About UrbanPsychic

Psychic UrbanPsychichas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic UrbanPsychichas recently helped 29members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about UrbanPsychic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Patrick - Professional Psychic Medium & Reiki Healer. $3.99 / min. I am able to assist you in many areas of your life while holding space for healing to take place. I work closely with your higher-self as well as your spirit guides to help bring forth information that is imperative to your soul's growth.

Amazing...beautiful..deep..and special.." ... written by Gaby11
awesome is all I can say" ... written by debbie
Good reading!" ... written by gigaman1978
Patrick !!! I've missed you. Such a lovely soul, and a fabulous healer and psychic." ... written by A
He his very, very gifted and has a beautiful soul! Highly recommended x " ... written by Cindy
Patrick is such a delight , he is so good in what he sees for you he has a calming effect on me and he is like a lite at the end of the tunnel . his energy radiates to me and he has been accurate .!! I would recommend him ten times over xoxoxoxo thankyou so much" ... written by gr8tday
I know that he is new to the network he was the first one I chose upon me starting my account also.. A good reader give him a try you won't be disappointed. I was not.. Thanks Urban psychic!" ... written by sunshinec
Patrick is an amazing person, and oranum is lucky to have him. " ... written by leelee32384
AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!!!! Best presence ever!!! You know how some peoples energies are just so positive that they make you feel positive! That's him! He's straight to the point and picks up everything very fast! So honest and so accurate, I will definitely be back weekly!" ... written by Girlie152
Patrick is amazing! I love him! Not only is he accurate, but he is also warm, fun and friendly. I will definitely be back! Thank you so much, Patrick! " ... written by mewall71
What a charming guy and reader." ... written by Angel
Really amazing guy! and very approachable, he manages to keep things light and truthful, great guy!" ... written by Sophs18
Very very nice guy - picked up on a lot - would read with him again in a heartbeat! " ... written by christam328
Thanks so much Patrick, you were spot on with things that hadn't happened yet at the time of the reading, and here we are now experiencing your predictions. WOW!!! You are a true psychic talent. THanks so much for everything!! You're warm and friendly and honest. Patrick is the best. Thanks again.!!" ... written by Ariadne62
Patrick is great. On the money and so accurate. I really enjoy reading with him." ... written by John
I love this guy! He has the most wonderful spirit and his reading was right on! Thank you so much Patrick! You nailed it!" ... written by Jennifer
It was really awesome connecting with Patrick! It's been awhile! He's such a great intuitive person. And his predictions have never failed. Talk to you later!" ... written by bc_inspired
Very awesome guy. million stars...caring and such a sweet energy." ... written by kim
Patrick is AWESOME and absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!" ... written by marion
I loved my reading with Urban and it was so on point with my situation and he is so easy to talk to, I loved that also. Made me very comfortable. Thank you Urban and blessed wishes to you and see ya soon. " ... written by mummycrtr
This man is so awesome you will be so satisfied he is worth it you will not be disapointed believe me. Thank you , you are awesome......:)" ... written by newhorizons12
I thank you for your patience with my issues... lol. I just get so nervous and you seem to comfort me and put me at ease. and thank you for the honesty. that is all i expect. have a great day! " ... written by mummycrtr
One of the best! We were totally connected and understood my situation. Totally recommend him!" ... written by designjmr
Good reading did past the present very nice" ... written by sandrachilcott72
I love my reading with Patrick he is so on point with my situation and keeps me grounded. i love that i have met him and his gift. ty and i am sure i will be back for more readings." ... written by mummycrtr
He's a new psychic but he was great! He picked up on what was going on and was able to tell me exactly what i needed to know. Definitely recommend him. Hes such a sweetheart and knows his stuff. Thank you so much!" ... written by kitty83
Very impressed, he was very accurate with situations and picked up on facts. I really hope that what he says happens, I feel so much better after talking to you. Thank you and I will be back again." ... written by crystalrei
I really enjoyed our reading it was so awesome and fantastic. keep up the good work." ... written by friendly22
Thanks. Was super quick and accurate!" ... written by nk
Thank you! You are so kind and sweet. I was an emotional mess and you cheered me up!!! Thank you." ... written by jeter28
Had a good reading with Patrick, good insight." ... written by pandoy
He is such a great person to talk to. So caring and just wonderful." ... written by jeter28
He was excellent and spot on. I am so excited for it's all to come together. :)" ... written by jeter28
Compassionate, kind and so understanding of the situation!" ... written by 003dncr
Great reading, will be back for another!" ... written by KKat21
This guy connected so well to my situation. Spot on! I loved him!!" ... written by tbrooke2012
Really great reading! " ... written by PsychicNut
Perfect" ... written by wurzle
When I first entered in his free chat room he gave me warm greetings and on that very second I knew right away that this person is genuine. Patrick is very warm, kind, honest and truly gifted. I very much enjoyed talking with him, he does not waste your time at all, he is patient with me and answered all of my questions. gave so much details of my past, present and future situations. he does not sugarcoat and he is truly wonderful. I highly recommend him. I thank you so much, Patrick, and I am so happy that great things are coming to me very soon! will keep you posted! =)" ... written by CCONIE
AWESOME!!!!!! He connected so quickly and accurately! Gentle soul! His voice is sooooo soothing. No sugar coating. Felt like 2 old friends having a conversation and catching up. He was wonderful. I will be back for updates! Thank you for sharing your gifts with others!!!! " ... written by Tiffany
Amazing ~ Has opened my eyes on what step I need to take in my life ~ Thank you so much " ... written by Nicole
Patrick is one of a kind. So sensitive to the spirits. Just love his readings." ... written by John
Urban is so special! Words can not say how spot on this man is... When we talk it feels like time stands still.. Just love him!!! Highly recommend!! 1000 Stars!!" ... written by Michael
I just love him! He not only knows my situation he understands it! 1000 Stars!" ... written by Michael
Great reading..Right on target and quick. Very insightful. Calm, sincere energy with a desire to help. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
Very insightful and good with his tarot. Confirm what I was thinking. Thank you Urban!! xoxo" ... written by enamorada
Needed a quick follow-up. As amazing as ever! =)" ... written by tbrooke2012
Great reading as always, love this guy!" ... written by KKat21
I love the readings with Patrick he always lets me know what is going on like it or not. I love that. Thank you!" ... written by mummycrtr
Excellent reading. Gave alot of detail and really tuned into my situation.definate 5 stars. " ... written by NICOLA112
Very nice guy that it very intuitive. I enjoyed our reading" ... written by lanissa34
He is now my favorite when it comes to love and relationships. He helped me with answering questions that has been lingering around for a while and I can not thank him enough, because I now feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. When talking to him it was as though I was talking with someone who truly cares and that means a lot. Thank you sooo much for your help and God bless. " ... written by candcmom87
Brilliant reading, he answered everything I needed to know, picked up on things very easy as well and such a lovely guy very easy to talk to, I would highly recommend him. :)" ... written by ebonyeyes1986
Great Reading....Urban was great and very informative... i will return for a reading in the future... Nice." ... written by Scorpio1112
He is awesome..... I really love my readings with him. He has been added to my favorites." ... written by jeter28
He is very good and friendly, his energy is very good and Ifelt he has a gift and I recommend you to ask him for a reading because he is worth, So thank you URBAN PSCYHIC!" ... written by akenatonacindere
Brilliant reader. Try this guy. Fantastic with details." ... written by natei08
He is so honest and just a great person. I love my readings with him." ... written by jeter28
Loved it! Patrick was amazingly quick to connect with me and provide detailed answers. Thank you" ... written by dallascowboys8
2nd reading with him and he is the best!!! He's new but he's the real thing. Easy to relate to, compassionate, and honest. He's like a best friend =)" ... written by kitty83
He's great..... He helped me a lot" ... written by youngstar19
He picked up on a lot of things. All true and all real. On top of it he never asked for any information other than my name and if there was a name to another person who may be involved. I'd say He was pretty damn AMAZING!! I will be back!" ... written by MistressArya
Great reading. I tested him with a question I already knew the answer to and he gave me the correct answer. Nicely done!" ... written by LeslieKay
He is quick, genuine and thorough and even though he gave me some bad news, I felt it was accurate and it helps me face the truth and get through ending a situation I'm in. Thanks a lot, you will do really well on Oranum. " ... written by celticlass
He's absolutely amazing! Genuine and sweet energy!" ... written by Nicky
wow! wow! wow! " ... written by kalarni
I love this guy!! Take him to private, you wont be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
Very nice and was able to give me great news and within a specific time. I am excited :-)" ... written by keirablanco
Great!" ... written by Lana2730
Thank you so much for the reading Urban! INCREDIBLE, you connected INSTANTLY and began providing information without me even posting a question wow! Accuracy was spot on, was able to provide details that I had already received from other readings (UNBEKNOWN TO HIM OF COURSE!) He was also SUPER FAST AND HONEST saying he was not interested in wasting credit! Even offering to continue to pull cards in free chat! I loved his energy absolutely beautiful! You will not regret a reading with him. I am such a fan! xoxo" ... written by Yoogii00
Lovely person! Awesome energy and connects well even had a connection with spirit. Nice!!" ... written by ikroyal
Really tuned into my situation, even better this time! I love this guy! =)" ... written by tbrooke2012
He was accurate, very clear, detailed, was on point, very satisfied with my reading with him." ... written by Messenger87
Great reader! He is pretty intuitive.. he made some predictions that are similar to what others have said. So, will see what happens.." ... written by iPreferMimi
I absolutely love him. Spot on, and very positive outlook. 10 + stars. " ... written by katehrine1965
Such a good person, such a great psychic, connects in with you right away. What a good reading. Thank you, Patrick, I will be back." ... written by littlekelly0217
Precise, and quick.. " ... written by gela79
Thanks again!" ... written by wurzle
Love this guy. He's great." ... written by katehrine1965
He is fast and accurate... he is one hell of a psychic!!! Please try him... he is worth it!!" ... written by GM
Very kind and has given me hope for the future!" ... written by katie46
Excellent, highly recommended." ... written by charmaine54
Great! Positive and fun to talk too." ... written by mhharview
Very nice, very good reader :)" ... written by HollyB123
It was so good to do a reading with Urbanpsychic, he connected right away and I am very happy with the way it turned out! Thank you so much for all the great messages! I will def be doing more readings in the future." ... written by samlogan1123
love patrick!! can't wait until his predictions manifest!" ... written by BP
Thanks again for another lovely reading and energy healing! Patrick is simply the best, and I highly recommend him!" ... written by swsiren
he is a wonderful reader and soul..." ... written by d
he is really great .calm and warm.and what he told me come to pass!!! so i come back " ... written by me
Pat is such a beautiful soul. " ... written by John
Thank you so much for your insight Patrick it really meant alot to me God bless you. Your awesome 100 stars to my friend " ... written by edna
Patrick helped me with a reading, reiki, and a cord cutting - all in one session. He's a beautiful soul and a healing presence." ... written by L
Patrick has a real gift of picking up on the thoughts and feelings of the people involved in the situation. He tells you as he sees it - not what you hope u will hear... but that's what we need :)" ... written by Sheena
thank you Patrick. I appreciate you." ... written by jerald
honest , accurate , no sugar coating , compassion. past prediction come true . many blessing." ... written by sai
Thank you so much for your reading! You are amazing!" ... written by M
Thanks so much for the reiki, you were spot on what is going in and what is triggering it. Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by Swede
5 stars! Patrick is very intuitive and knows what is going on with me before I speak a word. I highly recommend him if you want a reiki healing or are feeling stuck. It restores your energy, focus, and helps you manifest good things. His readings are very detailed, quick, and positive. He always offers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
This is my first reading w Patrick and I have been wanting 1 4 awhile. He is truly amazing and picked up on my situation accurately!! His presents is calming and he has reassured me of wonderful thing's that are about to unfold in my life!! What he said coincides w what other psychics have told me!! He has an amazing gift and is very connected to spirit!! Thank you Patrick for sharing ur extraordinary gift with all of us!! We r truly blessed 2 have u!! Love, Light and Blessings!! 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
UrbanPsychic was great! He connected with my mom and my significant other who passed! I knew they were the right people by what he was referencing. UrbanPsychic is caring and a very good medium! I will definitely contact him again!" ... written by eileenj
I love Patrick so much!! He has such a wonderful energy. He's genuine, honest, kind, and his readings are amazingly detailed and accurate. Have a reading with him, you will not regret it. Love love love!" ... written by b
Great session! Very compassionate guy, clear in his reading, made some predictions! " ... written by yvettepandora
Patrick you are amazing, he is right on the target with everything....must try him,, will not be disapointed!!" ... written by Niamore1
Great." ... written by HollyB123
Excellent reading, I loved connecting with him, such a wonderful energy." ... written by maryannepav
Patrick is awesome...Such a great, great guy and so fun to talk to...also very accurate with his readings." ... written by jeter28
Keep your chin up :) " ... written by wurzle
Brilliant reading and very kind lovely guy whos been a great help and support :)" ... written by ebonyeyes1986
I absolutely love him. Hes spot on. Incredible reader, and really fine person. Genuine, kind and positive. " ... written by katehrine1965
Simply amazing - thorough and fast. Wasted no time and didnt keep me hanging on. He tuned in well and as always I appreciate his insight." ... written by kapes
He is so real. What a beautiful reading he gave me! I am positive about my future and believe in what he said. I cannot wait to see things happening. He is so fast and will not waste your money definitely you should give him a try. So honest and real psychic he is real deal. 1000 ****** stars for Patrick." ... written by Maneesha
Great advice fast and to the point .. worth it .. thank you." ... written by Tigerlilly74
UrbanPsychic is such a sweet guy. I felt at ease and he picked up pretty quickly on my problems even though I had no idea what I wanted to get out of the reading." ... written by beccixy
Very cool reading!" ... written by Lily
Patrick is one of my favorite psychic mediums on Oranum. There aren't enough words to describe how much I love this psychic! Gentle, caring, honest, high accuracy and reading with quality!!! He brings confirmations and clear pictures on every aspects of my concerns. Moreover, he will not sugarcoat and won't waste your time and money. I've been Patrick's regular client since February 2013 and always go back to him for updates. He is not only a psychic, but as well as a caring friend. He has been accompanied me throughout my tough times and make appropriate advises. Patrick is an angel on earth! Trust me, you won't be disappointed and he is a real deal! Thanks a lot! Blessings, Viv Violett" ... written by vivviolett
It was great talking to you!" ... written by vivviolett
He was the best medium/psychic I ever read with and I would recomend him to all my friends . He gave me all the information I needed without even getting my name very impressive. I would love to read with him again soon in the future, " ... written by allyup28
Very lovely reading from this cutie! With gratitude to you, he connected strongly with my soulmate, I found him! Great! " ... written by D_lil_Lady
He is consistently accurate and clear." ... written by celticlass
He is amazing, and so kind. try him you will not be disapointed." ... written by Niamore1
Thank u so much for ur time n i will come back again" ... written by linn115
Patrick was great. Connected fast and very accurate. He helped set me at ease. I will visit him again." ... written by AZAlison
Good reading. Very nice and helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Patrick is one of my favourite, favourite people on Oranum. He is kind hearted and always mindful of speaking what is exactly on his mind. I will continue to read with him. :)" ... written by jeter28
You are so right on, it's scary! I will keep you posted!" ... written by stillhotat50
Great" ... written by wurzle
Wow he is awesome! I felt he knew what he is talking about. I hope his predictions will happen soon. I felt happy about what he said. Many thanks, Patrick xx." ... written by Bondibeauty
Urban Psychic is awesome! Very intuitive and passionate. " ... written by Bquestions
Love him! Very sweet and helpful!" ... written by kimberlyvanilla
Wow - Patrick is amazing! I definitely will be doing more private readings with him." ... written by stillhotat50
Patrick confirm my intuition. He is great! I will definitely come back for updates!" ... written by Jade
Awww thanks Urban, thanks so much for the reading, I will be back for an update, aww sooo sweettttt :-)" ... written by ale510
AWESOME. great energy, truely psychic, caring and just a great experience. I will be back. Thank you!" ... written by ynaffit33
5 stars, this was beautiful. Thank you for your loving care in helping me" ... written by sarahisthereason
Brilliant, so easy to talk to and everything he said was spot on! xx thank you so so much! Patrick xx" ... written by smiler801
I appreciate Patrick...He is honest and I just love his charm." ... written by jeter28
Very sweet and upfront about what to expect- will update you once I receive some contact. x" ... written by stars2024
He's not just a psychic but more like a friend. Love him to death!! Always is encouraging and tells you exactly what you need to know. Will always be back for him." ... written by kitty83
Patrick was amazing! Always a great person to speak with on chat or even with a reading! Very accurate and specific! I will be a repeat for sure! " ... written by dezziedisaster
Awesome reading, very clear and considerate. Thank you so much." ... written by rummie721
Awesome read! Pat is very encouraging and I recommend him to anyone! Thanks!" ... written by Bquestions
Thanks my friend...always positive feedback and always spot on.....thanks Patrick" ... written by jeter28
Always gives me a great reading. Thank you Patrick you are the best!!!" ... written by jeter28
I love him... He is the best!" ... written by jeter28
Very good, started off Rocky but he knows his stuff for sure. Heard exactly what I needed to hear about a few people. Very refreshing and I will suggest him to friends. Thank you again" ... written by MidwestSierra
The best reading I have gotten on this site. He knew every detail of the situation without me saying a word. He even knew about the movie collection my papaw had when he was alive! He is to the point and quick with his readings. I can tell that he doesn't care about how long he keeps you in there or about how much he's making. He cares about helping you. I feel so at peace after the reading. He is beyond amazing!" ... written by NatashaRenee12
Such a sweet guy! Thanks so much Patrick." ... written by jimikuta
The very best! Straight to the point and very accurate! " ... written by dezziedisaster
Very good reading. Picked up on things that were spot on. Thank you Patrick, I will definitely be back." ... written by naturaldreamer
Thanks, Patrick! Feel so much more hope." ... written by Bquestions
Just amazing, the first time on here I did not enjoy my experience... This one was fabulous, and brought me great joy which is priceless. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by chrissyNolan
Very happy with Patrick's reading, great to talk to, great insight. :)" ... written by Stephanie (shooting)
Great stuff!!! Recommended:)" ... written by tash1921
So sweet!" ... written by md1990
He was very nice and got info right very quickly. it kinda freaked me out so i ended session but i will talk to him again when i am more composed." ... written by michelle220
Thanks Patrick...You rock! :)" ... written by jeter28
Love this guy. He is always quick, spot on and full of kindness." ... written by katehrine1965
Thanks my friend....I appreciate you...." ... written by jeter28
Very enlightening!" ... written by thenightwalker
Amazing!!! Loved his reading and very accurate! " ... written by lizd131
Wait and see." ... written by Kaly2012
You rock Patrick...Thank you... " ... written by jeter28
Great reader." ... written by natei08
Absolutely one of my favorites! first reading and man.....i feel so energized and loved in this moment! his reading not only kept giving me chills but i'm now getting these surges and surges of good feelings through my body...waves of gratitude! woooowee! thank God thank God! Urban, thank you for your affordable rate so that i could come in and experience your love. i feel so much better tonight and i'm excited to continue towards my bright future. what a wonderful, handsome man you are with such honesty and thank you for not sugarcoating!" ... written by lovebugshay
Patrick is so honest and compassionate. I love my readings with him. He always makes me feel so much better. :)" ... written by jeter28
Amazing reading as always :) Patrick is a lovely caring guy and has got everything in past readings spot on!" ... written by ebonyeyes1986
Wonderful reading, very honest and straight forward." ... written by sycammer781
Thank you Patrick.....you are such a caring and compassionate reader. I appreciate all your positive feedback." ... written by jeter28
