About Sofiel

Psychic Sofielhas 20years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Sofielhas recently helped 24members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Sofiel's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I'm highly intuitive and clairvoyant. I do remote viewing, I do not waste time! BlessingsX

She had clarity, visions and more! She was accurate for me!" ... written by Mary
Quick connection and accurate on energy readings :) xoxox" ... written by Adis
Just had some resumed session with Sofiel and my oh my she never ceased to amaze me, so extremely quick and wonderfully accurate, she is very confident in delivering her message and truly help me to shed some light to the confusion that I have in my life. I will be back time over time to update her on what is going on with my life as I trust her insight!" ... written by E
This woman is FABULOUS! She connected so quick! She picked up on my occupation and was exact in just a few seconds! I couldnt believe it, she connected so well. She is very detailed and confident and doesnt waste your time. I highly recommend this woman! Im so excited for her predictions to pan out. FANTASTIC READER!" ... written by USA
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Courtney
Sofiel is amazing she read my situation so well and gave me answers to everything i need. She makes every effort to make you feel comfortable. Very quick and accurate. " ... written by Apoorva
Was ok, not bad. " ... written by was ok
Incredible lady, very intuitive. I look forward to the follow up reading very soon. " ... written by Tom
Youthful but does intuitively hit on accurate information. Not 100 percent but I would say accurate enough for her experience. I really do feel she will be incredibly stellar and super on point as she matures. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I gotta say I was pretty impressed by my reading with Sofiel, she was quick to pick up a connection and knew details about the people I asked about without telling her anything. She mixed up the energies with me and the person I was asking about at one point, but other than that she was accurate in her descriptions. Now I just have to wait to see if her predictions come true. I give her a thumb's up. for now. " ... written by Tripple_OhGee
She is awesome the absolute real deal psychic. I await more of her confirmations and predictions!" ... written by butterfly77lady
It's my 1st time with Sofiel but she was able to get down to my situation. She is spot on in several aspects. Will give update when her predictions come to pass! :)" ... written by HMR
Always feels great talking to sof! She's fast and gives time frames and details :)" ... written by Saloni
shes fabulous" ... written by rp
Seriously waited forever and a day for a reading with her. Connected very fast and her energy is awesome! Very accurate!" ... written by Tiffany
Holy Moly. She is pretty on point. Got me to a tee, I'm a pretty upbeat and positive person but certain things have hit a little hard over the past few months. As I'm regaining spiritual and physical strength the confirmations sofiel has provided have lifted some burdens that were playing in my mind. Thank you for the much needed information." ... written by TM
you are awesome!!!" ... written by m
she is awesome will be back for sure" ... written by ytsam44
Wow, she is very accurate, very accurate." ... written by butterfly77lady
SUCH a sweet lovely girl and HUGELY accurate psychic medium. She's REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!! I give her 10/10.... She connects so fast aswell and I didn't need to say anything really. She knew it all, thank you thank you thank you" ... written by K
clear perception of things coming up, quick on picking up things, honest, straight to the point, i am just going to have to wait and see now see what happens, thank you" ... written by Delicious
Wow, this lady is amazing. She tell me things about person I was asking in just about half a second after i mentioned his name. Very accurate description, without me have to say about the circumstances. Predicting something that I have not tell her before, she is just mind blowing. I will be back to her definitely!" ... written by E
She is so awesome, this is my second private with her. She is the real deal. Please take her to private before her rates change. She is the best on Oranum, the absolute best and very quick." ... written by butterfly77lady
very nice and empathetic" ... written by raysa
Sofiel was really fast and professional and she answered my question within the limited credits i had! :) ty so much! :)" ... written by Saloni
Had a quick reading with sofiel again and she was real fast and professional and provided lots of details too :) " ... written by Saloni
very good read very good connection very fast and happy " ... written by smallville
She is very blessed, took her in private and she certainly is gifted. I look forward to her prediction for me, and will take her advice based on what she picked up. Very happy with my reading, I'll be back." ... written by .
