Psychic SPIRITUALWISDOM has 18 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SPIRITUALWISDOM has recently helped 31 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SPIRITUALWISDOM's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I have been helping clients just like you for more than 40 years and I wish nothing more than to give you the relief / truth you have been seeking. Whether the news I give is good or bad I will help you handle them and I will not falter in giving you exactly what I am shown. I will show you the path to happiness through empowerment. If you have questions surrounding Life, Love Relationship,Job?

You are the best! Thank you for the confirmations. You are very quick and straight to the point. Very intuitive and a kind soul. Thank you again! " ... written by Raquel64
Very warm person...gives wise advice and connects quickly." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
I can't explain how good she is... She made me look at life in a whole new totally way... Try and see!" ... written by Cache23
On point and good vibe." ... written by dd41783
Great reading! Left me at ease... definitely recommend her :)" ... written by VeeEsqz
Very good reader. I wanted to hear much more. I'll be back soon. She's so on point and with it, it's not funny. Thank you. " ... written by somnia2103
She's dynamic!!!!, DEEP , she just drills right into the situation. Thank You!!!! She's straight up, no Sugar Coat. Awesome!!!!!!" ... written by toni808
She makes a lot of sense, M isn't ready to settle down.. but I meet a new guy... He is in my cycle... Thanks, it was nice meeting you... Hugs." ... written by SaintlyCat123
She was very good and accurate and very honest with me during her reading!" ... written by Karen
Wonderful reading...connect fast and right on target...will be back...thank you!" ... written by stargazer7
Good reading, she explained things very well." ... written by confused love
My reading keeps getting better and better - she is like a friend you would love to tell your whole life to. I love her!!!" ... written by Cache23
Thank you once again, Spiritual! Thank you for being my support and giving me hope and confirmation. I will keep you updated! Hugs :)" ... written by Raquel64
Sandra....You are so awesome! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me tonight. Thank you for the support and again.....confirmations. You are the best! " ... written by Raquel64
Great reading, TY" ... written by damaria34
She is great and amazing! Loved her read :)" ... written by d2k1000
Wow what a reading!!" ... written by marionlyttle
I love Spiritualwisdom! She is so good and everyone should seek her! Thank you for your help, SpiritualWisdom! You are truly Great! Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Spiritual wisdom was so amazing, I was blown away with how accurate and detail she was. she also gives great advice, If anyone is looking for answers she is the right person to go to. Trust me you won't be disappointed..." ... written by Lucy117
Thank you for the wonderful reading. You're wonderful..." ... written by Angel168
I really liked her. She is excellent!!!! Reading was great." ... written by jamira76
Excellent." ... written by jamira76
Excellent." ... written by jamira76
Very good!!! Picked up on a lot!!" ... written by jamira76
She is amazing! it's like she has known me forever and has always been around. Gave me wonderful advice and just the push I needed. I will be back for more, thank you thank you!" ... written by cg0702
Interested to see how predictions pan out. She was a nice lady. Her reading was ok." ... written by cheryyiceyny
Great." ... written by jamira76
Good." ... written by jamira76
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I believe that you have given me the hope that I was looking for, in a situation that I had. I have seen a positive change within my situation, and it can only get better. Spiritualwisdom, is very good at using her gifts. Thank You, again!!!!!" ... written by Angel168
My reading was fablous. " ... written by tonio73
She is great. will tell you the truth and will help you go on the straight path" ... written by heartbroken81
Wonderful!" ... written by Sionic86
Amazing reading, she really understood things without me having to tell her exact details. Speechless." ... written by Sionic86
Thank you for the wonderful reading. We'll talk again. Thank You!" ... written by Angel168
Very good reading. No sugar coating and she is very accurate. Thank you.x" ... written by tash1921
Best Psychic I've seen so far. She is Very accurate andamp; truthful. " ... written by Flaggirl1409
Amazing!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
Spiritual wisdom was wonderful as always, I truly love her readings. Very accurate, very detailas well. She also gives great advice, Will take it into consideration... Thank you Spritual Wisdom...." ... written by Lucy117
Fair" ... written by ngudweetrust777
Sandra is awesome! Very Truthful quick confirmations. Her smile is awesome. Her attitude is so very positive. Sandra is sweet compassionate and loving. You can really feel her energy. She is definitely here to guide you with sound advice." ... written by Raquel64
Fast connection...accurate...great energy...5 stars to spiritualwisdom. " ... written by star gazer
Good Reading, will have another reading with this lady. She tells is how it is and that's why we come." ... written by Viperineblue
Excellent! Understand me and my potential in life. I will contact you again. " ... written by formeoly
Perfect timing for her great advice, she is straight to the point and caring. I feel really inspired after the reading and highly recommend her especially for past life readings. Thank you again." ... written by Kel_Vrol
I am very excited about my reading. I have more hope now, that my life is going to be better. I will be working with Spirit to be a better me for my self and for my prize at the end of the rainbow. Thank you Spirit. Truly gifted." ... written by Jadelove
Amazing reading, I have come out of the reading with so much positivity. She is spot on and very caring nature. Highly recommend. Thank you again " ... written by Annied13
I must say she is a very good psychic" ... written by myeyesee
Well Spiritual wisdom is great psychic. She helped me allot and new allot of things going on in my life. Informed me to help me. 5 star psychic. " ... written by myeyesee
SpritiualWisdom is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Will wait to see..." ... written by dd41783
Thank you, for the wonderful reading, and the encouragement!" ... written by Angel168
Always accurate!" ... written by jamira76
She tuned in immediately and hit the deepest and highest spiritual TRUTH about my situation. And I know that this beautiful soul does not mince words. She helped bring me up, to overcome the web of fear I created for myself. She has given me hope and I plan to work with her soon and often )))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is the BEST. I consider her 5 Stars ALL THE WAY!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great person she is so honest and straight forward and I love that about her no sugar coating nothing... Try her you wont be disappointed!" ... written by Cache23
Great. Awesome, great meditation, I feel very relaxed. She has a great personality, I connect with her. Thank you very much!" ... written by jamira76
Wonderful, blunt and tells you exactly what's the problem and how to fix it. I recommend her!" ... written by muffinstafford24
Thank you for the encouragement, and support. Thank you, again." ... written by Angel168
Good reading." ... written by lightinside
She was great! She knew my feelings and what I really needed to do! She gave me strength to go on! Thank you so much!" ... written by Brittney7
Beautiful lady!!! Excellent. great personality!! Accurate, never have to say a word. She tells me everything. Always positive." ... written by jamira76
Excellent as usual!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very intuitive, very helpful and very direct... " ... written by edelaine
Very easy to talk to" ... written by skf271
Amazing !!!!! I am speechless you must have your reading done by her!!! If i had extra thumbs she would get them all Thank you so much again!!!" ... written by cocobaby
Right on with her reading, very accurate, a real sweetheart!" ... written by arlinruth
Very good....very sweet. she told me things about my past that was correct...recommend her. " ... written by angelicnurse
She realy goes deep and clear!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Finally its fixed and I can give the 5 star rating You deserve! Thanks I will be back soon!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Shes quite intuitive she gives you what you need to know :)" ... written by syl507
Wow what a wonderful soul this lady is... 5 stars to her give her a go you won't regret it at all....." ... written by murdocca
SpiritualWisdom..u deserve a badge...Keep up the good work..always on target and connection is fast...no sugar coating here. " ... written by star gazer
Well not only does SpritualWisdom see whats going on on many levels from physical to spiritual, she also helps with meditations and channeling. Truly a blessing to have her on my side." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for the chat! See you tomorrow." ... written by Angel168
Very spiritual!! always great!! very positive and nice!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you for the reading. I feel great about it. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
She is so nice, no words for her....I am glad I visited her room....get the reading from her now before she increase her rates:)" ... written by rango_25
She never ceases to amaze me, and that is why I see her regularly, 5 stars always!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
She is very good choice to look at things of yours. She gave lot of knowledge and wise one." ... written by epil
I was nervous a one point and I came to her and I swear she guided me and she was straight forward and she said it's your choice to take what im about to give but if you don't start being positve the situation will not get positive. On my life she told me in 3 weeks if I do what she says it will turn around on my coworker who tryed to get me fired and look what happen its been exactly 3 weeks my co worker in trouble and the load is off me. I love wisdom dearly she is one of the most greatest but my #1 but you have to try for yourslef and see the results wisdom brings your way lets put her back to a 5 star but she is past 5 stars im so happy I can say I still have my job thanks to her honesty she not out for your money she seeks the truth and gives you a laugh:)!!!!!!" ... written by Cache23
She's accurate, totally honest, gives great advice, she helped me in so many ways, I am very thankful I came here to talk with her in a private chat! She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear she told me what i needed to hear. She picked up on my situation very fast and from there she help me understand things i didnt understand. And she made me feel like a person. She treated me with respect, and she was very kind. I came here seeking the truth and this is what she gave me. She's here to help! And I am so glad I chose her to do a private reading with. :) Thank you so much spiritualwisdom! " ... written by sincerity3
Thank you for the wonderful reading. Thank you, again." ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the reading! You are so understanding, and encouraging. That make a difference, because you make a personal point to help others. I thank you for that! We'll talk soon." ... written by Angel168
Thank you for the reading. I love talking to you, becuase you understand me. I was told that i would meet a woman, with long curly hair that would help me in some way. I think that was You! Thank you, again. Talk to you later!" ... written by Angel168
Excellent as always!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you for the encouragement, and the chat. I feel good chatting with you. Thank you!!!!!" ... written by Angel168
She was very helpful and i believe you should go to her if you need help with things and she doesn't give you answers you want to hear she tells you the truth." ... written by koko24
Spiritualwisdom was very intuned to my situation and very accurate." ... written by michelle12455
Very helpful!!! Love her!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very truthful, honest and direct. I did not feel as though she was just filling in time. I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her. Such a sweet spirit and andamp;quot;VERY GIFTEDandamp;quot;THANK YOU!...I now have a clear and direct reading to go forward with in my life... I rate her 5***** stars!!!" ... written by hazedpurplemoon
Excellent as usual!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great advice as a psychic, great advice as a friend!" ... written by dd41783
Great!!" ... written by jamira76
This lady was straight up. Told me like it was with much kindness. I was firing off questions and she was answering me, not wasting my time but so that I understood the situation. She connected fast with me... Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. I will keep in touch. Thanks again xo!" ... written by mslauren
She was very good, intuitive and I loved my reading! I had her read me two times after my credits expired. I really appreciate her help, she was awesome and accurate. " ... written by blueberrypigs
So perfect! I got a good advice i can be ready for my lovelife encounter. Thanks Spiritual Wisdom. No time wasted. Highly Recommended guys!" ... written by confused2012
Love her!!! She is kind, gentle, great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Always the best with detailed and accurate insights and she will always be my fave!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
SHE IS AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SPIRITUAL WISDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by qndiva
Very real and to the point. No sugar coating..." ... written by piscesmoonshine
Wow im blown away . what a fantastic reading a friend the sweetest most precise person i have met. worth every single penny. She was spot on with everything told me everything in detail. I will be back and let her help me through the path that awaits, me God bless you" ... written by Lorann23
Thank you for the reading. You have helped me see things clearly. I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. I will visit you and give you updates on how I'm doing. Thank you, again! Friends for Life!!!!!!!" ... written by Angel168
She was very honest and down to earth. She was dead on with my life. She's very uplifting. I love her! I will be back to her again!" ... written by cooboz
The best here she really knows what is up and down" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Good psychic, gave me good suggestions." ... written by suzuki3911
Worth every penny just a pure sweetheart thank you hun:)" ... written by Snowscape
Very insightful!!! Great!!! Positive and funny. Know what is going on without saying much." ... written by jamira76
Just love how correct you are with such great insight to everything xxxxxx Blessed " ... written by tonio73
Simply Amazing!" ... written by oalanis
Awesome!!!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very good reader, exactly what I was looking for straight forward no sugar coating. Talented for sure!!!!" ... written by Lovely
Great reading very insightful and positive." ... written by illwoodz21780moo
Spiritual wisdom was great.. She gave me insight on my job and relationship. She didn't sugarcoat things and I respect her for that. Thanks a lot. " ... written by Scorpio1112
PERFECT in every way. Straight, honest, and accurate. HIGHLY Recommend. Blessings and Light Sent Your Way! " ... written by winterwitche
Wow - she got it on the nose!" ... written by coyoteroper
Thank you for the wonderful chat! It's always wonderful to talk to you. See you, later! " ... written by Angel168
This lady was as good as they get she scarred me for knowing to much... Nailed with a sledge hammer! You're good. Will stay in touch always, you're awesome! Thank you, thank you!" ... written by scorpionqueen
Great!! Thank you again." ... written by jamira76
Polite, honest, nice." ... written by jamira76
LOVE THE READING WAS SO TRUE NO LIES OR GAMES " ... written by jasminescrubb
Great, awesome as usual!" ... written by jamira76
WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by BrooklynPain
Great, helpful, accurate." ... written by jamira76
She is great got it all and some very caring and gets you. I will definitely come back for more readings, thanks again :)" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you for your time andamp; great reading!" ... written by twenty1stars
Great.. will come back.." ... written by shikins
Really good info!" ... written by bluesky941
Great,great, great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you for your reading. You gave me a lot to think about and I appreciate your honesty. Also thanks for the prayers!" ... written by duckkait
She is my favorite and most helpful on this site." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome, honest, trustworthy. she always answers questions and knows everything before i say anything. she made me feel better! she always does." ... written by jamira76
Fablous as always" ... written by tonio73
Good advice, thank you!" ... written by Aryastark
She was wonderful everything she said was true and helped me a lot. I will be working with her more : )" ... written by fluffy4891
Thank you for the reading. I appreciate the positive reinforcement. I feel that there is a positive change coming. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Thanks very much for the insight." ... written by Seekinganswer34
She's a very caring, honest reader, very highly recommended!" ... written by gemluvr70
Really good!!!" ... written by jamira76
Absolutley an amazing reading, would recommend to everyone!! So insigtfull, informative and direct. The truth given in a compassionate and gentle way. With plently of guidance in how to move forward with my situation and life in general. I will most definitley have another reading done soon. Again thank you, you have given me hope xx" ... written by Kazzi819
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I really enjoy our conversations. I love the positive encouragement and honesty that you give me. I truly feel comfortable talking to you. Also, honestly you get me! You fully understand how I think, and why I think the way that I do. Thank You! Thank you for everything! later.... " ... written by Angel168
She was just wonderful. She knew where my life was and is heading. Wow! Very Nice!" ... written by Tinydrops
Thank you for the reading. I love our little chats, updates, and conversations. You are wonderful!!!!! Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
Helps me to believe in myself. great" ... written by jamira76
Excellent reading" ... written by mimatisse
SpiritualWisdom was a pleasure to speak with. I enjoyed her energy and honesty, She is down to earth and easy to speak with." ... written by Awakened
Very understanding, loving caring, awesome, voice is calming." ... written by jamira76
So much fun to help each-other find a solution, she is more then worth the money 10 stars hun:)" ... written by Snowscape
Always get a 5 star reading from Spiritual Wisdom! What would I do without her?" ... written by MerkabahMan633
I think it all sounded quite accurate especialy the begining" ... written by hunter04
Yhank for ecouraging me to always to think positive, and that good things are coming. Sometimes, I need that push. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
She helped a lot gave me insight, really like her." ... written by jamira76
Thanks for the informative update. Very gifted. Try her out, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by star-gazer
I feel relieved after talking with her." ... written by Jessia19
Very good, very sincere, sweet and on point. " ... written by fitchchic5
This woman has touched on things so deep and so accurately... She deserves 5 stars and more..." ... written by murdocca
Very good. funny helpful!! nice!! Soft spoken." ... written by jamira76
Reading is awsome right down to the point . Straight up. thanks once again. I will return." ... written by toni808
Nice reading...she encouraged me to ask questions andamp;amp; eventually i was asking the right questions to get the info i needed to understand. can tell she is a very caring person andamp;amp; knows her stuff.. will talk to her again" ... written by cherrypop364
I was pleasantly surprised how much detail she picked up about my situation. She had very good practical wisdom to share as well. She's worth your time. :)" ... written by Boggle
5 stars again... came back for second reading tonight :) It's so crazy how much help she gives me." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for the reading..." ... written by Angel168
She helped so much. Helped me to feel much better." ... written by Tinydrops
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I appreciate your help and encouragement. Thank you,again!" ... written by Angel168
The details were amazing!! Wish I had more time.. But I will DEFINITELY come back!! I cant wait for it to come true." ... written by her_wifey
Thank you for the meditation and the positive reinforcement. " ... written by Angel168
Awesome" ... written by jamira76
Orananum you did it again wonderful nice lady she guidled me right and gave me wonderful news i will come to her again,please give her another star or five at least. Bridget from Florida" ... written by bam486943
All i can say is WOWWW!!!! U ARE AWSOME!" ... written by rjjimenez
She is awesome picked up on my situation right away thanks so much blessings :) will def come back " ... written by ashley11100
She was very thoughtful and offered me great advice! Would gladly talk to her again!" ... written by LoveHOPEpeace77
I feel secure and connected very connected " ... written by mimo06
Spiritual Wisdom is one person who has been right from the start, and sees so much detail. But more than that, she has helped me in my own path with good advice and guidance (eg. with meditation)." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Happy with meditations" ... written by jamira76
5 stars to her xx" ... written by murdocca
Great as usual!!!" ... written by jamira76
Awesome as usual!" ... written by jamira76
It seems like I was speaking to her in person. I have seen someone as good as she is in person, I have to give her 10 stars. So far one of the top best on this site. She has my highest recommendations." ... written by mandylynn30
Thank you for the reading, and encouragement. I feel very comfortable talking to you. Also, I appreciate the supportive nature you have. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
She is really good. Didn't have to say much and picked up on the situation." ... written by florwer85
Excellent!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very helpful. Reminded me that I'm on the right track. Thanks again..." ... written by Tinydrops
Very good excellent!!" ... written by jamira76
She had a lot of insight into my situation and I am looking forward to her predictions! :)" ... written by truthyone
Very warm, enlightenning, and caring. straight to the point. truthful. Thank you spiritual!" ... written by mini1214
Awsome!!!" ... written by rjjimenez
Thanks for the reading and advice.." ... written by anne
She was mostly right with my pass life but I'll wait and see if her predictions come true for my future." ... written by ownway
Very on point with her reading. I hope it all works out." ... written by sweetsx
Excellent!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great!" ... written by jamira76
I had a very short reading due to low funds but she hit the nail on the head, she's great and wonderful!!!!" ... written by tigress_tu_nena
She is totally helping me and I am very grateful." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Always a great reading. This woman, whom I consider a really great friend, has truly deep and profound insight and, yes i will say it. WISDOM. Always 6 stars!!! Btw I was in pvt about one hour today..." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thanks for the update. Always fast connection, accurate as well as caring. Always enjoy ur readings. " ... written by star-gazer
Fablous reading truly amazing with everything help come back to the person I love. xxxxxxx" ... written by tonio73
Best every thank you" ... written by tonio73
Very happy. Will see how everything works out." ... written by laurgood
Thank you so much. You have told me what i was feeling all along. Much love" ... written by Charlie0605
PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right on point!" ... written by winterwitche
Great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very honest, I enjoyed her private reading a lot!" ... written by seekintruth0802
Spiritual Wisdom makes me feel very comfortable and safe. She is very clear and conscious that I have taken everything in. She has a lovely calm nature and i look forward to many readings with her. " ... written by Kel_Vrol
Very good and Accurate! She help me out a lot and God Bless! We will continue this." ... written by kenyadr
Thank You - excellent reading." ... written by alexandra11
Thanks for the honest reading.." ... written by Anya
Absolutely brilliant - picked up on the situation and helped me understand there are ways to change this. Gave me hope and possible resolutions" ... written by Kazzi819
Outstanding!!" ... written by rjjimenez
Thank you for your guidance and healing. Will do the rest myself." ... written by Charlie0605
Great!" ... written by fitchchic5
Very good." ... written by tblackstock
Her privates are well worth it, she is so honest and straight forward, but she also cares and helps you understand the things that you need to understand. She has helped me a lot, and the best thing she said to me was live your life! Enjoy it!" ... written by seekintruth0802
She was so in touch with me and how I was feeling without me having to give her anything. Was a wonderfully enlightening reading and also encouraging. I needed that extra push to do the things in my life I should. Thank you" ... written by Stephanie
Thank you for the wonderful reading. I appreciate the encouragement and support. Thank you, again!" ... written by Angel168
She is an absolute blessing, and I am soo happy that I had the chance to meet and speak with her :), Very honest and real about everything and isn't here to judge you, but to help you get on track and live your life to the fullest." ... written by seekintruth0802
She is amazing, totally on spot, im in love with her readings she tells you what you need to know and how it is, which i like. one of my top three no doubt. she really makes me smile! :)" ... written by ariellesguidance
Everything that she said was right on the money.....I was so relieved by my reading !!!!!! " ... written by Chasity1990
I really love this lady and appreciate all the insight and help that she gives. Her ability to see details is so remarkable. Always a big fan (and friend) =))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Loved it as usual! Love spiritual wisom. Very wise woman, thanks again!" ... written by mini1214
Very honest, and right on; all I gave were names and dates... Also gave me insight on my career. Excellent reading! I will come back. " ... written by gailpisces1962
Thank you for the encouragement and support, when I feel that I dont have any! I really enjoy talking to you. Thank you for your help!" ... written by Angel168
Wonderful reading. it make sense. thanks" ... written by happy20
Great, as always. She is willing to help me figure out this weird numerology I have going on. Bless her! " ... written by LoveHOPEpeace77
Great!!!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Wonderful reading! Will go back! " ... written by shell456
You are wonderful!!!" ... written by Juanita23452
Excellent" ... written by mimatisse
Spritualwisdom connected like no other.. I am so pleased with her talents. I roamed for days and she was the one that chose me.. Highly recommended!" ... written by MissaNCraig
She did it again! love her!" ... written by mini1214
Thank you. She always have positive things to say!! I really like her readings." ... written by jamira76
Excellent it sound scary I was able to feel a lot of things during meditation " ... written by mimo06
Thank you " ... written by tonio73
Thank you." ... written by patricianelly1
So intuitive!!!! Thank you very much." ... written by jaykun
Nice lady. looks 1000 percent better on live camera than on still picture." ... written by georgewk
Thank you very much, you gave me hope for better life, more happy without full of tears." ... written by patricianelly1
She is such a wonderful gifted and kind soul... She will help in any way she can.... 5 stars to her xxxx" ... written by murdocca
Beautiful connection as usual.." ... written by beautywithinone
She is great I like her a lot I recommend her she is very peaceful and I like her private reading she is fast but make sure you understand. She is more than 5 stars " ... written by mimo06
Awesome!! Great." ... written by jamira76
She gave me great insight on what’s going on." ... written by cupkatie
So happy! spot on! im deff gonna finish" ... written by ariellesguidance
Amazing." ... written by beautywithinone
SpritualWisdom is my inspiration. I admire the clarity of her insight and her steadfastness. She gives me strength and hope, and most of all, she cares about my best interest and wants me to have fun =))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Nice lady, nice read, blew my head :)" ... written by aloha8710
Great connection and uplifting!" ... written by beautywithinone
Long cleaning meditation and it was great!" ... written by Tauser
Thank you widsom great reading as always " ... written by tonio73
Wonderful wonderful reading!!!!!" ... written by jaykun
I want to say thank you, for taking the time to help me with all my concerns. Also, for helping me when I was confused about different situations that were going on around me. You have been very helpful, and supportive. Thank you for everything!" ... written by Angel168
A very powerful and amazingly gift was given to me this day. I bless the day the I connected with Spiritual Wisdom as my life will never be the same. Praises Galore...AMEN!!" ... written by beautywithinone
Out of all the readings I have had on this site, She is by far the best!!!! Honest and accurate on my love life! Wonderful reader! I enjoyed her reading very much! I will be back for another reading! Thank you! :)" ... written by ittybittykitty
This woman rocks oranum you done it again. Bridget" ... written by bam486943
Thanks for healing and advises.." ... written by Tanya
Thank you, you're wonderful! I will see you soon. don't forget me!" ... written by 8margarita1960
Fab" ... written by tonio73
She deff deserves it, she did my reading so fast and was so accurate, to me, she is by far your best phycic on oranum, spiritual wisdom serves her ribbon!! Thank you." ... written by ariellesguidance
She is very very good! Thank you!!!" ... written by Sugar57
She is awesome, just a few moments in her chat room and she made me feel better than I have felt in months. I love her spirit and feel I can trust her. I will continue to visit her and meet with her in private. ....wonmustknow" ... written by wonmustknow
I want to express my gratitude for hiring Spiritual Wisdom. She is truley a wonderful person, and Im glad that you found her. She is honest, helpful, and caring. I think she deserves a badge, and all possible points that are available to her. However, I have a concern. Please dont raise her rates too high, because I wont be able to talk to her in private. You have a great thing going on, with have her on here. So, please dont make her too expensive that i cant talk to her. Thank you for listening to me. Angel168" ... written by Angel168
Very honest!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very precise, very accurate, very quick. She told me stuff about myself that she could have never known. I got real goosebumps. She is very loving, very compassionate and very easy to talk to and very positive. Look forward to have more readings with her!!!" ... written by lolima
Thank you for another wonderful reading. I appreciate that you are honest, and the encouragment that you give me to push through my obstacles. Thank you, again! " ... written by Angel168
Spiritual Wisdom was very helpful to me. She gave me a lot if information about who I was in past lives and where I could use my strengths today. It made me feel so much better about myself. More good energy to help me move forward. " ... written by wonmustknow
She is straight to the point of handling my situation. I truly felt the presence of my absent partner. I will be patient and wait for the outcome. Thank You very much for the mediatation process." ... written by tallnurse
I had a good reading from her. She will look at your past life and see what you are doing different in this life. Thank you and I enjoyed the reading. " ... written by cb11112
Thank you so much for your insight. I really appreciate and think you are great!" ... written by allove197
Very good, great insight and great advice." ... written by jameslinx
Great." ... written by jamira76
Thank you so much. I will have sweet dreams." ... written by katie46
Wow! Simply amazing! I will keep in touch." ... written by xtine930
Amazed and impressed with the clarity, the insight and the straightforward approach. Will absolutely rely on her again. " ... written by ambiarte732
Very informative, questions answered." ... written by bulldog10111982
Wow she picked up on so much... I am so happy to have spoken to her cant wait to give her updates... your very comforting!!! I needed that! Love you!!! :)" ... written by elledaly24
Wow you where right on the money about everything. thank you so much for the help." ... written by tparsons11
Brillliant help. " ... written by brllamia2
She connects very fast and everything she says I can relate to, she really knows what she is talking about. I keep on coming back because I know she is the real deal." ... written by mimatisse
Awesome! Thank you... I will be talking with you soon.. :) " ... written by tparsons11
I totally Love her she is wonderful and she knew everything I mean everything she knew I was there even before I said anything I would recommend her over anyone I have ever talked to, she is Amazing!!!!!" ... written by dfeary1526
Excellent." ... written by katie46
Thank you such a great reading!" ... written by donna320
Very interesting reading..she was straightforward and helpful, i felt that i was talking to a real friend!! i already feel better and will definetely contact her agai in the future. thank you!!" ... written by kellycalifornia
Loved the reading, will be back!" ... written by kathyrh
Awesome!!" ... written by jamira76
Great as usual." ... written by jamira76
Thank you for listening to me, about my problems. I appreciate that you tke the time to talk to me. Thank you!" ... written by Angel168
Thanks again for the reading, highly recommended" ... written by john0907
Thank you for the reading! Everything that you have said, has been an encouragement to me. Im in a happier place with myself, and things are happening the way its suppose too! I feel better and free of negative people, places, and things. You have moved me into a better place. Thank you for everything!!!" ... written by Angel168
Absolutely brilliant and great thank you so much, I got a lot of help, advice and peace, love you. " ... written by brllamia2
Thank you for the encouragement and support. I believe that with your help things have gotten better. Thank you for everything." ... written by Angel168
Happy! :)" ... written by chelsiegirl
Really, SpiritualWisdom is so awesome, and she proved to be the most right of most all of the great psychics on this tie so far. And my ssaga has stupified and puzzled them all. I have a great new twist in a love interest that popped up and I am excited that it gave her goosebumps. Thank you so much Spiritual Wisdom, or Wiszy i like to call you. (and I am the only one who can tdo that!!!)" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Loved the reading" ... written by heartbroken30
Uplifting. You can see that she really wanted to help. good reading. :) thanks a lot. " ... written by Greta
Another awesome reading and advice, thank you so much. Again." ... written by corvettime02
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!" ... written by BrooklynPain
Oranum, you guys must know who much I love SpiritualWisdom/. And as I said before she has been right all this time. I have a lot of hope in my life thanks to her and things are going well. And I really appreciate what she has done for me. Thanks so much Wiszy!!!! " ... written by MerkabahMan633
Thank you for the information you gave me, I really enjoyed the conversation we had." ... written by friendly22
Just amazing! :) every time, only one ill go to " ... written by brit333
What she said came true. I am on cloud, hoping to catch you tomorrow for more details! Love you spiritual!" ... written by elledaly24
Very good reading. I enjoyed it very much :) " ... written by Jenna12793
Thank you so much, everything she said made total sense and I am so thankful I got to have an awesome reading with her:)! THank you again!!!" ... written by j
Sorry the came froze.. but she was great! I will be back for sure :)" ... written by iPreferMimi
She gave me more hope than I've had in the past, and definitely lit a fire under my ass lol! Thank you so much!" ... written by RealizedDawn
