About SpicyLA

Psychic SpicyLAhas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SpicyLAhas recently helped 13members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SpicyLA's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Hi my name is Spicy, I was born Empathic, Intuitive, & Medium as well as Life coach. I come from a long line of empathic healers and mediums. I connected fast by just using your first name and dob, once connected , i guide you on your life path to give you answers and solutions to your situations..

Wonderful I am very thankful for this helping me on my journey to recovery. I will be successful for my honey bun in heaven!! " ... written by Ava
Very straightforward, quick to connect. Gave me some much needed clarity. Loved speaking with her. " ... written by Sabi
Awesome reading with SpicyLA! She was so supportive and honest about my situation. She will tell you what u need to know and NOT what u want to know. Million stars to SpicyLA!!! xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
My girl is always on point. Five stars" ... written by Billygirl54
as always so super sweet!" ... written by ava
Such a beautiful heart very helpful and encouraging!! Thanks Girly for being my support!" ... written by ava
She was very great! Connected extremely fast. And very accurate, My computer froze so I had to end the reading but she was fantastic. " ... written by Tiffany
awesome reading! it's my 1st time to talk w/ SpicyLA but she was able to dive in my situation! she is pretty honest too..." ... written by HMR
amazing :) as always, short and sweet and to the point" ... written by sabi
She is amazing at what she does, she uses no tools and information just flows. She picked up on things without me telling her and was very accurate in her answers. Definitely five stars :)" ... written by Andrew
amazing reading!! deserves more than 5 stars!" ... written by love
SpicyLA rocks. She is a joy to talk to, and is very good at looking at the big picture and small details. I will def be back! " ... written by Makeup Maven
thanks so much! its been awhile since ive been able to catch up with ya and so on but as always are connection is strong and you picked up info even tho we havent talked in forever! i lovez u and if you havent read with spicy, do it!" ... written by m
Great reader, and connects fast! " ... written by BFM
thank you spicy la for your honest reading " ... written by marina
So spot on! Very accurate and always into the truth! Thank you!" ... written by love
she was awesome, she put is plan ans simple. she gave me great insight and great advice." ... written by lavelle
awesome reading! spicy was able to dig deeper into my situation.. helps me a lot to understand everything..xoxo" ... written by HMR
So very AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for letting hear from my Dear Sweet Sister!!" ... written by ladyecho
wow first reading with her and she pegged me down to a t. will def be back and shes awesome " ... written by m
She was wonderful thanks for everything :)" ... written by Carey
thank you for the pvt! Spot on! accurate and so real!" ... written by loveb
She was profeesional, precise, quick to connect and doesnt waste time! :) most definitely recommended! :)" ... written by Sal
Had demo, then went back for private, feel like she totally picked up on situation very well. 5+ stars all the way" ... written by J. DeAnne
great connection w/ my situation..xoxo" ... written by ROAR
thank u for a great authentic and accurate reading" ... written by oles
she's good" ... written by Cristina
She is a star. I definitely recommend her" ... written by Neha
Excellent reading. She picks up on the situation so quickly. She is awesome." ... written by Neha
I really enjoyed her, She was so down to earth and she took her time and gave very reliable information. She told me to wait and thats exactly what i plan to do. " ... written by simone
Amazing reading! deserves more than 5 stars!" ... written by loveb
excellent reader but i had computer issues" ... written by gregg
OMG if yall don't have a reading with you need to vanish, she's so blunt funny andamp; very interesting. her readings are on point and i love the fact that she takes notes thats a bonus, Thanks Girlyyyyy. " ... written by V
spicy i love uuuuuu" ... written by m
She is always a pleasure to talk to. Spicy is sweet and caring. I enjoy her privates." ... written by Vilma Billygirl
She has such a sweet sweet energy! thank you for making my day! :) " ... written by Anonymous
great connection!" ... written by ROAR
She's great. Totally trust her, and love her positive attitude. She is a genuinely good person." ... written by L
Thank you so much...you helped me more than I can express. Thanks for letting all my family members come through to me and help me realize that I need to move on from my current situation. You truly are gifted. " ... written by Nona
Very pleasant and wonderful reading with spicy. She is simply awesome. Thank you sooooooo much. Definitely recommend her" ... written by Neha
shes amazing helped me alot with issue" ... written by renee
Very helpful!!!" ... written by Nona
Thanks for the reading Spicy!! I needed to hear everything you said to me and I appreciate it very much. You were talking to me like you reading my mind that was great. I will take your advice. Have a blessed evening :)" ... written by enchanted2634
