About LoveUnions

Psychic LoveUnionshas 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveUnionshas recently helped 21members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveUnions's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Soul connection expert and twin flame in union. I'm a psychic coach, so it's my job to use my gifts to dig down to the core of what you are holding on to. Often, that comes in the form of looking at how a soul connection is feeling about you, and then diving into what you are supposed to be learning.

amazing, brought me to tears thank you!" ... written by tara
Leah is always awesome to talk with! She sees whether he is the real deal or not. She's read for me before and has always been right in what she sees. She shares tools that help aid in my growth, balance, and healing. She also cares and is supportive and non-judgmental. All of these qualities in her mean a lot to me. " ... written by Gabrielle
She was Amazing!! Really enjoyed my reading. She got straight to my issue of concern, and I do know That I will be okay, and much more happy in my current Love life, and possibly a new fulfilling job. I am so excited for this transition!!" ... written by luckycharms12
thank you love union for the reading. I appreciate your help :)" ... written by nicole
Great reading. Quick and to the point. Will definitely use her again" ... written by lori_bell22
thanks for hearing me out =)" ... written by Jeannie
I really loved talking to her she knew exactly what I was going through and was very caring. I highly recommend talking with her she was super accurate and very relatable! Will be back! " ... written by Nadia
As always, just what I needed to hear. I recommend a reading." ... written by Vijay
She was awesome ! Five Stars. Thanks again. :)" ... written by Astrowill
Thank you." ... written by d2k1000
really good reader. so clear and accurate. i recommend" ... written by sometimes
awesome reading! Lea taught me about how i'll have to love myself in order for the karmic/twin flame will move forward. she is TF advisor! xoxo" ... written by HMR
Excellent and brilliant. Love gave me some insight and some information to move ahead with helping my inner self and some insights into a flame that is distant. She verbalizes her answer, and is quite clear and concise. This is my first reading with L.U after I was intrigued by a demo she had given. I would definitely return. I have not had a session with a reader yet like her. She has great energy and I sense that she truly wants to help you on your road, trails and journeys. " ... written by Merrysinclair
What a great reading, so lovely and spot on, very accurate an awesome reading. Thank you" ... written by Lorna
5 stars. I appreciate her insight!!! its hard to explain, but she helped me see things in a way i never have. highly recommended" ... written by tiffany
What a great reading! She channeled Archangel Gabriel too which was awesome especially because I want to be a singer!" ... written by Anna
She is amazing and so knowledgable about Twin Flames and just love in general...i can feel her true concern for me and really wanting to help..ive never talked to anyone on here that was so sincere and caring...she is my new coach to get me thru what im going thru...she is amazing..a god sent!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Chrisc1234
LoveUnions puts things in perspective in such a great way! straight to the point and nice." ... written by p_r
So helpful and compassionate to the my situation. Thanks so much!" ... written by Josh
Her reading was actually about a much deeper topic then i was asking about, which was to do with love and i found that she gave me the strength to move forward from a toxic relationship." ... written by BN
she WAS GREAT!!! I will be back" ... written by Brittany
Loved it !!!! She's point on..totally calm yet fast in her reading. Doesn't waste time. Knows what u want to know ! Detail oriented. Definitely gonna come back ! lots of luvXoxox finally made me feeel better!" ... written by Mehak
I LOVE HER!!!! HER cards were awesome! The pictures and the messages made sense. She is very accurate...." ... written by Peachytea
very helpful w/ advice about twin flame! she is my life saver!!" ... written by ROAR
Great reading, very sweet and easy to talk to. Messages were on target and made perfect sense :) " ... written by Summer
Picked up on situation and gave good advice/hope-that things will be changing. Very easy to talk with and kind. " ... written by JB
Great reading! thanks!!" ... written by Josh
She is awesome! She definitely understood what I've been going through with this man. Confirmed it's a typical twin flame relationship. Actually confirmed what I noticed about mirroring. That is so true! Gave me some soul growth homework to do that is not what I've heard before and I can see the immediate benefit to it. Answered my questions in a reading after helping me understand the relationship dynamics. Very positive about this and helpful in ongoing help with my core beliefs. She said she's worked on hers and she can help me work on my core beliefs. This way I can be ready for my twin flame. Very, very true! Healing core beliefs is the most powerful healing work. My other advisor wasn't available and I was looking for just any information I could get. I got my questions answered about twinflames and what's coming up for us plus ongoing help with healing. That is awesome! Look forward to talking with her again." ... written by Gabrielle
