Psychic SUPERLOVEADVISORhas 17years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SUPERLOVEADVISORhas recently helped 27members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SUPERLOVEADVISOR's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I use my gifts to help you see clearly and find your true path towards prosperity and happiness. I am a professional clairvoyant, Psychic Medium and Spirits Guided Reader with 17 years experience.Career Life Path Love Psychic Relationships Reunite Lovers Separation Spiritual career path divorce finance love spell lovers magic spell magic spells marriage meditation runes soulmates twin flames

Great! accurate! fantastic reading." ... written by starsalign21
Thank you!" ... written by inlovewithhim
One of Oranum's best natural psychics, you wont be disappointed she tunes in straight away and gives you instant intuitive help and guidance." ... written by ikroyal
She was insightful! It was a great reading. She types which is nice - sometimes hard to hear when psychics speak. Highly recommended. :) " ... written by Smiles1977
Amazing detail... Dead on accuracy. Very nice reading. Brings clarity to the situation and helps to understand. " ... written by Grace035
She caught onto my situation easily and quickly. Thank you!" ... written by asbs777
She sensed the situation right away and gave me good advice on how to handle the situation! Thank you very much" ... written by Marialuis
She super Amazing help me to stay stronger not to loose my hope." ... written by anniekazmi88
Great, picked up on a lot of things." ... written by Narmin_28
Precise and positive. Awesome." ... written by aikhooiooi
Great and spot on with a few things highly recommended :)" ... written by leah89
Wow!!! I love her!!!" ... written by vivviolett
She's very good reader, accurate and helpful." ... written by ikroyal
She's very kind and accurate in my abilities. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by Jade199
A wonderful reading with clear answers and quick responses. Your time will not be wasted and your questions will be answered in full. Thank you :)" ... written by RuinofDarkness
A warm and kind lady. Very insightful and encouraging. Thank you very much." ... written by zimerili1
Great read.. I was moved." ... written by munirah007
Nice lady.... Straight forward." ... written by wtbh2011
Very useful n cheered me up xxxx will come bk again!" ... written by vivviolett
Beautiful spirit qnd her energy just filled me with the peace and hope I've been seeking." ... written by Brandy330
Good reading, will wait and see what happens." ... written by nytphantm
Great reading... Thank you." ... written by newhorizons
She was good and on point." ... written by LadyLeo2087
Good!" ... written by hoping2351
Very caring lady, thank you very much, also accurate xxx thank you so much xxx" ... written by ale510
Very patient n caring i love her x" ... written by vivviolett
Really great and comforting, I look forward to seeing her prediction come true." ... written by crystalrei
She told me what she saw and felt. A good person to talk to. God bless." ... written by worriedmeye
She was very kind, and gave a lot of great information! Thank you again!" ... written by scadoodle
Great energy from her makes you feel comfortable and is straight to the point. I'll anxiously be waiting to see her predictions come true! Thank you!" ... written by asrani411
:D hahahah highly recommended" ... written by vivviolett
She was very straight forward and we talked about allot ! Her advice was good I felt! " ... written by Crazyhorse19
May have to return." ... written by shyraaaa
Good first reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Thank You." ... written by casy1235
5 stars as always." ... written by vivviolett
She's great." ... written by youngstar19
I love this lady so much :D" ... written by vivviolett
Very good and caring lady, I believe what she said. " ... written by loulourae
Amazing Psychic! He gave incredibly accurate information! :)" ... written by chawks009
Very truthful and helpful lady, cheers me up! :) Gotta try her!" ... written by kbalasena
Positive feedback!" ... written by theresa89
Great!" ... written by jettstarzz7777
:D" ... written by vivviolett
Positive reading. " ... written by d2k1000
Great update! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Jade199
Excellent reading." ... written by NS1982
Feel so much better! Thank you for the reading!" ... written by Marialuis
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Great reading!" ... written by chawks009
Nice gentle insight, and reassuring. Very true clear vision. I will follow your advice. Just which I could have heard your voice." ... written by IrelandIrish
:D" ... written by vivviolett
She's very reassuring, and very helpful! I thank her so much for her help! I recommend her for anything." ... written by amy3rocket
Good reading and accurate... No tools! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
