About SarafinaPsychic

Psychic SarafinaPsychichas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SarafinaPsychichas recently helped 43members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SarafinaPsychic's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

My areas of expertise are...LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS...FUTURE FORECASTING...CAREER CHOICES & GOAL ACHIEVEMENT, HEALING-ACTIONS FOR REMOVAL OF SUFFERING...DREAM INTERPRETATION...PAST LIVES...MEDIUMSHIP....I have been aware of my gift since age 3 1/2...Expert on ORANUM since September 2012...My readings are fast, accurate, clear and helpful..TOOLS UPON REQUEST.

Amazing, very accurate and insightful." ... written by Pinklight
Wooooow, very cool lady, She is extremely nice and skillful! Gave me the best advice ever!! Will be coming back for an update!" ... written by Aryastark
SaraFina was amazing... Thank you" ... written by GZRNYC
She is great, straight to the point, outgoing and so nice to talk to. Thank you." ... written by newhorizons12
Great reading and very insightful. One of the best experiences on here." ... written by paloosa
New gal is very very good. Her skills are real and picks up on the situation perfectly." ... written by FrankJ
Thanks for the reading. She was very quick to answer my question and gave good advice :)" ... written by kman123
definately on to something there was a connection" ... written by cutiepattootie
I loved my reading with sarafina.....she was very intuitive about situation....very compassionate and see's the whole situation quickly....i thorough enjoyed reading with her!!! awesome" ... written by angelmist
Good reading!" ... written by itsuramo
She was right on point without me having to say much she called out to me my relationship and where we stood, she also gave me hope ans was really honest!!! Thanks Sarafina :)" ... written by khelli1
Sara gives the truth. And nothing but the truth." ... written by Dan
Thanks for the insightful reading. Sara seemed to tune in quickly to my situation. " ... written by TheEnlightened1
She is good at tarot reading, she is just like other any psychic I had. I just came here to double check if I follow my Spirits' advices. So far, I am doing good by listening to my heart. Along with suggestion of more care of my health. Smile." ... written by Rolm72
Short, sweet, and to the point. She's awesome. Tells it like it is! " ... written by Erica89
Absolutely wonderful rerading. I look forward to the follow-up and thank you so much." ... written by corvettime02
Sarafina is awesome in pvt!! she is sweet caring and truly gifted I recommend her for pvt!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Okay!" ... written by SaintlyCat123
The reader was very skilled at using many tools of divination, such as tarot and crystals. " ... written by Lightstar
Gave advice and nice feedback." ... written by JaySora3
Superstar...Excellent reader...She will help guide you with future." ... written by focusing
Great reading. Gives a very honest advice." ... written by sycammer781
She's nice :-)" ... written by bellacasa
She was amazing! I will do what she says and hope for the best out come with my love life...=)" ... written by luckycharms312
just love her" ... written by liv
She was wonderful. had a great reading with her. got straight to the point. gave me great advice, and inspired me with spiritual words. A+" ... written by 1285597
Wow. Very quick, honest, and will tell you how it is, no matter how it hurts and I'm hurting. Lots of loss in my life but you can't help the truth. Thank you." ... written by lisapatrick
Sarafina was right on the mark. I will be back!!" ... written by Mia2626
I love her....sarafina is so insightful and gets into the situation wholeheartedly....i am very excited about my life...thx sarafina" ... written by angelmist
This is my second reading with sara. i am very satisfied and cant wait till her predictions come true again. " ... written by 1285597
She was great! " ... written by millan48542
Really good at helping to clarify and provide insight on what needs to be done" ... written by loveoutdoors
HELPed me A TON, gave perfect advice. Every feeling I felt showed in the cards and she talked me through it and explained everything . I feel very confident in everything she said. :) " ... written by akbaby1
The nicest psychic I met on here. Very good advice. Sympathetic and understanding. Thanks Sara." ... written by Arjuna1
She is amazing makes life much easier." ... written by luckycharms312
Awesome." ... written by englandsglory
Good insight." ... written by englandsglory
I think she was right about our loved ones that had passed but it was very broad and hard for us to interpret at this moment. Some things were confusing but true." ... written by chester2012
Very honest, direct, and to the point. Gave me clarity as to my situation. Thanks very much for your guidance. xoxo" ... written by somethinglost888
Good, honest reading, and she gave me the advice I needed on how to work through my issues." ... written by iPreferMimi
Oh, my goodness! She's so much fun!!! I had a really enjoyable reading with her. Almost immediately in my reading she said, there's a lot of energy here, and I feel like she was one of the first people to pick up on all the different layers of my life and what's going on for me. I can't wait to have another reading with her, she's hysterical and very gifted. " ... written by Erica89
It was a detailed read. " ... written by d2k1000
Absolutely wonderful!!!! Read me very well. Like a sister even. Great advice and very comfortable to talk with. If you were closer I think we'd be great friends!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by snakeskinner
Wow, she was perfect in everything she picked up on! Wonderful lady, a person who truly cares. Give her a try!" ... written by Aryastark
Accurate reading about my situation. Thank you." ... written by iezra1984
Loved the reading." ... written by IndieLexi23
She is great, a bit sad that my situation has changed but maybe its for the better..." ... written by luckycharms312
Thank you for your time and effort through out our chat your video and audio was cutting in and out so I didnt really understand what you were trying to tell me" ... written by earthdragon1988
She's a very funny lady :) Easy to get a long with and very accurate! :) " ... written by AwkwardTurtle21
A very good reader. She knows her craft. And gives excellent advice and works quickly.. Good value for your money and gives great clarity." ... written by FJ
Awesome!!!" ... written by mhharview
Clear accurate reading thanks." ... written by Denisenz
She is so gentle and quite with her readings. Definitely will go on private again with Sarafina." ... written by kgiota22
Really great. Loved it, addicted. Must have more." ... written by molassescrinkles
Thank you for the reading sorry about time running out. Very honest reading!" ... written by epilock
Has a great sense of being able to help you along the path you want." ... written by loveoutdoors
Helpful as always!" ... written by loveoutdoors
Wonderful person to consult with. She can see things and give good adivce! Thank you for your assistance." ... written by datosamja
Thanks!" ... written by aries31
Kind helper." ... written by englandsglory
I'm shocking on some things she told me. It was amazing." ... written by Michael336
Another good reading. She gave me some insights that provided me with a good sense of calm to my issue. Always a 5 star reading." ... written by paloosa
Very helpful." ... written by triggs45
This lady is wonderful... She really knows what she is doing!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Beautifully gifted lady. She is amazing. Great skills and confirmed things for me. She will help you make your decisions and guide you." ... written by FrankJ
OMG! I have never had a reading before from her, but I will be coming back for sure. When I first clicked on her to enter into her room I noticed right away how light the energy was and also she is drop dead beautiful she looks like the beautiful sorcerous in that ewok movie produced by george lucas many years ago. Anyways I asked her a couple questions, 1st question was really funny about my teeth. Miss Sarafina totally dialed into my situation fast. It sounded like she started with cards, but then after that she just start giving me a straight reading "face to face" very direct and super intuitive!!! My 2nd question was about love and wow did god send a lightening bolt through her or what ( i meant the information was just lightening fast and everything she said had me speechless because her words were exactly what I needed to hear)... I really felt that Miss Sarafina was talking to me like i was one of her best girlfriends and she was just telling me how everything is. Really she took me to school and I learned so much in a short amount of time because her words were so deep and really spoke to my soul. One thing flowed into the next deeper and deeper. She is like a coach on the side lines reading and refining my life story in the palm of her hands telling me the does and do nots . I am determined to follow her advices, that I know is for my highest good. I'm so glad I received a reading from Miss Sarafina she is simply an amazing and empowering woman, that is an understatement! I have had quit a bit of readings on Oranum from other psychics: however Miss Sarafina inspired me the most and I will never forget and apply the knowledge she instilled in me. I highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you for my reading! I greatly appreciate all that you and and cherished my reading/healing experience with you. XOXO! " ... written by :) Christmas
Thanks for your insight, straight forward lady who gave me a helpful reading. Will see how it goes. Thank you!" ... written by tootles83
I had an awesome experience with the reading she gave me. Very truthful, direct, and to the point with answers regarding my life's questions. Will definitely return for another session!" ... written by MrLight
She told me what I wanted to hear. She told me the truth. She was amazing. She was kind. But she was also to the point. Just be sure you know everyones birthdays." ... written by HelpMe411
Great reading!" ... written by steffleblanc
I love her! She is very detailed and honest!" ... written by magicbymaya
Pretty accurate" ... written by JPoppy5
Spot on, thanks for the insight." ... written by gigi34
Thank you. I hope you're right :)" ... written by loveandlight_64
Amazing!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Thank you very much!" ... written by lovebaby81
Great advice. Should have gotten more credits but my question was pretty much answered! Thanks!!!" ... written by KimAnnKitz
Picks up on things she couldn't possibly know. Genuine and helpful. I will be back!" ... written by librabeauty
She is such a lovely person, really put me at ease and mad me feel better with myself and more confident. Thank you so much Sarafina, will be back!" ... written by ale510
Sorry to be so slow in doing this but many thanks." ... written by selahisrael
Excellent." ... written by spankyd30
Great reading." ... written by sweetsx
A great reader and person. Thank you!" ... written by JaySora3
Very Very specific advice!!!! saw into my situation perfectly!!! Highly recommended!!! " ... written by vigglesworth216
Great!! A lot of help!" ... written by ksw0009
She was straight and told me how it is. I recommend giving her a try. Spot on with her readings." ... written by dkpower
Very nice person and gave me great advise" ... written by ajerabek
Lovable, accurate, empathic... Clearsighted, motivator, and a good advisor..." ... written by shika79
Very real person..sincere humble...straight forward...kind..." ... written by redheadfreckle42
She was awesome!!!!" ... written by tmb112924
Matter of fact and insightful also, has a good sense of humor. Gave me plenty to think about - thank you!" ... written by Joddle
This reading was unbelievable - she was right on from the very beginning - the accuracy of the reading amazed me. I will come back - Thanks!" ... written by Taurus357
Great reading, loved it." ... written by mini1214
Beautiful, exciting, and damn good reader" ... written by FrankJ
You're great, gave me a lot to think about and help me think of my boundaries :). Thank you." ... written by stefy89
Thank you. You are so kind." ... written by KC
She was nice and general." ... written by abhas006
She was honest and truthful." ... written by abhas006
Thanks and love to you!" ... written by annristin
She was honest and nice and relaxing is like talking to a friend. I felt good about my self right now." ... written by abhas006
Very good." ... written by katieangel27
Amazing..... 5 stars is all I can say!!! try her out!" ... written by JaySora3
Hit the nail on the head! Thank you darling! You have ended a battle that I have been trying to fight for some time now... Thank you so much! :) Mental clarity major!" ... written by cj1214
She was spot on, loved her. Honest, to the point, was fast, I expected to pay and get a full reading, she didn't waist my time with babble at all, I babbled if anything, lol. She is straight up the real deal an enjoyed her reading. I will get a follow up in a couple months. Thank you sarafina very much. 5 star for sure." ... written by lisapatrick
Excellent. Shes helped me to start paying more attention to the things that I've regressed. How to move forward in positive ways. I'm very great full. Thank you again." ... written by bizzybbest
OMG a sweetheart. If you need to find answers. Sarafina is who you need. She brings amazing clarity and advice." ... written by FrankJ
You are amazing and a breathe of fresh air." ... written by Sammy808
She was very accurate and dead on with my reading. She gave me confirmation of something that I needed to hear. Thanks again. I will be back." ... written by dabountychic119
Great reader. Users multiple modalities to read and was very right on. Saw exactly what was going on in my life and what was contributing to it...y fears, my illusions, and perspective of the and gave the overall picture. We focused on best approach and ways to extricate myself out of the situation w/ out fear and with compassion for myself. Very gifted and very helpful. This was my second reading with her and extremely helpful in delivery of messages. " ... written by Bakman7821
I felt she was sincere in her advice and even though I wanted definite answers on time line she kept me clear that patience is important. Thank you " ... written by Misshernow
Thank you. Sarafina is very direct and good to talk about real life things, gave me some great perspective as an empathic person. I will be back for further guidance - I sure need it!" ... written by dominique
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! There is no need to say something else!!! Get a reading from HER - no doubts!" ... written by Future_Manager
She's really terrific. Great reader." ... written by katehrine1965
She was awesome...... 50000 stars." ... written by tk40000
She is wonderful... Very, very accurate! I will get a reading from her again. " ... written by ScarletDream33
Thank you for generous reading." ... written by thanya
the times I felt vibes she was right on the bat! " ... written by samantha
Great" ... written by zaka
I liked sarafina, provided me with some information to sit with, i like that she was direct and felt that she was being honest, i wasn't looking for a happy feel good reading, she provided me with what i needed at this point given my situation, I will be coming back as I had a connection problem and wasn't able to finish my reading. " ... written by Leticia
I love her personality, she reads very very well! She's very accurate and caring, love her!!" ... written by Prettylightxoxo
Very helpful, everything was on point and straight forward. " ... written by diomeddrwbale
Love her, clear as day and very honest. That is all that is needed." ... written by stefy89
She was very accurate." ... written by future_celebrity
Good psychic, really connects to you." ... written by Swim4Fun
Excellent!" ... written by solluvia
Very accurate, and truthful, thank you!" ... written by OLAMOTIL
Few credits / short time but Sarafina reads her cards well. Great reading!" ... written by dallascowboys8
She was very straightforward and clear. She was open-minded and tried to view things in my perspective to help me understand. She gave me clarity for the path I am going to choose. I will come to her again." ... written by Kelsey
Sarafina is the REAL DEAL!! Her cards were 100% to my situation and she knew details with me telling her nothing! She helped me completely in my issue!!! I definitely recommend her :)" ... written by Nina_Lovely
Very great reading i love the things u told me." ... written by sandy1113
Like advise given to me." ... written by twes1458
Great reading thank you for the insight!" ... written by sweetsx
She is straight to the point and appears to be really genuine." ... written by stephen
Amazing and straight forward! Very sweet " ... written by Elisabeth K
No BS the real deal, loved her." ... written by vvd450
No words. all postive smiles and giggles." ... written by jbox1348
Spot On!" ... written by emtbman07
Simply amazing. beautiful energy. simple instructions. my new guardian angel!" ... written by cj1984
It was very obvious that she was channeling my loved one. Thank you for the great reading!" ... written by usmcwifey007
Great." ... written by elenagrant
Really good and accurate!! Fast" ... written by slinkyminky3
Very nice! I was a little nervous at first, it'll all work out though!" ... written by richie5280
Awesome, to the T about the situation, now it's just one day at a time, great recommendations, she is such a caring spirit." ... written by Candy
Really good advice and very quick and to the point about things. I love her positive energy! " ... written by sadhillon
Right on the money!! Very okay with this" ... written by bjean60
Accurate and helpful reading which answered the questions that I asked. The reading got straight to the point. Thank you for your help! :)" ... written by topaz11
You were very down to Earth, very straightforward, and you weren't overbearing. You were also very quick on picking things up, which amazed me. Thank you for your help, SarafinaPsychic." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Very good, provided good, honest advice." ... written by lolalola123
You were great thank you" ... written by greatsmile1999
Good reading, good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
You were incredible. Thank you!" ... written by Tate
She was awesome. I would totally see her again." ... written by kall244
I don’t mind the news, given it was kind of expected. I was just low on credits and would have preferred more interaction. Still good though, assured me what some other psychics have said. " ... written by intrigued8
Thanks!" ... written by md1990
Her readings are very consistent. I'm confident in her abilities and her help is much appreciated." ... written by bizzybbest
Sara was very sweet and kind. She is wonderful to talk with about your issues. She gave some great advice and insights. She is caring and a beautiful soul inside and out. I enjoyed her reading very much and hope that some of the future things come out as she said. Thanks Sara!" ... written by Janet
She was AWESOME!!! From the time I logged into the free chat she know there was something bothering me. She opened my eyes about my relationship during private chat and showed me I have a bright future ahead. Thank you Sarafina!!!" ... written by qtpie2715
Now that is what I call pure divine light, extreme energy release to your problems, wow! What an angel that is what you are!!! Thanks for that energy, wow!" ... written by divinelight700
My husband had passed away and she was able to relate message to me which has helped to console me......I will definitely visit with her again." ... written by Betty
Super reading and it was wonderful to have her reinforce the feelings that I was having regarding a relationship, without me even telling her what it was. I will definitely see this lady again and highly recommend her." ... written by Jayne Martin
Umm kick ass and straight to the point! I can tell that you don't sugar coat it and I thank you for that. I would recommend her too. I am going to recommend you to my friends and family." ... written by izy2013
Sarafina was great with her advice to me and pin pointed exactly what I needed to know I would recommend her if you want a reading" ... written by kiki3582
almost 100% accurate!" ... written by Loren
very accurate..she cued into things i didn't even tell her!! will read again in the future!!" ... written by Karilynn
Very insightful... Good advice... Very helpful" ... written by Joellenr
Awesome." ... written by tim
Gave me a good honest reading, I feel better. " ... written by Steven
Sara was awesome...she made me feel so good!!!! I spent a lot of time with her and she is right on!!! Don't be afraid to speak with her...She is so cool!!!" ... written by cecef764
Very good, like her." ... written by roxanna
Picked up on a few things that were true. Not the best outcome, but it's what I needed to hear. Thanks for the heads up!" ... written by JoyLeaf
Very nice energy about her...and accurate." ... written by fiinex
Very good. Genuine. Not what I wanted to hear but very accurate. Exactly what I needed, the truth. Thank you." ... written by Linda
Very definitive and clear. I enjoyed her low key, matter-of-fact manor. She is gifted." ... written by donna
It was awesome andamp; very insightful! Wish I had the money to buy more to continue but I dont! I do look to come back each month when I do have money though!" ... written by Jamie Hancock
She was amazing, pinpointed a lot of accurate thiings and things about the personality of people. hoping for her predictions to come true, sorry ran out of credits, but please pray for me. Thank you so much." ... written by mshr
I really enjoyed my conversation with her! It was amazing!" ... written by resee057
Excellent!" ... written by Terrence bert
Was a wonderful reading. She was very honest and upfront! Sara, you are an amazing person and truly made me feel better about everything! I'm so glad we had our chat!" ... written by Sissy
Very cool lady. Very to the point and truthful. Neat reading." ... written by Danielle Miceli
Great!" ... written by psymeow
Great reading, helped to give me the needed direction." ... written by Pam
