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About PsychicAdora

Psychic PsychicAdora has 17 years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic PsychicAdora has recently helped 11729 members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at The testimonials below reveal what others have said about PsychicAdora's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

I'm empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, intuitive. Honest. Heartfelt. Compassionate. No tools.

Psychic PsychicAdora's Testimonials

"Loved it, thanks so much, she is amazing !! :) she felt exactly how I was feeling !" ... written by molina31
"Wonderful, she was very nice and gave me hope for the future, I look forward to update her!" ... written by hEATHER
"My first reading with PsychicAdora. She gave me good feedback and wonderful predictions. All I can do now is sit back and wait to see if they happen. But she does connect fast. Doesn't waste time or money. " ... written by Destiny_Love
"Thank you so much, I needed my situation clarified and taken out of so much doubt, I love this guy and I hope things work out as we planned. It eases my mind knowing he loves me still. Ill give him his space and see if that'll bring him back to me, thank you so much, Adora!" ... written by elena
"She was very Sweet, positive person. Will be back for updates. Thanks Adora." ... written by sunshinec
"She's really bubbly and nice. I like her. She seemed to connect really well with what i was asking and what i was trying to find out. " ... written by leelee32384
"I know now why your name is Adora, you are truly adorable!!! Smart, sassy and accurate. My kind of psychic!" ... written by ikroyalakryal
"She was great!" ... written by kimmy
"Very sensitive and caring" ... written by KJ
"She was very kind. Very sweet, Very happy. She knew exactly what I was doing this weekend;) She's got skills." ... written by happy
"Thank you Adora, for all your help!!! So wonderful to speak to you... Thank you for all the positive outcomes.... you've given me.... Your beautiful inside and out!" ... written by Ann
"Very good information provided. Cleared up some confusion." ... written by romi944
"Very good...she knew what was going on :)" ... written by misty
"She did a good job picking up on my situation and giving me answers...Try her out!" ... written by kman123
"So So sweet!!!! Very nice! Will definitely see, check back in." ... written by Mamma6
"Very high energy and positive energy. Very enjoyable reading." ... written by vigglesworth216
"Thank you for the reading. It was not easy to hear the truth but she told me things nicely and gave me insights of better things that are coming... I will come to update later. xox" ... written by janetet
"Amazing energy. She's awesome =)" ... written by KJensen
"5 stars good!" ... written by georgiapeach37
"First time and amazing reading " ... written by stuart
"She was so sweet and honest.. very intuitive picking up on very minor little details. she didn't ask a lot of questions- just to confirm information which she was spot on!" ... written by sara
"so sweet " ... written by erics
"Thanks Adora, you are fast and quick with your answers and did not spend much time discussing my questions and concerns. Straight and to the point. Thanks" ... written by Kristina Prattis
"Thank you for the clarity. Have a blessed day" ... written by j
"Great as always!!!!!!!! True medium with a kind heart!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
"Very accurate - right on the mark!" ... written by Pam
"Thank you!" ... written by kymii
"Seemed to have a very good connection. Very accurate on things she told me that I hadn't given info about. Very positive energy too which is what I need right now." ... written by AceOfCupss
"Very sweet and caring... thanks so much" ... written by Missgreeneyes
"Psychic is the truth.....that's all i have to say" ... written by 1LOVEChild
"Very compassionate, very understanding. Made me feel very comfortable knowing the truth even thought it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Will be coming for further readings." ... written by viv
"She is very accurate and honest and you can ask her anything so go to her! And she is very quick so I would definitely go to her!" ... written by moll89
"She's great. Soothing energy and accurate!" ... written by JBee
"Love this woman...Literally...She is so sweet warm and welcoming...It's literally like talking to your best friend. She's truthful but not mean she tells you like it is in a subtle way. I will definitely recommend you guys to check her out.. You won't regret it. I just Adore Adora lol" ... written by Whitney Denae
"Adora is the very best in Oranum! I had a great time in private. She is so warm and lovely to talk to. She is very accurate with the present situation and does not waste time. She is very quick and does not sugar coat. I would have loved to talk to her for longer but I ran out of credits :( Besides, we live in opposite parts of the world. I can't wait for her positive predictions to happen and I will keep coming back for updates. Thank you very much, Adora! You are fantastic and deserve a lot more than five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Moonchild59
"I love talking to Psychic Adora you are a wonderful nice lady and I'm looking forward to my preditions to come true thank you and I will be talking to you again. I give you 10 stars, thank you very much." ... written by Patricia
"Thanks Adora, you are fabulous and extremely gifted. You guys should most definitely get a reading with her." ... written by G.G.
