About MamiOlufunkeM

Psychic MamiOlufunkeMhas 18years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MamiOlufunkeMhas recently helped 49members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MamiOlufunkeM's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

I use the 16 Cowrie Shell Oracle to query the Spirit World and answer questions from you about " What you most need to know now, Love, Career, Relationships, Finances, Travel-Relocate, and Spiritual Development". I have been doing these readings for 30 years.

Very honest, will say the truth regardless of what you are hoping to hear" ... written by Mico_Napoli
She was awesome! I will be back :)" ... written by Tishiab
The reading was good. Will come back again." ... written by RLM1977
She is really good!" ... written by DARLING1
Interesting" ... written by jessicalove01
Shes great" ... written by gstephen
I had a great reading................Will come back to her......" ... written by eurbaez438
Good for the amount of time i had, very low credits, but very fast with her reading. awesome." ... written by vineir08
She's a good person and helped guide me on my journey. Explained to me what I need to do to change my situations. I will contact her again." ... written by cari777
Lovely reading wish i had more credit..... beautiful person" ... written by neevie
AWESOME!! Very nice and very accurate. " ... written by Jena
I just could not believe she was right on with what was going to happen to me. I want to thank you for making me aware of certain things in my life" ... written by boxofmother
Very quick and to the point.....very good and thorough " ... written by makaylalarayn1
I apologize for leaving...You kept cutting in and out. And it coming hard to understand everything." ... written by tbrooke2012
She's so good! honest to the point clear. I love her!!!!" ... written by jessi2x
Very accurate, nice and sincere. She was very truthful and correct. I got a lot of answers." ... written by jamira76
Seems good shame I run out of credit" ... written by smiley2011
Great job. Very inspirational." ... written by toreesky
Thanks Mami " ... written by tinydancer83
Very good, It was a complex situation and she pick-up on it. " ... written by 22glaz
Good reading" ... written by centerpiece
Nice and sweet and on the money trustworthy" ... written by madame1
MamiOlufun is sincere and honest. I could feel her working to answer my questions quickly and clearly. While answering my questions - She talked about the issues that block my success - things that others in my circle have also tried to tell me. I specifically asked about a new job - She told me how to present myself so that the outcome is favorable; she also noted so areas to avoid. She's a wonderful guide to have! " ... written by Curious 1828
Had good reading." ... written by marionlyttle
Nice reading! She picked up on a few things very well before I said anything. " ... written by Jennifer
Very good reading!" ... written by georgiapeach21
good reading, good advice!!" ... written by flow
She was very accurate with her reading.." ... written by humility
Mami straight on it... Don't doubt her insight? I loved and connected with her energy! She revealed the hidden answers I needed... Gave advice... And even remedies to solutions. I'll be going back to her. Thumbs Up!!!" ... written by cordie 167
Very good." ... written by Staci
Great reading!" ... written by carol ray
was very good" ... written by veronica
loved her reading and she gave great advice, very very very accurate in her finds will be back million stars for u once again will take ur advice bout the offering!!" ... written by saskia
good reading" ... written by toni
GREAT LADY!" ... written by keke
The Queen gave me an excellent reading that helped me figure out what was best for me to do moving forward. I'll definitely will be reaching out to my ancestors tonight and looking forward to receiving blessings from the Goddess Oshun." ... written by Alasia
Really offered clarity and peace to my current situation. Very accurate and very peaceful and genuine! Will be back. :) " ... written by Khephra
She was sincere. She got straight to the point and made me understand what I was asking. I would come back to her again soon." ... written by amedley
nice lady" ... written by lotus99
Thanks for the great reading and advice..." ... written by femi
She is really sweet andamp; nice." ... written by aqua
If you are looking for a best and truthful reading, he is the one for you. Reading, Advice and Result; you will get it all in here. Try her and you wont regret it. Thanks." ... written by John
She was great! Loved her energy and insight... She gave me hope." ... written by karen
Great, unique, talented!!!!!!!! Fun love Mami!!!! :)" ... written by anna
She was able to see whats around me, I have to pay attention to the message that was given. God Bless very interesting read!" ... written by queenbee22
very good and personal reading. She was very insightful and knew of my situation in detail and offered much help. Thank you" ... written by tristinlewis
She was wonderful and genuine." ... written by Moneclleia
Ran out of time but will be back. She is great!" ... written by porchia
Very warm and great. fast and felt a lot of love and peace from her! Thank you so much!" ... written by porchia
Very nice to talk to, very quick and kind and to the point, and very helpful" ... written by Sammy
thank you for all my ?? answered very satisfied with ur style love ur new look God Blesss" ... written by queenbee22
Thank you." ... written by lenard
very good reading :))" ... written by toni
Thank you very much for my reading! I wish you many blessings!!!!" ... written by Kayeluv1
I was impressed. She confirmed what I felt was true but didn't want to accept. Thank you. I will be contacting MamiOlufunkeM again!" ... written by ivey
Thanks so much for this accurate reading... It cleared many questions in my mind.... I do feel better about choices I have to make for the best..... She is a wonderful reader and spot on!!!" ... written by ronelle
Aweeeesomemememe! So good! Great reading! :)" ... written by unknownjourney
very honest and straight forward" ... written by termo
She's really in tune with her work. Definitely 5 stars! :)" ... written by Purple Iris
