About ash3rd

Psychic ash3rdhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ash3rdhas recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ash3rd's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

As a Spiritual Intuitive & Healer, my goals are to help you see the path that you are on as clearly as possible and to help find the answers to the deeper questions you have about your life. During our session I strive to help you navigate through any obstacles that you may feel are holding you back from living your best life.

astounding energy! calm, collected, and confident advice. connects extremely quickly by just tuning in. excellent reader, would refer to her and will def return visit." ... written by joyful
5 stars...Excellent on with her predictions too,...I highly recommend her to everyone too..." ... written by Focusing
AMAZING" ... written by marion
read my energy well, and helped me find a couple solution! and learned a lot as well:) i loved her energy it was soft and welcoming:)" ... written by victoria
another great reading! :) love her energy. strongly recommend!!!" ... written by olive
ty so much " ... written by B
I love talking with Ashley; this is my second time. She connects so quickly, uses no tools. It is like talking to a friend I've known forever. She is very amazing! I can't wait to come back to talk with her some more. She has definitely settled some nerves that I had today. " ... written by Tiffany
Love her so much! " ... written by T
great!!!!" ... written by Carla VItaloni
I loved her so much! So relaxed and positive. Connected right away and answered all of my questions. Thank you so much, I will be back to talk to her for sure!" ... written by Tatiana
A great reader, very accurate and helpful. " ... written by David
So calming and helpful, she is definitely worth your time. Please take her in if you have the opportunity to. Absolutely worth everything. Thank you again, so much. " ... written by Tatiana
wonderful reading, she is very sweet andamp; honest..tells it as it is..." ... written by AAR
Great help! Honest and sincere, thanks!" ... written by Josh
awesome reading, she told me a lot of things before I finished typing it. recommend her to all xoxo" ... written by libsta
love the reading with her. she is very quick and gives a lot of details. love her spirit :) strongly recommend!" ... written by olive
Love her! Always so fast to connect and always gives me peace of mind after a session. Thank you so much for your time and clarity. " ... written by Tatiana
awesome! super on the ball!" ... written by Kyla
Amazing - so sweet and compassionate but also picks up on things so quickly. " ... written by Brittany
What a doll. Very quick and to the point. I really liked her a lot. " ... written by Billygirl54
Wonderful as always :) " ... written by Brittany
Ashley was so compassionate and helpful. She knew things only I knew and picked right up on them. I would recommend her without any hesitation. If you are looking for a true and gifted reader, Ashley is the one for you. Her level of empathy, love and compassion is feel like she is a friend or loved one you have know for years. Thank you Ashely" ... written by Garth73
She's very intuitive, connects well with people around you. Nice person." ... written by Jlulie
What a truly kind and insightful individual! Highly recommend!" ... written by Eva
thanks for the wonderful reading!!" ... written by lousie
She is super awesome!! " ... written by Brianne
great reading. she gives a lot of details :) love it" ... written by joey
I like her. I thought her connection was excellent. as other comments mentioned, she has a lovely energy. " ... written by tiffany
she is awesome reader very accurate i will be back for more reading " ... written by jaslon
I love her and her calming energy. She does extremely well with connecting to people and is dead on about them. One of the very few readers I trust. " ... written by Tatiana
theres just no words. ash and i had to have been friends in a past life. i just love her insight and she talks to me and its amazing. thanks so much!" ... written by meg
she is truly an amazing psychic, give her a try" ... written by derrick
Wonderful!!!! I am so happy you have come into my life. I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW.Ide say you have no idea, but you do know. Thank you again." ... written by Lanell
Very nice,... hope she's right lol" ... written by ytsam44
Thank you" ... written by marion
AWESOME!!!! I feel so much better talking to her! She really settled my anxiety and gave me fantastic insight on my situations. She is amazing. No tools were used. She connects so extremely fast. Im so glass that I came to her. She was worth the wait and the money. She is so fantastic. " ... written by Tiffany
always accurate and honest in her reading, well the first prediction she made came to past and this is my third reading with her hope it wil come to past too " ... written by jas
I loved every second of this update. " ... written by Tiffany
good insight and picked up a lot of stuff there no way she would of known ha thx" ... written by m
