by Lisa
She was very honest and you could tell she is very intuitive with my situation. I will be back " ... written by Brianna
Amazing!!! A heaven sent! Always on point! remarkable! The connection is just incredible! She knows as you are typing the question! Its just amazing! God Bless you Grace! Thank you so much! " ... written by ang3l33
Had a long session today. Went very well and I really needed to hear that advice. Hoping to come back with good news!" ... written by Brooke
Grace is an amazing and wonderful reader; extremely clear, detailed and on the button!" ... written by Champers11
Very, very good reader and highly recommended." ... written by WorldInATeaCup
She was great!" ... written by Lisa
So very accurate, honest, clear, what more could anyone want. Best reader on Oranum hands down!!!!!!" ... written by Dreaming 201
You are amazing! Thank you so much." ... written by Anne
such a genuine woman, one of the most truthful readings you can get on here. she does not lie and is very helpful and knows the situation, I hope. 5 stars and recommend highly!!! :)" ... written by A.T.S.
Grace is a really wonderful detailed and clear reader." ... written by Champers11
Grace is my go to coach/mentor because she knows intuitively how to guide and direct me. Thanks for your help on my new website. We love you Grace!" ... written by Gorda Preston
grace is so positive and helpful..." ... written by cherie
Was feeling unclear of my focus. But, after my reading with Grace, I feel much more focused on my top items I need to be working on. Thanks so much Grace. Great reading as usual! :)" ... written by Jillian Bloomer
really helps to create solutions for manifesting what a person wants and needs. thank you." ... written by starfish57
really excellent with seeing things clearly and logically. tremendous confirmation along with suggestions. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Thank you . always a nice talk. " ... written by Mary
Grace is insightful and bang on with her words. She understands life matters. " ... written by Cheryl
she is the best, very spot on with her predictions. i have been going back to her for advice and clarity for over 2yrs now. " ... written by paula
Always a pleasant experience. I look forward to the outcomes we discussed. From what she described, it was accurate about the past and current situation. " ... written by h
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
I cannot count how many times I come for a reading with Grace it truly amazes me the way with words she has. If you need a reading Grace is the one!" ... written by Mai
She was amazing. It was scaring" ... written by Robert
She's amazing. It's why I always come back. Quick, clear, and always helpful. She helps you know what you need to, and that's priceless." ... written by Amanda
I am a regular client of ---AMAZING GRACE----....Grace is stellar/helpful/professional and comes with compassion and love. Thanks Grace for all your wonderful help. I will talk with you soon." ... written by Suzy Smith
Always fantastic, thank you for the reading Grace :)" ... written by :)
good review she was very helpful. was really good at what she does. good reading." ... written by Simon
The best on the site! So attractive/clear/professional/fun and very helpful for me to plan my personal and business activities. Thanks so much Amazing Grace! You are numero uno!" ... written by Jillian Press
Always so wonderful!" ... written by Brooklyn
grace is truly amazing! the best one here no doubt!" ... written by Mai
Very accurate and detailed! Love her! " ... written by Edna Pedraza
She's the best. Fast, clear, and honest. Always so pleased to read with her!" ... written by Amanda
Great" ... written by P
She worth every penny! She is fast and very accurate!Thanks for helping me over and over again!" ... written by dimond110
I only had a short time but she was great and gave me positive predictions! Looking forward to the relationship : )" ... written by Suzy1127
very professional .. jumps right to the point .. very honest.." ... written by Liv
Grace is the best on Oranum. She really is so insightful and clear in her readings, and the best person to turn to for advice on any situation. She has been an amazing guide through highly challenging times." ... written by Champers11
Grace has been giving me insight on a particular situation, and she seems to be able to tune into it pretty easily. She is great to talk to and very reassuring. I recommend her." ... written by peach
she was so accurate! wow! she always tells me the truth!! amazing! I am very grateful for you for helping me! thank you " ... written by ...
Unbelievably kind and so very supportive! She gave me so much clarity on my situation and I am so hopeful for the future!" ... written by Briana
She is superb empathetic and very spiritual in understanding others and complex situations. Very lovely woman with a talent and gift." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Grace is a helpful Guide through the unknowns, she's been where I'm at. She's wonderful, she offers experience, she is amazing Grace. " ... written by Cheryl
Grace is always a wonderful and amazing reader. She is absolutely spot on with her insights and guidance." ... written by Champers11
Grace is like the light she hears and comprehends when anxiety and panic aren't about you, and is an excellent guide towards finding yourself. Thank you Grace. You are the wings that give life to life. " ... written by Cheryl
great and to the point as always ♡ " ... written by emily
Grace always makes things more clear when I cannot seem to express my feelings about a situation :)" ... written by Brooke
She is so calming and I think of her so often and her sereneness and it helps...Just talked to her again today and I know everything she says is for my own good.....I believe in miracles." ... written by doozie3644
Thanks Grace, I so hope you are right about everything. I will keep my fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted. " ... written by Lana
great positive advice" ... written by ginad
Brilliant as always helpful xx" ... written by vik
Grace is simply amazing in all its meaning, she connects quickly to whatever situation it might be. It amazes me how accurate she is in every single reading ive had with her. Shes the one to come to 100%" ... written by Mai
Amazing as always. Thank you Grace! WHEW!" ... written by :)
AMAZING GRACE ---HOW AWESOME SHE IS. You are always in graceful and good hands with Grace. Just click the button for a private. You will be back. Trust me. Keep smiling!" ... written by DeeDee
The real deal. She is very clear and connects to you." ... written by Eric