Highly Recommend! What a wonderful warm spirit! He tapped into my ex perfectly and I am so excited to have his predictions come true! Lots of Love and Light!" ... written by djordan6898
he is sport on and he is the best. " ... written by sai
Thank you Patrick! Very nice connections with a loved one that has passed away. I appreciate your time." ... written by G
Thanks again for another wonderful healing session! As always I enjoyed it and will be back for more" ... written by swsiren
Thank you patty! as always you are so right on everything! love you so much :) xxx" ... written by Jody
What can I say about Patrick. He is my best friend and I trust him with all of me. I honor his opinion of my situation and he always makes me see the light and love in every circumstance. He is a pure and honest soul. He is just AMAZING....Must reach out to him for any clarity you may need. Blessings my dear friend. I love you...xoxo" ... written by jeter28
Smiling so much after the update with Patrick :) - He truly is amazing and has helped me so much - speaks honesty and makes you feel 100% comforted afterwards." ... written by Sophs18
Thank you so much, my friend. You always make me feel so much better... :)" ... written by jeter28
Nice reading, calm and answers questions well." ... written by M
Great reading!" ... written by MayGirl
He gave a very comforting and awesome read. I feel confident that things are going to work out for me." ... written by Bquestions
URBAN IS AMAZING PEOPLE!" ... written by fehu11
Thanks again for your insight into my relationship! I really appreciate it! Easy to talk to and very accurate about everything. I'll keep you updated! " ... written by stayclosedontgo
Really really loved my reading with Patrick! He is so kind and spot on. Definitely do have a reading with him, you won't be disappointed! " ... written by lynnrmc
Always puts me in a better place and makes me feel great. Thank you so much for being you!!" ... written by ivory
Thank you so much for the career reading! I appreciate your insight. You hit on so many good things. " ... written by Rox
He picked up on a lot of truths and had a lot of insight. He's very quick. He's nice and doesn't sugar coat anything. Just amazed. " ... written by Rox
Very helpful, thanks!" ... written by joshfr2
WOW he's amazing. I am speechless at how good he is. I feel so calm after that reading. He knew detailed things - not generic. He gave really good advice, and he did some healing work. I will be back to see him. Very nurturing soul. 100000000000000000 stars." ... written by loveandlight
Once again Patrick is spot on!" ... written by stargazer152
Very nice! Enjoyed it very much." ... written by luckystar222
Dopeness,,, meaning hes awesome " ... written by felisha
Very much to the point! I felt really comfortable talking to him and he definitely picked up on the vibes taking place in my life." ... written by heather
Hes a cutie! very nice, and very honest and lets be honest not all psychics tell the truth and yeah I know about free will but I feel that this one is very truthful in his reading. He also seems compassionate and caring. " ... written by linda
By far Patrick is one of the best. I have never had such an accurate reading before in my Life!!" ... written by stargazer152
He was very good at channeling my loved ones." ... written by alexis
Thank you patrick for such wonderful news! very insightful and right on... fully recommend him ... honest, and right to the point ... blessings ..." ... written by angelove1983
Patrick was very comforting and understanding. He uses his abilities to bring comfort. Thanks, Patrick!" ... written by Bquestions
I love Patrick!!! He is one of the best!!! i believe this is my third time seeking his advice and i will continue to come back." ... written by Ivory
very good, and fast liked the reading." ... written by christopher roth
I don't know what I would do without Patrick. He makes it all well again and see's things as they are and not what I imagine. He is gifted for sure!" ... written by stargazer152
Always 5 stars!" ... written by Jeter28
Wow amazing! - Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
Very good! I am happy! I chose this man to do my reading !" ... written by luckystar222
WOW! So accurate so calming. What a beautiful reading from Patrick. My week will move ahead nicely now. I depend on him greatly! Thank You again Patrick!" ... written by stargazer152
Nice Reading.... Urban was great....as always!" ... written by scorp
WoW!!! AMAZING!!! VERY ACCURATE!" ... written by emmanuel
Thanks, Patrick!" ... written by Bquestions
Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate your honesty and I love reading with you..." ... written by Jeter28
Patrick is brilliant very quick 'n' clear, answers questions straight away with no sugar coating. He is a real star!" ... written by smiler801
He is simply the best here, loved his reading and will be back for more :)" ... written by funeagle
I really love this guy! He is so gentle and caring and tells you what you really need to know. He is patient and kind as well. He is one of my favorite people to connect with on here on a spiritual and emotional level. There is something so soothing about him. He gives me clarity and peace of mind. I have come to depend on him for help when I need it the most. He is the sunshine that comes in on a cloudy day. Hes also not judgemental and very open. I feel he is a very good person that can be trusted and confided in. I am glad to have found him." ... written by linda
Outstanding reading!" ... written by Jennifer
great!!!!!!" ... written by shiraz
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Thanks Patrick. You make me feel so much better. I just appreciate you so much. :)" ... written by jeter28
I enjoy every moment with you Patrick.....thank you for the clarity. You are always spot on....Bless you my friend." ... written by jeter28
Brill." ... written by Kavs
UrbanPsychic was very caring and clear in his explanations.I definately feel a much greater sense of peace after my reading with him. I recommend him highly." ... written by Sourgirl39
One of my most favorite people on here. I love his company and talking to him. Thank you my friend... :)" ... written by jeter28
Thank you my friend...... You are so good. I just love you. Xoxoxo" ... written by jeter28
Oh - I so love him. so details and gets straight to the point. He's guides me and gives me hope. and just when I think I am to give up - he says don't. yay!" ... written by kav
He was very down-to-earth and was accurate. Definitely recommended!" ... written by Knight
By far, the best and most sincere reader I've spoken to in a LONG time!!! :) Thank you so much! I look forward to your predictions coming true!! *kisses*" ... written by MinaVamp27
What a delightful soul Patrick is. Such a caring and honest person with just beautiful energy. Thank you so much for the wonderful insight and being so spot on with your connection. A genuine person who comes across as a caring individual in his private life and it shows in his professional andamp; public life. Much love and light, Namaste xxx" ... written by Twinsoul
OK - Everyone was right about him. He is good. Truly good and I personally needed clarity and he gave so much. And he picked up on things I didn't tell him - my feelings too. I trust him and his amazing gift. I will definitely be coming back! Oh - and such a calm, sweet, funny person. Positive person. Oh - he's quick to pick up DETAILED information. I will be returning! x" ... written by Kavs
He was awesome, sympathetic and right on target to my life. I enjoyed the reading and I recommend him to everyone." ... written by chaxa
I love my readings with Patrick and I was his first! he is always on point with me and helps me when times are rough. And always right with the info he provides to me. He is very good at what he does and gets to the point. Ty again for a great reading and best wishes to you always." ... written by mummycrtr
Patrick is the best psychic on Oranum and is always kind and caring and everything he has said in the past has came true." ... written by ebonyeyes1986
Patrick was very insightful into our financial situation! He also commented on the kind of person and the energy I gave, which was touching. His accuracy was remarkable and gave me some time frames to be mindful of. Such a sweetheart, I would highly recommend him!!! " ... written by Felisha Walker (poeticelfmlay)
5 star psychic who gave a 5 star reading. Thank you urban psychic. He is very kind and warm, wonderful person. " ... written by barbara
My friend Patrick is absolutely wonderful........ He has a tremendous gift! Do not hesitate to let him show you the cards. He is one of Oranums best!!!!!! 100 stars." ... written by stargazer152
Very quick hope he's right with his predictions. " ... written by heather
I am speechless... Words can not express how great I feel since I met this guy! Great energy!!" ... written by MIchael
AMAZING! We connected so amazingly. He told me things about myself I never told anyone else. He has a gift, and can guide you to create the things you want in life. Simply wonderful. I recommend his work to everyone. Such a beautiful soul." ... written by Tesha
Very sincere, honest reading. He is very good!" ... written by psymeow
Patrick is so clear and honest! I needed to hear him say everything. Better than 10 stars." ... written by stargazer152
You always make me feel so much better! I appreciate our friendship and your honesty. I believe you are spot on about all of this. Muwah!!!! :)" ... written by jeter28
A very lovely compassionate man. Very precise and to the point. A lovely reading will definitely drop by again. Many Blessings Patrick." ... written by Jojo
He's so wonderful. Shamanic Reiki healing was transforming. I have been so anxious and blocked, and I feel cleansed of all of that heavy negative yuck that was like cloud around me. THANK YOU UrbanPsychic :) !!!" ... written by ahz
Really great! Picked up on my situation right away without me saying anything. He is amazing. " ... written by sarah
Thanks for the help and clarification I pray you are correct and that free will brings it forward soon!" ... written by Robin
A wonderful person, an excellent adviser, very understanding, picks up very well and interprets even better, I am glad I had the reading and hope others do the same always I know I will be back often, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
Patrick is very intuitive and understanding. My worries are gone. I recommend him for anyone who would like an honest and accurate reading." ... written by bequestions
Been to Patrick few times in the past. Came back recently. He was talking about points that he picked up which matched point- to - point with actual real life events that transpired and then came up with future outcome of situation with time frame. Did not need input from myself, came up with all the info, off the bad, himself. Professional, sweet, kind, genuine reader with empathy for others (ie: people skills). RECOMMENDED." ... written by belladonna8
He is wonderful, always spot on and big hearted." ... written by Kate
Cool reading. Thank you for the help" ... written by Lily
He's awesome!! Nailed it :)" ... written by Zeigen
Patrick was very helpful. I hope everything goes as planned. " ... written by Trevor
Patrick you are totally amazing hun n i cant thank you enough for my readings today i was so so low but now I'm smiling again you truly are an amazing young man with an amazing loving n kinds personality n gift xxx " ... written by smiler801
Great reading, accurate and on point. I didn't have to ask many questions everything made sense. Look forward to another reading and I would strongly recommend." ... written by liz
I just love him. He is so sweet and honest and on his game. Thank you my friend. :0)" ... written by jeter28
I always come to Patrick when I need insight, and clarity. Patrick does not lead me on and tell me stuff just to tell me stuff. He empathizes free will and that is the most important thing you can tell a client. nothing is set in stone but sometimes we wonder about the choices we make. Patrick listens with an open mind and heart. I feel comforted talking to him, and feel that he can sense my emotions and state of mind very well. I don't even have to tell him whats going on, he already knows. I value Patrick as a psychic and as a confidant as well. I am honored to have access to him, and feel that he is a true gem. Thank you Patrick for your insight and your words of encouragement and strength. " ... written by linda
OMG, speechless, and I don't get speechless for nobody, Patrick brought tears to my eyes, and I don't cry either, thank you sooo much you don't know how much this meant to me.... a burden just got lifted off me ... the validations, confirmations, love him....many thanks Patrick..." ... written by Nzkiwi71
Patrick is consistently accurate and a level above all other psychics as far as his connection and his ability to deliver details in an immediate way. He is also genuinely compassionate." ... written by celticlass
I LOVE Patrick, his energy, his light. His ability to touch you. He definitely related to me andamp; understood. He's my GO TO Clairvoyent and Medium. YOURE AMAZING!!! " ... written by Jessica
Patrick is a beautiful person, not only does he give outstanding readings but gives amazing guidance and makes you feel like your talking to your best friend with his deep caring, thank you patrick for being such a great friend :) much lovee!! JODZZZZ xxx" ... written by Jodyleelee
FANTASTIC! Patrick was able to connect with people who have recently passed and provided a wonderful reading! He is super easy to talk to and just has great energy! I will definitely contact him again." ... written by Eileen
He was awesome!!! I highly recommend him!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
This is the 2nd reading I have had with UrbanPsychic, I have to say a massive thank you, he is brilliant and always makes things clear. Thanks again and will definitely be using you in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by Woodzey123
He is worth every penny and every minute you can spend with him. Beautiful soul and hear. Thank you for all of your advice and words during the reading. We will definitely be in touch!" ... written by jamilynn61
I loved my reading. He was spot on and very accurate. Gave a lot of details and knew what I was asking before I even asked any questions. He picked up on things that I didn't even think to ask. I will definitely be back for another reading. One of the best readings I had on oranum. Five stars." ... written by indiabonita
Clear all very helpful and concise, go to him is a sure guarantee." ... written by Lumusia
What a Lovely Gentleman! Gentle to the core - kind and honest!!!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Insightful and honest ... I would recommend him ... very kind and pleasant to speak with. 5 star" ... written by Ann S
Patrick as always awesome reading!!! Enjoyed it very much and sure did lift up my spirits!!! Thank you!!! Nemaste." ... written by angelove1983
You were a God sent tonite...thank you :)" ... written by jamilynn61
UrbanPsychic was brilliant!!! Quick to answer!!! He's feelings were 100% genuine. He cared about my situations and helped by sending me and my loved ones light. He has a beautiful gift and uses it like a pro. l highly recommend UrbanPsychic. You will regret nothing. Its money, time and thoughts well used. Thank you UrbanPsychic so much, l will be patient now :):):) " ... written by ShnNaeNae
patrick is just so comforting. I really love coming to him. he makes it all better. always. 5 stars and more!" ... written by stargazer152
He is amazing, I would recommend x " ... written by Siren_21
Thank you! We loved urbanPsychic. Amazing guy and amazing connection. Excellent mediumship. I highly recommend him." ... written by sara and selene
He's so sweet and compassionate. He's honest and accurate, sympathetic and intuitive, so professional and personable at the same time! I can't tell you how great this guy is! He's always been there for me right when I need him most! Thank you Patrick! Thank you thank you thank you! Namaste and blessings!" ... written by MinaVamp27
He is a really nice guy! I hope I have good news for him soon. :)" ... written by sunny0day
He was awesome! I love how he just taps right in and he's not overly dependent on tools to give you a reading. Very friendly and professional, you won't be disappointed." ... written by sweetsiren0072
Very good reading. Very insightful. Excellent." ... written by ash
The most wonderful psychic on here! I stand by Patrick and his readings. He is so in depth and most importantly in sync with your situation. How do I know that? Because he never remembers me, but reading after reading he has been very very consistent. He never strays away from what he said at the beginning unless he sees a change in which he will inform you upfront. This guy has integrity, and I sense his desire to want to help you through your darkest days. He is a must, if you seek a truthful reading. " ... written by linda
This was my first reading with Patrick. He is outstanding. He was in touch with those close that passed and had some great insight into what is going on with me. I will be back soon." ... written by John
He is very good, and his details are very precise. Very correct and honest. I will definitely get another reading from him. " ... written by jessica
Patrick was awesome, Picked up on a lot of things. Thank You! Blessings to All!" ... written by Angelwingss7
I adore Urban. He is not only a friend but he is very gifted and always hits spot on with my situation. Bless you... :)" ... written by jeter28
Patrick is one of the best. Accuracy is second nature to him. Please make sure you have a read with him. It is fascinating and and honest. No sugar coating just the plain facts. One thousand stars!" ... written by stargazer152
Urbanpsychic read me like a book. Completely honest and opened reading." ... written by victoria111
Patrick was very quick and very impressive about details of the past but more importantly the near future. He tell me I will have new beginnings all around me, which is what I am looking for. I will have illumination and good beginnings. For the few minutes I had with him, he was extremely accurate and informative in like 6 minutes. He was wonderful, will come back definitely refreshing and uplifting. Great clairvoyant and reader." ... written by jpangels
He knew so much about me and gave me insight. Even with the difficult things he told me he was really on it. Such a blessing. So much luv and light given. I'm grateful the peace I'm feeling." ... written by Janine
Great reading! Was able to tune in perfectly and touch on points, feelings and events that I didn't even mention! Such great energy I will be back!" ... written by Stephanie
Such a wonderful person on the inside and out!!!! Everything that was said what so accurate!!!! I am so excited and positive for what the future holds and cannot wait for it to unfold!!! thank you again so very much. xoxox" ... written by Lauren
He is an amazing gifted reader. Compassionate and clear. I appreciate his gifts and most definitely will return in the future for updates." ... written by victoria111
Sweet guy, I hope all he says comes true! " ... written by mshr
Amazing. Connects. Everything was great! " ... written by G
OMG UrbanPsychic is just amazing, My jaw dropped when he was giving me lots of details and time frames which I have confirmed. He is highly gifted, his accuracy is astonishing. I highly recommend him. I will most certainly go for more future updates. Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Wow, great reading! Love and light to you ČD" ... written by Andrea
Patrick is so amazing! He not only provided a good read, but he also is very compassionate. He's the best and very accurate. I highly recommend him." ... written by bequestions
Very, very good reading. Fast, clear and accurate. He is sincere and caring. He makes sure there is no money wasted for his clients! His last prediction happened within a time period just like he said! Good-hearted reader!" ... written by Psymeow
Patrick has a wonderful gentle spirit, truly intuitive and discerned situations very well. I would certainly recommend him not only for his accuracy but also for his incredibly gentle energy." ... written by Zahrah
Great job...thx!" ... written by Lisa
T/hank you so much for such a genuine, warm and kind hearted reading. It was straight to the point and very accurate. I feel so much better now, urbanpsychic is not only a psychic but a healer too! " ... written by ali
So far, he has never been wrong with anything he said since I first had reading with him. Everything he said has passed within a time frame he said. His reading is fast and insightful. He is kind and caring. Very very good reader!" ... written by psymeow
The world needs more sensitive people like Patrick. I love when he does a read. Spot on and no sugar added." ... written by stargazer152
Patrick is fast amazing at answering all my questions in detail impressive and kind and considerate. He has told me a great deal about my friend which I am concerned about. He has told me my life will change radically and I have angels and spirits around me that will help me. That I need to let go of old blocks, clearing. He was amazing accurate about a great deal of things, and answered very quickly.He also used cards to assist. Exceptional reader." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Urban rock!!! He is my number one!!!! mwah!!!!!" ... written by jeter
Thank you for your help, Patrick! As usual, you're very accurate and comforting. Talk to you soon!" ... written by bequestions
Excellent reading - exact about my situation without asking much info at all from me. He has really given me hope." ... written by Jase
Right to the point!" ... written by Cat2910
Patrick is just outstanding. He is so fast and accurate. You will love him." ... written by John
Simply wonderful... Insightful and very clear" ... written by Janice
Amazing!!! " ... written by luckystar222
I like you urban... You are very understanding and human..." ... written by mette44
You are always spot on Patrick... Thank you so much... I adore you and your readings... Mwah!" ... written by jeter28
Great reading as per usual and picked up things that I didn't tell anyone. " ... written by Fun_Sized
Love getting readings with him he is truly gifted!!!!" ... written by marion
Thx you giving me your insight on my issues. The cards are so spot on 4 me. Will wait to travel !!!" ... written by queenbee22
This has to be one of the most awesome reads ever from Patrick. He is always spot on but this read was very heart warming and to the point. Nothing but comfort." ... written by stargazer152
Spot on always.... I love Urban. He is amazing and just so much fun to read with. He is genuine and honest about his readings!" ... written by jeter28
Great!" ... written by Janice
This man is the best! If you have any doubt about what is going on in your life see him!! LOVE HIM!" ... written by Michael
Absolutely phenomenal. Don't go anywhere else. He is the best-feels like he is my best friend." ... written by G
Patrick is just outstanding. Love reading with him. Fast, accurate and so very kind." ... written by John
He is so sweet i loved working with mediums very accurate on information. " ... written by Alicia
Great reading...will be back to follow up ." ... written by lornalulu
wow! Patrick is amazing. he's also such a sweet soul! I am glad I hired him for a reading. he was spot on. didn't sugar coat but was very helpful with his input and what he saw for me. I will definitely be back. thank you so much, Patrick! if I could I would give you a hug! :) " ... written by Jenny
