About Morrdor

Psychic Morrdorhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Morrdorhas recently helped 20members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Morrdor's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

As I learned to walk, I could see life stream hearing & seeing spirit. I am Seer medium clairvoyant psychic . Ancestors & advice giving Destiny's direction, guided by Angelous my guide. Guidance around family, lovers & friends. Social media blockages can hurt. Clarity given around relationships of love. I look into past present & future.

She provided value information of future job opportunities!" ... written by Geneva Girl
amazing!!! so quick and clear! thank you so much!" ... written by sin
Great read " ... written by Lburg5
Lovely lady, connects quickly and was very helpful indeed. Thank you Morrdor xx" ... written by Heather
Very consistent. Would recommend. " ... written by angelszone
Refreshingly honest reader. Very clear explanations and pointers to put the reading in context. Would recommend." ... written by angelszone
great connection.." ... written by me
Omg!!!! She was the absoulte best! She knew everything and made my life so much clearer. She was a blessing and life is going according to plan. " ... written by simone1707
Very detailed and honest reading....Picked up on the situation on hand fast and on point...recommend her highly..... " ... written by me
The best most insightful and kindhearted reading I have ever had. Many thanks" ... written by Anne Marie
she is incredible and so warm and wise. lovely to read with." ... written by freeandtruth
Awesome! Thanks" ... written by Bey
She put things so beautifully! Let me know of some things to come and also things I needed to get ready for. Very helpful! Thank you so much, Morrdor!" ... written by rose
good really accurate so excited for the future now. " ... written by Taryn
Awesome! love your trust and honesty to me :) xxx" ... written by Judy
Morrdor was A-MAZING. So kind, genuine, caring, considerate." ... written by Sky103
My opinion is this lady has a gift that is honest and insightful and I cherish the words she has given me to help me in my life. Blessings xx" ... written by Anne Marie
Straight to the point ... very interesting ... and accurate" ... written by bluetippi2
She is very accurate, fastand to the point. Without givingher lots of information, she spoted the things that I was thinking about. She does not waste time and does not suguer code. She worths every penny. " ... written by dimond110
spot on ... very nice lady" ... written by rosyjosh
She was right on with her info calmed me down a bit to know theses things" ... written by forjettti
very nice to talk to you!" ... written by Dennis
very good" ... written by dom
She is amazing!" ... written by Dimond110
Morrdor is fabulous! Didn't want the reading to end .. so accurate and detailed!" ... written by d
would like to say how warm and friendly she is and her reading was great" ... written by fentiger78
She is amazing! I got so much energy after my reading with her." ... written by Dimond110
okay truth is some of it was really a bit confusing, but she has known things she couldn't possibly know and without my saying anything and her predictions from the past have been very good indeed. so if you are considering giving her a try, her style is different, but she is well worth it. thank you. " ... written by all
She is great and very helpful." ... written by Dimond110
Thanks" ... written by Bey
very accurate in reading. One of the best on Oranum." ... written by Kev
she has a unique way of reading but it has been very interestingly accurate and helpful, so very helpful. thank you. " ... written by allbright
beautiful reading " ... written by lotus71
So Spot on with out telling her anything. Thanks so much!" ... written by Nona
Always spot on with information. Very interesting reading." ... written by Kev
She is amazing! I enjoyed all my readings with her. She is accurate and up to the point" ... written by Dimond110
What an amazing reading. She really dove right into my situation and gave a very clear reading" ... written by tyler
alarming accurate without giving any information away during the reading." ... written by littlebudy1
She was great! I like her style of reading and the cards she used." ... written by Monique
Amazing!" ... written by Kae
lovely lady, great update, honest, very helpful " ... written by vik
Always honest with updates, tells the truth , helpful and very good reader, has time for you x" ... written by vikki
She has been interestingly accurate. Very interesting. Different. But highly accurate. " ... written by allbright
I didn't get much time; But she's nice, and seems very well educated as well as knowledgable in her specialties." ... written by Lilith
excellent .. intutive .. an amazing reading , hitting every avenue of my life !!! I will be back soon !! if you havent already , get a reading from Morrdor!!!! outstanding!!! " ... written by tamjones
very accurate reading it has help me a great deal. i will use her advice and be patient for the man i love. thank you " ... written by Franny
Thank you! You're the sweetest and spot on! " ... written by Esther
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! Incredible! I Will be coming back. " ... written by Lesia Wotherspoon
Amazing as always, connection is strong, can see everything in my and other persons life going on and is very accurate " ... written by vicky
VERY GOOD XX" ... written by MANDY
My word! She was spot on! I really enjoyed the reading and her energy and way of explaining things. I will definitely come back. She is genuine and very god!" ... written by Grace
Very lovey and kind. She lets you think for yourself. She can see a lot that is happening in your situation." ... written by Jennifer
Morrdor was very helpful and accurate. Wish I could have stayed in the reading longer but ran out of credit. Thank you Morrdor. I will continue to be friendly and patient. " ... written by Talia
Impressive what she picked up on!" ... written by Lisa
Holy moly..... She was absolutely spot on even I, as a believer was still amazed. I wish I had more time with her though. Might just have to purchase more credits" ... written by Zdenka
she is fantastic!" ... written by me
Amazing, extremely insightful reading. Everything was spot on - i did not mention any future plans but they came up in detail within the reading. Not all information was what I hoped to hear - but really appreciated the honesty of the reading. Thank you" ... written by pinklight
she is really fantastic. really. it didn't make sense, and then it all made perfect sense.... she is really amazing. " ... written by all
So sweet and very helpful to me thank you so very much!" ... written by ava
thanks! so much" ... written by sam
very accurate, and helpful" ... written by lovingds1
she is lovely and so sweet and definitely recommend" ... written by aqidah
Good reading . was accurate. would have liked more time with her. Will see how thing pan out." ... written by tilthe
Great raeding" ... written by Brent
great reading" ... written by aqidah
Very kind and helpful" ... written by Zoe
good. " ... written by billy
Thank you for easing my mind!" ... written by shelly
Never enough time, very in depth and genuine connection x " ... written by vik
She was excellent! I will come back to her." ... written by Christy
She was very helpful!" ... written by Grace
Lovely lady, very helpful " ... written by vik
She has uncovered things no one else has. knew things that were amazing. sometimes hard to understand a little, but when it unfolds, it becomes clear that her readings were extremely accurate and not just random at all, but the specifics become very clear and she couldn't have guessed or just randomly figured it out. Thanks morrdor. " ... written by allbright
sometimes seems confusing, but then it unfolds and makes sense. and is very accurate. thank you morrdor. predictions happen. " ... written by allbright
Spot on. Very clear very detailed..thank you for your great reading." ... written by Mei
simply fantastic!" ... written by me
straight to the point, spot on...great gift!" ... written by billy
I wish I'd had more credits to finish the reading" ... written by Roz Jones
Very good reading clarified some things for me. Painful truth. Thanks for the reading." ... written by Amy Vulk
Morrdor is amazing!! Best reading on Oranum!" ... written by Lisa
superb bang on thankyou" ... written by mickthedoc
She is absolutely great!" ... written by Grave
Great reading - very insightful and detailed." ... written by pinklight
Very quick connection, a lot of detail provided, concise and insightful. One of my favourite. " ... written by Pinklight
I really like my readings with morrdor. they can be cryptic at times, but they always appear to unfold as she says. thank you so much morrdor. " ... written by all
she is quite good and does not ask for any information but manages to give useful guidance." ... written by RainbowSpectrum