I'll be back soon! Great chat with you, as always! Accurate and great advice!" ... written by mshr
I appreciate the advice i got. Think it was accurate and to the point." ... written by Dana
Wow, this was a different kind of reading. Accurate - off course, this sexy lady knows male psychology real well!" ... written by psymeow
SarafinaPsychic is great. She helped me figure out what to do with a current relationship struggle I'm having, and a friendship that I need to work on. She will help with anything, I highly recommend her. " ... written by Megan
Great!" ... written by missy b me 69
Very clever, very fast!" ... written by VERBENATIA
Excellant ! Very detailed !" ... written by Kim
On point.. loved the reading, ready for my unborn to show his or" ... written by ty
A wonderful reading, very respectful and she explains her readings in case you feel as if you dont understand! Will be coming back in the future for more questions. " ... written by Hannah Gallagher
Amazing! :) Had a lovely reading reading with many words of wisdom. Will be back. Thank you." ... written by Tash1921
Thank you Sarafina. You nailed my situation." ... written by Bonni
Was awesome!!" ... written by tim
She is nice and helpful. I wish you all the best." ... written by Mina Go
Honest reading. Everything was not sunshine and roses. Action is required. Very upfront and direct about the current situation and what's needed from me. Didn't make any promises to the outcome, but clarified things so that I could find my rudder. Thank you very much!" ... written by Nate0324
Very right on! Helped me so much!" ... written by Amanda
She has been correct about a lot of things." ... written by Cathy Cool Cat
Awesome reading, she knew everything I wanted to know. She is the best I had so far." ... written by Amanda
Sarafina was incredible.. very time sufficient and answered my questions right to the point. She is not the type of psychic who will talk slowly just to waste your time or ask pointless questions! Very on point and helpful.. I will definitely be getting another reading from her in the future." ... written by Taylor
Take her to private and you will know she sees a lot before you can say much." ... written by Mia Woods
Very consistent and re-assuring. Thank you " ... written by bizzybbest
Thanks so much for the reading! I'll try to do as you advise. Much love!" ... written by diana
Very helpful and nice person" ... written by sadhana
She's very detailed and great at what she does. I recommend her." ... written by chris
Great job, thanks for your help!" ... written by theresa
Very nice!!" ... written by Michele
Really Good. Pinpointed my fall back of being lazy! lol" ... written by Blyss Lady
She is awesome." ... written by Joy
She gathered from the start about some very personal things I struggle with. She's great, and she is willing to give you advice." ... written by Kelsey
Really good reading thank you!" ... written by Chris
Thank you sarafina. very quick reading. does not waste time. got detailed answers. will keep yo updated." ... written by anonymous
Was a good reading - Thanks!" ... written by Chris
Was awesome, really caring and helpful. Although my heart is breaking I know something and someone better is coming for me and my daughter!" ... written by carla
She was good, picked up on my energy and fast too." ... written by samantha
:) Very good" ... written by luckystar222
Was nice, wish I had more time. Will go back to her again." ... written by Ayrian20
Awesome fives Starrs! So confirming." ... written by Kimberly
Good reading" ... written by joellenr
Quickly answered my questions, and reaffirmed what I was feeling! Awesome!" ... written by Christy
Excellent!" ... written by summer
Very helpful!" ... written by datsno
Sarafina made my heart pound whereas she told me things that I am fighting against except one. She is awesome" ... written by Stacey
Always accurate!" ... written by Christy
Sarafina is an absolute gem !! I loved her." ... written by Rebecca
She is very amazingly stunning." ... written by Dakota
She didn't sugar coat anything and was realistic." ... written by Lynns590
I find it clear now." ... written by leah
Excellent!" ... written by ColeenRenee
Very good!" ... written by breid
Awesome reading! She hit it right on the head. Looking forward to talking to her again. Thanks!!!" ... written by Jacola Tucker
She always gives the most insightful and helpful advice." ... written by bizzybbest
Really awesome reading!" ... written by Shana
Very supportive and always return for more advice." ... written by Kelsey
She is amazing. Real deal." ... written by Mimi
She was great. Took time to shuffle cards, but gave great advice. " ... written by Kristina
OMG luv, thank you thank you, you get what i am asking when I need just information on the opposite sex, and you don't say that that quests for pvt unless needed on just regular everyday advice on love and logic. Thank you!" ... written by Aron
I think she's good! sounded pretty accurate, i guess will have to see what happens next.. but definitely seemed on point." ... written by Mshr
Hilarious, sweet, honest, and positive, just what I needed." ... written by heather
Good stuff." ... written by Zeigen
Once again a great help and an amazing person." ... written by Dimitrios
Has a lovely Light, fair, clear, open, helpful. Do consider talking to her." ... written by ElationRelation
This was my first time and she was beyond sweet and AMAZING!!! She really hit the nail on the head and gave me some good news when I was really down on myself." ... written by crystal
Sarafina as very thoughtful and insightful. Will have to wait and see how things go with my particular predicament, but her readings have given me some very good things to look at" ... written by thomas
She is totally awesome. And I will follow all her advice." ... written by Mayte
She is very good. She has been always right." ... written by Leigh
Nice woman gave me some things to think about in relationships." ... written by Emma
Thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it and you were so right on on every point." ... written by Carla
She was very correct, her predictions are very very correct." ... written by Praveen
Very helpful, amazing reader." ... written by Dimitrios
Lovely lady, good clear messages." ... written by marigoldrose
Went well, time will tell on where things go. Some of what she spoke of is scary and I hope against it. Others are hopeful and hope are true in nature. First reading on here so see how it goes." ... written by livlaura
I just had my follow-up reading with Sara and once again it was amazing and extremely accurate. I'm so very glad we could discuss everything and she was very efficient and very quick and accurate. You rock ma'am!" ... written by Sissycat1
Great! Specific and too the point. No messing around or sugar coating. Told me what i needed to know, not what i wanted. I would recommend to all. Her gift is real." ... written by Jamil
Very down to earth, to the point and accurate. More to come with her, looking forward to the follow up reading." ... written by vet
OMG, this lady is awesome!!!! She is really really good." ... written by Cheryl
She is awesome!" ... written by dabountychic119
:)" ... written by Alexandra
she's awesome" ... written by Michelle
First time reading with her and she is awesome! Totally cool and down to earth. Quick and fast. Won't waste your time. This "guy" is on my prayer list lol.. Will reach out to her again. " ... written by Mel
Very helpful and great to talk to" ... written by sam
Love Sarafina andamp; her energy!!...great, to the point, and fast!! Will come back!" ... written by Daisy
Sarafina was right on the ball.. She knew my year of birth before I even had to type it in... Helped me see the positive to the situation and not lose hope, she's very nice and accurate in her reading. I was amazed how she knew details, I will write another review later when my prediction comes true." ... written by melissa
Accurate and straight to the point. No sugarcoating. I recommend her to everyone." ... written by sara
Very sweet and loving. Really wants to help in all situations." ... written by jojostar
Lovely...lots of interesting insight," ... written by b
Sarafina, you are what your name means like one of the highest choirs of angels. Thank you for setting things straight." ... written by ME
She honed in on our problems but we were not able to finish the reading!" ... written by ReshmiMm
Quick, thorough. Concise. Serious, with a sense of humor. I would work with her again. Good advice and explanations." ... written by lilaM7
Sarafina gave me really great advice to move forward, I appreciate the outlook she gave me. It made think differently about things that I would have never thought of." ... written by Hanna
She was very pleasant and she was very accurate about things. " ... written by Gennell
Very accurate and sincere..." ... written by Linda
The best here I think amazing, the best10/10." ... written by paul.golden69
Incredible! So kind, so accurate! 10/10" ... written by paul.golden69
Awesome lady, very genuine and adorable." ... written by Andrew aka McShort13
Sarafina was very accurate and spot on with my situation. She was getting everything right with my reading and I will tell you if you have the opportunity to have her read for you do not pass it up she is very very good. Thank you and I will be back." ... written by raym
Fabulous, as usual. My number one favorite." ... written by l
Really helped- I'm so grateful. Put my mind at ease about something I've been losing sleep over. Love her style and felt comfortable with her. " ... written by sunmoonfire
Love to try to get a montly insight when the money is right for me, which rarely is on a fixed income! But when it is, cant help but have the first spot to spend it is with Sarafina!" ... written by Jamie
She always gives me good advice and tells me how to deal with my situations. Her prediction are straight on. Where is the love button? Highly recommend." ... written by dabountychic119
The best." ... written by l
Sarafina is great as usual. Wish we could sit down and talk over coffee :)" ... written by Nate0324
So gifted and such a soothing source. Sarafina's warm and caring, direct and accurate. Great psychic. Have been back many, many times. Thanks so much for all your insight and support. Love talking to you in free chat also. Very light-hearted, happy, spirited person that lifts my spirits all the time. " ... written by familyhelper
spot on, fast and very accurate!!" ... written by AB
good advise :) thanks sara!" ... written by frankiecai
Great information." ... written by anesha
She is my # 1 favorite." ... written by l
Good reading." ... written by rosebud77
Nice lady, picked up fast" ... written by fretan
Genuine 100%! Didn't sugar coat anything." ... written by Rachael
Perfect. Genuine. " ... written by e
Love her." ... written by l
My second time with Sarafina.. she is highly intuitive - spot on - and gives excellent advice. I recommend her!" ... written by Joddle
She always gives me great insight on my situation. She really can feel my energy. She is honest and fantastic." ... written by dabountychic119
Thank you for your clarity and your support. " ... written by Safecost!
I loved this reading. I had doubts about my plans-so I can now plan my life around good advise-Thank you! I will visit again!!!" ... written by sweetheaven1
A great, reassuring reading. Thank you so much" ... written by peonbilly
Superb Life coach with Clarity! Accurate read. Caring andamp; compassionate. Detailed, insightful, informative advice. Direct and easy to understand. Empowering andamp; enlightening guidance. Enjoyed every minute of the session. Highly recommend! Thank You, Sarafina. :)" ... written by sibi
I was able to quickly check in on a situation to know my options and to help me decide my action. " ... written by l
She was very good, had to add more time because she was awesome." ... written by rlchambers
AMAZING. Absolutely astounding!" ... written by Cameron
Great follow up .Focused on a particular aspect of my life and explored it in great detail. Love it !High recommended." ... written by Jamil
Never expected, she would be able to say what I feel, direct, and accurate.. She knows even even when I hadn't said anything" ... written by sky
She's fantastic! Straight answers." ... written by BreezyBree
Good!" ... written by sadhana
Very nice and pleasant as always. Thank you!" ... written by JS
Thank you very much." ... written by Denise
Awesome." ... written by bhupsgill2
Great!" ... written by Aryastark
Serafina was really good, I really appreciated her guidance and support! very intuitive! " ... written by heather
She's great!" ... written by Taylor
Great reading." ... written by lauren
She helped me so much. and she was so honest. I needed to hear every word she said, as much as it hurt. She gives the truth." ... written by RuinofDarkness
Love You. You're amazing!" ... written by Sarafina
Sarafina is amazing and really right on point! I'm very glad I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with her. I will definitely work with her again! Thank you! :-)" ... written by Jeaneen
She is awesome, the reading was fantastic, I really enjoyed it." ... written by otessascaptain
Excellent readings " ... written by Kathleen
Great Reading." ... written by PocketRoo
She's amazing, and accurate. so helpful. 10 stars!!!" ... written by nita
She was excellent. She tuned right into my situation like she knew me. She made me feel hopeful instead of depressed about my situation. Thank you Sarafina and I will definitely contact you again. I recommend anyone to contact her in matters of the heart especially." ... written by Justyce
On point, excellent." ... written by Journ3y
She's great! Just wanted to say thank you, and keep praying for us!" ... written by annoynumus
She was good not exactly the news I want to hear but maybe the news I had to hear! =) God bless!" ... written by luckycharms312
Very insightful, very helpful. She helped clear so much of my worry and I'm very grateful for that. I've been trying to adjust to a new life and it's been so stressful and hard and she helped make everything so much more clear and I know how to take the next step now :)! Thank you again so much!" ... written by sailorswife
I have been going to Sarafina for some time now. I trust her with all my logic. She gives me the tough love and the guidance that I need and for most people the toughness is not anyone's sort of cup of tea, but it is mine because its the truth. Truth may hurt, but delusions harm. So if you want the truth, you come seek it from her, and I can assure you as a true testament that it has enlightened me and you will not be going through life confused." ... written by Izy2013
As I aid she is awesome person and everything is true." ... written by omar
She is awesome as always i will be back with her for sure." ... written by omar
Good news is always a plus! She got my current situation. Hope she is right about the future." ... written by Meg
Follow up reading was amazing. She really shared some light on my current situation and gave me some great advice. I will be back!" ... written by dabountychic119
Great very positive as usual. Told me what I needed to hear. Highly recommended. Thank you again." ... written by Jamil
Sarafina if great! very real and down to earth. I really appreciate her wisdom." ... written by heather
Shes good hey, no sugarcoating." ... written by GMR
Great advice! " ... written by Dua
SHE IS AMAZING!! READ WITH HER! " ... written by amazingcheer
Very sweet, excellent reading. She took her time and answered my questions, and she really put me at ease." ... written by angelkin
Good counsel. " ... written by le
Great and on the spot." ... written by Brandon
Good will come back." ... written by mary
You were lovely. Id love to chat with you more. Will be back in a little while. Did not realise that the credit cuts us off." ... written by rika001
Very insightful. Sarafina provides intellectual insight into what is going on. You will finally know the hidden meaning behind what is going on in your life and how long and why. Shes caring and genuine. It is like talking to a friend you have known for years. " ... written by miraculous12
Amazing woman, and an amazing reading." ... written by amanda
Painfully honest!" ... written by l.e
She was very accurate, nice, I'd like to talk to her again. The price is a little steep!" ... written by Evelyn
So insightful I love her she is the only psychic I use on here!" ... written by sailors wife
Amazing, thank you!" ... written by JS
She is very helpful ." ... written by nikki
She was amazing and has a gift! i will return! Thank you." ... written by Chris
She was spot on with my reading! I loved what she had to say about my maternal grandparents. She described them exactly as how they were in life and how they are now in death are the same and she told me that my grandfather doesn't want me to be depressed anymore over his death as I have been since his passing and so I am going to really work on that. She told me my grandmother thinks I should get out and enjoy life more and that I should keep working on my college degree and my career goal and that made me feel very good about my hard work and dedication because I haven't had much support from my parents on that and so her words from my grandparents made me feel happy, made me cry and made me realize a lot and I recommend her services to others. Thank you so much Sarafina! " ... written by Danielle Koch
Thank you so much. I have a lot of homework to do. LOL. You were great." ... written by Denise
Thank you again." ... written by Romeo Koen
Nice woman, telling the truth, just what i wanted. I got the answers I wanted. I recommend Sarafina. Thank you!" ... written by mette44
She keeps it real and honest. She gives it to you straight up with no chasers. She is a loving person and I have had many readings with her. Amazing and Awesome person." ... written by dabountychic119
Made me feel calm and welcome. Loved her advice!" ... written by Shyanne
I'm a regular." ... written by l.e
My second reading today. Like I said before she is on point. Very good. I am impressed." ... written by elvis
Wow, she is so right on point. Definitely recommend." ... written by elvis
Thank you Sarafina for guiding me to stay strong and confident." ... written by melissa
Straight to the point. 100% accurate." ... written by elvis
Sarafina is trustworthy, my favourite reader on Oranum, I will only talk to her if I need the "right stuff" ... lol , definitely would recommend her to everyone. Sometimes just a few words is all you need, if they are the right words!" ... written by marigoldrose
Very good reading! Gifted with information, very present and to the point. Thank you for that" ... written by Rhadhannia
Sarafina is the best!!! She is RIGHT ON!!! I have never felt so comfortable than with her. I love you Sara!!! Talk to her... she will help you!!!" ... written by cecef764
Wonderful catchup!!!" ... written by marion
A very good reading. Thanks." ... written by zimerili1
Lovely reader. Highly rate this lovely spirit who can see with insight clear straight on the level as it is so one can move on. Really helping to move on. She is fab!" ... written by marina
She was amazing and spot on on all of my concerns." ... written by Peyton
She was very awesome and new exactly what to say...she is definitely a person for helping you understand what you want and how to achieve it. Thank you again Sarafina." ... written by richard
Always makes me so happy when I talk to her. Very uplifting. :)" ... written by Katie
Thanks for the advice on moving forward in such an awful situation, I will take your advice and use to the best of my advantage." ... written by Hanna
Very good." ... written by linda
Very sweet and honest" ... written by Amanda
Really understood what was happening and showed me how to move forward, thank you so much!" ... written by Hanna
She was great. Very insightful and proactive. Thanks!" ... written by Liz
Very helpful as always!" ... written by Ben
Need more stars added on(like 15 more). Nuff said." ... written by Izy2013
Very insightful, and helping me with my situation. " ... written by Rose
She's a very sweet lady. Very insightful and clear. I feel great after speaking to her. I recommend her highly!" ... written by ladygrace
She was awesome, knowledgeable, and candid. Cool energy and tactfully honest. :-) Rock On Sarafina! " ... written by AndroLane
Very insightful. Validated my own personal feelings" ... written by Kathi
She is excellent! " ... written by Lfruitloops (Lynn)
She is the best, great as usual." ... written by Joddle
I felt so great about her reading for me :) Every question I had was answered before it made it down to the keyboard. A+ psychic " ... written by DC_Sovereign
Sarafina knew exactly what I was thinking when I was questioning a situation and helped me move past it. Thanks for your help!" ... written by Cosmo3183
To the point, no sugar coating... What you need to hear, not what you want to hear." ... written by mike
She is absolutely great!! Turned my day around." ... written by Chantelle
I really felt connected to her!" ... written by Nicky
Like a talented friend. You would be wise to have a reading." ... written by SIncery7
She's amazing. " ... written by sincerly7
thank you!!!" ... written by Kellymay20
Nice reading...good information, accurate hopeful and resonated with me." ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
Had an awesome reading! She answered all of my questions and was very honest! And also is very funny :) Thank you so much :) " ... written by JD
Nice reading, to the point." ... written by arle
She was very helpful in a problem I had been enduring and seemed very useful. " ... written by Astralbread
What can I say, you are amazing and a great online friend. You have it right all the time. Thanks, Sarafina." ... written by familyhelper
Loved her!! Not only is she very sweet but very intellegent. Compassionate and right on every time. " ... written by Melissa Brown
This lady made me think about a relationship I am in, advised me of the future and told me how to hang in there. It was a punchy, to the point private reading and I appreciate that." ... written by Melanie
She's really good!" ... written by Nicky
Great reading!" ... written by Nicky
okay, must say, you're the best" ... written by sincerly7
Awesome!" ... written by yasmarlyn
She is caring, compassionate, and will give you great insights along with some very amazing advice. She is extremely wise and will give you a new perspective and help you to get through this process of life. Thank you Sarafina!" ... written by LadyGrace
