About Stellardoor

Psychic Stellardoorhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Stellardoorhas recently helped 20members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Stellardoor's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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She really did hit hard on on my past and present! Hopefully everything about the future is true! " ... written by blanche
She was very very good! Spot on everything! Great chatting with her!" ... written by psymeow
Stella was amazing, I didn't even say anything and she straightaway told me my situation and what to do about it she helped me gain insight and my mind is now clear. I will defo recommend her to anyone and do a reading with her again.Thank you " ... written by Mai
Omg she is amazing.. 200 stars highly recommended." ... written by candace
Loved her! Connected fast. Great advice and reading. Will be back for updates. She hit a number of things on the head. Very accurate! sweet and gentle, kind soul!" ... written by tiffany
Kind precise reading. I'll keep posted on how the predictions turn out!" ... written by Deanna
Another great reading :)" ... written by Freedom2211
She gets straight through the heart of the matter in demo! Thanks Again, will try later to sign on too many cookies I guess! Thanks." ... written by Sonia
SHE WAS SPOT ON..." ... written by SONIA
Excellent! Give her a try!" ... written by E/M
She connected well with me and looked deep into the questions that I had. Will definitely keep her updated." ... written by Tri
Stellar gave a stellar reading!! She could see so many details no one could have known. Very specific accurate non-stop details kept flowing out of her. Also explained a past life connection that gave me a lot of clarity. Love her!" ... written by chris
Thank you very much. Wishing you well here on oranum." ... written by Ted
Very amazing the most in-depth relationship reading I've had ever! Thank you so much! Light and Love." ... written by Sophhia
Interesting reading. She has a lot of different types of readings to give lots of information" ... written by kendra
Thank you for all the confirmation tonight :)" ... written by heather
Great." ... written by Stacey
Very good." ... written by mrsk324
She really knows her Cards .. A sweet lady to talk to and gives plenty of details about the reading." ... written by susnhinec
She is great with her readings.... Fabulous..... I highly suggest you try her for clarity. 10 Stars for sure....." ... written by j
Oh boy. I fired so many questions Stellarddoor's way, and every time she came back with amazing info and spot on detail. Stellardoor has a genuine care for her clients and I found the whole reading to be warm and well worth it. Give her a go!!" ... written by Freedom2211
Yet another question answered by Stellar in a loving and skillful manner, she is the best on here and a beautiful lady. Xx" ... written by Verity
It was the most wonderful reading I have had here, you gave me all sorts of details about my job and love relationship. I will keep in touch with you my dear. Blessings. - Alla" ... written by Alla
Thank you for the the help. Clever!" ... written by evelin torgersen vikse
Awesome reading." ... written by gusessendon
She was SPOT ON.. and helpful with my issues and answered all of my questions" ... written by chelsa
She was good, very accurate." ... written by Raymond A Estrada
very good!" ... written by gusessendon
Ah! So happy to have gotten a reading from her finally! She's super great and really picks up and is quite detailed in her reading." ... written by luxxicon
Stella is wonderful in pvt you really should try her!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
just finishing up a reading from yesterday! thank you!!" ... written by luxxicon
great read thanks" ... written by brian
Very good." ... written by gusessendon
She is WONDERFUL! Completely accurate and spot on! Very glad i decided to do this reading. Brought the clarity i was looking for." ... written by Leee
amazing" ... written by dab
Great reading! She gave me wonderful insight!" ... written by Laura
She is amazing very quick and to the point. Love her readings!" ... written by luckycharms312
She was amazing.... Thank you for all your clarity. I was so impressed." ... written by j
Amazing. On point and precise. Great feedback and advice!" ... written by ginigini
Lovely lady!" ... written by mary
Honestly, this lady is 5 stars. She is a beautiful soul and so lovely to talk to also, but more importantly, accurate and spot on. I would recommend her to anyone who wants an honest reading. I will def have more readings with her further down the track. Thank you Stellar, hugs to you and blessings. Xx" ... written by Verity
She's wonderful!" ... written by starzsign
Stellar is just as her name states, "Stellar!!" She is very good with her gifts and is quite in tune with life, spirituality and her gifts. She uses all of them to assist you with your situation. Highly Recommended! " ... written by starzsign
Such a nice reader, enjoy having reading with Stella. Wait around mid Feb to contact M, give him 3-4 weeks to settle his problem, 9-10wks, romance andamp; relationship for us. Looking forward for your prediction to come." ... written by Kirsten
What can I say? I just love her!! So sweet and honest and caring. Heart of gold, gives so much info and so quickly. Doesn't waste your time. One of the BEST on here!" ... written by cj
amazing as always" ... written by candace
Every time I connect with her she is just amazing. Worth way more than 5 stars!!" ... written by Freedom2211
Great." ... written by Stacey
Love her! She has so much info to share. Lots of details. Thank you Stellar!" ... written by christina
She rocks.....I love her energy and she is an amazing reader...A must try...." ... written by j
Stellar is Excellent!! Very good at explaining your past, present and future with lots of details and fast." ... written by christina
Stellar is very compassionate and in tune with the spirit and human nature! In her chat room or private she is very spot on, insightful, and empowering! :)" ... written by lfngwaterpunch
omg, I love love stellars readings, she is always helpful, and very accurate, I've had several reading with her, and everything she said is coming into play now, I highly recommend her, thanks girl xoxox" ... written by candace
Wow, very accurate, stellar is STELLAR! I was very impressed by her accuracy. It was a great read and I recommend if anyone needs a reading. Look no further " ... written by jar
Stellar! you are amazing!! very accurate and to the point. Highly recommended!! Thank you!" ... written by awareness
She is the Best!!!!!!" ... written by lovelylovely7
She is excellent! I connected with her right away and would highly recommend her. She is fast and good!!!" ... written by Emilyluvsroses
Amazing woman!" ... written by candace
Fantastic reading right on point, understanding and she told me my bad flaws and good flaws, no sugar coating." ... written by Cache23
Stellardoor is a very good reader. Honest and to the point. I give her 5 stars." ... written by Coockiejan
Really hoping all comes out the way it was in the cards. Just have to be patient. Very on with all of the present situation. Will definitely come back. " ... written by scorpio2346