Good reading, thank you! Will be back." ... written by katiew12345
She made me feel so great. I feel like my spirt is in the right place now and I know how this is gonna pan out." ... written by Raiders29
Oh, Thank you very much, for are your help, you are the best!" ... written by patricianelly1
That was amazing, thank you from my bottom of my heart :)" ... written by patricianelly1
A great reading today... Can't wait for the channeling..." ... written by drsmith79
One word , she is AMAZING, Thank you :) and best wishes :)" ... written by patricianelly1
I didn't get a true meaning of what you were saying, you kept ending out while talking" ... written by Queenlicious100
She's very good and empathetic. I really believe she feels the true nature of thngs and encouraged me exactly what i felt i should do." ... written by celticfreckles
She was correct and I got confirmation. " ... written by beautifuleyes999
A great reading!" ... written by sequoa
Right on the spot. Very accurate. Hopefully predictions will come true! Thanks!" ... written by DACACAU
5 star reader ... she is so caring, and wonderful advice. " ... written by murdocca
Thanks" ... written by nowme1
Spiritualwisdom is clear cut. She gives guidance andamp; puts emphasis on the good things to happen. Quick to connect andamp; I luv her, she is friendly. Very honest andamp; caring. Specifically asked NOT to be given info other than name andamp; dob. This woman's energy is fantastic andamp; she's very down to earth without judging! In my reading she even expanded to other areas of my life which I had not asked about." ... written by bluetig
Amazing, and literally she gives you a sense of relief :) Love her and she is such a great person. Everyone should speak with her." ... written by seekintruth0802
Great!!" ... written by jamira76
5 stars to wisdom!" ... written by murdocca
Perfect like always, she knows what she is doing, thank you a lot:)" ... written by patricianelly1
Thank you, perfect like always ;D" ... written by patricianelly1
She is awesome, thanks" ... written by sabinaa
Honest and truly a blessing, seriously she helps me soo much clearing my mind and making things much brighter. I appreciate her honest answers and her patience." ... written by seekintruth0802
She's very deep, detailed, and accurate." ... written by sarahsellers1985
Awesome knowledge of the past. Great spirtual mover.. 50 stars." ... written by tk40000
Loved he. Will definitely go back to finish." ... written by Uvrs53
She is the best :)" ... written by patricianelly1
I have many number of sister psychics. This is a very very special connection. " ... written by popcyclestick
Deep and honest, :) thanks " ... written by nowme1
Will wait to see if what she said came true" ... written by john0907
Great great and well...GREAT :)! Love her, such a blessing." ... written by seekintruth0802
Happy :)" ... written by nowme1
Just love talk with her." ... written by nowme1
5 stars to wisdom ..... she is another angel on this earth ..." ... written by murdocca
Pretty good." ... written by Bierizgoud14
Excellent!!!" ... written by simplyred_1971
She is on point GOD Bless her in all that she do for people she is great...thanks" ... written by niaisha6
Always a pleasure talking with her, thank you :) " ... written by nowme1
Very Very good! She is worth your money. Everything she said was true. Thank you so much. :)" ... written by vania15
Insightful and to the point always." ... written by MerkabahMan633
Good and honest and straightforward, no nonsense. " ... written by harlemomajors1
It was an awesome experience and I want to repeat it. You will never be the same after a session with Spirit." ... written by Uvrs53
You are so very awesome Spirit.. Thank you so very much for your help and guidance in mediation. I will for sure be back soon... You have helped me so much through all of this. Everyone who goes into private with Spirit will not be dissapointed. Love you Spiritualwisdom... xxxoooxxxooo... Thanks much..." ... written by tparsons11
She is like a angel, thank you for spending time with me, xoxoxoxoxoxo :)" ... written by nowme1
:)" ... written by nowme1
AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE ALWAYS :)" ... written by nowme1
She was right on and told me the truth about myself... excellent consultation." ... written by dreamer1956
I just love her " ... written by nowme1
Because of her, i got a smile on my face all the time, thank you so much, :)" ... written by nowme1
Great!" ... written by john0907
Thank you, Spiritualwisdom, for the encouragement to be my best, and to believe in myself. Everything that I wanted is coming true, in an amazing way! I want to give you thanks for showing me the direction that I needed to take, to see my dreams come alive! Thank You!!!!!" ... written by Angel168
I didn't have enough credits to go indepth, but I liked her reading with the time we had!!" ... written by sweetsherry
I am positive, thank you for letting me see that. :)" ... written by nowme1
She so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by nowme1
AMAZING !!!!" ... written by nowme1
Very helpful very willing to help out and to gudie, thanks a bunch." ... written by newagechild11
I liked her. She was very real and professional." ... written by sham87
If i could i give her a 100 gold stars, highly recommended!" ... written by nowme1
Wiszy is someone that I can really count on to look into my situation, and those around me, and accurately tell me what is going on. I feel really comforted when I see her for an update. It also amazes me that she cares about her members so much that she occasionally picks up info for us when she is sending us good wishes. This site needs more Wiszys!!!! =))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Good as always." ... written by sabinaa
Wonderful lady. So caring and forthcoming. Spirit has your best interests at heart. You can take her seriously. She won't steer you wrong, it may not be where YOU want to be, but it will be right where you are SUPPOSED to be. Thank God that she is on the side of good, not evil. Love that woman!" ... written by Uvrs53
Great awesome." ... written by jamira76
Very positive inspirational reading. She was great!" ... written by kells122881
Amazing!" ... written by NeedTruth2dayNow
Good reading!!!" ... written by nowme1
Great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Thank you, for today, YOU ARE THE BEST:)" ... written by nowme1
Great psychic and super helpful." ... written by manyspirits
Crazy energetic woman,caring and loyal. Good advice, and true predictions. Always keeps me coming back." ... written by Uvrs53
Good as always :) " ... written by nowme1
Awesome great!!! free credits awesome too. i love her shes great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Very powerful! I am full of emotion and wonder. You must spend some time in Spirit's presence. Definitely worth your time and money....think of the benefits. Wow!" ... written by Uvrs53
Warm and giving...that's Spirit." ... written by Uvrs53
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by nowme1
Great!!! Positive!" ... written by jamira76
I was amazed Spirtitualwisdom intuitively accessed the reality I am currently experiencing without any guidance from myself. It was fantastic! I only wish the time did not fly by so fast as I would definitely appreciate more details on other aspects of my life in its entirety. I send many blessings and a wonderful thank you for your insights Spiritualwisdom!" ... written by Katharina6722
Very good followup.... " ... written by Uvrs53
I will give 1000 Gold stars for her if I can :)" ... written by nowme1
Different experience. She picked up on concerns before I could ask about them. Did not sugar coat anything." ... written by Aramia
Awesome:) " ... written by nowme1
I would give her 1000 stars if it was possible. once i left her chat room everything changed." ... written by 1285597
:) happy (:" ... written by nowme1
Spirit's meditation sessions are awesome and strong. She has helped me immeasurably. I strongly recommend her guidance." ... written by Uvrs53
Thank you Oranum another winner give her another start she' rocks.bam486943" ... written by bam486943
Awesome!!! Very good!" ... written by jamira76
Spirit is so real. She tells you exactly how it is. She has helped me when i was in a dark place, and now that i" ... written by ashley11100
Wonderful reading. Me and my friend amanda did a the reading together. She described amanda to a T. It was so dead on it overwhelmed her and made her tear up. We forgot to let her know I was in the room and we feel that she might have picked up my energy also but thats not her fault but ours because we should have said something. But that just shows that she's very powerful. Thank you and we hope to hear from you again." ... written by Lisa1988
Love her she speaks the truth, ty so much for your kindness and sdvice will follow through with you!!! Thanks again!!" ... written by BESTGIFT32
WONDERFUL." ... written by nowme1
Thank you, you guided me all the time, and I am pretty sure I couldn't be where I am right now with your advice. You always say true things and ask hard questions. Thanks for all your time with me. :)" ... written by nowme1
Really enjoy her readings, and she's really honest!" ... written by sarahsellers1985
I still would love talk to you more. I feel better talking to you. :) Thanks for everything you said. :)" ... written by fallbegun4u
Like always, uplifting. :)" ... written by nowme1
Awesome, great!!! Like her very much!!" ... written by jamira76
Great. Awesome!!!" ... written by jamira76
Spiritwisdom is going to do a channeling with me. I will let you know how it goes." ... written by duckkait
She is like your best friend, always there with the right answer, a shoulder to cry on, and best advice :)" ... written by nowme1
To the point and accurate! Very helpful! I need it. God Bless........" ... written by kenyadr
Very intelligent and straight to the point. Reinforced the good in me and helped me pick myself up during a very dark time. Thank you for the help!!!" ... written by whitrbee
Referred to a reading she did for me 4 months ago, when I didn't even remind her about it. I don't know if she remembered or felt it again. Cool!" ... written by bluesky941
I had great reading and I thanks you so much." ... written by manda1127
She was caring and nice, nice reading." ... written by celia
Was amazing." ... written by christine0492
Great reading :)" ... written by nowme1
The best! love her! felt better after talking to her. Definitely take her private!" ... written by cupcakes93
Spirit is an amazing reader, she picks up on me so fast and tells me the truth not what I wanna hear, I can always count on her for being there for me, always, 2012 was a rough year for me and I met spirit and she helped me in so many ways I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for her and she's right 2013 is gonna be a good year for more promise, no more tears, blessings Spirit, thanks for all you do, happy new year, hugs!Will always be back!" ... written by ashley11100
Really love her readings... How she sees so much that is going on and really cares about my own good. Also, she is just so amazing that she goes out of her way for her clients. Love you Wiszy!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Great." ... written by laurrenn0017
Thank you!!!" ... written by bridgette222
I love spiritual and she s always been right about my situation. I need to indeed only stick to her. She is phenomenal." ... written by mimatisse
VERY POSITIVE PERSON! SHE ROCKS." ... written by bam486943
Very accurate , thank you ! I am very happy with your work, you gave me the push when I need it. Now i am happy person again, and much stronger :) " ... written by nowme1
Everyone says she is good - will have to see if so or not 1 st reading Will keep posted." ... written by jolliev
She bolsters me....shores me up so that I won't fall." ... written by Uvrs53
Very caring women and honest person, thank you for the wonderful reading!" ... written by bam486943
Very honest and right on about so much. Great energy and easy to communicate with. Definetly adding to my faves. " ... written by Juderox
Thanks" ... written by mmd1990
Wonderful fast reading, very accurate and helpful!!! Thank you a lot! :)))" ... written by malinada94823
AMAZING thank you very much!!" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Thank you for today... I love the way you shared and enlightened my path... I feel I am not alone! I will be back!" ... written by elledaly24
Thanks!" ... written by shaz77
Loved her honesty and positive energy! she is genuine, caring, and quick to the point! thank you i will update! :) " ... written by kelsey1234
I will give her all the stars in the sky if I could!" ... written by amnarashid
I love her and will keep coming back. She has helped me understand and has given me the faith, I need to keep moving. " ... written by Juderox
Excellent Reader!" ... written by Need2know5
Pretty Cool!!!" ... written by TjBoyd
Always AMAZING! :) I love her!!! Highly recommended!" ... written by NeedTruth2dayNow
Honestly she made me feel a whole lot better :) Very honest and straightforward. She doesn't waste your time/money. Loved the experience." ... written by confused1423
I love her...she is the real deal!!! always gracious in her room and reading with her was a joy...she is quick and to the point." ... written by angelmist
Straight shooter, exactly what i needed!" ... written by araketanara
Omg, I love her! " ... written by TanyaDolly
Thank you! :) " ... written by libraj16
Positive, straight-to-the-point. Thanks!~" ... written by Zeigen
Wow she delivers before you have time to even explain yourself! She was awesome!" ... written by hmitchell1229
Thanks... Good as always..." ... written by sabinaa
Always great!! Thank you!" ... written by jamira76
I feel relieved. She is really good! I hope whatever she said comes true!" ... written by niksdel1987
She is good, giving you peace of mind so you can sleep." ... written by nowme1
She's very insightful and has given me an assignment to improve my situation. I pray that she's right on this and we can bring him back forever!!!" ... written by MinaVamp27
Right on target!" ... written by dnmoore
WOW!!.. very insightful, powerful advice!!...." ... written by LeKris22
Awesome!" ... written by dnmoore
SpiritualWisdom is not just immensely gifted, she is also a wonderful friend that you can share a deep connection with. True to her name, she blesses you with profound advice and guidance and you feel safe and secure under her wing. You feel immense love and respect for her because you cultivate a relationship that is both deep and meaningful. " ... written by neenzbeanz
Wonderfully honest, she is so correct and honest, I totally enjoyed this reading!" ... written by rainbownz
Great as usual." ... written by jamira76
She was so spot on and very accurate! I will come back for sure!" ... written by kawaiilolita
Love this woman very honest woman." ... written by bam486943
My first in depth meditation session was amazing!!! Words can not describe how wonderful i feel right now. THANK YOU SPIRIT!!" ... written by Juderox
She is amazing. She is so accurate. " ... written by sunsunshine1968
She shocked me with some of the things she knew and told me and i will definitely be speaking with her again." ... written by candcmom87
Great! Informative, clear and concise! " ... written by dandypants
I was appalled at how she pinpointed without me even telling her much." ... written by vvd450
Wonderful reading! Wish we had more time! :)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Thank you very much for your time:) It was a great reading:)" ... written by lostsoulss
She is the greatest! So many details and so down to earth and honest. She will tell you exactly how it is, not how you want it to be. She will give you the clarity and insight that you need..I am relieved. Thank you so much." ... written by sarahsellers1985
She was amazing. She mentioned a situation that was so accurate. I plan on chatting with her again. Thank you!" ... written by sunsunshine1968
Awesome.....50000 stars!" ... written by tk40000
Seems ok!" ... written by keshi71
Pretty, honest, funny, very accurate. What more can you ask for? :P" ... written by Snowscape
Thank you for your advice, helped me gain some clarity. :)" ... written by chelcee
FANTASTIC!!!! I could hardly believe how accurate she is!! I am going to be back....soon!! Thank you!!" ... written by duckkait
Always spot on, honest, tells me what I need to know. She is positive, fast, accurate. Very good." ... written by jamira76
I loved how accurate she was. Wish I had a lot more time for understanding." ... written by lovendream
Great Reader.. Extremely accurate.. I will be back ." ... written by MorningStar8
Great reading! " ... written by lonely04
Great stuff. Awesome!" ... written by RUBYRED2020
Spirit is amazing. I absolutley love her!!!" ... written by Juderox
Very accurate great reading." ... written by Bellyrox
Very good reading! She was able to read right into my situation. I love how straightforward and to the point she was as well. " ... written by QueenEmpress
She is so awesome. Caught on to my situation with barely any questions asked (Names and DOBs). So wonderful. She left me feeling better! " ... written by asbs777
Awesome!" ... written by Christina789
Everytime I talk to Spirit I'm left feeling full of hope. She has been a great guide through these hard times and I am so happy I have had the oppurtunity to meet her. " ... written by Juderrox
Great, awesome!" ... written by jamira76
Good reading. " ... written by vjrei01
Seems really good!" ... written by smiley2011
She is great and made me feel so at ease. I can't wait to come back and talk more. Best on the site by far ;)" ... written by Jon174
Wow... Again! So absolutely amazing and correct about everything! Spiritual, you are an amazing person and psychic. I was a tiny bit skeptic about there actually being psychics... but not any more. It is crystal clear that Spiritual is indeed a psychic. And she is so amazing at it! Recommend her no matter who you are, or what you are doing. Spiritual will help you, and guide you. =) " ... written by love930
Wow... Spiritual is so accurate and so psychic. The best on this site for sure! I will defiantly be having her do all my readings. And I will defiantly come back for more readings. Without a doubt! =)" ... written by love930
Amazing as always! " ... written by kelsey1234
Excellent, Great Advice, Now for the wait." ... written by Triciawondrs74
Very happy with the reading! Wish I had more time, answered exactly what I needed to know!! " ... written by feebers1
She was wonderful, it was my first time talking to psychic and I enjoyed every minute, it sent shivers down my spine because she is very accurate." ... written by babydoll0508
Wonderful...wish I had a little more time...will have to do another reading :)" ... written by rbrbmb1
Excellent insight and absolutely spot on! Thank you." ... written by njkmuse09
Very good reading, like always" ... written by nowme1
Great Reading! I look forward to all!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Wisdom is a great friend, lady thank you so much again we will catch up." ... written by Coraldeacon
This was fantastic. What was said gave me so much hope. Made me smile too. Thank you thank you." ... written by josgard
Very happy and got reassurance that all will be well!! She knew the personality right away of a 3rd and even the circumstances surrounding the situation. Thank you very much!!" ... written by Marialuis
Another great reading. Spirit was able to give me more information about what is going on in my situation. I am going to try to do channeling work with her next." ... written by kittychu
She was great! I recommend her to others! She is so spot on and helpful. She does not sugar coat. " ... written by answers16
Thanks for the verification, it's very exciting to see this ahead." ... written by roselilly5
I believe you." ... written by surfas
Spiritual Wisdom gave some really good advice. She told me I needed to move on for myself and my family. Told me to get all my stuff together and I will be fine. I will become stronger once my situation is done. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
She's amazing, always knows the answer to my problem and listens, blessings to you my friend!" ... written by ashley11100
Thanks,it was awsome" ... written by yasamananisi
Spiritualwisdom is well and truly one of the BEST psychics that Oranum has to offer. Not only was she a hundred percent accurate; she was also deeply insightful and gave me very sound advice. Her free chat is the best place to be on Oranum because it is full of positive energy and wonderful people. Her laughter lights up the room and she never fails to make my day everyday! I share a deep bond with Spiritual and have great respect and admiration for her. I have no doubt that she would offer you the best guidance and advice possible. " ... written by neenzbeanz
Awesome reader" ... written by mayho1986
I like her a lot i HOPE i can have other reading she is very very good in advise ,b ye" ... written by akenatonacindere
Great lady great reading highly recommended thank you so much will always be back for sure" ... written by zimerili1
As Awesome as always !!! love spiritual wisdom she is quick to connect and gives answers to all questions she is amazing and i highly recommend pvt with her!" ... written by marionlyttle
She makes me feel good, and since she started she has been sensing what was true!" ... written by mimo06
Always on point! Thank you." ... written by snowplow1
Very great reading, accurate, I felt so much better, very honest, and gave me a lot to look forward too, excited to see my predictions, will stay in touch :)" ... written by jjbunny0
Please give wisdom another star, she gave your mind at peace, she deserves one." ... written by bam486943
Spiritual wisdom is so wonderful! Thank you for the session with channelling my guides. You are awesome!!!" ... written by duckkait
Spot on and no sugar coating. First reading I had that was right on point. Thank you." ... written by snowplow1
That was an awesome reading!" ... written by supergordon24
The best psychic!!! The honest, truthful, caring understanding psychic. Always senses the best in the situation and tells the truth. Makes me feel good and more relaxed. Love her. U won't be disappointed in her readings. She tells you things without any tools!!!! Great, awesome!" ... written by jamira76
I love Spirit sooo much. She is always honest and her readings are always spot on. She gives me the hope I need and shows me the path I should walk and she has never led me astray." ... written by Juderrox
Very good reading! Thank you for all the information!" ... written by bensangel89
Awesome, Great!!! She really feels people and connects with people!! Excellent reader." ... written by jamira76
Great, awesome, she knows a lot and feels people. A lot. Thank you as always!!" ... written by jamira76
She is awsome and I look forward to visiting her again." ... written by gagirl31
Have always enjoyed my readings with SpiritualWisdom. She is very insightful and was able to pick up on my situation from the chat room. Highly recommend her. " ... written by GarnetRose21
Shes great as usual, but still short reading. Love her you wont be disappointed." ... written by jamira76
Amazing reading! She knew everything about my situation and helped me so much! Great psychic!! I will def recommend her!!!" ... written by Janna7241
I feel her, she can tell when I have trouble feelings I can communicate with her pretty good when I went to private the first time she already knew why I was coming for, I recommend her she gives you peace and honestly answers." ... written by mimo06
She's awesome! :)" ... written by Zeigen
Great reading!" ... written by sweetsx
Spiritualwisdom is the best, simply amazing. Honest, friendly, kind and very positive. She will always give you very helpful advice and guidance, her predictions come true 100%. You will love her, she will tell you what you need to hear, good or bad, but always true, very detailed and always on spot. I recommended her, LOVE YOU WIS!" ... written by nowme1
Explained everything so well. She is amazing!" ... written by roselilly5
Aww! She is so helpful and insightful into what is going on with my situation. Thanks so much Wiszy! =))" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Awesome as usual." ... written by jamira76
Awesome great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great reading." ... written by axia100
Love her! Every time I see her I connect on a much deeper level. She is so insightful! Bless her and everything she has done to improve not only my life but others as well! " ... written by LoveHOPEpeace77
INDEPTH CHANNELING: she told me what to do and was able to guide me through it with no difficulties. For someone who is gifted to have that kind of help from another was amazing. I always come to her for the right answers and the truth. So she has never failed me so far. This was amazing, and we got the answers we needed to a very intense question...the answers behind what was hidden. COMPLETELY AWESOME....I love her and respect her so much. Worth the time and effort...." ... written by lisam
Thank you for the guidance." ... written by roselilly5
Need to do a channelling to get information." ... written by joyce
I am always at ease when I get a reading from wisdom. She gives good directions which makes it easy for me to look out for things she has made me aware of. " ... written by wonmustknow
Excellent, as always. Thank you." ... written by Jupiter01
Very good." ... written by gturner
Awsome advise." ... written by supergordon24
Gave me a good heads up as to what's coming my way. Thanks :)" ... written by Myst_1987
50000 stars! Excellent job!" ... written by tk40000
Awesome! Thanks for the clarity." ... written by DACACAU
She is great and so helpfull. I really enjoy her honesty." ... written by gagirl31
She hit on everything. Excellent!!!!! Recommend!!!" ... written by EmiCRy74
Wooow, she's wooow. Amazing and she told me straight to my guts exactly what was happening. I am happy to come back to her. Totally different. You don't need to guide her, she just tells you your business. Woooow! Now I am free and I can just relax and watch my movie!" ... written by mhlanga2013
She is awesome." ... written by purpleiris1215
Spirit is honest and delivers the messages clear. I am very glad to have had this reading. Will be back." ... written by newness
Excellent." ... written by newness
Where to start!!! Amazing!!! I needed answers and she made it happened!!! I am free to move on with my life and make the best of it!!!! I will sure come back with no doubt!!! she is fast precise and consise. Consult her if you are only ready to hear the truth!!! " ... written by satou1982
Awesome reading!!" ... written by yvettepandora
Very good reading, very helpful like always, I recommend her , you wont be disappointed." ... written by nowme1
She was honest, as hard as it was to hear it, she was honest about it. Thank you." ... written by mlgriff330
10 STAR, ONE OF THE GREATEST, I HAVE EVER SEEN!" ... written by Bornwinner83
Thanks for the update reading.... 5 stars!" ... written by lisam
She seemed to have analysed the person of interest very accurately. I hope what she said about what that person would do come pass. I will definitely update my comments then." ... written by gretchen72
Everyone must try her, funny and accurate and pretty, what more can you ask for, ty, hun:P" ... written by Snowscape
Wonderful reading, thank you:-) " ... written by araketanara
She was great! immediately knew what it was about - honest, fun, direct, yet gentle... great!" ... written by mandari
She's simply the best!!! definitely coming back hun. You are gifted and honest!" ... written by mhlanga2013
Caring :) willing to help" ... written by seckim89
It was amazing she told me exactly what I needed to know to push forward with a very hard decision I was trying to make. I know I needed to push forward, but was scared of losing him at the same time. I now know what I have to do just hope my emotions can pull threw. Thank you so much you really knew what you were talking about and made complete sense I have had so many tell me to give up and Ive wanted to, but hopefully know I have to right idea and are able to push forward thank you so much." ... written by ikidunot
WOW GOD BLESS THX YOU FOR ALL INFO !!" ... written by queenbee22
Got straight to the point, very good information." ... written by roselilly5
Great reading..no sugar coating" ... written by ruby_ann
Very insightful, thank you!" ... written by ellimjay
Very good reader so far. i didn't have much time" ... written by georgiapeach37
I will update this in a couple of days but what Spirit said was spot on. Thanks." ... written by 09debmc
She is the only Psychic that really wanted to help. She connected fast to my situation with just my date of birth and name. She did not give me a cold reading with just general mess. Thank you so much. I will be back... peace and love to you" ... written by Joy007
Love her soo much... a million stars" ... written by Bornwinner83
Great" ... written by rainosue1
I thank you for your honesty.... and yes I felt the same for awhile .... I hope the future is brighter for us. " ... written by mommie51
Brillant - straight to the point and no sugar coating. Loved my reading!!! Loved it and will be back she doesn't beat around the bush tells you as it is. Thanks so much XO" ... written by Beccaboo72
Great, awesome, she dead on, perfect." ... written by jamira76
Very insightful and I felt like she knew what you was talking about. Very confident and straight to the point. She helped with giving me hope. Will do a reading with her again." ... written by kpeart0284
She is awesome. Can't wait to speak with her again." ... written by gagirl31
Amazing you are right on with what you said. " ... written by 1raeofsunshine
Always the truth. Thank you" ... written by newness
GREAT!" ... written by Bornwinner83
I love my in-depth sessions with spirit... She leads me right to where I need to be." ... written by Juderox
love her to death... She is the best and gives me all the right advice" ... written by Juderox
Always wonderful. Calming and feel better once I have spoken with her." ... written by roselilly5
Simple, direct and correct. Everything changes and she is able to see it clearly. Many thanks!" ... written by blocpress
She is amazing!!!!!!! Very good! She read me and knew exactly what was going on. I love her readings. Thanks for the update." ... written by jazzy9330
Love love love spiritual. She makes me feel good about what's going on in my life and guides me on the right path. " ... written by juderocks
It was good, just wasn't long enough." ... written by babydoll0508
Great, could read me very well, like a book." ... written by rapperlover01
She is wonderful, encouraging and supportive... Thank you!" ... written by Cindy
I had a death section with her and it was the best thing . I could know everything was worrying me . I highly recommend her services. You won't waste your money." ... written by nalita18
Thank you for the update i will be back once the time is right. Thanks again." ... written by sweetsx
Always wonderful, this must be my tenth reading and it gets better all the time." ... written by zimerili1
Great reading very in depth difficult with communication, pretty spot on thank you." ... written by malvino777
Extremely good. Natural talent" ... written by brunette86ts
This was so eye opening and I know what I have to do! Thank you so much!" ... written by tinaworkman76
I think she did a great job on giving me a reading on my relationship. She was accurate about what has been going on in my relationship and how a family member is interferring. Also a good job at telling me about my job and also how someone at work is after me...which is true. Only problem is I wish we had more time. " ... written by ambercrombie_grl
Very nice lady, very positive, and good reading. Some predictions i will see. I like it a lot. Wish for more time so we had more conversation. I give almost no info to her, awesome." ... written by surfas
Very honest, straight forward reading but couldn't get much information." ... written by dianalj
Thanks! Very Positive, good reading as always!" ... written by Triciawondrs74
Great woman great reader. Over and over again, thank you." ... written by zimerili1
She is a good friend and tells it how it is really cares thank you so much. xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Thank you!" ... written by MeMe_N_BriBri
She was helpfuly and good advice but wish it was bit more different in situation." ... written by supergordon24
Thank you for your help....I am so glad to finally have resolution to move forward...I will use you again..thank you so very much." ... written by penny321
Great insight I am setting up to continue the process to resolve relationship issues...can't wait. she is very direcect my kind of person" ... written by penny321
I just had a reading and it was amazing you nailed it. People like you should be praised. Thank you for your honesty. I'll be back for more. Rose" ... written by Rosa1982
I found Spiritual Wisdom to be very correct in what she picked up about me. She knew I wasn't working and I didn't tell her. I am amazed and want to keep asking her some questions." ... written by B77nny
She is great!" ... written by crazycatlady01
She is amazing as always, gets everything right on point and helps me though these rough times. Thank you spirit! xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Thanks for helping me connect to my guides. I will be back for a the next session." ... written by ale510
I really appreciate the reading! You confirmed what I was feeling! I'll be patient! Thank you for your guidance!" ... written by lightning_eagle
Excellent. With great clarity. Picked up straight away... 5 stars XXX" ... written by shelly44
I just had the best reading of my LIFE.. She is so gifted and so AMAZING. I'm so speechless!!! She blew me out of the water.. You have got to get a reading from her it's a BIG MUST!!! I'm still just stunned on how much she knew about me and my past. I didn't tell her anything. She is truly gifted by GOD!! GOD BLESS YOU!! You have helped me so much more than you will ever know. I will be coming back to you and your going to be my psychic from here on out!! " ... written by Shortcak
Spiritualwisdom! She was great! She gave me great guidance and piece of mind for my current relationship. I have had bad luck in the past and she told me what I needed to do to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with the one I want to be with. She gave me great advice for my career too and I look forward to having several more psychic readings with her! Thank you Spiritualwisdom!" ... written by matthew521
Wonderful reading! She picked up on my personality right away! Answered my questions quickly! Even gave me past life wisdom. Thank you so much! Will be back for updates I'm sure! " ... written by Empathiclove
Spiritual Wisdom knew things about me I did not reveal. She definitely is in contact with the spirit world and guides who are watching out for you. Thank you!" ... written by MaryB11
Willing to help, encouraging!" ... written by CA
She is awesome and straight to the point!" ... written by RockChic82
I think spiritual wisdom is truly amazing, great lady and to the point. She does not force anything and is very open to you." ... written by bellesa96
She's lovely to talk to." ... written by veeveedee
She's so great. Right on the button. She knows me like a book. You are so smart and spiritual wisdom and God bless you." ... written by rita38
Thank you very much. She is a great lady. So smart. I want her advise for now on." ... written by rita38
She's a nice I want her again help me lady!" ... written by rita38
Awesome reader! straight to the point. love her already." ... written by benkepsychic
Very friendly, helpful and supportive. Worth chatting. I am having all the good advises and care. Love you! xoxo" ... written by Hnin88
Great reading. I hope it will come to past. I love her enthusiasm!" ... written by 096evelyn
Amazing... Thank you so much." ... written by samanthamarie90
Wow, she is AWESOME!!!!! JUST AMAZING !!! SHE KNEW EVERYTHING!!!!!!! GREAT ADVICE!!" ... written by kat620
Spiritualwisdom is super great and very accurate on her readings, she knew exactly how I was feeling, amazing, I'll totallyyy be back :) Thanks wisdom!" ... written by jazzy9330
I just had an in-depth channeling with my guides and of course guided by spiritual wisdom. I felt their presence and communicated with them. Happy to have specifically seen the beautiful lady who is always with me... I felt them touching me ... awesome and really helpful. I do recommend people to try it. You will NEVER regret!!! " ... written by mhlanga2013
Omg this reader is helping me immensely... She is not only answering my questions but more important my personal growth. I appreciate and trust her guidance!" ... written by bluetig
She is amazing. She gave accurate advice and knew exactly what was going on.... It gave me a lot of insight... and I will definitely be back!! soon!!!" ... written by lumos2479
She was excellent, was very pleased! I will definitely get a reading from her again!! Thank you soo much!" ... written by okgirl2013
She is the one who gave me clarity about the situation I am going through. She is one of the best psychic " ... written by umabalan
It is always a pleasure to have private readings with SpiritualWisdom. She always consistent and on point. I will definitely be back for more. " ... written by Shirley
Made me feel relaxed and confident in what to do next. Thanks again" ... written by Roselilly5
Spirit always has beautiful advice, right when you need it the most. I highly recommend her guidance. Thank you!" ... written by roselilly5