Once again Patrick did it again. He connected me with my precious Jessie. I thank u for the clarity and insight Patrick. I see so many ways that I can embrace Jess tell the day I pass. And to fully communicate with her. You gave me such a precious gift Patrick. I'm eternally grateful. This mama thanks u from the bottom of her heart." ... written by Janine
Sure a warm individual and so spot on with things. Get a reading, he's wonderfull" ... written by Kelly
Very good and accurate, and a real sweetie." ... written by Gabriela
He is awesome, I've come back to him several times, he has such an incredible spirit about him. and just an overall great personality. He does channeling which is such an amazing gift to have and can really tune into the situation." ... written by Alciai
Great reading! Patrick is very comforting, and I'm looking forward to sharing the updates." ... written by Brysant
He was fantastic and to the point he does not waste time and is very sincere I was very impressed and feel he is one of the best " ... written by Miss hernow
Once again a very good reading with Patrick, I enjoyed it greatly. Good things are still on the horizon for me. Can't wait!" ... written by John Stone
Amazing reading like always! Everything is on point! He gave me timeframes, connected with spirit, and provides such accurate information. I asked a question about a person i am currently involved with and he told me that he sees "water" parting us.. gave me the chills since the guy im seeing is currently traveling on a boat!! patrick is amazing and he is definitely one of my fav psychics " ... written by ali
Patrick is definitely one of my all time favorite psychics that I love to turn to whenever I have any problems that I want to look into with him. I definitely recommend him if you're looking for someone who's accurate and empathetic and doesn't waste your time! And much more. He's generally a very nice person to talk to and he's funny. Give him a shot, you won't regret it. Thanks so much again Patrick. I'll give you an insight on what happens within' a month or so." ... written by stayclosedontgo
Urban was very talented and sensitive and helpful with my questions. He was telling me all kinds of things before I even was able to start typing! I've had readings by 3 different psychics on here about a coming relationship and he also gave the same exact time frame. It was amazing. I definitely look forward to the good things to come that are coming my way. Thank you for your insight and sharing your gifts, may you be blessed and uplifted by Spirit!" ... written by John Stone
Patrick is awesome." ... written by Jennifer
Patrick is so wonderful. Just a pleasure. Such a kind, loving soul. " ... written by John
Patrick is amazing! He is very intuitive and accurate with his predictions. He's given me comfort and confidence that my situation will work out. I have complete confidence in his abilities. " ... written by bequestions
Very precious and conscious reading." ... written by candy
OMG Urban is so AWESOME I'm glad I had an update with him. I feel more relaxed. Even more so with the reiki healing he gave me. He deserves 10**** stars. Blessings..." ... written by Lucy117
Always my pleasure" ... written by Janice
LOVE LOVE LOVE Patrick, amazing person, amazing reader." ... written by linda
Jeter and Patrick are amazing, beautiful souls inside and out. Thank you for all your help and god bless" ... written by sweet84
5 stars! Jeter and Patrick have always been in tune with their strong sense of intuition and messages delivered from spirit. Very accurate as to what is going on with a person I am involved with, what I can do to be more proactive as far as pursuing a new career. I highly recommend them. Always connected and consistent with predictions. All have come to pass!" ... written by Christine
Patrick and Jeter .. great!! love them both .. together wonderful!.. ty so much!!! looking forward to ur prediction! " ... written by beautifulmesss
Amazing! Try him you won't be disappointed. " ... written by rox
He is Awesome!!!!! Very insightful and lovely and accurate!!!" ... written by juliesc
He never ceases to amaze me. Spot on. Amazing." ... written by T
Fabulous reading, very in tune, thank you. Feel great xx" ... written by Patient
Thank you so much for the clarity, and confirmation to what I was feeling. You are awesome, and I am amazed by the Reiki. I will definitely be back." ... written by Heather
What a doll. He's so sweet and straight to the point. Great reading, UrbanPsychic! " ... written by Zeigen
He was always right in the past. All his prediction come to pass within the time frame. He reading stay consistent and makes sense. A very sweet and talented reader is here." ... written by psymeow
A true gift and sweet soul." ... written by sara
Pat is my favouriteee! :) So wonderful! He's readings and predictions are always bang on! He's real and goes so indepth! There's nobody else I trust more than Patrick! I love you! :) xxx" ... written by Jody
Patrick, you are just plain ole fashioned, awesome." ... written by Andie
He is incredibly intuitive, consoling, caring, genuine, very detailed on everything I ask him, very specific. He is very intuned with the angels, I have been communicating with them, in my dreams and he has picked up on this and many other instances. I asked him about a close friend of mine,and he has picked up on him and all his details." ... written by bnjpangels
He ALWAYS brings my nerves down. Patrick is the best! He is so on point and on target. xoxo" ... written by Tesha
Patrick was so wonderful, and very sincere in his reading. I truly appreciate what he did for me here. :) And, I didn't realize I was so short on time, I'll make it up to you the next time around!" ... written by silverfae
Thank you Urban" ... written by Globe
I continuously visit patrick, as he is ALWAYS on point with me. He never lets me down, and is a beautiful soul, inside and out " ... written by Tesha
Patrick is one of a kind. Always picks me up when I'm down. A ray of love, light and happiness surrounds him and it always fall to us all." ... written by John
Patrick is amazing. Love his energy and spirit. He picks me up and carries me when I'm down. The man has wings." ... written by John
Urabanpsychic is so enjoyable to talk to..if you can I suggest to do a long reading with him. It is more than worth it:) Great reading and person!" ... written by catpearl
Patrick, he is such a gem! Go to him, he Is a very nice person and I believe he is very connected to source energy!" ... written by Catpearl
Its good to have someone who is truthful and honest i'm so glad Oranum have people like him online, just the real deal!" ... written by MysticL
Patrick patrick patrick!! I'v never had a reading with patz that wasn't uplifting and empowering, you can always guarantee that he brings forward wonderful information with so much compassion, there is no need to be nervous or hesitate when it comes to having a reading with him, you will be so pleased you did! I trust him totally and I dont trust easily at all!! I love you loads pats, I cant thank you enough!!" ... written by Jody
You know all these testimonials that say we adore Patrick.....well those testimonials are true. I especially adore Patrick. I don't necessarily come to him bugging to know the future or the possibilities, but I come to him for healing. He reminds me that I am human, and that the choices are only up to us. He is always observant and quite accurate. of everything that goes on currently in my life. This is how I know we connect. He knows things that nobody could possibly know or assume. Patrick is very honest and humble, and he really strives to help, all the while maintaining a positive and kind demeanor. He truly is one a kind. He may not be the number one psychic on here giving false hope, but he is a true healer and friend to me. Thanks Patrick for being with me on my journey. " ... written by leelee32384
Unbelievable!! I love love looooooove urbanpsychic!!" ... written by alee
He's not only an exceptional psychic, but he is tender, caring and also can send Reiki - I feel so much better, and am so very grateful to have had this session with him." ... written by Ahz
Very approachable and welcoming. Would recommend and will return." ... written by Aaron
Always wonderful." ... written by Janice
Fantastic!! Always makes me feel better. Thank you my friend. " ... written by Michael
Patrick is just great. Love the healing and the insight. Always feel good after a session with Patrick." ... written by John
Perfect as always." ... written by Janice
Patrick, you are amazing! I'm so glad you're back! Thank you for the insight and the help you have provided to me. I will be updating you soon!" ... written by bc_inspired
My bestie! I love him, and count him as a confidant. He is truly a good guide. " ... written by leelee32384
A very good advice.." ... written by candy
Wow, picked on exactly what I wanted to know, without me saying a word. AWESOME!" ... written by SG
Great reading! Thank you! Answered all my questions very quickly...very satisfied with my reading!" ... written by bruin19
Patrick is an amazing, highly gifted psychic with such compassion and calmness. He was so in tune with everything, i got goosebumps listening to the details. Thank you so much Patrick. You are a blessing. " ... written by Kioskgirl
He's just awesome !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Very reassuring and glad I talk to him." ... written by candy
Patrick was awesome!! I love his combination of tarot reading and clairvoyance. " ... written by Virgin
Thank you for your help, Patrick. You have helped me with the anxiety around my situation. Talk to you soon!" ... written by bc_inspired
Just absolutely love Patrick. So on target. Makes me feel at ease and is very comforting. " ... written by John
Absolutely amazing!!! such a beautiful soul and genuinely gifted!!! i loved my reading :)" ... written by Krissy
Great reading omg!!!!" ... written by Krissy
Thank you Patrick." ... written by jerald
He's wonderful!" ... written by Jennifer
Second reading with Patrick and his guides they absolutely awesome!!! Will be returning for more...Thank you Patrick!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Good job tapping in with my question." ... written by Catmando
Patrick connected me to my daughter. He made it clear that she was in control. That she was happy with the release of the balloons and all that was done for her birthday. Thank you Patrick. You rock and Jessie says you rock also. :)" ... written by Janine
I've contacted Partick in the past and he has always been so wonderful! I love that he can connect with my late husband!! I highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by Eileen
WOW, this was just what I needed today. Was feeling very down and had contacted a few people on the site today but none of them really answered the question. That was until I went to private with Urban, he knew everything. Blessing to him and Toby, they make a great team! :-) x" ... written by Mshelli
Loved the Reiki energy work he does with clearing and balancing chakras. It feels like he is lifting a dark veil off of me, and afterwards the air is crisp and clean. Wonderful. Feels magical. I love it. " ... written by Ahz
Perfect" ... written by Janice
Omg he is great, he won't waste ur time and honest!" ... written by gloria
Wow that was a life changing reading. Not only did he make me feel better and prepare me for what is to come but also healed me and I feel so much better!! Wonderful person inside and out! by far the best. He will comfort you and guide you. He was also right on par with what was happening in my life at the moment!! You won't be dissapointed I promise! Thank you isn't enough and 5 stars isn't enough. " ... written by Bree
This is a fantastic psychic. I came in to this nervously and instantly felt calmed. He picked up on my Grandmother which was a total shock to me. He even said she loved plad and wore it and that is true. He is the real deal. Truly Gifted!! I will be back for future readings from this psychic. He even gave me a reiki treatment which was probably much needed. Thank you so much!" ... written by Valerie
Very positive! Gives great insight, very calm and welcoming. Picks up on energy and is overall an excellent 5-star reader. Highly recommended!!!!! A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ Psychic :) Very accurate on details, picks up quickly on responses. Won't waste time. :)" ... written by Sahar
He's very sweet and picked up very fast. Accurate and definitely someone I will come back to again. Thank you!!!!" ... written by lauginglight
Patrick is just incredible, so calming reassuring, extremely intuitive. Especially the reiki healing is most profound beautiful healing that I have had in a long time, and this at long distance. He connected very quickly with me. Just very uplifting, and the healing very powerful." ... written by BNJPANGELS
Not long ago, in a session, I asked Patrick about potential romantic connections. Patrick said I would be meeting a man whose business was in the "financial" area, and that I would meet him in a "transit area" That he wears a suit, has brown hair, brown eyes, and that this man lives in my area. Yesterday, I ran into a man, that I knew as a friend about 5 years ago. He fits Patrick's description to a "T". Brown hair, brown eyes, lives a matter of blocks from me, wears a suit to work, works with "finances", and we ran into each other in a parking structure (=transit area)! I'd say that is an amazingly accurate prediction come true!" ... written by Ahz
Great reader directly to the point. A+++" ... written by Teko123
Picked up on my gran. Brilliant reading. x " ... written by shell
Awesome! A pleasure to talk with and was very honest with his reading and energy." ... written by Nicolette124
What a wonderful man. Beautiful, accurate read and great energies. I will definitely be coming back to him - he is so genuine and loving. THANK YOU!!! " ... written by Moon
He told me so much. Calming voice. Very much picked up on the distance of mileage between my girlfriend and myself. He was talking about a move and yes, my gf and I are talking about moving in together when she transfers. He is a five star and to point. Thank you!" ... written by LIsa
love this reading! patrick is soo talented, gave me time frames which i'm very eager to work towards :) love love love him" ... written by Krissy
I was instantly drawn to Patrick. His energy his Light. My reading with him brought such Joy it brought me to tears, he picked up on what I am experiencing andamp;amp; confirmed so many many things. I think I have found my Personal Psychic, I will definitely be back. Thank you Patrick for your warm heart, your energy andamp;amp; compassion. Thank you for connecting with my parents. Blessings to you. You have a true gift. I'm honored to have spoken with you!" ... written by MyLinn143
He is the best. I refuse to consult with anyone else but him :) He's very compassionate, understanding, caring (and adorable of course, lol). After a reading with him you will feel at peace and more confident. Thank you so much Patrick!!! " ... written by Ivory
Patrick has amazing gifts and clear communication with his guides. I am very pleased with my reading and clarification Patrick has brought fourth. I strongly recommend Patrick if you need anything answered or guidance. " ... written by Troy
AMAZING!!!! Not only did I get a wonderful accurate reading but I also got a Reiki healing which was absolutely wonderful!! Such a sweet and loving spirit! I will be back to ONLY speak with him. Thank you! xoxoxo" ... written by Chloe1928
Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but we met in my "dream". So, of course I had to connect with him on Oranum to find out why. And he did not disappoint. UrbanPsychic has such a kind and gentle soul. He is very calming and nurturing. And my reading was wonderful! :) Thank you so much! Namaste... *hugs*" ... written by Happy Mango
The most amazing person on here. I don't say it because I've had numerous readings with him, but I say it as someone who has been on this site looking for light and truth. It really can be found on here. and I've found my truth with Patrick. I really love and respect this guy. I hope you will allow him the opportunity to help you see clearly." ... written by leelee32384
I love his personality, he is sooooo helpful, and caring. He made me feel so much better about my situation, I havn't had a smile on my face at all this today, until i talked to Patrick, he assured me that everything will be ok, and picked up on my issue so clearly/accuratly. I honestly feel happier than i was before the reading. Thankyou Patrick. Alaa" ... written by Alaa
Patrick is absolutely amazing. Just love my readings and healings with him." ... written by John
Patrick is awesome !!!" ... written by Jennifer
He's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! " ... written by Nicky
Very deep on my questions and situations. Made me see things that I block out and can't see for myself. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Jamaal
Wow. Fantastic! I feel he really connected. Thank you so much!!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
Had a follow up and he is great and helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
Patrick seems so honest and caring, he assured me that everything will be ok, and I feel so much better after I talk to him. He is the best, and I love his personality. :)" ... written by Alaa
Good reading and healing session!" ... written by moon1leo1
Really kind and sweet. Great reading!" ... written by Ashley
Great reading!! honestly amazing! he was spot on and really geniunly cares about his readings and clients. really great picked up on the situation very well and every thing made sense. he always had a posotive outlook on the situation, really enjoyed it! thank you so much!!" ... written by vine
Simply wonderful." ... written by Janice
Patrick was amazing as always. He brought such clarity to me tonight. If I could I would give him 10 stars. Everyone needs to take Patrick for a private reading." ... written by hh
Nice reader. Thank you.." ... written by K
Lovely, beautiful session with Patrick, such a gentle compassionate healer and careful listener. I would srongly advice anyone to get a reading with him. Not only is he well versed with the meaning of the Tarot, but also he is very intuitive in his psychic abilities and offers a healing that l believe will protect you and he does what he does from the heart." ... written by Elisa
quick reading but detailed and honest :)" ... written by Ashley
He's great. Great reader with a huge heart." ... written by JPM
Patrick is the most sweetest person I've ever met. Thanks for the great reading! I will try healing as well. Blessings, Alla" ... written by Alla
Always wonderful!" ... written by Janice
Had a good update - he is always so kind !" ... written by Jennifer
He's awesome! I really enjoyed reading with him! I got a lof of questions answered in a short amount of time!" ... written by Nicky
Very very good Thank you. Brilliant connection and great insight. Speak soon. More than 5 stars xx" ... written by Patient
Patrick is a compassionate and helping person. He was able to look into my current situation and allow me the ease of mind. Patrick is amazing and will continue to come back for future readings." ... written by twidlemetree
Thank you so much Patrick! Very, very helpful and inspiring! There is hope! :) Talk to you soon!" ... written by BC
Amazing as always. Thank you Patrick!!! Its always really great to talk with you to gain clarity on my situation. " ... written by Heather
very good! connected well. psychic." ... written by miko
I love how honest and caring he is, very detailed in what he says, does not just answer question by yes and no, and I love that, he is the best psychic here. " ... written by Alaa
Patrick's relationship reading was amazing. He connected with everything that is currently going on and was able to bring ease to my mind with reassurance. Patrick connected with his spirit guides to also clarify some questions I had about my relationship. This is not my first reading with Patrick and I will definitely be coming back for future reading. After the relationship reading, I still had a little time to do some Reiki healing. This was my first healing with Patrick and he is gifted. I could feel the heat in my body and tingling in my belly. I feel a lot lighter after this healing as if a ton of rock have crumble off my shoulders onto the ground. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tw
He really confirmed things for me, and made me feel much more confident about my plans, and to continue on with them when I had a few doubts. Thank you very much. " ... written by dan1010709
Amazing, invaluable reading. He communicated with my deceased sister - so clearly - a conversation. Lots of information. I am so very grateful to Patrick!!" ... written by Ahz
Incredibly nice and accurate :)" ... written by elena
He is great fast and current.. he gives time frame which is very good and correct. " ... written by lady
Excellent reading as usual. In the past, he has been always right and always accurate. He is genuine and such a sweetheart! I mean he is exceptionally caring, giving understanding and considerate. A gem of a human being! His Reiki session was perfect! I felt everything he sent to me very strong!" ... written by psymeow
Great session with Patrick. Always great healing." ... written by John
Urban is speechlessly GOOD! He picks up on everything so well... is accurate... now and in the past. He is spirit led and is very sweet and caring. I highly recommend him and I thank him with all my heart xx" ... written by globe
Amazing and helped me feel positive, took away most of my fears and negativity." ... written by Mai
He is so amazing. was able to help me feel better and right on New Year when I was to the worse point of my life. Gave me a reading and healed my heart. Thank you and happy new year. " ... written by sissi288
This was by far the best reading I have ever had on this website!! I highly recommend Urban for any of your questions or needs , he will tell you the truth and guide you in the right direction... a good direction! " ... written by Julie
Truly an amazing gift this man has - he gave me information that I needed to know - he spoke with my angel :) I will definitely come back to see him - Highly recommend a pvt with him - he's wonderful..." ... written by Pam
Oh patty!! Such a gift to earth! Patrick is by far the best and such a wonderful person and friend, he has helped me through so much and hes reiki healings are so powerful! I was shaking with anxiety before I went into private with him for healing and I felt such a shift during it and my body is on fire! Absolutely amazing!! Can't ever thank patz enough! I love you so much!! :) xxxxxx" ... written by Jody
God bless you Patrick, you're the most amazing man with the most amazing energy, words can't describe how wonderful you are." ... written by Deborah
What a sweetheart he is! He has pure heart and is truly caring. He is beautiful inside out! He has been always right on the matter. A great psychic and a reader" ... written by psymeow
Patrick is amazing. He was on fire tonight. Love all reading with him. Peace, love and light." ... written by John
Great reading - picked up on my situation and got to the heart of it without any information at all. And he's a truly beautiful spirit and energy. x" ... written by SAL9768
Thank you, Patrick! It seems like you're always available at the right time! You're awesome!" ... written by bc_inspired
Great reading as always. 5 stars very intuitive and picks up on intimate details nobody knows. The reading was inspiring. Thank you looking forward to predictions. Past predictions have come true." ... written by indiabonita
Always love him. He's excellent!" ... written by t.
