About PsychicAgate

Psychic PsychicAgatehas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicAgatehas recently helped 27members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicAgate's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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The world most complicated phenomena is reading human and their life but i am gifted to read fate .I am an instinctive in vision Powers , numerology, tarot card reader and expert in spirituality. I will tell you the accurate readings about your love life, your family matters, and your financial matters. Come and see the accuracy and quality of prediction, " Vital prediction that comes true".

He's great, I love his readings! sadly i keep losing connection but he answered all my questions. god bless you" ... written by think
very accurate!!!! My best reading so far!!!" ... written by Naadira
fast answer and frame. will keep update" ... written by canada
He has a calm manner about him and just gives the requested info. Some clear timelines were given - he speaks clear English. I would go to him again." ... written by f
Very good reading." ... written by Michel
He is very good" ... written by amit singh verma
He helped me to deal with my negative energy. I could feel his healing in distant. Must recommend him :)" ... written by baringa
He is truly amazing...really really good! thanku" ... written by think
calm and writes a clear cut response to the query after connecting" ... written by f
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I appreciate all of this. thank you" ... written by MMarmalade
Amazing!" ... written by amrita
I am very sensitive towards energys and this have always been my problem. I am an empath, and take in so much negativity. PsychicAgate have helped me several times to remove the negativity I get from my surroundings, and also prtects me with his positive energy! He has really been a blessing for me :) " ... written by baringa
my go to - really worth pvt" ... written by f
really awesome" ... written by f
i am a customer nothing more" ... written by MMarmalade
very good reading thank you heaps" ... written by gus
is a good reader, will check back again" ... written by fra
Wonderful reading and has predicted a date for financial benefit. will keep in mind and watch over it. great reading and very humble" ... written by ijames
thank you good reading " ... written by linda
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
He was very in tune with my situation and gave me great insight. Thank You for a great connection." ... written by mc
I think he made some good predictions, time will tell." ... written by SP
Thank you! again :)" ... written by f
I consult regularly because so far so true!" ... written by f
great as usual! Thanks" ... written by f
i had one question. and he gave me awesome clarity about it. He is very good. I will come back to him. his very good. thanks" ... written by matt
Thanks again for your advice :)" ... written by f
he was kind , got into my current situation and guided me well. looking forward for his prediction to come true I will definitely review again. Was kinda upset but thanks to him as i feel positive vibes now." ... written by oth
Very kind and gentle human being, here to help others. Connected easily with me and accurate. Thank you !" ... written by Bobbin
Thanks a lot :) Private was very useful, thank you!" ... written by f
he knows what hes doing god bless you!" ... written by colleen
Fabulous reader connetion very well I must say a great reader here 100 stars . !!!" ... written by sandra-xo
Thanks as always! Always a pleasure and straightforward reading with information given quickly as asked. No fake stuff here. Definitely worth going private!" ... written by f
Very accurate reading with future predictions. Professional and fast. Should not be missed." ... written by Kathy
always great, a friendly yet true seer" ... written by f
fantastic, great to do pvt with!" ... written by f
Absolutely brilliant, mind blowing reading, I cant believe how spot on PsychicAgate was with only minimum of information. I would recommend to all... 5 stars from me. I will be back :)" ... written by Z
thank you as soon as i get more funds I will call you" ... written by angela
i know what path is right for me now thanks to this guy. sooo happy." ... written by matt
My new favourite reader. Amazing. " ... written by AK
he's a good ready very quick and makes fast accurate connection " ... written by cindy
always great! thanks for update in pvt." ... written by f
amazing reading so indepth" ... written by sunita700
grest reader " ... written by cindy
amazing reading, so fast, full of information and great insight into the future, love the positivity, can't wait for the next reading and predictions to come true.... so much excitement" ... written by SamSam
