About Magikhapns

Psychic Magikhapnshas 25-30years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Magikhapnshas recently helped 1463members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Magikhapns's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Will he like me? Will we stay together? Are they still interested in me? Will we get back together? What are our chances? Will I find true love or will true love find me? All these are important questions that we may find the answers to. Let Spirit Help you in all of your matters in life! Let's get started in opening the doors of opportunity for you!

In a private room reading you will be able to see with my guidance, the answers to many things. Free chat is to talk about spiritual things in general as well as ask questions on what I do. All readings are done in private room. Thank you! : )

Channel, Psychic, Healer, Shamanic work, CenterRing Facilitator, Reiki Master, Avatar Master/Wizard, Ishayas Ascension, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Remote Viewing,

Mediumship, connecting clients with their relatives who have passed on, as well as their Guides, Spiritual Teachers, Angels, Power Animals, and Ascended Masters who are able and ready to help and guide their lives.

Learn to follow the infinite path of awareness to experiential places beyond the mind that will release you into an ecstatic freedom that only Infinite Awareness can offer!

I am a Channel For Guides, Angels, Power Animals and many other High Vibrational beings. Their advice through me can be very enlightening! And their guidance is so loving and kind, yet stern when need be. You will receive just the right guidance at just the right moment for things you have even forgotten that you needed!

I can see relationship energies between you and the other person and can see what the possibilities and problems are for short term and long term. I can tell if your vibrations are ideal and in alignment with each other as well as what it will take to be even more in alignment! I can tell when you are going to have a new relationship in your life or your old flame coming back to either help you or disturb you and how to avoid this if it is coming.

I can help you resolve life issues, and teach you how to shift and change your reality! To even bring in a whole new creation of your reality, just the way you'd like it to be.

The CenterRing Technique is a technique that can be guided easily between us through Oranum in order to dream things into or out of your life, your world! This is also something that takes time so please be able to spend however long it takes to complete each session.

Spirit energy healings and Reiki Healings are delivered with ease through our connection on Oranum. Many times you can actually feel the healing energies coming to you to help with your needs! This is an incredible experience and it works on all levels of consciousness whether a person is "feeling" it or not. The reason for this is that some levels, like mental and emotional maybe vibrationally changed but not felt as are the vibrations on the physical level. There are so many layers and levels to a human "being" that it would be impossible to always tell what is happening in an energy exchange. But change you will! Many have found this extremely helpful in treating many types of situations and manifestations.

Reiki Attunements are also available through Oranum and work very well ! ! !
Be sure and have plenty of time available before asking for this since it will take a while! Talk to me about this and we will make special appointments and arrangements for you and your sessions on Oranum

I have worked with indigenous people and have done so throughout different parts of the world. I am a Shamanic Session Facilitator, helping you navigate through the dreamtime, as astronauts of inner space! Formal Shamanic Counseling sessions are also available.

With the advent of the vibrational, transformational changes that are already taking place, realize the power that is effecting change in all our lives for a much higher and brighter form of existance in which our planet, our universe will be experiencing more peace and love than ever before! And you are a part of it! If things seem to be getting a bit weird in your life, then this is probably why. Let me help you through guided groundedness and joy in recovering balance for you and your life and for those around you at this time! - Magikhapns

Amazing reading! Amazing insight! thank you for helping me." ... written by Thank you!
