About countessstarella

Psychic countessstarellahas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic countessstarellahas recently helped 47members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about countessstarella's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Her energy picks up is amazing, beautiful inside and out, want to come back." ... written by savemefrommyself
Starella, all I am going to say is wow! See u soon!" ... written by AK
AMAZING lady. Just perfect, spot on, and so good with her intuition. THANK YOU! I will definitely be back." ... written by Naseth
A wonderful lady and a terrific reading! Truly gifted psychic." ... written by gemmie
Shes just great!! She is fast and accurate, thanks for the reading." ... written by gm
Just the shot in the arm i needed... So pertinent and so positive, and not in a general, fluffy way, but in a personal way." ... written by Cynthia
Very nice lady, good reading, i recommend " ... written by hanael2212
Countessstarella is a unique gifted psychic." ... written by victoria111
Very kind and great energy. I was happy with my reading! Will definitely be back!" ... written by missgreeneyes
Great reading" ... written by princess_20
She is awesome thanks a lot. Everyone should check her out she is very accurate, thanks a lot!!!" ... written by pd
she has great energy and great advice, lots of good insight and fun to talk to . " ... written by LK
Countess is the most spectacular and talented psychic I have met here. I am sure her BIO is totally legit. She is not only a visionary and healer, but she is a beautiful loving friend. I had the most amazing experience with her just now. I am beside myself. She is unquestionably the cream of the crop of psychics here or anywhere!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Lovely woman, she's truly supportive too :D" ... written by hope2321
She is great and fun and gave me a lot of hope, talk to her you wont regret it. :)" ... written by Dphsgo93
Thank you!" ... written by termo11
She is nothing but positive, positive, positive!!!" ... written by moosuga
It was wonderful meeting you! you are a true pleasure! and yes i will keep u posted on my uncoming progress, of course. sending you much love and warmth ur way always! love, am3thyst " ... written by am3thyst
Wowza!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
I really love her, she is so awesome and I trust her so much." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazingly positive with an infectious playful energy. Very gifted clairvoyant and empathic and loving. She has inspired me and I will be back for more of her great words of wisdom. x" ... written by Kel_Vrol
So positive!" ... written by oalanis
She's unique and loving. Very warm, very safe and put at ease with her easy clarity. She's a natural who really cares about her clients. I will definitely speak with her again. Try her - you will be great." ... written by dmbertault1
She was good but not as strong as I would have thought.. but she confirmed a lot that I already knew and been told as well. Thanks" ... written by Katja87
Truly amazing, i highly recommend for anyone!" ... written by porscha
Very nice lady full of energy, very positive in her readings, thank you." ... written by kia290542002
Such a beautiful soul. Great connection and such supporting, helpful words. Much love." ... written by Annied13
Countess Starella is without a doubt a DEFINITE FAVORITE of mine. I love her and connect with her so well and so deeply. Because she is so loving and caring and psychic and spiritual. She is really world class. I haven't had a reading for awhile, and am just so glad that I could see her today. Her advice was soooooo excellent. So excellent, I am beside myself. But she gives great information AND advice. WOW!!!! WOW!!! 5 WOWs!!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Beautiful soul! The reading was quick, on the ball and she picked up everything around me. Have a go totally worth the credits! xx" ... written by tickleme2011
Woooow, what a great reading and advice, thank you soooo much! Give her a try guys!" ... written by Aryastark
Countess Nadia is so nimble, she helps in exactly the right way in every moment. She listens and acts appropriately. She offers the best advice. Provides tools for us to develop ourselves and also will provide the best and most accurate readings about people and situations that you can hope to get. Love her so much." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for your time!" ... written by bigjoexp21
Lol countesstarella is awesome! she knows what she is saying, so worth the reading :) I love her!" ... written by svlt
Thanks, great. " ... written by FelishaBruce12
Very accurate psychic!!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Always a pleasure to have a private reading with the Countess!! She is so honest, loving and acurate!! She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, she tells you the truth and gives you guidance :o))) Thank you again Countess for an awesome reading!! Merry Christmas sweet lady! Hugs and kisses to you! xoxoxo" ... written by LizNorway
Lovely lady; very positive; she gave me hope and light!" ... written by eguess
Lovely lady! Talented and sweet. I feel confident that she knows what she's talking about. I made her a favorite :)" ... written by cathyq
Wonderful person. Sweet and uplifting, but honest as they come. Love her to bits. " ... written by SheilaRoberto
She was so supportive and I am very thankful for her kindness.. I will definitely come back and let her know the results!!!...Thank you a million...: )" ... written by ladybugshooter
Really great worth every penny." ... written by Amanda
she is just wonderful :) I love her energy and the way she speaks :)" ... written by kt
a precious gift." ... written by wren1414
Great reading!" ... written by crmyoung
Very good reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by petalouditsa
Awesome :)" ... written by blackginger
She did it - a detailed clairvoyant reading in 6 minutes!! I feel good! Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
It was all I needed " ... written by aaaaamarvy
Easy connection! Very well worth reading!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
You cannot find a brighter, more loving, more vibrant energy anywhere than Countess Starella. Her reading was warm, insightful, truthful and helpful. I will be back for more!!!!!" ... written by bonibaru
She is such a wonderful person and very grateful." ... written by pumkin1963
Thank you Countessstarella for helping me out, love you :)" ... written by poisonruby
We only had a short time together, but Countess would get 25 stars if I could give that many. A warm and generous connection, thank you so much." ... written by Sablerose
Very dynamic and caring..... Loved her manner. Picked up on my situation very well. I didn't go in with specific question, just liked her. So try her with specifics could be a faster read with more information. But I would try her.... Very insightful." ... written by Uvrs53
Just amazing." ... written by coyoteroper
She is such a beautiful person helped me out with some things I have been dealing with and gave me great insight and advice. Love her she can totally connect to you try her out." ... written by mj1963
Very warm and right on point with my particular reading. Loved her! " ... written by mposada
Very nice." ... written by karolinkush
Thank you so much, dear!!" ... written by lila88
WOWOWOWOWOW!!! she is so amazing.... picked up on my situation!!! so fast and accurate!!! she is just amazing!!!!! thanks alot!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Thank you so much i really needed that! " ... written by LouiiV
Beautiful soul. This Countess Starella is so uplifting and positive. I am so pleased to have met you today and wish you the best!" ... written by justinsensei
Great reading, thank you. " ... written by maynardtony
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What a wonderful lady!! My first session with the Countess and she is just amazing! I love her humour and how genuine she is :o))) Thank you Countes, will be visiting again for sure! :)))" ... written by LizNorway
Very short reading but got alot out of it :)" ... written by Misspash
She is very accurate." ... written by nalita18
The Countess is such a wise crone (I hope she's not offended call her a crone) but she is a wonderful reader and a comforting psychic." ... written by persephonestears
Very fast! True psychic!" ... written by homebodygirl
:) not enough time!" ... written by epa0404
LOVE HER!!!!" ... written by Katherine89
What an amazing soul! She is truly out of this world. I dont remember the last time I enjoyed a reading so much. She gave me so much to look forward to, and her energy is just so positive and contagious." ... written by iPreferMimi
Starella was wonderful! very compassionate.. accurate...and wise.. love her energy.." ... written by reikilb
Fantastic she is awesome and very friendly.... I feel connected with her :) Highly recommended." ... written by dectorah
I just love Countessstarella and hope I spelled her name She is very fast and can answer any question in less than 30 seconds.There's a man bothering me and couldn't believe what she knew about him. I've been investigating psychics and mediums for over 15 years. This is only the 6th psychic that I have found to be real. This woman gives me the chills with her accuracy." ... written by TamaraAquarious
Just a gorgeous wise reading, bless you!" ... written by Denisenz
Good reading fast and make you feel comfortable. Goes direct to the point lets you see your life better." ... written by ginlin
Beautiful spirit - very understanding and insightful!!" ... written by SerahSea
I love Starella!" ... written by abundantwealth
Nice chat!" ... written by hellena12
It was good reading but credits run out." ... written by emilum
Quick, accurate, and a lovely lady. Love her!" ... written by araketanara
Very lovely lady and she hit the nail on the head with everything! :)" ... written by jackals1312
Will come back and let you know how it does!!" ... written by Girlie152
Was a great reading she knows what she is talking about she made me feel better and she is understanding!" ... written by staceym2222
Thank you. You were excellent." ... written by energy1010
Very, very good experience." ... written by Greg5811
Loved that private chat. You are great!" ... written by Janetet
Fast reading but good" ... written by MermaidKisses
Countess, thank you what an amazing lady, thank you your reading was correct and fully of the answers I was looking for ." ... written by tonio73
She was sooooo positive. I did appreciate the reading very fast on giving the details." ... written by dladie42
Amazing reading, uplifting clear, positive and insightful!" ... written by bbrunner21
Great advice." ... written by Janetet
She gave really good advice!! Thank you!!" ... written by Misstrudy34
Love you, thank you for your help, this is process, I know.. " ... written by aimee78
Was so insightful and gentle with her messages. I felt like she knew what was going to happen, but didn't need to tell me, cos she knew it would happen... Sounds odd, I know. She gave me hints and information to work with which I can apply easily. Wonderful reading..." ... written by Enkori
It was a good reading!" ... written by joey198402
She is amazing, will be back when I need clarity." ... written by kyla2003
Interesting." ... written by carandkenzee
Wonderful!" ... written by ilovebuttercup
All my love to you. " ... written by annristin
Countessstarella is very good and confident!" ... written by coockiejan
Very good, gave me some good answers." ... written by bea_1983
Very very good, thank you very much! Great reading!" ... written by Klaudyna27
She is very caring and can bring your spirits up when your down and make you feel like you have so much confidence in yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to." ... written by staceym2222
She was spot on, and gave great advice. I will come back to update her on my progress with my situation." ... written by mlgriff330
She gave me hope for happiness in my life." ... written by tammelane
I love you I'm praying darling xoxo Thank you from bottom of my heart" ... written by aimee78
Wonderful energy, very insightful, i recommend her!" ... written by sintrixlily
She is extremely pleasant, divinely guided with motherly, nurturing, angelic qualities about her...You cannot but love her and enjoy her presence and even long after the reading is done, the sweet feeling of her useful, down to earth, most sincere advice still lingers on...helping you cope with your every day struggles. I love her enormously and I feel like I've known her forever and I cannot wait to talk to her again. Her infectious, mystical energy overwhelms you with the feeling of secured belonging, like you've found true home, the one you've always longed for.True, noble, altruistic human being that connects with the out most depths of ones soul. She tells you what you want to tell her. No need for extensive explanations. I can go on and on...about the beautiful, whimsical experience I had contacting her...but the words will do no justice. You simply have to experience it yourself! Ten stars, bravo! " ... written by fehu11
Enjoyed my reading with the Countess. She is such a fun and loving spirit. Recommend her!!!" ... written by kealia35
I had a reading with her, she predicted and I waited to see if it would come true or not....and it DID. Thank you so much for a great prediction!" ... written by winterhot
Very moving reading. Thank you!" ... written by kevonya
Amazing woman! Great energy! Love her!" ... written by dilianika
Like always star you knew what I needed to hear." ... written by yummycake
She is great so far!" ... written by missteezy
What a wonderful reading she picked up on what other said I shouldn't do and she let me know it was a good idea to go for it....THIS LADY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by animal lover
You are the best countess, love you. xoxo" ... written by aimee78
Love the work" ... written by Saycred
Connected so well with her and her heart is so big and her soul so loving. She literally stepped inside of my world for a moment and it was a unique experience. You can feel the love flowing from her. HIGHLY recommend her. Love her lots. She has helped me with a decision I've needed to make for a very long time." ... written by elleleah
Awesome!" ... written by Zeigen
Extremely gifted receiver!!!!!" ... written by devinmarston
Thank you for the help!" ... written by joey198402
She is a true Gem. She's right I am lucky and she's awesome!!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Thank you so much, I was in tears after my reading with you, wow is all I can say, you're so amazing, and I thank you so much for your belief in me, truly made my day and I definitely met you for a reason :) Thank you so very deeply much with all my heart " ... written by bunny222222
Another great reading ! The best!" ... written by krismic2
Great, thank you" ... written by krismic2
She is da bomb, she is straight forward, never wastes any time." ... written by mlgriff330
She was very helpful and gave me some good details about improving myself." ... written by Delila_shula_777
Very intuitive, and sweet. She made me feel a lot better." ... written by mistyfi
Amazing lady. I love you! " ... written by krismic2
Amazing and good." ... written by kate19871
Awesome personality! Love her! " ... written by tloislane007
She is so great!" ... written by angelwhisper
Thank you Coutessstarella" ... written by JinglesJangle
Very good!" ... written by mina10
I love this woman she's so reassuring :) and honest x" ... written by shygal786
Thank you for your kind words!!" ... written by meohmy7
Love this woman loads!" ... written by shygal786
She is good but the time ran out so fast" ... written by happyfriend123
She is one of the best psychic ever met.. She is really good.. Highly recommended" ... written by umabalan
I love her so was so right about what she said about me and my family" ... written by quiana1
Very nice. :) " ... written by jstmedreamn
VERRY GOOD." ... written by theozz123
OMG so wonderful!!! So intuitive andamp;amp; quick..ty so much...reassured what my heart told me! Very gifted" ... written by shiftsgirl
Wow I am speechless. so clear in her thought and so precise in her answers!" ... written by angelsugar
Very great reading ilove u u made my day" ... written by sandy1113
SOO SWEET AND ON TARGET. PERFECT!" ... written by questgoat
Excellent accurate reading." ... written by sunita
She was awesome, love her decor." ... written by lisa
Absolutely brilliant, I could not be happier with what was said!" ... written by emmaball25
This lady is absolutely amazing." ... written by mlgriff330
Starella is very sweet! She worked with my budget and connected with me. I appreciate her quick insight and advice! Thnx Starella." ... written by Nina_Lovely
Thank you." ... written by jennisregistered
Lovely reading.. Very insightful. Shall do it again... She was right on." ... written by Tammy
Beautiful soul with amazing insight, 10+ stars." ... written by courtk11
Wow I had a good reading with her, she was able to pick up things I didn't tell. I will keep you updated. Once again thanks for being a good advisor. :))" ... written by jimikuta
Great Reading, Very positive and uplifting. Thank you. " ... written by leslieinla
I love the energy from countessstarella. Beautiful soul who delivers clarity." ... written by krismic2
She was great! Thank you so much for all the good thoughts!" ... written by scadoodle
*****Phenomenal***** she is able to see the pass and the future! She honestly was able to tell me things that I didn't ask. She told me and Yes they were accurate! "See is head on"; unbelievable the insight the vision she is blessed to share with the world! Her attitude is a 10 and extremely friendly and she shares this with everyone! Not only will she help you but also be a longtime friend! I recommend her wholeheartedly without a doubt! Give her a try, you will not regret this! She's the best, I love you Countessstarella! Cen" ... written by Divinelyfavord23
Countess is lovely and so positive! Great reading." ... written by jasminepapas
Countess Starella is so much fun to talk with I feel that I have made a lifelong friend. Her enthusiasm is like an electrical charge. Helps me feel more confident and light-hearted. Go see her!" ... written by piyote
Love her so much, so warm and helpful and will come back to her again and again." ... written by camo_mamma
Was very insightful, thank you very much. Highly recommended!" ... written by black2013
fabulous person. Wish I had more time." ... written by kathleen
Hopefully she was right on my question, felt she was breath of fresh air." ... written by jona69
Found her to be fresh and I will confirm if her insight is correct..." ... written by jona69
She has a very positive approach" ... written by myojin
Very fast a joy to talk to, " ... written by kami
She's so full of energy , very precise, and excellent." ... written by noble 9146
Was very insightful detailed, and quick, thank you very much Maam!" ... written by mettlwire
She is soooo nice! so positive and optimistic, I was feeling down but she really cheered me up. I believe the prediction will come true. I highly recommend this wonderful woman! Thank you so much countessstarella " ... written by brunette86ts
She helped so much and knew so much and glad that I talked to her. She gave me the strength to be independent." ... written by jrmg424
Hello contesss, I was trying to speak to you yesterday andamp;amp; it kept showing as busy all the time although I kept trying to return many times but still busy sign was showing just letting you know. please let me know when you are available to for us to continue. " ... written by edel95
Great private reading!" ... written by Priscilla Rafdahl
Wow. Very spot on. I'm excited to see where her revelations go.She's the second one to tell me this was a big relationship that will go on for a long time." ... written by bdeubler
Very accurate awesome job...hope to see predictions come true!!" ... written by karebear
Was very insightful and detailed, thank you so much." ... written by thinkpositiv2012
Awesome explanation. Needed exactly what I came for. Lots of kisses. ;0)" ... written by edel95
I love this beautiful lady and the connection I have with her is amazing. She picks up so much with very little information and she is always spot on. " ... written by kristina
Wonderful." ... written by JaclynnD
Love her! " ... written by Jessica
I thought she was giving a good reading and I would love to come back for more in the future." ... written by donna
So very sweet and considerate gave me the answer I needed very fast and efficiently all while still having time to give me some advice! Thanks so much." ... written by Persephone742
Got cut off too soon but gave lots of great insight :) THANKS!!!!" ... written by Anne-Maree
Fantastic insightful and understanding" ... written by kate
Omg, she's good." ... written by zeldalovesyou
This lady is a beautiful soul. Very accurate and insightful. I love her and have had many readings with her." ... written by kristina
The Countesstarella is fantastic!!! I love love love her!!! She immediately grasped the guy I am having trouble with and made it crystal clear that in understanding him so accurately, she also could give important feedback about what is happening to my world because of him. I feel like I have been set FREE!!!! I am going to follow the steps of release that she taught me to do and begin my life anew. I am going to follow my calling and anticipate all of the goodness she sees coming my way. I am a believer, thank you....I love you!!!!!" ... written by Eileen1005
Great reading. She's awesome. I would love to sit down and chat for hours!" ... written by Christi C.
