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Psychic amanlovehas 15years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic amanlovehas recently helped 26members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about amanlove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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its here to help u with love life , relationships, career, financial gains, relocation etc. i just sense energies and give the details . i dnt know what ALLAH (GOD) knows , he knows the best , no tools, no black magic .. i give the best advise for the life things..i give the best consultation.. all my clients are satisfied with my readings..BETTER TO CONSULT THAN REGRET .. see u soon

This woman is Ever so Special, and a True Hearted Blessing! God Bless You Aman." ... written by Margaret
Good Insight!! Hoping for the best and follow her insight ,,,,sorry run out time,,,will see u soon" ... written by chintan
seems good when she channels into feelings and thoughts" ... written by smiley2011
Aman has informed me of some wonderful updates, she is always there with an encouraging word and to let you know the truth. She is so awesome." ... written by Rick
really good,very friendly...Finally I got a guide who can answer my questions and could guide me:)" ... written by Dalia
excellent!!! 5 star" ... written by chintan
thank u" ... written by rosy
lovely sister instils confidence in you when you are in doubt, would make a wonderful councillor/mentor, wonder if she would consider this as a profession! there are things I know already but sometimes need them confirmed, she does this for me if my analysis of situation is correct or not. eg I see spirits sometimes I need reassurance if I did or not, I am in doubt, she will tell me my home situation, and thank god I should also trust my intuition lol" ... written by shahnaz
Very good psychic....very good reading, I get lots of information which I needed :-)" ... written by Roksana
thanks" ... written by MMarmalade
lets wait and see !!! thx" ... written by Olga
Best decision I ever made was skeptical before I came here and tried but im glad I did a wonderful experience hopefully soon again. much love to you thank you so much amanlove :) very on point people amazing :)" ... written by natalie
thank you so much for the advice and I will follow up on it. I recommend her." ... written by theoodra
Very pleasant lady, gives you honest, details, does not drag out the issues. 5 stars " ... written by queenbee22
good stuff! " ... written by dawud
THe TRUTH, VERY GOOD WITH INFORMATION!!!! 5 STARS" ... written by queenbee22
5 stars very caring always 2016 update is very special one! wow thx u " ... written by queenbee22
wow really ready to see all positive info come to pass 5 stars!!" ... written by queenbee22
thank you my darling , may allah bless you and give you success in all walks of life, give you good health , wealth and success and long life" ... written by shahnaz
good" ... written by grvshar
beautiful sister mashallah very informative and gifted mashallah" ... written by shahanz
5 stars thx u for information greatly appreciate this!!" ... written by queenbee2
mashallah beautiful, detailed reading with remedies, talented reader, very much connected and in tune with her clients" ... written by shahanz
Wow shocking great information 5 stars God Bless!! " ... written by queenbee22
she is amazing xx" ... written by rubziie
very good reading thak u " ... written by jessie
good" ... written by someone
thankyou so much my dear for clarity x" ... written by shahnaz
Great reading!" ... written by Peach
thank you excellent" ... written by judith
It is always a pleasure to talk to Aman. She is always straight to the point and tells you exactly what is going on! I truly recommend her!!!" ... written by Sonia
She seemed to totally get my situation. Was very accurate about me and the people around me. Prediction wis we will see, but I feel it will come true knowing where I am in my life now." ... written by beth1964
amazing reading. she could read me and the other person involved in the situation very well and in depth. I am amazed. Plus she is a lovely person to talk to. no time wasted and could answer to many questions. ty!!" ... written by angelic lover
A lovely lady so helpful with lots of advice and insight into the situation. Truly appreciate your help. thank you so much. I will be back to update you" ... written by Muhsybean
thank u" ... written by Judith
Thankyou sweetheart" ... written by shahnaz
very nice. " ... written by L
great very encouraging, shes awesome" ... written by jamira76
Aman gave me reassurance and insight into matters of the heart and I feel she keeps me on track with encouragement and affirming some of my better feelings. Her views on the heart and mind and it's duality and it's complications brings clarity to me. She speaks warmly and truthfully and she connects with me well and my amour endeavored questions. I love hearing her talk and I love seeing her face. She gives loving energy and soft light. I recommend her to you. " ... written by Merrysinclair
she is a great read with lots of details " ... written by av
an interesting reading thank you" ... written by lynn
Thank you for ur update it really crazy how things have turned out But I m Hope full Things will turn around in a positive way 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
she is really a sweetheart.. and completely feel as though she knows me to a t " ... written by sharon
5 stars !! wow im very surprised with ur update I gonna wait to see the out come. of these issues " ... written by queenbee22
She is very nice and gives a lot of detail about your question that you ask :). " ... written by Amina
good..." ... written by ritesh
great awesome, no tools" ... written by jamira76
thank you so much for the demo and giving me advices during the private reading as well!! cant wait for the next private reading with you:) i know that your predictions will come true :) thankyou so much!!" ... written by Jeny
great reading ty" ... written by lynn
Amanlove was wonderful. She made me feel welcome and helped me out a gr8 deal" ... written by amelody7
she is very good. confirmed the situation.predicted what others have said too. she is worth your money" ... written by abc
She is a WOW! I cannot say enough kind thing and positive things about her! I would recommend her to anyone for a reading. Thank you so much AMANLOVe - I am so grateful! :)" ... written by kosmo22
she is a very quick typer. predictions only time will tell. thank you" ... written by love
Thanks for the update! :) Best reader! worth every penny spent! would definitely come back and hear updates from u again." ... written by Jeny
I thoroughly enjoyed my first and second readings with her. She is very thorough and she tells you what she thinks you should do. I trust her and I hope to speak with her again very soon." ... written by Jbtforme
A great reading - wow she is amazing! Recommend her to anyone. :) Many blessings to you!" ... written by Kosmo22
what an Amazing reading aman gave me. this lady is full of love and joy and she gave incredibly accurate answers about my situation, going in depth about the situation, and answering in a very detailed way. we talked like friends and I appreciate the sense of joy and positivity she transmits every time I see her. I highly recommend her on this site. " ... written by angel of love
she is best" ... written by aman
ok thanks aman let us see x" ... written by f
She is best" ... written by SK
good reader was calm and explained every thing well gave good advice too " ... written by ak
Aman is always fantastic and caring. She gave me a little update and an interesting one.... we will see how things will unfold. I greatly appreciate her spirit and her outlooks for me. She is trying her best to help me focus on certain things that I may otherwise disregard. So this is helpful for me to understanding my own way of thinking and how it effects everything else. I would always recommend Aman. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Aman, is incredibly connected and see's others perspectives as well as yours. This is my second session with Aman and as the first one was, the 2nd session was just as good if not better. I'm deeply thankful for her insight and her suggestions and guidance. She does both typing and verbal responses if you are curious. She exudes gentleness, kindness, and is quite blessed in my eyes. She's on my favorite list and I would absolutely recommend her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Listened to me was quick, gave great insight and super interesting dream intepretation thank you " ... written by Sherry
Wonderful! Amazing details! Thank you so much amanlove for the insights and predictions! Loved the Reading! Best wishes to you dear! :) xoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
have always love her since the first time i had my private reading with her. thanks for the update, aman!" ... written by jnnyamelia
good reading" ... written by lynn
Amazing reading from aman as usual. she is one of the best readers on here. lots of knowledge and she indeed cares for his clients. gives regular updates and she does it with lots of love and positivity in her. she also gave me future life time reading. she is also medium. amazing in every aspect. very highly recommended! " ... written by Sara
Talking with Aman is like a breath. Her energy and goodness and passionate ways of wanting you to see the good when you're unsure, to not give any energy toward people who are not truly invested in the best for you, and life encouragement with practical advice to boot, is beyond amazing. She has been an influential life adviser that has ease my soul when sometimes the road ahead seems foggy. She is a beacon. I recommend her to you with my fullest heart. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Awesome reading ……she was dead on …I will always come back " ... written by JP
good" ... written by f
she is best" ... written by sk
always positive. and sees the best of the situation" ... written by jamira76
great reader" ... written by ol
She was very sensitive and saw things i didnt told her beforehand, was interesting and helpful :) " ... written by jaksietus
Aman is pretty incredible. Her insight into myself and my romantic affairs are spot on and insanely accurate. To throw on top of truths she saw things that I can't for which than I'm thankful for her gift. She channels quickly and you feel immense warmth coming from her. I don't disbelieve anything she says and I feel her utmost sincerity. I would recommend her ten folds." ... written by Merrysinclair
she is great!!" ... written by jamira76
5 STARS GREAT UPDATE!! LOVE THE RED ROSES" ... written by queenbee22
Aman is Amazing in her talent, her detail, and her sincerity. She is a true soul of vision, clarity and love. God Bless You Aman!" ... written by Margaret
Aman is so welcoming and loving. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. She will tell you what she visions in whatever circumstance you're in or coming for you. I feel as though she's family to me. I enjoy having conversations with her and coming in for readings. She has definitely made my life more clearer than before. I thank her so much 'til this day. I'm proud to have as my reader. Thank you so so much Aman. Xoxo! ((:" ... written by JazzyWP
She is lovely and gifted!" ... written by Finelace
amazing update thank you aman she is very calming and positive" ... written by av
Amanlove always clears up my doubts and worries xoxoxox" ... written by Jodi
Thanks again AmanLove for more updates!!! Great reading as always!!! :) Love andamp; Light to you my friend!!! :) xoxoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Amanlove is great, she read all very good and gave me information that I needed. " ... written by Rick
5 stars great 2016 new start thx u 4 update!!" ... written by queenbee22
Aman is a fantastic advice giver and guide to me and I'm so thankful for this. Her energy is good and her kindness is stellar, I feel like I can talk to her like a friend and she would tell me what I should do for the utmost best outcome. She is honest and grounded and sincere. I absolutely adore her and you would too. I recommend immensely. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thanks aman for the advice, i will work on wat u have said to me and hopefully i will win her back" ... written by Husein
honestly appreciate this so much , was clearly put into words i am so thankful :)" ... written by katie
GREAT!!" ... written by Alexis
wow 5 stars thx u again great update!!" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you sister!" ... written by LK
Thank You so much for your deep insight and care. You are truly wonderful !!! God"s Deep and True Blessings Aman!" ... written by Margot
