About VixVisions

Psychic VixVisionshas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic VixVisionshas recently helped 18members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about VixVisions's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hi. I am Vix & i am a clairvoyant. My specialties are Love matters , career, Finance, dreams, health and past life regression. I can give you detailed Love readings & can send special energies to attract more love. I can also reveal the purpose of your life & can tell you more about your past lives. Further I can look into your career paths to tell you how to improve it. So join in for clarity.

thank you for your reading... I'll see how things work out.. Hopefully my life will be okay. " ... written by California
Vix is so down to earth no frills just solid insight and advice. He was exceptionally on point in getting to the root of my relationship issue, and guided me in the direction for a positive outlook. He is awesome! thumbs Up!!" ... written by Cordie167
short 2 min reading honest and to the point no time wasting " ... written by hannah
Oh how I have missed him! I can't get enough of his readings! THANK YOU" ... written by Jennifer
Vix Visions gives you the real deal. Honest fast insight into your current issues and challenges. I do believe he is gifted and honest. Thank you!" ... written by Northern Lights
fantastic spot on accurate reading thanks you" ... written by Lorna
Quick update with Vix. He connects fast and can give insight that is accurate. The real deal - highly recommended." ... written by SB
Thanks for the good reading." ... written by cmv
I had a good reading done with Vix. He was nice and caring, and fast. He did not take long to answer my questions. I recommend you have a reading done with him...:)" ... written by Deebee
Good reading. I'm pleased. He doesn't take long to connect." ... written by RAM
He has really good energy. He connected quickly. I definitely recommend him. " ... written by knina2311
quick to connect!" ... written by reeeze
very nice person, truly helpful-he connects good and fast.Lets see if his predictions come true " ... written by mihaela
Was very helpful in clearing my problems and answered questions precisely" ... written by siddubel
Vix was on point and someone that i trust to be honest in his reading. He picked up the energy of my issue and directly addressed it with intuitive guidance. Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
He had good insight into my situation!! He knew answers to all my questions. Honest and kind. " ... written by Amazing Expert Reading
eye opening info thank u!" ... written by avaq
Seemed in tune with the situation. Will wait to see if predictions come to pass. Thank you!" ... written by Summer
thank you so much." ... written by Lenard
Vix is the real deal. Hes got some good intuition and illuminated my issues really well. Freindly, nice guy too." ... written by Anwar Sadat
he was really good waiting for predictions will update later:)" ... written by Loveandlight12
vix gave an excellent demo reading where he picked my issue exactly. i later took pvt. he gave lots of info. only time will tell of its accuracy. thank you" ... written by m
Vix is a for real psychic, he manages to dial right in and see the truth of whats going on. I appreciate his honesty and vision." ... written by Gargantua Pantagruel
very helpful :)" ... written by yellowMellow51
great reading. very genuine. actually tunes in. any things were accurate. must try. worth the money" ... written by aa
ok nice reading" ... written by nabeela
Given some pointers to my issues-will follow up - nothing I can do" ... written by Callie44
STOP!!!PICK HIM!!!" ... written by Claritiy711
Perfect reading, very quick to connect, please have a reading with VixVisions. " ... written by Australia
good....we will see :)" ... written by K
Thank you! you are very kind and honest. you where right about my husband I hope all but positive things happen." ... written by sweetangle
had demo yesterday was very excited to get update very positive information 5 stars thx u" ... written by queenbee22
he was so spot on to the point." ... written by toni808
enjoyed the reading and he is accurate in the reading .thank you so much for all the insight" ... written by sanab11
He caught on very quick to my situation, even answering questions I had on my mind I had not stated. Hope all comes true! Great demo extended to private" ... written by Bree
Very quick and actuate and straight to the point :) a very kind and great person and I recommend him to everyone he is worth it " ... written by Trashonda Taylor
Another good reading from Vix,...he's helped me unravel some personal issues, i really appreciate his counsel and ability to percieve. Genuine caring person." ... written by Aloysius Crabtree
Vix is a great seer, kind and helpful. " ... written by Grenville Baggins
thank you very much will come back " ... written by linda
Excellent reading thats it in the nut shell! 10 stars *********" ... written by Cordie 167
He was very accurate with circumstances with my current situation. He was very helpful and gave good sound advise that I will surely follow. I will return to him in the future again once his predictions unfold as I'm certain that I will need his advice again as well as his insight. Very good reader. I highly recommend him." ... written by ABC
Vix is the best, he gave me alot of clarity, insight and comfort. You won't regret getting a reading from him and he is kind too." ... written by Xristy
thanks vix , will wait for predictions, so far spot on always " ... written by hannah