Thank you for a very good reading and advice :)" ... written by libsta
Amazing lady. She is very calm and knows what she is talking about. I felt reassured and much more positive. Thanks" ... written by Myriam
she is real deal " ... written by Alicja
Loved learning about how to connect to my loved one!" ... written by Ava
LoveUnions is wonderful. Such an amazing energy...she knows her stuff surrounding twinflames and soulmate connections. I feel so happy I was drawn to her room, because she truly provided solid and wonderful advice and I look forward to working with her again! Thank you!" ... written by Carrie
Fast, accurate, awesome! I feel so much better" ... written by Tapsor
Wow she is so sweet, i felt so comfortable and felt that she connected to me very well. Excellent guidance. i had her do a reading of things to come and she was very right. i am so glad I have good things coming my way and she did give me advice on what i need to improve on as well. i would recommend her. She gets right to the point. Thank you!!!!" ... written by Jeannie
Leah is amazing!!!!! enough said...she knows her stuff and I will be forever grateful for her advice...i love her" ... written by Chrisc1234
She not only wants to give you a reading but she is honest and gives advice on how to handle difficult situations and the spiritual blocks that can be put aside. Love her style." ... written by p
Amazing. I was fortunate to be selected during a demo, and without any personal information disclosed, she was very genuine and accurate. I can't wait to hear more from her. She has an incredible energy about her. It' refreshing." ... written by Lavvy1
WOW " ... written by Tiffany
She was very spot on with the messages and they matched perfectly to situations I was living or faced with. She is very nice, down to earth, genuine, and reassured me that I was on the right path. If you want to know where you stand right now and how to get to where you where you want to be in the future through honest advice try her out " ... written by A
Love unions is very genuine and all the people ive chosen in my list it took me awhile to find. Im glad i found her to add in my circle of advisors. Thanks for listening and thanks for the advice, I value it. =)" ... written by Jeannie
wow! another great reading. Wasnt able to leave a testimonial the first time but it was great! She picked up on my current relationship told me how she felt about it and saw a lot of changes in my life. She even picked up on the town she thought i would move to in the future. Thank you so much I feel so much more clear after the reading!!!!" ... written by Laura
Good reading, we will see in time how it turns out and how accurate they are... all focussed on love life, so will see !" ... written by jules
she seems very good - i will know how accurate she is in the next 2 weeks. " ... written by bouncylady
Another great session with LoveUnions! She is helping me navigate a rather complicated situation, and her advice has been invaluable! Lovely person as well :)" ... written by U
She is probably the realest psychic I've had do a reading on me. No BS no beating about the bush. Straight to the point and very helpful. Very glad to have connected with her." ... written by Merclesia
Thank you for calming me down." ... written by Elizabeth
She was so friendly and easy to chat with. She understood my question and was able to empathize with me. Helpful reading. Thank you." ... written by -
very helpful and positive" ... written by dmarq
she was able to deep dive to my TF situation. I will give update when it happens! will definitely be back .. xoxo" ... written by HMR
JESSS IS AMAAZIINNGGG!!!!!!! :) yes the bomb and she connects really quick thank u sooo much xoxox" ... written by Adis
Love her attitude and insight and aspect towards readings and guiding her clients. Awesome reading and will definitely work with her again." ... written by p
The has a very calm energy. Very nice and clear reading. She is accurate! and I felt comfortable. I had a very good love reading" ... written by Brianne
Always amazing and calming, love her." ... written by paige
very reassuring. straight to the point, upbeat and concise. Thanks for the insight." ... written by derek
LoveUnions is AMAZING! I have read with a lot of experts, and was so impressed with her reading. She know a lot about twin flames - not only how to explain the relationship, but lead you through it." ... written by Hannah
Super kind girl :) thanks" ... written by Raychul
Her answers are very clear,and her reading is worthy. " ... written by G.