"She was very precise and straight forward. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but she's accurate." ... written by RILS
"I think she is fabulous. Thanks love!" ... written by -----
"A wonderfully honest, extremely accurate and kind reading, PsychicAdora is spot on and compassionate. Thank you so much!" ... written by Cindy
"Sooooo accurate and awesome!" ... written by Tiff
"Awesome reader!!!! I really enjoyed her!!!! On point :)" ... written by Ash
"Thank you so much. You are wonderful and I appreciate your feedback. Very spot on and connects quickly" ... written by j
"Wonderful like always." ... written by GG
"Very helpful!" ... written by mojo
"She is very good and right on point." ... written by georgiapeach37
"Thanks for the reading great insight!" ... written by ikroyalak
"Good. Was positive about my situation. I hope she is right." ... written by gp
"She is amazing and super nice, beautiful personality. " ... written by Lucy117
"Always very caring and very helpfull with all of her responses! You should definately go see her!!!" ... written by Moll89
"Thank you. Very good come back for more. Thanks again. God bless you" ... written by remedio
"Amazing! Just go see her, it will be worth it!!!" ... written by Moll89
"Looooooooooooooooooooove her! The connection was amazing and she was SPOT on. Can't wait to see what happens with what she said." ... written by LittleLove220
"Wow wow wow!!!! Thank you!!" ... written by bubblegum23
"Very quick and fast, accurate! Love her she is awesome. :)" ... written by Danielle
"She fast and gooooood, thank you!" ... written by clearblu
"I love her!!" ... written by Jazmine
"Lovely lady. She gets right to point of matter, very insightful and really in tune with her guides and the direction she gives you. 10 stars. " ... written by wendy
"Thanks so much, you are adorable, kind and very very intuitive and uplifting. 10 stars!!!!!!!!" ... written by ikroyalakr
"Thank you!!! 5 stars. " ... written by LA GIRL
"Excellent, fast and kind reader! Hope the predictions will come true... Thank you!" ... written by jazzychic7
"What a sweetheart! Accurate reading and uses NO TOOLS!" ... written by Zeigen
"What a great reading! Awesomeness!!!" ... written by Zeigen
"Very quick connection, I have some peace now. The news was very accurate and my focus has been renewed. I will watch and wait. " ... written by RhoyalMocha
"First time trying Adora. I knew she was from the East Coast - the talk gives it all away!! She is very good and accurate! I will be back definitely! " ... written by Raw
"Omg, she made my day. She was right about everything. She confirmed everything." ... written by michelange9
"Very quick and promising reading with great advice, like speaking to a good friend very warm and compassionate. x" ... written by cancap
"Thank you so much!" ... written by heartwings
"Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Very quick and to the point!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Great reading!!!!!!!!" ... written by Smiley
"Awesome!" ... written by smileyt
"I was so amazed she gave me the answers I needed and didn't sugarcoat the truth!... I can't wait for my next reading with her... :) loved it. " ... written by lisa
"Good but I don't like what I hear but it is truthful information." ... written by georgiapeach37
"Adora is amazing! Honestly the best reading I've gotten on this site. I was impressed by her accuracy. She spoke with her spirits and basically told me how it is, with very little input needed from me to get the answer to my question. I am amazed at her ability." ... written by zenmasterr
"One of the best on oranum! AMAZING reading. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by lulu
"She is AWESOME and worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will definitely reach out to her again." ... written by butterfly77lady
"Great reading. Quick to the point, is everything as her bio says she is! Love her energy! Yep, and she is honest! Really connected with her." ... written by Cordie167
"Hello Adora, Once again, thank you for your sweet soul. Just in the time of need you were there for me again and gave me hope!!! I needed the info and it flowed. I enjoy and admire your accuracy. Thank you once again for making my experience with psychic energy so deep and profound. I send you many blessings. Anybody considering a session with Adora, shouldn't wait!!! She is fast, sincere and honest;)" ... written by indigoteddy
"You are the BEST!! THANK YOU so much. " ... written by LA
"Great as always, she helps you by giving you hope. Reads you like an open book ;)" ... written by indigoteddy
"She was very good and I highly recommend her!" ... written by Danielle
"Other good psychic who using without tool to get channel from your Spirits." ... written by rolm72
"Loved her, very quick, thankful for her sharing her gift! gave great insight and straightened me out with school. Amazing woman." ... written by tiffany