Patrick is awesome !!!" ... written by Jennifer
The best! Always makes you comfortable and encourages you to believe in yourself and your strength no matter what the situation. I will always consult him! I love you Patrick!!" ... written by Ivory
My reading was pretty awesome!! Such a sweet guy :)" ... written by Chrissy
Patrick has always been accurate with his readings. His predictions have come to pass. He has cleared my mind and heart of any doubts that I have. I look forward to his next predictions to come to pass. Thank you so very much, Patrick! I will keep you updated." ... written by Moonchild59
He is a beautiful soul who always remembers me and my situations. He connects really well with me and always gives me great advice. He is a very truthful and compassionate reader who always has your best interest at heart. Thank you love!" ... written by leelee32384
Warm, kind and gentle-hearted young man!" ... written by sdf
Omg Patrick is so Awesome, with his accuracy and reiki healing, I feel a big weight off my shoulders. Will most definitely have more follow ups with Patrick." ... written by Lucy117
I mean.. what can't I say? Love patrick. Been reading with him for about a year now, and I wouldn't choose anyone else over him. Love you Patrick! Your predictions always come true!" ... written by hungry_hippo
Thank you for your reading - wow that was excellent. Thank you for the cleaning also, now I am good to go! :) " ... written by MK
He is fabulous gave me some really right on messages and guidance was very in tune and I gave him no upfront information I will definitely be back on to see clarity with him again... Very positive and bright energy." ... written by Bellangel365
Great reading with Patrick as always his healing energy helped a lot and I respect that he is truthful and always tells me what I need to hear. He is honest and caring and I always keep coming back to him. He has a very strong connection to spirit. In my opinion one of the best readers on oranum." ... written by indiabonita
Thank you Patrick!! It's always a pleasure. Thank you for the Reiki, for the detailed reading. I am also comforted to have had my sister come through during the reading." ... written by Ahz
he is very accurate .....lovely " ... written by bon
Great reading! Thanks :)" ... written by Isabelle
Amazing healer and reader. I will go back to him again any again whenever i need help. " ... written by srk003
Thank you Patrick for confirming!" ... written by S
he's so kind and very accurate. love his reading." ... written by julie
Always a blessing! Love him! " ... written by DD
Very good. pleasant to talk to. healing energy he has around him " ... written by SRK003
Patrick has given me great insight!" ... written by Awesome Reading!
he has such a sweet spirit. I felt very calm talking to him. great energy and he was accurate. " ... written by s elzy
nice reading, thank you" ... written by Lafleur
fabulous he is right on with everything my jaw is still on the floor in shock of how in tune he is" ... written by Bell
Patrick is a very kind gentelman with such a special talent !! He radiates warmth and understanding and it shows in his readings. I am very pleased and hope to return as my life unfolds :) Thank you Urbanpsychic :)" ... written by Shawna
hes amazing, thanks so much!" ... written by p
Very good reading :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
Fantastic reader. Didnt have to tell him any information. He just knew it all. Where situation going. All about people. Connected with my grandmother. Absolutely brilliant" ... written by Dizzied
He's so awesome!! He gives the best readings. He's fast. He's the real deal. He is very in tune, loving, kind, warm. What a wonderful man." ... written by b
Great reading!! absolutely amazing! Really spot on with his reading...gave me some healing, and feel light/stress free. I felt his energy with me. Very powerful. Thank you!!!! " ... written by vine
Patrick connected right away. Patrick is always amazing. He did a quick read, connected with the spirits and assisted me with some reiki healing. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and what you continue to do for me Patrick. Blessing, Peace, Love and Light be with you. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
I love Patrick! His predictions always come true for me :)" ... written by Tesha
Wow this guy is truly gifted. Fast and great connection, and felt the positive energy. He was spot on with everything, and put my mind at ease. Thank you so much. God bless. " ... written by sweet84
Patrick is wonderful. He is so gentle, knowledgeable, and kind. He has one of the most calming energies I have encountered on here, however, he is filled with a rapid positivity that resonates throughout the whole reading. I wanted some clarification on love issues, as well as some energy work, and he was able to do both of those with ease. He is gracious, and it is obvious that he really cares. I recommend anyone who would like to experience a very professional, accurate reading. Thank you so much! Namaste." ... written by Kaitlin
Always wonderful!" ... written by Nicky
He is so amazing - the healing and energies he sent me were wonderful - he's helping me get through one of the roughest times in my life.... Blessings dear heart.... :)" ... written by Pam
I love Patrick. He is a beautiful soul and his sessions are full of love and healing. I am blessed to be able to receive from him. Wonderful." ... written by Ahz
amazing as always! thank you Patrick for the update!" ... written by vine
I love Patrick. He is deeply kind and very gifted. His Reiki has a profound healing, and calming effect on me. I am blessed to be able to call on him to help me. He's wonderful." ... written by Ahz
He is a 5 Stars! Very calm, positive and honest. Amazing reading. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Excellent!!! He is so good! Thank you for sharing your gift!!!" ... written by Ro
He is the only psychic I use on this site. His heart is in all that he does and he is legit. Thank you Patrick! I Love You!!!" ... written by Ivory
Really missed Patrick and so glad he was on. Love the passion. He is good, and very accurate. Kindred Spirit." ... written by John
Patrick did a reiki session with me. He connected right away and was able to help clear old and negative energies then replaced them with new and positive energies. Patrick has always been so helpful to me. He was also able to give me messages from spirit. Thank you so much Patrick. Blessings to you." ... written by twidlemetree
Excellent reading, to the point, so caring, so spot on. My money was worth every cent, Patrick is godsend, I love you." ... written by jj
Perfect as always!" ... written by Janice
Very good readings! Loved his energy ! Hes a lovely person and even if you do not get a reading from him. You should go and free chat and see how positive and welcoming he is. Thank you again..." ... written by Danielle
Excellent..." ... written by justatrace
Thank you hun for a wonderful reading! It was so accurate! Patrick is one of the best on here! He is so compassionate and caring!" ... written by Dezzie
Absolutely love readings with Patrick he is so caring and works hard to get as much details and answers as possible.....he is such a lovely caring and generous soul!! he deserve all the stars not just 5..." ... written by marionlyttle
Very considerate and kind. Genuinely cares, very nice aura!! Highly recommend for a private reading. Thank you! " ... written by bruin19
what a beautiful soul... that's why he sees things clearly. lucky to know him-" ... written by jonykim
He was absolutely amazing!!! I will be coming back for many more sessions. :)" ... written by diane
Patrick is great. So glad to get the opportunity to get a read from him." ... written by JP
Amazing reiki. Was able to feel it right away, very calming and peacefull. Thanks again Patrick I appreciated your love and light :)" ... written by meridag22
Patrick is such a sweetheart! Enjoyed talking to him! Thank you so much" ... written by Val
Thanks so much for the reading Patrick!! I really appreciate it!! You were great!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
He is the bright sun!!!!!!" ... written by jony
5 million stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Lauren
This is my 2nd reading with Patrick I swear he is just so so amazing and honest and all what he has said is so true. I am blessed to know him after so long in Oranium." ... written by jj
he is very honest. and he is a very able person. his readings are very honest . and he is quiet spot on. best quality is that if its something bad. then he knows how to put it in an honest acceptable way. grrt" ... written by ansh
This psychic is extremely talented and quick with his answers. He is honest, but delivers the truth. If you want a true psychic, you should try this psychic. I have spoken with many psychics, but he picks up on energy and relays the information without any clues. I am extremely impressed with his abilities, and you will also. " ... written by EjC
Thank you Patrick. Lovely reading. True and lovely." ... written by Tri
amazing reading feel so much better and worth every penny. Very accurate and so kind I really needed guidance from spirit things will get better for my family and that means a lot to me. So honest and generous. Life changing reading." ... written by indiabonita
He was wonderful. I can't wait to get another reading from him. He is so cute and adorable. I can't wait for these things to happen." ... written by sunshine
1000% accurate!!!!!!!!!! so excited for his predictions to unfold " ... written by Lauren
So spot on!!!! He's amazing. " ... written by kylie
Wonderful , this is my go to guy . Always accurate , picks up questions that have been lingering and answer then before i can even ask , lol absolutely love him :)" ... written by Diane
LOVE HIM! I know he tells me straight up and that it is all spot on. I adore him so much. Hugs..." ... written by jeter28
He has the best energy so kind yet so precise he has predicted a lot for me and gave me some really good guidance.. I will always get a reading from him when he is online because I always feel resolved after our readings." ... written by Bella
he's super sweet and was able to pick on my energy and the energy of the person i asked about accurately. he's also fast and will not tell you what you want to hear, which i respect tons =)" ... written by m
just like other testimonials, this psychic is amazing. very honest andamp; accurate; very kind hearted. recommended to others here A++++" ... written by Ammer
Patrick is amazing n one of my best friends in the world xx " ... written by smiler801
The best ever....worth every penny....he is like my bestfriend in my head. " ... written by Marcy
Great reading, Very positive and informing. Did not have a long reading with him but he did get to the key points. I would recommended him to anyone who is looking for some who is wanting answers. Will come back to see him" ... written by Shelbee
Wonderful as always !!!! My best choice of readers !!!!" ... written by diane
He was MAGNIFICENT! thank you so much Urban for a wonderful reading, you are God sent." ... written by love
he is the best always to the point and more. he is so so gifted and i am blessed to know him. all what he has said is true" ... written by jj
The positive energy from Patrick is just amazing. I am always at peace after a reading with him." ... written by John
patrick is the deal. he is so caring and spot on. the few readings i have with him has all come true. he is a gem i really am blessed to know him and found him. pls pls try patrick u will never go wrong " ... written by jj
Patrick is amazing. He is so nice and has the greatest energy." ... written by Joseph Leader
best of the best!! xxxxx" ... written by Lauren
patrick is the most wonderful person and all what he says is so spot on. he is so caring and all his reading are uplifting. all i can say is he is god sent.. thank u patrick" ... written by jj
Patrick was so insightful, and shed clarity on a lot of things... He was wonderful and I felt I connected well with him ... Looking forward for some things to come... Thank you so much Patrick ♥" ... written by MissSobriety
Patrick was very intuitive, and we connected easily. He was able to give me insights into a situation that has been near and dear to my heart. I will talk his advice on the crystals, and will follow up soon. Thanks!" ... written by denise
Patrick was very amazing. Hes was so spot on. I loved my reading with him." ... written by Joseph Leader
His work is truly something else. Very warming, very compassionate. Answered all questions very fast. He connected with a passed relative. Beautiful connection. What a remarkable expert. Thank you very much. You are divine and I'm blessed." ... written by lux
excellent reading so spot on caring i am lost with words. Patrick is a gem " ... written by jj
yeeess very nice" ... written by -
he's such a gem. love his work and his gift. " ... written by Tiffany
he's always wonderful - 5 Stars for Patrick !!!" ... written by Jennifer
Great insights!" ... written by ystylus
I loved urbanPsychic, I thought he was wonderful and definitely would recommend him to anyone. Its very hard to get a hold of my brother and he did it no problem." ... written by mary
One of my Favorited, so lovely and spiritual. Very nice gentle and caring, and empathic reader. I enjoyed his company in private and look forward to coming back soon in the future to him for guidance :) " ... written by royalbrit
Calm and serene" ... written by pjgovind
thank you so much :) " ... written by george
Thank you Patrick..Lovely Reiki healing session and thank you for all the in depth insights as usual...love you xxx" ... written by Susan
He did a pet reading for me! It was awesome! :)" ... written by Nicky
amazingly accurate!!!!!!!!!!!! and amazing friend aswell xxxx" ... written by Lauren
Wonderful as always !!! Love him and how quickly he connects . Always picks up on everything :) " ... written by Diane
He is amazing, so patient, kind, caring and on the mark." ... written by LunaBear
most amazing psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Lauren
Very intuitive, highly recommend, connected and helped with elaborate details." ... written by B
Thanks for your words with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Extraordinary expert. Absolutely recommended. " ... written by .
Connected very quiickly and picked up details that were private. Will update as things happen." ... written by Tanya
It was really great having a session with you again, Patrick! He is amazing and accurate. He tells you the truth, and ensures that you get the information you need to be a better "You!" It's been over a year since I've connected with Patrick, and never have been disapointed. :)" ... written by bc___inspire
Patrick connected instantly. He was able to give me some good insight and messages from spirit. Patrick has been a great help and a great friend. Thank you so much for what you do Patrick. Many blessings to you. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
teied something different reki was really good he was so sofly spoken gave u a sence of comfort. helped me no end. thank u x" ... written by mizzimoo
I love Patrick. His Reiki and other healings have helped me immensely. I was feeling so drained and was toting around a lot of anger, and he cleared that away. He's the kindest person. And so caring." ... written by Ahz
Patrick was very good and I will have to do a little bit of research to find out some of the information. Many Thanks." ... written by Nexusphase
patrick is the real deal and must go to psychic, he is professional!" ... written by Cassandra
Patrick is my go-to guy. he's amazingly connected, compassionate, and never places judgement. He offers energy work, and I always feel it. Do not pass him up, he's absolutely lovely, healing and will bring clarity. :)" ... written by t.
Patrick is always great and honest !" ... written by Jennifer
cannot put into words how incredibly accurate patrick is!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
what he told me come to pass !!!it's the best thing ever. " ... written by peggy
This man is the best, not sure what else I need to say. Thank you" ... written by
5 stars! Feeling restored after a reiki session. Patrick has a strong sense of intuition and always knows what I am going to ask before I ask it. Everything has come to pass. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
wonderful reading… was my first one and he was so in tune with everything that I was going through! so glad my other fave psychic on here introduced me to you patrick… now I have two wonderful guides and support systems! " ... written by KMG
Patrick is awesome!!! He told me so much and I can't wait for his predictions to come! " ... written by April
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
Luv Luv Luv Patrick he is definitely the best, kindest, most pure energy and light on Oranum he works with all positive energies in his readings and I always feel better after reading with him..I didn't tell him anything about my situation and he knew what was going on to a T he answered things that I didn't even have to ask ... when I need clarity or guidance I will definitely seek out UrbanPsychic" ... written by Bella Angel
He's a gem! Definitely worth the private read!" ... written by Endless L0v3
I cried the whole time bc it was everything I have been needing to hear. Thank you so much Patrick I will DEF use you again!!!! :) " ... written by jessica
I did my first reading with Patrick and Jeter together on March 1st and I wanted to catch up with him again just to get an update and to update him on things. The energy that he picks up on is AMAZING and he is truly a gifted and talented soul. Thank you for your insight, Patrick. It is truly appreciated xo" ... written by Jettagirl
very sincere and caring. wonderful reading." ... written by starshine34
Amazing, Patrick heals my broken and tired heart thru his energy. Did some readings with him as well tonight, still extremely accurate and he really helps me to get thru alot of bad moment. Thank you Patrick, I am glad that Jeter brought me to you! " ... written by Cassandra
Great and fantastic reading, ties in with other readings for other great psychics on this site. It's refreshing to meet someone knew to me like Patrick, who can pick up the same deep insights that others have that ring so true for me!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
thanks again for another wonderful reading!" ... written by swsiren
All it takes is a leap of faith!" ... written by A Rose By Any Other Name
Very helpful!!" ... written by Danielle
great reading" ... written by veezee
Patrick has always connected quick with spirit to bring messages with clarity. He is willing to go that extra step with bringing clarity to any situation with the help of his guides and tarot. Thank you for the great reading and news. Many blessings to you. Peace, Love and Light be with you." ... written by Twidlemetree
He is awesome." ... written by MerC
always makes me feel better and more postive!!!" ... written by Lauren
Thank you so much for the healing experience ." ... written by Blue
amazing!! in touch with energy!" ... written by jennifer
incredible psychic but even better friend " ... written by Lauren
Patrick is wonderful, compassionate, quick to connect and brings clarity to any situation. Thank you so much Patrick. Blessing, Peace, Love and Light be with you." ... written by twidlemetree
Very honest and caring will see what happens" ... written by Lost Hope
he is the best and he pick up on the energy " ... written by sai
Had an amazing, reassuring reading with Patrick. He really is just the sweetest, most amazing guy. Always so spot on with what he says. Thank you for putting my mind at ease xox" ... written by Mshelli
Great as always!!!! He is so kind and caring, and does not waste your money. He connects with you fast and provides you with lots of information. He is the real deal and very professional. " ... written by LB
I can't imagine life without him! incredibly connected, and wonderful. " ... written by t.
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
simply amazing. Thank you Patrick" ... written by sweet
he was amazing. so sweet, kind, knew what he was saying..i felt it. Really genuine. " ... written by nene2778
OMG he's too nice kind perfect we think its my nan's mom and thank you alot i hope we talk sooner as posible :D" ... written by callum234
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
He is amazing, I would recommend to everyone x " ... written by Jade
He is simply amazing, the reiki he did was amazing. Feel so calm and positive after all I've been through. Thank you so much!" ... written by B
he is wonderful, thank you so much" ... written by jessica
is always wonderful not matter what !" ... written by Jennifer
Urban gave me such a lot of information in a short time yet he was so calm. I like the way he explained the cards, and related them to my situation. He also mentioned things that were so true about my situation without me telling him. Good" ... written by angelszone
wonderful person, great reading, he tapped into so much of what is going on in my life. hope his predictions come true but if judged by the accuracy of the past and the present, i am optimistic" ... written by AnnamariaEwa
he's always 5 stars !" ... written by Jennifer
wow tahnk you for all talk soon" ... written by pppppppp
What a wonderful guy Patrick is, so friendly and gentle with his insight and information. He is very genuine, honest, and truly has a gift to share. His information was spot on accurate and he was very confident in all that he shared with me. I thoroughly enjoyed this reading and it was a pleasure to have such a great conversation with Patrick. Thank you my friend, it was an amazing and outstanding reading and I will be back for updates." ... written by Jennifer
Very, very good. So intuitive and gifted. Love reading with him, take him private. I guarantee you will not regret it! Awesome as usual, thank you." ... written by Jennifer
He is AMAZING, so accurate and so kindness, I'm recommend him very much, you are a blessing from god, and speak like an angel.... Well done :) and thank you for the amazing reading" ... written by Ronen
I love Patrick. He is so kind and caring. He doesn't lie to you. I recommend him to everyone." ... written by Jospeh
5 star reading! Very accurate and detailed information. I appreciate the time he takes to get focused and centered. He gives me hope and something to look forward to in the near future. I will be back again!" ... written by Christine
He is always so right on point its astounding ... he always tunes in and gets all the info I need as well as knows exactly what is going on in my present situation. I wait until I get notification he is online before I come on Oranum because I know if I go to him I will get the answers and clarity I need. Not to mention he has a very positive energy and I always feel good no matter what the news is after our readings.. Thank you so much Patrick and I thank God he has blessed you with your gifts and guided me to you here on Oranum for clarity and answers. Love and Light ~Namaste~" ... written by Bell Angel
Quite on point. He even picked up the specific name of a person I met this week and described both parties accurately" ... written by missannie
Pretty accurate when it comes to telling the past... now i must wait for the future..." ... written by sunshine
Patrick is excellent! This reading went along with the first time I read with Patrick and it was still very accurate and on target. He is very nice, soft-spoken, kind, honest, and very confident in what he sees and what he says. Thank you again, it was a pleasure." ... written by Jennifer
He is the kindest and most sincere boy here. He catches vibes, intentions, thoughts, desires. Nothing can escape him. Love talking to him. 10 stars! High recommended" ... written by Lily
Patrick is excellent. His readings are always detailed and accurate. Things he has predicted have come to pass several times and within his predicted time frame. I love his energy. He's wonderful!" ... written by b
He is SO sweet, first of all. Calms you down in your darkest hour. Gives you positive energy and hope and tells you whats to come with no false hope. He will truly lift your spirit:)" ... written by Suzanne
as usual he was so wonderful, and insightful, consoling intuitive, very warm so connected to the angels, i have missed him so much because of scheduling. very powerful healer. super sensitive, just talking with I feel so energized and feeling healing" ... written by Bnjpangels
thank you again" ... written by jessica
Urban held my heart....oh so gently. Will be back!" ... written by maraisheart
urban psychic was very helpful I was very down cos I lost someone dear to my heart and didn't know what to, but Patrick was awesome in connect with the person and the reading was on point and since that day I have been so happy..... Patrick Is will gifted woow wooow....very amazing!" ... written by maaafia1
I swear I trust no other psychic. Patrick is the best! Very caring, nurturing and will be 100% honest with you. I will always come back to seek his counsel. I Love You Patrick!!! you're an angel! :)" ... written by Ivory
what a lovely person... definetly recomend. had a great experience" ... written by gioconda
love love love him. sweetest man ever. and truthful. never doubt talking with him. I have been regular, and will continue to be. nobody knows like him. hes also a friend. a really good one. " ... written by nene
5 stars! Patrick picks up on things that amaze me. He just is so in tuned with his guides and energies. Lovely reading and lovely person!" ... written by Christine
I absolutely love this man!!! So spiritual, so on spot its scary, but overall a genuine person who wants to help you do whats best for you....not just seeing what he sees. He helps use it. Love him! I go to him often. " ... written by ne
His energy is absolutely amazing! He's a great listener, advice giver and person in general. I recommend a reading with him!! " ... written by bruin19
As always - --Great reading from Patrick. " ... written by Ahz
The most amazing reading I've had ever!!!! And I've had many." ... written by Liliana
great reading, intuitive and warm" ... written by happyfish1960
most incredible person inside and out!!! just a bonus he can give such accurate readings also!!! xxxx" ... written by Lauren
5 stars! I absolutely love this man! Patrick always gives wise advice and speaks from the heart when he is giving readings. He is always tuned in with his guides and his cards. He was able to pinpoint a significant date during our last reading which amazed me. I continue to come to him because I trust him and he is honest and speaks truthfully." ... written by Christine
Lovely as usual! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
Thank you Patrick for everything. You are so great." ... written by Joseph
5 stars! One of the very few psychics I trust on oranum. He is very sweet, caring, and honest. I like that he tells everything I need to hear as opposed to what I want to hear. I highly recommend him! Patrick connects so well with his spirit guide and is excellent at connecting with energies. I feel more at ease with what is to come in the future!" ... written by Christine
fab" ... written by B
thank you thank you thank you patrick!! your amazing!!! literally come on looking for you everytime!! thank you so much!" ... written by vine
the best" ... written by bellangel
Love Patrick he always gets me all the answers I need and helps me to figure out my situation and my emotions .. Thank you so much UrbanPsychic !" ... written by BellAngel
Just had a cord cutting and Reiki session and I swear I feel lighter and I felt his vibration as well as is spirit guide around me.. It was beautiful and surreal Thank you so much Patrick I really needed this " ... written by Bell Angel
He is great at what he does. So much was answered within a matter of minutes. " ... written by Ismael
Thanks so much Patrick! You are so quick and honest." ... written by marisheart
Always wonderful!" ... written by Nicky
Patrick is 2-in-1; hes an incredible reader, connected, honest, spot on. and he's a healer. his healing sessions are powerful and I feel the benefits within the first day. he's also a soulful, and deeply intuitive person, with a kind heart. cannot live without him. " ... written by Tiffany
He's good at picking up things. I appreciate the fact that he doesn't ask for information. I'm hoping for things to speed up or happen sooner. But I am thankful that the outcome is still a good one. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
This boy is extraordinary! He is gentle, clear, very deep and such a good listener! His readings go far and beyond. His energy heals whatever is not meant to interfere, his words can mend a broken heart. A superb reader!" ... written by liliana
I absolutely love this man. He is so sweet and genuine...and he is like a best friend as well as a guide. He wants to heal you and give you direction so you can be happy and live the life you want. I come to see him often and will continue so. " ... written by synergy35
Patrick is amazing. Just love his kind and gentle ways. So insightful." ... written by John
UrbanPsychic is amazing. He connected so quickly and knew exactly what was going on in my life! His energy is so calming and he's so sweet. Thank you!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Patrick is such a genuinely kind and caring person. He also is a wonderful Reiki practitioner. I find his healing sessions extremely helpful." ... written by Ahz
I feel such a strong connection with Patrick. His spirit communication and his Reikki Healing. Time and money well spent. Your life will change." ... written by John
perfect" ... written by Janice
My first reiki session was great. He did a great job, I will becoming back for more sessions in the future. " ... written by Ismael
5 stars! Excellent reading! He always accurately can pick up energies and see into what is going on." ... written by Christine
love him! he remembered me from a previous chat, or my energy really lol. gave me great insight into my question and will continue to come to him when i need insight" ... written by m
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Patrick in always on point with the massages he gives, and he is great with giving you the truth and light. Thank you Patrick for your help. You must have a sessoin with him." ... written by Hurting Healer
Patrick is most amazing. He is on target, insightful but overall a really sweet man. He is very smart as well. I absolutely love readings with him. He is a friend, not just some dude online. " ... written by ne
he's just always amazing !" ... written by Jennifer
Patrick is deeply connected, honest, and nonjudgmental. So grateful for him and his guidance. " ... written by t.
