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Psychic TantraPsychichas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TantraPsychichas recently helped 38members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TantraPsychic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Yes, You can change your destiny and I can show you how. One of the top most gifted psychics in the world. TantraPsychic = Honesty, Accuracy, Compassion, Trust, Results, Solutions, Happiness & Quality. Come with faith & desire to know the Truth! Please vote ! visit http://www.4psychicreading.com/online-psychic/TantraPsychic & https://www.oranum.com/en/chat-html5/TantraPsychic for feedbacks.

Am extremely satisfied with the reading.. He was 100% right about my personality and what I expect in life.. He saw my problems.. And also advised me well... He is simply amazingg.... " ... written by sarita
Good reading...straight to the point. I recommend TantraPsychic." ... written by Mojana
Very fast reader, great person." ... written by inletsoaps1
Very helpful and very clear..." ... written by edelaine
TantraPsychic connected well with me and gave me messages that really resonated. He gave me accurate information about my interests and things surrounding my life. Great job! *****" ... written by justinsensei
I just had a private reading with TantraPhychic, it was my second reading and he made some predictions in respect to a potential relationship, that I should see things start to happen mid August - mid September. I will keep updating. I find him very sincere and calming to speak to." ... written by anonymous
I would firstly like to apologize to Tantra as this testimonial has been pending for a long time. The first time I read with him was way back in 2012, i had asked him abt the woman in my life and he was spot on abt it and things between us transpired exactly like he said. To be honest his accuracy scared me a little bit and it took me some courage and come back to him in 2014. This time I asked him abt wrk and he was correct again. Now I am back in 2016 and he has predicted some exciting events. for me for this august leading upto jan feb next year. A situation that has come up for me, that has been agonizing – he sensed my restlessness and lack of sleep on that issue. That was incredible. August is just round the corner, if the events unfold just as he has mentioned (which I do not doubt) will be a big positive turning point in my life. I am just another voice in the chorus of testimonials here about his predictions coming to pass but Thank you very very much once again for everything!" ... written by V
Oh my God he picked up on certain things that left me speechless... wow he is good!!!" ... written by Anniekins
Thank you for your time. Connected fast and great info" ... written by star-gazer1
Wow.... amazing." ... written by Nikkidee
Detailed to the point..." ... written by chriswalker01
His visions are like I am watching tv... Very clear and excellent explanations of the situation." ... written by allerena
WOW!!!!! This young man hit the nail on the head. He was so straight forward and didnt waste my time.. Did I say that he was also very correct in his reading of me. Well he was and I thank him for it. Recommend him 100%. Thank You Love and Light" ... written by tma1972
Thank you so much :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Ok this man is genuine and honest, he has to meditate on each answer." ... written by Katja87
You are awesome :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Good reading, good connection. Hope it comes true." ... written by AnnaMariaEwa
He is too good..." ... written by Anniekins
Ok, so for starters... he knew exactly the problem and the situation without any information at all. The advice was spot on. I will keep posted if some changes occur." ... written by allerena
Wonderful, very accurate - didn't have to tell him at all." ... written by Ammer
He does not waste your time at all. He is right on point." ... written by Kekee9
Thank you so much for giving clarity and good advice. God bless!" ... written by doralice
Awesome as always :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Thank you so much :)" ... written by roopkaur87
I had a past life reading, and he tells me things that I already had a hunch on. This guy should be given more than 5 stars!!!" ... written by eagleeyes340
Greatttt job" ... written by purple20
He was slow at connecting at first but he was good!" ... written by courtneybdraper
Thank you for the advice maybe i will get what i want." ... written by friendly22
Amazing reading ... Had really good session with him .. So helpful." ... written by roopkaur87
I found tantra to be a very friendsly character first i thought he was just pretending to make me happy but when he offered to describe a person for me i realised he was telling the truth as it was completlty accurate, i would definatly reccomend him an look forward to my next reading with him hes the best!" ... written by as338maira12
Thank you! 1000 stars for you :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Wow !! he point all the situation out corrtly. he was talking confidence and didn't ask any inf. very fast and very very good." ... written by JLYN
He knows a lot of things and he is a happy to go kind of person. Good to have a guide like him to take us to the right path." ... written by rajat_25
Very good got questions answered" ... written by tonio73
Wow, what a reading and connection, will definitely come back! I highly recommend this psychic!" ... written by Aryastark
Very inituitive, tuned in immediately. Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Excellent reading" ... written by maryannepav
Absolutely wonderful reading! Guidance spot on and very helpful. Will continue coming to Tantra! Worth every cent." ... written by HawaiiGene
Thanq for the time and your patience" ... written by rani4you
I love his reading he brought a bigger picture to what my spiritual path will be. Very good and came from the heart. " ... written by Sarena78
Tantra was so great! he saw the situation I am in and quickly and compassionately gave me advice and wisdom. Thank you so much! I'll be back.....5 stars plus!!!!!" ... written by puredevotion
Great!" ... written by curiouskate3
He is absolutely good! And sweeeeeet! Just try once and you will know." ... written by bella911912
I am surprised when he was able to pick up on my energy. I think i've found the right psychic for me who can help and guide me. He's more than 5 stars I tell you. I will keep him posted on things. Demo was already good. Taking him into private is best!" ... written by lagreta79
Wonderful reading and right now....Hope that his predictions will come true...Will update." ... written by winterhot
He's fabulous must give him a try . Gives an honest answer not what you want to hear. And lots of details ." ... written by bellavitaxoxo
Really thorough and deep visionary." ... written by MerkabahMan633
This was my second reading with tantra becaue my first was so good , the second time tantra helped me realise what needed to be done to remove my sadness he is amazing and i will defintly continue my reading with himx" ... written by as338maira12
TRUTH TRUTH AND TRUTH... Super awesome reading... Really happy with the reading :)" ... written by rose008
He's really good! Hardly uses any tools, mostly his guides, and I really like that! And doesn't need DOBs, I love that even more! Can't wait for his predictions to unfold, he's a great psychic! Thank you so much Tantra, I will be back soon! Hugzzzz!" ... written by Very impressed
It is obvious that he is connected to some very powerful and highly evolved guides. Perfect reading and he does not sugarcoat." ... written by Questionlove2
Yay! pretty spot on with what I am right now, excited to know about the future predicitons." ... written by eagleeyes340
PERFECT!!!!!another amazing session; he gives amazing advice, i would definitely recommend him for help.Thank you so much! you are simply awesome :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Clear, to the point~~wont waste any of my time!!! Thank you so much~ i will for sure come back to talk to you~~!!" ... written by bebe810
Tantra is accurate, honest, connects quickly. He's got such a good spirit/energy about him. His room is lively,he's calm, and he's respectful of everyone. I enjoyed watching his demo, having my own reading, and talking to him. He's great~" ... written by daydreamer246
Incredible....accurate genuine. He is worth every penny. Please take him private, you will not regret it.." ... written by numerology
Its no wonder tantra's room always filled up all the time. He cares a lot for his clients. When you go private you only not feel better, but the satisfaction is there bec you here the truth straight from him, and if things are not right, he's there to help. No matter how messed up my situation is right now, I am positive that Tantra is there to help. Hugs!" ... written by lagreta79
Thanks for the honest reading and many advises.." ... written by Tan
Thank you for your help! you are awesome :)" ... written by roopkaur87
What a cool guy! professional, accurate, fast. I will be back in the future." ... written by sometimes4321
Very sharp to the point he's very Good So Glad I stopped by You Made my day!!" ... written by queenbee22
Tantra is truly gifted. He was right about everything, compassionate, encouraging, and knew the obstacles. He is a joyful person, full of love for others and wishing their well-being. " ... written by Mumtaz2012
Tantra is awesome, He always is right on target with his readings.... he's the best!!!" ... written by dashley1958
He is wonderfullllllllllll se him......greatest on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by wizgirl
Excellent" ... written by Katt69
It was an amazing experience, straightforward and direct. Thank you so much . " ... written by ttp2582
Straightforward,accurate on relationships and great advice, thank you! " ... written by ttp2582
Love Him. He is just direct, blunt, honest and funny." ... written by YAHADIU
Accurate reading about my family, my business situation, and has given solutions for improvement in profits. Will definately be back. Thanks." ... written by leenadxb
Very nice person! Very good honest!!!" ... written by kat620
My 3rd reading and it always gets better!" ... written by eagleeyes340
Great reading. Very, thorough. " ... written by Tigerlilly74
My reading with Tantra was awesome because he gave me some advise regarding my health. I am very happy for the good news he gave me regarding my relationship situation. Thank you so much for clarifying things between me and my bf. Thank you. I highly recommend him. God Bless" ... written by connette
WOW!!! luck, coincidence, God, faith, call it what you will... but this guy predicted something that i did not saw it coming... This is the first thing that comes to pass for me. I hope the rest will follow quickly..." ... written by allerena
TantraPsychic gives what I seek and more in his readings!!! He taps into the clear wisdom from his Guides and then offers simple and straightforward advice and comments that really help me a lot. I am so comforted after speaking with him again!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great thx you. Hope it will all be over soon this drama." ... written by queenbee22
I dont know what to say, he's awsome :)))) " ... written by toni808
Very right on" ... written by toni808
Tantra was briliant..He tell you a truth...reading 5 star" ... written by february72
Great, absolutely correct. I can think straight now." ... written by annabee9
Tantra you are awesome...love your reading recommended him 5 star" ... written by february72
Great reading! Thanks!" ... written by wonderwoman29
TantraPsychic just gave me a reading. He totally confirmed what I thought. His reading was very encouraging and it gave me the belief in myself to continue on with my doctorate program. The cards he pulled for me were all extremely strong, which even surprised him! I watched and listened to him for a while before private chatting; he is conscientous and fair with how you spend your money with him and that is very commendable!" ... written by Persistance333
It was a fun reading. He didn't sugar coat a thing, but was very realistic and gave me advice as to how to best enhance my current situation. I most certainly would go back to a reading with him, and would highly recommend him to all. He's fun, energetic and there's always a positive outlook with him. " ... written by Erica89
You are the best! Thank you !!!" ... written by roop
Pretty good info! " ... written by SillyGirl1109
Thankyou very much, very good. gotta try him" ... written by Klaudyna27
Enjoyed reading very much, had my boyfriend to a tee in reading. Thank you!" ... written by wendic
I felt the connection. I could feel what he was saying, and it cleared up a lot. Wonderful experience " ... written by Brandy_Marie
Everything he said was spot on. His energy is so calming. I could feel him connect with me. Don't worry asking risking credits on a bad psychic! You won't be disappointed here!" ... written by Ravara
Very understanding and has been accurate without me mentioning alot of my circumstances" ... written by plough_1
Love him! wish i had more time to speak to him though, will be back! hes a nice friendly guy :) x" ... written by loulourae
Funny chap, loved his reading. Hope its true what he said.." ... written by Darius
Excellent!!! Will be back!!" ... written by WishingStars
Quick and accurate." ... written by leorising
What a wonderful man and psychic! He is a joy; it amuses me that he is just as surprised and enlightened by the reading he gives you. He was totally on target and the information he revealed to me has given me the encouragement to believe in myself and my goals. This psychic does not take advantage of you financially; he connects with his spirit then tells you to go to private chat. He has a wonderful personality which puts you at ease right away." ... written by Persistance333
I really really appreciate TantraPsychic' in depth readings and messages. He picks up information so strongly. Thank you for all you do for me !!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Outstanding reading and very detailed" ... written by Montice
Tantra is so thoughtful and helpful. All seeing. Eagle eyes." ... written by leorising
Thank you for being honest with the reading, Tatra. I love your energy, friendliness and honesty." ... written by welcometo99
Quick, got things before I said them, and was honest about it." ... written by swardan
Spot on!! He picked up on my situation without me saying much at all." ... written by iPreferMimi
Great details love to get info from him." ... written by queenbee22
This man is super great! I took my reading off road to hear from my own guides too! He is so very kind and true with his readings! Just loved it.....willl come back!" ... written by babszolla
Not a happy reading, but at least he is honest. Thank you! :) " ... written by oneteacher
Very caring and thorough." ... written by leorising
His predictions are coming true...He is honest and truthful. Thank you." ... written by Jass7869
Interesting reading....I'm very glad I did a reading with him.... He was very quick and honest." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Thanks for the reading and advises.." ... written by Tanya
Brillant.. excellent.. great reading.. imformative andamp; enlightening.. good stuff Jah bless.. " ... written by Ceeclouds77
First time with him! good reading, will go back" ... written by quaz101
Asked job advice from Tantra and what he told me happened, thank you so much very good reading" ... written by outpeace81
Good reading" ... written by golden..
Feel so relieved!!! Thank you ever so much!!!" ... written by willowrain
Amazing....Thank you..." ... written by willowrain
He was right on point!" ... written by 50lolo
He was right on about everything. Told me about why things were happening and had happened. Tantra is so gifted and a true psychic. No tools just his guides telling him the truth to share with you," ... written by fiberartist
Awesome reading! He was right on with his reading and then confirmed it with his cards. WOW" ... written by victoriansunset
The best one on Oranum.. awesome... dont miss out on talking to him.. not only a great psychic.. but a great person.. he is amazingly spot on and accurate..... God Bless you Tantra... " ... written by sr2222
He knew what he was talking about!" ... written by livelaughlove28
Thanks Tantra! " ... written by gurushek
Great reading " ... written by veezee
He seems to be really very good..Hope all comes true." ... written by laura
Excited to start the remedy and looking forward to the next session." ... written by jp4242
Great reading" ... written by mimatisse
Very good!" ... written by flamingoholly
Very Helpful." ... written by Colombian Diva
I really love his prediction. Verry accurrate!!" ... written by Leslieanngl
Had to verify some issues thats not working out hv to keep the faith thx you for update" ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful as always ~ mahalo, Tantra!" ... written by HawaiiGene
Very good." ... written by leorising
Because he's the best, it always make me come back again and again, by best i mean I TRUST what he does, I BELIEVE bec by experience, things had worked with the advises he has given. Always on spot. Thanks tantra! I hope things will be better for me soon." ... written by lagreta79
Very helpful and accurate. Thank you. " ... written by vickilynn63
Again amazing... thank you very much. I look forward to next session... in a few days. I honestly think that in my many ways you are saving my life -- with your help I can be the best that I can be. Thank you" ... written by jp4242
His predictions about my new job came true within 3 days!! Awesome, he is great!! Thank you." ... written by crazyfaiery
He was very helpful and accurate. I loved his reading. You should all try him out, he woke me up to the real world." ... written by amandestiny92
Yet another good reading with Tantra.. thank you for all the help and the healing.... will come back again for sure." ... written by bubblemagic04
Healing session was awesome ! i feel so much better ! " ... written by Farzana
I knew he was good in free chat. He confirmed it in the private. try it." ... written by essay2u
He has lots of knowledge! " ... written by Farzana
Holy crap! He just pulled one card out for me during the free chat and from there he was spot on! I mean spot on! The guy is amazing! Thanks so much!" ... written by calibabe23
He was good... Told me my future and was fast! I would come back for another reading!" ... written by ladygaga0505
Great ability... Great reading!" ... written by veezee
YOU ARE MY AWESOME...Thank you :)" ... written by roopkaur87
He's a very great person. I really enjoy his spirit." ... written by anwarismaili
Everything that you said was on point. I spoke to you only for five minutes and in those five minute you lifted the world off my shoulders . I really need to keep in contact with you. I'm in a cross road right now and you just reassure me that what I decided was right. But I just keep second guessing myself. We really need to stay in touch. I knew you were for real from the time you pulled the first card. You are the real deal and I'm just saying this after 5 minutes of talking to you. GOD BLESS YOU !!! " ... written by madwillo
Connected quickly and gave me great information about my spirit guides and how to connect. Will be back again in the future!" ... written by stevery87
He was very honest. The reading/Feedback was true...I really recommend him" ... written by tooounique
Very good." ... written by punkinpie1201
Always good info! " ... written by Farzana
Wonderful." ... written by jerzeyfinest08
Spot on, tells you the truth as it is, and warns you about the good and the bad.. amaziing" ... written by swaimz
He was right. Totally the only one that did get it right. I didn't get the job while everyone else said I will. " ... written by beautifuleyes999
Great.. honest reader." ... written by HolstonJane
Outstanding.." ... written by XxGolden xEye xX
He helps make some desicion in my life and his predictions are so on spot. Try him u would regret it" ... written by Angelapebbles
Tantra good choice for Career reading; he very insightful and will not andamp;quot;sugar coatandamp;quot; the reading. My reading was very good....:-) I will keep focus and look for that new job!! I will let you know..." ... written by Stormfire28
Things are already going as planned, Tantra reassured me from our last reading and things area already coming to fruitation. Thanks so much, your wonderful!" ... written by calibabe23
He was very awesome." ... written by lisha11
He's absolutely amazing and gives detail for detail! Wow! Even described physical appearances perfectly!!" ... written by Jboriqua23
Awesome as usual, his predictions always happen!" ... written by calibabe23
Great reader." ... written by veezee
I appreciate it, thank you!" ... written by lehua14
Wonderful as usual!! An excellent psychic who taps in accurately and precisely!! " ... written by msdivaprim1
Amazing reading. Saw everything. Honest and sincere. Many details and great advice given. Really lovely guy with a good heart." ... written by oiseau67
He seemed to be connected. Only thing he was off about was my guys physical appearance, but not dissapointed by his reading none the less , as far as predictions I will have to come back and update if they come true or not cus they are more in the future in a month or so. Thanks tantra!" ... written by hollywoodxoxo
I admired Tantra for his lovely soul from the public chat, always puts a smile on my face. Since a week he pulled out a card for me saying something great was going to happen in the near future, I wasn't quite sure how soon it was or what, but the next day something great happened, it was unbelievable. I had to get Tantra to do a private reading which was fantastic because he point out somethings which I already knew and certain things my boyfriend said.....so amazing!! I will definitely give future updates of time frame set for me....Really great Psychic!! " ... written by sugarbear12
Absolutely fantastic! Was such an informative time, there was no need for me to say much. Very gifted!!" ... written by kalibrneyes
Nice guy and he was fast." ... written by frizzle441
Highly recommend!" ... written by tooounique
Tantra was wonderful and very accurate about my situation and me. He even knew that I was not telling him the truth about something. I can't wait for his all predictions to come true. Even though 1 prediction is 2 years out, I still can't wait! Thank you for my reading!" ... written by kayeluv1
Tantra spoke of a pretty good future..I loved his speedy connections.. definitely a great reader..will visit with updates..everyone must try him..=)" ... written by vonnie03
Tantra is amazing guy with great reading and accurate. " ... written by plough_1
I found this reading to be life-changing. It has shaken and enthralled me. I want to cry. This man is REAL. " ... written by thewritegrl
Very good and honest and tries very hard to get correct readings. Thank you" ... written by shiyanti1
Very insightful! thank you very very much." ... written by jaykun
VERY ACCURATE!" ... written by nancy11
Tantra said someone would ask to see me in 24 hours and they did! Amazing!" ... written by calibabe23
Very good and straight to the point! " ... written by xtine930
Totally awesome as always ! " ... written by Farzana
His previous prediction about contact came to pass just as he said it would. Excellent reader, very insightful." ... written by iPreferMimi
Excellent! Very Accurate:)" ... written by cali113
Fast and always right!!! bless you, my friend :)" ... written by robinmoon
This man is so accurate and awesome! Things are going just as planned!" ... written by calibabe23
Thank you!!! " ... written by roopkaur87
:) really nice" ... written by rockerycase23
Very accurate! Fantastic person! So much heart! You dont meet people like this anymore! Thank you so much.... I love you! XOXO" ... written by LittleBee
He was absolutely dead on with what he saw and I can't wait to see what happens in the future. He certainly clarified a lot of things about the person I asked about and also told me what to expect and what to do to gain the best results. Confirmed what I believed about the person. Awesome and will talk to him again." ... written by rdwarren
Hi Tantra, Thank you so much for my reading today! Wow, you pick up on things so fast. I'm sorry I couldn't talk longer. " ... written by Annde25
Tantra was fast and right on the money.. .thanks soo much looking forward to the results :)" ... written by MALIHONEY
Thank you soooo much for the very honest and uplifting reading" ... written by Charlie0605
My secret gem..." ... written by sam
As always great read wtih Tantra! He is a very special reader." ... written by babszolla
Seemed to know the situation. He was very honest. Even though not what I wanted to hear really, I appreciated his honesty. Very nice. Thanks/" ... written by rose423
What an awesome reading. He was right on about everything..." ... written by kball1974
Very straight and will wait for outcome ." ... written by keyboo
Very very very good I can not stress anymore how good he is ... best on here period." ... written by jordanne
So lovely and accurate! I hope things will work out, thanks a lot." ... written by robinmoon
Very quick and accurate!" ... written by Bellyrox
Thank you my friend!" ... written by mfurney
Tantra is very very gifted, hes not only dead on accurate, hes very caring to my complex situation, lastly he doesn't waste your credits, I will be back soon for an update......:)ERIC" ... written by low_rider4
I will let you know the update. Thank you so much" ... written by Mochacreamsilk
Tantra doesn't disappoint, He told me what I needed to know and all of what he said was accurate. " ... written by Hermit_Kurama
Quick and fast and very assuring !!!" ... written by kiki228
Great reading, look forward to seeing predictions come true." ... written by afcsher
He is very honest, no suger coat, tells truth. always to the point. i enjoyed all my readings with him. thanks" ... written by happy20
I enjoyed his reading. HE WAS ACCURATE ABOUT EVERYTHING. He knew my personality. He saw the situation as it is and made his predictions. I LOOK FORWARD TO TALKING TO HIM AGAIN. AND SEEING HIS PREDICTIONS COME TRUE" ... written by mctlovesd
Gave me the truth." ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Spot on with what he said. Sometimes the truth hurts but you need to hear it! Good reading." ... written by sweetsx
Very good! He picked up on A LOT." ... written by ivanaxoo
Very accurate, really great guy!" ... written by calibabe23
Second time coming to talk to u. You are always so right!!!! I cant wait to talk to u in 3 weeks:)" ... written by bebe810
Thanks, good reading." ... written by patricianelly1
I do feel Tantra is honest and genuine. I will see if what he predicts comes to pass and will be back to update. Thanks!" ... written by sparkly1
Good." ... written by druvina1973
Many things he said have come true. He is very caring and helpful! Thanks!" ... written by leorising
Very accurate, he made me feel very comfortable" ... written by mmdd1985
Good!" ... written by druvina1973
Updates with him are like my game plan! It gives me an edge on what i need to do ! " ... written by Farzana
Love love him... He didnt waste my time... He is great!!!" ... written by Kai1111
He said a contact would occur within 7 days and on the 6th day it did happen! I think he might be right about the way my man is feeling about me :)" ... written by halovm
Thank you." ... written by termo11
Great" ... written by eurbaez438
He is so accurate! Also gives great advice! Thanks Tantra!" ... written by calibabe23
He is saving my life... I wish I knew him earlier... but no regrets, at least now I have him for life!" ... written by ron
He connected very fast. Seemed accurate time will tell but I did enjoyed my reading." ... written by AnaForero
He is the best on the site! Everything he " ... written by supermom051959
Great! " ... written by Farzana
Thank you so much!! He was so on target I could not even believe it. It will be long term decisions that will need to happen but I can see it all in front of me! Thank you, I will be back!!" ... written by Yoda1520
Amazingly accurate!!! Not wasting my time with anyone else from now on :) " ... written by Summaluv8
All I can say is Wonderful...He is very honest, and gives superb guidance!" ... written by charlenebev
Awesome !!!! Always right on! I dont even have to tell him whats going on! He knows! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Tantra is always spot on and that is why I come back for his guidance. This time was for healing and he made quite a difference in such a short few minutes! Just love Tanta, I can always count on the very best from him and for my highest good. Thanks! " ... written by babszolla
He's one of the best recommend to everyone" ... written by sunny53
He is so fabulous and quick!! Right on top of all of the details always. I keep all the details of what he says and it brings much peace." ... written by Yoda1520
Amazing how much he knows! :)" ... written by sillygirl1198
Very spot on. Accurate reading and gave super detail information. It helps ease my mind. i am looking forward to see how the predictions will play out. Wish I had more credits but worth the money! Thank you Tantra." ... written by ML123456
Spot on accurate and did an awesome job. Will def. be coming back. Thx Tantra" ... written by Critter144
Wish i had more credits. good reading!" ... written by xtine930
Tantra is one of the best, just love him and his way he is able to get it right, always spot on!" ... written by babszolla
Wow he is so fantastic, he is very accurate!!! people you should take his readings!!! he is very accurate and sincere person. his smile is telling you have a advice from me to your life :) " ... written by sunandmusic
He is very good and accurate! god bless you!" ... written by sunandmusic
He is great, fantastic reading, very honest and great power" ... written by bbdo1234
Wow! Tantra picked up my situation totally. I'll be back :)" ... written by reeree1
Very accurate! Awesome reading gave me great advice. I will be coming back . Thank you so much Tantra :)" ... written by leoali72
Fabulous Reading!!!" ... written by disteva
Excellent as always, thank you" ... written by Leslie
Great, great, great reading" ... written by godess01
SO CLEAR!!! AND TRUE!! ALWAYS GIVE ME THE BEST READ!!!" ... written by bebe810
I will come back and update in 3 weeks. Thank you for the reading. I'm glad u had some good news for me. " ... written by empress30
Great reading, he puts lots of things in perspective. Highly advise getting a reading with him. I actually like his straight forward attitude :)" ... written by swaimz
Always gotta come to confirm and get advice, this man is the bomb!" ... written by calibabe23
Tantra did a gemology report for me to help me with negative people and their treatment of me. He gave me remedies and gemstones to wear, where to wear them and on what days for beneficial affects. Very detailed and easy to follow. He also did a spell and i have complete confidence in his work. He is honest and direct and gets it right everytime. You will be advised to make him your psychic of choice on Oranum and will not waste you money. I can't say enough about Tantra and his god given abilities and his use of them." ... written by fiberartist
Great reading !!! Very honest !!! Thank you so much." ... written by kiki228
Very good reader very hard and painfull to hear but very gifted." ... written by DebraDee
Great Update. High 5, Thank you!!" ... written by queenbee22
I am really impressed how much Tantra cares about the readings he does and the people he is working to help! He keeps records of past readings and he verifies things for you. He is really great! " ... written by sparkly1
Hi is a fantastic Reader, Very Honest. Highly Recommended." ... written by LYDIA71
Fast and honest, very good reading will recommend him." ... written by mimi0129
Tantra is a 5 star psychic.He gave me an amazing reading and he is very gifted. He is a kind and generous person as well. I enjoyed my reading with tantra and I would recommend him. He was honest and very accurates. " ... written by bella123456
Very consistent reader, and also accurate from what I can tell. Thank you!!" ... written by Alexa
Awsome.Good." ... written by druvina1973
Good." ... written by leorising
Amazing!!!!! Really satisfied with the reading would definetley recommend! :D" ... written by Lost187
Very good psychic one of the best !!! :)) You should take his readings! I was waiting for his readings all the time when he is coming here!!" ... written by sunandmusic
Effective, fast, accurate. Thanks very much for your help" ... written by druvina1973
Amazing reading!!" ... written by tasha_j
Used minimal tools, answered all questions, got to the root of the problem. friendly." ... written by becca2312
Amazing healer... honestly try him out you wont be disappointed" ... written by j
he is great he is fast he's accurate he's brilliant!!! hundred star tantra is soooo cute especially when he close his eyes" ... written by lilyui07
Amazing....Accurate! Will visit again!!!" ... written by Oceania36
What A Relief! Thank you. " ... written by iezra1984
Good" ... written by miami0203
Good" ... written by miami0203
He was awesome! readings about personalities were spot-on! he tells you the truth, which may not be what you want to hear, but it's the truth, and i appreciate that. this was a great experience. now i just need to make some money so i can come talk to him again!! Thank you Tantra!" ... written by kaysies
Good" ... written by miami0203
Good" ... written by miami0203
Great, thank you. Very quick to tune in, very definite in answers to specific questions. great" ... written by zebedeee39
Tantra is awesome!! He was on point and really clarified things for me. He is a genuine person and this comes accross in his reading. I have added him to my favorites and you should too!!" ... written by del7575
Tantra this was my first chat reading here in Oranum and I just trust you so much!! Tantra could see things in his reading he could have not knowed because I didn't told him :) Really amazing! Gob Bledd You!!" ... written by Phoenix79
Wonderful! Right on point!" ... written by ashleymanic1
Great guy, Always there when you need him." ... written by menutnoel
Awesome! So Damn True........I wish I had more money, I could listen to Tantra for hours! I can't wait to see when the predictions come true." ... written by Uvrs53
He was very pleased with your reading. it was truly a pleasure to know that you was able to communicate with him on my web. he said he will consult with you again, soon. he truen information and it blew him away. " ... written by patricia47
Great! " ... written by farzanasilly
Tantra is so quick and honest...thank you for your honesty " ... written by frustrated67
Thanks again !!!" ... written by bebe810
He is caring and understanding and tells you the truth." ... written by donna_283
Good predictions waiting to happen" ... written by acealways
He gave me a great reading and he made me feel confident" ... written by mzjai26
Fabulous " ... written by druvina1973
Amazing as always" ... written by j
Quick and straight to the point. Hope prediction comes true, felt like it will." ... written by Tabethe
EXCELLENT connection!!! I will be back! :)" ... written by Summer84
Amazing reader :) He's given some sound clarity that was much needed in time of trouble :) I highly recommend him! Blessings :)" ... written by manijhe
Great.excellent " ... written by druvina1973
He is great, honest, and very polite. Best of all accurate" ... written by kadijatukanu
Great gentleman, he speaks with the truth, highly recomended" ... written by menutnoel
Very truthful...and accurate... THank you" ... written by veezee
Thank you Tantra, i will see if your predictions come true. Thanks for your time and very hard work!" ... written by AppleBite707
It was my first reading with Tantra and I really hope his predictions come true.. You can be sure that I will be back. He is very sweet, caring and honest. I recommend a private reading with him:)" ... written by LoveElly
His readings are very accurate, I've already seen things happening on the next day after having a reading with him. Very good...very good!" ... written by LiAlexa
Happy and I believe about all what he says." ... written by sosa12
The most accurate reading I ever had on oranum. In free chat , He is able to tell me about him and when i go private with him , he revealed even more of him . I am really impressed. All he say of him is true and very exact! He is my favourite now! " ... written by reicaa
Amazing reading. Took about ten or fifteen minutes but everything sounded legitimate. Will return within the time frame I was told and update with tantrapsychic. " ... written by ChrJohns8792
Wow this man is quick and amazing." ... written by mimatisse
Thank you so much!!!! Everything is happening in the way he told me. HIS PREDICTIONS REGARDING MY JOB HAVE CAME TRUE!!! He always stick to his words and never give false hopes. I don't have words to describe his psychic abilities, He is just awesome!!! " ... written by roopkaur87
He's always right!! HIS PREDICATION ABOUT MY JOB CAME TRUE!! EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN THE WAY HE TOLD ME!! he is such a great help and he is such a great person too!!! Thank you :)" ... written by roopkaur87
Excellant reading always accurate and all he predict come true. Be faith in his reading. I give him hundred stars." ... written by nancy11
Great, great, great. second reading with him and I love it he is very accurate." ... written by godess01
Great, precise, and so polite. I really like this young man. I think he is up for great things! Try him!" ... written by Uvrs53
WOW! What can I say?! I was so pleased with my reading and couldn't have felt any better, There has been massive improvements since my first reading. I would 110% recommend a private read with TantraPsychic! :D" ... written by Lost187
Excellent!!!!!!! " ... written by Dymples2
Thanks hope what you see comes true i will come for update for sure thanks again" ... written by serinaserina
WOW...INCREDIBLE!!!!" ... written by lila88
Very sweet individual helps a lot....... Well return " ... written by 77different
Great reading, thank you! highly recommended!" ... written by robinmoon
It was wonderful, he helped me so so much, i needed some answers and i got them, i'll be back. love you tantra xxxx" ... written by branigan11
Accurate. effective" ... written by druvina1973
He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just plain right awesome! I believe what he said. and it makes total sense. His predictions came true previously so I am sure they will come true in the future also. Love you tantra!" ... written by sandalgr8
Tantra just did reading for me, I asked about the grant i had applied for and he said yes i would get it. Very good cards that indicated success. His predictions always come true as i have seen from other clients that have testified to that. He told me time frame and said to start planning for business opportunities." ... written by fiberartist
Good." ... written by alondra1991
Tantra is great!" ... written by jaiyakali
He knows he loves me! " ... written by reicaa
Very great" ... written by anwarismaili
Thanks so much, i will be back what is gonna happen ....thanks for advice" ... written by sabinaa
He is the real deal, he is veryyyy fasttt. I love this man, I will come again to him. He will be my permanent favourite psychic. 5 star." ... written by arthur170684
I think he is very humble, he takes good care, just like my father." ... written by redlily
Spot on. Thank you for your help :)" ... written by Esmilodon05
Good. Thank you!" ... written by smiley2011
I spoke with him concerning an update and he relayed very important information. Will wait to see if it all comes true. Very outstanding and honest reading." ... written by rdwarren
Very good one. I like him a lot" ... written by sheriniebeanie12
BEST " ... written by saralee3434
Tantra is a reader but he also makes you feel like he's a good friend you can trust with guidance and truthful answers. I highly recommend him :)" ... written by vanessa
Whatever he said has come true till now. I trust him, he definitely helps me a lot. And I'm going to keep visiting him." ... written by Chandni18
Even though it is not what I wanted to hear, it was what I suspected and Tantra has no problem with being straightforward. He will tell you the truth, no matter what. This is the real deal." ... written by Uvrs53
Great and understanding as always! I will be back to update." ... written by mini1214
Was happy to go over his notes for his first reading for me..... So polite... And considerate. I love this young man...." ... written by Uvrs53
Straight to the point and real. Enjoyed the reading very much, positive." ... written by madame1
So sweet!" ... written by karolinkush
Very accurate !!!" ... written by 77different
Tantra did such a great job with my reading. He gave me hope and peacefulness. I want to thank him so much for helping me find answers to my questions. You are a blessing and I'm thankful I had the chance to have you do my reading.. it was an honor having you as my reader. As I saw and people have said you are top notch accurate! Thank you so much tantra as I will finally sleep in peace. THANK YOU. I cant seem to express it enough! :::))))))" ... written by Bella4538
I adooore Tantra, he is so good, nice and patient and sooo professional. " ... written by mimatisse
The experience I've achieved with him was amazing. I felt his presence as he very strongly connected to me and introduced me to my spirit guides (guardian angels). He is truly gifted and blessed, and strongly recommend him." ... written by Mordillo98
He is great, honest, and very polite, EXCELLENT connection! Hope prediction comes true =)" ... written by Beautiful84
Good!" ... written by missmoo
Great!" ... written by nawaaar
Thank you Tantra for helping me. You have given me relief. Very friendly, accurate and insightful. GOD BLESS!" ... written by sprunked
It was my first time speaking to Tantra and I must say he gave me a sense of hope. I felt extremely relaxed with a piece of mind. Thank you for putting my mind an ease. " ... written by faith81
He is just wonderful!" ... written by GenderGirl
He's really good.. got connection quickly.. will give you advice that you need and hear what he sees and not what you want to hear.. He gave me time frame and I'll wait for it to unfold.. I'll get back for an update after 5 days.. so i'll wait for that.. I'm sure going back for another reading.. try him guys.. don't miss what he can share to you.. . tnx tantra." ... written by shann3n
Once again what can I say?! Each time I come for an update it gets better and better :D Strongly Recommend!!!!!!" ... written by Lost187
Very honest and stays with his predictions. Waiting to see what happens in 2 months." ... written by rdwarren
He is very good." ... written by theodorab
Blessings to u...really amazing!!!" ... written by lila88
Good reading, will check back." ... written by duckkait
Awesome he is great!!!!!!" ... written by bflow1
As always, fantastic reading again....... Good advice and humorous. Thanks Tantra!!!!!!!" ... written by M123
Honest and positive. " ... written by SSK143
Awesome! " ... written by SSK143
Healing Session was great! Feel 100% better and less tense than before! Love it!!! :D" ... written by Lost187
Very good advice, thank you!" ... written by gnebee4
Readings are really fun with Tantra! Feel really comfortable and the advice given is always amazing :) " ... written by Lost187
Thanks for everything." ... written by menutnoel
Got a spiritual reading for the first time...interesting reading." ... written by MissCaro88
Tantra rocks! You must try a reading with him. I am always happier and feeling that I have a better understanding about things after chatting with him. " ... written by sparkly1
Just want to say thank you very much for the reading, you were amazing. " ... written by jaygaga2012
Great, as usual. many thanks!" ... written by robinmoon
As usual... AMAZING! The guidance given is always great! :D thankyou Tantra :)" ... written by Lost187
Had a second private with Tantra andamp;amp; all I got to say is I'm going back in a few days, he helps me tremendously. He is wonderful. BLESS YOU TANTRA XXXX" ... written by branigan11
I did a past life reading, and it was too amazing, it is unlike anything I have ever had, he basically described me now, but in my past life, he knew things only I know, i have bought readings before, but tantra is unlike anyone else. If you ever considered a reading, but was scared, try him first, you will love him. He is kind, and straight to the point. BLESSINGS. " ... written by matamarjorie1987
Accurate and effective" ... written by druvina1973
Excellent" ... written by druvina1973
He has predicted my outcomes correctly!!!! " ... written by miami0203
Gave me some hope and now i can calm down!!! " ... written by Sandi86
Amazing" ... written by druvina1973
Wow, he is so fast and connects really well. I didnt have to say anything except for my name. Amazing. Thanks a lot!" ... written by Pb
One of the best psychics I have talked to so far. I feel really enlightened and content. Speaking to him brings a peace to my heart. I look forward to consulting with him in the near future. If you're reading this right now and want a good reading or a healer, this is your man... Just don't think about it and do it! Thank you once again Tantra, you're the best. xox" ... written by SSK143
Tantra is always on target and I like to check in with him all the time to keep updated." ... written by Yoda1520
He is very good, he knows what he is talking about. Please do have a private with him. He is worth it." ... written by butterflywings10
Omg I got my second reading from him today and I must say he tells me the truth once again. He assured me and told me things that i knew and didnt know..Hes so amazing and if I was rich I would always take him in everyday for a private reading :) Yes he is ABSOLUTELY ACCURATE...YOu are missing out on such a great Psychic, TANTRA. Love You Tantra, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE READINGandamp;gt;andamp;gt;andamp;gt; he doesnt sugar coat and tells you the truth! absolutely love him! :::))))))) You wont regret! I promise! :))))" ... written by Bella4538