"Best reading I have had in a long time, she is right on que and I know what she said was true. Thanks Million Adora for your magnificent reading and it is worth 5 stars.." ... written by Jean
"Good reading - thanks!" ... written by hard2break
"She's very nice, not judgmental. I could be honest with her. I hope her guides were right, because it sounds great, although not soon. I will come back to her." ... written by cathy
"She is great, always spot on." ... written by gloria
"Adora was very accurate. She told me the future of happen with my past employer. She also gave me insight regarding my upcoming interview. I so appreciated all that she has done for me. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I'm grateful to you Adora." ... written by Janine
"This young lady is right on point with all the answers and such a beautiful bright outlook. She is fantastic and very gifted. 5 stars and more" ... written by Jean
"Loved the reading. Adora was spot on with what she picked up and I know she is right. Very accurate. Loved it. Thanks!" ... written by mini
"Absolutely one of the very best on oranum! Love her. " ... written by lisa
"GOOD, i will come back!!" ... written by Kiaraem
"ADORA YOU ROCK!!.. You are so sweet!. RIGHT ON THE MARK EVERY TIME! Thank you... " ... written by LA
"She is tops in her field and her gift are genuine and right on point. 5 stars and thumbs up." ... written by Jean
"This lady is out of sight with her gifts and always right on point. I love talking to Adora she is a beautiful gifted person inside and out and I will always give her 5 stars and thumbs UP! Thanks Adora." ... written by Jean
"Great, Loved the private reading she was dead on. " ... written by Dnae11
"Thanks for your wonderful gift sharing with me. 5 stars always to you." ... written by Jean
"Excellent reading, so in touch, spot on, god she is so good." ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"Amazing! " ... written by luckystar222
"Awesome! So nice and kind and right on point :)" ... written by ashley
"Amazing!!... We love you Adora... " ... written by LA
"YOU ARE AWESOME! SO GOOD! Thank you for your time." ... written by LA
"AMAZZZZING!!.... THE REAL DEAL... " ... written by LA
"Awesome!!! The real deal.. Thank you Adora.. " ... written by LA
"Absolutely wonderful as usual!" ... written by lovebug
"Adora works hard to answer questions. I definitely give her 5 stars for accuracy and she is entertaining while she does it. So much help and she works at a quick pace. Thanks Adora!" ... written by susan
"Thanks Adora I needed the reassurance of my relationship and the ritural that was done for me...5 stars" ... written by Jean
"Thank you! 5+++ " ... written by LA
"Adora, Excellent, that's all I can say in one word, she is precise and she hits it on the head." ... written by DLee78
"Very good reading." ... written by Creed9090
"She was very helpful and she was able to give me a glimpse of what to expect in the near future. I really appreciate her help. She was able to steer me in the right direction in terms of a job and what to do for school Thank you Adora." ... written by Marrik
"Outstanding young lady and beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing it with me 5 stars and thumbs up" ... written by Anna Jean Robertson
"She is fabulous and I love her energy! Thank you!" ... written by -----
"She was great... Spot on and very accurate. Thank you." ... written by jeter28
"OMG, PsychicAdora is a very sweet person to talk to, and let's not forget to mention her incredible gifts. Her accuracy is awesome. She connects very fast and gives time frames and incredible full details. I can't wait for her predictions to unfold. I will continue to have future updates with her. Blessings" ... written by Lucy117
"Right on point with your gifts and thank you very much. Hope this help you as much as it helps me....5 stars and thumbs up!!!" ... written by Jean
"Excellent reading!" ... written by Jesintha Ramamoorthy
"She is very quick, and gives clear explanations" ... written by kendra
"I love her, very accurate. Although she's not the top psychic on this site, she is the most accurate one out of all of them. She picked up emotions and everything with me and my ex. No tools needed, her spirit guides tells her everything that very accurate XOXO" ... written by Trevino
"She is so sweet and funny! We'll see if what she says will come to pass. :)" ... written by Magdalene
"GOOD 5 stars!" ... written by georgia peach
"Good reading, very good!" ... written by skychild
"Good." ... written by georgiapeach37
"Great Reading... Loved learning info about my Grandmother who passed... I never met her, but we have soooo much in common!!! I've very happy with your insight!! " ... written by Basia Lashae
"Adora is Authentic, Genuine and Sweet. I love her dearly. " ... written by Mark04
"5 stars... you are amazing adora! " ... written by LA
"Awesome!!!" ... written by Tiff
"excellent....!!!!" ... written by Tiff
