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I am 48 years old. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I also spent 6 years in Colorado Springs, CO. I joined the military in 1989 and after basic training and military school I was stationed at Fort Carson, CO as a military musician. I have had an ongoing passion for music. I play trumpet and perform for various community theaters within the 5 county area of Philadelphia, PA. I also perform for many religious events throughout the year. From an early age in my adult life I realized that I have been able to talk to many types of people and guide them in many aspects of there life. Through good communication skills I have shown people what type of path they are on and have been able to show them how to either enhance there present path or show them how and/or why they should change that path. I feel my years of experience, not just my chronological age, but my experience in spiritual and overall life guidance is what will make me successful working for this company. I feel that I can do a lot more good with a company that experiences a large number of clients as opposed to the company I presently work for which has very slow traffic of business. With my abilities and this companies high volume of clients I know that I can be very successful and in turn be very profitable for me and Oranum.

Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to becoming part of the Oranum team.

" ... written by Rebecca