She is good and she is honest and true! I will be going back to her and she is a 5 star reader!" ... written by Jake
Awesome Psychic, answered all my questions with details and guidance about future happenings and cautions. Would definitely recommend. " ... written by Chandra
Ok, Sofiel has THE most amazing spirit and energy I've really ever encountered. Not only has she been 100 percent accurate in her predictions in the past, but while I was trying to find answers to my relationship problems that seemed impossible, she starts talking about his feelings and while shes saying them, he texts me and says almost the exact same thing. She is the real deal in terms of psychics on here!!!! Do not hesitate to take her private! SO happy." ... written by Jen
what a great reading, ,just waiting to see if other person really do feel the same,,,, ,will repost after I find out for sure" ... written by derrick
Coming back to Sofiel after a short private before and she just continued to amaze me. So patient and spot on and fast and accurate, make me alert on negative people around me and confirming things that I have been feelings for the past few months. Wonderful!" ... written by E
Good reading, wonderful reader. She says what she sees, good energies." ... written by .
wonderful" ... written by maria
shes really fast and great" ... written by realizing
she was fast and good!!" ... written by luckycharms12
Sofiel is a sweetheart. I really really enjoyed out private. She truly cares and tells things as she sees them. I really hope the things we talked about come true :)) thank you from the bottom of my heart again. You are an angel!" ... written by Sladj.
Welcome to the site! I have a main reader but I like to give newbies a try. She picked up on what his significant other looks like on just a name...a first name. And she knew what I have been working on as far as career wise. She also knew that I have been going through certain things and that I have lost weight. She is very friendly and understanding. She's not judgmental at all. Give her a try trust me it won't hurt. Thanks chick! " ... written by idol
She is a real deal! She got all the details without me telling her. Love her energy too, waiting for her prediction come to the pass, will update her again! " ... written by emily
shes really amazing thank you so much" ... written by rp
Had a followup...This reader is so pleasant and down to earth. She was able to confirm things clearly from past reading and present and future. She gave good advice for future...Will keep her posted." ... written by USA
Thank you so much Sofiel! You have accurately pinpointed my situation and definitely gave me some insight into what could be and would happen. Thank you so much for your positiveness and i pray that your timelines occur. She is very quick and describes everything well. Thank you!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
had an awesome reading with her! she was able to connect to my situation right away and was spot on her descriptions on certain things. will sure go back to her :)" ... written by HMR
connects really well thank you" ... written by realizingp
a true honest person she picked up that i was engaged to lynfa and i never gave her any information i was so shocked and gave me a time scale which was exactly waht i was given by someone else and to be totally honest she was so amazing she told me things about how lynda was and acting and gave me the best advice ever i will 100% trust in what she has told me" ... written by paul
Sofiel is very very fast and accurate! She pinpointed the first person i asked on a date without even me telling her. She predicted a few things for me, and so far everything has come true. Definitely have to put in my own work in order for the outcome to occur. She will not waste your time. Thank you!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
Amazing! and so lovely to talk to. So many details and very accurate! Wonderful reading :)" ... written by Muhsybean
Thank you very much! Very very good and worth talking to:), very accurate!" ... written by Angel
She was very honest and I trust her insights.. she didn't give me any false hopes about the guy in question. She actually confirmed my doubts about him. I'm really glad I came in today. Her love predictions for me line up with what I've been told." ... written by Mimi
WOW! she was a great reader. very quick connection!" ... written by Krissy
As always, very good and accurate!" ... written by CookieJan
she was really detailed on what to do. I recommend her" ... written by mawriealert
love her" ... written by -
clear, quick and understanding for a young wise person xox" ... written by freedm
WOW. First reading with her. She validated so many things; even down to physical appearance of the person I was asking about. I honestly know I will come to her again. So comforting, so spot on. Its a rare combination. :)" ... written by Kelsey
She is exceptional!! I love talking to Sofiel. I am a fairly new repeat client of hers, and I have found that she is great at picking up exactly what other people are thinking or going through. I appreciate her insights and guidance very much. She is genuinely invested and here to help. I highly recommend her." ... written by Mimi
sofiel is a great reader with lots of details and assurance, helped me figure out my path in life " ... written by av
connected quickly. I will take her advice and Im eager to see the end result. Will come back and let you know if it happens as she predicts. Fingers Crossed" ... written by B
great reading she was straight forward" ... written by Ryan
