About Rainbowimagine

Psychic Rainbowimaginehas 4years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Rainbowimaginehas recently helped 287members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Rainbowimagine's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

*Please give me a heads up before we go private, so that I can pause my music* :)
'Let me share my COLORS with you ^^ lovelife/career/meet your guide! (read guidelines!)'
My mission here is to give YOU the tools to find answers yourself. This will be of great value in your life.

*In honor to Cory Monteith, I am playing glee music. Rest in peace, Cory*

Hello my fellow souls,

Please read my whole bio as I made it for you!

| By hiring me for a reading you agree to the following things:

1. I will always read in your best interest. That means I will be honest about everything I hear, see and feel for you. Therefore this means you might not hear from me what you want to hear.
2. A reading is meant to be guiding. It is still you who makes the decisions in your life. I cannot and will not do that for you.
3. Time frames that I might hear for you are general. You need to understand that because of free will - of you or another person - a time frame could change. Results however rarely change.
4. The mission of my readings here is to take your hand and guide you for a while. NOT to make you dependent on me or lean on me forever. I will give you the tools and empower you, so you can do things yourself! |

My name is Roos (pronnounced as Rose) and I am from the Netherlands. I am an emotional/psyhical empath, medium, clairvoyant, and clairaudient.
Being an empath means I can sense your emotions and I can sometimes even pick up on pains.Through my clairaudience, clairvoyance I receive messages from my guides Aisha, and fairy guide Cecila.
Very often I will be able to pick up on your guide and help you to connect to them.

When I was 15, I first realised I was an empath. My path crossed with an extraordinary woman who could finally explain to me why I was so sensitive. She explained to me that it was important to ground and shield, yet I didn't know the meaning of that until about two years ago. About two years ago, my other gifts fell into place. I have always been medium, clairvoyant, and clairaudient, but they started to develop at fast speed when I started praticing readings for people through photo's, oracle and tarot cards. It seems that still more and more gifts are opening upto me and I am very excited to share them with you. In these years I have learned what it means to read for people. Someone will get keypoints from me to improve the quality of their life and feel happier living it.

What I can help with

* Relationships/love. }
- Insights in the situation
- What does he/she feel?
- What are their intentions for you?
- Blocks
- Possibilities
- What is it you want?
- What is it you need?
- Where is it leading?
- What would be the best for you to do now?

* Discovering your spiritual abilities. }
-What are they?
-How I deal with them?
-How do I develop them?
- Who is my spirit guide?
- Who is my guardian angel?

♥♥♥ Dependant on the guidance/advice given, I will give you materials/homework to work with and send it through you in member manager ♥♥♥

In connecting to your guide or angel there are two options. You may choose which one suits you the best and tell me:

- At a rate of 1.99 a minute I will do a 15+- minute guided session with you. I bring you in a relaxed state and help YOU to connect to your guide. Of course I tune in with you in the process so I can help you. Meeting your guide is a beautiful and emotional experience for most people. Your guide may be a family member that has passed on or could be somebody you knew in a past life. I cannot guarantee it will be the person you expect it to be. It is always a surprise :)
- I do an email reading for you at the rate of 14.99. In this I will provide you with the following information:
* Who is your guide? (if I get a name I will tell you)
* How is your guide related to you and why are they guiding you.
* What are they currently helping you with?

The advantage of the first option is that you will know how to connect to your guide and find the best way to have a conversation with them. Everybody is capable of connecting to their guide. The only thing that you need is an open mind, a relaxed state, and to shut off the ego for a bit.

* General reading/Personal Guidance }
-What is it that you need to work on in your life right now?
-What will make you feel better?
-What are your current blocks?
-What are will aid you?

* Selfhealing } Have you just been left and need advice on how to heal your broken heart?

-What can you do to feel more peaceful?
- How do you move on?

*Projects/work }

-What are your qualities?
-What are your weaknesses?
-How to move forward?

*EMAIL reading:

You get to ask me one question that I will answer for you within 2 days. For an email reading please provide me with your name + name of the person you have a question about.
If you have a photo that will help me very much as well!

If it regards a dream interpretation I ask the following things

-Please write your dream for me in the present time
-Anything that popped out for you such as emotions, colors, visuals: mark this for me.