"Good Reading!" ... written by Chrissy
"Her spirit guide is very good. Honest answer. Thank you!!!" ... written by sai
"Thank you! Very sweet, fast and no gimmicks!! Great energy!" ... written by acb
"She was AWESOME!!!" ... written by ROb
"she always awesome" ... written by tiff
"5 stars great." ... written by georgiapeach37
"Adora absolutely has the ability to speak with spirit guides who, through her, will help you with your problems. She doesn't even need you to say anything, for me she just started giving advice and reading me and it was accurate. I love Adora and I pray for her because of it. 5 stars, try this psychic." ... written by zenmasterr
"Thank you!" ... written by irelandirish
"Great Reading. On point. XOXO" ... written by Trevino
"I absolutely love Adora. this is my 2nd reading with her and the first one went so well, everything was accurate! " ... written by erica
"She was great excellent" ... written by tiff
"Pretty cool girl. Will have to see what happens. Thank you for reading." ... written by Becci
"Awesome as always!!!" ... written by tiff
"Adora is such a sincere reader, hearing the things that I really didnt want to hear, but if that is the truth, I truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart. We'll find out abt new guy J :)" ... written by K
"Very accurate i love the fact she doesn't use any tools" ... written by FancyAParis
"just love energy readings with no tools. adora is wonderful her energy was excitable as she gave me insight into my questions. will come back with update... really liked the reading" ... written by natalie
"Lovely lady, lovely reading. Give her a try you wont be disappointed." ... written by Mshelli
"We will see... nice and easy to talk to, will follow up!!" ... written by :)
"I love her, she is awesome, always accurate." ... written by Tiff
"She was really nice, friendly" ... written by dkah
"ADORA is THE BEST, THE REAL DEAL... truly gifted!!! " ... written by LA
"Very good reading!!!!!!!!!! :)" ... written by Katrina
"Needed to come back for more reassurance and clarity from last reading... always great!" ... written by natalie
"Nice lady good reading " ... written by jenny
"Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Tiff
"5 stars she is good and fast" ... written by georgiapeach37
"Adora is so awesome, she was right about the previous guy! New guy J is a keeper! An honest guy. Will contact as soon as he gets back from HI:) It will be a long last, loving, happy relationship this time. Will propose in 3 years, no kids. woot! Woot! Can't wait to see the prediction come true! xoxo" ... written by Kirsten
"Adora connects quite fast, and she is a real sweet person to read with. I will have to wait until the fall to see if my predictions happen! 5 stars." ... written by Brenda
"Awesome..." ... written by tiff
"Good." ... written by Carol
"She was great again!" ... written by tiffany
"Great as always!!!!!" ... written by T
"Excellent. " ... written by tiff
"Excellent." ... written by Tiff
"PsychicAdora is the Best. " ... written by stephanie
"Awesome. " ... written by Tiff
"Excellent as always." ... written by tiff
"Excellent!" ... written by tiff
"Excellent, awesome." ... written by tiff
"Very straightforward, and kind." ... written by Risingphoenix00
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent " ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"5 stars" ... written by georgiapeach37
"awesome" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"awesome!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"She is so amazing, love her readings, she is very quick and accurate and I love that. " ... written by lisa
"awesome" ... written by tiff
"Excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent " ... written by tiff
"She is great. Know more can be said!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by sweetsx
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"Great as always!" ... written by Kirsten
"Excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
" she is by far the best for me . reading alway wonderful and on point " ... written by clearbu
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"awesome" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"Excellent" ... written by tiff
"She was very much on point with the situation. Gave good insight and help clear up my instincts. She is gifted and focused instantly on my questions. Her answers made a lot of sense., Will surely do another reading and follow her advise." ... written by dtunstill
"Psychic Adora is the greatest!!!She was very accurate and did not use cards!!! Thank you! Awesome Reader...will see her again soon...Go get a reading from her today!" ... written by tarssh1
"Excellent." ... written by tiff
"Excellent" ... written by tiff
"she's super sweet!! love her energy and she's fast and doesnt waste time" ... written by m
"She was the best very honest and accurate would come back to her again when I need any advice. " ... written by Michelle