She's fantastic, very to the point and detailed. " ... written by createwitheyes
As always, she is wonderful and very accurate. " ... written by Melissa Brown
She was amazing and spot on and will definitely have another reading with her soon." ... written by chevygirl
She is so awesome. She was right on!! I will be back for more!! Wow!" ... written by CuriousLady79
Great!!!!!!!!!" ... written by April
Nice job Sarafina, you really picked up on the real me. I look froward to my home selling soon. " ... written by Keri
She is very good." ... written by edgard
Awesome awesome reader!! Highly intuitive... doesn't just tell you what will happen... sees reaction!! She is great!!" ... written by AT
Very good reading , I certainly recommend Serafinas a sincere and caring andamp; accurate psychic. I will come back :) Thank You " ... written by joy99123
I really like Sarafina and found her to be a realist with a sense of humor." ... written by Katie
Super sweet. Very accurate and totally understanding of situations. " ... written by melissa Brown
Dead on. Thank you Sarafina!! " ... written by Cheryl
She was really good... dead on..." ... written by Jennifer/Susan
LOVE HER!" ... written by Cheryl
Just a real great person to put things into perspective with her insight, knowledge and expertise. As always, thanks Sarafina!" ... written by Familyhelper
Sorry, I ran out of time, I've been on a strict budget but will def reconnect with you in the future." ... written by JenMarie1213
Thank you so much." ... written by Denise
She is realistic!" ... written by me
Thank you so much. Five stars as usual." ... written by Denise
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
Thank you for helping me" ... written by Denise
Great" ... written by kerry
Straight forward and honest" ... written by Pam
You have been a blessing in my life. thank you so much." ... written by Denise
Great reading with SarafinaPsychic!" ... written by Antonio
Great Reading with Sarafina Psychic." ... written by Antonio
Thank you so much." ... written by Denise
Enjoyed the reading, thanks so much" ... written by Bridget apples
She's amazing! in 30 seconds, she answered my last question! she is highly intuitive and picks up amazing details. you got to have a chance to speak with her. " ... written by x
She is the best person to come to if you need guidance. I highly recommend." ... written by Taj
Thank you so much." ... written by Denise
She always helps a lot, things are clearer now!" ... written by Joddle
Awesome!" ... written by Isaiah
Straight to the point. Informative. I think this woman was correct to dish the dirt cause I really don't know why I am suffering so much! Thanks for the information!" ... written by shane
Thank you Sara." ... written by Denise
I love her. She funny and just easy to talk to. If you ever just need someone to hang with, Sarafina is here for you." ... written by Bev
Sarafina is great! Thank you so much for your insight!" ... written by heather
Thanks for your help on figuring the right direction with situation, it helped a lot." ... written by Cosmo
Great!" ... written by mendel
Thanks for the reading. You were right on." ... written by stang93
Very good thank you!" ... written by Rhadhannia/Nancy
Was great talking to her. Good advice!" ... written by victoria
The best. She made my day !!!!! :)" ... written by Nancy
Only had a short time but really was given some good insight" ... written by jennahrrs
Thank you Sara." ... written by Denise
I enjoy talking to sarafina when I need someone to talk to and when i feel sad. she always comforts me to know that she is here for when i need guidance or help answer some serious questions that are bothering me. she is a very nice person who cares deeply about my situation. thank u sarafina :)" ... written by melissa
Wow very quick and very good with her information has helped me a little thank you." ... written by danielle
She was awsome thank you and god bless you" ... written by cooljoe76
Very honest and genuine. I really enjoyed talking to her" ... written by Christine
Thank you sara" ... written by Denise
Very honest and caring :) " ... written by emily
I am a believer!! LOVE HER!" ... written by karen
Excellent, told me just what I needed to hear and gave me the advice that I needed." ... written by Rebecca
Spot on. Deep accurate connection, really knows whats going on!" ... written by Jess
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
Thank you... I appreciate your insight and guidance." ... written by jerald
THANK YOU SARA. YOU ARE THE BEST" ... written by Denise
Great session. " ... written by melissa
Honest." ... written by intrigued8
Great session I loved it! " ... written by melissa
Very very good! thank you." ... written by Mary Grace
Very Good!!!" ... written by jonian72
Extremely intuitive!!! Even before I got a reading!! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by kisha
Safrina, You were a breathe of fresh air a very much on target. Thank you so much; there is something very pure about you. I need someone to help me understand what I need to do to let go and move on. " ... written by VICKI DEE JOHNSON
Thanks!" ... written by Tanya
Great! Helpful advice!" ... written by alejandra
Awsome! " ... written by nixspony
Nice and human. Tell the truth, nice woman." ... written by mette44
SarafinaPsychic...She is amazing! I love this lady! =D She is 100% accurate and she is funny as well. LOL " ... written by Leah Heimark
THANK YOU SARAH!" ... written by SARAH
THANK YOU, SARAH." ... written by Denise
Thanks for the help and update on different situations, I appreciate your help." ... written by Cosmo
I love her, she is an amazing physic! " ... written by melissa
Thank you. I appreciate the insight." ... written by jerald
Always really nice and honest readings. Thank you ever so much. Absolutely love the positivity. Lots of love and blessings. - Josie" ... written by Josie
She rocks! Amazing reader... amazing tips on bettering you. Because after all that's what counts most!" ... written by Farah
Good reading will see what happens." ... written by leebee4
Good advice." ... written by melissa
Thank you! Much appreciated! xo" ... written by heather
Amazing on what she picks up, thank you always :)" ... written by JS
You are a wonderful lady! so funny and have a great personality! Bang on very accurate with my situation I highly recommend!!!! i love her honesty as well thank you!" ... written by BK
Great advice that I have to think about for a while." ... written by Magnus
She gave great advise. I know she was in touch with my situation and I feel that I can now enjoy where I am at right now." ... written by Rebecca Hatton
Love, love, love Sarafina!" ... written by Kristina
Lovely lady :) Definitely recommend." ... written by jade
Cool!" ... written by Mamoon
Great reader! Highly recommend! Sarafina connects very quickly and always gives great advice. Definitely worth your money! " ... written by bruin19
It was awesome first time this type of use. :) Very interesting. She gave ease about my store and I should stick to it. Thanks very much. Light and love, blessings. :)" ... written by monica
She gave me insight when I felt so lost and confused." ... written by Caroline
Right on every time!" ... written by luvu37
I loved SarafinaPsychic! She was wonderful. Picked up on so much. She could read me and my guy as if she had known us her entire life!!! I was impressed how spot on she was about so much. I look forward to the future!" ... written by Cherish3js
Gave me some things to reflect on." ... written by Ignacio
Honest and understanding." ... written by rebecca
WONDERFUL!" ... written by Lisa
Caring, compassionate individual. She is very dead on with associations with your life. Would def recommend a reading with her. " ... written by Amanda
My first reading I had a few months ago was with Sarafina. Have to say Her reading was very right on and I enjoyed it. It was very clear and a lot has come to pass. Sometimes in different areas than expected but all fair." ... written by livlaura
Awesome job." ... written by christina
IT was great. Very informative." ... written by Crystal
Very good advice! Will follow them! Recommend her to anyone. :)" ... written by Krunkas
Amazing... very helpful... she healed me!" ... written by Tonia
She is amazing, was very honest and helpful, she gave me plenty of insight to my question and helped me to understand what could also happen." ... written by Shantaasha
Really outstanding. Very accurate read although it is rarely happy in my case. I am beginning to wonder if this is all really worth the effort. " ... written by Spiritualgirl2
Lovely Lady! Told me a lot - have to wait and see!" ... written by ReshmiMM
Sarafina is super awesome! I will be back! She gave me lots of info. to research on my spiritual journey!!!" ... written by K_train
She is good wish I had more credits. Very accurate, I really do rate her highly. Top marks!" ... written by Star Man
Thanks again for your clear insights :)" ... written by Jennifer
I feel she was spot on." ... written by Vickie
Very good andamp; insightful!" ... written by Tim
THANK YOU, SARA!" ... written by Denise
Great reading. Covered a lot of areas that I had questions about." ... written by s
Love this lady! She rocks!" ... written by Amanda
Very good reading!" ... written by Trish Yule
I thought Sarafina was phenomenal... So easy to talk to - I felt like I've known her forever! Would highly recommend and will def. be back!" ... written by Carolyn
As usual, Sara delivered a most accurate reading. I said I'd come back and update you on all the stuff that was going on and I did and you seemed to know everything that was going on right away. I DEFINITELY recommend her for anyone!" ... written by Sissy
Great job, very informative." ... written by Tammy
Sarafina has helped me many times to look at my situation. I wanted to hear that I was just about to meet Mr Right... I wanted to hear that I was just moments away from joy and happiness. Guess I've got some more work to do! Sarafina tells you straight. I know I'm going to have to wait longer. Her advice has been really helpful and she's given me a lot of ideas." ... written by Joddle
Very nice and helpful, gave good advice, recommend her!" ... written by sandi
Thank you Sara!" ... written by SARAH
Thank u sara....u rock! xoxox on ward nd up ward." ... written by heather
She is very cool. 2nd reading with her and she is very cool, recommend highly, very special, very connected." ... written by marinakasha
Very insightful and and fast. Caring and wonderful..highly recommended and I will return!" ... written by Eric
Great advice." ... written by hope
She is always good! Love her demeanor and she is very accurate. Highly recommend!" ... written by Cherish
THANK YOU" ... written by SARAH
She is easy to talk to. She is reassuring, tells you what she sees, not what you always want to hear but I definitely always get a great connection. I will consult her often and rely on her wisdom and gifts! " ... written by Cherish
She pretty much never tells me what I expect to hear, nor want to hear, but it both turns out accurate, and feels right. Her advice to me as a woman is empowering in a way that appreciates and respects men, which is nice. Her advice in general always comes from "what the universe is telling" her and is articulated in a way that blows out the cobwebs and crystallizes a no nonsense mindset. No booga-booga, hocus pocus, can-I-burn-more-of-your-minutes-fooling-around here, but a well-refined spawn of a coupla hippies, I think." ... written by clandestine
THANK YOU SARA" ... written by Denise
Very good reading." ... written by kisha
Awesome job connecting! She was right on point and very helpful with my questions." ... written by Ali G
I really enjoy and appreciate how honest she is about her readings." ... written by Shantaasha
Sarafina is right on track with what has been going on and what I really need to do. Thanks!" ... written by Donna
I love the way she read me. Sweet and honest. Thank you!" ... written by Brenda Salgado
Great to talk to." ... written by luvuchaluka
She cleared up some issues for me about dreams and departed soul. Although, there is no one in my life that I am close to who have passed away. So not sure who the departed soul is - this hanging out with me." ... written by Robina Hula
Thank for the help." ... written by Mar...
Thank you my dear... I appreciate your guidance and insight." ... written by jerald
She was incredible and very helpful! Was on point and accurate to what has happened." ... written by Mona
I got so much from our reading, it was very good! Super helpful!" ... written by Beverly Allen
She is the BEST I have found on this site! Highly recommend her. She is accurate and sees things and remembers things from previous readings. I will come back again and again! She has wonderful gifts and a great caring personality! " ... written by Cherish
I can now go to my bed, and sleep for the first time in a month. I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Such a welcoming and lovely lady, whom knew me the minute I arrived :D With many and heartfelt thanks...Ingrid x x Stephens wife x x x" ... written by Ingrid
THANK YOU SARA." ... written by Denise
She was good." ... written by Darlene
Awesome!" ... written by kinz
Awesome time chatting. (:" ... written by amber
This reading was good, and will continue to have my readings." ... written by janie
Sarafina is like a close friend and she always has what you are seeking! Check her out!" ... written by gina
Thank you... Good as always!" ... written by Rhadhannia
This was by far the best reading i have had on this site,,,she is amazing and right on with everything she told me,,,kudo's to you" ... written by vicky mcguffin
Thanks for everything today! I appreciate it!! You helped me get my confidence back up. " ... written by Leah Heimark
THANK YOU SARA!!!" ... written by Denise
Great reading, Very inspirational and uplifting. I received great advice and now it's time to work. " ... written by Kristina Prattis
Very fast! awesome reader!! Very compassionate and is always accurate!! I will be back!" ... written by ah
THANK YOU." ... written by Denise
Absolutely amazing! Helped me alot! Looking forward to chatting with Sarafina again soon in the future! Dead on with a lot of stuff in my life! She's OUTSTANDING!" ... written by Angela
Awesome! So nice and straight to the point." ... written by ashley
THANK YOU SARA" ... written by Denise
Great." ... written by luvu
Thank you.." ... written by maria
Great to talk to and makes me feel better." ... written by luvu
I have never had someone be so accurate and on track with my life and the players in my life. Sarafina is amazing! " ... written by Laura
Thank you." ... written by Denise
Again. Sarafina always knows how to console me in great times of need and I will continue to speak to her. Thank you for being there and for being a friend that tells you how it is." ... written by izy
Awesome thank you!!!" ... written by heather
THANK YOU" ... written by Denise
Thank you." ... written by Denise
Very good" ... written by Natasha
THANK YOU!" ... written by Denise
Amazing! Tapped into what was going on in my life. Gave honest spot on answers! she communicated with my aunt who passed on and pointed out very personal things that only I would know! Very good reading! " ... written by heartconnection
Very accurate, honest and to the point. " ... written by erin
2nd time chatting privately with Sarafina! I love her, nothing short of amazing! Her advice is wonderful and she's helped me greatly! Can't wait to chat with her again!" ... written by Angela
Wow!!! Sarafina was Great! She says how it is and lets you know how to take control of your life to get the things you want! Thank you" ... written by Michelle
THANK YOU SARA!" ... written by Denise
This lady is amazing, love her. Her accuracy is so right on and so friendly " ... written by renata
Sarafina thank you for your loving support! I don't know what I would do without you here by my side while I am going through this. You help me a lot and I don't know how to explain that in so many few words. lol " ... written by Leah Heimark
Love Sarafina's readings. She's nice." ... written by mette44
Very honest and quick to answer. Excellent." ... written by paual
That was very insightful. Even my friend said the same thing." ... written by kayLynn
She's great. Right too the point." ... written by kittykat1980
thanks for your opinon'" ... written by luvu
Updated love talking to her" ... written by luvu
Awesome.!!" ... written by Norie
SARAFINA...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PRIVATE!!!! This helped me a lot. You really changed my views and helped me see the positive, even though at times it can be rough. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!! XOXO " ... written by Leah Heimark
Nice lady. Didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but that's no reflection on her. Just how it is." ... written by lilyme
Thank you Sarafina for your private with me. I really needed that reassurance! Thank you for connecting me to Blake, it means a lot to me. " ... written by Sofiawonder
I enjoy talking to her she gets you to think things through in a realistic level. " ... written by Jen
Excellent reading" ... written by Cindy
Awesome as always !! the best!! " ... written by heartconnection
Rght on track with my life." ... written by Laura
Sarafina is earnest and insightful." ... written by irelandirish
Always amazing! A true friend and gifted person." ... written by familyhelper
Very good reading! :)" ... written by Joshua
Amazing " ... written by melissa
Excellent reading!" ... written by Clarity
She was spot on about everything. Good reader. Highly recommend. :)" ... written by Dreamermidnight
Love Sarafina! Her guidance and words are simply beautiful! Enjoy speaking with her! " ... written by Angela
AMAZING! I will be back for more!! thank you for connecting to my mom for me! " ... written by Christine
Awesome. Million stars." ... written by kimm
I found her real and empathatetic. She latched onto my problem immediately and i have some good advice from her thank you." ... written by madhu
She is a good reader. She understands everything. Recommend!" ... written by Katie
AMAZAING 5 stars!!!" ... written by JS
I will always come back to Sarafina, 'cuz everything she telling Is true. I love her." ... written by shawna
Will definitely come back. Probably the most accurate reading I have had here so far!" ... written by Kelly
She remembered me and read quickly…read the situation… overall good read!" ... written by intrigued88
Really great reading, straight to the point and honest! Will definitely seek a reading with her again! " ... written by Elle
THANKS SARA!!" ... written by Denise
She is great!!" ... written by Jason Runyan
Good clarity and answers,. Thank you!" ... written by Rhadhannia
Thank you Sarafina. " ... written by melissa
She is sooo good, very accurate and nice and gives great advice." ... written by nayyerjames4102
Love her lots." ... written by melissa
AWESOME!!" ... written by Autumne
Very good! Gave me some great insight into events yet to unfold. A peek into the book of life, but thankfully, no spoilers, just compelling information. Thank you!" ... written by Steven
She'd some interesting light on my personality. Encouraged me to carry on and build myself," ... written by Pete
Like a best friend. She provides guidance, listens to my complaining, helps me through it all with her logic, insight and ability to see things that help to guide me. Thanks so much, Sarafina." ... written by familyhelper
Good!!!" ... written by Rhadhannia
Very nice reading!!" ... written by Zeeshan
She is accurate and caring, and understands very well. " ... written by Dreamermidnight
Sarafina is awesome. You want the truth - she gives the truth. Good advice and a very nice person." ... written by melissa
Love Sarafina. Always there to help and give advice. Great reader and friend." ... written by familyhelper
Spot on! Thank you!!" ... written by April
Very helpful and insighful." ... written by Chantel
She is amazing as usual and awesome! Spot on exactly. Intuitively knew my major plans for the upcoming week and who I would be with. All accented by her friendly bubbly personality! " ... written by Brian
She touched on a lot of issues I have with a past life... gave me a lot to think about, which I am always appreciative of!" ... written by brinyseafoam
Amazing!!! Really..." ... written by Ann
Great reading! Thanks so much for the insight and for the advice!" ... written by sand
Amazing as usual! Just love you, Sarafina!" ... written by familyhelper
she was great" ... written by candace
Good" ... written by s
Thanks for updates" ... written by luvuchalua
Always on point, and always reminding me to keep head up. It's always and relaxing and comforting experience with Sarafina. " ... written by Caroline
Great, awesome!!! Spot on!" ... written by jamira76
Spot on. Great!" ... written by jamira76
Great reading!" ... written by Marco Navarro
Well I definitely needed my one on one with Sar. She is the absolute best and gives the upmost of consideration to whatever is happening that moment. I take every word to heart and it has helped get through a lot of rough days. Thanks again for all you do. And u know I will always be stopping back in to say hello. From VA to CA love and light all around!" ... written by Kristina
Thank you very much Sara." ... written by irelandirish
Thorough and sweet." ... written by Freedom2211
That went well. I felt the truth of her words. It's giving me a lot to think about." ... written by Jenny
AMAZING!!!" ... written by chelsa
Amazing. picks up great. thanks" ... written by JS
Great as usual." ... written by Jason
Always amazing. Love her. Always provides all the answers to all my questions and knows where I'm going. Thanks always! Hugs!" ... written by familyhelper
She was very good. Calm and full of good wisdom for me at this point. I needed that talk with another woman who is aware of what my true feelings are at this moment. I appreciate her making me feel like a friend.. Thank you!" ... written by franccine
Wonderful caring woman amazing. xxx" ... written by nicola dalby
Always great, always accurate, always honest, just great!" ... written by familyhelper
THANK YOU FOR HONESTY. I really liked that!" ... written by Erin Cisco Petersen
Very easy to underSTAND and helpful!" ... written by cajaya21160225
This woman is amazing!!!! She is dead on every time!!! " ... written by rachel1974
