About SusanHeart

Psychic SusanHearthas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SusanHearthas recently helped 31members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SusanHeart's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello! I am a true Psychic with over 30 years experience offering clarity in all matters. Love, Relationship, Abundance, Career, Family, Spiritual Path, Timeframes, Energy clearing, Reiki energy that promotes healing, Pet Connections, personal Angel & Guide readings and much more. I am here to be of service providing quick, accurate readings with integrity. $2.99/min

Where do I start? No gimmicks, just truth with Susan. I was in a state of mind where I was only seeing what I wanted to see - completely detached from reality. I asked her a simple question and she answered not with something that would tickle my ears - but with information and truth that confirmed what I suspected and will now allow me to adjust my behavior accordingly." ... written by PelicanTrotter
Very accurate and looking forward to seeing if it all comes true after ive put in the ground work. " ... written by thebewls
Great clarity. Picked up on my situation very well. Couldn't have asked for more. 5 stars!" ... written by JBee
Positive energy !" ... written by CC
Awesome spot on very helpful." ... written by Lorna
She seems really good, confirmed things I was thinking." ... written by skier8000
susan is so wonderful loving and kind and she cares for her customers! have had many readings from her and she is spot on! love her" ... written by ANESIA
she bring me hope and smile ...Susan is very good , she is very humble , she is like a mother with her advice. 100 accurate" ... written by dominique
Susan was so clear about me communicating directly with my daughter. She was very accurate about details she knew nothing about. She gave me the messages my mama's heart needed to hear. Thank you Susan. Blessings to you.." ... written by Janine
SHE IS SO GOOD WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ciana4444
A lovely reading, wonderful expert, great abilities, thanx a million" ... written by zimerili1
She was GREAT! Very good with the cards. I didn't have to give much information to get the answers I was searching for. Susan was very warm and reassuring. Thank you so much for your help! " ... written by Bekahb01
Susan is one of the most INCREDIBLE Clairvoyants I have ever dealt with !" ... written by Michael Antares
Very nice, non judging" ... written by Suzan4444
She has given me hope." ... written by kaylee
Susan is an awesome reader!!" ... written by marion
She seems like a very nice person, I'll wait to see if her prediction comes true!" ... written by lisa
Susan is a very good psychic! She is more than 5 star psychic! I'm glad I got a reading from her. She answered all of my questions and did her best to help me. Give her a try! You'll be happy you did!" ... written by Coockijan
First time meeting Susan in her Demo and then had a quick private reading. She was very professional in her manner, and I appreciate that. I only had a quick question for her, and she was very direct in her answer. Susan did not waste time while relaying her answer, which made the experience very pleasant. I would certainly come back to see her again when the need arises. God Bless You and Happy New Year." ... written by BlackDeuce
She was really uplifting in a bad time and will explain your cards to you. She will give you hope in your darkest hour and I truly believe in what she has to say. This was my first time doing it and regardless whether its hocus pocus or not... it still will bring a moment of peace. Thanks again Susan." ... written by Meghan
She was lovely, patient with me and gave me clarity on the situation. I would recommend her, she is straightforward and to the point, doesn't waste time and picked up on things, my feelings, and things that had happened. :)" ... written by marianne
Amazingly wonderful to speak to Susan. She's quick and straight forward with her readings and knows her stuff! She told me last week I'd be getting good news and I got it today, not five days later, but still waiting for the REALLY good news. Thank you Susan!!!!!" ... written by skier8001
Great. Answers direct question." ... written by Kandi
Susan picked up a lot, and helped me established the work I have done internally has helped me significantly look at the positivity around me. Thank you and I will let you know of the outcome." ... written by Vanboom
Susan was very calm and patient and straight to the point. answered all my questions and I felt like she gave me fantastic insight into what I need to do to achieve my desires. I would definitely recommend her and use her again. Excellent" ... written by paula
Positive and honest... love her energy and quickness. Will definitely follow-up with her." ... written by Lisa
Fabulous tarot card reading. Great new addition to Oranum!" ... written by lulu
Excellent reader!" ... written by cecily
Gave me the clarity I so needed. :)" ... written by Autumne
She is charming, precise and very helpful." ... written by Sanu111
She is very patient and understanding. I will definitely talk to her again. " ... written by angelwork
Excellent!!" ... written by hope
I had a wonderful time, her readings are very helpful.. I'll call back .." ... written by Tom
Susan has such great energy! She's straight-forward and honest. Great reading!" ... written by risenphoenix
Lovely lady spot on with information, I will be back." ... written by Polly
Thank you so much for your guidance, very insightful and straight forward advice!" ... written by ikroyalakr
Very good reading." ... written by kisha
Thank you so much SusanHeart! You are very intuitive and have given me some great advice. :) Quyana! ('Thank you!' in my native language)" ... written by aknative
Picked up on things relevant to my situation, will wait and see if predictions are accurate." ... written by Lorie
Very good reading, didn't use cards but gave accurate information!!!" ... written by kisha
excellent reading" ... written by Cindy
I will see if this is true. Will keep you updated." ... written by Frizzet
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
She is excellent, straight to the point." ... written by paula
Very Sweet lady to gave me good counseling. Thank you so much Susan" ... written by Sanaya
Susan was wonderful and I hope what she says comes true! The Letter "K" appeared for me in my readings which was interesting because I do know of a person that starts with a K that can help me along my career path but she was amazing and a definite reading! " ... written by Keir Luke
THANK YOU SO MUCH SUSAN" ... written by Denise
She is accurate and attentive. I like her alot." ... written by Myrna
Susan, I want to extend my gratitude during this reading. About my future soul mate and University outcome. I am very exited about it. Thanks again." ... written by Marcos
Thank you and many blessings to you!" ... written by Denise
She's amazing! She's like a life coach with super psychic abilities and she's been able to guide me a lot and give me many answers and reassure me during a very difficult time! She's one of the top top best on this site for sure. She never gives you the wrong answer and has been right about EVERYTHING!!!!" ... written by skier8001
Susan is delightful, doesn't waste your time and is accurate. I will definitely get another reading from her in the future. She is great." ... written by Myrna
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Good!" ... written by mflores
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
She is amazing! Wow! She is fast and gives great advice and insight. Just... Wow!" ... written by Roxanne
THANK YOU!" ... written by Denise
Thank you Susan fro your positive reading. I appreciate your time. I will get back with my news. Thanks again." ... written by MN
Such a lovely lady and a good reading!" ... written by Elo
THANK YOU SUSAN." ... written by Denise
She's a good reader. I would definitely come back." ... written by LadyGrace
He is great, very nice to talk to." ... written by mel
AWESOME - she truly is in touch with the powers that be and gets me the good info." ... written by laura
Susan is like a sister! She is honest, straight forward, kind, gentle and always sets me straight! She's my guiding light!!! Blessings Susan! xoxo" ... written by skier8001
Just had a reading with Susan. It was a great reading she picked up on everything no sugarcoating told me things I already knew but was honest about the situation. I thank her for being honest even though it wasn't all I wanted to hear but the truth and I thank her because it just comfirmed what i had already knew. Thanks much, I will be back soon for update. There aren't enough stars." ... written by cadesgirl
Amazing reading, fantastic and accurate! I Definitely recommend! thank you very much, you pushed me in the right direction with a clear mind." ... written by Lauren
A perfect energy." ... written by quietpast
Great reading. Very fast. Impressed!" ... written by freespiritwave
Excellent." ... written by Robert
Thank you." ... written by Denise
I think she has been very helpful." ... written by Susan Green
Thank Susan." ... written by Denise
THANK YOU SUSAN." ... written by Denise
Thank you." ... written by DeniseC
Her readings are accurate and truthful, so no sugar coating's from her. She's understanding and good person to talk with. Thanks for reading. :)" ... written by Angel
Brilliant, very intuitive and fantastic knowledge and help. Thank you!" ... written by caroline
Absolutely the best!!! I have talked to many others and only got clear with my problems with SusanHeart?? God Bless you!! I am going in the right direction now! " ... written by jeanine
Very supportive and gave me some good advice. I felt she understood my feelings and that is important." ... written by Myrna
THANK YOU!" ... written by Denise
Great person and great readings!" ... written by karen sanchez
Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Amanda
I love Susan! Right on with her knowledge of me and relationship. " ... written by Tammy
Wow... She knew, saw and gave me hope!" ... written by freedom
Thank you!" ... written by C
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Very caring, nice, honest and to the point. She tells the truth and you should be ready to hear it. Thank you for clearing up the issue for me, God Bless." ... written by sharen223
A wonderful reading. SusanHeart is warm, caring and gets right to the point. Definitely coming back! Thank you." ... written by January1966
Very good as usual." ... written by Vickie
Absolutely amazing! Everything spot on, even made me laugh as well. :) Brilliant psychic, 10/10. Will be coming back again. :)" ... written by Jodie
Very positive, I felt healed after the reading." ... written by Michelange9
Very good, enjoyed the reading." ... written by cathy
My" go to" touchstone." ... written by quietpast
All I have to say is that she is amazing! She hit all the things that were on my heart and mind. Highly Recommened!" ... written by Shari
I like her readings. Very authentic, genuine and compassionate." ... written by LadyGrace
Susan is certainly a huge help, I believe she gave me the answers that I needed to hear to stay on the right path. She answered my many questions very quickly and she gave very much detail. There was not any question that she could not answer. She speaks the truth as it is given to her from a higher level of vibrational spirit. Very detailed and psychic." ... written by kathy
She was helpful!" ... written by MaryAnn
Omg she is real!!! very helpful and no bullshit... she tells it like it is and you will get a very accurate reading" ... written by Kathleen
great reading! Thanks!" ... written by a
She's great, very quick and accurate, thank you!!" ... written by jazzychic7
Great reading" ... written by sorting laundry
She was amazing! Thank you so much for validating what I was feeling in my heart. " ... written by Johnica
Great, positive, reading, will re-check in one month, very polite and energetic about future." ... written by Susie
Susan is wonderful in private!! She has beautiful energy and connects well.... thank you Susan ♥" ... written by marionlyttle
Straight to the point, connects sraight away" ... written by irene
She picks up very good and fast.Thanks!" ... written by William
Excellent connection, fast, to the point! Gave honest, accurate and helpful info. Recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Fabulous reading. Very clear, concise and detailed." ... written by Diana
connects well great reading" ... written by grt
Fast, inspiring, and accurate." ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Excellent as always - accurate and fast. She seems very in tune with me, and gave me great advice about some situations in my life. " ... written by Myrna
She was so so good! Bless her" ... written by awesome
Crazily spot on. :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Probably the best reading I've heard in a while and what I needed to hear. That there is hope. Affirmations and positive thoughts are key, otherwise what our subconscious feel can negatively affect our lives. It's like a fresh breath of air to be honest. I need to kick fear in the butt, and go back to how I felt in the beginning before life got upside down. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! I'm going to try even harder to fight this resistance/rut. Patience is key too." ... written by Chi0Bella
It was nice to talk to her. Very peaceful." ... written by Sandra Linn
Very accurate reading! Thank you" ... written by terri
What I especially like, is her eyes!!" ... written by SophieCatWo
She was a real good" ... written by Staci
awesome! TY" ... written by ghost face
connects quickly, honest and compassionate, one of the best readers on here" ... written by Sylvia812
Enjoyed my readings. She was fast and to the point with my questions. Thank you and God Bless" ... written by lewis
Truly amazing and simple! She's very understanding and accurate..." ... written by do
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
to the point and can just give general insight " ... written by stephanie
SusanHeart was excellent , a great intuitive, very accurate and helpful - would definitely highly recommend her xxx" ... written by Maria Therase
AMAZING!" ... written by Sarah
She is great!! She gets to the point. Love her. " ... written by Natalie
She guessed a few things from the guides that I did not tell her. Certainly a plus." ... written by ABA
5 stars! Susan was very "down to earth", kind and a pro! Her advice was "spot on"! THANKS SUSAN!!!" ... written by Cathleen L Cox
She was fast, honest, clear. Great." ... written by christine
Great reading hope it will come to pass!" ... written by Marino
Such a lovely, warm and honest lady, I really enjoyed my reading with Susan, and she did say things that were true without me giving away too much informaton. A very genunine reader, and I will come back again at some point i am sure :) x" ... written by Vee
SusanHeart was very thouroughly I couldn't decide if I wanted to do this reading but I strongly believe she is the best! She connect so well with me on many different areas in my life and gave me feedback on everything that has been consuming my thoughts. It brought me to tears and I'm so grateful my angels lead me to her! Many blessings to you! xoxox" ... written by Jennifer
She's amazing!! She was very helpful. :-)" ... written by Bobie
She was great, what a good heart! Fast!!" ... written by a
WOW!!! highly recommend! She was great! Very fast and very well connected! Thanks Susan!!!" ... written by wondering03
She is very quick and immediately accurate - intuitive reader. She is caring and not judgemental - I highly recommend! 5 STARS!" ... written by jl
Interesting but a little off in what Emanuel is saying and what susan heart was saying. But enjoyed talking with her." ... written by nancy
SusanHeart is just that...Her heart is as big as the world. Fortunately she shares it with her readers and blesses them with her kind warm heart. I know it sounds like I am taking this at of a book but the woman really is that great and kind hearted. Oh and she is DAM good with her readings!!!" ... written by Maggie76
She's wonderful! Love her!!! Thank you Susan! Happy Holidays to you and your family! Blessings!" ... written by skier8001
Lovely lady, thank you we will see what comes of the "insite"" ... written by Nicolette
Awesome as always!!! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Very good insight on my situation - positive outlook and communication. Sending prayers for my situation - Bless her!" ... written by Pam
thank you your so clear andamp; good" ... written by L
Thankyou. Helpful." ... written by Lily
she was so helpful with a really tough situation" ... written by Z
Love Susan! Awesome x 900! Just press Private! xx" ... written by Julie Walters
Awesome reading! loved it " ... written by AD
Love Ms. Susan! Always keeps it real and honest which is a MUST for me...Thanks so much Susan...xx" ... written by Jessie Smith
OH MY GOD, an AMAZING reader. Loads of details. Just WOW. I would RECOMMEND her any time someone needs a reading." ... written by PrincessRow
Wow, she's really good and you won't regret getting a reading from her!! Thanks so much!" ... written by PPP
It was a short reading... but was great. She answered quickly. Thanks Susan!!" ... written by megali
Thank you so much. I enjoyed speaking to you. I believe you're a honest person and will look forward into speaking to you in the future." ... written by Hopeful71
Very quick and to the point, thank you." ... written by Claire
couldnt hav been more accurate if id gone into details feeling hopeful having spoken to susan " ... written by vanessa
I liked her feedback, she was precise on the question I asked andamp; right to the point! Thank you... ;)" ... written by Wendell Sakiestewa
Positive, good advisor and I will do like she said and then I belive things will work out. " ... written by Jeanetteg
She made me feel so much better and I will do exactly what she said, thank you so much!" ... written by Empress1432
Really great advice!" ... written by s
SusanHeart is quick, accurate and very helpful. Can't ask for more." ... written by wightfox
Susan is accurate and doesn't waste time. She is always of immense help to me." ... written by Myrna
Susan is awesome! She helped me so much! I will definitely be back to chat with her!" ... written by April
It was a great experience. It was very releasing and very heavenly :) Just don't know what happened but I was really connected. :) " ... written by Anushka Arya
Excellent." ... written by s
She is excellent." ... written by paula
so fast and straight to the point" ... written by life
Absolutely wonderful! Was very direct and to the point. Spot on accuracy! So fast at picking up the information. Will definitely come again. :)" ... written by Sam
Great she is really nice." ... written by MaryAnn
I love Susan! She is a light worker and wonderful person, so easy to talk to, never judgmental or harsh, always sweet and kind. She is also always right and spot on!!! Thank you Susan!" ... written by Skier8001
wonderful reading, sharp mind, accurate, fast, precise, simply amazing!! thank you" ... written by Maria
Susan is very quick to connect to her spirit guides. She is very insightful, compassionate, non judgemental and intuitive. Her comments and insight give her credibility. I look forward to her forecast coming true!!! " ... written by jdl
She was really awesome." ... written by butterfly77lady
so much integrity kindness and good guidance" ... written by STAVROS
My favorite. She is always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
Awesome update with Susan. She's so fast to connect and is spot on with her information. She gives great advice and I can't wait for things to manifest!" ... written by LP
thank you! :)))" ... written by edel95
Thanks Susan. My heart is so broken and I'm lost, but I have to think positive from here on out." ... written by familyhelper
great readings always" ... written by STAVROS
Great connection was bad." ... written by Chrisflower
she was great and accurate. very fast !" ... written by christopher
Susan is very supportive and accurate. She is in my opinion excellent. You should try her." ... written by cfrances
Susan was wonderful and very professional and I admire the fact that she didnt waste any of my time. I came on today and didn't waste a dime. She informed me of the great year that I am about to have and I know that it will be a great year for me because I worked so hard for it. A good sign that someone is trying to help you is a reader who gets right to the point helping you." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
I LOVED my reading with Susan. She's so intuitive and gets right to the heart of the matter. I can hardly wait to start practicing the intentions Susan shared with me to help draw in positive things and hoping 2014 is as good as Susan saw it for me! Aloha Sushi FIVE STARS to be sure!!!" ... written by susan
I really really strongly believe that she is the real deal. I will come back within a month or 2. She told me so many things that even thought it hurt i know she is telling me the truth. She gave me peace. But i won't give up on love. This relationship i'm in is no good. " ... written by Lovingkari
AMAZZING!!" ... written by hELLENA
Sweet reader with a lot of advice and insight! Thank you!" ... written by angelone44
AMAZING! So insightful very accurate and I cannot wait for the predictions to come true. The same predictions were given by 3 other psychics so she tuned in very well and gave me a lot of clarity. Much recommended :) " ... written by Senem
Susan Heart is ALWAYS Incredible !" ... written by Michael
Very nice interaction and great insights! Thanks." ... written by geekie
Wonderful, told me many great things! " ... written by Stacey
Excellent. Very clear, pleasant, easy to converse with. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much." ... written by Carla
Amazing! I highly recommend her! Very on point and clearly connected. " ... written by sara
I really love how she speaks clearly and is clear with her answers... Doesn't waste time and goes fast to give you the most reading for your time. Her energy is light and I love that. I also can tell that she isn't trying to get you to get more credit... That feels good..... Plus she told me to trust my own psychic ability... " ... written by Maku
This was my second reading with Susan. She is a calming and reassuring " ... written by BlackDeuce
Oh my gosh, I am soooo impressed!!!!! Susan picked up on everything going on in my life and she gave me hope. She was absolutely amazing and I would recommend her to anyone! I will definitely be back!!!! Thank you Susan... I was feeling so down and you've lifted my spirits." ... written by LilyCicco
Very nice. Did pick up on my feelings about the situation. I would visit again." ... written by Vickie
She was great nice and on target will contact her again." ... written by anesia
Susan was amazing! Thank you for your time and information. I will definitely let you know how the next few months go." ... written by Beth
First reading with Susan and she was AMAZING!!! She picked up readily on my situation before I could even finish typing my questions. Gave me great insight and new perspective on a very difficult situation. Also confirmed what other gifted Psychics have said. She is a straight shooter - does not waste your time gets right into the meat of things. At the same time is very compassionate and sympathetic. Will definitely give her another call. Bless you Susan for your inspiration!!!!" ... written by Mundogirl
Brilliant. :)" ... written by Autumne
OMG! amazing! Thank you so much. thank you thank you thank you! " ... written by Johnica
Very helpful, can't wait to find out more as time goes on, thanks." ... written by cajaya21160225
It was great talking with you!!! Very clear and knew exactly what was going on with me!!! Can't wait to speak with you again!!!" ... written by Lashae
Very sweet and caring. Insightful and extremely helpful. Thank you again Susan!" ... written by Jenn
Very helpful. God bless you for the guidance!" ... written by nicole
Excellent to connect,had several readings and keep coming back for updates." ... written by cf
She connects with spirit and connects fast." ... written by DarkDov
Susan was dead on and so sweet and uplifting! I am so inspired because of her and now I KNOW I'm on the right path!" ... written by AmethystButterfly
Very straight forward and answered all my questions! Definitely recommending her!" ... written by Kaley
I absolutely loved my reading!! She does not gloss anything over, she speaks straight from her intuition and does not waste your time! Very concise and uplifting as well! I must say I am very pleased with what she told me. I will be back for sure! Thank you so much SusanHeart. God bless your heart!! xx" ... written by loovedove
She was awesome, and fun. Very nice." ... written by brittany
Susan was very sweet and she went right down to the point. I appreciate her openness and honesty. Thank you!" ... written by sora
Thanks for talking to my cat. What can I say it turns out that's really important to me. LOL. I didn't know how important! Thanks again...Jen" ... written by jen
On the fence, was not quite sure about where I'm at with this guy I've been talking to, but she was very reassuring thank you! I will relax and see what happens. " ... written by MB
Quick, detailed - amazing! Really amazing. Connected quickly and directly into me and multiple situations. A genuine reader who truly impressed me. Can't wait to experience what she saw. Will be back!" ... written by Amanda
Susan is awesome, and she is simply the best. She knew my situation so well like no one else. I will be back all the time for updates. Susan is my angel! Thank you hun, Alla" ... written by alla
Amazing that she recalls details of my circumstances from a month ago. She is very consistent with her insight and advise. She is caring, compassionate and very gifted!!!! 5 STARS - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by JDL
she is so sweet , she inspire , and she let me have that feeling with love frm my angels thank you so much" ... written by maria
she was great. no tools, was able to pick everything up quickly" ... written by n
Thank you Susan I am glad to see you on here because you really give me truthful insight about my life. I would recommend you to anyone. Best wishes ...Felicia" ... written by Felicia
She did a wonderful job! Answered all my questions and was very accurate. " ... written by Jack
She is excellent. I always go back to her. Very quick!" ... written by paula
She helped me so much, wonderful person she gave me hope." ... written by shannababylove
SusanHeart was great! She was very positive and gave me a lot of helpful advice about manifesting abundance in my life. " ... written by Miss Annie Jean
My reading was brilliant and on point. Thank you so Much Susan x" ... written by LeleMcQueen
Very good !!!! If could have 10 stars I could give all to her!!! Thank you very much!!!!!! Blessings from Ireland :)" ... written by sky blue
She is amazing, very fast reading without any tools." ... written by kalana
Awesome reading! Looking forward to hearing back from my med school!" ... written by Kris
Blessings. Positive energy. Loving, caring woman." ... written by cj
Well, Susanheart I can say for a fact is very gifted. She read the story as if seeing it played out on her soul level. Only it was my story and others around me. I am truly grateful for having someone give me so much clarity and truth to answers i knew but could not accept with certainty. oooooxxxxx . I would give her above 10 stars if ten stars were the limit." ... written by Beth (justcallmebeth)
