Psychic MANDAIRVOICEhas 11years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic MANDAIRVOICEhas recently helped 22members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about MANDAIRVOICE's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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I am blessed with the God Gift of healing and have the experience of almost 15 years helping dear if u wants lots of deeply help and clearity plz contact me like for love relation marriage divorce career business help if u wants choose new business.............

Always a pleasure with Mandairvoice - such a warm spirited lady that always gets to the bottom of my questions in a timely manner." ... written by CB
Very kind, spiritual lady andamp; very gifted, very good insight :)" ... written by Havy
very good reader!!! very precise..knows things about ur situation before u tell her, very nice and sweet to talk to, worth the reading" ... written by love
Caring lady. Wait andamp; see if what she says will happen." ... written by H
Manda is a very good psychic. I give her 5 stars." ... written by CookieJan
she is a very sweet lady and has helped me alot and i loved her tip about the rose water" ... written by georgianna
Thanks for a long and detailed reading. I will make this work. Thanks for all your help and guidance. " ... written by Charlie
Thank you Mandairvoice for all your tips and advice. You really see the inner soul of my lover. " ... written by Charlie
love her" ... written by chait
Mandairvoice give true facts of feelings and support. Tells what" ... written by Kathy
sweet lady - very insightful" ... written by T
Mandairvoice so lovely and helpful....she sees intentions and feelings of clients and lovers....lots of good advice she will give and will feel so relaxed after reading.....5 stars...." ... written by Kathy
SHE IS AMAZING!!!!1" ... written by ashbrown22
Well. Hopefully Ill get to talk to you again.Thanks" ... written by gracey
good reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Thanks for your advice and tuning in with the situation. It will be a big date coming up!" ... written by Charlie
Nanda is a good psychic reader and picks up on thing well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
MandairVoice is truely helpful in all ways....truthful and very" ... written by Kathy
Wonderful person so easy to talk to and reads your situation very quickly...great advice in all matters...." ... written by Kathy
Always compassionate and interesting read with Mandairvoice - she has good humour yet direct with details and quick typing speed which is always handy!" ... written by CB
Such a lovely woman very gifted and helpful. Spirit is working" ... written by Kathy
Amazing lady!!!" ... written by CB
Enlightening and compassionate!" ... written by CB
Yet again Mandairvoice has hit the nail on the head - great work - blessings sent your way!" ... written by CB
I have found in Mandairvoice someone who can really help me. Thanks for a long and fruitful reading. I recommend other at Oranum turn to you as well!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is a very good psychic and I give her far more than 5 stars." ... written by CookieJan
I highly recommend MandairVoice such a lovely reader...she can" ... written by Kathy
Manda is a very good psychic. She picks up on what is going on and can predict well. Give her a try! You'll be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
she was great, God Bless her big time!! Thank you" ... written by laryssa
not very helpful. Just monosyllable answers and asking to add credit" ... written by virgo1009
She is a great Love andamp; Relationship reader. I trust in her and she is very accurate and she follow up with her clients cases and needs." ... written by Jenn
Thanks Mandair for giving me a clear answer! Great reading!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is very nice and knows what's going on. I give her 5 stars! Excelent psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Thanks Mandair for you advice. See you soon!" ... written by Charlie
MDV very accurate and quick to give information and advice." ... written by Kathy
great advice " ... written by chaitprice
great reading" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
great reading!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
nice reader gives good insight and has solutions" ... written by Av
Manda, is a great psychic and connects very good! I give her more than 5 stars! Try her! I'll be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
always here to guide me in the right direction!" ... written by brandy
Very very quick and so helpful. connects to my feelings and those of my lover...Great advice and I would highly recommend a reading to anybody to try Mandairvoice....5 stars" ... written by Kathy
really helpful and kind. very knowledgeable. love her" ... written by Traci
good reader, gives lots of hope " ... written by Av
She connects fast and does not need any tools. She tells you the truth so please be prepared for that. She tells you like it is and gives timeframes and very sound advice. I will be back to give update on the timeframe she has given me. " ... written by KL
She is the best for Love andamp; Relationship." ... written by Jendio
Continued reassurance and some current insights. I have nothing bad to say. Good update and look forward to every single thing she has mentioned. I'm thankful and grateful " ... written by Merrysinclair
good job" ... written by chait
Hope Manda this will go well and I can finally find myself happiness! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is a very good psychic and I give her 5 stars. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
