About claridad

Psychic claridad has 15 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic claridad has recently helped 23 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about claridad's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Blessings, my name is Claridad and I am able to tell you what the person is thinking by channeling their thoughts through my spiritual guides. Also, I am able to provide you with clarity on your personal situation with amazing accuracy, sincerity plus over 15 years of experience. Come in for an unforgettable reading!

This lady is so genuine and so nice to talk to. She understands and really helps me a lot. So glad you are here for me." ... written by Bonnie Buice
She is so awesome. I am happy I was able to connect with her she really is good." ... written by Luella63
Always great at channeling. Please take the time to take Claridad to private as you will not be disappointed with what she says. She has proven to me many times thus far and that is why I continue coming back to her. Love her!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
awesome as usual!" ... written by pink
She's nice, accurate, and give good advice. A lovely heart :)" ... written by Mily
Always amazing without any details you provide your channeling of what the other person is feeling and thinking clearly. Simply the best!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad is very good, connects quickly and channels others.." ... written by poque
Wonderful, heartfelt and real! " ... written by Teesandra
wonderful how she channels him and types his feelings and thoughts" ... written by jzzy
Claridad's channeling was quick and typed fast with the thoughts and feelings of the person. You have to get a reading to see it for yourself." ... written by maxwellsmart66
amazing!!!" ... written by jazzy
shes spot on! describing also hes typical moves! :-)" ... written by absfab
she was absolutely amazing.. able to pick up on things very accuratesly." ... written by Alicia
Amazing channelling...what a kind and gentle spirit who's is very open to connect to folks. Very accurate reader! Give her a try!" ... written by pink
time is so short but I'm impressed with what you just said . I can't comment further because i like you being simple real psychic. No words to express my feelings. " ... written by queenie7979
Very good reading Claridad picked up on exactly what was going on in my life. She is a very special person and I would recommend taking her to private." ... written by Stephen
Excellent reading by a very nice person. Spot on with her feelings.predictions. She is blessed with a true gift. " ... written by Kathy
Very special lady with a wonderful gift. God Bless you" ... written by judi
marvelous. I'm really so grateful for meeting you. Looking forward for more readings. Please stay sweet always andamp; humble." ... written by queenie
awesome" ... written by nena
Wow, wow, wow is all I can say I am truly impress 100% impressed. You definitely want to take her in for private she is worth every dime." ... written by Luella63
wonderful. ok i promise to try NOT to worry. Thank you so much. i hope to catch you on every night! you are wonderful. I love your way of reading the other person. amazing" ... written by jazzy
Superb channeling and I received messages. Always a pleasure to speak with you my love." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow!!!I really like Claridad she is awesome!!! I like the way she answered my questions and she so sweet!!! I will come back for more readings I highly recommend her!!!!! She is a blessing!!!!! " ... written by goddess70
She was fabulous! Will definitely call her again." ... written by clover434
omg shes amazing, that's all i can say" ... written by :)
Just as wonderful as yesterday! Thank you Claridad" ... written by maxwellsmart66
My girl has delivered again. You are my savor thank you for channeling his thoughts and emotions." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad! you are my right hand holding it and helping me get through this and at the end of the tunnel you see the bright happiness. Thank you so much. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thanks so much for the reading and the clarity. I will always come back to you for help and guidance many blessings!" ... written by ikroyala
She is a natural, very aware and can tune in easily." ... written by clover434
she is so wonderful! I love how she literally feeeeels the other person's energy" ... written by jazzy
Thanks Claridad I really appreciate your honesty and clarity." ... written by ikroyala
Claridad you are amazing and I mean it in all ways possible. Love you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Things are getting better and better each day. Thumbs up to channeling. You are great. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
she knows exactly what to say! amazing" ... written by jazzy
I am grateful to you Claridad. Wonderful as always." ... written by maxwellsmart66
OMG !!! I cannot get enough of this beautiful gem of a soul !! I love her ! her channeling is unparalleled and very accurate !! lots of love and blessings !! :) xoxo" ... written by Annie
She is a very very nice person and full of positive energy! Very easy to talk to like a long time friend. :) Lovely reading!" ... written by maxi
Channeling was amazing. No tools and quick. You are going to be happy with having a reading with Claridad. You will not be sorry." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow, simply amazing!" ... written by Julius
Claridad thank you my friend. You are a life saver!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad is so amazing... So caring and loving... Her channelings are very good... She's so accurate... I totally recommend her! Absolutely! See for yourself!!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
she so so spot on...and very spot on describing the person im asking about! its really funny to see and hear this! TY!" ... written by ABSFAB
AMAZING!!!!!!!! Claridad is such a special woman in my life who has given me messages from her guides that are positive and wonderful and loving." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Words can't describe the connection each and every reading. Always a pleasure to see Claridad channeling. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
incredible ... I mean wow. Both her intuition and ability to channel someone ... really amazing, she has such a gift and is a beautiful soul. You will definitely be safe with Claridad." ... written by d
she is so fast and great. i wish i could get a definite instead of a strong possibility. Thank you for all you do! " ... written by jazzy
She is without a doubt real and sincere at what she does. The things she saw and felt were true, and I can feel what she has will come to pass. It was a true blessing to have a reading with her!" ... written by Julius
OH MY GOSH!! She was fantastic! So accurate it her descriptions and insight. She channeled the person I asked about and the words sounded like exactly what they would say and think. It was crazy good! Very fast, professional, direct, honest, and compassionate. I really like her a lot! A rising star here. Very highly recommended!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Claridad all I can say is God Bless You. You are truly gifted and I will let you know what happens. Fingers crossed" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Love you so much Claridad! You are always there and you are remarkable woman and a dear friend." ... written by maxwellsmart66
