About PsychicWayne

Psychic PsychicWaynehas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicWaynehas recently helped 41members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicWayne's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

NO TOOLS NEEDED - I love helping people and have been for over 25 years from all over the world in the comfort of there own home were I have direct contact with my spirit guides as I don't need tools. I have been a Psychic Medium all of my life and have featured on many TV, radio and many magazines, read for many famous clients and been featured in many newspapers and magazines.

Reading was absolutely awesome. He blew me away spot on and accurate. Fantastic reading HIghly Recommended" ... written by lydia40
he is sooooo amazing...he even new i have a dog and what breed....he says so fast about all...and also he is so funnyyyyy...back soon" ... written by soosanmh59
omg wayne your the best on point and i cant wait to tell everyone. GODS gift isn't going to waste with you share with everyone as you did with me.. love the narmore's" ... written by pauln33
Wow I've had numerous readings - you would see my name in many testimonys! But i have never had names revealed to me I had to give them! Wayne is awesome!You will not be dissapointed." ... written by rattail1
Very nice - fun reading." ... written by ShadowPriest
i have seen this man 3 times and hes always smack on and lifts me to where i need to be thank you wayne xxx" ... written by 69hazel69
This guy is amazing, he picked up on am dob, initials and my bfs initials andamp;amp; his career.. He was spot on about everything.. Hes given me time-frames andamp; im 100% sure il b back again to give him a update andamp;amp; get more predictions.. Please dont waste your time in free chat, click on private reading :D " ... written by sammie1988
He is good, very very sensitive, he does his best to answer as clear as possible. I liked him." ... written by gridin82
AWESOME! Always gives great readings and consistantly surprises me with what he says. Go goggles!" ... written by justinsensei
Omg i'm speechless ! He is the most accurate psychic ive been to. He was spot on about so many things in my life. I'm gonna be coming back to him soon . Maybe next week...i'm so happy" ... written by missmel2011
What a reading!! He knew exactly what and why and when things were wrong!! He is excellent and I loved the positive reading I got from him... Thank you so much Wayne!! Highly recommend him to all who are in need of advise!!" ... written by Esha
he described my interest in great detail, including issues i have with it. he even knows i drive a red car. OMG. will be back for more." ... written by ceffie
unbelievable!!! I am completely amazed!" ... written by SAchick
great ..hope prediction come throught! " ... written by AngelaEtwaroo199
He has become my fav psychic now.His last prediction came to pass. He said i would hear from my guy in 2 days and i did. That was amazing. He has made a lot of other predictions. Ill be back soon. So happy to have found him on oranum." ... written by missmel2011
He got my problem str8 away :)" ... written by hely89
Brilliant, really knew his stuff!" ... written by hely89
Not only was he great he was fun. It was an excellent connection. I from what I speak. I have had much experience with psychics, practical and academic." ... written by leslie77
Forgot to add the stars... 5 stars!" ... written by jen1210
Spot on stuff, will be back for sure." ... written by trentboy2
Thanks so much... you are right on... definitely will be back!" ... written by jen1210
Thank you Wayne. I'll let u know about the prediction you have made. If it happens, I'm coming back for more readings. " ... written by missmel2011
I am very happy with the out come!" ... written by spinemma
Well i'm back for another reading again. ill let u know how it goes wayne. will keep u updated." ... written by missmel2011
He is an amazing guy!! he picked up on what i was feeling and the situations i was going through, breathtaking gift!! he is the absolute real deal." ... written by Sharna100
Brill yet again this man helped me so much he is fab thank you Wayne xx" ... written by firefly12
I can honestly say that this reading was the most unique one yet." ... written by celticfreckles
Always great. I keep coming back to him. Never met anyone like him. " ... written by missmel2011
Mic wasn't working... good session and full of details but I wish I could have heard him.. would definitely get more out of a voice chat than typing apparently... " ... written by mojo_jojo76
Did very well, told me things about my situation without asking me questions. Very intone with himeself. Will definitely come back for another reading." ... written by jmhiter
He's one of the Best on this site. Answers automatically comes to him...without even trying hard. I really enjoyed my reading. Waiting for every thing to come true...Thanks" ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
He was stop on, very honest and clear, did a great job. He really does know what hes doing. Thank u, much love." ... written by kuzinka
could not believe the names--connections he mentioned in the reading...At the end he made me laugh alot." ... written by leelyn
quick and precise i like it alot... lol... " ... written by buzysignal
amazing connection! should definately try him!" ... written by irinairina
very honest and gave lots of information. everything he said was very helpful and i really appreciated his input. " ... written by adriana
very very good ;)" ... written by buzysignal
Thank you for the update. God bless you. " ... written by Roselay
Great" ... written by susa
Hi Wayne, thank you very much for the private reading, I really appreciate it a are awesome" ... written by Dianne
Please update me again. Thanks. xx" ... written by Roselay
Needed 2 privates but was worth it. This guy has repeated what I've been told before and put my mind at rest. Thanks Wayne" ... written by GEM
Good " ... written by Gem
5 on" ... written by Focusing
Love Wayne!! " ... written by POP1983
WAYNE IS AWESOME! TRY HIM : ) " ... written by divinedaughter
honest straight forward and helpful i recommend him" ... written by suga-slim
This guy is unreal.....did someone forward him the names of my family, dates of my families birthdays, where we live, the condition my dad is sick from...???? lol " ... written by Claire
Cant believe what he pick up in very short time!!! AMAZING!!! X" ... written by ctrhw6110
lovely time chatting with him. He showed me what I needed to do through his cards but also gave me advice and guidance of his own. Thank you for the wonderful reading Wayne. =)" ... written by katnguyen
great as always! :))" ... written by irinairina
wow. he amazed me! knew what was going on before I even said anything!!! very short chat, hope to have a longer one soon" ... written by JackieB66
unbelievable reading! connected with my loved friend! very very good experience and spot on!" ... written by chrondo
Great of the greatest!! :))" ... written by irinairina
wayne.... very good reading as always. much love from the us..thank you" ... written by sexyegyptian2
he is very much real, but i think he was picking up mostly on someone else... ALOT of things didnt seem to add up. but yet some thing DID add up. gave me a little bit of peace of mind that was bothering me for awhile now.. Thanks! " ... written by rose1621
WOW......" ... written by laceylex
Amazing abilities, awesome soul, very good at what he does. Give him a try Much love to you Wayne." ... written by Sue
Wayne, thank you so much....ur awesome!!!Best as always:))" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Awesome reading , extremely quick, wish to talk to him soon again ! He was just to the point and perfect !!!!!!!!!" ... written by rohitjmohan
Wayne xoxoxo...awesome reading as usual...such a sweetheart" ... written by sexyegyptian2
Very good reading indeed! He knew many thinks in advance without telling him. Highly reccomended!" ... written by petalouditsa
Thanks again Wayne :) Be back in a few months or more lol :))" ... written by mojo_jojo76
Thanks again Wayne :) Be back in a few months or more lol :))" ... written by mojo_jojo76
Great energy in our reading! I want to reschedule after installing a microphone on my computer. Wayne gave alot of very useful information and had an engaging humor. Even If I had a microphone during our reading, I most likely would have been speechless forward to talking again, soon! " ... written by marooter
Thank you so much..I loved the reading and spirits. thanks for the advice." ... written by whyilovehim
Full of great advice and humor. THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!" ... written by justinsensei
Wonderful guy, amazing psychic!" ... written by Jillian40
Wayne was amazing in free chat!! he picked up right away on my situation and gave me a lot of answers to my situation also....thanks for your time and accurate answers Wayne!! i will be back again ok..take care and thanks again" ... written by kresh43181
he is the best psychic on this website..he connected straight away with my situation..i am lost for words he was very amazing..thank you so much wayne..god bless you..xx" ... written by thalassaki17
What a funny, on target, charismatic being:) He is truly gifted and well worth the price of a private reading. Try him and he will give you information that he could not google or find anywhere else. Merci:)))))))" ... written by milona
Easy to speak with. Helpful information. Direct and does not take long to give you answers. He definitely" ... written by Wings2
omg! JUST WOW " ... written by punkinpie1201
Well, he is really a psychic|medium. He knew the name of my dad and his DOB. That's impressive, i never, ever, been with someone who is funny, intelligent and SOOOOO TALENTED. I hope you will try a private reading with him since he is exceptional:))))))" ... written by milona
very happy with reading .a kind gentle man will talk again with him soon " ... written by fourkidds4
SPOT ON. Ty! I'll be back for another reading :)" ... written by mozzy123
Wayne is great !!! Please visit him for a private consultation !!!! I will definatly be back very very soon !!! I wish I had more time to spend with him tonight !!! Told me some great things thats I needed to hear. :) !!!! TY " ... written by 2012
At first he picked up on some things that did not apply to me, BUT shortly after he was SPOT ON.. He described me and my partner accurately. Totally amazing psychic! " ... written by consleo
Wow...that was just plain amazing...there is no way he could have know what he told me in such detail about myself and the situation! Give him a try!" ... written by pinkoraclelilly
He was good but I kept getting disconnected from him and my credits were used up because of the disconnections. " ... written by Sally J Verhey
Sing to your hearts desire and listen for THE VOICE that will sing back to you. " ... written by The One
wonderful...pinned in on the situation immediately...thank you..." ... written by alwayshope
he picked up details very personal things about me he is VERY GOOD." ... written by simsima
He shocked me with some of the things he knew Things I was not thinking of. Yet should have paid attention to. Thank you Psychic Wayne! He knew names. He even picked up on my dog that died 10 years ago. Amazing! He is also coaching me. He is a Life Coach as well." ... written by Wings2
Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Daniel Anderson
I just wanted to say Wayne picked up on the illness my mother had and told me my brothers name and a friends name too, and he passed on a message from my mother too!! Fantastic reading!! I'm looking forward to seeing if the rest comes true, that will be awesome!!! Big thanks, Wayne.x" ... written by CasRadio
the best...up until now!!!!" ... written by adele2
could read a lot onto what was going on in my life... and how I should be doing or feeling... but not much about what will happen next.. However, it does give me food for thought... Enjoy Nottingham again :)" ... written by sunny3107
Very good reading, right on point and fast.. Thank you" ... written by Futuremanager
Wow! I only had a very short reading and now I wish I had more credits! Will have to come back later. He picked up on some very obscure details. Including the names of my family members. " ... written by Lee
again see him" ... written by m
wow will back him again" ... written by m
wow will read w him" ... written by M
amazing as always" ... written by irinairina
Sounds good would prefer to talk to you though. Have a good weekend" ... written by gipsygirl
Amazingly accurate and dead on. Knew what I was inquiring about before I even told him. Knew details before I could even tell him. Highly recommend, will be back! " ... written by hamrickr
AMAZING! " ... written by irinairina
Good as always!" ... written by irinairina
amazing as always!" ... written by irinairina
great!" ... written by irinairina
wow love it I LOVE IT" ... written by mllll
best best best you should go there, I will again" ... written by mlllll
VERY ACCURATE, uses no tools passes on what the spirits give to him! Truely gifted honest, to the point, also very kind. Gave dates and picked up on my father who has passed away. Feel warm and lifted by his words and will certainly go back for another reading soon. Thank you Wayne and God bless x x " ... written by Cherry44
Thanks, Wayne. Spot on again." ... written by justinsensei
Psychic Wayne is such a helpful psychic, He is able to give you answers. Not always what you want to hear. But he is able to make sure that you keep on track." ... written by Wings2
damn good ppl must try him!" ... written by saskia82
Great guy..connection cut out a bit but picked up on my situation very quickly. Thanks so much Wayne!" ... written by jessjess1
WOW...really...WOW. He is truly something incredible. He picked up on EVERYTHING and was connected so strongly. Really just amazing." ... written by sacredlove71
wow really good picked up on a lot will be back" ... written by kissed
very nice guy. He was right on about a lot of things! Highly recommend to anyone! " ... written by scadoodle
It was my first time using this website and having a reading by Wayne. He was right on with a lot of things he said. I guess time will tell if he was right with the other things that were said. Thank you for your time Wayne :)" ... written by Lousea
Wayne ... who has more fun then us in private .. reading .... BB " ... written by bberney
Thank you Wayne. You are the best! I'll let you know what happens. " ... written by dstufra1
Wayne was interesting to talk to, gave me info that i am looking forward to seeing. Thanks Wayne :)" ... written by Phoenyx
awesome..bang on to my situation..did over spend but was worth each penny didnt have to tell him he was spot on..thank you so much...looking fwd to more in next year..thank you for the reading " ... written by shona29
I only write feedbacks for any psychics after waiting for a while to see if their predictions come true. I did an email reading with Wayne some weeks back. I am sorry to say the first part of his prediction didnt come true, will keep you updated about the later part. Cheers." ... written by Human
Great, Great, Wonderful, will be back again!" ... written by queenbee22
Very fast answers and is very accurate with his answers. He is worth coming to :)" ... written by Singer4life
gooddd can see the future" ... written by ppp
He was great! Thanks so much Wayne!" ... written by scadoodle
awsome reader....accurate.....try him you will not be disappointed" ... written by cleoham87
Very good at picking up on things. Sees the situation accurately. Great reading!" ... written by sacredlove71
He was very helpful and read into my situation. I will come back. Looking forward to see his prediction come to pass. " ... written by bward97
Brilliant, so insightful, thanks wayne" ... written by 6marchs
Honestly, my the best experience on Oranum! I sincerely love Wayne for his great heart and kindness and VISION! Wayne is celebrity! I will always consult Wayne in the future. He is confident, 100% accurate, has great sense of humor and he is singing! WOW:) He is THE BEST! Love you Wayne xoxoxoxo Muahmuahmuah" ... written by Crystal
Oh Wayne, you alwyas make me happy! TY so much for your support x0x0x0x0x" ... written by irinairina
TY so much again! xxx" ... written by irinairina
TY so much for your insight and giving me my confidence back. Will come back to update you on what's happened. xxx" ... written by irinairina
brilliant! thanks again " ... written by jessjess1
TY for cheering me up again and for your insight... i'll let you know how this week will progress :))" ... written by Me again
Wayne, ty so much you gave me hope and as always cheered me up! :) will be back with update x0x0x0x" ... written by irinairina
Ty Wayne xxx" ... written by Me
short but dob, no bs... got right to the point and saw everything that i knew yet never told him. got dates ...timframes...outcomes" ... written by pusheen77
TY Wayne, i would sell you tickets but I am afraid we are sold out, but I will keep you posted! :)" ... written by me again
Right on the ball thanks heaps!! xxxx I shall let you know about that sporadic yo yo. " ... written by arzurae
He is spot on!" ... written by pioneer5
Amazing as always" ... written by stanton777
Worth every penny! Trust and go with it" ... written by stanton777
Wayne .. fun and entertaining as usual ... but all kidding aside are good at what you do ...and your reputation .. says it all.... BB " ... written by bberney
again awesome wow u guys need a read from him" ... written by hellzbellz
cant say much except wowowowow awesome reader loved it" ... written by hellzbellz
Thank you Wayne..........:)" ... written by kaur001
no word.....he is so true......:)" ... written by kaur001
Absolutely Loved it! Great job! Awesome Reading!" ... written by SimpleLora
Amazingly gifted!" ... written by pioneer5
Insightful,appreciated,understanding andamp; knowledgeable.Given very little information to go on.Best wishes to you andamp; yours. Chat again sometime. Best regards, Maighen :-) You not only make me smile but gave me hope to live the dream!" ... written by maighen
Thank You Wayne. Sry that funds were low .. But well yeah i need to firsthand love myself ( cause only i can give myself the love i need ) and when that is done all other comes just by mere blink of an eye. I need to trust myself and my abilities. Thanx for the boys part :DD i know that, i have my values ( hopefully that did not sound too narcistic ) I wish, i wish he comes back to me to have family together .. that is my deepest wish.! Thank You.!" ... written by liiloolii
Really gifted sweet man. I wish i had more time with you " ... written by lolita99999
:) wow... he's amazing !! i am definitely coming back :) thank you so much !" ... written by manijhe
Very good" ... written by Tenshi33
Awesome !!!" ... written by Tenshi33
I have to thank Wayne whole heartedly...thanks for the reading" ... written by tivabeth22
He is Awesome ... He picked Up on a lot of things ... I cant wait to Update .. Very quick sad he froze on me :( ... Style Love him HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM HE IS THE REAL DEAL !!" ... written by Nessa31
Amazing reading i wish i had more time to talk to him" ... written by jennmedical30
Very nice guy, was spot on with everything going on. I will be back for more :)" ... written by hellzbellz
Great reader without giving any information. Gave good advice and guidance..." ... written by dstufra1
I could talk to Wayne for hours if I had the funds.. he is THAT good. Hands down best psychic Ive spoken to ever." ... written by iPreferMimi
OMG I'm blown away! Literally I don't think Ive ever been speechless after a reading.." ... written by iPreferMimi
Wow amazing. He named my kids, told he dates that were spot on, and things that only I knew. He was funny and enjoyable. You won't be disappointed" ... written by happy4eva
OMG!! He is the truth!!" ... written by anamaria_marrero
Excellent connection..... thank you for sharing your gifts with me today!" ... written by SistahMaria
Great sense of humour and definitely has a gift." ... written by python123
Great sense of humour and definitely has a gift." ... written by python123
Very accurate, and very lovely. I indeed do miss my spirit guide." ... written by hope2321
Was well pleased with wayne's reading...feel he was good at message link with spirit!" ... written by marsylyttle
A lovely guy really picks up on your situation and helps you in the right direction i would recommend him to anyone thanks wayne" ... written by hellzbellz
He was so connected, picked up on things I didn't even have to tell him, names, specific situations...outstanding. I will come back for another reading. just wish his prices were lower, although he is worth every euro spent!" ... written by gemmie
People corss our paths in life for a reason ,and all bring something new to the table of life and all have sonething to teach us and in return we leave a tiny little imprint of our own... tallness is a manner in which one percieves themself ..and Happiness is a choice ... Law of attractionl..ln works ... Believe .. ask Guidance to lead ..and trust enough to follow... big Hugs ... Wayne ... Knock me dead .. !! " ... written by bberney
Always full of good advice and a very caring man." ... written by justinsensei
He was so connected, picked up on things I didn't even have to tell him, names, specific situations...outstanding. I will come back for another reading. just wish his prices were lower, although he is worth every euro spent!" ... written by gemmie
Wayne was open to me and caould see things.I did not need to give any other information and he was excellent in his reading. Thank you Wayne." ... written by crod4606
:) excellent " ... written by dabeyra
Oh absolutely amazing as always! Wow, just got to know stuff I really needed to know :) Thank you so much again! Some questions can be very difficult and I'm just so glad to know about this now :) Hope to come back without so little time on myself for all these questions I've got ! Many many blessings!! :) " ... written by manijhe
Very funny and accurate!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Wonderful reader! I really appreciate his help. He was 100% accurate and I know that he is doing wonderful TV shows. I really admire his work. Well done, Wayne." ... written by Daniel79
Good but expensive oy!" ... written by jswede1149
He has keen psychic abilities and is very supportive!" ... written by pioneer5
He is good. Could see my stressful work condition. " ... written by dianalj
Spot on!! agree with what hes saying,, shame the credits went so quick,, thanku :)" ... written by f999111
Love this man-he is phenomenal, just wish he had more chats available so i could touch base with him from time to time" ... written by gemmie
Entertaining, funny and intuitive." ... written by pskatymaple
I wished and wished upon the star..... Then all of a sudden there you are........" ... written by MagaskaweeAlgoma
He's Awesome. Very Helpful. Honest and Accurate. 5 Star Rating." ... written by swiftcats64
Excellent" ... written by Lindsey30
Thanks agains it was nice to hear things like that from you.. especially about the dream.. which is quite bizzarre.. but ye my flatmate also said thanks and is looking forward to seeing her love life coming soon!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Great reading though.. and thank you for letting me know the truth. " ... written by iPreferMimi
Yes absolutely spot on some of the things i had forgotten bout but was amazing to hear some of the things that came forward " ... written by MALEX3007
Amazing... thank you so so much " ... written by justweemejo
Spot on so many things " ... written by jade6996
Thanks Wayne " ... written by divinedaughter
Very good" ... written by april02
Great reader recommend him to every1 :) " ... written by miki7777
This man is extremely gifted, if you can afford his price i would suggest a long reading becasue he hits the head on just about everything. hes the most amazing psychic ive ever had the pleasure of getting a reading from. you would be amazed!" ... written by DirtyJerzey1326
Wasnt on with him that long but in the short time we had he nailed everything right in my current situation. i will definately be back" ... written by therren
Wayne Isaacs He is awesome! Honest and friendly has sense of hunor. 99% right on my reading. He told me things I already new. He just comfirmed alot of it. Gives great advise! I recommend him to the next person looking for answers. Thanks again!" ... written by 24RL30N83R63RRRR
Extremely extraordinary reading must have a go with mr wayne too good lol ty alot!!!" ... written by saskia82
Had a demo with him today and he was really spot on with so many things..he picked up on a lot of specifics without any questions or help from me!" ... written by sacredlove71
Absolutely amazing" ... written by DirtyJerzey1326
One of d best natural readers in oranum, don't need any tools very on point with all my personal and work situations, gave me clarity on how to benefit my situations that im struggling in, very patient, well articulate and will come back soon again and recommend to any to give a go becoz u cant put a price when help is truly needed ty a lot Mr Wayne!!!" ... written by saskia82
Very helpful, insightful, and kind, i will be back." ... written by swhope999
Very helpful, insightful, and kind, i will be back." ... written by swhope999
Got names.. pretty damned spot on too! 5 stars" ... written by AngelVisions
Truly exceptionally good!!.. very very good.. definately worth talking with.. knew things he couldnt possibly without a very clear and precise connection :) thanks wayne " ... written by AngelVisions
Great " ... written by De5pina
Didn't have a lot of time with Psychic Wayne but he was able to pick up on quite a bit of my life without me giving him a lot of info. I will use him again. " ... written by cmpierce31
Wayne was dead on. My mother came through and he stated exactly what is going on in my life now. I am extremely happy at everything he told me" ... written by laural
PsychicWayne is very interesting,accurate, rather precise. Quite astonishing!Highly recommended." ... written by fretan
A lot of information delivered in a short space of time. Brought through people I could recognise and situations relevant to me. Great demo!" ... written by Littleone73
Wooooow! He is the real deal. Great advice! Great reading, I gave him no information about me at all, and he was still able to look in my situation and see what was going on in my life. Great reading!" ... written by lilytear
I am so glad that I was able to speak to PsychicWayne, he picked up on my family and everything around me. I could've spent the night speaking with him, it's worth every second with him. Thank you Wayne." ... written by belladonna
Very thankful for your time. You blew me away. Now very clear about the decision I've already made. You have reinforced that completely. I'm still smiling and recommend Wayne highly. " ... written by shoogles
Time ran out so quick but gave me answers xx" ... written by shortcake2012
What a sweetie! I really liked Wayne, so patient, so non judgemental, awesome! xxxxx" ... written by LondonMermaid
Omg im in tears there's no way he knew this ! i believe now .. this is no joke omg" ... written by Crystalball1990
His worth it guys! Very nice man!" ... written by hellokittylynii
Thanks Wayne, was interesting and lot's of information. connection to spirit evident. a lot to take in over a short amount of time but i'm sure will start to make more sense as i have time to process what you said. you did have some great insights and advice for me, thank you and i will keep going in faith..." ... written by Allicat73
Absolutely the best! " ... written by ashleymarie0104
Thank you :)" ... written by manijhe
Very informative. loved it" ... written by 123aden
Amazing!" ... written by gentlebreeze
Reassuring,heartwarming,genuine to his word.god love him! xoxoxo" ... written by maighen
Very nice reading and telling me accurately what was happening in my life and what I should be aware of. Thanks Wayne;0)" ... written by fresiaflower
A lot made sense... :) we'll c what the future brings.... " ... written by Annahita123
He is so fast and accurate awesome !" ... written by well wisher
Excellent abilities!" ... written by pioneer5
Amazingly insightful! Got right to the point." ... written by luckygoat
PsychicWayne is a very capable, intelligent, albeit compassionate and friendly. I wish him all the best! and surely recommend him highly! " ... written by Iajhassan
Wooow he is Spot On and Really Really Good he is Real Deal ..... Highly Highly Recommend Him !!! I will be Back to Finish My Reading " ... written by Nessa31
Awesome!!" ... written by Parker120406
Absolutely amazing and accurate. I highly recommend him totally worth it!" ... written by pixie157
Spot on right away and very helpful gave me the tools I needed to move on. For me he is the one to consult when I need advise and clarity, when I can not understand or see new ways or why I am stock. Thank you Wayne ;0) " ... written by fresiaflower
If you are a skeptic like i was and you are looking for answers look no further ! This is no joke Wayne is the real deal . The reading brought me to tears i wish it could have lasted longer and i will definitively be having another one. There's is no way he could have known the things i was told. Im always reading the reviews people leave and don't think much about them but please believe cause im telling the truth and im still in shock !" ... written by Crystalball1990
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Super duper. Tuned in immediately. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Great as always" ... written by fresiaflower
AWESOME!!!!!!!" ... written by LaydeeKim
Very real, very good!" ... written by crystalgreen
He Is sweet and helpful !!!! God bless u wayne... other than amazing cannot say anything !!!!!!! hope wat u said will come true ... thanks dearest." ... written by lulu7lulu7
I was skeptical at first; but he said things about my life that made a believer out of me. Then my wife went on; he brought her to tears. We will be back again!" ... written by jerryboy22
This man is awesome, i really had my doubts but he came at me with answers i never thought he could have! smart, funny, and very very talented!" ... written by noopie_99
Recently had a email reading, I think I already new the answer to the first part but I think I needed to hear it. Wayne was honest as always. Just had a private reading regarding a different matter due to my internet connection a few crossed wires but none the less informative." ... written by sarah
Well I am so amazed of what I got from this reader. There are no words that I can think of at this time to express just how accurate he was with his reading. Not only did he tell me about my personal stuff but he gave me names of my family who have passed on. wow awesome reader 10 stars." ... written by sweetspirit
Wayne was spot on. He was very helpful and picked up on everything to the point" ... written by shameless12
Spot on...would recommend." ... written by neethu7777
This is my first reading with Wayne. He is funny...and he picks up on the situation quickly. I will come back to let you know if prediction comes true. He also gave me advise outside of the question asked and I am very appreciative about that. Thank you. I was felt like I was getting burned out and he picked up on it. I know what to do now. Thanks again. " ... written by Willow59
He brought tears to my eyes when he talked about my mom and dad and my deep personal feelings on them. I didn't say a word about their situation. I'm in shock right now. " ... written by Willow59
Wayne completely shocked me with his demo so decided to get a reading! So spot on and accurate. Awesome insight into my situation, very quick! Got sweet advices from a great human being! Recommend him! :-)" ... written by malinda2011
Thank you sooo much for the reading. God Bless - hugs. My girl has gone all shy. She said your cute also." ... written by Charlie0605
He taps in quickly and amazes me with what he sees it's like he is right there with you in your situation. He also gives very good advice." ... written by tin
On the money, caring i will be back again" ... written by Isislily
Great as always got my gran" ... written by MALEX3007
Prediction came to pass. You were 100% on spot. You're truly gifted. Much obliged, Wayne." ... written by _Alexis
Thank you so much. But I have to go now" ... written by Charlie0605
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by magdalena38lant
Psychic Wayne is extremely helpful. He is able to help you understand things that have you confused. He also is very kind and patient." ... written by Awakened
Wayne is amazing. He felt what I was feeling and kinda put my mind at ease. He connected well and strongly. If I could give him 10000 stars he got them all. Be back for more." ... written by Joan84
He was right on, prediction came true!!! He is a good communicator, highly recommend him." ... written by Sarah
He is great!! take time to speak with him very kind funny man who picks up on the situation instantly thanks so much Wayne best of everything!!!!" ... written by mizlady
You are amazing!!!! Wish I could contact you more often! Love, Maria." ... written by MariaClaudia
HE IS THE BEST!" ... written by SJCSALLY
Such a sweet man, very caring, very sincere, I'm not in a very positive time in my life but he made me feel better and that is enough for me... I will come back in a few weeks :)" ... written by leti8989
Always thought he was too expensive, but tried him today. Very right on. read me clearly. will come back" ... written by ellym3
Great advice and right on!" ... written by winterwitche
He just blew me away. Right on target. Thanks a bunch. I will contact you soon." ... written by toni808
Great" ... written by jamira76
I will keep you updated. And I will keep hopes up and hope for the best! thank you" ... written by allerena
He was very enlightening on the situation and told me some really true and good things highly recommend" ... written by mzhope13
He was very open and was very good!" ... written by quaz61
I felt instant peace after speaking with PsychicWayne. Very intuitive. Great Reading!! " ... written by myob7777
Great very funny!!!" ... written by jamira76
Truly divine." ... written by beautywithinone
Brilliant...truly in tuned and very very gifted of the highest order." ... written by beautywithinone
Fast andamp; accurate!" ... written by higherthanlife
Fabulous read!" ... written by maxmusclegirl1
Thank you xx!" ... written by hely89
Nice, thanks.....good to connect to my father." ... written by babszolla
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
I love you!" ... written by hely89
He connected with my granada :) and I didn't even mention him. " ... written by hely89
Nice!" ... written by Yashoda108
Always amazing" ... written by toni808
Wow! " ... written by Yashoda108
Thank you! You are simply amazing ... " ... written by lagirl
Very gifted." ... written by malinda2011
Wow! He was very accurate! I hope his predictions come to light. Thank you Wayne!" ... written by rosebud011
Thanks for staying up late and for your help. I appreciate you advise. " ... written by Willow59
He nailed my situation with no information at all. He gave me an uplifting message and names, time frames, the whole deal. One of oranum's best - no joke. Don't believe me? Watch a demo - you'll see. " ... written by pagirl15601
Exactly, what I needed to hear. This reading was very empowering and made me realise things that I need to do. Thanks very much, Wayne." ... written by justinsensei
Wayne's spot on, told me things I know about my family and my life that no one else would know unless they had the gift he has. Thank you so much Wayne." ... written by nombulelomazibuk
Wow. I am planning on moving in the next year and he got the exact city correct. He was so fantastic and gave me the hope I needed. I hope his predictions come true and I hope to get a future reading with him for a longer time! Lovely" ... written by lemonzest20
Very powerful visions and willingness to heal and help." ... written by Yashoda108
Wayne was spot on and simply amazing. Gave me a whole new way of looking at my current issue." ... written by WillDunraven
Once again another SPOT on reading ~ thank you VERY much... " ... written by lagirl
Accurate read, thanks" ... written by afcsher
Awesome. Reads you well! Cant wait to see him again." ... written by yellowsponge
Always great!" ... written by toni808
I forgot to give 5 stars, here they are * * * * * :-)" ... written by Yashoda108
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
I needed more time he was very in tuned with coming back ty" ... written by inletsoaps1
GREAT IMMEDIATE CONNECTION! Completely opened up about my situation before I can get my thoughts together to even ask. I can't wait for the next 2 months for my situation to unfold. He talked as if in my shoes all along and was amazing. Will definitely recommend him to anyone...anytime...any situation!" ... written by tblove1
Thank you for the reading. :) Very accurate" ... written by cleoham87
Too fast...but good...right on!" ... written by cougargirl
Great to talk to you again! Wayne, you always awesome as you usually are :)" ... written by miki777777
Simply AMAZING! The real deal!" ... written by CupidsPsychicAim
OMG I cannot tell you how completely incredible this reading was! I am still crying I cannot believe without saying anything how much PsychicWayne! I wish I could have afforded more!!!!Thank you so much!!!" ... written by kiki3070
Thanks!" ... written by ashtree
He is amazing!!! He described me and also picked up on my ex. He is great! You should try him out - he worth every credit!!! Highly recommend!!! ~~~hugs ~~" ... written by hugs2020
Wayne always gives the most practical and likely predictions out of most psychics on Oranum. He is able to pick up on thoughts and emotions well. Another job well done." ... written by justinsensei
Hit it right on, been debating on moving but wasn't sure!" ... written by lostpoetNtexas
Awesome marvellous man! Oh my lawd must just have a reading with this precious gem! But make sure you're sitting down or you will be floored ... on the floor! Thank you my dear man Wayne! Mxo" ... written by mdemos
He's very quick to connect. Definitely try hm. " ... written by Willow59
Awesomeeeeee!!!!" ... written by bunbun11
Very quick connection, great reader!" ... written by fasina
Very helpful and insightful." ... written by edelaine
Excellent!!!!!!" ... written by Greg5811
Doesn't waste your time and very insightful." ... written by pioneer3
Very quick and to the point." ... written by Angelbabe87
Wow - great reading thanks!! Will come back." ... written by Flowers2012
He tunes into me immediatley and he is the best, no doubt. Recommended." ... written by emotions
Wowww so quick and accurate he is. Must have more readings with him. So on the spot and clears everything you ask . Bless you dear. :)" ... written by honeybee
Great read thanks so much right on the money " ... written by tonio73
A plus guidens by Wayne. Thank you Wayne. Will keep in touch." ... written by Charlie0605
Fantastic reading, and the accent adds the feeling of legitimacy haha. " ... written by General22
Awesome, just not enough time" ... written by Angelwingss7
Don't pass him up. " ... written by Willow59
I do come to him often. You should definitely try him out. " ... written by Willow59
Awesome." ... written by Jess2Sweet
He's on the spot and awesome and accurate in telling all u need to know. bestest ever." ... written by cutcut271
A really really good psychic and definitely got the gift for reading into a person's love life :) All blessings!! " ... written by manijhe
Oh my Wayne is marvellous and he will be on the wedding guest list! Thank you Wayne. xx" ... written by BarbaA
Great reader I must say!" ... written by purp22
OMG! HE IS AWESOME !!! TOTALLY ON! I just went in to free chat and he picked up on my problem and I didnt have to say anything !!!! " ... written by sillygirl1198
Thanks a bunch to u dear for the best of the readings u gave me " ... written by cutcut31
Thanks for your kind guidelines .. ur the best" ... written by loveo550
Amazing reading, picked up on so many things and gave name and dates..... was quite emotional....would 100% recommend . Thank you again Wayne :) very happy and now I have the answer I was looking for x" ... written by aquabloo12
He was wonderful, pick up on me from the chat room. Clarified alot in my life, I look forward for happiness to return. Thank you again and God Bless!" ... written by Rescume8
Wonderful, very thorough reading!" ... written by gemmie
Thank you for the clarifying me, dear." ... written by moongrey24
He is good, I can feel I am healed... But I still need to come back!" ... written by Sweetyhunn12
Will see, thank you for lowering your credit for me." ... written by sweetally
Wonderful, you're always guides me well. Great reading once again :) Thank you!" ... written by barland
Amazing reader .. always helpful :) thank you " ... written by hhop548
Super and very encouraging." ... written by Kekee9
Yep, very good and accurate, but not long enough" ... written by Scorps19
The best pyschic available. You need clarity, He's the man !!!" ... written by rohitjmohan
Amazing reading so on the spot and accurate .:)" ... written by eyesea71
Wonderful!" ... written by julesla
THANK YOU :)" ... written by bowmow92
Wow once again i had a wonderful reading with fast, accurate and on the spot. highly recommended to all. ty so much dear. bless u :) " ... written by hih292
Connected in Free chat, amazing." ... written by RoonilWazlib
It was great, I cant wait until it happens!!" ... written by Lovingmyself8922
He's so great and fast, he told me things before I even got finished typing it, I love him, I gotta come back for more!!!" ... written by Lovingmyself8922
Thank you, PsychicWayne. For the many things that you have done." ... written by Awakened
Very good but time went too quickly. thank you" ... written by chelle54
Ur the best one and trust worthy of all !" ... written by hiphoper695
Connected well with me and didn't have to tell him anything - described everyone to the Tee with names and everything!" ... written by msdowatiwant
Great reading!" ... written by Aryastark
Wayne was so amazing, he picked up on my situation and also gave me details about my life. I will be doing another reading with him in the future, he is so wonderful!!! " ... written by Shortcak
Confirmed the exact thing the other readers saw. Thank you so much. He totally described to me what the person in question looked like. It was amazing. " ... written by Willow59
Wayne connects extremely quickly and I've come to him several times for advice. He was right the last time I came so I'm back again. Hope it goes in the direction I want with his help." ... written by Willow59
Super outstanding! I'll be back to you, I'm super excited now I can't wait!" ... written by pinoypinkfairy
Pretty cool i said hello and he picked up all my worries before i went private" ... written by janice41765
Wayne was good even gave me time frame hope it come true!" ... written by marionlyttle
Thanks a lot for everything. You were right on the target. Excellent psychic, I recommend." ... written by terry_again
Thnks you so much for your help, I will definetely keep you posted on tomorrow's phone call." ... written by terry_max
Thanks Wayne for all the nice things you said about me , and for the positive outlook you have on my life, i am sure it will all work out for the best, Thanks again l.o.l" ... written by gipsygirl
The absolute best. Best I have ever had. He doest not tell you what you want to hear....he tells you the truth. I would highly recommend him!!!!! 5 stars!!! " ... written by missvega
He was very helpful, thank you. " ... written by blueberrypigs
Good reading!" ... written by maria12111
He reading was straight to the point ... " ... written by msdowatiwant
Wow, great:)" ... written by Aryastark
Knew a lot about me right off the bat without me saying anything, and was consistent with what other psychics have told me. " ... written by cheren129
Always the Best :)" ... written by JoeytheOne
Accurate!!! " ... written by kirsty23
Whoaaa !! piked on my situation before i cud open my mouth...very quick fast n to the point...unfortunately i had less credits ...will b back when richer " ... written by beautifulmoi
AMAZING! Answered questions before I asked. knew what the issues were and were on target." ... written by Ryan747
Absolutely fantastic..... everything down to a tea!" ... written by cherryblossom321
Very good." ... written by Klaudyna27
Keeping fingers crossed...hoping it comes true...and the last bit doesn't...CONFIDENT AND BANG ON...need I say more for MR WAYNE??? " ... written by beautifulmoi
PsychicWayne is very accurate and the information never stops flowing about all life areas. He is very compassionate and sincerely can empathize with our life experiences and has a good connection with spirit links, like with our passed love ones and the messages they'd like to pass on. He will give you all the good advice you need to put into practice. I definitely recommend a reading with him, and it is much value for money. " ... written by larasadie26
Wayne certainly gave me good advice and guidance. Thank you again, Wayne." ... written by justinsensei
He told me what he said was going to happen and read into my current situation correctly. i liked the reading, i got more out of it than expected. highly recommend!" ... written by crk129
Love his style - so different!!! mwaaaa" ... written by wonderwoman29
He gave some vert detailed instructions to try to help me. I hope it helps. Seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Thank you!!" ... written by scully9999
Always insightful, thanks for the help and guidance.." ... written by gerritmarx
Very intuitive, would have loved more info but ran out of time. " ... written by marias95127
He was spot on" ... written by Sierra17
Thanks Wayne a lot" ... written by fresiaflower
I had a reading a while ago, and he remembered it! and he had lots of good info for me! awesome as always! " ... written by SillyGirl1109
Wayne is good.... He is fast and accurate... Thanks for the help!!!" ... written by GM
He's very accurate at what he says. He's pretty damn good at what he knows... well done Wayne. I would give him a try everyone is amazing..." ... written by ariesland
Wayne is good.. He is accurate and friendly... He is always on track... and picks things up fast.... Thanks wayne..." ... written by GM
Hes good... Clear and accurate... What more can be said... :)" ... written by gerritmarx
Wonderful experience!" ... written by Awaterlili3
Very good reading, accurate and helpfull.. Thanks wayne.x" ... written by maria12111
This man is FREAKING LEGIT! I mean THE REAL DEAL. Try him friends!" ... written by cupcake1117
Very detailed reading....couldn't ask for more.... Thanks Wayne. i will be back." ... written by Scorpio1112
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! accurate... he didnt know about the things in my past.... he picked it up in seconds...... this guy is fantastic!!! " ... written by gerritmarx
Great reading. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by KC0716
Wow.. Wayne is wonderful!!! he is spot on!!!!! accurate!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Well this guy im keeping as my friend... reader... guide and confidant... he is spectacular.... nr one on oranum i should say..... wayne.... u are a diamond!!!!fantastic person that does so much good and believe me.... he doesnt sugar coat the readings... some of the things are not nice to hear... but he supports u all the way.... and man oh man... is he accurate.... blessing my friend...." ... written by gerritmarx
Wow he's good!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Just had to hear the WAYNE MAGIC WORDS ..THE STAMP OF ASSURANCE ON THE HOPES OF MOI.....thnx wayne smiling and continue to dream.." ... written by beautifulmoi
Thnx wayne.....and i believe you ............" ... written by beautifulmoi
Very on the point a great psychic wish I had longer will be back thanks Sweeti wayne" ... written by jademc
Very accurate, on target. will speak with you again" ... written by VANESSA3424
Good but money-minded. " ... written by scorpion
Wayne is a very compassionate man. Wayne is on point from moment one even before I could finish typing in my name. Wayne is a very good man. I will consult with him again and again as needed. I recommend him greatly!" ... written by lifeismosaic
Fantastic... always honest and kind... very accurate.... true friend... well deserving 5 stars!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Wayne, You are great at what you do.. Very detailed....Very gifted. " ... written by Scorpio1112
I like him. He tunes in, I trust what he has to say, he is connected." ... written by lifeismosaic
As usual lovely and in tune, made me feel at ease with my concerns, thank you!" ... written by cap1960
This guys is amazing. Amazing, are you kidding me." ... written by MrsChung1
He was funny and entertaining! He's very to the point and doesn't beat around the bush. I'll see how accurate he is in the future!" ... written by tginsbe123
A SWEET HEART!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Well i hope what he said was true cause it was good news. he was right about some things and not about some things. he is a nice man, smart. :) thanks" ... written by emotions
Wayne is the best. I will be back. " ... written by MrsChung1
DAMN!!! I don't have a camera on my computer. He knew my career and my race. There is no way that he should or could know that!!! I wasn't even calling about that." ... written by Sugar57
Very fast reader! Picked up some interesting things!" ... written by Korbyl
