About TXMedium

Psychic TXMediumhas 13years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic TXMediumhas recently helped 22members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about TXMedium's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hello, my name is Shelby and I am a TEACHER to YOUR ascension & awakening. I guide you into retrieving the deepest aspects of who you are. I begin that journey with you through your Birth Number & Destiny Card. A 2-3 minute private session worth $15 in credits. As you intimately reconnect with SELF then you will naturally obtain the outcomes you seek. Let's begin NOW, you are NOW worth it.

follow up was really great!! She is hilarious and i really like her. Makes you feel so comfortable but at the same time she is spot on with the things she is picking up and saying." ... written by jewelw203
She was great. Connected to me and my situation. Hope what she said comes to pass" ... written by Danielle
Unique and peculiar reading. Very informative and accurate. Amazing! Thanks." ... written by GooglePathic
Great energy reader and awesome personality! Thank u for the prep talk n i understand how i should act around him more. :) " ... written by linn
Really gifted and interesting readings. Probably like no other on this site. WOW!" ... written by Gr8t
Very interesting energy reading. I really think it is safe to say that she was amazing. She didn't want to spoil me for what she had to say, but she was excellent. " ... written by Rose
txmedium is awesome always great advise" ... written by Jane M
She was so gifted and so amazing and i can't say enough about her energy and ability to just know.....I was very pleased with my reading and will continue reading with her in the future. Her energy is infectious.......AMAZING!!!" ... written by jeter28
Wow! I don't know why I instantly picked on you when I saw your picture. It was a big confirmation that I don't have to be insecure. Thanks!!!" ... written by Joseph and Jesus
thank you... you are just fantastic!!! I love you." ... written by jerald
you are the best.... thank you so much for your insight and behind the scenes work." ... written by jerald
you are awesome .... thank you for your insight." ... written by jerald
Thanks for help, I appreciate it!" ... written by Swede
great reading...high energy and picked up on things immediately. the energy lit up right away. looking forward to working with her more soon" ... written by Debbiie
What a truly wonderful reading! She connect right in with me. I felt comfortable. She answered all of my questions and then some. She gave wonderful advice. She is just what I needed. Right on time. God bless her!" ... written by heartwings
The word is spectacular and extraordinary. TXMedium is the insightful breath of air I have ever met. She not only can see into the solution , her words are healing to the soul. Get a reading from her you will not be disappointed!!!" ... written by Thomas
Wonderful wonderful lady she is really great! I feel so much better." ... written by Bonnie
EXCELLENT AND A MUST TRY. VERY GOOD!" ... written by smc
OMG, she is fabulous, so sweet, very compassionate, very accurate, very clear and concussed. I know everything she predicted today will come true. I know it!!! Thank you for your helps :-)" ... written by susan
Excellent!!!!" ... written by smc
She is amazing....Simply Amazing...." ... written by jeter28
She is really good! Picks up few things that are so particular that are no way she just gave general answers that fits in most like some do! This lady is a real psychic! I really enjoy speaking with her. She is fun, upbeat and positive. Lovely reading!" ... written by PM
She is infectious, I love her energy and she is awesome a lady that's hard to catch up with. Thanks TX will give you an update." ... written by sunshinec
Very helpful. Was great talking to you. Thank you for helping me!" ... written by sadhana
I have had many readings on this site, none were as powerful as the one I just had with TXMedium. 10 Stars and that isn't enough to express what I felt." ... written by John
WOW!!!!!!!!! She picked up on things with me, that no one else would ever know. She is truly amazing and very gifted. If I could give her 10 starts I would. She is worth all 10!!!" ... written by Heather
Great reader, great energy, great work. Can't ask for much more than that!!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
She is so amazing, seriously the best, confirmed so many things, i was really led to her. thank you so much" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
Finished up the pvt, and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you txmedium for everything :-)" ... written by Heather
Awesome fun lady... very in tune with her gifts. Love her energy... Have a private with her, you won't be disappointed... Thanks TX!" ... written by sunshinec
She's awesome!" ... written by cat
She was awesome, she gives the best guidance, thank you!!!!!" ... written by heather