best reader ever. very patient.. thank you so much :")" ... written by jennamelia
very positive definitely helps guided me" ... written by crodgers1723
Amazing man 10 stars was so sweet and was a total gentleman totally respectful and gave me so much informations to look forward too. I truely recommend him to everyone. Namaste My new friend I was very happy with our reading. will be back with updates." ... written by Edna
He is great" ... written by f
amazing as always :)" ... written by E
thanks so much for everything... always great!!" ... written by E
great " ... written by f
vix has a good connection, fast and doesn't waste time. tells what he sees and then offers advise as to best way to understand the situation and go forward. thanks again, talk again soon.... :)" ... written by dakota
This gentleman is gentle. He has clarity and definitive answers. He is a good soul who tells it like it is. I would say he is focused and answers you quickly. I enjoyed the reading very much." ... written by dmbertault
thank you for the details in this situation Hoping things " ... written by queenbee22
Had a great demo - went back for more! Wonderful!!! I can't wait to see if predictions come true!" ... written by Jennifer
followed his advice for 7 weeks and got the exact result was seeking. awesome!!!!" ... written by beth
Great and quick as ever...straight to the point no sugar coating." ... written by cordie167
I wish I have more coins!!!" ... written by Last search1
quick question because i had very few credits. He got straight to the point. will post on hall if prediction comes true." ... written by A
Only one thing I want to say.....amazing amazing amazing great psychic.....Thank you for your advice." ... written by Monisha
specific and honest " ... written by lunaqash
Great" ... written by Ashley
A nice , kind man, great intuitive reader, has given me lots of helpful insights into whats going on...and i come back later and what he said still applies so time tested resource. " ... written by Ibn al Zubelgenubi
This guy is awesome and to the point. It was so easy for him to connect with me. I had all my questions answered . I really feel good after talking to him . " ... written by Aditya
Wow VixVisions was on point and saw what the problem was and told me what to do about it. I will take his advice. He gave a great reading and I thank him very much." ... written by Bell
This man is beyond any psychic on Oranum extremely insightlful very generous with his readings. I would be a mistake not to have a reading with this man it would be a mistake not to." ... written by EyePanda
thanks for interesting session today many regards my friend" ... written by j
thanks for everything always a great help :)" ... written by E
great and power session. filled with much details and accuracy. I am happy and will be back" ... written by beauty
Great reading ….He knew a lot of things and really helped me be clear …." ... written by Julie
Great reading andamp; help, thanks very much" ... written by H
he provided honest and detailed reading" ... written by bb
I have had 3 readings with vixvision and they really gave me some depth to my situation. He was so positive but also clear on the work that was involved. I have had one other very excellent reader here on Oranum. Vixvision was able to delve deeper and that gave me much hope and assurance that I will attain the peace I so desperately seek." ... written by artisticparkway
First ever full reading! - had a demo with this wonderful reader - very quick and was spot on! waiting patiently for everything to fall into place :)" ... written by Adis
A pleasure to speak with." ... written by Alneverus
Spot on reading :)" ... written by Adis
Very calm and insightful. Good energy." ... written by J
Thank you for talking to me. I will keep you posted. Sorry I ran out of credits. " ... written by Jennifer
Interesting reading, very clear and straight forward. Highly recommend a reading with this man. " ... written by Australia
thank you for the reading, you are very accurate!" ... written by shelly
clear " ... written by stavros
Vix did a demo for me a little over a month ago and he nailed it. I came back for my first official reading since. He seemed to still have the same accurate readings as the demo. Although I am not happy about some of the timelines I have to wait for - I am sure they are there for a reason. Thank you VIX... I will update you soon." ... written by Jennifer
So helpful, very reassuring. 100% accurate and doesnt need much info, if any at all! Brill" ... written by Ashleigh
As Usual he was very empathetic and tuned in. This time as I was upset about something Vix weaved through the negative energy to bring clarity to the immediate situation. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by Cordie 167
I truly appreciate VixVisions. He answered all of my questions thoroughly. He said several things that resonated with me even though he can't see or hear me. I felt very comfortable with his responses. When these things enfold I will get back to him." ... written by Kendra
very informative" ... written by platinum2016
I was chosen for a demo and took him to private after for more details. I wrote down everything and I am looking forward for things to pass" ... written by Tiffany
as always a solid reading about an ongoing situation. great advice about what to reveal and more importantly, what not to reveal. good progress toward my desired outcome which is luckily in alignment. have done a lot of work on myself with his help over several months. always return for a check up." ... written by beth
amazing, mind blowing, super connected to" ... written by still...