I really enjoyed his reading want to go back again and agian." ... written by wonderfulriggs
Amazing reader!!! " ... written by MermaidKisses
Amazing reading. He knew many informations I didn't tell him about it.You will not lose your time and money if you talk with great psychic as him." ... written by Ayshaue
I just had my first reading with Tantra and it was great. He was very informative about my situation and the future. I hope everything will come true. " ... written by Missleo
Always wonderful." ... written by dashley1958
Awsome.accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Cannot begin to explain how amazing Tantra is!! His predictions are spot on!! To the day he predicted I was going to recieve contact and what do you know I did!! AMAZINGG!!!!!!" ... written by disteva
Love talking to you, Wish I could speak for longer. Thanks for the reading again!! " ... written by jaygaga2012
Tantra was very helpful as usual, I feel better all ready, I know what i have to do now, It is very , very, important that i follow through with it. LOVE YOU TANTRA xxxx " ... written by branigan11
Tantra... What can I say.... Predictions coming true... Every darn one of them.... Little by little.... The key word is Patience.... I am Keeping the Faith. Tantra is one of a kind." ... written by Uvrs53
He was incredibly good. Just a name and a DOB and he told me everything about my situation. Didn't have much time but tuned in quickly and confirmed what others had said and I am absolutely satisfied with his future prediction. Such a calm and nice man, definitely marked as my favorite and will return for future readings. " ... written by angelloverose
Excellent" ... written by druvina1973
Effective.great" ... written by druvina1973
Interesting reading." ... written by fretan
You give me so much hope to fight on and believe in my destiny. Thank you and I keep coming to you for advice for the future. " ... written by faith81
Thank you for everything, especially all your help and guidance!!! :)" ... written by Lost187
Great reading for 2nd time. I love tantra reading very much. He give me the answers for which I asked him. Awesome." ... written by Ayshaue
Thanks a lot for the help!" ... written by eli2009
Some of the predictions that he predicted actually came true. I'm so excited to see how things unfold with the new predictions. He is accurate, and always advises you well, and straight to the point. He gives you time frames, which helps a lot. MUST TRY!!" ... written by swaimz
Great!" ... written by spiritflower79
I have had a very powerful andamp; important session again with Tantra. I will have more follow ups. He's a great help to me. Much Love Tantra xxxx Candace" ... written by branigan11
Hes an AWESOME psychic! One of the reasons why i keep getting my readings with him is bcus he doesnt sugar coate anything and id rather hear the truth then be told something just to satisfy me. THANK YOU SO MUCH TANTRA! ::))))) =D PsychicTANTRA-AWESOME !" ... written by Bella4538
:))" ... written by bebe810
I love Tantra!" ... written by godess01
Thank you Tantra! YOU ROCK!" ... written by Summaluv8
Great Reading! Tells you the truth! Tells you what he sees not what you want to hear!! Great Psychic and very accurate with the future readings! Everyone should have 1 reading with him! " ... written by meera830
Woah... right on! Great energy..." ... written by artiszan
Thank you for this honesty reading" ... written by anonymous
Very fast, honest, saved my credits" ... written by lisapatrick
Very good. i'm speechless. he's is right and he know what he's doing. Thank you. " ... written by vania15
Awesome and great." ... written by gem1974
I have had past and present readings, and he is excellent, he is 1000% recommended." ... written by matamarjorie1987
Always good and real!" ... written by sofiamoon123
Thanks! Awesome reading!I love tantra! x" ... written by loulourae
Amazing!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very good he new everthing. Highly recommend!" ... written by shanda1983
Tantra is wise beyond his years. Such a caring young man.Accurate readings and sound advice. Awesome!" ... written by Uvrs53
Amazing!!! First prediction of many has come true! :) Cannot wait for the rest! :)" ... written by Lost187
Amazzingg fellow! Accurate and to the point!" ... written by jade6996
He is fast and accurate... thanks for the update!!" ... written by Gm
The best on Oranum ever. Very accurate and positive." ... written by nancy11
Tantra goes beyond answering one simple question to clear your mind andamp; gives advice to achieve what you're looking for." ... written by bluetig
I needed Tantra again andamp; have faith in his abilities to help me, I'll be back again for sure, there is no doubt. THANK GOD FOR TANTRA - XXXX - LOVE, CANDACE." ... written by branigan11
I just love that Tantra. He is so helpful and practical. His readings are right on and I am waiting with great anticipation, the outcome.....He has given me my blueprint and it is up to me to follow the plan. Thank you Tantra!" ... written by Uvrs53
Great guidance! Exactly what I needed! :)" ... written by Lost187
Awesome was quick and straight forward. He caught my attention in the free chat room, when he pulled up a personality card. I greatly appreciate that he gets right into it and was very considerate about my credits. Thank you very much I will NOT REPEAT NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE HE IS SUPER AWESOME!!! " ... written by oreo978
He was very good!" ... written by tessag
Great!" ... written by redix55
Always great, as usual. I could feel his spell being cast on me to protect me from a bad energy entity as I am moving myself forward in my spiritual journey. He is truly gifted. I recommend him as your first choice." ... written by Mordillo98
Wonderful psychic!! i have faith in what he has foreseen, I will keep coming back!! :))" ... written by MermaidKisses
Thank you very much ,,, very helpful " ... written by hedy1234
I had an emotional emergency tonight and tantra was able to zero in on what was happening, talk me through, what to do, and what to expect. He made feel so much better and lighter. " ... written by michelelyn
He was right on time, everything he said was very true, I will wait and do what he said in that time frame." ... written by dottucker
Very Very very good! He just hit it on the head! I recommend him highly! " ... written by angelwhisper
Thank you!!! very nice!!!!" ... written by SAchickie
Clarity!!! Tantra is soo amazing with guidance and on how to approach a certain situation! :) Thank you!!!" ... written by Lost187
EVERYTHING HE SAID, HAD CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!" ... written by bebe810
Omg, he is great. No words. I am speachless. Wow." ... written by nancy11
Very positive reading." ... written by nancy11
Fast and direct. Good reading." ... written by tascott100
The best on this site!" ... written by faith81
Tantra has always been the best. Quick and Accurate! You always end up with a smile on your face no matter how bad your day is. He naturally cares on his clients and by that my trust remains 100% on him. Thanks a bunch Tantra!" ... written by lagreta79
Amazing Healing Session! Feel Really GOOD!! :)" ... written by Lost187
Thank you for your excellent guidance. Your the best:)" ... written by faith81
This young man is wise beyond his years. I can not get over his gifts. No one will be sorry that they have talked to Tantra, he is a positive force. He has won my loyalty as long as he is on this site. And if he ever leaves, I will have to hunt him down. LOL Truly, he is a gifted, caring and practical young man. Try him, you won't regret it." ... written by Uvrs53
I've had many sessions with tantra, and I have to keep coming back for more, I trust him completely -- ive tried other psychics out of curiousity but I have to still come back to tantra!" ... written by j
I love Tantra. He is so amazing and honest. He will tell you exactly what you need to hear rather than what you want, and will tell you what he sees for you and your future. Whether it's what you want, or don't want. " ... written by maeghanmae
He is very good!" ... written by florwer85
Connected with me really fast.. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Wonderful." ... written by kingpi
Once again Tantra has helped me with a problem, I will go back to him another day, I feel so much better. LOVE YOU TANTRA XXXX Your friend and client, Candace." ... written by branigan11
Thanks for the fast and accurate reading..." ... written by GT
Always great, as usual. I asked who my ArchAngel is and got his great connection while doing his session. Thank you so much and God bless." ... written by Mordillo98
Wonderful, precise and fast! Really a great Psychic!" ... written by angelwhisper
Thank you very much ,,, " ... written by hedy1234
Accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Great." ... written by druvina1973
Awsome. Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
Thank you very much for protetion. " ... written by hedy1234
He was very clear! I'm so excited for the future." ... written by Moonsign1982
He is fantastic his cord cutting is amazing!!! :) ask for it if you need it." ... written by bbdo1234
Thank you so much for all of your, help and I will do what you told me :)" ... written by Sandi86
He is awesome, you just cant use anyone else!!!" ... written by MALIHONEY
He's very insightful and tell's the TRUTH about the situation. I am very satisfied with this reading;)" ... written by Nicole86
Oh my God you were amazing and accurate, it so real, ran out of credit," ... written by santhia1989
He is awesome..!!! whatever he has told me has come true... and he always helps me relax and calm down..!! I'll keep coming back to him for help..!! thank you tantra.. :)" ... written by Chandni18
I hope things will be fine waithing for the prediction to come true." ... written by nancy11
Great. Very effective. Accurate." ... written by druvina1973
HE WAS GREAT BUT A LITTLE EXPENSIVE." ... written by preeti27
Thanks again!! wonderful." ... written by Leslie
Tantra helped me again,told me things i wanted to know andamp;amp; his healing sessions make me feel really good. THANK GOD FOR TANTRA- BLESS YOU XXXX" ... written by branigan11
He is excellent." ... written by angelwhisper
Very much on point and valuable information I received and he explained everything that's going on with me right at the moment. 5 stars for him." ... written by patricia47
Great stuff, gave me clarity, very kind too!" ... written by midnightdistract
My time ran out I'm sorry I have wait until Monday are until I get more funs for you help me more ." ... written by erinangel
He is the only real person on here that can physically help with what I need right now, thank you, god and I do have faith." ... written by erinangel
Amazing accuracy and wonderful man! A great reader!! He is just a true quality psychic! I am so blessed to know him!" ... written by angelwhisper
Awesome, accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Another awesome read. THANK YOU!" ... written by bebe810
Tantra is simply Amazing! Consistently receiving amazing advice and guidance on how to overcome specific obstacles in life! I 100% Recommend! :)" ... written by Lost187
A very confident reader! Much appreciated! Thanks! " ... written by rumi628
I will re-visit him in the future. Thank you." ... written by iamworthit
He is great..he is honest and tells you like it is" ... written by Jass7869
Great reading! Very nice and fun personality. :) " ... written by vocalmachine1
Loved the reading. it was lovely" ... written by Clarissaxx
Another great reading!!!!!!! Spot on and quick." ... written by Millie
My 3rd reading with tantra. He is amazing. I must talk with him about many problems and take advices to plan my future project. I were confused about 3 things he know directly which one of them I tend to it in the past. Thank you tantra. You are awesome." ... written by Ayshaue
Tantra is right to the point very good and answered you question and also tell you what he sees. I had for prediction came true for me very happy only one is giving me a little round around but I believe tantra give me the prediction for that one ,,wish I am waiting to happen big time I know I will ,,,I do recommend tantra to every one who is skeptical about this ,,you will change you mind. " ... written by sheskajefy1313
His gifts work wonders and I now trust him and god and his angels are working to help me. Thank you i'll be back with my questions ." ... written by erinangel
As Always... AMAZING!. :)" ... written by Lost187
Excellent!" ... written by druvina1973
Tantra is my best friend! Always amazing and always giving me wonderful advice and guidance! Like I always say you will be amazed! :)" ... written by Lost187
Mmm, what do I say? Well, you are the most wonderful psychic I ever see, thank you a lot , kiss, hug!" ... written by hedy1234
Thank you man for everything!" ... written by menutnoel
Accurate, excellent." ... written by druvina1973
Good!! " ... written by sudeepinfo
Good" ... written by sudeepinfo
VERY, VERY GOOD." ... written by LeKris22
Very good reading, cannot wait to see what happens." ... written by carmela01
Very good reading." ... written by nancy11
Thanks for karma TantraPsychic!!!! " ... written by kingpi
He was very intuitive and real." ... written by piscesmoonshine
He's been the best reader by far who can physically get all my question answered." ... written by erinangel
Tantra has removed the problem for me long ago, but I felt a bit depressed; low on energy, so I had another uplifting private with him. It works. GOD BLESS HIM-LOVE: CANDACE XXXX" ... written by branigan11
Very good, lovely, god bless him!" ... written by HOhooshmand
Very good, kind, nice!" ... written by HOhooshmand
Excellent, fast, honest, good!" ... written by HOhooshmand
Thank you very much!" ... written by hedy1234
Updates and questions... I have a million of them. Tantra always accommodates me and has great patience with me. I am grateful to him. " ... written by Uvrs53
Great!" ... written by datgurll87
Thank you! Was really good reading! x" ... written by loulourae
Thank you so much!!! You are amazing psychic :)" ... written by roop
Amazing reading. Spot on. " ... written by bridgette222
Accuracy to the detail. He is great." ... written by menutnoel
I feel like TantraPsychic is one of the best readers on here by far and he understands. God bless you." ... written by princesserin
Tantra is always consistent. Sometimes the hard thing is to wait, but he is steadfast and I have to be, too. Rome wasn't built in a day. LOL! Tantra gives you advice for the long haul, and I appreciate it. He is in effect holding my hand and an excellent coach. I don't know what I would do in this situation without him." ... written by Uvrs53
Another great session with Tantra. He is so honest, even when it isn't what you want to hear. But that is what I love about him! He is very kind and gracious. I can always count on Tantra. :)" ... written by babszolla
Excellent reading - much information along with timelines that seem realistic. I have taken notes and will see." ... written by twilsonone
Nice as always!" ... written by sunandmusic
Awesome reading from Tantra!! Will be exciting to see if his predictions come true :o))) Already in the reading a prediction was true that happened earlier in the day, talk about accurate!! Thank you, Tantra! :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
His Readings are the real deal, he says it like he sees it when he dose his card readings well see what happens again." ... written by princesserin
Fast accurate insightful good person, to the point. Can be very helpful." ... written by zimerili1
Great man." ... written by menutnoel
Goooood :) " ... written by sheriniebeanie12
He was excellent; I'll have to come back someday." ... written by beetlenut
As Ususal... Great Healing SessioN! :)" ... written by Lost187
Great guy.. Can't wait to see if his predictions come true!! Thank You Tantra." ... written by csleppy
Tantra said I would get contact on Saturday and lo and behold, I get a call at 12:30am on Saturday morning. I really didn't think the contact would come either and it did! Just like he said! ACCURATE!!! Thanks, Tantra love!" ... written by calibabe23
I was a fool to not have faith! But I really truly feel a connection with you! And I have faith in God and in you that my predictions will come true!! Thank you so much for everything and I do not know how to repay you!! :)) " ... written by Meera1989
Thank you again for your advice and accurate reading. Will come back again for my 3rd reading." ... written by iezra1984
Tantra is very special human being! He always will make you feel good. Always, have faith and he taught me that. " ... written by Meera1989
Excellent reading.. very detailed.. thank you tantra." ... written by kingpi
Thank you ,,,,love you kiss,,,,thank you for your healing " ... written by hedy1234
Seems accurate :)" ... written by Misspash
Did an amazing job and his predictions have never failed. THANK YOU so much Tantra!! You always seem to put a light at the end of the tunnel! Blessings to you :)))) " ... written by Veyron9
Great insight and direction with my situation thanks again Tantra!!:)Blessings" ... written by Ceeclouds77
Great reading!" ... written by mancrm
Awesome! " ... written by junior92
I just can't wait to see what the out come is going to be and what is going to happen in the next couple of months." ... written by princesserin
I needed a lift. Tantra always gives it to me. BLESS HIS BIG HEART XXXX" ... written by branigan11
His reading are real and what you see is what you get when you here it for him . He tells it like he sees well just see what happens in the next couple of months when it happens." ... written by princesserin
Tantra is a caring psychic with accurate predictions and advice! If you want to know about your relationship or how to mend if possible just ask him! He has all of the answers." ... written by vanessa
Excellent!" ... written by druvina1973
Superb!" ... written by druvina1973
Such a good energy picked up on things absolutely amazing!!!!" ... written by bella911912
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
The reading was very good. What he said would come to pass within three weeks concerning a love affair. Did within two. And it came right to my door." ... written by OranumTest
Great!" ... written by curious12no
Thank you for the reading! I just need to stop worrying and I know that my predictions will come true. I have faith in you! " ... written by Meera1989
He was spot on. Will come back to see the predictions." ... written by mossdevraj
Omg ! There is no psychic needed if there is tantra here ! He is alone best !!! And enough for alll ! I see him very spiritual and powerful ! There is no match with this man! If any one want to expirence real answer he is the best deal here. I am inspired by him, i felt his energy ! He is no joke ! And very fast ! Love you tantra ! I will soon come back for more reading." ... written by lover344
Tantra is really one of the best here. He sees things and his energy work really works.." ... written by Peter
I hate it when my times runs out always, lol. They should allow more time for helping." ... written by princesserin
He's very accurate with his predictions and his readings but go with your own heart and mind when pick someone to read for you, it's a feeling you have with certain people." ... written by princesserin
Again, his reading was accurate and his contact prediction came in the time frame he predicted. The man is really gifted! Thank you!" ... written by calibabe23
Thank you again!!" ... written by bridgette222
Excellent!" ... written by druvina1973
Accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
He is awesome! His predictions have come to pass me in the past. And I'm sure they will come to pass in the future as well!" ... written by amnarashid
You are amazing + fabulous... Thank you dear :)" ... written by lila88
Good reading, thx." ... written by mancrm
Great and effective. Very helpful." ... written by druvina1973
Tantra gives great updates. He is positive and gives great advice. I love talking to him. Please give him a try.... He can really soothe your worries and give you guidance about how to proceed for the future. Luv you Tantra!" ... written by Uvrs53
He is awesome!!!! Right on the money!!!!!! " ... written by twinkee344
If anyone ever needs a real psychic, Tantra is the one! He inspires me to continue moving forward and he truly is the greatest psychic! Thanks Tantra, my blessings go out to you and your family. Luv you. " ... written by Veyron9
Healing session. Very good.... Can feel already. Thanks, Tantra." ... written by Uvrs53
Amazing AMAZING! Talked to him for a good 40 minutes, he has the answers you need to now. He's very kind and sweet and will clarify any questions you may have. His answers to my questions were like puzzle pieces that perfectly fit together in the end. I love him!" ... written by girl from los angeles
Great reading, knew a lot about my situation's past. He gave me a time frame of 4-6 months for improvement, so now I just have to wait and see if he's right. (I'm sure he is.) :)" ... written by daniii43
YOU ARE AMAZING!!! :) xo" ... written by lila88
OMG! HIS PREDICTION CAME TRUE! But he calmed my nerves as well. Thank you so much! =) You are GREAT! God bless!" ... written by kingpi
Wow... I went back in for my spread after reading... Amazing I not enough to describe it! Thank you! :)" ... written by lila88
Very good and very accurate! Also very entertaining and personable. Enjoyable." ... written by rose423
Great reading, thank you!" ... written by junior92
I really dont know what I would do without Tantra! I feel like I would be so lost! He has helped me so much and is such a great soul! His predictions for me have came true and everyone should def have 1 reading with him!! :))) " ... written by Meera
Very helpful and empathetic to you situation. He gave some pretty descriptive predictions along with time frames. I will wait to see what happens! :) He is awesome! Thanks so much!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Very nice and perceptive!" ... written by Chorii
Omg !!!!! If you didnt take reading from tantra! you are unlucky!! You must try this psychic! I can assure that he is the only 1 real psychic in this website! God bless you!! 5 stars for you." ... written by peace147
Uplifting readings. Very helpful. " ... written by Hermit_Kurama
Tantra predicted my ex would contact me and he did!" ... written by nessa
Always true and honest!!! Thank you :)" ... written by misscanada
Tantra has never failed me each time I wanted clarity. He's been a blessing since the day I've found him here on Oranum. Thanks for being the best. I always look forward on his predictions as they always come true. " ... written by lagreta79
I had a nice reading from a lovely person. I think he is the only one who is telling me the truth about my situation. He gave me dates and tried to be very precise. I appreciate him very much. He is very serious and dedicated. Have a chat with him." ... written by lotussstar
THIS GUY IS TRUE!!!!!!!GOD GIFTED!!!!" ... written by mariah88
Tantra is so right about people intention around me is like he know them to he is great and curated, I love getting reading by him because he always say the true and I know is it thank you so much Tantra!" ... written by sheskajefy1313
Okay, so Tantra told me that the guy I am seeing will make it official before the weekend. It was suppose to be today Tantra said but it will definitely be before the weekend. It happened today! Just like Tantra said! The man is a GENIUS! Thanks for everything Tantra your so gifted and you share that special gift with us, thank you!!!!!!!!!" ... written by calibabe23
OMG is all I can say. He is the best. He knew about my situation and I didn't have to say anything. I will be coming back to him whenever I need clarity. You will not be disappointed!!! I will not be using anyone else except him.. " ... written by sophiec
Excellent!" ... written by vc1976
Tantra always has sound advice. I look to follow his advice and see results." ... written by Uvrs53
Very amazing and accurate as always!" ... written by nancy11
TantraPsychic you keep to make me feel secure in my life. Thank you so much!!!!!! Your the best!!!!" ... written by faith81
Tantra is wonderful spoke from the heart ...Gods gift to us...I pray all will come true. Thank you so much ...May gods words come through you!" ... written by cuddles1960
Wonderful man, thank you! So excited for future ...Can not come quick enough! Thank you!" ... written by cuddles1960
Another fantastic reading......... " ... written by Mil
He's quick and understanding in his readings. Put in a lot of detail within a short time frame. I hope his predictions come true :) " ... written by yvettepandora
Great! Will see if prediction come to pass ;-)" ... written by sunangel69
Good reading, enjoyed it!" ... written by funeagle
He is awesome, just go private with him." ... written by yasamananisi
Great reading !!!!!" ... written by LunaBear
A Very good reader..." ... written by rajat_2510
Thank you!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
NEED MORE TIME TO READ, VERY AMAZING READING, I CAN NOT STOP. Tantra is the best!" ... written by nancy11
OMG Amazing very positive reading I felt so blessed today. Tantra you are great I love your reading." ... written by nancy11
My reading today with Tantra was once again right on... My intuition about what has been going on was right and he confirmed it. He told me my person of interest does have feelings for me and he is not letting other people change his mind. Tantra told me what to do and expect. Another awesome reading by Tantra. You can't go wrong by having him read for you. He uses no tools just his guides. He is always RIGHT. I only let Tantra read for me. " ... written by fiberartist
Very fast and accurate reader! Very impressed a will definitely be back!" ... written by jazzyme
Another great reading from Tantra! I feel like he is a gift from God!! And has truly guided me in the right direction and has such a good heart! His predictions always come to pass! :D" ... written by Meera1989
Tantra is always there to give good, accurate advice when you need it!" ... written by vanessa
Very accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Very accurate and precise with the information he gives you." ... written by dabountychic119
GAVE GOOD INSIGHT, I'LL REWRITE IF IT CAME TRUE!" ... written by lostsoul84
AMAZING! VERY ACCURATE!" ... written by nancy11
SO NICE! STRAIGHT TO THE POINT!!!" ... written by jrrtoken
Tantra has never failed me once with his predictions. From the very beginning when I was chosen for a free demo, till the moment I was so low looking and searching for a job. He predicted that in 2-3 months I will get one, and so I waited and was becoming impatient so I went for another reading with him and he said you'll get a job soon and it's going to be unexpected. And yes, 3 days I got an unexpected call for a job interview. I got the job and I'm very thankful. Tantra is quick, accurate, needless to say, THE BEST! " ... written by lagreta79
The things that Trantra told me are all coming true, little by little. I am very excited and happy. Wow!" ... written by Uvrs53
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by dabountychic119
He is the real deal!!!!! You can trust what he says. He has great advice and insights!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
He gave awesome predictions I pray that it comes true, he says our lives are based on spirituality, hope it is sooner than predictions are told. Thank you so much for the reading, I will update." ... written by scorpionqueen
Tantra is AMAZING! Not only did he tell me the past, which was overwhelmingly accurate and I didn't even tell him anything which SURPRISED ME but told me about the current situation which I was also SHOCKED... I asked him about a guy who I haven’t talked to in months and he was able to read me the past so accurately without me telling him anything!! I was like WOW. And also told me about the current situation and yet again was amazed at how much he knows without me telling him anything..." ... written by Veyron9
Very informative." ... written by eware1978
Quick, and answers questions." ... written by 04apple
I am most grateful for the help he has given me. He has given me great insight to a very touching situation. Thank you so much! You are simply the best!" ... written by dabountychic119
He is so awesome. He is the greatest. He is well worth every penny and I mean it. Very accurate predictions and gave me confirmation." ... written by dabountychic119
Great reading... Two great predictions came true... One of them is about me getting in to school! :) He helps me in my decisions, very genuine! :)" ... written by HolstonJane
He is dead on loved, my reading, thank you, Tantra!" ... written by rissa21
Greattttt!!!!!!" ... written by Lost187
Tantra is so wonderful! He really has become a true friend to me and guided me through the hard times!! He always eases my mind :)) " ... written by Mira
Good man." ... written by arthur170684
Insightful and brings clarity to your concern and situation." ... written by Ceeclouds77
Very helpful and accurate! Gave detailed predictions and advice. He is so easy to talk to and seems to deeply understand your situation. Definitely give him a try! Thanks again Tanta! :)" ... written by lolagreen0684
Great Reading..... Tantra has a really positive energy, I hope his predictions come true." ... written by SarahRain
Had a reading with Tantra 3 months ago and everything he said came to pass. Will see how these predictions happen. Thank you!" ... written by angelloverose
Awesome!!!" ... written by anon
Thank you, I will be back in 5 days!" ... written by DUNNO85
Amazing reading, thanks so much! " ... written by Ppp
Thank you! :)" ... written by Lost187
He is truly the best...10 stars! So fast and accurate." ... written by kimmy33
THE BEST!!" ... written by svht
Straight to the point, insightful and informative." ... written by Ceeclouds77
Very good reading. Picked up my energy very fast." ... written by dimond110
Thanks for the reading, tantra was very insightful and helpful. I hope things happen the way it was said! Cheers." ... written by tootles83
I recommend Tantra!!! For any issue bothering you he has the answers." ... written by vanessailgms11
This was my second reading with Tantra and it was great. He predicted things for me in the first reading which came true. Hopefully his next prediction will come true very soon. Please try him you will not be disappointed." ... written by Missleo
He is an awesome guy..." ... written by purpleiris1215
Always honest and good!" ... written by bella911912
I have recently had three readings with Tantra to clear my house of a negative spirit. The difference is night and day compared to how it used to be. The presence of this spirit was ever present and I was always aware of it. Even at night, when I would sleep, I would be kept awake at night by this negative spirit. Every day I would battle with the negativity within my home and that was when I asked Tantra if he could help me. After our first cleansing, there was an immediate difference in the atmosphere of the house. It was like a weight being lifted from around my neck. Tantra is truly a talented psychic. I have consulted Tantra on many occasions in the past and he never falls short. He's definitely the best psychic I have ever consulted. " ... written by Hermit_Kurama
SUPER accurate - very unique reading. I will most definitely use him again. He's one of my top two readers ever. For sure." ... written by Jezzimo2013
Very positive and accurate as always." ... written by nancy11
Great! " ... written by Lost187
He's very inspirational and has helped me through out my journey. Thank you so much Tantra! :)" ... written by Veyron9
Good update from Tantra today. As always..." ... written by Uvrs53
Thank you very much! " ... written by hedy1234
I will try again. Thank you." ... written by hedy1234
Top notch!Answered all my questions in precise details! Amazing!!" ... written by Palomina
Thank you! :)" ... written by lila88
Awesome as always! Always spot on and accurate." ... written by pharmergirl9
Short, sweet and to the point. He's very quick and continually reaffirmed in his reading by my personal experience and what the cards say. He's great, highly recommended!" ... written by Erica89
Thank you for your reading. Very nice!" ... written by maxwellsmart66
Time ran out but thank you so so much! Amazing!" ... written by 003dncr
Just got a tune up from Tantra, which I very much needed, he's the best. MUCH LOVE- Candace" ... written by branigan11
My reading was fantastic. I feel light as if a burden has been lifted off of me. I highly recommend." ... written by dabountychic119
Thank you. I will be back in 5 days!" ... written by DUNNO85
The best! I trust him, and his honest. He will tell what it is, not what we would like to hear." ... written by ABA1221
Thank you for the insight...its very useful." ... written by rani4you
Wonderful reading, give him a try!" ... written by Aryastark
Good psychic!" ... written by gyro29
Amazing!!!!! Did my career reading and went very well let's see what happens." ... written by Cache23
I had a reading last week, part of the reading has come true about contact, will have to wait to see if the rest will." ... written by sissy2373
Tantra, is so great!! I got a protection spell, a healing and a reading!! He did it so fast! Everyone should really have a reading . He is so great! He is truly a friend for me and without him I would be so so lost!" ... written by ---
All he said came true for 100 percent I am amazed and shocked from this accurate reading. Very accurate!" ... written by nancy11
Seems very honest and genuine. I look forward to see if the prediction comes true. :)" ... written by sairaross
Tantra is the greatest on Oranum! All of his predictions have came true and he continues to guide me day by day! He is a true angel and that is why he is top rated! Just coming to his free chat makes me feel better!! You know that his visions are very powerful and if he sees it.. it will happen! :)" ... written by Meera1989
He gave me a reading for 12 months and it was very well thought. I like how he told me what to expect and how he advice me so that I can deal with any trouble that could appear. I really hope that his predictions come true. If they do, I will come on April and update for sure." ... written by glow71
Great as always!" ... written by loulourae
He told me the exact order events with my lover returning!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Everything he said, has come to be within the time frame he stated. It was so cool when he said that I was going to get a call, and what the caller was going to say; word by word. All predictions are coming true, all of them!" ... written by ABA1221
Wow!!!! This man is amazing!!! Such a sincere and positive reading! I'm absolutely amazed his with ability, and I can say that I have won a really good psychic for a long term! Can't wait for my next reading! Thank you so much!" ... written by tabatta68
Thank you so much Tantra you are good at what you do, thanks a million times." ... written by scorpionqueen
Amazing as always! :)" ... written by Lost187
Love him!!" ... written by loulourae
Follow-up on an older reading. Very quick and very detailed reader, thank you!" ... written by jazzyme
There is no room for another psychic on Oranum for me. No one can compare or is as accurate as Tantra. He is the only true psychic on Oranum and his predictions come true for his clients over and over again. His honesty, principals are of the highest level and he does not give false hope. He has my respect and the respect of all of his clients. Not only do we return time and time again, but his new list of clients grows each day. He is amazing and only uses his guides with no tools. If you want a true psychic that has your best interest at heart, I recommend Tantra and no one else." ... written by fiberartist
Simply amazing! I would use the best words to describe his readings." ... written by dabountychic119
Amazing! Very accurate and time frames given too. Everything he told me at my last reading has come to pass. Great guy!" ... written by oiseau67
1 WORD: LOVE HIM. HE IS FUN, DIRECT TO THE POINT, NICE, FEEL GREAT TALKING TO HIM, must try, thxsss" ... written by onlygal22
Exciting, will see and can't wait :) " ... written by headstrong24
He is very good and give good advice. He is very powerful and I believe in him." ... written by vasanta
Excellent Reader" ... written by Need2know5
As usual... Simply the best! " ... written by Lost187
I always go to Tantra for help. Bless you." ... written by branigan11
Great update and advice, Tantra. Your predictions and timelines are coming together. I am a happy camper!" ... written by Uvrs53
Very informative..thank you." ... written by MoHey79
Tantra is great, doesnt waste your time or money, very trustworthy and he will help in best way he can :) Thank you!" ... written by loulourae
Only can bring a peace of mind to my thought. Thank you again:)" ... written by faith81
Wonderful! Thankyou for your time! As i always say Tantra is the best! no time wasting and no false hopes!" ... written by Lost187
Very detailed reading! Thank you Tantra for all the insight and clarity! " ... written by heartnsoul
Wonderful insights fast and very helpful connected straight away. Will come back for updates in future. Thank you!" ... written by ikroyal
Amaziiiiiiiiiiiing thank you" ... written by swaimz
Good.. Wish I had more cash for more time.." ... written by sparkly1
Thank you, can't wait for sat" ... written by DUNNO85
Fantastic straight to the point reading. No time wasting and honest. " ... written by SheilaRoberto
Very good reading, as always. I love his readings, all the things he told me it is all accurate andamp; true." ... written by nancy11
Great reading! Thank you. Very helpful and informative. 5 star" ... written by myeyesee
What can be said other than total honesty, what it is." ... written by ABA1221
He is fast and good!" ... written by dimond110
Very quick and very sharp. He took the time to meditate and focus on the questions. His reading was different to a few other people. But I feel more certain about what he has said based on his details and the info he gave (some of which is already true based on what is going on now and I didn't share all the info with him). I am looking forward to coming back and updating him on the predictions.... Thank you my friend for helping me. " ... written by lisa m
Will be back!" ... written by pharmergirl9
Spot on, great insight, first time using this website will recommend to others. Great, fast and accurate info. Glad to know there are good people like TantraPsychic." ... written by BreeLouise8
You are the best!" ... written by ABA1221
Excellent Session! Thank you!" ... written by Lost187
Lovely Psychic, he is one of the best I know here...and his predictions are always going true." ... written by rajat_2510
Tantra you are not confuising ...life is..lol. Wonderful news to look forward to but its all about waiting ... I am patient so I hope all goes well with W.." ... written by cuddles1960
Tantra predicted I would meet my now ex boyfriend who I had an amazing relationship with and has recently predicted his return!! I highly recommend him for accuracy." ... written by vanessailgms11
Thanks!!" ... written by Meera1989
Thanks so much!! " ... written by Meera1989
Fabulous...nothing more to say. Worth every penny. Direct and to the point. Wow." ... written by Nicole212
Great. Amazing!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you! Just what I needed to hear. " ... written by dumplinl
I always enjoy talking to him. He is very straightforward and tells me honestly what he is seeing. I also appreciate his advice on how to move forward. He has been very accurate thus far. Thank you Tantra! :-)" ... written by rose423
Great job!" ... written by Zeigen
Excellllllent man!" ... written by purple20
Very good." ... written by dladie42
Tantra, you're amazing, you know exactly everything Amazing person...you're the best. 10000 star for you, thank you so much. " ... written by ladyqueen1212
Very good, put my mind at ease and given me hope :)" ... written by claire_1186
It's already given that tantra is the best. But what makes him stand out from the rest? I can no longer count how many readings I've had with him. That already speaks how a genius he is with his craft. He has guided me with the many issues in my life, he has given me healings at the time I needed it most. Career and love issues were only a few. The quality of his readings are never a question. He's humble enough to tell everyone that he's not 100% accurate nor perfect for nobody is, but for me he is because all of his predictions for me came true. He doesn't miss a single thing as he foresee things clearly. He need not to advertise himself actually, a true psychic never does. Whoever gets a private with him will never look for other psychics. You'll always keep coming back like I do. It's like getting a monthly check up from your best and trusted doctor. " ... written by lagreta79
Great and accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Awesome reading. He is highly recommended." ... written by Alexsheart
Simply amazing!" ... written by swaimz
GOOD READING!" ... written by nac021
2nd reading with Tantra. Gave very specific predictions about my love life and had absolute perfect insight into my current life (w/o me telling him). Will be back in future for another reading." ... written by StudentofLyfe
He is amazing!! One word!! " ... written by angelwhisper
He is simply amazing, and one of the very few talented psychics there is. Truly gifted by God with powers to help good people find their paths and seek justice in their life. A very descriptive comment/feedback/essay is coming up soon from me!!!" ... written by fedkills6060
Just had another reading with Tantra. Spoke only the truth, no sugar coating. Spoke to me while his guides were giving him the messages. I do not even bother having another psychic on oranum read for me. Worth every credit i spend" ... written by fiberartist
I was (and might still be) a skeptic in this sort of thing but TantraPsychic knew exactly what was on my mind without my having to tell him. I've been holding off on pursuing a huge change in my life and this reading gave me the confidence to take the jump." ... written by StudentofLyfe
This was my second reading with Tantra and it was amazing. He is unbelievable. Give him a try. You wont be disappointed. " ... written by Missleo
Awesome and powerful, my second reading with him, I await his predictions to come true!" ... written by gem1974
Accurate. Very good!" ... written by druvina1973
I sure hope he's right! I liked what he said, we will see!" ... written by lavenderlilly13
Phenomenal and on point with all his comments! Will definitely be coming back to him." ... written by rockii0413
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Very honest and direct. Does not candy coat things. He will answer whatever questions you bring. I am extremely impressed!" ... written by sunmoonchild
Good reading!" ... written by hedy1234
The greatest there is! Would 100% recommend! " ... written by Lost187
Great! :)" ... written by Lost187
Great!" ... written by druvina1973
Great. Very good!" ... written by druvina1973
Thanks!" ... written by someone
Thanks Tantra! You are the best! I see things coming together smoothly like you said! :) " ... written by Someone
Very nice!" ... written by cg3
Feeling down, need extra energy, come here and get it. It is helping. Get rid of negative energy. Getting postive energy, could feel it. I recomend him to anyone and every one who needs help. " ... written by PonnValli
Updates are amazing as usual!!! :)" ... written by Lost187
I always come to him when I need anything. He is the best and says the truth. Preach!" ... written by svt
Tantra is amazing! All of his predictions always come true :)" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very to the point, an honest and clear reader!" ... written by sarahjlk
AmazingAsUsual! :)" ... written by Lost187
Thank you." ... written by tara6208
Great Reading!" ... written by pisces305
Great reading." ... written by druvina1973
Excellent!" ... written by druvina1973
Superb!" ... written by druvina1973
Amazing, thank you tantra! Great session, will keep you updated :) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Definitely what I expected. Great reader! Will come back for feedbacks." ... written by m0nedabonita
Simply Amazing!!!!!! :) " ... written by Lost187
100% Helpful, look no further!" ... written by Lost187
Always the best!" ... written by skldj
Clear, concise answers! Good job!! " ... written by Zeigen
Got a full reading from Tantra, was great. He's the best! Much love, Candace " ... written by branigan11
AWEEEOMEEEE!!!! WOW! I am in tears!! Thank you for the positive outlook~" ... written by jazzyme
Tantra was very quick and straight to the point.Thank you, you have given me lots to think about and look forward to...highly recommend tantra!!" ... written by suzana01
Excellent! :)" ... written by Lost187
He has an amazing gift, truly connected with me, and fast typer!!! clearly showed the paths available for me to take, thank you for such honest insight!" ... written by prinsol12
Great! " ... written by Lost187
Always worth the time and money.. Thank you for the insight!" ... written by jazzyme
The Best Psychic by far, Very accurate, connected fast, great read? will defiantly keep in touch, thanks so much :)" ... written by cocolicious1
Great psychic and gives me great advice! Very accurate!" ... written by rose423
Amazing and always accurate!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Awesome Tantra thank you :)" ... written by Jodyleelee
Thank you amazing reading will definitely be back." ... written by vayunu
He is great and very accurate!" ... written by dabountychic119
Very Good." ... written by Goodheart123
Had another reading with Tantra, loved It like usual. MUCH-LOVE XXXX -Candace" ... written by branigan11
Great reading thank you." ... written by vocalmachine1
Thanks Tantra! Great Reading! Will be back in a week!" ... written by :)