She is fabulous. I adore her and her energy... thank you so much for the update." ... written by j
OMG, she is excellent! She knew so much without me telling her. It was mind-blowing and I can't wait to see the predictions happen!" ... written by Cosmo
Wow. This woman is incredible. She has helped me and changed me so much." ... written by John
Spot on for so many things,... " ... written by candy
Awesome reading. She knew exactly the issue without being told and gave information on how to deal with it. Look forward to it all unfolding. The fact that I had to wait so long to get back into chat with her after the system froze because others were pushing the private button - speaks volumes. :)" ... written by lilwildspirit
Fantastic..very down to earth, awesome energy... :)" ... written by cf
AMAZING!! love her!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
TX Medium is Amazing. She is fun, bubbly and energetic person." ... written by Star
LOVE her!! Everything that we discussed last night happened, I'm so excited!!" ... written by Cosmo
She is awesome! New to site but best on here for sure!" ... written by danielle
She is very good and her energy rocks. I love her honesty and also trust her judgement." ... written by j
She is so wonderful, I love her reading." ... written by wendy
This woman is amazing. She has been so spot on with everything. Just love her" ... written by John
Hilarious!! haha still laughing! Thank you for a great reading! " ... written by summa
Thanks for the update!" ... written by Cosmo
OMG. Awesome! Accurate...picked up on pretty much everything." ... written by Virgo
So glad I was able to connect with TXMedium tonight. She is amazing!! I look forward for the next update. What she has told me this week has already happened. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! TXMedium, you truly amaze me." ... written by Heather
Thank you sweetheart. You rock. Many Blessings." ... written by j
Awesome as always!! Thank you" ... written by Heather
She is amazing. I will do as she recommended.Then we will see the outcome. Thank you TXMedium." ... written by BONDIBEAUTY
Awesome energy. Her healing has worked wonders immediately and progressed in the short space of few days. Can't wait to see what the next set of new energy brings! A true talent for sure and she doesn't fully realise it yet! Many blessings to you TX xx" ... written by lilwildspirit
Great Session!" ... written by Star
I absoloutely loved this high energy reading i just had, i came into the room feeling crap and just finished the reading like a crazed child at xmas! this lady answered my questions as quickly as she could and picked up on my situation easily and quickly! i cant wait to tell her if they come true tomorrow! honestly have a reading with her! a true nut case at heart lol but my god does she brighten your day in 2 minutes! " ... written by clo
Wow! She really blew me away! I was so amazed by her reading that I will definitely be back again in the near future." ... written by Missgreeneyes
Absolutely EXCELLENT" ... written by smc325
Love her energy, I will do the things needed to get what is coming to me I will most certainly be back ♥" ... written by JuneOpen
Fantastic energy, great insight into my situation, will return to update on predictions. Thanks tx " ... written by silver
Amazing reading! Pointed out things that need to be worked on! Really great connection!" ... written by Jolana
You are fabulous Lady!!!! I love your positivity and the approach you have to reading. You took my worries away and gave me hope in clearing my energy. My heart is on a new path now and so much is making sense. I thank you for confirming the wishes to me. It gives me great hope and I feel blessed. Thanks TX!" ... written by Indigo
TX made me feel anxious at first because she was reading deep in to my heart Chakra andamp; never had that experience before! Will be back for more healing andamp; great advice :)" ... written by gem
She is absolutely amazing. Just love her and the beautiful energy that surrounds her." ... written by John
Thanks so much for your help, I will keep you update on the result!" ... written by Cosmo
i almost hate to say this for fear of TX getting so busy, but on my word, this lady is a very gifted medium and ball of happiness to boot. " ... written by bridget
shes really uplifting and so very very hysterical. My energy has been revamped and put into a more positive light. She is very intuitive and understanding. This is my second session with her, and I feel really uplifted speaking with her. Shes a real healer, and a great person. " ... written by leelee32384
TWINFORWARD was born. Great reading, a lot of lessons." ... written by Pete
Thanks for your help, I appreciate it as always! Your the best!" ... written by Cosmo
I love her and wish i had more time! X" ... written by Defined 2014
Shelby is unbelievable. Truly special in so many ways" ... written by John
She hit so many things on the mark! You will not be disappointed in a pvt with her! Looking forward to her predictions! " ... written by Pam
