About ProbSolver

Psychic ProbSolverhas 16years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic ProbSolverhas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about ProbSolver's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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A Born psychic having 2 decades of experience. Master in re union, love, relationship, career , finance , spirituality and meditations. I have helped thousands of people towards the light from dark. I can turn you a believe in my abilities and accuracy in just one reading. I have special powers which do let me see into the minds and hearts of the people and explore what is inside them.

Very passionate person, friendly and sincere. Gives a lot of positivity and pushes you in a great way. Would recommend it anytime" ... written by confused 115
He is different. He is really honest. " ... written by allbright
ProbSolver was excellent. Gave me great clarification." ... written by m mary
This man is fantastic. You have to give him a chance! Very informative!" ... written by Michelle
Seriously, some of the greatest experiences of my life with ya. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Absolutely amazing psychic!!!! " ... written by m
Probsolver is one of the best Psychic here on Oranum, he can really decode all problems. He made me realize that I am being tested. and that everything almost is as it should be. I take my hat off to him wow. his ability to see things and tell you it is unsurpassed fantastic. I highly recommend him to anyone who might come by and reading this, you get really something for your credits. He is right on and say everything straight out without wrapping. ✿ " ... written by loverboy
truly amazing and gifted, beyond description. I'm amazed every time." ... written by Andranitesh1
An informative session after getting demo reading. Very interesting." ... written by Krista Elliott
Very accurate, thank you very much." ... written by clover434
Excellent detailed reading" ... written by FP
he is a gentle soul and is on point" ... written by mariasheart
interesting reader , very on point and clear." ... written by mariasheart
I am so happy I found my way here!Wonderful reading which gives me much courage!" ... written by Charlie
Amazing reader. Knows the details and can explain it very well." ... written by Rochell
Very Good! Right on! I can appreciate the honesty!" ... written by tlsimms2008@
Fantastic reader! Fast! Amazing! Accurate! Highly Recommend~!" ... written by Shelly
mind boggeling, i dont know what to say, certainly lots and lots of detail, very enjoyable reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Very wonderful and takes time and care to answer you always.... " ... written by tochoose
it was very interesting, some specific suggestions and very accurate" ... written by ,,,
He is great. Spot on, very wise and no sugarcoating." ... written by lucipher
Good reading...picked up on some bits" ... written by t
Thank you so much, very detailed and kind!" ... written by sin
Just wonderful... can't ask for better.... Will keep returning when I need the Truth and some Reality!!! THANK YOU!" ... written by tochoose
I Think it was a good Reading. He gave me some warnings and some things to look for. I feel he gave me some advices for thoughts I needed to start processing in my head. thanks!" ... written by ----
When all the other psychics said don't contact him, problem solver said contact him. Problem solver was right!! He was right and 5 other psychics were all wrong. " ... written by allbright
Very in depth. even gave more than I expected for a reading." ... written by Jnaujo
He seems to hit the right points and I hope that the guy I am interested in does contact me in 3 weeks time. He predicted that we will be together as a couple. I hope so." ... written by Angela
THANK YOU" ... written by GRANNY
helped a lot and very much what i thought" ... written by LindaJP
As I said before, he was the only one who predicted that I should contact the man I love. And he was correct. When I did what Probsolver said, things happened as Probsolver predicted. " ... written by allbrigh
great reading as usual. still waiting to see what happens but always positive and with lots of encouragement. gives me hope" ... written by Happy 115
Excellent reading, Probsolver was able to to see in my past and tell me things which had happened recently, he also was very accurate about the current situation. He did not waste time at all. He finished the reading before my 29 credits ran out which as absolutely amazing. 10 stars!!" ... written by Flirty Bee
ProbSolver was extremely helpful and insightful. I will definitely talk to him again. AWESOME!!!" ... written by m love
Even if it will take some time for the predictions to pass, I believe that he was very accurate." ... written by gingerbetty
Probsolver has a different approach - he speaks on a very practical basis - however, you feel refreshed andamp; get a different andamp; good perspective on the issue after talking to him" ... written by Shuchi
Second reading with ProbSolver.... need to make an important decision in my life about my career and i received very interesting advices...ProbSolver is really gifted and a very kind person...will keep in touch for sure! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Probsolver has a different approach..and he truly gives thought to your situation andamp; tries to give you the best advice possible.. he is engaged in your situaion andamp; not detached/uncaring." ... written by Shuchi
Right on point! Very fast with explanations, details and connections. His predictions have came true and I highly recommend him!!!!!!" ... written by Shell!
always gives motivating advice " ... written by theme
Thanks for bringing clarity" ... written by altima1963
great reading update " ... written by zimerili1
he is serious professional, talented, skilled. no waste of time, no useless advices. satisfied. good-" ... written by jamie
thank you! it was very fast and direct to the point. I feel that I got answered all my questions very clearly and easy to understand. Thank you very much!" ... written by love
Good reader. Had a lot to say. some positive and some not so positive. Felt he was honest which is important. Great!" ... written by Chris
Fantastic an unique reader. SUPER fast and super gifted. He knows the situations very well without you talking about!" ... written by Sarah
wow i am so impressed his predictions." ... written by Walter
Great spot on thank you " ... written by Dee
great reading" ... written by e
great reading thank you so much would recommend this reader to anyone " ... written by slimmie
Short reading with ProbSolver about my career... it's my third one yet with ProbSolver and he still stay kind and professionnal... his last predictions came true so he has my trust... direct the point like always! This guy is really gifted and connect fastly! Thank you again, Keep in touch A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
great reading!!! thank you!!" ... written by ..
thank you, helped my friend with a love relationship. explains detailed." ... written by nextelledlifee
I always count on Prob to give me the truth and without hesitation, he explains with details the situation, thought process and areas that I can go and do to make the situation right. He predicted the outcome of a date I would have this month in which I have been waiting for months. He also predicted the individuals feelings for me and articulated the thoughts that this person cant articulate but instead showed. He is fantastic!" ... written by Shelly
Thanks for your advice" ... written by manasha
Very very good advice indeed! Thank you!" ... written by Charlie
My first reading with ProbSolver. Hope his predictions come true." ... written by humility
Very helpful. I hope what he predicts happens." ... written by Amy
thank you" ... written by talebini
strong experts" ... written by zimerili1
He was quick, concise, and helpful." ... written by c
Don't miss an opportunity to have a reading with Prob! He is fantastic, fast and precise!!!" ... written by Shelly s
very insightful and loving reader, he knew how to clear my doubts, being positive is key, and he made me feel comfortable and happy, will chat again!" ... written by Anupama
Blown away by his accuracy and very fast typing! He def. connects very good and can tell you how to react to a situation. I really enjoyed this reading. He is a highly valued reader here!." ... written by Candece
fantastic update" ... written by zimerili1
Such great insight on everything! Thank you for the advise. I will be back to let you know if it works." ... written by Nicole
great reading gave me time prediction for next month will keep updated. connects very quick, enjoyed my reading" ... written by cali
I adore him, and he is worth every penny. Very precise and fast with connections. Told me things that no one else can see, and is genuinely compassionate!" ... written by Mj
Very accurate, things happened as ProbSolver said. 10 stars from me." ... written by Flirty Bee
great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
he was good" ... written by cher
thank you" ... written by love
very good" ... written by holly
Prob is super fast. T" ... written by Mitchell
wow he connected very fast! spot on about so many things, and it helped me to see in a new perspective. it gave me lots of hope in our reading. He made a couple predictions that I am looking forward to, I can't wait :) thank you for this reading!" ... written by Krissy
He was rewarding to listen to and talk to. very welcoming. and understanding. he is accurate and provided good insight into the people in my life." ... written by nbarnes2
Omg thanks predicting my future. I feel more focus and dedicated in my studies and to be careful on my distractions. I have a mission now. I love that feeling. Thank you, giving me trust towards the attorne, I just to be curious on paper work. My parents had gone through many things and always been taken advantge specially family members. Mostly my mother. Pretty sure no son or daughter wants to see their mother in pain or being hurt. I feel deep inside of me i was sent to protect them at the same time accompllishing my goals. After your predictions I am fully dedicated. Yes i will stop by for updates. I am so impressed. Thank you god bless you. " ... written by Walter
good reader with no tools i will give him 100000 stars" ... written by sam
Very interesting reader. Didn't hold back at all and was very honest. Hope predictions come to past, hope? They will come to past! Thank you " ... written by Gabriel
What a wonderful reading. Very spot on quickly. I was relaxed" ... written by Kathy
great update" ... written by zimerili1
Very accurate and helpful." ... written by Nicole
I am very happy to announce that I have found my psychic for me. One who understands me,who is patient,real,compassionate,always there for me and on the spot with information. ProbSolver has a special gifts and the answers needed to fix any problems in any aspect of your life. He has helped me in more ways then one. He is a very accurate with his information he gives you. He doesn't sugarcoat anything at all. He is not that type of psychic. He gives you the information about whatever obstacle in" ... written by Goddesslove1
I had a Great reading with ProbSolver! It was Awesome he had given me Great advise and I will be contacting him again with more updates! Thanks @)---)---" ... written by ButterFlower
good, informative, going bak in pvt for predictions!" ... written by cal
quick typer picked on things quick went off on a wee tangent but over a very good read" ... written by shellbynz
amazing predictions" ... written by shellbynz
Patient and easy to understand. Good reading, although there were technical difficulties, we managed through them to get the information passed back and forth. A very good reading information wise." ... written by lervin
it was good" ... written by Anirudh
Thanks you for reassuring me." ... written by lervin
Thanks! That was extremely informative! " ... written by Charlie
You read my mind, gave me the answers that you know that i needed to hear. " ... written by MMarmalade
Very accurate and understanding." ... written by nbarnes2
thank you" ... written by granny
Very fast. He doesn't waste time. Very accurate. " ... written by Sam
What a wonderful man! Great reading" ... written by nik
great reading as usual thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Fantastic reading as always. Fast connection and fast typer! He knew the "damage" I caused before I told him. He predicted a few things that I cant wait to see if it happens and Im sure it will because he has always been extremely accurate!" ... written by Michelle
This man has brought me so much clarity. He has calmed me when no-one else could. He gave me deep insight and understanding that I could not get from anyone else on this site, which is why I continue to return to his room for private readings. He isn't here for the money. His rates are low and he has genuine concern for any outcome and progress after your reading. A true friend and amazing soul. " ... written by Jes
very good reading" ... written by toni
I am so happy for the answers I receive from ProbSolver to my question. I am looking forward to take his advice on m issues." ... written by Haynes
He is such an amazing person. His gift is truly one everyone should have a chance to experience. What a wonderful soul. Thank you!" ... written by Nicki
i hope things get better" ... written by granny
Thank you once again for wonderful reading!" ... written by nicole
good and accurate advice thanks " ... written by insurance
thank u " ... written by hannah
Connects fast and picks up effortlessly. He gives good advice and tells what he see.. Great reader." ... written by BMJ
good reading, very detail. hope to see the predictions come true. he is a nice person who's honest" ... written by Ash
Got my 2nd reading from him, it was awesome he calm me down with my worries, basically i think too much and he tells me details. Thanks" ... written by ah lang
Wow, amazing!" ... written by Sheila!
I think he is great. Try him" ... written by MoonMoon
Many times I go to Prob for his accuracy and compassion. His style is also great, fast! He does a great job explaining stuff and predicting as well. I highly recommend you try him out and you will not be disappointed. I cant wait to see some of these predictions come! I will definitely be back!" ... written by Michelle
one of the nicest people you can talk to,, quick sharp practical compassionate down to earth. " ... written by zimerili1
Always a pleasure talking to him! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You give me hope and lift me up!" ... written by Nicole
Did my first reading with him. He tells exactly what is happening and he knows what is going on.. Now i have to wait for his prediction to come true.. Thank you" ... written by ooo
Follow up reading was great. He gave me good advice, which I will follow and see where it leads me. " ... written by jewelw203
He really gave me two excellent readings on a past issue, which still impacts on my life today. There is no way he could have know the events without having psychic abilities. I intend to consult him in the future as well. " ... written by Charlie0901
Great reading as always, now lets just wait and see :) x" ... written by NN
said his prediction very quickly but said that i have to do things in order for this to happen" ... written by tianna
Exiting days ahead! I really appreciated this very useful reading in preparing for some challenges and tasks ahead. Very insightful indeed! Thanks!" ... written by Charlie
Great reader and so accurate." ... written by jenn
he was good" ... written by Staci
To the point and very clear on what he sees. Look forward to his predications -that is the true measure." ... written by marias
he is very professional, sincere. He provided very detailed readings with specific timeframes. I really appreciate his patient and advice." ... written by pearl
Very good reader, knew things about my situation that I had not disclosed. Very accurate" ... written by Alotlikedorothy
Thank you Probsolver, for that wonderful reading. It was honest, straightforward and with no judgments. Thank you for making me see my faults, and for making me realize that i should go easy on this wonderful person God sent to assist me. Thank you for making clear to me what's important in my life right now. Thank you for the genuine care you put into the reading. In the past year, I have basked in so much unhappiness. This reading lifted something from me. It feels lighter now." ... written by jeany90
What a wonderful soul. He always tells me the way it is. He can read into me like a book!" ... written by nikki
Incredible, accurate, compassionate and full of excellent advice. Told me things he intuited with much kindness and encouragement. Gave me practical help with my issues and I felt a zillion times better for choosing ProbSolver! THANK YOU!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
He is absolutely spot on, and so quick to pick up thanks" ... written by illona
He is the best on here. Very fast connection and fast typing. Told me how how to deal with a situation and I had an amazing outcome. I would Highly recommend him, 5 stars!!! Very professional and will not waste your time. I trust him very much! " ... written by Michelle
Wonderful reading as always. No matter how I enter his room, I always leave smiling! Such a beautiful and warm soul. I can't wait to come back! " ... written by Jes
The reading was very much going along the lines of my experience today. I now know what i suspected the counterpart to be thinking. I wish for a positive answer- it would really be a big relief for me. " ... written by Charlie
awesome! detailed" ... written by sin
Thank you for a kind and detailed reading. I will pray and watch to see what you said happen. will keep coming back to you with updates" ... written by happigal27
he was great he knows alot .." ... written by stacy william
Awesome reading, straight to the point. Very happy. He is clear and concise. " ... written by lervin
ProbSolver was accurate and able to answer my questions. Thank you very much for being there." ... written by ss2208
Another great reading - follow up to previous one giving an update on steps I've taken." ... written by Laura
This is clarity! Very clear reading on my situation. " ... written by Charlie
Its was a great reading, its been a while since I have had one on this site, gave very precise information on what to expect andamp; direction i should goto. highly recommended!!!" ... written by Ammer
Amazing! He seen so much without me saying anything about the person I asked about. I will definitely be back to learn more about my current situation. ProbSolver is truly the best there is!!!" ... written by April
He is seems to see the circumstances -without you telling all the details. " ... written by marias
Very interesting reading. Solver mentioned things from my past that no other psychic mentioned - all true (and somewhat embarrassing). That, for me, lends some validation to his recommendations. I will move forward following his advice and see what happens next." ... written by Laura
BEST READINGS EVER. IM ADDICTED! I will not stop coming back. He tells me one truth after another. He has yet to tell me wrong! Please get a reading from this man. You will be glad you did!" ... written by Jes
He is very caring, and helps me see feel better about my situation. " ... written by marieme
this man is the greatest...he has helped me in so many ways..not just in a pvt. room ..but every night on chat....everyone should join prosolver...its a very warm, fun,, and welcome room...granny" ... written by granny
He definitely knows the situation very well. Instantly connects. A great reading with clear advice and guidance. I would highly recommend this man for a reading any day. I trust him deeply and I believe in what he says!" ... written by Michelle
Always honest and true. Thank you for always being so wonderful at what you do! What a great guy!" ... written by nicole
great reading, on point. Will speak with him again " ... written by MrsChung
OM!!!! I have found the psychic for me!!!!! ProbSolver (Pro), has given me a comfort of hope at a time of a not good situation with me know. He has given me a better understanding of wait and my problem will work in my favor. " ... written by Tricey12
Thank You so much!!!! For my reading today...I am so nervous about the plan, but I cannot wait for it to start coming into play...I forgot to add the biggest part of what I want from him and that JESUS!!!! He need the church. Don't worry about me I will be fine!!!" ... written by Tricey12
Just a quick update tonight... nice reminder to keep acting so things keep moving in my favour. Solver is very patient and caring. Highly recommended!" ... written by Laura
he was very helpful and gave good advice to me " ... written by bibi luthfa mohobuth
I truly enjoyed this reading. I felt as though ProbSolver tapped right into my current situation and was able to bring me guidance and clarification on how to handle the situation. He answered all my questions and knew a lot about my situation. I believe he is the real deal and would highly recommend him to anyone. I will be back again when I need guidance and support from a true psychic. He gets five stars all the way from me. Oh by the way, he knew about upcoming issues that I never mentioned once - yea he's the real deal. " ... written by Roseanna
this was my 1st reading and it was really good, now we wait to see if the predictions happen, I will keep you posted, thank you " ... written by lady
Wonderful, calming and reassuring, hope it will work :)" ... written by cristiana
great reader" ... written by akakkakkaa
Much understanding and caring, my life is going better" ... written by Nicole
ProbSolver helps to open my eyes to reality....he is into emotions like no other.." ... written by Kathy No Glasses
Great reading. He really shed light on an issue I'm having and told me what to be ready for. Very much appreciated this reading. Great psychic!" ... written by Mriss
What a wonderful person,great to talk to,very fast,understanding and nice.answered all of my questions,thank you so much." ... written by p
my trush is in you p.s. I will hang on for him and just hope and pray that things will get beter..thank you..granny" ... written by granny
He's a friendly and very understanding. He is amazing " ... written by nbarnes2
You are always right and I hope my life keeps going in the right direction, thanks to you!" ... written by Nicole
My first experience with a psychic, I have never felt so emotional in a positive way. This man truely does wonders and genuinely wants to help you, one of the best experiences of my life. Definitely recommended." ... written by Yasmeen
Update on situation and great insight into things I'm changing to create my best relationship. Highly recommended." ... written by LP