goes alot on feelings, not much with card reading this time. timeframes given were on feelings more. a little different reading than expected but good reading. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Grace is such a warm,compassionate spiritual advisor! Her readings are accurate and straight forward. I always go to Grace for guidance/advice.I feel a since of relief after speaking with her.When you have a reading,give it time,then watch andamp; see.It all will come together.Her readings for me, have always been true andamp; accurate! Thank you Grace!Peaceandamp;Blessing" ... written by AT
very precise, very sharp! i will come back again. thank you sincerely." ... written by june
Great as always. She is very personal and reassuring. Highly recommended " ... written by Brooke
Grace is always so great to talk to. I wish we were neighbors and we could have coffee together :) She is very tuned in to the situation and is very intuitive. " ... written by peach
Excellent reader, highly intuitive and clear guide through complex situations." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
gracepetal tapped into the situation immediately and gave advice that is extremely accurate" ... written by Marie Georges PanelQueen
Grace is an amazing and wonderful reader. She is always detailed and highly intuitive and insightful." ... written by Champers11
I had many readings with Grace and she explains the situation wonderfully. She does not sugar coat it and it is fast so does not waste your money. I would recommend her. " ... written by Lillysweet
Wow, what an insightful read. Thanks so much Grace." ... written by Lana
Grace, thank you and thank you" ... written by T
Good reading, thank you gracepetals for your help." ... written by Shannon
Grace connects with you right away. She is kind and will give you the best advice to whatever situation it is. She is very accurate in every reading ive had" ... written by Mai
good reading, as usual" ... written by Herlander
Amazing and right" ... written by Kata
Grace was honest, accurate, detailed, gentle and kind" ... written by Monalisa
I just love this lady! Great perspective and totally sees the situation without really explaining it to her. She's great!" ... written by Crismarie
thank you grace for caring about others and being a blessing to all of us. I have really been through lots lately and grace has been a sounding board of exactly what is going on inside my heart and mind =) " ... written by gina
Very good reader, I ran out of funds but would love to have found out more! :)" ... written by Ida
Grace is always great" ... written by Sylvia812
Simply marvelous and amazing as always. Super talented and connected on peoples energy. Thanks so much Grace! You rock!" ... written by Grace Russeau
awesome as always" ... written by :)
great reading, very exact with timelines, good suggestions." ... written by starfish57
Wonderful reading....she got right to the heart of my situation and was very clear and made so much sense !! thank you i will return!" ... written by penelope
Grace is such an amazing reader. She is very clear and direct and spot on!" ... written by Champers11
Excellent straightforward and totally realistic. The real deal. " ... written by Kata
She was good. :)" ... written by Kevin Amanse
See how many times I came back? Gracepetals is excellent. It is a good choice to go with her. " ... written by Kata
Great reading. Accurate and pleasant. " ... written by Jackie
This woman is great" ... written by Lou
Grace is amazing and an absolutely fantastic reader! She always hits the mark." ... written by Champers11
Another amazing reading from Grace! Looking forward to give you even greater news next time!!!! " ... written by Raphael
thanks grace, she is spot on and a great advisor love talking with her thank you.." ... written by joey
thank you for your continued advice and support :)" ... written by gina
Grace is a fantastic and amazing reader. She is the best on Oranum - always on the mark!" ... written by Champers11
She is amazing!" ... written by Molly8501
I haven't spoke to Lady G, in a minute...but as always she was 100% connected with me...calmed my raised energy -and now I can go do what I must do with confidence! Thanks Lady G!" ... written by Bronxie
Stellar as always ----:) Thank you!" ... written by Star Gazer
Awesome." ... written by Suzy Lucy
Excellent clear and grounded as always, a good counter to my energy and always a very fluid guide for me. " ... written by LIGHT
Always great!" ... written by Cris
She gave me the insight and advice I needed and I will try it to see if I can influence my path. Thank you!" ... written by shasha
Excellent read on a multiplicity of angles and situations. Highly grounded and calm influence to the subject matter." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Awesome as usual. Thanks Amazing Grace!" ... written by XXX
Stellar as always. Love you Grace! Thank you!" ... written by :)
GOOD READING" ... written by SHAZ
Absolutely outstanding.........." ... written by Judy
Excellent, clear and grounded. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
She seems to be accurate. She hit on some things that were not told by me. Time will tell." ... written by Beverly
Grace is absolutely true with what she has to say, and is a wonderful person. Her wisdom is always true. " ... written by Cheryl
Awesome and helpful as usual. Thanks a ton Grace!" ... written by Lucy Hale
She's excellent, thorough, helpful, accurate, great guidance, strengthening. Thank you GP xxx" ... written by julieanne
Amazing and Stellar as always." ... written by Gorda Johnson
thank you grace for a great reading" ... written by joey
thank you for ur advice and congrads on all your mark of all your readings! you have helped alot of people!" ... written by gina
really was helpful, and knew some of the issues before I even discussed them!" ... written by Lucretia
Great as always. :)" ... written by Cheter Marsh
Grace is to the heart and soul of the matter...a friend who is compassionate" ... written by Christine
Grace has helped me greatly on numerous occasions to Connect with my father. She always gives accurate information and is able to make you feel like you are with your loved ones again. She is also very compassionate with the messages she delivers. I choose her always for my readings and questions because I know I will get the right information. " ... written by Marie
Grace surprises me each time I come for a reading, she is always on point and connects quickly to the situation in question. " ... written by Mai
Wonderful reading, thank you" ... written by Lori
Thank you for another great reading!" ... written by tmmour
grace continues to amaze me as she connects very quickly to your situation. She will not tell you what you want to hear but rather the truth even if its not the prettiest. She also give great advice no matter the situation. I always come to see her when i find myself confused." ... written by maira
Grace was spot on!! The money was well worth it!!!" ... written by new
She was fabulous! She caught onto everything I thought and was clear and to the point! I will be back to see her. I would highly recommend her. thanks grace!" ... written by neonuniverse