She was awesome! A real psychic." ... written by Mary
Very positive and answered my questions. Lovely Lady." ... written by Stacey
As usual, very efficient, VERY VERY kind!" ... written by SophieCatwo
Spot on. A big help." ... written by Pam
She was wonderful and insightful. Very good reading." ... written by Kiree
Very helpful to me, and patient. I was everywhere at once but she helped bring clairity :) what good energy she has i was drawn to her as soon as i saw her. God bless her :)" ... written by Amy
No tools, very fast and kind. It helped me a lot. I will certainly comeback for another reading. I recommend everyone to have a reading with her. A very good guide. You will not regret. Blessings to all =) " ... written by Tomas
Very straight and to the point...Right on. Exactly what I needed to hear as a reminder to trust my own intuition that the Universe has bigger and better plans for me and that this is a year of transformation. Change might be hard, but there is lots of love and support in and from the Universe and there is nothing to worry about, rather much to be thankful for. I feel much less anxious about upcoming events that I was seeking clarity about. Thank you so much SusanHeart." ... written by Mandie
Lovely reading. Helped brighten my outlook on the situation. Thank you " ... written by Samantha
Very kind and accurate. Looking forward to another reading soon :-)" ... written by tameia
Excellent Reader, 5 Stars!!!" ... written by need2know5
Very kind. honest, very insightful. Appreciated the reading very much." ... written by jes
She was great!!" ... written by joanne
Good. I want to know more." ... written by skyq
She was amazingly fast, but not rushed, accommodated me on two important questions on less than 10 credits, answered accurately (mentioned things I already know for a fact to be true) and quickly and thoroughly. Very thoughtful and caring lady, a really good psychic, a pleasure!" ... written by OndemMystere
Awesome! She is so understanding and on point. No BS here, only what you need to know and total honesty. I love that! " ... written by Seeker1200
She was quick and precise about what she says about the present and the future, she was a real joy and recommend her to everyone" ... written by pammy826
This woman is amazing. She hits it right on the spot." ... written by Courtney
Love love love this woman. Great and powerful reader and sends much needed healing energy. Thank you again." ... written by Samantha
She is the Queen of Oranum....oooxxx. Just so awesome and unbelievably good!" ... written by JustCallMeBeth
Susanheart is such a wonder bright soul!!! She is very gifted!! She gave me a PREDICTION in a demo that CAME TRUE so I came back 4 a reading!!! She is very QUICK n will not waste ur time or credits!!! I will definitely b back again n can wait 4 these predictions to come true as well. She was spot on n accurate n could tap in2 my energy immediately!! Thank wonderful Susan!! Love n light!! Many Blessings 2 u my dear!! XOXO 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
She was awesome. I enjoyed my reading." ... written by Butterfly77lady
Excellent and very caring." ... written by cynthia1078
I thought she was AMAZING! I loved her honesty and I kept her word true. I will come back for sure to talk to her. And she is very kind, patient and polite. " ... written by Roseanna Tibbetts
She is amazing!!! She recalls details with great accuracy and insight. She is very talented and extremely quick!!!! She is confident and wastes no time - 5 Star Reader!!!! " ... written by JL
OK :):):)" ... written by lotus99
Honest, accurate, and straight to the point like a teacher. She helps you learn and is great counseling." ... written by kormexta
She was awesome." ... written by Natasha
Very friendly and straight to the point." ... written by J
Very nice lady and seems to be accurate. Time will tell. " ... written by Lou
Fun, and good readings." ... written by cristhian
5 stars! She is very nice and quick with details. She predicted that over the next 2 months is when B will start to open up more. Good by mid-year. Thank you. " ... written by Renee
Very sweet, kind hearted, I warmed to her immediately. Very accurate with her information. Will most definitely be coming back to update :)" ... written by rebecca
Very good reading. Would recommend highly to everyone." ... written by Courtney
Great. Very honest." ... written by jhudy
She helps me with an issue I carry since a long time. She's kind and talking with her heart. I really enjoy it. :)" ... written by Mily
As always, very kind, very efficient!! Right on purpose!! Even if what she tells me this time doesn't please me at all, it's very nice of her to be that honest!!! Thank you very, very much! And once again I highly RECOMMEND her...This reading will help a lot...(I think...) (not now, but I will...)" ... written by Sophiecatwo
Intuitive..Connected Immediately...Highly Recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Excellent reading. Very positive, quick answers and comforting. first time with her and great experience." ... written by Patti
Thank you very much. So friendly." ... written by lauren
Very helpful. She gave me the advice i needed. Figured out what was bothering me. It was a positive experience. She made me feel like a person and not a job. I would go back to her again." ... written by Lauren
Love her. Great readings. I've gone to her multiple times. Love her." ... written by Courtney
Very good psychic. " ... written by morningstar8
Awesome as usual!!!" ... written by Antares
Good reading." ... written by brebre88
Perfect and clear. Connected and no baloney." ... written by qp
She knew what I was talking about and delivered the information directly but with compassion. Picked up on things straight away. A good reading!" ... written by gokelly
She was very helpful to me. She helped understand what is going on with my relationship with my girlfriend." ... written by David
Very cheerful, insightful psychic" ... written by Erica
Completely on point and accurate. This woman has a true and natural talent. Thank you so much for your help in the issues I had questions about; I feel so much better. :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Very good picked up fast. No sugarcoating. " ... written by oreocookies37
I like the reading she gave me. I hope they do come true because it's what I wanted all along. I want to be happy :). I will definitely will be back to have my reading. Thanks Susanheart." ... written by Maryann
wow she was awesome! amazing reader!" ... written by wingy
always clear and connected." ... written by qp
***PLEASE READ*** you may think im making it up but susanHeart is an amazing woman. totally gifted. full of advise. very comforting. highly recommended. much appreciated." ... written by Matthew
Susan has an incredible memory. " ... written by JDL
Great reading! " ... written by aquarius 12
susan is very positive and gets to the heart of the matter. thanks susan!!" ... written by pure
Kind, thoughtful person. Susan provided me with a lot of information and was very positive and encouraging." ... written by Gatorgal
Easy to talk with, down to earth, filled with hope and very positive." ... written by Crissyann
totally amazing! if you want a fast and accurate reading go to SusanHeart...she blew my mind...5 star rating without a doubt...thank you soooo much for the reading and the wonderful advice...i do feel much better after your session...will come back again when I have news to share..." ... written by linda pryharski
Clearing up my visions, really helpful! thank you!" ... written by lillyV
Very quick and to the point. I like that she did not try to buy time with delay stuff.. Also very accurate.. She identified areas that could be a concern but I knew what they were so it actually only confirmed that she was for real. Thank you! I will take that advice you gave me :)." ... written by Explorer77
Fantastic!!" ... written by angel
She answered all the questions. Thank You!!!" ... written by Megali
The best of the best!!!!!!!" ... written by Anette Helltröm Johansson
She is wonderful and very caring. She was right on" ... written by Michelle
She's really wonderful. Quick, direct, very clear information. Wonderful!" ... written by Ahz
What a joy it was to interact with Susan! I highly recommend her. All is well xoxo" ... written by Kristen
First time reading and definitely picked up on situation and details. Will be back for more. She is great!" ... written by Ashley
She is amazing! So pure, amazing, I am crying with happiness, she got through to my archangel and spirit guide. So thankful for this reading absolutely amazing and uplifting thank you so much Susan! I am genuinely truly enlightened. " ... written by fortunadevine
Awesome reading! I will be back! She told me that the new position would be demanding but that I would find time to juggle the my passion and job. Also that I would be hiring individuals in my new position to help. " ... written by SmileyT
Outstanding." ... written by laura
Amazing reading with Susan....She was fast and accurate and gave understanding!!! Thank you." ... written by SS
I really love Susan's energy!! Very positive and very helpful. She remembers very well my story, and it makes the reading very efficient, accurate and fast! Not what i want to hear, but honest, very honest!! Plus, Right on purpose, so kind, LOVELY Susan, thank you very much." ... written by Sophiecatwo
Excellent. No hesitation in answering and point blank in answering to the core point. Good. Appreciated. " ... written by Doctor Kesavan
EXCELLENT." ... written by Paula
I like her. Good reading. AK cares and he will come back but he will not change. I will meet Mr. Right when I will be ready." ... written by Nellie
she is good and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
I felt like she was very spot on. " ... written by ONa
Seemed right on! Very peaceful to talk to!!!" ... written by Jenn
she is excellent!! " ... written by paula
she looked deep and gave me all the answers I was seeking " ... written by Michelle
wow very good reading very fast with her answers will have an update with her thank you so much" ... written by dawn
I haven't had someone make me feel this warm in sometime. I'm going to take everything to heart and hear what was really told to me. Thanks Susan Heart." ... written by Julie
Absolutely awesome!" ... written by Melissa
Thank you so much for the reassurance and I truly felt you were accurate with your assessments!" ... written by teresa
nice lady nice advice open heart i love it , " ... written by maria
Quick responses. She's very objective. " ... written by Josh
she is excellent. very direct and to the point. very accurate answers." ... written by Paula
She made me feel way better!!! Motivation and manifesting my desires! God willing.....Good Reading!! I will come back!" ... written by Oceania30
Thank you " ... written by Lisa Smith
very insightful lady, accurate and honest. many thanks and blessings xx" ... written by mati
very straight to the point and great advice thank you" ... written by Scillybear
very good reading, positive and uplifting." ... written by jenny
an absolutely lovely lady, spot on and to the point about my questions about my love life. Really helpful regarding making me understand some people alot more aswell. thankyou :)" ... written by Hannah
SO GREAT! She reads peoples' energies so clearly! I would love to leave a testimony in the future to see how accurate her reading is!" ... written by Vicky
Oohhh.. What a nice reading. MS. Susan connected immediately and started running down the info as it came to her. I'm looking for a career move, so I'll be back to give the details on how it all will come about. She gave me some areas to focus on as I continue my search. She also included a time frame." ... written by curious Dee
Excellent reader! Great information and very positive. :)" ... written by Gatorgal
Susan was very nice .. encouraging.. and gave some good advice .. she told me things in a way that made a lot of sense .. ty I will keep u updated .. and will visit again for sure !!! many thanks !" ... written by beautifulmess
Very good. Thorough. " ... written by Krista
Very clear and very honest and to the point ." ... written by Judith Hill
Excellent reader! Very encouraging and uplifting. Connected me with my loved ones who had passed on and it was very helpful." ... written by Gatorgal
very nice and helpful" ... written by greta
Very good insight..very in tune with questions and answers. I will do another reading soon." ... written by BlueMinnie
Very friendly easy to talk to! " ... written by Renee
She was very good picked up my feelings on the person that I'm talking to which is iffy. She was also on point with my friend's husband's friend. LOL that ain't happening. If this person that i'm talking to right now really wants me he has to show me more. If another guy comes into the picture. There will be a dilemma that i'll have to choose between the two." ... written by Chyree
Gave great information. Unfortunately I got interrupted at work. I am sorry Susan" ... written by pinkangel003
it was ok." ... written by patricia
Great encouraging! " ... written by lisa
I enjoyed my reading." ... written by hhmit45
Excellent and helpful!" ... written by Gatorgal
She really puts your mind at ease when you need it. She cares for the person she is reading for. She is a good soul and she is about 99% accurate in the readings. 8)" ... written by David
Great Reading. Helped on some major issues. Put my mind at ease. Gives compassionate answers. " ... written by Lisa
very good reading...5 star...connected quickly to my situation...insightful and helpful...thank you so much" ... written by linda pryharski
I really loved it. I was shocked by the accuracy. Truly AMAZING" ... written by Bhargavee
loved her!!! she was very straightforward. everything she said made sense " ... written by Hannah
Amazing. Knew exactly what was going on. And how i felt about the situation. Thank you so much. " ... written by Kt
Thank you, awesome reading!" ... written by Tiffany
direct and to the point. provided the guidance that was needed at this time." ... written by Valecia
Susan is so accurate and honest with her readings. She gave me clarity, encouragement and hope that the future will be better and greater. I will listen to her advise and will come back for updates. Thank you very much, Susan! God Bless" ... written by Moonchild59
Super great. Love her direct demeanor. Totally trust her." ... written by Ahz
She definitely had some good insight into what was happening in my life. 5 star reading. Glad I came to her with my problems. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
Spot on as always on reading people and situations with no info provided. Lovely and warm to speak to. Many blessings xx" ... written by Jo
she is wonderful , straight to the point and helped me release all of the negative energy , and i got told some amazing opportunities are coming up !! thanks again Susan:) " ... written by Tori M
Wow! This by far was one of the best ones I have had. Very informative and direct. I liked that she said things and knew things before I even said them. Wonderful. I will be back" ... written by janet
great, just true all of the reading.....nice and human susan..." ... written by mette44
Very good - very insightful!" ... written by Maria Pritchard
right on target...informative, lovely...." ... written by laurie
I had a great reading." ... written by Butterfly77lady
OMG Susan was AMAZING she was on point with everything!! I just had a bit of confusion will try to see if I can clear it up..." ... written by Butifulbutterfly
SusanHeart is amazing! She connected with me very quickly and was very accurate with her view of where I am in life right now. In addition to her predictions, she was able to give me really useful advice regarding the my concerns." ... written by cherryblossom10
Great reading, she is connected and in tune. I was feeling tingling and vibrations during parts of the reading/" ... written by MerkabahMan633
she was good andamp; spot on..will wait andamp; see the results:)" ... written by aqua
thanks for the comfort words! Put me at ease!" ... written by Jocelyn
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
Always great to have a reading with you! Very nice and calming. Thank you!" ... written by lilly
SusanHeart is gifted and incredibly helpful." ... written by Katherine
Very optimistic. Very direct. very clear. Not generic.. Highly recommended." ... written by A
GREAT!" ... written by Anca
I totally trust her. She just is so clear, and tuned in. Always get great information from her. " ... written by Ahz
Susan immediately picked up my vibes andamp; the vibes from my current situation. She was very clear with what she saw for me - I suggested two paths that I was considering for getting a new job. She advised me on how each path would end. So Now - I must sit back and wait. She also reminded me to think positive for the job that I leave and think positive for the new job. In other words -- don't ' piss off ' the Boss at my old job -- the karma may follow me to the new job . " ... written by Curious Job Seeker
very nice " ... written by Moldavsko99
Susan is wonderful, connected quickly about my life path; past present and future.. and perfectly accurate! thanks so much" ... written by Lynda22
I am so happy I contacted this reader. I was given the real facts and not what I wanted to hear. I am glad that I was able to talk to someone who is caring. I felt very relaxed talking about my problem. I knew that I would not be judged . " ... written by sharon
Very intuitive!" ... written by Maria
she was great, straight to the point, very much looking forward to the outcomes of this! " ... written by drummergirl
Awesome reading... thank you!" ... written by maria
She is SO accurate!!!" ... written by JG
amazing" ... written by nanasmith
Awesome as usual!!!" ... written by MIKE
Susan provides a positive and focused reading. She is encouraging and insightful." ... written by AJ
Very fast and funny. Hope to update with good news soon" ... written by Michelle
I appreciate your words with me . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
the reading was great and very up lifting" ... written by Carrie
very true, everything she said" ... written by christy
Very honest and she knows exactly what is coming in my life. I will keep in touch." ... written by David
Susan is very positive, thank you" ... written by greta
AMAZING! so sweet and to the point... very honest and truthful " ... written by Kyla
Susan truly is the real deal; she connects to spirit and delivers their message. I have just lost my dog and Susan was able to connect right away. Everything she said made so much sense to me. She is an amazing medium and doesn't over charge for her services which are very much needed. " ... written by Tina
SusanHeart is great! I sort of bombarded her with questions out of left and right field, but she was very focused and was awesome in answering them. I really felt like we connected and she was able to help me bring a little clarity to my life path. I am proud to say that she gave me the gift of knowing that my grandmother is around watching my daughter when I'm not there. It really made me feel more secure. Thankyou SusanHeart! Thank-you for taking the time to help people like me with your gifts! :) :) :) " ... written by Henry
I liked her!" ... written by Tamika
Wonderful advice! Reading was very insightful." ... written by Destiny
quick and helpful!" ... written by Jennifer
very clear and quick reading...right to the point....tells it like it is thank you for the reading...will let you know what happens... 5star reading...definitely recommended:)" ... written by linda pryharskil
quick, kind, straight, honest, recommended" ... written by laura
great reading positive energy, thanks so much" ... written by Hazel
Excellent reader " ... written by stacy
quickly connected and gave a lot of information. Excellent reader and compassionate to the situation. I will come back again. " ... written by Tracy
wonderful reading. Helped me get going on my own healing " ... written by gina
She gives good advices!! spot on!! highly recommend for private reading!" ... written by hermesstarr
She was great. Confirmed everything I was thinking and gave great advice." ... written by Mimi
I have had many reading by Susan and it amazes me how much she recalls! Her reading are very insighful and intuitively accurate so I return for updates. " ... written by JRL
LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! She tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat things but she has a very high accuracy rate and calms me down every time I speak to her. She's wonderful! Truly a blessing/." ... written by skier8001
Helpful insight that made me feel more empowered" ... written by Carri
I always have nothing but the best to say about Susan. She is amazing. Simply amazing!!!!" ... written by Anfisa
love her....awesome job." ... written by christy
kind, intuitive, thanks for the positivity" ... written by rj
very straight forward to accurate! highly recommended!" ... written by I
She is awesome, filled with good energy. I liked her, and she has a very good insight" ... written by Bibi123
good reading thanks " ... written by val
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Absolutley wonderful. I came in with VERY negative energy and she just turned it all around. I came in sad and hopeless and came out joyful and strong-willed. She's amazing. " ... written by Jennifer
She is very warm, direct and well guided from her spirits :-) It was a pure bliss to talk to her!! I highly recommend her. I have found my guide on Oranum (together with another one on here)" ... written by Spiritonloose
She's fantastic to the point and doesn't waste time. 10 stars!" ... written by ikroyala
ms Susan was so great she is so nice and sweet and she cares about clients she knew my situation and she gave me timeframe will come back to let her know. thank you so much" ... written by anesia
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Amazing spirit....very uplifting! Time for me to move!" ... written by Tina
I think she was great. Very honest and to the point." ... written by Karma
Great reading. Very positive." ... written by E
Susan is a very gifted reader! She recalls details and has incredible insight into situations. Her timeline and occurrences have been accurate. She is very gifted and intuitive. I highly recommend her for private - 5 STARS!" ... written by LJ
Susan connects fast and is very accurate. She was able to answer all my questions and provided guidance. I definitely recommend her for a reading. " ... written by pmk2005
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
She is so great. Gave that motherly touch and was very open and honest. " ... written by Angela Wainwright
Straight to the point and answered my questions." ... written by K
first reading with her she is fast at answering my questions does not waste any time she is good no suger coating I like that I will keep her updated and will be back in July" ... written by Kathy
Great reading. Was told I wont meet my one until spring of 2015 :( Will wait and see." ... written by BM331
She was so uplifting and she knew things that I did not tell her. definitely a good reading and I will return." ... written by sweettea1973
I want to send Susan many blessings. I feel much more positive and open, going to try a few things she suggested and look forward to speaking again to update." ... written by b
Wow, she was fast and accurate. Thank you so much!" ... written by clover711
Really on point and kind. Looking forward to what she sees happening. Great reader" ... written by C
Helpful.. and honest.. could really see what i was feeling." ... written by tb
Susan is so GREAT! Fast, concise and gets to the details and info you need without any BS. Very honest and accurate in the info she delivers as I have already seen it come to pass. Your best interest is definitely her priority. Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Doesn't waste you time. Gets to the point. Warm and friendly. Will check back in a couple of weeks to let you know about accuracy. Loved talking to you. Thanks" ... written by cococritters
She picked up on somethings that I didn't tell her til the end. Gave me some advice although a bit tough to swallow. Thanks :)" ... written by jaqueline
you are just amazing. thank you for the insight. very helpful" ... written by christy
One of the best psychics ever, she was so honest and picked up on stuff that you wouldn't think about, but she will tell you were you are at and what would be best to do. She does not ''slow down'' the convo and tells you as fast as she can with a motherly touch, bless her." ... written by Murad
Loved my reading. She offers practical, no-nonsense advice and is very insightful. Thanks again! " ... written by Margaret
She's a sister, a mother, a friend all in one! I love her! Her energy is wonderful and grounding and she is always honest and puts me in my center!" ... written by Skier8001
She is a wonderful person and I enjoy my sessions with her." ... written by David
Had a lovely reading with SusanHeart, connected to spirit for me and my guides. Gave me some idea about my career path. Many thanks." ... written by Nexusphase
Excellent reading!" ... written by AJ
Very sweet, accurate, and thorough!" ... written by Karma
SHe's great Love her and very honest." ... written by Jennifer
reassuring as ever, always feel lighter after speaking to susan." ... written by Jagratti
Thanks again Susan very uplifting love the energy in your sessions 100 stars" ... written by ikroyalakr
She was right on target. Thank you for showing me how to end the worrying and how to focus on being positive. Thank you!!" ... written by Selena
great reading" ... written by Lela
This woman is really positive and very helpful!!!! Cannot say enough nice things about her." ... written by Lou
Very nice and helpful. Good reading." ... written by Krista Elliott
i feel confident that that this will happen. thanks a lot" ... written by Marina
Was very insightful and detailed.Very compassionate accurate and caring reader.I highly recommend her .You wont b diss pointed .Will wait for the prediction to come true.1000 stars" ... written by Jerin2000
Susan was right on the spot from the very beginning,she actually just confirmed what i already knew but was afraid to see. i am so thankful for Susan not only helping me with what i could have been stressed out about for days,but giving me these great guidelines to help my self travel safely in to the future-not only giving me these great tools but doing it in such a positive,caring -respectfull way..i will definitely come back anytime i need great guidance to help me move on ....thank you again Susan.." ... written by kristina hardi
Susanheart is a breath of fresh air. She's accurate and quick." ... written by D
great, fast, explains well and what you need to do to get the results you want. highly recommend Susan- easy to talk to." ... written by Sylvia 812
she was excellent" ... written by michael
honest, bold and accurate! Enough said" ... written by D
First time reading with Susan and it was a really great reading, lots of details, information, accurate accounting of what is currently going on and what to expect. She gave good advice as well. Thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Can always count on Susan for a direct, and informative reading. Super!" ... written by Ahz
She was amazing....right on with all of her statements. " ... written by charldoh44
Susan was wonderful. Quick, and to the point, and very helpful!" ... written by Caroline
very interesting. would come back" ... written by ..