I had a really lovely reading with her.She is very compassionate and reassuring,offering good advice." ... written by Sarah
She was very spot on and I loved it! " ... written by Ixchel
I've always had such a great connection with Ashley. I love when she tells me things that I haven't told her or talked about before - it's always amazing. It's like talking to an old friend. If you ever have the opportunity to take her private, she is worth the credits. " ... written by Tatiana
She's cute :) I'm sure she'll get why I said this! Hahaha, really though her style is super high vibration and I enjoyed the reading! Thanks, I'll be back." ... written by Kate
Ashley is so wonderful. I needed this update to settle my anxiety and it was so wonderful. She connects so fast and she knows all the thoughts and feelings of all of those that are involved in the situation that you are asking her about. " ... written by Tiffany
Ashley is awesome as always. Been very helpful in a very painful and difficult situation. She is like the lifelong best friend you wish you always had. Very comforting and helpful" ... written by garth73
Needed reading after past few days. Cleansing so we will see how it goes. She's nice to talk to and helpful." ... written by Ashley
I could talk with Ashley all day. Ashley connects so quickly, and understands everyones emotions and thoughts that are involved. She is amazing and truly sweet and honest. " ... written by Tiffany
Great Reading. I'll let you know if it comes to pass." ... written by Stacy
THanks for the reading. you always bring a new perspective!" ... written by ch
good reading" ... written by teatree77
I do not know what I would do without Ashley! The things, events, feelings, anything and everything that she knows is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend her. I am always in a "wow" state when I read with her. She is so down to earth and so sweet and extremely easy to talk with. She starts to state things that I am wondering before I even get a chance to type it out. I can't say enough good things about her. I appreciate that her price is affordable, as many times as I need her to settle my nerves, in a week. Oranum is very lucky to have her. She is beyond wonderful and I am blessed to have found her. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me! xo" ... written by Tiffany
Ashley seem to pick up well, she said May June for business, and July for love but we will have to wait and see what happens. Overall she seem to be great!" ... written by BFM
Second reading but really like her. Predictions are in future but seem on spot with what I've been believing. Kind and gentle and honest. Really like her. She's super patient and open." ... written by Ashley
Good reading, super sweet and caring. She can sense emotions and read energies well. Will tell you how it is and what she feels about the situation. " ... written by Dee
shes super sweet. i was recommended to her by a friend. she channeled in for my love and career. answered all my questions." ... written by linh
Nice reading...well wait and see but def plan to follow up...She's great and such a sweetheart. Insightful for sure." ... written by Ashley
Thank you so much for the healing and cleansing Ashley. You were there for me in a time when I really needed someone and I feel alot better already after our reading and it makes me really happy to know that people like you exist in this world. It was really easy for me to open up to you and you've been both a friend and a guide to me. Much love and good wishes from me to you, and its so awesome to have someone like you in my corner pointing me in the right direction and supporting me along the way. We'll keep in touch for sure :)" ... written by Auctoritaz
Amazing!!!" ... written by Mary
I can never say enough fantastic things about Ashley! Beyond amazing and gifted! Connects right away to every emotion and situation. I love her! " ... written by Tiffany
Picked up on my situation right away. Had advice and was able to get in touch with the feelings of the person I'm asking about. Definitely honest and will tell you what you need to know. RECOMMEND HER. Very sweet as well." ... written by D
First, her cleansing help me so much with anxiety...nothing else does. When she first offered a couple weeks ago, I was open but didn't expect much...they help so much that I know I need her when anxiety builds. We did that tonight and a quick update. Great advice. Really enjoy her and her help. Can't wait to see how this progresses but she is wonderful. Don't hesitate to read with her." ... written by Ashley
very sweet and caring individual. ashley really helped me relax and recognize what was happening. she confirmed a lot for me and it made me feel better. she also did an aura cleansing and i literally felt it right away. Thanks so much for your guidance. I am happy I met you and was able to get a reading with you. God bless you!" ... written by mm
Good Reading." ... written by V
havent seen her in awhile decided to drop by and bug her with my lame boy problems. shes reassurance as always" ... written by linny