You're channeling never ceases to amaze me - it really makes a world of difference. I'm forever grateful for keeping my sanity. " ... written by PB
claridad was absolutely great!! she was amazing everything she said was right on target!!! right on target!!! she was great i definitely recommend her and will go with her in the future for sure =)" ... written by Angelica
wonderful! knew about bbq right away we see if predicted correctly. Cant wait to let you know. " ... written by Jazzy
very sweet lady, intuitive, caught my immediate turmoil...quickly. Hope all works out well. " ... written by andean peaks
Very kind, very helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Peleandra
thanks for the connection greatly apprieciated" ... written by luvuchaluka
wowza...I have never seen someone channel so accurate..pretty amazing lady. Very patience and clear with her statements. she is well worth her rate and then some!!" ... written by pink
was good... the chat started breaking up real bad but its a system thing." ... written by real love
Beautiful session - so warm and comforting and uplifting! Strong connection and advice, before I even went into the private room." ... written by sunflowersun
Words can not describe how much Claridad has given me so much hope and insight. Everything is turning into a wonderful relationship. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
I really love my wonderful lady Claridad a very sweet lady. Well I had a update with her so I will listen to her advices and come back for more readings with her!!! Love this Lady!!!! Highly Recommend Her!!!!! High 5 Star!!!!!" ... written by goddess70
pretty good. able to zoom in on some pertinent issues" ... written by me
You rock Claridad!!!!!!! I salute you, your guides and the angels. Love you xoxoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
As always, Claridad's channeling has paid off. Fantastic and amazing how the information just flows right out. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
She has been great every time!" ... written by Julius
Simply the best!!!! You amaze me with each reading. Thank you!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow i was feeling so down and used and se channelled my ex and gave me clairity on u it happened and thank u im crying from releif i feel so much better i wish i fund her before r split maybe it all would have been so less painful and i could have enjyed r thing as for what it was and not afaid of it so much i will be using her services again" ... written by angela
Claridad you are truly a channeler and not only that but a great friend to me. I am so glad I entered your room. Our laughter continues and our happiness awaits. xoxoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Truly amazing reading... The connection was so deep and the words were so accurate... Just perfect.... Totally recommend Claridad!! She's truly amazing :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Claridad you rock! Always amaze me with your God given gift. Love you!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I love her so much. Claridad is my angel sent from above. She is so accurate , it is scary, in a good way. I am so glad i have crossed path with her. she has brought me so much hopes and joy. I will come back for an another update. " ... written by susan
Wow! Such a sweetheart and very very good at her work. She is just awesome and very genuine in her gift. Many blessings to her!!!" ... written by Julius
You are always my friend and my channeler. Your connection is great and you get right down to the point. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thanks Claridad for your consistent professionalism and guidance." ... written by ikroyala
Truly amazing, Claridad gets right down to the situation. I just sit back and let her do her chanelling and I am so happy with everything. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad is really really sweet and compassionate... So genuine... She has a big heart...... Her channelings are really accurate... You can't see for yourself....!!! I would absolutely recommend her!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
she is really awesome. She is honest and really helps you see things clearer." ... written by Stacy
She is so excellent and I am so glad to have her as my reader and I love her spirit." ... written by Luella63
Claridad is so sweet... so caring with words... very sensitive... wonderful woman.... i absolutely recommend her :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
Wow...we really connect and all that she says is very very true." ... written by Julius
thank you so much for the honesty and the wonderful reading. It made me feel great!!!! Glad I met you." ... written by bonnie buice
Claridad..thank you so much! You described him in details! Thank you!!" ... written by absFAB
Her channeling abilities are incredible! Thoughts, emotions, details, even a specific nickname came through so fast - I couldn't believe how accurate and clear the info was. Everything she saw made so much sense and brought such clarity to my situation. Wonderful gifted woman!!" ... written by Seeker1200
Claridad once again was superb. I appreciate all you have done I am so glad I have met you. You are my friend" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always amazing, thank you for connecting so well with my loved one. It really does help to be able to trust someone to do that. Many Blessings to you." ... written by judi
Girl.... you know how much I love talking to you. You have given me so much inspiration and hope in my life. Love you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
AMAZING!!!!!!! You are my shining star up in the sky looking down on me. You are my savior, my guide, my girl." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Things seemed on target..she picked up on a lot..i will update" ... written by blessed25
Claridad..ur always spot on describing the situation! TY Ciao!" ... written by ABSFAB
Each and every reading you just amaze me with your wonderful gifts. I thank you for everything and I cherish our friendship. Thank you for all your prayers. Love you xoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
You are my angel I am blessed. God Bless you!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
good reader" ... written by smiley2011
You always get to the bottom and put my mind at ease. You are a blessing to me and I thank you for everything. xoxoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wonderful. icant wait until the holidays.... dec she thinks. Oh wow. give her a chance and you wont be upset. " ... written by jazzy
She is too great :-)" ... written by Julius
Claridad... you are my angel ... you are always there watching over me ... scary how you just know before I say anything... love you and I am glad we have met." ... written by maxwellsmart66
very accurate and has been right on for me!" ... written by Julius
This is my fifth reading with Claridad. She has such an amazing soul and has the biggest heart ever. She reads me and my situations like a book….very very spot on as always. I love her soooooooooo much." ... written by Susan
Claridad is sweet and honest and to the point!" ... written by jennymcjenny
