About Seherezada82

Psychic Seherezada82has 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Seherezada82has recently helped 52members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Seherezada82's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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ONLY 1,99 WHOLE NOVEMBER! MY NAME IS SEHEREZÁDÉ AND IM HERE TO HELP YOU! Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I was different. I felt emotions that others did not and first correctly predicted a death at the tender age of 10. My natural gifts only grew stronger with time and in-depth study.I believe that we are in control of our own path and destiny .

Hello Monica, we talked together last Friday. Im really surprised because what you said about my husband came true. The other day I found out that he is seeing someone else. I feel terrible but I want to thank you for your support and help. Your reading was honest even if I couldnt believe it. I rated you 5 stars!!" ... written by Jackline
Very Honest. Shes amazing. I will come back for more. " ... written by remixx_3
Very good, positive and nice. I will come back to talk to her. " ... written by lesliehampton
Monika doesn't waste your minutes, gives you info straight forward, and let you know WHAT you need to know. Always honest and giving. Worth every penny and more!" ... written by KMA
She`s very warm and I love talking to her almost whenever i can. She tells me not to worry and I trust her judgement" ... written by Delly23
She`s always so positive and she tells me what she when i have any worries. Highly reccomended" ... written by Delly23
Love talking to this woman. She is amazing" ... written by Delly23
A good read." ... written by reicaa
Lovley Lady gave great in site to my issues was able to give detailed info. She gave me the truth! she very Honest ! 5 stars + 5 more ..Thank You and God Bless!" ... written by queenbee22
Very nice reading! Thank you very much! :))" ... written by marmar
Very detailed with her readings. She sees a lot of things and warns me about certain things. What an insight now i`m really curious. Thank you" ... written by Delly23
Thank you! relaxing about school will really help-i have a lot of work to do i see. I need to focus on being positive. " ... written by miasha
Good, great!" ... written by maravilloso002
Thank you very much. I will come back again." ... written by Mark
Very lovely Lady. Thank you!" ... written by LovedMarco
She is really great and comforting. Remembers prior readings and gives sound counsel. I'd recommend her. " ... written by dstufra1
The best psychic ever!!! Very honest very nice and very readings" ... written by susubabyy92
She was great! Read very quickly with her tarot spread into my situation, and was very kind and helpful and most of all always brought me and my stubborn thoughts back to the present, and away from the past. lol. You could be a good horse trainer! Very friendly and diplomatic how you did that. lol. And everything she said made total sense and was similar to what I felt as well. I will come back! " ... written by LoveBeing
She was very on point and gave me accurate insights. She told me she did not want to give me false hope and told me only what she saw. I trust her. Thank you very much Monika!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by trmills928
Very lovely reading! I love the fact that she showed me the spread while she was laying out the cards.She also took the time out to explain what all the cards meant in my spread. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading and she helped me with calming my thoughts! I highly recommend her! " ... written by Nona29
Hand down one of the best." ... written by delly23
Loved talking with her! She put my mind to ease and I feel much better now :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
Loved her...was to the point." ... written by vrinda113
She was so kind and honest and accurate. She was able to grasp on all my confusion! I really enjoyed her reading, she is so gifted, thank you so much Seherezada821, you were amazing, seriously, thank you! " ... written by blueberrypigs
Excellent! Picked up on situation right away, answered all my questions, gave details." ... written by vc1976
Loved her reading. Very detailed and positive. Will add her to my favorites :) " ... written by d2k1000
I think that you were really great - thankyou for your help" ... written by missygirly
Thank u Mon! Very direct to the point reader." ... written by kazy
awesome!" ... written by timkoh
SO GOOD! a true reader with talent. I like her. Second reading, and while she didnt remember my reading from last time, she picked up on my situation again and her cards said the same. Love that she shows you her shufflign and the cards she chooses, makes me believe she is not just pretending to pick up a card. one of the best on here, try her!" ... written by charmedangelx31
Very clear and positive reading. I really enjoyed it. " ... written by kosmosss
I love talking to her! She reassured me about my situation and I trust she is right." ... written by iPreferMimi
Very good reading and was detailed. I like her honesty and ability in reading the cards. I will definitely have a reading with her again. She was great! " ... written by Chanej
SHE IS VERYGOOD, CLEAR N ACCURATE,... nice n beautiful lady,.." ... written by pop
Very nice... and could see that she really felt and seen what i was asking... hope to talk again soon thank you so much" ... written by thumperbonbon420
She put my mind at ease and assured me of positive changes. i can't wait. Monica was upfront and tells it as she sees it. Great reading! Thanks Monica." ... written by ceffie
She was very fast and very friendly. I did not have to give but basic information and she picked up on my situation very clearly. I enjoyed our read very much and will speak with her again. Thank you again. God bless." ... written by geoff007
Time sis up! Very accurate, nice girl. " ... written by vjrei01
I really enjoyed talking too her, very Postive." ... written by lovingtigger
She is sweet, kind and wonderful on point and accurate 100%" ... written by swhope999
She was really great i will be back" ... written by swhope999
Today the reading proved to come true :) :) :) I'm so surprised, pleasantly of course :) " ... written by manijhe
Absolutely super reading and very professional" ... written by Mike
always on the money" ... written by christi1
Brief session. Got out of it what I needed. Thanks." ... written by maarten
LOVE HER! I come back all the time, very accurate, great advice. gives me a peace of mind" ... written by Maria
she is very intuitive, accurate and honest. thank you!" ... written by angus1972
She is the only psychic on here that actually knew things that I didn't tell her! She is very helpful and amazingly accurate! She gets right down to the point, and doesn't waste time. I will definitely go to only her again when I need to. Thanks :)" ... written by sfathizadeh
Very honest reading! I will contact her again. :-)" ... written by AName2
Very good ! (:" ... written by Danielle104333
I felt sooo happy to know what my love will be like in the future!! thank you again you are wonderful!!!" ... written by loveb1980
Monika is really good. please go to her and ask her any questions as she can answer!" ... written by timkoh
Love her honesty was her thing " ... written by Jdhova3659
Excellent reading :-)" ... written by Bojan99
What a fabulous reading! she was quick, professional, insightful and kind. very very helpful for clarifying the confusion surrounding my question. what a gift she is and has! thank you!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
Wow what an amazing reading. Her reading was very accurate and full of details. She is right on point..I would definietly be back for more readings with Seherezada82 in the near future, I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed." ... written by Lucy117
I feel she is right in what she reads so will just stay postive thank you for your advice." ... written by shane1111
Very clear, caring, intuitive and helpful" ... written by maryannepav
She was lovely. Fast, honest, kind. Just want you want in a reader. " ... written by VV
Second visit and got real validation! Wow" ... written by araketanara
My goodness how insightful was Seherezada! She definitely gave me a good read and loved that she showed me the spread as she went through the reading. Without saying a word about my situation just asking a question about myself and the party involved and she was able to tell me exactly what I thought about the situation as it stands currently and some great details of the future! While I wish the time frame was shorter, it's still a good outcome so we shall see when/how this all comes to fruition! ;)" ... written by crzdnem
She was wonderful and right on about what has been going on for me!" ... written by gemmie
Very very nice and very accurate...she was quick and to the point...thank you!" ... written by dreamer65
Enjoyed her reading...confirmed things that I didn't say or that she knew. " ... written by jade6996
Terrific lady, spoke the truth. didn't sugarcoat .very accurate on details" ... written by sycammer781
LOVELY...WILL GET BACK SOON...SHE IS TOO GOOD." ... written by vrinda113
Very frank and precise,satisfied with her reading.highly recommend to try her out.thanks for your help Seherezada82 :)" ... written by azvik13
Fantastic reading I highly recommend. Will be back dear thank yoou" ... written by Lorann23
Hi Monica, thank you for your reading, you right about everything" ... written by LovedMarco
I give you 5 stars!!!!" ... written by LovedMarco
Very helpful." ... written by mespino
Tells it as it is. was able to clarify the situation and helped me out. thanks!!" ... written by enterchange
Awesome read! She is a beautiful person. She made me feel grateful and confident about my situation. I would definitely recommend! One of the best on Oranum! :-) " ... written by Tishiab
I am very happy with results will come back ." ... written by arieslover23
She was terrific! Thank you so much." ... written by amandamarie82
Lovely and thorough, thank you ;-)" ... written by plegacy
Very very accurate the cards showed exactly what is happening in the situation and saw things that i had not mentioned to her, deff will come back as a customer for more readings :)" ... written by dabeyra
Very Good! She confirmed everything" ... written by Retsy44
Honest and very helpful, I would recommend her to anyone who really wants help. " ... written by simplybe2012
All I did was give her my date of birth and she provided detailed answers to my questions. She is very genuine and her advice is most sincere. I will be back again to seek advice from her in the future." ... written by Carmen
This lady does speak the truth... I am impressed" ... written by langerat
Great reading and truthful." ... written by madame1
She is really honest and a good woman, thank you" ... written by menutnoel
Great, the best!" ... written by veezee
AMAZING, as always. Sees things so clearly!" ... written by ra
She was honest and quick, gave me hope when I had none. Even better was the fact that she knew me without me telling her anything. " ... written by IndigoBlues
Monika thanx!!!!!!!" ... written by LovedMarco
I went to a lot of psychics but this girl just rocks ! Amazing reading session.I highly recommend her !" ... written by Kadir
Your reading was so helpful to me tonight. Looking forward to the good things that you saw. Thanks Monika!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Lovely lady, very honest and to the point!!" ... written by AlysiumDream
She is a very good listener and has helped me alot." ... written by beautiful_redd
Very honest and accurate! thank you" ... written by hellokittylynii
Gave me the conformation I needed. She is calm and trustworthy. I will be back." ... written by tara
Wonderful as always!" ... written by gemmie
Great reading" ... written by maryannepav
I have to admit she was very accurate. I literally gave her barely any information and she predicted what other psychics told me as well, but in a more detailed and confident fashion. I guess I found my favorite psychic." ... written by polandbetter
SHE IS VERY POSITIVE!" ... written by lokteev1
She was very good and straight to the point " ... written by snowwhite75
Thank u it was good,want to do it in future too!" ... written by from_8mile
I loved her! She was amazing and very understanding!" ... written by mandybrknstocks
Accurate so far" ... written by jasminepapas
Honest." ... written by jermiraline13272
She was very kind and I think she helped me alot to see what I needed. But I recommend her because she is worth the time:)" ... written by AngelaLeahD
Excellent right on point. very honest, and accurate." ... written by josephine18
I didn't even have to tell her and she knew what i wanted to know." ... written by sext313
Good honest reading and showed her deck so no confusion. " ... written by jswede1149
Monica has been helping me through a very tough time. I simply can't deny how real she and her ability is. Each time my cards are the same as she consults them about my situation and as she shows you when she's pulling the cards there is no doubt about the fact they are coming up because they are meant to. She keeps it very honest and is very helpful in explaining to you the specifics of cards that show up in your spread. I'm very pleased to have Monica here to help me as she's upfront and honest! If you want that, please don't pass her by. She will tell you truth, not just what you want to hear and we all need people like that in our lives! I have faith my situation will turn out as marvelous as it does in her cards! :)" ... written by crzdnem
Excellent reading as always! she is one of my favorite! " ... written by Retsy44
She was very accurate and I will definitely come back to speak to her again. Thank you so much!" ... written by blancagarza0830
Thank you so very much....i felt that you understood the situation and spoke with truth and kindness xoxoxo" ... written by babay88
Wonderful! Highly recommend." ... written by patch12
:)" ... written by Daedalus23
She was straight and to the point. very helpful." ... written by beetlenut
Thank you have given me the hope to keep going again thank you," ... written by shane1111
Wow..super confident..very assuring.. She has been right for me before.. She is one of few that I seek.." ... written by lilliableu
Always like coming to Monika for updates she lets me know where my situation lies at the moment and helps me with insight to make the decisions I feel best for the better of my future. " ... written by crzdnem
Very helpful and caring" ... written by maryannepav
Good" ... written by lamas1
Very good reading i saw the cards being laid out clearly,, spot on to what i feel 2 so i thank this psychic very much :) xx" ... written by f999111
Wow... she is very good, had so much insight to what is going on with me right now.. I have wanted to read with her but never did until now.. You must read with her she know a lot!! :) Thank you soo much for helping me out. I can relax now xxx" ... written by butterflywings10
So sweet! You confirmed everything I had an intuition about. I needed some reassurance. Thanks so much!! :)" ... written by positivity08
Thank you! You are wonderful. Sad we ran out of time :( I really appreciate your honesty and advice, and I wish you all the best!! xx" ... written by positivity08
Fantastic reading I highly recommend." ... written by Lorann23
Great reading as always " ... written by tgilliam
Thank you. Helped me see that what I was sensing from him was right." ... written by rlp183
Too good n very very accurate to the point and picks up all details very well great help really appreciate. Thanks a lot!" ... written by hemal79
I thought she was rather nice, She used language that seem rather clear. She gave me a little confidence. Knowing that this period is nearly over helps a lot." ... written by sodafication
On track, I recommend to my friends" ... written by 12aqua
Definitely my favorite psychic. I came to her again because I needed advice and a lot of the same cards showed up. She's good I recommend her! Thank you so much Monika. Will be back again to tell you how everything turns out" ... written by ninjakitty88
Thanks for your reading. Will let you know if you are right. Take care" ... written by sunny3107
Good " ... written by librana
Hi seherez thank u for the good reading and good advice before, u knew things i havent metion and offered a good advice thanks many mroe blessings to come and to ur family" ... written by isis03
Very straight forward,true,guiding and very sweet.pls do talk to her once u wll know" ... written by rani4you
Thanks to Monika for helping me out in my situation and telling me what she sees coming to me in the future. I'm quite certain things will turn around for me either way in life and I'm prepared to be happy with whichever road comes up and I decide to take! Thanks again :)" ... written by crzdnem
Very accurate... great reading. " ... written by cammyboo
Reassuring...:-)" ... written by spiritualgirl1
I think she is very good and she helped me see things" ... written by missygirly
What an amazing woman. She reaffirmed what i already knew. She did know things that I never told her about. I'll be back in the future." ... written by leti89
Terrific reading, very helpful" ... written by gemmie
Very good will definatly come back :) " ... written by jamie_lee
She is so accurate and fast, helps me with every situation I have. Thanks" ... written by delly23
Wow, she picked up on things that I did not say and saw things very accurately. Very honest and without hesitation she tells as it is and gives great advice." ... written by yas
Good" ... written by marsylyttle
Very good" ... written by florwer85
Very good." ... written by florwer85
Thank you so much." ... written by delly23
Very open and informative. I would recommend her to anyone needing advice " ... written by trustfaith
I have never done a reading before. She was very nice and explained what the cards meant. " ... written by clevegal77
Thank you" ... written by mmd1990
She was awesome was on point my time was up but I got a few good hints to my situation will be back in contact. Thank you love. Be blessed!" ... written by chinkz19
Great and quick!" ... written by tiffanymarie212
Thanks....nice read. Hope to see it happen." ... written by judithn
Pretty accurate and specific.want to see whether this works.thanku" ... written by rani4you
I hope everything she said will come true. I love her energy., " ... written by confusedgirl1234
OMG, time went by so fast but I loved her tarot reading." ... written by severa91
Lovely reading, very impressive! Thank you so much for the insight, I will definitely come to see you again." ... written by Naseth
Monika is AMAZING!!! I've had several readings with her andamp;amp; she has been on point every time. Her gift is REAL I would recommend her 110% if you want an honest reading." ... written by AngelD459
Monika is a very nice and caring person. Her readings have helped me to focus on my dreams and goals." ... written by 2205sandra
Thank you SO much for your abilities and direction.. I believe I may have found my soulmate Victoria." ... written by ZrowKool
Just wonderful and truthful, thank you" ... written by freebecca
Very honest and informative." ... written by intimama
She was great, thank you so much!" ... written by cammyboo
Loved the way she shows the cards and explains it well. Thank you! Time will tell :)" ... written by Summer84
Just had reading with Seherezada was very honest all things werent what i wanted to hear but still yet honest im going to continue to pray for change in my situation i believe in true love and will hang on to that hope cant wait for my next reading thank you much love" ... written by cadesgirl
Thank you so much for your abilities and direction.. I believe I may have found my soulmate Victoria." ... written by ZrowKool
Thank you SO much for your abilities and direction.. I believe I may have found my soulmate Victoria. Most people find someone they are compatible with and love deeply, but it is an incredibility rare and special thing to find your soulmate. I have never felt anything even remotely close and I was with my ex-finance for 8 years and we were incredibility happy together. However I worked 1st shift and my ex worked 3rd shift and we both agreed that it was enough for the two of us but not to raise a child. Now that I have met Victoria all I want is the chance to prove it to her that she is my soulmate or fail on my own merits. Because of Monika and her abilities and direction I have that chance. Victoria has brought an incredible light into my life and I will do my best to show her that. I am ETERNALLY grateful to Monika for her abilities she will always be be in my prayers now and I am thankful am able to consult her in the future. Sincerely, Troy" ... written by ZrowKool
Interesting and to the point. I look forward to see if what she said will manifest....I will be back." ... written by TM
Interesting." ... written by fretan
Monica was just Awesome, this was my 2nd reading with her and she just was right on point very accurate, with lots of details.I'll definitely be back for more readings in the future. Give her a chance she is amazing in her readings you won't be disappointed." ... written by Lucy117
I called on Seherezada, And she was there for me. I needed specific answers to some questions for understanding. She helped me to see what was happening and what was ahead for me. It really put me at ease. It's because of her guidance I've been able to make decisions that really benefit and protect me. I highly recommend her if you want a real psychics help. She's the real thing." ... written by peaceofmind3
This is the second read that I have had with her and again she was very precise and straight to the point on what she saw and what she gave the answer she did. She is a delight to speak with and I would recommend her to anyone for a private reading. Thanks again and god bless." ... written by geoff007
Monika reads so quickly and i love seeing the cards drawn. She is very comforting and I truly believe in her!!!! Reading was fantastic for me and she is so professional as well!!! " ... written by leogirl
A frighteningly accurate reading, very much appreciated her honesty despite it being sad news for myself but deep down you know its true! Highly recommend to anybody wanting some clarity and if you are not mesmerised by her reading you will be mesmerised by her beautiful face;) Thanks again" ... written by Dominiclee
She is very excellent! she is very skilled and very on target! I wait to talk to her when I need to find out the truth! " ... written by elizabethomuniz
I went back to get some issues resolved that is was feeling and i had exactly the same outcome as last time i had a reading,,, so im very settled in myself and at ease thanks to seherezada,,, thank again for putting my mind at ease u are an angel xxx" ... written by f999111
Shes great" ... written by ohabigail
Very good ! (: " ... written by Danielle104333
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Got to the point, she is very good, she confirmed what I already felt thank you made my night" ... written by nani1972
What can I say? SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!! NO FOOLING AROUND!! She guides in true light and wisdom. No other psychic has helped in the crucial time as she has. This is a gifted woman and dear friend. Thanks so much! I will return and highly recommend. " ... written by peaceofmind3
Thank you!" ... written by mmd1990
Excellent reading! very, very, very helpful!! xoxo" ... written by divinegoodness
Very quick, direct and clear. You can tell she is very in tune with her cards." ... written by MjOcho
This was my first reading. Monika was straight and to the point. The no nonsense approach was perfect and no time was wasted. I will be sure to visit her again. Thank you Monika...:-)" ... written by Reginald88
Catching up on what I missed earlier." ... written by MALEX3007
Great as always " ... written by MALEX3007
Thank you so much" ... written by mmd1990
I love her she is so accurate im glad i found her she is a god send!!!" ... written by nani1972
Her readings are always very detailed...she is accurate and sees things so clearly. Such an impressive reader...clearly gifted...and very talented!" ... written by yas
Multiple readings with her... she is by far the most accurate and reliable psychic on this website... I will return as usual and highly recommend!" ... written by leti89
Seems very insightful and very nice. gotta wait and see now =)" ... written by 3rdrocket
Excellent as ever, very clear and accurate." ... written by maryannepav
As always! She was awesome! :)" ... written by Tishiab
She's nice and straight to be point...waiting for her predictions to come true" ... written by winterhot
Xoxox to this psychic! Amazing reading! Coming back for sure! In a little time I got so much info!" ... written by msnikki20
I can see why she consistently gets good feedback. thank you." ... written by python1234
I'm going through such a rough time at the moment, she is amazing and accurate. My cards are not positive but in a sense negative, but she has been right on which has allowed me to deal with my situation a little better. I will return as always and highly recommend." ... written by leti89
She was right on target on my situation and my gut feelings were right with what her reading said. She gave honest and did not sugarcoat anything. Thank you." ... written by Jaqueline73
I like her reading very much... will come back again" ... written by nominal
Intuitive and quick to respond.Hope predictions come true. Thank you. " ... written by av
I love your beautiful mind, ur gentle soul and above all your kind heart and the peaceful aura about you.. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me be at peace and giving me hope,hopefully these beautiful predictions will come true in time ... " ... written by thankxx
Gave me a very positive reading I believe that she is accurate will have to wait and see if predictions come true" ... written by smiley2011
Awesome she hit straight to my heart" ... written by senita0816
Very honest answers and advice, thank you so much. I really needed to hear these things." ... written by frustrated67
Thank you so much !!!! My computer was frozen and you were very patient. Great reading!!!" ... written by tgilliam
Prediction came to pass just as it did in my reading with her months ago! She's quick and answers your questions with no extra fluff! " ... written by Nona29
She has not been wrong about her readings. All has been as she stated, I am going through a rough period and she has helped alleviate some of my stress.. I love this woman and highly recommend" ... written by leti8989
Second time with her and she was right first time so I guess she will be again. Thank you for being empathic, quick and good at what you do :)" ... written by emotions
Very goood,,brilliant...very friendly and kind" ... written by soveunier
Thank you for the insight and advice, i will look forward to it. (^_^)" ... written by yoshizawa
The insight was good. I felt a strong connection with psychic" ... written by maravilloso002
The best of the best....I really love her...." ... written by lucie30
Monika is always excellent and right now, types very fast." ... written by Ruby
Fantastic....really helpful...and i really feel that she tells u like it is...thank you x" ... written by babay88
Wow Monika! You have such a great gift! Will Consult again in the near future!" ... written by msnikki20
Understanding and good!" ... written by quaz61
Very very informative" ... written by russel3
Fast typer, very insightful. looking forward to the future and her readings. will definitely come back thank you!" ... written by fitchchic5
She was really helpful and made me feel so much better, thank you!" ... written by cammyboo
Love getting my updates from Monika, she explains the cards so clear what she sees and what she feels just from the spread outcome. She is honest about what she sees and doesn't and that keeps me coming back, probably too much but she's too good! :D If you're looking for an honest read on a relationship do not hesitate to see her because she will tell you exactly as she sees it whether it is in your favor or not. Be prepared for the honest truth, however she is kind and will help uplift you no matter the outcome good or bad. Thanks Monika and hope your recovery continues to go well! :)" ... written by crzdnem
Positive Reading... She is very positive reader... Thank you for being so patient, I didn't feel rushed. Outstanding!!! God Bless You!" ... written by geminineil2011
Thank you for the honesty! Always appreciated." ... written by Jellybean
Thanks for everything. You have been great help, as always, and I will be back soon." ... written by Nikky
Awesome and honest!!! She brought tears to my eye with her honsety and kindness. Thank you so much,from the bottom of my heart. " ... written by tgilliam
I dont even know where to begin! Very insightful, thorough,.." ... written by Tara
She is absolutely amazing, accurate, card readings are extremely accurate, will blow ur mind!!!" ... written by LULUPILY13
Have to return back, will update. Ran out of funds, wonderful so far!" ... written by scorpionqueen
Had a wonderful reading with her. She has amazing insights! Will update her, thanks a million." ... written by scorpionqueen
Brilliant, she is a superb lady, i wanted to talk to her more and more,, she is very kind i will always come back and talk to u" ... written by sk
She is so wonderful..thank you so much" ... written by dreamer65
She is very kind and showed me my cards. I needed some advice and I'm glad I came to her thank you so much Seherezada82! I will tell you how everything turns out :)" ... written by ninjakitty88
You definitely put my mind at ease and I hope that your prediction comes true! I greatly appreciated this reading." ... written by justinsensei
She was very nice and honest ... I liked her alot " ... written by LoveLYBEE
4th visit and she has been right with everything she has told me.....very kind and understanding and connects very quick...i will be back for sure..thank you xx" ... written by babay88
Great and extra fast!" ... written by Lorib87
She was amazing! she didn't hold back on anything she saw with her cards, and she typed everything which is great so i could really understand what was being seen. much of her intuition seemed spot on. definitely will go to her again. " ... written by abyss00
Good reading ..... wish had more credits ..... will come back again :)" ... written by CharmingShreya
She was very kind and understanding. She was very intuitive to my situation. I loved my reading. It was different from any reading I've ever had." ... written by ijamrocha
She is quick and to the point... Does not take her time... And a fast typist! Thank you for your insights!" ... written by romanmm01
Very cool psychic accurate, fast and to the point no messing around." ... written by ZrowKool
Very good!" ... written by ZrowKool
When I was in my moment of greatest despair God spoke to me, he reached into the darkness and led me straight to Monika. Shortly after I met Monika I found one who I love completely, my soulmate I believe. I don't know this yet but I feel it and time will reveal what I have suspected all along is true. All I can say is that I have never been happier or more confident than I am right now. When that time comes for I one I love to decide if she feels what I feel I will offer myself to her. All that I am, all of my being, all of my flaws, all that makes me special and all I ask in return is her love and to share this life with me. Without Monika's help I never would have been able to find this special person and for that I am andamp;quot;eternallyandamp;quot; grateful to her and I wish her love, light, and peace. I also possess the andamp;quot;giftandamp;quot; an if the only thing it ever did was to lead me to Monika who helped me find that special person I want to spend the rest of my life with then that is more than I could ever have hoped." ... written by ZrowKool
It was very pleasant talking to her and she really is very kind and helpful. Thank you very much for the reading:)" ... written by maria50t
Excellent as always, very helpful" ... written by maryannepav
Too good and very acurate answers the best" ... written by hemal79
I have had several readings now with Monika,each one very insighful. She is so nice to talk to and explains the cards very well. It's nice that she shows the cards to you also! Highly recommend!" ... written by fairy086
Spot on reader very accurate, friendly and quick, thank you." ... written by bellbell48
Great reading, quick, does not waste your time or money... Definitely give her a try!" ... written by Hims82
Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LULUPILY13
She is very special! I like her style!" ... written by quaz61
Absolutely amazing. Spot on regarding the exact details of the situation which I didn't even hint at. She's incredible." ... written by LovedMarco
Seherezada82 is a nice lady very accurate with the reading thanks again " ... written by marybeth1love
Very good reader and very accurate!" ... written by fatcatcook
AMAZING!!" ... written by Pam_mie
She was really nice and good and very helpful." ... written by daresh12
Monica was amazing as always in her reading. Very accurate with details this was my 4th reading with her and I was just astonished. No sugar coating she gives you the truth. Looking forward to more readings with her in the future..." ... written by Lucy117
Love her, she's truly gifted and amazing psychic!" ... written by Pam_mie
Thank you!!!" ... written by lalee0405
She is the only one I use for my readings at this point. So accurate and honest with complete understanding and sincerity. I've had multiple readings with her over several months and she has helped me through some turbulent times. Highly recommended!" ... written by leti8989
Thank you! Thank You!" ... written by bubblelove33
Very good and helpful." ... written by simondifab
Seherezada82 was wonderful! She showed me cards and explained what each meant. Compassionate and patient. I will definitely be back!!!! GREAT READING!! Thank you!" ... written by lilly19610
I had my first reading with her, and I have to say that she is very clear and gives in depth descriptions of what is going on. Now it is just time for me to wait and see if everything will work out. Will keep you posted." ... written by allerena
I decided to give Seherezada82 a try, and she did not disappoint at all! Her reading was quite spot on, and she was very detailed in her reading. I was very happy with the results. No disappointment whatsoever. Looking forward to having her predictions come true! Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
Best reading ever! thank you" ... written by from_8mile
SHE IS GOOD N ACCURATE" ... written by ppp
Really great to connect with someone who can read the cards and understand the life changes we all go through. found peace and know I can trust my gut as comfirmed by the cards." ... written by Cindyoggfire
:)))))))))))))" ... written by Zee125
I have had 3 readings so far and i came to her today due to a prediction that has just happened....thank you so much....waiting for further predictions and will be back for more...ty xx" ... written by babay88
Very to the point and connected with my situation well...i hope her predictions come true will def contacther in the future" ... written by candyla
Helpful as always!" ... written by gemmie
Excellent quick" ... written by LULUPILY13
Great reading, super nice and empathetic. She helped me so much! I would deff come back to her" ... written by sweetchildintime
Great as always!" ... written by LovedMarco
She has very interesting cards, she gave me good advice." ... written by Katja87
Awesome, I really like the way she did her reading and her cards are so cute. She answered all the questions very quickly and she shows the cards, I liked that!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
I see that my cards were the same about 2 months ago to now. Thank you" ... written by loveb1980
Honest psychic. Like her" ... written by Salomah
Great and on point as always! Always enjoy my reading" ... written by chellehale
GOOD" ... written by ppp
Love, love your insight!" ... written by Tara
Excellent!" ... written by fairy086
OUTSTANDING AWESOME AMAZING readings from the psychic, she is indeed so accurate and in detailed. Thank you so much ..." ... written by home888
She has a nice energy. I will keep it post it :)" ... written by xicabella
Very accurate, fast, and honest with results. I would describe it as not always what you"want" to hear but what you "need" to hear - that is the nature of truth." ... written by ZrowKool
Very helpful and insightful!!" ... written by daeisha22
Monica is very professional. I like how she shows you the cards and explains everything very clearly." ... written by florwer85
Monika helps me through by giving me what she sees in her cards and feels about my situation based on what she's pulled for me. There's no guesses or conjecture if she sees something good she will tell you, if she sees something that worries her she tells you. She doesn't blow smoke and only point out the good of your situation, if there are bumps along the way you should know about she will let you know and show you what she feels based on the cards. " ... written by crzdnem
Very accurate reading. Helpful in so man ways. Thank you very much for your help!" ... written by KC0145
Wonderful as always!! " ... written by fatcatcook
She is an excellent card reader and can help you find your way" ... written by gemmie
Very good reading thanks monika" ... written by maria1211
I always enjoy her readings and they are very accurate. :)" ... written by Zee125
A wonderful experience. vision and compassion helped me come to a conclusion to a situation which has caused much turmoil in my life. highly recommend." ... written by spiritualized1
She is compassionate and has an intuitive understanding of the subtext of the situation without having to be told. She gives good advice and is a guide in ambiguous situations." ... written by ZrowKool
Love talking to here :)" ... written by prettylove12
Thank you so much for the advice! Excellent reading! I promise to come back for more. 100% recommended!" ... written by melaniecz15
Excellent in her reading." ... written by thebestfriend22
She is very kind and honest. She will not hold back the truth if you want it. I enjoy my readings with her every time!" ... written by ijamrocha
Very good!" ... written by jamira76
Consistent readings... she is by far #1 tarot reader here... I leave a review because I have been consulting her for the past few months and her readings are spot on... I highly recommend" ... written by leti8989
She was excellent and can have this reading again." ... written by moyra1979
THANK YOU!" ... written by ppp
Great Read omg" ... written by quaz61
A real sweet toe and said it the way it is" ... written by quaz61
Always there for me...with precious guidance and prayers." ... written by Lola
She is fantastic! Trust me in this! She was worth my money! Every cent! " ... written by Lureii
Great as always!!" ... written by LovedMarco
I came to her again and she is good as always. I highly recommend her! She is really good." ... written by ninjakitty88
As always Monika is consistent in her readings. Such an amazing reader and her rating is so well deserved." ... written by leogirl
Seherezada is a good person to consult when you are unsure of what course of action to take. She helps clarify each path so that you are able to make a better choice than you would have been able to before." ... written by ZrowKool
Gives direction when asked and can determine your current obsticles without being told and help you to overcome them." ... written by ZrowKool
Awwsum experience.. :))" ... written by tanvi008
I enjoyed my reading with her alot. she was so calm and friendly. very accurate with her readings. feel much better now after my private chat. very honest. tell you what you need to hear and might not be what you want to hear. would definitely recommend her 101%" ... written by precious123
I have been coming to her for months now... She is amazing, she is honest and her readings are consistent... sometimes the reading isn't positive to what we want... but honesty is what i want. She is very accurate and I highly recommend as always" ... written by leti98
I like my readings with with her honest and straight forward, and explains what she sees. I would recommend my friends to her for sure !" ... written by 12aqua
Good Astrologer." ... written by reema001234
Wonderful as always!" ... written by LovedMarco
Very positive...her cards speaks truth." ... written by rani4you
Nice person.hope of life." ... written by rani4you
Angel, whatever she told came out true for me. Pls continue to reach her!" ... written by rani4you
Seherezada was absolutely wonderful. She was right on point. Very understanding and positive!" ... written by Joanna93
Very sweet and fast....Cannot wait to see if all will come to pass...Thank you" ... written by Rescume8
Always great! I come back for advice and she gave me a good one. I trust her with my heart and hope what she said is going to happen xxxx " ... written by Pam_mie
Very on the top with her gift!" ... written by april02
Great and honest!" ... written by LovedMarco
Wish I had more time with her. Gave me a really good key piece of information!" ... written by galletta516
Great reading. Valuable insights that helped me alot. Highly recommended." ... written by Mark
Worth the rate." ... written by LovedMarco
Monika was absolutely amazing! I had the most wonderful experience with her. She sets off this very calm and peaceful vibe that makes you feel at ease. She's very on point and gave me honest answers and opinions. She was my very first online psychic and I must say, I am so happy it was her. She has a very warm and beautiful smile too:)" ... written by msgellkin
She gives her honest opinion every time. If she sees it she says it, " ... written by Zee125
Thank you. It was fast and useful information. :)" ... written by gabriela80
She talks only truth. Very helpful..." ... written by rani4you
Very nice and accurate reading, calming personality" ... written by redpillbluepill
Great reading. " ... written by MrsChung1
Helped me out with a problem I was not sure she would be able to." ... written by ZrowKool
If their is confusion regarding a situation for me there is always much less after consulting with Monika. As such I am able to be much more decisive, aggressive, and confident in the choices I decide to pursue which is very helpful." ... written by ZrowKool
Loved the reading, very helpful." ... written by maryannepav
Seemed to be a good reading, but will have to see how predictions turn out. " ... written by sparkly1
Always good!!!!!" ... written by bubblelove33
Very accurate and very helpful. Must say she is an favourite!" ... written by rani4you
Monica is very nice and to the point. Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by mhon27
Excellent as usual and a lot of help." ... written by maryannepav
Very good reading" ... written by michelle12455
Honest as always and accurate. " ... written by Zee125
She gave me very detailed reading and picked exactly the situacion which I have been going through.." ... written by Karen
Very nice and accurate reading from her! She is my favorite." ... written by LovedMarco
Her prediction did not come true" ... written by winterhot
Me gusto mucho, muy buenos consejos!" ... written by rcarlos
Excellent as usual!" ... written by maryannepav
She is amazingly accurate! You won't be disappointed!!" ... written by megannn22
Very honest and ethical reader! Last reading came to fruition--The bad and the good! And that's what I love about her. She will tell me the good things and the not-so-good things, so that I can be properly prepared for the situations. I can always count on her to tell me only what she sees and not feed me a fairytale story. I prefer to use readers that use the gypsy or lenormand-type cards as they are scarily accurate with reading a situation and giving predictions that actually happen. Seherezada is one of those readers and she is very reliable for me! " ... written by Nona29
Thanks!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Excellent as usual and very supportive!" ... written by maryannepav
Great cards very nice reading she's wonderful Gave me more Clarity on my issues God Bless" ... written by queenbee22
Got very good predictions and very helpful!" ... written by mtenorio29
She is great as usual... doesn't waste your time, straight to the point!" ... written by LovedMarco
Her reading was accurate and she picked up on a lot of things... Thank you!!" ... written by Jessica
One of my favourite! Would definitely recommend her to my friends." ... written by LovedMarco
She seemed to hit it. I'm new to this and wasn't sure what to expect. She was nice and seemed correct about my situation." ... written by goldielocks
Always a good reading :)" ... written by Zee125
A very deep and honest reading - very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by amandaball
One of my faves! She uses a unique Lenormand deck and her readings always reflect my current situation and what she sees happening in the future does indeed happen. Previous reading came to pass and my update reading today looks great and what I know things to be! Thank you again!" ... written by Nona29
She is a great reader, would highly recommend her." ... written by 1111warlock
She was great!" ... written by LovedMarco
Very good reading. She was quick and detailed. Not what I wanted to hear/read but she provided the truth as she sees it. Thank you!" ... written by LovedMarco
Wow what can I say , she is great - wish I had more credits , straight to the point. Thank you very much!" ... written by rick8677
Wow!! Excellent!!! I can't believe.... I think I got my favorite psychic on Oanum. Thank you very much!! Very accurate.....I'm hoping for the predictions to come true.. I will be back and tell you guys! Thanks so much! I'm so happy :)" ... written by precious88
Shes straight forward, doesnt beat around the bush, thats what i like. thanks ! hope what you say comes true." ... written by stebella009
Great and to the point!" ... written by Debbie
I like her so much and she is seeing good things coming my way can't wait will come back. :) Same cards" ... written by ninjakitty88
Thank you :andamp;quot;) i will try to stay strong. you are so caring and positive." ... written by yoshizawa
Amazing reading! Thanks for the clarity!" ... written by agnieska13
She answered all my questions and she was great, I will be back for help and answers from her again, thank you Seherezada82!" ... written by louise2203
Talented and is very accurate with the details." ... written by ZrowKool
She was very open and honest! Very good picked up on many things right away. Take her to private!!!! She is good!" ... written by nytango1234
Nice chatting, good girlfriend, accurate, picked up on what I wanted, well, thanks." ... written by from_8mile
Very detailed and predicts what was happening with just providing DOB and name... Excellent.. Will speak to her again." ... written by hansol00e
Very frank reading!" ... written by Scott
Monika is so accurate with her readings. Every time I come back I am delighted with her readings. The same cards have come up for my situation over and over again and she is brill at explaining the meanings. Well worth a private talk! Thanks, Monika!!!" ... written by fairy086
Positive and great reading, full of hope and light.. " ... written by psychiclove38
I seem to always leave reviews for Monika... She has been my favorite here on oranum, she is consistent, direct and honest, my cards are not always positive, but reading with her and the consistent nature of her readings has helped me cope through some difficult times. I highly recommend her.... " ... written by leti98
I just love Monika's reading. She is so specific and honest in her details. Really-really good!!!!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Excellent." ... written by LULUPILY13
Great as usual!" ... written by LovedMarco
Great and honest! Highly recommended!" ... written by LovedMarco
She is brilliant, and her tarot readings are shockingly accurate. The cards showed exactly what's happening, and I didn't say much. It's so helpful to know what's really going on, and she is honest, sincere and truly caring." ... written by Leslie
Another great reading! Thank you!" ... written by LovedMarco
Honest and straight forward. She picked up on the situation right away and provided me with accurate and timely feedback. Thank You very much. " ... written by winterwitche
Wow, So good! So kind and understanding. I will be talking to Seherezada again! " ... written by JohnA888
She was great, got right to the point, saw everything perfectly even from the distance..." ... written by Anastasia
I thought she was quite accurate. " ... written by carolt2213
She was awesome and very talented." ... written by Tamara
Rating for reading on 4/25. I have to say that her prediction came true. So I gave another five stars. She was very accurate in my situation and I am so thankful for that. I would recomend her for everyone!!" ... written by LovedMarco
She is absolutly worth every time and every penny. Her work is just amazing and her predictions come true." ... written by Jessica
Very nice and to the point... I will wait for the reading to unfold itself and see the results... I will keep you posted." ... written by allerena
A very good reading and very accurate. " ... written by Scott
Absolutely brilliant! I recommend everyone to get a reading from her to prove that she won't disappoint you. " ... written by sanjuvv
Mi amiga mejor! she gave me insight and interesting info about love and career. I will have to wait and see something happen soon :)" ... written by maravilloso002
Very good and accurate. She picks up every detail and tell you what you didn't mention. She is the best psychic so far!" ... written by hemal79
Great reader!" ... written by Chloe28
She is very honest and always tells the true. I would recomend her for everyone!" ... written by LovedMarco
Great so great...never changes her answers " ... written by ericasant84
Definitely worth it! I keep coming back to her! :)" ... written by Summer84
Another great reading.... Thank you!!" ... written by Jessica
Very accurate with no information hardly needed. Explains cards in details. Would recommend highly. " ... written by fairykiss1972
Her readings are very pleasing." ... written by ziggy23
I am very comfortable with her... She confirmed my thoughts andamp;amp; feelings on things andamp; provided good advice on what to do... Accurate andamp; insightful! Thank you :)" ... written by rolinsand
WOW, what a great readig, thank you so much" ... written by corvettime02
Very honest and quick. Thank you so much! Just what I needed to know :)" ... written by livehappy70
Great great session!!! She told me what I needed to hear.. " ... written by allerena
Seherezada is a great psychic. She inform me alot of things that will happen and is happening; was very helpful. Thank you." ... written by myeyesee
Shes just an amazing reader." ... written by syl507
She is quick and thorough with the cards and the answers. gets right down to business and will not waste your time. good insights - well worth it" ... written by TrueSpirit
Very helpful and insightful! Great reading and highly recommended! Thank you! " ... written by annabedda86
Seherezada is awesome she is kind,patience and understanding. would recommend her to anyone" ... written by angelbaby25
Very calm and friendly. I hope what she says comes true! Thanks monica!" ... written by stebella009
Always excellent and warm." ... written by maryannepav
Always a great reading ...ty xx" ... written by babay88
Amazing, again!" ... written by JohnA888
Wowww shes' so amazing and fast and accurate in telling all the truth. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee reading she gave me. Thanks a looot shweety. Will definitely have more with u :) Bless u dear!" ... written by z_star22
Nice one Monika. Good news then bad then good again.... Thank you for your honesty. You've given me lots to think about.and look forward to." ... written by Mellen
Very kind and honest. I just love talking to her. " ... written by Scott
Outstanding reading! " ... written by LovedMarco
She is quick and accurate. Connects and gets right down to business. No chit chat - You won't be wasting your time! :)" ... written by TrueSpirit
Very awesome! I am really pleased with my reading and will definitely come back again! She immediately understood my question and was quick with advice that I will most certainly use!" ... written by Jessie711
Very accurate, fast typer and quick to the point." ... written by Daniella
Picked up very quickly always appreciate for her reading, " ... written by from_8mile
One of the best on here. Her predictions never change! " ... written by LovedMarco
Great straight forward answers, very happy. Thank you" ... written by nickibey
Outstanding reading and abilities. Will be back again for sure." ... written by Scott
She is very helpful and gives you a positive vibe. I think she's pretty accurate and tells you the truth even though it may hurt, which I think is a good thing. " ... written by beatricebee
Great as always!" ... written by LovedMarco
I am so thrilled by my reading, and am amazed by what you picked up. You are definitely one of the best on Oranum and I will be back to update you again. thank you so very much" ... written by leogirl
Answered questions very quickly and directly. Very honest. Seems accurate and I'll keep you updated on predictions :)" ... written by antoinette89
Very good" ... written by Twinheart
GREAT READER ! The best and most accurate yet I've had on this site." ... written by Smiling
Very kind and helpful person. It was great talking to her and I will do it again. Very acurate and straight to the point." ... written by Ann
Thanks very much for you help." ... written by phonetalk
GOOD ONE, trust me,..." ... written by ppp
I must say that all she predicted came true. She is one of the best!!!!!!" ... written by LovedMarco
Very detailed and very good advice...thanks so much!" ... written by thanya
Very good reader, detailed and gives you great insight." ... written by nickellme
Great straight forward answers, very happy. Thank you" ... written by nickibey
Great straight forward answers, good insight into what is happening around me. Thank you so much" ... written by nickibey
One of the best readings I have had. Very honest, clear and nice. Thank you for helping me out " ... written by irybak
Very great feeling and reading." ... written by vuduqn
She is absolutely wonderful! Totally recommend her to anyone looking for the truth." ... written by Antygone
Excellent! She's easy to talk to and has genuine second sight. I'll definitely come back to her in future." ... written by Antygone
Outstanding reading!" ... written by LovedMarco
Great! Really helped me clarify my thoughts." ... written by htclark
That was cool" ... written by Coolio
Lovely lady, who really connects with the situation. Thank you sooo much for putting my mind at rest :)" ... written by Layla
Thank you for giving me hope in the darkest hour .. please pray for me." ... written by buncat
Thanks Zada, That was exactly how I thought of the situation I am in." ... written by phone_talk06
You always tell me whats going on!! I dont need to spend tons of money! She goes to the point and she is honest!! " ... written by starwars44
She is amazing and fast!" ... written by teisin00
She is so incredible. Love how she deals the cards and lays them infront of the cam for me to see, amazing :)" ... written by eetswaa1
Thank u ..will talk to him about it this weekend. :) hope that things will turn out well soon!" ... written by linn115
Coming back ...urgghh.. just when she is telling me exciting things!!! " ... written by linn115
Coming back ...urgghh.. just when she is telling me exciting things!!! " ... written by linn115
I hope your price could go down again to 1.99 so we can go into detail about when and how my love will come..." ... written by ericasant84
She is honest person and does wanted help others with her abilities. She gave me very good advice and i believe she is right. Thank you!" ... written by epil
Thanks a lot Seherezada, it was really nice." ... written by phonetalk01
Very professional, kind, empathetic and answered my questions spot on! fully recommend!!!" ... written by hihi234