I just had my second reading with her and she impressed me once more and picked up my situation perfectly. She gave me the clarity I needed, helpful advice and direction to move forward. Thank you!" ... written by Håkon
Forgot one thing, so I had one more quick one. Always good." ... written by Ashley
she is connected" ... written by s
Cool reader very clear and insightful" ... written by Maia
Great reader--information comes fast--very helpful advice. I will return to her again." ... written by pearl
she was beyond amazing. what a reading. she knew things no one could ever know. " ... written by chris
Very exciting update and another cleansing. It's really helping me bc between school, work, and relationship- I have stress overload. She's great! Feels good just talking and there was a surprise update that occurred today. Also, learning some things from her too that are helping. I highly recommend her." ... written by Ashley
shes a bright spark" ... written by le
Great first reading! lots of details" ... written by Elizabeth
Ashley is like a fresh breath of air. She's empathic and on point with her predictions. " ... written by Billygirl54
She was warm and loving. Her advice was honest even when hard, but delivered with love and encouragement. She was able to look at all sides of my situation and see it from a balanced perspective. I look forward to talking with her again and would definitely recommend her. " ... written by Michelle
great reading, quick and straight forward answers" ... written by Deb
Super sweet! Great and nice" ... written by Anastasia
One of my favorites on Oranum for sure - so kind and straightforward and very accurate!" ... written by Brittany
awesome , amazing fantastic reading !!!! she the best" ... written by tamjones
great reading, saw fast, great price" ... written by dl
Good reading" ... written by Lwp
Ash3rd is an awesome reader ..I like her energy she is calm and has positive energy. She answered my questions in depth .I thank her for being honest in what her guides told her . will be back for updates.. Thanks ASH3rd xoxoxo ..many blessings to you ." ... written by sc
she was so accurate beyond words." ... written by Chris
shes consistent with her insight def" ... written by a
good reading" ... written by teatree77
She was very refreshing and also very accurate and I would not hesitate to come back and get an update as a matter of fact I will be back. There are so many on here that are only interested in money and are not interested in your welfare at all. This lady is not like that she really cares about the people she reads for." ... written by Ray
quick, accurite" ... written by dl
Ash is very fast - she picked up so well on the situation - she gave me good advice which I for sure will follow. Very sweet person - liked her a lot!" ... written by Sol
I had a doubt - and Ashley was so sweet how she explained it - and I had a positive feeling when she told me -so I know she is right! Amazing that she knows your question before you even ask! Lovely connection! She is very sweet and radiates good energy " ... written by So
Excellent reading, she has superb intuitive skills and is a kind and helpful counselor." ... written by lammonator
My first reading with her. She knew my health issues-not by name but she got the symptoms and the areas. She knew what was happening to my health from circumstances. She confirmed actions I felt i needed to take seriously and follow through with-bear in mind I only told her my name and d.o.b. I have been very anxious over critical and fast life changes occurring. No one here knows any of this til now. So no one could have told her anything. She treated me with dignity and respect. She has good morals and values. When you find someone like this and they resonate with you, I strongly suggest sticking with them and only a SMALL group of psychics here. For me she is a keeper. I look forward to our next reading. Thank you so very much! XOXOXOXOX" ... written by Kym
Simple, to the point and great ! " ... written by Serra
She is wonderful. Worth every penny. I feel so much better and she clarified what i thought but deep down, but was uncertain. I am so grateful for her insight and will be back in the future. Thank you for your kindness. :)" ... written by Kelly
My reading with Ashley was amazing. She's gifted. She answered several questions with accuracy. I felt an immediate connection with her and her guidance was well appreciated. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs spiritual assistance and a friend. " ... written by Golden
very informative" ... written by ray
great read." ... written by Gina
Ashley is amazing she was spot on with everything and I was pleased with my reading with her! I will definitely be back!" ... written by Qu
She's amazing!!!! Super accurate!!!!" ... written by Elizabeth
She made me feel much better and hopeful. " ... written by faby
yo read with ash! she's amazing and i felt like i knew her" ... written by m
She is awesome! Connects immediately and focuses on the energy right away. Definitely worth your time for a reading and energy healing. :)" ... written by Drohem