Hi Psychic Agate, Thank you your reading is fast and good," ... written by Angela
Wonderful Read, Thank you for your accuracy." ... written by Angela
Thank you so much! amazing reading as usuall your always on point and give me alot of clarity and guidance. " ... written by blue
Excellent reader as usual..provides details as any other psychic can do..the best in oranum. thank u" ... written by CM
Thank you for a great reading" ... written by talebini
He is very quick fast and kind. he knows things way further than anyone truely gifted and i would recommend him brilliant" ... written by jr
Time will tell but I did connect with him " ... written by Irina
One of his prediction came true in the exact month he gave. I am impressed. highly recommend!" ... written by rose
thank you" ... written by angela
Always comforting speaking to Psychiagate, he is right on the money, very helpful and connects accurately." ... written by Z
Excellent reader and very compassionate" ... written by CM
Very accurate! Really enjoyed him immensely! We covered alot of tihngs. Very detailed. Efficeint and thourough. Im excited for whats coming and he gave me good counsel and advice along the way. I will be back! THankyou again and God bles you!" ... written by L
he was good" ... written by francis
Wonderful as usual" ... written by angela
great reading very helpful, thankyou !" ... written by kelly
as always, a great adviser!! Thanks, always worth to go private!" ... written by f
Very Good Read" ... written by angela
Agate gave me an AWESOME reading!! He is truly blessed to see things in my life that he would not know normally!! He touched on MANY things in my life that are true!! I would give him 10 stars!! I will return to him. " ... written by Beverly
Your insight is great, quick and to the point." ... written by angela
Can always give the necessary insights. Thanks Agate!" ... written by frag
Very easy to communicate with him. He connected quickly with my past feelings and emotional life. Hope for my future and new relationship..." ... written by Kathy
Real gentle nature and I felt a lot of warmth when giving me his insight. I will speak with him again for sure." ... written by Filomena
amazing reading with a ton of detail - I look forward to coming back with an update very soon.. thank you " ... written by S
Thank you for the long chat today it was very helpful" ... written by paula
great reading..!!!!! Guides so well.. Has made a few predictions and truly understood my situation.. He deserves all the 5 stars.! He has a positive vibe that instantly cheers you up.. seems to calm and content even if you ask him 1000 questions.. His writing spead is fast too. Thank you thank you thank you" ... written by think blue
Good. He has a beautiful voice if you are lucky to hear him speak. He is pure!" ... written by Tony Alexander
Your the Best! Never fails to guide me right!" ... written by Angela
always a straightforward reading in pvt with agate! no time wastage, straight info :)" ... written by frag
very detailed reading today thank you again always right " ... written by sunita700
Great personality, he's fast and straight to the point. He was very truthful, told me something I did not want to hear but I knew that's what I needed. I'll definitely come back and highly recommend him. He's accurate" ... written by bibi123
Really great readings; he doesn't need a lot of information, he can picks up on what's going on and gives helpful advice, I have a clearer outlook and ideas on what I can do about what's been bothering me." ... written by expert love
his predictions have been happened with the specific time frame he gave. he provides a quick, accurate and detailed readings. Highly recommend!" ... written by sunny
he is very connected and straight to the point. He told me many facts on my work that are so true (many people do not know about this and I am so glad he could see that). I am looking forward to the career and love life predictions to come true. I strongly recommend him" ... written by bibi123
he provided very detailed and accurate readings on whoever is related to you, your situations. very professional and patient too. Highly recommend him!" ... written by rose
Agate, your very detailed and accurate" ... written by Paula
Thank you Agate, times are tough right now" ... written by paula
very powerful and accurate. patient and detailed. wonderful experience and definitely recommended" ... written by katty
10000 stars for him" ... written by sam
thankyou agate I hope all comes true thankyou" ... written by m
Thank you you are truly gifted!!!" ... written by christina
Psychic Agate is EXCELLENT! He shared so much about my situation without me saying a word. There are things he knew that I didn't think anyone would know. You will find him very accurate and delivers with uncanny clarity." ... written by Sona