Another Great session!" ... written by :)
He is good and knows what he is talking about. To the point." ... written by Jass7869
Excellent Astrology Report!! :)" ... written by Lost187
TantraPsychic is truly gifted. He connects directly to Spirit and can say what is going on in very practical terms. Very honest and supportive. I recommend him." ... written by talwingz
Great connection. I feel Tantra described the situation very well. Thank you for the reading :)" ... written by Flora
Tantra is awesome!!! Knew stuff I didn't say. If you're gonna get a reading, get it from him! :)" ... written by CesBean
Totally mindblowing and understanding, will have a reading again with him :) " ... written by Lilkittykins1983
Had a question for Tantra andamp; had it answered. Good like usual. MUCH-LOVE XXXX Candace" ... written by branigan11
Very helpful and effective, very accurate." ... written by druvina1973
His the best fast and accurate i truly believe in him there is no doubt ! very nice as well i will come back soon ;)" ... written by jasmina91
Great reading" ... written by rinisaharjo
Fast and good" ... written by iluvall
Predictions Happened!! this is my fourth reading and not the last. Will come back soon. Thank you " ... written by iezra1984
Amazing Astrology Session! Would 100% recommend! :)" ... written by Lost187
He is very accurate and quick. He also remembers well your situation from previous readings!" ... written by florwer85
Tantra was very helpful as always! Was able to answer my questions and give time frames. Thanks again!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Thank you for you time." ... written by HopiSunshine
Thanks again!" ... written by yasamananisi
Can't wait for predictions!!! " ... written by Summaluv8
Wow!!!! He is great, amazing, whatever he said was accurate and amazing! I will definitely come back!" ... written by meloye123
Very nice and kind. I hope your prediction comes true. Thank you very much!" ... written by DDDaniela
Always a pleasure, thank you so much!" ... written by ab
Few words to describe Tantra he is just amazing. I know in my heart that you are accurate and this will happen. Thank you so much. " ... written by mszkut29
Thanks for that I will come for update for sure." ... written by serinaserina
Awesome.. Thank you." ... written by lehua14
What an incredibly cool dude! :-) He confirmed things I already knew and the time line I am completely aware of! Good thing I have lots of patience! :-) Thank you Tantra, you Rock!" ... written by lisch12
Tantra is amazing! I am so glad I found him! He has helped me so much in my life! " ... written by someone
Everything Tantra has told me is coming to pass AND with the time frames that were predicted. He is really good...you must try him and trust him. Phew! It is such a relief to be able to trust and relax, knowing that Tantra has been on the job...YAY!" ... written by Uvrs53
100% amazing!" ... written by Lost187
Fast, accurate and honest. I enjoyed my reading, I'm looking forward to reading again with him" ... written by fhe825
Excellent! :)" ... written by Lost187
Good." ... written by XEXPRESS12
A good kind and honest psychic! when you need answers,count on tantraa :)" ... written by vanessailgms11
As usual, all i can say Tantra is the best psychic on Oranum! 100% recommended! " ... written by Lost187
Great update. Tantra is very precise and quick. So much information in a short period of time. Phew! It's a wild ride, but well worth it!" ... written by Uvrs53
Wow he was super fast!!!! i didn't have much credits but he did an awesome job at explaining and telling me what he saw in store for me he gave me a lot of hope about the future! i will be back for another reading! thank you Tantra!:)" ... written by marisduhh
Accurate, caring and amazing!" ... written by vanessailgms11
He is really great! Go talk to him!" ... written by pharmergirl9
YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by faith81
Great Update as usual! Quick Connection made, tantra has helped me so much and I am truly grateful. For anyone who is considering taking a private reading... I would 110% recommend you do so, just give it a try and you will be amazed! There is no harm in trying! If your looking for clarity like me, then TantraPsychic is the person to see :D " ... written by Lost187
He is funny and definitely has great answers to your questions. I am satisfied. Thank you!!! I'll come back for sure." ... written by blueberi
Wonderful man! Thank you" ... written by Mademoiselle1
TantraPsychic has been wonderfully patient and inspirational. He also gives me very good direction and advice." ... written by bnjpan
Always very genuine with his work! One of the real psychics here!" ... written by sungreen
Tantra gave a loving and genuine reading. A gifted, expressive, positive reader. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by Fulgur
Thanks again :) " ... written by Summaluv8
He is the only person on this site who actually remembers my situation when I came back for another reading. He remembered names and also has given me many confirmations. Tantra is the best on here hands down. Your money will not be wasted! He is truly the real deal!" ... written by dabountychic119
Pretty amazing! Very accurate on the present situation. He made me feel better and more secure in what's to come. I am hopeful. I have to wait a while before I can return and report, but judging by his accuracy with other clients, I can expect some positive changes coming up. " ... written by twizzles
Thank you tantra such a nice person to talk to. Good reading!" ... written by HeartOfsilver
I absolutely love Tantra. He is truly one of the best on here and the first person I come to for reassurance. Never a waste of money and always right. He knows things you wouldn't even know and it's amazing." ... written by arp
We spoke a lot in the future tense. Whatever present material was provided was correct." ... written by Enkori
Amazing and friendly!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Excellent reading as always i will give him 100 stars" ... written by nancy11
I had a very difficult question to ask and it brought me to tears hoping he would have answers for me. So thankful. " ... written by advocate99
He is so detailed and accurate! I hope his predictions come true!" ... written by fairmemories
Thank you!" ... written by hedy1234
Tantra is amazing. I truly believe his predictions. He is honest and quick. I will never trust another's predictions like I trust his. He is the best." ... written by sunmoonchild
Caring, accurate, reliable and spot on time frames!" ... written by vanessailgms11
So accurate, detailed and amazing! I wish I had more time with him!!" ... written by fairmemories
He is just wonderful, second reading with him and I am impressed beyond everyone's imagination " ... written by mszkut29
Truly amazing... Has been accurate in every reading!!" ... written by disteva
Reflects my current situation..." ... written by KS1986
Great reading... Fast and to the point!" ... written by gemmie
I have been to many psychics in person and no one has been able to be so in tune to my spirit as Tantra. He is amazing!!! His predictions are accurate and timely! Recently, his predictions about my life have come true. I have counted 5 so far and can't wait for the predictions he gave me for the new year to come to pass! If you want to have an accurate, no-holds-barred, honest and true reading then you should look no further than to have Tantra do your reading. He is accurate!!!! Don't waste your time and your hard earned money on someone that says they are accurate, but your faith and your time into this one TRULY accurate psychic!" ... written by twinkee344
Great reading rite on tatget as expected i will come back" ... written by sherri1010
He is always the best he knows what he is talking accurate " ... written by meloye123
What a sincere, kind, old soul. Very Fast and very concise. Very wise as well. 6 star" ... written by Questionlove2
Well he made great predictions and he seemed like he was accurate we connected real quick as well " ... written by britney23
Wow! He could accurately guess kinds of things happening around me. He is also nice, he really help people with golden heart. I feel good and released after he protect me from danger. LIKE." ... written by blueberi
This man predicted that I'd reconnect with the love of my life, and it came true! When others said I'd never get my lover back, Tantra didn't doubt his sweet return. Amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
Always accurate and kind." ... written by talwingz
Absolutely amazing. I have no words to express how brilliant. Clear, concise, quick and awesome. I will follow advise and I am sure it will work out." ... written by donald2013
Fast, accurate....detailed!! I was told things I didn't expect nor asked about. And there is no doubt in me that I was being told the truth. I will be here next time with my comment starting like this: It came truth! :) Try for yourself and will not regret." ... written by Zuzana
Very very very strong connection!! I felt very comfortable talking to him. I have a strong feeling his predictions will come to pass. Thanks again." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Excellent! " ... written by Lost187
Great reading ....Tantra gives predictions and advice....Very helpful." ... written by SarahRain
I have had 2 readings with him and so far he was dead on in his predictions. He even quoted my boyfriend verbatim without me giving much details so I know he is a truly gifted psychic. Had another reading today with very positive outcomes that I am looking forward to coming true and will definitely post more with updates! He is an incredibly genuine person as well, and I always enjoy my sessions. Thank you!" ... written by sairaross
Tantra is a caring, honest psychic with no lies and accurate readings! I highly recommend him." ... written by vanessailgms11
Accurate, detailed and quick in private. He makes me feel better about the situation and definitely will look forward to his predictions." ... written by fairmemories
Love Tantra! The best, accurate, 100% dead on." ... written by ab
Excellent!" ... written by rainosue1
Great guy and awesome reading." ... written by Alexsheart
Tantra is a genuine psychic. His predictions only happen... Negative or positive... He is a real deal... I love this guy! One of the best out here!" ... written by angelwhisper
Tantra is RIGHT ON once again! Very honest and helpful. Great insight! Feel so much better after this reading. Will definitely come back. Thank you, Tantra! :) " ... written by CesBean
Picked up quickly and was very on-track. Would come back!!! :)" ... written by laughinglight67
A very good reading, very detailed with time frames on all subjects. Fast reader. Thank you!" ... written by surfas
Thank you Tantra!! He is amazing, love his healing sessions. I feel high as a kite! :) Haha!! I'm looking forward to the spirit guide reading!! :)) xx" ... written by Jodyleelee
Wonderful... Brilliant." ... written by kookatron1886
I'm speechless... He's amazing!" ... written by swaimz
All I can say is WOW!!" ... written by lillady8701
Outstanding as usual..." ... written by donald2013
Kind soul, tank you for all your predictions." ... written by MjOcho
Extremely nice, very very friendly, honest answers, a really trustworthy person, I believe what he said will come true, he is a god believer and that matters to me. This is the best psychic on this website." ... written by valnaz86
Amazing reading, very helpful and accurate, He is great among all of the readers, I have so many experiences form his readings that came true, please use this psychic more often, you will be very happy, I will give him 10000000000 stars." ... written by nancy11
Very interesting!" ... written by suny2020
Always very amazing reading, I felt good after every reading great." ... written by nancy11
Very quick reader, and very detailed with his readings. This was my first time with Tantrapsychic and I have heard many good things. He connected very well and proved that he was making the connection. Thank you very much!" ... written by Penelope2
Thank you for your sessions tantra!" ... written by kingpi
Phenomenal. Right on target!" ... written by Alisoncomplete
Thanks. Fast connection, he knows what he is saying. So accurate, so true. Millions of thanks!" ... written by maryjoy88
Tantra is the real deal, one of the best on here. Won't waste your time and will give you the most accurate insight and clarification you will need." ... written by ab
Very quick and helpful." ... written by thingy1889
Very nice man , honestly he is lovely, extremely fast and very detailed ." ... written by victoria111
Absolutely amazing. One of the most amazing psychics here! His predictions were right and I can't wait for the next predictions to come true!" ... written by fairmemories
He is a positive guy...very calm and sure of his predictions... I will certainly be back." ... written by elledaly24
Tantra is incredible!! He is one of the best psychics on this site! His predictions for me have come true for me!! Everyone should have a reading with him because he is so kind hearted and professional! " ... written by :)
Enjoyed his reading! Felt he was honest, will keep you updated with the out come :) Thank you" ... written by cuteleo
Very accurate. Very good" ... written by druvina1973
Amazing!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Good readings and accurate predictions!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very helpful!" ... written by druvina1973
Very effective. Very accurate" ... written by druvina1973
Always accurate and loyal!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
He predicted I would pass my exam for real estate and I did! Great news! " ... written by halovm
Thank you for an excellent read! :)" ... written by Lost187
I've been a regular of Tantra's for a few weeks now... He has been spot on with his predictions and I look forward to the future he has told me about... It has been so exciting to live each day finding out if he is right or not and he has been!" ... written by sairaross
Amazing 10000000000000000 stars form me all the time he is the best than all." ... written by nancy11
Thank you very much "I will pray Shiva" ^_^" ... written by hedy1234
He is awesome, answers each question quickly and accurately....!!!!!!! Really supportive and would love to come back for the reading again....!!! " ... written by himanshu56soni
I am a regular client and can say that TantraPsychic is the real deal! 110% NO SUGARCOATING andamp; Predictions are always spot on! The help andamp; guidance I have received from Tantrapsychic is simply PRICELESS! I am very grateful and would recommend to anyone looking for help to approach Tantra and give him a try... You have nothing lose! :)" ... written by Lost187
Excellent!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Great update! Predictions have been consistent. I just know I'll be coming back in six weeks to say it all came true! :)" ... written by daniii43
Tantra is so good...so much information in a short time. He is compassionate and helpful. I am so reassured whenever I talk with him. Please try him. All of his predictions for me are coming true one by one. It is jaw-dropping amazing. You will not be dissatisfied." ... written by Uvrs53
Thanks so much again, just outstanding! " ... written by P
Great positie reading as always, for me he is the best" ... written by nancy11
Anything you wish for hes got the answer,just tell him your needs and he will help if it is for the highest good of all" ... written by vanessailgms11
Thanks tantra! =) appreciate your reading!!! great" ... written by kingpi
Tantra is great as always, he will give you clarity and the answers you need to point you in the right direction. He is fast and to the point and covers alot of info in a little time so don't be deterred by his price. It is well worth it! Thanks again Tantra!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Good prediction." ... written by acealways
He´s amazing!" ... written by vanessailgms11
His energy work does miracles! " ... written by vanessailgms11
Tantra always knows everything. You will be amazed by his readings. He is the real deal." ... written by ab
Excellent" ... written by druvina1973
Where's the love button. He is the absolute best on here!!" ... written by dabountychic119
Tantra! has a wonderful gift of healing!!!! he is amazing! " ... written by twinkee344
Excellent reading as always. His predictions always come true even when they are not necessarily what I want to hear. Thanks!" ... written by rose423
Your prediction was right from you previous reading you did last year, thank you so much. " ... written by plough_1
Tantra is truthful! He predicted a new man will come in my life which he did, we parted ways and now he has predicted his return and it came true again!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Simply Amazing! :) As alway I will always 110% recommend TantraPyschic! He is the real deal! " ... written by Lost187
He gave me a straight answer which was great! Not sure if it will happen. It was very positive and I do hope it happens. We will wait and see!" ... written by jasminepapas
Great!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Great!" ... written by disteva
Tantra you are always spot on , love and light for you for all the help . I know that there is lots of people being thankful for what you did for them and how much you helped them and I am too." ... written by mszkut29
LOVELY,ACCURATE AND AMAZING!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Thank you Tantra you came highly reccomended... You described him and what he has told me he wants perfectly ... and I will keep you updated .. ty ty." ... written by beautifulmesss
Excellent." ... written by druvina1973
Another great reading! Thank you Tantra." ... written by SarahRain
Very nice reader. Lovely energy! He made a few predictions. I'll be back if it comes true. Fingers crossed!" ... written by rainbows8
He is very nice, quick and to the point. I hope that what he predicted comes true.. I will right back when it does." ... written by lanneice
His predictions came true! Should def give him a chance to help you with your situation :)" ... written by ceejox
Thanks again for great reading!" ... written by ceejox
Very fun reading! Also accurate!" ... written by mpm9177
Didn't have enough credits so quick readings with him was very uplifting. Will be back when predictions happen. Highly recommended." ... written by Asha
Had an update reading... consistent and truthful, confirmed what I felt... still need to wait for what I want to happen! Thanks for the insight." ... written by KS1986
Thanks!" ... written by Twinheart
Thanks for the info man you did a good job I'll be back! " ... written by Dragonhorn66
TantraPsychic is absolutely phenomenal. " ... written by Alisoncomplete
Tantra was wonderful and accurate in his read for me. He was also fast. I am so looking forward to his predictions! I definitely recommend him." ... written by Brenda
When you visit Tantra in private you receive a calmness and tranquility that you will not find in other psychics. Believe me I have seen many of them. He truly, truly, truly wants to help you and guide you. He is a gifted psychic. I highly, highly, highly recommend him..." ... written by twinkee344
Tantra is very helpful and straighforward when answering your questions. He will help give you the answers to point you in the right direction. His price is well worth it, you get so much info in so little time! Thanks Tantra for everything, we'll talk soon :-)" ... written by lolagreen0684
2nd reading - he is da maaaan!" ... written by Sanna
No matter what the issue is, Tantra will be on point with it. His predictions come true, the guy I like that I discussed with him has started to become closer to me with progress and each time I talk to Tantra about the situations he tells me exactly what is going on without me telling him. He is one of the best on here and definitely the realest psychic ive ever talked to on any psychic related readings." ... written by ab
Thanks tantra...wonderful reading ..wonderful news to look forward to...God bless." ... written by cuddles1960
The Universe cooperates with Tantra. I have full trust in him..." ... written by Uvrs53
I am going to look forward to his predictions, just as they have come true before. Thank you dear." ... written by fairmemories
Very good!" ... written by mina10
I have had many readings with this Guy, He is very genuine, he never does sugar coating and so far they were good reading. I am just waiting for some of his predictions to come true.. So I will be back again. Thank you Man." ... written by MyLuvv
Gives a 110% - a wonderful spirit, very dedicated. Thank you!" ... written by sunshineroses
Thanks so much this has helped me." ... written by crispers
Tantra is always to the point and fast... Thanks again like always!" ... written by sunny53
Good God!!! Glorious, absolutely perfect!!!" ... written by Sanna
Thank you so much for the honest reading...we will see if it will come to pass." ... written by samanthamarie90
I've had quite a few readings with Tantra andamp;amp; they were right on like usual. " ... written by branigan11
His prediction came true... It was so unexpected.. And was in the same time frame as he had told.. Just that I got to know of it quite late..as in only now.. It means a lot because no prediction has ever come true for me no matter how big or small... And OMG what can I say about today's reading..exceptional..picked up something I was hiding ;) Must go and have a reading with him..price is high, but worth every single penny..thank you!!" ... written by niha
I was having a bad day and tantra calmed me down with his healing, his healings are amazing and if you have not tried it yet then it is highly recommended that you do!" ... written by ab
He was great! Quick and to the point, will visit again." ... written by gatomata
Tantra is so wonderful. He has incredible gifts. I would recommend him to anyone." ... written by sunmoonchild
Tantra always helps me and tells me the truth...He imparts hope. You have got to try him. He will not steer you wrong." ... written by Ruth
Great reader... I will be checking back in 2 months." ... written by sunnydeep
Great update today! Thank you! :)" ... written by daniii43
Loved the healing session like usual, was great. Much -Love- Candace xxxx" ... written by branigan11
Waiting for my predictions to come to pass I believe in him and I also trust him everything he said is very true. Can't wait to they come True! !" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Very straight to the point and one of the best I have seen. You will not regret it." ... written by vil
Very accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Thank you! Amazing as always! :)" ... written by Lost187
Tantra always has positive and accurate results! No mistake. He is a unique talent and a gift to us." ... written by Uvrs53
Thanks, he was wonderful and straight to the point, very specific which is what I wanted." ... written by Natasha
Thanks again tantra!" ... written by kingpi
Thanks tantra! =)) He is great! " ... written by kingpi
Tantra has wonderful healing powers. When I was lost and afraid, his healing made me feel more confident and not as lost. His predictions have come true. I personally just need to be more patient. As with everything else no one wants to wait, but when he tells you to wait, you should wait and it will come to pass. " ... written by Twinkee344
Thanks for you honest answer. I appreciate it." ... written by pammy13
Fabulous!!" ... written by disteva
Tantrapsychis is very truthful and very conscientious in contacting his guides. He is also very kind and thoughtful of his answers. If you ask him for specifics, he will give you specifics. HE IS VERY HELPFUL AND CARING." ... written by hamijetlobo
Tantra does such a wonderful job!!! I was stressed, angry, and anxious, his healing powers are amazing. I always feel so much better after the healing. He made my stress, my anger and my anxiousness disappear. He is awesome!!! I always feel so blessed that I have Tantra to help me through the most difficult times." ... written by twinkee344
Very accurate" ... written by druvina1973
He is by far the best! I may not always like what I hear but it's because he'll tell you exactly what it is, the truth and nothing else. But despite all those not so good straightforward and honest predictions, there's always a hope behind. He'll make rough things not so rough anymore. That's how I see tantra because I've been taking consult with tantra since I've discovered Oranum and he has not failed me... not even once. " ... written by lagreta79
Very good reading and very clear and honest, I recommend" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Thank you! This is my second reading! Excellent reading. Very accurate! " ... written by nkumar
Straight to the point and great insights into the heart of the matter. It was so correct! I will just wait for the dates to pass now and keep you posted. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you for the great reading!!! I strongly recommend a reading from him!" ... written by nkumar
Great update! Thank you, Tantra! :)" ... written by daniii43
Good as always!" ... written by vildonfoo
Great insight and very fast. Time will tell the accuracy, following which I'll revisit. :-) As of now I am happy. Thanks for everything Tantra." ... written by Joydipmit
GReat man I believe in him... alot of predictions come true!" ... written by kingpi
Thank you very much." ... written by crystalmaze
I repeat! Tantra is the best on Oranum! He is always accurate and all of his predictions for me has came true. I trust what he tells me because I have seen his predictions come true! He is simply the best!" ... written by dabountychic119
Very good as usual! His predictions are very accurate." ... written by rose423
Brilliant!" ... written by kookatron1886
Best psychic on the site!" ... written by kookatron1886
Always on point. :)" ... written by sairaross
Tantra is so very helpful and gives specific details on your situation. He will give you clarity and help you make the right decisions. Give him a chance, he is great!" ... written by lolagreen0684
Great reading, very straight and to the point. I am waiting for all his prediction to come true." ... written by nancy11
I took his advice and he gave me a prediction which should happen within the next few days! I'll be back to report the outcome. Thanks again, Tantra! :)" ... written by daniii43
Very good as always, very helpful, he gave me good positive feeling!" ... written by nancy11
I always get the maximum results with Tantra. All of his predictions have come true for me... not lie!! I think a person would be foolish not to try him, especially if they are really in need. Very polite, compassionate and accurate. I have great affection for him and am very grateful that he makes himself available to me." ... written by Uvrs53
Absolutely awesome!!!!" ... written by Nina_Lovely
This guy is totally totally awesome... Don't miss a reading from him. I am his regular and would say you every penny worth spending on this guy if you have any questions.." ... written by MyLuvv
Great!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very consistent and keeps to his original prediction! I cannot wait to things start happening and come back again." ... written by susanna
Excellent! personally I think he is the best on Oranum!" ... written by lonelybaby
AMAZING READING. It felt like I was constantly being blessed. THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL READING!" ... written by Kimberly
Happy with reading, we shall see..." ... written by stickytoffee
Amazing Healing Powers!!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Amazing!! Gave me peace of mind =) !! that is what I needed =) " ... written by Willem2003
He is the best!" ... written by vayunu
He good and quick and on the point... thank you." ... written by witchgoddess
Incredible" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very good! recommended" ... written by mina10
I wanted advice from tantra about a business i want to start and he gave me advice and everything he told me coincided with what i was thinking about this business. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Faye
Very pleasant, very fast, very thorough. Great advice, Honest!!!!" ... written by Michelle
He is amazing " ... written by marremah2014
Thank you Tantra!!! apppreciate your work as always!" ... written by kingpi
Great Reading! great advice! Read the people i mentioned right. Will be back." ... written by usvirk
What can i say? great!" ... written by twinkee344
Good as always! Predictions come true!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Very fast to connect and quite amazed!! Thanks for the details and can't wait for everything to start happening!!" ... written by shopgirl
Honest guy." ... written by elle11
Tantra is amazing.... I won't do a big step in my life without his guidance, especially since I am in such a delicate situation at this time that only he can provide the guidance that I need!! I trust him completely!!! " ... written by twinkee344
TantraPsychic is phenomenal. He knew information about my concerns and has given me excellent information and is truly blessed!" ... written by Alisoncomplete
Firm answer, and solution for me!" ... written by michelemeifunlee
Tantra is an amazing and gifted psychic. He predicted that I would hear from the love of my life in 2 weeks and it actually only took one! I have seen and felt all the positive results of his readings with me over the last 4 months. This is only one in a string of 6 predictions so far that he has given me. I honestly believe that he is the most talented and gifted man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting." ... written by twinkee344
5 star reading." ... written by shygal786
Thanks for the quick update! Appreciate it tantra!" ... written by kingpi
Amazing. straight to the point and clear. Worth money invested." ... written by jbox1348
Great reading!" ... written by JosephNaz
One of Tantra's predictions came true, unfortunately it was a negative one for someone I care about, but the good news is that he also predicted that things will work out within the next few months, and I believe that wholeheartedly. I'll return and report other predictions as they come true. Thanks again Tantra and God bless! :)" ... written by daniii43
Tantra is wonderful!!!! I don't feel that I could make it through the next phase without him!!" ... written by twinkee344
Amazing!" ... written by vanessailgms11
He is great!!!" ... written by yuriko22
Accurate." ... written by vanessailgms11
Accurate and amazing!!!" ... written by vanessailgms11
Awesome reading!!! The best!!" ... written by wendybb0880
Tantra amaze me every single time I do update with him. And makes me feel so much better about my situation. :)" ... written by mszkut29
Great Reader!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Awesome reader!! Thanks alot for accurate insight!!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Tantra's predictiions came true, the time-frame he provided was precise......Amazing reading as always. Thank you!" ... written by SarahRain
Love tantra, right on like usual. namaste xxxx" ... written by branigan11
Very good....awesome psychic....very sensitive and knowing....worth every dollar...helped me make right decision" ... written by richgirl64
Wonderful healing powers across the states!!!! I recently had a healing done for my niece and I am sure that Tantra's powers will help!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Thank you very much! :) will always keep the faith! :D " ... written by Lost187
Very quick, sweet man. Can't wait to see what happens." ... written by rosieRN
AMAZING!" ... written by NeedTruth2dayNow
Thank you, great man!!! =) " ... written by kingpi
Great as always, he tells you exactly what he sees whether it be good or bad. Thank you." ... written by lolagreen0684
Another great reading. I wish I had more credits for longer readings. Love andamp; Light!!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Excellent, very accurate!" ... written by druvina1973
Such a wonderful reading I can't wait to get things started and see all the predictions come true!!!" ... written by shopgirl
He is great... I will be back with updates... Thank you!!" ... written by timaga
He is a very good reader... He is spot on every time I take a pvt session... Highly recommended." ... written by MyLuvv
Watched a demo and had to come for a reading and I'm so glad that I did. Thanks and love and light to you, Tantra!" ... written by PurePurplePisces
Great!! " ... written by JosephNaz
Tantra has always been accurate! He's truly gifted and amazing!" ... written by fairmemories
All I wanna tell him... Thank you, thank you, thank you ... He really made me feel good in the conversation ... I am going with positive attitude and I will be back." ... written by rajat_2510
Said I'd get contact on Wednesday and I got it! Accurate!!! :) " ... written by Raya1010
My bf called just as predicted! Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Awesome reader!! Thanks a lot for your insight!! Very broke at the moment!! Will return when I can scrape through.. Blessings" ... written by Mysticmarzo
I have written many reviews before and this is one more." ... written by MyLuvv
Though it was hard to hear, it was the truth and I appreciate it!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by pinkbarbie85
Great reading, excited about time frames for things to happen and gave me some hope. Thank you Tantra!" ... written by Marialuis
Tantra's healing powers are miraculous!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
GREAT UPDATE! THANKS TANTRA" ... written by kingpi
Amazing... no words to describe it. He's very gifted, that's for sure. Helped me to speak with my parents who have been deceased for a couple of years, gave sound love-life advice and guidance, as well as career-path. I couldn't be more grateful. And to think... I was a skeptic a few years ago, hahahahahaha... boy was I wrong. He has changed the way I view the world, for the better. You can't put a price on the lessons you'll learn and the guidance you'll receive. I would recommend him to anyone that's looking for direction or clarity. 5 stars isn't enough... consider it 10 stars!" ... written by WutUpCuuuz
Great session with Tantra. He is my go-to man.....Love him." ... written by Uvrs53
Thank you :)" ... written by tara6208
Tantra is great! He is helpful and accurate AND compassionate. Who could ask for more?" ... written by uvrs53
Tantra is always best! he knows everything about the situation you tell him and picks up in an instant without you telling him. greatest readings always thus far." ... written by ab
So gratefully, he is very thorough and detailed with the situation and connects so quickly!!! " ... written by shopgirl
Tantra's predictions have been coming true for me one by one over the last 3 months. Down to the day...i keep looking forward to the future as i get updates and am excited for what life has in store for me! Even when things were looking down he noted positive changes that would be happening and they did. He is wonderful both as a psychic and a person. " ... written by sairaross
I enjoyed it very much and I think he is extremely on point. I will definitely come back for another session soon." ... written by Marta73
Another prediction came true..in the excat time frame..means a lot" ... written by nv
Tantra is very effective. He is thorough, kind and supportive. He get results and his predictions have come true for me and I value the insights that he has, his time frames and his advice." ... written by Uvrs53
WOW. Not sure what else to say - he left me speechless, I'm pretty sure that says it all! lol" ... written by Freedom2211
Outstanding" ... written by sumitstomars
Contact timeline accurate again! Said 4 days it came in 3... prob best I have found for timelines." ... written by Raya1010
Tantra takes every new reading I have with him to a whole other lever!!!" ... written by Susanna
His prediction for me happened, I got the job Tantra was telling me I'd get 4 months ago today. I got another reading from him today and did not disappoint. Thank you!" ... written by Thessa
There is no one like Tantra. Powerful, considerate, loving and always wanting the best for you. He will not let you down. I have complete confidence in him and his gifts. " ... written by Uvrs53
Great insights! can't wait for wish to come true.. thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
OMG, you're great!!" ... written by faith81
Very insightful as usual!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Absolutely amazing!" ... written by DeAnnaMarie318
Great reading as always. Very fast and accurate about recent events. I hope his predictions will come true? I will definitely come back soon." ... written by Missleo
Tantra is very good. He is always truthful and a friend." ... written by Uvrs53
Wow... Knew my situation right away with accuracy... Cleared all my questions that had me in a fog. Gave guidance and advice for my particular situation... Wish I had more time with him. He is very humble, caring, and respectful to your situation... I was sceptical at first and now I'm not... I will for sure come back again. Worth every penny. Thanks, Tantra!" ... written by donorak
Omg!!!" ... written by shopgirl
You are amazing Tantra!! Can't thanks you enough.. so many question.. I hope I didn't drain you!! :) Thanks once again!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
Amazing reading!! Thanks tantra!! I really appreciate it!!" ... written by Mysticmarzo
As always wonderful and to the point and thorough!!! blessings!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Just one word. Absolutely Amazing. He is spot on. Can you believe it he even predicted the exact salary about my new job. He asked me about how much I am expecting and then he predicted how much I will be offered and it came true. So no words from me and he is worth every penny. He is my favorite here on the site, so if you have a problem or question I would recommend tantra with out further thought." ... written by American_Eagle
Great as always." ... written by ceejox
Thankyou for an excellent reading! :)" ... written by Lost187
Oh my god. where do i even begin? first time i read with him was late last year and he told me he sees me being away from the guy i love for 6 months starting February. i was like andamp;quot;impossible!andamp;quot; but it happened with no control on my own! so here i am, 500 miles away from him. so i came back and asked about a specific person coming to visit and he said they wont come.. the whole time i thought they would because until today, they were but they cancelled LAST minute and ended up not coming. SHOCKED!!!!!! and he said that person would have to sacrifice something if they came and its true because if they came they would have had to give up an internship opportunity. he totally blew me away because all his predictions have come true! he made some more for me, which i will find out about soon so lets see how they go! i have no doubt about them though! tantra, you really blew me away! thank you so much :):) you're my new favorite!!" ... written by itsmonkey2
I'm not going to lie, when I hear spot on time-frame predictions I'm usually like "nah can't be possible!" but with him, it is possible!! He gave me a prediction of 22 days this past week that in 22 days I would hear about my job's outcome. I haven't heard YET BUT! the company called me in for another interview on 12th of April and said they would give my decision on the 17th of April of a yes or no. Guess what? 17th of April is EXACTLY 22 days from the day he predicted! COME ON!!!! And he said someone in this new company, a senior male figure would help me settle into this new place and assist me in every way even housing and my first thought was "how is that even possible. It's a new company" well I got a call from this guy who is my mom's friends son who is willing to help me out if I get the job AND works for this company AND is senior... shocked. Speechless. Stunned. Loving it. Thanks Tantra!" ... written by itsmonkey2
Brilliant reader!! Try tantra and you will not regret!! Clear accurate insights for your most important questions in life!! He is the real deal!! " ... written by Mysticmarzo
Enjoyed my reading with him yet again! He was right about my interview and says I will hear about my job within the next 3 weeks! Fingers crossed! He gave me a few other predictions as well close to now so I will update once those happen but like I said, I have no doubt they will! :) Thanks Tantra!!" ... written by itsmonkey2
Hope will come true." ... written by mszkut29
Do not mistrust what he says! He is the real thing... the best on this sight... even his time frames are accurate! Thank you for sharing your talent Tantra." ... written by vayunu
Thanks for the update, Tantra! God bless!" ... written by daniii43
He is the best on here!" ... written by dabountychic119
Prediction Came to Pass!!! He told me my bf would contact me in 5-6 weeks and he did!! I'm so happy that I listened to him and I can't wait until more comes to pass!!!! Thank you Tantra." ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Nice reading!" ... written by American_Eagle
Tantra is awesome!! Thank you." ... written by lolagreen0684
Thank you!" ... written by Lost187
Thank you for the updates!" ... written by Lost187
Fast, it was a quick read. Confirmed what others has told me, can't wait for the prediction to happen!" ... written by Keisha
Thank you Tantra. Your predictions always come true. You told me that I would get a job the second week of april 2013 and I just started work on Monday, april 8th. You told me love was coming my way and it came. You told me that I would not have to move and I didn't. You are very gifted and talented and I thank God for you and your gifts because they are truly blessings. You are hands down the best I've personally seen on oranum. If you want to test someone's abilities I challenge you to try Tantra. He is truly good and very accurate." ... written by DABOUNTYCHIC119
Tantra's timeframes are great! they are either spot on or within what he says... thank u for being so accurate :)" ... written by Raya1010
Great as always! " ... written by Raya1010
He is awesome! n my faith in him is increasing day by day..!! he always tells the truth and he is the only psychic I would ever trust. Thank you tantra! :)" ... written by Chandni18
After having a healing session with Tantra the headaches I've had over the last week have all but disappeared!! AMAZING!!!!!!! he is a gifted healer and has magnificent skills. I am in such awe of his powers. I am so very glad to call him a friend and confidant!!" ... written by twinkee344
Had to finish up.. thank you again " ... written by tdoublee
Very accurate and quick" ... written by tdoublee
Extremely gifted!" ... written by LeoRising88
Tantra is a loyal and very compassionate person. His predictions have come true for me and he works hard on my behalf. I am very grateful. Do not hesitate to try him... you will not be disappointed." ... written by uvrs53
Tantra is GREAT! You must try him to believe him. He is kind, and his predictions come true." ... written by Ruth
Very gifted. Very accurate." ... written by LeoRising88
He is great, honest and very quick, appreciate your help." ... written by Narmin_28
Tantra is perhaps the most talented psychic on Oranum and I know that so many others would stand behind me on this! Believe me when I say this man is not after your money, not even close! He truly cares and wants the best for all of his clients...So after patiently waiting and following Tantra's advice exactly, his predictions came true! He saw that someone I care about was having troubles with his job and I found out he was fired. I was worried he would have to leave the country, but Tantra assured me we wouldn't and sure enough the person found an internship. However, one of the most important predictions for me that came true was the contact! There was a little delay, but Tantra stood by his predictions and helped me to have faith until it finally happened! He has given more predictions for the coming months, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be coming back here to report that they have also come true! Thank you for your help Tantra! God bless you!" ... written by daniii43
always the best, accurate, no bs or stories made up, really accurate 1000 stars....you will not go to anyone else except Tantra once you try him. There are only 2 psychics on Oranum who I will ever go to for a reading and I have tried many many of them in the past. Tantra is really the best!!" ... written by Josephnaz
Thankyou :)" ... written by Lost187
as always tantra is right on point with his predictions... its exciting and almost scary!" ... written by sara
Great reading as usual!! Thank you!" ... written by kingpi
Really great reading, He seemed to know the situation, and was very clear with timelines of when this situation would change. I do hope he was right. " ... written by jen
Thanks, Tantra I appreciate all you said and I remain hopeful... Ty, hope your predictions come true!!" ... written by beautifulmesss
Great update! Thank you so much, Tantra! Wonderful as always! I will be coming back as things unfold over the next few months! :)" ... written by daniii43
Thank you, Tantra, appreciate your reading and update!!" ... written by kingpi
Thank you. You are very accurate and kind!!" ... written by francine
Very fast, good reading." ... written by newbie
Great person to talk to. Thank you so much for all your help!" ... written by aerie4
Tantra is really good with time frames and his feedback... Rcvd an update today and all remained the same... Thanks! Will come back once prediction happen." ... written by Keisha
Amazing. Thank you." ... written by Laura
Great reading. Looking forward to your predictions!" ... written by rose423
I am always amazed at how accurate Tantra is!!! He is an amazing person and has such a wonderful soul. His generosity of himself and his spirit is so uplifting. I trust him completely!" ... written by twinkee344
wow... Very fast... Seems accurate... Straightforward and gifted." ... written by Ann S
Everything he's said so far came true. Just came back for an update and he was as amazing as always. Thank you so much, Tantra, you never cease to blow my mind." ... written by imapeach3
