About celebertylov

Psychic celebertylovhas 19years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic celebertylovhas recently helped 35members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about celebertylov's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Awesome!!! I love her energy so much. Great job!" ... written by Christa
wowow....speechless on how accurate she tap into the current situation. Even know which area of my life that I would like to ask before asking. Excited to see her predictions to come to pass." ... written by littlebudy1
this was such a great reading... no tools were used. the reading was spot on with details and she gave me great predictions and complete reassurance of things that I already innately know and also what will happen. there is something really special about this reader and I thoroughly recommend her to all!! thanks" ... written by intrigued
will see what happens! very fast" ... written by BP
Strong emotional release from my part. She's got a gift that is very useful and helps me from holding onto the past and I let it go today. Thank you, thank you so much " ... written by xxx
Thank you Celeb for this and the last readings you are very accurate and pick up on everything very accurately. Your energy made me feel lots better. Thank you and God bless you dearly " ... written by GD
She was so hard to catch but i waited diligently.. and loved every minute of it. She was straight to the point and precise. Very accurate of what was going on around me.. i will return if only to speak to her....5 stars" ... written by hope
Awesome..so many details she picked up..and so spot on..and I love her energy..so awesome..made me laugh...Thank YOu so much.." ... written by md
she's amazing!!! highly recommend her!!!! much love xoxox" ... written by Deb
Thanks lovey you always tell me the truth and that is why I come to you so much. Thanks for letting me know and I will watch for the conversation." ... written by LL
Great reading" ... written by Serenity
fantastic!!! i really wanted to talk to her as I saw her excellent testimonials. very quick loads of info. bless!" ... written by jazzychic7
just simply wow, this girl is on psychic fire, beautiful reading, thanx." ... written by zimerili1
she is really good, spot on" ... written by J
she was darn good :)" ... written by aquavenus
she reads like an open book" ... written by happiness
Chills all over my body during the entire session. Such a powerful energy. Answered all questions. No tools have been used. Gave time frames for predictions. I sure hope she's correct. I've been walking in this desert for too long. Thank you." ... written by ...
Fan Freaking Tastic !!! She is AWESOME !!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
she is an expert in her field and very accurate and very compassionate" ... written by daniel figueroa
Wonderful session full of uplifting encouragement to strengthen my faith and belief that everything is going to come through for my family and I to be reconciled and reunited for us to have a happily ever after as everything unfolds over the coming days, weeks and months that are ahead of us. Thank you hunny!! ((((Hugs))))" ... written by Lydia
she is the best i love her she like my mum i never had lol" ... written by dan
One of those reading that makes u go crazy wow! Can't wait to return to update on her predictions!" ... written by rosy
Connected immediately. Will tell you what she sees. Positive or less positive. I really hope she's correct. I *do* need it badly." ... written by .
she is awesome and very compassionate will helo you through anything" ... written by daniel
hope predictions comes to pass" ... written by july
she is very gifted I would recommend her to everyone I know" ... written by daniel
On point, channeled my true love to talk to me, oh my gosh, she is soo worth it, take her private highly recommend it!!!!" ... written by ikroyala
My first time getting a reading from her and she was remarkable just like the reviews say. Fast connection and she gave a lot of predictions to look forward to. Warm and lovely personality too… like her style. And yeah, she is a fast typer! " ... written by wdcl
went off the demo very impressive tried a private will be back more to tell " ... written by adriane
Great reader and fast. She picked up on everything pretty quick" ... written by ally
she is very gifted and very compassionate a very good friend" ... written by daniel
She is very in tune and spot on and I don't say that easily" ... written by J
She is the absolute best. She really knows everything and tells you the truth. She can pick up on anything with all of her senses and channels people - which is amazing. To top it off she is so kind, generous, understanding and types fast. Couldn't ask for more. " ... written by Kate
she is very accurate and gifted in her trade you will never be dissapointted" ... written by daniel
Thank you so much for your help darlin!! You are so blessed with such wonderful gifts and I am so glad that I have come in to talk to you and to have your help today!! xoxoxo" ... written by L
First reading with this lovely lady, she was brilliant. If you see her available, grab her you will not be disappointed xox" ... written by Mshelli
very accurate and fast" ... written by sadhana
Really awesome, very accurate, picked up the essentials in the first minute. It could have been a one minute reading, but I wanted to ask for a lot more details, and got them! VERY VERY excellent! and sweet!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazing. Predictions came true! Several times. :) " ... written by Darlene
thanks for always being present to me when I need insight and guidance!" ... written by intrig
Very sweet and accurate, like her a lot" ... written by Alex
Good psychic. Effortless. Picked up on a lot and made a lot of predictions" ... written by sylvestri
Thanks a lot, amazing!" ... written by Telatoa
2-3 months with T" ... written by Linn115
She is really really good. Came to her for the second time and she was consistent in her reading even though she has had a lot of other people came to her after me. It just shows that she's genuine. I am awaiting her predictions to come to light but so far my guts are telling me to trust on her. Such as a sweet heart you are. God bless you abundantly! " ... written by Stephanie
amazing... tonight was a quick session for a quick answer to a question. no time or money wasted. Celeberty lov is a 5 star reader!!!! will let you know what happens xxx" ... written by intrig
Super sweet fast and helpful." ... written by Ally
im really happy with the rading thanks so much i felbetter now that things are going to be ok " ... written by ale
Awesome!" ... written by April
you are the best!! same update again..I think it will be true:)" ... written by aqua
she rocks, always tuned in and hoping shes right" ... written by danielle
My new favorite psychic here! Always clear and concise and fast! Thank you for making my day :) xx " ... written by Stephanie
very very nice lady.." ... written by n
very good thank you would have you read again " ... written by linda
WOW!!! She is AWESOME AMAZING. The real deal... I will certainly come back for future updates. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Gosh....this lady is amazing!!! She is fast, and so accurate with what she picked up....she is something else! I waited so long for her to come online, and finally I had a fantastic reading with her, she is really excellent, and you will NOT be disappointed...she is for real..!!! and Yes, I will be returning for sure!! 5 stars plus! xx" ... written by Jade50
she totally blows me away!" ... written by ABSFAB
such a gift of sharing and I would recommend!" ... written by becky
Very good reading....very positive. I truly enjoyed her insight. It was helpful and calming. " ... written by itwillbeok
extremely gifted. Real deal physic. Amazing.Wish her perdictions comes true. Will see in 3 weeks time her first prediction. Thank you for the lovely reading. Very kind lady." ... written by PIGLETME
Great connection... picked up very quickly on my relationship with details. Extremely gifted! Will be back to see her!" ... written by Tanya
This lady here is AWESOME…totally gifted…pick up things effortlessly… her prediction for me came true. " ... written by Stephanie
Wow..she was wonderful...accurate and picked up on things she could never have known! She gave me strength and light...I feel so much better...and hopeful...i will follow her advice for sure..and I look forward to the predictions! Love to you xx" ... written by Globe
shes the best on here. wow just love her thank you." ... written by jamira76
Very reassuring and great advice! Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciate receiving a guidance from you!" ... written by Audrey
Celeb is as good as ever. Her words never change and so do her predictions. Try her and you will be blown away! " ... written by Stephanie
She is very fast wonderful lady she knows what she is doing " ... written by Nidal
Very quick connection. I feel she is honest, and straightforward. Very quick with answers and gives a lot of information. Lucky for me the news was better than expected, but i get the feeling she doesn't sugarcoat at all. Would recommend for plain speaking truth." ... written by angelszone
She makes me so at peace within. I love to talk with her. She holds back nothing and I appreciate that fact. I pray her predictions come true. " ... written by Lisa
Honestly, she picked up on things no one knows about. She's awesome I can't wait to come back" ... written by jessica
excellent reading. she really picked up on a lot and was very tuned in. read me like a book. will be back to update in june" ... written by mini
2 minutes into the reading and she had already answered all my questions and more. I was in the middle of typing a question and she began answering it. This lovely lady is fabulous!!" ... written by Mshelli
Brilliant reading! Loved every minute of it. Straight shooter. Highly recommend!" ... written by Rose
she is very accurate and gifted in her craft and will not tell you any lies" ... written by daniel figueroa
Wow - so energetic and right on with everything she said. I was vague and what she picked up was so right on. Would highly recommend. Will be coming back" ... written by PC
i have to say that was phenomenal she just read it like a book crazy and was short didnt waste time.. its like she works for the cia and has spies everywhere or something that how crazy that was.. ill be back for sure" ... written by dan
Celeb is fantastic. She picks up on a lot of details using no tools, is sweet, caring ...and accurate....Love her " ... written by Susan
She was awesome and sooo on point " ... written by Shannon
Had another reading with her hoping she is on point with her prediction" ... written by Shannon
She picks up right away on the situation and has a great attitude. " ... written by celticfreckles
you need to read with her!..she knows it all!! haha she really does. i cant wait to see everything unfold because i know she is right. her knowing things without me sayin was mindBLOWING!!" ... written by danidani
WoW Amazing lady!!! seemed pretty accurate..gave lots of information i didn't know.....Very spot on and fast!!" ... written by elle
Had tech issues but would recommend her for pvt!" ... written by marionlyttle
she was great. fast fast fast and will come back. she was accurate, confident and tuned in well. peace...." ... written by k
She is very nice and kind. She connected instantly" ... written by Renee
she was great, she even picked up the fact that i have a white car! awesome. i will keep the faith that her predictions will come true and take her advice!" ... written by kw
Very impressive. Great reading." ... written by y
She was an awesome reading and outstanding on connection. Very insight full. " ... written by Penny15
very fast very sharp got him down pat" ... written by angela
Great reader - great insight " ... written by Pam
she was helpful " ... written by Jen
She has fast connection....so good with time frame. I will manifest for this as soon as i have the greencard she told me i will get. Happy with her reading! " ... written by Fe
great" ... written by sadhana
I am always delighted by my reading with Celeb… 5* all the way!!" ... written by woodencloud
Another great update! Amazing!" ... written by MS66
Simply love her." ... written by hannah
Wow She is always there when i need her, she just puts me at ease.. Ten stars." ... written by bm
She was absolutely amazing. I have never connected that fast with anyone on here. Absolutely fantastic. Try her. You will be amazed." ... written by John
Simply awesome! Her reading and predictions are always consistent. She always gives in-depth readings and so much information. She is caring too and will go the extra mile for her clients. I will always come back to her. " ... written by Stephanie
wow she was so dead on I couldn't believe it she was so correct more than anyone else that has read me an I have had numerous readings " ... written by sandra
WOW WOW WOW I LOVE THIS LADY!! Please give her a try she is simply amazing and you will not be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
always good to connect with celeb xxx" ... written by intrig
Thank you Celeb. One of the few trusted and professionals on Oranum. Love xx" ... written by GD
Wow She is SUPER AWESOME... Can't wait til her predictions start to unfold. some of it already has come out as she predicted. Many blessings." ... written by Lucy117
SHE IS AWESOME!!!!" ... written by Dena
fantastic update, thanx a million" ... written by zimerili1
Very good reading......thank you. You are great!" ... written by itwillbeok
Lovely reading update. She is always accurate and picks up on everything. Curious to see predictions. Thank you Celeb! Love and blessings " ... written by G
Honestly, it was a pain in the a** waiting to talk to her but boy was it worth it! absolutely!! So far, THREE of her predictions have come through… and they were not some general predictions… but really specific ones! She is pricey but she is totally worth every penny. " ... written by Steph
Thank you for your insights today! I appreciate it...thank you" ... written by ash
she is brill amazing woman kind hearted amazing " ... written by hannah
had two readings in one day 1 was not enough " ... written by hannah
WOWWWW....Brilliant reading..." ... written by tasha_j
She is just toooooo great!!!!!! awesome!! ten stars" ... written by bm
wow, she is fantastic!!! Nailed my situation, she definitley put me at ease. amazing" ... written by bem
WOW!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! No tools!!!! Connection was incredibly fast and just amazed on how she picked up what I was asking before I asked? LOL. I can't wait for the predictions to happen. You have to go into private with this wonderful gifted woman!" ... written by MS66
great reading heard lots of good news and she picked up on everything going on in my life! thanks!" ... written by Jessica
amazing." ... written by Pioneers19
Really good. Tapped in quickly, no holds barred. Very impressed with her skills" ... written by Lisa
She was spot on! 10 out of 10 Stars." ... written by Dignity
she's extremely accurate. she gets every description right. im shocked!" ... written by vpoh
Her Predictions are almost coming true yay!" ... written by Catherine
THANK YOU!" ... written by pioneers19
Seriously the best in every way. So detailed, it is amazing. So honest, kind and would never waste your time. Love her very much. I would recommend a reading with her to anyone" ... written by kate
GREAT!" ... written by Pioneers19
She is great, always knows my situation. ten stars" ... written by bem
Excellent reading was very insightful and to the point.Didnt waste any time and was quick and answered all my questions.Highly recommended.Full stars" ... written by Mettlwire
Onto it really great" ... written by Varoma
WOW she totally blew my mind!!! asked no questions just delivered the imformation...look forward to predictions" ... written by marionlyttle
A very down to earth character, simply put breath taking and on the spot reader got many things sorted out. All good. Will take her advice and see the outcomes." ... written by Sooriamurthy
amazing all the time " ... written by hannah
she just picks up on sooo many things !!!!! she is great!!! ten stars!!!" ... written by bem
Interesting read! :)" ... written by lovesthesun
