About ValdeneLove

Psychic ValdeneLovehas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ValdeneLovehas recently helped 42members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ValdeneLove's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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** MY PREDICTIONS HAPPEN ** I am your Personal Psychic Spy. Know the TRUTH NOW! REUNITES LOVERS! Here to help and Guide you to your destiny. I do Purely Psychic Readings with the help of my spiritual guide named Nina.

Love her and her guide Nina !!! stunning reading !! filled with lots of great info , things i really needed to be clear on ! i'm clear !! xoxo" ... written by tamjones
Good reading." ... written by maryannepav
Absolutely wonderful. If you haven't' tried her, please do. She is honest, connects quickly, and doesn't need to fish for info to know what is going on. She is very helpful, very accurate and has a nice energy to her. If you want all your information in one place (and from someone reliable) choose her ValdeneLove!" ... written by noelani
I enjoyed my reading with Valdene....she is very precise with her answers....her spirit guide nina is a very wise and intuitive" ... written by angelmist
Very quick to connect! Hope everything comes true! Very nice and sweet. Her guide is sweet just like her! A very good read! " ... written by Tiffany
Great reading!! Thank you so much Nina and Valdenelove's!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Awesome reading!! Will com back to provide her and Nina with an update. XOXO to both!" ... written by Bellezalatina
She is wonderful! I find great comfort in talking to her as she connects with me and the issues I am asking about with amazing clarity and speed! Thank you once again, Valdene and lots of love and light to you, God bless Nina and you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Valdene and her guide Nina are totally awesome!!! words fail me as to how accurate they are and i look forward to what they see for me!! Thank you both for everything...I highly recommend pvt!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Great reader! xx " ... written by katzhous8
Excellent very in depth and helpful." ... written by maryannepav
A wonderful and insightful reading! Thank you for the words of encouragement." ... written by Mademoiselle
Been valdene customer for months on end and never lets me down!! love her and will always return - she is honest and sincere!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
The reading was so very interesting, she was right on the money with everything. I am totally blown away by the reading and will definitely be going back for more. Don't hesitate to talk to her." ... written by damian1970
she did a good reading and was lovely." ... written by marti
Thank you Valdene and Nina for an awesome update :)" ... written by m
very accurate spot on, wonderful reading authentic." ... written by Lorann
Consistent reading really helped me understand things. Thank You " ... written by sherry
She is an absolute Must get a reading from! Her connection to her guide, Nina, is amazing! I wish I had a full day to listen to them! " ... written by Rayofsunshine
Fast, accurate, and honest! The best anyone can expected. Thank you so much! :D" ... written by Michael
Thank you so much! She provided so much clarity and put my mind at ease! God Bless you and Nina both!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you so much for the update on the situation! Much love and light to you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Enjoyed my reading, was spot on with what I was feeling and thinking." ... written by angelloverose
Loved it! Wonderful to have a reading without the use of cards or anything else... got alot of insight into a specific area of my life.. thank you! Will be back!!" ... written by intrigueme184
She is absolutely great. Wonderful reader. I loved her words." ... written by DANIEL
She is very good! New a lot about my situation. I will be back to see her, that is for sure. She gave me a time frame, now I will wait and see." ... written by dcoventry
Very friendly! Feels like I am chatting with an old friend while getting answers for my questions... :)" ... written by Summer
Validated the feelings involved. Made some time frame predictions and will be back to check. Thanks!" ... written by stars2024
Right now and amazing! If you haven't had a reading with her. Then you need to! She is the real deal..." ... written by P
Both ValdeneLove and her guide Nina are amazing! It's definitely worth giving them a try! You won't regret it :)" ... written by daydreamer246
Great read!" ... written by newmswalker2
A lovely reading!" ... written by anon
Thank you. A lot of good info!" ... written by Summer84
Wonderful as usual Valdene and Nina! Love and light to you, God bless!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thanks!" ... written by sunshineroses
She was beautiful and exquisite and gentle and compassionate! So sweet and it took a little bit to "connect" but after we did, it went well. Honest, sincere, and very kind!" ... written by mamabetamac
Thanks so much! Was great!!! :)" ... written by vixxoo
So kind, sweet, fast in connection.... will wait for the prediction to come true... " ... written by pragaths