She is amazing.... thank you so much Susan :)" ... written by Ron
Wow! She is the only reader who gave me the advice that I needed for a very important problem. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
was very insightful and to the point.WIll wait for the predcition to come true.Highyl recommended" ... written by Jerin2000
Thanks so much for your guidance Susan much appreciated" ... written by ikroyalak
Godbless this kind hearted woman generous soul, i just felt the calm wonderful amazing spirit from her very connected and honest." ... written by SM
I really enjoyed this reading , because the Lady was very practical,she didnt waist any time in giving a detailed answer, and was also very nice!!!! thank you!!!!" ... written by Jamie-ann garrison
Definitely helped me understand what is going on in my relationship. Thank you I will chat with you again." ... written by drkr23
Thank you Susan for the great reading. It was very straight forward and you gave me a lot of information to work with. Blessing to you!!" ... written by Lana
Accurate andamp; straight up! Very helpful and easy to understand" ... written by D
the coolest!!" ... written by nf1
Susan is amazing, very much spot on, thank u for a beautiful reading Susan i will deff be back, much love and light to you " ... written by Libra26
love her... shes awesome. " ... written by wingy
Susan was great. I felt like she was very honest and frank. Even though it wasn't the outcome i was hoping for, my chat with her turned into a much needed therapy session. " ... written by Kendalll
Awwww what a lovely lady to speak to, was spot on about everything and gave brilliant advice for me to work at thank you. xxx" ... written by lisa
I had a positive and uplifting reading and hope the information I have been given proves out to be true... " ... written by Lightstar
Super great! Very kind, compassionate, and right on the money." ... written by Megan
I like her readings and advise, it's like talking to a mother. " ... written by frankiekr
Thank you so much. You have been a big help." ... written by Lisa Smith
She was wonderful.. picked up every quickly and accurately... Such a great energy radiating off of her... one of the most enjoyable readings ever." ... written by Alicia
Wonderful. Picked up my situation right away. Straight to the point. Thanks I'll send him love. ;) " ... written by
Gave me some good answer that I needed for guidence!" ... written by Tobias
Susan, thank you very very much for the reading ~ You were able to provide the messages from my angel and guide in a kind but firm way that is really encouraging. I definitely would recommend everyone to you because I definitelly will come back again in the future. You are definitely great and loving!! " ... written by Kathleen
She gave me hope and had a great positive energy! I will keep her updated. Sweet lady!!!" ... written by Katie
I enjoyed the reading very much and look forward to a wonderful new time in my life" ... written by Bernice
good" ... written by Shelby
Wow Susan is simply the best on Oranum. Spot on from the very beginning to the very end. She is filled with so much knowledge and positive guidance. She read me like a book, knew things others would have never known. I'm blown away, and sooo excited for my future. Susan is one of a kind, you will not regret a reading with her! Thank you sooo much again Susan :) A+++++ WOW :)" ... written by Roy
awesome reading!! nice updates and good advise! " ... written by hermestarr
Terrific, great connection. Positive, intuitive and with practical support and advice :) x" ... written by sunflowersun
Accurate and Wise!" ... written by HC
Really helped me out on a situation that happened to me. I feel confident in what I have to do now. Thank You!!!" ... written by Secunda (lonnise87)
Non-stop accuracy. Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by H
Great advice! " ... written by Selket Moulden
Always enjoy my readings with Susan. Always lefts my spirits. Will come back for another reading. Thank you Susan... Hugs" ... written by Tammy
Honestly cannot thank you enough!! Was really feeling emotional and confused about things to do with my relationship and she has really helped open my mind to the positive things and what I can expect. Everything looks much better and clearer now. Seriously recommend people talk to SusanHeart she is spot on and really accurate and very nice and helpful. Thank you so much Susan!! :) " ... written by Lauren
great reading, very honest andamp; to the point." ... written by Ammr
Seemed to be on point about everything..not exactly what I want to hear, but its the truth I suppose and I will see in the next 4-6wks how things will go and update! Thanks so much!!" ... written by blessed25
awesome" ... written by uju nwosu
Excellent discussion and advice. Good motivation and accurate assessment." ... written by Neu
She is very quick to connect, I had a good reading with her she did a good job! Try her out :)" ... written by kman
Susan saw a lot of positive things happening in my life and that was great to hear :-) Thank you very much for your reading!!" ... written by sara
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
very nice and sincere lady, gave me good advice on my situation. I would recommend have a reading with Susan. thank you and many blessings xx" ... written by mati
I trust Susan. She was the first reader I went to when I first joined and with that first reading she told me the samething others would later tell me. Please try her, you wont regret :) " ... written by LoveDove
Thanks Susan reassuring and real." ... written by ikroyalak
she is amazing!!!!! the best on here. very accurate and authentic and really in tune with the truth! gives you hope and clarity! thank you so much!" ... written by johnica
Susan you are awesome. I appreciate your wonderful advice. Thank you for the reading. " ... written by gemini0604
She is very good...." ... written by Kiree
Susan , gave me the HOPE i needed ~!~ To carry on . She's right about me opening my Heart to Myself . I hurt for Mankind ! I CRY for Mother Earth ~*!*~ But I've felt I could never cry for myself . I must be strong .I must be what i want the world to be . Peaceful and Loving and kind and caring ~!~ It takes, ALOT to be all this . IT scares People , like I'm a Monster or something ! I know i'm loved from above ~!~ BUT lately its not enough for some reason !! Thank YOU Susan !*! You where a gift *" ... written by gina snodgrass
great reader" ... written by college125
very good" ... written by krickett
Very nice lady, and very thoughtful of time. I had a demo and felt her accurate so went in for a private on timing - I wasn't so happy about the timing, but that shows you she'll tell you the truth! oxoxo" ... written by d
Susan is always encouraging and helpful. Her energy is very positive and I am grateful for her readings." ... written by Angela
awesome. Thank you read me like an open book" ... written by ghostface1983
Susan, very exact and to the point with minimal info from myself. Excellent gift she shares wholeheartedly.....You will not be sorry to have a visit with Susan......." ... written by Victoria GalTaurus
She was dead on. Susan went right into the heart of matters and really gave me some answers and guidance. She was AWESOME!" ... written by Simone
This was my first reading and it was amazing! I was concerned starting out, but she was able to reach all of my fears for the future and give me hope. She made me feel like I am heading on the right path which was exactly what I needed to hear! I will definitely be back to have another reading!" ... written by Nicole
she is quite awesome. very tuned in with minimal info given and great depth of understanding. awareness of how to shift into better flows and not just telling you what's going on, but helps to improve wherever you're at. will definitely be talking to her again!" ... written by wren1414
She's like my sister, mother and friend in one! i love this woman! She is the kindest woman ever, never judges and gives you all that you need to hear!xoxo" ... written by Skier8001
Wonderful reading. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
really good reading :)" ... written by Angela
Excellent, professional and patient" ... written by evenup
Thanks again for the wonderful reading and insghtful guidance" ... written by ikroyalak
I always love her readings!" ... written by Katie
Great reading. She is very positive." ... written by Lou
quick and to the point…feel good about the move now. Thank you." ... written by quetzal
Full of advise and accurate" ... written by HC
When she discussed reiki she hit it spot on, I had just bought a book and looking into stuff to do with it. I wish I had more credits for a longer session! I will be getting another reading from her" ... written by sarah
Susan hit the money! I'm not going to say I was skeptical at first but I wasn't expecting her to be so accurate. She provided timelines, supported her statements with information I hadn't shared but were true facts. And also, it defintiely doesn't hurt that she is a complete sweetheart. Definitely felt a connection with her." ... written by DarkOwl
Great reading!!!" ... written by Bellezalatina
Very nice reading. I appreciate so much" ... written by Amalia
Susan is awesome....Go private with her and she will help you ." ... written by Victoria GalTaurus
I think that she is really really gifted. Gives good advice. Honest, fast connection and fast answers. I really loved this reading, it just felt real. Thank you SusanHeart! :)" ... written by citamama/anthea
Thank you- Great information. " ... written by Carolina
Thank you so much" ... written by Eternety
Wow she is super accurate and an amazing advisor! She lifts me up and spot on the situation!" ... written by ash
Very kind soul...very intuitive and right on. Truly appreciated her spirit and will definitely be back:) Would highly recommend!" ... written by Carri
She was very detailed and gave some great guidance and advice. I was very pleased." ... written by VeedaB
Thank you. Very good information and guidance for next steps." ... written by Carolina
Susan was absolutely wonderful just gave me words of encouragement I wasn't sure about doing this at first but I am so glad I choose to speak with her thank you Mrs. Susan" ... written by Amber
Wonderful" ... written by ROsie
Thank you Susan, felt connected to her energy! She was insightful and clear, supportive and gave great advice. Thanks!! x " ... written by stun222
Very nice Lady. Great readings. Blessings. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom." ... written by padeyssah
very fast and accurate. she can connect very quickly and is able to be very aacurate with no tools. very good reading" ... written by astral_cutler
Susan is an amazing reader...she connected very fast and right on everything Thank you!" ... written by ash
Susan was an absolutely wonderful reader. Very straight forward, just as I had expected her to be. I was always short on money and could not afford her readings, but tonight, with the special offer after her awesome demo I took a reading with her. I wish I had come to her before to save myself from false hope given by so many renowned psychis her. I don't understand why they all think everyone comes here for the good news. Sometimes, we know its bad news and a confirmation from a psychic can really help with closure and moving on. " ... written by Amy
Just had follow up with her and she is awesomely tune in as usual. i hardly have to give her any info and she takes off with what is relevant for me to know right now. definitely one of this site's best!" ... written by wren1414
wonderful :) " ... written by kris
realistic, tells you how it is, perceptive, caring, thorough, quick, not money focused, kind, brings hope, but not false hope, wise, AWESOME!" ... written by laura
I'm looking forward to what Susan says is in my future! Great reading - clear, to the point and detailed :)" ... written by kundra
Great Reading! Very helpful andamp; I highly recommend " ... written by Poco
I can't thank you enough.. You really helped clarify what my new step should be on the job offer that I got. I really appreciate it." ... written by Ryan
very accurate and caring says it like it is. would recommend her highly." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Susan is awesome!! she is right on the money everytime and has a compassionate and caring approach. She is a real professional." ... written by debbie
great!" ... written by clc
Thanks again for the insightful reading and practical advice" ... written by ikroyala
Susan´s reading gave me practical and wise advice that can help me manifest those events and situations that I desire in my life. Her guidance was uplifting and clear so that instead of having more questions now I have tools I can use to improve my situation, not just guesses. Thank you Susan! " ... written by Mgrl
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
She picked up on somethings I knew. But still, I'm hoping that a part of her predictions does not actually come true :) We shall see!" ... written by l
Accurate and full of wisdom" ... written by HC
Great reading! Thanks a lot for all the advices!" ... written by petalouditsa
awesome reading" ... written by hermestarr
Unbelievable...I love Susan. Quick and really to the point as well as so accurate." ... written by Beth
Awesome!! To the point and very personable. Will come back to her again!" ... written by Annette Gregorio
Very uplifting, quick and to the point. Helpful. Very pleased." ... written by Christina
quick to the point...made some predictions and I can't wait to see if they come true...:)" ... written by A
Susan is honest, quick and always gives good advice :) thank you Susan :) " ... written by citamama8437
really friendly, warm and welcoming, very helpful." ... written by ybh
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Susan thank you for being straight and to the point. I needed those answers! I appreciate it very much! Will be back again!" ... written by Silence2014
such a wonderful lady! i think she's the best." ... written by laura
Good guidance, Thank u Susan" ... written by Krista Elliottq
Was really great! She told the truth and great some great advice! " ... written by Emily
Thanks Susan for a warm caring reading." ... written by January
First time doing a reading with her. She was quick and truthful. Heard things I wish I didn't hear but the truth hurts. Thank you. " ... written by Vanessa
Thank you so much. Tons of information and very kind. She really lifted my spirits." ... written by sunnybutterfly
Oh my she is just the sweetest lady to talk to!!! Give her a try you will be grateful!!!" ... written by Ash
SPOT ON and exactly what I needed" ... written by SHeila
Susan you are great!! You are the only person since my sister past that makes me feel calm and gives me hope. I will keep you posted as to what is happenting. Please send me positve energy. Blessing " ... written by Lana
Very insightful and good, uplifting energy. Hit the nail on the head with many answers to questions. Good resonation with things being 'right on'. Recommend SusanHeart!" ... written by boliviancondor
consistently brill" ... written by lyds
wow, i neverr had it so clear. She is fast and good. " ... written by Unknownn
I've had a lot of readings on this site. Susan has something different about her. Her readings are solid. They have substance and she doesn't say what is on the surface or what you want her to say. She has a detail and perception which is rare on this site. So, for me she stands out as an exceptional reader. She picks up subtleties and details, nuances of feeling and mood. She's really quick and also very positive and motivational. She comes from a good place, a pure place. Shes a natural lightworker, not ruled by ego (unlike many on here) the embodiment of the Wise Woman. Thank you." ... written by lyds
Excellent reading with a kind and compassionate reader!" ... written by AJ
Susan is always positive and insightful. A pleasure to read with." ... written by debbie
excellent" ... written by s
it was a great session, thanks for the advice!" ... written by melindacarol
Fantastic! The best I have had here! She is fast and just reads you. No wondering if she understands what you want to know. She connected and just started talking it was wonderful. I highly recommend her and will be back! Thank you Susan Heart! " ... written by jmfoust48
Very uplifting and accurate reading.. thanks so much!! will work on those affirmations and get back with you. " ... written by Lynda22
Thanks so much!. i believe you again. you were right in JUne . and now i think you are too!. let's see. you are awesome :). Thanks so much!" ... written by camibar
As usual she was great! Looking forward to have a reading again with her" ... written by Amapolaflower
She was right on my situation right away. I will have a reading with her again. Thank you Susan" ... written by Amapolaflower
Fast and detailed, got straight to the point and answered honestly. Truly helpful. " ... written by Sylvie
very good. she's clear and gets right to the point. she gave me good guidance and I would do another session with her." ... written by Lauralee123
BEST READING EVER!!!!! " ... written by Kayla
SuperAwesome You must try SusanBIGheart" ... written by laura
Shes a lovely lady Wise Patient Compassionate" ... written by lyds
this lady is awesome" ... written by daniela
really good reading thank you xx" ... written by john
She was wonderful! Straight to the point, sensitive to the importance of my questions, cognizant of the time, and read the person I was asking about so accurately! I got the answers I needed, without any pre-conceived notion of what I was going to hear. I felt very good about her abilities. Thank you SusanHeart!" ... written by Eileen
I love Susan, she's amazing! So talented and full of love! Kind hearted and so wonderful to talk too!" ... written by skier8001
she was nice, she doesn't waste your minutes and very informative. " ... written by shellrn
Great guidance as always. Very reliable. 100 stars!!" ... written by ikroyala
Answered my questions, will see what happens" ... written by Sunflower1931
awesome, very inspirational!" ... written by Olivera
Another Great Reading! Thanks Again!" ... written by Sunflower1931
She was on the button! Thanks Susan! Will update you soon!" ... written by Sunflower1931
brilliant very quick and accurate" ... written by tabatha fox
the best!! " ... written by ramona
great reading, Its nice to have clarity on subjects of concern" ... written by mike
She is awesome, picks up quickly, doesn't waste time, very positive energy, recommend her!" ... written by atlantis111
great read!" ... written by edel95
Susan is right on, honest, down to earth and caring. Enlightment comes from her." ... written by jennymcjenny
Definitely enjoyed the reading. She was spot on at the problem I was facing with little information." ... written by Raychelle
I have spoke to Susan before and she is so very accurate and really makes you feel so much happier and better about everything. Thank you so much!! Definitely talk to her!:)" ... written by Lauren
Wonderful!! Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
WOW, what a wonderful experience. I am just enthused about the everything I was told. I can now sleep at night and I will truly take all of the advice that SusanHeart gave me. I recommend her to everyone. " ... written by med admin14
THE BEST! She's so insightful and very connected and in tune. Thank you :) " ... written by Ramona
Excellent reading. Very gifted advisor. Should not be missed." ... written by KB
she is very helpful and answers your question with out you asking her.. very very helpful... thank u so much" ... written by rerey6
Susan is a precious soul who's gifts have helped guide me to face challenges. She is a great advisor and I'd recoomend her services to anyone in need. Thank you again Susan for your words I will be returning with an update! *Hugs*" ... written by jaylo1980
She helped me with my questions. Thanks again! Will update!" ... written by Sunflower1931
Full of helpful advice. Thanks" ... written by E
susan was very quick to tune in and gave very good advice into the situation. she has been right about things before. thanks for your insight." ... written by lye
good " ... written by John
Susan was the first reading I had on here and she works quickly" ... written by blessings
I appreciate your words with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
I"m beginning to rely on her for my guidance. She is 100% spot on for me. she is warm person who i trust a lot. I will definitely be getting in touch with her for guidance for the rest of m life at regular intervals." ... written by Harisri
Wonderful. Thank you so very much." ... written by Lisa Smith
a wonderful, gifted reader" ... written by laurel
5 Stars ALL THE WAY" ... written by LuckySparkle
Very good reading.. very positive and just what I needed to get myself moving again. Being stuck is not such a good feeling and feeling like you are spinning is worse. I feel like I have direction now. " ... written by Amy
this is my go to touch base person" ... written by qp
Susan is amazzing reader. She was right on about the issues and gave rapid fire answers to all of my questions. Very positive. Common sense direction. " ... written by imdeeim
Susan is EXCELLENT! She has consistently seen my situation in the most honest, insightful way and given me the information and guidance I need to make the right decisions." ... written by Seeker1200
she is so totally cool, centered, gives perfect clarity and so much information, wow...good advice, just overall beautiful reading, uplifting, very helpful!!! bunch of shinning stars!" ... written by OHSO
Wow how sweet SusanHeart was told mea few things I kind of knew put a prespective on it " ... written by Dannii
Good advice, thank you. " ... written by CC
Amazing! You will enjoy every minute with her. She is worth it, I promise :-)" ... written by Darcie
lovely" ... written by ramona
Love this reading!!!! Precise, clear and Fast!!! 5 stars" ... written by Ystylus
This woman is fantastic She zoned in on me completely. Definitely my fav!" ... written by Andrea
Great! Gave me the boost I was looking for and to know im on the right path, thanks Susan:)" ... written by Stacey
So talking to Susan made me feel light and hopeful. she is positive and has a beautiful smile that lights up as soon as you enter her room. Im thankful iv had the chance to talk to her." ... written by Joan84
She is so understanding! Helped me with my questions! Thank You!" ... written by Sunflower1931
always solid and good" ... written by qp
Great reading! On target with everything she said and look forward to her predictions!" ... written by Angel
Dependable and accurate. Thanks!" ... written by E
was very insightful and to the point very caring and compassionate.Highly recommended." ... written by watermeadows
What a wonderful woman. She was so accurate and knew exactly what was going on without any information beforehand. Thank you so much SusanHeart. I loved it and I will definitely be back!" ... written by Lynn Lee
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
OMG! This woman is so amazing. Soothing! I feel hopeful and the things she told me I already knew. What? Don't think twice about checking her out! Try her out. Worth every penny!!!!!" ... written by susana
Lovely reading and spot on! i will be back to update you. blessings" ... written by vanessa
Wonderful. Spot on. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Great reading! She should also be a life coach. she was on the money about EVERYTHING. enjoyed speaking with her. Will chat again..Xo don't forget to send me the prayer to say" ... written by Mimi
Wonderful! didn't just address areas but explained how to really hone in on events and abilities and flourish to being your true self. Lots of blessings and very grateful for the guidance!" ... written by Nicole
very sweet, caring, always a pleasure talking to her" ... written by jane