She was absolutely amazing! What i loved about her is she warned me that she would tell me exactly what she sees even if it is not what i wanted to hear. She was so focussed and seemed to know so much about my situation without me saying much at all. Very kind and very fast! I thought she was incredible! Worth the money and I will be back for sure!" ... written by kiki3070
She's so quick and accurate reader, honestly recommend you all :) awessssssssssssooome" ... written by one honey
I wish to talk to you tonight for a reading after work. Your current price of $1.99 interests me and I will like to dig deeper into what's going on. Your previous consultation was quite amazing. I am on the east coast and by 5h30 pm, I should come. Thanks. Hope to talk to you later." ... written by phonetalk
Thank you so much you have put my mind and heart at rest by telling what I feel is true. I am glad I met you :)" ... written by victoriab
Her reading was right on the money. Real deal here." ... written by nickellme
Wow, she knew the situation. Great reading. :)" ... written by Anon
Awesome reading.... ;)" ... written by Anon
Thank you Monika you are awesome and I like being able to come to you for clarity on the sort of rough love situation I'm going through. You are a blessing. :) She is great take her to private." ... written by ninjakitty88
Very polite ..great read...recommend her if u have questions about love....she told me who he was, how he felt and when it would happen..." ... written by m1ladyscorp
Thanks again for the wonderful work that you do....and thanks for confirming that for me....I knew are awesome!!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Accurate,clear...very nice...always knows wht she is telling...thanq so much" ... written by rani4you
Excellent and very helpful" ... written by maryannepav
Best reading thank you always i always appreciate yuor good reading, shes very intuitve and awesome reader" ... written by sweetally
She is always on point and great, types fast and makes me feel better! Thank you." ... written by cammyboo
She was good and really nice ! will come back again !" ... written by SSarab18azad
She was right about me talking to her this morning. We had a reading three days ago and she saw that I was going to talk to her during the weekend and it happened." ... written by Thierry
She was great!" ... written by LovedMarco
Excellent reader and after months of predictions, she has proven to have always been 100% accurate. Thank you so much for being my guide :) I'm so pleased and content with my reading today! Every blessing !! :)" ... written by manijhe
Straight forward and a nice person. Will come back!" ... written by rani4you
Seherzada82 talks to you like she is your best friend, yet her insight is highly spiritual and she has seen everything so accurately... Even I doubted her but her predictions still came true! :) Thank you for being there for me when I need you :) Many blessings!" ... written by manijhe
Real ;)" ... written by sanjam
Very kind and straight forward person. Always true...thank you again!" ... written by rani4you
Made me feel at ease. knew how I felt . I hope her prediction come true:)" ... written by kjespejo
Very good, thank you x" ... written by HollyB123
Vary sweet, and vary smart. I will be back." ... written by JohnA888
Thank you. I could really see some good news now, and I know the news you give me will always come to pass. Hope I can bring you some good news soon." ... written by yoshizawa
Clear and clear! That is what I love so much about her!" ... written by allerena
I wish i have more time with her It is amazing " ... written by dolphinluv72
Thanks a lot for you help, I will keep you posted." ... written by therry
Thx she knew exactly about the person that was hurting me from afar, I wish I could speak more with her, she really seems to be the real deal. Il'l have more reading with her for sure" ... written by EXCELLION63
She was awesome." ... written by camdagreat
Always wonderful to the point." ... written by dd41783
Extremely thorough and accurate! Very detail and precise. " ... written by ladynge
It was a good reading, " ... written by swhope999
Straight forward and accurate... Thanks!" ... written by rani4you
It was very detailed and honest and good!" ... written by marlen312
I just love her, she is soo sweet and tells you exactly what is in the cards. She is very accurate too, and lately being pretty busy so I am happy for her... Thank you, Seherezada xx" ... written by butterflywings10
Very on point with the reading! She was very accurate about the current situation. Do not hesitate to contact her! she is great!" ... written by epa0404
She is sooo good, I love reading with her... I got the same cards twice in a row so that makes me smile :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Thanks again! I love her so much she is great. Always the truth, no lies even if you don't like to hear the truth sometimes..." ... written by godess01
Thank u for the great reading, i feel very positive about my future" ... written by angel2926
She's very good, know what's going on in my mind and the situation. I hope everything will be fine like she said." ... written by Pam_mie
She is accurate, quick and so kind! Highly recommend her if you need insight into all facets of your life." ... written by MjOcho
She's really really good and is consistent!" ... written by stebella009
Direct, no mess around. I love her style. Thanks girl! Will keep you posted :)" ... written by KC0716
Great reading!!! Definitely recommend!" ... written by MayGirl
Nice reading." ... written by tamtam753
She is awesome! she tells you whats going on! and everything she says happens!" ... written by starwars44
Awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! Knows her stuff and does not sugar coat." ... written by silenthill7
Great time, she is on target " ... written by quaz101
Good reading" ... written by ZrowKool
Nice confident reading.will definitely come back for more" ... written by sikram
Great reading!!!" ... written by MayGirl
This was my first experience for an online psychic reading. I have had an amazing experience with accurate a reading. Thank You." ... written by harry_888
Reading was consistent with a prior one. I wish I had more funds. Thank you" ... written by sclero
After so much confusion, Seherezada clarified for me! Whew! Thank goodness she's around! I know to always turn to her when my head starts spinning! Love her to bits. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
The best " ... written by lilianuzo
The reading was accurate, I was impressed. She was good with explaining all the cards. I just have to wait and see for her predictions." ... written by benzy73
Excellent" ... written by dd41783
I was crying feeling down when I took Seherezada to pvt and came out much better. She was fast accurate and very caring. Didn't have to tell her anything. She's good! Thanks so very much!!" ... written by cassie52
Very Good!!!!! Right on target :)" ... written by mhharview
Monika is totally honest in her readings. I was astounded with something she picked up which she could not have known!! Absolutely wonderful reader, and one of the best on this site." ... written by leogirl
Very good as always very calming and a pleasure to seek advice from thanku once again seherezada :) xx" ... written by f999111
Monica seems to always make me fel at ease when I have a situation and guide me in the direction of happiness. She is definitely one of my top psychis on Oranum! Can't wait for this one to happen." ... written by tblove1
OMG! Truly amazing! I have never had a reading so accurate! She knew exactly how I am in my situation and gave me amazing feedback that hit spot on. I will definitely be coming to her for more !!!! You won't regret it" ... written by punkqueen_13
I feel so much better after talking to Seherezada82! thank you i feel now i am not imagining things and i will follow my instict" ... written by janluv7
Good reading, right on target." ... written by ZrowKool
She is amazing and she told me he would treat me different when I came back and he so far is now for more of her predictions to come true. :)" ... written by ninjakitty88
She was great and accurate and brilliant... didnt waste any time, gave honest accurate answers very fast very sweet understanding compassionate... wanna actually give u hugs it was so so good. i feel empowered.... very gifted talented and a total sweetheart. and beautiful too :-)" ... written by mermaid86
Great reading as always!" ... written by MayGirl
Sorry I ran out of time. But you were very helpful and positive and left me with much to look forward to!" ... written by Katherine88
Thanks" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
I look forward to our next session." ... written by ZrowKool
She told me some good news, and made me very happy. I had many private readings with Seherezada many times 100 strars" ... written by De5pina
Excellent. she s amazing" ... written by mimatisse
Great!" ... written by quaz101
Very accurate as always... Quick, honest read... I've been coming to her to months.. She is awesome and highly recommend." ... written by leti98
She's very helpful and accurate!! Tells your accurate present and little by little her predictions have been happening. :-) She's also very fast, honest and gets to the point right away :-) Definitely recommend her!!! " ... written by viri15loka
A pure heart and good will always overcome evil." ... written by Azrei1
Thank you dear, you calmed me down and gave me hope." ... written by Minnie12
Thank you." ... written by josh280119
Amazing thank you." ... written by Jboriqua23
She is my favorite pyshic on here I always come to her when I need help she is very accurate take her to private you won't regret it." ... written by ninjakitty88
Thank you for the good news Monika :) Fast reading, right-to-the-point :) Recommended!!!! And she is a very nice person also :) " ... written by kelly0712kwok
Very nice...hope what she says come true..." ... written by tangerray
Very honest and truthful but in a very caring and sincere way. Helped me to move forward and focus with stability. Thank you!" ... written by Jo9987
She was awesome!" ... written by lesliecortes08
Vary truthful and intuitive. I had her a few times and everything she has said came true... " ... written by JohnA888
Thanks for so many things I learnt from u today it's a blessing. =) " ... written by dolphinluv72
I just completed another reading with Seherezada and she was very accurate once again. she is amazing and just a beautiful spirit through and through. She truly has a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of help." ... written by j217c44
Very accurate and honest. Would definitely have another reading with her again." ... written by mistee1
I NOW have the truth and peace. If that is what you need call her. You will be glad you did as someone once told me and I listened be sure you do as well." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Amazing and acurate. " ... written by preetydhish
She was extremely accurate about everything and her readings helped protect me !!She very specific to any question you have ! She's my angel!! You are amazing woman!!:)" ... written by Jboriqua23
I have been coming to Monika for months... she is awesome and is accurate and provides sound advice... highly recommend!" ... written by leti8989
I had a short reading was very good, and honest, and what I was feeling intuitively. Highly recommend, wished I had purchased a longer reading!" ... written by kissmeangel
Excellent reading." ... written by maryannepav
Good reading, the cards did reveal new information." ... written by ZrowKool
Am sad but I hope you are right... " ... written by linn115
She is always soo good, I just love going to her... " ... written by butterflywings10
She is awesome, she knows a lot of stuff I didn't tell her, I don't know but I certainly feel that she is a real deal, but lol many people have said before me so you should try her and see for yourself" ... written by EXCELLION36
Great person...Thank you so much" ... written by dreamer65
THANKS FOR UR HELP WAS GOOD" ... written by hemal79
Thanks again Monika. That was a very nice reading, and you have been consistent in what you see. You are one of the best on this site!!! I will be back" ... written by leogirl
Great !!!!" ... written by aprincessa17
Very accurate and tells what you haven't even mentioned " ... written by hemal79
Life I guess is colored by the lens of perception.. and for me I am a hopeless romantic. It is not always fun as passionately as you can love you can also hurt. But I guess god thinks I am strong enough to handle the hurt so he gave me the passion. People often misunderstand intensity when they don't fully understand the situation. I just hope they are willing to look at it from another perspective before misjudging." ... written by ZrowKool
Awesome reading right on target" ... written by ZrowKool
Her readings never change always give me great feedback and helps me keep my head up..." ... written by ericasant84
I recieved a positive reading.... i cant wait for the future to unfold. cheers!" ... written by essonbabe
Surprising accurate." ... written by ZrowKool
True about situation. thank you so much dear. 5 stars" ... written by sunfun428
She was very quick (because I didn't have much credits left) and she put my mind at ease. I was struggling with an issue that depressed me, but she made me feel so much better and told me what was going to happen. Highly recommend!" ... written by crk129
Good advice, I will be enjoying the sun and music today." ... written by ZrowKool
Wow.. very accurate" ... written by ZrowKool
Nice woman with many positive qualities." ... written by ZrowKool
Very deliberate and direct. great reading, thx" ... written by user8628
She is awesome, beautiful and calm. Highly recommended!!! Do get her to read the cards for you! You will never regret! :)" ... written by ririsa21
It's just always so refreshing to get a reading from Monika to clear my head and reassure me I am on the rigt path and to get guidance I can depend on and not have to 2nd guess whether her guidance is valid. Thanks Monika...I will keep you updated on andamp;quot;allandamp;quot; of my situations. Thanks" ... written by tblove1
As always I know she is on tareget " ... written by quaz101
Good direction and the path is clear.." ... written by ZrowKool
Excellent reading" ... written by maryannepav
As good as ever... she is quick and the connection always great." ... written by lilliableu
My suspicions were only confirmed by her. I didn't even ask her, but she sees everything and is spot ON! Thanks." ... written by iampsyched11
Great, very sympathetic and very helpful. Hope she comes true!!" ... written by estellacreations
She was very good, and honest, she wouldn't sell or pretend things that are not. Thank you again for your sincerity." ... written by bbdo1234
She really helped me clear my mind. She was very accurate with what she told me about my current situation. I will definitely come back and see her because there is a very important decision I need to make in the near future... " ... written by viri15loka
Made me think more clearly about my situations and helped out with clarity. " ... written by altuna0
Wonderful woman. She is kind, accurate, and very honest. I really do enjoy talking with her. Back soon!" ... written by araketanara
I really like her. She was good with insight and I do want to chat with her about other issues going on in my life." ... written by iactiger
Sound and Steady advice! she has been guiding me for a while now and her accuracy is just incredible. I wish that things would move somewhere, but at the moment I am stuck." ... written by allerena
I did my second reading with her because she was very acurate, so far everything become what she told me, I recommend her, she is AWESOME. she shows you the cards! she is genuine :)" ... written by xicabella
She really is good. I had my doubts as i have been burned by psychics before. But she is good. She nailed my situation to the point. You must try her. You will not be sorry!! Thank you." ... written by crazyfaiery
Very accurate, positive and helpful as always. I will definitely go to her again!" ... written by Katherine88
She is quick and focussed. very very helpful and accurate with her reading of the situation. i will be back for sure. thanks monika!" ... written by divinegoodness
Very helpful with her advice and very friendly to hope to give me lots of insight on what my problems are and how to fix them. Just hope my issues can be fixed." ... written by sweetsx
She is very honest and calls it as she see it!!! Thank you so much for your time!" ... written by elledaly24
Monika is very honest and will always say it as she sees it. Her cards are consistent for me , which is good!!!" ... written by leogirl
Monica was straight to the point, very clear and she is the person that will tell you what to watch out, and how you can handle a situation! She has very positive energy and I will ask for her advice very soon again!" ... written by Eleni
Very detailled, used cards that were simple and easy to understand. Gave good insight, was fun and sweet." ... written by gaia86
Thanks for the immediate insight :) Good readings, thanks!" ... written by oline248
I just felt so good talking to her..Thanks so much I just wish what you say come true and thanks you were honest and fast..I am sure i will come for more feedback later..Thanks again lovely bless your heart.." ... written by serinaserina
My dreams are coming true, shes so confident in what she seess..... god, thankyou so much monica!! u ease my pain. " ... written by stebella009
A real gem! Great reader, very nice!" ... written by quaz101
She shows you the cards, so you know she's not bullshitting. She addresses all of your concerns. Her cards show the same thing over and over again in the situation when I ask her the same question. Her time frames are accurate, she picks up on the situation without you giving barely any info at all. If consistency and accuracy is not a talent/gift worth spending money on, then I don't know what is. " ... written by stebella009
Shes a good guide. this is why I keep coming back to her." ... written by stebella009
Shes so consistent with what she sees, and shes so confident. I love her. thats why I keep coming back! thank you monica!" ... written by stebella009
I enjoyed her manner and communication with me, I hope what she saw for me is correct, I had a few reads recently, but she was one of the clearest in her message" ... written by john0907
I enjoyed my reading with her very much. The cards were right in line with my situation and I can't wait till their prediction comes to pass. Thank you very much." ... written by victoriansunset
This lady is seriously amazing, she has a true gift. All of her predictions have come true. I cant wait for my next update. You have to give her a try you wont regret it. Thank you again Xx." ... written by De5pina
Very helpful and honest, i much appreciated her and will see her again." ... written by schwag73
THE BEST...VERY HONEST...TOLD ME EVERYTHING I" ... written by janetjanet
Excellent reading I love her energy" ... written by mimatisse
Great reading ... Feeling good after her reading ... Her cards affirmed ... What I've felt from long ago with the man I love .... Thank you :) God bless." ... written by twinklystar
Just toooooo gooooood it all happen the way she said the best" ... written by hemal79
Wonderful as always!" ... written by De5pina
Thanks for the update! Always amazing." ... written by lovetina17
GREAT HELP THANX" ... written by hemal79
I love her to pieces she hasnt been wrong about any of my situations so far i was truly sceptical at first but she knows things that i personally do not have to tell her. Her cards havent failed me yet and If i need to i will continue to come to her and recommend her to any one" ... written by ebenedith18
Excellent picks up things that havent been mentioned in details great" ... written by hemal79
Great, honest, strong reader " ... written by veezee
As usual, her prediction came to pass. She said it would take longer than I'd want ( a couple weeks or so) for things to work itself out, but she believed strongly that things would work out. She was right on both counts! Her assessment and predictions has always been accurate for me. Highly recommend!" ... written by Nona29
Thank you for the wonderful reading. You were very good. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Wonderful reader! " ... written by fatcatcook
Great reading, gave me honest, accurate answers and confirmed things that I was told by others. Will wait and see if the prediction comes true. Very nice person as well." ... written by warrenkitty83
Thanks Monika. You are always so honest, and pick up on exactly what is happening. Hoping the prediction happens-the big one!!! " ... written by leogirl
Great as usual!" ... written by quaz101
Always helpful..." ... written by Anne
5 stars amazing reading picked up all the details - I definately come back again" ... written by hemal79
I must say I enjoyed the reading. I've talked to some physics before her, I'm the typical skeptic lol but she was on point and all the ones I spoke to said the same thing!! So it can't be coincidence lol She was able to give some timeframes which was reassuring and helpful advice. I look forward to seeing these things unfold :')" ... written by prettienpink11
Excellent, amazing n consistent" ... written by mimatisse
She is good, picture is very clear now!" ... written by celine
She was great!" ... written by quaz101
Wonderful as always..Thank you for giving me much hope and clarity. You have been spot on so far and your predictions have come true so far...thank you again xx" ... written by Layla
What a wonderful reader. Very fast, clear, and warm. Highly recommend!" ... written by benkepsychic
Spot On!! No BS , no sugar coat, to the point. Fast and very accurate and very very genuine. With her card spreads, she could read my life like a story. Coming from past to present and then future. Oranum really has gems. Trust me! And she is one of those gems. Thank you and take care." ... written by niks
Thanks for the good card really need it will keep u posted about my bf" ... written by holy248
Thanx Seherezada!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LovedMarco
Great! What can u say!" ... written by quaz101
Fantastic as always " ... written by De5pina
One of the best! :)" ... written by preetydhish
Such a wonderful Tarot reader!" ... written by preetydhish
This women is sweet kind an has the best out look EVER. I realy needed to hear what she had to say made my day so much better and better outlook going back more often. Thank you so much, your frend misty." ... written by MISTY848
My guide, prediction came true. One of the best Psychic and Tarot reader." ... written by preetydhish
GREAT!" ... written by quaz101
Amazing wisdom! Great job! Tells the good along with the bad." ... written by quaz101
She never dissapoints, i love monica, shes very honest and one of the best on this site! very xtremely highly recommended! her predictions come true--they have for me!" ... written by stebella009
She went directly to the point. Very fast. got things quickly . Also so kind and felt so genuine!! I really like her, I will definitely be back for another read! " ... written by AnaForero
Great! Always fast and to the point!" ... written by quaz101
Very honest, warned me about a person who is jealous/ trying to cause trouble, think I may know who this is, told me the same as other readings I have had :) Will be back next month!" ... written by cherryblossom321
Thanks agian for another great reading." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Seherezad is great. Very very honest. She really saw the whole situation and gave me honest, direct and clear answers about the past,present and future. Thank you very much Seherezad:) You cleared the way for me:)" ... written by LoveElly
Always a pleasure to have reading with Monika. Her predictions have come true in reference to my situation. I have been coming to her for months and will continue as I always do. Highly recommend! " ... written by leti8989
Very sweet girl, sincere and polite. Had a good feeling about her and was not disappointed. Will definitely re-visit." ... written by oiseau67
Thank you for your guidance and help. You gave me a clear picture on things that will soon come to pass. =)" ... written by Dymples2
Wow! She blew me away. She picked up on a lot and she made some great predictions that I look forward to." ... written by iPreferMimi
Wow, she is very accurate!, she told me about i going to meet my boyfriend this year and i did, and ger predicitons is very acurate. I always consult her when i have doubts but her cards show me the same predictions. I like her, She is very genuine and very warm. She show you the cards and explain you what she see.Thanks for your help!" ... written by xicabella
She was fast and good!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by jpark8203
Seherezada is truly the best!!!!! She always knows what is up and right on things and always guides me on the right direction!!!!" ... written by godess01
SENSATIONAL!" ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Very good. Will have to see if it comes true." ... written by kirks77
I loved my reading, she was very on point." ... written by jessiea2640
Brilliant psychic reading. Accurate and good advice. Will come back to Seherezada82." ... written by betty2007
Thank you for clarifying it up.... i know what I have to do right now :)" ... written by eagleeyes340
She is an amazing reader... to the point, no sugar coating but compassionate.. one of the best here.... she shows the cards as she reads... god bless u dear... thanks for ur help" ... written by sr2222
Wonderful tarot reader with great insight. Her reading was very insightful and accurate." ... written by persephonestears
This reading was very detailed, on point and relaistic. loved seherezada, very down to earth and sweet. just waiting for everything to happen! thanks again, god bless!" ... written by mini1214
I love her. She's the best on here... She hasn't let me down yet and when I'm confused she can give me wonderful advice. So far her advice is definitely working and helping me get things going with my guy friend. Now to wait for the rest of it to come true! Her cards are always the same in my situation too. :D" ... written by ninjakitty88
Outstanding and awesome as always. She is so accurate and the result of the readings are the same as now, which only means consistency. " ... written by home888
Very good and accurate excellent thanx for the help" ... written by hemal79
Great reading very insightfull" ... written by naz186
Gracias por la lectura, muy buena y precisa. me gusto mucho porque confirmo muchas cosas..." ... written by Leslieanngl
GREAT AND VERY ACCURATE. GREAT HELP TO ME." ... written by hemal79
Fantastic reader - loved her 5**** +++" ... written by myhappyplace
I love her! :)" ... written by xicabella
A real winner! tells like it is!" ... written by quaz101
Thank you so much for the help and guidance!" ... written by rani4you
She was very honest." ... written by EVILEYE66
Lots of info! " ... written by sillygirl1198
GREAT READING THANK YOU." ... written by corvettime02
I liked her alot. Very polite and nice. Good spirited.shy in a way too. But I liked her alot good job girl." ... written by ionadees
Great as usual!" ... written by quaz101
Im so glad you are back I had missed you and needed your advice. Thanks again" ... written by godess01
Everything Seherezada82 told me 4 weeks ago happened in my life. She gives great detail and she is so honest that it scares me:)) I strongly recomend a private reading with Seherezada82, if you can handle hearing the truth. " ... written by LoveElly
Great and to the point ! On target with everything!" ... written by happi18
Accurate n perfect 5 stars." ... written by hemal79
The woman she kept telling me about I kept wondering and wondering who it was then it finally came to reality a few nights ago after she had been telling me for a while. She gives great advice. I trust her I've been coming to her for months take her to private she won't disappoint you." ... written by ninjakitty88
She is by far the best psychic on this entire site! please please please believe me will be very happy with her reading .she is definitely coming back!" ... written by lisagirl
Straight forward answers and advice - thank you." ... written by ttp2582
Great! indepth!" ... written by quaz101
Very honest and clear. I liked how she showed me the cards that she was reading and explained the significant ones to me. Thank you very much I highly recommend!!" ... written by bluetippi2
Monika is really sweet and very spot-on on my current situation! I am sure after this reading, I know what to do about my situation and will be back to do readings with her again! Thank you Monika!" ... written by calliopegirl
I really really love Seherezada's honesty. She never sugar coats things, says everything as what they are and that is why I keep coming back. Again, I strongly recommend a private session with Seherezada:) " ... written by LoveElly
She is so fast and honest, picked up on the situation so fast... thanks alot.." ... written by gerritmarx
Cleared my doubts and my mind... picked up on my situation right away..." ... written by viri15loka
She is Great! " ... written by quaz101
VERY GOOD AND ACCURATE EXCELLENT, 5 STARS!" ... written by hemal79
Thank you Monika for the confirmations on my questions. I was happy that my reading stayed consistent and am looking forward to your predictions!!!" ... written by leogirl
Believe in what Seherezada tells you, she sees, she knows and she tells you the truth only:) I strongly recommend a private reading with her, as always. She is a gem, do not miss the opportunity of hearing about your future:)" ... written by LoveElly
Very accurate. Spot on on everything. Recommend anytime." ... written by wife40
Thanks for everything" ... written by Twinheart
JUST THE BEST. 5 STARS." ... written by hemal79
Once again thank you! Hope everything you said will come true like always." ... written by godess01
I always have to stop by and check in with Monika to see if things are on track wih me and her cards never change. She always has the same story for me, which reassures me of so many things. Looking forward for things to unfold. Today she mention something that I was already aware of (that she wouldn't of known), which lets me know her reading is on track. Thanks Monika!" ... written by tblove1
Awesome as always!!!!" ... written by Dymples2
She has always been honest with me :) She is accurate and very insightful." ... written by iPreferMimi
One of the best card readers on the site!" ... written by JackofTheWorld
She really cleared all my doubts I had. Her readings are true. " ... written by snehaparida
Everything she said is pretty convincing and seems accurate. Now I will only have to wait it out and hope everything falls into place." ... written by boxgone
She was very nice and gave me the feeling thay she really wants to help gave me alot of insight and will see how everything will workout definitley would read with you again !!!" ... written by jlawrenecj
Monika is amazing!!! Trust me, she is very honest and talented. I would go to her soon again! I loved my reading! Thanks Monika" ... written by Ellie11
Monika is truly wonderfully a kind, compassionate, and honest woman. Her intuition is also right on target and she has worked with me for a while now with correct and great results." ... written by araketanara
Answered every question and very quickly too, let's see how tihngs develop" ... written by vinnythepoo
Always honest, open and very straight forward. I trust her words so much.. Thank you millions Seherezada for helping me out in this hard situation. Amazing and clear reading as always:))" ... written by LoveElly
Seherezada is THE ONE! You can trust her words, whatever she sees in her cards, she would tell you. I can't thank her enough for helping me through this hard period in my life.. She is amazing and always, always honest. Don't expect lies from her, she will tell you the real truth only:))" ... written by LoveElly
Always true and accurate!" ... written by quaz101
Milllll gracias!!!!!" ... written by eli2009
Very good reading " ... written by sratliff09
Great update, cards are still consistent and got great advice and insight again. " ... written by warrenkitty83
Thank you, thank you! You really get my heart. I hope that everything will be ok as you said!!! Thanks so much:)" ... written by gersh
Very clear, always accurate and very honest:) What more would you expect? Seherezada knows what she is doing:))" ... written by LoveElly
5 Stars *****!!! Great as always. She is very accurate, understanding, nice and fast. I loved my reading and I will see her again. Try her, you won't regret it!! Thanks Monica, Ellie USA Agust, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
She is the best on this site, her cards have been extremely accurate for me longterm, I have been coming to her for several months and will continue to do. " ... written by leti8989
She is always there to help! I tust her senses, her cards so much:) Highly recommended:))" ... written by LoveElly
She was really good. Just have to wait and see what happens!" ... written by rstrong4
She has always been very very patient with me and my questions:) She is seriously amazing!! Her cards and senses are clear, honest and very accurate!!" ... written by LoveElly
Wonderful reader! I love how she shows how she deals the cards and hold them up as she describes them. Thank you!" ... written by benkepsychic
Lots of good info..............." ... written by Cari1961
A wonderful advisor! Solid as a Rock!" ... written by quaz101
Excellent 5 stars." ... written by hemal79
Great person!!!! Brought me a lot of peace and serenity." ... written by vkyvky
This was my first experience with a psychic, and what she told me was very interesting. I will follow the advice and hopefully it will play out." ... written by iheartsf
Amazing!!!! monika was fantastic and made me feel soooooo much better!! I really believe in what she says!! please give her a try!! x" ... written by kel
Clear, direct, no sugar coating or lies.. Seherezada is just wonderful. If you are here on Oranum to get some clear answers and if you are seriously in need of help about love, work or anything, you should have a private reading with Seherezada!!" ... written by LoveElly
I love her." ... written by godess01
Seherezada is the person you need if you need honest answers instead of likes and fake hopes:)" ... written by LoveElly
She knows what you want, and she will help you get there, she is really reassuring, and for some reason, I really trust what she has to say about my situation, thanks a bunch, I think I found the right person to come to now :)" ... written by wishingstars1111
Very good and very accurate! I would definitely have another reading from her and recommend her strongly!" ... written by amygra
I always come to you to check whats going on.... and you are always so honest...the cards always say whats going on and they are always right... Thank you, thank you." ... written by starwars44
5 Stars ***** !! I am speechless!! She is Wonderful!!! Amazing, ACCURATE, and HONEST!! Love her alot and will always try to see her. Try her, She is the best!!! " ... written by Ellie11
Monika is the I said befoe, I love all my readings...she is so ACCURATE, nice, Kind, Positive, and HONEST!!! Try Monika, you will never regret it!!! Love her a lot!!! Ellie USA August, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Great as usual! a wise lady!" ... written by quaz101
You can come to Seherezada with all your questions about love, business, travel, everything.. Be sure that she would give you direct and honest answers about the future. She never sugar coats things and tells you as they are. That's just wonderful:))" ... written by LoveElly
Amazing x x" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Amazing incredible acurate just the best there is !!!!! and so nice too" ... written by dreamingisfr33
I still dream monica " ... written by dreamingisfr33
Always accurate, i trust Monika with all my heart and she never failed me. I stongly recommend a private reading with her now!" ... written by LoveElly
EXCELLENT 5 STARS" ... written by hemal79
Monika is very Honest and nice!!! My reading was accurate like always. She is one of the BEST!!! I trust her and she knows whst she is doing. Thanks Monika, Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
She is so charmiing and wise!" ... written by quaz101
Very Sweet Person and her readings are very detailed. I will try out her advice. Thanks a lot :0). " ... written by sapphire456
This woman is amazing! She does NOT waste your time, and she reads a-mile-a-minute. She really sees things. It was an amazing expereince, especially if you've had readings with people who read the cards as if you were a totally different person. She reads right into your situation. One reading and you will know. Give her a try and God Bless!" ... written by ChiliP
I think she hit on all the right things it may not have been what I wanted to here but it was the truth. I see in a couple of weeks. But I plan on contacting her again. Thank you, SehereZada82." ... written by mardine
She is awesome! Read my past and was spot on!" ... written by ninjakitty88
Well Her Cards Gave Me Very + Feedback Have to Wait Till Month is Over THX YOU!!" ... written by queenbee22
Great!" ... written by claritybabe
She is GREAT, she tells it like it is, I really enjoyed the reading and I will be back." ... written by OPTIMISTIC29
She is amazing." ... written by ashton666
She is absolutely amazing everytime. always feel better after talking to her" ... written by bella911912
Answered all questions very helpful, gave advice, good reading. happy with results" ... written by becca2312
Very good reading, thanks Monika!" ... written by maria12111
She has such a positive energy! She is always honest and that is what always brings me back to her :)" ... written by bella911912
Wow, another great reading. I will take your advise and im looking forward to the follow up" ... written by corvettime02
So accurate, so understanding, clear, honest and wonderful!!" ... written by LoveElly
Wow.. She is mind blowing:) During each and every private reading she manages to surprise me with new information and very very accurate. I strongly recommend a private reading with her, she is WOW:)" ... written by LoveElly
Thanks again. it's always a pleasure." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Really good. Thank you hope my townhouse sells this weekend :)" ... written by Tmaree
She is awesome! What can I say:)? She is really really awesome....!!" ... written by LoveElly
Very accurate" ... written by meg007
Seherezada82, is a great tarot card reader. Every question I asked, she already had the answer. She is awesome." ... written by cagarza35
So very accurate, really enjoyed my reading. Didn't have to tell her anything!" ... written by rachelp12
She is always there to tell you what you need to know and is always honest! Absolutely great!" ... written by bella911912
She is amazing!!!! As usual she was very ACURATE and Spot on!!! I always love my reading with her!!! I highly recommand her!!!" ... written by Ellie11
Very calm sweet reader. Looking forward to predictions!" ... written by Vivi
To the point/ Helpful advices/ Trust her cards." ... written by iezra1984
Wonderful as always:))" ... written by LoveElly
Thank you. You are very kind" ... written by katie46
I love her she was a big help when i needed it the most thanks a lot 82" ... written by aundreya25
Amazing Reading - SPOT ON!! Amazing!" ... written by ChiliP
Good reading waiting for predictions to happen" ... written by acealways
A consistent reading that matched up with things in my life and past readings. It's wonderful when you can see the predictions coming true. God Bless Monika, she is so kind and truthful. She is one of the two readers that have been very accurate in my experiences on Oranum. She also is quick and fits a lot of information into the minutes you have. Thank you again, Monika, and God Bless! " ... written by ChiliP
Extremely accruate, fast and in short, amazing!" ... written by ChiliP
Always professional in her dealings and incredibly articulate in her interpretations and recommendations. Very insightful. :D " ... written by bebs84
Lovely lady was able to tell me things even though i didnt have enough credit excellent" ... written by harmoniclove
5 star" ... written by hemal79
Amazing, Accurate, Detailed, Truthful and Fast!! Not enough I can say about her! If you want a straight-to-the-point reading with no sugar-coating, but with real compassion and truth, try her! :)" ... written by ChiliP
She is so accurate. She is the only psychic that I will use now and in the future. She is very, very good at reading cards. Highly recommend" ... written by elizabethomuniz
Thank you good advice " ... written by termo11
Amazing - just amazing how much she knew, how accurate she was. Monika seems to really care about helping people - and THAT is a beautiful thing! God Bless you Monika - coming back again!" ... written by ChiliP
In-depth reading. What else can I say? Very accurate. Very good. She is excellent! God Bless!" ... written by ChiliP
I give Monika 5 stars *****. She is Honest, caring, and amazing!! Each time I have a private reading with her, she tells me what she sees and I love that about her. I would definitely see her again, as I did this time for the 6th or 7th private reading with her. Thanks Monika , Ellie" ... written by Ellie11
Amazingly honest! She saw so many things that make sense to me - I still can't believe how fast reads so accurately! Give her a try!" ... written by ChiliP
Accurate reading, awesome" ... written by angel-sr
SHE IS me.." ... written by ppp
Amazingly consistent and accurate! " ... written by ChiliP
Ask all your questions to Seherezada, just be sure that she will be honest with you. She is very sweet and caring but do not expect lies from her:))" ... written by LoveElly
In one word, amazing! In two words, she rocks!" ... written by LoveElly
As always she is amazing she tells you what you need to know.. put me in a good mood!" ... written by bella911912
What an amazing psychic! She is so intuitive and follows the cards and guides you to finding your true self. I highly recommend her because not only will she tell you truths but she is very nurturing. Absolute 5 stars and will be visiting again and again. Thank you!" ... written by katie
Not only consistent and accurate, but fast! You will be astounded by how much information she will give you. She will also be honest and to the point, but in a kind and caring manner. I am so happy I stumbled upon her. There is only one other reader on this site, that I hold in this high regard. If you read my reviews, you will see. I have consistently stuck with these two readers. There is a reason why. :)" ... written by ChiliP
I was a bit nervous because I've heard about readings and scams. I do hope that my reading comes true because I do believe in psychic powers a little bit. She was professional and got straight to the point. I just hope her readings were accurate (:" ... written by EatingHipsters
Just got an amazing bit of information. Thank you and God Bless!" ... written by ChiliP
Great insight!" ... written by meg007
Picks up fast." ... written by Cari1961
Another incredible reading. So much information that made sense. Going back for more." ... written by ChiliP
Monika just gave me the MOST amazing in-depth reading. Notice I keep saying in-depth. It's hard not to go back to her, because EVERY READING is in-depth. She sees so much. She is also honest and straight forward! God Bless you Monika for all your help!" ... written by ChiliP
I love chatting with her she is always honest. She will give you advise and is always right about things." ... written by godess01
I've had two great readings and both times say things will work" ... written by shadeykev
5 STARS ***** Another Great, ACCURATE reading with Monika!!! She is Honest and amazing!!! I Love her and will see her againnnn. Thanks Monika, Ellie- Sep, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
What a power-packed reading of information. God Bless you Monika. She not only saw some of the hardships in my life, but she was able to make sense of them. That was well worth it for me. She saw so much, and she did not hold back - honesty and accuracy are the two ingredients you want with a reader, as well as a relationship with God. Thank you Monika and God Bless! You have truly helped me move forward." ... written by ChiliP
Excellent to the point and accurate" ... written by hemal79
A wonderful follow-up reading. The signs are there. Now, it's time to LET GO AND LET GOD! Thank you Monika, and God Bless!" ... written by ChiliP
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by ppp
Tonight was truly a reading worth waiting for. Consistent, accurate and amazing. Just three words to describe. God Bless you Monika! And thanks!" ... written by ChiliP
She's a fantastic tarot reader! Even without tarot, she picks up information clearly. A reading with her always helps me. " ... written by persephonestears
She is always great, honest and very very clear:)) " ... written by LoveElly
No lies, no faking, nothing but the truth :) You can only find the truth that you have been looking for here in Seherezada's private chat room :))" ... written by LoveElly
Amazing, incredible, so nice, so accurate. Astonishing!!!!!!!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Were nice and very positive reading" ... written by bums2222
It's amazing how consistent Monika really is. And her news - no matter what it is - comes across with sincerity in her tone and a smile on her face. She has explained so much to me, and helped me to understand. And, as I say, I have to " LET GO AND LET GOD! "" ... written by ChiliP
An amazing, in-depth, deep reading. So wonderfully accurate that I don't even begin to know where to start. Try her out. You won't be disappointed. As always, thank you Monika and God Bless." ... written by ChiliP
Great Update Thank you" ... written by queenbee22
Wonderful reading! Thank you so much for the insight and focused reading. It was extremely helpful." ... written by CatCurious
Wonderful as always... Thank you so much!!" ... written by Leslie
Very clear. Everything she told me at my last reading has come true! Lovely girl. Very accurate and honest." ... written by oiseau67
Always so good!" ... written by Retsy44
Amazing" ... written by driversarah45
Always truthful answers to all my questions:)) She is awesome:))" ... written by LoveElly
They should call Monika's readings - Honesty and Accuracy, because that's what I see. Her cards are very consistent - the same things come up when you are in that time frame. And, from what I've experienced, she is very Honest - will only tell you the truth. Two qualities worth their weight in gold. Thank you Monika, and God Bless!" ... written by ChiliP
Very good! She knows what she is doing. She dose not lie." ... written by JohnA888
She is HONEST and Wonderful!!! I love my reading every time I have a private with Monika! She amazes me and she really knows what is she doing and I absolutely TRUST her words. thanks Monika, Ellie- Sep, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Spot-On Reading!" ... written by ChiliP
I'm speechless, she's the best..." ... written by starlite50
I came to here wanting fresh insight, and I got it! she is truley amazing and gives you fast, accurate anwsers!! she is spot on, and we will see what unfolds:) thank you!!!!!! you are amazing!!" ... written by vineir08
Seherezada is such a wonderful soul, very helpful, very caring and always tells me the truth:) I strongly recommend a private reading with her if you need the truth:))" ... written by LoveElly
She is always great. I have gotten readings from her several times and she is always quick, to the point, positive and everything she has told me has been accurate. Thank you so much for another great reading!" ... written by Katherine88
Wow, she was really good, so down to earth, no sugarcoating at all. Thank you for your time." ... written by Janice75
Seherezada82 is a very nice lady helped me alot with the reading :-) xx" ... written by Coraldeacon
Incredible, amazing, stunning, accurate reading wowwwwwwwww" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Lovely lady :-)" ... written by Autistic12
Very kind and powerful guidance. very accurate with her readings" ... written by meg007
Awesome!" ... written by Cari1961
Very happy with reading, thank you." ... written by bums2222
I enjoyed the every moment, my second reading with Seherezada and I will be back. Words are not able to describe her. YOU HAVE TO TRY A PRIVATE READING WITH HER... " ... written by starlite50
Great as Always!!! I loved the reading which was very WonderfuL, AccuRate andamp; PositiVe! Will See her again! Thanks Monika, Ellieandamp;Sara - Sep 25, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
You can trust Seherezada with all your questions and all issues:)) Just know that she would tell you the truth:))" ... written by LoveElly
Monika is amazing, so accurate." ... written by dreamingisfr33
5 STARS ***** to My favorite Psychic and one of the best card readers that I have met in my life!!! Monika is absolutely ACCURATE, HONEST, and AMAZING! I love her and as usual I loved my reading!! Thanks Monika, Ellie - Sep 23, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
As always i can rely on her to tell me the truth. I leave feeling in peace and so much better :) thanks!!!" ... written by bella911912
Very fast, very clear, always honest and so sweet:)) " ... written by LoveElly
Amazing!! I had another reading with Monika and it was Great and ACCURATE and Right on Spot!! She is my Favorite! Love her and enjoy her reading. Thanks Monika, Ellie- Sep 26th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Thank you. It was not what I wished to hear but you were honest and I am thankful for that :-) bless you..." ... written by hopeangelhope
Many thanks. I enjoyed your honesty, and manner. really nice chat" ... written by bertrumrumrum
Thanks very much again. So sweet and compassionate with her work. Great reading xxx" ... written by alwaysgem
Very good thanks!" ... written by maryannepav
Thank you for the reading, you were very thorough and explained all the cards. It wasn't the usual general reading I get from most psychics. You were honest with what the cards showed and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear. Thank you so much! I will update you soon and let you know how things turned out! :)" ... written by knel27
Very charming beautiful. she was accurate and sinsere xxx" ... written by chalky6870
SHE IS SOOO GOOD Her cards never change and they always say what is going on... thank you" ... written by butterflywings10
The follow up was great, thank you so much. Your advise is working well, your amazing. " ... written by corvettime02
Wonderful reading again, thank you so much " ... written by corvettime02
Amazing Reading!!! She always amazes me!! I am really speechless!! She is right on Spot and so accurate...she reads the cards in the best way and very related to the situation. I Love Monika and her nice personality as well. XOxo...Thanks, Ellie - Sep 30, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Very accurate and true and hoping light at the end of tunnel thing comes true." ... written by yomann
Thank you for a really good reading, so accurate too. x" ... written by HollyB123
Great reading, thank you." ... written by finelace
True and focussed reading." ... written by MarcRickard
Thank you very much!" ... written by Leyasaku
NICE READING! ALWAYS A FIVE!" ... written by quaz101
She helped me tremendously!!!!!! Amazing!!!! I'm really thankful to her...." ... written by vigglesworth216
Thank you Monika again. You are always so truthful in readings, and I trust what you say and see." ... written by leogirl
Honesty is the most important thing in a private reading and that is what you should expect from her:)) " ... written by LoveElly
Really lovely and helpful!" ... written by slinkyminky
Thank you Monika for your kind and honest reading! " ... written by ammielle
Thank you so much. You have been right before and I hope you are right again! Thank you!" ... written by Kitty1002
Impressive! If you want the truth, sign up for a reading with her. Old soul. Depth and focus." ... written by Questionlove2
Thanks again.....your amazing..." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
Love this woman.. I have been coming to her for months and her cards have been consistent an accurate.. Highly recommend." ... written by leti8989
She is soooo good, i just love having readings with her, her cards are soo accurate it is scary.. Please have a reading with her xx Love her" ... written by butterflywings10
She was very enlightening when it came to a personal relationship I am in. Also in regards to my work environment she also gave me advice to be careful. Only time will tell what will come of this. Thank You ... She is so very nice and professional. I would certainly reccommend." ... written by jong866
I came back to her as whatever she had predicted came true" ... written by preetydhish
Extremely informative and very pleasant and relevant information, Thank you so very much. I hope I can connect with you again soon" ... written by Zweeble
Thank you for your beautiful insight and reading. I appreciate you." ... written by meg007
Accurate, very clear, direct and very very honest:)) I strongly recommend a private reading with Seherezada as always:))" ... written by LoveElly
She was very quick and really nailed the key points I need quick advice on.. she is genuine and a true source of light and truth. She goes deeply and really is not afraid to tell you the whole situation not just pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" ... written by rigel99
I asked about future and time will tell how accurate the reading is however per past experience it has been pretty accurate." ... written by anshikam
Always honest and tells what she sees and feels. Thanks so much!" ... written by bella911912
Please only contact Seherezada when you want the complete and absolute truth. Billions and Billions of stars." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
Lovely Seherezada82!!! Awesome!!! Thank you so much for the enlightening reading!!! So much positivity! Thank you!" ... written by enlightenme512
Everything she said would happen, did really happen each time.. wow:))" ... written by LoveElly
I really like my reading it was great, she put so much information into her reading it really makes you want to know so much more." ... written by Kezza2012
True predictions and straight forwards... Thanq" ... written by rani4you
Great reading, dead on about everything, thank you!" ... written by TrishaRenee28
Always great to chat with monika :)" ... written by epa0404
I love coming to her! She clears my mind and doubts. :-)" ... written by viri15loka
Realllyyyyyyyy feel good after talking with you." ... written by Shimmmy
I love her psychic reading ! So caring, loving , honest andamp; accurate ! A very wonderful lady andamp; expert! :)" ... written by Sweet111111
Thanks for your reading.. Gave me hope in my worst time." ... written by serinaserina
She was real honest and truth worthy! I would definately like to ask her more!" ... written by scorpiobaby33
She is great, I'll be back." ... written by landinha
She is very assertive and transparent about what each card means. To the point. :)" ... written by bettybeaches001
Ella siempre a acertado en las cosas que ha dicho sobre como se desarrollaria mi vida deacuerdo a las vias que tomo, mil gracias" ... written by rb31081981
What a joy and pleasure! She has helped me for the last several months! Outstanding!" ... written by quaz101
SHE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ppp
Wow, I thought she was great. She was a little different than other psychics. She showed me her laying the cards out and showed me certain cards during the reading. Gave me my answers fast, typed fast and I really feel like I got an accurate reading. Reconfirmed what other's have told me. She was great and I highly recommend her. Will let her know in a few months if the prediction came true! Thank you so much! When I add more credits, I will be coming back to you! Thank you so much! You let me know about my new job, and new baby in a few months and that I will have good luck in the near future. Thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" ... written by chaytaladay