Very insightful! Thank you so much. You were very intuned with the situation and gave me a lot of perspective. Thank you!" ... written by Jessica
Excellent reading. Picked up on everything I needed answered. I will return for another reading. Thank you so much." ... written by Carla
Very informative ...." ... written by Jane Morgan
Very insightful, gave me the answers I need for my life and relationship." ... written by Sam
I think she was spot on about a lot things and made a lot of sense." ... written by sylvia
Her reading was straightforward and I appreciated the details. It was a very good reading." ... written by bluberryum
She was good. About 90% of what she said was on point." ... written by Hasani
Very connective, and takes a genuine interest in you. Didn't miss a thing!" ... written by MalpASU
Great! Feel better...time felt short." ... written by hummph
ok" ... written by nva123
Sooooo helpful. I have had so many questions and I even though I didn't have much time (cause I'm broke) I'm leaving the reading feeling very happy. Couldn't be more thankful." ... written by brittany
Thanks so much for reading :)" ... written by Angel
Helpful as always. One of my favorite. Thank you so much!" ... written by Bizzybbest
She was very straight forward with her comments. And definitely had me thinking about my attitude towards life. thank you " ... written by carjoh
Was very helpful! Will come back for another reading again!" ... written by luv4star
Awesome reading!" ... written by Cre8withLove
Thank you very good!" ... written by stars456
Very good read, very insightful!!!" ... written by jana kadri
Excellent! A++++" ... written by C-Money
Sarafina is fantastic - very kind and honest!" ... written by mderiabi
Again, really great information that fits with my circumstances with not much input from me." ... written by Simone
Sarafina gave accurate information with no input from me. Really calming, practical advice. Nothing that didn't sound achievable and true." ... written by AceOfCupss
Gave me a sense of reality. Thanks. My second reading with her." ... written by ABA
She was really good!" ... written by Nicky
Excellent! Very intuitive, kind and sweet. A+++" ... written by Clark
Highly recommended." ... written by Marcus
Excellent, communicative and thoughtful. Highly recommended!" ... written by Patrick
Sarafina is right on the money!She was very truthful and thorough and shed light on different views of a situation. Would definitely recommend and will seek a reading again. Very compassionate and intuitive:) " ... written by Lizzy
Highly recommended!" ... written by C-Dazzle
Very detailed and accurate reading. Great advisor!" ... written by starshine34
Very intuitive and kind. Focused completely on the issues at hand and provided some extremely great insight. I would highly recommend Sarafina to others!" ... written by Collin
Always amazing, Sarafina. She is so comforting." ... written by marigoldrose
Thank you so much. She was great!" ... written by raerae2214
Great! Thank you." ... written by marigoldrose
Love her straightforward style andamp; advice. I feel more relieved that I had a reading with her this evening. I know it's accurate because of the feeling I received from my intuition. Excited to tell as the more it happens!! Thank you very much!!" ... written by Paris82014
The most awesome incredible reading I have ever had. Sarafina is so intuitive, accurate and her advise is out of this world. I am overwhelmed at her abilities and I look forward to the follow up. " ... written by Tom
Straight to the point!" ... written by blanche
She is exactly what I wanted to find! The moment I entered her room, she told me what she thought I was looking for, and It was exactly that, I was looking to many places for an answer, and she could feel my pain. The private was so comforting, fun, and precise. I highly recommend her!!!" ... written by michelle
She was very helpful and straightforward. If you want honesty, have a reading with her! Unlike some psychics, she won't sugarcoat the truth. I definitely recommend her!" ... written by Kitty476
she was good lol...but the whole fantasizing about something cant happen with me anymore" ... written by stephanie
Thank you for the honesty and for making realize whats ahead of me. I appreciate it." ... written by FC
Sarafina is very kind, forthright and seems spot on with her reading." ... written by Ricci
AMAZING READING, 100% RECOMMENDED" ... written by Dan
She sees one to two kids with my ex. So funny because we talked about this in the future! lol" ... written by Trevino
Sarafina, is so accurate!!! She picked up on everything I HAVE ALREADY HAD INTUITIONS ABOUT! I have a lot of premonitions of things that are going to happen before they happen andamp; GUT FEELINGS that always accurate 100% MY SPIRIT MAN within me SEEMS TO ALWAYS B RIGHT. " ... written by Mezmerized
Thank you. That was a great reading, very honest." ... written by Christy
Sarafina connected with my parents and gave me such a comforting reading. She was right on about my father and my mother. Thanks Sarafina! " ... written by diane
Shes among the best! Its like girl talk with psychic insights. Great reading!" ... written by LadyGrace
Thanks! (:" ... written by brenda
Great reading as always :)" ... written by Jen
Great reader :)" ... written by Katie
thank you so much for your advice" ... written by maria
thank you for the look at things its always great to chat with you" ... written by luvuchaluka
I love her." ... written by ebonypisces
Sarafina is awesome, she has a calmness about her that puts you at ease. Her reading was spot on! I felt very positive after my reading and recommend her to anyone that needs some support and/or advice." ... written by diane
Top reader and wonderful helpful lady and 5 star reading. thank you" ... written by barbara
Great guidance! Always feel more at ease and reassured after my readings with Sarafina!! Highly recommend!! " ... written by bruin19
Thanks for the insight. Will surely get back to you with the outcome." ... written by Basia Lashae
On point. Going back 4 another reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by ms. meme 1981
Yes. She is correct. Kick him to the curb with an elegant boot on! Ha. Wonderful." ... written by qp
I trust her. " ... written by Sheelaah
Great reader. Much thanks" ... written by JP
Great!" ... written by
Clarified a perceived troubling issue with great advice on how to deal with it. Thanks again SarafinaPsychic. " ... written by bizzybbest
Thank you so much for the insight...You're amazing and so right on about my situation...Blessings.. To all: please that the moment with her in private...She is so right on about things and can guide you to a better and more fulfilling way of life.." ... written by Trish
great thanks, very good .. recommend ... highly. she is intouch with integrity" ... written by marinakasha
Sarafina was right on the money. She told me about things that were true and then told me of the future. Love her!" ... written by
My reading was exactly what I needed to hear. Sarafina was straight to the point and direct. I'm so glad to be able to talk and share my emotions with Sarafina. Thank you Sarafina for being you. :)" ... written by melissa
Excellent help :)" ... written by bizzybbest
Right on! :)" ... written by Chris
One of my favorite people to talk with here. " ... written by bizzybbest
Picks up wonderfully... amazing. Thank you" ... written by JS
I LOVE SARA!!!! SHE IS THE BEST!!! LOOK NO MORE!" ... written by cecef764
She is a lovely, strong and insightful psychic." ... written by Sarah
Good reading!" ... written by LC
Excellent reading!!!!!!!!!" ... written by FP
She gave me a clear understand about my goals in my journey and how to accomplish them!" ... written by Alicia
Excellent. Really, it is up to me to be happy and do fun things. Trips coming up, he will ask me to go with him." ... written by Mary Kate
very to the point, great reading,the best" ... written by paul
She is so caring and amazing!" ... written by Sarah
Highly recommended!" ... written by Marcus
Thanks for the insight! Really appreciate it! " ... written by m
Thank you!" ... written by force
Excellent!" ... written by Chip
She is very intuitive and spot on. She is very understanding." ... written by Katie
Great lady... Like her!!!" ... written by c
Excellent help as always." ... written by bizzybbest
Highly recommended!" ... written by AURA
Very kind and intuitive. Highly recommended!" ... written by Steven
Knows a lot before told her. Impressive. Honest. :)" ... written by Marielam
She was very honest and gave me good advice. " ... written by julie
She was wonderful and I appreciated her input!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tiffany
She was very caring and compassionate. I felt she was also very honest. Thank you." ... written by Amee
Very good and clear reading. Covered many aspects. Wii keep intouch" ... written by Charlie
Amazing reading!!!! so soooo intuitive!! " ... written by sand
Really great - thanks so much! Lots of great feedback. I will be back." ... written by Lara
I love Sarafina! She's very caring and helpful. :) Her guidance gave me happiness and a sense of security. " ... written by lataya
She was amazing! I had a great connection with her. I feel like she completely understood my situation without me having to explain much. I will definitely be staying in contact." ... written by Janice Joseph
Fantastic as always, and will definitely come back soon." ... written by MALPASU
I loved my reading with Sarafina, she picked up on many things. Will be back, Highly recommend!" ... written by Shannon
Thank you so much for the private tonight! You are always here to listen and here to support me when I need it the most! Thanks Sarafina, you're the best!" ... written by Elena Heimark
Very nice" ... written by channy
I think Sarafina is wonderfu , she tunes in real fast and right to the heart of things. She's always on point, I strongly recommend her, you won't be sorry. she's awesome." ... written by pauly61
She's a great help in finding why a situation was happening for me." ... written by heather
Totally awesome, answered questions with little info from me. Will def go back!" ... written by Lori
Straight up no punches straight to the point and intuitive. " ... written by piperbrown
Time will tell!" ... written by Danielle
She was right on the money. She knew exactly what was going on and what I needed to to for myself. She is really amazing!! I will definitely be back!!" ... written by Karen
She is awesome." ... written by Nekesha
very helpful. put my mind at ease. the confidence she told me to have is growing and i feel confident in my reading" ... written by Derek
Thanks so much!" ... written by Lara
She was open and honest. " ... written by evette
Good reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by FF
She was very insightful considering we couldn't talk because I couldn't figure out my webcam. Gave interesting information based on my dreams that coincided almost directly with something happening already in my life " ... written by Dina
Good." ... written by angel
She is a true blessing, truly gifted " ... written by Tat
right on target , non judgmental and honest" ... written by sunshine
SarafinaPsychic is such a beautiful soul inside and out she always offers me guidance when I need it the most." ... written by Tat
pretty good hopefully you readings helps" ... written by jacob
Great reading. Very honest! Glad I came to her." ... written by Christine
She was great. So insightful and positive." ... written by Shannon
awesome" ... written by Amanda
We connected with my mother and the way she relayed the message, it was as if my mother was talking through her. Very calm and very soothing." ... written by Kayla Ferreira
Incredibly accurate! Very compassionate and forthcoming! Excellent reading!" ... written by Taylor
she seemed to the point . " ... written by miranda
I love her! She is so down to earth. So genuine and sweet, caring soul! I appreciate her sharing her gifts with others. She really put a lot of things in perspective for me! She was so accurate and connected so quickly, Wish I had more credits. i will be back for updates as soon as I can. She is amazing! " ... written by tiffany
AMAZING!!!" ... written by kallie
She was very helpful and informative, and insightful" ... written by MerkabahMan633
THANKS SARA" ... written by Denise
THANK YOU SARA" ... written by Denise
great reading " ... written by apple
Spot ON. Excellent... Thanks" ... written by Hitesh
very wonderful, thank you so much " ... written by lindsey
that was a fast read, mind you I bought minimum credits. thank you. " ... written by Stephanie
I like u a lot... You know everything that Is going to happen It's unreal... kisses and hugs." ... written by KittyKat1980
Always very good, hits the nail on the head always..thanks " ... written by misty
Good reading, tuned in quickly and gave me good information and a lot to think about." ... written by Jennifer
picks up quick. thank you" ... written by JS
Wonderful to talk to. " ... written by luchi01
She was right on about everything that's going on in my life,gave good advice.Now I really fell better about the outcome.Well worth trying,This was my first time ever trying a reading.Eased my mind and heart." ... written by Connie
Great and insightful reading from Sara.. highly recommend.. she can really see what is going on! tyty" ... written by Lynda22
everything that she Is saying Is happening,,,,,I recommend her..." ... written by KittyKat1980
She's good" ... written by nelson
I like her, very honest and open." ... written by Natasha
fantastic as always!" ... written by michelle
Spot on. " ... written by Linus1207
Yeah she's ok, I don't know about the predictions yet so I'll wait and see. " ... written by nbarnes2
always direct and honest! thank you for your continued guidance and honesty" ... written by bruin19
great advice,thanks!" ... written by brenda
Wonderful! this was my first session and I feel we really clicked, she helped me see the reality of the situation and guided me how best to move forward. Thank you so much!" ... written by Amanda
Very intuitive and informative, very caring and nice. Impressive" ... written by jnm098
Amazing awesome job!" ... written by Katie
Superb! " ... written by librabeauty
Nice work." ... written by Televoy
Great guidance" ... written by Lisa
it was scary , how she literally just knew what i was thinking without me giving her any type of information. i Think she should be number one." ... written by sarafina
Thank you so much, you helped me tremendously!" ... written by librabeauty
She is always right on about everything" ... written by annieleigh
Wonderful first reading. I will be back!" ... written by Livethemoment2
sarafina was really able to connect with my energy very well and my situation. thank you sarafina for proving me with guidance and clarity" ... written by melissa
She was very down to earth. She was fun and she was able to talk about the earthly world as well as the spiritual. She was very helpful and leading me on a path that. Will help me realize my potential as well as that. I need to get out and about and find others like myself." ... written by Benjamin Hunter
Thanks for the support!" ... written by Trish
Awesome! And awesome!!" ... written by edel95
Thanks Sarafina. Needed that reading. You're great." ... written by familyhelper
she is honest" ... written by liv
She helps me a lot in what direction I need to go in" ... written by annieleigh
Thank you" ... written by nohwanatoll
She is very understanding and spot on :)" ... written by Katie
I love Sarafina she is amazing and is always right with my readings and predictions. " ... written by annieleigh
thank you for giving me hope to go" ... written by nohwanatoll
I love it.. she got me right away... loved it" ... written by Efa
Thank you sarafina, talking with me about everything that is going on. Especially with a particular someone. I hope for the best. And thanks for giving me details to my current situation." ... written by melissa
She picked up on a lot with the man in question. Everything she said so far is happening like clock work." ... written by annieleigh
The real deal!! Thank you for everything!" ... written by bruin19
My first time getting a reading from Sarafina . She was dead on and and absolutely correct. I needed help and it was extremely helpful. Thank You Sarafina. OOOOXXXX" ... written by Beth 1964
She is such a wonderful help, and a great reader... :D" ... written by Kayla
Good reading" ... written by Krista Elliott
So good and so precise. Thank you. You are like sunshine. " ... written by bridgette
Always great. Thanks." ... written by familyhelper
sHE IS AMAZING... LOVE her calmness she just does wonders with her reading. " ... written by Saanya Dua
Very, VERY good - picked up on a lot of information that was relative to me and my situation :)" ... written by Maria Pritchard
Very sweet and to the point, very comforting" ... written by jnm098
she is absolutely amazing everytime!!!!" ... written by misty
Very nice and helpful, lot of good information, will come back again" ... written by Paradoxx
It was good. I will keep up the good work" ... written by Pamela
very warm person and understanding...5star reader...very intuitive seeing into the future and what it holds for me...very dynamic personality...would highly recommend..." ... written by linda pryharski
Good advice :))" ... written by edel95
I have had an ongoing relationship with Sarafina - she is lovely and truthful and blunt with kindness in her heart." ... written by ReshmiMM
amazing!! connects straight away and gives accurate and thoughtful messages x" ... written by anna
very insightful and helpful. She not only gave me insight about my relatioship and myself, but she offered me advise to move me through what I need to get though. Thank you Sarafina" ... written by Laura
Sara was awesome.. great reading and insight into me and my situation.. thanks so much and highly recommend Sara. " ... written by Lynda22
lov3 your r3ading... i cant wait to com3 back again..." ... written by lodrimint
Amazing. Super friendly and honest. I felt so comfortable talking to her. " ... written by Shami
Thanks" ... written by Krista Elliott
thank you for your help and advice, she is sweet, funny, and understanding." ... written by lllifenet
Sarafina read me sooooooo well...OMG... I highly recommend her !!! Thank you Sarafina. !!!" ... written by Super
thanks for the reading, i learned new things." ... written by lllifenet
Very Intuitive, connected immedialty..highly recommend!" ... written by B
she set my heart at rest today." ... written by annieleigh
It was my 1st time, she was direct and to the point. It was ok, thanks" ... written by Roberto
She hit the nail on the head. Super sweet. Compassionate. Gave me great insight and direction. I will definitely take her advice not only into consideration but put it into practice because in my heart I feel that everything she said was right. When I need help I know who to go to! =] I know going on these things is difficult to find someone who feel is genuine and can trust and she is the real deal! " ... written by Raeona
very good x" ... written by L
be right back had to leave a customer came in" ... written by sheree
great" ... written by Gen
amazing as always!!! she is a true blessing for me...she helps me in all matters in my life!!" ... written by misty
great" ... written by donnajane
Very intuitive to my situation and very helpful. Highly recommend." ... written by jnm908
I'm a skeptic, but she seemed accurate and genuine. I appreciated the reading." ... written by Johanna
Thanks Sarafina for your honest reading and advice. It was nice talking to you." ... written by Pooja
LOVE HER! always compassionate and straight forward to the point and guiding. will be back to update you on things! =]" ... written by Raeona
She is amazing I always get the best advice from her" ... written by annieleigh
Made me realize what I was feeling could provide a bad result for my life, so I going to let go and listen to her. thank you sooo much!" ... written by rosie
Great so sweet" ... written by soapyviolence
It was very helpful to chat with Sarafina. Thank you so much for career guidance! " ... written by Viktorija
Excellent reading - straight to the point and honest." ... written by Amy
AMAZING!!!" ... written by LIZA
I just love Sarafina!!! She has been my advisor for over a year now and she is spot on!!! No one is better!!! Thank you my friend for ALWAYS being there!! YOU ROCK!!!" ... written by cecef764
very good reading, tapped into the person right away" ... written by ~~
She was straight to the point advised me, shes very friendly and great person." ... written by ShadyT
you were right on the dot!!!" ... written by sajo12
Great insight ! truly a blessing" ... written by Anastasia
Sarafina is always reliable and compassionate... she's the only psychic on here that I have had consistent positive results on, and I would not bother going to anyone else! thank you lovely Sarafina again." ... written by marigoldrose
Everything I see she picks up on. It is almost scary." ... written by annieleigh
I feel very lighter after my reading and I know what i need to work on now... is my own goals and my own health ... Thank you for getting my head around things and clearing the barriers of my own doughty... Thank you I will keep u posted... xxxR" ... written by Rutinha
Everything I was feeling she picked up on it. It was hard to hear but it helps me to move on." ... written by annieleigh
Sarafina is so sweet and kind.Her readings are with care and concern. Very accurate readings. Great Advice!" ... written by AT
She was great, now i will wait and see what happens" ... written by bm
awesome!!!!! must try!!!! no regrets." ... written by lina
Sarafina connected so fast! She was accurate in what she said about my situation too. Thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
the reading gave me a sense of relief for my future. i was so worried about where i was going in life but this reading gave me hope and courage in knowing im going to be okay in life. thank you so much sarafina" ... written by carloscooper1971
thanks so much!" ... written by md
I was very surprised she was on point and very helpful!!!" ... written by LittleMissA
she was very accurate and to the point thank you will use again" ... written by mark
A truly caring and wonderful woman. " ... written by Jay
Sarafina is an amazing person! shes brilliant and honest" ... written by melissa