This is not only a mentor but a good friend, his predictions so far has been correct, and my life has been dramatically improving. I look forward for many of my dreams to come true." ... written by Nicole
Just had a reading. I feel a lot better now and hopeful. Honestly that was really good interpretation of the mess I have in my love life." ... written by Irene
Good reading, thank you... hope that everything does come to pass.....very on point and accurate *****" ... written by Mala
He was great! connected right away and was familiar with the situation .. I recommend him!" ... written by d
Problem Solver is wonderful!! 5 Stars....very good connection to issues you may have...I highly recommend him...." ... written by Kathy No Glasses
He is very accurate. I like that he gives you timeframes. More specific and less general. " ... written by Bev
Always a wonderful time talking with this guy! He is such an amazing person. Never know what he will see!" ... written by Niki
Lovely man who seems genuinely concerned about my situation. He's a great guide for making positive turns in my relationship - and I feel things will get good very soon." ... written by Laura
Wonderful. I really enjoyed this reading. I feel that there was a genuine connection and insight occurring and that because of this, we were able to delve quite deeply into my situation and find the clairty that I was seeking. I am grateful. " ... written by dd
Very intuitive and positive. great reader. provided me with alot of clarity. will listen to his advice. thank u" ... written by aaaa
There is no better reader on this site. I am addicted to Probsolver. Worth every penny and every moment spent with him :) I can't wait to come back!" ... written by Jes
STOP!!!!! LISTEN!!!! ProbSolver is so humble when given readings. I was very upset and was not in a very good mood while speaking to Prob, but he never got upset with me and I thank you Prob for having patience, kindness, strenght and understanding that it was not you I am angry with, but just my problem that I put myself in. You calm me down and set up a to-do-list for what I need to be happy with in my life. Now, I am just waiting like you said. People he is a keeper!!!" ... written by Tricey12
Thanks for being patient with me and his reading was right to my situation. " ... written by ocean
If you are trying to find a psychic that's going to tell you the truth about the questions that you are needing to know. STOP!!! shopping for psychics to into a pvt with Pro and he will shoot your problem straight to you. Tell you what to expect while you are waiting for it to happen and most of all he will put comfort in you while you are waiting for it to come to pass. " ... written by Tricey12
Very clear, positive but not sugar coated. good, definite time frames for the future. The best of the three I've been to on here." ... written by Ross
Wow, Five Stars!" ... written by Stacey
good " ... written by nip
Wonderful reader - right on point. Highly recommended. I've been to many readers on Oranum and he's my favourite for sure!" ... written by LMP
he was truly accommodating of all my questions ...very very helpful and insightful.very great advice and guidance.i would recommend him .patient and understanding !" ... written by lollypop1312
I have been coming to his room since he started. His readings are unique. Full of details and accuracy. Very passionate about his job and guidance he gives. You can trust him to console you, advise you, and help you through your situation with his powerful gifts. I give him 5 stars and believe in him. His predictions are spot on and worth your time!" ... written by Stephanie
Excellent! =)))" ... written by Denise
Prob is a kind, patient soul. Nice suggestions from him on how to keep moving forward in a positive way." ... written by LP
Thankyou for my reading I recommend problem solver he was very detailed and connected quickly I will come back for updats thankyou so much xx" ... written by t
Very pleasant, waiting now for the outcome that should come in a month or 2. " ... written by CEGS1119
thank you p.s. I hope all gets better with just hanging in their and will not throw in the towel !!!!!! again thanks for are the best...granny...." ... written by granny
Very nice and helpful person. I recommend to all. Great experience." ... written by cassie15921
Extremely insightful, knowledgeable and provided me with invaluable advice regarding my situation. I appreciate the level of honesty he provides, even when the information is not want you want to hear. He really cares. " ... written by think
thank uu! wonderful reading. very blessed psychic. will be returning soon for another. thanks for your encouragement. will listen to advice. five stars" ... written by kkk
Probsolver doesn't just have answers. He is really here for you to reassure you and relax you no matter the outcome. He is genuine and has the most amazing spirit. I will come to his room just to smile. Worth much more than what I have spent on him. Oranum is so lucky to have him. :)" ... written by Jes
He is very honest and a good person.His prediction came to pass ." ... written by KS
Update and further tactics for making positive movements forward. Can't wait to have the simple, fulfilling life back and Solver is really good at helping me get there." ... written by Laura
I love talking to this guy! He is such a wonderful person! High recommended!" ... written by nicole
This was my first reading with PS. He gave me some dates to look forward to and some advice which I'll have to admit was shocked to hear and first time ever someone gave me such advice. He reads real quick and answers any questions you have. thanks" ... written by jaqueline
so much information! not sure what to make of it but it all seems plausible. only time can tell now..." ... written by nimue
really fast in picking up on things and when doing readings. i have no doubt that he is really accurate in his readings" ... written by nshay
He is such an amazing reader! He always knows whats going on and gives great advice! Thank you for doing what you do!" ... written by niki
Wonderful reading. He is very special." ... written by Beauty clarity
very good reader !! " ... written by Karla mercado
it says psychic has left when i press on private reading.." ... written by siesta
Thank you again for a wonderful reading, and great support. I appreciate you. " ... written by mt
he was amazing. he's a fast typer so you don't waste any money and hes very detailed with his reading and also gives you time frames. he guided me regarding a situation in my life and it put me at ease" ... written by zae
He is very very good! I enjoyed my reading and I look forward to his predictions coming to be! I will be back and I would recommend you try him! " ... written by Melissa
very good" ... written by travis
Quick update, directly to the point." ... written by lervin
Very interesting update. You really can see everything inside other people heads :)" ... written by Eireen
well, this was an update to my situations predictions are still in waiting to happen but this man gave a lot information, very nice and claim, I will let you know what happens, Thank you Problemsolver" ... written by Lady
This is my first reading and it's different from all the other readings I've gotten. I like the fact that he doesn't ask for my birthday. Sometimes I feel like those who needs "tools" aren't as good as those who get readings from a "guide"" ... written by soleil2seoul
He is the best - Ihe knows exactly what is going on without me having to explain. I will always come back." ... written by Dense
I appreciate you looking into the situation. You were very helpful about it, and instead of jumping to give me an answer, you tried understanding what was really going on. Thank you. " ... written by MMarmalade
YOur the he makes me laugh very nice reading. always on point and direct....and gives awesomeeeeee advice:)" ... written by think
great support. totally understanding. clear guidance." ... written by melissa
Amazing! Sooooo helpful and ACCURATE!!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
I've read with him before and he's soooo good! I had been given some interesting feedback from another psychic that didn't feel good to me and he helped clarify my truth and the truth of the situation! He told me today, "Do you know how lucky you are?" He was right I had forgotten how lucky I am! :) I will be back! :) " ... written by Alexis
Once again great reading with my psychic, Prob, awesome reading with great insight.. he was able to tell me great details with great accuracy.. Im excited with what he has told me. He has always been very accurate with doing my reading.. Im really happy with what he has told me.. He is very upfront and honest and doesnt sugarcoat anything.. He tells it like it is.. Im very greatful... " ... written by Goddesslove1
Great reader and quick to the point!" ... written by kary
thank you for always put a smile on my face...granny" ... written by granny
He was very direct and to the point. Seemed to pick up on everything very quickly. " ... written by p
Wonderful soul! He sees everything!" ... written by nicole
He was right on. The prediction happened just like he said. Wow what a amazing man." ... written by niki
he is great reader" ... written by mmmmmoooo
time to gamble..." ... written by LP
Well...I will say you were right. M is already know what I mean" ... written by nicolemarie83
He is such an amazing guy. We always connect to another level!" ... written by nicole
Great Guy. Very positive and accurate reader. He picks up on everything you need to know. I really enjoyed." ... written by Cassie
Thank you, ProbSolver, for your insights and honest advice. " ... written by COCOLO1989
OMG! So spot on and so connected, gave me some great advice and I hope it'll come to pass." ... written by cristiana
Thank you for this prvt , it gave me some hope for the future...i will continue to apply for every job and see... thank you for your honesty and kindness, keep in touch! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Highly recommended as he is very fast, knowledgable and intelligent... I am quite impressed to see that he has so much of knowledge about my profession and filed. I'm sure that helps in making accurate predictions ." ... written by S
Solver is helping me move forward - create my destiny. So far everything is working well. He offers advice on when to be slow going and when to take action. So far he has been right on." ... written by Laura
I just had a reading with ProbSolver and I have to say he is amazingly accurate and saw into my situation so well. I am very happy and highly recommend him to anyone looking to book a reading. He is GENUINE and I can promise you you will get an accurate reading. He doesn't tell you what you want to hear, only the truth!!! He is so caring and lovely also, and greets everyone as you enter his chatroom. He is refreshingly positive and 10/10." ... written by Kirsty_333
Very, very, very helpful. I have a very amazing and intense relationship that I've needed some real insight with and understanding of. He was so accurate and gave me a great understanding of how this man is feeling for me and what I can expect. Some of what he has said has already come true and it is literally deepening my bond with this man I love. I'm so grateful for his insight and grasp of the unknown! :) xoxox" ... written by Alexis
Oh my gosh! He is such an amazing soul. He knows exactly everything!" ... written by niki
Amazing reading. Very direct and compassionate. Can see many things and always predicts correctly. His style is very good and different. I continue to seek his guidance and know that I will be led in the right direction. Constantly accurate and very detailed. " ... written by michelle
Always helpful, and uplifting, truly has changed my mood and actually be happy for things to come. A true friend." ... written by Nicole
he is peaceful and accruate. Always welcoming and brief to the point" ... written by Nbarnes2
he's good brief and subtle " ... written by nbarnes2
Thanks for the insight and the help! Loved how he just kept typing and providing info. He didn't waste time. " ... written by BeeW
ProbSolver is great. I join him for updates and advice on how to best move forward with my relationship. He's great at keeping me focused, while still allowing me to vent my frustrations at my current situation. Always a kind word from him - so understanding of my situation and how to proceed with positive, affirming tactics." ... written by Laura
needed some advice and update on current situation and Solver gave great info." ... written by LP
ProbSolver was very accurate. He seemed very genuine and kind, as well." ... written by Adele Kealy
another great reading with probsolver he is brilliant would recommend him to everybody thanks again" ... written by slimmie
His predictions happened. his advice works and he tells things as the are." ... written by Staci
He is quite accurate. Very good reader!" ... written by petalouditsa
Great reader and very calming, even in my good and bad times." ... written by nbarnes2
So accurate!! So so so accurate!! I will be back!!" ... written by Alexis
He is a calming person. And one of the most accurate I have found on here(found some in quite some time)." ... written by Nbarnes2
Probsolver knows things that no one could tell him and he really helps me be at peace with a lot of things Im going through" ... written by ncgirl
lovely connection. The computer lag was horrible. But he was fantastic!" ... written by tiffany
Thank you very much. I came to you for confirmation, and you gave me just that. Exactly what I knew before I spoke to you about it, the information was coming out. You are blessed by God. Amazing connection. " ... written by m
Was good reading... some insght and will see how out come will be" ... written by Harry
Great insight. Puts my doubts at ease." ... written by Eireen
This guy is so wonderful! I love to have him read me and give me the truth and bring me back to reality! " ... written by nikki
great reading. truly insightful and full of knowledge" ... written by tyler
My situation was very complicated, but he knew details that no one could've told him I was very very impressed" ... written by ncgirl
Probsolver is a fantastic reader! Connects very well without asking a lot of questions." ... written by TS
Fantastic reading. Always accurate and contacts me with additional updates. " ... written by TS
My second reading with him. Hes great. Waiting for his predictions to come true. " ... written by K
very good" ... written by travis
Great as always. love his updates. excited for future " ... written by Andrea
Thank you again Problem solver ,will keep you updated with the situation." ... written by SC
ProbSolver does just that - solves your problems. You will be amazed by his insights and solutions. Please give him a go!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
He was very helpful and told me a lot of information to help move forward." ... written by Amber
wow p.s. I just don't know what to just so have helped me to understand bettr at things..just have to wait and see...thanks granny" ... written by granny
Awesome. Gave amazing advice while being encouraging. I'm hopeful for the future!" ... written by Andrea
He was spot on with everything. He stated that John and I would have a certain discussion and it actually happened sooner than later! I was very surprised because this is different than expected but he did it! I went back and will keep going back. Not only is he accurate with info and time frames but he is a true friend. " ... written by Tiana
thank you so much p.s. for everything..i hope all this ends up good for both of help me in so many ways....always love to hear all is ok...again thank you.. granny" ... written by granny
Thank you" ... written by Princess Rachel
Goodwill man who will try his best to tell you the exact situation without pressing. Ask the right question will explore the matter further very closely. Worth the time as always :)" ... written by FeelWill
Very mild manners and teller. Nothing better than a man who can focus on telling and answering not going out of boundaries. Very honest in reading and timeline. Deserve to be praise by many." ... written by FeelWill
Thank you love oxoxoxo!!!! Shalom, B'rachot.." ... written by Princess Rachel
Caretalker. Quick and accurate info. Always at ease to talk to :)" ... written by FeelWill
One of the best reads I had. " ... written by nbarnes2
really good readings, I feel very accurate, about things that I asked, I feel like he did know these things, and they I feel will happen" ... written by sunrisegold
He's amazing and accurate. very sophisticated and charming in his foretelling." ... written by nbarnes2
Very detailed and accurate :)" ... written by FeelWill
Had my first reading with ProbSolver... he is such a positive energy, and felt his kindness the minute I went into his room. He made me feel so comfortable to talk to . He connected to me fast and helped me to pass the tension I am having. Gave me positive outlook on life. Gave me clarity to my answers. I will definitely come back to see him. He is an amazing and kind soul. Thank you ...:))" ... written by BELLA
Wowow!!!! he is really great" ... written by Princess Rachel
Had a great reading with him. He answered my question quickly and accurately and gave me some solid advice for my situation. :)" ... written by Mriss
He is always an amazing reader! gives me advice and his predictions always comes throught! I consider him a true friend!" ... written by Nicole
thank you for an excellent detailed reading. You are surely a problem solver. Appreciate your help. God bless." ... written by mindit
I finally have an answer. THANK YOU!" ... written by MMarmalade
a rare gem. very patient. Wonderful reader. Always sweet and kind. Extremely accurate. I had a complicated situation and he gave me a solution. Thank you for your help. " ... written by moonshine
lovely person, excellent energy. " ... written by moonshine
Gosh I need all the time I can get with the very best right now! This man is soooo good! Every time I feel like I'm wanting to "give up" he helps me understand things I couldn't before. I'm eternally grateful to him! :) " ... written by Alexis
The best reading EVER!!! Literally cleared up everything, got me back on track, confirmed what I was feeling and LITERALLY saved me. I have a very fast moving relationship and ProbSolver was able to relay exactly what I needed to hear to make this so much more fun!!! THANK YOU, so adore you!!!!! :) I will be back!!!! :) p.s. He's also the most honorable, thoughtful, caring man outside my boyfriend. He just really cares!" ... written by Alexis
Problemsolver is the man.. He is awesome, I loved my reading he gave me so much insight..and what course of action to take..very good thanks to you soon.:)" ... written by SC
Trusted friend, I come to him when I am happy or sad or anxious. Very true insight and his helping me improve life." ... written by Nicole
great in alleviating doubt" ... written by brandon
awesome!!!" ... written by sandy and chris
great reader,awesome person,fast to answer your questions.i do recommend him 100%,thank you." ... written by puffy
real helpful" ... written by brandon
Very accurate..knowing what I do about who I was asking about he was amazingly tuned into him and our situation. Hopeful for the future and will definitely take his advice. " ... written by Andrea
Very helpfull thank you :) " ... written by Walter
ProbSolver does just that: He solves your problems!! INCREDIBLE reader, just mind blowing accuracy and truth in every way. He reads your situations with love, understanding and patience and gives you the absolute highest path in it all. AMAZING READER!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
brilliant!!" ... written by meera
great in depth reading...very much appreciated to help me get my thoughts focused." ... written by lllll
very interesting reading thank you x" ... written by joboluvz73
very good reading seems on point with everything thanks xx" ... written by joboluvz73
He gave lots of information! More than I expected. Thanks " ... written by justme0234
ProbSolver has talked me down from many emotional highs and lows (it's really best to be somewhere in between), with his kind, caring words. Highly recommended as he is patiently helping me work through relationship trauma." ... written by SB
Great update and feeling more confidence that things are moving the way they should. Slow and steady wins the race, right?" ... written by LP
Thank you for helping me always and guiding me on the right steps. You gave me such positive ideas and what to be aware of like your Username says: ProbSolver. Life is about solving problems but when you hit a wall can't find that secret block to open the door to continue your path, you need a guide. Thank you. I will come back. God Bless you my friend. " ... written by Walter
I really enjoyed my reading! Zoomed in and new what I was going to ask about before I even asked. Even pointed out my flaws which i needed to hear. And was very accurate, precise and was very sweet. Good energy, good man. Thank you for insights on my schooling etc... " ... written by Xoxo
God bless you ps...I don't know how much longer I can wait for him..thank you for all the trying to understand this so much .you are the best..your ganny lovs you" ... written by granny
Detailed reading. Connected to the situation. Thanks." ... written by -
Wonderful reading as usual! It's not my first reading with ProbSolver and it's a privilege for me to receive guidance from this man. I can tell that all predictions that he made yet were exact and he is able to give me some very great advices to succeed in my future job research. Continue your good work, you are a precious psychic for Oranum and people around the world! Keep in touch! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
Wow, I am blown away with his abilities. Very clear, fast and accurate assessment and his predictions are great too! I trust in him completely!" ... written by Michelle
We'll see!" ... written by C
Fast, to the point. Best readings ever!" ... written by lllll
Not only gifted but my friend and advisor." ... written by Nicole
Very accurate, just not sure why the reading ended while he was still busy with the reading" ... written by Wanda
I love love love this guy! He connects so well with me! Nobody has ever been able to connect like he does! He is such a wonderful honest trusting man! Thank you!" ... written by Nicole
Probsolver is awesome... I let him read me without me giving him any names of person... He connected to me instantly and I was speechless" ... written by unknown
amazing thank you " ... written by sunita700
Very, very, very helpful! Incredibly accurate, ooooohhhh I've made mistakes, but he and another reader are helping me to correct them! :) :)" ... written by Alexis
I feel like this man has known me for years andamp; my situation he is 100% accurate, very impressive :)" ... written by Havy
thank u for answering me. best reading." ... written by ..