Always a good reading." ... written by spiritualgirl2
Seems accurate. :)" ... written by Misspash
Seherezada is equal to no one. Her talents and Gift are unparalleled. Trust her. Trillion Stars for your peace of mind and heart. XX" ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
5 star, very accurate." ... written by hemal79
She is WonderFul, Honest, Nice, Caring and positive as usual! I always love seeing her and talking to her! She's very Smart, Accurate, and gifted! Thanks Monika! Ellie- Oct 9th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Very sincere , her readings are very informative." ... written by meg007
Thank a lot!" ... written by mariah88
A wonderful and clear reading. She answered my question in great detail and very efficiently. Thank you so much Monika!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by divinegoodness
Very accurate and informative. Thanks and god bless you and your abilities." ... written by meg007
Good reading." ... written by maryannepav
Accurate as! Am so amazed. Honest and insightful Highly recommend :)" ... written by Yoogii00
Really good. Knows her stuff, so take this girl seriously! Pleasure to talk to." ... written by avidmen
Another Great reading with Monika!!! She is wonderfuL!! She always Amazes me... ACCURATE and Right on Spot!! Love her a lot and she is so nice to talk to!! Ellie - October 6th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Honest and amazing as new go to psychic!!!" ... written by knel27
Always my favourite psychic here. She's very kind and honest and will help you to the best of her ability. I'm always back." ... written by kreuzen
Thanks a lot!.... I hope everything get better soon!!!" ... written by eli2009
I enjoyed her reading! Thank you!" ... written by xtine930
Oh, she is my favourite reader! Her readings have not once been incorrect. :) Even when I didn't believe her, they came true! :) Many blessings!" ... written by manijhe
She gave me good advice and will see if predictions are true. Thank you." ... written by Jaqueline
AWESOME READING!!! Very fast typer!!!! Very quick to sense the situation!!!! FIVE STAR EXPERIENCE!!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Wonderful spot on reading! xo" ... written by mdemos
Always a positive reading........" ... written by Cari1961
I felt safe to talk with Seherezada82. I got great insight on my relationship problem, and she helped me see that I need to let go, and that someone new will come into my life. Thank You :)" ... written by CaringLeo88
Fast accurate honest..." ... written by veezee
Brilliant will be back." ... written by sky456
Thank you for all your help. I will try not to let my fears get the best of me. " ... written by Kitty1002
A great honest reading!" ... written by gchiker
The reading was quite amazing...Just calm, serene and she looked so confident. I feel that she portrayed the truth as she saw it with no fluff or sugar coating to make me feel better. But her energy was so calm and relaxing it made you feel confident after the reading. I will be back :)" ... written by confusedchica
My reading with her was great, she really helped me and answered my questions before I could even ask them. She told me positive changes are coming and even the time frame, but I just have to be patient. I will definitely continue to use her help." ... written by syncerepapi
Seherezada was incredibly helpful and honest. I appreciated everything she was able to tell me about my current career path and future love-life. I was incredibly pleased overall. I'll definitely come to her again in the future." ... written by JeffreyW28
I really feel like everything she said was spot on. She told me about a girl who may dissuade my current interest from maintaining a relationship with me. Ironically, I had JUST recently had a dream in which I met his mother who wound up hating me in the dream. She's very honest, which I appreciated, and I will definitely enjoy speaking to her again. =)" ... written by KaleighKills
Honest reading. I really like it! :D" ... written by Pamela20
OOoh I just love her, she is sooo sweet and so amazing with her cards.. Please read with her, I have read many times with her :) Thank you!" ... written by butterflywings10
Love the positive readings." ... written by Cari1961
Angel on earth!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
Amazing as always! my go to psychic, always honest and accurate. She sees the good and bad and does not tell fluff, I will definitely update!!" ... written by knel27
My #1 adviser on this site, I have been coming to her for months in relation with a bad situation with my now ex. She has really helped me find the strength to move on and predicted only positives once I moved on which has transpired. She is the best, she will tell you what you need to hear, no sugar coating here, love her!" ... written by leti98
Had a reading with her this morning and her prediction came true TODAY. It was like a miracle. She said, i see contact and even a meeting face to face. Just like she predicted, he texted and asked me out TODAY. You are the ONLY one I will go to from now on! THANK YOU!" ... written by Kitty1002
Thank you soooo much!!! You are absolutely wonderful and I have never met someone so honest and kind. Thanks heaps for the clarity on my own spiritual journey! I will be back. :)" ... written by ashlouise1
I admire her honesty. She gave me answers that I needed to feel strongly about my decisions. I would definitely stay in touch with her if ever I need to know something. " ... written by Nicole0127
Very insightful and helpful thank you" ... written by higherthanlife
Fast typing and very accurate :)" ... written by babydoll7890
She was amazing... very accurate.. thank you so much!" ... written by sandyfit7
I still did get the answer for my last question!" ... written by Quipsial
Oh no. I am so coming back. I am not done with all her detailed readings. :)) Always back to ask her about the details which always come true!" ... written by linn115
Very accurate and helpful. Highly recommend her for all types of questions." ... written by fedkills6060
She is very quick, and easy to talk to, I love that she shows you the spread and explains what it means, She is a very gifted reader :)" ... written by HollyB123
Wow is all I can say. Confirmed for me what I feel is happening but couldn't describe in detail or put the pieces together. She is the real thing and I will only come back for readings with her in future - no more shopping around. I still cant believe the accuracy of my reading. Well worth the time and credits!" ... written by Irene
Thank you babe! Beautiful and so talented. Can't wait to see your predictions come true one by one. So far shes been right since the first day I came to her months ago... :) Bad and good she has been seeing what is going on in my life. :))" ... written by linn115
Great reading, straight to the point tarot, and great explanation. " ... written by lorrayne1029
Thank you so very much, I just needed some confirmation that my plans will lead us to the happiness we deserve, it has been hard for so long. I will let you know how we go. Thank you again. xxx" ... written by Charli315
She was great. Very accurate and no sugar-coating. Thank you for confirming what I have felt. I will definitely keep you posted." ... written by sophiec
She is so good, and so quick with her cards. And such a sweet person. I feel honored to have been able to meet her. You will love a private with her, trust me." ... written by butterflywings10
I enjoyed my reading because she doesn't sugar-coat anything, is just very direct, and also offers sound and genuine advice. She's comforting, and told what I had already suspected about someone in my life, and I trust her reading. I would definitely complete another reading with her. Thank you, Seherezada!" ... written by serenity34
Excellent reading. Very sweet and nice and with just one question gave a ton of information on a variety of topics. Was very direct and to the point as well. Highly recommend." ... written by jonnypc123
She was great!" ... written by aundreya25
Right off the rip you can tell she has beautiful soul . and she tells you things without really telling her anything . All i did was ask one question and she went on from there . ill definely come back for the near future . just going to sit around and see if what was said comes true. thanks seherezada :)" ... written by brittneebeauty33
She is awesome !!! Picked up on things I didn't say, she was on point. !!!! Will be back." ... written by jaykun
Very accurate reading of past events and current situation. Thanks so much. Will see you next time. Cheers" ... written by Chuffsta388
She is absolutely awesome!!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Very honest and insightful. Read my issues spot on and gave the clarity I sought. Thank you." ... written by rivalry
Sehererada was one of the first psychics I consulted in June and she's still my go-to for a honest, clear, and efficient reading. She lets me see the cards, doesn't waste time with useless conversation or stalling, and she also has a wonderful personality. Readings are detailed and consistent from first reading to last. I love her; she's such as beautiful soul. Truly she is." ... written by persephonestears
Extremely honest and super accurate. Everything she sees in her cards happens. I don't go to anyone else. She's the best on this site! " ... written by Kitty1002
Dear S... Thank you, you are very positive and honest. I like your readnig everytime. Just that time flyes to quickly. ;)" ... written by sanjam
Accurate to the point excellent." ... written by hemal79
Had a great reading with her...has a very inviting and sweet demeanor. She was very honest and direct with information in my reading and very accurate. She offered guidance on how best to handle my situation with compassion. " ... written by redwritergirl
Seherezada's interpretaions of her cards is mirraculous." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
She is honest and gives great advice!!!! Just amazing!!!" ... written by bella911912
Excellent reading, very clear and concise!! You won't regret it!!! get that reading!!! " ... written by wendybb0880
I found this reading very accurate it was so accurate it was very emotional for me thank you for your reading." ... written by Ali23Cole
She is amasing, honest ,teling exactly what she sees,whatever she said that was how is right now , so lets see for future.....will be back definitly ....thanks dear" ... written by sabinaa
A very gentle and to the point lady, knew things so clearly, very honest and offered the guidance I needed and will definitely not hesitate to come back for another reading, Cannot say how grateful I am to have found you." ... written by SandraBel
I finally had a reading which was honest and so beautiful worded that even though my present moment is a little i was able to hear what i needed to so that i can move forward with my life! thanks" ... written by intrigueme184
Very positive insight about soul mates. I highly recommend." ... written by meg007
Nice, fast and down to earth, reading. I specially enjoyed the ability to see the cards being dealt and the explanation of them. " ... written by minnervou77
ACCURATE AND VERY GOOD." ... written by hemal79
Fab thank you." ... written by smiley2011
Awesome as always." ... written by Dolly1234
Confirmed what is happening at work." ... written by PinkFairy21
All I can say is She's awesome everytime!!!! I will definitely come back for another reading soon.. xox" ... written by SSK143
I am very satisfied with my private reading with Seherezada82. She's right to the point, very initutive, and kind. I senses a very peaceful, and calm vibes from her. I am very content of my reading. I will recommend anyone to have a private reading with her. I look forward to coming back for another reading soon. Thank you, so much. :) xo" ... written by SSK143
I loved her..... She is very confident about what she is doing it.... And she will be honest.... And above all very accurate , everything was just like we had this conversation before... Very good : )) " ... written by sukychi
Amazing as always. Absolutely 100% accurate. The best on this site :-) Highly recommended." ... written by Kitty1002
She was great. She would spot on, reinforced what I already knew and gave me some insight for the future. TY!!" ... written by LIz221
She is a great reader, thank you :)" ... written by HollyB123
So I had a reading with her and she told me very god things that I'd already suspected, and some that I did not!. Its just very truthful, and she is very sweet, calm and collected. I believe she only gives real information!" ... written by dominique
Very nice and very honest. I enjoyed my reading. :)" ... written by MakeMeABeliever
Very detailed!" ... written by yvettepandora
Thank you. You gave me a sense of security and also hope for my future. It's been a long time since I've felt those!" ... written by kathy1962
Excellent kind reader and very specific with interpretation of the beautiful cards! Highly recommend!" ... written by Camy64
Love monika, she always sees my situation well " ... written by Realdream9
Great." ... written by Cari1961
Lovely reading as always. Her cards are consistent, and she uses them very well." ... written by persephonestears
Love her readings!!! Accurate and to the point, very very friendly... Awesome!!! Will come back for more :))" ... written by funeagle
Always honest and amazingly accurate! One million stars!" ... written by Kitty1002
Amazing, she is such a sweet women." ... written by beautiful_redd
She is amazing every time!!!" ... written by ashlouise1
She is amazing and very Positive!!! I always feel great when I see her and have a private reading with her!!! She is Absolutely Honest and Gifted!!! God Bless You Monika! Ellie-USA-OCT 22, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
Thank you so much for the reading, connected well! I will wait and see if the prediction comes true :)" ... written by Kalli22
Excellent clear quality. Precise and sees the situation well." ... written by AngelVisions
I love her soo much.... she is soo sweet, fast and accurate :0) please have a reading with her." ... written by butterflywings10
Seherezada sure knows how to bring news to you! When you're feeling down and confused, she how to help you see things clearly and make you feel better! I was not expecting the outcome she gave me, but boy was it better than I expected! Thank goodness for her! Will definitely come back. Highly recommend!" ... written by wing-mei
She's absolutely amazing! " ... written by xtine930
She is so amazing, so detailed!!!!!!! I've been coming to her very regularly, she is the best on Oranum! XOXOXO" ... written by teisin00
She was accurate and to the point... Though she answered me what I would not like to hear but still she ended my 6 months long wait by saying that the thing is not meant for me... I would have loved if she had said a yes, but still it's futile for running behind the things which you will never get... Maybe something good is waiting for me as well somewhere...!!!!! " ... written by coolstallion
A true psychic. Has been there for me through a very difficult soul mate relationship. Has been accurate about the good and the bad. Please try her." ... written by Kitty1002
Great reading!" ... written by beautifulgal585
I love how honest and truthful my readings are regardless of what is said :)" ... written by KKPhillips78
Thanks for your help! God bless!" ... written by aundreya25
Fantastic reading! Very honest and caring!" ... written by sky456
Amazing as always, straight to the point, always caring and understanding, definitely always recommend to all my friends. I will always come back for more readings." ... written by SandraBel
Always so honest and clear. Thank you for being there and for the great advice. :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Good and precise. l have listed her in my favourite list. Highly recommended." ... written by sudeepinfo
Always she tells the truth, always honest and I always feel better." ... written by bella911912
Thanks Monica!!!!!!! You rock and I will sure be contacting you soon." ... written by iris1015
I've had many readings with her and haven't seen her in about a month because I wanted a break and wanted to let things unfold and work on getting things right with the situation. I don't want to jinx my situation but so far she's been right about the part of me and him having a new beginning and getting closer. She said this quite a few times and said within a few months you two will have a new beginning and will get closer. It's just beginning but I think she's right..." ... written by ninjakitty88
Thank u babe! always can count on u! :) cant wait to see him again." ... written by linn115
She is very Honest, Great, Caring, and Nice!!! She tells you the truth and what her cards show, plus her wonderful ideas regarding the Cards! Thanks, Monika. Ellie- Oct 28th, 2012" ... written by Ellie11
She is fantastic!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Wonderful!!" ... written by brooklyngurl7
Very good concise" ... written by khansamina
Accurate as always. Very detailed. Sweet girl. Shows her cards which are beautiful. Excellent!" ... written by oiseau67
She is my favourite!" ... written by xicabella
Hope it is true. Then I'll come back for more." ... written by fortunecookie1
Lots of love and prayer your way. You are absolutely amazing!!!" ... written by bella911912
Had an amazing reading! Thank you so much! And I will be thinking of you when you're away and wishing you the best!" ... written by Kitty1002
Very good reading, mostly about future, so time will show :-) Kind person also." ... written by hanael2212
She's the one I always go to when I need to confirm something. Always right! Love her!" ... written by linn115
This is my second reading with Monika and she's the only psychic on here that I've felt is specific enough to warrant a second reading. She was accurate in my first reading, hence why I came back for the second. I like that she shows you the cards that appear for your reading and also gives you what she senses, along with her genuine guidance. If you needs honesty and/or guidence, shes your psychic!" ... written by serenity34
Nice to talk to" ... written by Cari1961
Very accurate with lovely energy that you feel entering in her room. The information she provided me really makes me happy! " ... written by fpinkney
Thanks this was a really amazing reading, she is the best on oranum. She doesn't do demos, she doesn't need to coz people will come to her otherwise. I recommend everyone to have a reading with this psychic that's coz she is v accurate and honest, u wont feel u wasted money. Thanks very much Seherezada82" ... written by cassy123
Very good!" ... written by Klaudyna27
She is always there to guide the right way, tells the truth and has always been right. :) just give her a try and you will know she is the real deal!" ... written by bella911912
Accurate , precise and sincere. I recommend." ... written by sudeepinfo
Always return to her when I need help." ... written by Rowapache81
First reading with her and she managed to calm me down. I believe she was straightforward and she told me what she saw, but I am just so angry and hurt right now that I am not open to anything. I will come back and do follow-up and update on predictions when I am calmer. " ... written by jazzyme
She was spot on! very accurate reading." ... written by sandalgr8
Thank you so much for your insight. You have never failed to be 100% accurate about the situation and your predictions always come true. So glad I found you!" ... written by Kitty1002
Accurate, perfect to the point!" ... written by hemal79
One of the best here." ... written by LovedMarco
I love her, she is awesome. :) The best! Hands down." ... written by ninjakitty88
She is a great reader. I have had many reading's with her and comes out on top all the time." ... written by monmo36
Thank you so much for this morning. I really i'm having a hard time with all this and sometimes I wish the cards said it was over, but you have never been wrong before and so I know what I have to do to make this right. Thank you again. XOXO" ... written by Kitty1002
Thank you monika for a follow up reading. her reading really reflected the new happenings in my life. " ... written by katie
I really enjoyed my reading with this psychic very good and will cone back again she knows what she talking about. " ... written by starlight22
Clear honest readings thanks very helpful" ... written by Denisenz
Go see this lady! Very honest so brace yourself but why have a reading if you dont want her to be honest! Very good thank you!!!!!! :-) XX" ... written by Helgaz1
I have faith that she is on par with what I need to do. Thank you for taking the worries off my shoulders, needed that... Great reading!!!!Will do as you said." ... written by Sammyjoe02
Really lovely person, great reading. I appreciate the honesty and while it wasn't what I wanted to hear, it was what I suspected myself anyway. Definitely recommend." ... written by zephyr1983
She is just amazing!!!! just incredible give her a chance. I always feel so much better after talking to her :)" ... written by bella911912
Seherezada82 is wonderful and honest to talk to. She told me to move on and meet someone new and I feel a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders!" ... written by luckmaynard
Seh, you are just such a treasure and an awesome reader. Thank you for your honesty and caring manner. See you soon! Mxo" ... written by mdemos
Most accurate reader I have had. She is patient and kind and most of all connected with me and my situation. Love!!!" ... written by ikroyal
Absolutely wonderful! She has really helped me with my personal issues. Thank you Seherezada82!" ... written by fpinkney
Has been right about everything so far!!!! So I'm looking forward to this :D" ... written by ashlouise1
I like her a lot, she read the cards and wasn't afraid TO TELL THE TRUTH~~I would recommend her for everyone!!" ... written by PINKI29
Very good readings. Right on top. I really looking forward to see Here predicties come true.. Again! " ... written by chessy101
Honestly just try her. She is really good!!! You will come out of it wiser and at peace. Highly recommended." ... written by bella911912
Thank you so much. You are the best on this site! Please try her. XOXO" ... written by Kitty1002
She is awesome, sharp honest!" ... written by gem1974
Very good, honest!" ... written by thingy1889
I love that she is so honest. Thank you for the accurate reading!" ... written by sapphire456
She is very accurate and professional reader! Thank you!" ... written by kosmosss
Oh my god ! if you have not taken yet reading with seherezada82 ! you are unlucky ! because she is the only psychic here which is real !! all 5 stars !!! Thanks for your advice and help " ... written by peace147
Thanks again! You're the best at calming me down! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Only person that is always honest. Give her a try and you will feel lot better and know how to deal with the situation. Thanks so much you are just wonderful!" ... written by bella911912
Insightful as usual! Thanks again... I will be back!" ... written by jaykun
As always she is accurate, kind and very detailed. I keep returning and the readings get better! Thank you." ... written by ikroyal
Seherezada was very lovely and right to the point I enjoyed the reading and the experience." ... written by ezzy10
Thanks darling!" ... written by slinkyminky3
I have had quite a few readings with Monika and she is very highly recommended. She tells the truth, even when in the past it wasn't what I wanted to hear. But, now it's all good, and I trust her. She is a lovely person too and definitely one of the best on Oranum." ... written by leogirl
Very in-tuned as always!!! She is always accurate and tells you the truth no matter what! Her predictions have always come to pass for me. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Nona29
Reading was opposite to 95% of others, so not sure... will wait to see. Didn't talk about any current areas for me to know if she was tuned in to the future or not. Only talked about future." ... written by Enkori
She was direct, seems to be nice lady......" ... written by winningway4
Very clear instructions and guidance. She explains each card and shows you as she goes along. Makes it easier to follow and understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by angelszone
My overall experience with Monika was wonderful! She is very accurate and very honest. She tells as is with love. She was very warm and welcoming, intuitive and gave sage advice. I highly recommend for newbies or returning customers! She is truly a hidden gem here! " ... written by LadyRoseLee
As always, Monika is my favorite on this site, she is accurate, honest, and she provides sound advice, and I will continue to come to her as I have for the past several months. Highly recommend!" ... written by leti8989
Always my favorite pyschic, can tune into my situations so effortlessly and gives great advice, like a friend almost. Thank you!" ... written by katie
Monika is very accurate and insightful. Every time I come for a reading, her cards really reflect my current situations, it's somewhat amazing. But all in all, she is a great psychic. " ... written by kat
Very professional and caring person. Recommend to take her, she's great! :)" ... written by 7376js
Thank you Monica you always give me hope xx" ... written by Layla
She is soooo sweet, and accurate. She knows her cards so well. What she says is always right on. Thank you sweetie, I will let you know! :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Always coming back for her!" ... written by Rowapache81
Fabulous!" ... written by sky456
Another great reading!" ... written by xtine930
Very clear and honest read. Thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Gotta love her!! She is one smart kitten... a definite top reader on this site!" ... written by slinkyminky3
A sweet dear lady.. I like to share with her more, if not constrained by credit. She tried to help me.. I hope to come back to her when positive predictions come true. Best if all the best things come true! " ... written by joyfulstart
WOW! is all I can say. She made me feel so much better and I am in peace right now with my reading. She is really great." ... written by torn_apart
Good read!" ... written by newmswalker2
Excellent 5 stars!" ... written by hemal79
Very accurate readings. Everything happens just like she said. If it does not happen right away, it will occur. She does not waste your time nor money." ... written by georgiapeach37
Wonderful as always. Honest, precise, readings. She the best reader that I always depend on." ... written by persephonestears
Seherezada is an awesome and most trustworthy reader and I strongly recommend you to stop by and invest in an honest reading with this wonderful lady. Thank you for your care and honesty! xo" ... written by mdemos
Excellent, 5 stars!" ... written by hemal79
;-)" ... written by sunangel69
Accurate and to the point." ... written by hemal79
She is quite amazing. I came back for an update as the last reading was very accurate. " ... written by AngelVisions
Consistent with last reading!" ... written by angelszone
Awesome!" ... written by angelszone
Very accurate and precise. She helped me lot in my career, she gave me proper advices. One of my favourite psychics. Top rated! Oranum's top five. I will recommend to others who are seeking advice." ... written by sudeepinfo
Quick connection with honest messages. I periodically check in with Monica and I would highly recommend the same for everyone." ... written by lilliableu
Very good and accurate!" ... written by georgiapeach37
You are so right!!!! Amazing!!!" ... written by rdasgupta
Clear, straightforward andamp; most importantly seems accurate so far with a prediction already coming to fruition! I received much great news so I hope it does eventuate! THNX So Much for all ur help, assistance andamp; insights Monika! I really do appreciate it! We will talk again hopefully in the future :)) Love andamp; Light :D" ... written by Marcella79
Thank you. My heart is in the right place to wait for things to unfold. It makes me sad, but you told me the truth, no sugar coats. Thats all I really needed to feel like what I was feeling was not just me being paranoid." ... written by vkyvky
Great updates!" ... written by Cari1961
Stunning psychic.. truly" ... written by AngelVisions
She was wonderful. Have had several private readings with her and she was very accurate. I always come back for her and I am looking forward to see her predictions come true. Right on track and very detailed. Honest and sincere.. One of the best at!!!" ... written by chessy101
Time was short today, but you were right before and I trust you will be right again! Thank you so much friend, you are the best! XOXO " ... written by Kitty1002
Another great reading with Monika. Honestly, she is the most caring and friendly psychic ever. She is in tune with situations and not only give good readings but also very practical advice. She honestly cares, it's no wonder she gets so many clients. Thank you Monika!" ... written by katie
Thanks for your advice and guidance that you gave me, it helps for my confidence as well. I enjoyed your reading!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is amazing, handsome and she gives single details, I loved her! she's so friendlyyyy!" ... written by hayrabedian88
Thank you!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Thank you for your accurate reading and thoughts of support you had for me. It really means a lot to me, especially for love department, in which I put a lot of hope." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is very very good at giving out the truth, she doesn't sugar coat, but she does it with a great deal of tact. :) Thank you!" ... written by HollyB123
You are the Best!!!! Will be back!!" ... written by jaykun
She is amazing. Very grateful. Very thorough and highly accurate. Thank you, you are a joy to talk with. " ... written by AngelVisions
Seherezada82 was wonderful! She has an honest and trusting personality and presence. I felt comfortable instantly (trusting her) being it was my first online reading. Thank You, and I encourage others to seek her out. Be Well." ... written by CjBrickner
Thank you for your loving andamp; comforting words and confidence you gave me.." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very accurate and the cards speak through her well!" ... written by LoriKA
Thank you for the reading. It was very helpful. I will watch out for this certain person who you told me to be aware of :)" ... written by WhiteMouse
Even though the reading was not what I wanted to hear, I really enjoyed talking to her. :) FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!!! " ... written by 2daughtmama
Not only is she spot on.. I enjoy being in her presence and talking with her. Sense of peace is what I feel after our discussion. I highly recommend!!" ... written by lilliableu
Thanks.. she was great.!" ... written by trmills928
Harsh truth :)" ... written by kerrdoodle
Always so very accurate :-) Thank you for the update. You're the best :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Thank you Lady. Your insight was very accurate and helpful. I feel better with your reading and guidance. have a blessed day!" ... written by meg007
Honest and sincere. I had reading to check a few things. She is always spot on for me. Very accurate, she just knows! Real Sweetiexx" ... written by oiseau67
I didn't have enough time to chat with Monika but it was fine." ... written by noellavoyance
Thank you so much for the update! You are absolutely right about my state of mind, I will definitely let you know when he contacts me, You're the best! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
My tarot reading was very positive and insightful. I appreciate your help. Peace and light to you!" ... written by meg007
Don't know what I would do without her :) SO GOOD!" ... written by bella911912
She is hands down the best! She is always honest and tells you what she sees, gives you advice just exactly what you need from a psychic!" ... written by bella911912
Thank you for the advice! :)" ... written by sharphandz247
Thank you for your insight and support, gives me more confidence in what I'm doing. Also thank you fr your advice!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you thank you thank you!" ... written by bella911912
Lovely reader!!! Very accurate!" ... written by benkepsychic
Excellent to the point." ... written by hemal79
Patient, understanding and does not waste ones time. A very refreshing reading. Thank you :-)" ... written by oshannon
My favourite psychic, I love her... Always picks up on a situation, shr is very accurate!!!" ... written by knel27
What a wonderful lady. She was very kind and very accurate. She can sense things very well and explains it all in a very kind and gentle manner. Thank you!" ... written by dlmad05
Oh my goodness.. She is fantastic. Everyone should have a consultation with her and you will see what I mean. Didn't have to tell her much, just what I am wondering about and our names. She is very quick, doesn't waste time and gets to the point and message. She told me a lot of information in a short time, and positive truth and what I should do. She has confirmed my intuitive thoughts but I needed to see it from someone with talent and the gift! Actually I have asked her help before and she told me the harsh truth and gave me advice and I did it. It worked. And I will definitely follow her advise again this time. Thank you so much. Blessings!!!" ... written by kissmeangel
I have never experienced anyone who can read the tarot the way Seherezada does! The cards are actually answering your questions through her and they are always telling you what you need to know. Trillions of Stars." ... written by MaryLeeBrown25
She's accurate and very honest. Thanks for the reading:)" ... written by jimikuta
Seherezada is a wonderful lady. She is nice, warm and very understand you. Her readings are spot on as well. This is my 2nd reading with her." ... written by hazelziggy
Very honest- great update!" ... written by Cari1961k
Thank you for your loving thoughts and support you give me. I really need it." ... written by mojasudbina1978
You were amazing, you told me the truth even though it hurt, you gave me clarity." ... written by santhia1989
Honest." ... written by janeaustenfan
She is exceptional. Always spot on." ... written by AngelVisions
Very straigh forward,honest intepretations. Accurate and very helpful in matters involving CAREER. I highly recommend her for those who seek sincere and honest advice." ... written by sudeepinfo
wonderful again. she is really lovely and very honest." ... written by dlmad05
EXCELLENT TO THE POINT, 5 STARS!!!" ... written by hemal79
She is just amazing!" ... written by bella911912
Another amazing reading with Monika! She is very in tune with everything and I always come back for updates for she is the most accurate about life. Thank you!" ... written by Katie
Thanks for the reading!!" ... written by Twinheart
I love her. her cards are great. she is very accurate, especially with timing. wonderful reader." ... written by benkepsychic
EXCELLENT!! loved every second of it!! its so real i cant wait! thank you, ur amazing!" ... written by matthewshanahan
Fast reader and tells the truth whether you like it or not. This is the place to go for an honest reading so be ready." ... written by Armande
I LOVE HER." ... written by ash2244
You vere werry fast!!That vas amazing..Thank you for the information I needed!Hope to talk with you soon.5Stars from me to you.Ajnas26" ... written by ajnas26
Honest and accurate." ... written by sudeepinfo
Very good as usual." ... written by rb31081981
As always absolutely fantastic?" ... written by bella911912
Thanks!" ... written by godess01
Simply The BEST!!! " ... written by future_manager
Thank you for your words. I will be sure to watch out for foxes! I am confident that things will improve." ... written by jesurq
Had some very insightful and helpful advice for me in respect to my current situation. I will guard it closely, she doesn't steer me wrong." ... written by jong866
Patience is a virtue and she definitely has loads of it. Lovely reading and honest as well." ... written by dlmad05
Thank you for being honest, and giving me hope that things will work out. had many questions before i spoke with you and you have made things much clearer" ... written by ruthelena11
Always there to help and give me clarity! 5 hundred stars!" ... written by Kitty1002
Seherezada is unbelievable, accurate, precise, very friendly and very fast in her viewings." ... written by eurofighter380
Excellently honest." ... written by ABA1221
Brilliant. such a quick connection and her reading was consistent with last time." ... written by angelszone
Thank you always for your honesty and advice ." ... written by bella911912
If you want to really know what is going on, she is your girl. She will always always tell you the truth no matter what. Proper guidance and advice! Absolutely THE BEST!" ... written by bella911912
Great updates" ... written by Cari1961
Thank you a Million for the update! Will keep you posted :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Precise,accurate . I rate her among top five Oranum Psychic reader. Highly RECOMMENDED . " ... written by sudeepinfo
She is just wonderful. She is patient and understanding no judgement just beyond words. Can't thank her enough :)" ... written by bella911912
Genuine and true!" ... written by gem1974
She answered all my question always honest and truthful and right on the mark. Really good! " ... written by bella911912
This woman is amazing!!! Extremely accurate! wowowow thanks heaps :D" ... written by ashlouise1
Enjoyed update." ... written by Cari1961
She seems like a very nice person, I ran out of time before my reading began :(" ... written by greenbee09
Thank you for your patience and guidance you give to me. I'm glad that you can help me." ... written by mojasudbina1978
She is always amazing and very consistent! Thanks! :)" ... written by AngelVisions
Thank you so much. I don't know what I would do without you. Seriously, this has been really hard for me and you have been there to help me." ... written by Kitty1002
She is very informative!!! Great Information that I can take with me." ... written by kiki228
Came to Monika for a follow up reading to a situation I've been asking about for a while and she has been very accurate every time, with her cards reflecting new situations and developments. I highly recommend Monika for readings as she is the most patient, honest and understanding psychic here. Not to mention she is simply a lovely person overall. Thank you xx" ... written by katie
So good right on the mark! The best and sweet person there could be. Absolutely amazing." ... written by bella911912
She is accurate, insightful and honest as always. Love coming to her for readings, she's fantastic, you simply must get a reading NOW!!!" ... written by ikroyal
Thanks for your support!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thanks again for the insight!!!! Great reading!!" ... written by jaykun
Always clear and accurate. No nonsense." ... written by slinkyminky3
Wonderful, thank you." ... written by higherthanlife
5 stars to Monika. Great as always!! What ever she had told me before, is happening now. The exact same things. She is absolutely talented, honest, and caring. Thanks Monika and God bless you. Ellie, USA, DEC 16th 2012." ... written by Ellie11
Seherezada is a woman of integrity and honesty and will tell you exactly what she sees with care and gentleness. She is very diplomatic and tells you the truth with honesty and integrity. I've had a few readings with her and I fully trust her and her predictions come to pass. She's very accurate on what she sees and senses and you must stop by and get to know her. She's a serious and gifted psychic and is ready to assist at your leisure! Thank you darling heart!!! xoxo" ... written by mdemos
Great once again.! I have spoke with her twice now,and she is the best! helped me with love, relationship and more! :) She is the only one who shows you the cards and tells you about them. I will be talking with her the next time i come on here!" ... written by chaytaladay
She is talented and honest... Love her!" ... written by sunangel69
Thanks for loving tips and support that I always get from you!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
I like her, we had a good connection and I will come back, she is very accurate in my case, thank you SHEREZADE." ... written by akenatonacindere
I absolutely love her! Every time she told me she wanted to be honest with me I was prepared for bad news but she has lighten my heart so much! I will be back as the year progress and if and when I hear from him. Thank you!!!!" ... written by JOHARRI1
She is really friendly and nice. She gave a fast reading and was there to answer any questions I had! I'll wait to see how accurate the rest of her readings were and definitely come back later! Thanks!" ... written by heccitor
She is a really good guide and reader!" ... written by HollyB123
Thank you, sweet Lady! I always enjoy your readings. They are very consistent and exactly guide you to reveal what is going on in my life. I really appreciate your expertise. Peace and Blessings to you." ... written by meg007
She is on path, telling her nothing, she knows and sees situation how it is ..... thanks so much will be back!" ... written by sabinaa
Thank you so much for your help! You are always so right with your readings!!It's great having your advice on my little problems. Thanks a lot, god bless you!!!" ... written by eli2009
Always a wonderful reading, so accurate and helpful - 100 stars!!" ... written by ikroyal
GOOD, STRAIGHTFORWARD. I LIKED HER!" ... written by daliacity
True and honest and very understanding about your feelings. She really has given a boost in my life and made me feel happy. I will definitely go to her again!" ... written by Lilkittykins1983
She was accurate and to the point, hats off to her !!!" ... written by coolstallion
She is so good!!!!! Her cards always pick up things that are happening. Can't thank her enough!!!!" ... written by bella911912
Monika is excellent. She shows you her spread right in front of you and explains how it applies to your situation... very accurately. The spread shows present and future. Very awesome! Please try her, you will be very content with your reading :-D" ... written by kissmeangel
Monica is incredible person " ... written by atomic96
I am so happy I talked to you.. thank you so much!!! Seherezada is GREAT!!!!!!! Go to her, she will give a good insight!! She is also very very kind person..." ... written by leililaloo
Thank you so much. That was really liberating :-) XOXO" ... written by Kitty1002
Super helpful and so much insight... Thanks again!" ... written by lunajmm
Great connection and very precise, thank you and nice to meet you! No sugar coating, she is right on point! " ... written by lunajmm
Thanks for tips, I needed your help." ... written by mojasudbina1978
Very honest!" ... written by priyaahitan
Incredibly amazing! So kind, so accurate!" ... written by atomic96
A long trusted 'confident' and friend.. Monika, I feel comfortable with and she listens and shares a lot to help.. She is definitely someone I recommends. Thanks greatly and blessings! :) " ... written by joyfulstart
He contacted me. " ... written by Kitty1002
Awesome update!" ... written by Cari1961
Very good accurate information." ... written by georgiapeach37
Really like her!" ... written by Cari1961
Very honest and informative!" ... written by lou_kendy
Very good reading!" ... written by georgiapeach37
She always helps me and can't wait for this new man that is suppose to be coming into my life. Will definitely be coming back to her when he does!" ... written by ninjakitty88
Nice great reading..... really helps." ... written by holymolly2408
Seherezada hit it spot on with our last reading over a month ago. She tuned in very well. She came through with some seriously insightful and eye opening outcomes with our 2nd reading. I will come back for updates when the time is right without hesitation." ... written by Enkori
Seherezada was totally awesome and on it! She takes readings to a whole new level when it comes to hitting the nail on the head with NO input needed from the client! Try her... you will never be disappointed! She is very honest, fast, accurate, and always gives good advice! She is definitely very reassuring no matter what the situation and she will put your mind at ease with her correct intuition!!! :) Thanks, Monica! You're truly the BEST!!!!! :) " ... written by tonyawalker
Right on the mark. She is wonderful as usual. Thank you!" ... written by dlmad05
Excellent. You were right about everything again! Wish things were different, but always appreciate your honesty." ... written by Kitty1002
She is my go to reader. She hits things right on target and her aim on people is very accurate. Thanks!" ... written by Enkori
She is good, calming, helpful." ... written by no name needed
Excellent, she was helpful as always!" ... written by hemal79
Very good readings!" ... written by georgiapeach37
GREAT!" ... written by epa0404
Thank you for your loving thoughts and guidance you give to me. I really need this help of yours. " ... written by mojasudbina1978
I just need to come and talk to her and she helps with everything else! Just amazing, the best ever!" ... written by bella911912
So helpful and considerate as always, really helped me with a decision I have to make. I hope she is right with the outcome, always so accurate. And will always come back for more readings." ... written by SandraBel
Thanks for your lovely service!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Excellent and always honest. Have a Happy New York!" ... written by Kitty1002
Thanks!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Thank you for your advice!" ... written by mojasudbina1978
Monika is simply amazing. She is honest and a really serene reader. Go to her, you won't be disappointed. :)" ... written by katie
She has been correct with all of the predictions since I have been coming to her (several months). She is the best on this site and I will continue coming back!" ... written by leti98
Thanks Monica. I think you're right." ... written by summerfield
I really love her... she's really good at what she does! I hope everything she said comes true :)" ... written by CatherineLoree
Lovely reader and I love her cards. Always a warm reading. Thank you!!" ... written by benkepsychic
Seherezada is not only thorough but she is detailed. She gives clear perspective and is also is very caring and kind in her approach. Thanks Seherezada!" ... written by AngelVisions
Yayyy great readings love it and honest and fiendly will come back and updates you with good news." ... written by holymolly2408
Awesome!" ... written by slinkyminky3
An incredible reader - awesome awesome awesome" ... written by improvknight
Great, positive reading!" ... written by holymolly2408
Insightful reading with lots of detail about my situation just from names. She is great and honest!" ... written by lilablack
You were right about communication, so I had to come back to let you know. Always so accurate." ... written by SKitty
Seriously spot on, Great reading. " ... written by Nikki8123
She is patient and tells you everything she sees as she sees them the truth." ... written by bella911912
Excellent reading. She gave me a lot of reassurance." ... written by SheilaRoberto
Very honest reading! As always." ... written by xtine930
Great! :)" ... written by Gu3st74
Very quick and detailed reading... Thank you" ... written by dallascowboys8
Great! I love having readings with her. Thanks again!" ... written by godess01
I felt like what she told me was true and I feel confident that she was accurate." ... written by heathy1224
Excellent, 5 stars." ... written by hemal79
Love love love Seherezada ... She connects instantly and says it exactly how it is. She's a wonderfully gifted psychic with a very big heart. Thank you dear lady!! xo" ... written by mdemos
Very honest as usual." ... written by rb31081981
Thanks for the honest reading." ... written by holymolly2408
Very unique person that believes in helping people. Very detailed, gives specific honest answers to your questions and is a good listener. Worth the money, you will have to see for yourself. The Oracle is waiting, Neo! " ... written by king_seti
She is very talented in Tarot Reading, I was scared of Tarot but not that she showed and explained everything, it makes more sense! She is a very considerate and intuitive psychic, it's always a pleasure to have a reading with her.." ... written by finelace
Thank you babe. always good to have ur readings." ... written by linn115
The best reading always!" ... written by bella911912
She is the best, give it a try you will realize how good she really is." ... written by bella911912
Thank you Lady. Your guidance is always consistant and accurate. I appreciate your help with my concerns and questions. Have a blessed day" ... written by meg007
Well... here is an extra review. I have bought a lot of readings. I am not sure what other people are looking for from a reader, but if your looking for some insight and someone that has real intuition and use it to help you, you will probably buy a lot of readings too. Some people don't believe in readers or psychics that is fine. No matter what you believe if you find someone with genuine ability it can be a little spooky. " ... written by king_seti
Thank you for the update. XOXO. I trust you so much." ... written by Kitty1002
Thank you for the advice and help. :)" ... written by LS7779
Reading work pretty quickly :)" ... written by amorluv
Excellent to the point and accurate answers!" ... written by hemal79
Excellent. Always amazingly honest. Even when I don't want to believe her, her predictions come true! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Excellent... Kicked out couple of times... But worth it... Made me feel a lot better about the future," ... written by vishal_dwivedi
Great!" ... written by baburajdivakaran
Absolutely amazing like always LOVE HER!!!" ... written by bella911912
She is always honest in her readings, love chatting with her. She is very precise and no sugar coating, doesn't waste your time, straight to the point, very sweet! My favorite psychic!" ... written by knel27
Always really good! and always correct and picks up on the situation" ... written by bella911912
Thank you for the reading. Honest as always. He did respond to the text and told me he still thinks we are connected because he had a dream about a kitty. He's a mess. I know you are right about everything and I know I have to be strong and hopefully one day let it go. " ... written by S
Great like always :)" ... written by xicabella
I just had my readings last week and she figure it out exactly...Thank You! :)" ... written by amorluv goes. One of her predictions already came true. She told me my Ajna chakra would open. The next day at work towards the end of the day I felt some pressure under my jaw then in my inner ears. I thought I was maybe getting a cold. Later that day I the same feeling came back but it all shot into my pineal gland and my face became really flushed like when u take a huge does of vitamin C. Super strange but good stuff. We shall see what happens with the other predictions!" ... written by king_seti
Incredible " ... written by dreamingisfr33
Great reading, thanks a lot." ... written by RoonilWazlib
Things you told me weeks ago are now coming to fruition. I trust that what you saw today will also happen in the future :-) " ... written by Kitty1002
Absolutely the only person to get a reading from... The best!!!" ... written by bella911912
Always positive reading!" ... written by holymolly2408
As always she is really good and to the point. Can't wait for all her predictions to come to fruition. Thanks!" ... written by bella911912
Awesome!" ... written by rrocko88
Great reader!!! Highly recommend her!" ... written by swaimz
Thank you! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Monika is always clear and concise and very detailed in her readings. She is honest and very tuned in to the situation and gives great advice. Love her!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Absolutely amazing as always... Honest and to the point! Just great!" ... written by bella911912
5 stars... She's so positive and to talk to her gives lot of peace... Thank you Seherezada... God bless! Cheers!" ... written by vishal_dwivedi
Very good reading!" ... written by uwhcmw76
How wonderful. She really does know what she is doing and her readings are soooo very good. Thank you." ... written by dlmad05
Super honest and caring. She has been with me through a very difficult situation and has told me the good and the bad. Some people want to hear that is not over, lately, i have been wanting to hear that it is...but she won't lie no matter how much she knows i'm hurt. She gives me advice and I truly appreciate her help and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Kitty1002
Love her! love her! love her! She is amazing, will tell you what she sees good or bad! Like it or love it! Such is MONICA!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
Very spot on, fast, accurate. Gave me insights that really were helpful. Pick up on matters even I wouldn't even realized. Very grateful for her reading. Highly recommended to consult her! =)" ... written by jomielyn
Great reading... I will keep you posted in three months!" ... written by youniquenubian33
Best on Oranum! :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
Always a pleasure, honest and consistent with sound advice, I will return as I always do. " ... written by leti98
Monica, you are an awesome reader and fabulous friend! Thank you so much for your love and kindness and incredible accuracy. xoxo" ... written by mdemos
Wonderful as always, good advice and insight!" ... written by Member625811
That was interesting. Very open, honest and professional. " ... written by ttan15
Awesome reading, thank you! I'll be back. :)" ... written by bradleyL
Great, positive reading! Yayyyyyy! Will keep you posted Monika. Hope that boat really comes to me, hahahaha!" ... written by holymolly2408
Very thoughtful, honest and encouraging!! :) Can't wait!!! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by aabyqf
Thank you.." ... written by kohiprinsu
Very caring and she helped me see through things... She helped me calm down and gave me hope.. Thank you Monika! xoxo" ... written by kohiprinsu
Gotta love this girl!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Thank you for your help." ... written by sunangel69
Thank you for the update! I must say, I'm relieved :-)." ... written by Kitty1002
She is totally the best one here. Amazing and soo honest." ... written by millyloves22
Good!" ... written by 1980nikki
She has been accurate every time!" ... written by florwer85
I think she was very i just have to wait and see how everything comes out. I will be back for an update." ... written by barvie1127
Honest reader... Excellent one...!!!" ... written by nurul_6208
She's my favorite psychic, love her. Always honest and accurate, very quick to pick up on things. Will definately update!!!" ... written by knel27
Seherezada is an amazing tarot card reader. She will enlighten you with her honest guidance. I always enjoy her readings and feel better too." ... written by meg007
Very good reading. I didn't like all wat she said but i feel it was the truth. A truth i didn't wanna hear. But she is very good!!!!" ... written by taylorred3172
My god, she is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood! This is crazy!!!!!! She is REAL people!! REAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LilooDW
The best reader ever! Not just on Oranum but best I've ever had! Sooooooooo good and just absolutely amazing." ... written by bella911912
Very honest and truthful reading." ... written by suzana01
Excellent Reader. Very honest and direct. No sugar quoting. " ... written by smackrani
Monika has always been so consistent with her relationship readings and predictions. She is always honest and sweet, but does not sugarcoat what her cards say! Thank you!" ... written by MjOcho
Great insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Got a good confirmation of a previous reading. She knows her cards and is a definite regular for me.." ... written by Enkori