Oh my gosh! I knew he was trouble!! He's cheeky and he's gooooooood!!! Don't know who's in the room with him (ahem) but he really does pick up a lot. He's very astute, but sometimes it's hard to tell if he's being serious with you or yanking your chain." ... written by Sugar57
A lot of things spot on." ... written by princess_20
Great reading thanks very much. " ... written by maynardtony
Wayne is spot on on his predictions and he is sensitive on how he relays the news. He is very nice. I would recommend anyone to him." ... written by kachimbi1
Really put a smile to my face." ... written by cupkatie
He is spot on about everything, he’s so right it’s scary." ... written by cupkatie
You know wayne, well worth the money." ... written by MrsChung1
Thanks wayne for you truly words!!! :)" ... written by maria12111
I found it interesting, he picked up on things that were quite different to other readings I have had on this site. This reader gave timelines which i will look forward to. I would highly recommend everyone to have a reading with him, it is an unique experience. I look forward to having updates with him and even asking about other subjects. " ... written by apollobay
The reading was great! " ... written by purduepetesgurl
I had a a reading with wayne a few weeks ago and so far everything he said is coming true!!! Its actually quite scarry! Im interested in seeing how everything else comes out as well!" ... written by lolapstar91
Positive reading...Hope the predictions will come to pass...connected well with me and my situation..was quick to connect..Thank you" ... written by acealways
WONDERFUL AND AUTHENIC PSYCHIC " ... written by seventhheaven
WOW..I am on..accurate..correct..I will come back for sure.." ... written by tasha_j
He gives names!! Wayne is for real. If you want the truth, this is the real deal. He tells stuff that nobody should know!!!!! wow wow wow wow wow. Thank you." ... written by crazyfaiery
Thanks so much, I had tears but tears of joy when my grandmother came through. You are wonderful, the best. I will spend anything to speak to you again. Just fantastic and passionate." ... written by wowme75
Again. Just simply wow. He just knows everything!!!!! Thank you!" ... written by crazyfaiery
He knows." ... written by eurbaez438
He lured me into a private today, it was fun, I really smiled. HE MADE ME SMILE!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Always a fantastic reader." ... written by toni808
Thanks again." ... written by shaz77
Interesting but good." ... written by shaz77
Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by eurbaez438
Informative, short and truthful." ... written by lex5130
Very good, right on! I was in chat and he told me he needed to tell me something! What he had to say was right on!" ... written by ml4063
Didn't tell him anything and he was spot on in all areas. He was fun, had a great voice and cute. :)" ... written by PMitchell
He is a sweetie...picked up on so much without me telling himlove him!!! :)" ... written by elledaly24
Hes amazing !! Just brillant. He' told me things no one else knows about me or my life. He even knew about my family situation which no one else knew. I trust him 100 perecent and you will too. Thanks Wayne you have really set me on the right path and I will do everything you have told me to do. " ... written by Beccaboo72
Picked up info without me giving any indications! Gave good advice and most important of all did not judge me." ... written by oiseau67
5 stars he's so good." ... written by maria12111
Very intune with my situation, picked up a lot and very very accurately. very honest also, thanks for the reading :)" ... written by girly222
This guy was awesome go pvt with him" ... written by 1285597
Blew my mind away! Connected instantly all I did was answer yes after yes after yes.... Thank you so much Wayne!" ... written by dallascowboys8
So accurate!!! He started saying things without me saying anything and he basically left me stunned in front of my screen! All I could type was wow ;)" ... written by vkecjw
Wayne thank you so much for this day! I really needed to hear from my grandfather!" ... written by jen1210
Thank you! " ... written by lagirl
I could have talked to him for hours! It's a shame my credit ran out because I was feeling so relaxed and comfortable talking to him about life and general things. Got the answer to my most important question sorted and he gave a prediction. Can't wait for the next reading!" ... written by leapenn
Oh lawd we covered a lot in private and I am glad I picked him because I was so FRIGIN confused. " ... written by mashmellowbunni3
Spot on. Thank you." ... written by bubblesgalore
Spot on" ... written by Kaly2012
Very good, told me everthing I needed to know... I feel a calm now" ... written by ml4063
Wayne was great, really informative and accurate. Picked up on alot!" ... written by calibabe23
Very straight forward , was very accurate , thanks." ... written by denisha31
Wayne was on point. Very accurate in deserning the situation I was dealing with. I enjoyed the how he picked up on other things without me asking. He was great!" ... written by JJessie
He amazed me!! He's right to the Point!! He is wonderful, with a very STRONG energy and feelings!! His reading is very accurate and I loved and enjoyed it a lot! I also liked his personality and will get back to him soon. He is a Wonderful Psychic with great advices. Thanks Ellie USA " ... written by Ellie11
Ok i had NO faith in psychics whatsoever- its actually against my religion to do this. but i was so helpless and hopeless and i went to psychic wayne. he was predicting things there would be no way of him knowing. you'd think oh he knows my sign is libra so he's just generalizing but he knew DETAILS of my scars and things of that nature that there was no way of guessing. i will never go to anyone else ever again. he was honest and blunt with me. even things i didnt want to hear he told me- he was warm kind genuine friendly and even though i know he's more expensive than others- TRUST ME IT IS WELL WORTH EVERY PENNY. he speaks into a microphone so you can hear his voice. he doesnt just type out words. i'm telling you just try one reading- you will be AMAZED!!!!! " ... written by soulmateenigma
It was interesting." ... written by shaz77
Omg I loved his reading... When I have more money I will certainly pick him!.. Thank you so much..You guys need to choose him!" ... written by redlove7
GREAT ! " ... written by sillygirl1198
He knew what I was thinking before I even said anything. He gave accurate dates and descriptions. THank you" ... written by crissykos
Psychic Wayne Isaacs was very accurate about my passed ,current situation and people around me .But now I'll have to wait and see if his future Predictions come TRUE." ... written by SharingIsCaring
Funny, but right on ! " ... written by Nicky
Thanks Wayne!! Always a pleasure!" ... written by gerritmarx
He's quick and awesome! " ... written by sillygirl1198
He is so intune and I love his care and warmth - I command him to all. thank you wayne xxx from gods thoughts to his mouth helping...." ... written by cap1960
Awesome even with short credits Wayne tunes in to the energy instantly. Described the man of interest perfectly as well as what I feel about him and what I see in the man LOL. Thank you again Wayne I will be back for update and more privates. " ... written by dallascowboys8
Good!" ... written by LaydeeWhoeva
Fantastic and was very accurate.. absolutely amazing. " ... written by paigelm
Wonderful reading!" ... written by chawks009
He is amazing." ... written by Linrenayfisher
Thank you so much for your insight." ... written by heavenlylight
Brilliant fast predictions......assured me of a positive outcome.....nothing changed....I just needed his confirmation on a huge doubt I had...Thanks wayne." ... written by beautifulmoi
Outstanding, very fast and knows a lot of details without me saying anything. Thanks so much!" ... written by p
Good psychic!" ... written by aundreya25
Better than my previous reading......... He predicted some things to happen...I will definitely be back to him when the predictions come true.... Thanks Wayne." ... written by mossdevraj
Thanks for the update:) always good and spot on" ... written by GM
Wayne was so spot on about all in my life. Straight to the point but logical and kind. He has great insight to the point, it scared me, but exciting as well that someone is so in tune. Wonderful reading and will love to have a reading with him again. Thank you Wayne 4 everything. God bless." ... written by cap1960
He is gorgeous and gives me so much confidence to do what I need to do find happiness - right on the money thanks wayne and good luck with all your ventures xxx" ... written by cap1960
Scary how good this guy is .. worth every penny." ... written by lashgirl123
Hes wonderful but I have to wait for his predications - god bless Wayne!" ... written by cap1960
Thanks, Wayne!" ... written by truffy24
Very nice reader... Straight to the point... Thank you, Wayne!" ... written by Jazbar69
Quite amazing. he did his demo on me and then in private he stunned me even more. Told me where I was from. The connection I had with the ocean. the boy I'm in love with... Even described his dark skin tone and our age difference. AMAZING, will see you next month! lol" ... written by giselle
Amazing, he told me things that was impossible for a person to know that i havent met, he is a true psycich! He is always honest! thank you so mch for everything Wayne!" ... written by ownstar
Love talking to wayne. He is angle sent and knows the right words to say to give me confidence in myself .Thanks xxx" ... written by cap1960
Great connection" ... written by Belle1
Thanks wayne. It`s good when i can get through, but sometimes the connection is bad between australia and you. Enjoyed the chat. xxxx" ... written by cap1960
The most entertaining" ... written by cap1960
As usual intertaining - and lovely full of energy and confidence - thank you wayne " ... written by cap1960
He is simply amazing. Fast reader and fast typer. Accurate reading. Hope my reading comes true" ... written by silverflower
Wayne is certainly 1 in a million - thanks for great reading...god bless" ... written by cap1960
Gave me predictions that I'll have to wait for. Also gave me my children's names - exactly, not "starts with M"!!! He knew a lot of details. Thank you!" ... written by cathyq
He was on point to the situation at hand. I look forward to the outcome." ... written by capricorn701
Great reading!" ... written by tk40000
Thank for guiding me through this difficult time - I am sure I would not have been able to be as focused and be as strong emotionally without waynes help - Thank u wayne." ... written by cap1960
Thanks for the chat wayne - great boost - heaven sent. thanks" ... written by cap1960
It's been a pleasure as usual - Loved our time together - Thanks wayne. xxx" ... written by cap1960
Five star" ... written by rainbowranch
Very helpful!Thank you!" ... written by cap1960
He was right on the ball very fast didn't have to say anything he told me and all came ture well tuned in very percise - thanks wayne" ... written by bums2222
As always a real treat to talk to you. Thank you wayne. xx" ... written by cap1960
Love him! The best ever!" ... written by ownstar
It was so good to catch - Loved every minute thanks. xx" ... written by cap1960
Good and very interactive." ... written by sudeepinfo
Good reading! Thank you! Will be back!" ... written by cuddles1960
Thia guy is amazing! andhe is the real deal, he know everything i cant not even put in words how much he means to me! 100000000 start from me!" ... written by ownstar
Best ever." ... written by ownstar
As always great chatting - you are spot on about a lot of things.. Thank you." ... written by cuddles1960
Very good; thank you." ... written by jmhiter
He is the best and accurate!" ... written by librra32
Totally awesome!! Oh my goodness! Talk about spot on!! I ordered an email reading first from Wayne and his email blew me away! Then I got a private reading and he was spot on in everything he said to me, details and all! I highly recommend Wayne, believe me you will not regret it!! Thank you Wayne! :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
Good catching up with up - thanks for insight.." ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne is just so amazing, warm hearted and genuine! I love his sesions, even if just to talk, he calms me and makes me really relax :) This lady here is going to be a client of his for a long time to come!! Thank you so much Wayne, you are wonderful :o)))" ... written by LizNorway
Thanks for chat and advise....look forwardto next time bye cuddlesxxxx" ... written by cuddles1960
Wooow you were spot on some things!!!! Amazing, thank you for your help!" ... written by tetica1234
Good talking wayne - love advice as usual catch up soon...cuddles" ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne is king and so great he makes everything great xxxx" ... written by cap1960
Thank you so much." ... written by pacheito
So much fun when wayne gives you a reading - just lovely, thank you from my heart. xx" ... written by cap1960
If you want a real psychic, Wayne is it! He knows things about you, details and names. Take him to private!" ... written by cathyq
amazing the best on here.." ... written by nolasmermaid
Aaaawesome." ... written by gem1974
Was so very awesome.... " ... written by hamm05
Thanks for confirmation on my concern - hopefully it will come through and im sure make a happy difference in my life. Thanks again..." ... written by cuddles1960
Wonderful catching up - entertaining as usual. Settled some concerns. Thank you!" ... written by cuddles1960
Thanks for confirming that to me - a relief, now all will be well - god bless x" ... written by cuddles1960
It was great catching up with you Wayne - You are like my shinning star when I am down... Thanks so much.. a real gift.. God bless x" ... written by cuddles1960
Thanks! Great chat! Something to look forward to." ... written by cuddles1960
Very good reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Not sure of reading until predictions come true. Wayne is able to connect but again awaiting predictions. " ... written by bacidoll
Great." ... written by bata183
Pretty good reading, but still awaiting predictions. Good connection with ex boyfriend." ... written by bacidoll
Thanks Wayne for confirmation its good to know all good...xxxx" ... written by cuddles1960
Good seeing again wayne love the advice i shal try .. thank u take care x" ... written by cuddles1960
Excellent, very tuned in and caring." ... written by Sophie8880
Great talking, always a boost to my confidence, thank you, Wayne..." ... written by cuddles1960
Excellent, he picked up on me before I went onto private chat!! He knows what I was going to ask! He is great!!" ... written by bmurillo
Amazing!" ... written by gem1974
He is amazing, very accurate and straightforward.. Thank you!" ... written by kachimbi1
Fun reading. xx" ... written by lilyui07
Thanks for chat good to c u. Confirms all for me thank u so much. xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Amazing reading. Incredibly insightful." ... written by bbrunner21
Incredible clear vision! Thanks and blessings to you!" ... written by Denisenz
Great guy :) Very in tune!" ... written by jackals1312
Thanks for the help and the reading!! Was good, fast, and honest." ... written by gn
Good to chat again thanks for the information hope it happens soon... take care xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne thanks for your energy and the uplifting way you bring to my life and I know to many others.. You truely are gifted and very generous with your love... Always truely grateful xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Awesome precise and powerful to the point " ... written by gem1974
Excellent!" ... written by Kaly2012
He is really good.. Knew things about my life he could never have known without his psychic abilities. I cried after the reading with him, cause the truth hurts. But I am thankful for his honesty. I needed it. He is not like most of the readers here on Oranum, just playing around with kind of a interest.. He is for real :)" ... written by bluebutterflies
A very nice guy did a good read!" ... written by hellzbellz
It was great catching up, thanks for chat... Catch you later x" ... written by cuddles1960
Was very kind and quick. I enjoyed speaking with him anf look forward to what he said!" ... written by dreamgirl30
Thanks for the confidence to get through all I have to each day... Great chat I will be back soon... Thanks Wayne God bless!" ... written by cuddles1960
It`s always good catching up. Very insightful. Have to wait for things to turn out. Take care Wayne. xxx" ... written by cuddles1960
It was great seeing you and catching up - we will talk soon about my issues for your insight..." ... written by cuddles1960
Great seeing and catching up ..." ... written by cuddles1960
Great insight was great to talk about chances...No going back now...take care. x" ... written by cuddles1960
One of the best chats so far - very deep I'm grateful... God bless xx " ... written by cuddles1960
Had fun talking about issues - believe there is a better way coming soon .....thanks.x" ... written by cuddles1960
Absolutely to the point. Thank you!" ... written by generaldirection
Thanks for answering that query. I have much to think about. Take care. xxx" ... written by cuddles1960
What can i say WOW...thanks." ... written by cuddles1960
Thanks for your input today...look forward to the outcome of your again thanks Wayne. x" ... written by cuddles1960
Thank you :)" ... written by gateforest01
Wayne you are truly amazing with your predictions... I pray they all come true... I look forward to our next chat! xx " ... written by cuddles1960
Good catching up, Wayne. Such an emotional reading, thank you for the answers... look forward to the next chapter. x" ... written by cuddles1960
Thank you!" ... written by Phuong_phan2610
Wonderful seeing u... lots to wait for but i can c a shift in things starting to happen ..makes me very happy." ... written by cuddles1960
Was helpful :)" ... written by Cell14
Incredible reading - straight to the point of the situation!" ... written by bbrunner21
I really appreciate the reading you gave me this morning, it tells me I did the right thing by my husband and that he is ok with me moving on really gave me peace of mind. YOU'RE AWESOME!" ... written by fancyloves2sing
Was so good catching up wayne - will do it again soon . trust in u what u say will happen..i need to play my part as well to make my dreams come true....x" ... written by cuddles1960
Good talking... I hope things will improve a lot soon. I will be in touch to tell you about the outcome. Thank you, take care! x" ... written by cuddles1960
Good reading!" ... written by druvina1973
Love ur predictions...look so forward to the future... things have already started but hope others issues will as well...greatreading as usual...thank u wayne x" ... written by cuddles1960
When you think you have seen it all you get a shock when you visit this guy. In free chat he told me exactly what my questions were. He told me name of ex which a very unusual name. He told me about my kids my finance about my past. So much that I had to take a breather. I just don`t know what else to say that this is unreal and a phenomenal experience! " ... written by sandalgr8
Good reading!" ... written by Suzan4444
OMG...awesome reading, thanks bud." ... written by uzma01
Thanks for the chat, had a lot to tell you and you reinforced my faith. All will be with God's plans, with a helping hand from me, lol! Catch you again, Wayne! Thanks xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Best advice so far much information to mull over ...good insight to new things to happen..thank u x" ... written by cuddles1960
AMAZING!!!!!! I will def be back when I can afford it, I look forward to your predictions." ... written by cb1987
Wonderful talking to you. Great insight into the future happenings. Pray it all works out... Wishing you great success and luck with your book .." ... written by cuddles1960
Great reading!!!" ... written by Joanna93
Wonderful psychic! Great reading as always!" ... written by Joanna93
Hes good :) promise" ... written by Linrenayfisher
So good to catch up, thanks for ur input today..truly gifted...look forward to future...wish u well x" ... written by cuddles1960
I had taken private readings from other Psychic readers. No one is accurate as PsychicWayne. VERY ACCURATE AND PRECISE.Should be number 1 in ORANUM." ... written by sudeepinfo
Very accurate and honest :) thank u so much" ... written by pinkstyle
Awesome. Only a small amount of time, but very good!" ... written by slinkyminky3
Thanks for the chat. Things are changing as your prediction. Good news all round. Great as usual. Thank you!" ... written by cuddles1960
Very good reading!" ... written by kelley1267
Wayne, thank you for the great email reading from today... I will be back for sure :-)" ... written by leililaloo
Great seeing you. Want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy 2013. Thank you for all the advice and support these past few months, it has been my saviour. Will catch up soon, I hope when things get better. You have become just a great friend as well as an advisor. Thank you with all my heart. xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Great again!" ... written by Kaly2012
Wayne is Wayne. He is not mad, he is a psychic." ... written by gem1974
Very accurate, you knew so much about me!! I am very grateful for your time! And your honesty!!! Thank you dearly and I will definitely look into buying your book!! I highly recommend you, you are truly, deeply gifted!!" ... written by bunny222222
WOW fantastic confirmations....xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Fantastic reading .... Thanks x" ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne connected with my dad, who passed almost 7 years ago. Amazing! Through this sacred connection, Wayne was able to give me valuable insight into a current situation. I now know that my dad is helping me from Spirit." ... written by peter9225
WOW - great..." ... written by cuddles1960
Simple and great!" ... written by anwarismaili
Very spot on - enjoyed the reading. Helped me make a decision and can now follow through with my choice. Thank you." ... written by Australiana16
Wonderful reading... Thank you so much... real hope for good times to comes.. true gentleman thank you Wayne!" ... written by cuddles1960
Great clear insight, thanks!" ... written by Denisenz
Great connection... Thanks for insight... Just have to wait a bit longer... For it all to fall into place... It's already happening as your prediction... Thank you, Wayne x" ... written by cuddles1960
All I can say is that he is the real deal. No doubt about it. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by leogirl
It is possible that it is just a feeling state I am going through with our exit conversation, but it is a matter which time will reveal to me. The answers will not be there now, but you have helped me through half my case. Thank you soo much, you took a load off my soul. Peace." ... written by popcyclestick
Excellent! Very well connected and FAST. No messing around. Definitely in my favorites! Thanks!" ... written by TaylorB12
Very accurate reading.. Awesome." ... written by hard2break
Great reading!" ... written by Joanna93
Wayne is excellent with the information he picks up. " ... written by LeslieKay
Lived up to his reputation. Told me information that I did not know about. Important info!!!! Very greatful." ... written by vigglesworth216
********AMAZING********" ... written by cb1987
Very connected just WOW!!!!!!" ... written by cb1987
CLear and concise!" ... written by koelneogy
Thanks for the reading! :) Very nice and good! :)" ... written by katarzbl
I have never had a reading like this in my entire life. I was drawn to Wayne for a reason. He is quite brilliant and on target. I have found my spiritual adviser and Can't wait to buy his book also. Toodles " ... written by Bracamontes
Great psychic, would definitely recommend!" ... written by dalaila22
THANK YOU WAYNE! you were on spot with important names, events and predictions!..Picked up right away. and did not waste time.. 5 STARS!! for sure.. " ... written by lagirl
Excellent reading! Always insightful and to the point. Clear vision of the current situation." ... written by bbrunner21
Everything was exact and on point ! He is fantastic, very good." ... written by nia1294
Great catch up...thanks! Spot on about all things at this time in my life....thanks Wayne xx" ... written by cuddles1960
On the mark again tku" ... written by Kaly2012
Truely a 5 star reading. Thanks for all the positive messages. Look forward to our next catch up! x" ... written by cuddles1960
Tapped into my situation and gave me clarity." ... written by confusedrn
AMAAAAAAAZING. He chose me for a demo and he blew my mind. He basically knew everything about me without telling him anything. so yeah.. you should look up the videos of him on youtube and see him in action. soooooo good. thanks wayne." ... written by imapeach
Great reading... Confirming exactly what I need to do... True gentleman that delivers his prediction in a caring manner... Thank you, Wayne... Absolutely 5 star... Loved your book I'm not mad I'm psychic... Great read sad, fascinating and funny... Recommend it to anyone reading this review..." ... written by cuddles1960
Great discussing the future and all that it has to offer.. Hope my wishes do come true as your prediction... Thanks wayne. xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Thanks Wayne. A great birthday reading. May all my wishes come true today. xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Blew me away! Hit my situation right on the head. Looking forward to predictions he made. He makes you turn on your camera, so put some lipstick on :)" ... written by KarlaSmith
Wonderful reading much to look forward to in the furture...Thanks for your insight ....look forward to next time....Thanks Wayne xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Absolutely brilliant... Thank you very much!! keeping my fingers crossed for the prediction to come true!! " ... written by harsh
Very thorough and concise, gave me the clarity and detail I needed." ... written by Montice
Amazing!" ... written by aa
Great catching up, lots happening in 2013. Hope a great year for all, thank you! x" ... written by cuddles1960
Fantastic insight to the immediate future. Look forward to it all thanks xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Great chat...confirmation great...thanks xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Good catching up again.. Thanks for confirmation... All will be good.. x" ... written by cuddles1960
Picked right up on everything. Best ever, I will always come back. Thank you Wayne !!!!!" ... written by Butterfly579
Thank you tremendously as always. I am looking forward to reading this book of yours. Your help is always amazing and so spot on! you've been truly given an amazing gift and I'm so lucky to get the opportunity to have your help and advice. Thank you dearly!!! I highly recommend you!!! Love and peace!! Xxoo" ... written by bunny222222
Good, honest, funny. Loved the reading!" ... written by Majoma
He is good!" ... written by kachimbi1
WOW what a reading...the best to come...cant wait...want it all to come so many of ur other predictions have...with Gods help!!!" ... written by cuddles1960
Great reading." ... written by Kaly2012
Wonderful catch up.... thanks wayne! x" ... written by cuddles1960
Massive character, wonderful guides, thanks so much, will be back. Big hugs." ... written by poquette
Great catch up... great insight." ... written by cuddles1960
Great." ... written by Kaly2012
AMAZINGGGGGGG! Thank you so much..." ... written by PIoneers19
Great catch up.. Thanks Wayne! x" ... written by cuddles1960
Good reading, telling actually the truth. Goes straight on your situation. Very good to talk to! :)" ... written by ginlin
WOW, so frank and honest. Truth hurts but I see now clearly." ... written by Pauline36
Wonderful insight to future.. Thanks wayne..x" ... written by cuddles1960
Brought me to tears, incredible reading. Saving up so I can go this again!" ... written by IrisSusan
Thanks for your honesty. Will update you soon! " ... written by hellokittylynii
WOW....wonderful catch up ..look forward to my next reading with u...Thanks Wayne x" ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne was n has only been the very 1st psychic on oranum to read me so accurately so fast wthin 5 minute span!!!!Wow!!!!!He seen thngs tht no1 even knew on here frm 2 othr of my dear friends on here i c....He is awesome n it kinda put's chills dwn my spine to kno his energy is soooo clearer thn most on here..I think I'll definately be seeying him again thnks wayne n thnks for caring;')" ... written by torresk1978
Thanku for sharing something so important to can make a hugh difference in the way that life is looked at and shared with somone special...thanks Wayne catch u again soonx" ... written by cuddles1960
What will happen in March..... (hugs for you Mr. Wayne...)" ... written by kohiprinsu
Waiting eagerly to see the results." ... written by taurusmay5
What can i say ..just a hugh THANK U...for today its been great.. Thanks for connecting with Granddad pleased about his feelings for me...x" ... written by cuddles1960
Great reading, amazing x" ... written by stuart81
Intuitive, spot on, and honest. Gets to the point. Thanks, Wayne. " ... written by kar118
The man even knew about my tattoo!" ... written by coyoteroper
Thank you, spot on, amazing xxx" ... written by tinytina42
Excellent! time gone quickly, wish i'd more credits, appears spot on." ... written by charmaine54
Amazing, shocked!" ... written by millyloves22
It was quite interesting since I wasn't expecting what he said. I wasn't so close to him. I have not told anyone that I had a miscarriage. Pretty good!" ... written by AmyMccarthyRobin
I'm simply blown away. I was going into a private with him for something totally different than what we talked about. We really addressed the situations that needed to be addressed. Highly recommended. Spot on. " ... written by decarson
Wayne is the best!" ... written by Estonienne27
WOW thank u that is great news." ... written by cuddles1960
How he knows things is crazy, give him a go. He is scarily good and spot on" ... written by millyloves22
Wonderful talking to you ...Real insight to my feelings and the direction they are heading is how you predicted...thank u x" ... written by cuddles1960
What a wonderful session with you.. Truly lucky to have found such a great psychic to guide me... Thank you Wayne for all your care x" ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne Cheers Mate!" ... written by Salvatoreferra07
WONDERFUL" ... written by mel1261
He is good! I will come back!" ... written by Janice75
Great as allways " ... written by stuart81
Good!" ... written by Angelique7
Thank you for everything, Wayne." ... written by kohiprinsu
Wow it was a great chat really I am happy for your help on these matters of my life... Take care thank you Wayne! xx You are brilliant..." ... written by cuddles1960
He gave me names and amazing info only I would know. Great Reading. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
He was good, really helped!" ... written by MissMaddie
Very well, spot on and very accurate, thumbs up to me :) " ... written by kezzabella
I have never had a reading be so spot on! Wayne was able to come up with family names, descriptions and a lot of other information that I did not provide him. AMAZING!!! Everyone should have a reading from him you will be awed!!! " ... written by krismic2
Thanks for the catch certainly have a gift...catch up soon..x " ... written by cuddles1960
Great reading as always." ... written by stuart81
You're brilliant.. just amazing. You were bang on and you were extremely sure of everything you said.. you're so reassuring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ... written by amberhussain4
Thanks wayne. appreciate what you told me! =)" ... written by kingpi
Good!" ... written by sixtosixteen
Great time with your reading... Lots of good stuff to wait well as what's happening now..thanks xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Great. Great heart." ... written by butterflyrose19
Good." ... written by butterflyrose19
Spot on" ... written by Kaly2012
Very cool reading. Seemed very accurate! Looking forward to his prediction to come true!!" ... written by wasabi26
Loved our chat... Great predictions. I can't wait till all start... Thanks Wayne... x So uplifting!" ... written by cuddles1960
Thank you." ... written by kohiprinsu
Great advice as always." ... written by stuart81
He told me about predictions that my love will be renewed..." ... written by kohiprinsu
I can not believe it, this was the most accurate reading ever" ... written by nikkigt06
Right to the point, love it:)" ... written by clarissa leal
always right on the money. Amazing." ... written by kristina
Knew right away what was going on without asking. " ... written by kar118
One word...Wonderful! Thank you!" ... written by cuddles1960
Thank you!" ... written by shanil kumar
Very interesting reading spot on with whom I was asking about.. Great gift you have Wayne. " ... written by sally32
Quick and Amazing! " ... written by AntoineMEL2
Amazing! Thank you!" ... written by vayunu
Wonderful seeing u for a chat...will come back soon for ur insights to life...and the future. Thank u Wayne xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Wonderful!" ... written by Texas
Awesome. Right on point!" ... written by Woah!
Good!" ... written by malex300708
Spot on!" ... written by tloislane007
Great and accurate! I believe there is hope! " ... written by Bquestions
From what I got... Time will tell..." ... written by wisephoenix
Loved it!" ... written by djuanagraves
Amazing as always, great." ... written by stuart81
Very informative, great advice." ... written by lotus84
Good clear reader " ... written by ididitmyway
I enjoyed my reading with Wayne I will keep you posted as to the results." ... written by curiosity24
Great to be continued" ... written by tara00
Where did u get him? he is so talented! don't loose him! he is the best yet! he has much ability. and a really good guy! " ... written by richgirl64
WOW... great catch up with Wayne ...fantastic and caring...Thanks xx" ... written by cuddles1960
OMG all i can say is he was right on the money with everything. He answered every question before i even had a chance to ask. He gave time frames and knew things only I knew. I will definitely use him again!!" ... written by Monica
Thanks for the reading!" ... written by mysticmarxo
To the point as usual.. Thanks can't wait to read your book." ... written by Melene
Wayne is not only great psychic medium. He is also very strong, intelligent and caring person, to whom you can talk to about anything. He doesn’t make decisions for you, instead he helps you to notice your internal compass and your inner voice. After sessions with Wayne I started to notice many positive changes in my life. He helped me to get rid of many fears (like fear of flying) and anger inside me. He made me feel more self-confident. He teaches me that everything comes down to what I want and what I need to be happy and healthy. The best way I can serve other people is to take care of myself first. I therefore strongly recommend Wayne for any situation you currently have in your life or for any kind of help you might need at the moment. With big respect to Wayne, Estonienne27" ... written by Estonienne27
Magnificent... makes sense out of confusion..." ... written by cuddles1960
Amazing as before! " ... written by stuart81
he is very professional and has much ability....Much more than any psychics I've seen on here..... He is a spiritual guide to your life and it is a privilege to have him read for you.... He will know how to guide you." ... written by rosemary
Amazing as before " ... written by stuart81
Well his break did wonders for him!!!!... Better than ever..." ... written by cuddles1960
Wayne did excellent with our reading. Will be back." ... written by angie_bart
Short, accurate, great as always" ... written by astral_cutler
Great reading!" ... written by peter9225
He knew things without me telling him, I'm impressed. Can't wait to tell him that yes he has contacted me again. Thank you for the verification. " ... written by roselilly5
What an incredible reading so spot on....truely gifted thank u wayne...x" ... written by cuddles1960
Amazing...10/10" ... written by stuart81
ON POINT AS ALWAYS :) BEST EVER" ... written by clarissa
He is the most talented and gifted and caring psychic. He is an asset to your site. I will continue to seek his wisdom and gifts. Thank you, Wayne, so very much!" ... written by rosemary
Time goes fast but just as great as ever.. Thanks waynexx" ... written by cuddles1960
THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST!!!!" ... written by starsalign21
Psychicwayne is amazing....I continued to visit him in private after my credits ran out..TOO GOOD FOR WORDS!!" ... written by starsalign21
Interesting...need to see, if his readings will turn out to be true..." ... written by emmanuel
Right on target. People should talk with him. " ... written by kitkat02
Will be back" ... written by Mayansgottallent
She is very clear and gave me good advice. I am grateful for that. My first reading with her was very accurate and intuitive." ... written by vasanta
Great reader, to the point and honest!" ... written by Lauren
Great reading!" ... written by lauren
Awesome reading :)! Picked up on a lot, quickly!" ... written by Lauren
I enjoyed his reading. He is very accurate. I will definitely come back!" ... written by IsabelSpiegel
Good reader :)" ... written by Rahul
SPOT ON. Thank you Teddy Bear! I appreciate your time!" ... written by Danielle
Very accurate reading, thank you. :) " ... written by samantha
Wayne is always on point and knows my situation. Highly recommended! Thanks again!" ... written by WhiteAquarius73
Fabulous as always..." ... written by cuddles1960
Hope what he sees comes to pass. Wish I had more time.." ... written by suzy
Loved this guy, I do recommend if I had more money I would have gotten more credits!" ... written by kimberly
He is an awesome reader... He was right regarding my new job start date... Looking for his other predictions to come true." ... written by American_Eagle
He's simply amazing! I trust his advice." ... written by starryskies
Great seeing wayne ...such inspiring words about the future.... Thank u for your time and kind words...xx" ... written by cuddles1960
Thank you." ... written by AceOfCupss
I have to say this is a true psychic here, the best of the best! Totally knew me inside and out, I was shocked! PsychicWayne is amazing!" ... written by Hanna
I have had two readings with him and would like to leave five stars telling everyone what a true psychic he is! Just to reassure me he told me a couple things that couldn't be mistaken. What an amazing and talented man." ... written by firechick1619
Right to the point! Try him!" ... written by Bquestions
Excellent. He knew the situation in advance and gave very good advice." ... written by Kathy
Had an interesting reading with PsychicWayne. Can't wait to see if his predictions come to pass! Will most definitely be a repeat client!" ... written by Destiny_Love
Thanks will hold you to what you said/foresaw. Thanks." ... written by peek
Terrific and proficient!!!" ... written by Elaine Faber
ty...:)" ... written by c
What a great spiritual guide and fantastic predictions... How he knew such specifics about me can only say one thing... The real deal. Can't wait to come back and let everyone know what he said actually happened!" ... written by firechick1619
Wish I could hear him instead of typing. couldnt feel proper connection. He told me the questions before I even had a chance to ask him which was mad because it was so accurate what I was gonna ask him. I hope what he told me was true. Reading over so quickly. wish I had more time. Interesting." ... written by suzy
He was accurate and very detailed. " ... written by starryskies
Sorry cant afford more at this time..." ... written by malinda2011
Wonderful reading...I'm so pleased to have met Wayne." ... written by cuddles1960
Amazing! Very accurate, Mr. Wayne has mentioned new things about me without me telling him anything....he started talking about what was on my mind without me even asking the question or saying anything.... I just said Hi and he started talking.... what was even more shocking he told me the birth date of the person that was on my mind (correct date of course)! and he new the name of my husband. Mind blowing! Hoping that what he told me about future happenings will come to fruition! Will sure come back with an update!" ... written by foundation
What a true psychic and amazing reader he is!" ... written by firechick1619
Knew his stuff or should I say my stuff." ... written by kar
Absolutely wonderful as usual... thanks for the chat and pick me up... Truly inspiring!" ... written by cuddles1960
Great!" ... written by joni melahn
He was awesome this man that's all i can say. Please give him a try, you will not be sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by riley777
Wonderful... ty:)" ... written by c
Thanks for the update." ... written by 2_peek
Very good and fast." ... written by florysam
I think that he is the ONE!" ... written by emmanuel
15 STARS!" ... written by emmanuel
Truely amazing psychic..never siezes to amaze me with his gift. Thanks for chat Wayne..will be back ..x" ... written by cuddles1960
Always eager to share information with you that is accurate and quick to the point" ... written by firechick1619
Wonderful chat precise with his predictions ..he's the real deal...thank u Wayne..x" ... written by cuddles
Wonderful and talented individual. Amazing abilities he chooses to share with us and it's well worth it!" ... written by firechick1619
Wayne is great, very honest and upfront. Really enjoyed speaking with him. Can't wait to see what happens in my future :)" ... written by Jaclyn
After a long time....great as always!" ... written by beautifulmoi
Had a few readings with him, he is very inconsistent." ... written by ad
Great easy chatting with Wayne... appreciate the honesty... that is always important.." ... written by Chantal
I spoke to Wayne 2 times, 1st time i have been into a psychic reading, i can only pray and hope for the best." ... written by vanisha
Exciting times ahead...look forward to keeping you informed..." ... written by cuddles
Should have come to you the day i joined Oranum, 5 stars to you brother. I need more time lol." ... written by Guiseppe
Thanks for the wonderful reading...I pray your prediction come true on job front...everything else has been spot ....will be in touch to inform you of the outcome...fingers crossed...:)" ... written by cuddles
Connected well and gave quick insight - seemed to really tune in on it. Good chat for sure!" ... written by always
A true psychic with a loving and understanding heart. Can't wait to talk to him again. A wonderful man." ... written by Jennifer
5000 STARS!" ... written by emmanuel
Awesome!" ... written by aerie4
You were very helpful, thank you. " ... written by melanie
He is amazing. There is always a special connection between us when we do readings. Thanks Wayne! I will keep you posted on the outcome." ... written by kitkat
Wonderful Wayne - helped me gain perspective and peace of mind and heart, I so sorely needed! Thank you so much! Many Blessings to you." ... written by Samsharia
Wayne has been very accurate, and let me know what I could not know. Thank you Wayne, you have made a difficult place more easy to cope with!" ... written by Samsharia
Thank you so much wayne for calming me and I look forward to that date you gave me...I will so keep you updated to see if it comes to pass as you forseen it clearly (as you put it)...God Bless" ... written by 2_peek
Lovely as always! 5*" ... written by Elaine Faber
He is very talented!!!! I am very impressed. This man is the real thing." ... written by sara
Fantastic reading. " ... written by aghora
5000 STARS" ... written by emmanuel
ORANUMS BEST! WORLD FAMOUS PSYCHIC !!! Need I say more? Had many privates, u will not be disappointed. Thanks Wayne. MWA xxx" ... written by starsalign21
Great!" ... written by majoma
Very wonderful work, supportive and kind, helped me through very difficult time. Thank you Wayne, lots of love and many blessings." ... written by Samsharia
All the stars of the sky are not enough! He is the ONE!" ... written by emmanuel
He is really good and helpful. " ... written by Nicole
Amazing. Truly wanting to help with my situation. I am so appreciative! Now I know what I am feeling is correct. Thank You Wayne! I am now ready to make my plan for my future." ... written by Tammelane
The best and sweetest psychic on this site..he has been so spot on with all his feelings and I'm forever grateful he has made such a magical difference in my life.. Definitely more than a 5 star...." ... written by cuddles 1960
Hi Wayne, " ... written by Linda
He blew my mind within the first two seconds." ... written by Linda
His words are amazing and comforting! I will be back :) He is so calming! I felt an immediate connection!" ... written by Linda
Real good " ... written by angela
Excellent" ... written by sandra
Bless you!" ... written by Linda
Always a pleasure! :) " ... written by kristina
Never enough time but he worxx 4 me. God love ya." ... written by Maighen
Wonderful, he is a very gifted individual!!! Amazing!" ... written by twinkee344
He was very fast with his answers and knew what he was saying!" ... written by dawn
I was absolutly amazed... really!!! I tryed maythings already. Thanks Wayne - for giving he positive and that I could find my inner trust and power allover again. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by Anja
Amazing! Great connection with him. I can't wait to see the prediction. You must read with him!" ... written by kitkat02
Great fast reading." ... written by veezee
He is great worth a reading!" ... written by Rosa
Excellent." ... written by Lauren
Great and so quick!!" ... written by lauren
Brilliant - loved chatting." ... written by lauren
Doesn't sugar coat, is very honest. I hope what he says comes to pass. I would recommend a reading with Wayne" ... written by suzanna
Cool reading, seemed to know about my issue without me telling him! " ... written by Tom
U are so awesome!" ... written by dana
Great reader and very insightful. Connect very well. I look forward to his predictions." ... written by Destiny_Love
Amazing as always! You must read with him!" ... written by kitkat02
amazing! " ... written by kitkat02
Thanks..and amazing. I cannot wait for the next fold to un-fold as you see it...thanks sooo much." ... written by 2_peek
Brilliant. :) " ... written by leala sullivan
Sounds accurate ! Very calm reading." ... written by Antoinette
I had to get more information from PsychicWayne on a very important question. He was great and did make me feel better." ... written by Destiny_Love
Wayne has provides me a date of something that will happen, I have taken a note and certainly will be updating him!! He hit the nail on the head, nice one fella!" ... written by Vanboom
Very impressed that Wayne could tell me off the bat what was bothering me! " ... written by wwyong
..will come back for another reading ..Thank u :)" ... written by priyanka
PsychicWayne provided succinct responses to my questions. In some instances answers were provided before I responded!" ... written by Clarence01
Oh My Gosh ... I CANT BELIEVE HE KNOWS THE INSIDE OF MY STORY ... Thumbs up!" ... written by niceone888
Happy with reading. I will be back for more answers. " ... written by reenu70
He is good, would recommend him!" ... written by Angeldust67
I want more .... " ... written by niceone888
Not just stars, galaxies, collections of numerous stars!" ... written by 1emmanuel1
very accurate and very good with my reading and very nice too" ... written by angela
4/6 weeks in the making ... x" ... written by niceone888
Awesome, picked up on my situation right away good reading can't wait to update next month." ... written by Amannda
Thanks" ... written by 2_peek
well ... Once more....... All stars of universe for Wayne......You need just to try him and you see why I am saying so! Fast , accurate, honest!" ... written by emmanuel
Awesome!!" ... written by mmarria
Wayne, you have blown me away!! You know me better than I know myself - so accurate and so amazing. Thank you for an incredible private reading! xx" ... written by Julia
Still amazing as always" ... written by Amanda
Great as always straight to the point and truthful thank a ton for your help" ... written by Snowscape
Dead on 4 the most aprt." ... written by Bridgette
Maybe it wasn't enough time. The people he referred to are not people I know. My experience was ok." ... written by Terry
Amazing! Sometimes needs complete detail in order to understand the situation. But, he will give the advice in advance." ... written by kitkat02
WOW I am shocked!!!! Great!" ... written by Bridgette have to try him out!" ... written by bequestions
I didn't have to ask much, because he knew what I was going to ask..he is great!!!" ... written by erica
Simply the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont wait, dont hesitate, dont reconsider, just go for it!" ... written by emmanuel
PsychicWayne has given me some time with my dad andamp; that means more to me then anything." ... written by Maria
Amazing! I will have to see if the predictions come true." ... written by kitkat02
Thank you, Wayne! You do know what you are talking about." ... written by kitkat02
Thanks Wayne, you are amazing and uplifting." ... written by kitkat02
Amazing validation" ... written by MaryAnn
He was correct about a lot of things. He has a good heart!" ... written by ReshmiRJM
Very informative and always gets a laugh out of me. Keep up the amazing work!" ... written by Snowscape