Wow what a great lady! I really enjoyed my reading with Countess! She was awesome and had some great advise." ... written by earthangel4477
Extremely thoughtful to all people in chat, and elsewhere. I appreciate her work!" ... written by Kelly
She was awesome! She was able to help me, I understand what my angels are telling me and now I understand things clearly! I'll be back again for anther reading... She's great! Thank you!" ... written by Erin Stephens
Great." ... written by Donna Wishon
A girl after my own heart! So fun and uplifting and positive! A breath of fresh air, and a real Southern lady. Will be back to talk to her again!" ... written by Marta73
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I really needed your positivity to help me through this and you're so amazing with your guidance to keep positive your words are always so inspiring and uplifting" ... written by bunny222222
She was good and up lifting, I will have to wait till my love comes home from over seas to see him, thank you and I will keep you posted." ... written by sissy2373
She Rocks! She gave me insights as to what was going on in my loved one's head. Stuff that he plays down but I never knew. Thanks Contessstarella!" ... written by bdeubler
She is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!" ... written by Jay
She's so cool... very precise!" ... written by noble 9146
She was right on about everything in my relationship, our feelings, where we are at in our relationship. How difficult it has been for the both of us. Thank you so much. God Bless You." ... written by olive
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Melissa Morgan
She's amazing, very positive, and has such a beautiful heart. I recommend her to everyone !" ... written by Juan
Great!" ... written by Theresa
Fabulous as always." ... written by mystical
Good reading!" ... written by getmeright
Thank you! :)" ... written by Karen
Very sweet person she has calmed my spirit... I WILL FOREVER andamp; ALWAYS keep him in my prayers.. Thank You " ... written by Abyy
Very soul quenching... She is a sweetheart and helps a lot..." ... written by Livia
Very good! And positive!" ... written by mina10
Always great!" ... written by SANTALOVESU
Most comforting woman I've met, such a wonderful lady!! " ... written by Angela
Good." ... written by katgie
She is a wonderful person. She is uplifting and honest. Rate her a 5 star." ... written by kitkat02
It was good!!" ... written by jazzychic
I thought she was absolutely fantastic and I will certainly be speaking to her again. She is so gifted with insight and a wonderful kind spirit. Tuned in immediately and got right to the point for me. Thanks so much." ... written by ljsbmwz3x3
I dont know anyone else like Countessstarella, she knows how to make you feel better, and make you happy and have a good laugh with her. such a lovely lady. I'd recommend Countessstarella to anyone. Cause when you meet her, she will put a smile on your face." ... written by Guiseppe78
We shall see.. .Thanks so much! " ... written by Bea
What kind soul, a step ahead of every question I had with the right answers to her questions that I haven't even expressed. Wow. Hoped for more detail but time is always limited." ... written by Brian
Good." ... written by Ruby
One word: AWESOME!" ... written by Angie
Lovely woman, thanks! Great reading, made me feel relaxed, i will come again." ... written by samantha
Love it when I see Ella on-line. She is spot on, positive, clear, honest and knows her abilities so well..." ... written by Enkori
Thanks for the info , countess. :)" ... written by guiseppe
Good reading!" ... written by joellenr
WOnderful!" ... written by Mina10
Amazing!" ... written by mina10
She kept a smile on my face the ENTIRE conversation.... I'm lucky to have found her." ... written by Porchia
Excellent as usual." ... written by mina10
Words of wisdom indeed - will not forget them - ta muchly @: )" ... written by thetimeisnow
Shes incredible." ... written by daddychop
Great but my minutes were not showing up which I just bought I have to find out why and come back" ... written by pam
very insightful" ... written by Mina10
Thanks for details I had no idea about...! xix" ... written by janetet
I love her, so honest and true. Good advice giver." ... written by kelvin
Very helpful! Great energy, very nice woman. Helped me well and very friendly. Enjoyed talking to her! :)" ... written by Etoile
She was right inside my head! Was simply amazing. She is such a gentle spirit and but a smile on my face immediately! " ... written by Beth_E
This woman is wonderful she has made me believe in magic and fantasy again. I love her costumes they make you feel like a happy child again. She right on target with everything that was subconsciously bothering me. Most of all she has give me hope to live life again. Love andamp; light! Devene" ... written by devene page
Very goood! Amazing! Love her! xoxoxo" ... written by Klaudyna27
Thanks for the great reading! You are so wonderful! " ... written by Abigail
Very positive and has excellent insight. 5 stars !!" ... written by Ren
Thank you so much. I needed that it was lovely you are great. xx" ... written by roxanne laver
I love her. My son is going to great heights as long as my daughter. She just made me feel like i am doing everything right." ... written by emily wood
Very awesome lady, love chatting with her. Hope all goes as she thinks :)" ... written by sarah
Very good!! Insightful as usual :-)" ... written by Mina10
Thank You that was very helpful :)" ... written by Jennifer
Love her personality.. quick quick quick!" ... written by Taylor
Thank you very much, clear and concise information!" ... written by Steven
Very much on point and fast. I will return." ... written by Jamaal
Perfect, she is such a sweetheart:))) I had a great time, and she gave me a very good advice!!! Give her a try!!" ... written by CerseiLannister
She is good and to the point and helps with advice well." ... written by graham
Thanks!" ... written by Rodolfo
GOD Bless : )" ... written by Anant
I am going to take her words and make it happen... thank you countess" ... written by Pammy31
Thank you for the reading." ... written by 4651111
Thank you Countess for your love and wisdom. I needed it right now! Your help was much appreciated! " ... written by Missblan
Very good reading , very helpful and optimistic . I do recommend . A great character and accurate. Thank you !" ... written by joy12399
Thank you so much countesstarella, I means a lot, I will follow your advice and take me time be cofedent, and ask questions, and take it slow, it's exciting, I will protect my heart as well, and not get in over my head at first:)" ... written by Amanda
AMAZING!!!" ... written by sometimes4321
Very informative! Definitely recommend!" ... written by Alex
Great Reader...Love Star!" ... written by Jay Rodrigo
Perfectly accurate, I could feel the spirit guiding her. I got my answers. Get yours too! Blessings." ... written by SweetlyMe
Just an uplifting wonderful lady. I recommend her. She gave me hope and time frames." ... written by case smien
:)" ... written by Anant
Her predictions came true twice for me. :-)" ... written by winterhot
So inspirational and gave me a sense of courage back. Thank you!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! Highly recommend!!" ... written by Tpittmaur
Accurate. Good reading!" ... written by sadhana
The reading was great, I wish we had more time. I didn't quite get the yes or no answer I was looking for, I kind of already knew my own answers . lol but it was great for those words " ... written by Yesenia
She's awesome, love her energy and her wisdom. Million stars, yes million!" ... written by Daisy
thank you for giving me guidance...^^" ... written by Nightfall85
She can channel gods" ... written by pete
She is a wonderful, colorful, she always has experiences with uplifting feelings I love this woman not only colorful but accurate. Highly recommended" ... written by devene page
Comforting to hear your words, thank you! " ... written by Meg
Thank you!" ... written by Graham
I really really enjoy you!" ... written by Myriah
Beautiful spirit. very giving and supportive ." ... written by Henry
Oh I love this women I connected to her from the first time I got on here well worth the time. Accurate." ... written by Chaquana
Very clear and straight forward. Gives you the information you need. Ask clear questions so you can get clear information to help you get your answers. I would whole heartedly recommend and get a reading from again very definitely." ... written by Browneyes819
Thank you," ... written by Anna
Thanks ... will see what happens." ... written by guisep
Fantastic! Let me know all I needed to know. Clear and very quick, so gentle, understanding and kind! Huge Love and Many Hugs, Thank you so much Countess." ... written by Samsharia
She was amazing, gave very specific answers and very specific advice, very psychic connected and gifted." ... written by Lisa
Thanks esta " ... written by jo
One in a million for sure, and definitely Countess of the highest quality! Sweet, Thank You Loveliest Countess Starella." ... written by Samsharia
She is so right on amazing connection." ... written by jan
Very wonderful and clear, supportive and kind. Full of wisdoms, genetless, and huge Light and Love. Thank You so much Countess Starella for all that you are. XOXOX " ... written by Samsharia
Awesome! She made me feel so good about myself! She drove home what I already felt about my guy but was afraid to say. " ... written by Zeigen
Great person, great help." ... written by chris
Very trustworthy and encouraging." ... written by Debbie
Awesome lady!" ... written by Angeleve79
Great! Thanks!" ... written by amy
Good insight on what my vision could have been. Great details though and advice." ... written by Tyrel
Starella is amazing!" ... written by gleny cng baynes
She is so awesome..." ... written by Evette
Positive and straightforward answers! Straight to the point. thank you." ... written by jenny
Countess is very bang on and I thank you very much for the reading! Take good care!" ... written by CYNTHIA C STREGGER
A sympathetic loving person with great insight." ... written by IrelandIrish
She is sooo kind!!!" ... written by ashnnka
Thanks" ... written by char
Very insightful and helpful." ... written by Lorie
love you, thank you." ... written by samiha
Awesome Reading with Countessstarella ... wow loved her, she is the BOMB.. I feel so alive and feel she helped to plan out my dream.. she is Beautiful.. Thank You so much sweets.. xo" ... written by Annie
She is the best. She knows what she talking about and she is very connected!!!! Thank you God for this woman and for the spirits which guides her :-)) Starella...I Love you !!!!! thnx and see you again!!! xxx" ... written by spiritonloose
Wonderful and supportive, able to explain to me what was happening when it was so very confusing! Brilliantly clear. Thank You so much Countess Starella. Huge Love and Light. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Good reading......" ... written by merlin160
Amazing beautiful person and awesome reader!! She knew things without me saying anything and helped me work through my situation with clear concise advice. I loved my reading and will definitely be back soon!" ... written by moonshine0022
She was very good and genuine." ... written by veronica
Very nice lady good reading" ... written by jenny
Very good" ... written by jenny
Fabulous, as always. So clear, precise, wise and so gentle. Thank You so very much Countess Starella. Huge Love and Miracles in Abundance. Blessings, and every Joy. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
It's quite amazing to be read by her!" ... written by candy
Very nice. I just wish I had more credits." ... written by rockdancer(Carl0
I felt very connected and can see the positivity in my relationship issues. Hope. :)" ... written by Stephen
Great." ... written by janet
the Countess is the most inspiring beautiful soul I have ever came across she is uplifting and on the money with predictions I don't think I could find the strength to continue my journey if it were not for her, give her a try she is wonderful and fun!" ... written by devene page baca
I was very happy with the reading, I liked her energy. I will call again and let her know how things are going in terms of the predictions. GREAT READING!!!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Great lady, lovely spirit and energy!!!" ... written by woodencloud
I love this womAn, she reminded me of my grandma. In a GREAT way, they looked similar and the voice made me cry since I miss my gmas so much. Great reading. Reassuring me on things made me feel better. I would give more starts if I could." ... written by Tiffany
She was really good and positive." ... written by robersi vargas
Love this woman so sweet and a true professional. Huge insight and heart." ... written by mis
Lovely as always!!!" ... written by happigal27
Thank you so much for your time that you kindly share it with me!!!" ... written by noga1981
So wonderful as always! Very perceptive, supportive, loving and gentle, and wise! Thank You so much Countess. Lots of Love XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Thanks sweetie...holding on..." ... written by angeleve79
Wow...I'm in shock!!! Too accurate and the advice given was outstanding! " ... written by rae
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! " ... written by rae mack
Very kind and intuitive. Tells it like it is!" ... written by Miss Annie
She gave me hope...when my heart is breaking." ... written by angeleve79
Thank u." ... written by sincerly7
Nice overall general reading." ... written by gd
Absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! She is perfect, makes you feel comfortable, and relaxed andamp; knows everything! LOVE LOVE LOVE." ... written by Christine
Lovely, didn't need to ask the question she did it for me I was trying too word it properly and I got too talk to my nan I love Countess Starella, her energy is just so peaceful, would definitely recommend, she pulls you in like your one big family." ... written by kim
Awesome!" ... written by Lou
This woman is amazing, she tunes right into the problem and always has kind and wise thought to help me along. She is so very gifted. I go to her as a friend as well as a medium. The great energy she exudes rubs off and makes me feel at peace." ... written by devene page baca
Lovely lady. She told me a lot in the very short time that I had. She was accurate in her views. Would definitely use her services again." ... written by saladgreens
The best on here, I love her reading, def call her again!" ... written by sandreen24
She is fun.. Cute reading, very sweet lady." ... written by olivia
Awesome" ... written by nicki
She was quick and helpful!! Really helped ease my mind. I'd definitely come back to her again. :-)" ... written by SydnieB
Starella...thank you so much for the great reading! Not only are you accurate, but you give great advice, that is balanced and wise. You know how youve helped me so much! God bless you - love you x" ... written by globe
Very wonderful as always - a joy, a wonder, and very beautiful. Huge Love Countess. OXOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Wow! Very positive and always has been accurate in her reading to me, no one else been this accurate ever!" ... written by janesella
I really connected with her positive energy and loved her delivery too... I was happy to hear what she had to say and it helped me to stay strong in a crazy love relationship... I will for sure contact her again!" ... written by Gail
Excellent spiritual advice. Very spiritual connection with the angels. Thank you Starella! :) Love. x" ... written by Glove
Very good reader!" ... written by mina10
She's bang on the money" ... written by Maddy
very good reading!" ... written by amy
Very nice human being ....... Made me feel welcomed and comfy before starting reading...... Would recommed to all.... Love her. Thanks." ... written by mina
Lovely lady" ... written by Nadine Durward
countesstarella is magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by sara
Awesome, Accurate, Highly Recommend!!! First reading and she was right one with everything... Blessings to you CountessStarella!!!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Wonderful warm lady! Brings a smile to my face and hope to my heart." ... written by Norma
Great Friend, lucky and blessed to meet her." ... written by Bobbin
Thank you so much again Countess, Thank You, Thank You, Great Love XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Fab... I love this woman! Will come back again for another reading soon!" ... written by Pat
She's great! that's all I can say, really." ... written by Charles
She is lovely!" ... written by Eliana
Countesstarella... Was kind and very to the point... She has a good, positive energy..." ... written by Cindy
She was the best so much positive energy and love I needed it and she delivered it... Thank you so much, you need a million stars." ... written by Lottabody1982
Thanks for clearing my head!" ... written by janetet
Brilliant to the point" ... written by Anna
Fabulous as always, wise, true of heart and spirit, loving and gentle and warm. Huge Love and Blessings XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Thank you. Helped me to focus, and how to proceed." ... written by bodhijono
Very nice as always!" ... written by mina10
She truly opened my eyes! I was on the dark until she told me the real thing. I LOVE HER! She is funny and has tons of feathers! The master in here! Thank you countesstarella! I will stick with you :) Wholeheartedly Recommended!" ... written by Llianne :)
she is wonderful and on point! :) she's so sweet" ... written by lexi
Always enjoyable and helpful to speak with." ... written by Miss Annie
She is excellent! And everyone should have a reading from her. Thank you so much!!" ... written by Jacki
Amazing energy. Thank you so much. You helped a great deal!" ... written by Zachary
You, my sweet Countess, have picked up what my partner and I are feeling... Thank you!" ... written by pam
Thank you very much, Countess. Highly recommended!" ... written by mettlwire
She was right on and knew before I could tell her anything, it was chatting with her and she was very sweet and understanding, I'll be back to let her know how things turn out, thanks a million." ... written by mistie1
Was getting into it thank you but time ran out to quickly :(" ... written by nicemarie
Amazing woman, very sweet and insightful!" ... written by Molly
Countessstarella has the best spirit :)" ... written by Amber
Love love love her! thank you!!! I enjoy talking to you so much! " ... written by rae
She is wonderful !!!!! God Sent !!!!!!" ... written by Roseandwine
Fantastic as always. Huge Love Countess. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Thank you really made me feel good...thank you for your support and friendship. Love to you! x" ... written by globedove
She made my day and then some. This woman is truly amazing!!!!" ... written by BubbleGum4me
She is the best!!" ... written by raechel
Simply amazing!!! I love Starella!She was so on target and so accurate. I am so glad I had a wonderful reading from her and I felt so comfortable talking to her too! Starella is absolutely Oranum's best psychic! " ... written by dw4300
The best woman in town and fabulous." ... written by hotsalsa25
She is awesome!" ... written by Lou
Love her!" ... written by libra1998
WOW ! Tess super fast saw right away what was going on with my situation ! Her insight is helping me to move forward ! She wasted no time getting to the point ! !" ... written by Pamtay
Starella is insightful and sympathetic" ... written by Irelandirish
WONDERFUL" ... written by eleanor
She was amazing! She can see everything!! Highly recommend her. " ... written by Regina
Starz was the best most spiritual I've seen in a while.. very on point and very supportive.. She was the 2nd voice in my head that I needed to remind me that I already know what I'm doing wrong and how to stop it. Love you much starz!" ... written by Jadelioness01
Wow, I've never had such a connection with anybody on this site. So many chills. She is just amazing and gives amazing advice. I will definitely be back!!!!!" ... written by Rox
Beautiful as ever :)" ... written by happigal27
Wonderful read. Very insightful. Recommended big time" ... written by Jeff3066
very good and positive." ... written by laquinta
Absolutely brilliant, sweetheart, lovely, talented, gifted soul. " ... written by lovewater
Incredible! Real! All heart and gifts! Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
I love this woman... she has a heart of gold, and will never let you down. Exact, detailed, and made me feel so much better! Thank you Starella, much love and light to you. Oh, and very intelligent, which helps me when I feel unsure of myself." ... written by Sun
She's the BEST ever. Absolutely 100 percent adorable, professional, gifted, wonderful. A pure soul." ... written by lovewater
Fabulous and Wonderful, Brilliant too. Miraculous Blessings, Light, and Loads of Love XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Bless this woman. She is AMAZING!!" ... written by Brandi
Great first time reading I felt at ease and will be back for more!" ... written by Valorie Cummings
She is warm and loving and perfect always! Just love her " ... written by Elle
Amazing " ... written by Holly
Very good reading. She was able to answer my questions spot on and gave me some predictions, lets wait and see..." ... written by stickytoffee
Very infectious happy energy - love it. Thanks for the advise hope the prediction comes true." ... written by Jill
Just great, should have gotten more time." ... written by Brooklyn Nicole Rouse
Wow... .she tuned right in ... accurate, hope the predictions come through!" ... written by ann
Fantastic and Wonderful - Huge Love to You Countess XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Love her as usual. She is awesome and straight forward. " ... written by Brian
Awesome." ... written by Madaleana
Very positive reading. Encouraging. Would like to do it again for longer!" ... written by Madaleana
Amazing!! Accurate validation, thanks!!" ... written by Tina Boyd
She said all I wanted to hear. I'm happy. " ... written by estee
She is awesome, fun, and gives great advice!" ... written by Ashley
Positive messages." ... written by Fulgur
I thought the reading was spot on. She helped me get clarity on things that are going on in my life." ... written by Latashia
I LOVE her! So much insight, thank you Starella." ... written by Sun
Thank you for your upbeat attitude and reassurance." ... written by Katelyn
She is sooo great, always very helpful. Her readings are accurate she tells me how exactly I am feeling and how someone else is feeling. And her personality is remarkable. if you are looking for a reading you have to try her she is amazing." ... written by nayyerjames4102
Thank You, gave me insight, made me feel better. :) " ... written by Gwenn Kearchner
A wonderful woman." ... written by Alice
Thank you my god mother! I love you! Best reading ever!" ... written by Alla
Fantabulous as always, clear and to the point, what I needed to know! Thank You Countess, so much Love, Joy and Blessings Always. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
What a delight, the reading was clear and I felt like I was speaking to a wise, wise endearing soul. She was spot on. Thanks." ... written by HJB
Saw exactly what the situation was without me saying much and was so kind and sweet about the answer. Lovely reading." ... written by Angie
Love you back. Thanks for the wonderful advice" ... written by love
Best psychic, so much help!" ... written by Ana
Lovely and wise as always, thanks dear countess." ... written by happigal27
Very positive and uplifting!!! Excellent private reading! Thoughtful and compassionate and great advice!!!" ... written by carlycaligirl
Great. Really helpful." ... written by Mel
She has the right words to help u understand what's going on with ur life... but more than that, the gift... truly amazing... Thanks!! :) " ... written by rai_^
She is really good.. she has helped me many times.. " ... written by ronald
Good sense of humour and very helpful and good advice." ... written by James
CountessStarella is awesome very kind, loving, positive, sweet, and uplifting." ... written by Bheider
I love her ..~ " ... written by Bobbin
Fantastic! Gave me the hope I needed." ... written by Amie
Very good reading." ... written by gregior
Fabulous, blessed, accurate! Precious Woman. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
I am really not sure what I thought... she was right on about smoking... she said she felt that she could smell it and I was actually smoking as we spoke.. but my answers about a specific question were not answered... so not really sure what I thought." ... written by Kainaj1973
greatttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by hahyde
Awesome, thanks heaps." ... written by Damon
I love What a wonderfully woman she is so gifted." ... written by devene page baca
By far the most unique reading i've had yet.." ... written by sara
Cery detailed and insightful... Also very genuine and good advice." ... written by sara
She is really helpful to set your mind in the correct way." ... written by maruf ahmed
She is truly gifted and amazing, a lot of information in a short amount of time as promised. I will keep coming back, I love her!" ... written by Chanel
Wonderful, Supportive, Full of Wise Ways, Huge Love Countess. XOXOX " ... written by Samsharia
LOVE HER. Amazing woman and such a positive spirit. XOXOXO" ... written by GRT
SHE'S GOODS AND SHE HELPS YOU OUT ALOT " ... written by kate
Thank you" ... written by acb
Awesome Read!" ... written by Mike
Great as always!" ... written by Melissa
Very good...quick and to the point! " ... written by beth
Will be back to tell you what happened!!" ... written by Raphael
Thank you so much for your beautiful reading! It filled me with positive energy and I feel ready to take on the world as the famous actress that I am! Thanks so much. :)" ... written by Katherine Bransgrove