Great reader opened a lot of doors " ... written by pinkpather30
Stellar is fantastic! So sweet, caring, and dead-on accurate!! Her predictions are unfolding exactly as she said since my first reading. Her updates show that everything is still on track. So so so happy to have met her!" ... written by christina
VERY helpful as always. Thank you Stellar!" ... written by christina
Wonderful reading helped me a lot, she really helped me understand where I'm at and where I'm going in future. Gave me a lot of hope when I really needed it" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you! Very interesting and excited to see the outcome." ... written by j
She is amazing as always! I was one of her first clients very proud. She does amazing work. Has really helped ease my concerns." ... written by luckycharms312
Excellent reader!!!!!" ... written by spankyyy
Stellar is very clear, honest, fast. She gave me hope, Thank you!!!!!" ... written by Lefleur5
Wow great reading answers every question and gives great direction!" ... written by anna
She was VERY good! I was impressed...and she got to the bottom of things on her own without much input from me...impressive." ... written by 2Morrows
Very prompt and accurate description of my situation. Would definitely recommend." ... written by Seren1964
Great accuracy!" ... written by christopher
Amazing - every time :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Best ever. :)" ... written by dan
damn very good she is lol i have to many ppl here on many pvt and she gave d best reading to one question i need answer a " ... written by saskia
Wonderful reading! I think very accurate. Definitly will come back and take a reading! Very accurate and happy to talk agian! " ... written by shawn
Great reading helped give me guidance and information as well as hope" ... written by pinkpather30
WOW!!! She was right on the money! Love her outcomes of my reading very excited to see what this weekend unfolds for us. Thank you so much and I will keep in touch with you about the outcomes! :)" ... written by ladieleo2
Wonderful!" ... written by shawn
Was very accurate." ... written by Chris
so good reading - WOW - so sad it ended!!! You are amazing!!!" ... written by littleone3
Thank you again for the reading. You are awesome as always. I will keep u posted. Loveee :)" ... written by awareness
Stellar was to good not to finish our reading with adding more credits. I love her truly, I feel at peace. " ... written by Michelle
Stellardoor is a wonderful reader. She is fast and thorough. Lovely energy ... her room is one of the nicest to hang out in on Oranum... " ... written by spiderlilli
Good lady and a good reader, and I love her hair color!!! She is very good I recommend her deeply. xoxoxo" ... written by Elena xoxoxo
Always a pleasure. Taps into the situation so easily - great to talk to." ... written by Freedom2211
Excellent!" ... written by Noturmama
Great reading as always!" ... written by Patience29
I love Stellar everything about her, go to person on Oranum!" ... written by michele
great reading so detail love stella!" ... written by anna
she seemed awesome, it was my first reading but I think she nailed it!!!" ... written by skier8001
Quick, accurate and spread was clear and good." ... written by callme_ambi
Wow! She is right on the money again...Really in tune to what is going on! Her predictions on my last reading all came true. I give Stellardoor 100 stars! :) Can't wait to see what happens this weekend. Ty u so much hun! Anyone that takes her into a prvt reading will not be disappointed!!!" ... written by ladieleo2
Picked up on so many things within my relationship, and I left the reading with a great calm sense now that it seems that everything is going to be okay and I am working towards a positive outcome! Highly recommend." ... written by Trisha
very good for the time i had" ... written by linda
Amazing reading " ... written by Sparkle Pony
Just amazing is all I have to say. " ... written by Emma
Excellent reading!!! So accurate and helpful!!" ... written by chris
Amazing xx" ... written by Blu
GREAT READER!! VERY HELPFUL!" ... written by Mallory
Good" ... written by starzsign
she was informative .. Good message in her cards" ... written by olivia
Stellardoor gives the best readings .... she asks and answers questions so quickly and clearly with all options weighed .Can't give her enough stars !! " ... written by spiderlilli
LOVE HER! First reading I have had on Oranum and REALLY loved it! Connected fast and was highly accurate in the reading. Will be back again for another private session as needed 8) ❤" ... written by 2tempting
Great reading as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Amazing! Had to come back to finish up our reading. =)" ... written by m
I'm not one usually for psychics who uses cards because feel like they tune too much into the cards' meaning instead of what their intuition is saying.. BUT Stellardoor was amazing!! she picked up on my situation exactly and I didn't say anything or give her any info besides my birthday and name. Highly recommend! She uses the cards for extra input/advice which is how I like to read." ... written by m
Good reading, good details and lots of information. Thorough and precise." ... written by Jennifer
I just love her. Always kind, positive, warm, and quite accurate in all her predictions. She is simply wonderful." ... written by christina
ABSOLUTELY LOVELY! It was a pleasure talking with her and she told me so much about myself, my situation, what I wanted, and just everything else! Would definitely recommend going private with her and will for sure come back if I ever have any more questions in the future :) Thank you again! " ... written by Joe
Thank you Stellar! That was a great reading! She picked up on everything that I had been feeling without me saying so, and gave me practical and useful information and insight! That was awesome!!!! Thank You!" ... written by Patience29
Lovely new reader. Picks up the situation nicely." ... written by qp
Stellar is AMAZING! She knows her cards and they speak to her so accurately! She took all my questions with my limited time and made the most out of it in a way that I couldn't have even asked for! She gave me some confirmations on my own suspicions, details about my partner's attitude that I never shared and helped me see how I can make things better now as well as in the next few months. She gave me the hope I needed! She took the time to explain things to me clearly and was answering questions before I could ask them. She is AMAZING!!!! I will be back as I move forward in my goals. THANK YOU STELLAR!!! :)) " ... written by Lucky_Lulu
great reading thank you so much for everything I appreciate the reading a lot of details." ... written by indiabonita
My first reading with her, and wow, she's amazing. She connected very fast and accurately with my situation, and i love her advices. 1000 stars! " ... written by Purple Iris
Excellent reading; very quick and absolutely on target!" ... written by Miss Bliss
It was a good reading, giving me some clarity into the situation." ... written by janesi