AMAZING THANK YOU !!!! Wonderful at putting my mind at ease and straight to the heart of the matter. " ... written by bbythesea
very gentle. Kindness and patience and love shone from her face. She is very calming and put my mind at ease... A lovely reading!" ... written by dlmad05
She is great." ... written by polarbear78
Lovely lady, confirmed what others has said, thank you." ... written by cb1987
She was very accurate and gave direct answers to my questions I recommend that you talk to her you'll be very happy." ... written by damo70
Very good, she sees and knows a lot. Thank you" ... written by kacyhannh
Nice reading... I will keep you updated...Thank you!" ... written by Valerie71
Very good" ... written by courtneylovesu
She is very good and very sure about her answer. No doubt and I really like her. Good work and blessed her." ... written by vasanta
She is very direct about the present and made me very hopeful! Thank You, hope it works! Sophia." ... written by Sonia
Clarity was coming, we ran out of time, on to get more credits." ... written by c
Thank you so much!" ... written by termo
Fantastic woman and very in depth, true reading!" ... written by nclout
Very great reading. Love her and so sweet too!" ... written by angela
Awesome lady. I will come back to her. Made things pretty clear. A++++++++++++++ Thank you" ... written by C
Thank you so much." ... written by termo
Helpful and warm, she cheered me up! " ... written by jazzychic
Thank you so much!" ... written by termo
GREAT READING!!" ... written by nanada
Wonderful, kind, talented and insightful lady. Thank you for your advice! It's great to have another mother's insight on the situation. Will chat again soon!" ... written by Jocelyn
Thank you!" ... written by peonbilly
inspiring! thanks for the advise. :)" ... written by frankiecai
Nice reading. Thank you. " ... written by Christina
Greatly appreciate your advice. It's really help full. You have given me more hope for better future " ... written by queenbee22
Thank you so much." ... written by termo11
Loving nature and vibe. Has given me hope!" ... written by Audrey Robin
Wow detailed" ... written by BLUEWIZARD123
Superloveadvisor gave me great insight at the things that are in my present time. Thank you very much, I enjoyed the reading." ... written by marybet1love
What a sweet sweet spirit who so lovingly shared her gifts with me to offer insight andamp; better understanding of the man I love." ... written by Brandy
She's good, do recommend her!" ... written by Mamoon Rashid
God bless her soul, I felt very right at home!!! What a blessed beautiful soul. :) Love this woman! Many thank you and smiles. :)" ... written by Amy
Very Kind and careing lady made me feel at ease and gave me hope in the concern of my situation would defently make contact again." ... written by Kellyb77
GOOD ADVICE" ... written by TENA
I truly love your readings. You have given me hope and understanding to what I have been feeling all along. Thank you so much." ... written by twinspice
Thank you so much for your reading, it helped me a lot on which, way I am going to focus on communicating with him! Thanks again! " ... written by Casey
thanks for making me feel better. " ... written by giusep
I liked the reading, I just wish we could have talked for longer. Maybe next time. :) God bless! xxx" ... written by Willow
Thank you so much." ... written by termo
Thanks again." ... written by davidtjl
thank you for the reading!" ... written by zimerili1
Very positive reading... nice chatting with her!" ... written by Melissa
Lovely lady that gave insight and advice to proceed forward. Many thanks" ... written by n
Amazing and wonderful!" ... written by April
Very on point. Will come back again" ... written by Delor63
Wonderful Reading and a very nice person too!" ... written by nclout
Good reading." ... written by NS1982
Very honest, quick with her answers and compassionate. I would recommend to anyone!" ... written by Kerry Gi
Very thoughtful and caring reader. She understand and seems to see and be connected to the questions I asked her. I recommend giving her a try. Thank you for your help." ... written by tstancato
Fantastic quick to connect and really lovely energy too.. loved chatting with her" ... written by Beccaboo72
She has a very kind face and gave me hope. She is very sweet and kind and warm I would come to her again" ... written by Vivienne
I think she knows a lot and answer the questions quickly, i like her, go for her." ... written by Yarilaidys
She is a good listener and very carrying. Really great person to talk to and understand what the future holds for you. I recommend her." ... written by Tony
Detailed." ... written by sk
She's genuine. Really like her. 5 Stars!" ... written by JBee
I found Super very calm and soothing..I felt she connected well to my situation and the personalities of those involved in the reading!!!10000 amazing stars!!Look forward to the predictions!!Thankyou sooo much for sharing your gift!" ... written by rattail