good, funny :)" ... written by tony
Serafina is a very good psychic and very nice. Very genuine and I recommend her for your reading. Thank You Serafina." ... written by joy
first time and little information given and she read my guy well my ex guy like a book she's great and keeps it all the way real . will be back soon thanks sarafina" ... written by mimi 326
You always know with me." ... written by annieleigh
She really set me at ease." ... written by Sean
She was right and made me really hopeful for the future!!!" ... written by Family0302
she’s pretty straight forward.. if you want to hear the truth… she’s it. " ... written by intrigued 8
Amazing and accurate! Funny and very authentic." ... written by Beth
She was so great and so on-point with with everything! She gave me such good love advice that I as a young woman really needed to hear. Thank you Sarafina" ... written by justme0234
compassionate, connects instantly highly recommended" ... written by irene
lovely reader well spoken and helpful with all issues blessings" ... written by violetgypsy
Excellent! Very smart, intuitive and nice to look at as well :)" ... written by Tom
She is great!! I will be back interrupted by a phone call..Thanks serafina! BRB" ... written by GD
amazing thanky you" ... written by JS
still waiting to see what happens. She has been right on target." ... written by annieleigh
Wow we connected really well!! and i really think she had the right insight to my entire situation... the most accurate so far! i will def come back for future reading!!! 5 stars!! " ... written by Muse
She has always been dead on with events happening. I love her. I have been with Sarafina over a year now." ... written by annieleigh
she always tell it like it is .. No sugar coating " ... written by Olivia
Very pleasant. She is very professional. " ... written by G
thank you so much everything was right and helpful im thankful " ... written by keyanna
Sarafina was very straight forward and could see into the situation. I feel better and hopefully I can heal from all the dissapointment in a short time as I do want to move on. She was very accurate and I will keep her reading to heart. Very professional and nice and I enjoyed speaking with her." ... written by Autumn
Such a great session. Lots of information was given and very good." ... written by Orly
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
Reading was great, she was right on with everything about my questions. Thank You :-)" ... written by Angie
quick reading! fun and super nice! straight forward! thank you Sarafina! you are amazing!!! =)" ... written by catherine
I really think that she gave me an honest opinion and what she said really hit home. I can stamp the validity in what she said. It was so true. " ... written by Erica Wilson
comforting… insightfull.. one of the people i go to for accuracy." ... written by intrigued8i
perfect as always" ... written by Raeona
Awesome as always!!" ... written by ne
Always happy to get my updates from Sarafina, Honest and upfront with me Highly recommended great sense of humour... Be back soon xxxR" ... written by SarafinaPsychic
she is so accurate i love her.... she helps alot..." ... written by melissa
Very good reading!thank you" ... written by wi
We always connect very well and she is a great person to peak with. She is also accurate in expressing feelings between the people shes reading! awesome" ... written by Muse
Thanks, direct and to the point...not a word wasted." ... written by Calizaliza
Sarafina is always there, and I love going to her. She is so relatable and caring, such a positive influence." ... written by MalpASU
felt peaceful with her" ... written by Tia
so funny" ... written by soapyviolence
wonderful. puts my mind at ease. i'm still a paranoid worry wart haha but she stays consistent in what she says and its along the lines of the personality i already know my loved on to have. =] thank you! I would chat some more but I am soo soooo tired. " ... written by Raeona
SHe was great first time trying with her and I really liked her very honest." ... written by Kayla
Excellent." ... written by brenda
Really good reading." ... written by Lou
she is a good reader" ... written by erika
Very honest and gets you right on track again." ... written by Sarah
Great reading." ... written by Sparkle Pony
shes amazing!" ... written by yasmarlyn
She gave me good advice And was accurate with her reading she new what is up in my like, it would take a week for her to figure out how I can loose this black cloud that hovers over me." ... written by gary
5 Stars every time! =]" ... written by Raeona
best adviser and medium i had met..." ... written by melissa
Straightforward to the point as always." ... written by Raeona
good and spot on,Thank you for the reading." ... written by PIGLETME
Very good reading, hard to hear, but good" ... written by Jay
amazing" ... written by JS
Amazing , straight to the point and I will have a follow up how everything goes with the advice given!!" ... written by Reese24
honest and strong connection amazing messages" ... written by anna
very good at helping me find clarity in the energetics of my relationships in a way that brought more balance to the dynamics" ... written by santosha
She was very on point and very truthful" ... written by Joseph
OMG!!! Wow! This girl is the real deal! She was on fire! " ... written by Nannette
She is very kind and caring. Upfront and doesn't sugar coat things." ... written by Joseph
very helpful" ... written by soapyviolence
One of the best, always and forever." ... written by Taylor
Very helpful as usual. Was accurate in the past. Good reading. WIll return for sure. Thanks so much. Answered specific questions." ... written by lara
She was honest :) Thanks for the great reading. I still believe and I probably won't let go, but thanks for the great advice :)" ... written by Billie
She was very nice and patient with me. I appreciate her feedback=)" ... written by Ttime
I'm sorry I ran out of credits - great reading. Thank you!!!" ... written by me
Sarafina is a great life interpreter. She will tell you where your past has led you, and where you will do next. She has the immediate answers you seek." ... written by Al
seems to connect" ... written by Melissa
Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
wow she connected quickly and she predicted something that no one has ever really predicted. I will let you know! Lots of love." ... written by ash
Great." ... written by Cameron
She always gives me good advice." ... written by annieleigh
Very funny, good friend, to talk to. " ... written by soapyviolence
Always helpful. Thanks so much. See you later." ... written by lara
great insight!" ... written by shab
Great for all kinds of guidance! She is amazing, accurate, truly gifted and a kind-hearted person! Thank you! " ... written by bruin19
Very accurate andamp; straight to the point. Thank you!" ... written by Alyxandri
Sarafina was very intuitive and reassuring! I hope that her predictions are correct --- will follow up with her in a couple of weeks. Thx!" ... written by Peach
Appeared to be spot on with my situation. Gave good advice... will see what happens and will come back." ... written by T
Sarafina was very insightful and honest. I will be returning to her soon." ... written by molove
very good will be bk she knew right things about my daughter" ... written by susan
thanks for the reading!" ... written by needfaith1
Hit many key points, " ... written by Peter
She was good, honest and fast." ... written by clover434
her answer is awesome.. thanks ms sarafina!" ... written by secret
good friend" ... written by soapyviolence
amazing reading..highly recommended:))))))))))))!!!" ... written by martinia
great" ... written by Confused
She gets right to the point. Super sweet and makes you feel so comfortable. Talking to her feels like talking to someone you've known for years. I'll always be back for more! :) " ... written by Shami
So glad I had this reading. Helped me work through my misguided thoughts. Thank you Sarafina" ... written by nancee62
Focused professional reader, looks specifically into your question and tells what she sees and advises accordingly. " ... written by Caliza
Very sweet and accurate" ... written by judi
5 star rating is not enough to compared with her talent tough. i came to her private chat again because SHE IS RECOMMENDED!" ... written by secret
She Rocks! She can read every aspect I was thinking about. In addition, she comes across so compassionate it just makes you feel so relaxed about the future. If you get a reading from her, I promise you won't regret it. Thank you so much Sarafina!" ... written by Cathy Chiarella
adore her" ... written by l
definitely the best reader here, very helpful" ... written by brad
Very helpful and straightforward." ... written by Jolie
I was very pleased to get the confirmation i was looking for. Sarafina was quick to point out the pro's and the con of my situation and give precise guidance to my path and the pitfalss. Great time and will seher again." ... written by thomas thunderhoof
It was advice I needed at this time. I will for sure come back. She has awesome insight very on point. she was worth every credit. I'm glad i decided to have a reading with Sara." ... written by lavelle
very good" ... written by joyce
I felt she did an awesome job in helping me with my question..." ... written by Lisa Palmer
a very helpful lady who gave hard truths very kindly!" ... written by m
Sarafina is intuitive and empathic. She answered my questions on several important issues and offered me good advice." ... written by Martkos
Awesome" ... written by stacy
thankyou for reading" ... written by mike
very good reader" ... written by krickett
Always a pleasure thank you." ... written by liv
great reading, she got right to the heart of the matter and gave it to me with kindness and honesty. " ... written by elle
Very helpful" ... written by Mspiggy
Sara was great. She gave me an insight on what has been going on with me when it came to the topic of college. I will use her again the future. And thank you again!" ... written by Kyndal
Great, she is surprisingly accurate." ... written by Roberto
Great reading, feeling much more positive now, Thankyou" ... written by Sandra
She is kind and extremely helpful. A wonderful person to approach for any kind of advice. " ... written by saanya
Sarafina is awesome like always, cares, listens, and knows how to put a smile on someones face." ... written by MalpASU
how come she know things that i don't? and it is all make sense. SHE IS RECOMMENDED!" ... written by secret
Sarafina is amazing! very insightful, she gives me hope! there is a light at the end of the tunnel! thank you so much!" ... written by Vegas
She was awesome.....Interesting reading.....5 stars and many more......Thanks Sarafina....." ... written by Eboni
loved this girl :) she's so sweet and very accurate. thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by bee
She knew things she couldn't have known I could have talked for hours." ... written by hilly
I enjoyed her reading. highly recommend" ... written by Tyler
She's awesome! So lovely to talk to! Very sweet soul" ... written by valval
I recommend her:) she know's about true feeling's before you do... she say's It how It Is,,no sugar coating love her." ... written by KittyKat1980
Great reading....really from the heart and you can feel it!" ... written by evitadolor
fantastic" ... written by t jones
She really a psychic consoler. i know many good out there but try this. If u'r not satisfied cut my finger that i used to type this." ... written by MY NAME IS
very good:)" ... written by Dave
had another quick reading with sarafinapsychic, she is just amazing with her visions! gave me insights and advices on what to do for the coming time. i must add she is very gorgeous and just so sweet :) thank you!!!" ... written by bee
just amazing, my go to angel for everything :)" ... written by be
okay very slow" ... written by sp
finished up our reading and got all the answers i needed!! her advice and guidance was exactly what i was looking for! very on point, of course. can't wait to finally live my life :) lovelovelove, thank you!" ... written by bee
where to even start, she's so on point!! very accurate, knows exactly what was going on my life without me even saying a word about it. she is the real deal, very kind and lovely soul. I was really able to feel the positive energy from her. amazing! thanks again sarafina :)" ... written by bee
Sarafina is amazing!! " ... written by vegas
She is truly gifted and accurate, I´ve had 4 readings with her so far and have been really good. She is honest, direct, sensitive and intelligent, Tells you as it is. I highly recommend her." ... written by Roberto
You are always great help. Thanks" ... written by Bizzybbest
very well done " ... written by Leah
good reading, got down to it" ... written by needfaith1
I wish I had more money so I could find out more and buy more credits." ... written by Christina
Sarafina's reading was very detailed. I like that she told me what I needed to know not what i wanted to hear. I have a much clearer perspective now. Thank you Sarafina." ... written by superswag81
Sarafina was right on with everything that is going on. I really like her an respect what she has to tell me. Thank you for your support " ... written by Angie
Very helpful... :))" ... written by islandbeauty09
Profound. " ... written by Robert
Thanks Sara great reading thank you for your help, I guess I got a lot ot figure out and find out here, yes ill get back to you when I know more thank you for your honest xx" ... written by Nina
picked up on situation" ... written by s
Very Good. Beautiful too. " ... written by Robert
As usual, very helpful and accurate!" ... written by Roberto
very sweet" ... written by adam
Always helpful" ... written by Rebecca
thank you for your help." ... written by nextelife
Very good readings!" ... written by Antonio Banderas
Was a thoughtful and compassionate reading. While I don't want to reveal too much personal detail, I will say that she connected with a serious situation that happened recently and gave me a specific detail about it that she could not have otherwise known. She also helped me to connect with a departed loved one. She has a gift and I highly recommend her. this was healing for me and insightful." ... written by sparkly1
a+++. great reading." ... written by Ammer
easy to talk to, and extremely reputable " ... written by carly
Wonderful. " ... written by Robert
Great. " ... written by Robert
Sarafina does things with accuracy and poise...She is so pleasant to deal with and I find her honesty refreshing :) She was on point!" ... written by KeKe336
Excellent!" ... written by Brian
Very good!" ... written by Brian
WOW WOW WOW WOW !!! Sarafina your so gifted at what you do and you have helped me so very much and more than you'll ever know thank you so much... " ... written by Shellysav
Great reading as usual, she understands the situations very well and gives profound and clear answers. Highly recommended." ... written by Roberto Gonzalez
I´ve had many readings with Sarafina, regarding labor and love matters, and she has always been right, both with specific events or outcomes or by helping me to better see and understand the picture of things as they are or could be. Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Roberto Gonzalez
Always so insightful, humorous, intelligent, and a wonderful guide. Thank you again! I'm so grateful I discovered you here :-) Take care!" ... written by Sarah
Just awesome. Thanks. " ... written by Robert
Sarafina always keeps it real! She tells it like it is even if it's something you may not want to hear. Thanks for you accuracy, time and advice. " ... written by cherryblossom10
So lovely and helpful !! x" ... written by Anastasia
checked back with another reading to see if everything is still on track and of course, i'm once again blown away by her answers. and its just amazing how fast and easily she can connect with me! gorgeous lovely woman, love you!!! and thank you :)" ... written by jj
Thank you for sharing your insight, very accurate in linking into the energy and I will follow advice. Hope to be back soon, thank you :)" ... written by RoyalBrit
Serafina is amazing. She has been accurate with predictions and picks up accurately. She is very caring and kind, soothing. I love her gentle serafic energy. Love her x" ... written by G
They always are always too short, but I got the information I was looking for in the time I had. " ... written by wildcard135
Shes awesome. " ... written by venturescout
She's Good! I love her honesty :) " ... written by Lisa
thank you very much for honest reading! " ... written by Alicja
very very helpful. " ... written by venturescout
I came back for another reading. she is an amazing reader and highly recommend " ... written by tyler
She was spot on in my situation." ... written by brandee
she was amazing it was very on point and she read my cards accurate you get 5 thumbs up." ... written by lynnbee3
very honest and direct thank you" ... written by dan
thanks, will follow advice" ... written by jon
wonderful!!" ... written by maria
thank you so much. gave me so much clarity. will try to steer clear of the leo men from now on :D" ... written by leodragon2014
I thought that she wad dead on with my current situation , awesome!" ... written by brittany
awesome" ... written by lou
thank you, dear! precise and detailed information that are practical and yet relates and answers to my questions. :) " ... written by jt
Sarafina Psychic is a wonderful soul. Very emphatic, patient and loving. She has virtually taken my hand and gently lead me through my difficult path. Clarity and honesty is what you can expect. She is beautiful inside and out. " ... written by Nitewalker
she is good and gets right to the point" ... written by loveboo
always a pleasure - she never sugarcoats :)" ... written by liv
thank so much. " ... written by leodragon2014
she picked up on me as soon as I entered her room.....a must go to" ... written by k
I have consulted her many times in the last 2 months since many changes are taking place in my life. Her readings and guidance have been more than helpful and accurate. Do not hesitate to consult her, she is kind, truthful, very accurate,very patient, and very intelligent so she understands the situations fast. " ... written by Roberto G
Her guidance and insight is always helpful and soothing. She teaches me a lot with every visits. I love her" ... written by Eli
Love her reading!!! TY" ... written by Bellezalatina
Love her and her readings! awesome reading, and I recommend her to everyone. " ... written by Elena Mementel
Very intuitive, I feel like she was spot on." ... written by Jennifer
I love Sarafina. She is a great coach, mentor, and i look up to her immensely. Always there when i need someone to talk to! " ... written by Kristina
i always come to sarafina to get the right and accurate answers! she never fails on giving me the perfect advice :) thank you beautiful!!!!!" ... written by be
Sarafina is my big sister on love. She does the reading and then provides outstanding guidance. " ... written by eli
great reading as allways" ... written by wildcard328
she always explains things in a way I can understand them logically. " ... written by eli
The most most amazing person i got the chance to talk on oranum! It's worth ever penny!" ... written by Aurelia
Wonderful reader, gave clear advise" ... written by pinkpather30
Always a wonderful time allowing Sarafina to look into my life and give me some guidance. Anyone who has the opportunity to visit her should be considered lucky." ... written by MalpASU
Great help!" ... written by paula
I love her readings. she helps me be optimistic. :)" ... written by Katie
As always - Sarafina is loving and supportive. She gives good insights that help me push through my issues. She is a gem and I go to her often. Everyone should give her a try. " ... written by eli
great advice thank you" ... written by Kelly
Love her! very accurate readings!" ... written by linda
Sarafina - Is beautiful on the inside and out. She has such wise things to say and insights that have helped me in my relationship. I consider her a gifted communicator and someone I consider a kindred spirit. Thank you Sarafina! xoxo" ... written by Eli
AWESOME!!!" ... written by Roberto G
Thank you thats exactly what I have be putting out to the universe" ... written by Allison
Amazing accurate reading ." ... written by Stella
She seems honest and real. I think she was right about everthing so far. It's weird how much she did know. I'd say it was worth it for sure" ... written by Stacie
I swear Sarafina would be my best friend if we lived close to one another. She is such a good reader and sets me straight. " ... written by eli
Fantastic, very quick and very in tune. Thank you so much for your insight. " ... written by Roseword27
So accurate, so on point, such a great person. Thank you Sarafina!" ... written by familyhelper
She's insightful and accurate:) I'm happy " ... written by Donna
help me out with dieting plan she was really good knows what she is talking about fits in a lot of info get a reading with her it won't go wrong liked it a lot and i think it can help me!" ... written by Kris Frank
Very accurate" ... written by Cristina
She was straight to the point. No sugar coating. Thank you" ... written by Lyly_ia
OMG she is amazing and accurate. Is she absolutely worth every dime. Peacefully and straight forward. Had 2 reading back to back thats how amazing she is. be back again for more readings." ... written by Joan
she is amazing, friendly and generous..even my english not so good but she is very helpfull..." ... written by amalia
brilliant" ... written by jodie
The best reading by far. " ... written by Bryan
clear, quick, truthful." ... written by LOVELY LADY
A little strange being my first time, but for the short time I had with her, she was great. Wish I had had more time! Amazing.." ... written by Chelsea Blackshaw
Very very very accurate" ... written by Andi
Its been a long while since the both of us have spoke, and I thank you for reliving my anxieties. always giving me great advice as always." ... written by Izy2013
wow, just wow " ... written by jose
liked how she explained things to me, I understand everything," ... written by cecilia jordan
She was great!!! :) really helped me out" ... written by Kris Frank
Love, love, love Sarafina! She is always spot on, give her a try, well worth it!" ... written by linda