Thanks for the reading! x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks to grace i am about to put a very firm mark on the world that i have been waiting for years to bare. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
She is fantastic. I read with her regularly and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much as always Grace!" ... written by Brooklyn
She is great. I would highly recommend her~! " ... written by Brooklyn
I love grace great as always." ... written by Brooklyn
Execellent read, very clear information and guided. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
love her!" ... written by katie
Very to the point and seems to know what she is talking about. Would chat with again!" ... written by Stephanie
As usual....always clear and to the point. Lots of good advice." ... written by K
Grace is a truly amazing psychic. She is always very detailed and reads the situation straight away in a way that immediately resonates." ... written by Champers11
Great reading very educational as well. Will definately be back" ... written by Jim
Very accurate with the current situation. Her future prediction feels like it's going to be quite accurate as well. Gracepetals definitely feels legitimate. Time will tell. Change is definitely in the air!! " ... written by ******
Grace is wonderful. She is straight to the point and very personal . I would recommend her if you want honesty and gentleness. " ... written by Brooklyn
Very fast and gets to the point quickly" ... written by RasheedaW
Loved this reading she answered all my questions Thank you Your a star" ... written by Kotahi
Grace has been great to me. I took her advice and what she predicted and it happened. I can't thank her enough for helping me through this difficult time. Highly recommended" ... written by Brooklyn
grace has helped me for over 1 year now. she has guided me thru a lot of things and has always been on point w everything. not once have I doubted her gifts. amazing woman, so blessed 2 have grace n my life" ... written by rosamarie
she knew exactly what was going on; she gave me answers. 5 stars" ... written by Winter
She seems very nice and genuine, I am new with her, so time will tell, but she connected very well and was accurate" ... written by *****
Very intuitive and comforting. " ... written by BETH
Great reading as always. Thank you Grace :)" ... written by :)
Thank you for giving me peace of mind with my relationship, and the advice I need. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
As always, gracepetals was quick, clear and articulate." ... written by Marie Georges PanelQueen
Grace is an amazing reader - so detailed and clear, and always incredibly insightful into every situation." ... written by Champers11
Grace connects quickly and spares no detail. She provides the facts and the light along the path. A true blessing." ... written by Amanda
Loved the reading, she was great, very accurate and intuitive. Settled me enormously. Thanks Grace xxx" ... written by julieanne
From Day 1 Grace has graced me with her gifts and her keen insight. She says things even before i finish the sentence, exactly what I was about to ask. " ... written by Bronxie
ONPOINT! Gives me strength and encouragement. I do not need to say much at all... she says it all from how I am feeling and my situation at hand and future... all predictions have come true... love reconnecting with grace! GOD BLESS!!! " ... written by ang3l33
I ended it early after so many questions. This is not to say she isn't good ..I was just not comfortable with so many questions as anyone could guess from that and I didn't call up a friend to talk things through." ... written by Laurie
Grace is wonderful she's bang on, forthright honest. " ... written by cheryl
very honest. definitely nothing was sugar coated, which many others do. something i appreciated given my current situation. time will see if her predictions are true. " ... written by abyss00
Amazing as always. It was a short reading but worth it. :)" ... written by Brooke
" ... written by Lisa Smith
Great as always. Highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Brooklyn
Now if I ate steak, this would have been the best T-Bone Dinner...this was the best-better than the best sessions ever. Incredible insight with such depth and clarity...I feel so much lighter -she assisted me in an effective action plan and this is so much needed in my life at this time. Thanks Grace...truly thank you!" ... written by Bronxie
This woman is always great." ... written by Lou
Grace is stellar as always. What an asset she is to Oranum. Many thanks G :)" ... written by :)
Stellar. Thanks Grace!" ... written by *****
Awesome. Great advice and counsel always. Thanks G :)" ... written by :)
Always excellent!!!! Love GP's readings highly recommended" ... written by julieanne
Grace continues to amaze me everytime I get a reading with her. She connects quickly and tells you the truth not what you want to hear. She is defiantly one of the very best here" ... written by maira
she is great!!!!GOTTA see her!" ... written by katie
Grace is absolutely amazing, an outstanding reader, who is always right on the button with every situation." ... written by Champers11
great loved it" ... written by keely
Marathon night with Lady was amazing. She went for the gold the gold and had a perfect score of 10! I love the way she reads. Promise you, you will too." ... written by Bronxie
lots of insite." ... written by Molly8501
Grace is always 100% accurate with her readings. She is honest and forth coming and straight forward. I appreciate her immensely and the wisdom she shares." ... written by monalisa
excellent reading" ... written by jag
very mature and understanding . I give her 5 stras " ... written by myst
You are awesome. Love talking to you" ... written by Mary
This woman is fantastic!" ... written by Lou
Ok tonight's meal was a buttery croissant with a nice cup of sweet tea--absolute perfection on this rainy day. This is how I am summing up my discussion with Grace...perfection. She got it right on the spot, and I just didn't get a reading, I got a few spoonfuls of joy, laughs, and even uplifting energy in my cup. Yeah this was a great little feast -not over bearing, just sweet enough and filling enough to know i'm on the right path :)" ... written by Bronxie
She is lovely like her name! Very sweet and very reassuring..Thank you!!" ... written by Jen
Grace was very observant and accurate. She is kind and has a good background for helping others. What I like most about her insight is that she noted things that others have not with precise details. It was a very good reading! ~M" ... written by Marianne63
Grace's insight was amazing! She's very compassionate and understanding, yet still gets to the point. A+++ experience. Thank you!" ... written by LittleFishie