Great as always, love ya dear!" ... written by Snowscape
I love her she was amazing!! mind blowing, brilliant!!! She was so accurate and I felt like I had known her my whole life. She was genuine and her advice was amazing! Picked up on so much. Thank you spirit you are a gem! Give her a try you won't regret it. x" ... written by kelli2
BILLION KAZILLION STARZ...." ... written by Bornwinner83
She is amazing!!!!! Speaks the truth and advise about what to do and not to do to be successful. I feel so at ease after talking to her. Thanks a billion!!!!!!! Highly recommend you and will be coming back. " ... written by peggy26love
Always a spot on reading. Thank you." ... written by roselilly5
Very kind with true inspirations." ... written by Alexsheart
Detailed, provided lots of info, hope what she says comes to pass." ... written by brownpanther1031
Best psychic, great reading!!! Tells the truth and helps so much!!! If you want the truth come to spiritual." ... written by maryanne1234
Great reading! She tapped into my thoughts and feelings right away. " ... written by JessicaLori
It was a good reading!" ... written by Tammy
Amazing. Very caring understanding empathy. She can see what others are thinking. She was 100 percent correct on my sister. Amazing. Thank you for being there for me. Highly recommend." ... written by leorising
WOW I have definitely found the psychic for me! She is a wonderful, beautiful soul and she genuinely cares about your well being! She connects so quickly and is very open and honest! Brilliant!! " ... written by kel
Amazing! The fact that she uses NO tools really speaks to her skills. I believe in her God Given talents. She is quick and accurate. She cares and offers you both sides of the situation with the straightforwardness of a caring mother. I will be back. " ... written by leorising
2nd time around and always deliver and great advice. Love your honesty. " ... written by peggy26love
Brilliant! Highly recommended. You will NOT regret it. Definitely legitimate, knows things without being told, and uses no tools, which truly shows AMAZING skills!" ... written by emijayne
Still the best!" ... written by emijayne
Wonderful Guide. To the point and caring. " ... written by leorising
Very good and to he point." ... written by Myangel23
Amazing! Comforting ! Real!" ... written by love522
Feel so much better, thank you." ... written by roselilly5
This lady is the most amazing person I have ever encountered!! Very truthful and to the point very caring genuine and the most positive person you'll ever come across !!!! Always leave her with a smile and more fulfilled then before. I think she is a very selfless person and would recommended her to anyone that Believes." ... written by bellesa96
She is wonderful! She is quick, straight forward and has a lot of love and information to share with everyone! Thank you so much!! :)" ... written by scadoodle
Excellent." ... written by Jupiter01
Awesome. Helped me greatly in my particular situation. Felt exactly what was going on in my life and informed me of the who/what/when/where/how of it. Truly amazing, caring, and honest. Gives you advice and guidance. Will be in contact with her, thats for sure. Thanks for your help." ... written by donorak
Best reading ever! 10 stars..def worth a try..money well spent! :) " ... written by ceejox
Awesome and great!!!! you will never be disappointed always there when I need her!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Great." ... written by jamira
Great.. Thanks .." ... written by Tina
She is the BEST!! You will not be disappointed. I have been talking to her for over a year. She's great!!! Honest and accurate!!!! Try her and you will see. Always positive too." ... written by jamira76
Great reading and accuracy!! Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Wow, she knew all about what i wanted to know and i didn't even tell her" ... written by roselilly5
Great as usual" ... written by jamira76
I would highly recommend this lady to anyone that needs guidance. she is the real deal!!!" ... written by roselilly5
She knows what she's talking about. I love her. Very positive." ... written by jamira76
SHE WAS TERRIFIC. I was very comfortable with her and she stated some true aspects of my life. I would like love to speak to her again. It was WORTH IT. " ... written by tamikathomas79
Thank you spirit, great reading!" ... written by roselilly5
Absolutely amazing right on. She knew so much. I would highly recommend her. Very nice woman. I am so happy I did a private reading. Cant wait to speak with her again. Helped me so much. " ... written by nikki1805
Awesome reading once again, she has wonderful advice." ... written by roselilly5
This reader has been SPOT ON three times with time frame for me!!! She is always caring, gives sincere advice, a listening ear andamp; is genuine to her clients. Can really feel the energy of love she radiates." ... written by bluetig
She was really sweet! Unfortunately my end froze up but I look forward to speaking with her again. She seems like she is really in tune with herself and her clients." ... written by Heather
Always a great reading from spirit. " ... written by amanda
Caring and supportive, I love her." ... written by valentina
Excellent, shes honest, truthful, great!!!" ... written by jamira76
I was really shocked and yet exhilarated that SPIRITUALWISDOM was able to tell me things about myself in both relationships as well as career path. I'm still shaking, but also thankful." ... written by Bryan Graham
She is a good reader... a nice reading I would say." ... written by American_Eagle
Great reading. She knew everything I was thinking and I didn't even tell her a single thing. I will be coming back and recommend everyone to have a reading with her!!!" ... written by Jamie
I love Spirit so much. I keep coming back because she keeps me on the right path. Her predictions are spot on. She is absolutely fabulous. " ... written by Juder
I had an amazing experience and my questions were answered. I highly recommend Spiritualwisdom. She is kind and straight forward. I will be looking forward to my next reading. :))" ... written by Blondie1219
Thank you for your guidance my dear. I have had a few readings on here, but out of all of them, the advice I have gotten here has made me far more confident than with others. I know what I need to do. I will not give up, but rather, do what I need to be ready for things when they come to pass. I will return for updates. " ... written by Crawfist
Brand new me, and an acceptance finally of my reading from spiritual. She knows what she picks up on, she knows what shes doing and she is a blessing. Thanks so much again, I've come a long way and she knows it. Will be back to update! God Bless!" ... written by mini
Great - straight to the point, no sugarcoating! Will be back!" ... written by mandari
I love every time I take her to a private I went it and did work on my spiritual guides... it's intense and awesome. I enjoyed the experience. I saw visions myself which was confirmed afterwards with SpiritualWisdom. Totally awesome!" ... written by Donorak
Wow, great experience. Truly amazing, words cannot describe it. Thank you so much!" ... written by Donorak
See you later!! LOL. love to hear from you, always so sweet and kind. " ... written by Blondie1219
Very detailed. Right off the back! She's good. " ... written by Antoinette
So caring, so warm, she just tells the truth, so positive, she's my fav psychic on oranum, she brings peace to your soul" ... written by Brunette86
Had a deep channeling session with SpiritualWisdom. It was so powerful and wonderful. I felt I was getting really connected with my guide(s). I felt at ease and felt the protection from them. Thank you Wisdom for this. It was absolutely wonderful. The experience is hard to describe." ... written by kittychu
She was to the point... Didn't hold anything back.." ... written by cora
Spiritual Wisdom is very honest. She keeps telling me that I really need to move on and that I have not. You know she has your best interest in her heart and she watches out for you. I love her positive energy and honesty. She knows that I am going through a tough time, but has helped me along the way. Thanks Spirit. " ... written by kittychu
I did the 1hr channeling session with her and it was amazing. I truly felt something from my spirit guide, and Spiritual Wisdom was there to coach me all the way. I received some wonderfully significant insights. She is amazing! " ... written by Cali113
Wonderful lady!" ... written by Cali113
Awesome!" ... written by Cali113
She knows how to direct you in a positive way so you will get the most out of your life, she will be honest and tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. Shes great!! Really knows the truth and whats going on. She uses no tools, I have been consulting with her for a year now." ... written by jamira76
She is great. Love her. Honest and straight to the point." ... written by kitten
Very good reader." ... written by misty
She's great, really kind and to the point." ... written by Sabrina
I always feel more at ease after having a reading with spiritualwisdom. Such a comforting presence." ... written by roselilly5
Spiritual wisdom is the only psychic I trust, and I come back to her because I know she tells me the truth. She is always accurate, and very insightful, connects immediatly, she is caring and not judgmental, with out sugar coating she gives good advice on what steps I need to do. I love her, thank you for all the help!" ... written by surfas
Very truthful and accurate. Nice lady gets to the point and is very positive." ... written by Cali113
She is straight and to the point. Very lively and positive." ... written by Trisha
I just had the best reading ever. Did a 1 hour reading. That was amazing! Find the money and do it...it will change your life." ... written by Cindy
Best lady ....Very positive and accurate...Always feel better than before I came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Stefanie
A beautiful experience. Loved it. " ... written by Blondie1219
Good woman. I love you SPIRITUALWISDOM, you are a blessing. Thanks for helping me." ... written by shelly omeara
This was a great reading, she was very informative and reassured me with everything. I have felt a lot of help and understanding. I have continued to follow with Spiritual Wisdom and will continue to do so. There is no sugar coating and the truth will set you free emotionaly and physicaly. She is great to talk to and very positive. You will not go wrong at all with her." ... written by Greg
Just great!" ... written by jamira76
My reading was perfect. She was wonderful and understood me 100%. I could not have asked for anyone else. I make sure I always have my private readings with her. " ... written by New Person79T
Thank you very much for telling me the advice you gave me because I was feeling lost an confused and did not no what was going on with me ." ... written by Erin Stephens
Consistently great readings with Spiritual Wisdom. Will always come back to her. " ... written by Shirley
Most amazing lady I have ever come across very positive and always accurate! Always want to come back for more inspiration!" ... written by Stefanie
Thank you." ... written by nancy3091
I find myself coming back to Spiritualwisdom every time because she tells you the truth, nothing but the truth even if it hurts. She is sincerely a true guide and provides the absolutely best advice on being successful and seeing results. I recommend her to everyone looking for the truth from someone that truly cares for others. Try her and you will be coming back like me and the others and will see results. " ... written by Peggy26love
love her" ... written by misty
Thanks. Spiritual you're a great lady. God bless. Love you." ... written by shelly Lynn
Thank you so much. A very long and sad day and you gave me hope and put a smile on my face. Coming back to learn more!!" ... written by Jasmine_ivy0623@yahoo.com
Always wonderful! Truthful and accurate." ... written by Cali113
Very honest and real!" ... written by cg4
She is great. I did an amazing session with her. Channeling and meditation and connected with my guides. I feel some much lighter and there is more clarity around me know." ... written by tina
Such a beautiful person, and always great reading!" ... written by roselilly5
LOVE HER! Amazing energy...so sweet, just got it right away... I will be a repeat customer. She is very inviting and warm. Thank you! :)" ... written by Jennifer
She is the best, I reccomend to have reading with her, she is very helpful!" ... written by sam
I wish I had more time to talk to her shes great. Makes me feel comfortable and gave me hope! I will be back to speak with her soon! Very accurate. " ... written by Crim46824
Thanks for your reading Spiritualwisdom! You eased my mind in a time where I am confused a lot. Thank you for that." ... written by kealia35
Spiritual wisdom is the best. i mean really, the BEST! I wish I could write something awesome, but i suck at writing reviews, i can only say this, she is amazing, amazing, love her." ... written by surfas
Very quick with all she has to say, positive reading for me.... Thank you very much!!!" ... written by roxy
Great, Awesome!!! " ... written by jamira76
Sooooo nice! Love her!" ... written by psymeow
She is so cool! Such a warm and genuine lady. I love talking to her. Excellent psychic and an advisor!" ... written by psymeow
She is down to the earth, experienced, smart and caring. Very very helpful excellent psychic lady!" ... written by psymeow
Since the beginning that I started looking for guidance from Spiritual Wisdom I have been able to look at things in a more positive way. She told me about my many challenges, and it all happened when my husband and I were at the midst of a divorce. She helped me connect with myself and my guides so I could see that I am so much stronger. She also told me that my marriage could be saved and it did. She also told me that I was going to get the job I interviewed for and yes I got it!! She has predicted everything 100%. She is always straight forward and says it like it is, and I love that about her because I am the same way..lol..I prefer the ugly truth than a pretty lie. If you can't handle the truth, then don't go seeking it because from Spiritual Wisdom YOU WILL GET IT!! My marriage was on the rocks, and it looked bad from the outside, but she gave me so much hope and guidance. Everything she has told me has been true. I would always come to her when I felt down, angry, or I felt lost and she would always say the right words to encourage me and to stay strong so I could move forward. I have. My husband and I are no longer getting a divorce, my family is whole now and I have a good job. She has been like the older sister I never had. Don't ever take her words for granted, because she is being 100% honest with you. I would recommend Spiritual Wisdom to everyone. You want the truth, then she will definitely give it to you. Good or bad, but you will get it from her. " ... written by Blondie1219
Great person! Good to talk to." ... written by Cindy
The best! Extremely accurate, honest and funny! Very good at what she does. I would highly recommend a private reading! All the best to spiritualwisdom x." ... written by Lacie
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Thank you so much! For all the positivity, the good vibes, the fruitful energy and hope ... Hope can move mountains and I believe in the good, all the more after speaking to you! Thank you! God bless." ... written by njkmuse09
She has been right on every time." ... written by pnjsalmons
Love her shes great! Very insightful! You won't be sorry if you see her!" ... written by jamira76
Spirit, what would I do without you. I would be lost without your advice and the in depth channeling that we do. Thank you for helping me through this tough time, and I will take your advice. Most hugs." ... written by kittychu
Excellent reading! Very insightful." ... written by humii000
Interesting session. Very helpful and I learned a lot about my situation. " ... written by marialuis
AWESOME READER, REALLY LIKE HER." ... written by bridget mckenna
This woman is the real deal. I knew immediately after seeing a demo that she is right on. She knows many things about the situation right off the bat. You don't need to tell her a thing besides your name and birthday, she connects instantly and knows all the nitty gritty. Be prepared to hear EVERYTHING without any sugar coating. It is great to hear the real truth without skipping over the things you don't want to hear. WE all want true clarity. She will tell you the truth so you can heal and move on in the right direction. She knew things that you would have never thought anyone would know. Absolutely recommended." ... written by SunnyD
Good, could have been longer." ... written by shelly Lynn
She's really what she is, the messages are accurate, perfect may GOD continue to open your eyes!" ... written by kehinde animas
Great!!! Worth every penny!" ... written by jamira76
Always a wonderful person to talk to. Tells the truth and gives really good insights about every aspect of your life. Thanks again!" ... written by Cali113
Love this lady. Selfless and very nice, positive, to the point and wonderfu!l To be advised, from only person i will go to" ... written by Stefanie
Always to the point wonderful lady so positive the best only person I would like to advise me." ... written by bellesa96
Very helpful lady. Tells the truth and very accurate." ... written by Cali113
Awesome!" ... written by cali113
Thank you." ... written by lynn
Absolutely amazing, empowering, healing, wonderful, kind and ACCURATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Susanna
I really like her honesty and she was spot on again! I will be using her from now on..." ... written by SilverHunter
Spot on...perfect!" ... written by Silverhunter
AWESOME!!!! Amazing Psychic, best reading very accurate :)" ... written by Maryanne
So quick, great, honest, accurate, real and strong reading... she asked me to saved my credit, and feel she is truly helping people, a very wonderful woman..." ... written by veezee
Thank you for the reading. I will hope for the best. " ... written by channy11
I can't even describe how amazing this woman is! I have never felt so connected to someone like I felt with her. She is truly amazing!!!" ... written by kaylyn
She is awesome!" ... written by niskdel
Thank you. Chat cut out which was a shame as I missed some of what you said, so if you were able to email I'd appreciate it. Some good and bad news I guess? Thanks for the honesty x" ... written by emylou
Very thorough... She didn't use any tool and she could connect to my situation easily and fast. She also gave blunt truth, which I need to hear (although it's not the kind of truth that I want to hear)... hopefully things will turn out as she has predicted. Thanks for your time!" ... written by cobayangini
Wis' is awesome, very intuitive, she always know the right answer, always say true, no sugar coating, bad or good, and always try to help and give best advise. Take her to private, you will not be disappointed! :) " ... written by nowme1
She is awesome! " ... written by katie
Very helpful!" ... written by Maria
This woman is SPOT ON! I'm not exaggerating, she's the real deal! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Lisa
Such a calming influence. Great reading." ... written by roselilly5
Spiritual is always on the mark kind helpful and a blessing. She tells the truth no sugar coating straight to the point I love her." ... written by Lorraine Hernandez
She is amazing! Very on point and great advice. Would recommend her to anyone. She is extremely intuitive and doesn't ask questions she just tells you how it is. Will def wanna speak to her again. Thanks so much for ur help." ... written by dawn
Some of the stuff was dead on and the other stuff I will have to wait to see how it plays out. She is a joy to talk to though. Thanks!!" ... written by Jocelyn
I love this woman she is so helpful and great she gives great advice right on the mark! You need to try her!" ... written by Lorraine Hernandez
She was very on point and very truthful which is what I needed. I will visit her often. I felt very comfortable with her" ... written by marcia
Great as usual! Thanks!" ... written by jamira76
Always wonderful to talk to. Gives great updates about whatever part of your live is stressing you out. Honest and accurate." ... written by Cali113
Spot on. She just cares and knows you as a friend and will never steer you wrong. Honest answers and perfect updates!" ... written by samanthamarie90
She nailed me right in the heart. Even though its hard to do, but I think she makes me see the light and helped me decides what's been going on in my mind. Blessings. Thank you!" ... written by Acissej
She was absolutely wonderful! She answered most of the questions I had asked, The reason I say most is because we ran out of time. However, she helped me understand and gave me hope that things will fall into place. I am definitely going to continue with her. I really needed this. FIVE STARS FOR SPIRITUAL WISDOM!" ... written by Danielle
Always a wonderful person to talk to. Is very to the point and will not waste your time. She has a solution to every problem and is very positive and encouraging. Please give her a chance and she will change your life!" ... written by Cali113
Amazing psychic!" ... written by Cali113
Amazing! She is right on point and accurate! I definitely have a connections and looking forward to doing more readings. :)" ... written by bequestions
She was amazing. Gave me goosebumps - so clear in what she had to say. Straight forward in the answers and guidance. " ... written by Janet
Fantastic... terrific..." ... written by zimerili1
She's fabulous." ... written by sa
Absolutely FAB! and straight to the point. Very accurate and really brought me out of my confusion. Will definitely talk to her again!" ... written by titi
I think that she's amazing and on point." ... written by Allita
Great!!! Awesome!" ... written by jamaira
She is my dear friend and looks out for me and tells me how it is. Love ya xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Always wonderful!" ... written by Cali113
Wonderful reader! Honest andamp; straight forward! Will be coming back soon!" ... written by justdance22
Excellent Reader, good reading will go back to her" ... written by need2know5
Very honest reading and really saw deep into the situation..thank you!" ... written by angelloverose
She knew everything that was going on with me by just getting my name and birth date. Thank you Spiritualwisdom." ... written by Cynthia
Awesome! She was able to feel my heart and where I am in my situation. Not only that, but she was also able to provide Spiritual Wisdom on how to move forward. I've received relief from my reading, and I recommend Spiritual Wisdom, if you would like honesty coupled with compassion. :) Thank you for your help, Spiritual Wisdom. :)" ... written by bequestions
Wisdom is absolutely great...i love talking to her. She makes me look at the positive side of things and puts a jump in my step! " ... written by Cindy
Amazing, as always. She gives detailed readings and it's amazing how accurate she can be. DO A READING WITH HER!!! " ... written by LoveHopePeace
She knew things before i spoke of them. Terrific reading, highly recommend!" ... written by bluesky
I came to this web site cause my husband left me and I needed answers. He left me for another woman and I knew he still loved me and didn't understand. My intuitiom was going off all the time and i would have answers to my questions. Spiritual Wisdom showed me that they were my guides trying to talk to me. The Day of my channeling session i thought all day about how I had wasted 7 years of my life and i wouldn't have children. i channeled that evening and saw not only my children but my husband. I ciried like a baby,cause everything was going to be ok. I just had to have hope." ... written by Jennifer
Spirit is great. We just did a in depth channeling and it was wonderful. She gave me lots of advice. She is wonderful and has a great personality. I know that what she tells me is to help me out in my situation. She told me to be 10 steps ahead of the person and the situation, like a chess game. I can't say enough about her." ... written by kittychu
I must say I am shocked right now. Never has anyone picked up on what she has in her reading about me! Jawdropping! " ... written by Summer
I did a channeling session with her and it has been the best experience of my life. Wish I had done it sooner. My life is now going in a positive direction and I feel very blessed." ... written by pnjsalmons
Speechless! Spiritualwisdom is pure, real, andamp; straight up! ACCURATE, GROUNDED, IN DEPTH andamp; CONNECTED. Hands down, she is the BEST adviser I've ever come across. I would personally recommend Spiritualwisdom to anyone seeking clarity in any area of life. Thank you Spirtualwisdom! " ... written by Shay
She was great. Picked up on the situation and was clear and energized in her delivery. She knew the situation well and shared it willingly." ... written by Angel Visions
: ) Thnx so much for your guidance." ... written by Anant (Bobbin)
Was interesting and helpful!" ... written by julie bourbeau
Spiritual Wisdom is one of the best psychics over here, she is very accurate, honest, she is not sugar coating, she will help you like she help me so many times, I recommend her to everyone who need clarity in her/his life, when you choose to take her to prvt - I am pretty sure you will never be disappointed :) " ... written by nowme1
Wonderful!" ... written by ella
Gave me information precisely what I must know. Great person, lovely smile and God Bless! : )" ... written by Anant Bedi
Amazinngggg! connected with me right away " ... written by jul
She is always so in to what is going on. Channeling is the best thing that has happened in my life. wish i had done it earlier." ... written by pnjsalmons
Great, very honest!!! Speaks the truth!" ... written by jamira76
She felt everything how i felt and definitely coming for a second reading." ... written by Florence
Great Reader... She is very in tune, thank you so much!" ... written by starchild700
I was very please with the reading. She def gave me peace as to what I was concerned with and was happy to get my very first private reading here on Oranum. I would recommend her to anyone as I felt she was very accurate clear and very kind and, thoughtful! I really hope what she says will turn out because, I have been concerned with what my topic was with her for some time now! Thank you very much and, Hope everything continues to go well for you Spiritual. " ... written by zdub220
Wow very accurate and fast. Very appreciate my reading with her. :)" ... written by marie5290
Brilliant and right on track. " ... written by Meredes
She hit it on the head! She was right about everything! I need and want my man back! The man I love!" ... written by Tee
Really really liked Spiritualwisdom!! she was so right on with so many things, in ways that others have not been. Looking forward to working with her again! :)" ... written by Daisy
Always on point!! Amazing!!" ... written by jul
Worth every penny I would have listen to her for a full hours of teachings!! I wish I had a notebook for this reading this WOMEN IS ACCURATE 100% she is not a fake she is REAL!!!!" ... written by Sheila
GREAT ENERGY!!!!!! Clarity for me. I have been going around in circles for 2 years in this relationship..... SW was right on with what has been happening and has advised me to proceed with caution..... Xx Thank you" ... written by fulloflife
She has helped me connect with my guides and I now have clarity I haven't had in a long time. She has helped me see the light and what i can accomplish. She is very honest and straightforward. " ... written by jennifer Salmons
very accurate :)" ... written by moly
I had a wonderful session I feel empowered I feel like nothing can stop me. I appreciate her b/c she is the only psychic that took the time to help me reach my guides. Don't be afraid they are kind they are for u. " ... written by Janele
She is very helpful and patient she helped me reach my spiritual guides she is very positive." ... written by Janel
Great reading, she's excellent and gave me lots of hope for a better future with my love. I highly recommend her." ... written by Sandy216
SpiritualWisdom is wonderful person to talk to. She started talking about my situation as soon as I entered private chat, so very fast to connect. She saw clearly what is going on with me and person in my life....very accurate. I truly believe in her future predictions. Also, very positive person that brings you energy level up and makes you feel better. I am glad I talked with her!" ... written by nb
Awesome, amazing." ... written by mariela
Great reading, I really recommend her reading, she is an honest person, her readings are spot on, thank you so much hun!" ... written by neima
She was very wonderful gave a sense of hope that things will be okay. Thank you so much." ... written by luchiangarvey
She's great!!!! Been with her for over a year!!! She will give you true honest answers. You wont be disappointed. You must try her out!!! She's always right. Never doubt her. She knows what she's talking about!!!" ... written by jamira76
Everything she says is very accurate!!! I'm just amazed at how much she knows. Always goes in depth about situations and how they may affect our lives. Truthful and to the point, gives great guidance on what to do about things we are faced with. I will definitely be coming back to her again. One of the best!!!" ... written by Maria
Very good wish I had more time !!!" ... written by Janel
I did a channeling with SPIRITUALWISDOM." ... written by Maria
She is amazing!" ... written by moly
I love her!" ... written by moly
Through payer all things are possible." ... written by arayofsunshine
Always on point, great reading." ... written by humi
Very honest ! I appreciate the reading, very good!" ... written by deiasallouti
She was very good - but we had technical difficulties which ate up a lot of time - and I ended up not getting all my answers. She has promised to send 8 e-mail updates though." ... written by ReshmiMM
Awesome!" ... written by Cali113
It was a help speaking with her. She saw the problems I have been having for the last 6 months. I plan on speaking with her again." ... written by Mark
Thanks for offering to help me connect with my guides!" ... written by Camilla
SpiritualWisdom is accurate to the last detail. " ... written by moonchild59
Wonderful channeling sessions! Very insightful. Thank you!" ... written by cali113
She is always very accurate and knows things without even having to ask. I'm so amazed with her and her talents. She helped me do a channeling with my spirit guides and I truly had a wonderful experience. I felt the connection right away and Spiritualwisdom, was there the whole time guiding me. If you want true answers and the truth to your worries, go to her and be amazed to how much help she can be. She has a great heart and her true passion is in helping others. " ... written by Maria
Nicest woman ever! Remembers you and gives wonderful updates:)" ... written by cali113
Very good job! Thank you for your private reading! " ... written by Charity
Very Nice.. I wish there had been more time.. She is a very fun and happy person... I especially liked the energy in her chat room :) " ... written by Explorer77
Best psychic on Oranum! you have to try her. she's honest and extremely accurate." ... written by Cali113
: )" ... written by Anant
She was very straight forward and on the point of my issue. She got everything correct :)) Thank you so much and see you again..... love" ... written by Tania
She was good, right to the point." ... written by StacyR
Channeling with her is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. It opens you up spiritually and you get information that will help you with specific problems. This lady is amazing!" ... written by Cali113
She is reassuring and puts me at ease. Helps me to focus and see what is really going on and not what I want to go on. Straight forward and honest a breath of fresh air. It is nice to get real answers and no that they are real." ... written by Jennifer
Great!" ... written by cali113
Wonderful lady." ... written by Cali113
Wonderful channeling experience as always!" ... written by Cali113
Great! Will always make you smile and is totally worth the credits a minute! x" ... written by Lacie
Spiritual Wisdom has always been to the point and gives great advice. I know if i can't understand my guides that she will and can help. it is refreshing to ask and receive help. If you want a truly good channeling session I would recommend her to anyone. You will never regret it." ... written by Jennifer
Awesome!" ... written by Cali113
Fantastic, she knew exact ally what I felt." ... written by Karma
Fantastic as always." ... written by roselilly5
Wisdom is the best psychic i have ever spoken to. She is absolutely great. I wish I could send her a dozen cupcakes! :) Thank you for the session :)" ... written by rbrbm1
I passed the test my guides set for me and thanks to Wisdom I am connecting better than ever. If you feel you would like to channel and meet your guides I highly recommend her, you will never regret it." ... written by Jennifer
First reading I have ever had, hit everything on the head, made my heart smile even though it hurts right now. Gives honest to the point advise, will be back soon to talk with spiritual wisdom again. Thank you so much for the words and guidance." ... written by Nicole
Thanks! It was very great and helpful!" ... written by kelly
She is very accurate, fast and to the point. Everything she said was right on. I will be going to her again and would recommend anyone who is seeking true answers to go to her. She knew things that no one else knew about my situation. She is an expert at what she does, with all the years of experience she has. I will definitely be going to her again. Gives a great deal of advise for those who are willing to seek it. I wont be going to anyone else, but her from now on!! " ... written by Maria
Wow, she knew things that are going on BEFORE i even said anything! she just knows! how!? Because she is amazing! Total connection! see you in a few days! Many blessings!" ... written by AngieAces
Direct and accurate. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Most accurate readings! Definitely spirit lifter also! :) x" ... written by Lacie
Amazing!!!! Always on point!!!! " ... written by j
Very accurate. Very intuitive and Very effective. See u nxt time : )" ... written by Bobbin
Authentic, Genuine...and factual...excellent Reader." ... written by Wysdom
Great, awesome" ... written by jamira76
My session with Spiritual Wisdom was great! Very insightful and encouraging. She is definitely a life coach!" ... written by bequestions
She is awesome, very accurate. " ... written by beautiful
She is great." ... written by lahhiru
She is spot on." ... written by lahiru
Excellent." ... written by Becky1305
Very straight forward and honest with answers. I appreciated her comments and advice. I will return for updates and to seek further advice. I am excited about the possibilities in my future. " ... written by Jay
Got a clear understanding of this triangle I'm in. I am so glad I came to spiritual wisdom for answers and guidance. Great reading!!!" ... written by NiecyM
She has certainly hit a few nails on the head in the past... I feel confident in what she says." ... written by Randi
This will make the 4th time I have channeled with Wisdom. The energy and experience is incredible. I cannot describe it and I always receive the answers to all my questions. Tonight I connected with my husbands spiritual guides and could literally feel their presence. I had answers to questions that I have long since wanted to know. Thank you again for a wonderful gift and moment in time." ... written by jennifer
She is greatttt!" ... written by ashnnka
Spiritual is always DEAD on accurate. she knows everything that is going on in your world and will not pull any punches, but she wants nothing but to see you succeed. " ... written by SunnyD
I connected with my guides and did as instructed by them. As always a good experience." ... written by Jennifer
That's was great reading. Something different but great. Thank you" ... written by janma09
I will be ready for what might happen this weekend. I hope nothing does happen. I will try my best to not be upset. Thank you for the insight I appreciate it." ... written by cynthia
Very fast an keen reader, im eager to see more of her" ... written by carol idk
It took me a few before I could type. I am speechless, and crying. Absolutely amazing! There are really no words I can even form right now to explain what I just experienced and how I feel. I would recommend anyone to give SPIRITUALWISDOM the chance to read for you. Then maybe you can see for yourself the words that I'm finding so hard to form. Thank you so, so much for your honesty, and sharing your gift. I will definitely be back to check in with you. And P.S...knowing that my spirit guide is so tough puts a smile on my face. She has her work cut out for her with me. Thank you again. " ... written by Melissa
Always right and always so good to talk to. She helps me to see what I have to deal with and helps. Don't know what I did before her." ... written by jennifer
Another wonderful session." ... written by Jennifer
I loved this reading! It was spot on and it really just opened my eyes up to the things I refused to see for myself. Thank you so much! I know what I have to do now!" ... written by Samantha
Amazing. " ... written by Katie
SHES IS AMAZING." ... written by KATE
Always a wonderful session." ... written by jennifer
She very quick and very accurate, great reader." ... written by sarah......