My goodness, Aman is truly gifted. Her insight is so thorough and she doesn't use tools. She communicates verbally and clearly. I'm quite impressed and she is now on my favorite list. The given information hit so many things accurately that it's easy to trust her words and the compassion, advice and guidance is great. She has given be some direction and insight into the betterment of my love life that I'm truly thankful for, REALLY thankful for. She uplifted my spirit. I would definitely revisit her again. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing reading very accurate " ... written by Lorann23
She is amazing lady and I love her reading. She is very fast and tells you what she sees exactly. No sugar coating. A 5star reader. Highly recommend her." ... written by Prat
Amanlove connects fast and has been spot on with the matter at hand for which you seek answers or counsel to. She has brought some ease and assurance and insight to myself for which I still feel blessed to have one day stumbled upon her. I greatly appreciate her compassion and soft light that she exudes. She is gifted no doubt. She types and sometimes verbal responds depending on what needs to be relayed. She's on my favorite list and I would recommend her to you. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I loved my reading with her. She has an extraordinary gift, a true messenger of God. " ... written by lyric
Again it was a great reading, unfortunately the internet connection was not the best today, but her connection to my issue was brilliant! Love to talk to her!" ... written by Sonia
I like her style of reading. She is a good psychic. I will come back soon. " ... written by Leah
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
Loved my reading with Aman as usual; super sweet and great advice and really accurate about the situation. Thank You so much " ... written by Sher
quickf" ... written by f
thank you for the updates! cant wait for out next one:)" ... written by Jen Amel13
This was my very first time with amanlove. She was very calm, precise and accurate with her reading. She also told me vital information that was very beneficial to my life. In the near future I will be back with amanlove to confirm what she told me. Blessings. " ... written by Love Petal
I got timed out with Aman but I definitely absorbed all her points of views of love life and philosophy. Her sharing her ideas of achieving happiness and understanding the start and end of things and what has to be no matter if it good or bad. There is basically reasons for hardships in our lives as well as the goodness that comes along with it. This session was more on the intellectual side today by my inquiry but in addition, Aman has given me guidance and insights into my romantic affairs for which I will return when the tides are too great for me to understand. She has a wonderful energy and it's always a pleasure and ease to talk with her. I, Of course, would recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
shes great!!!love her" ... written by jamira
quick with responses and very detailed. thank you!!!" ... written by kat
another amazing session with aman! i'm sure you will not regret having a reading with her. she could really look into your life!" ... written by reeeze
Very accurate read, read situation very right on target. I was surprised but very good at pointing out the things I was looking for." ... written by Susie
Thank you AmanLove for a wonderful reading, you really did boost my energy and l thank you. l am truly grateful for your love, support and advice. l am looking forward to my future. You are amazing and such a beautiful person inside and out.xxxx" ... written by jade8233
thank you. a great and wonderful person to talk to. full of positive energy. had helped me a lot. I feel much better and more confident." ... written by Edward
thanks aman for clarity be back for updates.." ... written by ann
great as always" ... written by jamira76
Aman lifts the spirits and her insights into other persons in your life is detailed down to feeling, thought and motives. I adore Aman and she brings me ease and awareness and allows you to understand when there is something else....something you don't expect or maybe you don't want....that could be better. She will shine light on two perspectives objectively and compassionately. She gave me a dose of goodness for which I needed and I am thankful. She responds by both speaking and typing. Her readings always align and having her get to know me feels like a friend. I recommend whole-heartedly. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thank you so much! Needed that" ... written by Daisy
great" ... written by RL
shes helping me through a tough time and giving very nice advice " ... written by ricky
She the one... There is more power in she then in ten readers." ... written by Jahzel
She is awesome. Am speechless from our reading. She is too good. Very straight to the point and no sugar coating. A 5star reader. Highly recommend her." ... written by Prat
she was really helpful and i loved she got to the point" ... written by computerluv
great awesome very understanding" ... written by jamira76
Aman is one of my trusted readers and one of the truest hearted. When my mind started to go into confusion / negative land, she immediately focused in on the situation, brought clarity and helped me to re-focus toward the positive. Her ability to break down with detail is exceptional. Her accuracy and consistency is still on point with all of my readings. I do feel really blessed to have such a wonderful soul that I can talk to that only wants and directs you to goodness. I am so very thankful that she puts up with me and my constant nagging of my romantic endeavors. So typical right? But really, I recommend ardently, profusely, and kindly that you should get a pvt. reading with Aman if you haven't...I dare ya. You won't be disappointed. " ... written by Merrysinclair
5 STARS GEAT THX U" ... written by QUEENBEE22
thank you aman great advice and update " ... written by ak
She is the best. Awesome reading with so much details" ... written by neh
great session with details- thank you" ... written by lynn
OH, shes great. very intuitive, quick, saw the essential issues and illuminated them, offered some good advices and i feel more confident now" ... written by Bernie Worrell
great chat, very enlightening" ... written by Malcolm
great reading with lots of good advice " ... written by frederick
She's five stars and beyond..." ... written by Jahzell
Aman gave me insight into a dream that I had that lingered with me that caused some confusions and some mis-realities. She cleared and interpreted for me all that I felt. She reassured and brought light to what was illusions and what was truly real. After talking with Aman, I feel a load lifted some what in understanding what's in the mind and spirit and understanding myself...or the very least, my potential for goodness and light to trump, dissolve or disperse any negativity that likes to run toward my way. Aman is a blessing. She has been a great confidant to me and her guidance is significant. I'm so grateful of her angelic gift and her light. I fully recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I had a reading with Amanlove n I have to say she is a wonderful reader n she knew everything about my work n my marriage life . I highly recommend for anyone to have a reading with her .. Five star on me ! " ... written by Ann9101
Very accurate in seeing the issues around me Spot on with details. 5 stars!! great reading" ... written by queenbee22
She so wonderful - so kind-hearted, understanding and sees deep insight into the situation at hand. I cannot thank her wonderful soul for helping and guiding me to see things in a clear perspective. That is really what she did and let's face it that is what everyone is looking for. So much gratitude! :)" ... written by kelly
Aman gave me some guidance and advice that I needed to wade through some unfamiliar waters and she had given me that. She reads myself and others accurately and her insight helps when you're feeling unsure how to proceed. My rapport with Aman is great and it's a comfort to know that someone like Aman is around. I'm so very thankful. I would always always recommend her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great reading" ... written by pearlp
excellent detailed reading" ... written by ric
Aman's compassionate words and insights is invaluable. The guidance she gives is positive and she always uplifts the heart and mind. I think to be able to reach the state of mind and person that she is, is something to strive for within ourselves. I hope to one day achieve this. Her kindness and warmth is one of many many reasons I will always come to Aman for some advice and outlooks and comfort. I'm truly thankful and I recommend her to you! " ... written by Merrysinclair
another great detailed session - thank you" ... written by lynn
Wow!Stunning reading!Thanks!" ... written by Vikingprincess
a great insight to my situation thank you" ... written by lynn
What a sweet person, amanlove has the insight and the caring demeanor, i appreciate her help and clarity" ... written by giuseppe granfaloon
She is very sweet and will provide you with the honest truth. Simply the best!" ... written by Y
thank you for reading detailed" ... written by lynn
I had a great reading experience. Amanlove was very kind, sweet, and provided a lot of details in her answers. She was very helpful in providing guidance for a personal situation I've been struggling with. " ... written by Dream
Amazing reading from aman. she is one of the best readers on the site. very insightful and helpful. getting deep into the situation. very highly recommended" ... written by angel of light
thank you aman for great advice ty " ... written by av
Wonderful reading, she was very accurate with the present situation, she also predicted great things for me...can't wait for them to pan out!! She is very loving and a caring person. Thank you " ... written by T
she types really fast" ... written by steve
great reading thank you" ... written by lynn
thank you for another great reading" ... written by lynn
wonderful reader" ... written by wiki
another great reading ty" ... written by lynn
She did a great job and I resonated with her very well. She is understanding and helped me out by lowering her credit price to fit my budget. Thanks!" ... written by Anthony
thank you" ... written by lynn
I have the greatest love for Aman because of her life guidance and her assistance in helping me understand circumstances and situations in my romantic sphere. I have my ups and downs and Aman has always been consistent and deeply compassionate. I feel comfort and ease after speaking with her and I'm thankful that she is solid in her being and her insights are truths. She effects my life greatly and I wouldn't know what to do without her....probably make really bad decisions and blind choices. She's a ball of warm light in fog or storms. I recommend her to you definitely and immeasurably. " ... written by Merrysinclair
she is a great lady" ... written by steve
she has a warm heart " ... written by steve
Always knows how to keep me focused and keep positive.. true sweetheart xx " ... written by sharon
amazing. in depth reading" ... written by love dove
Thank you!" ... written by
Aman gave me some good perspective on a situation that I think wouldn't effect me so much but it did and her insights helped me to approach matters. The practical advice given will help me wade through some waters that would be toward the betterment of it all. I will always state that Aman's incredible care and loving nature is impeccable. Her guidance toward my life is valuable. I would suggest to never hesitate if you are considering a reading with her. In my own experience, she has only been a beacon of light toward clarity in matters of life and love. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is a great and gives a very detail reading. I feel very comfortable with her." ... written by Vivi
very accurate and on point loved it" ... written by computerluv
Amanlove is awesome. she has given me more information that I am so excited to hear and know that she is spot on. If you are looking for someone who can tell you what you need to know, come check out Anamlove. She's great!!! " ... written by Rick
thank you for the quick responses and honest answers. you are a sweet woman! =)" ... written by pixie
Aman has given me an awesome update on how things have been going and how they will continue to go.. She is right on the money and I look forward to seeing all advance as she says it will.. Thanks so much" ... written by Rick
She looks pretty confident. I'm waiting for the predictions..." ... written by Modiano
Amanlove has an amazing and sweet energy and is very thorough in her readings. She has a gift of utilizing psychic abilities without any tools and is very compassionate, honest and accurate. " ... written by Ohhhbrina
great reading with care and compassion " ... written by David
Lovely woman, 5 star reading." ... written by Rachel