Great insight... highly recommended!!!!" ... written by smole
great" ... written by ardm
Thank you Mami for your insight I appreciate everything you told me" ... written by Kristina Prattis
What I liked so much about her is that she was truthful," ... written by callme
thx you for great update i will watch myself with these issues" ... written by QUEENBEE22
she answered my dreams and I feel better" ... written by sylviemon
MamiOlufunkeM is great. She answered all of my questions. I got a sense of peace from her. I will definitely follow her advice." ... written by Ivette
ok!" ... written by lotus 99
Great reading! Will be back soon" ... written by DeterminedSoul
good reading. will certainly visit again." ... written by tilthe
She's very helpful and very kind, very quick and straight to the point, doesn't mix words. She's really good " ... written by Sammykat
Shes amazing and helped me through alot. Thank you so much Madame!" ... written by Amber Soto
Good hearted and well minded reader! thanks!" ... written by Lovewoman17
highly recomended, i got the clarity i wanted. if you want the truth then come to her!" ... written by msmug
love her she is always dead on" ... written by fallin
Thanks" ... written by Krista Elliott
What a wonderful and great reading!! I feel there was such pure loving guidance in there for me... protecting me and teaching me what to do... almost like a step by step guide!! OMG!! ty Mami!!" ... written by ragingwaters
She was quick, clear, compassionate, coherent, full of advice and good wishes. She knew things I didn't tell her, I only told her my first name. Sweet lady, I recommend her." ... written by OndeMystere
she's so peaceful and kind. thank you" ... written by jessica
I think her general reading of me was on board. She described my personality and ideas I had at heart, and to keep pushing myself." ... written by Alvina Lenoir
5 stars! Very kind hearted person. I will be back again when I have more time. She accurately reads energies." ... written by Christine
Different technique,very good, Would recommend her." ... written by eli
she is the best psychic in oranum.END!" ... written by MARY
best reading accurate to the point great she is the best " ... written by ciny
Great reading and straight to the point!" ... written by DarniaC
Clear, to the point,great- recommend" ... written by Sylvia812
AMAZING! I Would recommend her A MILLION TIMES OVER. She was so concise and so truthful and honest. No Holds Barred - The style I really like. " ... written by M
I must say I will recommend her to anyone. She told me things I know to be true! Everything said I receive, Love her already and will speak and trust her words. If you are looking for someone who knows what they know Mamiolufunkem is the real deal. Thx you Mamiolufunkem and may God bless and keep you always ...." ... written by ktrnwllms742
different type of reading but she was very good... lets you know what is going on and then you can make your decision...thank you!" ... written by nick
She direct and straight to point." ... written by michael
Really great reading! Appreciate her! She's wonderful!!! :)" ... written by Christine
Thank u" ... written by PIGLETME
She was awesome, gave me the clarity I needed, very kind and honest! Thank you so much dear xoxo I will be back" ... written by karlabebe
Awesome first time read with her! Hoping for the best!" ... written by Kris
awesome reading. very unique. MamiOlufunkeM is great. I would recommend her. Will be back for more readings" ... written by bella123456
MAmiOlufunkeM amazing !!!! i will see you in again ... great guidance in her reading" ... written by tammyj1974
very special reading. Hope is accruate. Thank you" ... written by PIGLETME
Loved her reading! Made me calm and gave good instructions. Thank you, MamiOlufunke" ... written by Claudia
She was very kind, she told me the truth about a painful matter that i wanted to go in my favor. " ... written by Avenda Ali
I love her" ... written by Katie
good reader very accurate" ... written by cindy
she was good n hit some points" ... written by -
Very exciting reading and she looks down but when she raises her head she gives it to you like it is. l enjoyed every moment. Thank you so much." ... written by Julia
Nice..." ... written by Oceania30
amazing reading !! hit on some important issues in my life .. I love her way of telling you the truth andamp; what you need to know!! I will be back again !! Thank You MamiOlufunkeM" ... written by tammyjones
She was great and gave me some info tht really shocked me lol." ... written by angelic03
Great reading, very honest and no sugar coating!" ... written by Kris
very helpful reading." ... written by Chantal
she told me what I needed to hear. She is right on the money." ... written by prettywings
She is amazing !!!!! Thank u!!" ... written by sunita
Good reading!" ... written by Tina
Mami was a great person to have a reading with. Unfortunately the site was too slow and was a bit difficult to understand the sound. We had to switch to typing but that was ok. Great experience!" ... written by MGRL
Shes very nice and calming, put my mind at ease with the troubles i was having letting go of this relationship. She gave me some cleanses to help me move on, I will read with her again." ... written by Andrea
thank you for everything" ... written by adriane
she is good" ... written by doveswings
Quick, clear and gives good advise. Excellent reader!" ... written by Jane
I would recommend her highly" ... written by she is good
Very good" ... written by starzshine
She is so sweet, frank and amazing!!!!" ... written by Preet
great reading!!!" ... written by derrick
Thanks" ... written by manuja
good reader" ... written by cindy
thank u" ... written by mares
Im not sure about her prediction but she is very nice and very welcoming. I got a reading to get her intake on my current situation. Shes pretty much correct. " ... written by Jeannie
Very good!" ... written by V
Great clear reading. Good communication. Highly recommended :)" ... written by natei08
Very helpfull,thank you" ... written by katya77
Great reading" ... written by MayGirl
Fast! Very good advice. No sugar coating!" ... written by F
She was great - fast, accurate and no sugar-coating. Highly recommend!" ... written by ClearMind