Look forward to seeing how the predictions turn out!" ... written by LeoRising88
He was quick and amazing with details! He gave precise time of predictions, I'll just have to wait and see. I felt a connection, he's really great. Give him a try, its worth it. " ... written by Jhen
He is fast to read, fast to type. Very clear reading. I have to come back to review if the time flame will be collect. I enjoyed his reading!" ... written by psymeow
Awesome, even with the flu:)" ... written by suny
Great as always!" ... written by josephnaz
As always a great reading. The original predictions have not changed at all. Thanks, Tantra." ... written by jen
Tantra is quick and right on! He has been right on several occasions, five months down the road." ... written by bflow1
Tantra is always so clear and concise, quick to determine the issue and spot on information. I just love him... So easy to speak with and is able to touch and bring forth a solution like no one else! Thanks again for wonderful information. " ... written by babs
I trust him way too much. He has never been wrong." ... written by Chandni18
Since Tantra´s prediction came true, not long ago (contact from a specific person after long hiatus) I have no reason but to trust his insight and choose to read with him! When the next one comes to pass, I will surely leave another feedback :)" ... written by Susanna
Once again he predicted correctly for me." ... written by silvana
i didnt realize the time passing buy but he told me things that are going to happen in my future. Thanks" ... written by samantha tleiji
helped with clearing up what was going on. I hope I can come back and be one of those people who've had his predictions come true. thank you very much" ... written by kavintee
He is great! Has been accurate so far and is great to talk to!" ... written by florwer85
Tantra was great, gave good details and reassurance on the situation. He was able to answer all my questions and was spot on with what I was feeling. Will keep you updated, thanks again!" ... written by Lola
Previous prediction came true! :) Tantra is the best! " ... written by Lost187
I love talking with Tantra. I always feel so good. He actually cares and his energy work and healing really are effective. I never regret spending my time or my money on his advice. " ... written by uvrs53
I always ll come back to him, he gives me peace of mind!" ... written by Chandni18
Helped me out again! His first prediction has come forth now I have to see about this next prediction!" ... written by Tee
Tantra has many gifts to offer but the most amazing gift is his ability to connect with someone through his spirit guides. I always feel so connected to him. His healings are the most genuine form of his giving attitude. I have been a client of Tantra's for many months now and feel a positive and wonderful connection with him. 5 stars!!!" ... written by twinkee344
Thank you! Appreciate it." ... written by kingpi
Thank you tantra! Appreciate your work!" ... written by kingpi
Tantra is amazing as always!!! " ... written by twinkee344
Thank you for updates! " ... written by Lost187
He was very quick to pick-up on things. Very accurate." ... written by jb
Tantra's predictions are always accurate and clear. He also provides the most precise time-frames. Thank u Tantra! You've helped me alot." ... written by SarahRain
Pick up really quick on my issues. Thanks Tantra. Looking forward on speaking to you again for updates." ... written by jb
Great reading, Tantra! I am always more than satisfied with Tantra's readings. I have great trust in his wisdom." ... written by Ruth
Always very accurate and descriptive reading. can't wait to see what the next month brings!" ... written by sara
He is great, very clear and accurate! I highly recommend him." ... written by Flower85
I am going and wait and see how things go hopefully they will be all that he said it will be ." ... written by heather
Excellent Reader." ... written by need2know5
Quick and insightful reading." ... written by sara
Long wait , but worth the wait always..... Always quick, sharp and accurate and he genuinely cares .. He does... I trust his visions as they have always come true for me... Much blessing to him and his family..." ... written by NV
Thank you! I keeping coming back, because your great. I have faith in everything you said. And there also true. Super accurate readings, I will always keep coming back. Thank you!" ... written by shanil Kumar
He is very awesome. many stars. Looking forward for his predictions as all others said are very precise!" ... written by angelina
Thank you for your insights and instilling hope in me. I eagerly await for the predictions to come to pass." ... written by Mademoiselle1
Very helpful I have used him on other occasions...he has help a lot!" ... written by francine
He confirmed my feelings about someone and I enjoyed that so much he is good." ... written by britney
Great as always! Worth the time and money!" ... written by Lola
Amazing update! Tantra has given me so much hope for the future. To those trying to decide to have a reading with him, Tantra is my absolute first choice psychic! His predictions and timeframes have been on point for me. Tantra is a truly gifted and honest man. He admits that he is not perfect, but he will not let you down! :) Thanks for all your help, Tantra! God bless! " ... written by daniii43
Amazing in depth reading as always!!! " ... written by sara
brilliant always spot on." ... written by kola
Wonderful. I will come back am feeling much lighter. Thank you." ... written by RosieRN
Brilliant!" ... written by kokila
Thank you tantra. Thank you.. always been great as usual! =))" ... written by kingpi
He was pretty detailed with his responses, giving exact time frames and insight that I was not expecting. He came up with information that I did not tell him about. Upon watching his demo's he doesn't seem to sugar-coat anything and tells it like it is, so the positive feedback that I received, I believe to be 'as he saw it', rather than being what he thought I wanted to hear. I'm very happy with this reading which exceeded my expectations. :-)" ... written by JanelleBrew
Not finish.. Will see if all prediction will happen.. will keep you posted.." ... written by May
Very accurate and effective. Helpful." ... written by sadhana
Thank you Tantra! Another of your predictions came true! I hope more of your predictions will come true... Thanks a lot!!!" ... written by kingpi
Confirming and insightful!" ... written by sara
He is very talented in reading. Very insightful and accurate. I recommend Tantrapsychic." ... written by alteromonas
Great update, predictions are consistent. Still have to wait a while, 5-6 months, before the big prediction comes true, but I have faith in God and in Tantra that it will happen! :)" ... written by daniii43
Thanks you so much! You relieve my stress as always! " ... written by Chandni18
He is good..well connected..always give predictions to look forward too..will continue for reading with him..." ... written by May
Healing was good.. I hope you have a discount so it can be much longer... Thanks." ... written by May
Very good information. He has been very accurate for me in the past. I am hoping it continues!!" ... written by Julie
Brilliant" ... written by kola
The best of the best!!" ... written by josephnaz
Great job!" ... written by alt
Excellent! Thank you, I look forward to your prediction for me. :)" ... written by Jena
Very good - I will definitely come back if I need anything! Thanks." ... written by Jena
A very reassuring reading today :)" ... written by sara
He is true one and feels, all thing go as he predicts or sees before even for the future I would tell I believe and waiting to see this thing happen. Thanks so much. " ... written by ampily
Thanks so much Tantra! " ... written by SKYLIGHTNING
He is the bestest in the world. Honest and caring with accurate reading. He is Godsend, thank you so much. I am frugal as a person but I never think the money I spent on you is wasted." ... written by kookie1886
Brilliant as always. The only person i trust and have faith and has been accurate over and over again for me" ... written by Soniya
I sought Tantra's advice on my relationship problems and things seem to be working in my favor. Only time will tell if things work out, but I do have faith. Tantra has never been wrong with his predictions that he has given me." ... written by Truett
Thank you so much for your reading!" ... written by Sabina
Wonderful update as always, his predictions and spreads have been consistent since the end of last year! Usually, we talk about my love life, which he was been accurate about in the past but I also consulted with him about an internship today, and I am expecting a positive outcome now thanks to Tantra! :)" ... written by daniii43
I only have one word... Wonderful!" ... written by twinkee344
Thanks, Tantra! Appreciate it! " ... written by kingpi
Amazing is an understatement! He is the best! " ... written by soniya
Quick and insightful reading... as always. Tantra is the best!" ... written by sara
Excellent as always!!!" ... written by Josephnaz
Tantra is fantastic. Just amazing. I first had a reading when I was going through some difficult times trying to find a job. He doesn't sugarcoat things and gave me reassurance and gave me specific time frames and true to his word, I did get an offer when he said I would. I highly recommend Tantra to everyone." ... written by Johnny
This man is amazing! Connects really fast and is super accurate. Tells you details that prove he knows his stuff." ... written by Flower85
Absolutely great person and very professional!" ... written by ola
Please don't waste your time on other psychics, Tantra is THE ONLY real deal there is. Look at his reviews he is the only one where so many ppl say prediction came true... he is amazing!" ... written by soniya
Amazing!!! Tantra is worth every cent for his accurate reading!!! will go back to him always." ... written by dawn
Picked up really well on present situation, will wait for future predictions." ... written by smiley2011
Very precise update on previous reading and current situation." ... written by sara
Fantastic, just amazing. Thanks!" ... written by Johnny
Tantra is The best Psychic and trustworthy and honest with people, kind and caring this person who I want to have private readings with often! Thanks a lot!" ... written by Ampily
My follow up reading was awesome! He is very accurate!" ... written by DABOUNTYCHIC119
WOW again he always see the future or even help me to fix and make some thing better , real and the best one , I will coming back and join him again so soon! Thanks a lot Tantra :)" ... written by ampily
Love Tantra. The best ever! He will help, guide and comfort you the best possible. All his predictions have come true for me." ... written by ab
Amazing, amazing, amazing! My jaw literally dropped during this last reading. lol Tantra's predictions are always consistent and have come true for me several times. I cannot stress enough how gifted he is! You'd be a fool not to have a reading with him!" ... written by daniii43
You are amazing!" ... written by yuriko22
Tantra told me in 18 days you will get a call for a interview. I thought maybe around that time I will. But I got it on that exact date!!! Unbelievable! I had a problem with a supplier and he fixed it! I cant believe it, I think am dreaming. because I dream about not having these problems, but now there a reality!!!!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Straight to the point, no sugar coating. Enjoyed the reading with Tantra! " ... written by cobyangini
Great!" ... written by keish
I love tantra!!! He is so precise and accurate. More so than anyone else I've talked with." ... written by sara
Good reading. Gave me timelines, looking forward to seeing them unfold. Thanks, tantra!" ... written by juniperrr
He's very accurate and gives good timelines." ... written by Fair
Very great do not use any other use Tantra for all your problems he is the best. Very accurate and very truth all the time. What ever he said or told me all came true." ... written by nancy11
Tantrapsychic is a very good reader. He is fast and accurate. Love talking to him!!!!!!" ... written by roseandwine
I can hand on my heart say tantra has become a trusted friend whose predictions I know will come true (as they always have) and also his advice is amazing! " ... written by soniya
Only genuine psychic I know and I've been to way too many! " ... written by soniya
Why do I only go to Tantra, you ask? He does not doubt his predictions, regardless of what is going on in your life or what happens, he tells you how he really sees it. He is does not lecture or counsel you, he gives you the real deal with timelines. What and who can get better than that??? So far, all his predictions have come true and I'm waiting for the others. " ... written by JosephNaz
I really suggest you to take Tantra to Private, worth it, you won't regret it at all! :)" ... written by RedOranGe04
Tantra is super good in reading and very helpful. Thanks." ... written by alt
Thank you for being there for me when I need reassurance and advice. " ... written by J
Very good as usual." ... written by alt
Great update as always! The predictions are consistent as I had hoped! :)" ... written by daniii43
Thanks tantra! appreciate your help! " ... written by kingpi
I like the way he channels his energies, and gives fast answers. I have no real input, because it just happened. We shall see!" ... written by Emonpower
Thanks Tantra!" ... written by lovethesummer
Did a quick update hoping things come to pass with his predictions" ... written by Tee
Tantra is hands down the best psychic that I've ever heard about or spoken to. Just read his reviews! He has helped so many of us! Just about every time he's online, someone comes in to report a prediction coming true, and today, I was thrilled to be one of them!...I have pretty much lost count at this point how many of Tantra's predictions have come true for me! This time it was contact from someone who I was waiting to hear from for several weeks. Tantra also warned me that the person would be guarded and he was exactly right! He has made more predictions for me in the coming weeks and months, and I can't wait to see all of them unfold! :)" ... written by daniii43
Great." ... written by sadhana
Nice reading... " ... written by RyanBingham
Amazing." ... written by hn
AMAZING." ... written by H N
Great update! Every reading brings more and more clarity! Sometimes it's hard to get an exact timeframe because each of us has our own free will. Regardless, Tantra's predictions have come true several times for me, and there are more on the way. :)" ... written by daniii43
Very nice young man - got a bit confused re: reading - my predictions were not positive so I am sad. Oranum suggested him - but it was expensive!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Great as always!!! Just waiting for predictions to take place over the next few months..." ... written by keisha
Aways very great reading. Gave time the right direction and make me feel positive. I always listen tantra and do as he said ." ... written by nancy
Great Reading, thank you. :)" ... written by Spirit
Very forward told me exactly how it is" ... written by jul
Oh words are not enough to praise this man... ONLY and I repeat ONLY genuine psychic I have come across... No lies 110% truth even if its bad... Prediction after prediction have come true for me" ... written by Soniya
Great reading as always! " ... written by JosephNaz
AMAZING is an understatement." ... written by Soniya
Coolest reading ever.. He gave me dates and was so accurate!! You can literally feel his energy in the readings." ... written by Taylor
Simply amazing! been reading for him for quite a while now and he has definitely been right 99.99999% of the time. and the thing i love most is that he shows you that each decision change changes your entire future! i learned that the hard way! but the accuracy rate he has with me is amazing! all his predictions thus far have come true and timelines are usually 100% on the top if not 1-2 days here and there! i have more predictions coming up and have no doubt they will happen as well!! :) some details that he knows even i can't understand how but he does! not only is he a psychic reader for me but also an adviser for life! thanks tantra :)" ... written by monkeydoooo
Thank you for everything! Most Accurate reading I ever got!" ... written by Shanil . K
Amazing, helped out a lot, told me exactly what I needed to hear" ... written by j
lol haha Love Tantra!! He will work with you in a matter of seconds, literally!!!" ... written by Purp
Thanks for the update! Wonderful and consistent as always! :)" ... written by daniii43
I am one of Tantra's many returning satisfied clients. We keep coming back because his accuracy with his predictions are legendary." ... written by J
Good informative." ... written by Viv Violett
Straight to the point, supportive and informative :) Definitely recommend him!" ... written by jasmine
ALWAYS AWESOME!!! Blows my mind how much information he gives in such a short time." ... written by sara
Always a blessing !!" ... written by Purp
tantra has become not only my favourite and the only psychic i trust 110% BUT also such a valued and cherished friend... that says it all doesnt it people! dont waste your time and money on others you found the real deal right here... he is amazing! And more importantantly ridiculously accurate" ... written by soniya
I am a proud repeat customer. He is awesome. Everything he predicted for me has came to pass. I highly recommend. He is by far the best on here!" ... written by dabountychic119
Love Tantra! He is the best. He'll put your mind at ease and tell it to you straight. I have faith that the predictions and timelines he gave will come to pass just as he sees them. Thank you, Tantra, for being a comfort to me!" ... written by juniperrr
Great update! Thanks Tantra!" ... written by daniii43
My all time favorite... Love this guy! So genuine! " ... written by Soniya
Very specific andamp; direct. Appreciated the time Tantra took to look hard at my situation. Many thank yous for the energy it must have taken to determine what is going on. Please try him, he is good!" ... written by longlegs1112
One of Tantras predictions came true for me... Awesome, the best!" ... written by keisha
Excellent!! thaank you! Great and many predictions for me have come true! Wonderful guy! " ... written by kingpi
Had to have an update on my situation. I pray his predictions will come to pass!" ... written by Tee
Thanks Tantra! " ... written by kingpi
Great Reading as always with details and accuracy. Fully connected to my situation and energy without a doubt. Not everyone is really psychic.... This man is one of the few GREAT ones." ... written by JosephNaz
Tantra always answers all my questions - there is no confusion or guessing. He tells me exactly what he sees and when. Every reading is consistent with the last one. He is a true psychic... positive feedback is endless! " ... written by JosephNaz
Thank you Tantra!!! Wonderful person! Appreciate it! Many predictions come true! =)" ... written by kingpi
Tanta can always be counted on to give quick and amazing readings.... He helps with an array of topics and connects fast! I look forward to talking with him, he is always honest and right on point. You won't be disappointed getting a fantastic read with Tantra! Thanks so much. " ... written by babs
He is consistent, always in tune, always! And his predictions make a lot of sense." ... written by Susanna
I just love him, that it all." ... written by Ann
Thank you!! His predictions have always been came true for me , when I'm in bad situation or any problem i know where to come!! You are such a great helper and adviser. :) " ... written by roopkaur
Thank you for putting my mind at rest; you definitely confirmed what I suspected; interesting! Thank you so much!" ... written by longlegs1112
My go to man!!! My favorite, don't like taking too many steps until I consult with Tantra. he has given me great advice and so far one of his predictions have happened just waiting on the rest which will be days and some months away!" ... written by keisha
Excellent and perfect read! Detailed, professional, friendly, very spiritual and capable...and versatile..May God bless him." ... written by Globedove
Thanks for your help, Tantra! God bless!" ... written by daniii43
I am Tantra's biggest fan... Cause all his predictions have come true for me! All!!! :)" ... written by soniya
Great memory!" ... written by gdkdianne
Very great help!" ... written by atl
Amazing!" ... written by Soniya
Thank you for everything, Tantra!!" ... written by kingpi
I am very thankful to tantra for the reading he is the best." ... written by nancy
Excellent as always" ... written by Globedove
Awesome reader ... very detailed and knows what he's saying.. .I will await results of the predictions and post soon." ... written by bo pete
Thank you! Just a quick reading... you are excellent and fast Tantra!!! =)" ... written by kingpi
He was very accurate and I can't wait for his predictions to come." ... written by Fair
Very nice reading, I always feel very positive after tantra's reading." ... written by nancy
So thankful to you Tantra, without you there is no help." ... written by nancy
Tantra is really good he connected quickly. He was able to answer all my questions in a short time I can't wait to see how things work out for me. Amazing 5 stars all the way." ... written by Mechele
Very spot on again and very specific updated reading. Thank you." ... written by longlegs1112
Always a good reading and very accurate. I can always count on his predictions." ... written by rose423
Thank you so much, great reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by shanil kumar (Nkumar)
What i love about tantra is he shows you what he sees but also tells you what he thinks is best (i.e. dont do this cause it wont be good for you long term etc)... such a great friend! " ... written by soniya
Thank you Tantra! You are the best! Prediction came true. " ... written by knigpi
Excellent as always" ... written by globedove
Thank you Tantra!! Appreciate your work. Greats!" ... written by kingpi
Good reading! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann S
This is how you know Tantra is genuine. He doesn't make 100% guarantees. He is human at the end of the day and each of us has free will that can delay outcomes. Only one prediction has not come true in the timeline he specified but I still trust that it will come with God's timing. Thanks again, Tantra! :)" ... written by daniii43
Tantra is by far the best of the best! I don't like to make any big decisions without consulting with him first because whatever he tells you he sees - is the real thing. No doubts or guessing." ... written by JosephNaz
Amazing!!! He is just great!" ... written by sandra
TantricPsychic is very quick, honest, and compassionate. He seeks to help you obtain insight into your questions. He takes the work seriously. " ... written by Betsy McNair
Great Reading. True." ... written by Anant
Was my first session, Great personality! Know's what he is doing, Truly connected with me. : )" ... written by Anant
He is very kind, hope things will turn out as you predicted" ... written by asanka
I ONLY go to Tantra only person I have faith in 'cause his predictions always come true" ... written by Soniya
Wonderful reading! Only took a couple minutes and I got all of the answers I needed! Looking forward to the predictions happening as they have with so many others :) Thank you for your time." ... written by Lauren
Had follow up questions so we continued our private reading. Tantra was so specific in giving time frames. He's so compassionate and easy to talk to. I will definitely come back to you for any update or fresh testimony! Thanks Tantra!" ... written by steph
WOW!! I read all his positive and awesome reviews, so I was intrigued to try Tantra. The moment I stepped into his room, he offered me a free card. Out of my surprise, the card was representing a man - and I wanted to have a reading about a man! He then described the characteristics of the man which I can say 70-80% accurate. So we had a private reading with him... Outcomes are good. He's fast. I surely hope his predictions come to fruition. Thank you! " ... written by steph
Tantra has been accurate in the past and I don't doubt what he says. I know what he says will happen. He is worth going private!" ... written by Anon
No matter how big or small my worry is tantra always and i mean always manages to put my mind at ease... thank u for all your guidance." ... written by Soniya
You keep me sane, thank you thank you thank you i am sooooo glad i found you!" ... written by soniya
Got a good follow-up from Tantra. He soothes my confused spirit. I will see how the predictions pan out. They have in the past and I was elated and very satisfied." ... written by Uvrs53
Really great read!" ... written by Jacob
Thank you!" ... written by kingpi
Unbelievable healing session that was very relaxing. Thank you so much. Predictions for other things have been very accurate. Definitely knows what he is doing!" ... written by longlegs1112
Very specific. Cannot believe his accuracy. Have had several readings now and each one is just super. Thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Tantra told me I would get contact soon, within 3 hours...And I did!" ... written by Ann
Great update! Can't wait for predictions to happen." ... written by keisha
i have been coming for tantra for about 6 months. i would say all predictions have come true, with one being delayed a bit. but that was because of a mistake i made that he told me not to make! i didn't follow his advice, and after, i did and the problem sorted out. he has been on spot with timelines, and it happens exactly when he says they will. for me, career matters, he has been spot on to the exact date the call/email will come. with personal life, it was been +/- 2-3 days when the call came. he saw me moving before i even considered moving! there's so much that has come true and so much that i have learned from him. i am very grateful to have a guide as him in my life! don't just follow his predictions, follow his advice as well! it wlil be worth it :) thank you so much tantra! your gift is truly amazing!" ... written by monkeydoooo
Fantastic." ... written by petty
Very effective." ... written by sadhana
He was very good; amazing cant wait to all come true, He has been right so far, thanks tantra! amazing!" ... written by tyese
Thanks tantra. Always helpful and truthful." ... written by Purp
Wonderful always makes me relaxed." ... written by kokila
Thank you Tantra! Excellent and fast as usual! with many predictions coming true! appreciate your work." ... written by kingpi
He is good!" ... written by asanka
Told me something positive would happen in regards to a loved one in 18 hours and it did happen just as he said! " ... written by Soniya
Where do i begin? i have been reading with tantra for a while now and a few months ago, he made the prediction that i will get this particular job i applied for, move to a brand new city at the end of august and start a new career! at that time, i told him, if that happened, it would really be a dream come true! But i still didn't believe it, since it was my dream job in a dream city! but guess what? I heard about the acceptance about the job in the time period he told me (2-day period) and they asked me to move there 3rd week of august! And they offered me the title he told me they would! everything happened as he said, and as how he saw! and now, i can't believe with his guidance and predictions, i'm finally seeing my dream come true in front of my eyes!!! i never believed it to be honest! we tend not to when its something we really want but it happened and i couldn't be happier!! and it was all thanks to his support, his advice and his predictions. when he advises something, you HAVE to follow that advice! i made the mistake of not following it in the middle and messed up my prediction temporarily, then by following his advice again, the prediction got back on track exactly as he saw! he is truly the real deal! there is no doubt in my mind about that! have faith an believe in him! That's what i did and it has happened now :). He also told me the news of this job and move will make my ex very insecure and jealous of my new life.. and guess what? It did. I now have a clingy annoying ex who keeps asking me questions about my move! Exactly how he saw! This was just an added bonus :) Thank you so much tantra for everything!! I can't believe everything happened within the time frame you gave and saw months ago!! thank youuuuu :)" ... written by monkeydoooo
Great predictions all happens." ... written by wishingsmi
So happy with his predictions as they are coming true. Very precise and accurate so far. Thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Great update!" ... written by sara
1 by 1 i watch the predictions that Tantra gives unfold, even ones when he makes them which I thought impossible or didnt understand, they unfold and it all makes sense! .AMAZING would be an understatement for what this gentlemans skills are!" ... written by Soniya
Great reading." ... written by serbboy3
Thank you very much .This was extraordinary and thank you for all the insights." ... written by ARCHINOR
Very good very consistent as I had reading in march and today and same thighs he said. I don't know how many starts should I give you. May be more than million." ... written by monisha
2nd prediction happened, i was doubtful at first but the meeting did happen as tantra saw it!!!" ... written by kw
His previous prediction happened - as before - predicted contact, me traveling to see a friend - seemed impossible when he predicted it. Happened as he saw it and within a timeframe. So I came back to him to see what he can sense again. :) Tantra is wonderful." ... written by Sanna
Very good reading." ... written by GD
I don't know what i would do with out tantra! Thank you so much, its hard to find a real person like you, so close to god, to help us!" ... written by shanil kumar (Nkumar)
Thanks again Tantra for your help and knowledge that you always give me, see" ... written by branigan11
Awesome and wonderful reading. Don't doubt what he says. He is always truthful and spot on." ... written by NicholasCage
Tantra where do I start. This was a follow up reading. He predicted a reconciliation coming my way in March and he predicted it to the month. It happened just like he said it would. He is a blessing. Thanks for your help Tantra." ... written by dabountychic119
Very in depth reading about 2 different paths i could take... offered great advice for the future!" ... written by sara
Really specific, had to concentrate hard and focus was incredible, has always been accurate. " ... written by longlegs1112
Tantra did a black magic removal session for a loved one. Just after the first night the person was sleeping better, more hopeful and less anxious, more productive in work and life. Also, there was a pinkish color around the eyes that was now gone. All this time, we did not know what was wrong and why all these strange things were happening that were so out of the ordinary. Tantra's healing power and prayer resolved the issue before worst things happened. You know how many people are actually able to remove "Black magic" successfully?? Not very many. People may claim that they are able to, but it is a rare thing. Tantra does have this power and I am grateful for his help more than words can express. Thank you Tantra!!" ... written by JosephNaz
I want to add that after black magic removal session with Tantra - this person got the job that they were waiting for 4 months now - not only that but they received the highest grade position level which is rare to get before working in this field for some time. Plus, they received 2 calls for interviews and 1 other job that was applied for replied - ALL ON THE SAME DAY. This is within 1 week of the black magic removal that all of this happened. It cannot in any way be a coincidence because this person was unemployed for 8 months now with applying for multiple jobs and ZERO interviews or call backs except if they were declines. Everyone was shocked!!! I am very grateful to God first and then to Tantra. I thank God for giving Tantra special powers to help change peoples lives and destiny for the better. I thank him sincerely and pray that God helps him and his family in a time of need the way that he helped me and mine." ... written by JosephNaz
Thanks tantra! Good reading as usual! " ... written by sonji
He is very true all his predictions came true and waiting to come more to be fulfilled. He is a great reader." ... written by nancy11
Thank you Tantra! Appreciate your reading and excellent as usual!" ... written by kingpi
Great follow-up. Thanx Tantra!" ... written by uvrs53
Great as always. Prediction came true!" ... written by ceejox
I Recommend everyone to come and see tantra! I been to many, but no way does any of them compare with Tantra. He is but on another level!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you, Tantra, your the Best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Wow he is fast in answering your questions, don't waste time, told me great news and I will look forward to them, I know it will come true because other people had predictions come true or them a lot of people have so I know mine will, thank you, Tantra, I will come back again for updates!" ... written by Kathy
The Best!" ... written by shanil k
Always the best!!" ... written by ro
Five stars!" ... written by longlegs
Thank you! Great reading!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
I don't know what else to say but you are always by far the greatest and best psychic I know here in Oranum. That's how I trust Tantra will most of my decisions because his predictions are always true. " ... written by Lagreta
he was very accurate, thank you! 5 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
You are very helpful. Thank you." ... written by Shshi
he is amazing !!! Missed him... thank you so much, your predictions are always correct." ... written by vayunu
Always great" ... written by longlegs1110
Really good reading." ... written by Marco
He is amazing!! Very truthful!!" ... written by ashana
Great psychic!!! Thumbs Up!!! I recommend him...=)" ... written by Cat
Fantastic reading!!! Was spot on the details - can't wait for the predictions." ... written by Seeker1200
Tantra is great! He is the real thing and so comforting! So glad that he is back from his travels. He has walked me through my trials that last 12 months, held me up mentally and spiritually. I am so grateful that God has brought him into my life. Please try him. His ability is God-given." ... written by Uvrs53
I just had my update!!! Everything he predicted just happened... And I keep waiting for the coming predictions... Trust me... He has the gift... Predictions?? Yes, they will happen... Just wait... I don't know about other people, but they happened to me... Thanks, Tantra, it is always a pleasure!!" ... written by wendybb0880
Very deep connection - Thank you!" ... written by Jena
When me and my wife became desperate for help. In financial hardship, so many problems at home. I almost lost hope, just almost. " ... written by Shanil.K
Very accurate!" ... written by sadhana
Thank you Tantra for the great reading. You are but so accurate, and make me feel so much better, when I talk to you! Thanks!" ... written by Shanil.K
Always so accurate , thank you!" ... written by shanil K
AMAZING, lots of insight, very well connected. Hope his predictions come true." ... written by E
Wonderful first reading!! Thank you so much. Excellent and very gifted person. I'll look forward to connecting again. " ... written by lovewater
Fast, direct, good...as always 10 stars if possible! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
I am a long-time client of Tantra. All his predictions have come true one by one. He has helped me through my career choices to my academic choices. Tantra does not sugarcoat, he tells you as it is even if it is bad news or predictions you might not want to hear. Knowing his accuracy with past predictions I am able to plan ahead." ... written by JO
Great." ... written by KJ
Its so good to know a little bit, about my past, things like that cant be bought! It was priceless for me to know , what tantra told me. Thank you Tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Great, very caring. I really really hope the predictions come true even if just one of them. He treats each individual fully before moving onto to next client." ... written by Kelly
SO accurate, every single time I talk to tantra! Don't miss out! The best in Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Wow! I was completely amazed. TantraPsychic got right to the heart and I could see he put himself totally into the situation. I am very grateful for his help, empathy and for him. :) I highly recommend him. Thank you!" ... written by Amanda
Very good." ... written by matthew
Always good!" ... written by longlegs1112
He is really goooooood! :)" ... written by ashnnka
Truth hurts but can't wait for predictions :) Amazing reading" ... written by vivien
Tantra Psychic is very clear and concise. He can reach into the depths of subspace and get the right information for each situation." ... written by Betsy McNair
Tantra had removed a love magic which someone had put on my love one. I believe that this will help my bf from staying away from me. I am grateful to tantra, because I had many psychic helped but it did not work." ... written by Mai
Only one thing I can say without Tantra I wont be here today" ... written by nancy11
Thank you gave me confirmation in situation. Is good at connecting to situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Confidence, lots of confidence. My girlfriend has had black magic done on her. He gave me some predictions and lots of help. Im going to be proceeding with his help to remove black magic done on my girlfriend. " ... written by Supreet
Perfect outstanding" ... written by Dave
Everytime i do reading feel like to do more and more. He is so good and gave you right advice" ... written by nancy11
I had appointment with Tantra tonight to have him to remove black magic which someone had put on me. it was weird that form this afternoon, I felt sneeze constantly till before I saw Tantra, even I kept taking overdose decongestant pills, pain relief, and allergy pills. My face, head and chest felt pressure. I felt bad as I almost die. I ask myself how I could see Tantra with my bad feeling like this. But I did not want to give up. As soon as I saw Tantra, I felt better. Than while Tantra was doing the ritual for me, I felt better and better. All the pressure had gone before the ritual gone. My body and my head felt lighter and lighter. when the ritual was end I felt completely healthy. My spine was lighter. My whole body and my head was lighter. But even I already let the pvt, I still feel better and better after every second. I feel like I am a new person, physically and spiritually. Wow, it is astonishing ! I am glad I met Tantra ! I have no word to say thank you enough to Tantra. Thank you God! Thank Mother Kali ! Thank you Tantra ! I am so happy !" ... written by Mai
My first reading with Tantra in months! Appreciate it! great as usual! Fantastic!" ... written by tantra
Some one had put black magic on me. Tantra helped breaking it up. I had allergy so bad for 32 years, some time I felt really sick as I almost die. I had gone to doctor to get shots every other week, plus taking prescription nose spray, allergy pill over counter and pain relief pills. After Tantra removed black magic from me, my allergy completely gone. no pills nor nose spray neither, I feel completely healthy. He did a protection ritual on me tonight, now I feel stronger, calm and confident ( I used to feel nervous, depress, worry,... so often before). If someone told me that Tantra is this powerful, I would not believe it. Oh my god, only God can do this, only Tantra can do this. I had been helped by many psychic, it worked little bit then bad things came back. Tantra is more than human. I love you God ! Unconditional love to you too, Tantra !" ... written by Mai
This was first reading with Tantra and I will await the things he told me and will report back. He seemed to be right on target with my questions." ... written by leogirl
Tantra is awesome. He gets such insight from his guides. Together they are cunning and sooooooooo smart. I have to laugh at how it all comes about. His predictions make me look to the future and plan. He is great." ... written by uvrs53
Tantra is a great psychic." ... written by Ni
Great! Picked things up without mentioning it." ... written by mel
Phew! What a reading. Thank you Tantra." ... written by uvrs53
Great reading" ... written by apple
It was my first read with him. I got bad news so that was kind of a bummber but he is very quick on channeling and nice." ... written by linh
He reads fast. It will be interesting if what he says comes true." ... written by ladykathy
Amazing reading and connection, hope all predictions come true. God bless you " ... written by musha1
Always on point!!!!! No bs or sugarcoating! " ... written by summa
Fast and good reading." ... written by Lisa M
Tantra is the best! Very accurate and to the point. Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Very good, talks really fast, but good" ... written by denise
Amazing." ... written by erica
He is quick and clear. Picks up on everything- good and bad.... Now to wait a long 6 months to see if predictions work out. " ... written by sunshine0105
Awesome!" ... written by butterflysun7
Great reading as always! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Tantra Is the most accurate! I can't image even going to another person for help. Thank you so much Tantra! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
He is amazing, always right." ... written by erica
Great." ... written by S
Excellent." ... written by aghora
Tan have always know how to help me in any situation I had. He's a great psychic." ... written by Faith81
Thanks for that confirmation. I'm sorry I ran out of credits, but will call you again. " ... written by leogirl
Absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by leelee32384
Very good and awesome reading." ... written by apple
My favorite!!!!" ... written by gigi
Very detailed Analysis and was excellent . Am thankful" ... written by Sia
He was very helpful and gave me some dates which i will keep in my mind to reference the changes in my life. thank you very much." ... written by paula
Always knows my concerns before I can even ask what's bothering me... And always spot on." ... written by sara
Great reading as always " ... written by veezee
Tantra is amazing!!! He is so accurate that it is scarey!!! The heads up he gives you for the future are always spot on!!! Believe in his abilities! He is wonderful!" ... written by twinkee344
Good Reading....Will come back for the update." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
Tantra is amazing!! He really did a very good reading! I will definitely come back again for another private. Thank you again Tantra." ... written by Cinderella427
Fast, direct and a precisely great reader. I highly recommend Tantra" ... written by Kabbalist92
5 stars and more! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Love him" ... written by s
Tantra always delivers. I love him." ... written by uvrs53
Tan has always been a great psychic to turn to. He always tells to truth even if it will hurt you. Thank you for your great work!" ... written by Faith
Excellent reading pls, it was just so amazing!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Good reading!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Excellent" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Always so connected and so accurate. I only come to Oranum to have readings with Tantra only." ... written by JJ
Very nice." ... written by Ratan
Very effective." ... written by sadhana
Very effective and really good." ... written by sadhana
Excellent reading. " ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
Nice!!" ... written by Ratan
Ran short on time but lots of answers in short time!" ... written by longlegs1112
Fantastic" ... written by aghora
Thanks Tantra for your reading! Appreciate it!" ... written by kingpi
Thank you, Tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is the best! Thank you for all your help! Truly the best in Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is loyal, compassionate and so very gifted! I have never been disappointed, because even if the news is not good, he can give you sound advice and alternatives. Please do not hesitate to visit him, see what he is about and take advantage of his gifts. He is on Oranum to help you through your good times and your bad times. Believe me, the last 18 months would have been unbearable without his sound guidance. I am forever indebted to him." ... written by Uvrs53
As always just a solid reading with sound advice. I love this man!" ... written by uvrs53
5 stars plus; always positive, encouraging and accurate. thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Good reading, gave dates to follow." ... written by Pam
Tantra is the best of the best!! Always is on target!! I am sure his prediction will come true. All the one's he's given me in the past have come to true! He is an amazing and gifted psychic." ... written by twinkee344
Great thank you." ... written by shira
He is really great on time frames! it happened for me before!" ... written by S
He is spot on always! Very precise." ... written by S
Very nice!!" ... written by Ratan
Great reading by Tantra!!! He is awesome!" ... written by sandra
Nice!" ... written by Ratan
Excellent! Highly recommend!" ... written by ann
I come to Tantra for his gifts from God. He is truly something to see and listen to. Please try him. You will not be disappointed because he is accurate and compassionate." ... written by uvrs53
Very nice." ... written by Ratan
He is great! I really feel like he is right on target!" ... written by Mamma6
He is amazing!" ... written by Mamma
AMAZING!!! Love Tantra... He is always right!!! The truth and nothing but the truth! Thanks!!! :)" ... written by wendy!