Amazing as always connects very fast. Brillant and caring and she is very spot on and accurate take her to private shes worth it - thanks so much :) xx " ... written by Beccaboo72
Great advice!!!! Very gifted!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
She answered my questions very fast as I did not have very much time." ... written by brittany
She was great!" ... written by jacks
Very helpful!" ... written by Leah
Very quick and caring. Would recommend to anyone" ... written by Kerry Gi
Very intuitive about my situation. Thanks! " ... written by gayla
Very kind, insightful, and accurate! She gives great perspective on my love situation and helped me to see more secure in the decisions that I am making." ... written by Leah
Nice reading. Gave me some advic, will see what happens." ... written by musha1
The reading was good and she gave me hope for the future in 2014. Now I just have to wait an see how things progress. The time went by way too fast." ... written by Kristie
SuperLoveAdvisor, was so kind, sweet and on point. I am grateful and very pleased with my reading!! " ... written by MenaMI
It was a bit of a short session but will try again later when I have more credits! Thanks." ... written by Sophhia
Amazing woman. I like so much to talk to her." ... written by ina
I believe the reading was fairly accurate, the psychic was able to convey the unclear messages from my surroundings and other people's perceptions. The psychic was able to provide courage to get me to believe more into myself and not to be concerned with a former girlfriend." ... written by michael wan
Thank you very much, was very insightful and detailed. Recommended." ... written by mettlwire
This was my first experience on Oranum. I picked this psychic intuitively. I am glad I picked her, though the truth was a bit harsh and the proposed solution (though perhaps true) is difficult. Anyway, I recommend her! :) I wish my session had lasted a little longer. Maybe another time. " ... written by Nirvana000
Nice read. Connected well. Was very honest about the situation at hand. Really good. TY" ... written by GC
Wonderful - kind and accurate!" ... written by Leah
She's great:-) Thank you for your help!" ... written by jess
Very kinda and insightful!" ... written by Leah
excellent!" ... written by nclout
Great read." ... written by kam
Thank you!" ... written by d2k1000
Very good very sweet and compassionate." ... written by Viviann DOnofrio
Good. Picked up on some things. " ... written by Chris
She was nice and she did a good job, hope she is right :) " ... written by Chris
Good!" ... written by Zeigen
Good." ... written by Zeigen
I really like her positive outlook for me.." ... written by surabhi sahu
she was good" ... written by Staci
Too bad I ran out of minutes - but I can see that she was accurate with the things she said. Will recommend her." ... written by imnot4sale
Very good reading and intersting." ... written by apple
Amazing. She was very helpful, nice and was very understanding! Will come back for another reading when needed :)" ... written by jessica
Thanks for your fast connection to my situation and for your guidance. I am very happy you see a light at the end of the tunnel.... I will try and remain positive xx" ... written by tanya
Awesome." ... written by tim
Thank you for another amazing reading.. she is fast typist and straight to the matter. be prepare to hear the truth." ... written by maria
Didn't help at al and was not gifted at all" ... written by tim
Good!" ... written by tejaswini
Da Best." ... written by Jen
Very honest and caring made me feel better that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Fast to connect and didn't sugar coat i know what i have to do to be happy. Thank you so much!" ... written by elena
She was wonderful. She was very caring and thorough and very talented. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by rosemary
She's awesome... I love talking to her! Love her advice!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very good thank you." ... written by Scadoodle
Intuitive connected immediately." ... written by Bhanu
Well accurate about situation, I liked that she typed fast. Intuitively picked her. Now I can see why, she's good. Helpful!!!" ... written by spritessense
great reading" ... written by queenea
Thank you for my reading... I look forward to the future! :)" ... written by sirilee
She was amazing thank you so much :)" ... written by Julie
Really Great reading. Very detailed and accurate. Great reader!" ... written by Chris
Very nice and wonderful. She is very honest, and caring with emotions. " ... written by ROseanna
Thank u" ... written by Ryzette
very clear reading. thank you so much." ... written by bonnie buice
Understanding and give me some pointers of what to do and how to behave to the situation. I would definitely come to her again. " ... written by youralice