Nice, honest" ... written by jessicar123
Great reading, thanks!" ... written by Angie
Wow - what wonderful advice on so many levels! You should seek his guidance - he is wise and very helpful. Tuned right in to my situation and gave lots of help!" ... written by sacredlove71
excellent, right on the money, and very caring person ." ... written by kellygal77
He is good soul and fun soul, he told me everythings will unfold for me, i hope he is right. u all should try him, he will give you the bright future." ... written by happy heart
Excellent Reading! Ty :)" ... written by mozzy123
A real nice guy with great intuition and great advice" ... written by Alex
VERY GIFTED MAN WOULD GO A GAIN, THANKS," ... written by Barbnew1234
Good, didnt have enough time." ... written by 6marchs
Great techniques for moving forward and creating. What a wonderful guide for helping with life! Excellent reader!!" ... written by sacredlove71
This guy is so nice and good, thanks!" ... written by 1201steele
Thank you :-)" ... written by ale510
Great connection caring and very good guidance... thank you..." ... written by Anniekins
Had a lovely chat, direct and honest answers. Thanks." ... written by zephyr83
Wow magikhapns is totally awesome!he is so quick to pick up and deliever answers and advice he is a lovely gentleman with a great big heart!" ... written by marsylyttle
Had a very Good Reading with Magikhapns. I had Questions and Magikhapns answered them. Go talk with Magikhapns you be very glad that you did." ... written by Lyle
He was cool... " ... written by Dreamer
Wonderful energy and great reader - he is very gifted and helpful! I am always smiling when I read with him :)." ... written by sacredlove71
Excellent reading, can't wait." ... written by wonderbaby
Great!" ... written by MayGirl
Wonderful reading yet again, really connected to everything around me, picked up on how many children I have, fantastic! Great review for the future. Can't wait for it to happen." ... written by wonderbaby
Excellent, great help" ... written by maryannepav
Absolutely love him, 100% accurate!! Thanks and I will be back for sure." ... written by marci4hunter
Very helpful. Thank you." ... written by BarbaA
Really connected well, helped a lot. Thank you so much!!! " ... written by mini1214
AWESOME!! Sorry had I ran out of time! But you are an awesome reader in the short time we had! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry Again!" ... written by jahmaniah21
Great, helpful reading." ... written by maryannepav
You want the truth, here it is with this guy !!! :) Simple and direct, I feel better now. I got clarity. Fun to chat with. :) " ... written by sweet
Thank you!" ... written by waianae_girl
He was very attentive and answered my question with as much detail as possible! Very good experience!" ... written by mixy117
Love how on point he is, he is very accurite and will continue to talk with him. Thank you so much for all of you help." ... written by marci4hunter
Thank you for your help :))))" ... written by toni808
Very good." ... written by Becky101
The best I have spoken to." ... written by PepperDollar
Thank you, thank you, thank you. " ... written by tatianasmile
Caring and intuitive" ... written by maryannepav
Good reader. I highly recommend him" ... written by mysticsangelzz
Nice energy" ... written by ysabeau
I think he is fabulous and i will call him again!" ... written by ljsbmwz3x3
You were great! Thank you so much for all your help. You were right on with your connection. thanks again!" ... written by scadoodle
Answered all questions, kind, compassionate, helpful, gave timlines and suggestions." ... written by becca2312
I had a lengthy private reading that entailed personal relationship and career. He was so accurate on things that I already could validate and for what he shared I feel secure in how genuine he is with his gifts. I got th guidance I was seeking and will be back in the future. Amazing reading." ... written by redwritergirl
Love his work, thank you... very helpful... " ... written by casper36
I enjoyed his clarity. He's very specific and very down to earth. He goes directly to the matter at hand and is extremely insightful. I enjoyed his reading very much and will look for him again." ... written by dmbertault1
Loved it! Very uplifting!" ... written by kishaburg
Thank you =) and yes I've heard of tantra! I ran out of money; will call you later!!" ... written by lamaestra13
Very helpful :) very imformative." ... written by candiceml88