What a sweet and tender heart. I trusted what she said." ... written by Lynne Benjamin
You are a nice, and kindly woman hu have full fait on you self. And know what you are doing ,bless too you mame" ... written by chineseflower
Starella is the sweetest kindest person, who always puts a smile on me (and others) no matter what. She's encouraged me through a difficult personal journey, and her advice and words have really impacted me at a deep soul level and transformed how i think. So grateful to her for this. Additionally, her predictions have all come true! She is a real gifted soul. Love her x" ... written by Globe
Countess, you are so lovely!! Your energy is bright and beautiful!" ... written by shelle97
I always come to her she is a great coach and very accurate readings." ... written by nayyerjames4102
Just loved her energy. She is a very loving, gentle soul. Though I have not been on this site long, I would ask everyone to get a read by her. 5 stars!" ... written by UknowMe74
Thank you as always!" ... written by happigal27
My dads spirit sent her a message to not worry so much about the small silly things. I know that was him! I talk to him about these small silly things all the time and I worry about them so much... in the 2 minutes I had with her, this was definitely the message he would send through her. :) " ... written by Cynthia
She is wonderful. Witty and warm. Reading was so spot on in every way with clear guidance. Thank you Countess Starella!" ... written by sunshine0105
Lovely lady so true and honest answered my question. x " ... written by Emma Adam
She is a great person and intuitive. She will give you her all and I don't think you could go wrong by getting a reading with he. She's great. I will be back again....:)" ... written by linda
Amazing lady!!!!! She is full of warmth, love, wisdom, guidance and regal exuberance. I felt an instant connection to her. Maybe a guide in a past life or something...I recommend a reading with her for you to see experience her gifts first hand. " ... written by LadyGrace
I feel so much better. Really understood and knew the situation. Have me actual verbage and actions to take. thank you so much.This year will be the best year of my life not the doom i thought about." ... written by christine
Always amazing! I would recommend to ANYONE!" ... written by Christine
She is good." ... written by Mamma6
I feel elated, like a weight of bullshit has been lifted from my chest. Thank you." ... written by Angel
Beautiful Woman - accurate and fast - Loving, Gentle, Kind, Wise - Thank You So Much Countess, Huge Love andamp; Light XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
She is the best. So friendly, so open and honest. This is my 3rd reading with Countessstarella I think, and I'm so happy." ... written by Stickytoffee
So caring!!!! Patient. Most Beautiful Person XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Thank you for your insight :)" ... written by m.r
Very good" ... written by Peter
Always a great reading, I love how she has helped and helping me through my personal situation. " ... written by nayyerjames4102
very upbeat and accurate." ... written by loveslifenow
Awsome, thanks for your advice..." ... written by planejane7
She was awesome and very supportive. and totally right on the money!!" ... written by leolady23
She is dead on!!!" ... written by Tamika36
She is wonderful, very knowledgeable and helpful." ... written by Charmaine
Countess is very sweet, very kind, straight to the point and very informative. Thank You Countess" ... written by Neo
Aww what can I say? Countess Starella is such a beautiful person inside andamp; out. So motivating, and tells you exactly what you need to hear. Thank you sooo much, I'll keep you updated :) " ... written by Roy
Have to wait and see, but she's awesome and fun. " ... written by Kiesha
Thank you so much for your honesty." ... written by bella.812
Thank you you're a sweety and I do much affirmations and will go forward. Happy BLESSED, PROSPERIOUS New Years to you." ... written by luba
She helped me soooooooo much when I really, really needed someone.....what a darling.....I believe everything she says....I wish I could afford to talk longer because I need it but I'm thankful for what I had......" ... written by Lynda
She's a star!!! I love her!!" ... written by Autumn
Thanks so much Countessa... you have really helped me to believe in myself and break freeeeee " ... written by irelandirish
Amazing" ... written by nana smith
she is wonderful!! her advice worked like a charm and though i couldn't understand what she was telling me (the truth about my relationships) it all makes sense now and she has offered more advice which i am excited to implement." ... written by sara
LOVE! The best personality out of anyone i've known, unique and beautiful... " ... written by Kristina
I thought she was very helpful and validating:) I am happy with my reading. Thank you so much and may be blessed always!" ... written by Karolyn
love her energy!" ... written by bd
We'll see what happens. :)" ... written by Kiesha
she was great" ... written by cj0209
Sweetest lady on the site, profoundly generous, kind and lovely!" ... written by Heavenlylight
Starella helped me overcome my anxieties and helped me to see a new path - fantastic help and advice. Super!" ... written by K
She is like a fairy godmother..for real. Amazing woman" ... written by niki
Simply amazing! I wish I could afford to speak with her every day. She was able to answer all of my concerns and put my mind at ease with answers to nagging questions." ... written by insanity2k14
Very sweet and informative." ... written by moon
:) She made me more happier, and motivated. Here we go this time ain't stopping pursing my career. " ... written by Walt89
Awesome!" ... written by sunshien
She is sooo great and kind she knows whats going on in your life and someone that you might be worried about's life just amazingg" ... written by nayyerjames4102
Very good reader...Very kind, very understanding, very wise old soul! " ... written by Erin
THank you so much" ... written by Rahul Tiwari
Good JOB. ON point and fun! " ... written by Cassandra
Very uplifting Very Positive Thank you, Namaste, Mahalo :) " ... written by Mary Ann
She did a wonderful job of picking up what was wrong and letting me know I was on the right on track. Worth every penny." ... written by starfire444
AMAZING, THANK YOU!" ... written by STEF
She was great. On point with everything. She really opened my eyes to some things. I'll be back, definitely." ... written by nina
It's like talking to a royal queen who has all the answers on how to run my own kingdom :) Such a warm, radiant soul. All is well now! :)" ... written by LadyGrace
very good!" ... written by anna
Was so good to find Starella on today. She is a great advisor and friend who cares. No wishy washy details to have to sift through..." ... written by Enkori
Wonderful, thoughtful, clear, and so very caring and gentle. Totally spot on!!!! Thank you Countess, Multitudes of Blessings. XOXOX" ... written by Sam
She is a very positive and helpful advisor" ... written by erika
great psychic and actress!" ... written by anna babin
Thank you!! Great reading and it was quick!" ... written by Cristina
I loved loved loved talking with you. So great :)" ... written by Jaylene
Awesome! Starella was super nice, sweet, fast, accurate, and insightful. I will definitely be back for an update. I wish I had more time to read with you, I was really enjoying it." ... written by Jennifer
She was really nice, got everything right away in my situation. " ... written by Lyn
She is a 5 Stars! She is 99% accurate. Top on Oranum. Very fast, intuitive, positive and connected immediately. A brilliant and gifted person. Give her a try. You won't be disappointed. Very Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
My countess is absolutely wonderful. Supportive and incredible. She helps to encourage hope where this is an opportunity to succeed, and encourages strength if she feels there is not. Big hugs Countess." ... written by Jadelioness
Very, very, very good psychic. Fast and extremely honest." ... written by bo
Wonderful lady...great reading. Love her!" ... written by jordan
Love you countess, most grateful to the universe for having met and talked to you :)" ... written by happigal27
Awesome, beautiful soul. Thank you so much! oxo" ... written by JennEph
I had a wonderful session with starella, she was so giving, open, compassionate and insightful. I am looking forward talking to her again. Sending my love and light to her!" ... written by sora
She is a 5 Stars! She is 100% accurate. Amazing and excellent reader. She is a gifted woman. Very quick and positive too. Highly recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Thanks for a great reading." ... written by ash
thank you a very sweet lady" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
Sound advice!" ... written by Mark
So uplifting and thank you for the talking! Lol. You didn't have to. Everything that I thought and just love the reassurance of us. I know I'm good for him, just need that little boost of advice and insight. Baby steps. I miss seeing him on a regular basis. i know it will pass. xoxoxox" ... written by LL
Very accurate and kind." ... written by c
She was awesome!" ... written by stephanie
I ran out of time, but very warm and encouraging." ... written by Patty
excellent reading" ... written by cindt
Thanks always make sense and love your positivity and energy!" ... written by kealia35
Wonderful, gentle, thoughtful, spot on! Great Love andamp; Blessings Countess. Thank You. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Very good...will use again!" ... written by krisglofan
What a great reading! She really knows her stuff!" ... written by AC
She's beautiful! So positive!" ... written by Arynwen
I think she is right." ... written by OR
Very good reading. Insightful. Wonderful guidance. This was my first reading with countess Starella. She connected with me right away. Ten stars!" ... written by Mishelle
Thank you!" ... written by irelandirish
Thank you Countessa." ... written by irelandirish
You are awesome! Love your energy!!! Wish you were here!!! That is what I lack: excitement. You have it within you!" ... written by Ula
Very Compassionate and energetic. No negative vibes at all. Watched a few chat rooms and kept being drawn to the "Countess". Will return and recommend to whom ever needs it." ... written by Leah
Gratefulness and thanks for her" ... written by nik
I thought it went very well. She gave me some good advice about questions I had for my overall health and well being. Stuff I knew I needed to do but couldn't quite get to come to fruition. Would recommend her to anyone." ... written by David G.
Very good reading! Great advice. I only come to countess now for questions and guidance. Ten stars!!" ... written by Mishelle
She is amazing, clear fast and accurate :) " ... written by Cassandra
Very nice person." ... written by Susan Steele
Countess, is the absolute BEST on Oranum. Honest answers from the soul. She is my guiding light in the storm and the only adviser on Oranum, who I completely trust. I will only go to Countess, as the guidance is real and she is a healer of mind and soul. Ten stars!!! " ... written by Mishelle
The power of her messages are timeless. Only good can come with sharing with her. Your life will be imbued with happiness." ... written by SilverShower
Great advice! Helpful suggestions. Spooky how much she seemed to know. Definitely an experience I'd like to go through again." ... written by Nerual
The best angel!" ... written by Princess Rachel
Thanks very intuitive. Gave insight into my problem and the correct way to go about it to change things." ... written by Christine
Thank you for the great reading." ... written by Ashwarya
She is the best and gives the best advice. Her outlook on life is so positive and loving. Update was just what the doctor ordered.. Thanks for all the great news.." ... written by Trsha
Thank you so much Countessa." ... written by irelandirish
I love you mommy, please keep James and I always in your prayers.. Light and love to you mama." ... written by Princess Rachel
Positive very sweet." ... written by Maria
Beautiful and Wonderful, ever Supportive and Wise. Thank You Countess, for all you Love, Care, Attention, and Wisdom. God's Blessings XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Wow she got my dead son, and that we now call him Jack. This woman is the one to see countessstarella is the best. She calmed my nerves and made me very happy! Many blessings to you." ... written by starfire444
*****" ... written by MARYARDOIN
Said just what I need to hear! she is always great." ... written by cj0209
Had technical issues but the what I got was great. Thank you" ... written by cowgirl_up
She is great, but still time flies so fast :(" ... written by Sanjam
Thank you so much Countessstarella. Great psychic compassionate and caring. Excellent qualities, thank you. " ... written by barbara
She is very honest and already knew what i had been going through" ... written by Amy
Wonderfull reading, very positive and loving and great counselor and was very accurate as well! Thank you countess! " ... written by Lynda22
Countessstarella had to say about William and I was so accurate. I almost fell out of my chair. " ... written by saphire97
Awesome session!!!! She is awesome!!!!!! Thank You!" ... written by Accentit
Thanks. I THOUGHT I'VE MEET MOST OF THE AMAZING PEOPLE IN MY LIFE I was wrong. I soulfully admire you for who you are and what you do. Marnetta" ... written by Marn
Thanks :) it's not the best news but I knew that..." ... written by angeleve79
Fabulous reading as always! Countess is my light of guidance and inspiration. I feel such a warm connection with her and every private reading is a true and pure gem. Her guidance and insight keeps me looking forward with stamina, truth and gentle soul. Any time in private is worth the cost. " ... written by Mishelle
Well worth it, described my guy exactly and I found out some interesting things about him." ... written by Sarah
GOOD THANK YOU" ... written by STEF
I love Star! She is super intuitive and fast, friendly, and detailed. She has this confident aura about her and that makes me believe all that she sees for me and everything she tells me. This was another wonderful reading. One of the best!" ... written by Jennifer
Very good reading. Answered my questions as always. Straight to the point and no holds barred. Wonderful insight and advice. Twenty stars, if Oranum would allow it!! Countess is absolutely awesome and her guidance is always correct. I would be lost without her wisdom and teaching. " ... written by Mishelle
Great Reading" ... written by DarniaC
Ahe is adorable" ... written by humility
Love her!!! She's great!!!" ... written by jo
Very good!" ... written by mina10
I give deep thanks for countesstarella today! What a gift to meet her and hear exactly what I needed! She knows, she knows! My spirit rejoices with her truth and I received exactly what I was needing today. Many blessings to you, countessstarella!" ... written by summerbreeze88
Thank you so much! Amazing ! Full of positivity!" ... written by unknownjourney
Was a good reading" ... written by Rol
Another brilliant reading! I must say you feel like a sister, I love how you are effecting me and thank you so much for your guidance and advice, again! I really appreciate what you do in this world and what you do for me, I hope no one ever tries (not that they can) to take that away from you because your light is something that brightens up this world, creating more light within others as you go along. I really cannot express how much I appreciate you. I wish you love, peace, joy and prosperity - now and always, Thank you very much. :) Lots of Love, Isabella" ... written by IsabellaB
Thank you so much for the private reading! I really love your energy and how you are straight to the point. I thank you and appreciate your guidance in my matters and your advice, I will take it to heart. It was very reassuring what you said and make me feel less afraid and more confident, I hope I can move forward faster with this knowledge without hesitation. Thank you very much, I will definitely be back! Lots of Love, Isabella." ... written by IsabellaB
beautiful, nice, amazing woman. With much patience and respect . her connection was strong and fast. xoxox" ... written by niki
good" ... written by miranda
wonderful" ... written by obianuju NWOSU
5 Stars!! She hit the bullseye!!" ... written by starlight
Wonderful woman, responsive, thoughtful, kind, uplifting. Perfected the art of living on the Bright side, and the Light side. God Bless Countess! XOXOXO" ... written by Sam
Thanks Countessstarella, you are wonderful" ... written by Jes
She's amazing, on point and doesn't waste time!! Thank you for the reading!" ... written by toots
Such a sweetheart, always has the answers and the truth. very accurate and confident. love Star!" ... written by Jenn
I think she is very good , she sees a lot of thing about me, give her a 5 stars. Unfortunately I run out of credit but for sure I will be back for another session with her again.. Thanks a lot" ... written by veve
what a blessing. thanks agian" ... written by niki
blown away. by just one comment she had made" ... written by niki
Lovely and confirms what I have been thinking. " ... written by Sarah
5 STARS!! Great reading!!!" ... written by hotstuff
as usual, my countess didn't fail me.. always supportive,.. and on point." ... written by Jade
Great!!!" ... written by Joanne
Thank you you will be my go to. Thank you. " ... written by JLenaJohnson
As always a 5 star person and psychic. Thank You countesstarella" ... written by barbara
Wonderful as always - Always the Countess has a way of lightening the path. God Bless XOXOX" ... written by Sam
beautiful" ... written by jenny ladewig
Great advice from a nice lady. " ... written by tilthe
Well my love.. it's never a waste of time with you.. though this time, it was more of a confirmation than a affirmation.. but as usual.. thank you so much!" ... written by Jade
Really liked her very good would go back again great lady x " ... written by star
I hope she is right" ... written by OR
Fantastic reading. Connected right away, as always. I felt such a warm connection too. Great insight and advice. " ... written by Mishelle
Beautiful loving caring full of love and guidance. I thank you for your warm heart and spirit. xo " ... written by Vicky
Positive and reassuring!! Made my day!!!" ... written by Michelle
beautiful. thank you!! " ... written by Kate
shes great thank you!!!!" ... written by star
<" ... written by serina
Very honest. She tells you want you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I highly recommend a reading to everyone. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
She resonated very well with me." ... written by Muse
She is great! I love the reading with her and I recommend her to everyone! " ... written by Tina
She was right on and I loved her support. She hit the nail on the head." ... written by Kristen
Thank you soo much countessstarella, very helpful. 5 star reading from a sweet lady." ... written by barbara
she is right" ... written by irena
She's the best! And her wardrobe is to die for:)" ... written by Jazzy3272
what a great woman. an inspiration! she told me the hard truth but did it in a way so that I felt better. thank you dear!! :)" ... written by emotions
Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Could chat for hours! Great reading!" ... written by Kelly
Gave me some helpful hit to move forward in life... enjoyed the reading. She is very straight forward and honest.... amazing personality..." ... written by Danielle
I like her! Seems as if she can SEE ME and what's going on around me.... I am impressed." ... written by Betty747
Wow, thanks for your help. now i understand what i have to do. Great reading. " ... written by anglothai
She's simply amazing! I always have a great time talking to her! You feel like family when you enter her room and positive vibes! she is very accurate and sincere." ... written by Joann
She is wonderful! I felt as though she was speaking my deep, inner thoughts andamp; knew my heart andamp; soul... She was genuine andamp; kind.... I appreciate her understanding, insight andamp; encouragement through positivity andamp; hope ;) Thank you!" ... written by Robyn
Great reading thank you so much." ... written by liz w
awesme" ... written by saphire97
Excellent reading and great insight. I would be in the dark without countess and struggling to figure life out. She is the absolute best. Fifty stars, they were available. Countess is honest, straight to the point and has the best advice!!" ... written by Mishelle
i love her readings she is straight to the point and she does not sugar coat!!! ty" ... written by amoura88
Very good advice and reading as usual" ... written by Stickytoffee
Want to talk to her some more at a later time. Please let me know how to reach her." ... written by Lori Johnson
She did amazing THANK YOU!!!" ... written by sarah
Awesome ready it was what I needed to hear" ... written by REBECCA
One of my 2 favorites on here. she is soo sweet and always helps me feel better when I am down. She always connects soo fast n strongly too spirit. " ... written by niknac123
Fabulous as always!! Great Good Fortune Countess, Every Blessing. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
she is wonderful and dresses awesome ! =) " ... written by Jennifer
amazing" ... written by robin
great as always" ... written by devene pagebaca
I love this woman in abundance... she deserves 10 million bright golden stars!!!! Thanks so much for this reading, I feel so energised and fired up! God Bless you. xxxxxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Always fast and very good. No Tools!" ... written by Sarah
Excellent read! Will keep you posted!" ... written by T.
oh, she is awesome, wonderful in every possible way, my whimsical queen countess made all of glittery, shinning stars,..." ... written by neala
5 stars and she picks up instantly" ... written by georgiapeach37
so wonderful and uplifting- and spot on" ... written by jenny
Always Fabulous! Mountains of Love Countess XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Star is a blessing! She is so sensible, smart, intuitive, insightful, and truthful. She will answer your questions and give you good advice to improve things. Another wonderful reading with her, loved it. Thank you so much." ... written by Jennifer
Countess is amazing! She tapped into it quickly and gave me a great reading filled with laughter, love and gracious loving energy! " ... written by Elle
Thank you to put me at ease and the truth." ... written by Shiny
she is great" ... written by saphire97
Contessa is great." ... written by saphire97
AMAZING.. SO WISE!! FAB! THANK YOU " ... written by STEF
countess is always great" ... written by saphire97
You are my Guru, my mentor, my strength. Cant be more thankful to God and the universe for having met you. Thank you, as always." ... written by happigal27
She was awesome!" ... written by John
great reading thank u went too quick " ... written by miss knight
Wonderful, picks up immediately on whats going on and gives wonderful advice AMAZING a must" ... written by agablue
She told me what I knew. I guess I just needed to hear it." ... written by Kathy
does amazing job" ... written by Lisa Marie
Love her and her readings, bring me the support, joy n happiness that I need." ... written by niknac123
She is VERY good and intuitive!!!! Great wisdom!!!! Worth it!" ... written by dynayshia
You are amazing... thank you" ... written by Ineira
I love her, shes terriffic" ... written by Marie/Signy
luv her" ... written by jennifer
Fun and insightful reading. " ... written by Starshine34
I can't even begin to say how important this reading was to affirming... are no words. Starella has the answers and the connection. She is so genuine and real. I have a feeling we are going to be lifelong friends! She is awesome! *hugs*" ... written by Joyce Alman
Wow! She hit it on the nose! You are so awesome!" ... written by Kim
WOW great readings GOD bless this queen!" ... written by GOD baby
short reading buy fantastic! I will come back when I have more credits." ... written by foxy
Oh my god ! she is really fantastic ,she's the real one ..i couldn't believed that she is really talking my parents …i am so happy what she's hearing and she's telling me ,through her i was connected to my mother and father…Thank you Miss.Countess i love you ! i will com back to you again…..thank you thank you !!!now i have a peace of mind…." ... written by Eiisa Deriada
always a pleaure, great support n help" ... written by nnac123
Love her!!" ... written by deborah
She is good! very solid with feet on the ground. Calms you quickly." ... written by Betty747
amazing!!!" ... written by nadia
Fantastic, new the entire situation and was spot on 100%. " ... written by shell
always puts a smile on my face when I need it. Thanks for your spiritual uplifting and connection." ... written by niknac123
Remarkable..... I believe.... and she is right... it will work" ... written by Trishe Lawson
great woman and great reading. Thank you " ... written by V
What a sweetheart1 I am so thankful for her wonderful advice. I do feel uplifted already after my reading. I am very grateful! Thank you!" ... written by Bev
very fast and seems like she knows what she is talking about and is so sure" ... written by mayala101
So glad I had a session with her tonight. She got me back on track!!!!" ... written by SG
Awesome reading, just love Starella. She is intuitive, insightful, accurate, and sensible. Wonderful!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you so much, i really enjoyed your advice i think is all clear" ... written by betty
She's amazing and so positive." ... written by Kathrin
Love her! She is so warm and gave great advice. Absolutely wonderful experience. I highly recommend her. " ... written by Rebecca
Very good ready!! She was dead on!! I usually don't believe in Psyc but she knew before I even answered. " ... written by Christina
great guidance!!" ... written by angelc.