Always assuring and true to her words… She is really really great! " ... written by stephanie
Amazing. More each time I read with her. " ... written by john
Celebirty picks up on details she is incredible. Honest and accurate and professional. A jewel." ... written by G
she is awesome. i loved her!" ... written by sunshine
I just love her spirit! She is so intend with her energy, she was able to pickup my grandmothers presence and described her to a T without me saying anything at all. She said things only I knew I have said to my grandmother in the past. This woman is amazing and so talented, you will not be let down. Her energy is great and she is so honest. " ... written by Brianaaf2
Good reading.....We shall see. Very calming" ... written by itwillbeok
Was very good and to the point.Excellent reading.will come back again and will wait for the prediction top come true. Thanks a lot Highly recommended." ... written by watermeadows
Amazing, amazing, amazing. So sweet, so reassuring and so very good. " ... written by John
be ready to know the truth!!! she knows all!! she a gift from god. awesome!!" ... written by hermesstarr
Wow. Just wow. She is great. Spend some time with her. You will be amazed." ... written by John
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
amazing." ... written by n/a
She is good. I liked the reading." ... written by sunshine
GREAT!!!" ... written by RENEE
Very good....very insightful. I appreciate her direct approach" ... written by itwillbeok
Thanks so much for the clarity Celeb awesome reading" ... written by ikroyala
amazing" ... written by kika
She is incredible!! Wow!! The things she picked up on.. so accurate. She knew so much about my past and my present without much info from me, and she reassured me that things would be getting better for me." ... written by Mimi
Love this lady so much, glad I caught her again. She is amazing x" ... written by Mshelli
she is really connected and great" ... written by da
OMG - she is fantastic :) she leaves upto her reputation ... 100% accurate ...xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
She was freaking amazing! I feel like she completly understood me and where I came from. I am so excited for what the future is going to bring. Thank You so so much:)" ... written by Jennifer
Energetic, Full of life, quick to the point and detailed." ... written by callme
Very good reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
She was great" ... written by Barbara
Oh my gosh, another unbelievable reading. This lady really flows and KNOWS :) I am so glad to see her online. She told me stuff I can really relate too. Hope to see things develop along the lines she has said. Thank you Celeberty!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you again… you have always been SO helpful with your gift :) xx" ... written by Stephanie
Celeb is fast and accurate psychic. She picked up on minute details and she gave me the larger outcome quickly. Recommended. " ... written by greek07chick7
Thank you for being so kind to me. :) I was in the dumps just now. I also appreciate your suggestions about what to do about my grounding. I'll try and use some of them in a way that works for me. You said in 3-4 weeks they break up, he comes to Japan for an interview, stays back in ABQ for a while, then in November he comes to Japan, and we reunite, and I'm going to have 3 kids! I dunno...XD And I'm married in two years after we reunite. O.o Whoa that's fast. He'll also msg me first. " ... written by Fuzz
My first reading with her and she hit on so many points!! She knew all these things and I didn't even have to tell her! I just had to keep typing "yes, that's right." I can't wait to update her to let her know if her predictions came true! Awesome! Give her a try! :)" ... written by giggles
omg amazing she was x 5 star" ... written by madmomo
She is amazing, just amazing. Love her." ... written by John
came for an update what should i say, if you want to know the truth pls try her.You wont regret it for sure." ... written by watermeadows
awesomeeeeeeeeeeee and lightning fast take her prvt omggggggggggggg worth every penny gr8 readerrrrrrrr" ... written by wow
Absolutely love Celeberty. She is so good, so caring and just a sweetheart." ... written by John
Straightforward, honest, compassionate. Very good" ... written by itwillbeok
great reader" ... written by starchild700
liked my reading a lot, will be back at end of june for update" ... written by cindy
Good reading, try her" ... written by sharen223
Thank you SO much! You are RIGHT on about what I feel and what three Twin Flame readers have been feeling for about two years now. I wanted to try to talk to a new/different psychic to see if she/he could see this too! And Celebretylov definitely hit the nail on the head! This is truly a soul connection so many psychics only see Rich and myself as a man and a woman and see all of the bumps in our relationship but it is our souls that will finally merge. Always wish I had more time and money (I don't have a work assignment right now and am tight on money) because I think Celebretylov would really enjoy my whole story! Once I get another assignment I will get an e-mail reading and give her some more details. I am amazed about her Social Media comment because I have attempted to put things on my Facebook page that would draw him nearer and let him know I am thinking about him ... very subtle things ... like Happy Birthday Leo's .. since we are both Leo's. So now I know for sure HE is keeping an eye on my Facebook page and sometimes I get funny phone calls ... I know he is checking up on me and just trying to figure out the best way to contact me. This is really exciting and again thank you thank you thank you because most people ... even some really really great and talented psychics cannot see a Twin Flame reunion in the making. I will be in touch again ... just want to let you know too that sometimes in a reading ... once I get to know the psychic I get silly and kid around ... just giving you a heads up on that because a lot of psychics get thrown off by that. Later!" ... written by Janice
Very honest, she is awesome. " ... written by julie
very very good" ... written by love
wow she is just amazing!!!" ... written by vk
Thank you for your wonderful and extremely clear reading. I am truly impressed with your gift and it showed on the things you were able to pick up on my current state of affairs." ... written by MgrL
Just amazing. She is just amazing." ... written by John
... so down to earth, honest, and on point everytime, try her shes awesome, worth every cent... and shes fast!" ... written by MYSELF
Absolutely brilliant!" ... written by J
Very good..Time go quick,but she is spot on..honest..but this is what I wanted..In all good and bad things,,there is always a lesson..Thank You" ... written by md
GREAT" ... written by RENEE
Always a pleasure to catch up with her..." ... written by Sydney
2nd reading with celebrity love, she is awesome reader and i will continue to read with her for updates...love her... no tools.... try this wonderful reader." ... written by T:
Wow, she is amazing, sweet and as honest as they come!!! I can not wait to tell you, you were right!!! Love and blessings!!!!" ... written by Soulful
Amazing reader" ... written by Catherine
thanks!!! always a great reading!" ... written by intrig
Always celebrity style quick, fast and exciting reading always." ... written by Sooriamurthy
As always, a great reading." ... written by itwillbeok
thank you! :) " ... written by hilly
wow read me well. she knew what career field i'm! she only asked for my name! :) thank you " ... written by hilly
Celeberty is just amazing. Love reading with her" ... written by John
5 stars she is right on point" ... written by georgiapeach37
Gave me insight and accuracy regarding my question. I needed help and guidance and she gave it to me. THank you so very much Love..Namaste" ... written by Janine
Love Celeberty. She is just magnificent. Try her. and you will be amazed." ... written by John
I really like her a lot. She is pretty accurate. She gave me dates for this past month and current month and she was correct those were good days." ... written by sunshine
very quick. picked up right away and was on point with my situation.will update more when predictions happen. thanks so much celebritylove. " ... written by t
Always very calming" ... written by itwillbeok
Hi always a kind reader and really appreciative, many good things to come and experience, times are going to evolve and beautiful things are to come." ... written by Sooriamurthy
Thank for allowing me to come in for the short amount of time. Sorry I didn't have more, but you were very quick to pick up on the situation. Thanks for your help" ... written by Kevin
awesome...." ... written by rani
The very best in the world she always knows exactly whats going and is always right! love her Thank you!" ... written by Kate
What an awesome soul. Real and down to earth. Picked up an amazing amount of detail Dates were right on!" ... written by Solee
good got my grandma through " ... written by jenny
I am speechless...WOW..mind blowing reading...really..." ... written by t
She's awesome. Very quick. Lots of information. Passionate person." ... written by L
she was amazing absolutely straight to the point 5stars" ... written by yolanda
She is super authentic and awesome..." ... written by tasha_j
Magnificent, precise, defined reading," ... written by callme_ambi
wow wow wow had many reading wow this amazing woman and she rocks xxxxxx will continue to do so she deserves a million stars " ... written by hana
5 strars" ... written by georgipeach
Excellent reading!!! Cut off and will come back for more!!! Thank you so much. I will provide you with an update once everything has come to pass. A million stars." ... written by Bellezalatina
very fast answering and no tools needed!! awesome reading!" ... written by hermestarr
absolutely amazing" ... written by d
great reading " ... written by veezee
Great reading!! Coming back!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
She is always very good and very quick with her answers. I feel very at ease with her." ... written by greek
I always trust my readings with celeb as her details are and have been correct in past readings. I always come back as she walks with me thru some of my life journeys. thanks so much for the reading. " ... written by N
Great as always. Caring, kind and to the point. Love her" ... written by G
Yes, she is as good as the reviews say she is!! Picked up quite a bit of small detail and confirmed some silly things but makes me realize she is the real deal. Now if only her predictions will happen, much sooner than she said they will, I will be ecstatic lol. And what a medium she is too, whoa, wasn't expecting to hear from the other side today. Thank you much, great to "meet" you too!! XO " ... written by Duper Super
will be back" ... written by z
what a lovely person in every respect, she has great psychic skills and wonderful energy, thank you very much. " ... written by zimerili1
WOW i love this lady, she never fails to amaze me. She is fast accurate and just wow. Give her a try you wont be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
She's dead on accurate, I love her! she knew thing's that no one could know. " ... written by B
Wonderful Reading!!! Quick, Fast and to the point!!!" ... written by B'asia Lashae
WOW! She is absolutely great. She connects like unreal. Amazing. Connected to my situation. FAST. I hope what she says happens. She has great upbeat energy, no fairy tales, she tells it like is! I highly recommend this Advisor...you must experience her in private---she certainly wowed me, and thats hard to do!! And all she needs is your name and she takes off!!" ... written by P
Thank you so much for the reading. She gets it. Its a matter of time. " ... written by itwillbeok
wow! what a Reading! i am blown away." ... written by emotions
5 stars !!! " ... written by edel95
WOW! Blown away theeeeeeee absolute best. Spot on." ... written by Alicia
Awesome reading!!!! " ... written by Bellezalatina
Always good, stunning and highly intuitive psychic..she is very much a friend, highly recommended will come back again" ... written by Sooriamurthy
great Readings every time. she nailed a prediction Before so looking forward!!! :) thanks" ... written by emotions
I just had a reading and it was wonderful, it really put my mind at easy. If you want accurate, honest and quick answers you need to use Celeb. She is Awesome :) " ... written by Rachel
great connection...she is very thorough...a real psychic. Guessed what color car I drove, as well as what i'm worried about lately.....I wish i had more time but when i do i will be coming back here." ... written by A
Love this reader, extremely positive always a joy getting her readings.Highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
great, answered all the questions i needed to know. Thank you x" ... written by gipsygirl
AMAZING!" ... written by FLO
Luv is very accurate! Her time frames are spot on and she picks up on the little details of this guy. I highly recommend her to anyone. Ty Luv" ... written by greek
shes awesome , the best on here , ill borrow her again... " ... written by alice
Thank you again hon! God bless you! :-)" ... written by Tammy1958
WOW!! all I say is thank you so much! Very accurate and well worth the time d credits to get a reading from Celebertylov! She is better than fantastic! You won't regret a reading as she is Spot on and extremely accurate! Bless you Celebertylov!" ... written by Tammy1958
OMG. SHE is the best reader on this site. I mean the damn best. She is great." ... written by butterfly77lady
She saves me everytime i am on my way to insanity..haha..seriously..she is sooo quick and real deal peeps..go pvt with her.." ... written by t
Awesome i am so excited and can't wait for the predictions to come true" ... written by Catherine
wow she is unbelievable so fast to it knew everything all i can say is wow, she blew my mind hope her predictions come to pass will be back for follow up reading. you have to check her out she's amazing" ... written by pauly61
omg i cant wait to have my next reading with her " ... written by jody
Awesome reader, fabulous take on things," ... written by Sooriamurthy
amazing reader i will give 100000 stars " ... written by sam
wow this woman is god gifted shes so on point , fast no tools i love her xxx ty" ... written by marie5290
second reading, on point again....." ... written by A
Love her readings" ... written by Bellezalatina
She is the real deal, doesn't mince words. Honesty and truth runs through her. Strongly recommend if you are looking for truth and peace of mind. Will definitely be back without hesitation and with the confidence that she speaks the truth. Many thanks, blessed be." ... written by Glorious Poom
She was very intune and amazingly fast, she gave me things to lookout for and was absolutley sweet, i look foward for her predicitons. Blessings x" ... written by RedMaleAura
GREAT!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
Had short of cred this time, shes every time spot on!...really hope she is right!" ... written by abs fab
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Very nice reading. No wasted time just pure reading and quick understanding. Celeb clarified many things for me and I like her energy and fast accuracy!" ... written by Krista Elliott
Great reading, so detailed and accurate, even picked up on a name. cant wait for things to pan out :)" ... written by A
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Awesome as always" ... written by Bellezalatina
she is very uplifting and gives me hope. feels as she sees the person youre talking about and talks through him/her. we will see with time if the predictions come true. :) thanks dear!" ... written by ---
Brilliant as always" ... written by marion
Awesome reading!!! I will update her when everything comes to pass. I love her readings!! She has helped me through so much!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
she's awesome! She is very accurate" ... written by sunshine
Shes so so good! she told me in a earlier reading that my friends father passed in the month of august..and I didnt really know about this,but its all true! and she said he was french! Its all true! Gave also his first initial..! Love and light Celeb!" ... written by absfab!!!