A delightful conversation, with a very charming young woman." ... written by David
aman always knows when im not saying everything and pulls out my most inner thoughts.. she has given me ways in which i can tackle the way i deal with things.. i will keep u updated on how what you have told me changes things... xx " ... written by s
very detailed and quick to respond. great person to talk to!" ... written by reeeze
Aman gave me some words of wisdom and some ideas and practical methods that will further my life for betterment. She can see and read deeply into you and I'm grateful that she can point out things that I feel that I sometimes don't say. She is such a great life tool for me and I hope that I won't let her down because she only wants the best. I've been seeking Aman's guidance for quite some time and with continue to do so.I greatly recommend her to you! " ... written by Merrysinclair
She was dead on. I liked my reading a lot. Will come for another reading again." ... written by corduroy1977
probably one of the most trustworthy psychics on here! Gives good advice :)" ... written by reeeze
very quick and informative" ... written by Rayhaan
shes great no tools, very smart in her thinking and gives great insight." ... written by jamira76
great" ... written by jamira76
interesting chat " ... written by david
I'm so thankful for Aman's counseling and helping me make decisions in my romantic life. It's so hard sometimes to distinguish the mind and heart and impulses and whether one should act upon them or not. It feels comforting to have someone like Aman that I trust give advice and practical things to implement. She knows my world and in and out from multiple readings and speaking to her, is like speaking to a friend. I'm grateful that she is so gifted and her accuracy on feeling others emotions and motives is spot on. I recommend her spirit and light and remedy to your life's harder decisions or paths that need clarity. Just do it. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Aman is such a lovely person, so positive and happy :) She gave me some great news, and I look forward to her predictions. Can't wait for my next update!" ... written by Jade
Aman love is the real deal, a true psychic and intuitive, i feel uplifted and helped by her counsel, and genuine caring. " ... written by Phineas Obermeister
good reading with positive message " ... written by fred
another great session with aman! she guides well and encourages you with her positivity :)" ... written by reeeze
really a beautiful soul" ... written by steve
Amanlove is great! Her reading is very detail, straightforward and inspired. She really took time to analyze specific situations! Highly recommend her=)" ... written by labellavita35
As always Aman knows when to contact you and doesnt pester one to convers with her in a prvt chat.. Only when she has something worthwhile saying she becomes involved.. and i love her for that aswell as her gorgeous energy she gives out... " ... written by s
another great session with aman. extremely detailed! i recommend her to anyone who needs help!" ... written by reeeze
WOW!! Normally I don't like when I´m asked to come to a pvt, but in this case - I had a wonderful demo already with her- it was the best I could do!!" ... written by Sonia
great reading" ... written by lynn
Amanlove is so awesome. She had an update with me that just made me so very happy. I feel blessed to have such a psychic like her, she feels like my "personal psychic" to tell me all the things that come up in life.. Thanks so much Aman!!! God Bless you" ... written by Rick
Thank you for a lovely reading, lots of positive energy and good news :)" ... written by Jade
Thanks, great connection." ... written by p
Aman just gave me another wonderful update and has given me more superb news that I just wait to come true. I am so happy that I have been able to tell her that she has been right on the money with other things she has told me." ... written by Rick
another great reading with aman. everyone should seek her help!" ... written by reeeze
Aman gave me clarity and support that I needed when I feel sometimes that I'm alone. In reality everything is fine and the management of energies, perseverance and patience will come to a desire destination. It all takes time and understanding what you do with that time will either prosper or wilt. She wants me to lean toward the positive and her positive heart makes me want it more. I'm thankful for Aman and her guidance, counsel and compassion. She has greatly helped with my mental, inner life and my romantic endeavors. I always feel comforted by her. She always has been a fantastic reader and is well connected and generous. I recommend immensely. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I like her more every time " ... written by serge
Thank you Aman!!! You are such a HUGE HELP!!! You are AWESOME!!!" ... written by angelynnie21
Thanks for the reading. Very positive and uplifting. You re right about my manager and his jealousy. Thanks again I would recommend you." ... written by Kaldeep
She is more than great she is an Angel. and she will answer all the Question asked . with grace love ease and Peace... love her readings ..✪✪✪✪✪" ... written by loverboy
Aman is one of the most amazing readers I have ever consulted. she is full of love and positivity and gives you clear insights on every situation. She has deep spiritual knowledge and a heart full of light. She definitely is here to help you understand. Very highly recommended" ... written by sara
Aman gave me a lovely update on some future potentials that is basically grounded in what I need to do now. She knows my propensity to "wait" (I'll be cryptic there) but her nudges towards not doing that is helpful and her confidence gives me courage. She has given me great guidance in my love life and life-life matters. I'm grateful for her words and her accuracy has always been spot on in my readings. I fully recommend her to everyone!" ... written by Merrysinclair
another great detailed session with aman!" ... written by reeeze
Thank you thank you - - and to others, you should definitely have aman give you a reading. If clarity were roads....than she paves them. She has helped me so much in my love paths and all that it flings at me. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is honestly just absolutley fantastic!! No words to describe this young woman!! She is so peaceful and calming. She knows exactly what people are thinking and tells it like it is. Thank you for your honesty amanlove." ... written by jewel
Such a sweetheart. Very sweet, friendly, and kind. Thank you Aman for the insights :)" ... written by lynn
always on point and very accurate" ... written by computerluv
Amanlove can see right to the heart of the matter, she is able to see the truth of things and will tell you everything you need to know.. " ... written by Rick
thank you for reading" ... written by lynn
aman is great!" ... written by reeeze
VERY ACCURATE :)" ... written by AMANDA
always on point" ... written by computerluv
Always inspiring :) " ... written by b
Aman knows how to put things in perspective and always hits the nail on the head.. Amazing gorgeous woman with lots of insite .. " ... written by Sharon
Aman is the most trusted and most helpful on here. she is always happy to assit me and guide me. she is friendly and always on point with answers. If you are ever feeling down visit aman she will cheer you up." ... written by rubz
accurate and fast thank you for clearing things up for me even when time ran out :)" ... written by arisa
Dearest Aman gave me some breath in what I felt was some confusion or misunderstanding in my mind but she cleared that all up and I'm so very grateful. I feel lifted and better at ease to not be consumed by others misplaced wants. Aman is close to my heart and she connects quickly to all my circumstances accurately. Our session got cut off but I will be returning always. I recommend her to you with all of my heart. She is a great guide and compassionate friend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
A splendid and competent reader, i get a lot of insight and clarity from AMans reading, truly a nice and caring person too." ... written by Martin Teasdale
wonderful " ... written by poli
great very honest and helpful and accurate" ... written by jamira76
good session thank you" ... written by lynn
She is really good minds,thoughts,feelings" ... written by Hellena
she has mazing energy and knows exactly where to guide you...thank you aman xx " ... written by shhaan
Aman is one of the most special people on oranum. such an amazing lady, filled with love and positivity. Filled with love. Her soul is very close to God and she will give not just a reading but put her amazing heart in it. Thank you my friend" ... written by Sara
great reading very lively person makes you feel at ease thank you aman " ... written by ak
Aman! Thank you! You are wonderful =)" ... written by lynn
Amanlove is so awesome, she will tell you exactly what you need to know and not sugar coat it for you. She will tell you facts.. Thank you Amanlove you're so special. " ... written by Rick
You're a sweetheart, thanks :) i will praise her LOL" ... written by b
Thanks for the update Aman. You made me very happy :) You are such a blessing to me and to everyone. Thank you pretty lady :)" ... written by lynn
wonderful reading. very in tune and picks up everything about my situation. I think she is well worth getting a reading from." ... written by ll
She was amazing and most comforting. Also very insightful, very detailed. She really eased my concerns and anxiety. Perfect and genuine." ... written by Torren
very good in depth reading lots of details. 5 stars!!!" ... written by sweetaspie1622
I lost you; Back tomorrow." ... written by Kame
Thank you 5 stars for her" ... written by Bee
WOW you are amazing!!!! Appreciate your knowledge and guidance!" ... written by Andi
great chat with a caring person" ... written by David
my first time here! she gave me a lot of details in such a short time! so gratefyul" ... written by l
Aman is an amazing blessing on this website. " ... written by Sara
Splendid reading, true insights and helpful counsel." ... written by Geoffrey Chaucer
I had a very good reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
She told me my love life and how to fix it. All I did was tell her my name and she knew everything about me." ... written by Vladimir
I love Amans readings shes quite accurate and nice person , helpful counsellor and understander of psychology." ... written by Jimminy Crickett
Thank you for the pleasant reading. Appreciate it a lot. Youre a gem and speaks the truth. Please do not hesitate to always come to Amanlove for any thing at all. she helped clear my mind. " ... written by Rania
Very positive person. Happy to connect." ... written by Kame
Sweet Aman. Thank you for the update. Wow :)" ... written by lynn
Lovely reading, was so accurate wow! I am coming back for more some things I did not even say but was on point " ... written by Cheri
She is good. I will give her advice a try to see how things turn out. But I do love her reading she is a sweet and caring person to speak with. Will be back for update." ... written by tc
AmanLove is so sweet! She is very quick andamp; precise in her perceptions. I found her to be very accurate. I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
always on point and very good" ... written by computerluv
always a good reading and very accurate" ... written by computerluv
Aman love has given me a great update and some very good instructions on what to do to help my situation. She is awesome." ... written by Rick
aBSOLUTELY GREAT ! " ... written by LINNA
She is amazing, very fast and clear. And a good friend too, love her and always back to her :) !" ... written by jENNY
Thank you! The credits ran out but very good information. I'll let you know as things come true. P.S. your hands look beautiful. " ... written by J
she has a beautiful soul and a kind heart" ... written by steve
too good to describe her" ... written by serge
very nice lady " ... written by serge
She is so lovely " ... written by steve
Thank you for the clear guidance for the future steps of my life. Your fast and accurate reading is appreciatedYou : Thank you Aman!" ... written by kamechee000
She is excellent. 5 Stars for her reading." ... written by N
very excellent reader" ... written by kiko
tunes right in!!! She is really quick and very in tune and accurate. Gives great detail, talks quickly and understands what u r saying. Very, very good!!!" ... written by ll
she is very very good!!! Sees things very accurately and clearly. Highly recommended!" ... written by ll
she is good! blessyou" ... written by L
Very nice reading!! truthful, helpful, loving andamp; caring!! I am going to come back to you soon for more readings!! thank u sister" ... written by Radhika
I'm blown away by her kindness and the truth that she tells ." ... written by serge
shes very good!!! excellent" ... written by jamira76
