About celticcardreader

Psychic celticcardreaderhas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic celticcardreaderhas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about celticcardreader's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi there- welcome to my page! I am a Celtic Psychic and I have many years of experience. I am also a qualified Reiki Master of both Traditional Usui Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki and I also have many other every healing qualifications to my bow. A reading with me is always positive but please note I tell you what I see not what you want to hear because the truth is always the best.

Great reading accurate fast and very connected." ... written by ikroyalal
Thank you so so much...i had a really nice reading, hope all the things will come true..xxx" ... written by beautydaynow
She's GOOD" ... written by rachel
Fast and helpful!! Let's just hope what she sees brings light, love, and happiness into my life. :) Thank you!!" ... written by Juanita
simply wonderful... speechless!" ... written by lingearthy
True insights, very honest reading." ... written by David
I love this woman. She truly is lovely, and will do very well here on Oranum. She truly is gifted." ... written by silverfae
I love being in her room. Love her readings. What else is there to say! Thanks" ... written by Lulu
very great" ... written by lingearthy
Very informative!" ... written by lauren
Great Reading!" ... written by Antonio
Really sweet lady and competent card reader. Will come back." ... written by toucan2
She was amazing ! I love her voice and her style ! and she is very kind too ! Her reading was accurate and fast ! She really wants to help, I am so grateful that I met her.. I just don't know how to express this amazing experience with her... She has taken me from hopeless to hopeful." ... written by peter
Celticcardreader has such a sweet, calming voice. I could listen to her forever and especially when she brings me good news. Top marks for a good new reader!!! The best of luck to you on the site. Thanks." ... written by Margot
She is friendly, helpful, comforting and straight to the point... Doesn't waste time or money. I'll go back. (And not just because she's Irish!!!) x" ... written by IrelandIrish
She is really good! You should have a private reading with her!" ... written by Christina
Lovely person, her energy is so soothing and loving. She read accurately. " ... written by Divine Vivi
Sorry, didn't have enough credit, but it was definitely informative and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Elo
excellent reader very accurate" ... written by mnt1446
Awesome reading again as always, very helpful with honest answers given and gives allot of details and validations too. I am always liking celticcardreader readings because she does not sugar coat and does not give false hope. she has caring nature and compassion in her readings. Highly recommend a reading with this lady :)" ... written by royalbrit
She was great, really picked up on things. Def recommend." ... written by beetlenut
Thanks for the reading good insight" ... written by ikroy
Clear, fast and honest and kind. x" ... written by Irelandirish
Thank you! A good reader!" ... written by Elo
Great to see Martina back on Oranum. Thanks for the reading Martina." ... written by irelandirish
What a lovely enlighten and uplifting reading. Very accurate, insightful and positive. When she asks similar question same cards keep showing up! She is a soft spoken, feminine, compassionate beautiful lady. I really enjoyed my reading! Highly recommended! 5 stars!" ... written by M
Reassured me that better things are coming up ahead for me. I could tell that she knew what she was doing and felt confident in the advice she was giving me as well. Very calming presence." ... written by Jenn
WOW she is wonderful! Ty so much it was almost scary! God bless you you have a wonderful gift! Thanks for sharing it with me.." ... written by Alissa
This beautiful lady gives you a very detailed accurate reading. She will answer all your questions and even more than just what you ask. I'm very happy to see her back! She is as good as Tarot card reading can be!" ... written by PP
Such a beautiful reader! She knows her cards and she is quite incredible. Reading was completely accurate and very helpful - I'm so happy I came to her for insight and advice. Thank you! " ... written by moon
Very nice reading. Picked up on a lot." ... written by SG
A terrific reading, thanks!" ... written by zimerili1
Great reader." ... written by lex
She knows her cards really well and works extremely fast. " ... written by kendra
Helpful and very kind. " ... written by madhu_thomas
Thank you. " ... written by Linn115
Lovely as always. I hope you're right." ... written by marguerite
so positive and she is such a lovely lady to have a reading with " ... written by bluebell
Terrific reading. Very accurate and knowledgeable. Very mellow and makes you feel very comfortable and will always give you straight up advice. Definitely a must for a good reading." ... written by Bob
very accurate and uplifting ... reads the cards very well and fast" ... written by maddicat
quick and helpful !" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks a lot for confirming" ... written by madhu_thomass
wow, this lady is the best card reader on the site....wow" ... written by dancinqueen