She is fast just waiting on the outcome." ... written by georgiapeach37
she great " ... written by kenny
She's is awesome love her, she's always right. " ... written by CT
great" ... written by maria
All good and happy, many doubts cleared, i wish to see how i can develop this stage further...highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
She is very accurate with what she picks up. She picked up on my feelings and emotions instantly. She was very honest and realistic in what she sees coming ahead. Fortunately, I have much to look forward to. Real deal for sure." ... written by Mimi
Just like the other people say....she's fast and accurate and doesn't need tools. Amazing. I'll be back!!" ... written by BRENDA
Awesome reading as always!!!! Hope everything comes to pass!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
great " ... written by ken
always spot on!!! love ya!" ... written by absfab
Celeb is one Awesome person, Our reading was amazing as always, if you want accurate information and true timelines go see her... She blows me away everytime...... 5 stars " ... written by Rachel
very good reading amazing with her readings 10000000 stars for her" ... written by sam
awesome" ... written by edel95
well what can i say... always spot on!!!!!!" ... written by AbsfaB
picked up on things immediately....was able to give me things right away about situations." ... written by Debbie
thanks for the Reading and the update dear!" ... written by ---
Wow, she is just…. wow, I'm speechless. She was fast!!! And without any further ado she just jumped straight into it, and was SPOT on with the craziest details. Wow, its with experiences like this that just makes you go 'wow, she's a psychic!' - and it sounds silly, because we all want to believe. This women just reminded me that some people are truly gifted. WOW! " ... written by Lisa
very accurate, fast answer!! awesome reading!" ... written by hermestarr
Awesome reading!!!! She has helped me through a lot!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
I cant thank her enough. She had such beautifu kind words and so many accurate visions. She gave me such positive advice and feedback and tools. I will definitly return for all her loving energy. I cant thank her enough for her words. Thank you thank you dear. She brought me to tears at one point" ... written by peaceful
Shes always been right about what shes told me. always.period. apart that she has this special gift, I really do like her! shes got this strong great honest nobile no bullshit spirit! You rock!" ... written by absfab
She is the best reader i've been to. True gift and straight to the point, no time wasting." ... written by Alexandra
Truly an amazing reader and awesome as always!" ... written by greek
love ed it!!" ... written by maria
loved t" ... written by maria
very good, thank you" ... written by oranumgirl
shes always spot on!!" ... written by AbsfaB
very amazing reader very acurate about dates and time frames 10000000 stars for this lovely lady" ... written by sam
Absolutely fantastic! She blew me away with things she could not have possibly known. Extremely accurate. Very fast. Will not waste your time. Do yourself a favour and read with her to ease your mind. 10 stars plus" ... written by Rosie
Beautiful Reader, exceptional skills, and talent, highly recommended." ... written by Sooriamurthy
she is awesome and sometimes the truth hurts but it is for the best i would rather the truth be said rather than a lie and i have to focus on myself now thank you lov .riley" ... written by riley777
I have had readings from celeberty b4.Just came back for an update.She needs no recommendation.She is really good trust me.You wont be sorry trying her ." ... written by Watermeadows
first time reading from her...wow she is spot on! Gosh sooo soooo good. Amazing reader/advisor. TRY HER...amazing!" ... written by ldsf
This lady is amazing she is really the psychic to speak with and I love her so much, she has been there for me and I love her very much, she connects really well with me and I am so glad that we got to speak for a second time and once again she is amazing and I am so excited for the future with Alex and I. But I wish I had more funds to speak with her but sadly I have to wait for this job in order to get more sessions with her. If you have not spoken to Celebrity Love, you need to speak to her because she is the real deal. Don't go to anyone, go to her, she will tell you like it is and will give you the most accurate reading that you will ever have. I am truly amazed with her gift and will keep going back for more and more. Thanks so much love xxxx" ... written by Antoinette
Celebrity Love was awesome ! She picked up things that I didn't tell her about and she was accurate about some things she told me and it was scary in a way lol, I can't wait for her predictions to come true. She is my number 1 psychic that I will only go to for readings. Please get a reading from her, she is AMAZING !" ... written by BlueBaby21
she is such a sweetheart. love her energy, love her personality, it was definitely an amazing reading :) very on point as well, thank you!" ... written by jb
She's great!! really digging her." ... written by jand777
coming back" ... written by Mel
She reads me like a book, the only one I go to now, I dont even have to type she just goes straight in she is wonderful xx" ... written by cc
Totally a cool vibrant woman!!! A true energy reader. " ... written by Sami
without her guidance I would be lost, she is amazing !!!" ... written by d
love herrrrr" ... written by bp
amazing,amazing,amazing, what more can I say" ... written by d
Thank you Celeblove! You are great! Love your spirit!!!" ... written by krisi
I didn't have to ask her anything she told me everything without me even telling her what was going on in my life" ... written by WAY123
Love love love her energy! She is an angel in disguise. Not to mention a very playful one :)" ... written by Karishma 76
thanks for me there for me again.. :). Long Journey but I know you understand. Thanks so much celeb! love ya!" ... written by m
wow, out of all its crazy!!! like sriously , I come from a psychic family and the accuracy celebritylove has is like so on point. I had to do two privates ! she was sooo good! if you need someone accurate like validating things ; she is the real deal." ... written by unknownjourney13
Very accurate reading." ... written by crystal002
She was so fast and awesome. She said that we will be together either 4 weeks or 4 months. She also said we will get married in 2016 and she saw 2 possibly 3 kids. Oh I hope this is true. Thank you dear." ... written by Angela
spot on as always! trust her so much!" ... written by ABSFAB
Excellent." ... written by gipsygirl
Love her readings all good always, highly insightful," ... written by Sooriamurthy
She was great! I will be following up." ... written by Yanna
She is awesome!!! Love her to death!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
thank you sweetie for your time he don't talk to me or anything don't say he misses me" ... written by lori
Super quick and hyper intuitive to the situation. Happy times ahead." ... written by LOVELY LADY
i love her dearly...it s been way too long. she is worth talking to..so connected" ... written by dani
WOW .. Celeb is GREAT! Picks up a lot, and quickly -- I believe her predictions because she was so accurate with what she picked up ..." ... written by d
Her reading was soo amazing i would really advise anyone to take a private with her. Thanks soo much for my wonderful accurate reading." ... written by mroddie
Lots and lots of accurate details about what is currently going on and what will be coming up. Great things are around the corner, thank you for your honesty and details. " ... written by J
Great update." ... written by zimerili1
Amazing..She is great..Few readings with her and she is seeing the same outcome,Can't wait to bring good news to her...Thank YOu so much...She is awesome" ... written by md
Awesome reading!! Hope everything comes to pass!!!" ... written by HI
Celeb is such a very good reader. She connects super fast and the things she says they happen. She is consistent with what she sees. Definitely give her a try." ... written by greek
omg ur so good i will never read with anybody else again " ... written by jody
I am in shock for how accurate celeberty is. My gosh she knew every single detail it was incredible! She is truly gifted and amazing and everyone should get a reading with her. Thank you so much for your help celeberty! " ... written by Nadia
she was amazingly accurate. she new things exactly how it was. and how it is and how it will be. dead on. she predict without me telling her. she felt me and oh I felt before I told her. she is the real deal. she is REAL! I am not playing around. she knows my present thoughts and situations. she predict well. I was shocked. she knows buddy let me tell you she sees though you easily. amazing. PICK HER PLEASE!" ... written by israel
wow!" ... written by gipsy girl
She is awesome....unbelievable....one of the best readings I ever received " ... written by mariaelena
awesome will be back for predictions" ... written by spirit
like her a lot stright to the point and told it as it was thank u xx" ... written by denise
Very fast..can't wait to see if her predictions pan out." ... written by lili
Excellent reading!!!" ... written by HI
She is awesome!!! I truly hope her predictions come true!!! I really do!!! I highly recommend her! Please give her a try!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
Absolutely fantastic.... she confirmed everything... she truly has a gift. Thank you Celeb xx" ... written by Rosie
celebs predictions have been happening so far. she never lies about what she sees. there have been large gaps between the time spoken and still she sees the same. plus because she sees so many people, she does not remember me. so its amazing every time. looking forward to her next predictions. " ... written by a
celeb your always the best! your always accurate, honest, reliable, and gifted! you will be a famous psychic one day! thank you so much for everything! :) everyone reading please try her she will not disappoint, and will shock you of what she can pick up! she can very clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and Claircognizant, she will pick anything up! as well as time frames! they do come true guys! they do come true! you will recieve the answers you seek :) I promise! thank you celeb you made quite a demo impression! ;) you proved those skeptics wrong!" ... written by shadow8312
Totally fabulous every time...check her out! Celeb is a very detailed reader and accurate. Her visions come to pass for sure." ... written by georgia
Very very good! Not to be missed. Worth the investment. Excellent reading. Spot on. Gifed advisor." ... written by Kathy
Quickly picks up my energy and his and is very accurate in her details surrounding the situation. Lots of great info and good things coming my way." ... written by J
Wow! Is all I can say! She was so spot on about every topic. Holy cow...Definitely worth every penny. She is so incredibly gifted and I am so happy I came to her. She is a wonderful spirit and I so appreciate her guidance:)" ... written by Carrie
Berty is just great. So sweet, so accurate. Always on target. " ... written by john
She is awesome!! " ... written by kindness
she was wonderful :)" ... written by i.
celeb is the best, so fast and so on with what is going on its amazing, you have to check her out its a must, you wont be sorry" ... written by pauly61
appreciate your encouragement and like your perky energy. :))" ... written by Doppler
Wow fast! The info just came pouring in! Glad we got to go into prvt. Thanks again :)" ... written by J
Thank you so much , you really settled my mind love and light to you allways AWSOME xx" ... written by john24521
I believe that we had a vey good reading. Celebrity mentioned a month in which something bad happened but was very encouraging for the future. Will come back" ... written by one who worries too much
not bad.she knew a few things :) Id get her to read again " ... written by Caroline
she still tell me the same what she has always said! shes great!" ... written by ABSFAB
Second reading in 1 day awesome as hell and fast as lightening.!!" ... written by Malik
She was awesome. simply awesome defintly not worth 1.49. much more thousaond stras" ... written by Malik
always accurate. If you want validation , look for her!!! I guarantee you" ... written by unknown
Big Thanks as always " ... written by marion lyttle
Extraordinary. " ... written by Marg
shes great !!! wonderful right on time with everything ! a blessing " ... written by mz
Awesome reading!!!! I will be back!" ... written by cpreciosa
Thanks again for another consistent and wonderful update" ... written by marionlyttle
she is soooo amazing!" ... written by Nadia
fantastic updates!" ... written by amelia
Omg she cracks me up with what she sees. This was an amazing reading. I just love her to pieces!" ... written by greek
WOW!!!! She blew me away!!!! She seems so very talented!!! I will use again!!!! Thanks so much!!!!" ... written by jjjjjj
she is very amazing with her reading with no tools i give her 10000000000 stars" ... written by sam
Thank you for the reading . You are good !!!I appreciate everything ... " ... written by princess1218
straight to the point love love love her!" ... written by amelia Rose
I just had a fantastic reading with Celeb.. WOW she is so amazing... my 3rd reading this week. She has givin me a lot of clarity with the last few readings we have had. SHe just knows without you saying anything... What an amazing person and amazing Pychic/ :) she is THE REAL DEAL..... If you have questions. if your hurting. if you need Answers go to Celeb you wont regret it. You will be delighted... Love and light Celeb. Rock on Woman... You are the only reader here I go to and that wll continueee......" ... written by RachelRay
She is absolutely amazing and so accurate with dates and time! " ... written by Nadia
Celeb is amazing.... this is my second reading with her today, The readings are so wonderful that You keep coming back sometimes more than once in a day :) and I have and I do. all I can say is if you have worries or concerns or questions about your Life go see Celeb. You wont be sorry you will leave Happy and smiling like I do..." ... written by rachel
Celeb is the best. She is so so very intuitive. She doesn't just tell you things to make you feel better, she tells you how things are.....so much energy during her reading...I get exhausted watching her work..LOL...She has been an angel to me during this period of my life. Looking forward to predictions coming true and will report back when they do. ..Celeb is one of the REAL ones oo" ... written by A
Awesome as always!!! I hope everything comes to pass as she says!!! I will be awaiting the apology and etc!!!" ... written by cpreciosa
Again she's my rock!! Very true and honest and accurate!!" ... written by Tiff
Thank you Celeb for putting my mind at ease! I absolutely love her, she is very spot on and wonderful! Always great being able to talk to her!!" ... written by Tiff
Celeb, I love you to death you really have helped me so much in these last few months. I have had some down days but then come on here and spent time in your room and it has helped me so much. Your readings are amazing and you are amazing. You get a zillion stars from me. Thankyou for all the information I shall take it and think about it. God Bless you Celeb. You always amaze me with how spot on you are with everything. Love and Light xx" ... written by Raybone
WOW is what I say again. Not such a great weekend and now so much stronger and better and knowing the truth is everything. Well worth all your money. Celeb you are amazing at what you do and thank you for your help. I will remember Feb!!!! Yes at the end u picked up exactly on my son. All my luv to you. Thanks again. xoxox" ... written by ll
very amazing reader 10000 stars for her" ... written by sam
Damn!!!!!! she's just superb,she gets to know all the info before you could tell her,really helpful.Please do yourself a favour and go to PVt with her!!!!!!!!Zillion Stars" ... written by David
awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome" ... written by lillies
thank you celeb.. for your reading.. :) " ... written by Change Is Coming...