Vix was really direct and honest and gave me confidence in his reading. IT seemed like he knew all about the situation and was able to give me a good reading. Definetly will talk to Vix again!" ... written by Finding Healing Maria
very accurate and straight to the point about your situation and is very honest . he gives you time frames in regards to your question in his answers .... thank you for taking the time to do my reading excellent job !!!" ... written by patricia miller
amazing guy, very genuine and kind and honest...brilliant!" ... written by still...
Picked up on things quickly! Waiting to see if things come to fruition as he said they would." ... written by Lisa
Very helpful and spot on" ... written by Melinda
He answered my questions. We shall see the outcome. Thank you." ... written by X
amazing. detailed... i cannot believe.." ... written by E
Thank you" ... written by Muhsybean
many thanks to you dear " ... written by Nasha
Awesome thanks you... " ... written by freemeup69
solid 2x a month readings with him for a few months. everything is progressing as he predicted with positive changes from taking his advice. will continue. reliable." ... written by beth
incredible... he could read perfectly my current situation. waiting for the future to come true " ... written by iza
great reading :)" ... written by isa
He was very detailed and accurate. Five stars for him. Will wait for predictions to come to pass." ... written by TB
Highly dependable!! No sugar coating! Predictions still to come but I have 0 doubts! Vix should have waaaaaay more reviews guys! He's time and money efficient! Highly recommend! " ... written by Ashleigh
A psychic is original when he tells you something related to your past that of course you already have experienced....this psychic is the best one so far on this site....he could look deep into my past, present and future and exactly hit on a secret from my past that only i knew. Since his past reading is top notch, i believe his future predictions will also happen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Mandy
he is 100% excellent... gave the honest answers and shared with me personal details that no one knew... thank you for the help." ... written by vicky
Very insightful and caring reader. Thank you Vix. :)" ... written by Boobear
surprising update glad i asked. always good direction here. regular for 4 months." ... written by barb
Great and accurate as always and very reassuirng and honest! I recommend always :)" ... written by Ashleigh
Thank so much VIxVisions for your wonderful help... everytime ive had a reading with you , you connect really good with myself and my situation... i thank you so much.. blessings" ... written by eveliz
Thanks, great reader. Highly recommended" ... written by Anna
great reading! with little info he could tell a lot! waiting for his predictions ! tyy!" ... written by dmg
this guy has to be the best deal on oranum. no tools just asks and gets answers. very quick and no fancy show just straightforward answers regarding future and other people's intent. information i can use." ... written by beth
What happened, we were cut off?" ... written by Anna
Great...wish had more time. Thxs" ... written by Monisha
somehow he always put a smile on my face.. thnaks so much for a great reading...." ... written by E
ALWAS AMAZING .. I LIKE READING WITH HIM.... :)" ... written by e
Nice to know Vix is always here to get an accurate answer on a tough question. Thanks!" ... written by beth
Great, but it cut out at the worst possible time!!!" ... written by Alisha
I believe he is a very good reader. Quick to connect and fast typer." ... written by softwater
Had a really great session with Vix, Very connected and personal, great with details, was stressed and nervous before session, and now I'm happy and relieved! 100% RECOMMEND HIM." ... written by Sophia
He is sweet, empathetic, and kind. I actually felt a genuine sense of caring even though he doesn't know me. He seemed to know a lot of things happening, without me telling him, which is good. Best part is, he was very honest, and didn't seem to sugarcoat anything, but was still reassuring. I would highly recommend speaking to VixVisions when you have a nagging feeling in your mind." ... written by Alisha
thanksfor my reading I found vix to be very honest and I appreciate his advice thankyou" ... written by t
as always very solid check in. good advice. long time client since about Oct 2015. timelines are accurate and when i follow advice things progress better. insight into other peoples intentions is always correct." ... written by mary
he is awesome!!! no tools and knew it all! will be back!!!!" ... written by miljay
Actually had to go back and talk shortly after my last chat with him ended. So good and would highly recommend. he just knows whats going on. " ... written by lavie
Connects fast and also...whats interesting is that he tells you things in great detail as opposed to a yes or no. thanks for the read. " ... written by Lavie
ever so great" ... written by E
AFter the 1st reading with Vix Vision, his prediction happened.! He explains things clearly. Super insightful." ... written by libees