She said thing about my daddy and it real things TNT she saying." ... written by yolanda
Thanks, that was a very clear reading and much to look forward to." ... written by Rose
thank you for a wonderful reading. Appreciate that." ... written by mt
Martina, thanks for your swiftness and of course your insight and guidance. And great sense of humour!!!!" ... written by irelandirish
celticcardreader is wonderful!!! Her accuracy and beautiful insights are such a gift! Thank you so so so much!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
thank you for the lovely reading. " ... written by mnt1446
very nice lady, very uplifting reading!" ... written by sara
Lovely as usual. Will keep you posted on events. Thanks" ... written by Lorna
thanks very much Martina...you were very fast and helpful" ... written by irelandirish
That was a great reading Martina...." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you Martina. Always great to have a reading with you and also to chat. Thanks for your clarity as always." ... written by irelandirish
thank you Martina!!! As always you are quick and straight forward, and thanks for the guidance!!" ... written by irelandirish
Fantastic reading with a genuinely lovely lady. Was very honest, accurate and a great reader of the cards. Felt a sense of calm the minute i entered her room. Give her a try she is fab!!" ... written by Mshelli
I always enjoy being a repeated client to celtic reader, because she is brutally honest and compassionate in her readings. I have had number of readings with her she always given indepth answers, details and many validations too. Her reading is always joy in finding comfort and piece of mind too. :)" ... written by royalbrit
thank you for being such a good friend, and counselor. " ... written by mnt1446
Excellent, insightful and thoughtful. Very positive and enjoyable experience." ... written by Julie
It's always great to see talent on this site -- definitely give her a try. Great reading and well connected" ... written by lotus71
Clear..fast..accurate...AMAZING LADY " ... written by elle11
Very focused thoughtful and insightful. Enjoyed this reading very much!" ... written by Carri
i cant believe she picked up on my situation right to the point without me saying a word,it was a great great reading" ... written by ...
was so accurate and very in-depth. very pleased with my reading. xx" ... written by numberthree
thanks for a short private chat." ... written by Edward Cahill
Thanks again Martina....you give great clarity and have the patience of a saint!!" ... written by irelandirish
thanks Martina....you have given me strength and hope!!!!" ... written by irelandirish
very accurate reader, Always helpful to me" ... written by mnt1446
very clear reading" ... written by ...
thank you for your kindness, and help" ... written by mnt1446
thanks Martina once again. Very reassuring read." ... written by irelandirish
Great reading and love her energy. " ... written by aware
Nice kind lady, understanding and picked up on many things" ... written by RJ
it was just great great reading" ... written by 1
amazing reading thank u so much xx" ... written by missbegum
a real professional. lovely lady. conected imediatly. will definetly be back " ... written by gio
extremely helpful and kind, helped me solve my major life stressor. I am finally over a huge problem in my life. She gave me up to date readings, and helped me tremendously. One doesn't have to suffer, we just have to find a good helper, and solve our problems. Thank you and god bless you. " ... written by mnt1446
As always a pleasure to talk to and get a reading from Celtic. She is always a beacon of light in my dark tunnels. She even hurried the reading because I had few credits." ... written by Lily
I enjoyed my reading with her very much. She is quick and reads the cards well. Mature, professional, doesn't ask for any information, knows her cards well. What she told me matches up with the reality of the situation. Doesn't paint a fantasy, just tells you straight on how the cards answer your questions. She is straight to the point with her answers, you can have several questions answered right away. Recommended." ... written by Caliza
Amazing. SO on target - and with so much information given. Really positive and inspiring energy. Very grateful and will definitely be back to update on what happens.... :) x" ... written by sunflowersun
Wow. Very good." ... written by Tia
Very clear and quick with answers, thanks." ... written by Rose
very accurate and pleasant reader, my dear friend and angel, will recommend her to anyone. " ... written by mnt1446
Great reading !" ... written by Rose
A wonderful reading - Celticcardreader is very very good and picked up on a lot of things from my past that not many people know about." ... written by Onslow_Cracker
sincere, compassionate, accurate, always pleasant and very professional. Thank you. " ... written by m
I think she is very helpful. She is sincere and compationate" ... written by Cindy
Thank you for a wonderful reading i am looking forward to the future." ... written by Krisitna Prattis
Great and friendly as always- Thanks" ... written by Luna
very kind and generous, sweet lady. accurate" ... written by mnt1446
thank you Martina. Always a refreshing insight and guidance." ... written by irelandirish
Thank you very much Martina.....for your help once again." ... written by irelandirish