5*****" ... written by longlegs1112
I am always in awe of Tantra's skills and his gift. You will be as well! Try him, you will like him." ... written by uvrs53
Tantra offers hope and solutions in his readings. He is very wise for one so young in age. I value his readings and predictions. Please try him. You will not be disappointed." ... written by uvrs53
Thanks Tantra, looking forwarding to your prediction come true." ... written by Chia
5 stars *****" ... written by longlegs1112
***** always so detailed, incredible!" ... written by longlegs1112
Gosh! I wish that Tantra lived at my house, but he would get soooo tired of me. I am so impressed with his abilities and gifts. Please don't hesitate, with the blessings of his guides, Tantra has helped me tremendously this past year. Smooches, Tantra!" ... written by uvrs53
He is good! we have had a few readings and he predicted things in a short time that came true! Amazing!" ... written by Mamma
He is amazing! Truly incredible to watch and talk to!" ... written by Mama
Gives specific timeline predictions! Incredible! Now to just wait and watch them pass :)" ... written by Moonshine
Excellent reading, to the point." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
I would send compliments to Tantra Psychic for his ability of readings and rituals. The ritual helped and the person is becoming more loving as he predicted. This is of course all thanks to Tantra and his guide. He told me the time frame and it was amazing. He also gave me some tips as to how to be calm when I feel negative." ... written by Orange
Tantra is wonderful, his guidance is so welcomed to my current situation. I honestly did not know which way to go he has clarified my way to the light for the solution that I need. " ... written by twinkee344
Thanks! " ... written by Abhi
Great reading, Tantra!" ... written by uvrs53
Thank you so much! You are the best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Once again, words of wisdom. Thank you, Tantra!" ... written by uvrs53
Very good!" ... written by Mamma6
Great connection once again. Thank you." ... written by JO
Great! No need to question!" ... written by mamma
Excellent readng as usual" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
*****" ... written by longlegs1112
I have just finished a cord-cutting session with Tantra. I believe that it will be successful because I have already had a cord cutting session with him on another matter, and it was successful. There is no contact with that person whatsoever. I have also had a love ritual done, and it is working well. I trust Tantra with my personal life. He gives great feedback and advice and his rituals (I believe) are 100% effective! Please don't hesitate to ask him about them and try them, because they will help you. I am convinced." ... written by Uvrs53
wow! Amazing. Just amazing " ... written by lb
I been in the lighting business for 3 years. I can't find a correct or perfect name for my business. And Tantra found me a name in minutes! Can!t even believe it. It even sounds good. And the domain was available also! God is so great! Thank you so much Tantra! It was a great reading! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Awesome reader! Accurate!" ... written by Ann
He is good. Very quick!" ... written by Mamma
***** " ... written by longlegs1112
Just had a very good reading with Tantra. Got very specific answers and suggestions. I am very happy with the reading." ... written by evaclara
Hope whatever he said comes true! He's very intuitive and nice. Above all a sweet personality. God bless him!" ... written by aquavenus
Another prediction has manifested! Tantra is awesome. I trust him so much. He is wise beyond his years, and he compassionate. You WILL NOT regret a session with him." ... written by uvrs53
Very good!" ... written by moongirl777
Awesome reading!!! I can not wait for all the good things to happen in my life...it has been a long time coming. Tantra has helped me so much in my dreams coming to life as well as his guidance in my struggles to overcome. I have learned so much from him about patience and understanding. " ... written by twinkee344
Was a very intense reading and I feel good about what we discussed. I look forward to seeing the predictions come true!" ... written by Donna
Great detail... Told me what I needed to hear. Looking forward to the next 6 months. I will come back to TantraPsychic. He has been the only on to tell my what I already knew but didn't want to hear... But I needed to hear it. " ... written by islandgirl
Truly amazing reading! Very helpful! Excellent insights!" ... written by Clarity5
I trust his predictions. Just waiting for them to come true:) I know they will come true ! He comes straight to the point. I trust his accuracy. I get very positive vibrations fin his room. Very genuine person. I would recommend him to others too." ... written by mallika
As always, Tantra is GREAT! I have the utmost confidence in his predictions, his rituals and his advice. You will be knocked off your feet by his accuracy and graciousness." ... written by Uvrs53
Seems a realistic time frame for my current situation. Thank you tantra, I will come back again for sure. :)" ... written by emylou
He brings clarity to difficult situations - very comforting!" ... written by Clarity5
Amazing reading! Highly, highly recommend him!" ... written by Clarity5
Excellent, insightful reading! Highly, highly recommend!" ... written by Clarity5
He was unbelievable ....the real thing picked up immediately!!" ... written by sh
Thank you Tantra. This was helpful, just not the best news but I appreciate it." ... written by leogirl
He is a 5 stars! Wow! Amazing with his gifted talent! Doesn't waste time. He is worth every penny. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by oolong
Always on target, very specific, has special insights. ***** :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Very good! No disappointments." ... written by Mamma6
Always provides insight and clarity to a situation." ... written by sara
Only one word AWESOME!" ... written by twinkee344
He is amazing!" ... written by Ashu
Had A Reading With Tantra I Was Doubtful At First Because Of Other Readings From Others But Everything That He Said Happened Just As He Said I Want To Thank Him There Aren't Enough Stars For This Reading And Can't Wait For Further Things To Come To Pass Thanks You So Much!" ... written by cadesgirl
Wow amazing, right on the money! Can't wait for his predictions to come to light :)" ... written by tesha
Phenomenal reading! Could not speak more highly of him!" ... written by Clarity5
Tan have always given me the right predictions and they have always come true. I have been coming to see him a year now and he's always brought light to my uncertainties. I can't wait witness tonight's new prediction. Sometimes I feel that god's not on my side but whenever I come to see Tan he makes light of the situation and gives me faith and hope that something good will come to present. I pray to God for the best in my life. Thanks Tan!" ... written by faith81
Wow this was pretty awesome! Thanks!" ... written by b widow
Thank you so much Tantra! You help and amaze me every time I come to you! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Dates are so accurate! Tells me things and they actually happen. It is almost surreal! ***** (5 stars +)" ... written by longlegs1112
OMG.... THIS MAN IS AMAZING... He was able to assist me and help me through my rough time... Everyone should have a reading with him.. He is gentle and kind and honest someone who understands.... Thank you for everything xxx Love and Light Rosa" ... written by Rosa
Tantra is really good! Not everything he tells you is what you want to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts. I trust what Tantra says and I try to follow his advice. It has always worked out as he says it will." ... written by uvrs53
So awesomely accurate!!! ***** superior plus ***** !!!" ... written by longlegs1112
He is good. Honest. Quick." ... written by Mamma
Tantra you have given me the utmost faith in you. I felt the positive energy and believe deep down in my heart that good things are yet to come. Thank you for being us an inspirational healer in my life. I will dedicate my faith in God and use you as my guide. Thank you once again:) " ... written by faith81
You were great!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Very quick and good" ... written by mamma
Tantra is on the money he was so right about the predictions. Can't wait to see the changes!!!" ... written by faith81
He was really good! I hope that things work out just as he says! Thank you, Tantra." ... written by mysticmarzo
5 star reader" ... written by serbboy3
Nice reading." ... written by GRT
ACcurate as hell omg greattttt" ... written by Dissleys
As always I value his guidance I seek to achieve my destiny." ... written by twinkee344
Thanks!" ... written by Ratan
His predictions were right. I must say I'm not surprised, Tantra is an extremely gifted psychic. I trust no other than him. Give him a try." ... written by faith81
Thanks a lot tantra!!" ... written by mysticmarzo
Such an interesting reading. So much honesty to take in" ... written by bw
TantraPsychic is very attentive and thorough. I feel his timing and accuracy are very very good." ... written by Betsy McNair
He is accurate and quick!" ... written by Mamma
AMAZING. HE IS AWESOME." ... written by Rosa
Great reading!!!!" ... written by nikki
I love this guy his unbelieveable with prediction, I cant wait to see this fold." ... written by wowooo
Tantra never seas to amazed. I feel so great with his charities. Thank you for being my guide! " ... written by faith81
Good reading. He picked up on physical characteristics of the person I was asking about. Looking forward to seeing how his predictions pan out. :)" ... written by Irish OT
***** excellent!" ... written by longlegs
Tantra has been great as always, fast reading, never waste your time. Several predictions have come true. Looking forward for my new predictions :) You are the best!" ... written by K
Always five stars! Perfect! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Amazing fast connection. With dates." ... written by angelszone
Excellent as always." ... written by denise
Was very straight forward and honest!" ... written by muse
Great! I hope your predictions come true! Will keep you updated." ... written by Kendal
Amazingly accurate." ... written by Mamma
He is a 5 stars! He is 95% accurate. Also, one of the top clairvoyants on Oranum. If you want true answers please come see him. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Oolong
Tantra always makes me feel secure in my future. Thank you for giving me the clarity once again. I can't wait to see our predictions come to light. " ... written by faith81
Always a blessing to have you as my guide." ... written by Faith81
Another prediction came true for me with Tantra psychic’s reading. He predicted that I will be invited to the party with exact time frame. And there were only 7 hours left for his prediction to come true. He said by 13:00. I did get notice 6 hours later just about that time and it just so happened! " ... written by Orange
Tantra is the Very best at Black Magic removals. Please don't go anywhere else. You will be tricked , by money hungry people. Tantra is the only one that will help you with his best abilities, And gods help." ... written by Shanil Kumar
I can't thank you enough! It was great, and complete!" ... written by victoria
He is good." ... written by rani
Tantra you are but Amazing. I don't know how to thank you for everything you have done for us. I thank God, that he let me and my family meet you. Or else i don't know where we would be." ... written by Shanil Kumar
My first and only choice! Highly recommended. " ... written by iEzra
You always clear the air for me. Thank you for being my guide." ... written by faith81
OMG He is amazing and loving..... can't wait for the predictions to happen, everyone needs a reading from him!" ... written by Rosa
He was very accurate and to the point." ... written by anushree
What an amazing person. He is so quick, gives timelines, and see situations exactly how they are. Very caring, friendly, and just an overall good person. Can't wait to see your predictions unfold!! Thanks so much :) Will definitely be back!" ... written by GeminiGirl
Very specific. With timelines. Thank you." ... written by g
Thank you again. Have no idea what I would do without you. You're my guide for life." ... written by Faith81
thank you! great as always" ... written by shira
Thank you Tantra. You cant seem to stop amazing me! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tank you, That was a fast, direct reading! I'm waiting on the predictions. Reading other reviews and the predicted outcomes coming true really make me reassured. I will update him in the future for sure. :)" ... written by Honestanswers
Compassionate and insightful." ... written by Tomas
It was so funny, because something he said was so spot on. It was something only fits in my situation. We both smiled! lol He was fast and typed fast! He didn't remember me yet his prediction was the same as what he said a few month ago. Looking forward that will pan out! " ... written by M
Hi he is great!! " ... written by JY
Tantra's guidance during this stage and time of my life is greatly needed. He is a wonderful and gifted man who has great insight, understanding, and caring for all his clients. Once you've tried Tantra there is no need to look any further for help or guidance for any situation that you are experiencing." ... written by twinkee344
Tantra is amazing! Im waiting for his predictions to fall in place:) im sure they all will come true as i believe in him!" ... written by mallika
He was so honest and to the point. Would definitely come back to follow up with him." ... written by star
Thank you so much for everything Tantra! You have helped me and my family so much. I don't know how to thank you enough, for bring us so close to god!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
I feel very positive each and every time i come to you for advice. Thank you again:)" ... written by Faith81
amazing amazing amazing" ... written by kokila
We will see. Thank you." ... written by Brandi
Thanks again!" ... written by faith81
Very fast and accurate. He is on point and does not waste your time." ... written by ladyl5
He is direct. one of his predcitions came true even though I didn't like the news. But I value honesty, so I am coming back for him!" ... written by Honest answers
He was accurate and fast. Hopefully his predictions come true" ... written by Vari
Five stars as always.... Very specific; accuracy has been almost always :)" ... written by longlegs1112
Very clear on updates and says it like it is, good and not so good! Gives caring advice on how to manage those inevitable bad times. Would recommend. " ... written by Angelszone
Quick and very to the point. " ... written by leo_80
Thanks for the update. Great as always." ... written by Chia
There's only one person I trust in Oranum, and that is you Tantra! Though he has been humble enough to say, keep your psychics to a minimum as much as possible, but why should I be looking for another when I've found the best. Things have changed since I started readings from tantra. My decisions in life are far way better with God's guidance and his. I've always had a guaranteed 100% satisfaction. I can't thank you enough! A million stars worth! " ... written by lagreta79
He is amazing... told me about a particular month, which a north indian would not have known. I am sure of his ability, and inspired me to follow on with my current conduct. He also predicted a particular time period for positive feedback for interview and it also happened. I only go to him, he is reliable and kind, delivers the harshest news with the kindest heart." ... written by kookie1886
I am sure of his ability, and inspired me to follow on with my current conduct. He also predicted a particular time period for positive feedback for interview and it also happened." ... written by kookie1886
Thank you so much, Tantra. You are the Best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
I only go to him, he is reliable and kind, delivers the harshest news with kindest heart." ... written by kookie1886
Thank you Tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He wonderful, seems to know what he talking about." ... written by Amrita
He is an amazing reader!" ... written by mallika
excellent as always" ... written by denise
A kind-hearted soul, without whom I wouldn't have survived the worst period of my life. Have faith in him and his predictions.. He will never deceive you." ... written by kookie1886
Thank you! for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He can connect straight away and not waste time. He is a must to have a reading with. He has given me so much hope and when he says something is going to happen it does.... Once again thank you" ... written by Rosa1982
Tantra is a the best psychic on this site. I have been coming to him for more than a year now and put all my trust in him. Everything he has told me have been happening in the same timeline as was told. I'm a stronger believer in all that he does and with my strong faith in god it never fails. Give tantra a try and I assure you, your questions and uncertainties will be answered with honesty. God bless you tantra! " ... written by faith81
WOW!! First time reading, blew me away!! Accurate to a T, felt a genuine connection. Most certainly will return for another reading!" ... written by Katharine
Thank you for the reading Tantra it was so accurate. " ... written by shanil
Accurate! 5 stars!!" ... written by Ann
He's an awesome guide... LOVE HIM!!!" ... written by Faith81
Thank you Tantra. :) Great guidance." ... written by faith81
Tanta is really good!!! He is accurate. He did 2 spells for me and they are working!!! Thank you Tantra!!" ... written by Mamma
he is really good!" ... written by ash
Thank you I always feel good chatting with you... you're very expensive so time is like gold! Thank you again.. .lots of love from CA" ... written by francine
Thank you so much for connecting right away and really reading into the situation. You answered every question thoroughly and I will take your advice :)" ... written by Bethany
good and accurate" ... written by neke
Fast, honest, never waste time. M will contact next wk. Looking forward to the prediction come true "again"...:)" ... written by Kirsten
Tantrapsychic is very efficient and accurate. I have been working with him for several months on some very difficult subjects regarding relationships, home and work. He remembers our readings each time and is quick to decipher what energies are coming up at present. I highly recommend him as a psychic spiritual guide." ... written by talwingz
Good!" ... written by n
He is really good. Very accurate and fast." ... written by neke
His advice is very practical and has a lot of sense based on my situation. Thank you Tantra for confirming what I planned to do." ... written by Moonchild59
Tantra is the best ever!!! He have done awesome spells for me that are working and changes are happening in god's timing. Tantra is my guide for life." ... written by faith81
very good " ... written by kylie
Thanks!" ... written by J
Informative gave me timeframes and guidance in what's to come." ... written by pinkpather30
Very insightful!" ... written by kylie
Heart breaking news.. But maybe in favour of what is best for me. " ... written by Anushka Arya
Reallyyy goooddd :)!!!!" ... written by Anushka Arya
Was really good." ... written by Anushka Arya
extremely lovely " ... written by kokila
I had a reading with tantra about 3 weeks ago. I cannot believe his accuracy in predictions and time frames. He gave me an exact time frame of when my person would come back. After the falling out I had with this person, I didn't believe it could happen. But it happened! I can't get over his accuracy. Thank you Tantra for your time and help! I will be back very soon!" ... written by moonshine0022
Thank you again Tantra! You have helped me and my Family so much! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
He is really good! I recommend him to everyone. His time frame is still the same. He connects to the situation right away! Can't wait for you predictions to happen! Thank you! (:" ... written by ash
Some interesting predictions. Hope they will come true. He did predict that I would see the person in question on Friday, but that there would be other people around. I actually have a business meeting with him on Friday, so I know already that the first prediction will come true. Thanks" ... written by jen
very specific. looking for these predictions to come true. " ... written by longlegs1112
just got a reading frm tantra n m very much satisfied with this reading! hes one of the best psychics on oranum! You will always get honest ans frm him..hes very genuine! he is one of my favourite psychics on oranum!" ... written by tantra
It was a great experience. :) Everyone is recommended to him if they have any problems and looking for solutions or answers. " ... written by Anushka Arya
Fantastic.. a helpful through guide without whom i am not sure i would have got through tough time." ... written by kookie
I always come to Tantra if anything important happens with me. He gave an advice not to give away too soon to him ( a person) and he would spend more time together. I kept Tantra’s advice and it happened. Also his magic really worked and he visited me. But only part that “he cannot do without me” is yet to happen. So I look forward to it." ... written by nina_orangena777
he is great" ... written by erika
Thank you for your help...I will contact you again." ... written by francine
Tantra is always lovely to talk to. He offers great insight and advice and valid timeframes." ... written by sara
Thank you so much Tantra! Your time frames were actually the same as last time so that is definitely reassuring. Thank you for all of your advice as well!" ... written by Bethany
Thank you for your advice, I will follow your instructions. " ... written by Faith81
Very insightful!! I am definitely going to follow his advice, I think I needed this sort of clarity in order to make my decisions easy. I cannot yet say, whether what he told me will come true. I have to wait a long time. But he definitely gave me the direction I needed and I will update this review once I follow his advice when the time comes." ... written by Paul
Thank you for this new insight on my future tantra. I will following your advice to gain positive changes." ... written by faith81
Tantra Removed Black Magic, Which was something I ate. I couldn't believe the difference it made in my life." ... written by Yagaya Kumar
he is really good! He is always on point! Can't wait for prediction to come true!" ... written by ash
Great Update!" ... written by Muse
Just got an amazing reading from tantra again! and I completely trust him for his readings.. he's the best psychic.. I was surprised to hear some things which were actually true!.. and just waiting for the new prediction to come true.. he's one my favorite psychic on Oranum!" ... written by mallika
PREDICTION CAME TRUE!!!! Tantra predicted I would hear from the love of my life and the exact day he predicted he called me. Tantra is amazing and so many of his predictions have come true for my self and my significant other. You really dont need to look anywhere but here with Tantra if you want accurate and concise answers" ... written by twinkee344
Tantra is amazing!! I am looking forward to his predictions. I will definitely return for dates!" ... written by April
Good reading, thank you" ... written by sweet84
Again got an amazing reading from him:) looking forward for more predictions to come true:)" ... written by mallika
First time having a reading with tantra! Hopefully prediction will come true" ... written by Kris
Amazingly kind , without his help I would not be alive. Many god shower you with blessings, happiness and success...." ... written by kokila
Thanks for everything Tantra. You are the best. I trust you 100% no matter how good or bad the news. I don't know what I would do without you!" ... written by J
Tantra's prediction came true just as he said! I only go to Tantra for all my questions, his predictions no matter how good or bad news, is always accurate. He has guided me through difficult times and thanks to Tantra I am always one step ahead of the game. Thanks! Many blessing to you Tantra!" ... written by J
tantra can surprise me by telling me things exactly as they are , i really trust his advise at all times." ... written by S
Omg!!! Scary stuff! x" ... written by L
Briliant x" ... written by L
Tantra is always exceptional." ... written by Uvrs53
You surprise me so much! honestly... How can you have that skill? I am not sure right/wrong because it is future... But I am impressed for now. Let's see what's next... Thank you so much! " ... written by Lan2013
I cannot describe how much Tantra has guided and helped me. Through his guidance and god's grace I have avoided many dangers. He is the only person I come to Oranum for. I hope to always seek his guidance. Above all he is genuinely kind and caring and ACCURATE. I was extremely low, and now I am slowly getting on track. ACCURATE ACCURATE READINGS one and only Tantra." ... written by kookie1886
No matter how upset or worried I am Tantra has solution for it. I always feel better when I have a reading with him. He is very accurate and straight forward. He wont sugar coat anything. He just tells the truth every time. If you really need a help I would recommend you to go to Tantra. I promise you wont regret it. " ... written by Shanil.K
Simply the best! Thanks Tantra!" ... written by J
Very insightful, he has told me exactly what I needed to hear and what I knew. I am definitely going to keep my options open." ... written by Paul
You're the best psychic ever! You will always be the one I turn to --my problem solver, my accurate reader, my consultant, my adviser. I can't thank you and your guides enough. You will always be the BEST!" ... written by lagreta79
I haven't had much money to visit Tantra, but I just had to talk to him today. He is like an old and faithful friend. He never lies and he is always pleasant. I missed him. Isn't that the true test of a good person...one who has an exceptional God-given talent. He has never steered me wrong. I feel a real and honest connection with him. I would venture to say that you will never be mislead by Tantra. Don't mistake bad news for a "bad" psychic. I haven't always had good news from him, but it takes courage to tell a client the truth. Even if his findings are not in your favor, he will never leave you hanging. He will have suggestions and advice for you. Be encouraged that there is someone honest and pleasant. Someone who is always on your side....if you are willing to listen to his advice." ... written by Uvrs53
Tantra is very trustworthy. His one prediction has come true for me." ... written by Anushka Arya
Lovely." ... written by Anushka Arya
What can I say about tantra? All his predictions have come true… Even last year he saw the future man of my life and he described him physically it is truly unbelievable… His predictions have been unfolding month per month just as he mentioned! Thank you so much!" ... written by sandra
Thank you, it was very quick as I didn't have many credits but he told me a time period very close to what I was expecting from my question. Can't wait to see if it comes true. :)" ... written by Psychic Journey
Tantra is right. I feel the same way I will take your advice." ... written by Faith81
Wow! Quick and thorough and detailed! Just wow! The first prediction is one week away, I can't wait to see! " ... written by Amanda
He's just amazing! His predictions always come true!" ... written by mallika
Lovely reading." ... written by Anushka Arya
He is very accurate! Most of his predictions for me have come true :) I have full faith in him." ... written by mallika
Very good." ... written by kylie
Tantra is really lovely." ... written by Anushka Arya
Tantra is the best psychic on Oranum. He is true and excellent. And fast. He has been my number one go to person for over a year. I love his energy and the accuracy in which he tells his predictions." ... written by twinkee344
awesome as always...he is magnificent!" ... written by twinkee344
I was feeling very low..but he clarified my doubts today! I feel happy abt the fact that i chose tantra as my psychic! he is always ready to help you no matter what!" ... written by mallika
Great!" ... written by Muse
Awesome. xx" ... written by L
Please finish telling the what do you think." ... written by muffin1603
Awesome! Looking forward to his prediction to come true!" ... written by Kris
good and direct" ... written by neke
Again amazing reading!" ... written by Kris
I always feel so contended whenever I talk to him! He's just the best psychic on oranum! Will come again n again for predictions and suggestions! Take my word -- do not hesitate to consult him. I assure that you'll be more than satisfied by the end of the reading. He's just the best and a good friend to talk to!" ... written by mallika
Had to come back for an update as the last 2 predictions came true. Now I have to hope that the next few come true as well, as this has been a hard road, but it seems to be worth it. " ... written by jen
Tantra is so always excellent in his readings , i trust him at all times" ... written by S
Very good insight. Helped with a very difficult situation that I am in. I hope everything works out because I honestly have no idea what to do." ... written by Paul
He was fast, and hopefully what he says is true! " ... written by vari
Thank you. will be back if predictions happen, thank you sorry my time ran out. " ... written by Lisa
Always the best... two more predictions came true...both 1 week earlier then predicted...now keeping my spirits up for the next prediction and praying that this one also comes true. TANTRA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!" ... written by twinkee344
I only trust Tantra, he doesnt give any sugar coating things. Thank you so much! I will wait on the predictions" ... written by vari
Nice reading, looking forward to seeing if the predictions come true. " ... written by jen
Awesome!!!! Works very fast... his prediction is for tomorrow and between 10 days from now for meeting so I will be back to confirm how good he really is!" ... written by Senem
Tantra made predictions for me for this weekend I believe it will happen. " ... written by Ace
brill x" ... written by L
happy " ... written by L
Great! xx" ... written by L
All of his prediction have come to pass. In November he told me without me asking that my fiance will ask to change the wedding date and in February he did...Now i have changed my date and he says everything will work fine. I will give an update in August." ... written by Lanneice
What an awesome reading!!!! I was shocked at everything Tantra said to me today. He pointed out very well. Im happy!!!Thank you Tantra!!!!!!!" ... written by Faith81
Tantra is positive... I like his energies!!! :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
I was amazed over the prediction that happened. I never expected this to come. No one gave me a prediction to this week of contact. Tantra was the only one and i didnt think it would be true. but omg. i was shocked! Thanks!" ... written by vari
He is a 5 Stars! The Best on Oranum. He is 100% accurate." ... written by Oolong
thank you for making me feel so much better :) " ... written by vari
Good! Hope his prediction comes true " ... written by Senem
No words for tantra , always great" ... written by S
Thank you for helping me when im in need! I trust you :) " ... written by vari
Very quick and precise. definitely will come back for an update" ... written by Joanna
once again, a prediction came true! " ... written by vari
Thank you as always tantra! As always you make me feel better and secure over anything i question you on. " ... written by vari
I am overly excited about the next prediction. I will remain patient and wait. This is not one of my strong suits, but I know that Tantra's predictions will come true and I have faith that all that he has predicted for me and my bf will come true! He is the best!" ... written by twinkee344
Amazingly accurate, his predictions came true. Came back for update." ... written by iris
LOL tantra is funny and a cool person. Thank you for your advice! You always help me :)" ... written by vari
He is so delightful to talk to, I wish him all the best, x. " ... written by L
Thank you Tantra! I've been waiting for two days to get help from you. I will do what you have said, and hopefully it turns out to be what I want. I will be back to update you! Thank you :) " ... written by vari
Thank you for the ritual :) Hopefully this help. I will see you soon as always." ... written by vari
Thank you once again! You are always a big help for me, and I trust you :) " ... written by vari
Tantrapsychic is very accurate, kind and professional. I work exclusively with him now on Oranum. He is just great!" ... written by talwingz
Thank you! :) Was a pleasure talking again. " ... written by vari
I always have to come to tantra for re-assurance. I believe in him! Thank you for being there for me :)" ... written by vari
Great precise reading, I highly recommend it .l will come back.Thank you" ... written by Laurence
Thank again like always Tantra, For answering our questions, with the best accuracy. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
I can never go a day without asking him how to do an important task. Thank you :)" ... written by vari
I'm waiting for his predictions to happen." ... written by ace
100 pts in a scale of 100. I have been receiving guidance from Tantra for 1 yr now. And everything he has predicted has happened. I do not have any prediction that hasn't happened. It has been a year, I'm still in shock. When he says that it is going to happen, it is gonna happen. With Tantra you don't need any other psychic." ... written by Wendy
I am speechless, like literally speechless over the prediction Tantra gave me an hour ago. Honestly, I have no words to describe when it came true, i instantly came back on to tell him. I'm just shocked. He is accurate, and a wonderful cheerful person. I only now come to him because i trust him so much with my problems in life. This hasn't been the first prediction that came true. Many have that he saw. I'm just speechless how everytime he gets it right! Thank you so much :) God bless you! " ... written by vari
Thank you again :) For clearing the confusions! Always a big help and i trust you to the fullest" ... written by vari
very accurate" ... written by sadhana
I ran out of credits! I will come back tmw or thursday. Thank you so much for helping me once again. :) I will come back to update you! " ... written by vari
Felt like forever that i havent talk to tantra! lol only been two days. I just cannot go without contacting him! Thank you :)" ... written by vari
(5) ***** as always! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
my go to guy...cant wait for predictions..so far I have had at least 3 predictions come true...over the past 6 months. I trust what Tantra say...good guy and very consistent!" ... written by kw
Ran out of time, but he was very quick, answered all my questions. Hopefully his predictions come true! Looking forward to it, with all his great reviews. " ... written by Jessica
Great reader thank you so much " ... written by jody
I hadn't talked with Tantra for a while. I was afraid we might have lost our connection. But it was just as good as before. He is totally awesome. I have missed our sessions. You must let him read for you. He will not disappoint." ... written by Uvrs53
He is good. Highly recommended. Fast and to the point. Doesnt waste time and gives clear answers. I will update when my prediction come sto pass :)" ... written by LadyGrace
i am still trusting and keeping my faith on tantra , as what he said will come true , will definitely post back , if my prediction comes true" ... written by S
Thank you again Tantra for making me feel better. You have a gift that is real and most god giving. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
GREAT READER, very accurate." ... written by D Jr.
He's a great friend and an amazing guide to talk to! he will always tell you the truth no matter what..do not hesitate to consult him..i trust his predictions and will definately come to pass..he's one the best psychics on oranum! 5 STARS**" ... written by mallika
Last prediction came true. The things he say are accurate to whatever i ask. Thank you tantra!! Will be back as usual :)" ... written by vari
very helpful !!!" ... written by Jennifer
I had my first reading with tantra about 1 month ago. He said I would be traveling in a month, I'm traveling on May 1st (unexpected). If I could afford him, I would never go to any other psychics on any sites. I keep checking back for his sales but so far no luck :) But for those who can afford him, your search ends here. " ... written by KB
Great as always!" ... written by kw
He is amazing. Connects really quickly, is very accurate. I will know this week if his first predictions come true for me, but I have no doubt that they will. Thank you so much!" ... written by Jessica
he's awesome! " ... written by L
great as always...just got an update!" ... written by kw
Tantra is the best!! Can't wait for his predictions to come to pass!" ... written by twinkee344
he is really good guy he has good powers" ... written by bevin john
outstanding !!!!" ... written by lopez
Very insightful readiing. Tantra told me exactly what I needed to hear and because of his honesty, I now know what I need to do in order to move forward. " ... written by Fatimah
It's been hard for me to catch him the past several days but I wanted him to know that another prediction came true and that I smile every time I think about it happening...I hadn't talked to my guy in over a month and Tantra predicted contact between 4/2-4/4 and exactly on 4/2/14 he contacted me out of the blue. I can not wait for all of the other predictions he gave me to come true. I am very excited. Tantra has given me hope when I have wanted to throw in the towel! He's the real deal and a true gem on Oranum...truly one of a kind!" ... written by kwilli23
Thank you! Best reading!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you Tantra you are the very best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He gave very good and detailed readings....Thank you." ... written by Moiz
he is great, will see if his predictions come true!" ... written by Jessica
Tantra is fast in his reading. Sadly I was running short on time, but he is a professional in his work, as all the testimonials proof. Check it out for yourself. Thank you Tantra and bless you :)" ... written by Waves
very effective " ... written by sadhana
I've always loved Tantra. I feel good talking to him. MUCH-LOVE andamp; RESPECT Candace xxxx" ... written by Candace Rand
Tantra predicted a meeting next week I hope it will happen." ... written by Ace
good:=) x" ... written by L
I have to admit whatever he saw for me in Nov 2013 manifested very well in March 2014. Just as he predicted :):)" ... written by aquac
I ask for general predictions and they all happen :)" ... written by Hopelovefaith
Good reading, hope the predictions come true." ... written by jenn
He is a 5 Stars! He is the top on Oranum. Look no place else. You will not regret it. Always amazing! Right to the point with your questions and now sugar coating. Highly Recommended !" ... written by Oolong
he's amazing and fast and his prediction came true I asked when would I see this guy I am seeing and he gave me a date and I saw him on that exact same date !!! You all should give him a try you won't regret it!!! " ... written by honeysnaxx
another great reading very fast answered all my questions canandamp;amp;#039;t wait until his predictions unfold he deserves 5 stars! !!!" ... written by honeysnaxx
5 Stars! Fantastic and passionate." ... written by michelle
Quite good - could relate to a lot of the info :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
accurate sense of situation, picked up on my ex's personality. will give an update to see if his prediction will come to pass." ... written by girlsailor0505
thank you for a very interesting reading. Quite unusual information this time with some of the reading. Will wait to see what happens. Thank you. *****" ... written by longlegs1112
good reading. will wait and see what happens with prediction. " ... written by tilthe
good reading. " ... written by jan
He is one of my most trusted advisors who I confide in. He has helped me for almost a year now and I trust in him. I have had severl predictions come true and awaiting others in the next coming months." ... written by kwilli23
Very helpful and excited to see his predictions come true. A++++" ... written by michelle
Tantra made a prediction for 4 days I will be back to tell if it happens" ... written by Ace
Tantra Psychic is the ultimate psychic. A few weeks I had a complicated dilemma regarding my career and job prospect. It was a difficult situation to navigate but Tantra was able to hone in on the final outcome and gave me a prediction that came to pass a week and a half later. I was absolutely blown away by his accuracy. Please try him. You will need another psychic ever again." ... written by LadyGrace
great update!!!! always on point!!!! 5stars" ... written by cam
I am waiting for all his predictions to come true. I will be updating as they come to pass. I have full faith in him. I have seen him work his magic. Hes a jovial, talented soul! Well worth the money!! " ... written by LadyGrace
Thank you for the great insight. Tantra is very gifted and fast. He will not waste your time. I look forward to your predictions to come to pass - within 2 mos time (3 mos duration). I have an idea about the social organization u were talking about. I was about to go there yesterday but got sidetracked. " ... written by Manyika
WOW.. no words for tantra. it is no lie he has powerful guides who assist him in every way. he is very diff as well. but its all worth it. I have no words deff will come back with tantra. he is worth every cent !!! thank u tantra thank u so much !!!!" ... written by meridag
Thanks Tantra!" ... written by G
Just want to let you know that Tantra was right on with his prediction for me. He got it right down to within a day or two of when it would happen. This was very much waited for to see if it would occur and it did right when he said it would! it is amazing! Please be sure to let everyone know that they should try him. ***** five starts plus! Thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Tantra is amazing, and worth every penny. I've only done 2 readings with him before this one, and all he has predicted has come true, in exact time frames. He is truly gifted and one of a kind. I've seen many psychics and readers, none as accurate as tantra. The very best!" ... written by Jessica
This man is REAL REAL REAL...I knew about stuff that I tried to trick him on and got it spot on! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!" ... written by John
5 stars! Very insightful and very in detail reading. I can't wait to follow up with results! Easy to talk to, very in depth reading, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Christine
he is the best . " ... written by sai
He connected fast and had a different way of connecting which was interesting. Gave specific time frames and told everything he saw that was very detailed right away. Makes you feel comfortable in his room and private." ... written by sweet81pea
very fast and positive, waiting for his prediction to come true." ... written by micd123
Very fast and to the point. I just hope the predictions come true" ... written by jen
great as always..keep comin back " ... written by cee
good :) " ... written by L
Only go to him now, no others psychics." ... written by sy
He is the most trusted advisor! " ... written by LadyGrace
He is awesome and I keep comming back......" ... written by Monisha
He's accurate and good." ... written by nbarnes2
Fast reading, but nonetheless the man is good." ... written by nbarnes2
Thank you your reading was great!! Look forward to speaking to you again!" ... written by FC
He is amazing! Picks up on everything right away! WOW! mind blowing. " ... written by Regina
nice!" ... written by longlegs1112
Another great reading, look forward to predictions for 6 weeks and 7 months!" ... written by Pete
very fast, always like his positive energy" ... written by micd123
thank you tantra, xxxx" ... written by L
Thank you tantra for everything you have done for us!" ... written by shanil kumar
Quick , fast , intuitive . Worth the penny. Thanks alot " ... written by Samantha
Last prediction came true, so this was an update to see what happens next......as always a very nice reading......just hope the next prediction comes true as well" ... written by jen
Tonight was amazing!! I was released from a negative energy and I could feel my energy level rise up. I can not even express how great I feel right now. Tantra helped me and I am forever greatful for him coming into my life. Our paths crossed because of a love one becoming distant and changing into something evil. It has been 2 years now and finally I have a chance of what I always dreamed of with that man. Tantra is the only psychic I will trust or consult on here from now on. I truly believe he can help change things, and he is honest. I can not praise his abilities enough. Thank you Tantra for everything you have done for me and John tonight. I will let you know when he contacts me. I have waited forever to hear from this man. I truly feel blessed right now...." ... written by FC
Tantra again made me feel so much better! He is the best! you cant find anyone better then Tantra at all!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
tantra is the best !!! wonderfulllllllllllllllllllll" ... written by meridag
the only one i trust. don't waist your time with others! I am sure his predictions will come true. one already has." ... written by sy
Tantras one prediction came true today right on time" ... written by Ace
his predictions are coming real... second one is happening!" ... written by sy
Very good!" ... written by Keri
Interesting! " ... written by Keri
good" ... written by Angela Williams
Thank you again tantra, you are the best! without your help, i am but lost." ... written by Shanil Kumar
I really appreciate his understanding and kindness in giving me the message. Looking forward to see you again when I can." ... written by youralice
great...knows what he is doing!" ... written by angelc.
I love his readings! Besides a psychic he is a friend too. Very professional, and committed to help find answers. All his predictions had happened , and continue happening. That is why, if you are looking for those predictions, then consult Tantra, you won't regret it. This has been my experience, I don't know about everyone else, but like I always say... "when he predicts something, trust me, it will happen". Tantra, you got the power!" ... written by Wendy
When I need clarification, Tantra is the best!! lol...Tantra's predictions are always right on target. Before I can even ask, he knew my question. OMG... Thank u tantra!!!" ... written by SuperSUper
Perfectionist in his reading, gives a sense of assurance and very steadfast. " ... written by youralice
As always Tantra is the best!! I look forward to his predictions coming true." ... written by twinkee344
when i need clarification and guide i come to tantra." ... written by sy
He is truly amazing!" ... written by Rebecca
All I want to say is Tantra is my detective psychic! I ask him the most difficult questions andamp; he taps right into them. When he says, trust me, seriously do trust him. He isn't wrong. Not only that, he did love spell/rituals for me to save my relationship and yes they are powerful and they work. He reassures me when I'm worried and I honestly wouldn't know what I have done if I didn't find Tantra. My life would have been all over the place especially for my relationship. Do not hesitate to have a reading with him, it will blow you mind away. I highly recommend him because his predictions do come true! " ... written by Vinnie
Tantra predicted that my ex boyfriend would come back in 2 weeks and he did. He is so accurate its unbelievable. If he predicts it, its going to happen. End of story. See for yourself." ... written by LadyGrace
Thank you...you did predict this to happen and so far so good!! I'm waiting for other things to unfold here. so I will be in contact after we speak. Thank you again....you are amazing!!" ... written by FC
well he predicted hoping it will come through for me :) " ... written by Lina
quick...doesn't waste time...recommend him!!" ... written by angelc.