Thank you accurate messages come from him. Sometimes, he has his perspective and it is good information to listen to because he is very genuine and honest individual. Appreciate you and you helped me when I was really in trouble. " ... written by maiden voyage
Thank u so much probsolver you saved my doubts and worries" ... written by ar
Awesomely detailed reading. Very clear and patient." ... written by lervin
Always very clear about his predictions. Really put me to think. Great advice." ... written by Eireen
very detailed and accurate...interesting reading" ... written by lovehouston
He is wonderful honest loving soul! Everyone should try him at least once! you will be amazed!" ... written by nicolemarie83
Greta guidance andamp; advice, thank you very much :)" ... written by H
the best reading by far that i have had on here, very detailed, very accurate, helped me decide and would definitely get a reading with him again" ... written by sam
thank you for being so wonderful and supportive. " ... written by mt
The best" ... written by Irene
Great insight andamp; accurate psychic :)" ... written by Havy
Thank you for the very special talk today. I needed that for sure!" ... written by nikki
This is a very compassionate, direct, and wise man. The reading was absolutely great and full of information, delivered in a most professional way. I am very pleased, and very hopeful, after talking to him." ... written by Bahamutia
he was slow starting but as i was starting to get concerned he was answering questions quick as lightning" ... written by stacey
Such a different approach from other psychics. Very supportive man who give concrete suggestions. Highly recommended." ... written by LP
Wonderful listener" ... written by LP
detailed and concerned. Wish I had more time." ... written by lllll
Just like to say what an amazing reader you are not only u look at issues u go into the root of the problem ... most of the things you said came true from last reading now just waiting for my hubby to be on right path thank you again" ... written by sunita700
great reading as always " ... written by sunita700
He is wonderful, and direct. He know what he is saying and is very honest. I am happy with this reading and I am looking forward to see what happens." ... written by sangeeta
My first ever reading. With warm heart you talk, kind words with truth and love. Thank you for time and help. :)" ... written by abailey86
You'd think I was a complete basket case with how often I talk to Solver. Yeah, I guess I am. He is able to keep me calm which is so needed in this life. High rating." ... written by LP
Working through options to fix a big situation. Great advice." ... written by LP
the reading was very insightful and helpfull" ... written by travis
Wonderful reading :)" ... written by S
Had such a great reading!!! What a great amount of insight! I'm so impressed!! Thanks for all the help!" ... written by Kitten
What a sweet man. He will give you a LOT of very good information within your session. He's fast and he gives you a lot of information within your session time frame. No sugar coating, he tells you what he sees. I'm so glad that he saw nothing but good things for me in my future, and, I'm just going to sit back and wait for his predictions to come true! His advice and predictions gave me so much hope for my future and my romance. I was a nervous wreck, but, I now feel calm and at peace. He genuinely cares about people. " ... written by Lana
I love Love Love this guy! He is such an amazing person. He will read u like a book! Honest and trustworthly!" ... written by nicole
always a pleasure to talk to this wonderful soul. He is such an amazing person and is truly a caring person!" ... written by nicole
He is my best friend and some things have been improving since I found him! Please he will change your life!" ... written by Nicole
Very detailed and honest reader, he could see whats happening and gave me some advices to follow" ... written by Priscilla
Great advice andamp; guidance as always :)" ... written by H
Great Reader! Always makes me happy to hear from him! You are the best and know how to cheer me up! Thank you my dear friend!" ... written by nicole
Thanks For A great reading...I will take your advice" ... written by ola
Thanks Sweetie" ... written by ola
great" ... written by ola
really good put things right for me" ... written by leigh osborne
great reader....would be back:)" ... written by canada12
Great listener andamp; good sensible advice andamp; guidance :)" ... written by H
5 stars!!!!!Probselver is the best psychic I have ever experienced. Not only did his predictions come to pass but he tells you how to prevent obstacles. Thank you so much. I will be back in two weeks for updates. May god bless you and thank you." ... written by num1cal
he was really helpful and insightful I will do everything he has suggested and let you guys know the outcome.. thanks a lot you really helped me" ... written by tiffany
Best advisor and friend!" ... written by Nicole
Always calms and reassures me when im in a stressful situation, go to probsolver if you want your mind at ease he genuinely wants to help and a heartwarming man. " ... written by jasmine
Thank you for the wonderful reading. you have helped me and I appreciate you. " ... written by mintleaves
Fantastic reading, super quick and to the point. Fast with his connections. Does not need time to connect and will not waste your money. He will give you his entire concentration and will not be distracted with his background and waste your time. His guidance is sound and honest. I highly recommend him for his readings. " ... written by Michelle
Just wanted to say this reader is a wonderful person that gives great readings and is very direct and honest... no sugar coating is done. I highly recommended him, his fast as well will not waste time or your money. " ... written by sunita700
I love Love Love this guy! He inspires me and gives me the best advice ....better then a best friend!" ... written by nicole
very very helpful to me" ... written by leigh osborne
he is good " ... written by me
good" ... written by travis
he is Great" ... written by sc
love it, he was very sweet" ... written by ree
one of the best...straight to the point....and focus (I love his FOCUS ENERGY) told me everything I need to hear...:-) WORK HARD PLAY HARD...." ... written by Stormfire28
Best friend and advisor for life!" ... written by Nicole
very detailed and positive reading about me and another person.Once again has given me hope that everything will be ok. " ... written by sam
Awesome as always. Love that he keeps in touch and asks for updates as to keep me as informed as possible!" ... written by Andrea
once again very helpful, given me hope that things will work out. Will only get readings from this person now." ... written by sam
he is a good reader" ... written by mpappa
This man is such an amazing reader! You are the best of the best! ***5 Stars***" ... written by nicole
I want to thank you for all you have done for me! Your readings are amazing an you have always given me honest advice. You have made me a better person an have helped me through the toughest time of my life. You never sugar coat anything an I appricate your honesty an wonderful gift. I truly feel you are a friend for life." ... written by NicoleMarie83
wonderful and hope on all he says" ... written by d
as usual, the guy is terrific and very honest on what the situation is..and what will happen in the future " ... written by Ameer
This lovely person, has done me so much good for my life. He has helped me be hopeful that things will be better and they have been. He is the only person that knows everything about me, and I am thankful for him and his readings, and his predications have been accurate. He is still working on me and my life and I hope that I can repay him somehow for the happiness that is coming my way." ... written by Nicoledaniel028
He's real good, detailed and friendly. Very accurate!" ... written by Betina
very consistent and goes into detail aswell!!! also very honest and straight up!! " ... written by meera
Always wonderful. asked me to talk because he had stuff that i really did need to hear! always enjoy his readings! highly recommend!" ... written by Andrea
he was very good. gave me a lot of info for 1.99 i hope he stays at this rate as i told him i will come back to keep him updated. Thank you for such a wonderful, honest reading. " ... written by jazzy
great reader" ... written by mppp
thank you Problem Solver.." ... written by sc
I have visited ProbSolver a few times and he was spot on. Sometimes I may have not liked what I heard, but it all came to pass. Very confident reader. Highly recommended. I am looking forward to the next prediction. " ... written by tara
Wonderful session. He is truly amazing. Thank you so much!!!!" ... written by Beauty
thank you for being here for me. You see what I see and you helped me a lot. Your help with balancing me is greatly appreciated. Blessings. " ... written by m
This is my 4th reading with Problem solver. His Predictions have always come past for me. He is 100% accurate for my career reading . Its always pleasure to get a reading from such a talented and Knowledgable Pyschic......Thanks for everything......Keep doing your amazing work." ... written by MOON
He put my mind at ease yet again. He gave me such valuable information and advice on how to move forward in my situation. I really recommend him. He's extremely sweet and caring, and, he talks to you like you matter, not like you are just another client. He seems to genuinely care, and, he'll give you a LOT of information in your session. He's a very fast typer, and, that's really good because he responds very quickly and types extremely fast. He tells it all like it is, and, he really gets to the root of the situation and tells you what to expect in the future. I can't wait to follow his advice and hope good things unfold for me in the future. " ... written by Lana
he made a promise :)" ... written by andrew kemna
Thank you my dearest friend." ... written by Nicole
Extremely gifted. Can see beyond present issues. What he told me about my own spirituality came true. I always knew where my path is, but he confirmed, and gently guided me through emotional turmoil and difficulties in reaching my actual path of divine connection. God bless you. I sincerely appreciate your help and guidance. " ... written by m
I am new to this site and I feel he was patient and understanding. I look forward to all coming together for me in my life. " ... written by knowing2013
Thank you ProbSolver for the update. I really appreciate how you put my mind at ease. Thank you very much." ... written by Lana
just great. he is detailed and accurate. really... he gave me awesome advice. highly recommended" ... written by cami
very good reader, still have yet to see if everything is going to happen in the future that we spoke about , no tools needed, which is something that I like very much, very good readings, I feel" ... written by sunrisegold
hey thank you again for helping me. Very well connected reader. " ... written by m
Best friend ever, improver of lives and mender of hearts." ... written by Nicole
What a great guy. Love talking to him, he's always so kind and lifts my spirits every time. xoxoxoxo" ... written by Dimples
There is no one who can compare to ProbSolver! Every prediction, every insight has come true. He sees things in the future and will tell you what is to come. You can trust everything in his readings, he is 100% accurate, every time." ... written by Summerbreeze888
Honest, caring and to the point. He tunes right into my situation and gives solid advice. A++++" ... written by Serenity
Readings get more depth every time, more clarity of what I really have to do to." ... written by Eireen
Very comprenhensive and thoughtful. He is very helpful is more like a therapy! Is really good!" ... written by Angeles
very good first reading..will come back" ... written by rosy
Thank you for your help. Great help from god, great listener. " ... written by m
very good reading with probsolver, he is very good, and didn't use tools, will use more in the future, I get readings with the psychics depending on what time of the day I am up and looking for someone to tell me something. we will see what the future holds" ... written by sunrisegold
You never know what to expect with him! Sometimes its very unexpected, but very true. He sees things before you know its even happening. He is a wonderful reader and have put my trust into him." ... written by Nicolemarie83
Very encouraging and consistent..picked up on something i had never mentioned. great as always!" ... written by Andrea
thank you again for wonderful reading" ... written by m
Very insightful and helps me with my problems when I am feeling down and don't know what to do" ... written by nc girl
Really honest guy and great reading. He was great!!!" ... written by Becky
He is so great! He is so sweet. His predictions have been coming true, and, aside from his predictions coming true, he has also been an amazing spiritual guide. Once my predictions started coming true, he continued on with his advice and has been telling me what I need to do to make sure that everything stays on the right path and that I don't "mess things up" for myself, so to speak. He isn't afraid to point out flaws and imperfections in your personality or behavior or even in your partner's. Amazing psychic and friend! I will be back in the future to talk to you, my friend." ... written by Lana
very good readings with probsolver, but I sometimes cannot understand him, since he has a strong accent. no tools needed with probsolver either" ... written by sunrisegold
very good readings with probsolver, does not need tools to tell me anything, will see what my future holds" ... written by sunrisegold
excellent guidance, I really like talking to him, beautiful soul and spirit. Light is always wonderful and peaceful. Thank u" ... written by m
He is really great. I had horrible migraine this morning and came to see him. He helped send me some healing energy and showed me things to do to ease the pain. I has really helped, the pain is at least bearable now. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Mriss
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ON THIS SITE!!! Incredible reader in every way. I am so amazed by ProbSolver, there are no words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have changed my life!" ... written by Summerbreeze
He always helps me with my problems especially when Im in a difficult situation" ... written by nc girl
thank you for everything!!!! 5 stars.... very nice and caring person as well" ... written by m
thank u amazing" ... written by christina
very good readings from probsolver, I feel very accurate in what he has to say, and that things will come to pass as he says, no tools are needed when he does a reading for me also, which is something that I really like, no tools, will be using probsolver more in the future" ... written by sunrisegold
thank you for everything you have done for me. Take care. " ... written by moon
He is my friend and excellent guide. He has helped me a lot. I am deeply spiritual, and he understands my spirituality and my issues very carefully. It is rare to have this type of gift, and I can attest to that as a fellow spiritualist. God bless you my dear friend, you have been an angel in my life. Blessings and deep gratitude for your help. " ... written by maddie
Thank you once again for all your help." ... written by Lana
very intuitive, no tools needed, very good readings with probsolver, trust in his readings" ... written by sunrisegold
Always amazing!" ... written by Alexis
Really really great reading from this man. He is so kind and helped me work through my issues with my ex....and if he's coming back or not. I feel so much better, so much more positive about the future now. Thank you so much Probsolver!!!" ... written by Tonya
awesome...will keep update." ... written by d
very intuitive, does not need the tools to do a reading, does a very good reading for me, and I trust in his word, we will see what the future holds" ... written by sunrisegold
ProbSolver answered my questions. I hope that he is accurate in his positive predictions. And I wish that they will come to pass. I can't wait for his predictions to happen. " ... written by Moonchild59
Kind andamp; precise with reading" ... written by H
great reader" ... written by mppp
Thank you for everything. I appreciate your help" ... written by MT
I appreciate everything you have done for me. I want to thank you for what you see as my life path, and that makes me feel blessed and yes I follow only God, and there is only one truth Source, and you are very blessed indeed. " ... written by moonshine
He is such an amazing reader. He will tell you everything you need to know and more. I love having readings from him. Thank you always!" ... written by nicole
thank you for a great reading. " ... written by mt
very good readings with probsolver, we will see what the future holds though, still waiting for that to happen" ... written by sunrisegold
Very good readings with probsolver, will see what the future will be like , if as predicted, will see if they come to pass, he does not use tools, which I do like very much, and I feel very accurate with the questions that I ask him" ... written by sunrisegold
A great guy, helpful andamp; spot on!!!!" ... written by H
very good readings with probsolver, I feel very accurate also, need to see what the future will hold though" ... written by sunrisegold
very good readings, no tools needed, we still have to see if what he says for the future, will happen, but is really compassionate towards my situation and is doing whatever he can to help me resolve the issue. " ... written by sunrisegold
great reading!" ... written by lervin
i came back to ProbSolver again because his past predictions about my situations came true!! i highly recommend him!!" ... written by ninisha
Oh it cut us off I will be back for reading! thankyou again!" ... written by lYNN
Really, really, really accurate. Helped me through a crisis that was so tough for me but he knew exactly what was going on!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Alexis
thank you for another great reading" ... written by Talebini
Great, wonderful!" ... written by Alexis
thank you for being here in my journey to my own destination. I reached mine, and wish you the best in reaching yours. Blessings " ... written by mnt
very good reader, no tools needed, and now just have to see what the future will hold for me, and if things are going to come true " ... written by sunrisegold
first time meditation. looking forward to the rest. going to be a great journey with probsolver. will be back!" ... written by m
very good readings with probsolver, dani, feel that he does know quite alot about my situation now, we will see what the future holds for me, I know it will be good" ... written by sunrisegold
readings are good, I trust in his word, will see what the future holds for me, " ... written by sunrisegold
Wow... he is the real deal.. hands down.. knows exactly what is going on in my life and others in it as well. Will wait to see predictions. Thanks Probsolver!" ... written by m
Very quick, very on. Definitely recommend!" ... written by Angela
Absolutely fantastic reading! Spot on with everything, I can't believe the things he knew!! Highly recommend him and will definitely be back!" ... written by Tori
Splendid! Just splendid!" ... written by Charity
This reading was really good. he knows what he's doing with love issues that's for sure." ... written by dave
excellent" ... written by merci
AMAZING!!! He knows, he knows!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Wonderful!" ... written by Alexis
WONDERFUL!!!!" ... written by Alexis
very good readings, we will see what the future will bring though " ... written by sunrisegold
OMG thank you, " ... written by
Absolutely wonderful reader in every way. All the reviews that say he calms you down, gives you awesome perspective are right. Accuracy is amazing!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thank you again my friend, and i am so glad we see the light and the world as it is. Greatly appreciated. " ... written by m
Very quick and to the point " ... written by Angela
Quick, accurate, and cares very much that you understand what he is trying to say." ... written by lervin
BEST PSYCHIC ON THIS SITE!!!" ... written by TS
great. thanks!" ... written by cami
ok thanks p.s. I will try and be strong..i will miss him and I love him too...granny" ... written by granny
very good readings with dani, we will see what the future is going to bring" ... written by probsolver
Prob Solver is very nice and caring soul. He helped me to release my tension. And was so concerned of my feelings. He really cares for us on Oranum. He got me to open up to him about my situation. And talked to me about my thoughts and my sensitivities... He knew certain things that I hadn't told him. And he confirmed my doubts... Thank you for understanding me.:)" ... written by Belen
fantastic! really able to help me a lot! very acertive and eloquent with everything" ... written by wassawa
I think i just had a 10 hour reading from Mr. Prob Solver. I immensley enjoyed it. He really calmed me down to reaasure me that all will be ok. I very happy to have met him nd will be coming back. I really like how he is blunt with me and tell me all things just how it is right and wrong. SUPER SPOT ON ACCCURATE! Its like he knows me and knowss what I will ask before I even type my question. lol. I really like his sense of humor. very comfotroable i feel with him" ... written by Lynn
Prob is always on point when it comes to picking up on my situation. so far one of his predicions have happened and he always sees the same. his visions are consistent. thanks prob. I know you are on my side. God Bless and I will be back" ... written by m
Beautiful person and gave a lovely reading. I was so impressed with the detail!!!" ... written by Melinda
This guy was really great. Lots of information about past, present and future but mostly about my love life. He has real gift to share with the world. " ... written by Emelio
Such a great psychic!! Will return for sure!!" ... written by Katy
He is such an amazing person! I love to have him read me! I wish he could read me every day! His gift is unbelievable and all should put their trust in him! Thank you for all you do!" ... written by Nicole
I walked in the darkness until there was light! I have more hope today because of this kind mind. I hope my dreams will become reality." ... written by Nicole
Really a great session!!! He is so loving, so caring and such an awesome human being. Helps me get rid of my migraine!!!! Five stars for sure!!!" ... written by Darlene
Oh my what a cutie!!! " ... written by Ellen
Very fast and pretty accurate about my ex." ... written by Mitchi10
As always, a blessing and honor to have a reading with one of the best. Always makes me smile!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Beauty
Awesome session, beautiful and wonderful person as well as a great psychic. So glad I came!" ... written by Karla
This guy is really cool. He knew about my sitch with my girl and gave me good advice. I will be back to update. I highly recommend him." ... written by Mike
Quickly picked up on the situation. Provided a thorough reading. Connected well and gave good advice.. Will be back for update." ... written by C
thank you again for a wonderful reading. You have a fantastic day." ... written by mint
Such a great psychic!!! Full of information that was just what I needed, the good and the bad, all was very helpful. I highly recommend him to everyone and I will definitely be back again!" ... written by Echo
Great reading! Loved it!" ... written by K
He helped me heal from something so dark, and be happy relieved and smiling again. I am grateful to him always. " ... written by mint chocolate
thanks p.s. I needed that but still confused...lov yu granny" ... written by granny
very good readings with dani, no tools are needed to answer my questions, we will see what the future holds for me" ... written by sunrisegold
Very helpful and accurate. give him a chance please, you will be happy." ... written by leoautumn
Excellent reading!! He answered all of my questions and the reading was detailed and in depth. He's fast and I will definitely come back to him. Thank you!" ... written by b
wonderful session! hit the nail ont he head with this one! didn't have to ask, he saw it all! Wonderful- will be back" ... written by b
He is very good!! Very accurate!" ... written by Miszy
Probsolver is direct to the point. I hope that his predictions happen. He gives hope when there is hope. Thank you!" ... written by moonchild59
My best reader and friend. Love and light to you. Look forward to the journey you projected. Blessings of God be with you :)" ... written by mnt1443
Always a pleasure to get a reading from Prob. Such a kind heart and beautiful soul, and helps to give me guidance and confidence with issues in my life. Much a appreciated!!" ... written by Mriss
I've been to a lot of psychics, but this experience was different. He was extremely accurate and I feel confident that I will reunite with my lost love. Very much looking forward to the future!! Thank you so much Probsolver!!" ... written by Robin
very good readings with dani, accurate I feel, hopefully , the future will be like he says" ... written by sunrisegold
awesome reading :) So consistent from last reading, and everything he said i was told word for word by my partner- great energy, pure soul, take him pvt, he's really wonderful xx" ... written by ballerina
5 stars....very gifted man and knows very much...I recommend him to all " ... written by Focusing