She explained everything with detail and accuracy. She's great!" ... written by Edna Pedraza
SpicyLA is the one. She is awesome. I will tell anyone to go to Spicy if you are going through something, she will direct your path. She is such an angel." ... written by Bekind1961
LOVE1 LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! HER! I found my "Sista from anotha Mr!" she is amazing, gave me so much insight and clarity! I cannot wait to see how the next little segment of my life plays out because of her guidance! love ya gurl! xxxxx" ... written by Tammy
love her. im always amazed by the stuff she can say, and that ill immediately be able to respond to with my abilities. were so in tune/connected " ... written by m
great quick reading to accommodate my question. highly recommend" ... written by tyler
awesome mediumship! she connected to someone special. xoxo HMR" ... written by ROAR
fine and decent ideas" ... written by free
So upbeat and easy to talk to! Great advice and accurate about my situation!" ... written by T
god i love this woman. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Awesome reading~ " ... written by Tiffanyy
she definatelly can feel things . you wont be dissapointed. just prepare questions in advance" ... written by ratko
she is a good and honest reader." ... written by VN
Spot on! so powerfull and accurate! thanks for the reading!" ... written by love
Spicy LA is pretty cool. I would say I got what i needed in terms of her guidance and how to deal with my ex. It is time to take charge for myself and to become stronger than i am!~Thank you spicy!" ... written by Mary
SO On point!!!! Awesome!" ... written by Crismarie
There is reason Spicy has such a strong following in her short time on Oranum. She gives hands down amazing practical advise, and have very clear connections and vision. She is great to talk to as a person and a psychic. Thanks Spicy!!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Supper cool, sweet and connected adviser. I don't have many that I go to on here but she is definitely added to my list. Thank you for your loving and honest guidance. Its always good to get true honest messages and advice helps me put the puzzle together a lot better :)" ... written by Red
Good reading" ... written by Neha
I fell in love with her energy immediately" ... written by JJ
Superb, she is fabulous. " ... written by Neha
Connected quick, no tools. Very upbeat and kind! Awesome reader!" ... written by Angel
love this girl with all my heart xoxox" ... written by Tammy
Wow another great session with SpicyLA, she is so fast in picking up the situation and she remembers every fact and names from the previous session, hats off! She explained the circumstances on every person involved and that really helped in deciding the steps to be taken next. Overall fab reading!" ... written by findtheanswer
She is just amazing!!! " ... written by MJ
So Amazing...and helpful...I feel so much better after I have a reading with her...Thanks So Much!!!" ... written by Nona
SpiceLA is very good she helps alot n as picked up on my circumstances very well. " ... written by Secondlifexx
Great great Great " ... written by sc
love this girl like shes family! amazing! love ya sista from anotha mista MUUUUUAAAAAHHH! " ... written by tammy "leg Humper" Gale
Great reading. Very helpful!" ... written by Danielle
SpicyLA was great she has a fun personality and is quick to connect. No game playing here. Thanks for the reading!!!" ... written by Kevin
She's so comfortable to talk with. Very sound advice. " ... written by Mimosa888
She is so sweeeetttt..I like her energy and she is funny too ..Look forward to speaking wither again ..Very informative well done SpicyLA.." ... written by sc
Very intuitive, loved Spicy's personality, so smart and quick. Very caring as well. Thank you. " ... written by Ree
This was my first time trying Oranum and SpicyLA was right to the point of what I'm feeling and planning and hoping to get accomplished in next year. Most definitely gave me the courage to keep going! Thank you, SpicyLA!!" ... written by Neha Chopra
Got it!. Explained it! Great!!" ... written by Kelly
great connection! xoxo" ... written by ROAR
Excellent reading she was spot on about everything and was quick too and didn't have to ask a lot of questions. The best on here I've been too. " ... written by Tina
omg it was like talking to an old friend awesome reading amazing I think I know her from a past life wow" ... written by cuteface1972
She is such a sweetheart. I really like her spirit. She tells you how it really is. No sugar coating with Spicy. xoxo" ... written by billygirl54
amazing....." ... written by Nicole
my first reading with her. we'll see how it all pans out. she was good and spot on with her connections. thanks a lot" ... written by luxxicon
she connects very well and shes funny and says it how it is! will be waiting for prediction to happen!" ... written by BP
This woman is AMAZING!!" ... written by NEH
" ... written by Libra26
had to get a second reading" ... written by Nicole
Very sweet and accurate" ... written by Nant808
FANTABULOUS! I love this girl, she knew my situation RIGHT away and knew the reasons behind it and got my personality down to a T. She was 100% correct about everything and have I no doubt in my mind that she is gifted. Blew me away :) The moment I hit pvt I fell in love haha! I highly recommend her!!!!! Can't hide from her, she knows everything! Love you twinkie boo! " ... written by Lina