"Excellent!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
"Excellent!!!!!" ... written by tiff
"Love her!!! She helps me a lot!" ... written by intrig
"Great as always!" ... written by Kirsten
"Quick and honest. So grateful for her feedback and insight. I look forward to her predictions and appreciate her quick and no-sugarcoating reading. AWESOME skills. God bless" ... written by Lisa
"She was very fast! She got straight to the point and didn't try to drag out the conversation for more money. Thank you for my reading! " ... written by Tiana
"I love her! Just had my monthly update and she has told me the same exact time as last time plus more. She is truly good at what she does and you even told me about my wedding in next year lol... Thank you, Adora XOXO" ... written by Trevino
"Great as always! Will hear from J from now to 4 days. He's very buys, not consistent with contacting ppl." ... written by Kirsten
"Great reading she is very on point with the answers I will definitely read with her again." ... written by msnita
"Adora answered each andamp; every question quickly ,thanks!Will be visiting again" ... written by SunnyDay
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"reading was awesome...she connected me to loved ones which was great and will be waiting for somethings to unfold :-)" ... written by yaneira
"She is Great!!!!!!!! I always have the best reading with her!!!!!!! I trust her more than 100% and she is always very positive!!!!!!!" ... written by Yuliya Morgan
"awesome" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by Tiff
"Extremely fast very efficient knows a lot without you telling anything" ... written by Suzanne
"Great reading thank you so much for the enlightenment you were wonderful" ... written by love
"Fantastic reading!! Connected right away. Knew my situation and was very helpful. I will most certainly be back again. Thank you!!" ... written by Mishelle
"Very quick connection. No tools." ... written by angelszone
"Quick and to the point..would recommend" ... written by angelszone
"thank wish me had more time" ... written by ras
"She's great" ... written by luckystars
"LOVE HER!!!!! That's all I can say in soooooo little words that just sums her up andamp; she's definitely worth it. :-) I WILL be back!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!" ... written by Brav0923
"Thank you for answering my questions... She was very clear. no fluff no tools... straight talk." ... written by Baby
"Intuitive, recommend, connected immediately to situation" ... written by B
"Excellent as always! Adora is my no.1!" ... written by KC
"Adora was really lovely and very supportive - i enjoyed the reading very much and feel hopeful about the future." ... written by Cristina
"Great reading! Thanks :)" ... written by Zeigen
"trust her and insightful. she mentioned something last time - 3 daya or 3 weeks and it happened in 3 days. not what I wanted to hear but it happened! got an update wow." ... written by k
"Adora, has given me the most accurate up-dated information that has helped me in" ... written by skychild
"good" ... written by angelawms
"You're Back!! " ... written by LA
"It's been a long wait. Adora is finally back! She has been spot on every single thing about J and I :) J will plan something for my bd before he leaves. Still has his guards up, eventually he will come around. He's worth for the wait! My red suitcase will be returned. You are my 5 stars :)))" ... written by CHia
"Great reading! She answered all the questions very clearly and gave great insight! One of the best on oranum!!!" ... written by DeterminedSoul
"she was wonderful, has a beautiful voice and very calm energy. she was able to pick up on the situations and her and her guides did an amazing job. thank you." ... written by alicia
"Great as always..." ... written by Chia
"She's the only person that has pin pointed everything in my life XOXO I absolutely love her XOXO" ... written by Trevino
"Great reading. Thank you for the update" ... written by sweetsx
"excellent" ... written by tiff
"excellent" ... written by Tiff
"Again, Adora, has been explicit in her details of my reading, she has been my eyes to see what I need to move forward. She's impeccable." ... written by skychild
"okay thanks" ... written by georgiapeach37
"love this chick! so patient and honest" ... written by nf1
"Adora was straight to the point and right about everything.I highly recommend her. - T " ... written by TORON2
"Awesome! She is always spot on so i will definitely go to her again!!!" ... written by Molly95
"very quick and honest" ... written by nf1
"Adora is by far the best. Accurate and quick. She offers quick insight as well as truth and wisdom! I love getting readings from Adora!" ... written by DeterminedSoul
"she was really good and wow shes a fast ass typer!!!!! shes amazing first reading and im glad i went to her she really eased my heart" ... written by lucky