LOVE HIM!" ... written by Mariasheart
He was incredible! Honed into my situation and made it really clear to me what was going on and what I need to do. Gave me some timelines. Excited! Will update. " ... written by Sarah
He was awesome! I loved him. Thank you so much for the reading UrbanPsychic." ... written by Victoria
I had a chord cutting session with Patrick. He assisted me with cutting all chords and I literally felt my body tingle and jump as my aura shifted and changed. Im happy I did it!" ... written by burbanks
Such an amazing reader with so much insight!!! i really appreciate his advise and the messages from spirit… thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
he is great!!!" ... written by afsha
Need some last minute clarity and advise and would trust none other than Patrick.. who is fabulous positive yet realistic he tuned right in to my situation without me telling him a thing.. " ... written by Bell Angel
I think he did a great job. I didnt have to do a lot of talking or anything. He gave me timelines. I like the calmness he has to him. Give him a try, he's more genuine than a lot of psychics on here. Thank you." ... written by ali23m
he is honest and he is good . his healing make my pain light . " ... written by sai
incredible doesnt describe his abilities! " ... written by Lauren
Urban is very talented and gifted. He connected very fast with my guides and confirmed everything that other psychics have predicted as well. Thanksss!! Highly recommended! " ... written by angel
5 stars! Glad I got to follow up with Patrick today. I always feel calmer after a session with him. He truly cares about his clients and won't sugar coat good or bad which I appreciate. He helps prepare for the future and knows exactly what to watch out for. I love this guy and highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
so accurate and detailed!!! very lucky to speak with you xxxx" ... written by Lauren
Lovely and straight to the point, no sugar coating and quick. Thank you I'll be back again. " ... written by bijutsu
Just love Patrick. When I need a spirit communication, I always come to Patrick. He is so full of positive energy. I always feel reenergized after a reading with him." ... written by John
Patrick is the best! Ive been with him since the start and every time i speak to him he always makes me smile amazing reader amazing connection and always gets it right :)" ... written by ebony
5 stars! Always a loyal follower of Mr. Patrick. He's very in tune, caring, and connected to the situation. I believe his advice, and his spirit guides always clearly communicate to him what is going on in relationships or other situations i may find myself in. He won't waste your time and money. His heart is in the right place, and he cares about his clients. I absolutely love this guy! He is like a teacher and a friend!" ... written by Christine
truly incredible the information patrick can pick up on!!!!!!!!!! very very accurate time frames!!!!!! can never thank you enough for all youve done for me over the last year xxxx" ... written by Lauren
Very gentle and connected fast. Patrick injects you with positive energy as soon as you step into his room. I am very happy with my reading and I will be back for sure :)" ... written by :) Love
5 stars! He's the best! He always can give descriptions in detail, and he is very connected to his spirit guides." ... written by Christine
I have missed Patrick. Such a beautiful soul. He is so great to read with. Spot on and always to the point. Tremendous insights. " ... written by John
He is very straightfoward with the stuff he told me. Very ethical" ... written by ChRIS
5 stars! Patrick always connects so quickly to energies. He is always accurate and his spirit guides always are able to inform him of details in my family or life which always surprises me. He's the best on Oranum. Very caring! I appreciate his honesty and time." ... written by Give_Me_Love
He is the nicest guy ever :) But also he uses a mix of tarot and his spirit guides and picked up on my situation really well. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
AMAZING! I've been going to patrick for many months and can always count on him to give me accurate, spot on readings. He's a loving, caring, and talented reader. love him" ... written by Tiffany
doesnt matter how much time has passed between readings patrick can always pick up on my situation with such mindblowing accuracy!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Love Pat. So kind and caring. Just a great person." ... written by John
Excellent and Gifted Man. Very positive and intuitive attitude." ... written by Oolong
Fabulous as usual totally in tune with my situation without asking any questions. Gave me some really positive news while keeping it real... " ... written by Bell Angel
amazing as usual! seriously such good energy and ontop of it everytime i go to him! thank you soooo much!!!" ... written by vine
I had an update today and UrbanPsychic was on the mark with everything he shared. He is always fast to connect and so easy to talk too. I have always enjoyed my reading with UrbanPsychic." ... written by LB
Great first reading , extremely accurate and to the point xx" ... written by B
ohh my god he is sport on alot " ... written by sai
He made positive predictions for the coming months and was quick to connect with his cards and energy I will wait to see and come back to tell him. He is kind and gentle and I recommend him." ... written by A
This was great Patrick, I will be back!!! You just kept saying things where i was like omg!!! YES! how could you know?! lol. Like the part about me not sleeping, thats been an internal issue for a while now, and definitely not something ive ever mentioned to anyone on this site so that advice was gold! AND you knew that I started a new job recently. SO COOL! Thank you! " ... written by Marissa
5 stars! I appreciate his honesty, care, and concern." ... written by Christine
He was soooo good I ran out of time, but I plan on making him my regular psychic. Everyone should try him at least once on Oranum!! " ... written by Jared
5 stars! Always accurately in tune with his spirit guides and strong sense of intuition." ... written by Christine
he is the best . he sport on alot . " ... written by sai
incredibly accurate!!!!! astonishingly intune with my situation and that of my ex partner!! " ... written by Lauren
As always I enjoy my readings with Patrick, he's one of the best!!" ... written by swsiren
Patrick is a dear soul, and a very gifted reader." ... written by Ahz
was amazing! answered all and I felt very connected ....and father came through as well which was great surprise" ... written by dani
he's absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Tiffany
I love this man. He obviously takes what he does very seriously. He is a professional and really knows his stuff. He's very spiritually connected. This is someone that you can trust. Beautiful soul." ... written by loveandlight
Perfectly accurate! Brought me a lot of clarity and I'm super happy. Give him a chance, he's definitely not going to let you down. Now one of my few all time favourite psychics. Thanks again!" ... written by stayclosedontgo
I have some pressing decisions to make and after my reading with Urban Psychic I feel more clarity and guidance on what path to take next. Thanks so much Patrick you always help me so much.. Many blessings to you " ... written by Bellangel
always been wonderful" ... written by elena
He was great picked up information immediately without me even asking..LOL even picked up on my worries from my job and some angry clients..cant belive that lol...He was fabulous will return for updates" ... written by Optimistic
Urban connects quite well and goes deep. He's a blessing:)" ... written by Omeros
Patrick's a sweetheart, and he's very spiritual and tuned in. His readings are special and from the heart." ... written by L
5 stars! Patrick always sees what is going on. He is very quick to connect and very kind, and caring. I highly recommend him. His predictions come to pass!" ... written by Christine
Wonderful, compassionate, intelligent, thorough boy! I am eternally grateful for the tactful and caring approach! Thanks, Patrick!" ... written by Lily
I love reading with Patrick, he is amazing! Patrick totally understands what I've been through and picks it up before I even say anything. Patrick is the best, don't hesitate on taking him to private! " ... written by Swede
Wonderful reading with great advice! Thanks so much." ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Patrick is a sweetheart, and always is looking out for me. He is a trusted advisor, and a gifted psychic." ... written by Ahz
Thank you so much for that lovely reading. " ... written by humility
hes absolutely wonderful. spot on every time. " ... written by rose
Patrick is very much like my mentor. He gives his advice with care and honesty which is why I always come back. I very much appreciate his time. 5 stars! Always accurately connected with his cards and strong sense of intuition. He gives me hope for the future!" ... written by Christine
ive been coming to patrick for over a year now!! I absolutely love him!!!!!!!!!!!!! throughout this time hes always been there to lend an ear for comfort or advise in a situation where i feel stuck, and I could never thank him enough for it!!!! and patrick thankyou for always showing me even in the darkest of days there is light at the end of the tunnel!! xxxxxxx" ... written by Lauren
Thank you for the reading today :) " ... written by lynnrmc
Patrick is very good in seeing things. At least he was able to see the current situation accurately. Hopefully teh predictions happen, but base on last info it is likely." ... written by Merc
Wonderful Wonderful personality, connected, what more can i say????" ... written by Suzanne
Patrick is a true psychic he completely knew things about my situation that were specific that I never told him.. He gave me the clarity and guidance I needed tonight to make some very important decisions. You will be highly Blessed Patrick" ... written by Bell Angel
this man is great . first reading but he was spot on.. i have to wait for predictions to pass...xxx" ... written by gerirish
truly incredible. he has the best energy, he is so lovely, and so incredibly gifted. I will definitley be back and I HIGHLY recommend a reading with him" ... written by bec
Absolutely fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
I just love his energy, its the calmest energy I have ever been around maybe! Some things I said in our last reading came to light so i need to talk to him more, and it was well worth it! I will be feeling more optimistic from here on out! And the reiki was such a bonus! thank you!!!" ... written by Marissa
Very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Gina Harlan
He was fabulous. Caring, compassionate and very insightful. A true professional." ... written by Debbie
Patrick is a very kind and sweet soul. He made me feel very comfortable in our private reading and said some positive and calming things. I appreciate his gifts and will definitely follow up with him in the future." ... written by Erin
beautiful energy that i am able to connect with and which puts me at ease. easily understands my situation each time which is very reassuring and helpful." ... written by hf
Very caring and understanding he was very right about the situation and look forward to seeing the results" ... written by Catherine
5 stars! I feel lucky to have found Patrick a few months ago. He has helped me transform my life and has given me the strength to separate myself from negative people around me. It has taken time but I have healed thanks to his advice and encouraging words. He always helps me understand why things are the way they are and when I come to him I no longer feel lost. I feel ready to cope and move on to better things. He always is accurately connected and kind and caring at delivering a message. I very much appreciate his help." ... written by Christine
This man is IN TUNE! Wow......he knew it all w/o asking a single question from me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Can't wait for my 1st reiki session with Patrick! " ... written by DD
OMG Amazing..... he is so great I recommend a reading with him over anyone......... 10 stars if e could give that." ... written by Rosa
5 stars! Always accurate and for my best interest." ... written by Christine
he is always sport on with time frame and he connect with the energy . " ... written by saisai1980
He is always great. And such a love." ... written by L
the best and most pure reader on oranum, he is incredible and authentic and everyone should go see him" ... written by bec
I've been coming to Patrick for a few months and he has helped me a great deal overcome my obstacles and become more confident in making decisions based on my heart and my intuition. He has taught me how to be more patient, explore my options, and make wiser decisions in relationships and daily life. He has always been accurate with time frames. Everything that has been predicted has come to pass, and he has given me significant dates of events which have occurred. I am very thankful to have Patrick as my mentor and friend. He always keeps me on the correct path and helps me see things as they are, and not as they appear to be. He is a very kind soul, patient, and very giving. Worth every penny and then some. If you're looking for peace of mind, you've come to the right place!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
LOVED my reiki session with Patrick. Needed this so badly! You're wonderful! Thank you so much " ... written by divinedaughter
wonderful reading again, he makes me feel so grounded and the conversations always make sense. thank you! i will update u soon. " ... written by lynnrmc
Did a reiki. I feel light surrounding me, a little openness andamp; feel that the energy is light. I'm carrying this into my sleep. Night!" ... written by E L
He's kind. Another great psychic recommended him to me for addressing particular areas. I get peace in his room. Reading confirmed something that's having me worried at the moment. I'm going to look into an energy clearing session later." ... written by E L
Wow he's good. He knew my crush was from India. There was no way he could have known that right off the bat. That was so cool. I didn't describe his personality or anything of that sort for him to have known that. I will most def be coming again." ... written by sunshine
i come to him because there are two people at my work mention all the experts here only him and other two expert prediction come true with in time frame he mention . and yes he is the one who connect to my whole family spirit and so sport on even my privacy that i dont tell to anyone. lol. god bless good wishes this person . " ... written by sai
thank you for always being so accurately in sync with my situation! I feel so so grateful for your help over the course of my journey xxxxx " ... written by Lauren
5 stars! I appreciate the fact that Patrick never loses his patience with me. I have only had one mini reiki session, but I could feel the negative energy shift during our session. I intend on a full reiki treatment next session. He always keeps me on the right path and helps me feel more confident. His time frames are accurate and everything he has said has come to fruition. He's very kind and offers great advice. I recommend him to everyone." ... written by Give_Me_Love
He is absolutely one of the best! and he is so accurate, i cant believe how good he is, truely excellent! " ... written by veezee
great, accurate, very nice, excellent, i am surprise how accurate he is" ... written by veezee
accurate. worth 10 stars. very precise and gifted person. spot on the situation. Thank you for the amazing reading." ... written by pigletme123
he is great very good and very loving . thank you Urdan you help me so much to understand things . 2billon starts for you" ... written by joyce
5 stars! He always is very connected with his intuition. It still amazes me that he is able to tell details that no one else has been able to tell me. He moves through readings quickly and positively. Everything he has predicted has come to pass. If you're looking for clarity you've come to the right place!" ... written by Christine
This man is brilliant! So soothing and upbeat. Spot on and knows his stuff. " ... written by DD
Just....AMAZING! Patrick is right on and he gives you the truth. He sees dates, timeframes, and it does happen. Thank you, Patrick!" ... written by I see the Light
Patrick is very reassuring and kind. Thank you for a wonderful reading. " ... written by January
5 stars! Feeling the major energy shift with the Reiki session and I know I will feel it more when I wake up. I definitely will be back for more healing sessions. The reading was also amazing as usual. He is so connected and can read exactly what people's intentions are. I absolutely love him. He is always out for my best interest and helps me make better decisions." ... written by Give_Me_Love
he the best, honest . straight forwards" ... written by sai .