I wasnt feeling ok until i talked to loveunions. i had spoken to 2 other psychics before her but she made me feel better. thanks " ... written by Jeannie
very sharp on the spot with angel message great information 5 stars !!!" ... written by queenbee22
Had my first session after demo, and she is truly a gem. Honest, real and honestly made me feel like I'm speaking to my best friend. Remarkably in tune and accurate. " ... written by Lavvy1
I needed my dose of loveunions, she is very knowledgeable. Very genuine, was dying to talk to her again and i feel blessed and positive. She makes u feel like u can do anything. She is one of Oranums well kept secrets for sure." ... written by Jeannie
I love talking with Leah! She has helpful advice for how to know if a person is your twin flame or not and how to start finding your twin flame. She's also great with healing work around finding core beliefs and working to heal them. I enjoyed our session and really needed to hear what you said about twin flames and talking to mine tonight. Thank you, Leah!" ... written by Gabrielle
Thank you LoveUnions. She is wonderful and personable. Kind and Warm. Teaches you very patiently and I really appreciate that. I need to know more!!" ... written by Lastsearch1
Good and confirming my questions but got cut off" ... written by Lloyyd
Thank you LoveUnion for your advice I'am ready to get started on the homework. How long will the exercise start to take into affect?" ... written by ladyofstandards
Wonderful readings! Excellent sense a humour and often unexpected depth and understanding of hidden truths within the issue. I always find myself pleasantly surprised at what I am discussing with her, as she illuminates a perspective that I not only agree with, but that helps me to move forward feeling encouraged. I always feel I am actually in the right place after my readings with LoveUnions. " ... written by marhaban
It's my 1st time priv chat w/ LoveUnions and she was spot on with my situation! She gave great advice about twin flame. xoxo" ... written by HMR
Awesome! She so deep to the root of what is going on that I had a freakin epiphany. She is phenomenal at bringing things to light and bringing things out of you that you never thought about and get you to look at your situation from a different perspective. Giving time frames is one thing, telling you WHAT you need to do and not just WHEN something will happen makes all the difference. I have a new found confidence and feel positive on the situation now, I thank you!!" ... written by Tierra
mam i had such a good reading! me and loveunion had similar pasts relationship wise which i think its always easier when someone understands and has gone thru similar things =) shes awesome" ... written by m
Practical and insightful - thank you~" ... written by lotus71
Amazing reading...deserves more than 5 stars" ... written by love
An amazing reading, Thanks so much, I will be back." ... written by Vijay
She really knows her stuff about Twin Flame relationships...I love her! Super helpful!!!" ... written by sarahgreene13
Got cut short because of my connection, but amazing QUICK answer from LoveUnions!" ... written by Lila
Another amazing reading with LoveUnions! She is kind, compassionate and VERY accurate. Highly recommended." ... written by Hannah
i just love her so much positivity" ... written by Jeannie
Excellent. Very easy to talk to. Great information received. Will be back for further guidance. Thank you so much. " ... written by swtone71
Great lesson on law of attraction today! Thank you so much :-)" ... written by Tapsor
Wow yes yes yes!!! i found her!! " ... written by rickyflynn
This person is super cool. I don't know if my reading will be true until the summer, but she made me feel really welcomed and that my main question was important enough for her to try several ways to make sure her main answer was the same answer. She didn't want me to stress over money, so that made me feel even more heard. Thank you LoveUnions!" ... written by Riley
LoveUnions was fantastic and to the point about my Twinflame. She confirmed a lot of what I was feeling. Awesome reading Thank You and you made me feel so much better. " ... written by Bellina
Great as always!" ... written by Tapsor
thank you so much! She is wonderful, gives you many perspectives, helps with guidance, and offers more thank just an answer. I will be back when the time is needed. thank you so so much!" ... written by scadoodle