I love you Claridad you have cleared so much for me today as I felt I have lost it all. Thank you so much." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She was amazing and was right on point I almost cried. Thank you for the reading. " ... written by gemini0605
Thank you Claridad." ... written by marion lyttle
Thank you again my angel for your messages. Always direct and to the point. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
always great love her style and she is accurate as a channeller" ... written by angela
Claridad is so sweet, kind and genuine with her connection. You have brightened my life" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I have some of my own gifts...but I have never in my life met someone who can channel like Claridad. She is simply amazing at using her gifts. Such a beautiful energy. :-)" ... written by pink
OMG she is sooooo amazing, very compassionated, very understanding, and so spot on with my situations. Her predictions always come to pass for me. This is my 4th times with claridad. I love, love, love her." ... written by Susan
Claridad is sweet as always... she's really good with channelings... she can channel with perfection any person you want. You just need to give her the name of the person and the date of birth... THANK YOU!!! :)" ... written by Rui Jorge
WOW!!!! WOW!!!! She is awesome... I don't have words to express how great this reading was. GREAT GREAT! Your must try her" ... written by Amapolaflower
Clari is extremely empathic and connected and gives the most intimate and accurate details of thoughts, feelings and circumstances. Many times she has even gotten facial expressions/mannerisms down to a T! Her channeling is amazing and has proven over and over again to be true. She is fantastic!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Wow....just a breath of fresh air. She really knows what she sees and feels" ... written by Julius
She really is the sweetest. She does not waste anytime and gives me always the correct information" ... written by Julius
spot on! lets hope it comes to pass!" ... written by ABSFAB
You have done it again. Amazing and truthful. Love you xoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
really good thanks!" ... written by l
AMAZING" ... written by Kyla
Claridad is so quick and accurate. Talented and an amazing friend." ... written by maxwellsmart66
always so fast and very god at what she does " ... written by angela
She is very accurate in what she sees and says" ... written by Julius
Awesome reading" ... written by Bellezalatina
You are my angel who watches me and sends me messages. I am so happy for everything you have done and given me so much to look forward to." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Loved her reading!! Very soothing!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
She always WOWs me. Thank you claridad!" ... written by Amapolaflower
Love you Claridad.... you are an amazing friend and channeler as you are ready to start typing your messages on the screen. Always on target" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad you are truly gifted and what you say when you channel the person is so amazingly accurate that I am sitting there at awe filled with happiness. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
AMAAAAAZING and what a BEAUTIFUL soul! If you want accuracy, truth and someone down to earth then you have it here. Claridad picked up on the situation and it felt so true that I had tears in my eyes because I felt so connected. Thank you Claridad and I wish you all the success you deserve! So much love and blessings and will definitely come back to you~" ... written by VSmily
this woman is so sweet and amazing and quick too. I just miss her when she is gone. love what she says bcz even if it hurts, she will tell you. wow. u have to go talk with her and you will see. " ... written by jazzy
Oh my angel you were so missed and you provided a clear channeling. Amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Sooo glad to see Clari back! Her insight on the situation is spot on and her channeling as always amazing! She is fast, very accurate and honest about the information she gives. Truly a compassionate and gifted woman." ... written by Seeker1200
Very intuitive and caring. Has been a serious help in my issued and I will be back" ... written by Julius
very clear connection and picked up situation well, thank you " ... written by seahorses
She is amazingly good reader, situation was described to me without a single question, and no sugar coating, all plain and clear. Very very impressed" ... written by shushu
HONEST, CLEAR AND SWEET. If you need real insight, not false hopes, come to claridad. " ... written by Mark
My guardian Angel you are sent from God to help me / us all with your wonderful gift. You are an amazing woman. Love you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Now that I tired you out from his channeling LOL I received all the confirmations. Get some rest LOL you are always amazing at what you do." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She was spot on today." ... written by Luella63
ok...but really...ok... LOL! I really came into private saying to my self i wouldnt tell her anything,and see what she came up with.. (sorry Claridad lol) Came into private and she said right away...theres been som strange comunication between u and T, some distortion..what happend??? And yes we had a fight today. And she knows we almost never comunicate. And the channeling!!!!!! She said it like he would say it!! and some of the sentences was word for word what he said to me!!!!! WOOOOWWOOOOWOOOOW!!!!" ... written by absfab
She is very very good!" ... written by Julius
Love you Clari to the moon and back! Amazing always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow - there are some things that others simply can not know but clari did!! she knew things that she heard from spirit and she was encouraging, confident and such a great energy to be around for a reading... thanks - I will come back to you xx" ... written by intrig
Clari sure can channel - very interesting reading indeed and very different from some of the others on here. She provides you with detailed information whilst channeling and then advice on how to go forward. I will come to her again as I found it useful and clear. Clari is a very nice and caring lady." ... written by Verity
amazing! on point." ... written by marias
Always amazes me talented and wonderful friend." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She has a heart of gold extremely nice and connects to your situation quickly." ... written by gemini0605
Always amazing... today Clari picked up exactly what was going on and provided me messages to answer my confusion. Wonderful...." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always right on the point of accuracy of getting into the mind and heart of people." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing challenging abilities! The info she channels are so consistent with how the other person would say and think about things. She brings awesome clarity to the situation. I really appreciate her deep insight and guidance. Very highly recommend her!" ... written by SoulDesire1
She is awesome and she won't disappoint you. She is purely amazing" ... written by Luella63