Love this lady, you really have to have a reading with her. right on the button about my situation." ... written by sue
Once again I am a returning customer of Grace she always connects to the situation quickly and give the best advice possible. I will be back again" ... written by Mai
Lady G as always dead on...she has been on point so much lately, the woman has become my CEO! Great insight, great direction, graced with grace!" ... written by Bronxie
Grace has a wonderful gift that she chooses to share with everyone. It amazes me how accurate and precise she is. When getting a reading by her she connects and guides you not by what you want to hear but what she sees." ... written by Mai
best reading i've had in a very long time; maybe ever to be honest. she was straigh to the point, really understand what i needed to hear and didn't try to paint the situation a colour it can't be just to make me feel better. it's what i've been needing to hear. " ... written by abyss00
Amazing and great as usual. Really good tuning into my doggie. Thanks for all you do here G! :)" ... written by Gordie Ribbons
Grace is amazing - she provides incredibly clear insights and advice in every situation. Definitely and by far the best reader on Oranum!" ... written by Champers11
Intuitive. Honest. Insightful...there's more, but tonight I can't write the novel. Great reading as always" ... written by Bronxie
Always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
She told me a lot of what I already know but offered some good suggestions on how to proceed with the circumstances. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
Wonderful Reading. Told me what I knew deep down in my heart. She is very kind and to the point. I will return again! thank you @gracepetals" ... written by Crimsnqt
honest, straight to the point, clear and amazing as always" ... written by Michael Taube
I have been getting readings/guidance from Grace for over a year now.She is always right on point.Very accurate.She is such a good spirit and very compassionate.She is my go to spiritual guide.Thank you Grace.God Bless You Always:). I also love that you are available throughout the day.Thank you for giving so much of your time.Peaceandamp;Blessings" ... written by AT
Grace has a spectacular way with words when an issue is addressed. I come to her time after time when I find myself worried. She sure is worth way more than she charges!" ... written by Mai
Thank you for the clarity." ... written by Tony
This woman is really good." ... written by Lou
She was very warm and non-judgmental. I appreciated her practical advice. Thank you." ... written by -
Great as always~!" ... written by Brooklyn
I enjoyed precise and acurate info." ... written by Mshi
good reading. straight forward information quickly. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Grace is the best on Oranum! She is just outstanding. Always clear, detailed responses that resonate stronly with every situation." ... written by Champers11
One of my favorites! Always gets it!" ... written by Christie
Ok I came back to get some more info...and of course Grace delivered as always. So I will be back to give an update of course...let's see how this all works!" ... written by Bronxie
An incredible accurate reader with a ton of positivity, light, honesty, and integrity. I highly recommend you visit grace!" ... written by beathive
Alright, so I went before the "Lady of Knowing", as always she was spot on...calm me down on a few things - I was wrong about. Great reading as let's get ready to implement!" ... written by Bronxie
Grace is absolutely the best one here!" ... written by Mai
You dont marathon with everybody...but Grace, she's my gennie in a bottle. She knows and everything she says has came true. Great reading, great energy...incredible Grace!" ... written by Bronxie
All I can say is thank you as always Grace...thank you so very much!" ... written by Bronxie
I just LOVE this woman :) I may only come on a couple of times a year but you melt my heart with your words :) Thank you my lovely xxx" ... written by Sara (Oopsydaisy)
Amazing Grace --Love Grace. She is such a helpful mentor and coach and really helps me move forward and get focused. If you feel lost/stuck or confused, Grace has a way of clearing the path so you can move forward. Thanks Grace for all you do. Know I value and appreciate you. :)" ... written by Press Angel
Lady G...does it again. She uses her intuitive powers to delve deep into the psyche and just BAM -give it to ya. Great reading as always" ... written by BRONXIE
Its always nice to talk. Wish it could be a longer period of time." ... written by Mary
Gracepetals has given me sound advice several times and picks up on things I don't mention. I look forward to hearing what she has to say when we chat and I have always come away feeling better about the situation after chatting with her. I am sure I will be back!" ... written by Stephanie
Grace is one of the best on this site. I come every time i need advice." ... written by Mai
such a good reading. connected very fast. so glad i chatted with her!" ... written by D
With Grace, I get clearer with my answers I am seeking. With Grace, I empower myself with inspiration to proceed. With Grace, my truth always prevails. Many thanks Grace. " ... written by Suzy
Great as always. She is fantastic." ... written by Brooklyn
OK I'm in a new phase of my liife...and Grace is here with me for the journey. Great reading, great insight...matter of fact this was one of the "bestest" ones ( I know this is not a word, but it sounds good). So let's see what happens." ... written by BRONXIE
Amazing as always and so accurate." ... written by DReaming201
very kind and felt like she was connecting with my mothers guides and felt her sickness I will be back. Thank you" ... written by wendy
Once again Grace comes through with her gift and gives me right advice I need to continue and not be worried. She is an amazing reader if not the best reader here!" ... written by Mai
Amazing and overwhelming insight! Connects fast, honest and detailed information! Great personality too! Kind and fun! 5 stars all the way x" ... written by Cindy
Connected fast, honest, thanks x " ... written by Cindy
Grace is really wonderful, the best reader on Oranum! She is always detailed, clear and insightful." ... written by Champers11
was able to zero in on situation pretty well with being shown things and able to predict. really helpful. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Grace is always giving great guidance and very intuitive. I can't thank her enough for all the help that she has given with her readings. :) I hands down reccomend her every time!! " ... written by Marie
Grace was super and gave me an excercise to try. " ... written by Cheryl
Grace is always excellent counsel andamp; reading" ... written by jag
She is always so good and right to the point, no wasting your time!!" ... written by Shelley Wigham
