About SiStarSpirit

Psychic SiStarSpirithas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SiStarSpirithas recently helped 42members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SiStarSpirit's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello and welcome! I am a Medium and Lightworker Specializing in Dreams, Healing, Energy Reading, Card Reading, and Spiritual Guidance. I do readings in any area of your life. Twin Flames, relationships, any unanswered questions you have. Contact with loved ones passed including pets. Natural born clairvoyant, empath, and psychic.

An excellent reader. Is very in tuned to energy and was really able to help me pick which path to choose in my current state of life. She was very personal and very kind. I'll definitely come to her again if the need so arises." ... written by SecretlyHoping
She was good." ... written by marion
She was accurate.... told me what I needed to hear. " ... written by june
Fabulous. Read him really well." ... written by mystical
Great energy! Connected and got right to the root of it. Awesome reading!!!" ... written by Drohem
Very nice person! Very helpful! Hit many things. Should have a reading with her. Wonderful!" ... written by katie
The reading was great. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Thanks Sistar! Good advice!" ... written by CA
Awesome lady! Gave me the clarification I needed :)" ... written by Meagan
Excellent reading! Thanks." ... written by asishwaraya63
Very helpful... Kind person. Thank you for your information." ... written by francine
Helpful! Thanks!" ... written by Maryanne
Got the answer I needed." ... written by myrna1960
Very honest and moving experience. Thank you. " ... written by Marcie
She was very tuned in....on point!" ... written by Oliva
Accurate reading, with a wealth of helpful information." ... written by Lburg
Very intuitive - picked up on a lot of info that was relevant to myself and my situation :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Good reading thank you" ... written by zimerili1
Love, love, love her energy. Great reading. Very insightful. 33 stars!" ... written by Daisy
She is awesome! She connects so quickly and accurately! I felt bad that she felt bad symptoms from my end. She is amazing. Connected with my dear grandma, which is like Christmas for me. Thank you for sharing your gifts with others. I will be back for updates! Great session! " ... written by Tiffany
Amazing!" ... written by amanda
Thank you for your help and trying to connect with my grandmother. I appreciated it. Take care" ... written by Kasey
Very kind soul. Channeled my grandma and delivered her massages to me. Thank you!" ... written by Lydiaesther
Great reading, very helpful." ... written by theresa
She got to a clear message in a confused situation... Thank you, good for me! Thanks." ... written by marina
I didn't want our session to end. There is something so beautiful and amazing about it when someone connects to a loved one who has passed on. I was able to hear from two very special, important family members of mine that I love and miss so dearly. One of the two being someone Ive waited such a long time to hear from. I am so very grateful for everything I got from my reading. I was given so much peace comfort. thank you SiStarSpirit." ... written by DsDeb04
She's great, and accurate, " ... written by Drummergirl
Great Reader!" ... written by TT
Thank you sistarspirit. 5 star reading and so nice and compassionate. I felt very warm and good after the reading. " ... written by barbara
Thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Great reading!!And she is so sweet! Felt so happy during my reading! Quick answers :)" ... written by Krissy
Gifted ability to connect immediately. SiStarSpirit was accurate and quick to the point. Truly beautiful soul with lots of insight. " ... written by Gene
The reading was general...But I fell some how satisfied.." ... written by Marcos
She helped me out alot ! i really liked her ." ... written by Gabrielle
Good energy, very lovely to talk to. Good connection - just make sure to have questions ready :)" ... written by Erin
Thanks for the great reading!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Sis was spot on with her accuracy, very Sweet person to talk to as well. Blessings!" ... written by Lucy117
Nailed it." ... written by stang93
Very lovely lady. Down to earth and realistic. I like her." ... written by Betty747
Very accurate and on point. Sistarspirit is a very kind soul." ... written by Aria
good detailed reading of where I am and how I need to move forward sistarspirit read with great intuition and showed a great knowledge of the cards , it was a great reading thankyou :) xx" ... written by Terri
She was right on in some of the things she said when connecting with my Dad. " ... written by Lisa
Thanks, Sistar Spirit!" ... written by S
SiStarSpirit was very good, she answered my questions and made me feel better about myself." ... written by butterflykelly
Really felt comfy chatting with her and my migraine took a little break ... what a help! I'll be back when I can." ... written by Betty 747
Had an understanding of my spiritual path." ... written by amber