Was very insightful and calming.Gave me a positive vibe and was very detailed and helpful I recommend everyone to try her you wont be dissappinted." ... written by casy123
Awesome reading as usual!! Shes fantastic a very helpful and insightful reader." ... written by ikroyal
Thank you dear, you made me happy!" ... written by Minnie12
She was honest. Told me what I needed to hear." ... written by gretchen72
For one more time Monica was honest... What is I really like about her!! Quick reading and straight to the point!" ... written by elenit
She seemed very sweet." ... written by seaker1980
Much love and Aloha." ... written by Sammy808
Thank you so much for your guidance. " ... written by Sammy808
Great reading!!" ... written by MayGirl
Wonderful insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Great reading. She's always serious and never sugar coats in her readings. Thanks a million times." ... written by Reginald88
Thank you! Best always :-)" ... written by Kitty1002
She was spot on!! Her predictions came true!!! Sweet lady!" ... written by ashlouise1
Thank you for the advice and prayers. " ... written by LS7779
Very honest and to the point" ... written by mcmulyn
As always she is amazing! Always sweet and honest... the best!!!" ... written by bella911912
If you want to know the truth, she is your girl! Absolutely brilliant!" ... written by bella911912
Thank you for your honesty. Didn't want to hear some of it but thanks anyway!" ... written by katie46
Thanks for a great reading.. It really brought joy to my heart and will follow your advice. Recommended for everyone." ... written by Balkiss
Was very insightful. I recommend" ... written by thinkpositiv2012
SHE IS GOOD, TRUST ME" ... written by ppp
Great!" ... written by rainosue1
Good reading and still consistent with last few readings from months ago! Wow!" ... written by speakone
Excellent readings I got from Monika tonight, liked it, she was upfront and tells it as she sees from the cards, and not just what I want to hear. Honesty has always been something I value, so I highly recommend Monika. " ... written by wwyung
Was very insightful.Was very detailed" ... written by casy123
Good connection and positive energy :)" ... written by abbie559
Was very helpful would like to recommend her to everyone" ... written by casy123
As always great energy and always honest. absolutely love her!!!" ... written by bella911912
Great reading. I come often for checkups!!" ... written by lilliableu
Fantastic reader :)" ... written by HollyB123
She goes out of her way to help you and is always honest !!! Absolutely amazing! Love her!" ... written by bella911912
Perfection to my career and love life, thank you for alerting me and telling me the truth. Guys, you will miss it if you did not ask her!" ... written by huseinawad
Always concise and to the point - very reliable!" ... written by slinkyminky3
She's honest, tough, calm, great detailed, very accurate." ... written by bellacasa
Seherezada is so accurate, so honest, so right, so nice!" ... written by dreamingisfr33
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!! GOOD OR BAD! SHE WILL TELL ME!! OMG SHE IS ANGEL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by wonderwoman29
Thank you!" ... written by king_seti
She is accurate. Thanks!" ... written by mj
Thank you! I will try and do what you said." ... written by bks111
Super sweet, positive, very fast with the cards, reading and interpretation! Will definitely want to come talk to her again. Thanks Seherezada82!" ... written by joyful222
Thanks a lot!" ... written by sudha2809
Thank you Monika. Your readings are always wonderful." ... written by ikroyal
Awesome, accurate , to the point, thanks " ... written by sam4480
I came to Seherezada with important questions about my past and future, and she immediately sensed the situation. She replied with specifics that only a true spirit reader could know. She helped me make big decisions and I am thankful for her help and wisdom." ... written by jwlipscomb
Seherezada gave me the best and most helpful advice and understood my situation intuitively. She is truly gifted by God." ... written by jwlipscomb
Outstanding expert as always. She is so precise and honest. Thank you Monika. " ... written by home888
Great session!" ... written by yvettepandora
Great reading. Truly a sweet lady." ... written by mini1214
I feel so much better now and have renewed hope!! She was dead on even about the people around my BF. Thank you very much!!!" ... written by Marialuis
She was very honest and gave some info that was right on point. The real deal to be honest." ... written by mayen2k13
She was interesting and fun to talk to." ... written by abhas006
She was truthful and honest." ... written by abhas006
I have been having readings with this wonderful lady now and again. I have to say, that she has always been accurate in her predictions and descriptions of the present. Sometimes hearing what you don't want to hear puts you off, but if it is the truth and honesty you want, contact Sherezada, she is a genuine and excellent reader." ... written by librabeauty
One of the best here!" ... written by LovedMarco
My go to person! She is the most accurate and honest psychic on this site :-) try her!" ... written by libragirl1002
Da best." ... written by Happygirl
Monika always tells you the truth, but in a very caring way. She is straight forward yet compassionate and so very accurate always. " ... written by leogirl
She is a very good psychics." ... written by okima34
Quick and to the point. She is perceptive and wise, and I appreciate her like a true friend. She sees exactly what you want to know IMMEDIATELY and tells the truth. I am so glad Seherezada is giving readings here." ... written by jwlipscomb
She was nice and honest" ... written by abhas006
Best reader" ... written by abhas006
Very quick and accurate reading." ... written by holymolly2408
I give 5 stars to Monika! She is awesome, honest, and lovely to talk to. God Bless you Monika. Love, Ellie Feb, 2013." ... written by Ellie11
Cut to the core of the issue and could see everything. Will see if the exact predictions come true." ... written by Akbar82
I will try the rekei she has been helpful." ... written by mick1284
Very accurate and clear! Will definitely go visit her again! Very good." ... written by smileysteph123
She is very concerned about her clients and is the best!!!! " ... written by bella911912
This lady is so very nice and again is so rite thank you so very much we will speak again xx" ... written by Coraldeacon
She cares enough to help. I would recommend her reading to anyone in need of serious help and advice." ... written by jwlipscomb
I came to her with deep and painful problems, and she was able to see into the causes and bring answers. I am grateful for Seherezada's wisdom and honesty. When she didn't know something, she was truthful, and 99% of the time she knew more than I could even imagine another person knowing. I felt like I was in good hands, and I will be back again for her advice." ... written by jwlipscomb
Very sweet lady and she remembered me immediately. Picked up on my situation very well. Her insights seem to be spot on and gave me some excellent advice on how to deal with it. Thank you, you are amazing. I don't know what I'd do without you." ... written by iPreferMimi
Always a pleasure to have a reading with Monika.. so accurate, predictions have been spot on in relation to my situation. I have been coming to her for months and she is by far the best on this site." ... written by leti98
Whenever i really want someone just to delivery the facts. Straight and truthful and with no personal opinion or lolly pops. i speak with Seherezada.. She is very straight and gentle with her delivery. She provides comfort yet honesty all in one. Compassionate too. Not sure how that's all possible ... but it is! ... she is great. Well worth the time with her :)) 5 stars" ... written by AngelVisions
Absolute star!!! Great reader." ... written by HollyB123
Another very accurate and helpful reading. She is wonderful." ... written by jwlipscomb
Brilliant." ... written by kamsriv
Superstar!!!! " ... written by HollyB123
Monika is honest and helpful. She is spot on and has a lot of details without prompting. She is the real deal." ... written by lilablack
Wow sometimes the truth hurts but its also gives you clarity. " ... written by Harlem04
Thank you for your honesty and clarity." ... written by Harlem04
Absolutely amazing consider her a true guide and friend. " ... written by bella911912
Excellent and quick answer and detailed insights! " ... written by kai
Super, I hope!" ... written by jens77
I THINK MONICA IS THE BEST HERE " ... written by dreamingisfr33
Just perfect, so nice, so honest, so accurate" ... written by dreamingisfr33
Really good advice and honest!! Didn't get to hear that everything is like I want it so I got some good advice :)" ... written by Krunka
She was extremely accurate, no sugar coating, what the cards state, happened, she's fantastic, she picked up on a lot of details in the 1st reading. A lot of information was given in so little time. a Mic would be good, she still is worth 5 stars. Oranum had better giver her 1st prize ribbon, thanks, Seherezada you are #1!" ... written by danielgemini1
Very nice lady. Gave me a lot of good advice and cleared a lot of things!!!! Thanks so much. You were really accurate in your assessment." ... written by mimithinking
Great reading, she was very honest. Didn't say the things I wanted to hear but gave me good advice and didn't give me false hope! I will deff. come back for another reading! " ... written by Kelebek
She was spot on." ... written by mlgriff330
Monika is so accurate in what she sees. Her cards tell it all but she gives the information in such a professional yet caring way... My feeling is that she is one of, if not the best, on this site!!! " ... written by leogirl
Thanks Lady, you have wonderful insight with your readings. They have been very true and accurate. Have a blessed day" ... written by meg007
A very detailed and honest reading, I can easily say that I loved my reading with Seherezada82. Thank you so much for your help :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
Thank you for clearing the fog, excellent reading!" ... written by vc1976
Monika has always been straight from the beginning, what she sees in exactly what happens. Her contact prediction was right too. Thank you x" ... written by gem
Thank you for the update lady. I always come to you when I have important questions. :-)" ... written by libragirl1002
An update reading. Awesome as usual. Got much clarity!" ... written by jomielyn
Her prediction is the most accurate, honest and straight to the point, She is among the best psychics in this site." ... written by aikhooiooi
Seherezada82 is such a wonderful reader! Beautiful aura and energy. She gave me such an awesome reading, I will absolutely be coming back for more readings with her and recommend her greatly :)" ... written by SugarPlumGirl
Seherezada was awesome. She connected fast and was very detailed and explained/clarified the information. She didn't sugarcoat anything and didn't waste my time..." ... written by Scorpio1112
Always so very honest!!! Thank you so much for the update lady. You have been guiding me for months! Thank you. " ... written by libragirl1002
Beautiful lady with a beautiful heart, she is very good at what she does." ... written by lovestruck12
Thanks Lady, your readings are very accurate and insightful. I appreciate your guidance." ... written by meg007
Fantastic :) " ... written by HollyB123
I'm so glad I spoke to Seherezada! I really needed clarity and she gave me that and more! 5 stars? She deserves millions!" ... written by Jade
Wow Monica is Super Quick in connecting with you. Super amazing, She mentions things to me that confirm what I was suspecting among other revelations that totally shock me. I was so happy to have received such a wonderful reading. I will go to her for more future updates. Hoping to see her predictions unfold. Blessings...." ... written by Lucy117
So good, best psychic I've spoken to." ... written by liltopazmandy
Thank u Monica, your reading give me hope...... Will keep u posted :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Sherezada said exactly in August what I'm finding out right now. It came true, the spirits say exactly how the things are." ... written by DoctorPeter1
She is an amazing reader, really gifted, I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her! :)" ... written by HollyB123
I think she is just great. :)" ... written by millyloves22
Thanks for the reading! I hope her predictions come true!" ... written by rainbows8
Seherezada82 was most helpful, sincere and understanding of my troubles. Her guidnace and insight into my life and questions I had were extraordinary. Her honesty and approach in the reading was most helpful. Highly recomend her ability and service" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Absolutely wonderful!! Always good, very realistic and sincere. She knows what she is doing!! No nonsense and no sweet talking. Very impressive - her record proves it." ... written by slinkyminky3
Great reading, answered all my questions, will be back for a follow up!" ... written by KKat21
Beautiful insight as always! " ... written by KG
Honest, truthful." ... written by Member625811
Really very rightful and clear easy to understand what does means with tarot cards in explain. You really quickly read in my situation issue. Sound all right. Thanks for help me and stop confused me too." ... written by meeko12
Thank you again for a lovely reading and for the intuitive guidance. Wonderful person!!!!" ... written by ikroyal
Great to see the cards you get. Hope all comes true. Thanks!" ... written by cheeksup
She is very accurate , fast, and honest. Highly recommended." ... written by josephine18
Seherezada is absolutely fantastic reader. I have been her client for a while, and she has always been spot on, telling the truth in a compassionate, helpful way. She helps to find your way, and I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her. She is a superstar!!!!" ... written by HollyB123
She gave me such an amazing reading and so much hope for the future. She has been right about what she said in our reading before and it was amazing how she saw the same things in this reading. She is so consistent in what she sees and gives me a lot of hope for the future. Thank you so much again I will definitely come back to you! " ... written by Kelebek
Monika is awesome! She's fast, thorough, and honest! Very pretty too! :0)" ... written by ronvan1
AMAZING, FIRST CLASS!" ... written by 1tidbury1
Thank you, I need to hear you!" ... written by lottabody1982
She is awesome! Even though it's not what you want to hear sometimes, she never sugarcoats and is always honest and accurate. My favorite psychic on Oranum, 5 stars!!! Will update soon!" ... written by knel27
Very genuine and helpful!!" ... written by elmabruk24
Again she was dead on in the situation. She gave me much hope and peace of mind. Thank you very much!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you for reading." ... written by magsy231
Thank you soo much for your help and suggestions! Definitely worth a reading session with Seherzada82!! :) Thank you!! " ... written by Christal
I love Seherezada! She's very accurate and she made me feel at ease. Definitely come back for updates!" ... written by Jade
The reading was good." ... written by belinda12
Brilliant!!!!! " ... written by Holly100
Thank you for the update lady! Love coming to you with questions. You are amazing and honest!" ... written by libragirl1002
I THINK SHE IS THE BEST SO FAR.. OH MY GOD." ... written by bibsson
Very good reading. Really accurate Thanks" ... written by bibsson
She is always right on spot if you want to be certain, and if you need real help :)" ... written by jaqline
This is my 3rd or 4th reading and each time was amazing. I feel more peace every time I see her. Thank you very much!" ... written by Marialuis
Wow Seherezada82 is amazing, everything she's told me has occurred and gives me excellent advice, no sugar coating at all from her and will tell ypu the truth like it is even if it hurts. Thank you so much :) Enjoyed your reading!" ... written by judith2304
Monicaaa, trust ur reading a lot, thanks for the good news, will keep u posted my friend! yayyyy hope he will call soon!" ... written by holymolly2408
I am so happy now and grateful for the good advice I have been given. She read the situation very accurately and spot on how my BF was feeling. Thank you very much!!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good." ... written by Angelique7
Thank thanks for good news... Will keep you posted!" ... written by holymolly2408
Monika is just amazing!!! " ... written by xtine930
Wow very impressive. You read so quickly the whole situation. Thanks for your positive advice and insight into my future life. xx" ... written by sunny3107
Fantastic!!" ... written by Angelique7
Absolutely fantastic :)" ... written by Holly100
Excellent reading. Precise with whats going on and time frames. Will definitely come back and recommend to others." ... written by NS1982
She was amazing and honest and straight to the point." ... written by Janae
Fantastic - everytime..I just need to wait. Thank you. " ... written by Angelique7
By far the very best to speak to on this site. There are no other words to describe Monika, a true friend and counselor. I will always be grateful for her help and kindness. :)" ... written by Holly100
Thanks Monica for another relieving awesome reading, will keep u posted." ... written by holymolly2408
Wonderful reading as always!" ... written by benkepsychic
Enjoyed my reading and the great news. I think she was more excited than me. Very supportive. Definitely will see her again." ... written by jbox1348
Another great reading! She has been with me throughout my anxiety and fears and things came past as she predicted! So happy now and I feel much better. Thank you and I will be back again soon!" ... written by Marialuis
My favourite after trying a number of psychics here! :)" ... written by rainbows8
Thank you soo much!! I love talking to you! :) Thank you for your advice :) Thank you!!! " ... written by Yunjia Xu
5 STARS!!! I give Monika 5 Stars*****. She is Awesome, Accurate, Honest, Nice and Caring!! I really like her and that's why I have had so many readings with her. I want to share that with every body that she is on TOP of every thing and she knows what she is saying. All she's been reading for me and telling me in the past 7 months has come TRUE!! ALL OF THEM!!! God Bless you Monika! You are Amazing! Ellie-USA-February 24th, 2013 " ... written by Ellie11
Her abilities are shocking, if she sees contact u will get it! ;)" ... written by gem
Good reading different answers to last time but hope it's true.." ... written by elle11
Thank you so much for the reading! It was so accurate, clear, and easy to understand. She will explain things in detail and she's very comforting. :)" ... written by all
Brilliant!" ... written by bummers1
Insightful." ... written by wurzle
Thanks Bella! You are honest and caring and always accurate! Always come to you when I need help!" ... written by Kitty1004
My ninth time and always on the spot!! Highly recommended. Thank you again!!" ... written by Marialuis
Thank you." ... written by Angelique7
Very accurate and sincere with her job and clients. But really disappointing the time was cut short. Would love to chat with you more though. I would highly recommend her to anyone :)." ... written by uhohitzdreamzz
Well, she is perfect, nothing new of her capabilities, she gives you a clear pic of your future and your day to day life :), thanks, surely coming back." ... written by huseinawad
I really love her! She was dead on with everything... She never lets me down!" ... written by CatherineLoree
Fantastic, great support! " ... written by Angelique7
Another good reading; she helped me work through my situation and showed me what the cards said..." ... written by Heather
5 STARS***** To Seherezada. She was awesome as always. Honest, Caring, Professional, fast, and great at explaining details. I always love my readings with Monika and will get back to her as I've been back sooooo many times for update. God Bless you, Monika. Ellie- USA-03/09/13" ... written by Ellie11
Great." ... written by wurzle
She is good and very direct, I like that.." ... written by Janice75
Seherezada, like always, is amazing. She helps me always when I feel confused and talks to me only with the honest truth even if it hurts. Todays card reading made my day, thank you so much. :)" ... written by judithdimi
Shes really good and everything she said is exactly how I feel." ... written by melissa
Has several readings and again and again, the same outcome. It's gotta be real! You won't regret it and you gain a compassionate and caring friend in her." ... written by Marialuis
Similar cards as last time, so must be something in it. Will wait and see" ... written by cheeksup
Good." ... written by spansih319
Monika, you are the greatest!!! Thank you for calming me down. I needed that!" ... written by Jade
Incredible as always " ... written by dreamingisfr33
Im glad had this reading.its reassuring, thank you to you. " ... written by fearless
Awesome, as always! " ... written by economics123
Thanks for the fast insights" ... written by caroline
Always spot on! She said that he would call soon and he just as my time was up! Thank you again." ... written by Marialuis
She is really easy to talk to. Know a lot" ... written by spansih319
Very very good and accurate" ... written by sky456
Always on target." ... written by 12aqua
She is right one point and truthful. She is awesome and I will come back for more readings." ... written by starlight699
She laid it out for me, was honest, which I very much appreciate! " ... written by wikadu
She did gave me these positive message made came true. She is very truly gift and professional. She love support people's needs. She is so inspired ever I met because she is worthy for help people's situation do resolves will receive positive in their life made came true. She never gave negative to people! She is truly professional and honest person!" ... written by meeko12
Many thanks for being honest. :)" ... written by gabrielm88
Great reading ! " ... written by dee11289
Excellent really reads her cards well" ... written by maryannepav
Not only do you get an adviser with insights, you also get a friend. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very talented and gifted with her readings. Always gives me great insight about my situation. Thank you Lady!" ... written by meg007
Thank you - I hope everything comes true, very kind :)" ... written by Angelique7
You can't help but come back again and again. Each time is a wonder and calming results. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Dead on as always. Honest! And real! I like her and trust her insight 100%!" ... written by akbaby1
She is always super amazing!!!! Will tell you honestly what you need to know!" ... written by bella911912
She was awesome!" ... written by sweetsiren0072
Awesome.. clear, content, accurate, to the point, and very honest to her job...Give her best..." ... written by sam4480
Very accurate. I can't wait to see the rest of her prediction come true!" ... written by Kelsey
Excellent, to the point." ... written by hemal79
Excellent! I will be back!" ... written by mini1214
Fantastic! :))" ... written by Holly100
Monika is wonderful. Every reading is so detailed, and she tells what she sees, good or bad and I trust her. She is like talking to a friend as well!" ... written by leogirl
Truth and clarity. Thank you for the reading!!!" ... written by beagle88
Thanks Monica for the fast and calming answer. :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Simply amazing reader, so far each reading I have had with her, all the predictions came true. She is very good at what she does and has not disappointed me once, always on spot with everything. And I am very happy that I get a chance to have a reading with her, she will tell you how it is. Even if its not what you want to hear, but it is the truth. Thank you very much again and a lot of love to you. :)" ... written by Klaudyna27
Thank you for your help! " ... written by jaqline
With her, you also have a caring friend who will look out for you. Another great reading. Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Thanks again!" ... written by elle11
GREAT." ... written by MayGirl
Great update" ... written by Cari1961
Absolutely awesome prediction!" ... written by aikhooiooi
Wonderful as always!" ... written by lilliableu
Really thoughtful and the suggestions are really helpful!! Thank you!! :) " ... written by Christal
Another great reading with Seherezada...I am confident her cards are showing true and that good news is in my very near future...:)" ... written by Heather
She gave what I needed but I hope from God to be true and thank u. I feel positive towards this" ... written by huseinawad
Very honest with the situation. Not what i wanted to hear but we'll see what happens." ... written by jasminepapas
Thank you so much. Sorry my credit card run of out. I will come back next week. You did help me and made me understand very clear. When you showed me the sound it seriously made no doubt to me.It surprised me, she could look very clear in this situation. I still trust you because you have great experiences. I can see this clear, and understand so easily. Thank you, you made me feel so positive and keep myself focus with my plans to make my own business. Catch up with you next week. Cheers :)" ... written by meeko12
Excellent insight." ... written by jeraldryan
Great insight!" ... written by jeraldryan
She is really amazing." ... written by Holly100
Awesome as usual 5 stars!" ... written by jomielyn
If you really want the proper guidance then she is your girl. She will tell you how things really are and has only your best interest at heart. The best here or anywhere!!" ... written by bella911912
Thank you very much for your help. I'll take your suggestions into an account! Thank you! " ... written by Wangsiyu
Thank you for the reading. I always appreciate your insight. Peace and love." ... written by meg007
Thanks monica for good news. Will keep you posted.. I will keep calm for now hope he willl contact me soon and if we do be together and get marry we wil invite u." ... written by holymolly2408
The person to go to when you need clarity about a situation. You also gain a compassionate friend who will help you and genuinely cares. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Seherezada thank you so much. xxx" ... written by Coraldeacon
She was great knew sooooo much!!!!! I will for sure be back to speak with her. Love how she is very honest!!! " ... written by Tovas85
Very direct and accurate." ... written by esynce
Very good reading!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Given me hope .." ... written by BindaasChori31
Relieved at the information I received and encouragement.Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Really is a star. :)" ... written by Holly100
Fantastic every time!!!" ... written by Tovas85
Great reading; everything is right on; I will be successful and this will reflect in the long run." ... written by bryanmue515
I never regret talking with her, everything is dead on!!!! I have alot of trust in her!" ... written by akbaby1
HONEST andamp; FAIR..VERY FAIR IN FACT.. She is very honest to what she does, and to who so ever comes in for help..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by sam4480
Everytime you have doubts or want to monitor a situation. she's your guide. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Great insights as usual Thank you!!!" ... written by Marialuis
Monika is fantastic. :)" ... written by Holly100
Love the reading." ... written by dellamalee
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! she was so easy to talk to and very direct and calm with her delivery of the message and she actually shows you all the cards that she is pulling out and explaining them too." ... written by megabee
Excellent as always. Defiantly back for another reading" ... written by NS1982
Always consistent and reassuring reading!! Thank you for your help! Thank you!!!!!" ... written by Yunjia
Great - I just hope to see change - thanks again!" ... written by Angelique7
Last time, I had another reading with her. She really great gave me advice. I still trust her. When doubts or confuse, always come to her and she will support you in your situation. Thank you so much. I will contact with her as soon. Lots of love!" ... written by meeko12
Thank you Monika for everything. I love your honesty and it is much appreciated :)" ... written by AppleBite707
Lovely girl, really sincere, shows the shuffle and the cards. Explains things clearly. Very warm energy. She's the BEST!" ... written by oiseau67
Monika was amazing........ Her cards showed a very detailed reading for a complicated situation. I will keep you posted as to the results. " ... written by curiosity24
Monika really makes me feel better. Her card readings are amazing!" ... written by curiosity24
Thanks for the calming reading....will try and contact him ifi am dare enough huhuuuu will keep u posted" ... written by holymolly2408
I will wait and see for predictions!! She did pick up on circumstances!!" ... written by bmurillo
my 3rd reading and as before very helpful and polite" ... written by NS1982
Straight to the point and gave reassurance. Exactly what I needed." ... written by jb
Straight to the point, get your answers and will not waste your credits. You will keep coming back. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Very precise reading." ... written by azmee
Yayyayayay thanks for good news will keep u posted." ... written by holymolly2408
She is great, accurate, Caring, and very smart and honest about reading her cards. I love the way she answers my questions honestly and accurately. Ellie-USA-March 19th, 2013" ... written by Ellie11
She is extremely good at tarot cards, she had the predictions right twice, this was my third time and she confirmed my feelings about the situation. Amazing" ... written by NIcky
I can write a paragraph about how good she is, and how she always helps me but the only way to really know is to get a reading from her. She has always guided me the right way. Bless her!" ... written by bella911912
Whenever you need clarity, she can tell you!" ... written by Marialuis
Monika was amazing... I actually am psychic and have a difficult time finding someone as good as I am and she was PERFECT... I highly recommend her and she's just a great person!" ... written by Alexis108
Update reading and you can see the developments and changes are all consistent with accuracy to the situation. What's more, you gain a friend who honestly cares." ... written by Marialuis
Very good!" ... written by Angelique7
Good reading... :) " ... written by ceejox
Very good reading!" ... written by rainbow0304
She is really good... God Bless her... Will be back." ... written by vandana
Monika's card readings are amazing! Highly recommend her to anyone. She tells a story with her cards. " ... written by curiosity24
Great reading. Can't wait for events to pass!" ... written by Marialuis
Card reading is not that good news but some news are very calming. Hope to give you good news next time Monica! :)" ... written by holymolly2408
Fast answers to questions!" ... written by Rene067
Great reader. Love her readings always! Very accurate." ... written by benkepsychic
She is nice and amazing! " ... written by antoinettemel21
I absolutely love my card readings with Monika. " ... written by curiosity24
Good reading. I like how she displayed the cards so you can see all of them. No tricks here. I hope things turns out as she sees it. :) " ... written by kar118
Monica thanks for the good news today... Your redaing is so accurat and esp abt the house...will keep u posted thanks for good news." ... written by holymolly2408
She is spot on! " ... written by JScorpio88
It was nice talking to You." ... written by spansih319
She is my constant guide and high in accuracy! You have got to try her!" ... written by Marialuis
Very good! Fingers crossed for April lol!" ... written by Angelique7
Very good! Excellent! She was sensitive and very in tune to my feelings and the feelings of others in my life." ... written by Raspberry220
Thank you! Your reading is always consistent and really easy to understand! Thanks for your help again! Thank you! :) " ... written by Crystal XU
Great reading." ... written by benkepsychic
Thanks for the help! She is very good at what she does! " ... written by graceypiee
She is the only that I come to for answer and I know she will tell me good or bad. She has never once sugar coated or told me something I just wanted to hear. Always HONEST and guides you the right way. Can't thank her enough for being a great reader and friend!" ... written by bella911912
She seems quite good and accurate, not sure yet will have to come back for update, nice layout of cards and explainations will come back again. Thanks." ... written by ninariv1
Great reading and will now for dates to pass. Truly someone who cares for you more than just a friend.!" ... written by Marialuis
I love Monika's card readings. She actually shows you the cards that are pulled and explains them in a story format. Her card readings are my favorite on here. " ... written by curiosity24
Monika is an outstanding reader, really outstanding :)" ... written by Holly100
Helpful, thanks a lot." ... written by maryannepav
Monica... I wanna hug and kiss you, such a good reading and card oh myyyyyy, I am gonna have his baby hahahahahhhaha" ... written by caroline
Honest.. accurate... shall i write compassionate :) she is too good with present accuracy i can say that.. cause i didnt give her anything other than my name and other person name......... i hope her future prediction comes true :) Thanks seherezada :)" ... written by Rahul
Is one of the very best psychics ever!!, a real true honest guide and will not waste your money or time. Monika will guide you with truth and tell you exactly what you need to hear. I owe her my chance for love, that I would have thrown away without her guidance, and I am really grateful to her. " ... written by Holly212
Another great read with Seherezada... Watching the cards and being able to truly see what is happening, is... amazing.. " ... written by Heather
I love the way this lady reads! Very unique and never fails me. Thanks. xx" ... written by librabeauty
She's good and her accuracy seem to be on target so far so good!!" ... written by JunJun75
Thank you so much." ... written by Minnie12
Thanks Monica for another great reading for the day. Will keep you posted." ... written by holymolly2408
Was awesome!!!!!" ... written by tmb112924
Monika is so patient, kind and understanding. One of my go to psychics here on oranum. She gives great advice and is so in tune with everything. " ... written by katie
She is very good and very positive answer." ... written by vasanta
Excellent as always" ... written by NS1982
Very honest lady, doesn't say things for the sake of saying them, in my opinion, a sign of a true professional." ... written by PikeyMikey25
Great as usual." ... written by LovedMarco
Thank you dear." ... written by Anne
best psychic ever, not a waste of time at all !! i will come back !!!" ... written by dolzi22
Update read. You can really see the consistency of the situation you need to monitor and everything ties in with accuracy. Thank you!!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you so much for your help and understanding and patience. Wonderful reading as always." ... written by ikroyal
Was awesome, best one ever!" ... written by tim
I truly love Monika's card readings. She's amazing, she actually shows you the cards and explains what they mean individually and then as a whole picture. She's patient and kind. Thanks for being there. " ... written by curiosity24
I love her..she really good" ... written by newworldhere
Very caring and helpful, She really wants to be honest and a good source of advice." ... written by lilablack
Thank you as you are always honest and truthful and thank you for your advices!!! They are really helpful! Thanks a lot! xxx " ... written by Yunjia
Great reading will come back again." ... written by bricknstone
Thanks monica for great and calming and more good news reading...u always calm me down....u are the best" ... written by holymolly2408
Great reading" ... written by sprathap10
no sugar coating.. accurate harsh but real thank you." ... written by alexis
Very honest and open. Made me feel better about my situation and I will wait and be patient has she advised and see what the future brings. Thank you very much for being patient, open, and honest." ... written by babyboo0212
Monika was GREAT!!!! She answered all my questions before i even had a chance to ask. She gave great insight into my situation and was right on track with everything that was going on. More than anything she gave me piece of mind and great advise. I really like she gave me what she saw but also offered a way to try to make my situation better. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!" ... written by Monica
She is GREAT! Her previous prediction came true - and I trust her, current reading will be EXACT too!! She is really Professional! Thank you!!!" ... written by kosmosss
I always enjoy her readings. she's awesome!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Great." ... written by LovedMarco
Love this girl! She is always always sooooooooooooooooo good!!!" ... written by bella911912
Update read to be one step ahead of the situation. On track with high accuracy!! Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Great Reading!" ... written by Eric
Thanks soo much!! You were great!!" ... written by mysticmarxo
Super cool reading.. Interesting and in depth :)" ... written by Rahul
She is HONEST and very much REAL! i will be back! thank you so much for giving me a peace of mind. " ... written by misty
Excellent reading, and very professional!!! I will see her again!" ... written by Brandy
When I first met Monika a year ago my life was in pieces. Together we have rebuilt my life back up. My career, my love life, my family life, all have been improved dramatically since I met this lady. She helped me find the love of my life especially, to which I am extremely grateful. She has always come through for me and I have not once had an incorrect prediction. I understand that accuracy is not always guaranteed within the psychic world, but with Monika it has been. I can honestly say that she has well and truly exceeded my expectations. I would gladly recommend her to anyone. I will be back (of course)!!!!!!" ... written by Ashleigh
Great reading as always. " ... written by Curiosity24
Amazing!!!" ... written by sam
Was very accurate and to the point, recommended very much, u wont regret." ... written by Batt123
Good reading ..I'll wait for results.." ... written by skyline71
Oh my goodness. She always helps me so much. " ... written by amber
Freaking amazing!!!" ... written by wouldnt you like to know
Best... you always give me good and calming reading. Will keep you posted!" ... written by caroline
Honey I loved loved loved the reading! wow!! Thank you so very much and you are totally accurate. Shame we ran out of credits dam it, but I will be back! Take care special lady. xo" ... written by michelle
Update read and on track with accuracy. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Thorough in-depth reading! very very good always come to her for confirmation and she always guides me the right way!" ... written by bella911912
great reading, loved it" ... written by NIcky
Always gives good advice and is a good reader. " ... written by curiosity24
Update read and accurate! Also very consistent with information and events that unfold one by one. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
Her advice was ringing true to me and matched my suspicions. I am quite satisfied with my reading." ... written by ukengeddit
Thanks for te quick reading...hope you get better soon." ... written by caroline
Update read.Very good. Thank you." ... written by marialuis
Great reading! x" ... written by sunny0day
It was a very good reading..." ... written by happykellygirl
Update read and on track with accuracy." ... written by marialuis
It was a very insightful session. I got answers to all my questions. Seherezada is amazing. Strait to the point. Thank you very much!" ... written by Irina Argo
Thanks lady I didn't realize I was out of time. I always enjoy your readings and insight. Have a blessed day." ... written by meg
Amazing reading. Very insightful and accurate." ... written by Shaikha
Wow good reading! She picked up the emotions really quickly and I do hope her predictions come true. Will keep her updated of course and recommend her to anyone!" ... written by findtheanswer
Monika's readings are always consistent for me. Her cards play out like a story, and I love the fact that she shows you the cards and explains what they mean for you. I really enjoy her readings even when I'm not getting the answers I want. " ... written by curiosity24
She has always been wonderful, and I trust her as well as come back to her." ... written by Elizabeth
Great, great! Right on target!!!" ... written by bm
Once again Monika helped me understand a situation that was really heading in the wrong direction and with her help I was able to start anew with, so far, a great outcome!" ... written by Alexis
I loved her reading, no lying and to the point, no trailing me along to keep spending money. A truly gifted and blessed person." ... written by Modele34
Monika is amazing! ... I've had some very delicate important things to try and figure out and she was always right no target and helped me tremendously!" ... written by Alexis
Update read. It's interesting to see how things progress but accurate because you get get the same cards and see the changes as events unfold." ... written by marialuis
Beautiful lady, great reading. I will be back to check in within months." ... written by RosieRN
Thanks for monikas guidance. So far she's been very accurate. can't fault her at all." ... written by Katie
Thanks mon, for another calm reading. :)" ... written by caroline
Warm, patient and honest!! Thank u for the wonderful reading!!" ... written by shopgirl
Had few reading with this lady she is V good..." ... written by elle11
Wow, sound very right 100 percent. Because she did show me these cards and sound will come true in my situation going forward in future. Seherezada, I'm so sorry about run of credit. I hope next week or next few weeks if enough money can get another reading. I really exciting to look forward what happen in future. I hopefully will come true! Thank you so sweet and you're top best psychic ever I have!" ... written by meeko12
Update reading and on track!!! Interesting to see how events unfold one by one! Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
I think she's awesome. Go visit her right now!" ... written by Jimmy
I didn't have to say much at all. She picked up on my situation instantly. Wow.....she was great!" ... written by LilyCicco
Update read read. Seeing things unfold as events pass. Great reading!" ... written by marialuis
Update read. Very good! Interesting to see how things come to pass!" ... written by marialuis
Another very good and accurate reading! Thank you Sheherazada!" ... written by zimerili1
Update reading. Good!" ... written by marialuis
Consistent with past reading. Good and accurate. :)" ... written by Rahul
Consistent, as always! :-)" ... written by economics123
So comforting and reassuring. Thank you so much sweet lady!" ... written by LilyCicco
Thanks for the insightful readings as usual mon :) love love..... hope things will be better soon and i can give u updates...." ... written by caroline
She was really accurate, thank you!" ... written by LilyScott
Seherezada has great readings. She is very skilled at predicting and connecting to my situation. Her positive insight is truthful and correct. Thank you Lady!" ... written by meg
Thank you so much for the reading! You are truly amazing and I am eternally grateful for your insight!" ... written by ik royal
Very accurate! Thanks for all the support and advice!" ... written by dga3113
Very honest, and very accurate! Good reading... Thank you, Monika... :)" ... written by Ian
Update read and seeing events happen one by one. Waiting now for other events to happen." ... written by marialuis
I mentioned nothing that would lead into any of my answers... This was my first reading and I was amazed!!!!! Relationship has been non existent for a while which is fine but career is about to change heavily. Not only was that mentioned in Mon's cards but she also knew that I was weary of two different men offering me new careers. A relocation that I have been dreading seems to be the positive answer and will be interesting to see how it pans out." ... written by GeminiCusp
I understand and relax for me in our reading. I'll try my best find right job for me soon. I still trust you. I'll let you in next few weeks. Thanks for gave me advice. You're best in reading ever I have. Because I can see clearly and sound will come true so seriously in my future. Blessings to you too!" ... written by meeko
Excellent, I am going back in." ... written by c
What a beautiful in our reading gave positive about my future so good things will big change. I cannot wait and so exciting. I believe will come true. Thanks to Princess Seherezada. She is high professional in reading and she the best ever I have! Blessing to her too!" ... written by meeko
Frozen computer, trying again. She's great!" ... written by c
Great reading, very concise and straight forward.... I want to continue reading with her..." ... written by ep
Thank you!" ... written by Seeking74
She's spot on with a situation and has given me great guidance. I will definitely come back." ... written by LilyCicco
Always FANTASTIC!!!" ... written by bella911912
Done! Awesome, wonderful, kind, insightful. Looking forward to the next time A++++++++++++++++" ... written by c
Thanks alot Seh, you confirmed my suspicions.... I hope to god that I get another chance to rest my heart.. you gave me peace.. much blessings to you!! x" ... written by mysticmarxo
Thanks for the update Seherezada was very helpful and insightful, thank you very much!" ... written by Thinkpositiv2012
She misunderstood my expression of feelings for misbelief on her predictions....I meant to talk to her because i felt she has always been accurate :) She was on point and does not sugar coat it. just know you will get the truth and nothing but the truth when you chat with Seher! Again my apologies - I was not, by any means, questioning your accuracy, just wondering if I will ever feel the same again ....just expressing my feelings." ... written by epa
She is probably my favorite. she is so honest and upfront and on point. and i know all of her predictions will come to pass because they have already. I will come back for update soon. thank you so much again." ... written by babyboo0212
Absolutely the best here. :)" ... written by Holly212
Genuinely, one of the most truthful, honest, andamp; accurate psychic. She really does not ever sugar coat anything with you, she is straight to the point and has always been upfront. I do truly trust her completely, and I know everything she has said will come to pass, like it already has. Thank you! God bless you!" ... written by babyboo0212
I had a wonderful reading with Seherezada82, She definitely helped me a lot! And gave me many useful advises." ... written by crystal_x123
Monika was absolutely wonderful gave me all the answers i needed she truly knows what she is doing and I will come back to her! Trust me guys shes awesome look no further!" ... written by Mladen
Thank you!" ... written by babyboo0212
Monika is amazing with her cards. " ... written by Curiosity24
Superb x" ... written by Holly212
Like the fact that she wants to follow up and is very concerned about m well being. Definitely will be consulting her again." ... written by jbox1348
Thank you for your honesty and clarity in your reading for me. They are always consistent and accurate. I appreciate your help. Take care Lady!" ... written by meg
Nice reading and very fast. Will come back for second one soon. Five star Psychic. Thank you very much Monika." ... written by Monisha2013
i felt she was very accurate and consistent in her on..5 stars " ... written by cee
Interesting to see how things have progressed. She validated what other readers had told me and so far, her predictions have come to pass." ... written by marialuis
One of the best readers on Oranum! Thank you for your help and insight as always. Cheers! " ... written by King_Seti
She was excellent, to the point and clear." ... written by Terry
Sweet, charming, nice young lady. She read fast and type fast. No wasted time here. Excellent clear and precise reading!" ... written by psymeow
Fantastic as always x" ... written by Holly212
Confirms what is happening in my life, she by far has been the most accurate and most intuitive reader on this site... She has not been wrong about my issues over the past 6months that i have been consulting her. I continue to return because of her ability to be straightforward and empathetic to a situation that might be construed as negative. She has helped me tremendously and I will return as I always do. " ... written by leti89
Helpful, thanks xo." ... written by Maryanne
Excellent, accurate reader! Always to the point and truthful. A great gift! xoxox" ... written by divinegoodness
Accurately good!! I hope the future predictions will all come true!! Very Good Reading! Thanks!!" ... written by switay9
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Love her, very accurate!" ... written by majoma
Great reading!" ... written by majoma
Very accurate with my situation. We will see what happens" ... written by Tee
Great reading." ... written by majoma
Great!" ... written by majoma
Thank you so much Monika. She is very in tune with what's happening in your life and can tap in easily. Thanks for your help and guidance." ... written by katie
Wow....what a great reading!!! Very honest, straightforward and no messing around. To the point, as well. Thank you so much Monica. I'll definitely come back in the future to let you know how I go." ... written by BaliBliss
She is honest, Kind, sweet, and real talent in card reading, I will come back to tell she predicted many things and many things she said already went through, even though she has no info about me and my lover ... The best one here I must say! Try her, you will never regret!" ... written by ampily
I love how she reads her cards, so in tune with them and what they say is what is going on around me at the time and was has taken place.. She is extremely accurate, you must read with her, trust me :)" ... written by Jill
Still getting the same predictions so I hope they are right. Thank you!" ... written by cheeksup
She is wonderful reader tarot and concern and warm.. she is honest but know how to make it in good way ..I love her..I love Monica , Will see you here again hon XOX Thanks Thank you so much!" ... written by Ampily
Straightforward, she has not been wrong at all in reference to her predictions with my situation, she has provided me the clarity and direction that i needed. I have been coming to her for over 6months, and will continue to do so. She is the best on this site. " ... written by leti89
Great reading told me positive news that I was hoping for about John as this coming week is pretty important to him and she picked up on it and it will be good news for him which is what I want more than anything. " ... written by Lyn
Always on point. Never strays from her predictions and absolutely 100% honest. Thank you, M. God Bless you." ... written by babyboo0212
Thank you for that insight, I'm hoping it helps I do know what I want but course options is limited even if I move away unless course becomes available at some uni, I didn't want your thoughts on the matter however just what card were saying I'm sure though it was more what the cards were saying rather than yourself, thanks for your help, I have been trying to move for long time, but I also feel I don't want to be alone when I do, the course needs a lot of hard study to finish it quicker x." ... written by antonina
Monika is a truly outstanding psychic. I have been a client of hers for some time, and she has always told me the truth, good stuff and hard to hear stuff, and guided me to make choices and to prepare for difficult periods. She is the real deal, do expect to get the truth, and do expect for her predictions to come true, in my experience, everything she says has happened. She is a real star, and a true professional." ... written by Holly212
this lady is very fast - she doesn't waste time and she seems to be very good - I will definitely visit her again" ... written by bouncy
She is amazing! Always kind and helpful." ... written by Leah
Thanks Lady, always enjoy your insight and clarity on my life. You are very talented and honest with what you sense. I appreciate your honesty about the fox. I feel I should know about her too. Have a great day. see you soon" ... written by meg
Always confident in what she sees and knows and I trust her completely with everything I ask her and what she tells me because she is so upfront and honest and accurate. I have come to her many times for reassurance and she has been consistently spot on and accurate and truthful with her words and predictions. Thank you so much for everything, you are truly a wonderful and gifted individual. I will update you with good news, soon! God bless!" ... written by babyboo0212
Everything she says makes perfect sense to me. I truly feel that she can see what's going on in my life, and how i feel about the most important elements of my life." ... written by kyle woolf
Same info she gave me last time. We will see what happens." ... written by Tee
Wow...she's fast, to the point...answers directly and sugar coating, she's super honest!!!" ... written by Ian
Monika, it was great to catch up with you. You gave me so much information in this reading, and I am grateful for your insight. I know you always tell the truth, good or bad. This was a great reading!!!!!" ... written by nz
Very insightful... Amazing accuracy and offers great clarity of mind. Thank you, Monika! :)" ... written by Jocelyn
Monika is really good ... She's helped with issues in business and a personal relationship that I was having difficulty understanding ... I'd highly recommend her! :) " ... written by Alexis
Always consistent and honest and accurate in every reading so far. I know all of her predictions will come to pass and will update her as soon as they do! Thank you!" ... written by babyboo0212
Very honest! She definitely helped me and my worries :)" ... written by Miranda
Monika is amazing, incredible, astonashing, the best !" ... written by paul
So great! Can't stop talking to her! " ... written by ezen
Seherezada is incredible " ... written by paul
She is fast in reading, honest and truthful answer! Will come back for her for more. :)" ... written by Victor9128
Good reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by majoma
Wow! I am so grateful. The time I just spent with Seherezada82 was nothing short of amazing. It didn't take long before she was totally in tune with me and my situation. She wasted no time in helping and advising me on the issue I had come to her with. It was as if she knew the persons I was inquiring about their entire lives. Only better, she seemed to have a way to see into their very hearts and souls. The accuracy she displayed was second to none. I look forward to consulting with her again when in need of complete honesty, accuracy, help and advice. I HIGHLY recommend Sehereza82, she's phenomenal!" ... written by DsDeb04
Monika, You were great!" ... written by Alexis
Seherezada82 (Monika) is a fast card reader who never forgets you. She is quick and to the point, which is nice and saves money and time. Excellent Reader." ... written by ForeverTrying
Thank you!" ... written by cheeksup
It is really interesting in this situation. I can see very clearly in everything. She is very honest and correct about my situation and my man for everything sound serious issue. Hope will overcome problems solves as soon. I hopefully it. Thankful to Seherezada. I'll come back another time for reading with her again. Blessings to you!" ... written by meeko