Clear to the point :)" ... written by choco
Very insightful as always!!!! Thank you! x" ... written by LAUREN
Very accurate-sensed my new puppy jumping up on me." ... written by Tammelane
Thank you Thank you Thank you 1000 times over this man is sooo spot on you can set your clock to him... thank you soo very much. God Bless." ... written by 2_peek
Clear to the point, lets you know whats going on. " ... written by choco
Amazing and good with the situation." ... written by kitkat02
Seems pretty good! Spot on!!" ... written by mcssm
Awesome! Wayne is someone I trust to tell me the truth anytime. " ... written by kristina
Great" ... written by Arnetta
great" ... written by anetta
GREAT" ... written by ARNETTA
great" ... written by arnetta
Excellent!" ... written by heather
Quick and honest. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by Sanjam
Once more let's repeat myself: SIMPLY THE BEST!" ... written by emmanuel
Psychic Wayne is a blessing and is a true psychic. His only concern is to help others and gives of himself greatly. He has lifted my soul and given guidance like no other. Thank you so much." ... written by rosemary
Thanks for update sorry i am such a blonde and a bit confused today...hope all will unfold as you foresee." ... written by 2_peek
Great motivator" ... written by babyboy5110
Wayne is accurate.....told me things that nobody could ever know other than many strong signals.....very comforting.....put my mind at rest......5 stars all the way ...... would recommend him to anyone, I already haha..... he is unbelievable. x" ... written by DebbiLou1990
Not sure as it was a prediction that he made, will update my review if it takes place " ... written by james
GOOD. " ... written by Alexander Castro
YOU ARE AWESOME!" ... written by Kitkat02
Thank you! you are amazing." ... written by Kitkat02
Excellent!!" ... written by Tess
Extremely fast in connecting and stated things I never mentioned." ... written by Alneverus
I didn't even have to ask a question before he was telling me answers to my concerns... Incredible ability!" ... written by sara
I simply enjoyed his reading….Waiting for his prediction to come true!!!Thank you Wayne for your time." ... written by Sush425
It's been a while since our last reading and you are as fabulous as ever.. So spot on with every thing you have said in the past so looking forward to all your predictions for the future.." ... written by cuddles 1960
Super sweet and insightful.. gives great advice. :)" ... written by sara
Wayne is spotted-on and very discerning. He truly is gifted and amazing. I will keep coming back." ... written by Bracamontes
Had to come back for another round. He's that good." ... written by Bracamontes
It's been a busy day with Wayne. Always on point. Can't wait for things to unfold. Thanks Wayne. :-) " ... written by Bracamontes
Always on cue with the situation." ... written by Kitkat02
Very quick and accurate. Picked up on many little details." ... written by sara
Very insightful!" ... written by sara
Thank you for the advice, I will follow it. " ... written by Islander2000
He picked up on minor details about my situation that were incredible!!! I couldn't believe how accurate and on point he was!" ... written by sara
omg !!!! when I say he was great he was great ...hit everything on the head OMG !!!!!!! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Wayne is awesome...very accurate. " ... written by heather
Very quick profound reader." ... written by sara
He's awesome!" ... written by sara
Love him! So precise and accurate. awesome advice. Super fast reading and gives so much information my head was spinning!" ... written by sara
Thank you for helping me in understand what direction to take." ... written by Islander2000
Thanks for the update and calming me, God Bless!" ... written by 2_peek
Thanks hope all passes in 4 weeks." ... written by steven
Amazing as always." ... written by Kitkat02
Amazing as always. " ... written by Kitkat02
Amazing person....he knows how to handle the situation. Thanks Wayne. You are worth every star." ... written by Kitkat02
He is accurate in providing reading for departed ones. Straight to the point, honest and no sugar coating. " ... written by aikhooiooi
Very good and great and honest on everything." ... written by angela
Insightful session, thanks, see how it all pans out." ... written by cuddles 1960
I feel like Wayne hit every point right on the head before I even started talking to him. He offered excellent insight and a bit of tough love advice too. Great connection. Thank you" ... written by Stephanie
Great reading, looking forward to work with you!" ... written by edel95
BRILLIANT!" ... written by DIANE
Amazing! Thank you for believing in me. " ... written by Kitkat02
He's quick and to the point!!!!!! AWESOME!!!" ... written by SEANFM
Awesome ^^" ... written by belgiumchocolate
Amazing! Your predictions are coming true. Thank you!" ... written by Kitkat02
Pretty spot on again! No tech issues finally. Wow, I need to go chill for a second. I'm pretty shocked, in a good way. First timers like me need to check Wayne out; you'll think of everything differently, in the best way. " ... written by le trauma dolle
Wayne is an awesome psychic with great skills to hone in on the issue as if he was right there. He needs nothing in terms of coaching and he speaks matter of fact. His advice resonates with a truth that he helps bring out and make conscious to my heart. Thank you wayne for dedication and hard work and making yourself available to the public on this forum. You have been a tremendous conform and counsel, blessings to you! " ... written by ampm309
On fire as looking forward to the future..." ... written by cuddles1960
Very accurate - in short time of reading. " ... written by Redtab
Thank for the update Wayne, everything will work out for me, great reading!" ... written by milly
THANK YOU! 5+ stars.. answered quick and detailed! Thank you! " ... written by heather
He is really good. He predicts things that will happen in the situation. Still waiting for the other predictions to come true." ... written by Kitkat02
Always offers such honest advice, very charming, and genuinely caring." ... written by sara
Very good advice and concise predictions." ... written by sara
Wayne got to the point right away. I got a clear picture on points where I was confused. Bless you and thank you." ... written by Coconut
I love coming to him! So worth every penny! The best here on Oranum!" ... written by samantha tleiji
Helped me to see my present situation very clearly - excellent" ... written by Redtab/Brenda
Wayne is the best." ... written by islander2000
Needed to clear one remaining question, he is fast and so accurate. Thanks again Wayne. " ... written by fresiaflower
Thansk so much for advice and insights, appreciate greatly what you have shared!" ... written by steven
5 stars!" ... written by Urvaship23
Wayne was spot and today it was good news which is always nice to hear. I am looking forward to see things unfold as expected. He confirmed my own intuition on issue, which is for me totally awesome. Thanks Wayne." ... written by fresiaflower
Wayne, I don't know how much to Thank you for this reading. It meant the world to me. You have touched my heart and soul and gave be a beautiful healing. You are good at what you do." ... written by Kitkat02
He makes me smile, he makes me laugh. Totally forgot he was a psychic. But in all seriousness he is very kind and very interesting. Thanks Wayne! " ... written by linda
Wonderful listening to your insight to the much to look forward too...just as there have been so many outcomes from your past predictions...Thank you Wayne.. xxx " ... written by cuddles1960
Amazing, Amazing, Best on Oranum!" ... written by Kitkat02
Amazing person! I enjoy reading with him." ... written by Kitkat02
great update!" ... written by sara
Great reader, although what he said I did not like but I know it is true. I will follow his advice" ... written by devene page
right on target, wonderful man" ... written by devene page
Wayne is awesome. Knew things obout me only few people know. Minutes after this reading today, I took his advice and I got result just as he said would be. I am surprised myself, because never, ever would I do something like that without his advice. I will come back to Wayne whenever I feel the need and I got a feeling like we almost know each other. Funny, I know. but thank you Wayne, thanks a lot! xo" ... written by Tami
Awesome guy! Love his spirit!" ... written by dabountychic119
Amazing again! Thank you for continuing the reading from last night. You have brought closer to something that needed to heard by me. Thank you for your honest. You have a very good gift that helps a lot of people in this world. I will keep you posted with all that is to come in my life. Thank you!" ... written by Kitkat02
Wayne gave me a lot to think about and some work to do for my future. Thanks." ... written by mkandy
Thanks! LOL! You are GOOD!" ... written by Unknown
Sweet as always!! Excellent insight and advice." ... written by sara
WOW... What a session, that was truly amazing... So happy about future...Thank you Wayne.. you're so inspiring. God's blessings.." ... written by cuddles1960
His help was appreciated." ... written by sunmoonfire
Wayne is very loving and straight forward." ... written by ANNA
Quick, precise, answered question before I asked it.....Thanks" ... written by carol
friendly" ... written by emmanuel
Only word...Fantastic...Thank you..xx" ... written by cuddles
Reassured me everything was going to be alright and iI'll see what happens when i do what he told me to do." ... written by samantha
excellent" ... written by samantha
Great update" ... written by samantha
Thank you Wayne...I will follow your advice...I appreciate your guidance." ... written by islander2000
He is the best! Very quick and on point!" ... written by nina
He is always intuitive and honest. Thank you, Wayne. You are good at what you to. Please keep helping people." ... written by Kitkat02
Wonderful seeing you again for a catch up... Amazing things happening right now...Thanks xxx" ... written by cuddles
I will wait for opportunity to arrive to actually say the accuracy of the reading. He is spot on, but only the time will tell." ... written by reenu70
Wayne is really good and know what is happening! I really like going for updates. I look forward to the next few weeks!!" ... written by heather
He is really good, picks up on a lot of things!" ... written by Nina
Wayne is the absolute best I always leave here with laughs he's great and you will never regret his postive answers." ... written by ayla
Interesting!" ... written by Dasha
He is great. He was able to tune into things before I even asked I would see him again for another reading!!! very please worth the rate." ... written by dawn
He really is very good and spot on with what he picks up on." ... written by jenny
Great reading! Completely on point! Very impressed by the reading. I fully recommend psychicwayne. He is fast and extremely accurate." ... written by Gatorgal
Wonderful seeing u and...the most exciting events happening now cant wait for ur predictions to continue happening...thanks Wayne...ur the bestxxxx" ... written by cuddles
The best psychic i ever met truly hands down 100% accurate, quick and reliable!! leads you to the right path and not to mention very clear his direct and gives you positive feedback as well. If you want someone who knows your answer right away and is able to do it with speed and accuracy then i suggest you coming here! 5 stars all the way for you Wayne you truly know your stuff and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love, Ayla x" ... written by Ayla
I had an update with him, reassured me everything was ok and everything was in my hands." ... written by amoura88
Bloody excellent. Spot on! " ... written by caroline
5 Stars ... A PRO! truly professional .... cool!" ... written by Ann S
Perfect reading thanks" ... written by mkandy
Very informative and interesting. " ... written by mkandy
Very fast and accurate. 5 stars!" ... written by Daisy
I don't even know what to say! Its the real deal. Time ran out too fast, but i will surely be back. Thank you, Wayne :)" ... written by Lisa
So accurate, and Right on Point! I will be coming back to him." ... written by Shehrat Muzib
Thanks Wayne for the follow up! It was great. I`ll see if I get through!! talk soon!" ... written by Heather Dowdy
Amazing person! " ... written by Kitkat02
Five stars! Thank you, PsychicWayne!" ... written by Gatorgal
Thanks... Not much new info but keep trying and waiting but thanks" ... written by S
AWESOME!!!!!!!" ... written by SEANFM
I'll come back again and keep you posted..." ... written by niceone888
Thanks for your insight and wisdom and good answers! Always good to talk to you! " ... written by GM
Very excited for the next 2-3 weeks. Will keep you posted! Thank you. xxx" ... written by Lauren
Excellent reading... was spot on with a lot of things.. " ... written by Elizabeth
Always so generous in his insights... Wants to help in such a warm way... Forever grateful for guiding me through a most difficult time... Thanks Wayne... More than a 5 stars... x" ... written by cuddles
Thanks so much for another update. I'm having patience. Thank you again." ... written by amoura88
Thank you so much, 100% accurate" ... written by Shamsta247
Great reading!" ... written by Nina
Great!" ... written by unknown
Wayne is helping me move forward in life after being stuck for years. Truly appreciate his gifts and talents." ... written by mkandy
Simply thank you" ... written by cuddles
Amazing and funny! I love reading with him." ... written by Kitkat02
Very good. Fast and accurate." ... written by Idestinye
He's great! Real, honest and sweet." ... written by MaryAnn
Amazing and fun!" ... written by Kitkat02
Amazing and funny! You have to read with him." ... written by Kitkat02
Amazing, right to the point. Caring, and understanding guide. I reccomend him!" ... written by Eva
Wow.... another spot on reading!! thank you Wayne!" ... written by Heather
Excellent, was right on everything, connected immediately, I will come back for more..Thanks" ... written by Meemoo
Thank you Wayne, wonderful session thank you for your prays, I'm sure someone is listening to you cause so far all has happened like your predicted. Look forward to the future." ... written by cuddles
He knew so much about me and my situation. It was amazing. He saw things about me right away and about my situation. It was helpful and he is caring. " ... written by michele
Great reading! Accurate and to the point. Five stars!!" ... written by Gatorgal22
Brilliant reading!" ... written by WorldInATeaCup
AWESOME READING TOP NOTCH HIT SUM VALIFICATION ON THING I KNEW AlWAYS Pleasure to get accurate reading wth Wayne!!" ... written by torresk1978
Wonderful chat, so warm... thanks, Wayne! xxx" ... written by cuddles
best from the best! unbelievable experience!" ... written by olenka
This reading was too funny, Thanks for making me laugh!" ... written by Neepa
As always, perfect." ... written by mkandy
Another update. Thanks a bunches!" ... written by amoura88
He is always good! Accurate I do not need to tell him all, he just tunes in and start from there. Really nice, when you need to type fast, he sometimes answer a question even before I am done typing it. Great. Thanks." ... written by fresiaflower
Wayne was great, he predicted a move in my job that is happening and there is a move coming in sept and assured me i will be happy there. he also reassured me about a lot of things, i hope his predictions come true, i will know in a couple of months, thank you wayne as always " ... written by su
I love talking to him. Always helps me sort out my intuitions and thoughts. Thank you again, Wayne." ... written by Stephanie
Very good!" ... written by reenu70
Helping so much." ... written by michelle
I love his updates... thanks so much!" ... written by amoura88
Wayne picked up on the situation very clearly and details without me telling him. He sees things amazing clearly and put my mind at rest with a lot of things I was worried about. I can now go forward with the knowledge he has given me. He is amazingly accurate and very detailed. Thanks Wayne, 5 stars!!!" ... written by Andrew
Great every time!" ... written by masha milezhik
On point and marvelous reading, on spot totally!!! Wayne is a miracle man!!" ... written by torresk1978
Amazing man with a heart of gold.. wants only the best for us." ... written by cuddles
Good." ... written by jfusid
WOW!!!! This was so amazing. He is so real with his reading. It was fantastic. " ... written by Kimi
Right on target. Eased my nerves and was very confident in his answers, which calmed me down a lot. :) Thanks Wayne! I'll be back." ... written by Shira
This guy gives great advice and gives truth to everything." ... written by amoura88
Awesome as always! Thank you for the information. " ... written by Kitkat02
Great" ... written by Goin
Pretty good connection" ... written by Goin
Great sense of humor and good advice. Always a pleasure to have a reading from him. :)" ... written by sara
He was right with everything he said. " ... written by erica
Fast, honest, accurate, friendly, easy and straight forward. I have been consulting Wayne for months now, he is honest even for things we can't understand both but seems at the end he is right! Many thanks Wayne, God bless you!" ... written by Emmanuel
Wonderful!" ... written by S
Very surprising info. Spot on details. I'll see what will happen. Thanks." ... written by arl
Very wise, easy to talk too. Will see if the predictions are good. But very nice to talk too. " ... written by Vanessa
Helped me connect with my grandfather who I have been missing dearly." ... written by mkandy
Awsome....will have to see if what he told me is hasn't happened yet " ... written by Lisa
Wow, this guy's good. 2nd reading with him, and just like the first... BOOM! He's giving you information as soon as you get in private. However, it's not just quick touch and go info... I can tell he really listens and articulates his messages. I can't wait for my next reading with him, with updates. If you haven't given Wayne a chance yet, or are still on the fence about psychic abilities being for real or not, by all means stop staring at this review and get into private with him! :)" ... written by le trauma dolle
Pretty precise and fresh info. Thanks." ... written by arl
Very clear and specific, setting my heart to rest when I needed it. Supportive, kind and gentle. Thank you so much Wayne! Lots of Love and Light XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Truly lovely man with such inspirational words of comfort...the best.....Thanks Wayne...xx" ... written by cuddles
The usual comment with Wayne: fast, accurate, friendly, caring, supportive!!!" ... written by Emmanuel
Try him, great session." ... written by Goin
No comment,the person is superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should visit him and talk with this person,he guess a lot of details around you,names,places,everything.Visit him and you will not regret it! Wayne I ll visit you again,thanks for everything!" ... written by NIKI
Amazing andamp; accurate" ... written by Jennifer
WOW!!!! You knew the whole situation before I even said a word! You are really awesome And the names you came up with... people I knew from my past! I will consult with you again :)" ... written by Alessandra Cuccato
WOW what a amazing session truly sorted some concerns out and will be making decisions to better my life..." ... written by cuddles
Somehow Wayne knew that I love handbags, boots and hats! What more can I say? He is fast. He is insightful. Sometimes you have to pay for what you get. Glad I got a reading with Wayne. It brought me a piece of peace:)" ... written by baglady
He is good...and funny. He makes the reading enjoyable." ... written by Kitkat02
Thanks Wayne! You are good." ... written by Kitkat02
He is very friendly, fast typer, I enjoyed his reading, it was just straight to the point, all the questions I needed to be answered were answered promptly and he helped me to find my solution. " ... written by Leblanc_
I love this guy... Eexcellent support!" ... written by SEANFM
What an eye opener! If you want the truth come to Wayne. Amazing." ... written by tiffany
Wow - connected so well. Very fast too :)" ... written by Freedom2211
Wayne was very nice. He told it like it is, and I appreciate his honesty. Five stars!!!" ... written by Linda
He is amazing!" ... written by Jennifer
He is phenomenal! I wish I had more money so I could keep coming back for readings. You will never be disappointed. If you want the truth, here it is." ... written by masha milezhik
he's great!" ... written by Jennifer
Very good!" ... written by Kitkat02
Incredible man with an amazing glad Wayne is the psychic I met on Oranum...Thank u for your insights.." ... written by cuddles
Awsome!!! Will keep you posted about the 3-4 week thing. :) " ... written by niteowl44
Thanks for the reading, Wayne. Helped a lot." ... written by delighted2
Amazing chat. Always feel on top of the world. Thank you Wayne... catch up again. xx" ... written by cuddles
Had a solid connection with Wayne, he is very straightforward and picks up on your energy. He will tell you what he sees in the future.." ... written by meihualin
Wayne is kind, straightforward and very precise in what he says... he made numerous predictions. He is quick to connect and get in touch with your energy!" ... written by meihualin
Very Good could see exactly what situation is. " ... written by Redtab
He got to the point he helped out and was good." ... written by colten
Let's see what happens." ... written by amoura88
Perfect." ... written by mkandy
Psychic Wayne was very accurate with my reading. I was impressed at the information provided. Thanks!" ... written by Kareen
Pleased with reading, but again waiting for the answers to happen." ... written by reenu70
Awesome as usual!" ... written by Shira
Very accurate reading, didn't give him hardly no info, he was straight to the point. x" ... written by noor
EXCELLENT...Thank you..x" ... written by cuddles
PsychicWayne was wonderful in his reading with me. I felt that he connected real well with my situation. He gave me wonderful predictions and I definitely will be back after those have came to pass to testify how wonderful he is because I definitely will want everybody to know how great he is!" ... written by Brenda
Um....I would have to say one of THE best on here without a doubt! I came into his room and he says Hello and my last name. He starts telling me what I came to him for. In the private it was just spot on! UNBELIEVIBLE!! :)" ... written by Angela
Thanks Wayne, I must have faith." ... written by gipsygirl
Wayne is simply unreal and everything he sees and conveys is so glad he is my number 1 psychic - Thank you..x" ... written by cuddles
He is really nice person, really accurate, told me past where no1 knew.. always look forward to my readings with him. xxx" ... written by Jassy kaur
Greatest psychic ever!" ... written by maryann
He is a very interesting man. I literally told him almost nothing and he was full of information and useful advice. " ... written by Erica
Was a great reading, thank you so much" ... written by michele gould
He's great guy!!! Always accurate! I'll be back again xx" ... written by Jassy kaur
Fabulous reader." ... written by Chrissie
thank you so much" ... written by sincerly7
he's fluid!" ... written by sincerely
This might be my fourth or fifth time with wayne? either way - he is the real deal. He is gifted! His abilities are absolutely real and the amazing thing about that is - he shares them with us! Thanks again sir! xxx" ... written by Lisa
Thank you Wayne - lovely to have confirmation! Love and Light! XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Wayne is pretty awesome and pretty accurate on a lot of points. You'd be missing out if you don't have a private session with him. :) Thanks Wayne for all the sharing and caring. Will pray for ya too. Will be in touch!" ... written by Cassandra Hale
Thanks alot! I'm sorry but I cannot get back to you right now ... I hope things are true as you said.... thank you very much. Also for your straight forward way :-)" ... written by Loving
He's a great guy! Top friend too! Always get great advice and accurate reading, see you soon again wayne xxx" ... written by Jassy kaur
Thank you Wayne! Great to connect with you again! Quick reading andamp; always spot on with your updates! Have a great week." ... written by LAGIRL
Thank you for the reading and great advice!" ... written by M
Awesome!!!" ... written by me
He was great!!!" ... written by me
5 stars! Very Good!" ... written by Ann
Wayne can give you clear answers on all your concerns - I'm glad he cleared up many for me... Thanks Wayne so much..x" ... written by redangel
Enjoyed my reading with him...Really hope the predictions come true!!!" ... written by rattail1
Thank you for the guidance Wayne. " ... written by islander2000
Very good and I am amazed. Will be back for reading again." ... written by reenu70
Well it was a very unusual type of reading. I will see what unfolds. I hope only the good stuff." ... written by sapphron
very very quick reading, doesnt waste time" ... written by mi
Wonderful reading and gives clear visions on future..." ... written by 10redangel
Was very fast, worth the money." ... written by ethan janssens
Thanks again Wayne. Great skills given by God." ... written by islander2000
Well he was very straight forward, All I have to do is wait and see" ... written by Anna
Excellent :)" ... written by gabriel
Great stuff I hard to share something of my pride and he show me not to hide. " ... written by Daniel Morris
He gave me some scary prediction so I can certainly be more alert, on the watch. a bit unnerving. but he did some cures for protection. so perhaps this is good. I shall see.... " ... written by sapphron
Great talking to you again!" ... written by M
Not my first or last time with this lovely man! Needless to say, he's amazing. Everyone looking for some clarity deserves a reading with this guy! My absolute favourite. xxxx" ... written by LISAB
Thanks..." ... written by SS
This man is something...he is so quick and warm and compassionate...I hope his predictions come to pass!!" ... written by Leo_80
Wow totally shocked." ... written by reenu70
Very good reading and very fast. Awesome." ... written by TonetteShilo
Very accurate reading...! Thanks." ... written by Anjelica43
Awesome sees all and knows all truly!!!Great Psychic!!! Says what you are feeling without knowing!!" ... written by torresk1978
Very interesting, direct and honest. Has it all spot on." ... written by almedina
He's great. I feel like I've known him. I thoroughly enjoy readings with him, and learning about whats in store! I feel like he's one of the few on here who truly "takes care" of his clients. He's a very warm, and caring soul." ... written by Erica
Quick, to the point, and at the same time compassionate!!" ... written by Leo_80
He was quick and to the point. Amazing!!" ... written by Melissa Brown
Bestie!" ... written by sincerly7
The best!" ... written by sincerly7
Great!!! Thanks for all the details Wayne!" ... written by nz
Wayne was really interesting..." ... written by feathers8
Wayne is great! Thank you always sees things I don't!!" ... written by heather
Very very good very accurate will see if predictions come true" ... written by Suzanne
Amazing psychic and gentle man...Very warm and caring." ... written by cuddles1960
He is cool... has a gift! 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
5 star reading... thank you so much Wayne." ... written by cuddles
Very well done... To the point." ... written by KJ
He's sweet" ... written by MaryAnn
as awesome as ever, his predictions have come to must meet this man to believe him.... xoxo" ... written by Leo_80
Thank you, Wayne." ... written by Samsharia
Great source!" ... written by USA
Great!" ... written by usa
EXCELLENT!" ... written by l
Excellent, Couldn't have a better reading." ... written by L
Brilliant!" ... written by Lacie
He is really good." ... written by Saurabh Trehan
Very exciting news ...look forward to an amazing future with the one I love....Thanks Wayne so much..will come again..xx" ... written by cuddles
Brilliant: )" ... written by Lacie
He's very accurate. Very fast. Friendly and kind." ... written by melissa Brown
Clear and concise. Thank You Wayne. " ... written by Samsharia
Hello. I am using psychic services very often and wanted to try Wayne this time. I had an e-mail reading done by Wayne as first and I was amazed. He just confirmed what I have already heard from other psychics. That is why I knew this is not a co-incident and he knows what is he talking about. That is why I didn't hesitate to purchase a private reading and was wowed once again. It was worthy. Worthy to try. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Straight to the point. Doesn't waist your time and gives you useful information and guidance. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Great!!!" ... written by kj
Amazingly accurate details, expert information, highest recommendation possible." ... written by L
Thank you!" ... written by AM
Once again very good and helpful reading. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Wayne is fantastic!" ... written by Globe
Excellent :)" ... written by gabrielm
Wayne is excellent! Thank you Wayne!" ... written by globe
Great fast reading.. Very direct. Thanks. " ... written by Sunshine0105
Thanks Wayne." ... written by Cass
One word! Amazed! Highly recommend" ... written by bruin19
He is the most talented psychic. He has become my dear friend. He is a blessing. He has such a gift. I can't even begin to describe how gifted he is and a gem to the world! Love you, Wayne!" ... written by Rosemary
Great feeling of security it makes you feel so comfortable and let go" ... written by baallii
thanks!" ... written by vroomvroom
Thank you, I will be back if I need additional help. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Wow what an amazing chap. I couldn't keep up he was so so correct. Thank you Wayne enjoy x" ... written by Rosebudy
Amazing insight and confirmation on what's happening in the moment....makes his predictions for the future most exciting...cant wait:) Definitely 5 star. Thanks Wayne..x " ... written by cuddles
Excellent reading." ... written by Globe
He is very good and precise, thank you." ... written by nancy
im excited thanks for the awesome news " ... written by nancy
not enough time" ... written by eliana
Very good....I don't think I will use anyone else :)" ... written by Feathers8
Cool as always!" ... written by ola
Connected right away with my late husband. :) Thank you for the positive energy!" ... written by carrieann1975
I loved PsychicWayne, he was so spot on about nearly everything. I will get a reading from him again definitely." ... written by suzibelle
Soul love." ... written by sincerly7
Wayne is awesome! Thanks so much !" ... written by heather
I had my first reading with Wayne and it was a great!!! He was very insightful into my situation and he put me at ease because I was stressing out thank you so much and I will definitely be back!!!!" ... written by Beta
ALways great" ... written by Kelly
He was great !!!!! thank you !!!!!!!!!!" ... written by mzkiyan2u
Time ran out too quick he was insightful." ... written by mzkiyan2u
Love Wayne!" ... written by Penny
Wonderful catch up and advice ...look forward to our next one...till then thanks" ... written by cuddles
I really appreciate his advice, some times just need that up lift. Thank you! " ... written by Kori Rapier
I am not done with my minutes I believe but it immediately ended" ... written by Jenita
You are wonderful + amazing!!! thank you!!xo" ... written by lila88
Thanks :)" ... written by loving08
He is definitely the top medium in Oranum. He has changed my life to the better. (that the truth) I had very difficult situation in my private life. Without the advice he gave to me, the encouragement, I am not sure I would have been able to conquer the situation. The situation was bigger than me. " ... written by Estonienne27
fantastic. great connection, so clear and fast. thank you very much. " ... written by lovewater
Thanks so very much!! Super fast, super honest, clear. Really great experience. " ... written by lovewater
Waynee is a great dude! Love talking to him! Can't wait for full update end of the month x" ... written by noshi
He really did help me, I have lost everything and i have no body, and i didn't wont to live,he has given me some strength to try and get thew this. I was so stupid and felt such a loser, my family was waiting for me to fail, and I did, but with Wayne's help I might just get threw this deep sadness in side me. I'm gonna try Wayne." ... written by donna bonnici
He is intuitive andamp; caring~ " ... written by Leanna Chan
That was very fast and accurate. Wish I would have more credits. Thank you Wayne. Bless you." ... written by Zetatheshiny
Talking to an old friend whom I didn't see for a loooong was that amazing ...comforting feel being your self just the way you are.. bless you wyane thank you" ... written by baallii
Great as always." ... written by KJ
He was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by mzkiyan2u
Very good reading ...Always has been right on!!" ... written by amber
Supportive, listened, responsive, Thank You Wayne. Love and Light XOX" ... written by Samsharia
Wayne has always been spot on. That is why I come back for updates. He is very honest with what he says. He is ahead of what I want to know. He answers my questions before I even finish typing them! He deserves more than just 5 stars. I will be back in a month for another accurate reading. Thank you very much, Wayne!!!!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
Psychic Wayne is fun andamp; insightful andamp; encouraging!!!" ... written by Leanna Chan
INCREDIBLY GIFTED Psychic !!! " ... written by Mike
He was great, just couldn't afford more time. Would reccomend him, very understanding and caring." ... written by vicky
I can only say: what an amazing person! Every time we talk in private, it is such a great experience since he knows in a matter of seconds the most important thing that is on my mind. I would highly recommend Wayne to everyone who needs a helping hand to clear the path and make sure to choose the right direction - be it work, personal relationships or self-confidence. He is helping me on my path and I cannot thank him enough!!! Thank you, Wayne, you are the best! " ... written by Tami
Great catching up with Wayne positive and encouraging..." ... written by cuddles
It's like catching up with an old friend. I greatly enjoy sessions with him. I'm working through his book now on kindle, and it's a must read for anyone who utilizes this website. It's got great insight, and is very telling for what it's like to be on the other side of things. I think a lot of the people who come to this website just want the answers and validation, and Wayne's book allows you to understand the vulnerability of having such talents. He's great!" ... written by Erica
PsychicWayne is a very gifted psychic. I enjoyed his reading. He connects fast and take time to give the right answers. I needed an update on a situation and he stands firm on what he seen previously. I will definitely be back to let everybody know how accurate he is in his predictions!" ... written by Destiny_Love
5 stars! Thank you again! " ... written by Ann
Amazing connection, picked up on everything about me, his gifts are beyond measure and I am glad to have made a connection with such an amazing person. Thank you Wayne and I will be looking forward to connecting again in the future...." ... written by Deb777
Wow, shocked!" ... written by DACACAU
On point!" ... written by lina
Always beyond amazed...truly has a special gift!" ... written by bruin19
Fast and very accurate! He was completely on point and didn't ask many questions. Amazing reader! Worthy of the high praises and compliments he gets on a regular basis!" ... written by Chloe
Wonderful reading highly recommend." ... written by Bonnie
Exciting times to look forward to now and into future...Thanks Wayne...x" ... written by cuddles
He picked up on few things right off the bat. Struggled a bit with accuracy but clearly helped me out. After some grounding clarity on his part. Good read." ... written by Brian
The warm and caring Wayne shows and gives in his readings and insights is amazing..He's always showed concern and picks your spirits up instantly....Thank you..x" ... written by cuddles
Amazing reading I had to come back and get more its a special moment in time when you have a reading with Wayne. Its to good to put into words! ;) " ... written by paulmccan
Great as always. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and feel like I'm reconnecting with a friend. He's so astute with his observations and what he's picking up on. I feel like I can trust him, which is rare for me. He's not judgmental and always positive. " ... written by Erica
Great man thank you." ... written by jennie
Okay... Amazing you hit the name on it, 100% spot on confirmation.. Thank you! " ... written by Los Angeles
I just had an amazing reading with psychic Wayne. OMG, I can't belive I'm so happy. He's spot on again. The best psychic ever! ;)" ... written by paulmccan
Great reading as always. Wayne picked up very fast. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Great as usual gets right int the situation!" ... written by gipsygirl
Want a reading that takes all your cares away and helps you to see life in the positive. Makes your darkness into light and makes the world shine ..then have a reading with Wayne..more than 5 star***** Thank you Wayne for switching the light on for me...x " ... written by cuddles
Wayne, omg, your saving my life! ;)" ... written by paulmccan
;)" ... written by paulmccan
Outstanding! Wayne your too good! ;-)" ... written by paulmccan
:) This man is best psychic even in the world everyone needs a bit of Wayne's World!" ... written by paulmccan
I'm enjoying my private readings with you today. ;)" ... written by paulmccan
Amazing yet again! Only person I feel I need to talk with on this site." ... written by paulmccan
Hun i'm loving my time with you xx" ... written by paulmccan
Amazing amazing amazing" ... written by paulmccan
Thanks for telling me my dad is happy where he is you told me about him eating kitkats he loved them." ... written by paulmccan
God this guy is out of this worldx" ... written by paulmccan
Dear your to sweet xx ;)" ... written by paulmccan
Lovely man" ... written by paulmccan
Wayne, you're incredible!! Thank you, it was very accurate and helped beyond what I hoped! You are wonderful. " ... written by Alex
This day has change my life for the better " ... written by paulmccan
Wow outstanding" ... written by paulmccan
Amazing, loveing it" ... written by paulmccan
One and only your my one and only ever la la love you dear xx" ... written by paulmccan
This guy is wow just wowxx" ... written by paulmccan
Loveing my day with you sir wayne isaacs" ... written by paulmccan
Wow my best friend xxxxxxx" ... written by paulmccan
Lovely thanks so much" ... written by paulmccan
Very insightful!" ... written by mz
Very to the point.. accurate. and genuine.. " ... written by ali
Wonderful insight .. Look forward to future...Thank you Wayne..x" ... written by cuddles
Awesome and accurate! Easily 5 stars!" ... written by ann
Good..sees things..very interesting..tempting to see more in his reading..." ... written by md3311
Right on point " ... written by mz
Wayne is awesome as usual. He answered all of my questions quickly and honestly with insight and clarity. I am so glad that I finally was able to get another reading with him... This time in chat and not email!!! I told me what I needed to hear." ... written by janesi
Thanks Wayne, nice to get the truth about work... Cheers.." ... written by poque
Thank you!.. " ... written by LA GIRL
Attentive and supportive. Thank You Wayne. " ... written by Samsharia
Amazing as always sir! " ... written by paulmccan
My question has been answered. Thanks, Wayne!" ... written by Zeigen
Thoughtful and kind. Thank You Wayne Love and Light. XOXO" ... written by Samsharia
Always great." ... written by k
Another great reading. I will be back again. Give him a try, you won't regret it!" ... written by Stickytoffee
This guy is FANTASTIC, expensive but bloody good if you can afford it." ... written by Stickytoffee
This guy is spot on , give him a try, absolutely brilliant!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Thank you! :)" ... written by lila88
Wayne, thanks for those awesome messages!" ... written by Andrew
Thank you Wayne. I am amazed at how you see things so clearly and so quickly." ... written by bodhijono
Very nice and straight up answers no bs " ... written by Lisa
Good catching up with, Wayne has great insight but time goes to quick... Thanks, will come again :)" ... written by cuddles
Wayne is by far the best. Worth the money!! :)" ... written by Angela
5 stars. Excellent!" ... written by ann
Wonderful and warm man that has a gift to help people accept, deal with and move on to a better place...Helped me so much definitely more than 5 stars....Thank you Wayne..:)" ... written by cuddles
wow...he is great I must say....he is..." ... written by md3311
Very very good... made me feel much better! xx" ... written by Rhiannon
He's the man!!!" ... written by Sean.FM
Yeah that's true. You hit the spot Wayne, wow, so right. " ... written by paulmccan
xxx" ... written by paulmccan
Nice and fast, how I like it. Sir you're nice man." ... written by paulmccan
Thank you once agian so good." ... written by paulmccan
No one like him ;-)" ... written by paulmccan
I love leaveing feedback for you lol. " ... written by paulmccan
Simply the best." ... written by paulmccan
Thanks." ... written by paulmccan
Cleaning my mind and problems, I love it!" ... written by paulmccan
Your advice is so good." ... written by paulmccan
My dad is busy up there thats all I wanted. ;-)" ... written by paulmccan
I'm very happy. My dad is giving messages." ... written by paulmccan
Excellent reader! " ... written by Ann
Wayne... Ehh Wayne... Can't say nothing... Just... wow... How you know all those things...? Go to him people... And make him nb 1 here... He is worth it..." ... written by md3311
Fun!" ... written by Big Bill
Wow! right to the point, confident, clear, no tools, very good! Will come again :)" ... written by frankie
Very fast and knew what i wanted to know from the beginning without my having to tell" ... written by Hanu
To the point and clear. Thank You Wayne. XOXOX" ... written by Samsharia
Horrible. " ... written by dnavaro
Wonderful reading, very precise with details. Doesn't sugarcoat at all!!" ... written by AR
Thanks very much." ... written by paulmccan
Thank you so much Wayne. An excellent reading and picked up my Son straight away... I will be back!" ... written by Ellieve
Very accurate and no sugarcoating. Straight to the point with his answers. Would recommend PsychicWayne to anyone for a private reading." ... written by Kerry Gi
It's amazing, Wayne gets right to point. Does not ask for anyting and tells me truth. Wow wow wow xxx" ... written by paulmccan
Accurate, helpful, amazing insight. Thank you!" ... written by usa
Excellent read as always!" ... written by K.
Excellent reader! Great sense of humor. Enjoy talking with him!" ... written by ann
So far so good!" ... written by Mr_humble
Amazing intuition, honest." ... written by M
Very accurate. Worth the investment." ... written by Gabrielle
This man is awesome! Wow!!! He is really good! Thanks for sharing your gift with me Wayne. You are heaven sent!!!" ... written by sun
SO wish I could keep talking !!! He is a real gem and such a gifted guy. SUrely one of the best there is!" ... written by lovewater
Wow OMG what a massive long reading but so good I was given some shocking news but some I already knew some I didn't wayne was great friendly and has helped." ... written by Danielle
Very insightful...don't know what to make out in the end...but time will tell." ... written by dolor
Great connection! Must try him! He is quick and worth the money!" ... written by pink
Good! 10+" ... written by lejane
He saw it all!!!" ... written by frankiekr
Very on point... very perceptive... great advice" ... written by Me
Very amazing reading sir again, the best medium, picked up my dad straight away with out me saying anything, thank you Wayne Isaacs!" ... written by paulmccan
Wayne is amazing, and a kind and helpful person. He has incredible gifts!" ... written by lovewater
Supportive, kind. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by Samsharia
Wayne tuned in very quickly to me. I will chat again with PW." ... written by Kathy
Thank you for your insight Wayne. That little bit of burden has been lifted up :"))" ... written by Tammy
Was great catching up with excited and looking forward to what is coming...thanks..x" ... written by cuddles1960
Wow he was great. I feel better now. Just need to be patient." ... written by Tammy
Oh my gosh, he is spot on. So wonderful and kind. He did not ask for much information, he just came straight with what I needed to hear. I will be back! Thanks so much!" ... written by Margie
VERY AMAZING READER, everything was correct. Will be coming back!!!" ... written by Bahareh Rahimi
Thoughtful and supportive. Thank you Wayne. " ... written by Samsharia
Thank you :) " ... written by cellacella
Great, amazing. Thank you." ... written by alexandra
Very amazing update reading with Wayne. Boosted my confidence right up and I feel great now. I can use the tips and advice now and be better in my everyday life. Thank you so much. xxx" ... written by paulmccan
He hit the nail on the head, I wish I was able to afford more time because he has been right on answering me." ... written by Mia_Koda
Awesome!" ... written by Tammy
Love how Wayne just goes into the reading. I feel he is spot on and hope his advice will bring me closer to what I want. :-)" ... written by kissme angel
Amazed at his accuracy, kindness and connection.... but the accuracy! I mean, you got to experience this to understand!!!!!" ... written by Jolana
HE WAS SPOT ON. I am still amazed." ... written by Emily Malone
Amazing insight." ... written by paulmccan
Once again, this man is out of this world. He's spot on with everything, I will alawys come back to you Wayne, so kind and caring! xxx" ... written by paulmccan
Thanks, Very amazing reading." ... written by paulmccan
Very good reading." ... written by Shylas
PsychicWayne is amazing. I highly recommend him. He doesn't waste time in his readings, he is quick and to the point. He had all the answers I wanted to hear, and more. He is very serious about his work, I always want to come back for more after each reading. " ... written by Emily Malone
VERY GOOD, really accurate, amazing insight with huge accuracy. " ... written by Jolana
Thank you Wayne. I have a great connection with you. " ... written by Tammy
Excellent." ... written by someone
Thank you Wayne for insight. I need to lift my spirits. Be positive." ... written by Tammy
Do give him a try! You will be amazed at the details and accuracy!" ... written by Jolana
I always love having a reading and updates with Wayne. He always says my name and knows my question before I ask. He is great!!!!" ... written by Angela
thanks for the updates and assessment on things.... appreciate the insights" ... written by S
Wayne is always nice to talk to.. always makes me smile and feel better." ... written by sara
A wonderful and very fast seer. Great and accurate advice always! Thanks" ... written by lovewater
He has become my friend and hero.....his prediction came to pass that he told me about 6 months ago... I still have hard time believing it!! " ... written by rosemary
Incredibly accurate! Amazing messages and confirmations... We are in awe!" ... written by Jolana
This man is amazing." ... written by S
AWESOME ***** Connected quickly, was honest and caring. Thank you very much. I will be back." ... written by Pegasus1224
He has become a friend and a wise guide and also predicted when mr right would show up out of the blue... awesome!!" ... written by rosemary
Wayne told me to contact my former boss and I did and now I am looking at returning to my job!! This man is amazing! He was spot on! Wayne you are wonderful!!! I can't say enough to thank him!" ... written by Bonnie
Wayne is a truly gifted person. he can certainly see many things." ... written by olinka
Is pretty great." ... written by Noush
Helping me to be strong, I don't think I can do this on my own any more, thank you Wayne!" ... written by donna
Thanks!" ... written by jin
The best and super funny :)" ... written by Feathers8
He was able to give me my answer. great!" ... written by hoping
Thank you wayne. it was very insightful. will come back Monday, Love Alla." ... written by alla
wayne, thank you for helping me. its was well worth the money. amazing celebrity reading!! love, Alla" ... written by Alla
AMAZING!!!! JUST, JUST INCREDIBLE!!!! The level of accuracy is gonna knock your socks off! :)" ... written by Jolana
Really good, thank you!" ... written by samantha
Came for reassurance, I hope for Wayne's predictions to come true, I will come back with an update. xox" ... written by malinda2011
Wayne is Amazing.. He is really gifted.. and can't wait to things come true as he said..: ) Must see him...thank you!" ... written by md3311
I will see you tomorrow. Love, Alla" ... written by Alla
thank you" ... written by Talebini
Get ready to amazed! 100% accuracy guaranteed. Be ready, Wayne will answer questions you did not even ask :)" ... written by Jose
I like him alot" ... written by bobbie jo
Excellent!! Thank you" ... written by Pegasus1224
Aaahhhh, during the reading I lost you, everything froze!! Thank you for the chat and encouragement. It was great!" ... written by Pegasus1224
Wayne was very helpful in hard situation once again. " ... written by Daniela P.