She was awesome. She knew what I did for a living with out me telling her a thing. Will definitely keep coming back " ... written by Elizabeth
very friendly. very impressive. she was spot on with everything she saw." ... written by pearl
thank you very spicy that really an eye opening reading very honest and accurate " ... written by jaslon
she is a sweet heart and goes above and beyond " ... written by Nicole
very nice and liked that she is intuitive:)" ... written by emilie
SpicyLA...wow! Came to her because I had seen she was the featured psychic. After finishing my question...my grandmother came through and simply made my day...what a blessing that was and what a gift she has...Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Carrie
wonderful" ... written by maria
Spicy understood the situation well and gave me good guidance , waiting for her predictions to come true. Thank you my dear. " ... written by emily
Very accurate reading and oh so charming. Wish I could give her a hug" ... written by Pranav
LOVE" ... written by
It was such a pleasant reading and put my mind and heart at ease about the whole situation and what was going on, thank you so much! " ... written by Sherry K
AMAZING! simply AMAZING! " ... written by Tammy
Very accurate assessment of my life without giving so much insight of the people I know. I was amazed by her foresight." ... written by Anonymous
good" ... written by A
thanks, great reading" ... written by mette
She's an absolutey fantastic psychic!l" ... written by NEH
very good - she hit right on the situation" ... written by bouncy
She was hilarious. really funny. connected quick. great advice." ... written by D
Thanks for all" ... written by knowing2013
Very helpful. Gave useful advise and I am looking forward to caring for myself. Thanks for your help." ... written by None
Seriously On Point, cannot Fault her on anything andamp; she is really Friendly. I Recommend anyone to get a Reading from SpicyLa :-D" ... written by Laura
thanks for the reading great psychic :P" ... written by TheNewClassic44i
Amazing reading. Thanks so much!" ... written by Josh
very good and funny hope what she says comes true" ... written by bouncylady
very honest and to the point, i really love that :-) " ... written by emily
She was good, enjoyed talking to her!" ... written by SameAsToday
She was right on point!" ... written by Katie
Good reading. Thanks!" ... written by Elisa
She has to be one of the best psychics on Oranum!" ... written by NEH
Great reading. She was able to connect well with me, and offered predictions and suggestions" ... written by EvaSophia
Spicy really nailed it on this reading! Extremely accurate and in tune to my situation. Very detailed and precise reading and highly accurate. She does not sugar coat and very straight forward. I was really impressed at the detail she gave, too. I am still floored at some of the details she described, even intimate stuff that no one would know. Thank you so much Spicy." ... written by Tony
She's fantastic!" ... written by NEH
she was good. She had some value points regarding my carrier" ... written by Daniela
Excellent and easy to talk to. Really enjoy her." ... written by Bob
Spicy is the BOMB!!!!" ... written by Kim Brindel
Wow. Can't get enough of this lady. She is so flipping awesome. Thanks so much SLA" ... written by
great " ... written by Nicole
Always a pleasure to chat and have a reading from Spicy. She is accurate and insightful too! Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
great reading!!! Spicy gave me a lot of positive information and really helped me tremendously...would definitely come back again :) thank you" ... written by gemmie
LOVE this lady, seriously, if you are getting her to help you get someone "back". listen to her, FOLLOW her instructions to the letter because it WORKS! just amazing! I would NOT be smiling like a Cheshire cat today otherwise ;-) " ... written by Tam
Fast and on point. Gave me good advice. I would recommend her for people who are looking for someone who doesnt sugar coat things. " ... written by Shelbee
thanks boo boo. i love u" ... written by m
She was great!!!!! Gave me some good insight and some facts that she knew that I didn't tell her about. I felt a lot better about my situation after speaking with her. I look forward to see if her predictions/advice come to fruition. " ... written by Joselyn
Spicy is an AMAZING lady! I love her so much... not only has she helped me get my life back on track, she has become an amazing friend...it's like she was my twin and we were separated at birth... my new bestie right here! the day she "cooled" my profile is the day my life changed for the better... she has been there for me through so much lately and most times, i just go in to chat, not even for life guidance, but because I miss my best friend! love you more then you can imagine baby girl, and i want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being here...and thank God for bringing us together! xoxoxo my soul mate for life!" ... written by thattamgirl01
She was sooo good.......I will definitely take her advice....I will keep you posted SLA!" ... written by Stephanie
amazing simply amazing, no review i write can explain her awesomeness " ... written by hannah
It's like she is my best friend. She knows everything! It's so crazy! Take her to private, you won't regret it" ... written by Cara