awesome Session! " ... written by Star
Great Session!" ... written by Star
Very helpful and great intuition." ... written by sadhana
Wow. I love your energy.. Thank you, I feel so much better, cant wait to work with you on this :)" ... written by PJ
OMG SHE'S AWESOME!!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
This chick seriously changed my life lol !!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HERRRRRRR" ... written by daniel
Omg I love this lady she is the best she makes my day when I talk to her and lifts my spirits. She's so amazing 100 stars" ... written by wendy
Thanks for your help, I will keep you updated!" ... written by Cosmo
Great googily moogily what a reading. AWESOME and everything I hoped for." ... written by Harold
My first reading with Txmedium and all I can say was WOW, this lady is not only compassionate and lovely, but she seemed to know her stuff. She made a huge prediction and can not wait to see if it comes true. If you see this amazing lady free for private grab her as she is so popular and spot in the opportunity doesn't come up very often!! I will be back (that's if I can catch you for a private) All my love! xox" ... written by mshelli
this chick just rocked my friggin WOLRDDD !!! Thank you so much hun omg I wanna fly to the moon :) THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by daniel
FANTASTIC SUPERB FABULOUS GREAT!!!!....SHE WAS SO EASY TO SPEAK WITH!!!!...and made me laugh and smile!!!!...will await for her energy healing to progress and see where the Universe leads me!!!....THANK YOU TXMedium...will talk soon!!!!!!" ... written by OL
Love the update! Thanks so much, you are the best!" ... written by Cosmo
Great Session!." ... written by Rising Star
Great Session!" ... written by Rising Star
Amazing! On point! Knew everything!" ... written by Rebecca
So full of energy I love it!! Thank you! Lots of info and ready to get this going! Thank you for your help." ... written by michelle
She is the real deal, different from every other reader on here. She will blow you away with her energy, she will remove blocks and allow you to move forward and you will be a new person. You are amazing at what you do and I can't wait to see what is to come. You deserve 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Andrew
I hope she stays on oranum. She's amazing with what she does. Many stars :)" ... written by Purple Iris
This woman is an absolute hoot. I am not a big one on chakra or healing stuff as I don't understand that stuff, but she was pretty spot on without leading too much. Definitely worth a job. She has a totally perky high energy personality. I could see me being friends with her, lol. Give her a go :)" ... written by Theresa
OMG, you are so fabulous. The energy reading you gave me was truly intense and you are the real deal for real… spot on and very accurate. I just love your positive energy and it is so contagious. Thanks a million for showing this gift with those of us who don't have it ;-)" ... written by susan
Intuitive, connected, highly recommend!" ... written by kosubhan
TXMedium was great, she truly provided spiritual advice that was necessary to hear. She really is a gifted reader and I recommend her highly. " ... written by Le Dolle
Just amazing. Don't really need to add anything to that." ... written by John
Great Clearing Session!" ... written by Rising Star
She makes you LAUGH, SMILE, GIGGLE and feel good ALL OVER...while she gives the reading and heals...makes you leave HAPPY!!!!...even if the reading isn't what you wanted to hear...WILL BE BACK!!!!!!" ... written by OL
I Love her energy! She is amazing! She made me feel great after our private and I will definitely be back.... Thank you!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
TXMedium is simply amazing..spot on..very very gifted. Her energy is infectious, she gives you great advice andamp; points you in the right direction. Thank you so much. 10000 stars!" ... written by Roy
I love you!! Thank you!! And I will definitely keep you updated. Love your energy and everything you have done for me. I can't wait for everything to happen! Highly recommend!!" ... written by michelle
Always great readgins!!" ... written by aquariusgirl1935
Shelby is amazing, you can't go wrong with her! She is the absolute best and so helpful! Love you Shelby!!" ... written by Cosmo
thank you so much I needed the energy and you let me know what it is I need to do at this job thank you so much " ... written by wendy
Love her!" ... written by GR8Teagle
She is just great. Love her to death. " ... written by John
Great Session!" ... written by Star
My oh my, she's amazing. I feel fortunate of having a private with her. Five stars all the way :) Love you girl." ... written by Purple Iris
Thanks for the update, your the best!" ... written by Cosmo
Shelby is incredible. Love her energy and spirit. " ... written by John
Thank you.... I really appreciate your advice..... Many blessings!" ... written by j