Amazing." ... written by Aisha
You have a lot of good energy. Bless you." ... written by panadorable
She is always spot on and right every time." ... written by jennifer
I love Spiritual Wisdom she takes care of you and carries you in her heart. She is very sweet and I appreciate her immensely!!!" ... written by Janel
Great!!! Never have to tell her anything, she picks up on things. She uses no tools and tells me the truth. Have been doing readings for over a year. Shes great!!! Give her a try you wont be disappointed!!!" ... written by jamira76
She always does a great job! Quick and accurate." ... written by Unknown
Another wonderful and knowledge filled channeling session." ... written by jennifer
She is awesome!! Thank you so much..." ... written by Vanessa Poh
Awesome and great. What she told me was the truth and I saw it for myself!!! Finally. She knows what she's talking about!!!!" ... written by jamira76
Wonderful amazing person! Give the best advice ans is always accurate." ... written by cali113
Lisa rocks." ... written by bridget mckenna
WOW! Again Spirit you amaze me. We haven't had a reading in a while and you picked up on my current situation and know what I have not been doing. I know I need to get out there. I know I am shielding myself from hurt like I had in November/December. Everything you said is true and I really appreciate that. It's hurts a little, but that's the truth. And it's funny because I was thinking the same thing a few nights ago. Thanks again Spirit. I know you hear this often, but I am guarded now with my heart and feelings. Also, feel that my kids need me now more than ever. I feel that I will lose them to him and her. And I can't live with that. Thanks again Spirit.... You might have to knock me in the head again soon. =)" ... written by kittychu
Such a wonderful lady and reader, highly recommend to anyone needing guidance and a smile on there face. " ... written by roselilly5
Great and dead on as usual!!! Thank you so much spiritual!" ... written by SunnyD
I love Spiritualwisdom she is always on point her readings have helped me sooo much in my life i know to come to her when i need help she too great wisdom your the best, thanks for everything." ... written by jazzy9330
A very kind and encouraging lady. Guidance through her gift she provided to me and I will follow through with it. Thank you and I will be back with an up-date." ... written by karen
Helping me thru my blockages which I appreciate it =) " ... written by Janel
I offered no information and she basically told me what my issues are! Icing on the cake - she told me the one for me is somewhere and he sounds perfect!" ... written by Acissej
I have channeled with wisdom many times and they are always rewarding and filled with knowledge." ... written by Jennife
Excellent and very kind thanks a lot xxoo" ... written by maryannepav
WOW, thank you so much!!! Precise, honest and thorough." ... written by janee120
Incredible!! I can't believe how right on she was about my situation. Gave me very specific details and described exactly what was going on, who is feeling what and what has already happened. I definitely recommend and will be coming back for more guidance!!! " ... written by SoulDesire1
Hii she is awesome, she knew about my love situation and promises to keep in touch!! Well worth the money spent...I cant wait to do more indepth readings with her in the future!" ... written by Khadi
thank you so much" ... written by Denise
Great, very straight to the point of situation." ... written by Karma
Awesome. Thank you!" ... written by Lisa
Thank you so much, you just confirmed what I was feeling and I will come back for channelling session soon thank you!!!" ... written by termo11
She said a lot of things that were definitely right on. Great advice. Thank you! I look forward to everything that's going to happen!" ... written by Andrea
Always the best!" ... written by Cali113
Best psychic on Oranum. She gives excellent advice and predictions that are both accurate and supportive. She will tell you the truth without all the sugarcoating!" ... written by Cali113
SpiritualWisdom is awesome she is very caring about the people she read for. She is honest and accurate. She gives great advice. And is very sweet =)" ... written by jcg196
I love her channeling sessions because I get extremely detailed advice in all areas of my life and i feel so relaxed and positive afterwards. She is an amazing woman!" ... written by Cali113
Spiritual wisdom was awesome she got right to the truth and she gave me everything I wanted to know, nothing but the truth. I like to thank her so much now I can move on and be happy and follow my dreams. I give her 5 Stars Thank you Spiritual wisdom :) I recommend everyone to go to her for a reading :) " ... written by SweetNita43
This lady has helped me overcome so much negative in the past months. She is here to help you. Take advantage!" ... written by Cali113
Spiritual Wisdom is a very gifted special lady. She knows so much and has true answers that help guide you through life. She is very experienced in all that she does and is very helpful in the advise she gives. She has helped me through one of the hardest things I have had to go through in my love life, and I really appreciate everything she has done for me. I truly would have been lost without her. I recommend her to everyone who is seeking answers and advise. " ... written by Maria
I truly believe that she was sent to help others. She has a great heart, but is not afraid to tell the truth and exactly how the situation is. I always seek her when I feel like I have a problem I can't solve on my own. Highly recommend her over and over, because to me she is the best. " ... written by Maria
Very good, made alot of sense. Thanks!" ... written by John
5 Stars" ... written by kittychu
My favorite psychic on Oranum! " ... written by Cali113
Fabulous!" ... written by michelle
Spirit was great - very honest and helpful. A true teacher and nurturer. Love her! Felt connected to her. She said things to me that I could relate to as far a spirit guides. " ... written by Texas Rose
Wonderful session as always!" ... written by Cali113
Great!" ... written by Cali113
Thank you for the awesome reading! You gave me great insight. Thanks!!!" ... written by beequestions
I love her channeling sessions. It really helps to put everything in perspective and she always give detailed information. :) Thanks again!" ... written by Cali113
Best psychic ever!" ... written by Cali113
Wonderful session extended with Spiritual Wisdom. She is unique, kind, caring, loving and powerful. I truly recommend her! " ... written by Globedove
She connects real fast with you and she picks up many things from your environment as also way up to your childhood. She's very straight no goings around the bush :) But nice to know and a comforting feeling that what she says is the way it is. Thank you ,wish time did not pass so fast :) So i'll be back." ... written by Ann
Best psychic on Oranum!" ... written by Cali113
Wonderful channeling sessions as always!" ... written by Cali113
Thank you for the excellent words. You are always spot on." ... written by roselilly5
Very good." ... written by davidtjl
Amazing and she helps you with problems big time, I recommend her!" ... written by KATE
She is simply awesome and amazing! Says it as it is with love and care. She is 100% accurate as well. I really recommend her and wish I knew her before/earlier. Thank you Spiritualwisdom God truly blesses you! xx" ... written by Globedove
Thank you Spirit, great advice." ... written by roselilly5
Always go back to her for confirmation, highly recommendable, excellent reader." ... written by need2know5
Just finished a series of channeling sessions with her. Wonderful experience. I learned so much about my future and how to proceed. Thank you!" ... written by Cali113
She helped me to see things in a whole new light. For someone that has never had a reading, I was pleasantly surprised! I will use her help again in the future." ... written by Jeffrey D
Wiz is so fast andamp; her predictions have always come to pass!!!" ... written by blue
Good, like always. =)" ... written by Katelyn
Wow, awesome lady. Highly recommend." ... written by roselilly
Amazing lady! Love every single reading I have with her." ... written by Cali113
Thank you very much ! You are amazing !" ... written by Kissakaramel
Spiritual gave me so much insight and help with continuing on my path in life. She gave me directives in connecting with my guides. She blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you so much. Blessings love and light to you." ... written by Janine
Very sweet and helpful. Very accurate. I just need to be patience and wait for things to happen. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom." ... written by kamcornman
Wonderful and on point!" ... written by MzLady88
awesome reader and did not need any tools to do my reading. She was accurate and very direct. Will definitely have another reading with her." ... written by dawn (aka Michelle)
wonderful as always :)" ... written by Cali113
Amazing!" ... written by Cali113
Wonderful psychic! Her channeling sessions are a must!" ... written by Cali113
Great reading! :D" ... written by cmerced
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by roselilly5
Love this reader, she is too the point!! :)" ... written by hillary
Amazing psychic and person. She truly wants to help you and tell you the truth no matter what." ... written by Cali113
Thanks! You've helped me so much" ... written by Cali113
Made me feel a whole lot better. Thanks spirit!" ... written by roselilly5
This woman is a lifesaver. Best life coach/psychic on Oranum!" ... written by Cali113
really amazing, as always :)" ... written by Aisha
Always true and honest answers. Everyone needs to know the truth and she will always tell. Just have faith." ... written by jennifer
The best best best ever!!" ... written by jenny
Her channeling sessions are lifesavers! If you have any problem you want to work out...do one now!" ... written by Cali113
Spiritual is accurate, professional, caring, honest and accurate as always. She wants your best interest, doesn't waste your time, and really connects to spirit! Thank you and God bless you. Waiting for your update once you've connected as discussed. xx" ... written by Globe
Awesome!" ... written by Cali113
She was on the spot helped me understand my dreams. " ... written by bigjohn400
So awesome!! Thanks so much! gave me insight on a situation. I didn't tell her anything about the situation and she told me everything. good bad and ugly! Thank You so much! will be back again and I will follow what she said. Thanks again! xoxo" ... written by amoura88
If you really want to know the truth then ask her and she will tell you. honesty is her best trait and I enjoy the truth." ... written by jennifer
Spirit... you are so wonderful. I hope I can do what you see for me for this next phase for me to move forward with this mess. Love you lots and thank you for helping me connect with my guides. MEOW!" ... written by kittychu
Another great session to connect with my guides. Thanks for the insight. " ... written by kittychu
Thanks... she is always very quick and saves a lot of time and credits...she has been very accuarte always..glad abt seeing her" ... written by Neha
Wow.....amazing......I will definitely return!!! " ... written by April
Great psychic!" ... written by Cali113
Hi Miss!!! thank you for that one on one connection. I don't know why but when I love why is here ALWAYS a FEMALE?? and they are alll cold? Haha, I feel really, really unlucky but thanks so much for pointing it out. I'll see what the rest of the years in store for me. :)" ... written by SkyPurple08
She has a very positive spirit and good person to talk to. Thank you for the assurance." ... written by newnameok
Spiritualwisdom is fantastic. Her knowledge and her insight are point on and have helped me in my missions to gain further clarity. She is awesome." ... written by pinky123455
She is my starrrr who always inspired me. Very honest and caring. She wants you to be happy. She doesn't sugarcoat. Five stars to spiritwisdom : )" ... written by zara
Always true and honest no matter what. A rare thing to find in life these days." ... written by Jennifer
Always a great read, thanks. Highly recommend" ... written by roselilly5
Honest and accurate reading. Very warm and generous hearted as always..." ... written by kali_876
Thanks!" ... written by SS
Always a powerfull experience when you channel with her. Always emotion filled and get the answers you need." ... written by jennifer
I found her refreshingly honest! I will be talking with her again she has helped me make some sense out of a few things. I thank her greatly!" ... written by Donna
Wonderful channeling session as always. I get so much detailed information out of them!" ... written by Cali113
Amazing as always." ... written by Cali113
OMG... Unbelievable... She will definitely read you inside out... I will get another reading... She is calm and fast... Thanks! " ... written by wendybb0880
Love her, she tells me what I need to hear. Updates on situations. Really great!" ... written by amoura88
Spiritual Wisdom has an intuitive wisdom that she is willing to share with honesty and openness. Her readings are very accurate and she encourages you to help you find your own answers but guides you along the way. She is truly fantastic and I would highly highly recommend her to my closest friends or family members." ... written by pinky123455
Absolutely aamazing, I cant believe someone can know so much of my twisted story but wisdom had it on the dot. Will follow up with her !!! " ... written by yella
She was true / and quick /let's see what happens" ... written by caroline
Spiritual is a straight talker, caring, honest, and so blessed. She is accurate beyong belief, and her spiritual connectedness is powerful. If you want real and not false answers, are ready to hear the truth, and want to grow spiritually, I highly recommend her. Thank you Spiritual for being there always for me. Bless you xx" ... written by globe
I came in for the truth and I got it. Thank you again for clarity" ... written by NiecyM
Best psychic on oranum hands down. She really is there to help you! :)" ... written by Cali113
Excellent! She rocks!" ... written by zara
Another great chaneling session! Thanks again" ... written by Cali113
The only psychic I talk to she's worth every minute!" ... written by Cali113
Thank you, Spiritual Wisdom for all of your help and insight! You give it just like it is... And your predictions come true. :)" ... written by Bc_inspired
Amazing and very accurate and truthful as always:)" ... written by Cali113
She is very good I will give her 1000 stars." ... written by sam
Excellent channeling session. Thank you wis... love you. x" ... written by globe
Wonderful pre exam channeling session. I am ready to tackle anything:)" ... written by Cali113
Great reading." ... written by smiley2011
Amazing reading...!! Excellent!!" ... written by rai
Great session again. " ... written by kittychu
She seems to know my situation very well and described the person of interest but my initial question was not really answered. I wanted to know why he had not communicated with me in almost 3 wks. I think I would come visit again. She seems gifted :D" ... written by Jacqueline
always knows just what to say and how to make your day a lot better. true and honest answers." ... written by jennifer
Spiritual Wisdom has been my helpful guide for a long time. She is so evolved and aware of what is going on in the world at large, so she can really tune into my situation and the person who has my love and affection. She is tried and true, proven, amazing, and I am glad that she is here at Oranum for those of us who really need her. 5++++ stars as always!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Always a great reading. Thanks Spirit." ... written by roselilly5
Ok. Wow again. Spirit you see lots of things and have giving more things to watch out for. I am listening and trying to do as you and my guides advise me. But sometimes it is hard with so many different things and people involved in this part of my life right now. But I know that I have people that love and protect me and have to remember what kind of "evil" that I am dealing with when it comes to my ex. I can't wait until this whole thing is over with. Thanks Spirit." ... written by kittychu
AWESOME READ TY SPIRIT GET ANOTHER STAR." ... written by bridget mckenna
wis will always give a good reading, she is very helpful and tries to give you the information you need. " ... written by wonmustknow
Thanks for another great channeling session! " ... written by Cali113
Thank you!" ... written by Denise
She gives very good advice. I hope her predictions are true. She knew how I felt and amazingly knew things that she could not pull from a hat. Will visit again soon. Thank you :D" ... written by jaqueline
:) my time always runs out and I bought a bigger credit pkg this time too :P." ... written by ann
Incredible...thank you so much.." ... written by elizabeth
Wonderful psychic!" ... written by Cali113
GREAT!!" ... written by Brav0923
Wow, finally someone who really sees me!!!! Most amazing reading ever!!! All 100%!! Thank you sooo very much SPIRITUAL WISDOM! :)" ... written by Brenda
She was spot on.. thank you! :)" ... written by Christine
Definitely has a gift. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Julia
Always so bright and cheery!! Gave me great advice, now I just need confidence to pull it off, haha. Thanks hon xo" ... written by Jacqueline
Once again she has proven she is the best. Everything that spiritualwisdom tells me proves to be true. I truly don't know what I would do without her advise and honest answers. I find myself coming back every time, I have difficulties that I can't face on my own. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs her help and isn't afraid of hearing the truth." ... written by Maria
AMAZING!!!!! Love her, super sweet and straight forward!!! Thanks." ... written by Kaitlyn
always true and honest" ... written by jennifer
She is very nice lady give you good advise and I will encourage any one to have private reading with her I will give her 100000000 stars she is one of my best in ORANUM" ... written by sam
Wonderful reading as always!" ... written by Cali113
My wisdom is just sooo amazing she has helped me soo much i'm glad oranum has her she the best." ... written by jazzy
Love her!" ... written by Texas rose
Wonderful psychic!" ... written by Cali113
I love her readings, updates, connection... everything!!! AMAZING !!! I would give her 10 stars if I could!!! Thanks!" ... written by rai
Thank you spirit, for the reading. I will connect soon. " ... written by roselilly
Thanks so much spirit, I feel like I can see clearly through this now. " ... written by roselilly5
I would encourage anyone who has the desire to channel to do it. It's a positive experience. Very reassuring and calm. Our spirit guides only wish us good and want to help us stay on the right path. I am happy that I finally did it. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for helping me connect. I feel they chose you for me." ... written by Brenda
Good readings!" ... written by venus
Wonderful.told nothing but the honest truth.very head on confirmed alot of what I already felt. Just wonderful." ... written by Keva
She really didn't answer my question." ... written by sandy
Always spot on with her advice and insight. Feels all people deeply and truly helps. She has lifted the negative from my life and things are so much better." ... written by jen
She gets 5 stars! She has made me feel a lot better and has clear so much up for me. She is so accurate and not one thing she said was wrong, I couldn't believe it." ... written by Torr103
She was fast and accurate in my love situation...Highly recommend" ... written by Danielle
I had an amazing reading from Spiritual Wisdom once again! Spiritual is so on target and very accurate too. I never leave my reading but I am always satisfied. I will continue to seek my advice for her I feel she is so honest and direct." ... written by michelle7117
Amazing, very fast, accurate, helpful and sweet. Deff coming back. was spot on" ... written by anita
I give Spirit Wisdom five stars and more. I felt so conncetd to her spirits and lifted. Im feeling very happy." ... written by zara
Always honest and always accurate." ... written by jennifer
I always feel good after talking to her. She has a way of lifting your spirits and making a person feel good." ... written by jennifer
Positivity is in her room. Everyone get some!" ... written by love
I'm very happy to meet SpiritWisdom in Oranum. I have so much faith in her, I would not make any decision without asking her. I luv u SpiritWisdom. You have already made me feel better and I know you will change my life : ) xoxo" ... written by sukaina
She is amazing! Do not hesitate to get a reading! I always love her chipper and bouncy attitude!" ... written by Randi
Amazing, have a reading and see wonderful this women is. " ... written by Marcus
Thanks for the heads up and watching my back. I appreciate it. For those reading this trying to decide who to go to. Spiritual Wisdom, delivers the truth with compassion and honesty. However you may be surprised, the truth may not be so bad as you fear. Certainly worth the money, and one of the two psychics I trust on here with my life, and my visions. Predictions have been about 100% true for me so far." ... written by Pana
If you seek knowledge and understanding in your life, i stronly suggest Wisdom. Connecting with your guides will bring clarity and meaning, that most people are seeking and longing for." ... written by jennifer
Thanks for the advice hon! :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Thought I would get bad news. She helps me to see that its not that bad... I love her," ... written by love
She was pretty good." ... written by Kourtney
So honest and accurate and wonderful! definitely a blessing trying her." ... written by love
Very wise and accurate." ... written by loce
Love her, she's a great reader!" ... written by starchild700
Very accurate and truthful and didn't need much for me to explain situation, she just knew it. Amazing, thanks for the advise :)" ... written by AngelofHearts677
Spirit, thank you for channelling tonight again. The guides were strong tonight. I kept getting chills all over my body. I understand what they are saying. I have given lots of paperwork to my lawyer. So let's see how long this takes and how messy it gets. I am ready. Tired of all the emotional turmoil that he is causing, but in it until the end. Lots of love...." ... written by kittychu
Spirit, once again the channelling was intense. I saw things that I was not able to before. Thank you for this tonight. I understand what you are telling me about everything. I was wondering why it's been "quiet" with the ex. Now I know. I am ready and will fight and will always fight. You have been right before. I am not going to stop believing you now. Thanks and much love..." ... written by kittychu
She was right on target with everything she said. Knew instantly about what was troubling my friend. I need more money to keep going back, will always refer to her in the future!!" ... written by Cancer
Spirit is awesome. I asked her a question about another crazy situation and she immediately told me that she felt my uneasiness and queasiness from it. She is good. I love Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Awesome and direct and I would not go to anyone else " ... written by dmw4300
I have now channeled with her close to 20 times. The energy is powerful as well as her insight." ... written by Jennifer
Awesome insights. Direct without being hard. There is wonderful compassion in your directness and I value that so much. Thank you!" ... written by Tom
Very nice reading as always." ... written by sam
Spiritual wisdom was very honest and fantastic. She had a great insight for me and I can feel strongly inside of me that what she was saying will come true. I thought she was a lovely down to earth person who is very talented." ... written by Paula
Great awesome!" ... written by jamira76
Brilliant. Lovely, brilliant, encouraging, and heartfelt. I know that with time everything she said will transpire. Her words are truly peace inducing. Trust yourself and trust her!" ... written by Amanda
She was amazing and brought me to happy tears. I felt like she tapped into my very core and knew immediately who I was. I can't wait to follow her advice and connect with my guide. " ... written by Amanda
Great read, thanks. Highly recommend!" ... written by roselilly5
She is the greatest." ... written by sherry ward
She was spot on my situation!!!!!!" ... written by Tency
Awesome! Right on about a lot." ... written by Jaimee
I just got my updateeee... AND... again... (oops she did it again)... I'm telling ya people... If you want the truth, and honest truth... Take her... I'm still fascinated by her predictions... All she has predicted has happened... Idk for other people... But for me... She is always right... Love ya Wisdom!!! Thanks for being there!!!" ... written by wendybb0880
She was spot on like I can't believe she knows things while channeling about the other person that was 200% accurate !!! I know she is genuine and will help me whole heartedly !!! She is the most beautiful inside , out ! Thank you so much for seeing me through these blurred lines ..... " ... written by lai
I got positive news. Even if it was slightly unposititve she knows how to make it positive when she tells it to you. She gives it to you straight though. It was my first reading with her. I hope our predictions come true" ... written by linh
She is very good I highly recommend her " ... written by nalita18
Thank you Spiritual for easing my mind about something that has been troubling me. You are honest and straightforward - I like that. Will keep you posted. :))" ... written by AH
WOW. Unbelievably accurate, and hit me where it hurt (it's a good thing). The straight truth, nothing more. Thanks so much!!" ... written by Jeana Abe
She's good!" ... written by kate
Always a great read, thanks spirit" ... written by roselilly5
Great dream interpretation" ... written by roselilly5
Gives comfort and truth, and the support needed . thank you." ... written by Nicole
I love her!!! she is always right!! " ... written by ray
Thank you. Come get a reading with Spiritual Wisdom, you will not be sorry." ... written by Pana
Another incredible reading" ... written by jen
Very blunt! Honest! I like her a lot and will be back :)" ... written by Krunkas
She has yet to fail me!! I always enjoy my readings with SpiritualWisdom and it always brings me peace!" ... written by Randi
Spiritual is such a blessing to me! She is awesome!!!!" ... written by April
Thanks for your input, I guess we'll see what happens, only time will tell." ... written by Jaqueline
Absolutely amazing...great insight of whats going on in my life." ... written by mik
Great reading , very positive, thank you." ... written by Sweety
She's awesome!" ... written by Kris
Great reading, on point." ... written by noah
She was very spot on. Picked up on a lot that was true and seemed to know even more." ... written by Brian
I have channeled with Wisdom several times and every time is amazing. " ... written by Jen
Another positive reading!" ... written by Jennifer
She's the best...she's so fun and inspiring! Thanks Wisdom!!! :)" ... written by cindy
Five stars she is my best of best. :)" ... written by sukaina
THANK YOU SO MUCH!" ... written by Denise
Five stars." ... written by sukaina
Very blunt and honest advise!" ... written by Maria
Thanks as always." ... written by Tilhe
She was fabulous and very helpful !!! Thank you so much for all the info - 5 STARS!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Thank you for the wonderful update Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Always helps me to clear what I feel and give me light. A truly special person. thank you wisdom" ... written by jen
She was spot on, I didn't have a chance to ask my question, she answer them before. I will call upon her again!" ... written by Darlene
she is such a lovely soul, always straight to the point and can pick up on the energy. she is always uplifting and tells you how it is but helps you to understand all the situations. I continue to go back to her for clarity when things start to make me doubt myself." ... written by paula
spirit is an amazing woman she has been there for me since day 1 through good and bad shes nothing but brutally honest and her predictions have come true always and she always guides me where i have to be much love spirit" ... written by ashley
Wonderful as always" ... written by Mary
Very nice lady. Very open and honest. I appreciate her very much." ... written by Pinky
Thank you for the reading. It helped to bring peace of mind. Much much much needed peace of mind." ... written by poppedtart
I loved talking to her! She is straight, to the point, and comforting all at the same time. I will definitely be back. Well worth it :)" ... written by Wend
Awesome, awesome reader, accurate, genuine, honest. Readings with her have been a tremendous addition to my life." ... written by pinky123455
Five stars!" ... written by sukaina
She connected so quickly with me... I was amazed... I'll surely return!" ... written by Anushree
Thank you wisdom! Looking forward to meeting with you soon!" ... written by bc_inspired
SpiritualWisdom is AMAZING! Right on the money. She told me the truth even if it was hard to swallow. I appreciated it. I TOTALLY recommend her and I don't recommend very many psychics at all being a psychic myself. " ... written by Cheryl
She always has a way of putting me as ease and I so need to sometimes. Love wen she confirms my guides and reassures me. Thank you friend and bless you for helping people. You are a very special person and I am very happy to call you friend. Thank you for saving me from myself." ... written by Jen
friendly and honest" ... written by kat
What can I say? Spirit has always been there for me in all the bad and all the good, has guided me so many times and she tells the truth. Love it about her, thank you so much for everything. xoxo" ... written by ashley11100
Five stars and more!" ... written by zara
So the reading was insightful and accurate. She said some things about my spirit guide and someone else on my mother's side who's been trying to connect to me for years and another psychic told me the same exact thing a few days before in a reading. He said that the woman was presented herself to him, but it scared me and I didn't know who she was and didn't know if she was trying to hard me. It came up again in a reading today with Spiritual Wisdom. She said the other woman had cancer and this is the same thing the other psychic told me. All of the information was accurate and all I gave was names and dob. All of the information wasn't peachy, some was hum drum, but it was very accurate. I'm going to hang around in chat to see if I can learn more, as I can't afford to do readings very often. Thanks for everything!" ... written by kryptonite
Thank you for listening to me, and giving me guidance." ... written by United States
Great reading!" ... written by Aryastark
She is amazing. very accurate and helpful. she connects with guides and is able to give a great response to whatever ur going through." ... written by love
Great. Can read very well!" ... written by Disclosed
Great Reading, Will use again." ... written by Noah
Thank you! I appreciate your update! " ... written by Me
Spirit, fantastic reading and update. You told me all along that ex will continue his games and lies. I know I should not have let it get to me, but it did. Spirit is fast and fantastic. I told her about the dream that I had and she told me the meaning of it. So I will take her advice and try to get things moving with the person. She has not steered me wrong, and when we channel it is really intense. It was so deep that I felt it all over my body. " ... written by kittychu
Thank you spirit, your are truly a wonderful and gifted person." ... written by roselilly5
Always find truth and clarity from her. Weather it is good or bad or even something I may not want to hear. thank you for being you and being honest. It is a rare find anymore." ... written by Jen
Very amazing lady, I will give her 100000 stars!" ... written by sam
Channeling session with Spirit was fantastic, thank you so much. " ... written by roselilly5
Excellent and very accurate!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Nini
This psychic is the real deal! She tells you the truth without sugarcoating. She is a good empathy that senses your feelings. I am looking forward to talking to her again. " ... written by Christine
Awesome, awesome, awesome!" ... written by pinky123455
I wish I could give SpiritWisdom a zillion stars. I like her energy. She has been very helpful and more..." ... written by zara
Hey you are a blessing to me spiritual wisdom. All the best to you. I know in my heart that I deserve better. Frank was no good for me, thanks. Love Shelly." ... written by shelly lynn
Thank you" ... written by terri
Five stars and more" ... written by zara
Very connected and to the point. Gives good guidance" ... written by ladyl5
Always a weight lifted once I have spoken to spirit, I would highly recommended her to anyone that is in need of guidance and advice and correct answers. You will not be disappointed in her readings. :)" ... written by roselilly5
This lady is awesome and straightforward. She does not waste your time. " ... written by ladyl5
Five starts." ... written by zara
Love wisdom!! She would answer my questions even before I could even write them! I'm always amazed by wisdom's predictions... Thanks!! :)" ... written by wendy
Very honest and wonderful to talk to." ... written by Pinky
Amazing! By far the quickest connection I've ever experienced, she was spot in every way about me and my life in general. Cant wait for her predictions to come to pass. Thank you so much!!!! I will definitely come back to her xoxo" ... written by karlabebe
Great reading as always. She is so good and concerned about people. Her predictions are accurate and she will give you time frames. Use her talents." ... written by Uvrs53
Thanks for the advise." ... written by frankiekr
Awesome!! Love her!" ... written by cindy
I was just pulled to her tonight in an unreal way and as I joined she confirmed that I too was on her mind and could see what was going on with me. The reading confirmed a lot of things for me and how I should be growing. Thank you. - xo" ... written by Pbutterfly37
Spirit, another great channeling session. I understand what the guides are telling me. I will take it with me and be aware of what I need to do. Thank you again for helping me to connect to them tonight. Much love." ... written by kittychu
She is amazing, even knew a dream I had the other day and everything. I love this woman, she has been there for me since day one, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I mean it!" ... written by ashley11100
Very nice lady, amazing reading." ... written by sam
Good " ... written by jenny
Love getting reading from her." ... written by Noah
Great awesome, wonderful caring intuitive guide!" ... written by pinky123455
Very sweet and genuine. No sugar coating. I enjoyed her so much and really felt every word she said. I will be backm and many thanks!" ... written by Rose with a thorn
Lovely, kind, caring woman with very sound advice. She made me feel hope when before I had none and I am so very grateful for that! I hope to speak with her again very soon! Thanks again!" ... written by Anne
Thank you my dear. It was very interesting advice. I will come back for free update next week. 5 star reading. blessings, alla" ... written by Alla
I so enjoy our visits and sessions together. You always manage to help lift me and keep me positive. Thank you so much." ... written by jen
Great as always." ... written by nina
She gave an awesome reading that helped me with some questions I had. Quick, Insightful and Precise." ... written by Pbutterfly37
Since channeling with Wisdom I have a clear understanding of the things going on in my life and how to deal with them. I am very grateful to her for showing me how to enrich my life. Thank you." ... written by jen
SPIRITUAL WISDOM WAS AMAZING! Can't wait to chat with her again. I added more time after my first 10 minutes reading because she was so accurate." ... written by jackie
This was my first reading with Spiritual Wisdom and I was truly amazed! I am really upset that I ran out of minutes because I really wanted to hear the rest of what she had to tell me!!!! I am just sitting here with my mouth wide open, amazed and in disbelief- she is wonderful! I can't wait to see if her predictions come true! Thank you so much for telling me the truth even though I expected you to tell me something totally different, I am still thankful for the truth! I am happy too about the truth! Thank you and I wish you many blessings! Take care! :)" ... written by Kayeluv1
Five stars and more!" ... written by zara
Spriritual Wisdom is awesome. She always knows how to help me avoid bad situations." ... written by AceOfCupss
Spirit, you were right again. You saw him being up to no good. And I got confirmation today. But I am not sure that is all. You said he is trying several different things. I will you know how things go." ... written by kittychu
She was very insightful. Many interesting things to tell! " ... written by Rose-Ann
Good and interesting!" ... written by maria
Excellent reading!" ... written by cindy
Thank you Spirit for another wonderful channeling session. I understand what the guides are telling me. We will see how Wednesday pans out. I hope it does goes in my favor. I don't need another postponement. I will take your advice and channel some more the next few days. Thanks again." ... written by kittychu
Thank you spirit, always a great reading!" ... written by roselilly5
So inspiring, up beat, always come back for visits!!" ... written by jackie
She is awesome. Straight forward and to the point. I don't have to say a word. She already sees it and knows the outcome. One of the most if not the best, awesome reader on this site! " ... written by Rrue
Always tells me the truth love her." ... written by ashley
She was right on. Would have talked more if I could afford it" ... written by Liz
My opinion?? SHE IS DUH BEST! I just got my update and I didn't even have to ask anything... she already knew what was happening in my life anddd even what I thought... She is very gifted... You don't have to believe me my dear reader, just take her to private and u'll see. Excellent experience and guidance from SpiritualWisdom. 10/10" ... written by Wendy
Channelling is the best." ... written by cindy
She is very honest and always keeps in the truth. Wish I could talk longer! She is wonderful! :))" ... written by SkyPurple08
Beautiful!" ... written by purple20
Five stars and more." ... written by zara
Great." ... written by cindy
You are AMAZING and have a true gift! Thank you for being straight forward and honest!! I will be a client for life!" ... written by dawn13smith
She is good and is always thinking of you. You can rest assured that Spirit is working for your good always. Of course, it may not be what you want to hear, but what we want is not always necessarily good for us. She is your advocate... use her!" ... written by uvrs53
She feels and receives the same messages that I get from my guides. Helps to reassure me and lift my spirits. Thank you my friend." ... written by Jen
Very right on target for me. I absolutely understood what she was saying and I'm going to listen to what she told me. Thank you." ... written by Michelle
She's good." ... written by KATE
Didn't have to tell her anything and she knew it all! I was amazed! Sad to have my suspicions confirmed, but she was great with it. Helped me feel better. It was almost scary how much she knew and I didn't have to ask questions or give details and she knew it all. Great reading! Would definitely go back for more answers." ... written by Lauren
Awesome read love this women keep keep her keep her." ... written by bridget mckenna
I'm always amazed at how quickly she dials in on me and what's going on. She's always right on the money (almost intimidating how good!). The details and accuracy are astounding, every time - it's absolutely why I keep coming back!" ... written by Amanda
Outstanding reader!!! Totally connected, accurate pick up on all the people involved. Easily 5 stars!!" ... written by Ann
Very good reading! Ran out of credits but will definitely come back!" ... written by pinkster11
Another wonderful channeling session. Always strong and powerful. Thank you." ... written by jen
Another powerfuls channeling session. I would suggest that anyone wanting to connect to choose her. you will not be disappointed." ... written by Jen
Thanks for the insight" ... written by roselilly5
Five stars and more." ... written by zara
Spirit, you are like a good friend. I will take your advice. Thank you my friend." ... written by kittychu
Thank you very much for the truth! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Take care!" ... written by Kayeluv1
awesome great!!!" ... written by jamira76
Always true and honest answers. Refreshing to know the truth." ... written by jen
Spirit IS great always telling you the truth and makes you feel positive!" ... written by Stefanie
Amazing reading again!" ... written by sam
Five stars and more." ... written by zara
Always so encouraging and detailed. Great, as always!" ... written by Amanda
Spirit is awesome. If you want the truth you need to take her to private. So far everything she has told me that will happen in my situation has happened. Love you Spirital Wisdom." ... written by kittychu
Awesome... love her!" ... written by cindy
Thank you for helping use my own gifts. You are very helpful." ... written by Kristaelliott
Very insightful and connected reader. Once she knows you, she cares about you, your welfare and how you persevere in life. She is concerned about your safety, positive energy and well being. A trusting, trusting soul. ~ namaste" ... written by Pbutterfly37
five stars and more" ... written by zara
LOVE SPIRITUAL WISDOM she rocks and is amazing with advice i can't wait to chat with her more regularly per usual :) xo" ... written by jzukerman
Great Insight and advice. The real deal!!" ... written by Mark29991
she was awesome I love all the truth she told me hard but I rather be told :-) love her so much for telling me all of this open my eyes" ... written by Jessica
SpiritWisdom is soo nice,friendly,caring and positive.She sees the situation well and tells you.whats going on and what to do.She is wonderful and very talented.I love her spirits.They are so powerful and caring.I have been taking her advice and she gives very quick answers.I love spiritwisdon cause she does not just talk but she cares,she sends positive vibes if u need it.She lifts you and makes u feel strong.She is AMAIZING and the best in here.I LUVVEEspiritwisdom : )xoxo" ... written by zara