sarafina is an accurate reader who I return to all the time. I love her" ... written by eli
Cool, accurate assessment :)" ... written by Neu
Saraphina is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She is an accurate reader with great insights. She also makes me laugh a lot. I love her. " ... written by eli
I'm speechleses. She was very on point and I didn't have to tell her much about my situation. Very in touch with the situation and very honest. She gave great advice. " ... written by Eileen
her readings make me aware of myself and how to improve myself." ... written by eli
Very compassionate and understanding. Straight-forward. Enlightening. Looking forward to more sessions." ... written by Crystal
Detailed and wise." ... written by l
Always a pleasure, always insightful. Great. " ... written by Robert
She was wonderful. Very calm, very in tune with me and my situation. She seems like such a kind, loving and generous soul. I felt she really took care to really listen to my question and address it, instead of talking about other things that I did not ask about. A wonderfully gifted individual. I would highly recommend her. She was very quick to pick up on things that I did not tell her, so she could not have already known. She is quick, but very thorough! Excellent!" ... written by kk
will be waiting on her predictions! she's awesome!" ... written by BP
VERY GOOD." ... written by FLO
She was very upfront and honest. I appreciate it. She was right on the money." ... written by Cheryl
very good thank you wish I could get more credits" ... written by Kristina
She is awesome!" ... written by Lou
Nice, Sarafina dialed into the situation and gave some good counsel. " ... written by Lance Lamantia
Very cool and helpful reading. Quick and really insightful - Thanks, sarafina." ... written by omega
love her! she's so honest! will see what happens when i take her advice!!" ... written by BP
She connected very well and did confirm what i wanted to know, she is accurate and i do recommend a reading with Sarafina , she will not dissappoint you, very angellic and she has her heart in the right place" ... written by Roger Virgilio
excellent dead on" ... written by jen
Her honesty and straightforwardness helps me go deep into my subconscious to arrive to a new understanding of my past experiences, hence creating a new and liberating perspective that empowers my true self to fully develop to a borderless potential. So recommended . " ... written by Roberto G
Always a good reading! Thanks so much for all of your support." ... written by LW
she is the best never sugar coats" ... written by OLIVIA
Sarafina was right on with my situation. She mentioned some very helpful tips and I'm glad I was able to have a private reading. " ... written by Angie
Sarafina is another good one who is really good on what is pick up!" ... written by shang wen lin
She is awesome!" ... written by Lou
SUper clear with intention and reality." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
great reader" ... written by ola
She seemed to connect with me and I will follow her advice. Didn't waste time and said what she felt quickly " ... written by Oceanone
i really liked her. she's fast and she knows what she's talking about. will see what happens with what she said." ... written by BP
the real deal - very comforting " ... written by Mm
Good reader" ... written by pinkpather30
She was very lovely and nice. She gave me some great advice and I would definitely want to chat with her again!! :)" ... written by Marina Flores
thank you for the clarity. a reassuring reading. " ... written by leodragon2014
she didn't hold back punches," ... written by lawandabee2
Sarafina is so kind and honest. Accurate as well. Thank you!!" ... written by Virgo
Very honest and straightforward, love it!" ... written by Megan
My first time speaking with Sarafina. She was very sweet and honest with me, told me things that were accurate and i have heard that was said to me about 1 week ago. I will go by her insights and see what happens next. Thanks so much. Have a blessed night." ... written by confused3330
okay,, truthful and genuine" ... written by cheng
Clear and to the point. I like and appreciate that!" ... written by Melissa
Thanks so much! Great advice, right to the point! " ... written by Heather
i asked for information on a variety of subjects , sarafina was brilliant and spot on , really quick, she is very honest and what she said to me about how the person i was and stuff was spot on, really nice lady and you don't feel uncomfortable speaking to her like you do with some others on here, worth a try folks she's money well spent xxxx" ... written by lisa
I felt like an idiot asking the questions I did but she was absolutely non-judgemental and supportive. Her responses where just what I wanted to hear and empathically offered. Just disappointed I ran out of credit twice!. I am positive I will be back " ... written by joanneR13
AMAZING" ... written by Meagan
she's so funny and genuine and you can seriously talk to her about anything. will be waiting on her predictions!" ... written by BP
I've had readings in the past from Sarafina and she has always been right even though I didn't want to believe it. Always will give you the truth even if you don't want to hear it. " ... written by Sarah
Everything I was feeling is what I have been thinking." ... written by Leigh Libbey
she seriously gives the best advice. she's very good at what she does and she's genuine!" ... written by BP
cant even explain how good she is " ... written by yas,marlyn
Great !!!!!All she said helped me a lot!!!" ... written by Mary
Excellent advice--always the best. " ... written by Robert
SENSATIONAL! EXTRA-ORDINARY! SarafinaPsychic is wonderful. Her energy is so powerful you can feel it through the screen. She immediately picked up on my situation and validated the things I was thinking without me having to say anything. Her exceptional ability to pick up on the issues going on in my life without me having to tell her validates she's a genuine psychic. She's also really nice and genuinely cares. I wholeheartedly recommend her. You'll definitely be impressed by her superior psychic abilities! " ... written by AsothPeace
Loveeee her. She's more a friend than just a psychic on here. she gives awesome advice and it empowers you" ... written by BP
Lovely and insightful and honest. " ... written by Sarah
Awesome s always worth every penny. " ... written by Secunda
Love her she never tell's it like it is .." ... written by OLIVIA
she is always a straight reader, full of insight, and looking out for her client. " ... written by eli
Excellent connexion. And very good advice. Loved her." ... written by Myriam
very hurt, but she is right :-(" ... written by propatch44
she, is very truthful. I know I must move on. she just made me believe it. " ... written by propatch
She's the best! she tells it like it is and gives great advice!" ... written by BP
she knows" ... written by Deanna
Lovely, great advice" ... written by Sarah
sara is great and very helpful. truthful and to the point. Always clear with intention around emotion." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Thank you so much Sarafina. It was so nice of you, I appreciate it very much. I will put your advices in my mind . I will be back with you in private and update you. " ... written by princess1218
Very fast and accurate with picking up on my current situation. I feel that she gave really good advice as well. " ... written by Margaret
Awesome. " ... written by Secunda
Excellent and extremely helpful reading. A real pleasure." ... written by grace
Helpful and wonderful. Thank you." ... written by Ashlwil
Very kind, picked up quickly." ... written by Mimi
I would recommend her too anyone,,I like her" ... written by KittyKat1980
Very helpful and with great spirits! thank you" ... written by Rob
Love speaking with her always accurate and clear messages" ... written by Shay
great. quick. helpful. on target." ... written by pam shealy
Awesome reader !!! " ... written by Julie
love sarafina she really is great to talk to and theres nobody like her!" ... written by bp
Amazing! dead on! very helpful! " ... written by new new
So far I think that my reading was pretty well done ! :) thank you" ... written by Jamie
She has amazing clarity and insight,great!" ... written by Elaine Faber
She told me some things about my adoptive parents which don't really match what ive been told.. but what I was told about them isnt from a reliable source...also had donna come through my late sister wish I could have got my nephew. Thank you for your reading.." ... written by Patricia
sarafina is always there for me with an accurate reading and love" ... written by eli
this woman is amazing " ... written by ACB
Very genuine and helpful. Gave me truth and solutions with no fluff. Thank you for the great reading" ... written by Marcus
Excellent and spot on!!!!" ... written by Linda
Never done this before...I was so happy I think she nailed it It made it so clear to me. I felt like she looked into my heart....Thank you so much!" ... written by David Faber
fantastic job!" ... written by gregg
always visit for advice here. makes me feel better and more confident about my future. Sarafina gives me that." ... written by andy giller
very helpful- will update her" ... written by shamster
Great as always" ... written by bizzybbest
My computer connection was messing up but from what I can see SarafinaPsychic seems very good, down to earth and easy to talk to." ... written by Ashley Vitellaro
Connected well to my situation." ... written by Diana
Very sweet person, and accurate reading. Thank you very much." ... written by Arianna
great she is awesome" ... written by roberty
Her voice is soothing, she doesn't take all day...or tries holding you up to get the seconds to tick into minutes. Now Sarafina is simply a woman with nonsense and for this NYC girl this is extremely important." ... written by Sarafina
amazing!!" ... written by anna
sara is clear and highly truthful. No bull. good business woman and trustworthy." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Wonderful. " ... written by Clark Kent
very insightful reading, thank you" ... written by Elaiza
I'm so happy I did a reading with her. great connection and she read me like an open book. awesome." ... written by Sergio
She is really good! Brutally honest but usually right. " ... written by Sparkle Pony
she was great made me feel like something I do recomend her and she is great" ... written by Dallas
thank you so much for your clear advice i really needed this advice to move forward. thank you" ... written by m
looking forward to next reading." ... written by magi
It's been since November, but I keep coming back to Sarafina, because I feel a real connection. She gets straight to the point." ... written by honeylotus
she is a very good medium. Everything she told me about my sentimental life really happened. She is very good professional medium. She so sweet" ... written by maria
i had a wonderful reading learned a lot give excellent advice on life and tips on things i need work with. " ... written by Brandy
very good :)" ... written by marty
Great reading! Thank you." ... written by Lori
very accurate" ... written by Gabyjaby
Fierce. " ... written by Bruce Dickenson
really helpful" ... written by jackson
Great reading. I was feeling sad and she lifted my spirits to continue with my endeavors." ... written by Chris
WOW her medium ability is STUNNING. She was able to connect with whom i wanted her to connect with right off the jump and was dead accurate. Will def. be back" ... written by Jennifer
awesome, very genuine and heart felt. will always go back to her" ... written by tracy
Thank you for the quick calm me down.... much appreciated!" ... written by Randi
she was able to tune into a relationship for me." ... written by wren1414
thank you" ... written by l
she gives awesome advice and i feel i can tell her anything. love sarafina!" ... written by BP
Excellent" ... written by GZRNYC
spot on, thank you so much. the soundest advice ever. thank you" ... written by albgilc
extremely accurate. picked up on things right away" ... written by Randi
it was ok" ... written by elizabeth
great reading..very insightful and a positive reading i couldnt ask for more thank you" ... written by aundreya
" ... written by M
helpful" ... written by lula
I picked her cause I felt a connection when I saw her profile, not sure she knows everything she told me about, meaning, I think I found it more revealing that she might have thought. quite pleasaed " ... written by A'ri'El
very good" ... written by tim
yes very nice reading" ... written by cheryl
very intutitve" ... written by oles
thanks Sarafina for your help your an angel" ... written by aundreya
GOOD READING.....SHE IS HONEST! " ... written by DD
thank you so much. i appreciate the clarity." ... written by leodragon2014
Great reading, she was very easy to understand, and she understood what I was trying to ask her before I even asked!" ... written by slinky222
I liked her she was very detailed" ... written by Melissa
I had a reading with Sarafina and was given encouragement to move forward with plans I have to relocate. I would recommend you give her an opportunity to read for you. " ... written by Lightstar
amazing thank you" ... written by natasha
loved the reading made a lot of sense" ... written by marquita
great read provide good details" ... written by motal2004
Great advise! I feel so much better with my decisions and will pursue graduate school. Such an amazing experience! I def. recommend Sarafina!" ... written by B alfo
Told me what i needed to know.Great as usual keep it up!" ... written by Noh Wan Atoll
She did a great and answered of my questions!" ... written by valerie
Amazing. GAve me some things to think about. " ... written by Gary
Loving and kind heart, but direct and sincere about reading without sugar coating. Thanks. " ... written by Alohawithlove2
She was great. I will definitely be getting back on it with her" ... written by Miche
She's awesome :) " ... written by Meagan
extremely helpful. " ... written by Gary
Awesome reading! She had alot of good stuff to tell me:) hope to see them come true!" ... written by Jen
god lights up the world- sara is a very grounded woman, clear compassionate and guided through wisdom." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
cool lady and on the ball!!" ... written by Kiza
Sarafina was very helpful, I almost felt like she had known me for a while. She helped me talk to me angels and spirits. She is straight forward but very kind. She is sweet, highly recommend her." ... written by MarieLeeza
Awesome reading. Something I needed to hear. Thank you I will be back" ... written by SN
I like her. she has a positive energy and reading is dead on. I will definitely recommend her. thank you sarafina." ... written by loyalty
Very honest - straight on point- great advice - my first time - but worth it for sure !" ... written by Natasha
she is always there for me and is an accurate reader." ... written by eli
She was very interesting." ... written by butterfly77lady
Great advice" ... written by rosehanda
Sarafina is kind, compassionate, and caring. Her reading was a tremendous help to me." ... written by AJ
I felt quite connected with her. She could read and understand my situation. She helped me open up my mind about things I didn't notice before. " ... written by leona
deserves more than 5 stars" ... written by big
Sarafina was amazing, she helped me see some issues in my personal weight life and is helping me sort them out. I will definitely be talking with her again. " ... written by Ashley
great reading! thx!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
she was honest and answered my questions..i reccomend her" ... written by aundreya
Fantastic connection and reading.. got allot of clarity and positive advise.. really recommend Sarafina for any issues!" ... written by Lyn
always the best. always gets it right" ... written by andy
Great reading!" ... written by Nicole
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
Great advice. Excellent insight. Valuable beyond measure. " ... written by Robert
she always has words of wisdom to share. " ... written by eli
omg just a joy...thx for the reading" ... written by big
Sarafina is amazing beautiful spoken. She was able to give me the insite and assistance I needed. I appreciate the guidance she has given me. She was able to validate what I need to do for my career and work life balance. Thank you Sarafina :)" ... written by Christine
she was wonderful thanks for the advice will go through with them...i recommend her" ... written by aundreya
Was spot on " ... written by sara
She is very accurate and well worth the time. Thank you Sarafina. I give her 100 stars" ... written by M
Sarfina was so helpful! Her reading was right on. I would recommend her" ... written by Sonia
thanks you are the best" ... written by liv
She was fast and great and I would recommend her. What a lovely soul and very quick to answer questions. You will be satisfied with your reading! " ... written by Carolyn Landis
LOVE her" ... written by S-
Amazing as always... picked up on things I didnt even tell her about!" ... written by a
Right about most things." ... written by Gaye
She is so helpful in putting things together and reading a situation that I go to her often when I can. She is lovely." ... written by eli
very honest. thats all you can ask for when looking for answers." ... written by kya
SHE IS GREAT!" ... written by Shantell
very good reading. very honest and straight to the point. thanks" ... written by lashun
Serafina remembers her regulars and connects quickly. Love her! Such positive energy, truly uplifting experience." ... written by honeylotus
She is wonderful, good professional and person. She helped me very much" ... written by maria
Good." ... written by Mario
she was terrific and was spot on with my questions and was very quick. I truly enjoyed and will come back!" ... written by myfirststeps
always enjoy talking and getting views on what will happen in the future find her to know what she is talking about. reliable and honest. one of the best." ... written by andtrew giller
thank you so much... after a handful of advice, you gave me the best. You understood the scenario to a T. Told me what it was - no sugar coating.. and gave me the confidence to move on. Without any false hope or expectations. I actually feel like I've received the truth and I'm confident in that. Thank you ! I will be back!" ... written by Needs to let go
Gave me some bad news but gave it to me in a positive way and I feel that I will be able to make it through this scary point in my life. Thank you for your wisdom and help through this." ... written by Melissa
sarafina full of information. she has guided me. thanks." ... written by m
wonderful reader, super truthful and honest. " ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Safafina has guided me through relationship matters and matters of a spiritual nature. Thank you Sarafina." ... written by lindaleeann
I just love the way she talks. She is so nice but at the same time is so direct in telling you things. Very accurate and try to bring the answers to all your doubts even if you havent done questions for it. She is fantastic!" ... written by Maria
Excellent reading! Very accurate and dedicated. She provides full explanations and event told me the sign of my significant other without asking anything. She provided great advice. " ... written by Hernan
good, Sarafina was helpful." ... written by renny
Wow you really read into the situation so accurately. And the advice makes sense. I will keep you posted on what happens next. " ... written by G
Sarafina is the best! Thankyou so much for your advice and reading . I totally recommend her. Enjoy your reading. " ... written by PK Tulla
always good always reliable the best on here" ... written by andrew giller
thank you sooooooooooooooooo much" ... written by shaniquerw22
She absolutely blessed me with such a mind opening and refreshing reading. She truly made my day and brought me so much comfort. Thank you SarafinaPsychic!" ... written by Jessica
thank you so very much!!" ... written by Leah Whiting
picked up on my situation really quickly." ... written by c.
great awesome sees everything without saying anything" ... written by jamira76
good!!!!" ... written by gregg
thank u! u grounded me once again" ... written by jean
Great job, I enjoy it" ... written by mariana
love her as always she is amazing .." ... written by liv
She was great! Really showed care and concern and gave quick answers. " ... written by Emily
It isn't what I wanted to hear but I know the advice is right. The advice was accurate and the explanations made sense. Thank you Sarafina. Go well and God Bless. " ... written by Sherry
always very sweet and nice and always gives good advice and guidance. thank you" ... written by Jsora
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Great reading as always, she's always on point" ... written by VirginVirgo
i come to sarafina at least once a week. I speak with her about love, family, work, etc. she is very very quick and will be honest with you about anything you want to know. " ... written by emma
She was very insightful with my situation. Really picked up on what was going on. Genuine and honest about what she saw. She was also direct but gentle, which I appreciate." ... written by Ginny
vary good was right on for sure!!!!" ... written by Catnesslove2310
good" ... written by kelly
fabuluos" ... written by marigoldrose
great" ... written by marigoldrose
always amazing sarafina" ... written by marigoldrose
Really tells you what you need to hear in order to achieve your goal " ... written by Bina
very good" ... written by kelly
you give me alot of hope when i was not having the light! " ... written by mishell
Sarafina was my last reader on this site. I'm happy it was her because she's always been a kind listener and genuinely cared. Thank you so much" ... written by Sergio
Great!!!! reading all true and caring reading true all true!!!" ... written by Norman
Thank you Sarafina, I really value your advice and I'll try my best to be strong about the situation. I will keep you posted. " ... written by g
Exactly what I needed to hear." ... written by Vanessa
Very sweet reader. Helped me feel better " ... written by Kayla
she was good" ... written by francis
spot on" ... written by Courtney
great" ... written by jacqui
Thank you it was good :)" ... written by ..