Thank you so much sistar spirit you calmed my worries. I hope he does come see me soon I miss him and wish i cld understand everything hes going through but i guess its not my battle Thanks you again your amaing and wonderfully sweet and caring " ... written by elena
She was honest and sweet as could be. She has a personality that can brighten up anyones day. Third psychic I could trust with my questions. Thank you!" ... written by brittany
Very sincere and kind. She is a person with gifts and light I enjoyed my reading very much." ... written by devene page baca
Amazing very emotional reading for me She channeled with my grandfather who i didnt get to say goodbye to. Thank you for confirming his presence with me I have felt him so close to me since his passing whenever things got heavy and unbearable to deal with. She knew thru him that i didnt get to say goodbye and reassured me that hes ok and watching over me. THANK YOU sooo much for your messages. Messages from him meant so much to me she knew exactly how he passed without me saying a word I more than ever know now that he is truly my guardian angel and it means a lot that he is happy with my present relationship and situation. Will definitely be back. " ... written by elena
Just awesome...." ... written by dom
Thank you! Thank you! I needed this simple feeling of peace and you were very comforting, connected and sweet. It meant a lot to me that you were so willing to help and so gentle and sweet to talk to. God bless and keep doing what you're doing! Thank you!!! :D" ... written by Noor
Very caring and listens well. I felt her energy pass through me." ... written by Rainbowhays
Your reading gave me the uplift that I needed tonight and I am so happy I stopped by your room. Thanks, millions for your gift that you shared with me." ... written by Jean
She came through with Family and friends on my birthday." ... written by Elaine Faber
She got that right." ... written by onetruthlives
she is awesome! love her energy! very quick, and answered all my questions...thank you " ... written by scadoodle
Absolutely amazing reading! She was very tuned in to me and my energy! Contact her for the truth!!" ... written by Goddess Locs
Good reading. Will stop back!" ... written by Lisa
good egg" ... written by Lisa
Fantastic reading, nice compassionate person and gen" ... written by Eldridge Coleridge
great reading, good insight on relationships" ... written by Karis
The best healing and protections are here. I feel wonderful now:)Thanks a lot)God bless you:)" ... written by Nikolay
I recently spoke to SiStar Spirit. She proved to be highly intuitive and was able to read the situation like a book." ... written by Lightstar
She was fantastic!!!! Thank you." ... written by Iris
Thank you for the Awesome reading. I had that "OMG" reading and I appreciate your healing energy. You are so easy to talk with and I instantly felt at ease. We definitely connected and you have a wonderful, warmheartedness. Looking forward to my bright future as well as my son's. You have a gift. Thank you SiStarSpirit for sharing your insights." ... written by Carolyn
Very good." ... written by Debbie Quinn
SHE IS AMAZING !!" ... written by Christine
Took a short time to connect. But once connected she was getting everything. It was nice to pass messages to my loved ones. Genuine! and kind. " ... written by Tiffany
Great Session!" ... written by Star
It was so helpful!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Christine
Excellent... Thank you! Helped me to clarify my situation." ... written by Carrie
SiStarSpirit is a wonderful lady. She helps you to see things clearly whenever your world looks cloudy. She is a great lady, and definitely on point with her view of my life. I will definitely be back." ... written by Kim
She was comforting and not judgmental. She went through various methods to ensure that she was providing me with accurate information. I really appreciate her and her gift. 10 stars." ... written by Stacey Bryant
Awesome as always!!! love connecting to loved ones. She is quick, accurate, very kind and thankful for her sharing her gift with others! Will be back for updates!!! " ... written by Tiffany
Good reading." ... written by madhurkala
Thank you. The reading was Great!!!!!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
Was a very good reading, there was a good flow of energies and she really helped." ... written by Sammy
Thank you so much, she gave me so much peace about my grandmother, and I needed it terribly. :)" ... written by Talia
SiStarSpirit is AMAZING! She will amaze you with the thing's she knows! I really enjoyed my reading with her. She is worth every minute!" ... written by RedLuna
Very good advice. Will follow up with some meditation and come back to tell you the results. Many thanks"" ... written by Raphael
Very caring and informative and relevant. She is truly extremely gifted; many stars, and recommended. :)" ... written by Le Dollee
VERY QUICK and fast ! spot on about the questions. Thank you very much!" ... written by Ryan
happiness and love." ... written by Tardis_heart
Had to take her again. :) I recommend a card too!" ... written by emily