Agate read the issues and problems without asking any questions. He was spot on with his reading. He knew what the situation was with the other person which the other person had already told me. I can't wait for his predictions to happen! Thank you so much!" ... written by Moonchild59
Very understanding, to the point. Insightful ...very powerful..." ... written by Helen848
He was very, very, very, very good!!! He will be one of ORANUMS top psychics soon!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
very detailed reading. seems to connect well. will see if predictions happen. Thank you and God Bless you" ... written by l
I really enjoyed my Reading from psychic agate! He was very quick to respond, accurate, blunt but in a soft way. I really really really liked my reading from him! He had some predictions for me so I will keep them in mind and do as he says to help get myself together better and more readily. People must get a reading from him! He is really amazing!" ... written by Lynn
Thanks again" ... written by paula
He is extremely precise, accurate and very attentive to his connection with the Divine and in sharing with you exactly what you are needing to hear! I strongly STRONGLY recommend him. He also just types and doesn't speak, which I feel is a PLUS! It keeps the reading clean. A+++++++++++++++++" ... written by MaaJi
Another great private session, thank you very much for your talent. He is very fast, and does not go around the bush. I'll certainly come back again. Cannot wait to review on my meeting tomorrow" ... written by bibi123
always so kind and ever so confident. He always puts me at ease and reassures me of everything. He is very spot on about a lot of things. A very gifted man! Thank you so much" ... written by thinkblue
very good detailed readings!" ... written by sunny
Thank you for your support in all of this" ... written by paulete
amazing reading Thank you for your insights always 100 stars" ... written by thinkblue
thank you for a promising reading. timeframes really bug me. Mid next year. we see. Thank u for being suportive" ... written by Jazzy
Amazing!!! Great!!! So accurate!!!!" ... written by Alexis
He is so accurate and gives guidance in my situation! He is extremely right on in what he sees in the past and presents the present and future in a way that makes total sense! He has my full endorsement and I use him solely. He is a blessing in my and my mother's lives." ... written by Sona
he is good and can connect quickly. i get a good, pure feeling from him." ... written by wren1414
Great update, detailed - Agate is always worth a pvt." ... written by f
thank youu for the accurate reading" ... written by nab
I have never had a reading so correct before.Thank you for the help and advice .I will be sure to do as I was asked and keep in mind what you told me .This has been so wonderful.I will do this again with you. Untill then love and light to you ...i'm so grateful" ... written by georgialh
nice and warm person! can't wait for his words to come true! thank you" ... written by simsa
Agate Thank you so much you have saved my life" ... written by Paula
Thank you Agate, your warnings and updates are excellent" ... written by Paula
connected well...predictions with time frames" ... written by someone
He is offers so much without ever talking. He connects with you in a beautiful way. He is right on in his observations with no input from you. And guides you in ways that are pure, straight to the point and factual. He is an A+++++ ... I am a regular client of his. I use no other psychic here ... just him." ... written by Sona
Physic Agage has given me hope and strength from his readings. I am looking forward for his predictions to come true. He has given me dates and time and I certainly looking for same. He is very fast in picking up ur energy. Try him you will he happy" ... written by omah lall
He's amazing!!!! He's amazing!!!!" ... written by Alexis
good reading, fast answers, honest insight" ... written by Amazing Reader
He is honest and accurate psychic. Highly recommend!" ... written by sunny
A super natural! Agate connects right away, fast typing and everything he says is as others have also mentioned. All is in alignment. Thank you and many blessings to you Agate!" ... written by synnove23
always good for pvt update!!" ... written by fv
he is the most accurate psychic ever.. i am now his regular client." ... written by kaniz
his a really good psychic, really helpful. will definately come back to him in the future." ... written by matt
very good psychic and very fast. worth every penny!" ... written by jas
PsychicAgate answered all my questions. Feeling good now. Most importantly he didn't repeat same answers or beat around the bush. That saved my time. I would highly recommend him to all." ... written by JR
best guidance " ... written by alec
will see what happens gave me a great demo good reader " ... written by nancy