She is very good and accurate and truthful. I give her and nina 5*." ... written by dcoventry
Amazing reading, thank you so much!" ... written by ale510
Very nice and real" ... written by cg3
Awesome accuracy and connection with my situation. Love the soft gentle nature and caring approach. Thank you so much!!" ... written by ikroyal
Wonderful woman! A great reading, very precise. Thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
Wonderful to talk to as usual! Thank so much for all your support, healing and prayers! God bless you!" ... written by heartnsoul
Thank you very much I would recommend valdene. Love to all and i would get another reading from her." ... written by casslyn
Good read answered all my questions. " ... written by gemini0605
Really helped a lot." ... written by tim
Thanks for the reading sorry we got cut off just want to say you are so wonderful and very very gifted. Thank you!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Great!" ... written by Lucie
Great reading." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
a great expert, very good reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Update and awesome again :)" ... written by marionlyttle
She was very sweet. Accurate positive reading. Hope what she said will come true!" ... written by M
very wonderful reading. Picked up on relationship in question. Will keep you updated. " ... written by han720518
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Lovely energy. Thank you for the hope. Predictions seem realistic and she knew the relationship between my partner and i well xx" ... written by SA
she pick up very fast!! spot on!!! and Nina was great too! highly recommend for readings!! " ... written by hermestarr
thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
Great reading. Very clear and tuned in. " ... written by Ahz
She andamp; Nina are wonderful! They make a great team, and are right on always! i highly recommend, as she is so kind and makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. I really like her energy! So much gratitude! :)" ... written by Kosmo
nina and valdene knew the situation and were spot on. they were able to clarify many things for me . would reccomend them highly " ... written by z
Interesting reading" ... written by Sarah
picked up good right on thank you" ... written by Lisa
i really felt i had some one there for me for a genuine help" ... written by jaqline
calm and knowledgeable" ... written by s
always fantasic readings always thanx" ... written by zimerili1
ValdenLove is a real sweetheart, She and her spirit guide connected very well with me. They gave me accurate answers that I already sense in my heart. She also gave me time frames. She is very gifted so glad I gave her a chance, what a beautiful person to talk to, very positive. Looking forward to see how her predictions start to unfold. Many Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
she was awesome.i would come back.i was impressed by my reading " ... written by caroline
very consistent, very accurate" ... written by J
awesome...she was so loving all the while...i really liked her honest approach..go for her..if you really want a honest reading with loving approach..;)" ... written by shruti
Excellent reader. Referred by a friend. She picked up on everything with no information. She is very kind and real, accurate. I highly recommend Valdene. " ... written by G
She was great. No tools. Tuned right in." ... written by L
really not had ont i dont think who had a guide but proved to be enlightening." ... written by mizzimoo
Fast and accurate reader...try her!" ... written by tasha_j
I appreciate Valdenelove's advice. It gave me the answer I needed today to find peace in my heart. I love that she connected so well with her guide, and was giving me the right advice for my specific concern!" ... written by singtojoy
Very sweet woman :) calming :) I hope she is right! " ... written by Marianne
great reading! spot on! " ... written by chantelle
brilliant!! spot on!! awesome reading!" ... written by chantelle
Valdene and Nina were so sweet. She connected to quickly without me really giving her any info.She read the situation as if she was in my mind and my heart. So glad I got a chance to read with her and thank you Nina for your guidance. " ... written by Mainstreem20
so accurate about the details. connected very quickly and was very encouraging. thank you very much.." ... written by leodragon2014
Nice catchup with Valdene/Nina. One of her predictions is now coming to pass. She is accurate with another friend of mine as well who recommended her. I do look forward to her other predictions coming to pass. Lovely woman, She is difficult to catch online, but please do have a reading with her. She is definitely worth it. Love x" ... written by G
Wonderful lady, will definately come back. Very helpful." ... written by han
great expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
a lovely reading, very positive and she really seemed to be aware of the situation around him I will have to wait for timescales" ... written by Tracey
thank you so muchi hope you are right on" ... written by rbecca
for nice her anina helped me understand my issues alil better and thanks for the candle and prayers." ... written by luvuchaluka