All I can say is Wow!. SHe has been right on the money." ... written by Julius
Clari sending you all my love for all your confirmations and messages giving me the answers. You are wonderful as always. Thank you my friend" ... written by maxwellsmart66
she was very good an I like her. will call back again" ... written by lovejones3
awesome really gifted and accurate" ... written by angela
Claridad is always amazing with her channeling. Wonderful." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow! Very intense and enlightening channeling session and reading. She immediately picked up on my exact feelings the moment I came into the room and gave me the most amazing and accurate insight into what is going on. I'm still spinning... VERY HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Time well spent! Everything she has spoken...I can see coming around. She has not let me down and keeps it very honest with me!" ... written by Julius
She is just the best. Very true and real. Awesome, awesome woman!" ... written by Julius
Wonderful, simply the best." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Outstanding always.... you are my angel sent to me from God. Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
very very very accurate in her connections...amazing clarity very gifted. " ... written by pink
such a blessing to speak to you. Thank you for using you special gifts for the good of this world. Truly honored and Blessed " ... written by Judi
Clari is wonderful and gifted and amazing with the connection. Always to the point." ... written by maxwellsmart66
she is amazing -read them like a book. which helped me in believing her direction. Thanks Clar." ... written by maria
She is truly amazing! Has been a serious help in my journey" ... written by Julius
Well worth the connection and update. Amazing woman with wonderful gifts. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very kind , and genuine, answers questions quickly, very warm" ... written by Jamie-ann garrison
Each connection gets better and better" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Clari... I have missed you and this was a long awaited channeling. Thank you so much for your help you are amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
The BEST at channeling someone's true deep thoughts and feelings. Extremely accurate, fast and needs no background/additional info, just dives right in. I'm very excited and happy to say that what she saw in my last reading with her is happening right now! Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
The depth and truths in her channeling touch my heart so much. This session really helped me understand my situation at such a deep level and have more compassion about everything going on - there was a real shift in my perspective. Clari is fast, honest, direct and extremely accurate- so loving and gifted - I really appreciate her. " ... written by SoulDesire1
This reading blew me away because it was so on point I was like wow wow through the whole reading and encouraged at the same time" ... written by Luella63
You are my angel sent from God. God Bless you." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow, she really is a blessing and true friend. Very positive and honest in what she sees and has never let me down. Gives the best advice ever." ... written by Julius
amazing ability to channel...uncanny how on point she really can be! Wowza!" ... written by pink
This has got to be the most detailed reading ever. Claridad is amazing she connected effortlessly with my guides. She was so compassionate and tuned in with my situation she was so accurate. She is so worth your time. 5 Stars all the way" ... written by Avenda Ali
She's very awesome andamp; very open! She really is a blessing :)" ... written by mtolutau
Always right on target....always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Love her!! She is on point!" ... written by moonlight700
Wow, very very good! She gives a lot of information and her work does come true!" ... written by Julius
She is truly gifted and so compassionate. Her connection to spirit and information is so deep and clear. The first thing she picked up with absolutely no info from me was a situation I had on my mind for a while now. The messages I received really hit me hard because I know they are the truth. Her insight and guidance just amazes me. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Very very gifted reader! Has always been right on about everything!" ... written by Julius
OMG I love Clari. She is sooooooooooooo amazing. Sooooooo accurate and always put my mind at ease. She read me and my situations like a book. I did not have to say a word. She's WORTH every penny. I am so glad to have found her. This is my second time with her. I WILL BE BACK…MOST DEFINITELY!" ... written by Susan
She very good I will certainly come back and do more reading with her thanks so much " ... written by marybeth1love
We connected with each other straight away and she gave a great empathic reading which was uplifting. Offered clear guidance and support. thank you and I will return and stay in touch" ... written by Seahorses
Love you my friend. You always clear things up" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She was really good, I just want someone to love me for me and not step out in the relationship. So thank you so much for your help. I will update you soon, thanks love and thanks for being so sweet xoxo" ... written by Antoinette
shes been always right!" ... written by absfab
You are my angel sent from heaven. Always amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Clari thank you, thank you thank you for a wonderful channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always quickly and accurately identifies the true feelings and thoughts of myself and others - the best!! XOXO" ... written by SoulDesire1
Superwoman as always.... " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Always a great pleasure when I have reading with her! Leave me feeling so much better" ... written by Julius
Consistently FANTASTIC!! Anytime I need clarification on thoughts and feelings, Clari brings it! Once again, she immediately identified what the specific event on my mind was without me giving any info about it. The information I received through the channeling brought so much peace and confidence to me. Love you Clari!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Clari, your warm energy, your smile your words always put me at ease. I am so glad we have become friends and you provide me confirmation. Happy New Year to you and your family." ... written by maxwellsmart66
She was so sweet. What a help! She helped me see things in a more calming way. Thank you so much. God Bless you! " ... written by Tiana
was amazing reading she nailed it" ... written by dan
Wow... it's incredible how Clari picks up on the exact thoughts/feelings of myself and others. I gave no info and her channeling totally confirmed specific topics in a conversation that happened. I'm very relieved to know I'm on the right path. She is so loving, supportive and gifted - a true blessing to us all. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Truly a gifted woman in all that she does. I really get a great feeling and confirmation after each reading" ... written by Julius
Clari is my guardian angel. She always knows exactly what is going on with my situations, very accurate and always lifts my spirit up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CLARI!!!" ... written by Susan