he is very accurate as always" ... written by nabeela
good advise nothing I can do about it will keep up to date" ... written by Callie44
very good reader 1000000 stars for him no tools he will give you so much insight" ... written by sam
good update" ... written by someone
He is amazing and he sees things so clearly. I recommend him the highest marks! I regularly use him and wouldn't dream of going to anyone else - HE IS THAT GOOD!!! He is a blessing to me and my family. My mother refers to him as well. It's a family affair with us and we consider him dear to us. Thank you Uncle Ji" ... written by Sona
Thank you so much for helping me clear my conscious and be honest with myself and my mother. I will do as you say that way nothing bad comes inbetween my mom and i" ... written by Lynn
thank you very good hope it comes true " ... written by linda
Brilliant, always consistent and connects accurately. A great advisor...i can trust him.." ... written by Z
Agate was accurate, thorough and kind. Thank you for a great reading Agate," ... written by Nicole
Great reading so accurate, right to the point with so much detail. You are amazing. thank you for clearing my mind," ... written by Lorann
amazing everything you say comes true even if I don't listen to you things happen ur way u always been there and helped me thank you alot" ... written by sunshine500
quick reading. gave me update on a question answered in demo. hope his prediction will come true. Thanks agathe." ... written by cadou1
Very good advise. Good reading and accurate." ... written by AWK
Thank you for giving me a very updated detailed accruate readings!" ... written by mike
You must give this reader a chance. He knew things without me saying anything and provided descriptions and predictions" ... written by s
excellent spot on information always there for me " ... written by sunshine500
Very nice and patient. He answers the questions in which you have doubt. I will pray that what he says comes to pass. " ... written by Y
Agate, you are heaven sent. I like the way you explain what is " ... written by Paulette
Thank you so much for helping me through the confusion." ... written by Paula
He was great! Thank you for your help! :)" ... written by ...
Wow, I'm impressed. Matched everything what my usual trusted person on here said. He also explained something that's been bothering me. It was a wonderful chat. Really gave me some answers, I will wait for his prediction! " ... written by Lira1234
He is simply spot on in all that he shares. There are things that he shares that are above and beyond, and has help me and my entire family. We trust his guidance, wisdom, insight and advice. He is a BLESSING TO US!! If you need insight and advice, he is the ONLY one I would recommend. He just types and does not speak ... which is an asset in my books, because it keeps the connection clear without emotional distractions or interruptions. " ... written by Sona
GREAT READING" ... written by MARIAM
He is excellent! He has been giving a very detailed and accurate updates for what has been happening to me and what will happen." ... written by rose
I was very impressed with Agate - clearly, and with good detail, saw the situations I asked about. Based on his outstanding testimonials, I am sure the future predictions will unfold as he says as well. Definitely recommend!" ... written by donna
He was very calm and accurate and very quick. I felt he was connected and very patient. I trust him and will pray that it will all come true" ... written by eva
Very detailed and always been there for me through the hard times. i will recommended him what he says come true just need time for it to happen been with him for a few readings in past things are correct. He doesn't tell u want to hear but what is the actual truth !" ... written by sunshine500
psychic agate is a magician. he knows about everyone and everything. he can make precise predictions about the future. he is a 100 stars psychic." ... written by sarah
He is magnificent! He shares things and explains things that are very rare. I only use him. Give him a try! I promise you will not be disappointed!! He is Supremely Gifted!! A++++++" ... written by Sona
amazing" ... written by amal
thank you again for all the honest and accurate detailed update! highly highly recommend him!" ... written by susan
He has provided me the update with very accurate and detailed information. Thanks a lot for your help and effort. Excellent job!" ... written by susan
hes right on target...very very focussed..n great visions!!" ... written by someone
LETS SEE .GOD KNOWS" ... written by MYST
amazing reader with no tools hope his prediction come true" ... written by sam
He always provides me a great honest accurate updates. He is very professional. Highly recommend him!" ... written by nick
good update" ... written by ....