This lady is so nice and informative. She gave me strength and good advice." ... written by bonnie buice
too short of time to ask all my questions." ... written by Dana
was very good reading i gave no info but she was good" ... written by fex
she answered my question straight to the point" ... written by britt
Thank you and many blessings. Really awesome and detailed reader. Great insight and very caring and kind. " ... written by G35
Shes amazing when she does a reading, very connected and I didn't really say much either and she picked up on alot around me. " ... written by spiritessense
very insightful and picks up well" ... written by sl
she was good nice and she told me a lot and it was all good she know a lot and get it all right. " ... written by Chris
It is so good to have a friend like her. she is kind and caring and makes me feel better about myself. Thank you." ... written by Bonnie buice
connected right away....very exact in her vision." ... written by mariasheart
thank u very nice" ... written by betty
She is wonderful! She is smooth, thorough, insightful and so charming!!!" ... written by Liliana
always a blessing!" ... written by Maria
good reading, good advice, I will try harder" ... written by Melissa
Love's light and gifts are so bright and she connects really fast. I am so thankful for her insight and look forward to the coming days." ... written by Mariasheart
Always connects good to me. :) " ... written by spiritessense
always a blessed light and true clarity" ... written by Maria
very insightful and clear. finally able to relax. Thanks!" ... written by jab13303
Although it's not what I wanted to hear it was nothing but the truth. She's great and i'm very pleased. xoxox God bless you!" ... written by Samantha
very good " ... written by lopezina
Great reading very insightful!" ... written by Charlie
I was a blessing to have closure" ... written by freemaria
:) always a blessing" ... written by mariasheart
very understanding and sweet (: totally recommend her" ... written by aliisiik
in the midst of my darkness she is another one of my "angels of light" thankful for her." ... written by Maria
gave me good insite" ... written by jeannie
Love is very quick in connecting to my situation. She is amazing!" ... written by mariasheart
Accurate and understanding.." ... written by hi
SuperloveAdvisor is a gifted advisor. She is caring and thoughtful and she always guides me in tough decisions. She is a wonderful human being. " ... written by Janelle
Very helpful and caring and compassionate. Highly recommend" ... written by Kristina
Excellent reading. Accurate and to the point." ... written by Flirty Bee
Always a blessing!" ... written by maria
Love is so on point...she is connects very fast to situation" ... written by maria
Superloveadvisor is a wonderful lady. She is loving and kind. A great reader!" ... written by Jan
5 stars!" ... written by Cola
<" ... written by marias
lovely lady, kind and thoughtful" ... written by lynda
Very good reading :) Kind spirited woman and very helpful. Thank-you for the reading love. Five stars...I would give more if I could :)" ... written by Roberta De Bellis
very good thank you" ... written by stars
she is very helpful" ... written by jan
always a 5 star!" ... written by maria
thx alot" ... written by pinkflower12
she know a lot and she tell it like it is and she has allways ben there for me :) " ... written by Chris
she is very good to me and I like how she is right to it and she know what i need to do " ... written by Chris
Thank you! Reiterated all the things i already knew." ... written by jewelw203
Great talk... well worth it!!! Thanks" ... written by Ash
she know what is going on and she get it right every time she is very nice to me :) she helpes me a lot " ... written by Chris
it been a long road, she has walked with me." ... written by mariasheart
straight forward and honest ;0)" ... written by marias
Very insightful; good advice" ... written by Sandra
Very good advice and insight so lovely! Thank you!" ... written by c
She did great. Answered questions that I needed to know. " ... written by Amanda
Time will tell." ... written by cutiepattootie
very good and honest reading,would highly recommendxx" ... written by sam1427
Thanks so much...very helpful" ... written by Elle
she's wonderful! very straight forward and gives a lot of detail. highly recommend!" ... written by n
Thanks you. I feel I bit more at ease. Your information is helpful. I hope to here from him soon and hope everything will work out. Thanks =)" ... written by Mary
Truly a great reading. I was impressed with your gift. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
It was great." ... written by dartiles
I enjoyed my reading. she was clear and concise and gave great advice. I recommend to others" ... written by stephanie
Had a great reading with Superloveadvisor. She has a clam and caring presence. She was thoroughand precise. No tools or cards. Thanks!!!" ... written by Tim