Love you clari for everything you confirm for me. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
Great Reading!!!!" ... written by Mark
wonderful once again. timing is everything. Ok fresh start for the new year with him. Thank you clari. u always ease my mind. " ... written by jazzy
What a real blessing she is!! Very true and correct in all she sees!" ... written by Julius
AMAZING! Clari is truly an angel sent from Heaven to help us all. Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
you are truly amazing! thank you, for believing in me and having me trust myself with my gifts. thank you so much! i will come back and update you! god bless and much love" ... written by mag
Clari is always very connected with what is happening in the moment. Super accurate and so compassionate and loving. Love her!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Very kind lady. So much information was coming through." ... written by Amy
Always amazing...." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Truly a wonderful gifted woman!" ... written by Julius
Clari is so tuned into the situation and feelings involved. She sees the spiritual aspects of it as well as the physical and has been such a great help in my path. Very highly recommended! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Amazing you are Claridad.... your truly amazing." ... written by maxwellsmart66
awesome...love how she picked up on both our energies...." ... written by cherie
Wonderful angel .... always amazes me what she channels without me telling her anything I'm left speechless. Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Pleasure always to receive channeling with great updates" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very very good. Quick and accurate. She is dead on in what she channels and very honest and true. A true gifted woman!" ... written by Julius
a good psychic very helpfull" ... written by leigh osborne
A truly awesome and gifted woman! Very accurate, deep and sincere in what she sees and says" ... written by Julius
I love her energy!" ... written by d2k1000
Incredible - so detailed, empathic and spot on with the specifics of the event I asked about. Very accurate descriptions of the conversations, people and overall feel/atmosphere. Everything is falling into place and I am so happy :)" ... written by SoulDesire1
She bought tears to my eyes she was so spot on and spoke as he would. I am amazed." ... written by knowing2013
wonderful reading, very open, connected, and honest, exactly what i needed even it wasnt what i wanted to hear!" ... written by ashley
An amazing reader with true love and guidance. She never disappoints. " ... written by Julius
OMG I love Clari so much. She is always spot on and all her predictions came to pass for me. She is amazing as always!!!" ... written by susan
I appreciate her reassuring me. It is beautiful the way she channels the person and she is so spot on with their feelings toward you and the situation. Blessings to her for sharing her talents with me. " ... written by knowing2013
Great as always!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Simply amazing always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazingly connected to the deepest thoughts and emotions of myself and others. Incredible channeling and guidance - she is a major sweetheart!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Thank you Claridad for being there you are amazing" ... written by maxwellsmart66
don't know how she does it, but wow! I want to learn from her! She is simply amazing! AMAZING!" ... written by pink
amazing!! she was right on point" ... written by universal21
Amazing connection and channeling!!" ... written by SoulDesire1
very fast answer and accurate!!! " ... written by hermestarr
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Julius
yowza! AMAZEBALLS!" ... written by pink
Spot on and very supportive. " ... written by knowing2013
She was on top of it all" ... written by knowing2013
Truly a great gifted woman!" ... written by Julius
awesome love you clari my angel thank you for everything" ... written by dallascowboys
Amaaaaaazing as always. All her predictions came to pass for me. I just love love love her so much. million of stars to her!!!!!" ... written by Susan
simply the best!!! love you my angel" ... written by dallascowboys8
Thank you my angel for giving me the strength and support and most important "patience" which we both know stinks LOL. Love you my angel" ... written by maxwellsmart66
wow she is superb!" ... written by rosy
Wow, what a true gifted woman. Very quick and detailed in what she says and on point. God bless her!" ... written by Julius
Probably one of the most fascinating readings i have had so far,, I am much obliged, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
took fforever but glad to finally catch up with clardiad...Great update, her connection with the spirts and the person you need to connect to is awesome" ... written by cherie
the absolute best ... Claridad is amazing !! BRILLIANT " ... written by Sonia
Heaven sent a beautiful angel with amazing gifts that she channels and delivers their emotions. Clari, thank you for being there for me and my kids. You are my rock." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Good to see you again and always great channeling. Wonderful!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
always great with channeling and connecting with the thoughts and emotions." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you my sweet angel for providing me the thoughts that are going on in his head and heart. Gives me all the hope!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Clari you are my angel. You have given me so much hope and positive outcome. Love you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
She really blows my mind with her incredible channeling, so accurate and empathic!" ... written by Seeker1200
I enjoy chatting with her she lifts my spirits and she is on point with her insight and advice to enjoy life. " ... written by knowing2013
Wonderful woman, awesome reader, much love given!" ... written by Julius
When in doubt, I turn to Clari for confirmation on what is going on. Doubt poof... gone! Thank you my angel." ... written by maxwellsmart66
:) she is so wonderful and caring thank you" ... written by green juice
Very nice and intuitive. Very happy with my reading.... thank you" ... written by chery
You said it yesterday that he will meet up with me and he did! Things are moving along as you are saying. Thank you so much" ... written by maxwellsmart66
my gosh you are extraordinary. you channel and it is so accurate" ... written by cheryl
Always such an amazing connection!" ... written by pink
Clari my sweet angel thank you for always being there for me. Thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
thanks for clearing up after a bad reading from another....stick to psychics that you have a connection with...thank you claridad" ... written by cherie
great soul and spirit!" ... written by Tifany
Very honest and true in what she sees and feels. Always a great divine help!" ... written by Juliu
a lovely lady in every respect,, what a great expert.. " ... written by zimerili1
Clari thank you thank you thank you.... you are my world" ... written by maxwellsmart66