Excellent excellent EXCELLENT! One of the very best I have EVER been too and I am extremely picky with readers...she is legit amazing" ... written by Palomina
Excellent reading. Everything rang true" ... written by Sticky toffee
Stellar is so accurate with her readings. I highly recommend her!" ... written by michelle
great!!" ... written by Jen
Yes!!! New things to look into and answers, details, truth, accuracy, and intuitive insight from Stellar. Another fantastic reading." ... written by LOVE
she's great! very quick and so understanding. i love her insight." ... written by ah
Details, timelines, accurate information and assessment of current thoughts, feelings, and events. Stellar is stellar! She is fast, thorough, asks the right questions to get the answers you need, she will not sugarcoat anything and is truly gifted. Take this fantastic woman to a private reading, I promise you won't be disappointed." ... written by Jenn
she completely understood the person i was asking about. she gave me a lot of information including time frames, what the other was thinking about how to handle it. it felt very honest and real. truly genuine and no bs. highlyyyyy recommend. " ... written by ah
Oh wow! She was excellent!! Very easy to understand and her insights were detailed.. I felt very satisfied after the reading. She answered all my questions and was fun to talk to. " ... written by Mimi
She is awesome!! She is extremely quick and knows her stuff. I've had a demo from her as well and was waiting until I had the money to do a reading. So very glad I did. I will be back with more credits so I can get more. Amazing, thank you Stellar :)" ... written by Kim
This was my first read with Stellardoor and WOW! She connected fast and was able to clarify, for me, the situation which I had recently started to lose a lot of faith in. I am thankful to have taken the time to read with her. She is accurate, honest and very sweet. I really commend her for the work that she does and the sincerity that she is able to demonstrate. At times, I tend to worry excessively and over analyze things, but Stellar was able to guide me in the right direction and restore my faith in my hopes and wishes for a relationship, in the near future. I would HIGHLY recommend Stellardoor! Out of the many people that I have read with, in the past, Stellardoor in the most accurate and on point! She hit the nail on the head, and without any info, except for names and birth dates. Absolutely wonderful! 5 Stars just doesn't cut it, she is worth a million stars for her work (: I am very impressed and will continue to consult Stellardoor in the near future, if any concern or worry arises. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A MAGNIFICENT READING STELLA! Thumbs up to you! " ... written by Taytay94
wow had one of the best reading i have ever had. will be back for another. she was very though took her time." ... written by Michele Gould
Answered every question very quickly and in great detail. She is amazingly positive and wonderfully helpful and accurate!" ... written by christina
Stellar is amazing, my go to reader. I always walk away happy and clear on my issues." ... written by michelle
LOVE STELLA BEST READINGS. " ... written by anna
Love her!!" ... written by jmdivine
very helpful and comforting, very pertinent" ... written by Lauren Castillo
An intellectual psychic. Great reading. Thank you." ... written by Summer
She brought me relief and it was exactly what I needed." ... written by stellar
Exquisite card reader and her inquiry knows no bounds! She will search high and low to find your answers. Very fast and on point. Does not hold back. Fun and easy to connect with!" ... written by Michael
Very good reading and was able to connect very quickly. I shall return!" ... written by Sticky
Thank you so much Stellardoor for the readings on my nephew and my relationship. It was much needed, so much on my mind and to worry about." ... written by Sidney
She's wonderful! I love her's original, but she's always spot on!" ... written by skier8001
My first time with Stellar...She is amazing..sees things that others don't! Very impressed...and digs into the truth." ... written by Lila
very good. " ... written by Robinbyrd81
Love her!! Her predictions are completely accurate in every way, the good and the bad. She is an amazing reader with many gifts and talents...and such a sweet person too! " ... written by chris
She is incredible and gets better every reading!" ... written by christina
Once again another great reading, Stellardoor!!!" ... written by Sidney
Thank you for being there! I love this site, people / readers can give third party, unemotional, unbiased readings and really bring a whole new different light or angle to situations. " ... written by Sidney
very good and accurate" ... written by mary
So very nice to hear what she had to tell me. The cards came right up with the answers and I didn't have to give much info at all about the situation. She was able to hit the nail right on the head with what she was able to see and explained so clearly to me what I need to look for." ... written by Brenda
The best." ... written by anna
Stellardoor did a very great job as always helping and seeing things that have been happening even before i said anything. Great as always." ... written by Brenda
great reading" ... written by anna
Her readings are truely mind blowing." ... written by Leah
Another great reading, Stellar!" ... written by Sidney
Another great reading" ... written by Freedom2211
LOVELY LADY! Very quick to answer and has a lot of compassion - but we shall see what happens!" ... written by ReshmiMM
She was amazing. Great readings" ... written by Ineira
Stellar gives excellent readings!" ... written by Leah
Thank you again!! I needed that tonight because of what I am doing!! Thank you for the confirmation for the things I am doing!!!" ... written by Sidney
wow she rocks " ... written by pppppppppppp
Thank you for helping me understand where I stand when it came to the people I met tonight, and that my bf didn't mean it!" ... written by Sidney
She is superb.. always!! and consistent. " ... written by spiderlilli
loving your readings and insight" ... written by Brenda
Thank you sooo much Stellar! So much positive energy and love from you and your reading! Such a connection with the difficulties currently occurring! Just waiting for more confirmations of what you've already told me. Many have already come to pass....just my own insecurities" ... written by Brenda
Stellar knows her way around the cards so well. She is able to deeply connect!" ... written by Leah
Awesome! Thanks a lot!" ... written by meera
she is wonderful so dead on point" ... written by divat26
Thank you for helping me understand what to do every Tuesday, and how the people I asked about feel about me!!!" ... written by Sidney
Fantastic as always." ... written by chelle
Wow, so much clarity. Look no further stellar door is amazing!" ... written by A
great reading very detailed" ... written by anna
She is so good with those cards. Omg, she goes in to a depth of every questen finding the accurate unswer. She is briliant!" ... written by ZTS