* Oracle card reading
* Tarot card reading
* Pendulum
* Dream interpretation [NOTE: please let me look into your dreams through email reading, so I can dive deeper into the symbolism of your dreamsymbols]

About my gifts

How I work

♥♥♥ After every reading you took with me I will supply a free card for you to lift your spirits up! ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ I will keep a reasonable price as I think spiritual guidance should be accesable for all of you ♥♥♥

I may ask you to take a notebook and write things down when I read you, just so you can put my guidance into action later.

Depending on your situation I will pick the tool I feel that is most suited for a reading to you. This may also mean I will read without tools unless you request cards.

|My Free Chat Rules:

- In my free chat I don't answer yes/no questions or cards
- I don't take reading questions in my free chat. I'll be glad to help you in a private consult.
- Please be polite in my chat.
- An introduction of yourself would be nice :)
- I don't give the DEMO to people who barge into the room as the notification comes up. I offer the demo to people that have been in my room for a while, and out of these people I select whoever I feel drawn to.

What the members said about me:

'So sincere, honest and accurate... What a fantastic person!!!! A real lady and no sugar coating!!!! Wow wow wow.. She knew stuff I didnt tell a soul.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! ' Gerritmax

'Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! You are straight to the point and confirmed many things in my life thus far. I appreciate your honesty and compassion. Thanks again' = Raquel 64

'Very, very good reading. Truly empathic, and truly tuned in to during the reading. Excellent practical advice' = Curi333

'I want everyone to know that i had a wonderful reading that answered a lot of questions that I had been wondering about for years. I look forward to my next reading and I truly believe she is blessed with many gifts that has helped me and will help you along our journey in this life. Thanks again Rainbow!!!!!' = Fairchildlaw