Had a cord-cutting session with Reiki- and I feel amazingly lighter, and free of some heaviness, that I didn't even know was there. (Because I had been carrying it around so long.) Wonderful!" ... written by L
Patrick is such a powerful reiki, it flows smoothly" ... written by bnjpangels
Patrick is so in tune and such a fabulous energy he helped me tremendously as usual.. Love him so many blessings sent your way Patrick !" ... written by BEll Angel
So in tune as usual " ... written by Bell Angel
5 stars! As always a very in detailed reading. He very connected to his spirit guide and has a strong sense of intuition. He has listed times and significant dates in the past of events which have happened and made predictions that have all come true. I very much trust this psychic and I take his advice very seriously. Love him as my mentor andamp; friend." ... written by Christine
patrick is a wonderful, talented reader. he is my rock, very accurate, and always compassionate. xo" ... written by Tiffany
He is the best on Oranum. Angel on earth, have no words to describe his kindness and how helpful he is." ... written by Kat
Thanks for your help in looking into things for me!" ... written by Swede
Very good and is very accurate with my situation. My favorite psychic I know he is for real and knows what he's talking about. Thank You and I will keep in touch!!" ... written by Melissa Smith
I sound like a broken record, but I love this man. Its been 4 months since we met and he has been my spiritual guide through all the darkness of my journey to light. I know he is here on earth, but I consider him my angel from another realm come to take care of me. " ... written by Synergy35
awesome! he read into my situation with amazing accuracy. " ... written by Dennis
he is a beautiful and high vibrational soul with a strong gift. his presence alone can help you release stress and find a natural balance towards a higher flow. i felt very safe and respected in his presence and his guidance is flawless. definitely one of the best here on this site. his sweetness will help open and heal your heart." ... written by wren1414
Wow, Amazing. Such beautiful energy, so on point, he tapped into so much that I had been told already and expanded on that too, I felt very comfortable with him he was absolutely lovely :) " ... written by Siany Deigan
ohh my god i m so so happy. god bless him with good wishes he is the best. " ... written by sai
Thank you for the encouragement and great insight! I'm motivated to move forward. Until next time!" ... written by Changes!
awesome reading, LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE!!" ... written by jon
This man rocks! Love him. So genuine and sincere......really cares about his clients." ... written by DD
on point! thank you for a great reading : )" ... written by abundance
Things progressing as he first predicted. LOVE his energy, if you haven't seen him yet you're missing out. Worth every penny. " ... written by bec
AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD xxxx" ... written by Siany
great reading as always, very accurate and insightful " ... written by veezee
He is awesome one of the best!!!" ... written by Cristina4413
5 stars! Very in tune with his guides and intuition. Put me at ease during a trying time!" ... written by Christine
thanks for your clarity. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Thanks for the reiki session, I feel so much better!" ... written by Swede
he is the best. " ... written by sai
connects very well and easily" ... written by sm
I loved his reading and his reiki healing session was just amazing...:)" ... written by n g
Patrick is a blessing. He is an amazing psychic reader, and also a gifted healer. I love his Reiki sessions, and he always helps to balance me out." ... written by Ahz
Provided a very detailed and accurate reading! He's energy really calmed me down, I will definitely contact him again. Highly recommend. :) " ... written by Sylvie03
5 stars! Patrick has helped me from the very beginning. He is a very gentle and non-judgmental soul. In the past readings I've had with him, he's helped me connect to my spirit guides, kept me centered through reiki treatment, and see things through a more positive perspective. He is very, kind, caring, and helpful and has gotten me through the roughest times in my life. Very connected with his guides, has a strong intuition, and everything he has predicted has come to fruition. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
5 stars! Patrick always gives me non-judgment even when I feel I have not made the best decisions. His reiki healings are very powerful. You can feel the energy shift and a weight lifted off your shoulders as soon as you have one. It helps me stay focused and centered. He also gives in depth readings and he is always able to distinguish energies as to who is who. His timeframes have all come to pass and he has told me significant dates of events that have happened. He is very connected, very kind, and caring which is why I always come back. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
One the best kind loving friendly and a good person" ... written by Cristina3314
the best on Oranum hands down always helps me get through what I need to get through .. thank you Patrick " ... written by Bella
I love Patrick. He's a gem, and always right on target. I appreciate that he is super caring towards his clients." ... written by L
the energy healing is work so well i can feel it all . he is the best on the energy healing last time it work on my hand . not pain anymore . thanks you " ... written by saisai1980
This man is so sweet and sincere. Love him! " ... written by DD
He is always the best! So sweet and tunes in really quickly " ... written by Sparkle Pony
I give him a 5 star rating:)!! Beautiful, kind and soothing energy...picked up on everything immediately and really felt like he could see my soul and knew my spirit. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing clarity, peace of mind and or direction. I will definitely be back. What a kind man is is:)" ... written by Carrie
Wow, I was really impressed. Many people have said his predictions have come to pass. I hope mine do. He was very generous with his insights, spoke very fast and was genuinely concerned about making sure he answered my specific questions. Very very good, ill be back. " ... written by liz
5 stars! He helps me to relax and see the positive in any situation. I am thankful for his guidance and encouragement. He has helped me through tough times. Everything he has predicted has come true. He is very connected, and gives such detailed and insightful readings." ... written by Christine
He was awesome and very compassionate, straight forward reading. Will be back." ... written by Deb
HE IS BRILLIANT! Not sure about his time frames because they haven't arrived yet but we will see. He was very accurate when describing how my father had passed and the health issues he had without me saying anything. Also with my situation I asked about, he was spot on! Take him to private now!" ... written by FLO
5 stars! Patrick is my trusted psychic on this site. I have been going to him for a few months now and he connects well and can read me, and other people in my life like a book. I very much trust his input. He has a strong intuition about various aspects in my life, and his time frames have all passed as he has predicted. He is a great person to go to for reiki. It helps me focus on things that are important. I appreciate his honesty, and no-sugar coating. I love that he is very caring and offers advice from the heart to help improve the situation. He's very non-judgemental and understanding. I highly recommend him if you feel stuck or need someone who can genuinely connect." ... written by Give_Me_Love
I was taken aback by everything he said. His energy is so strong. He saw what's going on in my life right now. He's my psychic now! I'd like to buy his services in private. I wonder if this is possible. Thanks so much." ... written by Eliane Rabello
christine you going to see this . :P you are the best and sport on all the time. " ... written by sai
Thank you Patrick, I instantly feel lighter! I had a cord cutting and I felt the energy being lifted as soon as we made the connection! This helps sooooo much because to go about life in positivity will definitely benefit me ! will be back!!! thank you again!" ... written by Marissa
awesome reki session id rfeally enjoy that ty so much if anyone has not gotten one please do. five stars" ... written by bridget mckenna
5 stars! His reiki sessions help shift a lot of negative energies around. They help me feel more grounded and focused. I highly recommend him for readings also. He's very connect with his strong sense of intuition and guides. He's also very kind and offers excellent advice on the situation and how to improve it. He's my most trusted psychic on oranum." ... written by Christine
always such a pleasure. allows me to connect to my heart and really tune in whenever i'm feeling confused about anything." ... written by sp
have been waitng a long time to talk to him. Finally did and it was wonderful." ... written by evaclara
was amazing" ... written by c
wow is all I can say - Patrick is so wonderful , caring and professional - he is warm and honest -" ... written by Debbie
ohh my god . you are the best . that why i come to you and you are always sport on so so so so much . thanks you . " ... written by sai
i am completely shocked about how accurate he was.. i was typing something to him and he said before I even finished my sentence!!! too crazy! Patrick is soo gifted and im so glad to have been read by him! thanks patrick!!! :)" ... written by krissy
i love Patrick!!! he's the best! quick, accurate, and straight to the point! not to mention i feel like i'm talking to a friend :)" ... written by krissy
well, his prediction did come to pass. i doubted. that even irritated him. but his prediction was right. the person i was loving and missing did come back... " ... written by allbright
my first time reiki ever in my life, and it was pretty spectacular, thanks to UrbanPsychic" ... written by jon
he is very quick and accurate,is very positive and friendly." ... written by n g
He is just so down to earth. He connects so fast. He so extremely genuine and caring. Extremely gifted and talented. Loved our reading!!!! Honor to have a reading with hime today. He is so amazing. Really the only male reader I can connect with and feel comfortable. Love his wisdom and energy! Blown away, so accurate! Will for sure be back! It's ike talking with a friend Ive know for years. Amazing!!!! " ... written by tiffany
great, very detail, very accurate reading" ... written by veezee
Patrick is a fantastic healer. He is calming and brings me back to center. Thank you! " ... written by DD
Patrick is one of the most outstanding, kind, caring compassionate souls on this planet. You feel it with him always. " ... written by John
This is an exceptional kid!!! Everyone has to try him. He has soooo many ways to put you on the right path, to cheer you up, to open up the lights... amazing! 10 stars!!!" ... written by Liliana
Patrick is awesome. " ... written by L
very fast and accurate reading. he picked up on a lot of things right from the start before even placing the cards..." ... written by bagrosso
Very nice and accurate reading. Recommended 100%. " ... written by vjrei01
I love UrbanPschic's readings he is so calming, connects fast, and is on the mark. He is really good at reading the cards and explains everything. He does not sugar coat his readings, he tells you the good with the bad and give guidance in helping you with the situation. " ... written by LB
he is sport on again , i m so surprise my uncle came through and give a straight forwards message . he is accurate ." ... written by sai
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Always wanted to have a private with him.. he is pricey for me , but worth every second!! cheers" ... written by Merisha
he is kind and straight forward listens and clearly knows what is going on he seemed so accurate with me. great person very spiritual" ... written by snoopy
Patrick is an awesome intuitive reader! and a very good medium! " ... written by a
Thanks for the help Aaron." ... written by xLostinEchox
patrick is incredible! doesnt feel like im having a reading it feels like a conversation with a friend! thank you for always being so accurate!!!!" ... written by Lauren
Wonderful AS ALWAYS! " ... written by DD
5 stars! Always accurately connected. Very kind and compassionate." ... written by Christine
Great reading, he told me what i already knew but just needed that confirmation. I look forward to the outcome. He is very sweet and so worth the time. He will bring you peace" ... written by Catherine
Very sweet and kind. Picks up and provides lots of accuracy. " ... written by AB
Patrick is undoubtedly one of the most compassionate and understanding psychics out there! His energy was so genuine and he was able to really tune into my session , give such detail, and mention things that no one would know, and his reiki session was incredibly healing and positive I would definitely recommend getting a private with Patrick! Thank you so much, blessings! " ... written by Lina
Patrick is a sweet, kind soul, and he has the best interest of his clients at heart. He is a wonderful person, a wonderful reader, and a wonderful person." ... written by Ahz
a beautiful mediumship session with Patrick. So wonderful Thank you my friend." ... written by January
What a nice , honest and deep reading . LOVE him . !!! highly recommended xxx" ... written by B
I appreciate your time, speaking with you grants me comfort because I feel like you really do connect and receive legitimate information. I hope you predictions come through, I will come back again. I also appreciate the fact that you are nonjudgmental, you give advise but you don't criticize. Thank you very much." ... written by ali23m
Thank you!Great Read!" ... written by Diana
patrick always makes me feel so much better. he's always on it. and literally makes me feel so relaxed. thank you so much" ... written by vine
very nice and thoughtful, I like his preparation for reading. he has good energu" ... written by moongirl777
5 stars! Always out for my best interested. Truthful, connected, and everything he has said always comes true. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Sincere and to the point! " ... written by gummigummi
5 stars! Always accurately connected. Everything he has predicted has come true." ... written by Christine
To the point reader, no weird stuff, he just shares what he gets with you Recommended! " ... written by gummigummi
the most amazing experience read with Patrick..wow! words cannot describe how i feel..u need to experience it to understand..picked up the situation so well, my n my man's energy..i seriously can't wait for the predictions to come..which i know is an actualisation! million stars for Patrick!" ... written by rosy
Wonderful as always!" ... written by DD
there just aren't words for Patrick!!, he is crazily CRAZILY accurate and gifted on a psychic level (everything he predicted would happen when I first started seeing him has happened and in the exact time frames he gave) but even just as a person he is pure, compassionate and kind and just on a whole other level. Love him. " ... written by bec
ohh my god . he is so sport on with medium ship and detail . so accurate and words cannot describe. the best and honest. " ... written by sai
great accurate reading" ... written by veezee
very fast, super accurate, amazing. so kind and nice" ... written by human
Thank you for everything. It was an exciting experience." ... written by J and J
5 stars! Connects fast! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Patrick is a beautiful soul. He is so gifted, and loving. His readings/sessions are deeply healing." ... written by L
Patrick is wonderful! He is such a lovely human being: caring and compassionate. He connects quickly, I highly recommend." ... written by Amy
extremely accurate. 2 predictions came to pass. so helpful, right, sweet and honest. just amazing and wonderful!! " ... written by nita
The reading was very insightful and accurate.. Picked up on my current situation and gave some prediction.. Thanks" ... written by Femi
WHOAWHOAWHOA Patrick picked up on the biggest thing with this guy! The main thing that makes me excited to see him and that's his intelligence! Awesome! Patrick's amazing! thank you so much!" ... written by Marissa
This man is AMAZING! Patrick has a healing aura about him that can't be denied. LOVE LOVE LOVE this psychic! " ... written by DD
he is sport on and his spirit guide are so awesomely helpful . the past reading with him spirit guide and medium hand down sport on . " ... written by sai
awesome read hun ty for the updated you are most wonderful person i know." ... written by bridget mckenna
highly recommended - very honest and sincere man - the best reader i have ever spoken to - Patrick has such great energy -" ... written by debbie
best of the best - love him !!! wonderful person " ... written by debbie
Patrick's a warm and loving soul. He is a caring person and a wonderful reader, and healer." ... written by Ahz
I feel so comfortable talking to him, he is so non-judgmental and does not waste any time to channel in any messages, you rock patrick! " ... written by Lina
very good reading as always" ... written by veezee
wow .. he is great ... very very wise and deep and I was so impressed with the things he picked up - very solid reading-- definitely recommend Urban" ... written by d
a lovely reading, felt really calm and reassured. Cant wait for his predictions to come true x Much blessings " ... written by Tracey
Lol! thanks for appreciating me for who i am patrick!!! it geninuely makes me feel like im right for just being me! haha hes so right guys! you just have to try a reading!" ... written by Marissa
Amazing reading once again, he has such great energy. I look forward to updating him soon! " ... written by lynnrmc
The most inspirational expert a great new friend accurate as always all my love Patrick keep up with your work :)" ... written by Loveanddlight
Wonderful reader, He connected so well. He knew things others wouldnt, went above and beyond answering any of my worries and fears. He knew questions Ive asked myself for along time and never voiced really touched me and relieved me. " ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars! Everything he has predicted has come to pass! I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
5 stars! Very accurate and in tune as always. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
I enjoyed him! Very sweet spirit and very good! Happy to have asked him some important questions! xo" ... written by Alexis
Patrick is outstanding! His predictions have always been 100% accurate for me. He is so incredibly genuine and cares about giving his clients his very best. I love his readings and will be back again!" ... written by liz
always a pure joy to follow up with you . What a great reader , honest , accurate and consistent xx" ... written by B
Always a delight to have private readings with you. The wait was worth it. Thank you." ... written by Joseph
Patrick is a powerful healer, extremely intuitive, connects right away. enlightening and refreshing. definitely intuned with the angels. I felt powerful angels all around me" ... written by bnjpangels
Thanks for so much for the healing, I feel goosebumps and feel so much better. Thanks for the help!" ... written by Swede
5 stars! Always accurate. Everything has come to pass that has been predicted. I highly recommend him." ... written by Christine
Wonderful reader, very incouraging." ... written by pinkpather30
5 stars! As always his predictions have come to pass! I definitely also feel more balanced after a reiki session. I appreciate all the help he has given me. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
So hard to come up with new ways to say GO SEE HIM HE IS AMAZING!!!!!! The most authentic reader, never disappointed, he's literally always right! love love love him!!!" ... written by bec
Powerful reading and highly tuned in - highly recommended" ... written by lotus71
very good" ... written by loveanddlight
Love Patrick. He is so good, so caring and so, so insightful." ... written by John
Nice to hear from and thank you for a wonderful reading and help" ... written by Joseph
soooo glad to have him back xx" ... written by B
Such a beautiful soul, I am feeling very blessed to have talked to this man. xx" ... written by Bella
Urban is highly recommended! He is scary accurate and is always correct in his predictions -- and he has a wonderful personality and truly cares - I love this guy!" ... written by D
Patrick is WONDERFUL as always!!!! This man is top shelf......Knows his stuff and calming energy :-) " ... written by DD
Very accurately connected and everything he has predicted has come to pass. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Give_Me_Love
Patrick really was wonderful, and has given me so much hope when things seem like they couldn't get much worse. He also picked up on a gift that I have had since childhood. The time frames were also an added bonus. But most of all Patrick has a lovely spirit and his reading made me feel like I have known him forever instead of just meeting him yesterday. I have much faith in his predictions. Love and Light Patrick dear." ... written by liz
First reading with Aaron, seems good !" ... written by smiley2011
wow your awesome love the way you tell me to watch its gonna happen " ... written by lori
It's always worthy to wait for you. Thank you for accommodating me. You always have an accurate reading." ... written by Joseph
Patrick is lovely as usual :)" ... written by Bella
WOW he is so incredibly calming . all the anxiety I felt when going into the reading was instantly gone after abt 1 min . and I somehow knew he knew the answer .. I don't like fluff and he dosent give it .. wonderful kind energy .. loved it and I was happy with the reading I will return Patrick .. many thanks !" ... written by beautifulmesss
I appreciate your words with me , Patrick. :))" ... written by Doppler
Patrick saw a trip for us in 2015. We just booked our trip to Mexico. Totally unscheduled. Thank you Patrick. Looking forward to the other predictions finally manifesting" ... written by january
Wow just wow! he is really accurate and knew exactly about the situation. and his reiki reading was just amazing " ... written by Nadia
he is the best and sport on as always . " ... written by sai
WONDERFUL READING!!! UrbanPsychic is so compassionate and understanding and gave me the exact information I needed tonight. He confirmed everything in my situation and is able to guide you into understanding. EXCELLENT READER!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
5000 stars. Enough said" ... written by john
patrick is seriously the best! each and every session is a wonderful experience, he is totally honest to the core- and is extremely sincere and understanding of any concerns- and gives so much detail/timeframes and everything! he will not only raise you vibrationally through his healing energy, but offer his clarity and insight into your life, love ya patrick! :) " ... written by Lina
consistent with last reading...same outcome, same msg even tho situation has changed. i feel patrick def connects with guides, without a doubt!" ... written by stacey
Since the first day of going into Patty's chat room when seeing that he was just new to Oranum... I felt very drawn and connected to him I just felt like I was meant to be there and there for him and from then on he is like my big brother, always on the watch out for me lol :) ! he has always been there to give me such wonderful insight and clarity... he's predictions have always come to pass and made perfect sense to me, being very in sync with one another which is something that Iv never actually found with other readers, but just goes to show how well and strongly connected we both are....but to me he isn't just an amazing reader but and amazing friend ! There's just not enough good things I can say about him he is truly a blessing and for whoever crosses he's path in this life I say are very blessed and lucky indeed to meet such beautiful person, as he can so easily make somebody's day, even without saying anything, he's presence alone is what I call special! :) I love you patty!! :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Wonderful, Amazing, Super as always!! :P xxxx" ... written by Jodz
spot on. lovely energy. awesome reader!" ... written by mark
Always a nice feeling to have readings with you, relaxed and very comforting. I always look forward to do this with you." ... written by Joseph
What a true angel he is, he picked up on my situation before I even entered the prvt!!!! WOW! He is amazing, beautiful soul, was spot on with a lot of things, and predicted great things for me to come as well, gave me wonderful advise and I can't thank him enough for the wonderful reading. He is a beautiful soul, very caring and loving person. Thank you and god bless you. TTYS" ... written by sweet
he was incredibly kind and patient, very intune with the situation and made a prediction that seemed very reasonable....thanks and will be back!" ... written by lovehouston
Patrick is just an amazing energy healer... you can feel this beautiful energy as soon as you enter his free chat room... i believe in the power of manifestation and he is right on some many things... im totally looking forward his predictions... thank you so much!" ... written by alma
5 stars! He always seems to know what I am about to ask and answers it with accuracy! Everything he has predicted has come to pass. Always informs me on topics that are very important to me such as love, finance, and what I can expect from the year ahead. Very connected with his guides and strong sense of intuition. I highly recommend him. Very honest and informative. All comes to fruition with patience and time." ... written by Christine
You know I always look forward to having some readings with you because you are one of the most accurate people in Oranum. Thank you for all the help." ... written by Joseph
Felt like I was speaking with angelic like person. I enjoyed reading very much and will definitely look him up again. " ... written by Roseanna
I havent read with patrick in some time but he still gives me hope and his insight rings true with how i feel about the situation i asked about. he gave realistically timeframes also. highly recommend" ... written by m
Patrick is soooooo soothing and calming. Love this man.......he is the BEST! " ... written by DD
Thank you for the Reiki session and cord pulling session. I feel lighter now. Hopefully, that would pull him back to me. Thank and Happy new year" ... written by Joseph
Patrick is such a pure, kind soul - and an amazing Reiki practitioner and psychic. His readings are always consistent. I recommend him highly." ... written by L
he is def sport on and i love his reading so so so so much . " ... written by sai
very honest , accurate reading with no sugar coating . i know the prediction will happen he is sport on with reading . i will come back to him more for update. quick connection and no waste time." ... written by saisai1980
Thank u soooo much...ur real awesome and spot on! so glad to have an update with u on Jan 1..woohoo!" ... written by rosy