Sofiel is incredible. She connected so well and super quick. She is so wonderful and easy to talk to and so very understanding. I honestly just met this girl a couple days ago and I had to take her in for another reading as I was so impressed. She never ceases to amazing me! She goes in right away with what she gets with so much detail. She just spits it all out there as if she was right there with you in real life. She was able to pick up on certain details that I actually didn’t tell her or let her know before. I am glad she was able to pin point this particular detail as it definitely had my mouth drop. How could someone know that? Lol well a psychic would know. Also her descriptions of people for example my boss – spot on! It shows me she is definitely in tune and for sure she connected to me. Highly recommended. She is truly gifted. Accuracy and detail an A+++. Can’t wait to talk more. " ... written by LXS____
She is Fast and strait to the point. She is awesome." ... written by star
amazing,, ,she pick up on things I don't have to mention,,,,she's great" ... written by derick
She told me few things i wasn't aware of,, will definitely look out for this...... she was honest to the point and didn't tell me what i wanted to hear...her descriptions wer spot on...she is first person on site to get certain description of the guy i asked abt that no one in my 2 yrs on oranum picked up!!!!" ... written by ella
Accurate reading. She's very quick and insightful. Thanks for your reading. " ... written by Golden Amber
great!" ... written by barbara
thank you so much, connected really well thank you." ... written by rp
Wow!! She's really good!! Very honest and not sugar coating at all. I really recommend her to everyone." ... written by Sarah
She is so accurate with my reading. I highly recommend her" ... written by theodora
good reading, thank you , 5 star" ... written by gldn
shes amazing thank you sooo mcuh" ... written by rp
what a brilliant reader!!! really awesome connection, she picked up so many details :O I hope things come true like she said, great advice!" ... written by j
such a pleasure doing a reading with sofiel,honest and kind about everything that happends.its so make sense.thank you so much sofiel.bless u" ... written by viendax
Very informative and insightful!! She picks up on a lot and I believe she was right about the last guy in my life.. hopefully, she's right about this one too." ... written by Mimi
This is my second follow-up reading because this readers predictions have come to pass for me fairly soon after my first reading with her! I am consulting with her every step of the way to see myself through! She connects well!" ... written by USA
lover her energy and straight to the point, will come back for some more update!" ... written by emily
Very good at what she does, Does not waste time and gets to the point. I will definitely be back for another! " ... written by alex bower
Wonderful reading and update as always, she is someone i always go to during my critical time, she helped me figure out the outlook that happened in my surrounding and making the best decision out of it. always wonderful!" ... written by find
Amazing reading! No tools! " ... written by Sofiel
Thnkyou" ... written by
Very informative and helpful. Excellent!!! She tuned into what i was asking and gave sound answers. I look forward to seeing these things come forward in my life. Thank you so much!" ... written by linda
SHE IS GREAT! POSITIVE MINDED AND A LOT OF Information. I will definitely keep her updated on my love progress." ... written by Lizette
shes great!!" ... written by rp
WOW!! So much detail, so quick and described me and POI to a T!!! Fantastic!! was not expecting this at all. Gave me specific timeline as well. Thanks Sofiel, wonderful reading! " ... written by dg
Sofiel is an excellent psychic. She tell it as is and picks on everything. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Once again she nailed it! Excellent!" ... written by CookieJan
Grate psychic as always! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
lovely girl, lets see if the prediction unfolds..sounds good, highly recommend her, surely you wont be disappointed" ... written by rishma
As always, great!" ... written by CookieJan
Wow...excellent!" ... written by Sofiablessing
she is an awesome psychic. She is quick, extremely accurate and right on point. I really like her. She has great energy and just tells you like it is. Highly recommended!" ... written by ll
Sofiel is a very good reader and she see things and shes honest. I suggest her and she does have a lot of psychic sense. " ... written by Mary
Thanks for all. " ... written by knowing2013
Sofiel is very down to earth and she gives good insights! " ... written by Mary
Once again she is grate!" ... written by CookieJan
Sofiel is excellent!" ... written by CookieJan
Her clarification and guidance is pretty cool. Step by step instructions on what to do is awesome!" ... written by Mary
Sofi was awesome, she connected really quickly and told me what I needed to hear!! :) She was amazing! If you have not have had a reading with her you are really missing out! " ... written by Saloni
Sofiel is the real deal! Love her!" ... written by CookieJan
She was AMAZING. loved speaking with her she was so spot on! " ... written by sabi
She's good, felt very comfortable@, would definitely try her again" ... written by Kelle
I was impressed with her knowledge...please give her a try" ... written by M
Great reading,look forward to predictions" ... written by marion
Thanks for the read.. hope things work out..!" ... written by SS
Interesting reading, lots of information will come back :) thank you " ... written by Sherry
Very honest and clear guidance. Cares about her clients" ... written by angelszone
Quick to answer my question and gave me nice details and things to expect and how to deal with it. Good overall reading and everything seemed quite accurate." ... written by Lisa
She gave me some good insight to my situation. Thank You. Very honest and to the point." ... written by mc