He is too good. worth a try." ... written by daisy
Magikhapns is still every bit as awesome!!" ... written by marionlyttle
So many information about the future! 5 stars!" ... written by Yashoda108
Thank you very much. " ... written by katie46
He is great! quick to answer. Thanks! I ll come back again when i have credits. Sorry I ran out of credits this time. Take care dear friend." ... written by angelcloud
Very insightful reading , lovely person will recommend to anyone who needs straightforward answers " ... written by claire70
Ahhhhhh time went to quickly, thankyou for poiting out my gift, i always suspected but didnt actually believe it thankyouu " ... written by numberthree3
Was a great reading.. will talk with Magikhapns again.. " ... written by Shawnee1
I received much needed encouragement from this caring intuitive psychic at a time in my life when I truly needed it. Magikhapns armed me with practical steps of action to move forward. Looking ahead now instead of back. I highly recommend a reading with him and will definitely return in future. " ... written by wynotu2
Fantastic!" ... written by lifetime1974
Quickly saw into the situation gave some great advice! will use him again!!!" ... written by vigglesworth216
Very informative." ... written by mancrm
I liked the honesty of Magikhapns. It was some very good advice I was given, and will make sure to follow that. Thank you. " ... written by chelcee
Very helpful , thank you " ... written by MissGoldenEagle
Good hearted man. Gives direct answers to questions. Thanks again! " ... written by antigoni99991
He is direct and clear. I think he is caring and earnest." ... written by dmbertault1
He was really good and made me feel better on spirits." ... written by kdc320
Great!" ... written by mancrm
You're so very kind, patient, sweet, comforting and have been wonderful with helping me. You are my favorite to come and talk to for help. I look forward to your help and guidance, as i travel this long winding extremely painful tunnel back towards Adam, that will hopefully start a new chapter with a new happy beginning." ... written by angeldiamond122
Very personable, was spot on with his predictions surrounding my situation, gave me some very valuable advice and has a good sense of humour." ... written by KarlaSmith
Many Thanks to you Sir, it was very pleasant info." ... written by queenbee22
Very nice will come back when predictions happen" ... written by chandragomes3
Magik connected with my loved ones who've passed on, and he gave me some really comforting messages. Thank you so much! :o)" ... written by LizNorway
Great, great energy work and direction. I feel much better and will continue practicing the techniques you showed me. " ... written by LaurenNicole15
I love him, very sweet guy... Good work!" ... written by channel1stewart
Great!" ... written by BrooklynPain
Very interesting. Felt a lot of energy moving through me. I hope to put the advice into practice. :)" ... written by BellaDecadance
Awesome reading and predictions came true!" ... written by lifetime1974
Awesome work" ... written by sbrewer31
He is amazing with his timing! He's been right everytime he says something is going to take place, even when it's down to the last sec, it ends up happening like he said." ... written by lotus01121
Amazing. Very straight forward and tells it like it is." ... written by ewieder92
You must have a private with him.. He is very good... :)" ... written by butterflywings10
Another awesome reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very good! He's easy going and gives it to you straight. :)" ... written by beatrizenr
Wowowowwow he is very good... Was very quick to answer and very accurate :) Thank you!" ... written by butterflywings10
Very helpful and caring! He is on my favorites list. :-)" ... written by deguitaranna
He really confirmed things for me and it was extremely accurate!! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be back :)" ... written by rolinsand
He is very honest and to the point. he is awesome when you just want to know the truth with out sugar coating. very good! " ... written by jadensmamma09
GREAT HE IS." ... written by CALIFORNIA
Very good, seems to know about feelings." ... written by misty1575
Great reader, thanks." ... written by mancrm
Insightful." ... written by rosariopatric
He is magical. He told me the exact situation and even the ages. I was speechless. He was very very accurate and fast. Im still in awe after the reading." ... written by amnarashid