thanks again martina" ... written by irelandirish
very accurate reading " ... written by Preeti
Great reading as usual" ... written by Alex
great reading!" ... written by dn
She's a wonderful reader and lovely person." ... written by JPM
Amazing reader, wow blows my mind away!!!! Brilliant! 100 stars!!!!" ... written by vivi
Good reading, thank you!" ... written by 1one
good reading. and pick up very quickly. Thank you" ... written by pigletme123
Fantastic, reading as always." ... written by Sandrin
thank you always for very accurate readings. I appreciate your help" ... written by m
good reader" ... written by s
Excellent fast reading !" ... written by Rose
She is amazing. definitely recommend!" ... written by val
Wow! Absolutely amazing -- really balanced, loving, sensitive reading. Highly recommend. Thank you!" ... written by lucy
great reading" ... written by sparklingg
Thanks so much !!! As always Amazing " ... written by Faz424
always sweet, accurate and a very balanced person. Excellent readings. love her a lot. " ... written by m
great reading as always" ... written by 1
Thank you so much for the reading. You are so amazing and accurate xx" ... written by Preeti
Thanks so much xoxoxo" ... written by Faz424
OMG She is amazing .... a reading by Celticcardreader is a must.... 10 stars" ... written by Rosa
so sweet kind and i will be back" ... written by d
shes the best here." ... written by kaz
excellent reader as always. Sweet and kind lady." ... written by mn
amazzzzing reading...quick and clear.." ... written by tasha_j
had a two readings one after another,so much detailed info its amazing" ... written by calm
Thank you so much for the reading :) your the best xx" ... written by Kaz
amazing reading" ... written by ...
Very good readingQ" ... written by A
She is amazing and helps me with everything..... omg a must to have a reading with...ill be back for sure" ... written by Rosa
reading helped to put things into perspective. thank you. " ... written by leodragon
she blows my mind each time, with her beautiful, velvet, soft voice, she speaks the very depths of human soul, as those become revealed, without a doubt, in her magic cards!!!! She improved my mood for about 100%, opening my eyes to reality and what is actually going on behind the scenes...I felt a shift happening as she was reading....like she was able to put it all together into one full of sense whole, so as i left, i was not wondering no more...i have a knowing and clarity and certainty now...will come back to her, of course, as before...wow, wow, wow,...all the stars, all the way to eternity...thanks!!!!:):):)Celtic Magic Queen rocks!!!" ... written by vivi
Thank Martina. Your prediction with the cards came true the last time so.....thanks again for now." ... written by irelandirish
So happy with my reading, loved it definitely picked up on some things i thought too. will let you know :)" ... written by Taurus
Great insightful and accurate reading! Thank you." ... written by Patience29
100 Stars !! So great to have you back Martina , thanks so much !" ... written by Faz424
Great and consistent. As always." ... written by Luna
Hey Martina" ... written by irelandirish
she is the best card reader on here" ... written by 1one
I absolutely love this reader... she is awesome and so spot on .... a must to have a reading with! Worth every penny and I recommend her to anyone" ... written by Rosa
Intuitive, connected, recommend. Nice Card Reader. Very Fast! Love her Typing skills :)" ... written by BK
so glad you are back" ... written by ...
amazing reading," ... written by celtic
Thanks so much Martina , looking forward to what will happen next ." ... written by Faz424
brill update with martina" ... written by sparkl
Great reading with Martina, very honest, precise and kind hearted!" ... written by Alex
I went to Celtic with a question that deep down I knew the answer to and she was able to confirm things for me." ... written by Luna
Nice to see you back Martina and thank you once again for the reading." ... written by irelandirish
she is amazing " ... written by b2
Omg, ...she is wonderful....amazing, the best card reader on the site, indeed....she always see through every little detail and provides me with such clarity, that i have total certainty of 100% answered questions!!!! I WILL BE ALWAYS COMING BACK TO HER, FOR AWESOME READINGS!!!!" ... written by OHSO
Thank you for the reading. your the best card reader on here :) xx" ... written by Preeti
another great update reading x" ... written by ..
thanks " ... written by Faz424
I love this women she has been spot on for me ..... I always come back as she is amazing" ... written by Rosa
thanks so much " ... written by Faz424
very kind and sweet thank you!" ... written by L
great reading" ... written by ...
great reading, spot on and really fast; read everything like a book" ... written by carina
She is the best xoxoxo" ... written by Faz424
thank you for the reading,it was great " ... written by class
1000 stars " ... written by Faz424
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
OMG She is amazing.... she has helped me and has always been spot on..... everything she has told me has been true and accurate a must to have a reading with..... 10 stars" ... written by Rosa
thank u for the reading Martina" ... written by 1
thanks heaps " ... written by Faz424
Thanks so much Martina " ... written by Faz424
such a wonderful reading" ... written by ...