Picked up on my situation within seconds and predicted guy coming my way soon. I am excited to see what is gonna happen. " ... written by Daniela
I read so many positive things about Tantra that I had to take him in for a private. He told me a lot of things that will happen. Now I will see how they pan out and see how accurate he is. Thank you Tantra for the reading. I should see things unfold in the next few months." ... written by kittychu
What I like about him is how he explain things and it's very understandable and factual. Instructive as well. A bunch of questions were being answered one by one and with every care that he can put into, he will put it. A great professional ally to have with and to talk to." ... written by a
Perfectionist, steadfast and reliable." ... written by youralice
Wow tantra is super fast, im very impressed!! Thank u so much for ur time and help :) Blessings to u!!" ... written by prettyeyez64
He is my favorite psychic. I recommend him highly! His accuracy is amazing!" ... written by LadyGrace
It's been a while since I last consulted tantra but he still remembers me. It wasn't the best news that I was hoping for but I know from experience that he is extremely accurate. I will still try hard to not let it happen but if it does, I will be prepared for it and know that it will be ok." ... written by j
Another prediction came true. " ... written by jen
Thank you and I will be in touch in 3 weeks, and moving forward. Thank you for your help." ... written by FC
I will contact you after I text him...I am looking forward to everything we spoke about today. I am very hopeful and no worries that things can change from time to time...I have always believed in your predictions. Thank you again..." ... written by francine
Thank you for your help. You were accurate on the time frame of him calling me. I am looking forward to the next conversation!!" ... written by FC
Simply priceless" ... written by a
Thanks...lets see will come back..." ... written by Am
His previous predictions came true with an incredible accuracy. I am very impressed. " ... written by J
I recently had a reading with Tantra. It was a very amazing one. Have I not checked what it was and the reason why things went, I wouldn’t have known. He certainly has a very special gift and accuracy. His perfectionist side is a plus point. Readings with him are excellent if what to ask and what is desired to be known exactly are clear as he delivers it as it is. " ... written by youralice
thank you tantra. very fast connection and he addressed what i wanted " ... written by katie
Tantra always seems to amaze me! i cant say this for any other person i know of or met in my life." ... written by Shanil Kumar
When I came to Tantra the first time, he gave me straight up truth. I'm glad I accepted it after reading his reviews to be able to move forward. He doesn't just give yes/no answers, he gives you background information as to why he is giving a certain prediction. He really taps into people's personalities. As I have said in my previous reviews, I'm not going to any other psychics ever again. As predictions come true (which I truly feel they will), I will come back with more reviews. " ... written by kb1201
Another prediction came true" ... written by jen
some predictions came true already" ... written by rj
Stunning" ... written by a
He is totally amazing!" ... written by Rebecca
Thank you...looking forward to next week and july!! Thank you for your help and for help." ... written by francine
I had a very long session with Tantra. I've been coming to Tantra for over a year now. I trust him, everything he says. Try him once, you will never want to see a different psychic again." ... written by J
Not what I wanted to hear." ... written by Sharlene
Very helpful. Specific guidance. Practical and accurate." ... written by Betsy McNair
this was not what i expected ! but i know this must be the truth, hurted so much to hear the time frame was pretty long tho! but interesting wish i couldv got my last q answered :/" ... written by luckyy
really helpful, connects very fast and to the point. Will be back. Everyone must definitely give him a try." ... written by sp
Thank you so much tantra for everything, You are exact to the point and very honest!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
very accurate its scary! will be back if prediction unfolds" ... written by n
Great, Accurate, Honest" ... written by Ocean Moon
he managed to answer my question in such a short time.. its amazing.." ... written by empress
Tantra is the deal. He is expensive but he is the only one you can trust. Do not waist your time and money with others. Tantra's predictions are coming true... I am absolutely speechless about his capabilities." ... written by synapsy
The Best" ... written by BB
Will come back once the predictions unfold. Wonderful and fast reading though." ... written by xLostinEchox
Confirmed an important thing with the reading today. His dedication's a big plus." ... written by youralice
Thanks for the alternate path tantra. Will keep you posted :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
He's the only one I'll talk to... sincere, doesn't sugarcoat. It had been over a year since I'd last talked with him and he remembered me! He doesn't waste your time, cuts right to the point. If you're looking for answers, this is the guy you should talk to. Is he expensive (per minute)? Yes, but I promise you it's worth it to have the clarity and peace of mind that he can help to give you." ... written by Blake
quick connect and good reading" ... written by tilthe
Thank you...Predictions are happening! I want to talk to him, and make all other predictions start happening....Thank you for your help! " ... written by francine
he made some predictions about what is going to happen in the next few months. we will see if it does. i will be back again if they come true. very forthcoming with answering my questions! txs" ... written by gina
great reading........will wait to see the outcome of the predictions...more to follow soon" ... written by jen
Fabulous. Answered a lot of questions. " ... written by a
Another Prediction came to pass! OMG... Everything as Tantra mentioned, has happened. That has been my experience with Tantra, everything he has predicted has happened. Wow. and the most shocking part is the timeframes... " ... written by Super_angel
I love Tantra. His predictions have are always right. A week ago me and my fiance had a fight and i though it was over and he predicted that we will meet within four days and that happened. " ... written by Lanneice
he is so accurate and spot on. I can't wait for his predictions to come true. He is just awesome." ... written by s
Just came to follow up from my reading from last week. Tantra confirmed when I would speak to this person and that I would still be going on a pre planned trip. All the predictions from the last reading happened. I will be back to confirm the new set of predictions. Thank you for everything Tantra, you are wonderful!!!!" ... written by calibabe23
omg omg omg!! Tantra is the best lol!! Don't go anywhere else. You'll be in shock with his predictions, which have came to pass as well! 1000 WOWs" ... written by Wendy
Thank you again Tantra for everything. You always help me and make me feel much better. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
new predictions; some confirmations/answers from before came true; very helpful with guidance. thank you! :)" ... written by Longlegs1112
Thank you for being so accurate! The best on Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra has made a few predictions recently about contact times, meetings times and how the meeting will go - its all been bang spot on!!! shocking how accurate it all has been... here is praying and confident that the other predictions will also occur as he has seen. :) Thank you. " ... written by Drsleep
very good will be back to see if predictions come about by the looks of previous comments i guess they will!!! " ... written by dan
Thanks for the life reading Tantra. Obviously the best psychic on Oranum. I will keep you posted once the short term predictions come to pass. God bless you." ... written by xLostinEchox
OMG,.....this was amazing" ... written by sp
he is excellent. his predictions are very clear and have all come true. he is straight to the point and doesn't waste your time or credits. excellent!!" ... written by paula
My first reading with Tantra and it was based on the great feedback and that is with good reason. The reading was very good, nice details and quickly tuned into the situation. He answered my questions with ease and clarity. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you again Tantra for everything you have done for me and my family! God Bless you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Only name and age given!.Accurate and understood the situation/dynamics very well.." ... written by D
He is very good at what he does. I trust his predictions and will be back for sure." ... written by Joanna
superfast, and really nice, will comeback in four months for prediction to happen" ... written by lasttimess
Amazing!" ... written by tasha_j
Everything he sees comes to pass it can be a day or 2 off but it happens and listen to his words as it happens like that not the way we assume it to happen but exactly as tantra says " ... written by Drsleep
First time reading with Tantra -- hope his prediction come to pass!" ... written by ash
Thank you tantra. for helping me with Black Magic that is being done to me. I feel much better. Since you know exactly what the problem is and help me to solve it also." ... written by Shanil Kumar
omg he predicted a fight...it happened. we will see if the other things transpire. if so crazy crazy crazy. ty" ... written by gina
Love him! He's honest whether the information is good or bad and I respect that. He gave me great information about my career. I shall wait and see. I felt he could read my emotions about personal information. He's quite sensitive. " ... written by Ananaprem
If you need to get black Magic, Removed from you life. If you need to know if someone has done it to you, without you knowing." ... written by Shanil Kumar
My family came under black magic attack. We were lost to find any ideas, out of this situation." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you Tantra for helping me in times of need. Whenever i am in trouble. You are always there to help me and pull me back." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is highly priced because he provides high accuracy!!! You wanna bet, well all his predictions have come to pass until now... I just got my update, and I'm looking forward to have that prediction come to pass as well, Thank you Tantraaa!! " ... written by super
Great psychic, very easy to communicate with. He is very fast with his responses and uses the time effectively. Very honest!" ... written by Christina
Tantra is the very best, and the most accurate! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thanks for the update :) i hope everything turns out the way you said. " ... written by xLostinEchox
He is always so helpful! and all most every time his predictions have came true :) " ... written by roop
Amazing insight as always, always a pleasure to talk to. Looking forward to our next chat!" ... written by Emily
tears in my eyes, in a good way, know that i can push people away. will wait for predictions. " ... written by lasttimess
I have been in touch with him for over 7 months now and he has helped me a greatdel along the way. When I started talking to him, I was going through a very difficult time. I was depressed, I was lonley and I just gotten out of a relation ship with a girl I thought was the love of my life.Anyway, Tantra predicted that no matter how angry that girl was, she would come back to my life, he also predicted that she would leave again because she is not really interested in me but in having fun. Tantra also predicted that I would get a new apartment and a new job. I these predctions came true and alot more of the things he told me came true. However hard it might be, he told me the truth and did not hide anything. This prepared me for the pain that I might endure and the other things could come into my life. His prediction that the girl would leave again is happening right now. I am strong and prepared since he had warned me. I also am waiting for the other good things he predicted to come true. it might be painful and hard but he has been there for me and I thank him very much." ... written by mambofive
Such a Wonderful reading and advisor. I loved it...I will definitely be coming back for more..looking forward to another reading" ... written by Bell
Tantra Psychic is simply the best. Straight to the point and right in what he sees to the dot. Do not look further" ... written by Ocean Moon
Again under Black Magic attack, and Tantra was there for me. He removed it with out any issues. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
TantraPsychic is simply the best! Straight to the point. Extremely accurate. Search no further!" ... written by Sunshine
very accurate, excellent, worth it. ***** +" ... written by longlegs1112
Fantastic reading! Accurately described the situation and gave very interesting predictions and timeframes. I will post when they happen." ... written by Seeker1200
predictions are and did come true! timeframes are reasonably accurate too! you get what you pay for! amazing! thank you! :)" ... written by longlegs1112
helpful, knowledgeable, and quite informative. thanks!" ... written by longlegs1112
great" ... written by sadhana
good reading as always." ... written by jen
Thank you so much Tantra! God Bless you! I cant thank you enough for everything you have done for me." ... written by Shanil Kumar
he has helped me in lot of tuff times.. i beleive in him andamp; his prediction will be accurate..tc" ... written by aquavenus
Thank you Tantra. Your predictions come true however good or bad." ... written by J
Thanks for the updates and the remedy. Will keep you posted. Thanks tantra :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
great, excellent , need to reply to my last question." ... written by Marina
Thank you for the help today. I feel better." ... written by fc
Thank you you are always so helpful and accurate." ... written by fc
Tantra has always been the best. I don't trust anyone else in Oranum but him. I do hop from one chat room to the other but none of them is convincing enough or just plainly why waste money when I've found the best? right?! He has never failed me.. not even once, and I keep saying this because that's the truth. You're a thousand STAR!" ... written by lagreta79
will wait for outcome" ... written by Sandeep
he is excellent!!" ... written by Paula
After Tantra did a Black Magic removal. I have felt much better! As Tantra said things will improve after the removal in few days. And it did get better. I don't feel like i use to when black magic was done to me. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you I keep coming back because you are always on target. I cant wait to start things moving next week." ... written by FC
Thank you as always. I will come back with good news I hope!" ... written by J
i trust tantra he sees the situation how it is, and accuratly describd my situation, will wait for predictions to pass, " ... written by spirit
thanks looking forward to it" ... written by jon
thanks, very inspiring. If it is all true, MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE!!! thanks" ... written by jonathan
tantras predictions of 5 months ago came true as harsh as it was it came true.. however today life is looking pretty good and i had to get a reading from only to find out that great things are coming my way! thank u tantra!" ... written by sandra
was a short reading, but pretty good.. hope his prediction will come true. Thank you Tantra " ... written by Lynda22
Very detailed and fast!! Awesome" ... written by Johnny
Thank you Tantra, you have helped me with many issues, including Black magic removal." ... written by Shanil Kumar
he is excellent. his predictions always come true " ... written by paula
he is the best. only one i truly trust. save your money and come to him. dont even waste your time elsewhere..there is no point. Tantrapsychic should have his own psychic network and channel. Best best best best psychic all around!! His accuracy is phenomenal." ... written by Ladygrace
5 predictions of Tantra have came true, and their timeframes where amazing + he is giving you suggestions about how to deal and improve the situation. I am waiting for the next things we spoke about to happen. My personal advice to all of you reading this message is: do not look further, Tantra is the deal." ... written by sy
Its been a long journey with Tantra. He sees contact this week, most likely Thursday. Will come back to update everyone, thanks Tantra!" ... written by cali
Thank you for the reading. I will keep your advice in my mind." ... written by ponnvalli
On the spot as always, all his predictions have come true. Nothing he has told me has not come true." ... written by RIck
He is the only psychic I trust and feel is honest." ... written by Ananaprem
Definitely an eye opener...will wait to see what happens next! Thank you again" ... written by J
Tantra has not only helped me, But also my mom. Who was being attacked by Black Magic, Specifically done by people that didn't like her. Most was jealous of her. For many reasons." ... written by Shanil Kumar
great reading. cant wait for his predictions to come true." ... written by ninadorw2
helpful and clear, thank you" ... written by t
Good update" ... written by a
The best there is!!! Accurate and honest. The real deal." ... written by SR
Satisfying update, help me plan in long term." ... written by youralice
Good reading, I look forward to its coming true." ... written by Chantal
I had very little time with him unfortunately, but it was so insightful, so good. He gave me amazing timelines and things to look forward to, I'm really waiting for it to happen. Thank you Tantra, really, you are amazing, only a few can tell what's there really. I'm so happy I got a reading with you, be looking forward for another reading" ... written by Bell
His testimonials are amazing, the best iv seen and he seems like a very cool, straight forward, accurate reader. He's given me hope for the next coming weeks and I look forward to seeing things unfold. Im confident in his predictions as this is what he seems to be strongest in : ) Thank u tantra for reaching out to me when i was losing hope and I feel good iv given oranum another chance. " ... written by nodoubtarion
needed some clarification and was great at giving it to me. so far predictions are beyond perfect!!!! thank you! *****" ... written by longlegs1112
Thank you again Tantra! Most accurate! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you, and I will get back to you when movement starts next week so we can work on the next phase." ... written by FC
Again like always, Tantra has helped us in our lives. Has helped us. With accurate information. You wont find anyone. that has abilities like Tantra. Tantra is so detail and so 100% accurate!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He said some very important things for me for my career. Grateful for the things he revealed to me about the future and the options he gave." ... written by a
I have received sum clarity on a specific issue andamp; guidance on my life path. Tantra is an individual u should really consider consulting." ... written by tu lan
very consistent; accuracy is 5 stars; sure helps to have someone who is so good! thank you!" ... written by longlegs1112
Healing session took 5 minutes and had immediate effect. Feel relaxed" ... written by a
Did a lot of things for me personally and a has always been great deal of help. Very grateful. " ... written by a
Thank you Tantra for Removing black magic spells for us!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is again amazing and my spirits feel lifted for real. For the first time I went to work today feeling cheerful and easy : )" ... written by Arion
Absolutely The Best By Far! :)" ... written by Michelle
Thank you and I will be looking forward to the love spell." ... written by FC
My Favorite Psychic! :) The BEST!" ... written by Michelle
great read" ... written by lisa
Think more clear after his healing sessions, which is very helping. It doesn’t take long and has immediate effect. Very powerful energies indeed. " ... written by a
Very thorough indeed." ... written by dl
Thank you so much Tantra for our session today. You were very clear and I am looking forward to seeing results. I will follow your advice and am looking forward to speaking with you again. Thank you." ... written by FC
Tantra has done great work for me and my family. Always so accurate and helpful!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
I have to say that Tantra is one of the BEST on Oranum! I've tried multiple psychics and sadly they have misguided me completely. Even the ones I saw face to face were DEAD wring and Tantra hits it right on the mark via the internet...AMAZING! The OTHER PSYCHIHCS/MEDIUM'S readings were totally erroneous. Tantra is the REAL DEAL! I remember when he predicted I would get a movie role and the details he gave me were scary in terms of how accuracy indeed. He predicted I would get an audition in October of 2013,but the casting team would not give me the role I auditioned for, but they would invite me again and I would be notified in December and that shooting would start in January. Sure enough it happened. During the reading , before all of the prediction came true, I was a little skeptical, as all the other psychics were just taking my money.... I tested him to see what he could bring to the table by asking him specific details. Dude saw everything and I mean EVERYTHING! He" ... written by D
He was so helpful, helping me look thru the window. He was correct with all the things I have asked. I would recommend him.. Thank U Tantra" ... written by Monica
AWESOME. THE BEST." ... written by ANN
great guy" ... written by Jasmine Jackson
Thank you again Tantra for everything you have done for me and my family!!!!!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
wow tuned in , just waiting for the six weeks,to pass will keep you posted on the outcome thank you . x" ... written by gipsygirl
wow predictions happened right away probably days before the supportable prediction, tantra was so accurate it was like god plan encounter with someone he had predicted about... Didn't think it happen the way it did. It was as in god led me this way. I look forward to the upcoming weeks as in other things are supposed to happen and I trust in him that things will get better. He's a true gift from god !! " ... written by meridag
he is the best!" ... written by Super_angel
Thank you Tantra for removing the black Magic done to us! You are the best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra has continued to help me. And is like a Guru to me. Most accurate, and powerful in reading, i ever saw in my life. You cant go wrong. You can only go up with tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Great reading!" ... written by Nina
Thank you for Everything! You are the best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you so much for making me feel better!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you I will contact you in a couple of weeks to speak more about what will be up coming. Thank you for your guidance" ... written by francine
very good reading thank you for your insite" ... written by FC
Tantra is not only accurate but reassuring. he will explain things to you in such a detail that will amaze you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is simply the best at what he does. Thank you so much!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra just removed a strong black magic spell against me and my family. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra's prediction once again came true. Tantra gave me hope during a difficult time but I never lost faith in Tantra's accuracy in his predictions. When he says something will happen, in 95% of cases, it will. He is the most accurate psychic I have met and I only ever go to Tantra. You won't regret it!" ... written by J
Best" ... written by youralice
gave specific details and dates but only time will tell if they ring true!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Thank you so much!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
great reading. waiting for prediction to happen" ... written by ninadorw2
I have been seeing Tantra for over a year now. From Spiritual, finances and health." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Great as always..keep coming back" ... written by cj
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is so accurate and so powerful. Doesn't matter what the topic is." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you For clarity about my custody. Awesome reading! I will get back to you ones the prediction comes to fruition. " ... written by Alicia
nice reading. hope to see things develop as predicted" ... written by jen
He was very insightful. Knew things without much information. I will definitely get another reading with him." ... written by sweetbeet
he is really good what all predicion he has done has come true so far " ... written by bevin john
he is the best so far what ever he has told is true " ... written by bevin john
thank you" ... written by gipsygirl
Put my mind at ease. Tantra has been with me for a long time now, got to tell that he’s fab. " ... written by youralice
Just had ritual. Has given me time frames to make things better. I will wait and see. Thanks TantraPsychic for your help!" ... written by Jay
tantra is always great. Now i just have to wait. Thank you very much. Tantra is amazing he told me a time frame of "at most" 4 weeks and the prediction actually happened that night.. That is amazing. I highky reccommend him. You will not be sorry. He is not expensive... he is priceless!!!" ... written by Steph
Thank you Tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you Tantra for everything! You are the best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
know he's the one who'll help me to the best of his abilities. I have faith in him and the things he said. Looking forward to things:) " ... written by coffeecupt
Tantra was excellent. Very true and confident. Told me the hard truth and the remedies I need to take within a span of 6-8 months for the problem to go away. Thank you sir!!" ... written by Jay
he is the best. excellent!!" ... written by paula
Thank you Tantra for the reading and update!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
tantra is truly the best . He is always on spot and has a great amount of patience and guidance. " ... written by gbz
Looking forward to things from now on, I am grateful for this session. " ... written by a
very good,, Always knows whats going on. Great advice." ... written by steph
TantraPsychic is connect to Spirit and always tells the truth as presented to him by his guides. He is compassionate and professional. This is the real deal." ... written by Betsy McNair
I would have to say that it is worth getting a reading done by tantra he is worth the money especially if you need someone to do a ritual. Keep in mind that he is not god and not every exact prediction comes true ,but that has to do with free will and if other people are involved things change. But from experience majority of his predictions to come true in some way even if its not the date he has told you it does happen soon. Time frames are hard to get exact but out of all the time frames he has given me a couple of them have been true, and the other ones either happened sooner then the date he had given. But he is a very spiritual man and he is the real deal when it comes to rituals and its worth your money and time because you know he will get the job done in one shot. He will do whatever he can from his side to manifest your dreams , but faith is in gods hands :)" ... written by rani
I highly recommend him. He always has an answer. " ... written by ana
Had a long second session with Tantra. He is very convincing and gave me exact time frames when things will start changing for good. Very humble and calm. He is the best. " ... written by Jay
Thank You!!! I will contact you next week, just to keep me on tract...lol You are a very reliable Psychic. I am very pleased to have met you. Thank you!" ... written by FC
Love him. that's all i can say. that just describes it all.." ... written by ss
great thanks" ... written by a
Tantra has helped me for over a year now. No comparison the best on Oranum or any where else! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
was very clear and helpful. thanks, Tantra!" ... written by n
Thank you." ... written by FC
TUNED IN STRAIGHT AWAY! THANK YOU" ... written by gipsygirl
Thank you for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you Tantra first reading and im impressed. Thanks a lot!" ... written by dg
Very fast and on to the point. Very kind. " ... written by ponnvalli
Terrific reading! Even though he's more expensive and you won't get as many time as you would with a cheaper psychic, he's very clear, fast, goes straight to the point and got some real predictions going on... What he said makes complete sense and enlightned me dearly. Can only thank him! " ... written by Stefanie
i just started with tantra 2 months ago... i can feel his truth and prediction might come right for me as well like others ... will update later... thanks tantra just need ur support and blessings.. God bless u " ... written by Farrah
The best on Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Had a long session with Tantra. Was very positive and assuring that things will happen in a certain timeline. I will get back after the number of days have passed. Thanks tantra." ... written by Jay
Thank you. As usual. Very Accurate! best reading!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
TantraPsychic is the best!! He predicted changes in 14 days and it seems to" ... written by jr1
He is the only psychic I trust and the only psychic with accurate predictions!!!! " ... written by Kulsoom
Tantra is the best !!" ... written by geniagenia
he is the best and very helpful... words cannot express how much helpful he is .." ... written by bluestarz14
he is excellent. always spot on and his predictions always come true. time frames and all" ... written by paual
Tantra is amazing and very accurate! His predictions always come true and he is very precise and accurate in the details he gives you. He is only one of two psychics I go to here. Try him; you will not be disappointed." ... written by juniperrr
Thank you so much Tantra for everything! " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
I'm still a little confused, but it was a good reading and gave me a lot of hope." ... written by Chantal
as I always say tantra your are the best... your predictions are true and very helpful to guide some one - thank you again " ... written by bluestarz14
Thanks for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you again for the best reading" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you so much for the great reading!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
tantra I am highly relay on your helps because I always believe you are my help that is sent by GOD for me- thank you again" ... written by bluestarz14
thank you for the update and support!" ... written by xxx
It's been a while since I last talked with Tantra but he still recognised me and still saw everything with clarity and I was once again able to have some reassurance." ... written by J
Thank you Tantra for your guidance and help." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Wow!! He's really awesome!! he had so many details and answer to my question. and he really connected to my situation. he is the only one know exactly what my date thinking. He's really awesome. Very2x good" ... written by Sarah
Tantra was quick with response. He was good. Hope his predictions come true. Once it pass will let him know." ... written by Priya
So Tantras prediction came true again regarding a sensitive personal topic. He was right on point as always regarding the timeline and events...I ran out of credits but will be back agian" ... written by LadyGrace
Thank you for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He is one of the best physic on Oranum. His predictions are so true. He gave me a prediction for one of the most important phone call that I will receive in next 3 days and that did came true. He also gave me prediction for a very important visit that will happen in next 6 weeks and that also came true. He is definitely gift to us from GOD. He is great help, a friend and a healer. Now I only come on Oranum just to see him and get advice from him.Trust me you are not wasting your money when you consulting with him. You would rather spend more money to get correct answer instead of going to some cheap phsychic who just read your mind and give you incorrect answers and incorrect solutions for your problems. I truly trust him and his predictions. He is the best for sure and there is no doubt on it." ... written by Bluestarz14
the best. More money but worth it. Tantra is an amazing psychic...he mde predciciton last year which came true. Said someone would be coming back to me in november 2013 and that happened. He also made predicitons about my custody which came true. I had another reasing with him and am confident in his prediitons. he is an amazing man and a kind man. " ... written by A
he is fantastic his predictions always come true." ... written by paula
Thank you tantra i cant wait to see ur predictions come true! thanks a lot for the advices worth every penny! thank u" ... written by dg
Thank you for everything!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you!" ... written by shanil@argonlights.com
Thanks so much Tantra! You are my guide and friend. It's been around a year and a half since I started consulting Tantra. There's a reason why I keep going back to him ;)" ... written by J
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
nice reading. Hope the predictions come to pass" ... written by jen
His really good!!" ... written by Sarah
My new favorite psychic. Connects well.....look forward to reporting back when prediction manifests as it has done before. Waste your money on all these fake psychics or go to a real one like Tantra. Your money your choice, but tantra is real. " ... written by A
he is good psychic " ... written by bevin john
Thank you for your time and patience...I hope everything gets better will contact you bout the predictions soon" ... written by Bria
Great reader! I trust and always come to him for answers and tells me the honest truth. Highly recommend him." ... written by Ananaprem
EXCELLENT!" ... written by DaphneBlue
thank you for generous update" ... written by x
he is excellent!! amazing. no sugar coating tells it how it is. and is incredible with his predictions. worth every cent." ... written by paula
Very encouraging reading, I'll wait to see if he is acurate!" ... written by Chantal
TantrPsychic is amazing. His predictions are very precise and I had help to a couple of rituals which I already see starting to work. He is the real thing, and give unmatched guidance. I am blown away!!" ... written by Morten
Fantastic, helped me alot. This was really good. Highly appreciated. Will definitely come back" ... written by Morten
lovely" ... written by jen
haven't seen tantra for a while as he is hard to catch but he remains so consistent with his readings. thanks" ... written by kt
he is good" ... written by bevi
He is one of my most trusted advisors who I confide in. He is helping me in my relationship... and I trust in him. I have had severl predictions come true and awaiting others in the next coming months." ... written by FARRAH
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
It was my second reading and just as good as the first one! He's clear, he connects fast and accurately, it's really a great reading. I would recommend anyone that's considering do it, do it now! Yes, expensive, but really worth it :) " ... written by Stefanie
Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
i have been going to him for some time about relationship issues. just recently he made a prediction for a specific day and i felt there was no chance of this happening but surely enough come the sunday exactly what he said would happen happened. he is very gifted." ... written by paula
He is excellent. the best. Always so spot on its incredible. Worth every bit!!" ... written by paula
Tantra is so nice and kind person, he has helped me a lot and he's given me hope and done so much work I don't know what I would do without him, he's the best and I think whoever needs help should get in touch with him, he is truly the best. " ... written by hopelovesun
excellent predictions , honest and accurate " ... written by ggggg
He seemed nice and fast.. accurate. Will let him know if his prediction comes to fruition." ... written by jand777
his amazing the experience i have with him its fantastic, i can not verbalize it how great it is. i tell you he keeps his word his man of honor a great at what he does and he is most caring make me feel as his close as friend and cars about your privacy . which makes him very differed from other physics. His great energy that he send and gives you bring lots good . i thank him and i recommend him to any one for reading or if they have any kind problem to do get with him and get the right help. His fantastic. " ... written by hopelovesun
his more then great his kind and caring I love his reading his very help full and good god bless him and thank you" ... written by hope lovesun
good " ... written by jen
Excellent, helpful, true, caring. Understands my passion for artistic lifestyle, and lack of greed. Has removed bad people from my life that were harming me. I had sensed this in dreams, and when he lifted what they had done, my life change completely. I feel like myself again, and am very grateful." ... written by DaphneBlue
his great . thank you very much." ... written by lsunlovehope
Excellent! I feel so much better! He has solved my problem and I feel 100% better! He is very gifted and kind and patient. Anyone who has tried to hurt me will no longer be able to." ... written by DaphneBlue
Once Again, TantraPsychic has hit the nail right on the head! I feel 100% better today after he lifted curse. We are getting to the bottom of the problem, and he is removing the bad person from my life. He is completely trust worthy. I had a dream after my session with him last night that helped us both find the root cause. I recommend him highly." ... written by DaphneBlue
Tantricpsychic is a gifted healer in the highest sense. He found what was causing my troubles and used his healing energy to destroy the horrible curse that took my poor cat's life who was trying to protect me from the horrible person that was attacking me. I had sensed the attack in a dream, but never suspected the person would go to such lengths to hurt me so badly. He is a Holy Man and I am very grateful for his services." ... written by DaphneBlue
tantra is really good psychic whatever he has told has come true so far and within the time frame evrything has come true" ... written by bevin john
had to see Tantra again for more clarification on the previous reading. he can dig deeper for more detail if you want. He is very accurate. " ... written by jand777
great psychic, very precise. tells it as it is; i have had numerous readings with him, he is very accurate " ... written by Ammer
He is excellent, his predictions come true ALL the time" ... written by paula
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
he is the best. " ... written by paula
The reading was very right on the spot. As his earlier predictions unfold with the time frame, I just have to wait with paticence for the next prediction to unfold. " ... written by ponnvalli
Really good and he connects very well. He predicted a contact months ago and it came true in the exact week he said it would. I will report back when the rest of his predictions come true." ... written by susan
Very Profound Reading! Extremely miraculous that he asked me if I had seen a bird twice in the last few days. I had actually seen one of my favorite birds, a Hawk fly right in front of me! Hawk is my totem! He said this was something he had seen as a sign that mother nature was restoring me from what had happened from hurt that I was recovering from. He hit the nail right on the head with all my questions and the answers resonated with what my instincts had told me, but I was insecure and needed re-assurance. He picked up on the dreams and visions I had already had about past lives with someone and it was very comforting. I feel very in tune with him, and he has been quite a blessing for me in solving some very big hurdles that came up in my life due to jealous people. I recommend him highly, because he truly wants to help people and is gifted and able." ... written by DaphneBlue
seemed good but so short not enuf time" ... written by debbiec0613
got a quick reading for 3 mins, will see." ... written by kool
greatest!" ... written by Abigail
Tantra is the Man! direct insight into the situation. awesome." ... written by Mr. Tibbs
Thank you Tantra...I pray to god it is correct I feel it is ...sounds right to me. God bless you and your family" ... written by faith
thank you for the great reading tantra! like always you are accurate and great!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Great experience. Very accurate and provides guidance along with the time frames. Recommended!" ... written by Shania
Tantra, it's been a while since I last saw you but you've been a great help as always. Thank you so much and god bless." ... written by J
I want to thank tantra, he is the best. I had very bad news so I had reading with him and he gave me clarity and put my mind at ease. He is very detailed and very to the point. Thank you again. hope" ... written by hopelovesun
Interesting reading. Many predictions.......hopefully they come true" ... written by jen
That was better could feel more of a connection this time - before went too fast. Seemed Very accurate and nice" ... written by debbiec0613
interesting... and we will have to see what the future holds. thanks Tantrapsychic" ... written by Aliya Jackson
very short reading, due to my low fund, but he answered all of my qeustions...I am be waiting for the prediction to pass. " ... written by mainstreem20
Just had a wonderful, powerful, uplifting ritual. I feel very good and tingly in my chest and shed tears during of release. I felt very close to my Angels and all my Loving Ancestors and Everything Positive! I am very Happy to have met Tantra. His Prayer work is very energizing and pure and positive; all for the Good and Best for People! I still feel uplifted and much happier! Prayer and Blessings work wonders! Thank You So Much!" ... written by Leesah
I have so much faith in what Tantra says. I know he has a real gift and believe his predictions will happen just as he says. His others did. He is good, really really good" ... written by debbiec0613
he is constantly predicting things that he could never have known. in the space of a week they are coming true. incredible. he's the best." ... written by paula
very good reading. he gave me new idea that I never think of, but I did associate with that" ... written by ft
As always, very spot on and uplifting! Excellent advice and we are on the same wavelength! He is positive and wants the best possible outcome for all and his healing effects have helped me greatly! I am so pleased he is my friend! My life is improving and I am on an upward positive path now. Thank You So Much!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Tantra was good and fast." ... written by Priya
a..got good advice from him..hope I had more credits!" ... written by Rebecca
he is the best of best I always get all my answer from him he helps me always and I suggest him to any one who need help and his very nice and kind thank you aging :)hope" ... written by hopelovsun
i cant wait for our session tomorrow!!!! he is great" ... written by cal
got a lot, i mean a lot of information, need to do some remedies will come back and update" ... written by cal
tantra has done some prediction for m he said i her from my husband between 7march unit few days after my husband did get in touch with me on the 7th of march right on the day he said and said why he will get in touch it was exactly that to my surprise. he has also help me with some spell and its working great . and some more thing suppose to happen now i see what he predict it does happen and he has really take care of my situations." ... written by hopelovesun
Tantra is the best in Oranum. don't if him a chance. You should give yourself a chance, to see the great things her can do for you. I have been coming back now for over 2 years to Tantra. There is no one like him." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is more than great! He is so helpful. He has helped me very much and is very caring. Highly suggested. Getting a reading from him reading is the best thing you can do for yourself. Thanks for great help and reading" ... written by hopelovesun
First reading connected well. Needed more time." ... written by tlsimms2008
Great fast reader hope his predictions come true a bit expensive but seems worth it !!" ... written by Alisia Mohabir
the reading was different from the rest. but he has said something that everyone seem to have a common with. " ... written by Joanna
he is the best kind and amazing honest and detail he always helps me a lot his very correct and good and he really care I am very thank full to him, god bless you:) Hope" ... written by lhopelovesun
He is really amazing - has been right about EVERYTHING so far - some things I wish he was not right about, but mostly it has been good and turned out as he predicted I trust his insight. He is really really good. Try him you will be glad you did." ... written by debbiec0613
He is amazing. His word is golden. If tantra says it it will happen. I say this as I have proof of his predictions coming true for me on 99% of occasions. The last prediction to come true was regarding a personal matter and love commitment and the time frame of Dec 2014 was told to me. The prediction came true right at that time. Whenever I am in need of clarity i always contact Tantra for his clear visions and precise timelines. I would recommend you all do the same. " ... written by LadyGrace
Tantra is the very best. He will give you accurate and honest answers." ... written by Shanil Kumar
excellent " ... written by ron
superb. very strong energy, very detailed and accurate. looking forward to his predictions. " ... written by starrose
he is excellent. always spot on. direct and to the point. he is fantastic. predictions always come true." ... written by paula
Best predictions very accurate " ... written by Alisia M
excellent, as always, wish i met him months ago" ... written by ron
excellent.. im impressed" ... written by ron
excellent. ... just wish i could afford more time " ... written by ron
Very Wonderful session of healing and for love tonight! I saw all my guides were with me and protecting me during ritual and helping clear all blocks to my happiness. I saw my Paternal Grandfather, who has always come to me when I needed him, I saw my Maternal Grandparents, who were very loving and kind to me, I saw my Spirit Guides, and Indian Chief in full Head-dress, and a Knight Templar, Sir Israel of the Order of Arch Angel Michael, and I saw my Guardian Angel, very tall and Golden light. I felt protected and safe and on the right path. Faith is good and I feel so much better than before. I have had many jealous people in my life trying to bring me down because of my abilities, and Tantra is helping clear all this away and give me back what was already there; my authentic self. I am learning discernment and learning about myself. My Guides have always been with me, I just have to not let people scare me who are jealous and unhappy with themselves. It is a learning experience, but it is renewing my Faith in myself and my Guides and Angels. Many Blessings to Tantra and his Family and all those that work for Good!" ... written by Leesah
Very specific and correct. Made predictions about someone's health that is close to me that were true and the results were good! I am relieved and soothed by the protection I received tonight, and am no longer doubting myself. It was very validating and I always come away from a reading with Tantra feeling renewed and relaxed and confident! He is always spot on and gives good advice!" ... written by DaphneBlue
what a grat session. cant wait to come bak in 15 days forupdate!" ... written by cali
superb. i can feel my aura clearing and healing as we speak. ive been plagued for a long time and while others have tried to clear it, they only got rid of the superficial problem and the negative energies kept coming back, but with tantra i can feel a deep clearing of my energy. " ... written by tantra
Tantra is great!! He has predicted many many things, he is almost 90%correct all the time. I really believe in his readings and trust him. I'm sure that his predictions this time will come true as well. Thank you so much! :)" ... written by sand
excellent" ... written by ron
very good" ... written by ron
very short" ... written by shell
Tantra Just did a protection spell for someone very close and dear to me. I could feel the love and felt so uplifted after, I felt like I was getting the positive energy too! In fact, right now, I feel like I am glowing and my Aura is so peaceful! It is wonderful! We were praying for protection for someone I love, and yet now I feel also protected and loved! It is as if all is in tune now! Wonderful!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Absolutely no sugarcoating; told me for what it is. Also told me what I" ... written by crumnch
he give me very good advise on my case and again very deteil thank you we are moveing ahead with our plan and is successful. thank you." ... written by hope love sun
Excellent as Always! Feeling much more confident and ready to get back out into world!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Superb. This guy is the real deal. I've been plagued for a very long time, and was skeptical because others have promised but never got rid of the negativity around me. Tantra didn't make any easy promises, or do some 5 second trick, it took time but he got rid of it. After the latest round of protection spells, I could literally feel my energy clearing up, and the negativity and headaches being willed away. He's expensive but worth it. I've been plagued for so long by someone who put a curse on me (I know how this sounds, as a former skeptic) and I was so unhappy and drained, I'm so happy to have my life back! 5 stars" ... written by starrose
Thank you, Thank you :)" ... written by Tie
Tantra is very accurate. He also keeps good notes on past readings and so it is easy to follow-up with him." ... written by Betsy McNair