Agate is a lovely and friendly person but also a very good psychic! HE is quick and accurate in answering questions, very specific with some info, and never disappoints in a private. Always worth a pvt!!" ... written by frag
Thanks so much for chatting" ... written by Paulette
I really appreciate for all the honest and accurate updates and readings he has been providing. Highly highly recommend him! The best psychic you can trust." ... written by lara
thanks a lot for the information:)...good update..and timely as well" ... written by someone
thank you very much for the detailed and honest update!" ... written by rachel
Very helpful in reading my situation. Was impressed with demo and now had reading and very good at what he does" ... written by Nadia
thanks again" ... written by paula
Thank you for the accurate, detailed, and honest updates! He is always the best." ... written by kristine
very good reader with no tools 10000 star for him" ... written by sam
clear concise and precise...he is truly blessed with abilities" ... written by .....
excellent" ... written by pico
THANK YOU SOO MUCH" ... written by Paula
thank you again very detailed and to the point " ... written by sunshine
hes absolutely sure n confident of what he says...n what he envisions...lovely reading..very genuine" ... written by someone
crazy because he confirmed something that was in my dream, he definitely connected well i am so glad i chose a reading with him defiantly has some special gifts" ... written by katie
Thanks Agate, i will keep an eye out on next week" ... written by Paula
something he saw for me yesterday has happened" ... written by b
Well came today to tell him that his prediction about extra bonuses at work came true!" ... written by me
amazing reading. answered every concern without hesitation. seems like the right psychic who would put the client first and truly care about them. thanks so much for the reading" ... written by hopeful love
thank you my friend your always there for me and giving right guidance " ... written by S
all the things u said came true thank you so much " ... written by S
Thank you very much for the detailed update and honest advice" ... written by m
Your insight was really amazingly accurate! Thank you for a very useful reading! I can recommend your services anytime. " ... written by Charlie
detailed interpretation...super analysis" ... written by me
fantastic reader as always" ... written by pilito
good update" ... written by m
Agate always gives good guidance and clear information...he is very fast and types in excellent English, so it is very helpful to do a private with him!" ... written by f
this was a good session .. gave me some clarity agate … Thank you .. will get back with updates… " ... written by rose
Agate: always wonderful, with consistent advice! private is always worth it!" ... written by f
very detailed , helped me with my situation and gave predictions, highly recommend" ... written by katie
thank you very much for the detailed update!" ... written by m
Agate has given timeframes. WIll get back on updates." ... written by for agate
thank you once again and always " ... written by s
i am always so happy to make reading with master agate, he is really accurate, and his prediction happen almost of the time" ... written by mimiliebe
Thank you Agate, your always detailed " ... written by Paula
Thank you so much Agate, for being a constant good friend" ... written by Paula
excellent person who gives spot on review... never takes time always is fast and accurate many things have come true of what he has said looking forward to many more readings with him " ... written by S
5 stars very clear andamp; direct to all that's going on !!" ... written by queenbee22
impressed by demo and connection" ... written by dc
o thanks" ... written by frag
Great reading as always. He provides good insight and clear direction. I will recommend to others for sure and will return for further updates." ... written by Z
loved my reading again! PsychicAgate told me he realizes the difference and he made a mistake.. only a short gap but after jan 7 her will return and we will see each other. he tells me everything.Hes the best!! contact him!! will update on predictions so excited about them!" ... written by susan
very nice expert, very professional " ... written by Speranza
Thank you Agate, your updates are always important." ... written by Paula
thank you dear master agate" ... written by mimiliebe
very good 2016 information looking forward for all to be revealed God sees all good n bad Thx you for information 5 stars!!!!" ... written by queenbee22
One of the relaible psychic" ... written by agate
thank you very much for the accurate update in details. Highly recommend him!" ... written by a
he is honest and accurate psychic." ... written by h
wonderful again thank you his the best " ... written by S
Thank you for your accurate and detailed update! Highly recommend him" ... written by sunshine
highly accurate reading" ... written by Melissa
thank you very much for the detailed update! He is honest, accurate and professional psychic." ... written by yee
He was very good and very concise. Thank you" ... written by thomas mitchell franey
amazing reader 10000stars" ... written by sam