Very nice, and helpful." ... written by glazegirl
Very nice person and he put me at ease!" ... written by lalulalu26
Great predictions and visions! I'm excited for the future!" ... written by djordan6898
Very direct - great feedback!" ... written by djordan6898
Great to consult with. Followed up with a great E-mail when we got disconnected, because of tech difficulties. I agree with loving people in a godly manner, that's what we are suppose to be about inside each of us is GOD. I hope he realizes this upon his return. In the mean time I will work on my patience and forgiveness." ... written by chris87571
So real 100% gives hope" ... written by chandragomes3
Excellent reader! I think he really picked up on my passions and strengths as far as career and he definitely picked up on my relationship without me saying much. I look forward to what's to come." ... written by iPreferMimi
Such a sweet and great guy! very helpful and will definitely be coming back to him again!" ... written by yydnim
Wonderful reading, awesome, straight to the point. Picked up on every situation. Awesome!!!" ... written by moosuga
Another great reading!" ... written by lifetime1974
Very helpful! I very much appreciate his reading! Hope it all unfolds as he said!" ... written by cathyq
Very kind, very positive, very influential and of pure essence. Highly recommend. Thanks warmly, god bless." ... written by sprunked
Very good, very soothing." ... written by lycie23
Gave me a few things to think about by confirming my true feelings." ... written by NiecyM
Very good reading. Made me feel much better about my situation. Very knowledgeable!" ... written by Shelbypooh
Very lovely guy to talk with, very quick and very in tune, will be back :)" ... written by rachel1312
Thank you so much! You confirmed what other psychics have been saying! I hope your predictions come true- you seemed very intuitive!" ... written by djordan6898
Great reading!!!" ... written by chawks009
A truly amazing and quick connection as usual. " ... written by beautywithinone
Devin is awesome! No only is he accurate in predictions, but he has also taught me the way to have the Universe work on my behalf! By the way, he's quick! You have to try him!" ... written by bequestions
Times Up! LOL... Sorry about that. I will come back to you when I can. You pretty much stated the same thing others have as well. So patience is key. Still learning that. But thank you so much. I really appreciate your support. Love and Light to you. :D" ... written by LaSheaLove72
Thanks a lot!! Fast and straight to the point. I will keep you posted. Great readings!! xx" ... written by zmaybleTz
Great reading! Exactly what I needed to hear right now. I'll definitely let everyone know if my reading comes true! Thanks again. I'll be back again with more credits next time. " ... written by spaghettii999999
Nice person, kind and helpful!" ... written by ikroyal
Great as always. very encouraging." ... written by blumuse
Great reading, thanks!" ... written by mancrm
Super spot on I highly recommend, he brought me back to truth, back to peace, back to love, back to what matters most in my life before all else to help me move forward in life and be happy, I am so thankful for you bringing me to truth. Bringing me to the light of what's important and you're so accurate. All my blessings and love to you. Thank you very much." ... written by bunny222222
Great reading!" ... written by chawks009
Very gentle and kind. Thank you so much for your insight!" ... written by blumuse
I like him :)" ... written by cathyq
A+!" ... written by MonikaJasmin
Right on with his answer, I really like the straight forwardness and that smile... Wow just makes you happy... " ... written by FelishaBruce12
Wonderful! Thanks so much for your insight and advice!" ... written by MelodianWarrior1
Great reading!" ... written by Bojan99
Thank you so much! You always give me hope and bring me to happiness and peace!! I'm so happy I can connect with you so well!! Thank you for always bringing me to truth! xxoo" ... written by bunny222222
He was really nice!" ... written by 1Blkbutterfly
magikhapns was really graet put me at my ease and is easy to talk to . Just hope things work out the way he says they will. Thanks." ... written by ellie102
He was really good, he uplifted my spirit with the positive affirmations." ... written by Agapelove7
Wonderful reading. I will absolutely be back!! " ... written by jennydemarrey
Eased my pain.. thank you!" ... written by peachieface