WOW! She truly jumped in right away telling me things that were so right, and really nailed stuff on the head. In fact I am going to get more credits now to see her again because I feel she is setting me firmly on my spiritual path :)" ... written by Le Dolle
She is truly unique in what she does. There is a true beauty about what she does and her being back just means she will transform people's lives and set their hearts ablaze with this new spiritual path and energy. I loved the confirmations you gave me. You are in a class of your own, ty ty ty :)" ... written by Andrew
Wow have I missed her. She is fantastic, so much energy. So much love. Great, great reader." ... written by John
Lets see!!!" ... written by Seema
Love Shelby! Her reading are so helpful and she always make the readings so much fun!" ... written by Swede
Thanks for your help, you are too funny during your readings!!" ... written by Swede
She is amazing :) I needed to hear what she said and am glad we did the energy shifting she's a blessing. " ... written by Catherine
She is Fast with her energy ..Love her ..and she is funny" ... written by sunshinec
Great energy. Positive. Healing. Thank you! " ... written by Rainbow
was a good reader,knew what was going on, but did not give me any information I haven't all ready known." ... written by Countryliving2
Good read.Sorry connection got cut!" ... written by Diana
very good and very insightful!!" ... written by soljourney
Thanks for the update, I appreciate the help!" ... written by Swede
Thanks for help in moving things along, your the best!!" ... written by Swede
amazing...." ... written by b
I loved talking to TX she was funny and explained to me how energies work. Amazingly it helped me understand why things happened the way they did in my relationship. Loved the energy in that room." ... written by jewelw203
She is fun to talk with and has great energy...she did tune into an energy issue that was reflected in the physicality of my dogs...very interesting. will talk to her again." ... written by wren1414
TXMedium is a very positive medium and encouraging, and I give her 5 stars." ... written by coockiejan
Checked in to make sure my energies are moving properly. Enjoyed my session and will definitely follow up." ... written by jewelw203
she is very good" ... written by teatree77
WOW .. LOVED her!! I will definitely be back -- very energetic and picked up right away .. awesome...." ... written by d
She is spot on! WOW!!" ... written by Allison
thank you Shelby!!!" ... written by jerald
TXMedium is awesome and I always feel so energized when i speak with her. She really is a god send." ... written by jewelw203
Awesome read! I will checking in again by the weekend!She was able to capture my love interest without my help!" ... written by Carlita
Awwwwwe!!! She's so cool!!! Wonderful energy work!!! You got it all straightened out with me!!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Intuitnerd
Thank you for those lines." ... written by Joseph
you are amazing and so right on! you are so funny and sweet! lol i can't wait to come back and tell you about everything" ... written by mag
OMG what a wonderful reading.. she is so energetic and made me laugh .. thanks a lot :)" ... written by j
positive reading, fast answers" ... written by goldnaura
I LOVE SHELBY. She is an educator, and a transformer. She's amazing. The most knowledgable person I have met regarding energy." ... written by L
Wow what a beautiful, fun soul. So very talented and intuitive. Loved my reading with her :)" ... written by Freedom2211
awesome! revealed a lot. :))))" ... written by edel95
Just great! Love her. I wish I could be her friend everyday. I look forward to returning with an update." ... written by Hill
shes very good i really like her style of reading " ... written by cletrel
Thank you as always! " ... written by Jerald
very interesting reading and i will be going back to see what else we can do she is great" ... written by tracy
She's remarkable. I don't at all understand how she does what she does - but her energy work is TRANSFORMATIVE and she's so quick !! (And very fun too :)" ... written by L
very friendly and reassuring!" ... written by nadia
she is a ball of joy... i had a great reading" ... written by lavelle
Wow! She was awesome! Right on the money!! Blew me away!!" ... written by Tiff
She is amazing at what she does, I could feel her energy on my heart. I'm excited for what is to come. Great reader :))" ... written by Andrew
AMAZING! " ... written by Tiffany
Thank you!!! :)" ... written by Intuitnerd
Absolutly love her, will continue to do work with her. " ... written by tracy
wow omg thank u 1 million stars" ... written by angel
awesome" ... written by bria
txmedium is all that and a bag of chips...meaning she connects and is able to shift to make things happen soon by clearing your energies, beliefs and thought patterns. I highly recommend her high, bubbly and cute energy that will at least put a smile on your face and at most change your life to the manifesting one you deserve ;) " ... written by Nour