She is the best and caring person. Very accurate and loves to get into details in your readings. Love andamp; Relationship expert." ... written by Jendio
Was very caring and helpfull" ... written by Sharlene 13
very helpful with love" ... written by TP
I love what she had to say the way she said she wants to help me connected me to her " ... written by erica
Great reading!! All types of siuations" ... written by Jenn
very good..." ... written by sharlene13
Manda is a great psychic and picks up on details very well. Give her a try! You will be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
very sweet, very loving. Wants to help you." ... written by TP
wonderful connection Mandairvoice helped me so much to gain my lovers attention...very quickly connects to lovers intentions." ... written by Kathy
Manda is a wonderful and kind psychic! She is very accurate and picks up on details. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a great psychic and very accurate. She tells all! Very goooood!" ... written by CookieJan
She is the best here in this site... highly recommended." ... written by Jennifer
Thanks Mandair for your great reading! Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
Disappointing the psychic did not speak fluent English and it was thus difficult/impossible to understand her points. I felt that she was just trying to sell additional time to me. Very disappointed. " ... written by Angela Verma
She is the best for Love andamp; relationship. Very detailed and accurate." ... written by Jendio 2000
very helpful with relationships" ... written by tp
Thank you so much! I will keep in touch." ... written by airam25
Manda is a very good psychic and advisor, as usual! Please give her a try? You'll be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
Great readings with details and accurate..." ... written by Jendo 2000
she was good" ... written by francis
Always impress with her details..." ... written by Jenn
she is very insightfil" ... written by chaitprice
great reader and advisor " ... written by Av
so sweet and encouraging. she really wants to help." ... written by chaitprice
She is a great and accurate and a caring person!! I trust in her love advise and her readings!!!" ... written by Jendio 2000
Manda is a very good psychic and pick up on details. She is also a very good advisor. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is an excellent psychic and picks up on details very well. I give her lots of stars. Try her and you'll be happy you did." ... written by CookieJan
Thanks again Manda for a great reading!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Manda for your insight! Very appreciated." ... written by Charlie
Manda is a 5 star psychic! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Thanks Manda for all the work you do for me! Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is the best psychic! Very accurate and friendly!" ... written by CookieJan
It is was outstanding the reading of Mandarvoice. She is very nice and professional." ... written by Pitucale27
Manda is the best psychic on Oranum. She sees everything as is and picks up on detail. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
She is e great Love andamp; Relationship reader!!" ... written by jendio
Manda is wonderful psychic! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
the best" ... written by sinda20
Great reader and accurate ....." ... written by Jendra
got disconnected but a FANTASTIC reading ! very reassuring... I hope what she says comes to pass. " ... written by sap
Thank you Manda for your insightful reading! It was great!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Manda! That was a very nice reading!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is an excellent psychic! She sees thing very clearly and picks up on thing very well. Give her a try, and you'll see what I mean." ... written by CookieJan
helpful" ... written by golasham
great reading!" ... written by stephanie
good reader" ... written by av
Manda is very accurate with her readings and pick on details very well. You should give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a great psychic, picks on details very well and is very honest. Sees the truth and her predictions come to pass. Give her a try and you will be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is very good and fast...Highly Recommeneded reader..5 star***** I am a valued customer and i believe her. Pls try her she will soleve ur problem and helps spiritually!!!Love you sis!!!" ... written by fe
Thanks Manda for a very nice reading!" ... written by Charlie
Manda is great! As always! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
great and sweet! calming and encouraging! direct!" ... written by wassawa
Manda is an excellent psychic! She sees every thing as they are and is very accurate. She is very kind and sincere in her readings and gives good advices. Excellent!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a genuine psychic, picks up on details and can see everything very well. Her advises are very honest and she tries to do her best and help as much as she can. She is a very good psychic and a very good friend!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a great psychic! As always! Lots of detail and advice! Give her a try?" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a precious medium psychic who really is very sweet and helpful. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Manda once again for a nice reading. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you Manda for comforting me in my state of surprise and disappointment. But things will improve, and many thanks for you work on my situation. " ... written by Charlie