she seems to be very good, the jerk is running around with a red head and dirty blond chick. i will meet someone new through social media dec/jan. lets hope it comes true" ... written by bouncy
saw a lot I didn't even have to say... very good you won't regret it... very positive and encouraging loved it" ... written by stronger
Amazing reading with SpicyLA very accurate and spot on." ... written by Lorann23
Thanks again spicy. You da bomb" ... written by Kevin
She is so funny and so helpful. I highly recommend her. She picks up on everything without you having to say much!" ... written by Cara
Spicy Rocks. Amazing the details she is able to pull and confirm!" ... written by makeup maven
She is always so on point. just astounding" ... written by Makeup Maven
Great!" ... written by Crismarie
SpicyLA has been so friendly and has given me such wise and pleasant advice, she is kind and attentive as well as so incredibly beautiful. She is really gifted. I love her. " ... written by Faisal
If we lived close to one another I am sure we would be hanging out. I love this lady for so many other reasons aside from her gifts. She has great energy and insight. She is kind, she treats me like a friend. Very cool. Thank you!" ... written by
AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! WISH THERE WAS MORE THEN 5 STARS TO GIVE HER! I'm telling you guys, if she is helping you with ANYTHING, especially relationships....LISTEN TO HER! follow her instructions and things will be more then you could have even thought possible! I love her to death! AMAZING! " ... written by Tammy
I love me some Spicy. She is direct and honest. No sugarcoating. Five stars!!!" ... written by billygirl54
Wow! Great reading. She knew the personality of the person I asked about and described them and their behaviour so accurately. Definitely gifted and thank you so much for the insight. " ... written by Muhsybean
Spicy is amazing!!!! Love her!!!!! She has helped me so much over and over. " ... written by makeupmaven
Spicy is always the best sounding board. " ... written by Makeup Maven
thank you again for an enlightening and wonderful reading-so glad I came back to have another reading with you, it really helped me so much! will let you know how it works out :)" ... written by gemmie
Spicy is a#1 She is the BEST!!!!" ... written by Kim Brindel
No tools - very cool LA chick : ) Helped me sooo much. Will def be back" ... written by B
LOVE YOU BUNCHES" ... written by
thank you Spicy " ... written by big
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! love this girl! makes my life she does! " ... written by Tammy Budden
The life I was looking for. She is my shot of espresso and clarifies everything in the way I really really really need to hear it. Spot on. Love her. The best." ... written by Baby Sister
love her shes so funny and gives awesome advice" ... written by BP
Love her" ... written by bernicej10
very quick and generous,told me what i needed to hear ," ... written by Harsha
Super great reading! fast accurate and made me see what the best option was for me. I'm very happy with my reading! Thank you!" ... written by Brianne
Lord almighty, this woman is amazing. So much better than any therapist out there. Worth every penny. " ... written by Makeup Maven
great gal" ... written by Jnaujo00
Fun and easy to speak with." ... written by Elizabeth
always been there for me and protecting me... i love u spicy ur such a sweetheart and a best friend of mine. bless u " ... written by jazzz
so sweet, cant wait till it unfolds" ... written by rish
She is truly beautiful and gifted. she is always on point. Worth every dime" ... written by Elizabeth
Thank you SLA, look forward to our conversations. " ... written by
meows my guh love uuuuuuu" ... written by m
wuv u always mama" ... written by meg
jesus woman you make me laugh. Thanks for the amazing reading. You have been spot on with all of our readings. " ... written by
omg I love this woman, she is down to earth and keeps it funky with you. everyone come to her " ... written by amanda
guh i love that u know shit no one else knows hahaah like stuff from my past" ... written by meg
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I cannot stress enough tho, if you are getting help from Spicey for ANYTHING, Especially "love" troubles, LISTEN TO HER - FOLLOW HER INSTRUTIONS to the letter! i Shit you not, it has worked wonders for me, I am so happy to have found her! LOVE YOU BABY GUUUURL! xoxoxox" ... written by Thattamturken01
spicy the bomb " ... written by hannah
Awesome!" ... written by Catherine
She's my go to. My star. My everything. So effortlessly on point its insane!" ... written by Baby Sister
amazing with details! she reads people very well. thank you :)" ... written by ashleigh
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u" ... written by m
She is Sooo funny when she is prvt. She keeps it real with her guidance ..Like her very much she is not judgemental which is great .She keep it 100 so Please take her prvt if you want the TRUTH you won't be disapointed..Thanks again Spicy xoxoxo" ... written by sc
Great!" ... written by Cris
always a pleasure :)" ... written by Cara
i love her. Spot on. Tells it like it is and really remembers you, what she's worked on you with and is just a great big angel on earth. love her so much!" ... written by Lil sister!