Great! she connected with spirit well. Of course, all we need to know, lies within us! but. We knew that. :) Thank you for the lovely read Sistar!" ... written by emily
AWESOME as always. Connects fast accurate, warm and genuine" ... written by Tiffany
Wonderful reading... Got some encouragement from my grandmother who passed away in 2009... Very accurate! " ... written by Laura
Great readings and very sweet Lady. Will be back for another reading. " ... written by rc
She was good. Very helpful. I liked her a lot!!" ... written by amy
Intuitive..recommend!" ... written by Bhanu
Really positive, friendly lady, calming and helpful. Insightful and what I needed. Try her. I liked her face and smile , so clicked, feels like I've known her for ever and trusted her with my private thoughts. She helped me quell my worries with sage wisdom, advice and non judgmental support." ... written by lilaclullabelle
very good. connected well with some aspects." ... written by mikooloo
Amazing!!!! She brought me to tears!!!! Connected with both my grandparents!" ... written by Becca03
Love her! She always is accurate and honest and connects so fast! She is amazing!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
Thanks, hit some points that are valid. " ... written by Carol
She was really good on giving me direction on what I need. I got comfort and a sense of calm by talking to her." ... written by Liz
thank you very much. You really did help me, and you now about me everything is like you are my angel . god bless you " ... written by judy
she was informative. The real deal" ... written by rich
She was answering my question quickly and precisely. I am glad that I called" ... written by irena
Another gr8 reading. Thank You Hun" ... written by Anulkaa
She answered all of my questions in the short time I had, and glad I spoke with her! " ... written by Erika
SiStar is a VERY good medium, connected with my passed loved ones and gave there messages! All of which I understood and felt there love and blessings. Also, SiStar read my current issues and gave some great advice. I highly recommend her for any type of reading or issue you have! Many blessings and will be back soon! Thank you! " ... written by Lynda22
I love it again gr8 reeding. Thank You so much i will back again for another awsome reading" ... written by Anulkaa
she was quick andamp; accurate..didnt have much time." ... written by aqua
love her outlook on life and her advice" ... written by dbrewer
Very intuitive with natural ability to "see" things. Amazing how she knew names of who I was talking about without me telling her. A true psychic!" ... written by Amber
Sistar spirit was amazeing, She told me things I really needed to know about my daughter who has passed on. I felt so much better after my reading. thank you so much and I will be back soon after I listen to the song. " ... written by Gkoria66
This is my first reading with SiStar. I have been in her room many times but not had the pleasure of having a reading. She is very good at picking up issues surrounding my awakening. The cards she pulled were dead on. Thanks SiStar :)" ... written by Laura
was hoping for more psychic reading, but her oracle and angel readings was spot on and absolutely perfect. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Joyce Alman
awsome!!!!!!!" ... written by seanb
She is very nice! I like her a lot. She is helpful too and accurate! Perfect !" ... written by Sofia
You are awesome!!!" ... written by Lina
she knew things, which led me to believe she is real, skilled, and legite. She has a pleasant speaking voice, easy to understand, and is very compassionate." ... written by ssgkboo
Thank you.. good connection.. was correct on points discussed." ... written by Ceeclouds77
AS ALWAYS GR8 REEDING " ... written by Anulkaa
WOW!!Sistarspirit was very good she picked up right on my situation and knew exactly how i was feeling. I felt a connection here. Thank you:) very relieving and soothing reading:)" ... written by Ceeclouds77
Very good psychic and advisor. Aslso kind and great listener" ... written by barbara
Very nice lady, got straight to the point and very clear. Thank U" ... written by h
SHE IS AMAZING. Another Fantastic reading. I will back soon" ... written by Anulkaa
One card one day and 3 cards the next - incredible and to the point … helping me move forward " ... written by Loris Puglia
Amazing reading .Another gr8 reading she knows answer for all my questions . I recomend and will back soon" ... written by Anulkaa
SiStarSpirit is wonderful!!! She is so gentle and kind. I loved her reading and the intuition she has with the cards is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
great and nice reader thank you" ... written by love
She is Magic amazing full prosesional another gr8 readin and i hope not last for me" ... written by Anulkaa
SiStarSpirit was right on with everything she said. Quick and accurate" ... written by AscendingNow
She gives you a really good look on how things work. You'll learn from her as she helps you." ... written by RuinofDarkness
good reading thanks " ... written by v
very good reader" ... written by kim
sistarspirit connected so strongly to me and gave an excellent uplifting reading. i highly reccommend that you give her a try. she will make your day! :)" ... written by lauren rayner