He is stunning and fast... Highly recommended!!!!" ... written by gerritmarx
Very kind and wise. Thank you for your time. Take care." ... written by vthorseth
He was good and friendly." ... written by soul_love
Great person! Good vibrations! " ... written by dilianika
He is GREAT!!! Very Intuitive! I will be back!!! Thank you!" ... written by sunshine48169
Wonderful!" ... written by alexahatz1
Thank you for being straight forward." ... written by helpneeded1
LOVED IT!!! Will DEFINITELY contact him again!!!" ... written by twalker77
Such a warm and gentle spirit with good information...I will return!" ... written by SunshineLynn
He is always great. This is my 3rd reading from him in 5 years and I only contact him om my birthday and an awesome reading. Magik always hapn's with" ... written by bev745
He was nothing but accurate! He predicted a surprise position change, and it happened!" ... written by Bquestions
Just had a reading, he was open and honest now I'm gonna see what happens. " ... written by dknopflover
Nice friendly man." ... written by mi
Very comforting and honest. " ... written by Bquestions
He calmed me down so much, it really helped. Loved the reading and he put me to ease. Thank you so much. " ... written by SweetMimi
It has been a while since a reading, but it went by too quickly!" ... written by lifetime1974
Great insights into the heart of the matter. Great advice and I feel much better now. Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Excellent. Thank you." ... written by Greg5811
Apart from Psychic, he is really a wise man. I really really love you sir. I will chat with you soon" ... written by umabalan
Good insights into the heart of the matter. I got a lesson on mental communication. Great and I will keep on practising it! Thank you!!" ... written by Marialuis
Great reading x" ... written by shygal786
Very peaceful, healing exchange of energy. Thank you!!" ... written by moon1leo1
Thank you so much Magik! I will come to you for updates." ... written by Jade199
Very good help." ... written by Mayradj14
Great reading! Very accurate and helpful :)" ... written by chawks009
He is the best!!" ... written by umabalan
Great" ... written by BindaasChori31
Magikhapns is the first person to give me a specific time line on an issue being resolved. I will keep you posted as to the results. He was supportive and very reassuring. " ... written by curiosity24
Wise!" ... written by Rainbow828
Amazing ... calm ... peaceful and friendly ... officially my favorite psychic here ...... :)" ... written by BindaasChori31
He listened and was easy to explain things. I enjoyed our reading." ... written by kbales99
Good advice! Thank you." ... written by Marialuis
Magikhapns answered all my questions directly. Thank you." ... written by Fulgur
Thank you very much =)" ... written by zivile
Thanks for the reading!!" ... written by TravlFunLove
Amazing :)" ... written by BindaasChori31
We got cut off I am glad to hear good news and he is very clear and patient very nice " ... written by MISTIE1
Awesome, comforting, and accurate! " ... written by Bquestions
Good advise!" ... written by 4luckybear
Very nice man to talk to... And it makes sense. Thanks for the reading." ... written by HappyKellyGirl
I really enjoyed my reading with Magik. I won a free demo with him earlier and continued our reading into private. I'll keep you posted as to the results. " ... written by curiosity24
I feel he was very accurate with my reading, also gave some helpful advice. Will consult again for future readings." ... written by Heaven4me
I loved the calmness of this reading. It helped a lot and made great sense. A very good reading. Thank you." ... written by krismic2
Hey, thanks a bunch!" ... written by ambrose0475
Very accurate in his readings gave me very great hope and confidence in my relationship! A must! " ... written by clinton
Great reading. Feeling comfort and good advice. Thank you!" ... written by Marialuis
Great reading and advice.. thank you." ... written by stargazer7
Whenever I am feeling depressed, I always speak with him to get the clarity.. I highly recommend him for everyone" ... written by umabalan
Gave me clarity on my relationship and I'm looking forward to having my lover back. He really made my day." ... written by patricia47
Comforting and right to the point with accuracy! Thanks, Magik for helping me!" ... written by Bquestions