I will do what Wayne told me because he never was wrong. " ... written by Daniela Peterova
So so great man very healing" ... written by paulmccan
Very amazing reading with mr isaacs " ... written by paulmccan
Amazing reading" ... written by paulmccan
Very good .. More accurate" ... written by Jacklyn
Thank you Wayne for connecting with my grandma" ... written by Noush
Great reading as usual!!! Crazy accurate!" ... written by Jolana
Best psychic on oranum" ... written by paulmccan
Out of this world so good" ... written by paulmccan
Loveing my reading ." ... written by paulmccan
Amazing amazing amazing x" ... written by paulmccan
Oh gosh i love this man" ... written by paulmccan
What i like about mr wayne he dose not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to 5 star" ... written by paulmccan
Very fast amazing" ... written by paulmccan
Wow changeing my life for the better wayne x" ... written by paulmccan
I feel so good omg " ... written by paulmccan
Really loveing my reading so so good" ... written by paulmccan
Mr wayne you sir are amazing god bess you" ... written by paulmccan
Friend" ... written by s
Very direct and honest." ... written by dnw4300
Seems to pick up on my relationship pretty quickly and seemed pretty accurate regarding the situation." ... written by tonya
He is always there as a friend, a guide, a counselor, and a psychic with a powerful gift!" ... written by rosemary
Very fast reading with PsychicWayne. So amazing! Good news are coming, he got this right and also said stuff about my dad, that is very true! Everyone try Wayne, he's amazing!" ... written by paulmccan
Wow outstanding xx" ... written by paulmccan
fairly accurate" ... written by chris
If its one thing I'm learning today there's good people in this world and Mr Wayne is one of them, thank you very much!" ... written by paulmccan
Awesome as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Jolana
Extremely helpful and intuitive!!!" ... written by carlycaligirl
Loved every second of my reading, very helpful :)" ... written by Unicorn
Incredible reading!!!!!" ... written by Jolana
Thanks!" ... written by Loving
Brilliant, he nailed it. Will def be back once predictions happen. Thanks wayne" ... written by silver
Wayne has a beautiful energy." ... written by Noush
Yeah he is cool." ... written by Noushablue
Great! :)" ... written by silver
Wish I had more time, but I was so surprised and happy that my best friend came through. I needed to know she was ok, and she let me know. Very good reading." ... written by Ashley
What can I say.... SUPERB!!!!!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Nice to talk to wayne. Got cut off in the meat of the reading which was a shame. Knew he had something to say cos he kept popping into my head after he brought up my ego. I'll come back for the rest of it when I can afford it. Nice chap. It was a nice surprise. Really enjoyed connecting with you wayne. Definately you have a more positive vision for my future than I can see. ha ha ha" ... written by paul
Very excellent reading, before I talked knew the problem." ... written by lisa
GREAT reading! I always have so much fun with Wayne and he's spot on about everything. " ... written by erica
Psychic Wayne is Fabulous. I want to give him 10 stars. He is right on with his reading!!!!!" ... written by badbonster
Wonderful guy and reading as always!" ... written by lovewater
Thank you very much! I'm very pleased to meet you!" ... written by Thao
On point; very satisfied. " ... written by dangerous_mind
Straight answers and right to the point. He was a real help. " ... written by jaz
I felt like I needed to talk to him and I'm glad I did. He picked up on a lot of things going on that I haven't told people. He gave me the advice that I was looking for and, he was very insightful." ... written by Beau
Great guy...hope he is right. " ... written by OZ
You always make me stronger each time, I know you are there for me , dont give up on me ok, thank you so much, I cant do this with out you x" ... written by donna
Wonderful insight and has a Golden aura." ... written by Elaine Faber
Amazing 10/10, as allways. " ... written by stuart
I will let you know how the reading went in a few months " ... written by anonymous
Amazing as usual :) Predictions coming to manifestation one by one :)" ... written by Jolana
Great! Awesome read! Will call again. " ... written by Reyes
As always he is a gem...." ... written by rosemary
Very good reading!! Very, very quick and accurate!! I was shocked when he knew when certain events took place! I am also grateful for time frames! Sooo glad I got this pvt reading! :) " ... written by Krissy
Amazing!" ... written by skkk
I am impressed! Don't let the man fool you in freechat, he's actually very nice in pvt! He knew things before I even asked! " ... written by Michelle
Thank you, I feel your healing me I need your strength to get me through this, keep me in your mind and your heart I need you. Thank you for being here for me I couldn’t do it without your strength you send me. " ... written by donna
Thanks again for the chat've made me so better and more optimistic about the future.....thank you very much.....speak again soon. xx" ... written by DebbiLou1990
Thank you very much for your suggestion, I will think about it. I hope to see you again. " ... written by Lan2013
Very good and precise." ... written by msitmsi
Thanks Wayne for your powerful reading. I do wish things go the way you told me and I will be back to give you updates :) Hugs!" ... written by :) Love
Have found Wayne to be very caring and helpful :-)" ... written by Lynie
I enjoyed my reading and he is very understanding and can connect well with, gives good accurate readings." ... written by Mia_Koda
Unforgettable..x" ... written by cuddles
Amazing reading! Confirmed some things I knew about someone without being told, and gave some info I didn't know. Also helped me make the right decisions regarding my future." ... written by boru
Wayne is great and his energy will really help you keep on going!!! Thank you so much for everything Wayne, can't wait to chat again!" ... written by Jose
xD oh it was nice to see you smile at the end of our session, thank you for confirming my question xD you are amazing." ... written by Mia_Koda
Wayne is very good he was on target about everything and i didn't say anything." ... written by Jenny
Thanks Wayne for everything! Your insight was very helpful." ... written by shelle97
How in the world he picked up such information, I am surprised and pleased at his skill. Will be returning for another reading. 5 stars all the way." ... written by callme_ambi
Thank you Wayne. " ... written by cindy
Thanks for update on the reading. we will get to the bottom of this baggage. It must be stopped. I love you, Alla" ... written by Alla
Okay :), fun and interesting." ... written by jstme
Best!" ... written by loving
He knew about my situation, I don't know how. Gave me good advice." ... written by Jenny
Great reading... Friendly. Spot on and even astonishing. Told me something I had knowledge of before I could type it. " ... written by trueImage
Thank you for giving straight away answer. I hope you are right! I am still waiting... but I will let you know. Thank you. " ... written by Lan2013
Good honest guy" ... written by michael
Great guy. Thank you. Hope it's as you see. " ... written by lovewater
Wonderful... Spot on! Highly recommend." ... written by debbie
Wayne is very exact with his predictions. He is ahead of my questions by answering them before I ask. He is the best!" ... written by Moonchild59
Great reading." ... written by Erica89
Absolutely lovely man with such a wonderful gift! Once again you have put a smile on my face Wayne, my time with you is always beyond wonderful! Thank you for everything you've told me xxx" ... written by Julia
Wayne will tell you straight, that's for sure!" ... written by Lyn
Fast and accurate as ever - waiting to revert." ... written by krishna
Thanks!" ... written by loving
It's a pity that I've been interrupted and couldn't continue with a longer session. Wayne is so amazing. I can't wait for Monday to continue with a private reading. I was in shock to hear bad news but Wayne made me hope that things will get better. Thank you, Wayne! Catch up with you next week." ... written by Moonchild59
Gave my answers quick, that need." ... written by michle
Very close for the craziness I have going on in my life." ... written by Joy
God Bless You Wayne!" ... written by Rui Jorge
Wayne is great....... I recommend him... He does his best..... Always... " ... written by Rui Jorge
Amazing, as always." ... written by erica
Thank you Wayne for your amazing connection and soothing words! Thank you for your guidance and access to your guides." ... written by Jolana
Intense!" ... written by dash
He is good very good." ... written by john
I always love to have follow ups with Wayne. He is just amazing" ... written by Angela
He's very good knows what he is doing. He seemed to know a lot about what's going on in my life. I would recommend him." ... written by Sunshine
Always great readings! He is so caring yet truthful, a fast typer, and answers your specific questions! THANKS WAYNE, love always xx" ... written by ll
thank you. " ... written by angela
AWESOME!!" ... written by Change
Thank you Wayne!" ... written by Lyn
Yes, hes good. Worth the money. Excellent psychic skills, knows what's going on in your life without asking for any info. " ... written by LadyGrace
I just have to say he is amazing! Right to the point no sugar coating. Thank you Wayne!" ... written by candice
What an amazing reading!!! I'm simply blown away - picked up on things immediately - before I even asked a thing. I'll be back." ... written by SAL9768
This man is amazing he told me what I looked like with out even seeing me all down to my tats...... He was so dead on just sorry I wasted my money with a few on here because I left more confused then what I came... But him he gave it all to me dead on!!! " ... written by Tamika36
Thank you very much wayne xxx" ... written by paulmccan
I love psychic wayne he's a true real psychic medium. Everything is always spot on never gets anything wrong like a few psychics I had readings with. Everyone go to wayne he is the best here and cares about you .xx" ... written by paulmccan
Very amazing reading with wayne, so kind and caring helping me a lot. Thank you" ... written by paulmccan
Thank you once again, I love haveing readings with you no one else I will see your my psychic for life xx" ... written by paulmccan
Amazing amazing amazing." ... written by paulmccan
Sometimes its best to let the connection tell which way to go. No matter what our head says." ... written by priye
Very accurate...Great reading! I like him a lot, straight to the point! Very empathetic also and gave me good advice. I hope to have another reading with him soon! Thank you UK Psychic!" ... written by Darnia Cutter
Immediate connection. No time wasted. Thank u." ... written by Angela
Outstanding reader! easily 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
WOW at the very end Wayne floored me. I have tow women in my life and he described the one I should not pursue, down to look and tattoo. Great reading!" ... written by Pete
Good reading so far getting more credits." ... written by Pete
Amazing! wow! So quick ! Scarily accurate" ... written by unknownjourney
Thank you brother for all the support! It's been a pleasure to know you." ... written by TL
Thanks" ... written by loving
Wow! Wayne connects with you instantly and accurate! Simply amazing, will definitely be in touch again soon to update him on what is said." ... written by Natalie
Excellent reading. Picked up on my question without me saying a word without using tools. And confirmed my suspicions whilst giving me a lot of new information." ... written by Angie
He's so fast! Without telling him anything he picks up on the situation perfectly. Really quite amazing. One of the best readers I've come across in my life. Doesn't waste time, cuts right to the core of the issue and gives the information to you in a straight forward manner. I'll keep coming back." ... written by SAL9768
Picked up on family matters that I did not even mention. Which let me know that he was connecting with me. I believe that what he told me will come to pass. Will come back to for future readings" ... written by Lorie
Awesome every single time!!!" ... written by SAL9768
Strange, but I like it!" ... written by lisandra
I never ever felt a powerful reading until now. I had to step away with tears coming down my face because you have been so good and on point with my inner feelings and what is going on in my life. You are truly gifted with the most beautiful talent which you have shared with the world. Thank you for bringing peace within myself and also helping me understand my life and what I need to do from this point on. God Bless You." ... written by Rose
Wayne is amazing. I really don't have to tell him anything he's got it figured out already!" ... written by Pete
Just got done with follow-up. Hoping this prediction really happens." ... written by Pete
Wayne is really good." ... written by Noushie
Fabulous, as always! Answered my questions without hesitation..Lucky to have access to Wayne." ... written by KS
Thanks so much for reading!! Always a pleasure!! You are truly gifted and can't wait for things to unfold!" ... written by shelle97
Wayne is just amazing! I have no other words. I'll keep coming back. He is truly gifted." ... written by SAL9768
Great read, Wayne." ... written by NOUSH
Wayne is real deal! Accurate readings! " ... written by Ann
So happy with the correct answers I get that I always keep coming back! Connects really good, love him! 5 stars!" ... written by noelle
I always love a reading with Wayne. He is always just on!!" ... written by Angela
Great read as usual!! Thanks so much!!" ... written by michelle
Very good clear." ... written by creamcake1
Thanks!" ... written by loving
Very good! Hit it right on! Connected very well! Love him so honest and makes me happy. :)" ... written by aj
Thanks for the reading dear. You are helping me more than you know." ... written by Michelle
Awesome reading again!" ... written by journey13
I love him so much, he puts my mind at ease!!!" ... written by beta
Thank you nice to talk with you again!!!" ... written by Lyn
Thank you so much wayne!" ... written by beta
good one ... may his predictions come true" ... written by pavan kumar
I am always at ease getting a reading from Wayne! He is AWESOME!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
He is sweet I was upset and he comforted me and let me know things will be ok" ... written by Raechel
Thank you!" ... written by helen
Immediately picked up on the issue but time went too fast. THanks, happy new year." ... written by sarah
Excellent reader!! Easily 5 stars!" ... written by Ann
He answered my question quickly and he was right the first reading. Thank you. I will return again in the future i am sure." ... written by christine
very true wayne is the best in the world in my opinion " ... written by paulmccan
amazing amazing amazing mr wayne" ... written by paulmccan
Wayne is amazing person has really helped me a lot thank you so so much you saved my life " ... written by paulmccan
Good quick advice even though I asked a silly question." ... written by lisa
Was spot on with my problem and was very helpful. Very caring and a joy to speak too !! " ... written by Muse
OMG! Thankyou XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" ... written by tammy
Picked up the problem right away. Kind and sympathetic... thank you." ... written by kavintee
Wow! incredible, really knew so much about me and bought up a name which I couldn't place but now I know who it was, he was known by a nickname - so accurate would highly recommend - Thank you Wayne " ... written by Claire
Hope he speaks the truth :-) feel he does ... helped me a lot this past time." ... written by loving
He is great, I have had a few readings with him so far and I just pray that his predictions will be correct as he definitely settled my mind." ... written by Maddie
Wayne, you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know how the big fight turns out... LMAO!!! He needs to get his butt knocked down a few notches." ... written by Nite Owl
Picked up my energy quickly and told me accurate things about me!" ... written by happigal27
Thanks for the update... see what plays out in January :) Hopefully as you see!" ... written by S
Wayne offered me great comfort in validating a reading I had previously. " ... written by Pete
Outstanding reader. Accurate!" ... written by Ann
Very good reading as usual, picked up things straight away without me saying a word!" ... written by Stickytoffee
Thanks again for your help... I hope what you said comes true!" ... written by anushree
This was my first reading with PsychicWayne and I really enjoyed it, he got right to the point with things and he let me know that I had people around me watching, and that I will reach my ultimate goal of my career!!! Thanks, I will totally come back. :)" ... written by Raechel
Nice guy! Let's hope he's right." ... written by Mary Austin
Great :)" ... written by autumne
WOW!!! GREAT!! Said things before me even typing what I wanted to talk bout! Knew a lot about me an my life ! Need to Go on with him! The Best!!!" ... written by Jennifer
I don't know what I would do without this man! He has made so many things clear for me in my life and I can't begin to thank him for all he has help. " ... written by Rosie Sat
Was great, thank you!" ... written by michele
Five stars as usual, will see what march brings, thank you!!!!" ... written by gipsygirl
Very nice, understanding and good!" ... written by andrew
It was great having a reading with Psychic Wayne. He certainly was spot on and picked up on my energy very well. He was able to tell me things that I know are almost certain to happen this year without me telling him a thing. It was great to get confirmation from someone with such a great connection to Spirit. I have made contact with loved ones who have passed over before with him. Well worth the money and time. *****" ... written by Justin
My HERO!!!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
I can't live without this man guidance!!! Truly a blessing!" ... written by Rosie Sat
Fantastic caring reader, love Wayne" ... written by N
Absolutely clear and right to the point. The insight he has was so on the money that his talent cannot be denied. But the best part is how he gave advice on the things you cannot or do not think about. Good things to know in sticky situations. " ... written by lisachambers0202
Excellent reader ... accurate!" ... written by Ann
AWESOME reading on point. NO hesitation, tuned in quicky to my situation." ... written by Lisa
I just adore wayne he has always been right on. he is wonderful and dear to my heart i feel like i have made a new friend. He is awesome " ... written by susan gills
Very fast reader and very accurate. Thank you. x" ... written by Donnamck
Lust too good to be true... I think he knows deep knowledge and heals people the way it should be." ... written by priye
Thank you very much really helping me move on from all this pain in my life." ... written by paulmccan105
Very amazing reading with Wayne really enjoyed the healing I feel amazing right now and Wayne knows my problems and helps me move on every step of the Wayne thank you Mr Wayne :)" ... written by paulmccan105
Everyone on oranum go to wayne for help I can say he is the best no one on hear can do what he dose that's chageing lifes for the better. xxx" ... written by paulmccan105
My life is going to be amazing this year thanks to wayne I feel that I can move on now from the past and think of my self for once many thanks wayne isaacs. xxx" ... written by paulmccan105
Always love talking with him... terrific and right." ... written by Elaine Faber
he's amazing. one of a kind for certain." ... written by erica
Great reading, very fast and spot on, great adviser! " ... written by zaicha
Quick right on what he says--" ... written by janelle
Outstanding psychic .. truly gifted! easily 5 stars!" ... written by ann
This is the most amazing man! He connected immediately and told me what the issue was before I told him. Was completely validating with what I was feeling myself and reassured me that my instincts were right on. The first time in a very long time that I had hope for my future restored. I believe that I have made a friend for life and will be back many many times, to chat and for more readings and will definitely bring my one and only to meet him when he returns. Thank you so very very much Wayne. I will keep you updated :)" ... written by Jennifer
I think Psychic wayne is awesome, tell you how it is and I felt so relaxed. I could talk to this man for weeks. Awesome guide recommended to all" ... written by debbie
Amazing man......." ... written by pavan
Good healing!" ... written by pavan
Excellent and Compassionate!" ... written by RosesandRoses
Wayne is great, honesty, fast, straight to point. Feeling so much better after reading. Will be back in a week with perdition and upgrade to 5 stars when come to pass:)" ... written by Judy
Confirmed what I hoped to hear, thanks Wayne xx" ... written by Claire
Recommended to others and keeps straight to the point and real great reader" ... written by sharon
Very real - to the point - calmed my heart - told me what I needed to here - price per minute is steep but well worth it - peace of mind is priceless - thank you deeply. :) " ... written by whenever21
it was a good reading. " ... written by AshleeR123
He is always so positive, have to believe, my dreams will come true" ... written by great as usual
VERY VERY COOL... and fun too" ... written by Me
He was very insightful" ... written by Rasheedaw
Wayne had pushed me to contact my man even though Wayne's prediction of timing was off a little but my man did contact me." ... written by happykellygirl
Thank you Wayne :-) Hope I sleep better tonight." ... written by LynettieSpaghetti
Wow....just confirmed something another psychic told me before! This is amazing..thank you so much for your help! Blessings to you" ... written by Mona
He's awesome!" ... written by Tammie
What can I say, the man's a genius!" ... written by Tammie
Seems very psychic indeed." ... written by Tammie
Wonderful an honest like always!" ... written by Tammie
Very nice. Made me cry happy tears. Accurate." ... written by Tammie
:)" ... written by phllly
Super accurate and fast, I'm really impressed!! I'll be back for more info. " ... written by jazzychic7
Good!!!" ... written by happykellygirl
Fast, and good. Thank You. XX" ... written by S
AMAZING!!!!! AS ALWAYS!!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
No words!!!! Speechless!!! Truly amazing!!! Please have a reading with him if you need one..Definitely worth it :)!!!! " ... written by Anushka Arya
Wayne is very accurate!!!" ... written by Helen Bright
ONE WORD " AMAZING!"" ... written by catherine
I have turned to this man for guidance since Thanksgiving. I never believed in psychics but something made me to try it out.When I received a reading from Wayne in the beginning he told me things I didn't want to hear, but still guided me through everything that was happening in my life. Everything in my life during the holiday season was so unfair and painful but he continue to guide me and worked with me to help find inner peace within my situation and learn patience. It was so hard because I wanted it all to go away, but this man continue to give me TRUTH and to see past the pain and to follow my heart. I prayed about it everyday and worked on what he had asked me to do. Today because of him everything he has told me to do has all worked in my favor and has happen. I have learned PATIENCE andamp; INNER PEACE that I never had before andamp; I am truly thankful for his guidance andamp; help with everything that has happen in my life. He is not GOD but he is truly one of GOD servants who is truly blessed with the gift of helping others. GOD BLESS you my friend! Thank you for bringing my FAMILY back together and making us whole again! WE LOVE YOU!" ... written by Rosie Sat
Brilliant Connection , New what was going on around me . Excellent ! Ran out of Credits :( Namaste" ... written by debi_crystal
Good reading, know more now...." ... written by mette44
Very accurate, no beating around the bush as we would say in Australia. Would welcome another reading from him anytime." ... written by Rebecca
Thanks Wayne for a great reading!" ... written by Lyn
I'll have to wait and see." ... written by jasmine
I love this man.. he is new friend :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
I loove talking to him :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Wayne feels like a friend, like someone I can turn to for advice. He's insightful and reassuring to me, which at times of confusion is a great comfort to me. I trust his intuition and guidance. I have consulted Wayne many times and he has never disappointed, oh except that one time.... :) I'm teasing! If you are looking for answers then here's your sign that you are on the right path. Psychic Wayne is your guy!" ... written by Jenny
He is awesome" ... written by tcollins18
Good person" ... written by Transform
great what can I say" ... written by gipsygirl
Lovely :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Lovely :) " ... written by Anushka Arya
Very nice to talk to. Highly recommend" ... written by Mare2013
Good." ... written by happykellygirl
Wow so much looking forward to the future. I will definitely keep you updated.. when things happen. :D " ... written by jazzychic7
Fantastic read!!!" ... written by jazzychic7
Thanks again." ... written by anushree
Really amazing reader. He knew what was going on in me, he really did and guided me in right direction. Thank you, I really appreciate it. :)" ... written by Bhavika
Brilliant... Saw the situation for what it was... Gave straightforward view... Exactly what was needed. Thanks." ... written by Karen
He has been helping me for some time and with his encouragement I contacted another manager at my former company and the news from her was very positive!! I feel that without Wayne's encouragement I would not have done that." ... written by badbonster
Excellent as always! Thanks for the confirmation and will keep you updated soon!" ... written by Mona
best psychic on here, without a doubt. he's quick, to the point, and knows everything that's going on with very little prompting. Love my readings with him. " ... written by erica
love wayne. He's amazing" ... written by erica
He was goood!" ... written by tiff
Was great!" ... written by tiff
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Happy
Will keep you posted." ... written by anon
Good reading. Wayne's great. Love working with him." ... written by erica
:)" ... written by happykellygirl
Wayne you are a great healer :-)" ... written by Happy
Wayne was right on the first time. I love to believe his prediction will come true. " ... written by phillly
Great reading. Very helpful. On the mark. I will be back. Thank you." ... written by loveornolove
Great advice, great reading, thank you!" ... written by trish
He is my dear friend and counselor and gifted psychic. He has always given me helpful insight and I would recommend him for anyone. Thanks, Wayne!" ... written by rose
Fast and good. Thank You." ... written by S
AMAZING!!!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
One word for him: Angel. The energy he gives out is so powerful and healing and so positive. Thank you so much :)" ... written by Bhavika
I am simply hooked on this MAN gift!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
Right on point...accurate....looking forward to the next 10 days." ... written by Ny
Quick to read, immediately started talking about what was going on in my life. Very helpful. A kind soul. Sometimes that is all that is needed. But it was more than was a look beyond what I could see." ... written by lisa
Excellent reading. Hope he is right. Thank you." ... written by Cindy
He is an angel for me. Chats with him make me feel so positive about my life and builds more confidence. Thank you so much." ... written by Bhavika
Answered my questions clearly. Thank You." ... written by S
Chatting helps sometimes. Thanks Wayne." ... written by S
He is amazing! " ... written by Oolong
He was very accurate." ... written by tierra
I always run to Wayne if i need a guidance. And way always helpful. Thank you i will come again. " ... written by Daniela P.
Great!" ... written by Christine
Wayne connects fast; he gave me hope on when things would finally get started with my love life (3/4wks- date) (8wks-start). He also gave me hope as to when my business would pick up which is about apr/may. And I am hoping to see a love one home at least by Christmas. I give gave Wayne 5 stars for quick connections. " ... written by Brenda
You have stayed consistent in what you told me, Wayne. Time will tell. Thanks for giving me hope. xx" ... written by gipsygirl
Excellent psychic. Tells it like it is. I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for an excellent reading. " ... written by Jose
love me some wayne. He's such a good soul" ... written by erica
Awsome reader always on time with readings I have no hesitation in recommending any person persons to Wayne. Precise and patient with his clients." ... written by debbie
OMG THANKS FOR THE GREAT NEWS" ... written by tierra
WOW. just wow.. I can't believe how accurate he was. The truth is such a blessing and I am so glad I found PsychicWayne. Recommend a thousand times over and will visit a thousand times again. I'm happy to receive the news I did and I believe in this psychic. Thank you so much!!" ... written by sahreen
Great chat! He just told me to come in for a reading as soon as i got to his page. He was spot on. So will follow his advise and see what happens... Thanks Wayne." ... written by tilthe
Thanks wayne - love, love. xx" ... written by Mel
he's a cool dude, I enjoyed it whatever it was...certainly would love if it all came true, nice vibe so thanks x" ... written by fragrant
amazing and honest thaaank u!!" ... written by karan
He was good, I told him to tell me about what's going on and he hit my love life issues before anything XOXO" ... written by Trevino
thaank u very much honest and accurate" ... written by karan
He made me think positive again and so much better.And he is quick in his readings. I hope of all my heart that he is right about things. I will anyway leave update if he is right.. " ... written by Jeanne
Thank you, wayne. Short but sweet :)" ... written by Happy
The man is fast... Im impressed, gotta read with him again when I can... thanks!" ... written by Ben
Will be back to update you." ... written by pree
just wow I have nothing moe to say words cant exaplin ;(" ... written by tierrra
Hey we ran out of time" ... written by Tierra
Very good. He knew all about my love life and gave me advice on what to do. Can't wait to see what happens. Lucy x" ... written by Lucy
WOW, is all I can say." ... written by tierra
Amazing and honest reading, thank you " ... written by karan209
Thank you Wayne! :) Love your readings, recommended" ... written by Lyn
Nice reading...always positive." ... written by happykellygirl
WOW...he really is a very good psychic...I just fell in love with him :-) I highly recommend him. 10 stars." ... written by Spiritonloose
Very Good. Looking forward to seeing what happens" ... written by Ny
SPOT ON and loving and caring. I will be back. THANK YOU! XXXXX." ... written by liz
Thanks Wayne the trust is there, for you." ... written by gipsygirl
Wow!! He was quick and didn't really ask me much of things. I hope I do find my mate." ... written by disturbed86
WOW..WOW WOW..seriously no words to describe the fast connection and quick responses!! JUST GREAT!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
I am really blowin' away.. You don't have to offer any details, he picks up QUICKLY on everything you are going through... Hope what he says comes to pass!! SPOT ON READING!!!!!!! I wont ever get another reading with any one else again!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Wayne is so very honest and a wonderful guide. He calls it on target. Big hugs!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Amazing. I didn't say a word and he picked up on what I want to know about straight away, will be back. " ... written by Michelle
Spot on" ... written by Jaqui
Thanks Wayne for the mojo boost xoxox" ... written by Noush
Wonderful Wayne!" ... written by Noush
Thanks Wayne." ... written by Noush
Very reassuring!" ... written by anushree
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Kelly
I like this guy alot, lets see if what happens mid march..." ... written by lady
He does seem to know whats on my mind and hoping he's right! Will come back again. Thank you!" ... written by Linn115
OK" ... written by Lyn
That's crazy!!! :)" ... written by tierra
I liked him and what he said too. Thank you Wayne. I would recommend him." ... written by Vijay
Excellent. Very Good Looking forward to seeing what happens" ... written by Ny
thank you again for the reading" ... written by pink
right on spot~! i'm amazed~! no question needs to be ask...he will tell you what is on your mind and the situation. Thank you~!" ... written by Feelingpink
Wow he was fast and great." ... written by lajuana
You have lifted my spirit thank you. :)" ... written by Kelly
Wayne is great... much better than ok, thank you sir." ... written by Lyn
He knew things without me telling him. He knew the reason I was in there without asking and was very comforting. He gave me advise that I'm sure I will take and check back for sure!" ... written by Renee
He is very accurate in my love life.. It's almost scary because I didn't even have to ask my question. He just knew :) I hope what he says will come true. We shall see. :)" ... written by Sweetsnow5
He pinpointed a long list of things that have been bothering me and his reassurance has made me feel better, but the most important thing he has told me is to wait and be patient. He was also very accurate on how I am as a person. I will take up on his advice and report again when he says change will happen." ... written by Tidarut
You have provided me with the support I needed to make a move in the right direction thank you for guiding me." ... written by Kelly
The best of the best. Very accurate always. " ... written by lisandra
Thank you for your patience and kindness and guidance. " ... written by Kelly
Great reading as always. He's quick and to the point." ... written by Erica
Your are the best and I will contact you tomorrow for an update. I would hug you if I could for helping me find my inner strength. :)" ... written by Kelly
Very good reading. Thank you" ... written by brownie
Appears to be accurate... time will tell. But he was very accurate in what was on my mind and describing my life. will give update as this unfolds. :-)" ... written by Tanya
Always a pleasure to read with Wayne. He is very tuned into what is going on and what is coming up. Great details and fun conversation. Thanks!" ... written by Jennifer
He is amazingly accurate and positively honest." ... written by mary
Oh my gosh - I was amazed, just amazed. Not only did he launch into what he saw immediately but the accuracy he had with everything - names, what was on my mind, even subtle things like having recently dyed my hair! Wow ... just wow. It's tough to surprise me, but he did, in the very best ways!" ... written by Amanda
Great reader, to the point quick :) " ... written by Chocolate33
Very good reading, quick answers and details. Will be back for more!" ... written by Jennifer
Great advice, practical but sometimes hard to implement! Lol. It was another great reading with good details and lots of insight. I truly understand what you are saying and I agree. I'll be back for updates. " ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for everything, Wayne." ... written by Lyn
Thank you. You are very encouraging. I will see you as soon as I can." ... written by kelly
Refreshing and good to hear the truth good or bad. Always has a way to make understanding more easy." ... written by b
First time reading with him, very fast, definitive, timelines, and certainty. Good counsel and I appreciate the information and will see what transpires. Thank you." ... written by G
Thank you again and sorry, my messages are short but my computer is slow." ... written by Kelly
he is so damn intuitive its scary " ... written by vvd450
i love talking to him " ... written by vvd450
amazing" ... written by vvd450
amazing!!!!!" ... written by Amanda
You're so awesome." ... written by Kelly
He calmed me." ... written by Antoinette
Great as usual." ... written by c
Talking with Wayne is as easy as talking with a best friend who died 2 years ago. She always gave me the advice I needed. He brings her back to me. LOVE to him!" ... written by Elaine Faber
Tapped in without me saying a word, got directly to the point answered my questions..... I can tell you if his predictions are correct in 5 weeks time! EXCELLENT!" ... written by Camille
Phenomenal.... I came back for more! Excellent reading." ... written by Camille
There are no words..... Great great great!" ... written by Camille
He is really good. Gets straight to the point and is very accurate." ... written by mary
Great." ... written by angela
Very upfront and honest..." ... written by emma
Time is short. so many things to know. Pretty good." ... written by DonnaRuth
Picked up on the names of a lot of loved ones!" ... written by Frances
He is excellent!" ... written by Antoinette
I've gotten so many conflicting readings but Wayne is certain of what he sees and I will know soon. He is patient with an anxious soul, and I appreciate that and his confidence. Thank you." ... written by g
Amazing! I will definitely use him again!" ... written by Nicky
Very, very good reading, he picked up on almost everything. Wayne is one of the best. His predictions do come to light so I'm hoping this one will too." ... written by Sticky toffee
Another fab reading. I went to other readers and I did not feel they connected well with me well. After communicating with Wayne I feel much better. I really believe things will work out. A week or so ago Wayne told me a shocking relation, I didn't believe it when he told me but found out in hours it was true as I had confirmation from the man I was seeing that it was. Wayne has given me hope that things will come together." ... written by Sticky toffee
Thanks first time and found out a lot I didn't know. Not what I wanted to hear but non the less things need to change. Thanks." ... written by LL
Holy shit! Wayne is the real deal! he just immediately picked up why I was calling and knew everything about my situation and gave me good insight onto what my next step is. highly recommend! he's nice and very fast. I know most people are taken aback by his higher price, but he's def worth every penny." ... written by m
this guy is amazing my very first time with him and he picked things up like that with no details thanks a lot worth the money . Thanks for your insight " ... written by mimi326
Amazing reading with UK Psychic Wayne, 5 stars!" ... written by browneyes2687
Well, it was fascinating. Hopefully it comes true. Thanks. If it comes true, you are the best psychic in the UK!" ... written by Ben
Fun to chat with." ... written by philly
The real deal, the best on this site for sure!!" ... written by vvd450
Had a chat with him after ages, but he has been always there to guide me and he is an amazing person. Thank you so much again " ... written by Bhavika
waiting to see with baited breath, thanks Wayne" ... written by gipsygirl
He is the best - just wish i could hear him " ... written by olivia
Wow he is sooooooooo good" ... written by tatjana
Always gives positive energy and i always feel good after talking to him " ... written by BHavika
I love this man guidance!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
I WILL COME BACK! I THINK YOU'RE RIGHT in the prediction of the female ..I have the same feeling...LET'S SEE IF YOU RIGHT about him coming back!" ... written by wioletta
great guy, more money, so far worth it ! 1 prediction made, lets see what happens next" ... written by lady
Great help and great man. Helped me back on my feet when I was confused. Thanks man." ... written by Sorrende
Ok..He is good...need to wait and see what will happen...but he is good...very quick..and gives prediction and time frame I just need to wait ..:) Thank You Wayne.." ... written by md3311
great..wanted to talk with him more..." ... written by PAT
Love Wayne. He's quick and to the point. Certainly listens and gives the best advice he can for the given situation. He's honest and you can always expect the correct answers from him. I really enjoy working with him, and have developed a great rapport with him. " ... written by Erica
Amazing. Very quick gave me insight. And answers to all of my questions. Thank you." ... written by katherine
Woow!!!!!" ... written by Anette Helltröm Johansson
Lovely self confidence reading with Wayne, some great tips to over come social anxiety. For me for this month and I am due to get an update next month with him for more steps to over come my shyness. I feel great right now with all the tips he has giving me and I'm going to go out doors now something I haven't done in a few weeks many thanks!" ... written by paul
We will see how this going to work out." ... written by philly
Amazing physic. :) The best on Oranum :) He knew my question before I even asked it. He never needed details or hints which just goes to show that he's THE REAL DEAL :) Also, described the guys in my life perfectly and helped me figure out where my heart wants to go. Apparently, I'm also a little physic myself too as well.. I have to learn how to use my gift. Maybe one day I'll be as amazing as Wayne. :) " ... written by Sweetsnow5
Such a great reading. Definitely worth the 5.99 a minute, even though I did get a limited time, I felt like what i got in the time received was very helpful to me!" ... written by Carolyn Turner
Oh my god, you're so legit, so amazing. Great, excellent job. " ... written by dellamal
Wonderful reader, very serious. Listen to him and he'll help you. Do not expect easy answers, only clear ones." ... written by Naseth
Thank you Wayne, so much xxx You confirmed everything I already knew deep down xxx" ... written by Jessica
Wayne was very accurate and a very quick typer! He is very conscious of time and will answer every question as quick and fully detailed as possible. I would read with him again =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
you connected immediately. Thank you. Hoping the June date comes true" ... written by smilingcapricorn
He is really good, picked on something that I didn't tell him. Hope the prediction comes true. :)" ... written by miti
Wayne is truly the best out here, he is not only the best reader but also your best friend. He'll direct you with only good intentions and will help you grow. I only recommend seeing him" ... written by Tat
Helpful :)" ... written by Mark
Great as usual. I just stopped by for a quick update. The time frame has not changed so that's good to know. :):):):)" ... written by Sticky toffee
Even though the reading was short and my webcam didn't want to work, he definitely was able to pick up on some of my current issues I've been having. I'd say it was well worth it" ... written by Tawny820
very helpful" ... written by Mark
:)" ... written by Happykellygirl
Incredibly talented! So spot on and accurate. He came up with so many names that he couldn't have possibly known. Really easy to talk to and an overall great reading! " ... written by Sophia
OK, that was a bit freaky you just pulled the name of the one person I ever loved or trusted, will have to see what future holds!" ... written by Rose
Lovely guy" ... written by L
best. thx for the faith" ... written by sturgisgrrl
Wayne is always so nice and patient with me...i have so much angst and do not "believe" and he triess to coach me along. I enjoy talking with him...and just have to learn to believe and trust...thanks." ... written by pat
Lovely man Wayne is i have so much respect for him i was really shy and had no esteem and at one point i wanted to take my own life and i know if i didn't have Wayne i would have he was by my side all the way much love Wayne you are an amazing person x;)" ... written by paul
Thank you Wayne great reading amazing." ... written by paul
No one can help me like Wayne can a true great man that has helped so many around the world, go to him he is the real deal in my opinion the best psychic ever thank you ever so much Wayne x" ... written by paul
Great. Said I would hear from him next week. I'll let you know!" ... written by onerunnerone1
I hope his prediction for April will come true." ... written by happykellygirl
Always on the money" ... written by wayne
Thanks again. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Thank you for the catch up and the great news. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Love talking to him! He gives good advice and I'll be anticipating his predictions!" ... written by BP
Wow wow wow! Spot on. I'm impressed. Would recommend him to everyone." ... written by angloThai
Thank you for your help Wayne! He's very quick and accurate with describing the situation and person in question. Hoping that everything occurs the way he predicted! =)" ... written by Sleepydreamer
I did enjoy the reading and he was on point with what I am dealing with at this moment. He had no way of knowing what the feelings or concerns were. " ... written by Gena
He's great! He knew what was going on with me without saying anything. I will be looking forward to his predictions!" ... written by BP
WOW is all I have to say. Amazing" ... written by Angela
helpful!" ... written by Lisa
Amazing reader, linked with names and seen to know what he as talking about. I am very impressed." ... written by Royal
This Gentlemen is super impressive in his reading. He linked into my aura immediately and given me validation after validation. I initially had no intention for prolonging my personal reading but I had no choice with this man. He was too good, to miss any opportunity for further information and guidance. He described my character to a T and also told me my father's name, I was blown away. I highly recommend this gentlemen." ... written by Royal
Always a pleasure speaking with PsychicWayne, his accuracy is astonishing, he sees things no one else does. He's gifted with light " ... written by Tat
Thanks again. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Thank you.... " ... written by gadega
I am very pleased with my purchase and amazed by his accuracy. Royal brit referred me to him." ... written by ifraz
Wayne has all the right directions and sees what is coming." ... written by Elaine Faber
AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by angelina
He is very good." ... written by stephanie
Super fast (literally 1 minute), but he managed to give me an answer and a time frame...!!" ... written by Alice
Great detailed reading! Thanks." ... written by Meli
Wayne is very clear in what he says!" ... written by Meli
Very good reading as usual" ... written by Sticky
He always gives that positive push and clears out the problem. Thank you once again for the help. " ... written by Bhavika
Knows a lot!!!!!!!!" ... written by angela
Great!!!" ... written by Angela
Thanks Wayne - ever grateful for your words." ... written by poquette
Thanks heaps Wayne. xxxx" ... written by Jess
Good!!!!!!!" ... written by ang
Yep. This person is a very good psychic. Till now one of the few best. :)" ... written by ansh
hes very good. thats all. im still in middle of a reading so maybe later" ... written by ansh
thanks for being there for me, you are the best." ... written by gipsygirl
PsychicWayne really put me at ease and answered the questions and fears I had quickly and reassured me throughout. Great reading, thank you. Hopefully everything will be ok. :)" ... written by weeyinx
It was a great reading.. and he also gave great advise!!!" ... written by muse
Thx for the reading, Wayne!" ... written by erica
Thanks. Chat soon. XXXXX." ... written by Liz
Love Wayne. He's supportive, accurate and tells it like it is. I always get sucked into our conversations and feel enlightened after. " ... written by Erica
Amazing as usual... worth 10 stars!!! If you're considering a read with him... you should do it. Spot on and connected very fast!! Knew exactly what I wanted to talk about without me saying anything" ... written by T.
super super quick and on target. thank you. " ... written by lovewater
Wayne was very understanding about my situation and gave me some very good advice. Thanks Wayne, God Bless you, Caronxx" ... written by Caron
Very good reading!" ... written by brownie
Thanks for the Reading. It was really helpfull." ... written by Ashwarya
My friend and divine helper.Thanks." ... written by madhu_t46
great guy. very real and fast. thank you" ... written by lovewater
Fantastic guy, super gifted, real, clear, caring. Thanks so much." ... written by lovewater
Thanks, good advice" ... written by Amy
thanks man i knew it would be soon" ... written by anna
Thank you.." ... written by Good Karma
Back for more clarity! Will talk again soon. Incredibly helpful. Thank you. " ... written by lovewater
Clear andamp; direct.. Thank you." ... written by Anew
This is my first time with Psychic Wayne. I'm looking forward to seeing how his advice pans out. He was quick an types fast, but the money ran out quickly." ... written by Kelly
Wayne is very in tune and his advice is helpful. He knew what was up with me without my even having to ask. Thank you Wayne. " ... written by Renari
Wayne is pretty great, good details, lots of information and reassurance that things will work out as they are supposed to and sometimes that's all I need to feel better...a little security and reassurance. Great reading once again, thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
I appreciate your words with me." ... written by Dopplersonograph
Very good Reading. I enjoyed it!" ... written by itwillbeok
he always is so amazing." ... written by alicia
Wow! I have no idea how he knew the things he knew! Very impressed, he connected to me so fast and he knew my situation so in awe! " ... written by madame_diesing
Good reading, will be back for more thank you xo" ... written by Libsta
So far his first prediction was correct, now im waiting for the next! He's a fast typer and connects very fast! Love having readings with him." ... written by BP
Fast typist, great reader, quickly connects! Will see if his predictions come true" ... written by madame_diesing
good, as always. wayne is fun to work with" ... written by Erica
my best friend and guide. hugs. May god be with you always. " ... written by madhu_thomass
Wow. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
good guy, good readings, good help" ... written by lady
thanks for sharing time with me. :)" ... written by Dopplersonograph
I have been wanting a reading with Wayne. I was hesitant because of the fee,, but his knowledge was worth it. I figure it's like spending good money for a great service. That's what he offers. He is quick with responding too. I had a lot on my mind so I thought he couldn't answer all of my questions in a reasonable time frame, but he did. I hope to be back for another reading. Thank you Wayne, you're worth the time and credits for sure :) " ... written by Kim
Had a couple questions from a previous session. He really is amazing. Easy to talk to and fast. I will let you know how things pan out. Thanks again Wayne! :) " ... written by Kim
well I like talking to the guy" ... written by fragrant
wow such a great guy really looking forward to chat with you sooner or later and hope things will be happening as foretold." ... written by sarujan
come and see this psychic, he is good" ... written by fragrant
Wayne Wayne Wayne . oh he is soooooo good at telling u exactly whats going on " ... written by helix
WOW...i just want to wait 6/8 weeks to see what happens. " ... written by Wioletta
First reading, pretty much had the right questions and answers. Not enough credits to go in depth, will probably have a reading from him again at a future date" ... written by lpa483066
willing to go above and beyond for me always the best reading on oranum" ... written by vvd450
he seemed interested" ... written by Miguel
The most detailed reading I have ever gotten! 5 stars!" ... written by Christine
he's exactly what I thought hed be. great reader worth the 6$ a min" ... written by emmanuel
Well, pleasantly surprised...he was straight to the point, precise, simple and concise..I had only one specific question in mind and I got perfect clarification about it....very real deal this Wayne and professional, detailed, with no confusing answers,...very good connection...all in all: fabulous!!!" ... written by happiness
Wayne, thank you!!" ... written by Cathy Cheerkoot
as usual. very very good. " ... written by ansh
Awesome...I feel so relaxed!" ... written by Priya
I needed advice once again. I met a guy. But wasn't sure if i should go for it. Once i love someone i love 100 percent. I don't want to give someone 100 percent if i am not sure it is the one. So i will just enjoy being around this new guy but i will take it easy as Wayne told me. And looking forward to June when i should meet my Mr. right. :) " ... written by Daniela Peterova
Always spot on.. Am looking forward to predictions happening. Will keep you posted. :-)" ... written by Tanya
Great reader! Love ya cuz!" ... written by Joey Allen
He is so great! Love him!" ... written by Joey Allen
Wayne is great! Love readings with him. He picks up on stuff right away, and I don't ever have to prompt, he already knows what I'm going to discuss. " ... written by Erica
excited to see what happens" ... written by ny
You are my favourite and i LOVE you!!" ... written by Melissa
Always amazing, fast, present, kind. Thanks!" ... written by lovewater
Quick, efficient and how did he know that!! Thank you!" ... written by Sharon
He's a great psychic!" ... written by Joey Allen
gained some insight" ... written by shauna
His rep is spot on. Trust him. He'll help you." ... written by Joey Allen
HE is truly everything people say. And more!" ... written by Joey Allen
Looking forward to seeing what happens" ... written by Ny
super fast and accurate. great guy. one of the best!" ... written by lovewater
very accurate" ... written by dadlanie
the BEST" ... written by lovewater
Another wonderful reading from Wayne. He is fast, consistent, honest, and informative. Good insight and details. Thank you my dear. I will be in touch." ... written by Jennifer
Waynes ability to tap into any connection, living or crossed over, is amazing. Great read!" ... written by Taylor
an amazing man thank you so much for such clarity. very quick. " ... written by lovewater
always good!" ... written by Angela
waiting to see if his prediction will come to be....I'm hopeful...if it does I'll share then." ... written by gdkdianne
I always leave knowing I am on the right track after receiving my reading from this AMAZING man!!!!! God Bless You Wayne!!!" ... written by Rosie Sat
Wish I had more money to listen, must save up" ... written by Denise
i come regular. i dont like typing again and again. i said is good. " ... written by ansh
What he has told me has shocked me. He is very very fast. I wish I had more time. He is really good." ... written by Amina
Fingers crossed." ... written by ANushree
absolutely amazing have gone back twice. would recommend." ... written by melissa
Surprised!" ... written by nistalgia
He was friendly and cordial. If you seek answers he is the one. Will definitely return to Wayne. Have a good day. Remember there are no 'free answers.' Everything has a cost." ... written by Happle
Always puts a smile on my face!! such a great person and psychic. Thank you so much for all your help. X" ... written by Hannah Davis
Excellent!" ... written by angela
he is amazing and has always been there for the help. his insights are always the best. thanks again :) xx" ... written by Bhav
Insane how quickly he tapped exactly into what was on my mind! Immediately launched into those concerns and offered great comfort. I'm excited to be able to update him with what I'm sure will be the good news he promised!" ... written by Amanda
wayne really gave me the clarification i needed to know about a certain someone. he was able to pick up my situation really fast and accurately. he provided me with caution and guidance and what to be careful for. thank you wayne for giving me the upperhand to not let myself get hurt again. im glad i taken you to private reading. thank you" ... written by melissa
YEP SAME COMMENT AS B4" ... written by ansh
he understands him and i understand him" ... written by ansh
thanks" ... written by loving08
Wow, Interesting reading. " ... written by angloThai
Thank you for a great reading. Def. be back." ... written by erini
Wayne is extraordinary, he is not a man of many words but what he does say is so precise, succinct, and clear. His answers are supportive and definitive. He is also very confident in what he sees and what he will tell you. It is this confidence that keeps me coming back to him because I know what he tells me will happen. Thank you my friend, it is a relief to know that things will only get better in this relationship. Outstanding advisor, take him private and get the answers you are looking for. He will not waste your time or disappoint!" ... written by Jennifer
always spot on" ... written by gipsygirl
I had kind of doubted a prediction he made awhile ago, and brushed it under the rug. Then, of course exactly what he said rang true and I had to come back with the "you told me so." Wayne tells it like it is, he sees it and tells you straight out. " ... written by Erica
thank you so much everything you said about my life was true and thank you for talking to my day i miss him so much and the messages you got from him has really helped me i feel good right now xx" ... written by paul mccan
Spot on as usual, " ... written by Carly
He is soooo accurate and quick...told me some good news about my situation...I am Happy...he knew everything..." ... written by tasha_j
dead on" ... written by angela
Don't need to tell him much." ... written by telt1910
always a pleasure to speak with this man" ... written by angela
mind blowing" ... written by Tierra THE MEDIUM
amazing gifts this man has! lovely guy too. thank you!" ... written by lovewater
amazing reading really has helped me a lot today i would be lost with out this man only person i can trust he is family to me and may god bless you for been here for me when im down thanks so much wayne" ... written by paul mccan
NICE NICE VERY NICE" ... written by Tierra THE MEDIUM
Omg awesome" ... written by Tierra
Thank you wayne for all of your insight!! be well!! I will keep you posted! " ... written by heather
ur awesome great reading " ... written by dellamale
great " ... written by dellamalee
thanks" ... written by :)
He's a very friendly guy, a nice friend and a nice person to talk to. " ... written by Santhanakon
He is very insightful and it makes me feel better. Good reading :)" ... written by Santhanakon
Good reading, per usual. Can't complain. He tells them like he sees them! " ... written by Erica
Very spot on amaaazing!" ... written by Karina
Great reading as usual with Wayne. Thank you for telling me the truth. " ... written by Jennifer
Thank you." ... written by linda
encouraging" ... written by s
great reading......" ... written by mac
Always very helpful, insightful. Enjoy talking to Wayne each time. " ... written by telt1910
amazing lovely gifted consistent fast. thank you!" ... written by lovewater
very fast and accurate! lots of insight to come" ... written by Suzanne
I FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE TO TALK TO HIM." ... written by ibeth
great ;)" ... written by Helena
Great reading to the point on many things. Had connection issues but was still good." ... written by Trista
Always very accurate.. Thanks the nest in Oranum." ... written by lisandra
always positive" ... written by happykellygirl
He is incredible. I didn't have to say anything...and he was SPOT ON! He knew I was going through relationship stuff...told me why the guy left, was absolutely honest and gave me predictions. I was in awe at how quickly he just zoned right in. THE BEST!" ... written by Sarah
Feel 100 times better after speaking with Wayne! Answered questions I never even asked! " ... written by Trista
very quick to answer!!...hope what u predicted happens..i will wait for that and come back and update if it does happen. thanks wayne...u r a gem...will definitely see u again xoxo" ... written by angelc.
Wayne is the best!!" ... written by Angela
Lovely man. Always wish I could chat more. Very grateful for the support and clarity!" ... written by lovewater
k" ... written by fragrant
This man is incredible! I did not have to say anything and he knew exactly what was going on in my life. Very gifted" ... written by A
Wayne is a gem! Lovely guy, great gifts, very fast and helpful always. Many thanks. " ... written by lovewater
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Lyn
This was a great reading - got so much more out of it than I expected" ... written by Helen
great person, with the ability to be to the point and accurate. No sugar coating when it comes to wayne, he tells you exactly like it is, and every things always seems to happen as said." ... written by alicia
Thank you Wayne! - He's great! So insightful." ... written by Rose
Happy :) Wayne, the only psychic who makes faces while in private on Oranum. Thank you Wayne, you have helped me make up my mind on where I should be. Thank you" ... written by happigal27
thanks ill check back" ... written by liv
he is the best" ... written by Olivia
Facing relationship issues...Great reading! Wayne is very direct and straightforward. This was my first reading but I'll definitely come back and wait for predictions to manifest. Big Thanks Wayne for the clarity." ... written by findin_happyness
always great to talk with Wayne. Thank you" ... written by androsea
good" ... written by shnaz abdul
very good" ... written by confused
good energy thank you " ... written by mary
What a wonderful and enlightening reading. Wayne was able to pick up exactly what I was having an issue with. He was able to set me at ease and provide me hope, direction and guidance on how to handle my situation. Thank you and I will defiantly be back." ... written by adaz60
THanks Wayne. You are a luv. Will be back! xx" ... written by lovewater
Thanks Wayne.....You are right xx" ... written by GD
thanks for the chat, looking forward to next month " ... written by becky
Thanks Wayne for helping me make the decision. " ... written by happigal27
Good reading, nice information and timeframes" ... written by Jennifer
Great reading! It's great to have insight from someone that feels what is going on. " ... written by Stefanie
Wayne gives you the answer straightforward, no sugarcoating, and without being vague." ... written by telt1910
awesome true" ... written by maria
thank you thank you xx" ... written by gipsygirl
Psychic Wayne is a fast reader ….. he gave me a peace of mind ….thank you so much!!! " ... written by Elisa Deriada
just amazing. thank you" ... written by maria
Intuitive." ... written by Cheri
Amazing!!! quick connection!! spot on!!! will return again and again!!! thank you" ... written by penny
this man is for real. He hit it all right on. I am so amazed and so happy. I will talk with him again." ... written by sam
Fantastic and accurate reading. Always appreciate that Wayne gets right to the point and doesn't sugar coat the truth. Well worth the price. Quality over quantity! " ... written by whenever21
So amazing as usual i love your words and care for me " ... written by IBETH
You make me laugh Wayne, am glad we are friends again :-)" ... written by Lyn
great reading. Highly recommend!" ... written by Didi
Good." ... written by k
He is the BEST...hands down!" ... written by tasha_j
Was nice guy, though reading was cut short ?" ... written by Helpme67
Great reading! Worth every penny! Calmed my heart and quieted my fears. A truly blessed Psychic! " ... written by whenever21
very accurate! " ... written by Nadia
very cool man tells you like it is helped me a lot with my weight problems he said you need to do this dean and when he said this i got some power in me don't how , this man is very good at what he does defo will be coming back soon for a reading ;)" ... written by uk
Wayne is the BESSTT!@!!!!!!" ... written by TBS
Accurate, insightful, sharp - Very intuitive, no bullshit; real deal psychic." ... written by Domino
He ROCKS!!! Everything he tells is so true and right on point. If you want the truth, please call him. Absolutely AMAZING!!! He knows what has happened in the past and present with his AMAZING abilities. His help will get me thru what I am getting ready to experience! Love him!" ... written by Teressa
Talk about mind blowing and sending chills all over my body! He knew everything about me and two other people. Great advisor!" ... written by Teressa
Amazing as always. To the point, accurate and caring. I'm a repeat client." ... written by Iris
Sorry, I lost connection!" ... written by Teressa
Awesome reader as well as a friend and counselor! He guides me in my lowest times!" ... written by Teressa
Enjoy Wayne's guidance very much. It is very helpful." ... written by Krista
great reading" ... written by mano
Wayne is my advisor,guide...he is very very accurate...and helps me in my restless times...thank you Wayne.." ... written by tasha_j
Absolutely amazing! Things he tells you brings chills all over my body!" ... written by Teressa
Love chatting with him! He always keep me in line with no sugar coating involved. He is simply amazing!" ... written by Teressa
You have made me look forward to new and beautiful things, thanks always. Talk soon xx" ... written by happigal27
He helped me out a lot" ... written by Nona
Always very reassuring." ... written by Amanda
Very good reading and very nice person" ... written by Krista
Highly accurate and precise, knows how to channel and advice." ... written by Domino
Told me things I wasn't expecting. I hope they come true. Very positive even when I came with a negative energy" ... written by Jennifer
Excellent!!!!" ... written by Susan
Accurate as always, Wayne knows his stuff." ... written by Domino
Amaaaaaaazing!! answers your questions with details" ... written by Sar
one prediction from the past is kind of coming true :) a big one... so fingers crossed it will really happen! the other unfortunately didn't but I still find Wayne a good direct psychic, thank you." ... written by jazzychic7
Very good, will come back for more xx" ... written by donna
wonderful, spot on. Not enough time. And we share the same birthday. x" ... written by Diane
Wayne gets his messages spontaneously. You can talk about one thing, and all of a sudden he will bring something else up. Intuitive." ... written by Gadget
He has guided me through one of the most difficult things in my life! I feel so much happier now. His guidance and honesty lifts me up everyday!" ... written by Teressa
Sounds truthful and on the spot with the facts. Thank you for the clarification!" ... written by Tunde
i enjoyed what Wayne had to say. i will wait and see… will update you soon. thank you" ... written by didi
:)" ... written by PIGLETME
Wayne....I need nothing after I talk to you. So much positive energy! I have tried many things but you give me peace." ... written by findin_happyness
excellent, fast, positive. predictions are consistent and extremely accurate. current situation assessment is also spot on. I really appreciate his straight forward answers. his spiritual guidance is comforting and healing. Thanks Wayne." ... written by Henrinus
I hope is is very good with his prediction I found him direct and that is always good. I too have a feeling that he is genuine and true." ... written by Petrocolus
I love him and it brings me happiness" ... written by Seema
Always present, direct, clear, efficient. THank you!" ... written by lovewater
i like this guy. does not beat around the bush. His birthday I am sure, makes him special. " ... written by D
WOW! THE BEST!" ... written by LULUALS
Another great reading.... Wayne is straight to the point and very accurate...." ... written by adaz60
Keeps me lifted up! Keeps me strong! Awesome reader!" ... written by Teressa
we will see how it unfolds! I hope what he says is true!" ... written by angelc.
as always great reading. thank you" ... written by androsea
he knew everything before I told him !" ... written by sandi
Thanks Wayne." ... written by Lyn
C'est bon. Belle fess! Le derriere fantastique. " ... written by le garcon
I am blown away!!! So many details. I highly recommend." ... written by ytr
Sharply insightful, spot on predictions, and an accurate psychic interpreter of situations; ever grateful to the insight and guidance. (:" ... written by Domino
Thank you. I hope all of this comes true. I feel more confident now thank you. Speak soon" ... written by Idastar
Good and loyal guide" ... written by Krista
great one as always....." ... written by vac
Awesome!" ... written by Teressa
In tune, in sync and very insightful. Helped to ease my mind with upcoming events and give me a clear vision of my path ahead. Great guy!" ... written by Bianca
Goodness, he tapped into everything so quickly! Knew immediately that my focus has been on work and other things, especially with me tossing around ideas of opening my own business....something I don't discuss with anyone very much at all. Always impressed. It's a pleasure reading with him." ... written by Amanda
he is my favorite, i keep coming back to his advice and always" ... written by ibeth
simply the best" ... written by Oceandrive
I got an email from Wayne about a dream he had so I went private to find out what he had to tell me. He connected immediately and everything he said made perfect sense to my situation. I pray that what he said comes true. I really needed the comfort and confidence he gave me right now. Thanks a million Wayne and I will keep you posted. Blessings. xx" ... written by cowgirl_up
thank you for the update, looking forward to the fall to see what happens." ... written by becky
he was good, right about things and happy to return " ... written by mandy_1968
I trust him!" ... written by angelc.