so detailed and helpful, very intuitive and very clear. i think grace might be my new favorite!!!!" ... written by s
Grace is absolutely quick in tuning in and gave me a very accurate and helpful reading. Many blessings to you! " ... written by M
Truly amazing! she is always on point and does not waste time. She gives insights into months ahead which is sooo helpful along with advice. I return everytime" ... written by Mai
As always you are like a breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine. Thanks for your guidance. I am so ready for these changes and I will keep you updated .....much love and light :)" ... written by Dreaming201
Great as per usual/ always on the money!" ... written by CRismarie
omg!! thank you so much!! " ... written by ale
AWESOME READING" ... written by Manikeneko
Really caring and able to pick up my situation. I will definitely be taking your advice. Thanks Grace!" ... written by Angela
Amazing.. I don't think there is anything else that can really be said" ... written by Lucretia
Felt really connected. Great reading thank you." ... written by Amanda
Brilliant as always, great guidance and intuition" ... written by jag
Grace continues to amaze me on how fast she connects to the situation and how she doesnt waste time. She is truly honest and does not give false hopes but the truth." ... written by Mai
I really enjoyed my reading it was very quick and uplifting . some predictions were made and I,m really looking forward to it . " ... written by missukny
straightforward. wise. intuitive. very insightful and grounded. 5 star reader!" ... written by nocassandra
Grace connects quickly and does not waste time to tell you as it is. She is very professional and nonjudgmental, I am happy returning customer to her! " ... written by Mai
Always a pleasure. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa
really sweet and helpful " ... written by stephanie
excellent as always" ... written by jag
was v insightful and to the point.Highly recommended." ... written by watermeadows
Definitely the best on this site!" ... written by Mai
Great as always :)" ... written by Brooke
Great reading thank you Grace " ... written by Cheryl
Grace is amazing! She is so genuine and intelligent. She deserves the best and a HUGE pay raise! Oranum is so lucky to have her." ... written by Melinda
Grace is amazing, really the absolute best on Oranum! She has helped me in so many different situations, with clear insights and practical and meaningful advice and guidance." ... written by Champers11
She is very nice and very good advice!" ... written by Lana
always excellent" ... written by jag
brilliant" ... written by jag
Gracepetals is pure grace. I really like her style. Great reading. " ... written by D
Love Grace. Great as always! Thanks." ... written by Suzy
thank you SO much for your invaluable advice during a major career transition. So helpful and validating as I go down this road on a new journey." ... written by beathive
reading was pretty spot on ... she's very good" ... written by jenn
combination of readings andamp; counsel, Always helps, thank you Grace." ... written by julieanne
Great as always, adore her :)" ... written by :)
Grace is Great at spotting things right on, she's quick and straight to the point. " ... written by Cheryl
excellent" ... written by jag
Awesome as usual. Many thanks G. :)" ... written by :)
pretty good said some stuff that I know was true and will come to pass gave me some more insight to my ex. " ... written by Mztj
Right on target. I know exactly what she was talking about. So cool" ... written by Debbie
Grace is one of the few ETHICAL readers here and lives her life in a clear and clean way. She is always fresh and helpful and willing to help. We love you Grace. Keep up the great work!" ... written by Angel Lewis Rochester
very intuitive and kind, empowering." ... written by grace
Grace is super amazing - I consult with her on everything and always get the gudiance and direction I need to set me off on the right path again!" ... written by Champers11
From what Grace told me, I believe she did connect very well and she has predicted few things which I am sure will happen. I will come back here later for my testimony :) Grace is great!" ... written by Raj
Amazing gracepetals!!!!! Thank you for your guidance I will keep you updated. love and light" ... written by Dreaming
grace as usual completely gets what I'm attempting to get to. " ... written by Cheryl
Great~! I was feeling discouraged, but she helped clear my mind and focus on what is important in my life and how I needed to envision it. If you need clarity, Grace is for you!" ... written by Brooklyn
Great as always. " ... written by Brooklyn
Great insight on my twin flame situation x Thanks!" ... written by Cindy
Very honest and accurate reading. Thanks for not sugar coating it. I'm feeling better knowing the truth and being able to make better decisions because of this reading. " ... written by whenever21
Excellent" ... written by Darryn LeGrange
she is just lovely and her readings are all spot on. she's been helping me keep my hat on during this tough time. love her" ... written by g
Another amazing reading by grace! I feel so comfortable coming to Grace every time and knowing she will connect without wasting time and will give me an honest answer without sugarcoating anything!" ... written by Mai
Very nice reading, right on target, wonderful insight and feedback about the past, present and future. I will definitely return." ... written by Susie
Grace is amazing and the best on Oranum, hands down!" ... written by Champers11
Excellent" ... written by Darryn
great! picked the situation up straight away. thank you" ... written by roselilly5
Very calm and straight to the point " ... written by Lisa
lovely lovely energy" ... written by qp
Thank you for the update! You connect best on this twin flame situation, not many do x" ... written by Cindy
Awesome and thanks for the nice reading" ... written by Manikeneko
she was very intuitive. very friendly and loved talking to her." ... written by kittybarra
My Grace...the lady is amazing...she is one of the few intuitives who really know their craft to such a degree it makes your head spin!" ... written by Bronxie
So great to talk to my friend, Grace! Wish she was my neighbor and I could pick her brain everyday :) Very intuitive." ... written by peach
lovely lady gives honest answers and predictions for future amazing amazing lady xx " ... written by vikki
Grace is the best! She always has amazing insights and the best advice for dealing with every type of situation." ... written by Champers11
Excellent" ... written by Darryn
Everything grace has told me over the past few months is coming true right now. she's the best and she is so genuine. Just get so excited now that i get to tell her how right she's been!" ... written by LOVE HER!