Thank you for the reading. your so accurate xx" ... written by Preeti
Celticcardreader is extremely accurate and reliable - her card reading was spot on, honestly I didn't tell her anything and she picked it all up and described my past situation and what is in front. Highly recommend her, she is honest too which is so important for me on here. I trust this lady and would recommend her to anyone. She is reliable and also a very kind lady. Amazing, more than 5 stars in my opinion." ... written by Wings
she is just amazing,picked up on my situation from the first card" ... written by ...
Thanks so much " ... written by Faz424
Thanks so much for the reading :) your the best card reader here xx" ... written by Preeti
Thank you Martina. Again you have assured me and helped." ... written by irelandirish
Im so glad she is back" ... written by 1
Martina is great as alway,picking up on a situation right to the point , thank u for the reading xx" ... written by 1
Always good to have a reading with you Martina. thank you once again." ... written by irelandirish
thanks Martina!!!!" ... written by irelandirish
another amazing reading with Martina" ... written by leila
thank you for the reading Martina x great as always x" ... written by leila
thank you very much Martina. You are great!!" ... written by irelandirish
What a reading ,she said everything and answered all the questions before i even opened my mouth." ... written by white
She is so cool,the best 55 stars,i don't go anywhere else,she gets the answers without you asking the question." ... written by stay
wow this lady is great reader! she opened couple of decks for me and gave me detailed answers and now i know what is going on. her style is lovely fast and very accurate!!! 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by jenn
She's very good and very quick. Nice lady too !!" ... written by CelticFreckles
She is the best card reader on here,i keep saying that after every reading" ... written by 1
Celtic always makes me feel welcome and is very encouraging in her readings. Her energy is very positive and I hope what she told me comes to pass. It is consistant with other readings I have had with her. " ... written by Lulu
Martina is a very gentle lady and very tuned. No time waister, she knows what she is talking about with her cards. Much love and blessings to her. Make sure you stop by and visit her!" ... written by angel of light
It was a good short session " ... written by Oklan O.
Great follow up reading." ... written by stay
Thank you Martina for that reassuring comprehensive read. You are great!!!! Ill let you know how things go!!" ... written by irelandirish
So great to have you back Martina ............missed you so much ....xxxxx" ... written by Faz424
shes the best here!! xx" ... written by Preeti
I love my readings with Martina, very informative and she reads the cards accurately and quickly. I would highly recommend her to anyone" ... written by Alex
So good!!" ... written by amazing
thank you Martina" ... written by 1
awesome reading! very quick and helpful :)" ... written by bob
GREAT UPDATE!!! Spot on!" ... written by ...
Amazing reading,no questions asked,just an answers given ,spot on with every single detail " ... written by bp
she is the best, most clear and straightforward card reader on this site! fast, accurate, kind, wise, spot on!" ... written by c lee
wow,she blow my mind away" ... written by bg
Thanks so much Martina xoxoxo" ... written by Faz424
here she strikes again :) some things she told me already happened since the last reading and the update is amazing," ... written by ...
amazing!!!" ... written by wr
great!! thank you very much for a reading,wasn't expecting to hear all that at all,but it put smile back on my face ...def be coming back " ... written by She
awesome reader! very fast, knows her cards very well and accurate with the details of the situation .. outstanding and highly commended!" ... written by me
thank you so much for the reading. You are the best card reader on this site :) xx" ... written by Preeti
...i keep saying that but she is the best card reader on here " ... written by ...
amazing" ... written by ..
great update on a situation" ... written by ...