she's always here to help! thank you!" ... written by ashleigh
Great reader!" ... written by Elizabeth
I love her a lot because she can actually pick on point and read for me in a way i needed to hear. I am glad that she told me on this. She doesnt sugarcoat which is a good thing" ... written by Mary
<" ... written by
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
quick and clear" ... written by suzanne
spicy my twin sister from another mister i love u and ur insight and im pretty and i love that ur awesome" ... written by megz
As always such a pleasure to talk to, helped me to see more clearer and very very intuitive!!! Love ya!" ... written by Ava
Very friendly and very helpful advice. I really do appreciate it so much. I would definitely do a reading with her again. I needed to hear what she told me. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by mainstreem
Very comfortable to speak with. She's awesome!" ... written by Elizabeth
Amazing! takes my breath away everytime with her insights and exact knowledge of my situation! ABSOLUTELY love her! " ... written by THATTAMTURKEN01
She is not just a gifted a psychic but a truly bright soul, you can heal from just knowing her!!!" ... written by WeeFreeWoman
I loved the reading she was extremely honest I lover her and I will be back thanks a lot" ... written by Marquita Roddie
as always, totally awesome!" ... written by cat
Love her insight, straight-shooting advice and positive vibe. I waited all day for her and she's worth it!" ... written by Dolly
OMG Spicy blew my mind!!! She got me immediately and even saw something was wrong with my cat!!! I don't think I've ever had such a strong connection with anyone on Oranum like this before. She is truly amazing, sensitive, caring, compassionate and truthful. Truly a blessing to know her and get a reading from her. Thank you. xoxoxo AManda" ... written by Amanda
Great reading with Spicy, she knew the situation and gave me the advice I needed to hear :)" ... written by SG
Awesome" ... written by Mel
Was intrigued to have a private with Spicy after watching her in demo mode and after her brief connection with me in Free chat. Very impressed with the info she gave me - she certainly read me well, showed great insight into my love interest, and offered great advice. She's honest, insightful and genuine. What more do you need?! " ... written by Dolly
Spicy is an excellent reader. Extremely accurate, and not afraid to answer the hard questions. Just wonderful." ... written by kate
her previous reading came to pass! waiting for another one to come through! xoxo M" ... written by HMR
Spicy is great! She really connects right in and sends you tons of positive energy for your situation. Thanks Spicy!! " ... written by DD
Great connection and accurate description to the person I asked. Very good advise given. " ... written by gel
Spicy is the best! She picks up on your energy fast, connects with the situation and reads fast. She was spot on so many things. She has a her kind, loving demeanor to go with her genuine talents. Highly recommended!" ... written by Moongirl17
I have a really unique situation and Spicy really helps my soul. Its been extremely difficult being alone in this but she is able to give me some clarity and help to give me strength to keep moving on for another day. She is great and I would reccomend her for any situation, her readings are inspirational and touching. " ... written by Joselyn
Spicy is amazing. Truly, she connects in a way that is extremely rare. She is caring, compassionate and sees things that will truly blow your mind!! She has become a friend and I'm so thankful for her help. Thank you. xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Spicy is incredible, she is right on the money, every time! One of the very best on Oranum! She is fast and does not beat around the bush with pointless questions or bother filling your head with things you want to hear. She is the real and straight forward. I recommend her to anyone who wants so real guidance into their surroundings. " ... written by cat
Five stars. Always a pleasure being with Spicy. She picks up on everything." ... written by Billygirl54
spicey had been so helpful in a very difficult situation......... she has brought so much clarity to the fuzziness.. these are questions that not every reader can answer.. million stars" ... written by me
As always, Spicy is amazing! She is the real deal! " ... written by Cat
Thank you for the good information just needed to hear . It all that made me feel a lot better. I'll keep you posted on this situation ." ... written by B
She was spot on into reading my current situation!" ... written by DS
thank you so much for that encouragement " ... written by new
She's absolutely fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
She is great and straight forward in her readings. I highly recommend her. " ... written by theododra
Superb energy! Such a sweet heart, and is really in tune with what is going on in your life. Direct, honest, extremely intuitive. I highly recommend her if you are looking for an accurate reading!" ... written by elizabeth
im running out of all the good words to say about this woman.....she is a gift beyond words and her readings are straight forward, no sugarcoat, super quick... and all her predictions came to past. thank you! spicy for being there for me i will always love u my boo boo lol :P" ... written by jas
spicy i love you! you get me and i love that i can be me around you and im not putting on a show. i wish u were my real big sis ha =)" ... written by meg
spicy was quick and to the point no sugar coating" ... written by s
Amazing!" ... written by Elizabeth
i am so impressed with spicy she knew what was going on and is very fast cant wait to see what she has told me ,to come true " ... written by me me
Lots of insight and predictions!" ... written by Rob
good reading" ... written by lousie
very helpful and nice highly recommend" ... written by dmarq
Very informative" ... written by Rayhaan
great advice and insight" ... written by hb
I just love Spicy so much. She really sees and feels things like no one else. Her ability to connect is truly extraordinary. I'm so thankful to her and for her!! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
She is right into the point and no sugar coating. She is the best" ... written by bi
This was my first time with spicy and she was so wonderful! Thank you for your time!" ... written by Brianaaf2
AMAZING to talk to, always knows how to get to the bottom of things and always makes me feel so much better! just love her to bits I do! " ... written by Thattamturken
Spicy is spot on my situation! I don't have to say anything she sees what's going.. xoxo M" ... written by HMR
great reading with lots of details thank you spicy, highly recomended " ... written by ak
thank u for ur honest reading spicy u have always been there for me and has been supportive" ... written by jas