Wonderful reading. Highly recommend :) " ... written by Cindy
SHE IS GOOD" ... written by ABHI
Wonderful!" ... written by Cindy
She seemed to be professional, ready for questions. Answered very quickly" ... written by Gabriella
I really enjoyed my reading and thank you." ... written by chrystal
always a blessing!" ... written by mariasheart
great reader and spot on" ... written by ola
Wow! Great read! First reading with her. She was able to figure me out and my problem. Will see her again. 5 stars" ... written by Martank
She shave been a great help. " ... written by Dachris
Very accurate and fast response. Excellent will contact again." ... written by PAM1970
Thankyou I highly recommend superlove very fast and accurrate and she will not waist your time!" ... written by Felicia
Helped with my confusion. Highly recommend :) " ... written by Cindy
she know what is going on and she is alway her for me :) " ... written by Chris
can not say enough -just give a try. find out for yourself." ... written by maria
AWESOME! She's spot on as always! I highly recommend!" ... written by Victoria
thank you so much for the kind words. it is always a pleasure talking to you. And you are very insightful. thanks again." ... written by bonnie
Very sweet and very honest! I feel that I got a very good reading. She was accurate about my situation and she provided me with some very good advice." ... written by Maggie
Very accurate and constructive towards the future." ... written by bunebaba
Thank you so much for a really good reading AWSOME xxx" ... written by john24521
What a nice lady. She had a good perception of my situation and helped me see some deeper levels of the lessons involved. For that I am appreciative. " ... written by Lance Lammon
She is great , very soothing and very accurate as well !" ... written by Yellowlily79
Awesome! Helped me to feel at ease with problems that have been on my heart and mind. This was a great experience and i'm very very happy! :)" ... written by Lex
Very caring reading" ... written by Teri Liebman
thank you for the reading and advice. makes sense." ... written by bonnie
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
OMG a breath of fresh air!!! Really spot on about my situation. Very helpful!!!" ... written by Mac
The best reading i’ve had thus far on Oranum. Positive energy, great advice and complete possibilities. I highly recommend getting a reading with her! " ... written by Darcie
Very sweet gave me correct answers and gave opinions on what I should do" ... written by Sunny
she is such a wonderful person! she types, but you can feel her with every word she types. it is from her heart. very honest person and tells you what she feels and see. she is just AMAZING! IF you want the truth see her!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
what a wonderful insightful reading" ... written by Mia_Koda
she gave me information on a situation with only names. She picked up on what was going on, very intuitive." ... written by Gina
she knows everything,,and give me great input..great reading" ... written by amalia
Fast, on-spot and very constructive." ... written by bunebaba
another great reading......She really is caring and offered sound advice, which confirmed my own intuition about the situation.....i would reccomend her to anybody, goes straight to the point of the issue." ... written by Shrihari Vishnupati
Quick to connect, wish I had more creds, ill be back for another reading xx" ... written by leah
Excellent reading with a lot insight, that i didn't even tell her she knew about, and it goes to show that she is very accurate! I really appreciate the advice." ... written by BN
Great. I think she is good. Thanks." ... written by me
interesting reading… confirmed what other psychics have said. " ... written by intrigued8
she was great" ... written by georgianna
She very2 straight forward andamp; honest off course andamp; very accurate andamp; fast as well, i didnt tell her everything but she knew all, every single thing about myself. Amazing...yes if u want accurate andamp; honest answer its true looked for her." ... written by coolme
very good reading. gave me a lot of info. I cant wait to see if her predictions come true" ... written by melissa
shes very nice" ... written by PaleNative
Thanks for your reading! (:" ... written by apriicot
Happy with the reading She picked up on things quickly " ... written by Sam
Good" ... written by Sam
She was quick to answer and I feel right. I asked her to look for a lost item. Happy with her :)" ... written by Sam
fantastic reading" ... written by soul
thank you" ... written by thank you
Good " ... written by akeem
Very good and new my situation immediately. Was able to tap in right away. I believe in what she had to say and how her predication will come to pass. " ... written by Roseanna
Thank you for the advise and the insight!" ... written by masijacoke24
wonderful" ... written by georgiann