great!!!!" ... written by Cozmic
Thanks for another insightful reading on my twin flame situation x " ... written by Cindy
gosh I could talk to her all day shes so calming " ... written by Lisa
Thanks Grace! Always spot on perspective on the situation." ... written by Jen
Great" ... written by Lexie
brilliant thanks " ... written by Patrick
Thanks for the update, great insight x" ... written by Cindy
Thank you, sad but truthful. I appreciate it" ... written by Honest
Very detailed, deep insight, honest, I appreciate it x" ... written by Cindy
beautiful" ... written by stavros
I really enjoyed my reading and loved the fact that she is so in tune with such little tools. I will be back, thank you so much!" ... written by Jessica
Thank you, helpful as always :)" ... written by :)
Very gifted, recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Grace actually does know what she's talking about, she's bang on as usual ! " ... written by Cheryl
Great insight, detailed and fast x" ... written by Cindy
I love her everybody should talk to gracepetals. the most real and honest person ever." ... written by tiesha reid
She's awesome. I love talking with her. She is so on with my life. Thank you... Gracepetals, Talk to you soon. " ... written by ehbkkg
Grace is the greatest! I trust her with all of my questions. She is truly the best psychic on here!" ... written by Amy
Gracepetals is really good. She is worth the money." ... written by Lou
As usual, she's concise and has a calming energy about her. Will go to her again." ... written by Fun_Sized
Grace was great. " ... written by Cheryl
Wonderful! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Fabulous as always :-)" ... written by Christine007
Gracepetals is absolutely amazing. She was spot on about a house move which was nearly lost and then came back through for me. I had given up but Grace reassured me that the property I wanted would still come through. She gave me time frames and was quick in her reading and very accurate. She is calm and has a nurturing way about her and I felt uplifted after each of my readings. Don't hesitate to find a genuine reader, Gracepetals is the one. It took me a while to find her and I will definitely be going to her on future. She is great. Thanks Gracepetals you're brilliant xxxx" ... written by HappinessPreet
Grace is a wonderful person, she's totally gets where people are going and has intuitive brilliants. She gets where people are heading into, and is a great healer . Merry Christmas Grace !" ... written by Cheryl
Thanks Grace! " ... written by jen
Happy New Year Grace, bang on as usual! " ... written by Cheryl
thanks grace - again so helpful - real useful on the ground adice" ... written by time
You can't say much when its about perfection. She's good. No, she's really good. No, I got a better one...she is amazingly, superbly good -can't get better than that except if you asked for the sun to stand still and do the tango with the moon." ... written by Bronxie
Great insight and advice! Recommended x" ... written by Cindy
Great reading as always!" ... written by Cindy
Thanks Grace!" ... written by Jen
kind, thoughtful " ... written by Rayhaan
spot on...she completed my sentences throughout...definately come back for another reading.." ... written by sabrina fulford
She was very straight up and did not sugar coat and tell me what I wanted to hear. She gave some great advice" ... written by RasheedaW
Thanks grace, the reading was apt. " ... written by Meesha
Grace is simply AMAZING!!! What a joy to talk with her.I have been going to her for over 2 years now.She is warm,passionate,and honest.Right on point with her readings andamp; guidance:)Peace,Love,and Blessings are a treasured gem...Thank you for your help" ... written by AT
Hopefully the first review of the year :) Fantastic as always, happy new year Grace :)" ... written by :)
She is Always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank you so very much and I will keep you updated." ... written by dreaming 201
She was amazing. She helped me choose the right path and was exact about every question I asked her. Great great great great is all I have to say! You got to get a reading!" ... written by Edgar
Grace is great! I have read with her many times and she does always seem to be right on the money! Gives great advice, is quick to pick up on things and goes into detail." ... written by skier8001
Very gifted, with great insight and details. x " ... written by Cindy
Very fast reader, detailed and straight to the point!" ... written by Cindy
To the point and incredibly accurate. My question related to a very complicated health issue and she was able to pin point the problems. Grateful to Gracepetal and thank you so very much for your help." ... written by Liseec
She is wonderful." ... written by Lisa Smith
Grace is an absolutely terrific reader! She is always spot on, clear and detailed, on every subject. She has helped me with many issues and questions." ... written by Champers11
Shes kinda very calm and very heartwarming. She made me happy tonight" ... written by Mary
Very fast to connect, very genuine " ... written by anna
good straightforward reading. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Great insight, with a good understanding of the situation x" ... written by Cindy
wonderful reading and advice.. thanks" ... written by Delight71215
Grace was right on point thanks Grace!" ... written by Cheryl
wonderfully understanding and clear" ... written by nicole
I liked her succint communication. She told me what she saw and she was honest about what she could predict and what she can't. which is very sensible. i would definitely recommend her. " ... written by Srk
she is the best. i have been coming back to her for guidance and support for the past few years. She is continually predicting events in my life, and when they happen i get reassurance i am on my right track. very honest and caring person as well." ... written by paula
Thank you so much! I feel better and know what to do. I appreciate your help." ... written by EchoAlley
Great! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Thanks Grace!" ... written by Jen
Grace was great. She told me what I needed to hear, what I already knew and confirmed everything! " ... written by Zach
Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Thanks Grace!" ... written by Jen
Awesome reading! " ... written by Srk003
Had an AMAZING GRACE reading and it was AMAZING as usual. Oranum is lucky to have Grace. Thanks again! Back soon." ... written by Suzy
Great as always. Thank you Grace :)" ... written by :)
Grace is Grace she knows her information is accurate. " ... written by Cheryl
She's an excellent ready, very very helpful. thank you so much." ... written by Dan
Always a pleasure, Thank you so much" ... written by Lisa Smith
I love love love gracepetals!! Everything she says is so on point, obviously even when it is things I really don't want to hear :) I will continue to come to her whenever I need guidance or clarification." ... written by Lucretia
Such a relief to have a reading today! Thanks Grace!!" ... written by Jen
Grace is on point again. " ... written by Cheryl
Interesting reading, really accurate. " ... written by Karis