As always, Spicy is right on! Give her a try and you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Catherine
Just Love Spicy!!! She's sooo good and so super nice. Thank you again for all your help and guidance. Will listen to Colbie and watch the Notebook, hehe. Will update you soon. Thank you again sis :) " ... written by angelynnie21
=) wuvvv u and our talks. always there for me love" ... written by meg
Absolutely fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
She confirmed my suspicions thanks!" ... written by Raychul
An Awesome Lady who I loves that she keeps it REAL..THANKS SpicyLA " ... written by sc
amazing and flowed with information and answered all my questions" ... written by sara
Spicy Rocks. Simple as that. Everytime. " ... written by makeupmaven
Awesome, as always!" ... written by Catherine
she was so quick and honest. Was able to tune in right away. Thank you" ... written by nowk
SOOO good to have an update with SpicyLA:) She has such amazing energy and a wonderful gift. Absolutely adore her spirit:) xxxx" ... written by Carrie
Spicy is good at what she does. Thank you for the reading! Great reader! xoxo" ... written by SW
Hot damn she just helped in so many ways! I feel like a new woman! She has empowered me like i never thought i could be! It is on like donkey kong now ; )" ... written by Melinda
Spicy is the real deal. I trust her without doubt or hesitation. The connections she is able to make are truly extraordinary. One of the most special people here on Oranum. Thank you. xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
Very genuine and kind person who most importantly is talented and real at what she does. Thank you spice" ... written by sara
Spicy was able to go into my situation and explained to me what's going on. It made sense which I at first I didn't realize before.. anyway, I will come back to her, no doubt for some more updates xoxo M" ... written by HMR
thank you so much spicy for being an amazing reader and much more than that x" ... written by s
LOVE HER!! She is beyond amazing! Connects so quickly and beyond accurate! I would highly recommend her!! " ... written by tiffany
Spicy was great. Helped put things into perspective for me. It helps when someone can see things so clearly." ... written by Marie
amazing x" ... written by s
she is the best. the best listener on here, and says it how it is. awesome readings every time. I will never see another psychic on here again. " ... written by Paul
ya, dont think so" ... written by Neisha
Spicy is awesome :)" ... written by Makeup Maven
Spicy is the best. Very on point and accurate! Five stars." ... written by Billygirl54
It was my first reading with her and she was spot on. She was honest, fast, bright and funny! I will follow up with her in given time for an update. Thanks SpicyLA for pvt. " ... written by Sweet
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you xx" ... written by Kelly
Another great reading from Spicy! She's sees so much andamp; has perfect supportive advice." ... written by Marie
Thank you so much for your positive energy and empowering words. Spot-on on so many things. " ... written by Moon
She is like your best friend who is a psychic always. I have consulted her several times and she has always been bang on with her predictions! " ... written by DS
hahaha she is so funny and straight forward i love it." ... written by V
Spicy was so incredibly fantastic in pvt... She answered everything so deeply and spot on.. She knew so much and I never spoke those things to her.. Thank you dear Spicy.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
OMG this woman is amazing. not only does she already know what im going to ask but reads everything so clearly (and as an added bonus: shes HYSTERICAL). Thanks for the laughs and the insight, and the honesty! love her xox" ... written by angelbabyx1231
Actually i was taken by surprise when she told me something very few in my circle knew. She is excellent!" ... written by crystal fairy
This was my first time reading with Spicy and she was energetic, honest, accurate, and detailed. She was able to answer my question with ease and really accurate details to the current situation. The things she predicted are relevant and make so much sense. I will be back to update her on how things go and if I need to get more insight. Definitely a repeat client here! " ... written by Jenn
Spot on! She knows everything! Highly recommend her!" ... written by Cara
Spicy is one of the best on the site. Tells it exactly how it is, and how it will be. Very accurate, and sees the situation very clearly..I hit her with very difficult situations , and she can handle it." ... written by cake
Love her! Connected very fast! I will definitely be coming back!!!" ... written by Walejr
Absolutely the best. Very intuitive and on point. She's honest, sweet, caring and sincere. Five stars for Spicy." ... written by billygirl54
Love her. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Reads people so well!!! Great reading!" ... written by Elizabeth
Love love love her. " ... written by Red Lila
she is awesome always!" ... written by phyl
Always fantastic!!" ... written by NEH
Wow she is amazing, her gift is great and she's just a wonderful person to talk to. Think of your best friend who just happens to know how others are feeling and is truly gifted!" ... written by nicole
Love this girl more then life itself most times! always pulls me out of my depression and makes me feel like a full person again...love you so much Spicy xoxo" ... written by Tammy Titty Turken
Absolutely the BEST on this site! I love talking to Spicy, she connects with me on a level unlike anyone else ever could! what an AMAZING reading from one hell of an AMAZING woman! I love you to bits and pieces Baby Gurl! thank you SOOOOO much for getting to the bottom of THAT situation and helping me out of it! xoxo" ... written by Thattamturken
very very intuned reading! great reader i highly recommend!!" ... written by angel
amazing. spot on! gave me chills" ... written by Kyla
awesome reading w/ spicy as always! no doubt about it, she can always deep dive w/ my situation.. xoxo M" ... written by hmr
Great!!!" ... written by Kelly
very good, connected right away. she told me that i sprayed this perfume on a letter i gave to this guy and i never said a thing. she told me things that regular people would not know. she is amazing. i highly recommend her!" ... written by hgfhgf
connected well, hope she is right. very positive and uplifting" ... written by n
thank you so much! she tuned in right away and picked up on my grandmothers! (random) Awesome insight!" ... written by md
She is very good! straight to the point, accurate and detailed. Very helpful and I will definitely return." ... written by Mona