This was a really cool experience. I'm so excited at the prospect of finding new and true love and I believe that Probsolver is going to help me get there!!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for me!!!" ... written by Sabrina
More with my FD. He's so AWESOME!!!!!!" ... written by B
very good readings with dani, hopefully the future is going to be what he says , no tools needed to do any readings, very accurate, but the future hasn't happened yet, with what I have been told " ... written by sunrisegold
A good psycic this is. He e throws a lot on your plate, so it might be a bit confusing to know what to process and not." ... written by Hubbelman
He gave me good insight and time frames. I hope everything he said will come to pass. I will anxiously await. Thank you again!" ... written by Mitchi10
Very good readings with Dani, no need for tools, but we will see if what he says about the future will come true" ... written by sunrisegold
fantastic" ... written by michael
you FD......" ... written by B
Absolutely wonderful reading. He has a wonderful gift and sharing with the will not be disappointed to partake." ... written by B
brilliant " ... written by michael
excellent reading " ... written by michael
This guy.....I tell you....this guy was amazin!!!!!! I can't believe the stuff he told me. I just can't believe it. Amazin I swear!!!! Look him up!" ... written by Diiirty south
I love love love when I get to talk to him! He makes my day so much better! Thank you my dear friend! We both are lucky you know!" ... written by nicole
Great reader, was waiting for him to be online. Two readings have been pretty clear now, thanks." ... written by Nimue
This was a really good reading and great experience. I would do it again for sure." ... written by Danielle
Very good and quick. " ... written by Angela
Really great reading. Would definitely come again." ... written by Stella
I look forward to working with him...I think he will help me" ... written by Miszy
Always great to see my fave. Such a great psychic and all around great man. So glad to call him my friend. :)" ... written by Beauty
Great reading. He's good." ... written by The Beast
Great reading!" ... written by ler
great reader" ... written by mmmmm
I really enjoyed the experience and looking forward to seeing things happening!!! Thank you Probsolver!!" ... written by Ophelia
He helped me a lot with my situation!! I highly recommend him! " ... written by ninishs
very good readings with Dani, no tools needed" ... written by sunrisegold
thank you for your help always. Appreciated greatly. " ... written by m
As always, Probsolver has helped me immensely in my time of need. He is always able to see clearly into my situation and offer helpful advice and solutions to my issues and help direct me which way to go. He is always five stars!!!" ... written by BC
He is always great!" ... written by Sparkle Pony
He is always so connected and accurate. All my readings with him have been full of insight and advice. He will always give you strength and guidance and I am so glad to have him in my life!" ... written by fishygirl11
Thank you my dear friend. You helped me a lot. So take care and lots of blessings." ... written by mint
positiveeee" ... written by Nina
A dear friend recommended him and WOW! I loved this reading and he gave me so much information in a short of amount of time. Both good and bad and with advice. I feel more clear with my situation and what is to come." ... written by Kelsey
very good thanx" ... written by garth
excellent help as always, you explained my complex situation. Thank you and god bless." ... written by m
excellent always" ... written by mary
great reading. helped calm my nerves. will see if prediction happens. they have in the past so I trust him. thanks prob. god bless" ... written by m
always very accurate and to the point. Extremely grateful to you. " ... written by minnie
Amazing!!!" ... written by Alexis
The best!!! The absolute best I've known him for awhile and he just helped me soooooo much!!! I can't tell you, I have such a challenging situation that I'm just in tears about and he helped me understand so much! Thank you!!!! xoox" ... written by Alexis
p.s. just don't know anymore...thank you so much only time will granny" ... written by granny
The best!!! xoxo" ... written by Alexis
Amazing and SO ACCURATE!!! He's a must if you want answers!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
He's the best! xo" ... written by Alexis
Another fantastic reading with ProbSolver! Predictions come true. Best psychic on Oranum! Trust me!!!" ... written by TS
He's always my saviour!!! Always!!!!! " ... written by Alexis
thank you always perfect readings. Awesome. " ... written by minute
FABULOUS!!! One of the best, always accurate and things come true!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
Great reading always very helpful more than others and goes in detail " ... written by sunita700
thank you always great reading does more then needed and really cares for all his clients thank you again " ... written by sunita700
great reader" ... written by mp
he connects very well and gives good insight .thmbs up" ... written by myst
thank you p.s. its very hard for me not to see him" ... written by granny
wowwww...i just had ana amazing reading with him...he is fantastic" ... written by lolita
GREAT!" ... written by Alexis
My dearest friend! thank you so much for being there for me! I hope one day my dreams will come true." ... written by Nicole
great reader" ... written by mppp
thanks so much!!!! very intuitive and accurate :) " ... written by nasdfa
great reading and update. one of probs many predictions have come to pass. he has never changed what he picks up on and his consistency is what I TRUST. Thank you prob!" ... written by m
good" ... written by nip
great reading, very on point... very understanding and compassionate... 10 stars!" ... written by m
Thanks so much but I ran out of money." ... written by Paula
good reading!" ... written by lervin
good reading...picked up well!!" ... written by someone
he is super fast and totally on-point, I will be in touch" ... written by f
very detailed reading as usual,reassuring and provided some understanding of what is happening now" ... written by sam
His predictions have come true! He told me things months ago and he was right! I'm soooo grateful for this man, he is always sooo kind, so accurate and can read things so well!! Thank you ProbSolver!!! :) :) :) " ... written by Alexis
great reading as usual. prob brings me back to a better state of mind (every time i come doubting). He always sees the same thing and he doesnt change his answers. My situation is a work in progress. Thank prob!" ... written by m
Absolutely phenomenal, I am absolutely sure that the things will come to past now. Such clarity and understanding I hope everyone can have a reading as great and as helpful as I did you owe it to yourself to give him a try. Will not disappoint!" ... written by Brian
He's great and wonderful!!! One of the best, sooo incredibly helpful during a difficult period of time!!! Adore this man and trust him with my life!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
Another fantastic reading! It's amazing how he can accurately predict answers to my issues. Truly a gifted psychic! Best on Oranum. " ... written by TS
thank you p.s. that really helped me." ... written by granny
I love this man! He makes me feel so much more positive and he is so accurate in what he says. Can't wait for my next follow up reading. Thank you Probsolver." ... written by Sophie
detailed as usual" ... written by sam
Very satisfying and assuring, highly recommend." ... written by Joy
credit always goes so fast..but fast in his responses and detailed, am feeling a bit calmer now, I'll persevere with the current situation" ... written by sam
excellent reader" ... written by mp
He is the best gift any1 can have in his life!!! He was able to read my mind, explain my problem and solutions quickly. He was unbelievable. He was talking to me as "I talk to myself" at times. He has shared some insights about near future. I'll wait to see them happen and then come to him again. Best wishes and good luck for you dear. I like the best things in life and soon I'm going to become your regular visitor because yo are THE BEST." ... written by The_Grounded
Very, very good and accurate. I recommend to everyone!" ... written by Valter
good very detailed information" ... written by someone
great reading. always great with updates and he knows what he is talking about. THANKS PROB!!" ... written by m
feel reassured again, good amount of information and advice," ... written by sam
A very wonderful man...he seems to be a very good guide..and very helpful in his advice. It makes u feel so much at peace...I believe I will come back for more advice. Once the predictions start to unfold - I will surely put my testimonial...A man who is gifted and I like his current rate...very nice psychic.. " ... written by kb
I feel he is a very genuine psychic. Let us c what he predicts...what does t unfold...I will surely come to him if it happens..." ... written by kb
I have full trust in ProbSolver. He has never let me down yet. He has such an amazing gift that he shares with all to help us be better people and to bring happiness to our lives. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us. One day you in return will be rewarded." ... written by Lucky
great reading!! he knows how to read the situation well" ... written by adsf
thank you" ... written by adsf
he knows more than you know. i didn't believe in psychics for a long time even after going to them repeatedly , but now I do. he hasn't been wrong... still surprises me" ... written by asfs
Absolutely fabulous reading!!!!! He was so good I can't even believe it. Trust me this guy is the real deal!" ... written by Dana
Great reading!! Always with the truth, on point and accurate." ... written by B
Connected well, provided lots of info, and predictions. If this works will follow-up" ... written by Eva
great person and best advice." ... written by ab
He is different yet very convincing. Love his readings ..very crisp and straight." ... written by sabina0202
as usual have gained more insight into my current situation and reassured that things I was planning to do are the right thing" ... written by sam
thank you so much, describe the situation accurately, fast typer doesn't waste your time!!!!! tries to tell you as much as you can know about something and doesn't let you interrupt. honestly one of the best here!!! thanks!!" ... written by safasf
Very Good" ... written by Linney444
Thank you Probsolver for your insight into my situation and for the prayers!!! " ... written by LostGirl
Great reading, and fast one. Amazing all he said. Accurate, and clear. thanks" ... written by Maria
great psychic! but not only that, I have a great friend in probsolver. He knows what he is talking about and he has been a motivator and great guide on my journey through life. Thank you for being a part of this journey and I know that what you see, most likely will be. So far his predictions have happened and he knows exactly what is happening in my situations. Than you prob!" ... written by m
He is fast in typing. He understands my problems and the "me" in me. He is ready to help me through the process. I really hope it happens as he says. " ... written by kb
Terrific reading, best on here!!!!" ... written by B
He can read people like a book. He is honest, fast and accurate!" ... written by dafasfsa
awsome reader 10000 stars no tools" ... written by sam
Just had such an amazing reading with Probsolver. I was very anxious about a new business venture and move that hubby and I are planning, but he gave me great insight about it and now I feel wonderful about the situation!! He has always been 100% accurate in our readings and I fully trust that this is going to be successful for us. Thanks so much Prob, you are wonderful as always!!" ... written by Beauty clarity
I want to take a minute and write on this page. Thank you for all you have done for me. You have guided me in the right direction for me to be happy. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. You make us better people. In return you will get what you deserve most. Satisfaction and happiness!" ... written by nicolemarie83
reading with dani is really great, he is very thoughtful, and really quick with giving answers, I feel that things are going to be brighter in the future, he doesn't use tools, and I really like that . " ... written by sunrisegold
this message came at just the right time. Was starting to lose hope but this has reassured me to hold on and that there are reasons why things aren't happening as quickly as I would ideally like. BIG THANK YOU" ... written by sam
Had a demo with him. 99.99% accurate! And this was the first time I stepped into his room. Amazing!! :))" ... written by Karishma76
very thorough again, helped me to focus on the positive side of what seemed like a negative situation. Once again has given me a push to keep going and to try to be more positive and patient. Sometimes you just need a different way of looking at things" ... written by sam
Great Session " ... written by dannieJ
Always such clarity gained when we have a reading together. Feeling so much better and more confident about the future. Couldn't be happier. Thanks so much Dani!!!" ... written by B
He is sooooo GOOD!!! Knows everything! Sees everything!! :) " ... written by Alexis
He's really, really, really, really good! GREAT actually, gives the best advice and he understands my husband sooooo well!! :) thank you!!!" ... written by Alexis
great reader. wow, he blew my expectations away. mainly because i gave a bit of false info, and he was able to tell me the truth that i knew about that. haha sorry, but thank you so much!!!" ... written by sdaf
greattt reading!!! i've literally spoken to most of the top psychics on this site and a few others and spent so much money on this site. " ... written by beats all the other psychics!!!
great reading!!!! he can tell the situation and the problem before you say or explain anything. " ... written by asdfads
This was a really good reading for me. He was knowledgeable and gave really good and sound advice for my situation. I think everything is going to work out great!!" ... written by Rebecah08
He is very specific on dates. Within 3 days- I should be able to see the results. He seems to see things very clearly. He does not sugarcoat. " ... written by kb
very good!!" ... written by someone
he gives really accurate assessments of my situation, not sure how he does it so well, thank you again!!!" ... written by sdafasf
He's the best, the best, the best, the best!!! He's soooooo ACCURATE!!!! I just love connecting with him and getting such accurate and direct and specific information! :) Thank you ProbSolver!!! :) The best!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
Wow, really impressive!! Will be back for sure!" ... written by Jamie
Really good reading. Insightful, definitely helpful and seemed to know the situation well." ... written by Michael
reading was really very good. haven't been to many psychics but he is the best so far. he is the most accurate I have seen." ... written by Vanessa
Always the best!!" ... written by B
Good guy, good reading. Will see what happens next." ... written by Derek
omg wow!!! amazeballs this guy is awesome!!! I'm so glad I came here I feel so much better now. Thanks so much to Probsolver and Oranum!!" ... written by Lisa Marie
thank you ps. for everything...its very hard to understand all of hanging on..again thank you" ... written by granny
Awesome!!!" ... written by Danielle
He is quick to connect and tells it like it is. Doesn't waste time and is professional. " ... written by Sal
perfect" ... written by wiki
As always giving me clearity for my career. Thank you so much, and being straight to the point. " ... written by Walter
More meditation....awesome!" ... written by B
he is a kind compassionate reader with much insight and accuracy on he situation i have used his advice and his vision to help my situation reach a peak. i'll stay in touch with him because of his kindness and accuracy." ... written by hollyberries1
Amazing!!! Sooooo accurate and on the money!!! I trust him with everything!!! Thank you ProbSolver!!! :) xoxo" ... written by Alexis
very detailed and very encouraging hoping that the predictions come true" ... written by m
follow up to think about my options and explore current situation further. As always lots of information given and suggestions for a way forward. Reassuring as usual." ... written by sam
Great reader.. and honest!" ... written by BFM
He was very nice, sometimes direct sometimes not, my first reading was great, second was ok...lots of info. Definitely worth a reading, his insight is amazing." ... written by kw
Very good reading. Thank you" ... written by Shay
he was real and honest" ... written by Telena19
Great Reading,, Been to many psychics on Oranum but he can describe people and situations accurately. Gives you information that you want to know even before you ask. He's spot on about a lot of things.... can't argue with him about it either." ... written by GREAT READING
Amazing!" ... written by sofia
Really great psychic, loved the reading and can't wait to come back for my update next week!!!" ... written by Awesome!!
Excellent Psychic..Extrmely accurate and exact with dates. Highly recommended....He gave me dates 2 weeks back anf it happened exactly as per predictions...He is the best... " ... written by kb
great reader" ... written by mpppp
Such a beautiful person, what a great session! Thanks you :)" ... written by Laura
Very very good reading. He was very honest with me about my situation, even though it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear, it was what I NEEDED to hear and what was best for me for my future. I really appreciated that a lot." ... written by Delia
Accurate and well catch ." ... written by sabina0202
Truly amazing work. Feeling better, getting stronger day by day. Blessings." ... written by B
Great reading amazing and quick, I will be back" ... written by David
Really he does lovely work. I am quite pleased." ... written by Trina
Very good, honest, to the point. :)" ... written by Ang
Sometimes good to chat and get a different perspective on things, and some sound advice. I feel so much better. He really cleared the confusion and helped me see an easier solution to my issue." ... written by M
Awesome reading, so glad I came. Feel so much better. Thanks Probsolver!" ... written by M
thank you, great reading!!!" ... written by sdf
Amazing!! Loved the reading!" ... written by Tisha
great reading, details, focuses on the main point and tells me what it's important to remember and not to remember. Thank you!!!!" ... written by dsf
good update,as usual, and some additional info to my main problem, which gives me something to think about moving forward" ... written by sam
Great reading eased my mind will return" ... written by jen
This guy is good, doesn't waste time and is full of great advice. I will be back " ... written by David
Such a pleasure getting to work with him. Fantastic psychic, really knows what he's doing and is wonderful at his craft." ... written by M
He is my favorite psychic...I trust this psychic and hi information is always accurate and true...and predictions happen...." ... written by kb
Quick and to the point. No sugar coating" ... written by kmathis
First time seeing a psychic and it was an interesting experience. I wasn't sure what to expect really. I just had questions about my future, my career and love live. Probsolver gave me answers that I needed and then some. He was very detailed and I could tell that we had a really good connection. I'm so glad I did this and I would definitely do it again. If anyone out there is thinking about it, just go for it!!! Give this guy a try, you won't be disappointed I promise!" ... written by Elizabeth
Great reading. I really enjoyed and would do again." ... written by Leslie
omg so accurate!! thanks so much" ... written by ale
You know, he is good, he read into my situation well, and what he says to you is full of hope and positivity, it feels like you can turn things around for the better. A good positive reader." ... written by Finelace
Great reading quick and to the point and doesn't mind asking the tough questions! I will be back again." ... written by David
Very helpful and insightful. Looking forward to posting updates" ... written by oscarbuffy
Great reading!" ... written by Lindsay
This guy is great! Time frames, relationship info, everything I needed." ... written by Jason
Prob is an extremely gifted psychic and genuine and caring human being. He truly cares and wants to help every person that comes into his room. I never see him turn someone down who needs his help, no matter what the issue may be. .Give him a try, you will not be disappointed. :)" ... written by Beauty
This guy is really good. If you want accuracy and details, come here." ... written by Manders :)
Truthful, accurate, doesn't waste your time. Awesome psychic!" ... written by A
Did some really good work today. Thanks so much!" ... written by B
Great reading, brief but informative, i will be back" ... written by David
Thank you so much" ... written by Jen
Prob solver is very caring and informative, quick and to the point. I will be back again for insight" ... written by David
great reading!!!! so much respect for him!! i gave up on most of the psychics on this site, with the exception of two others. so many things that i need to hear, i heard from him and no other. thank you again!!" ... written by asdf
good reading as usual, always come back to him for insight, thank you!" ... written by THANK YOU!!
He's so nice and funny too, really enjoy every reading I get. Thanks Prob!!" ... written by M
Calm and relaxation. :)" ... written by B
wish had more time excellent reading will come back to let u guys know who im getting along thank you" ... written by enushi
Good reading full of care and sound advice. thank you I will be back " ... written by David
ProbSolver is Absolutely Incredibly Amazing!!! His predictions and readings always are true. Even when I don't see it, he DOES and then I look back an realize he was right all along. THANK YOU!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
Oh my goodness, I really, really like this man. Wow, I plan to get more money and contact him again. He told me so much and I was speechless. Thanks, he is number #1!!!" ... written by randi1158
I have so so so so missed you!!!! AMAZING READING!!! I have 3 readers here that I love and trust and ProbSolver is one of them!!! Thank you for everything!!!!" ... written by Alexis
Great reading, loved it! Will definitely come back again." ... written by Minminma
Great. Thank you so much! :) " ... written by ...
great caring reading, lots of care and compassion" ... written by David
got update on situation, put my mind at ease once again that I'm going in the right direction. Quick and thorough as always" ... written by sam
thank you so much for your help! i will come back to you again" ... written by kumar
very reassuring reading lot of care and understanding." ... written by David
He was 100% accurate. He told me and his predictions were right. I trust him and I will contact him again." ... written by randi1158
Good reading!" ... written by Lidia
He's fast and great " ... written by rania
thNK YOU!" ... written by kumar
wow you are spot on! thank you soo much for clarifying things." ... written by usa
Such a powerful reading. I'm really amazed, feels like he knows me and my whole life. Truly a blessing to have someone like this here for us." ... written by Hope
He's always right!!" ... written by Eva
Probsolver gives great clarity and insight when the mind sees it another way. Probsolver provided great context and understanding in what looked like a difficult situation. He is a 5-star Psychic and would highly recommend his services to people looking for answers in their life." ... written by E. R. Thorpe
thank you great reading, really calmed me down and helped me get a better understanding and perspective on things. whatever problem you have, he will be able to clear your confusion. " ... written by asdfds
Very good reading, I'm very pleased with the result. :)" ... written by Kelly
Probsolver has really provided great clarity and given me a sense of peace in my anxiety. He is a compassionate individual who provides great insight to a situation or experience you are currently having. 5 star reading!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
good reading, I must have faith" ... written by David
Thank you sorry i have to go fast family was waiting for me" ... written by kumar
Really liked the reading. Will follow up soon." ... written by LC
good reading !!!! yahh " ... written by dsf
Thank you for such and amazing reading! wow." ... written by ..
Awesome reading!! Can't wait to come back again. :)" ... written by m
very intuitive, really like dani alot, and will continue to use him as a psychic, but feel he is also a friend, and does not need tools to tell me anything. " ... written by sunrisegold
He is always good at describing people!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by great reading!!
aawesome reading with prob. reassured me and helped me through some worries about my situation. As usual, what he sees is always consistent and he has ongoing positive advise and insight on my situation. Prob truly cares and is not only my go to psychic, but a great friend. Been a part of my journey for months now, and his predictions have been happening. Happy that i'm getting closer to that light at the end of the tunnel, and prob is here to guide me. Thanks prob!!! God Bless!" ... written by m
Had very good, cleansing session. Always makes me feel better and happier, every time!!" ... written by B.