five stars an more.she is awesome so are her powers" ... written by zara
Very helpful and insightful." ... written by roselilly5
Always has the answers and knows what to say. Thank you my friend." ... written by jen
Thank you Wisdom. The messages are coming in fast now. Things are looking up and it is all because of you." ... written by Jen
Wisdom, thank you so much for your insight! You confirmed what I've been feeling for a good while now! I know what I need to do! I appreciate your time, insight andamp; wisdom! " ... written by Ed
Don't have a clue on how to feel or even what to say now. Wisdom is 100% real and holds everyone's interests at heart." ... written by jen
Five stars and more!" ... written by zara
She was great! Picked up on many things." ... written by KLAUNICH
Five stars and more. She is my angel.. I would not do anything without her words. I have that much faith in her and her job. Her powers are really strong and have helped me in many ways : )luv ya spirit" ... written by zara
Thoroughly enjoyed my first reading with Spiritual Wisdom . She is very straight with you and she does not sugar coat her readings. I wish she was wrong but I know that she is right. I will definitely speak to her again." ... written by inlovewithhim
Thank you once again for the great reading and advice. " ... written by roselilly5
Always reassuring to get her insight and advice. Love channeling and my private readings with her. If you are seeking true and honest answers look no further you have found the right person." ... written by Jen
Very enlightening. Said things I already had a feeling about. Just a validation, and it was spot on!!" ... written by Christine
Another great channelling session. I hear the guides and I will connect with them more. Thanks Spirit you are wonderful as always." ... written by kittychu
Yet again, a great amazing reading. She is so positive and to the point about everything. Don't waste time considering whether or not to consult her -- Do it NOW!" ... written by KLAUNICH
I was very impressed with her reading … She is very clear in her insights and how she conveys them to you. Not just that but she has helped me in ways I never thought I could be helped. I and it all happened so fast. When I think I get tears in my eyes. I wish I could see spirit wisdom in person and thank her. Highly recommend!" ... written by zara
Spiritual Wisdom is very knowledgeable and is helping me coming to terms with Pete's behavior. Obviously she may know more than me." ... written by sallyam
Five stars and more." ... written by zara
Thank once again Spirit! You are always insightful andamp; also thank you for the messages! " ... written by Ed
Always accurate and encouraging!" ... written by AceOfCupss
I really took a liking to this particular psychic, as she seemed to have been the most accurate out of all of my readings yet, and she actually cares enough to help me connect with my passed love one, where as I didn't find that sense of care or concern with any other psychic as of yet on this website. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SPIRITUAL WISDOM. =)" ... written by Danielle
Amazing session!! I feel much more relaxed and connected." ... written by Randi
She's good.... most certainly" ... written by Randi
SpiritualWisdom is great. She told me things I didn't want to hear, but needed to hear that my gut was telling me the right thing. I appreciate her honesty. Thank you." ... written by Michelle
Really good. Open and honest. Worth the money!!!" ... written by Lisa
Always uplifting and wonderfull to talk to. knows the answers you seek without asking questions." ... written by Jen
Haah, love her spunk! You want someone to snap you out of it, she's the one! Tells it like it is and doesn't make life sound like a ll peachs and rainbows.... Thanks hon I needed to talk to you today xoxo" ... written by Jacqueline
Another positive and energy filled channeling session. Truely a powerful and positive experience. " ... written by jen
Infinety starsss.To Wisdom. She hold my hand and is still holding it. When I was alone, lost in darkness. She gave me a positive smile and told me I'll be just fine. Because I'm not alone anymore. She will take care of me. She is like a big sister. I love spirit wisdom. I can't imagine. Fixing my broken wings without her. When I think of her. I smile. My eyes get wet. She is one of the reason I am feeling brave, happy and strong. Aaand I have started to believe in dreams and happy ending : )XOXOXOSPIRIT!!:D" ... written by zara
amazing per usual :)" ... written by jzukerman
GREAT AWESOME!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
Her energy is extremely positive and bright!! Please don't ever hesitate to channel with her either! It's amazing!" ... written by Randi
If I'm smiling now and can't stop tears of joy in my eyes is ONLY because of SpiritWisdom and her power : ) xxxxxxxxx" ... written by zara
Loved the reading. Spiritual picked up on everything extremely fast and knew what she saw and was talking about. Appreciated it a lot. Thanks spiritual!" ... written by mini
I have waited for almost a year for things to turn around and be as they should with my husband and I. I feared I had once lost him and now I feel he is coming home. It is because of you my beloved friend. I could have never done any of this without. You have taken me from a dark place and lifted me towards the light and for that I am forever grateful. I can now the end and maybe for the first time in my life things will actually go my way or the way they should in god's eyes. You have been my salvation and my strength in times of need. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May god alwasy bless you and keep you healthy and wise." ... written by jen
You're very good i love my reading, I may get emotional on things that i get scared of, i been trying to stick on knowing my true light shine again " ... written by pauline G
Good advice!" ... written by kristaelliott
Wow, she is very good, very intuitive and good at channeling." ... written by denise
Another powerful and great channeling session. I will wait for the messages and continue to channel on my own. Thanks Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Thanks so much for the great reading!" ... written by Korrena
Great reading as always! Thanks so much spiritual, I appreciate you and your insight!" ... written by mini
There are times when I am frustrated and want to give up....you helped me see things clearly." ... written by zara
Thank you very much for the great reading!" ... written by Karen
Always quick, detailed, and thorough. Very on point and insightful. Grateful, as always!" ... written by Amanda
Awesome!!!" ... written by AceOfCupss
Always wonderful and accurate." ... written by Simone
Tonight I had a channeling with S.Wisdom.This is my5/6 channeling with her. Whenever I have this, its excitement for me. After channeling I'm always a stronger person. I smile. I feel positive and also I see negative things turning to positive. Within few days. Sometimes even the second day. Wisdom has got very nice, caring guides, with very strong power. She is a real deal. And she does fix things so fast. You will be surprised and pleased. Every penny spent on channeling is so worth. Please give yourself a chance just once. I promise you will smile and come back for more channeling. Good luck to you all :)" ... written by zara
Amazing." ... written by Brendan
Thank you, as always a comfort and great words of wisdom. You always set my mind straight and clarify what I'm feeling. Such a blessing to have found you. :)" ... written by Roselilly5
Thank you for the reading and the insight " ... written by roselilly5
SpiritualWisdom is excellent. She connects very quickly to the situation and is very insightful. Her wisdom has saved my relationship with my daughter. I will definitely check in with her periodically for an update! Thanks Spirit" ... written by denise
Very encouraging, very insightful, feeling renewed and empowered :)" ... written by Lala
Very sincere and helping. Definitely worth the time." ... written by mike
money run out but was reading was ok. She did mention some things that I agree with and know about, she was able to pick them up." ... written by Sticky toffee
straight shooter and very passionate and kind look forward to working on things" ... written by kavintee
WOW!! She is awesome.. Wish I had more time... Thank you!!" ... written by Kim
I had an update reading with SpiritualWisdom, and it was really good. She picked up on some things from my childhood noone ever did. Unbelievable! And she gave me a lot of hope for future. Thank you :) " ... written by september
Brilliant reading, I definitely will be back and recommend her to everyone....Thank you, Spiritualwisdom. xo" ... written by Libsta
Spirit as always I love talking with you! You are true and honest with me and let me know without reserve... You are awesome and truly a great person! Love ya!! Can't wait to tell you about my weekend. God Bless hun. :)" ... written by ladieleo2
Good!!" ... written by brenda
Spot on. Not what I wanted to hear but true nonetheless. " ... written by Sharlene
You are so wonderful, as usual. I love our private chats together! You are the best spiritual and anyone who picks you to guide them is making an excellent choice! :) God bless." ... written by ladieleo2
awww spirit you can always make me smile hun! :) ty you and I will see you soon... " ... written by ladieleo2
Gooooooodd! :)" ... written by stephanie
Great lady!" ... written by candace
I will try to do what she tells me and she was extremely helpful... I will get back to her when it all comes together." ... written by myfirststeps
Honest, fast reading. Great to have a reading with!" ... written by Randi
Thank you for the channeling session tonight Spirit. It has calmed me down. I hope this calmness remains until Friday. The connection was strong as usually. Thank you again Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Loved her!!! So great, it was a sad that my credits finished. Looking forward to have another ready with her." ... written by Emlyn
So Cool." ... written by Helen
Five stars and more : )" ... written by zara
Always a pleasure! :)" ... written by Leilani
Thank you! Your advices are practical, useful and I want to try them out. " ... written by lan2013
Always sees and knows what is going on and what to do. So happy that I meet Wisdom and have her in my life. I feel very fortunate to have her as my friend and adviser!!!" ... written by jen
Always sees and knows what is going on. It is nice to have a heads up on things in life and love." ... written by jen
Great reading. Very straight forward and honest. She puts things into perspective. She gave me some initials and interesting information. I hope that it pans out in April. I will definitely come back and I think it was money well spent. Thanks a bunch... :)" ... written by gina
Spiritual Wisdom is the best psychic that ever was! She is super to the point, very honest and she doesnt lie! =]]] I love her so much and have not ever gone to another Psychic! I never plan to because she gives me the truth and clarity I need! =] She gives me chills shes so accurate about my life and what I need to do to complete my goals and dreams.. I am already with love of my life engaged to him because of her guidance! =]] I moved cross country for him and we are so happy!!! I am the most content, happy, at peace, in love and just beyond words than I have ever been my whole life. You will not be disappointed with her at all, ever. Even if you are skeptic. She will blow you away! =] So give her a chance and let her prove to you what a gifted and amazing psychic she is!!! You wont be sorry! Love you Spiritualwisdom!!!!! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Sugarlove
Good reading!" ... written by Rebecca
AMAZING READING!!! I have never met anyone so honest as her on here. No sugar coating and very in depth! I will be coming back for another reading! :) VERY PLEASED WITH MY READING!!" ... written by Maya
Shes great and she helped me out." ... written by kate
You were really good to me." ... written by Shenita27
She's great! Truthful and to the point! Love that she tells you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to. Came back for a second reading and will be back for more." ... written by Ericka
Oh spirit, I love ya hun!!! You are so great and to the point with that sense of humor you throw in there! Lol ha ha ha. Thank you for your insight as always it was good to hear! :) Anyone that chooses you for their spiritual guide won't be disappoint! :)" ... written by ladieleo2
She's amazing!" ... written by Hayden
I wish I could give spirit wisdom more than 5 stars. Because she deserves zililons..jillions.. : )" ... written by zara
Excellent, compassionate read. Will be back! Thank you so much." ... written by Robinlea14
Awesome reading. Thank you so much. Will definitely be back." ... written by Carla
Very helpful, gave me an idea about what my past life was about and pretty much describes what i'm capable of thanks to my past life" ... written by patricia
You have helped me to heal and overcome obstacles in my life. I totally appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you for giving me back my life." ... written by Jen
Thank you so much Spirit for the channeling experience it was deep and refreshing. I have been an emotional mess with all that has been going on in my life recently. You have a wonderful and special gift of guiding and helping people. Much love to you Spirit! And I am looking forward to our next session in the near future! :)" ... written by ladieleo2
I always enjoy talking to wisdom. She is very enthusiastic and always helpful and supportive!" ... written by sora
SW is amazing beyond words everything she says is true! And comes true! I love my reading N chanelling with her, it's a 100 stars. I highly recommend her to anyone. I love my her work. She is soo awesome n powerful. She is my angel and reason I'm smilling today. : ) Spirit Wisdome..Me+u=4ever. I'm never leaving u. I luv u sooo much. I wish to see u in real one day! : )" ... written by zara
Spiritual wisdom is awesome..." ... written by cindy
She is wonderful!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Pam
She was AMAZING I did not know how to feel that she was on point it was scary because I was extremely skeptical but I am not anymore. :)" ... written by Leslie
Her advice is so sincere, and she is always on point with her readings.... Spirit is truly gifted :). " ... written by Leilani
Great." ... written by teearna
very good reading, thank you" ... written by cathyf2005
She was very insightful and helpful :) Straight to the point! " ... written by luckystar5
She is very good at what she does. Powerful. She is very kind, helpful, amazing lady. I'm very grateful to know her in here. She is very positive and she will change you and your life positive from negative. Give her one chance to put a smile on your face : )" ... written by zara
Thank you so much for my reading! I look forward to your prediction coming true between Apr-June 2014. I am wishing you many blessings!!!! Take care." ... written by Kayeluv1
She is the greatest!!!She brings tears of joy to my eyes. Words cannot express how blessed feel for SW and her guides. May you always give me strength to be strong. I love you!!! Kisses. " ... written by zara
EXCELLENT Advice - right on with her description of my situation and people involved!!! Would definitely talk to her again! Very caring person!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by valerie
wow...she is fantastic...a fantastic person who really cares about people and wants to help them...genuine" ... written by cindy
she was great ....she knew everything and i didnt have to say a word" ... written by meg
Oh Spirit. You give me such great hopes and updates. I can't wait to see it unfold. Thank you my wonderful Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Another inspiring channeling session. Felt very positive and uplifting from the beginning. " ... written by Jen
Thank you for the help tonight Spirit. I will let you know what happens." ... written by kittychu
Thank you! Great reading" ... written by V
...Confused or stuck with you're life. Let Spirit Wisdom takes care of you and bring light to you.My small world was full of darkness and my smiles were lost,Deep..Deep..Deep..in the ocean.My wings were broken and I was very weak.But now I'm seeing light, I'm smiling,and I'm getting stronger.Thanks to this powerful,Kind,beautiful lady.Spirit Wisdom.BIG hugs.Highly recommended.You can trust her 100% .She's sooo awesome and her guides are so powerful. : ) " ... written by zara
always amazing!!! couldnt be happier with my reading...she always has great advice and wisdom for me!!" ... written by misty
I love my Spirit Wisdom. I'm blessed to have her into my life. She is god sent. I can't imagine my life without her now. And I would not make anything without her permission. I have trusted her about my life. I have that much faith in her and in her power. Since she has come into my world. My world is only getting better. Big Zara hug to you Wis. I love you! :). " ... written by zara
Spirit is wonderful. She told me to stop letting my past dictate my future. She sees positive things for me but feels that I am my own block. She is right. I need to be able to let go. Thank you Spirit." ... written by kittychu
I really enjoyed the reading!!! She connected with my guides very well and was on point all the time. She is very fast and does not waste ur credits... She is the real deal!!!" ... written by super_angel
Just had a VERY strong healing channeling session with Wisdom. My guides came so clear, I spoke with them, could feel them and the touches that they gave along with the healing within my body was profound. I totally recommend you to see past your fears and get to know who is really here for you. My guides were strong and Wisdom was awesome with coaching me and guiding me and she also related when it was over on what she felt and witnessed I go through. So at peace right now. blessings. " ... written by Pbutterfly37
Didn't have too long but she definitely got the personality of the two men right!" ... written by Senem
Another positive, uplifting channeling session. My answers are confirmed and she always eases my thoughts. thank you" ... written by jen
She is great." ... written by ns
She is great!" ... written by ns
My long journey is almost over. I can actually breathe now and relax thanks to you. You will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget what you have shown me and helped me accomplish. I didn't even know where to begin, but you have guided through all of this. thank wisdom, for your faith and understanding." ... written by jen
My favorite on here. :)" ... written by Leilani
I can not speak more highly of Wisdom, she is truly gifted and I always feel so much better when I come out of a reading from her or chanelling, through my guides she gave me all the clarity, love and support I need.Highly recomanded to anyone whose having issues,with love,work,life.Spirit wisdom and her guides are very powerful.They brought shine into my dark life.And my life keeps on shinning more and more.Wis..is a blessing to me.You will be so grateful to have her help u.Give ur self a chance to know her.Your heart will be smilling.Thanks Wis.For making me who I am today.And for fixing and bringing together my shattered life for me.Iam grateful forever! xoxo xoxo" ... written by zara
Insightful!" ... written by humility
Spirit awesome as always... Wish I had more credits... Very interesting what you have told me... So looking forward to the future! 100 plus stars for this beautiful lady you won't be disappointed either... :)" ... written by ladieleo2
She has helped me a lot and she is amazing. " ... written by kate
She is always to the point and tells the truth no matter what. If you want someone to give you answers straightforward, she is the psychic for you. Don't waist time trying to figure things out on your own, make the decision today to get clear answers and live the life you are intended to live. " ... written by Maria
Five stars "AND" more.Im feeling very blessed and lucky to have a friend like u Wis.Grateful foever luv u.Im glad I could stay up and finish the C*even though my eyes were closing.lol.It was a strong one.Im feeling nice and relaxed.Biiiig Hugs : )" ... written by zara
She's the best. Can't beat a reading with SW. She just tells ya how it is :)" ... written by Ericka
Wis...is like a good friend who has helped me and "is" helping me to find my way when I was lost, confused, and blocked with negative big rocks on my journey of life.She Very kind hearted person.Very sincere.gives me the clarity of how to reach to my goals." ... written by zara
Spiritual wisdom is fun, honest, positive and I love talking to her!" ... written by cindy
Spirit, thank you for giving me an update. It was very helpful advice. I will pay attention to things as you said." ... written by kittychu
Spiritual Wisdom rocks! So insightful and informative. She is dead on with everything. Go to her!" ... written by Joe
Five stars all the way from Zara. I can't wait to see what happens,after we finish all the C*and I trust you " ... written by zara
Amazing!!! Down to earth, tells you like it is and no BS!!! She can understand how you feel and has the kind of demeanor that can help you to feel relaxed from the very beginning. Wisdom is worth every penny spent!!! Will come back to her again in the near future. =)" ... written by Tidarut
Spiritual Wisdom is very comforting. She will never mislead you." ... written by JV
She's awesome. She got right on it from the start. She didn't waste a moment of my time. And gave me very important information. She knew my situation without hearing much from me. I'm very impressed and glad I chose her. Thank you!! :)" ... written by Winkaway
She is great reader and helped me a lot during this reading!!!!!!" ... written by kate19871
Things are looking up every day and it is because you showed me the way. Thank you for lifting me from the dark and back into the light. " ... written by Jen
Always gives great advice, and readings, always my number 1!! " ... written by Lala
Great person to talk to :)" ... written by Cindy
She is really totally awesome. She sees things so quickly and clearly. It really is amazing" ... written by MerkabahMan633
Amazing!! Thank you again and many blessings" ... written by April
Oh Spirit once a again you have seen the truth and the light of my future!!! Everything has come true for the past two years!!! You told me an year and a half ago, when I was such a mess to be patient with him and everything would fall into place and guess what!!!!! LOL it has everything!!! I am so truly happy and you are the best hun!!! :) Anyone that chooses Spiritual Wisdom will not be disappointed!!! If there were enough stars I would give you 1 million of them cause you so truly deserve them!!! Thank you again Spirit for your insight and guidance through everything in my live! And I am looking forward to more readings and our funny convos in free chat lol... God Bless hun!!! :)" ... written by ladieleo2
Spiritual Wisdom is the best... she's wonderful to talk to and is really in tune with you! She connects easily.. glad she is here to guide me!" ... written by Cindy
Uplifting.. thank u" ... written by Lion
Really cares for people, great person." ... written by cassidy157
Spiritual Wisdom gave me some positive news, hopefully to manifest soon! She is a compassionate woman who has supported me during hard emotional times. Thanks!" ... written by Pluto121
Confirmed what i felt from my guides. So a good feeling to know you are right. thank you friend" ... written by jen
wow great reading, worth the money" ... written by Laura
seems to connect very well to the situation" ... written by hopeless
Thank you spirit appreciate the talk and knowing what is to come. I am hoping for the best. Spirit as always you tell me how it is regardless if it isn't what I want to hear. Praying all will stay happy go lucky! :) I give you a million stars hun... God bless and thank you so much..." ... written by ladieleo2
good reading :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
She connects very fast, very detailed great reading, will be back again for sure. :))" ... written by pauly61
She is very special and very on target. Like a dear old friend." ... written by Elena
absolutely wonderful!!! she is always very connected with me..I love everything about her and know she is here for me...thank you for bieng you!!!!" ... written by misty
Always uplifting to talk to you. You know the right words to lift my spirits and my heart. Thank you friend." ... written by Jen
Love her! Will continue to come back for readings!" ... written by Ericka
spiritual always knows what shes talking about. very wise indeed and at then end of the day she only wants whats best for you. Always great to hear the truth (which can sometimes be tough) but its always for the better. Thanks a lot spiritual for your wisdom and insight and I will be back to update you." ... written by mini
she is my angel.Without her I am incomplete and lost.I luv and trust my spirit wisdom that much!XXX XXX : )" ... written by zara
What words does one use for such an awe inspiring woman such as Wisdom. I have been channeling with her for a year now and she always knows how to help me stay lifted. She gives me that kick in the butt that I need and the honesty i seek. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have restored me to the happy person i once was. i couldn't of done it without you. No matter what happens in my life i will never forget you." ... written by Jen
Spiritual wisdom is the best, she knows what is best for you and is not afraid to tell the truth. She has always been very helpful to me. Whenever I have a problem I know I can count of her. " ... written by Maria
Very good reading... no tools used...gave me instructions for my situation that will help me to make the best choices...now i just have to be brave...thank you so much...5 stars...highly recommended..." ... written by linda pryharski
five stars and more" ... written by zara
Thanks you!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Jaqueline
Great reading! I wish it was longer" ... written by Mary
She puts a smile on my face!" ... written by CB
awsome reading" ... written by sam
Spiritual Wisdom is the best always knows what to say and tells the truth no matter what. she has always been there for me and my troubles. I highly recommend her to anyone." ... written by Maria
Thanks for the update" ... written by Jaqueline
Thank you so much for your updates and insight! Spiritual Wisdom is caring and honest with what spirit communicates to her. If you want the TRUTH, have a reading with Spiritual Wisdom. You will not be disappointed! " ... written by bc_inspire
Thank you!!!!" ... written by Wioletta
Thank you friend for looking out for me and helping to protect me. I have come so far over the last year and couldn't of done it without you." ... written by Jen
Another uplifting and positive private. She always guides me in the things I need to accomplish and prepares me for the things ahead." ... written by Jen
thank you you really inspire me , and give me support and sure I will do everything to achieve my goals. " ... written by Maria
She was good and gave a lot of insights into things that are happening." ... written by Santhanakon
Spiritualwisdom connected right away, I was blown away by the information that she gave me. Everything that she said was right on. She gave me advise with clarity and confidence. I highly recommend Spiritualwisdom. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
Very good read and to the point, thank you." ... written by Jason
I love her she is amazing and honest." ... written by Kayla
Awesome reading, hit my issues right on.. thanks so much Spiritual Wisdom and coming back soon to learn more :) " ... written by Lynda22
Thank you Spirit for putting my mind at ease about my situation at work. You are wonderful and a great friend." ... written by kittychu
I dont get much positive vibes from anyone in this site, but I get with Spirit Wisdom.And I continuously come to her.For a reading.For Chanelling.Because I feel safe and sound with her. I believe in her words and I have faith in her work/power.God Bless you Wisdom.For lighting candles into our dark life.We luv u.Me luv u enough for all of us;-)" ... written by zara
spirit is a friend to me she always guides me in the right direction she truely cares for her clients (friends) she will tell you how it is i have known her a little over 2 years and shes seen me at my worst hearrtbreak loss sadness to positive great feeling happy i transformed for myself and she helped and was there the whole way and now my update was awesome i finally get my closure and will keep you posted spirit you are an amazing person means so much to me much love :) " ... written by ashley
Wisdom has helped find love, light and happiness in my life. I think back to the first time I came to her on how lost I was, with no direction or understanding. I have regained my direction and focus. I am not back to being me. thank you friend." ... written by Jen
Great, I think things became much more clear now." ... written by respectedlife
Thank you for the advice and the update Spirit. I will remember your words for the next thing that I have to face soon. You are wonderful as always." ... written by kittychu
Very good :)" ... written by sarah
Wonderful reading! " ... written by luckystar5
As always a great reading. Always has something to uplift and inspire. " ... written by roselilly5
Few months ago.I met this beautiful Spirit Wisdom in Oranum. Just said hi to her and didn't know that would change my life. I admired her and her power,but didn't have money to get a reading from her. But I didn't give up on her. My hart always told me that I was in the right room. I saved money and one fine day. I managed to get a reading from her. I was so impressed by her work. I kept going to her room and connecting to her. Now I'm starting to see light in my dark life. I see hope,I smile. And lot of improvement in my shattered life.She and her guides are real deal. Very powerful. Do your self a favor by giving her a chance to help you. You will not loose anything.But only gain and smile. I have sooo much faith in her and her guides. I highly with priden confident recommend her to anyone! :D" ... written by zara
Spirit is awesome as always!!! 9 million stars!!! " ... written by Cheryl
Omg. This lady is everything….. She is the truth. Goose bumps all over . she knew everything. Honest quick to the point. She's worth every penny…. Definetley one of the best on here..You won't be disappointed….." ... written by jb
Great as always!!! She always is helpful and tells me things to work on...and always is spot on!!! cant wait to tell you the great news!!! been a blessing to me" ... written by misty
I love her she is amazing and honest best person and very truthful!" ... written by Kayla
lots of info given, very insightful and on point. thank you very much " ... written by sweetsx
shes helps you out with your issues and tells you how it is " ... written by kate
Spiritual Wisdom is amazing! She gives you the truth with such a positive energy that it's life changing. If you want an honest advisor, have a session with Spiritual Wisdom. " ... written by Change
She gives you peace of mind, and seems to know whats bothering you and what you need answers to. Love my readings!" ... written by Ericka
Interesting." ... written by Pondering
My First experience with a Psychic, she was straight on point and amazing very informative." ... written by ShadyT
I like my spiritualwisdom reading. she was honest and told me everything i need to know. she told me my past was not worth waiting for and that i should move forward. she also said i will be travelling soon and yes i was travelling on July August. she was blunt with me. thank you for you help. God bless you." ... written by christine
OMG I LOVE HER SHE IS AMAZING!!" ... written by kayla
I love you, thanx so much for understanding me and giving me right advice. You always guide me to the right path. THank You!! : )" ... written by Bobbin
Spiritualwisdom is the best there is. She can tell you everything without you even beginning to mention your problems. If you want honest, straightforward answers she is the one to see. She will show you there is a light after the dark tunnel you may be in. I personally have a lot of faith in her, she has always been there for me. Give it a try and be amazed at how much help she can give you. " ... written by Maria
thank you for everything Wisdom...I am very grateful to have you in my life" ... written by cindy
the best!" ... written by cindy
very accurate!!!!" ... written by jamira76
5 stars and infinty" ... written by zara
I had a previous reading which left me behind confused. I went on SPIRITUAL WISDOM chatroom. She was so kind and upfront. I decided to give it another try. It was all worth it, she was very straightforward and kind at the same time. She told me nothing but the truth, even though the truth hurts, but she laid on me in such a way that i understood why i had to accept it. I will definitely come back and i cannot thank her enough :)" ... written by Padeyssah
amazing reading, thank you " ... written by val
Amazing reading, updates, and predictions!!! I highly recommend her !!! Thank you wisdom!!" ... written by Super
Great straight to the point.." ... written by maku
awesome great!!!!" ... written by jamira76
My reading was brief but in the small amount of time I was in tears because what she said is what i have felt deep inside but I just needed confirmation. She confirmed what I needed to know. HIGHLY recommend her. Sweet, gentle and precise." ... written by anteajoy
Spiritual was amazing... she was able to connect with my guides and bring me information that was helpful. Thank you so much for what you do Spiritual. Many blessings to you. :)" ... written by twidlemetree
Straight to the point, she tell it like it is. On the ball as always...quick and honest reading." ... written by Kali
Spiritual is awesome! Gave me some of the insight I needed." ... written by Corey
Great so far" ... written by Corey B Jones
did channeling tonight with spiritual wisdom, and that was something money cant even buy" ... written by kelsey
Spirit, again you are giving me the good advice that I need to beat the ex at this game that he is playing. I know with you in my corner that I will win and bring him down. You always say two wrongs don't make a right, but I know what I must do to protect myself. And as you say karma will get to him and her one day. Thank you again Spirit." ... written by kittychu
great reading" ... written by vision
absolutely love her!!!!!!!!! she is always amazing!! thank you for helping me spiritual" ... written by misty
five stars and more" ... written by zara
great reading! Thanks Spirit" ... written by roselilly5
Spiritual gave me some good advice. She was able to connect right away and helped me out. Thank you so much Spiritual. :) Many blessing to you." ... written by twidlemetree
She s an incredible woman that not only she speaks from the heart but with great wisdom and truthfulness. She always knows how and to make me feel good with her own words. " ... written by Charlotte Crane
OMG!!! Spirit!!! So much you have told me I can't wait!!! There has been so much that has come true, everything!!!! You are the greatest and deserve a million stars you really do!!! I am so super duper excited... You also helped me ease my mind about the more serious stuff going on in my life right now too! :) Thanks you so much Spirit as always it's a pleasure!!! :)" ... written by ladieleo2
she was good " ... written by Ray
Spirit gives great advice and is funny. Thank you Spirit." ... written by kittychu
She was great, clear, and was genuine in wanting to help me. And I cannot wait to seek out her help again!" ... written by ItsMeTonyG
Very good reading. " ... written by Ahz
she is excellent. very straight forward and tells the truth but in a gentle way that is calming. excellent." ... written by paula
My long journey is almost to an end. Without your insight and support I would of given up a long time ag. Thank you for keeping me positive and lifted in the light of the lord. " ... written by Jen
She is spot on, 2nd reading...you don't have to ask she knows already" ... written by Darlene
Always lifts me and helps restore my faith. Always feels the same things i do. I seek clarity in what i see myself and she helps to verify what i feel. thank you." ... written by Jen
BLEW MY MIND" ... written by WOW
SpiritualWisdom - 5 Stars. SpiritualWisdom, her name so envelops what her gifts are and more. I felt like 'Spirit' was talking to me and unraveling a multitude of answers. She 'knew' about my life that only a psychic would know and revealed me information that I did not know, but was lurking in my subconcious. She was so fast with so much information!! Amazing she is...giving and loving. Thank you." ... written by ladydove
Always on top of things. Helps you know what is infront of you and what to do." ... written by Jen
very impressive, thank you very much" ... written by nowme1
perfect" ... written by nowme1
the best psychic ever, try you wont be disappointed " ... written by now me 1
My friendship with wisdom has been life changing. She has helped lift me from a dark place and to find the light again. I can breath, live and maybe even love again. Thank you " ... written by Jen
GREAT ADVICE" ... written by np
Aweseome" ... written by Tricia
excellent five stars she always knows " ... written by mary
Very compassionate and intuitive. She was good and I will use her again." ... written by Margie
Thank you for the great channeling session again. I will wait for my messages from my guides. Hope they can help me turn this around to be in my favor. " ... written by kittychu
Wow picked right back up after 10 months. She is awesome. Thanks so much. 5 plus stars...!!!" ... written by tricia
she know what I need to do and she dos a good job telling me and is very nice about it all :) " ... written by Chris
everything she said was so true!! thanks!" ... written by cherryblossom10
Picks me up all the time i love her!!! thank you for being there for me for over 2 yrs" ... written by jamira76
She was fantastic. Gave me great great insight and predictions to what will happen if I follow her advice. She is incredible...I will follow her advice and update. " ... written by Sarah/Nivanya
Lots of info. Very accurate." ... written by Jean
Awesome as usual! Thank you so much, Spiritual Wisdom!" ... written by BB
She always reassures me and helps to be prepared for things ahead. Always honest and truthful, hard to find in the day and era. Love having a reading from her." ... written by Jen
Thank you for your kind words, and help I will do the best I can. " ... written by mt
Very good." ... written by Jean
Very good." ... written by Lateisha
she is geat! direct and efficient!!! thank you very much" ... written by leanna
Wisdom is amazing! I have seen her for quite a while now, and all her predictions still coming to pass... I actually wrote them down, so I can honestly perceive them... It is truly shocking that her predictions and advice are always right on point... Man, she is the real deal...Take her... just one reading and you would clear any doubts. You don't need to provide ur name or even the question cux she will already know... " ... written by supergirl
OOOHHHHH Spirit! Thank you so much for all your help. You always help relieve the stress and worry no matter if it is good or bad news, I know it all will turn out for the best in the end! You are truly wonderful and gifted and you deserve a million stars hun! Anyone who comes to you should know you are kind, sweet and straight to the point LOL no sugar coating with you. You tell it like it is no matter what! :) Thank you so very much, everything the past year and a half has come true and I can't wait until more happens. Thank you so much hun! Will be back for another reading soon... Have a great and wonderful blessed day..." ... written by ladieleo2
If I could give her more then five stars.I certainly would.She is awesome,Highly recommended.I keep coming back n I always will.Because I don't only get good reading but I am getting right tools from Wisdom.She has been fixing my life.It has been a blessing knowing her.I luv u Wis.Titee hug : )Thank you for everything!" ... written by zara
She came came as a blessing into my life.Since then.She is my angel.I cant imagine without Wisdom.Proudly recommend her to anyone who needs real help : )" ... written by zara
!! :)" ... written by Brav0923
nice talk. Don't know yet...lets see how thing go. " ... written by M
-Very personable and friendly" ... written by Kristi Merriweather
she is good and I like talking with her she know me well :) " ... written by Chris
good reading" ... written by apple
very good… picked up on a lot that was true" ... written by littea
Amazing!" ... written by Jean
shes good " ... written by kate
i wish I could give Wis more than 5 stars.She is the best in here" ... written by zara
I just got my update, and she was right on target, like always!! She is always very accurate on her readings. I highly recommend her!! " ... written by Super_angel
I thank you for being in my life" ... written by CB
shes really good " ... written by kate
Shes amazing! :) " ... written by Anthea
One of the best on Oranum. You cannot ask for better. Always on point and straight to the point. A kind hearted and beautiful individual. Many Blessings and love dear friend, because you are truly one. Namaste!!!" ... written by Padeyssah
GREAT AWESOME" ... written by jamira76
GREAT" ... written by jamira76
I cant explain how i feel when i connect w/ tjhis lady she is positive in every sense of the word kind direct helps you to focus on issues at hand get balanced and move forward in life. kind heart and selfless for being committed to helping others everyday! " ... written by Bell
She was very good and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her." ... written by Robert
exceptional reading ..thank you for helping and i do know what you're saying...5 stars...thanks for passing the messages on to me..." ... written by linda pryharski
I am always filled with love, light and peace everytime we channle. Thank you for teaching to lift myself and my spirits. It has been a long journey, but life is a lot easier now. thank you" ... written by Jen
Good reading" ... written by Sparkle Pony
Always knows how to put a smile on my face and lift my spirits. So glad that I found you to help lift me and keep my positive. I understand things in my life and am prepared for them. thank you friend" ... written by Jen
Fabulous reading! She just nailed it for me. Highly recommend this woman!" ... written by Lindsey
she is so right on and know so much about people and how we all work and more and she is very strate up about it all love :) " ... written by Chris