the way celeb is able to tune in is amazing, my mind feels so blown right now lol! wow thanks so much!" ... written by sweet
Good reader highly recommended, great empath, picked up the situation and told me what to expect and do. Will come back again" ... written by Sooriamurthy
love her. she knows what up. always does. say general and she will answer everything you want to know or thats on your mind. thanks celeb you are amazing and talented. will be back. god bless and love and light!!!" ... written by someone
Thank you thank you lost a bit. I needed that so badly right now. Luv ya and thank u for being here for me." ... written by ll
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! Her prediction came true about my love." ... written by Mrs. Thomas
She keeps me calm and tells me it will all work out, I go to her to keep my sanity while waiting for the outcome" ... written by lady in waiting
great" ... written by Mz2u
amazing " ... written by hannah
I forgot to mention two predictions at the same time happened! Celeb is always on point. I love this lady. She keeps me on track and is always there for me. She is such an angel. Thank you so much celeb! God Bless You!" ... written by mini
Spot on with something i wanted to know. " ... written by Travis
Very good reading as usual! Love Celeb and she has the best energy and confidence. She is always so fast to connect and provide answers." ... written by T
She is so amazing!! Wish I could give her more stars!!!! " ... written by Tiff
Celeb what an amazing Person You are wow... Thankyou so mch for todays reading. You are so accurate about things WOW... You blew my Mind once again WOMAN....... Everyone needs to go and have a readings with Celebrity because she is honest, she sees your past and present without you telling her anything. She doesn't need any of your information all she needs is your name :) You wont be sorry a zillion Stars For Her... " ... written by Rachel
Wow, never wavers from her story, and time frames predicted have come to pass, Thank you!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
Amazing. I am at a loss for words. She is unique and very talented. She is a gift to this site. Experience her talents!!!" ... written by kkkkk
She was excellent, I really wish people would see how awesome she is, she does ''opening lines of communication'' where she connects you and the chosen person and you talk to your loved one, bless her she is amazing." ... written by Malik
Celeb WOW awesome as always, I come to you everyweek for updates and to talk in private and everytime I walk away amazed out just how good you truly are. a zillion trillion stars. My advice to everyone GO SEE CELEB IN PVT AMAZING...love and light xx" ... written by RachRay
Thanks again celeb, I loved it, you are able to pick up everything with just names. you are the best and I cant wait to have a reading with you again!" ... written by sweetie
wow thats all i can say ,she knows before it comes out of my mouth please give her a try you won't be dissappointed .love and light riley" ... written by riley
Thankyou celeb so much for the reading today. I love when you read for me :). You are amazing. You just see everything without needing any info. The Best here for Sure. You are the one I come too and everyone else should also Hugssss...Love and Light xx" ... written by RachelRay
awesome reader love her" ... written by michelle
Haha I love her so much she is awesome and so spot on about everything and i love her personality even when your down she picks you back up. " ... written by CS
great as usual, thank you" ... written by gipsygirl
she is so awesome I love talking to her she puts my mind at ease just love her" ... written by lori
wonderful reading, continued it from previous session, she is absolutely spot on with details, highly recommended to everyone!!" ... written by Ameer
Celeb thankyou so much for the reading today. You are amazing and you make me smile. I needed this talk.. I always look to you for guidance and I thankyou so much for that guidance. You mean a lot to me Love and light.." ... written by rachel
I love how passionate she gets when she gets the message. Very energetic reading and so spot on and high spirit too. Very positive very healing ... superb! Have to try her! " ... written by Shiny
always having reading with her she very amazing no tools she is the bast in oranum 1000000 stars" ... written by sma
Great!!! I am amazed!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by kjkjkj
thank YOU...YOU ARE AWESOME!!" ... written by raygal
PErfect PErfect reading. such clear insight I loved every moment. " ... written by tyler
AWESOME AGAIN AS ALWAYS!!!! She is the real thing and said the same thing as before and more. No BS here at all!!! Take advanctage of her sale and get to know her you won't regret it. Looking forward to the new year many many great things happening. Luv ya Celeb." ... written by LL
she is gud..she is a real thing..i was shocked..she hardly need any info n told me everything quickly...trully gifted psychic//thanks love." ... written by shila
Very good very well connected and honest...always a great read with her. excellent" ... written by greek
Good reading. Very understanding." ... written by itwillbeok
Today I have had something heavy on my mind. a Life changing thing and I needed celebs advice and WOW she cleared it up all for me in 1 second. I now know what I need to do. She is the only one on Oranum I go too here. She is amazing and I love her to pieces. MERRY CHRISTAMS CELEB. love and light xx" ... written by Rach ray
Wonderful reading with Celebrtylov. So much energy and so positive. I really hope she is right. I need her to be and I need it badly. I'll know about her predictions in about 8 weeks " ... written by Feniks
got a chance to see Celeb channel and it was intense. Wow! Thanks again for your insight Celeb....I really have faith that everything you picked up on is going to come true....I can go inot the holidays with a peaceful heart." ... written by A
Celebrity is amazing. I come to her when i am feeling low and when i need someone's insight who isnt biased or sugarcoats the facts. I have had multiple readings with Celebrity love but I am writing this review keeping my latest reading with her in mind. Guys, seriously I am not exaggerating... she told me that when i turned on my cell I would missed calls from a friend i was expecting to get in touch, and sure enough when i turned it on there it was...a msg from him saying he had called several times. There are many things she said which have come to pass..cant wait for her other predictions to come to pass in near future. Thanks a ton celebrity love." ... written by skroses1
The best psychic I have had until now .. She is really good .. I would really recommend her to everyone .." ... written by Romy Marylou Amber Joosten
She has been so accurate before I came for an update and she picked up on everything again. Awesome reading : )" ... written by BRENDA
SOOOO worth it" ... written by Crazy
Thank you for the reading! Direct and to the point...and I appreciate that especially during this time. I will keep you updated, hoping that your prediction comes true! " ... written by Cris
she predicted that all will be fine, and i believe in her. she rest assured with her predictions!!" ... written by hermestarr
puts me at ease" ... written by CCCC
It was my first reading. We'll see what comes to be. She was fun to talk too and we laughed a lot! I think she picked up on many things and helped me. I'll be back." ... written by skier8001
she offers such wonderful advice and clarity..thank you from my heart" ... written by happy
very amzing reader no tools 10000 stars for her" ... written by sam
A really good psychic .. She is by far the best psychic I have met on oranum until now .. I will come back to her with new credits for sure .. When I have new credits .. She's amazing!!" ... written by Romy Marylou Amber
absolutely amazing. every time. her predictions never change. its unbelievable. one of her predictions has come to pass when i partially doubted it so much. Celeb knows what she is talking about. she really does. please, if you want the truth along with sincerity and (CORRECT) predictions. Go to Celeb! Love and blessings!" ... written by mini
Perfect!! Exactly what I need to hear and know. Celeb answered my questions with ease and confidence and her energy is contagious. She is accurate, she just knows things! Take her private, I promise you will be amazed and you won't regret it!" ... written by Jenn
calms me down, will wait to see if things happen as she says, it would make me happy!" ... written by lady in waiting
always the best. Another prediction happened. Celeb is always so reassuring and confident in her readings. I feel better now! I love this lady! God Bless!" ... written by mini
she is good, loved her" ... written by cl
thanks for the direct answer what i needed to hear thank you so much" ... written by mag
Thank you! always here to give me accurate results! cant ask for a better psychic" ... written by unknownjourney13
She is amazing!! Thank you so much!! You know everything!!" ... written by m
Great waiting for verification, will keep you posted Big thanks !!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
she was great! always a pleasure to talk to." ... written by sunshine
Thank you so much as always i feel like you are so right about everything. Can't wait to see it unfold" ... written by CS
she is awesome i have had several privates with her because she is the best.please take her private she is so worth it. love and light riley" ... written by riley777
I enjoyed reading." ... written by miti
She is absolutely amazing! Will return to her for updates!" ... written by AB
Wow!!! I am amazed!!! She is talented!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by jkjkjk
ur the best" ... written by Meem
she is so awesome" ... written by lori
i just love u celebrity . u urself connected to me and drew me into this reading i am AMAZED" ... written by shela
Wonderful reading she was spot on with everything she told me.Amazing Highly recommended.You wont be disappointed." ... written by watermeadows
love her to bits " ... written by hannah
Just love love love her. She is amazing, great and deserves billion stars. She is always right, and her predictions have come true before. Go private with her and you will be amazed!" ... written by puffy
She is great! I love getting readings from her. She is to the point and explains your situation in detail. " ... written by Lilly
She is just amazing really connects really fast doesn't need any information just your name. She is really good with time frames and numbers.Deffinitly worth your time. I will deffinitly come back for follow readings with her she is one of a kind. I cant wait for everything to unfold in its own time. Thank you so much celeb you have really put my mind at ease you tell it how is is no sugarcoating what she sees she just tells you.i could go on and" ... written by soul
Celeb awesome as always.. Everyone needs to read with Celeb. Her energy is amazing and she tells you things without you asking she just knows :) Ill be back. Thankyou Celeb HUGSSSSS Love and Light" ... written by Rachel Chadwick
Thank you Celeb for your help and guidance. I do appreciate it. I will be patient for a bit longer. But something has to change. Im tired." ... written by itwillbeok
WOOOOOOOOOOWWW, I had to add more credits and come right back to continue the reading...all i have to say is WOOOOOW...she is AMAZING...i just can't beilive this experience i just had with this amzing woman. Thank you so much. I can't honestly thank you enough. I will be back for updates and more readings for sure. I am kind of speechless right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
Thanks" ... written by SA
Celebrity you nailed everything. WOW" ... written by dallascowboys8
really good reader connects very well and gives advice" ... written by smiley2011
love her she is the best! Hands down!!! " ... written by Susan
very good she is sweet Very truthful honest love her Give her 5 stars" ... written by viviann
Celeb is absolutely phenomenal! What an incredible reader we have here, on Oranum! This is my third reading with her and I have every intention of consulting with her in the future. She is spot on with everything that she says! A million stars for her! ♥" ... written by Taytay♥
AMAZING!!! Celeb is soooo gifted! I cannot say that enough about her. She is so spot on and even delivered a message from my dad. Wow...needed this today:) Am so grateful for her and her beautiful spirit! And ...gives me the push I need to keep the faith and look towards my destiny...10 STARS!!!" ... written by Carrie
she nailed every issue!! and her predictiion came true! no words can describe. She is just amazing! " ... written by chantelle
Great!!! She is talented!!! Very impressed!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by hjhjhjh
My second reading with celeb today. She's so great. She remembered a lot of the details from before which I really don't see how she would. She's the best!! such a kind soul. Thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
BEST READER ON ORANUM! I couldn't be more thankful nor appreciative, to have someone like Celeb available to us here, to consult with. She is the real deal and is spot on accurate! There are no words to be able to express how fabulous Celeb is! I will certainly be returning in the future. :) ♥" ... written by Taytay94♥
She is by far the best!!! Love her" ... written by lady in waiting
Omg !!!! absolutely great" ... written by mz
great" ... written by mz
celeberty is so awesome. i just have to be positive and have patients and thank you for making me feel a little more calm love and light riley p.s you are awesome as always." ... written by riley777
wish i had more time" ... written by roseanna
Love her as always!!" ... written by Tiff
great reader connects really well" ... written by smiley2011
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooowwwww! amazing. speechless. she picked up on everything! names, dates, feeling and emotions! im so relieved! best person on oranum. " ... written by jessica
Mind blowing alright...she's so quick even with the limited credits that i have! Totally awesome! " ... written by Peanutz007
I absolutely enjoy talking with Celeb!!! She doesn't sugar coat, gives great advice and is such a sweet heart!! Always makes me feel so positive and keeps me upbeat!! Cannot wait to get all she has told me about. She has been spot on with every reading!! Wish I could give her more stars!!" ... written by Tiff
Celeb is one to trust during all situations, good , bad, the ugly. I have changed so much since I first came to her. She helped me to stay on the right path and grow as a person. Yes she offers me accurate predictions as well. However, others can do this on this site. Not many can read your past, present, future while guiding you as a person. She helps you grow to be the person that you want to be. I can go on and on. a reading with celeb is life-changing. Dont hesitate. so much love and blessings xoxoxoxo" ... written by happiness
I have wanted to have reading with her but I couldn't afford. I finally got chance today :) I had soo many questions in my head, she told me without asking! she also picked up a woman who has been giving me many problems at work for a long time .. long black hair girl wow! I love her she is very energetic and fun she made me calm and cheered me up :) Thank you Celebrity love :))" ... written by bunny
oh you are right we did move we moved right before 2014 christmas as of feb of 2015 we own a house we plan to go get another car and i love you feedback and i love your reading and none of those name seem familiar unless i meet them some point in future at my father in law auction or my job i pan to go back to work at proffers i may meet those people there and i have faith so like you said im gonna kick back and relax and have faith thank you" ... written by rosie
thank you so so much for a great and positive reading." ... written by hana
You were the sweetest - A gem of a person :) I loved every bit of it. You were so full of life and point on !! I will keep in mind the details you shared:) looking forward to you predictions:) I love u sooo much :)thnk u sweetie:)" ... written by nand
She is fantastic always pleasant and always helpful. Give her 5 Stars!!!!!!" ... written by viviann
great reading....loved it right on point" ... written by linda
Wow ! she picked up on a traumatic experience from my past. Fantastic reading. Many blessings Celeb and thanks from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by R
I love this woman. She's amazing... all I can say is "wow." I feel empowered and have so much more clarity after talking with you. She is so accurate. " ... written by Sam603
omg... so accurate i am in total shock" ... written by Sam603
Thanks great as usual, waiting patiently!" ... written by gipsygirl
celeb works really fast and really well. she answers all of my questions. glad to have her around :)" ... written by israel machorro
shes good time ran out fast" ... written by erica
Awesome!!!! She is amazing! Pick up on things very well!!!" ... written by krisi
Celeb is absolutely remarkable! Love her to bits. She absolutely nails my situation as well as thoughts andamp; feelings. I have so much respect for her and the wonderful work she does. She is certainly gifted and highly accurate. I will continue to consult with her, in the future. Can't speak highly enough of her! No words. Wow. Just. Wow! The best! ♥" ... written by Tay♥
amazing reader she is a best in oranum 10000000 stars for celbertylove" ... written by sam
Totally awesome reading! She picked up things about you without being prompted! And she's fast! She is the REAL DEAL! Grab a reading with her and get your mind blown! By far the best reading I have in Oranum!" ... written by Peanutz007
LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!" ... written by RAYGAL
Wow I am blown away by what she saw the things she picked up amazing. Looking forward to her predictions and really enjoyed the reading. Was worth every credit 5 stars I am in tears wow wow wow." ... written by brownsugar35
very very good " ... written by ferishta
Amazing reader. Like all the reviews state, she's genuine, gifted and incredibly helpful! Thank you so much" ... written by EyeRis6
Totally great. Wow, wow, wow. " ... written by hhjhj
what a blessing to the world, if there were a handful more of people like celeberty what a better world this would be she is a gift to us from GOD, priceless, i'm just speechless, thank you again love andamp; light to you always andamp; may GOD bless you always :))" ... written by pauly 61
Calms me down" ... written by LOVERGAL
You are amazing. You answered my question before i could even ask it. love and light to you always" ... written by Gzelle2
great reading! connected quickly and picked up so much. will certainly come back for updates." ... written by jan
She's wonderful. One of my favorite readers on Oranum. Always picks up on so much!" ... written by AB
she is awesome what can i say love her she is my friend and my go to person,thank you love and light riley" ... written by riley777
best reading yet. " ... written by edel95
Lovely, lovely, lovely..." ... written by diosa
thank you so much. I had problems with my connection and could not hear all that you said. But I will be back" ... written by l
brilliant !!!" ... written by R
Great!!! " ... written by [[[55
As always thank you so much you are such a great help and i always feel at peace and i know your words are true you are always right." ... written by CT
Swwetheart - A heartfelt "Thank you " for a reading that is reassuring ,motivating and channelling me to the right path!! You gave me strength (added a lil humour) and u were fantastic andamp; supportive !!!You were very accurate about soo many details...Something you predicted in my last reading also came true. I love you!!!! thank you again...muaaah ♥♥♥" ... written by nan
Great as always!!" ... written by Tiff
celeb is the best, always on point with everything you don't have to say anything she just picks up on what ever is going on and fast very fast she is the best, check her out she'll blow your mind" ... written by pauly61
I cannot praise Celeberty Love highly enough! She is incredibly gifted and hits the nail on the head, each and every single time! She has always been consistent with what she has seen for me. And I look forward to seeing if her predictions come to pass. I am very excited and hopeful, for what's to come. :) And that's a great thing to feel. Celeberty has been like a guiding light for me, recently. She never fails to point me in the right direction, whilst also providing me with the accurate and honest truth. No sugar coating! And I highly respect that! She is worth investing credits in. She is fabulous at her work. :) 5/5 stars, for Celeberty! Couldn't recommend her highly enough! Love and light, Celeb. ♥ andamp; Thank you, so very very much! :)" ... written by Heartfulloflove♥