Great reading! Highly recommended as Probsolver is genuine and gives you the answers to life questions." ... written by E. R. Thorpe
Really good reading. Looking forward to the next. Brilliant!" ... written by Sam
i get such a great feeling talking with probsolver fab reading!!" ... written by sarujan
Probsolver is personable and makes you feel comfortable during a reading providing great insight that confirms what you are already feeling or knowing. 5-star and highly recommended!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
This is my gazillionth chat with him, he's never wrong even if he can't pick up on everything.. he picks on most things though!!" ... written by dasf
GAVE INSIGHT AND A GOOD ADVICE" ... written by tianna
A lovely reading thank you so much as always. Will let you know what happens." ... written by Sophie
thanks very fast " ... written by hannah
Great reader and connector. I highly recommend him. 5 stars!" ... written by BFM
Really good, fast, and accurate." ... written by m
I can't believe this was the first time reading with probsolver, I've been on oranum for years and its nice when you connect with a great psychic. He is very accurate and picks up on everything very significantly.. I was amazed with the reading I had to continue to add more credits because I was so blown away. A+++" ... written by aliciai
excellent" ... written by pico
Good update, consistent readings" ... written by SG
Great reading! 5 star and highly recommended for people who need clarity in life without fear of being judged and condemned!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
thank you again for your insight!! he describes every person i ask about very well. glad to have him on Oranum!!! there's no comparison. i've spoken to a lot already, and he's the best still!" ... written by dasf
Really good, thanks so much!" ... written by m
This psychic is really incredible. New my situation right away and got the answers i needed. Thanks!!" ... written by Nessa
Terrific!! Couldn't have been better!" ... written by Terry
God disconnected but so far so good. :)" ... written by m
This guy is good. Thank you so much." ... written by Dreams
i think he is good" ... written by Lili
Very good reading...Thank u so much:-))" ... written by Linda
Thank you for giving me your insight!!! it is always spot on and clear to me!!!" ... written by fsdf
Beautiful, positive and accurate reading." ... written by m
thank you!!!!" ... written by dsaf
I am always glad to talk to you. You give me so much insight and guidance and understanding that somehow I can't seem to understand. Thank you!" ... written by df
Answered all my questions, gave good details. " ... written by Mel
he can really read what you are going through, and your doubts and concerns at the moment, and is able to answer them and tell you before you even ask about them" ... written by sleepyalice
i have been following him on oranum consistently since day 1, and he has read for me so well. he hasn't been wrong, and he has been consistent in his answers. further more i always doubted psychics in general, but he reassured me of his ability and iam now confident that such abilities exist because of him. " ... written by sleepyalice
i have not beeing doing well about a lot of issues, and i can't really stop thinking when something makes me worry, but he eases my calm and fear away. i am usually not just looking for someone to talk to. i am looking for answers. i am so tired of misleading myself into believing things are true or not, and ever since i met him, he tells me with all reassurance, the reality of the situation." ... written by sleepyalice
Wonderful predictions...he is fast and very accurate" ... written by kb
Overall, pretty damn good! Fast and accurate, it was a real pleasure getting to work with him. Will be back to him for sure." ... written by Liz
Another great reading. Getting some good work done on myself and my life. Very refreshing and helpful always he is. Thanks Prob. :)" ... written by Beauty
wow!!!! Good stuff. Got all my questions answered and then some. Thanks!!" ... written by angela
Amazing reading, he's the best!!" ... written by b
Eases your situation out. Shall wait for the predictions to pass. But yeah.. definitely one of the calming ones on this portal.." ... written by TheArcher9
very good reading with dani, hope thngs turn out like he says they will, I really like the way he doesn't use any tools" ... written by sunrisegold
Put my mind to rest and released my anxieties! Highly recommended and trustworthy psychic!!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
he really cares about people, and i see that he wants to tell you as much as you want to know, before you can interrupt him. the other psychics just let you interrupt them and i wasted a lot of credits like that while not getting answers and stuff. but he was able to delineate on the reading. which I find a necessity in good psychics. thank you!!!!" ... written by sleepyalice
He gives me hope everyday. Very helpful and makes me feel better :)" ... written by Nicole
YEs I believe in him. " ... written by Galil
thank you dani for the reading, hope that things turn out the way you say they will, I know I ask alot of questions, and I try to do that because I don't have alot of money to put on here anymore, so try to get in as much as I can. thank you for trying to answer as many as you could, lol fun huh? " ... written by sunrisegold
very detailed update with reasons" ... written by ....
Amazing, the best, soooooo accurate!!!!!!! :) " ... written by Alexis
It's a blessing to know you." ... written by B
Always connects quickly and to person in question. Thank you." ... written by Eva
Great reading, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
As always, great reading." ... written by b
Exceptional reading, Probsolver is great and true to his name. Highly recommend!" ... written by Terry
Great reading, this guy is just wonderful. Really enjoyed and he is kind and friendly too. I felt like I was seeing a psychic and therapist all wrapped into one. Just lovely. " ... written by Wildstyle
lmao!!!!! Best. Session. Ever. 'Nuff said." ... written by m
I really enjoyed my reading and got great information. Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Lizbet
Excellent reading. Thank you." ... written by mj
Thank you, great clarification, always consistent. helped me so many times in clearing my head and basically to stop having doubts about things. Thank you!" ... written by asdfds
Such a sweet person and great psychic. Thank you!" ... written by Tricia
He is an Amazing Psychic... Probsolver is Right on Point! He quickly picks up whatever it is you are going through and have concerns about so your time is maximized and none of your time credits go to waste. He works from his heart and shows genuine concern. He gives very strong insight to challenges at hand which help to navigate positively." ... written by Jizzlin
Probsolver is one of the best psychics in this community because he is compassionate, understanding, and seeks to solve relationship issues. I would highly recommend as Probsolver is one of the best and is a 5-star psychic." ... written by E. R. Thorpe
Really appreciate the help, thanks!" ... written by Mathew
Good reading, very informative and helpful. Definitely 5*!!" ... written by Linnea
Love my readings with Prob. Always makes me feel better. :)" ... written by b
Great as usual! 5-stars!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
Great reading with the ability to see both sides and how best to navigate it. I always feel comfortable sharing what is in my heart because ProbSolver respects and honors your position. 5-star and would highly recommend!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
As usual, always a pleasure having a reading. Thanks for the insight and will be back soon. :)" ... written by m
Such a lovely and kind psychic, I always come to him for my readings and he always makes me feel more positive. Thank you for what you do and being blessed with such a gift." ... written by Sophie
I Trust this psychic.. He was always great and told the truth.. I may contact him if my future brights up again. " ... written by randi1158
Great reading and always well connected with insight, compassion and infusing you with hope of a better tomorrow!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
very nice reading no tools i will see if his prediction will happen then i will have reading again" ... written by sam
very detailed update" ... written by someone
very good and very accurate. " ... written by Megha Patel
good caring reading as always this guy is really good, just hope predictions come to pass " ... written by David
Excellent!!" ... written by Mary
Probsolver is good and accurate." ... written by kb
Probsolver. was great, and I think he solved all my problems. I definitely recommend him. " ... written by Destiny_Love
For me, the best in here. His predictions did come true. Very originaland accurate. Focuses on matter that is important and asked about." ... written by eire
Thank u for the feedback and i hope i get her soon" ... written by Husein
What an amazing reader! He will tell you just how it is and leave nothing out! I have had plenty of readings with him and they are always wonderful! This time he surprised me with something I did not tell him! He flat out asked and I was shocked! He always guides me in the right direction and I am very thankful for that!!" ... written by nicolemarie83
Great reading as usual! I always feel at peace with ProbSolver!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
Thank you for such an amazing reading! I will do as you say. " ... written by ..
Just wonderful reading. No words can explain the joy I have in my heart with the direction that has been provided to give me a sense of peace and calm! Highly recommend!!!!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
Absolutely enlightening every time I have a reading with ProbSolver. Great and highly recommend!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
I really like what he said and every word was so true .Today just missed the chance to talk to him more about my case,not having sufficient fund in my credit card.. But .would really like to talk to him again..Thank you so much" ... written by Jenifer
Thanks once again bout the reading, am really thankful for the positive attitude ur giving me and hope the issue is resolved soon, amazing reading highly recommended and he does want to know the problem before answering ur question, " ... written by Husein
he is accurate,,gauges the situation well..will not give u false give him a try" ... written by ...
detailed update provided..looks deeply into the situation..will tell u good and bad points" ... written by ....
Great insight and wisdom that gives you a new understanding of situations that allow you to rise above the ego. 5-stars and would highly recommended as I believe that ProbSolver is one of the best psychics on this site!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
he is one of the trusted psychics i go to...will tell u every minute detail and connects quickly" ... written by ...
he nailed it typer,,good english..detailed rengs with lots of information" ... written by ...
you r the best said all true for me..and thank you so much ..sorry got disconnected baby is awake.. will talk to you some other day. and give you the recent update ..the changes in my r the best psychic i have ever met...thank you so much..truly appriciate :)" ... written by jenifer
great details...lovely reading" ... written by someone
great reading, always need to talk to him to calm me down. i can't live without his insight. thank you!!!!" ... written by df
Great reading as always, I didn't even have to tell him anything. " ... written by lervin
Highly recommend him!!! He's very intuitive. He can pick up a lot of things well and accurately!" ... written by asdfafdsa
on point as usual! been a while since we've spoken, but prob knows his info! great psychic and friend. thanks prob! will be back" ... written by m
Great, excellent, full of truth and wisdom, and wisdom to help me understand this journey that I am on. ProbSolver is one of the best on Oranum!" ... written by E
he is so calm and cool i really felt comfortable" ... written by dracheflower
Five zillion stars!!!! ProbSolver is the greatest!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze
He always brings clarity and new insight into every situation. I've been worried about the same things but each time he knows exactly to tell you to absolve the negative thinking, all of which there is no doubt is true! he knows more about the reality of the situation than I do!! thank you so much!!!" ... written by Thank you again!!!
good reading lots of care and compassion and also fun conversation" ... written by David
amazing suggestion and am still working on it and hope it happen soon" ... written by husein
great reading, hope all comes to pass. this gut is very caring and offers good advice as well" ... written by Dave
His ability is amaxing" ... written by PurpleGurl
Thank you for all you help and accurate telling of future. Will be back." ... written by Shanil Kumar
Thank you for your accurate reading. Everything you said i believe and will be coming back." ... written by Shanil Kumar
great reading hope all comes to pass" ... written by David
Excellent. Providing clarity on how best to understand the path that I am on!" ... written by E
Thank u for understanding" ... written by husein
thank you prob!! as always. you understand whats going on. thank you for your support!! god bless" ... written by m
Amazing and accurate in reading my situation. he is great at what he sees and in reading my and my husband's personality. Looking forward to prediction" ... written by confidential
He is amazing at seeing my whole situation without me having to say anything. I am very impressed with his abilities and look forward to his predictions unfolding. Thank you so much problem solver" ... written by Confidential
always describes everything accurately. i have had many readings with him and he never goes wrong with helping me find out the truth about anything. i was lucky to have found him oranum! thank you for being here and helping us when you have no need to!! wish i found you sooner on oranum!!" ... written by asdf
Thank you for your wise words and care" ... written by David
Excellent as always and very in-tuned with situation! Excellent, 5 stars, and highly recommend!" ... written by E
Super!! Loved it!" ... written by Lisa
he is very spot on!" ... written by S
He was so detailed and honest i really hope his predictions come true!! :)" ... written by S
Very nice and accurate reading. He was so on point. Am sad the credits ran out. but i was happy" ... written by Spicyjuice
Highly recommended!!" ... written by S
He gives great advice too!" ... written by S
he makes so much sense, everything makes sense now! thank you for asking me to listen to you instead of interrupting.. !!" ... written by adfs
Ty so much for all the advises and heads up!! :) Highly recommended! He is so honest and real!" ... written by S
Prob is just great, always giving me clarity in the midst of confusion. Very nice person too...:)" ... written by kw
He was really great. Honest and sincere and I really appreciated that from him. Thanks so much." ... written by Marla
was very clear and knew things without me saying anything:)" ... written by katie
Thank you once again! ran out of credits so will be back again soon! ty! :))" ... written by S
good update...clear..good english" ... written by ....
Probsolver is a very caring reader, i find his time helps me a lot" ... written by David
Excellent as usual! Wisdom is always provided to help me navigate life's journey!" ... written by E
It was great! He asked whether i prefer speaking or typing, let me get all my questions out and then connected and addressed each one (along with giving me details as well)." ... written by Amara
great reading as usual. he knows everything.." ... written by asdf
great insight into any dilemma or problem you might have. truly a problem solver! " ... written by asdf
I believe in psychics now. I accused him of lying, he proved to me that he wasn't lying and couldn't be lying. thank you so much for all your patienc eand effort!!" ... written by dsf
Great reading, he definitely knows what he is doing. Best psychic I've ever been to. :)" ... written by Nessa
thank you for being there for me again prob. your consistency is much appreciated. You always give great advice and very soon I will follow ALL and not just some.... Thanks for being here for me I greatly appreciate it. " ... written by m
Thank you sooo much for all the specifics! Really sooth me in this reading. 5 stars!" ... written by xo
Beautiful. Thank you. :)" ... written by m
good reading, always comforting" ... written by adf
He is truly gifted at understanding the issues surrounding my relationship and I am happy to have read with him. I adore him and I always leave feeling positive. Thank you!!" ... written by confidential_1
wonderful reading with probsolver. He is great at seeing the things in my relationship. " ... written by nadia
He is wonderful and accurate in everything he has said" ... written by nadia
He is amazing in his guidance and advice. He is wonderful in his advice and I always leave things feeling better after consulting with him. Thanks Prob solver. He read my relationship accurately without me having to tell him anything. I appreciate him for that" ... written by Nadia
Teriffic!!! Loved it!!!" ... written by k
Very good reading, he is truly gifted. I always come to him when I need help with my life issues." ... written by Alexa
always sets my mind on understanding what is important to understand and not important to understand. thank you!" ... written by asdf
I haven't seen a psychic before. This was a really good experience. He gave me a lot of information, answered my questions and was very clear and easy to understand. I really appreciate the help and will certainly be back for another reading when I need one." ... written by Jen
Just brilliant! He was amazing!" ... written by Melissa
good fast reading with care and good advice" ... written by David
Good guy, I liked the reading." ... written by Jimmy
As always, a very enlightening reading. Lots of information, always accurate and messages delivered with love, kindness and truth, even if it's not necessarily what you want to hear. He tells you what is best for you because he genuinely cares about your situation and wants the best outcome for all of his clients. He takes notes on every client and does his best to stay current with their situations to help them not only get the best outcome, but also the outcome that they truly desire. I am proud to call him a dear friend of mine, and so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Prob for continuing to do your wonderful work with all of us, even when you are feeling sick with a cold, even when you have only had a few hours sleep, you still come here to help anyone and everyone who comes to your room. You care so much for the well being of others and it truly shows. I'm sure everyone who reads with you would say the same. God bless you and again, thank you!!" ... written by m
Great!" ... written by Mindy
He's the real deal everyone. If you're looking for a good psychic, this is the one." ... written by Passion2016
really good, i would do it again for sure." ... written by James
He's awesome! Couldn't have picked a better psychic." ... written by Diane
Timely and accurate. Very good." ... written by Trina
Thank you for the great reading. You have inspired me alot!" ... written by shanil k
He is a lovely psychic and did a great job. I will be back again!" ... written by Beezee
Fantastic as always!!" ... written by m
Super cool guy and amazing reading. Would definitely come back for sure. Thanks much." ... written by Bethanny
good update...positive" ... written by .....
Really good. Hope predictions come true!" ... written by Z
good insightful reading, he describes everything to the dot, you can actually see him reading into a person, instead of just reading what you write" ... written by asdf
Excellent reading with great advice on how to navigate current situation!" ... written by E
thank you so much! God have gift you with great insights! You are very gifted inaccuracy in readings!" ... written by shanil k
Super cool guy and I really think he has led me in the right direction. I can't wait to see what happens. Thanks for the insight bro!" ... written by Chase
All I can say is WOW!!! We had a great reading and he was spot on!!!! We both enjoyed this one today!!!" ... written by nicole
good reading with good sound advice, i will be back" ... written by David
So great, felt so comfortable speaking to him and told him everything and he put everything in perspective thank you will be back " ... written by Sherry
thank you" ... written by David
it dosent matter where you get advice as long as its good advice" ... written by David
Great reading and Probsolver is always easy to talk to! Highly recommended if you are looking for love and relationship guidance!!!!" ... written by E
he really are so accurate in his reading" ... written by kuiipo5
He is amazing and knows everything! Would highly recommend him to anything for all aspects :)" ... written by S
He's really good!!" ... written by S
Great connection. Highly recommended" ... written by BFM
Thanks so much for your help and guidance!!" ... written by m
Very, very good. I am pleased with his reading most definitely." ... written by Jess
thank you for this excellent reading" ... written by kuiipo5
Final reading for today with amazing breakthroughs on my situation and things to come for the future, I couldn't be more happy and positive about what is to come. He is truly gifted and amazing!!" ... written by B
I had a really good reading and he made me feel so much better " ... written by brenna
Had additional questions for him from our last reading, he gave fast and thorough answers. Another thing that is great about Probsolver is that his prices are always reasonable as well." ... written by B
Really great session today. Always very enlightening and helpful. He's my number one psychic!" ... written by B
His healing session was very relaxing and brought me peace and made me feel more relaxed. Thank you so much probsolver" ... written by Nadia
good advice and I will be back " ... written by David
He knows everything lol" ... written by S
He can forsee alot of things!" ... written by S
I'm pretty sure he can answer any question lol " ... written by S
Great andamp; excellent reading! I always come away with a strong peace of mind! I highly recommend because Probsolver is able to see and understand both sides of love story!" ... written by E
thank you" ... written by kuiipo5
thank you for the clarity" ... written by kuiipo5
good reading with great advice ill be back" ... written by David
I'm sorry we had ran out of time, thank you for your insight, I will comback when I get more funds." ... written by ladyofstandards
Excellent! Full of insight and wisdom and look forward to another reading from ProbSolver! " ... written by E
good reading with care and understanding" ... written by David
Thanks alot on...Hope my wishes and your predictions will come true:-))" ... written by Linda
great chat, its like I am talking to a dear friend! " ... written by dave
detailed,,,very good" ... written by m
He is very accurate in reading my situation and my husband. I am very impressed with his abilities and amazed at what he sees. He knows my husband's personality very well. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom! Waiting for prediction to unfold" ... written by Nadia
He was great!!" ... written by Liz
Ty for your help once again!!" ... written by S
Great reading, always insightful and helpful." ... written by Beauty
He's good. Thanks bro." ... written by James
Lovely reading, always. Thanks for the care and support. :)" ... written by m
Super! Would certainly be coming back!" ... written by lady
Consistent and insightful reading with detail and I mean lets wait for prediction to pan out! :) " ... written by Sherry
So amazing....just, phenomenal. I feel so at peace right now." ... written by m
thank you" ... written by kuiipo5
Superb!! I'm very happy. :)" ... written by Mriss
He is amazing in his advice" ... written by Nadia
Awesome, all questions answered and feeling very positive and happy with the results. He's amazing, if you haven't tried a psychic yet, try him. You won't be disappointed." ... written by B
Awesome, thanks!" ... written by Beth
He was really good. We ran out of time, but I appreciated all that I got. I'm very happy with the results." ... written by Sabrina
He is absolutely awesome caring and amazing at what he does. Thank you so much prob solver!" ... written by Nadia
Always amazing!! Thanks so much!! :)" ... written by m
the guy is amazing, its like speaking with a close bother andamp; discussing the issues in your life...he is also correct on many levels as far as predictions go..give him a will be not disappointed." ... written by Ammer
Refreshing, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
Fantastic!! Thank you." ... written by Bella
Very very good. Highly recommend." ... written by Aubrey
wow he was great he told me so much, he knew everything and I only gave him my name and birthday. I'm very impressed thank you so much i will be back for sure." ... written by Elizabeth
good reading hope all comes to pass soon " ... written by Dave
He is amazing and great in his guidance. Thank you prob for the advice! You are awesome and amazing and I appreciate you" ... written by Nadia
He is amazing in his advice. I truly respect his advice on how to handle everything. He is correct in reading my situation so far" ... written by Nadia
Awesome!" ... written by D
Really great. Thanks." ... written by Chase
always the most realistic readings and to the point readings, if you have to mmuch confusion he'll clear it up for you!" ... written by asdf
Wow, what an excellent reading! He was spot on! Totally impressed, so great." ... written by Rissa
Thank you for the insight , you always help cheer me up when i'm down!" ... written by asfd
Predictions have been correct so far. Thank you." ... written by Eva
I am happy with the service he provided. He was professional and accurate." ... written by Danielle
So glad I came to him. I've been having such a hard time in my life, and I really feel he's directed me the right way to go. I feel so much better now, lighter and happier. " ... written by Lizzy
He is amazing in his guidance and direction. He sees things about my situation that I have not told him. He is amazing at what he does. He is truly the real deal. Thanks so much probsolver." ... written by Nadia
He is very amazing in his reading and guidance. i look forward to his prediction unfolding" ... written by nadia
Muy Bueno!!" ... written by Jasmin
Great session, thanks so much. I feel so much better having talked to you. Smiling again. :)" ... written by m
Overall I think this reading was accurate. He was fast and good typist as well. I would come back again." ... written by Tesla
Thanks so much, so much clarity and guidance!!" ... written by B
Good connection, answered all my questions and more. Great reading." ... written by Denice
Impressive! He did a great job and I would definitely see him again in the future. He gave great advice on my love situation and is going to help reunite me with my ex, fingers crossed!!!!" ... written by Catness
Wow, I'm pretty surprised. Wasn't expecting what this guy had to say. But I'll take it! He was really good, I am thankful." ... written by JerryT.