Tantra is awesome!!!! Really really accurate!" ... written by believeinlove
He was awecome, ran out of credits but was super accurate in his reading! thank you so much" ... written by believeinlove
Thank you Tantra for the quick reading, I feel confident in the time frames you gave me, though it will take time, it sounds about right for the present circumstances. You were right in the past about the relocation around the time of August last year, that's right around the time when all the planning for it began." ... written by Jena
Wonderful reading, highly recommended !!!" ... written by shawna
i can say his great and his and work is going just as he say and we plan and every thing is working as he has said. I am thank full for all his help. and the prediction he does it happens. thank you." ... written by hope
the best. every since he removed a very strong curse on me, my work life and social life has rebounded back to what it was. i'm a much happier person too!" ... written by starrose
Thank you tantra your amazing " ... written by Natasha
BEST, MOST accurate person here and MOST beautiful spirit in here also! THANK YOU, god bless!!!!!!!!!" ... written by C
Thank you so much - you were fast and I hope to see things happen very soon " ... written by N
I am super impressed by his ability to look into the matter without me telling him anything! My credits ran out but will get in touch soon! Thank you so much !" ... written by autumn
2 predictions cam true from my last reading, and he also predicted i would meet with someone in 3 weeks.....I actually had already arranged that so pretty sure that will also come true. " ... written by katarina
Wow wow and wow - worth the read" ... written by lotus71
Last year reading was right... this time, also gave specific time range. Let see how this will go. I will come back to update. Thanks for the reading... it does help and not matter what, keep marching forward." ... written by William
He is very sharp." ... written by starfish57
He was pretty fast and highly accurate,, I was amazed by his demo everyone he connected to he was 110% spot on…. He isn’t such a high rate for no reason. " ... written by Jessica1114
No sugarcoating. He tells it like it will be. Very specific. Thanks." ... written by starfish57
Amazing. Very strong psychic, his protection spell and black magic removal has helped me so much with my life. The real deal. " ... written by starrose
The last reading I had with Tantra was about 8 months ago. I was very sad and depressed after separating from my husband. I came to tantra to find out if there will be a reconnection, he assured me that we will get back together but it will take some time. It will be almost a year before we reconnect again. At that time it was hard to believe because of the circumstances surrounding us and divorce papers in the middle. About a week ago my husband came back to me and asked if we can be together. It" ... written by havefaith33
He gave me reading once last year. He said I would have bad karma coming up... and the follow month I had a bad accident. He gave me better news this time... let's see how this will go." ... written by William
He was awesome. He picked up on when we would run into each other. He said like two months, and the event in the end of May, which is like two months. All I can say is wow... " ... written by Janice
sees the situation well. saw that i would be taking exams in 3 months without me saying anything. " ... written by sometimes4321
very very good that all i can" ... written by marta
I appreciated his insight and his honesty, despite it not being what I wanted to hear. Fast and quick and doesn't sugar coat. Thanks!" ... written by SC
Tantra has been so amazingly accurate - the first reading he told me that Mr. X will contact me and meet me this week and it happened, it is amazing bcs i never beleieved it at first and when it happened he was the first one i informed, Iam truly happy of a psychic like him that oranum has kept, he is the best and you wont go wrong, he is at a high price but he is truly worth every single dime, he has made a few more predictions for me and I just cannot wait for it to pass, Iam greatly thankful to you tantra and your are once again amazing and super accurate god bless you" ... written by Natasha
Tantra - you amaze me so much - but each time anything happens my heart gives you 10 - folds of more blessings - i just want to tell members here that guys a week ago he stated i would meet MR. X this weekend - and I DID - i had also asked him if MR. X would brk up - he said NO BREAK UP - and gues what there was no break up tdy when i saw him - so tantra i just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart - god bless you - and i cant wait for 2 more of the things you predicted to come true !" ... written by NatashaK786
lol hesssss good" ... written by melissa
Thank you so much - you helped me relaize the potential in my relationship" ... written by Na
i was surprised how confident he was in answering all questions, he definitely was spot on in terms of the energy of the person, and i do see what he said happening in the future..i remain hopeful." ... written by lovehouston
Great reading!Highly recommended" ... written by watermeadows
very honest very nice and kind man :) will look fwd for his predictions :) Thank u so much" ... written by moonlight
tantra is like friend he does guide us throught he right way and do give us right anser and right remedy he only tells the truth so he is the ebst guys if have any worries or upset rather sharing it with a friend u can share it with him okay guys so pls give him a chance " ... written by Bevin john
tantrapsychic is one best and accurate psychic that i have come accros his predciton for my second job has come true with the given timeframe he does only say the truth he does give us good rememdies so i would say guys give him a chance pls try his reading once i promise u will love it u will come back to him" ... written by Bevin john
thanks good reading, hope all you said comes to pass! definitely need some business" ... written by ALR
Thank you so much! He is so amazing very detailed and worth the money! This is only my second reading with him and he has proven to me that he knows what he is talking about! Blessings to you!" ... written by believeinlove
If Tantra says it, it will happen. Just know that. Only psychic who's word is gold and always true. He is truly connected with his guides and higher power. I encourage all of you to get a reading with Tantra if you havent done so already. I will continue to update as the predictions come true..." ... written by LadyGrace
Great!" ... written by J
Hes my go to person now. Such a great soul. Always puts me at ease. Cant wait for his predictions to come to pass. " ... written by kim
Very sweet and connected quickly" ... written by angie
he was able to confirm something that I was really thinking about :)" ... written by angie
AMAZING,AMAZING, AMAZING!!! I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!" ... written by 00000
Tantra is so accurate. like basically 100%. he has predicted my life. He is so exact with dates and month, extremely precise with physical characteristics. He is seriously the best!!! very very extremely accurate. Thank you so much tantra! xoxo " ... written by sandra
To the point and very impressive reading ! highly recommend him ! " ... written by s
Thank you Tantra..." ... written by S
Thank you for the reading and remedies suggested." ... written by stars071
He was awesome. So on point!" ... written by Bahamaqueen
He gave a DEMO and a personal reading..." ... written by Nag
tantra is good pyschic he has been helping and guiding me for almost two year he has helped he is helping me and he will be helping me so guys once again give him a chance or opportunity to read for you" ... written by Bevin john
Tantra always show us the right path. I have so many readings with him for the past 2 years. All his predictions came true so far . Not only he tells you about the problems in your life but he always gives solution to the problem. If you looking for someone to tell you the true Tantra is the person you should go to. You will be amazed how accurate he is. I am glad I found him. Thanks Tantra." ... written by Shanil
Tantra , thank you so much for everything you have done for me. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
he made some predictions so time will tell." ... written by wren1414
answered all questions in 2 minutes amazing" ... written by christina
he is wonderful because i have watched his demoes glad i got a reading with him" ... written by lor
thank you so much tantra - for the update - waiting for it to be true as always - thanks alot :) " ... written by Natasha
I like that tantra gives timeframes and he has given me some hope. But he also told me the truth which is what I have needed and never gotten." ... written by Liz
it was a very direct and clear reading. thank you." ... written by silvermoonlight
super super reading very impressed" ... written by sonu
thank u for the prvt, u r very fast and on point. I hope and pray what u have seen shall come to pass I will be back and let u know tantra thank u" ... written by melissa
do listen to him :D" ... written by riri9riri
gud " ... written by gatez
he is so awesome for sure I love this man" ... written by lori
Tantra is worth every penny. Ever since he helped me remove a very deep rooted and awful spell on me, my life and energy has changed so much. I moved to a better apartment, my friends are warmer, and I'm no longer plagued with bad health. A straightforward, caring and powerful psychic! Remembered details from our past readings even though it had been a while. " ... written by starrose
This guy is amazing!!!! I am very impressed!!!! Thanks!!!!" ... written by jjjj
Thank you!!! Great reads!! Will be back for sure. " ... written by JB
Good...waiting for prediction to come true..." ... written by sudha
perfect reading..very true connected very quickly.." ... written by sona
Great reading very detailed and honest. I wish I had more fund available so i could have communicated with him longer. He is soooooo gifted and honest and very direct:) I will reach out to him very soon:) " ... written by Sunday
Super Impressed ! His predictions are rock solid and the consistency is amazing!!!" ... written by starry
Thank you so much tantra - you have relli predicted things back around april 12th that have been true tdy - and i cant thank you enough !!!1" ... written by Natasha
thank you" ... written by x
Thank you for the follow up questions!" ... written by JB
brilliant ...one word for him" ... written by iisha
HIS PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE !!! I AM SO SO SO HAPPPPYYYYYY !!! Thank you so much Tantra! I had lost all faith and you brought that back! Indebted to you always :) " ... written by Simm
Great reading. Will see how things unfold :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
a powerful psychic. helped me a lot!! " ... written by starrose
we did update he said some important thing his very good and detial we will talk agin. thank you." ... written by hopelovesun
Have to wait until 2017 to see if predictions come true. otherwise got the answer to my question with details! :)" ... written by Mary
seems like a good reader...but will be certain in 4-5 months to see if his prediction came true" ... written by Tahliah
very good session with him...he knows what he is doing " ... written by mona
a+++ must try and see your self" ... written by bob
I went to him regarding my business and home. He said a man would be helping me with my business. Someone with knowledge. I asked for a description and he described in detail the man that has already been helping me. He described that he has white hair, balding and his color. He's an amazing psychic and very kind. Truthful as well." ... written by jolain
I spoke to Tantra a few months ago. What he predicted would happen in my love life has happened. Told me that I would feel like this person is leaving me which has happened in the time frame he mentioned. We did an update and so far it looks like what will take place makes sense and the time frame is still about the same. So I am so looking forward to it." ... written by michelle
love his reading very confident..what he says.give a go" ... written by jeea
got a good read on me quickly" ... written by celwood1
he was so on point...i havent had reading like this before...i didnt have to provide any information... i cant wait till his prediction unfold....he is amazing...i would say 5stars are not enough for him because he is so professional and highly gifted....i would highly recommend him." ... written by nami
All of Tantra's predictions have been consistent for me, in the past it's been time-frame questions I came to him for, and he got all 3 correct and even details he gave around them and why they would happen a certain way were right. Everyone has something unique to offer here and we all connect differently. I've had a difficult time finding psychics that predict future events as well as the present, and time-frames can be tricky, even his honesty and clearness about the situation is accurate, so I can really reflect well on my choices. I will leave more feedback when his next prediction comes true as I'm sure it will. He's fast in his delivery too, every minute you get the information and answers you came for, he's the the one I'll be coming back to for now! Thank you again Tantra." ... written by Jena
I will never be Upset at the truth. Because I Know my mistakes. Thank you Tantra! The biggest thing you give to us, is your honesty. I am so Happy that you gave the Hard Honesty to me. Now i am able to fix my problem thanks to you! So accurate and so much to the point. " ... written by Shanil Kumar
Accurate and good in answering questions. " ... written by Beatrice
Thank you so much - he is so precise - hope for these predictions to come true you are accurate - thank you " ... written by Natasha
Tantra is teh real deal. I just did a magic ritual with him and it was amazing. It was so intense and inspiring. I could actually feel it working. The entire experience great and I cant wait to share my results. Thank you again tantra for all that you do. :)" ... written by LadyGrace
tantra is a great psychic and always spot on, he predicted things which have come to pass 100 %" ... written by ola
He definitely picks things quickly and gives good insight. Have to wait to see how things turn out based on his predictions. Waiting period so far, so if things turn out the way he predicted will come back and confirm. Good reader!" ... written by keera
he is so awesome I will always come to him for updates I like him plus the predictions as well" ... written by lori
Perfect as always ! I will come back to confirm predictions . " ... written by k
the best! very fast, gives me all the details without needing any prompts, very accurate. " ... written by starrose
Amazing! I went to him and he was right about my predictions! I totally trust him and you should too!" ... written by K
His fantastic all things he said to me its happing one by one we had very good up date . I love to work with him his wonderful reader and person. every one should have reading with him . what the say it comes to pass . thank you.:)" ... written by hope
since he's quite expensive had to shoot quick for predictions...so only time can tell....hope he's right and time frames r shorter!" ... written by lovehouston
I wish I had consulted Tantra a year ago. I would have been spared of so much suffering that I had gone through. He is a God sent Angel and truly a guiding light... Thank you Tantra for showing me the true path. " ... written by autumn
he is awesome I like going to him cause he is very honest wont sugarcoat :o)" ... written by lori
I had a reading with Tantra and he was able to help and give excellent advise. He helped me so much. I suggest anyone who needs his expertise to go to him as he knows what he is talking about. I will be back to see him as there was absolutely no disappointment." ... written by Rosa
Tantra always has accurate timelines. Hes the only psychic that makes sense and can properly interpret the information he receives form the divine. Since my very first reading with him about 1.5 years ago I have not had any need or desire to consult with another psychic regarding my matters. Tantra alone is enough. " ... written by LadyGrace
Thank you so much for the reading and your honesty. Tantra is very clear and was spot on." ... written by Shelly
Wow - That was really amazing. I felt the energy change and it break, the weight lift. It was unreal and while I was very hesitant at first, I'm super grateful. You can't put a dollar on making things right and protecting the ones you love." ... written by Shelly
love his reading...waiting for things to come true" ... written by sid
great had my 4 th reading with him.. super him" ... written by pg
super that's what i can say ..he tells you the thing what you never told him ..connect quickly..bless him" ... written by as
thanks" ... written by tommorow
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tantra performed a magic ritual for me about a week and half ago and it is already showing positive effects . His work is very powerful and his predictions accurate. My life and events are living proof of this. " ... written by Ladygrace
Thank you so much Tantra for your super accurate reading! You are but the very best on Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
This guy is amazing!!!! I am speechless!!! He knows my situation very well. Great psychic!!!!" ... written by uuuu
Thank you! Best and quickest!" ... written by JB
his amazing I did get update and it was as he told me and give eme new information . his the best. thank you" ... written by hope
Love this man! He is so honest and accurate! Look forward to many more readings with him!" ... written by Andre
Tantras predictions and timelines always come true. See for yourself! Hes the best. " ... written by Ladygrace
Connected very quickly and gave me accurate information about my current situation. He provided time frames and this is my first reading with him. Provided detailed insight and gave me excellent information. " ... written by Aliyah
Love this man! Very good!" ... written by Andrea
thanks!" ... written by CT
wow tantra gave me some specific info. thanks." ... written by CT
This man is a saviour! He is spot on with his predictions and does not waver from truth! Thank you so much Tantra for everything and I will come back soon !! " ... written by sim sim
great reading as usual I just have a confusing love life lol " ... written by lisa
tantra - you have amazed me time and again - in our previous reading a while ago you stated mr. X would see me in 10 days and saw me exactly on the 10th day, i cannot wait for your forthcoming predictions to come true, coz i have faith in ur readings and you are just awesomeee LIKE WOW WOW WOW, and secondly, you have been right about the fact last night that his reason for not communicating was like what the *** - bcs I ound out today and iam gonna now waikit for the rest of your predictions to come true you are one amazing psychci iam glad i found you" ... written by NatashaK786
He is very clear and concise and doesn't waste time. I'm very appreciative of his insight and direction. Thank You!" ... written by Cheryl
The breaking of the spell produced immediate results. My ex picked up for the first time after a year of only just texting an random meet ups. I would highly recommend." ... written by Shelly
it's unbelievable what tantrapsychic sees, i will go to him for my psychic reading from now on." ... written by CT
very good reader will like to come back for more as my internet cut he is highly recommended" ... written by oles
Tantra has been forthright and the spells that we've done have worked. It's too soon to say if the future predictions are accurate, but the past readings lined up and were accurate. I would recommend." ... written by Shelly
Good connection... will see. Thanks!" ... written by William
very good reading, connected quickly and expressed much of the situation happening in my life with advice and given time frame. thank you again, will be sure to check in with you again soon." ... written by Dakota2043
Tantra is great, very detailed and easy to speak with. Made predictions in last reading that came to pass! Hoping for the next prediction to happen as well! Blessings Tantra! Thanks again!" ... written by believe_inLove
thank you so much tantra - iam amazed at how even the slightest confusion is cleared - your simply the best reader on oranum - you amaze me after every private session - im so glad i found you " ... written by NK
Great reader. Very accurate. Will use again!" ... written by kelly
great reading" ... written by chippy
thank you so much tantra - have never seen someone so accurate and consistent with your readings as you are - your trully magical" ... written by nk
Incredible! You must get a reading from him! :)" ... written by Drohem
He's so consistent it's sort of scary :) I will be back to let him know his predictions came to pass-- two readings this week, and they were the exact same, and even more detail this time! Totally worth his price!" ... written by Hk
tantra you saved my emotions and life today. " ... written by L
Tantras rituals are extremely powerful. I cannot emphasize enough how accurate he is and how effective his rituals are. Amazing! " ... written by LadyGrace
Very, very good. Looking forward to predictions. I feel like the truth has finally been released." ... written by .
wow wow wow.. love this guy !!! He is so accurate on the past, and sees and explains things that are coming up for me that are right on the mark !!! Gotta try Tantra - the real deal for sure !!!" ... written by Shawna
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING..... HE IS THE BEST" ... written by Rosa
tantra is amazing. he picked up on a situation that i believe to be true. he seems highly accurate. " ... written by CT
thank you so much tantra - time and again - you confirm my worries - and make me feel sure that things will be fine - your the best" ... written by nk
very unique psychic best by far. scary how he knows the little details" ... written by miab3434
He gave me new confirmation. Can't wait to see what happens." ... written by Tantra
He is absolutely wondering. I feel like what he said will come true. I cannot wait to see what happens. I am very excited for the future. Thank you very much" ... written by sandatta
Same reading as last time. Will see how things will work out." ... written by William
Amazing psychic. First prediction came true in a matter of days and I feel the best energy from him during our readings. I fully trust tantra and will be back. What could have been an emotionally devastating situation is manageable now, and I met Tantra at the perfect time. If you really need help, a reading here is very very worth it! " ... written by Jen.
he is so awesome I needed his help and he is so accurate" ... written by lori
AMAZING!!!!Tantra removed a spell from me. 5 years ago somebody cursed me and since then I was in constant pain. During the ritual I could feel his presence. My hand did hurt during the session. Once the session ended my hand stopped hurting. Very good reading. Have to see if his predictions will come true." ... written by PR
tantra is the best when it comes to black magic removals and spells. Tantra is real deal - ever since he removed a spell for me a few months ago my life has improved a lot. my friendships and mental and physical health. his predictions for me mostly center around October when life will change, so will keep updated when that happens!" ... written by starrose
Thank you so much for your honesty and for helping me save my money!!!! I wish you many blessings and lots of love!!! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Thank you so much for my reading! I wish you many blessings and lots of love!!! :) " ... written by Kayeluv1
Lovely, accurate, fast" ... written by miami_doc
Awesome - thanks so much !" ... written by Susan
He is very accurate, he picked up on things that I never mention and inform me on things that I didn't know. I am waiting to see what will happen in the future. He is very good. Thank you so much" ... written by sangeeta
Great!!!! Very amazing physic!!!!!" ... written by yyyyy
He is amazing as always...cant doubt his predictions bc it always happens....i truly believe in him...i highly recommend him...he is the besttttttt ...5stars doesnt do him any justice...will def return to him like always!!!!" ... written by namrata
great!" ... written by Ned
Great reading! Accurate and precise! I thank you!" ... written by Gatoral
Tantra was great and unbelievable!! So worth the money and picked up things very fast and precisely as they were like it was straight out of my mouth so I can't wait for his predictions coming up soon and will be back again. Blessings!" ... written by A
Amazing as usual, last prediction passed! Computer froze lost him. But he answered all my questions! Thank you so mcuh!" ... written by believe_inLove
Very accurate reading " ... written by sangeeta
he is precise" ... written by michelelee
very good " ... written by sharlene13
Excelent" ... written by sharlene
Tantra predicted a reconciliation and the exact timeframe and way in which it would occur. It came true exactly on the day he predicted. This is just one of the many predictions that have come true precisely on time and in the exact manner in which he told me. " ... written by LadyGrace
Always on spot!!! amazing. Waiting for these 4 months for a big one to come to realization " ... written by lisf2014
Tantra saved me from Black magic. Again in Again. Thank you so much for everything. You are truly the best on Oranum!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
tantra has removed Evil from my life, thank you Tantra" ... written by shanil651
TantraPsychic was an excellent reader. He picked up on things right away and made some good predictions. Am hoping to report back with good news! Thank you for the reading!!" ... written by Carrie
thank you for ur reading and information given, i will come back again soon" ... written by emy
Tantra is a very honest man, quick to respond and pick up on the situation. He is also consistent with what he says so I am looking forward to see how things turn out. Many blessings and thank you" ... written by A
He is direct and on point." ... written by James
last prediction came true in his exact timeframe- did a quick update and everything else is exactly the same as he said before! great reading." ... written by hk
Super Great!!!! Will use again!!!! Experience his talent!!!!!" ... written by uuuu
He seemed different..He saw visions i guess.. Has given me sometime frames.. I will come back and let you if these work for me :)" ... written by Fundaaaz
Very interesting reading, lots of predictions, some very short term. Really hope they come true as they are all pretty good.....this has clarified a few things and i have a good feeling that things will come to pass the way he has said" ... written by jen
he is very accurate and i have had so many predictions come true" ... written by paula
I absolutely cannot wait for these amazing predictions to fall through - and i am certain they will - because you have said so - and since you have been so accurate everytime - your readings never have and never will fail me :) YOUR THE BESTESTTTTT" ... written by Natasha
Tantra - thank you so much your just awesome - in your predictions, u have nailed it and im hoping to see the same miracles with this reading - your a geniusly accurate individual !!!!" ... written by Natasha
Connected very quickly, very straight to the point, did not waste any time. Also confirmed what I was thinking. Thanks for your help!" ... written by Starliteny
Thank you for the great reading Tantra!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Really GOOD " ... written by Vee
Trying Tantra to make some progress in my relationship. Will update as we move through this process." ... written by LMP
he is so awesome I love his readings" ... written by lori
Prediction came true again. Tantra predicted that I would see Mr X at a certain date and I did..he also predicted his behavior and it was right on. Also, tantra was able to pick up on a vrey specific personal situation that I had never told him about. I'll update more as the predictions keep cming true. " ... written by LadyGrace
thanks for the quick update. Hoping the predictions come true. " ... written by jen
Tantra has always been there for me, and helped me. thank you so much" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Direct and clear answer. Good advice, will follow and wait for the better times. " ... written by ponn
heard a lot about tantra on here...the hype is real" ... written by mandeep gill
one of his predictions has come true. Gave me good advice. Much appreciated. Hoping to see the rest to come true." ... written by p
Amazing!!!! I am speechless!!! Will use again!!!! Thanks!!!!" ... written by uuuu
Thank You Tantra you and God are everything to me in my life!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Why do I keep coming back to Tantra? His predictions always come true. He doesnt waste time by telling you about things in the past that you already know about. He gives solid descriptive predictions that come true 99% of the time. The only time a prediction didnt come true was when it was a bad one and that too because Tantra gave me solution to prevent it. So actually, he is 100% accurate so far over the span of almost 2years. Also, he is highly priced but I would rather spend a few shor tminutes getting a reading that will give me real predictions then spending lots of time getting told a bunch of nonsense that never happens. Think logically before chosing a psychic next time and definitely come to tantra." ... written by LadyGrace
The best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
The most accurate. The best of Oranum. No one come close to Tantra's accuracy! 100% Accurate." ... written by Shanil Kumar
I have been coming to Tantra for many Years! That alone speaks volumes in itself. Why would i keep coming back? Its because Tantra is Just unbelievably accurate. I Lost count on Demon attacks on me. There is no one that can take all that away like Tantra does! You are already blessed to be reading my comment. Don't make a mistake and leave. He is all that you need Plus God. He is the guru to get you to God and his love." ... written by Shanil
Well, a lot of what I heard already but let's see how the predictions pan out. A bit confusing in some answers, maybe I couldn't follow time frames correctly with him. I went to him because his testimonials were high on his predictions. So - we shall see. " ... written by Rebecca
2 MORE PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE RIGHT ON TIME: Prediction 1 -- Tantra told me I'd be seeing Mr. X by a certain date and it came to pass right at that time. Prediction 1 -- Tantra told me about when I would receive back some money that I had lent to someone and it is right on track with his prdiction!" ... written by LadyGrace
First consultation and I feel Tantra has connected well with me. I am waiting for the changes to happen and will be back again here! :)" ... written by RJ
Tantra read for me a few months ago and the predictions are starting to happen. I had to come back to check in on things. Amazing!!!" ... written by Anny
A very accurate, very powerful and professional psychic. His predictions have always been consistent, and his insights have come true. The man helped me a lot with removing an evil entity off me, and my life has changed so much since. Worth the money. " ... written by starrose
very good" ... written by SanFrancisco Earth Angels
Tantra's predictions has been so accurate from day #1. all his predictions has been coming true for me. I can't wait to see the final prediction that will be the end of it all. Give him a try he's worth every penny. " ... written by Faith-love-hope
Simply the best !!! The real deal on the site !!! Do not go anywhere !!!" ... written by sim sim
He is amazing!!!! He knows about stuff I told nobody else. Thanks so much. Wow!!!! Thanks!!!!" ... written by pppp
Tantra keys right in. he is amazing. So far everything he says, happens WHEN he says. Talk to him, you'll ne happy you did!" ... written by Steph
100% Accurate Tantra not only tells you, your future. But also fixes it. A lot of people can just tell you future but cant do anything to improve. This is why Tantra is the best!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thanks for the reading! looking forward to the predictions made by you :) will come back in a few months for a follow up " ... written by L
Tantra showed me a better path and has seen me for 3 years now. I keep coming back, because all his predictions comes true! which has changed my life. He has done rituals to flee off evil spirits from my life and negative people as well. He also did a love spell ritual that is now working like a charm. I know he can change anyones life. God bless!" ... written by Skumars
Tantra has changed my life with dream interpretations and healing. He has taken away all black magic that was done to me. He has predicted things that has come to past, with 100% accuracy and excat date and time. God bless" ... written by Skumars
I trust Tantra the most. His predictions are solid, happen on track, and he is very insightful and detailed. The real deal. Also after he removed a seriously damaging spell on me, my life has recovered back to normal. " ... written by starrose
Ok heres the deal.. I came to tantra about 2.5 months back.. with a bunch of questions.. 1 was my property related. He said within 4 months he saw me moving into new house.. At that point I thought. I had a property on hand we planned to move in 2 months.. if that did not work new property would take more time. But we actually progressed on the one on hand.. there were some delays.. but now things are in place. We will be moving in next month (which will be 3.5 months from his prediction) Am soooooooo glad with his accuracy.. I have yet another big prediction waiting to happen in Jan-Feb.. !! Cant wait.. thank u tantra..... I will come back to u for sure.." ... written by Fundaaz
to the point - fast - insightful " ... written by mandeep
wow 2 years and passing. That should tell you why i keeping coming back to Tantra." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is the best on Oranum! Most Accurate and caring!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Super!!!! Never met anybody like him!!!! The best psychic I have ever met!!! TRULY GIFTED!!!!" ... written by jjjj
Very insightful. thanks for your help " ... written by Goodmyster
he is good. honest and pure .thnku " ... written by moonli
A long overdue feedback tantra - all i wanna say is that for the multiple readings i have had with you you have been spot on every single time - you said i wud meet the person on a particular saturday and it happened, you said he would tell me about the invitiation today and i will go to the event in the veening and it happened, i just hope things work out eventually like you have said in the reading i have just had with you after performing the solution gift giving - and i will do it coz i noe it works, tantra you have been my number one go to psychic, i have never felt so at ease as i have with you - you have provided me with so much clarity that i cant think or count of anyone else - although i may be going to them bfr you whenever your not online - however, your my final verdict, and tantra - may god bless you 10000000 folds for doing what your doing - you have always been honest with me and helped me in every way poissibble - i feelike even though we are online you have known me as good as it can be in person, your the best tantra - GUYS HE IS THE REAL DEAL NO JOKES - IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFES - HE HAS THE SOLUTIONS TO OVERCOME THE HURDLES AS WELL - HE IS THE NUMBER 1 GO TO PERSON - LOVE YOU TANTRA !!!!!" ... written by Natasha
Fast results, accurate. Great reading." ... written by Jake Hobbs
I'm deeply moved by the accuracy of TantraPsychic.. He is" ... written by shraddha44
Fast Accurate" ... written by Jay
The best reading I have ever had. This man is amazing. He definitely has a gift. Thanks." ... written by kkkkk
Omg! A prediction came true again! Exact date and place! No one else can do that. Tantra is so accurate you will be scared!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Wow! He is very in tune with my situation. Can't wait to see how when it all comes about! Thanks Tantra" ... written by Amy
Honest answers. Helpful to move on thankyou" ... written by vik
I have recently had a black magic removal from Tantra. After reading his testimonials and seeing everyone's life improve I needed his help. Once the black magic removal was completed it was amazing what happened. My partner started to change towards me and the woman performing the black magic on his was removed from his life as he started to see clearer. It was amazing the effects he had on my life..... not only did my life improve but my partner felt more at ease and the bad nightmares started to stop.... I am grateful to Tantra and recommend anyone with issues to go and see him first..... he changed me life and I am confident he can change yours. Nothing but 1000 stars." ... written by Stars
<" ... written by
Thank you tantra as always for providing accurate predictions. " ... written by LadyGrace
Thank so much for your consistent update! " ... written by p
Well..... after using Tantra and seeing the results fruition I decided to complete one of his attraction spells. OMG it was amazing... he told me to see results anything from 1 to 11 days and when I told you I saw them straight away it was out of this world..... it has been now two months since completing this and the attraction and love we have for each other is beyond belief. He truly is amazing in everyway.... if you are thinking to have a reading do not hesitate he can help you if that is what is chosen for you...... amazing.....not only did he remove the black magic he also increased every other level of my life.....have a go you will not regret" ... written by Stars
Very nice reading!!! Looking forward to his prediction" ... written by Golden Crown
Thank you Tantra for the reading and the remedies. I feel relieved as I know what to do ito be able to avoid hard situations. " ... written by Santhi
very insightful and resourceful" ... written by star
great session" ... written by star
He is truly a lovable man, very honest and speaks from the heart. I've had a couple privates already, never been mislead and his predictions have come to pass :) thank you so much and god bless you always " ... written by think
bad news this time other psychics tell me different things but i trusted him. lets see whose prediction comes true. " ... written by nip
Wonderful! Wow! Thank you Tantra for lifting my spirits. A probably spent my savings, but I thank you for the information you provided. I look forward to moving on! " ... written by BrianaAF2
he is sticking to his predictions which will take place in about a weeks time...hope to God he's right! will be back to update.....and give a proper evaluation." ... written by lovehouston
his the best of best I did up data thing has come to pass thank you:)" ... written by hope
I'm really pleased with Tantra's readings and his style, even more that he has picked up on some big predictions and even gave accurate time-frames of when they would happen without cards on some things over a year ago that I came to him for. I've only seen him use a quick 3 card spread towards the end of a reading to sum up what information comes to him, and I feel this method gives his readings a precise and direct answer. So far I haven't needed to see anyone else for readings this year, everything has been moving along as he said, and some bigger predictions are coming within the next few months, and I will update as to what unfolds! Thanks so much for your assistance, it is a blessing finding you here. " ... written by Jena
Tantra has helped me so much. We completed a love spell and its was amazing. My partner was never one to show emotions and he has been changed so much after Tantra's help. After Tantras rituals your life will improve so much. He is the expert who knows how to remove an negativity. His black magic removal has done wonders for my life. This man is worth more money than he charges..... thank you Tantra. " ... written by Stars
PREDICTIONS KEEP COMING TRUE!!! OMG! He's what everyone wants a psychich to be. Please please do not waste your time with all the psychics who give you vague answers and tell you about all the things that happened in the past that you already know about. Anyone who is truly gifed will be able to give you an accurate future prediction. I truly am grateful for Tantra and hope he gets all the clients and continued success." ... written by LadyGrace
Tantra is straight forward and gives you the advice you need to hear. He remembered my situation clearly and my timeframe is still working for my situation. Go to him if you want real advice. Thanks so much for my reading! " ... written by Amy
Wonderful Reading and exceptional person !!! I trust what he says, how he feels and believe in his predictions... Truly the best of the best - please give him a try, you will NOT regret it :) Thanks Tantra" ... written by S
Great fast reader.very friendly.thank you." ... written by e
THANKS ONCE AGAIN! Will come back for more :) :) " ... written by L
ONLY TANTRA CAN REMOVE ANY NEGATIVE AND EVIL SPELLS...... Please do not waste your money with anyone else..... I have had this man help me for the past 6 months and I have seen amazing things happen in my life.... his love spells and black magic removals are what has helped my life.... he can help you too...... more than a million star recommendation..... " ... written by Stars
seemed to know what i was looking for the minute he gave me the reading, he's not afraid to give you the bad news, and i appreciate it a lot!, thank you so much" ... written by fasfdsf
gave some timescales and answered some questions about magic, unfortunately credit ran out way too soon" ... written by sam
tantra has always guided me on the right path - and i believe in him so much - i noe i cant go wrong with him - and whtever he stated this time - im hoping it will come true - as well like all other times - thanks you tantra your realli the number one psychic not only on this site but in this world - YOUR PREDICTIONS HIT THE RIGHT SPOT ALLLLL THEEE TIME - YOU NEVER FAIL TO SUPRISE ME :) " ... written by nk
awesome as always" ... written by p
Time was short, but ok reading " ... written by Sherry K
His black magic removal spells and protectoin spells have helped me out a lot in my life, to the point where my life has changed and my health has improved drastically. And his predictions are on point!" ... written by starrose
I had 2 readings with Tantrapsychic and each one was very accurate on the" ... written by sanewhouse
Thank you for your honesty on my relationship. Thank you for telling me the truth, and not telling me a fairy tale story of my relationship. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
good reading, interesting, and definitely there are some things that I think will come to pass. " ... written by angelique
Tantra is precise and gives definite answers and timeframes. So, he is a wonderful guide and gives accurate predications." ... written by Sparkly1
Wow. He is very accurate. Everything he has predicted for me has come true. Last year he predicted a time frame for the end of this year and in every reading he remains consistent. " ... written by s4
lovely person. kind. so accurate it's almost shocking. you wont be disappointed, even if it's not all good things he sees, he is straight forward and says it how he sees it. that is refreshing. will be back for his guidance." ... written by nocassandra
Thanks for your input! :)" ... written by V
TantraPsychic is extremely precise and thorough. He is honest and maintains a good relationship with his clients. I have worked with him for several years." ... written by Betsy McNair
I thank you Big time." ... written by Lastsearch1
He is great. I wish I have much more time. So detail, and another psychic couldn't answer stuff he all cleared. Just amazing. Highly, highly recommended" ... written by Lastsearch1
Simply the bestest! Thank you so much and looking forward to updating you with positive results :) " ... written by autumn
Always a pleasure. He got the exact same card as last time. It's amazing. I just check for an update and it's always helpful. I trust only him and one other psychic on here because they're both extremely dead on." ... written by p
amazing... sat thru a demo and had to do a reading... I found him straight to the point honest and he gave advise... can't wait to see what happens... I love his energy" ... written by cathleen
thanks for a nice reading.....hoping the predictions come true. seemed quite insightful as to my situation" ... written by jen
Excellent. Could see the issues surrounding the problems. Highly recommended." ... written by dizzied
will see what happens! " ... written by BP
Thanks for the update!! really appreciate your advice!" ... written by L
Tantra is the best!!! It was so good to finally hear the truth about my situation and not just hear what "they" think I want to hear. If you want a truthful, honest answer to your question then don't hesitate and take Tantra private. He only tells you the truth!!! Don't waste your money or time on anyone else on this website." ... written by twinkee
as usual pleasant. :) " ... written by SSK
Tantra is really good at what he does, right now is to wait to see his reading will happen!~" ... written by mary
Very nice reading....Appreciate his honesty" ... written by Golden Crown
ran out of creidts fast " ... written by myst
we did up date his the best of best. thank you" ... written by hope
his very good and what the said its happening right now part of it is happening right now partly and I am working with him to make sure it be right his best. thank you." ... written by hope
tantra - has been a blessing in disguise and he has always been right for me and on the spot each and every time multiple times i have tried to leave a feedback but the support on here is just a waste of time. HOWEVER, TANTRA u amaze me each time- i noe wht u say is true, and atleast your blunt and honest which means alot to me, and i think readers on here should not waste time else where bcs so far whtever you said has happend and i can only think of you when it comes to spending money on this site, because OTHER PSYHICS ARE JUST GONNA ASK YOU QUESTIONS INSTEAD OF ANWSERING AND WASTE YOUR TIME ! WAKE UP PEOPLE TANTRA IS TEH REAL DEAL !!!!" ... written by Natasha
Love talking to Tantra. He's fast and accurate. Tells you what you need to know, even if it's not what you want to hear." ... written by Ananaprem
Amazing!!! I am always amazed by his accuracy!!! I will definitely return!!! Give him a try, YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!" ... written by pppp
omg wow love this man so awesome spot on an wow million no waite bazillion stars thank u so much " ... written by staying true to whom you are
he is a blessed man amazzing " ... written by Viviann
Thanks for everything Tantra. You always help me out best." ... written by L
Thank you for the reading will watch and see what happens Thank you good reader 5 stars" ... written by edna
I recently witness my parents drifting and my father had turned into a man I have never known. I knew something was wrong....I went to see Tantra and there was a woman you performed dark evil spells on him....it was going on for 5 years... just two days after my work with Tantra OMG My father changed to the man I knew....he went and bought my mother flowers and wrote her a card, something I have not seen in years.... We performed two rituls which was worth every penny in the world to see the smile on my mother face again.....Tantra removed a very dark black magic spell that was performed by the lady which was beyond demonic..... he is the only one I trust with these rituals as he truly is an expert in his field. Again do not waste your money with others see him FIRST and then you will see the difference. 1 Million Stars from Stars....." ... written by Rosa1982
One prediction already happened since my reading last night. Tantra is really helpful." ... written by Sparkly1
The reason I keep coming back to Tantra is his astounding ability to tell you how things are and will be! Super impressive as always !" ... written by autumn
I'll see if the predictions come to pass, but he seems like he wants to be straightforward with you, no sugarcoating things" ... written by dfd
Another great reading with Tantra, his predictions for this year are starting to happen for me, I came to him the end of May and he saw a visit and then a re-connection happening within 3 months and it did the end of August, now some bigger predictions to come within a few months and towards the end of the year that I'm keeping positive for. His readings have been among some of the best experiences for me here on Oranum so far - thank you again!" ... written by Jena
Beautiful reading and i can't wait to see his predictions come true. Just like what someone else had predicted as well. " ... written by paula
Good predictions they happened" ... written by staci
looks genuine..i will keep a note of all the points mentioned in the reading..hope all ends good :)" ... written by Aditya Upadhya
Tantra has accurately predicted my future events! 100% accurate! I am so glad to have meet Tantra! He is most god gifted person i have met in my life. He predicted i would win a case with the bank, And receive money. And i did! U cant get more accurate then that! thank you Tantra for everything and God Bless!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
Tantra is now my go-to for readings. He hasn't been wrong! And he is so nice. Answers all questions, most without me even having to ask." ... written by Andrea
Tantra has done a Love ritual for me. When i had problems to find the perfect person. Tantra also read pictures of the ladies i was talking to. He read there energies and told me exactly who was right for me and who wasnt. And Tantra has also taken the negative ones from my life. Now i think to myself. What is it that he cant do! lol I am so happy with his readings and rituals. I am happy because it comes true! Thank you!" ... written by Shanil Kumar
He has simply so accurately given his predictions!!" ... written by shraddha44
Tantra is an awesome reader. he sees all and says it as he sees it, even if its bad or disappointing news. Take him to private and you will not be disappointed. Follow his instructions and get results." ... written by Faith-love-hope
tanta - once again your prediction came to passs - your unbelievably amazing - you sated things wud be fine by sat night and mr. x wud see me and it happened so magically - YOUR THE BEST TANTRA YOUR SIMPLPY THE BEST!!!!!" ... written by nk