What a beautiful soul!!! She made everything clear and precise and she was accurate and on point. This girl is amazing and funny. I would totally love to hang out with her outside of this website. She is very compassionate, understanding, and did I say on point? Try a reading you'll be glad you did." ... written by Orange
she was very warm and kind." ... written by joey
pleasant and attentive. will add more pending the answers of events." ... written by 71bonded
Thank you so much" ... written by Matt
She was great! connected IMMEDIATELY and confirmed that I am in fact getting the signs I ask for and that I am not crazy!! :) Thank you!!" ... written by Katie
Finished the reading, she connects fast and answered all my questions regarding the topic of soul mates/twin flames. Good reading. I will come back for another update. Blessings." ... written by Lloyyd
So beautiful! Thank you!" ... written by D
she is the nicest, most honest person on here, actually cares about you 100% and is here to help you help yourself. she wants you to be the strongest spiritual being that you can be and she will help you get there. what an amazing soul :)" ... written by Anna
I've had readings with her before and they've always been great. She helped me come up with a solution to healing a pattern I had been holding on to for a long time. As always she's an amazing reader and so insightful. " ... written by Laura
My reading with LoveUnions was great and actually fun and funny. She gave me insight into another's mind and thought for which I was seeking. I appreciate her readings and her positive attitude toward wanting your own personal improvement and understanding that certain someone you see as special. I'm uplifted! " ... written by Merrysinclair
She is so warm and kind. Guided me through the current relationship process and nailed the current situation! thank you" ... written by Moon
very positive and quite fast. 5star" ... written by rr
Thank you for the reading! spot on and accurate" ... written by big
Very sweet, straight to the point, has lots to say towards your concerns. " ... written by D
beautfiul reading she did her best even though i had little credits she is veryb kind and picked up on my abilities." ... written by c
GReat reading, she really goes into depth and was really helpful!" ... written by Kevin
Awesome.. thanks for the confirmations..! Ready to work on this.. :)" ... written by PS
Amazing! So helpful a beautiful soul!" ... written by Danielle
Thank you... if youre looking for positive energy,this gal is your go to person. Believe in the process." ... written by Jeannie
thanks for being there." ... written by Jeannie
great psychic :) very helpful and encouraging. :)" ... written by s
Leah is amazing :) really quick and connects well - her readings make heaps of sense :) thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
after my bday." ... written by cindy
5/5. Thanks so much! :)" ... written by Ed
thanks. i know i have to restart work on these things. Its good to have a starting point. I look forward to this journey" ... written by yoyo
WOW! I loved her reading... She was dead on point about everything.. I highly recommend LoveUnions to anyone... A+++++++ ty so much Love Unions :)" ... written by ladieleo2
Love Unions is seriously the BEST! Spot on accurate and really caring. She goes in depth with the feelings of other people and can even channel messages from their Higher Self. HIGHLY recommended." ... written by Hannah
LoveUnions is really amazing...She is so in tune with my energy and those around me. I appreciate her guidance and her words of wisdom. What a beautiful soul:) Reassured me-which is great!" ... written by Carrie
WOW! LoveUnions continues to amaze. I discovered her when she first started on Oranum and the amount of growth in her psychic technique from week to week is astounding." ... written by Lila
Thank you very much. She is very helpful and I learned a lot from her. :). She gives real help and insight not just simple answers. " ... written by Mary
GURLLL ur amazing! Ur so positive and yes ur so right about everything :) thank u xoxox" ... written by Adis
awesome!! a great help!" ... written by Bree
very good reading !!!1" ... written by fgfgfd
I will come back over and over to Love Unions! Accurate, kind, funny and warm!" ... written by Lila
Very honest, upfront and friendly. Very good experience. :)" ... written by PurpleDolphin333
Very beautiful advice They know what they are talking about" ... written by SW
Absolutely brilliant, I took a chance on Lia, because I don't know her and I was astounded by how accurate she was, it was a shock, from the get go she was on the button and thank you for being honest, I appreciate that very much." ... written by M
first time reading with her and shes sooo funny and cool. cant wait to see her predictions come true :)" ... written by linh
Thank you...amazing as always :) " ... written by Danielle
Very good." ... written by ackchary
GURLLLL ur the bomb!!! :) love ya xoxox" ... written by Adis
Holy WOW Batman!" ... written by Lila
thank you. your perspective on twins is so helpful! " ... written by yoyo
Always love chatting with this person. She's so friendly and inviting." ... written by Riley
love the reading cool !! 10 stars" ... written by amy
Leah is amazing :) always positive and spot on with situations :) love her" ... written by Adis
Thanks for being a friend when i needed it most! :) will come back" ... written by Monika
She's precise and straight on. She knows what you want to know !! 5 stars as always" ... written by Mehak
the sweetest. insightful and so worth talking to . thank you. " ... written by D
perfect as always so in touch! thank you!" ... written by danielle
I really liked my reading with LoveUnions....she was wonderful, I feel at ease after our reading, loved our reading and looking forward to following up with her....I see what all the reviews are about...I am not disappointed :) Thank you again!" ... written by Mainstreem
shit she spoke volumes and addressed everything from a point of view i never even saw or thought to take into consideration" ... written by meg
very detailed, fun to speak with" ... written by Elizabeth
I had an awesome reading tonight. Love Unions is so kind and she showed me what the twirling meant on her chain meant. That was very uplifting to chat with her." ... written by Riley
awesome reading !!" ... written by amy
Love her. Great energy. Painfully accurate. " ... written by Shelbey
another great reading from LoveUnions has put my mind to ease and now I can rest peacefully. Thank You Love Unions or all of your compassionate help, understanding, and patience." ... written by shanecole
She is amazing. very warm, honest, and sincere. Her answers were explained beautifully concise and to the point. I really felt like she connected with me. I will definitely be bk for more readings." ... written by shanecole
calmed me down :)" ... written by look
She's amazing!" ... written by Peach23
Love Unions is my favorite psychic. She connects quickly and is up front and honest about what she is seeing." ... written by Lila
She's terrific!" ... written by M
Beautiful as always" ... written by Matt
So helpful .Thank you for helping me see through the fog and gain clarity in this new experience .I couldn't be more happier ." ... written by H
Another great session!" ... written by Riley Bentley
a delightful person and a great reader thanx very much" ... written by zimerili1
nice reading and look forward her prediction at the end of August" ... written by littlebudy1
she was awesome , straight to the point ,no chaser needed she laid it out ..she gave you options, and for me to choose from on the outcomes and I thank her for her honesty .fast and to the point .. " ... written by sc
lovely session. she is great, saving time by explaining things while i type away. thank you!" ... written by J
Amazing! I feel so much better. Will be talking to you soon" ... written by Tapsor
Absolutely Great reading....totally recommend private!" ... written by marion
i am sorry that my computer froze. I could hear you but not type. I really appreciate your reading and wanted to let you know that you really were a huge help. I finally understand it now. The mirror analogy makes perfect sense to me. And for the life if me I could not udnerstand that before. You and T are the best! Thank you so, so much. And yeah - October is not so far away!" ... written by KarenMarie068
I just had a reading with her and she is great :) " ... written by Dominaja
Very calm and comforting. Connected quickly and offered good advice." ... written by Karen
Great reader! Personable, sincere and spot on!" ... written by Eva
Leah thanks for listening...yes u are always full of tough love ... thanks for answering my questions and for giving me the reassurance i needed. " ... written by Jeannie
Very straight forward! FULL of ENERGY, and doesn't beat around the bush! I will return!" ... written by aries
thank you for your help vary open with the truth.. helped a lot will come back for more reading" ... written by khloezen300