Thank you, gifted man!" ... written by Jay
I got some very concrete info from VixVisions, and he has been very kind. Let's see if his predictions are true." ... written by ying
Great as always. Calm, collective and honest!" ... written by Ashleigh
Vix was amazing. He was spot-on with the reading, and I am truly satisfied. " ... written by Jen
Vix Vision is one of the best psychics on this site! I have seen some of his predictions come true, and I am still waiting for the other predictions to happen." ... written by lipstick22
Thanks so much, very insightful!!! You are very patient and me so desperate. I really hope the timelines come to pass!" ... written by A
Very kind and thoughtful. I can't thank you enough to Vix!" ... written by Lastsearch1
great thnk you " ... written by f
I am speechless. I was watching demo and listening how he reading to others many times. I read his testimonials, so I decided to choose him for my very important "Life Reading"." ... written by lastsearch1
always a pleasure .. thanks so much .." ... written by E
Awesome Reading" ... written by Siddu
thanks for everything .. you are the best!!" ... written by E
thanks for everything " ... written by E
always a pleasure... we connect so well.." ... written by E
thanks for everything its always a great pleasure " ... written by E
As always he's able to check in and see if what I am saying is actually heard by another person or if I should be clearer, and what is their intent. Am I being jerked around? Played with? Sometimes the answer is yes so I need to know that. Thanks Vix. I'll do the bird food thing and continue with the food bank." ... written by beth
Great help thanks" ... written by J
Woww.....speechless. Amazing! Can't describe. Very nice personality, as well. Only I can say is YOU SHOULD TRY ONCE to see, then you will know how deep he can read about you! " ... written by Last search1
Vix reading is very clear and detailed. " ... written by Welna
such a sweet man, sees things clear and honest" ... written by he is great
Great detailed reading!! Thanks:)" ... written by p
Thanks once again for another insightful session" ... written by Xristy
I enjoy the insight Vix offers. I am very hopeful his predictions come to pass - but only in time will we know." ... written by SB
VixVisions is very open and honest. He has said several things that resonate with me and offered suggestions to improve my situation." ... written by Kendra
The best, thanks!! looking forward to it:)" ... written by Preeti
hes so amazing and on point" ... written by candy
This was my first reading with Vix. It was fantastic! I went to him because my demo with him was spot on - so I wanted more insight into my relationship. He was able to tell me deeper things I didn't know and great advice to keep me calm, patient and on track (so I'm not freaking out on people causing more delays and problems). I absolutely loved the way he was calm and caring - but firm in his recommendations to positively move forward. I will definitely be back!" ... written by SB
Vix is wonderful-! Very good at so many things. Not just reading as business, but very kind as well. And also funny sometimes. " ... written by lastsearch1
Vix is my No1. psychic, and same time like counselor. " ... written by lastsearch1
So well done. Was able to pick up many things." ... written by Michelle
I came back to Vixvisions a 3rd time because of my inner turmoil. He is so patient and understanding and utterly mature and balanced in his answers and insights. It is so reassuring and clarifying. I really trust this man as it rings true. Also he is very generous with his willingness to clarify questions after the reading in free chat. Thank you !"5 stars"" ... written by artisticparkway
I'm AMAZED... I LOVE other readers on Oranum... they are amazing as well. But, I have NVER HAD SUCH INSIGHTS AND CLARITY WITH ANYONE LIKE VIX... HE IS AWESOME... Total clarity. Honesty...guidance for future... extremely insightful andamp; helpful. I went for a demo...listened andamp; heard amazing things. But I never would have thought that i would have a reading with soooo much information that was truthful andamp; he knew nothing about myself or the circumstances surrounding my life..." ... written by Nini52
fast generous caring reader :)" ... written by c
had a good reading with vix." ... written by ash
A very lengthy one. but getting all informatons and predictions. Hope things will go as he predicted. " ... written by ash
A very lengthy reading. Got connected well. " ... written by ash
He is Very kind and thoughtful. He listen, careful, go detail. " ... written by Lastsearch1
thanks as always great and peace of mind :)" ... written by E
Vixvisions thank you so much. Your predictions happen. Thank you for being so kind and patient. " ... written by tthamie
incredible first reading by Vix! he connected very fast and was able to give detailed predictions and insight into my current situation. i wouldn't hesitate to come back or recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!" ... written by *
amazing. thanks for everything..." ... written by E