I had a reading with Spiritualwidsom and she made so much sense to me...without even asking a specific questions she was able to identify so many things about my current situation and confirm things I had wondered about. I really felt a connection with her and have taken on board what she is saying...as what she said is what I already felt I knew but wasn't sure. I would definitely recommend reading with her! She picked up on things very quickly and was very truthful. :)" ... written by Yoghurty
I always enjoy her insight and wisdom! Thank you!" ... written by Kellie
spirit is amazing love our updates she connects with me so well she has been there for me since day one with many things in my life and now what ive been waiting for for a long time is in the process of happening and she is there every step thank you so much spirit means so much you are my friend and you guide me where i need to be and should be love you for that blessings xoxo" ... written by ashley
absolutely love her! she's like a trusted friend , great reading! she was able to explain past lives to me." ... written by bri
she is excellent. 5 stars. very straight forward and to the point. her predictions are coming true all the time. i go back to her regularly." ... written by paula
She gave me and update and it came true. Freaked me out and even scared me. She is very good and very real. " ... written by Jen
Spiritual Wisdom is amazing! She is right on point with my situations, and she give wise, honest, advice. What she sees coming in the future, she tells you. Not one of them has failed. I recommend Spiritual Wisdom - 5 stars!" ... written by Inspiration
She does a good job just did not have all the time needed hope to talk with here more !!!! She know a lot. :) " ... written by chris
Thank You I will update you :)" ... written by hybridX
Thanks for the fast reading. :) It was honest. If I had not run out of funds I would have loved to continue our chat. :D" ... written by Jessica
Great reader. Right on point from the initial start of the reading! Thank you Spiritual Wisdom. You're awesome!!!" ... written by tar1
Awesome!" ... written by Teressa
excellent reader" ... written by maryann
Blown away by the instant connection and accurateness that she conveyed to me. BUT.....THE ONGOING MUSIC OF THIS SITE WAS TOO DISTRACTING! I missed more then half of what she said and wrote for me I will not likely return and since I can't refer back to our written conversation because it vanished I am dissappointed . That music wrecked the experience! Kelly" ... written by Kelly/yzfgirl
WOW IS REALLY ALL I CAN SAY. " ... written by Creative113
Wisdom is an amazing person, very calm and friendly and she uses no tools,she gives accurate answers.I love you Wisdom.You have always given me strength N happiness..after ur reading and chanelling.XOXO : ) " ... written by Zara
SPIRITUAL wisdom is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever had the pleasure to come across. SHE IS ALWAYS ACCURATE" ... written by Stefanie
She is the best! Always leaves me feeling better then when I come to her. She is caring, but gives you the truth. If you are ever going through something difficult in life she is the one to turn to. Always knows what is going on before even asking. Very real and down to earth. She is the one I turn to always." ... written by Maria
Great coaching and support. I love that she is to the point and doesn't waste your time. Very uplifting and honest" ... written by Maku
marvelous, accurate. excellent. very good psychic. i felt she was 100% honest with me, gave me time frames, and told me the truth, which i need to hear. exactly what i was looking for. totally recommend her." ... written by clara
I really admire her wisdom and psychic abilities. She took care of me like a little brother, I owe a lot to her. Thank You so very much, I wish you go places in your life. God Bless you !! 5 stars easily." ... written by Bobbin
she helps me out with all my problems in my life shes amazing what she does ." ... written by kate
Everyone needs a reading from spiritual wisdom she amazing...." ... written by Stormfire28
excellent!!" ... written by paula
I wish I could give spirit wisdom more than 5 stars.Five stars and love ALL the way deep from my heart.Im feeling blessed to have Wisdom in my life.She changes lives to better and brighter.She Is Gods gift on earth.To me.She is my angel and I proudly recommend her to anyone who feels confused,lost and needs help.She is worth every penny : )" ... written by zara
loved...very connected and honest" ... written by amy
Dead accurate. Don't start asking questions because she will just start telling you everything you need to know. She is a blessing!" ... written by Anna
so accurate and connected" ... written by amy
Love her and very grateful she is in my life!" ... written by Cindy
Felt good about the reading " ... written by stefanie
She picked up on something important that happened and i didn't realize till i thought about it. Went back into private and had a deep conncection." ... written by jen
Always knows how to lift ones spirits. Helps me to clarigy my feelings and what i see in my future. I am so greatfull for finding Wisdom and haveing the faith to trust her." ... written by Jen
As always u are amazing, thank you for you insight darlin, i will deff keep u updated! :)" ... written by Libra26
She really connects with you guides and gives true answers." ... written by Jen
love how she tells me like it is" ... written by maku
Thank you for the advice Spirit. As always, you are wonderful." ... written by kittychu
really on target. love" ... written by amy
She is the best on here." ... written by R
great" ... written by emma
Wonderful lady" ... written by Randi
Amazing lady. Hope this comes true and we will see" ... written by Randi
predictions are very real." ... written by mary
Awesome experience Spiritual Wisdom is right on target! Just listen and learn and take it all in because you will not be sorry you did!!!" ... written by DeeDee
fabulous...really connected" ... written by amy
she know what I need to so and she is so right on and tell me how it is now I just need to do it. " ... written by Chris
Fabulosity!" ... written by Yoca_2010
Spirit, Thank you for the wonderful advice and the warnings. I will be careful about the upcoming blocks. You always know how to calm me down." ... written by kittychu
Like I commented earlier on, she is amazing. She's a very lively individual and makes you feel at ease. She is a nice person to talk to and confide in, get a reading with her, she's amazing!" ... written by Santhanakon
Spiritualwisdom has been there for me through my toughest problems. She is truthful and a great adviser. She knows things and guides us through these difficulties to better ourselves, our lives and our relationships. She is someone you can trust to guide you to what is best. I have full faith in her. When you go to spiritualwisdom, you will be happy you did. " ... written by Maria
spirit is an amazing person its like she always knows whats going on in my life she connects with my brother always guides me much love blessings xoxo" ... written by ashley
thanks for the great reading, strongly recommend spirit." ... written by roselilly5
was very insightful and to the point.Will wait for the prediction to come true.Highly recommended" ... written by Mettlwire
Was very insightful and to the point Very caring and compassionate.Highly recommended!!" ... written by Mettlwire
She's a very lovely person. She gives true insights." ... written by Santhanakon
Spirital Wisdom always gives great advice. She is very honest about everything. Love this reader!" ... written by kittychu
I have strong connectio with wis, one that has gone on for centuries. I hope in my next lives we run into each other again especially when I am in need. Always gives me hope to do what I need to do and to lift me to the clouds with positive feelings." ... written by jen
totally plugged in and accurate" ... written by amy
great reader 1000000 STARS FOR HER" ... written by sam
Always a pleasure darlin, always spot on much love and light " ... written by Libra26
WOW!! Wonnderful dead on reading!!" ... written by lovelylady
she helps me all the time i recommend her to anyone" ... written by kate
I is always spot on, knows what is going on in your life as if she was standing next to you when it happened. Almost like you had told your family or best friend. If you are searching for real, honest and down to earth look no further, cause she is the real deal." ... written by jen
awesome" ... written by obianuju nwosu
very interesting!...and helpful...5 stars...she really cares about what happens and for thing to work out...thank you..." ... written by linda pryharski
Thank you for the wonderful channeling session. It was powerful tonight. I believe that I was able to communicate what I needed to about my dad to them. " ... written by kittychu
awesome truth...blunt but very true!!" ... written by s
Things get better every time I go private with wis. I am so thankful that she has shown me the light and how to pick myself up. Such a good feeling to be able to breath again and to go on and feel good about myself. I couldn't of done it without you and I appreciate everything you have done for me." ... written by jen
shes helps me all the time with my problems i have going on " ... written by kate
Awesome! On ooint." ... written by tar1
very fast and nice gives great advice will chat again with her for sure." ... written by Creative113
Her prediction was spot on so far..... " ... written by Randi
Always a positive session with Wisdom If you are in doubt and seek real answers ans hon esty she is the one. Take aleap of faith you will never regret it." ... written by jen
If you are reading this to figure out if she is real or if she is the one you wish to ask questions, look not further. She is true, honest and has your best interests at heart. She does this from the kindness and goodness of her heart. " ... written by Jen
Always knows what I need and how to put me in the right direction. She guides you throuhg the dark to the light. Such a positive and beautiful person. Glad I can call you friend." ... written by Jen
I agree with everything she told me, because she was right about the things she asked about. Thank you for your clarity wisdom, i really appreciate it." ... written by S.
Shes very unique. Very special" ... written by EM
amazing" ... written by OBIANUJU NWOSU
GREAT" ... written by EVE
GREAT has always better reading and accurate....." ... written by Stormfire28
WOW. Is all I can say. Totally dug into the question and let me know everything straight from the hip. Loved it! " ... written by Elle
thanks so much!!" ... written by ash
spirit what a great update I have come along way since ive met you and now im in a better place I have moved on to bigger and better things and I have you to thank thank you for always listening and guiding me much love to you my friend xoxo blessings" ... written by ashley
she is great " ... written by ns
SpiritualWisdom was absolutely fab! She was to the point and hit all the much needed concerns that was pressing. I recommend her wonderful guidance and advice to anyone wanting to hear the truth! Will return for certain!! Thanks SpiritualWisdom :o)" ... written by RaniGold
I am am overwelmed and in shock, and happy at the same time,how you know so much you know.What is the name of someone who is going to die in a car crash, in her family?Your right, I love this girl Nancy to be my soulmate forever. She did go through a brutal divorce, and raised 3 children on her own. She is smart, and has done very well for herself. I will love her forever, but it is very hard on me right now. But Nancy, has always been my inspiration of life. Been my BFF. Can you send me the conversations we had? I want to read it again. Thanks Gord." ... written by Gordon Seeley
great" ... written by eve
Awesome as usual...thank you for your honest readings. " ... written by pa
she is excellent. straight forward no lies, no sugar coatings. just the truth. excellent" ... written by paula
Thank you so much you are amazing, you picked up well....one my school lol two not to get involved with love right now which u are right, and three my father I love you and thank you so much for pushing me towards this goal keep me in your prayers" ... written by Lina
Always a pleasure :)) Lots of wisdom and always straight to the point with the truth. Just amazing!!!! Blessings and Love :)" ... written by padeyssah
She is always a delight and right!" ... written by Redd
Spiritual Wisdom has been a most trusted advisor for me for a very long time now. Her insight has always helped me so much. She has made accurate predictions for me and I am really glad that I came in for a much needed update. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
My reading was very personal and I direct. I believe she told me the truth of what is happening now and forthcoming. She gave me detailed information to help me through this certain situation and wanted to make sure that I understood what information she gave me. The reading I felt was very truthful, hurt a little bit to hear the truth but I do have something positive to look forward to later. Thank You Spiritual Wisdom" ... written by Starshinej
she is awesome, wonderful , she is always right, so listen and do :)" ... written by nowme1
Thank you for your wonderful reading. I feel sane again. I will see you again soon." ... written by sweet
When started my journey with Wisdom I was so lost, confused and devasted. My life had come apart around me and I didn't know what to do. I found Wis and she guided through the darkest part of my life. She took me from the dark and brought me back into the light. She saved me restored my faith in myself and in god. I know reading this one might not understand but when you are alone in the dark with nothing positive it is scary. Now I am surrounded by the light, love and peace. I could not of done any of this on my own. You saved me friend and i am forever grateful for your kindness and love. thank you friend." ... written by Jen
very connected, gets straight to the point and won't waste your time" ... written by Ladyl5
Thanks again, I will take your advice. I will talk to you soon." ... written by judi
so much info love it" ... written by lavelle
i love it its so much info" ... written by lavelle
Have never seen my email, regaurding Nancy Wood Kittmer" ... written by Gordon Seeley
awesome" ... written by maku
thank you so much i will keep in touch" ... written by Carla
very good reading" ... written by maku
Got some scary news and have been worried. Wisdom reassured me it wasnt me and I believe her. Thank you friend." ... written by Jen
so worth every penny!!! thank you for the counseling and the advise. so connected. so real and honest. i needed that. " ... written by PA
Spiritual wisdom is very truthful and wonderful at what she does. She knows things, before even asking. She has a true gift and knows how to use it to help those in need. I keep coming back to her, because she has helped me so much in healing after so much disappointments. She truly is wonderful " ... written by Maria
Spirit, the update you gave me hit a lot of things on the head with my current work situation. I will take your advice. I will let you know how things go. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
great awesome!!! love her." ... written by jamira76
She is fantastic! Thank you for being in my life!" ... written by cindy
Very good I liked how she was on the ball even in the free room. She has spark draws people to her. I found her great. Thank so much" ... written by Amy
She knew a lot! :) She knew what was going on! Great reading!! Thanks Spiritual wisdom" ... written by Katie
awesome" ... written by brenda
I love her :) shes so honest and gives you that push you need :) im thankful for her and her Wisdom! thank you again spiritualwisdom :) " ... written by citamama
WOW!! She gets so much information good or bad and gives it to you directly. This is my second time speaking to her. The first time I spoke with her she said some things to be and I was literally spooked for days. BC it was so true so on point, But I realized those were the things that I needed to push me to move on. If you are looking for clarity and honest she is highly recommended. " ... written by lovelylady
I got so much insight on the current situation I am dealing with. A lot of things Spiritual Wisdom said confirmed things I thought. Spiritual Wisdom gets right to the point and tells you exactly the way she sees it. No sugar coating! I loved it! " ... written by Na2ural1
Simply AWESOME! Five stars and more!" ... written by zara
I had another fast, insightful and clear reading with Spiritual Wisdom. I received very helpful insight as to what the future holds and things for me to look forward to. Thank you for the insightful direction and information. I will continue seeking your insight/help. I believe that I received an honest reading with Spiritual Wisdom. " ... written by StarshineJ
she know what is going on and is very good at geting me to do it :) " ... written by Chris
Thanks once again spirit, always a great reading and straight to the point!" ... written by roselilly5
Thank you Spirit for the warning about work. You were right and I have taken your advice. Now I just have to see when I can finish the last part of it. It's about timing and how I need to approach the situation. Thank you again for being there for me." ... written by kittychu
Accurate as always. No sugar coating it, she'll tell it like is which is what I'm looking for. " ... written by Annie
she is an amazing person always there for me through all my situations in lfe to help guide me the right way love always :)" ... written by ashley
excellent" ... written by paula
Great fast and accurate reading!" ... written by MgrL
Spiritual Wisdom was outstanding. I really feel like she connected to me and she definitely knew the initial of a person in my life. I appreciate her so much!" ... written by Donna
good reading as always.. will see how the predictions pan out." ... written by jan
Another positive channeling session. If you in doubt of your life, don't know which way to turn or what to do, look no furhter. Wisdom can help and will give honest answers, even if it maybe isn't what you want to hear. She can help you find yourself, she did me. I was lost but now i am found. thank you." ... written by Jen
comforting :) thank you!" ... written by hilly
Great! and wow!!! fast and to the point" ... written by cocolh1982
Thank you once again, and thank you for believing in me." ... written by Santhanakon
really thorough, no messing around just straight to the point and tells me how it is, really liked her xxx" ... written by lisa
Spiritual Wisdom is an amazing person and mentor! She knew my situation immediately, and was able to give me instructions on how to move forward. I'm working on getting myself together. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom!" ... written by ON THE RIGHT TRACK
On point to the T." ... written by sonia
Love it..... :-)" ... written by maku
Wow she is Amazing. She really was dead on. I was having trouble forming my thoughts to type in a question and it just seem like she new the questions all ready and new the Answers. " ... written by Sonia
Thank you Spirit. Once again you hit it on the head. Let's see what happens with the ex on this issue." ... written by kittychu
she is good and she know what is up and work to work thoght it all even if she is tuff to here she will tell you how it is and what you need to do " ... written by Chris
five stars and more! : ) xxx" ... written by zara
great awesome, truthful. will not be disappointed" ... written by jamira76
great update! thanks for the great advice as always :) much love " ... written by ashley
Great reader will go again with her!" ... written by Angelica
five stars!" ... written by _
Spiritualwisdom was so accurate and to the point, that it was scary in a good way. It was as if she knew me and my situations personally. No fluff here. She is truly the Real Deal! I will definitely connect with her again." ... written by scorpiolove10
great" ... written by eves
Wisdom is very accurate with her predictions! I will be back for updates!" ... written by Wendy
she is very straight, direct and to the point, doesnt waste time and i want to give her 5 stars" ... written by angelcloud
she is fantastic, her updates are very accurate and she always there for you to warn or give advise. The best here." ... written by tushkan0710
Interesting read" ... written by sarah
great as always" ... written by eve
She is so helpful! She helped me connect to my dad who is one of my spirit guides and gave me the courage to move! Thank you!" ... written by Anna
Spirit thank you so much!" ... written by Blue Dolphin
Wow! She connects very quickly and then just starts telling you things. It is amazing. I wish I had more time to talk to her!" ... written by Anna
five stars and more" ... written by zara
I have had 2 more wonderful and insightful readings with Spiritual Wisdom over the past 2 days. Very detailed and explanatory of things currently happening, things to come and things I can do to prepare myself. She is very honest and clear in her readings. If you want to hear the truth, she will tell you. Also, gives guidance to help you. I trust what she says and senses. " ... written by StarshineJ
Fantastic reading...quick and clear..no time wasted..i love it:)" ... written by tasha_j
AMAZING! LOvE HER!" ... written by Oceania30
Awesome and on point! Thank you for your insight and input!" ... written by DC
Spirit has not steered me wrong and has been there with me for through some tough times. She is great." ... written by kittychu
She's always my first pick because she's the best of the best! Thank you so much " ... written by Victoria
Spiritual Wisdom is great, and to the point. She does not wish to waste your money or time and will tell you exactly what she sees and senses. She is very helpful in the information she gives. She will tell you the truth of what she sees for you now and in the future and changes coming. Another great reading. Sorry it was so short on time. " ... written by StarshineJ
Thanks! great reading as usual!! ttys" ... written by plutogirl
awesome " ... written by caroline
10 stars!!!!! Beautiful person inside and out. Amazing reading as usual. Blessing and Love. xoxo" ... written by padeyssah
Awesome reader!!! Thank you for your wisdom and your guidance!!! Accurate and straight to the point. Very positive!!!" ... written by tar1
Spiritual Wisdom works fast and accurately, and will give you the truth. If you don't understand something she will take the time to explain it for you and will give accurate details of what she sees. She has been very helpful for me during this emotional and spiritual time. I feel like I hear the truth from what she says, and I see results also according to things she has said to me. She really helps and you will enjoy having your reading with Spiritual Wisdom." ... written by StarshineJ
Thank you so much. Amazing Lady --people don't miss out. You will be cheating yourself , if you don't get a Reading!!" ... written by judi
Always interesting :)" ... written by Kat
She know what is going and and she let me know how I can do make it better and she is ver very good at it " ... written by Chris
great reading" ... written by maku
Thank you so much for your feedback! Detailed info and great advice that I could use. Highly recommend. " ... written by Sylvie
Spiritualwisdom is the best there is. She is a very strong psychic with strong powers. Knows things before they occur. If you want to hear the truth come see spiritualwisdom. She is a great life coach and is always there to help with any type of problem and lead you in the correct direction." ... written by Maria
Another great and informative reading; very helpful and insightful. Spiritual wisdom is very fast and accurate and will explain things to you if you do not understand. " ... written by StarshineJ
Amazing Amazing person, and always have been there to help me out. Always accurate about the situations and her predictions do come true..! " ... written by Bobbin
I enjoyed her reading and will be back again. " ... written by Roseanna
She is so good and so right. I'm glad someone understood the situation and what happened to me. It's so relieving. " ... written by Lisa
Wisdom always gives me the hope and guidance I seek and very much need. I wish I had found her a long time ago. There are so many things I have learned about myself and would of liked to of known them earlier in life." ... written by Jen
Spirit is the best...thank you Spirit" ... written by April
Spiritualwisdom is the BEST! She is really a life couch! She has helped guide me through my life journey, to make good positive choices in life. I have received great advise from her that has helped me tremendously. I seek her often, because I know I will always be guided to make the correct choices in life. She has a true gift and knows how to help. H" ... written by Maria
She is the best and puts me at ease! Thank you so much Spiritual." ... written by april
awesome" ... written by bob
Awesome! Thank you for your advice and the reassurance you've given me. See you soon!" ... written by Progressing
Always lifts me and helps restore my faith in myself and others." ... written by jen
she tells me the truth...not what I want to hear " ... written by maku
Spirit, Thank you for the great channeling session tonight and the messages. We love numbers with 8s in our culture. So I can't wait as it all unfolds and finalize." ... written by kittychu
WOW, after all this time, she is still on the pulse of everything happening with me and away from me as well. Also, she hits the nail on the head about the people coming in and (knock on wood) not leaving my life. Always great, always fast, always right on point, wonderful wonderful wonderful. Love you WIZ!!!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
VERY ACCURATE! ***** AS ALWAYS!" ... written by CHARLENE
aswesommeee" ... written by eveliz
Wisdom is fabulous...love talking to her!" ... written by cindy
Thank you for your honest advice" ... written by Sarah
very insightul and honest. Always looks out for me and lets me know what is going on. How to protect my self and when i need to be aware. thank you wis" ... written by Jen
Gives me the strenght to pick myself up and to move forward. I have come so far since the first reading. Things get better and easier everyday and I couldn't of done it without you. " ... written by Jen
spirit is an amazing person thank you for a great update as always my friend xoxo" ... written by ashley
Great read! Spiritual helps you get to the root of your problem, believe in yourself and get a good conclusion. She is talented in many ways!" ... written by Jaxx39
I enjoy speaking with her. She seems genuine, personable and very knowledgeable. I will be seeing her again (-=" ... written by Roseanna
Very good and picked up without much info given to her. I will come back for another!" ... written by Flower85
Wonderful, caring, great read will return for update." ... written by Teri
i love her " ... written by molina631
Very, very accurate reading! I got a lot of information that I am glad to hear. She surprised me with some of the information she had because I have no idea how she would know it! Spiritual Wisdom is the real deal!! " ... written by FenForever
very accurate and honest reading." ... written by n
thank you straight on the money as per usual. highly recommend" ... written by roselilly5
she is beyond amazing honestly i best reading i had in a while she tells you the truth and how it is !! best ever even a life coach i will deff be back i love her she is worth every penny :) " ... written by molina631
Very accurate and seemed to be on point." ... written by Jen
She is THE WOMAN...she mentioned things I didn't even think of at the time of my reading." ... written by Delta Kuhn
Thank you... " ... written by chemall
Awesome" ... written by Elizabeth
absolutely amazing best reading ever" ... written by shayy
confirms my own feelings, great" ... written by maku
she is very great ... gets right to the point i like her AND KEEPTS IT REAL" ... written by loveboo
so great! best on the site! thanks for clearing things up for me! i appreciate your honesty! " ... written by w
Very helpful, honest, incredibly accurate, and straight to the point! Highly recommend!" ... written by Angelica
She is amazing!!! I recommend her to everyone. So much insight." ... written by Theodora
I channel with wisdom to get and receive my own messages. I Love to connect with her and make sure i understood my messages. Love the feeling that i can connect with my guides and understand. thank You wis for teaching how to understand the things going on in my life and how to be prepared for them." ... written by Jen
Thank you for all your wonderful assistance and advice! I will keep an eye open and intentions ready!" ... written by Adrienne
five stars AND more.Highly recomend her to everyone.She is the best of Best! : )" ... written by zara
Spiritualwisdom is a blessing. She is always right and on top of things! I trust her and know that whenever I have a problem, she will be there to tell me the truth. She has helped guide me in the right direction for so long and has helped me out of problems I never thought I could get through alone. So if you need straight answers to your problems, have Spiritualwisdom help you out. You will be happy you did." ... written by Maria
great reading very positive. tells it like it is" ... written by roselilly5
Absolutely awesome. Accurate and definite" ... written by dimivof ichidah
Awesome! Please consult today...she is great!!" ... written by tama
more then five starts" ... written by zara
Accurate, spot on picked up situation. Friendly! knows her stuff. " ... written by Brandyn
She's amazing!" ... written by luckystar222
amazing. she got in touch with someone that i didn't think would come through... and idk wow" ... written by jenny
Spiritual Wisdom has given me steps to go further! I'm really appreciative of her insight and guidance! You won't be disappointed." ... written by Great Reading!
thanks. You are a life saver. " ... written by dimivof ichidah
Very accurate and insightful. She knew my situation, gave details, and gave me great advice. Thank you so much." ... written by hollynoel
Lots of advice, very helpful!" ... written by Danielle
AMAAAAAAZING!!!! Woooow I didn't want to stop hahah, LOVE YOUUUU and I recommend you to anybody that wants the truth and nothing but the truth. You gave me energy and a lot of information that resonates with everything I feel and even dreams I've been having. You are a STAR! Sending you lots of love and many many blessings~" ... written by Smily
Thank U :)" ... written by Tokinha13
After a few sessions with you... i discovered a new me... I'm determine and i smell of happiness!!! I love it. Thank you!!!" ... written by cocolh1982
You are one of a kind. An inspiration to your generation." ... written by dimivof ichidah
says it like it is " ... written by maku
Great reader! Please consult her today." ... written by airata
thanks for the reading. when im able i will contact you again. i had a horrible day had to leave work cause he just ripped me apart" ... written by Carla
she was so right on its amazing. she was giving me the connection prior to the private chat . the end result is awesome ." ... written by daiel
thank you for all your help. I will keep you updated" ... written by judi
Absolutely love spiritual, she is so spot on with everything she tells me and her predictions have come to pass many times over. She is filled with positivity and tells me the truth which is always a great thiing...I have learned so much...Many Blesssings!!" ... written by misty
just wonderful, quick and accurate, i recommended " ... written by nowme1
Awsomes " ... written by shes on point i will try what she suggest
Awesome reading" ... written by Bellezalatina
honest, straight up, to the point. i didn't say much really. thanks! :)" ... written by sehneo
She is amazing!!! Truly connects well and tells it like it is. She is fantastic!!" ... written by Randi
thank you so much! amazing :D" ... written by unknownjourney
Thank you for your time and insight, I will be back for more updates. Sara" ... written by ansara
Shes always honest with me and I respect her for everything she does for me. If you want someone that will truly help you and want whats best for you shes right here. Love you spirtualwisdom " ... written by Kay
fast, very helpful" ... written by maku
She was wonderful. She is very accurate" ... written by Katie
Spirit, Thank you for the great channeling session. I felt very calm and relax for what is ahead for me. I feel strong and ready for them tomorrow. Thank you again." ... written by kittychu
Spiritual Wisdom is the best of best.She is soo talented.I really appreciate her in my life.She is an amaizinf person.When i met her first.My life was misrable.She gave and still gives me the strenght to pick myself up and to move forward. I also do chanelling with her.Things get better and easier everyday and I couldn't of done it without spiritual wisdome.I am very grateful to have her in my life and in oranum.Infinity stars for her! : )" ... written by zara
she was great!!" ... written by ebbie
She is amazing and gets straight to the point!!!" ... written by Chrislou
she is very good and amazing" ... written by theodora
she was awesome:) very accurate. love this lady" ... written by Samantha
Spiritual Wisdom is very accurate, honest and straight forward with the information that she senses and sees. I was only able to have a short reading today, but the information she provided is consistent with what is currently happening. I will continue to meet with her. If you have a reading with her, you will be happy with results. She tells the truth...good news and bad news if it is what she sees." ... written by StarshineJ
Spiritual wisdom was great. She was honest, compassionate and quick to connect. I will definitely be back to speak with her." ... written by Deb
Great reading really direct highly recommend" ... written by n
Thanks for the reading, straight to the point!" ... written by roselilly5
infinity stars!!! : )" ... written by zara
she is great" ... written by elizabeth
excellent reading, straight, honest, and to the point. Will be back." ... written by han720518
we are geting there day by day she is vere good and she know how to help and is very good at it if you let here " ... written by Chris
spiritual is always the best, she always has words of encouragement for my growth...she just gets me...and i have learrned so much from her!!! thank you for always bieng you and real....many blessings love!!!" ... written by misty
Thank you for the quick update." ... written by kittychu
Wisdom is amazing! I love her readings and updates!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Super_angel
I thought the insight was very interesting and will take her advice into consideration. thank you for the help and guidance, I feel much better now. i'll wait to see what happens in the future. thank you again." ... written by maggie
This lady was on point with everything and so specific and bold with her statements its mind blowing." ... written by spice
She was lovely to talk to, and she was very nice it what she said." ... written by amy
Wow! she came with so much and I didn't have to tell her anything. It wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear, but I needed to hear it. Now I'm able to make better decisions. " ... written by blessed25
thank you for the insightful reading. it lifted my spirits and gave me hope. i've been really sad and disheartened as of late and after this reading, i feel like there is hope for the future." ... written by maggie7300
I love my readings with Her. she is very straight forward and real with what she sees. hasn't let me down yet" ... written by Randi
very helpful" ... written by Sam
Great reading..I will be back! " ... written by blessed25
excellent and bang on, almost downright eerie how much she knew without me telling her! thank you spiritualwisdome :)" ... written by roxanne
Excellent reading as always. She gives honest and real answers. Always a pleasure." ... written by Annie
supportive, respectful, helps you when the time is right:)" ... written by Sam
Has the reassurance and understanding to lift people in the areas they need it. knows the right things to say to help you understand the direction or action that is needed in your during your time of need. she is gueniune and caring. only tells you the truth." ... written by Jen
honest and compassionate. good reading." ... written by Deb
She was pretty clear about a few things. Just wish i had more credits!!!!" ... written by reese
she was right about everything !!!!! i was amazed the best yet!!!!" ... written by Terri Smith
Excellent as always!! Thank you!!" ... written by Nicole
Thnk you that was an amazing reading so much you said was true :)" ... written by Laura Bell
Amazing lady!!! Grateful to have her in my life!" ... written by cindy
Accurate reading!! Consult her today." ... written by tam
Felt lots of tingles and energy as i had my reading. Felt very relaxed and at ease. Trusted and felt confident everything was right and my reading was accurate and felt true to me. She knew how i was feeling and thinking and what i needed to hear. " ... written by Nat
thank you so much for the in-depth reading! wow. I couldn't believe you could see my spiritual guides as well. truly amazing. will let him chase me...thanks :)" ... written by leodragon2014
very accurate at what she does, love this lady and very helpful..always makes my day and makes me happy:)" ... written by Sam
Once again spiritual was right on and made me feel like i was talking to a friend. Thank you for all your wisdom and advice i really appreciate it" ... written by Carla
it was a very insightful reaidng..thank you so much!!!" ... written by n g
Great to connect with my guides...thank you" ... written by cindy
she's the best" ... written by cindy
great" ... written by cindy
:)" ... written by cindy
Talking about irrelevance " ... written by Peter
very interesting reading.. if you want the honest truth. She will give it you like it is. Thanks again!" ... written by Annie
Thank you for you help and info, light and blessings to you as well. Always a pleasure" ... written by judi
this woman knows how to help, she understands everything, sweet, caring, loving:)" ... written by Sam
spirit is amazing ive known her for about 3 years shes been there through bad good and more bad but now im getting where im suppose to be and she has a lot to do with that she always gives me a heads up before I even tell her she is the real deal love her thanks my dear friend :) if you want the truth come to her!!!!10 stars" ... written by ashley
Spiritual Wisdom is always honest, direct and straight to the point with what she sees/senses during the readings. She does not waste your time or money and will give you as much helpful information that she can regarding the situation or questions that I (or you) may have. I have had reading with her numerous times over the past several months and the things she has said have been coming to light/truth. You will enjoy having your reading with Spiritual Wisdom." ... written by starshinej
she is a good girl and friend and always accurate....cant wait for her predictions to come true" ... written by danielle
enjoyed it :)" ... written by sehneo
Good reading, quick to connect. Will be back." ... written by Deb
" ... written by zara
Spiritual is the best!!! She always gives me the kick I need and puts me on the right path again! Thank you girl for everything!! You're AWESOME!!!!" ... written by April
I really loved my reading!" ... written by rani
wisdom is the best. She connects quickly and accurately. we both see the same things. I go to her for clarity and understanding." ... written by Jen
Very honest." ... written by Netteski
Thanks for the peace of mind." ... written by Jessica
open minded, and knows how to help, i love how she connects and helps. i want her to help me and show me the way...truly a respectful, sweet lady.:) also she makes my day everytime" ... written by Sam
SpiritualWisdom is awesome and I enjoy her readings so much! She knows how to reach me and does it well. She's very uplifting and is helping me in numerous ways. I'm very happy to know her and I'm sure I will be coming back to her for years to come. She's truly gifted and very insightful. " ... written by Roseanna
ive been doing reading n chanelling with spiritual wisdom for a long time.All her readings are accurate and her predictions have always come true.she is blessed with strong power.whenever i did chanelling with her.it only improved my issues and brought good luck to me.Things i never thought id get.Come to me.i am very lucky to have her in my life.she is a real deal.and she takes great care of us her friends.We luv u wisdom.Big hugs.Bunch of thanks for all that u do for us.Bunch of blessings to u.Ameen.Ty: )" ... written by zara
I love the connection I have with her. It is strong and always reassuring. She knows what is going on in my life about the same time I do, if not at the same time. Thank you Wis for teaching me to channel and to lift and find myself.." ... written by Jen
i LOVE LOVE HER SHE IS AMAZING ON POINT! " ... written by maggielee
Loved her!!!" ... written by Angie
Good stuff! Nailed a few things on the head." ... written by PhillyGirl78
Wisdom is the best thing that has happened to me.In my entire life.Im truely blessed to have her in my life.I hope everyone in here gets a chance to know her and get her blessings."She is a gift from God"I call her my angel.There are no words to describe how much she has helped,changed my life and is always here for me.I appreciate her deep from my heart.Without her.Im lost.I was in dark.I used to feel hurt and helpless.She made me strong and gave me light." ... written by zara
spirit is awesome always tells me how it is great up date much love to you blessings my friend will def take your advice" ... written by ashley
Always enjoy my readings with spiritual wisdom! She picks up on things before I say anything, very accurate and informative. Definitely my favorite on this site!" ... written by starstruck11
Five stars and more!"INFINITY"She is the best of best in here!I am blessed: )Luv u Wisdom..xoxoxzar" ... written by zara
A+++" ... written by roelilly
i love her so much brings me great advices and love! thank you" ... written by maggielee
Blessed to know you! will talk to you again soon" ... written by Judi
terrific" ... written by d
straight forward and fast. she hit one issue on the head! I was impressed and I would definitely refer her to anyone needing answers! I will be back to visit with her as she is also a very comfortable person as well as courteous." ... written by 22sapphire22
love it" ... written by jen
AMAZING! ALWAYS ACCURATE! **********" ... written by baby!