I am going to follow her advice. If her guidance helps me out of my current situation I will be back to see her again." ... written by Alejandra
Thank you, i love Fernando all my heart he let way too soon. but the hospital let him go, didn't help enough. we needed more time. we have five kids" ... written by tabitha
A wonderful lady to talk to with great insight and advice. Spot on in terms of people in my life and their characters. " ... written by bijutsu
So sweet and even though credits were running out she still manages to squeeze as much in - Thanks x" ... written by corrina
Wonderful reading. Very fast." ... written by M Lewis
A great help" ... written by Krista
She connected very quickly and gave wonderful advice! Everything she said was accurate." ... written by cherryblossom10
Good." ... written by y
Amazing, inspirational and accurate! :)" ... written by Adam
very direct consoling caring intuuitive, powerful lady" ... written by bnjpangels
Countess is always uplifting and charismatic.. love readings with her and affirmations are divine!! Highly recommend her for any need. Thank you!! " ... written by Lynda22
What to say Countess, you are the queen of oranum. And nobody here understands me as much as you do. xxxx" ... written by happigal27
amazing " ... written by Lisa
Thank you very much countess got cut off.Will b waiting for the prediction to come true thanks a lot again!!" ... written by Mettlwire
Wonderful! I think it was just the boost i needed. I was feeling down about where my dog was but now I believe things will turn out in the next few days. I have had some tough times with dogs in these recent years and I ALWAYS seek help from gifted humans. I was not disappointed " ... written by Abby
she is the best ." ... written by cynthia
great guide!" ... written by angelc.
countess always makes me feel better." ... written by saphire97
amazing " ... written by Lisa Marie
Very genuine person to talk to and gave me good advice... :)" ... written by Yoghurty
Countess is unrivaled for her positivity and integrity. A treasure!" ... written by erika
genuine, sweet,caring and very straightforward. " ... written by niknac123
she is smart sweet and knows what she answers " ... written by Maryanne Bassemier
You are my queen, my goddess, my angel, my rock and refuge, she is my beautiful mother Countess! The queen of all hearts the matriarch of Oranum!!! How blessed I am to have a loving mentor like mama. Thank you for walking with me in this journey and the journey to come..light and love xoxoox" ... written by PrincessRachel8
Starella songstress......... xx oo " ... written by JANWORDS
amazing like always" ... written by robin
amazing reader !! truly gifted !!" ... written by tammyj1974
excellent xx" ... written by caroline seeley
thanks!!!!!! soo grateful for these readings. how helpful u are" ... written by niknac123
thank you" ... written by niknac123
Always refreshing and relaxing to talk to you Countess :)" ... written by happigal27
She was nice to talk to." ... written by kia2002
very cute!!" ... written by emi
I can only say she is the best in this world... i love her, i love her, i love her.. always right and always make me feel good about my self and have hope x" ... written by Radwa
Always lovely talking to countessstarella, great advice and wonderful energy and spirit. " ... written by bijutsu
Had a lovely reading. Received amazing advice. Thank you" ... written by Nakita
this woman has the gift! not only did she connect with me she received my energy and felt my feelings on the mater involved. tons and tons of blessings to this woman for her gift!" ... written by thomas
Fantastic person, great soul." ... written by Lauren
this woman is just so amazing. she gives me peace like no other. she knows what is going on with me. I don't need to say a word other than what is on my mind and she does the rest. beautiful heart, beautiful lady! thanks so much!" ... written by Joyce Alman
she is so strong, and smart and wise. Truly a help n great connector.. Ty for your uplifting" ... written by niknac123
always a pleasure. Learning more and more each time I have a reading" ... written by niknac123
She was on the money in less than 3 mins" ... written by chirokid23
Love her she is awesome, gifted and compassionate" ... written by Pammy826
nice" ... written by anu
she is awesome as always makes u feel better and up lifts ur spirits and her predictions always come to past and I can't wait for it to come to past thank you and I love u for being there for me for the last few yrs u give me hope when I need it the most" ... written by stacey
First reading with the Countess and she was fantastic. A "must read" for everyone." ... written by John
I love you " ... written by acb
she is awesome she is the mom I never had if I had a mom I would want it to be her, she makes u feel better about yourself when your sad and hurting she is very honest with you but at the same time very gentle, she said some things that came to past already and if u want accuracy she is the one to come see, she was right on the nose with 3 things so far, she dries ur tears when ur sad, she is the best if u want a true answer come see her " ... written by stacey
She is the dream for any artist who needs guidance. she was right on point. a friend and a mother " ... written by Leik
she is great" ... written by debby
OMGoodness love her!!! 5 stars all the way!!" ... written by angel
Str8 to the point!!! 5 Stars" ... written by GlitterGirl
Haha! She is the best, most uplifting, most loving psychic on here and she knows what she is talking about. She genuinely cares about you and loves you. She's not there to take your money. She gives you the best advice. If your chips are down, just go see her! She makes you feel better each time. Her energy is amazing. Thank you, thank you thank you!!" ... written by Sarah
great person and awesome, just wish I had more time. " ... written by JS
Awesome, brought me to tears. Can't explain the relief i felt after chatting with her, exactly what i needed. I've been waiting for years to figure this out and she helped me so quickly. Genuine and true..." ... written by Abbey
thank you - such a wonderful presence about you! and such a great help xoxo" ... written by me
such a wonderful reader, i love her!" ... written by tk
I couldn't afford that much time for a private reading, but she was very accommodating. Her advice was very uplifting and an all-around great person." ... written by Lillian
Starella Is amazing she tunes into feelings very quickly. she has helped me so much in todays reading. I love starella. Thankyou" ... written by destiny
good down to earth advice" ... written by Jerry
she's very empowering and i love her energy! she pushes me to make everything in my life happen (LOA) and doesn't sugar coat or waste time. will def be back to talk to her" ... written by m
very lovely Reader... she made the whole session seems so light and fun." ... written by jeannie
You're SO great! Thank you for putting a smile on my face. BIG hugs back!" ... written by Holly
Always the best, I'm looking forward to late-August!" ... written by Sarah
I like the reading, she is very good reader,, doesn't screw you around and to the point, I wish I could have asked more but my computer kept screwing up." ... written by Merlin
This was my initial meeting with the Countess. We did not get very far due to technical problems on my end. The time we did get together was very enlightening. I look forward to meeting with the Countess again. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
she is awesome. she assured me that i was making the right decision, which have been killing me for a long time. She made me feel confident about a big decision i will have to make. thank you again" ... written by cinderella
Thank you - you just always put a smile on my face. Will be back to talk more about the energy shift!!!!!" ... written by Holly
She is marvellous and I would not go to anyone else. I have been to so many psychics on here and she is the only one who will tell you like it is and tell you an uplifting affirmation of what you should do next. She makes you feel so much better about things. Trust me she is the one! " ... written by Sarah
she is absolutely fantastic. sweetest woman with very spot on readings! will be back soon! love her" ... written by kaitlin
Wow this lady is very intensive in her reading and gives out loads of advice and positive energies. The Countess never stopped talking til the end of the session and every word out of her mouth was worth listening was not flowery but clear and to the point. Thanks " ... written by sanity53
great as always" ... written by cj0209
Countess Starella is a one in a million woman. From the moment I entered her room for a private chat to the minute I left, I felt warm, comfortable and relaxed. My stress just eased away as I listened to her intuitive ability. Oh yes, her laughter is contagious!! Thanks" ... written by sanity53
what a wonderful and tuned in lady! thanks so much for my lovely reading...will let u know how it all worked out " ... written by gemmie
If you want to know what a person is really like, or want to know how they feel. She is the best at that and will tell you what to do. And will send you prayers and love to you. She is the most loving and awesome Psychic on here and I have been to a LOT!! " ... written by Sarah
Thank you." ... written by Alexander
i love her so much. she is so good at her readings. I deeply recommend countesstarella! thank you so much" ... written by sarai
She is so amazing, always gives wonderful insight, accurate predictions, and helpful advice... Thank you so very much!!" ... written by Robyn
Lovely reading.... ...confirmed all the positive things happening for me...and reassured for me that my life was going in the direction it needs to go... thank you " ... written by Maria
Thank you SO MUCH! She's wonderful and really really good!" ... written by frag
I love her, she the best! :)" ... written by Godbaby
I didn't have enough money to finish it sadly, but she's really helpful and nice." ... written by Courtney
Calming, goes straight to the issues and let's you know exactly what's going on. " ... written by Yesenia
very nice women!! Good reading!" ... written by miszy
thnx so much for a wonderful reading, you really put my mind at ease today!" ... written by gemmie
wow you are amazing thankyou so much for all your words to me in the reading, I am going to do exactly what you told me to do. thankyou thankyou I really needed this. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" ... written by rachel
Awesome Reading!!! Loved it!! She picked up on my past marriage very quickly without me letting her know. I hope that whatever she predicted comes to pass!! I truly hope so!" ... written by Latinagirl82
I enjoyed my reading today with the Countess. She does not waste time, sees clearly and recognises blockages. The Countess has clean and very positive energies. My reading today was very reassuring. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
She is truly divine. Excellent reading. A very gifted reader. " ... written by Kathy
Gerat energy. Thanks so much for your support and insight. You're great!" ... written by familyhelper
Countess is one of those precious people that when you meet them, you count your lucky stars ad thank god for such a blessing! Blessing bestowed to me and all of us, to know her, and be able o listen to her, soaking up on her most valuable advice. She truly is a huge blessing to this site!" ... written by ohsobeautiful
love ya star" ... written by TurquoiseCross
This reading was to help me make a decision on a life choice. The Countess has amazing energies and is very friendly. Not a minute was wasted and the Countess was to the point. Countess is a caring and wonderful soul and I feel great after being with her. I like the Countess and her intuition is very strong. Thanks" ... written by sanity53
Excellent! Supportive! Loving! I am blessed to have her on my side as a consultant" ... written by Christine
She is something special.. wow.. i'm just blown away. i love this woman to death! she's just amazing. made so many connections today in such a short amount of time. thank you so much countessstarella!" ... written by ja
She was awesome! She gave me exactly what I was looking for. She was so sweet and kind and bubbly. I recommend to anyone give a try! " ... written by Kinisha Lewis
thank you so much for such a great reading!! I will def be back again soon..aloha" ... written by lehua
great" ... written by lekha Chopra
fabulous reading and energy .. love her " ... written by tink
She is very good! every time I need a reading I go to her. She is the best! I have a good experience with her. What she says comes true. :)" ... written by Rocio Rodriguez
She is my soulmate, I love her so much, she is amazing. I will always talk to her. God bless oranum for hiring her. She is truly a gift from God. " ... written by Linda Kelly
Starella is truly an inspiring person, I have known her for ages from coming into her room and she always provided me with so much positive energy and her reading did exactly the same thing. God bless you Starella and thank you for being there for all of us and providing us with hope. ♥ ♥ ♥" ... written by Larimar Gem
I enjoyed it but I would have liked to have an over the phone experience with her. She is amazing :-)" ... written by Shay
5 STARS!" ... written by greeneyes
Great reading!!! Hope everything comes to pass. Will provide her with an update once it does!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Glad we could catch up - keep praying :)" ... written by Holly
Countess Starella is wonderful. A spectacular reader and I would give her ten stars if I could." ... written by Marie
Oh my- she's a sparking bundle of specialness. Great reading. And wonderful soul." ... written by Ahz
thank you" ... written by irelandirish
PRECIOUS PRECIOUS PRECIOUS... Nothing but Love and adoration..Thank you so so much... " ... written by Brian
FANASTIC!!!" ... written by Noush
She was great!! I love her! She had wonderful ideas to help me in my personal life. She is so cute, too, and we are the same age. I have a new friend!" ... written by Sharon Bricker
CountessStarella is simply the best. The time I spend listening to her wisdom is a gift. " ... written by KB
Always a great feeling talking to you Countess :) I will always miss you, an honour to have met you in my life." ... written by happigal27
She's awesome. Nailed everything she said and it happened. Definitely great on love. thank you :)" ... written by toots
She is awesome!! I felt a real connection to her and truly believe she is right about everything and look forward to the outcome" ... written by Catherine
Great session. Very warm, compassionate, and made me feel ok with what is happening in my life. Gained power back by speaking to her.... Thank you." ... written by Kannon
Excellent! More than words can convey. Very pleased here. xo" ... written by Stephanie
Very good! I recommend 110%! Very intuitive, straight to the point. Excellent actually. Yes. " ... written by Stephanie
Great as always not enough time lol" ... written by Miriam
I love this woman! If we were closer, I would be at her house all the time and we would be best buds, dressed like couple of crazy princesses! Everything she says is right on. She tells the truth that the other fear to say. I treasure her, and trust her 100%" ... written by Joyce Alman
The best thing i have ever try... Love her beautiful message from the other side.. Keep Blessing many people with your gift :) will be back again soon" ... written by La Capri
she was fast and very good" ... written by sp
This one is AMAZINGGGGGGGG" ... written by Silvers229
I love her!! she is like a SISTER! So full of love. Will def return to her. " ... written by SHAHNA
countess is such a sweetheart! she is for real! she is on point and very accurate in what she sees. I will keep you posted! thank you so much for the reading! :-)" ... written by ash
Awesome reading, very right on, you will see me again" ... written by Jeanne O.
she was great and honest" ... written by cathi
thank you very much :)" ... written by amanda
Enjoyed the reading ... first one with her and she seems authentic and quick! I liked her very much!" ... written by ann
Quick and to the point. ONly time will tell on accuracy. Enjoyed the reading and will be back." ... written by K
once again awesome, I wont be able to talk for a week or so no money" ... written by Jeanne O.
not enough time :(" ... written by christina
greatttttt" ... written by kiki
Thank you ... I missed you!" ... written by ACB
Always the best, never go to another psychic on here. She gives you the tools you need for success in any situation and motivates you. Knows the answers too, even though the future can change, she will see things in your immediate future and tells you what you need to do about your problems. Highly recommend Star!! " ... written by Sarah
Great lady!! Very in tune, lots of info!!" ... written by d
She was helpful,funny,and fun to watch, and she also made me excited" ... written by Aminata
Love all her thoughts and advice. Time will tell on the long term stuff :)" ... written by allieg
nice" ... written by lara
loved it even though it was only a few minutes!" ... written by Allison
She is my favorite advisor on the site. Countess Starella is always so encouraging and positive with her advice. " ... written by Kathy
I was really drawn to this openhearted spirited lady and wished I could of listened and spoke more. I will come back. She is compassionate and understanding. I feel connected and hope I can access her words with my future." ... written by Andy
Excellent reader. So positive and upbeat!" ... written by ta
great was on time with everything,gave much feedback as needed excellent" ... written by Lisa
awesome♥accurate and real" ... written by stephanielight1
Fingers crossed Countess." ... written by happigal27
LOVE HER! Always positive, great practical, everyday advice to be happy and grateful" ... written by Allison
Wonderful oxo" ... written by JennEph
I can never get enough.. 3rd pr and i will always come back Countess you are the best xoxoxo God Bless you" ... written by Miriam
My countess is such a wonderful goddess and I love the fact that her spirit is soooo strong, yet warm and comfortable! Thank you m'luv.. there's a comfort in knowing that what I seek is not what I will be receiving -- what I will be receiving will be so much better!" ... written by Jade
WOW! what a powerful reading! Thank you a zillion times over Starella! You were so accurate on everything about what is going on around me. I will stay in touch with you and give you an update as soon as I hear from him and let you know what he says. You have given me positive insight into what I need to do and I will be patient and carry on with things as they are around me, letting the Universe put things as I see them and wish them to come into BEING. Bless you, bless you Starella!" ... written by Tammie S
very good thanks 5 stars" ... written by jana
The best, better than all the rest" ... written by Silvers229
She is a god-send, the absolute best there is. My friend now. I love her so deeply.. she is the kindest most loving positive person I have ever met in my 61 yrs on this planet.. thank you Oranum.." ... written by Linda Malzone
Thank you for your reading. :)" ... written by L..
Amazing, knew the situation right away without asking any questions. She was quick, detailed and so positive! Will definitely be back and highly recommend her! :)" ... written by sylvie
Beautiful reading! Lovely as always, highly recommend, thanks Countess!" ... written by Angelica
The best on the site. " ... written by Kathy
as always was great and reminded me of some things I had forgotten." ... written by cj0209
Great. Fantastic :) thank you" ... written by Tokinha
thank you (:" ... written by hilly
She was awesome." ... written by Brenda
What a sweet and wonderful person to talk to, she set me up straight in a kind way and I appreciate that!" ... written by Adrienne
very good thanks" ... written by jana
thank you soooo much omg I am so excited. about my work and girl :) " ... written by walter
thank u xo" ... written by spiritlight1
Countess is the best. She has great insight and even better advice. She is definitely worth the private reading =)" ... written by QuantumSight
Love this lady really put me at ease i do really feel i know what i need to do, its time to be more honest with myself and i see the way my life is going. This lady showed me this tonight i would so recommend her she is worth the money " ... written by stacey
all im gonna say god bless and light" ... written by enver golden heart73London
OMG this personality certainly has the words I need to rid myself of an overbearing issue! I now have an abundance of confidence and am ready to face my situation full on." ... written by sanity
godbless you once acurate and spot on as always." ... written by golden heart73l
thankful! great connection! " ... written by mabelswyant
great!. concise great advice thank you" ... written by camibar
As always Starella is so encouraging and wonderful! I always need her encouragement and accurate insight. She is always so patient, and Right-On about everything! I just love her so much!" ... written by Tammy1958
Second time :) gosh I like her advices more boost " ... written by Walter
omg she's fantastic. hilarious, picks up on the situation quickly and able to say things before I can type it. The connection was amazing and i loved the reading. " ... written by erica89
thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
omg, she melts my heart away with her wisdom, love, compassion and deep, powerful insight...." ... written by ohsobeautiful
excellent reader. " ... written by mali
such an clear, so good so worthwhile...come enjoy her will benefit greatly.....always.....I did big time...thanks wonderful lady....You should be Queen not and hugs..." ... written by kiwijoy
LOVE YOU STAR!! Always you are the best and thank youuuuuuuuu so much for helping me with this xx Hugs and lots of love to you. Recommend her Always!! You won't regret it!" ... written by Tammy1958
Wonderful reading in a very limited time. Honest and sincere. Thank you." ... written by Chantal
Awesome" ... written by Bellezalatina
very calming and understanding. Incredibly nice person to talk to." ... written by Missy
Very positive and a delight to speak with" ... written by gingerbetty
Fabulous- just simply fabulous!!!" ... written by Christine
That was a great experience!" ... written by Charlie
My darling Countess. Not only are you inspirational you have and have always had the most positive energy that heals miles away.I adore you more than words can say. xo" ... written by Lovelife
Good!" ... written by Hanna
She's wonderful and she made me feel confident again. I just need to work on the advice and make it happen. I knew I needed to come to her and get the information that I needed. I will update 3-4 wks from now if not sooner. " ... written by sharona315
Didn't have much credits to keep going but started off great!" ... written by Angelea
Love the reading!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
amazing reading she knew exactly what he was thinking and its so spot on :) i love her readings" ... written by Catherine
so positive !!!!!! love love love her!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by victoria
Thank you for the great reading" ... written by Mitchell
Thank you so much Countess you gave me some good advice. I appreciate your love and kindness and will try my best to be my best self!" ... written by MsSaggie
Put my mind at ease about someone in my past. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by MojostMittens
so uplifting and insightful. I love her!" ... written by eli
brilliant psychic she just knew what to say to make me understand things.thanx alot for the reading." ... written by Farukh
Countess Starella is the best. She has amazing insight and I thank my lucky stars that I found her. " ... written by Ximena
She has so much compassion and really reads the situation correctly and gives good advice on how to handle the situation." ... written by BRENDA
I so love her, she has guided me into the person to which my purpose is to be. If you can believe it you can achieve it, she has been my teacher thru this process, and love her dearly. Ty so much. A plus sister.." ... written by Pam
Great energy and optimism. Let's see what happens!" ... written by daisy
amazing vibes, i trust her!" ... written by strawberry
she is really great joyful postive energy just a really great person she really makes me smile :) Thanks TRY HER IF YOU NEED HELP" ... written by Brids fly
Absolutely wonderful, positive personality and a very uplifting guide. I would say without a shadow of a doubt that she cares about each individual who comes to her in need of an honest, helpful reading with sound, "you-centered" advice." ... written by BD
OMG countessstarella was right on point. Gave me great advice in my current situation. I will definitely consult her again." ... written by m mary
I love her so much she really is the GREATEST If you really do need help you should really try her because she is not your every day psychic she talk to you as a friend she's very caring she a angles she's great!" ... written by Kris Frank
She helps me with every problem she makes 5 minutes feel like 20 minutes she fast really fast!! just don't go to any other psychic when you get a reading with her it's you won't stop going to here TRUST ME SHE IS GREATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kris Frank
caring and respectful -- made me feel comfortable to explore my questions and needs. Thank you" ... written by Brent
She is Great give great advice i love her :) Really have a reading done with her she won't lead you to the wrong way she is great get the reading with her you won't regret i no it's hard to trust someone you don't no but if you really feel it deep down inside get it done " ... written by Kris Frank
thank you sooo sooo much such clarity and wisdom" ... written by c
soo sooo wonderful loving and helpful! thank you so much!" ... written by chris
am telling you she is great she is now helping me with a website she knows everything!! " ... written by Kris Frank
Brilliant reading as always! Starella gives amazing advice!" ... written by Marie
Very upbeat, warm, wise andamp; caring. Thank you Countess!" ... written by Jody
The Countesstarella is a vibrant, warm and caring soul..who sees right inside of you to the heart of the matter... She cares deeply about the people who come to her seeking her wisdom and advice.. The countess is like a beacon in the dark shining out her special light to lead those lost back to shore.." ... written by Michelle
Love Love her. So very sweet and kind. 5 ***** for you" ... written by ACB
Met her on one of the free/open readings and found her accurate....funny and fun....and nice. Thought I would come visit and am pleased that I did. Accurate analysis of my situation!!! AND just the encouragement I needed!! Will come see her again and again!" ... written by BRENDA
Great reading" ... written by Sindy
the best psychic.. so warm, funny, sweet.. and smart.... down to earth... can brighten anyones day!!!!!! :)" ... written by donna
Thanks Contessa, your a nice lady actually I felt connected to you too, right ok live in moment ok ill practice x" ... written by Nina
an amazing person and absoluetly inspiring and gifted .. spot on with her directions and quite convincing . highly recommended for her ability while being extremely friendly . just loved her !!!! " ... written by amal
i loved her vibe. staying positive is always best! i love her enthusiasm!" ... written by Sarah
SO encouraging. She really sees what's going on and gives the appropriate advice. Her uplifting attitude and advice helps me have a positive outlook on things to come...each time we talk." ... written by BRENDA
had my first reading and you are amazing!! thank you so much. you have given me a lot of insight.. blessings.. " ... written by smalltowngirl2 (denise)
Great few mins !! can't wait to see how it turns out ! " ... written by Summer
There is no getting better then her makes me smile so much she makes me feel powerful she is great words of wisdom! :) THANKS RELLA!" ... written by Kris Frank
She gave me clarity n love" ... written by Wynita
love her!!!!!!!" ... written by heathernum1
Loved Talking with rella again it been along time i missed her a lot she was great like always!" ... written by Kris Frank
Such Doze of positive energy . that felt very very good!" ... written by a
So to the point and wise......a joy to listen to and felt very comfortable.... will be back in touch with Countessstarella!!!" ... written by Kathy
amazing and kind. Thank you!" ... written by HANA
LOVE LOVE LOVE Starella !!!" ... written by Brownie
Amazing reader! love her. best inspiration as well. " ... written by L..