Wow, this was a super detailed reading that really didn't leave me with any additional questions. Stellar did a fantastic job at answering my questions, giving me some much needed clarity, and providing accurate descriptions and advice. A really great reading, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Stella gives the best readings with insight and real answers " ... written by anna
she is awesome she was pushed out of the site please finish with me ok love you stellar" ... written by edna
All I can say is WOW! Stellardoor really blew me away with her reading. I am not sure what to say except that I will be back for more clarification!" ... written by Donna
I believe she was spot on. will be coming back!" ... written by Tiffany
Stellar as always quick to get to the heart of the matter. Quick and to the point" ... written by IamAries
She was spot on and very kind. :)" ... written by Adiz
Great reading Stellar! I like your honest, accurate, fast and detailed reading! Thank you for your advice =)" ... written by L
thank you my dear angel for being so kind to me and helping me. I would highly recommend her " ... written by mt
Very patient and kind, she is helpful and understanding. thanks for being so nice. " ... written by mt
She is very very good, explains in detail and really confirms what is coming up. Excellent ! Highly recommend" ... written by Amy
Such a a good reading, very detailed and she explains everything as well as clarifies it too. My favorite person on Oranum ! So very very good and you can tell she feels what she is telling you...that part is so cool to see ! I really appreciate her throughness and she puts her heart and soul into her work !! thanks so much Amy" ... written by Amy
I think she is now officially my favorite reader. I went to her after a demo and I'm so glad I did. It was objective and completely thorough. It took some time but she made sure she got every possible answer and outcome without me even having to ask her. Totally worth it. I just loooved the reading! Her style is just so unique. Thank you so much and I will be back!" ... written by carosh
Thank you for making it more clear though there was some iffie's but I think it is manageable!! " ... written by Sidney
very informative , telling it like it is , am happy with this reading , could use more time . thank you." ... written by target
Millions stars oz cause always that great at your reading love you!" ... written by saskia82
thanks as always stellar. " ... written by Ar
she is very patient answers all my questions carefully. " ... written by m
back again bec stella is the best *********************" ... written by anna
Stellar is wonderful, she really goes in depth and tries to aspect the cards from every side for more clarity. Very honest, fast and genuine person. 10 stars!!!" ... written by L
Thank you for the ready. You are amazing as always." ... written by awareness
incredible, as always. doesn't get much better than this. " ... written by Tiffany
She was EXCELLENT!!" ... written by Olivia
thank you again for your help" ... written by mt
love love love stella" ... written by minot
I feel like I connect so well with her. She is a very skilled card reader andI love her style. All of her predictions have been spot on sofar!" ... written by Leah
I was very satisfied with my reading from Stellar. I feel she was able to touch base on exactly how I was feeling, the circumstances, and what needed improving, and the situation, itself, at hand and to be able to allow the situation to move forward, in a positive and happy manner. I feel very at ease with the reading and the clarity/answers that she was able to provide me with. Stellardoor is very passionate, driven and motivated when it comes to her work, and I feel a genuine desire, from her, to want to help and guide her clients in such a way that allows them to seek and experience the happiness, in which they deserve. She is fantastic with the cards and her own intuitive abilities and the manner in which she is able to use them. Going into the reading, I felt a little nervous yet coming out of the reading, I felt an overall sense of both peace and relief! I really appreciate the time that she invests to helping not only myself but the rest of her clients, also. She has a lovely, giving, kind heart and definitely worth the money spent. For anyone looking for a reading that is fast, accurate and honest, then Stellardoor is the person for you! :) A trillion stars for her and her TERRIFIC work! I WOULD RECOMMEND HER TO EVERYBODY! :) xx" ... written by 2tempting
thank you stellar for the reading on what's going on with things. I just needed to clarify everything that was going on..." ... written by Aries
i loved our session" ... written by vell
stella thank you for the answers and the clarity love you xoxo" ... written by anna
Love ya Stellar! Soooooo nice and patient and quick to answer the questions" ... written by A
Stella doesn't work the same way as any one else on this sight, she's original all the way! But you know from the first thing out of her mouth that she is getting messages and knows her stuff! She goes deep into issues asking all sorts of questions to get to the bottom of the issue and question. You can tell she really cares about her work and it shows! She's awesome!" ... written by Skier8001
LOVED my session! She was spot on! Very helpful!! :)" ... written by Katie
i love positive attitudes and she explains to the T. shes awesome" ... written by vell
I could have spent all day with her! She is gifted! A must read! " ... written by cutirepattootie
Excellent reader my favorite. She is so helpful when you are trying to understand a situation and the things that are going on that might be unsaid or not communicated. Just excellent reader and very good at explaining. Thank you so much I really love your readings !!" ... written by Amy
The Best on this site !" ... written by Amy
She is amazing truly enjoyed it." ... written by Bell1964
Wow she was sooo detailed i loved it !!!!!" ... written by Darkdov
Awesome reading consitent to with previoius !" ... written by amy
The person I always come to for help and advise. She's always been rock solid and told me things others just wouldn't be able to pick up. I have a gift also and she helps confirm my feelings and instints." ... written by pinkpather30
awesome reading like always!!!! I keep coming back if yo u want fast readings and lots of answers come see stellardoor! thanks stella!" ... written by ny
excellent so much detail about the situation !" ... written by amy
My spiritual sister, love her so much!" ... written by Hannah
Spot on reading!" ... written by Hannah
so much detailed information, very accurate in knowledge, " ... written by LR
I appreciate your words with me." ... written by Dopplersonograph
Wonderful reader helped me figure out how to feel about everything" ... written by pinkpanther30
stellar is great she always nails things on the head. she tells it like it is and keeps asking why when things come up to get the answers i need.. thank you stellar you are great. love and light to you" ... written by stressed
its better knowing" ... written by vell
Wonderful reader, always gives me a headup what going on and whats to come" ... written by pinkpather30
very sweet and kind. Thank you. " ... written by mnt1446