such an amazing reader!!!" ... written by bp
wow" ... written by nw
lovely, lovely lady. Thank you so much." ... written by
Shes been accurate for me. :) love how concise n quick she is " ... written by Linn115
very very good" ... written by she is an amazing reader
Celtic is great. Always a pleasure to talk to and so up-lifting. Kind and gifted reader." ... written by Luna
" ... written by 1
very thorough card reader. i mean i asked her a question and we got the same number 4x in 4 different decks! lol she knows her cards and i enjoyed my reading with her a lot =)" ... written by m
she is my favourite person to go for a reading" ... written by Amazing
ill be coming back" ... written by very good
Thanks so much for the reading. you are the best cardreader :) x x" ... written by Preeti
Great great reading!!!" ... written by wr
wow" ... written by next
thanks Martina ....nice to see you again." ... written by irelandirish
What a great reading " ... written by clf
Amazing!!" ... written by A
very very good,my fav on here " ... written by nl
your great thank you xxx" ... written by Mrs Louise A warner
thank you for the reading" ... written by chique
What a reading again" ... written by 1
great update on my situation " ... written by sb
Thanks for the reading. your great :-) xx" ... written by Preeti
Thank you " ... written by The best
For threading Martina and making me feel bit better xx" ... written by Thank you
Thanks Martina :) You are a star xxxxx" ... written by Another amazing reading
Thank you so much :) your so great at reading the cards :) xx" ... written by Preeti
The best here :) Thanks for the reading xx" ... written by Preeti
thank you your the best xx" ... written by louise
Thanks Martina" ... written by 1
Very detailed reading,just wait and see now" ... written by clf
thanks very much Martina You are very empathetic and fast" ... written by Irelandirish
Very good,very detailed ill be coming back " ... written by nl
Thank you Martina for your great reading. Very reassuring" ... written by irelandirish
Thanks for the amazing reading your the best :) x x" ... written by Preeti
she is just fantastic .. very accurate outstanding reader!!1" ... written by me
thank you so much,great as always :)" ... written by 1
My favourite card reader! Always spot on and gives amazing clarity, would recommend her to anyone" ... written by A
just need to wait and see now " ... written by very good
she is the best on here! " ... written by clf
One of my trusted and go to psychic, Very nice woman and very accurate and excellent reader. Gives allot of honest information and past predictions have came true too. highly recommended psychic." ... written by LEO
shes the best here xx" ... written by Preeti
amazing reader :) xx" ... written by Preeti
Great as always " ... written by nl
Thank you for the reading it was great" ... written by Very good
An absolutely wonderful reading! SO sweet!" ... written by Anonymous
thank you Martina!! so look forward to the future :) and you are amazing as always,picking up on the situation like you do xxx" ... written by 1
Amazing as always,she strikes again thank you so much for all the readings such a big help from u xxx" ... written by 1
Thank you for great reading :)" ... written by 1
so much,all looks great at last for me,great reading as always you are the best Martina :)" ... written by Thank you
thank you very much Martina. You have helped me." ... written by Irelandirish
very great I asked a lot of questions and she was fast and connected fast to all questions ..she was intuitive along with reading the cards and tapped into further details without the cards thank you " ... written by motherofdragons
thank you for the reading ,be coming back for an update" ... written by very good
Thank you for the reading. your the best reader here xxx" ... written by Preeti
Love the readings with Martina she is so good,thank you so much just wait and see now :)" ... written by AMAZING
What a great reading very good spot on and a very nice lady thank you so much 10 stars " ... written by cream
Thank you for the great reading x" ... written by Very good
Amazing reader xx" ... written by Preeti
Thank you Martina ...again you have been great!" ... written by irelandirish
The best xx" ... written by Preeti
Once again big massive thank you for such a deep detailed reading" ... written by 1
thanks again Martina...and I had a good laugh with you too....x" ... written by irelandirish
great reading" ... written by wr
thanks my dear for a very accurate reading. God bless. " ... written by misty
Thanks for the amazing reading xx" ... written by Preeti
Thank you for the reading Martina,you are a star xxx" ... written by 1
Awesome, detailed, accurate reading.... Thank you so much :)" ... written by Royal
the best cardreader here xx" ... written by p
Great reading as always!! Always amazes me. will be back :))" ... written by isabellissima
GOOD" ... written by KK
Thank you for the reading xx" ... written by Preeti
Spot on and loved the reading, speaks nothing but the truth and very accurate.. " ... written by Pinkbluebell33
A great reader. Thanks for the wonderful reading xx" ... written by p
Thank you for my reading, as always very accurate and spot on." ... written by sapphire123
excellent reader, as always" ... written by marion
Thank you for the update reading Martina and I appreciate your insight and reading." ... written by irelandirish
spot on reading,she is very good" ... written by sb
Shes the best here xx" ... written by p
Thank you Martina,great as always" ... written by 1