Great work today, thank you." ... written by m
great reading with care and understanding" ... written by David
Awesome, couldn't be any better!!" ... written by Rizza
Awesome reading. Insightful, concise, clear....really it was all very good. Thanks again." ... written by Indie
Feeling so much better now, like a weight has been lifted. Thank you so much, and God bless!!" ... written by m
Excellent reading! I love the fact that ProbSolver always sees both sides of equation to help you make best decision in relationship matters! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
good reading, he helps to uncover what i don't know" ... written by saf
whatever he says, trust it. it'll help you think deeply about things rather than superficially. thank you again for being on oranum!!!" ... written by dsf
What an amazing reader! He has such a kind heart and his talent is outstanding! " ... written by Nicole
great chat, with prob solver, wise words and good advice" ... written by Dave
He's really, really good. He connected fast and gave me accurate answers." ... written by Michael
always interesting" ... written by kw
Great Psychic .....he is number one psychic nowfor me...thank you for your support. " ... written by MOON
Thank you so much, feeling so much better now." ... written by m
I always enjoy seeing Probsolver. He's the best psychic on this site!!" ... written by angela
Excellent!!" ... written by Porche
i thought the reading was very accurate, hopefully the prediction will be to." ... written by john
Amazing!!!" ... written by m
The reading was really amazing, I couldn't possibly have better things to say about it. He truly has a gift." ... written by t
Thanks for all the great info and help. I appreciate so much and looking forward to the future. :)" ... written by m
Reading was good. He was kind and helpful, gave a lot of details. Sounds like he knows what he's doing. I will take his advice for sure." ... written by Jose
His guidance is amazing and he is very good at seeing things and what he does. I like probsolver because of his ability to make me feel better and positive. Thank you for all that you do :)" ... written by nadia
He is very good" ... written by hina
great reading with care and compassion, this guy has real advice worth listening too" ... written by David
good chat" ... written by David
Great work, thanks so much. Bless you!!" ... written by m
Great reading, cut short by technical issues. Not sure what happened. Will try to log on later." ... written by lervin
good reading with care" ... written by Paul
Great session, feeling good. Thanks so much!!" ... written by m
All questions answered. I'm a happy camper. This psychic is a good one, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Stephanie
Wow, I'm so shocked and surprised at this man's accuracy and detail. He's really amazing. I had lost all hope of finding my true love, but he's shown me that hope is not lost!! My love is out there and we will be together soon. I'm so excited!!! This man is truly an angel sent down from God to help us all, thank you so much Probsolver. I will report back with update soon. " ... written by SBSP
He was really good. Hoping and praying for the best." ... written by Michelle
Exclusively, exceptionally, amazingly WONDERFUL!!! Always accurate, always knows everything!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
He is very supportive as I go through this difficult time in marriage. Waiting for prediction to unfold" ... written by nadia
Thanks so much Prob, you're the best!!!" ... written by Mriss
He was really good. He gave great advice for my situation, I'm going to apply it and hopefully it will be helpful!!! Will update soon!" ... written by Bekah
Great catching up after so long andamp; straight away he understood my situation perfectly andamp; gave great guidance andamp; advice. Thank you" ... written by Havy
Very caring and helpful always." ... written by m
Follow up q's, thanks so much for all your help. You are such an amazing person, truly. I don't know what I would do without you." ... written by m
He was really incredible. You can tell he's a caring and lovely person and really cares about his clients and their issues. " ... written by Cindy
Thanks so much, feeling better now." ... written by m
good chat with Probsolver, " ... written by David
Follow up info, thanks much!!" ... written by m
I've never been to a psychic before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think he did a great job! I believe money well spent." ... written by Jeffrey
He takes too long to answer the question!" ... written by Alexis
I'm so glad I came to him. Time will tell if the predictions are accurate but so far I'm impressed, he knew a lot of things. " ... written by Tara
Thanks so much to Probsolver for helping me with my issues." ... written by Lizbet
Great reading, thanks so much!!!" ... written by m
I was very pleased with my reading. Accurate and fast and I felt he was honest with me as well." ... written by Melanie
Very intuitive regarding my situation and supportive" ... written by Nadia
He was very good and very nice. I have a complicated problem and he was very professional about it and handled with the utmost care." ... written by Terry
Great reading! Helping me work through life's issues, always greatly appreciated. He's really wonderful to work with." ... written by m
Thank you so much, you are awesome!!!" ... written by Pinky
Very pleased, thank you so much. :)" ... written by Kelly
Thank you so much for all your help. I will be taking your advice moving forward." ... written by Jessa
good advice and lots of care, this man if great" ... written by David
Thank you" ... written by Eva
Probsolver.. I appreciate your help and patience. Thank you again for a great reading! Probsolver is very understanding and straightforward with his reading. He picks up situation at hand promptly" ... written by Jizz
he always help to clear my doubts, thank you!!!" ... written by sdf
great reader" ... written by mp
Very good reading. I would come back again for another one. He was good." ... written by Brenna
He is giving me alot of guidance and support in repairing my broken relationship. Thank you prob!" ... written by Confidential
Good chat, comforting words" ... written by David
Very lovely reading, thank you for all the info. I will be back with update. xoxoxoxo" ... written by m
good update" ... written by me
Thanks for being understanding. :) " ... written by xo
He is amazing with his guidance and support in helping me with my relationship. Thank you so much" ... written by Nadia
Thank you for your advice! Much needed to hear!" ... written by asf
He is really amazing at providing guidance and support through my issues. Appreciate speaking with him and he reads my situation so very well. Thank u!" ... written by Nadia
He was really good. I would see him again for sure." ... written by Whitney
He is the most knowledgeable psychic in oranum. Thank you for reading for me." ... written by Monisha
i want more credits!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna finish me reading! he is soooooooooooooo accurate. ugh need more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by purplelov494
Great reading as always, thank you!!" ... written by m
Wow! Great reading. Connected from the beginning. Accurate on personalities involved in the situation. Very straightforward. Very nice, honest and good. Quick typing. Got all details right! Predicted a positive outcome... we shall see :) Recommended!" ... written by rhd
Awesome read! He is very in tune to the situation and gives lots of accurate details. Thanks again!" ... written by Sally
This was a really great experience and reading. He's very good." ... written by Rebecah08
excellent reading" ... written by c
Had a really good reading. He's the best." ... written by aimee
Thanks so much for your help and care." ... written by m
Excellent!!! Never disappoints!" ... written by m
I enjoy my chats with prob-solver, he has good advice and is a good sounding board" ... written by David
Thank you." ... written by m
Thanks so much for the extra info. Much appreciated. xoxoxo" ... written by m
Thank you for your reading.. we were cut off. I'll come back." ... written by xo
Very fast and accurate." ... written by Mikayla
Thank you for such a detailed and informative reading. I really needed to hear what you have told me. Blessings. " ... written by ...
It always great to speak with ProbSolver because he helps to make you think spiritually and not egoistically about life's challenges. Highly recommend and look forward to speaking with him again!" ... written by E
Great job, thanks!!" ... written by Andres
Awesome, thank you!!" ... written by m
Awesome reading!! " ... written by Felicity
Always nice to see you. Thanks for the smiles. :)" ... written by m
Great work, thanks so much. I will return again." ... written by Ellie
Very good reading. I am impressed and happy with the results." ... written by Sabrina
He was very kind and supportive, and also gave great information and details." ... written by Veronica
Such an amazing reading!!!! omg, wow!!!! " ... written by m
He's the best!!" ... written by Smittenkitten
Such a wonderful person. He is definitely skilled giving readings. Give him a try!! you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Bella
He was very good. He gave lots of details and types fast, and also connected well to my situation and had details about things that I had not given to him. He's the real thing!!" ... written by Lisa Marie
I'm a psychic and I'm currently shopping for a psychic to go to. This guy is really good!!! I think I have found my winner!" ... written by Heather
Always kind and helpful. Thanks so much. xoxoxo" ... written by m
He was very, very good. I would definitely go back again and recommend him to any and everyone." ... written by Elsa
Wow, amazing!!! You are the best!!!" ... written by Mandy
Thank you." ... written by Leslie
He was very good. Very professional and helpful. " ... written by Ellen
good reading with great advice and insight" ... written by David
Wow, so impressive!! Can't believe the amount of detail!! Amazing!!" ... written by Alyssa
He was really quite good. Five * from me for sure!" ... written by Mark
Thanks again so much, you were great!" ... written by Elise
Always a pleasure having a reading, thanks so much." ... written by m
Awesome reading!!!" ... written by m
Great reading, I look forward to the next one. Thanks very much!" ... written by Angie
Consistent with reading, prediction still so and so, good insight! Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Honest, real people are very hard to come by in this world. I've seen many psychics on this site. MANY. I can attest to the accuracy of several psychics on here, many of them really aren't that great to be honest, but this site is "for entertainment purposes" right? Well that isn't why most people come here. I don't know anyone who comes for a psychic reading just because it sounds like something fun to do. Usually it's because they need help. And I can't really say there are many psychics on here who truly care about their clients, who keep copious amounts of notes on each client and their situation, who makes sure to keep tabs on the clients that have a developing situation or are having a hard time and need someone to just reach out and say "hi". Propsolver is this psychic. He is an amazing psychic, but beyond that he is a kind, considerate and decent human being. This isn't just a job or easy cash flow for him. He truly cares about people and wants to see everyone happy and living a blissful life. He will forever be in my prayers. One of God's angels here on Earth." ... written by m
Nothing but love." ... written by Kittenchops
You're so amazing, thanks again so much! " ... written by Felicia
Great follow up, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
Beautiful reading, thanks so much!!!" ... written by m
Probsolver amazes me yet again!! He never fails to bring so much detail to the discussions and it's always so helpful. He's my favorite for sure!" ... written by B
What an amazing reader! He blew me away today!" ... written by Nicolemarie83
i'm very impressed, he was very good, very professional and I was very comfortable and happy with my reading." ... written by Ash
Thank you so much for all that you do, helping me to work through my life's issues. Much appreciated, more than you know." ... written by B
More follow up and questions, thanks for the insight and help. Much appreciated." ... written by m
Lovely update today, feeling positive and happy. :)" ... written by m
Some follow up questions to our last reading, and yet again he delivers!! #1 for me always!!" ... written by B
I just love this psychic. He's the absolute BEST!!!! Don't waste your money anywhere else. Trust." ... written by Smittenkitten
He's really good. Informative, helpful, supportive, understanding. Really great experience. Thank you." ... written by Jen
I feel so much better now, thank you SO MUCH!!!! " ... written by Stella
Thank you. That was wonderful." ... written by Aslynn
Amazing!!" ... written by Ellie
Great reading, excited about the future!!" ... written by Mriss
He was wonderful!! I would certainly see him again. " ... written by Cutiee
You're so awesome. xoxoxo" ... written by B
Probsolver is a wonderful psychic, truly gifted and such a real and genuine person. I love my readings with him." ... written by Beauty
Fantastic!!! As always, he delivers. Thanks much. " ... written by m
Perfect, thanks so much!!!" ... written by m
That was a great reading, thank you very much." ... written by Marcia
Thank you for all your support as I go through my situation" ... written by Nadia
I was looking for a new psychic, happened upon this site and found Probsolver. He's really great! Answered all my questions fast and so far, accurate. Looking forward to the predictions!!" ... written by Chase
A wonderful person and a fabulous reading, thanks so much!!!" ... written by BC
Thank you so much for your care and guidance. It's truly appreciated." ... written by m
He was awesome!! I would totally see him again!!" ... written by Michelle
Probsolver was great, he was kind and gave a lot of details and information and I am so grateful to him. Thank you so much." ... written by Daisy
Lovely reading, thank you very much!! xoxo" ... written by m
Wonderful, thank you." ... written by Savannah
always friendly and helpful" ... written by Jazmine
Thanks so much!!" ... written by m
Looking forward to his predictions!!" ... written by Martha
Here for my daily reading, always treasure this time for myself. It's a part of my daily routine now, love it. :)" ... written by m
Wow." ... written by Beauty
He was wonderful as far as psychics go. I'm very happy with my reading." ... written by Chrisine
Follow up q's, thanks so much!" ... written by m
You're the absolute best!!!" ... written by Beauty
Impressive for sure. He was really fast and accurate, definitely worth the money, and his rate is really reasonable." ... written by Mark
Omg, woooooowwwww, he's so good. " ... written by Bethanny
Excellent of course, thanks so much, always appreciated!!" ... written by m
He was fantastic, couldn't have asked for anything better. He truly is God's gift." ... written by someone
He is so sweet and caring and always gives 100% for every reading. He's the best!!" ... written by B
Such a fantastic psychic, love every reading with him!! He's truly amazing if you didn't know. ;)" ... written by B
Thank you, I know my love and I will be together again with your help." ... written by Jasmine
Thank you for more update and convo, you rock. ;)" ... written by m
Good psychic and kind person. I would come back again." ... written by Mia
Excellent!! Accurate, timely, friendly...he's the best!" ... written by m
I feel that he was very good and did a great job. He is also kind and I felt very comfortable with him as well." ... written by Bella
good chat with probsolver " ... written by Probsolver
My first time to psychic, he was very good. I give him five stars." ... written by Tricia
Another reading, thanks much!!!" ... written by m
Very supportive and detailed in reading my situation. Thank you so much prob :)" ... written by nadia
Great work! Can't wait to tell my mother!" ... written by Asha
Really good, feeling positive. thank you." ... written by a
Thanks so much for all your help!!" ... written by m
Wow, he was very good!! Thanks so much for your help!" ... written by someone
You're the best, always!!" ... written by m
He was great, thanks!" ... written by Tomas
Probsolver was really quite good, he worked fast and gave a lot of information and details. He was worth five stars for sure!" ... written by Steve
Winning!" ... written by Tammy
he is simply amazing and the best" ... written by cynthia
If you're looking for a psychic that doesn't give you a bunch of bs, this is your guy. He's awesome." ... written by Samantha
Always on point, accurate and amazing!!" ... written by m
So awesome, just the best. xoxoxo" ... written by m
Thanks for the help man, hopefully she will see things my way soon." ... written by Devon
Wow, you are so pleasant and friendly, and the reading was spot on accurate....totally five stars from me!" ... written by Belinda
Blessed to know you." ... written by B
Thanks so much, you are the bestest everest!!!" ... written by m
thanks for your support" ... written by nadia
Always happy to have my daily reading or two with Dani. He's such a wonderful person and I'm so blessed to call him my friend." ... written by m
Beautiful and brilliant." ... written by Marissa
Great reading!! You are wonderful and amazing and fabulous and awesome and you do so much good for people's lives!!! You keep rockin' that awesomesauce!!!!" ... written by Beauty head is spinning....this reading was amazing. " ... written by Marco
Probsolver is the best ... Always helpful and kind. " ... written by Jizz
You're awesome, thanks much!!" ... written by m
Always a pleasure to speak to. Thank you, will follow-up again." ... written by Eva
Probsolver is so great at what he does! Gets to the root of the situation quickly. Always has tons of positive energy and always uplifting. " ... written by Jizz
yo this was fly! hell yea i'd come back again, he's accurate as hell and hella cool. Holla at him." ... written by Jermaine
Thank you. You are so amazing at reading the situation :)" ... written by Nadia
Like a BOSS!" ... written by m
You are always someone that I can depend on when I need help in my life. Thanks so much for your care and support." ... written by Beauty
Thank you." ... written by m
Beautiful reading from the best on here. Great day!!" ... written by m
Great!" ... written by A.
You are the greatest, really honestly and truly....I am so happy right now to get not only some good news, but something that I can actually work with and some steps that I can take to make things work in my favor. This guy is THE MAN!" ... written by Rizza
Fabulous!" ... written by Alexis
asked one question and he was deep into more than I even thought about... total recommend" ... written by Siempre
The best, always!! xoxoxo" ... written by m
Wonderful session, as always. Probsolver never disappoints!! Thanks much!!" ... written by B
Thanks so much, God bless!!" ... written by m
Best psychic on here, he's always bright and shining and happy to see everyone, always uplifting and kind, always brightens my spirits to see him. :)" ... written by Beauty
Thank u so much prob. You are awesome" ... written by nadia
So awesome...." ... written by Denise
He was very kind and straightforward and gave honest answers. He was very helpful. Thank you." ... written by Izzy
Great, great work." ... written by Effran
Excellent!!" ... written by m
Truly an angel here on Earth. Thank you for all that you do. :)" ... written by Divinity
Probsolver is awesome, no two ways about it. Check it out for yourself!! :)" ... written by Beauty
You were really great, accurate and affordable." ... written by Lisa
Lovely, thank you!" ... written by m
Rockstar status....." ... written by m
Great reading, Dani is ON FIRE!!!!" ... written by m
You are seriously the best reader here Prob!!!! Love you lots!!!" ... written by Awesome!!
Always dependable. Thank you." ... written by m
Great reading, thank you." ... written by m
great reading with prob! always great to talk to and his insight is always great. thanks so much, hope to update you again! god bless!" ... written by nn
You were great, thank you so much for the council." ... written by Tara
Prob is absolutely the best. Any time I feel like I need answers, any time I feel down, or feel like I need someone to talk to, he's always there for me. I truly treasure our chats together so much. Thank you for all that you do!!" ... written by B
Thank you for the update." ... written by m
You're great, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
very good reading except i didn't have enough credits" ... written by Teri
5 stars...very good" ... written by Focusing
He is, as always a great reader. This is a new website to me for connecting with him, so there were technical problems (it kept buffering). I hope that these issues are resolves soon. " ... written by ellejay
You are so amazing, and I love every reading we have, honestly and truly. Keep rockin' it, you're doing a fabulous job!!" ... written by Mriss
Thank you plrob for helping me and giving me the guidance and support that I need" ... written by confidential_1
Awesome, thanks!!" ... written by m
It's been a while since I had a reading with ProbSolver. Always enlightening and entertaining. He's a great, funny soul and is certainly worth the time to hear his very interesting take on situations." ... written by SB
He was good." ... written by John.