Very soothing, calming energy. Accurate info. about my history and I'm excited to see how his predictions of the future turn out! I'll keep ya'll posted." ... written by Leslie Kay
Very kind and warm hearted. Will supply you with the answers you need!" ... written by JaclynnD
Great! Magik always reassures things for me! And all of his predictions come true!!!" ... written by Bquestions
Awesome, so lovely to speak to. :)" ... written by Lauren
Thanks for the reading." ... written by TravlFunLove
Felt a real connection here! Looking forward to hearing some more from him. :) :) Thank you." ... written by danivzee
great=)" ... written by zivile
Awesome! :)" ... written by Bquestions
Very nice and straightforward! Straight to the point!" ... written by mistie1
MY TIME WAS SHORT BUT HE WAS VERY HONEST." ... written by queenbee22
Great help from Magikhapns. Very wise man" ... written by georgia
Quick to connect .....Loved him." ... written by BindaasChori31
Excellent! highly recommended :)" ... written by Jess
Thank you very much. You were the first reader that really understood my unique relationship. You gave me very sound advice. I look forward to reconnecting with my former love to explore a more defined healthy relationship if it is possible or move on to a friendship. " ... written by Silentsong
Thank you so much for the help!" ... written by aa
good reading and gave me hope for the near future" ... written by ryan747
Amazing!! Very interesting!" ... written by SumMo14
Awesome! I'm better now! Please try Magik... He's accurate." ... written by bquestions
I was being difficult with very vague questions about spirituality, but he was able to psychically pick up on my difficulty and clear my mind of what I should have realized myself. Now I can get back on my spiritual path." ... written by Jenn
Very interesting and wise man. I will follow his advice and see what happens. He thinks on a cosmic level. I would recommend him." ... written by Ann S
Straight to the point, positive - thank you!!" ... written by jazzy_chic
He was tuned in to things presently and I look forward to the unfolding of the rest." ... written by Mona
Thank you kindly Magik. Very quick, accurate, insightful and honest reading. 5 stars :)" ... written by Yoogii
Magik is like a spiritual guide! He is very intuitive, and he gives you the truth immediately. Very accurate with predictions. He's like a mentor to me. A definite 5 star! Thank you, Magik, for impacting my life. " ... written by bequestions
Accurate! Spot on." ... written by stargazer152
Thank you, your insight helped me a lot understanding things that I didn't know and reassure a lot of things that I felt. You're great. God Bless." ... written by SDV
Thank you for your advice." ... written by sdv
Thanks Majik! Very helpful!" ... written by flowersinmay
Thank you for your advice!" ... written by sdv
He is a great reader" ... written by Denise
Great reading very specific, and tells it as it is." ... written by Ammer
Fantastic amazing! He is good!" ... written by MaryAnn
What a great reading!" ... written by bequestions
I had an awesome and promising read! He's very accurate!" ... written by bequestions
WONDERFUL. REAL DEAL. " ... written by iconnect
Magikhapns was so laid back and open.He made me feel relaxed and felt confident in the reading that was given. He picked right up and connected to what I was feeling. It was almost like we were holding a regular conversation. Awesome reading! Tank you.. :))" ... written by sunshyn
yes I think it's good to be honest " ... written by justin
What an awesome read and awesome insight! Magik is always accurate that it surprises me often. He predicted a promotion that would catch me by surprise, and oh did it. " ... written by bequestions
He is just amazing with the knowledge and understanding he has! So much has been imparted to me, and I'm grateful for his help. I've been working with Devin since the beginning of this year, and I know that Magik happens! Try him! :)" ... written by beequestions
Good." ... written by Danielle
Good got all right" ... written by justin
This man is real spiritual help. Thank you Magik, so much!!" ... written by lindeeetotems
a fantastic rapid and mature reading.... lots of details.... keep my fingers crossed :)" ... written by lindeeetotems
Good reader!" ... written by teddy
Ho ono pono pono .... a blessing ... has worked for me .... A million stars!!! " ... written by Ann
Thanks so much. I had a fun time! You seemed spot on about my situation. It really helped me. Thanks!" ... written by bluesage
HE IS GREAT!! " ... written by M.B.