Honest guidance. Good connection. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
she gave a very accurate reading, and eyeopener!!" ... written by jostein
right on point and accurate.Great reading...." ... written by computerluv
Wow! Just try her. You will not regret it!" ... written by B
She connect very quickly and is very accurate. I would definitely recommend her !!!" ... written by edysica
Fantastic read, honest and no time wasting" ... written by Rayhaan
honest advice" ... written by angelszone
So young so sweet so kind, and sooooo accurate Sofiel is amazing very quick no tools will be back." ... written by lorann23
very fasttttt and spot on ty sweetie" ... written by fast
very accurate picks up on things fast very good reader. should definitely take her private" ... written by dmarq
Sofiel helped me with remote viewing the areas of my house to see if there were any negative spirits! I am grateful she was available during this time!" ... written by Mary
Sofiel is a very good psychic and is always accurate about what she sees and predicts. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Good reading." ... written by sofiel
OMG first ever reading and she was spot on! Im amazed at her accuracy, description and everything! wow hoping that all her predictions pass :) xoxoxo" ... written by AdiS
Very caring and understanding...even with my silly and frequent" ... written by angelszone
wonderful" ... written by Rayhaan
good reading!!! i like her :)" ... written by ash
omg, amazing! she linked into my situation right away, without tools or anything and she gave me great news and info and was able to see into my situation but not only that, also guide me towards the steps i need to take in order to realize this outcome- most psychics will not do that! i will be back for sure, i have found a great gift in her! thanks a bunch and blessings xx " ... written by cheese
Thank you Sofiel for the reading, i really hope all your predictions come to pass real soon." ... written by LL
Sofiel is down to earth and is a clairvoyant reader that is very strong and she can use no tools. She will provide detail information and she will help you guide you to path" ... written by Mary
Sofiel is excellent psychic and picks on things very well!" ... written by CookieJan
Sofiel had some interesting info andamp; picked up on some unique facts! Can't wait to see what comes to fruition!" ... written by M
great great reader" ... written by oles
This was my first reading with Sofiel and she saw thing without I´m giving her a little hint. She described the person so well - amazing !Now I have to wait and hope that her predictions will come to pass.. Sofia is AWSOME!!!!" ... written by Sonia
Good first reading... will wait and see if her prediction comes true. Thanks! " ... written by Stephanie
Great reading, quite accurate too." ... written by flo
Wonderful update, even though the news was tough and its going be rough. What she said was tight but its right! " ... written by angelszone
very good knew a lot. I didn't say anything and she knew" ... written by sm
Time will tell." ... written by Beverly
Really sweets and caring reader. let hope her predications come to pass" ... written by sweetsx
This woman is absolutely amazing! She was spot on and I didn't have to say a thing! Contact her for the truth! She is a really gifted spiritual reader!" ... written by Stacy
Goodness, she is amazing. Such a delight to talk to her. Gives so much detail and advice. Picks up things accurately. wise beyond her years. I do recommend Sofiel. " ... written by RF
Good" ... written by SS
she gets it real quick!!!! will be back after 3 days!" ... written by really good
Thanks for your insights..!" ... written by SS
She was very incredible accurate. just said things that were spot on. knew exactly what she was talking about. definitely coming back " ... written by Monika
Sofiel was awesome. i am so glad i found her. she knew details about people and i didnt need to give her much info." ... written by Sofiel Rocks
OMG shes amazing, thanks!" ... written by p
Wow, amazing reader. God gifted intuition. " ... written by .
WOW! She was amazing.. She picked up on a ton of stuff with hardly any information." ... written by Robin
She is sweet, answered all my questions, and very personable. Thank you!" ... written by marie
I FEEL WE CONNECTED PRETTY WELL... SHE IS REALLY GOOD, AND SAW THINGS THAT OTHERS SAW, SHE CONFIRMED! OH THANKS SO MUCH... she is awesome...try her , u will love her too!!xo xo gifted!!!" ... written by T
She is good though she is ypung picked on everything" ... written by L
correct readings" ... written by Lwp
I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy that she picked up on in whats going on with my life. I am looking forward to her predictions and will definitely come back to her with updates. Great person and beautiful soul." ... written by jewelw203
such a lovely reading with sofiel.. shes quite a natural and the information flows effortlessly with her. " ... written by a
Amazing reading; it was really good, pretty accurate and I believe in her intuition and power waiting for predictions to pass and will update. Thank You! " ... written by Sher
One of the best and sweetest.. will get back for updates.. my first reading with her.." ... written by sofiel- new york
Great reading, tells you the truth :) Thanks!!" ... written by p
Correct readings" ... written by Tes
thank you so much.will definitely be back to update you.quick reading. thank you again" ... written by pearly
A very sweet reading and I adore that she was able to pick the energy of what was going on." ... written by tc
very sweet thanx" ... written by zimerili1
She was quick and very fast. didnt need much information but will give her an update in 2 weeks. " ... written by jesintha
Great reading, was really picking up a lot. Thank you!" ... written by Kate