About constanttine

Psychic constanttinehas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic constanttinehas recently helped 41members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about constanttine's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi friends, I'm Constanttine, I'm professional Astrologer, Expert Tarot reader, Spiritual Advisor, Natural Healer, and Clairvoyant. I use my high intuition to have contact with Angels and Spiritual Guides and help people for the best path and reach happiness and a better life! (I speak English and Spanish)

excellenteeeeeeee. que bien describio la situationes. regresare por otro consulta muy bueno . very good highly recommended. great reader wao " ... written by maria
He's very focus, calming, explain great detailed and very accurate. :-)" ... written by bellacasa
Great heart and reading I will be back!" ... written by gingerflower13
He is great, amazing!" ... written by chris
Great reading." ... written by vjrei
This is a very genuine and sweet reader. He doesn't sugarcoat. He tells the the truth. Thank you so much my dear. You are amazing." ... written by mel
amazing" ... written by grace
Knowledgeable." ... written by s
Constantine is extremely fast with his readings. Five stars." ... written by james c
Constant is a nice man, with a sweet personality, very quick reading and on point thanks constant.." ... written by sunshinec
Great reading!" ... written by apple
It was so great." ... written by nighty
hes good correct prediction" ... written by Nag
I am a returning and faithful client of Constanttine. Love getting readings with him. Has been accurate and of course he's a blast to talk to. Thanks again Constanttine! " ... written by Vanessa
Thank you for your reading I loved your healing process for my health. Thank you for good news not bad your a god sent to people. Edna" ... written by Edna
Nice reading!" ... written by Zeigen
He is accurate. He is honest. I recommend him. " ... written by Aileen
Very nice and insightful!" ... written by Kaley
Excellent " ... written by Nadia
Very accurate and great reading!!" ... written by Tatiana
Job well done. I will do this again." ... written by Raquel
Fast and accurate. Very helpful." ... written by patricia
He is terrific. 5 stars for him. He is great. Very, very exact." ... written by bueangels
Great first reading with him. Very helpful and kind!! Would recommend!! Thank u so much for ur advice I will keep u updated!!! ;) ********Thousand stars********" ... written by prettyeyez64
Very good. " ... written by Raquel C
Great, unique reading. " ... written by apple
Very good, muyyy bueno sabe muy bien su trabajo." ... written by Raquel C
Awesome reading :) Thank you!!" ... written by arxr
great fast." ... written by patricia
Excellent. An amazing analysis of the Tarot reading. He sees the people in your life, their role in your life, how they affect you, your present and future and gives hope in the middle of disaster and crossroads. Will definitely keep him as my psychic. " ... written by Atabey
Excellent !" ... written by Raquel
wow-great advisor, so nice and with a lot of experiences. I will return for another consultation. He is the best of all here. 5 star and higly recomended" ... written by madeleine
Excellent! Will do it again!" ... written by Raquel
Great reading. " ... written by mary
He's good and sincere. He doesn't want to waste ur minutes. He tries to answer all questions." ... written by love life
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Raquel
Quick and accurate." ... written by patricia
Great. " ... written by mari paz
Muyyyyyyyy bueno, me encantan sus lecturas!" ... written by Raquel
Amazing reading, always shows the tarot cards and explains in detail, answers questions promptly. The cards gives me guidelines on what I should do from now onward and what to look out for, this was very helpful indeed! thank you once again" ... written by Miss.Positive
wow eres el mejor por abrirme los hojos" ... written by Mishell Fiaschetti
GREAT" ... written by Artemis
very good reading!" ... written by Raquel
Excellent." ... written by maria
Constanttine has such a kind disposition, and unlike other tarot readers on here, I like that he shows and explains each card. I have found a true friend on Oranum. Thank you for giving me hope for the future!" ... written by prinsol
He was very accurate and told information that was accurate. How my personality is. " ... written by Susie
very sincere and straightforward. good reading." ... written by Alma
Good and accurate." ... written by Susuie
he is the best 5 stars for him" ... written by dora
great reading" ... written by patricia
This psychic was fantastic. He answered a LOT of questions in a very short amount of time. And he was entirely accurate. I highly recommend him and will return for advice." ... written by Lori