She is awesome! Very clear and accurate" ... written by ******
Sarafina was right on from the start! very kind and accurate. I would love to speak with her again! The best reading I've had in years!:) Thank you!" ... written by Tiffany
Thanks you Sarahfina you always give me sincere truthful honest answers. " ... written by norman
My first time with her and it was a completely different feeling. I am glad I went to her. Lets see what happens. " ... written by Maria
very straight forward" ... written by inception13
Fantastic reading great connection. Will wait and see if predictions come true. I highly recommend her." ... written by Myan
strong energy!!" ... written by Eshley
Thank you it was a honest reading! :) :) :) And very accurate! thank you!!! =)))" ... written by ...
thanks Sarafina, i don't have more money today. You always reading and the things happens. " ... written by maria
she is a great ready... like talking with her lots" ... written by Harry
grat" ... written by el
Amazing!" ... written by Kerry
that was an amazingly accurate and well done reading. i am really impressed. " ... written by Paul
very good, i think she was right on about some things and we'll have to see about others." ... written by monica
very good, accurate , great connection " ... written by Maria
great reading" ... written by clc
wow that really opened my eye alot thank you so much! everything you said. " ... written by thresa
Very Detailed, sensitive and very straight to the point " ... written by Shantell
excellent reading, highly recommend" ... written by rishma
always fills me with confidence" ... written by andyg67
Great reading." ... written by Julia
very good reading right on the money.." ... written by andrew
Great stuff. Good solid practical advice. " ... written by Robert
Well, I was blown away. She really gave me some food for thought. I appreciated the honest and blunt advice. There was no room for equivocation. Awesome reading! I highly recommend a reading by her. :) " ... written by Drohem
VERY compassionate and understand. " ... written by Joey
Had a lot of really good points of view that weren't preachy or overly soft.. Good constructive advise with clear answers- def. NOT a padded reading that is so common. " ... written by Joanna
Sarafina is very relatable, she really hits the nail on the head and has a great understanding of people intuitively. " ... written by Martijn
Sarafina is a very excellent reader and medium. She got in contact with my grandmother and was completely accurate and kind." ... written by erika
Sarafina's my go to girl =) always helps give me clarity and helps me come up with my own decisions. Always worth it." ... written by Sergio
Sarafina is wonderful! She is spot on andamp; gave me wonderful information!!" ... written by Darlene
thank you for all the information! " ... written by md
the best on oranum :)" ... written by Liv
excellent" ... written by shirley
very good! " ... written by hit_chi
very good " ... written by hit_chi
Honest, clear and loving! Thank you so much!" ... written by Maria
She was very insightful. I needed to hear another voice for some guidance, and Sarafina was it." ... written by David
best and kind person !!!!!!!" ... written by Romeo
Very reflective and professional and gave me awesome guidance. Huge fan." ... written by Sierra
Great reading,nice woman." ... written by Nama
She is so fun to talk to! So funny, and gives you the answer to your question straight up. She confirmed what I was feeling. Thanks Sarafina!" ... written by MaiLee
This woman is very helpful. " ... written by Lou
Great!" ... written by Paul
Thanks!" ... written by Sonia
She picked up on my issue right away. I was very happy that she was able to feel my energy so quick. Wish i had more time. I"ll be back" ... written by Melinda
Amazing and wonderful to speak with again. She always is thorough and connects well with the people she speaks with." ... written by MalpASU
wow she is accurate and very honest. It is hard to hear something that you do not want to her. Thank you very much for you reading I fine it very helpful." ... written by sangeeta
The best :) " ... written by Liv
It's interesting.... I went into Sarafina's free chat without the intention of getting a private reading from her. I went in just out of curiosity. As I entered her free chat, the first thing she said was " MaiLee, I feel that you're worried about someone." Sure enough, this whole entire day, and the months before, but specifically this day, I couldn't get this person out of my head, I cried for that person this very day. She was absolutely spot on in everything that was said. I was amazed! Thanks!" ... written by Mailee
Very honest and sincere, with a degree of really caring when confronting the situation I am facing." ... written by Stewart
Thank you so much! Loved talking to you " ... written by Michelle
Great talking to you. I think you are very right! And I like your way of reading. Really professional yet compassionate. " ... written by Charlie
Great thank you" ... written by David
Great Read!!!!! Looking forward to see what happens" ... written by brooklinne
Very inspirational and keen on what issues I needed to address. As soon as I went into her demo chat she already knew I was seeking advice. Thank you so much!" ... written by BrianaAF2
What a pleasure my reading was. Sarafina so so gentle and right on with my reading. She was able to communicate with my partner in the spirit world. I recommend you take the time and get a private reading with Sarafina" ... written by Jim
great reading w such insight" ... written by apple
I really like Sarafina. This woman is compassionate and honest and sees things clearly. Thank you so much." ... written by Turtle
Fast, Accurate, " ... written by Jay
well read and patient reading as always " ... written by norman
amazing. she really is. always on point. she was very helpful. told me what i needed to know and how i could make it better. thank you so much." ... written by jess
How AWESOME!!! Sara is the Bomb!! My reading was right on track!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Kim Brindel
good quick honest answers" ... written by dingding
Exceptionally insightful....Will return often :) I am glad that I have met her." ... written by Ahavaa
Sarafina Gave me an amazing reading!! I really enjoyed her. I felt extremely comfortable and would definitely recommend her." ... written by Lovechad
great job" ... written by Mitch
Wonderful. Whether you believe in all of this or not you will leave the session feeling better. Positive spirit and deep down good person. " ... written by Chrissy
Very sweet woman. She was very empathetic and cares. She was a wonderful counselor. Thank you. " ... written by vrogers1972
Nice person, we talked to shortly..." ... written by Jolanda
Spot on! Great advice!" ... written by Brooke
Best reading yet. Love how blunt and thorough Sarafina can be!" ... written by MalpASU
Very encouraging. Thanks for helping take the angst out of my day." ... written by HealingGrace
she's just awesome, great connection. one of the few I truely trust on here." ... written by sergio
Thank you. You have given me much to think on. I appreciate the strength I felt as we chatted. I feel more empowered. Thank you for picking up Mom and the others. You are very gifted, and I appreciate you being able to keep up with me jumping around. I have a heck of a lot going on these last months. Please light a candle and pray for me for a resolution to the employment situation by mid-September. I will follow-up." ... written by HealingGrace
she hit key points was like she read my mind...highly recommended" ... written by sabrina
Great reading! I feel refreshed...very happy!! Thank you sooOOooo much! Much love to you, Sarafina :) xxx" ... written by Ahavaa
Helpful, very nice. " ... written by SameAsToday
She is the Best! Honest, straight to the point and funny :-). I liked her style and personality. She will tell you the truth that you want to hear it or not. Yesterday i was not ready to hear the truth. Tonight I was, and she confirmed all my doubts. I feel so relieved now. If you want your situation to get better, you have to be open to hearing the truth. She`s my favorite!" ... written by tapsor
Very Good and knows when something going on mentioned something on my mind i had not asked yet helps you to feel better and understand tells the truth My Favorite :)" ... written by Christine
A very honest reading indeed. She has saved me from a serious heartbreak in the long run. " ... written by Maddox
Always great to talk to. " ... written by Jim
Needed some guidance that Sarafina spoke to my heart about. She is the real deal and knows whats going on. I appreciate her advice and look forward to working on the details she provided for me.Thank you Sarafina!" ... written by BrianaAF2
Excellent - Sarafina hit on things that are actually occurring in my life right now, as well as wise advice about my future. Great, kind and absolutely one of the best, if not the best that I have spoken with on Oranum." ... written by Lynn
Very good" ... written by Patricia
she is very wonderful and answered what I wanted to know very ellaquint" ... written by Samantha
I LOVE SARAFINA " ... written by JESS
great awesome" ... written by jamira76
Sarafina was very sweet but straight to the point. She gave me much insight about my issue and helped guide me along the way. Thank you!" ... written by BrianaAF2
loved her amazing lady" ... written by caz
OMG this woman is amazing. She is always spot on. Does not just tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. " ... written by Jim
If I could only put true emotion about how much good Sarafina does for people, I would." ... written by Malp
best connection I've ever had. she has helped me redirect my focus on what truly matters." ... written by lily
She's literally the best medium ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% accurate and predictions come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by dolefuldoll
She is very very good. She was spot on about me and needed very little information and none before she told me what type of person I was. I will be back to see her" ... written by Jennfer
far better than I expected, very good actually." ... written by f
accurate great reading" ... written by trevka
thank you for the clarity!" ... written by md
needed some realistic views of what has been on my mind and she cleared it up for me! thank you SarafinaPsychic! definitely will follow that advise to keep moving forward." ... written by pearberry008
SHES GOOD" ... written by Cristina
She is awesome and good!" ... written by SweetQueen
So sorry our time ran short! But she is spot on!" ... written by Cara
She is very spot on and knows what she is talking about. " ... written by Jennifer
for whatever she said god knows will happen or not.but she is very honest and pure and theres no pretention in her. I trust her !!!" ... written by myst
Sarafina is always honest while still being caring. She is right on too, doesn't need much info to zero in on whats going on" ... written by Jenn
Sarafina is an amazing Psychic, extremely intuitive. Thanks GZR" ... written by GZRNYC
She is right on, positive and no sugar coating :)" ... written by Lyly_ia
Sarafina is always spot on. Thank you" ... written by GZRNYC
Great reading! she is so nice and straightforward! :)" ... written by K
Thankyou so much Sarafina for all your insight and guidance! I really appreciate it! Sorry must have been a glitch and we got disconnected in the end. " ... written by LostGirl
Great reading and guidance as usual." ... written by Jim Parks
amazing " ... written by cher
Truly a lovely woman!! Would love to see her again!! :)" ... written by Beauty
she is a complete life saver. she always spot on with everything. she knows exactly how to direct me. i will take all of her advice and of course i will be back as usual " ... written by Shantell
Awesome connection with sarafina" ... written by CH
Great reading" ... written by Vijay
amazing reading. such great advice and of course a dead on reading. doesnt tell you what u want to hear but what you need to hear. i will be back. thank you so much!" ... written by jess
Seriously one of the best here! Right on the dot and could not have guessed what all those details were. Really helped me sort through things." ... written by Ginny
Very to the point" ... written by Dana
u the best" ... written by ol
Sarafina was very on point and I thank her for her help" ... written by Margaret Peacock
Very nice to talk to. Will be back." ... written by Lira1234
thank you so much for your relaxed confidence and chatting with me. You have given me something to focus on - the red head In the blue dress is me :) focus on me" ... written by Angie
Ten seconds into the reading she already knew all of the issues I was struggling with, it was awesome" ... written by brittney
She has helped me with my current situation which I won't go into Detail about but it was very helpful and I certainly do recommend her. " ... written by Dan
Straightforward and relaxed reading." ... written by softwater
Blessing to you as always!" ... written by BrianaAF2
Always great " ... written by Secunda
FANTASTIC!!" ... written by tamalaa74
She is amazing really helped me understand what I have to do." ... written by Happiness1964
Very good reading, she was straight to the point and didnt mess around." ... written by Mary
great!" ... written by dbrewer
always here. never leaving. better than therapy" ... written by Em
I LOVE Sarafina! She is truly a compassionate and non-judgmental person with a kind soul, very easy to confide in!" ... written by Mary Grace
thanks for your honesty I appreciate it a lot.." ... written by E
Sarafina is great, she picked up on my problems right away without me even giving her any information. If your looking for somebody who is very accurate and does not waste time then she is the reader your looking for!!" ... written by Lorenzo
She was very good and very helpful. Thank you. :)" ... written by Terri
she always tells me like it is. always good." ... written by andyg67
Pleasant ! " ... written by J
she was great! to the point" ... written by Paul
She always keeps it real .. No sugar coating .." ... written by Liv
Very Awesome! cared a lot :) accurate" ... written by Chris
Great reading! Honest. Appreciate you." ... written by armanivalentino
great reading to the point " ... written by Rosie
amazing" ... written by nana
I lovely Lady With great insight. I had a a short reading but she is straight to the point. Thank you X" ... written by Manarra
Good" ... written by Jrose35
Hey, she answered my question real fast. She feels real to me. And when the outcome happens i will post on her wall. She is straight to the point and i like that. Wish it was longer, but i ran out of money and time. Blessings" ... written by M
Good reading. " ... written by Sunshine
so amazing and wonderful thank you for being so honest and helpful!" ... written by Ava
very informative and nurturing" ... written by jenny
Awesome lady, highly recommended." ... written by Vijay
She is awesome!" ... written by Ashley
She is good. I asked her before I went for a reading what aspect of life I wanted a reading about and she was correct. Able to give good details" ... written by Ashley
My discussion with Sarafina tonight was one of the most insightful exchanges I have had in a long time. Her reading and interpretations can be life altering if you follow through with what she has explained. " ... written by Eli
Sarafina is a pretty wise gal. She does very accurate readings and puts things in perspective. She is a beautiful gem...just a wonderful person. " ... written by Eli
She is amazing! so loving, caring and compassionate. wow. Still ponder of what she has revealed to me, and some amazing insights and tips she gave me. Thank you so much Sarafina! God bless!" ... written by Joe
Guidance, insight, and goals - She is comprehensive in how she approaches an issue with her clients. It is very insightful to talk to her because is such a great life coach. " ... written by Eli
Very warm, loving, and quiet wisdom is what I appreciate when reading with SarafinaPsychic. She is easy to talk to and a wonderful person with a calm spirit. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
excellent" ... written by gregg
Thank you great info" ... written by Rhadhannia
I just love Sarafina She has such a positive aura!! I trust her 100% too. I feel like I've known her for a long time, but I just met her a few weeks ago. She is an excellent reader!!" ... written by Terri Maguire
very quick to connect and accurate" ... written by hb
Thanks! My first reading with her but I liked her. She ensures that all your questions are answered within given time without hurrying you or anything. very friendly and warm. will wait and see how things pan out" ... written by Lilly
I love this lady she is so insightful and beautiful so grateful to have had this reading!!!" ... written by Ava
Love talking to Sarafina she is so gifted!" ... written by Ava
she is my new favourite" ... written by Arrow
1" ... written by p
Sarafina has such a warm spirit.She has been helping me over 2 years.Good guidance and advise:).I always come back. Thank you Sarafina for always being you and giving...I look to you as my big sister I never" ... written by AT
amazing. she is the best and I love her. she's amazing, sweet, kind, loving, and great and she knows what she's doing. " ... written by Sheena L
very good and honest" ... written by terri
she gave good clear advice, will definately return to her for more readings" ... written by mariam
Saraphina reads things so well and puts things in perspective real quick and she is just so much fun!" ... written by Eli
wonderful reading so friendly and nice, makes you feel comfortable in the reading is a lovely person . and she was spot on in the reading . i highly recommend her . she is excellent " ... written by alison
Finally! I get a legit, honest reading. This psychic is real, gives you honest, transparent information. Get her!!!! She's worth your money! :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
OMG! She has insights that she can articulate like no other" ... written by Eli
am I only on here to see Sarafina?- yes, on the daily" ... written by Emmers
Her insights and forethought are exceptional. She has made me feel like I am capable of making things happen again and that my talents aren't going to waste." ... written by Eli
First time with Sara, who has a calm and lovely demeanour. " ... written by wewillsee
She is very compassionate, understanding, and easy to talk to. I love my readings with her! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
she seems to be right on" ... written by bouncylady
great!" ... written by brandi
A most powerful and insightful session. She is beyond insightful. " ... written by Eli
Sarafina's very accurate, gives great advice and gives you that feeling of comfort or motivation when you're doubtful about things. I always come back to her when there's something big or something new going on. Thanks Sarafina! " ... written by Carlos
Sarafina helped me prepare for the next half of this phase that I am in currently with life. I appreciate her wisdom and that in turn has given me the confidence that I was so desperatley seeking." ... written by Shelby
very helpful thank you" ... written by pam1313
Thank you for your help, Sarafina! I highly recommend her! So quick and honest in her readings!" ... written by asdfafda
As always wonderful!!!" ... written by Ava
Sara has the kindest, most ligit heart I have come across on this site. An absolute blessing to have a reading with." ... written by wewillsee
Sarafina is an exceptional person who has gotten me back in touch with my true self. She is an accurate reader and gifted assessor and advisor. " ... written by Eli
Very good, fun, sweet! I would recommend!" ... written by Angela
like her a lot " ... written by stephanie
She was very accurate and knew a lot about me with very little information, the only reason for 4 stars was that the camera kept freezing and the audio quality was laggy and choppy, though that may not have been her fault. Definitely a good reading though." ... written by Jimmy Ranso
She is always offering great insight about every aspect of life. She has made me more self aware in the best way. " ... written by Eli
Thank you so much Sarah, amazing connected fast and accurate!" ... written by Jaclyn
This is hard to write, I'm in tears, I've never had a medium used a medium.. I think I always knew my grandpa was safe, but now I know she is too. I was shocked... I was never sure what really happened to her and I until now. I finally have closure, and now know she's with the best man I ever knew, and brings me peace. This woman is amazing." ... written by Pterra
Great feedback!" ... written by spears
great reading " ... written by rose meng
Amazing.. She was right on the nose.. " ... written by Angel
great reading she is amazing" ... written by William
She's awesome as always. thank you" ... written by JJ
amazing" ... written by Sheena
I really enjoy speaking with Sarafina because there is an authentic wisdom and genuine care to help you on your life path. I resonate with her energy and highly recommend for anyone who wants an honest non-judgmental approach to answering life's questions!" ... written by E
She is great. Thank you so much. Over time my perspective evolved and she helped me understand it better and better with a few readings." ... written by Amanda
thank you for helping me" ... written by melissa
she was quick and detailed, good reading" ... written by nicole
She was absolutely amazing! Loved reading with her. She hit everything on the head and was blunt and straight to the point." ... written by sweetcurls