Thank you for the reading and you are a star xx" ... written by amazing
Thanks for the amazing reading xx" ... written by Preeti
very accurate reading xx" ... written by Preeti
thank u for the reading :) spot on with everything as always xx" ... written by great
incredibly skilled reader! love her, very accurate, knows those cards..." ... written by d
Thank you fo rmy reading, validation was good and always spot on very accurate too." ... written by pinkblue33
very accurate reader xx" ... written by p
She is very helpful and informative. 5 star reader." ... written by cwills22
accurate reading, previous predictions have came true, and always spot on." ... written by Pinky
She is simply amazing" ... written by 1
thank you always excellent readings. " ... written by mint
Thanks for the accurate reading xx" ... written by Preeti
very accurate reader, the best here!! xx" ... written by Preeti
I am fascinated!" ... written by Ana resendiz
Celtic is my go to reader as she is always honest, accurate and a very nice lady. Problem is she isn't always on here, so when u see her grab her for a reading, she gave me so much clarity and advice which I needed, she is the best on Oranum, 5 stars." ... written by Little Wings
She is the best reader on this site :) xx" ... written by p
she seem so confident in her readings.... i got a desiring future reading. you are cool" ... written by mt
just adore this reader, so accurate and SOOOO fast!" ... written by donna
As always spot on with everything my only reader to go to on here " ... written by 1
Thank you for the reading just great as always x" ... written by 1
Another amazing reading" ... written by X
The best!! My only reader to go to xx" ... written by 1
Thank you" ... written by 1
very accurate reader xx" ... written by preeti
Thank you for an update x" ... written by 1
best reader here, i highly recommend her :) x x" ... written by p
Great as always" ... written by 1
best reader" ... written by ..
Superb 5/5 stars and more " ... written by 1
Thank you for the reading :) you are the best!! xx" ... written by preeti
Shes just amazing" ... written by 1
Thank you for the reading! you was so accurate xx" ... written by p
Lovely person. Lovely reader. I would recommend a reading with Celticcardreader. She is very good." ... written by Chiara
very accurate reader, the best here!! thank you :) x x " ... written by ...
Thank you for the accurate reading :) x x" ... written by preeti
Best reader on here" ... written by ...
I come to celtic all the time when I really need help - her cards never lie, I trust her and her cards - what else can I say, glad she is here to help us and she is so affordable, the best on here for sure, more than 5 stars. Repeat customer. :)" ... written by Little Wings
good reading she give accurate information in a general reading." ... written by rosebud
She was very quick and to the point and gave me all the information and answers to my questions. She picks up on a lot and you don't have to tell her much at all but she just takes off with so much information so get your pen ready and take notes. She's great! I will be back and highly recommend CelticCardReader! Five Stars" ... written by skier8001
Great update" ... written by 1
Fast and very accurate. Won't waste your time or money. She is very honest and good. Do go private with her." ... written by tc
very accurate reading" ... written by ...
Great as always!! Xx" ... written by X
She keeps me amazed every single time" ... written by Xx
Her cards are awesome !! Keep fallling and so much truth you can just hear it yourself !! Great healing session . So needed it. !" ... written by m
Update with Martina" ... written by Great
Very good! Answered all my questions quickly and accurately!" ... written by baraz
She is just amazing !!! 5/5 " ... written by X
Absolutely bloody awesome!!! hightly recomended" ... written by sarah haddow
omg she is fantastic!!! she is so confident and skilled with those cards..its so amazing! my reading was full of details and spot on information about all the questions i asked and i highly recommend her! she is one of the top ten on oranum! wow! wow! wow!!!" ... written by satisfied client
Very good" ... written by Rnb
Great update" ... written by 1
AMAZING!!!" ... written by X
Very accurate reading, i highly recommend this reader :)" ... written by ......
omg she is the best reader ever!!" ... written by p
I love this lady" ... written by She is a star!!!
she seems to be very good./ calm straight forward reader" ... written by bouncy
what a wonderful reader," ... written by candy
Thanks for the wonderful reading xx" ... written by ...
clear reading and she explain good, very pleased, ten stars!" ... written by ninna
Very earnest and sharp - she is quick and easy and reads whats in front of her - we'll see!!" ... written by dmbertault
She is a star in this community literally the best of the best" ... written by X
Thanks Great reading" ... written by X
Thanks for a great reading :) you are amazing xx" ... written by .....
Thanks a lot...great advice...yes money would be little tight about the year for studies...yes otherwise..with some struggling understood.. thank you kindly" ... written by erica
Never once she has failed xx" ... written by Xx
Never fails to impress me " ... written by Amazing
Best reader here xxx" ... written by ...
Great reading as always" ... written by 1
I have never seen cards so in tune with the energy" ... written by Jonathan
Celticreader is wonderful. I highly recommend you have pvt with her!!!" ... written by marionlyttle