I love, love, love her so much. she is so spot on accurate, amazing, and OMG all her predictions always came to pass for me. I am so blessed and so elated to have met her. Million, trillion stars for my beautiful guardian angel Claridad…mush!" ... written by Susan
So worth the wait. Thank you so much, Im at peace!" ... written by cheryl
The girl has got her groove.... Always a pleasure to speak to and is clearly here for me to the end." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Soooo fast, accurate, detailed and connected. Her channeling just blows me away and is spot on with what the other person would say and has said in the past. Love her! XOXO" ... written by SoulDesire1
amazeballs! as usual...holy smokes she is amazing!" ... written by pink
WOWZA! she is just awesome! Such a clear channeling connection!" ... written by pink
I can breath thank you so much" ... written by cc
She is amazing. I enjoying getting this peace of mind and insight. I appreciate you time tonight. Blessings. " ... written by knowing2013
Always amazing! " ... written by pink
Wow, wow, wow! Clari's gifts of knowing and channeling are just amazing! She has been so spot on with past readings and several things she saw in our last private have come to pass. So supportive, loving and connected. This session was another awesome doozy with so much detailed info, accuracy and predictions to come - can't wait! XOXO" ... written by SoulDesire1
Another AMAZING reading with Claridad today….I just love, love, love this lady soooooooo much. She is so amazing accurate and on point. She reads me like a book…knows my personal life and situations inside and out. A million,trillion stars for her!!!!" ... written by susan
Thank you for coming back to see me and giving me a clear picture of what has been going on and what is happening moving forward. Thank you!" ... written by maxwellsmarr66
Amazing always" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Shazam! The best of the best!" ... written by pink
Love her!" ... written by c
She is a joy to chat with. I appreciate her taking time out her day to provide me with insight. She reads the person you inquire about very well. Blessings to her. " ... written by knowing2013
Freakin fantastic channeling! Totally nailed a situation without me giving any details - awesome!" ... written by SoulDesire1
She is very very accurate in her readings and provides great insight into a lot of things!" ... written by Julius
" ... written by Sonia
she is really lovely and intuitive. thank you I really like it." ... written by johanna398
thank you claridad for all your channeling and yes happiness is just around the corner and I can't wait for that." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you for all your help always you stick by my situation. I'm so glad for everything" ... written by maxwellsmart66
This woman is just incredible...accurate....and lovely. xoxo" ... written by c
Great channeling always!!!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Thank you my angel for your gift in channeling. Always put my mind at ease." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Wow Claridad is super amazing just love her. She is such a sweetheart very gifted. She confirmed everything i was sensing with my situation. I'm hoping to see how her predictions start to unfold. Many blessings Claridad. You really put me at ease . Thank you so much...." ... written by Lucy117
Wow she is very good!! Very very good!" ... written by Miszy
She definitely connected fast and although the answers weren't what I was looking for she was very nice about telling me it and i appreciate her honesty. I will definitely be back " ... written by Safiya
Clari has always been amazingly on point in her readings. Channels like no one else I have ever seen before! She is one of the best readers on this site!" ... written by pink
Awesome always and amazes me. She channels and puts me at ease with the situation. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
outstanding reading each and everytime." ... written by maxwellsmart66
other than the dang video feed on the site...awesome as usual! Will keep you updated!" ... written by pink
I love you xoxox" ... written by cheryl
Fantastic accuracy and channeling! She pinpointed a specific circumstance without any info from me and it was spot on. Her insight and guidance has always been incredibly helpful! Very highly recommended! " ... written by SoulDesire1
She is so awesome I have not heard from her in along time" ... written by Luella63
great channeling always. love my talks and advise and guidance" ... written by maxwellsmart66
great update ,, very very comforting ,, thanx again and again.." ... written by zimerili1
Wow, are true pleasure and someone who is very accurate in what they see and say!" ... written by Julius
words cannot describe how i feel about Claridad. she is an amazing lady…so accurate as always. million stars to you my beautiful friend Claridad!!!!!" ... written by susan
great update as usual thanx so much ,," ... written by zimerili1
Love u. So accurate and so honest and kind" ... written by cheryl
amazing as usual! wow such a great connector" ... written by pink
Always an angel who delivers channeling of emotions / thoughts and confirmations. thank you" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Best reading I have ever had she is amazing love and God speed......" ... written by Aundrea Dunbar
Amazing you are the best.... " ... written by maxwellsmart66
One of the best around! Very detailed and honest." ... written by Julius
claridad was fantastic channeller very happy" ... written by dallascowboys8
wonderful channeling always. perfect" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Amazing channeling and spot on assessments of what is going on! Very highly recommended!" ... written by RussianBlue1
" ... written by Sonia
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by pink
Claridad has a beautiful spirit she is very insightful and i will definitely reach out to her again. " ... written by Avenda
Superwoman.... thank you so much my angel for giving me channeling to answers my doubts." ... written by maxwellsmart66
What a wonderful and compassionate reader! Always been right on point" ... written by Julius
continues to amaze me with each reading. amazing" ... written by dallascowboys8
another fantastic reading with Clari. She has such an amazing soul and always spot on. I love her so much. a million stars to Clari!" ... written by susan
amazing reading as always" ... written by dallascowboys8
beautiful woman with ability to channel thoughts and feelings and give clarity to the situation. thank you my angel" ... written by dallascowboys8
Clari is the most amazing psychic EVER .... " ... written by Sonia
spot on always" ... written by dallascowboys8
Really an awesome reader! Always great" ... written by Julius
It was awesome, to the point and i loved her energy! She really helped me understand where i am right now in life. And I am going to follow your advise! Thank you so much!!" ... written by radcliffamy
Fantastic as always - spot on, connected and amazing accuracy." ... written by RussianBlue1
She is so spot on it is unreal. Besitos and many blessings. I will see you soon . " ... written by knowing2013
I really enjoy the guidance and reassurance that I can get through this. Thank you" ... written by knowing2013