Super amazing reading with so much detail def. coming back but credit ran out! thank you!! Recommend " ... written by Cheri
LOVE HER! beautiful reading strongly reccomendl! thank you I am coming back in a bit " ... written by sherry
Lovely reading and a lovely woman thank you so much heard the best things ever I am going to come back for an update " ... written by Sara
she can read energies, she was quick and to the point. she sent me a lot of positive energy for sure" ... written by pearly2012
My dear friend, Like the closest of siblings gets to the crux and is able to help solve everything at practical levels. I love her advise." ... written by Kame
You made my day Aman. Thank you much for the update. That was excellent. I'm happy :)" ... written by angelynnie21
Aman's most recent readings on predictive emotions and actions of others has come to pass. It happened in a short amount of time without a time line given that I was surprised at how immediate it came to be. Her revealing of other's thoughts and potential action to advisable actions for yourself is great. I have quite some more curiosities and will further come back to continue my reading session! I've been seeing Aman for quite some time and I absolutely adore her. I'm thankful that I have someone that looks over me in a way and I'm grateful for her friendship. Do choose to have a private reading! I know she has influenced me immensely! " ... written by Merrysinclair
One of the best I have talked to. Aman helps me alot. She is like a sister to me other than a friend. Thank you again Aman. " ... written by lynn
Thank you Aman, My friend. I will forever cherish your kind words!" ... written by kamechee
Thank you for the with you soon for more updates" ... written by justlovely48
Always the best, thnx!!" ... written by L
THank You so very much! With all my heart! God Bless!" ... written by Margaret
Aman is such a beautiful person. She brought some clarity into my wayward thinking and is a bringer of comfort and ease. Her insights effects me so much and her love and kindness is deeply felt. She has been guiding me and advising me on my love life and clears mole hills and mountains for me when I start to feel them coming on. I'm thankful for her care and I don't know what I would do without her. My talks with her are valuable and only lends only steps to goodness. I recommend her to you. " ... written by Merrysinclair
wonderful thankyou thats what i like to hear lol" ... written by shahnaz
She has a lot of good advice and she encouraged me! I really would recommend!" ... written by Amina
Very accurate prediction and very affectionate way of communication. Felt like talking with my own sister" ... written by Ranjith Kumar Patnala
Another great update with Aman. Loving it! I'm very happy :)" ... written by lynn
Great reading and update as usual :) so accurate and so sweet thank you " ... written by sheri
have been seeing aman for a long time and she is the one of the best i've encountered on here so far! highly recommended :)" ... written by reeeze
Always the best, thanks!!" ... written by D
Good" ... written by Ar
She was great!" ... written by Alexis
This girl is such a true friend and clairvoyant. I am recommending her highly. She is very lovely and sweet. She is so good at what she does. Try Aman, you will not regret it at all. She is there for you every step of the way :)" ... written by lynn
I always recommend a good reader and shes one of them. Please do not hesitate to come to her. She will make u feel better and not jugdemental. Thumbs Up. I only have two that I fully trusted. Shes one of them. *hugs*" ... written by Rania
So sweet and honestly accurate so thank you " ... written by cheri
A really nice lady" ... written by serge
I hate it that the connections on my end always gets disturbed.. but I tell you.. please go to AMANLOVE for all matters.. shes a wonderful wonderful person and a very good reader. She will tell u the truth and all truth. Thumbs UP!" ... written by Rania
MIss Ice Cream!!! Thank you again. I am very happy :)" ... written by lynn
very good" ... written by Angela
My relationship has been on rocks. Today I can relax knowing that me and my boyfriend will be okay. The reading was great. Thank You Amanlove you did a great job.:)" ... written by StarMoon5
Amanlove just gave me another update and has given me some terrific advise on what I need to do to continue to make things manifest as I want them to. " ... written by Rick
Aman is a wonderful, exceptional reader and soul. She picks up quickly, gives great details and has been very accurate. Highly recommeded" ... written by ll
very helpful with many details 5 stars!!!" ... written by sweetaspie1622
Aman, sis, you are just so fascinating! Wow, angels and spirit guides who watches over me and takes notes. WOW!" ... written by lynn
Aman, seriously, I can talk to you for hours!!! hugs and kisses!!! WOW WOW WOW" ... written by lynn
Aman is a very kind soul, she is really very helpful and compassionate. Thanks so much !!" ... written by B
nice lady , always ready to help" ... written by serge
Always a pleasure to chat with her" ... written by serge
always great ! recommend her !" ... written by JENNY
She is wonderful! Very accurate!!" ... written by Alexis
Wow Aman that was intense" ... written by lynn
I wanted to say that some of Aman's predictions for me have come to pass....and most of all the guidance and advise given to me for the ONE prediction I most wanted is precious. I've been seeing Aman for quite some time on my ups and downs in my romantic endeavor and her assurance that the one person that I wished so very much to reenter my life (distant love)....DID. I think it's a dream or illusion but Aman's great energy and positive look and very clear advice toward helping me continue on to make the right moves and decisions to receive something wonderful. I'm so intensely thankful for her words, compassion and kindness. I will always continue to seek her help and I would recommend her to you always. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thank you Aman" ... written by lynn
aman is always insightful in what she has to say and is able to always make me see that the future is bright as long as i keep true to myself. amazing young lady " ... written by Sharon
Fabulous psychic!!! Truly wonderful readings always!!!" ... written by Esjay
Thank you again Aman" ... written by Lynn
LOVE AMANLOVE! She is awesome, awesome reading, told me a lot w/out me even asking...such a strong connection - hoping that everything happens. Giver her a try! You won't be sorry! thanks Amanlove XoXo" ... written by lornalulu
I am shocked Aman. You are good!" ... written by lynn
From what Aman has said from the start things have been occuring from the way she has said yes its taking time but all good things take time.. she is an amazing person and always keeps me on track and focused. love this girl . xxx" ... written by Sharon
very good,she picked up on things and helped me alot, i will come back" ... written by Jay
Well I love aman, she's very sweet and welcoming. She has much patience, very open-minded and straight forward. She connects easily and it feels good to always come back because of the love and concern she feeds to you." ... written by Coco
It was a truly truly great reading. What a lovely lady. I will definitely contact her again. Thank you xx " ... written by Heather
awesome readings! thanks luv!!" ... written by MM
very soothing energy i get from her, im hoping whatever she predicted will come true. " ... written by nada
just love amanlove. She is so sweet and makes you feel good. Tells the truth. i'm hoping everything happens the way she sees." ... written by lornalulu
Nice reading!" ... written by Aurelia
thank you for details" ... written by lynn
Really great reader " ... written by serge
Aman always has words of wisdom to make me feel good. she is truly a lovely spiritual ladyxx" ... written by sharon
SHe was fantatic. Picked up on energy correctly and was quick and to the point." ... written by peabea
she is very fast and really accurate.i will definitely come back for updates.she is a very sweet lady." ... written by n g
2 THUMBS UP, 5 STARS!!! thank you 4 updates" ... written by QUEENBEE22
Thank you Aman" ... written by lynn
Great reading. Hope things come true." ... written by Ar
Love Aman, always so sweet and supportive and consistent with her reading gives amazing advice! Thank You " ... written by Sheri
seemed to pick up well. will see if predictions come true. " ... written by gk
Aman is the best - she's so connected and helpful": Thanks!" ... written by P
good friendly type of girl. seemed to pick up well. thanks!" ... written by gk
thank you for good reading, " ... written by lynn
Thank you." ... written by Joan
Great!" ... written by Alexis
simply wow! she knows things even when you don't say a word lol" ... written by reeeze
Verry Good private sessions " ... written by NitHosHj
Best girl in Oranum! Helped a lot and whatever she said became true. Really appreciated." ... written by Love8
Best Private Reading Ever" ... written by NCH
cool girl. nice accent. does her psyching well. will recommend and be back. " ... written by gk
lets do private again" ... written by NCH1991
Great! Thank you!" ... written by Alexis
Accurate and positive way of telling" ... written by Ranjith
Verry good private sessions" ... written by NCH1991H
another great session with aman! " ... written by reeeze
Simply splendid, entrancingly informative and superluminously helpful" ... written by ernie trimble
Lovely reader, she always gives me sometime positive to expect. " ... written by Anne
Wonderful!!!" ... written by Alexis
She is a god sent angel being. Thank you so much!" ... written by hottoi
She has helped me verry z good" ... written by NCH
amanlove very helpful and guided me in my situation, will return for another reading" ... written by lynn
Great" ... written by AR
I am curious about the next private my session was finished" ... written by NCH
Thank you Aman. Thank you for being a good friend, for listening and for lending a hand. Thank you again. " ... written by lynn
She's wonderful!" ... written by Alexis
she was very good, answered all my questions with details. thank you " ... written by s
She was just very lovely and caring - and exactly the person I needed to talk to when I was feeling very stressed about things. And she was 100% correct about my energy!" ... written by Lisa Jenkins
love Amanlove! She is so sweet and honest, and detailed and quick. I'm waiting to see what come thru. I will be back again! xoxoxox" ... written by lornalulu
Good" ... written by NCH
each time more details given, has been helpful" ... written by lynn
thnaks" ... written by mwisteria
She is sooooooo loving person!!!!! my time was up, but gave me very good info i will get back with her sometime soon. Highly recommended!!!! thank you sorry i ran out of credits lol" ... written by ME
thanks for update aman. " ... written by gk
She's amazing, thank you for giving me strength and just a joy to connect with you!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
Helped me a lot. God Bless Amanlove" ... written by Love8
one of the best in Oranum" ... written by meso
Great update and reading. Thanks " ... written by Sher
Aman is the best! So wonderful, so accurate, so wise, so kind!" ... written by Esjay
connected eachtime, with guidance-thank you" ... written by lynn
Sis!!! Thank you!!! You are Amazing!!!" ... written by lynn
I like her accuracy in delivering her readings. She is somewhat special to me, I only have two that I go to, and shes one of them. She is very sincere in helping and all her readings. Have a blessed Ramadhan AmanLove. *hugs* thank you for everything. appreciate you kind help. " ... written by Rania
Good reading" ... written by NCH
I love her !!!!!!! she just made me cry becuz i had very less credits and she still took it so fast and told me things !!! She really cares and is true !!!! Highly recommended...!!" ... written by M
Grat" ... written by AR
Aman is a really superb reader. She is a genuine psychic with exceptional skills and such a kind-hearted sould xoxo" ... written by Esjay
great update from aman" ... written by vivi
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks for the update and the talk. recommend her! " ... written by gk
great update from aman! can't wait for the things she said to come true. i know they are going to :)" ... written by reeeze
Great update dear Aman :) thanks so much!!" ... written by bi
She is very positive and speaks from her gifted heart." ... written by Finelace
Great reader, 5 stars for her. Thank you " ... written by Jane
really great pvt ..I lost a item, she said I wil get it back andamp; I did get it back. high 5 !! very good reading with lots of positive information..10 stars thank you!!" ... written by queenbee22
interesting conversation, always a pleasure" ... written by David
Aman is Truesoul, as she has named herself. Always so very clear. Ty so much Aman. God Bless." ... written by Margaret