Spicy is seriously the bomb. She quickly felt my heaviness over a situation and dissected it for me. She offered information, details, advice, and conclusions. Another great reading, she's really good." ... written by Jenn
As always, Spicy is right on! She is one of the very few I trust here. She is about truth with compassion and caring. Love her so much!!! xoxo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
amazing!" ... written by angel
Awesome reading, been wanting to get Spicy's view on an issue and my life, and she was SO accurate!! Thanks so much Spicy!! " ... written by ME
great as always!" ... written by elizabeth
She seemed very honest and i appreciated that! It helped me" ... written by Ixchel
Awesome as always!" ... written by phyl
only amazing as always! words cannot express how much i love this girl or what she does for me! you want truth? facts? to get in someone else's mindset? yea, then Spicy is the one!!! i have been to others on here and they just told me what they thought i WANTED to hear... no arseholes, i wanted the TRUTH! Enter Spicy! you will be 100% satisfied with a one on one with her! go, do it! NOW! " ... written by Thattamturken
She was the sweetest and so funny! it was my first reading with her. I've seen her on her a lot and I have always wanted a reading and never did it and for some reason something told me to do so today. It felt like it was meant to be! She answered all my questions and shes fast! It felt like I was talking to my sister. I def recommend her!" ... written by linh
Connect quickly. Very accurate information and read people very well. Waiting for predictions but defo great person to get advise from." ... written by jel
she is very very good, she can connect and understand what's going on. Her advice is priceless" ... written by nicole
She is a breath of fresh air. Connected with me right away. I am going to listen to what you said and go from there. I have to stay grounded I will update you soon. Thank you xo" ... written by Enamorada
As always, Spicy is awesome. Sees clearly and always truthful!" ... written by Cat
This pretty little lady is SPOT on with her connections. uses no tools but her gift...a true white light! Well worth the funds!" ... written by pink
As usual very good advise and able to read and predict one's emotions very quickly. My go comfort when I need confirmation. Won't be disappointed" ... written by jel
connected very welll!" ... written by fgfdfdg
WOW! Great connection!" ... written by pink
OMG i liked her so much..she has great energy and really knows her stuff. Gives great advice and intuitive without the fluff.." ... written by Kayla
Awesome as always." ... written by Vrocks
Spicy is awesome. " ... written by makeup maven
Awesome Read!" ... written by loliprofe
Love her. She is incredibly helpful on all fronts. Love, career, etc. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Thank you, Iwish we had more time but she has a great talent." ... written by Lee
she is awesome! i would spend all my money on her lol" ... written by angel
Such an easy connection! Very quick with her information!" ... written by pink
Wonderful. She surprised me with what she saw. she was quite amazing" ... written by sweetcurls
She is great! details galore!" ... written by Elizabeth
ah i wish i could just give her all my money lol. shes not only psychic but a life coach!" ... written by angelbaby
she was great. very detailed." ... written by ilovedog
She is lovely and I love getting a reading from her. " ... written by Brianne
I love her! The best!" ... written by Elizabeth
She was very good I love talking to her she is a wonderful lady I would talk to her any time I give her 10 stars." ... written by Patricia
Absolutely AMAZING!" ... written by Jezzimo
a major prediction happened. this guy talked to me within the week she said. she is very connected with the situation and me. 100% tells the truth i love her to death!!!!" ... written by ghhgfhfgh
Looking forward to the prediction! Always spot on! Great adviser, always my go to person" ... written by Gel
Wonderful reading" ... written by Onslow
Well, just found a great psychic, read me and my boyfriend very well! Hope the predictions come true :)" ... written by lou
amazing intuition!available, kind! and accurate! she cares only to help your situation! therefore someone with a very good heart! abilities..extraordinary" ... written by caterina
First of all she cracks me up! Second, she's on point. Picks up details quickly and is accurate to boot. Spicy is on fire!" ... written by Jenn
first reading with her and shes amazing :)" ... written by melissa
Really great reader! Looking forward to predictions coming true. " ... written by Destiny
Love my Spicy! Seriously gifted! Great reading!" ... written by Ashley
Shes the best!" ... written by Elizabeth
awesome reading" ... written by rob
thank you that was awesome" ... written by growinglight
Spicy rocks. " ... written by Makeup Maven
L:)" ... written by
Shes basically the best! Picks up and connects quickly and gives you what she has no sugar coating! Lovee her!" ... written by Markita Brown
I love Spicy so much; she is like a sister to me. She can pick up on my energy so thoroughly; that's why I go back to her again and again. She is definitely one of the best readers here on Oranum. Thank you! xo Amanda" ... written by Amanda
always the best! hands down the best oranum has to offer. amazingly real and funny and insightful, will come back time and time again" ... written by kayla
Thank you os much for answering everything for me to point andamp; direct!!. So mcuh love! i will come bk for more" ... written by LL
I LOVE SPICY SOOOO MUCH! She is like a sister to me; that's why I keep coming back to her. She is always so full of encouragement. She won't sugar coat and is so right on with her predictions. Spicy is definitely one of the best readers on Oranum. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!! xoxo" ... written by amanda
she is sooo good!!" ... written by L
ma girl spicy =) how much i love talking to u and how its like bam straight like we never had stopped. mwah 1000 times. youre spot on with ppl" ... written by mm
read really well for me and someone im interested in. made a lot of sense good advice!" ... written by jc
girl thank you.for everything and esp being on night with us tense and anxious weirdos =) haha but seriously tho i loves you and the insights youve given me and standing by my side no matter what mwahh" ... written by mm
great reading - very honest..precise, she is definitely worth it" ... written by Ammer
She was amazing and we connected really fast….She is really honest which is what I love the most about her!! I would most def come back. " ... written by Deeeee
I love her :-) Thanks again!!" ... written by D
thank you thankyou!" ... written by md
i love her! xox" ... written by the world
It was a quick and honet reading - just what I needed! Thank you for clearing up things for me!" ... written by S.