wow! celeb tunes in straight away amazing lady. Thank you" ... written by gipsygirl
LOVE LOVE LOVE.....I have tried many on this site...she is the best, no need to go anywhere else, things have happened as she has said. Predictions happened, many of them. She is on the mark! GO for it. LOVE YOU CELEB.xoxox" ... written by Rays Gal
She is very dynamic and nice" ... written by Ladyme
Awesome read. Picked up very quickly. reassuring and positive vibes!" ... written by marvthaniel
She is am!azing!!!!" ... written by viviann
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow" ... written by ren
life saver!!! thanks" ... written by gipsygirl
As always she's the best and so spot on. " ... written by CT
Great as always" ... written by MRS T
she is the best, end of story" ... written by pauly61
thank you celeb! always keeping me calm. always helping. you have no idea how much you help and how dead on ur readings are! god bless you!" ... written by banana
Always love to join in on her free chats as she has such a beautiful energy. I followed my gut and used my free credits with her and in the very short time we had she was able to ease my mind and answer the questions I had, particularity about my monetary situation." ... written by Margaret
thank you for letting me know about this job and everything going good for me" ... written by :o0
thank you so so much celeb amazing reading as always" ... written by hannah
Wow, that was just remarkable. She hit every nail on the head and drove them down to the bits...so many accurate details of things that are currently planned. She saw a boat, we are going on a dinner cruise, she saw a female passed over spirit, his mom passed away last year....so much resonated with me and it gave me the chills to the point of me being on the verge of tears. A truly wonderful reading with Celeb, she really hit home tonight. I can't wait to come back and give her predictions the validation I know they will get. Thank you so much, love ya!" ... written by Jenn
She is Ammaaaazing .... Not much to say she picks up on the situation and is very quick " ... written by Nessa
She is such a blessing! I recommend her to anyone that wants honesty!! I wish I could give 10 stars!!!" ... written by Tiff
thank you so much celeb for reducing the price, it helped so much. your a sweet person/spirit. You helped me calm down and I will trust in your prediction. Thank you again. Love and blessings." ... written by mini
good" ... written by star
excellent" ... written by sky
WOOO HOOO you blow me away evertime I come and talk with you and that is why I totally trust you and what you see and hear. Hear tomorrow to go see him and great great things happen in May. Will watch for the signs from his dad and sister. You talking about them is absolutely WONDERFUL they havn't come through before and I did not meet them before they past. So happy they are here for us. xoxxo all my Luv." ... written by LL
Love was quick very quick and concise. I so appreciate the clarity and encouragement she gave me.. Thank u so very much Love.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Truly great. She is amazing. I will use again." ... written by aaaa
had an update and what can i say she is so fast and awesome as always .please if you get the chance take her private do it ,p.s she is on sale today grab her while you can you won't be sorry." ... written by riley777
I love her very fast and has a lot of information to share about me and let me know things I never knew" ... written by antonia
great reading :)) love it. " ... written by edel95
Awesome as always, information was just as before, very consistent. Love your energy. Thank you!!" ... written by mainstreem20
Celeb is absolutely amazing!! I have always turned to her when I needed guidance and she has NEVER let me down. She is always very in tune with my situation, and knows exactly whats going on without me having to say anything! She has always been able to give me reassurance and been very honest, whether its good or bad! If you want an honest caring but true answers, this is def the go to gal!!! You wont be let down! Thank you so much Celeb, I am looking forward to seeing what happens!! Love and light!! Always a blessing!!!" ... written by Tiff
she is awesome" ... written by renee
Celebrity is awesome and sincere. She helped me relax and know that the truth will be found out. Thank you celeb." ... written by Lavender03
celeb is the best, great energy, connects so fast, i just love her" ... written by pauly61
love her! shes great! right on! thanks celeb!!!! " ... written by someone
spot on" ... written by ken
wow shes just amazing lol, so much energy! thank u! i feel confident her predictions will come to pass." ... written by anu
Celeb is the Best, She hits everything on the head she just knows, What a wonderful gift she has. if you haven't had a reading with her you need to... Ive had readings a few times this week with her because she is amazing zillion stars" ... written by rachel
celeb is the best love her to bits, end of story " ... written by pauly61
Super, fantastic! Celeb is always right on target and sees things no one else does. She is accurate and consistent and I can easily validate the things she sees happening in the now. Can't wait for future predictions to come to pass! Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
celeb always knows how to calm my nerves and anxiety. Love this lady! Great psychic and friend. She knows I will be back! lol. Love and Blessings Celeb!" ... written by mini
Its een awhile since Ive seen Celeb, ut she is the only reader on here I go to... She is amazing and always puts my mind and ease... Thankyou celeb for taking the time and doing a reading for me, Ill be back..." ... written by Rachel
great reading." ... written by zimerili1
Can't fault her! She is a spectacular reader! Very accurate andamp; in tune with the situation at hand, and energies involved. I have high respect for her. Amazing! Highly recommended! :) " ... written by Tay.
Celebrity is awesome and so spot on! She is amazing with details I didn't have to tell her anything but my name... looking forward to April!.. Thank you Celebrity Love !" ... written by Rebecca
Amazing reader - full of life and energy and so supportive. I like her a lot" ... written by Eli
an accurate and enthusiastic reader" ... written by eli
She is fabulous. Always clear and precise readings. " ... written by AB
CELEB thankyou so much for coming on and doing the reading for me I really needed it..... You are a blseeing to me and you have helped me so much through the months.... Thankyou for being in my life.... a zillion stars for you.. YOU ROCKKKKKK" ... written by rayray
Wow! No need to ask any questions! She just KNOWS. And she knows EVERYTHING without you saying a word. I've been wanting to try her out for a while. Not only is she accurate, she's also really fast. The whole experience just blew me away. " ... written by l
Celeb is fantastic. Predictions came through. As i knew they would. She never gets it wrong. lol. Always reassures me and shes always on point with everything. Looking forward to her next prediction. Thanks so much celeb!" ... written by mini
very good reader, on the money, really puts it all on the table, get a reading, its worth every penny, blessings, thank you " ... written by dawson
celeb is sooo awesome! she give hope to so many!" ... written by happiness
Honey- What you do is fantastic. Your gift is wonderful just like you are. Your very clear in your thoughts and you exude positivity -This rubs on me like magic!! Thank you for the fantastic reading!! Love you soo much.. muuaahh ♥♥♥♥" ... written by nan
GOOD NEWS COMING!!! THANKS CELEB." ... written by gipsygirl
celeb has such a positive view on life and the future. she is a blessing to many! thank you for all that you give! xoxoxoxo many blessings to you!" ... written by sunny day
awesome! :))))" ... written by edel95
great advice! :))" ... written by edel95
celeb is just the best! she is so accurate and kind hearted. she really takes time to know her clients and gives 100%. such a powerful reader. she tells you like it is! it is worth it to have a reading with her...." ... written by happy girl
Awesome thank you so much!" ... written by .
LOLOL Love you so much. Confirmation today and I took the days off. I will start feeling the excitement and leave off the nervousness. lolol I will update you when I get back from seeing him. Today or tomorrow will hear from him to come. " ... written by LL
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 5 stars!!!!!" ... written by Gzelle2
thank u for the reading celeb " ... written by bp
spot on" ... written by ken
she is awesome what else can i say love her.ty" ... written by riley777
she is amazing picks up on a lot of things accurate and everything about previous reading came true. she picks up on names and car colour. god sent and amazing thank you celebertylove I will take your advice. one of the most gifted on here. she confirmed what I had seen. she also picked up a 3 which related to the month of march. thank you hun. 10stars" ... written by renee
Great reading :)" ... written by nan
She is phenomenal. My go to person for sure." ... written by AB
the best just the best" ... written by ken elshine
Another amazing reading with Celeb... She is awesome and always makes me feel so much better about my situation...SHE IS SO GIFTED :) go see her you wont be disappointed :) YOU will be saying why haven't I talked to her yet :)" ... written by Rachel
She is amazing!Second reading with Celeblove and straight on point! She just lift my spirit! Love you!!!" ... written by krisi
Celeb is fantastic! Really can't recommend her highly enough. 5/5 stars! xx" ... written by Tay.
Celeb is the most amazing person! She has always been there to help me through a very difficult hard situation! She has always been spot on and blown me away every time!! Everything she has said to me so far has come to pass, and I cannot wait for the next phase of my life! She is definitely an angel and almost like family! Shes always been honest even if I didn't want to hear it! I love her so much!!! If you have any questions about life, she is most DEFINATELY the go to girl!!!!!! She even made me cry today, tears of joy for sure!! I cannot thank you enuf Celeb for everything you have done and helped me through! You have helped me from being lost to finding my way again!! I cannot even give enuf stars for her, there are not enuf!!!!! You have been such a blessing! Thank you again lots of love and light!! Thank you for everything you do!!!! Love ya xoxoxox" ... written by Tiffany
Love her!" ... written by Lexalot
Celeb is a fantastic reader! I can't thank her enough for all of the help that she has been able to provide me with. I genuinely feel that Celeb is the best psychic, to happen to Oranum. She has such drive, enthusiasm, and passion for helping others and guiding them in the right direction. She most definitely takes her work seriously! :) When speaking with Celeb, it's like speaking to a close friend. She has such a friendly, bubbly, uplifting, kind, and compassionate nature. I would like to highly recommend that any new members or existing clients take her in, for a private consultation. You will be amazed by her level of accuracy and her predictions. :) I will continue to consult with Celeb, in the near future. I praise and thank her, for the many times that she has helped me and made me feel at ease with my situation. Not to mention the restored hope and confidence boost, that is given. :) Can't recommend her enough! Please consider Celeb and be mindful that she is fantastic at what she does! You will not be disappointed! A million stars for her. Sending much love and light her way! :) ♥" ... written by Tay.
Good reading, she always puts me at ease and she's always spot on. She is my come to reader whenever i have a problem. " ... written by CS
5 stars good" ... written by georgiapeach37
happy and content" ... written by sugar
Update from our previous reading....everything stands very consistent. Again, she picked up on my feelings before I even posted my question. Thank you for the great update, will be coming back for another soon :) xoxoxo" ... written by mainstreem20
She gave me a lot of hope" ... written by Harsha L Nagpal
She is an amazing clairvoyant... She can just see thru u" ... written by Harsha
wow.....whirlwind not wasting time direct connections.....thanks and I will be back to check in again...." ... written by Kathy
Celebrity has bee accurate in the past. Love her x" ... written by G
Always wonderful to see celeb and have a reading with her. I really that talk today thankyou so much celeb for always being hee for me :) love and blessings to you." ... written by rach
I am a regular client of Celeb's and she is well and truly 5 out of 5 stars! There's absolutely no doubt about that, whatsoever! She is accurate, detailed, fast, and to the point! Celeb is my go to reader! Terrific, in every sense of the word. HIGHLY recommended!" ... written by Tay.
She is so Awesome a..I'm glad to hear about our son that we lost..first psychic that ever picked up on our dear son Chris!.. thank you solo much Celeb!" ... written by becca
I don't even have words for how good this woman is. hands down stunning. " ... written by LK
omg. the lady is for real. wow." ... written by LK
No time waster, accurate, quick, hope that everything will come to pass :)" ... written by cristina
celebs always give it a kick!! and she never fails me! tahnk you celebs" ... written by chantelleplein
spot on" ... written by ken
Very kind reading, picked up on a lot of things" ... written by S
Always honest and to the point. Thank you" ... written by Gzelle2
Extremely gifted, accurate and helpful. Highly recommend celeberylov for any issue or solace! Thanks so much!! " ... written by Lynda22
Thank you so much for a great and energetic reading. You were very clear and spot on. Thank you for the message from my father who passed over. I know he is still my support I just get so emotional." ... written by shiny soul
GREAT reading! very informative :)" ... written by Ashley
Thank you so much Celeb! You are always so spot on with whats going on, I can always come to you and know I am going to get honesty!! You help me so much!!! I wish I could give you more than 5 stars!!!! You are so amazing!!!! Thank you again, you keep me going and keep me sane. You make me still believe there is hope!! I know what you told me will happen!!!!" ... written by Tiff
As always connects fast and easy" ... written by Prettygirlny
oh my word this woman is fantastic" ... written by prettygirl
Thank you, you always pick me up and remind me not to worry everything is happening and it is wonderful. After I talk to you I relax and remember that great feeling. Thanks again. Luv to ya" ... written by LL
I am telling you this lady is the REAL DEAL. She has assisted me in the most important areas of my life without fail. Celebrity LOVE ROCKS!" ... written by Prettygirlny
awesome" ... written by Prettygirlny
one word AWESOME" ... written by mz
Thank you so much" ... written by
so great !!! she's wonderful" ... written by mz
CelebretyLove is one of my absolute favorite. She is accurate" ... written by Prettygirlny
good reading " ... written by edel95
This lady right here is the bomb.....she told me exactly when i was gonna catch someone and I did. You are truly an amazing person Celebretylove love u " ... written by prettygirl
I Love her she is right on just wish i had more time:(" ... written by Shannon
Very accurate and honest. She's awesome. No BS reader, on the ball. I love it when you're on - its always nice to talk to you." ... written by julie
OMG she scared the crap out of me with her reading, cant wait for the end of her predictions." ... written by Deborah
very precise with numbers and timelines very quick i'll be back awesome" ... written by Jennifer
Lov did it once again.. Managed to blow my mind.. She was so accurate about things I never shared about and yet... She was quick and to the point and gave me the direction I so needed.. thank you thank you my dear friend.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Really nice lady...great!" ... written by Seahorse11
WOW I love cele so much...she is amazing.... SHe is the only one I trust to do my readings AMEN ON THAT.... Love and Light CELE YOU ROCKKKKKKK" ... written by rachray
AMAZING is all I can say!!!!!" ... written by Prettygirlny
Oh wow, once again Celeb has blown my mind!! She brought through so many spirits, that I wasn't even expecting! She picks up on my situation and has been so on point everytime!!! Def my go to gal!! Thank you so much for all your help Celeb, and for bringing through my loved once to help me heal and move forward! I cant wait for your predictions to come to pass!!! They always do so I know its coming!! Billion stars for this awesome lady!!!" ... written by Tiff
Wowwwww!!!! " ... written by Freedom2211
Celebertylov has made me laugh, cry and all the while making the most accurate prediction. Thank you for channeling my grandparents that was the best. xoxoxox" ... written by Prettygirlny
Oh my gosh....this lady man is the real freakin deal. no way she couldve know things tat just happened a few hours ago" ... written by Prettygirlny
shes my go to girl! whenever im feeling stressed shes right there for me!!! thank you! ur predictions happen!!!!!!" ... written by jess
There is no one better on the planet. I promise you Talks about what you are focused on and then can also be in touch with your angels and deceased loved ones to bring you messages and its crazy, crazy in the best way!! Loving and Caring as well " ... written by Kate
ONE WORD AWESOME !!!!!!! Thank you God Bless this wonderful woman !!!! " ... written by Mz
wow she was quick gave me lots of timeframes and things to come and I will come back and let her know " ... written by a
Wow! I did a total of four back-to-back privates with Celeb, tonight! I am absolutely blown away at all of the information, guidance, and insight that she was able to provide me with. :) Celeb is a genuine psychic and is extremely passionate about assisting her clients with the clarity and answers that they seek. What I love the most about Celeb, is that she is able to provide you with plenty of information, in such a short space of time. It really makes the money worth spending! I couldn't recommend her highly enough! I am a client of hers, and will return in the near future. She is my go to psychic, on Oranum. I have nothing but appreciation and praise, for her! :) A million stars!! :) " ... written by T94♥
She's always on point and such a delight. Tells it how it is." ... written by Mama Sunflower
shes is awesome. 4th reading with celeb. predictions have happened. she can pick up names car colour and vivid descriptions. she was able to pick up my grandfather. I believe he is my spirit guide and she picked up the 8th month. same predictions on point just got to continue doing me. god gifted woman. bubbly and kind hearted. you want the truth go to celeb." ... written by renee
She's really great" ... written by Iris
I always come see celeb when I want to know whats what shes so fast to connect and always on point. she tells it how it is and doesn't sugar coat things. I love how she has discussions in her room from time to time, they have really helped me with my self work and healing." ... written by Mama Sunflower
She's so quick... and precise. She connected and read the situation right away :)" ... written by Sheena
Absolutely Love Celeb! Her connection is so real, so genuine and simply amazing...Thank you for your connection to spirit today..I am feeling very blessed:) Appreciate you!!" ... written by Carrie
HIGH ENERGY!" ... written by SabrinaChristie
i just love her, don't know what else to say :))" ... written by pauly 61
She nailed it as always!! spotte on right on the isuues!! thak you celebs!! " ... written by Chanel
Good Lawn women you are incredible thank you so much.. I will keep you posted" ... written by cmarie
Thank you, thank you thank you...you are so good." ... written by prettygirlny
aLL I can say is WOW WOW WOWl " ... written by Deborah
really quick and picked on so many things really great reading thank you dear" ... written by c
I thoroughly enjoy doing private consultations with Celeb. Once again, I had just done another 4 or 5 back-to-back privates with her, and I genuinely enjoyed it! :) She provides so much detail and depth into her readings, and she is both passionate and sincere about helping her clients reach their full potential, with happiness. I would definitely recommend that people take her into private and experience (for yourselves) just how incredible Celebertylove really is! She is, in my opinion, the best thing to happen to Oranum! :) I couldn't praise, nor thank her, highly enough! A million stars and more! ♥" ... written by T94.