maybe she's right!" ... written by Michael Mitchell
no getting better then her!" ... written by Kris Frank
Fantastic, very clear and quick to the point. Great advice and put my mind at ease. Gave me peace of mind and some very positive guidance in how to handle a very complicated situation. " ... written by IshranaO
Countess Starella, what can i say ! This woman has the blessing of the Angels with wisdom and guidance to serve the universe !" ... written by Thomas
countessstarella shed light on a darkness that was clouding me in every aspect of my life. I feel like our conversation is the gateway to happier future free of this anchor that once held me back. She is very kind, professional, and ensues positive energy." ... written by James
made me feel 1000% better. truly my angel " ... written by db
Just. Very. Wonderful. " ... written by mswhitesydney
LOVE LOVE LOVE Countess! so positive and spot on! " ... written by Hanna
talking to a friend" ... written by Betty747
good." ... written by lola
She is wonderful. It really felt personal and I felt like she really and truly cared." ... written by Joanne
I love her reading..She is very fair" ... written by Yvette
She is great!!! Definitely worth the read, thank you for your service! xxx" ... written by Setti
She is wonderful wonderful lady....and great psychic....readings with her are soo much fun!!" ... written by Fiyano
fab reading told me what i needed to know love countess so much thank you x" ... written by cagsie
Bravo" ... written by Debra
Such a gentle soul. Love her. " ... written by MK
Starella is the best ! Her encouragement is outstanding. Just love her !" ... written by Thomas
amazing" ... written by shaniel
hoping her predictions to come true :)" ... written by omage1984
She was so right on!!!!" ... written by emma
loving caring and alwasy insightful wonderful always! thank you dearest" ... written by c
Ask her to tell it like it is and she will!!" ... written by Sarah
She was very insightful. I would ask for no other to give me the answers I seek." ... written by Samantha
Thank you so much :) " ... written by Walter
Shes an angel :) Thanks again " ... written by MK
This woman is absolutely amazing. Loved her reading" ... written by Lara
great energy" ... written by sometimes4321
Love her always, wise and very positive...that is what we all need is positive...I pray for goodness for all and know that love and light will always be....ty Countess, you are my shining star always. P" ... written by CHEROKEE
thank you very insightful " ... written by maggielee
GREAT READING!!" ... written by kittymeowmeow
Countess help me in so many ways. she opened my eyes to many new blessings. She is the best.." ... written by emma
Starella gives the best , knows the most , and hears the slightest of messages. Got to get more of this reader" ... written by Thomas
very sweet and honest" ... written by Christina
very accurate" ... written by ingrid
very precise great reading" ... written by ingrid
Shes so sweet. Just love her energy. " ... written by mk
my first reading with her and I will def be back. She is amazing and worth every penny." ... written by ashley
Gifted andamp; sincere.. Fabulous reading!" ... written by Rising
Awesome! Beautiful spirit... Thank you." ... written by Rain
AAAHHHH my friend Countessstarella. She really cares and taps into your situation so quickly. If you need answers and peace of mind.... you've come to the right place!!!!!!" ... written by BRENDA
she gave me a lot of positive energy and a reason to smile again even though i was sad" ... written by abbas
uplifting and insightful, very inspirational, thank you" ... written by seahorses
Always good and gives me the little push I need. " ... written by Sarah
I would want no other to tell me what I should do. Countesstarella is the most kindest woman you'll ever meet and you'll never feel sad in her presence. " ... written by Samantha
again countess is awesome. Her energy and her gift is truly great!!!" ... written by emma
This was fantastic, really uplifting :)" ... written by MK
Thanks for the great reading. I now know what path I should walk on. I am not confused anymore" ... written by whiterosepetals
Very honest and to the point, she is 93% sure that my twinflame will come back to me, will wait till after New Years for results as per her predictions. Thank you" ... written by Lisa
Starella is such a beautiful soul and gifted psychic. She told me the truth and gave me some much needed advice. Thank you " ... written by J
What a babe! Countessstarella made me realise not only what I had known all along but what I needed to know wnd that was that the power is held within me xx" ... written by Anna
So fun and energetic. Made me feel great, was quick and gave me a lot of insight. Can't wait for future readings with her!" ... written by JJ
good advice thanks countess i really appreciate it! " ... written by jessica
Excellent reading with a very sweet lady!" ... written by AJ
She's like a fairy godmother, compassionate reading with insight!" ... written by Melissa
she was amazing...:)I healed myself in a talking to her and that also forever..:)love you..would definitely return back..:)" ... written by shruti
Countess you are my ANGEL!!!!" ... written by emma
Caring and compassionate -- works with you rather than for you. Gives natural insights and guidance and helps you see your potentials, problems, and concerns. Truly a wonderful experience to work with CountessStarella." ... written by Brent
Uplifting." ... written by Lily
Great" ... written by Kris Frank
She was spot on, thank you so much. You are amazing, see you very soon." ... written by Tami Ross
I enjoyed my second reading with her. She is a good friend to talk with and I am so grateful to have her in my life. her advice is so great and she is superfast. thank u so much!" ... written by Simply love countessstarella!!
Incredible accuracy and wonderful gifted psychic. One of the best!" ... written by alana
CountessStarella makes me feel like anything is possible. I would only like to do reading with her. She is fun and loving and gives wonderful advise." ... written by Samantha
THAT WAS AMAZING" ... written by EmotionalSlayer
fab reading thank you starella, needed that confidence boost ... your a star :)" ... written by sunshine
Very good insight, had the same vision that I did and installed faith in me in order to get my wishes. I look forward to seeing what the future holds!!!" ... written by Lisa
Great and positive reading..She did mention things that she couldn't know..Try her..." ... written by Cirkeline1
That was, without a doubt, hands down, the best reading I've ever had...........Starella is unique and knows her stuff and tunes right in and i want to dress just like her. Thank you!!" ... written by Amanda
awesome lady! must talk to her!" ... written by kristina
She was fantastic and great inspiration for my future, I really feel confident in her reading and I believe her 100%, will be back to leave comments on everything she said. :) Thank you and TRUST her!!!" ... written by Lisa
I love ms starella. just being in her presence is a blessing " ... written by Joyce Alman
To Starella my heart and my soul" ... written by Thomas
A great person,and clear vision,try her." ... written by Elena A.
Always encouraging!" ... written by Sarah
Very Helpful, I am certain what she predicted will come true." ... written by Lorie
Thanks lovey, its been a long time and it was wonderful. Thank u for the words to say everyday. I believe in you and will be back for updates. Thank you for ur support and prayers and energy. We will do this. xoxoxox" ... written by ll
fabulous thankyou lovely lady xxxxx" ... written by gemma thurling
On the money every time. Glad we have connected. Thank you" ... written by Ruth
goood!" ... written by amelia
Got what I came here for." ... written by Lily
A powerful woman, thanks for the reading." ... written by ElizaAnne
Thanks, great insight !" ... written by Amit
Very sweet and very honest. Much love." ... written by ife
A good reading and advice on what to do as always. Star is my guru!!" ... written by Sarah
The best !!!! Open and honest great insight" ... written by Pennye Godette
Good reading and insight! Picked up on all my energies surrounding travel, work and love life." ... written by Lisa
She is fabulous! Love you!" ... written by JudyattheBeach
thanks" ... written by Mitchell
Great reading, empowering. motivating, confirming. " ... written by Golden_Aura
I adore this woman. What a treat to hear her loving guidance." ... written by Jerald
Very good insight on everything, she is Powerful and love her guidance as always....." ... written by Wonderbaby
A beautiful soul willing to connect to all people!" ... written by Samantha
She is the beeessssttt!!!" ... written by Sarah
quick, wish i had more time but positive nonetheless" ... written by tf
Wonderful! Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
This woman totally rocks!!!" ... written by Lauren
I love this lady. She is awesome. There are no words for how wonderful she is!" ... written by Joyce Alman
5 stars!!" ... written by love
Thanks Star love ya too and I will be sending that text now to wake him up and stir the love in his heart for me. Time will tell what he wants and what I will be doing. Thank you with all my heart." ... written by ll
I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!" ... written by Allison
Very, very good, as always.." ... written by Joe
I loved her energy, she was a amazing!! " ... written by Katie
You great sweet helpfull.. just love u ...." ... written by dina
Great reading thank you!" ... written by Garace
thank you so much :) " ... written by Walt
Brilliant:)! xx" ... written by angel
she completes me so amazing xoxox " ... written by Auetereka23
She helped me out a lot, I finally felt like I got a reading that helped me deeply. I am forever grateful for your spiritual work. " ... written by nikki
A very wise woman. " ... written by Kathy
She was very pleasant and encouraging" ... written by Judi
Wonderful! She is so kind and giving and inspiring!" ... written by Me
thank you for your help" ... written by H
Love you always dearest, thank you!!" ... written by c
thank you countess" ... written by cowgirl_angel27
She's is so lovely, honest and positive :) Highly recommend. Beautiful sincere energy" ... written by MsJ9gena
so encouraging - saying the words and reminding me of how blessed I am at a point of feeling down. and reminding me what I have so I can move from there and get on back to square! recognizes my abilitites so I can remember - and encouragement galore! highly recommend her for a reading!!!" ... written by beathive
she was great!" ... written by albert
lovely lady, lovely energy. I feel uplifted and energised. would definitely come backXO" ... written by ginbellen
A wonderful soul. Who brings the very essence of a fairy godmother to life. Full of positive energy; it's always reassuring to hear during a wonderful reading with her. And I wouldn't want it any other way." ... written by Samantha
so helpful!" ... written by sometimes4321
Wonderful, warm energy and very accurate. Great advice! :-D" ... written by James John Osman
Great reading know what was going on" ... written by LJ
very friendly and smart. lets just hope it comes true!" ... written by ray
wow she is good. positive and kind" ... written by Maryann
was great catching up. ;))" ... written by edel95
countess is so cool! i love her insights. she is very empathic and intuitive. " ... written by sometimes4321
CountessStarella is wonderful, picked up right away what was going on and gave me a lot of positive energy and thoughts and helped me with my questions. " ... written by Rick
Always a Pleasure " ... written by mk
she is just awesome. she was able to tune into feelings, and I know she was accurate on what she was saying, because parts of it I already knew. I liked how she got into depth and detail. That really helps. Call her!!! Shes great!" ... written by kk
She has a healing spirit for sure!!! She told me exactly want I need and I came to total peace!! :-) THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Stormfire28
as always so helpful and really to the point " ... written by davena
Its ok. Unfortunately not much time lol" ... written by Nikenson
I love this woman, so supportive, clear and insightful!!!" ... written by acb
Countessstarella is absolutely right on. She is a straight talker, and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She has an amazing energy and insight." ... written by Hannah
I felt something. Im not sure what it was. Thank you countress." ... written by Felicia
wow what a lovely lady and full of precise information. Very friendly and welcoming." ... written by Lee
what an extraordinary woman! so lovely and beautiful inside and out, her readings are accurate and nothing like other psychics, she's one of a kind...god bless her heart" ... written by think blue
wow... first experience with a real countess!!! So efficient, and so straight to the point... a little slice of fun, i loved the reading, even short it was... thank you a lot!!!" ... written by loveisthesecret
Countess is a great person i just love here i can't explain ... xxxxxx" ... written by dinatje
I think she is awesome and straight to the point" ... written by mary bibbs
Lovely warm lady. Encouraged me and was so supportive of my situation. I trust he insight and will get back shortly with good news i hopel She is great - try her." ... written by debbiec0613
wonderful, great reading.......much blessings" ... written by Anne Finnegan
really fast and accurate, love the woman, will definitely be using her more often in the future, really great personality, makes you happy just talking to her" ... written by sunrisegold
What a delightful Lady she is. Just brings a smile to face even as sad as I was feeling. I think she is really gifted and I think she know what she is tailing about I trust have such a feeling of trust and I think her advice is excellent. Cant give her enuf Stars!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
Shes awesome not enough time" ... written by Auetereka
she is amazing!! love her! thank you so much :)" ... written by lina
What an angel she is!!!! I believe every word she tells me because I know she has a heart of gold and could not say anything she did not feel to be true. Excellent" ... written by debbiec0613
love you Contessa - she told me to do exactly what I had planned - how did she know! But now I feel more confident in doing it - not so afraid and can only get better! Absolutely Wonderful xxxxx" ... written by debbiec0613
thanks so much . the reading was very honest . I know what path to walk on now" ... written by shutterbug1950
oh my gosh shes so amazing, im so glad i met her! she helps me without even realizing it and just makes my life better and makes me better as a person.. and i just met her! thats how beautiful this womans soul is! i will keep coming back for her for the rest of my life!! highly recommended! " ... written by Kasie
I really liked her energy as well as what she was wearing. I believe she truly has a gift and can read and sense people right through the internet! Thank you so much! Will be contacting her again! :)" ... written by Madeline
she is an angel and the only one you need. Always truthful and full of love and positive energy. A true gift xo" ... written by debbiec0613
lovely reading. will come back to let you know" ... written by Babe
WoW!....worth every penny!!" ... written by Leona
Very sweet, very helpful!" ... written by Z
Wow, the absolute best if you really want spiritual connection and acceptance, from within and without. Starella is such a beautiful soul if you are ready to put your trust in someone." ... written by EyeRis6
Love her love her. She is like the best girlfriend ever but with amazing powers. I trust her insight and know that she only has love and kindness in her heart - so you can believe what she says. Debbie" ... written by debbiec0613
excellent" ... written by kiera
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
she is awesome sauce with a side of happiness!" ... written by mary
She is such a loving a supportive lady. Love her and she always provides good advice and guidance. " ... written by debbiec0613
WONDERFUL I LOVE HER!!!" ... written by Bryan
she knew exactly what I wanted to talk about with only one sentence" ... written by Kylee
Awesome as always" ... written by Abigail Rudner
She is wonderful... Is so positive after my reading I felt so relived and just full of joy... Thank you Countess " ... written by Auetereka23
She is uplifting! Love this awesomeness!" ... written by Mary
very accurate, makes me feel really good about what she said , very nice person, will continue to use her abilities to help me" ... written by sunrisegold
She was awesome!" ... written by tlsimms2008
The countess was very kind and compassionate about my situation and very very accurate.. thanks so much for this clarity.. I really need it! Blessings! " ... written by Lynda22
Amazing reader with very caring and intuitive insight! She is the best." ... written by Kyle
It was amazing she was able to tell me things before we even went into private this made me feel more confident in her. It was so sad to hear the news but I knew she was right I knew my dad was right. I finally got to hear from my dad who passed and I knew it was him because of the things he brought up that only he would know. Thank you Countessstarella I have regained my confidence that there really are true psychics out there." ... written by Angela Allen
thanks so much for the reading. I have a deeper understanding of my problem now. I know what path I should be walking on. " ... written by shutterbug1950
She is the best! I love her, she was so sweet and compassionate. Her reading was right on. " ... written by Paula
very kind and nice to open up to." ... written by deb
Great reading" ... written by Lateisha
she was great answered my questions reccomend to all" ... written by Mamamia23
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
awesome person happy and satified thank you on the money this lady" ... written by Auetereka23
what an inspiration! :) thank you thank you thank you!!" ... written by ry
Quick update, quick answers, great advice. Lovely Starella is such a sweetheart and only wants the best for her clients." ... written by JS
So spot on... thanks a lot, it really helped me! :)" ... written by Isobel
Very informative" ... written by Candace
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
A good but short reading...." ... written by Lightstar
Most positive and loving reader on this site!!! I love Countess so much for all her honesty. Her psychic gifts are amazing." ... written by Jen
so great!" ... written by sometimes4321
Wonderful reading full of insight and light. Thanks so much! " ... written by James
Great!" ... written by shadowb4light
gret thanks" ... written by miller41280
thankyou so much, you're always so helpful!" ... written by BananaAngel
very good love you for all your good energy and prayers very accurate and caring. you always bring smiles to me " ... written by jennifer colwell
So intune and accurate .. A Loveley energy ! " ... written by Annn
If there was anyone in this world that could have nailed my true feelings, this woman did. Starella is absolutely the most wonderful, caring, and intuitive person. Very insightful and acurate in her visions. This woman just helped me change my whole life around. Thank you Darling Starella for you most wonderful wisdom and gift! You are loved beyond comprehension!" ... written by Lanay Miller Actress
She is absolutely amazing... I felt healed, I felt secure, I felt justified. I feel like my path is clear now and I cannot possibly thank her enough. Amazing psychic and person. Words cannot justify just how much. " ... written by Kyle
thanks countess i beleive in you . you are magical. god bless you love mina" ... written by mariaelena mendez
Thanks, that might be my problem" ... written by Byron
Fantastic feeling and picked up on the situation straight away, knows exactly what's in the heart and mind... will be back..." ... written by Wonderbaby
Loved her energy which is exactly what she picked up on me, the situation is absolutely 100% spot on and can't wait for the outcome as it's what I feel. Thank you Love You Countess xxx " ... written by Wonderbaby
Wow oh wow I just cannot say enough good things about Starella. She is just brilliant, funny, sweet, and so full of love that her light radiates so bright it could fill an auditorium. She is the most wonderful warm person and I'm honored to have been able to have such an insightful and beautiful reading from her. She was highly accurate and gave me the tools I need to live a life free from doubt, anger, and hurt. I can never repay for such gifts and it's a glorious thing to speak to an angel incarnate. I am truly in awe after our readings!" ... written by James
Very compassionate very authentic she is awesome and helped me during a difficult time. I love her." ... written by Gabanna77
Countess is absolutly a loving person, gives uplifting advice and her readings are straight forward. love her" ... written by tracy
She's really helpful and I feel better already! :)" ... written by Ariana
She is absolutely wonderful! Such a warm person and gives incredible readings. I highly recommend her. Thank you!" ... written by Rebecca