Very intuitive, compassionate and she was right on. Susan put me back in tune with my intuition and how to go forward with the issue. Thanks a lot, I'll come back!" ... written by Ann
Amazing reading!" ... written by Hanna
This lady is endearing and sincere" ... written by Paperdolls1
detailed and fast." ... written by mikoo
Such a lovely lady, very precise and was able to give me a fab in sight of what may happen in the future. Wish I could spend more time talking to SusanHeart. I will definitely be getting in contact again " ... written by Tillykatt
This reading was spot on to what has been going on around me with my career and spiritual path. I will definitely return to her for other aspects of my life. She made sure to get out as much as possible in the time allotted and answers any questions I had throughout the time. I am so happy with my reading and it came as a validation for me. " ... written by Nicole
Good reading. Very helpful." ... written by Debbie
Susan was right to the point. Very good and very helpful. I will definitely use her again. Awesome reading!!!" ... written by maria v
Very insightful Awesome g" ... written by P
She was great. Answered all of my questions and she is spot on. I'll come back later for an update!" ... written by Adrianne
Fast and accurate reader with good advice!" ... written by eli
Awesome Psychic-- highly recommend" ... written by P.S
A wonderful reading. So helpful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Yes opened my eyes. I can move on and not regret my decisions I make now. She hit everything right on point. " ... written by Luz
She is great, super fast does most of the talking..couldnt even keep up to take notes haha - I'm sure I will be back and hope she is right about everything :)" ... written by Jillian
Great, Great uplifting reading. " ... written by stacy
Susan is the best on here. The only reader who tells you the truth and guides you forward in an empowering way. Thank you." ... written by laura
Very good." ... written by Yanna
loved her, she answered every question and it was what I wanted to hear." ... written by Amanda
She was right on the money!!!" ... written by Jeannie
susan is good as aways i just love her thanks susan for everthing" ... written by joanne
5 stars! Very good reader!" ... written by love
beautiful, gifted and accurate :) loved every minute!" ... written by N
Excellent reading tuned in very quickly will call again" ... written by Kathy
that was amazing it was right on about me and my current self" ... written by Deedra
really gave me some insight into certain concerns very friendly and informative." ... written by faz
As always, she's wonderful! Awesome! So kind, giving and always spot on!" ... written by skier8001
She was completely on target. She alsoshowed me that this problem will be a difficult road..but it must be faced" ... written by Elaine Faber
shes very good....wish it was good news...hope it all changes someday..thank you susan for your patience" ... written by bri
good reading great processes given for me to reach the universe thank you I will do what you described...." ... written by marianne
thank you" ... written by antoni
she was sweet and nice. direct. answered my question greatly." ... written by rebecca
Marvelous. Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
The funny thing was she got the pronunciation of my name right off which is a rarity for me! She was such a delight and had some really good tips on bringing in positive energy. Her insight was really surprising. Really enjoyed her reading. " ... written by M
Super talented and very sweet. Really cares about peoples feelings and tries to help any way she can. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Aura
She is my saving grace, my dear friend and so supportive! I love her so much! She's the most balanced psychic on oranum and always has her clients best interest at heart! " ... written by skier8001
Can't find the words... Love Susan!!! Love the way she explains things! Love the way she's right on the point... Very very kind... Very efficient! So lovely, so lovely..." ... written by Sophiecatwo
her reading was right on. I am very satisified" ... written by Stephanie
Beautiful reading and person. I enjoyed her perspectives and she seemed to be right on. " ... written by Livethemoment2
she has really given me the best advice ever! she is so insighful and truthfully she is very intuitive with everything she has mentioned... i truly trust her because my heart feel so at peace when i hear her out, even if its not what i wanted to hear i know its what my hearts needs. thank u so much!" ... written by alma
Added something new to my situation that made sense. what I came looking for. thank you Susan" ... written by Flora
Susan is really good very fast amazing" ... written by Vanessa
so happy thank you for the clarity" ... written by maggielee
Thank you for the talk, I will do what you have advised in keeping everything positive. Hopefully this new position will come in sooner than later. I will keep you updated! " ... written by Julia
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Always a pleasure to talk to. Very direct and honest." ... written by Rebecca
Sweet Intuitive woman that works quickly. She is tuned in pretty well and is sincere...liked her!" ... written by Patricia
thank you :-)" ... written by flower
confirmed everything that was happening and I thought should happen in the future. thank you so much." ... written by vicky
wow AMAZING! soooo QUICK and accurate!" ... written by asjjf
Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Great reading! Very kind and informative!" ... written by Jess
Nailed what I felt about the situation. thank you! I'm going to take your advice, feels right!" ... written by Marissa
wonderfull reader, very kind and was able to pick up my situation and give me an advice on my matter, many blessings xx" ... written by mati
She picked up right away! I am grateful for what she said. She was awesome!" ... written by Dayzed1
Great!!!" ... written by Annastasia
Susan directly tuned in to me. She gave me the best advice and I will apply these new finding to my life. I look forward to the new year and the happenings surrounding my life." ... written by Shashanna
She connects very fast, great reading" ... written by Sue
I love her she mad me laugh and told me the truth, thank you so much weil keep you updated" ... written by gorgeous
She is a lovely reader. Consistently great advice with every reading. Gifted advisor. One of the best at the site." ... written by Kathy
Beautiful reading, great insight.. not what i wanted to hear but needed to hear. Thank you x" ... written by Prodifyta
She my favorite and I love talking to her. Easy reading and always seems to be on point." ... written by Rebecca
Great reading!" ... written by college125
Great. She is very talented. Experience her talents." ... written by ghghg
Everything was right on point! Thank you :)" ... written by Storyofmylife210
Susanheart is the best. She is very sweet accurate and honest." ... written by Ricky
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
HONEST!!! She told me the truth, and I respect her so much for it. " ... written by Pre
she is brilliant, wise, kind, on point and a soul that has helped me through some dark times. I love this sage!" ... written by freespiritwave2
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you so much Susan. I appreciate your insights and your sweet healing energy." ... written by Holly
Saraheart is one of the best readers on oranum. She is the least selfish person on here who has read for me. she is clear, grounded and open to receive messages from a clear and distinct place, with full understanding of the situation. She is one of the more versatile and intelligent people on here." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
ALWAYS GREAT!, SO FAST, SUSAN IS LOVELY," ... written by Sylvia812
ok....she rocked...very fast and detailed...time frames...she jumped right into in...i highly recommend her." ... written by tg
Susan is hands down super awesome." ... written by QUEEN of Victory
I enjoyed her she gave me great encouragement and hope" ... written by Raven
She is awesome! Wish I could have had more time with her!!" ... written by Lisa
great reading and will have another" ... written by chris
she was great, I enjoyed our session, I felt she was really connected to my energy and my guides, I recommend her :)" ... written by christa
Susan is absolutely amazing..Thank You so much Susan.. it was a pleasure speaking with you. I will keep you posted. " ... written by Samantha
She has been like a sister, mother, friend to me for a long time now on Oranum. I always trust what she says because she is one of the most clear psychics on this site. She tells it like it is and gives you tools and affirmations to work through the struggles, empowering you as you grow. She's priceless! 10 stars and more." ... written by skier8001
she was amazing and helped me a lot for the new year!" ... written by Fallon
very well connected!! awesome readings!! looking forward for the next readings." ... written by hermestarr
I'm not sure where to begin... I'm actually sort of speechless. I have talked to many readers on Oranum, and have never experienced anything close to what I experienced with Susan. I was in tears by the end of our reading, which ended before I ran out of time, because she was so accurate and fast and passionate. She was 100% accurate and so honest and compassionate. I HIGHLY recommend her. " ... written by Sam603
very very good person, accurate on the details, and so nice to talk to. I would recommend her any day. " ... written by Roseanna
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Happy New Years sister" ... written by Princess Rachel Adiah Hadassah
loved her energy" ... written by dynear
I really like this woman so much. She is so very helpful and wise." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Thank you Susan for conformation and what i am being lead to do. and your encouragement. I will keep you posted. Happy New Year." ... written by Abundance
Great, Great.. very supportive and accurate. Wish I had more time. Susan Heart was very easy to talk to and understand. I have had another reading on Oranum and Susan was by far the best. I do look forward to speaking with her again, to let her know how things are going. " ... written by only
So awesome love her to pieces also a good reader" ... written by Bria
Really great energy, doesn't need cards or anything, and she doesn't waste your time just trying to tell you what you want to hear. I really appreciate that!" ... written by Sol
good very true what she said " ... written by maria
Amazing. Thank you very much." ... written by Lisa Smith
There's no one like SusanWiseWomanHeart." ... written by sodas
Susan is super, quick clear , no BS, totally my style and can pick up what she is feeling or thinking in relevance to my question. Strong dual intuition." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
I thank you for all your accurate insights into my situation! They really helped me get things into perspective! I will follow your advice. " ... written by Meg
She knew my personality right off the bat without me saying anything. She was very in tune with my energy and was able to make remarkably accurate comments on my life now. She also gave me amazing insight into my future and what I need to to do make it the best future that I can have." ... written by Rachel Taylor
brilliant reading thank you" ... written by katie
very good reading. really enjoyed it." ... written by Deb
Very interesting reading!" ... written by ThomasKnight
Love her!!!!! always great readings and advice." ... written by Rebecca
great advice...answer all my question...made me feel better." ... written by c431
Susan is such a sweet heart. She moves quickly and does not waste time. I am going to hang on to her insight...will give you an update soon" ... written by Bronxie
great!" ... written by carla
She is great, she gave me really good advice and gave me hope for the future." ... written by Marina Kacir
great thank u!" ... written by lina
such a sweet heart" ... written by shm
SusanHeart has an incredible energy and such a positive outlook and attitude. She's so warm and compassionate. Everything that she told me about what's going on in my life was 100% right on. Susan gave me such fantastic insight and guidance. It took all of my confusion and uncertainty away. I will be coming to her regularly for help. Thank you so much Susan. You are a blessing!" ... written by Chloenka
She was great and very motivational..just what I needed!" ... written by Mona
thank you for your right on feeling. i needed a confirmation of me not going crazy thanks so much" ... written by mag
great read" ... written by luis
she was good, next time i need a reading i will be back for her. Was able to get a clearer message from her than from some of the others on here and her energy was awesome!" ... written by Erika
Susan, thank you for your great insight! I have come to you now about 3 times and you ALWAYS are right on target with the validation you share w/ me in the reading... I will continue to come back for more sessions! Happy New Year and many blessings to you and yours! ;)" ... written by Wendell Sakiestewa
another great reading. thank you Susan" ... written by Rebecca
great fun reader!!" ... written by andrea
Susan has such a wonderful bright soul!! She taps in 2 what is going on and knows the situation immediately. I didn't have 2 ask questions or say anything, she picked up on everything right away. She is very positive and helped me 2 feel better about my situation. She speaks the truth and will not hide any information she gets. She has a lot of integrity and is 1 of the best readers oranum has 2 offer!! Thank you so very much Susan from the bottom of my heart!! (((HUGS)))" ... written by LibraDragon11
Susan, as always, is spot on and a delight to learn from. She will help you in ALL aspects of your struggles with her Blessed Gifts. She has been spot on with my situation and advises great help for you in getting through your issues. She is extremelycompassionate about you and giving you the ability to help yourself through parts for a great outcome. I highly reccomend her to anyone " ... written by GalTauras aka Victoria
Many thanks, SusanHeart! You made me feel better about looking for and taking up all the opportunities coming my way. Spot on for all the other life stuff. :)" ... written by Lolareal
she was amazing" ... written by menty
awesome reading as always -spot on" ... written by ghost
Super" ... written by cool
She is amazing!She knew the situations of everything that was happening!!" ... written by Ashleyy
yes. She was very helpful with her answers andamp; with what I needed to know." ... written by pinkangel003
Awesome reading!! She was spot on" ... written by St
A fantastic reader. She's spookily good!" ... written by laura
Susan was amazing! She really helped with some pressing questions I wanted to know about. Thank you Susan, I will return." ... written by Dee Dee
spot on!! good advise! " ... written by chantelle
Susan was amazing. What she said about the situation without me saying much was so accurate. I was feeling very down but what she told me has lifted my spirits again and I am more positive about the future. She gave me such an insight and some very good advice. Highly recommend a reading with Susan and I will be back in the future for another one for sure! Much love." ... written by Rachel
thank you susan. Very empowering uplifting reading. Really lovely" ... written by M
tuned in great to my energy. I will have to wait to see if its in June or July that Imeet that special someone." ... written by Faye
very inspiring woman :) very insightful..powerful..and i feel her power wen i spoke with her" ... written by Anupama
Thank you susan x" ... written by E
Susan is an amazing, very kind and efficient reader...." ... written by SophieCatwo
super great" ... written by tim
OMG! What a beautiful soul Susan is. Whenever I feel I am falling I always find Susan to help left me up! Amazing energy and person. God has choose her wisely." ... written by Tammy
great, I really needed that" ... written by nesi
Susan worked fast and did not waste my time. Answered my questions accurately with great insight into the situation. " ... written by Flowers
Amazing reader! She tells you the way it is, picked up on the situation, excellent! Gave great details! I would highly recommend her! " ... written by phyllis
Amazing advice! A great healer.." ... written by E
wonderful and uplifting, just what I needed. Thank you for such kind words and blessings." ... written by b
Susan is fabulous!! Very intuitive, down to earth, direct and honest. " ... written by Seeker1200
she is good " ... written by peacegal
Straight forward but inspirational. Great reading!" ... written by Jessica
Understood the situation very well. Great advice too!" ... written by E
straight to the point reading" ... written by deborah
great, thanks..." ... written by mette
Wonderful. Thank you so much. " ... written by Lisa Smith
Very sweet- and helpful thank you!" ... written by Melinda
my first reading with Susan ... she made me feel happier with myself on a sick day!!! feeling better already thanks xx" ... written by freedom
She was nice and straightforward. " ... written by ladyme
Creme de la Creme" ... written by laura
Susan is absolutely lovely. Awesome reading, and gave me great advice to help my situation. " ... written by tracy monday
Amazing reader, very straight forward and honest." ... written by Marie
So quick accurate and to the point. I just love her. And you will too." ... written by MrsGib
very good an acerate" ... written by tim
very good reading thank you so much!!" ... written by johnica
She was on spot" ... written by r
thank you susan for assisting in grounding me. Super important and essential to my work and dealings. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Absolutely brilliant reading, she really gets to the point, lovely lady also... " ... written by Drummergirl22
very good" ... written by tim
Thank you for the reading. It was truthfull revelation. I will contact Susan in the future." ... written by lklucky2015
This woman is awesome. Picked up exactly how I was feeling and gave me some solid advice. I gave her the names of some men I have been dealing with and she was right on the money when she spoke about them, their personalities etc. I will definitely be back." ... written by kelly
Susan You are A Wise Wise Woman" ... written by laura
Amazing.......lovely advice" ... written by Ola
Love this lady....picks up a lot of energy around people." ... written by Ola
Oh my God, Susan is amazing. So positive, quick to pick-up the situation and gives really great advice. I would give her ten stars if I could." ... written by Marie
Such a cool, calm, collected lady" ... written by laura
She is ALWAYS wonderful and very encouraging." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thanks, what a great reading. I will update you on all my accomplishments this year, and I hope there are many! Hugs" ... written by familyhelper
Awesome experience was very accurate." ... written by griselda
She was so amazing to listen to. She definitely gave me an idea of the direction in which I need to focus on regarding certain aspects of my life! " ... written by KaitlynnJFord
She was amazing, tuned in really well to my surroundings and gave me great advice. I am feeling positive! This lady is money well spent people! great value for money !" ... written by chloe
super cool" ... written by tim
thank you susan for your quick witted response. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Love Susan Heart" ... written by laura
very wonderful reader and very much recommended" ... written by jeramie
This lady presented solid advice and used her psychic abilities with accuracy. " ... written by Lightstar
She was wonderful, I go to her always for updates, and she is always honest with me. I would highly recommend her..." ... written by phyllis
I liked Susan it was a good reading" ... written by Connie
Knew the situation well. gave good advice just wish it was more happy advise it was the truth as she sAW IT BUT OTHERS HAVE TOLD ME HE WOULD CONTACT ME WHERE SHE FELT HE WOULD ONLY CONTACT ME IN A SPIRITUAL WAY. WE WILL SEE. i THANK HER SHE IS GOOD AND KNEW THE SITUATION" ... written by Samddog22
wow she is toooooo good!" ... written by adf
Felt it was a good read thank you" ... written by Neil
susan was great very nice will be back" ... written by sweetpea22
Always wonderful.....thanks" ... written by Ola
she was right on target with my situation without me telling her ....doesnt waste time like other people. she connects right away...she connected with my situation and also gave me a solution....i will def come back to her...i wish i can give her more stars but unfortunately she only has 5stars here. " ... written by nami
great woman." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
awesome" ... written by bria
If I could come back everyday for a reading I would. She helps me pick myself up. Great teacher :) Love her" ... written by Tammy
Picked up on my situation. Will do as she said, and hope for a better thing." ... written by Sea
Shes so lovely and very very authentic." ... written by laura
She was good" ... written by Louise A Walton
Susan gives an excellent reading. It was compassionate and detailed. I appreciate her." ... written by AJ
Susan was very helpful......glad I made the time to listen to her..... I am going to move forward without this man that has moved on without me.....even though he wants me to still do thimngs wth him on occassion." ... written by Kathie
Susan is an absolute gift of inspiration. She lefts my spirits when I talk to her. " ... written by Tammy
Great!" ... written by Mary
answered lots all at once" ... written by shellbynz
thank you susan for providing sound and clear information. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
What an amazing reading! Spot on with answering my questions with great sparkle in her eyes! Thank you for answering the tough questions and being honest, open and full of light!" ... written by Samantha Campbell
Susan is wonderful. Shes inspiring, kind, compassionate and an extremely gifted reader." ... written by laura
Very kind, doesn't mess around, thank you" ... written by CC
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Great job!" ... written by Carolina
You are such a wonderful reader.....saying the exact words someone spoke to me....thanks for everything." ... written by ola
Amazing again. Very accurate and very good advice. I always feel so much better after speaking to Susan." ... written by rachel
She was awesome! This is the third reading I have had with her, I always go back to her for updates.. She tells you the truth, doesn't sugar coat, she predicts and gives advice as well. I highly recommend her! :)" ... written by phyl
Lovely Heartfull SusanHeart" ... written by laura
very good, had not done this before" ... written by jodi
she is wonderful. I will talk to her soon. thank you!" ... written by shellrn
Really great reading. Lovely positive energy. This year is looking up! I will be back to check with her if these predictive changes come to light." ... written by Azure1
I think she did a good job and told me what I needed to know." ... written by Patsy Vann
I wanted try someone new - Glad " ... written by Olivia
amazing" ... written by amanda
thank you susan for your clarity and compassion. youre a gem." ... written by LIGHT
very accurate, puts a person at ease and doesn't sugar coat it" ... written by sunrisegold
Thank you Susan for the reading. she is such a wonderful advisor, I will come back more often for updates " ... written by Tony
SuperSusan - Yay!" ... written by laura
Susan is just absolutely wonderful. Very fast detailed and in deepth." ... written by MrsGib
thanks, ur insight is very much appreciated..great reading" ... written by .