" ... written by Deborah
OMG!! She's really good. She's the only one the sees the main problem I have. She's amazing! I was tear up when she told me about my son. She's so......accurate with my situation and predicted so many things. She's most accurate who predicted my situation out of all. I love her so mud, she don't wait my money at all. She answer all my question and even went beyond. Very intuitive woman. Who ever a person haver reading with her would " ... written by Lovely
WOW!!!! im speachless she is AMAZING!!! im tellin you right now, you wont regret having a readin with her, Alls i did was tell her my first name and BAM BAM BAM she picked up EVERYTHING!!! celeb u are a godsend " ... written by Libra26
Its been awhile since Ive come on the site a long time :) but when I do come here its always celeb I come too she is amazing for sure :) thankyou celeb for taking time with me its was a wonderful reading and I cried :) Ill be back Love and light" ... written by rachray
money well spent… " ... written by firstReadingWithCeleberty
she is fantastic her energy blows me away. She gives me confidence and guidance" ... written by deborah
YOU ARE AMAZING. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!!" ... written by unknownjourney
Love flying first class with celebrity... her energy is contagious....she always pulls me up when I'm down and gives me renewed hope" ... written by Debbie
Celebrity Lov keeps me sane , I don't know what I would do without her" ... written by Debbie
fab" ... written by fran
She was amazing - 10/10" ... written by K
OMG LOVE this Girl what would I do without you, you have saved my life ...not kidding" ... written by Deborah
She is great! It is my 3rd reading with her and it was amazing. Straight to the point! Thank you!" ... written by Kristina
OMG!! I just wanted to talk to her all day long if I do have the funding. She just so.......great. She's the only one who completely make sense in my situation and picked up all the main problem and concerned I have. She's very intuitive" ... written by Lovely
best psychic on here a million stars, she is always right on" ... written by Debbie
Absolutely amazing! She blew my mind! I had my first reading with her and she was outstanding! She caught on to my situation before I told her anything and she got every detail right! I recommend her 1000000%" ... written by E
she keeps me going and, my morale up. She sees the situation clearly" ... written by Debbie
Celebrity has been spot on with so many predicitions. She predicted a few months ago that I would be moving and I am moving this month. Definitely worth every penny!" ... written by A
She was quick and answered all the questions effortlessly! " ... written by LS
TERRIFIC" ... written by T
The best and most intuitive reader on Oranum." ... written by V.B
great reading/insight from celeb. prediction happened again. she always sees the same for me. even when I sometimes doubt, her visions always happen. love her! thanks celeb. God Bless" ... written by m
Its been about a month since I seen celeb wow she is amazing, she told me my ex would return and it happened on weds... I trust her so much and if you want honesty go to her. She will guide you in the right path... I missed you Celeb..love and light" ... written by rachel
She is great,just love her energy.always soo friendly and nice.would highly recommend her." ... written by e
nothing but great things to say about celeb. she always knows best. her predictions have all happened and shes always consistent in her predictions. thank you so much for your kindness and patience. God bless you celeb!" ... written by mini
omg what a ball of psychic energy, she is the best on here, am sooo glad I found her trust her completely" ... written by Debbie
Best Reader, quick and accurate answers!" ... written by Stefka
Again extremely accurate,thank you friendly and lovely celeb." ... written by e
Thank you once again! You lift my spirit each time and your predictions does come true!!!! Thank you!!!!!" ... written by krisi
She is AMAZING. She gave me timeframe for something (that was very important to me) and it happened even sooner exactly like she said. All she asks is your name. I tried a couple of others on this site but by far she is NUMBER 1!!!!Try it you wont be sorry." ... written by BORA
WOW WOW WOW SHE IS AWESOME SHE KNEW THINGS WITHOUT ME EVEN SAYING ANYTHING. I love you celeb you are awesome xxx" ... written by K
her readings always make me feel better, fills me with hope. always truthful does not hold back" ... written by d
OMG!!! she got it right..." ... written by CHLOE
WOW soooo I did a 99.99 reading with celeb she is the best, I really needed her today, I needed to talk to her..... she has helped me so much this past year. It was wonderful spending the time and getting clarity on so much..... I shall be back.... Go to celeb you wont regret it :)love and light xx" ... written by rachel
Always a pleasure...she is honest, accurate, has special abilities. " ... written by greek
Awesome as always, good to hear i am on the right path and doing the right things with a certain someone yay" ... written by CS
Thank you so much for all the clarity! Its been awhile since Ive had a reading, and as usual she picked up on everything around me going on!! She pointed out and helped me with my situation! Gave me piece of mind once again!! She is truly truly amazing at what she does!! I highly recommend a reading with her if you want honest answers!! She is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much Celeb :)....I will keep working on me and let everything fall into place when its meant to!!! Lots of love, light, and blessings!!!" ... written by Tiff
She is amazing. She is extremely accurate - knew things I didn't have to tell her and elaborated on my situation with details. I am grateful for having found her. She gave me peace of mind. She is the only one to consult - very kind hearted and candid." ... written by Monalisa
Great reading as always" ... written by itwillbeok
Celeb is an amazing amazing lady! She is lovely to talk to and extremely energetic. I have had several readings with her and she is as honest as one can get. I simply love her and will coming back for more!" ... written by Lillysweet2109
amazing reader i will give her 100000 stars no tools " ... written by sam
The best" ... written by c
thanks for the reading" ... written by bruzene
amazing reader in oranum she is the best 10000000 stars for her" ... written by sam
OMG she is so amazing I am overwhelmed" ... written by D
Love her,she is great great great.every time sooo accurate.there is no better reader then her.she deserves billions of stars.thank you Celeb." ... written by e
She is the best psychic and friend here.every time every word is true.so many of her predictions came to pass.would recommend her 1000000%.celeb is just the best." ... written by e
You have an amazing gift. We had an amazing connection. I am so very grateful for this reading. You were spot on about everything! Love and light. Thanks for the blessing." ... written by whiteflowers 1
amazing reader i will give her 100000 stars truly gifted " ... written by sam
Amazing!!" ... written by unknownjourney
omg she is dead on" ... written by d
shes amazing spot on with everything 10/10 " ... written by vanessa
She nailed it on the head! Every reading I have with Celeb she blows me away. Not only does she help you stay positive, she is super accurate. I keep coming back to her because she has something new to say every time, and many of her predictions have come true. I recommend her 100000000%.XOXO" ... written by E
Great as always.thank you celeb." ... written by :)
AWESOME !!!" ... written by PETEYANN
She is the BEST. I keep coming back to her because she is the BEST here. Every time she is spot on and so many of her predictions came to pass. Just love her energy and friendly attitude every single time. Take her to private you will not be disappointed. She deserves million stars. XOXO" ... written by e
We went in and all she needed was my name. She told me everything about my current situation accurately. She connected so well that she connected to my star sign and other star signs of the people around me, accurately. She's truly amazing and just on point that she's worth every penny " ... written by Eff.
Awesome reading!!!!" ... written by Mel
her predictions happen, she knows things i haven't even told her and picks up on everything. love her!!" ... written by BP
Love her xx" ... written by K
OMG OMG!!!! what a gifted reader I cant believe the information she has like she is watching my situation from above, She is so amazing if you only get one reading get it from her you will be so thankful!" ... written by d
This is my woman I can count on for everything!!! I love you so much and I hear you. I will see you soon, you know that. Hugs" ... written by LL
Always there when you need her, sooo accurate.highly recommended." ... written by e
i love having readings with celeb shes awesome " ... written by toni
She's so good and authentic. I've seen her in a demo and watched her on free chat. She's genuine. Just had a private reading with her and it was a good one. She gives you honest answers, is very assuring and loving, and just so very real. Wish her rate was a wee bit lower. Would recommend her 110%. Would go to her more often for readings if her rate wasn't so high for me." ... written by karishma76
Amazing as always so helpful to speak to her and always so acurate. " ... written by V
Amazing reading once again" ... written by Vessy
She is great every single time.Would recommend her to anyone because she is simply the best here. Millions of stars for you Celeb. Thank you for being here for me with your great friendly energy." ... written by e
she is fast and does not sugar coat. will come back" ... written by mama
wow spot on with all things she said, I'm speechless to be honest, amazing connection!!!" ... written by J
she says contact 3-6 and big change in Jan 2016 will see if it happens and will come back" ... written by a
great thank you! " ... written by unknownjourney
Celeb is the BEST. Every time so accurate and also very friendly and patient. She can see so many things from past,present and future. Because of her I feel so much better about so many things. You deserve billion stars Celeb. XOXO" ... written by e
Always THE BEST. Take her to private, she is on point every time. Recommend her highly to anyone. XOXO" ... written by e
She is the best. Always there for me when I need her. Every time sooo accurate. Take her to private she is great. xoxo" ... written by :)
Thanks! " ... written by unknownjourney
Cant believe how accurate you r, amazing reading! thank you" ... written by smoffatt
It is so nice for someone to take such an interest in your life. She is so genuine and kind love her" ... written by d
Great reading!!!Highly reocmmended.Wish i had more time to speak celeb charges high but she is really good." ... written by Watermeadows
Look no further - she is the guide on the side you need - accurate all the way " ... written by Monalisa
awesome reading . Such a great lady thank you so very much!!!! " ... written by sandra
she is terrific and genuine, I can't imagine not having her advice, she is spot on and very kind and truthful" ... written by Debbie
spot on!! so accurate! blew me away x" ... written by Lauren
Absolutely amazing reading from her. Her deep insight, sincerity, honesty and love is a very great gift to all who comes to her. She is a star. An awesome person to talk with. She is simply a treasure. Abundant of blessings." ... written by Prat
SHE IS THE BEST!!! The most accurate and friendly. Highly recommended. Take her to private she is great!!!" ... written by e
loved it!" ... written by edel95
talked to her about my son and she was right on about his situation had questions ready but she hit on everything before I could ask" ... written by d
WOW I am Blowin away its been a few months since I had a reading with Celeb... Everything she has been telling me has come to light.... WHAT A GIFT SHE HAS and she cares sooo deeplyyyyy..... Ill be back...love you Celeb.. and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Love and Light" ... written by rachel
I have been waiting for her predictions to come true, she never wavered and HER PREDICTIONS ARE HAPPENING !!!!! I never thought it was possible but she gave me faith to carry on and bolstered my spirit. When I wanted to give up she gave me hope,, and advice that I followed." ... written by Debbie
shes amazing ten stars" ... written by renee
Brilliant update!!!!" ... written by marion
You just answered a huge question. Thank you, thankyou, thank you!!!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
very fast and caring :)" ... written by j
celeb always tapes into my energy and tells me exactly what im thinking. i dont have to ask " ... written by toni
I just love her honesty and her energy" ... written by k
Omg so right on" ... written by Janelle
Great she hit everything on the nail" ... written by Janelle
darn...the computer froze up. but was on point though" ... written by cdg
amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by deb
she had my jaw drop. she knew things in such detail it was amazing" ... written by BP
excellent" ... written by Chanelle1961
awesome reading with celeb. I have been reading with celeb for the past year and she has been seeing the same things over and over. She never changes what she sees and she is always positive. Many things she has predicted has come to pass and her numbers always make sense. Thanks so much celeb for being with me on this journey. You are seeing me grow and develop spiritually and emotionally and I am glad to have you on this journey. I am so glad God has blessed you and sent you into my life. And yes I have faith that my situation will begin to "Rock Steady" very soon. Thanks for your positive energy and faith in my situation. God Bless you always! Luv ya!" ... written by m
Shes awesome and was right on point with everything that she said..she gave me clarity and I look forward to see what is to come" ... written by Shannon
amazing" ... written by renee
spot on reading.Connected really fast" ... written by m
What a wonderful reading, absolutely one of the best on here. The reading flowed very quickly, she picked up on all the issues and concerns I have, it was brilliant!!! Celebrity Love gave me some predictions which she was very confident about and time scales, I will update when things start to unfold. I would not hesitate on using her again." ... written by Sticky
Amazing each and every time. Exactly on point with everything. Every time she is so friendly and helpful. Take her to private she is great. " ... written by e
WOW. I'm never at a loss for words, and for once I am. She's AMAZING. The amount of detail she picks up on, and the continued validation throughout the reading is just incredibly mind blowing. Her energy is so positive, and I loved every bit of my reading. " ... written by erica
her predictions have come to pass, can't wait for more!" ... written by BP
fabulous reader on point and she can see things unfold, unbelievable" ... written by d
I feel 1000x times better So very grateful for this help I pray I will rise to the top during this time in my life, thank you so much" ... written by Ava
perfect!!!!" ... written by real love
Celeb is so incredible had almost an hour reading today I so needed it... She really knows how to pick you up when your down soooo amazing...... She knows her stuff and tells it how it is I appreciate that sooooo much..... love and light xo" ... written by rachel
awesome reading from celeb. she always knows whats going on. Never waste a penny with her. shes always there and always so positive with me and my situations. And once again... ON POINT! so thanks again celeb and God Bless!!" ... written by m
100000 stars for this expert she is amazing with no tools she will tell you a all your life " ... written by sam
SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!" ... written by e
thank you celeb very fast picked up my situation " ... written by hannah
Amazing !!!m there is never enough time to spend with this amazing person" ... written by d
Amazing as always. Thank you for being there for me every time." ... written by :)
ic an seriously say she is one of the best psychics on here.!! she picks up such amazing details" ... written by BP
Sooo glad you came on today. Needed the confirmation on a few things, and you have always been on point in the past. Thank you, thank you, thank you, really needed this right now. Blessings." ... written by whiteflowers 1