He picked up on things quickly. Lets see how the predictions go." ... written by Stickytoffee
always great chatting with wayne and helps me to keep focused. Thank you" ... written by androseat
Thanks again, it helped out." ... written by Jason
Thank you fro a great intuitve read" ... written by Jason
i looked forward in your insights. thank you!" ... written by sirilee
Love your advice, thanks!" ... written by BETH
Thanks Wayne for making me smile, on my shoulder and ankle :-)" ... written by Noush
crazy super accurate" ... written by barrister26
LOVE ALWAYS THANK U " ... written by BETH
was great" ... written by Mitchell Hoover
He is amazazing!!! I love his energy!!! 10 stars!!!" ... written by Liliana
I am keeping faith but it scares me too" ... written by shona 29
Wayne is very unique, gifted, efficient, direct, kind, thoughtful. Thank you!!" ... written by lovewater
Got a great update! I'm just waiting for everything to come true now....that's when I'm gonna Thank Wayne big time." ... written by findin_happyness
always insightful not always what you want to hear but sometimes you need to will stay positive and wait for the rewards" ... written by melissa
Well, not much to say there! The best there is! 200 stars!" ... written by Liliana
Thanks for another good read." ... written by Jason
Great as always!!!! Very, very, very impressed." ... written by aaa
He has stated that the man that I adore and want to get into a relationship will ask me out on a dinner date next week. He said that it will be a romantic date and that his ex is going to be jealous. I will keep you updated as to how this pans out. Thanks for now and I look forward to seeing what happens next week. " ... written by Angela
always a great reading!!!!! hes really in touch with his clients" ... written by penny
thank you for your inspiration" ... written by idastar
good reading " ... written by seth
very good reading money well spent on he giveed me hope on a girl i truely love with all my heart" ... written by seth
Thank you Wayne!! Lets see what happens....." ... written by V
I hope this change that you see, will happen for the positive...because???? thank you for your insight and positive thoughts :)" ... written by sirilee
Thanks for the wonderful reading. I highly aprreciate it. Your a great reader and you get striaght to the point. Thanks again. " ... written by me
Very quick and straight to the point. Knew what was going on before I even said anything! Highly recommend!!" ... written by Sasha
Great reading. I hope he is correct. Thanks sir." ... written by 46+789
Always positive, and very helpful - Wayne's a friend and a good advisor, he predicted something pretty amazing, so I'll stay tuned (:" ... written by Domino
he's as good as everyone says. quick and accurate. try him." ... written by laura
Down to earth good advice giver, bit of psychic advice not overwhelming weirdness like some. Its good to just have someone real, not just fill me full of readings.... pleased" ... written by jordan
Wayne had positive things to say thankfully but i know that he is direct about things. told me what i already thought was going to happen but i am looking forward to see the outcome. i do worry too much! Thank you Wayne " ... written by didi
he was good very good" ... written by vell
always great to update, looking forward to some growth in my life." ... written by b
double session :)" ... written by d
thanks for the reading! Accurate!" ... written by D
Wayne is good." ... written by Noush
amazing!" ... written by LULUALS
the best!!!!!!!!! always reading my mind!!" ... written by luluals
Any time I talk to him he does 20 things at once - see my future, encourage me, heal me, make me smile, make me confident, make me think, complement me... He is amazing!!!!" ... written by Liliana
THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by LULUALS
love this guy! spot on about everything!" ... written by imdeeim
he is a good psychic" ... written by erika
Always good. Clarifies everything and gives me confidence that what I'm doing is right. Thank you." ... written by cowgirl_up
thanks Wayne!" ... written by didi
Thanks again! :)" ... written by Vas
Thanks again for some updates! :)" ... written by Vas
Wow, amazing reading by Wayne. Gave me information overload with lightning quick updates about the love of my life. Didn't waste a second. Highly recommend to everyone. Psychic to the celebrity stars and to the working people! :)" ... written by Vas
I trust him with all my heart...Brilliantly accurate...!" ... written by tasha_j
thanks for reassurance Wayne. I'll tell you what happens!" ... written by didi
Have been back many times for guidance hoping and praying this will be the time I get the job Thanks Wayne for being there" ... written by Melissa
Again you have put me at ease thank you for the guidance Cant wait for tomorrow Talk to you soon xo Thanks Wayne" ... written by Melissa
Love Wayne" ... written by Noush
Always gives me good advice and tells me what is coming." ... written by Daniela P.
super excellent" ... written by shnaz abdul
He was really accurate...and oh boy, quite the remote viewer. He described scars I had that are covered by clothes. That most people don't know about Amazing!!" ... written by Cheryl
This month is all about first reading. I have a reading with wayne and he is really direct and answer the question you really wants to know. I am glad that I have this reading as it finally put my curiosity to an end. Thank you Wayne! :)" ... written by AP
Excellent would recommend him to anyone." ... written by Maisie
Love Wayne and the way he calms me down . I have confidence in his visions and what he says seems true. I'll wait for things to change in 2-3 weeks.'s tough time. " ... written by AW
It was a reading." ... written by 434343
Wonderful guy, very kind, gifted and professional. Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
he is very talent!! ans direct to answer all your questions. he is really good at what he is doing. you don't have to say much, he can just tell you things. strongly recommend!!!!" ... written by zcy
Some good insight " ... written by Sparkle Pony
This guy was amazing! I mean, brilliant. I am so glad I went to him. I won't be going to any psychic for much longer anymore but I Will live life now!" ... written by Roseanna
A big hearted person that knew what i wanted to talk about before i even said it :) thanks for all your help. " ... written by Nitasha
Psychic Wayne is an amazing personality.. he immediately within a few seconds came right to the point. Addressed the issue at hand while also making general conversation to make things lighter.. An amazing personality coupled with fantastic psychic ability.. two thumbs up to him.. " ... written by Abhishek Prasad
amazing as always has truly become a friend I can trust will always be back to see him Thank you Wayne for being there xoxo" ... written by Melissa
Thanks again Wayne, Information Overload Version 2.0! :D" ... written by V
Thanks again Wayne. Getting too much information to last me a lifetime! :)" ... written by V
He touched on so many things that I really needed to know. Bring on September." ... written by Angela
Thanks again! :)" ... written by V
Wayne is incredibly connected. He sees things nobody could have known, things I did not want to believe but turned out later to be totally true. I am very greatful I found out the truth as it helps to move on and to heal instead of living with lies. " ... written by Ocean Moon
Excellent Spot on Interpretation" ... written by Hitesh
ALWAYS accurate, NO FALSES. Gives names....the real deal." ... written by genevieveajrara
Well he picked up immediately my issues. It was a short but good reading... Thanks Wayne!" ... written by Stacey
gets to point and gives a lot of info in short time" ... written by fi
on point" ... written by ree
understood and knew what I was going through. thank you Wayne" ... written by linda warren
great he's always amazing...i love talking to him " ... written by vvd450
Wow, spot on again. Thanks." ... written by angloThai
wayne is a true genuine psychic. very insightful. trusted and honest answers. " ... written by melissa
as usual wayne as been there for me and as been a great support for me he is that best by far. Thank u" ... written by androsea
Good reading. Picked up on one of my problems right away and knew exactly what was going on. Thanks!" ... written by Stacie
Thanks Wayne I trust you and will let you know when he contacts me thankyou xxxx" ... written by T
Simply the best, down to the point and dot on" ... written by Europe
i think Wayne directs you to discover the right answer to your question " ... written by em lynn
Wayne is my psychic super hero!!!! Thanks Wayne :) - as always!! xxx" ... written by Lisa
Had a good catch up with him. he is accurate and amazing, true and honest. thank you so much." ... written by Bhv
amazing" ... written by littlestar
Wayne is simply the best! Precise, fast and to the dot!" ... written by Europe
Wayne is a lovely, kind and very gifted man, and very professional. He's surely one of the best. Many thanks. " ... written by lovewater
Very good reader and is very honest" ... written by Roseanna
Very nice reading. Pick up on my situation right away. Knew what I was dealing with. Thank you so much for your wonderful reading. God Bless you." ... written by angloThai
always a brill reader is very precise in what he see's, is by far the best on oranum ,thanks again wayne" ... written by lisa
Wayne is good" ... written by The Nousharella
Wayne is a genius advisor who tells it likes it is. Very excited to have an opportunity to get his take on things." ... written by beathive
Wayne has helped me in a very difficult situation. By being clear, upfront, honest. And extremely fast. The news he had were not beautiful, but he took me through the dark into a bright new beginning. He is very strong, clear and can truly help. Simply the best. I can only recommend him. " ... written by Oceandrive
Very direct answers. Knows all." ... written by Al
Psychic Wayne is SIMPLY THE BEST! Fast efficient honest and to the dot. He uncovers secrets and sees facts that others have missed. All his predictions have come true. Apart from that he worked on me energetically and has done wonders. I feel like reborn radiant, free and vibrant. THANKS SO MUCH!" ... written by Stella
very good read love and peace" ... written by jana
Exact and spot on and quick. I recommend this person." ... written by queztal
unbelievably accurate! he is gifted beyond what I though possible! go with this guy. you cant go wrong!" ... written by imdeeim
I have to say, I was doing this thing just as entertainment, not taking it seriously, but I came across Wayne and he BLEW me away. He told me things about myself that NO ONE could have known, right down to the amount of $$$ I make a year! My biggest question came down to love and when I am going to find the love of my life. After he told me specifics of who my soul mate is and that I would meet him through people I knew, I started thinking about who I knew that fit that profile. Out of nowhere, someone came to mind and I contacted thing I know I flew down to see him and it felt as though we had known each other and had been waiting to find each other our whole lives. Everything and I mean everything matched with Physic Wayne said.... I have to say...I absolutely believe now. If it were not for Wayne, I would have possibly missed out on the greatest love story of my life. Time will tell if this is actually it...but nothing has felt more real, nor have I felt more comfortable around someone before. " ... written by J Believes
Very quick reading he worked with me when I only had a few credits to work with. he def knew the situation very quickly and was accurate about information " ... written by damian1482
Thanks as always. Shall come back later, gotta run. Bye. TC" ... written by happigal27
he is excellent. straight to the point. great clarity" ... written by paula
Had another update with him... extremely gifted reader, will keep you guys updated! " ... written by Tanya
He is always insightful. I enjoy his readings." ... written by CarrieDawn1972
Wow, wonderful reading Thank you." ... written by angloThai
Simply the best. Spot on. Honest. Search no further" ... written by Europe
Slow to get going but trust built up quickly" ... written by Londo
always comforting to talk and make me feel at ease. thank u" ... written by androsea
Always steady, professional, kind, and very gifted. Many thanks Wayne. Will be in touch. " ... written by lovewater
i didnt even have to ask the question and he already knew what i wanted to ask!!!!! he was very quick at connecting and got straight to the point. very genuine. will definitely be coming back for another session!" ... written by n
A true friend always there for me even in the darkest hours thank you wayne xo" ... written by melissa
TY something to hope for and look forward to..:)" ... written by cuddle
Awesome experience, hey had a sense about what was concerning me and, he gave me feed back on what I needed to do as well as what to expect in the future. " ... written by Beau
Thank you Wayne very insightful! " ... written by heather
WHENEVER I ASK HE IS VERY CLEAR and TRUE" ... written by Anil
Accurate and spot on with what he told me. Thank you." ... written by Thuy
Brilliant reading, gave me plenty of advice and is a very nice man :)! " ... written by Rebecca
very insightful and intuitive and very helpful. I highly recommend him." ... written by beathive
very good excellent read" ... written by jana
Great, right on point.... very fast " ... written by veezee
uncovered some important details about a condo purchase...valuable information...thank you very much." ... written by boliviancondor
I receive a few message from Wayne about the last reading. It is worth the information because it eases off recent unexpected worry. Thank you Wayne! :) I did not know you can predict it until that far." ... written by panicky
turning into a best friend can definitely confide in him thanks again as usual xoxo" ... written by melissa
Great reading today with Wayne. I was looking for clarity and believe that's what I've heard from him today. " ... written by spiderlilli
Simple, direct and clear. It is very nice to be helped by Wayne :) Thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by minty
I liked my ready and everything he said to me and I to will be back to talk to him , thank you " ... written by Donna Crockett
Awesome" ... written by Johnny
He was spot on with situations and very quick in his responses....great reading!" ... written by Larry
thank you for quick update. Hope it comes to fruition. Everything seems still on track. xx" ... written by cowgirl_up
I wish I could talk all day just seems so natural to speak with wayne. Always honest. thank you wayne xoxox" ... written by melissa
thanks wayne for the advice and help u have given me" ... written by meli
Wow ... spot on am very impressed.. worth the $$ xxxR" ... written by Ruthinha133
good" ... written by maha
Great" ... written by sienna
Great!" ... written by Sienna
Wow. Good reading as always." ... written by angloThai
Lol, wanna ask what that last bit was for?" ... written by Noush
AWESOME!!!! Made me feel great! Very positive! Too much fun to talk to! Time goes too fast! " ... written by DaphneBlue
Great reading." ... written by Sunday
Excellent! Picked up Right Away what was going on in my life without me even having to say anything! Very, very insightful and spot on and made me feel very happy and relaxed and good about the future! Very great sense of humor and wonderful person! Thank You so much!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Super! Look for his book on "I'm not crazy, I'm psychic!"" ... written by DaphneBlue
Ok getting ready for baby and home. Be positive. Thanks wayne what a year am I going to have. xoxox" ... written by melissa
great reading. definitely helped me out " ... written by Tyler
Thanks for the update. Chat soon." ... written by Liz
I think he is a nice guy i am hoping he is right what he is saying! i would recommend this man as a advice " ... written by Chinese flower
Quick reading, but Wayne is always fun to work with. He makes me laugh, and our readings are always on target. " ... written by Erica
Always awesome as usually.. I always enjoy my reading with Wayne he is always spot on.. and very accurate to the point.. and brings up very interesting things... not asked." ... written by lebc_
Loved hearing your voice Wayne :-) Thank you, I will promise to ask again but will see if it feels right." ... written by Noush
Excellent reader picked up exactly what was going on and I will come back." ... written by heidi
Hard to Stop Talking! So spot on and a fun person. Very good ideas about business and livelihood and very down to earth. Really enjoyable!" ... written by DaphneBlue
Wayne's lovely, professional, fast, clear, kind. Thank you!" ... written by lovewater
very good excellent" ... written by jana
one word: unbelievable :) " ... written by ashtek
Amazing!!! He knew things that no one could have and gave such detailed time frames. I've got the calendar marked and can't wait to update him!" ... written by Amanda
thank you were accurate and right " ... written by sara
Psychick Wayne sees things very clearly and comunicates what he sees very quickly. This can of course hurt. But if you want to come to know the truth, he is the best to talk to. He confronts you with the hidden truths, and then guides you calmly to calmer waters. I am so greatful to have met him. Thank you so much!" ... written by Europe
great reading" ... written by veezee
Great reading" ... written by clc
he finds it easy!" ... written by laura
Decided to let Wayne read me since I hadn't had a reading with him in ages. He picked up quick, and gave lots of information. Will have to wait until around Sept. 7 to see if his prediction come true, and October for the business; 15 " ... written by BM331
very good excellent" ... written by jana
Positive healing energy." ... written by s
thank you" ... written by s
Great " ... written by Eve
I love Wayne. Whenever i need help he always helps me. And always the right way! " ... written by Daniela P.
Thank u for the reading! Gave me month and accurate insight! x" ... written by Cindy
very good thanks 5 stars" ... written by jana
Thank u. " ... written by Starlight
Picked up on a lot of stuff. Hope all happens as he sees. Thanks" ... written by cheeksup
short but fun" ... written by synthiah
great " ... written by synthiah
put my life back in perspective my good friend. God bless you. Five stars" ... written by m
amazing always just feels right when I speak with him always right in the end. thanks wayne xoxo" ... written by melissa
thanks always right" ... written by alittle star
Nice! ^___^" ... written by VM
as always, incredible. I love this guy, he's great with advice and predictions and is always spot on. " ... written by sarah
Wayne is a miracle. A session with him soothed my troubled heart. I highly recommend him to anyone that's seeking answers or to clear your mind and get some peace." ... written by Shanti
Thank you very much was a lovely connection. I appreciate your time and Gifts. Blessing to you" ... written by judi
thank you very much Wayne! i'll look forward to the future! Blessings!" ... written by Alicja
Great" ... written by Noush
thanks Wayne you seemed accurate" ... written by melancamp1
I have contacted you before and everything went like you said it would." ... written by Iris
Amazing " ... written by Eve
Thanks for your help." ... written by Swede
have to wait and see" ... written by anon
Thank you Wayne! You are great! " ... written by heather
interesting reading, hopefully it'll be true!" ... written by jon
he is always on point and incredible. All his predictions come true and I trust him 100%" ... written by sarah
very good thanks" ... written by jana
really good, read me like a book as to what my problem was without me having to explain!! thank you! :)" ... written by hilly
great reading! :) thanks wayne!" ... written by hilly
Thank you for the information. Will update soon." ... written by anglOThai
awesome, looking forward to the future" ... written by jon
Such an amazing man!! really accurate and makes me feel at ease each time I have a reading with him. Thankyou for everything and being on this journey with me. x" ... written by Hannah Davis
Great Insight" ... written by Sarah
great Reading :)" ... written by LOUIS
very confident in his reading" ... written by k
Wayne is right on!" ... written by Tania
simply the best! Fast efficient and to the spot. " ... written by Europe
He's the best " ... written by SK
Love Wayne he doesn't use tools to get answers he's so good that he just answers questions right there. I always feel good talking to him. He's really good and what he predicted for me it did come true. I will come back and I recommend anyone to have a reading with him. Cool guy. " ... written by SK
I have had three readings from Wayne and they are so accurate it takes my breathe away I have to admit I was sceptical at first but now I am a convert." ... written by Dot Richardson
Wayne was spot on told me things without me saying a word... i may wait for his predictions to come to pass.. worth the spend would of liked to have more time.... " ... written by ger
Wonderful reader" ... written by pinkpather30
If you want to find out the truth, it hurts. But it is better to know. For knowing the truth, there is no better than Psychic Wayne. None. Thanks!" ... written by Rose
He was quick and thorough." ... written by Jude
Quick to pick up on things. Recalled events from previous readings. Will come back." ... written by AB
my bestfriend on here, thanks your the bom" ... written by ree
Great reading. Thanks Wayne! I look forward to reading your book. Sincerely..." ... written by familyhelper
Thank good ness Wayne was on this morning. I felt lost. But now he has helped immensely with a direction and hope for the future. Thank you, Wayne." ... written by boliviancondor
supoerb reading :) " ... written by LOUIS
very good thanks" ... written by jana
excellent reading as always...thanks wayne!" ... written by msv
wonderful reading very positive and looking forward to the future :) " ... written by yellow
Good guy, can feel me,. hopefully will be good" ... written by Lanka
Thanks so much for checking up. Appreciate your caring nature." ... written by judi
my first time." ... written by Malik
very good thanks" ... written by jana
hes reading ive ever had!" ... written by me
Calms me Down and make me positive again! :) " ... written by Marianne
all of them are going to be right including wayne. he knows everything just tell him and you'll get your answers." ... written by Emily
Wonderful as always gives great guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
I loved this reading, I hardly said anything outside "yes" and he knew exactly what was going on in my situation without any info." ... written by Persephone742
Always a pleasure to get my updates. xxxxR" ... written by rutinha133
Wonderful as always" ... written by pinkpather30
Good connection, lots of energy" ... written by Noush
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Wayne
Very good read, glad I clicked the button...Full of compassion andamp; honesty. Ty 4 helping me through this rough time. I need all the hope andamp; support I can get. God Bless YOU!!! " ... written by JENNiFER
He's always picking up on things quickly. " ... written by amy
excellent reading" ... written by sean shepperd
Fantastic and Superb right on Reading :) Very accurate on what he tells me :)" ... written by LOUIS
Thank you. awesome. " ... written by angloThai
love him always the best best wishes on continued success on weight loss xoxo" ... written by melissa
In tune with situation. Spot on accuracy. Doesn't judge." ... written by Jen
Intuitive reading, seemed in touch with situation and people involved. Didn't have enough funds to discuss things in depth as i would have liked to chat more! Thank you for your time, Namaste--" ... written by Jen
Good reading" ... written by Sunday
Wayne is a wonderful person to talk to and provides awesome encouragement. " ... written by cherryblossom10
Good advices, good conversation, and spot on. thanks Wayne. " ... written by fresiaflower
very good , picked up on a lot. " ... written by Craig
Thank you Wayne for the quick read. Hope it all comes about like you said." ... written by kittychu
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Noush
The reading started well but the connection stopped, coming back to try again" ... written by Adrienne
Always so good to connect with. Offers so much hope" ... written by Amy
he is one of the best!" ... written by me
really friendly and sweet! " ... written by diana
PsychichWayne was able to pick up really quick on a lot of details about the issue I was consulting for. He did an amazing job and wish I could have had more credits! thank you" ... written by Adrienne
he was right and picked up on things that he couldnt have known crazy !!!" ... written by crystal
WOW! What else can I say. He is truly gifted and incredible. Very kind and generous person." ... written by Beth
very nice and easy to talk to lovely energy lovely person great help" ... written by cathy davis
Very good" ... written by Bhumika
He was very accurate from the get-go as to the nature of my issue. He offered me a hopeful prediction that I'll keep with me." ... written by Chantal
Consistent with information and very confident. All we can say, is time will tell!" ... written by Amanda
Thank you for the positive motivation as always Wayne :) Crossing my fingers !" ... written by happigal27
sounded pretty sure and knew what my issue was before I asked. Looking forward to things becoming a reality! " ... written by Yahaira
Thank you for the quick reading/confirmation. It was such a pleasure." ... written by Lloyyd
fast on answering your questions" ... written by jitz
great clear the best....... " ... written by Abigail
Gave good advise, and reassurance. " ... written by samia
THANK YOU. God i hope you are right...Im sorry for short reading ..i will be back soon for longer. Thank you " ... written by Wioletta
insightful, will see if his predictions come to pass." ... written by sf
very goood" ... written by Anushri
Feels like talking to a straightforward caring friend, who doesn't judge but just be there for you with insights. " ... written by Maomee
Thanks for the update Wayne! :)" ... written by V
hes always very good!! " ... written by amber
Been seeing Wayne for over a year now, and like i told him just now.. things he said back then, things i might not have wanted to hear, all turned out to go as he predicted. The things that hurt me, he prepared me for them - and the things he said i had to look forward to, well im seeing them now. Wayne just has this gift. Such amazing gift. Every time i am baffled as to how the heck he does it, but time and time again. He's spot on. So for all of you out there, not sure if this is the real deal - i am here to tell you, as a decent young lady that does not buy into anything - he IS the real deal. Not just a little bit accurate, not just insight that we all eventually can relate to - no, he's a freaking psychic, and I'm not seeing anybody else, but this man. Thanks again Wayne. Ill see you soon! xxxx" ... written by Lisa
Pleasant, reassuring and accurate. Felt good to talk to him." ... written by Olga
Holy crud! He was amazing and so unreal!" ... written by Alicia
Wayne is lovely and given me hope and confidence to make contact with someone yearning to reunite with. My fingers and toes are crossed, so together with faith, things should work out as he says. Love to you Wayne. Thank you x" ... written by cimba
Psychic Wayne is simply the best. Unconfortable truth revealed quickly efficiently and caringly. Spot on. Thanks so much. Highly appreciated." ... written by Shanghai
AWesome heartwarming just love his insight" ... written by tina
Wonderful as always gave clarity" ... written by pinkpather30
Wonderful reader, gave me clear guidance" ... written by pinkpather30
good thanks" ... written by jana
Great Reading with Wayne!!! Extremely fast!!! immediately connects and gives huge amount of information!! Definitely look fwd to next update with him" ... written by Melissa
I will always get nothing but the truth with this MAN! Truly AMAZING!" ... written by Rosie
tnank you for clarity and honesty, sometimes its better so see things for what they are. " ... written by c
Great reading thank you :)" ... written by anonymous
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Noush
Very much on point will have to get more credits to follow up." ... written by MaxeyM
Spot on fast, clear, honest, and caring. Simply the best, look no further!" ... written by Soleil
very good" ... written by jana
very good thanks" ... written by jana
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Noush
I like him a lot. He's easy going and easy to talk to. He's also good at reading you. I'll be back for more. " ... written by Roseanna
Thank you Wayne for your time, I am waiting for that day. Take care." ... written by happigal27
Thanks wayne" ... written by Noush
he was very quick and to the point and answered all my questions in a short time" ... written by korrena
Answered my question." ... written by mswhitesydney
Such a nice man. Its addicting to talk to him. I wish I had more credits. But thanks for all your help. I will keep u updated. I really hope you are right. " ... written by MK
Wayne is a great reader. Very healing and intuitive." ... written by Deb
Wayne is good" ... written by Noush
Good" ... written by Hanna
he's great. " ... written by Rasheed
Wayne is great" ... written by Noush
PsychicWayne is simply the best. Spot on, get things right away, does not hold back the truth, does not slowly approch things but get it right away. THERE IS NO BETTER. THANKS" ... written by Nightingale
AMAZING. I want to talk for hours with him. " ... written by mk
Thank you Wayne as always " ... written by IrisVC
Very interesting looking forward to future :) " ... written by Vikki
Seems cool.." ... written by ladyleo007
he was spot on... i made it a point to clarify my doubts and he was really wonderful and i will surely comeback to his guidance" ... written by pinkpanther7769
Very good :) " ... written by Vikki
he is always amazing and has never steered me wrong" ... written by amber
Nice to talk through with someone who understand and helps and tells it straight good talking to you again wayne. X " ... written by Vikki
Waooooooooooooo Excellent Reading" ... written by Ed
Wayne is very positive andamp; supportive; I feel a true connection. I look forward to Wayne's predictions coming to fruition. Thanks Wayne for your wisdom." ... written by evergreen1203
Thank you Wayne :) I will pray more to the Ganesha and the diary I plan to give him. Please take me through this Wayne, your prayers and guidance is much needed" ... written by happigal27
he's great" ... written by kaydence
YES" ... written by Amanda
WOW! Im speechless" ... written by AMANDA
Wayne is so kind. I really enjoyed my session with him. He connected right away and seemed like he knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling. I hope his preections come true. I will come back for updates again. Thank you Wayne :) " ... written by mainstreem20
amazing reader :)" ... written by anonymous
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Noush
Amazing! Simply amazing!" ... written by knittinchic
Wayne is the best there is, extremely fast, extremely accurate, extremely honest and extremel matter of fact. If you want to get on with life, he is the best guide there is." ... written by Nightingale
always enjoy my readings" ... written by amber
Guys great to talk to " ... written by john
This was absolutely amazing. Wayne knew everything, immediately, down to the color of my beloved's hair and the circumstances of how we know one another. He was able to tell me things about her that I had wondered and suspected. He has given me a time frame, which is not that far off, for things to develop further. Thank you, Wayne. Blessings to you." ... written by Anonymous
Great read! Accurate, quick, the honest truth and doesn't sugar coat. Thanks Wayne!! :)" ... written by Roxanne
Thank you" ... written by Mitchell
Lovely!" ... written by nurse Julie
Great Reading and soo on point!! Will speak to him again in the future!! " ... written by Daniella
Great connection - good update." ... written by Joanna
Im amazed at how quick he connected with me as soon as I entered his room. I will follow his advice and hope for the better." ... written by gemini0605
good" ... written by jana
Great reading. Will definitely come back. " ... written by May Allen
Hes amazing. just waiting for his predictions to come true. " ... written by mk
Good reading. Easy to connect with." ... written by Debbie
Very fast and good connection even though I didn't have my webcam set up. Targeted right on the situation and people involved. Will read with him again. Thank you!" ... written by Anny
Very quick and to the point! Accurate!" ... written by sunshineanddazed
He is amazing. fast and quick, and i knew he is accurate. I actually had the answer in my mind,I just asked a simply question, and he told all the details. He is insightful, quick and not wasting ur credit. worth over 5 stars. thanks again" ... written by gugu58
This is a really special "thank you note " to Wayne . He gave me the most fantastic reading where in I didn't have to give him any information and he just picked up on everything right away. It was almost like he was there when it all happened. This is one reading where I felt I spent real good money . He was absolutely fantastic and no second thoughts on that . I'll drop in a post when his predictions come true.. which I'm pretty sure , it will." ... written by nand89
Another amazing reading :)" ... written by Nan
was good" ... written by dd
My first time, and PsychicWayne was very fast (I had little credits) but I got exactly what I needed to hear. I recommend him. :-)" ... written by Nina
Wayne gave me the initial of the man I'm interested in and told me so much. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Amazing!!!" ... written by mv
What happens when you just walk in and someone draws out your entire life to you - YOU WILL BE AMAZED. That's what just happened with Wayne.He amazes me with his wonderful readings. He gave me such a detailed reading which was warm and heartfelt and this is the very first time I thoroughly njoyed my reading. So Thank you again hun ..♥Love and hugs." ... written by Nand89
PsychicWayne is a real psychic as he knew things that no one else knows about. Oh my gosh is as it is so hard to put into words the trust, guidance, knowledge Wayne has is beyond any of the other psychic I have spoke too! I am so grateful for the opportunity of meeting Wayne on your site and you need to make sure everyone else is a Wayne :)" ... written by HelpTie
spot on, I could not believe he picked up on what he did so quickly. I wish I had more time to hear more. " ... written by Kerrie
very quick and accurate " ... written by golasham
Connects fast, fun to chat with. This was my second reading with him andamp; enjoyed it. I'm sure that i will be back again. He gives good advice and it is like chatting with a friend. " ... written by Ashley
incredible " ... written by asweer
Top notch reading...hit nail on the head every time....will contact again ....." ... written by Kathy
Wayne is amazing xxxxxxx as always very happy xxxx" ... written by Siany
pretty good reader. knows the situation very well. hope his predictions will coem to pass" ... written by shadi
I didnt have to tell him anything as he just knew. I wish I could figure out the web cam so I could just chat." ... written by Tie
There is always a "feel good factor" after every reading I have with Wayne. Waiting for Saturday /Sunday to turn out to be true :) He also mentioned about a dream the last that he saw. of me .. I cant wait for it all to pan out!!As always..You've been a great support- Thank you :)" ... written by Nand89
Very accurate reading! Jumped straight into the topic without even asking me what I wanted to hear about. An absolute master." ... written by L.
Very very good always helps with clarity :) " ... written by Vikki
short but sweet." ... written by nicky
very intuitive, he knows much, even if u dont ask specific questions; waiting for his predictions coming to pass" ... written by Alicja
Well the reading was so positive, I damned well hope to hell that is pans out as he has predicted." ... written by LyndaCLogie
Spot on picked up without being told anything, amazing reader, i was scared to read with Wayne but so pleased I did, thanks xx" ... written by capricorn_dancer
Wayne is sensitive w/ great insight... will keep him posted on how things progress :-)" ... written by Evergreen1203
Accurate and great" ... written by luna
wow very good ty soo much " ... written by miller41280
Wise andamp; quick advice. I will do what Wayne has suggested andamp; see what happens. Hopefully all will be good news. Thanks Wayne" ... written by Evergreen1203
My second reading with Wayne, he's lovely. He is so friendly and personable. I felt like he was tuned in, he definitly knew the situations i was asking him about. I will be waiting for the prediction to come to turn. Thank you so much Wayne. I will come back again to talk to you :) " ... written by mainstreem20
Wayne, I cant talk to you enough about all of this as you know so much. Wow! Wow! Wow!" ... written by Tie
Wayne, I am so amazed with your accuracy that I feel this energy when I talk to you. I still cant believe your gift :)" ... written by Tie
greattttttttt" ... written by edgar
thank you. glad i came back and got his view on this" ... written by M
Thank you, i will appreciate your input and im glad that i got my final answer. I need to be patient and see where it goes. " ... written by mari
very fast an" ... written by golasham
Well he was smack on right last week so lets see if Mr Bloody Wonderful contacts me on Friday. I have my doubts because I have the insane habit of texting and saying "Goodbye", but Wayne was right last week and chances are he will be right again. If I could just not text whilst under the influence. Says this Blondie is my soul mate. I feel it, but I feel that he is not interested, Wayne says he is. I will post an update on Saturday as to whether he contacted me or not. " ... written by LyndaCLogie
Wayne is just fantastic, he is my lifeline :) HIGHLY recommend x" ... written by Julia
I always enjoy speaking withWayne..he picks up exactly were we" ... written by Elaine Faber
well he knew the name of the town i lived!!! wayne just knows!" ... written by spirit
he is amazing " ... written by ns s
I am shocked he knew so much about me. He knew how many kids I have and knew I had twins. He told me when my soul mate will be back. Wow is what I have to say." ... written by Tie
Fast reply. good and need what i needed to know." ... written by dachris
I cant believe this as he know names and dates. He knows thing that have not even been spoke about. Wow! You have to try him out as you are going to be shocked as I am!" ... written by Tie
likess...." ... written by op
You rock!" ... written by Julie
amazinggggggg" ... written by Ns s
he picked up on my situation and confirmed what i have been told in the past. I hope to see his predictions come to pass. " ... written by jazolvera01
thank you, waiting for your predictions coming to pass" ... written by Alicja
amazing man and i will be getting his book!" ... written by d dubs
Wayne, if it didn't cost so much I would talk to you all day long! Your amazing and a true gift of god creation." ... written by Tie
Wayne, you are powerful and wonderful! It is always great talking to you. I could talk to you all day long :) " ... written by Tie
Wayne is amazing he definitely has a gift of making things clear and it is nice to see that he too has vulnerabilities too It always feels like I am talking to family someone who really cares about you . Thank you Wayne xoxoxo" ... written by melissa
In my first reading a couple of weeks ago PsychicWayne predicted me to be with my secret love-interest within two weeks. This helped me open up towards him. In a little more than 1 week we connected!! And since then everything has since gone very fast, and feels amazing! Today PsychicWayne confirms this is my twin flame, just as I have felt. And Wayne tells me this is the one I have been waiting for. I have never been happier. At 49 I am finally with my true love. Thanks Wayne for your help. :-) Blessings " ... written by Nina
fab x" ... written by samantha
I had an amazing reading!!!" ... written by luckystar5
OMG!! I love him. he's very good! He was very spot on my fast. he's very fast and detail. At he beginning I was scared of what he will say, but Im so glad that it came out very good. He have so may good prediction about me. I can't wait to get the result. I can really recommend him. He's really good, my money its we'll worth it. Please try him, you will be amaze of what he's capable of." ... written by Sarah
Wayne, you are so always spot on and look forward to giving you feedback when this next stuff happens. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by Tie
Wayne is Spot on always. Fast, accurate. Amazing xxxxx" ... written by Siany
Wayne you are wonderful! I love your voice when you talk! The things that you are saying are so true! Looking forward to it. I could talk to you all day long. :) " ... written by Tie
Wayne you are right! so right. I cant believe the things you know :)" ... written by Tie
Wayne is simply the best. Spot on. To the point. And gets even the most hidden detail. Look no further" ... written by Nightingale
Wayne not very many people even know that about me and I cant believe you picked up on it! I am in total shock! Your amazing and I have no words that I can express how I am feeling. " ... written by Tie
Wayne, your so lovely :) Give me a call! We could have a great conversation:)" ... written by Tie
Wayne, your readings are wonderful and so truthful. I had a great reading with you and will be back :) I enjoy talking to you and love your in sights of things." ... written by Tie
wow i love this am n he really tells it like it is an hes very spot on with all he saw in me i am very very imprest thank you for such an awsome reading i will for sure come back an update you everyone check him out hes by far the best on this site an i have tryed many readers but all tell u what u want 2 here this guy is so intuen with you is wild .. thank you so much xxoooo" ... written by wishing
I love Wayne's readings. He has always been honest and truthful. He is fantastic and always straight to the point. No sugar coating with Wayne. I could stay and speak with him all day. I will be back again. He is fantastic and deserves 10 Stars" ... written by Rosa
very good" ... written by jana
A friend I can rely on !! He was sooo supportive !!! I have never felt so comfortable with someone as I have with him. He reassures me everytime I see him:) I always am happy after a private with him.You dont need stars to rate him coz he is THE BEST. Period." ... written by Nand89
OH Wayne, I wish I was there so you and I could just talk. We have a lot in common and I feel a great connection with you. As for what you know. All I can say is wow :)" ... written by Tie
Wayne, your always amazing! I enjoy hearing the truth from you. Wow as I cant believe what you know." ... written by Tie
I am very pleased with my reading from Wayne. He is fast and accurate. This respectful gentleman has a gift for sure. I give him an impressive 2 thumbs up." ... written by love4butterflys
thank you. very honest accurate and i do not have to say a word. he sees everything!!" ... written by jamira76
fast and accurate. Really enjoy his reading." ... written by jamira76
Great guy, genuine, patient, wants to help people who want to be helped. As always, my go-to guy. He not only gives you insight into what you can't see, but he gives you great practical advice; real-life stuff. " ... written by Sam603
Great Reading" ... written by edgar
WOW! Accurate.. Was able to connect with me immediately! And knew exactly what the issue was before I even really stated anything! Highly recommend! Thank You!" ... written by Sheila
Wayne I look forward to talking to you each and every time as you speak the truth and know so much." ... written by Tie
we couldn't conclude our chatting." ... written by Isaac Boro Onyilo
I immediately had my second reading with Psychic Medium Wayne within minutes of completing having my 1st reading with him because I believe he is very in-tune with accuracy and detail regarding my issue that has been troubling me. Psychic Medium Wayne gave me more clarity in what is happening, and what he could see coming in the near future regarding this issue. I thank you Psychic Medium Wayne for your kindness, honesty and sincerity given for both of my readings. I will be back soon for additional readings, and to also get your insight on my dreams. " ... written by StarshineJ
I had my 1st reading with Psychic Medium Wayne and felt that right away he hit on the issues that were troubling me right away, without me giving him any detail other than my name and date of birth. The insight and direction that he spoke of was honest, accurate and straight to the point. Psychic Medium Wayne I feel is very intuitive to my situation and I will continue to have readings with him. He said somethings to me that I hadn't shared so I believe what he has said to me. If I had more credits I would have continued on with a longer reading. I look forward to my next reading. Thank You Psychic Medium Wayne." ... written by StarshineJ
Wayne is amazing - highly recommended " ... written by neeliya
I have known Wayne since before he hit the limelight with the stars and he hasn't changed a bit. Never an egoist, always with your BEST interest at heart. I have had many readings with him and I will always say the same thing. He is just incredible and has really helped me through some rough spots. I will always come to Wayne for the truth I love this guy so much. I felt his soul calling to me today and I went to him and he has helped me to re-establish my confidence in what is happening right now through deep compassion love and accuracy! His work speaks for itself. A risk WORTH taking! You won't be disappointed! Just incredible! Love You Wayne xxxxxxxxx" ... written by Siany
He was honest but sweet. Highly recommended." ... written by Trish Lemmon
Wayne is awesome! He knows things about me that others don't. He has brought it up to me and I was in shock. He will guide you in the right direction if that is what you are seeking. I appreciate your view into the future...." ... written by Tie
Thank you for the reading. I will let you know how it goes. " ... written by Cristina
scarily accurate!!" ... written by brunnny76
wayne I could talk to you all night and day. I have to get my pc fixed so the next time we chat. " ... written by Tie
Wonderful update! " ... written by Joanna
Wayne you help when there are difficult times. I soooo look forward to what is a head. You are a life saver in so many ways." ... written by Tie
Wayne, thank you for helping me with my troubles. Also being a good friend that I am able to talk to about anything. Your insights as I cant wait to see in the next month. " ... written by Tie
I just had another back-to-back reading with Psychic Wayne because he is a fantastic reader, very insightful and very tuned in to what is happening around me. He concluded this reading with sorting things out for me further so that I had clear understanding of what is going on and what he seeing regarding my situation. If you have a reading with Psychic Wayne you will receive very direct, clear and concise information and, very accurate too. Thank you for your time Psychic Wayne. I'll have more readings with you soon." ... written by StarshineJ
He eased out all my worries :) Said I'll get married next year and have a baby around Sept 2016 !! Only time will tell but what I know for sure is how good he is!!.Consistent!!!! Love you Wayne!! As always..Your so comforting. I am sooo glad that I chose you to read me!! Thanks a ton!!!" ... written by Nand89
Very interesting looking forward to seeing what happens now. " ... written by vikki
As always Wayne is a friend and my biggest support at the moment!! He was spot on telling me not to budge on my thinking and he always reassures me. Love you Wayne. Thanks a ton for being there !! I'm waiting for things to happen:)" ... written by Nand89
waiting on predictions" ... written by ed
I had another great and informative reading with PsychicWayne. He gave me a lot of insightful information as to what is continuing to go on in my current situation. Also, the direction he gave me the other day to follow regarding what he saw was happing, began to work immediately. PsychicWayne has been very on-point, fast and direct in what he sees regarding me, my situation and the people involved. I will continue to have readings with him. " ... written by StarshineJ
Gave great advice on my situation. He is quick and to the point. He's very accurate with my current situation. I'll be checking back with my predictions. " ... written by Margaret
Connected very well and was very accurate with my current situation without me saying much. I feel really good about this reading. Well worth the money!!! I'm looking forward to the predictions that were made for me and will definitely come back at a later date." ... written by Margaret
Wayne, the healing you have brought into my life and life time friendship is amazing. You are able to do so much and I hope everyone is reading this..." ... written by Tie
prediction for three weeks, will come back for update " ... written by cindy
Wayne I am shocked every time as you have more in sight than most know. I can't describe enough to let others know how you know things...." ... written by Tie
Awesome! I am excited to see the future." ... written by arnetta
LOVE HIM... SO right on! Only my second time ever talking to him and I feel like he has known me forever. Thank you!" ... written by Jennifer
Another awesome reading!!" ... written by Nand89
Wayne, you know so much and if everyone knew what you can see I dont think they would go to anyone else. Keep up the great work." ... written by Tie
Wayne is amazing! Great man to talk to, very accurate with picking up on my current situation. Will certainly return for more. " ... written by Margaret
very professional...and smile sometimes ;) thank you very much" ... written by Laurence Jeannin
Wayne thank you" ... written by GF
Excellent reader." ... written by GF
Thanks for the advice, will see how it all plans out." ... written by gipsygirl
Great readings and insights from Wayne,i feel much better about my situation though its not the easiest but confident in his predictions." ... written by Hl
Wayne avery nice and helpful pschyic, just waiting to see his predictions really come true- thanks" ... written by bluestarz
Wayne is the most gifted psychic I ever met. by far. I recommend everyone take an opportunity to work with wayne. A real gem!" ... written by beathive
Wayne, thank you and thank you! I will be back to let you know if this happens. As I cant wait for it really :)" ... written by Tie
great reader" ... written by anonymous
Thank you Wayne! I accepted 2 sessions with you and did not feel like i wasted anytime, I felt like time went by too fast. Even though some of the things you said, I already knew...hearing it again through you gave me the assurance that yes, I finally am allowing things to fall into place and not fight or force things that I really wanted but cant have no matter if I'm crying tears of blood!" ... written by Laura
Love talking to you and your in sights are amazing. Your so comforting and a genuine gentleman. Thank you Wayne from the bottom of my heart :) " ... written by Tie
Wayne, thank you for all your help! You are awesome and I will be back to see you as this week is going to be a hard week. " ... written by Tie
lovely reading Wayne" ... written by G
He was very in tune and accurate with everything. I had another reading with another psychic and they got both the same things. On point." ... written by Eff
very good " ... written by jana
I had to talk to Wayne again as there is so much going on in my life. He knows it all :) I would suggest to all of you to talk to Wayne. He is real and kind soul." ... written by Tie
Great Reading he was very spot on about everything and it really helped me to know that what i was feeling was right. Now its just patience on my part. I look forward to seeing the results. " ... written by CS
Wayne with all your in sight I cant believe it all about to happen. You know I will be back. You know so much and can see things that no one else can." ... written by Tie
Wayne is very honest, detailed and insightful. He gave me hope for the nearing year!!! I will return for an update" ... written by janesi
YOU....are amazing. I've lovingly supported beliefs in psychics over the years, and held out hope that such a concept was valid. I've known a wee bit, really, that psychics existed in reality, as I have experienced bouts of awareness I really shouldn't have had. I've seen people absolutely floored by encounters with people described as psychic, as well--But, I, myself, have never been floored before...EVER. " ... written by Anu
Just had a great reading with Wayne. I highly recommend him. I hope his predictions come true. Thank you Wayne. I definitely come back for another reading. Missleo" ... written by Missleo
Wayne, it was amazing you could feel all the pain I am in and pin point each sensation from this surgery. You truly entered my body and could feel it. I am waiting to see all this unfold. " ... written by Tie
Awesome psychic, very insightful and helpful and funny. Cheered me up when I was feeling low and made me feel better about my current situation. X" ... written by Sonja
Wayne thank you for everything that is coming my way. You are so gifted and I look forward to our next chat. Stay safe and see you soon." ... written by Tie
Would be nice if he spoke but I hope he is correct about his predictions" ... written by Sarah
Missed you. Always a great and true reading with Wayne. I wish i had a more time but i just spent it on someone else. Bec i of the time difference i cant see him here when i need him but so far Wayne is the best of all here. " ... written by Daniela P.