Very nice and accurate and she helped me a lot very pleased with her reading." ... written by Dphsgo93
I want everyone to know that i had a wonderful reading that answered a lot of questions that I had been wondering about for years. I look forward to my next reading and I truly believe she is blessed with many gifts that has helped me and will help you along our journey in this life. Thanks again Rainbow!!!!! " ... written by fairchildlaw
Very good ...reads very quickly...see her she is great" ... written by focusing
Very, very good reading. Truly empathic, and truly tuned in to during the reading. Excellent practical advice. " ... written by curi333
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading! You are straight to the point and confirmed many things in my life thus far. I appreciate your honesty and compassion. Thanks again." ... written by Raquel64
Picked up on my issues straight away. And was able to guide me. Very happy :)" ... written by barbie
Great at picking up my thoughts and the current problems! I would visit her again :)" ... written by iampsyched11
Wow she was wonderful and so informing. She has a natural sweetness about her and beautiful aura. You must try her she knows her stuff." ... written by thedawnofanew
RI was very helpful with great advice. She told me things Ive never heard before from other readers about myself. It rang true and she's very clear andamp;amp; straightforward which I like. Perhaps more predictions would have been nice. Although overall she was great :)" ... written by Marcella79
5 Star reader, wonderful, tuned in so well, very gifted, answered all questions and very sweet, for the icing on the cake" ... written by arlinruth
Very helpful and intuitive..." ... written by edelaine
Very connected! She confirmed many things for me and I look forward to her predictions as well." ... written by tblove1
I had such a great time with her!!! accurate and sincere!!! very good!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Very honest reading, didn't sugarcoat anything, great connection." ... written by syca
She is sooooo kind andamp; non-judgemental. She gave very pertinent advice andamp; the thing she said made total sense to me :) Thank you!" ... written by rolinsand
Wonderful, helpful and very insightful girl:) Thank you!" ... written by Aryastark
As sweet as can be.... very accurate... trustworthy... will definately recommend her!!!" ... written by GM
R.I is very clear, straightforward andamp;amp; concise. She was also very Informative, knowledgeable andamp;amp; helpful. I also felt like the predictions made were accurate. She's great! Thnx so much, I enjoyed our reading! :)" ... written by Marcella79
Good reading." ... written by betsysue
Very nice and honest please cross fingers for me." ... written by happychick
So sincere, honest and accurate... What a fantastic person!!!! A real lady and no sugar coating!!!! Wow wow wow.. She knew stuff I didnt tell a soul.... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Picked up the situation and my personality very well." ... written by st5sts
Great reading, lovely personality." ... written by Aryastark
Really really great reading!!! very insightful. Thanks again rainbow !!" ... written by jaykun
Well, this is definitely one of the most pleasant Readers on Oranum! Rainbow works with Angels, and actually I think she is an Angel! She is wonderful and it is very easy to talk with her. Felt like talking with a friend. Enjoyed this reading a lot and also learnt a lot about Angels. I do highly recommend her to everyone! 5 ***** ~~~~ hugs~~~~" ... written by hugs2020
Rainbow is so calming, caring. She gave me very good advice and calmed my heart with answers I was seeking. When one is upset, we cannot see for ourselves, but Rainbow sees for you and puts things into perspective.. thank you so much..." ... written by Crystalchia
She maybe young but she knows what she's talking about, one thing you can always count on his her honesty and accuracy..... absolutely love her thanks rainbow xxx" ... written by shenalp2905
Wow shes good.. kind hearted and probably the accurest reading i had ever... she picks up on ur emotions, energy and feelings like instantly... she is highly recommended to anyone!!!!!!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Very peaceful energy and great guidance." ... written by LeslieKay
Rainbowimagine was very honest, accurate, and very compassionate. I highly recommend her and will keep in touch with her. Love her!" ... written by cooboz
She is so loving, full of respect, and spot on insight about the situation of your life, both past, present and future. She is honest, says what you need to hear, but in a gentle way. I warmly recomend her :)" ... written by Reflect
One of the best readings! Very informative, quick to connect and detailed. Guidance is very clear and to the point. Highly recommend!!! An absolute FIVE STAR reading. Mahalo nui loa ~" ... written by HawaiiGene
I dont have much expierience with readings and these type of things, but i am very thankful for the insight that i received." ... written by SomeSlenderRest
Rainbowimagine gave me one of the best readings of my life! She has truly helped guide me and told me how I can help myself grow spiritually and in what I want to do with my gifts. She is honest all the way and does not sugar coat the truth. She is fast and to the point! I am so grateful I got to spend time getting a reading from her. I got chills during the reading and also had tears of joy. She confirmed things I already suspected but had not told her. She is so accurate it is amazingly beautiful! Do not pass up having a reading with Rainbowimagine! I will definitely come back for more readings. Thank you Rainbow! *huggles* Love and light to you!!!!!!!" ... written by oddchic
Thanks, once again:)" ... written by iampsyched11
Very accurate, understanding and sweet. Also, she was a good listener and grounded." ... written by gaia86
Rainbow has been assisted me so far as I have started to see her a few times... I believe she is vry gifted at what she does andamp;amp; I appreciate her honesty, confidence, straightforwardness, kindness andamp;amp; generousity of heart. She's also very knowledgeable, concise andamp;amp; helpful :)) Love andamp;amp; Light, Blessings" ... written by Marcella79
She was able to help me ! In my time of true need thank you for everything!" ... written by badassbandgeek
Rainbow is great with connection and totally honest with her answers...i enjoyed my reading and will come back for updates!" ... written by marion
Very good general reading - very applicable to me and I would recommend Rainbow imagine !" ... written by yelrish