great connector. I hope what she sees will happen, especially the love within three months! January 2016!" ... written by BFM
She always makes me feel better specially since she is steady with her answers. And some of the images she threw at me today...NO WAY she could've know that. Keeping the faith, CelebLove. Keeping the faith!! :)" ... written by Karishma76
OMG she is absolutely phenomenal , amazing, direct, there are not enough words to describe how good this woman is. She takes my breath away" ... written by dd
glad shes back! breath of fresh air! celeb is awesome and knows how to tap in and make sense of things. thanks so much celeb. holding on.." ... written by m
OMG she is living in my head, amazingly gifted, there are not enough words to describe how amazing she is. Many blessings !!!" ... written by deb
She stays rock steady in her readings. She's the REAL DEAL!!!" ... written by Karishma76
I love her!!!!!" ... written by K
She is simply the best!!!!!" ... written by e
she see's EVERYTHING!!!! by far the absolute best reading I have gotten on Oranum....full of energy the information just spits out at her.... exceptional wish I had not have ran out of time" ... written by Staie
wow she blows me away every time, cannot say enough good things about her, she sees things very clearly" ... written by deb
Celeb you are simply amazing honey, ty so much yet again" ... written by Marynorine
Always a pleasure! Spot on every time!" ... written by Melinda
She was great as usual picks up on things real fast " ... written by Shannon
always great readings from her. love her positive energy.hihly recommended." ... written by e
love celebs energy and positive outlook! THHAAANNNKKK YOOUUUUUUUUU CELEB!!!! your always here for me!!! God Bless!!" ... written by m
I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her! She was soo on point about things in my life. Picked up on my ex's initials, and mentioned so many things that I never brought up. I got chills twice during her reading. Will be back for sure." ... written by Mimi
her predictions come to pass, will see what happens!! love her!" ... written by BP
very real ... and delightful!!! love her readings" ... written by minilop
Excellent! I like Celebertylov because she keeps it real and states the truth with courage!!" ... written by E
She is awesome!!" ... written by MEL
WOW WOW WOW!!!! She is sooooooooo good! Knew things not even possible to know. Best i have read with so far. I WILL BE BACK!!!!" ... written by Melinda
she was very positive gave me good predictions will wait to see but as others have said the same im sure it will manifest and happen. I recommend her she is a very positive person." ... written by a
Thanks so much for coming forward and updating me. I love you for that and always will. I hear you loud and clear." ... written by LISA
Thanks so much been wanting to check in with you. I realize whats going on and I am good. I understand totally and I know he needs this. You are amazing and always so truthful and honest. Love ya lady" ... written by LL
wow she helps me understand my situation so much that I can move on with confidence. I am so grateful for her guidance and help she sooths me and gives me things to look forward to" ... written by Deb
he is on his way right now. thanks for everything." ... written by whiteflowers 1
wow just lifted the weight off me once again" ... written by d
she is the simply the best" ... written by iiiii
great reading amazing energy thank you celebertylov" ... written by ak
She is awesome" ... written by Mel
She is spot on. She got it all down. So much energy and told me before I said anything. definitely worth the credits. I even cried. but it is all good news. " ... written by oscarbuffy
Simply amazing...hit on so many things and so accurate!! will def be back!!" ... written by miljay
I was so taken ate the astounding accuracy of her perceptions with so little input from me. Truly amazing reader and very sweet andamp; compassionate. I will see her again and I highly recommend celebertylov!" ... written by wayne
JUST LOVE CELEB ,SHE IS THE BEST!!!" ... written by e
Love her! can't say enough about celeberty. her energy is through the roof and the information she picks up on is scary accurate. Very uplifting and reassured me that everything will run smooth, I dont doubt it because predictions from her past readings have come to pass." ... written by J
thanks a bunch celeb. what you have seen still reigns true and I sill trust you insight. Thanks for all that you have done to help and for all of your guidance. God bless you!" ... written by mm
AMAZING!!!! REMARKABLE!!! She new names! She new things i never told anybody!! Heartwarming! Honest! QUICK! On point!!! GOD BLESS HER!!!!!" ... written by Ang3l33
Always a pleasure connecting with you. Always love getting the confirmation and realizing i am not crazy. Love and light." ... written by whiteflowers 1
love her shes very good at connecting and past predictions have come to pass" ... written by BP
I absolutely love this woman!!! She has been there for me through so much! Helped me and guiding me for along time now!! I don't know what I would do without her to lean on!! She is definitely a blessing in my life and I thank god for her!! She always picks up on everything without me having to say anything!!! She has been so spot on its scary, and very exciting!! I cant wait to come back and tell her that she was right once again!! I love this lady and recommend her to everyone that wants truth!!" ... written by Tiff
Very loving and open minded" ... written by jrose
Thank God for her. That's all I have to say :)" ... written by Karishma 76
Sweet, thoughtful and understanding" ... written by Rayhaan
Thanks again for an amazing update" ... written by marion
SHE BLOWS MY MIND! She is the ONLY reader I go to for privates on this site. I will wait days and weeks till ONLY FOR HER. I completely trust her. " ... written by Karishma 76
always spot on" ... written by Melinda
Real comforting with her words and said what i was feeling even before i typed! wow" ... written by jj
Celeb thank you so much, you are a special lady and I appreciate all your help yet again. God bless xo" ... written by Neeneeo1
excellent. Even used the same words my grandma would have..." ... written by Katy
just love celeb she is always spot on with everything.she has great positive energy that makes me feel better.take her to private she is great." ... written by e
amazing." ... written by stacy
so spot on everytime!" ... written by Melinda
Celeberty is one of the best here on oranum, if you want somebody who is sincere and says it like it is without sugar coating she is the reader for you. I would give her 100 stars if I could do not miss out on the opportunity to go pvt." ... written by Lo
your the bomb celebrity! just love connecting with you!!! " ... written by mini
always wonderful and spot on!" ... written by Melinda
one of the best reading" ... written by arv
She speaks the truth, nothing but the truth and always only the truth. She sees things that no one outside myself or the family can know. And everything she has said so far has come to pass. She only gives with love, respect and compassion. Bless her." ... written by Karishma76
Amazing, amazing....did I say Amazing?" ... written by Stacy
Wow, I am speechless on how much she picked up without me saying anything except my first name. " ... written by littlebudy1
great as always." ... written by e
I just love her. She always calms me down. When I was looking for a job last year she got so many details right about the job I have now. People initials, everything. She is the best on Oranum!!!" ... written by BORA
OMG! OMG! i am like in awe she knew what i study and she knew that i write. i can not even contain my feelings atm. her past predictions have come to pass . if you want truth she is one to go to. Names, colors and actual vivid descriptions. SHe also knew i had completed something." ... written by Renee
amazing reader" ... written by sam
she is amazing!!simple as that" ... written by trish
she knew about the estrangement between someone close to me. she has been on point with everything. i cant wait to see what will come to pass :D xxx" ... written by Renee
predictions happen!! i love celeb! always a pleasure speaking with her! god bless you!!" ... written by mm
entertaining and straightforward reading" ... written by rob
I only know two things - " ... written by Karishma 76
Really connected with me knew right away what was wrong. She told me what to expect. I am anxiously waiting to see if it will happen. I cant wait to update her. I have been to a lot of the Pyschics and she is by far my favorite that I have encountered so far. She knew exactly what was going on with no information. " ... written by CK
So awesome!!!" ... written by stacy
Love her" ... written by shannon
ran out of credits. always amazing" ... written by whiteflowers 1
on point again!!! i willl keep coming back to herr" ... written by trish
very amazing reader with no tolls i recommend her for any one" ... written by sam
awesome and great" ... written by mz
Wow, very fast and very quick. I really liked getting a reading from her!" ... written by J
great reading" ... written by LaFleur
OMG!!! What a great reading! She was on point with my situation. My credits ran out while she was finishing... I will definitely be coming back!!!" ... written by Walejr
Thank you so much for your kind words and affirmations. I am so happy I found you." ... written by brianaaf2
She's fantastic. I love her high energy. She connects really quick, and it's really encouraging to work through major stressors with her because in addition to what she sees, she's just phenomenal at giving advice. I really enjoyed the reading. " ... written by erica
always wonderful" ... written by Melinda
she is amazing all the time!!! on point with everything.take her to private to see how great she is.highly recommended.thank you celeb." ... written by e
OMG this makes 3 or 4 times in one month she nailed it again i really like this one have to say she is my all time fave!!!! " ... written by trish
She was superb." ... written by someone
awesome reading with celeb. been a support for some time now. appreciate her consistence and always being here for me. Thank you celeb! love ya!" ... written by nn
Amazing reader! Very quick to connect!!!!" ... written by Ven
Thank God for Celeb. " ... written by Karishma 76
shes a beautiful lady one of the top people i would actually trust on here ! thankyou for connecting to me i will come back again! :) " ... written by ness
celebertylov is amazing spot on accurate, very honest quick and does not waste time 5 stars! " ... written by L
love, love, love her, need i say more ?" ... written by Pauly
Bless you CelebLove. You just helped/encouraged me make one of the biggest decisions of my life. Your reading just cleared up a question I have been struggling with for the last 10-12 years of my life and for that I will do anything for you. Bless you, bless you, bless you! Mmmmuah and the hugest andamp; warmest hug I can give." ... written by Karishma 76
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER she always on point and always makes me feel better!" ... written by Shannon
phenomenal... sweet as pie and really real " ... written by real love
THE BEST! WILL BE BACK. WOW WOW WOW! THANK YOU GOD! " ... written by carlinw
thanks so much for your help......highly recommended" ... written by oak
Again another accurate amazin g reading, thank you so much again." ... written by Don
WOOWWWW GURLLLLLL you nailed everything so well, why have i not taken you private sooner lol. You are so sweet and had me laughing my socks off, will definitely be back for more laughs xxx" ... written by penguin
Wow, lovely woman and amazing reader. I will come back for sure." ... written by Don
past predictions have come to pass. shes very fast. love her." ... written by BP
You're the best! Love and light to you!!" ... written by whiteflowers 1
always love my readings with celeb! always on point! thanks so much. god bless! love ya!" ... written by mk
speechless " ... written by ness
Great reading!" ... written by Regan
Thanks for clearing up a long standing concern. Thanks for the heads up from spirit. Love and light to you." ... written by wh
Always such an amazing gift reading with her!! She gets something new everytime and is always spot on with me!! I love that she is always so good, the good and the bad nothing but the truth!! I love this woman!!!! I am looking forward to the future!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
celeb I love you, you are still amazing and we will chat soon!" ... written by marynorine
amazing mediumship and connection...holy crap she blows me away!!" ... written by Jettagirl09
wonderful woman with amazing talent" ... written by dc
She is the best, absolutely wonderful. She gets it. She understands. I can't wait for her predictions to come to pass, just so that she can tell me I told you so. lol. Love her spirit and personality." ... written by dc
love love love her! excellent reading! Genuine and caring soul!x" ... written by mini
Celebertylov, just knocked it out of the park. I was truly blown away by her gift! If you seek quick, accurate and a loving reading full of wisdom try her celebertylov!!!" ... written by Wayne
1st reading with Celeb! All I can say is WOW! Blew me away. Must try!!!! " ... written by DD
highly gifted and intune" ... written by oak
Celebertylov is hands down the best psychic on Oranum. So connected to your energy. So spot on. You can't go wrong. Highly Highly Highly recommended. She's the real deal! Thanks a million! Love ya! God Bless" ... written by Roy
Wow she just blew me away and my Father came thru and by the things he was telling her I knew it was my dad and my thoughts are words cant describe how I feel about this lady she has so much passion and caring about her and makes you feel special. I am speechless she amazed me so much. DO NOT hesitate to take this lady into a private reading as when you do you will come out of it with a WOW. Thank you so much" ... written by Raym57
Thanks for the heads up and for alleviating my fears. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone real" ... written by whiteflowers 1
celeb is awesome. predictions happen. go to psychic" ... written by renee
first time reading with her. her energy is really infectious in a good way! she was right-on about a lot of things and i have a feeling she might be right this. " ... written by abyss
amazing!!!!!" ... written by cc
wow she has left me speechless just amazing on what she picks up with just my name. " ... written by texas
She is so awesome and so full of fantastic energy! She nails it every time and I am so happy to have the pleasure of having a reading with her. Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by Brianaaf2
No tools , she started talking right away not wasting any time and it was the most accurate andamp; amazing reading I have had . She didn't ask me any questions either. She Hit this out of the park!! Thank You so much for the insight and support! Helping me keep focused is very appreciated. Words cannot express my gratitude! Keep sending those positive energies and vibes my way " ... written by d
OMG... Im Speechless, the best on Oranum... " ... written by sweet461
Time went fast but she was very good. " ... written by John
great! :)))" ... written by edel95
Awesome as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPOT ON. 5 million stars" ... written by V
Thank you so much...goodness I should have come to you a long time ago. " ... written by M
scary spot on! really spot on" ... written by questforpeace
Just love celeb, she is always on point and so honest.Would recommend her highly. She is great expert." ... written by e
she is great!! she predicted pregnancy, my bf will come back , and now i will see if i am having a boy!!! she is fantastic!!!!" ... written by sal
Celebrity Love has been a God send in my life. Every prediction and time line she has made has come to fruition since Sept 2015. Small ones and big ones. You have to listen andamp; trust what she says and then simply let go. And watch the miracle unfold. God Bless you always KS...you are a blessing to all of us. Thank you." ... written by Karishma 76
Wow all I had to tell her was my name... and she connected right away... am amazed at her accuracy... waiting for the predictions to come true :) thank you Celeb. " ... written by V
TY Celeb! You were amazing " ... written by DD