thank you my sweet angel for everything." ... written by dallascowboys8
*******simply phenomenon soul****** I loooooooooove her so much!!!!!!!" ... written by susan
Clari is amazing! Right as I entered private, she identified several things that had happened without me saying anything at all! Fantastic accurate channeling as well - Love her!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Very accurate and honest in her readings, a must go to person" ... written by Julius
She knows me . Thanks for insight on my career path it matched exactly what I have been thinking about but to chicken to do. I will get back on path." ... written by kowing2013
always supporting me and guiding me through all obstacles and giving me the thoughts and feelings. thank you my love" ... written by dallascowboys8
thank you for everything I needed to hear his thoughts / emotions" ... written by dallascowboys8
great channeling again confirming feelings and emotions." ... written by dallascowboys8
A really great trusted advisor and reader!" ... written by Julius
absolutely great!" ... written by dallascowboys8
Clari is a wonderful and accurate psychic ... FIVE STARS " ... written by Sonia
OMG i love Clari so much. She is an amazing psychic and friend. Always spot on. This is my 8th time with Claridad. " ... written by Susan
Claridad has the most amazing ability to channel and connect with spirit. She is the real deal and worth every bit of her rate and more! " ... written by pink
Spot on! So accurate and detailed and her channeling is amazing! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Clari is so on point with her readings ..I just love when she channels she hit it out the ballpark all the time ..what a Gift ..Thanks Clari" ... written by sc
you are truly a friend who guides me to a better place" ... written by dallascowboys8
Claridad is amazing as always, it's been a while since our last reading. She is a wonderful kind person to talk to. May god bless her always. If you're looking for answers she is the right person to go to. She is very gifted trust me you won't be disappointed. Many blessings" ... written by Lucy117
Clari's channeling is the sooo amazing and accurate! The things she channels are exactly what the person being asked about would say or has said. Her guidance has been so pivotal in helping me know where I stand and how to proceed. Love her!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Wonderful as ever .... " ... written by Sonia
*******simply the best of the best****** " ... written by Susan
You are worth it my angel for everything." ... written by maxwellsmart66
great" ... written by mel
thank you Claridad...I needed reassurance I got that when I saw your smile" ... written by cherie
always amazing, always there to support me." ... written by maxwellsmart66
words cannot describe Clari but I and thankful that you are here with me guiding me and supporting me and being a friend. " ... written by maxwellsmart66
thank you angel for everything you channeled and cleared up a lot." ... written by maxwellsmart66
I enjoy our chats. She calms me down. " ... written by knowing2013
you can not describe the wonderful gifts clari has. the channeling is always spot on. thank you my love for everything" ... written by maxwellsmart66
words cannot describe how grateful i am with Claridad. She is so beautiful inside and out. I just love her so much." ... written by Susan
Amazing gifts!" ... written by pink
great update as usual" ... written by zimerili1
Love her channeling and spot on assessments - very clear, compassionate and detailed info - she is amazing!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thank you so much for always there for me and always put my mind at ease after we our readings. I ma so blessed to have found you…..Very accurate and spot on always!!!!!" ... written by Susan
great connection, very accurate to situation, lots of great advice" ... written by hp
thank you for your channeling" ... written by maxwellsmart66
i am so excited/ecstatic to see and to talk Claridad tonight. i just love her soooooo much. Always amazingly accurate. million, billion stars for Claridad!!" ... written by susan
AWESOME" ... written by pink
well i'm a bit lost for words. it was a really good reading she's very sweet. told me to wait till march, and how the other person is feeling...and yes, i do feel like "should i wait for him or just move on". if it happens, i will come back in early march to see how things will go. Glad to hear, he told his friends and i'm not just a character in the shadow for him." ... written by sun
Wow, pretty flipping amazing!" ... written by
Awesome Reader! Love her!!" ... written by universal217
OMG another fantastic update. I love this woman soooooo much. Words cannot describe how grateful i am with her. She is sooooo amazing and extremely accurate. " ... written by susan
Such a sweet soul. Loved my reading with her! " ... written by Ven
long awaited catching up, but well worth it!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Very good as always. I trust her!" ... written by M
The reading was good:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
Always fabulous!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thanks. SO glad to have you back. " ... written by knowing2013
great channeling with great outcome" ... written by dallascowboys8
AWESOME!!!" ... written by pink
you are truly a friend and my guidance. I appreciate all your help and channeling and guiding me through life. thank you for everything" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Claridad is a Beautiful soul that connects wonderfully in prvt. profound keep up the good work in helping others ..Thank you " ... written by sc
you are a blessing for me. I am grateful to have you in my life. xoxoxo" ... written by maxwellsmart66
you are always there watching over me and helping me find out the truth. thank you for your channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Clari is amazingly on point every time! Her channeling is impeccable and totally reflects the person being channeled in the words, feelings and mannerisms - fantastic!" ... written by RussianBlue1
I appreciate her channeling for me. I will keep remaining positive and relax in life. She has a great gift. No tools needed. " ... written by knowing
WOW. I cant explain it. you need to see it for yourself! her channeling is amazing...so accurate...will be back for sure!" ... written by mil
thank you for giving me the channeling." ... written by maxwellsmart66
I love, love, love her so much. She is not just an amazing psychic but a very beautiful friend with an amazing soul. Thank you for all your help once again Claridad!" ... written by susan
Amazing reading, thanks!!" ... written by p
Love her channeling, thanks so much!" ... written by b
great update as always" ... written by zimerili1
you are such an inspiration to me and thank you for the courage you have given me within." ... written by maxwellsmart66
Fantastic channeling always! Picked up on several things that have happened and were previously talked about between me and someone else without any info given to her. Detailed specific concerns and fears from both sides - love her !" ... written by RussianBlue1
Wow thank you God for bringing me to this sweet lady! I feel so much better! She is so accurate and so helpful!" ... written by CARLIN96
she is great" ... written by angela