Very sweet, sincere, intuitive, attentive! I would read with her again!" ... written by seaofpeace
Thank you " ... written by Sandeep
Very helpful , thank you" ... written by s
Simply The Best !!!!! reading I ever had. She is Amazing and THE BEST wow . Thank You again for another fantastic reading. I will back again soon." ... written by Ann
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
I will have to check out the info, but thank you for your time and kindness" ... written by judi
Definitely gave me insight on what I asked; however, it was not as fast and the reading seemed as if it was general advice." ... written by Tesa
thank you again for sharing your gifts. blessed lady." ... written by judi
She is very warm and Kind. It was a good reading :)" ... written by JellyBell
Very nice and honest." ... written by Vivienne
quick and doesn't waste time, hope things are going good for now" ... written by cc
I love Sistarspirit, she is awesome always so kind and smiling a beautiful person and beautiful soul. Great private reading very accurate was able to pick up on my situation fast, made sense ! 100 stars for her out of a 100. Great abilities ! Stay blessed ! See you soon :)" ... written by j
Wonderful insight, accurate reading, very kind heart. I will come back for her advice!" ... written by Karin
She gave me a very good reading, which made sense of a lot of confusing behavior. Highly recommend her." ... written by L
xxxxxxxx thank you" ... written by kalihart
nice and accurate , to the point . no time wastage ." ... written by goldenstar
excelent, which didnt have so many bad connections. will try to connect one more time" ... written by patricia
very sweet lady. felt i was being asked a lot of questions than her doing her job. :" ... written by magical Mike
I ended this session in tears. I've needed this kind of peace and healing for awhile now. She connected with my mom and gave me confirmation it was my mom. You have an amazing gift. You heal people in a way that most people can't. You've helped me beyond words. I can't wait to visit back with you again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless." ... written by Jenna
AWESOMESAUCE!!! What ana amazing reading !!!! LOVE HER!!!! XOXOXO" ... written by tamjones
She's very soft spoken sweet person. Super nice. " ... written by luxxicon
She was very considerate and gave me the quick and direct answer to what i wanted to know and her delivery was so calm and relaxing and she didn't rush it at all. highly highly recommended. 5 stars." ... written by megabee9
She was very able to see the situation clearly. I will definitely get another reading from her :)" ... written by M
very nice and kind lady. i appreciate the time and effort and she was very accurate" ... written by a
good reading connected to sister made me feel more confident about the house and strong enough to do what i have to do... very nice lady and would recommend" ... written by egyptiancat
Very sweet Knew what she was talking about :)" ... written by anastasia
she was very loving and compassionate. quick to pick up and told me things about my past....way past. Id see her again for a reading for sure!" ... written by cittylove
thanks for the great reading. i know now i do not have to walk on the same path anymore. i am ready to walk on a different and better path now" ... written by angelswhisper49
gives a very good reading..gave me hope and patients to deal with the situation. will take her advice and move forward with working on myself but keeping communication open.." ... written by cherie
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! This is my second time chatting with you about my mom and each time you help me get that much farther in my healing process!! You are truly blessed and amazing at what you do! Thank you I will be back in the next few months!!! God bless! " ... written by Jenna
I had an excellent reading and am more confident that my farm will yield more crops during the growing season. " ... written by Rick
She was good and was very honest with her answers.. I would come back again..." ... written by peacegal
I needed clarification on something that has been going on lately in my house and she definitely helped to shed some light on what I wanted to find out. Will do another reading with you in the future. =)" ... written by Tidarut
she told me exactly what i wanted to know I was pleased with her" ... written by Auetereka23
she's super nice and used her pendulum for my yes/no questions. she doesn't waste time either" ... written by m
She acted as a medium for my husband who died. So compassionate. Made me cry. It was very healing to connect with my husband. Money could not put a price on something like that. I hope you don't hesitate to receive your healing as well. Your in good hands." ... written by Christina Swenson
She was a great help... cleared a lot up for me! great reader! " ... written by Drummergirl
tuned into the energy that was coming to me and gave me some good information and things to research " ... written by andrew
Wonderful reading, great insight and connection here. I loved it and will be back." ... written by .