celeb is really amazing and picks up on everything including first names. She truly does her job in order to help people. thank you so much dear!!!! I will give you an update later. fingers crossed others are safe" ... written by p
second reading with her. first time, just about everything she said happened, down to the little details. so i'm back for a follow-up. she really does have a remarkable gift. don't pass up a chance to have a reading with her!" ... written by abyss
amazing reader with no tools i like her many readings" ... written by sam
she is so special and gifted and when she connects - she takes you on a ride. Thank You" ... written by EM
omg omg she is amazing she hit the nail right on the head. amazing reading. !! I wish I could have stayed talking wither for hours. She picked up on a lot" ... written by meadowdeb
She is fantastic words just cant explain how I feel about this lady. Easy folks I am talking on professional basis I am old enough to be her father. Nice reading Celeb we will talk later about The Phone Call LMAO" ... written by Ray
wow she is fantastic a million fold. I am very overwhelmed every time I talk to her. Not enough stars on here for her." ... written by Ray
Yay great reading as always! love her" ... written by Catherine
Very energetic and comforting. Burst of energy and fun to speak with. " ... written by Cinnadoll
Very fast. She is so amazing. Here energy is great. Picks up on things without saying a word. She is now my go-to and top person to consult. She will not waste your time and money." ... written by SerenityH
you never cease to amaze me Celeb, you were right on again with the reading you did for me. I am so grateful I met such a lovely caring lady like you who is the real thing and not just someone who wants to take money by guessing at things. God bless you my friend.xo" ... written by mary
AWEsome !!!!" ... written by mz
She is fabulous. On point. Call her. You will be amazed!!!! Love this reader. Simply connects quick. no sugar coating.Talk to you soon when I have more money!!!" ... written by Serenity Haven
wow she is amazing " ... written by f
She automatically knew why I wanted a reading and she just dove right in. Answered all my questions without me even asking, amazing! Great reading, thanks so much!" ... written by JCS
Thank you so much Celeberty, you are amazing, you found my mom and hit a lot of points right on target. I was crying through most of that reading, but thank you so much. it was beautiful. I wish i had more funds and time. You are a wonderful reader" ... written by debbie
absolutely amazing person and so accurate!!" ... written by Kerry
Always so accurate and so good! love her! " ... written by cw
Everything she has said is coming true she is amazing" ... written by CT
excellent reading!! she's wonderful" ... written by deb
Thanks girl I love our talks and take it all to heart. So great to hear." ... written by ll
Today she gave me initials. They were the initials of the first and last name of a person. The other initials were the first names of 2 other people. OMGosh. (I had forgot there names) Told me I will receive something around 7/8 (July/Aug). She is awesome. Love her like a sister. I am so happy I found her. She is the real deal. If you need your spirits lifted take a sneak peak into her room. She will answer questions in private chat. However, she may call you in free chat and tell you something you needed to her. That is just amazing too. Hope this helps anyone. Celertylov, Thank you! You know I mean that from my heart." ... written by Serenity
I don't know where I would be without this lady. She has truly become a very good friend and someone who really cares about the people's lives that she touches. I have been with a lot of readers on here and she is very much at the very top. I can not wait for the day that her visions happen so I can come into her room and tell her. Thank you so much and everyone buy her book it is very good." ... written by Ray
She is absolutely amazing!!! Honestly she always nails it. A lot of other people on here are fake. She is the REAL deal.. She makes my week. " ... written by KC
aWESOME AND FAST AS HECK!!!!!!! sHE IS GREAT!" ... written by LOve
i adore this lady!! this is my second reading and she is so spot on and reassuring - there is no other like her. thanks for your honesty, no sugar coated truth and complete empathy towards me.... will come back for sure :)" ... written by intrig
Once again AMAZED with this woman!!!! 3rd time she's read for me and every single time she's been 100% spot ON!!!!!" ... written by dalai
Wow spot on everything she said was exactly IT!!!!!! Everyone go see her this was my fist time and not my last. For REAL SHE SEE'S IT ALL. xoxox" ... written by ll
awesome as usual!! she really picks up on the situation, amazing is the least i can say . thank u for everything " ... written by bb
love her! very honest and quick to pick up my situation. highly recommend her" ... written by deb
Thank you! You are great!" ... written by krisi
LOVE CELEBRTYLOV SO MUCH! So spot on with everything. The best reader on this website! " ... written by cw
I absolutely just love celebrity! She is always so honest and down to the point. Her predictions and visions are real and she is so amazing when she references people, times, and places. Thank you celebrity for everything that you do. You are so gifted and I am thankful to have met you! God Bless! " ... written by Brianaaf2
SO, so , so good. She is SO fast and acurate. " ... written by susanne
Definitely my go to lady. Will always be my number 1 person on here. I hope you never leave here and if you do I hope I can find an outlet to contact you. Hell I am on east coast I will drive to you for a reading." ... written by Ray
On point! thank you so much for your insight. Really needed your guidance. " ... written by oscarbuffy
WONDERFUL READING ONCE AGAIN. Thank you Celebertylov" ... written by debbie
Even the shortest reading with Celebrity just brought me to tears. She is SO DAMN GOOD!! Yes, take her private. :)" ... written by DS
How can I say this when there are no words to express my gratitude? I am so blessed to have had the privilege and honor of being read first in free chat by luv and then in pvt.. Thank you ever so much for all you have done for me and our family.. Blessed be.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
If there is one thing I know about CelebLove is that she has never read my situation incorrectly. Her predictions about my situations have come true...lol...sometimes earlier than predicted. I trust her completely and will take her word as the last word on what will happen." ... written by karishma76
ONE MILLION STARS... Celeb is mind blowing! Easy to talk to and SPOT ON ACCURATE!!!!!" ... written by dalai
she absolutely the best " ... written by thebest
She is awesome!! great energy and hopeful reading :)" ... written by V
Great reading once again!" ... written by Vessy
Just a wonderful lady and very good at what she does. I wish I had her energy because it is very special. " ... written by Ray
Thank you. Very quick. Gave me two names. Give her a call. " ... written by TB
OMG!!!! She is the only person on Oranum whom I trust. Hits the nail dead centre every single time. I went into her room wanting to know something about...and before I could even type it out she says do you want to know about work? I was floored. Then she gave me details about work, my personal life and about a family member with such accuracy that I was flabbergasted. No way, no way she could've know Yet she does! Every single time. Don't know why I'm still surprised - she's been dead on accurate with me ever since I've known her. " ... written by karishma76
thank you thank you thak you1!!!! ahhhh" ... written by Brianaaf2
I just adore this lady. Its like having the friend you never had or could never trust. I could sit and talk to her all day long. She picks up on things very quickly but also has that reverse psychology approach when needed. She has helped me so much thru a long period in my life to keep the right frame of mind. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart" ... written by Raym
I said nothing and she hit everything dead on, I'm at a lost for words!" ... written by Chantae
Great as always." ... written by Fish
Awesome as usual" ... written by V
Celeb is great expert.Always on point and friendly.Highly recommended." ... written by e
OMG Celeb is the BEST! She really knows her stuff.....things she could never know. REAL DEAL!!! " ... written by DD
lovvvveeeee her!!!1" ... written by me
Thanks Celebrity!. I just ran out of credits." ... written by Pamela
worth the price because she blew my mind with all the descriptions. looking forward to this month being the beginning of a happy union." ... written by cd
She is amazing. I wish i could have more credits...the time goes very fast ! Thanks Celebertylov! :)" ... written by J
WOW- She's incredible. It's a bit hard to follow, but the accurate details she gets are such confirmation that truely make me believe her predictions and statements. Thank you!" ... written by Joanna
Very good reader; thank you!" ... written by J
WOW she predicted very well hope to see u back" ... written by nag
She saw things that I'm really excited about. Shes a really, really gifted psychic." ... written by IDN
She is amazing. Really no words that I can say to describe what she has done for me. She is so spot on and is just great how she picked up on things that I was going through. She's on Top of her game and a true gifted psychic. Take her private if you need clarity and peace. Number 1 for me now. " ... written by twinspice
i love her, she is amazing, doesnt BS...says it like it is" ... written by meeeee
Very quick and great reading :) Thank you so much :) " ... written by Isha
OMG!!! Celebrity is awesome!" ... written by April
Celebrity you are the best! Seriously! Thank you! for everything!!!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Very fast pick up and reads into the situation fast. Gives a lot of insight. Thank you. :-)" ... written by mn
Oh My God she is such a pleasing personality and i felt so good while talking to her.She is good." ... written by Dimple
Wow! Celebrity Love was awesome! She was right about everything! " ... written by Jenny
She's just a really, really brilliant psychic. This is why I go out of my way to connect with her! She's a godsend. As much as she helps other people and brings love and joy into other peoples lives I hope that she gets it back because she is truly deserving." ... written by Fish
Thanks for the update. Love the honesty and truth always. Always watching over me love ya" ... written by LL
the screen froze, im going to try again" ... written by Brianaaf2
I love her positive energy, and she's awesome. Thank you." ... written by Julie.
it is always a pleasure to talk to celebrity. She is my favorite person on oranum. She is not only accurate, she has the personality of an angel. She is so intuned with her abilities and spirit guides that she will lead you to where you need to be. I am so in awe of her and I appreciate all of the guidance she has provided me over the year. Thank you celebrity for everything that you do. We need more people like you in the world! God Bless you! She will not fail you, take her for private, she will change your life!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Celeb iz amazing expert and person to talk to.She is always so accurate and her predictions come true.I always feel great after talking to her.Thank you for being there for me.Hugs." ... written by e
Wonderful!!!!!! such a sweet lady and always makes me feel better. spot on all the time!!!! " ... written by Deb
I LOVE HER !!!!She so on the money with no info needed!!! AMAZING READING !!!She is the best ever !!!! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Love this women!!!! Her energy and connection like no other. " ... written by Lovincat
She is great. Always on point and give you details that are unbelievable. She is great " ... written by SH
WOW!!! She is quick and accurate on all aspect of information!!!! I am going to wait for him to come to me. :)" ... written by Kirstin
You are so so amazing. Mwah! Thank you very much. You have been spot on about everything. Will keep you posted." ... written by whiteflowers 1
blew my mind away. I'm speechless" ... written by dc
She's one of the best on here. She connects so quickly and gives you so much detail. Brilliant reader and highly recommended." ... written by Don'tgetit
Went to Celeb for a reading after a very long time. As always...accurate, to the point, and honest! I don't have enough words for this lovely, lovely lady. Bless you a thousand times over. I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank God! :)))" ... written by karishma76
Thank you Celebrity Love! I love your energy and your bluntness. The news you gave me is positive and I'm looking forward to my future. Just have to be patient and hold on a little longer. I will take your advice and continue to stay busy/distracted. I look forward to updating you on my situation and give you good news very soon! :) Thank you. xoxo" ... written by Jenny
omg shes so good!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Spot on!" ... written by Fred
Very friendly and easy to communicate with. " ... written by Lau
amazing and right on as usual, thank you so much" ... written by d
ABSOLUTELY awesome incredible reading.... I am so happy I saw her on oranum today." ... written by Junekay
woah.....whata session.....she knew everything...without me telling her...loved her energy...shes fast..doesnt waste time...marvellous!!!!" ... written by sb
She is an excellent" ... written by Mike
Love her! Celebrity Love is so sweet! She nailed it yet again. She brought up something that happened with an ex and knew exactly what happened and that it wasn't my fault and that I got the wrong end of the stick so to speak. Celebrity Love is a beautiful soul and definitely the real deal. I have never met anyone more accurate. She's very blunt and real. No sugar coating here! :) I look forward to my future.. I will finally be with the one I'm meant to be with soon enough! :) " ... written by Jenny
WOW! Can you say POWERFUL! Her energy, message, and spot-on readings gave me hope! Thank u so MUCH! I apprecite all of your advice and blessings!" ... written by ARIES
Absolutely amazing! she connected so fast! On point with everything without me even saying anything. I am so exited for the future. Thank you!!!" ... written by TerriAnn1
Celebretylov is just the best what else can I say, she knocks it out of the park! If you want a quick and clear reading I highly recommend her!" ... written by Wayne Wright
wow what a reading. the energy, the honesty...when I want a reading I will always go back to her. I would highly suggest celebertylov all the time !!!!!" ... written by Pen
Omg celebrity you just made my day! Not only have you answered my questions before I ever asked them, you always seem to pick up on my passed loved ones. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for reminding me to be present in the moment because of how it is only temporary. You keep me awake and open to what changes are to come. Thank you so much! " ... written by Brianaaf2
Wow. I love her her! She's beautiful inside and out. I love her energy. Her honesty. Her bluntness. She's the real deal. I would highly suggest you give her a try if you haven't! I look forward to updating her soon on how things manifest. I need to continue to stay patient, hopeful and keep the faith. Thank you so much! XOXO " ... written by Jenny
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
love her. just love her. spot on. and fast. and really empathetic. " ... written by abyssee
Awesome as per usual" ... written by Ven
She is awesome as always 5 star rating.. Thanks Kendra " ... written by sc
Excellent! Helping me through everything that I am going through, which is ALOT. I am really looking forward to the energy shift for my life to finally turn around and change for the better!! I can't wait till my kids and I will FINALLY be able to move into our new home so we can get back to the town where we belong and the school district that my kids belong in!! Now its just keeping myself remotely sane in the meantime while awaiting for everything to fall into place!! Thank you Celebertylov for helping me today!!" ... written by Cerulean Sky Fairie
Well she continues to just wow me every time I get a reading from her. Once again my father who passed came thru and I knew he was there because she talked about a gold watch he had and my Mom gave me the watch. She is Fantastic and she is a very beautiful lady to boot." ... written by Ray