Manda is the best on oranum! Very good and accurate!" ... written by CookieJan
Great psychic as always! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is excellent as always! Very detailed and good predictions and good advice. I give her more than 5 starts. Have had reading with her for a while and she is very kind and friendly and hope she stays with Oranum for a long time." ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a very good psychic and sees things very well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is the best on Oranum!" ... written by CookieJan
thanks for being awesome" ... written by MMarmalade
Manda is fantastic!" ... written by CookieJan
Manday is a grate psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Connects fast, accurate reading..will see if her predictions come to pass...thank you for the reading" ... written by Melissa
Manda is the best!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is an excellent psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
interesting reading, some unexpected information has come up" ... written by curious28
She is very helpful and always on the point. i highly recommend her. " ... written by bhumi
Manda is very accurate with her predictions. Many stars!" ... written by CookieJan
You're very helpful and always kind. :) " ... written by Bhumi
Manda is great psychic and pick up on things very well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
MANDAIRVOICE is very helpful and kind. She is very sweet and really wants to help others. :) she is always on point and accurate about the situation. She is very nice :) i recommend her to others :)" ... written by bparix36
She is on point and knows how to handle things. She goes deep down in the details and always tries to help. I hope that her prayers always work with me and to others. she is wonderful.! Highly recommended." ... written by bhumi
I love her! she is awesome!" ... written by brandy
Manda is a very good psychic! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Mada is always detailed and sees everything. Very good psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is grate!" ... written by CookieJan
Good reading. I will certainly return again" ... written by RAM
I love her- she is awesome!" ... written by joy
Manday is excellent psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Mandairvoice gives the best readings. She is so warm and encouraging and gives so much information! She has a great rate right now so you can have a full reading and ask many questions to get answers. She is awesome!" ... written by brandy
Manda is a very detailed psychic and gives a lot of information about your situation. Excellent!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is very good psychic and adviser as usual!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is very detailed and good psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Grate psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a very good psychic as usual!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is grate!" ... written by CookieJan
very good and accurate!" ... written by brandy
I absolutely love her! " ... written by brandy
I cannot stop talking with her- she is so amazing!!" ... written by brandy
great reader" ... written by starchild
so lovely and encouraging and honest!" ... written by brandy
she is amazing!!" ... written by stars
I love her- I cant stay away!!" ... written by brandy
5 stars" ... written by tmp
As always very accurate and detailed. Grate psychic!" ... written by CookieJan
Manda is a grate psychic and very accurate in her readings with detail. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
I really do appreciate our sessions. Life is much better when you have the information you need to make good decisions. And then when it comes true, you always come back for more information! She is very specific also- this has been the greatest help. I am never disappointed and I can't wait to give her an update! Thank you XOXO!" ... written by brandy
I love Mandair! She is so awesome!" ... written by brandy
Manda is grate as always! Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
She is simply amazing! Told me things that have already happened and what is going to happen shortly. She is very gifted and quick! I will always come back to get reassurance that I am on the right track. She has been wonderfully helpful- thank you so much Mandair!! :)" ... written by Angel
Very good reading!!!" ... written by Lily
Pleasant, Professional, Kind soft spoken, Knowledgeable about current things in my relationship " ... written by Cassandra0128
She is really good." ... written by Talia
thank you" ... written by bec
One of my most favorite people ever! I love my readings because I feel like I am talking with my friend who already knows exactly what is going on in my life. XOXO :)" ... written by brandy
I just love her to pieces!! I laugh so much, she makes me feel so good and lets me know I am on the right track. She touches every facet of your thoughts. Very lovely and addictive!" ... written by brandy
amazing, I will be back tomorrow and leave feedback after my pvt!! cant wait!" ... written by speechless
Amazing Reader!! Love her!" ... written by stars
great reader no tools" ... written by stars
Good reading. Spot on with everything! I will definitely be back. I am very pleased." ... written by Deja
great reader" ... written by cristina such a beautiful soul....she truely cares about" ... written by Kathy
love her" ... written by tp
