Psychic SHAWNPSYCHIChas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic SHAWNPSYCHIChas recently helped 13members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about SHAWNPSYCHIC's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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PREMIUM 5.99 | My name is Shawn Pilgrim and I've been using my abilities to help guide others for over 15 years. My predictions are accurate, my style is honest and my goal is to bring you clarity! | Tarot, Reiki healing, Spiritual cleansing and Chakra energy work! {5 star psychic} { 15+ years experience } { 50,000 helped }

he is gentle and honest , also accurate " ... written by sam
Shawn is awesome!!! Pick-up on things pretty quickly... " ... written by Ra
Shawn was such a pleasure to do a reading with.. He was peaceful.. He connected effortlessly.. He was specific and insightful.. Thank you ever so much dear Shawn.. Namaste" ... written by Janine
Will recommend for others to take and see" ... written by shawn-aries
he was really great !!!!!!!!" ... written by C
My first itme, he pciked up all the right details andamp; guided me very well!!!ill ocme bk ofr more" ... written by L
EXCELLENT!!! Shawn was straight to the point and answered all my questions with very good detail on things that i can verify and his predictions made perfect sense. i asked a lot of different type of questions, and he had no problem keeping up. He was fantastic! If you need help with any issue, I think he would be great!!!" ... written by linda
awesome insight. a very straigh forward calm presence and answered a llot of things I had difficulty with. 5 stars" ... written by anon
Very good! Uses spirit guides and cards" ... written by OP
nice reading , connects quickly, " ... written by crs828
he is calm, composed, realistic, down to earth, skilled very much so..with cards...picked up on lots of details and connects the dots him! excellent! five stars!!!!" ... written by ormus
good" ... written by ritesh
He had such a calming energy. He picked up on my situation very well. Used both cards and his guides. Thank you!!!" ... written by Artisa
Very nice reading, i asked when I should start a new project, what he recommended ended up being within the time frame that my old project was ending - all though I did not tell him about my old project. I would seek his advice again" ... written by crs828
he was beyond accurate !" ... written by chris
Very cool laid back reader. His tarot and his answers were to the point and accurate. " ... written by ,
wow very in tune with energy. extremely accurate. i will be coming back for a reading. 5 stars. bravo!!!" ... written by haba
Shawn is very patient andamp; honest andamp; sweet andamp; genuine! guides you very well on everything you ask thank you" ... written by L
Awesome as always!!!" ... written by Ra
Very insightful reading I had with Shawn. Helped me ease my mind on a lot of topics I needed guidance with. Thank you Shawn" ... written by n
Very good reading." ... written by Basescuu
Thanks Shawn for your nice reading! Thanks for your helping in Gri gri bag. " ... written by Daily N
Good reading. Confirmed things I've heard from other experts. Looking forward to my future. Just need to be patient.. :)" ... written by Jenny
Shawn's reading was both very insightful and FUN!! I love his disposition and I feel he was extremely accurate! This was my first reading and I will definitely be back! Thanks so much, Shawn!!" ... written by dalai
Very insightful and straight to the point. i will definitely be going back for more readings." ... written by Sylvia
My first reading with him! It was quite accurate and straight to the point! Must say I enjoyed it, thank you x" ... written by Cindy
This was my second time around getting a reading from shawn. It was very helpful indeed, AS ALWAYS haha. He is truly a gifted reader, a honest person too! Shawn helped connect to my spirit guide whom I wanted to hear from. My favorite psychic on oranum for sure. " ... written by n
I loved talking to him.... he was very knowledgable... he seemed like he connected with me right away." ... written by Siempre
Shawn is a wonderful, caring, gifted person. I will continue to see him has he made me feel better about things and guided me right direction...hope, be positive ,and be wont be disappointed if you see him cause I wasn't" ... written by stephany
He was so calming, and relaxing! I loved his energy! so peaceful the reading! Very right on!" ... written by Melissa Brownstein RN
very insightful and uplifting reading, will revisit him again. awesome ! " ... written by nay
This was my first reading with Shawn..I felt I was calm and at peace. He was accurate everything he has said bout me and my life and what I've been through. I will be back for another reading for sure. He simply was wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by stephany
thank you for your great reading" ... written by iza 528
shawn is just amazing with his reading, spot on, he has such divine , peacefful energy." ... written by iza 528
just great" ... written by iza 528
Nice reading, very honest but kind. We will see if the predictions come to pass!" ... written by Jessica
he was really great. so accurate and honest." ... written by Chris
I didnt have to say much of anything. He said it all. " ... written by Kindhearted
my first reading with Shawn, he is a calm person and answered all the questions with predictions and timeframes now i wait to see if it happens as he said. Will come back if it does." ... written by ace
Shawn, is a great psychic I have to say on the best here on Oranum. He is always on point *****5 star. Thank you and May God Bless you!" ... written by serran
Shawn is incredible! He is so calming and you definitely feel at ease with him. I had to buy more creds cos I wanted to hear more of what he had to say in the reading! " ... written by Aqidah
He was on point and explained very well " ... written by oscarbuffy
he's great, so at ease. " ... written by aqidah
Gentle, soft, assuring. Intuitive. Highest rating. Thank you. xx" ... written by Barbara W.
Excellent reading. Shawn is a very calm person and gives a lot of information. He is very empathetic and gives honest reading. He is the best on Oranum." ... written by Adam James
he was very calm and helpful, accurate too." ... written by dazzle111
Shawn is AWESOME!!!! As usual!!!" ... written by Ra
Excellent!" ... written by Gatorgal
greaaaaat!" ... written by aqidah
He was fast and to the point. He was very honest! great!" ... written by Emily Smith
Shawn was spot on with my situation. He is a very calm person and his reading was excellent. He is my go to reader on Oranum. Many thanks A++++++" ... written by Jonathan Smith
Had my healing session with shawn and it was really awesome !! waiting for the results and effects of it!!" ... written by Krishna
Great reading, very calm, and honest Psychic. His general readings are awesome, he is able to pick up on many things going on in different aspects of your life. Thumbs up 5 stars *****" ... written by Raine
What an amazing reader. Very peaceful energy and very complete reading. He answered all of my questions fully and even gave me random messages as they came to him which I enjoyed because it made the reading very personalized. " ... written by Mimi
very healing, calm presence. enjoyed the messages which he was sharing. thank you!" ... written by sd
Wow! He was very accurate! Gave lots of detailed insight and connected fast, with no information! He also provided time frames! Very genuine and kind as well! Recommended, thanks x" ... written by Cindy
Very relaxing reading, positive, never felt so relaxing in a reading before." ... written by barbara
so good and so sweet and so spot on. I enjoyed his energy and candor so much! " ... written by quest4peace
marvelous job reading me answer a lot of questions hit it on the nail really sweet person with a great soul " ... written by chioma07
Such a peacefull and calm advice and prediction, he really calmed me. Thank you." ... written by Janice75
thank you so much for your great healing, i feel so light and peacefful. namaste" ... written by iza 528
Wonderful reading - he is great!!! Highly recommend. " ... written by Lily
thank you dear shawn" ... written by iza 528
thank you so much for the healing, amazing feeling :)" ... written by mango
first time reading with this gentle soul, he confirmed some future visions for me which i really needed to hear. will be back." ... written by mary
thank you very much for your great healing" ... written by iza 528
Awesome Reader" ... written by starzzzz