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Very Nice lady, straight to the point, very honest. " ... written by hearthrob67
She was a bit slow to start with but she told me what I wanted to hear. I hope it will come true. Thank you " ... written by Angela
she is good and friendly" ... written by sunitha konga
she's very good.. fast straight forward.. hopefully my reading will come true.." ... written by jnaujo
She is good! thank you" ... written by Ryzette
Nice and peaceful reader!" ... written by Lise
Very kind and insightful thank you." ... written by L
Amazing as always" ... written by marion
great reading very accurate and spot on" ... written by Lorann
she is so spot on I would recommend her to all she is very good I will be back " ... written by hopeful
very detailed read, accurate" ... written by G
thank you again for a very positive and helpful reading!" ... written by gemmie
Excellent reading, thanks a lot!" ... written by b
Great reader, thanks!" ... written by b
thanks Valdene and Nina for the first read! pick up real well and thank you" ... written by rose
Very good" ... written by nini
Great reading!" ... written by Sol
very her for that. no one does pet on Oranum." ... written by tammie hood
very nice and accurate" ... written by manni
even though we didnt have much time, she seemed as though she genuinely wanted to help me. i hope to talk to her for longer when i get more credits because she seems very nice :)" ... written by ameera
That was again a wonderful reading from ValdenLove andamp; Nina :) Great advice and guidance ... I will be back... thank you thank you thank you xx" ... written by bluetippi2
Lovely reading with a lot of detail and accuracy. Will be back def. really enjoyed it. thank you so much " ... written by sher
Aweseome reading!!! She's very sweet and accurate." ... written by V
Valdene and her guide Nina are amazing. She is one of the very best readers on here, and the sweetest woman. I definitely recommend one of her beautiful readings. :)" ... written by fairykisses
I enjoyed my reading with Valdene and Nina. She told me a lot of information and helped me a lot. Really good, thanks so much Nina and Valdene!" ... written by G
She's excellent. Her readings are accurate. I am very happy after interacting with her. I strongly recommend her" ... written by Sony Amin
Thank you so much for your reading. It was great." ... written by Smiling face7
she seemed to connect really good to the situation." ... written by moon
I must say Valdene and her guide, Nina, do connected very well and very accurate. Thank you both for everything. " ... written by pamelapansy
What a wonderful reading!!! What lovely person!! My first reading with her and Nina - very interesting! She does not waste time by keeping a reading long! Very trustful!! Thank you very much!!! Lots of Love and light" ... written by S.
nice person" ... written by sunday
Great reading with a lot of detail." ... written by V
WOW! she and nina are amazing!! spot on in details.! ty u so much. " ... written by mm
I very quick and honest reading from Valdene, who has a lovely spirit and energy." ... written by David
Excellent reading!! Appreciated the quick responses and direct communication. Highly recommend and would definitely call on her again!!" ... written by Carol
she is amazing, very spot on, ten stars, wow" ... written by beth
Valdene and Nina confirmed my gut feeling ! Its so nice to talk to them! Great advices and she stays with her first given prediction.Very sweet and honest!" ... written by S.
Excellent but having connection issues" ... written by gregg
Really detailed and seems really accurate and honest :) thank you 3rd reading with Valdene " ... written by sher
She was very nice " ... written by L
ValdeneLove defiantly was able to pickup on my loves personality without me saying anything. she did say some things that matched right with my loves ability to avoid opening up and sharing her feelings with me. she did give me a prediction and i hope that everything valdene said comes true, she was very happy and positive about my situation and i will of course make an update when the time is right. " ... written by Kyle
ValdeneLove was very accurate in my reading and helped to ease my confusion." ... written by Talia
Valdene is totally awesome!!!!" ... written by marion
She's a sweetheart - and a fabulous reader." ... written by A
Great reading with guides and spirits. I like the connection that she can see with Nina on a deeper and spiritual level... where everything starts! thank you! " ... written by Missbelle
Thank you ValdeneLove and Nina. Wish my reading could have gone on longer as I was really enjoying it. Thank you both so much xx" ... written by Heather
Was so sweet and supportive will wait for prediction to pass thank you " ... written by cher
ValdeneLove and Nina are wonderful! I love getting a reading from both of them to check on the man of my life. Thank God they are in-tuned and they got his personality spot on and his thinking pattern spot on. I definitely recommend a reading from them. I am thankful to know her abilities and trust it 100%" ... written by Elizabeth
Thank you for the reading" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
She is a very accurate reader. Peaceful, friendly and very precises. Thank you." ... written by juhagolu