Pretty good!!" ... written by RoonilWazlib
Love her give her a shot very sincere honest caring loving nice spirited person, great reader." ... written by googlemebaby
Very clear and amazing!" ... written by wonderwoman29
Rainbow is lovely! I appreciate all her help andamp; assistance. She is clear, kind andamp; caring and gives valuable guidance andamp; advice. She is wise beyond her years, and at a very affordable rate. TY!! Love andamp; Light xoxo" ... written by Marcella79
Wonderful reading... The first and only psychic that actually I felt that got connected to me!.... I love her reading ... God bless you!!" ... written by eli2009
Cool, precise and picks up instantly. Awesome." ... written by gem1974
Very honest and respectable." ... written by houleyman321
Thankkk uuuu a lot, yiou are always so nice!! I hope everything comes true!!" ... written by eli2009
She was accurate and fast! Picked up really well and she knew me more than me! Thank you ver much Rainbow and will looking forward to hear from you." ... written by Ally
Nice reading! Thanks." ... written by Bojan99
Accurate. Good." ... written by druvina1973
Honest reading. giving good advice. for sure i will contact her again " ... written by doku
Thank you for being honest! I hope all works out for the best and I get what I want. Thanks again!" ... written by myluvlyaly1
Thank you so much, you have given me strength and that is something I really needed... Thank you!" ... written by leililaloo
Good simple advice she is genuine." ... written by rosebud77
She was accurate about the situation" ... written by Shankargreedhur
Total sweetheart! Gave a honest reading and is very down to earth." ... written by pm1315
Very sweet energy - gave me hope and direction and I will pop back in 2 weeks to confirm if that time frame was right. " ... written by jona69
Great reading!!" ... written by yvettepandora
Excellent... 100% on target... Very good reader and fast." ... written by focusing
Surprisingly very accurate :)" ... written by Ibrahim
She is simply adorable and precise in her reading." ... written by gem1974
What a lovely talent! Lovely energy and clear insight. Right on the nose with her details. she was very quick and to the point. I will definitely be contacting her again.Thank you Rainbowimage :)" ... written by ynaffit33
Verygood" ... written by focusing
Thank-you for your help ! You are compassionate ad accurate !" ... written by OOLONG74
She is a wonderful reader. She taught me how to get in touch with my guide. Which has been an emotional experience for me, a happy emotional one. Thank you so much! I will be back for sure... You are great! Danaxxx" ... written by leililaloo
She is good and takes her time and answer questions." ... written by georgiapeach37
Wow, thank you very much Rainbowimagine and great intuition and insight you have in answering my questions. You've given great life direction and I will definitely be back for more of your inspiration and wisdom soon enough. Cheers." ... written by liuchi9
Woooonderful reading! Great advice and great insight! Definitely will be back:)" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Wonderful! I got to connect to my guides for the first time! What a wonderful experience! She immediately helped me as soon as we were in private chat. Very resourceful... She truly just wants to help. Thank you so much Rainbow! You're so great!! :) " ... written by samsmith321
Very good, very understanding." ... written by kamsriv
It was very instructional reading... Setting on a new journey, I hope to learn from a lot..Thank u sooo much. " ... written by yummycake
With Rains advice and help I am going to do this. I feel better already. Thank you so much a lovely lady very genuine and kind. xxx " ... written by tysonandblue
Thank you. Very kind and caring." ... written by katie46
Beautiful." ... written by samayasorayre
Thank you for reading" ... written by zimerili1
Very spiritual lady. Excellent reading!!" ... written by PM
Thanks for the reading you have a wonderful manner and very clear guidance" ... written by ikroyalalr
Very compassionate and offered great advise and solutions to my problems." ... written by simon
She is very comforting and kind. She helped me see a light in a dark place. I definitely recommend her for a reading." ... written by JL
A really nice lady. I hope what she has said is going to happen." ... written by May-Ann
I had the best session i have ever had in oranum, had a great connection with my spirit guides both of them, and i am very grateful for your help, i definitely would be coming back again and thank you so much, it was amazing! Shes amazing, love it thank you!" ... written by Mariam
Lovely person, honest, made sure we had a connection before i went into private chat. Very good. " ... written by Charlotte
Very Honest and open reader. Picked up on a few things going on in my life with accuracy. Thank you very much Roos. " ... written by Destiny
Wow, profile says she hasn't been doing this long, but wow, very good, she picked up on a lot of things. I was surprised on what she did get. Very impressed. " ... written by Rick
Very good and she takes her time during the reading." ... written by georgiapeach37
Awesome reading! Very honest and empathic. I really enjoyed reading, will be back soon!" ... written by DeterminedSoul
Connected so fast, so accurate! She is awesome! " ... written by tiffany
Perfect to the point. So precise and accurate." ... written by PinkPetals
Very insiteful and very good, I am impressed very much by how she can pick up on these things for me. I know that she will do great here on Oranum." ... written by Rick
A sensitive reading....not what i really wanted to hear but gave clarity." ... written by Jane
Connected before going private and she was spot on. She gave very good information. 5 Stars !" ... written by Jennifer
Spot on , thank you will keep you posted" ... written by Rawinia Elsmore
nice and honest" ... written by miranda
Rainbowimagine is super!!! Helping with spirit guides and giving me a lot of information and how to lessons!!! It's wonderful.. I am learning so much!! " ... written by Rick
She was spot on...loved the connection...will def come back:)" ... written by Carrie
wow she was amazing!!!! didn't expect it will be so awesome.i planned to ask many questions but I didn't have to .she just answered them all without me asking." ... written by DANA
she is a lovely lovely person, very very smart, very practical, which makes the reading useful, and she is a spicy soal and its very fun to talk with!" ... written by DANA
Dear Rainbowimagine," ... written by Gebcie