Love love love her......has me on cloud 9...with great future ahead.....thanks to Oranum for having the BEST reader ever!!" ... written by Kathy
She gave me a really good prediction :) Let's hope it works out well " ... written by Siempre
she is awesome ,,very kind " ... written by barbara
Thank you for your reading! God bless!" ... written by Raibowspirit123
Manda is a wonderful psychic reader, as always. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Accurate in love connection in all the details. Very good for Love reading." ... written by David
Mandairvoice is so wonderful to work with. She helps me with all my problems in love.....her reassurance shows she truly cares about her clients.... she always leaves me with a good feeling and hope!! What more can you ask for?" ... written by Kathy
she was really good and infomrative, listened to me and helped me" ... written by mariam
Mandairvoice so lovely and relates impressions easily. Very good" ... written by Kathy
5 Stars for her. Enjoy her reading. Thank you :)" ... written by N
she's so insightful. will see if her predictions come true! " ... written by tp
The Best on Oranum...hands down!! Try a reading you won't regret..." ... written by Kathy
shes so nice and honest !!!" ... written by jizmind
she is really amazing. She told me things that are true that have happened already. great reading!" ... written by dana
The best of the best. She is really fantastic and will tell you things that you don't know and kelp you. T xxx" ... written by Tatiana
2nd Reading, Very Precise, accurate, to the point.... Pleasant, Kind and attentive" ... written by Cassandra0128
She is the best of the best! I am speechless, she knew everything. Thank you so much! xxx" ... written by Tatiana
Just Love her Pleasantness and wiliness to help " ... written by Cassandra0128
She was great, very helpful and understanding! Great reading " ... written by deantran
She was wonderful and very helpful. 2nd time with her and got a lot of precious information" ... written by Dean Tran
I love her- she is always amazing!" ... written by brandy
OMG I am speechless. She is an angel from God, she knows everything and will help you with everything. Her predictions really happened and exactly how she said. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lots of love xxx" ... written by Tatiana
Great.. to the point." ... written by nimya
love her!" ... written by chait
sweet and helpful. love her" ... written by chait
Very nice and I'm hoping her prediction is right. I'll come back for more if it is " ... written by Janica
hoping it all works out as she says!" ... written by tp
she is very good and best i suggest her to every one. thank you." ... written by H
She very detail and good and very good detail and kind and care for customer. every one should come to her ." ... written by H
Manda is grate, as always. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
very good and freakily accurate" ... written by Julianna
good reading" ... written by tp
I love her so much! she is always amazing- xoxo!" ... written by brandy
:), She can really tell you what is going on. I love her! 5 stars" ... written by review
I love her! She is so awesome! xoxo" ... written by brandy
Very consistent with her readings. 5 stars" ... written by review
She's such a sweetheart. Predicted I'd find love soon and that I'm to come back and tell her about it. " ... written by Julie
She is very cool." ... written by Vikas Chawla
Manda is a very good psychic and picks on details accurately. Give her a try, you'll be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
She's one of the only REAL psychics on here. Answered me with no waiting. She is very positive and i felt her energy through my computer! THHHANNKKKYOOUUU (:" ... written by Kyle Jaber
Once again, she is grate! Give her a try! She is very accurate and picks on details very well and her predictions are accurate as well." ... written by CookieJan
Manda can see details and picks up on many things. She is a grate psychic. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
got cut off, ran out of credits, but good reading. Thank you!" ... written by lornalulu
Such a lovely lady and great reader. Has restored peace in my soul and I will most certainly return for updates." ... written by tc
It finally happened just how she said it would! Unbelievable!! thank you so much!! This really helped me! I still can't believe it !lol- xoxo" ... written by brandy
Thanks for calm and connected reading" ... written by SWeett
thanks for the reading. " ... written by Butterflii43
love her. I can't say anything bad about her and she connects very well. she is one of the real psychics on " ... written by manda review
Good as ususal" ... written by Mandairvoice
very good!" ... written by Dan
Fast typer she is able to se alot and give detailed information and doesn't ask a lot or waste time. Very positive reading I will be back soon to update you with things. Thank you very much" ... written by lala
Very sweet lady that understands your situation. I will see if things come to pass" ... written by Matt
She is a great person and cares for you in her readings" ... written by Jenn
She is great and very accurate..." ... written by Jennifer
detailed as usual" ... written by mandairvoice review
Pleased with reading,she is sweet and helpful. Said to come back in 2 weeks for her predication to be true" ... written by Jaysa
Gave me good update and guarantee me all will happen in 2 weeks." ... written by Jaysa
I love Mandair! so funny, loving, warm, very special person! So helpful in telling you what you need to know. Thank you xoxo :)" ... written by brandy
good" ... written by alina
Excellent I do not know how she was so accurate but just amazing! Never had a reading so accurate." ... written by Matthew
thank you for helping very good reading" ... written by lucy spano
thank you so much for my reading today everything match with my life:)" ... written by samjhana
thanks as always calm and nice reading" ... written by sw
She has a lovely charming smile and very accurate !" ... written by MsCrocus
I always love talking with her- she is so amazing! Thank you !! xoxo" ... written by brandy
I had to take a moment to write this and my thoughts are this: She filled me up with the greatest of love for which i didn't realize I was feeling hallow at the moment when I stumbled across her. My other trusted readers were not around so I took a chance on Mandairvoice and I'm moved. Her insights aligns with my other readers which attests for her accuracy. I could feel her genuine kindness and wanting to ease any state of worry or unease that I was in. I'm grateful for this. She mentioned things to me that I wished to know without me saying so which is brilliant. She landed in my favorite list automatically and I will choose to see her again. I hope her guidance will get me to my destination of my love that is afar yet near. I'm speechless for a first time reading with her. Her connection is fast and she is quite detailed on others and yours emotions. I would absolutely recommend trying her out. I'm happy that I did. I will be returning. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Nice and caring individual!" ... written by scpurple
Thank you for the reading I found you easy to talk to you answered all my questions in detail. I will be back for another as you are honest and professional. " ... written by ohmymy
I had to go back to get a reading on a different topic. Idk why but I just love Manda! She is just so sweet, helpful, patient, I have 2 more weeks for this prediction to come to pass. I hope it does and has an even better outcome than I could hope for or ask" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
very good" ... written by riffet
I love talking with Mandair, she is so amazing! She tells me exactly what she can see! I love the details, especially when I know that it is true! xoxo!" ... written by brandy
Caring, concern and to the point" ... written by Cassandra0128
I had my follow up for updates and feedback. I did not get to finish my last session with her. That is what I was doing tonight. Se is a healer too. I just really like her and enjoy her. She makes a lot of sense when we are in session. She seems to know a lot. I still have a couple weeks to go but I have made progress. Please give her a try!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
I have never believed in this until now. It is so wonderful what she told me. How she can know what she said is unbelievable. I know what to do now. Thank you so much!" ... written by Deja
She has been so generous and kind. She is so fun and I love love love love love her! The news is good and the results of her predictions are coming to life currently. I highly recommend her!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
Very helpful got right to the heart of the matter. Was very insightful. Will come back again." ... written by Sarah
As always very good,she always willing to help " ... written by Jaysa
Love her!! She's amazing " ... written by stars
Lovely, and funny and supportive in matters. We will see if some of the up incoming predictions comes to light! I will return and I recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Was a great reader very pleasant" ... written by jm
My most favorite! I need her in my life!" ... written by Angel
I needed to update Manda about the progress made. She is so funny! love her! I think she was happy with my updates. She let me know a bit more details too. I am so excited!!!!" ... written by BeautifulJewelia
amazing as usual!! " ... written by brandy
Manda is a very detailed and to the point psychic. She is very friendly and nice. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
she always puts me in the right direction. lovely read!" ... written by brandy
Very nice and caring will continue to keep seeing her!" ... written by Sarah
Amazing insight!" ... written by Sarah
I talk with her all the time it's like talking with my friend who knows everything about me! She even knows what I am going to ask before I ask it! So amazing- I love her to pieces. XOXO" ... written by brandy
She is so helpful. She rally cares. I always enjoy seeing her and spending time with her. I am seeking her help and guidance to know how to manage a few situations" ... written by Irene
She is always so fun! She really makes me laugh! So far, her predictions have come true. I wish she had super powers and could gently encourage him to move a little faster. lol" ... written by Jeanine
Manda is so funny! She is such a good person and good at her profession. She told me I would get a text message from my boyfriend this week. I did! Then a whole bunch a couple days later where he actually opened up to me! =D" ... written by Shontelle
she told me EXACTLY what I needed to know to move forward in the best way for me. Worries are gone! Thank you xoxo :)" ... written by brandy
so comforting to talk with all the time- good advice and very compassionate. very honest- I love talking with her all the time xoxo!" ... written by brandy
Did a great job. She picked up on some bad energy and was able to help release it. I don't know if it's connected at all, but it also eliminated some back pain that I was having. Over all, a good reading. I liked her energy." ... written by AvaKellen
I can always count on you to make me smile from deep inside :) You are such a beautiful and lovely person to talk with. Love u always XOXO" ... written by brandy
a lovely way to start my day- thank you! xoxo" ... written by brandy
Mandairvoice, is very good and pick up on detail very well. Very friendly and kind. Please give her a try. " ... written by CookieJan
so encouraging and lovely- I don't know what I would do without you! I love u so much xoxo!!" ... written by brandy
very sweet lady. make you feel confident." ... written by amanda
I love her SO MUCH!!! omg so helpful to me and makes me make the right decisions...its funny I do what she says and it works!! lol...phenomenal!! XOXOXO!!!" ... written by brandy
Very honest and sweet. Great person. Will want to help you." ... written by scpurple
Very insightful! love talking to he:) She is very receptive and cares deeply." ... written by Sarah
I love talking with you! Thank u soooo much! xoxo!" ... written by brandy
She keeps me RIGHT ON TRACK !! what else can I ask for? Thank u!!" ... written by brandy
She is my angel and she is amazing- a special bright star always shining light!" ... written by Angel
My angel!! I love her!" ... written by brandy
As always, Manda is very good and detailed and picks on things very well. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
My experience has been so powerful and so positive! Details are the most interesting and you give so many! I love that. You are awesome and I love u so much!" ... written by brandy
Honest and to the point, compassionate and caring. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Very genuine woman :) And helpful..tyyy xx" ... written by Christine
Manda as always is an excellent psychic. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Good advice and guidance! Thank u Mandair- love u much xoxo!" ... written by brandy
thanks for update!" ... written by c
awesome and amazing as always!" ... written by brandy
strong guidance- I love it. it makes things so much easier and you can approach situations with confidence. Thank u- love u dear sis XoXo" ... written by brandy
Great reading! Very in tune with my situation and provides alot of detail without asking alot of questions. Hoping everything will happen as predicted." ... written by lornalulu
ty" ... written by Julia
Great person! Always wants you to feel good and give you understanding to your situation." ... written by Sarah
Great person to talk to very caring and genuine!" ... written by Sarah
I love you Mandair thank you! xoxo" ... written by brandy
She's accurate" ... written by juliewepp
Looking foward (:" ... written by juliewepp
Wow, super accurate" ... written by mari
Great!" ... written by mari
She knows beyond what you can imagine! She feels and thinks what people are thinking. She is amazing!!! Out of this world. i keep coming back for more. Thank you!!" ... written by Maria
I want to say that I'm so very grateful and thankful for Mandair's insights into my love path. She was consistent with her reading that aligns and nothing has been in conflict or contradictory. She connected quickly and hit on some things that I didn't need to ask but were on my mind. She answered and gave me some further push to have full belief that, that distant love is so very near. I'm truly thankful. I will return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She was lovely! stopped a witch from casting spells!" ... written by tugras
Thanks Manda! It was wonderful talking to you again after such a long time! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
What an amazing reading !!! she knows and sees all !!! I highly recommend her to everyone on Oranum !!!!!" ... written by tamjones
amaZING, COME BACK ALL TIME. gREAT ADVICE" ... written by mari
keep coming back all the time. She is amazing. Knows exactly what other people feel, think, and is very accurate in everything she says." ... written by maria
Mandair gave some assurance and some confidence that my distant love is not too distant. I appreciate her advice and insights. I would return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
thank you my love, you are always so lovely and honest! love you much! xoxo!" ... written by brandy
Thank you so much for everything- I always enjoy talking with you! XOXO :)" ... written by brandy
always come back for more." ... written by BB
very kind and sweet. She informed me of somethings... will come back again " ... written by real love
Manda is a very accurate psychic reader an picks up on details very well. She tells you as it is and is right on the dot. Give her a try, you'll be happy you did!" ... written by CookieJan
Great reading! Accurate! Love her, come back all the time. Right to the point" ... written by MI
Thank you Manda for comforting me with your wonderful reading. " ... written by Charlie
Her reading is still consistent and she gave me courage in my ways and waiting. Her prediction's are great and it will be greater when they come to. Her times lines given are still the same which attest that she is unwavering in her sights. That is comforting especially for what I look forward to. I'm grateful and thankful for the little golden beauties of insights - - she sure loves talking about sex but if you by pass, divert, and stir to what you want to know. She has the answer, I promise. I would recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Extremely accurate, gets connect with peoples feelings and thoughts. Great advice" ... written by Maria
Double checked on some past reading stuff, she gave some reiterations that was needed and now it's about time and seeing whether any will come into fruition. I hope so! We will see. I'll let ya know the first sign of something more! " ... written by Merrysinclair
Absolutely wonderful readings - time and time again when I have needed to seek guidance or reassurance about decisions Mandairvoice has been a shining light. Love you sis :)" ... written by CB
she is good ,fast and accurate " ... written by ohood
Manda has done psychic readings for me for a long time and she sees things in future the come to pass. She is very quick and to the point. Excellent!" ... written by CookieJan
She is always accurate. She dont waste your credits. Her work is awesome. This lady is the real deal on Oranum. " ... written by tradeitall619
you said I would get the job and a raise and you were right!! Thank you so much!! I love talking with you XoXo!!" ... written by brandy
I needed a straight forward answer and I received it directly. I'm thankful for this and I do hope whatever she speaks of does come into fruition. She seems mighty confident and this makes my confidence keep. I'm thankful and I will return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Mandair gave me the greatest hope and lifted some of my thoughts. She still has been consistent about the feelings of my distant love as I wait for him to truly reveal his heart. I will return and I'm thankful and grateful for Mandair's words of confidence. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Very intuitive! " ... written by Sarah
She gave me again assurances and consistent reading. Her confidences in what she see's helps when the mind is in doubt. There was one prediction which seem to be a great one but that is further down the road to even see come into fruition. The most immediate prediction of a returned love is the most waited for. She tries to bring ease and boosts your thoughts. I will keep updating and when a prediction comes to light. I will share with the greatest of joys. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Mandairvoice is worth every penny . . . . she is very calm and clear and picks up on all kinds of intimate detail, and knows what to do about it. Very Surely God Blessed!" ... written by Maggie Mae
Mandair streamed some very beautiful predictions and gave me some uplifting thoughts and insights into a lover that is distant. Her predictions are great and feels like bliss and I do hope for it's fruition. If they do come would definitely hear it first thing. In the mean time, we will see. I'm grateful that she looks out for me and wants the best. I would and will return again. " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is absolutely amazing and whatever she has said were so true cant wait for what she predicted comes true love you :)" ... written by Ashmika08
Lovely Lady. I will keep lighting the candles etc Thank you xxx" ... written by UK
she is great ,,I love her" ... written by brbara
I come back all the time, extremely accurate!" ... written by Maria
Always come back! amazaing!" ... written by mari
Mandair is Wondrous! She is very kind, sees deeply, and is a joy to speak with. Her heart heals others in subtle, but very significant, ways. Thank You Ever So Much Maindair. I ask God Grant Your Deepest Wishes." ... written by Maggie Mae
I adore you so much, thank you for all of your wonderful advice and predictions!" ... written by brandy
Thank Goodness Mandair was here to see me! I am Ever so Grateful! Thank You again Mandair for your kindness. God Truly Bless You." ... written by Maggie Mae
Very considerate person, and always onto it! God Bless" ... written by Maggie Mae
good" ... written by chai
There was something that did come into fruition as Mandair predicted. Something very small...such as a visitation of family....not my own but another's - my distant loves. So I was at awe that it did come true, only because it's not a common occurrence. She predicted other things which were of the greatest value if they were to come into the light. I look forward to those and a return of love that is distant. I'm grateful and thankful to Mandair. I will return hopefully with some good news. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Always great! Advices super well, extremely accurate" ... written by MI
She gave me some feedback on some of my actions and gave me insights into another's thoughts for which is so valuable in my waits for my distant love. I greatly look forward to what she see's and says will come into fruition. I'm thankful! " ... written by Merrysinclair
love her" ... written by tp
:0)" ... written by tp
thank you my love!! I will keep you posted XoXo !!" ... written by brandy
fabulous reading !!! highly recommend MANDAIRVOICE!!!" ... written by tamjones
the session stopped working but she did a great job with prayer and ritual!!!!" ... written by Dee
There was something different in mandair's reading today....i felt she was more intensely connected and it gave for a wonderful reading. Her visions and feelings for this month toward the end of the year in the matters of my love life are so very beautiful. They are like great gifts that I deeply hope and want to see coming into light. I"m grateful for this reading and again she has given me assurances and confidences which are valuable when feeling uncertainty. I'm thankful and I will return. " ... written by Merrysinclair
As always, Manda is excellent psychic reader and advisor. She sees things in detail and tells it as it is. Give her a try!" ... written by CookieJan
Finally i found the help i need. Thank you very much!" ... written by Charlie
Very impressive and powerful!" ... written by Charlie
shall see tomorrow. " ... written by sunny
great reading! thanks!" ... written by smsleepingbeauty
Thanks for the clarity. I think this was very helpful indeed." ... written by Charlie