She is always putting things in perspective for me so that I proceed taking the most appropriate steps forward in life that are best for my growth as a person. " ... written by Eli
always awesome" ... written by E
always accurate, only psychic im really interested in getting a reading from" ... written by Sheayli
very nice :)" ... written by Alexa
Awesome reading !! :) thanks your the best xo" ... written by Amanda
Spot on thank you so much! such an angel" ... written by JB
fantastic" ... written by tamjones
thank you!" ... written by jb
thanks good answers" ... written by Mark Makarainen
frank and honest. Really enjoy chatting with her" ... written by Azaleachild
she is great " ... written by rose
Had a nice relaxation and healing session. Thanks a lot) God bless you:)" ... written by Nikolay
OH my goodness Sarafina is so accurate and up front. I loved the reading with her. She was kind and gave good info. xo" ... written by MB
she was very kind in her ways in conducting the reading. had good suggestions concerning my questions...and was able to pick up on somethings. worth the try!" ... written by cittylove
Really nice lady :)) She was so friendly and helpful, straight to he point." ... written by mimi
She is wonderful. " ... written by d2k1000
Sarafina, is exactly as she describes herself and more in her Bio. She is an intuitive guidance counsellor, and clairvoyant. Her intuition is second to none, and it is a privilege to be able to be guided by her. Thank you again Sara. Awesome insight once again. :) :) :)" ... written by wewillsee
Another insightful reading. Thank you Sara :)" ... written by wewillsee
wow awesome, i cant believe i never read with her before. no sugarcoating, she read really well and on point no tools. definitely will consult again." ... written by jcjcj
Very great session. Will be coming back" ... written by Walejr
Hit the situation right on! Awesome" ... written by Sylvia
she is amazing as always!!!" ... written by brianaaf2
she was very up front and gave me advice I can follow" ... written by lavelle
thank you so much you were so helpful" ... written by Aundreya
LOVE LOVE LOVE SARA!!! She is the best!!! Thank you for your continued support!!!!" ... written by Cecef1964
She is good" ... written by zaka
great reading thank you" ... written by sages oflight
Sara is always in tune with the question being asked and responds in a way that shows amazing insight, foresight and encouragement. I value each reading I have with Sara - I know that she has a gift, and uses it to bless others. Another wonderful reading of insight - Thanks Sara xo" ... written by we
really good" ... written by john
she is brilliant in giving directions " ... written by rose
thank you so much" ... written by jayne
She's has a very calm voice" ... written by mio
Thank you again Sara. You ALWAYS know what to say. Anyone looking at testimonials, Sara is the BEST. She has become my true friend and confidant. Love you Sara!!!" ... written by CECEF1964
Very insightful. Very honest." ... written by Sean
Nice healings and protections. Recommend for people who want to relax and live better life:)Thanks a lot:)" ... written by Nikolay
Great and amazing " ... written by Anastasia
she brilliant " ... written by rose
Very good....shocked!" ... written by J
helped with a very personal problem thank you for being so clear and helpful and honest" ... written by jasmine
Best healings and protections:)Recommend for people who wants to have better life and be relaxed:)" ... written by Nikolay
OMG shes GRRRREAT! ... *jaw dropped Thank you so much." ... written by wt
I am turely thanksful for her oppinion xx " ... written by rose
ur psychic ability is amazing. " ... written by jt
wonderful" ... written by maora
Great reading. Looking forward to the future" ... written by vanessa
She told me things that I already was feeling. So even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear...I feel it was spot on." ... written by kathy
This was very detailed, and a major heads up for my career path! I was thinking about visiting Los Angeles and have some projects lined up! Now I know for sure that it is the right path to go ahead and get a jump on my career! Thank you so much SarafinaPsychic!" ... written by Grant
she was awesome hit it right on the head love that" ... written by lori
Always an absolute pleasure to have a reading with Sara. Her insight is very well received each and every time I have a reading xo" ... written by Rodgers
Very helpful thank you." ... written by Susie042
very honest. She is to the point and fast. Very sweet" ... written by angie
She's the best. she's amazing " ... written by Sheena
If you really want insight to life, and direct, accurate information...please step into a private with Sara. She is amazing. thank you Sara xo" ... written by cathryn Melbourne
wow she is very good" ... written by c
The most reassuring reading will come back again" ... written by crodgers1723
She's awesome...really sweet and connects quickly. She is very honest. good info and guidance. " ... written by MB
best reading yet" ... written by heather
shes awesome" ... written by heather
Thank you " ... written by andrea
Very reassuring information was given, big relief knowing my girl is happy" ... written by Aubree
great as always " ... written by edel95
awesome as always!!!" ... written by Ava
Sarafina was able to pick up how i was feeling right away; She was able to tell me what exactly was going on and what will become of me in my future! HAVE A READING WITH HER YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!" ... written by Leigha
Great reading... I definitely have a more positive outlook on what is ahead of me. Thanks so much for a great reading!!" ... written by Nancy
she is brilliant " ... written by rose meng
Loved her! Spot on!" ... written by Julie
great reading and great advice!" ... written by edel95
thank you so much for the reading" ... written by ron
I had a good reading with Sarafina:) She is very intuetiv and on spot with tings." ... written by Marygoldpink
Great reading." ... written by Denis Paic
My first reading with Sarafina and I'm blown away! Super smart lady and she was able to connect to the people I needed help with in seconds! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
wow! awesome!! really spot on..." ... written by kerridee
Wonderful... Lots of insight... Spot on!" ... written by KerriDee
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
LOVED IT " ... written by E
thank you " ... written by edel95
The only psychic I see on here, ever" ... written by Em
Very accurate " ... written by gmary
Very nice healing session:)" ... written by Nikolay
She was very comforting. I'm glad I got to talk with her." ... written by Michela
She is very to the point. Enjoyed the reading" ... written by sabina0202
Sorry Saraphina but I ran out of credits I will hop on later this evening. " ... written by AnaKLove
truly enjoyed my time with you I will be back" ... written by harl
good" ... written by angie
great as always" ... written by jackie
thanks again your the best" ... written by liv
very good thankyou...." ... written by nadz
Thanks Sara, great to chat as always. Thank you for your recommendations :)" ... written by wws
Another great reading. Sara is kind, patient and fair, and gives 100% with all her readings. Highly recommended" ... written by we
She is always great " ... written by aNDREA
five stars, thank you" ... written by AJ
wonderful reading very accurate and spot on with everything " ... written by alison
she is very good. thank you. " ... written by all
Very accurate and kind. Sarafina is my favorite on the site" ... written by Victoria K
Thank You" ... written by StarMoon5
good adviser" ... written by DIveeny
she is brilliant " ... written by rose
Not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but really great reading. Accurate and truthful" ... written by pea
she is spot on, really it was a great reading, she is really intuitive and picked up on my situation really quickly. I highly recommend :)" ... written by Mary
a came clear what i have to deal with no solution" ... written by Stella Siu Lie Ang
Yeah, shes good, knows her stuff!" ... written by Tahire Faruq
I liked my reading she was realy good" ... written by barbara
thank you sarafina" ... written by all
Sarafina was straight forward and to the point I appreciate her honesty ..Thank you again" ... written by sc
very good always is" ... written by andyg67
5 stars! :)))" ... written by edel95
shes great" ... written by sharyn25
Very constructive, reasonable, honest reading, i appreciate it, thank you!" ... written by Yoca2010
thank you sarafina" ... written by all
Great reading, she offered very good practical advice. " ... written by David
thank you for a good advice! :))" ... written by edel95
wonderful way of putting the reading in front of u ... so clear " ... written by anuj
I want to thank you for being so honest and truthful with me. I highly recommend her. " ... written by theodora
she is special. i think she is an angel. " ... written by all
Very helpful during a very confusing and difficult time." ... written by starlight042
she was great" ... written by Z
She's amazing" ... written by Sheena
great" ... written by maria
It Really helped me feel better about myself and not to give up on myself " ... written by Emily K Lambert
She has such a beautiful personality and she is so calm. She is honest yet sympathetic. She hits the nail on the head with everything and she could feel my energy." ... written by fmale101
First time reading with Sarafina, boy was she accurate!! She nailed it on the head!! Just incredible!! I was definitely amazed by her abilities to disclose information without me telling her anything but names and birthdates!! 5 star psychic 4 sure!! Thank you my dear for giving me clarity and for sharing ur gift with all of us!! Blessings 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
amazing" ... written by arrow
Very accurate Will come back" ... written by john
thank you dear" ... written by jasmine
Beautiful reading, thank you!" ... written by Leia
Gave my clarity. Was sensitive to my needs. Straightforward and precise. " ... written by Carmen
Sorry! Ran out of funds and time! Thanks so much for your help! I appreciate it! I feel that you were right on spot. I was not sure about my feelings about the situations I was telling you about...but when you did the readings for me... It really helped me understand the situations more. " ... written by asdfafdaf
Thank you again for another awesome reading Sara!!! I love you!!!" ... written by cecef764
she did it once again !!! this woman is amazing !!!" ... written by tamjones
I feel she really connected to my situation and she told me how hes feeling right now, it does relate to whats going on. She's honest and genuine reader..gave me good advices also. Thanks xxx " ... written by Gina
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by Jose
sarafina is superlicious :) " ... written by spirit
so sweet and very positive influence. Great readings even though it was not what i wanted to hear specifically. Thank you, you are amazing and hit the situation spot on !" ... written by debbie
thank you Sarafina" ... written by all
She was straight to the point and overall great experience. " ... written by Jen
A good and clear reading." ... written by Alneverus
Seems super nice - hoping her love prediction is accurate ;)" ... written by heather
beautiful and straightforward no sugar coat " ... written by SuperShero
I am looking for a teacher to help with my psychic abilities. I will meditate. But need more guidance." ... written by Charlotte B Pate
Lovely to catch up with you again Sara. Thanks for the reading :)" ... written by cathryn
Really great reading with guidance and great study of character! Spot on. Thank You " ... written by Sheri
always the best" ... written by andyg67
I adore sarafina to the max! She is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by Brianaaf2
She really helped. Wish I had more time." ... written by Sara
Very helpful reading, caring and compassionate, thankyou A+++" ... written by Ray
She has great energy! i will definitely be back" ... written by valerie
she is great " ... written by Tam
Always a pleasure!" ... written by Ricky
Correct readings" ... written by Lwp
awesome as always!" ... written by edel95
She is awesome and i am willing to come back for another reading :)" ... written by Dallas
Great advice on how to move forward in the future! " ... written by Emily
Really good " ... written by ean
Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I am speechless" ... written by Stacey Lieschke
very informative.. thanks" ... written by brenda
Once again. Spot on and amazing. " ... written by Stacey Lieschke
always good" ... written by ian
the best " ... written by ian
SHE IS BRILLIANT " ... written by Rose
Thank You" ... written by Starmoon5
she gets straight to the point....NO BS! Love her!" ... written by SuperShero100
She is very accurate and kind. An awesome person to read with. Very understanding and a great listener. Highly Recommend :)Thank you Sarafina." ... written by Katie
She is so poised and clear. I like that in a psychic, because that groundedness is what most people need in the world. i highly recommed Sarafina." ... written by Jose
Accurate reading. Very direct and to the point. A+" ... written by Lisa
she was awesome and inspirational" ... written by lavelle
thanks!" ... written by sin
good reading, honest" ... written by deb
fantastic reading...quick, strong connection, very honest, in tune with my situation ... will be back!" ... written by lornalulu
ALWAYS ON POINT !!! LOVE HER!!!" ... written by TAmjones
Great to catch up again Sara. Thank you xo" ... written by wws
she is honest and to the point and gives great advice!" ... written by Emily
very good reading! was awesome" ... written by marie
Excellent insight to situation as well as advice!" ... written by Sal
thanks for your lovely reading. Im very happy and good suggest to future plan:) xx" ... written by Sam
Not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. She gives great advice. Thanks so much!" ... written by cara
accurate and fast. thanks." ... written by littlebudy1
thank you" ... written by E
Thank you very much. Very nice reading." ... written by Jacqui
thank you help so much" ... written by johnnie
She is simply the best!!" ... written by Roberto
Gave me all the answers I needed! Get her everybody!!! :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
I feel so at ease with her no-nonsense delivery. There is such wisdom here and I'm happy she was kind enough to lend me her ear." ... written by thecity
She is always on the money. Gives good advice and tell you as it is. She is always so clear with her readings, I am always so excited to talk to her." ... written by fmale101
I had a very good reading:)" ... written by Marygoldpink
She picks up on energy right away. I don't have to say anything. Thank you so much for clarity. " ... written by mn
she is wonderful in insights , analysis, and advice." ... written by gurl
very accurate" ... written by Leigha
Very good reading." ... written by Tammy
thank you so much Sara" ... written by mel
very informative and calming session...I was pleased with my reading!" ... written by ^.^
Really great reading! I got a lot of information what I needed." ... written by Grieta
thanks so much !!" ... written by E
Great read" ... written by Babita
Very good:)" ... written by Nikolay
good" ... written by hit_chi
ty sara great" ... written by Rhadhannia
good advice!" ... written by edel95
always helpful, motivating, and guiding. thank u so much." ... written by gurl
Absolutely amazing! Terrific and so accurate. My all time favorite." ... written by Lisa Slay
Thanks Sarafina! I didn't have much credit, maybe next time we can talk about this projects longer." ... written by Jose
Thank you. As always perfect." ... written by Stacey Lieschke
Wonderful reader - absolutely delightful and accurate. Very great tune in to love, and also perfect insight to my daughters health and spiritual well being. " ... written by Kelly
Such a great help -- honest and to the point" ... written by Carmen
Liked my reading and excited to see if your predictions come true - thank you" ... written by Kristal
not sure i felt a connection, but very helpful with some good info to run with about staying focused on me" ... written by Striped
She is just a doll!" ... written by Kelli Davis
Quick and precise reading." ... written by Stephanie
Lovely " ... written by Julia
Connected very easily!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
love it " ... written by Gina
She was honest and to the point and she was able to tell me not what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. Thank you. " ... written by Willem
Wow..first reading with her and she blew my mind away...felt the depth of my very core and said it in words, yes..that is the real deal reader!!! Not just that she does not need a "backup" with tools..but she is so extremely accurate.. it is .." ... written by passionate miss o.
Great reading" ... written by Theresa46
she wonderful. great helpful." ... written by jamira76
Whenever I need answers I know to call Sarafina...I get all the questions answered. I recommend you get your reading from Sarafina. I have had reading from many others on this system and her reading are top of the line. Do not settle for less. Get a reading from her today" ... written by James Parks
awesome as always" ... written by jacqui
you're you" ... written by cece
Love her! She will get straight to point without using credits up! Connects super quick!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
Definite Spot On With Relationship Advice!" ... written by Kristina
She was excellent!!!!! Thanks again " ... written by Tam
She's one of my favorites for her accuracy to detail. She understands what you mean to say instantly, she's awesome!!! :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
Always great!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
Sarafina connected with my inner turmoil quickly and helped me to see how to grow out of the toxicity of the past and also concerning my anxiety/depression she opened up my eyes to see more positively what i can do now to go past that and also the guilt and all i feel when being assertive. i could go on and on. i would like to say she is very calming, inspiring and i felt true warmth and sincerity in her presence! :) thanks so much for your wisdom and guidance my friend!! Blessings to you" ... written by cappieann
Really good reading. thanks a lot!" ... written by Lisette
very accurate!! predicitons came to pass" ... written by jacqui
ty good reading " ... written by Rhadhannia
she's good, fast, really helped me .... I can take her advice and start to heal now" ... written by Lena
She was awesome. Very, very on point!" ... written by Zan
Thanks a lot Sarafina- You are wonderful, I always love your advice and your abilities. Love and blessings for you." ... written by Jose
Wow!!! what a reading!! got to be the best I have ever had since using this site!! see was spot on and so truthful about my issues and I will keep doing what I am doing!!! God bless her!!! We shall talk again!!! " ... written by michael
Amazing " ... written by Emma
she is brilliant " ... written by Rose
BY FAR one of the best ever readings!!! I’ve gone to many different" ... written by CuriousSeaking
SarafinaPsychic is amazing1 always there when you need her! " ... written by Kerry Amanda
Always heart felt readings. " ... written by ian
She's the best .. Never sugarcoats .. 3 years of being my reader ." ... written by Olivia
Thank you" ... written by allbright
Thank you, Sarafina, a lot! I am really amazed that you knew what I was going to ask before I did that! Thank you for your help and talent, I really admire your skills!" ... written by Grieta
Awesome" ... written by denis
Fabulously on the mark" ... written by brenda
Very straight forward. Wonderful person!" ... written by Dove
Truthful reading" ... written by Lisa
Excellent" ... written by Doug
Thanks a lot Sarafina. You are always so special" ... written by Jose
One of my FAV's! Always has a gentle and kindness to her. She is always giving me great information and really is my cheerleader! Much love!!!" ... written by Rayofsunshine
Thank you Sarafina! You are one of a kind. I definitely understand your logic, it's something I needed to hear!" ... written by Cherie
she was awesome" ... written by jana
KINDEST PSYCHIC !" ... written by MMF
Very nice, honest, and straight to the point. " ... written by Brittany
Straight to the point, accurate, fast!" ... written by Maria
She is very honest andamp; tells you what you need to confront the reality. She cleared the situation up for me andamp; opened my eyes towards the fact that I was afraid to hear. Well, now I know as a fact that I should move on. Thank you for the advice" ... written by sharen223
great!!!" ... written by jamira76
5 stars!" ... written by tom
Thank you so much for the reading... on point! I suggest SarafinaPsychic if you want to hear the truth! thank you" ... written by Kei K
By far the best on here! An amazing person." ... written by Dylan
She is great to point and honest and very wise and helpful" ... written by Robert
LOVE HER!" ... written by MNF
Great andamp; supportive reading" ... written by Lisa
very quick and honest. " ... written by Gina
Very good reading." ... written by Lisa
The only psychic that is direct and honest." ... written by Carmen
Sarafina from the start picked up on my energy and was spot on with my reading. Intuitive, accurate, caring, quick, and very understanding and gave me insight on things that were in my best interest. She gave it to me straight with no sugar coating, which I appreciate. I recommend her. =)" ... written by Nikki