very accurate!!" ... written by workliftpray
thanks for your help xxx" ... written by t
Wisdom has shown me and taught me the power of channeling. Through it i have been learning about my past lives. I have began to embrace this part of my life and to enjoy the things I have been finding out about myself. The power of dreams is amazing, and need to be taken seriously and embraced for what they are." ... written by Jen
readings go too fast.... good and helpful... thanks!" ... written by maku
great reader" ... written by smiley2011
She is a best gift i am gifted in my life.lots of respect n love!Recommend her too anyone.Very talented n powerful.There is no any psychic better than spiritual wisdom.She is accurate with her readings,powerful in her channeling sessions,True with her predictions,very caring,helpful and warm person.She is amaizing!" ... written by zara
she is very direct and to the point. no time wasting at all! lol" ... written by Joyce Alman
Sweet, caring, loving lady. no sugar coat really honest." ... written by Sam
Wisdom is great! Happy she's in my life!" ... written by cindy
always a true blessing to have her,,,i can not imagine not bieng able to chat with her and her keeping me sane....through all my ups and downs...she keeps me stable and gives me hope..im so much stronger!! much love" ... written by misty
Amazing!!! So much knowledge, energy and truth! Big hug and lots of love always~" ... written by Smily
Great update. Love speaking with SpiritualWisdom. great lady. :-)" ... written by han720518
she is good to me and very nice and all way news what I need to do and with here help I will be able to get the women I love :) " ... written by chris
shes good " ... written by kate
She is AWSOME.she is my angel.Without her i can not function well.She is light to my eyes.Thats how much Impact she has.She is too good and powerful in her work.She knows what shes doing.Im blessed to have her.And i trust her with all my heart.I am keeping u forever wisdom lol even when ull get fadeup of me.Ill keep chasing u ; -)I luv u.Ure a great friend and like a big sister.Big n tight hugs for always being here.Boosting taking away my negative: )xx" ... written by zara
Thank you spirit" ... written by Jessica
Love her!!! More than just the info that she is able to share... she has a wonderful heart and that's worth the most!!! " ... written by Angie
great very very helpful. Great awesome." ... written by jamira76
always so honest and right for me" ... written by theodora
absolutely love her!! she is always so in tune with every situation that i have faced....a true blessing!! " ... written by misty
Her readying was very thorough and detailed. She is also compassionate and told me the kind of person that I am. Even though she is psychic, she told me stuff that I wouldn't expect her to know which freaked me out a bit. I will definitely go back SpiritualWisdom and also deserves not only 5 stars but millions stars." ... written by Gaia_1
She was amazing! Thannnk Sooo Muchh!" ... written by Evestha
Always love her!" ... written by Katie
Wow, oh wow oh wow. Spirit is good. Always on the money." ... written by Roselilly5
love her!!!" ... written by Katie
Straight to the point...and yes, her prediction just came true! :)" ... written by Netteski
Thank you Spirit for the update and the kick. I will connect more to my guides." ... written by kittychu
GREAT AWESOME!! SHES GREAT!!!" ... written by JAMIRA76
channeled for myself and sought understanding for what I received. I always go to Wis to confirm my guides. She always knows as soon as we go privte, which is very reassuring. " ... written by Jen
Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for this awesome reading! You were very helpful in helping me to understand how to work things out in my relationship. Talk to you soon!!! Five stars!!!" ... written by Awesome Reading!
spirit is amazing great update thank you much love always there for me" ... written by ashley
She is a blessing to me.Smile to my heart,and light to my life.one of the most pwerful, loving and caring psychic I have ever met.always has been here for me.I used to be very hurt and diappointed with life.I didnt know how it felt like being happy.I had forgotten to even smile.I had too much negative in my life.Nothing seemed to work for me.I was fade up n broken hearted.I had no desire to live.I felt like i had lost myself.Until i met Spiritual Wisdome.She changed my life.My life is getting only better and better..every passing moment .Also,she is very honest.Acurate and her prediations have ALWAYS come true.I had readings before with other psychics.There is NO better,more powerful psychic then Widom.I highly recomend her to anyone! Thanks again Wisdom for always picking me up in thick n thin ure always here for me.You are a "VERY" nice friend! xoxo : )" ... written by zara
She was great. She knew the situations right away, without me having to go into any details. She explained why things are the way they are in my current situation, and gave me advice for the future. I look forward to more readings with her! :)" ... written by Chelsey
excellent great life love coach!!!!never enough time!!!!!I neeed a week with her!!!!" ... written by workliftpray
My messages are strong from my guides. I go to wis for clarity and understanding from them. thank you wis" ... written by Jen
Had some strange messages and sought clarity. as always she lifted me and i feel better." ... written by Jen
I really don't know if words can really express the gifts, love and attention present during chanelling sessions with Spiritual Wisdom.I am ever grateful for her time. Also for her abilities wich she shares to help make my life better.She is so sweet and so helpful, her attitude just makes my heart smile.No words would completely define the experience with her...its like the one you would get from a close friend or family.I love doing chanelling and getting readings from Wisdom.She is always very insightful in my situations and helping me see them.She helped me see the situation for what it is.plus she has a way of shifting my mood. Very good person,she has helped me so very much! I feel relieved when i talk to her.I trust her 100% and i highly recomend her.She is so much worth!She is my angel.She is my smile:)Big hugs my beautiful Wisdom.Forever thankfull for all that u do for me.I luv u :D BiG ZaRa hugs:-) " ... written by zara
She is one of the most humble, loving and caring person I have ever met. Thick or thin, always has been with me to bless me with her wisdom and answers. Thank You !!" ... written by Bobbin
No sugar coating. to the point, sees true and honest answers. you will not be disappointed. do not have to tell her anything. she uses no tools." ... written by jamira76
love her!!!!great awesome" ... written by jamira76
No bullshit - just pure psychic, this lady hit the truth on the head... Wow. She picked up on the situation perfectly. I'm so grateful to have had a reading with her, she was just spot on about everything." ... written by Aureus
makes me smile, understands and explains what to do...lovely and nice lady" ... written by Sam
always wonderful doing reading with her. So truthful and honest." ... written by theodora
thank you for the updates. I appreciate your time and gifts." ... written by judi
amazing woman so helpful I will be back" ... written by miljay
Thanks so much" ... written by pearlp
best reading ive ever had. I am an empathy myself trying to work on my own abilities. She will be the one to teach me" ... written by Desiree
great awesome very honest and truthful!!!" ... written by jamira76
great advice hope it comes truew" ... written by mauku
She is incredible - very honest and to the point. I will definitely go back for a longer in depth reading. Thank you!!!!" ... written by LifeisGood46
sweet lovely lady, make my day, makes me happy and excited for my future" ... written by Sam
Hi." ... written by Squeal1
second time spoke to her and she amazing everything she says is spot on I a lot calmer after spoken to her thnks xxx" ... written by Laura
very nice and helped me feel better" ... written by Astrobaby
i luve spiritual wisdom and trust her with all my hearty.Highly recomend her to anyone!" ... written by zara
truly amazing, speechless right now , but i had to say somthing " ... written by ag
thx" ... written by plutogirl
She connects with my guides to help me understand and see my life in a different light. Helps to fill me with love, hope and peace. I have come so far from when I first came to see her. She has helped restore so much of my life and helped me in so many ways. if you are lost and seek help look no further. Wis can and will help." ... written by Jen
Spirit has been right about things that have been happening in my life. She told me of things to watch out and work and I got confirmation last week of what she has been telling me. I know all the other things she has told me is going to happen." ... written by kittychu
She always knows what is going on and how to help with deal with upcoming things in my life. It is nice being able to go into a situation and already know how the outcome will be. thank you friend." ... written by Jen
amazing she helps me alot " ... written by kate
great reading! told me what I needed to hear, not what i wanted to hear. will be back." ... written by Stephanie
I am blown away right now! She gives it to you straight and honest and fast. AMAZING" ... written by Ashley
she is amazing, she can help, she will show you a way where u can choose your way to happiness" ... written by nowme1
Spirit, thank you for the great channeling session. It was calming and peaceful. It was good to know that my guides are there with me and watching over me." ... written by kittychu
i love her; always the best advise!!!" ... written by theodora
amazing...." ... written by Pen
As always very accurate and truthful. We will see what happens and I will take her advice." ... written by Jen
Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for your knowledge and advice. I am sure things are going to go really well. Thank you!!!" ... written by Great Reading!
I always love coming back to her, i just feel the connection...she knows exactly when i am bothered or something is going on....thanks love :)" ... written by Netteski
she is amazing everytime I go to speak to her about whether it be career or relationships she always spot on I don't go to anyone els.e if you want a very good reading visit spiritualwisdom :) xxx" ... written by Laura
very perceptive and knew so much and told me exactly what to do... thank you so much!! " ... written by Rosemary
Great As always. Telling the truth no sugar coating pure honest answers. ♥♥♥" ... written by Alexander
Helpful, reassuring, and honest. " ... written by Samiah
She is of course amazing!" ... written by Redd
as always amazing thank you spiritual :) xxx" ... written by Laura
Spirit another great channeling session. Spiritual Wisdom has helped me connect with my guides and has provided to me the information for me to continue to do what protect myself or watch for negatives. Many positive things are predicted for me for the next few months and I can't wait. Thank you Spirit for all that you have done and helped me through. You have seen me at my lowest and I hope you to see me at my highest." ... written by kittychu
its my first reading and im so happy with spiritual wisdom I will back for more readings soon thank you very much " ... written by ian
She was straight up accurate. She was caring and put this in perspective. Great reading - I appreciated her words and heart very very much. " ... written by eli
Great dream interpretation! got to the heart of what was happening." ... written by roselilly5
It makes my day every time i see her" ... written by Sam
She always helps me to understand my messages and to be prepared. I have learned so much about myself and others through channeling. I feel I am blessed to of learned from Wis how to make myself feel better and to understand things in my life. If you seek honest answers, clarity and understanding, then wis is the one for you. " ... written by Jen
Once again another awesome reading. Spiirit always makes me feel better about my future. Thank you so much for the updates and your amazing gift." ... written by Carla
Really bloody awesome!!! That's the reason I came back to read with her. Absolutely 100 stars!!!" ... written by Ian
spiritual wisdom is fantastic and great inspiration for my future,I "REALLY" feel confident in her reading and I believe her 100%and more,She is a good friend and I am grateful to have her in my life. her advice is so great and she is superfast in her readings. thank u so much Wisdom for everything that u have done for me!I luv u more than u luv me;-)" ... written by zara
I found my soulmate" ... written by Mark Cacho
thank you " ... written by plutogirl
The site cut our channeling session short. But great as always." ... written by kittychu
You are so special to me. I appreciate you always helping me out. I will take you message to heart. Have a Happy and Blessed Christmas ! " ... written by Judi
confirming my dreams is conforting and always uplifting. Always knows what is going on and how to fix or deal with it." ... written by jen
Wonderful. Thank you so much." ... written by Lisa Smith
i am truly blessed to have such a great connection with spiritual...she always keeps me on point...and always gives great advice...love her!!" ... written by misty
Had a really bad dream. Wis confirmed what i thought it was. Now i feel better and know what i need to do to fight this. Ready to get my life back on track and wis has helped so much. thank you" ... written by Jen
Not long enough at all !! truly amazing ! " ... written by summer
Spiritual Wisdom..the real deal! Definite connection and great advice." ... written by Jordan
Spiritual connection so wonderful and know so much about that aspect. Thank you Thank you Thank you" ... written by Tie
very fast and good" ... written by time
I dont do ANYTHING without asking spiritual wisdom.I have that much faith in her and her work.I proudly recoment her!SHE IS THE BEST OF BEST!!" ... written by zara
she is always very nice and very Help full and she know what is up thanks for all you do !!!! " ... written by Chris
shes amazing " ... written by kate
had some issues come up and she helped me figure out what it was. Feel better now and know what to do. thank you" ... written by Jen
Wow and Wow! I so can't wait for the next time! Come see her as she is so accurate. wow" ... written by Tie
She is very honest and gifted. She will give you the truth!.. Worth the money..." ... written by Falon
She gave me an exact name ... it was awesome... felt like we had been friends forever..lol" ... written by falon
She is wonderful, new the problem without explaining it to her." ... written by Marcelo
thank u" ... written by g
A wonderful person who gives amazing readings. Everything I was told was exactly what I needed to hear. Very accurate, in fact she even mentioned some of my relatives who I had mentioned nothing about. Simply wonderful, and I would definitely recommend. " ... written by Lauren
Spiritual Wisdom is amazing and very helpful! She has helped me to better understand things that I haven't seen in myself. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom." ... written by Truthfullness
I going through quite stressful time right now and every time I go to see her she always calms me down she always knows what wrong so thanks spiritual :-) xxx" ... written by Laura bell
always nice to have a reading with her" ... written by maku
thank you..." ... written by jess
wow you said everything I have been going through. My dreams100% accurate. I WILL study up in a couple weeks." ... written by sheri
Wisdom is awesome; Love her honesty; she puts it right there and great clarity" ... written by Jimmy
love this lady. She is such the voice of wisdom." ... written by Joyce Alman
Wis confirmed my dreams and made me aware of what was happening in my life. with her help we hopefully prevented something bad. thank you friend" ... written by jen
quick read" ... written by sk
For the last 2 years of my life black magic has plagued me at every turn. Wis has been there every step of the way. Helping me to fight and to be aware. Thank you friend. couldn't of done any of this without you." ... written by Jen
Always knows what to say and how to help" ... written by Jen
Spiritualwisdom has been my go to psychic, she always gets right to the point and never fails to be accurate. Love talking to her shes always so helpful." ... written by starstruck11
Spiritual Wisdom has enlightened me in many ways! I'm so excited at how things are changing in my life because I'm doing what makes ME happy. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for the understanding and guidance on how to live life to the fullest! 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Inspiration!
She has nailed what is happening in my life and I am shocked. I was like no that cant happen and it is happening!" ... written by Tie
i'm so happy and pleased you got my back. i will be coming back for your gudience thank you so much i will be back" ... written by mag
I have known from more than a year now. And i keep coming back to her, coz she is one of the most humblest, strong, and loving guide you can ever wish for. She has guided me through her wisdom and love in the most difficult times of my life. She is the real deal when it comes to psychic abilities, not even kidding. " ... written by Boobin
wonderful reading, great connection, I'm looking forward to the new year!!!!" ... written by Ammer
shes always spot on" ... written by melissa
makes me smile, helps me figure out what is my next move. always there when i need her." ... written by Sam
She gave me a good reading, and helped me realize how badly I need to move. It's something I think I already knew but I needed reassurance and a push and she gave me that!" ... written by Anna
I cant believe this! Wow is all I can say as it all happening!" ... written by Tie
A miracle worker, Helped me connect with my guides in a way i never have before. " ... written by samiah
always honest as usual and helpful with her insightS!" ... written by eli
Connects so quickly and such an honest approach, she's invaluable. One prediction has already come true, still waiting for the rest to play out. Can't wait!" ... written by Amanda
shes amazing she helps me thought alot " ... written by kate
Good reader, great reading thank you!!" ... written by j
Love this gal...wish I had a transcript. Will definitely call again." ... written by j
Great reading fast and accurate.." ... written by Kiera 123
Spirit, thank you for the advice and what you see for me. I will take the time to do what I need to do in the work area. " ... written by kittychu
She always has good advice on what to do." ... written by Evestha
amazing. Did a channeling session, it was so unreal. She is the real deal." ... written by s4
She was accurate and to the point. Very honest :)" ... written by Edna Pedraza
She will know everything about what you want to know even before you tell her any details she is the real deal, very neutral, non-judgemental, positive and helpful. The real deal and worth the moment when you want the concrete truth." ... written by Mirel
kind and encouraging. Down to earth and good advice to clear up a problem." ... written by weathergirl
awesome reading you were right on the money thank you for your insight " ... written by carla
great" ... written by j
Amazing!!! Very impressed. She goes the extra mile. Will use again!!!" ... written by yuyuy
She is so Great! She makes me feel very calm and wraps in love!I am grateful to God for sending her into my life.Since i met her.She has only made me stronger and my life brighter. God bless you Wisdom!!!THANKS AGAIN for always giving me positive vibes,your great time luv and inspiration..XXX OOO : )" ... written by zara
Thanks SpiritualWisdom. You clarified alot. Im letting go and moving on thanks to your help. Please update me when you can. Thanks." ... written by Kari
Very spiritual! Highly recommended and good advice!" ... written by Linda
Spiritual Wisdom is helpful, realistic, and compassionate. The truth really can set one free, and her capacity to give you good and and news in ways that you can relate to and understand is rare and truly precious. This reading was so invaluable and really did help me come back to myself. Her connection with me and the other person in my life was clear and undeniable. No wasted time. I am truly grateful for the time you spent with me. Thank you again. " ... written by Joseph246
OMG...she is hilarious! I love how blunt she is! I definitely needed to hear what she said about my past life and my current life because history is somewhat repeating itself for me and I will make the decision to make my own path! She knows of your greatest potential and tells you how to achieve what you really want! Many blessings to you!" ... written by pearberry008
Very fast and accurate. Wish I had more time with her. Thank you!!! Made me feel much better " ... written by Sladj.
love this girl. we have real connection" ... written by Joyce
Wow!!!! Amazing!!! I am very impressed!!!" ... written by jkjkjk
she is clear" ... written by Starkita Newman
Wonderful update with her. Such a fantastic lady. I always feel instantly connected with her. Definitely will be back." ... written by han720518
she's great straight forward!" ... written by summer
thanks spirit. got a lot off my chest, u are amazing" ... written by l
I always check and try to see what is going on with my guides. Had some weird feeling the other day and wis confirmed what i thought they were. " ... written by Jen
I do not know how she does it, but she is truly amazing!!! Experience this person!!! She will impress!!! " ... written by jkjkjk
Thanks for the reading on issues in life and i thank you for your insight...it was informative." ... written by sweetpea
good reading" ... written by maria
I love loved my reading I always do :O)" ... written by Katie
She knows wassup, great help with my understanding of guides and all" ... written by Mark
Extremely intimate, accurate, spot on. She only tells the truth, and is addicting." ... written by Samiah
Spiritual Wisdom provides great guidance the helps you to prepare for the situation. I'm happy that I got her help. Now, I know how to move forward!" ... written by Awesome!
I call Wisdom an Angel.She has so much Impact in my life.She is a blessing.I luv u Wis!!!xxx" ... written by zara
awesome as usual never fault her " ... written by young girl
Great as always!!! Truly amazing!!! Very truthful and caring!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by jkjkjk
couldnt have gotten this far without you" ... written by seriphinite30
great reading gave me hope " ... written by raindropd472014
amazing. she is the real deal. everything she says resonates. i was in tears after our reading, it was like she was in his head." ... written by s4
she is very good you will not be disappointed. tells you the truth. honest. Try a reading with her, shes the best." ... written by jamira76
Excellent" ... written by M
Good update with Spiritual wisdom. Wonderful lady as always. Very truthful, and helpful. :-)" ... written by han720518
i didn't have much time but i felt like she tuned in right away. she was very quick and once i get more credits i'll have to finish up :) " ... written by lina
This lady is just amazing. Maam, u are truly amazing" ... written by Gaurav
She confirmed my feeling that something was going on. Now i am ready to take it on." ... written by jen
fast and amazing. great connection " ... written by samara
She knows my heart, but she will never lie, or sugarcoat any truths. I know for my own experience that her predictions come true. " ... written by Samiah
amazing!!! I'll be back for an update. predictions given." ... written by GratefulOne14
Thank you for your very direct communication. I will keep you updated" ... written by acb
Great!!! Very impressed!!! Will use again!!!" ... written by iiooo
she was good " ... written by Lucille
WAS CORECT ON EVERYTHING" ... written by tianna
Right on...very honest. I liked her a lot. " ... written by mainstreem20
as always the bomb! gives me the insight I need to follow through with my world and issues. Thank You" ... written by jimmy harvey
she is incredible! i get all my dreams interpreted by her. Her insight is wonderful! The best part is she believes in you, she knows your potential and makes you realize the same so you can be on your own depending on yourself and your own guides! Things are coming into play and I see how her predictions are unfolding! I can't wait to channel with her when the timing is right=) Thank you again SpiritualWisdom and many more blessings to you!" ... written by pearberry008
Thank You so much wisdom! Always feel so much better after talking to you. You are always dead on! She is absolutely amazing! I didnt follow her directions and she knew! She told me like it was and I will never diobey her again ever! If you want the truth with wisdom is where you need to be!!" ... written by Eve
She identified what I was in denial about and clarified what I needed to do about that denial. I was in denial about positive progress and she showed me the path to a positive future!. I was headed down a negative road for my love life but everything else is great and she helped me understand my love life path that seemed so doomed. but isn't ! ! ! !" ... written by Katharazz
always a pleasure to hear the things happening and yes they do happen.." ... written by younggirl11
Thnaks. all makes sense" ... written by n
Spirit, thank you for the update and messages. You were right about something bad that was going to happen. I did avoid something a few days ago. I will channel with the guides tonight as you advise and thank them. I have lots to thank them for. And lots to thank you for. For looking out for me and protecting me. Many blessings to you my dear friend. Meow!" ... written by kittychu
She was able to quickly pick up on what was happening in my relationship, and offered me sound insight. I really resonated with what she was saying. I feel lucky that I stumbled on this psychic. She's the real deal. I definitely feel more clearer. A woman who genuinely does what she does and gives her all. Thank-you." ... written by nlove
Thank you so much" ... written by GF
She connects very quickly and she does not sugarcoat anything! She is very good " ... written by 888
I was so satisfy with the challenging i will encourage any one to do it." ... written by kathy
Love her!" ... written by SRW
very fast and accurate, very good intuitive" ... written by sunrisegold
Ty so much, wow, you have been quick and very gentle :)." ... written by Karine
thanks again for the information" ... written by raindrops482015
thanks for the update" ... written by GF
She is awesome If i could I would talk for hours with her :)" ... written by Morning Glory
so helpful and sweet. always there when i need her and she makes my day:)" ... written by Sam
fun lady and makes my day" ... written by Sam
She gets my dreams as fast as i have them. She always understands and helps me to understand what they are about. I have been wis for a little over a year and half. If you seek honest answers go to her. She can and will help." ... written by Jen
to me this lady is amazing, honest, caring, lovable.:)" ... written by Sam
Youre best gift God has gifted me.I couldnt have gotten this far without you." ... written by zara
understands my life, and makes me smile, i love how she explains everything and make me happy" ... written by Sam
excellent reading , lifted me . " ... written by z
She is awesome and a great life coach, great advice! Highly recommend. I have had numerous readings from her!! " ... written by phyllis
always re assuring that things in life can become simple if you want to live happy and in peace, a matter of how you can control your life" ... written by young girl11
Spiritual Wisdom is great! I appreciate her support and updates. " ... written by Margaret
Wow. So good. I can't wait to come and tell her everything came true. She said things in our channeling that only someone that is gifted could have known." ... written by s4
as always spiritual is awesome thank you very much :-)" ... written by Laura Bell
She's great!" ... written by AB
Amazing woman, reader and friend! Doesn't sugar coat, tells you the way it is. Highly recommend!" ... written by phyllis
great as always, she is lovely" ... written by s
LOVE LOVE her !! i will be back sat !! can't wait ! " ... written by Summer
Awesome reading as always thank you for your insight and opinion i look forward to more reading s with you and hopefully find out who god is going to send to me as my husband and father figure to my daughter" ... written by Carla
always direct and a sweet lady" ... written by Hungarian
Finally I may just listen to her. Love her to death!! Get a reading you will not be disappointed!!" ... written by Eve
Amazing messages are sent as follow ups - things that SW couldn't know because I hadn't returned to talk to her." ... written by Laura
always looking out for me!!!! Her prediction came true about someone making me feel unbalanced; it came true a day after she said it and I had no idea it was even gonna head there with this person because we were ok the days before.....then i realized it was her prediction unfolding! thanks for the heads up and advice on how to deal with it!" ... written by pearberry008
Tried Wisdom tonight...enjoyed her mellow space...kind of like a jazz club with more calm in the mix (lol). I didn't have much time, but I'm glad I had the chance to get to know her a bit..I will definitely stop by again." ... written by Bronxie
Thanks spiritual for your guidance" ... written by cest
blunt and to the point, I love a no BS reading" ... written by msku
Great. I am amazed. Will use again." ... written by me
Thanks for the tough love. " ... written by K
great reading as usual, always the right answers at the right time." ... written by roselilly5
great as always !! calmed me down !! " ... written by summer
Good reading, more spiritual information this time ...I was unprepared...I hope I will understand more of what this was about. In meantime I will burn some sage as you advised. Thank you. " ... written by j
Thank you for the update." ... written by kittychu
Spiritual Wisdom give great insight and advice! I love having readings with her!" ... written by Great!