"1st Time and She was Great" ... written by seanb
"You are the best girl:)" ... written by KC
"straight to the point." ... written by nf1
"you are a fantastic woman...I really felt your spirit around me and answered all my questions with great satisfaction. I recommend you to all! Thank you" ... written by maddy
"very friendly. easy to talk to and im hoping accurate and if so I will be back!" ... written by sherry
"picked up on the situation easily" ... written by jessica
"Very good, she is spot on about things in my life. that was really nice to have." ... written by Foxy
"always awesome!" ... written by needf1
"Very much on point with everything she said. So accurate and the best part is she doesn't use any cards. :)" ... written by FancyAParis
"I had a reading with Adora last year, and her prediction about something not happening was right, lol. So I came back to check again...This time there is something on the horizon, but it's still a bit far away. But anyway, she is a lovely person and I believe a great psychic. Many blessings :) " ... written by Sandie
"very good right on target, gives many details about situation 5 STARS" ... written by beverly419
"Adora is such an amazing and sweet women. She does pick up on a lot and is always accurate." ... written by erica
"Thank you again adora" ... written by erica
"She was good on feelings. I just hope and pray what she says comes forth. " ... written by Tee
"Adora is absolutely amazing! very gifted ... Everything has been spot on. " ... written by LA
"very fast, and very nice woman" ... written by ~~
"Wow, I must say that I'm pretty blown away. She was so fast and picked up on things I had not told her!" ... written by Queen
"Great reading. I plan to have another. " ... written by Kristina
"Positive and charming, easy to talk to and intuitive." ... written by Robyn
"Awesome reading in such a short span of time! It really truly brought me to tears because she was dead on and was able to tap into the things I was feeling. I appreciate the feedback and honesty. I would love to chat with Adora again when I have the extra money!" ... written by Camille
"Fantastic reading" ... written by Lorann
"Good update lol" ... written by Trevino
"Compassionate and easy to talk to. Enjoyed our reading." ... written by Robyn
"She was very accurate in my reading and I recommend her highly" ... written by theodora
"Loved and Enjoyed my reading!!!! Thank you Adora" ... written by Camille
"accurate and sweetie. you won't be disappointed." ... written by boodles
"Her predictions line up with a couple other excellent readers. I appreciate how quick she was and very succinct with her answers. Time will tell if predictions are all right or all wrong! I will return to PsychicAdora if in 3-6 months they are correct. " ... written by Caliza
"thanks for the update!" ... written by nf1
"5 stars good" ... written by georgiapeach37
"thank you for an amazing reading!" ... written by gemmie
"Fast, clear, to the point, picks up on things quickly. Always recommended" ... written by Janic
"Wow...this lady is awesome, quick, and accurate! Gives you hard ball answers no frills. Great reading!!! Thumbs Up!" ... written by Cordie167
"5 stars fast" ... written by georgia peach37
"Adora, is truly wonderful! Always on point and accurate! Thank you Adora again for a wonderful reading!" ... written by DeterminedSoul
"Excellent reading and advice. Helpful to get her perspective on my situation." ... written by Robyn
"Thank you adora" ... written by Trevino
"lovely reading , very sincere lady" ... written by briboobabe
"Awesome Reading! I love her reading." ... written by Cre
"Great as always!!!!!! Quick, detailed and to the point. I always feel better after reading. Thank you!" ... written by Yuliya
"she's honest and amazing gives you fast truthful answers " ... written by nusha
"very reassuring" ... written by sdsd
"she picked up on a lot." ... written by shake29
"thank you for your awesome prediction i cannot wait!" ... written by mag
"Great reading. Fast and to the point." ... written by K
"great woman -- very insightful" ... written by k
"Quick, concise, accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by Robyn
"Very nice person, a genuinely nice person. " ... written by krat13
"Had a genuine connection with her. Very honest. Sweet. Easy to talk to. Really let me know what's going on. Allowed me to express my feelings and didn't cut me off. Connects quickly. Everything she said was spot on. I will be returning for more readings." ... written by The8th_Wonder
"Great reading, Very pleasant and straight to the point. I like her alot. " ... written by Dejuir
"she is good" ... written by aispuro
"very sweet and opening to great insight." ... written by Cre
"Excellent as usual. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