Great reading - interesting new insights into my life! Thank you so much for the beautiful reading (even though it didn't really last), dearest SiStarSpirit! " ... written by Jerace
She did very well and I hope her prediction is true!!! Can't wait to see what happens :)" ... written by Empress0312
everything she said right to the T, will f/u up with her in a couple of weeks" ... written by patricia
Another Fantastic Reading WOW . She is Amazing i will back soon again " ... written by Annulka
A very good reader. she was spot on!" ... written by Vanessa
OMG She is honestly the best reader on Oranum! There's something magical about her abilities and how she connects. I will keep coming back! luv her" ... written by anulkaa
Wow!!! SistarSpirit is truly the best at this site! She awes and amazes me every time I have a reading with her. I love her and will keep coming back! Thanks and Blessings!" ... written by Ann
good reading like the last I had" ... written by helpmejesus
WONDERFUL READING!! SiStarSpirit is amazing! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Summer
She connected really well with my energy! I was very anxious and she picked up on that, even my headache!" ... written by Lynsey Hogan
SiStarSpirit is so pleasant and encouraging! Truthful and positive. I enjoyed my reading. Thank you!!" ... written by Brandy
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
She's always Awesome!!! Thank You Sistar! for another gr8 reading i will back again for sure" ... written by Ann
SiStar Spirit is truly talented and gifted at helping people. I will keep coming back for readings as she is worth the time and energy. She is a healer, and a treasure to work with, and be helped spiritually!!! Try her you WONT be disappointed!" ... written by Ann
thank you so much. such a gentle blessed loving soul with nothing but honesty and good intentions. cleared things up for me and re connected me with my heart. xxx" ... written by nicmoxham71
Enlightening reading from a nice lady thank you." ... written by Amanda
thank you so much for helping me through this time..." ... written by leo
This was a wonderful eye opening session. I had no particular question in mind but she just flowed with information to help with everything I am going through. Gave me insight on a lot of things spiritually that I needed to know as well. Thank you :)" ... written by Tierra
lovely reading! " ... written by Tiffany
Sis was so accurate in connecting with my daughter in the demo, and then again tonight. She was good about answering my questions. She was very clear. I thank her for the reading. Blessings to u Sis." ... written by Janine
Thank You you were right as usual. Best Reader on Oranum by far. I will back again soon" ... written by Ann
I love all her wisdom and insight! She has helped me in ways I cant describe. Give her a try. i will back again " ... written by Ann
Very helpful to help me see clearer" ... written by ava
Really nice reading. Got what I wanted to know. Lovely lady :)" ... written by Victoria
Thankyou for your reading" ... written by Ray
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Nice! Awesome person! " ... written by g
Good relaxing sessions" ... written by Nikolay
It was friendly and nice service. I was satisfied." ... written by Nikolay
Felt more like a counsel session than a psychic reading but was very helpful and friendly. " ... written by Dana
Absolutely amazing!! I came to star for some peace and I have found it. There was one little detail in the reading that she spoke on that she would of never known unless I told her. It was shocking yet comforting and peaceful. Give her a try she is great! " ... written by KL
amazing energy reader fun to talk to" ... written by Robert
Wonderful help thanks =) " ... written by Cat
she was correct and truthful about everything!!!! she is wonderful and should be rated as higher I give her 10 stars ********** thank you for her!!! thank you siStar for the healing and psychic advice!!!!" ... written by INDIGOSTARLIGHTS/lashanda
great reading. I wanted to connect with my life partner who passed away a year ago today and she did just that. He was there and I got exactly what I wanted." ... written by Jim
Great (: got to speak with my grandmother, thank you so much." ... written by Nick
Very nice healing session.feel relaxed than ever:)" ... written by Nikolay
She is really good...I like my readings with her..." ... written by Neh
I highly recommended , She helps a lot (knows everything)" ... written by Gabbi
Wonderful! non judgmental, I learned a lot :) there was never any pressure and I felt very comfortable with her. She has a very positive, caring energy. Left the reading with a new insight on my issue and how to resolve it. " ... written by Minia
very open and nonjudgemental spirit, understanding and kind!" ... written by Kayla
I have been going to Sistar for a while now. she is always very accurate. She picked up on my loved one and was very accurate w her descriptions. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by angel40289