Kind, insightful and sensitive, thank you Wayne, I shall be back :0)" ... written by Bluetippi2
Good seeing u Wayne..its been a while and your as amazing as usual. " ... written by CS
he is very good and accurate" ... written by Tina
great" ... written by edgar
Wayne, I am having a really hard day and thank you for helping with what you could. I wish we could talk more but I have to watch the budget too..." ... written by Tie
Wayne, you are the best without a doubt. You help in trouble times and good times. I so hope all of this comes true soon." ... written by Tie
My friend, my support and the man that you can always rely on-Wayne!!! Thank you hun for being there when I need you the most.Your personality is soo caring and giving. I could talk all day long if it werent for credits.Someday I can afford it better !! Love n hugs :)" ... written by Nand89
He is a master reader." ... written by Cheryl
Wayne is awesome and I cant believe what he can see....he amazes me every time. Thank you" ... written by Tie
Wayne you are really the best! You never cease to amaze me :) Spoke to you twice and twice you told me the absolute truth! Thanks for the heads up ;)" ... written by L.
He is amazing! Easy to talk to and picks up on the situation without hardly saying anything. I love coming to him!!" ... written by Margaret
Very great" ... written by rose
Wayne, your healing is wonderful and cant say enough about you as everyone should know you are gifted. Thank you and god bless you." ... written by Tie
Great chatting to you again." ... written by G
Wayne thank you for the good words and I so look forward to talking to you. Your in sight is impeccable. See you soon xoxo " ... written by Tie
Thank you for the good news! Love and Light always!" ... written by Tie
Wayne is SO accurate, fast and can see so many details. He's a great remote viewer." ... written by cheryl
Great job Wayne! I'm sooo grateful to find you here! A lot of Blessings to You and Your Loved Ones! " ... written by Butterfly
You definitely picked up on things and I wish we had more time! thank you for your help!" ... written by K
This man is dead on. without saying a word. speechless. definitely have a reading with him should you ever have the opportunity." ... written by pbutterfly37
very fast and accuret" ... written by oo
He just knows details. excellent reader" ... written by pbutterfly37
Psychic Wayne is extremely fast and spot on. No sidetracking, no searching, no breathing into it. You ask, he replies. Staight to the point. There aint no better." ... written by Nightingale
Wayne i cant wait for these things to happen. Love and light :)" ... written by Tie
Yeah wayne is great xxxxx" ... written by S
very good reader, brought some insight to the table. brings details and see things as you are going through them. tells you the truth and find the hidden things in your situation. " ... written by pbutterfly37
a very rare connection between two souls. " ... written by DD
Definitely gives good advise. He is accurate and easy to talk to." ... written by Margaret
My third time having a reading with PsychicWayne, and he really has helped me open up, and also to be wise about my newfound love. It has been a huge step for me to open up for a new love at this time of my life, and any insecurity becomes put to rest with his guidance. I get just what I need to hear to move on wisely from here, very quickly. Thank you Wayne!" ... written by angel_hugs
he was great made can afford anymore credits" ... written by justlivingbby
Very good consultation! He brought clarity to my situation and he is quite accurate." ... written by Margaret
Take the time to meet Wayne and what he can share with you! I couldn't believe it but it is true!" ... written by Tie
Excellent" ... written by kyzer509
Strong and fast connection. Calmed down a lot and does not sugar coat things. Thank you Wayne!" ... written by Eff
He is very gifted. He connects very quickly, is very accurate, and he gives good advice." ... written by Margaret
All I can say is... Wayne is the best! :-)" ... written by Iris
Wayne your amazing! Thank you for all your in sight :)" ... written by Tie
Very good again! *****" ... written by Sarah
I asked Wayne to really help me on my situation and I think he did that, I do feel a lot better about things. Thank you. " ... written by Sarah
man was spot on my situation. details were precise, he is amazing!!!" ... written by Ammer
Wayne thank you for all your advice :) the in sights are amazing and the connection is right on." ... written by Tie
THANK YOU AGAIN!!" ... written by HB
AMAZING!! Thank you so much! quick reader and typing skills are incredible!" ... written by HB
needed to talk to a friend today and as always wayne is there thank you hopefully a positive pregnancy test is on its way xoxo" ... written by melissa
Wayne with all your in sight and awareness I am shocked every time we talk. You really help with healing too." ... written by Tie
I am very happy to have met this psychic today. Very clear, quick, easy, and logical." ... written by LIGHTIGNITE
Excellent reading" ... written by Trish Lemmon
VERY GOOD!!!" ... written by Kyla
I had to come back and ask a bunch more questions as the things Wayne have been saying are coming true and spot on! Take the time to talk to Wayne cause it the real deal :)" ... written by Tie
Very normal conversation. Thanks for your help!" ... written by V
Wayne you are amazing!" ... written by Tie
great reading thank you so much!!!! =))) best wishes to you" ... written by ...
simply the best, yup. He nails it, every time!!" ... written by beathive
I am here to report that I got the text message Wayne told me I was going to get! I am so excited and cant wait for all the rest! Wayne love, live, and light :)" ... written by Tie
Wayne everything is changing and I will keep you posted on the development and changes cause this stuff will be happening in less than a week. I cant wait for the rest as I did get the text you said would come :)" ... written by Tie
Absolutely amazing reader!! No time wastage, direct, concise, to the point and truly God gifted! I received the clarity that I needed in just a few minutes." ... written by Sonia
Did not have enough time!! But straight to the point and look forward to his prediction. I do like his energy and will definitely come back for more. Thanks Psychic Wayne!" ... written by Lotus
Love him! Fun! Had to go back for more...can't wait for his prediction to come true :) " ... written by Lotus
Very direct and to the point. Check this guy out." ... written by Amy
fast and accurate" ... written by dean
Thanks Wayne" ... written by Noush
Wayne, I cant believe the things are going on and you can see all of it. It is amazing I would have you do my reading time after time." ... written by Tie
Gave good info., we'll see if his predictions come true. He did connect well with what is currently happening." ... written by Margaret
Wayne always is able to clear things up and let me tell you he is great at it! " ... written by Tie
Wayne your text came true and I am waiting for the rest to come true as soon as it does I will be back to post. :)" ... written by Tie
Interesting, quick, to the point, told me what I needed to know. Really enjoyed his style. Thank you!" ... written by Kit
wow your awesome that was a nice reading I will keep you updated sweetie" ... written by lori
So excited about the news that Wayne shared with me..." ... written by cs
quick and to the point thanks again wayne!" ... written by rita g
Love Wayne!! He is right on. I feel he really sees me and reads my energy so well. I like the way he communicates, so casual but so real, like a close friend. I feel so comfortable with him. Not, just a great physic, but a great person. REALLY!!!!" ... written by Lotus
Am hoping Waynes advice works :-)" ... written by Noush
read the situation before i gave him any informationWOW!on the ball. fabulous!" ... written by ruth
Another great session. Thank you for your insight." ... written by ruth
Simply amazing, what a great reading, new lots of things about me. My job title, my current tiff with my boyfriend. Many blessings to you. " ... written by
Confirmed what everyone has been saying. A+" ... written by Sarah
good on" ... written by Cedric Hightower
incredable accuracy and a good humanitarian soul. helped me alot. more than i thought anyone could." ... written by Deanne
Waynes great! very intuitive. i would reccomend to a freind. very fast." ... written by Lammonator
Thank you Wayne so much, you were very kind and you had me figured out to a T. Looking forward to your prediction. Shame we ran out of time I could have spent more time." ... written by Heather Wilson
will wait on predictions" ... written by ed
Great reading, cant wait now for 2015 to happen. Wayne was so right about the people that had been in my life and still currently are in my life. he picked up on a lot about me. Interesting he sees great things for me and that my bad times have gone and all is now coming good. Wayne , your a lovely person to speak to and if my bank account would have let me i would have talked all night. Take care of yourself. Happy New year to you" ... written by Heather Wilson
amazing Wayne Isaacs is the best in the world" ... written by paul
Very great. What I needed to hear..." ... written by penguinacton
wonderful 5 star reading from psychic wayne." ... written by pa
OMG! This guys is amazing! Totally going back in with him because he has shown me true psychic ability!" ... written by Laura
Definitely coming back! This man is amazingly gifted." ... written by Laura
Excellent! as always. Waynes a natural intuitive." ... written by Ellery Sedgewick
Wow! Am feeling much happier. Glad I spoke to Wayne now, before I did something silly! I will definitely come back! 10 stars!" ... written by Hanna
Wayne gives me such hope in this terrible time. I am wishful of his prediction - time will tell." ... written by Laura
awesome thank you for letting me know he will be back" ... written by lori
your so awesome to get in this with me and letting me know its gonna be okay and that he loves me not to worry :o)" ... written by lori
Wayne just knows what is going on almost before you do ... I am so pleased with his answer and will definitely consult him again" ... written by Raspberry47
GREAT READING" ... written by G
thank you again wayne xoxo will trust and believe that good is going to happen be positive Happy New Year xoxoxo" ... written by melissa
I can't believe how amazing this reader is ." ... written by
gorgeous" ... written by dd
As always empathic and helpful" ... written by Raspberry47
I come for support... and I always get it." ... written by Laura
As Always ... useful ... and empathic ... spot on!!" ... written by Raspberry47
Really good reading, and well I'm sure ill come back once i get more credit." ... written by BN
great... hope he's right" ... written by AJ
I continue to come to Wayne for inspiration and solace. Such a difficult time for me, but Wayne can make me feel so much better - more confident." ... written by Laura
Hopefully his prediction comes true. He's so accurate and on point with everything. I truly do listen to his advice and his wisdom on things. His predictions have been accurate so far. Let's see what happens." ... written by Eff
So much support - Wayne makes everything feel better and more normal." ... written by Laura
good thanks" ... written by jana
My psychic to go to.. Always get what I need, and everything so far has come true.. Thanks Wayne.. " ... written by angel_hugs
man, is his reading all this flattering to all clients? i hope all of what he says comes true!" ... written by tale
3 readings in one day, picks up past very well. very accurate. i hope the readings about the future come true too. " ... written by ak
He really gave me a good perspective about what I am going through and what I need to do to change. Very honest and knows how to get what is inside of you out. Thank you." ... written by Harold
Wayne is such a delight to type to. He knows his stuff and I can't wait to see if everything he typed is going to happen. I wish Wayne all the best. Thanks a million." ... written by Lee
Thanks Wayne, quick connected, good hopes reading." ... written by happy
Warm reading :) Will wait to see if the next 2-3 weeks the particular person will contact and also see if September there will be a wedding." ... written by N
Great reading! Thank you very much! It's still the same confirmation and great advice. " ... written by paula
hope all comes true. I shall wait for the results and come back. thanks much.." ... written by eveliz
I love how kind and warm-hearted he is. His predictions have been accurate so far and I can't wait for his other predictions to come true. Truly an amazing soul and a very gifted person." ... written by Eff
Amazing! :)" ... written by Victoria
He was very quick with his reading. Fast questions, fast answers. Correct about some things. Recommended." ... written by M
He gave good sound advice. We will see what happens." ... written by amy
Great clarity and reading!" ... written by Charlie
A good man and a great psychic. Very fast and accurate!" ... written by M
This was freaky accurate! GReat job!" ... written by Charlie
That was amazing! Great indeed!" ... written by Charlie
You know.....he is amazing! " ... written by Mags
super" ... written by super
Interesting, quick, thoughtful. Good reading. Told me when and how in answer to my question." ... written by O
first reading had with this guy caught my situation quickly and new things about me no one else did.. just waiting for predicitons to happen hopefully they do have total faith in this guy highlry recommend " ... written by vikki
Best on Oranum, no doubt about it! Check it out for yourself!" ... written by Charlie
Very confident and clear and short replies. I am very happy with the reading. God Bless. " ... written by DOCTORKESAVAN
He feels like he's right. I just feel it " ... written by samiah
Still hoping the prediction comes true - got till the end of the month (Jan) to find out." ... written by Laura
fast, on point, answers questions quickly, you don't need to give him many details. recommended." ... written by M
This week and perhaps my life was saved by talking sense with Wayne. Thanks ever so much!" ... written by Charlie
Very important and great advice! Thank you Wayne for your support and readings!" ... written by Charlie
thank you again as I have to realize that it all happens in gods time not mine that the reward is much greater when given not expected xoxo" ... written by melissa
Excellent reader, amazingly fast connection, precise , and concise!" ... written by Moon
I look forward to his prediction coming true. What he saw was very accurate!!" ... written by Beverly
2 weeks to see if the prediction is correct." ... written by Laura
he is the best of oranum" ... written by vanessa
Quick to connect to me... t he's great to connect and will come back to him after I have more credits." ... written by Lindsey
good reading. intuitive." ... written by Clive Barker
Wayne, thank you! I so miss you and what is coming." ... written by Tie
Wayne your the best! Always will be!" ... written by Tie
Wayne is a superb reader and calls it like he sees it." ... written by Cheryl
I was happy to talk to him again. He told me all will be ok so i am happy. Again mentioned new job. I dont know yet how i will get there yet but kind of excited. " ... written by Daniela P.
Wayne- you are right! " ... written by CHARLIE
thanks" ... written by lauren
Nice guy to talk to about your issues. With a genuine insight and understanding of my situation." ... written by Amber
Love chatting with Wayne! I could chat all day with him " ... written by M
Always a pleasure to see him here on Oranum! His predictions do happen, he's very accurate!" ... written by M
Thank you! " ... written by Jennifer
amazing and hope his prediction comes true" ... written by danielle
love him! It is like talking to a best friend. always honest xoxo" ... written by melissa
Yet a wonderful reading. Thanks very much!" ... written by Charlie
WOW. Im stuck to this psychic for real. I am amazed. He does know I am feeling. great details." ... written by successgirl
Thanks Wayne- always a pleasure!" ... written by Charlie
thanku wayne" ... written by shela
i like u wayne . u were typing amazing " ... written by shela
he's very good. I recommend him" ... written by Tina
I babble all along, but thanks for your support Wayne. Really really appreciated!" ... written by Charlie
excellent and awesome reading. thank u" ... written by g
Always love having a chat with Wayne, always cheers me up and gives me direction. and although none of my past relatives and friends had nothing for me i feel from Wayne if i needed their help they would have come through....mind you they also know I am able to fight my own battles and sort them no doubt they are watching and waiting for when i do need them to step in. " ... written by Heather Wilson
Thankyou Wayne for a great reading!!" ... written by alegna
Wayne always blows me away, he connects immediately with my situation and has always been spot on. Have come to him several times and his predictions remain unchanged. Truly thankful for his talent! " ... written by Victoria
Nice guy, interesting. Spot on. " ... written by Leslie
This is my third time topping up lol. Wayne is so worth it and he's EXTREMELY gifted. Please give him a try. You'll be blown away by his accuracy. I'll most definitely be back for another reading Wayne. Thank you so much for making my evening :)" ... written by GratefulOne14
Wow! Just wow!" ... written by GratefulOne14
I LOVE talking to Wayne! So so great!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful reading by psychic wayne he was able to tell me things about my dad that made so much sense it kind of shocked me how right wayne was i am so happy with the reading everyone should have a reading with this wonderful gifted psychic." ... written by paul
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I'm so blown away I don't even know what to say!!!! Wayne is definitely going to be my go-to psychic now!!! WOW!" ... written by GratefulOne14
Thanks Wayne for helping me today. Things are settling down in my mind, thankfully!" ... written by Charlie
great" ... written by christine
Was extremely surprised. He actually is very good and accurate with no details. I read his book and that is what made me get a reading with him. Was really worth it." ... written by R
he knew where I was at, to the point, however didn't let me ask any question of how to take action, he just told me what he saw and felt." ... written by Mary
Accurate as a crystal clear day!" ... written by Charlie
thanks nice reading" ... written by michele gould
Very insightful and pleasant. Some of his predictions have already happened, and I am starting to see more of the happen. Well worth the money! He is the real deal." ... written by Mags
This guy is like a drug. He is so fast and accurate that you just keep wanting to come back. Will surprise you with his predictions without any info given." ... written by R
Wayne is fast, and great . thank you for the great reading :) " ... written by Ann
I am praying for this to come true. I believe this will come true." ... written by Pamela/Cherokeewings
Thanks for the updates Wayne!" ... written by Vas
Thank you Wayne, for all the insight, Picked up on lots during my reading. I look forward to seeing what the future holds." ... written by Heather
thank you wayne hopefully will get good news soon . you are the best happy valentines day xo" ... written by melissa
Thanks Wayne- love talking to you!" ... written by Charlie
ooo, wish I could speak with wayne longer. really like his energy. Was annoying my camera was not working, but we still had a great read in 6 minutes! He gave me some reassurance in my tough situation….a situation where I have been toying of whether to give up or not. He has told me 10 days tip contact from my ex, so I will be back to update. I have spoken with many psychics i confess, and I feel I can tell now genuine versus not. Wayne does feel genuine and he types very fast!" ... written by emylou
Spell casting will do the trick! Brilliant, thanks Wayne!" ... written by Charlie
super great " ... written by tim
Things are unfolding and turning around with the amazing strength you have Wayne. Thanks!" ... written by Charlie
A little relief in my day. Great talking to you!" ... written by CHarlie
Great as always!" ... written by Charlie
You were great! My first time talking to s Psychic I will be back! For sure!" ... written by Anna
All secrets are revealed. Thanks again Wayne!" ... written by Charlie
Fantastic reading.....opened my eyes and answered questions that i needed to know." ... written by Eli Eli
Keep getting wonderful updates. Fast and accurate and a great go to guy :)" ... written by R
you are just the bomb. great reading" ... written by successgirl
Thanks again Wayne! Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
ran out of funds, but great advisor - thank you!!!" ... written by Brewster
Always a pleasure... Said many good things, I hope that will come true in the future. I can look forward now, so I'm not always thinking of the worst case scenario... Very accurate, could tell me a lot of things that I needed to know... Thank you... God bless you, Wayne :)" ... written by Minnelli
he is great and always helps and is consistent in prvts" ... written by d
He's great... hope it's true..." ... written by J
Thank you, Wayne. You're very good. I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how things are going. I'm a bit anxious about calling him, but I just have to find the courage to do it... I'll write you in a couple of weeks :)" ... written by Minnelli
I always feel so satisfied talking to Wayne. He is accurate, quick and help you to relax." ... written by Wing
I really like him. Waiting to see if his predictions come to pass." ... written by Melissa
And so the story continues..." ... written by Charlie
He was accurate in answering my questions." ... written by patty
great reading thank you" ... written by anonymous
wasnt finished but so far what he had to say was so interesting!!" ... written by Jeannie
you never cease to amaze me. thank you again" ... written by successgirl
First read, didn't have much money and would have dearly loved to have spoken longer but unfortunately, could not. Wayne told me that the person I love is my soul and that by april there is a break through..that the other woman has to leave first which is what I suspected as well. I felt he was genuine and I am pretty sceptical these days. Thank you Wayne, I will come back..." ... written by Emylou
Just love him... he is so patient and kind. He gets right to the point. " ... written by Jennifer
Very insightful reading and it was nice to talk about things in general. So far his predictions have been true, and I shall keep in touch about the ones made during this reading." ... written by BN
Thanks Wayne. Will stay away a while but I will come back. " ... written by Charlie
Saying hello again after staying with the regime and discipline!" ... written by Charlie
Wayne was excellent.." ... written by GZRNYC
Wow he is quick and I would recommend anyone to have a reading with this man. I hope to see results in the next 3 - 4 weeks and I will keep you all updated. August I should be living with the love of my life. (He said we are soul mates). Marriage in 2016. Oh I have butterflies. Hope it all comes true for me." ... written by Angela
Thank you. " ... written by d2k1000
VERY NICE READING!" ... written by A
Thanks Wayne, I have been wanting to try you for long time but you were always off when i was awake. Thank you for the beautiful reading. It was nice to find out about my spirit guide John. And you also confirmed my other thoughts. Will go as the road take me, will take it slow." ... written by SMGirl
super great" ... written by tim
I need to fix my computer! It kept freezing on me and I was"t able to get much info. I had to get credits 3 times! But I had to talk to him! I know he always tells me where "i am heading" and gives me good points of what is going to be. " ... written by Daniela
Good stuff as always!" ... written by Charlie
first time reading. He told me about myself without a word. He is good! Time ran out fast" ... written by tlsimms2008
as usual he is the best i have met." ... written by dmoerke
Right on target. " ... written by tlsimms2008
I just know I wouldn't have had the amazing relationship I now have without Waynes guidance from the very beginning.. nudging me along.. Always good advice, and everything he has said so far is completely accurate and happens as he says.. So no need to go anywhere else.. " ... written by angel_hugs
a good man and a generous one. always worth it." ... written by dmoerke
OMG!! He's really good!! He really sees what happened to me and how I was really hurt with one person. Wow he's amazing" ... written by Sarah
What an incredible reading I had with Wayne without telling him too much. You certainly get what you pay for so I'll be waiting to see if his amazing prediction comes true." ... written by SEAN
knows every time!" ... written by heathanz
Thank you for clarify everything I can see..." ... written by Tie
your the best! Always!" ... written by Tie
Answered question before asking - brilliant. My computer keeps freezing up though and saying oranum not responding. Not even sure if this is typing out as it's delayed. Will try again to continue reading later. Thank you Wayne. " ... written by Cimba1
absolutely think he is great as his readings and still hoping that his predictions come to play soon" ... written by tracy
he is awesome !!!!!!!" ... written by danielle
well i am going to see if his predictions come true very interesting. Gave him 4 stars. I was trying him out to see what results from talking to him. My first reading with a male medium. So i will come back to him if my predictions come true. then ill give 5 stars but 4 stars for being so giving of information He just started with the reason i wanted to talk to him without telling him. Thanks Wayne" ... written by Jeannie
good" ... written by jana
Still waiting for things to come to pass." ... written by R
Easy going guy with a great gift. Tapped into the situation immediately without me having to say anything!" ... written by Freedom2211
Wayne is amazing!! You won't regret the private time with him ever ..." ... written by Raspberry47
Extremely fast, extremely accurate. no sugarcoating. " ... written by Nightingale
Thank you for the very insightful reading! I will be back for updates in the future. Highly recommend Wayne. " ... written by lynnrmc
really great reading with him, he has a lot of information and doesn't need prompting to get into the situation. Very quick as well." ... written by greek
Wayne is calm and to the point. I go to him when I need certainty. He is a must see! " ... written by Jennifer
He is an amazing reader, very gifted, i will come back to him definitley" ... written by tracy monday
very amazing reading he picked up on things without me saying a word. very good and he gave a prediction so will see if it comes, i hope" ... written by tracy monday
Wayne is the best ive had a reading with..look forward to his predictions..and the future..." ... written by cs
AMAZING MAN!" ... written by Konstantina E
I spent alot of my time typing and he must have been more expensive than my last reading. He was nice and to the point." ... written by Kathleen Ruggio
This was my first time on such a site and his profile just popped up and I chose him. later I read that he is a well known psychic. I have only had readings with him and I really like him. He is fast and feel he wants to deliver and help.." ... written by sibby
One of Wayne's predictions is starting to come true for me, so I came back for an update. Well worth time and money" ... written by M
wayne reads people so well and I cant wait for his predictions to come to pass. " ... written by tracy
time goes so fast when doing a reading with wayne" ... written by rae
A fun open and down-to-earth person. Quite keyed in and quick on the draw. We shall see his whether his predictions come to fruition. Enjoyable thanks " ... written by Brian e Ebden
Wayne is awesome very precise and accurate. knows situation at hand well. Give good advice would give him a 5 stars and recommend him for a reading. Thanks for the good session Wayne." ... written by Patricia Kendall
Ty wayne, hoping things happen soon….." ... written by Emily
thank you - great insight" ... written by natasha
he is great" ... written by d
Amazing experience!!!" ... written by amrita
He is quick and endowed with True Spirit Guidance. May God Bless." ... written by Ajeet
Always puts a smile on my face! Fun to chat with! Some of his past predictions came true, looking forward to the others :) " ... written by ***
Very interesting reading. I'm very pleased to hear what his answers were. I had a gut feeling about most of them so its good to have them confirmed for me :)" ... written by Christina
Thank you for confirmation!" ... written by Tie
Always a great reader and amazed he remembered my story when I first logged in. " ... written by Colliercg
Always a delight to speak to you as you are my fav!" ... written by Tie
Wonderful thank you so much" ... written by Lisa Smith
Picked up on a lot of great stuff. Sadly, ran out of credits but will be returning to speak with again." ... written by Brianne
Wayne is the most talented medium I have ever met. I reading with him is a must!" ... written by beathive
I am hoping that his predictions come true, i so need this to happen to make things seem to get better." ... written by tracy
very good" ... written by joyce
he was quick to see my situation but somethings I'm not sure if they are true." ... written by n .a . c
thanks. I needed that!" ... written by DEE
well i have to see if his prediction will come true but i think he might be right" ... written by Jeannie
i asked the questions and he did give me answers i was hoping though that he would have given some kind of insight on my situation. i am going to do something that he said i should also do so we will see how it turns out. " ... written by tracy
he is powerful and connected " ... written by Konstantina E
Really quick and reassured me about a few important things. Thanks once again for your honesty and insightful advice" ... written by Mona
an amazing man with an incredible insight and gift....thank u x" ... written by cs
fulll of confidence!! spot on!! awesome reading" ... written by chantelleplein
The real deal. Knew what was going on before I asked. Thank you for the confirmation, and the insight. " ... written by serenity
good" ... written by joyce
I always get good advice, that when I follow it I end up finding Psychic Wayne knew exactly what was going on and it turns out as he said. So this time too I will take his advice to heart again, and he told me not to worry, so I won't. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by angel_hugs
great person, great insights" ... written by serenity
Wayne, your awesome as always :)" ... written by Tie
I felt he got to the point and was healing" ... written by catherine
Great, getting to know each other well now and enjoy talking to him. Super" ... written by Zanti Du Plessis
Wow Wayne connected really well and told me what i needed to know. Described the person to a T. I can't wait for his prediction to come to pass. I will be one happy and lucky person. He told oleo told me some other stuff that was spot on. Wow very impressing. Get a reading from Wayne he will not disappoint you. Thanks Wayne" ... written by mc
thanks for your help..." ... written by EN
thank you man" ... written by wei
Wayne is awesome. He makes me smile when I'm down but he reassured me things will be OK soon. Thanks Wayne." ... written by mc
always calms me down thanks wayne love you xoxo" ... written by melissa
Wow! Wow! He's really good! He's always the best psychic in Oranum. He should be number 1 very accurate. He knows my side like he was with me." ... written by SARAH
Will be talking to him next week again. He is honest and don't put cotton wool over my eyes" ... written by Zanti Du Plessis
Such an amazing person and loving spirit. I literally feel is transfer of love. His guidance always makes me feel better. He keeps the positive in sight and gently nudges you to keep going. He's worth all the credits! lol :) " ... written by LotusZen
Wayne certainly has the magic touch to all my concerns.." ... written by cs
time flies with wayne, i like the camera feature. Wish I could have spoken longer. I do feel he has a gift and I should know as I have spoken with many so know when someone is gifted or not. I hope everything plays out, I will keep you posted wayne..thank you :)" ... written by Emylou
spot on" ... written by ken
BRILLIANT!" ... written by AerynReine
I enjoy talking to him. He's a good psychic to consult with." ... written by ***
Very honest and direct. I need him to help me. He is great." ... written by Zanti Du Plessis
good" ... written by jana
Has been such a good friend and is a very good psychic! He is very consistent. His reading's are always on point. He is the real deal for sure!" ... written by *****
amazingly accurate" ... written by d
very good reading he confirmed what i felt all along" ... written by georgianna miller
Great as usual. Very accurate on what's going on. Looking forward to his predictions" ... written by yahaira
Thank you for the clarity on my situation! " ... written by Sarah
he is a wonderful person" ... written by successgirll
great " ... written by diana
Very accurate, answered my questions before I asked! Thankyou x" ... written by Emily (coppercat28)
I haven't had very many psychic encounters, but I'd have to say this was by far one of my favorite. Wayne did know things about me he should not have known, and was in-tune to my situation very accurately." ... written by Kari
Not enough time!!! but was ble to see. " ... written by Tif
Thanks for the good reading!" ... written by Kevin Horton
Good reading, and i appreciated the advise on my current love life. I think that he helped me come to terms with someone. So it's good to hear such positive things." ... written by BN
very good, quick and honest always enjoy my readings with him" ... written by greek
Very good at what he does, he is a matter expert. " ... written by Roseanna
Very good and honest. I enjoy talking to him and getting to know the basic questions in life. I admire his work and is very cool. " ... written by Roseanna
Picked up on many things going on right away. " ... written by Tiffany
I absolutely love him, he's like a friend who is helping me through my situation! " ... written by Amrita Singh
Well, he contacted me to give me an update and warm me of whats to come! looking forward to seeing what happens. Thanks Wayne!!! XXX" ... written by yahaira
he is awesome and always accurate. he amazes me as I never really have to tell him anything and he knows exactly. hope on his predictions" ... written by d
Very good and on target." ... written by tlsimms2008
Excellent reading! I really enjoyed it. Wayne was accurate, clear, compassionate, and a lot of fun! Will definitely do a reading with him again." ... written by AJ
My soul brother it will work out for all. thank you xoxoxxo " ... written by melissa
Wow!!!! Super accurate, couldn't believe it! Awesome psychic my friends. I will be back for another reading very soon!!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Wayne is just great! 5 start for him!" ... written by Zanti Du Plessis
Well at least he knows what would happen to me. I don't have much to say he can still see what's going on with you, you'll be surprised. Good man" ... written by Emily
Thanks for confirming this for me. It is important!" ... written by Charlie
thankyou" ... written by mihiret
Thanks for the sobering reading Wayne. There is much to clear out and take care of. Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
very accurate, and great advice, thankyou wayne" ... written by mihiret
Very accurate. " ... written by Hillary
great reader - love him :)" ... written by Colliercg
Thanks for this reading. We will see how this unfolds. " ... written by Charlie
Wayne is my voice of reason andamp; helps me see things clearly. Thank you :)" ... written by Havy
He was excellent! very specific and detailed " ... written by abby
great READING " ... written by chloe
Wayne has such a warmth, I love his connection. Always gets to the point, the heart of the matter. So happy to have Wayne to turn to. " ... written by LotusZen
always comforting in my time of need and very help full" ... written by michele gould
Oh my God!! This was extraordinary!!! Thank you so much!" ... written by Sonia
Its like Wayne knows when you need some uplifting. He is so wonderful. Everyone should give him a try. He is right on point. Its like he knows the situation from beginning to end. Thanks Wayne." ... written by mc
Thank you Wayne, I will let you know :)" ... written by Tie
Thanks" ... written by Sonia
Great psychic! 5 stars for sure! Very in tune with me and my situation. He's helped me through a lot." ... written by Lockhartm
Psychic Wayne gets a 5 stars from me. He is very truthful and psychic to the situation and accurate. Would Highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by Patricia Kendall
10 days. will come back." ... written by sun
lovely person to speak to, would like an actual 121 proper reading" ... written by margaret
He is spot on!!!!" ... written by Brittany Napoleon
Wayne Thank you! I am thankful to hear from you. :)" ... written by Tie
wow wayne is about as straight to the point as it gets thanks waynee for not messing me about" ... written by yvonne
Great private man. Feel much better." ... written by boru
good stuff" ... written by kj
Great reading. Told me something I really needed to know. Has been accurate with things like this in the past." ... written by boru
Knows what to say to calm me down. " ... written by Lisa
Awesome. Thank you. " ... written by Renee
Always helpful. I will see how it goes! Thanks a lot Wayne. XXX" ... written by yahaira
Not only is he 100% great at what does, but he's such an amazing guy! He's someone you can talk to, he's not a statue. " ... written by Pauline H.