5 stars x" ... written by Cindy
This woman is amazing. She is right on point. She helps me every time I talk to her!" ... written by Lou
This woman is always enlightening. She always gives me helpful information." ... written by Lou
Wonderful! connected fast! highly recommend." ... written by phyl
She was spot on, her advice was amazing.. Thank you!" ... written by Kellie
to the point, answers fast, caring" ... written by starfish57
Very calm and easy to talk to. Will return for another reading sometime. Very good reader..." ... written by swtone71
love her thank you so much." ... written by smoffatt01
Thanks great!" ... written by Christy
Thanks!" ... written by Jen
It's been a while since Grace and I had a session, and I am so grateful I came to her to discuss things today. She connects so incredibly well with my energy and does it all with true Grace. She is an amazing reader with a beautiful spirit and wonderful energy. 5 stars!" ... written by Carrie
Good as always x" ... written by Cindy
Grace is on point as usual " ... written by Cheryl
I have been getting readings from Gracepetals for some time now. I have always found her readings to be insightful, honest, succinct, informative. I will continue to utilize her gifts to continue to remain on my path. I am truly a fan of hers." ... written by Dreaming201
Gracepetals is the best on Oranum! Always gives fantastic detailed readings, with great warmth and insight." ... written by Champers11
Speaking to Gracepetals was easy, and her confirming what I want to do, answered the questions in my mind, a little frustrated on my part, as I could not type fast enough and wished I had more time to chat, but overall it was a genuine reading." ... written by carol
Grace," ... written by RaphaelG
What should I write about perfection! Amazing reading and analysis as always. I love GrAcE!!!" ... written by Bronxie
Thank you so much," ... written by Lisa Smith
She answers to the point andamp; is highly accurate in her reading. No sugar coat, straight to the point. Highly recommended" ... written by Melissa
Very interesting read. Thank you, helpful." ... written by Mindy
she was amazing and hit every question with a quick answer and very direct. Thank you so much" ... written by Olga
she was patient and understanding " ... written by nicki
GOOD READING" ... written by R
She's great! Love her." ... written by skier8001
She's incredible. Connection is incredibly fast - it's like she's inside your head before you even get the questions and statements out. Always worth it, always my favorite." ... written by Amanda
Grace is always so warm and supportive. Her readings are always honest and she offers advice as well as insight. I highly recommend reading with her. =)" ... written by Ashley
Lovely woman, helped a lot" ... written by Adam
Grace is a an absolutely fantastic reader! She always provides amazing insights into every type of situation and gives the best advice." ... written by Champers11
Grace is a faboulous reader - always spot on and incredibly detailed!" ... written by Champers11
Very nice and warm lady. She understood the situation, and gave great insight. I will definitely read with her again. Thank you Grace:)!" ... written by KBJ
Very down to earth and wonderful to talk with, I loved her energy! " ... written by Dayla
I didn't get enough time with her, but I felt that the little time I had was beneficial." ... written by morgatb
Always spot on , direct and honest. Gracepetals is the one that I check with to ensure that what I feel is accurate. She is truly amazing and without a doubt the best to do a reading with. I will be checking in to update on progress." ... written by Dreaming 201
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
she is the best. always spot on, always helpful and picks up on everything. i will continue to go back to her as i have done for quite some time now." ... written by paula
She always gets it spot on!" ... written by Love her
Grace was great. " ... written by Cheryl
Thank you Grace for the reading. Always a pleasure. :)" ... written by :)
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Grace is the best one on here!!! She has amazing energy and was spot on about me and my mom!!!! " ... written by Samantha
Very accurate and on point. She knew a lot about the situation! I hope what she says comes to pass. Looking forward to it! Definitely recommend! " ... written by Pea
Great guidance and understanding." ... written by Jayne
Loveeeee her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tiff
Very helpful and spot on....gave me hope!" ... written by Tiff
She was great! Told what i needed to do. " ... written by Emily
very accurate and intuitive reader, happy to have had a reading with her. " ... written by onceuponatime
Grace is a phenomenal reader - she is always the best go-to for advice and insights." ... written by Champers11
Always great, Thank you Grace" ... written by :)
helped me get clarity. I thank her very much" ... written by Clo
the reading was good" ... written by kate
Straight to the point, very accurate and honest! Highly recommended x" ... written by Karoline
Gracepatals is so helpful and she has been to many others. I pray that she has all of the great things that I could ever imagine and even beyond my imagination happen to her in real life. I recommend that all of the readers looking at this review to come to Gracepetal for a true reading. So you can too have answers. :) Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Have a good day everyone." ... written by Starmoon5
Always a pleasure, thank you Grace :)" ... written by :)
It had been a while since I last spoke with her." ... written by starfish57
She's great. always on point. reads so clearly!" ... written by G
amazing as always.....thank you :)" ... written by Dreaming201
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
Grace is truly a gifted reader. She picks up on the situation immediately and provides clear direction/advice. I so appreciate her and look forward to seeing how things play out." ... written by Carrie
connected straight away and gave very direct answers" ... written by S
Great reading with Grace. She was very accurate and gave allot of details on my situation. Details are important and she gave allot of insight and then some good advise. Thanks so much! " ... written by Lynda22
thank you she was quick and accurate" ... written by jana
Shes amazing :)" ... written by :)
She is awesome, the only one i talk to. she makes me feel good about making decisions for my future. You're the greatest Grace!" ... written by amy
Always has insight on my situation. Highly recommend her!" ... written by Brooklyn
wonderful guidance always" ... written by qp
GracePetals is an absolutely fantastic reader - always detailed, fast and extremely accurate!" ... written by Champers11
wow =she's really amazing. I love her." ... written by tracy
She was great! She got to the point and gave great advice! " ... written by Emily
An absolutely spectacular reader. She picked up on the situation almost immediately. She was beyond accurate, gave my information she could have never known, and I will be returning for a follow up with her in private for sure!" ... written by Briana