very good reading. Got cut off, but what he said will take into account. Thank you so every much" ... written by Erini
excellent reading. he was excellent picking up on my life as it is now.......will be back for an update." ... written by planejane7
his straight assure of what he says and fast and I felt realive. " ... written by elvira
Thank you for the read. " ... written by d2k1000
great! will come back for an update" ... written by Hayden
Trustworhty, very specific!! Highly recommend!" ... written by LIZA
Decent reading" ... written by April
Knowledgeable with signs, peoples emotions, his readings have such great energy behind them! Would recommend to anyone!" ... written by liza
great reading!" ... written by hapy
Fast and Accurate. Talks about present, future, past. Gives good advice." ... written by Susan
good reading" ... written by cristian
excellent reading very intuitive and kind person" ... written by ginny
The great thing was he saw something I needed to focus on that I had forgotten all about" ... written by BOBBIE BENTON
Very accurate, fast, and quick answers. Look into the past, present , and future. Gives good advice. Recommend 100%" ... written by Susie
Good reader. He is fast and quick and accurate with his readings.. I recommended 100%. He also gives good advice and nice to talk to. " ... written by Susie
great reading thanks" ... written by Patricia
Good and accurate. Fast and quick. Tell you about present, future, and past. " ... written by Susan
great, clarified things for me, will be back!" ... written by Alma
great@" ... written by loveisuniversal
Muy interesante tratalo no te arrepentiras!" ... written by yukiel
conected really well" ... written by oooo
he is the best" ... written by dora
:)" ... written by yukiel
the best of the best. great reading" ... written by cristian
EXECLLENT AS ALWAYS" ... written by lina
La consulta es muy buenas." ... written by Susie
was very understanding an answered well to my questions just hope hes right " ... written by sandra
estupendo" ... written by yukiel
great" ... written by yukiel
Fantastic!" ... written by AJ
He is wonderful :)" ... written by SomeoneHere
amazing reading! I'll be back" ... written by Alma
very detailed readings, fast and accurate. Will be back!" ... written by Alma
quick and accurate." ... written by Susie
the best psychic!" ... written by cristian
I believe he is very good and provided good advice to overcome my fears." ... written by lynnzi
fast and Accurate." ... written by Pinkjs
Es un hombre que sabe lo que esta haciendo, y me hablo todo acerca de lo que estaba pasando, me dio mucha esperanza. Muchas gracias, un abrazo" ... written by Deyanira
great lecture very happy " ... written by yukiel
I need to go back to him, Very detailed and precise. Highly recommended" ... written by Yb4real
quick and to the point! great reading, thanks!" ... written by Hayden
You left my mind at ease! Thank you Constanttine!" ... written by Hayden
best reading. really helpfull" ... written by cristian
Extremely accurate, gifted and honest. His compassion and talent make him an spiritual guide who is not after your money but truly wants to help you and guide you through both the good and the bad that may come. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Mgrl45
Once again another wonderful reading by an honest, caring and straightforward individual. You must try him out, he knows what he is talking about and has a beautiful and blessed talent he uses for good things!" ... written by Mgrl45
he is amazing " ... written by yukiel
very nice and insightful reading, he's amazing and so sweet. I recommend him to anyone needing answers and guidance!" ... written by Hayden
Quick and Accurate. Talks about past, present, future. 100 recommend. " ... written by dul
Once again I am so thankful for having found an honest, caring and talented person like Constanttine. He truly honors the gift he's been given. Thank you! " ... written by Mgrl45
he is awesome " ... written by mariem
It was a grate reading thank you." ... written by tasha gomez
Amazing!!" ... written by Lizo2014
I enjoy the readings with constanttine he is really honest and gives great advise he is my favorite and is amazing !!" ... written by Lizo2014
amazing like always" ... written by Lizo2014
Amazing enjoy my reading with Constantine " ... written by Lizo2014
One of my favorite on oranum. Very kind, sweet and generous and accurate. I always come to him for readings" ... written by mel
quick and accurate. talk about past, present, and future." ... written by dulce
As always it was a pleasure to have a reading done by Constantine. His talent is extremely well developed and his professionalism and character will give you one of the best experiences on the site. " ... written by Mrgrl