Love my Spicy! She's great to talk to and really does have insight beyond what I've told anyone. Really interesting and intriguing to talk to. Give her a try because she won't disappoint." ... written by Ashley
I loved her so amazing" ... written by Melody Richardson
thank you for a phenomenal and oh so helpful and uplifting reading! great seeing you again" ... written by gemmie
Super detailed and sweet!" ... written by Elizabeth
i JUST LOVE HER. shes blunt, straight forward and honest. she has a great sense for my situation and gives great advice as well as predictions. " ... written by Dee
Spicy is the best!!" ... written by Elizabeth
Amazing as always." ... written by Jezzimo
My beautiful Spicy girl! She's always honest, direct, and on point. Five stars!!!" ... written by Billygirl54
love her!! so honest and accurate! " ... written by carlinw
she so funny. love her! And always always spot on!" ... written by lil sis
uhhhh~mazing!" ... written by Melinda
Super cool and very fast. She gave me good advices and saw the situation clearly. Thx :-)" ... written by Susanne
omg this gurl is really the bomb she is spicy for sure her readings are so spot on thank u spicy for sharing your gifts with us you are by far the best readers oranum has .. you are such an angel may you always be blessed an stay blessed love ya gurl thank u for the clarity an the reading today I will be back 4 sure woza you all stop right here no more wasting ya money on those freaks who will just tell ya what u want to here verses the truth spicy lays it out an I like that bout her real deal right here oh yeah thank u gurl u rock " ... written by angel
I love her, she is always spot on. I would highly recommend her" ... written by CK
she is the best andamp; superb i love her! always come bk , very genuine." ... written by L
Hey everyone, take this fun, spunky, and accurate lady for a private reading! I guarantee she'll tell you the truth and your reading will be fun, accurate, detailed, and informative. Spicy is just that good. I will certainly be back again for an update and to let her know her predictions came to pass." ... written by Jenn
great session" ... written by aida lozano
She is amzing :) " ... written by L
She's awesome!!!" ... written by Elizabeth
OMG love this gal and saw everything as it is. So amazing you are Spicy. Thank you for looking for me and I will always be back." ... written by ISLANDGIRL
Incredible reading - she descibed an apartment that i was looking at in fine detail....fast, good advice just a lovely and talented reader." ... written by Webster
WOW! Top reader! Great connection! She is absolutely wonderful...amazing and genuine...like a flashlight in a dark tunnel...Spicy...keep on shinning brightly! Love you! Blessings! Love andamp; Light!" ... written by g.
I always come back to Spicy. She will never steer you wrong. " ... written by Makeup Maven
great catching up! always very detailed" ... written by Elizabeth
SPICY IS AWESOME. Always come back. " ... written by makeupmaven
awesome!!!" ... written by HMR
Wow, she's amazing, thanks so much!!" ... written by B
she is good! i love her energy" ... written by L
great reading always picks up on my situation!!!" ... written by fdgfdg
I love my Spicy. She is honest, quick, and direct. She definitely gives the best advice. Her predictions come true. " ... written by Billygirl
she was very on point and BLUNT. she confirmed that my relatonship was over , and also that the guy interested in me wasnt someone i should consider. which was my concern as well. thank you!" ... written by luckylibra
Spicy is always wonderful and honest. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Thanks for the update:) Great!!" ... written by p
Thanks. She is great. Try her for guidance." ... written by See
Great reading, very informative." ... written by pinkpather30
im so glad i caught up with her, she has me DYING in pvt with her humor lmao but she gives the best advice. " ... written by angelbabx1231