Always a pleasure and excellent reading, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
He was great, I would surely see him again and recommend him to any and everyone. Five stars from me!!!" ... written by Marquis
so on point. thanks" ... written by butter
Thanks alot for your update:-)You are good..." ... written by Linda
I absolutely loved this reading, its was really good... spot on just completely accurate and full of information. I can't wait to see what happens. " ... written by Alisa
ProbSolver's predictions have happened in the past. He is an accurate reader. He asks questions to confirm what he saw has already happened. ProbSolver is genuine. I come back for updates because he will not give hope if there is no hope. Thank you, Prob!" ... written by Moonchild59
very quick connection and very accurate reading. highly recommend him " ... written by Maggie
Wow." ... written by m
You are incredible and amazing. Thank you so much for all that you do." ... written by m
great reading and very accurate " ... written by macho
So kind and always accurate. :)" ... written by m
He's great!!" ... written by Alexis
Very gifted, connects accurately and provides sound advice. He is very informative and doesn't waste time. I will recommend him to all." ... written by Z
He was spot on, always is!" ... written by m
Amazing!!! Soooo good!" ... written by Alexis
This guys is BADA$$!!!!! So down to do it again." ... written by Rizzle
Thank you for such a wonderful reading. Have a wonderful and blessed day. " ... written by united states
Thanks so much!!" ... written by m
He is a blast...he is dead spot on everything. I always come to him and his readings have come past 100% correct. He is quick to connect. Thank you for being are gift from god:)" ... written by Monisha
He was so good, i will definitely come back again." ... written by Kitty
Amazing, he's amazing!" ... written by Alexis
Great!" ... written by Alexis
He's VERY accurate and insightful. i just let him read me...and he read me like a book!" ... written by Alexis
Splendid, thank you!!" ... written by m
Fast, Accurate, kind and consistent. I took your advice and it has resulted positively, I will continue to do so. Thank you for a great reading once again.. " ... written by Lz
Interactive and responsive to questions - honest answers, guess we will just wait and see!!" ... written by m27inal
I love his readings... he is so accurate and I honestly can't wait for his predictions to pass. I will most definitely update on the hall. " ... written by Lisa
Great reading. Peace of mind." ... written by lervin
very interesting chat " ... written by David
I must just confess ProbSolver is SPOT ON, I've never gotten a reading where everything run so fast. I am speechless over all the information I have received in this reading with him." ... written by King of Heart
good chat with probsolver, thanks" ... written by David
Thank you prob" ... written by nadia
interesting chat as always. will be back" ... written by David
Thank you for your help :)" ... written by Nadia
This guy was great, spot on with details and gave predictions that seemed plausible so, only time will tell!!" ... written by Lyndee
good informative reading with a lot of advice!" ... written by ilj
The best of the best! Thank you so so much! Amazing reader! " ... written by Tatiana
I feeling at peace now. I am feeling as if I can relax. He just began to connection to the situation so well. It was as if it was pouring out on the screen information about my situation and I did not say a word." ... written by knowing2013
He is super fast and a 5star reader. Am pleased of what he unfold for me. Much love, lights and blessings." ... written by Neh
Thanks!!" ... written by m
Lovely, thank you." ... written by m
he said my income is going to rise. by late april/ late may i shall get offer to new job. I'm going to be working in june. the guy I like he likes me, but is so respectful towards me that he doesn't say anything, and he'll move so slow. but after the first week of april were gonna get more communication. commitment at the end of the year. will come back in june and leave feedback. " ... written by cindy
Always bright and shining and happy to be doing what he's doing, helping all of us make some sense out of our lives, lmao!!!! God bless you sweetheart!!!" ... written by m
Always positive and understanding" ... written by J
I appreciate all the information he provides you and insight." ... written by knowoing2013
You are so great, beautiful thank you!" ... written by Natasha
You're awesome, thanks!!!" ... written by m
Rockstar status." ... written by Marissa
Feeling blessed, thank you much!" ... written by Beauty
yes he was good." ... written by Armand
Impressive!" ... written by Rebecca
Wow, mean, he is really good. I speechless. Give him a try, he's really good." ... written by Elizabeth
Lovely session, thank you always." ... written by Beauty
I don't have a lot of experience with psychics, so I don't feel that I'm the best person to judge whether or not a person is a good or bad psychic. But as far as my experience with Provsolver, it was very unique, and very exciting and fun and I would definitely do it again. I found the experience to be very entertaining, I did find that he was remarkably accurate and detailed....which really took me back because I wasn't expecting such accuracy from someone who does not know my life. He gave details to me about the situation with my gf before I had even really told him anything about her....then he described in great detail some things that have been going on for me in family home and business as well....and which road I can take for my business that will get me soaring financially. I mean, I really feel that some of this advice could be invaluable if these circumstances come to fruition. So, yeah, give him a try for sure!! you won't be disappointed, he's really an amazing reader, but beyond that a really nice guy too!" ... written by Gerry
wow amazing, i cant say enough, bang on detailed and will now be my only and regular go to. so great " ... written by rachelmmd
Always accurate and detailed!!" ... written by m
I m grateful to have meet him " ... written by knoning
My opinion of this reading is that he was very detailed and thorough, he was also accurate on many details of things, things that he wouldn't or couldn't have known about. He gave great council on my issue as well as predictions to come. I will come back to update when I find out what happens. Thanks for your help Probsolver." ... written by James
That was a fantastic reading!" ... written by Beauty
he was very good i very much enjoyed my reading, i would come back again" ... written by yolanda
Great reading with details thank you so much! :)" ... written by Sally
Always a blessing, thank you." ... written by m
Brilliant reading. Thanks much, always!!" ... written by m
When it comes to predictions on when a person will make contact, ProbSolver is always spot on! He is accurate with his readings and would answer my question while I am typing them. I can't wait for his predictions to happen. Thank you, Probs!" ... written by Moonchild59
thank you for best reading. much appreciate." ... written by leo
Beautiful session!! Loved it, thank you." ... written by m
Lovely, thank you!" ... written by m
Thank you!" ... written by m
Beautiful person inside and out. He gives fabulous sessions that are clear and accurate, full of detail. He truly cares for his clients and it shows through his work. Thank you for touching my life and helping me make positive changes for myself. :)" ... written by AllRoses
Always knows the perfect thing to say when I feel like things are falling apart. He gives the best council and guidance for my situations, and for that i am very grateful. Thank you!!!" ... written by m
Great! Great! Great!!!! He's amazing!!" ... written by Alexis
great reading..." ... written by Ammer
Thank you so much prob. I appreciate your help" ... written by Nadia
Thanks for the fast reading, really appreciated!" ... written by Sally
Thank you for putting my mind to ease. I really liked what you said because it all makes sense. " ... written by Julia
ProbSolver has been accurate with his readings. His predictions have happened in the past. He is quick and does not waste time. He will not give hope if there is no hope. I am looking forward to his next predictions to come to pass. Thank you, Probs!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you for kind and caring words and understanding." ... written by m
Excellent, always." ... written by m
great as always" ... written by kw
One of the best Matured person in ORanum and a real psychic who has surprised me in lot of his readings… He is real .. And would defininltly suggest.. " ... written by pro- aries
Brilliant" ... written by Gill
Daily dose.... :)" ... written by m
Consistent reading, good detail, accurate put my mind at ease. Thank you " ... written by Sheri
Always kind, delivers the messages gently and with honesty and sincerity. He's one of a kind!!" ... written by m
you're great, thanks." ... written by angela
Always a blessing to talk with my dearest friend. I always feel better after we talk. God bless you!!" ... written by m
Loved this update with Solver. He's kind and straight forward. We will see if his predictions come true - so much depends on how I handle things, but I will keep faith and hope." ... written by SB
my first reading and he was spot on. Wow He is really good. You must have a reading with him." ... written by ezeeepass
OMG spot on!!!! Amazing reading this man knew it all I'm speechless." ... written by ms
I'm really happy with the reading from Probsolver. He was professional and answered all my questions and more. I would definitely come back." ... written by Pam
Update with Solver... great update and short as he asked for some time to meditate on my best course of action. More tomorrow!!" ... written by SB
Ok I'm not the REAL Bradley Cooper or anything like that, just joking there, but what I will not joke about is this man's talent. He has far surpassed anyone else on here that I have talked to. He knew tons of details, I really appreciated the fact that he was honest with me even though it wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear, it was still the truth and it's what was best for me to hear. I feel that he has a real gift and that coupled with his good sense, he is bar none an amazing psychic, arguably the best on here. His rate is always affordable as well, he's never out to gouge his customers for cash. I will be a customer for life. Thank you a million Probsolver." ... written by Bradley
Probably the best reading I've ever had. Thank you so much. Such a blessing to have you in my life. :)" ... written by m
Thank you!!! " ... written by Alexis
Thanks so much prob for all your help on reading my situation" ... written by nadia
He is the one you should go to, he have all the answers to your words . Prob is top professional, i will always recommend him to all i come near he is easy going and tune in very fast and his reading is spot on all the time .....☸☸☸☸☸" ... written by loverboy
Prob you are my angel . clear answer to all my Q...." ... written by loverboy
One of the best psychic of oranum …." ... written by areis722
Great reader. Gave me a lot of useful information." ... written by Camrn
always perfect and spot on wow " ... written by loverboy
Gameplan in place. Great reading with Solver. We shall see how it all pans out." ... written by SB
Definitly would suggest him for other to take and see." ... written by aries722
AMAZING!!!! THE BEST!!!!" ... written by Alexis
he is very good! " ... written by evdvev
Prob solver has advised me on many areas and I felt he is reading me correctly. I have tried few other psychics here but wasnt happy. I will comeback and leave my feedback here after the timeframe given by PS. " ... written by R
Will definitly suggest for others to take and see" ... written by aries
He was so much better and explaining than the other one. Thanks for letting me know.." ... written by randi1158
Great reading, thank you." ... written by m
Wonderful, wonderful! ProbSolver always gets it right! He is my go to!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
He is great and truthful. I feel he was telling me the truth.." ... written by randi1158
Always a beautiful and amazing experience to which nothing can compare. Thank you always. :)" ... written by m
great reading with care" ... written by David
Solver is not only a great psychic, but a motivational speaker. He guides you through it all - can't recommend him enough." ... written by SB
Follow up to earlier, thanks much. :)" ... written by m
Amazing reading, always special, thank you!!" ... written by m
Thank you for your detailed reading. I really hope your predictions will come true." ... written by bearthoven
Thanks so much!!! Really fast in readings! I highly recommend him!" ... written by assafdaf
thank u so much loving you...Wonderful updating,spot on,and l am really looking forward to the days to come from now on:-))Lots of love...l recommend him alot!!!!!5 stars to u:-)" ... written by melody2013
Beautiful reading, always a blessing." ... written by m
WOuld definitly suggest pro for others. He has been accurate in many things. Will Definitly update the results when things unfold. thank you." ... written by Areis722
had to disconnect for certain reason....great reading, will continue later when I have privacy." ... written by lornalulu
A deifnite Go to Psychic in Oranum" ... written by aries
great informative" ... written by hello
Very interesting reading. Worth the time .. and very spot on. " ... written by Lisa
ProbSolver is accurate with his readings. 100% without any sugar coating. His predictions always happen. I can't wait for his predictions to come to pass. I have consulted with him for a while now. He can read the other person correctly and will tell you what is happening. He will also tell you what is in your mind and how you feel. Amazing! Thank you, ProbSolver!" ... written by Moonchild59
Wonderful session, gives me strength and hope that everything really is going to be ok." ... written by m
What a fabulous reading, whew!!!! I feel a million times better, so relieved and relaxed now. Thanks so much, you're the best!" ... written by Beauty
Happy to have been able to talk with Probsolver today. He truly cares for his clients and wants the best for everyone he reads for" ... written by m
Thank you for the reading. :)" ... written by Regular
my regular goto psychic in oranum .would definitly suggest him for others. " ... written by aries722
Like no one else." ... written by m
One of the best in Oram...I hardly said a word and all the information kept flowing. immediate connection from yesterday, and remembered where we left off. He didn't have to go through all the initial connections again! He knows me, he knows the "other" i'm trying to make a life with, and he's very sincere and honest. Give him a Try! You won't be disappointed! Will follow up when things start unfolding for us." ... written by lonalulu
Great reading as always!" ... written by hellokitty
Thank you so much! You are awesome!!" ... written by C
Great reading from a great psychic, best on here, thank you so much!!" ... written by m
Probsolvers readings are accurate, prepare to be blown away!! I'm speechless" ... written by m
You are always patient with me everytime I come to the room and tell you my mistakes or bad news. In the past after following some of your advice I did see the difference you talked about. I can't wait until the next prediction will come true. Bless you!! 5 stars." ... written by cali
Always amazing. :)" ... written by m
thanks for the connection, good detailed information given. sorry my computer kept lagging, talk soon" ... written by dakota
The best!" ... written by m
Things are unfolding just like he had been foreseeing and telling me. One of the best in Oranum … Try him.. U will know for yourself … " ... written by aries
Thank you for such a great reading. You have a tendency to make me feel more confident and calm. " ... written by california
I highly recommend anyone to go to Mr. ProbSolve for a reading. He is super accurate, quick, sweet, honest, handsome, and all around amazing! I have been going to him for a very long time now and I really like the insight that he provides. Love Love LOVE HIM! I plan on coming back! Thank you again dear friend! XOXO!" ... written by Lynn
Thank you for the reading. It was very good." ... written by m
Amazing, thanks for the great advice!!" ... written by B
Greaat" ... written by AR
This psychic is always in demand for a reason. Through the roof abilities and gives the best advice!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Thanks so much for the care and concern, you are a wonderful person." ... written by m
"Great session, thanks!!"" ... written by Beauty
"follow up to an earlier reading, he is always spot on!! Thanks Prob."" ... written by Beauty
"Wen't in sad but my day is so much better now!!"" ... written by Beauty
"Thanks for the reading."" ... written by Beauty
Thank you so much prob for clarifying things a little better for me regarding my siutation" ... written by Nadia
Great reading and insight" ... written by Ar
Great reading, thanks so much. I feel like a weight has been lifted." ... written by m
Great reading, thank you!!!" ... written by m
great reading...very precise with details.. " ... written by Ammer
Feeling much better, thank you so much for your patience and understanding. xoxo" ... written by m
Thank you." ... written by m
Good reading." ... written by b
You're great, thanks so much for your support." ... written by Beauty
Had my reading today, and he knew things that no one else could have ever known. I'm blown away!" ... written by Beauty
Probsolver is the best psychic on here, THE BEST!!! You will not be disappointed!" ... written by Beauty
exceptional. loved him. spot on and warm advice." ... written by freeandtruth
Quick update" ... written by SB
Great reading and update was really accurate thank you " ... written by Cheri
Always glad to have a reading with Probsolver. Thanks so much for the care and guidance. xoxoxoxo" ... written by m
Beautiful reading, thank you so much!!" ... written by m
Great reading, thank you!!!!" ... written by m
Fantastic reading, feeling great about things to come!!" ... written by m
Great reading, thanks!!" ... written by m
Thank you so much for shedding light, a weight has seriously been lifted!!!" ... written by Beauty
I appreciate your time and patience with my issues." ... written by Beauty
Thank you for the sound advice" ... written by Beauty
Best psychic on the site!!" ... written by Beauty
Amazing!!" ... written by Beauty
I have been to several psychics, but Probsolver is always my favorite to go to. Thank you so much, I always feel better after our readings." ... written by m
Always friendly, fast, accurate and affordable" ... written by m
That was a fabulous reading, right on point about my bf, I couldn't believe it!!! :)" ... written by m
I appreciate your caring support in my time of need. Thank you" ... written by m
thank you!" ... written by mwisteria
ProbSolver is wonderful, spot on and direct, I very much trust his insights and believe in him that he is most accurate. Thank you ProbSolver for everything today. I will come see you again soon! Many blessing!" ... written by LA Woman
SUPER SUPER 100 % ACCURATE WITH READINGS AND TIME FRAMES! ProbSolver is the only psychic online who has given spot on readings and predictions that come to pass within the time frames. I have consulted with so many psychics in the past several years to find answers. He is very fast with his readings and is also a fast typist. He answers my questions either before I even ask them or while I am typing my questions! He will not sugar coat to make anyone happy. He tells the truth. Thank you very much, ProbSolver! I will come back for another update." ... written by Moonchild59
Definitely one of a kind psychic, he knows his sh*t for sure!!! He's been blessed a million times over with such a beautiful gift, and is sharing with us all. We should all be thanking him after his work. So, Thank You!!!!! xoxoxo" ... written by m
Great reading" ... written by Ar
Beautiful reading, thank you!!!" ... written by m
Great" ... written by AR
I love his honesty. He is amazing!" ... written by Nessa
He is great" ... written by Ness
Wonderful reading, thank you!!!" ... written by m
Thank you!" ... written by C
As always. He's great." ... written by Alexis
ProSolver is fabulous! I trust that he's accurate and will look forward for a wonderful life." ... written by LA Woman
He does surprise me with his readings… A real psychic in Oranum. " ... written by pro - 22
Lovely person and lovely reading, I am so impressed!!! Rock on my brotha!!!" ... written by Beauty
Thanks for the reading" ... written by m
Great reading and update; so much detail and consistent. So understanding..thank you so much for the update " ... written by Sheri
Thank you for the honest and accurate reading" ... written by m
Had an amazing session with Probsolver, he is truly one of a kind and my favorite." ... written by m
I always feel so much better after our readings. Thank you for your kindness and understanding, and help with my issues." ... written by Beautyclarity
So glad I came to see him today, I feel so much better. Thank you so much!!" ... written by m
Probsolver is such a fantastic psychic. Always kind and compassionate, understanding always. I never leave unhappy." ... written by m
Thank you for the reading, I will take all into consideration." ... written by m
Lovely reading, thank you so much. I am always impressed with your wisdom and knowledge. :)" ... written by Beauty
Thank you" ... written by m
Probsolver is the best, thank you so much for the wonderful reading. So accurate!" ... written by m
One of the best of ORANUM …. Best psychic to get the Relationships reading." ... written by Pro
Probsolver has done it again, another prediction come true! Unbelieveable!" ... written by m
Thank you so much, I feel much better now" ... written by m
Positive and enlightening reading. Definitely 5 stars!!!" ... written by m
great" ... written by m
good reading" ... written by m
Wow!! He's so good, I'm really pleased. He is the only psychic I go to now." ... written by Beauty
Amazing!!!" ... written by m
Wonderful thanks!" ... written by m
Thank you" ... written by m
Thanks" ... written by m
Always wonderful reading with you, thank you ever so much!!" ... written by Beauty
Great reading, wow!!! Thank you so, so much!!!" ... written by Beauty
Fabulous reading, thank you so much!!" ... written by Beautyclarity
Another prediction came true!! Amazing!!" ... written by Beautyclarity
On point. BOOM!" ... written by Beautyclarity
very goood " ... written by mp
Great reading and update lots of detail and information which is good. Thank You " ... written by Sher
Muchas gracias :)" ... written by Beautyclarity
He is great and I had experience that his predictions had come throw. I'm blown away and he is very caring and fast. " ... written by Jennifer
seemed to be quite accurate. thanks. " ... written by gk
The best!" ... written by m
Thank you ProbSolver!" ... written by Amy
Thank you ProbSolver! You have given me excellent clarity!" ... written by Amy
Had the longest reading. but he has given me a lot of hope" ... written by ash
Getting all the info from him. " ... written by akku
Great reading, thanks" ... written by m
Great reading, thanks so much!!" ... written by m