man, she rocks!" ... written by gig
Wow, what a lady, thanks so much." ... written by
really great spirit calm and good energy...waiting to come back for another reading..." ... written by kwo
AWESOME...so very awesome :) Read me and situations so well. Must see her!" ... written by Larry
thank you for the session! I cant wait for it to start working! Great!!" ... written by Tiff
so kind and so congenial! i trust her very much. thank you!" ... written by rarasie
holly shit . thank u god bless ur soul good " ... written by angel
I love her.. Shes amazing at what she does 10/10" ... written by Shelbey
I needed a calm down session. I appreciate that so much." ... written by Knowing2013
Amazing! Really lovely lady and accurate reader, love her!" ... written by Alex
Amazing Amazing Amazing, totally worth it!!!!! Changed my life, enough said." ... written by Karla
After a long time, you were shocked with the sudden change in our lives, can you imagine when I heard about this from him? I will send you an email. :)" ... written by Joseph
best. literally best" ... written by cheese
the sweetest person i ever met! " ... written by oanh
Amazing!" ... written by Alex
She is amazing love her energy work and i see the results right away. Wow " ... written by CS
your my queen lol" ... written by Joseph Ford
omg omg words cannot express how much i love this lady. She is so alive and i trust her completely she is amazing 100 stars" ... written by edna
caught shelbys demo and had to get a reading with her! shes awesome and we just connected immediately. love her and will def be back" ... written by m
Love her and her energy she's awesome to work with." ... written by Cs
Excellent! TX is kind and compassionate. The reading was very clear and I enjoyed talking to her." ... written by Gatorgal
lololol That was soooo great!!! Im not sure what happened but it happened!! She got us on the same timeline and watching for us to come together. It was amazing everyone has to go to Shelby and try her abilities. kisses" ... written by ll
So quick and on point:) great great energy!!! Thank you!xx" ... written by Lee
BEST. literally best on this site. not only a psychic but a LIFE COACH, connected to your highest good instead of just a random yes no answer, works with your energy on a whole sees your strengths and what you need to work on in your whole life, guiding you with positivity. not just a psychic but also a healer and like i said life coach. so glad i found her " ... written by cheesenips
first time talking with txmedium. she was great..gave alot of information in a short period of time...i will be back for sure" ... written by gene
Wow!!! my jaw just dropped with all the revelations. I was scared for a while about cutting the friend zone and was shocked about the end result. Thanks. I know I am grounded at this time by you. LOL" ... written by Joseph
WOW, she is incredible!!!! Love her energy!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
She is a gem of a reader... she is able to put people on the right path with the energy and I look forward to following the guidance she gave me and draw in both my life work and my soulmate" ... written by Andrew
Great energy healing session much needed into the situation." ... written by dc8
I have been feeling restless all day and my to go person wasn't on, so somehow I was drawn to TXMedium's page. WOW!!! what an energy, I felt very connected with her, which I don't usually feel with other readers. Her energy is incredible, I immediately felt better, she's very realistic in her reading. I am looking foward to see what happens and will come back again. Thank you, you were awesome!!!" ... written by mainstreem20
Thank you for your tips I will have another session with you soon xxx" ... written by sunita700
Fun, Quick and Awesome !! OMG it was sooo fun session!!! after the session I fell asleep I feel light and positive now :)) I am protected now feel safe yay! and Cant wait to see my future baby too :))) LOVE you xoxo " ... written by sweet
Very insightful - picked up on things that I barely acknowledged within myself! Highly recommended." ... written by Eric
she's great detailed and a beautiful soul" ... written by Cristina
shes awesommmeeee" ... written by amanda
GRRRREEEAAAAT!!!!!" ... written by gene
Always a pleasure" ... written by
the lady is fantastic, great energy and amazing connection. a pleasure to speak with" ... written by Ameer
Great energy, I needed some validation for an important decision and just got it :-))) Thank you!! You are absolutely lovely!! xxx" ... written by sara
First ever private where I was told session is over go close the private n go save ur money... love this women to pieces.. she s been soooooooooooooo helpful past few days.. i stopped goin to other psychics... she s the BEEESSSTTT!!!!!!!!" ... written by Fundaaz
tx is great always gives the best advice" ... written by claire