Great reading and update was so accurate about everything. Thank You " ... written by sher
Everything that aman has said so far in any of my reading have come true.. I have been given some stuff to think about in the next few months i believe that they will run tru too just the waiting game. Aman is always amazing in whatever she says. thanks aman " ... written by sharon
She's AMAZING!!!! Trust her implicitly!!!" ... written by Alexis
Love the updates girl! Thank you much!" ... written by Lynn
Salaam, thank you kindly. I will definitely chat to you again soon. You are very precise!" ... written by Amy
great update and reading such good advice. Thank You" ... written by sher
very nice lady , with a warm smile and heart," ... written by serge
good reading with much guidance,connected well with my situation- will return" ... written by lynn
Thanks so much for the heads up- will look forward to good things :) " ... written by p
I thank her for her compassion towards my problems. Also her warmth and concern she showed to me in regards to her reading service. " ... written by Yuri
Aman gave some me some input on my thoughts lately that I've been having for which I didn't divulge. She gave me her take and insight to shift again in order to receive and get the most of want one really wants. She is so kind and her energy toward wanting your happiness is great. I adore her and I appreciate her in my life, as friend, guide and confidant. I would fully recommend her to anyone. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thanks - ur the best:)" ... written by B
This girl is just a bunch of awesomeness!!!" ... written by lynn
WONDERFUL!!! Such a gift!!!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
There is a purity in some people which cannot be fabricated or mimicked, or faked. It's also extremely rare. Amanlove has a gift, to say the least. " ... written by Crystal
fantastic -- always enjoy her readings ... give her a try!" ... written by lonalulu
Interesting. Will see if it comes true" ... written by Ar
In-depth update session with aman! she is totally spot on on many many things :)" ... written by reeeze
GREAT!" ... written by Alexis
she is really sweet, honest andamp; precise with details...relaly enjoyed the reading andamp; recommend her to others as well" ... written by ammer
THEEEEEEEE best reading ever! Amanlove was so detailed about everything. I mean she took words out my mouth, my boyfriend mouth it was like is a fly on the wall. she is as real as it gets :) I love you Amanlove " ... written by Lmsunshine601
Aman is my spiritual sister. One of the most beautiful souls on oranum. she connects to situations and facts so directly and beautifully that I hear the truth in his words. she clarified something vey important to me to know and now my mind is at ease. One of the best readers on site. Highly recommended" ... written by ray of light
good connection,much revealed" ... written by lynn
Thank you Amanlove! Very insightful and excellent reading! I will sure be back to chat with you - you are very honest andamp; I appreciate this wholeheartedly!" ... written by Amy
Shes very accurate.. very pleasing to the ears and eyes. I highly recommend her all the time.. No hesitations. Shes worth it! Thank you Amanlove. Appreciate it a lot!" ... written by Rania
she is very accurate an good" ... written by Riffet
AMAZING!! She is soooo GIFTED!!!" ... written by Alexis
Aman is sweet and kind and wanted to deliver some insights into my thoughts and energies. Her want for you to achieve goodness is great. I'm thankful for her advice and Her energy toward me. I would always recommend her. Her heart comes from a deep and loving place. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is the best reader I have ever come across! Really amazing and very kind-hearted and genuine person!" ... written by Esjay
She gave an amazing reading! Extremely impressed with everything she said and knew about my relationship and others surrounding us. I really appreciate her insight and honesty. I truly recommend her." ... written by Dove
very interesting reading. I expected to get answers in different direction than it went, so I guess she does not make stories up. thanks you" ... written by leo girl
Aman as always brings positivity and clarity into my life thank you my lovely your an amazing woman!!! xx" ... written by sharon
She is excellent! She is so naturally gifted and gives you the advice that you need to get through hardships. She deserves all the stars in the sky. Thank you Aman! " ... written by star
5 stars !! Love her to bits !" ... written by m
Extremely talented and excellent psychic. Accurate, kind, helpful. Highly highly recommend her!" ... written by Esjay
" ... written by shahnaz
Great!! Amazing!! So gifted!!" ... written by Alexis207
Love her!!! Amazing!!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
Good News" ... written by NCH
Aman is totally awesome. She has given me an outstanding update and told me what to make sure I work on and do to continue to make my situation improve. " ... written by Rick
Thank you Amanlove! You have been awesome! Always to the point in your readings." ... written by Amy
I like the fact she gets straight to it I've been coming to her for about 8 months and she has not disappointed me" ... written by Coco245
I love have free chat she's very inspiring and interesting in who you are and is always welcoming " ... written by Coco245
I love the fact that she's caring and her connection is like a glowing light she hits everything on the nose" ... written by Coco245
All updates are always great !!!" ... written by M
thanks anyways" ... written by mwisteria
Aman is great, a deeply perceptive reader and kind soul." ... written by G
Wonderful! Amazing!" ... written by Esjay
Love her!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by Alexis
Aman!!! I am very fascinated by what you found and the description was incredible! Hugs!!! Love it!!! Did i say you are incredible? Yes you are!!!" ... written by Maria
thanks for udpate. " ... written by gk
Aman's reading was very insightful and fascinating. It's somehow a little unnerving to think life could be effected by things out of your control yet there's always that ability of the self to help influence toward the best of your wishes. Aman has been giving me guidance and great words toward my love life that I so very much value. I'm grateful for my repertoire with her and thankful for her sight that see's what I can not. I will always always recommend dearest aman. " ... written by Merrysinclair
As usual, Aman is great! She's is spot on and makes em feel comfortable in everything going on in my life." ... written by Ami
thank you amanlove for entertaining my silly questions and endless worried feelings. I wish you well. and shes one person whom you should go to when u have a heavy heart or uneasy feelings. shes mend your mind and soul. *hugs* amanlove... thank you." ... written by Rania
Aman is a wonderful psychic and has really been helping me through a difficult situation. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Esjay
Omg I just had a reading from Amanlove, and she was awesome, she was fast, and she was dead on with everything. And she clarified everything that I was wondering about. Thank you soooo much Amanlove. I highly recommend her!" ... written by believe90
thanks for update aman. " ... written by gk
good connection thank you" ... written by lynn
amazing updates sis. thank you very much. muwah and hugs" ... written by maria
well what can i say she is too good, to the point , detailed insight given, picks up situation fast" ... written by shahnaz
A very kind soul, thanks so much :) " ... written by P
Very friendly, well prediction, perfect advise." ... written by Ranjith
love talking to her. She has a good energy and helped me to understand things." ... written by 0n3l0v3
A very kind and amazing soul" ... written by maria
reading my amanlove always brightens my dull moments. she is good and accurate and never sugar coat you. highly recommended. shes one of the best that ive known in oranum. :) " ... written by Rania
She is amazing!!! She needs no DOB's can just tune right in and type a whirlwind of information!!! I adore her, she's incredible!! :) xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
Aman is so fast, very detailed and such a sweetheart. Many many thanks :) " ... written by P
updated. " ... written by gk
Really sweet and caring really nice reading. Thank You" ... written by sher
Wonderful as always! I really enjoy her readings. She is very straight and to the point. " ... written by Dove
Wonderful person and a terrific reader! Gives a lot of information for the amount of time spent with her. I really appreciate her. " ... written by Dove
Thank u for the updates dear. U can have the chocolate cake too" ... written by maria
she is amazing!!" ... written by suri
thanks for update aman. " ... written by gk
All I can say is I hope she's right and not just saying what I want to hear... if she is right, I'll post the most amazing review ever for her on here! In the meantime, she's very caring and seems intuitive for at least my feelings.. I hope she is for others too." ... written by daren7
She is amazing as always!" ... written by Dove
thanx dear" ... written by alex
thanks for update." ... written by gk
excellent reader. thanks" ... written by kim
Great update and reading so sweet and consistent :) " ... written by Sher
thankyou x" ... written by shahnaz
Aman is a very gifted psychic! She always has such clarity and insight into my situation and gives really helpful advice. " ... written by Esjay
enjoyed it" ... written by joo
I love this session! Aman gave me so much information and all of it was what I needed to hear! i feel so much lighter after this session and can't wait for the next update :)" ... written by Amina
Very wonderful as always! " ... written by Dove
thank you, very intuitive and gifted reader!" ... written by AJ
good session, with patience and care in reading- thank you" ... written by lynn
A lot of Blessings to Amanlove. All she said was right. X" ... written by Love8
Wow, she is just amazing. I was so on edge today, overthinking everything, and amanlove brought me back to positive thinking. I'm so grateful for her advice (which I'm for sure going to take), and her insight to my situation. Love, Light, Peace! " ... written by Jodi
Again dear, I had to hold my breath with your intense updates!!! Wow!!!" ... written by maria
WOW WOW with the updates " ... written by maria
What can i say this lady is amazing, always spot on about things and people and how things maybe playing... really boosts my energy and has great insite " ... written by Sharon
i could read anything" ... written by marcio amodio
connects well sees what i see, tells me what is to come and it comes and by the grace of god we deal with it effectively, we are talking entities here sent by husbands family. funny thing is she makes it sound so easy dealing with these other entities and it is so using amans remedies lol" ... written by shahnaz
Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Aman is the most beautiful of souls, greatly blessed, and deeply loved. Absolute trust. Totally accurate. And I am wishing I could have stayed longer . . . .lols! Great Blessings to You Aman!" ... written by Margaret
Very powerful and accurate! The details are so spot on!!! " ... written by Von
She's amazing!!! Soooo good and gifted!!! Thank you!!" ... written by Alexis
Wow, do I feel great! amanlove sent me a msg that she saw a change in my situation, and it has really made my day! Her advice is spot on and she is such an uplifting person. Thank you so much!!! I'll keep you updated!" ... written by Jodi
wow thx for the update many positive things you see many things for my issues grateful for your insights.. 5 stars!!! " ... written by sweetaspie1622
thanks for update" ... written by gk
nice talk, i will wait and see what happens, i hope you are right about your predictions" ... written by wrekka
A lot of blessings to Amanlove. All she said came true and it is true. Thank you, Aman, much love and light to you XXX" ... written by Love8
hope all works out as you said" ... written by wrekka
Great!" ... written by Alexis
thanks for update aman. " ... written by gk
she is beautiful andamp; genuine one here@! i come ot her always" ... written by L
Aman has given me an outstanding and awesome update and has given me great news that I am so excited to hear. " ... written by Rick
Thanks" ... written by Abby
Thanks" ... written by Abby
Thanks" ... written by Abby
Thank you for your insight and guidance! Such an amazing reader and a wonderful person. I look forward to the next time." ... written by Dove
Thanks" ... written by Abby
thanks for update" ... written by gk
GREAT!!!" ... written by Alexis
interesting chat as always" ... written by david
Thanks" ... written by Abby
amanlove is just amazing. She really makes me feel so much better about things and lifts me up. much love! xoxox" ... written by Jodi