Susan you are always Right On ! Thank you." ... written by laura
Had a 2nd reading with her today, picked up my situation very well. " ... written by Sea
I just love her! Doesn't waste your time always tells you like it is. She is AWESOME" ... written by Tammy
awesome reading! got to connect with guides and feel energy all around me! i will be back :)" ... written by bob
Susan is great! Balanced, honest, very accurate and always kind and loving. She exudes love and light in all things!" ... written by skier8001
very good reading" ... written by butterfly77lady
Smart Woman-we need more!" ... written by DENISE
susan is a great reader, easy to ralk to and very quick - highly recommend." ... written by Sylvia812
She was wonderful" ... written by A
soothing and real" ... written by anna
accurate " ... written by sam
Great advice!" ... written by Zeigen
She's a great reader, very accurate and kind! " ... written by Drummergirl
very accurate on the whole family. Amazing. Looking forward that thins pave as she said." ... written by rochstad
Susan is great! Very uplifting! She has encouraged and guided me and helped me to look at things more positive. " ... written by Lauren
Honestly , I never believed in Physics but I was really drawn to her . She has a very caring spirit and really made me feel comfortable during the private reading. I feel a lot better about my situation now. " ... written by Deja Hagewood
Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Great reading! Picked up on the situation well." ... written by Maria
she amazing :) " ... written by nia
I came to her for advice Twice, she gave me the reassurance i needed. Her reviews didn't lie and made me feel a whole lot better than before." ... written by Diana and Andrew
I Love Susan" ... written by laura
Wonderful, amazing, so true, so gifted, such a dear friend and an honest person who is very gifted!!! xoxoxo" ... written by skier8001
thank you... so many other readers I guess were not genuine because you validated exactly how I'm feeling. x" ... written by chloe
She is just amazing.. can't describe it you have to experience it for yourself.. absolutely awesome" ... written by Tammy
was really nice and warm and made me feel very comfortable" ... written by Trarae025
Updates since last reading. very quick to connect. TY" ... written by Kool
great, super accurate and helpful." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Susan gave me her insight as well as some really great advice about raising my vibration...THANK You" ... written by lightattheend
she was very sweet and very encouraging and i felt confident by her reading .... " ... written by prajakta
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Amazing Susan, Yay" ... written by laura
fast, accurate, doesnt waist time. a joy!" ... written by cheryl
She is great, right on Q. Love her!!" ... written by Raymond
great!" ... written by Crismarie
told me truth" ... written by knowing2013
Pick up very well... and fast... will see Thanks!" ... written by William
Very nice, kind and right on target!" ... written by Alison
Very nice reading; great lady." ... written by Milan
Very Interesting" ... written by Maureen
Amazing as always! " ... written by phyllis
Susan is amazing! Such a lovely person and so her! A million stars!" ... written by skier8001
thanks a lot this helped me what I can do with my work... " ... written by new
Love Susan, picks up exactly where you need her to. Great advice and food for thought. Does not waste your time. " ... written by flowes
Susan was accurate in describing my situation. she has a real gift!" ... written by SUSAN STIVALO
wow right on to my questions " ... written by john Grant
She is always wonderful." ... written by DC
was very intuitive and gave me very good information" ... written by tammy
Susan thank you so much. You give me strength and hope. You are honest and seem to know exactly what is going on with my situation. I am going to try and bring my vibrations up and hope that things will get better for me and my family" ... written by Lana
awesome as always!!!" ... written by ghost
Susan Heart was very inspirational with what direction I need to follow personally and spiritually... Decisions for personal growth are hard and challenging, but you need to follow your angelical realm.. " ... written by Edward
I found Susan and her page completely by accident. I felt as though something was pushing me towards it. Last thing on my mind. She was very kind, welcoming andamp; intuitive. Very reassuring and the advice/guidance she has provided is exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game and stay in tune to the positive vibrations I give out andamp; let into my life, while making sure to keep the negative out by sending blessings their way instead of holding onto any anger they may have caused. Like begets like I suppose. I will do my manifestations and I will acheive what is waiting for me. I KNOW I CAN DO IT. THANK YOU SUSAN HEART." ... written by Gina
shes fast to connect. see her." ... written by T
thank you " ... written by meg
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Susan is a very very gifted reader. She is extremely fast with connection of all people involved. She is kind and compassionate. She is definitely one of the best readers on Oranum. Her readings are consistent and follow on from previous readings seamlessly. There is no doubt that she has incredible clarity and enhanced senses. Bless You SusanHeart." ... written by laura
Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!! I will definitely be back! I honestly cannot wait to come back! She was VERY accurate about me and gave excellent advice! I would highly recommend her!!! Again, Thank you so much for a perfect reading! :-)" ... written by SmileyT
LOVE HER!!!!" ... written by skier8001
She is great and her predictions come true. I am a repeat customer." ... written by butterfly77lady
The Most Amazingly Accurate SusanHeart" ... written by laura
Absolutely fantastic- accurate!! x " ... written by Drummergirl
For a change had a lighter reading with lots of She is always very quick to connect. Great as always. TY XX" ... written by Kool
She confirmed exactly what I was feeling about the relationship. Makes me very happy to know that. She connects fast and is such a nice lady. She tells it like it is and I had a wonderful reading. More importantly, she read my bf exactly the way he is. I didn't have to tell her anything but his name." ... written by jayne
no sugarcoating and sport on . " ... written by sai
Great, straightforward, the real deal. A good person with a great insights. " ... written by Chesha
had a couple of question again-- she was still able to give me more clarity! :) shes too awesome " ... written by ale
kind soul!! :) honest, fast, VERY accurate!! gave me exceptional insight into how i should handle my situations. love her :) " ... written by alecheme
straight trough the point and so so so accurate pick up . no sugar coating and thanks you susan and arc angles michael . " ... written by sai
I thought Susan did an amazing job she gave me hope to look toward the future forgive the past and focus on my own happiness. :) thank you so very much " ... written by Halley Craft
So much energy, and vibrant! Great, fast talker! She told me what I have been feeling, and I just needed reassurance on it. Susan had a lot of good news for me about my career. Picked up on my feelings, and told me things I never even mention. Great and highly recommend." ... written by MaiLee24
She was very good, gave Me a time frame and confirmed a lot that I was already thinking based on My own intuitsion" ... written by Karl2017
AMAZING. she brought a new light on how to fix areas of my life and improve. In a way calling me out on some of my areas of how i am keeping myself from reaching my potential. Taking her advice and knowing the best is yet to come with the simple change of a mind set. Thank you" ... written by Lauren
I've had a number of readings with Susan since we first met back in November 2014.. She is gracious and kind, and goes out of her way to be helpful. Susan is incredibly trustworthy.. and more than that I can offer no higher accolade.. Thank you for your insights... " ... written by BlackDeuce
Susan is an excellent reader. She is accurate and compassionate. I always enjoy our readings." ... written by AJ
was very good. very happy with reading, a bit more clearer on where i'm going" ... written by andyg67
Quick updates, not great news, but it is what it is" ... written by Kool
She has such great energy. I was waiting on another reader and felt drawn to Susan. Only time will tell with what she said, but I will definitely be back for an update. Thank you Susan." ... written by nicole
Pickup very fast... and always caring. Will see what is next Thanks! :)" ... written by William
Love Susan! She's wonderful and has helped me through some very ark periods...." ... written by skier8001
Susan talked with confidence, very fast to connect, she was giving great advice for my situation, she s genuine and didn t feel like she was giving me random answers. She told me what to do and I will follow what she said. Very clear talker, no fluff whatsoever. She said to let her know how im doing and I will do that. Time frame of 4-6 weeks. Thank you Susan for your honesty. Blessings." ... written by W
Susan zeroed in on My issues right away, She made me feel far" ... written by Karl
she is wonderful! Highly recommend her! She is always accurate and gives great advice and has a good understanding of any situation!" ... written by phyllis
I have had a lot of readings on this site and she is one of the few that knows what she is talking about." ... written by Deborah
She is an excellent reader. I trust her and will come back to her!!!" ... written by Deva Delight
wow this lady really gets me, she is spot on in describing my situation and personalities involved. the best advice given and will be taken" ... written by Deborah
very positive and uplifting energy...great reading and great advice" ... written by Ankita
Really positive/productive and super helpful. Yes, Susan is great and you need to get a reading from her. Thanks Susan." ... written by :)
Excellent as always! I thoroughly enjoy talking to Susan and am able to find clarity through our discussions." ... written by AJ
she's awesome possum! love her energies! she's so happy lol. and her readings are straightforward, honest, accurate, and fast! love her advice. the more she tells me things the more clarity i get! woooo " ... written by ale
Wonderful experience! Please get a reading by her. She is succinct and to the point with tender energy." ... written by Drohem
Great reading. She was very understanding, empathetic and on point with her predictions." ... written by CSmith
Very good psychic. I will come back for another reading." ... written by Mary
Amazing loving woman" ... written by H
Such a sweet and wonderful woman to speak with. She was awesome, I like the fact that she is intuitive and does not use any tools to help you. Definitely one of the best readers on here. I will come back to speak with you and thanks soooo much. Have a blessed night." ... written by enchanted2634
she was good" ... written by francis
Susan was amazing, fast, to the point, great and I love her energy." ... written by Valerie
She was so sweet and wonderful. There was no hesitation with what she had to tell me. She spoke in confidence with her message and was very supportive. Her goal was to help me grow in spirit and give me insight to help my situation. Would definitely go to her again!" ... written by Ginny
Good reading. Really fast answers to my question. Great communication and positive uplift. I have to wait for few months to see if something will change in my situation. Thank you very much :)" ... written by Karolina
She was fantanstic. I will for sure come back and let her know whats going on and how the reading unfolded in my life. I couldn't have been happier with the fact she went a different way than just going with the first thing I said and running with it. First person that I really felt like had a connection with me to kind of give me some insight. " ... written by Shelby
Connected very well... will see how things would go..." ... written by William
Susan is SO cool. The best and the fastest. Try for yourself. She can read you and summarise your situation in seconds ..." ... written by laura
always so great and grounded" ... written by qp
Thanks SusanHeart Lots of things happening this year. Will update soon. " ... written by Sunflower1931
Great and thorough reading! Felt very connected with Susan and she is quite warmhearted! Happy I picked her this evening." ... written by CBee
she is great fast clear as always. love having a reading with her if only my internet will not freeze on me lol love her! " ... written by la
Thank you for your kind words andamp; guidance!" ... written by tmmour
She has a good heart...kind of like Sweet Tea on a hot Sunday. Positive and definately a woman of intellect...good reading :)" ... written by Bronxie
good advice andamp; insight, truthful" ... written by resonate
good energy read so far" ... written by goldenaura
She is very genuine and sweet and connects so fast and is accurate. Amazing gifts. I appreciate her and her advice! Looking forward to things to come. God bless" ... written by tiffany
Great energy she is wonderful and light!!!" ... written by Maria
Update reading, wwill let you knw how it went, TY XX" ... written by kool
Thank you so much for the quick and concise reading...i felt like you nailed it on the head!!! it all made complete sense!!!" ... written by penelope
As much as it wasn't what I wanted to hear, she was right. I have been stuck so long in a bad job, bad relationship....I need to look at myself from now on and not others. Time for me to be a little bit selfish and worry about me. She was great!!" ... written by Tracey
I needed that. I just broke out in tears after the reading because she gave me closure I wasn't able to find, and honesty. I was hung up on a man that I am not going to ever be able to be with, and attracting the wrong things because I am not full myself. No one has been honest with me about these things so I have been holding on to things I shouldn't have been. Thank you so much for the reading. My heart feels so lifted, and like a weight and burden I have been carrying is gone. I needed the honesty, and I was ready to hear it. Thank you for looking at everything. You're an angel! I will definitely be back!" ... written by Christine
Ms Susan is wonderful ! she connected really fast and help me a lot I will do the burn ritual tonight. she is the best on Oranum " ... written by Anesia
Wodnerful reading! She's so tuned in.." ... written by dobe
Great" ... written by Cris
She is wonderful, she is so in tune, and gives guidance and understanding immediately. No tools just her guides. I would highly recommend her!" ... written by phyllis
Lovely lady. Super fast and direct. She is good with the manifestatin techniques, which proves that nothing is written in a stone so if it is meant to be, then it is meant to. Thank u!!" ... written by U
Great, fast accurate." ... written by Joann88
Thanks SO can pick up a situation and outcome VERY to you soon!!" ... written by ola
I felt I had a really good reading, she was sweet and to the point. I'm definitely going to keep her in my list of fav readers because she's so positive and uplifting. There's no messing around here, if you want answers, she's got them. *hugs* thank you so much." ... written by Tracy
Connected so fat and so sweet and genuine soul!" ... written by Tifany
Angel on earth, Susan is very gracious and genuine. I could feel her serving heart and willingness to help me. I felt very nurtured and cared with the best suggestion and encouragement. " ... written by Marakideg
Susan was awesome. She told me a lot of good stuff that is already happening and will continue to be happening. I look forward to all the positive stuff she told me to happen in my life. I thank her for the advice and guidance!!" ... written by Shawn
Seemed to connect well. Will have to wait to see if all pans out" ... written by MamaMe
gave great advice. Didn't feel judged. I feel ready to move on and conquer the world. Thank you Susan Heart!!!" ... written by barb
Thanks for your support and advice....what you said came true on the time line you set...Perfect" ... written by ola
Fast, insightful and pleasant." ... written by Demitri
Ha! She's fantastic, great energy, channels quickly and answers questions, no typing. She's clear and concise and direct. She gave some advice which I will do! " ... written by Merrysinclair
realistic reading.....quick connection and to the point." ... written by lovehouston
You are a doll! Thank you very much " ... written by Shelby
Susan is amazing and i would recommend her to anyone! thanks so much Susan i will keep you updated! ♥♥♥" ... written by Libra26
sorry my computer froze but great reading as usual" ... written by la
amazing and uses no tool . she is fast and such an amazing psychic on here and her prices affordable . great reading great prices cant go wrong." ... written by la
This woman is amazing! She is so sweet and she has picked up on everything I've been feeling about my future. I was completely reassured about my life and how things are going to work out and I'm very happy I took the time to look at every psychic and pick someone who is as passionate about their career as I am about my own. I can't wait to come back in the future and share with her all that is going on in my life. She is the real deal and a very sweet person. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I'm just so thankful that I finally have some clarity about what I have been feeling in my career and love life." ... written by Alexa
only had a couple minutes and she picked up quickly and accurately" ... written by Andrea
goodreading and she got a sense of humour " ... written by bluecrystal33
very quick on picking up things, quick with details, timeline, clear the questions, thank you" ... written by Delicious
outstanding reading, I feel so comforted and I will definitely be back for more guidance Susan is wonderful" ... written by Jennifer
Really clear information. Thorough and to the point. Thanks!" ... written by Rosanna
I've waiting to speak with Susan in Private because she felt right to me. I was correct. She helped me understand a lot about my current situation, she is sending me homework and gave me a bit of education on getting in touch with my Spirit Guides which I know are there but want to be closer to! Thanks - I'll reach out to Susan Again." ... written by Rebecca Husted
i havent felt low in self confidence and confused about myself in a while. susan really opened my eyes and reassured me with what i needed to do. thanks so much susan love you! " ... written by ale
susanheart was so sweet. very inspiring and positive" ... written by angie
Susan is extremely accurate and extremely quick. What more do you need?" ... written by laura
I love her ! so great you help me so much will let you know" ... written by anesia
awesome as always. thank you so much! " ... written by ghost
The right details about me were very specific... like that I write, teach, my brain. There's a lot to take in, and I'm glad to have come across Susan to spark that curiosity. " ... written by Jennifer
Energetic, Alert.....Powerful, just not for me......" ... written by Aisha
SusanHeart always brightens my day!! She is very positive and up beat and gives me hope and light every time I get a reading from her!! She is truly gifted and I definitely recommend her!! Thank you Susan!! Many Blessings 2 u!! Love and Light my dear 8)" ... written by LibraDragon11
She is great and was exactly right. She knew the time frame exactly. I was so glad that she was there online to help me with this. " ... written by James
beautiful chakra healing, grounding, im ready to accept and give my gifts . I hope this will allowed me to opening myself up to the white light" ... written by cherie
Thanks for the insight...perfect as usual!!" ... written by ola
awesome!" ... written by Dani Lynn Redgrift
Quick updates." ... written by kool
Susan is very genuine and helpful! I will definitely visit her with an update! Thank you for the advice Susan. God Bless you!" ... written by TTC2015
That could well help me, its a good amount detail given to me I suppose. This is the first time I've done this on Oranum, but I think what SusanHeart said fits in with some comments made by an astrologer earlier in the year. Thanks very much." ... written by Joe Stevenson
great! wonderful!" ... written by Lauren
she made me blush with the awesome commentary :3 and helped me understand my friends point of being in a timely , and wise manner. " ... written by River92
GREAT read !! ! told me what i need to work on and i couldn't agree with her more !!! " ... written by summmer
Very uplifting and great advise. I understand what SusanHeart is saying to help my situation. I look forward to using her methods and I am anxious to see what happens. Thank you SusanHeart!" ... written by HorseLover1962
Thank Susan for sharing your insight. I appreciate you." ... written by Jerald
super quick detailed info clear answers new directions good life advice picked choices quickly" ... written by Louse
amazing!!!" ... written by nana smith
she was wonderful. lifted my spirits and definitely put me in a better state of vibration. thanks! i look forward to september and the extra stream of income. god bless u! i look fwd to the manifestation technique!" ... written by a
Accurate for certain. Very conscious of your time you spend with her. She really is helpful for decision making. Thanks susan." ... written by Monica Lopez
very good reading with Susan, spot on with so many things and very clear information and deep persctive. taped right into the heart of the matter and saw me for what I am and also the time that I am living thorugh and gave me wonderful advice. Thank you dear. xx c" ... written by c
I've been coming to Susan for a few years now and she is such a spark of love and light! She's aways happy, supportive, positive and guides me in all things! I depend on her for so much and am so thankful to have her in this life. You are lucky if you get to read with her! She's the best!" ... written by skier8001
Susan was great! she knew what was going on! not what I wanted to hear but she gave me the reason on what was going on so I can move on. she gave me good news about a new love in the next couple of months will come back to give her update on what is going on! thank you so much SusanHeart" ... written by anecia
Awesome Psychic !!! Susan guided me with all the forthcoming scenarios and how I should g about them. The reading helped me decide my plan of action about my career along with a reassurance that opportunity exists. Very much needed this reading in order to continue with my job search, actually this reading with Susan helped me streamline my job search. Excellent !!! " ... written by Rana
Wonderful" ... written by laura
very accurate and to the point. extremely helpful and kind. compassionate and powerful!" ... written by katty
Wonderful!" ... written by unknown
Good!" ... written by P
she was great" ... written by sandra
This was my first reading with Susan, and the things she said have me really thinking. Will see how things unfold. I would recommend her." ... written by shelle97
Its hard to put into words how fabulous Susan is. She is deeply compassionate and empowering. I've had lots of readings with her. She remembers my story, she fills in the blanks, she comforts and invigorates. Shes got a wonderfully kind nature and a quick sense of humour. I just adore her. Thank you Susan. " ... written by laura
Susan is a very Wise Woman. " ... written by laura
great ! Love her! " ... written by Crismarie
very accurate and quick, nice lady, remembered me from before, will return." ... written by barb
I appreciated her honesty and will take her good advice. Thank you so much Susan!!" ... written by Patricia
SusanHeart is a great lady and very sincere. Highly recommend." ... written by shelle97
Susan brought me to tears. She was so accurate and her reading was full of love and positivity. I write this review with sincere gratitude for the wonderful experience I had with her this evening. Blessings to you, SusanHeart!" ... written by Heather
speechless I am so happy with reading" ... written by texas
great fast and accurate. " ... written by edel95
She is very honest lady, gave me some really good advice! Cant wait to talk to her again." ... written by jodi1003
Your timing (given several months ago) is perfect...coming to pass as you predicted. Great advice as well.!!" ... written by ola
Great! Very time aware and clear. Thanks for your guidance." ... written by :)
Always a pleasure! She is so gifted and clear! She's the best!" ... written by skier8001
Spot on - shame that those credits don't give you much time - I thought it would be about 7 minutes or so, but it was much less. Thanks for your help! :)" ... written by CC
Absolute wonderful gem of a woman. Very clear and consistent as a reader. Just really helpful and genuine. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Was very in tuned with me and my life. Very good" ... written by Louise
She is honest" ... written by Louise
Her information came fast and although some of it was not what I wanted to hear, I can see it myself and just didn't want to admit. I will continue to work on myself and can't wait to start my next adventure." ... written by Ricefamily
Thanks for the insight going into a busy social time. Your advice is on spot!!!" ... written by ola
Excellent! I mean really. She is spot on with the situation with absolutely no information given, only dobs. Im very impressed! She has nice warm energy and she is down to earth too. She is fast and gives a lot of information and she understands situation immediately and to the bottom. Even tho i was quite uptight with any information given ( im sorry Susan), she gets it. Really good. Wish you all the best, Susan! God bless you!" ... written by heartchakra
good I think" ... written by Herlander
Excellent. Things are turning out now like she told me earlier this year!!" ... written by ola
I appreciated this reading so much. Full of hope and compassion. I felt like I was talking to a loving mother. " ... written by Ivy
I love the way she spoke to me as if we knew each other. She provided me with a lot of hope for my situation and also brought a sense of mind when she mentioned my grandmother being around looking after me. I will go forward with a positive mind and pray and be grateful for what Ms. Susan told me in my reading today" ... written by Lola
Great honest reading " ... written by mssherryl
I thought Susan Heart was very positive, kind and knowledgeable. She also told me about my spirit guides. She gives homework to help you manifest things in your life which I really like." ... written by Stacey
nice, honest and kind..." ... written by mette
Awesome. Thanks Susan! :)" ... written by Louise Trent
Susan is very attuned to what is going on. She gives good advice and tunes into your energy. Warm, positive, and caring. Good read, and fast." ... written by Julie
Great reading" ... written by Danielle
Loved my readings - she was great!" ... written by dmbertault
she is great! I highly recommend!" ... written by katie
Fantastic is the word. She was awsome with her readings and her connection is very much strong and blessed." ... written by sabina0202
Stellar/Accurate/Awesome and priced wonderfully. Thanks so much Susan." ... written by Susan Smith
She was spot on knowledgeable about my life and situation. It gave me relief and comfort. I will come back. " ... written by Jane
she has an amazing positive energy" ... written by wiki
awesome as always! ty" ... written by ghost
great lady!!!" ... written by jacqui
accuration and discipline in the psychic energy art brings to us a reader who streams in from the outer most streams about the individual into the inner most and medium-link practices to that individual" ... written by ed
It was just amazing...she can read e.x.a.c.t. words about the person I was ask her to read. Very precise reading! Speechless." ... written by Lastsearch1
She was my first time psychic and was very intuitive, uplifting and friendly. I would definitely go back. Susan is very nice." ... written by Billygirl54
amazing very quick to connect. loved speaking with her. :)" ... written by sabi
Thanks Sweetie...things are working out just as you said they would!!" ... written by ola
awesome person, inspiring messages on career and offer to send supporting information is just icing on the cake!" ... written by hollyberries1
very quick reader, doesn't use cards or tools. she hones right in. " ... written by sol
Just did a quick one question reading. She connected pretty well to the feelings around the issue. I'll have to see if the prediction comes true." ... written by Jessica
Wonderful! I look forward to chatting with her b/c she gets it! She's so spot on! " ... written by skier8001
WoW! as usual not my first reading with Susan, She is so powerful and positive she never fails to bring her all to the table. She connects so easy to the root of your issues you will be amazed. As a reader myself I know real when I meet it. Her energy is so beautiful and highly evolved she can help anyone with anything. Give her a chance to show you what she can do in private. You will be blessed for having spent your hard earned money/credits with her. Blessings to you on your life journey." ... written by Pink
hoping all comes through for me. good inspirational reading" ... written by mag
Great :)" ... written by Alan
She has wonderful energy and straight to the point. She channels and connects fast. She isn't wasting your time and I would come back for my point blank incite!" ... written by Merrysinclair
Susan is an amazingly good reader and offers allot of good wisdom as well.. Really appreciate all the things you told me and I highly recommend Susan for ANY question or concern! Blessings! " ... written by Lynda22
good reading, I thought. Thanks!" ... written by Nimue
She is good and to the point and was right on everything. Love her" ... written by Louise
Susan helped explain what she saw and it did help she is very good ...please take her for a reading :)" ... written by Karl2017
Very nice and informative. Positive and respectful" ... written by Elli
One of the most accurate readers here. I really like her energy and am in synch with her. Thanks Susan! You rock!" ... written by Chett Smith
***** 5 stars" ... written by f
That was just simply amazing! I was blessed by the reading! Susan read so deeply and profoundly into my situation regarding my ex. Absolutely amazing." ... written by Tony
Pick up very fast... prediction similar... let's see how this will go." ... written by William
Susan was really sweet. I gave her little info and she knew my situation pretty well...or the relationship I had with someone. She gave me good advice as to how to conduct myself in the next couple of months. so overall guidance from my questions were great! I will be back for sure. " ... written by lauren
She pulled in my energy and the situation right away. The reading really resonated with me. She delivers the info in such a way that doesn't sting so bad even it's not something you really want to hear. Thanks Susan! " ... written by DD
Just load up your credits and take Susan private. You will be glad you did. Thanks for all you do." ... written by Lucy M.