5 stars!" ... written by Alma
Amazing, gives great advice when I need it the most." ... written by messengerhayden6
Thanks for the reading." ... written by Liz
muy positivo y preciso en sus lecturas " ... written by Geminis79
Maravilloso !" ... written by liz
Maravilloso !!!" ... written by Elizabeth
always has a way of making my worries go away." ... written by Alma
Really nice reader, given allot detailed answers and predictions. Very gifted with his cards and positive energy." ... written by royalbrit
best reading ever really help my life!" ... written by cris
Great job- Great and to the point. l liked a different perspective and will utilize him again." ... written by Carolina
excelente lectura, muy amoroso y carismatico" ... written by lorena
wonderful!" ... written by messengerhayden6
EL ES FANTÁSTICO!!! un verdadero amor... comprensivo y sincero." ... written by PILITA
he is very nice" ... written by Cristina4413
Amazing in what he does and great person !" ... written by Lizo2014
He is the best, I enjoy my readings with Constantine!" ... written by Geminis79
Un gran consejero excelente." ... written by Elizabeth
superpsychic " ... written by yukiel
Was a nice reading" ... written by Debbie
Good and Accurate." ... written by Susie
excellente !" ... written by lisa
perfecto exelente consulta muy profesional" ... written by luis
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
great." ... written by messengerhayden6
so accurate and spot on as always " ... written by yukiel
quick and accurate. t" ... written by js
Constanttine is amazing honest and very helpful has help me in many way!" ... written by Liz
going back" ... written by yukiel
gracias amigo estamos hablando pronto" ... written by nextelledlifee
muchas gracias" ... written by nexteledllife
gracias por tu ayuda" ... written by nexteledllife
talks about future, past, present. accurate. gives advice best course of action. recommend 100." ... written by Nikki
quick and helpful with tips to improve being happy" ... written by Patricia
always great " ... written by yukiel
caring and accurate and very honest, good person " ... written by gchild001
love his readings!" ... written by lisbeth
amazing!" ... written by Liza
always accurate " ... written by yukiel
good" ... written by zilla parody
excelent" ... written by lisbeth
Ive had many readings with this compassionate man. He is very accurate and follows up . Always willing to help. Im a repeat client. " ... written by missmel2012
Amazing!" ... written by liz
fast and acccurate." ... written by dul
Great! Very kind man. He was very insightful and I will come back again. He's very good at what he does!!!!" ... written by Melissa
maravlloso" ... written by lizbeth
Very good and accurate." ... written by zu
Great as always!!!!" ... written by yukiel
great as always. " ... written by yukiel
Was not enough time :) " ... written by Tawnya Jean
the best!" ... written by amazing!
I really enjoy speaking to him, he is warm and kind. " ... written by nikki
I enjoy it always and he is fantastic!" ... written by Liz
he is the best " ... written by yukiel
Amazing enjoy my readings with constanttine" ... written by liz
fast and accurate. 100 reccomend" ... written by j
Thank you for your support, help and insight. I will watch to see if your predictions come true but am very hopeful." ... written by Rob
Amazing!!" ... written by Liz
enjoy it alot " ... written by liz
the best!!!" ... written by Liz
great!!!" ... written by liz
Me encanta!" ... written by Liz
Everything was great with this Reading. I recommend him to every one." ... written by carmen
Great!! Will be back sooon :)" ... written by Rain
amazing a great person" ... written by liz
Constanttine is the best in Oranum, enjoy his readings very accurate !!" ... written by Liz
Constantine is a very talented and trusted professional. I highly recommend him! Thank you!" ... written by Rachel
great as always friend " ... written by yukiel
Everything was perfect and he was able to answer all of my questions and calm my nerves" ... written by carmen
great as always" ... written by yukiel
the best" ... written by Liz
good and fast and accurate" ... written by rose
Always so accurate and such a sweetheart! Me encanta como usa las cartas para darte consejos y nuevas noticias! Gracias" ... written by Liva
Awesome energy and definiately not what I expected. Im very happy with all he said, he was spot on a lot of things. Thank you so much Constanttine!" ... written by glaydz
amazing!!" ... written by Liz
the best in Oranum!" ... written by elizabeth
Amazing!!!" ... written by LIz
Extraordinario!" ... written by Liz
great kind and quick" ... written by Abigail Rudner
everything was great." ... written by delamca