Starella is a Godsend. She is absolutely accurate on every reading, very light and full of energy, and has a deep sincerity in her words. In just a short time with working together, I have reached new heights and she gave me the tools to get the courage I need to leap over some major gaps in my life. Through devine love and with bright light I have now come to a place of calmness, a place where I can appreciate all that life has to offer. Starella literally reached her hand out to me and pulled me out of darkness and I will forever be grateful. The only way I know how to thank someone who saved my life is to share with you my experiences in hopes you will go to the face of oranam! Absolutely brilliant!!!" ... written by James
Amazing!" ... written by Amrita
You were so positive and Brilliant :) Im crossing my fingers and hope that all of the things mention come into my life :)" ... written by Chelsea
Countess is a star among stars." ... written by erika
star is the best" ... written by david richardson
Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much star! " ... written by Jermaine
Awesome everytime she is wonderful on the money this lady love it love her accurate readings" ... written by Mamamia23
very good and fast" ... written by jana
She is like a angel!" ... written by Sonja Boes
didnt have enough credits but she made the credits worth it! shes so sweet and caring!" ... written by victoria
The sweetest soul on here" ... written by cheryl
An amazing beautiful soul, so talented, its a blessing to even get to chat with her and have a reading. The most empowering wonderful woman ever. xxxxxxx much love countess" ... written by liz
perfect" ... written by licia
I love this psychic but oranum website needs improvement because I can't type sometimes during private. what a great reading thank you countess" ... written by Mitchell
She is absolutely wonderful!!! Please contact her!!!!" ... written by Sandra
She's very sweet and lovely! Thank you dear for your time! Five minutes went by too quickly. In the short time we had she picked up a bit about the situation and the good energy around it and helped me feel more confident about the choices I have. " ... written by Lilly
shes the bomb i am addicted to countess she always bang on the money amazing positive lady she makes me complete with what she says." ... written by Auetereka23
awesome as usual" ... written by amanda
Wow, Wow!!! She just tuned right into my situation, which was very complicated. I thought i knew what was going on...and didn't tell her, then she described everything to the "t"...exactly as i thought. She confirmed it with even more details. Amazing abilities. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by bub
She is amazing and so encouraging! Always highly recommend her!!" ... written by Kyle
My favourite. Countess is a legend, unorthodox and so perceptive and knows exactly what to say when..." ... written by Enkori
Countessstarella is EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. I recommend her to everyone!! You will be very glad you contacted her!!! She is also exceptionally nice and kind. She will tell you everything you need to know immediately." ... written by Sandra
Super nice and spot on! Love her! Connected well and would love a reading where we can talk and I don't have to type. :)" ... written by Deanna
WHOA! What she said in previous readings is coming to fruition. Faith and patience! Love her!" ... written by Allie
Very nice and inspirational, I really believe she is capable of so much. I really felt so much better talking to her. I told her things I never told anybody, and I really have faith in her. " ... written by Roeanna
Another amazing reading with an amazing psychic! I think of her so highly! She is so accurate and helpful. So thankful for her!" ... written by Kyle
wow!!! she blew out the water with an awesome reading. Thanks a million. a million stars " ... written by altima1963
The best im addicted to this lady she has so much accurate and positive things to say and she just balances me when im out of balance............." ... written by Auetereka23
she is the best thing that happened to me in a long time- so very powerful! if you dont have a meeting with her then you are missing out on alot of things in life!" ... written by Aashma Thapa
Totally enjoyed her reading. THANK YOU!" ... written by Kimberly
Starella did a truly magical thing for me this dawn and turned sad tears into happy ones. She turned darkness to light. She turned depression into a breakthrough. It is a truly remarkable thing when you meet someone as beautiful, charming, accurate, funny and so very sweet you feel like you have know them your whole life. If you looked at me a year ago and compared me to today you would see two different people. Working with Starella for only a short time, I rebuilt something I never thought I could core. I was a wounded warrior, someone strong that went on a recluse to heal...I came to oranum seeking clarity. I immediately felt a strong resonance to Starella and I knew from day one working with her would be a key role in my success. I stand here today awakened from my nest, ready to reclaim my life and ready to move forward. This was done by the tools, energy, and light I was able to gain from reaching a true inner peace. It's a beautiful thing to have when you are starting a new journey. I've said it before and I shall say it again, Starella literally saved my life. I had given up hope and I was on the outs with my spiritual side and she came in like a warm bright light and begin painting my empty canvas from white and sad to bright and exciting. Magical doesn't even begin to explain our connection. I know with Starella she is my friend for life. I love you Starella, you are beautiful, you saved me, and I'm forever grateful! I'm sending you pure love and light! Namaste. " ... written by James" ... written by emm
She's compassionate and easy to talk to. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
You must see Countess for a reading! She is so great!!!" ... written by Kyle
just so nice and very good" ... written by Kath
What a beautiful soul she has, and gave me an amazingly powerful reading. I cannot say enough good things about her :)" ... written by Havy
Countessstarella Is great. Done a reading with her a couple times now. After every reading I feel so much better. I will be going to her every time I need a reading. " ... written by Sharleen
very open and honest very lovley lady" ... written by julie
great reading but my computer froze" ... written by davena
Amazing i needed this reading i feel alot better she was so insightful and truthful thank you " ... written by Angelicia
Starella has helped me more than any psychologist ever could. She is a godsend and very accurate, smart, funny, and a truly kindred spirit. I am very blessed that she has come into my life and brought clarity, hope, spirit, and divine light to my core. Thank you kindly. " ... written by James
beautiful woman, thankyou" ... written by mihiret
fabulous" ... written by Brewster
Thank you so much for helping me clear this up, at the time I had so many un-answered questions and he bought me close to depression too. To the point that I had no option but to walk away, and in years I have not thought about this person until just recently. But know I have clarity and I can forgive and move on. Thank you so much for your kind wisdom. Speak soon in free chat.xx" ... written by Lorraine
was wonderful reading lots of good info" ... written by ambersofserenity
had to cut reading short but... bummed out as countess is perfect and accurate and real she knows what to say and how to do things real truth thank you countess" ... written by Auetereka23
brillant!! love this treasure !!" ... written by Natalie
This woman is amazing!" ... written by karla
She is a wonderful psychic and person. she target's in on the issues and gives good sound answers. Be sure to have your questions ready, because she is fast and ready with the answers!" ... written by jane doe
fantastic! Thank you so much !!!" ... written by Sonia
I loved her reading she gave me great advice" ... written by Libby
Thanks so much. I do appreciate the reading very much" ... written by shutterbug1950
always such a pleasure to talk to you x" ... written by mihiret
was okay" ... written by gena
Contessa is amazing - Love her. She is honest and real. My computer froze toward end of reading, but she gets 10 stars!" ... written by debbiec0613
She has a certain charm that I really appreciated!!" ... written by Jennifer
Great insight on my situation and picked up on my energy and gave me great advice. Can't wait to see what the future will unfold." ... written by Wonderbaby
She is so positive!" ... written by True
I love this Lady! She is the next best thing on this earth! I love her, I love her I love her! I can't express how much I love her!" ... written by Pauline
Always love talking to her and touching base " ... written by a
Very helpful." ... written by Lisa Castillo
she is amazing love her" ... written by tiffany
Very sweet and fast. She picked up on the past and gave great hope for the future :)" ... written by angelica
She's very positive, supportive, and hopefully spot on about the future! Thank U! " ... written by Jillian
thanks for my update" ... written by nf1
Countessa is such a positive person and full of life and love. What she said to me was very encouraging. Thank you." ... written by Michele Neeson
she was nice " ... written by fracis
countess always gives fantastic advice and always puts frazzled nerves at ease~" ... written by kat
she gets right to the point. " ... written by jeffanie
She's wonderful and honest. Thank you for understanding. " ... written by chloe
Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! would recommend to everyone, wonderful person and a pleasure to read with." ... written by b
One of the most Influential readers i know, who has filled me with confidence, hope and giving me a positive mind set to better my self whilst given me clarification for the future, thank you so much Star, what a lucky person i am to been able to have a reading with you!!!!!! Your such a lovely person ! thank you x" ... written by RyRy
accurate and fast" ... written by prettygirl
Countesstarella is just awsum . She is spot on with everything she says . She instilled so much confidence in me . I am so happy . Please have at least one reading from her to believe it . Its just so uplifting . god bless u .Best psychic I have ever found . Wow I feel I can sleep happily today ." ... written by Adya
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" ... written by Tie
she was such an amazing remarkable woman! I loved her " ... written by Marissa
5 amazing beautiful stars for this lovely lady!" ... written by love
It was a great positive reading that I've been thinking about all week. I'm glad I finally did it." ... written by Jim B
Love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kyle
Starella is a Godsend. She is truly an angel. A lot of her character is funny and positive but this morning she proved to be just as sensitive and serious around my aura. She truly cradled me like a wounded angel and slowly begin to heal my wounds until the blood died, the scars faded and I begin to fly again. I am forever grateful for the support especially tonight on such a daunting day. Starella saved me from giving up all hope tonight and that means more than if you handed me a million dollars. No psychologist could ever provide the tools and insight I was given. I'm sending you pure and divine light! I love you dearly. Namaste!" ... written by James
Imagine having this overwhelming burden lifted from your shoulders. Starella was able to provide me this today. She answered a question of deep meaning with true and accurate psychic ability. I had spoken to many this week about the issue but no one had yet to provide an answer that I could understand. Starella provided me this today and I'm forever grateful. Thank you so much for helping avoid making the biggest mistake of my life. I am so blessed because of knowing you!" ... written by James
♥She is one of a kind fabulous wise woman!" ... written by endearment
Great Job!" ... written by Amanda
very honest and accurate" ... written by cm
She is awesome, is able to get me and right to the point, has been able to help me talk with my ghosts and move into the future" ... written by Alison
Awesome insight." ... written by cheryl
she's great really" ... written by sometimes4321
Absolutely brilliant reading. Thank you so much star!" ... written by James
thank you for the reading, i hope i can stay strong" ... written by nf11
Starella is hands down the face of Oranum. She is always there for me like no other and able to lift me up! I can come to her with any problem big or small and she always is able to assist me and remove the block in my path. Imagine for a moment that you walking down a path on a clear day when suddenly a deep fog falls over you and you are clouded, scared, and alone? Beyond the smoke Starella will be there to hold your hand and guide you to your destiny. For so long in my life I felt like there was a missing piece, now I know with certainty she is that piece. Starella has never judged me for anything I've expressed for her and she has taught me happiness dna that has literally changed my life for the better. Love from a spiritual soul is the abundance of hope, this ray of light will envelope you and make sure you make it. If you are struggling with something deep, emotional, or painful she is your psychic. If you are excited, looking to celebrate, or laugh she is your psychic. I lost my grandmother years ago and I thought for the life of me, I will never meet anyone else that can touch and inspire me as she did. I was wrong. Starella has not only inspired me, she has been there to help me at one of the most trying times in my life. Imagine a year of burdens left and right, everywhere you turn there is something else to blindside you. Frustrating right? Well, I decided it doesn't have to be. So one day while browsing I heard about Oranum. Joining is the best thing I could ever do for myself because through this site I met one my spirit guides face to face in the living flesh. That is a true blessing and honor. Oranum is the profile of the life's work of one of the most renowned psychics in the world. Starella has taught me principals, guidance, and most of all my connection back to God. It would be over 5 years of painful memories that would fade away with a few months all through her gifts and talents. I had a decision to continue to be unhappy, or to do something about it. The problem was I didn't know how I could ever smile again because society wasn't giving me a reason to. However, as time progressed and I drew in divine light with my readings through Starella, I begin to smile more and more. Her tools are not just words to live by, they truly impact your entire body map. You will be given spiritual clarity that ultimately leads to inner peace. What is inner peace? This is when you can put your head to your pillow and be able to sleep without worry, regret, or anxiety. You will sleep like a baby knowing that across the universe you are believed in, valued, and validated by Starella and what you say matters. In tears I write this testimonial because looking back at who I was before and who I am now, I'm just so incredibly honored and blessed to have met someone as magnificent at Starella. I'm sending pure love and light my dear for without your countless hours and love, I would be lost. Now, I can say I will vs I can try? I can say I got this vs should I do this? I can say I am special vs do I have any talent? The depth of healing that you have given to me is stronger than that of any psychologist I've ever gone to. I honestly feel like I've been awakened, renewed, and I can start again. The feeling of rebirth is truly something indescribable because it's a connection with God that only you can feel. The power, inspiration, divine light, all coming into my core at once is why I will continue to come back to Starella. I can honesty say there is no better psychic on Oranum and she is my best friend for life. I love you Star! " ... written by James
Oh my goodness, she was brilliant! That was the first time I talked to the countess but she was so positive and uplifting and had good quick information when you ask the questions. Thank you!" ... written by Beth
I came, I saw, I got better and came back to get great! Starella is positively amazing and oh so helpful. Blessing to you this evening and always!!!" ... written by James
Cool, very in depth and insightful and accurate" ... written by Headinghome
Great insight to my situation and gave me tools to help me achieve my goals. Thank you. Also was honest, positive and fun. " ... written by lara
Love coming to her. She give me clarity and hope. " ... written by Love her!!
most empowering reading I've had" ... written by mercy
great reading as always. shes so sweet and the best!" ... written by oanh
I love her so much. She is like my long lost mother from space and time. She is so caring and attentive. She's thorough and doesn't mess around. She's positive in all ways, has a beautiful soul and truly wants to help those around her. She took me under her wing and I am so very grateful. I am so blessed to have connected with her and can't wait for our future friendship. I was told as well by another psychic that I would encounter a person who would develop into a deep friendship and long time connection and I immediately felt it was her. She only validates this every time I speak with her. I'm so grateful for all she's done. She's a beautiful and wonderful person. I look forward to our many conversations in the near future and far. God Bless!" ... written by Alicia
a true master" ... written by kk
Very sweet lady. Very motherly and calming. She is the best one I've come across and felt immediate connectivity with her. She truly cares and is very honest" ... written by Alicia
She was great!! really wished I could see my reading with her thou" ... written by Jessica
2 thumbs up!" ... written by eilene818
Thank you for your accurate help" ... written by cmarie
Excellent reading!" ... written by AJ
short and quick reading, she was spot on . It was great to have this reading.I'll remember what she said and not depend on other person for happiness. " ... written by oth
amazing thank you so much for you help!" ... written by thunerwind
Once again, My dear Starella warmed my heart and came through with accurate readings. I love this lady to pieces. Love always, Pauline" ... written by P.Hudson
honest honest honest andamp; knowledgeable " ... written by Shirley
She is swety and thank you" ... written by julia
I have been to see Countess Starella on a few occasions now and she is always spot on in her predictions/forsights I look forward to visiting her in prvt reads specially when I need calming. She gives clarity and is quick to answer my questions as well as getting a great connection. ...I thank Countess…for always being there for me and sharing her gift of forsight. God bless " ... written by Mary Louise
I feel so positively charged Star is amazing " ... written by MysticalShell
Starella is a magnificent woman and guide as she has a way of captivating your ears, every word she speaks comes from wisdom and her true connection to source, she helped me clarify some things that were clouding my pathway but now that they are gone," ... written by Joshua Ross
my internet is crappy, but I love every moment with this darling of mine! " ... written by Pauline
thank you soooo much :) " ... written by Walter
very gentle, soothing, fills you with positive vibes and immense peace!" ... written by angelcloud
Thank you so much for always putting my mind at ease. You are a true godsend. I don't know what I would do without your guidance. You put things in a way no one else can, and talk sense into me when I feel like I have no sense left. G-d Bless. " ... written by Naomi
Awesome reading!!! " ... written by New Job
helpful advice" ... written by sometimes4321
I want to say that I do understand what road I need to walk on. I do have hope for my situation . I hope it will get better" ... written by shutterbug1950
Super awesome! VERY helpful. Thank you so much!" ... written by Heather
Lovely positive woman. Hooked!" ... written by Christina Swenson
Thank you so much Countessarella! I will keep you posted :D You have lifted my spirits and I will do this! " ... written by Mariah Duncan
thanks so much for the words of wisdom. I do appreciate them very much. I really hope this will work out someday" ... written by shuuterbug1950
Great clear read and advice thanks" ... written by Denise words can ever really explain our cosmic connection. She is my light in the darkest days and provides tools, deep spiritual insight, and love. I cannot go a whole month without at least one or two readings from her because she is always 100% accurate, predictions come true, and she knows how to erase uncertainty with clarity. Brilliant, beautiful, and with true gifts...she is Oranum. Look no further!" ... written by James
I love my Starella to pieces! God bless her dear heart and soul! " ... written by Pauline H.
Love my starella lots! " ... written by Pauline H.
You are truly amazing. Thank you Starella. I will be back to update you. A big hug to you." ... written by familyhelper
simply but the best :-*" ... written by daisy
What a wonder reading, Hopeful and Smiling on this end of the puter :) Thank you" ... written by Susie
enlightening... so accurate... give u advices.. open your eyes to reality.. love her.." ... written by mj
Amazing. simply amazing." ... written by Lavvy1
Thank you very much for your precise reading! I really enjoyed it! Thank you! " ... written by Yunjia
I always leave with so much love after talking to my lovely starella! I truly love her to pieces!" ... written by Pauline H.