Monika is definitely my favorite tarot card reader. She picks up on every detail and explains what every card means individually but also as it relates to the whole spread. She does this quickly and provides incredible details. " ... written by Curiosity24
Great!" ... written by desiree
Quick to the point, honest and precise! Love the readings with monika always!!! xoxo" ... written by shopgirl
She did show me these cards helped me relax and stop worrying about the situation. She is so awesome and honest. I still trust her. I believe there will come good things. I'll hard work bring success as soon. Thanks to her and blessings too!" ... written by meeko
Very good. " ... written by Trevor
Good, as always! :)" ... written by economics123
I came confused, and received clarity. " ... written by Confused
Questions answered and consistent with previous reads. Thank you!" ... written by marialuis
I was undecided, but you gave me a lot of clarity with this. You are always honest with me and I trust you and love that you show the cards as you read. Thanks so much Monika, and god bless" ... written by leogirl
She was honest and really nice and everything she said was on track and I am sure her reading will end up 100 percent correct! =)" ... written by rialey
She is amazing! Does not tell you want you want to hear but what she really sees!" ... written by klajda
Good, excellent reading." ... written by bm
Wonderful!" ... written by hihi234
Wow.....Thats all I can say....Lol!!! She is amazing......She knew everything about my husband.....I am so glad you are from Czech Republic because you and my husband have the same culture......Thank you so much for understanding my situation and thanks for the advice......You deserve all the stars......" ... written by Ebony
Talked to you a few months ago and still say the same about my relationship. So re-assuring. Take care!" ... written by sunny3107
She is amazing... Got straight to the point and didn't hold anything back. I can't express how much speaking with her has helped me." ... written by yimzid
Update read. Can't wait for the rest of the events to unfold." ... written by marialuis
Very concise and intelligent advice. Thanks so much!" ... written by Chu
Very nice picked up things straight away said things not good but was already aware of the bad things but told me lots of good to look forward to! Will be back :)" ... written by Lyn
I just wanted some clarification on past readings and completely gave me more than I was expecting! Thank you so much for your trusted and honest guidance, I will certainly update when everything comes to pass!" ... written by babyboo0212
She is wonderful quick to the point. Super sweet LOVE HER!" ... written by Jaclyn
Monika is my go to psychic when I need quick accurate insight as she gives direct guidance!! Thanks soo much!! I hope everything works out well!! " ... written by mysticmarxo
She was accurate about recent events and will definitely stay in touch for updates." ... written by GingerT
Monika is one of my favorite readers. I really enjoy the way she presents things. " ... written by Curiosity24
Monica has been a godsend for me. Her readings and advice helped me get through a time of great turmoil in my life and see things through when I might have otherwise thrown in the towel and given up on my hopes and dreams. Thank you again, Monica!" ... written by yimzid
Seherezada is such a beautiful reader. She connected with me and my situation right away. Wonderful and positive energy. I definitely recommend her! :)" ... written by liz
This is my third reading with Monika. She is VERY informative,honest andamp; to the point. She has a positive energy and finds a way to sensitively give you the honest truth. So glad I found her on Oranum!" ... written by Sunstorm
Good as always." ... written by sprathap10
Oh dear, Princess Monika thank you so much for showed me these cards made me realized and I shouldn't freak it out because I don't want him to think that If I still didn't change in my way. I turned step back and calm. I do believe and trust in you so much. I can see clearly that you're correct 100 percent. I will try my best stay positive and be comfortable to forward see him in person. I hope don't let destroy this situation. And I guess I'll surprise for more new news come up in next few months. You made me happy and look forward sound will come real happening so soon. I cannot wait and stay patient. I'll come back in next few months to contact you again. I'll keep remember everything what you told me and showed me cards. You're best ever I've see so real professional you are. Blessing to you!" ... written by Meeko
She had given me many readings before and it was all very consistent and straight to the point because it was down to the littlest detail. It was great to see that she has guided me to the right path. Highly recommended. It will be the best investment that you will ever make." ... written by Megabee
EXCELLENT!" ... written by dg
I enjoyed my reading with you and you answered quick. Thank you so much for the feedback." ... written by princess
Gorgeous cards, lovely reader. Thank you." ... written by lotus71
Really fantastic :)" ... written by Holly212
Update reading, good as usual." ... written by Answers
Really a fantastic reader :)" ... written by Holly212
Thank you so much. I was so impressed by her reading. I would recommended her to all my family and friends who want a reading. she was very help in the question that I asked. " ... written by melanie
Very informational and complete." ... written by Erica
Honest kind great listener incredible ability amazing so nice the best." ... written by paul
She was very accurate, and she didn't hold anything back. I didn't tell her all the details but from what she was seeing, she was able to pick out the details. She gave me the guidance I needed to make about a very important decision! Thank you so much. You are a truly gifted psychic! I highly recommend Seherazada to all! She will not disappoint I promise! " ... written by Islandboy
Thank you so much for the reading, I can't wait for all the predictions to come true! The reading was so relaxed and insightful. I will be coming back with an update! Thank you..xo" ... written by sonji
Her predictions came to pass, just like she said and I knew they would! Truly incredible and so accurate and spot on with everything. Thank you so much." ... written by babyboo0212
Uncanny with her reading - spot on with all the situation and gives great advice!!! She is the real deal!!" ... written by altrg
You are very helpful. Thnx!" ... written by romasa
I think seherezada82 is a wonderful psychic and she told me some wonderful news and I'm just waiting. On my king to come and rescue me from all the stress she is a gift to the world. And I would recommend her to anyone. I give her 20 stars. Love you. I will be back thank you." ... written by Patricia
Very good, thank you." ... written by Lynne Behrend
Monika is a great card reader. Answers questions honestly, gently, and thoroughly. " ... written by Curiosity24
Wonderful and thorough as usual, thanks monika! Blessings!" ... written by shopgirl
Always gives straight forward and honest answers and reassurance. Thank you. God bless you." ... written by babyboo0212
Thanks for reading. Very good." ... written by Lynne Behrend
She is real and best here, and what she said it happened before and some things from her reading will come soon as I see the signs...and knew about this person :) Thank you so much and will come back again for letting her know the results and get good advice from her again. Thanks a lot XOX, Blessing hon!" ... written by ampily
HAHA, WAS DEAD ON OK IN HER CARD SHE SAID there was a boat and i would be going on a journey...MY BOYFRIEND JUST BOUGHT A NEW BOAT. wow " ... written by alexis
Came back for clarification and she was very clear and concise. Thank you seherezada." ... written by lovebug
quick detailed too the point! ty for your time!" ... written by lovebug
Friendly and warm lady. Really no sugarcoating at all... very honest even if its not what I wanted to hear. She gave me some predictions and even with a timeline... now I just have to wait if that will come to past. Thanks!" ... written by cobayangini
Needed a dream interpretation, and she was just so on point with everything as she always is. God Bless you and will update you very soon! :)" ... written by babyboo0212
Monika is incredibly gifted with her cards. " ... written by Curiosity24
Love her, honest and very supportive." ... written by majoma
Totally, I understand these situation. I'll try email to him about the reason. Thank you and will be back reading with you soon! Blessings to you!" ... written by meeko12
I have a huge panic feeling today and she saved my life... Again and again. Thanks my dear friend ! xox " ... written by Ampily
She is my dear friend , my adviser , my supporter and the best psychic for me. Thank you so much for every thing you do for me , Monica I love you U will hear from me soon :) " ... written by Ampily
She always right and excellent in reading card as usual and so warm and clearly accurate about my relationship and love triangle .. I love to come back to her when I need advice and also to know and prepare myself in some thing I trust her as she is honest and kind and faithful person XOX I love you Monica c u again my dear friend, Ampy." ... written by ampily
AMAZING! AMAZING! The same cards as last time... She is very quick with her cards, and very accurate. Have a reading with her, she is amazing... :)" ... written by Jill
Good!" ... written by eman
Wow...she really has consistent readings...that is a good sign...same as the last time...wonderful! Thanks, Seher!!!" ... written by Ian
Very nice person have had a few readings now always with good positive outcome. " ... written by Lyn
Very clear, honest and an angel!!! " ... written by shopgirl
Great" ... written by majoma
Thanks Lady, I appreciate your consistent readings always. She is light on my life. Thank you for your support and honesty with your insight." ... written by meg
My second reading with her and I always come out feeling positive and energized. If you want a great reading, Seherezada82 is who you're looking for. " ... written by steve
Amazing reader. Her cards are incredible. " ... written by Curiosity24
I love her she is amazing." ... written by Aaron
Monika is great! She is always very caring and not judgmental of any situation." ... written by Lila
Greattttt." ... written by majoma
Needed reassurance, and gave me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to know and hear and for that, I am very thankful for her honesty. Thank you! God Bless." ... written by babyboo0212
It's amazing how consistent her reading has been and have given full details. Highly recommended. It will be a great investment." ... written by Megabee
Great..." ... written by LovedMarco
Follow up." ... written by curiosity24
She is awesome as always! Thank you again Monika. I will definitely be back :)" ... written by Dymples2
Monika is so in tune with what's happening. She is simply great at predicting things happening! Thank you!" ... written by katie
Very helpful. Thank you so much. Will be back for sure" ... written by aerie4
Very honest. She was intune with what a few others have told me about my situation. So we can only see if the predictions will come to pass." ... written by Tee
Great." ... written by majoma
I trust he and her card she does not play with your time she is honest and good ... thank you soooo much for the reading." ... written by Lottabody
I happy to join her private reading room .. She is like a friend and honest and no sugar coating , faithful but warm person , recommend this Psychic!" ... written by Ampily
Great!" ... written by LonelyGirl1994
Great" ... written by majoma
Great" ... written by majoma
Great readings and clarity. Thank you Lady! I will keep you posted " ... written by meg
Best as always. Actually not best but amazing" ... written by Ingrid
Thank for your honest reading! I feel better!" ... written by caroline
Great!" ... written by mariela
It amazing and very honest in reading with her. I'll come back later. She is my advice and guide. She is best psychic ever I have! blessing to her!" ... written by meeko12
Had several reads with her and very consistent with other reads. In fact, she will show you the big picture where the outcome is more important. She has seen me through hard times and like a true friend that really cares for you and has compassion for her clients." ... written by marialuis
Amazing reader." ... written by Aaron
This lady is wonderful. If you want real honesty and sincerity please give her a go. You will not be disappointed" ... written by dlmad05
Update read. She and others here are seeing me through hard times and all are accurate and consistent." ... written by marialuis
She is the best of all! Always her cards are right and very accurate. She has been guiding me for long time, Thanks :) God bless you!" ... written by Alexandra
Great reading! Quick and to the point. Seherezada is a wonderful reader. Straight to the point with what she sees and feels!" ... written by lovebug
I am sure she has the abilities to help very well!" ... written by devene page
That was amazing! Thank you so much. You said all the things about his ex that I was worried about. He dated her for a long time and was afraid he would just go back to her. Now I know just to let things work out and give him time to let go of her. Thank you so much." ... written by Liz
Very precise and accurate. Thanks." ... written by alt
I give 5 STARS to Seherezada....she is Wonderful, Honest, very Fast and Never wants to keep you in Private forever to only Make Money out of it!!!Trust Me, She reads the cards Honestly and very Quickly and let you go without wasting your time and keeping you in PRV for Nothing. She's a RespectFul and Talented Person who will tell you what you need to know, all she gets from her cards and all the TRUTH actually!! I like her and her Honest and Accurate Reading and highly Recommend her. Ellie-USA 06/10/13 " ... written by ELLIE
Good, to the point." ... written by alt
Great great great...very honest reader!! Very recommended and very quick, doesn't waste ur money! Thank you so much! Will be back soon." ... written by Aroma
Again,Monika was very helpful:) Thank You." ... written by Sun
Honest and truthful reading." ... written by Tee
Awesome!" ... written by aerie
Wow, see same as last reading with her and all correct 100 percent. Because I am still trusting her that I have many times come for readings with her. She is still wonderful and professional. I believe in my situation and near future will be great things! Blessing to her and giving her 100 stars than 5 stars!" ... written by Meeko
I greatly appreciate her honesty more than anything, she doesn't hold anything back. I will update her again soon when things will come to pass, like I know they will. Thank you so much again for everything that you do and have done for me, God bless you." ... written by babyboo0212
Monica's skills are excellent; she was right during the 1st reading I had with her when telling me about the deceitfulness of my ex, helping me move on from my past painful experiences.. and also rightly predicted during the same reading that my last recent relationship wouldn't work out (I'd held on at that time cos the guy in question was really nice andamp; very persistent, but ultimately, he just lost interest for some reason..) .. " ... written by wwyung
Great Reading." ... written by Cheetah75
Great" ... written by majoma
Quick to the point and the only real psychic on this site. Thank you Monica!" ... written by Linda
Great reading." ... written by majoma
Fantastic! :)" ... written by Holly212
Wonderful. Clear. Concise. To the point. And honest." ... written by lovebugshay
She is getting better with every time. Always accurate. " ... written by Ingrid
She was very helpful!" ... written by Kathy Simmons
Thanks Monika!! Can't wait!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
I love Seherezada, very good caring thank you so much xx" ... written by coraldeacon
Thank you!!!" ... written by Seeking74
I truly can't put into words how much Monika has helped me through my situations, she is accurate and precise and stays true to all of her predictions. I will update again soon, with hopeful good news. Thank you :)" ... written by babyboo0212
Wonderful, thorough and clear as always!! Can't wait!!" ... written by shopgirl
She is honest and concern person and She is very accurate and one that I happy to recommended you to try :)" ... written by Ampily
great as always" ... written by majoma
Amazing! Always keeps me on track. Great advice, really connects. " ... written by jul
Cannot wait for her predictions to unfold!!! Beautiful lady inside and out! X" ... written by LAUREN
Thanks Monika for the clarity......I appreciate your honesty and I am glad that we got a chance to speak. It really helps that you are from Czech Republic because I feel like you understand some things a lot better than others about this situation. I really appreciate everything and I hope that things will get better soon....5 stars and more.....Xx" ... written by Ebony
Very clear and concise reading of Lenormand Cards, answered all my questions! Highly recommend her! Thank you! " ... written by EsotericRJM
Great!" ... written by majoma
Great as always!" ... written by majoma
Great!" ... written by majoma
Amazing as always!! Always tells me straight how it is! " ... written by j
Thank you! Simply the best." ... written by babyboo0212
Thanks Lady, I appreciate your honest insight. You are very connected to my life. Thanks for the support." ... written by meg
Great as always! Honest and accurate. I will definitely come to her again." ... written by Katherine
Great." ... written by majoma
Very precise. High accuracy. " ... written by alt
Very natural and honest lady, doesn't say what you want to hear which I appreciated v much." ... written by PikeyMikey25
I honestly chat with her because I enjoy her so much. It's as if she is now a friend. I love her readings. She picks up on everything. No sugar coating and to the point. Love her!" ... written by Linda
Very precise, very good reading." ... written by alt
Very good." ... written by sandra
Very good" ... written by Moni
Sad news but good." ... written by geranium29
Very honest, precise reading. !thank you for your candor." ... written by G
I felt instantly comfortable with Monica and she was honest with me and gave me good advice. I feel I have a new lifelong friend!! I recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you Monica. I will chat with you soon!! " ... written by nursemel2007
She is absolutely superb. After speak with her, I have no worries. I know exactly what to do. She has been right about each of her predictions-I put all my trust into her. " ... written by G
Thanks. It's been 6mths or so, and good to catch up with you" ... written by Enkori
Another lovely reading :)" ... written by wilbo
Her predictions came to pass, just like I knew they would. Good things are happening, and I know it will only get much more better from here. Thank you!" ... written by babyboo0212
I love her skill it is very real and so accurate and she always being professional and honest, I appreciate her talent a lot. " ... written by Ampily
Great." ... written by majoma
I always come to here when need to know or get some advice, she is very accurate and honest person. Would recommend every one to try her private reading I can sure she is the best!" ... written by Ampily
She is master and super accurate and also kind and warm person, I love to come to her when I dunno how to fix my problem or my feeling by myself so I need her as well. She is my good friend, Monica. xox Your Ampy" ... written by Ampily
Always my favorite" ... written by majoma
Monika is so very comforting and I highly recommend a reading with her. She picks up on everything and I feel she's very accurate. Thank you so much once again Monika xx" ... written by LilyCicco
Predictions stay true, will keep up-to-date on progress. Thank you." ... written by babyboo0212
Monika is so kind the best here. 10 stars if i could she is so honest friendly nice and accurate. Just love her. 10/10" ... written by paul.golden69
great" ... written by majoma
Thanks again for the clear and precise advice and guidance. I will always be grateful." ... written by ikroyala
Thank you, as always." ... written by babyboo0212
Always makes me feel better!!!! Thank you beyond words can describe!! I will be patient to see it unfold! thank you xxxxx" ... written by LAUREN
Makes me a happy girl with good career cards!! woohoo" ... written by sunny0day
Amazing reading from a very kind and beautiful soul. Packed with truthful information and great clarity which I found very empowering. I can't say thank you enough. Will certainly come back to you for an update. Love." ... written by NICOLE SONG
Love her! I don't talk to any other psychic. She is the real deal. " ... written by Linda
monika is my go to psychic on oranum, she can easily relate to you and is a very thorough reader. Thank you." ... written by katie
Great reading!" ... written by sunny0day
Always honest and kind and tells me exactly what I need to do!! Thanks Monika!!! Can't wait for everything to reveal itself, but of course I shall do my part also. xo" ... written by shopgirl
Her predictions have come to pass, and I know that they will continue to do so. She has continued to be such a great support system, and her advice and guidance has always been taken into consideration to only lead me in a positive direction, and thats exactly where its going. Thank you for giving me that, Monika. I truly appreciate and will continue to appreciate all of your unconditional support." ... written by babyboo0212
To the point - honest! And she has very pretty hands.. Do watch them when she is doing cards :)" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Sincere." ... written by Ken
Thank you so much for your constant reassurance and guidance. Have a wonderful holiday! God Bless." ... written by babyboo0212
She is truly the best. I can't say how much she has truly helped me through all my situations. I can never thank her enough for her unconditional support and guidance. She has been right on track with everything she sees for me and tells me, and I know in my heart, mind, and soul, it will only continue that way. Thank you so much." ... written by babyboo0212
Wonderful and detailed as always!! xo" ... written by shopgirl
Good reading!" ... written by ar
I believe her in all truth. I agree with her about my life. I will try my best. I'll let her know what update later. I still love her as best ever I have! She really understand about my situation. she is no one like another one. Honest, she is the best one!" ... written by meeko12
Amazing as usual! No need to tell her she told me and she was accurate! Sweet girl, honest, shows the cards. I keep coming back she is just wonderful!" ... written by oiseau67
Monika was great as always. I came back for an update, and even got the same cards as last time! She will always be honest with you. In the past, I she has told me things I did not want to hear, and they came true. This time, she has told me things that I do want to hear, and hopefully they come true as well!" ... written by Mjocho
Always the best, always in tune with all situations, always consistent with what she sees and her predictions, and She has been right about every prediction and timeframe thus far with me. Will update you again with great news soon! Thank you!" ... written by babyboo0212
She is right on the spot, great great great!" ... written by bm
Same cards so time will tell. Thanks Mon." ... written by cheeksup
Always a pleasure to get honesty from this lovely lady." ... written by Pikey Mikey
She was absolutely spot on. I could not believe what she picked up on. her honesty and clarity is amazing." ... written by dlmad05
Amazing as always! Thank you so much again!" ... written by Lauren
She was pretty on it. We ran out of time just as she was getting into it." ... written by sundae68
Good insight, positive and uplifting." ... written by BrSS
GREAT READING." ... written by GEENA77
Update read. Good!" ... written by marialuis
Thank you as always, Monika!!!" ... written by shopgirl
She's amazing, very Honest, and caring. I feel very Calm and relaxed after talking and having Private with Monika!!! She is very Fast at reading, caring and right to the point. God Bless You, Monika.. .Peace andamp; Love, Ellie- 07/18/2013" ... written by Ellie
Such a great listener and adviser! Thanks for everything monika!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank u for the insight!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks for calming me, supporting and motivating me, will wait and look forward to seeing all the predictions coming true! Will be back! Thanks so much!" ... written by shopgirl
She is very good with giving details and takes the time to look into things for me. very highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
Outstanding, really, always super spot on x" ... written by holly
She is kind" ... written by ashnnka
Update read. good!" ... written by marialuis
Wonderful lady.... she has read for me many times." ... written by boston
Monika has been an incredible help in both my personal life and my working life. Her insight and advice have helped me greatly. " ... written by yimzid
Always consistent with my situation, she has been about 95% accurate in her predictions, I have been coming to her for months and will continue to do so, highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
I love the way Monika reads. She is very precise and very straight forward allowing you to watch as she spreads the cards out and connects with each one to find out about your situation. She picks up on your emotion and on the issues very quickly and accurately. Thank you." ... written by Stephanie
She picked up on something deeply personal that only I and a few other people know about, it was quite shocking. Though the reading came with a warning, there is hope, and I'm very much looking forward to how things unfold. This won't be the last time I speak with Monika." ... written by Anonymous
Can't express my gratitude!! always very thorough and clear!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks so much monika!!" ... written by shopgirl
Good reading, she picked up that I was at a crossroads and a decision needed to be made! Pleasant, helpful. Would return for another reading for sure!" ... written by GuideMe2013
Very Good Spot on" ... written by Robert Giacche
Honest to the bone - reach her if you have a strong heart and want to hear truth what cards say about you ..." ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very good reading" ... written by arl
Thanks for your support as always monika!!" ... written by shopgirl
She saw everything! The Good, Great and the Snake! She reminded me to be on my A-Game!! True love will prevail :)" ... written by Zeigen
She is as always the best. Straight up tells you what she sees nothing about saying what you want to hear, only what she sees. Love her!!!" ... written by Bella
Always truthful, always on point, always stays true to what she sees. Has never steered me wrong, thank you, God bless." ... written by babyboo0212
Amazing. Loved her reading, highly recommended" ... written by karla
She calms me down and gives me honest readings as usual and I always feel better after consulting Monica, She is real deal and super accurate." ... written by Ampily
Seherezada was wonderful as always. She always connects with me very quickly and her cards are always right on point. I definitely recommend her for readings. :)" ... written by elizabeth
Excellent! She's the best and always very honest. 5 STARS" ... written by Ren
She felt the anxiety I do have at the moment. She gave the answers quickly and i'm looking forward for positive results. It was quite a relief after having a reading with her. Thank you. I will keep you posted. " ... written by greta
Thank you for your help and clear guidance." ... written by kelly
I like her. She always great." ... written by majoma
Was very insightful and detailed was very quick and caring and I highly recommend her to everyone." ... written by Thinkpositiv2012
Extremely accurate and honest. fast typist. Get's right to the point, does not waste your time. I will be back to see her again." ... written by Beth_E
WOW! This lady is FAST and amazingly accurate. I'm very much left speechless after her wonderful, and refreshingly honest reading. THANK YOU" ... written by Rocky!
Oh I hope she is right, I will be so happy!" ... written by done52
Quick, detailed with time-frame predictions." ... written by sk
If someone can read for you, it's her... she is reading exactly what is going on as if it was in the movies. I didn't have to give too much details and she was telling me about my situation as if she was living my feeling. Love her to bits! Bar none, the best - soooo spot on and encouraging, loving ... 5stars merely scratches the surface. Worth WAY more than she charges! you are amazing! Thank you!" ... written by LovedMarco
I have been having readings from Monika for about a year now. She is very gifted. Always spot on and tuning into the situation and her predictions always come true. She gives masses of information, that will give clarity to your issue. Highly recommended! 10 stars!" ... written by Libra
Wow, she was very accurate, and gave me future predications. Definitely give her a chance, she's the 4th psychic on this site that I had a reading with and she nailed it! Blew me away!" ... written by Jessica
Very, very talented indeed. What a treasure. So very helpful." ... written by dlmad05
Keeps me grounded, always tells me straight up everything, whether good or bad. Thank you for your continual guidance that has helped me so much and stayed true all these months." ... written by babyboo0212
An awesome reader! Honest, shows you cards every time and is quick in explaining your situation like a story! Does not waste your time or drag the session.. totally worth your credits! " ... written by economics123
Very precise reading. Pickup things quick and accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by arl
Great as always." ... written by majoma
Thought she gave me something to look forward to. Did a good job of pinpointing my situation and letting me know what i should expect in the coming weeks. Satisfied." ... written by Ola
Love this lady's reading. She is very true!" ... written by Kamolluck Trateng
very honest reader, thank you for help)" ... written by Olga
Monika is so helpful. I had a second reading with her today because i was struggling with an issue that I really could not figure out on my home. I went to Monika because after our first reading I was extremely impressed at how wonderfully she picked up on my situation and the other people involved. I am confident that Monika gave me the answers I seeked today just has she had previously. Fast and directly to the point. I highly recommend her to everyone and anyone seeking answers to even their most difficult questions and/or concerns. Thank you Monika for another great reading! I will keep you updated." ... written by DsDeb04
She is the best of the best. I'm very grateful for all her help. It always feel that she knows when I need her advice/help. " ... written by katz1219
Awesome. Thank you!" ... written by Lisa
She is awesome and truth. She pick up her cards show me sound will come true. I hope everything should be fine in my life. I always come for need private reading with her because she is serious professional help people for their needs and she know what to do. Thanks many to her and bless her too!" ... written by meeko12
Very good." ... written by dll
Love, love, love her, she is on target as always!!!" ... written by bm
Thank you as always for your honesty. Wonderful as always." ... written by babyboo0212
Best, quickest reading, no time wasting. Thanks, will come back for update when anything changes." ... written by guisep
Very good and precise reading as usual. " ... written by arl
Nice reading. Does not waste time. Gave predictions." ... written by iconnect
Monika is the greatest worth every minute and dime our conversations never stir me wrong. I love her , and will recommend her to anybody , she very professional . she hasn't failed me at all. I will continue to come to her as many times as i can. " ... written by Estefany
Great." ... written by majoma
I appreciate your honest and discreet word with me . :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
Monika was a pleasure as always and was very confident in her reading for me. She will tell you exactly what she sees good or bad. She's great!" ... written by Speakone
She is amazing." ... written by De5pina
You are fantastic and you can read really well." ... written by Lisa
Monica connects so well and accurate. No matter how much time passes between my readings with Monica.. Her messages provide a continuity!" ... written by lili
Good choice, very detailed." ... written by Lumusia
Excellent reading" ... written by Lovemom21
She is very informative and gives details of the situation. I always go back to her for real readings. Highly recommended. It will be an investment." ... written by Megabee
Monika is consistent in her opinion and her predictions are in tune with developments as they unfold.. I appreciate her honesty.. Take her to private and you will not regret it.. I will keep coming back! Thank you. :-)" ... written by economics
She is quick and amazing, very gifted!!!" ... written by MaryAnn
Thanks Monica for being with me, and listening to me even question was from my paranoid and you always tell me they truth and super accurate as usual , you are real deal and honest person , I appreciate you a lot , Thank a lot for helping me , Ampily" ... written by Ampily
Gives me hope and strength that I need. Thank you." ... written by babyboo0212
very kind, honest. I will try her strategy and see how good she is for real" ... written by sahreen
Interesting reading with a very compassionate psychic. She was very quick with her answers. She is straight forward and honest. I enjoyed my reading with her. She brought peace and comfort. I will seek her guidance again. " ... written by EBJ
Great detailed reading. Lots of info. Thanks." ... written by arl
Great job!" ... written by Brian
Very helpful and quick, waiting for predictions. Thanks!" ... written by wildrose
My first reading with her and she was quite thorough honest and kind. " ... written by kavintee
Thank you. " ... written by Linda
She is incredible. This was my second reading with her, and both readings were so accurate. Her timing is incredible, and was spot on with my first reading, hoping this second one is the same!! Give her a try, she is amazing!" ... written by Jessica
This was probably the most heartfelt reading I've ever had!... she was great" ... written by Gayle
Thank you so much, as always." ... written by babyboo0212
Monika is my go-to person here.. She's like a friend who is honest, will tell you what she sees and gives you practical advice on your matters.. take her to private, you won't regret it! :)" ... written by economics123
Wonderful. Did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but gave me honesty and that means more than anything!" ... written by soonergal
She is very accurate and honest, really good, put my mind at rest. definitely would recommend her. :)" ... written by Michelle
She is such a sweet person, very accurate with what she says, I am waiting for the big prediction to happen. I know it will :) She has told me things before and they happened like she saw it happening. Please read with her, you will not be sorry. xx" ... written by Jill
Thank you Monika, you are always so in tune with the situations I get into. Thank you for helping out, always so helpful. " ... written by k
Thank you very much." ... written by Firehorse4444
Great!" ... written by majoma
What a phenominal reading she did today!!! I love that she reads the cards, but goes beyond that to what she feels as well. I trust her as she tells the good and the bad, if that's what she sees. Very kind and compassionate!!! Thanks girl!!!!!" ... written by leogirl
Monika is so honest, friendly and she patiently answered all my queries... will keep coming back to her! :)" ... written by economics123
Love her! She is very consistent with her reading. She reads quickly and gets straight to the point. She told me he was traveling and I was able to verify it." ... written by Linda
Very detailed reading as usual, thanks." ... written by arl
Always a pleasure, she has not been wrong about my situation at all, its quite uncanny, that is why i keep going back to her for my readings... I consider her the best on this site.. " ... written by Leticia
I'm addicted. She is so good. Please read with her, you will not regret it!!" ... written by Jessica
I love you!! Seherezada82 where have you been all my life lol! You're an awesome reader hun. My celestial si*Star xoxoxox" ... written by Twinkletoes mdemos
She is soo good! I can't even put into words. Some of the same cards came up and had the same outcome as my previous reading with her! Thank You!" ... written by Jessica
This is my Favorite Psychic on this entire site..I always look for her because of her eagle eye pin point accuracy of her predictions...stuff she told me a year ago is still unfolding! AS SHE PREDICTED! You will not be disappointed with her. I'm addicted to her!" ... written by Luis
I love her and she is amazing. Everything she predicted came true, I will recommend her to anyone and, trust me you will not regret meeting her! Love you monica!" ... written by lucyrumb
Seherezada82 is amazing! I feel a very accurate reading and I am blessed let yourself be blessed to go private! A billion likes. :) Thank you!" ... written by rattail1
She is direct andamp; insightful... Nice." ... written by Leanna Chan
Excellent reassurance! Looking forward to the predictions! God bless you Monika!" ... written by rattail1
Thank you Seherezada, it was a great reading! Warming and straight to the point! Definitely recommend her. love and light." ... written by sweetpear11
Thank you for the card reading. It cleared up some thought I've been having. I like that it was very detailed and you pulled a lot of cards too! " ... written by Jaqueline
She is amazing!!! I trust her completely and have had many readings. To date everything has taken place just as she saw." ... written by leogirl
She is a top notch reader, who gives so many details with her cards. Something that she predicted many months ago came true, and another that she saw last week. Monika is just great!" ... written by nz
I have no words. She has made me a complete believer. Her timing and interpretation of the cards is so spot on!! So far she has been 100% accurate on her predictions! Love her!!" ... written by Jessica
Thankyou once again!Brilliant insight no waste of time or money!!1000 stars!!" ... written by rattail1
She is spot on. The reading I had with her back in April, most things happened just as she said and I am impressed with that. She is careful when giving a reading that not to give any false hope and tries as realistic as she can. Very sweet girl. Excellent reading." ... written by Love
She was spot on right from beginning.. She saw stuff in the cards that was actually happening without me saying anything. Very impressive and I'll take her advice." ... written by Jelani
If you need clarity, then come to Monika... you'll get your answers... Awesome tarot reader!! :)" ... written by wendybb0880
Great." ... written by majomama
Great! " ... written by majomama
Very accurate and fast. Also, very beautiful woman. ;)" ... written by Edwin
She was sweet andamp; very honest. She helped me a lot today even in such a short time. It was 100% accurate andamp; she got straight to the point ! I just can't describe it really, she was just great andamp; I would recommend her to my friends. Thanks again -- God Bless . " ... written by Michelle
I have been coming to her for about 2 years now i believe, everything she has said has really happened in my relationship. Over the course of 2 years I have been wanting to finally get the reading I got today! Its been so long since I got a good reading about my relationship. Lol and today was probably the best. She flat out is the best psychic ever, I probably wouldn't have stuck around in my current relationship for this long if it wasn't for the honesty she gave me and then seeing how she would do a reading then everything would happen just like she said. Don't be skeptical with this one peeps. She is truly amazing at what she does! :)" ... written by amber
Thank you so much monika for always giving me insight and directions!! " ... written by shopgirl
She is honest, on spot, worth the time and always accurate. Thanks." ... written by ampily
Thanks so much for being the honest rock in my unstable environment!!" ... written by ikroyaln
Very great reading and in accurate details. Thanks" ... written by arl
She is amazing with a connection and what she sees." ... written by kitkat
Really honest. Thank You!" ... written by Agnese
Interesting reading and found it funny how she described someone so clearly, ahha. Thanks." ... written by J
She is very professional and very honest. She has been accurate in the past and I enjoy her readings." ... written by florwer85
I asked her about my meeting from yesterday and she picked up on some of the conversation I had with someone! Her card reading seemed to agree with what I'm going thru and she made some predictions, so with that only time will tell. Even though I know things can change due to free will. Will keep you posted on and updates. Thank you!" ... written by Jacqueline
Great readings, great person, great advise." ... written by majoma
Gave me insight and was right on." ... written by Stang93
Great reader!" ... written by need2know5
Thank you for the reading! Blessings, rainbow!" ... written by rainbowspirit
She's so amazing. She knows her cards extremely well. Everything her cards showed has happened. She's worth every penny!!" ... written by Jess
Thanks Monika, you are the best!!" ... written by shopgirl
Detailed and accurate reading as always." ... written by arle
Always my pleasure!" ... written by Janice
Great job! Can see why she is at the top. You will not be disappointed. Come meet her and see that she will give great advice and tell you the honest truth of things." ... written by masha milezhik
I don't know if what she says is true or not but she sure does not sugar coat anything. She tells it how it is even if you dont want to hear it. She is very sweet and I do appreciate the honesty." ... written by linh
Great reading, must try." ... written by Beeny2
I always came to her for help me made me felt confident. She is very good listen and honest to me. I love her always. Because she is the best one ever I have!" ... written by Meeko
That was and interesting reading...hmmm..." ... written by xxsunkist84xx
You are the best Monika. 100% right and you never ever waivered from your predictions." ... written by Linda
She's good.... " ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Very Good." ... written by Anne
Very accurate readings." ... written by majoma
Honest." ... written by u
She is the best and gives you straight answers!" ... written by Rene067
Definitely very to the point. No sugar coating. Fast. " ... written by sunyime
Excellent! Very honest andamp; forthcoming. Thank you Seherezada82... you gave me an enlightening perspective. " ... written by Giggles00
She is awesome! Everyone should read with her. She always tells you what she sees, and doesn't tell you only what you want to hear. Love her!" ... written by Jessica
great! i appreciate the sincerity! i am for real =)" ... written by daniel
She actually repeats things that were said to me!!! I trust her and she is very consistent with her cards and I love that she" ... written by nz
I trust her and love her because she gives me honest answers and good advice too. She is really good! I was feeling down, but after I spoke to her, I feel much better." ... written by lucyrumb
She is wonderful!!!! great reading....accurate, and honest! Thank you Seherezda82!!!" ... written by carnationgirl
Monika you are a gem!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks for insight, will keep you posted. :)" ... written by giusep
She is so good." ... written by Hassan
She is soo good. Her timeframes have always been on point for me, and her predictions have all come true thus far! One of the best for sure!" ... written by Jessica
Very accurate" ... written by Celia
Thank you for confirming the situation for me. I like that you didn't need any kind of information except for names ahead of time. You picked up on their personality real well. Will inform you of any updates. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great as usual" ... written by bm
Thank's so much Monika!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks!" ... written by shopgirl
Love her. she is very accurate." ... written by benkepsychic
Always enlightening and honest!!!" ... written by absolute311
A very right to point reading again. Accurate prediction. Thanks. " ... written by arle
Great reading nice person super." ... written by majoma
Was great! I know I'll be back!" ... written by BD
Thank you for the information. I cannot wait to see what happens." ... written by Ann M
Very good reading, specific and to the point." ... written by arle
I had a wonderful reading with this psychic. She was compassionate, quick, and honest with her responses. I was impressed with her talent, and will seek her future guidance. " ... written by EBJ
She gave so many details and timeframe that really showed me insight even from my past readings. It's been really helpful and highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
She was spot on! Very accurate." ... written by Alexyss
Awesome! Dun need to say much she tells it all and absolutely spot on! No sugar coat but the plain truth! Sweet!" ... written by rosy
Straight to the point.... Direct. I like that!" ... written by Me
another fantastic reading by a wonderful lady lots and lots of true information and predictions, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I asked 2 questions- think I am brave to ask both of these questions!.....I am hoping that reader is incorrect on my first question but I think in my heart I recognize that she may be right. Heartbreak and disappointment for someone close to me to come." ... written by Jane
Thank you Monika as always!!" ... written by shopgirl
Very honest! 5 stars!" ... written by Kathy
I am really happy with the reading; it was great and with a lot of details. Looks like I finally have some good things coming up for me, hopefully it proves true. Best wishes!" ... written by Sany
Lovely girl, accurate and honest, shows the cards and explains everything. Great reading as always. Thank you so much M." ... written by oiseau67
Awesome reading. I'm curious to find out what will happen in my future with what she was telling me.." ... written by Jason
Always so encouraging and on point!" ... written by Rene067
No doubt about it, Monika is my absolute favorite psychic! I don't even mean just on this site... This woman is so incredible. Every single reading I have ever had with her has blown me away. Nobody has ever seen straight through me and/or my life and the people in it, like Monika can. I always leave our sessions feeling as if this woman has been living inside of my mind and heart. She seems to know my every thought and my deepest inner feelings about things that I've never shared with a single soul. I am just bewildered by her and her amazing gifts. I with all my heart, very, very highly recommend that anyone out there whom finds themselves in a situation where they feel they need answers, or advice, insight, and/or clarity regarding even the most trying situation, hands down, Monika is the one to talk to. She has amazed me every single time we meet, and I promise she will amaze you beyond your wildest imagination as well." ... written by DsDeb04
It's very accurate and detailed reading. Trust her." ... written by arle
Thank you, Monika, for what you do!!! Always honest, compassionate and clear in what you foresee." ... written by nz
The best and most clear reading at Oranum ever! She could see my situation RIGHT now! Very qualified and clear in speak. Love her!!!" ... written by Cirkeline1
She is complete correct in private reading!" ... written by Meeko
Awesome and direct! I am very happy with my reading and will go back to her again! Thanks so much!" ... written by dawn
She picked up on everything, I was totally amazed... She is a excellent reader." ... written by chevygirl
It was my first time reading with her I will see if here predictions come true, thank you so much for the reading!!!" ... written by beta
I still trust her and guide her in waiting, getting better in my situation soon!" ... written by Meeko
She is great, so far, almost everything she has said has happened. Still waiting on the main prediction, but the timing hasn't yet happened, but I believe it will. She's been so accurate thus far with events and timing! She's the best!" ... written by Jess
Thank you for the confirmation, that is what I really needed. God bless." ... written by angelkay12
Amazing reading and down to the final details and time frames. It will be a great investment for you. Highly recommended." ... written by Megabee
Brutally honest but highly accurate - did not tell me what I wanted to hear - but truth as she saw it!!! " ... written by coyoteroper
Thank-you once again for the lovely reading. She is always consistent and gives me such HOPE!! " ... written by inlovewithhim
Wow speechless! best psychic ever..." ... written by PB1923
Monika gave me so much information in this reading. She tries not to deliver information in a negative manner, but will always tell you the truth that she sees. This is a woman that can be trusted to tell it as you sees it-no sugar coating. Personally, I think this is the right way to have a reading!!! Thanks!!!!" ... written by nz
Definitely different than what I've heard. She is completely truthful and will tell it to you how it is. " ... written by bws
Most definitely the most accurate and honest psychic I have ever met. I highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone." ... written by Hassan
Wow, absolutely an awesome reading!!! I hope and pray what she sees comes to pass!! If so it would be an absolute dream come true!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
She is very good! 5 stars!!!!" ... written by ann
She is very good, patient and honest." ... written by majoma
Amazing picks up on things right away might not be what you want to hear but still you need to hear it sometimes she's amazing :):) " ... written by Natasha
Great reading as always. Love her" ... written by majoma
My favorite reading so far. Will wait for predictions to come to pass. Thank you so much! " ... written by Aisha
She is accurate, honest, and patience. Love her" ... written by majoma
Thoroughly enjoyed my reading, again. She reads very fast and she helps you look forward to her predictions. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Great Reading!!!" ... written by Darnia Cutter
She was great...I had two excellent readings with her and enjoyed them both very much!!!" ... written by Darnia Cutter
Very good as always, highly recommended" ... written by ola
Honest, straight forward, told me how it was. Helped me know what I needed to do in my situation." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you moninka as always for your patience and kindness! Can't wait for the predictions to pass!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you for the lovely reading!! I hope and pray the predictions come to pass!! I really enjoy your readings!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Awesome." ... written by laila
I love her readings!! They are AWESOME!! I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Highly recommended. The reading was in so much detail and in full advise. It will be an investment that you will never regret" ... written by Megabee
Very honest to me told me how it is and didn't lie like other psychics just to make me happy and coming back I definitely recommend her shes the best." ... written by nancy
She has great ability to be straight and on the mark. Both with reading and true intuition." ... written by Elaine Faber
Very nice reading again" ... written by ar
Excellent reader... Friendly and seems to tune in accurately!!!" ... written by Ann
Excellent... Fast and accurate!!!" ... written by ann
Good reading!! I am very encouraged!!! :)" ... written by inlovewithhim
Awesome reading!" ... written by Page
Great reading as usual !! " ... written by deisy
She is very helpful. Thanks for helping me out!" ... written by Jane
I have taken my time to give a review about Seherezada as I needed to wait for results. Everything she ever predicted for the last 6 months has come true." ... written by Sheila Roberto
Looking forward to a happy future - thanks!" ... written by Denise
Wow! I was impressed before but like I told her she is now my favorite. She was on point time after time. She told me things I already know and though others may have said similar things she was more straightforward and to the point. She actually made others' readings more clear. That says a lot. i'll definitely be going back to her and hoping that two of her predictions for me do come true! " ... written by LAA919
Very accurate and detailed reading. Highly recommend" ... written by arle
Always, kind and direct and gives me great advice to follow. Needs little details to give you an overview of what is going on. " ... written by wildrose
Fantastic as always :)" ... written by Ash
love her. she is great" ... written by majoma
Monika is AMAZING. She is always spot on!" ... written by Lila
Thanks monika!!" ... written by shopgirl
I ALWAYS Learn something new from MONIKA! Great!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
This was absolutely one of the best reading ever.. she is so honest and sweet. i will def will get reading from her again." ... written by maria
I liked what I heard. We will see. I liked her essence." ... written by Stacy
Hope what she says comes TRUE!" ... written by unknown
Good lady! Great reading!" ... written by unknown
Monika always reassures me. what she said before did happen so I am happy about the updates today. highly accurate." ... written by jomielyn
Thank you for your help." ... written by wildrose
Love her. Great readings" ... written by majoma
Very accurate and sound reading." ... written by georgi
Very accurate." ... written by sadhana
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Has a great sense of what is going on with my relationship situation. Thank you Monika!" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks monika!!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thank you, Monika!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks!!" ... written by shopgirl
Thanks, Monika!" ... written by shopgirl
I wanted to let her know that the advice she gave me worked and I feel so much better. I went in to get more advice and also she gave me some feedback as to why the person I question behaves the way they do. Thank you! xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Did not like what she read but I know she is telling me the TRUTH. I am so disheartened. But I respect her honesty and I highly recommend her for just that reason." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you - reassuring" ... written by Margot
great as always!" ... written by majoma
Great update! She is so awesome. Worth every penny. She has been very accurate with events and everything she has said has been coming true. She's very honest as well, although I had mostly good cards and a good outcome, she was honest about a bad one I got, which made a lot of sense. Love reading with her! She's the best!" ... written by Jess
Her cards tell the truth and she is very honest." ... written by Elaine Faber
Great update!!! thank you!" ... written by vine
Fast, gave me hope and no soft-peddling. I think she was telling her truth and I hope that she is right." ... written by Uvrs53
Good, but sad for me." ... written by D
Great!!!" ... written by Taylor
Great reading!" ... written by Nivia
Very precise reading. I received a lot of information and advice. Thank you :D" ... written by Jaqueline
She is really good with her cards and always has a positive thoughts..." ... written by Gary Pinto