Love Patrick. So good, so on track. Brings so much peace. " ... written by John
Thank you Patrick for the wonderful reading once again! " ... written by lynnrmc
one of the best, i always come to find him... so quick and connected so well" ... written by veezee
OMG Patrick is so amazing he confirmed everything that I was feeling even before I typed it. He is a really compassionate man and truly understands where a person is coming from. He doesn't judge and makes you feel at ease with his words and he doesn't sugar coat but he does respect a person's will. I will truly go to him for near future updates. Namaste many Blessing to you Patrick. And again Thank u so much for your kind words. Happy New Year...." ... written by Lucy117
ty patrick for the update that was awesome we have to do a reki session soon. " ... written by bridget mckenna
out of all 5 demos I watched Urban Psychic felt more real and sincere. it was not a general "you will find love and Money" I felt more connected. I know not every Psychic is right for everyone. I will keep in touch with mine, Thank You!!! :)" ... written by Elizabeth
ohh my god he is the best. confirm everything . sport on .he is the best and honest. " ... written by sai
what a nice reader. just what i needed. logical and able minded. definitely a healer. just by chatting with him i feel so positive :)" ... written by aby
Very nice and kind to lisen to ,great guidance will give update on his predictions. Would say comes natural to him great reading. " ... written by soullight
Picked up on a lot of things happening in my life and gave a lot of useful information will wait and see for predictions" ... written by Tracey
Excellent reader" ... written by Milan
amazing as always!!!! doesnt matter how long between readings patrick is always spot on!" ... written by Lauren
i loved the reading... its sooo what i needed to hear right now! " ... written by jessica
Wonderful reading, gives clear advise and always helps guide me " ... written by pinkpather30
such a gifted person. very accurate. thank you for the wonderful reading." ... written by gugu58
i m waiting for him to come online and do a reading it worth of waiting . every time i do a reading always sport on and honest , accurate and even his spirit guide help me . he is the only one i trust . no one can do better medium like him yet when i try other . def good with the message from other side . clear and spot on . " ... written by sai
i m happy with the reading ." ... written by sai
Thank you, Patrick!!! I know I am stubborn and restless now that I am going through this stage but you and Jeter have been there for me, helping go through this process and being patient with me. Appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness. Blessings." ... written by Joseph
I am so very grateful to Patrick! What a genuine soul with beautiful energy. He was so spot on...and reassured what I have to look forward to in 2015. So very happy I had an update. His spirit is so kind and healing. Wonderful reader and healer!!:)" ... written by Carrie
Patrick is AMAZING as always! " ... written by DD
As ALWAYS Patrick outshines my expectations. He is WONDERFUL! :)" ... written by DD
I just adore UrbanPsychic -- he is so amazing in reading the truth in accurate, non-judgmental and supportive way ... he is the best!" ... written by m
he's very fast and connects very well I'm going to be taking his advice!" ... written by bp
I am so glad that I got my reading with Patrick today. He is always spot on with everything. He relieved practically all my worries with this reading, and at the same time given me hope and motivation :) thank you so much Patrick." ... written by Krissy
5 stars! Another one of his predictions has come to surface as of today. Always gives detailed helpful insight to help me understand what is going on in the present and what to expect in the future. The most accurate I have seen as far as time frames. Always knows what topics I wish to talk about before I mention them. Patrick has a strong sense of intuition and is very connected with his guides and their messages. Always delivers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner. My number one choice on oranum. Always consistent, patient, and non-judgmental. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Ty Patrick I always feel better in your presence .. ur very reassuring .. comforting and consistent .. ill bbsoon!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Amazing reading, sensitive and has a very deep insight into things. Thank you so much" ... written by sunshine147
As always, clear, concise, accurate and truth. Thank you for every help you have extended to me. You have been one of my regular readers and I will never stop coming back to you for guidance and clarity. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. " ... written by Joseph
so accurate . so honest . his past prediction all come true . so i trust him . " ... written by sai
he is the best. " ... written by sai
He is amazing, so calming and sweet, he is a real psychic and answers my questions before I even ask them!!! He also predicted great things and gave great advise which I'll def follow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, You are an angel!!" ... written by sweet84
1 million stars. amazing!!!!!" ... written by tiffany
Wonderful AS ALWAYS! Love this man beyond words!" ... written by DD
Pat is always on point and specific. Look forward to his predication " ... written by maria
5 stars! I always feel an amazing difference after a reiki healing session. I feel more focused and centered, allowing me to be more creative and manifest my goals. 2 of Patricks predictions have come true once again all in the given time frames. Firstly a guy I was talking to did not show up as predicted (his work had interfered with our meeting). Secondly the guy that he predicted to come into my life matches the exact description of a person i met yesterday. He is very connected with his intuition and his guides always deliver a message clearly. Always accurate, consistent, and delivers the truth. He knows exactly what you are going to ask before you say anything. Always in tune with every situation. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
thank you so much for your love and light. i feel clear and know that everything will play out. thank you so much love. i will be back for reiki healing session with out. i want to balance myself again and feel the light again! god bless" ... written by mag
5 stars! Patrick has worked from me since the beginning. I am learning to accept losses more without experiencing any major energy shifts. His reiki sessions are amazing. I feel more creative energy and inner peace after a healing. Everything he says comes to pass. He is very connected with his spirit guides, their messages, and always delivers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Very thoughtful and easy to connect to my issue. I really felt comfortable talking to him. I hope his prediction for me comes true..." ... written by moongirl777
will keep coming back to him! he's awesome and picks up on soo many things!" ... written by BP
He's excellent! His readings are always so detailed and spot on accurate. He's the real deal." ... written by b
he picked up on my situation so well it was amazing. ill be waiting for his predictions. he's very fast and thorough and could connect very well with me! you will not be disappointed." ... written by BP
Wonderful reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
very very good reading, one of the best" ... written by veezee
I received a very nice reading from UrbanPsychic. He didn't wait for you to lead him down a path, he was very forthcoming with what he saw as well and information pertinent to the question I actually asked. I will be back." ... written by Shelley
Amazing! Spot on with description of the person in question. Highly recommended." ... written by E
very fast reader. gave time frames ad good advices" ... written by tianna
He is truly fantasticccccc!! He picked up on my thoughts as soon as I entered the prvt WOW. He is such a true angel, he has been helping me a lot, guiding me and lifting me up when I feel so down. He is the best, he also predicted wonderful things and I can't wait for them to happen. Thank you so much, and god bless" ... written by sweet
Patrick is just AMAZING!!! Love this man and all he does for me ;-) " ... written by DD
soooo amazing " ... written by d
sport on every time what i do at my work with my spirit guide . accurate and honest. he is the best . that why every time i need help i come to him . he never fail me. " ... written by sai
he is soooooo great" ... written by meme
Patrick is such a dear. His readings are so caring, and he always answers every question I have. He's a gem." ... written by L
What a wonderful reading! He confirmed my feeling and assured me things would turn out well. I felt he have a very nice connection. He was very genuine and sincere, and felt a connection with him and felt insight was accurate. I would recommend him sure!" ... written by M
very fast..he connects very well and ill be waiting for his predictions" ... written by BP
Always calm energy. I always trust him." ... written by E
I had an excellent reading with him! Everything was so accurate! I couldn't ask for a better psychic! He picked up my situation very quickly too! Thank you!" ... written by Belle
5 stars! Always feel more clear in a situation after a reading. Patrick always knows what I am about to ask before I ask him anything. He is very connected to spirit, the messages he receives, and knowing the best approach to a problem. Always consistent and everything he has predicted has come to pass. Time frames have always been accurate. Very kind and caring. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
he is honest and sport on again . talking to him is like magical .he never failed me and his past prediction come true so that why i come to him . " ... written by sai
As always Patrick was spot on. He told me a couple weeks ago that I would be signing on a house or new home. I had no idea what he was talking about. I just signed on a new home two days ago. Patrick has always been there for me since the start of his career here on Oranum. I will continue to have faith and trust in what Patrick brings to the table in my readings with him. He is truly blessed with knowing, seeing and sensing. Blessings to you my dear friend, may the love and light always be with you. " ... written by twidlemetree
5 stars! Always feeling more empowered after a reiki session and ready to manifest my goals. Patrick is very connected to energies and situations and knows exactly what is going on. Everything he has predicted has come to pass. Always consistent, non-judgmental, and caring at delivering a message. He always knows what I am going to ask before I ask him. I highly recommend him! He's my favorite on Oranum." ... written by Christine
he gave me great news and I'm hoping all of his predictions come true!" ... written by BP
a very kind and compassionate reader...beautiful energy and presence. " ... written by cc
Patrick was wonderful as usual! " ... written by DD
Patrick is great always gives me clarity on situations that are bringing me turmoil. Thanks again Patrick " ... written by Bella
Always Amazing xxxx" ... written by Siren_21
OMG just had and update with Patrick he is Awesome, one of his many predictions came to pass I was just an awe. He is the real deal, can wait to see how his other predictions start to unfold. He is so Angelic, Many Blessings....." ... written by Lucy117
Always a reliable person to go to, no sugar coating, accurate, honest and friendly. Thank you very much for everything. It's been a peaceful life now after the storm." ... written by Joseph
Patrick is amazing, he is so kind and patient. I had a question that was on my mind and needed his guidance, he was able to answer that while giving me reiki healing. Patrick has been very accurate with past readings, I always appreciate his help." ... written by Swede
ty Patrick I just love being in your presence .. you are so calming and reassuring .. I hope you never change , such a rare find ... and very good advice and I believe you are hitting things spot on .. will ttys... many thanks !" ... written by beautifulmesss
First of all congratulations on getting the #1 badge Aaron. Wonderful and delightful reading. You calmed me down to no end. Thank you s much to you and your guides for giving me clarity and letting me know what I should look forward to in the coming weeks. I'll definitely be back for an update. My new favourite reader. Namaste :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
Such a sweet soul. I enjoyed my reading with him. He's so calming, I just love his energy. I have to wait a bit for what we discussed but I will be back with updates :) Thank you so much UrbanPsychic!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
Great update, spot on with many things. He is a wonderful soul. Thank you" ... written by sweet
Very nice reading!" ... written by A
What a beauty , thank you so much for the update. love you xx" ... written by B
Well he made a few predictions last year and all happened within his time frame too !!! . so I had to come back for more . He really accurate with his readings . Sweet guy :D" ... written by Amri
great expert thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Patrick is healing and gentle yet honest. Another great reading from this beautiful soul! I will come back again and again for this man. " ... written by DD
Always a great time to have readings with you. Always a reliable person to go to. Thank you very much. One of the very few readers I trust. " ... written by Jpseph
excellent reader, professional and accurate, always right on point" ... written by d
great reading as always" ... written by veezee
Thankyou!xxx" ... written by Lucky Lady
I always feel an energy shift after a reiki session. It helps me feel more balanced and able to manifest my goals. Patrick is very kind, compassionate, honest, and always able to connect quickly with energies and message from spirit. I highly recommend him if you're looking for clarity." ... written by Christine
You can't hurry love.....no you just have to wait! They say love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take!" ... written by Icantbelieveitsnotbutter
I loved the reading. He gave me good vibes and he gave me hope. He really lifted my spirits up. I'm looking forward to the predictions coming true. " ... written by Eileen
wonderful psychic :) highly recommend him " ... written by katie peters
Excellent Reading. One of the best on the site. " ... written by Kathy
Thank you for the clarity. Always somebody I can run too when in times of doubt and always helpful too. Always the go-to person. " ... written by Joseph
Patrick is so calming I really love talking to him .. hes reassuring but at same time he tells u to keep living .. and basically all things will fall into place .. very appreciative of his warm and loving nature " ... written by Beautifulmesss
He is a fantastic reader. Great sincere energy about him and very accurate reading. pinpointed the situation and gave predictions. Very comforting. Did not sugar coat either, he was very detailed. I will come back to him for sure" ... written by Ash
Thank you as always, you have been very helpful and always there when I need some clarity. One of the very trusted few that I can go to. Thank you so much." ... written by Joseph
UrbanPsychic is very gentle and caring. He tells you what he sees and feels honestly. He is very good at reading the situation. I liked him." ... written by nlove9
a darling to read with, kind, insightful, funny, would love to read with him again. thank you" ... written by nicole
Patrick is AMAZING as always!!! Love this man TO PIECES " ... written by DD
5*****" ... written by a
Awesome time with the dynamic duo....thanks! xxx" ... written by Batman and Robin
Amazing, beautiful healer " ... written by D
he is very kind, and gave me so much information even in a short time" ... written by veezee
Patrick fabulous and helpful as usual gave me a lot of great insight" ... written by Bell
tremulously helpful, very kind and insightful. Wonderful guidance. I highly recommend." ... written by amyv.
Was able to have a reading with both jeter and patrick great experience. Wonderfull guidance and clarity." ... written by Pink
Thank you Patrick for being very helpful! You gave me insight and tips to move forward. 10 Stars!!!" ... written by Awesome Reading!
Sometimes emotions can blur your vision of reality. It's so helpful to get some clarity from Patrick and Jeter on my situation. " ... written by L
Thank you!" ... written by He
5 stars! I always feel the energy shift after a reiki session. I feel more in tune with myself, and with manifesting my goals. I highly recommend him. He is in tune with messages from spirit, his predictions have always come true and always delivers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Thank you for the wonderful but accurate reading. One of my most reliable readers and someone I consider to be part of my journey. Always there to help me at all times." ... written by Joseph
Consistent with his readings. Always amazing! Perfect 5 stars as always!" ... written by E
5 stars! I highly recommend him. Everything he has predicted has come to pass. Always feel renewed after a reiki session. If you are seeking clarity and the truth you have come to the right place!" ... written by Christine
Mwahh! xxx" ... written by Boom Chicka Wow Wow
Thank you as always, you are a part of my journey and you always have guided me until now. I won't get tire of having you for consultation. I have my trust in you. Thank you very much." ... written by Joseph
Very good and insightful reading. " ... written by d2k1000
he is AMAZING! Very very very spot on with everything and I appreciate everything he has told me, very bright future ahead! thank you Patrick!!!!!!" ... written by Stephanie
Another of Patrick's predictions has come to surface for me in regards to a job offer surfacing in March. He has always been consistent with predictions and time frames. His reiki healing sessions help me feel more centered and I can always feel an energy shift afterwards. He is the best on oranum! I highly recommend him if you want honest and sincere readings. " ... written by Christine
Patrick is wonderful as always!!! Love this man TO PIECES " ... written by DD
Got my Patrick fix!! xxx" ... written by Showgirl
Thank you so much. You have been a big factor as to wherever I am right now. I have so many things to tell you given the right time and circumstances. I will continue to go for readings with you. " ... written by Joseph
Coming to s store near you soon!! xxx" ... written by Closet Dweller
what he told me come to pass twice!!!try him try him !!! i'm here for few years .he is the one:)" ... written by peggy
patrick is always the best! he really is so intuitive and all the time everything that he picks up with his guides and all is correct and so accurate to everything i go through. He is so awesome try him out guys! :) " ... written by Lina
patty , its been too long!! our pvts are always over in a flash with so much info in a flash too hahaha! I love you thank you :) I will keep you updated! made perfect sense to me :) hugs xxxx" ... written by jodz
Thank you Patrick. You are always so delightful to chat with. So calm and peaceful, insightful, and excellent guidance. I appreciate you and your gift." ... written by jerald
Patrick is fantastic! He totally read me like a book going into the reading, knew what I was going through and helped me understanding what is happening. I appreciate his kindness and understanding, I always feel so calm doing reading with him. " ... written by Swede
Amongs the very few I truely trust on this site. His energy is so healing. I feel like I am actually in the room with him, that's how focused he is when he reads, just a different kind of vibe. Patrick has been totally on point in the past. Last year, I asked him about a relationship that had just ended and he was so empathic, yet told me the truth that it's over. He knew I was crying and heart broken but he was honst and he was TOTALLY right. I came back for another issue and have talked to him a couple of times and his reading has been very consistent with this new situation, so I have faith in him and in what is. Thank you so much Patrick. Namaste." ... written by mainstreem20
Thanks so much for healing, I appreciate it! You are the best!" ... written by Swede
Love baby! xxx" ... written by Faith
Thank you for confirming where my anxiety is coming from. I kind of got a hint but was confused as where or what it is. But thank you, as always, for being always available for me. You know I owe you that much, you're one of the best!" ... written by Joseph
Love doing reiki healings with Patrick, he does such an amazing job!" ... written by Swede
Patrick is so insightful and so kind. I appreciate him very much." ... written by Jerald
he was patient, kind, accurate and genuine at heart in providing insight and clarity" ... written by human angel
Patrick is always so soothing and uplifting to read with. xxx I pray to Archangel Michael that it all comes to pass as I need major healing. Bless you Patrick" ... written by Liza
He is very sincere in a way during the reading,... he predict that Luis and I will work things out. And I want to work things out with him. I will definitely come back for the update if there's any good news. " ... written by wei
His energy is amazing and he is so helpful" ... written by prettygirl
UrbanPsychic has done it again. Patrick is so gifted that all his past predictions has unfolded just like he said it would. I'm just in awe with how he describe a certain person down to a T, and the situation as well. He is by far one of Oranums best psychics. I will continue to get more future updates with him. Not only he is gifted and amazing but he also shows compassion to his fellows clients. He has a very good heart and soul towards humanity. Please if you're looking for answers he is the person to go to. I promise you won't be disappointed. Love and Light many blessings." ... written by Lucy117
Patrick is amazing, he did picked up something in the room and I took him to private to elaborate on it. Patrick was very specific on someone that I will meet, I will be sure to update! Love Patrick, take him to private!" ... written by Swede
Beautiful catch up , thank you so much and he was absolutely spot on 100% xxx" ... written by B
Patrick is a gem. Such a sweet soul. And he is a wonderful psychic, and healer. :)" ... written by Ahz
Thanks! xxx" ... written by Heaven
patrick is a wonderful reader, very deep and accurate insight, and soothing calm energy. he saw things very clearly with lots of detail. loved my reading. " ... written by starrose
Patrick has the kindest, nicest energy. He picked up on so many things about my current situation accurately without me having to say anything, and he is just th nicest person too :) thanks! x" ... written by starrose
Patrick is amazing like always " ... written by DD
Thanks so much for the help and the healing! You are the best and so kind and understanding!" ... written by Swede
very nice reading. highly highly connected. worth every penny. thanks!" ... written by a
Very gifted guy! He was extremely in tune with everything! Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by nichole
Patrick was right on about everything in our reading. I didn't have to give him any info but first names. You rock Patrick and thank you for validating my feelings about things. You have always been spot on since I started reading with you. Blessings and Namaste." ... written by Stephanie
5 stars! Patrick is always very connected with his strong sense of intuition and messages from spirit. He is quick to connect to what is happening in a situation. His time frames are always consistent and everything he predicts comes to pass. I highly recommend him for truthful insight." ... written by Christine
Right on the money PER USUAL! Thanks :) " ... written by DD
Patrick is a love. He has such a sweet spirit and he truly cares about his clients. He is always great." ... written by L
5 stars! Always accurate and in tune with what is happening in a situation. Everything he predicts comes to pass. He is my number one selection on oranum!" ... written by Christine
Patrick is awesome , he calmed my fears and he knows what he is talking about. he says I am intuitive and a healer myself and be paitent on things . ty so much !!!" ... written by gr8tday
so i read with patrick awhile ago and thought i'd get an updated reading. he was very consistent in what hes told me in my past and consistent with what my trusted advisors have said. will update on predictions bc theyre soon!" ... written by m
I love him!!! He's so awesome. He's detailed and accurate and so compassionate. xoxoxoxoxoxo" ... written by b
patrick never steers me wrong! he has been spot on since the beginning and what he told me in the past happened. i always pay attention to what he tells me each time!" ... written by rosy
5 stars! Everything Patrick has predicted has come true. I feel very confident on what is to come in the near future! He is very quick to connect to what is going on and is always on point. I highly recommend him. Very kind, non-judgmental, and always offers the truth!" ... written by Christine
amazing ....def highly recommend him!!!" ... written by nami
Patrick was spot on as usual xxxxx" ... written by Liz
i love this reader, he's always kind, truthful with constructive and very detailed readings. highly accurate. " ... written by starrose
What a great catch up , love the guy xxx" ... written by B
great reading as always" ... written by julie
Patrick is amazing, I really enjoy recieveing reiki from him. He knows what's going on and help me move forward." ... written by Swede
Wow Patrick has done it again, he has confirmed what I had in mind and his past predictions has come to pass just like he said it would. I'm so happy that I have something really nice to look forward to. Until next time Patrick Love and light Many Blessings.... " ... written by Lucy117
As always patty comes forth with such amazing insight and accuracy! he never fails !! love you patty! xxx" ... written by Jod
Patrick is one of my "go to's" here b/c he is simply brilliant! He has a soothing and calming nature that will leave you feeling lighter than air. Love this man to RIBBONS! MMMWAH ;-) " ... written by DD
Oh what a calming voice n soul..could go on listening to his voice:)) Will wait and help to manifest what I want. He picked up without asking me any questions, great reading. TY XX" ... written by Sea
5 stars! Always knows what is happening in my life without any explanation. I highly recommend him. His predictions come to pass! He is always consistent with time frames. He is very patient and understanding. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
5 Stars!!!!! No words can describe the feeling I got after my first Reiki session with Patrick. I felt so relieved and at peace with myself. I am so so grateful that I came and got Patrick to help me. Simply wonderful!!!! I cannot wait to get another session with him again. Thank you so much Patrick, words cannot express what you have done for me tonight." ... written by rose np.