She's fabulous like really fabulous. I don't know what else you can say about amazingness, but Grace is it!" ... written by Bronxie
:)" ... written by :)
Grace is always fantastic - she's so quick, compassionate, and no frills. It's an amazing thing to have your reader being able to sort through your thoughts before you can even tell them. She gets to the heart of the matter and gives stellar guidance. It's always a pleasure to read with her." ... written by Amanda
Very accurate and gave good adwises " ... written by Rosemunde
GracePetals is an amazing reader- she is always spot on and super detailed! " ... written by Champers11
Lots of details! Great reading thank you!" ... written by S
Great reading, connected immediately, gave lots of information and the truth - delicately! Give Grace a try! I will follow up - thanks Grace!" ... written by lornalulu
Grace is truly gifted. Once she tunes in there is no turning back. Her insight is amazing, her way of connecting is profound...always amazing always Grace!" ... written by Bronxie
Great concise reading as usual" ... written by Fun_Sized
Great as always! Thank you Grace!!" ... written by Edna Pedraza
good" ... written by sagesoflight
Always a plesure" ... written by :)
Love Grace. She has an awesome connection with animals and she connects to my oldest dog to let me know how she is doing. Thank goodness for Grace...awesome animal communicator.❤️" ... written by Jillian
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Always accurate and honest and Gracepetals is truly gifted in many ways. The one person who can honestly tell me like it is." ... written by Dreaming201
In spite of being on Oranum for a few years, I had never had a reading with Grace. She was excellent, I wasn't sure how to ask for the information I wanted, and she helped me work it out a little in free chat. She came up with details in private that were very important. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next three weeks." ... written by Julie
Thanks Grace for another amazing reading. Your words come to me like light, and puts me in a much better place every single time." ... written by Raphael
Insightful as always." ... written by :)
she's so great. can't go wrong. connects fast and is just like a breathe of fresh air. love her" ... written by Love her
superb reading....shes really got the ability, true intuitive i learned a lot and glad i chose her" ... written by Elroy Cramblebeery
Wow she is really great and helped me navigate a really difficult situation. She was spot on with a lot of things before I even told her." ... written by sparkly1
Grace is always Fabulous! Great Blessings to You Grace!" ... written by Margaret
On point as always. Thank you Ms. Grace" ... written by MSKIM1
Grace's reading was very accurate. I love her! 5 stars!" ... written by Mai
I loved my reading. deep insights and i felt i was talking to a genuine reader who saw the depths of my issues." ... written by Sammy Hagar
She is amazing!I feel great each time that I talk to her." ... written by Dimond110
Grace is always spot on and very accurate, honest. I will continue to consult with her as usual." ... written by Dreaming201
she really is so great!!!!!" ... written by growfree
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Excellent reading! She was spot on with my current situation and where things have been. I will definitely be back again for a reading in the future! A+" ... written by Amethyst7777
Grace is absolutely FABULOUS! Assessed our situation perfectly, and gave clear advice and method for dealing with it. Great and Fine Blessings to You Grace!" ... written by Margaret
Gracepetals is the real deal. very accurate and grounded information she doesn't use tools and has real natural insight. " ... written by angus1972
I am grateful. Thanks for providing clarity :) " ... written by natoshia
She is a natural intuitive..for sure..she can see visions for you which is amazing..because visions are always true and accurate.I can say that because I am myself a healer and intuitive..she is genuine..up to the point and amazing.go for her readings..she will always guide you the right path..:)" ... written by oceanic waves.
Fantastic as always." ... written by :)
Excellent!" ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank You again Grace. You are always so very clear. God Bless!" ... written by Margaret
Very calm, cool and collected reader. I would see her again. Time will tell if predictions come true tut i felt very much at ease with her." ... written by SAM
I always come back to grace because not only is she sweet and compassionate she is also accurate. Everything she says makes sense. Her rates never skyrocket or lower, its decent. She gives great peace of mind. " ... written by Lisa
such a genuine lady" ... written by illeanna
Wonderful. Thank you Grace." ... written by Lisa Smith
She doesn't waste your time and is right on with her readings! Thank you so much" ... written by Shelley
amazing! " ... written by ashleigh
Excellent" ... written by Newson
Good reading" ... written by Newson
She was absolutely amazing. She knew the entire situation with my relationship inside and out without any input. It was incredible. I'll definitely come back to her for more readings in the future." ... written by amethyst7777
As always -fair and objective. She tells me want it is-not what I want to hear. The honesty is so refreshing and her energy is lovely for me." ... written by MSKIM1
Thank you for your insight and assurance Gracepetals!! You really calmed me down! " ... written by M
love it" ... written by
I really enjoy my readings with Grace. She hits everything right on. Very accurate and knowledgeable about my situation. I will continue to seek her guidance in the future. Nothing but positive things to say about her!!! Thanks again, Grace!" ... written by amethyst7777
Sweet, clear and I felt a lot of hope after speaking with her. Recommend." ... written by Karla
Ms Grace is the most patient person. She comes from a place of love and support. Thanks Grace." ... written by MSKIM1
she just really connects so quick. so well. with great detail and also good spiritual advice. I like her alot!" ... written by So good
Super reading from a perceptive and deep reader, very healing." ... written by lammonator
G.p. is fantastic, very intuitive and helpful." ... written by lammonator
Thank you for your advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Nice reading she picked on a lot. And good advice thanks." ... written by tony
Grace has helped me understand self and others quite a lot, i appreciate her abilities." ... written by lammonator
gracepetals is one of the best readers on this website. she always goes to the point and gives very clarifying answer. she has been giving amazing guidance to me in the past few years. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a serious psychic." ... written by Sara
great clear and i will take her advise and come back when an update next month. " ... written by karla
amazing! Very accurate!" ... written by phyl
got a lot accomplished in the reading. thank you." ... written by starfish57
WONDERFUL LADY ! aLWAYS A PLEASURE. " ... written by Lisa Smith
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