She is authentic and accurate,. can see future. and present.. very very good reader!!" ... written by rose
thanks for such a g8t advice maam" ... written by avvi
Quite good. She knew exactly where I was blocked and helped to show me where I needed some work on myself for growth. Very intuitive." ... written by Edna St. Vincent Milay
Comforting reading!" ... written by Nioole
We shall see...." ... written by Laura
Wonderful as usual :) " ... written by Cindy
Thanks for reading. Very good typist and hope all ur predictions com e true." ... written by Rose
Awesome" ... written by Romeeta
Picks up fast!.. great reading will come back soon :)" ... written by Suelin
she is great lady, she was trying to help. thank you" ... written by veezee
She was helpful, and kind" ... written by SweetS_McLovin
very supportive and very caring understanding and cleaity" ... written by Erica
A pleasure, as always." ... written by Alneverus
Great always. :) " ... written by Cindy
this was a good reading. Great advice and very clear. Thank you." ... written by bonnie
she is good, very good." ... written by loverboy
great advice from a great lady. thank you" ... written by bonnie
She was very informative. Didn't hesitate that provide answers to all the questions that I had." ... written by Jessica Flamont
Absolutely excellent. I don't trust anyone else. She is my only reader" ... written by Sandy
Five stars!" ... written by michelle
She's great. a warm and caring person and a sharp intuitive. I would recommend to any friend." ... written by Ellery Sedgewick
Very good." ... written by janet
Thank u for the insite, great!" ... written by Princess
She is wonderful, the best and caring advisor I have ever had. Very right on about everything and helping me with true advice in a difficult situation." ... written by Sandy
A fantastic reading where there was some cleansing and some insight into my love life. Very important updates about the future and I appreciated the advice given." ... written by BN
5 stars thank u" ... written by kam
Fantastic........" ... written by maria
she is so very honest - I use her and 3 others she sees what she sees :) angel indeed." ... written by maria
fantastic as always" ... written by Walter Lemmons
Thank you" ... written by Princess
i want to chat with original person ..where i get sincere taught and guidance " ... written by mohammed ibrahim
very good will be calling her again" ... written by donna
This lovely lady was able to connect and tell me what needed to be said. Thank you" ... written by J
first time having a reading with her and she is very accurate. " ... written by robin
very nice person" ... written by jean
thank you so much for being there" ... written by jaqline
always on time and predictions have come to pass 10 stars !" ... written by mariasheart
she is good and know what is going one and she helps me a lot thanks for all your help " ... written by Chris
Thank you, good reading" ... written by Princess
a wonderful, detailed connection. I am encouraged about the future days." ... written by beauty
Provided me with alot of optimism :) thank you." ... written by Anupama
She is amazing and accurate very worth it." ... written by Angelica Paden
thank you. quick to connect thank you so much for your time :)" ... written by lina
Lovely lady, connected quickly and had good advice. Thank you. " ... written by lynnrmc
very positive. had some valid points., overall positive." ... written by LaTanya
it sounds so good. will see in time if it is all good" ... written by someday
very good and encouraging. insightful and fast " ... written by Andrea
ok reading " ... written by lm
To the point and accurate" ... written by Charity
Very helpful. Picked up on my present situation. " ... written by AK
thank u wish we had more time thank u bless" ... written by pp
Clear and to the point! Blessings" ... written by Mae
very accurate" ... written by jan
Nice lady. Understanding and supportive. I would definitely recommend her again." ... written by munia123
so loving, honest and caring, about the things I needed to know and needed to hear! thank you dear!" ... written by c
Very honest" ... written by Giselle
She always sees right into the situation and has good counsel. I would reccomend to any of my freinds. No tools just pure intuition. :) " ... written by Larry Longtree
Great advise...keeping hope/love/andamp;/faith in my heart that all works out!! Ty so much! ♥" ... written by xJENNiFERx
good advice, very sweet lady." ... written by Sarah
thank u much " ... written by ppp
She is amazing! Very grateful for all she has helped me with and continues to help me with. Right on everything she has told me." ... written by angel4242
she was good, she was positive, I hope she got my situation right" ... written by maura
I think she was wonderful and fast she good on love relationship keep her she a winner thanks debra " ... written by debragreen
knew the situation I was thinking of and gave accurate advise even though it wasn't what I wanted to hear." ... written by pm brooke