5 stars! He described a building I've been into as well as the recruiter that is helping place me for work, as well as the type of clothing that she wears. Also feeling restored and back to life after a reiki session. I feel more centered and focused. Very detailed information and quick to connect with the guy in my life's energy to a tee. Everything described resonated and described exactly what was going on. I highly recommend him. He is my favorite on oranum! Kind, quick to connect, and non-judgmental. He always delivers the truth in a compassionate manner. He is truly a friend!" ... written by Christine
Love his energy and guidance " ... written by B
If you need answers straightforward, contact him. He is adorable, sensitive, sensible and very perceptive. Thanks a bunch, Patrick!" ... written by Lily
Thank you Patrick always gives me clarity great answers and explanations for everything I need to know" ... written by Bella
Urban Psychic is a wonderful reader. Very straightforward, fast and to the point. He was accurate with my situation and gave me a great advice. I highly recommend him for a private!" ... written by cc
5 stars! Patrick sees so clearly into a situation and can quickly pick up on energies. He always knows what is going on with me without me speaking a word. Everything he has predicted has come to pass. Always offers the truth in a compassionate manner. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
Always reliable and honest. Thank you for clarifying things for me. I will always be coming to you while I travel my destiny. Thanks. See you on next reading" ... written by Joseph
the things he's said in the past are slowly manifesting..will wait for future predictions!" ... written by BP
Patrick is an AMAZING!!! reader. He was spot on and accurate with everything going on in my life. He had very good and honest things to say. Very calm, caring, and has an amazing energy about him. This is my second read with him and it was even more detailed than the first. Thank you Patrick!" ... written by Ash
Well this was my very first reading with Patrick! I like his calm demeanor and he was very understanding of my situation. I am hopeful that his visions come to pass. Thank you for a great job!" ... written by TB
patrick is awesome. so caring and insightful. i appreciate his gifts." ... written by jerald
I came in for a reiki session and Patrick knew what was going on and it was awesome! Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by Swede
Thanks for session and knowing exactly what is going on, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
He's amazing. He connected right away and picked up on information that only I know. His energy is light and beautiful. He is worth the wait." ... written by Sheena
Another wonderful reading, with many answers. And also I love the reiki :)" ... written by L
i liked him didnt tell me what i wanted to hear but its cool. " ... written by mel
urban is great always love getting his advice and receiving clarity" ... written by tom
Always great readings, with calm voice and energy.TY ofr connecting with me:)) XX" ... written by ****
5 stars! Things are always manifesting for me after a reiki session. I have noticed after the energy flows, that things fall into place. Since the last reiki session an interview has come, and I can't wait to follow up with what happens in the near future. He can quickly pick up on energies, and everything he has predicted has come to pass. I highly recommend him! Always honest and compassionate at delivering a message." ... written by Christine
Thanks so much for another lovely reading! I will definitely be back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Patrick is the best reader on this site. Every time I enter his room I just feel calm, his energy is so generous and calming. He's been incredibly accurate in his predictions, everything he said keeps coming true for me, and he's able to pinpoint men in my life without any prompts from me. His predictions about my career came true. Great reader :) x" ... written by starrose
I just love this guy! I met him through the lady I had been reading with for months. She recommends him when she is not available. And let me tell you. His energy is awesome. Calm and soothing. He doesn't fluff you message. I have read with him about 3 times before. And he has been spot on and great with advise. He likes to share what he knows, He loves to help others it is just his nature. Come give him a try he just might change your life! But only if you seek truth! He is very honest yet genuine. I will be back to see him. At least seek him out in free chat I am sure you will connect/" ... written by Cathleen
Where do I began, The reading was phenomenal. It provided me with hope for the future. Determination that I can reach my goals and succeed in all areas. Thank you for sharing your God given gifts with others. The peace and tranquility you provide me was astonishing, Your encouragement was much needed and appreciated. I am now excited for the journey I am on. Love, blessings, and light to you my friend ! " ... written by oreocookies37
He was professional and kind and so, so well-attuned to myself and my situation. I could really sense that he cared about me and my issue, and his insight was so, so valuable. Definitely worth it." ... written by Sierra
Patrick is AMAZING!!!!!!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
my first reading with patrick and i loved him. hes really sweet and funny. i saw his demo and i thought he was great in demo that i had to take him to private and i dont regret it. " ... written by mary
5 stars! I am always feeling restored after a reiki session. Patrick has helped me understand what my purpose was for meeting a soul mate. I definitely feel like a lot of healing has happened during this reading, and I know I am in control of my outcome. I highly recommend him. He has been very on point from describing physical appearances of people I have dealt with to the descriptions of places I have been to. I highly recommend him! He always offers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner." ... written by Christine
Patrick is the best. Thank you for sharing your insight with me." ... written by Jerald
Wow he is just amazing. Love his energy I always feel lifted in his room. I found out that I am on the right path! I feel blessed. I am breathing again! Patrick has really helped me to set this in motion. He has different ways to help heal you/ by your chakras and energies" ... written by Cathleen
good" ... written by m
5 stars! Patrick is always connected with energies. He was correct about two staffing companies I am working with for employment. One is with a female and one is with a male. He predicted that I would probably get more help from the female recruiter which is true as I have not heard much from the male recruiter. I have good faith about what is come. I highly recommend him! " ... written by Christine
Patrick is such a sweet person wow he is truly blessed with a gift. I had a great reading with him I cant wait to see the predictions come true. I highly recommended him many blessing to you. " ... written by marybeth1love
Patrick is amazing always have been very straight to the point and very accurate, not to mention how his predictions have come to pass. So excited to see how his new predictions start to unfold themselves. Until our next update, Many blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
Predictions came true :) always right on" ... written by Sheena
Patrick blew me away with what he had to tell me , he is so awesome and caring and on the mark. I totally will take everything in he told me and I will definitely be back. ty patrick" ... written by gr8tday
Thank you Patrick!" ... written by Jerald
AH-MAY-ZING!!! Wow....I love him. I picked up on things about me that I didn't mention and wasn't even related directly to the reading. He picked up on a lot of small details that I know for sure are true. Wow...Take him to private. I can't wait for his predictions to come true" ... written by l
patrick is always so awesome!! so sweet and caring, but most of all on the point. he picked up on things this reading that really surprised me. and i am so looking forward to all the advice and predictions he has made. thank you patrick!" ... written by vine
patrick is one of the few readers on this site that i go to regularly and love having readings with. he's incredibly accurate, a lot of his predictions have come true for me consistently. but more than that he always conducts his readings with a lot of kindness and patience, regardless of what frame of mind i'm in - anxious or calm. and i really appreciate that. he is able to cut straight to the issue without me having to say anything, and gives great spiritual advice that is very on point. thank you so much!" ... written by starrose
Patrick is such a kind hearted reader, was able to connect with my friend who just passed away. He also predict J will reach out again in abt 4 wks. Looking forward to the prediction :) Thanks for passing the messages from M, may he rest in peace.." ... written by Kirsten
Just an update. Patrick predicted that my co-worker who I am not too fond of would be going back to school, which she had just recently announced. After the last reiki session, a few people called me with potential job offers. It is amazing what healing energy can do as far as grounding energy, and manifesting good things. I highly recommend Patrick for readings and reiki. He is always honest and connected with messages from spirit. He is right. I will be attending a wedding in August. He always knows what energies are around me without me saying a word. He is the best on oranum. Everything he has described has come to pass. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
He was absolutely fantastic!! Such a fun reading!! Picked up on the situation right away! Oranum did an amazing job with this hire!! If I could give him a ten star I would (: Hugs and blessings! (: " ... written by Sam_Hope2
super sweet and detailed. thanks so much!" ... written by penelope
my favourite reader on this site. he is consistently accurate in his predictions, and as they are predictions for the near future I am always able to report that these came to pass in the time frame Patrick mentioned. A very generous and calm reader. " ... written by starrose
patrick is so awesome!!!! he's right on all the time! thank you than you thank you patrick" ... written by vine
will wait for his predictions to come true!!" ... written by BP
Thank you Patrick for sharing your insight." ... written by Jerald
he was very reassuring and soothing. i hope his predictions will come true but the reading itself was very pleasant and clear to the point" ... written by linh
he is so awesome makes me feel good about everything" ... written by lori
I am always grateful for the wonderful, generous people in this community and Patrick is up there with the best. Patrick is always incredibly on point and specific, he always gets it right! He's able to see right into the issue even when I have trouble verbalising it, straight to what needs to be done. All his past predictions for me have come to pass too. A great reader who is both accurate at predictions and spiritual guidance. I always leave the readings feeling healed :)" ... written by starrose
5 stars! He was correct about my friends wedding which is happening in August. I highly recommend him for a reiki, or if you are in need of clarity. He is very connected with messages from spirit and always delivers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner." ... written by Christine
Patrick is awesome many predictions for me coming my way .. he says we will be together just be strong and hang in there . so love him" ... written by gr8tday
Patrick is amazing! He was really aware of my current situation. He also gave me guidance for the future. 10 stars!!!" ... written by Awesome Reading!
Nice follow up " ... written by B
5 stars! Patrick is very connected with his strong sense of intuition and message from spirit. His predictions come to pass, and he always delivers the truth in a kind and compassionate manner. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
he is awesome gives me insight and clarity I need to start loving myself more and stop fixating on him so much he is blocking my energy from growing. take small steps and this will be a good year for me " ... written by GR8TDAY
Patrick is amazing with reiki, he just zones in and clears all the junk out. Patrick is so kind and helpful in helping me shift to a better place!" ... written by Swede
Good as usual! " ... written by DD
He's really amazing!!" ... written by NEH
Thank you for insight Patrick. I appreciate your guidance and you know i'm just about there." ... written by Jerald
Always a relief to hear your reading, accurate and truthful. I was relieved about him not having another male energy in his life. Thank you for that information. Till next time and thanks for staying with me on my journey, though "bumpy" at times." ... written by Joseph
Sooooo lovely to get a session with Patrick. He's a wonderful healer and a gifted psychic. He has such sweet, warm, energy. :)" ... written by L
great reading.:) " ... written by hghhghg
will be waiting for predictions!" ... written by BP
Patrick is such a blessing. He is very very gifted in many ways, and he is SUCH A KIND SOUL. He only wants the best for his clients." ... written by L
Patrick knew exactly what I was coming in for before I even said anything. I love doing reading with Patrick, he is so kind, understanding and patient. His healing work is awesome too! Take him to private, he is awesome!" ... written by Swede
thank you patrick for sharing your insight." ... written by jerald
Patrick is one of my go to's on this site. He is one the best here! " ... written by DD
Patrick is always wonderful! Spot on and sees to the heart if the matter each and every time! " ... written by DD
Thanks again for another lovely reading!" ... written by swsiren
Wonderful as ALWAYS! " ... written by DD
Always kind and wonderful. Consistently helpful, and GREAT." ... written by L
Wonderful reading! Patrick was absolutely accurate with my situation and his readings came true in the past. " ... written by cutie
He is AWESOME as usual! Thanks Patrick :) " ... written by DD
A very good reader. Was able to give valuable insight. " ... written by David
Thanks so much for your help, I appreciate it. Your energy healing and reading are best and so spot on!" ... written by Swede
Patrick is wonderful! He always makes me feel wonderful and comfortable when I talk with him. He is knowledgeable and has been accurate so far. I look forward to speaking with him again!" ... written by Lis
It's been a while since I've gotten to talk to Patrick, so I was looking for some guidance and a bit of an update on things. Patrick is always very quick to connect, so hopefully the information I got tonight will lend some insight into what's going on. Thank you Patrick for all of your help and guidance." ... written by Jettagirl09
very comforting!" ... written by karina
Very pleasant person to talk too.. he has a very relaxing energy.. " ... written by p
Always grounding and soothing with his energy. Consistent and down to earth predictions. Earth Angel" ... written by DD
I love his energy, he is very detailed, quick, and gives his information with compassion and for your highest good. Thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
Love Pat. He is so good. So on point" ... written by John
wow! wow! he is so wonderful! so so good!!! AMAZING" ... written by sweetangle3
he is ALWAYS kind in private and free chat. I enjoy getting reading from him." ... written by moongirl777
Patrick is amazing and a good guide. Thank you Patrick for your insight!" ... written by Great Reading!
thank you for the message" ... written by spn
Patrick is incredibly gifted and has the most wonderful, uplifting energy. He's consistent in his readings and a beautiful person too. I cannot wait to my next reading with him. " ... written by Teacup
Great reading from Patrick. Quick connection. He was able to pick up on the situation and provide possible ways to improve things. I will be back for an update." ... written by C
fast, quick, sharp. good reading. picked up on a whole lot quickly. amazing. thank you." ... written by starfish57
Patrick is awesome! Patrick knows what is going on right when you enter the room, his accuracy and predictions are always on point. The healing sessions are awesome! I keep coming back for more to work on myself to find fulfillment and clear negativity I've been holding on. I've already overcome so much because of Patrick. Thanks so much!" ... written by Swede
great read" ... written by davyboii
Love, love Patrick.............he is so very warm, he advised me on how to handle a situation that I was worried about...this is my second time coming to Patrick and I was so happy " ... written by இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— WOW...take him to prvtஇ
Patrick is so wonderfully gifted. The reading was just what I needed. Thank you so much for your clarity and energy, Patrick." ... written by TeaCup
Patrick is awesome! He instantly connected to my feelings. He has excellent energy. 5 Stars!!!" ... written by Amy
His energy is amazing! Your reading are incredible! So on point and able to give good details" ... written by Ashley
Patrick was amazingggggg he picked up on so many things!!! very accurate, he was able to tune in so well. " ... written by Angelica
Patrick is amazing always have great positive energy and he's always accurate with his readings and time frames. It had been a while since our last reading but he still gave me the same info from a while back so I know that his predictions remain in tact to come to pass within my near future. I just love you to pieces. Many Blessings Patrick and Happy Holidays....." ... written by Lucy117
Patrick is always lovely - helpful, hugely gifted, and a pleasure to spend time with." ... written by L
Thanks for a wonderful reading and communication with my partner on the other side." ... written by Jim
He is wonderful as before. His energy is so peaceful and loving, He gave me hope for the future and advice as to what direction too take. Thank you so much. Blessings and peace to you." ... written by cookies
Awesome!!" ... written by SFEarthAngel
I have not had a reading with him in a while. But he is still phenomenal. Beyond soothing and amazing and calmed my nerves more than words could ever describe. I can not look forward to my future enough! Thank you so much! " ... written by Tiffany
Great read with tarot, haven't had that before, really on target with his descriptions of things he would not otherwise know about. Loved learning about spirit guides around me, which I also have not had before, highly recommend, will be back" ... written by Susie
Patrick is awesome! Reading or energy work is always amazing, Patrick zones in, tells me exactly what is happening and how to move forward. Love catching up with Patrick for a tune up :-)" ... written by Swede
very profound reading. he saw a lot that was going on with me in my life now, and he really captured everything I was doing. He saw my profession, and what my poi looked like/traits of his personality. Will definitely be back. Thank you Patrick!" ... written by elizabeth
Patrick is very special and has a warmth which is rare." ... written by Essential 12
Patrick is always wonderful! Love my readings with this man " ... written by DD
Good reading and great energy! I appreciate your reading and time. Namaste " ... written by Isabelle
Direct and confident when speaking. Very soothing when he speaks. I've seen his demos before and he never disappoints. Great reading." ... written by Nia J.
Patrick is awesome! He is so helpful, kind and understanding. I love doing readings and healing work with him." ... written by Swede31
Thank you!!!!!!! you are awesome Patrick and you have confirmed quite a bit for me!!!!! you rock!!!!!!" ... written by S
i only haD a few credits to use but he made my reading completely worth it! accurate and so specific. its gave me so much relief. " ... written by Krissy
Patrick is the BEST! " ... written by DD
Hey, it was a short, sweet reading. Patrick is definitely a professional. He has great healing energy as well. Keep up the great work Patrick!" ... written by DesertDweller
great reader" ... written by Leila Smith
really informative and answers all questions" ... written by s
simply amazing, accurate, detailed predictions" ... written by nicole
He's beautiful, and really lovely excellent insightful reading. Thank you. Highly recommend. Very positive. xxx" ... written by julieanne
phenomenal " ... written by real love
Excellent reader, beautiful energy, highly recommend" ... written by julieanne
Urban is such an awesome psychic with amazing skills and energy reading. He is also good at providing detailsof your situation. You will not be dissapointed!" ... written by Mary
Thank you Patrick for the messages I needed to hear you are on point as usual" ... written by Bella
GREAT" ... written by sam
5 stars! I highly recommend him. He is able to connect on a deep level. His predictions always come to pass in the given time frames. " ... written by Christine
Patrick is always amazing! " ... written by DD
thank you so much really awesome reading and he as such a nice spirit. it was a blessing being in his presents" ... written by starchild1972
he is awesome thanks for you information" ... written by lori
thank you so much .. it was awesome reading nice to see you again 10 star" ... written by Jr
wonderful calm reading :) thankyou very much......" ... written by Nadz
hit everything spot on with little to no information very calming guy and appeared genuine" ... written by missy
perfect" ... written by bella
Beautiful reading and very intuitive and genuine." ... written by Kayla
Patrick is always wonderful! " ... written by DD
this guy is so gifted...i had chills the whole time,,,wow...so spot on about everythingggg...amazing reader...mind blowing goooooddddddd...so compassinate and helpful, 1ooo stars!" ... written by me, little me
I love Patrick. He's so gifted and probably the sweetest person on this site." ... written by L
so much useful information and lots of clarity" ... written by ice11
Thanks so much for your kindness and generosity for the readings have you done for me. You are awesome! I love doing readings with you because you tell it how it is in such a kind gentle manner. You are the best!" ... written by Swede
I feel the goodness in him. I have always felt that he has given me very clear, sincere and truthful insight into my situations." ... written by moongirl777
Patrick is wonderful. So loving, and very gifted." ... written by L
such a sweet soul" ... written by ilovedog
awesome reader !!! quick n accurate reading" ... written by sap
It's been a while since I have connected with Patrick and I am so happy I came to him today. He validated a lot of things for me and provided me with wonderful guidance and advice. I appreciate his amazing and soothing energy and am grateful to his spirit. He also connected to my grandmother and made me smile from ear to ear:) Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
So good to have him back xx" ... written by B
Loved the reading!!! He is kind....and very accurate. What a great person to talk to..." ... written by staci
Patrick is amazing! We had a few moments where we were thinking the same thing. Confirms that I'm empathic and have a gift as well. Just need to trust what I feel.. Patrick is a very sweet soul. He's honest which is the most important.. He tells it like it is and doesn't turn anything into a fairy tale or tell me what I want to hear. :) I will remain patient and I WILL be updating Patrick with good news very soon! :) Thank you, Patrick! I'm glad I found you. :) " ... written by Jenny
UrbanPsychic is spot on with what is currently happening in my life. I will look forward to other readings with him." ... written by Riley