awesome, perfecto.....brought my nerves to ease. he knew what i was asking as i was thinking. hes awesome and worth every penny." ... written by gladyz21
Amazing!" ... written by Elizabeth
he is great !!" ... written by Lisbeth
estupendo !!!" ... written by beth
the best reader I have met" ... written by gchild001
very helpful will be coming back " ... written by yukiel
amazing!!!!" ... written by Lisa
thank you " ... written by meg471rs
very very gooood! i wil def come back" ... written by marcela
great" ... written by liz
Amazing enjoy it alot !!" ... written by Alexandra
Hes always on point and accurate. xoxo" ... written by glaydz
excellent!!!!" ... written by gabi
Returning client. Constantine is always spot on with his readings" ... written by Vanessa
" ... written by glaydz21
i had a reading with him about a year and he was right about evrything and i just came back to him for another reading today and he is good he got everyhting right about my feelings and my relashionshiop you will not regret having a reading with him he is amazing!! :) " ... written by mishell
Your a nice guy. It's not my type of reading but you did the best you could. Have a great day!" ... written by MMarmalade
A wonderful reader with a Good Kind Heart and clear communication will come back and visit again." ... written by lorraine
always on his readings! He not only my advisor but a friend in need always. xoxo " ... written by glaydz21
AMAZING!" ... written by gina
constanttine thank you for always helping me alot and opening my eyes" ... written by mishell
He is great, nice and kind. He give clear answers to all of my questions. " ... written by Etoilee8
very insightful reading. i look forward to another one. thank you." ... written by missmarlena
I love to do status updates with Constattine. To both, my demise and my good luck, he has always seen both the good and the bad. Pretty honest and accurate. Thank you for not sugar coating what you see! " ... written by Adrienne
Amazing !!!" ... written by Grace
I believe constantine is probably pretty accurate, but he reads the tarot and I need something a little bit faster, but he is good with the tarot" ... written by sunrisegold
love this beautiful man....hes my angel behind the cards. xoxo " ... written by gladyz
Great reading!!!" ... written by Silvias
this is a great and wonderful reader - thanks and miracles do happen..." ... written by Abigail Rudner
Great advice as always.....just what I needed to move on! Es maravilloso siempre! Great advisor!" ... written by glaydz
Marivilloso!!!" ... written by grace
Execelent advior give you the best adivce possible i love his readings." ... written by Mabel
a great friend and advisor " ... written by grace
amazing!!" ... written by grace
He's very nice and knew the situation, gave great advice " ... written by toby
good adviser, good card reader the best." ... written by chris
As always a great Constantine advice and care. xoxo" ... written by glaydz21
Maravilloso the best!" ... written by liz
EXCELLENT" ... written by petra salinas
very strong reader - thanks as always for your loving guidance" ... written by Abigail Rudner
siempre me ayuda mucho sus cartas y todo lo que dice el es muy bueno en todo lo q te dice y tambien bien simpatico :) " ... written by Marlene Alvarez
Amazing enjoy my reading with constanttine he help so much " ... written by Elizabeth
The best !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Me gusto mucho, muy explicito, lo recomiendo 100%" ... written by joa
great!!" ... written by ana
awesome as alwys" ... written by gs
Maravillo me encanta las lecturas " ... written by Grace
Like it very nice!" ... written by joana
excellent" ... written by susan
I always enjoy my readings with Constanttine. Always quick and direct responses to my questions. Many readings have come to past, i trust readings 100% Thank you :)" ... written by cine
i turst his opinion so much" ... written by Mabel
excellent reading!!!! give him a try!!!!!" ... written by Marhaban
muy lindo lo recomiendo siempre amable y dispuesto" ... written by johanna
amazing and a great person!!!" ... written by amanda
Very caring and honest advice. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
the best and advises ever " ... written by chris
accurate and good reading. help with a lot with my questions." ... written by rose
He was accurate, thorough and kind. Thank you. " ... written by Nicole
best advice, really help me see the light thanks so much!!" ... written by cris
Constantine is an honest, loving caring, and kind hearted sou thatl will guide you where you need to go and understand the blessings in life. His precise readings and honesty will make you feel at peace" ... written by Virgoe82
Love it!!" ... written by Briana