Great reading. Picked up on a lot of important information and sensed how I was feeling. Looking forward to talking in private again." ... written by Sophia
Stellar as always. The most accurate reader for me personally. Thanks Susan ---you are amazing and I appreciate you!" ... written by :)
Great reading, fast and honest. Will be coming back for another reading Thank you Susan!" ... written by Sport
AWESOMEEE!!!! nothing bad to say at all! I have a more positive outlook on whats to come!" ... written by Markita
Brilliant straight to the point and totally hit the nail on the head." ... written by debra
Thanks for the great advice!!! You have such a great outlook!!!" ... written by ola
Susan is a wonderful woman and I respect and trust her and her advice. Thank you for a wonderful reading." ... written by Pamela
thank you, amazing reading. " ... written by janice
Susan is amazing. Take her private to know what guidance is needed for you. Her rate is awesome as well. Thanks Susan." ... written by :)
Great reading! She was on point, tuned in very quickly, non judgmental, used no tools, and after the reading I was left with peace, optimism, and a better direction of my path. Thank you so much! " ... written by Herminia
Wow! she connected very fast and it was a very fast reading. AWesome!" ... written by RasheedaW
good. :)))" ... written by edel95
Thank you so much for your clear prediction. I will come back! " ... written by P
Thanks for the insight. Great reading." ... written by familyhelper
Lovely lady. very good!" ... written by
She saw the truth, very good!! Thanks" ... written by Hillary
Positive and Uplifting and very inspirational. Thanks susan." ... written by Angel Morris
Always wonderful." ... written by Lisa Smith
She spoke openly and got me with out me saying anything. Was a great reading" ... written by Tri
She's wonderful, compassionate and very gifted!" ... written by skier8001k
It was so nice to connect with someone who understands the pain i am going through thank you so much for your love!" ... written by Ava
:) :) :) thanks! that was the quickest reading ever lmfao but still helpful thank you!! shes so quick" ... written by c
Susan is the best listener and is positive. She has guided me to be true to myself and helped me see what was right in front of me. Thank you SusanHeart!" ... written by Anna
Its always good to connect with Susan. She is one of my frequent advisers here, definitely helpful in helping me focus on the things that matter so that the much deserve blessings can follow. " ... written by Slim RAD
in tune and made me feel much better. gave good news about my son" ... written by sd
This reader is excellent andv.accurate..and lovely lady also.." ... written by Padraig
Love her. She practices what she talks about. A great coach and role model. Thank you!" ... written by Lisa Morris
she's very good, very accurate, and amazingly fast" ... written by jana
Always helpful." ... written by HS
She is very good, lots of genuine help. She is on target " ... written by Andrea
love her!" ... written by Katie
straight from the heart" ... written by p_
Stellar! Thank you!" ... written by Alycia Sonnett
I love getting updates with susan. She is always very honest about everything she sees! No sugercoating!" ... written by Christine
Good, strong advice. Thank you." ... written by Justine
Amazing + Awesome. Just press Private reading. Great rate too! Thanks for all you do. :)" ... written by Harriett
thank goodness for a sane friend" ... written by qp
Susan was very positive and honest about what she felt and it gave me hope to feeling better about my situation. I am looking forward to it. :) Thank you Susan." ... written by BrianaAF2
I love Susan, she is awesome! Always puts my mind at rest by knowing what she says to be true and from the heart! She is wonderful!" ... written by Skier
susan doesn't need to use cards, she just tunes in and tells you exactly what's going on around you. i really like her style. she's quick and she doesn't waste your time. " ... written by sol
Susan is great I can always go to her with a question or two and she is very helpful. " ... written by Kevin
The Best" ... written by laura
thanks so very much!!! i really enjoyed the reading! She was very s very quick with the info and spot on A++++++" ... written by sara
Excellent reader" ... written by Deva Delight
She was awesome, gave me guideance and helped me answer some very big questions going on in my life.!!" ... written by valerie
Totally Love SusanHeart." ... written by laura
Good, honest, and nice" ... written by Mark Nielsen
Awesome. She is an excellent reader and doesn't waste time" ... written by Shecycles1
You are great , thank you for everything . YOU Really helped me " ... written by judy06779
The greatest experience ever!!! If you need honest guidance please stop by and see Susan. Everything was said with love and truth. I thank her for being able to be that conduit for the answers I truly needed. Love and blessings Susan. See you soon." ... written by Samantha
super sweet! Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Cara
There's something about Susan that reminds me of a caring aunt. Maybe because i'm originally from the south. She is quite kind and channels quickly. She is straightforward and gives you what you need honestly and sees the situation at hand readily. I'm grateful and thankful for her advice. " ... written by Merrysinclair
awesome as always" ... written by gf
thank you so much Susan... sounds about right .. will let you know what happens" ... written by Lynne
She was a fast reader, on point and Sweet person to talk to and gave good guidance ..Thanks Susan" ... written by sc
straightforward, helpful, info--helped with decision" ... written by marlene
thank you :)))" ... written by edel95
excellent reading. very good insights. quick and to the point. shed light on my situation that made a lot of sense" ... written by Lynne
she is just, accurate, detailed, in one word: excellent!!! 100 stars!!! :)" ... written by enya
She's amazing and worth all the best words. I'm glad that I went and chose her as my reader. She told me exactly how it really is and how I exactly feel about myself. Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by Mayu
I Very highly recommend... made me feel so inspired to move on ...great reading!!" ... written by POCO
TY Susan. She really helped me out " ... written by DD
Great" ... written by :)
Stellar/Awesome/Helpful/Honest. Love ya. :)" ... written by DD
wonderful " ... written by lauren
You're My Utmost Favourite. Thanks Lovely Lady." ... written by laura
Excellent reading as always!" ... written by AJ
very thorough, kind reading. Thanks" ... written by ann
she is amazing - love her" ... written by dmbertault
Very insightful!" ... written by HY
A teaspoon of sugar and slice of sweet bread...this is how it is with Susan; she is so down to earth, yet so practical filled with spiritual wit and a great attitude. I love speaking with her at times...she is always to the point and exact!" ... written by Bronxie
Awesome! I have spoken to Susan for years and she's always helped me. Strangely, today I called to talk about my newly adopted shelter dog! I wasn't sure if she was going to be able to communicate with my pup, but she did and she helped me tremendously! She's the best friend anyone can have!!!!" ... written by skier8001
A wonderful lady, with very wise words. Will be sure to update you on the situation. :)" ... written by Cassandra
nice reading enjoyed to finally talk to her in private" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Deserve all 5 stars!! Loved her energy not only in free chat but in private as well!! Very quick and accurate! Will definitely come back to chat with her again! Thinking of more questions to ask now, lol! Thanks a lot!" ... written by Tarlesha
I really enjoyed the reading :) I felt she picked up on me clearly and had insight to share. She was very friendly and you can tell she has a sweet heart. also felt I could open up so don't be shy when asking anything! " ... written by Katelyn
Great reading" ... written by Janelle
very accurate thanks." ... written by Samanthi
good" ... written by ritesh
Susan is exceptionally gifted. She is very speedy and connects in lightspeed. She knows how this flow, she reads you as if she'd known you forever. Moreover, shes so kind, articulate and her mind mighty mercurial and as clear and lucid as can be. I love her and feel happy to know her. 'Yay' for Susanheart 'YAY'." ... written by laura
i realize i was denying a lot bout myselt.. but susan showed me the truth. thank you so much susan!" ... written by ale
fantastic biz advice from Susan. She has given me great clarity and insight on how to proceed through a career transitions. thanks so much susan!" ... written by beathive
Susan is a the "GEM" of GEMS........Stellar Read....The clarity was just what I needed.......Thank you for your Gift Susan.... I would wholeheartedly reccomend a read with Susan hands down!! Thank You Love!" ... written by GalTaurus
Thank you very much for your reading, and remembering me! I will come back soon! Kisses," ... written by K
Susan zeroed in with My issue very fast and I was feeling very positive after Thanks Susan and Folks She is good " ... written by Karl2017
Very quick, accurate and on point. Will definetly seek her insight again." ... written by Sharon
She's the best! My go-to person for all things! Professional, love, kids, whatever....she helps!" ... written by skier8001
Very good connection and very helpful reading. Definitely recommend Susan. " ... written by Anita
My first encounter with Susan was several months ago, free demo. She read my trip to Alaskan cruse won't be happen!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
Thank you Susan, your guidance and skills are so much appreciated." ... written by laura
really fast quick accurate as always wonderful highl recommend." ... written by craig
susan is awesome, honest and clear with great tools how to put yourself in right place. thank you very much :)" ... written by diamondtears
Susan was very fast, right on point and calmed my concerns. She is very talented and excellent at what She does ..Ty Susan :)" ... written by Karl2017
First reading with Susan. It's actually comforting to hear what I hear from other psychics - she was GREAT. Calm, patient, yet talks at a normal speed. She was very caring and understanding - definitely will be back!" ... written by Laura
ohm" ... written by laura
Loved the reading! Such an angel and did Reiki healing on me, I feel so much better, and just ready to let go of all the negatives. Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
Such a nice and down to earth lady " ... written by riffet
Love Susan. Keeps her rate resonable and so ethically which is so important to me. She is amazing with her Reiki insight as well. Love you Susan. Keep up the good work." ... written by Stella
Susan is awesome. Love her energy, rates and kindness and helpfulness. She really loves her work and cares. Much love to you Susan and big Thanks!" ... written by Lucy Lovelance
awesome!" ... written by TAMARA
great reading!" ... written by Stargirl352
Quickly connected, very accurate!" ... written by Sassy
Fabulous and so positive and helpful. Thanks so much Susan. xo" ... written by @@@
good" ... written by f
great reading! she was kind and assuring and gave me clarity. thank you!" ... written by findyourself
WHAT CAN I SAY BUT WOW! she really cleared up a fog for me and blessed me with wonderful news! What insight! INCREDIBLE!" ... written by Carmen
She picked up on situation quickly... received messages from loved ones." ... written by mag
Seriously Super Susan" ... written by laura
Wonderful reading as always" ... written by Lisa Smith
She was very nice, very honest and genuine as well" ... written by Fab
Quick update to get insight into my finances. Here's to hoping. I love that Susan is so fast!!" ... written by SB
Very very good reading. Spot on and great advise. I have hope again : )" ... written by B
Susan was great! very insightful! great reading!" ... written by Laura
Susan was wonderful. He didn't tell me just what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I would definitely contact her again." ... written by Debbie Smith
Susan is one of the most ethical and honest readers here. I adore her and so do all her clients. Thank you for all your help. You are amazing." ... written by Tatiana
Very accurate, honest, good energy! It was def. worth it. thank you my dear. Love and light for you too! =-)" ... written by HappyAngel
Susan is the honest, quick and straight forward. She gives me positive feed back and tells me when I am not going in the right direction. I love chatting with her she reminds me of my sister that I lost. Very easy to talk to and helpful!!!" ... written by Lana
She was really good and straightforward.." ... written by peacegal
Susan is straight forward and very sweet." ... written by hemp
Susan is very accurate, she gets right to the point and does not waste time... I will be returning to get another reading for sure!" ... written by Lorenzo
quick and to the point. gave me better understanding on the issue" ... written by mag
Susan gave me such a great reading! She was very thorough and answered all of my questions and gave great advice! :)" ... written by Nicole
Clear seems to be well connected. Thank you" ... written by Hannah
very honest and straight ford :) thank you" ... written by Jack
WOW is all I can say! My questions were answered to accurately and quickly by Susan. She has such positive energy and is straightforward and honest. She was so helpful and I will absolutely be going to her again. I'm grateful to have had this amazing reading with her." ... written by Katherine
I found Susan's Reading very insighful and uplifting." ... written by PrincessLaLA
very good reader x" ... written by A
Just had my second reading with susan. she's very talented. answered a lot of questions for me regarding the future and present. She was exactly what I needed!! " ... written by Lauren
Very good reading. Wasn't what I was looking for in the reading, but it was more of what I needed. Thank you! " ... written by luvTim
Susan: connected right away told Me what she saw in the situation and for sure made Me feel more positive...Ty Susan :)" ... written by Karl2017
she was very sweet and honest I appreciate the suggestions she gave me..great reading." ... written by alicia
Awesome reader, warm , friendly and very accurate. " ... written by MystifyMe
susan is very gifted and quick and very kind and empowering." ... written by laura
man she's good" ... written by stavros
Again another Spot on Reading from you, Susan. " ... written by PrincessLaLA
Thank you, Susan Heart! It is always a blessing to talk with you and giving me your insight... " ... written by Wendell S.