There should be no question at all if this guy knows what he is talking about. The real deal, complete!" ... written by Iesha
wayne is my goto person here. With his guidance I have created an amazing life. I wish you all the opportunity to seek out his guidance and create one for yourself!" ... written by beathive
great reading" ... written by Chanelle1961
great reader, connected before i told him anything, thanks!!" ... written by pppp
PsychicWayne did an excellent job at channeling into what was happening with me. Thank you!" ... written by Tania
great reading with PsychicWayne!" ... written by A
Wayne always enjoy talking to you!" ... written by Tie
Wayne always has some good words, just wish I had more funds to speak ;)" ... written by suejoanne
I loved him. He looks honest and I have faith that he will help me. I chose him because he seemed honest looking" ... written by Ginger
Wayne is the best...such a quick connection barely ask the questions and he's answering...sometimes without the question..." ... written by Kathy
PsychicWayne, is always quick and accurate on what he sees and says. He tells the truth to you about the situation, and what outcome he can see. He gives great detail about what is happening and gives answer. I've been having readings with PsychicWayne many times, and all things he has said have come true or are in the process of happening accurately to his reading. I will continue with him. Have a great day." ... written by StarshineJ
Thank you Wayne for your time spent talking to me. Means so very much and I hope I can continue to make it through this difficult process I seem to be going through. " ... written by kate
Really interesting and has made me think about some things. " ... written by moonstoneblue
Wayne was right a couple years ago, I'm sure he is right this time." ... written by Carla Green
Good as always .. gentle and friendly ... makes you feel like family ... thanks" ... written by raspberry47
Spot on! Truly a lovely calm experience, just what I needed. I hope his predictions come to fruition. Thank you Wayne! xxo! " ... written by Synnove23
Thank you for your reading! It was very insightful and I hope your predictions come true! " ... written by Meredith Rivas
like a friend..." ... written by J
Thank you, always a pleasure. Excited about this prediction coming in 2 weeks." ... written by Sarah
Very sweet and caring man. I highly recommend consulting with him." ... written by *****
Brilliant!! I hope that it will come true!!" ... written by Raspberry47
Great" ... written by edgar
Wayne is the BEST ever!" ... written by buddy
interesting reading by a interesting man...we shall see what becomes of this prediction.." ... written by cs
Thank you! Awesome!" ... written by Tie
he is so sweet, calms the fears. one of the best." ... written by askme2001
Thank you for the reading. As always, run out of credits ... just goes too quickly. You have eased my doubts though - all going to work out. I will keep positive. Thank you Wayne. Blessings to you. :-)" ... written by cimba1
Always connects and answers quickly...and has definitely been accurate with my scenario and predictions." ... written by B
I thank god that you are always there when I need you even in my darkest times" ... written by melissa
very good and have to wait to see if it turns out." ... written by sandsocean
always wish I could talk for hours what a real good person you are wayne xoxox as you are always here to help. I hope that I too help you. Have a great day. My soul brother.:)" ... written by melissa
He is very congenial.. I would recommend him" ... written by Janet
Very personal insights on difficult issues. Accurate names and issues. " ... written by serenity
Wayne is the man!" ... written by beathive
Wayne your amazing! Cant wait! I will be back to update you in 10 days :)" ... written by Tie
Again i needed his reassurance and advice, so i will take a chance take his advice and hope for the best. He was right about me worrying too much" ... written by Jeannie
Yes enjoyed my reading! Would recommend to anyone. Very quick connection and good vibes he is also a quick typer! Thankyou for my reading will come back!" ... written by Lyn
still trusting that it will be alright xoxoxxo thanks wayne" ... written by melissa
Wayne is the real deal! He is the best on Oranum, no doubt! He is not only very accurate with the current situation, but his future predictions are also very accurate and do come to pass. Wayne is the one to see." ... written by *****
well Wayne has advice for me and its up to me to follow it. He was right about a few things he pointed out to me today. Im still waiting for a prediction to come true. " ... written by Jeannie
thank you " ... written by Theresa
He is very personal, direct and with very good advice. I will definately contact him again. " ... written by silvermoonlight
well im waiting for his prediction to come true... and its coming soon so this will tell how accurate he is... we are keepin our fingers crossed. " ... written by Jeannie
I have had multiple readings and very please with results. All information was accurate and very helpful." ... written by Sonya Hamm
So many hopes and dreams are within reach believing is the first step all in gods plan right wayne xoxox" ... written by melissa
#1 guy right here." ... written by Alex F
fast typer, good reading." ... written by J
So lovely to talk to! Hope all his predictions come true!" ... written by Jennifer
thank you wayne for guidance still don't see where it is all going trying to have faith xoxox" ... written by melissa
WOW ...needed confirmation and Waynes gift came through again. One day at a Gods plan in love and laughter.." ... written by cs
So much insights....yes he is amazing and connects with you so much. Thank you Wayne" ... written by Colliercg
Amazing reading. Can't wait. Just Amazing. He is the only one that has given me details. If you want real answers, he can give it to you." ... written by LotusZen
There is no better word than AWESOME!! Love you Wayne!!" ... written by LotusZen
Psychic Wayne is 5 stars. very precise accurate and on the nose with his predictions. Would recommend him highly for a reading. Will be staying in " ... written by Patricia
well so far like ive said his predictions have come true. I am hoping that his predictions again come true. Thanks Wayne." ... written by Jeannie
I've had many readings with Psychic Wayne in the past few months and he has always been very precise, quick and detailed in his readings with me. Things he has informed me about earlier have actually happened. I continue to return to him for additional guidance and insight into my situation. Thank you for your time." ... written by StarshineJ
Thank you Wayne :)" ... written by Tie
I have been wanting to get a reading from Wayne for soooo long now. He is crazy talented and he actually saw me in a dream before i came to him. i told him barely anything about me and he already knew what i was coming to him for specifically and that i am a musician. he saw success for my music career and omg it was more than i even hoped for!!! so worth the money. wow :)" ... written by Danielle
Wayne, thank you as this going to be a crazy ride." ... written by Tie
he is awesome" ... written by lisa
Thank you! awesome reading" ... written by unknownjourney
Very fast and I believe accurate. I will come back and confirm." ... written by Iesha
Awesome as always" ... written by lisa
just stopped to see my friend today always there for me wayne xoxxo see you when I get back" ... written by melissa
Wayne always the best! Thank you" ... written by Tie
straight up and accurate x" ... written by meera
he is great and what he told me come to pass today!!!!" ... written by me
Always intrigues me how he lifts my spirits." ... written by cs
I love chatting with Psychic Wayne, he is great!!! I always feel better after our sessions. Thanks a million for just being you!!" ... written by Jennifer
Awesome is what he is and fast!" ... written by Happy
great reader so accurate" ... written by julie
Wayne is the best by far! I'm really looking forward to his predictions. Love talking to Wayne, he always lifts my spirits!" ... written by ******
Love coming here, Wayne is wonderful tells you the truth right from the get go..... Will be back!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
spot on, brilliant but credits ran out. need this in my messages" ... written by julie
well it seeemed to start going good but then it was over in less then a minute for 23 dollars i thought i would get more time" ... written by shanon
Very good man. Good to talk to and accurate. Very worthwhile." ... written by *****
thank you so much! im so happy :)" ... written by unknown
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. knows situation before you ask. He is precise and accurate in his readings. Recommend him highly for a reading. You won't be sorry. Thank you Wayne for being there for me. " ... written by Patricia
he is great and always helpful" ... written by d
be right back. this guy is awesome!!!!!!!" ... written by debbie
Wayne is awesome. Picks up on details quickly. Thank you so much, talk to you soon. xx" ... written by debbie
psychic wayne keeps me positive" ... written by Jeannie
Wonderful reader! " ... written by luckystar5
Mr WAyne straight to the point and doesnt mess around but still nice at the same time. A connection with him is one of a kind if youre lucky like me." ... written by Jeannie
Feel a great connection there. " ... written by L
wow... i think WAyne has been making secret stops to my apt lately OMG i was shocked... he knew about a spider i killed the other day and that i need to wash clothes!! right on the money lol a bit scary. WAyne is talented he truly has the gift! OMG! My reading was about other things too he just brought that up spontaneously." ... written by Jeannie
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader and would highly recommend him for a reading. he is precise and accurate. I was able to connect to him very easily Tells you like it is. What I love about" ... written by Patricia
he looked into my Chakras and told me what i have to work on... first time ive had that done. interesting ill follow his guidance." ... written by Jeannie
he was good" ... written by francis
very positive reader picked up on alot will be back" ... written by elisa
Amazing " ... written by Jennifer
Thanks again!" ... written by Justin
Always quick and accurate. Worth the money!" ... written by Freedom2211
Wayne thank you! I can use it all!" ... written by Tie
Prediction is for July ... I will let you know if it happens! But I have a good feeling that it will!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Very good reading, with details! Thank you" ... written by Ned
good" ... written by jana
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader with history of Accurate Readings and Future predictions . I recommend his highly for a reading. I find him precise and accurate to situation with good advice given. Take a chance with a reading you won't be sorry." ... written by Patricia
kind and funny. good insight." ... written by rochsstad
he read me :) but lasted too short..." ... written by siesta
Picked up on my question before I asked it. Also provided very specific details. Thanks for your honesty, will reach out again for sure. " ... written by JC
He said what I wanted to hear, just hope it is true!" ... written by Katrina Howson
he is good" ... written by Chanelle1961
thank u for the awesome reading!!" ... written by Karla mercado
I asked him about a health issue and he said that I may have a small kidney stone that should pass through my system and I believe he is right so I will keep him posted." ... written by jdoll81
Thanks for the update Wayne which I will take with the grain of salt given our past experiences. LOL" ... written by VM
amazing.. thank you" ... written by chrissie85
Very sweet....kind (SUPER GOOD)" ... written by Stormfire28
Wayne is wonderful. He has given me more confidence to change my life. I recommend him to everyone. " ... written by Sandy
great reading " ... written by Sands
This is my first reading with Wayne, and I was blown away. He picks up things really fast, and knew my problems immediately. Thank you very much for your help and it is my pleasure to meet you! :) All the best! xx " ... written by Crystal
He was very accurate, didn't hold back. He saw things without me giving any information. Excellent Reading. " ... written by kay
Psychic Wayne is a five star reader. Accurate and to the point. love my connection with him. Recommend him highly for a reading. awesome ability to read and predict situation. You are never disappointed in his readings. " ... written by Patricia
very spot on with aspects of my life, wow!!!" ... written by Emma
great reading i wish it was longer. he was on point! " ... written by gfgfdgfdgdfg
Wayne, thank you for everything?" ... written by Tie
I love Wayne! Simple as that. You will too." ... written by Jennifer
he is a remote viewing expert." ... written by cheryl
He seems spot on. I'll see if his prediction comes true." ... written by Bari
Happy I came to see PsychicWayne today...Have always wanted try him out...he was spot on with his energy and connection...and has a great spirit. Will definitely be back...appreciate his honesty. Great reader/great guy:)" ... written by Carrie
THANK YOU WAYNE! Super sweet. Accurate. Wasn't expecting anything less." ... written by Kelsey
Thank you Wayne,interesting reading,very nice person." ... written by mo
excellent..." ... written by sHARON
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader. Always positive knows situation at hand gives good advice. I highly recommend him for a reading. He is well worth the time and money. You won't be sorry." ... written by Patricia
Recommended......." ... written by merlin
Thank you Wayne - you connect with us so fast and so well..." ... written by Colliercg
Wayne has always been a constant support for me and will be there for you too thank you wayne xoxoxx" ... written by Melissa
very very good!!!" ... written by jenna
Wayne is amazing! Definitely one of the best psychics I have spoken to and the best I have spoken to on this website! :)" ... written by Kristal
I liked readings with Wayne for so many reasons. Each time I come to a private he already has the connection to my situation and can get right to the heart of the matter. Whenever I am indecisive, I seek him out so that I can get more insight to the outcome." ... written by webgurl
again he is so right i enjoy talking to him and felt welcome in his room" ... written by Jeannie
nice reading, credits went though" ... written by julie
Wayne you are amazing and I cant wait for what you have told me :)" ... written by Tie
i thank him for being fast and accurate and for knowing what he is doing. for being welcoming and helping me with what i ask for. thanks wayne" ... written by Jeannie
Reading was interesting, i wasnt clear about certain things but hes pretty much right on" ... written by Bryan
not sure about the reading yet, will see how it turns out. thank you x" ... written by elinka
WELL, it was fast! Wayne is fast. He connects fast. Umm ok, I had the Wayne experience. Good God I hope what he says happens like soon, as he said JULY. I have no reason to doubt in his predictions, but I know I have to step it up, jump up and make the effort. " ... written by LF
PsychicWayne told me things about me and my situation without me saying Excellent Reader!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader. very accurate and precise would highly recommend him for a reading. Well worth it." ... written by Patricia
he reassured me and i feel better, very quick question, fast answer. Thanks for being a friend." ... written by Jeannie
Wayne is very good in his readings, I came back on the same day to get 3 more readings after 3 earlier, see how crazy I am with him? He is GREAT precise and efficient too. Thanks Wayne, you made me laugh too." ... written by Libratan
Helps me keep my sanity" ... written by Jennifer
wow, knew my situation before I told him" ... written by chait
thanks wayne will let you know what happens tomorrow xoxxo Only good lies before me xoxxo" ... written by melissa
Very fast and straightforward. " ... written by Imani
Great read........everyone must try.......Wayne is amazing!!!!!!" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for the nice reading. Will see what happens. Told me something i already was thinking of but hoping wasn't true. But he, you never now, Always look on the bright side of live." ... written by Conny
He extended his prediction but I still love him. I will update you when it happens!" ... written by Jennifer
As always a great reading" ... written by M
very sweet and positive. and quite funny. will wait for his predictions to come true. thanks a lot!" ... written by kris
an amazing young man with a ton of talent - thank you wayne :)" ... written by S
Psychic Wayne. is a five star reader. very accurate and precise would highly recommend him for a reading. Been there for me when I needed him. very caring person with positive engery. lol thanks James." ... written by Patricia
Glad to have spent some time in Private chat, he has a calming nature and made me feel at peace. its nice to be around a person like him, Todah Rabah" ... written by Pheonix
Bit pricy, but I will see if he is accurate about what he speaks. " ... written by nbarnes2
Thank you once again for everything. You are amazing and I"m so glad we are able to connect. Have a wonderful evening" ... written by Jennifer
well im hoping his predictions come true... " ... written by Jeannie
Will have faith and believe that the worst is over. Wayne I am so grateful for you my true friend. xoxoxoxo " ... written by melissa
A wonderful man that guides u and makes you come alive with his predictions and humour. I've never been let down by him as his guidance is only in love and light." ... written by cs
Thank you again Wayne. Sorry so short." ... written by Beth
thank you for the pvt it was interesting and insightful..ill come back for sure" ... written by Stephany
OMG, Wayne is very very sharp in his readings, I can't stop adding more credits to read his predictions, and OMG they are very very positive and good to the points. Thanks Wayne, what an eye opening." ... written by Libratan
Wayne is a jewel. His remote viewing skills are superb. Any time I want to literally see a situation, I read with him. The first time he read for me he literally could describe my surgery scars and all to a T." ... written by Cheryl
I always look forward to what Wayne has to say. He feels like an old friend. He gives off this awesome energy and I believe in his gifts. Wayne has given me hope with is predictions and I look forward to them coming into my reality. Best to you Wayne! " ... written by Lotus
Connected very quickly to my current situation, good understanding of what is needed for me to do. talk soon, :)" ... written by Dakota2043
great reading, just hoping it will work out as seen :) he knew I had a tattoo with my sons name on lol thank you xx" ... written by Natalie
Excellent, always love speaking with wayne. Always always accurate and on point. thanks wayne!!!!" ... written by Roxanne
thank you kindly xx x x " ... written by lydia
Psychic Wayne is a five star reader and I highly recommend him for a reading he is well worth it. His reading are accurate and precise." ... written by Patricia
he was very quick and accurately described how i looked. i will wait to hear from his predictions but he was really good" ... written by hh
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. I highly recommend him for a reading. very accurate and precise. Don't hesitate get a reading from Psychic Wayne well worth the time and money. Thank you for the reading Wayne. " ... written by Patricia
He picks up on my situation with no names given and no current information shared. Amazing." ... written by B
instantly connected- flawless reading :) Thanks wayne" ... written by b
good" ... written by Chanelle1961
He's the best, have no doubts he will take care of all. See ya soon Hun" ... written by Jennifer
first reading with wayne. we'll see his predictions come to pass...thanks..." ... written by luxxicon
Wayne is a 5 star reader. always up front and to the point. Thanks for your reading Wayne.. I highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by Patricia
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
wayne was wonderfull and give me a pease of mind thank u will come again soon" ... written by hilda
You are funny Wayne. Talk later!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful, powerful, to the point and marvellous. precise and talking about the things we just need and want to know. i definitely recommend him" ... written by katty
I wish I had more time with him but he's super fast anyway. 5 stars every time." ... written by anon
Psychic Wayne is a 5 stars. picks up on the issue right away and know precisely what it is. I highly recommend him for a reading. You won't regret it. " ... written by Patricia
=)" ... written by Melissa
wow names and years! Very spot on! Insightful just wish I had more time! " ... written by sparkles826
good updates, quick to connect with situation, quick typing, thanks again, :)" ... written by dakota
very good connection... very precise read me like a book... " ... written by christina
Very spot on, Thank you Wayne again!!! xxo!" ... written by synnove23
Great reader, amazing!!! 10 points!!! " ... written by Barbara
wayne is freaking AMAZING!!!!!!! wow he picked up things I didnt think he would, especially an event that will be taking place in September...thank u so much, cant wait to come back again when i have enough credits!!!" ... written by a
Thank you as always, Wayne! You've been really helpful! :)" ... written by Ariana
Genuinely surprised! He immediately said things about my relationship without me having to elaborate! Time will tell the outcome! Hopefully it will!" ... written by Ariana
What a pleasure to have a reading with Wayne." ... written by Myrubylips
HELPED ME TO REALIZE WHAT WAS GOING ON IN MY LIFE!! thanks Wayne for helping!!!" ... written by bb22
very nice, and told me nice things" ... written by solarstrond
Wayne is really helpful! Thank you very much :)" ... written by Ariana
I somehow don't feel guilty paying for his rates because he is so quick to respond and we cover so much. he's got a high rate for a reason." ... written by anon
Thank you so much, Wayne. " ... written by Ariana
ALWAYS GREAT, always!!!" ... written by Libratan
Fast connection, good updates, thanks again" ... written by dakota
Amazing information, thank you very much." ... written by Tree
Thanks Wayne" ... written by AerynJoy
Wayne absolutely surprised me with what his insight into my future revealed to me..time will show but i don't doubt his words going on past predictions coming true." ... written by cs
I been trying to make some decisions with confidence...and came to Wayne for answers. He confirmed what I was thinking and I feel I can go forward with more certainty. thank you Wayne" ... written by Riv
actually i really liked him! wayne picked up on many things that r going on now in my life. too bad for me he picked upon the here andamp; now moment of the stress of moving and my rage over problems caused by people that were hired to move me. that's good andamp; spot on! if i had money i would have a long complete reading with him. That said I wish the specific questions i wanted addressed could have been; that of course would be impossible andamp; i only had credit for few minutes. I WOULD RECOMMEND HIM - I WILL MORE READINGS WITH HIM - AND I REALLY LIKE HIM... i found wayne to be special andamp; love his energy!" ... written by STORMY andamp; PAM
Wayne is amazing! This is the second time I have connected with my Mum through Wayne and I trust him 100%" ... written by Kristal Turner
Thank you, Wayne :)" ... written by Ariana
Excellent" ... written by Dayananda Siddaiah
hope your right :) fingers crossed" ... written by kelly
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. Expert in his field. Knows situation right off with no details needed. Knows more than most as he is a medium. Would highly recommend him for a reading well worth your time and money. Thank you Wayne for being so patient and understanding. You have been a positive source of energy for me." ... written by Patricia
I have used Wayne to connect with my Mother many times now and he is truly amazing and I highly recommend him! " ... written by Kristal Turner
Accurate - ... incredible he could have an extraordinary vision of whom I was or what I was searching for ... so much hope and I do feel so grateful ... Thanks so much Blessed be !" ... written by MARLENE
Psychic a 5 star reader plus. So precise and accurate with his readings. sees and knows more than others. Very understanding and helpful and good advice to situations. Highly recommend him for a reading well with time and Money" ... written by Patricia
PsychicWayne is amazing 5 star reader. he is so precise and onto situation . Knows more about situation gives good sound advice has written books which I plan to read. He is an interesting person. I highly recommend him for a reading he is well worth the time and money." ... written by Patricia
fabulous, all comes true :)" ... written by autumne
excellent!!!" ... written by tamalaa74
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND HIGHLY SUGGEST that you do a read with PsychicWayne. In times of peril and distress, he easily gave me hope and reassurance that everything will get better. Thank You Wayne for being quick, honest and real!!" ... written by Misstress 9
good" ... written by P
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. Highly recommend him for a reading. He is well worth the time and money. clear predictions and knows the situation well at hand. Very supportive and positive engery given. He now more than most the Medium. Thanks Wayne for being there for me." ... written by Patricia
OMG Dr. Wayne, why time is faster to end than having your GREAT readings???? Please pray for me so I can see you again. Thanksssss!!!!" ... written by Libratan
Wayne, love, light, and laughter! Cant wait!" ... written by T
I have seeing psycic wayne a couple times i can't wait to see how his things are predicted i pray they come true. I will keep you imformed." ... written by Raechel
fantastic talent regarding the love life spot on " ... written by michael
loving and caring and gentle. good advice and to the point. " ... written by katty
good and nice. gentle and intelligent. informative and caring" ... written by katty
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. Highly recommend him for a reading. very precise and to the point and knows the situation without being told. HE is well worth the time and money." ... written by Patricia
thanks for the reading. u were spot on" ... written by lavelle
very fast will come back when it comes true " ... written by michele
Interesting read... I only asked abt future events, so I don't know. But he did know I had blonde hair!! " ... written by Sam
wonderfull reading.pick up on stuff i nvr told him.thx alot:) .bless u" ... written by viendax god! time passes so fast" ... written by lastsearch1
Brilliant!!!!! Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Zayma
Wayne is amazing! he picked up on my issue immediately from when I entered the free chat!....definitely worth talking to! very sweet and intuitive!" ... written by sandra
I had a demo with Dr Wayne. He quickly picked up some information about me, my name and my bf's name, which of course I never mentioned to him. And when I had priv chat, he was quick to connect with my situation. I will definitely save more credits for our next priv chat. I hate it when I don't have enough credits. TYVM!! HMR" ... written by HMR
PsychicWayne is a 5 star reader. knows exactly what is going on. Precise accurate predictions sees more than most. Well worth your time and money. Thanks Wayne for being there for me. xoxo." ... written by Patricia
Very helpful and accurate in his readings. Good reading. Was able to completely understand. " ... written by Nadia
WOW!! I can't believe what he has picked up I am truly lost for words amazing I just went for brief reading then back again and again I just wanted to hear more and more. Truly lost for words! " ... written by Lyn
Good!" ... written by Angeles
Thank you very much for you reading! It really got my hopes up! I'll definitaly let you know how it developes! Thanks again!" ... written by Dominique
He's very accurate and very understanding! Thank you, Wayne!" ... written by Ariana
He is amazing. This is the best reading I have ever had. " ... written by ladyl5
he is good" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
he sounds genuine.only time will tell if his prediction came true" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
good reader on the ball " ... written by cindy
Dr. Wayne is great, always, sharp, and very clever too. His readings are always always interesting to hope for, he makes me smiles to wait for the great future." ... written by Libratan
I would highly recommend getting a reading from PsychicWayne, he is truely gifted.To get an idea I was sitting in one of his demo's and he called me out, and said the ladies name that I had recently started talking to and also gave me my date of birth without me saying a word. Will definitely be back for another reading thank you. I was quite nervous." ... written by alex bower
Even I had a bad internet connection here at sea, it is like always a pleasure to have a reading from Dr.Wayne" ... written by Kell Lindholdt Kumrit
he is so confident" ... written by MEMOONA BILAL
Thank you so much for your help..." ... written by Nilam
He is REALLLLLLLY good!!! He knew everything and I hadn't spoken to him in months!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
very fast right on point and honest" ... written by erica
a powerful and significant wizard. there is nothing he can't do. definitely recommended and funds up twice so i got to talk next time. but you got a lot to talk to this man. " ... written by katty
good deal, i was impressed" ... written by ron
He seemed to pick up on a lot of things very quickly. Very insightful." ... written by jen
Wayne, I so hope to hear what you have said! " ... written by T
Wayne is on spot again! I will definitely get back to him for my next reading. I trust him :) xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
expensive, but worth it." ... written by jimmy jaimie
very good reading. He knew off bat what I was going through. " ... written by missv2015
Good as always give good insight and advice" ... written by Raspberry47
Fantasic... either he told me what I wanted to hear... or which I believe to be the truth... what is.... he knew names and everything.... expensive, but I think worth it Thanks Wayne" ... written by sam
He can make me laugh again after a month of depression." ... written by N
Awesome reading. He spots on everything without telling." ... written by Nat
short but seems ot pick up some good stuff like the fact that we were physically at a distance from each was just too short. unfortunately, but good..hope to be back" ... written by Hope
Thank you for the reading, good connection, quick to get information, quick typing, no wasting time, thanks again for the updates." ... written by dakota
I think right gosh, only time will tell... but he appears spot on!!!" ... written by s
Quick!! not the word!" ... written by ayesha
oh he's good..." ... written by Jnaujo00
Wayne Thank you! You are great!" ... written by T
I loved his reading omg HE has a wonderful gift!! thank you for your reading I Will defiantly be coming back " ... written by Nicole
Truly the best! Great to talk to and very accurate!" ... written by ****
He is very direct and fast . Thanks wayne " ... written by sabina0202
Very very very good" ... written by Sinead
thank you so much wayne, i have seen your predictions come true in other peoples life and you have been recommended to me so i believe what you told me will come true also. thank you! xx" ... written by martyness
He's so nice. Give me a peace of mind as always :)" ... written by Nat
exactly what i needed" ... written by Sheilla Jeptum
You're my brother!" ... written by sumaya
I hope he is Right." ... written by smita
He is truly Amazing, My heart feels at ease now that I know the truth about my love life situation. I really hope I can work things out with my man because even though I don't believe in cheating I know that many of us do it in this society, and its not because they dont love you its just for pleasure. Anyway I look forward to a new rewarding Job that pays more." ... written by luckycharms12
Wayne, thank you my dear, I don't doubt anything you told me today because of last time, you were absolutely spot on and all you said came true. I was absolutely amazed and you wiped away any suspicious doubts I had in my mind. Thank you. xxx I will be back for another follow up. " ... written by Elinka
He is truly Amazing never experienced such a accurate reading was very happy with this man!" ... written by luckycharms12
absolutely amazing!!! very connected...." ... written by sandra
very short time but im totally contented" ... written by Sheilla
time went up too quick" ... written by samantha
Thank you! I needed the reassurance. Ill try to relax and just wait till this happens :). Then everything should fall into place for me. :)" ... written by Mary
Very quick and straight to the point. I'll have to find out if he's accurate" ... written by kmathis
awesome" ... written by kristina
Thank you for your reading! God bless" ... written by Rainbowspirit123
amazing...thats all i can say" ... written by s
Great reading again I'm speechless Wayne is the greatest" ... written by Kell
great" ... written by kristina
Its magical being in his presence and all his insights will have you in ore with his gift that has been given to him.." ... written by cs
accurate" ... written by eve
Will wait and see what happens..." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Wayne answered my questions quickly and easily. I do think his answers made a lot of sense and also that he was to the point. There were a few things he said that did not fit my situation but overall I thought it was worth while and I feel that his insight is valuable." ... written by Q
Awesome" ... written by kaly2012
he way fast and great as always!" ... written by luckycharms12
GREAT, amazed, some of the other psychics are scammy here. he guessed a lot of things right, will come back" ... written by asfasdf
Wow he connected really fast and really saw my situation.. Thanks again .. i will definitely come back for more readings!" ... written by jay
As reassuring as always. I am reading Waynes book and I feel more and more like he is a close friend. He has been consistent and very accurate till now, specific things came true before so I have no reason not to believe his reading. Thank you x" ... written by Elinka
you'd find yourself surprised!!!" ... written by light
very caring man. hope everything he says manifest. will update review one I see results. thanks again for your time" ... written by mousie.
Wayne, Thank you as this month progresses it should be magical. " ... written by T
best as an always, thank you my dear friend for always helping me" ... written by Carol
Blew my mind about a person I had forgotten about! Have to think about it...seriously. Thanks." ... written by DonnaQ
He's funny lol" ... written by N
i love his reading!! hes on point all the time thank you " ... written by NICOLE
always an excellent reading as it is quickly connected and the information is typed quickly so no wasting time. thanks for the encouraging updates, even though we know of some negativity still around, lol. but will take all news that is necessary to hear, thanks again" ... written by dakota
I was amazed with Wayne after reading and when he told me my exact name and the name and birth of a guy I was asking. He even told me how I look and I didn't have camera on. Hope his predictions comes true." ... written by minika10
thanks!" ... written by interesting reading
fast and to the point " ... written by jodie
It's like he wrote my life. He's worth every penny. if you need quick answers and no chit chat, he's the man! His energy is very powerful and cheery :)" ... written by Chiara
He was sooo great, I cannot believe all the things he could tell about me without any info from me.." ... written by June
Just wow, I can recommend him wholeheartedly amazing reading, thank you so much for all your help!!" ... written by samuel
Well, he is blunt but honest as hell. I wasn't a fan at first but I will have to admit he is quick. You don't have to ask questions, he just spills the beans....all of them. He is worth the price and he might give you a little smirk in private. Lol!" ... written by Oro
Excellent" ... written by Gorsha
Knows his shit. He's really expensive, but confirmed what another psychic told me. Knew a kid's name month/date/year of birth " ... written by lg
Thank you for peace of mind and telling me my future. :)" ... written by Elizabeth
He is great!" ... written by Lou
His answers in private are insightful and rapid. With honesty and his guidance, one can make a better decision in personal situations and challenges. His rate is very much worth the wisdom gained. Get your questions ready b/c he will rattle off the answers in quick succession. Get ready!" ... written by Wistful Wonderings
He is fast as lightning with his blunt truth and insight. Gives you the real deal and doesn't coddle you or use euphemisms just to make you feel better. I appreciate his readings. " ... written by Witty Wayne
I don't know what I would do without his help, he is just indispensable. Whenever I need advice he is of so much help, and he can take away all my stress in a second. Thank you Wayne" ... written by Kim82
OMG! Thank you so much, everything you told me so far came true..." ... written by XOXO
Good" ... written by Archit
First time with him, and it is very surprising how easily he could see things in my life. I will only come to him from now on." ... written by Marie
very good insights, thank you" ... written by Grace
Connection with Wayne is what everyone should experience. " ... written by cs
perfect" ... written by s
very good, amazing how he can connect using his spirit guide" ... written by Lynda
OMG! What a teffific reader. He worth even to pay 999.999 ! The best I have ever had, great insight, great adivces, will be back for sure. Thank you" ... written by Michelle
He is the best, you should really try him." ... written by Amy
PsychicWayne has an amazing gift. He is spot on and tunes in right away. I appreciate his words of wisdom and advice! Wonderful reader!:)" ... written by Carrie
Wayne is very good. He can pick right up on things. I really like him!! I will talk to him more!! He's AWESOME!!" ... written by Juliesstars
There are no words that can really discribe the feeling when you are speaking to a real Medium. THank you Wayne, you have been helping me a lot." ... written by Bonnie
Awesome, not just a psychic, but a good friend." ... written by Johnny
I am just waiting for things to unfold... I feel like, I am on the right track... :)" ... written by Tangled
I don't feel the time allowed for private chat is enough and wayne was very helpful and can't wait until i can follow up with him and get more information" ... written by AnnaMae
Thanks Mr Wayne, it was a great help." ... written by MagicMike
Wayne is always a delight - very quick and picks up on everything!" ... written by Jennifer
I think he is the best reader here, thank you for your help." ... written by Alain
He could easily connect to my situation, and everything what he told was very helpful." ... written by Margo
Thanks, accurate as an always." ... written by Kay
Wayne is very accurate, funny and very insightful!" ... written by Emma
as tina turner says, "Simply the best...better than all the rest!". He is my chief advisor particularly in business. Thanks for all your assistance, Wayne!" ... written by beathive
very good reader, honest and helpful " ... written by Xing Xing
never believed in mediums, until I met him, thanks you for your help :)" ... written by G
He has given me advises so I could get over the hard time after my divorce. Really good psychic and friend." ... written by Rita
He could tell me that I will find love soon, as well, he helped me to choose the right person." ... written by Lola
WOW WOW WOW ! Amazing psychic " ... written by Maria
XO XO Wayne, you are still the best, long time no see, but thanks for the help" ... written by Mary
thank you thank you :)" ... written by Crystal
very good reader" ... written by Chris
Thanks! I hope your prediction come true :)" ... written by Madison
speechless, very good" ... written by Tay
Nice reading again by Wayne. Always a pleasure." ... written by Kell
OMG, Cant Wait! What a step today! Wayne Thank you :)" ... written by T
Wayne, this has been a long time coming and I cant wait to see it unfold. " ... written by T
Love talking to wayne, I have read his book too :-) I myself have been "labelled" and it's not nice, when it's just a case of someone not understanding what it is that's troubling you, I really hope his predications come true. I am waiting (not so patiently lol) I want to believe what I feel is real, and I'm not going mad, he thinks it's real :-) only time will tell I guess. Love and Light xx" ... written by Natalie
Simply awesome. Knew my stuff." ... written by Andre
Now that was really something! Thanks!" ... written by Yakoshi
Very nice reading, thank you :)" ... written by anette
Great psychic. Spot on information. Very recommended!" ... written by ariadne
Couldn't be better! Simply amazing." ... written by Ursula
This was very nice! Thank you very much. If I have questions in the future, I will come to you." ... written by Jonathan
The reading affected me positively. I recommend the Psychic!" ... written by hugs4me
Soo gooood! 5 stars! " ... written by HesitantLover
well he just talks so fats. lets see what happens .ill be amazed if it happens what he said ." ... written by myst
time will tell. ill be back wayne :)" ... written by myst
Great psychic, too expensive." ... written by Jake Hobbs
I can't wait for his predictons to come true! God blesss" ... written by Lily
Thank you for the inspiration. that meant a lot" ... written by tamara100
Just having a nice chat, keeping me company xx" ... written by Natalie
Spot on!" ... written by Madison
Right on! Good reading" ... written by Madison
Wayne is da bomb!!!! I was skeptical at first but now I trust him fully b/c his predictions are correct. His insight is fast and honest and he is a sincere guy!!!! GO WITH WAYNE andamp; IT WILL BE WONDROUS!!!!!!! He is worth the cashola!!" ... written by MOST AMAZING PSYCHIC
Great reading with Wayne! He is quick and doesn't waste your time. He connected to my situation right away. And yes, it's worth the money :) so i'll save up for my next priv chat w/ him!" ... written by ROAR
wow" ... written by mary
Wow, he was great, I am speechless!!" ... written by Eli
You are totally awesome. You are my go to psychic and adviser. I look forward in working with you and helping me create the life that we both see. Namaste my friend." ... written by SFEarthAngel
Thank you sooo much. I cannot describe how much I appreciate your help and insight! Awesome!" ... written by EvaP
Thank you Wayne, you are the best. Will update you. 10 stars" ... written by Zimona
Best psychic ever" ... written by Jayjay
Wayne is always nice and understanding. He is a true best friend for me. Thank you for helping Wayne." ... written by Trisha
You are always the best" ... written by Ruby
Thank you Wayne, you are awesome" ... written by nunu
Good, but too short. I liked it quite a bit. He is accurate." ... written by Jake Hobbs
ALWAYS WAYNE. HANDS DOWN THE BEST." ... written by Derek
You told me I need to change my life and move on to John. And I did!!! And now I am in love with my new partner! Thank youuuuu!!!! You are my go to person from now." ... written by Cindy
OMG! He knows everything! Thank you sooooo much! You are the Best!" ... written by Cindy
He is awesome! Thank you for guiding me in this difficult period of my life!" ... written by Candy
DON'T LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! BEST ON ORANUM HERE!!!" ... written by Leslie
Thank you again and always!" ... written by libi333
Wow Wayne blew me away. He told me what my daughter's name was (her name is not at common name) and what was going on in her marriage. He also told me about what was going to happen with me. Can't wait for those predictions to come to pass. He told me to stop worrying and just relax. Things will work out. Wayne is just awesome. Thanks Wayne!!!" ... written by Bellina
The most accurate psychic ever!!! I look forward to his prediction.... Indeed grateful to him....Among the best out here" ... written by Golden Crown
very good psychic, recommend to everyone" ... written by Ray
Wayne, Wayne, Wondrous Wayne, You tell me the truth but they seem like honeyed words when released. Your messages and insight are sent from up above by angelic beings. " ... written by Amazing Psychic
Thank you for updates. I hope everything works out soon. I can't wait any longer! lol. I just have to not doubt myself and all should go well. talk to you soon XoXo" ... written by mary
Thank you my friend, you always help me." ... written by Ray
well he connects fast. but lets see, if it happens ...ill keep my finges crossed. cu soon wayne " ... written by myst
Very good and accurate. 100 stars" ... written by Dank
Thank you Wayne, you are amazing." ... written by Ivy
very good. thx" ... written by lolo
great reading" ... written by BTH
Wayne is the best on Oranum. Take him to private, he will not let you down." ... written by Didi
Thank you, Wayne, you are the best. I can always count on you." ... written by troy
Best guy! I always love our chats and connection. Great positivity and guidance. Wayne is my favorite! " ... written by LotusZen
What a Wonderful Revelation during our session. Wayne answers all questions quickly and without drama. He is straightforward and reveals alot. Thank you!!!! Wayne is a Winner, Folks!!!!!" ... written by What a Wonderful Reading
ABSOLUTELY love him! gave me the best advice, and so far, everything he said would happen, HAS! best psychic I have even spoken with! xx" ... written by Tammy Gale
Having a catch up with wayne, he is positive things are going to work out eventually :)" ... written by Natalie
omg he is so amazing he will tell u everything u cant even believe to imagine..." ... written by hcf
love him! he is accurate! everything always happens! will be back! he is just the BEST! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Great! Honest answers and he's trigger fast. Go with Wayne and experience wondrous revelations!!!!!!" ... written by Great Reader
Wayne is scary fast and accurate in all situations, he makes predictions without hesitations and answers all questions asap. Wayne is cool, and he is a sweetheart(even though he is guarded in free chat). " ... written by Exciting Revelations
Wayne is a great reader, so straightforward and quick with honest insight. thank you " ... written by Great REader
very good insight, helpful as an always" ... written by Jeremy
I hope what he says will come true . Thank you psychic wayne ." ... written by anonymous
awsome" ... written by Jason
He is the most helpful and friendly psychic i met so far." ... written by friend
Very talented, god gifted reader" ... written by @Love
this man is so caring and I really like him I am not sure if all he says will come true but I appreciate what he says he touches on areas that really rest on my heart that I cant even explain and I am shocked because he is the first on to ever do this with me. he is expensive but you pay for what you get. I really like him and would suggest him to anyone." ... written by hcf
he very helpful and fast . quick and honest . thank you psychic wayne ." ... written by anonymous
Super duper. Thank you. 10 stars" ... written by Cuudi
Thank you for the great reading. You are a great friend, I know you are always there for me when I need." ... written by Henry
he told me what ive always wanted and dreamed of . So thankful for his amazing gifts . So quick and helpful . Thank you psychic wayne . love you . i will keep in touch ." ... written by anonymous
He could see that I will move from one city to another because of work, amazing reader" ... written by Monica
The most friendly reader i met so far here, and very helpful." ... written by incognito
very good reader, god gifted" ... written by Erik
Wayne astounds me every single time. His insight is automatic. He delivers honesty in your situation and guides you to best path. Wayne is worth every cent and you will be happy to return to him. XOXOXO" ... written by INSIGHTFUL READER
thank you" ... written by Jay
awesome, thanks you very much" ... written by Gary
omg, such insight, i am speechless " ... written by ray
Time will only tell.. " ... written by Ayesha
Spot on accurate with details I have NOT shared in open chats. Worth the extra $." ... written by Me
thank you for the advises you have given to me, I will come back for sure" ... written by John
he really is so good I recommend him to everyone and two of his predictions came true" ... written by grace
He is awesome, honest, gets insight quick. Go for it. " ... written by great reading
Wayne's reading is awesome! Too bad, didn't have enough credits.. will save for next time" ... written by ROAR
He is great with answers instantaneously. He is connected like nobody's business. " ... written by great reader
Great psychic, he knows the answers to your questions, is fast and honest. " ... written by Great Reading
His predictions came true! He's amazing and gives great energy! He's simply worth the money! :)" ... written by Chiara
He is the real deal and gives great advice. He's the sweetest guy but the best psychic advisor. " ... written by Great REading
thank you my friend, great update" ... written by Christian
I feel like I found a true friend who is helping me a lot." ... written by Blake
Wow, amazing how he can connect to my situation, he is very helpful" ... written by Ricardo
very good psychic, even he has a high rate, it worth it, recommend for everybody" ... written by John
Thank you for being there again my true guiding light. As we travel through life together I am thankful to have you there. Truly the best. xoxxo" ... written by melissa
awesome" ... written by sandra
Good" ... written by Kell
Just having a catch up x" ... written by Nat
Wayne Thank you! As you are good person that can be trusted. The confirmation that you give is awesome." ... written by T
great reading" ... written by sandra
He is a great fast reader. Accurate, with numbers and time frames. Wayne rocks. " ... written by Amazing!!!!!!
Wayne is awesome! Give you the truth straight a way. Great Reader." ... written by Golden Reader
Great reader, good honest insight. i trust wayne" ... written by AMAZING READING
Wayne is the best on here! He is fast, connects right away and does a great job with details." ... written by T
He is awesome...Wow he is excellent.....100 stars he deserves" ... written by Neha
He is a treasure. An excellent reader. He is worth the money" ... written by Neha
Not enough words and not enough stars for him. Thank you for your support and guidance." ... written by Neha
great" ... written by mimi
Great reading, found out things from my past that I did not even talk about so great powers, and realised what was going on without me having to talk which made me feel comfortable about being honest, def will be back. Thank you! " ... written by Sherry
OMG Wayne is Soooo goood. Helped me with like a LOT! OMG so excited for what the future holds *.*" ... written by Jessica
Very good reader, thank you" ... written by Kriss
Some people are like 'oh my god he is so expensive' What do I care? You want something you pay its price! You want to cheap your way out of TRUE PSYCHIC GUDIANCE??? I mean come on give me a break." ... written by MrRich
Always fills me with confidence and hope :) Such a genuine man:) A GENINUE man :) So genuine :)" ... written by BakeitnBrakeit
This guy knows what he is talking about. He is a good fortune teller." ... written by George
This person is a truly great Psychic. He seen things that only Gandalf could, or maybe Merlin. But they are not real, and he IS." ... written by Laqueisha
Very good chap. Knows a lot about stuff. Highly impressive." ... written by Bernardo
O.O " ... written by Klow
really , and i mean REALLY good!" ... written by Cujo
I like his readings :) Always makes me feel happy " ... written by Magenta
OMG!!! SO TRUE!" ... written by Amanda
This guy is pure awesomeness. Dishes out the truth like no one else. No nonsense." ... written by Jason
Couldnt get more helps from psychics than from you. Thank you. Much appreciate your help. I have problem with family, I come to you. I have problem with mind, I come to you. I have problem, I come. You sit and you wise. You know. You don't lie. It is visible in your face that you are settled with your conscience. Only true people are like you my friend." ... written by Ivanovskaia
BEST EVER! Keep it on my friend, you give me confidence at all times." ... written by Judeas
I am so happy. He has told me so much in his reading. Life will be good with me it seems" ... written by Jasonique
At first I was skeptical of the so called Psychics. It seems however that there are genuine people offering heartfelt readings." ... written by Mr Master
Its like I am reborn with a whole lot of fresh perspective! So much going on!" ... written by Krampoyant
wayne is so gifted and I am so grateful to have gotten to receive his insight. TY Wayne!" ... written by beathive
So Im sitting in my office when I suddenly think to myself I should visit a psychic. I did here, and I didnt regret. It was actually quite preferable." ... written by Alexander
The ways of the future are misty and uncertain. It is good to have a guide. And a friend. Thank you Wayne." ... written by Yoda
thank you, recommend to every member on here, he is very accurate" ... written by Jazson
The real love doctor, im sure he has university degree in solving relationship problems." ... written by Morris
my good friend, its always good to see you" ... written by Thao
By friend, you are always giving me the best advice, thank you" ... written by Eve
he is the best!! go for it!!!! amazing" ... written by Amazing Psychic
Simply awesome. Amazing reader." ... written by Hope
love this guy" ... written by hcf
nothngs changed. wayne reassured me. I was feeling low. he kind of lifts me up. he is very quick . and reads like a movie is played infront of him. lets see" ... written by myst
Good" ... written by reldas23
Thank you Wayne for the reading. You are always a good friend in need." ... written by Dom
He is the real deal. No sugarcoating, just the plain truth." ... written by Benny
He is the real deal. Try him!!!" ... written by Joey
Thank you Wayne, you are the best. Will come back for sure. 100 stars" ... written by csillamponi
Best on here. Thank you very much." ... written by Gigi
Thank you Wayne. 5 stars" ... written by Lessie
Nice. Thx" ... written by Tammy
Thank you Wayne for the reading. You always tell the truth and I will follow your advice." ... written by Cindy
OMG OMG OMG He was so good. Told me exactly the situation I am in, I did not even have to tell him anything. I am shocked. 10 stars" ... written by Nina
best. thank you very much" ... written by harold
Need guidance, try him." ... written by Eva
Very good, thanks" ... written by Mira
Wayne is the best. Try him, he will not let you down." ... written by Sab
Okay" ... written by Muffin
Hello Wayne. You are the best on Oranum. Thank you for the reading." ... written by Sheep
This was my first reading with him and I can tell you hes been the best so far. Thanks" ... written by TEE
Thank you for guiding me through this difficult time." ... written by Sub-e
Great" ... written by Orshee
I feel so much better and relieved after the session I had with Wayne. Helped a lot" ... written by Norb
love you wayne, youre the best" ... written by Rayka
No wonder I keep coming back to Wayne. :)" ... written by Gabs
Thank you**** " ... written by
Thanx" ... written by Bebe
This man is a shockingly accurate psychic" ... written by Chris
he can really help you in all regards" ... written by Robert
So far the best reader I tired on here. Thank you, will be back for sure." ... written by Adel
Hes spot on and hot.. definitely more than 5 stars." ... written by cs
PsychicWayne! was amazing...I will follow up on what he said. I appreciate he was clear and didn't waste my time or credits. I have a lot to thnk about from his reading. I will be BACK!" ... written by jrs208
Amazing" ... written by sweetcurls
WOW he is wonderful! he tells you how it is!!!!! he is amazing! all he tells you happens! thank you I will be back for updates!" ... written by kat620
Thank you" ... written by Maria
she's great" ... written by Cristina
I hope his prediction comes time was up. He is very kind and accurate. I will come back." ... written by M
Was very brief. Lost credits when hitting coins I think, as only actually seemed to type for a couple of mins. Still worth it though, but would have liked to be longer to get more detail. Thank you Wayne. " ... written by cimba1
Wayne your awesome as always! You know you always have great in sight. Looking forward to it." ... written by T
I like his style, he is very intuitive!" ... written by TJ
Great reading, he is quick and precise." ... written by Timmi
Thank you so much for your help!" ... written by EmmaO
WOW, unbelievable, I will come for an update soon!" ... written by jaime
Wayne is my go to psychic, he has helped me such, I don't know what I would do without him." ... written by xoxo
My favorite psychic for sure!" ... written by jon
hes an awesome reader" ... written by Cristina
That was very quick and very accurate! First experience with Wayne. He told me something in a demo that was spot n. Then did a reading for me. Am impressed. Will wait for november!" ... written by cadou1
I can't live without the guide from you. You r my light." ... written by Richard
Thank you so much, I feel like I was reborn." ... written by uoyevoli
I always believe in you, only you. Thank you so so much!" ... written by Lolili
You impressed me much. All what you said. I am happy to talk to you as always. Ty" ... written by Convergy
Perfect guide! You lifted my life up. TY" ... written by Choco
Thousands thousands recommend him! Thank you so much. You are the gift from God to us." ... written by Candy88
I can't say thank you enough to you. Your word is my life torch. Thank you because you are always here. " ... written by Zoldtree
I have never regretted when I come to you. Perfect listener, perfect consultant. Thank you so much" ... written by lovepsychic
Awesome reading, great insights" ... written by Bob
great reading, no tools" ... written by Amazing reader
wow, very accurate psychic" ... written by Amanda
Thank you, for the great reading." ... written by Rose
very very good" ... written by Roberts
Very accurate and good psychic" ... written by Laura
he's awesome. i'm scared he's reading my thoughts at the moment..." ... written by hjkjl
Amazing ..kind....and real deal.." ... written by cs
WAyne kicks all psychic butts on this site. He is amazing and uses no tools to deliver the truth. Compassionate and down to earth guy when you get into private reading. " ... written by Bad Ass Psychic
Thank you so much, pro! I find my way again. " ... written by Redcode
He gave me a wonderful reading. Thank you. I will come back to you with the second reading soon." ... written by Wallflower
Truthful, honesty and exact prediction. As always, amazing! " ... written by Lonelyife
Your power heals my soul. TY" ... written by worldendup
I feel so lucky that I found you. Tonight I can sleep well. Thank you." ... written by Katica
Thank you for your advice. I always follow your guidance and my life is so easy. Recommend him thousand times!" ... written by lovelypop
he is the best " ... written by ohood
Very fun and laid back readinggggg......" ... written by SonOfSun13
Very quick and told every thing clearly... worth every penny " ... written by sap
Another amazing reading, thank you my friend" ... written by Ray
Thanks a lot Wayne for your insight into the situation! " ... written by LostGirl
Very accurate, knew details of my past I didn't bring up. I hated to spend the money. But it was worth it!!! I highly reccommend him" ... written by Arcava
he is the best on oranum:)" ... written by ohood
Fantastic! Recomended! Very fast and spot on!" ... written by S:M
Dr. Wayne thank you for the reading. appreciated. 5 star reader" ... written by Patricia Kendall
Genuine gifted psychic!!! He has instant insight to your situation and a peaceful caring heart. When I'm in desperate need of answers he's there and helps. No tools needed. He has a God given gift and he's here to help YOU!!" ... written by B
very true" ... written by beautiful
Good fun accurate reading, insightful too." ... written by David
WOW! enuf said...private reading with details that were unexpected...just wait now to see how it all pans out...just wish i could get transcript of convo.. Thank you Wayne..will def keep in touch" ... written by Hope
Wonderful reader!" ... written by Emmy
He is really nice and helpful. Sticks to his guns and he really is trying to help. I've been on this site for years. I stopped going on it for two but seem to come back I've decided that he is the only legitimate psychic on this site. Worth the money." ... written by lg
Very quick to connect to situation, gave me a ton of information. I was seeking answers and he provided me with just that. I felt much better after the private reading. " ... written by Miachloe120
Fast and answered my questions well. Only time will tell what was correct " ... written by ...s
great quick reading, full of insight" ... written by David
wayne is simply amazing" ... written by sandra j
Connects well, says what's going on, and offers predictions. " ... written by Eva
awesome!! he is simply awesome" ... written by sandra
so precise and true and you dont even need to give DOB or names" ... written by beautiful
gave me a timeline. To be honest, the last timeline prediction didn't occur for me. However, I've been on his free chat and have heard people go on and say how accurate he has been. He tells me a lot and seems to know the most about myself and the people i ask about." ... written by lg
Thank you my friend. Always helpful." ... written by ray
Thanks for the reading, mate!" ... written by Dan
Amazing reading, recommend for everybody" ... written by Johnny
WOW, he is really good, connects and gives best advice." ... written by Linda
super cool reader" ... written by Karen
God bless, thank you for the insight " ... written by Mary
all the best of the best" ... written by Alise
With his help I could relocate, find a new job." ... written by Thomas
Wayne is amazing! He knows everything without saying a word! I have been going to him since January and he is my Go To Person. He changed my life!" ... written by james
he keeps ressuring me. he is funny. lets see.ill keep u posted wayne" ... written by myst
He was amazing! He is just knows everything without saying a word! Unbelivable!" ... written by ricki
Petty good" ... written by Nicole
great reading" ... written by LG
Great update, great advice, as an always" ... written by Jay
Always giving me hope, and helps me a lot to deal with my life, thank you" ... written by Robert
thank you" ... written by Salamaa
He surprizes me every time...thank you Wayne for your exciting news. Have been praying for such an outcome.." ... written by s
Utterly odd reading!!" ... written by Hamster
Wayne you are the best." ... written by Maisie
I live in a county full of psychics, however, never met someone like PsychicWayne. It is amazing how he can connect to my situation and gives me the best advice." ... written by GIna
Wow, what a reader, 5 + stars" ... written by Goodgirl
Merci" ... written by Mondeo
What can I say about my friend Wayne. Amazing as always. Listen to him. He is honest and kind and always gives it to your straight. Thanks Wayne for all you do. xoxoxox always" ... written by melissa
Wayne! You calmed me down,so i can clearly see things in my life - after the reading i called him and we are going to meet up tomorrow!!!" ... written by Roberta
Wayne!!! Thank you what you have done for me-I am very greatful you showed the way how i can change my life!!!" ... written by rocco
thank you for the help! I feel better myself after the session we had!" ... written by Princess
I LOved the reading! It was unbelievably good. How fast he can connect!!! " ... written by Evaaa
This guy is awesome I wanted to connect with my grandfather who past away. and he nailed it. I told him nothing and he told me things i didnt tell him. this guy is good. " ... written by Brian
wayne is amazing genius and so gifted and talented. I am so grateful to know him and to be able to benefit from his passion to help others. Thanks Wayne!" ... written by beathive
We had such a lovely conversation about my lovelife- he helped me a lot to clear up the issue I am having with my bf right now-Thank you!" ... written by smith
Thank you for the update. My favorite by far!" ... written by sweetcurls
Good reading to the point and very detailed indeed waiting for the next things to happen and see where this goes now .. " ... written by sunshine500
Thank you for helping me out. I really appreciate your effort-Will be back to update next week." ... written by roy
you are such a nice person. i wish i could find you earlier. " ... written by Robert
Wayne! I can not tell you enough time how thankful am I!!! you pointed out the areas that i need to change to life a better life!" ... written by Renata
Thankyou ThankYou ThankyYou so much! I dont know what i would do without you." ... written by Robert
He is just amazing!!! give me lot of positive energy!" ... written by Sam
Wayne! you made my day with this reading! I hope I can get back to you with an update shortly." ... written by Rebeca
good reading, thankyou!" ... written by sadf
You are Awsome! You know me better than I do! I wish I could find you earlier!!!!" ... written by Caragh
Wayne is a 5 star reader very accurate and precise. Highly recommend him for a reading." ... written by Patricia
Fantastic, very good about me and knew what was going on. Picked up on what I looked like without even seeing me and knew what was happening and how I felt. Definitely would have another reading again." ... written by Rachel
Wayne:Talking to you is wonderful. You have been correct on everything as well as consistent." ... written by Sandra
He is such a nice person, and I am really really grateful to him for his insights into my situation." ... written by smith
he was awesome! I really enjoyed getting a reading from him. I will definitely be back, again in the near future!" ... written by Xena
Thank you for your patience! It meant a lot to me. After the first reading I started to change and my family members have been noticing it!!!" ... written by Roberta
He was able to quickly pick up on my feelings and what's currently going on in my life. Sincere and not sugar-coated." ... written by Eva
Thank you for your reading. You calm my nerve. I don't know what to do without your guide." ... written by Tina
All your previous predictions happened and I am sure what you told me today will become true. I can't wait to see them. Thank you so much." ... written by Wolferine
You are my favorite psychic here for many year and you will be forever. Thank you for being with me." ... written by Lilo1986
I have just had a very good reading with PsychicWayne. This is the first time I came to him. He impressed me much. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by dreams2468
I can say thank you thousand times to you. He is very good to calm you down and give helpful guides. Always 5 stars." ... written by GingerSpice
I have just had a very good reading with PsychicWayne. This is the first time I came to him. He impressed me much. Thank you for a great reading." ... written by Para123
I am glad that I found this guy. Very helpful and clear reading. Uplifting." ... written by Bubuloza
Was good to see you, my friend, you are still the best here." ... written by Jeffrey
Omg god... we made such a nice connection, and the insight he gave is just wonrderful" ... written by Maya
Awesome reader, thank you" ... written by Daz
Thank you so much. It was very wonderful to talk and receive information from you." ... written by Jenny156
He is a great great reader and always entertaining!" ... written by Rebeca
Thank you Wayne. You always come through whenever I've needed your help." ... written by Roger
thank you very much for your help! I wish i could find you earlier! " ... written by Thomas
Wayne! You are amazing! Without saying a word you pointed out the problem what was in my mind!" ... written by Sarah
Very good reader, worth even 99.99 :)" ... written by Kay
He clarifies my way, gives me light and hope. Thank you for being here whenever I need. " ... written by Jacobja
Thank you for your great reading! I feel much much confident now." ... written by Lovelypop
He is always honest and sweet. I feel better and hopeful everytime I have talked to him. Thank you so so much." ... written by Lilo1987
WAYNE RULES!" ... written by beathive
he is amazing " ... written by fida
awesome reading with wayne! he gets to the situation fast!" ... written by HMR
did a love cast spell with psychic wayne . and he considerate done . " ... written by anonymous
This guy gives a very clear picture of how to get to the next step." ... written by David
Thank you so much!!!! Lovely weekend to you love" ... written by Nikki45
You are GREAT! thank you so much for the reading!" ... written by Kyra
He is such a generous person! I loved our 3rd reading just as much I did with the other ones." ... written by Roy
Great read, thanks man" ... written by Dan
He knows what he is doing- such a great guy! I enjoyed the private so much!" ... written by Adam
Honest, fast, but a little bit expensive x" ... written by Cindy
Thank you very much for your help! I enjoyed the reading so much!" ... written by Adams
Mind-blowing!" ... written by Gary
Great, great, great, GREAT person!!! Amazing!" ... written by Christina
I always trust on him, all what I do is to contact him when I am confused and he always has the answer. Thank you!" ... written by Paula
Thank you for your wonderful and helpful reading today!" ... written by Bella88
Thank you for your reading. I will follow your advice. As always. I will be back to give you updates." ... written by Wallflower
All what I have got from PsychicWayne are great and accurate. I enjoy every minute I talk to him. Thank you for the reading today!" ... written by Annilito
This is the awesome reading I have ever had. I was very surprised. All what he said are exact to me. Wow...." ... written by Westie
awesome" ... written by arnetta
Very good as always. He is kind and gives me positive reading. I wish all will come true. Thank you for the reading. I will come back" ... written by Tamara100
That was what I need to know, thank you for your reading!" ... written by Bumblebee
Your reading was helpful to me. Thank you Dr. Wayne" ... written by Rebecca
first reading with him. he got it all without my saying much. like actual details...amazing. he really is worth a visit!" ... written by abyss00
topped up to continue.......great great reading. i'm so happy to have done this. " ... written by abyss00
Thank you for your advice. I will do as u say." ... written by Parisa
Will be back for more!" ... written by Parisa
Very quick" ... written by rahul
very good reading" ... written by OPAL Knowley
Very accurate and detailed reader. I come back repeatedly. He is very good with information and gives it quickly." ... written by sweetcurls
very helpful ^-^" ... written by Stephanie
Wayne has helped as a guide during a great transition in my life" ... written by beathive
Wayne thank you as I am so excited with all of this! Keep it up :)" ... written by T
Very insightful. Thanks for clearing up things" ... written by Arcava
Wayne, still not sure where live is taking me but glad you are here to guide me. xoxox" ... written by melissa
Wowser! Absolutely amazing! l am in utter shock but in the most fantastic way possible! Jaw dropping reading. My first reading with Wayne and l had to go back and have another. l am on top of the world! l recommend Wayne and all l can say is no wonder he is number 1! Thank you so much! xxxx" ... written by Shantal (Jade8233)
his always here ready to help love u wayne xxx" ... written by enushi
He's the best. Expensive, but the best. He knows." ... written by Jake Hobbs
Wayne i consider a chief advisor and in starting a phenomenal company here in nyc he has offered me amazing career advice. An incredible investment here. Thanks so much, Wayne!" ... written by beathive
Yet again, wayne felt something very severe that was happening to me without me even approaching him. he asked to see me and addressed the issue i only thought of asking him about. i never did, he did first!!! Lots of love Wayne and thank you xxx" ... written by Elinka1
Very honest and very quick with responses. Will tell you how it will go and doesn't sugar coat anything. I have always been pleased with our chats and would go back in the future if I'm ever confused or struggling." ... written by Taylor
Always a positive accurate reading" ... written by crodgers1723
Wayne is very insightful and very accurate in what he sees/senses!" ... written by Danyel
I am surprised, surprised." ... written by Tamara100
Love this guy. Enough said!" ... written by LotusZen
Can sense alot! Knows alot!" ... written by Kelly
Love PSYCHIC WAYNE he is the BEST!!! no tools just him! he is AMAZING!!!! THANK YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
Not only a gifted psychic, but my trusted friend." ... written by sweetcurls
He takes pleasure in helping people. A great guide to calm your mind. I have the date of prediction coming closer so lets hope things go very well. " ... written by Rahul
Oh my god, what a great reading! Wayne is more than helpful." ... written by clearskies
Thank you Wayne! I appreciate all of your help! Will be back soon." ... written by Lana
Thank you so much! I will be back soon xxx" ... written by clearskies
He helped me see my situation in a whole new light, thanks" ... written by Webber
i enjoyed that a lot, thank you for your help andamp; advice" ... written by Tia867
I appreciate your help. i am sure you were right about what you said." ... written by twinSouls
Awesome!!!" ... written by jules
Accurate and fast, I can recommend to everyone." ... written by JK01
I am so happy I found youu :)" ... written by farrah
See you soon wayne thanks again!" ... written by Jaxx
Thank you again, I'll be back shortly" ... written by Webber
He picked up on my situation real fast. hopefully his prediction will come to pass. i will update as soon as it does. Thank you " ... written by michelle bailey
great reading!" ... written by HMR
Wayne is amazing. He's guided me and has been my rock in the most lowest times of my life." ... written by cs
amazing...honest...." ... written by sandra
There are no words for how much this guy has helped me, he is fantiastic, everyone should tryhim" ... written by taytay
Awesome reader, made my day" ... written by jimjoe12
Very detailed, and accurate, thank you Wayne!" ... written by daisybOO
Wayne Thank you for everything! Looking forward to it!" ... written by T
Wayne is an amazing reader, with exceptional psychic abilities. 100 stars" ... written by prittiledi
Thank you." ... written by mimoza
Wayne is the best. Highly recommended" ... written by tuttuluv
awesome" ... written by Charlieee
Thank you. My computer was so slow...couldn't type back." ... written by Maja word to describe wayne....amazing" ... written by sandra
psychic wayne is a fierce person with an incredible gift. I highly recommend reaching out and getting a reading from him." ... written by beathive
he is always consistent. still waiting though . god knows best/lets see/ wil be back wayne" ... written by myst
He always gives deep insights and truth." ... written by Tamara100
Dr Wayne is a 5 star reader and I highly recommend him for a reading he is right on with predictions and knows situation wells. He is well worth your time and money. Thank you Wayne for your reading. Wiill be back" ... written by Patricia
amazing" ... written by sandra
Wayne never ceases to amaze me with his wisdom, and has helped me tremendously make important transitions." ... written by beathive
Only time will tell my friend. xoxoxxo" ... written by melissa
very very Fun! and informative love this guy" ... written by Stephanie
A terrific catch up .....very caring and sweet." ... written by cs
on point, quick, helpful " ... written by sparkly
Psychic Wayne got things automatically and is very fast at reading . He's very good and on point :). Will be back" ... written by AMina
Super as always " ... written by Kell
time went so quick!! but thank for the advice" ... written by beta
first reading - interesting - spot on" ... written by mandeep
heaps of fun this guy missed his calling, should be doing stand up" ... written by David
Good guy. Gave me what I needed. Pricey but worth every penny. This dude is precise." ... written by Benjamin
He is so fast and positive. I only trust him here. " ... written by Tamara100
OMG!! Wayne is so awesome he knew exactly what I was feeling about a certain person and was spot on about alot of things I am so glad I came into private with him today it was so worth it!!" ... written by beta
Just having a catch up and things are still the same as mentioned in previous readings, wayne seems confident xx" ... written by Nat
good reading very amusing" ... written by Dave
I'm delighted to have a reading with you today. Thank you for informing me on my issues. Very accurate!" ... written by Felicia
he is consistent" ... written by myst
WOW! something for timing with this one. I held off a couple days, kept seeing Wayne, and moving on, but kept notice Wayne. Well today it all came together. A day of healing for me that is. I hope you felt a bit of healing back Wayne. I give out what I'm getting so YEAH!!!!!! A great private this morning. thanks again. Much love- Must go meditate now. Thanks for the clarity needed for the day and future." ... written by leonellie
excellent" ... written by mandeep
xxx thanks again" ... written by Elinka
love talking to him!!!" ... written by 180
thank you very much you are very consistent in your reading. x" ... written by martina vranova
quick and informative" ... written by David
Wonderful reading! He clarified my way in the darkness. Thank you so much." ... written by Vera15
I am happy that I find you to light my way. Thank you for being here whenever I need you." ... written by Fincoln
Thank you for protecting me, last time he told me something about my friend and warned me. It really happened. I came for update and got me advice from him. Thank you again." ... written by Lovelife
The first time I had reading with him was one year ago. He is not only my protector but also my friend. Thank you 1000 times." ... written by MaryWins
I'm lucky to have had her guidance and advice. He is warm, friendly and very intelligent. " ... written by LEE
Thank you for your guide, your care, your friendship and your power. I will come back for update." ... written by CutieCutie
sweet guy..never lets me down with his insights and how life will turn has is and it will be turn out amazing.." ... written by cs
Thank you so much. You are great." ... written by Lightover
Thank you very much, that's really a great reading. No doubt." ... written by Iriss
5 stars for you as always. thank you for your guide." ... written by Luv4ever
Excellent. Awesome. Wonderful. There are all for you." ... written by LotOfLuv
Great reading, you are a wonderful psychic with patience. It's always nice to talk with you. Positive and awesome." ... written by Elisa
I just found my new psychic. He knew about something that I haven't even told my family. It brought m to tears. Excellent!!" ... written by kmathis
He is so patient, kind and gives me a lot of information. His guide is always helpful for me. Highly recommend." ... written by Walesse
Good, quite accurate" ... written by Darryn
He was straight to the point. Excellent" ... written by Angela
Just love you xoxo the best always" ... written by melissa
Quite accurate" ... written by Darryn
Excellent as always" ... written by D
good reading again, i informative" ... written by Dave
awesome reading I will update u soon." ... written by delight
good !!!" ... written by Carla VItaloni
good quick information" ... written by David
he is the best on oranum " ... written by ohood
Very accurate to my situation, highly reccomend" ... written by Melissa Whitney
Very quick and direct to the point. No waste of time and thorough, Completely enjoyed the insight. I do not have a webcam but would highly recommend one. " ... written by Rosemary
Always helpful when you need a final answer for your doubts" ... written by jaqline
good quick information " ... written by David
Excellent" ... written by Tamara100
good quick fun reading, useful information too" ... written by Wayne
very interesting" ... written by David
Information provided in a timely manner" ... written by David
Amazing and knows what he ios talking about!!!" ... written by anna
He is a 5star reader" ... written by N
he is consistent. waiting for pred " ... written by myst
know what's wrong and is right." ... written by ab
Thank you for your help." ... written by Paula
exciting news to look forward to..great guy with a wonderful gift.." ... written by cs
He is excellent as always. Superb reading" ... written by Neha
Very good, quick and thorough" ... written by kkbinid
My friend believes in me and my situation... I am looking forward to him being right!!!" ... written by 180
Straight to point, his caring lovely manner comes across " ... written by Julie Wilson
excellent as always" ... written by Tamara100
I feel that every time I refer to him, I will get an answer that will direct me what do next. And mostly he does. He is a guide" ... written by Tamara100
very informative" ... written by David
time went so quick omg but i LOVE THE READING WITH HIM" ... written by beta
really helpful and straight fwd with answers" ... written by stephanie
Wayne is a Five star reader . Accurate with his readings and precise not afraid to tell it like it is. Thanks for telling it like it is. I highly recommend him for a reading. " ... written by Patricia
Excellent as always." ... written by Tamara100
He gives lots of information. I am so thankful of him. He is the best" ... written by Tamara100
Thank you for the reading" ... written by Myriame
Very good reading " ... written by Kell
Thanks Wayne. You tune in very quickly and you're accurate with the details. I will be back in the new year to tell you all the things that came true. Thanks again. Truly appreciate it. It's been really hard." ... written by familyhelper
He hit the head on the nail about my current love interest. I'll find out for myself if she had an affair. Gave very specific time frames which I will record and revisit. If all comes true.. or even close, I'll go to Wayne all the time 100%. " ... written by Tung Vo
he is always consistent .lets see" ... written by myst
great reading with lots of information, hope Wayne predictions come to pass" ... written by David
THANK YOU! As always you are wonderful! Hope things will happen at Christmas time. we will see! But I am sure they will because you are Amazing!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!" ... written by kat620
i come here for quick straight answers, thanks!" ... written by dsf
amazing and quick!" ... written by Ava
Thanks for the read..! I needed to hear the truth. " ... written by Shiks
Wayne is such a warm and caring person :) I hope his predictions come true!" ... written by Bloodmoon
wasn't long enough but spot on" ... written by Amanda
he is a great reader and guide. Does not waste time. Super fast and on point." ... written by Tamara100
interesting" ... written by David
Short, straight and kind" ... written by Tamara100
wonderful" ... written by arnetta
Got my Christmas message " ... written by Melissa
Would recommend him. He's a good psychic. " ... written by *****
informative and well worth chatting" ... written by Wayne
DR Wayne is just Amazing! Such a nice person and he tells you the truth! THANK YOU! You are thee BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
What a treasure Wayne is and im so glad I have taken his advice to give life and love a go. Its working out beautifully like he predicted." ... written by cs
Short but trustful as always" ... written by Tamara100
Very quick to connect, very accurate with past issues andamp; therefore I am expecting the predictions to come true too. Excellent reading, highly, highly recommend, thank you so much Wayne. I will sleep a bit easier tonight." ... written by Gayle
The best, on point, and truly gifted! Gift yourself with a private reading. You won't be sorry." ... written by Marsha
Absolutely the best Oranum has to offer, hands down :)" ... written by Marsha
Amazing! picked up on why i called straight away but also basically told me about the rest of my life too. Totally spot on and got names of people that he could not have possibly known. Only time will tell if predictions come true. Thank you x" ... written by Karon
quick, direct and to the point. we will see how the predictions unfold :)" ... written by wewillsee
He is AMAZING AS ALWAYS! waiting TO SEE THINGS HAPPEN!" ... written by kat620
He was very acurate and quick. He knew me straight away. " ... written by Purple
What a treasure I have found in Psychic Wayne.." ... written by cs
third reading with him. most of what he has said has loosely come true; though still too soon to say. " ... written by abyss
Thanks Wayne for the reading I appreciate it!!!" ... written by beta
clear - concise and accurate - fast, thank you " ... written by monalisa
New years wishes for both to come through. Love you lots xoxo my brother from another mother lol" ... written by melissa
hi " ... written by serge
We'll see if Wayne's predictions come true. I'll be back to check on the predictions! Wayne will have real talk with you and will not hold back. " ... written by Treehinko
very good would like to see again :)" ... written by Kira
AMAZING. " ... written by Sheena L.