Thank you for all of your advice. x" ... written by Tory
Thank you for the reading! It was very insightful and helpful to me. I'm looking forward to thing continuing in the right direction. Again, thanks!" ... written by bc_inspired
Thank you for all of your help and clarity! Until next time." ... written by BC
Thank you, Magik for your help! Very insightful, and I'm looking forward to experiencing the things you have predicted as well as the accomplishments I envision. " ... written by BC
Outstanding reading! very very accurate, fast and specific best reading yet on Oranum! Thank you so much, god bless you:) " ... written by PB1923
Good reading. Hope it is all accurate and then I will be a very happy person!" ... written by Tip
Thank you for being available to help me! I'm looking forward to the great results from the wisdom you've given me. " ... written by bc_inspired
Very insightful, quick, and accurate. Thank you for your help!" ... written by bc_inspired
He is very reassuring. And he gave me good tips. " ... written by frankiekr
He was so awesome!! Even suggested how to fix my situation." ... written by Michelle
Magik was very helpful and intuitive! He gave me time frames and methods I can use to help myself meanwhile! Thank you!" ... written by M
Great reading!!! Very nice gentleman, did not waste any time while answering my questions. I do feel that he had a good connection with what is going on in my life. Will look forward to seeing how everything unfolds." ... written by Lorie
Thank you, again, for looking into my situation. It was very helpful and encouraging! " ... written by Inspired
Quick and accurate! He's very honest and tells the truth. Try him!" ... written by BC
Nice reading magik, thank you. Will see what happens!" ... written by Dreams395
Good reading, answered my question gave time frame, so hopefully it comes true. :)" ... written by cf
Awesome reading! Fast, quick, and accurate with present and predictions! Never disappointed." ... written by bc_inspired
Thank you for your quick look in this situation! Very helpful!" ... written by bc_inspired
Thanks for the time n readin :)" ... written by Angel
Brill got me n my partner spot on n spoke how i was feelin n told me what i need to do n hes right wiv what he says thank u magik :)" ... written by karen bond
Nice reading. made predictions for the year." ... written by gt
A great reading with good updates!" ... written by bc_inspire
Awesome! Quick and really give you insight in the situation. :) You have to consult with him... You will not be disappointed." ... written by BC
I am excited. " ... written by Jen
Good reading. Thanks." ... written by Laura
Thanks, good therapy!" ... written by Katie
Great reader! funny, good sense of humor and a great dose of wisdom! you will not be disappointed." ... written by ny
I had a great reading! It was really quick, accurate, and motivating! I'm looking forward to the outcomes, as they always come true! :)" ... written by Great!
I really recommend this person, don't ask me why. Just chat with him and look deeper into your mind and you'll see why I recommend him. " ... written by edy
Very nice and to the point... He is truly great. I highly recommend Magik!!! Thank you so much." ... written by Rose
He is really sweet, I really hope what he said does come out. Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. Blessings.... " ... written by who
Very sweet, accurate. Confirmed some things for me that I have been having problems with. Thank you very much." ... written by Jennifer
Very helpful, seemed to clearly pick up on my situation. Will come back if updates are needed. : )" ... written by LA
Good" ... written by good
thanks for your time" ... written by marigoldrose
He is amazing! He answers really quickly and give you the truth about your situation. His predications always come true for me. Magik does happen! You won't be disapointed." ... written by bc___inspire
Best yet I have consulted. Amazing!" ... written by Hannelore
Thanks for the clarity x" ... written by Jade50
He has a strong silent presence - great help !" ... written by Jennifer
Still one my TOP Readers on Oranum.....he is the best!!!xxx" ... written by Jade50
Great guy great reading thanks so much!" ... written by diane
I can't wait to see if this is going to happen! He was quick, to the point, and figured out on his own things that were going on with my life/relationships. And my job, can't wait to see what happens there either! Thanks!" ... written by Amy
A brilliant reader, wish I came to him ages ago!!! Thanks for reassuring me xxx" ... written by Jade50
my friend in need. God bless. Healer, and gods helper" ... written by madhu_t46