A lOt of Blessings to Amanlove XXX " ... written by Love8Bambi
Sis!!! Intense updates!!! Wow!!!" ... written by Maria
very good A* lol seriously " ... written by shahnaz
Aman is a sweetheart and she connects really fast. Thanks so much dear:) " ... written by B
I appreciate her kind delivery of insight. I hope and pray that what she has predicted comes to pass. I recommend her!" ... written by Jbtforme
I think she her words are trustworthy. but time will tell." ... written by A.M.R
Always makes me feel better! much love!" ... written by Jodi
thank you amanlove for yet again, giving me advise on my weird relationship. appreciate it soo much. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! " ... written by Rania
Good" ... written by Alexis
Aman is loving and so very kind, and her guidance is exceptional. I'm grateful that I have her to speak with when I'm feeling some hardships but I know in the end things will turn toward light and love as she wishes and as do i. I will always recommend her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
You are spot on sis! " ... written by Maria
Wonderful!" ... written by Alexis
Amanlove is wonderful! Loved her Insights andamp; Hope about my situation! So much details! :) Thank you so much for honesty andamp; bringing light into darkness! :) Bless you my dear andamp; Love andamp; Light to you! :) xoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
thank you for reading, helped in my situation" ... written by lynn
Wow, Amanlove is amazing. I just love her and her honest straight forward advice. She's really looking out for me and that's so wonderful. " ... written by Jodi
thanks to reading, i feel confident to be able to make plans to a big purchase inshallah" ... written by shahnaz
Excellent!! Excellent! amazing, quick and fast readter that connected immediately and was able to see my life so very clearly. " ... written by Mel
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Lovely chat !never spoke to anybody before and feel so much lighter she certainly is very good , may god bless you xx" ... written by zues36
excelent, she answered all my questions and gave me good insights and advice" ... written by ree
Very great reading as always!" ... written by Dove
quick and helpful thank you!" ... written by pixie
She has me feeling relaxed and wonderfully at ease! Thank you for everything!!! I hope everything you said happens. Look forward to updating you" ... written by Jazzy
Love her!! Amazing!1" ... written by Alexis
thanks for update aman" ... written by gk
Aman, sis, I still don't know what to say. I am so shocked! It was intense! OMG! " ... written by maris
Very good :) now i feel more positive. but the time gets cut off too quickly haha. " ... written by alvina
She is a great reader and wonderful person that cares about my situations. I am thankful for her guidance." ... written by Dee
All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! " ... written by Jodi
My first time reading with her. I really enjoyed and appreciate our reading! I will come back in her room soon" ... written by PH
Amanlove always lifts me up and helps me stay positive! " ... written by Jodi
I love her!!! She's the best!!! Big hugs, love!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
I do believe Aman is honest and truthful to her insights. I understand that she wants one to seek what is the best. I respect all she says and take in. I appreciate her and will always be thankful. This reading was a hard one but none the less I do see what she is trying to convey and would return. I would recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing lady always able to reassure and make you look at brighter things and keep focused on point thank you xx " ... written by Sharon
Aman is always spot on with things that she says.. always gives such amazing energy.. thank you xx" ... written by sharon
As always Amanlove is the best. Just had an update and I am looking forward to the wedding :) thank you for everything " ... written by Lmsunshine601
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Thank You Aman for Your Divine Help and Support. God Bless You in Every Way." ... written by Margaret
great update !! 5 stars really good news have to watch all that is going on!!" ... written by queenbee22
AWESOME!!!! amazing reader!!! no tools, immediate connection" ... written by Mel
Thanks Aman, so nice to catch u again!!" ... written by p
You would have to speak to her to understand her gift. " ... written by Crystal
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox Never lets me down! She's always there for me." ... written by Jod
Love you!!! You're amazing!!!" ... written by Alexis
Love love love the updates Aman! Need i say more about this fantastic girl!!!" ... written by Lynn
excellent, thank you for your input" ... written by ric
she's great- thanks!!!" ... written by l
My dear Amanlove, thank you so much for bringing light into darkness!!!! I seem to find it hard to see like everyday. I should listen to my intuition more, i know the truth too, but i doubt myself too much! Bless your kind heart andamp; soul my friend! Love andamp; Light to you! Thank you for your guideance andamp; advice! xoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
She is D...Goood spot on...Five Big ❤❤❤❤❤" ... written by loverboy
1st time reading with her. And she is so sweet! both in her looks and the way she relates to the situation. Very sharp in her reading and fast. Will certainly be back very soon. Thanks aman sweet dear :)" ... written by Miss jk21
thanks aman" ... written by gk
My dear friend! Thank You!!!! For everything AmanLove! :) You are so kind andamp; truthful! Thank you my dear for your updates and advice!!! :) Love and Light to you always! :) xoxoxxo" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Amazing as always! She is right about things that she tells me will happen in my life. I appreciate her very much." ... written by Dove
She really cares. And is so good and helpful" ... written by Terri
Wonderul updates. I totally agree with her. Thanks sis! " ... written by lynn
Very informative and as always she is wonderful person!" ... written by Dove
thanks" ... written by gk
lovely insights, she gives caing, genuine advice and insights." ... written by ric
thanks for the update " ... written by gk
great insights" ... written by ric
Sweet sweet amanlove. Just by looking at her makes u feel at ease. And when she focuses on the energy readings, it makes u feel so confident of her awesome gift. I will be back amanlove! missjk21 :)" ... written by Missk
thankyou for the direction, and highlights etc will follow" ... written by shahnaz
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
thanks for your reassurances and your pleasantness." ... written by ric
I love Aman she is so sweet. She always uplifts me! blessing to you Aman xxx" ... written by Heather
Thank you dear Amanlove for your guideance andamp; love! Ran out of credits, but your advice will help a lot! :) Bless your kind heart andamp; soul! Love andamp; Light to you! :) xoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
thanks " ... written by gk
Wonderful! Thank you!!!" ... written by Alexis
couldn't sleep and I knew the only thing that would make me feel better was talking to amanlove. I was right, I she always makes me feel so much better and lift my spirits" ... written by Jodi
Actually,,,she was right in everything...will wait for updates....and lets see if it comes true..nice lady ..." ... written by Nag
I got some great advice for tomorrow! She is so sweet and kind, so full of light! You really are an Angel my dear! Bless your heart and soul my dear friend! :) Thank you so much for your help!!! xoxoxox :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
so sweet a lady i hope she makes a fortune some way or another...she deserves much lovely in nature as in face....god bless her...very happy with reading" ... written by marie
Aman is wonderful, fast and quick to answer all questions without tools!! " ... written by Melissa
excellent as always, really appreciated." ... written by ric
thanks" ... written by gk
Thank you so much Aman for being there for me :))" ... written by me
thanks" ... written by gk
Another wonderful reading!" ... written by Dove
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
always knows the right time to give a pep talk and show some clarity on what is ahead... thanks for your soothing ways.. this lady has changed my views and ways of looking at life in a major way for the better.. with so many amazing opportunities ahead. thank you xx " ... written by shaan
Very gifted and quick to answer questions. Alot of details and tuned into the situation good. She's very good worth trying, I will come back as I enjoyed all the details from this reading." ... written by SJ
tuned into the situation immediately and loved that Aman love speak of angels and beings of light - very beautiful" ... written by mcf
aman love was great, " ... written by ric
Feeling great and Amanlove just lefts me even higher! Her advice and knowledge of what's going on just always blows my mind. Everything we've talked about over the last few months has happened, she's always spot on." ... written by Jodi
all in perspective thank you dear" ... written by shahnaz
Aman, is an Angel. All what she said became true. A lot of Blessings! " ... written by Love8
Always great to connect - thanks so much!" ... written by p
Excellent " ... written by Sanja Tadic
aman is amazing :) thank you so much 5 stars " ... written by carlos
aaman is very lovely genuine person, i see she always connects quickly to my situation, and she always breaks doen and explains things in detail." ... written by ric
I love how she contacts me when she has new advice or msgs to give to me. Love!!! xoxox" ... written by Jodi
Wonderful as always!" ... written by Dove
thanks" ... written by gk
Keeps me on path of remaining positive and looking at things in a positive way... Aman always gives great energy amazing lady xx " ... written by shaan
thankyou sooo much dear lets deal with these baddies now here we go again good over evil. good will defeat evil inshallah" ... written by shahnaz
ThankYou" ... written by bearthoven
thanks" ... written by gk
Amanlove is a true psychic, she can look into all of the issues you have in your mind and she helps lead you in the right directions. She has continued to help keep me positive and knowing that I am heading in the right direction. Thanks so much." ... written by Rick
She is simply wonderful. She is very gifted, kind and so helpful in her guidance. She can truly see. I am very grateful. :)" ... written by Kelly
A pleasure as always." ... written by dove
thanks" ... written by gk
Very firm in her reading of things and ever so sweet. will certainly be back to update you :)" ... written by Miss jk21
loved her reading" ... written by computerluv
thank u for a lovely chat,your lovely kind personality is much appreciated." ... written by ric
Aman so wonderful and amazing!! super fast to see all that is going on with no tools. Truely gifted and a blessing to all those she can help " ... written by Melissa
Aman is an Angel, sent by God to Earth.. A lot of Blessings to Aman and her Loved Ones!" ... written by Love8
was a very good reading very consistent with other readings I have had and with some of the same timeframes also." ... written by Ray
Great reader, insightful and detailed. Looking forward to seeing how things work out! " ... written by Hd
Amazing as always!" ... written by Dove
Great help. Positive energy. " ... written by KV5000
I love how she lets me know when she has no info for me and it ALWAYS gives me hope and stay on track with my situations. " ... written by Jodi
great" ... written by nat
thank you Aman next phase to do now lol engine start brum brum here we go" ... written by shahnaz
what she said about my situation was spot on" ... written by nicole
excellent as always............................" ... written by ric
She always lifts my spirit! I am thankful for her." ... written by Dove
Thank you sister Aman for the guidance in my life. Heartfelt thanks to you. 10 Stars! Thank you for being so caring! All the best to you always :)" ... written by AR
a light and wonderful soul. Very accurate, could see my concerns without telling her ... she's great!" ... written by me
great reader and adviser removes worries from the mind " ... written by a
Wonderful and helpful as always!" ... written by Dove
Amazing! Quick, honest, accurate and very sweet lady. amanlove is the real deal. I will definitely be back :)" ... written by nina
she was great, excellent as always" ... written by ric
Aman is serious powers :) " ... written by carlos
She always makes my day better!" ... written by Jodi