I hope the reading comes to pass! She is very good and I always enjoy her readings! I highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Very gifted card reader. Her readings are always on target and her predictions seem to be right on. She will not sugar coat anything and will tell you honest answers if something is going in a direction you dont want to. thanks Monika :D" ... written by jaqueline
Thank you for the quick reading. Needed advice on what to do and glad to see the cards are still saying the same thing. Will update later today :D" ... written by jaqueline
Thank you very much maam for the update,was very helpful, got cut off sorry for that .wish u all good." ... written by mettlwire
Fantastic person, type fast honest and clear-sighted." ... written by shirka79
Thanks for the updates." ... written by wildrose
Her predictions came true and she was very precise with the details and time frame, it was unbelievable and it will be an investment for you having a reading with her." ... written by Megabee
Great as always!" ... written by majoma
Excellent, emphatic, very professional." ... written by firebirdlady
Very accurate and concrete - I will recommend it very much - thank you very much for great advice." ... written by Arne
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Shed the rest on the light on my anxiety. *patience is the key!!! darn but then again oranum never leaves me confused! God bless the stress!" ... written by Laura
Always helpful.Thanks" ... written by wildrose
Great!! Thank you :) You can't go wrong here." ... written by Roy
Very honest and to the point, I liked her very much, will visit her again." ... written by BELLA
Very Good." ... written by mon
Thank you for the advice and kind words." ... written by ikroyalakr
Thank you for advice Monika. :D" ... written by Jaqueline
Amazing, picked up on EVERYTHING, she was spot on quick to the point and very very sympathetic. loved this reading. will always be coming to her." ... written by almedina
Always honest and straight to the point. Try her, you wont regret it! :)" ... written by epa
Very accurate and precise reading" ... written by all
I am so glad I came to this lovely reader, after just one reading two years ago, she predicted something which I didn't want to believe, then I knew she was right as time progressed. I came to her today for insight into something deep in my heart, s I only wanted to know the truth. She was fast, she was spot on with things and she reassured me with certaun matters. I trust in what she says, as I read her profile and the testimonials too. She was very honest me and told me I needn't be so worried. Thanks so much for the reading, I will return to you soon. Much love and best wishes." ... written by Jade50
Thank you so much." ... written by wildrose
Seherezada was right on key with everything." ... written by naynay56
Honest and quick." ... written by kar
Thank you so much for the questions you have answered I am sorry I couldn't stay. But you are wonderful and a blessing! " ... written by Sally
Excellent and straight to the point. " ... written by paula
Thank you so much!" ... written by wildrose
Sorry run of out credit. I'll come back later. Thanks to her. She is right about situation. I hope will successful soon. She is the best! " ... written by meeko
Another lovely reading with honesty and reassurance. I like to know my readings are pure and real, she does not sugar coat anything at all. I recommend this reader to everyone!" ... written by Jade50
Always positive but to the point. Does not sugar coat anything and will tell you truth. Thank you xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Very cool." ... written by kye2210
Very honest." ... written by luvuchaluka
I love her honest opinion, even if it hurt my feelings" ... written by sunshine
Very helpful and precise with my life. Thanks" ... written by Sovanna
Always a pleasure to get a reading from Monika!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Great reader!! love her, so honest and truthful. spot on." ... written by vine
Good, precise." ... written by arle
She sends me strength, when I am ready to abandon someone!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Thank you." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thanks again monika. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you soooooooo much your the best" ... written by michelle
Outstanding reader ... love her! A million stars!" ... written by Ann
Thanks" ... written by wildrose
She will tell you what you need to know.... she will be honest.....exactly like she says in her profile, only ask what you really want to know the answer.... i'm so glad I did!! thanks so much." ... written by rosemary
Her predictions came true! Amazing card reader! Thanks! xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks." ... written by wildrose
She was great and honest. She does not tell you what you want to hear and I would rather hear the truth then be told a fairy tale with false hope. She is now my favorite reader and I know when I want the truth were to come! I've been told a lot of false hope... But when I came to get a reading with her I was told nothing but the truth that I already knew deep sown but just didn't want to accept. Thank you for opening my eyes you are the best and very spot on. I look forward to your predictions! Will be back!" ... written by H
Thanks darling Monika for the lovely reading, it was really something that was pressing me, you gave me clarity and confirmed everything. I trust in what you say because you have never failed to be honest. Things you told me before came to light, and I still think of you as one of my Top readers on Oranum. I am sure you have millions of satisfied customers, because you are honest and tell the truth like it is. Bless you, thank you, love always xxxxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Wow, she is amazing, don't need to tell her anything but just gets straight to the point and she is always honest with you." ... written by lucyrumb
I got insight to my questions, very nice and direct." ... written by Gmary
I was very happy about this reading. Very honest and accurate reading. She is fast and to the point. " ... written by ronelle
Straight forward and comforting." ... written by bba
She's GREAT!!! I'm looking forward to your predictions!" ... written by Summer84
I've had a few readings with Monika and her cards are always the same. Things have been rough in the past, but I've been working on things and putting an effort and future looks promising. I will keep you posted. :) Many blessings." ... written by Aussie girl
This woman is just wonderful. A lot of her prior predictions have come true, holding the exact details that she described in her readings. It is just a blessing to have her in my life, to help and offer guidance and reassurance along the road. You will not be disappointed. " ... written by ashlouise1
Always tells me the truth and I am thankful. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Update read and in line. Some of her little predictions are already happening." ... written by marialuis
No sugar coating, just the truth, she is great. Thanks" ... written by silver
Monika always tells the truth. I need to hear it." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you. She is awesome and honest!" ... written by meeko12
Thanks." ... written by a
Thank you! You have good insight." ... written by sab1658
Very good precise and no nonsense. the best I have had in many years. Thank you Seherezada82" ... written by patrick
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
She's wonderful. she told me things I've heard before. she's real, very real. she's my favorite psychic..." ... written by Olabfp
Seherezada is always spot on and she is not afraid to tell it like it is. " ... written by Sheila Roberto
She is excellent!!" ... written by ann
Always a pleasure, she is by far so accurate in my situation, it's uncanny, I keep coming back for a reason, Highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
She's awesome, always super honest gives you perspective on things that you need !" ... written by amber
amazinggg" ... written by amber
Good and clear, thanks" ... written by claudia
brilliant" ... written by silver
Thank you so much for the lovely reading. It made me feel a lot better and more rested. I hope to see you soon! " ... written by lovemoon
She's a lovely beautiful soul, who seems serious about her job, she didn't say things i wanted to hear but she was honest, I will be looking forward to seeing how it in folds, Thanks Monika, may god bless you, ill be back :)" ... written by seema
Very quick card reader, always come back. xo" ... written by jacqueline
Just simply awesome :) I really enjoy talking with Seherezada, she's got great intuition and is just spot on. Does not sugar coat and tell you honest truths, what more could you want? Cheers :)" ... written by Autumne
Mon picked up alot that rings true. Hope her outcome is right :)" ... written by cheeksup
Great and valuable advice!!! Thank you so much for the reading." ... written by vigglesworth216
Has confirmed my thoughts! Very accurate readings :)" ... written by reis
Straight forward and honest!" ... written by Leah
Pretty Detailed. Predictions changed but I trust her so I'm curious to see what happens now. I'll be back to update you :-)" ... written by L
I got a very nice feeling to my reeding, lets see what will happen." ... written by MerryBerry1
Very nice lady, very helpful! I would visit her again soon for a chat! Thank you again, pleasure talking to you." ... written by MerryBerry1
Very comforting." ... written by humility
Gives great advice and her card readings are always on target. Thanks. :D" ... written by jaqueline
This is one hell of a psychic. I highly recommend! Be prepared to hear the truth! Might not be what you want to hear. I so appreciate her gifts and reading. " ... written by Kent Lackey
Thanks so much." ... written by wildrose
Picked up on the situation very well. Will wait to see if predictions come true. " ... written by pinkster11
Fantastic!" ... written by GM
Absolutely amazing! God Bless her. " ... written by Pam
Wow, she is so good and honest in private reading. You'll never disappointment in private reading with her. Honest I've many time came to her. Why? Because I've see and life opportunities came true from private reading with her. She never give you false hope. Why I should trust her? She is different and never been fool you. She always tell honest and careful. Because I've watched her skill do lenomard cards. I've started open to believe in Lenomard cards most accurate for only with first name and last name that guide to show for your future but never make it up. I've learned a little about this and I understand why. Monika is natural skill have special gift in her. You'll see and will be surprise by come true!" ... written by meeko12
Thank you Monika." ... written by jerald
Very patient. very considerate. waiting to revert on predictions " ... written by Krishna
she is the bestttt!" ... written by mike
Such a sweet lady and is always there to listen. I just pray her predictions come to pass. Thank you" ... written by Tasha
Monika thanks." ... written by LovedMarco
You are the best!" ... written by jaqline
Awesome reader, high recommendations." ... written by Page
Wonderful!" ... written by Leah
First time doing this-- Interesting. She was very straight forward about what I should do and what the cards said. Thank you. " ... written by greenapple
What Monika reads for me is so different from what others read. I really hope she is wrong but I think she is the only one that is telling the truth. I wish she wasn't right. I am sad. " ... written by inlovewithhim
You are amazing shehrazad!" ... written by jaqline
You are the one that always helps me Shahrazada..!" ... written by jaqline
Very accurate reading" ... written by arl
She is very good, i am very impressed!" ... written by Laura2584
Always a pleasure to do a card reading with Monika. It's like getting a true story of past, present and future. Even if it is something you don't want to hear, she will tell you the truth. Thanks always :D" ... written by Jacqueline
It was such a great help and happiness to have reading by Seherezada. She also has great, warm energy that is so contagious. I will keep you posted, my dear. Blessings. - Alla" ... written by alla
Told me truth ... what i already know" ... written by ellenbrown
She always gives me an honest guidance to the situation and offers her full attention to the issues." ... written by Megabee
Thanks for being honest with me!" ... written by lyn
I appreciate her honesty. She is very skilled and I absolutely feel her genuinity. I will definitely consult with Sheherezada82 in the future." ... written by Charlene
Thank you :)" ... written by Elo
Always helpfull" ... written by jaqline
Very honest and open minded...Really enjoyed her reading...Will come back shortly to find out the future...Thank you again..." ... written by Bill
Always honest, very good reader." ... written by silver
Once again, Monica's quick reading and straight speaking has made a huge difference for me. " ... written by yimzid
Amazing session thank you for your honesty and guidance." ... written by deisyy
Thanks Monika." ... written by LovedMarco
She is awesome thank you so muchhhh." ... written by akbaby1
Its been a few months since I last spoke to Monica, she remembered everything and was insightful again." ... written by PikeyMikey
Amazing reader! I'm very impressed...." ... written by LovedMarco
My reading was really good, I feel very blessed to have spoken with Seherezada82." ... written by Susan
Quick and concise." ... written by weiyong
Monika is just stunning incredible person " ... written by paul.golden69
I feel she tells the truth to you and not what you want to hear. " ... written by greenapple
I have never had a reading like was actually amazing. I will be coming back to hype just straightfoward did not waste my time or money." ... written by Joshua
Honest!" ... written by dash
Was concise and to the point! Overall great!" ... written by sappo
Excellent reading and very accurate. Thank you!" ... written by halo
You are the best." ... written by jaqline
She tells the truth for sure. In my case-it worked out for the best." ... written by carlycaligirl
Consistent, accurate and truthful. Brilliant! " ... written by silver
Very insightful not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. Thanks so much she gave me great advice, blessings..." ... written by musha1
She gives you exactly what will happen, she is really good, 5 star!" ... written by hamzah
Excellent reading, honest and to the point. Will be back!" ... written by cindy
Quick to the point, no sugarcoating, but very helpful, I definitely recommend her." ... written by agablue
Seherezada82, was a very good reader, quickly into the situation without me telling her anything :) . - impressed" ... written by Thomas Lyspiil
Amazing as always, no sugarcoating! Monika's predictions always come to pass! " ... written by librabeauty
I can't wait until next year. I know great things will come and thanks to Seherezada I know good things will happen. " ... written by Bri
Very honest and precise reader :0)" ... written by Sapphire456
Love Monika, highly recommended! Blessings." ... written by willow
She is just amazing all the time. I trust her with everything!" ... written by akbaby1
Thank you for the update. Have been seeing Monika for a long time now. She tells you the truth on what the cards show. No fairytales. " ... written by Jacqueline
Was very accurate and to the point highly recommended." ... written by Crystalmaze
Very fast and deliberate no sugar just the truth." ... written by robin
She is very outstanding and i love her reading i really needed to here what she told me" ... written by Lekenndra
Monica was bulls-eye on with my situation, made some points that raised my attention to certain things that had occurred and will occur. I will be sure to follow up with her." ... written by Pete
Amazing as usual." ... written by akbaby1
This is continuation from previous reading. Very quick to read her cards. Will let you know the positive and negative parts of a situation and give advice on what to do from that point. Thanks xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Always a pleasure, highly recommend!! I am a repeat client and will continue to be." ... written by Leticia
Another reading with Monika, she is very honest and accurate. She also makes you think about your priorities. Excellent reader! Many blessings." ... written by willow
She was great she told me what i needed to known do in my relationship and i thank so much she was very helpful" ... written by Lekenndra
Just simply incredible. Words are not enough." ... written by paul.golden69
Monica is supremely accurate with her predictions, the last few times I sought her advice, I haven't been disappointed at all!" ... written by weiyong
Connected with me very well and I thank you a lot for the advice she has given me. Excellent " ... written by Michelle Langley
She was fast and accurate knew what I know about this person im interested in." ... written by Christopher
Perfectly wonderful." ... written by Janice
Amazing ! SHE IS REAL. REAL , you heard it!! " ... written by journey13
She was fast and accurate. And cleared my mind out. Thank you!" ... written by PVinnie
Amazing..... " ... written by healmyheart
Thank you for the update and the advice. " ... written by Jaqueline
Very calm and focused. I felt very at ease. I'm still really emotional after the reading. She is so sincere. I'm so emotional right now, I can't even pull up my big words to describe my experience. Thank you. " ... written by Carrie Perillo
She was very direct and honest. My questions were answered in a timely manner and felt at ease after we converse. " ... written by freespirit86
Wow." ... written by paul.golden69
She deserves 1000 stars, tells you the truth, very honest and straight to the point, I believed what she advised me to do. I will move on, no wasting energy any more. When someone doesn't love me, it means that he doesn't deserve the love that I am offering him and there is nothing wrong with me. That's his loss not me, God will help me to move on with my life. Thank you for the wonderful reading! " ... written by sharen223
She was very good." ... written by bm
This lady is unfailing, in all the readings I have had she has been spot on, she is always honest and with that comes some reassurance. I have my favourites on Oranum and she is certainly one of them, because of her honesty and accuracy and being so quick with her readings. She will not tell you what you want to hear, but she will be honest. I cannot wait to share some good news when it happens. God bless you Monika, love always xxxxx" ... written by Jade50
Another amazing reading!" ... written by journey
Very accurate, I will be back for more, she tells the truth!" ... written by angel18wings
Awesome again and again!" ... written by journey13
Very positive, hope it all happens. " ... written by cheeksup
I feel more grounded now with the decisions I'm making and will make, a lot less frivolous spanks :)" ... written by meagn
Thank you I appreciate your honesty and hope." ... written by Chris De Silva
Got to ask more info about my recent reading, she gave me a very honest answer even it is bad, and that is all I do want to hear it the truth and she gave me the truth. she knows about what is happening in my life and the person that I am asking. Will update her from her predictions and will come back. You all should give her a try!! She is real." ... written by angel18wings
Didn't have much time, but she is very honest and straight to the point.. " ... written by ebony
I am a repeat client. She is so amazing and so fast. Always on point. I did previous readings on a break up, and I followed her advice; she told me it wasn't over and now we are back together. This time I asked about career, and she tapped into everything I'm going through. She's truly gifted! " ... written by Jessica
Monika always tells me the truth and I understand it. I just wish it were different in 2014. I have waited so long for change in my relationship with my Love but it does not change." ... written by inlovewithhim
Precise and honest. Just what you need when you are looking for advice" ... written by Saanya
Always a pleasure, she is the best on this site, I am a repeat client and will continue to be. Highly recommend. " ... written by Leticia
She has answered my questions accurately without beating around the bush!" ... written by yasmin
Good and precise." ... written by ali
Seherezada answers were very accurate and I like the part when she said she feels like i already know hehe...I was hoping what i feel deep down inside wasn't true and that it was just a feeling but u know what they say always go by your gut feelings. I will make sure I come back and visit her in the next few months and I can say before you check out all the other psychics on here make sure you visit her first!!!" ... written by zahra
She is good and professional. It remains to be seen if what she told me will come true." ... written by Lisa
She's very good. She is a serious tarot reader." ... written by tarot
I had a reading from Seherezada82 today. She gave me very specific information on a situation regarding my son and my ex husband. This information was VERY accurate and specific. She is an extremely gifted psychic and I have no reason to go to anyone else. I am very grateful to her. If you want the truth, I recommend consulting her. " ... written by suevankoz
Very detailed reading as usual." ... written by arl
Really nice reading got things that are going on spot on. Gave me hope that what I want more than anything can still happen. " ... written by Lyn
Lovely lady, did a full spread for me and very sincere. xx" ... written by kay
Monika is kind and accurate! She never sugar coats things - just tells it like she sees it!" ... written by Leah
She is amazing. Always tells the truth, even if it's not what you want to hear. She is very accurate, and reads her cards amazingly well. Thus why I'm a repeat client of hers. " ... written by Jessica
Thank you Monika. You always speak truth. I wish I could just give up on the desires of my heart. If I could only do that I know that I would have a happier life." ... written by inlovewithhim
She was very nice and very straight forward about my what" ... written by Angelina
Very to the point and presents the information without sugar coating it. Lots to take away!" ... written by brianindublin
She is so good! She really knows her cards well, and gives you a detailed reading. She is also very honest. She has never let me down, and always tells the truth, whether its what you want to hear or not! She's the best!" ... written by Jessica
Always honest and detailed advice and reading. Cannot say how much I truly appreciate her." ... written by bella
Very positive and honest. Knew a lot about me and how I was acting and knew about my partner too. I hope that the things that were said come true in the future." ... written by Jennifer
Great reading doesnt sugar coat, confirmed what I was feeling and to be honest I dont feel bad as I was expecting it, trusted reader and will always return." ... written by jj1967
Awesome, straightforward, got all answers I needed, truly no sugarcoating.. :)" ... written by Anita
Very good reading! Will for sure come back :)" ... written by Jolana
Seherezada82 - focused and to the point reading. Helpful! Thank you. " ... written by Alphaway
Thank you!" ... written by Christy
Wow! Never had a reading like this one. She's quite amazing. Thank you so very much. " ... written by familyhelper
Very good!" ... written by nathaniel taylor
Very fast and to the point, my feelings about my question were answered 6mths-1yr shall see what happens. :) xoxo" ... written by Astra Sbizzirri
Great!" ... written by majoma
She is the best :)" ... written by alex
I will keep her posted for sure. " ... written by Via
Monika was honest and upfront. She told me exactly what she saw and I trust her. She is superb." ... written by LilyCicco
Amazingly quick and to the point! Very frank and exact answers. Reading was absolutely amazing!!!!" ... written by KLAUNICH
She Was Awesome" ... written by Mary
She is awesome and I will continue to see her!!! If you don't want any of your time being wasted by other psychics, she is definitely the one to see FIRST!!!" ... written by zahra
Seherezada has become an important friend and counsellor. I have avoided much heartache and wasted time because of her enlightenment. " ... written by Sheila
I keep coming to her as a repeat client because she is the best on this site.. Highly recommend!" ... written by Leticia
Excellent reader, her cards feel right and we will see what happens for an outcome. Thank you!" ... written by Jena
Thank you for your straightforward honesty and insight. Highly recommended" ... written by irelandirish
Honest. " ... written by Raquel Magalhaes
Very good" ... written by Rachael
She was clear and Honest she also knew the situation well!! Very nice person." ... written by Muse
Always wonderful!" ... written by Janice
amazing reading.. love her energy and honesty" ... written by dessy
Thank you Monika, always a pleasure reading with you! :)" ... written by Willow
She gave me good news so I am going to wait and see if the results will appear " ... written by georgiapeach37
monika is the very best incredible beautiful amazing so kind honest and accurate" ... written by paul.golden69
Awesome!" ... written by Heather West
excellent reader! :)" ... written by shad
Thank you for being straightforward... i needed to hear it." ... written by Willa
Very accurate and tells it like it is. No sugar coating." ... written by Leah
Great." ... written by majoma
Always a pleasure, she is truly wonderful and gifted. Accurate, gives honest advice. " ... written by oiseau67
Not much time to establish rapport but she is very good, if not excellent. Kindest regards." ... written by yogybear8751
Nice reading she seems really nice." ... written by Lyn
very good, straight forward reading, just what I needed" ... written by Sunset2014
Seherezada is very intuitive, and I will definitely follow up very soon. Thanks!" ... written by denise
Perfect." ... written by Lana
Seemed accurate and showed me the cards she drew and explained them very well. ty" ... written by amy
I will have to update her and her advice is just the best and will surely follow. Thank you so much for your time and honesty! You are not only very beautiful but very good at what you do. Excellent reader!" ... written by littleone3
Another reading from the gorgeous Monika. She did a reading for me a few days ago and I needed an update. It's again a brilliant reading as before - fast, accurate and honest! Now I asked a follow up from the previous reading. Cards revealed the same long term predictions and she also saw how we were feeling towards each other - which was spot on! I also asked this time about my studies too. Things look good in that area - thank God. She tells me exactly what she sees and what the outcome will be. Thank you for your time with me, hugs and talk soon! " ... written by littleone3
Very accurate reading. Monkia has known about my situation for a long time and her cards always tell the truth. Thanks hon. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Great!" ... written by majoma
She is quick and fast, really good. Straight to the point. Thank you for the reading." ... written by vivi
Great!" ... written by majoma
She has great consideration and kindness and always tells me the truth. Blessings" ... written by Elaine Faber
Confirmed what I knew. I will sort this out now that I have a 3rd confirmation.. She was accurate in the event that happened to cause my situation. " ... written by Senem
Excellent reading" ... written by Cindy
Great reading. Accurate." ... written by Muse
Lovely, kind, true and fast. Excellent reading!!!" ... written by Taylor
5 star ,she is on point ,love it" ... written by angelwork
This lady is real!! She is honest, tells the truth as she sees it. Definitely will come back for follow up! " ... written by lou
She is amazing. So accurate, I'll keep you posted. Thank you once again." ... written by tatjana
She was amazing." ... written by glciii
Another insightful reading with Monika; she is such a great person and psychic. I have a wonderful connection with her. Thank you so much. Blessings :) " ... written by Willow
Just great knew what I wanted to know " ... written by hamish
thank you so much I was feeling very down but after the reading I felt so much better" ... written by beta
Thank you Sehereza! You have helped me makeup my mind. Even though it's frightening. " ... written by irelandirish
Good reading, thanks." ... written by calizaliza
First time and I felt she was excellent as a reader, really knows her cards. " ... written by Calizaliza
She is amazinggg!" ... written by Nag
Thank you Seherezada..... You are very fast and have helped me see clearly!" ... written by Kim Marr
Seherezada82 was very reassuring during my reading and answered the main questions I had very well. This is the second time I have had a reading with her and she is fantastic. :)" ... written by weeyinx
great" ... written by majoma
great" ... written by majoma
Thank you so much your guidance is truly appreciated." ... written by Tatjana
Cool reading!" ... written by astroStar
Great!" ... written by majoma
Thank you so much for help and reassurance. " ... written by irelandirish
Very fast reader with her cards. Helped me understand the situation. Thanks for the update. xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Monika always tells you the truth!! I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Amazing. Will be back. So very happy with my reading. And she was so nice and friendly. Lovely person. Thank you again for everything." ... written by Chris
Heartfelt , spot on ... I'm great full." ... written by rosa
Truly amazing, her readings are on point, she is truly a beautiful soul. :) Thank you!" ... written by Tatjana
That was good, u have ally my anxiety. I just lock when i think of what is happening, even at work I don't cope very well. I will keep in touch. Thank u! God bless, love u xx " ... written by nolulamo
Accurate reading that makes sense and is valid. Thank you will be coming back!" ... written by Halo
Thanks hon." ... written by jaqueline
She was direct and straight to the point. I really liked her. She saved me from spending thousands of dollars from using other psychics here in California!" ... written by Carrie Beaird
Excellent reader. Fast and spot on!!!!" ... written by zaicha
Had 3 readings with Monika, and it has not wavered from the first reading. Always consistent, accurate and genuine. Thanks." ... written by silver
Great lady" ... written by majoma
Good reading" ... written by Angela
Great advice, I hope it really happens" ... written by bm
Always perfect. Truly great. xx" ... written by Elena.
Great!" ... written by majoma
She's very friendly and honest. Thank you for the advice!" ... written by cris
Great. " ... written by majoma
Great reading, some of her predictions have come to light including the snake. I'm looking forward to the new predictions made." ... written by Pete
What more can i say? She is amazing. I come to her every year and ALL of her predictions have come true for me, she has reassured me about every problem that i've had and has always been brutally honest, no matter what. I recommend her to anyone who wants truth. I didn't tell her anything and she immedietly picked up on my situation, i love this woman. 5 stars. AMAZING" ... written by Aaron
I am happy about my reading today! She speaks TRUTH!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Awesome wisdom. True reading. Precise." ... written by Love
Monika knows my situation very well. She predicts well and knows what is going on and gives me insight about things so I know what to do or what to expect. Always an honor to have quick updates. I like going back to my trusted reader cause they never disappoint me. Again I will point out how she is fast and accurate. Always honest and to the point! Thank you for being here, will come back again :) " ... written by littleone3
Very good reading. Got to the point and knew the situation. I am very impressed and appreciate the guidance." ... written by Mishelle
amazing :)" ... written by nm
perfectly wonderful" ... written by Janice
Thank you for your guidance... Wonderful reading!!!!!!" ... written by deisy
Good reading!!!!" ... written by dee
I get goosebump everytime I get a reading from her... Her cards are consistent and she tells the truth as it is... She was very patience... And off course she picked up everything before I even say anything............... :)" ... written by nm
This is my third time consulting with Monika and I truly appreciate her gift and her ability to get straight to the point. I am glad that I was able to connect with her thru Oranum. Thank you for your guidance and providing insight. :)" ... written by Charlene
Was straight to the point, no sugar coating. Life goes on." ... written by erini
Again and again Seherezada82 has proved to be the best psychic reader and spiritual guide ever... I am so extremely grateful for her beautiful spirit and insight... Will definitely come back for sure. She is always so prompt and precise, so very professional and compassionate at the same time. Truly an angel of the highest order... Thank you!" ... written by Nicole S.
Monika is amazing...sees so much into the situation as it's changing!" ... written by Leah
Really good details and lots of information, a very good reading. I would come back again for another reading and update. I like that she typed so I can request a transcript of the reading and refer back to it. Overall a great reading!" ... written by Jennifer
Took seher in for a read and she read with me really well..quick typer ...will hold on as she stated. =] " ... written by Tina
Very accurate and to the point reading. I look forward to coming back for more readings!" ... written by Halo
Good reading!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Chris
great fantastic really insightful" ... written by hello kitty lynii
she is great!!!!" ... written by clarissa
very informative!" ... written by hannah
my first reading was so honest. and I appreciate it. very very,insightful. and I will be back. thank you. excellent" ... written by sapphron
She was honest and very good. " ... written by Stephanie
always so accurate honest and kind person " ... written by paul.golden69
always perfectly wonderful" ... written by Janice
Thank you seherezada82 for providing me with truth and honesty and clarification in my struggles that I desperately needed advice for. Your insight has made me feel a whole lot better for what is to come. I'm glad I chose you for this specific topic because you gave me the information and guidance i needed to know to be able to overcome these challenges. Thank you for the reading! :)" ... written by melissa
lots of info with few questions asked" ... written by stacey
Very quick card reader. She doesn't sugar coat and will tell you how it is. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Thanks!" ... written by lulu0904
She was straight to the point and didn't sugar coat anything... Confirms some things I was feeling on relationship and career prospect I would return again!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by hope
GREAT UPDATE - I am happy and I always trust Monika's readings. I had quite positive cards and she explains very well. She has been reading for me for a while now and what she said always happens (good and the bad). Thank you so much for being here during bad and good times. Hope all is well with you and many hugs! x" ... written by littleone3
Love Monika, she is so calm and assuring... She is very consistent with her cards, always accurate, highly recommend her..." ... written by nm
She is amazing. I have read with her many times, and her predictions have always come true in my relationship. She is really spot on, always gives great advice, and always tells the truth. Definitely give her a try, you won't regret it!" ... written by Jessica
Monika is quick, accurate and straight to the point." ... written by Leah
she was so helpful and really answered all my questions. it will be an investment for you." ... written by megabee9
oh wow excelent " ... written by caroline
great" ... written by majoma
Monika is a gem. I've had readings with her on several occasions and I appreciate each and every one of them. Honesty is what I most appreciate as she's helped provide advice to protect me from not-so-genuine individuals. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with the world. " ... written by Charlene
Always a good reading! I trust Monika she does not give false hope. She tells me the truth even though it is hard to hear." ... written by inlovewithhim
Always a pleasure to talk to the gorgeous Monika... " ... written by littleone3
I like her, she is my favorite, her cards always is accurate :) I can't wait her prediction come true :) " ... written by Alex
excellent as always :)" ... written by shad
great" ... written by majoma
She is amazingly will not be disappointed" ... written by AL
this reading really moved me. it was touching and made me teary. i had been dealing with my situation alone, and i feel like i can turn to seherezada82 for support and emotional comfort. she gives excellent advice. honest. always says what needs to be said. no beating around the bush. and i will follow your advice and have patience for my lily and moon yet to come :)" ... written by melissa
I think she's real. Gave me two readings a month apart and the cards were the same. Kind of amazing. I hope my future is safe and bright xx" ... written by Jimmy
I really enjoy my readings with Seherezada82. She connects well with me and my problems or questions. She is very honest about things and says them as they are and I really appreciate this. Thank you Seherezada82!" ... written by weeyinx
I have been having readings with Monika for a year now and every little thing she predicted was right, and not only can she predict, her advice is always spot on." ... written by Sheila
she is good" ... written by nolulamo
Very very good" ... written by Josie
5 stars" ... written by Leah
She is on spot with the current situation. and said exactly the same thing as last time no mistake! She also did a reading on my gf too.. very accurate. Will definitely come back to her! Especially for someone that is not a fan of tarot card reading! xx Thanks agains!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Very good service and impressive support with advices." ... written by Nikolay
awesome awesome awesome" ... written by unknown
thanks for the update monika :)" ... written by Jaqueline
thanks again!!" ... written by xxsunkist84xx
wonderful clarity and explanations" ... written by Janice
lovely little reading! thank you. xxx" ... written by larissa
Always wonderful!" ... written by Janice
seherezada is amazing and supportive and honest. always down to the point. speaks what she sees. and helps me believe in myself." ... written by melissa
Update gives clarity as usual! Thanks Monika, always a pleasure!" ... written by littleone3
It was a great reading ...Monika picked up everything correctly..I am so glad I spoke to her..." ... written by tasha_j
She is amongst the TOP readers on this site! She is honest, open, quick and to the point.....she is trusted and is spot on always! Thanks so much Monika, much love xxx" ... written by Jade50
thank you for the wonderful reading.. I will be back soon" ... written by deisy
I really trust MONIKA ! She does not tell you things just to make you keep coming back. She is very consistent with her readings and she only speaks truth. I am always glad to get her readings .They tell me the real way to go with my decisions for the future and give me something solid to focus on. Thank-you, Monika, you are a wonderful psychic." ... written by inlovewithhim
A good and very positive reading despite the dramas of my life.." ... written by Anya
Monika is direct, honest and very intuitive. Thanks so much, always a trusted reader, I like returning to her for some clarification. Blessings. xx" ... written by Jade50
Fine piece of advice! Great person to talk with" ... written by Pruthvi Dhakan
I really enjoyed my reading" ... written by hhmit45
(y)" ... written by Prithvi Dhakan
Great and true" ... written by nag
Monika is amazing.. always able to put my mind in ease..def trust her honesty with her card..always spot on.." ... written by n
saherazada is such an amazing person. she spoke her truth to me and told me she has always been honest and sticks to her guns on what she sees and believes in people. i believe she is compassionate and honest and sincere and i am going to keep her as my fav psychic because i believe she means well and speaks the truth :)" ... written by melissa
She was amazing! You should definitely talk to her!" ... written by Sarah Brown
always great explanations,clarity...answers all questions" ... written by Janice
always great reading" ... written by majo
THE BEST READING EVER!!! I'M SHOCKED AND STUNNED AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZED!!! I will never go to anyone else ever!!! " ... written by mg32704
holy moly...what a pleasant chat i had with monika today in private reading. i have always been coming to her when i need some serious clarity because she can really pick up my energy and his energy very well. im excited for the outcome of the cards she has presented me and with her strong insight to help me understand what is going on in my life. going through an emotional time. a good one and monika has been very helpful to my situation. thank you!!" ... written by melissa
I've been coming into Oranum with some issues about love. And I've had readings with other psychics. all have different opinions to whats going on in my situation. some are way off and some only pick up a little bit of it. I feel Monika has really able to connect with me on a deeper level. " ... written by melissa
Wow, excellent reading. Her cards showed everything I was going thru and she helped me clear up my feelings on a situation. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Very honest!!!!!!!!!!She knew what I was feeling before I told her the situation :) " ... written by Michelange9
she knew how I was feeling but my time was up before I could get answeres" ... written by bonnie maginity
She is able to lift my spirits...and tell the truth...amazing gifted lady" ... written by Elaine Faber
always incredible readings" ... written by paul.golden69
always perfect" ... written by Janice
i can always count on seherezada when im seeking the truth! thank you monika :)" ... written by melissa
Seherezada82 was fantastic I have never had a reading before but she has truly set my mind at ease thank you so much for your helpx" ... written by Rachel
Monika is great and will not disappoint. She delivers the news in a gentle and caring way." ... written by Courtney
good, but my time ran out and didn't finish reading what she typed and it disappeared." ... written by Luina
Very intuitive" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Seherezada is someone who you can trust because she a remarkable person. she cares deeply about what is going on with your feelings and your life. shes honest and i highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance" ... written by melissa
She is very good." ... written by Basescuu
I asked a quick update from monika and she delivers like always. She has been very good with her readings for me for MONTHS and MONTHS; If things isn't too positive, she told me, and this prediction of this particular positive changes, she predicted months ago. SO even through some ups and downs during the passed months, her predictions prevails!! Thank you Monika, I will keep you posted. New beginnings will start now :) At last!" ... written by littleone
My go to girl Monika!! " ... written by littleone
beautiful cards andamp; beautiful lady!" ... written by aquavenus
she was very accurate in seeing what my lifestyle is like now." ... written by Erin
Thank you for being honest and truth. thank you " ... written by BP
Monika has been helping me throughout my goods and bads.. she is an amazing reading and always reassure me on whats to come.. she def knows how to read her card, and lenormand is pretty accurate and she is very experienced with her cards.. she reads her cards like a book and will tell u straight up..trully an amazing lady, no sugar coating just straight forward truth from her. thank you monika x" ... written by n
5 stars she is good and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
It was a very honest reading and helpful. No sugar coating, I wish the credits wouldnt run out as quickly! Thank you! xx" ... written by jewelsxx
Very honest, very accurate, no gimmicks here! I will be back!" ... written by Anna
Seherezada is amazing!!!!!!! She solved the issue so quickly!!!!!!! I AM SURE she is right!!!!!!!!! Now I WONT be scared anymore!!!!!!!!! You know, this was a one small question, but it was sooo important in my LIFE!!!!!!! thank you very much! you are a professional Psychic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you once again!!!!" ... written by Lilly
my favorite great reading" ... written by majoa
great accurate genuine honest reader, i will defo be back" ... written by heartslove
Thank you for your brilliant reading. Update is still on track like the last time which puts my worries at ease! Very VERY good news! Thank you Monika, I will now have to study :) Kisses" ... written by Study and Love
im a returning client. excellent reader. " ... written by g
i like her, no sugar coating" ... written by diamond
always a pleasure to talk to beautiful Monika.. always come back to her for accurate and straight forward reading.." ... written by n
always perfect" ... written by Janice
She has been so intune with my situation and has offered advice and given predictions. I am now engaged to be married and this was all her prediction and guidance. truly is a gifted psychic." ... written by megabee9
Very helpful." ... written by sunflower sun
Great card reading. Answer quick question for me and checked up on something else and got straight answers. thanks hon xo" ... written by Jaqueline
Very good, no wasting time, to the point, hope she is accurate, thanks" ... written by Roberto
she always friendly, honest and accurate. she boosts my confidence" ... written by majo
im very glad to be able to confide with monika when i have something troubling me. she is very caring and excellent readings. everything she says,... she says with honesty, down to the point, and very gifted. :)" ... written by melissa
like her very connected to her, accurate, good advise,honest" ... written by majoma
Thank you Monika xx" ... written by Jade50
a plussssss as always!" ... written by nm
I hope the snake goes away... and the predictions that are good will prevail :) Thank you for the update. " ... written by Love Life
no one as beautiful in this world in mind and body " ... written by paul.golden69
excellent reading. She will tell it like it is, no fairy tale stories.... thanks :)" ... written by Jacqueline
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
Thank you once again for wonderful reading . I will be back" ... written by desy
I am finally moving on. Monika speaks truth even if I do not want to hear it." ... written by inlovewithhim
perfectly wonderful...great explanation, clarity" ... written by Janice
Monika has ALWAYS BEEN a big help for me for a year now. Things have been accurate and true on what she has told me.. I pray what she told me comes to pass. Thank you" ... written by Tee
always honesty with monika.. she always speaks the truth. thank you monika" ... written by melissa
she has helped me and clarified things for me she's a professional" ... written by abdulla33
She is good .....and i tried her by creating to different profiles and asking the same question and both times she had the same answer. She has good guidance to tell you what to expect and what the future holds for you." ... written by Gary
thanks Monika. I will be strong and see what the future holds. thanks for your advice. " ... written by V
monika is an awesome psychic! she always has good advice whether it be what i want to hear or not. always honest in her readings. thans monika for everything you ahve done to help me get more insight to what is going on" ... written by melissa
very good as always :)..." ... written by nm
Great.. Whatever Seherezada said is so true" ... written by sabrina_32
Monika always gives accurate reading, very very consistent with her reading. i highly recommend anyone who needs definite answer and can deal with no sugar coating answer. she only tells u what she sees." ... written by n
she is tremendous with genuine abilities and honest ......" ... written by macky007
It was comforting talking to Seherezada82, and everything seems more clear. Everything unfolded as the way she predicted few months ago. Thanks a lot! :) x" ... written by Yunjia
simply perfect....great explanations and advise" ... written by Janice
Great reading!!!!" ... written by a
Monika's cards never lie and what she says is 100% accurate, we confirmed this while we were in pvt and while 'he' was sending me messages unexpectedly, BOTH PARADOX. You are right and I am also very very very confused about this. It's like he tells me this and does that. After all, his actions are very positive but what he tells me is the opposite..." ... written by Littleone3
her prediction is unfolding :), love u monika" ... written by n
I had a good reading with her :) she was clear and honest" ... written by Adiz
i needed some answers to my problems and she gave them to me. i was troubled, but now i know what path to go by and know now that it will all be ok and work out :) thanks monika for providing me with the much clarity i needed!" ... written by melissa
An update session with Monika, she is a great reader. Thank you and blessings :) " ... written by Willow
Thnaks for a good reading" ... written by ashwarya
She has been spot on as always and have given more advise for the future" ... written by megabee9
Simply amazing." ... written by Janice
An excellent reader! With no input at all, only names and country, she was able to pick up on all of the issues I'd been experiencing and was able to give me an accurate picture of what was going on and what may be to come. She accurately predicted something for me in January and I hope that these predictions will come to pass too. :) Thank you again Seherezada82!" ... written by Wee
She was very helpful in giving me insight to my love and relationships. ! will be back again shortly " ... written by bri
great as always" ... written by Nag
Excellent card reader. They went according to what I am experiencing and as far as future cards were positive. In past, her readings came true or explained what was going on or to happen. thanks for the update." ... written by jac
I have been consulting with Monika for over a year now and have come here quite often. She always tells me the truth no matter how much it hurts. Today I got good cards and a positive future outcome and I know this must be right. " ... written by Sheila
I always come back to her for a reading, has always been accurate and honest. :)" ... written by weeyinx
Always very precise!! 5 star reading, very patient and detailed. Really appreciate what you've done!! Thank you!! :)" ... written by crystal
my trusted go to... gives prediction as well as suggestion.. thanks for everything..xx" ... written by n
simply amazing...great explanationc...clarity" ... written by Janice
Thank you for the update Monika. So happy to see everything slowly going in my direction. I know things take time and people have free will. I find it great to see the cards read what I am experiencing. thanks xo" ... written by Jaqueline
really brought me to the truth about everything. monika is very gifted and strong insight. thank you" ... written by melissa
great, honest, fast" ... written by majoa
great reading , honest and sincere! she is always accurate" ... written by deisy
When Monika said something it will unfolds for sure...her cards never ever lies... and she tells the truth, no matter how much it hurts she will tell you exactly what she sees.. thanks monika, i wish i can have a reading with u in person as time is always short!" ... written by n
Really great reading. She is very clear." ... written by Lou
Needed an update! And boy was it a good update! Thanks Monika ! Talk to you soon and I hope everything comes to pass! Thank you!!" ... written by Tee
Very Good." ... written by e
Monika is really, absolutely, the real deal!! She has been my friend, guide and counsellor for over two years, and I am so grateful to have met her. She WILL tell you the truth, if you are looking for someone to give you real predictions, real insight, and the real situation that might be hidden from you, then you need to look no further. I have never known her predictions to fail, and I have had many readings with her. They have all come true. Be prepared to receive a real honest reading with a true professional. I would not go to see anyone else. If she has news that you dont want to hear, she will not sugar-coat, but, she is sensitive to your feelings, and, importantly, helps you to come to terms with the truth, rather than promise to fix it for you. " ... written by Mandy
great, accurate, fast" ... written by majoa
She is very good and i will take her advise. Thank you so much. I recommend her to anyone who need to hear the true." ... written by Theodora
great" ... written by majoma
Great reader!!! Impressed." ... written by jhhe
Very quick and guides me through each step! No sugar coating!" ... written by Teressa
Excellent reading. She told me everything from what is going on now, to future and blockages that is happening in my relationship. Her card reading flowed exactly to what is happening to me now. She will not sugar coat anything and will tell you everything needed to move on with any decisions you need help with. thanks Monika :)" ... written by Jacqueline
Awesome, accurate, and quick!" ... written by Teressa
Very good reading as always, thank you Monika! Pray for me.. " ... written by littleone
Monika is my number 1 to go in this site, she will only tell u the truth, and her prediction unfolds for me over and over. do come to her when u need definite answer, i am glad to come today monika, you def clear and ease the doubt that i have in my heart. xxxxx speak soon, your loyal client." ... written by n
was very good.Will have to wait for prediction to come true.Highly recommended" ... written by Mettlwire
so insightful and really appreciate your advice. thank you!" ... written by leodragon
VERY GOOD!! Sad but realistic reading" ... written by jay
Eye opener!" ... written by Teressa
always great" ... written by Janice
Very sweet woman, she doesn't waste your time at all. She tells you what she sees, gives thoughts and advice..but doesn't drag it out and waste your money. I really like this woman a lot. She has a sense of peace and truth about her. " ... written by synergy
I really enjoyed my session with Seerezada!" ... written by Michelle
Monika, you are always right and your cards are the best! Thank you and I will update you soon again of course, also when its good news. A loyal client, xoxo" ... written by littleone
200% accurate reading.. I trust Monika more thn myself" ... written by sabrina
Very good! I mean, she was honest and displayed the details well. " ... written by roseanna
always amazing and accurate, always the only person that is able give me reassurance and clear answer, prediction is always right" ... written by marcelline
Very, very helpful reading - and spot on too. I would recommend highly!" ... written by Marie
always wonderful" ... written by Janice
Very positive cards..... It's true... Always been accurate! Thank you for update Monika!" ... written by littleone
she is brilliant and honest- only speak with her if u want the truth" ... written by bjoyangelb
thank you for the positive feedback!" ... written by sirilee
Every reading with her give you a relief. She have always been accurate. " ... written by naye
always good to catch up with Monika, shes been great, helped me so much, her cards and readings has been accurate for me, all of her prediction has come to pass, xx your loyal N :)" ... written by n
If you wanna hear the truth.. go to Monika, her prediction has come to pass with me.. :) and i always come back to her for direct and clear answer.." ... written by n
Seemed honest, told what she got from the cards. Will see what the future holds... Thank you." ... written by ....