I thought she was very good, and very helpful. Got straight to the point and confirmed many of the things I was curious about. Really helped me to move on and realize what was going on and what was occurring around me. Will definitely see her again when I need more consulting. Thank you so much!" ... written by Alex
was amazing!! really worth it. will come again" ... written by Kay
She was really good" ... written by Abdulrahman
SO NICE, SO KIND, SO HONEST..." ... written by mette
Always wonderful time talking to you. Thank so much for your blessing tonight. I feel better already, thanks!" ... written by happy angel
Thanks Susan! Very good and practical advice to go along with the predictions " ... written by DD
SusanHeart was very knowledgeable and in tuned about everything that I asked of her. She is very positive, and confirmed everything that I was feeling. She is a very good at what she does and I am extremely pleased with my time that I spent with her. I can't wait to come back for another reading with her, and I will definitely recommend her to others!!!!!!!" ... written by Kim
as always amazing" ... written by stavros
So accurate! thanks a lot Susan , :)" ... written by Cláudio
Amazing woman just what my "heart space" needed!! Bless you Susan xoxoxo" ... written by unity
wonderful!" ... written by J
helpful as always thanks a lot have a blessed christmas!" ... written by happyangel
Susan was able to connect very fast and put me at ease on a few issues I had She is very Good !!! many thanks and Blessing back Susan " ... written by Karl 2017
she is hands down the best!" ... written by stavros
She was amazing, great reading!!" ... written by Mary
Great as always. She is super awesome and honest. Thank you!" ... written by :)
great help thank you dear" ... written by happyangel
It was amazing " ... written by Nina
It's always a pleasure to do a private with Susan. She is positive and full of energy. Good reading." ... written by Billygirl54
Amazing! I didn't have to feed much info at all. I just asked the questions and she could tell right away. Honestly amazing! One of the best i have met on this site. I will be back." ... written by hellokittyhas7
fantastic business advisor all round - the best of the best!!" ... written by beathive
well see what comes of it. hopeful" ... written by ivptk
Very truthful!" ... written by Maria
Honest and bang on wit predictions. Fast and kind hearted " ... written by shelley
Susan is always very clear and helpful. Tunes into what is coming up for me. Will stay tuned to see if all will come to fruition. It sounds like I have a very exciting next few months." ... written by Azure1
Great reading! I appreciate you for your words and insight. I also appreciate your compassion. Thanks again!" ... written by armanivalentino
Thank you Susan. I have always wanted a reading with you and I am so glad I finally did! Thank you for the clarity you have given me on my situation, and for the encouragement. I look forward to keeping you posted! Thanks again :-)" ... written by TB Fairy
xx" ... written by Helen
Susan is very Good, super connected and She focuses right away ..I recommend Her ..Thanks again Susan" ... written by Karl2017
Much appreciation and gratitude for all the clarity!" ... written by Abigail Rudner
Very quick to the point. Validated some of my feelings so I can take the appropriate actions. " ... written by Tagyurit65
clear as the blue sky" ... written by stavros
Wow! My first reading with Susan and I am floored! She was absolutely quick, articulate, and accurate. The depth of the insight she had was just amazing. " ... written by Jade
Pump me back up out of my slump thank you so much!!!!!" ... written by leo
Wow, spot on and now I know what is true and what is not. Something that I needed to be able to move on in life and do what I have to do for myself. Amazing and she connected really fast. I will be returning for a follow up." ... written by Kimberly
Great reading, really helped me think. Very knowledgable lady! Thank you. God bless." ... written by Karis
wonderful" ... written by Rayhaan
Susan hit the nail on the head with my reading! I will definitely be getting another reading from her." ... written by Ms_Z_22
I love your readings Susan... your so honest and precise and you have a delightful aura bout you yourself..thats what i love about you... tand it makes me feel comfortable talking to you which keeps me coming back...MAAUUHHH thanks...God Bless you" ... written by Kashes
She was great. :)" ... written by Lorelys
Another great reading with Susan, which offered insight, clarity and reassurance. Thank you Susan :-)" ... written by Dolly
i am very happy, helped so much tonight. Now i see things in a different way, thanks a lot." ... written by happyangel
Such a sweet kind soul. Loved my reading with her. Try her, you will not be disappointed. Many blessings" ... written by Spirits Window
As always truly amazing love love love ya!!!!" ... written by Ava
My first time with Susan and it was awesome!!!! She picked up so fantastic on the persons energy!!!" ... written by Sonia
help me a lot. quick and accurate. doesn't sugar coat the truth but still conveys info in a way to help you do better." ... written by KRissy
Always right on spot and uplifting.......blessings!!" ... written by Ola
Spot on, soooo accurate, I will be coming back. Awesome energy. Fantastic reader. 10000000000000000000000 stars. :D Thank you so much for reading me. " ... written by Angel
Had an update on situation, Susan zeroed in and told Me it is indeed being worked On and will be resolved hopefully soon ..Ty Susan " ... written by Karl2017
very refreshing reading with susan! doesn't waste your time at all, goes straight to the point and is really helpful. thank you! " ... written by kreuzen
very well done,i am glad i came to her before i had surrendered my heart to someone, she told me all i needed to know and it all made sense very well done! she answered other questions too on point ! " ... written by chris
Awesome! Always clear/honest/clean/professional and super positive and motivating. The most positive reader here. Thank you!" ... written by Joan
Susan is great. She's direct - to the point - straightforward and doesn't say what I want to hear. I appreciate that. She's fast - definitely worth the time!!" ... written by SB
good" ... written by connie hunter
awww just felt so empowered by that. she's a gifted psychic who's very very very accurate and insightful. " ... written by se
Love her!!! She's the best!" ... written by skier8001
Absolutely amazing. She helped me so much." ... written by Christine
Excellent reading. She told me everything I needed to know, right away, with almost no information from me. I highly, highly recommend her to you!" ... written by Sandra
fast accurate and right on the money" ... written by john
wonderful as always" ... written by stavros
Susan is the most positive/helpful/inspirational reader here. She really cares about her clients. Simply press private and you will understand. Thanks again!" ... written by Louise Trent
Susan is the best reader on this site." ... written by laura
had my first reading with Susanheart,,,,,she is right on point and amazingly accurate,,,,,gave me good advice about this coming new year and put things in perspective,,,,excellent" ... written by SUZANNE
great help, thank you. " ... written by happyanel
she's so clear" ... written by stavros
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Susan is awesome! Great insight and fast connection. She was able to give me missing pieces to a great puzzle, which ultimately gives me more peace. I can't recommend her enough." ... written by SB
This women is really good." ... written by Lou
she's the best" ... written by stavros
very good" ... written by Cindygirl
Susan get a look into situation and was able to answer a few things I had been wondering, She is indeed talented ..many thanks ...Susan and Blessings " ... written by Karl 2017
She's amazing. lots of stuff has come true" ... written by Cody
She was very nice as always and got straight to the point." ... written by RasheedaW
THE REAL DEAL!!! No tools. Sees the situation correctly!!" ... written by B
MY GOODNESS....what can I say?? Has been so correct and so helpful and has helped me so much!!! Visions flow with ease!! THANK YOU Thank you Susan" ... written by B
susanheart is a kind person. information and advice will help me for sure. thank you for the reading." ... written by arthanor
Always fantastic! Love Susan and so will you!" ... written by Lovelace
great insight, great advice, will come back soon, great understanding about situation" ... written by susie
I love her she is great! very accurate and such great human" ... written by estella
Immediate connection and clarity :)" ... written by Serra
Excellent helped with a rough issue " ... written by Karl 2017
she was mind blowing absolutely amazing" ... written by giftness
Brilliant reading! spot on and will look forward to the future x" ... written by Karon
Amazing energy. very apt reading. No BS. She made me feel at home and relaxed and loved her reading." ... written by SRK
I truly love talking to SusanHeart she is very insightful and soooooo helpful thank you again!!" ... written by Ava
Susan Heart is awesome! She encouraged me to use my gifts for the Light and for good. She also did a reiki healing on me. I definitely encourage her and look forward to using her in the future!" ... written by Zachariah Willis
Susan really helped to validate my feelings and everything made a lot of sense. She is a gifted reader with a beautiful spirit! Thank you Susan! Many blessings to you..." ... written by Carrie
Very enlightening. Loved the positive energy. Right on point. Will come back for sure!!!!!" ... written by Stephanie1964
The most clear/positive ethical reader here. Thanks :)" ... written by XXX
Awesome as usual." ... written by :)
Great! Awesome! I feel like she's a sister and close friend and always bring balance to every situation and she's spot on always!" ... written by skier8001
Susan is wonderful - straight forward, providing insight. It's not what I wanted to hear, but it certainly sounds believable. No predictions, just a need to focus more on me. It's just so hard to do... " ... written by Laura
Interesting reading...lets see the outcomes..." ... written by Marcos
Wonderful hopeful and accurate " ... written by Wolfy
You make so much sense. It is so helpful to hear you explain how this all works. It's been the most painful experience I have ever been through and you're helping me figure out how to put the puzzle back together again. Thank you from my heart." ... written by familyhelper
A returning Susan client. She has been very accurate with what was going to happen around TWO jobs I had interviewed for and the energy of some of the men I have been around. You really are amazing and special. Thanks for everything." ... written by Love Her
so ethical and clear and helpful every single time" ... written by stavros
lovely new years reading with lots of detail and advice. i highly recommend her." ... written by D
thankyou very much" ... written by Nadz
she was very clear and very helpful!! thank you so much, you steered me in the right direction and reiterated/validated my gut feelings." ... written by kaytee
I thank you for tonight. You know my problems. I will come back to hear more energy. " ... written by ROSE
Awesome reading with Susan, thanks so much for our update! Very insighfu into what someone else is thinking and doing also! Highly recommend her! " ... written by Lynne
I thank you for your reading. God bless you." ... written by Rose
She is very good. For not being able to hear my voice and just me typing. She hit everything on the nose, great reading! I'm a medium myself I highly recommend her!" ... written by Christine
I ADORED her. Her spirit is so positive and light. She was incredibly intuitive and extremely spot on with everything she said. She was able to give me some excellent, profound guidance specific to my life and situations and I feel inspired and excited for what's to come. Thank you so much Susan! " ... written by Jayna
Susan has a wonderful gift. I can't recommend her enough. Lots of insight - definitely worth it." ... written by Laura
She never seems to disappoint me. Her readings are always in tuned with my feelings, and she just clarified the way that I felt. I am so thankful to get a reading from a psychic like her. I will be back for more readings with this wonderful lady." ... written by Kay
Susan is top notch. She is gifted psychicly and also very good at offering advice to sooth the spirit. I'm so glad I got a reading tonight, it lifted my spirits." ... written by Julie
Susan is wonderfully quick - concise - offers great advice. Now I just need courage." ... written by Laura
good reading." ... written by debra
5***** Thank you so much Susan. you knew a lot about the situation without me saying anything." ... written by amydog
Thank you sweet lady. God bless you. " ... written by Roselay
Wow what an amazing reading, not only is Susan spot on and accurate her advice is soul healing thank you blown away" ... written by lorann23
Thank you Susan. God bless you." ... written by ROSELAY
oh my " ... written by qp
Susan is always so helpful. Her insights see past what you think you know about yourself and your situation and see to the heart of the matter. In my many readings with SusanHeart over the years I have never been disappointed. I don't always like what I hear or agree but after I take the time to contemplate what was said I know it was the right and timely advice. You cant go wrong with the truth. She is a blessing to the lives that she touches." ... written by Pink
Awesome as always!" ... written by Ava
excellent direction " ... written by edel95
wonderfu;" ... written by maria
Super Susan, She's the Best" ... written by laura
She is great and knows what she is talking about. " ... written by N
It was a very nice reading. I would definitely recommend her!!!" ... written by edysica
On point!" ... written by DCTCCA
lovely lady and spot on with all she told me xx thank you" ... written by Ann marie
so wrong, dont even know what shes talking about, she makes everything up. she said my partner is a woman i am totally straight and i have been with my husband for 10 years. clearly u cant get that wrong. dont waste your money" ... written by dashni
very helpful and straight to the point" ... written by lost
Very good, just have to wait a few weeks and see how things turn out! " ... written by Christopher
This woman is the real deal. So quick to connect, and so accurate. I feel as though she really cares about people and wants them to be in a better place. She's my go-to-gal. Love ya Susan! " ... written by Sam603
soo sweet! She calmed my nerves a great deal. Very quick to connect and very accurate! " ... written by Tiffany
Amazing/Clear/Quick/Intelligent and Beautiful Spirit and Soul. Oranum is lucky to have Susan. Thanks x 200!" ... written by Jillian Miriman
Very nice and insightful!" ... written by Crismarie
good reading" ... written by hope
Susan is my adviser. She can look at the people in your life and tell what they are like and what is really going on. She has good tips for any issues you might have." ... written by Julie
I am so happy that Oranum has such brilliant readers available such as SusanHeart. She is outstanding!!! Definitely put my mind at ease when it came to making serious decisions that's going on in my life right now. She has guided me in the right direction, and I will always come back to her. I love SusanHeart!!!" ... written by Kim
Very accurate!" ... written by Aprl
great reading , quick and to the point" ... written by G
Thank you sweet lady." ... written by Roselay
Susan is AWESOME! She connects fast, sees things accurately and can offer very positive, helpful guidance. I can't recommend her enough!" ... written by SB
She is always great." ... written by Stacy
Susan is really great, she has the biggest heart and receives messages right away. She does not waste any time and she hits the nail on the head every reading!! Def one of the best readers here on oranum.. 5 stars without a doubt." ... written by L
Great Reading.... Thanks for your guidance. I will follow up with you." ... written by Mechele
I love Susan! She's great! Didn't get good news at all but at least I know more! " ... written by skier
She really helped me and gave great info! She was spot on describing relationships :) liked her a lot and she has a calm spirit. " ... written by Ashley
Very good " ... written by Amanda
GREAT ADVICE. " ... written by ANDREA
She is a good person and enjoy talking to her." ... written by Louise
beautiful and real as aways" ... written by stavros
great person! she was amazing " ... written by nathan
susan brings guidance into other peoples lifes with integrity and warmth its always nice to have your own feelings confirmed..knowing you are on the right track or maybe the wrong one :)" ... written by kristina
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
Susan is sweet and friendly and straight to the point. Five stars. " ... written by billygirl54
so good natured and always just so helpful" ... written by STAVROS
Try Fabulous SusanHeart" ... written by laura
There's something interesting about Susan - she can tell you exactly how things are right now. Give her a try... it's fascinating. Don't tell her any details, just ask your question(s). Every time she is completely on target. I've learned that she is the best person to go to when I need a direct, complete understanding of where another person is in their head. She's amazing and helpful - give her a try!" ... written by SB
Quick and direct responses. Feels accurate to my life right now, and very helpful advice for the future. I hope to stay open to my new friendships and relationships." ... written by Della
Once again, a super fast question for Susan to make sure I'm working in a proper, positive way towards my goal. She not only provides her insight, but explains why she would respond a certain way. I can't recommend her enough. She's not here to waste time or money - she's quick, to the point, with honest guidance." ... written by SB
the best" ... written by STAVROS
wonderful as always" ... written by stavros
very sweet and encouraging woman. helped me feel better" ... written by Ginny
Susan is awesome! If you really want understanding and guidance, she's your psychic. She will tell you what she sees - will tell you what to do to help you reach your goal. I can't recommend her enough." ... written by SB
Susan is so positive/optimistic/fun and I really value all the help she provides me every time I get an update as I am a regular client of hers. She is awesome and you will love Susan!" ... written by Funny Bone
fantastic !!!!" ... written by lopezina1
Simply Love Susan" ... written by laura
Great reading!" ... written by Lana
Very positive and uplifting answers" ... written by DD
Wonderful update even if it's not really what I wanted to hear. Susan has an amazing ability and I strongly encourage anyone to give her a try." ... written by SB
Very straight forward and comes across with an honest heart. Many thanks :)" ... written by Amy
GOOD READING" ... written by RAM
mwah xxx" ... written by laura
Very honest and very detailed. Highly recommend" ... written by Mabel
No tools quickly tunes right in...very warm and kind...must do private. SHE IS SPOT ON!!! and so helpful." ... written by B
yes MUCH heart" ... written by qp
She connected quick! very sweet!" ... written by GG
she was very quick, very friendly, and had a lot of good advice and insight! Thank you so very much!!" ... written by scadoodle
Great reading" ... written by Stacy
She has such a lovely energy about her. Connected quickly with no problem at all. Hopeful for her prediction to come to pass." ... written by Kate
wonderful as always" ... written by STAVROS
Just love Susans positive energy. Always so refreshing to talk too and uber acurate and helpful. Thank you!" ... written by Ms. Cookie
Thank you so much, very helpful and very fast in a good way! i enjoyed the reading " ... written by Jemma86
Love this lady!!!!" ... written by Lisa Smith
great reading" ... written by Staci
beautiful" ... written by STAVROS
Excellent always!" ... written by Kathy
She's great! Love her. She is so easy to talk too and always has the best most balanced advice! She has always predicted exactly what is going to happen. Even if it's bad, she tells you and helps you prepare for it and work through it. " ... written by skier8001
Susan is a great reader. She help me heal some emotional pain in my heart that I so desperately needed. " ... written by tc
A wonderfully, uplifting and concise reader. Always tells the truth. Sometimes its not what you want to hear, but it's always accurate." ... written by laura
It was fantastic!! Nice reading! Very nice lady!" ... written by Erikaafs
Awesome/Accurate/Fun and always wants her clients to succeed. She is uber special!" ... written by Tanya
Awesome! Bang on the point :)" ... written by Autumne
Fantastic! :) Very helpful and answered a huge question I'd had looming over my head." ... written by Lindsey
great reading...very direct with her predictions...will come back again..." ... written by Ameer
Absolutely fantastic, as usual. I really appreciate how quick she is, and how she wants to put as much value into every single minute as she can. :)" ... written by Lindsey
she is very good and fast" ... written by michael
fantastic, friendly and very right about me." ... written by tarlo
I love Susan beyond words. Take your time with her, and she will tell you everything you need to know. If you have a short time, she will do wonders there too. Respect Susan. She is one of the best readers on Oranum, and she charges the most affordable rate. She is the real deal." ... written by Julie
SusanHeart is one of the best most authentic readers on the website 5 stars!!" ... written by L
My readings with Susan are always inspiring/fun/magical and I love to have readings with Susan. I am a regular and I just can't get enough of her...Love you!" ... written by Tina
I am so grateful for Susan Heart and all her inspirational readings. Thank you so much! xo" ... written by Louisa Suzanna Kingston
All sessions with Susan are fabulous. She's honest - but sometimes honesty is so hard to swallow." ... written by SB
After a very positive experience I went to Susan looking for some guidance about why things are happening. She was able to keep me grounded and not get my hopes up (because they have been getting smashed down way too often) while providing insight and direction. I have to keep hoping, praying and focusing on positive energy - something she is kind enough to remind me." ... written by SB
thank you great read" ... written by jana
she is wonderful! She is very lovely to speak with, has a great energy about her, and connects with you very easily and quickly. It was a delight! " ... written by scadoodle
great reading" ... written by poco101
:)" ... written by ola
Great reading as always" ... written by vanessa
Stunning/Peaceful/Inspiring/Calm/Helpful/Mentoring---all the wonderful energy I enjoy about Susan Heart and you will too. xo" ... written by Gerogia May
Aweomse and Amazing as usual! Love you Susan. You rock!" ... written by Ting
Susan is a great confidant I know she will help guide me in the right direction. She's always a pleasure to speak with and has great energy. Thank you Susan for all you do!" ... written by LibraDragon11
Awesome Awesome is all i got to say!" ... written by Ava
A woman of integrity. A woman of strong character. An amazing reading. I have spoken with Susan before but she gave me so much insight and she did it with such an open heart. I am truly grateful!" ... written by Bronxie
Love her like she's my sister! She's always kind, loving and right on the money. She's quick and really never waivers and always tells you what she see's and she's always right! Love her!" ... written by skier8001
Susan is the best. I always learn from her. A true seer, you never know what she will perceive. She also has good advice and knowledge. You can't go wrong getting a reading from her." ... written by Julie
Wonderful, amazing update with Susan. I can't recommend her enough. She connects and gives accurate detail. She offers insight on how to move forward - what NOT to do (which is much more useful than what you should do). She is worth every cent." ... written by SB
She's an angel! I love her andamp; can always rely on her. She speaks the truth and always gives me hope. She's a joy to talk too, like a sister! Love her! I keep going back b/c she's always been right and knows so well what I'm going through. " ... written by skier8001
Very fast and great and to the point!! AMAZING!" ... written by Ang
She is wonderful! I Love her. She is the best and always consistently correct and gives very sound and thoughtful responses and always from a place of love. I totally trust her! " ... written by skier8001
Susan is fantastic! I had a gut feeling that something was wrong and she helped me figure out what that feeling was coming from. Wonderful, wonderful woman!! Can't recommend her enough." ... written by LP
She was great! Very insightful!" ... written by Carissa
Very positive... giving some directions and clarity Thanks!" ... written by W
Susan is always quick to connect, concise in readings and siincere in her advice. She always helps me." ... written by Sylvia812
Great reading, very honest...does not give fake info just to keep the conversation going." ... written by lornalulu
AWESOME" ... written by kim
Can always count on you to be amazing Thanks" ... written by familyhelper
Ok - I just love working with Susan. She connects fast - she seems to really know exactly what she's doing and what course of action will be best for everyone involved. I can't recommend her enough!!" ... written by LP
Great reading " ... written by Andrea
sweet and to the point" ... written by :)
Great!" ... written by Lauren
Awesome! Give her a try! She will not disappoint." ... written by SB
Amazing! I feel better already!" ... written by Dee
Susan your the best. You always give me good direction and hope. I hope the universe sends me good blessings and this all works out." ... written by Lana
Very fast connection - she confirmed my gut feeling and gave me good advice! Very lovely and caring person - very nice reading! Susan does not waste your money - she is fast, but gives accurate answers!" ... written by S.