great! quick to connect." ... written by reeeze
always see this guy, every now and then, he is really accurate. will come back in the future for more readings." ... written by Matt
he is professional, calm, honest, accurate and straight forward." ... written by sarah
Thorough, nice to talk to. calm energy (:" ... written by Julie
Connects fast, does not waste time and is consistent. He is honest also..I will be back for more.." ... written by L
5 stars thx you 4 the information very good" ... written by queenbee22
Wow! He connected very well, and knew things without me telling him. I feel very confident that his predictions with happen. " ... written by Starliteny
He is a very nice man to talk to. Always detailed and specific, if this is something you are looking for." ... written by Julie
WOW! he is amazing and can tap into people around you and feel the energy of the person you ask about very clearly. 5 stars! THANK YOU!" ... written by nik
thank you for providing me an accurate update reading! and always treat me professional" ... written by lara
great session with agate. he is really quick to respond and could catch on situation!" ... written by reeeze
I have to say he will tell you the truth good or bad....can connect very well in his visions and to be honest one of his predictions have came to pass. Blessed to have a true psychic on here that does not feed you what you want to hear. THANK YOU!" ... written by nik
Agate was very good an insightful, saw right into my life and relationship issues, offered helpful counsel and which resonated well with my sense of what was going on. I appreciate his gifts and would go again for help from him" ... written by Captain Binghampton
on point with somethings i think, others i'm not sure about. nice guy though" ... written by n
Agate was correct an quick to see the truth of what was going on, i felt his guidance was very helpful. " ... written by Ebenezer Cleaver
he gives me a very detail reading " ... written by vivi
wow this was one of the most immediate readings I received .PsychicAgate is right on the ball and I must confess everything he says is true. there is nothing to be in doubt that he is The Real Deal. I said nothing, he immediately began to write after his name and Dobs. and connects very fast and write very quickly. I come back for PsychicAgate delivered. may God always be with you ..." ... written by Loverboy
another great session with agate" ... written by reeeze
very accurate and kind! i hope to see his predictions come to fruition :)" ... written by vanessa
I really enjoyed the reading I had with Agate. He brought up information I was not aware about and gave me clarity. I really appreciate your help Agate and for giving me a sense of peace of mind. I think before consulting with you I was uncomfortable and not knowing what was going on with me. You really touched a much deeper level than what i figured my problem was. Very good abilities and really digs deep to give you a solution to your issues. Thanks Agate." ... written by Majesty
One of the good psychics.. he is accurate … pls get his suggestions and ideas as he mentions..." ... written by vision master
Fast, accurate and consistent. Provides clear advice and guidance and his predictions do come true. I will recommend to all in need of honesty and clarity..." ... written by Z
A very accurate reader the real deal no questions,I was given some predictions I will be back when they come to pass,which I am sure they will as he was spot on in regards to things that he said.Thank you." ... written by J
Very nice, and caring" ... written by Monica
great" ... written by jamira76
His prediction happened and accurate! Excellent psychic!" ... written by usa
He is Wow all the way... try him and u will in Seven Heaven . " ... written by pete
Excellent reader!! Great dream interpreter ...knew exactly what was going on in my life!!!" ... written by nesrin feradov
I really appreciate all of his hard work to give me the detailed and accurate information. It's really important to me that it helps me make a big decision for my life. He is very professional, honest, excellent, and straight forward psychic. He really cares about his clients. Highly highly recommend him! Don't waste your money on the psychics to get unclear and doubtful information..He is the best and the one you can trust!" ... written by pink
Very nice guy...can connect with the present and past....let see if the prediction comes true....Thanks!" ... written by review
amazing and accurate. always been there to help. his predictions have come to pass and his advice always helps. " ... written by love dove
Great accurate and to the point" ... written by Arno
wow! psychicagate told me lots of predictions.. i really hope they all come to true one day!! will keep you posted!" ... written by happy girl88
Again very professional and in-depth with lots of good advice. I felt connected." ... written by me
Thank you for the reading which i greatly appreciated " ... written by Lyn
very amazing reader with no tools" ... written by sam
he always gets to the point and provides a great detailed and accurate reading" ... written by nancy
Always right and to the point. Excellent inshight and great predicitons." ... written by AR