omg!! wonderful accurate reading !!! she's so lovely and so gifted beyond!! thank you!!" ... written by tamjones
She had good advice---between mic andamp; Cam difficulties andamp; my child it made it hard to connect--- making my time go by WAY TO FAST, not getting to everything!! None the less what was spoken was good advice- I'll try to soak it up andamp; practice some firmness. . . with my violet aura! :-) " ... written by Brandy
Thank you!" ... written by HJ
She reassured me and validated so much in the reading." ... written by Tardis_heart
great advice, great skill, good to know she is in your corner." ... written by tardis
SisterSpirit was VERY ACCURATE! she is really amazing!!! she is deftnessy able to tune in to the situation and the person most definitely! " ... written by Angelica
SiStarSpirit is warm, compassionate, and friendly." ... written by H
Wonderful reader. Answered all my questions with truth and encouragement. Her angel cards are very accurate. Even the hard stuff was answered with grace. I am grateful and will be back I'm sure." ... written by ,
incredible as usual .. this woman is a true gift to mankind!! let her read you , you will not be disappointed!! " ... written by tamjones
She is very down to earth. Kind. And tuned in. Good reading." ... written by A
Thanks for the reading. Really nice" ... written by Jose
Time went too fast" ... written by jayne55
Thank you Sistar. She is very compassionate. " ... written by Sandeep
Thanks for your help. Had an amazing relaxation session" ... written by Nikolay
She connected very fast and nice person. " ... written by emily
thank you for the help" ... written by joey198402
Awesome " ... written by S
very, very surprised, i can just say, sistarspirit is very modest and down to earth, with such big gift from god, her reading was more than real, accurate, and on spot" ... written by iza 528
fantastic...had to end the session before had time to really get into it, but thought she was right on and will connect again soon." ... written by lornalulu
100% Amazing... extremely helpful to me...will return again for another private message later on ...." ... written by KatatonicSugar
Simply The Best !!!!!!! Amazing reading. Back for more soon " ... written by Gabbi
Good reading from her and insightful. Good advice for me to follow. " ... written by Stacil
lovely lady lovely help" ... written by chris
very great and on point! Enjoyed my session!" ... written by anonymous
Great Reading " ... written by Joseph
She connected and knew so many things. I found great peace and comfort. I am very happy I came to her room. What a wonderful person for answering what I needed to know. Somethings were even unexpected but 100 percent accurate. Thank you!!" ... written by Grateful4all
i know what i need to do she was very sweet" ... written by victoria
Shari is a really lovely reader. She gives great empathetic and kind advice." ... written by Champers11
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Excellent Reader!!!!!! She made my day. I now feel peaceful." ... written by Enchanted3
Nice reader. I will come back" ... written by Enchanted3
Omg.....She told me why this situation occur. I wish I had more $. God bless you sistarspirit" ... written by Enchanted3
Very good" ... written by Nikolay
Thank you so much for the reading. :) I'm glad the cards were the same as when you did the demo for me. I will continue to do as you suggested. Thank you!" ... written by Jenny
she is good" ... written by f
This was my first reading with SiStarSpirit and it was absolutely amazing. I got great psychic insight and guidance from her; she is honest, accurate and has a compassionate approach. I will be back for a follow-up reading in the future. Thank you." ... written by JL
.........very compassionate" ... written by ssgkboo
very elaborate reading, very accurate, explained everything well. enjoyed, and will come back" ... written by Mari
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
Just had my 2nd reading with SiStarSpirit and it was excellent yet again...she read into my spirit and offered psychic insights and guidance that I found valuable. I took a lot away from this reading and will have to update her in the future after I have worked on some things in regards to my life path. I highly recommend a reading with her!" ... written by JL
kind, helpful, honest, and supportive reader." ... written by pearl
So kind, very helpful. Honest and doesn't waste time. Lovely person" ... written by Zoe
Awsome reading! Answered all my questions!" ... written by elisagisel
Thank you for the nice reading.." ... written by StarrVision
Thank you. Will take that advice. " ... written by Lily
Another excellent reading, highly recommend SiStarSpirit." ... written by JL
She was very kind and nice, she did try to help" ... written by johnsonforprez
Connected to my situation... " ... written by Aaron
A very wise woman. She has very sound advice and helps to give new perspectives on your current situation. Thank you for your time :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate