About Madhu

Psychic Madhuhas 12years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic Madhuhas recently helped 28members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about Madhu's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am born with intuitive abilities. I am a medium and transmit messages to you as I see. I take spirituality very seriously. To me the quest is about connection to God, make sure we are in the light. One day at a time, I feel we build our life, and walk on this path that is chosen for us. I am here to help you in your journey during the dark hours, or confusing times. Keep smiling, chin up.

I have been around on Oranum for some times and I can attest to Madhu's accuracy and quality as a psychic. Her gentle and loving soul is a plus! ;) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by casualcolor
wonderment...her energy is very calm and strong and she sees things like movie scenes" ... written by jony
Brilliant, thank you so much Madhu. Everything you said made perfect sense and descriptions accurate. Thanks again." ... written by cimba
Madhu ... you are my angel, and I love you so much you are the one and the only one that can be trust.... :) " ... written by Ron
very lovely lady ... very sweet and kind, softly spoken . " ... written by momota
Madhu is amazing and truly gifted!she is quick to connect and delivers details accurately! i will be back for more updates..look forward to predictions...Madhu is so loving and caring!!you need to try her!!!" ... written by marionlyttle
connected well. caring and empathic person.." ... written by miko
Love her energy wow she is amazing! I highly recommend her wow she so wonderful and I felt good talking to her in private. She answered all my questions very fast! I give her 5 star!!!!" ... written by goddess70
what a beautiful follow up, let's hope and pray . Thanks beautiful xx" ... written by Blu
Madhu was so sweet and so full of peace thank you for your insight. 5 star knew what I was feeling thank you." ... written by Edna
so nice, great reading....thank you" ... written by mette44
Excellent reading!!" ... written by tipasa
maddie gave me detailed reading about the current situation, which makes sense to me." ... written by roaring
quick connection as always. will see how the it goes." ... written by Jan
I wanted to know about career and before I even told her my options she picked up one of the option which I was feeling strongly going for, but was not sure. She also picked up when I will start, that was really impressive. She did put my mind to an ease so I will just trust the universe and her guidance and will go for it. I have talked to her many times in free chat; she is a sweetheart and very genuine person. Thank you so much for the help and guidance Madhu. I will go for this choice now a" ... written by kareee
Madhu is awesome, I like her insight, fast connection to her me and her guides. She is very honest, encouraging and spiritually focused. I strongly recommend her. She is not money hungry at all but fast in her reading. She is very accurate, has a good pure heart. you will not regret talking to her" ... written by Bibi123
Best reading ever! So caring so to the point!" ... written by jj
Madhu is such a sweet lady. Truly picked up quickly and gave me all the answers I needed. I really feel so much better about things after talking to her. She was quick, thorough, detailed, confident, and accurate. Will definitely come back for an update when I need one." ... written by Jenn
Madhu is an angel soul and so amazing person, I just love her. :)" ... written by Ron
WOW! She connected right away, and no tools. Told me things she could not have possibly known about me. Did not ask my name or any info. " ... written by Simmi
wonderful, wonderful reading!!! very specific and fast, and so helpful. i hope together we can make things better... all best Madhu!" ... written by jazzychic7
She was great!!!" ... written by Maya
another good one..she is a true psychic andamp; always want to share everything with" ... written by aquavenus
Madhu... Is as FANTASTIC as what the members have been saying in her free chat and testimonials... She CONNECTS fast and accurate... And gives you details on why your path is the way it is... VERY KIND HEARTED!!!!" ... written by Ocean
Amazing - Extremely Detailed. Very spot on..Very positive. Definitely recommended." ... written by A
Always beautiful reading with Madhu. Can't wait to come back again, you're the best!" ... written by -
words can't explain how good madhu is.. she just told me the place where i would like to move without me giving her any hints!!how is that possible..only a true psychic can figure that with her eyes closed. She has very good psychic talents andamp; she is very very caring soul. She is truly god sent with an amazing calmness in her..Thanks for you're predictions dear..i would come back for are a true gem..thanks and God bless you :):)" ... written by aquavenus
She is simply the best, you should try her!" ... written by tony
She is so kind and sweet to talk to, I will come back for sure!" ... written by jay
best reader in Oranum :)" ... written by william
lovely :)" ... written by Anushka Arya
Great Reading, offered lots advice" ... written by Star
so kind and caring , a true gifted healer " ... written by kcw
madhu is the best i really like talking to her… she is great lady " ... written by kawalpreet
Madhu has a very good heart. I just joined her free meditation and it was awesome. She is very genuine and down to earth. Therefore, I decided to get my first reading with her. She does not rush and she is to the point. She is very accurate, calm and patient." ... written by pisces_woman
She is so right" ... written by deiasallouti
Great reading!!! I will provide you with an update!!!" ... written by OmelisaB
Thank you Madhu ..You are a sweetheart.." ... written by sunshinec
very insightful and warm lady. thank u so much" ... written by sweetsx
WOW!! She is amazing! Instantly connected with no info from me and gave so many accurate details and deep insight. Described our personalities exactly. She is very grounded and loving and just talking with her positively changed my demeanor. Gave very specific dates for events to occur and fantastic outcome predicted. Will come back to post when they happen. Very Highly Recommended!" ... written by Seeker1200
Madhu picked up easily and fast. She didn't waste my credits at all. I really love the reading. She confirmed that I will be with my soulmate within 3 months (July). She also told me that my day care will be able to expand between 3 and 6 months. I highly recommend her for a private. Definitely 5 stars!" ... written by Brenda
Madhu is just awesome! No beating around the bush, just straight to the matters at hand. Highly recommendable! True psychic." ... written by nanerelle
very in tune with my situation. shes great." ... written by k
Very nice reading. I hope that things work out. Thank you" ... written by itwillbeok
Madhu is by far my favorite she is so sweet and gentle. Honest and has lots of details that she would have to be gifted in order to know about me and the people in my life. She has become my friend and restores my faith that people are good and good for us. She is a jewel, she described my mother in detail and other people in my life I was amazed that she could tell me the skin tone of these people the age and height of them also without me having to say anything. She actually described them and asked who they were in my life like is that mom or aunt she knew it was a motherly figure. I could go on and on but yes she is special to many of us.." ... written by Creative113
woaw, she is great ... very fast connected , very much current. I wish her prediction happen soon .. " ... written by lady
the message that come thru to her...are ON POINT!!!...SO ACCURATE!!! her eyes are closed...she is saying what is coming to her...all the while I am typing things that are the same just moments before they come out of her mouth...but her EYES ARE SHE IS NOT READING WHAT I WROTE!!!!....SHE IS GREAT!!!!!!" ... written by Ocean
Wow, this reading was truly AMAZING! She connected so very well to the person in question I was in complete amazement throughout the whole reading. She is very nice and caring, it was a complete joy to get a reading with her. She also delivered great insight and gave good advice. GIVE HER A TRY YOU WONT REGRET IT!" ... written by chocopancakes
such a beautiful heart moving reading! every word she said resonated in my soul. she's such a lovely gift and blessing on this chaotic earth. i appreciate your insight and it touched me, but i know you know that already =)" ... written by m
a true light worker" ... written by kcw1433
she saw some good things for me. I have to see what happens. I can discuss anything with Madhu andamp; she just puts me at ease. I feel she's more like a sister to me. This is my 3rd reading with her andamp; she will be my favorite always." ... written by aquavenus
awesome!" ... written by nf1
She is an adorable, compassionate, helpful, absolutely generous reader. 100000 stars!!!" ... written by Liliana
helpful with a great spirit" ... written by kdwin91
she is sweet, soft-spoken, well understood ,I really enjoyed my reading with so much detail ..Thank you " ... written by sunshinec
I love madhu I feel like we have a strong connection and she is helping me so much! thanks madhu!" ... written by Jessica
Very unique. She is like the oracle in the Matrix movies. knows everything, very kind and here for a higher purpose. Recommend her highly, especially if you are going through an awakening and need answers and guidance" ... written by sylvestri
WOW!!!! This sweet, genuine, soul, is amazing! The information just pours out of her. I was so happy to catch her online during the day. It was meant to be! She is amazing. She made my day. She connected so fast, and extremely accurate. I thank her sooooo much for sharing her gift with others. It was such an honor to have had a reading with her. It felt like I was talking with a friend I have known forever! I know she has limited hours here on Oranum, and she is already so popular, I hope to catch her again soon for updates. She just blew me away; and that doesn't happen often! Such an amazing soul, wrapped up in a beautiful person, inside and out! " ... written by Tiffany
thank you for the reading Madhu" ... written by ...
good reading" ... written by rosebud77
I just love Madhu she is so awesome, with her readings and a lot of wisdom.. I thank you again.for the advice" ... written by sunshinec
Awesome...Love her always.. Guidance from the heart Madhu Thank you.." ... written by sunshinec
Amazing woman!!! Connects immediately. Highly recommend to anyone who is in the process of awakening and is seeking answers or guidance. " ... written by Simmi
Informative. Lots of details. Quick to connect. Compassionate. " ... written by Peace
omg she is great :) " ... written by Caren
Love Madhu! She is so kind warm and sincere. Every private is just like talking to a friend! thanks again! And as always she is able to pick up on things that shock me! " ... written by Jessica
Very good reading. She picks up without any info. Thank you so much ;-) Look forward to the 3rd month coming up hahaha until then i will take it easy and keep my focus on my daughter. Thanks again! Talk to you soon" ... written by V
Absolutely positively on point. She was amazing. It was reading an encyclopedia about my life. I still have goose bumps. She was quick, straight forward and gave it to me straight. I am so grateful." ... written by Lisa
wow . . . that was amazing 5 + stars!!!" ... written by Danielle
Madhu is absolutely Divine! She is deeply spiritual woman, connected with God so strongly, energetically and in her visions and many other gifts. She is very accurate as she explains to you things regarding to your question, in a very direct and detailed way, giving you complete clarity and in depth understanding, as well as the piece of mind, and very serene, peaceful feeling in the chambers of your heart, which comes from her powerful healing energy, of Divine origin." ... written by happinessnow
wonderful and so quick!!! I love how her guides connect with her and our situations. oh my i love her readings. she is right to the point!!!! Now if only she could have a sale one day lollll" ... written by jazzy usually blessings" ... written by Gaby11
Absolutely delightful reading. Very fast, picks up the situation accurately and provides great insight. I will definitely recommend to all. Thank you Madhu x" ... written by Layla
awesome as always" ... written by sunshinec
I love Maddie with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength! She is my strength, rock, refuge and healer! Words cannot express how blessed I am to have Madhu in my life and the journey to come. Thank you Maddie" ... written by Princess Rachel
I had a quick question and Madhu answered very quickly to it. Thank you for the answers!" ... written by Tooker
she is very fast and accurate. detailed reading. i appreciate it!" ... written by olivezcy
very fast typer, and very detailed. she's awesome" ... written by nf1
Thanks" ... written by Amit
she is such a her dearly" ... written by dani
Kind soul." ... written by SS
Thanks again..." ... written by aqua
She is brilliant. WOW " ... written by Simmi
Madhu answered questions that I have been searching for. She was a big help and she is a true gifted spirit. Thanks again Madhu. I look forward to our next reading." ... written by Stephanie
awesome reading and advice!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Thank You so much for your insights. She connected to me like spot on. 100 Star reading. Excellent in giving guidance.!" ... written by Bobbin
outstanding details from just names, I love it when no dob's, tools or extra questions are used...she hits the nail right on the spot without saying much. thanks madhu, you are wonderful" ... written by sweet
Thank you so much, you opened my thoughts and I will do as you said thanks again." ... written by e
Madhust is very detailed about her reading and does not sugar coat. I trust her awesome psychic gifts." ... written by crystalrbleu
Madhu you are a true healer. You help motivate me! Thank you so much for your help tonight. I feel like I've made a friend one that truly wants to help. " ... written by V
She is awesome." ... written by Butterfly77lady
She was very helpful and insightful, very intuitive. Easy to talk to." ... written by Gina
Very special..." ... written by Katiebethelady
fantastic." ... written by zimerili1
Fast and quick answers with accuracy, truth, and kindness. A lot of good details and insight. Great reading!" ... written by Jennifer
Madhu is one of the most inspirational readers of all time. I am truly purified and sanctified each time I do talk to my soul sister. From her incredible divine connection with the spirit realm to her powerful healing aura abilities, she will empower you, direct you, and guide you to the right direction and truly understand who you truly are and your purpose in this world. A prediction of Madhu did come true the next day about a week ago when she said i would my true soulmate, and I did.. I love you Maddie from the bottom of my heart, love your sister Princess Rachel" ... written by PrincessRachel8
Awesome reading. She gave detailed reading even mannerisms and descriptions of the persons involved!" ... written by crystalrbleu
Madhu is very pleasant she predicted some things for me and hope they will happen she is very spiritual and a pleasure to talk to," ... written by ACe
what can i say she is awesome please take her private you will not be dissappointed love and light riley, really i do mean what i say ." ... written by riley
GREAT!!!!! GREAT!!!" ... written by QUEENBEE22
beautiful lady love her she wont waste ur time, " ... written by QUEENBEE22
I enjoyed my reading." ... written by Butterfly77lady
she is the best. she is honest if i even dont want to hear . " ... written by mong
I had so many readings from mADHU andamp; she sees a lot of things abt me.. I think i should have faith in god at this time like she said as its all for the better." ... written by aqua
lovely lovely and very clear person! many thanks. i will be in touch. " ... written by lovewater
Very good an expert in her field." ... written by daniel
she was very detailed and shared some good information with me , you would benefit from a reading from her very sincere and open made me feel comfortable " ... written by gr8tday
Gentle and accurate." ... written by abby
love her to rock..Thank you Madhu" ... written by sunshinec
Because I love to get confirmation on readings, I asked Madhu to do this for me. Without telling her anything, she confirmed what others had said for me. May and June should be 2 great months for my life both in love and in business! 5 stars" ... written by Destiny_Love
very good an expert in her craft" ... written by daniel
Madhu is so right on spiritually!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo" ... written by kim
Thank you so much I feel much more relieved after speaking you and less negative." ... written by PurePurplePisces
second reading with madhu. she is a wonderful reader and sees through people very well!! i trust her and so happy about what she told me. i feel like prayer has been listend :)))" ... written by jazzychic7
She is awesome and I feel she is very connected to me even only through the computer. It's very surreal! She is absolutely my favorite! " ... written by Kim
Always a pleasure. " ... written by sylvestri
The Best" ... written by Maluchita
Thanks Madhu! This was very concrete indeed. " ... written by SS
very clear insights, predictions were vivid and visionary" ... written by ccrispycrabcakes
she is awesome!" ... written by anna
Very helpful. Tapped into my situation right away and was able to tell me what was going on. Very detailed." ... written by Tanny6
Such an amazing women, love her! " ... written by Tffany
Thanks for the advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Lovely lady. Great read. connected quickly. " ... written by Jan
Amazing!! Very accurate too, told me what I already knew but had not told her." ... written by FLOW
SO lovely and clear. Thank you so very much!" ... written by lovewater
Thanks for the peace I now feel" ... written by stephanie
I feel calm. ..its how she speaks...." ... written by kk
To my beautiful angel, words cannot express how blessed I am to truly have you in my life and the journey to come for Princess Rachel. You are walking with me hand in hand till the end, my love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love you and know im with you always in spirit..light and love, Princess Rachel" ... written by princessrachel8
She was pretty accurate i couldn't believe she knew dates and months.. wasn't expecting this at all..." ... written by elle11
Madhu you are spot on with details of people! I am very sure it will happen ..please stay with me andamp; keep me in ur prayers:)" ... written by aqua
MADHU THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME PEACE OF MIND!!!!!....and keeping me grounded from being taken advantage of by others!!!! I would have done what they had advised to bring "him" HAPPINESS in his life...but I had doubts...and you confirmed by doubts!!!!...THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!....MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU!!!!" ... written by Ocean
lets see..." ... written by Amit
just lot of love for Madhu. you are the best" ... written by william
Lovely reader! Very accurate on what is all in my love life! I was smiling all the way cause it's all so true. Thank you so much for your insight and your advice. You are very good! I appreciate your words with me! Talk soon!" ... written by happy me
Madhu is an angel from heaven...please treat her accordingly..." ... written by K
You are awesome! I don't know what else to say! You have such a calming demeanor and a beautiful soul! Do you ever get angry? I really don't think you know how. I love you Madhu! :)" ... written by kimbabbles
confirmed what I have always known in my heart but was afraid to ask. " ... written by stephanie
very nice reading she knows what she is talking five stars" ... written by sam
i just love you :) " ... written by william
omggg! this lady is amazing " ... written by kawalpreet
Excellent reading and advice!" ... written by Bhavna
i love her bottom of heart i think i talk to her every single day… i love her.." ... written by kawal
she was amazing and accurate, thanks for the help. " ... written by b
This woman is remarkable, one of a kind, gentle, genuine person. She is one of the rare real deals on Oranum! I feel blessed to have gotten messages and guidance from her. Thank you so much Madhu!" ... written by Goug007
i love madhu as a person and of course as a reader she is one of the best " ... written by nidal
She is incredibly spiritual, connected, positive, lovely and accurate. Fast !!! Love her..Please do try her you wont regret it! Love to you Madhu. My prayers are with you xxxx" ... written by Globe
As always, she remains a calming spirit. I was so uneasy and within seconds she was able to calm me down. She is fast, honest and a true blessing." ... written by Lisa
If there is an angel this is Madhu, she is sweet and you can feel how the love and the happiness coming out of her, I just love her..... :)" ... written by Ron
Great reading!!! Will give her an update soon!!!" ... written by OmelisaB
Wonderful, inspiring reading again with Madhu. Top choice always! Much Love Madhu!" ... written by Goug
she is love" ... written by jj
wonderful, amazed i am" ... written by beauty
straight to point nice to talk to" ... written by luvuchaluka
Madhu is such a beautiful woman. She was right on point about my situation. She does not use tools and i was blown away by her abilities. She knew exactly what she was talking about with just names. She did not sugarcoat and told me the whole truth about my situation even though it did hurt. She provided beautiful insights and guidances about the whole situation. I recommend her to anyone in search of the truth light and guidance. Namaste Dear friend and Blessings. Keep that beautiful smile always. Thank you for the great reading xxx Talk yo you soon with the updates...." ... written by Padeyssah
First time reading with her...I really like her. I will return for sure." ... written by Coco
First time with Madhu...she is amazing!!! Will definitely return. Thank you!" ... written by Mare
love this women shes amazing xxx" ... written by madmomo
i love talking to her all the time i wish i could meet her in person." ... written by kawal
Thank you Madhu, you are truly blessed with a wonderful and powerful gift. " ... written by SarahRain
At a time when I was really conflicted and unsure of my path.. and feeling guilt Madhu really helped with her kindness, calmness, answered my questions and gave advice. This will help me keep on my intended path and I will always appreciate it. Absolutely marvelous." ... written by nuggettues
she seen positivity and that was good game a prediction and I will wait and see if it passes, also had a demo once with her and her prediction was 2 months added to the one she gave tdy, so idk I guess ill wait and see what happens. however she is so warm and nice and detailed. we shall see... Thank You Madhu" ... written by B
Again Madhu is right on the money!!!! God bless you!" ... written by kim
wonderful reader worth it...she is amazing!! love her" ... written by starchild700
Love this woman!!" ... written by Mare
love her" ... written by s
very comforting and helpful, thank you appreciate your help" ... written by t
Madhu is absolutely the sweetest woman.. I just love her, she is so calm and helps us all walk thru life with the amount of love and kindness she gives to us all.. she is a blessing to me, I cannot say enough, she gave me an awesome reading and I can assure anyone out there reading this, you must come see madhu for a prvt, she is so spot on and I trust her!..just give her a try,..u will be so relieved b/c she sees what is happening in your life and I just asked one question and she took it from there......maddie is spiritually uplifting and has taught me so much ...her love radiates like a huge ray of sunshine,God Bless you my friend maddie,,, T" ... written by T+++@
Wow! She was truly amazing!!! She answered my questions quickly and I was very happy with my reading. She seems to connect well and is a very nice lady. Thank you Madhu. I will definitely keep you posted and be back again in the near future!" ... written by Missgreeneyes
she is awesome! so sweet, very accurate and straight to the point. She tells you what she clearly sees and will not rush you into something that her guides don't reveal to her, instead will recommend "patience" and "focus on priorities"" ... written by Bibi123
loving and caring + clear spiritual power" ... written by lilah
madhu is the best, i just love to do reading with her almost everyday.. i wish i can meet her in person,,, love u madhu" ... written by kawalpreet
the light shines" ... written by kcw
She is lovely and gifted. We'll have to wait and see how things go. Many thanks!" ... written by lovewater
She is very fast to connect. She gave a lot of information on the people I asked about and picked up on things quickly. Was able to give me a lot of information about a person just going by their name. She is very sweet and calming" ... written by Gina
she is so true andamp; gifted..i will be back soon:)" ... written by aqua
Good reading as always" ... written by tilthe
Thank you for your wonderful, kind words Madhu. I can't wait to come back again. I also wish you to take it easy as well, as it is similar to my situation. Thank you again, and take care." ... written by S
Another great read ...that gave me inspiration..Thanks Madhu" ... written by sunshinec
Outstanding. Helped me to work through a tough situation. " ... written by Elisia
She is the most amazing person I'll always come back to her. Her readings are very clear, with straight messages from her guides I strongly recommend her" ... written by bib
I'm sure Madhu is as accurate with a bow and arrow!! Unbelievable" ... written by Kim
Madhu is good !!! god bless " ... written by The humble man
Nice lady , soft and kind ." ... written by Angel
Very enjoyable reading... she has a kind energy." ... written by vigglesworth216
Very interesting reading... A faint possibility, but I just don't know how it'll play out. I guess I'll just watch and be amazed." ... written by kundra
Highly recommend~~Very intuitve...5 Stars.. Amazing and beautiful soul!" ... written by Bhanu
she is very sweet love her reading" ... written by vell
" ... written by kcw
clear insight plus intelligence. can't be better" ... written by ben
detailed reading and advice! will definitely get back to her." ... written by crystalrbleu
First reading with this lovely lady, described the persn in question down to a T. Give her a try you won be disappointed x" ... written by Mshelli
she is a sweetheart. I absolutely adore her visions andamp; her confidence. A true blessing :)" ... written by aquavenus
WOW, she is easy to hear and was spot on. I recommend her! Her charity benefits too, so you can't go wrong. :)" ... written by jmfoust48
RIGHT OFF THE BACK, SHE FELT MY ENERGY AND CONNECTED!! completely happy, and more than satisfied. Madhu consider me a regular!! im soo shocked at how accurate and sweet she is. if you don't believe in psychics , you will with Madhu!!!" ... written by loveandsoulmate
the best psychic on this site very compassionate and a good friend " ... written by daniel
I forgot to ask Madhu about one very important thing. She has put my mind at ease. I am super grateful for her advice and knowledge. Thank you again Madhu my dear friend!! Blessings of Love and Light!! XOXO 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
tuned in well, we'll see if the predictions happens x" ... written by sk
Madhu is absolutely lovely!!! She has an amazing gift and a straight connection to God!!! She has been psychic since she was born and is very in tune with her guides. She is such a bright light in my life. I have spent a lot of time in free chat with her, and I enjoy doing amazing meditations with her. She is super quick to pick up on energy and answers straight away. She does not waste anytime. I trust her completely and I am looking forward to her predictions. She has always been consistent with what she had told me in the past. She is such a pure soul. I feel like she is one of God's angels living here on earth. I am honored and blessed to know her. If you seek the truth she will tell u!! Thank you Madhu from the bottom of my heart!! Blessings of Love n Light!! (((HUGS))) 8) " ... written by LibraDragon11
Great session! Very inspiring and motivating person." ... written by MILAN
Very nice person. Great, accurate reading." ... written by Milan
Very kind and accurate reader." ... written by Milan
I asked her so many different questions and she answered them all without wasting time. So Madhu is really good with timing and saving our money lol..Her predictions about events were exactly as astrological chart says so they are very accurate. I just love her and glad she is here. And she also donate her income to charities which is so great of her. Thank you for the reading Madhu, I appreciate it and Love you..:)" ... written by Kareet
always pleasure consulting with her!" ... written by aquavenus
Madhu is a lovely lady very skilled . this is my first time with her and she is one of the kind her reading " ... written by loverboy
thanks for the update!" ... written by nf1
wowowowowow. that session was BOMB! we were vibing like none other and it was so nice! you will not be disappointed! just incredible how she picks up and i only gave her my name to start off with! thank you thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
Calming and lovely advise. " ... written by frankiekr
always there for me! thanks!" ... written by nf1
She is pretty good and so fast. I had less credits and she did it immediately. Very sweet and amazing. She is so good.. Wow.. Lets see if the predictions come true.." ... written by Nandini Sunger
Nice ... she was direct, clear, and very connected. I will be be back for sure. I strongly advise you to get a reading with her: You will see by yourself." ... written by ystylus
great reading" ... written by androsea
so many questions got answered, thanks so much madhu..." ... written by mette
She is amazing as always..." ... written by Ron
thanks again for update!" ... written by nf1
Madhu is wonderful woman. and very talented. I love her way of being. Madhu is very present in the moment ... :-)" ... written by loveboy
She has a very kind manner and is very sweet and gentle in answering questions. Thanks." ... written by L
madhu is such a gift from god. i feel the connections! she is naturally born as a phsycic. she knows what is a head of you and be ready to hear that.. an honest lady and she donates all the reading fees to the charity.. may god always bless her.. " ... written by hermestarr
Very spot on reader, was able to piece many of the past incidences and gives me great insights about the future, i feel a tremondous positive vibes with this reading. very good, will use this reader again." ... written by Sooriamurthy
VERY GOOD READING.. " ... written by t
Thank you again for this clarifying reading Madhu! Your predictions come to pass; and I always love speaking with you as we always laugh our heads off! Always a pleasure. Thank you so much. xoxo" ... written by _
good reading :)" ... written by nf1
very warm,lovely person picked up info about my situation, will wait and see" ... written by kasper
Thanks!" ... written by d2k1000
Had update with Madhu and she is just awesome!!!!" ... written by marion
very insightful, very positive and on target" ... written by gina
so nice, and honest, and good in readings, all true in the matters....thanks madhu" ... written by mette
Positive vibes from this reading. I like her calm gentle manner. Thank you, Madhu!" ... written by C.T
love madhu..............sooooooo great" ... written by mette
Amazing woman!!!! Very honest and straight forward in delivering her messages. If you need the truth and nothing but the truth even when it hurts you deep down inside, then you are in the right place. Thank you for the wonderful reading. Blessings and Peace !!!" ... written by rose n.
she is very awesome helped me alot found out things i didnt know myself" ... written by eteve
nice lady....hoping for things to happen...will come back" ... written by rani
very understanding and perceptive, with great ideas of how to help" ... written by RJ
she is always straight to the point, fast and stops when there's nothing else to to say. I am one of her regular and so far she is exceptional" ... written by Bibi123
thank you madhu! love your readings and your predictions have come true before. thank you thank you!" ... written by luxxicon
uh uh uh uh uh.......uh" ... written by phoenxrisen
so nice, nice and so true in her readings....thanks so much" ... written by metten
Always perfect! " ... written by sonee92
great reading****" ... written by TD
She's one of the best people I've ever spoken and I'll be back again she's so genuine she doesn't ask for a DOB and what she sees is actually true. I'm definitely going to be back. Thanks again Madhu " ... written by sonee92
thank nice connection" ... written by luvuchaluka
Thank you for your time again Madhu, I love the many laughs we share during the readings you give me. Madhu is one of the best whose predictions always come to pass. thanks again " ... written by -
love her, she is always so sweet and insightful. detailed and knows whats going on" ... written by Gina
Thanks madhu you always pick up so fast and have been accurate on my situations in the past... Thanks I will be back!" ... written by cheryl
Awesome MADHU..XOXOXOXO" ... written by sunshinec
Madhu is such wonderful person with such a big heart. she has so much love for her clients, its just such a great experience to be in her presence. she always has a way to make you smile. she picked up on my situation right away and was able to describe the people I asked about and my situation accurately and quickly.***** 5 stars***** highly recommended. I will be back for a follow up very soon. Love you Madhu!" ... written by chris
thank you! looking forward to it :)" ... written by luxxicon
Madhu – you are so kind and spirited by heart. You pick you pick up all the things going on. You are a blessing to people coming to your room." ... written by in_the_making
She always gives a good reading" ... written by Danielle Harris
love her" ... written by Danielle Harris
She was absolutely amazing, love her energy :)" ... written by Yiara
Madhu could see the people that I was talking about in our reading and described them accurately. That made me feel she was very in tune with what I wanted to know and was indeed giving me the right guidance and answers!! I believe in everything she said and I am so grateful she's on oranum doing what she does! Towards the end of our reading she made me tear up because I knew she cared and she gave me the most sweetest, heartfelt advice that I really needed! It was a very special reading and I am so thankful for it! :)" ... written by Kelsey
Thank you so much for all your help and prayers Madhu!! They have really really helped!! :)" ... written by M
I froze but she was great as always" ... written by d
great reading ...things coming true" ... written by serbboy3
absolutely brilliant reading." ... written by zimerili1
she's here not to disappoint and to tell you the truth. thank you for being there when i need guidance" ... written by luxxicon
First time she really connected. I will have to see." ... written by T
Unbelievable! " ... written by vasilia
She is simply wonderful. " ... written by spiderlilli
Laughing for the first time in a couple of weeks (through tears, admittedly!) but I have have hope and I can work through everything else with that as a foundation." ... written by Kate
Very very very good. thank you very much you have made me feel so much better. Thanks." ... written by Jess
Sincere, kind, to the point with her visions on things. Truly enjoyed her reading. She sees things clearly. I will come back for an update." ... written by familyhelper
Very warm passionate and the Love of God is all over Madhu. Great reading and she even described my ex and when he would return to try and gain my heart, she even told me about the right man that I will meet coming into my life who is well educated something like a Harvard Professor. I look forward to updating my predictions. Stay tuned. " ... written by Srallen77
Better than what I read in the testimonials" ... written by Kroggoth
she is amazing " ... written by b
she was good..hope my husband recovers fast:)" ... written by aquavenus
good reading!" ... written by needfaith1
amazing reading" ... written by rishma
everything is always spot on and she's so easy to talk to! she understands the situation, no tools. she's very gifted and just knows! she is amazing!" ... written by wavescollide
Thank you so much madhu, you always reassure me for what needs to be said." ... written by 5stars
OMG, this woman never disappoints! she went right into the matter, recognizing the depth of the situation and people involved, giving me extremely useful spiritual advice,... and like she opened my eyes to something that was not very clear to me and her words calm my spirit down and she gave peace to my mind. EXTRAORDINARY SOUL! Love her to pieces!" ... written by vivi
Although my situation does not have a positive ending, Madhu was extremely kind and supportive while she told me. Excellent reader and great personal skills. Thank Madhu for the clarity of your vision." ... written by Krista Elliott
She has a very gentle spirit. I love that about her. Very peaceful and insightful. She has helped me to get more connected and confident within my own gifts and connection with G-d. Thank you so much! " ... written by childofthestars
She is pretty great and awesome in her work. Amazing lady. And she is so helpful and accurate. Many predictions have come true. And i will pray god for my predictions to come true." ... written by Nandini Sunger
Madhu is a very sensitive, insightful and gentle reader. I received new insights into a situation that I was not aware of." ... written by Chanel Hughes
She is always able to give me a lot of details with only just a name. It amazes me the things she picks up on, So far some of her predictions have come true. She is very calming and positive. Amazing" ... written by Gina
so kind and human..." ... written by mette
Madhu, connects and passes on the information quickly. She is a beautiful kind soul " ... written by Chloe
Hilariously funny!!" ... written by l0vEFighter
Madhu is awesome!! She picks up very well with her abilities, and connects right away. She described so many things, I think I drove her a bit crazy, hahah so Madhu!! But what a wonderful person and reader very clear and concise. A true pleasure to speak with and connect. Love and light for you always Madhu.. :) " ... written by moni
I feel she picked up on the situation very well. " ... written by gemini0605
Wonderful, she is amazing!" ... written by maria
Calming,kind, with an open soul. I feel as though she confirmed thoughts of manifestation that are happening in " ... written by Michelle
a healer and a friend who really cares" ... written by k
thanks Madhu you are fast and connect so fast.... thnk you !! give madhu a shot she is so caring and she will connect to you fast and she will give you information you are looking for" ... written by broken hearted
the nicest lady." ... written by mette44
what a beautiful reading . I love her energy . A 5 stars xx" ... written by B
very helpful, connect fast, kind person :)good advise" ... written by e.
She was great. Such a beautiful spirit. Thank you!" ... written by Shakti
Wow Amazing!! Picked up on a lot of things...See you soon" ... written by JOHNNY
Excellent as always, thank you!" ... written by atlantis111
very kind, and compassionate reader " ... written by cc
Wonderful reading!!! Loved it really beautiful lady with such great insight. its hard for me to do what she asked me but sometimes we need to put our pride aside and see the truth, she helped me understand this, Love breaks all obstacles and clears the way. She is a complete inspiration thanks Madhu many blessings !! :)) " ... written by moni
Madhu as always is fantastic. Very kind woman. Will always read with her. Thank you!" ... written by tilthe
Spectacular, very nice and clear lady. " ... written by Angelove
Great reading, she is straight to the point. thanks a lot" ... written by Bibi123
It is always a pleasure talking to you. Thanks for being here." ... written by in_the_making
epic reading as always " ... written by oozaru
helpful as always" ... written by jamie
Madhu is a phenomenal reader as well as healer..I spoke to her for 10 mins andamp; she was able to give me confidence... " ... written by aquavenus
Madhu has a beautiful gift, and a healing spirit. She amplifies light and keys in quickly on emerging patterns. Thank you Madhu for peace of mind." ... written by Jean
She help me right away! And the issue was happening then and there. " ... written by Danielle Harris
what a lovely person in every respect, such a wise and soothing reader, thank you very kndly." ... written by zimerili1
I love her! She is so calming and connects so fast and the messages just flow out. She is so amazing. I am so honored to have read with her and that she shares her gifts with others. She doesn't waste your time. She is extremely down to earth! Many blessing to her and her family! " ... written by Tiffany
Every time I speak to her I feel so great. She is truly a healer such a great person" ... written by v
Madhu is genuinely sweet and caring, insightful and helpful as ever! " ... written by M
Maddie is awesome! she is fast and immediately connects to my situation. Greatly calmed me down.. xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
A blessing...." ... written by mark
Very kind with light beautiful energy. Thanks a million. " ... written by Sunnybutterfly
so nice and kind and a great reader............." ... written by mette
Wow was a great reading I feel more at peace. Hope shes correct." ... written by Alisia
She brought a smile to my face. She is very lovely and she's pretty accurate. I'm looking forward to the outcome. :)" ... written by Eileen
Madhu has become my reference, my friend, my guidance. She has been amazing since the first reading I had, giving me details of the persons features (including the type of nose! Lol) clothing color and more! She would tell me what would happen next... And I always came back to tell her it happened! Words cannot express how I feel about her. Without her I feel lost! She reads me like an open book and no one knows my feelings like she does, without me having to tell her. Madhu, I love you! Thank you thank you thank you and will come back soon!!! Blessings to you :)" ... written by Mariquita1111
very nice and very calming. says it like it is. i will come back for sure. " ... written by a
shes awesome and told me no bs , what i needed to hear and its what im hoping for , thank you so much .. " ... written by aba
Wonderful always. So serene and connected. " ... written by spiderlilli
she is a super sweet lady:) guiding light for me.." ... written by aquavenus
very good and accurate she picked up on everything straight away. cnt wai for her predictions to come true. love u tanks alot" ... written by ash
very good :) will keep update and in touch :)" ... written by dom
Amazing 5 star , very accurate and truly gave me the right advice, without me even uttering a word. Thank You so much!" ... written by Bobbin
a true blessing- she saw exactly what was going on- how beautiful!!!" ... written by mabelswyant
Wonderful and accurate as always. A spiritual god blessed x" ... written by G
Absolutely Amazing!!! I'm definitely chatting with her again. Thank you so much for your insights!" ... written by Natassia
Madhu is amazing as always; follows up with her are the best! I've had about 4 readings I feel with her and each time she just gets the situation. She can read the energies of any and all people asked about. She is the best :) " ... written by Kelsey
always so sweet and helpful. Very insightful. For a year I have asked someone who passed away to come through to me, talk to me or send a message and they did through madhu!" ... written by Gina
thanks. nice to talk to ." ... written by firef
such a delight to be with her. Truly amazing. I love her. " ... written by thefinalanswer
lovely!" ... written by thefinalanswer
5 stars" ... written by lisa
Madhu is absolutely wonderful : ) She gave me good advice and some predictions which I am looking forward to . Things made sense I would definitely return : ) " ... written by j
Thanks again madhu for a consistent and positive update" ... written by marion lyttle
Madhu is a beautiful spirit..with very on point insight to your situation or question. I needed immediate answers and she had them...the positive and negative to help me get a grip on things." ... written by Cordie167
as always a great reading, just simply great" ... written by zimerili1
Easily connected with my question. Very supportive and helpful." ... written by bruggere7
she was spot on great! :)" ... written by ANAMIKA
As always, Madhu is ever calming and shines the light for me to see. I just love her!" ... written by kimbabbles57
Excellent reading! Madhu is very relaxed, compassionate and connected. Accurately described my situation, gave positive and encouraging guidance and outcome. " ... written by SoulDesire1
Thank you for your advice. " ... written by d2k1000
Madhu has become a friend so I know that anything she tells me I can trust and believe! She is wonderful beyond words, can answer all questions/concerns quickly and accurately! I always come to her and I am always satisfied :) :) :) love ya hun!" ... written by Kelsey
thanx for update" ... written by zimerili1
i think she really is getting answers from god. " ... written by cutiepattootie
I enjoyed talking with Madhu , very intune with the situation. You wer very helpful. I will chat with you in the months go come. I would highly recommend her. " ... written by MsGina2016
madhu madhu madhu gods like you for you job to humanity god bless you and yours ..." ... written by LOVERBOY
She was nice." ... written by Merisha
awesome" ... written by sunshine
This was my first reading. She is very quick and picked up on someones personality straight away. Gave me predictions so I hope they come true. thanks :D" ... written by jaqueline
very sweet, very kind and great reading. picked up on energy nicely " ... written by Deb
Such a pleasant reading... Very helpful and encouraging.. This reading was spot on... " ... written by Basia Lashae
I come to her often. and she is a divine being" ... written by a
Madhu is GREAT!! It's amazing how much she knows, how much she can read. I feel like she read into my soul and told my life like a story. Thank you Madhu for always being there!! " ... written by M
So lovely and is very accurate. Thank you dear." ... written by Angela
Great reading, thank you very much. I'll come back" ... written by Bibi123
Madhu is the best . so warm and truly compassionate and i love compassionate people. She is honest . and i was so perplexed about some spiritual activities and she was THE ONLY PSYCHIC here who was able to explain exactly what was going on !! - thank you Madhu . hugs and blessings. :)" ... written by a
always so fast and sweet. She is very insightful, knows so much about people and what is going on. very honest. She has such a great demeanor, I always feel so comfortable talking to her." ... written by Gina
thank you madhu! been going to her for months and i can confirm that she said october was going to be a month of changes for me. it has been undeniably the coolest experience i have had in a long time and i have been seeing changes in my professional life. thank you thank you thank you" ... written by luxxicon
Thank you Madhu for putting my mind at rest , love , light and blessings xxx" ... written by john24521
Madhu is an amazing reader. I've had several readings with her and she is honest, kind, and gives you the clarity and direction you need. I always come away feeling better about the situation. I highly recommend her if you need help. Thank you Madhu!" ... written by YH
Very accurate, gentle with her delivery and great insights. Fantastic reading xxx" ... written by Sam
She's great. she helps to re-center my energy too :)" ... written by Danielle Harris
Always great to catch up with my friend :-) She saw him coming in October and we met ;-)" ... written by Lucky girl
Very nice. very accurate. Definitely recommended" ... written by AB
MADHU IS THE GREATEST !!!" ... written by Thomas
Madhu gave great insight on the situation I will try and take her advise. Awesome reader." ... written by Madhu
Always amazing!! " ... written by Natassia
She is amazing - fast, straightforward, explicable, thorough. One can talk for hours with her. She soothes the soul!!! 10 stars!" ... written by Liliana
Madhu is simply great! Sweet, helpful and amazingly insightful! Thank you so much Madhu for your help and prayers! " ... written by M
5 stars!!! Very intuitive and kind hearted. Always on point with her readings. Her predictions came to pass. Madhu is truly Gifted and she never failed to amaze me. Namaste. xxx" ... written by rose p.
she is accurate with some of them, not all, but insightful. Thank you" ... written by gugu58
Eh .. so hard know whats going on without madhu. she is so good. so brilliant. thank you madhu" ... written by a
Madhu is awesome and amazing being with great light" ... written by a
Madhu is one of the best on here! she is awesome!!!!" ... written by madhu
madhu is spot on. she can connect to the situation right away.. we haven't talked about my fiance in awhile and yet she remembers his name. and she was actually able to connect to him. And i didn't mention anything about my current situation and yet she knows what's going on.. :) xoxo HMR" ... written by hmr
I love her. She is always honest, if things change she tells you, no leading on. She is very insightful in reading the people and the situation. so easy to talk to and friendly, love her!" ... written by Gina
Very special session - touching an wonderful guidance - recommended." ... written by lotus
Excellent as usual. Great guidance and right on point. Truly gifted. Thank Madhu. Namaste xoxox" ... written by padeyssah
Madhu is awesome as usual . She s my sweet friend and always explains things so super clearly." ... written by a
Madhu l cannot believe it,The Almighty is Good.Having met you once l knew you had something for me.You not only amazed me,but you showed me why its worth the time to go private.You spoke of things only l know of.Gran never changes even now,she still gives.l will follow your advice and update you next time.Remain blessed.AMAZING.........." ... written by Julia
Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her! :))))" ... written by Tiffanie
Very quick and informative,very good and precise..We will see what will happen,but there is a long wait for me ..but with current situation very accurate." ... written by md3311
Very sweet and accurate. Made me smile. Blessings to you Madhu you are a very kind person" ... written by abbas
she was really good enjoyed her" ... written by nicegirl
very helpful and insightful." ... written by Sharmin
Good connection.." ... written by L
Madhu is a gifted Mystic who the time and seasons will remember . Her words are a gift to the soul and heart of every reading she does !!" ... written by Thomas
very good reading thank you :)" ... written by libsta
As always... a great reader. connected quickly. Will be back for updates." ... written by Jan
Amazing and truly gifted. Thank for another great reading and the predictions that came to pass. Namaste." ... written by rose
Madhu was great!" ... written by d
sister in light I am gratful that u r finally back, I have waited for you. sending lots of love and light. xx c" ... written by c
excellent! one of the best ive worked with here." ... written by Lord Cedric Hightower
very insightful, quick to connect, very sweet person" ... written by AP
shes awesome " ... written by aly
Madhu is wonderful. I was able to communicate with a passed loved one. And confirmed what I believed. Very good connection. Highly recommend. " ... written by Palenative
madhu rocks! she connects immediately and direct to the point. xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
She is always so good and honest, insightful. Easy to talk to and puts you at ease. Very fast, compassionate and understanding. I love her!" ... written by Gina
wonderful as always Madhu A beautiful Soul.xoxoxo" ... written by sunshinec
thanks madhu for your beautiful advise " ... written by farhan
Madhu is soft, kind and caring and very spiritual. Several of her predictions have been accurate, including one on an exact date." ... written by G
Great update with madhu. She is always spot on and caring and compassionate!" ... written by atlantis111
so much help thank you" ... written by danielle
Very nice" ... written by abbas
awesome :)))" ... written by tiff
She never seems to amaze me ..Madhu is so sweet her energy and her laugh ..Very gifted woman ..Thanks again Madhu..xoxoxo" ... written by SC
insightful" ... written by theme
thank you so much for making htings clear" ... written by uvu
amazing :)" ... written by natasha
Excellent. Very on point." ... written by KT
Madhu madhu Madhu ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆" ... written by loverboy
madhu is a great reader picks up quick and described things to me to look for and told me im going to be getting a surprise. so lets wait and see." ... written by luv
sweet lady" ... written by luvuchaluka
I asked where something was and she described my room but have to look for it and see if I can find it where she said it might be" ... written by luv
excellent, intuitive insight" ... written by ron
very good with spirit guide messages and she is very loving and generous with her spirit/energy. There is something calming about her that is attracting. " ... written by golden
madhu is the best she makes you feel so at peace and very accurate about everything by far the best her energy will make you feel at ease if you have any problems or situations i am usually not the type to comment about psychics abilities but she indefinitely tops it for me thank you madhu much love and peace to you!!!! " ... written by steve
she was very sweet. gave great advice!" ... written by me
Almost left me speechless. Not all great news but I needed to hear it. Her guides knew how long I had been going through my issues and what was to come. Didn't have my camera on but she described me in detail- blown away" ... written by AA
love her shes awesome!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
Things in life are going great and I wanted to share the positive energy with my friend madhu :-) she picked up on it before I even said a word. Truly a blessing to have come across this wonderful human being. Thank you Madhu! Many blessings hugs" ... written by V
excellent, " ... written by ron
i understood and i agree with what she told me ..." ... written by aly
Good and Honest Reader! Must visit!" ... written by need2know5
Such an amazing woman, came back for an update and had an amazing reading. Madhu is very gifted with a great insight; connects really quick. I strongly recommend her." ... written by bibi123
Thanks for always being amazing -- so much talent with remote viewing. A very gifted and spiritual lady. Empathetic but very truthful. Also quick and super accurate. Did I mention AMAZING remote viewing -- she's SEES the questions to your answers. Literally. Thank you dear." ... written by Kelsey
such a nice women" ... written by luvuchaluka
Madhu is so direct to the point and was able to connect to my situation right away, and gave very good advice! xoxo HMR" ... written by HMR
My first time with Madhu. She is a real blessing. I'm hoping all her predictions materialize:)) Thank you so much!" ... written by SB
wonderful Soul with so much to offer.. she is truly gifted and an amazing person !!! thank you so very much :)" ... written by Shawna10
Great help. Very good reader very very accurate. She knew things there is no way she could have guessed. She's the real deal ***** five stars" ... written by AA
This is an awesome reader!!!! Awesome woman who was right on the money about everything I really appreciate her for giving me this reading!!!!" ... written by Jalissa
thank you my dear" ... written by luvu
Awesomeeeee :)))" ... written by tiff
thank you so much my dear." ... written by luvuchaluka
it is really amazing reading. again, she gave me a new perspective." ... written by ft
Clear, precise and very calm. Picked up on the situation without me saying anything. Thank u x" ... written by Sam
amazing reading, she really gave me power to face my future postively. she is sincere and read me by her heart." ... written by ft
Very quick and nice :)" ... written by carlos
thanks madhu, u always helpful to me." ... written by farhan
Always a pleasure" ... written by Jean
Beautiful reading." ... written by
Very good reading, ,she really tunes in to situations and you don't have to ask questions at all. My 1st reading with her, definitely won't be the last reading.. She is one of the best kept secret on here. " ... written by Lady
I've had readings with Madhu before and as usual she is spot on. She is a very gifted reader and Oranum is very blessed to have her. Thank you Madhu! xo" ... written by Shakti
Tapped into the situation right away. It wasn't the best news but it was honest and direct and delivered with the utmost sensitivity " ... written by D
Thank you madhu, you are amazing as always..... :)" ... written by Ron
What can I say I just LOVE Madhu! Alot of clarity, such empowerment, she's such a sweet loving soul. Much Love! Nina" ... written by Nina_Ballerina
always wonderful and accurate.... thank you xxxox" ... written by angel
Came back and reconnect... very sweet. Let's see how this will work out... Thanks!" ... written by William
Pick up very fast and can tell when field I am doing. Will see how things will go." ... written by William
madhu... words can't describe how you make me feel. :) my reading with her was as amazing as i could expect. :) ty much hun!!!! xoxo" ... written by e
this woman is remarkable picks up on everything can say enough about her thank you from the bottom of my heart" ... written by rosie64
good energy read into situation and my spouse to help us. comforting to know. " ... written by sacramento
My reading with Madhu today was actually the best I've ever received. There was so much truth, honesty, guidance, etc. all packed into one session. She helped me last year when going through a tough period and today I was drawn to her. Honestly there are no words to explain how grateful I am. I truthfully heard her words of wisdom and will take it and grow from here. I'm ready to enter into the next phase. Thank you Madhu:)" ... written by Carrie
great!" ... written by CT
another great reading with her, I love Madhu's spirit. She hit me with the facts as I entered her room wow that was amazing. Thank you for sharing your talent Madhu :)" ... written by bibi123
resolution of hovering , a solid honest advice , detailed elucidation on events , definitely worth 5 stars" ... written by Doppler
good reading seems on point" ... written by Eva
One of the sweetest, kindest, honest and sincerest people on here. She speaks from her heart and is spot on with everything. Thanks, Madhu." ... written by familyhelper
Madhu is amazing reader, I love her and they way she is putting the things together, God bless you Madhu." ... written by Ron
I feel so calm talking with her. I enjoy the chat and will be back." ... written by knowing2013
She always gets my energy and is truly a gifted clairvoyant! I keep coming back. She sees those who are close to my energy :)." ... written by Claudia
her reading gives me comfort and energy." ... written by f
always great and picks up quick." ... written by luvu
Fast and pick up on situation always accurate. Very nice humble person with a sweet heart. " ... written by Motor Speedway
She was very nice and encouraging. Picked up on information that I did not share with her. She get information very fast and provided much clarity. Now only if I have the courage to take her advice! Thank you M. Very nice to speak with you tonight!" ... written by bjk
I love her, she is very deep in her insights and clarity and socaring and kind. always with love and light for u Madhu" ... written by c
thnks, " ... written by g
I always feel healed by Madhu, and focused in a positive direction." ... written by serenity
Oh Madhu - you are an angel. It is all that I can really say and it covers what many words would fail to transmit. " ... written by in_the_making
Thank you Madhu," ... written by angela
Good read informative" ... written by pinkpather30
Madhu is the best ! she said the truth and shes so honest i will be back to update her. thank you so much" ... written by yvette flores
She is the best" ... written by Malu
very fast reading again. always positive and supportive." ... written by .
I love communicating with Madhu. She's like my sister helper. Thank you Madhu." ... written by serenity
she is the best " ... written by N
Madhu is the BEST. In the past, she has told me things that were so accurate I couldn't believe my ears. I have total faith in her n her predictions:) Take her for a private and you will be surprised. Luv you Madhu and may God's blessings be with you always! " ... written by Shine
Madhu is a sweet, caring reader, great intuition, has a good sense of a persons destiny and other people's energy....had loads of good insights and observations from her. she has a good insight into the spriritual path and the world of spirit in general." ... written by Rooster Cogburn
you are so sweet and kind and dead on! omg i'm so happy to have crossed path with you. will wait and get back to you asap about your predictions" ... written by m
very quick and very kind. i enjoyed my reading very much. thank you." ... written by CT
great thx you again for ur wisdom so far all is well 5 stars !!" ... written by queenbee22
Another great reading with this amazing and talented person. She always gives the best of her, is very connected and fast. Thanks again Madhu, will come back" ... written by bibi123
I LOVE HER!!!! Reasonable price, too. And she doesn't leave you on to siphon your credits like others. When she done, she's done unless you have other questions. She's does this as a hobby and gives to charity by sharing her gift. What better way to show honesty! I've been through a few and she's the best. Others asked for age and other info but she just wants to know my name and what my question is. My DOB is not accurate, long story about that, so when someone ask for my DOB, i don't like it and they tell me stuff and it's not always accurate; but Madhu gets to your heart and soul and even know about the person's heart and soul I'm asking about without giving their info as well. You can use who you like but you'll come back to Madhu. I went to others after I found Madhu because at the time, I was destraught and she wasn't on when I was. Then after going through so much money I really couldn't afford to spend, I decided to wait on her and finally got her again. I won't go to anyone else!" ... written by soleil2seoul
Madhu is amazing. she gave me a wonderful spiritual reading and has opened my eyes to my situation. I definitely recommend her." ... written by faerieLovee
Thanks, Madhu. So glad to have you back and have someone I can turn to in times of concerns:)" ... written by SB
Perfect!" ... written by Kelsey
Nice catch up with the lady xx" ... written by B
Love you so much you helped me immensly" ... written by gchild001
Madhu is a wonderful and pure soul, speaks directly from her heart and tunes into things straight away with excellent advice and predictions she has calmed me down when I felt irritated and I know things are going to be okay. She is a gift from god!" ... written by K
very helpful" ... written by d
As always, Madhu sheds good light on the negative in my life. xxx" ... written by Kim
Madhu is so kind and sweet! Although my soul mate chose someone else in his human life, i know we were meant to be together but it was shattered by other people. I am very sad, but Madhu helped to make me feel a little better. I am hoping October will be good for me like Madhu says. I have been so lost, and she helped give me some insight. " ... written by alisha
She is a blessing, thanks for sharing your talent." ... written by bibi123
CALMING, HELPING ANGEL OF GOD..." ... written by giggle
always gr8 to talk to you and get a pvt :)" ... written by william
Her predictions came true about a month ago, I am very pleased with my readings from Madhu and she has helped me in the past from previous and current situations. If you want honest and accurate feel free to receive a private reading, she is definitely worth it and highly recommended. " ... written by James Lady
Very friendly and down-to-earth psychic. I like the reading very much, resonates with my situation well. " ... written by Miss Re
I teared up a bit on her consult because she voiced many truths unexpectedly without any information given by me. She made me look at the bigger picture of things, help me viewed my situation and knew automatically where I was at in my mind. She gave me a time line and showed light on the decision I have to make that would benefit me. She is so kind and she connects fast and she does verbal responses. She has an air of gentleness that makes it comforting when you're seeking advice or information on sensitive topics of the heart. I recommend her, and I will be returning. " ... written by Merrysinclair
great reading as usual put me more at peace on life" ... written by Lisa
I Love Her she is amazing and completely accurate. She was right about everything that was going on in my personal life. I will be back :)" ... written by Debbie
thank you . so kind and good connections" ... written by luvuchaluka
Thanks again! I was soo impressed with my last reading I had to come back for more!!! I love your style and you're very on point with my situation and the people involved! " ... written by swsiren
Thanks soooo much, you're reading definitely cheered me up and you were dead on about the people I mentioned. Thanks again!" ... written by swsiren
Fabulous woman! Extremely accurate and detailed with only names, picked up on exactly the situation including fears, thoughts and actions that have happened. She felt what I was going through without me saying anything and the message from Spirit that she gave me totally confirmed a thought/consideration I had earlier today and was exactly what I needed to hear. Fantastic!" ... written by Seeker1200
very good reader again. I need not say too much, she will know what I ask." ... written by ft
she was so accurate with my question i hope to have a reading with her again sometime very soon." ... written by Eva
When Madhu does energy work on me, or even meditating together in her room, I feel it very strongly. And her messages from Spirit are very clear. Thank you, Madhu!" ... written by sunshine
awesome mediation advice for healing and grounding. " ... written by cherie
Very kind and perceptive reader. Thank you!" ... written by Jen
Madhu, thank you. That's all I can say. You are amazingly gifted. Hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Great read on the overall energy involved, and the timeframe as well." ... written by Serenity
quite full of visions ,well described enough to comprehend , and wealth of circumstantial knowledge , to pinpoint the exact characteristics , and humility andamp; passion as human. 4,5/5" ... written by Doppler
Had a great pvt with her. Her advice was greatly appreciated. 5 stars :)" ... written by Soul Journey
Thanks Madhu. You're a beautiful person, so very kind and compassionate and picks up on my situation so well. I can't thank you enough. Big hugs to you, too!" ... written by familyhelper
She's right on the nose every time. Luv reading with her:)) Blessings to you Madhu!" ... written by Shine
She was very sweet, and helped out alot. thank you!" ... written by bkc
she is the one and only Madhu in the world :-) she is great " ... written by loverboy
awesome reading! she was super acurate! picture my whole situation inmidiately!!! the best!!!!" ... written by Erika
Madhu, you are an helped me beyond my KNOW ..the connection between the earth and spirit world, i am so happy we got to talk..deep gratitude. god bless you" ... written by hundredbutterfly
beautiful reading. thanks. gd bless you." ... written by sparrow
thank you darling! love love love you always" ... written by c
great reader " ... written by maria
excellent nail the situation like it is " ... written by maria
Nice ready. Will let you know if it comes true" ... written by conny jonkman
she is good" ... written by f
great reader " ... written by maria
Madhu is my shining star into the dark." ... written by kimbabbles57
She is simply amazing with her gift - wise andamp; so accurate and kind. She is a mix of a good therapy and an amazing mentor for other women. I'm sure she would be the same for men as well. Madhu, thank you, thank you, thank you as always. Your soul is so cool. Many blessings. :)" ... written by Kosmo
I went in with one question and she answered it very quickly but it was ALL of the REST of the message that came that I so needed to hear. I really enjoyed the reading because it was about more than a question - it was about what I needed to hear, know and how to proceed. Often times we people think its all about getting a "future" question answered and hopefully to our liking. The truth that comes to you that is needed to help you move forward to create that future is the best message to be gotten from a reading in my opinion. Well done Madhu!" ... written by Grace
the guide is pretty damn good, didn't say a damn thing to her and she mentioned something that was bothering me.the reading was a blast andamp; hilarious one to state the least as it was so spot on the reading." ... written by Ammer
Hi, your fast and quick thank you " ... written by Angela
a great healer! a kind, gentle soul. A wonderful person" ... written by Sylvia812
Incredible, god gifted reader!!! Accurate to the Nth degree.. Madhu, I Thank you so much! " ... written by Lyn
Very cool reading. Her guides giver her good information." ... written by honeylotus
I found her good! she picked up on a few very specific things to me which were correct " ... written by Sparkle Pony
I like so much Madhu.Is so kind and try her best to help and teach people in her room. All my appreciation for your work." ... written by Amalia
Thanks for chat and insight. " ... written by knowing2013
wondering, kind and caring as usual" ... written by k
Madhu gave me useful insight and I appreciate it. Thank you." ... written by CT
You are such an amazingly sweet, intuitive person, so tuned in and i can't believe the dates you give me. I believe them to be accurate as I see them aligning with what is going on with my life. I will be back over the next six months for your continued guidance. You make me feel confident that my life will return to happiness and I will find where I belong ultimately. Big hugs to you. You are absolutely beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXOXO" ... written by familyhelper
Madhu gives me so much insight to my situations! She is truly connected to our higher powers. Peace and love to her!" ... written by Kim
Madhu was bang on the money 10/10 accurate and blew me away. She's real deal no question in my mind... thank you so much you're amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... written by K
Thank you so much for a wonderful reading,you have put my mind at rest.Hope prediction comes true.Thank you so much again,and i really appreciate it!" ... written by Jennielouise
amazing reading! totally loving it!!!! she is so accurate and kind a loving!!!! the best!!!!!!" ... written by Erika
I am thankful for the reading I received. great answers to great results" ... written by texasfan
She was wonderful. Answered all of my questions. She was very intuitive. Seemed like she really cared and was trying very hard to reassure me. EXCELLENT " ... written by Angelina
She is always so tuned in! Excellent!" ... written by Grace
wow she is so fast.... she types fast too!!! Her answers come out and keep flowing just from one question. SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I will keep you posted to see what happens by sept 23rd... this way we wont forget the date! " ... written by jazzy
Thank you madhu, you helped me again very much.." ... written by hundredbutterfly
good reading, very open, and positive reading" ... written by bn
OMG Madhu is helping me out in a situation and man shes so on point can't wait to keep updating her and figuring this out ... shes amazing and keeps me calm" ... written by Lisa
what a wonderful person its the best." ... written by rosie64
That was the most beautiful andamp; amazing experience having a reading with Madhu, I am speechless. Thank you so much xxx" ... written by Havy
shes great, spot on about the situation nd i highly recommend her..very sweet.." ... written by rish
Awesome reading!! :) thank you again " ... written by Kacey
very nice lady. very direct, on point,and very sweet. " ... written by JDR1202
right on the subject, accurate, honest, detailed, thank you" ... written by Delicious
My spiritual coach -- don't know what I would do without her. Love her. Always in tune and in touch! One of the best readers on the site." ... written by Kelsey
liked the reader ,so straight forward ,pure ,clean ..lets see the predictions ..will keep coming to her ,she is honest ..god bless ,," ... written by DECEMBER 24
Thanks alot for the reading hun. very calm and detail oriented. I will stay calm about the situation and see how it reflects me. you are very accurate on picking up on things. You are the Best. Thanks alot. " ... written by Kiran
Amazing reading. Couldnt have asked for a better psychic! Thank you so much and God Bless you! " ... written by Andrew
Madhu empowered me with incite into the psyche of my returning love and what I have to be in order to conquer the human dynamic and the nature of the thinking mind that adds complexities to a heart to heart relationship. Madhu is a gem and valuable. Her connection is fast and verbalizes her answers. There's nothing more that one could want if you're seeking answers and your pockets are less than full. You also want someone you can trust and I have faith in her and her guides. She hasn't stirred me wrong and exposes truths to you that you didn't reveal. Closest thing to an angel I think. Really. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thanks so much for such a lovely reading! I will definitely be back for more!" ... written by swsiren
Very great reading as always and love every bit of it.. Predictions come true!" ... written by Toyota :)
She is a very beautiful and caring person. She knew about what had happened in my life years ago and I never told anyone." ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Great reading. Very detailed and direct. No tools and provides timelines." ... written by CD
Madhu fixed my mood up in no time! I was running rampant with irrational thoughts that were a downer but she gave me incite, assurance and basically set me mentally free from the ponder I was having. You got jealousy issues? Madhu is your girl to talk to. " ... written by Merrysinclair
good positive honest reading" ... written by goldenaura
Aha! Madhu shed some light on a particular person coming into my life and gave me incite on what was going on because my pondering were on my previous love and now enters unexpectedly a new person....oh what a girl to do....but Madhu gave me the utmost valuable advice and incite into both parties. She is the truth I tell ya. I have all faith in her and her guidance. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Wow! Amazing, she was able to pinpoint what exactly was going on in my life with full accuracy and most of all kindness. She reached out and explained everything in full detail. Thank you!" ... written by sleepydreamer4
great reading, she's always very quick, not greedy. She is great, I strongly recommend her" ... written by bibi123
She told me more at her low price than the so call big price readers on here: I was not disappointed with her real truth." ... written by Love
an extremely interesting, realistic, detailed and very unique reading .....she seems extremely knowledgable, gifted and genuine.... and charges absolutely nothing compared to other experts here ( who don't even have a dot of her expertise) which makes me respect and admire her even more..this was my first reading and I was absolutely amazed by her...what a pleasure to speak to such a rare and kind hearted soul....thank you very much and I will be coming back....." ... written by lovehouston
Very insightful! She hits a few things on the head and she made some predictions so I'm waiting to see. Awesome " ... written by Fred
She tapped in with almost no information and gave me such an in depth reading that I cannot believe it took me so long to find her! My angels guided me to her to give me the information i needed to make the best decisions for me. Thank you sooo much!" ... written by Tierra
Wow, first time reading with her. She was very spot on with my situation and I didn't have to say a word. She is truly one of the real deal on this site.I will be back for future readings. I'm so excited from what she has told me. Wow. Thank you very much." ... written by angloThai
As always, Madhu is so helpful! " ... written by Kim
Lovely lady. Answered my question quickly." ... written by flowers
Calm righteous, honest person. Seemed to know an awful lot about me and picked up cues I could not have given her overtly. Thank you." ... written by Roger
Thank you very much, the reading with you was really fun, you provided a light and comfortable environment and most of all, your reading jived with my gut feeling. I know, it was a very impossible future but I know, with all the background stuffs you provided, I know it is possible. Thanks and I will see you back." ... written by Joseph
Very nice energy. She picks up on things. I like her guidance. Highly recommend Madhu xx" ... written by gokelly
Madhu is my favorite! She helps me in ways no one else has before with her readings. Thank you, with love andamp; many blessings. " ... written by KitKat0220
Thank you, Madhu. Please pray for me." ... written by familyhelper
great girl lot of support:0))))))))))))))))" ... written by lumiere44
great as always. :)" ... written by e
She was great! She nailed the situation, she gave me confidence that I'm doing the right thing. She seems very real and sincere. Thanks. " ... written by cabbage
Thank you. You picked up on alot of useful information. Thank you again." ... written by angloThai
honestly very humble and sincere. gave me time frames. included me in her prayers. i really appreciate her and will be back. " ... written by nini1021
Excellent reading" ... written by lori_bell22
This was refreshing!!! I really needed to hear everything she had to say and she was accurate and spot on about everything she told me. She really gave me confirmation and she did this without using tarot a natural psychic. I'm completely blown away. I'm truly amazed at how accurate she is!!!!" ... written by Jalissa
wow. What an insightful reading with Madhu. I am so impressed not just with her ability to answer my question faithfully, but with her insight and guidance into my choices and available resources to handle the problem. She was amazing to read with and a fantastic source of insight and inspiration. She pushes you to see past the surface and look at underlying issues within yourself and situations. I will def. be back for her lessons on meditation and follow ups when needed. Thank you Madhu for your gifts and kind support. " ... written by Makeup Maven
Wow, Thanks for the relaxation meditation. It was awesome and I feel so much better. Thanks again." ... written by angloThai
Wow what a reading!!! I am very happy I met madhu, her guides are awesome. The feeling of being in her room is almost like sitting under a tree with a nice breeze blowing, while having a conversation with her and her guides. Before I even mention anything, they tell me all that's going on in my life (true facts and updates). I totally recommend a reading with her" ... written by bibi123
Thankful for Madhu. Always, a good reading " ... written by kitkat0220
Always good to connect with lovely people i enjoyed this reading" ... written by V
She is an amazing reader..with so much calmness and accuracy she connected with my situation right away. All the things she told me resonated with me and she helped me to look at things very objectively. I respect and thank her for the guidance. Thank you." ... written by Bobbin
she is very accurate and a very blessed friend I would come to her for anything" ... written by daniel
Madhu was great, with details and very kind!! Thank you" ... written by Iris
Thanks for the great reading. She is not money greedy but very fast when it comes to giving you information. Definitely a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PERSON here. You will be blown away by her insight. " ... written by bbi123
Madhu is amazing that is all i can say!!!!" ... written by Havy
thank you" ... written by Tripple_OhGee
one of best readings i have ever had positive ,correct and right on the money i recommend her highly I will be back for sure as many stars possible" ... written by devene12
Thank you so much for your gentle delivery. I love and appreciate your honesty but more so, your delivery. she is kind, soft-hearted and is really here to offer guidance!!! Thank you .. we shall see what happens now in august. I am glad it moved up. " ... written by jasmine
Fast and accurate. Honest and compassionate.." ... written by 1fineday
Great advice with positive direction to move forward in any situation. Very intuitive and kind. " ... written by sparkles826
very consoling very kind very perceptive, connected very well with my sister and mother" ... written by bnjpangels
Very clear about past... and same reading as before about future... super sweet and caring... and accurate on past.... will need to see how this will work out... " ... written by William
Real psychic reader and genuine. Wanting to help and not just money. Very detailed very accurate." ... written by Angelic realm
Madhu is a really kind soul and she gets down to the matter fast and gives the truth, even if its something you may not initially want to hear but its what you need to hear. She was really fast and professional and i really appreciated her help :) Definitely recommended!!" ... written by Saloni
Madhu, tells you exactly what is happening andamp; types fast, so gives you a great deal of information :)" ... written by Havy
I met one of the most amazing readers. She's the real deal, accurate, genuine and not fake. She's a handful of gems on oranum. Lucky to have met her and read with her" ... written by -
Thank you so much for the connection..I will do as you are a kind and sweet spirit..Everyone would benefit from a reading ...blessings" ... written by eys
WOW!! Unbelievably in tune with my situation IMMEDIATELY!! I am in shock. I gave her no information and she just started talking about my situation as it has unfolded with only a name. There is NO way she could have just guessed at it. There are too many SPECIFIC things she said that are spot on and unussual to any ordinary situation. I believe in this woman whole heartedly with only a 3 minute reading. My goodness!!" ... written by Janine
A wonderful, spiritual person. Madhu is so truthful, a great touchstone" ... written by Sylvia812
She is the best one on here. Never had i experienced anything like this before." ... written by she is the best
Thank you sooo much for your reading. All I can say is WOW!!! She was soo accurate and very fast!! She had all everything down pact!! She has opened my eyes to soo much she knew things I never told her!!" ... written by Jalissa
Madhu is truly a gem. Her spirit is so kind and beautiful. Her readings are spot on...and the messages provided by her guides are priceless. She told me what I needed to hear today, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Thank you so much Madhu and I will keep you posted on what happens..." ... written by Carrie
Madhu is the best clairvoyant I've ever known! She is really amazing in clairvoyance and very pleasant woman." ... written by Valter
Great Reading" ... written by Yam
very helpful, brought clarity, thank you very much. I feel I now understand the situation." ... written by Caitlin
I cant thank you enough for saving me... you are truly an angel.... thank you thank you thank you!!!!!" ... written by christina
Awesome. Always a great person to come to for clarity and support. She is capable of so much more than just the details, she gives sound advice and insight into the greater situation. Thanks Madhu!" ... written by Makeup Maven
First time with her...Very short and a quick reading..Hopefully the predictions will come true..Thank You!!" ... written by MEG
Madhu is awesome. Very gifted." ... written by 1fineday
thank you madhu. it's been awhile since we last spoke. you're insightful and helpful. thank you." ... written by luxxicon
Madhu was very quick very precise. She also comes highly recommended thank you soo much for your time and energy. I will be back for an update!!!" ... written by Jalissa
again an interesting reading,,will c what transpires...thank u :)" ... written by lovehouston
good reading, truthful. " ... written by goldn
very good ! " ... written by hit_chi
Always a blessing to talk to Madhu..Thank you so much for your help." ... written by Sunshinec
very very intune, insightful...and realistic...lets see how things transpire....will come back..." ... written by lovehouston
god sent!!! you are truly an angel" ... written by christina
You are a true gift!" ... written by cly
She is always balanced in her giving of details and information! GReat reading." ... written by GracieJ
appreciated assuring and encouraging message to move forward. =)" ... written by Doppler
Amazing-god gifted woman. picked up on things accurate." ... written by JF
omg so awsome she explained exactly how things were between me and lynda and was totally spot on with everything will def come back for more " ... written by paul
Madhu is the best!! She is here for the right reasons, so grateful for her support! thank you madhu!" ... written by ....
She is my guiding angel. She help shed positive light into a relationship and helped give incite to whom to stay away. The dating world can be filled with land mines and Madhu is surely a beacon toward the positive and good. I've been seeing her from some time now and I don't plan to change that. She gives verbal answers and connects with you and people around you immediately. Her reading have always been accurate with me and recalls past reading to detail. She's pretty amazingggg, I'd recommend her kindheartedly!" ... written by Merrysinclair
she picked on my energy quickly. strongly recommend" ... written by queen
great insightful reading about my soul and how things are manifesting in my life Just what i needed to hear. Have a reading with her, you will find more than you wanted to hear. And its just awesome. Lots of love xox" ... written by freedm
vey quick and to the point , great reading , thank you " ... written by beth86
Madhu was soooo amazing. She was sooo wonderful! WOW!!! She knew everything before I even spoke. She was very very encouraging and just a beautiful person and kind in my time of need. She even KNEW the words that were spoken between me and my friend!! I was shocked !! She read right into everything. God bless you Madhu! You are a gift from God!!" ... written by Quest
Thanks. You are amazing." ... written by familyhelpe
it was a very short reading but she gave me lots of infos! Madhu confirmed my gut feeling and I think she is right. Thank you very much!" ... written by Sonia
Spot on...I needed a double check on a couple of circumstances and she knew things before I even asked about them and told me....pretty amazing. Great advisor...!" ... written by Phoenixrising51
Madhu is so honest and real. I trust her completely and she truly has made such a difference in my life. Without her I feel lost and confused. " ... written by Jeff MacDonald
Wow Wow.. Madhu is awesome!! Picked up immediately the situation diagnosed it and gave me some good advice. I think i have found my new person.. She is honest and to the point!! I cant say enough about her and so happy I found her. There are some good people on here She has talents and her gift shined through as I felt everything she said my guides were chiming in saying she is right.. " ... written by Sheila
she is wonderful" ... written by charlene
I'm very, very grateful for her readings. " ... written by Valter
good positive insight, 5 str" ... written by golden
We had a long discussion in private yes - so now tell are you SO AWESOME?? What makes you be like this? Don't get me addicted to you now.... ;-). On a serious note, my soul needed this pep talk with you...I've had readings on Oranum but nothing felt as genuine as talking to you, Madhu. Your care for me as your client was evident every weren't stretching it for the heck of stretching were all ears to all my questions....and all heart when counseling me. I am privileged to know you - and you are an AWESOME WOMAN - A GREAT FRIEND, SISTER, AND PSYCHIC to your clients. Only blessed people come to someone like Madhu - so guys, go figure!" ... written by P
Thank you soo much for your insight. It never ceases to amaze me how you pick up on my situation and you are very accurate. You are very sweet but firm and precise also and I love that about you. I will most def be back for a reading update b/c you are awesome!!!" ... written by Jalissa
Madhu, thank you. You are so sweet and understanding and when you tune in to my situation you do it with such certainty and you are always accurate. I can't thank you enough. Hugs." ... written by familyhelper
Gives lots of insight and advice in such a gentle and sweet manner. Guides are well connected" ... written by Lara
Madhu was quick and she gave lots of good advise and insights! :) " ... written by Saloni
great" ... written by cami
A true gift" ... written by familyhelper
Fast and Accurate, Top 2 Strongest Psychics I have come to now on this site. I have tried and demoed most psychics here online, she surely does know what she is saying. " ... written by MMarmalade
great read very accurate in my current situation, will be coming back for an update for sure." ... written by Raphael
thank you" ... written by cami
I did throw a lot of information out at her but she tuned in quickly and was able to read everything well. Very compassionate. Also learned a lot about the guy in question, curious to see how things will play out between us. Thanks Madhu for your help!" ... written by Allison
Madhu is so calm and collected and always puts me at ease with my worries:)) Give her a try - you will come away satisfied!" ... written by Shine
She picked up my situation quickly.. no cards.. no tools.. I was actually told by my guides to see her after many readings here.. I just needed more clarity on the situation and what was at play here.. She truly does this from her heart and she is the BEST on here.. I cant say enough how grateful I am for her to cross my path.. Many Blessings love and light back at you Madhu I just love you to pieces!!" ... written by Sheila
I needed spiritual guidance and insight, so I came to Madhu. Very nice reader and splendid reading given. I am happy with my reading." ... written by RoyalLeo
Madhu was another source of light that was needed to further illuminate my path. Peace and Love to you Madhu!" ... written by B
always great readings.." ... written by sarah
she is acccuuuuuurattteee" ... written by Ruth
Madhu is outstanding! 5 stars! On the money!!! She accurately described the look on this person's face, what they did and what they said! It was amazing! She gave me some great advice and great insight. You will love her and she will help guide you on the right path. Thank you Madhu!!! So awesome!!" ... written by Sally
She picks up the situation fast. She is extremely talented I am so grateful to know her. Her prediction came true today she told me i would get a msg in 48 hours i didnt think anything was possible even though it was negative msg there is still more to come.. She is worth every dime .. !!" ... written by sr
madhu is always amazing she helps me in all aspects of my life extremely accurate!, shes always gonna be my go to pyshic!!" ... written by gaythri
she's veryyyy good at connecting with the situation. she was able to tell that the guy i am talking to works longgg hours up to 12 a day. I'm hoping her predictions will come to pass!" ... written by BP
thank you so much madhu, it was very insightful" ... written by beautifulhoney
no tools very quick look forward to predictions." ... written by dc
So soft-spoken, sincere and gifted. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
Madhu is probably the best psychic I have met on Oranum. She is compassionate and such a beautiful soul. She will always tell you the truth and give you strength to move forward no matter what! you have to meet her" ... written by fishygirl11
Wow is all I can say. Madhu connected so very fast all she needed was my name and what was my topic of intrest and everything came flowing out of her mouth.She is so kind and caring and just tells you what she sees.I have been to quite a few readers here and I felt so drawn to her so I gave it a try and I don't regret one bit.Only thing I regret is that I didn't come to her sooner.She is deffinitly my go to reader now when I have an issue..she connects so fast it blows me away WOW...thanks so much Madhu I will be back again many blessings to you.You are truly and angel on earth xoxoxoxo" ... written by soul
Picked up on everything without saying anything. Made me feel so much better about where my life was headed and about the feelings I've been having. Thank you so much for everything, absolutely wonderful, 100% recommend. " ... written by Tatiana
She is so in tune! I don't know what else to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by kimbabbles57
great reader fast typer!" ... written by Lisa
Where do I begin! How did you see i was upstairs and he is downstairs looking at the window!!! You had my jaw drop!!!!" ... written by Jazzy
she is just amazing, so much information and predictions, will definitely come back. Thank you so much!" ... written by valery
awww such a gentle spirit...I felt so uplifted talking to her. She clarified a lot of things that I felt but needed assurance on. Being a sensitive its very important that I connect with positive energies and she definitely is! Thank you so much Madhu for an uplifted reading. Whether the message is what you wanted to hear or will definitely leave your reading feeling positive and uplifted! " ... written by Slimjmp... RAD
Madhu is my giude, she has been there for me like a sister. She is accurate and picks up on many things. She is awesome." ... written by mari
Detailed, honest and rare gem" ... written by Angels
Shes brilliant. I asked her about this one person and i didnt give any details about them and she hit the nail right on head with their description. " ... written by m
What a beautiful person inside and out. She is gifted for sure." ... written by MYLIFE123
Madhu is very gifted. Always spot on. Grateful for her guidance." ... written by CD
Very good reading. really hope this comes true!" ... written by Danielle
thank you I couldn't type so I left" ... written by luvu
Madhu is very kind, generous and a fast reader. She only needs your name and question and has immediate insight in the situation. She is honest, but also gives you positive hints on how to resolve the problem at hand." ... written by Shakuntala999
Excellent!! " ... written by gokelly
Excellent reading!!!!! " ... written by 1234
thanks" ... written by luvuchaluka
Very accurate and can make a deep connection with the person to reveal his inner thoughts. Highly recommended." ... written by bunebaba
You are so awesome! Thank you so much!" ... written by BT
Great reading I had with Ms. Madhu. She clarified many issues I was confused on and now I feel I am breathing again. Thank you so much again Madhu!!" ... written by BT
will be waiting for her predictions to pass!" ... written by BP
picked up on my current situation very well! madhu delivers the reading and messages in a very caring way. i enjoyed the reading alot and we had a good laugh! id recommend her to anyone needing help!" ... written by hardeep
excellent....very spiritual young lady with much insight and direction to help others in their destiny! Thank You Sweet One!" ... written by sher
I love this lady -- she is blessed and gifted. Her timeframes are amazing and always follow through. She delivers the messages in such a caring and thoughtful way too -- she cares about everyone and is very giving. But her gift is amazing as is she. " ... written by Kelsey
Great reading.thank you , she is amazing." ... written by aarzoo
thank you for a wonderful reading" ... written by Godsangels
Very good reading cant wait for the outcome thanks Madhu :)" ... written by libsta
Excellent... as always :)" ... written by gokelly
Love Madhu she is so sweet..beutiful soul..Thank you again" ... written by sc
a wonderful caring person, a great healer, and an infectious laugh!" ... written by Sylvia812
Madhu, is refreshing and lightens the heart with her perspective on your life and situations. She helps gives incite and tidbits of gold knowledge that I wouldn't have either way reached on my own. She greatly helps my spirit. Madhu is a constant person I seek and would recommend to you. She communicates to you verbally and I absolutely trust her and her guides. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Very good sensible reading, she put things in perspective for me. " ... written by gemini0605
Madhu does more than readings. She guides as well. She talks as if u r right there with her and her delivery is perfect, never ever rude. Thank you for your honesty!" ... written by Jazzy
Thank you. She is humble, kind, and most of all, honest. She will tell you what her guides tell her without hesitation but respectful. I love our talks!" ... written by Jazzy
very sweet, caring, and sincere energy, not sure if the prediction is true yet but we shall see :) seems very honest" ... written by hayley
Sweet and fast. Accurate." ... written by abby
Puts you at ease and says like it is. Also picked up on what I was thinking and going to ask before I even said it. Will keep you updated! Thank you." ... written by Havokk
Great reading!" ... written by Danielle
Helpful, gets right to the point, doesn't waste time. I will be back for more readings!" ... written by alex bower
Thank you Madhu!" ... written by Sunshine
Madhu is sooooooooooo fantastic! She is very accurate and precise in her readings! She is very lovely to consult with. She didn't sugar coat and told me only the truth about myself and the other person. She is calm, friendly and very welcoming. The words flow out from her. does she know how I look like?! I didn't have a video cam! I will go back for updates. I cannot wait for her predictions to happen. Number 1! " ... written by Moonchild59
So much clarity. So much peace. 100% accurate. This woman is amazing. She remembered everything and recanted the past to a T and the present without me saying a word. She will give you her best and when there is nothing more she will not waste your money or time. AAAAAA++++++ God Bless!!!" ... written by Victoria
Very very good.... I always go to Madhu. Her messages from her guides are clear. Thank you sooo much for supporting me with love and integrity xxxxx" ... written by Kelly
Why is Madhu so beautiful with her words and life perspective? She helps me when I got hills, mounds and what seems like mountains. Her incite cuts through these obstacles like a river valley. She is blessed and I'm blessed to have someone like her to give guidance and kind words. I recommend, recommend and recommend again, Madhu. " ... written by Merrysinclair
love my update with her what a sweetheart xx" ... written by B
Wow, I love her energy! Madhu is such a sweetheart. Very, very easy to talk to. Every detail just flowed right out of her. It was like having a conversation with a friend as she knew everything about the situation. I was shocked with the details she picked up that no others have and I never mentioned to anyone else. She definitely KNEW. Thank you so much for your help. You helped me understand the situation better and I will be taking your advice. Thank you again for your guidance. Xoxo. " ... written by LXS____
Very good reading feel at ease after talking to Madhu.. She predicted a new guy was coming in my life, and now here he is. She is very honest, clear, and precise in her readings. Everyone should give her a try. " ... written by Tina
She did it again! She knew something that I just found out about! I am speechless!! How did you know? i can hear you saying, "it's my job." but wow! I just can't wait to come back and say u were right again... we see about dates etc... " ... written by Jazzy
She is amazing with or without tools. No questions asked, she picks on the right person and situation. 100% accurate. Love her!" ... written by belovedheart12
Thank you so much! You're very intuitive and gifted. You pickup things when I don't say much. I will sure be coming back. You're very straight to the point!! :)" ... written by DesignTheWorld
she is humble and genuine. engenders trust. this is what I need to be in a position to listen without fear or judgement." ... written by yesknower
Beautiful session, just a lovely woman, truly insightful and helpful!!" ... written by Beauty
Such a comforting soul, always reminds me to keep my head up and keep moving forward. Hoping to see the things she told me come to pass, but I will be back once they do. Thank you, Madhu. " ... written by Tatiana
Great insight. My own angel guide here on earth.. Thanks " ... written by CD
thank you my dear" ... written by luv
Madhu is just THE BEST on here. Honest, accurate, loving, kind, always coming from a place of loving light and peace. I adore her and have made a friend for life!!!! God bless dear Madhu!!!!" ... written by Beauty
:)" ... written by hayleydoune77
Thanks so much. You're so right about it all. Have so much work to do." ... written by familyhelper
Very good reading! " ... written by emily
she is so nice ,.. love her " ... written by ravneet
WOW is all I can say.. Madu is the REAL DEAL... She picks up on things so well. I can't wait to talk to her again... Money well spent" ... written by Jay
anthor great private I always come to madhu whenever I have an issue because I have trust in what she says always 100 thanks again madhu :):)" ... written by soul
There aren't appropriate words to explain the value of reading with Madhu. She is very good a looking at the whole situation with a wise and gentle eye. I came to her for a follow up as things were starting to unfold as we previously had talked about. She was able to clarify areas I was uncertain about. Reading with her, gets better and better. Her ability to look at the situation and give clear insight has to be from some divine source. She is such a blessing. Thank you for a great follow up Madhu, I always feel better after time spent with you. " ... written by Makeup Maven
I have several readings with her now.. She is fast detailed does NOT waste your time. She does not have to advertise like the ones that have pages of the same people to tell the same thing over and over.. I absolutely love her She has helped me view out of different lenses now and has helped me grow spiritually as a person" ... written by sheilah
Wonderful reader! " ... written by luckystar5
Had so much beautiful insight from her, so glad to have the opportunity to talk to her and hear what her guides had to tell me. Such a beautiful message to be received, I needed that so much. " ... written by Tatiana
She is really a good advisor and her advice make sense and i will try t follow her advice" ... written by nip
Honestly I will always come to her. She has been spot on with everything. I feel very connected to her. She has warm heart and is extremely talented. Thank you " ... written by
Madhu is one of the few here that I want to have nearby...She is quick to tune in andamp; she is fast with information...Thanks Madhu!!" ... written by Boris
Did my usual life check up, madhu prescribed me some good advice and readjusted some thought process and i'm ready for more of life's moments and puzzles. I had a good laugh too. Madhu is wonderful and I would and will always recommend her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
This Was a great successful reading!! She told me what I needed to hear about my new job, and love life. Now I am going to go to my man and make this work out again. Wish me luck!!" ... written by luckycharms12
An insightful and honest reading. Explained a puzzling connection perfectly." ... written by A
What a beautiful soul! She is in another category when it comes to psychics. She sees beyond the physical and totally connects with the spiritual. Such wisdom. She is just what your soul needs to heal itself because when your soul is clear and pure, then you find your true purpose and meaning in life. God Bless you Madhu!!" ... written by Mitzer
Madhu did an excellent job with my reading....she was very insightful and helped guide me to where I need to go in life. I greatly appreciate her wisdom and kindness! " ... written by Jana
Wow, Thanks for your wonderful reading. " ... written by angloThai
I normally do not write long reviews but I have been on Oranum for quite some time now. Meaning in, I've had several readings over the course of 3 years but this was by far the best one I have experienced. And it was not just because she was dead on about my situation but I left the room with a sense of clarity. I am the type of person that over thinks everything and blocks a lot of things out if they do not fit what I believe is "Ideal". Which, in the end can save me from some hurt but it also can prevent me from experiencing some happy moments. This reading has allowed me to go with the flow on this particular situation for now.. Thank you! Many Blessings to you Madhu!" ... written by Beautiful_Redd
what a beautiful soul, this woman has...she was precise in all of her answers..God bless her :)...she's the real deal" ... written by Regine
Enjoy talking with her she is amazing" ... written by Jay
Wow, this reading was so unbelievably fantastic that I'm a bit speechless right now. With only names and no tools, Madhu and her guides connected immediately and began describing my situation with so much detail and accuracy; and not just the practical aspects but the deep soul level reasons and truths that explained the circumstances and the destiny behind it. I'm truly blown away and this was definitely an epiphany. Highest recommendation!" ... written by Seeker1200
Wow, I was drawn to this site for a reason, she made it very plain and clear to me and gave me a date of when to give up if no progress. she connect beyond my expectations. very kind. " ... written by airejb
september is looking good. Hopefully I have something report. " ... written by lovelorn
she is amazing! I'm so impressed!" ... written by tutu
Incredible - Madhu walked me through releasing an attachment and the moment we began the process I instantly felt a distinct drawing out sensation, then relief and very emotional. I am so grateful for her support, compassion and gift. Very highly recommended!" ... written by SoulDesire1
Phew....madhu helped me to take a right turn in my thinking before I drove off a cliff so to speak with my thinking and fears. She has helped me so much in life's puzzles and we know how those can be confusing. I'm thankful and grateful for her gift, her spirit and her being. I recommend her highly. She does really exude light. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She's the best. Thanks for the guidance.. Talk soon." ... written by c
Gosh this woman is wonderful" ... written by
Just had another reading with Madhu and she is absolutely the best!!! Knows all the details without me having to say anything, and always giving me clarity and good advice. Truly a beautiful person. Love her!!!" ... written by Beautyclarity
Goood!!" ... written by Jordan
Great follow up reading, I love Madhu, she is great and connects very fast. Very accurate, I always come back to her" ... written by bibi123
its always grt talking to her . Very comforting " ... written by reshma chandra
the thing I love about Madhu is that she challenges you to expand your self understanding. She does not only give you what she sees, she asked you to truly understand her message and yourself. Thank you Madhu for your blessings. " ... written by makeup maven
best of the best" ... written by wendy
Madhu is a very gifted psychic she as been very accurate with our time and readings. She has been able to see in the future and know things without me mentioning them. Such a lovely lady she is, a very kind soul. " ... written by
my favorite reader on oranum. Very spiritual kind hearted soul who looks at the bigger picture than what is on the surface. I appreciate her honesty so much and will continue to seek her advice whenever i am in need of some guidance. " ... written by nicole
very helpful" ... written by r
Excellent.. so many visions.. i hope atleast some of them are coming true.. :) Thanks." ... written by Shiks
Always pleasant, very talented in presenting her gift of awareness and transmitting her thoughts. Most truthful and accurate with information." ... written by Beverly19
Madhu was quick and awesome as usual :)" ... written by Saloni
Madhu has a good feel in her readings and that she stays true to her readings because shes there to help, to console you. I recommend her." ... written by Mary
Great deep reading very connected to the deeper part of a person soul. Thank you" ... written by Candice
Great insight. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
THE BEST ON HERE! She is always my first choice for consultation. Peaceful, wise and extremely accurate. Asked about some new people in my life and she described them physically as well as there personality. Even before I typed their name. :)" ... written by Kelsey
Thank you so much for this reading I will take all the advice you've give so I can walk into my true path!!! Thank you I really needed this I was heartbroken and your kind words and advice me soo much clarity I will be back for a reading with you." ... written by Jalissa
My Goddess Angel, she is sooo sweet and soft, but always tells the hard stuff too, in such a gentle way I can grasp it. No sugar coating but gentle. Madhu tunes in very quickly and is straight to the point. She is so encouraging and empowering. Thank you Beautiful xxx" ... written by Kelly
thank youch god bless you also" ... written by chaluka
Madhu, you are a true Godsend. You know exactly what is going on in my life. Thank you so much! Peace and love!" ... written by Kim
Thank you Madhu for helping me understand my situation. Thank you for your guidance. Love andamp; light" ... written by Nicole
Sofiel has referred me to Madhu and she is a WONDERFUL person. She has very good and soft energy. She gives good advice, good insight and really good advice. 5/5 she is truly a blessful person along with my preferred psychics" ... written by Mary
Madhu is one of the most beautiful energies I have been in contact with. Wonderful reading and amazing soul. Thank you Madhu!" ... written by Carrie
I absolutely adore Madhu. I check in with Madhu frequently about life matters and she always has her finger on current and past stuff we talk about. She reminds me of stuff I shouldn't forget and directs my thinking for the betterment of my heart. Her predictions have come true with seeing people enter my life. She connects immediately, no tools, just your name. She is a warm good soul whom I trust immensely. I'm thankful for her and her gifts. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great reading again with Madhu! " ... written by luckystar5
Love doing readings with Madhu, she is very insightful and give her very little information, can pick up on my energy very easily. Thank you for your readings!" ... written by alex
Very insightful and tuned into the situation. She is very caring and detailed. I will return for an update" ... written by janesi
good insight 5 stars" ... written by Beverly419
loved the reading!" ... written by katie
Thanks for all" ... written by knowing2013
This lady has been with me from the start; knows my situation inside and out. Not only is she a wonderful beautiful person and friend but one of the best psychics on here. She is the real deal and her gift is out of love for what she does. Timeframes are always accurate and advice that goes along with his insight is the best. Love her so much and have always recommended her, still would! Amazing and blessed!" ... written by Kelsey
firstly Madhu you are beautiful and terrific you don't need are pure...your reading is speedy, intriguing and I come back to you.:)" ... written by anna
What a great reading! Madhu is very insightful and accurate on a lot of accounts. She seems to possess a divine energy that has a very calming effect on me. I'm so excited to have found her and will definitely come back. " ... written by zeebee25
Very helpfull and intuitive" ... written by chris
Thanks for the great readding Madhu, so comforting and encouraging. God bless you" ... written by bibi123
Madhu is always pure, sees through situations well and puts the information to you in a way that is truthful but not And she's a beautiful person!" ... written by anna
wonderful once again. Honest and to the point! This is what we all want in a psychic! She sees it and tells it like it is! Except what she has to offer and you will be able to go on the right path. " ... written by Jazzy
Things are delay a bit but she is still picking up... let see what is coming ahead." ... written by William
Nice reading. Very accurate." ... written by Sophia
Thank you soo much for your insight and spiritual advice I really needed and I know what you were saying was the absolute truth b/c the dates matched up completely!!! I am always amazed by your readings and they come true!! Ty I will be back for an update" ... written by Jalissa
Good as always" ... written by Jordan
Madhu is always the best. Her advise and insight is very grounded and realistic. Thank you madhu for a great chat!" ... written by Makeup Maven
Thank you once again!!! I needed this talk with you! You are awesome!!! You are NOT just someone here to get paid. You are TRULY A CARING PERSON! Your delivery is what we all need. You are gentle yet to the point and i truly TRULY TRULY APPRECIATE what you say to me! Bottom line, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US!!!!" ... written by jazzy
Very good reading as usual came in for an update, she is a sweetheart who is fast and accurate. Testimonials speak for itself I enjoy my readings w/ Madhu. " ... written by bug
Great reading!" ... written by Danielle
She was great really picked up on things I'm going through. Thank you." ... written by Lela
Madhu is absolutely fabulous. I can't give her enough credit. She offers guidance throughout the entire reading and the whole process is very interactive. Not once have I felt rushed or as if she was telling me what I wanted to hear. She is very genuine in her responses and I truly appreciate that. She adds a positive outlook to every situation. I would definitely recommend her, especially to the skeptics! Thanks, Madhu!" ... written by zeebee25
seemed in tune with the situation. We'll see what will happen in 3 months or so." ... written by Lela
she is so wonderful. Thank you so much for your honesty. Love our talks. talk soon" ... written by Jazzy
Thanks so much. Loved, loved the reading. " ... written by
Very, very good readings. Thank you so much!!!" ... written by Valter
Great reading as always . You picked up my situation very quickly and you gave me hope. I am looking forward for your predictions to come true.Thank you" ... written by Beth
She is as REAL as they come. If you want a REAL reader she's the one. Money is not her motivation as reflected in her always affordable price. Her readings are about spiritual guidance. I am a forever client. Thank you Madhu!" ... written by USA
Very calm and nice reader! She is also extremely accurate :)" ... written by Sapphire456
very accurate and i will continue to get reading with madhu she is precise and very fast doesnt waste time guessing or chit chatting ;) awesome reader" ... written by eva
had great reading was very calming, advices with good direction" ... written by ak
loved your reading" ... written by tamjar
shes gives great advice. her past prediction came to pass so ill be waiting for more" ... written by BP
i liked the fact that she remembered me and a few details...but this time i wasn't happy at all with my reading...not v detailed and quite vague in her responses, so ended up feeling confused, which is not exactly what u want to be after a reading, also some of the predictions that she 'saw' did not feel right at all given my circumstances..quite disappointed with this reading...sorry, just being honest..." ... written by lovehouston
Good reading with you Madhu" ... written by JJ
Good reader!" ... written by jm
Honest and very sweet" ... written by Angel
An incredible human being.....I am so blessed to able to get a reading with her...." ... written by SFEarthAngel
great reading" ... written by bea
she said things will get more serious in november and they did! will be waiting for the other predictions" ... written by BP
Love the honesty and sincerity of this woman , you are my rock xx" ... written by B
Madhu was awesome as usual!! :))" ... written by Saloni
Wow! I have never been read like this reading with Madhu! She never asked me a question but told me what she saw with two individuals around me. Described them each and then explained to me the situation, what to expect, why things are happening the way they are. This is by far an amazing reading with a very very gifted reader. The real deal. She never asked the questions and instead told me what I wanted to know and needed to hear! Thank you Madhu. " ... written by Mv
You are amazing..! love n hugs" ... written by Shiks
After watching Madhu in her demo I had to get a reading with her. She is brilliant, kind and full of goodness. Very in tune with the spirit and she touched on so much for me. I can honestly say I feel she was sent to me as an Angel from God himself. Madhu knew the struggles and brought up a situation I never mentioned at all. I'm very impressed by her gifts and lightness. She really gives you hope! God Bless Madhu thank you so much " ... written by Amy
Madhu, is a shot of light. I've been seeing her for sometime and she's so compassionate and she knows my mole hills that I come to her about. Her guidance and advice is a god send and she is quite a blessing. She does verbal answers and connects quickly. I would recommend, vouch, and trust that you would not be disappointed but enlightened by her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thank you Madhu for all your wonderful insights I really needed them you confirmed everything that I was thinking and I will take all of your advice!! I may be stubborn but I do listen" ... written by Jalissa
love this lady" ... written by
thanks as always" ... written by luvuchaluka
Madhu was incredibly insightful. Spot on. Thank you Madhu." ... written by Keeleva
Excellent, accurate reading! Very impressed with the things that Madhu picked up on. She was amazing. I already kind of new a little of what she told me from my own intuition but she assured me with the things she told me. Will definitely be back to talk to Madhu in the future! " ... written by Summer
Very very accurate reading, I even didn't need to say much. Very recommended." ... written by Roberto
Wow Madhu is incredible, I just asked her one question and she gave me all this detail of anything I am doing right now in my life. I was blown away with what she picked up, she has such a pure soul and gave me such loving information and guidance. Amazing reading, five stars :)))" ... written by Andrew
OMG, So was soooooo very accurate in ALL that she said!! I would highly recommend her. She is spot on!! I was in awe of her!! AMAZING!!" ... written by Beverly
great reading as usual. very attuned." ... written by Lisa
fast accurate one of the best on oranum, 5 stars!" ... written by m.
Madhu was awesome as always! :) Had a more in-depth reading with her today and she explained so much, really needed it! She totally knew what was going on and she did not let her judgement get in the way! Would highly recommend her for readings for all purposes! :)" ... written by Saloni
Madhu is gifted and spiritual! She is honest and dear and pure!! Thank you so much for the reading and your promise to pray for me and my husband. I appreciate that so much!! :)" ... written by Terri
Amazing amazing reader. Totally connected and she always remembers you and your situation no matter how long its been. This was a great followup." ... written by USA
Intuitive, highly recommend" ... written by BK
Thank you for another great reading. " ... written by talebini
How can I describe Madhu, she is an amazing, spiritual reader. When you ask a question and she draws the cards, everything corresponds to what is happening in your life. Everything is spot on and connected one way or the other. She is a wonderful, honest and caring reader and I recommend her to anyone who is going through distress or a difficult situation. After I hung up one of the answers happened 3-4 minutes after our session ended. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amen, Amen andamp; AMEN!! God bless xoxoxo" ... written by Leesa4840
Madhu is brilliant, she has the deepest of hearts and I come to her about my own heart matters. She has greatly advised me toward positive avenues and wants only good. In my somber moments, she manages to make me laugh which in itself is healing. I continue to state that I recommend, vouch and cheer that you should give Madhu a shot. I have not once regretted it, and it has only brought goodness and direction into my life. She is gifted and I absolutely adore her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
great very informative and helped me kinda whats going on right now and gave me a way to de-stress" ... written by Honore
I would always recommend her " ... written by daniel figueroa
She's really good!" ... written by SP
Really insightful reading thanks my darling xx" ... written by B
Wonderful reading lots of information. look forward to the outcome" ... written by mylife123
she is very wise and very gifted " ... written by daniel
Madhu was awesome as usual!! She gives such great advice love her!! :)" ... written by Saloni
ahhhhh, I love Madhu - her advice and guidance is gold. Her predictions have come to pass by the way and her compassion and insight is uplifting. I've been seeing Madhu for quite some time and she has managed to make sure I haven't run a muck in mud but points to the better road. I recommend her and I won't stop saying that I'm thankful for her. " ... written by Merrysinclair
A gift from God. Thank you." ... written by familyhelper
So insightful. Love talking to you." ... written by familyhelper
Great reading! :)" ... written by Sophia
thank you for another amazing reading. " ... written by Talebini
Thankyou, great reading, very spiritual and helpful. Predicted situations that were on point. Really appreciative madhu of your kindness, and help. God bless you " ... written by sparkly
Msdhu brought clarity into my love bumbles and she is kind and compassionate. I needed another's perspective other than my own and Madhu always helps clear the path. I'm grateful that she puts up with me and does help my spirit. Thank you ever so very much Madhu. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Such a beautiful and enlightened spirit, so genuine and kind to all. She is open and honest and I am so thankful that she is able to help myself and others with her gifts. I'll keep in touch with all you have shared with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amen, Amen andamp; AMEN!! God Bless Madhu, love and light! xoxoxoxo" ... written by Leesa4840
I was so glad to see you again, thanks for the reading. Amazing insight as always. She has always been accurate. Highly recommend her." ... written by bibi123
Always pleasant and enlightening person to talk with. Practical and kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amen, Amen andamp; AMEN! Blessings to you Madhu and keep up the wonderful work of giving and showing love and kindness to others. " ... written by Leesa4840 what an amazing, gifted reader. She sees things that she couldn't possibly know. I am so happy I have found her. She has a wonderful energy and a beautiful gift. Great advice .....Spot on!!!" ... written by Carrie
She is so very good at what she does. Connects immediately!" ... written by softwater
What a wonderful person! She connects straight away, and is accurate and very kind." ... written by softwater
hit the nail on the head very quickly gave great guidance and advice knew my situation and the specifics." ... written by hollyberries1
Great reading. Such a lovely lady." ... written by Vijay
I really enjoyed the reading. I believe she does see how things truly are. I pray that things begin to work out . I have waited such a very long time. I really appreciate her and highly recommend her." ... written by Jbtforme
Madhu's predictions have come true for me. She had predicted an ending in October for me and it did happen. I really do appreciate her support and hope she continues to be here to help people like me through tough times:)) THANK YOU, Madhu:-))" ... written by Shine
Another awesome reading after nearly a month. She was so consistent between the previous reading and this one. For the first time ever she got the same cards again and again which re-affirmed the spiritual message for me." ... written by Jay
thank u so much!!!!! u have opened my eyes to the truth!!" ... written by christina
She was so sweet and soothing. She took the time to really explain things to me about someone I care about. I feel so much better after talking to her. Thank you so much!" ... written by Mari
Great connecting and advice. Madhu definitely gave me more insight on my complicated situation. Thank you Madhu. " ... written by Anaama
She is remarkable!" ... written by softwater
Thank you so much for your guidance Madhu!!! Thank you so much for praying for me! " ... written by M
What a beautiful reading !! she is the best xxx" ... written by b
Great flowing reading, wonderful soul and kind words! i recommend her!!!" ... written by findiingyourself
She is strongly connected - with beautiful energy. A lovely person." ... written by softwater
Great , great breakthrough. It is amazing how this woman is accurate ! love her xx" ... written by B
She is excellent...a REAL on with whatever she said..thank you so much for everything you told us before your demo...God bless you : )" ... written by Melissa
she is good thank you" ... written by jana
I have been to see Madhu several times and she is always spot on. " ... written by DS
What a great reading thank you for the time and advice , you are amazing babe " ... written by B
Madhu I truly loves you in the Heart of Hearts ...." ... written by ❤Boy
I came back because her prediction came true . very fast connection." ... written by ladycini
Madhu was on point with the facts and saw right into the situation. Didn't need to say much as she clarified what was going on." ... written by Norah
Excellent!!! Answered my questions without me even saying ONE WORD!! I love and appreciate the support I get from Madhu. Thank u and blessings to you beautiful person xxxxx" ... written by Kell
pure guidance ..thanks Madhu" ... written by sc
I'm soooooo hurt and emotionally sad but everything made sense. She's very honest and intuitive. Straight to the point. She told me what another psychic has told me, but she was more straight to the point and simple. She also gives advice! Thank you" ... written by Design.......
She was so scary accurate , she went deep like no other psychic . She is exceptional xx" ... written by B
always love her readings AMAZING xxxxxxxx" ... written by sdfkjsh
The reading was super great andamp; interesting! definitely coming back, gave me so much great insight andamp; guidance and will come back :) Thank you!! " ... written by Sherry
Great reading! I loved her. Will read with her again." ... written by s elzy
Love this lady " ... written by BLU
Madhu is crazy accurate. Even with a different account, she knew the situation and was comforting. She does not sugar coat things. She was spot on with everything. " ... written by e
Thanks for the read..! Hope to follow what u saying..!" ... written by SS
she answered my question and more.......she really impressed me with how accurate she is yeah!!!" ... written by eb
Thank you for ur contd honesty!! I am so impressed with you, your honesty, your choice of words, etc. " ... written by jazzy
i havent talked to her in forever and she knew we were distant!!! She is so honest and I love talking with her. " ... written by jazzy
loved the reading very helpful" ... written by tamjar
Madhu has always been extremely well connected with myself and people in my world. Her advice and insights has helped me greatly. As roads shifts and change, she explains why the landscape is so. Her readings have never had discrepancies and some of her visions/images have come to pass. I recommend her always and she has a special place in my heart. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Madhu, has the greatest of energy and you feel her love and her compassion. She has never steered me wrong and pass predictions have come through now which is pretty neat to see after so many months of talking with Madhu. She helps me understand another's perspective and advise on the best way of being for the utmost positive outcome. I'm grateful for her gift and her presence when I get a chance to talk to her. I still got this road I'm figuring out and I do find comfort that there is someone like Madhu that see's beyond what I can. I would Absolutely recommend her always. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Love Madhu " ... written by alyssa
Thanks alot once again Madhu!! :) " ... written by Saloni
Madhu is just amazing :) she was spot on with my reading thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
Thank you madhu for the reading and the advise. " ... written by Mylife123
THANKS for all insight. " ... written by knowing2013
Madhu was so awesome and she helped to guide me in terms of spiritual growth and also gave good advice regards to someone!! Thank you so much!!! :)) Highly recommended!!" ... written by Saloni
right on point" ... written by computerluv
Madhu is a pure pleasure like always. When in trouble or not – rely on her to bring back a smile on your face. Make sure she also gets a smile back from you. If anyone she deserves it. Big smiles and hugs." ... written by in_the_making
Veyr informative" ... written by Rayhaan
Thank you Madhu for the great reading !!! You are the best !!!" ... written by beth
Great reading again." ... written by Lisa
She is amazing. Her readings are spot on and her time frames are very accurate. It is interesting because sometimes, she doesn't even know what she is getting. She gets visions and then asks you about them and they are spot on. She picked up on very specific details, even after I changed my account information. Her reading was the same." ... written by Lel
WOW!!!! Great!!! " ... written by Kendrick
she is so consistent and great. Thank you my darling xx" ... written by B
She was absolutely amazing. She needed no tools and she automatically picked up on the situation. I'm not even kidding!! I didn't even say anything but my name and how to pronounce it!! I will definitely go back to her for an update and I have total confidence in her timeframes as she's consistent with a few others i've talked to. Thank you!!" ... written by MD
OMG! that is all I can say about how awesome and so right on Madhu is. She is so in tune, I have never met anyone that sensitive and insightful. if she isn't real, I dont know who is!" ... written by Kimbabbles57
She is absolutely amazing xx" ... written by B
Such an amazing reading. Really picked up on everything that was in my mind and more. Thank you !" ... written by Muhsybean
Very intuitive and spot on, thoroughly enjoyed the reading, thank you." ... written by Lori
Thanks Madhu. You are truly absolutely amazing. Your accuracy just astounds me every time. If there was a 10-star rating, you deserve that for sure. Your gifts compare to no other. Thank you. I will be back for an update soon." ... written by familyhelper
Thanks for the reading. You're always so accurate with your timelines. I'll be back to update you soon. Hugs. Glad you are back online with us! Blessings!" ... written by familyhelper
She's a very gifted woman! " ... written by N/A
excellent reader...she is always right on point" ... written by erika
Great reading thank you so very much" ... written by Nic
great reading.. she got the past dates right. thank you " ... written by happy girl88
Madhu is so insightful. She is so right on with what is going on in my life. She is the best!" ... written by kim
Madhu has always been good with her insights and she's still on top of it after not seeing her for sometime. Her update gave me some things to think about and understand. I greatly appreciate and deeply am thankful for my guidance she gives towards my love endeavors. I adore her with my heart and her kindness is endless. I would recommend her always to everybody. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is one of the real ones. I will come back over and over. You must try her in private. Not too many real psychics on this site. " ... written by D
thank you :)" ... written by mwisteria
Such a sweet lady and I love her energy. She had stored so much confidence in me and has calm my soul. Pls take her pvt when you get the chance. She speaks the truth" ... written by tc
SHE PICKED UP on things i have going on. I hope her prediction come to pass" ... written by AURELIA
She is always 100% perfect!" ... written by suri
Truly amazing and accurate with everything. Thanks so much." ... written by familyhelper
I love her...she is fantastic!!!" ... written by Sura
She has never been wrong when it comes to me" ... written by suri
Eye opening" ... written by suri
very nice and accurate. i recommend her ! thank you ! you are very kind !" ... written by arthanor
Madhu is the best psychic ever. She's the psychic of all psychics. She's 100% accurate about past, present and future. It was a wonderful and mindblowing reading with lots of details that no could possibly know about me and my life. God bless you Madhu and thank you for the amazing reading :-) ♥" ... written by sweetmarionette
Thanks for the reading, it was fantastic!" ... written by ffairy
Incredible !!!!!!! She saw things before i even said anything. She is INCREDIBLE xx" ... written by B
she is so fast and wonderfully honest. breath of fresh air!!!! Thank you for you sound advice and giving me the real truth!!! You are still so amazing!!!! missed our talks. " ... written by jazzy
Madhu is perfect and 100% accurate. I was beginning to doubt that i should hold on, but she gave me more hope that i should stay and wait for him. she knows how i feel and how he feels. i needed to hear this from her. she really helped me to stay on my path. i am so thankful that i found her." ... written by Airejb
Awesome...awesome....awesomee" ... written by surrii
Madhu is always 100% right about everything. And that's exactly why I and many others keep coming back to her and I have to warn you, her predictions always come true! She's fabulous and so honest and so wise and so accurate and spot on. No one compares to her and on top of that, she's so modest and humble and sweet and very easy to talk to about anything. God bless you always Madhu! ♥" ... written by sweetmarionette
Great reading. So kind and nice to speak to her. Her past predictions came true and I have full trust they will. " ... written by Hope0902
The best on here!! told me so much that made sense and very sweet and humble, going to check in with her regular basis." ... written by jaysa123
We have a long history. Been seeing her for years. Accurate n honest." ... written by knowing2013
she blows my mind with ability to see so clearly...amazing..." ... written by natural woman
My time was short with Madhu but she brought me some of her honest words her guidance and warmth. Her kindness of delivery brings ease. I'm grateful for her truly. I would always recommend her. I will return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Bless her heart, she has been a real guide and friend " ... written by B
Lovely beautiful accurate and was a quick typist really impressed thank you so much " ... written by Sher
Thanks Madhu for helping me to are excellent as always and yeah difficult for me..but hope it all works out..will udpate u next month" ... written by Jaysa
Amazing !" ... written by Harmony
Good reading very insightful" ... written by sweetsx
Madhu is an extremely gifted reader. She truly sees the situation at hand and provides a lot of clarity. Wonderful soul!" ... written by Car
She was awesome!!!!!!!!" ... written by tiff
She is exceptional! Truly has a gift and picks up everything with just your name. Very calm, caring, and honest. I could feel her being sincere and truthful. I will come back as she is the real deal. Answered all my questions with details." ... written by SW
Thank you for the beautiful reading. many blessings. " ... written by Mylife123
I love Madhu. She's the best of the best. She's the psychic of all psychics. Will tell you everything about your past, present and future and it will be all 100% true and best of all, her predictions always always come true each and every time. She's so genuinely gifted and sweet and nice and transparent and 100% honest too. Thank you so much Madhu. God bless you always." ... written by sweetmarionette
I have not spoken with Madhu in several months. I did not have to say anything and she put it all out there...everything that I have been going through. She is amazing! I cannot find the words to say how point on she is. You have to talk with her yourself! She is awesome!" ... written by Kim
she is great as usual!!! thank you mafdhu!" ... written by L
SHe has been such a support and is so accurate xx" ... written by B
Thank you so much madhu! you always sweet and amazing and will update u in oct, u are really the best on here" ... written by Jaysa
Madhu is truly amazing !!! she knows exactly what's going on in your life before you even tell her ! she is a true gem :) she will tell you the plain truth be it good or bad and guide you ... will def be back ! " ... written by Annie
One of the few psychics that has such an accurate timeframe on things. My experience has been that she sees things that are very detailed and spot on. Thanks for the great reading." ... written by familyhelper
omgggg immediately she was able to see the heart of the matter...without me explaining..she knew everything, powerful divine spiritual woman, am speechless..the best!!!!" ... written by nina
Thank oyu madhu!!! for all the guidacne!" ... written by L
Excellent reading with Madhu!! very fast and quick to pick up and see my situation. Clearly spot on with what she saw and able to give me so much insight on what to expect. " ... written by Melissa
Excellent reading. Had her pinned to a tee" ... written by Jason
Beautiful reading !" ... written by harmony
Wow, i never had a reading where i only said my name and she just took off, extremely accurate and very detailed. So glad that I was able to catch her for a reading. Thanks so much!!" ... written by p
Madhu is always spot on and caring..thanks for clearing the confusion" ... written by Jaysa
oh Madhu has been bang on accurate the few times I consult her. I'm afraid because she does speak the truth and sometimes it's hard to face the truth, but today I am glad because she will have freed up a lot of drama and robbed energy from me from helping me realise someone is manipulating me." ... written by dead spring
wish we had more time quick connection" ... written by luv4me
5 STARS!!! more if you had them! I love that you already start talking after all I have to say is hello or hi to you! And you are spot on today! Shoot, not just today, but everyday! " ... written by kim
Madhu is a lovely reader--very compassionate with many insights and good advice. I will return to her again" ... written by Pearl
She's amazing . All what she said was true. And I guess predictions will be like 80% chances " ... written by Maricel_719