Thanks, truthful, fast, straightforward!" ... written by Lionessc
several predictions have happened just like he has said and in the time frame. very accurate. please take him private, you wont regret it." ... written by susan
More predictions came true: 1.)Tantra predicted a lease renewal for a relative and it came true 2-3 weeks ago. The scenario that he predicted was also spot on. 2.) He has also predicted that somethings about my personal life regarding Mr X's behavior and the way they will speak to me and contact me. All of these predictions are happening just as tantra mentions and with all the details in tact. Its not just a general prediction of "oh you will have a great day next week" or some nonsense. I'ts detailed predictions with behavior and thought patterns and tehy ALLL come to pass. Also, if there is ever a bad prediction, Tantra will assist you in preventing the bad from happening. He is the best. REAL PSYCHIC with REAL ACCURATE PREDICTIONS. NO time wasting with giving you gnneral statements and telling you about what has already occurred. I have never met such an amazing psychic in my life. I pray that God continues to increase his skill and powers and connection witht he divine. Thank you Tantra and may you have unlimited abundance and joy. " ... written by LadyGrace
He is the best and his predictions are so consistent!!!! He is worth every" ... written by shraddha44
Great reading. Gave timeframes. Will have to hold out to see how things turn out. Very detailed reader, I would highly recommend." ... written by sweetgagirl
Impressive and accurate thanks so much " ... written by susan
i believe he is the real deal, will update , thank you for the readings /)" ... written by ylang
Thank you Tantra, I wish I have more credit ...." ... written by Lastsearch1
Very consistent reader....Highly recommended...." ... written by Golden
highly accurate and his energy and spells are very strong. I cannot emphasize enough how much better my life is now. " ... written by starrose
he seems geniuinely correct" ... written by myst
Great connection today with Tantra as I've spoken to him a couple of times before today's reading. He gave me more clarity on the situation, NO other psychic was able to tell me about the "delays" with my goal. Tantra confirmed everything for me. It all makes sense. Trust me, he's worth the rate to have peace of mind! Many blessings Tantra" ... written by Amy
TantraPsychic is realistic and he told me the truth about my love life. he has a gift and feel better now i know the truth about my situation .thank you to TantraPsychic" ... written by marylem
A few years ago someone put a very strong curse on me. I didn't believe in these things, and I sought out other alternative, scientific resolutions. They helped me improve my life, but things were still going wrong. Ever since Tantra removed this evil aura around me, I stopped suffering from headaches, my love life has improved massively, and I no longer feel drained, unhappy etc. " ... written by starrose
Quick, fast predictions. Was spot on so far. No bullshitting. Professional. Would recommend!" ... written by MelC
I had a reading with Tantra months ago, probably in April. He told me i would experience a break up for a five months. Then a short get back together followed by a short break up. I'm currently in the short secondary break up, if you will. Wonderful reach and accurate with his predictions and timeline. Thank you! many blessings!!!!" ... written by JB
Tantra is the real deal, HIs precise vision, and insight is on the mark i appreciate his genuine abilities." ... written by Elroy Gibbens
Very gifted and fast, don't need much time at all if your question is precise. Thank you for the info, it really helps me know how to proceed ♥ TantraPsychic is truly blessed." ... written by Eyeris6
thank you to tantra. wish i could have had more time but he is great nevertheless." ... written by kreuzen
Seemed to be really in touch with my situation. Was very happy with the reading!" ... written by SameAsToday
Just amazing....I tried so many psychics on this site, I mean...so many. Then I found few extremely good one, then I back and forth between them." ... written by Lastsearch1
5 star andamp; spot on !!" ... written by Reem44
I wish I had more credits but will definitely keep him posted. I hope to hear from my guy soon" ... written by oscarbuffy
Excellent reader and will come back again with good news :) Very soon !" ... written by Leaves of autumn
awesome" ... written by ladylight
Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Thantra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I Love you!!!! xoxoxo " ... written by Lastsearch1
Extraordinary PSYCHIC!!!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
I had a reading with Tantra about two months ago regarding a break up" ... written by havefaith33
he is so awesome I love his readings" ... written by lori
ty again" ... written by peter
ty tantra :)" ... written by peter
Prediction happened and i need to be ready to face the next one too." ... written by ponn
Good reading, giving a couple of predictions with relatively short timeframes. He did predict a face to face meeting with the said person in 3 to 4 weeks. I actually have a business meeting planned in that timeframe, so I guess first prediction coming true already....." ... written by jen
U can't get more accurate reading other than with this guy" ... written by ninador2
Predicts with confidence...a genuine psychic" ... written by Melissa
very nice session will wait to see for my prediction in 2 months hopefully it will come as he said, happy with my session" ... written by maria
very good and fast! wait to see the prediction. the situation seems to be right. thank you for the reading. very insghtful" ... written by coffee
Good update" ... written by Golden
good" ... written by newjob
thanks tantra your always amazing :) " ... written by nk
All of his predictions keep coming true. They are all on time and very precise. I cant praise his accuracy enough. Its unbelievable and the only way for you to experience it is to have a reading with him. " ... written by LadyGrace
Tantra is amazing! No judgments, No scolding, even I made a huge mistake. Whenever I face into a wall, and no way out, he has a key for the door. ..and guide you as a light in the darkness." ... written by Lastsearch1
Oh God!!!! Time is soooo fast reading with you!!" ... written by Last search1
His words are striking!!!! Some time so straight and it will hurt, but because of the truth." ... written by Last search1
we did up date his very good and told me the reason for delay " ... written by hope
Good reading with good insight. Looking forward to seeing how things play out!" ... written by sc
tantra you were right the individual was calmer after 4days of the festive day on the 3oth - YOUR ARE SO ACCURATE !" ... written by nk
very good, accurate, give me lots to think about." ... written by moonlight
he is really good. his timeframes are consistent and things do happen as he predicts." ... written by s4
Tantra was very attuned to my situation. He was very helpful on many points of things I needed help with. We will see how the predictions come through." ... written by Robin
removes all confusion!!!!!!" ... written by kk
thank you so much , He is very on point , everything he saying he explains and you know what to expect , very good , caring , tells you as it is , unfortunately not good news for me , but he is worth the reading for sure!!!!! God Bless !!!!!" ... written by kk
so honest and true in everything he said would recomend thank u " ... written by enushi
he was very detailed and gave great insight on how I can help my situation. I have time frames beginning now and all the way into next year. I look forward to giving updates. " ... written by oscarbuffy
waiting to all come true...nice guidance..few prediction already came true .....must give a go.." ... written by redrose
I had to finish the remainder of the time for the guidance card reading. Also if you need a black magic/possession removal then ask him about it. He is the only one I came across who I trust 100% without a doubt when it comes to a removal of black magic/bad entity. I have been recently in the past dealing with such experience myself so I have no doubt in mind he can help you with that issue as well if you request his help. I don't normally take readings as much with tantra due to my funds but when I can then I always trust him when I go to him. I always go to him to confirm something. Talk with him about anything, you won't be judged. With or without tools he can provide an answer and possible solutions for your situation. Always worth the time when you come to talk with him." ... written by Lloyyd
Been reading with Tantra for a year now. Good update and always easy to talk with tantra but ran out of time. I needed to see what to expect on a particular situation including a guidance card readings. If you need him help with your spiritual journey then ask him about that. He is by far one of the best psychic I came across. No judgement, no suggestions for spells (unless you request), no emails, fast, accurate, no sugar coating, and tell it as it is. He is the the very first psychic that made a prediction in my life that came to pass so I always trust what he says for good or bad predictions (he even admits he is not always right but tells you what he receives in his vision). A lot things can also can take into an account because many things such as free will, mindset, faith, destiny, taking reading, etc. Until this day, I am still shocked on what he predicted regarding how someone was feeling about me on one of his past prediction he made. I have consulted others sometimes out of curiosity but he is the first I trust on whatever information I receive from him. Still Learning from my mistakes how often I get my readings and how predictions work. On his time frame/predictions, it will also help come to pass if you also proactively work toward whatever it is you want andamp; also follow his advice/guidance if he suggest what needs to be done. I myself is still waiting for things to unfold so I will report what come to pass. Anyway, you won't be disappointed and won't be filled with your head with magic compared to other psychics (fake/genuine and real but will cheat you for your money) who would want to tell you what you want to hear rather than what you need to hear " ... written by Lloyyd
great reading . thank u" ... written by sweets
Very on point and accurate as always. Very strong energy! " ... written by starrose
TantraPsychic is so accurate , I felt so good and positive about my future as he was so accurate about the time when i will start my new job. Its amazing !! now i'm looking forward to start my new job . After a Ritual session i felt so good and i could see my future shining and lots of good things to look forward to . I never met anyone who is so accurate and straight to the point without waisting time . I will always go back to him as he has a unique gift from God.. Do'nt know what to say i'm speechless.. TantraPsychic will remain the best ..The readings about my family is so true that i can see my son has been offered better opportunities as work and i'm so happy . God bless you TantraPsychic for helping us !! " ... written by Marylem
one prediction came to pass. waiting on the next.......thanks again" ... written by jen
2nd reading, will see how things turn out! quick typer and warm person!" ... written by E
Tantra is an amazing reader with great timeline predictions. I look forward to seeing his predictions come to pass. He has great energy...and is a very gifted reader...." ... written by Carrie
I like TanraPsychic. He told me what I already had a feeling about. Now I don't have to wonder. And he gave me a time frame about when I will see this person. I truly believe in him. I recommend anyone that is lookin for help to go to Tantra for advice. He don't sugar coat anything, only tell u the truth whether you would to hear it or not." ... written by Bekind1961
Awesome, just amazing. Awaiting for his predictions to come through and will update. :))" ... written by Raine
Number 1 psychic here....Must try....Will not b disappointed" ... written by Golden
Need to wait for prediction to come to life but seemed talented, at least i believed him. will come back and will also recommend" ... written by raysa martin
Tantra's spell protection work is the best. He's helped me to ward off a very strong negative spell that destroyed my life for three years. Over the past year with his consistent help, my life has gotten back on track and I am back to being myself and gained my life back. I am very very grateful to him and his spiritual work. His predictions for me from past readings over the last year have also come to past. Very powerful psychic. " ... written by starrose
TantraPyshic has always been so accurate in all his readings. His all" ... written by Tani44
Thank you for the reading. I appreciate the honesty!" ... written by sc
he was good. he definatly knew the situation I asked about" ... written by mARYaNN
Love my time with Tantra, very accurate and honest. Does not sugar coat and that is what people need. They need truth and honesty so they know exactly where their furture is headed." ... written by Andrea
Always great !!" ... written by Lisa
thanks Tantra! when i come to you i feel like i can get the truth. I will keep you updated on if predictions pass." ... written by ppp
I'm always amazed by his readings and clarity. He is gifted and kind too!!! Thank you " ... written by Amy
Tantra predicted something NO ONE could know about my daughter. I honestly couldn't imagine how on earth he could predict a very rare genetic health issue. God Bless my friend! You MUST get a reading with Tantra. He is accurate! Worth every cent!!!! " ... written by Amy
He's very good and predictions have come true in the past." ... written by susan
he was very great at reading my situation. I did not have to give any details and he knew what was going on and what was happening in my relationship. he did not sugar coat and was brutally honest with me about things and the way everything was going to be in the future. Thank you so much Tantra" ... written by Nadia
Great as always just waiting on his predictions" ... written by Lisa
The best on oranum ! " ... written by Lisa
I cannot sing Tantra's praises enough. He is accurate beyond measure. He has all the answers for all topics of questions. He is truly a blessing here on Oranum. If you're stressed out and need some answers about what will happen next in your personal life, career, money, family just come to him and he will give you real answres and real time frames. No gimmicks, no games, no bs. Spend your hard earned money wisely and get a reading with Tantra. It will change your life. " ... written by LadyGrace
Very clear and accurate. Gave me a time frame on my question. Can't wait to see what happens :-)" ... written by Rosemunde
Tantra is AWESOME i give him all the stars!!:)Much luv" ... written by zara1981
Well, I came for an update and heard more than I expected. Tantra doesn't sugarcoat and that is good for me. He explains what I need to improve on. He's the best!!! Thanks" ... written by Amy
tantra has never let me down! his prediction has came true just like past predictions! even tho the prediction i have gotten in this reading wasent good i still dont doubt it because tantra tells the truth and not what you want to hear with a sugar coat! hes very honest!" ... written by ppp
connected well during the update. will keep him posted for predictions" ... written by oscarbuffy
Short update for an important question but I know I can trust his sincerity andamp; accuracy. Good reading but another time to update. Always worth it the time and money." ... written by US
My first reading, will see what happens" ... written by angelgard
very impressive, straight to the point, it is a gift to find this person. I must do my part now. " ... written by DEE
Very warm and friendly. He gives very precise time-frames and I am hoping to see how they turn out. " ... written by Rahul
Simply the BEST! Detailed and accurate!! All of his predictions come true. He is genuinely gifted and knows how to use his talents effectively. " ... written by LadyGrace
Tantra has had many things come to pass. He is thoughtful and thorough in his readings." ... written by Robin
Great !! cant wait for his predictions" ... written by Lisa M
He gave me a day by day analysis of the next two weeks. He knew exactly how today was and also predicted on a daily level how things are going to be in the future which is amazing. I cannot wait to have updates with him after the 2 weeks. " ... written by rahul
thank you again for this amazing reading. truly the best" ... written by tyler
very spot on thank you for the reading " ... written by tyler
Tantra is a benefactor to me. Ever since he removed a very strong black magic spell on me, my life has improved. I'm back to who I was, I started dating again and my career has improved tremendously. It makes me regret the years when I was affected by the spell because those were like dead years, and Tantra put a stop to that. Each time I do an update of my protection spell with him, I can feel positive and refreshing energy coming in. The negativity has faded away. Thank you Tantra. " ... written by starrose
He always provides clarity. He is a no-nonsense, honest psychic. I wouldnt keep coming back if he wasnt the best and same goes for all of his other repeat clients! :)" ... written by LadyGrace
omg wow, amazing, " ... written by peter
seems like he knew" ... written by scott
Definitely a reliable psychic… Would suggest for others..." ... written by for tantra
What an update!!! So I had Tantra give me a day by day analysis of 2 weeks about a week ago. I had to come back to him in a week since I had to confirm with him some things. I cant believe how consistent he was. Also, uptill now the prediction on a day by day aspect have been right and have passed through. He has given me a longer term prediction of which the timeline has been consistent too since the first time I saw him and I really hope that all of this comes to pass. Amazing!! " ... written by Rahul
tantrapsychic is really wonderful psychic with great predictions skills and after that he as an great ability to guide you in the right path please do give him a chance to read for you " ... written by johnbev123
quite precise and quick. hope for the best " ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
Tantra is very accurate with his reading,very honest,he ia awesome.so much respect for him,all the stars to u tantra!!!" ... written by zara1981
just had a reading and i im so happy he is so straight forward and honest i will be back to share if all is true thank you so much :) " ... written by enushi
great " ... written by Lisa
No sugar coating. He is excellent reader. " ... written by Neha
tantra is so awesome he told me that things that would happen it did I had to go back and share what had happen and ask for more things to come thank you so much dear you are the best....:o}" ... written by lori
Had a lovely update with tantra. Very warm and connected. I feel like he knows exactly what he is talking about even though we connect virtually. He has helped me in many ways by giving me clarity and also enabling me to strengthen my self confidence. thank you tantra. " ... written by Rahul
I always trust Tantra to have proper answers. Thank you Tantra for always being there with answers and insights!" ... written by LadyGrace
Tantra...what a find he has been. He is the someone I trust here a lot. He does not sugar coat anything and has been very direct and honest with me. He has always guided me to trust in myself and believe in what I want for myself. He has predicted that I will be in a relationship with the person I love in the month of June and from April things will start moving in that direction. He also predicted things about the person i want to be with, in terms of the people she will be with before I start dating her. Till now it has come to pass always. He has predicted a not too good next few days for me and has also guided me towards the sort of things that I can do to avoid these bad days. All I can say is, I trust a lot in him and really hope that what he has predicted for me and the person I love comes true. " ... written by Rahul
waiting for predictions to come true...." ... written by madi
Thank you, very honest, and intelligent reader. Will not sugarcoat and has time frames to give. Thank you for your honesty, but also your hope for the future." ... written by .
Tanatra is always good I just sit back and wait for his predictions" ... written by Lisa
I had a good feeling with him...we will see what the future holds!" ... written by Melanie
he again guided me today.. im thankful to him!!" ... written by shraddha44
I had a very good update with tantra. He always gives me great guidance even though things don't go how they should. He's a very strong psychics and I believe in his visions and predictions. I look forward to what comes next." ... written by faithhopelove
Tantra has been an amazing guide to me. I have been able to get so much" ... written by rahulreddy1
Time frame is long away.. But he was a delicate reader. Thank you" ... written by Linn
Thanks a lot for helping me so much in all the problems in my life.. If you would have not been there, I would have probably ended up in a very bad state of emotional imbalance and ended up losing hopes and lost a lot of battles in life..I would have taken a lot of bad decisions and made so many grave mistakes but you have told me solutions in everything and stopped a lot of disasters from happening.." ... written by Aadhya
Did i reading to determine if I had black energies around me. Was able to tell me in very detail what was going on. Thank you :)" ... written by Mary
my predictions still have time to happen but im trusting in tantra's insight and somehow speaking to him always gives me hope and calms me down so much. Im going to be working with him. Tantra is so sincere, kind andamp; honest and a very pleasant person. Im hoping for his predictions to happen and that will add to his already high accuracy levels. God bless Tantra :)" ... written by P
I came back to Tantra for an update today. I was in a very low state and he was able to lift me up today with his kind words. He was even able to tell me for how much longer the cause of my being low would continue. He told me that in the short run I might have to face some difficulties but he also said that in a period of 3-4 months things will turn around and in 7-8 months I will be with the person I love. " ... written by Rahul
Thanks for a great reading. Quick and to the point. Waiting now to see if the predictions come true. " ... written by jen
Interesting... I think really good. I'll be back" ... written by kkbinid
Had a nice update with Tantra. It was great to know that the predictions for me have remained unchanged and that the timelines have come into a matter of weeks :) He gave me a week by week update. I will wait and see how things turn out " ... written by Rahul
Tantra was very straight forward and gave direct answers to my questions! He was very connected and I could feel his strong energy! It was great to finally get a reading from you Tantra! Thank you so very much for sharing ur awesome gift with all of us, and than you for ur honesty! Blessings 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Tantra is very fast and accurate with his readings. I've been going to him for almost 4 1/2 years now. Anytime I am confused or frustrated I go to him and get the answers to calm me down. His predications come true as he says. He has helped me all the time when needed. The predications or answers will always be straightforward to the point. I will always continue to come to Tantra when I need the help! I am glad I have stumbled upon his page years ago. Thanks Tantra! " ... written by PVinnie
Great he gives simple advice but it works " ... written by Lisa
"Tantra's reading was right on point. I appreciate his counsel it was what i needed to hear at the time"" ... written by lammonator
Was very helpful and on point. Was amazed by his insights." ... written by Sharlene13
almost 2 months ago when I came to tantra....he predicted that there would be a meeting between the person that I love and another guy. Today I did info of this meeting and it is exactly int he timeframe Tantra predicted. It is amazing since till now I have not had even one prediction that has not passed. EACH AND EVERY prediction thus far has passed...! Some of them I initially thought would never happen but the situations turn so quickly that at the end they do tend to happen! Tantra is amazing!! If he says something will happen then it will since for me it has happened thus far." ... written by Rahul
Gave news. But was not positive. Still hoping for the best outcome" ... written by Nadia
So I had a reading previously with Tantra. He told me that this person will speak to me on the 27th of Jan after a small fight. The fight did happen and also we spoke after fight exactly on the 27th. Tantra's predictions have all come to pass thus far for me. I hope to see all his predictions for me come to pass! :) " ... written by Rahul
ty sir :)" ... written by peter
Quick reading thank u so much!!!!!" ... written by Ava
Tantra is a powerful, genuine psychic. His rituals are very strong, and you can feel the energy immediately. He is honest and kind, taking time out of his schedule and always remembering details about my situation from past readings. His black magic removal and protection spells have helped me out from a really, truly bad situation and for the past year since he helped me my aura has become cleaner and my life is back on track. Highly, highly recommend him." ... written by starrose
Good news, sounded very confident and I'm going to look forward to his predictions coming to pass!" ... written by SameAsToday
Very interesting reading. I will have to wait and see if his predictions come true. I like his advice to me though. Use your intuition be firm in who you are follow your gut! You should give him a try. Thank you!" ... written by N/A
Thank you for the honest reading :)" ... written by P
Very direct and to the point. Thanks for your help again!" ... written by Starliteny
Great reading with Tantra, connected straight away!" ... written by Sam
Tantra always his right on point with my questions." ... written by Betsy
he is so awesome wont go to antone else" ... written by lori
it's been about a year since i last came to tantra and he hasn't changed. still helpful as always and with open arms. " ... written by c
interesting... have to see how things go :)" ... written by jcjc
great reading as always! Last prediction came true, so was back for an update. Am hoping the next ones come true also.....very positive and helpful" ... written by jen
So the last time I had a session with Tantra he had predicted that there would be a meeting between 2 people and he even predicted exactly how it will happen. This happened exactly as it was predicted in the right time frame too. " ... written by Rahul
Tantrapsychic is very clear and direct with his predictions. I had only a few minutes but he told me about situations and gave me specific dates. Will wait until those dates to update further." ... written by PNovas
As always had a wonderful update with Tantra. Tantra had predicted that at work I would get a wonderful review and last week I had my review and I had the best possible review. It was a small question I had asked him and he gave me info with a lot of detail about how the organization thinks of me and that was exactly what i heard in my review too. It is great to have found Tantra....! Not going to anyone else! " ... written by Rahul
Had a spell done today...will wait for the results and update as soon as I see changes. I am really hopeful and confident on the changes though. " ... written by Rahul
His predictions again came true and exactly with the same time frame.. Im almost about to get the job that I really needed.. he said that the process will start in the second week of february and it did.. It always happens as per tantra said..!! Also, he told me in what time zone and what part of the country, the job will be.. and it was exactly the same!!" ... written by Lily08
perfect" ... written by x
Quick update on the situation. Clear and fast reading. Now waiting for the predictions. Hope they do come true. Thanks so much" ... written by jen
His timeline prediction came true again." ... written by lily08
Got an update with tantra after the work we have done. everything seems to be on track. Predictions are now just a mth away. Its a very difficult situation that I have but i trust tantra is able to help me. Talking to him makes me feel hopeful always. Thank u tantra for ur help." ... written by P
Had a good update with Tantra today. He had long predicted that me and the girl i love will meet on the weekend of the 16th April and this has come to pass. She and I are definitely meeting on this weekend. We also have some predictions lined up for that weekend and I really hope to see them coming to pass as-well. He has also been able to from the start tell me how the girl i love will feel in the weeks following up to this weekend and she is actually going through the exact same feelings. It is amazing how tantra can see through this detail into the future. I am less amazed by the day as I completely trust him and I only wait now a days for his predictions to come to pass! He is to be trusted 100% and his predictions have never been wrong for me! " ... written by Rahul
8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
Thank you, Tantra - will wait and see! " ... written by P
Thank you, Tantra! Coming back in again. " ... written by P
Very pleased with the reading. I highly recommend him" ... written by RAM
I've been a repeat client for more than a year now. Tantra is not just a highly accurate and powerful psychic, he is also highly professional. He does not waste your time or push you to do silly deals. His predictions are solid and his rituals powerful. Tantra lifted a very strong bad spell that had drained me of my life and ever since he removed it, his protection spells have warded off attacks to the point where it no longer happens and I have my life back. I am getting my ambitions, career success and dating life back again after 3 years of nothing because of this bad spell. Thank you Tantra." ... written by starrose
thanks trantra for all your insites and will update you " ... written by lori
he is so good" ... written by lori
Hi," ... written by havefaith2016
He read exactly what my situation was with nothing but my name and age" ... written by B
had some work done today by tantra..will have to wait for the given timelines and as usual tantra is always confident n reliable. i havnt gone to anyone else since working with him. i trust him and now its just a matter of time. I will update as things unfold. Thank u tantra " ... written by P
grate reading wander full as always thank you " ... written by enushi
his timelines are correct and things do happen as he says they will." ... written by s4
Thank you tantra for the reading" ... written by sea
I came to see Tantra psychic last year abt a person of interest. He had told me something different from what many other psychics here hv told me, I was confused and not sure to believe him and at the same time i was unable to afford his price as well. Tantra told me that in order for this person of interest to look in my direction, some spell work could be done but it was my choice. He also mentioned to do it before October as otherwise he would end up with some1 else. It haopened exactly as Tantra had mentioned. This person got into a relationship in Oct. I have sort the help of other readers who gave me false hopes. I came bac to tantra a couple of days ago with a complicated situation regarding the same person, he adviced me on how to handle the situation and that if i followed it, the chances are this person would unblock me. I did as tantra mentioned and this person calmed down slightly and unblocked me n told me no t tocontact till a particular mth. That was the exact same that tantra had seen us both meeting even before this conversation! And ard a situation where chances of meeting was zero! Tantra was also able to accurately mention what this person was feeling for me in terms of attraction. I know it is true because the person had mentioned it b4 but nvr acted on it. This person is currently under evil influences and tantra has done a removal for me. I will get updates abt the situation from him tmr. Tantra is going to help me along the way step by step and im very grateful and i trust my dreams will finally come true at the end of his proposed works. Thank u tantra for ur honesty and solution. God bless u!" ... written by P
Great as always!" ... written by TT
Came back for an update on my situation. Tantra has given me something positive..i will have to wait for abit to see results. I trust in his abilities as so far what he has said has been extremely accurate. Will come back to testify once predictions come to pass which im sure it will." ... written by P
A superb psychic. His protection spells have consistently helped me ward off bad energies and lifted my own energies, and his predictions are solid. " ... written by starrose
And there we go again....one more prediction came true right on the dot. Tantra had predicted that I would be meeting with a person in the second week of March and that we would have an amazing time together and that prediction came to pass! thank you Tantra for all the support. More importantly, some of the major predictions for which I have been coming to Tantra for months now is due in the next few weeks. i am super excited. " ... written by Rahul
Since i have come to tantra, i have discovered many new things. I came to ask this time abt some remedies i hv been asked to do without knowing the meanings behind. I thank god for letting tantra enlighten me as otherwise i wld hv been doing the wrong things. I hv also made the decision now not to see any1 else except tantra." ... written by P
quick and to the point. Now waiting to see if the predictions come to pass. Thanks for a great reading" ... written by jen
Tantra is a wonderful and accurate reader. His timing on things happening is excellent. He told me I would get a job and I did. The timing for it was on point. He even told me what the pay rate would be. He was accurate on that to. I can't think him enough because he told me that I should still prepare for the interview as if it wasn't guaranteed. I did all of what he told me to do and I got a new job all in one day. " ... written by curious12no
Tantra is just extraordinary!!! I wish I had come to him earlier. I got some work done by him and the most amazing thing abt it was he got some messages from the divine abt the work done. Thats just absolutely beyond me! Im so sure of my predictions happening now. This man is truly blessed and powerful. Thank god for finally leading me to him after all the false pple i have been to. Thank u tantra, god bless u!" ... written by P
Had a great update with tantra today. He had told me last week that there will be a meeting between 2 people the next week and I did have confirmation of the same. There was also a confirmation of another prediction where I was going to meet the person I love 3 weeks from now and we are planning that now, so I gues that prediction will come true too! :) Tantra has never been wrong for me and I am hopeful to see all his prediction come true to me :) " ... written by rahul
always helpful" ... written by x
pleasure to have reading with him..waiting for the things to come true.." ... written by manu
bang on point..no sugar coating. superb" ... written by madi
Tantra was amazing today. He told me that there would be a meeting between" ... written by Rahul
great reader, my credits finished before i could finish with him, but he is great and definitely knows what he is doing, thanks for the help so far tantra, i will be back !" ... written by omid
He's been genuinly correct and I enjoyed his reading" ... written by jaytee1110
His prediction happened again!!!! He had told me that I will get the job in the 3rd week of March and also told me that I will get the offer in 3rd week and it would be an old man who would finally give me the job!!!! And that happened finally!!!! Same timeline.. no difference!! He said that ut would be a full time job and they will also train me and sponsor me!!!! Tantra is an angel sent by God!!!! His powers are amazing!!!! HE IS THE BEST!!!!" ... written by Tara10
he was fast , I am not sure if the guy in question doesn't love me though time will tell. Everything else seemed to be on point over all I will try him again and recommended him " ... written by a
the reading either get me excited or scares me, because the fact that he's always right. From the time I started readings with him, he has never failed, but at the bright side, he always have something a sort of solution to everything. You are and still and always be the best here in Oranum!" ... written by lagreta
I was very worried abt my situation after learning something and was desperately wanting to speak to tantra. I left a msg and he was kind enough to come online n wait for me till i was available. He definitely has eased my mind with this reading. im waiting on things to unfold and will keep trusting in his predictions. Thanks tantra for all ur help :)" ... written by P
Tantra has been helping me to achieve something. Im waiting on things to happen in some time..but he has been great in giving me support n helping me. I trust his abilities and m glad to hv found him :)" ... written by P
Just wanted to give an update. Months ago I came into your room very skeptical, not to be harsh but true. You said in March a job opportunity for you will arise and sure enough today it did. Thank you so much for your reading and your support." ... written by powerwoman1
update with tantra..everytg seems on track :)" ... written by P
Will handle situation accordingdly" ... written by blessed
Always a compassionate, accurate reading! I am lucky to have TantraPsychic in my life!" ... written by Betsy McNair
Very powerful psychic. He has helped me out many, many times in crucial dire situations. Thank you " ... written by starrose
Tantra is the real deal. He is a very powerful psychic who has helped me out of many bad situations. I am vulnerable to psychic attacks due to someone else, and he's been constantly helping me navigate them. THanks to him my life has regained control as compared to before when I was struggling on my own. Thank you very much guru. " ... written by starrose
I have been with tantra for 2 years and he has been right about everything....absolutely everything that is why I always come back!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
thanks tantra for ur insight" ... written by kreuzen
thank you so much for tantra and his predictions, he is awesome" ... written by kreuzen
He gave me updates about my marriage life.. and also about my professional life..!! Well, his updates about my job remained same and I'm so happy to hear both about my job and also to hear about my marriage in the future.. I completely trust his insights because all his predictions along with me joining the consulting firm came true!! He also guided me on which firm to join and which not to.. I'm so thankful for that too.. He has amazing powers.. I truly see God in him to guide me.. " ... written by Lily4
Picked up on past situation and current one. Predictions are quite far awya but I have seen this guy's demos. He is good at what he is doing." ... written by Karolina
There are many levels of psychics, and tantra is at the highest. He is a very powerful strong psychic. He is always helpful, giving, and has been helping me through a very, very tough difficult black magic situation. Time and again I'm grateful he is here for me. When I'm doing a reading with him, I can feel the energies changing immediately. Only he can break through the strongest of black magic. He is gifted and blessed by God. Others can promise but only he delivers real results. I highly recommend. " ... written by starrose
Amazing and Accurate! " ... written by Nsophia
always gives me a sense of clarity when I talk to him." ... written by sharlene13
Had a nice update with Tantra today. We are getting closer to the timeline of one of the biggest predictions for me and ofcourse that makes me a bit nervous. Tantra has been a great guide in this and has helped me calm myself and also continuously update me on the prediction. hope the prediction happens like all of the other predictions made thus far. " ... written by Rahul
This psychic is 100% genuine and honest. He is very powerful and strong. His spells work immediately and they are effective. I highly recommend him for black magic work. His predictions are very good also. " ... written by starrose
Tantra's black magic removal is highly effective. Not only that, after you've suffered from black magic you will feel weak and lost. I come to Tantra regularly for a protection spell and his protection spell has not only warded off consistent attacks, but also helped to calm my energies and mind. When he does the protection I can feel good energies immediately. Highly recommend. " ... written by starrose
2 months ago tantra predicted a contact which seemed impossible but the contact happened in the week he said it will! i was rather very skeptical abt it given the circumstances but it happened andamp; im glad. The major predictions are to be happening soon. I will update as things unfold..thank u so much tantra." ... written by p
Tantrapsychic is professional, direct, compassionate and accurate." ... written by Betsy
Tantra has given me EXCEPTIONAL reading about my life that only I'd know. For example, with my mom and dad's health. His remedies work just tried it works. He's been extremely helpful with helping me with my family, love life and work issues. I can't thank him enough and this platform for a gifted person. He's an ASTROLOGICAL GENIUS.....not everyone can interpret with complete accuracy but he has that ability." ... written by blue lotus
Tantrapsychics has amazing gift and power. I've been seeing him for the past 3 years and he has high accuracy. I'm blessed to have met such an amazing psychic! He's detailed and straight to the point. The majority of his predictions have come true....that's why I keep coming back. I'm looking forward to investing more in this young man. He's worth every penny!" ... written by Anonymous
Tantra saw a lot. He told me what he saw as the truth, not just what I wanted to hear. I will wait to see his predictions happen. " ... written by Marie
Tantrapsychic is amazing and gifted.He has helped me see the reality of my situation. It was such a quality reading and he took the time to look at all possible outcomes and questions that I had.He will not tell you want you want to hear only what u need to hear.I believe in him 1000%. Everything he said lines up with what is going on. He is no joke. He will give it to you straight.I went into the reading so lost and confused and now I have the truth and clarity I came for so I can make the best choices going forward.I cannot thank you enough.No sugar coating. No time wasting.He will be my go to psychic from now on." ... written by nsophia
seemed pretty accurate,but ill see how it goes :)" ... written by natalie104
fast" ... written by aware
Tantra has been amazing for me. He has predicted so many things in my life. Sometimes I think these things will not happen but they always do and it is amazing. He is to be trusted 100%!!!" ... written by Rahul
Whatever suggestions that he has been giving me about my relationship has all been working so well for me. Though things happened all of a sudden but whatever he suggested and he saw all came true and fruitful for me!! A big thanks to him!! 5 stars as always!!!! He just sees things which nobody can which helps you in the long run and is very helping and understanding at the same time!! Extra ordinarily excellent!!" ... written by Sara
Good reading. Fast and to the point. Waiting for predictions to come true." ... written by jen
A prediction i was doubtful of came true as Tantra had predicted! It was almost impossible for the conversation which happened to happen after all tht had been said and the relationship was beyond salvation. Despite that, whatever tantra told me came true and i was pleasantly shocked as there was almost no chance for it to happen. It was delayed one week but it happened! Thats the most impt. thing. I have been working with Tantra the last few mths and he has been great..Waiting for other things to unfold..thank u tantra :)" ... written by P
Very quick and to the point. several predictions. will update if they come to pass. Good reading" ... written by jane
WoW! I witnessed him work in a demo and he did not disappoint in private. He was very accurate and truthful. Gave specific time frames and I look forward to all that he has to say! I asked for truth in my reading and it was given. I highly recommend you save up your money and go to just him! He is amazing!" ... written by pea
great reading..very precise with details...right predictions" ... written by Ammer
had an update with Tantra - was a good update based on a past situation that I had. Will see if the predictions will come to pass. " ... written by Rahul
great reading...wonderful guy andamp; always tells the truth as he sees it." ... written by Ameer
Thanks for the reading!! I will wait for the timelines given by you and talk to you soon!! xoxo" ... written by Lilly
he is great he take a while to connect but he is great" ... written by sydney
To the point" ... written by d2k1000
Thanks For The Reading! I'm Hoping For The Best! :)" ... written by Michelle
He is amazing. More readings and updates this and he has been consistent continuously and has been a great blessing for me putting my mind at ease. Some of predictions are for the next few weeks. Looking forward to that. Thank you very much once again Tantra! You have been a great blessing. :-)" ... written by V
Tantra has been right about a couple of key things. He accurately pointed out other person's mind set, reasons behind lack of communication and also accurately predicted time frame related to meetings. He is very friendly and honest about what he sees. I would recommend having a reading with him for sure! Thanks a ton Tranta :) :) " ... written by Roses09
the reading was very helpful and accurate.." ... written by Nikita
Give me an advice. I will see whether it will come true in the time frame that he gives." ... written by Apo
A meeting which was almost impossible to happen, is happening as per tantra's prediction around the given time frame. I was always doubtful it wld happen but amazingly it did! Also had some work done by Tantra for this to happen and i must say his prayers are powerful! Do not hesitate to hv a reading with him." ... written by P
very truthful and honest, which i appreciate, thank you" ... written by klk
wow!!! so on point said things that were true!! amazing!!" ... written by g
reading was good" ... written by egyptian cat
thank you" ... written by jb
said wont get supervisor positon this upcoming year and that sept can move out if I move out with someone " ... written by tiff
Gr8 reading with tantra! I was a bit hesitant to talk abt the topic, but I was glad I did. You have taken a huge pressure of my shoulders and given me peace of mind. Especially when it is about loved ones.He exactly mentioned something that had happened around 10 years ago, no one could have picked that up with such detail. He is the best here, without a doubt! Thank u very much once again" ... written by V
really good with tapping in and did his best to give lots of information. Came back to confirm a prediction he made earlier in the yr that came true" ... written by s
wonderful reading !" ... written by chi
always on the point , no nonsense talk." ... written by owlneedlove100
great all i can say" ... written by owlneedlove100
Great reading very informative" ... written by K
I have no words, he is just so amazing and accurate." ... written by jypccc
just unbelievable! he is very good." ... written by jypccc
Tantra is direct and precise in his readings. He's very detail on what step you should take to remedy your life." ... written by Karensp7
Tantra is unbelievably talented. Don't think I've ever met anyone who knows the remedies that he does. He's just a great person that is called to help people and takes it seriously. He's is like a guru. Tantra you're the best and thank you very much. I wish you best always." ... written by Karensp7
Tantra is on point and great with astrological charts. He's very talented and gives remedies that can help anyone make their life better and fulfilled. Thanks Tantra.." ... written by Karensp7
thank you for your predictions i will let everyone know when they come true" ... written by ameera
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by 180
Another interesting reading.*****" ... written by Antoinette
He's one of my psychics! He's amazing." ... written by Antoinette
Awesome as always! great update and exciting time ahead. Thank you once again" ... written by V
excellent" ... written by mandeep
Tantras prediction about my brother and sister in law is precise and completely accurate. He tries to inform one of remedies to reunite love ones harmoniously." ... written by Karensp7
Thank you !! " ... written by
Tantra did some healing for me with my backpain and it was amazing spiritually. I don't think I know of a lot of people who is gifted and this versatile. I am thankful." ... written by Karensp
thank you for your readings. He is incredible and I think accurate all the time. Amazing" ... written by Nichola54
Had another reading with Tantrapsychic, as before he was very accurate with my current situation, spot on about the person and his character. I am hopeful about his predictions for the future, will check back mid Sept when things should start to happen. " ... written by ANNON
Tantra is very detail and patient in informing one about how to help one with improving their life. I'm thankful he's here because he has helped me a lot." ... written by karensp7
Tantra helps to harmonize people family and bring them in unity. He's a truly about reuniting us with our loved ones." ... written by Karensp7
He is very accurate and everything he has spoke on in my life has came true. I always look for him on Oranum above other readers. He is better than all of the other readers." ... written by TT
wonderful" ... written by ANESIA
Gave me great insight, hopefully it'll come true. " ... written by Sunflower3333
Tantra Psychic is a wonderful sincere gentleman who will tell you the truth -- so if you're ready to receive then you have found the perfect person ! :) He is professional, provides excellent advice and helped me keep calm when I was freaking out ... one of his predictions have come to pass. I eagerly await his other predictions :) Thank you so much ! :)" ... written by annieIC
Very true and accurate. 5 stars. Try him because he worth each penny. Thank you for the reading" ... written by starworld580