thanks for the update." ... written by Jaqueline
Wonderful !!! Best reading I've ever had !!!! " ... written by Daniele
Such a caring lady, wonderful reading and awesome advise. Thank you and I look forward to the follow up." ... written by Tom
Monika is great. I go to her every time. She's honest, detailed, and knowledgeable. " ... written by Ashley
Great reading. Very impressed." ... written by 44+6
what a great experience. she is definelty gifted. i recomend and will definetly be back" ... written by gio
absolutely love Monika, very blunt, very accurate... as always.. her predictions folds.. and seriously, only go to her if you can handle the truth..." ... written by the empress
Awesome and no sugar coating!" ... written by Teressa
Monika is seeing a big prediction (which she predicted in January) unfolding very soon. There were times things has been going the opposite direction but here we are now 6 months later talking about how this will unfold and this is amazing. Monika is a top accurate reader and her cards never lie... She always got to the bottom of things regarding every aspect in my life. Thank you so much Monika!! You been such a tremendous help in my life! xoxo A loyal returning client" ... written by littleone
Was very honest to me. The reading was very good." ... written by flexf41
she picked up there is a strong connection between this guy and myself. I really feel strongly connected but I was concern he tells me things just to say it. However she confirmed his feels for me are very real. we see each other in few days.messaging between us. She also sees the ending of current relationship. I have been keeping my distance.but I hope he makes the right decision and leaves that relationship b/c i am beginning to get bored the sweet words and no action. she was very fast! " ... written by iandamp;t
great reading" ... written by liz
My first reading with her was amazing. She knew exactly what was going on. I felt so at ease with her and with what she was saying made sense. I would definitely come back to her without a doubt." ... written by Blonde
amazing and astounding- very honest and a pleasure to speak with!" ... written by brandy
Even though I got cut off from lack of credits the first time, she was willing to get right back to the subject. Very honest and confirmed my intuition that I need to move on. Sad but true." ... written by kj
Lovely Reading. :)" ... written by Holly
good reading." ... written by rrrrrr
Great reading... Monika is the best! " ... written by littleone
thank you as always, very accurate 5 stars" ... written by spirit7846
Have to see her for my weekly reading.. as always.. :)" ... written by smmh
Very good and specific. straight answers. Which is exactly what I have been looking for. " ... written by Robin Hamilton
she is always amazing" ... written by megabee9
What can I say about Monika? That she has been my guide for half a year now and everything has been accurate! Monika been honest and very professional. No waste of time and her cards never lie. Thank you so much Monika. And like I said, I will take you again for a longer session before I go soon for your guidance. Blessings and light - talk soon!" ... written by littleone
Seemed good" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Always great readings with Seherezada, her cards are interesting and ring very true to the situation. Quick and no sugar coating, i'll be back for an update again soon. Thanks. " ... written by bijutsu
Fabulous!" ... written by Yoca_2010
Fantastic reader, so accurate! Read my emotions exactly as they are, and then predicted an event that happened just before our reading finished! She will give you the truth, and kindly guide you." ... written by Holly
Have to see and get a reading from my beautiful number 1 reader, she is def the only one i kept coming back to as she has been great throughout goods and bads, very honest and will only tell you the truth, and off course her reading was always always spot on.. she was there telling me whats to come next, and it always did. thank you very much." ... written by empress
i seriously dont know how i will be without her.. like seriously, i trust her cards 1000% for the past 4 months now.." ... written by n
very insightful. truthful. trusted psychic" ... written by melissa
She is without a doubt superb at her calling. The confidence and accuracy she brings me is indescribable. I always have specific things in my mind and want to confirm them and she always pint points my concerns and gives the best advices. " ... written by lisf2014
veryy gooddddd" ... written by Ys
she told me the truth and it was on point, it was how ive been feeling . great reading" ... written by Leany17
Awesome. Hard to hear but the truth. Thanks!" ... written by CarrieDawn1972
Thank you for the truth. " ... written by littleone
again and again she always always predict correctly, never been wrong for the past 5 months, im glad i met her, thank you for being here monika.." ... written by s
She was very professional and the card reading was on spot. Thanks, I will certainly come back for more. " ... written by Andrea
very good :)" ... written by Holly
Thanks for a lovely reading!!" ... written by Littlec
I had two specific questions with time frames that have been well answered. I will be looking at the outcomes and I am sure its going to be all positive.I definitely recommend Seherezada82 :) Cheers ! " ... written by Rhluppal
I really love having a read with monika, she showed me each cards but she never dragged the private with her for her benefit. she tells me the truth and everything i meant absolutely everything she said to me has come to pass, she is spot on with past, current and future situation, she help me see whats coming infront, she doesnt and will never sugar coat anything, she will only tell u the truth, a very honest reader. no matter what i do i consult with her for answer. if you want a true reading or an answer please go to her, i can guarantee you she will only tell u the truth." ... written by empress
Amazing !!! to the point and very quick. " ... written by dream1980
always a pleasure" ... written by Janice
Thanks for the reading" ... written by Ashwarya
always the best clairvoyant here so incredible so kind honest accurate " ... written by paul.golden69
Very honest no sugar coating! Spot on as well. " ... written by Thuy
Monika is amazing ! I have been talking to her for a long time now, and she has always been accurate. She gives honest advice. I would recommend her to anyone !!" ... written by Daniele
always straight to the point answers. no sugar coating. very good insight. spot on to my situation. can always count on monika for a reading when I want to look into a situation deeper. " ... written by melissa
i think she is right about everything" ... written by dilini
thank you for your accurate reading! your prediction has always come to pass hope this one too.." ... written by flowergirl
great" ... written by majoma
great reading" ... written by majoma
what can i say? the womens prediction hasnt failed me even once and i need to confirm in every step that i take. one of the best most genuine reader in oranum." ... written by empress
always my pleasure" ... written by Janice
I always come to Monika for clarity...Will come back to keep update. " ... written by Emily
Thanks for the reading monika. i like you cuz u never sugar coat and for being honest." ... written by Dg
my friend, my advisor.. the person i go to when in doubts.. thanks monika" ... written by n
Very optimistic outcome, was quite unexpected. Thank you very much for the informative reading." ... written by Berny
great reading...quick, to the point and helpful" ... written by sehe
Perfect!!" ... written by AB
slow connection my end, wish I had longer but had computer problems" ... written by bimi
thanks" ... written by solo
She was excellent and gave me truthful answer on what she saw in her card reading. thanks :D" ... written by Jacqueline
Once again you are fantastic. Right on the money. I will keep you as my favorite. Thank you!!" ... written by CarrieDawn1972
amazing she has always helped me and is spot on thank you!" ... written by y
Good response and quick pick up on current situation" ... written by victor
Thank you so much for your guidance, you have always been in tune and really listened and told me how to handle the situation in a good way. 5 stars!!!!" ... written by megabee9
Thank you for the wonderful reading and advise on the current situation. I will keep you updated on the progress and outcome. As always spot on." ... written by megabee9
simply wonderful" ... written by Janice
I have been consulting with Monika for over a year now and she has never failed. :-)" ... written by Sheila
always honest and accurate as she can be, love my monika!" ... written by n
emotional reading, i hope to god what she sees will manifest and she never FAILS me on her prediction.. ever.. thanks monika xx love u very much. " ... written by n
thank you for the amazing reading.. always so honest and accurate" ... written by deisy
Seherezada gives me hope and guidance to get through the rough times" ... written by January
always soooo good! love her" ... written by bella
Excellent reading and very good at giving the right path to go to and see how the outcome will be very positive. I will always go with her for any situation. Highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
thank you so much, you have been with me all the way ;)" ... written by jaqline
i needed guidance and without any sugarcoat she told me my faults and set me straight. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Very good reading!! Honest." ... written by BN
always the best, and the truth" ... written by n
thank you so much for clearing all my worries and it has really helped me a lot. thank you." ... written by megabee9
In time of wanting clarity in my current situation she is always honest and direct and offers guidance and advice. she is highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Fantastic always on point very truthful and knows everything! " ... written by zaicha
It hurt to hear the truth when somebody is telling you that you are the cause of all the miseries but it set me straight that there are a lot of things that i can change about my attitude. highly recommended for no sugar coating reality check." ... written by megabee9
always great" ... written by Janice
Accurate reading , everything became 200% true of what u said Monika.. Have tried to get a reading but u already left.." ... written by sensual lady
It has been a difficult journey but she has given so many insights about myself and how to approach the current situation. She has really helped in the healing process. Highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
good and honest." ... written by ssreddy
thanks for the read" ... written by rosy
She has always given me a straight answer and has shown guidance throughout our reading. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Very good reading. Lots of details and information and a great connection. A lot of what she told me was accurate and I will see how things progress but the future looks bright. Thank you" ... written by Jennifer
She is very good and informative and she just seems trustworthy and very polite and professional." ... written by jane doe
Thank you " ... written by joy
Thank you for a very fast and direct reading answering all the questions that I presented to you. Thank you for giving me your honest reading of what your cards saw for my future. It is difficult to here but it was honest reading. Thank you. " ... written by StarshineJ
Thank you for being so honest even though it was quite hard to hear the truth, it puts things in the right perspective." ... written by megabee9
Very good!" ... written by tania
always consistent with her reading, always great to get clarification, what she says always manifest.." ... written by n
Very insightful" ... written by Chapers21
thank you it was a short but direct reading as always" ... written by megabee9
Just as she saw from the reading the reason why it didn't go very well had already been revealed by the other person and it was a really great guidance, she gave time frames that had already come true. She is the real deal. It will be an investment. 5 stars. Highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
Very honest and very precised. more accurate then anyone else for a reasonable price." ... written by hellokittylynii
I trust this person because all along she has only told me the truth and I highly respect that. I am hoping her predictions come to pass. They have in the past so I believe that they will this time!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
thanks kindly for the reading it was fast wish i could have stayed longer but i will be back " ... written by jody
thank you for your prediction! i ll keep posting about any news." ... written by Alicja
always wonderfully clear" ... written by Janice
thank you so much for the amazing guidance and a true advice that even if it's hard to hear you always seem to say the truth." ... written by megabee9
great" ... written by majoma
seherezada was very good and right to the point and gave her answers very quickly....i enjoyed my reading with her....thanks i will come back for follow up" ... written by angelmist
awesome reading xxx" ... written by Glari2014
Monika has ALWAYS told me the TRUTH and she has ALWAYS read things correctly!! What the cards said today was very, very Good News!! I pray that it comes true!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
Monika helped me see the truth about a guy who is an incredible manipulator and abuser. Without her, I would not have found out more information, and I would not have been free'd. I am grateful x" ... written by Holly
very good" ... written by jana
always the truth, i dont even bother spending my money elsewhere. whatever she says comes true. im laughing now, its been a long journey between me and Monika and there will be long way to go for me only seeking for her insight." ... written by n
I love this lady. Fast, accurate and caring. She is great x" ... written by Mshelli
always meets my expectations" ... written by jaqline
Thanks for the card reading. Monika is very upfront. She does not sugar coat. If she sees negative she will tell you and advise where to go from there " ... written by Jacqueline
spot on! she connects very fast and answered truthfully. thanks for the reading :) your great!" ... written by melissa
back after a while.. missed her so much, she never fails to answer my question.." ... written by over the rainbow
Thank you!!" ... written by Sarah Jane Medida
great as always" ... written by majoma
thank you so much for the reading. highly recommended" ... written by megabee9
Thank you Monika, once again for telling the truth and only the truth. Its been a long journey between us and you are always right. Your prediction has come to fruition and you deserve a million stars. Sometimes its hard to hear the truth but everything you said always comes to pass (the goods and bada) your guidance has helped me tremendously. We shall speak very soon. X your loyal client." ... written by Mssienna
always the best million stars" ... written by ppaul.golden69
simply wonderful" ... written by Janice
Excellent reading, true and honest. She has always told me things even if I didn't want to see it and now they are coming to pass. thanks hon" ... written by Jacqueline
thank u again for the private u r amazing as always thanks xoxo" ... written by melissa
she has always given me great guidance and advice. thank you" ... written by megabee9
thank you so much for the clarity. you always let me know directly so i'm very appreciative. highly recommended." ... written by megabee9
WONDERFUL! Helped me so much" ... written by Meghan
Awesome as always! Hard to hear the truth sometimes but I so appreciate the honesty." ... written by CarrieDawn1972
thank u so much for this prvt reading u r so right on my situation and very truthful. thank u xoxo blessings" ... written by melissa
She was brilliant...Thank you" ... written by Linda
always honest, loves my reading with Monika.." ... written by n
Monika is one of the best on this site, and will always tell you the" ... written by nz
always a pleasure reading with monika, there are reasons why people keep on coming back to her!" ... written by n
Thank you soo much for your clarity! will come back to you agains!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Honest. And fast. Thank you" ... written by fifth6
always the best, always great and honest!" ... written by missy
Seherezada82 knew a lot regarding my ex and my relationship and hit the head on various topics. She was very thorough and answered all my questions. I believe in what she had to say regarding my ex's and my future and look forward to it. She told me things I needed to hear - even though they were hard to hear some of them I already knew these things deep down and she only confirmed my beliefs. I'll be back to see her again. " ... written by Roseanna
Seherezada is lovely and direct with both the good and bad news. I really appreciate her help (thank you)." ... written by Lisa Rose
clarity is cleared" ... written by hellokittylynii
I tried many psychic, including those who are not on this website. They were all telling me about my bright future with someone I loved the most in the world. But, that future is just a fantasy. Monika was the only one who said that would not happen" ... written by feniks76
Always sound advice, she is the best!" ... written by leti89
she is very great.. she gets to the point she is honest and trust worthy i will keep you updated" ... written by loveboo
muy buena, sincera" ... written by angelica
5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
She was amazing and was so in tune! she did not sugarcoat and really gave me the confirmation of what the current situation is. thank you so much for all your guidance and support. a million stars!" ... written by megabee9
Very lovely reader. Took the time to analyse my question from all angles. was very accurate with current situation without giving any hints. highly recommended :)" ... written by naygirl911
very good and positive and quick" ... written by loveboo
simply wonderful" ... written by Janice
beautiful reading, honest, and pleasant. I will be back for sure" ... written by brandy
Is very truthful and just gives you real and honest answers." ... written by Sapphire456
Good reader. I loved it she was very honest about everything" ... written by tabitha
good like her" ... written by majoma
thank you so much for the guidance and for not sugar coating. you have been amazing!!! highly highly recommended" ... written by megabee9
amazing reading as usual. thank you " ... written by maria
Outstanding " ... written by Holly
Great reading very fast and extremely honest, she doesn't fluff it all up and tell u what u may want to hear only the truth. Very gd" ... written by Ella
This was cool enough to try again but there d be some way to save the convo's..." ... written by judah christian
She always looks at the big picture," ... written by Elaine Faber
she is excellent" ... written by cristina341970
BEYOND EXCELLENT....will definitely be back for another read...connected well and very honest and just love her accuracy about the entire situation!!!Thanksxxxx" ... written by Jacky
Very Gd and Spot on with my situation .... She is very Gd Thank U " ... written by Nessa
Thank you for the update. I can't believe your card reading follow thru with what I experienced recently. I will take your advice into consideration. thanks :D" ... written by jaqueline
alwyaalways so great to catch up with onika, she always tells the truth..i am a returning client for a reason :) thanks monika" ... written by n
she was honest and straightforward and will see if that will be true…. thank you!!" ... written by jazzychic
she is awsome...." ... written by Anushri
always the best, always accurate with predictions!!! loyal client of seherezada" ... written by n
Very quick and direct reader." ... written by Krista Elliott
Great reading! Very direct and honest in what she sees. " ... written by Seeker1200
I always enjoy my readings with Monika. She does not give false hopes. She reads exactly what she sees and shares it in a very professional way. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
She is always truthful and has been really accurate in what she has seen in the present and future. " ... written by Lisa
simply amazing" ... written by Janice
good reading" ... written by dee
she went straight into the situation and gave me the heads up of what is ahead for me. i really appreciate the guidance. thank you so much." ... written by megabee9
I've had more than one reading with Seherezada and she is wonderful, really clear and helpful. My first reading was a few months ago and the situation played out as she told me it would. I recommend this reader if you're looking for an honest, accurate read. Highest recommendation!" ... written by YH
Amazing! 5 stars! she has always been direct and never sugarcoat, she was so spot on it was like she was in the room when the situation was happening. thank you so much." ... written by megabee9
She is very good at seeing into the hard times and also certain of the good path ahead" ... written by Elaine Faber
All I can say is she is really good" ... written by Sarah
She's very good and i hope her predictions come true... will def speak again!" ... written by aby
THANK U FOR THE READING." ... written by gugu58
thank you! awesome!" ... written by unknownjourney
she's always accurate with the situation and always give me clarity." ... written by hellokittylynii
I believe in Monika and what she tells me. She tells you exactly what she sees. I really count on her readings. I highly recommend her." ... written by inlovewithhim
she has given me clarity which is what I needed. If you need clarity you should come to her aswell" ... written by pucky
perfect...great explanations" ... written by Janice
thank you for the reading." ... written by luxxicon
Great perception and accuracy. I'm impressed, very impressed." ... written by Jamaal
Seherezada is an amazing reader and gives fantastic advice! I will keep coming back!" ... written by Marie
Very honest and helpful. I thank you." ... written by felix
sehe, fast and always to the point. you are kind and always allow me to ask before beginning to allow time for my answers. sehe, you have been so kind to me..and always honest, even when it hurts. thank you for being here for me..and always being gentle with me." ... written by lovebug
I trust Monika and her cards completely, and she has always been right for me with what she has seen. I know she doesn't like to give less than good news, but she delivers it in such a good way. I have read with her for quite some some and she is a total professional and so sweet." ... written by nancy
Brilliant. I have every faith in what she says will happen" ... written by Roz Jones
She was very kind and reads her tarot well" ... written by j.p
i like her,connected well" ... written by diamond
I have been seeing Monika for LONG time and she never sugar coats anything. She has known about my rocky relationship and the cards always were on target on what was going on. Predictions have always come to pass. If you want the truth, then you must have a try with Monika. She is excellent card reader!" ... written by Jaqueline
After having a hard time not knowing who to trust, I felt completely at peace talking to Seherezada82, she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear and she confirmed everything that was going on, spot on. Her cards are amazing." ... written by micaela
have a great reading she was great answered all my question and gave good direction." ... written by sabrina gurule
She was very kind and helpful. I got the answer I needed thank you" ... written by Brianne
Monika is great ! Accurate with every reading she does ! I have been talking with her for quite some time and I would recommend her to anyone !" ... written by Daniele
Thank you for the update. Your cards always know what is happening and future always comes true :D" ... written by Jqueline
I had a reading done a while ago and everything she said came true (totally blew my mind) she saw events that hadn't even happened. I am forever grateful for her advice and will keep coming for guidance. " ... written by Tat
Straight to the point" ... written by Amanda
Wonderful reader gave great advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you for the update :D" ... written by jaqueline
She has always been very accurate and straightforward with me. I come to her seeking honesty and that's what I have accurately received from her so far. Thank you!" ... written by Adrienne
Perfect reading, thank you!" ... written by Sonia
I am so glad I got a reading from Monika today!! I am hoping and praying what she sees will come to pass. I trust her and I know she only reads what she sees. I highly recommend her!!" ... written by inlovewithhim
she is very accurate ... always honest and helpful :) " ... written by alya
Thank you for a great time and the answers you got for me....You confirmed my own feelings" ... written by Maria
I have come to Monika for guidance for some years. She is very caring, straight forward and has always been right. There is a special energy that surrounds her and her cards that is enlightening." ... written by Sandra
Monika is an amazing reader, i have been coming to her for years and her predictions come true. " ... written by Coral
she picked up on a lot!" ... written by kris
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
Always spot on and accurate! First time i spoke with her she said i would pass my exam and not to stress and she was so correct i passed with flying colors.. she said she knew i was nervous but not to be , cause there was no need to worry.. " ... written by Susan
Since I found her, she has been right about everything. Has not failed me. Always a pleasure!" ... written by Tania
Great reading. I am so hopeful now. " ... written by siera
thank you for the confirmation" ... written by megabee9
Excellent reading..nice to the point doesn't go around." ... written by cur
monika is absolute dead on a lot of things! very very very accurate!" ... written by rosy
wonderful reader and a lot of clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
Yes very good reader :) xxxxx" ... written by Siany Deigan
i like the way she read the card, and she has the answer i want...i would like to see you soon seherezada" ... written by amalia
I have read with many readers and I have to say Seherezada Monika is one of the best I have ever come across. Her readings are to the point of being scarily accurate. NO readers picked up the dishonesty except her which at that point i thought was not true..but turned out she was right! I have to confess my bad for not wanting to hear the truth but admit Monika was right! Anyhow, things went well and I came back to Monika for more readings which I now learned to trust and believe! Million stars for Monika " ... written by rosy68
she is truly amazing always helps when needed most." ... written by Tat
Love Monika ! She is accurate and fast !" ... written by Daniele
always perfect" ... written by Janice
She is wonderful. Really honest and sincere. " ... written by Bia
Very accurate reading from you, tuned in very close. Straight on point...thanks very much. x" ... written by susana
Very good, clear understanding and stands behind her word! " ... written by Susan
good honest reading feels like nice energy and pretty accurate" ... written by Lynnie
thank you so much for all the guidance and for not sugarcoating on my situation. You had been a real support this past year. I'm looking forward to the next page of my life and it is getting better just like you said. You are so in tune, highly recommended. " ... written by megabee9
thank you so much for the reading :)" ... written by b
I would recommend Monika to anyone ! She's fast, accurate, and doesn't sugarcoat anything !" ... written by Daniele
always great to catch up with monika!" ... written by n
Wonderful read, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
she is v honest , direct and have clearr accurate answer ! she is AWESOME and a v goood reader !!! :) " ... written by alyabaw
thanks monika for the good update and advice" ... written by rosy
Liked her a lot, she does not sugar coat anything, but in a very respectful way." ... written by Amy
She was accurate about many questions." ... written by Chris
Awesome....she is SO good!! Quick and accurate!!!!" ... written by AB
She is very good very positive very pleasant again I've been getting readings lately for dream interpretation and I got one again and something about what career is right for me I feel very good about the outcome hopefully I will get my job! And the bad dreams go away she is very good did I mention she is polite? She is one of about 5 I trust. So among these psychics you can trust she is good." ... written by jane
she sees through it all like no one else on here, highly recommended " ... written by tat
She has helped me again when i needed help with dream interpretation she is very good I believe she is spot on! 5/5 A+" ... written by jane
gud" ... written by Jenni
she was really really accurate. pointed out all of the situation. please try her. " ... written by kim
always wonderful" ... written by Janice
great" ... written by majoma
Great reading , tarot interpretation. Her predictions and comments were right on and she gave me her full attention and clarity." ... written by Lance Lammon
Great reading....definitely should try her!" ... written by Angel
She has always been honest, no matter if the news is good or bad - I would definitely recommend her!" ... written by Lisa
Wow!! Her reading never change since the last two weeks. She's always consistent and very clear. She's really good of what she do. So far everything of what she predicted me it came true. At the beginning I didn't wanted to believe her but eventually it came true. I can really recommend her. She's really good of what she do. Like I said about my career and love that she predicted on me all came true." ... written by sarah
seriously this woman is unbelievable..her cards are so freaky accurate!" ... written by rosy
She was really quick and accurate about the situation.hope the predictions come true." ... written by n g
really good clarity on the situation. looking forward to the prediction around xmas! thank you!" ... written by hellokittylynii
i really liked the reading she is good" ... written by Kris Frank
very honest love her for that" ... written by deborah
very good update with Monika..always trust her reading! cannot wait for all things to come...Monika u rock!" ... written by rosy
Very honest and direct. Thank you" ... written by Vivienne
As always!! he's always consistent of his reading. I always believe her cause all her prediction came true. If you are addicted to psychic and want clear answer she the right person to go to. I love her" ... written by Sarah
i love this women, she is the only person on oranum that accurately predicted what was goin on behind my back and what was goin on at the time i had my last reading with her! everything she said was true!!!! which i found out afterwards....i love her honesty! if u want to know the truth see SEHEREZADA! no joke i cant believe how accurate she is!!!! she is well worth every penny!" ... written by spirit
Wonderful reader, gave me alot of feedback and clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
She tells you exactly what she sees in the cards. Good and Bad. I trust her readings and always enjoy them. I highly recommend her." ... written by inloveewithhim
simply wonderful.........." ... written by Janice
her cards were very very accurate. What she saw is exactly how everything was happening, is happening and i definitely believe the future predictions will happen. thank you!!!" ... written by jp
Lovely, wonderful!" ... written by Bree
Thank you dear for a good reading. You´re always fast and detailed." ... written by a
wonderful as always" ... written by Janice
Always a pleasure, i am a return customer and will continue to be so!" ... written by Leti
I tend to agree with everything she said, blunt and to the point." ... written by nbarnes2
Great clarity and guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
always perfect" ... written by Janice
Very good. I am impressed." ... written by ddddd
She's always consistent of her reading. She's really good!!" ... written by Sarah
thank you for your help" ... written by gate
Wonderful reader, I am a repeat customer. Her first prediction for me came true. And now, I'm reading on a different situation. She's pretty awesome! 10 stars!" ... written by Ian
She predicted my past well, I hope my future is as strong what she said" ... written by jagjit
When i went online i was so worried but she is consistent and honest and really really helped me! I am so grateful blessings x" ... written by Katie
What a wonderful insightful lady she is blessings x" ... written by katie
great reader, honest and truthful, and straight to the point. I love her, all of her predictions have come true in the past" ... written by Aaron
simply amazing all the time" ... written by Janice
Excellent! Very intuitive card reader." ... written by Walter Lemmons
I love her readings and I do believe she speaks truth. I highly recommend her!" ... written by inlovewithhim
My second reading with this lady and she is so spot on. I will come back again. Thank you!" ... written by Hanna
she is so sweet and really takes the time to answer the questions" ... written by katie
honest and hopeful. circumstances changes but gave another prediction. will come back again to tell results." ... written by hellokittylynii
Her advice and predictions of what will happen are spot on. I think she is great." ... written by lisa
She's really great, accurate about what is ahead and in the present." ... written by lr
she did a great job, she knew a lot about my situation, and she knew a lot about what I was feeling, what I had been through what I wanted.. " ... written by holli
great work " ... written by charlene dukes
Really sweet, makes you feel at ease! This is my second reading with Seherezada82 and the reading is consistent with the previous. I look forward to the predictions. Thank you so much!! xx" ... written by marie7498
perfectly wonderful" ... written by Janice
great" ... written by majoma
very clear and caring and insightful, thank you dear." ... written by c
great reading.. happy was able to catch her. I was due for this reading. honest, fast and accurate" ... written by boccomio
her prediction came true in regards to my love life especially reconnecting with a partner. all takes time.. and she gave me sense of clarity for me. thank you. will keep u updated." ... written by hellokittylynii
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
Helpful" ... written by Nathan Ryder
The best!!!" ... written by kingandrea
Great reading. Intuned, understood my feelings, and fears. Thanks very much!" ... written by han720518
thank you" ... written by jaqline
ALWAYS GREAT CLARITY" ... written by Janice
I feel she is very special and trust her insight" ... written by debbiec0613
A lovely comfortable reading and she read the situation like a book, after a long journey I am glad my patience and faith has endured as I was told very happy news today:) Thank you for so much clarity today and answering my questions You have filled me with only a few sentences. I get the feeling things will be placed in front of me soon and will finally be less complicated. I am hopeful for your predictions and thank you for your help. God Bless xx" ... written by Tanya
she is so amazing and direct to the point very accurate" ... written by Katie
super clear quick " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Monika is fantastic ! Always on point, very caring, and does not sugarcoat anything ! " ... written by Daniele
She is very helpful and i enjoyed my reading" ... written by anna
Got clarity on a situation that's affecting me and she was very honest with what she sees. Predictions given. Will be back to update. Would recommend a reading with her." ... written by GratefulOne14
great reading " ... written by kiera 123
Very good - felt connection" ... written by debbiec0613
beautiful soul and very accurate!! amazing reading yet again" ... written by katie
Its been way too long since I last had a reading with you and I'm glad I got a chance to again. Great connection and amazing what you can see. You are truly gifted!" ... written by J
All I can say is she is wonderful. That is why I keep consulting her. " ... written by debbiec0613
really love her! she is great" ... written by lisa
she was fast and acccurate" ... written by lisa
She's really good as always. I believe what she predicted me it will happen cause most of prediction she told me it unfold. She really know what she's doing with her card. She's pretty damn good and her card reading. " ... written by SARAH
Very honest and understanding." ... written by nbarnes2
Wow!! She always accurate of her prediction. Almost everything she predicted came true." ... written by Sarah
She's an amazing women. Loved her review and accurate response." ... written by nbarnes2
AMAZING!!! VERY ACCURATE..RECOMMEND HER!!" ... written by smily11
i think this is my first reading with her. i've read reviews and they inspired me to get a reading. i hope all of these predictions surface. thank you so much." ... written by luxxicon
straight to the point. telling me the truth. thank you so much!!" ... written by olive
Very quick and honest. " ... written by livehappy
She is always right! All her predictions were spot on" ... written by andrea
5 stars very good" ... written by geoprgiapeach37
Thank you Monika. Its such an amazing feeling that your cards confirm my gut feeling. Youre predictions have been correct before. " ... written by minnie
WONDERFUL CLARITY" ... written by Janice
She's the best ! Always on point ! I'll keep coming back !" ... written by Daniele
She has been very helpful in guiding me through a confusing situation, her advice has always been the right path for me to follow." ... written by Lisa
very honest. and trustworthy psychic. :)" ... written by melissa
Monika, you are my angel when I´m in need. Thanks for good advice." ... written by A
Look for her for the most accurate reading! I will come back once predicted came true! " ... written by Kt
wonderful clarity" ... written by Janice
Always excellent - 10 stars. Her cards are always amazingly accurate and she will only tell you what she sees and senses. Good or bad. Very gifted and lovely." ... written by debbiec0613
5 stars very good and fast" ... written by georgia peach37
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
Monika told me some really nice things and to have faith. I believe her not just because it is nice to hear, but because I trust here insight and know she is honest and only tells you what she sees in her cards. Excellent and Lovely reader. Recommend her highly" ... written by debbiec0613
She was very honest and upfront. Great reading!" ... written by Evestha
good" ... written by kashaa
Monika is so adorable and pleasant. I feel confident in what she sees and she has told me from my first reading it would work out but it would take time - it looks like it is going as she said. Highly recommend a reading with her." ... written by debbiec0613
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
very good....." ... written by cordelia smith
I have consulted her on and off for quite a while - she has always been accurate and helpful - I will definitely continue to consult her" ... written by lisa
Excellent always. She has been right about all she has said so far. Recommend her - she is truthful and accurate." ... written by debbiec0613
This woman is very fast and sweet and to the point. I like her" ... written by acb
Monika is truly amazing - I would recommend her highly and can say with certainty that you will not be disappointed. She has been absolutely right all along. I am grateful I found her as I immediately trusted her insight and it made a difficult time much easier. " ... written by debbiec0613
a million thanks " ... written by altima
Our connection this time was bad so was not able to finish, but Monika is always great - and she saw me spending time away with him this weekend and she was correct - and it was as she said it would be. I find her accuracy amazing." ... written by debbiec0613
Great reading! Very Insightful!" ... written by Bri
will see about the outcome of what she advised " ... written by bee
she has been always a great reader" ... written by humility
great clarity and information" ... written by Janice
GOOD!" ... written by MAmoon
Also on spot. will update on situation soon. thank you!" ... written by hellokittylynii
GOOD!" ... written by KIERA 123
time for new begginings, cant wait to see how this comes to pass x" ... written by pree
thanks very much for your honesty ...very accurate ! " ... written by susana
Monika has amazing abilities and she has not been wrong yet. Not just about the current situation but her predictions have been accurate- and I really trust her. Give her 10 stars - and recommend her highly - always gives informative reading" ... written by debbiec0613
she is strict but very accurate" ... written by Humility
I feel better now - always do after speaking with Monika. She is always right on. " ... written by debbiec0613
She is really good. Thank you for your help." ... written by vl
Gave me solid advice about my the growth of my business. " ... written by Geneva Girl
just had a update with Monika. I love reading with her as she has proven to me she has a real gift. So many things she has predicted - from our first reading - have come to pass. Others are further in future, but have every reason to believe that they will happen as well. 10 Stars" ... written by debbiec0613
can always count on seherezada for more indepth to a situation. she speaks honestly. she is deffinately 5 stars." ... written by melissa
Great reading even though its not what i wanted to hear." ... written by n a c
very accurate" ... written by ales
Monica has been helping me for quite a few years and is always spoton. Highly recommended" ... written by Oles
Amazing very fast reading. I have had readings with her before and she does not waste into energy very quickly. Provides guidance and is honest. will come back to her in the future for sure." ... written by diana
always great clarity and explanations" ... written by janice
very good reading" ... written by Leany17
very excited at the prediction, hopefully it will come into fruition x" ... written by pree
Lovely andamp; focused. Looking forward to see what will happen." ... written by shmexy
very helpful andamp; sweet!" ... written by AJ
I am so grateful to have Monika to consult with. She is great and she has been very accurate with her predictions. That is what counts - she is a lovely person as well" ... written by debbiec0613
Great reading. Straight to the point. Very quick typist." ... written by Janice
Monika is just so accurate - Even warned of my boyfriend getting ill - he never gets sick! Right after she told me - suddenly he was complaining of getting a cold and fever. Sadly this time she was right again. But she is always amazing in her accuracy. Has been 100% so far. " ... written by debbiec0613
Good reading, clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
always great clarity and explanations" ... written by Janice
She's always good with me. Very connected to my situation. She's always right her prediction with me. I hope that what she told me it will unfold again. She's very beautiful inside and outside " ... written by Sarrah
The best - she said I would hear from him soon - as soon as my reading was over he messaged me. But she is always accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
always wonderful" ... written by janice
this is my third reading with her. she was pretty accurate with our other readings so i dont doubt this time would be any different. i would recommend her." ... written by linh
i always feel that Seherezada is on point and accurate... picks up on things quickly and tells it like it is. " ... written by lisa
Monika has never steered me wrong. I trust her. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jbtforme
Thanks for the reading! You helped me a lot. " ... written by Ninishay
great" ... written by majoma
I love Monika ! She's the best psychic on Oranum !" ... written by Daniele
She is very gifted at what she does. Tuned in very well. Yes she used cards but if you're not into cards, don't let that deter you from Seherezada's reading. She's very good at what she does." ... written by nlove9
simply amazing" ... written by janice
she is great! thanks a lot " ... written by vk
monika has been so accurate about everything! She is excellent. " ... written by debbiec0613
good reading" ... written by nancy
She is consistently right in her advice and what she sees ahead." ... written by lisa
Readings with Monika are always enlightening. I trust her insight as she has been amazingly accurate. She is great and I recommend her highly. " ... written by debbiec0613
great clarity" ... written by Janice
always great" ... written by janice
Good reading. thank you" ... written by Charliese
always helpful and on target" ... written by lisa
Good very helpful!" ... written by AJ
Seherezada82 is very quick and detailed with answering the questions that I have during my reading. I asked a few specific questions and she gave me answers that I believe to be honest to what she saw for me in the cards, and she also explained the meaning of things that she read. This was a followup to a reading I had with her month back and things do continue to unfold as she has said. Thank you Seherezada82." ... written by starshineJ
Thank yu Monika - I could read with you everyday because you message is so optimistic and so far is moving along just as you predict. Highly recommend a reading with Monika" ... written by debbiec0613
great reading" ... written by gregg
always good, and readings are accurate" ... written by eagle
Monika, you are the best! You`ve been correct in your readings 9 times of 10. Thank you so much." ... written by Anne
Straight forward and to the point. No sugar coating. thanks" ... written by jaqueline
Love Monika. Wonderful advice and insight. Trust her as she has not been wrong yet. Truly gifted. " ... written by debbiec0613
always great wisdom" ... written by janice
She's very good, always truthful and accurate" ... written by lisa
Monika is so lovely and understanding! With this being my first reading ever on this site, she was very accommodating and it was a very comfortable and insightful experience. She is quick to respond and answered all the questions i asked her. Thank you!" ... written by Xymin
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
very direct and straightforward! well worth it" ... written by o.n
She's great!!! fast and accurate. to the point." ... written by b
Monika is amazing. she is such a good reader and has amazing energy. i definitely recommend her 5 stars :)" ... written by FaerieLovee
Good reading very detailed" ... written by Sunday
She is brilliant" ... written by lisa
love monika...she always tell as what it is shown..fair and true!" ... written by rosy
She is great - has been 100% so far " ... written by debbiec0613
Great predictions on point all the time!" ... written by kiera 123
Thank you Monika for your patience. Such a lovely lady." ... written by debbiec0613
She's an amazing psychic. she knew exactly what I was feeling and gave me helpful advice" ... written by Bri
always fast and helpful many things she has said have come true." ... written by lisa
Great reader. I feel that she honed in on what was going on quickly and accurately. " ... written by serenity
Thank you for the update. You are an understanding person and have good insight. I will be by again for another update. We'll see how everything goes." ... written by J
always wonderful...great clarity" ... written by janice
Monika is the best - so accurate. Rely on her." ... written by debbiec0613
She's good...Finally!!! a good reading. she's amzing." ... written by nbarnes2
Love my regular readings with Monika. Her reassurance and consistency keep me smiling when my sweetie and I are apart. She has never been wrong - So when she sees it I know it is true. She is amazing" ... written by debbiec0613
I absoutley adore her" ... written by Katie
this one is absolutely super! i will wait for the predictions to pass. but she connected completely to the situation. she knew exactly what was going on." ... written by aby
always great clarity" ... written by janice
Really great reading. Picked up on past issues and had great things for the future. She was very quick." ... written by Anny
great consult" ... written by des
Nice reading!" ... written by aurelia
A different kind of read. Was interesting." ... written by Neil
always great clarity" ... written by janice
always amazing" ... written by Janice
I have been seeing her for a while and she is very accurate." ... written by lisa rose
She is amazing. She reads so confidently and it always comes true. She is someone very special and kind, and her reading are honest. It is like having a reading from a friend. many thanks Seherezada! :)" ... written by Kelly
Monika is my favorite here" ... written by A
she is amazing reader , honest and accurate" ... written by des
excellent. on point. picked up very quickly. fast reader" ... written by maxskyblue
Always honest and correct. I have been coming to her for 3 years now. Has been always correct, good or bad :-)" ... written by SA
She's a great reader and I appreciated her efforts in sorting everything out." ... written by nbarnes2
Always great and and accurate. I trust her completely" ... written by debbiec0613
Monika is really good. She does not give you false hope but she tells things as they are and I really enjoy her truthful readings. I highly recommend her! She is very consistent." ... written by Jbtforme
Direct to the point..." ... written by Amor
Monika always makes me feel better. Her readings are consistent and she has NEVER been wrong when she make a prediction - Honestly. Some of her predictions are further out and I have to wait, but her short term ones have been 100% so I believe her long term ones will be also. She is great - try her you will see!" ... written by debbiec0613
Cant explain really awesomeeeeeee!!!!" ... written by sidharth
As always wonderful. She is just always right" ... written by debbiec0613
Monika was the first psychic i went to, and amongst all the psychics on this site, i find that i always go back to her! always a good read as well as giving advice :)" ... written by xymen
very honest and accurate" ... written by katie
it wasn't what I wanted to hear but she gave me clarity on some things..god bless you dear" ... written by hazeleyes
lovely woman, honest, accurate :)" ... written by ale
nice " ... written by gregg
always great clarity" ... written by janice
Excellent. Always great. Recommend her highly because she is Accurate" ... written by Debbiec0613
always wonderful" ... written by janice
Seherezada82 is very quick and nice, she's not only a psychic but also a friend. Thank you very much for your help! :)" ... written by Crystal
Really love my readings with Monika - when I become insecure I remind myself that she has been so accurate and to just be patient. Some of her predictions are farther out so but I know they too will come to pass. Recommend her highly" ... written by debbiec0613
she was good" ... written by francis
good very consistent" ... written by rosy
always great clarity and explanations" ... written by janice
great--thank you!" ... written by MellssaSW
Great fast reading with a lot of information! highly recommend " ... written by Mary
Good talking to her very informative" ... written by Debbie
Monika picks up things quick, and always consistent. Thank you very much for your help! :) all the best! xx" ... written by Crystal
Given me hope. I will certainly keep in touch. Thanks!" ... written by Dayananda Siddaiah
A really amazing reader. She keeps me positive and makes things clear. Very accurate and sweet" ... written by debbiec0613
I feel more crystal clear now after talking to Monika. She explained everything well and she is more than just a psychic, she's a friend who is really caring and always giving the advises to guide you! Thank you very much for your help! all the best! " ... written by Crystal
thank you a wonderful reading" ... written by katie
I'd like to say big thank you to Seherezada Monika. She just confirmed things I alrealy knew in my heart without even asking her too much. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen..." ... written by MINIKA10
I trust Monika. She does not sugar coat anything she tells you what she sees and I trust her readings. I highly recommend her. Be ready for the truth." ... written by Jbtforme
She is my go to when I want the real answer. " ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you for all your help, and thank you for your answers to all my concerns. You always give out the correct response and no sugarcoating. More than just a psychic but also a very caring friend. Thank you! Best Wishes! xx" ... written by Jia
The best! Straight to the point. Fast and accurate. " ... written by Elin
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
Thank you so much for your help!! : ) It was really reassuring and really clear!! Thank you for everything! : )" ... written by Crystal
Thank you Monika - always very wise and accurate. Never disappointed when I read with her" ... written by debbiec0613
Wow can't wait for these things to come pass me by and i will follow your advice of course thank you so much for all your help xxx" ... written by Aly
I'd like to thank Monika. She really knows how to make me happy when I already loose hope. I hope and I believe her words will come true. Lots of love. Minika10" ... written by MINIKA10
I trust what she sees and what she tells me. I highly recommend her!" ... written by Jbtforme
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
Super reading everything she seen was accurate and i believe her predictions thank you very much.its very rare to find someone so spot on." ... written by selina
I trust Monika so - she has been always accurate with things she predicts. But some things i have to be patient as they are weeks away, but she has not been wrong yet." ... written by debbiec0613
great clarity" ... written by jANICE
Seherezada82 is the best, not only that she's honest also mostly her prediction unfold. She's really not waisting my time. " ... written by Sarah
very concise answers. Will wait for predictions to unfold, but I think she is honest. I was surprised she remembered we had a reading from over a year ago!!!" ... written by angelszone
Fantastic....but my session ended to soon???" ... written by Sherry Castano
She is very good always direct and accurate" ... written by lisa rose
Very good reading. Thank you" ... written by Sheiba
great clarity" ... written by janice
Monika is always great to talk to. Always honest and accurate." ... written by debbiec0613
she is fabulous truly amazing" ... written by katie
HAs been with her all the while! Accurate!! " ... written by KT
great clarity" ... written by janice
I enjoy her readings." ... written by overton
always my pleasure....great clarity" ... written by janice
amazing reading" ... written by spacemonkey
I always appreciate her readings - very accurate" ... written by lisa
Spot on! tells u everything without asking about the situation. amazing!" ... written by Rochelle
Accurate reading, very helpful! has given me strength and hope. " ... written by Rochelle Prasad
Always trust Monika to be honest and accurate. I recommend her highly - have been reading with her for a while and she is always on target and accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
GOOD READING" ... written by Courage
Always lovely and so helpful! Am a repeat customer :)" ... written by Xymin
fine " ... written by gregg
Great!" ... written by P
great reading" ... written by gregg
Always puts my heart at peace, can not thank you enough!" ... written by xymin
I love her!! always on point with my situation, that is why i keep returning, Highly recommend!" ... written by leti89
Good reading very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
great" ... written by danni
Very articulate lady, managed to get to the crux of the matter." ... written by Stevie8722
she was really nice!" ... written by johana
Thank you Monika for your guidance today and wisdom. I appreciate your reading today and I will keep you posted." ... written by smprez164
Monika is a wonderful reader and she has always been accurate so far in my situation - I know the outcome will be as she predicts. She is lovely. " ... written by debbiec0613
awesome!" ... written by P
As always, a wonderful reading with an extra ordinary gifted psychic!! So sweet and honest! I will be back from Paris soon! :) Wish you all the best and lots of love to you and yours!" ... written by isabellissima
Thank you. You are always accurate and honest." ... written by SP
thank you for the honest reading!! much appreciated connected immediately and got to the heart of my matter!!" ... written by penelope
Amazing reading thank you so much" ... written by salina
she is very nice an she seems to be accurate so far. Thank you" ... written by sangeeta
Seherezada is always so warm and helpful. I have been to many psychics but i always seem to come back to her for help and advice. She really has that certain something and is able to connect to the situation incredibly. I could not thank her more than enough, you have been amazing as always! " ... written by Xymin
She is very calming and gave me a great read!" ... written by Stephanie
as always fantastic" ... written by Megabee9
She is awesome....tells me straight. Even if it isn't great news. I go back to her because she will tell me things honestly." ... written by Phoenixrising51
Thank you. Great as always. With your advise I have been able to make better decisions about my life. I appreciate you! The hair is rocking :-)" ... written by SA
great clarity...explanations" ... written by janice
Very quick, detailed and honest reading." ... written by C
I absolutley love her , she has always given me accurate reading that always come true! She is the one i turn too for correct accurate or even just insight! " ... written by Susan
Amazing reading :) Monika is a lovely person and a great reader so far everything she said makes sence and i always feel good after a reading with her:) thank you monika xxx" ... written by space
familiy situastion. " ... written by siw jahr
She is Always right - I mean 100% so far. I trust her insight completely. " ... written by debbiec0613
great reading honest, through cards but mostly are correct. she insists on this one but i want to say it's a bit of a mistake but she insists. hmmmm. " ... written by golden
great clarity" ... written by janice
very insightful. Thank you, thank you." ... written by poohbear
Very direct, connected very fast. Very kind. thank you" ... written by ka
Very honest! straight to the point, helpful, and understanding! Must have a reading with her she is very fast and quick! Thank you so much! You helped me in many ways! Thank you Thank Thank you! " ... written by mimilocal671
She was great! I love her! Always spot on and confirmed my suspicions on things!" ... written by Stephanie
So glad she is here when I need her. I can always take a deep breath and relax when she tells me something because she has always been right. Love her" ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you for helping clarify what's going on. It's funny how things happen and your read on the situation has always been spot on." ... written by J
She is always very accurate and tells you "like it is" good and bad." ... written by lisa
great clarity and explanations" ... written by janice
Its been a long time. i really missed your honesty. thank you so much for the reading." ... written by Dg
A straight to the point reader, no beating around the bush… will wait and see if her prediction comes to be true. Thanks! " ... written by cobayangini
I truly appreciate Monika for her guidance. She cuts straight to the point. Her advice has been spot-on and its helped guide me either away or towards the people who deserve my time and attention. Thank you again, Monika for all that you do." ... written by CC
She is always able to pick up what's going on. Her readings are consistent from one to the next. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
nice and calm reader no sugar coating just pure honesty, thank you" ... written by emy
she tells you exactly how it is, all that she has told me has come to light. Truly gifted " ... written by tat
She was honest and did not sugar coat" ... written by RasheedaW
Not sure why she left before she even started the reading." ... written by RasheedaW
Interesting reading, really looking forward to see what the future brings :-)" ... written by Kell
always great clarity and explanations" ... written by janice
Very good reader! " ... written by luckystar5
thank you so much for all your help. You have truly helped me a lot throughout the years. You are always very honest and give great advise. XOXO" ... written by SA
I've MISSED HER!!!! FABULOUS READING!!!!! I agree, Monika, thank you!!!!! :) xooxoo" ... written by Alexis
Amazing!!!! I've known her for a long time and just reaquainted with her!!" ... written by Alexis
good reading " ... written by Sandy
She is the right one to consult when you need help and need a person to help you in the right direction , she did quite accurate and very honest no matter bad or good she gave me the truth that what most important and that why I join her in private. Thank you :) " ... written by Ampily
Seherezada has been my trusted psychic here for 3 years, through some really tough times in my life when all I had was bad news to deal with. She always told me the truth about those times, and helped me gain strength to get through (knowing the truth about things does that.. not false promises to keep clients happy) She has also told me the truth whatever. Come to her for straight forward honesty. You will get it! " ... written by .