My reading with Constantine was caring and full of insights. Thank you!" ... written by Adrienne
Amazing" ... written by Esperanza
maravilloso" ... written by grace
perfect reading " ... written by veronica
constanttine thank you for always helping me when i need it the most i truly need it your help thank you and everythign you say comes true" ... written by mishell
orks very very hard to provide the best reading possible he provides excellent guidance to those seeeking the truth" ... written by Virgoe82
peaks to the spirits in amazing ways and gives you the comfort that you will get where needed if lost " ... written by Virgoe82
he is also very very humble and honest and goes out if his way to make you feel confortable" ... written by Virgoe82
very honest and very detailed i love his card reading there amazing highly recommend him" ... written by Mabel
they all speak from the heart :)" ... written by Virgoe82
speaks to you as if you were there and explains evry answer in detail so that you are not confused " ... written by Virgoe82
top star as well for those 5 readings for this psychic as well" ... written by Virgoe82
his readings have also been very precise and looks for beyond each persons frustrations and gives piece and hope" ... written by Virgoe82
Very sweet man. I have had several readings with him in the past . Very generous and honest" ... written by Mel
Straight forward reading with the cards. Very insightful." ... written by Tony
Ive had heaps of readings with constantine. He is my fav reader. Always so kind and helpful. I don't know what i would do without him." ... written by Mel
My favourite and kindest reader on uranium. He has been there for me during my difficult times. " ... written by Mel
he is amazing always right on his reading a great friend !!!" ... written by Grace
Lovely reading. Very helpful." ... written by lady
like always he is the best" ... written by chris
Reading finally worked and it was worth it!" ... written by Victoria
Maravilloso" ... written by Grace
Always excellent." ... written by Carmen
Awesome and just what i needed to confirm...Hes amazing as a person and as my spiritual advisor! xoxo muahz" ... written by glaydz
great love him thanks!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Amazing " ... written by Grace
he is the best" ... written by cris
excellenttttt. really detailed really good explantions. Great reader" ... written by maria
Maravilloso " ... written by Grace
Constantie is wonderful and very intuitive. He types quickly as well. Talking to him was totally worth it!" ... written by Maria
amazing " ... written by Grace
he have been reading for me and he is always amazing" ... written by mishell
he is honestly the best and reallly honest" ... written by Mabel
That was a really fabulous reading. Very fitting for me as an astrology student. I really connected to Constanttine and it was my best reading!" ... written by Leia
Great reading...blessings" ... written by Patricia
Maravilloso " ... written by grace
He is very detailedand honest" ... written by mabel santana
Very gifted - he was able to pick up on my situation straight away and confirm details and make predictions. I believe in what he had to say I believe he is gifted and look forward to his predictions coming to fruition. He is very quick too - he's very good and I'll definitely be coming back. " ... written by Roseanna
Exceptional!" ... written by Grace
always on no.1 spriritual advisor" ... written by glaydz
very true...accurate...patient...and the best thing is very detail...thank you so much...:)" ... written by rani
very nice read... he read tarot month by month" ... written by Siempre
Amazing" ... written by Liz
Was very efficient with his reading! his knowledge was helpful to my own. He is a very good guide, and helped me to see many things that I was missing. He is very good at what he does! I feel healed already. His intention is very positive, and it continues to be helpful regardless of the situation. He is also able to continually read and find things to say, very good clarivoyant! there was no wasted time." ... written by irSpaceman
Great reading! very very helpful answered all my questions, I highly recommend him as you does genuinely care to answer them for you :) I look foward to everything he said in my reading :))" ... written by tiny tiny
Great Reading, will definitely come to this Constanttine again!" ... written by Stephanie
Amazing!!!" ... written by liz
Great reading....always on point and he was on the nose about everything. He assured me im making good decisions and never be afraid to listen to my instincts. Hes the real deal! thanks constantine! xoxo muchas gracias y que Dios siempre lo cuide" ... written by glaydz
Brilliant, caring, sensitive and always accurate, I will recommend him anytime." ... written by Scintillating