Excellent reading, so much detail and looking at how to make it better. Thanks so much, love your insight the best on this site :)" ... written by Amy
stella is always great " ... written by vell
she was great. solved a lot of my problem. very well connected. i am coming back. thank you. " ... written by kim
Wonderful reading, kept working at the problem until the answer was clear. Highly recommend!" ... written by lpa483066
oh ms stellar has great details" ... written by vell
i love stella readings " ... written by vell
Gave me insight to whats to come" ... written by pinkpather30
Excellent reading. Ask her one question and she starts asking the cards (not you) for more and more answers as she goes. You can't believe how much info she gives in such a short time! Highly recommend." ... written by cj
thank you for being here for me always, ,you are a blessing" ... written by m
She was spot on with what she told me. Highly recommend her. Thank you." ... written by Thuy
intense intense intense. thanks so much stellar!! you are my go to psychic for the deep hidden truth, again thanks! it was a great reading as always" ... written by haba
very kind reader, with her help, i have solved some problems in my life. It is a great reading always. She gives me deep insight into the issues at hand. " ... written by mn
For the time we had for the reading she hit a lot on the head to my situation. Thanks so much!" ... written by DL
amazing details in helping me understand situations. Thank you" ... written by mn
I have nothing but outmost respect and appreciation for Stellar and the gift of both her time and help. She connects extremely well and is able to get to the heart of the matter to guide and advise you through. She is fast, accurate and doesn't waste any of your time. She takes her work and helping clients very seriously and she has a pure heart of gold, to be able to do that. Out of the many different psychics on Oranum, I will continue to read with Stellar, as I know that I have complete faith and trust in the information that she is able to put forward, in regards to any situation. For any members considering having a private consultation, but are unsure as to who will be able to be honest and provide accuracy, then make sure you consider Stellardoor. You will NOT regret it!! She is an absolute sweet heart, through and through, and takes her work and passion for helping people, very seriously. But don't be fooled, you WILL get the truth with her.. Not some glossed up lie! I feel so comfortable talking to her, knowing that I can trust what she is saying. Oranum and the members are very EXTREMELY lucky to have her on this site!!! She really is the best and such a beautiful soul and there is definitely a huge sense of relief, being able to speak to someone that you know will genuinely and sincerely guide you as best that they can, to ensure your outmost happiness, tranquility and satisfaction. She is definitely incredible with what she does, her abilities and the way that she is able to use them, in such a matter that provides ease, peace of mind and clarity. Out of everybody on Oranum, I am very proud and honored to say that Stellardoor is the BEST!!! She gets a full 5 stars and a 10/10 from me! She does a spectacular job, there's no question about that. As a matter of fact, a million trillion stars and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ツ ツ ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰" ... written by 2tempting❤
Stellar is the most fabulous reader . Her answers are given with depth and insight. " ... written by spiderlilli
Thank you for the insight! very good reader. once again you helped me out" ... written by AA
Stella is the best reader on oranum " ... written by anna
lovely lady, always my best for exact advice in real world, and how to be in zen state under any circumstances" ... written by m
Great!" ... written by Tina
Wonderful read gave me alot of insight." ... written by pinkpather30
Stellar was right on with my situations.. lovely person, very compassionate and got right to the truth and depth of the matters at hand.. Thanks so much Stellar!! love and blessings to you! smiles" ... written by Lynda22
Wonderful read as always helps guide me" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you stellardoor, your reading style is so unique and i feel like you are spot on without a doubt! thank you for the clarity you've provided me! " ... written by wavescollide
wonderful wonderful stellar! love ya!!" ... written by IamAries
Great as always in a short amount of time" ... written by pinkpather30
i love her readings! she is very good at reading a situation and people. thank you" ... written by luxxicon
fast as always.... thank you I will let you know how things turn out! You are so connected with me and accurate on many things I just need patiences " ... written by cheryl
Stellar is such a great physchic, she is really tuned in to the situation and getting the answers. Thanks so much. I think you are the best ever ! " ... written by Amy
She is great as always" ... written by Meera
i love readings with stella" ... written by lavelle
thank you for being so patient and kind. " ... written by m
Would like to thank her for her time and consistency, throughout each of the private consultations that I have had, with her, over the duration of the recent past few months. I appreciate the advice that she is able to provide me with, and the manner in which she uses her gifts/abilities, to be able to seek clarity and insight, from the cards, to provide me with answers and guidance as to how to move the situation forward, in a way that's affective for myself and the person/people involved. She is highly skilled with the cards and her natural, empathic/intuitive abilities. She is both professional, accurate and truthful. I trust in the information, that she is able to provide to me, because I know that it is real and to the point. Both herself and the cards are able to look thoroughly into the heart of situations and bring forward solutions and other routes that one may wish to take, in order to seek ultimate happiness and satisfaction, whilst walking their own spiritual path. I would HIGHLY welcome and recommend the new coming members to consider Stellardoor as a choice of preference, when choosing who to do a private consultation, with. You will not be disappointed. I would also suggest that those new to the site, enter her room when she is put forward, for a demo. Just to get a clear idea of how she works, her abilities, accuracy and her professionalism. Not to mention the drive and passion she has, to want to help members to reach their full potential, and guide them to ease, peace, tranquility and happiness. I rate Stellardoor 5 out of 5 stars, although her readings do speak for themselves. She is definitely one of the best, on Oranum, and what a priviledge it is, to have her available, to us! Again.... 5/5 although she is worth the world of stars, and more! Very well done and I am very pleased with the reading and to be able to consult with you. " ... written by 2tempting
Good read!" ... written by nbarnes2
whatever she says always comes true... i love stellar she is awesome" ... written by lavelle
great details " ... written by ac
Wonderful as always gives me clear readings" ... written by pinkpather30