Amazing reader, totally blown away!!! He has taught me so much about my life!! I am eternally grateful." ... written by m
What an amazing person and reader!! Spot on with predictions, I couldn't be happier with my service. Thank you so much for everything. xoxoxo" ... written by Beauty
Really great update and reading; thank you for the advice all the best " ... written by sher
Wonderful psychic, thank you!!" ... written by m
Beautiful reading. I am astounded! Wow!" ... written by Beauty
thanks for udpate " ... written by gk
Great reading, thanks!!" ... written by m
Amazing reader!!!" ... written by m
Lovely, thank you!!" ... written by m
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
I appreciate the reading. He gave me so much information to think about ..thanks" ... written by randi1158
Nice advice and reading; thank you " ... written by Sher
Great reading thank you!!" ... written by m
All I can say is what a wild reading -- connected very quickly on many different levels, really in tune with what's going on. I would definitely recommend a reading with ProbSolver! i'll be back to follow up." ... written by lornalulu
I love his readings so much! Thank you!" ... written by Nessa
ProbSolver answers my questions as I type them. He is way ahead and knows what I am thinking. He is spot on with his readings and can read the other person. His predictions have come to pass. I will wait for his next predictions to happen. Thank you, ProbSolver!" ... written by moonchild59
Thank you" ... written by Josh
Thank u" ... written by JOsh
thanks for update" ... written by gk
he's very accurate with a grate gift" ... written by mmmm
Super nice guy ... always connects quickly and is in tune with what is going on. Don't see much hope with my situation, but if anything ever changes will be back to tell! Thank you for all you've done." ... written by lornalulu
thanks for update" ... written by GK
Very good reading. Answered all my questions without taking too much time. Made predictions too. Over all good experience. Will return back for further reading. " ... written by SSK
thanks for update" ... written by gk
GREAT!!!" ... written by Alexis
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Alexis
thanks for update" ... written by gk
incredible " ... written by T
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Thanks!" ... written by Alexis
always a great reading and a pleasure, always a quick connection and is in tune with my situations. Will be back soon!" ... written by lornalulu
thanks for update" ... written by gk
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Thanks a lot" ... written by Josh
Thanks" ... written by Josh
Thank u so much!" ... written by angel
thanks for the update" ... written by gk
Rock star, thanks so much!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo" ... written by m
Excellent!!!" ... written by m
Lovely reading, thanks so much!! The best!!" ... written by m
Lovely work as always." ... written by Beauty
The best, thanks so much!!!" ... written by m
Great, thanks!!" ... written by m
Completely amazing and spot on for sure!!! I love it... it was real not dreaming endings ... just complete honestly... can't wait for his predictions to past no matter the ups and downs. " ... written by June
waiting for his prediction to happen" ... written by -
Amazing!!!" ... written by Marissa
Thank you!!" ... written by m
Great!" ... written by Alexis
AMAZING!!!" ... written by Alexis
Thank you sooooo much!! " ... written by financial
Thank you so much pro . Feeling light will get back . Will definitly suggest for others to take and see … " ... written by arie722
thanks" ... written by gk
thanks" ... written by gk
A definite go to psychic for Solutions . His predictions has happened in the past. I would definitely suggest probsolver for relationship issues. " ... written by aries - pro
One of the most beautiful readings I've ever had!!! I have been talking to him for over a year and he has never said anything that wasn't true!!! Soooooo moved by the accuracy and his care!!! Thank you probsolver!! xoxox" ... written by Alexis
He is such an amazing psychic!! Accurate with every detail!!! Thank you probsolver!!! xoxoxo" ... written by Alexis
WONDERFUL!!!!!" ... written by Alexis
awesome....connected really well...i even tested him with a last question n he was correct!!! superb" ... written by m
thank you for such an encouraging reading.. it really helps. " ... written by bikers
Thank you so much, you were really helpful and put my mind at ease. Looking forward to your predictions." ... written by Sophie
Thank you so much for the update. You really put my mind to ease." ... written by ness
I found my relief with him. He's helped me so much. He uses no tools and i can honestly say he is indeed gifted. I appreciate him and my troubles were finally lifted, because I went around looking on here for answers and i found them with him. One of the best on here! " ... written by ji
Always a godsend. Always life changing. Always the greatest!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Outstanding update. Thank you!" ... written by lervin
Thanks pro for such nice reading… " ... written by Pro - USA
This glorious dear soul changes my life profoundly! I can return to him and remember what I'm here to do and what is TRUE. Thank you, ProbSolver!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
wow it was a great read made so much sense! info was just flowing. I will consult again." ... written by gg
thank you , calmed down my nerves a bit..." ... written by fff
Thank you so much for the great advice i really appreciate it. " ... written by Kshama
Beautiful reading, thanks so much!!!" ... written by m
GREAT!" ... written by Alexis
Always excellent!! Thank you!!" ... written by m
probsolver is very patient, and truly cares for the clients. he is accurate and I'm glad for his time in helping me out. 5 stars! " ... written by Bikersgirl
amazing and great reading" ... written by hm
I should stop consulting with other psychics when ProbSolver is not online or busy with other people. It only confuses me. The other psychics are negative. Some of them are judgmental. I consult with Probs to find answers. He is accurate with what the other person is going through and he tells me how I feel about the situation. He does not sugar coat. He is quick and will not waste time. In fact, he is ahead of what I want to know. Thank you, Probs! I will keep you updated and will talk to you after the 29th...or before :)" ... written by Moonchild59
----" ... written by ----
Fabulous!!! Couldn't have been better!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Always informative and helpful. I will always return" ... written by Andranitesh1
Had a reading with Probsolver, and I'm so, so glad I did. It's a wonderful feeling to gain clarity!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Appreciate all the help, thank you!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Amazing reading, you are truly gifted!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Did not even realise I was talking to a psychic.. He understands the whole situation, connects to you very quickly and becomes like a genuine friend giving the best advices... I am very satisfied and can see things in a different way.. Go for a pvt reading with Probsolver, you will not regret it!!!!" ... written by Shama
As he talked I sat and nodded my head yes, yes, yes because he was SPOT ON about so many things. I am definitely coming back!" ... written by Jasmine
Always a blessing." ... written by m
always accurate" ... written by ji
I appreciate the reading. He was very fast on giving me the information. I have to trust him. thanks" ... written by randi1158
great chat" ... written by david
He is absolutely great. Very honest, didn't ask a lot of questions, and knew things that I already knew and stated things that its no way possible he could have known. His gift is the truth. I will be seeking him as my advisor for a long time. " ... written by Tia
Thank you for such a reassuring and great reading. Bless you very much! Such a comfort." ... written by xo
Probsolver, I can't thank you enough for everything you told me... I will do my best to follow all of your advice. You made my days brighter and I am glad about that. Especially during the dark times Of my life. I give you many stars. And am wishing and hoping all te predictions come true. Thank you probsolver. " ... written by Bikersgirl
Brilliant!! Thank you!!" ... written by m
ProbSolver has always been accurate with his readings and his predictions come true. I have been consulting with Probs for a while now. He is very quick and does not waste time. He has always told me the truth. He does not sugar coat. He will tell you what you have to hear. And not what you want to hear. I have not doubted ProbSolver's abilities. Thank you Probs! I will talk to you again soon!" ... written by Moonchild59
Thank you for your kind patience and reading today. Really appreciate it. " ... written by angl00777
very good..... i recommend!" ... written by dvwsc
Great!" ... written by Alexis
he is very kind and honest " ... written by lemon
great update, thank you PS" ... written by someone
He was great!! seemed to be getting alot of information from seme where in the universe! thank you... will take your advice..." ... written by carina
he helped me in my situation for several times and again he is spot on and accurate. thank you for your time :)" ... written by katie
Thank you so very much for your generosity of time, for explaining everything from a man's point of view, as an adult, as a psychic. You did indeed answer my questions. I get lonely, worried, and bored. I panic and seek psychics for healing and comfort. You are right that speaking with too many is confusing. being that we have no spoken in so long and I am using a new identity, for you to tell me the same vision plus other perks from spending adequate time with you, I think that speaks volumes. Don't you?" ... written by Julia
thank you for helping me again, was really worried but now feeling good." ... written by kat
This is a very special man with extreme gifts. I will definitely visit often." ... written by Daniela_
ProbSolver is just amazing. So far the most accurate and best reading on oranum." ... written by J
Amazing reader, amazing reading and wonderful advice " ... written by katie
I always enjoy my private readings with ProbSolver. He is 100% accurate with his readings and his predictions. He will not tell you what you want to hear. Probs will tell you the truth. He does not judge. He is a kind and pleasant psychic to consult with. Probs does not waste time. He is very quick. We had technical issues and we were disconnected from the reading towards the end. I will go back for updates. Thank you again, Probs! " ... written by Moonchild
He is so on point its not even funny....its amazing! " ... written by Shell
Absolute brilliance." ... written by m
Probsolver has great abilities. sometimes I might not be as positive but his readings are consistent aniline true. thank you very much for everything. I am sorry if I come out harsh sometimes becaus I go through so much in many areas of my life. five stars for you probsolver :)." ... written by Bikersgirl
thanks" ... written by -
Rockstar status" ... written by Andranitesh1
Seriously one of the best psychics on Oranum. So relieved" ... written by Andranitesh1
Loved it, thank you!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
thanks so much for the reading, i'll be back soon" ... written by Andranitesh1
Amazing!! Never been to a psychic like this. Awesome!!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
He is the best of the best..... cannot describe in words.. I still wonder how he does it ... he is astonishingly accurate and matured in solving problems in critical issues ... I think , he makes even the impossible's as possibles with his careful well put suggestions and solutions .. he is my first go to psychic in oranum.. " ... written by aries722
Youre amazing. Much love." ... written by xoxoxo
He has dropped from somewhere in Heaven. He astonishingly gifted. The prices he gives us are so generous and this allows for a relaxed session with a true and caring psychic…" ... written by Daniela_
I love this man! He is ASTOUNDING!!!! " ... written by lynnertainment
I will recommend my gfs at school they will looooove you! Thank you again XOXO!" ... written by lynnertainment
OMG I can hear his voice now and he is so wonderful to hear! I love listening to him! This is amazing! I am so glad so happy! I really enjoyed our reading as always. He is great!!! I will be back... as you already know haha... You know my entire life story :))).... Thank you for your guidance and counsel I appreciate every minute and I will write on your wall when I can so we can have a reading :)))) Take care sweetheart! xoxo!!!!!! God Bless you!!!" ... written by Lynn
Great dream interpretation and quick reading thank you " ... written by sher
thank you again probsolver :) you are really great help and my situation is getting better every day and its just because of your advises and sincere suggestions. blessings" ... written by katie
it was really nice talking to Dani again, hadn't talked to him for a long while, but feel that what he had to say about me and my new relationship was right on, and I feel that what he said about my future with this man Im with, was exactly what is going to happen. There are big changes coming into my life, all good. Thank you Dani, really nice talking to you again, it was fun. I can't wait for the things that are about to happen in my life. " ... written by sunrisegold
Great!!!" ... written by Alexis
All the feels. Amazing. " ... written by m
he is the BEST " ... written by katie
amazing, my first reading with him and he was spot on " ... written by mish
One of the very best psychic .. Pro, Will get back for another reading. Was struck again and its time for my work." ... written by probsolver- USA
great session hope predictions come true " ... written by leo
Seriously, the BEST PSYCHIC on here. Trust." ... written by m
Beautiful reading, nothing compares. Thank you!!!" ... written by m
Definitely the best psychic here on Oranum. I highly recommend" ... written by Andranitesh1
Knew details about things that no one would know. I'm shocked. wow" ... written by Andranitesh1
Always the best!!" ... written by m
was trying to be helpful and gives lot of information quite deep and interesting. thank you " ... written by sher
A million times amazing. Love him." ... written by m
very good readings with dani, and have been seeing Dani for awhile now, and he is very understanding when talking with you, thank you Dani" ... written by sunrisegold
One of the best reliable psychic in oranum. very amazing.." ... written by aries722
all the feels" ... written by m
Beautiful reading, thank you!!" ... written by m
Once again, fabulous and thank you!!!" ... written by m
good and accurate" ... written by sangeeta
Psychic fun, yeeeeeee! He's awesome." ... written by m
People cross your path for a specific reason. There are no accidents in this way in life. I just thank God every day my path has led to you. Truly amazing and gifted, an honor and blessing to know this man." ... written by m
Great!" ... written by Alexis
Nothing but the best for me!!" ... written by Beauty
So amazing and i'm so glad I came to him" ... written by Andranitesh1
Damn....he's that good." ... written by m
he is the best on oranum :) loved talking to you " ... written by katiekim
Another prediction came true. Awesome." ... written by Andranitesh1
I will take the advice to heart. Thank you for all that you do." ... written by Andranitesh1
Best Psychic on Oranum. My favorite!!!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Always lifts my spirits up... very motivating... now lets see in a month what happens... :)" ... written by confused 115
PERFECT!!! Thank you so much! I will keep you updated" ... written by ezeeepass
very good readings with Dani, no tools needed, very hard to catch him sometimes, but I feel it is coming from the heart when he talks with everyone that he talks with because he doesn't try to get all your credits like other psychics do. he is fast to answer your questions, and doesn't pause alot and talk about things that will take alot of time. which is the experience that I have had with other psychics. Thank you Dani, you are very much appreciated." ... written by sunrisegold
Always happy with my readings with Probsolver. Amazing psychic!" ... written by Andranitesh1
Thank you so much for the careful connection and advice" ... written by Andranitesh1
No superlative would be enough. He knows everything. He is worth the wait." ... written by Daniela_
Truly amazing human being. Blessed to have you in my life." ... written by m
happy tears great connection " ... written by mabelswyant
thank you for helping me to see the situation better" ... written by Andranitesh1
Great!" ... written by Alexis
thank you for your insight and clarity :) will come back soon" ... written by misimish
Truly an amazing person and friend, I'm very blessed to know you, thank you." ... written by Andranitesh1
Awesome. Thank you." ... written by Andranitesh1
I've talked to several on here but Probsolver is my favorite and the best. If you want accuracy, see him." ... written by Andranitesh1
Truly amazing, I'm floored every time we talk. Thank you so much" ... written by Andranitesh1
Wonderful person with beautiful gifts." ... written by Andranitesh1
very good and understanding helps a lot cant wait till the end of this month :)" ... written by jamie
He has been absolutely great since the first reading I have had from him a few days ago. Clear and precise. Some hard times ahead – he has been honest! Read my situation like a book in from of him. Will keep fingers crossed and hope for the best! Thank you so much once again" ... written by H
he is Awesome . no Sugar coach here . and you get the truth and only the truth 5 Big ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ " ... written by lover boy
Perfect as always, i appreciate his advice " ... written by misimish
he always amaze me with him accuracy and insight. Thank you for such kind and accurate reading " ... written by katie
He was very good. Right on what he said. Very good advice. I have my own intuitions but I needed more... and I got all my confirmation... thank you so much... I am definitely grateful and will take your suggestions. " ... written by Ocrchidblosssom
Great reading!!! He is always in tune andamp; up front with the situation. Thank you!!!" ... written by TE
awesome reading! very helpful. thank you!" ... written by Jenny
Again, wonderful reading and thank you." ... written by m
Awesome always, thank you!!!" ... written by m
Truly amazing and always accurate." ... written by Andranitesh1
Thank you so very much, I am relieved and will be taking your advie." ... written by Andranitesh1
Looks like good things headed this way, thank you so much for the insight." ... written by Andranitesh1
again you nailed it :) thank you for your insight and kindness " ... written by mish
Absolutely the best psychic on Oranum. Never disappointed" ... written by Andranitesh1
"Thank you for your kindness and understanding always." ... written by Andranitesh1
simply the BEST. love the updates ProbSolver" ... written by katie
He lives up to his name everytime!!! Thank you!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
One of the best go to psychic of oranum… definitely would suggest for others to take… u will know only if u take… he would amaze u with his predictions.." ... written by aries
Good reading English could be better" ... written by Jes
Very, very through and good. Thank you so much." ... written by tochoose
ProbSolver has always been accurate with his readings and his predictions. He is, also, a super fast typist. He does not waste time in private readings to waste your credits. He is honest and straight to the point. He is pleasant to talk to and does not judge. He hardly asks questions. I always come back for updates. " ... written by Moonchild59
I love This man..He is so unbelievable. This is not my first reading with him so I know his predictions do happened. If you want to know what the other person will do or feeling, this is your guy. He types fast and no need to say anything, he just flows. You have to see it for yourself if you haven't before" ... written by ezeeepass
Can to Solver for some perspective, and he gave me that. Sometimes I'm hard on myself in terms of expectations - plus I'm impatient. Solver helps put things in line - making sense of the situation. " ... written by SB
he is very good and offers good advice " ... written by hiownhjciwdjc
he has been the most on target reader I have experienced on oranum" ... written by chai
Great reading!" ... written by Samantha
I had been taking reading since one year.. he is the one go to psychic for me in Oranum… I go to others when he is busy or not available.. very hard to find a psychic who is amazingly accurate like him.. pls take private to amaze yourself.. I would suggest him specially for relationship issues.." ... written by aries
Thank you sir for the clear reading and your expert advice! I will always chat with you. You save me always! Thus far your prediction from June has come true! 10 Stars for you!" ... written by A
A person meets this kind of man only once in a lifetime. He is Absolutely gifted. Very connected. I cannot feature not having him to consult in my life. " ... written by Daniela
He was good, slow getting connected but once he did, he did have the answers. Will see what transpires in a month or to." ... written by Z
Great reading cant wait for the month ahead :)" ... written by jamie
Great, straight forward and lots of information." ... written by EggGiril
No words good enough.. he nailed it all on the head... it all fits in with things he was never told... The Best; Excellent; Real Deal, you choose.. they all fit and more accolades... " ... written by tochoose
Very Very Good... to the point, fast and accurate... :) Will come back absolutely..." ... written by tochoose
Great reading, very accurate and quick! " ... written by Drummergirl
This was a very interesting reading. I asked my questions in the beginning and without me interrupting him, he answered everything in nice detail. A lot of things were accurate as well, a very good reading overall!" ... written by Mary
Quick reading, direct to the point, honest psychic reader, no sugarcoating: love it! fast typer and very accurate! A+" ... written by Faith_and_Hope
So kind, honest andamp; sincere =))) this is soooo beautiful... thank you :) you have a wonderful spirit... :) very accurate psychic recommended to everyone!" ... written by f
this is real psychic, no tools, nothing. just straight up like that. it was a pleasure to have give details, great connection. highly recommended to others as well!!" ... written by Ammer
He was incredible. Tuned into my situation right away and told me so many many many insightful and accurate things! gave me some warnings and predictions. Will be back!" ... written by Sarah
Wow absolutely fantastic! Fast! Lots of great detail!" ... written by Shelly
Thank you" ... written by Talebini
intuitive" ... written by wh
A great warm person with a natural energy of intuition and great numerology skills, would recommend him, gifted spiritualist." ... written by Ruby1927
Looking forward to good months ahead. Very good reader." ... written by Sooriamurthy
very good " ... written by lopezina