Aman is a fantastic reader. She will not sugarcoat. Tells u straight and gives the best advice. So far things are unfolding exactly as she has seen them. I trust her totally. She cares about her clients. I cannot thank her enough for her patience and understanding. I cannot wait for things to unfold. She keeps me positive and level headed and I regard her as a friend. Thank u aman xx u have a truly fantastic gift and I am so glad you have shared it with me. Stay blessed. So looking forward to 2 weeks time ; )" ... written by nicmuir
Thanks for the update..." ... written by B
Aman is so quick and she really cares for her clients. Thanks so much!!" ... written by B
AmanLove not only gives you updates andamp; sees everything, but she gives great advice too andamp; so much more!!! Her answers are fast and so detailed!!! Thank you again for everything my friend!!! :) Love and Light to you Always!! :) xoxoxo" ... written by 82Aquarius81
once again continues to encouraging and keeping you focused on the positivity and enlightens me on many other things.. Awesome lady with amazing spirit .. xxx" ... written by Shaan
Aman is the best person and so beautiful, she helps me alot " ... written by jenny
Aman is amazing!! she has helped me tremendously!! she can see so much into my situation " ... written by Melissa
connects to Angels and light energy - very accurate reading and gentle and loving" ... written by mcf
I trust Aman 100%. She is connecting fast and always been right in any situation and true in any words. A lot of Blessings to Aman. Im proud, that there are in our earth, such person exists like Aman. " ... written by Love8
There is something so pure and genuine about Aman that makes you want to protect her yet at the same time, you totally trust what she sees/tells you. I was very touched today when she said i made her cried a little. Inside my heart, i cried a little too. Thanks Aman dear, i will wait for your visions to come true and do what we will do for next 2 weeks :) " ... written by Miss jk21
I have read with this woman in the past. She amazed me then and still does. " ... written by Sarah
no tools really good. honest." ... written by jamira76
Aman kept reassuring me that the good energy would return to my crush. On Monday, after a month of no contact from him ,he got in touch. It was very general but it was exactly like aman said! After getting amazing updates on Wednesday I asked her should I contact him again. She said it was best to wait till Thursday/Friday. I text him today and he answered straight away! ! We've been talking ever since! This lady is good! I'm forever thankful to her. She tells it like it is. And sees my very complicated situation very clearly! Sorry about the long testimonial but if you're like me u want to know if predictions happen lol can't wait for the rest to happen. Thanks aman. You are amazing xx " ... written by nicmuir
Felt very light after talking to Aman.. Can see clearly.. She is very accurate and genuine.. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Shama
Great reading" ... written by pearlp
Aman is excellent as always! I love her energy. Very quick, honest and accurate. " ... written by nina
keeping me on track of the focus i need as always full of bright energy thank you xx " ... written by shann
amazing as always in steering me along the right path xx " ... written by shaan
Another great reading and updates from AmanLove!!!! Highly recommend her to everyone!!! So kind andamp; insightful! Wonderful energy!!! Love andamp; Light to you dear friend!!! :) xoxoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
She is the most gentle soul here- always willing to help and guide you to the right path. Thanks so much!!" ... written by P
Ran out of Credits!!! Amanlove is the Best!!! She is so kind andamp; wonderful!!! Very intuitive andamp; insightful! She sees it all!!! :) Thank You for everything again my dear friend!!! :) xoxoxxo Bless your Heart andamp; Soul!!! :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Very good read...told me things without telling her anything about myself. Thanks" ... written by Nona
excellent as always......................" ... written by ric
I enjoyed the reading and loved how she connected with the situation. Was not expecting to have two options but it is definitely something interesting. I look forward to seeing what will happen. " ... written by DTS_DRT
She is so cool! She can read amazingly and deeply! I'm so glad I got her help! Love you Aman!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Such a gentle soul. andamp; stands steadfast in her visions. Praying it all comes true and i will def give a big shout out. :)" ... written by Miss jk21
Aman is amazing!! she has helped me tremendously!! she has been able to see so much into my life " ... written by Mel
Thank you sis for being so prompt, to the point and kind in your readings. Heartfelt thanks :) 10 Stars!" ... written by AR
What a great connection! What a really really good connection to the events and all the behind the scenes stuff, She is really so informed and gifted...thanks so much!" ... written by Geri
She always lifts my spirits and makes my day better ;)" ... written by Jodi
superb psychic...................." ... written by ric
She is great!" ... written by Dove
You gave me advice that I felt in my heart but you gave me clarity. Your advice was true and rooted in the light. I am excited to come back with good news I hope. You are amazing. Love you and what you do!" ... written by MaryMary
Was feeling concerned and a bit stressed regarding my career, a different topic we normally talk about. Amanlove always works her magic and made me feel much better" ... written by Jodi
Aman is amazing and truly gifted!! she can feel and see what Im going thru and has helped me so much. fast, quick and spot on about my situation. " ... written by Mel
thanks i will return i ran out of credits" ... written by soniya
Aman is a fantastic reader don't miss out!! :) " ... written by Carlos
Always perfect - and so kind. " ... written by Crystal Kirkbride
I just had a most shocking an incredible reading I think you very months once again I will return you are so sweet and amazing so much detail you are very sweet and pure I really appreciate you helpin" ... written by Alexisb1991
Thank you so much for the connection you drew on our enegies to the t...many blessings" ... written by eyes
gave me so much faith because she is so calm and peaceful and knows how to make you feel better" ... written by katie
Thank you, very good reading and life guidance! I will keep you in mind Amanlove :O!" ... written by Cherie
Good Mediation Advice to Help the Situation! Thanks...very Informative." ... written by Geri
Excellent reading" ... written by Gandalf
Really sweet andamp; caring and gives guidance. Thanks " ... written by sher
Very sincere and insightful" ... written by min
Dear AmanLove!!!! Thank You My Friend!!!! Wonderful update andamp; news!!! Have a great weekend my dear!! Love andamp; Light to you!!! :) xoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Amanlove has abundant positive energy. I feel so connected as she chats to me. She gives great advice. I'm so glad I got to meet her!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
She is the real deal!!! Said things without me saying anything at all and was spot on...She predicted great things hope they all come to pass. May Allah bless you, and thank you" ... written by s
Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by Smilingface
Aman is such a sweet doll. She was very accurate and gave great advice. The approximate timelines also help with the situation." ... written by Sweety
really good" ... written by aby
Excellent and lovely lady. Thank you" ... written by Laura
I'm speechless. Thanks my dear!" ... written by A
Aman is like a sister to me - very accurate and has a very big heart; very beautiful inside and out. I love you dearly and i'm so grateful for all your help!!" ... written by Love
Thanks Aman for your valuable advice! I ran out of credits :( ... Until next reading!" ... written by Jose
Aman is the best :) !!!!" ... written by Carlos
Amanlove is the best in Oranum, I'm using Oranum last 3 years almost everyday and been almost in each room.. Everything what Aman said, became true. A lot of blessings to Aman" ... written by Love8
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by JAMIRA76
Thank you sis. Connects very well. Very clear and concise!" ... written by AR
Amanlove is very talented and a great psychic. She helps keep you informed of things that come up from your readings and to let you know of things that help you and also warns you things that can be a little problem and suggests things that can help. She is super. Thanks so much Aman!!!" ... written by Rick
Thank you for your wise words my dear sis! I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by AR
she is wonderful. very quick and straight forward." ... written by Dove
Thank you my dear sister. Always kind and clear. Very concise as well. Heartfelt thanks to you! Take care until we chat again. Much love" ... written by AR
Thanks for the healing :) YOu're the best!!" ... written by Br
awesome reader_)" ... written by workgirl
Aman updated me as and when she had something to inform me about." ... written by Sweety
Aman gave me updates on the situation. Always very positive and loving." ... written by Sweety
She is very fast to connect and answers quickly too. " ... written by b
good... waiting on predictions " ... written by real love
Dear AmanLove, Bless your Heart andamp; Soul!!! You Light the way through the darkness as always!!! Another great reading and updates!!! Wonderful advise!!! My dear friend, Thank You for helping us!!! Love andamp; Light to you dear sis!! :) xoxoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
I had lot's weighing on my mind today, and amanlove always always always makes me feel better. Best advice!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Jodi
awesome as ever in helping me with seeing whats around me keeping me focused giving me the awesoe energy that she has. really a great amazing lady god bless u " ... written by shaeron
thank you once again for setting all the things happening in my home into perspective that i see but dont always understand xxx" ... written by shahnaz
AmanLove is Amazing!!!!! Thank you for all the fast and detailed answers my dear friend!! You really are gifted!! :) Love andamp; Light to you!!! :) xoxoxox" ... written by 82Aquarius81
Quick updates from her and also some clarity on bad dreams I had." ... written by Sweety
Great as always; puts me to the right path... Thanks so much xoxoxo" ... written by p
Many Thanks to Amanlove. She helped me a lot! Always true things happening. " ... written by Love8
Thanks so much!!" ... written by BA
Thanks a lot Aman...Another great reading and update... You can connect so quickly and really genuine and to the point... Want to come back more and more to you as you give me lots of confidence and a true motivation to move on.. One of the very best in Oranum..." ... written by Shama
gifted" ... written by ash
She is nothing but amazing. She was able to tap into my situation and she gave me so much hope and I did not have to say much because she was able to pick up on my situation." ... written by Luella63
As always amazing advice and such a great reading. Thank you so much for always being there for me and helping me wrap my mind around my situations. xoxox" ... written by Jodi
greatbchat, very detailed insights and she reads with such realness and passion, i am soo happy aaman is back and in good health." ... written by ric
So glad that Aman is back - she's so kind-hearted and very accurate. Thanks!" ... written by LV
Aman brings tranquillity to my thought process that i sometimes become erratic with. A lovely who always knows how to bring me on my positive path. Thank you gorgeous lady xx " ... written by sharon
Perfect as usual" ... written by Ami
Thank you my dear sister! Always great chatting with you! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
Amazing lady! Amazing reader! Amazing friend! So spot on. Thanks Aman, Miss Ice Cream for being my support. " ... written by the wyn
Very wonderful person with great abilities!" ... written by Dove
this lady heals intensely with the meditation that she gives me. she has so much positive energy its mind blowing. she really knows what is going on and how to bring you back upon a calm path of positivity.. xx " ... written by sharon
Glad your back andamp; feeling fine, God Bless!!" ... written by queenbee22
She is absolutely awesome and easy to talk to. I didn't not have to tell her much and she was able to pick up on my situation. I will most certainly becoming back to her and recommend you to check her out." ... written by Luella63
Had a quick update with Aman dear :)" ... written by Sweety
Dear AmanLove!!! Thank you so much for the updates!!! Amazing gift you have as always!!! So happy you are back!!! Take Care my Friend and Love andamp; Light to you!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo :)" ... written by 82Aquarius81
She is accurate and answers exactly what I ask without wasting time Really excellent ." ... written by Nancy