wow, i went for the song game and turned out going for a reading. She is so detailed. Thank you for the awesome reading." ... written by Tina
very very kind and genuine person. I really love her readings, and the depth she provides, a blessed woman. " ... written by m
this is my 3rd reading and im dead sure for the 4th to come. Stellar you are awesome as always. Thank you! Thank you! " ... written by awareness
Awesome" ... written by Cari1964
Stellardoor demonstrates a professional attitude and approach, to helping her clients receive both guidance and clarity, in a manner that is helpful and honest. Her observations/readings, are both descriptive and in depth. Her empathic abilities are both natural and strong. It is great to have her, accessible to us, here on Oranum. She is a pleasure to consult with, and her level of accuracy, is rather high. I would recommend a consultation, with this expert. " ... written by 2tempting
amazing reading...she is very powerful gift and was very helpful in actually providing useful advice...thank you so much" ... written by missvika
well stellar is very accurate and sweet so i always enjoy her readings." ... written by lavelle
thanks stellar!!! wonderful as always.. thats why i keep coming back" ... written by in the stars
tears.... i hope you are right...." ... written by tmi
thank you excellent readings as always. God bless. " ... written by m
im looking forward to the answers you gave me to happen thank you" ... written by in the stars
awesome insight like always :) the very best" ... written by amy
Thank you so much! I really do feel like i'm on the right path now. I wasn't sure before, but I can see it better now. Thank you for assuring me and giving me some guidance!" ... written by aknative
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
she was spot on with everything! I was very happy with my reading! I am so looking forward to my future! I loved everything! Thank you so much! I really needed to know if I was heading down the right path and she did!" ... written by LeAnn
He's amazing and was so helpful! i cant wait to get another reading form her. she answered all my questions and gave me the little bit of hope i needed. " ... written by Rachelle
Good read " ... written by Nelson
love Stella's readings " ... written by ac
Another Awesome reading !!! The best on this site :) " ... written by Amy
Very intuitive reader and gets very involved in readings. Excellent!" ... written by Krista Elliott
wow, i cant believe it, what she said came true. Just the timing wasnt there but everything else was amazing. Came back for another reading. took notes and will see, looking forward to my adventure" ... written by Zina
Awesome reading.. great connection, wisdom and guidance.. Thanks so much Stellar!~! " ... written by me
very clear and knowledgeable - totally recommend!" ... written by Sylvia812
Stellar is a very compassionate reader I appreciate her words and her caring 5 stars is what I would give her will keep her informed on my progress " ... written by lovethesummer
always amazing insight " ... written by LB
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
really good" ... written by taufahema
Very outstanding reading, great insight and pure clarity. Thank you so much, I'll come back" ... written by Bibi123
very good reading.hit it spot on. would recommend to others" ... written by emerald2
she is great- totally recommend" ... written by Sylvia812
very intuitive and professional in analysis, i like her approach, lovely lady" ... written by afroditi23
very strong reading.. and complete" ... written by qp
stellardoor is amazing...she is very good at what she does and id highly recommend her to everyone...thanks so much stellar for the clarity!! xo" ... written by missv
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful as always gives me clear advise and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
Always amazing. Nobody else is able to drill down on issues as she does. " ... written by spiderlilli
Thank you so much for the reading. Very detailed and lots of information." ... written by Tanny6
unbelievably amazing details," ... written by LD
excellent, great accuracy" ... written by LD
I appreciate your sincere ,discreet and analytic readings with me. :))" ... written by Dopplersonograph
OMG !!!! If i didn't know better words cannot express what i got from this gal. She really rings true to discernment with her gift !" ... written by Thomas
wow i enjoyed this reading will be back with more time though cause shes very gifted and love her stlye of getting info" ... written by angela
She's always so wonderful, and she's an amazing person. Thank you again, Stellar. AND, don't miss a private with her all. :)" ... written by Peg
Once again, great reading, Stellar!!! Love you and thank you for your insightfulness." ... written by Sidney
Shes like the best reader Ive had! down to earth and friendly! hard to find a reader like this who taps into the situation and sees peoples personalities clearly! explains things in a way i can understand. Fantastic reader!!!!" ... written by Ashley
She is really good goes in lot of details to get the right answer but also lets u know if she doesn't know or does certain reading. highly recommended" ... written by s
i love her readings! you won't be disappointed!!" ... written by luxxicon
i love stellars reading they are always accurate. " ... written by lavelle
Thank you so much :)" ... written by Tokinha13
wow she is freaking awesome" ... written by angela
Wonderful reader very insightful" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you , you gave me clarity and faith AWSOME thank you xxx" ... written by john24521
Great!" ... written by 2Morrows
thanks to you" ... written by sparrow
Very clear interpretations. Thank you." ... written by AB
i'm excited to see this all unfold! " ... written by luxxicon
very in depth and willing to go deeper with any questions." ... written by qp
Always exact and immeasurably helpful " ... written by L
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you so much stella. you're one of few psychics that can really nail someone deeply and i thank you for it." ... written by luxxicon
She was great." ... written by Jelisa
Pit in stomach doesn't lie,Thank you Stellar. You are the best. I will take your advice and follow through. What have got to loose if there other nice people around to treat me better." ... written by zina
She is straight forward, very good. I was very happy with my reading. Thank you so much. " ... written by JAS
Good reading always clear" ... written by pinkpather30
A great reading with accurate and specific information " ... written by B
She is unbelievably gifted and accurate!" ... written by cj
Such an awesome reader. Highly recommend to anyone who needs answers with details ! The Best! My past readings with her have come to pass too......" ... written by Chey S
Great great great reading, I was amazed by the well detailed reading and direct responses to my questions. thank you so much Stellar! I strongly recommend her." ... written by Bibi123
amazing " ... written by jean
Amazing as always...Stellar is the best.. " ... written by spiderlilli
awesome!!! " ... written by bean
Thanks for the greate reading" ... written by joylife