So very quick and very detailed. Two time frames that I can't wait to see how they play out. Thank you so much!" ... written by Amanda
Very nice to talk to had some interesting predictions." ... written by Erica
Thank you for your insight and advice! It was very helpful, and I'm looking forward to things coming to fuition." ... written by BC
such a great reader, spot on, always willing to help those in need. Highly recommended!" ... written by Joey Allen
He's good." ... written by nbarnes
Nice man. I like his calm and mellow energy. Tuned in quickly and was able to give time frames. Hope things turn out as he says." ... written by Ahz
Brilliant reader, I trust in his words and advising, I will relax more and let things takes its course. " ... written by Jade50
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One of the most trusted and honest readers you could ever meet. He hits the nail on the head and is quick, you will spend wisely here....thanks Magikhapns, you are the read deal!!! X" ... written by Jade50
Very nice man :-) Gave me insight about my guides. Unfortunately our session ended very quickly because I was out of credits so I'm still left with a lot of questions, but that is not Magikhappens' fault :-)" ... written by Beathe
I really enjoyed this session!! I trust in andamp; believe him... He connected with me andamp; was accurate andamp; insightful with helpful advice... Thank you!!" ... written by Robyn
Magik was great, compassionate and a good clairvoyant.. cleared up many thoughts I have had.. " ... written by Lynda22
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the connection ruined the reading good listener thankyou" ... written by Paige
This guy is quick, and amazing! He's on point with the things he says. I really appreciate him. Everything he has mentioned to me has come to pass...You wont be disappointed." ... written by Eugene
calm and composed, very effective reading" ... written by Humility
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Seems very accurate" ... written by Sarah
Excellent!" ... written by AJ
I trust him so very much..He is fast and clear...great energy and accurate reading!" ... written by tasha_j
Thank you Magikhapns for a great reading! He was very quick and honest about what he saw and felt. HE is great! You will not be disappointed. 10 stars!!!!" ... written by Peace Living
great super great" ... written by tim
Thank you so much, let it unfold is the best advice." ... written by Clover711
This guy is on point!!! He is familiar with my situation, and he's fast. Gave me timelines and even how I would respond. Thank you Magikhapns! " ... written by Great Reading
extremely accurate excellent connection. Thank you" ... written by mnt1446
Very Very good reading..I recommend!" ... written by tasha_j
Magikhapns is just fantastic." ... written by Amy
hoping his predictions come true for me!! will know after this weekend :) " ... written by Lauren
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Magik is amazing, accurate, honest, caring! Always on point, thank you!!" ... written by ilovexmas
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Really good" ... written by Autumne
Thank you it was extremely helpful. I would recommend highly" ... written by Kristina
Thanks for your reassurance...i wait for the prediction to happen" ... written by tasha_j
Great reading! He was able to pick up things about me, and even advised me on something that I was doing that I didn't share. You wont be disappointed.!" ... written by Great!
very self confident, will report back in a week, I appreciate it thanks" ... written by frag
Just loved his readingsss.... He is very kind, caring, and honest. He responded all my questions... He is not here for money. He really loves to help you. I had a great experience with him. And highly recommend him. Namaste" ... written by niki
The time went way too fast and too costly!! My questions not answered wit regard to my OBE's and pre-cognitive visions!!" ... written by Elizabeth Woods
thank you :)" ... written by unknown
This was my first reading with Magichapns and he was very fast and accurate. He didn't even need any information from me. I look forward to his predictions coming true and I can't wait for them to come true! :) Thank you Magichapns! I wish you many blessings!!!" ... written by Kayeluv1
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quick, straight forward, to the point , I kept my reading short, he didnt mess around" ... written by Louise Hamilton
awesome reading! very nice guy to talk to again soon aloha" ... written by me
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quick like lightning :) :)" ... written by Rae1237
another super reading ..." ... written by zimerili1
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