She is a great, happy, smart witted psychic with a lovely smile and great insight into things. She sees many things and very accurately too. May God bless her!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Wow, I was blown away from our reading. She caused me to have tears in my eyes. the reading was so good and informative. I can't wait to return!" ... written by AD31983
very quick n helpful Greatly appreciate all the info thx very much spot on info !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Love the insights. Aman connected really fast and is spot on. Talk to you soon dear and a huge thanks! " ... written by the wyn
Awesome awesome awesome. Love the updates. So spot on!" ... written by the wyn
she is calming and ease my mind" ... written by jamira76
great insights" ... written by ric
She is awesome and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER to anyone who looking for someone who can quickly connect and really see into your situation she is the one. She is definitely worth your money and time. You won't be disappointed. I absolutely love love her." ... written by Luella63
Aman gave quick updates :))" ... written by Sweety
She is a great reader, with great insight and very helpful. She gets things straight to the point, and always in a cheerful mood." ... written by Chiara
my love aman and she is so beautiful and honest ... thank you " ... written by jenny
AmanLove has such a wonderful andamp; kind Heart andamp; Soul!!! Her insights are amazing andamp; i keep coming back for more readings!!! She connects fast andamp; gives fast detailed answers! Always Truthful andamp; so accurate!!! Love her!!!! Take Care My Friend!!! Love andamp; Light to you!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by 82Aquarius81
accurate and kind. i would highly recommend her" ... written by kindhearted
Great way to start the week off with a reading from a great psychic " ... written by Luella63
Always true and quick prediction. A lot of blessings to Aman" ... written by Love8
Aman is amazing!!! super fast and quick to pickup on everything in my life. love her " ... written by Mel
To the point, honest, and a wonderful person!" ... written by Dove
Good Update, saw some differences, noticed them and followed through with a predictions..." ... written by Living FAITHFUL
As always, makes my day brighter and gives me such great advice. xoxoxox" ... written by Jodi
She was lovely. I had to run, but I felt she was connected on a deep level. I feel this connection with someone, she also felt it and answered my questions. I will be back." ... written by Breanna
shes great thank u" ... written by jamira76
shes great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Amanlove... is beyond amazing!! she is very quick and fast to see my situation. Gives a tremendous about of detail and cna sense the current energy of all those around me. She's able to give time frames and she has a beautiful spirit. She is extremely gifted. A true blessing to all those she can help" ... written by Melissa
She is really cool and tells you exactly what you need to know. So cool...she has helped me a lot and many predictions came true. thanks aman!!!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
excellent psychic, a specific prediction that aaman predicted came true today and and all the other stuff she told me is in the process as i have seen certain things and can also feel them, all in all she is very gifted and is very kind and a beautiful soul, and very cheerful she has a lot of positive energy and it's just so refreshing to talk to her." ... written by ric
Thank you dear sis! Always clear and concise! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
She is awesome" ... written by Luella63
Lovely as always, thanks so much:)" ... written by M
spot on private 5 stars great information thx you !! God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
Aman is super gifted and will help you :) " ... written by carlons
Aman is a fantastic lady. A very loving soul that goes above and beyond for her clients. Does not waste credits. Gets straight to the point. She has been there so much for me in the last few months and u feel a sense of calm after her readings. Predictions have come true and I am looking forward to the rest unfolding. U will not regret getting a reading with amanlove. Thank u as always aman. Many blessings to you xxx " ... written by nicmuir
she is wonderful thank u Aman i feel better," ... written by jamira76
She's so cool and has great insight on the situation. she is kind and the best!!!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Superb reader! I love it when she has sales =)" ... written by the wyn
Always a great reading very positive and accurate..xx" ... written by Chris
great reader thank you for your guidance " ... written by av
Aman connects instantly with me and can describe detailed information without any tools. she very quick and clearly able to see and guide me with all. She will tell me things i didnt even ask about. she is amazing" ... written by Melissa
" ... written by ❤Boy
Aman is beyond amazing!! she connects with me immediately and can clearly see everything in my life. She uses no tools. just her God given gift to help. Truly a blessing!! " ... written by Melissa
interesting update ! thankyou the best as always" ... written by shanaz
She is a peaceful reader with great insight. She is so cool and wise. Let her help you like she has helped me !!!!!" ... written by Chiara
Good" ... written by Gandalf
Ahhhhh, always a breath of fresh air and she always eases my mind when I'm doubtfull. xoxoxox" ... written by Jodi
great reading, and lovely insights." ... written by ric
She is so cool and amazing...deep with insight and focused. I love to get readings from her :)" ... written by Chiara
She is so kind, always to the point and to have a reading with her...always a pleasure..." ... written by Chiara
another session with details to my situation, ty" ... written by lynn
very good reader" ... written by sulman
Thank you Amanlove, you are very quick and accurate with your readings. I look forward to seeing everything unfold with your updates. " ... written by h
She is awesome and comes highly recommended by me. She is quick and accurate." ... written by Luella63
Intense updates sis. I was practically holding my breath. Hahahaha! Thank you!!! OMG!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by lynnie
I had a lot on my mind and Aman helped me calm down and give me the information that I needed to hear." ... written by Rick
This lady always has soo much positive energy to give.. has soo much incite to what is happening in my life without me even telling her... truly very spiritual young lady. thank you xx" ... written by sharon
She is so sweet...kind..and strong reader :)" ... written by Chiara
Thank you for the uplifting positive updates. Always looking out for me." ... written by Sweety
Another amazing reading/update and so spot on" ... written by winnie
She is absolutely wonderful and amazing. I had a really bad situation that I needed to talk to her about and she calm me right down and gave me the hope i was in need of. She is absolutely awesome and I encourage others to have a reading by her you will be impressed" ... written by Luella63
A lot of blessings to Aman. All what she said was true and became true. I'm amazed! XXX" ... written by Love8
Aman is probably the nicest and most direct Psychic here on Oranum. she is very compassionate in her work and are always present 100% of her customers. I highly recommend her to anyone who might drop by her side, you will never be disappointed in her ability to help you see what's up and down in your reality. She was born empath and is very clear. and she's really good to put words on what she sees and feel. Amazing Aman is probably the nicest and most direct Psychic here on Oranum. she is very compassionate in her work and are always present 100% of her customers. I highly recommend her to anyone who might drop by her side, you will never be disappointed in her ability to help you see what's up and down in your reality. She was born empath and is very clear. and she's really good to put into words what she sees and feel." ... written by ❤️ Boy
I must confess after several readings with Amanlove that there are very few and far between psychic as Amanlove she really godsend. I will not say much more because I think I have said everything now." ... written by ❤️ Boy
I must say that "Amanlove" is so direct and always know what is going on at the other end. her abilities will blow you away. it's not just something I say she can really tell you everything that happens around you. whether you like it or not. she is 100% honest, it's the best of everything. I highly recommend her, she will never disappoint you and will always tell you the truth. 5 Big ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" ... written by ❤️ boy
I love her so much !! she is so gifted it's unreal !! she is 100% on the money everytime and will not waist your time " ... written by tamjones
She is wonderful! " ... written by Davette
Aman, is an amazing reader. She has a many tools in one, for all kind of readings you want. You cant hide anything from her. She just knows it or finds it out. A lot of blessings!" ... written by Love8
lovely insights, great chat!" ... written by ric
She is really really good. If you having a problem and want someone that can really see into your situation then I highly recommend you to check out Amanlove I have gotten numerous readings from her because she is so good. You are gonna love her she is amazing and quick. She worth every cent you spend." ... written by Luella63
brilliant! confirmed my hunches and analysis, and also what i did not know as of yet. now got to work on the next step illuminate the witch in my home! i was able to by the grace of god see so much so, but Aman puts in to perspective and puts it in a format i understand clearly and can act on to banish these evil beings" ... written by shahnaz
She is so cool and smart. Love talking to her. She knows exactly what I feel and guides me so well...." ... written by Chiara
Aman is a darling. She gave me updates which excited the both of us. Always positive and uplifting." ... written by Sweety
awesome updates .. she is sooo freaking good its beyond this world!!! highly recommended!!!!!" ... written by tamjones
i love the details you picked up and i am grateful for you!" ... written by cherie
loving the updates. i always come to aman. thank you dear sis. such an understanding and beautiful soul inside out. " ... written by L
Always a pleasure having a reading with amanlove. Always feels like she has my best interests at heart." ... written by CB
Aman is quick, fast and amazing. connects immediately with out tools and clearly see the situation. able to answer so many questions very quickly" ... written by Melissa
shes great...confirmed what it is i have to do" ... written by Whitney
She is so fast, accurate and amazing! love her!!!!!!" ... written by C
mashallah lovely sister may allah bless her connects fast and is informative" ... written by shahnaz
very good reader" ... written by ulli
very sharp to the point with many details thx you for ur Information 5 stars !!" ... written by queenbee22
she is good and she is fast!" ... written by f
Brilliant reading she connects fast and accurately." ... written by Z
she is wonderful..congratulations" ... written by porco
accurate and fast" ... written by abby
Great reading from amanlove I will be back soon to talk with her again she helps me so much." ... written by Will
makes you feel comfortable, and reassured a little concerned about finances at moment, Aman is good reader when things come to pass I will come bk and let you folks know" ... written by shahanz
she gave me great advice, I she can also give psychic/spiritual advice on improving lifestyle on a daily basis" ... written by av
Great reading can't wait to see the out come because so far she has been right thanks for your help so far i will be back." ... written by will
Thank you for the lovely accurate reading. you are great" ... written by Lorna
Thanks again for you help will e how things go in the next few weeks and get back too you." ... written by Koston
well this is my first time with aman she is very talented and gave" ... written by ann
he approach is practicle, she know how to tune ur mind in despair...i hope the predictions come true but it is a straight forward approach she gives u" ... written by ilovetravel
Quick connection and really fast - awesome insight as well :) Thank u :)" ... written by Adis
we will see if predictions will come out.I will stay positive about all this situations in my life :)))" ... written by Lili
Happy with my reading with Amanlove will come back again soon very helpful." ... written by Will
good reading, positive messages" ... written by norcal
Thank you so much! I will wait for your predictions to come true! :)" ... written by Marta