Super accurate, honest, and great reading." ... written by Kim
He very honest and very detailed " ... written by Mabel
amazing!" ... written by lliz
he honestly the best he very honest and very detailed" ... written by Mabel
Helpful and gave good information that made sense. Felt he was the real deal. I felt like he was feeling what was going on in my life with me only giving my name, the other persons name and dob...Thanks!" ... written by Nora
always the best :)" ... written by cris
Constanttine is so positive and gifted. I have received a total of 3 readings from him and each time he has been extremely accurate and comforting. I consider him to be very compassionate and spiritual and appreciate how he goes directly to the point without sugar coating or misleading. He has also read for a friend of mine and she also agrees that Constanttine is amazing and so spot. He is very insightful and is able to master personality traits and upcoming future predictions. I look forward to more reading with him!" ... written by Sabrina
Tuned right in, and gave a realistic reading of past, present, and hopefully future." ... written by Serenity
Great reading" ... written by Sam
Picks up on key elements of situations without prompting. Great insights too." ... written by Serenity
<" ... written by
as always great reading, accurate and wise. He will always be not only my friend but spiritual advisor." ... written by glaydz
muchas gracias por todo carino" ... written by glaydz
The very best!!!!!" ... written by kt
the best on here!!!!" ... written by katie
Such a great reading!" ... written by Bella Reid
great" ... written by grace
He was very clear and fast, he helped me clear my head. Very quick in his respond and helped me feel sure of my feature." ... written by Nancy
Constanttine is very nice and caring-He answer my questions with honesty! I look forward to everything he said in my reading! Thank you so much! :)) " ... written by prettyeyez64 (mary)
lovely detailed reading!" ... written by Venous
Constantine is a wonderful and very detailed reader. He is extremely gentle and compassionate." ... written by Champers11
Hes simply amazing . He not only confirmed alot of things that have been going on but he also made me feel better and gave me great advice. I highly recommend constantinne . " ... written by sandy
Always a pleasure. He's fantastic!" ... written by Silvias
Informative reading" ... written by Samantha
he is one of the best tarot readers i have ever had !" ... written by jaqline
Lovely and insightful. Can't wait to see these predictions come to life." ... written by LunaRudy
love you so my reading" ... written by glaydz
Amazing reading with constantine. his energy is peaceful and is very connected to the angels. I found clarity after a period of time of insecurity and doubts. He is wise and knowledgeable. Knows about astrology and he read to me with angel tarot cards, giving guidance and information. One of the best readings I ever had. I highly recommend him. " ... written by sara
very good" ... written by psalinas
amazing reading by constantine. very accurate and precise. he answered to all of my questions in detail. Very Kind person as well. I highly recommend him to every one on oranum as one of the best readers on the site!" ... written by sara
Amazing" ... written by Angela
Was very good reading I hope everything he told me happens I will be a happy man we will see if time frames work out" ... written by Raym
Always insightful " ... written by Sam
Love him to pieces!!! " ... written by Katie
He is amazing, kind and great readings I even feel a little scary of how precise he was in my readings " ... written by Rosie
awesome reading, love him so much" ... written by gg
Constanttine gave me a lot of guidance about my life. He also mentioned about the skills that I have and advised me on how I can develop them further." ... written by Sweetydarlz
Good read" ... written by Nona
Insightful" ... written by Sam
had some great confirmation and accurate information. " ... written by angus1972
Thank you so much Constantine you are very intuitive and very insightful I appreciate your help" ... written by Maia
amazing reader" ... written by jaqline
The best!!!!" ... written by Katie
Interesting reading I guess...had some detail. Thanks " ... written by Sher
I needed some reassurance over the anxiety I was having." ... written by Sweety
Very very gifted reader! So intuitive." ... written by Jen
he is really nice accurate" ... written by julie
constanttine is mazing always helping me and his always right about things i swear that he helps me a lot " ... written by mishell
Very nice!" ... written by Ro JI
He is my favorite!!!!" ... written by Katie
Thank you for the quick insight into the matters." ... written by sweety