Lovely reading, nice details and accuracy." ... written by MaryAnne
She was absolutely right about my reading came in to give her update and get more insight. She is really really good." ... written by s
Stellar is always very accurate on her readings, that is why I always get back for my monthly update. Thank you Thank you!!!" ... written by Wendy
THANK YOU!!! FANtastic reading--a lot of clarity!!!!" ... written by TauruswithSagRis
Thank you Stellar, yes again for your reading. You are always point on and very kind. I'm happy with the reading as always too and def will keep in touch. Have a good night!" ... written by awareness
unbelievably helpful, a true counselor and friend with " ... written by LD
great reading" ... written by apple
She was once again wonderful and answered all my questions. love her and will be a repeat customer again. :) " ... written by Kat
She is very good, I enjoyed my reading with her, well deserved 5 stars." ... written by ev
Stellar is excellent and fast. Will go to her again thank you:)" ... written by orchid222
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
Beautiful reading with Stellar. She has clarified my questions, so investing the right way. Thank you for the reading." ... written by smgirl
Stella is a brilliant ready, I have come back for more readings, last time I meant to post stars 5 but I had head ache sorry Stella. " ... written by Rebecca
a great source of help and inspiration, " ... written by L
WOW! very quick and accurate reading! she hits every point right on the head...Highly recommended, won't be disappointed :-) I plan to come back for many more readings." ... written by Dreamz25
Helped me with my questions about my spirit guide and she was so insightful. Really appreciated it! Thank you Stellar!" ... written by JJ
thanks stell ...that made me feel better about my situation" ... written by lavelle
She's fantastic. I felt it was accurate. She's got a very kind, sensitive and intuitive approach. I will definitely be back. " ... written by celticfreckles
She is the best. Cant ask for others to read this way she does. She has been my inspiration. Thank you Stellar" ... written by SMGirl
Amazing reader .. picked up on all aspects of people in question without a word from me ., She is sweet and super fast .. you're time or credits will not be wasted.. JUST WOW!!! Do yourself a favor and get a reading from her .. you will not regret it!" ... written by S
Thank you so much, Stellar. You gave me so much insight with my current situation and were spot on with everything. I really love coming to her for these kind of readings because she's so detailed, and she also helps with understanding how to handle the situations. Amazing reading." ... written by jj
100 stars, exellent reader, in tune" ... written by miami_doc
fast and spot on.. thank you.." ... written by cher
excellent, thankyou" ... written by L
amazing in every way thankyou!" ... written by L
An amazing reading, exact information with clarity and confirmation, thankyou" ... written by L
she is so other words!" ... written by s
Very clear as always. gives great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Great always.. " ... written by spiderlilli
great gal, love her honesty and she can tap in very well. ty" ... written by CHEROKEE
Wonderful read, always great." ... written by pinkpather30
This woman is so on point. She asks the right questions and gives the best answers. " ... written by Ashley
Good reading." ... written by judith
Stellar is awesome, she is very detailed and accurate. Also quick! Highly recommend!" ... written by atlantis111
Wonderful reader gave me great insight" ... written by pinkpather30
thank you!!" ... written by strawberries601
I love Stellardoor so much. I love her gift, and how she's so on point and quick with every reading. Thank you love for all that you do for me :-) I can't wait for our next reading!!" ... written by JJ
precision. five stars. expert." ... written by sparrow
thank you" ... written by strawberries601
amazing! :)" ... written by sparrowrain
Wonderful very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading, not too much time though" ... written by bibi123
excellent always " ... written by L
This was a good reading she nailed the person was talking about and the concerns I have about him. No sugar coating she's honest and smart, I liked her and the reading!" ... written by cj
She is just awesome! Super accurate and awesome is all I can say!" ... written by Ashley
great reading, very accurate in details, " ... written by L
Brilliant! " ... written by T
Great reading thanks" ... written by bibi123
Stellardoor is amazing! She deserves many stars!!" ... written by Erikaafs
Shes always the best advisor when it comes to love she answers pretty accurately, kind, smart, ties things together well and accurately" ... written by Ashley
I love, love, love stellardoor. She's fast, she is very detailed oriented and just absolutely amazing with her gift. I appreciate all that you do for me stell. LOVE YOU!! " ... written by JJ
What a great reading. She said everything right and I am so impressed." ... written by jozefina polimirova
excellent reading, highly recommend, " ... written by RS
Awesome Reading so much clarity and explanation !! 10 stars plus :) highly recommend" ... written by Amy
Great reader informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading, informative" ... written by pinkpather30
She guides the reading in asking the cards the right questions very quickly plus uses much intuition in knowing what questions to ask. I always enjoy my readings with her. " ... written by CelticFreckles
Great reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Stellardoor is a wonderful reader. She is extremely helpful in everyway. A kind and caring women. A very talented reader. 5 stars and it should be many more. Blessings to you Stellar always! NorwaySunshine" ... written by Breeze Bliss
stell is very good at what she does. i give her 5 stars" ... written by lavelle
Great reader" ... written by pinkpather
Good reader informative" ... written by pinkpather
Great reader very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
awesome " ... written by Sure
Wow, I'm awesome reading. Answered everything I asked and then some...brilliant details and accuracy!" ... written by Love
Great. So connected always... Stellardoor is amazing. " ... written by spiderlilli
WOW, really great reading. Spot on with accuracy and so many great details and information. Good assessment of current situation and it all made so much sense. Great predictions as well. Loved the reading so much." ... written by Jen
very spot on to the attitude of me and someone else. she had said things i am doing and plan to do to make it work. 1000% awesome and lovely." ... written by alyssa
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
thank u stell so much clarity...5 stars,,,,so much detail and clarity. " ... written by lavelle
After long time went in for reading, she as always very honest and tells me how it is. So happy to get confirmations like i have off the charts soul mate, which i thought was. And all the news being so overwhelming for my friend, confirmation one on top of another. Thank you, you are amazing." ... written by SMGirl