Excellent , very good and great direction" ... written by Maria
very insightful and helpful. I feel like I got a lot of clarity" ... written by Barbara
Countess is surely one of the best. Never forget and alway uplifting and honest. She told me to be patient and it would pay off and it has. She reads situations accurately and her predictions come to pass" ... written by debbiec0613
OMG what words can express our reading she explained things in my situation that were exactly so true and i did not understand at first by myself but while speaking to countessstarella she made me understand things are ok and the way it should be and that I was doing the right things in this love situation. I truely needed to know Thank you so much my lovely queen your truely 1000 stars just loved her." ... written by edna
She is amazing, accurate and actually cares about her clients" ... written by Shantell
My second mother! " ... written by Iesha
She's lovely and makes me feel so happy. Huge fan." ... written by Sierra
Awesome." ... written by Julia
feel my grandma was talking through her to me. extremely impressed. im blown away" ... written by Bridget
Very good, expensive but woth every penny and if on a budget she will go alot quicker. Very nice and always correct. Woudnt say no to a reading again" ... written by Matt
Very good quick and encouraging. I have been unable to sleep for a week, my health is going due to stress and I feel I now finally have some hope and answers. thank you for your answers. not just advice answers. " ... written by Michelle McAffee
She is a wonderful person and such a talented advisor! She can help you with most any subject I have approached her with. She seems to be accurate in all areas, and very in tune with ur situation. She is very special, and i think she is the best! Highly recommended!" ... written by linda
Fantastic, as usual. Confident." ... written by Sierra
wonderful helpful and marvellous" ... written by katty
awesome. right on " ... written by sandy
awesome" ... written by sandy
great as always and very encouraging" ... written by cj0209
Spot on... I enjoyed the reading it was interesting and look forward to another one" ... written by Katie
As always, a great reading." ... written by Julia
fantastic!" ... written by pam
very in site fully made me feel at easie" ... written by supergordon24
very good advice" ... written by ms
Starella is amazing. she is an incredible person and the best on oranum. 10 stars!!! " ... written by faerieLovee
She was to the point and explained my biggest issue more than anyone else." ... written by Lonelyvirgo
a good reading" ... written by julie
She is the best always makes me feel better when I talk to her " ... written by Sharleen
amazing, love to hear her talk about my dad" ... written by falnangl325
She is very accurate in what she sees. Gave me a book to read to help me. Time will tell. I think she is Blessed!!" ... written by Beverly
Absolutely stunning reading with spiritual insight and love. Honestly, Starella is Oranum because she is accurate, can hold a deep and meaningful conversation, and is always available when I need her. She can literally sense when a soul is lost and needs clarity and that is absolutely wonderful. Starella is also non judgmental, understanding, on your side, and validates the points you make so you don't only get a breakdown of what happened, but more importantly why it happened. Her words literally resonate in your core and when you are doing something in everyday life, you remember the tools and spiritual advice you have been given. There is no other soul on Oranum that can literally complete my sentences before I even finish them. Starella is a natural with the purest gifts and I will continue to come to her and you should too! Love and light my dear! You have been my rock for almost a full year now and I'm blessed that we crossed paths! " ... written by James
she's fantastic" ... written by sandy
You are so nice. Thanks a lot for ur wishes. I hope everything u say will come true. I will let u know whenever my problem will solve. Thanks" ... written by Shweta Pathak
very uplifting. very kind. thank you i feel better! " ... written by Ana
amazing wisdom and energy. loved her presence. her words. and her insight into every situation. loved the affirmations too! so glad we talked." ... written by Sarah
Wonderful Countess! Great reading! Huge heart with lots of love! I am so excited!!! Thank you " ... written by isa
To sum it up, just awesome!" ... written by Blayden73
Starella's the bomb. good intuitive, goes right to the heart of the issue.....caring person. " ... written by Eddie Van Halen
amazing and so spot on" ... written by sandy macaulay
always amazing" ... written by Angel
Thank you so much for the great reading! It was a pleasure meeting you!!" ... written by Amethyst
thanks as always" ... written by Abigail Rudner
The Countess's positive energy is infectious!" ... written by AnnicB1
i am a return customer. wanted to hear the truth. wanted to know. always good." ... written by christine
She is an awesome reader. Realistic. She doesn't every ask anyone to leave feedback which I respect very much. Her price is high but it's because she is always there for you in the dark times as well as the bright times. It's a blessing to have here here. Thank you very much Countess. Love you. xoxo." ... written by United States
the BEST" ... written by Sabrina Christie
Excellent advice =)" ... written by Pete
Our talk was brief but she was very helpful." ... written by Paula
Amazing! I feel 100 times more confident about my life now thanks to this kind and loving lady :')!!!!!!" ... written by Jemma
very informative and inspiring, gave me plenty of confidence to move forward with my life" ... written by ms1895
Enchanting, magical personality that sucks you out of the world you think you are stuck in and takes you to her perfect peaceful place even if just for a few minutes. Thank you So much, I feel blessed to have spent some time with you" ... written by Pheonix
down to earth person and helpful advice" ... written by sometimes4321
AMAZING! This is such a wonderful, joyful and spirit filled person. Really really good stuff. I recommend very highly. " ... written by Dean
very sweet very kind very helpful" ... written by mandeep s gill
such an amazing person! she connected to me - knew so much abt how i feel and how i am. thank you for ur guidance look forward to many more readings" ... written by lydia
inspiring... when i needed her the most she made it seem better. so i hope that her predictions come to play. i am so lost and going by my own positive vibe right now that i needed clarity and starella gave that to me. Thank you!!! " ... written by sharona315
A beauty Queen, pure at heart. Honest and tells the truth. Now I belive in magic" ... written by kristin
once again amazing!!! thank you god bless u " ... written by lydia
The supersonic vibration she brings to free chat is doubled in a private reading. I feel encouraged and supported by this exceptional woman. Thank you, Countess. " ... written by
Can I tell you how life affirming Tess is and was during the reading? Well, let me tell you she was so positive and encouraging.. What can I say but, thank you thank you ever so much Tess.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
very fast to the heart of the problem. very spot on. very kind but no sugar coating. she knows" ... written by christine
love her " ... written by Vee
Countess has some powerful words of wisdom and affirmations that can change your life! Love her! " ... written by LadyG
she is very unique. fast honest and is the real deal. how to keep you on the path and a must have reader. she uses no tools and tunes in immediately to your questions before you ask. thank you" ... written by christine
Awesome ! Bang on." ... written by Sandy Macaulay
sterella is giving me clever advice and im starting to feel better about the whole situation.Thanks." ... written by cass
Your so awesome! Thank you" ... written by T
phenomenal fantastic fast direct real ways to change your path" ... written by christine
WOW U ALWAYS BRIGHT UP MY DAY,, I LOVE YOU xxxx" ... written by johanmedium
such a warm warm heart I was looking for guidance and understanding into navigating my own feelings and she was able to draw from me the core of what my challenges were and then gave me spiritual insight to overcome Thank you I will come back and recommend her " ... written by motherofdragons
she knows best" ... written by vee
amazing as always, you are the best ! " ... written by sin
Always lovely to talk to you :)" ... written by T
very gifted, insightful and very kind warm soul. connect very quickly and read very precise. Top rate psychic of course, no doubt about it. 10 stars******** Thank you answer all my questions. awesome, amazing ." ... written by gugu58
Starella is able to make the most honest, powerful, and 100% accurate predictions. She even knows the small details! I wouldn't recommend anyone else! She told me I would meet someone who would make this down time go by faster and now I've become active by a friend who makes me walk and I'm losing inches off my body...inches! She is hands down the face or Oranum and I will stay with her forever because she knows how to lift ones spirit and also how to express a deep empathy and explain why the situation happened the way it did. I assure you, one reading with Starella and you will never go to anyone else. Thank you so much, I cannot wait to follow up with you in the coming weeks! I am so blessed to have discovered someone with such magnificent and natural gifts!" ... written by James
Thank you for the wonderful reading and explanation. I really needed to hear it. Love you. " ... written by xo
A good reading" ... written by Julia
I thank her for her reading, i hope things do get better!" ... written by SweetS
thanks so very much for the open and honest reading" ... written by barbieluvskent
This is my second reading with countessstarella, and I'm just as happy with this reading as I am with the first one. She knows how to uplift you and make you feel better. Definitely will continue to see her for future readings! :)" ... written by Amethyst
She's bubbly and great and fun to talk to! Gives excellent advice and I'm glad I came to her today :) xoxox I will be back!" ... written by Julie
Coutesstarella was very caring and really put my mind at ease. I left the reading with a peace of mind about my situation. Thank you Countess!" ... written by Chosenone2015
Amazing reading, wonderful lady" ... written by Andy
oh how i love the countess! she is so helpful." ... written by sometimes4321
thanks for the kind reading. i know that you are feeling the sadness and the pain i am feeling. i do forgive him but i do not know if I can forget what he did. thanks for your prayers too" ... written by gentlerainstorm
she is aweome!!!" ... written by briana
very nice…accurate…listen to the warnings.." ... written by ree
Star is the best" ... written by David
Wonderful full of understanding and honesty peaceful feeling after talking with her. Loved loved my reading with ms. Countessstarella. " ... written by Wolfy
Thank you CountessStarella! I will take your advice! " ... written by Ariana
she was very good and too the ppoint." ... written by sabina0202
She is so lovely to talk to and very encouraging. If the things she says really start to happen, I will be back more often! " ... written by A
good positive advice, good reader, she is so uplifting. thank you" ... written by golden
I love Countess Starella, she is empowering, funny, direct, honest and a true pheonix who knows lives troubles. i thought i had a problem, but her energy is so good, I finished the reading laughing, feeling lighter and wondering why i had a problem in the first place. She helped me to realise, it was never my problem, it was other peoples problems all the time, as there to closed off." ... written by mahoo 122
she is a star ..very warm heart.." ... written by sabina0202
Thank you so much! u uplifted my soul as always !! 2nd reading and was such a delight! u are the best xx" ... written by Natalie
I enjoyed the reading very much. Very positive and helpful to my situation. I would highly recommend." ... written by Morgan
thanks for the quick connection and good insight into my situation, talk soon" ... written by dakota
I thought she was great! She was specific!! :)" ... written by Kevin Amanse
She is very positive and warm. " ... written by sabina0202
She is the best!! She was spot on about past predictions along with my situation, so I came back for an update. She is well worth it! " ... written by *****
Such a wonderful lady! Very accurate, and definitely a reader that I enjoyed immensely!" ... written by Briana
She is a star ....Thanks for being so warm and kind. " ... written by sabina0202
Very positive reader she is for sure guys." ... written by sabina0202
amazing!!!" ... written by ladylight
love her love her love her. wise words" ... written by Bridget
She is such a sweet and kind woman. Great reading!" ... written by Mary
thankyou" ... written by Angel
She confirmed my path! It was awesome with her doing so. She worked quickly under my time limitations and was very understanding and open to my situation. I feel great after speaking with her." ... written by Becca
she is precious and filled with light! love her highly recommend" ... written by light1
Hopefully get to speak longer next tablet wasn't me send. Thanks tho.x" ... written by crystal
Inspiring! And I could feel the love energy." ... written by K888Relax
Thank you :) " ... written by walter
you're the best thank you!" ... written by Angel
You said everything the counselor advised and Shawn andamp; I will continue counseling together. I will do /say the things to then you asked. I really think that will mean a lot, especially to Shawn.. Once again. Thank you." ... written by srbentley88
Thank you for your support and clarity. I love to come to your chat room. :) god bless you. " ... written by Walter
brilliant" ... written by lola
Adorable and sooo amazing she is guys." ... written by sabina0202
like my reading" ... written by jonathan
She is always so energetic and changes your mood. I hope all she says transpires!" ... written by Beth
very good." ... written by Marian Olariu
She is absolutely amazing! Her personality and kindness mixed with her talent is beyond words!! xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
Awesome. Very impressive and encouraging " ... written by sandy
Incredible. She is awesome. Highly recomend" ... written by PaleNative
wise words from a wise woman. She sees quickly and knows whats going on without prompting. Good reading" ... written by Cheryl
You are a blessing! So sweet and honest!" ... written by T
Another great meeting" ... written by Jim
thanks again for the quick connection, great details, talk soon," ... written by dakota
Very good advice to me. I feel it is now my time to shine!!" ... written by Kimberly
did not get enough information about what was really concerning me at this moment" ... written by Fallynn
thank you for your reading , it was very helpfull" ... written by judy06779
Wow...amazing" ... written by Ella
Star is such a friendly and welcoming person. She helped me gain closure with some passed loved ones. Thank you, Star. I'll be checking in every once in a while to see you :)" ... written by Gabby
Great reading. Called about a relationship question and she helped me out wonderfully" ... written by Jim
Just the best" ... written by David Richardson
soo glad I finally got to talk to you in private. I enjoyedit and I will return often," ... written by bonnie
wonderful talks and it gives me courage, thank you so much." ... written by bonnie
thanks you are amazing" ... written by sharon
She was nice and very straight forward." ... written by Sania
She is amazing as always!! So much love and positive energy that come from this woman! It's beyond words!! xoxo" ... written by Jennifer
The Countess is an ANGEL. What a blessing from heaven she is. She helped me tremendously just now, but I have also spoken to her once before, and she was spot on at that time, too. She is wonderful." ... written by Sandra
a delight! and worth every penny :) thank you, your a star!" ... written by LovelyMinx
Very good reading...very insightful and helpful...made me feel so much better." ... written by Nona67
I wish I had more time I felt connected. I will at to countenesstarella again " ... written by tania
Always ready to listen, a great comfort, and no BS. When you come to the Countess, you get the royal treatment. She will lift you in bad times and rejoice with you in good. " ... written by Leslee
Thank you so much for the encouragements and prayers. :-)" ... written by tapsor
You are the best and so positive! I love the positive room and talking with you. What you tell me I know is the truth." ... written by T
love her!!!!!!" ... written by .............
I enjoyed talking to Countessstarella! She confirmed many things that I had been previously been told. She offered great advise and spot on counseling." ... written by Mama SunFiyahh
She's such a happy energy! I really liked our reading. Though short, she gave me all the answers for the questions I asked and now it's just a waiting game. I'm excited to see what happens :) " ... written by E
" ... written by MiaChiara
thanks for the reading. i do appreciate it very much" ... written by gentlerainstorm
Thank you so much for all of it. No sugar coating you are amazing. " ... written by rosie
amazing, thank you!" ... written by Meredith
amazing as always!" ... written by Meredith
she gave the answers i needed and helped me a lot" ... written by tara
Starella is a very sweet lady. Always with the positive. Good affirmations." ... written by Julie
It is truely a blessing to speak to Countess Starella, she is loving, understanding, non judgemental, with a great depth of understanding and good intuitive psychic ability." ... written by mahoo122
Tess is such the consummate honest loving generous reader.. What a blessing and an honor to call her a friend and confidant.. Thank you dear Tess.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
She has helped me more and to believe in my faith and I just thank her so much for taking the time to use her gift on me!!" ... written by Iris
WOW! WOW! WOW! She is Amazing! Such a Sweet person. I will follow her great advice! and continue and do the things she told me! THANK YOU ! so very much. You are a Wonderful person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetangle
Thnak you" ... written by Sania
Thanks! Love the countess!" ... written by Auburngirl
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are always honest and straight to the point. Not always what I want to hear but always the truth. Love and blessings to you." ... written by PaleNative
5 stars!!" ... written by love
lovely reader" ... written by emilie
amazing reading- she knew so much about both of us. I feel comforted, at peace. " ... written by tibifide
I could speak out my mind and got great positive advise." ... written by Sonia Dhiyani
This was a very beautiful reading thank u for showing me great love i will be forever grateful!" ... written by Ava
Great Reading!" ... written by Zia Vang
countess is really goodshe give good advice and she I will let you know if I see him again" ... written by aisha gardner
The Countess is such a sweetheart!! She is one of the absolute BEST psychics you could ever hope to talk to!! She will help you immediately and tell you everything you need to know. She can tell you everything with almost no information from you. She picks up on EVERYTHING ON MANY DIFFERENT LEVELS. She will tell you the absolute truth and help you to gain confidence within yourself too." ... written by Sandra
I met her through chat, no demo. She could automatically sense my energy and how I was feeling. She said a few key words about my situation that intrigued me. She encouraged me with my situation. She confirmed my thoughts!!! Thank you" ... written by Arcava
Love her. " ... written by Zechariah
excellent lady! 5 stars." ... written by nocassandra
oen of my favorite reads of all time is with countess! My wife and I just had an amazing family read. Thanks so much!" ... written by beathive
FABULOUS!!! very encouraging and warm lady. Excellent reading" ... written by Paula Reeves
The Countess is a Beauty. What a tremendous heart and soul she has! I spoke to her just yesterday, but got worried again. She remembered everything about me and what I had said immediately. She also said she had come on early because she had a feeling I needed her. And I did!!!!" ... written by Sandra
She said things I needed to hear and I'm ready to take the steps on the journey to healing." ... written by Hannah
Always positive and empowering what ever the problem and crisis. She is blessed with good deep and divine insights. I will return as she never judges, is entertaining and sincere. Bless her" ... written by mahoo122
very insightful. and will follow her advice" ... written by oscarbuffy
You're the best :) I need more credits!! lol" ... written by Megan
very nice" ... written by pam
thanks so much" ... written by angelwhisper1
thanks so much for the reading. I am more hopeful now things are going to be better soon. I am going to remain positive I will get to talk to him and we can be pals again." ... written by angelwhisper1
Another great reading. Love you" ... written by Jim
Nobody does it like the Countess. You will have her full attention, and gentle care. She's going to consider all the aspects of your situation and provide the healthiest solution. Give her the chance to help you. Whatever you're dealing with, she can handle it." ... written by Leslee
Countessstarella you are awesome! I enjoy what you have to say! I am looking forward to all of it as well :)" ... written by T
wonderful" ... written by divine
As always so thankful for your wonderful heart!" ... written by Ava
I love your positive outlook! I needed it right now... Worth the reading. Thanks! " ... written by Christine
great wonderful lady" ... written by Sandy
By far the best reader. Always makes me feel better by the end of our conversation. She is truly worth every penny. Biggest blessing to have come across her !" ... written by Diana
Love this woman THANK YOU! " ... written by JennEph
Exceptional reading!!!! Exceptional." ... written by Sandra
Countess Starella is truly excellent. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by Sandra
I love her. she is compassionate and speaks from the heart. if you need someone to lift your spirits, please have a private session with her. It is worth the positive energy you will receive." ... written by Fallynn
Exceptional reading!!! CountessStarella is one of the best psychics you could ever hope to talk to. Please, please contact her!!!" ... written by Sandra
Whatever you may be keeping to yourself, you can share with her. She has the gift, as well as a lifetime of experience, and she can handle whatever you bring. Don't worry that she won't understand your situation. She will. " ... written by Leslee
I love her. Thank you Countess!" ... written by Anne
Love this woman...she grounds me. Just feel connected and trust her" ... written by Silk
Amazing hun! You are absolutely awesome! God Bless you!" ... written by T
Thanks again!!!!!" ... written by Kimberley
I hate to hear the truth but that is exactly what I went looking for. Absolutely great reading." ... written by Diana
SHE IS AMAZING AND ALWAYS SPOT ON " ... written by Chanel
Excellent reader, I will be sure to visit again ... " ... written by Windsong
perfect" ... written by fatima
I had to have 2 readings in a row with her... love this woman!" ... written by coolGirl65
loved her" ... written by coolGirl65
Confirmed what I was feeling. Thank you very much." ... written by Kimberley
good to see you again ♥ reading 100%" ... written by PL
Very gifted. Very experienced. She knows what she's doing. " ... written by Paul
She gave me much encouragement and affirmations to make my wishes and dreams become my reality. Love her energy!!!" ... written by Teresa
thank you for being my support during my time of need!" ... written by Ava
She gave me a lot more insight into my problem than any other psychic on here! I will be taking and using her advice." ... written by Angela Allen
she is great! she predicted something that came true already. will come back to her again. Thanks Countess." ... written by chef
amazing, she is helping me set my life on the right path for me, such encouragin words and amazing insight into my situation, so glad i found her" ... written by cheese
Thank you hun! I am so excited! I can't wait!" ... written by T
She gave solid advice, and brought a new light to how I can handle my situation." ... written by Acacia
<" ... written by Meredith
amazing " ... written by adriana
Love her readings!" ... written by coolGirl65
Thank you so much countessstarella! What you said really helped me to understand things better! I hope and pray that things will get better!" ... written by Ida
thanks for the quick connection and fast reading, so much info, awesome feeling in your room, (hugs)" ... written by dakota
Very nice, although I'm waiting for her predictions now." ... written by ElfLover
Whatever you may be going through, she can provide the kind of support you need. She won't lead you astray. She won't take a bunch of extra time just to get more money - some folks do that. She's on your side, and she's totally honest. And she is truly gifted. Give her the opportunity to help you." ... written by leslee
Kind, and blunt on the situation, great advice, has open my eyes with many things." ... written by Briana
she was very helpfull and great" ... written by mariam
The most amazing and knowledgeable person on the planet Very Very Encouraging understands very well the best friend anybody can have." ... written by Robert
Came into the session needing to sort my mind, came out so much more enlightened and happy than when I went in. There is just something uplifting about her and being in her presence just one on one will change your whole state of mind. This was definitely needed this evening. Thank you" ... written by Tierra
Starella is like a mother hen, i trust her. DO NOT PSYCHIC HOP!!!! Find one like Starella and stick with them. Hopping will mis lead you and cause you more trouble than it is worth. She is the real deal." ... written by Melinda
great reDing n quick to connect will await predictions" ... written by apple
The best reading i have ever had. She understand you, and she is very kind. I love to use my money, it can be my last to on readers like you. You are just amazing, i look forward to the next reading. Thank you so much, much much love." ... written by Khadracandy
She never lets me down :)" ... written by Mercy
i love countess " ... written by sometimes4321
Beautiful lady with a beautiful heart! Spot on and understanding like a great counselor. " ... written by Sally
Omgoodness she is so positive and connects easily. Gives great advice. Highly recommend" ... written by Sunshine
Love her! She has great tips for under the time limit that I had. Valuable insights and practice tips that I can do daily and continue to fulfill my goals. :D. Only wish we had more time lol." ... written by StarFeather
Wonderful honest thank you so much for reading in codefendant up rooting. " ... written by ChristyJO
Wonderful as always " ... written by Wolfy
When you need straight forward advice with a side of tender loving care, this is where you should be. Give her the opportunity to stand with you. She has a lot of wisdom to share." ... written by leslee
spot on...very comforting...i needed to hear from my sister who passed...thx for the message." ... written by sabrina fulford
countess is so sweet and worth every penny. really helpful person." ... written by sometimes4321
She's a very sweet lady :)" ... written by Raychul
She is amazing!" ... written by Cyndigirl
great detailed reading" ... written by loal
Great personality ...Awesome. On point!!!" ... written by T
great, thank you love." ... written by kevin
love the countess" ... written by sometimes4321
Thanks for your support" ... written by Elise Julliete
She is very sweet and kind. " ... written by Cyndi
as always, amazing..." ... written by mamadragon
Shes awesome. Just love going to have reading with her. Awaiting result but she has positive energy and that is what everyone can benefit from. Thanks so much xx" ... written by wewillsee1
nice and to the point" ... written by Jesus
Amazing reader, much clarity, and guidance. " ... written by Briana
Very good and great personality" ... written by Isabelle
thank you starella." ... written by RB
Thank you so much. SO MUCH. I think she knows what kind of soul I am. I try to hide it much. But she's amazing." ... written by mamadragon
thank you soo much. " ... written by xo
I love her!" ... written by Kristie
i love her. she sends clarity and wisom and hope" ... written by Bridget
Thank you for the reading. I feel positive already" ... written by Lucy