I was picked for Wayne's demo and what he said in there was so accurate I just had to go private. Gave a lot of predictions, which if come to pass I will be the happiest girl in the world. Thank you Wayne, I will return x" ... written by Mshelli
He was able to give me a physical attritube to the person I was asking a questions about!" ... written by Ashley
good chat with uncle Wayne" ... written by David
thankyou very much......." ... written by Nadz....
Fast, insightful and very detailed reading. I have had readings with PsychicWayne for over a year now and have been seeing a lot of what he predicted to come to pass as he saw it would. Hopefully, what he saw for me in this reading will have a positive outcome for me. Thank you PsychicWayne" ... written by StarshineJ
Memorizing details" ... written by W
**********************************************" ... written by Karen Mostert
TOTALLY AMAZING...I WISH YOU WERE IN CAPE TOWN..." ... written by Karen Mostert
He is real, I can gaurantee you he is the only one so far impressed me. " ... written by Farnaz
In one word he is AMAZING, he saw everything in my life, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!he is amazing " ... written by Farnaz
Really amazing readings!" ... written by E
great reading always " ... written by abyss
fast, will find out about accuracy" ... written by wewillsee
great chat with Uncle Wayne" ... written by David
WOW first ever reading and wow so much information in such a short time! :) real quick connection! Waiting for all of his predictions to pass :) thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
Thank you for the reading. Very straightforward and no wasting time. Will have to wait for predictions" ... written by moon
excellent........." ... written by ed
wonderful reading" ... written by Sheena
quick connection with little time and still very helpful, thanks for the info" ... written by Kevin
Wayne is simply the best voice of insight and inspiration. Thank you Wayne for opening my eyes to so much!" ... written by beathive
mini crisis averted thanks to wayne. " ... written by abyss
Wayne is a 5 star reader is accurate and precise on his readings. would highly recommend him for a reading worth the time and money. Thanks for the reading Wayne." ... written by Patricia
person is great 5 stars perfect reading. didnt tell him nothing spot on" ... written by garet
Excellent reading. He is a 5star reader." ... written by Neh
Very good reading. straight to the point. - No tools needed." ... written by Kayla
He is the one who gives me the positive answers and then it comes true. I get surprised but all his words finds their way in future. and he gives so much power and positiveness. Thank you Dr. Wayne" ... written by Tamara100
Excellent. He has made me come to grips with things and revealed my faults in the situation. Has been very helpful to me." ... written by barretcb
omg, spot on!!! i didn't have to say a word, completely astounded. thank you so much." ... written by illustrious lamb
my number one go to, for guidance. highly recommend :)" ... written by illustrious lamb
VERYYY interesting reader. Wish we could be in person. Have a feeling it would be even more intense and that he is on the pulse. I think he really does channel people- let's see what happens next. I will be back again to talk to Wayne." ... written by Skyreader
Wayne is a 5 star reader. very up front and precise and accurate. I highly recommend him for a reading well worth the time and Money. Thanks for the reading Wayne" ... written by Patricia
Quick connection, good reading, Thank you..." ... written by Valentina
interesting reading from Wayne, I am always interested in what he has to say in our chats. will be back" ... written by David
most powerful session i ever had. thank you " ... written by Maria
Great reading! recommend!" ... written by Lise
very interesting chat, will wait to see what unfolds" ... written by David
Excellent reading, picked up on my situation perfectly. recommend definitely!!!" ... written by Love8
he knew so much about me :)" ... written by aijioj
not sure" ... written by Nicole
He is always AMAZING! W e will see what happens! I will follow up next week. thank you always! YOUR THE BEST!" ... written by kat620
he knew a lot about me and seemed very positive. I will recommend him and will certainly come back again" ... written by camelialilac
thank you always! you always tell the truth! your are AMAZING!" ... written by kat620
Helpful as always... Thank you Wayne." ... written by Danyel
thanks again! YOUR AMAZING! AS ALWAYS" ... written by kat620
Uncle Wayne delivers news fast and I hope latest is accurate" ... written by David
great phychic and a good friend." ... written by happy hunky
always has words to comfort and is very sure about what he's saying. so far, a few things have come true. " ... written by abyss
He knew things he couldn't have known" ... written by monalisa
very good thankyou..... will come back with updates" ... written by Nadz
Very detailed - lots of info" ... written by monalisa
he was great for the 1st time reading he knew who this person was and described them" ... written by stacey
We shall see what will happen next ....I can't comment if the reading was truthfull....will come back here and confirm..." ... written by Renata
Excellent - just time goes too quick...:)" ... written by Tracey
He is the only one who gives me hope" ... written by Tamara100
excellent" ... written by g
thanks again :) cant wait to find out" ... written by stephany
Thank u!" ... written by Adis
awsome interesting read .." ... written by DAVYBOII
Wayne is always amazing. Great person. Loving and caring. Always grateful for him and his gift. Will guide you through the hard times and be there with you to celebrate life. A true friend who is honest with you. xoxxo your friend Melissa " ... written by melissa
thanks again :)" ... written by stephany
thank you" ... written by sagesoflight
Thanks for the reading Wayne . " ... written by Patricia
Amazing... reading... completely spot on and accurate. Well worth it to go see him. " ... written by Lesia
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader. Very accurate with predictions and know situation before hand. I recommend him Highly. Worth every penny and time well spent. " ... written by Patrica
PsychicWayne was really on target with who I was and what I struggled with. All things I needed to hear and gave me direction and guidance to move forward with a little help from a guide. Thanks so much for your insight! " ... written by Vikki
Interesting forecast and i hope it will come true" ... written by Tamara100
What can I say about my friend Wayne honest fun go see him it is always worth it. xoxox" ... written by melissa
Very good and interesting. Will come back. Thanks" ... written by Jess
What a treasure i have found in Wayne. " ... written by cs
So he was right on the money! " ... written by El
I am spellbound on how quickly he can pick things up and speechless on how he presented the truth. I will hope to see him again in April if finance allow me." ... written by littlebudy1
Wayne was just awesome! He connected to my Dad and I didn't even come to talk to my Dad. I look forward to seeing what happens soon. Thanks and I'll come back for sure! " ... written by Amy
thanks for everything " ... written by stephany888
awsome read" ... written by davyboii
Great reading I really hope that Waynes prediction will come true " ... written by Kell
Sounds very accurate! It was a great reading. No wonder his fee is so high. Now I'm hoping my wish come true as he predicted and I think he is right! many Thanks, Wayne!" ... written by Dignity
quick and easy connection right to the point and direct. Great detail!" ... written by pink
He answered my questions pretty fast. " ... written by LS
Very truthful and helpful thank you" ... written by Ny
he is very good " ... written by krshnagopi
Five stars! Thank you!" ... written by nyssens716
Thank you" ... written by Ny
I can honestly say he is awesome... he has answers (which are spot on) but you have to ask the questions. He is accurate and fast ... also very logical so your not hearing fairytales and your getting reasoning. I can't wait for his predictions to come true. He tells it how it is and you have to be strong enough to accept it lol but totally worth it. " ... written by lisa
Im not sure what to think, I feel he did connect but it is confusing. My situation is just confusing. I am not sure. I will let you know what happens. " ... written by Flower
Wayne is a very accurate psychic and is well worth your time and money. Thank you Wayne" ... written by *****
Awesome, first time on Oranum. Got exactly what I needed to move forward!! " ... written by Whitney
Waiting on his timelines to pass but he is very fast and accurate... he tells it how it is and doesn't sugar-coat the truth. It's kinda amazing to me the details I get in that short time, but your question have be ready because time goes so fast. lol " ... written by lisa
Very great reading and support. I'm looking forward to see everything come true." ... written by Kell
interesting chat " ... written by David
Im not sure what to think if this is true or not I'm confused but if its true it ends up well. Ahh overwhelmed. " ... written by Flower
Thanks" ... written by NY
fast reader!" ... written by Miss jk21
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader one of the best if not the best. Right on with his predictions and readings. I recommend him highly. Worth your time and money." ... written by Patricia
Waiting to see what passed. He said something in my last reading which I didn't believe and now I feel he is right. Very accurate. " ... written by LS
The BEST on here!! #1" ... written by vvd450
Great reading!" ... written by Lisa
Very fast and too point....don't miss a chance with him he is great....and to the point will not waste your time....ty wayne" ... written by Teresa
Wayne, you are amazing!" ... written by Jade8233
Thanks for the reading Wayne. you are a 5 star reader always pricise and to the point. I recommend you highly, You are with the time and money." ... written by Patricia
Great reading.... loved the advise. I look forward to his predictions. " ... written by Alisa
Excited and hoping his prediction comes true! Amazing as always - 5 stars" ... written by Kristal
Completely awesome... " ... written by Alisa
he is very accurate , and and understanding" ... written by bhawna
He connects so fast. I highly recommend him." ... written by RAM
good chat with uncle Wayne" ... written by david
Another great reading by Wayne. I'm glad that I let you into my life. " ... written by Kell
amazing" ... written by candy
thank you Wayne for you help ! :)" ... written by amoravida
He is my favorite on this site. Thank you Dr. Wayne for thinking about me " ... written by Tamara100
An excellent reading! I'm impressed with his customer service." ... written by Dignity
excellent reeading very insightful" ... written by mark walsh
nice reading! thank you as always!" ... written by kat620
waynes my buddy. lot of his pridictions came true and I was amazed by his strength of comfort." ... written by des
Looking forward to the predictions... thanks for the talk!" ... written by Star
immediate and concise! thank you" ... written by marga
Thanks you" ... written by Allison
Thanksk" ... written by Ny
he was good" ... written by Emily
Wayne was very kind and gentle with me, very sweet. We discussed only issues that I wanted to, and that was fine with him. He gave me great council and advice on my current situation, and was able to see it very clearly without me having to tell him what was going on. Which was a relief because it was a really long story and I didn't want to have to tell it again, lol!!!! He sent me healing as well which is always wonderful and welcome. Thank you Wayne for a lovely reading!!!" ... written by Angelwingz
Thank you for the kind words and support." ... written by mb
great, calming and uplifting." ... written by Cynthia
Once again, Thank you" ... written by bearthoven
Thank you for your reading" ... written by bearthoven
Thank you" ... written by Allison
Wonderful" ... written by Allison
super fast !!! I hope he is accurate also..." ... written by s
Great reading even I have heard everything before." ... written by Kell
Wayne is a 5 star reader. Excellent in his reading and predictions. recommend him Highly worth your time and money. Than you for the reading Wayne will have the brakes checked. XOXO" ... written by Patricia
very good" ... written by nanou
The best." ... written by Jake Hobbs
fast reader, waiting for it to come true" ... written by bharti mahani
Thank you very much" ... written by NY
GReat! gives you som cuh in so ,little time!" ... written by L
Thank you very much" ... written by NY
Great!" ... written by Dest
very quick answers...meshed with reading some months ago." ... written by Hope
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
He is really good and he guides you to the right direction :) " ... written by Farnaz
Best." ... written by Jake Hobbs
YOU ARE AWEOME!! :-)" ... written by Hilda
Accurate and insightful as always. Thank you Wayne :)" ... written by Danyel
Gives so mcuh shocking detials1 thank you waiting for all to come true" ... written by L
Thanks" ... written by NY
he is nice :)" ... written by r
great!" ... written by kat620
Wayne is the secret sauce here at Oranum. He has helped me become successful and transform my life. I have much gratitude for his insight and sharing his gifts here. Highly recommend a reading with him." ... written by beathive
thank you" ... written by 7
THANK YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by kat620
fast and good reading" ... written by abyss
He picked it up quickly and answered my questions. Looking forward for the predictions." ... written by Cham123
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
Thanks" ... written by NY
THanks" ... written by NY
Thanks" ... written by NY
Thanks very much" ... written by NY
He is greaT! waiting ofr all of it to come true!" ... written by LL
Great reader was very detailed.Very accurate " ... written by frances
The most amazing reading I've had! Unbelievably fast and accurate!" ... written by Ashley
Extremely up lifting session...happy to have found you." ... written by cs
thnaks once agian" ... written by L
Helpful and fast" ... written by Fullmoon
Thank you so much, I am very grateful. " ... written by Martina
Wayne made strong predictions - I hope they come to pass! Gave me time frames. He was quick and to the point. Appreciated his honesty." ... written by Believer
INCREDIBLE !!! No other words can explain! Hoping all comes true ... can't wait for another reading!" ... written by lornalulu
very sure, and very direct. I hope it turned out for the best" ... written by Ying
Love chatting to Wayne; a thoughtful soul!" ... written by Emma
Wayne is super fantastic!!!" ... written by happyhunky
thankyou" ... written by nadz
very direct, fast, I'm very flattered on the time frame he said ;-) i'm looking forward to it." ... written by g
thanks very much" ... written by NY
Thank you! will update you!" ... written by l
Just incredible! very truthful and seems to be right on with everything. 2nd time I've used Wayne and I feel a strong connection. Will come back again! Give him a try!! Wayne, I'll be back to let you know!" ... written by lornalulu
Had an interesting conversation, confusing because he knows what I am thinking. Check him out! " ... written by Richard
enjoy Wayne's readings...waiting for something to happen - then will follow up. Thank you !!!" ... written by lornalulu
omg!!! he is so spot on" ... written by Odelia
i got a shock from from all those readings!!! " ... written by Odelia
he's very good " ... written by jizmind
only time will tell" ... written by Sam
Thank you very much! " ... written by Daniela
Thank you Wayne again you helped guide me through my issues. Many blessings to you xoxo " ... written by Melissa
thank you. " ... written by elinka
pretty helpful " ... written by
Wayne is a really good reader. wow! thank u:)" ... written by lise
Great reading! was what i expected" ... written by shelle97
Back again and trusting Wayne's word in my hell of a situation. Just hope he is right. " ... written by Elinka1
Thank you again Wayne for an amazing ready. xoxoxox" ... written by Melissa
Absolutely helpful insights. Very accurate and precise as usual" ... written by Maneesha27
Oh it was a breather:!! i was feeling choked since yesterday- asking somebody for a tracheostomy.. MR WAYNE - u just pulled me out of trouble, knew exactly what i was going through and gave a sigh of relief-- fresh air:)) just love the way u help people .. RESPECT .. u are awesome:)) THE BEST:))" ... written by braggspeak
was fun " ... written by jb
Nice reading!Hope his predictions come to pass!" ... written by Aurelia
A marvelous opinion on global warming. Psychic has massive answers to real questions. My life will never be the same. Temperature just got colder." ... written by Thierry
Thanks" ... written by Ny
omg... he's very accurate" ... written by tp
First time private read with WAYNE - he is very friendly, jovial,informative,he was clear with the suggestions and it was pretty much on spot .. wow ... thanks for the insight ...he knew exactly what i wanted.... hope all u said falls correctly:)) looking forward 2 the predictions..will come again when have more credits. wow he is great:)) THE BEST:)) RESPECT:))" ... written by braggspeak
Psychic Wayne is a 5 star reader very precise in predictions. Uses his choice in clients to help. He is always there for them with guidance. He is well known has written a book and been on TV and done interviews and discussions. about his abilities. If you want a good reading go to Wayne well worth your time and Money to get a good reading." ... written by Patricia
Thanks Wayne time ran out far too quickly I will return when i get more credits. Thank you!!" ... written by heather
One week will reveal, but i'm confident" ... written by Samiah
Great to talk too!" ... written by 180
wayne makes a fast connection, no wasting time. he can tell me things as i am still asking the question, very quick. thanks for the update, talk soon. :)" ... written by dakota
reading accurate but did not receive an answer to my question!" ... written by Joan
Again so real..:) Hope he is right :)" ... written by susa
great reading" ... written by tim
Thank you Wayne so glad I could show my rainbow with you. Lots of love. Always amazing xox" ... written by melissa
Amazing reader!! He picked up on a LOT! Past, present and future. I look forward to what's to come." ... written by Mimi
Thank so much for not wasting time and being direct. " ... written by mn
Thanks for the reading, the good news and support Wayne! I really look forward to make it come true!" ... written by vikingelf
5 stars...hope his predictions come through soon" ... written by Focusing
pretty amazing!! what more can i say, very straight talking, no frills, very very good read me and my situation perfectly" ... written by nicolette
Absolutely unbelieveable, i cant get over how good he is!!!!! answers everything immediately" ... written by nicky
interesting. very smart. " ... written by all
like having reading with Wayne fast and accurate" ... written by Syndia
As always nice and precise " ... written by Kell
I think Wayne is amazing, I expected to be told bad things but they were good things. I know he is telling the truth because I asked him to name my ex and he got it right! " ... written by Anonymous
he is just so good...wish I could keep talking to him. try him out for the blunt truth" ... written by Julianna
Thank you!!!" ... written by Enge
Quick and very honest" ... written by Lma
my reading was short but accurate, I will come back when i have more credit. " ... written by Dia
that was deep. very honest. straight to the point. so real. I'm overwhelmed with what I was told but I look forward to it" ... written by melissa
Wayne is a 5 star reader. recommend him highly. very precise and accurate in his readings. Thanks Wayne for Reading." ... written by Patricia
always an eye opener reading with him. You will love his readings" ... written by Julianna
love this man his is spot on every time thanks Wayne you have probably saved my job for me. x" ... written by magichealer
very fast and accurate. hope o what he says" ... written by d
<" ... written by susa
Wayne is a 5 star reader. Would highly recommend him for a reading. very precise and accurate in his advice and predictions. worth your time and Money" ... written by Patricia
Thanks for your help reading into my situation, " ... written by David
I was AMAZED at how quickly Wayne picked up on my situation. This was my first reading... no prior info given andamp; he was able to be precise andamp; spot on.... I was really depending on him, as all of his testimonials r awesome, to give me the guidance I needed. I feel relieved as he was very accurate with his reading. He gave me a time frame.. I will be back to give andamp; get update for sure!!!" ... written by Nini52
Great reader and on point!" ... written by Keya H
He is quite prompt in his reading.... gave me a broad perspective of various clarifications that I had... Will come back again" ... written by mahblr
Wayne is good....wait to see what happens! " ... written by Amy
he is a great forward looking reader touching upon the most important things with precision and care. will keep asking for his assistance" ... written by A
Wayne is exceptional... The details are accurate... but not enough time to finish my update today... I look forward to more "on spot" details next update...." ... written by Nini52
WOW! Accurate, thanks" ... written by andie1175
great reader with visionary thinking..." ... written by a
reader is great communicator, very supportive and helpful" ... written by pearl
What a treat!!" ... written by CS
Wow so precise !Amazing stuff" ... written by Christine
let's hope all goes according to reading! Thanks!" ... written by quetzal
on point!" ... written by diveeny
He is too good.. to the point just knows whats happening. Ty wayne" ... written by Betty
thank you so much!!!!! you have been so helpful! " ... written by g
great reading" ... written by Sura
GREAT!" ... written by Ashley
He knew everything. Amen" ... written by Debra DeSanto
Wayne was very fast in answers, he made predictions with confidence and I hope it all happens, so a meeting soon this month and big one in September, will come back to testify it all happened. Thank you" ... written by A
time ran out so fast lol wish he was cheaper....thanks for the fast typing tho :) Oh and he called my recent Ex a D**K so 5 freakin stars for Wayne!" ... written by sin
WOW!! He is GOOD! He knew exactly what I came in for w/o me saying/typing anything and picked up right away what was going on. I will take his advice and wait and give it time. Thank you for putting my mind AND heart at ease!" ... written by Adriane
i hope he is right. will find out soon. thank you for easing my mind Wayne. " ... written by all
he is brilliant. can anticipate things more than any other thank you!" ... written by A
Wonderful advice as always" ... written by Tamara100
awesome guy" ... written by sur
thanks for the reading " ... written by karma
thank you!" ... written by vasuhome
great" ... written by 180
he truly provides inspiration and firm beliefs. I trust him and he provides strength to trust myself" ... written by a
He picked up quickly on my passed husband! I was totally shocked. He described him to a tee. Very good and accurate reading." ... written by Jane
thank you!! very kind we'll see if predictions come to pass. thanks again." ... written by vine
Wish you would use your mic Wayne..but thanks for the fast reading!" ... written by bubbles
Amazingly accurate reading loved it " ... written by Nancy Sharp
thank you wayne" ... written by all
Wayne was excellent!! Just a quick reading unfortunately but my word he answered a lot. Thank you Wayne :-) " ... written by Heather
Wow, amazing. Knew everything, did not make a mistake on anything. Knew everything about me." ... written by Maria
Great support and reading " ... written by Kell
thank you wayne. i sure hope that you are right. " ... written by all
i love his reading they keep me a postive mind and he is always helpfull " ... written by monica
unique in minding up the future" ... written by a
he was quick to connect and gave quick answers" ... written by Q
amazing " ... written by hm
Hope Wayne is right. I did not expect it, but I got some hope :)" ... written by Engje
he is unique and foretells the future" ... written by A
Thanks Wayne. I hope everything goes the way you say. Many thanks. xx" ... written by Roselay
God bless this person" ... written by A
Loved him - very funny - straight to the point. I hope his predictions come true. x" ... written by Yasmeen
Love his readings. always very very fast, but great. " ... written by June
Love his readings. Very reassuring and truthful. Down to the point. No waste of time. Gives hope. I will be back to update whether it has all come true. " ... written by Yas
Great as always " ... written by Kell
i love his reading hopefully he is right about his reading cant wit to see " ... written by monica
Great reading as usual! tunes in very fast and gives you timelines. Must read wuth Wayne" ... written by JM
love his reading nice guy and a good friend " ... written by monica
wayne predicted contact next week and big changes in August." ... written by A
He is unique. How he does... it is his own secret :-)" ... written by alex
Thanks Wayne. I am afraid he is going to be banned seeing and talking to me forever. If the court continues. That is what I was told this week." ... written by Roselay
Awesome reading... loved it. Can't wait for more to come. " ... written by Cookie
OMG, I can't even explain how amazing he is. We have been talking for couple weeks and is helping like you can imagine. He super accurate on everything. Knows everything about me. " ... written by Maria
he is unique and great in all his readings" ... written by a
Wayne has been such a great support during hard times and has always been telling me the same thing! He is very consistent and even during the most confusing times he is very reassuring. This definitely gives me a feeling that his prophecies will come true! People don't waste your time and hestitate to read with Wayne. He has good spiritual connections and his own folks who have moved to the other side are helping him channel and provide the readings. He connects fast, types very quickly so that you don't waste money." ... written by JJ
Absolutely love Wayne! " ... written by Jade8233
Straight to the point ... cant wait to see what happens :)" ... written by bluetippi2
Had to go back in again. Wayne truly makes me happy." ... written by Jade8233
Love, Love Love Wayne!" ... written by Jade8233
OMG! Wayne connected with my Grandma." ... written by Jade8233
Amazingly accurate! He is damn good." ... written by ash
Speachless, I keep coming back all on the time." ... written by Maria
He is amazingly accurate and so hepful. I never thought he would help like this and i aprreciate everything so much that words cant express" ... written by ashy
he is a very rigorous reader. and insightful with a clear vision for the future. I trust him." ... written by A
the best " ... written by jen
by far the best reading ever wish i could type faster !!!!!!! wayne !!" ... written by jen
he truly provides insight and clear pathways for future" ... written by alex
Wayne is ace! xxxx" ... written by Jade8233
things are always put in the right perspective and foresight. I truly trust his readings" ... written by alex
Awesome. In a week will see if it happens. Excited. " ... written by S
thank you Wayne for the best reading and guidance which I need look forward to reading with you soon. you fabulous reader and worth every cent I spent here god bless " ... written by arthur
<" ... written by susa
thank you as always! great updates!!" ... written by JJ
Quick to connect. I hope he is right." ... written by V
love speaking to him. straight to the point no waste of time. hope his predictions come true" ... written by yass
I LOVE HIS READING " ... written by MONICA
Wayne you are amazing!" ... written by Jade8233
thanks so much as always!!" ... written by bubbles
Wayne thank you for the amazing connection." ... written by Jade8233
wonderful and so honest and compassionate." ... written by cat
Awesome connection as always" ... written by div
thank you good insight" ... written by younggirl11
Great reading, picked up on what has happened in my life. worth 5 stars" ... written by Shae
Great reading and support " ... written by Kell
Brilliant" ... written by someone
even though I didn't get much time What he told me is very interesting and I look forward to see if it comes true. will let you know" ... written by joispoi
Great reading. Time ticks down far too fast. Hopefully it comes true!" ... written by Kylie
excellent Wayne for helping me find the balance and answers I need " ... written by arthur
compassionate, accurate and well worth it. what a blessing" ... written by cat
Thank you again." ... written by grateful
thank you for your reading . Straight to the point." ... written by grateful
Absolutely amazing" ... written by Maria
JUST AMAZING!!!!" ... written by Maria
To be honest, the psychic did not tell me anything I did not already know. He is accurate." ... written by marym62
Always great :)" ... written by susa
PsychicWayne was able to help me regain focus on what is important in finding my way to healing." ... written by -T
amazing his predictions come to be holy cow you must trust in his visions" ... written by cat
it is creepy how accurate he is knowing stuff :-) but reassuring definitely ,thanks Wayne" ... written by grateful
Thank you so much for making me feel better today:) u rock:)" ... written by angl00777
I ran out of minutes =( Time went by too fast. He was so fast to connect and I really wish I could have afforded a longer time period with him. I only had a minute, maybe a little more, but he was fast, accurate, and very nice. When I can afford more minutes, I will absolutely consult him again!" ... written by January
What a lovely, genuine person!" ... written by POP1983
thank you so I am prengnt xxxxxx" ... written by mrgaret simpson
Well he knew all my inner problems and gave good advise I feel very grateful than you." ... written by very good thank you
you where really good about his ex wife and other things lol " ... written by margaret simpson
Very good!" ... written by meg
kind, to the point and extremely accurate. a must my friends a must" ... written by cat
Without a doubt Wayne is the fastest, most accurate, highest quality and most gifted reader I have ever met." ... written by beahive
spot on! i didnt have to say a word" ... written by necee
Thank you for your honesty, eventhough one of the answers is not the one I expected. He also helps me a lot, makes me more confidence in my decision" ... written by Delia
Time ran short. But will be back " ... written by mo
Fast connection, fast typer (faster than me!). Hope the predictions happen! Thanx Wayne!" ... written by Michelle
thank you so very much" ... written by yellowbear777
Thank you." ... written by Roselay
just speechless at the accuracy incredible gift" ... written by cat
He was very fast and very intune. Types fast too!!!! Awesome reading!" ... written by loveam
HE is intuitive and on point. I really like him bcus he doesn't sugarcoat anything. She really feels you and connects with you." ... written by MI
thank s for your help today" ... written by YELLOWBEAR
Really fast and accurate. It's like he's reading off a book. He's so friendly and amazing!!!!!" ... written by Chiara
thank you so much for being kind and for getting me to understand" ... written by YELLOWBEAR
Last August he gave the name and birthday of my ex to a friend. I never had a reading with him previously. When I finally had the reading with him, he gave me the name and birthday. One prediction has come to pass. I'm impatient for the others and critical since he's so expensive" ... written by Cal
Thank you my friend as always, even when I am xoxox" ... written by Melissa
Thank you. I know you understand how I feel." ... written by Roselay
Had to go back for more! So amazingly accurate!" ... written by Ashley
Amazing and accurate as usual!" ... written by Ashley
My first reading with Wayne was in Feb 2016 where I was in a heart-broken state. He has assured me that I will reunite with my ex before the year ends. And I will be in contact with him in July and the communication will positively move forward. He was right. Thank you." ... written by littlebudy1
AMAZING READING AS USUAL - HOPING IT COMES TRUE (: " ... written by Katrina Howson
Time will tell how good wayne is. Hope the predictions will come by. He surely gave me hope. Thank you" ... written by Love
Very good connection!" ... written by Michelle
GOD BLESS YOU." ... written by ROSELAY
I didn't have to spend a lot of time talking with PsychicWayne before I started to feel more positive about my life. I was skeptical about him at first but I now feel he can be a positive influence on myself and others." ... written by -T
Wow, totally connected, ran out of money, this guy is the best !!!!!!! I will make it a point to come back. I'm so very proud to have had the time to speak with you! Bless you and thanks for the best reading I have ever had!!!!!" ... written by nistalgia
thank you.... :))" ... written by braggspeak
thank you f... :)) it just has eased my confusion :) xoxo" ... written by braggspeak
Nice guy, waiting for the outcome, will keep you posted. " ... written by Liz
Amazing! Amazing! thank you" ... written by crystal
He is so fast, you need not tell him anything..." ... written by Chiara
Thank you Wayne. I feel so drained with all these. " ... written by Roselay
great reading" ... written by James
Very good :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
great" ... written by 180
He is so quick and accurate! He's really good at this. Well done Wayne! Thanks!!!!!" ... written by chiara
thanks heaps" ... written by DOVE
DEAD ON!!! YOU" ... written by Liz
i didnt have enough time to figure out everything i wanted to but for the 2 minutes i was able to chat with him it was accurate really accurate actually " ... written by shane
Wow! Straight to the point, nailed it. Doesn't sugar coat which is what I needed to hear, and provides comprehensive picture and information. Great reading :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
He was great and eased a lot things that stressed me. But my credit went quick." ... written by Jayne
Very strong and accurate to the point!" ... written by Nikolaos
Great man...he reads you like a book and is very quick!" ... written by Chiara
Thank you. " ... written by Roselay
i will come back when i have more credit sorry" ... written by rubabe
He helped me so much and I greatly appreciate it!" ... written by Anastasia
Expensive but worth it " ... written by Anastasia
He knew my situation! thank you for your help" ... written by Anastasia
Trust him he will always be there for you and sometimes you too can be there for him. As we all need each other to guide us through this beautiful universe." ... written by melissa
Excellent" ... written by Petro Keane
It was nice to see you back. I thank you for being truthful with me. God bless you my friend. " ... written by Roselay
Thank you. Bless you. x" ... written by Roselay
connects quick " ... written by mz
I shall be back tomorrow. Thanks. " ... written by Roselay
Love him, He is the best! extremely acurate" ... written by MI
It was short and sweet. I will wait for his predictions to come to pass. Other than that, it was really positive. Thank you, Wayne. Take care!" ... written by Breanna
wayne is the most amazing healer and reader. I highly recommend him to help catalyze positive change and impact in your life!" ... written by beathive
Absolutely superb!!" ... written by Janet
He's one of the best ever. Is a seer." ... written by joan
Top of the TOP" ... written by Nikolaos
told me all was going to be ok .......and nothing to worry about " ... written by joseph
He's an awesome guy, I really hope his reading ends up being right , cause its what i want most of all" ... written by Neil
Wayne very fast and to the point! I highly recommend him" ... written by Nikolaos
Amazing a great phychic and a true friend!" ... written by Nikolaos
very quick reading with answers" ... written by kundra
direct, fast, funny, smart...simply the best!!!!!!" ... written by C
For the first time, I felt as if the reading was worth the money. He was very connected to my life. A lovely reading. " ... written by Amma
Wayne is the best will always be honest with you. Trust him and have faith in the future. Love you Wayne my brother in spirt" ... written by melissa
Fingers crossed. Thank you for the chat today." ... written by H
he was awesome you should try him the truth honest reliable in right on point.....he knew mi life!!!! try him first u want go wrong....:) all smiles about my reading" ... written by samantha8
Good laugh, thanks Wayne. Try him... he may just be as good as he says he is... lol. Was accurate though so would recommend." ... written by silverdllr
brill yet again xxxxxxxxx" ... written by hazelhazel
He was very intuitive, he knew exactly everything I was thinking, prob by far one of the most accurate readings I feel like I have had, he had a sense of humor and liked to talk about all kinds of things, side things, BUT he was very accurate, even gave me names! I am so grateful:) now I can go to sleep! happy sleep! " ... written by blueberrypigs
Just had an Amazing reading with Wayne and he told me my wifes name was susan, that was omg moment, can't wait for time to pass and wat he told me to come to pass knowing that my wife will be back and she still loves me .. Highly Reccomend You have a reading with this wonderful man..xx" ... written by shaun100
He picked up on many things...told names ...he's awesome ! Try him Guys." ... written by SAPNASHARMA100
Great reading!" ... written by bluebutterfly
As promised, I was back! Very very good psychic." ... written by justinsensei
Wayne is quite experienced and connected very well to some passed over relatives." ... written by justinsensei
omg this man is smack on im flabergasted !!!!" ... written by hazelhazel