wow she read their mind spot on! and it cleared up so much." ... written by beautifulwisdom
I am so happy to have finally got ahold of her. I enjoy when she channels the person. It helps to get their prospective without actually questioning the person all time. " ... written by knowing2013
Thanks so much again, excellent channeling!" ... written by p
She was such an amazing reader and an amazing person on top of that!!! So gentle and yet all knowing. I will definitely be back of an update!" ... written by Artisa
Awesome!" ... written by V
Great as usual!" ... written by V
Wow I was really impressed with her style. Give her a try seriously." ... written by Raym
she is so hard to catch but when you do it is so worth it!!! she is amazing at channelling she is an amazing woman! you will not be disappointed!! love you claridad! blessings to you !!! xoxox" ... written by me
Great reading - thanks!!" ... written by B
Unbelievably amazing, thanks!" ... written by p
this lady can really channell your target wow i get alot out of our readings " ... written by angela
Her channeling is just amazing - thanks so much!!" ... written by P
Always fantastic channeling and connection! So accurate and empathic - the thoughts and feelings she channels are exactly what I and the other person think/feel. Extremely spot on insight and everything she has seen in the past has come to be - Very Highly Recommended!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Great reading lots of info channeling is a lot different that cards and I feel more accurate. Thanks so much" ... written by Raym
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Clairdad is a lovely lady,seems very honest,and doesn't tell you what you want to hear,I look forward to predictions that she has given me,when she channelled,things a lot did make sense,I will return soon.Thank you so much xoxo" ... written by J
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
wow I enjoy her channeling. It as if I am getting a small view into that persons mind and thoughts. " ... written by knowing
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She is very sweet soul. I appreciate and enjoy her channeling. Many blessings. what a beautiful , stunning women inside and out." ... written by knowing2013
OMG!!! Claridad is simply completely out of this world ..i've never seen anyone channel the way she does ... she's incredible ... will definitely keep you updated ... lots of love and blessings :)" ... written by Annie
Always a great pleasure and awesome guidance given!" ... written by JTb
wow, her channeling is on point. I appreciate all that she has open my mind and eyes up to." ... written by knowing
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She connected very quickly and my oh my she confirmed things that I did not say a word about. Will be back for updates!" ... written by Pink
I can always count on Clari to channel exact thoughts and feelings very accurately - extremely helpful for me in knowing how to approach things. She has consistently seen events in the past and present happen and describes conversations, thoughts and events no one knows about except me - she's amazingly gifted! " ... written by RussianBlue1
Well, always so much fun to do channeling with you, absolutely great!! Thanks so much !!" ... written by B
wonderful confirmations as our spirit guides connected just perfectly, awesome abilities, spot on reading, perfect clarity from claridad!!! muchas gracias! 5 stars!!!" ... written by nina
I love her! she is amazing and true! doesnt BS! will be back soon to let her know!!! love you claridad! xoxoxoxox" ... written by meeeee
Thanks so much - channeling is so amazing!" ... written by p
came back in for the session and it was really good, made me feel a lot better. " ... written by real love
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Ohh really helpful in my situation:) Thanks so much!!" ... written by P
Lovely lady,things did make sense,I will await predictions and then be back with further feedback,many blessings to you xoxo" ... written by J
Very good!" ... written by Lene
Can I just say WOW!!!! AMAZING READING !!! ONE OF THE BEST ON ORANUM!!!!!! " ... written by tamjones
allayed my anxiety, thanks so much!" ... written by b
without any prompts Claridad, read the situation with such detail, I was truly amazed. She read into Claire's abusive partner immediately and also saw a fake reader just taking her money. Claridad was awesome and straight. talk to her, listen to her guides giving insights. Very happy, thoroughly recommended" ... written by colin
remarkable and astonishing to say the least. to be able to deliver an entire message as if being spoken to direct. This is a unique experience Thank you" ... written by colin
very nice and good advice from her." ... written by m
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Very good update she was very accurate" ... written by Ray
she was so great and honest. i loved our reading!" ... written by the world
she is on point every time i come see her...she knows exactly what is happening and with who...she is amazing...will be back very soon!" ... written by me
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
The best channeler on Oranum! So kind and so accurate. " ... written by c
aww, I enjoy the channeling so much and her enjoy and positive attitude. so blessed to have meet her. " ... written by knowing
she was very lovely, kind and accurate! Thank you so much for helping me! :) " ... written by ...
Soooo amazing and accurate - everything she has seen and channeled has been absolutely true and has manifested! She totally understands the situation and personalities involved and identified several specific details that happened recently without me saying anything. Love her! " ... written by RussianBlue1
I misssss her. Her channeling is the best and positive energy is so wonderful. Spot on everytime" ... written by knowing
she is amazing!!!! she was spot on with what she saw months ago!!! i will be back again to update her on what is to come! blessings Claridad you are truly blessed! xox" ... written by me
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
Sometimes we get readings we know that what is said, is the truth - and Claridad told me the truth! Her channeling is fantastic and above all my expectations!!! She is wonderful - so sweet and so great to connect! We had our first reading yesterday - today I had to follow up, as things were developing just as she told me! No words to describe how great it is to read with her!!" ... written by Sol
Consistently amazing and connected - reads me and the other person so well and picks up on details that have happened with fantastic accuracy - love her!!" ... written by RussianBlue1
Thanks so much for the reading great insight and guidance" ... written by ikroyala
she is spot on!! i would come back for sure:)" ... written by aquavenus
wonderfullll i love how she types as they are talking to her and she feels her words that she is typing. She felt what he was feeling. so cute and wonderful. amazing. you ask and hush. she got this. " ... written by jazzy
She was very good and i felt like she knew exactly what my partner was thinking and feeling. I just have to be patient." ... written by Chrys
Intuitive..connected nicely...recommend!" ... written by BK
OMG she is amazing! She described my situations w/o me saying a word. I will most definitely come back." ... written by Susan