I spoke to Monika few times. Lovely lady. So far I'm still waiting for her predictions to come true. I hope it will." ... written by minika10
WE confirmed something she had told me in a previous reading. Let's see how this plays out! Thanks Monika you are the best!" ... written by Stephanie
She was right on again!! Thanks Monika" ... written by Stephanie
She is very good and always honest" ... written by lisa rose
Monika is soo good. Trust her insight completely and she has never steered me wrong. Always accurate - it is amazing.." ... written by debbiec0613
Thank you!!!!" ... written by debbiec0613
Thanks for your really honest and good reading. I think you are very right!" ... written by Charlie
she didn't even reply or say anything she just left the private reading." ... written by missannamaria
always great clarity" ... written by janice
Thank you for the update and helping to explain the situation. You are awesome!" ... written by J
Monika has ALWAYS (100%) been right in the past - hoping she is right about this one and the others that are further out. She is really good" ... written by debbiec0613
She's great, one of the best on here. She seems to always hit it on the mark, even longer term things as far out as 18 months out. I trust her readings for the past two years or so now. Terrific, give her a try." ... written by eagle
she is good, will use again" ... written by Cordelia
great reader " ... written by Tami
Lovely woman. very honest and accurate. She is fast and discrete." ... written by dlmad44
Monika is really accurate and truthful. She will tell you the truth, so dont go to her if you want to hear things to make you feel better. If you really want to know if your ex is coming back or what is behind some difficult situation she will tell you absolutely the truth. For me, thats been hard to hear but actually has saved me. I nearly ended up in serious trouble, without her telling me the truth about a man I was seeing I would not have got through it. And, I have gone back to her time and time again, each time she is right. Both in good times and bad. And in bad, she will guide you, to get through it, not give you false hope. " ... written by .
great reading " ... written by spacemonkey
very good" ... written by angelique7
She has been so amazing. Her predictions have come true for me and she predicted a difficult situation I am in right now. But I will make it through. Thank you Monika!!!" ... written by Stephanie
very good!! accurate and to the point!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
I am satisfied. She is quick and accurate." ... written by Thehangedwoman
Thank you Monika for looking into the situation are always spot on!!!!" ... written by Stephanie
great clarity" ... written by Janice
She has been right on....this is unbelievable how right on she has been. Thank you Monika! I will keep you updated." ... written by Stephanie
Everything was SO accurate. I was so shocked but it was so relieving to hear. " ... written by N
I truly believe in her readings and she has never given me false information." ... written by Jbtforme
I have been coming to her for about 3 years now. She has always been honest and most impotatly ACCURATE. Even when i doubt what she is saying, she is always right. She also gives great advise and has helped me make things better! i love her amazing soul and I will always come back to her!" ... written by SA
A wonderful reading with Monika - as always. She has been so accurate and I was checking in as predictions are now coming to pass and it is wonderful. Had a few questions. I trust her intuition - she is really good." ... written by debbiec0613
good reading" ... written by des
She is awesome, predicted almost 18 mos ago that I would sell my home. It has finally come to past right in the specific month she said it would. Really good and insightful even long term." ... written by Eagle3755
great reading .. always accurate " ... written by des
She gave me a great reading. I really needed to hear what she had to say about my situation. Thank you for the guidance Monika. I will definitely keep you posted." ... written by Stephanie
she connects well with accuracy" ... written by myst
excellent" ... written by gregg
than kyou so much for the reading" ... written by chloe
I was looking for honest blunt responses... Thanks i got what i needed. =)" ... written by Jeannie
She gave me great news!!! Love her!!!" ... written by Stephanie
Good one. Excellent reading" ... written by Neha
thanks" ... written by kelsee
First reading, she was quick and direct. I think accuracy was good." ... written by Shells
I always come to Monika when I need a clarification and always spot on. " ... written by Emily
Always been honest. Thank you so much. Appreciate your help" ... written by B
Extremely sharp and accurate..." ... written by Cirkeleline1
great reading" ... written by space
I trust Monika. She only speaks TRUTH. She does not sugarcoat her readings. I am always very glad to speak to her." ... written by Jbtforme
Things are going exactly as she had told me - as far back a February, but now all is coming together. She is amazing and she always told me she was sure and not to worry. She is truly the best. " ... written by debbiec0613
OMG!! I just really love her, she's very intuitive and really gifted. She knows exactly what she do. To tell you the truth even if I didn't like what she told me but eventually she's always right. Pretty much everything she told me unfold that's why I keep coming back to her. I really adore her. She's very wonderful. If you really want the truth please get her. You don't want to spend money for someone just providing information you want to her but never unfold. " ... written by SARAH
She was very honest and helped me to figure out certain things about my job situation. " ... written by Maria E. Florespatino
always a good reading.. Thank you again for your guidance" ... written by des
GREAT!!! Always so accurate!!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
great clarity" ... written by JANICE
Monika is so very good and has just been right all along - even when I doubted it - she ended up being right. She is amazing" ... written by debbiec0613
she is truly amazing woman spot on every time and so accurate" ... written by Katie
Excellent advisor! Very honest and shows you the cards. I feel alot better after the reading. In the past I left reading more confused but, she is clear and excellent.." ... written by ZHH
****" ... written by gregg
amazing reading" ... written by space
She was very straight forward and good... tunes in quick. Thank you for the providing the insight!" ... written by Shelly
gave time frames and a good reading. will update soon" ... written by tianna
Very very good read!! Monika is very accurate and she was the only one who saw what was going to happen..though it wasn't a good thing! this showed how truthful she is!" ... written by rosy
always great clarity" ... written by Janice
I have being consulting with Seherezada for three years now and she is really spot on." ... written by Sheila
Monika is always wonderful. Trust her insight as she has been consistent and correct in all she has seen so far" ... written by debbiec0613
She answered what other people didnt want to answer, I thank her so much!!! You cant beat hospitality with someone will to help. THanks" ... written by Jeannie
she was spot on said completely new person in a few months. lets see if this happens" ... written by bouncy
i was in a complete state before i contacted her. she is absolutely amazing and tells the TRUTH. absolutely spot on thank you thank you thank you, i love you !! xxx" ... written by Katie
Loved the reading!! was super accurate, detailed and quick. Answered all my questions, feeling quite optimistic and great about what is to come and will be back. Recommend! Thank You " ... written by Sherry K
Seherezada is the absolute best!! I love her so much- I've been talking with her for awhile and she is never wrong. Ever. The best part is that she is honest. So even if it is something you may not want to hear, she only has your best interest in mind. And the good things come true too!! Don't hesitate to talk with her- you will feel like she is the friend that you need in your life. " ... written by Brandy
Honest and amazing." ... written by Vijay
I wish I could afford longer thank you so much, you really helped me find some clarity, bless you and thank you" ... written by Lachlan Clark
always great clarity...explanations" ... written by janice
she gave me an idea of things /lets see" ... written by myst
great reading" ... written by spacemonkey
thank you so much for insightful reading. I will definately come back once i have more money" ... written by mahi
Great reading and am looking forward to her predictions coming true. She is always accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
Super accurately helpful " ... written by Kaschie
Thank you for your honesty!!" ... written by Kelly
So very accurate always and she gave me some unfortunate job news today, but I know she is correct. She is always. Amazing." ... written by debbiec0613
great reading always honest, fast typist and accurate. " ... written by des
So accurate I love her worth the money :)" ... written by Kaschie
nice...." ... written by lisf2014
Thanks so much for the advice. I will send those flowers next week and let you know how things turn out." ... written by Vijay
good" ... written by zoo
thank u Monica... my computer.. stopped working so couldnt say bye " ... written by g
Great!" ... written by Alexis
Excellent" ... written by Mike
thank you monika for the wonderful reading and your good energy. You are always on point and right with predictions" ... written by maria
she is consistent" ... written by she is consistent
Hey, sorry I havent posted lol. Anyways, all I can say I think I came back to you 5 times already all happened. Thank you for you enlightment and making me feel better about my situations. All this time we've been talking about this guy but yes youre right we're not talking and you predicted when will we talk again. But for now, its the worse we broke up but I'll wait hopefully he comes back if not thats okay too I guess.. I love how you knew that I cant move on. Not jut love life, but you also helped me pick which career I should pick and that theres a possibility I can pursue law school. Thanks again youre like an auntie sister to me bestfriend as well maybe :)" ... written by Kaschie
i trust you and like i said your are trutful as u can be thank you for your time and efforts to help me. Very much appreciated." ... written by Jeannie
Super fantastic and a lovely lady andamp; a great reading. It was accurate, detailed and quick she really put my mind at ease and def. coming back andamp; strongly recommend :) Thank you " ... written by Sherry
great, quick and honest, gave me a great advice and hope :)" ... written by cristia
Monika has become more like a friend and a well-wisher over the years that I have been coming to her. She is honest, and her readings are precise and to the point. As she says in her profile, come to her only if you really need help and can deal with the truth. If sugar-coated hope is what you're looking for, she's not the one you should come to. I'm so glad I found her. Her guidance has been immense support. Thank you, Monica :)" ... written by B
Monika is amazing. She has been so accurate all along. Even when I doubted she was consistent in her message. She has been 100% accurate. " ... written by debbiec0613
Always great and trust her insight completely. She is so accurate and will only tell you what she feels. Just think she is the best." ... written by debbiec0613
Good reading. Fast" ... written by Moongirl17
very nice, good intuition and good reader. " ... written by hyde92
very nice reading" ... written by space
so truthful, so lovely, so accurate and so quick the best ! x x x x" ... written by Katie
so dang accurate!" ... written by rosy
she is truly one of the best and most honest. AMAZING!!! xx" ... written by Katie
Once again she is spot on! Again her last reading came true. Really is one of the best psychics I have had the privilege of being able to ask. Seherezada will tell you the truth, good and bad. She will not sugar coat, she will relieve you from not knowing and even if the news is not good, it really helps to know the truth, trust me. She has been my psychic for nearly three years now and she has always been correct. Shes helped me through the bad stuff, told me what to do and in doing so saved me from a terrible financial situation and a bad person. She does not string a person along to make them believe stuff for the sake of gleaning extra readings from you. (I think you know what I mean, he/she will come back when they really wont etc) For this reason I will always come back to her. " ... written by .
brk in 2/3 mnths. consistent readre" ... written by myst
What can I say about her except she is ALWAYS accurate. Her predictions come to pass 100%. Love her." ... written by debbiec0613
always great clarity" ... written by janice
Nice chat, accurate. lets see if things will pace out in 14 weeks." ... written by Allister
I absolutely love her! she always tells the truth! it's so good to know what you should do. Speak with her, you will not regret it!" ... written by Brandy
thank you again for your help ; you are wonderful" ... written by des
great reader" ... written by ol
great reading xxx" ... written by space
I find her very good! She uses Tarot and Types but I find that she is very very accurate. I got her advice on previous situation and it was correct. " ... written by DS
Give her a go, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Vijay
Thank you for the great reading, interesting insight :) " ... written by Sherry
Love this person a lot, helps with dreams, gives amazing accurate readings and is spot on " ... written by Sherry
she was so quick and i honest. thank you" ... written by dk
very sharp, to the point and to the point. excellent" ... written by m
Thank you for the update. It helps to understand the situation more" ... written by J
Monika has given me 3 very accurate readings over the past 2 and half years. I am very grateful to know her. " ... written by suevankoz
quick and no timewasting" ... written by Rayhaan
Always great to touch base with Monika especially when I am having doubts. She is the best and not just because she is saying what I want to hear but because she has always been right and I know she will only tell me the truth. " ... written by debbiec0613
I always believe what she sees and she reads for me. I know that she speaks truth no matter how it is. I know that if you can handle the truth you need to hire her. She will only let you know exactly what she sees. I am very sad. But it is the reality and I have to accept that. I highly recommend her." ... written by Jbtforme
She is so awesome!!!! her readings are really accurate and predictions come true!! she predicted exactly what had happened..!! and also showed me the future!!!! " ... written by shraddha44
Very good person. Hope her predictions come true" ... written by Suhin
Good!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Good read! thank you. Felt a little better" ... written by nk
I got a good feeling about Seherezada82 as the reading started. I felt like she really cared and tuned into my questions. Highly recommended. Will be having a reading with her again. Thank you Seherezada82 xx" ... written by Melissa
Always connect with situation. Thank you" ... written by Eva
came in for an update! and is very consistent from our last reading. Waiting patiently. Thank you :)" ... written by Nowk
She is great as always - good news today and I know I can count on it. She is soooo Accurate. xo" ... written by debbiec0613
been going to her a couple of times. Her answers to my questions have been consistent. Would go back to her " ... written by ff
Seherezada82 absolutely beautiful andamp; so on point..thanks for the chat and the encouragement...andamp; thanks for the laughs :)" ... written by Christina297
Thank you soo soo much!!!" ... written by gabby
I love her higly recommended. I came back 5 times already. Things that she said all came true and it was my call whether to go back to the guy or not. Every time frame she say is true as well. Worth of your money. She's like a sister to me as well I love the way she talks advises and very friendly :)" ... written by Kaschie
excellent read" ... written by gregg
Always great to speak to. Thank you" ... written by Eva
she was very helpful" ... written by askme
pure honesty , great reading!!!!!" ... written by tamjones
As always - great" ... written by debbiec0613
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
very good," ... written by jeff
i truly love her. she is amazing" ... written by katie
Helpful, as always" ... written by VV
lovely reading. she was a great help. thank you " ... written by Dionne
eexcelent" ... written by gregg
I always return for updates!! She is always spot on with my issues! Highly recommend!" ... written by leti98
Always great! And all her predictions come to pass. " ... written by debbiec0613
thanks for the reading" ... written by joeyfriends2
excellent read" ... written by gregg
Very honest and easy to talk to, now we wait and see!" ... written by Krista
Thank you so much for being honest. Thanks for being welcoming." ... written by Jeannie
she gave me good advice and was very helpful. Didnt have to tell her much and she knew exactly what the situation was. very helpful and would come back, highly recomended" ... written by daniel
Very quick answers and very professional. She tells you the truth." ... written by Maria
She is amazing. Doesn`t exaggerate and create stories. Honest to the point. She will tell you as it is whether you like it or not. Highly recommend. " ... written by RR
Such a great reader. So gifted. Can not say it enough" ... written by debbiec0613
Very excellent" ... written by gregg
she was honest and insightful... she understood what i was talking about straight away and made the reading positive even with the negatives... such a lovely lady.. i will keep you posted and give you that good news when i know what it is... " ... written by shhaan
ACCURATE!!!! i am soo shocked how accurate she is, she is unbelievable!!! please go for reading for her, you will not be disappointed! :) thank you soo soo much Seherezada82!!" ... written by cathy
VERY ACCURATE!!! thank you soo much." ... written by cathy
Wonderful!" ... written by Melinda
Love her!! such great readings, accurate, consistent great advice and will be back and highly recommend " ... written by Sherry
she is the most truly amazing person ever, so right EVERY time and quick too. love her! x x" ... written by katie
Very good again :) Very direct" ... written by Kaschie
Monika has been very accurate so far. Got some good news today. Thank you for being so patient with me." ... written by VV
Very honest and direct. Does not sugar coat" ... written by Nadia
pretty spot on. very sincere" ... written by jess
I enjoyed that reading a lot - very in tune with everything." ... written by Onsl
Very nice person." ... written by Lana
Great as Always. Trust her" ... written by debbiec0613
Very kind and attractive lady. I really recommend her knowledge to everyone.... " ... written by Peter
Great! " ... written by debbiec0613
great read" ... written by gregg
EXCELLENT READING!!! thank you soo much." ... written by lana del rey
Readings are accurate, consistent and spot on. Super great psychic is on point and very helpful!! Really recommend for all thank you " ... written by Sherry
Hey - can you send me a message when you are back at your computer!" ... written by DM
Good Reading" ... written by RAM
Monika is more like a friend whom I trust. She is a very genuine person who will have your best interest in mind during her readings. Her readings are accurate and precise. Give her a try, you will not regret it. " ... written by VV
Just the best. Always honest and kind but has never given me bad advice and predictions are correct - some still pending, but i trust she will be right." ... written by debbiec0613
very quick and accurate!" ... written by shelly
Very good - picked up on teh situation very quickly " ... written by Webster
Great reading, very informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Good reading." ... written by nunothat
Great reading gave me insight to whats to come.." ... written by pinkpather30
Great reading as usual got to the point quickly thank you " ... written by Sherry
always provides clear insight for me- such a beautiful person!" ... written by brandy
Thanks" ... written by Christy
I am grateful Monika is here. She is awesome, always. Her predictions have always been solid so she truly calms me when she tells me things will be ok. I know they will" ... written by debbiec0613
Precise and to the point. Give her a try, you will not regret it. Thank you Monika for being so patient with me" ... written by VV
A Gem!" ... written by debbiec0613
Very precise and informative with amazing insight. She is the first reader that I had the pleasure of working with on this site and has always provided the direction I needed during pivotal moments in my life. A Godsend." ... written by Jay Jay
Good reading" ... written by pinkpather30
On point and always great to have a fab reading, thank you so much x" ... written by CM
I solo love her!! She's always right on my situation. She's very accurate and not only that very honest. I really appreciate her every time I have reading with her. Having reading by her its really worth it. Mostly of her prediction with me unfold. Good and bad one " ... written by Sarah
Thank you so much for connecting with me. It was spot on and we were finishing each others sentences. Very passionate and quick. " ... written by Andrea
Calms me down. Thank you" ... written by VV
excellent" ... written by gregg
Wow I just love Monika. Always consistent and honest with her readings. I trust her insight - always been correct." ... written by Debbiec0613
She was absolutely amazing and gave me wonderful advice. I am so so thankful to have her ear during this hard time. I felt genuine care and acceptance. Thank you so much. " ... written by Tiana
Very quick to sugarcoating... gives accurate reading..... will def come back for review..." ... written by G
Seherezada has been my psychic now for three years, during some of the hardest and darkest days of my life. She ALWAYS told me the truth, all of it, all the hard stuff Ive been through she saw, and she saved me from a really bad person before it was too late. She has always been right, most of the time I didnt believe the future she predicted because I was too negative or too stubborn, but, nevertheless, she was still spot on. This is why I will always come back to her, and only her, because I know she will not tell me a lie to keep me happy, she is the real deal. And, I can vouch for her as the very best on this website, (I have tried others) and I really hope you have the chance to have a reading with her, she will help you. xxx" ... written by .
Seherezada is spot on accurate,amazing in everyway,picked up so much,which makes perfect sense,she is the real deal no question whatsoever,She gave me some timeframes,I will be back for updates.I am just blown away her accuracy on feelings,and whats going on in the situation.Thank you so much.Love and light and many blessings too you.xoxoxo" ... written by Jennifer
She is absolutely the real deal. Excellent, terrific reading. Spot on. No sugarcoat. You should be ready to hear the truth, that's what she will tell you ONLY. Thank you so much, you saved me from wasting my life for someone who doesn't deserve this amount of love and dedication. God Bless you,, " ... written by sharen223
she is so fantastically clever, and so so accurate!! one of the best on here! xxx" ... written by katie
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
My all time favorite I came back again to her after 4 months :)" ... written by kascie
perfect in every way....great clarity" ... written by Janice
I always love talking to Seherezada. She is very clear on everything. " ... written by Bri
Absolutely a wonderful reading. Wish I had much more. Fast connection. Straight forward and to the point." ... written by Hehewuti
To the point without any ambiquity. I have sought her counsel before and Monika is still the best in my opinion." ... written by Reggie
It was great catching up with monika, i had readings with her before and she has always been great" ... written by A.W.
Needed a bit of encouragement and Monika is always the best. Trust her insight - she has not let me down yet - been coming to her for quite awhile." ... written by debbie0613
Thank you Monika, you´ve been always right. Hopefully this time too. What a good news!! 5 stars." ... written by Minnie
She was a fast typer, and she is a quick reader .,, will check back wit her soon.. an accurate read though ..Thanks " ... written by sc
been reading with moniker for a good 2.5 years, always good and always correct predictions." ... written by nm
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Monika has always been good and tells me what she sees, truth with no sugarcoating. She has always helped me in the past years, and I go to her for lots of insight. So awesome :-)" ... written by KMangel
Well she was quick and to the point and i can always count on her to understand what i need. Thanks Seherezada =)" ... written by Jeannie
Hopeful about her predictions..." ... written by lola
:) Knows what she is doing." ... written by Madis Barnabas
:) Beautiful and know's what she is doing :)" ... written by Madis Barnabas
Always a wonderful reading with this amazing reader.. thank you for the outstanding reading. Highly recommend the best !" ... written by desy
Helpful, as always" ... written by VV
Thank you!" ... written by AURELIA
Amazing reading, recommended" ... written by husein
thank you for clarity" ... written by Rhadhannia
excellente" ... written by gregg
good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
Nice quick reading. I hope that her timeline works out. I'm excited to spend time with my new friend. " ... written by ginny37
Always great and always has been accurate" ... written by Debbiec0613
I loved her reading! It is so on point to what I am going through, and definitely gave me something I needed to hear at the current phase of my life. I highly recommend her to anyone in here, she's great!!! :)" ... written by TA
great read" ... written by gregg
A very economical and good pscycic, who doesnt sugarcoat. She tells you the truth, even though it might be painful." ... written by hubbelman
She was good and precise..." ... written by peacegal
Excellent gifted person. She taps right into everything your asking about quickly. Gives descriptions and details of people plus events." ... written by EE
Excellent reading! thank you." ... written by gabby
spot on" ... written by angelique7
ACCURATE ACCURATE ACCURATE!" ... written by cathy
She has the best readings! Very honest and tells you so much so that you can make a good decision. I just love her, its like talking with a genuine friend. You must experience for yourself!" ... written by brandy
Great as always." ... written by debbiec0613
hi seherezada, thank you re assuring me that everything will be okay for us.. i will let you know when things come to light as per your predictions. thank you" ... written by happy girl88
excelent" ... written by gregg
great " ... written by ang
She is very quick as usual. Thanks for your help" ... written by Jeannie
Thank you for the honest and quick reading" ... written by Shelly
she brought me lots of clarity thank you so much and always fast and effective as always" ... written by Jeannie
wonderful reading, very precise and clear, this lady will blow your mind with her accuracy." ... written by Andy
sherezada is the absolute best! It is like talking with a friend who literally knows everything! So awesome and wonderful, warm and compassionate. Most importantly, honest!!" ... written by brandy
First time so I can't say predictions happened but she picked up on the situation." ... written by Karen
brilliant" ... written by deb
I love reading with Monika. She is so lovely and when she gives me news I know I can trust it. She has always been accurate and always given good advice too" ... written by Debbiec0613
She is good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
thank you. im not sure if you're able to finish the part about the job, but regardless i am talked to you." ... written by m
Thank are a very... very nice person" ... written by Gabi
Thank you beautiful angel. God bless you." ... written by Roselay
Thank you. " ... written by Roselay
Thanks" ... written by DD
Monika is always great - trust her insights. She has been accurate in the past. " ... written by debbiec0613
straight clear and honest couldnt ask for more " ... written by jason
to the point prediction :)" ... written by rob
So lovely and calming. This was my second reading with her as she was so good with my first. Will be back again. " ... written by Melissa
quick, honest, to the point...will not give details that you want to hear. will be back to follow up. Thank you !!" ... written by lornalulu
I always believe Monika, the only reader i actually return to for insight, she has been so accurate in the past with me, and always so truthful. Thank you!" ... written by Yoca2010
great reading, very honest and quick -- quick connection and was able to pick up on my situation." ... written by lornalulu
Thank you my angel girl. I hope what you have said just before we finished come true. Pray for me. " ... written by Roselay
Lovely Lovely Lady. Unfortunately my credit ran out. I would recommend her as I will be returning to her when I need more answers. Blessings xxx" ... written by Heather
shes the best honest and detailed. you wont regret a reading " ... written by naye
Thank you very much...." ... written by Gabi
Great reading very informative. Always gives it to me straight." ... written by pinkpather30
Thank you very much... she is a very...very... nice and honest person.... all my love and respect " ... written by Gabi
Thank you for your honesty it is greatly appreciated" ... written by Jean
Wow, knew exactly what was going on and told me things with specific time frames and it has been happening. " ... written by Maria
Monika, I really appreciate you! When I get cut off sometimes, am not mad, I just ran out of credits. =)" ... written by E.
The absolute best! no question- she is phenomenal! No sugar coating- she really cares about what you feel. Thank you ! XoXo!" ... written by brandy
Thank you angel. " ... written by Roselay
Very accurate and pin point and I mean Very accurate. Beautiful on the eyes as well :)" ... written by Peaceandcalm23
Thanks again" ... written by Josh
most lovely lady with a great gift. connected fast and gives greater understanding of the situation. thank you for the update." ... written by J
She is so wonderful to talk with. I love her honesty. She is so helpful and compassionate. XOXO always a great experience!" ... written by brandy
Thank you." ... written by Roselay
Straight answers to all of my questions. Very quick." ... written by vee
Thank you angel." ... written by Roselay
she is good" ... written by kim
She's great always right in my situation. Im sometimes scared to talk to her cause shes always right when she said something to me. If you want a person that don't sugar coat shes really the right one. She's not giving you a false hope. I love her very much" ... written by Sarah
Thank you for the insight. Greatly appreciated!" ... written by J
She's very good and tunes right in to the situation. Tells you the truth!!" ... written by EV
Thanks for the update. Always appreciate your insight" ... written by J
EXCELLENT READING!" ... written by gabby
Thanks. " ... written by Roselay
good an honest" ... written by james
Great! New exactly what I was going through. " ... written by Maria
Great" ... written by Maria
My favorite! I love talking with her- sincere and genuine. Perfect! xoxo" ... written by brandy
thank you so much for answering always!!! thank you!!!" ... written by j
wonderful andamp; pure honest reading... 5 million stars!!!" ... written by tamjones
5 stars!" ... written by lovemeloveyou
Lovely reading and update as usual; love the accuracy, honesty and guidance been seeing Seherezada for around a year and is such a talented soul really recommend. Thank You " ... written by Sher
she is one of the best and so truthful" ... written by katie
i came to seherezada because she told me before what i didn't want to hear. But what she told me was TRUE!!! Even though all the other pyschics told me that the situation would turn out the way my mind "wanted" it, it didn't come to pass. So now i'm back for more answers and hopefully see what's in store for me for the rest of the year. I will be back to tell you all true or false. But for now she has been right so far without the sugarcoating" ... written by sharona315
very honest and true! thank you!" ... written by g
AMAZING!!!! KNOWS EVERYTHING, easy to talk too. Sees things no one even knew." ... written by Maria
She is honest, accurate, doesn't sugar coat andamp; makes things clear for you. Thank you for the reading, I will think about your advice as I am confused as well,, " ... written by sharen223
The very best ever! She says no sugarcoating and this is true, but very genuine and sincere and compassionate. Thank you! xoxo" ... written by brandy
Monika is an angel and truly gifted. Have been reading with her for some time now and I know her insight and predictions are accurate." ... written by debbiec0613
truly fabulous she is awesome sharp and fast , will come back again. " ... written by arthur
Thanks. " ... written by Roselay
Great insight, picked up on some details accurately. Very kind when letting you know what she sees " ... written by crystal
Thank you!" ... written by bearthoven
thank you so much! had a wonderful reading" ... written by s
Amazing" ... written by mari
One of the best. She is to the point. Gets everything correctly and til this day has been on point with everything shes said" ... written by Bri
I really don't know what to say except Wow!! Her prediction with my job always unfold. Also my love life good or bad. She's really scary accurate. Most of the time it hurt when she tells me things that I don't want to hear, but at the same time really appreciate of her honesty cause she's guiding me of what to be aware of. All I know that she really cares and don't give falls hope like others. She don't waste your time and money I can guarantee that. I really love her." ... written by SARAH
Amazing!!" ... written by mari
Seherezada82 is very clear, concise, honest, positive and great reader. She wouldn't give you false hopes when there is none. " ... written by GS
thank you. helpful as always " ... written by s
very quick and accurate" ... written by jana
Thank you very much for a honest reading" ... written by Gabi
Always the best advice and very genuine. Thank you! :)" ... written by brandy
She is very gifted, kind and I am so grateful. She went straight to the point and was very confident in her reading. I am so very grateful and would recommend her to anyone. :)" ... written by Kelly
I returned to get a reading from her because she tells the truth." ... written by SA
Very honest reading and straight to the point. Clear answers, I will return in the future." ... written by SS
very upfront, and lively person with lots of great energy! " ... written by anonymous
excellente" ... written by gregg
Fast and accurate. " ... written by Taisha
VERY VERY clear. Helpful. Honest. Despite it not being what you might want to hear, she is giving her honest vision. Would def use her again. " ... written by Striped Sunflower
she is great and to the point" ... written by Wing
Seherezada had a very accurate reading about my court case. " ... written by Roselay
Amazing reading as usual " ... written by desy
Thank you for your honesty" ... written by mr
If Monika leaves i will be devastated - she is the best. please take my word. i've tried several readers in here. her predictions are so accurate. " ... written by Des
she is a great reader!!!" ... written by mp
Alway great reading with Monika. Honest and gift and very accurate predictions. " ... written by Debbiec0613
Lovely person. So sweet and very fast answers. " ... written by ACB
Could pick up on my recent situation. " ... written by SUNFLOWER333
Very sweet! Gave me some predictions. Looking forward to them. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
quick, honesst" ... written by deb
She has been an excellent psychic so far and all her predictions have been coming true. Everytime I asked her about every situation of mine has been coming true with timeframes!!!! She is truly talented and a very very honest psychic!!!! Oranum should have more of such talented and real psychics like Seherezada Monica!!!!!" ... written by shraddha44
great reading. Monika is the best - don't go with anyone else. she has been reading me for 3 years already" ... written by des
she's good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
she is a very accurate reader" ... written by rainbow
Excellent reading" ... written by Newson
Very nice lady, definitely on the vibe of it. I enjoyed her reading." ... written by Me
Love her, always come back, super accurate, connects really well. Great advice." ... written by MI
Words fail me as to what to say about Monika, i have been coming to have readings with her over the last few years, she has always been direct and forthcoming with her readings, to date, her predictions have been eerily correct. I have grown as a person and she has been like a lighthouse when the weather has been stormy and grey, its the only way I can describe how much of an impact her readings have had on my life. " ... written by leti
she is good" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
precise and to the point..hope reading is going to come true..fingers crossed...thank you Seherezada82" ... written by kelly
Very accurate... I had some reading on the similar topic earlier with another psychic, around an year back and the duration she gave and now Seher has given me for the things to happen match exactly! even the description. So it seems like it is bond to happen :) She then proceeded to tell me additional stuff which was also heartwarming. " ... written by LubnaMeh
Super reading !thanx" ... written by Peter
Thanx very much, it was great and honest experience." ... written by Lucy
Thank you very much! Very kind and charming Lady. Very honest reading. I was very surprised how exact it was. " ... written by LovedMarco