She was great! Lovely energy and she connected very fast and accurately. Answered my questions, I recommend her!! " ... written by Steph
My first ever reading and experience with you I got such a beautiful positive vibe about our reading which I know in my heart reaching out to you was the right choice. Gifted beautiful reading positive. Thank you" ... written by edna
She was very helpful in her readings and I am happy that I spoke to her. I am looking forward to seeing her predictions unfold." ... written by Kim
very good and fast " ... written by elaaa
So good!" ... written by Sylvia812
ph yes yes yes" ... written by qp
she's great, thanks!!" ... written by p
Susan is wonderful! So honest, but in a very sensitive and positive way. Thank you Susan, I am thinking about everything and see that things will improve for me in the future! I feel better since we connected!" ... written by lornalulu
I loooove this lady!!" ... written by Lisa Smith
Fantastic reading! Always positive and never wastes time in the reading. I feel so confident of what she says and her previous predictions have been true. Love you dearly. Thank you" ... written by Sam
My favorite reader. She connects so fast, speaks so fast. If you are short on credits, she is the bomb. But if you have time, and detailed answers are what you seek, oh that is where Susan shines. She is absolutely the best." ... written by Jules
Good reading with susan heart " ... written by KC
Thank you Susan. You're so patient and true." ... written by laura
She is very lovely" ... written by Jennifer
awesome!!!!!!! Thank you" ... written by ghost face
Susan was spot on. Knowing this is going to help me do what I need to do knowing someone is there ( speaking about my current relationship) I only wish I had more money to do a reading for like a day. It is nice to feel from someone like Susan. Even after the reading I feel a comfort. Her eyes said so much. We had to type to each other because my speakers in my lap top did not work. " ... written by Jeane
Just amazing!" ... written by Laura
such a lovely lady" ... written by laura
she's a beautiful, kind person" ... written by teanna
Susan is always a great intuitive...she does not try to keep you waiting, she connects and let's ya know. It does not take her eons. She is so genuine, southern hospitality was built around her heart." ... written by Bronxie
I have to say, I just love talking with Susan. She's so fast and see so clearly. I can't possibly recommend her enough! Talk to her! Now!" ... written by SB
Such a great reading with Susan! She gave clarity with many things! :)" ... written by S
Very good and to the point!" ... written by Ang
OHHH this was such a fantastic reading!!! I didn't expect it!! I just want to cry but I'm gonna leave this good review. Susan picked up so fast and accurately it was extremely amazing she knows my heart my future ..It feels so good when you don't have to worry anymore!!! I'm FREE...." ... written by Felicia Ganiyu
What can I say? Susan is one of the best on Oranum. She's fast and she sees clearly what's going on. She's worth every cent (and more)." ... written by SB
Always a good reading with Susan Heart, makes sense and warms my heart...I am happy to have met her and talked to her, she speaks the truth and is a very empathetic person. I have no regrets meeting her. Peace and Love xx" ... written by K
Susan is wonderful, carring and accurate" ... written by amela
great reading… i wish my computer didn't lock up" ... written by Kundra
Had a very good reading. It was insightful." ... written by ckeg
As always very quick and solid info and advice. She's always always accurate. Been a client for almost a year." ... written by Mary
Best reader, so helpful. Connects immediately. Fast and accurate." ... written by Jules
LOVE HER!" ... written by shanika jackson
She's honest and insightful. She knows how to help guide you on the right path. Recommend" ... written by ckeg
She was awesome and right on point! quick and got right to it. You wont be disappointed..." ... written by shanika jackson
beautiful" ... written by STAVROS
Love her...Awesome. Thanks." ... written by xXX
Great connection. Got to the heart of the issue. Now I feel I have the tools to resolve it. Thank You." ... written by Annette
So amazing!!! She's compassionate and yet gives a wealth of straightforward advice!" ... written by MissWhimsy
She is great!" ... written by kt
Susan's gentle spirit and open heart always makes for a truthful, enlightening private, Many Thanks!" ... written by Pamela
Quick update with Susan. I can't recommend her enough!! She's fabulous!" ... written by SB
She's great! You can talk to her about anything. She's always balanced and sees very clearly how to help and what roads to take. I love her!" ... written by Skier
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Lisa Smith
Super reading" ... written by sabina0202
I love her wit and intuition...she just goes in and tells it. Always kind always sweet." ... written by Bronxie
Great reading. Very helpful" ... written by Lisa
Speedy Susan" ... written by laura
As always, she's incredible! I always go back to her because she is the best!" ... written by skier8001
SusanHeart was Is a very good reader! she helped me to let go of some bad things I have been telling myself, and just live!! so that is what I am doing!! much success to her! and definitely coming back soon." ... written by michael
warm, comforting and reassuring. her energy is amazing and made me feel safe AND SECURE. I felt i could trust the answers she gave me and look forward to chatting again" ... written by deepermeaning
Always a pleasure! She's the best!!!" ... written by skier8001
Perfect reading!!!" ... written by ola
Always a good reading with Susan Heart, waiting to see the outcomes from her readings :)" ... written by Kim Zolciak
awesome. " ... written by lafleur
She's the best! Five stars all the way and more!" ... written by skier8001
I had a private reading before her demo reading that was starting in like 7 minutes. So we only had so little time to chat, and I must say she was spot on! She detected the main problem of my question and gave me advice on what I should really be focusing on. Would Love to have a chat with her again! :) maybe after her demo hehehe. Thank you maam! Love Shiela D. xoxo" ... written by Shiela D.
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank you, lol i definitley will be back, honest and true." ... written by Sweeteaa
She is wonderful and gives such a great reading. Will definitely come back for more" ... written by Julianna
awesome as always!" ... written by ghostface
I come to Susan because I can ask very specific (yet simple) questions and get a fast, accurate response. Sometimes that's really what you need when trying to navigate a situation and just need an update on how someone is doing/feeling. I really can't recommend her enough!!!" ... written by SB
Excellent reading very detailed honest and such a blessing :)" ... written by Sunday
Excellent reading! Thanks!" ... written by Geo
Susan is very warm and welcoming. Readings with her are very good and to the point." ... written by shelle97
Round 2 for the night with Susan. Again, it was fantastic and I can't recommend her enough. She is very much to the point and doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. I really appreciate that!" ... written by SB
Susan is so gifted and can see with such accuracy and detail. Plus gives compassionate advise if needed. Thanks so much!! " ... written by Lynda22
she is great psychic..." ... written by Ammer
Susan did it again...needed guidance and a little hand holding on this new journey. She held my hand, gave me her words of encouragement and wisdom, and then said alright you got this. Great reading tonight...I will give an update on the next one." ... written by Bronxie
She was absolutely wonderful" ... written by Kerry
Love my sessions with Susan. She's fast and fabulous and worth every cent!" ... written by SB
susan heart was as sweet and humble as she could be. she was able to answer my questions and understand my concerns." ... written by sheri19
Great. Honest! " ... written by Dawn
Love Susana.....thank u so...." ... written by Louisa Argentina
Awesome as usual. Thanks so much!❤️" ... written by xxX
AWESOME! She's wonderful and I go to her for advice on love, business, family, the works and she's always helpful with great advice and knows it all!" ... written by skier8001
Always an amazing reading. Everything makes alot of sense and she is always on point when she reads me." ... written by S
Love my updates with Susan. She's very fast, very direct, doesn't distract with repetition of phrases like some. She's honest if she can't see something - she doesn't sugar coat to make you feel better. She's fabulous!" ... written by SB
Susan is awesome/amazing/brilliant/positive and always so helpful. She is consistently in a good mood to be helpful. Thanks Susan!❤️" ... written by Suzanna Smith
very good as always" ... written by kelly
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Had to come back and get another fix...she is amazing!" ... written by Bronxie
very good prediction. 100000%" ... written by Barani
True intuitive...absolutely amazing. Love here as a reader :)" ... written by Bronxie
Love Susan! So positive and helpful. Thanks Susan for all you do! xx" ... written by Tammy
She is such a gem, great intuitive. Always calm and puts a smile on my face. I appreciate her insight and guidance - always on point!" ... written by Bronxie
Lovely reading lovely lady thank you so much " ... written by Sher
I love Susan. So positive/upbeat/caring/kind/compassionate. Really helpful when you feel STUCK. Thanks Susan. I appreciate all you do! xx❤️" ... written by Sweetpea
Thank you!" ... written by gf
Accurate and correct readings" ... written by Lwp
She's right on! Very intuitive and insightful. I love her" ... written by billygirl
shes the best" ... written by laura
Amazing in her delivery of information - keen, insightful, on-point, wonderful as always." ... written by Bronxie
Love my updates with Susan. She's very fast and what she says makes sense. I can't recommend her enough!" ... written by SB
Susan hit the nail on the head she picked up everything on my situation. She gave me good insight to help lead me down the right path." ... written by Paul
Thanks Susan for such an awesome reading. Iam always happy after speaking to you and you always provide insight to my situations. I feel alot better and things seem to be very clear at this point. " ... written by Kim
Love her! She's wonderful! It's always a pleasure even if you don't like what you hear, she's straightforward in a very kind way and honest. She's always been my go-to person to talk about business, relationships, real estate and she's always been on point!" ... written by skier8001
very helpful as always" ... written by STAVROS
Dependable/Reliable/Honest/Ethical/Professional---does it get any better than a reading with the wonderful, positive Susan Heart who really loves what she does here? Thanks Susan!❤️ " ... written by Hilary Swisher
Thank you!" ... written by ark2016
She is WAYYYYY better than some people who are way more pricey. She confirmed everything I was think and connected FAST! I am adding more credits to speak with her some more" ... written by Artisa
As always her insight is valued very much. Thanks as always" ... written by Bronxie
Susan is my go-to reader. Always connects on a spiritual level, very raised vibrational level. She is not one to offer mere advice, she has guides and others who give her information. She's a bargain on this site, but not because she is less gifted. I think she charges what she does because she truly feels called to serve with her gift. She is professional and trust worthy." ... written by Julie
Wonderful Thank you." ... written by Lisa Smith
Susan is awesome! straight to the point! thank you once again! " ... written by S
Susan helped me feel more positive about the future and gave me guidance towards feeling happier :)" ... written by Lisa
very good. quick. " ... written by d
Quick answers" ... written by YP
Quick to the point spot on great reader very fast" ... written by RavenLove
she s totally cool, spot on, pure clarity, just amazing!" ... written by ice11
Trusting. Guidance. Powerful. Amazingly amazing." ... written by Bronxie
Wonderful update with Susan. She's so amazingly fast to connect! Not always what I want to hear, but ultimately the truth is better than hoping for something that isn't coming." ... written by SB
quick, good reading, clarified when it needed to be done" ... written by dlw
Beautiful reader! Susan is kind, honest and very detailed. " ... written by tara
well, just a foot note. Susan is magnificent!! thanks so much for everything!! I will keep coming to her more as time moves on. Glad I hadn't missed my true one yet!! Keep watching this channel, could be wedding bells sounding soon!! " ... written by michael
just as usual, she is spot on!! I just need rassurance that I was feeling the right way and doing the right things, and she confirmed them all!! she is a great listener and was just amazingly accurate!" ... written by michael
very interesting gave me a very good idea to help me move forwards to a better me many thank x" ... written by rosie
thank you!" ... written by ghostface
Susan is great! Doesn't waste your time and gets right to the heart of the matter. " ... written by DD
Great reading, love chatting with Susan. Encouraging and insightful..." ... written by tara
Susan is one of the most accurate and honest readers on this website. She will not sugar coat nor will she lie to you, she is very much connected to the other side and you should give her a try if you haven't done so yet. You will not regret it!" ... written by L
Very pleasant and heartwarming person. I appreciate your kind words.I hope things to go as you predicted. " ... written by Maria
well see what happens" ... written by Henri
great reading" ... written by stavros
Susan is always so good, quick, encouraging - a wonderful reader." ... written by pamela
Nice approachable reader; verified what other readers have seen. Thank you!" ... written by Tracy
Very cool reading " ... written by Shauna
she very good connects very fast and on point" ... written by us
Thank you" ... written by Lisa Smith
Very nice lady, quick and to the point. Very good reader. I would recommend." ... written by Erros
Quick, Spot on , I enjoy your reading!" ... written by Lau
Clear and concise. She's one of the few on this site who is genuine." ... written by ckeg
Wonderful reading, excellent!" ... written by TGRI1017
Very spot on and accurate reading .. to the point without wasting much time.. Totally commendable. Don't think twice before getting a ready from her. Love always " ... written by Sana
She is insightful and comforting. You get a lot out of her reading because of her low rate. It's worth to go in and speak to her. " ... written by ckeg
Love Susan. Positive and lots of fun and high vibes. Thanks susan...xx" ... written by Helen
Great as always!xx" ... written by xxX
Susan is so precious!!! she is so sweet so kind and really accurate!! he is the best on here better than they ones that charged more money ! she keeps her prices low to help and I love that about her!!! 5 stars " ... written by Anesia Mcshan
thank you so much" ... written by ghostface
thank you " ... written by Ladybug
Good reading. Susan is very helpful and compassionate. " ... written by Anaama
SHE WAS GREAT! " ... written by AD31983
amazing" ... written by laura
She was dead on with everything that she said, especially not even knowing the situation prior to the reading. I barely said anything and let her do all of the talking! I'm very satisfied!!" ... written by Danielle
honest and quick! " ... written by Newmind1234
Love love love updates with Susan. She's awesome and worth every cent. " ... written by SB
Connects quick! Loved her. Truly recommend her :)" ... written by Jen
I enjoyed my reading with Susan. She is practical, SANE, connected; great at delivering information in a kind and positive manner She keeps me focused or helps me refocus on my path and what is best for me overall. I hope things turn out well . Thank you Susan!" ... written by Julia
kind genuine honest thank you " ... written by chels
Very accurate and straight to the point." ... written by Sylvia
Love Susan! She's the best. She always has the best advice for me and I feel so much better after speaking with her. She's wonderful!" ... written by skier8001
Susan is the REAL DEAL." ... written by Jon_Light
Shes amazing,!!!" ... written by s
Susan by far is one of the best and most sincere readers on this website. She speaks very quickly and does not waste your time or money, at the same time she is very accurate and does not sugar coat anything. Give her a try if you haven't yet you will not regret it! 5 stars." ... written by L
Always a pleasure." ... written by Lisa Smith
Very accurate and precise reading with SusanHeart. She picked up quickly on my situation, and I highly recommend her!" ... written by W
Awesome!" ... written by Fredinburg
thank you, once again." ... written by laura
ty!" ... written by ghost
Thank you I feel better now" ... written by Lisa Smith
extremely helpful " ... written by STAVROS
Another great reading!" ... written by Fred
Thank you" ... written by Bey
She was very helpful and went straight to the point and connected easily. Thank you." ... written by Ladymysterious
Susan Heart was very helpful awesome and loving right to the point I highly recommend Susan 5 star plus rating :)" ... written by julia
Susan is always awesome! Comforting and kind." ... written by Gatorgal
thank you so much!" ... written by ramona
She is very accurate and compassionate. Great guidance, for the ones that want to take the advice." ... written by Jose
Love HER!" ... written by skier8001
she was spot on!!!" ... written by jana
Lovely angel reading... I enjoyed the reading. I am glad I connected with Susan." ... written by marym62
I'm so happy i went to he. This was my first time so i was a bit reluctant, but boy was she right. I'm so grateful i went to her not only did she gave me insight, but she told me what to do in the situation which had me so confused and lost. I'm truly grateful. Thank you." ... written by Ladymysterious
as always very helpful " ... written by stavros
Very positive, and reassuring, I felt very much happier with the guidance." ... written by swan
Susan is the BEST! During the last three sessions with her, she told me my assistant at work would leave unexpectedly and I wasn't expecting it at all, but she was right! She said she wouldn't give me a lot of notice! She was right!" ... written by skier8001
Wow, such a wonderful reading with Susan. I'm so grateful for her insight! I feel I can trust her with anything that is bothering me, and she sure helped me today! Thank you Susan!! Will be back." ... written by Patricia
Love her reading so much I plan on coming back! She is super quick and accurate!" ... written by Sweetheart`
than you susan for clearing my doubts...has helped me a lot..very quick and the point as well..many thanks" ... written by violet
Love Susan! She really is the best! I can't thank her enough for all the love and support she has given me over the past three stormy years! She's always right! Never once have I thought she wasn't exactly right, whereas I've thought that with others on this site. Not with Susan. It always feels right and what she says ALWAYS comes true!" ... written by skier8001
Thanks a lot. Good healing" ... written by Jose
Fantastic as usual. she is one of the best in Oranum very positive, helpful and effective. My guardian angel I go to from time to time. My Fairy God Mother." ... written by Sam
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
wonderful reading" ... written by dobe
solid solid solid as always. the best go-to for a check in on options andamp; direction!! been going to Susan for a year she's always practical and supportive but real answers real insight into people's motivations. " ... written by Jen
Very kind! Would recommend! " ... written by Miranda
I don't know what else to say, she is amazing - always!" ... written by Bronxie
thank you so very much for giving so much peace in my heart can't wait to see what the next couple of year have in store for us much love and thank x" ... written by rosslyn
She hit details, with very little information. Pretty Good!!!" ... written by Peggy
Fantastic!" ... written by Zoe
Great reading, very informative " ... written by pinkpather30
very nice lady, thank you so much for your advice and clear vision of my situation. many blessings xx" ... written by merry
very quick reader, got a lot out of it. Confirmed what i did feel, but sometimes you just need that other helping hand :)" ... written by jean
Amazing, fast, quick, and easy to understand reading. She does NOT babble, straight talk during the reading. I felt I got my credits worth. I will definitely use SusanHeart again!" ... written by Cheryl
Excellent....very positive and supportive and quick too" ... written by mike
Wonderful, fast, intuitive, comforting, honest, delightful! I will return" ... written by marya
What a lovely reading and so spot on, especially in areas of my life I wasn't expecting! Thank you Susan xx" ... written by polly
Sorry I ran out of credits, but so helpful and kind. :) " ... written by Brittany
As always an amazing woman with such insight she passes amazing!" ... written by Bronxie
Super sweet and helpful" ... written by Anastasia
Susan is one of the best readers on oranum, always accurate!" ... written by L
she was alright " ... written by Cassandra
Thank you very much. Very efficient, sincere, in tune." ... written by echospirit
I'll follow your advice." ... written by Pp
She is spot on, and accurate in her reading. " ... written by Sangeeta
thankyou for your honesty I love it." ... written by Bleeding
Very spot-on with all of the things she was saying about the people I asked about and extremely kind with wonderful advice!" ... written by Brittany
she's great!" ... written by anisha
I had to come back and finish up...I mean this woman is a genius in this stuff! I shall take her advice as usual, she has never steered me wrong." ... written by Bronxie
beautiful as always " ... written by stavros
wow thank you so much for confirming! I will keep you posted." ... written by adf
A very good reader..." ... written by Candy
Susan is so sweet and so warm and so smart and so so kind! But of course even more important is how incredibly accurate she is... Wow... cut the bone in NO TIME!!! Fast and to the point." ... written by Cynthia
Susan - thank you for your reading. I felt so reassured respecting all of my questions, and I'm so happy you provided me with guidance. I appreciated your time and counseling." ... written by Kay1700
Thank you Susan...enjoyed our reading...made me feel much better!! Take care." ... written by Lisa
Susan is great everytime never fails to give me the answers i need." ... written by Sam
This is my second time using Susan and I looove her. I haven't been real detailed in my questions and the answers that she has given me has shocked me to the fullest and it's usually with stuff that no one else besides myself already knows. " ... written by Danielle
Love Susan! The first year I went to her it was all about relationships, then the second was about buying a business and now it's about building my business out and she is always spot on. She gives the best advice and I always feel she knows exactly what is going on and tells me what I need to hear. She is awesome!!!" ... written by skier8001
absolutely wonderful " ... written by stavros
she very honest and detailed " ... written by Mabel
Thank you so much for your insight. I love the idea of the burn ritual. I am so doing that tonight. Thank you for the encouragement and confirmation for my next steps with my career." ... written by Jasmine
Fast Connect. She was great!!!" ... written by A
As always she's a gem of a reader" ... written by Bronxie
Susan is fast and accurate, she had it right away what was going on. I definately stay in touch with her again!!" ... written by An
she is great very helpful and positive. helps to encourage me." ... written by JAMIRA76
she is amazing and spot on!! loved my reading" ... written by Naomi Grijalva
Susan always reads me like an open book! So awesome and a great person" ... written by gf
Susan was able to see what has happened and able to confirm my gut feeling about my current position and other departments within the company and how I would feel in those departments. She also confirmed how I am well thought of by my company who keeps conveying that of me; however, the actions aren't showing. I also got confirmation that what I thought was a blatant oversight was the gesture to get the slacker from the department and put him somewhere that there is not much responsibility. Bigger and better things are coming for me and I will present this openness to the new moon. Thank you so much for the guidance Susan, I will keep you posted!!!" ... written by Jasmine
Fast update with Susan to see if what I'm witnessing is what she also sees. They are aligned... just waiting now." ... written by SB
Wonderful, as always! She is always putting my mind at ease! I go to her for pretty much anything and everything and she's always been amazingly accurate and kind. " ... written by skier8001
very insightful on my matters and gave me directions on what I can do to find my way and answers to accomplish what I need to. thank you!" ... written by starfish57
Oh what can I say! Soul smiling here :) I had a clearance and I feel so much better, she is lovely and whilst she gives you the guidance I could feel, I know here energy was with me helping me too. Thank you Susan." ... written by Sacha
She is quick and connected with reiki cards and angel. she confirmed what I already knew but was not sure about. I recommend." ... written by gloria
She was very nice very quick answered all my questions answered a lot before I could even ask the question...will def be back shes a must try." ... written by heather
SusanHeart is a fantastic tarot card reader, she was really on spot of my situation. I will come back to SusanHeart very soon .. :-) " ... written by My GoodTime11