she always knows how to make my day:)" ... written by Sam
She is simply AWESOME!!!!!I luv spirit wisdom.Shes my angel:)" ... written by zara
she's great :)" ... written by anna
more than 5 stars!!! xxx ooo" ... written by zara
Wisdom is my favorites honestly!! She has such a kind soul with great power.All her past and present predictions for me came true now I look forward to all the new exciting ones :)" ... written by zara
I love how she knows you and keeps up with you and has updates for the good and the bad so it doesn't blind side you and you know how to deal! Fantastic!" ... written by Katharazz
She always knows and understands my dreams. Helps me to know what is in store for me and for is going on in my life. If you seek guidance and honest answers you have found the right person. She can and will help." ... written by Jen
AMAZING...the best reading so far....she is absolutely amazing" ... written by Cheryl m
she is great. she sees a lot into the situation and gives great advice. extraordinary reader." ... written by jamira76
great awesome!!! shes really good, will not be disappointed been seeing her over 2 years" ... written by jamira76
What another great channeling session. Felt many positive things and many of my guides. People take Spiritual Wisdom to private or do a channeling session with her. You will not regret it. Many messages have been given to me through my guides that Spirit has helped me connect with. Thank you Spirit for everything." ... written by kittychu
epic !! theres no words for how wonderful she is !!! " ... written by Summer
great shes really good, fast quick accurate and detailed. thank you wis" ... written by jamira76
Hurray! Just what I needed, Thank you so much!" ... written by Anna
Amazing! Always honest, a true reader, coach and friend forever, she really cares about you and gives you advice and great predictions. I would highly recommend her! " ... written by phyllis
She is so amazing. Connects effortlessly and gives great direction. " ... written by elizabeth
She always knows how to help me, even if it is something small. Always a fast connection and always knows what I do." ... written by Jen
I got my messages in bits and pieces and wis always helps me make sense of them. She is truly gifted and has nothing but good intentions. If you seek the truth then come to her, but only if you seek the truth." ... written by Jen
excellent and very fast reader fascinating messages, and explanation" ... written by bnjpangels
Always confirms my dreams and lifts my spirits. thank you" ... written by jen
five stars and more" ... written by zara
once again a fabulous reading, very encouraging" ... written by cheryl
She can feel and give you great advise, that you can really make right decisions" ... written by nowme1
i learned how to channel with wisdom. She helps me to understand me messages and dreams. If is so uplifting and wonderful to know what is going on before it happens. The little bit of extra knowledge helps you to be prepared and on your game." ... written by jen
great" ... written by joyful191519
great reading! had some video shiverying but Spirit did well. Thanks" ... written by maku
shes amazing she really is truely gifted and she helps me when i need to know things " ... written by kate
I have known her for almost 2 yrs now.I get my reading and chanelling done with her.My life has changed so much since then.And its only getting better.Her chanelling sessions are very strong.I am really excited to see my near future results.Also she is very fast and accurate with her readings.She doesnt just feel u.she feels the other person as well.She is a real deal and WORTH.For me all my predictions have come true." ... written by zara
So accurate and true" ... written by Steohanie
I love her always on point with me!!" ... written by breee
she is really good and caring. Thanks for your support." ... written by kkkk
She knows whats going on even when Im not here. " ... written by Samiah
She is Amazing!!!" ... written by Amrita
WOW!!! I got me some good insight like always!!! I wanted to cry and laugh; my emotions were all mixed up! Spiritual Wisdom does not waste your time though. She gave me something to look forward to which I really needed to hear!" ... written by pearberry008
She is absolutely wonderful to consult with! Amazing energy she has!! Will be back to let you know when her predictions happen. " ... written by ****
right on as usual thank you very much for everything" ... written by Carla
spirit is always there for me thank you for update much love xoxo" ... written by ashley
thnks again spiritual you are amazing. xx" ... written by Laura Bell
very goood perfect reading " ... written by stars
ok thanks" ... written by lynn
She is so sweet! I love her! Her reading was really good... I will come back for updates." ... written by MoonSun
She is just amazing!" ... written by v
Fantastic reader thank you" ... written by Bellavitaxoxo
another spot on reading" ... written by melissa
She is the real deal. Trust me just take her private once and you will know. " ... written by s4
very good and helped so much" ... written by stars456
I dont know what i would do without her!" ... written by Katharazz
very interesting reader .very condoling" ... written by bnjpangels
She is very understand, sweet, honest, truthful and willing to help you out !!! she is awesome !! :) " ... written by Sofie
love spirit" ... written by Maku
WOW AMAZING TRUTH !!!!" ... written by Sofie
she is the best!" ... written by melissa
shes amazing.. always spot on and always willing to listen with great advice" ... written by melissa
great awesome, love her" ... written by jamira76
Best session I have had on this site. This lady is great. Thanks so much." ... written by 00000
can't stay away from spirit. she tells the truth even if it hurts" ... written by samiah
I love coming to her anytime I want to speak to someone she always listens thnks spiritual :) xxx" ... written by Laura
I really respect this lady!!!! Give her a chance!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!" ... written by 44444
her prediction happened with me.. she is always spot on" ... written by melissa
great awesome, truthful, looking out for you. Helps in every way" ... written by jamira76
Spiritual Wisdom is always quick and straight to the point with very accurate insight and information into what is going on. She also gives information to help guide you through the situation you have questions about. She gives you honestly what she sees for you....whether it is good news or bad news. I've been having readings with her for a year now and I continue to keep coming back very frequently because the things she has said have come true." ... written by Starshinej
I love spirit, she is a true joy and her goals are to help. " ... written by FullMoon
spot on" ... written by Geoffrey
thanks for the update reading" ... written by P
I love love love her. There is nothing but truth about her. I can't I call her a mentor, to others. She is a teacher and a bringing of truth and honesty, and because of that I have chosen her as my main source for psychic connections and readings. I have talks to so many others. Spiritual wisdom is worth the time and money. " ... written by Joyce Alman
The best experience I have ever had. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart." ... written by 000
Truly Great!!!! I am very blessed to have met her!!!" ... written by 99999
I had a quick reading this evening to deal with one issue and Spiritual Wisdom gave me very good direction and insight into what she saw for my situation. Very honest reading. Thank you." ... written by StarshineJ
Had some dreams and had some messages. Wasn't sure what was what but wis knows. she always reaffirms and gives me reassurance and understanding. thank you" ... written by jen
she was soooo good loved her xoxoxo hope it was true she talked alot had alot of info more than ohers felt she really connected too me xoxoxo love her" ... written by kimberly
Very loving soul. She cares about her clients and tells them the straight out truth.. " ... written by Tricia
Not talked to her in months and started right back up again. She is wonderful.." ... written by Pat
AMAZING!!!!!! She has nothing but the truth and accurate information for me every single time I come to her!!! like she says "THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" ! I recommend her to EVERYONE!!! **********" ... written by brebreee
great. shes really good" ... written by jamira76
very good" ... written by maryam
Great and caring. Thanks so much." ... written by mmmm
Great message updates that are amazingly connected to the world I engage in every day. Worth a follow up - clearly I need to focus better on my dreams and remembering them." ... written by Laura
She is the best" ... written by joy
always great reading" ... written by melissa
She was excellent and knew everything exactly " ... written by joy gish
just wanted to thank her " ... written by raindrops482015
So worth the wait and worth every single minute i have a reading with her!!! I will see her again of course =)" ... written by pearberry008
good reading" ... written by maku
Lots of details hoping it happens soon. Thank you." ... written by Judy
great awesome, very truthful." ... written by jamira76
Super, super great. I totally trust this person. Thanks so much and I will use again!!!" ... written by uuu
I love Spirit so much, shes a god send" ... written by Samiah
super. great. thanks." ... written by qqq
When the scary comes in your life and you aren't sure where to turn, Wis is the one. She will guide you and help to see and understand the things you need. She is the real deal and is very good." ... written by jen
She's quick and totally honest. It's what you need to hear, not want to hear. Always, very on point!" ... written by Amanda
She is was spot on with things that are going on. the reading wasn't what I wanted to hear, but she was honest. Thank you" ... written by sweet
Always the best.10 stars and more: )xoxo" ... written by zara1981
Another great channeling session. The guides gave you so much information and validation about my path and what I have done. It's good to know that I am on the right path. I just need to do the other things they have guided me to do. Thank you Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Had a dream message and she can always help me make sense of them. If you are in search of the truth and honest answers look no further. Wis will guide you and help you in all ways. you only have to be feeling to follow the recipe." ... written by Jen
Thank you for another great channeling session. " ... written by kittychu
Great reading! Spiritual Wisdom saw some things that I didn't see in myself. She also gave me relationship advice. She's a great life coach. I do recommended her. 10 Stars!!!" ... written by Inspired!
Spiritualwisdom is probably the best on this site. Im sitting here dumbfounded...for weeks now sheandamp;amp;#039;s been telling me that something significant would" ... written by starstruck11
straighter forward accurate reader" ... written by eli
wonderful channeling session with her!!! I would like to give her one of those truest sincerest bear hugs since i feel so connected to her! she gives the most caring advice you can just feel it. i highly recommend her for predictions, dream interpretations, channeling sessions!!! Truly gifted!!!" ... written by pearberry008
great to see and speak to you. always a pleasure. blessing and light to you." ... written by judi
honest and accurate.. I love her readings" ... written by melissa
Excellent!!" ... written by Liz
The best" ... written by Katharazz
absolutely great reader and wonderful person.there is no better and more powerful psychic than SW.Im grateful to have her in my life.She has only made my life better.I luv u Wisdom.Hugs : )" ... written by zara1981
Thank you Spirit for the wonderful update. As always you connect great to my situation and always give me great advice. Now just need to get to the next chapter in my life and see what it has in store for me." ... written by kittychu
Wow. She told me something major was going to happen and it did. Shes awesome." ... written by s4
great session with her.. always accurate" ... written by melissa
Thank you! " ... written by CI
SiCK=Awesome!!!!All predictions have come true for me.Always accurate in her reading.SW i wish i could give u more than 5 stars: )xxx ooo" ... written by zara1981
She's great at helping me keep focus. Will be back." ... written by Laura
I love spirit. Her predictions always come true. " ... written by Samiah
great update from Wisdom. always a pleasure. she described events that are unfolding now and helped me with advice on how I should act to make things flow smoothly." ... written by R
whenever I need to focus I come and see spiritual wisdom she calms me down thank you :-) xx" ... written by Laura
nice... enjoyed it" ... written by maku
she eases my mind and guids me to make the right decisions.. always gives good advice " ... written by melissa
amazing! great connection" ... written by anna
Great, Great, Great!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by uuuuu
So much light - positive energy. Completing some tasks and hoping for the best." ... written by Laura
awesome as always get in and see her!!!" ... written by younggirll11
Thank you so much for that session! the very first time i had a reading with her she said a career change is in store for me within 63 days! Guess what?! on the 63rd day human resource called me and offered me the job!!! there are more things that i will be doing to pursue this better job but things are aligning just beautifully with her help!!! Thank you SpiritualWisdom, you are incredible!!!" ... written by pearberry008
great update as always with spirit she tells the truth and always guides me in the right way cant wait to do channeling with her much love" ... written by ashley
upfront and very helpful. thank you for putting me on the track t finding my fun self I promise i will try hard to keep him. x" ... written by Jayme
she's always spot on.. always listens when I need an ear" ... written by melissa
great reading I feel nervous but glad to know what to do" ... written by maku
Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for another back-to-back reading giving me clarity on my situation and what actions are being seen for me to do. I trust in you visions/sights and will also pray. THANK YOU for all your honest help in my situation. You are GREAT. You tell me the good and bad and that is honestly. " ... written by starshinej
Things are finally starting to move forward. Thank you for all your insight and help. I could not of done this without you." ... written by jen
Amazing reading and very encouraging! I'm so thankful to have wisdom as a advisor. She gives me the truth. Thank you, wisdom!" ... written by Seeker
Amazing, Amazing Amazing! Her predictions come true, doesn't tell you what you want to hear, tells you what she sees and feels. She is truly gifted!! Highly recommend her!!" ... written by phyllis
lovely:)" ... written by colleen
Connected to my situation..honest and clear insight" ... written by becca
very accurate. She was able to pick up on my situation at hand. very good and highly recommended. " ... written by Mike
Spiritual Wisdom, Thank you for your honesty and straightforwardness. Although it wasn't exactly what i wanted to hear it was the TRUTH. and that's what most important. She treated me like a sister not a stranger. To the point and very intuitive. I love you Spiritual Wisdom. namaste" ... written by juju
A Trillion stars" ... written by Never had a insighful reading like this psyc
shes great awesome, really knows what it the truth" ... written by jamira76
i love spirit she knows exactly whats going on with me and makes me aware and guides me thanks for update love" ... written by ashley
spirit is my friend and is always there for me had a message from my brother brought me to tears and i need to do what he says its true and will channel as soon as i can need to defenitly thanks spirit much love you are amazing " ... written by ashley
Wow!!! Amazing!!! She truly has your best interests at heart!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by 999
Spiritual Wisdom always gets right to the point in her readings so that you receive the information needed right away, and still have time to ask her any followup and/or additional questions regarding what her reading has disclosed. The information she has passed on to me has been accurate and very helpful. She also is very caring and will explain things so you can understand the meaning. I appreciate her time, honesty, and insight into my situation. I have had readings with Spiritual Wisdom for about a year now and I believe in her readings. The things she has said to me have all been coming true (whether it was good or if it was bad.....it has happened). Thank you for your time Spiritual Wisdom." ... written by StarshineJ
I hate that we ran out of time but you are amazing and very fast." ... written by babygurl657
Great info and message" ... written by Mookie
EVERYTIME I have a reading with Spiritual Wisdom it is not only accurate and detailed, she wastes no time getting to the point and giving the information I would need from the reading to move forward and know the truth. I have had many readings with her and it always come true. I'll continue to come back to her. " ... written by StarshineJ
great update from Spirit" ... written by K
Spiritual is awesome! She sends real messages to me about things about to happen - sometimes they happen within minutes of getting the message. So crazy and awesome. She keeps me prepared! Totally recommend." ... written by Laura
wow, im stunned by her accuracy, literally stunned." ... written by brunny76
was v insightful.Highly recommended." ... written by watermeadows
LOVED talking to her!!! Ran out of time... will be back" ... written by 180W
always a great reading" ... written by roselilly
Had a message today that was i thought to good to be true. I guess good things happen when you leat expect them. Wis knew exactly what i was talking about and could see it as well. Thank you friend. cound't of made it this far without you." ... written by jen
she was great, straight forward, and cant wait to see what happens!" ... written by loveable28
she's awesome" ... written by Cristina
I love spirit, I cant go a month without speaking to her. her words are pure gold" ... written by Samiah
Finally after years of channeling and prayers things are finlally starting to look up. If you seek guidance and help Wis can help you. YOu have to be willing the hear the truth and do what is needed. So look no further she is for the reals and good." ... written by Jen
thank you i will add more funds, you picked up quite quick on my situation though" ... written by c
Love her, so helpful and supportive!" ... written by kat
I had a reading with spiritual wisdom and it was very helpful, and definitely would do it again, she's very nice and friendly." ... written by awaitinghere
Thank you for the update and the channeling session. You have been right about so many things. The advice you have given me has been priceless and you helping me connect to my guides. You are a great friend and advisor. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
All of her predictions have come true for me so far." ... written by FullMoon
Spirit, you were right about something happening at work again. I will be taking your advice and start my search again. I think you are right something will bring me down at work and it might be something that is already gone bad. If you are in doubt, take Spirit for a private. Be prepared to hear the truth and the kick in the butt. Her predictions have happened for me as she has seen them. Thank you for your guidance Spirit. " ... written by kittychu
Excellent and honest as always. The only true psychic on oranum" ... written by Ferdinand Verbeke
She's very accurate and straight to the point. Very fast, doesn't go around and 'round in circles. Just tells you exactly what you want to know." ... written by Edna Pedraza
Spiritual Wisdom is amazing, and she gives very good insight and guidance. I'll be visiting her soon to do channeling." ... written by INSPIRED!
What a beautiful lady and friend, now only is spiritualwisdom a loving person, she is the essence of truth and light. I wish I had met her many years ago. I enjoyed my reading with her and will always come back.Thank you beautiful" ... written by Lee
excellent, you wont be disappointed. im speechless, very interesting." ... written by jamira76
She is honest and real . i like her. :) " ... written by 4ever
she is great. mrs. cherokee indian she is very accurate and i am looking forward to a channeling!" ... written by 4ever
shes honest and amazing and helps you out alot and tells you the truth. " ... written by kate
really really great!!!" ... written by J
she really does help me and i would go to her for anything i need help on. " ... written by kate
Great she felt my pain as if she knew my thoughts. Highly recommend..." ... written by Tricia
always spot on.. I appreciate all her guidance" ... written by melissa
spirit it was wonderful seeing you again ty for the update ty for short time i had and tys for the messages from my dad." ... written by Bridget
Excellent!!" ... written by Jisseca
A supportive voice. " ... written by FullMoon
honest and to the point as always. Tells it like it is" ... written by Deborah
Spiritual wisdom is awesome! She gives you insight, and tools to survive with. She's 10 stars! You will have a true life coach. Thank you Spiritual Wisdom!" ... written by Wisdom
Very helpful" ... written by Samiah
SO REAL. no bullshit. no games. just answers. THE BEST" ... written by lain
spirit is one of the best readers on here besides accurate she cares and worries about you and guides you where you need to be and what you have to do thank you for my update great as usual much love friend :)" ... written by ashley
great reading enjoy my readings" ... written by maky
Great, honest, amazing, powerful" ... written by Fernand
she is great helping me to deal with my mothers passing" ... written by melissa
Spiritual is always so straight to the point. Thank you Spirit!" ... written by april
Great and to the point! Said she would be honest good or bad and she was. Thank you" ... written by melissa
she knows everything" ... written by meissa
always a pleasure" ... written by melissa
Thank you as always amazing :-) xxx" ... written by Laura
awesome as usual " ... written by tamara
She wont steer you wrong. Her words will show you the truth" ... written by FullMoon
Thank you for the update and advice. You have always been there for me from the first time I came on to this site. Thank you friend." ... written by kittychu
love love love this woman! mentor and friend! I love every second I can spend talking to this lovely woman!" ... written by Joyce
great" ... written by J
She was great, gave me lots of good stuff to think about and will keep her updated. " ... written by Stephanie
Spiritual Wisdom is amazing! She sees things in your life, and tells you what she sees!" ... written by Great!
she was good whoa" ... written by francis
Thank you for the update Spirit. You are a great friend." ... written by kittychu
She's the best. Her updates are always true. Everytime. She is the real deal. No sugar coating, just the truth that needs to be heard whether its good or bad" ... written by s4
I have the deepest love for this woman who has been there for me through some of the hardest times in my life and hopefully now through some of the best. She has seem me through it, has helped me find my strength. I have no end to the gratitude I feel. She is amazing!" ... written by Joyce
Thank you Spirit." ... written by kittychu
Awesome, positive update letting me know I need to keep to my path. So much energy from Wisdom - highly recommended." ... written by SB
She Helps you and tells the truth ." ... written by Kate
she's great " ... written by maitha
thanks spiritual wisdom. for the clear reading. looking forward to what unfolds in the next 2 months." ... written by truth5
love Spirit " ... written by maku
thank you so much! always a good reading with her." ... written by lovebythemoon
always love her readings my go to gall yall!" ... written by jeramie davis
She was right on, I love talking to her!" ... written by Stephanie
Very Accurate and caring lady.. Feel great after my reading with her. Thank You so much!! I will be back God Bless" ... written by Jay
Super great lady!!!! I am very thankful and impressed!!!" ... written by mu
she was good... real good" ... written by ed
Spiritual you are a true blessing in my life. Thank you for everything and always giving me the kick I need. :)" ... written by April
THank you for the update Spirit" ... written by kittychu
shes the best" ... written by melissa
thank you so much! just what I needed" ... written by pink
Thank you for the channeling session. " ... written by kittychu
nice to have a good friend that tells me honestly" ... written by maku
making dreams come true this one!" ... written by jeramie
her prediction came true for the sale of my house. I am sure he next prediction will come true in time." ... written by s4
She's so nice and very helpful. i love her so much. " ... written by Lovely
real deal!" ... written by jeramie davis
she really sees things as they are" ... written by Eireen
I really enjoyed my readying 100% accurate on how i feel with myself thank you xxxR" ... written by Rutinha133
she always keeps me on step ahead, thank Spiritual Wisdom" ... written by Debbie
SW is a wonderful spirit. I love her because she keeps it real." ... written by Geoff
love her" ... written by joyce alman
shes great" ... written by melissa
amazing! amazing! amazing! You would be a fool not to try her, she predicts and coaches in every situation! Incredible person!" ... written by phyllis
she was honest and gave me good advice and update on what is to come, she is always great at what she does and things come true." ... written by skylovely
Thank you for the message and update. I will look out for him." ... written by kittychu
amazing messages from spiritual wisdom. great reader and channeler, very caring and compassionate" ... written by bnjpangels
I very insightful and guiding reading. Thank you!" ... written by Great Reading!
Helpful-- will take her advice even though it will be tough." ... written by Sparkly1
Thank you for the advice Spirit. I will do those things tonight and tomorrow." ... written by kittychu
Thank you Spirit for the update." ... written by kittychu
spot on" ... written by Nick
First time, great advice, will see if things unfold! Thanks!" ... written by P
She has shown me many ways to improve my life and help me to heal myself. Channeling has helped me to stay balanced and focused on my life and the things i need to do. thank you" ... written by Jen
love this lady. don't know how I get along without her" ... written by Joyce Alman
great reading, love the honesty" ... written by Maku
Super great!!!! I am always amazed when I speak with her!!! Thanks so much!!!!" ... written by iiiii
great advice and direction, love this woman" ... written by Debbie
shes amazing " ... written by kate
love her she is awesome! highly recommended " ... written by Libra26
a rock star! love yah hun" ... written by jeramie
great read as always " ... written by roselilly
Thank you for the update Spirit. " ... written by kittychu
Thank you for the channeling session. " ... written by kittychu
I love spirit! If ever you need your dreams analyzed shes the one to go to. " ... written by FullMoon
Very nice to the point and loving support " ... written by Maku
Straight to the point! Very accurate and very honest but compassionate with it. What I love the most about her is that there was no beating around the bush at all she was very dead on and for me I love that more than someone going in circles to get to the point. Bottom line if you want the truth and you want it raw and spot on have a talk with this lovely lady here. Trust me." ... written by Orangemoon89
She's amazing " ... written by KATE
thanks for update " ... written by KATE
Great reading like always ! " ... written by kiera 123
quick reading. interesting" ... written by flower
always a great reading" ... written by melissa
Spirit, thank you for the messages and updates. You were right again. I am planning a trip. This just came up. But it will all be over soon with the ex and I can move forward. Thank you for seeing me through this." ... written by kittychu
Thanks for the kick Spirit. I needed that." ... written by kittychu
Thank you for the instructions and directions, Spiritual Wisdom! This was really helpful advice!" ... written by Great Direction!
Another great channeling session. Thank you." ... written by kittychu
Thanx" ... written by R
good reading! " ... written by Maku
I alway come to Wisdom to verify my dreams and messages. We always get them at the same time. She just reasures me what i get from my guides. thank you wis for helping me to see my future." ... written by jen
Its been a while and I came back to her to let her know what has happened good in my life and what I still remain to struggle with. I know staying in touch with her will do me good. She is amazing!" ... written by Eve
Thanks for the reading, always great!" ... written by roselilly5
very uplifting. enjoy her chats. readings are awesome!" ... written by starfish57
simply wonderful and a great person" ... written by sandra
she is absolutely wonderful!" ... written by sandra j
very insightful and straight forward. a refreshing experience. thank you." ... written by starfish57
She was able to pick up on the situation right away. All I gave her were 2 names! She described what needs to be done. Thank you." ... written by starfish57
shes always great" ... written by melissa
A great reader and mentor, I feel so inspired after speaking with SPIRITUALWISDOM " ... written by MissMinerva
She's good" ... written by kate
I have coming to wisdom for 2 years now. She taught me to channel and connect for myself. She always can verify what is going on in my life and help me to deal with it. thank you friend." ... written by jen
Spiritual is one of a kind! A gem." ... written by EM
truly incredible...we had such a connection....absolutely amazing...amazing" ... written by sandra
thank you so much spiritual! she is a aswesome awesome person on this website! very acuarate and helps me try to hel myself and alsways makes me feel better!************" ... written by babydime
simply wonderful....very comforting, and understanding....and so much fun! love her!" ... written by sandra
absolutely incredible!! " ... written by sandra
wow she is amazing picks up on thinks quickly " ... written by abby
To the point, honest and truthful. Thanks spirit for the reading" ... written by Pearlp
Amazing as always! Feel a real connection with her. Honest and accurate!" ... written by Susan
My first reading with her and I loved her. I like how she connected to me and treated and talked to me like a friend. Her reasoning makes sense in what she has to say. And she was blunt and she isnt overbearing about it, which i liked. Thanks again " ... written by Jeannie
Words cant really describe spirit. The best advise I can give is to talk to her yourself and you will have zero regrets" ... written by FullMoon
Truly great!!! Truly caring!!!! Truly gifted!!! Give her a try, you will not be disappointed." ... written by mmmmmmmm
Clear and connected as always..thanks spirit" ... written by rcl
I just want to let everyone know Spiritual Wisdom is awesome.she has fixed things that were shattered for me and helped me with life choices..Chanelling with her calms me,keeps me strong,positive.I highly recommend her if u're looking for a accurate and reliable psychic." ... written by zara1981
Very good and honest" ... written by Susan
Good reading!" ... written by kiera 123
awesome as usual! Love Spirit" ... written by maku
fabulous as always" ... written by Orangemoon
I believe SW is an amazing person. She's messaged me with advice even after I haven't spoken to her in a while. I highly recommend her." ... written by Janiece
shes always spot on.. knows exactly what is going on in my life" ... written by melissa
I needed an update i appreciate her updates. thanks for being a friend and giving me a heads up of things to come. I really was not expecting whats coming up. Thanks again =)" ... written by Jeannie
always my favorite. my mentor and guide" ... written by love her
always spot on with me. " ... written by melissa
She told me a lot about what was happening that she didn't know. Very accurate! I enjoyed our chat!" ... written by SameAsToday
quick and great reading" ... written by apple
Thank you very much for all your great insight into my situation!! " ... written by LostGirl
I had a reading with Spiritualwisdom a few months back and she said two things that were really right on. She said I'd receive money in 62 days which at the time, I totally dismissed, but something happened with my car and the place who fixed it, messed it up and paid me back the money which took exactly 62 days to get to me....which was really crazy. She also told me the guy I was dating was not the one which I was so hurt at the time, but she was so right on, things are done and over and I have totally moved on. This was my second reading with her and I just wanted a whole new fresh prescriptive. She was pretty awesome! I look forward to the things we discussed in the reading. Thank you for your time. " ... written by mainstreem20
thank you for your help on everything!" ... written by brit
time went fast to much to hear... good reading, she is proud of me, in a wonderful way... feels good." ... written by maku
Always honest and tells you the truth..genuinely wants to help you and guide you" ... written by beccarcl
I just had a reading with spiritual wisdom. She was quick and accurate and caring . Wish I could have had more time with her. " ... written by empresstigris
Super!!! She is very connected and talented!!! Will definitely come back!!! Thanks so much!!!" ... written by ioioio
She is Awesome and so Friendly and not Judgmental. I like her Spirit Thanks SPIRITUALWISDOM for being that source.xoxoxo" ... written by SC
Shes Good " ... written by KATE
She's amazing. 100 percent psychic." ... written by s4evans
always a pleasure.. helps guide me to make the right choices" ... written by melissa
Thankyou for everything and your support and wisdom i appreciate it" ... written by Carla
awesome! nothing short of awesome...such a happy positive person" ... written by sandra
Great as always... She always encourages me to do my best and when I listen it works and she is always dead she knows what's going to happen before it actually does. Cant go wrong with Wisdom...ever! I just love her!" ... written by Eve
I love her she always tells you straight out" ... written by Katie
Awesome! I will return......thank Uuu sooo much" ... written by JUNE
Wis always knows what is going on in my life. she help me to understand and be prepared. Connecting with my guides has made me a stronger and better person.." ... written by Jen
great connection, and straighforward. Really amazing and much reocmmended." ... written by anaama
i have found her very warm adn right on point" ... written by qp
Thank you so much spiritual! I just want everybody to know how powerful channeling really is and with the help of spiritual communicating to me step by step was amazing! she confirmed everything I asked her.. my spirit guides are as real as us...!!!!!!! 10star rating for one of my good spiritual friend! " ... written by brit
She predicted me meeting someone in the current months and a lot of changes. Let's see what happens! =)" ... written by Kate
Wisdom always understands my dreams and how to understand them. I appreciate her clarity in them. i have enjoyed learning to channel from her and all she has taught me." ... written by Jen
thank you so much for connecting with my spirit guides! I do know that when you get the chills its confirmation things are right, and everytime that you said something to me about them I got instant chills! Thank you again I do recommend her to everyone! " ... written by brit
Awesome read as always ..Thanks Spiritual and She is just That spiritual.." ... written by Sc
Great reading, picked up on everything!" ... written by Laura
great to see her again and get great news, love spirit" ... written by Maku
Great as always hun. She is so wonderful connects quickly. High recommend Spirit. :) She has predicted a lot for me through the last few years and everything has always come to pass. Thank you so much Spirit for you time! :) God Bless.." ... written by taunia
Wisdom was spot on and direct. I needed that. If you dislike stalling with other psychics, speak to SpiritualWisdom, she'll tell you exactly what you need to hear. " ... written by Misstress 9
awesome! such a great person" ... written by sandra
as always spot on in what is going on around me thnks spiritual highly recommend this lady to anyone who would like answers" ... written by Laura
Honest and accurate as usual. Wish I could afford more time with her! She is very easy to talk to and goes out of her way to put some of my dilemmas at ease. " ... written by Kate
she is very right" ... written by Elizabeth
honest and accurate as always" ... written by Annie
Awesome missed her! So glad to catch up! Thanks! She is so real!" ... written by Maku
wonderful and quick" ... written by Rayhaan
Wonderful and very honest, she is very helpful and open to help and understand while helping me understand. Do give her a chance to help you as well! Thanks again!!!" ... written by karing
Good, detailed and accurate reading" ... written by nicole
her predictions have not gone wrong I strongly recommend her!!!" ... written by brit
As always another great reading. thank you friend" ... written by Jen
SpiritualWisdom is always great to talk to. She knows what you need to hear and will tell you, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. She has a great energy to her and gives you great advice. Definitely worth the time and money. " ... written by shasha
Thank you for the very good and encouraging words and for all the the things you say to help me be stronger and see things in a brighter light to find more patience." ... written by karing
Great reading... very fast and detailed. I would recommend her." ... written by edysica
I love coming to Spiritual she always helps me thnks :-) " ... written by Laura
shes always great .. knows what is goingon" ... written by meliissa
She will say it as it is. Very genuine and doesn`t tell fancy stories- direct to the point. " ... written by moon
SHE IS GREAT" ... written by MICHAEL
She is great and very helpful. If you are open to a new life and new life experiences then you can learn to have that. You will see positive changes as well, be very open and listen then learn some of the best things you may get in life. I have only been in her circle for a week and already see very aggressive and positive changes in my life! Cheers and many blessings my friend Spiritual Wisdom!" ... written by karing
Very insightful, accurate, and amazing to talk to. I really enjoyed our conversation. She is amazing!" ... written by Rose
she's amazing...amazing...amazing" ... written by miljay
OMG...she is unbelievablef1!!! no sugar coating so if you don't want to hear it don't ask!!!! right on point with everything!!! I will definitely be back!!!! " ... written by miljay
A very good reader and speaker. She dives down deep within the soul and speaks with wisdom, honesty, and truth. " ... written by Rose
Spiritual Wisdom has seen things coming in my life that I havent! she is an amazing advisor." ... written by Amazing Reader
amazing" ... written by cristina
As always Spiritual Wisdom bring positive energy to a reading. She knows what I need to hear as she is very connected with her guides and will let me know what my guides need to tell me as well. Great reading" ... written by shasha
Good Reading. She is quick and understands my situation very well. Recommend her." ... written by RAM
Great reading as always" ... written by Maku
Hello this is Joyful191519 andamp;amp; I just had the best private reading with Spiritual Wisdom. She is truly amazing andamp;amp; I will be contacting her again. Please post this to her wall so everyone will know how amazing she is." ... written by joyful191519
Awesome, so much insight, understanding and now I have " ... written by Autumne
oh my she is great I have never had anyone hit it straight on like that I will be back" ... written by hopeful
Thank you Spiritual Wisdom for your insight. You foresaw someone in my life, and it has happened. I will succeed!" ... written by Great Forcast!
always spot on. great reader" ... written by melissa
I have been coming to wis for 4 years now. she always sees things in my life that i need to be aware of and helps me be prepared for them. thank you so much friend" ... written by jennifer
Excellent reader!!!" ... written by Keya H
shes always spot on. I love readings with her. she gives detail and advice" ... written by melissa
Good reading. Will see what happens" ... written by V
She is soooo kind and truthful " ... written by LMA
great as always" ... written by via
This lady is absolutely amazing! i will do all my readings with only her I don't need anyone else, fabulous reading and accuracy! god bless! I will never forget SPIRITUALWISDOM" ... written by Fernanda Santos
s always she is great" ... written by melissa
Good reading!!!" ... written by V
All i can say is WOW! what an experience...fantastic give her a try" ... written by lornalulu
always awesome and confident " ... written by younggirl11
Very interesting - loved it!" ... written by S.
Great and always on point!!!!" ... written by MissKeya
amazing! wonderful person! highly recommend!" ... written by phylw
VERY EXCELLENT READER!" ... written by babydime
SHE IS AWESOME!! on point with things! lookin for ward to my next reading!" ... written by babydime23
Awesome as per usual" ... written by V
awesome update !! she is so amazing it's unreal !! taps right in and gets straight to the point... totally gifted!!" ... written by tamjones
quick and blunt in telling what she saw. good reading." ... written by littlebudy1
Great read as always" ... written by Gina
i feel strong and very happy to know the truth, and definitely very confident. " ... written by neon
im glad I got to talk with her again.. always in tune with me" ... written by melissa
Great first time read for me. I really liked it! " ... written by Gina
Thank you for the wonderful, reading. I will be back again." ... written by Angel168
Love her!!! " ... written by believe
She is really kind, sweet hearted, knew so much about my past life and helped me so much! I'm going to purchase more credits to talk to her right now!" ... written by DerickM