she is so quick as an energy worker" ... written by kk
She is lovely....my go to gurlll...she fixes problem real quicckkkkk... she took like 20 seconds to fix my root chakra... I have been constipated n gassy all dayy.. gonna wait n watch hows it gonna change around from here :) but i luv her luv her luv her..." ... written by Fundaaz
She's so funny and put my mind at ease. I will report back when what she told me comes true :)" ... written by Laura
Enjoyed her and her energy! Great!" ... written by Ladydeeva888
great" ... written by ad31983
shes awesome" ... written by Jane M
So good at picking up energy...great to work with!" ... written by Larry
shes awesome" ... written by todd
She's so awesome!" ... written by NEH
good insight, not sure what I'm going to do still but she is making things a bit more clear" ... written by goldenaura
Wow! Your awesome!" ... written by Tie
she's awesome right on point" ... written by Cristina
1 bazillion gold starzzzzz" ... written by amy
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!" ... written by NEH
my first reading with her. she was spot on with my situation and i'm thankful i felt the connection with her to have the reading. highly recommended." ... written by luxxicon
Amazing! " ... written by karla
its a shame its all over but she inspires me a lot! thank you tx much love! xxxx" ... written by clo
best advise i ever had" ... written by Bee
TX is awesome! Really appreciate our reading, was accurate and helped me shift my energy to something more worth while in my life. Highly recommend TXPrincess and know she is a shining light to everyone here !!! xoxox " ... written by LynDAAA
shes awesome" ... written by amanda
1 million stars " ... written by angel
She is great, she gets to the root and heart of the matter and provides a solution that can change the course of one's life so she is the real deal. She will do more for a person in her readings than any other reader does by just answering questions. You are great :)" ... written by Andrew
she is interesting to talk to" ... written by aerohopper
Words cannot describe how her energy is vibrant and healing. She is extremely intuitive and gets to the heart of the issue with speed and clarity. She is the real deal. You must have a reading with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough. " ... written by Drohem
shes awesome" ... written by r
amazing" ... written by karla
She's a Unicorn....period. " ... written by Paula
Thank you for the amazing session! It was awesome and pumped me up even more than I already was!!! I am so over the top excited and you are amazing!" ... written by Me
Thanks for the help and the good laugh! You are the best!" ... written by Swede
she is so lively and awesome! such a good good energy i think she is incredible and u will too give her a try! :) " ... written by Libra26
I love this women to pieces... She has been guiding for sometime now.. and I just feel so much at peace.. n woww.. it feels amazing... I mean there were things always on my mind that I have wanted to do.. move spiritually forward in so many phases n yes... i love her energy work .. I am just basically blabbering now.. but am gonna go through with this coz I really need to live my life my away not how others want me to :)" ... written by Fundaaz
my first reading with Shelby and it made a lot of sense, Ive been going through a lot and needed some input. I will do another reading for sure. She is very good. and she also writes books :)" ... written by Rach
I liked her a lot!! " ... written by Cris
thank you shelby for lifting my spirits up! i hope i'm in a good place and this all works out accordingly :)" ... written by luxxicon
we connected through amazing. connection was so strong that we had several connections during the reading (thunder, car alarms setting off, Skype ringing in) positive" ... written by dc
Awesomeness, Accurate, insightful. You need to check her out!!!" ... written by Awesomeness
Heart to heart inspiration " ... written by toomuchkarma
No words to describe this amazing lady shes beautiful and really already helping me see things more clearly shes 10/10 cant wait to have more readings with you :) god bless u x" ... written by nessa8999
first session with her she was very fast , picked up on issue... great energy right to the point..." ... written by lisa
I had a HUGELY transformative session with Shelby yesterday, and I wanted to share that if you are open to changing for the better, and if you can take in what she is offering... your life will QUICKLY change into something sparkly and unexpected. Just with one session so much of the past was lifted from me: a sense of burden, emotional heaviness, doubt, loss of hope... Be open to what Shelby can do for you. She will help get you on the path you are meant to be on." ... written by L
Thank you ma'am. Crazy energy and energetic! She makes you feel good. I'll see you again." ... written by Beth
wow wow wow xx" ... written by cheryl