very thorough reading with a lot of insight regarding both parts of my question. I really appreciate the time he took to explain the situation on both sides. I will try to be patient and let things unfold naturally. thank you so much Vix!" ... written by leodragon
5 star reading as always, and one prediction came true!" ... written by *
really know what his talking about ... great...." ... written by E
Great read! I wouldn't hesitate to get a private! " ... written by maria
good reading " ... written by -
Vixvision is very accurate, he is very kind and really sees the situation as it is. I recommend him to anyone here...he is a real psychic!" ... written by setareh7
Actually liked the reading! was so detailed and interesting going to be back when I have enough credit. Thank You!" ... written by Sher
It was good reading said both positive and negative." ... written by -
always a great pleasure :) " ... written by E
Quick update with Vix. Lovely man and well worth your credits!" ... written by SB
Had a very detailed reading" ... written by -
thanks for everything... your the best!!!" ... written by E
excellent reading with Vix! he is very connected and gives great insight with each of his readings!" ... written by *
Great reading! Very accurate. He already knew my name before I told him. He is a trustworthy psychic. And a great reader." ... written by kaya
Was interesting detailed and realistic. Thanks " ... written by sher
He understand my situation perfectly. What ever God showed me, He reassured. It is worth going to him. I hope his predictions come true." ... written by Akku
amazing " ... written by f
always a great pleasure !!!" ... written by E
Wonderful reading and advise! Very warm and does not judge you but reads into what is the future and what needs to be done." ... written by JJ
Thank you for verifying my concerns." ... written by xoxoxo
very good reading" ... written by mike
Vix is a great psychic. Great reading. Very fast and accurate. He read my situation with much details. He gave timeframes and he told me things related to my sitiuation. He gave information about the things thats going to happen. You can trust Vix with your problems. He is there to help you." ... written by kaya
excellent reader" ... written by lola
hes wonderful.. extremley intuitive !! right on point!! " ... written by tamjones
Vix is too good.. and very compassionate.. i will keep returning to him for my readings. he is up front on what he can and can not see.. very honest." ... written by B
Every time I need answer what's going in my life I quickly run to him easy to connected, caring and always spot on" ... written by tthamie
thanks so much" ... written by E
always grrrreat :)" ... written by E
very good reading " ... written by -
Thanks so much for the reading very insightful honest and quick to connect." ... written by Maia
Great as always. The only one psychic I trust." ... written by iza
he did a great job and his reading was very helpful " ... written by lifeimprovement
Vix Vixions is a good friend. He is a great psychic. Quite accurate. He gave me a very good reading. He mentioned dates and things related to my problems. He looked at the future and helped me. Thank you Vix Visions." ... written by kaya
Vix is a very caring psychic. Who's been helping me with my love situation for the last 6 months. So, far his predictions have been accurate, and because of this I keep on going back to him." ... written by lipstck22
helpful ty" ... written by L
Update with Vix. Always a pleasure and I love that he will openly give advice outside of pvt (it's advice, not a reading). Sad to hear that timeframe keeps moving out - but that's pretty much how this has been for 2 years." ... written by SB
I love my sessions with Vix. He's calm, understanding, and makes sure I have an understanding of what he says. I can't recommend him enough." ... written by SB
great" ... written by nastiti
Very good and caring person. " ... written by machoxxxxx
excellent" ... written by pauli
Wow, the things he knew for the specific situation. I don't think he would know that much details. Very worth it!" ... written by KMA
Vixvisions is a calming and great reader. he has a way for me to feel more confident. thank you very much. 5 stars. " ... written by Bikersgirl
i beive all will come to pass" ... written by secorm
He was insightful. He said what I felt inside. It was a nice validation." ... written by Alexis
Vix is awesome. It was a great reading. He is very accurate. He gave lots of details about my sitiuations. He is really fast and he reads easily. Thank you Vix. God bless you Vix." ... written by kaya
Vixvisions is actually very accurate. he is caring as well. had a reading with him a while ago and saw two of the predictions come to pass. he is encouraging and a patient person. 5 stars! " ... written by Bikersgirl
Vixvisions you are also very correct about my job issues and money that I haven't received in the past. I'm surprised you saw that." ... written by Bikersgirl
you are awsome!" ... written by akku
Thanks!" ... written by akku
good straight fast answers, honest reading, no tools used. I trust his insight on my situations. " ... written by gldn
good honest answers to present and future questions and situation. no tools used. " ... written by goldnaura