Get reading informative" ... written by pinkpather30
awesome" ... written by bn
Good reading.." ... written by pinjkpather30
love stellar readings I always come back to her for the deep side of the story" ... written by ac
Stellar is really good with details and her answers are very accurate to what is currently going on, everything made a lot of sense. Good stuff for sure, thank you." ... written by Jennifer
Thank you again..." ... written by scorpio
Great reader, I come to Stellar quite often and she always gives great insight." ... written by pinkpather30
she's awesome! i read with her i think like almost a year ago and she remembered me and gave me insight into my situation and knew things without me telling her. gave me good advice on how to handle it. will keep her updated bc this is and has been a long process" ... written by m
quick, good , will see the time lines sson." ... written by kool
always insightful. thank you so much, stell. you're awesome." ... written by jj
amazing help, intuitive in a professional and " ... written by B
the best" ... written by amor
she is my guide a true beauty" ... written by amor
really a huge help, " ... written by BR
thank you stella " ... written by strawberries
wow thank u i will be back sooner great lots of info" ... written by pppppp
Great reading! excellent with details and timeframes, also very quick fast and to the point wont waste any time :-)" ... written by dreamz25
Had several readings with her. She is fantastic!!!! So accurate and intuitive. Highly recommend her!!! " ... written by tauraswoman
Thank You Stella! You know I will let you know if what you said comes true. I really enjoy her style of readings and love being in her chat room. She always teaches me new things :)" ... written by Kelley
Great reader" ... written by Kayla
amazing, direct with details, professional " ... written by Alex
Holy cow she went so much deeper into the underlining things going on with my situation. I'm so thankful I feel like she delivered the message I needed to hear. Everything she said was so on point. I'm far less worried about everything now and know exactly what I need to do. Thank you so much! " ... written by Erika
thank you stella for clear concise reading directly answering all my questions - you are the best reader on here" ... written by ac
excellent always, thankyou so much" ... written by sr
very good reading help out alot and very accurate . " ... written by amanda
Thank you very much I hope everything works out that way " ... written by kim marie
Magnificent reading. I ask a question or two and Stellar takes it from there, she knows what to look into, what question to ask the cards, and how to deliver the message with clarity, precision, and truth. This is what a reading is supposed to be like! " ... written by LOVE
Awesome! She has a different approach which I love. She looks at the spiritual as well as practical side of things..." ... written by skier8001
Amazing! Very accurate and to the point! Fantastic!" ... written by T
thanks stell" ... written by lavelle
great reading informative and helpful" ... written by pinkpather30
Awesome reader! on point! Is precise and exact in what she says will happen...Im a repeat customer of hers and I appreciate all the insight she gives...her readings keep you at peace and will calm your emotions and you wont stress alot of what you're currently going through because her answers are far from generic...she is truly here to help, listen to her, follow her guidence and all will end well. Cheers!" ... written by dreamz25
Best reader I go to. Spot on and very accurate. Knew the answers without my needing to really explain the situation. Quick and Highly Recommended." ... written by Leah
Very pleased with my reading from Stellardoor. She is detailed, accurate, yet fast. Very impressed. 5/5 stars." ... written by T
spot on. 5 stars. she's truly gifted and works hard" ... written by jj
great reading, always gives me guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
stella gives the best reading on oranum " ... written by ac
Great reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Stellardoor is an amazing phsychic who connects very quickly and really gets to the heart of the issures. I would highly recommend her to anyone. She is very gifted and wnats to help people. look forward to having many more readings with her. " ... written by emmacarter
i was liking the session " ... written by tina
thank you so much. you were on point with everything. thank you for giving me clairity. 5 stars for stell" ... written by JJ
i connect very deeply with this wonderful person" ... written by qp
Wonderful felt more ground talking to ms. Stella five stars and a planet or two . " ... written by Wolfy
She is through, explains well, and is right on- 5 stars!" ... written by Pamela
WOnderful, fast, accurate and excellent advice" ... written by SImon
thank you for another update. she was right on the money in the last reading and the guy reached out the following day!" ... written by luxxicon
thank you a are great!" ... written by
She is truly amazing!!!!!" ... written by kt
you were awesome!! thank you :)" ... written by
STELLAR did it again spot on, i enjoy doing readings with her.. " ... written by sweet461
Very very good!" ... written by W
Awesome to have Stellar back YAY she is the best reader, so quick and fast and connected !!!" ... written by Amy
i have come back to this insightful lovely soul many times and she is always great,.,, she goes deeply into the question, gives you more than you bargained for and is a great delight all round." ... written by qp
update, thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
thank you stellar amazing reading!" ... written by ball of light
wooow always a fun reading with stellar door! she dissects the problem and lays it all out :)" ... written by haba
Thank you stellar" ... written by life
Wow. Blown away. Lots of specific detail about the current situation and what is going to happen next. Really useful advice on how to handle things so I get the result I want. Many thanks!!" ... written by Monarch
Stellardoor was amazing, she helped me greatly with clarity and guidence in my situation. She was spot on with everything. and eased my soul. Thank you so much " ... written by Ravenqueen
Awesome like always Stellar she is the best" ... written by Amy
Very awesome and great reader!" ... written by
Stellar gave me a most amazing reading - I love the way she works!" ... written by Star light
awesome read..thank you!" ... written by
Stellardoor has continued to help me in amazing ways. " ... written by LD
amazing!" ... written by sharlene
she is a life saver, really kool reader!" ... written by natural
Highly recommend Stellar- 5 stars" ... written by Sylvia812
You've really just got to get full readings in private with Stellar! She gets right on in there and gets straight to the bottom of what's going on, connecting with your higher self. She's like Nikolai TESLA - electric! She will plumb the depths and SOLVE it with you. " ... written by Sunshine
Great reading was very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you so much! Very intune with the feelings and emotions involved! " ... written by LA