Wonderful as always " ... written by Wolfy
happy holidays ! thanks for the reassurance and insight, please keep praying for me and envisioning a quick resolution. and i am so glad you were right about all the other stuff, you're a good love doctor! " ... written by caroline
i love her she is amazing!!" ... written by dsad
Shes adorable, quick and doesn't beat around the bush. I appreciated the time and energy she gave in being patient with me. I look forward to seeing the results :)" ... written by wewillsee1
Cheerful, positive, awesome and on point." ... written by Amanda
she is amazing. Truthfull, and trustworthy. I love her so." ... written by mamadragon
loved my reading! Confirmed everything i was feeling and once he gets through this he will be back and committ. I will defintiely come back!! Superb reading and sooooo fab!!" ... written by susan
She is a very loving and free spirit. she tells you what you need to hear in order to take action in your life. She is compassionate and fun to talk to. " ... written by Daniel Dinsio
perfect" ... written by mamadragon
Shes very cool. Enjoyed it. " ... written by Lanajo
thank you again for such a great gift you have I could never thank you enough for the blessings you have shown me from my hubby! Love ya" ... written by Ava
I love a Lady Called Carol she is my love. We 12 years of Happy Loving years. You say she still loves me. I truly know she do too. I need her so much plus I truly miss her so much. Just Hope And Pray She Will Come Back To Me. Please Help Me. Love Mike x" ... written by Mike Austin
always spectacular always quick always straight shooter" ... written by christine
amazing! " ... written by mamadragon
Love Countess! Audio issues but not her fault at all. great life and love advice" ... written by Allison
She was AWESOME!" ... written by courious
thank you so much for guiding me during difficult times." ... written by Mamadragon
thank you." ... written by kevin
Very Wonderful great reading will definitely come see her again 10 stars picked up on everything right away Thank you " ... written by Christine
Very good, positive thoughts, her thoughts and feelings were right on." ... written by Cher
i think that she is an accurate person." ... written by Lacynthia
thank you so much for your help." ... written by mamadragon
lovely lady gave me some really great insight xoxoxoxo" ... written by maxine
always amazing! AAAAA++++++" ... written by CoolGirl65
Countess has the most amazing presence and infectious positive energy. I absolutely adore her! Great psychic, great readings always. " ... written by LadyGrace
awesome, delightful, positive as always. Await results of concerns with positivity :)" ... written by wewillsee
Great reading!" ... written by Joseph
shes so positive love her energy xx" ... written by Amanda
She is so kind and enthusiastic. Picked up on my energy and the situation right away." ... written by moon
Great reader, much clarity, great advice, love her!" ... written by Briana
thank you for the reading. :)" ... written by xoxoxo
thank you" ... written by mamadragon
she is honest and sincere... and is spot on when knowing how I feel. Id advise everyone to give her a try or at least sample her demo." ... written by cittylove
Great, great woman!!! Very gifted and good hearted...always on point and knows what she is talking about. most try and you wont regret it.....Love,love her." ... written by lulu the angel
i had a short reading but i often chat with her and she is totally down to earth one in a kind person and super wise. sorry my time expire! you are awesome thank you" ... written by ESTELLA
she's terrific" ... written by julieanne
Fabulous! Truthful, Insightful:) " ... written by lm
Amazing! thank you so much. She knew so much. Spot on" ... written by crystal
Positive and Potent Energy. Well versed in clear thought control. " ... written by Brown Brown
very great reading" ... written by apple
She really helped me I mean she knew what I was dealing with when I said an entity was talking to me !! I will check out the book." ... written by something
Ahh i wish i had more time with you, you gave really good advice i will come back" ... written by Shelby
Ran out of credit but she is amazing for the advice and guidance she gives. Thank you" ... written by moon
excellent, she's amazing" ... written by jag
great, she's great" ... written by jag
Wonderful!" ... written by Jaqui
Thank you for such a reading." ... written by xoxo
always amazing" ... written by Angel
Stellar and positive and very helpful. Thanks x 100." ... written by XXX
Amazing as always thank you so much for the advice!" ... written by Shelby
Countess Starella is a joy... very positive... very caring. I'm so glad to have the opportunity of meeting her!" ... written by Jody
great reading... I hoe that the prediction comes true soon." ... written by edysica
Always a pleasure...Always spot on and just such a wonderful soul this lady has! " ... written by True
Shes amazing! All I have to say" ... written by Joey
Great as always good energy and full of positive Thank you so much I will keep the Faith always " ... written by Christine
great but not enough time" ... written by pengun
Very insightful. Quick connection. No sugar coating. Highly recommend. A++++++" ... written by PaleNative
She is the most spot on positive women ever!!! I come back again and again because she is always right!!!!! I love you Starella!!!!" ... written by Melinda
Thank you for a reading. " ... written by xo
Great reading, wished there was more time." ... written by bell
absolutely amazing! would recommend everyone visiting oranum to do a private reading with her." ... written by PaleNative
She was amazing" ... written by Angelina
awesome reader" ... written by PaleNative
EVERY member of Oranum should have a private reading with Countessstarella" ... written by PaleNative
thanks so much for the honest reading. I do feel there is a glimmer of hope things will get better. I am going to hold onto that hope." ... written by ivorrosepetals
Love this Lady! Thank you! " ... written by JennEph
great reader!" ... written by apple
Great" ... written by ANdrea
Great as always 10 stars great advice and true from the heart love her and her energy is great always positive will come see her again soon " ... written by Christine
thanks so much for the great reading" ... written by ivorrosepetals
Great insight" ... written by ANdrea
Great LAdy" ... written by Kim
Countess is a class act. She is ALWAYS positive and upbeat. I love her energy and she is so helpful. She is very beautiful. Thank you Countess for everything!" ... written by Lucy Hale
She was wonderful i really enjoyed talking with her i was a first time user. i would talk to her again when i get some more money." ... written by Stephanie
Love the beautiful Countess. She is worth every penny. Just press private reading and you will understand. Many thanks countess. Love you." ... written by Pressy Smith
Awesome reading! Thank you dear loved one:)" ... written by lakeshia
She was straight to the point. Hope what she said will come true." ... written by Maribeth
Love Countess Starella!" ... written by Jody
Great reading, well worth the cost." ... written by Lightstar
i wanted to ask a question but had no where to type!!! i could only hear her but could not ask my question:(" ... written by MCDCR
I should've come to this woman's room a looooong time ago. Straight to the point and funny too. love her already!" ... written by Gina
thanks so much for the nice reading. I am happy we had the chance to talk" ... written by ivorrosepetals
awesome" ... written by sydjazz
connected right away!" ... written by linds
Picked up right away on what is going on as always Thank you so much you are a blessing and great will come see you again soon " ... written by Christine
you are amazing, quick and understanding" ... written by mamadragon
incredible" ... written by PaleNative
She is so light and so relevant at the same time. Such a lovely, whimsical, deep, insightful lady. Can't recommend more highly." ... written by Cynthia
Wonderful psychic!" ... written by Amanda
She's so great I jumped in for more. Can't recommend her more highly." ... written by Cynthia
Fast and clear" ... written by Ryan
everything is the best with Countess." ... written by mamadragon
love er t peices" ... written by jennifer
i wish i had more balance but i loved her she was one of the good ones." ... written by veronica
Short, but very helpful and thoughtful." ... written by ElizeS
SHE WAS SO ON POINT IT HURTS " ... written by Christina
Thanks for your confirmation and suggestions. " ... written by SS
Amazing as always!" ... written by Kyle
Great reading!!" ... written by Vanessa
calming nature " ... written by gretski
5 stars!" ... written by luv
Simply amazing" ... written by PaleNative
i loved her.. only problem 30.00 lasted less than 3 min. " ... written by duana
Thank you for verifying my concerns. Have a wonderful and blessed day." ... written by california
love you" ... written by so accurate
Thank you for the reading." ... written by usa
Awesome reading. Quick connect. To the point. Honest. Even when its not what you want to hear." ... written by PaleNative
Love the advice" ... written by AManda
Very good reading" ... written by Noseeehhh
thank you" ... written by mamadragon
always spot on and loving" ... written by Melinda
thank you" ... written by mamadragon
She was dead on!" ... written by Etikquar
fast accurate no tools very intuitive thank you." ... written by christine
she was great always great to work with. I always get the best readings from her." ... written by Emily
Great reading. Very spot on. Would definitely do more readings with her." ... written by Courtney
Tess was so quick and forthright with directives for increasing my energy level at work.. She was accurate and point blank about what I need to do when I need a boost at work.. Thank you dear friend Tess.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
she a wonderful reader such a great soul" ... written by apple
she is so pretty and honest person i love her she tells you the truth and she helps you!!" ... written by Genan El- Oubary
Fantastic" ... written by Ben
Such a wonderful woman so patient n kind n puts into plain words i can understand her guidance a true gift give her atry u wont regret" ... written by 04apple
i love this woman and she holds a lot of love and power! I will be back" ... written by Amiel Burgess Sr
always a good help" ... written by dragonlady
So sweet and accurate! " ... written by carlinw
Estrella is the most fantastic person here on oranum !!! it was such a wonderful reading and i love all of what she told me!!!" ... written by Sonia
good" ... written by iludia
An amazing soul. Truly amazing. Love her." ... written by EvieLeBoe
she is so amazing!! i will come back to her over and over again." ... written by thyca15
wow she was on point about him for sure. I appreciate that and honest. " ... written by knowing2013
she nailed my situation wish I had more time " ... written by L
love her she is so sincere n cares n says things in my language it click in my head thank you!!!!!!" ... written by apple
she is great always helps me to see the other side that i become blinded by and i appriciate that alot" ... written by malukai
too short for $28 :(" ... written by Oksana Peysakh
Awesome...." ... written by EvieLeBoe
great reader awesome soul give her a try worth it" ... written by apple
Very centered" ... written by Karen
Great connection. Very insightful. Great reading." ... written by PaleNative
Lovely lady thank you for affirming dates I FELT that too on going a little later thank you " ... written by Roshandra Simon
Amazing reading. Thank You so much Countessstarella! Highly recommend. Blessings." ... written by Angelwingss7
I love the readings with Countes, she gave the most important advice and it turned for good! Today again she gave me good insight and i for sure will follow her words. The most fantastic person here - I love you so much!!" ... written by Sonia
Lovely Woman... So so sweet and such AMAZING energy" ... written by Linn
Thanks for the great tips.. about time I get things going..! :) Will be back for more. " ... written by SS
Every time I have a reading with her , it's amazing !! she is amazing!! thank you once again for your sharing your gift , giving me insight , clearing things up for me andamp; being so honest.. I will be back !! I encourage everyone to have a reading with the countessstarella !! you will not be disappointed!! " ... written by tamjones
very good and accurate " ... written by Francisco
Countess is very reassuring and compassionate and understood my situation, which I appreciate and gave me some good insight. ^-^ Thank you so much, I will be coming back for more readings. ~Love light and blessings" ... written by Nikki
thank u" ... written by garet
Very sweet " ... written by Heather Lynn
Amazing and very accurate!!! Highly recommend!" ... written by Mj
thanks , I now understand what is going on" ... written by poohcorners
great reading" ... written by poohcorners
What an amazing woman with a good heart! She's got a personality as beautiful as her appearance! Giving me a new hope to life when I was just about to give up" ... written by Gpajwani
she is great!" ... written by wren1414
Countessstarella is amazing! Such a light and positive energy I instantly felt relief just being in her presence. She provided wonderful incite and hope to my concerns. Everyone must experience her unconditional love for people!" ... written by Samantha
She is AMAZING!!! She really knows her stuff. She hasn't made just myself happy, but my children too!" ... written by Natalie
Love" ... written by Linn
Wow, got in deep andamp; so fast with my burning questions, i trust andamp; believe this beautiful powerful woman, Gave me really good guidance andamp; advice so that i can obtain what i want andamp; am trying to achieve." ... written by HappyLove
LOVE LOVE LOVE" ... written by Linn
Great reading" ... written by Lisa
the best!" ... written by mamadragon
WOW, the truth with out any false hope! Didn't make me promises, just told me the way it is on my side and also on the side of my "soul mate".....Count made an immediate connection and I feel as if she really knows me. Worth the time. Thank you -- I will touch base, and will say my Angel prayer with his name written on it every nite! " ... written by lornalulu
I enjoyed countessstarella very much! Would definitely come back. 5-stars!!!!" ... written by ango
ooh, man i love this woman! a true prophetess creatrix...go see her and u won't be sorry!" ... written by wren1414
thank you so much for tonight. IM having a hard time." ... written by mamadragon
Wonderful! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
I felt so connected to the answers. It was the truth and I resonated deeply. What an awesome reading." ... written by Mo
Fantastic!" ... written by Jody
It´s always such a pleasure to talk with Countess... I could talk for ages with her advices. Thank you so much xoxoxo" ... written by S.
thanks so much" ... written by poohcorners
Very good picks up quickly always helps cheer you up and see what is going on from different views giving you hones answers and helping to guide you Thank you " ... written by Christine
wonderful!" ... written by liz
Always so positive and upbeat..... love Countess!" ... written by Karen
on point" ... written by michele
Very good, encouraging, on the money" ... written by bluewitch
She is worth every penny. Positive energy- positive thoughts - positive life - how can one be anything but inspired and positive for a wonderful future xoxo" ... written by cathryn
very good " ... written by Sanjeeta
great reader... very unique... i recommend" ... written by apple
Very straight forward. Honest even when it's not what I would like to hear." ... written by PaleNative
thank you!!" ... written by xo
good " ... written by sue
very good " ... written by Nancy
She is awesome...I love her certainty. She is confidence, positive and I believe has the potential of making everyone's life better." ... written by BB
thanks for the reading. I am sorry it was so short. I told admin a few minutes ago I want to leave the site. they said I could have a free reading. I wanted to talk to you before I left. some of the readers have not been too nice to me." ... written by poohcorners
You know exactly what I need to feel better!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Natalie
great reading she awesome!" ... written by apple
Very insightful reading.. She already knew everything before I told her.." ... written by Anonymous
Thank you dear little fairy for opening my eyes and putting me right. You predictions come true and i believe in your magic." ... written by oceanfish
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
very good" ... written by nancy
5 stars !" ... written by livelife
very good will return" ... written by anna
Starella, is a blast, what a woman, just brilliant energy and accuracy. wow" ... written by Susan Maureen
LOVE your energy.. you put the pep back in me..! I am about to bring it all in..! Thanks n hugs..:) " ... written by SS
I learned a lot with this consultations. She has a very nice energy about her. I feel a strong sense of hope after this. Thank you," ... written by HealerFromThEast
wonderful reader wish i could talk w her for hours" ... written by apple
A brilliant and uplifting psycic, Really good and comforting." ... written by hubbelman
She is just amazing. Such a great person and her predictions really do come true. I just love her. " ... written by SamsaraGirl
I love this lady!!! her energy and heart is beautifull" ... written by Timor
Accurate and Correct readings and very helpful." ... written by Lwp
I love you Countess! You are the absolute best in the world. Thank you for allowing my light to shine again and for inspiring us to be our best." ... written by Karen
great reading and very unique" ... written by apple
GOOD" ... written by PETRA
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Excellent person, I love her of all psychics! You are truly remarkable!" ... written by Pearl Lin
Love countess. There is no-one more down to earth and knowing. Her positive energy has added so much joy to my life." ... written by Karen
She rocks!" ... written by naturalpath
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Thank you!!" ... written by ghost face
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
super nice! " ... written by hit_chi
went too" ... written by spiritlight1
Thank you for the simple fact I have found you :) God Bless You!" ... written by Olga
Was shocked she remembered me at all! I am hoping what she says will come into play. " ... written by S how positive she is. she is good at what she does.. I would highly recommend her" ... written by Doug
she is very accurate love her readings she is really good would recommend 'thumbs up' and five stars " ... written by Ashleigh
Incredible reading, thank you so much " ... written by Luke Black
INTRESTING, RIGHT TO THE POINT" ... written by shaun hayes
Great connection and insight!" ... written by Joseph
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i loved the reading, nothing but good vibes !" ... written by bev
was fun and nice .. for a change was very intuitive for me . " ... written by Amanda
great reading, very accurate" ... written by Theresa46
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connects quickly.. so helpful with advice" ... written by melissa
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Very helpful reader and blessed to speak with her. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
I had the best reading. The Countess is so positive, and her spirit is truly blessed. Thank you. I will give you an update." ... written by Jill
wonderful reader such a great i sight try her" ... written by apple
a deeply beautiful individual " ... written by KALIHART
she is so reassuring .. I love her readings" ... written by melissa
Countess is totally connected to spirit... Joyful, encouraging, truthful, insightful andamp; completely accurate... She is an extraordinary beautiful soul!! LOVE COUNTESS!!!" ... written by Nini52
:) " ... written by Genan El- Oubary
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
You are the best always on point and sending me so much love hope everything goes well .. God Bless and much Love to you ountess" ... written by Lacapri
Countess helped me tremendously! She saw the core of my relationship. She is a true blessing!" ... written by Diana A
Countess is AMAZING!!! She always makes me feel so much better and really knows her stuff! She is the real deal people!! LOVE YOU COUNTESS!" ... written by Natalie
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I loved her reading. She was very accurate, fun, magical, and easy to talk to." ... written by Alexis
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ALWAYS AMAZING!!" ... written by Natalie
This was my first reading. I sat in on a demo and just listened. I love this woman and adore her. I had very limited funds but made the best of the package I purchased with very limited time for our session. I was pleasantly surprised by how she handled what I shared as well as what she shared. I am writing down what she said to remind me. I am going to follow up on it now if possible" ... written by Jenna
She was very insightful . Fast . Very caring of my situation and her excitement of my future gave me great strength . " ... written by Rose
thank u so much...was amazing pick me up..and u saw right through that man..." ... written by mygentleheart
Thank you so much ! " ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much ! " ... written by anonymous
thank you for such a reading. :) bless you." ... written by xoxoxo
amazing!" ... written by mamadragon
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Thank you so much ! " ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much ! " ... written by anonymous
amazing" ... written by mamadragon
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oh she nailed it" ... written by Kristopher
kind an very approachable! really got some good information from her that will help me with the issue I was seeking answers for!" ... written by betsy
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She is such a delight. Full of positive energy and awesome wisdom. Gracious lady." ... written by marym62
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If you give the Countess a chance, she will not only provide guidance, she will be a true friend and support to you. Yes, I know it's the Internet. But it is still possible to connect with people in a meaningful way, even online, and the Countess has this ability. Whatever your problem, give her the opportunity to assist you." ... written by leslee
Awesome reading! " ... written by Zano
I love her reading:) on point and great tips! She is really great especially with her good vibe energy and making someone feels great:) She will definitely make you smile and feel good again:) I will definitely come back for more reading with her:) Thank you so much contessstarella!" ... written by Pootsras
Countess is so positive ! I just love her !~ She brings out the best in people. She is accurate with her readings and incites." ... written by marym62
The knowledge that countess is dedicated to helping others helps me keep faith... She gives me strength and courage to step up and stand up for myself. Based on her bio also I can count on her and her encouragement." ... written by looking for hope
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she is wonderful! :)" ... written by MaryMary
Good. She answered my question about money and some people I know being false in what they want. " ... written by Sarah
she was on point on things she is very quick i recommend very one to have a reading with her " ... written by vic92384
Thank you for the reading. " ... written by xo
She is very good and really open up my mind and heart!" ... written by Jia Yi
She is very intuitive and good but I can't afford any more time bless you and thank you " ... written by JO CHAFFEY
Thanks for the reading you were spot on. amazing!!" ... written by GIPSYGIRL
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great thx." ... written by kevin
great thx." ... written by kevin
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very good again" ... written by Amanda
accurate and inspirational as always...A great inspiration and a great reader always" ... written by accurate
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thank you so much countess " ... written by mel
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
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Awesome discussion with the countess. Always providing positive feedback." ... written by marym62
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Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Great connects quickly give great advice and lets you know what to expect great energy love her she see what is going on completely and helps to guide you wonderful reader blessings " ... written by Christine
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CountessStarella, thank you for your support and help. Your a blessing to me. " ... written by Bikersgirl
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Great lady. Clear and accurate with wonderful heart felt guidance. " ... written by Karla
thanks so much" ... written by angelswhisper49
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Lovely remarkable person Honest with expectations on how things will unfold and develop. " ... written by BT
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Such a great soul. Awesome advice. Will see again." ... written by Lillybird
Love always so accurate and to the point :-)" ... written by Gina
high level psychic" ... written by joseph
she is amazing " ... written by ohood
I just love love being in her room as an observant for the positive energy but in private she is a truly a fairy godmother...Namaste" ... written by Bella
she is very helpful. I do not know if I can follow her advice but she is telling the truth, I am sure" ... written by artemis
she is amazing! long history with this reader going back three years now. i love her. try her out!" ... written by joe
I like how you see the reality of things.. Thank you for your advice. " ... written by workaholic Girl
Love it love it love it. " ... written by gina
amazing " ... written by stephy
literally the best reading i have ever gotten " ... written by cletrel
Countess thank you for your comfort, advice and telling me what you se. it really helps and you are actually very accurate. it took me a while to trust but I know you are very good. :) the things you told me and descriptions actually did clear up once iwas in those situations. and I was able to discern them. about finances you ate correct as well. thank you for also believe in me. 5 stars countess. :)" ... written by Bikersgirl
thank you for everything countess. 5stars." ... written by Bikersgirl
Very helpfull" ... written by Josh
Very Caring. Loved my reading, really felt reassured. " ... written by Candis
very solid and quick thanks much" ... written by jemina
Countessstarella is my bff on oranum!! She is so amazing in her readings and so sweet in her delivery !!! I love her energy and advice ... AMAZING ,GIFTED WOMAN !!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
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She is truthful and fast and helped to make a serious descion ive been wresling with for a few years now.highly recomend her." ... written by bluefeather
This women is not only the best advisor, but the best intuitive. She puts you on the right track. Great, great, great!" ... written by Beth
she is so sweet" ... written by Elizabeth
love her thanks for the reading" ... written by Christian A Smtih
all i have to say is WOW" ... written by niki lasalla
Thank you for the reading.. I hope all you say is true. :)" ... written by Concerned Woman
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
Great reading" ... written by Lisa
wonderful reading!" ... written by JM
Countess has me excited for my future...Thank you!!! Loveandamp;Light" ... written by regina
Great psychic! She is wonderful" ... written by Lisa
I loved it!! Made me so happy, and excited for my life! Definitely coming back " ... written by Paige
Thank you so much. We'll be chatting in the near future." ... written by Gubbini
Thank you so much !" ... written by anonymous
an excellent reading" ... written by Steve8134230
She was spot on very accurate caring and giving advice. She has got unique energy ! Different from any other psychics on here. 5 Stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by awakendreams
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Kind and generous with her words." ... written by MarcRickard
Very nice reading." ... written by Amir
Great reading, happy lady, recommended. " ... written by Tauser
Starella is awesome !!! she is absolutely lovely" ... written by marion
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