She was so helpful and accurate! Felt like she understood me." ... written by Cindy
good reading" ... written by a
Very accurate and happy to talk to her" ... written by bibi
thx u 5 stars will keep in mind your positive outcome !!" ... written by queenbee22
Overall great reading!" ... written by Stephanie
gr8,awsome and to the point" ... written by MAYANK SINGH
very sweet and full of advice. :)" ... written by aangel
very humble, honest and sweet :)" ... written by a
Wonderful thx you very much for ur insight God is KING HE RULES!! GOD BLESS!!" ... written by queenbee22
good highly recommend" ... written by maryam
Great insight, wish we didn't run out of time. " ... written by Johanna
Very on point....straight up" ... written by Margot
Straight to the point, no sugar coating. " ... written by natashaj8
she is very straight forward and fast I like that " ... written by debra green
was amazing!!!!! connected before private, no sugar coating and HONEST!!!!! amazing 5*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by cris
things were confusing at first but she made everything clear and helped me understand. knowing that good things are coming my way. she's a sweetheart:)" ... written by Sam
Like always, Superloveadvisor is spot on, no tools just pure intuition. Guidance and experienced counsel, sage advice w a caring attitude. I ve come back for reading several times as advice turns out to be correct. " ... written by Lonnie Risling
Extremely accurate and specific." ... written by serenity
Always gives me a different perspective on my questions. Helps me to gain better insight." ... written by serenity
amazing reader " ... written by Kayla
good" ... written by nancy
A genuine, warm lady. Her reading was good, and her advice to me was exactly what I needed to hear without her knowing. Thankyou x" ... written by Emily
So sweet, quick typer and gets straight to the point. Loved her insight and support and look forward to coming back! " ... written by Sherry
Amazing!! :)" ... written by Victoria
REALLy good insight into my love situation." ... written by BN
very good sweet woman" ... written by Robyn Tupper
great reading" ... written by marie
It was very helpful!" ... written by Ana
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Powerful Reading. Best one I have ever had. I will be returning" ... written by Tayler
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She is a very loving and sympathetic reader. She is also accurate." ... written by jess
I love a person who doesn't sugar coat things, and that's exactly Superloveadvisor. Thank you so much my dear, God bless!" ... written by David
Thank you so much for your honesty! It really means a lot. " ... written by David
Amazing, she was correct with my situation without me telling her anything. Lovely kind lady :)" ... written by Havy
Very quick with the reading and provided a lot of insight and information. A very good experience overall, superloveadvisor is a very kind psychic! " ... written by Xymin
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Thank you Superloveadvisor for your reading. Very quick, helpful and accurate. I appreciated your level of detail and understanding." ... written by MsSaggie
DOWN TO EARTH" ... written by Pshah99
she told me about my job is good.. i dont have a job. she told me i would meet my soulmate.. i am engaged" ... written by susan
shes great~!" ... written by travis
Good quick direct answer in the beginning, but she was typing so it took a bit longer than it could have." ... written by Safiya
:) thank u" ... written by maria
Really accurate and helpful, thank you so much! " ... written by Drummergirl
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Picks up on subtleties in relationships, and helps focus personal energy flow. I appreciate that." ... written by Serenity
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wow. I'm surprise of how she describe the whole situation that I was going through with details, even though I just gave her very little information. I have to admit that she is very good. I do recommend her. " ... written by elhijodelmoro
She was very honest (no sugar coating here) in everything said... Rate changed from what was on wall but She gave good andamp; very helpful advise in order for me to continue forward even tho things aren't always the way you wish they could be. Not everyone is meant to love you but when you love wholeheartedly the right one is bound to come around and stay. She stated that our choices and decisions change our futures...i couldn't agree more. I really do hope he stays away this time, Thank You so much SuperLoveAdvisor" ... written by NENA8014
She is really good! She connected quickly, gave a good explanation to my question, and confirmed what I thought. She gave me really good advice too, thanks!" ... written by Starliteny
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