really good psychic, gives good spiritual advice and answers my questions well" ... written by Matt
great awesome!! hope it all comes true" ... written by jamira76
Love agates readings , hes a big help." ... written by Giuseppe Pringle
thank you i hope you are right" ... written by all
Psychic Agate is always very professional and no nonsense guy. He goes to the subject imediately and already knows what the questions will be." ... written by me
honest and understanding, insightful as well" ... written by bhawna
He does sound accurate. he has given time frames in 10 days and one in july mid… will get back with updates." ... written by NEw york
thanks" ... written by mwisteria
Excellent. Knew and said things he could not have guessed. Red the situation clearly and excellent insight. Highly recommend" ... written by AR
Excellent update" ... written by AR
Thank you very much for answering all my questions, I will be back to update. " ... written by me
Excellent reading five stars, intuitive person and helpful" ... written by Hiram Bingham
very amazing reader 1000 stars" ... written by sam
was a great reading very honest and straight." ... written by rm
thank you for a great detailed reading! He is always calm, professional, honest and straight forward." ... written by peter
Agate was brilliant. I had a demo reading first and just had to have a private reading. Will be back real soon Agate! Thank you so much!! :-) Blessings to you" ... written by Heather
amazing" ... written by werkli
great " ... written by CINDy
Great reading, unbeliable accuracy and details. Highly recommend" ... written by AR
really interesting detail and was accurate about personality will c if prediction comes to pass. thank you " ... written by cher
love agates readings...surprised at all the true information he gives w just a name and face, hes also help w my mother her health and healing, and my own issues, very good reader. " ... written by Harwell Bogdonavitch
very very accurate" ... written by me
good reading, very connected and true." ... written by lornalulu
Excellent reading, accuracy and insight. Highly recommend" ... written by ARNO
Good Reading,picked up alot and said i can check in sept with him" ... written by Jaysa
The reading was spot on although there were many typing issues. Thanks again." ... written by Clarity711
great reader as always very happy" ... written by katie
Super reading and healing from a kind and adept spiritual healer, this guy is connected, quick n deep insights and accurate asessments of my issues and people in my life...i appreciate Agate a lot " ... written by Efrem Zimbalist JR
Agate never disappoints, a real gem of a reader and intuitive person , kind man and healer of souls. " ... written by Refrito Gonzalez
He is a true master, He do not claim anything , he just do his work to Perfection....☆☆☆☆☆" ... written by loverboy
Excellent" ... written by Ar
Thank you for such a gracious reading.. The things you told me give me hope... the way you said things makes me feel calmer. He caught on the things I had in my heart. I asked him to first connect to see if he is accurate then decided to have a reading. I give you 5 stars. Bless you very much. " ... written by girly girl
incredible spychic! I've been to countless of psychics for years and have become depressed, dissapointed, confused, in despair and no hope however agate visionmaster is amazing!! I would vote for him to be number 1 because his predictions come true and made me feel much better. hes non-judgemental, professional and also soothing. bless you. " ... written by girly
Great insight" ... written by Ricard
Always a pleasure talking with him, good man and friend." ... written by julie.
Thank you for such a wonderful reading. 5 stars! I wish I had more money to have a longer reading... I am definitely valuing every reading I have with Agate Visionmaster. " ... written by girly
This was my first reading with Agate. It went well. He types fast and connects quick. He answered my questions specificitly and did not go around in circles. He gave me predictions for future at end of this year, so we'll see what happens. thanks" ... written by leo girl
good reader not raise of time" ... written by sam
love his reading love to come back too see what he tells me it always keeps me positive thinking hopfully they come true " ... written by monica
He is awesome" ... written by nick
great advice. hope to see predictions come true" ... written by redgurl
he is great thank you!!!" ... written by jamira76
Nice!" ... written by Zeigen
Thank you for the reading. I am keeping my hopes up. Most of your predictions came to pass in the past. can't wait for the others to pass. xoxo." ... written by learning to Grow
nice , quick and precise." ... written by Ocean
Wow he was very good and to the point. Gave me timelines and now I can't wait to see what happens." ... written by mc
very good expert ,, thanx" ... written by zimerili1
He's really good! Types fast, knows proper english and fast to connect. Hes specific and and answers all questions fast. I'm not sure about dates yet I'll need to wait and see, but all information given was true, and made complete sense, he eased my tension a lot. Thank You so much" ... written by think
good " ... written by nany14