nice reading and I will try to do what she suggested. I will look for you in a couple days to touch bases." ... written by rebecca
Thanks for help in unraveling the confusion. I appreciate your help!" ... written by Swede
loved moving on..... fingers crossed for more moving" ... written by kameron
shes awesome" ... written by amy
Shelby talks about things I can relate to, and I m looking forward to positive changes to personal growth that comes with change ." ... written by Judith Hill
Thank you for the follow up reading. I'm excited about what will happen in the future. I'll keep you posted." ... written by C Smith
she great always gives the best advice" ... written by jim
She was absolutely wonderful!! I can't wait for my next session with her!!" ... written by Marcia
she's my heart. one of the best on oranum" ... written by Cristina
shes great" ... written by jim
shes awesome" ... written by Jane M
shelby is amazing shes helped me so much now time for the real work to be done i know with her help i will be a happier person" ... written by renee
Very heartfelt i really like her" ... written by Hadassah
I have had a great reading and picked up very well, she did a lot of energies i was amazed will be back next time" ... written by OceanblueRose
It's no secret that she's hysterical - but she's also remarkably gifted. I cannot explain her methods but she will help to change your life for the better." ... written by L
Definitely worth the time and the MONEY! Her bubbly and friendly personality makes her a great person and her insane ability to connect makes her a GREAT READER! I was amazed at the things she was able to confirm for me. Things that she obviously could not have known without knowing me and my loved one before. Thank you soooo much! I will definitely be a regular on here." ... written by Artisa
Another great reading from Shelby. Thank for the energy-moving experience. I'm so excited." ... written by C Smith
If I did not have Shelby as a guide to all of this ENERGY STUFF - I would be confused and stuck. Instead, with her help I have made huge strides in my life. I can't express how lucky and grateful I feel to have found her, and to receive her guidance and energy work. She will change your life... if you are willing." ... written by L
awesome!" ... written by edel95
Well Shelby finally did it, she brought tears to my eyes.. She is so intelligent, sweet, caring, honest, tender and touched my heart with the way she reads. If you have never read with her, it is a must that you try it at least once. She is one of the most gifted psychics on here and an amazing human being and beautiful soul. You are a gem Shelby, five stars every time :)" ... written by Andrew
ok.. shelby doesnt give you yes no.. he call u in 3 months answers.. she instead helps u fix things.. if u wanna see the bigger picture and sort ur energies.. (you need to do the work coz thats the best way u can do it)... she s a guide a teacher... a wonderful human being.. I am about to set on a journey and a beautiful one.. I am so happy deep within :) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. am so so so glad I met shelby......love n light..." ... written by Fundaaz
awesome! " ... written by edel95
Amazing doesn't cut it. She's beyond words. " ... written by L
Shelby is the tonic to whatever is ailing me. She is the kick in the butt that gets you moving when you don't know what to do. She's that extra shot of espresso that sparks the most productive work day. She's amazing." ... written by L
She is AWESOME-SAUCE. If you get a session with her - your life will change. Just sayin'" ... written by L
She is fan-tabulous. Always life-shifting. Simply amazing." ... written by L
Wow you are Amazing! I didt even have to tell you that we are flames :)" ... written by Ladyofstandards
thank u Shelby wow 1 million stars for you love u so much spot on awesome reading thank u once again love u lots " ... written by angeloflight
thank u so much wow wow wow I am totally pleased by our reading just now this reader is by far the best spot on I give her 1 million stars heads up2 Shelby when she speaks of shifting energy she wasn't bsning she does it well many blessings 2 u lots love your way thank u so much for sharing with all of us your gifts you are the best a true life saver .. Shelby I am blessed I have met you cheers my girl xxoo" ... written by starshine
awesome, opens up your heart chakra and always exciting and in interesting ways if you are open and allowing to "outside of the box" thiinking ;)" ... written by lara Blanks
Such a wonderful woman, soul, energy. She's amazing" ... written by L
She's AMAZING, and she will change your life." ... written by L
Wow!! Very very insightful and gives an action plan to what needs to be done so you don't keep going in circles. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by Walejr
funny, quick and informative" ... written by Rayhaan
Thanks! " ... written by Jen
awesome as always" ... written by Lara
very quick and I hope that it will work ill let u know!" ... written by T