"This is my girl! I'm so glad you are truly have a wonderful gift. Adora has a wonderful ability to connect and really pick up on what is going on in a situation. She has been spot on when it comes to telling me what's going on. I love her!" ... written by Pink
"perfect" ... written by Jason
"Great as always put me at ease with somethings I was feeling worried about.. " ... written by dejuir
"SHES GREAT!" ... written by KASSANDRA
"Excellent reading!!!!" ... written by Morten
"Accurate and insightful. Has provided me predictions that have come to pass. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
"excellent! clear to the point! extremely accurate!!!" ... written by janick
"one of the best out there!!! highly recommended!!" ... written by carrie
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"She's always right " ... written by Trevino
"Adora is very sweet. She gave approximate time frames on issues I was wondering about, and that's comforting. Thank you." ... written by Sky
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"Adora is the best. She always clarifys things for me and supplies me with timelines that are accurate. I will be back again!" ... written by determinedSoul
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"Always great and accurate." ... written by RS
"i hope everything comes true. thank you Adora for the reading i appreciated it and needed the guidance ." ... written by confusedgirl2015
"i thought she was very good at answering all my questions." ... written by amber
"Personable and when she bows her head in prayer..know when she's coming up, you will get the answer you need (maybe not what you want) but she is always on point." ... written by Bronxie
"Very nice lady. " ... written by karen
"Accurate and intuitive. Gives messages compassionately and honestly. Highly recommended." ... written by RS
"thank you Adora i enjoyed every minute. cleared my mind of a tiny bit of unsure things. :)" ... written by confident
"This was my last reading with Adora..not because she's not good,but because I'm doing other things....she is one of the few who I will miss very much. She is sweet as sugar and her readings are always on point." ... written by Bronxie
"Very very nice person. Gave me answers. I hope what she says happens. Felt she was genuine, real, no fluff whatsoever. When the other stuffs happens, I will post on her wall. " ... written by L
"thank you!!!" ... written by chocolate
"WOW SHE IS VERY VERY VERY ACCURATE!!! I REALLY LIKED HER UPLIFTING ENERGIES…. AND I WILL GO PVT AGAIN FOR SURE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ did not have enough creeds, so I will see her soon again. Very interesting reading!" ... written by siritonloose
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"she literally picked me up down to a t-- she saw everything and knew exactly how i felt and everything i was doing over the next few months- only reader on here that didn't feed me bs and knew the truth, she didn't make something up, she was straight forward and didnt paint a fantasy for me at all. that was amazing" ... written by indigo
"Wow, she was really good! At first I wasn't sure if I had a reading with her before but after going into her room I remembered that I asked her about my previous bf last year and if Im not mistaken she told me it wasn't going to last or I just remember it not being all good.. and she was right about that. She was very accurate today with her insights. She definitely picked up on the stress that the person in question is going through which I can verify. I look forward to her predictions as well. xx" ... written by Mimi
"LOVEE this woman! She is always spotttt on- so far all her predictions have come to fruition- and she picks up on each minor set back or obstacle that occurs unexpectedly- authentic psychic!" ... written by Indigo
"You're the best!!" ... written by mystery
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"Awesome" ... written by tiff
"Adora is 100% accurate! She doesn't refer to any of her past notes to be consistent with a present reading. Her predictions do happen. Her time frames are very exact. Sometimes to the date. What was supposed to happen last weekend did not happen because of a serious last minute change that could not be controlled. The meeting for last weekend had to be cancelled. Adora is not a fake. She is a real psychic who will not sugar coat. She is honest and great to talk to. I will always be back for updates. Thank you, Adora!" ... written by Moonchild59
"She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
"She puts me at ease. And she even knew about something I was going to start doing before I even told her! " ... written by Natalie
"Awesome :)))" ... written by tiff
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"She started reading me before, I asked the question. Pretty Awesome!!!!" ... written by peggy
"Very sweet and positive!!" ... written by Virgo
"If you need positivity you are on the right place here." ... written by Hank

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