About LoveLight01

Psychic LoveLight01has 10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveLight01has recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveLight01's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

For a Private Reading please and then select to "START PRIVATE READING" from my free chat page. If you are not a member, you'll need to first and you'll get free credits to use in your first private chat session.

Highly accurate, detailed and honest insights in the matters of love, relationships and career. Holistic healer, fast typist, intuitive-precise relationship advice without sugar-coating. Extremely high accuracy! Blunt and honest readings. Come and experience yourself. Blessings and love!

Love light has an easy going personality. He keeps you entertained while giving you a reading. And he's really sweet." ... written by karensp7
Great reading!" ... written by Alicia
It's comforting to know a little glimpse into the future, it has helped me stay positive and excited about the years ahead. Thank you for all your help LoveLight01" ... written by Melinda
I'm glad to see LoveLight on this site, I had other readings with him before, His predictions came true :) He is honest and accurate! My favorite! " ... written by melinda
He was so sweet and right about things. Lets see how things plan out, thanks for chatting with me this evening. " ... written by giggles
READING WAS GREAT A*****" ... written by T
was disconnected and continued. still quick with connection and very helpful! really waiting for the predictions to come true!!! thank you!" ... written by kat
THANK YOU AGAIN!! WILL COME BACK AGAIN" ... written by lifetarot
LoveLight01 is the real deal! He is very quick, he picked up on the situation and my feelings. I'm excited for his new predictions because the last ones came to light! You won't be disappointed " ... written by Melinda
He knew just how I felt without asking me first ! Thanks!" ... written by Gabyjaby
seemed to connect very well Ihope all lovelights predictions come to pass thankyou for my readingxxxx" ... written by t
he is fast" ... written by me
Very nice fellow. I am not sure about the outcome. He seemed to pick up on some things. Only time will tell." ... written by 1specialme
Thanks for the reading.If i go on my first date I will come and give you update. Really afraid because of age gap, " ... written by V
Love Light is very quick connecting and typing, very clear and to the point. Thank You i'm waiting predictions for the up coming months :)" ... written by Melrose
always makes me feel positive .. Thank you very much for you kind words " ... written by sandra
helps maintain and encourages positive out look , gives better understanding of current dilemas. " ... written by jeffanie
extremely quick with connections and helpful! thank you so much! =)" ... written by kat
Connects very well . Thank you " ... written by sandra
Terrific!! He is very good!" ... written by Melissa
spot on and very gifted and insighful person. awesome and excellent reading." ... written by g
really calm and nice. thank you i hope what u say comes true, x" ... written by helpneeded
He is very calming and reassuring... I just hope it's all correct. Time will tell... Thank you!!!!" ... written by Ash
thank you so much! quick with reading and very helpful! very detailed with reading and guidance! thank you so much! " ... written by kat
he is very professional and patient. His reading was with full details with specific time frame. I am waiting for his prediction to happen." ... written by dawn
amazing! quick with connections and lets me know when he has update and is honest. hope all is true and will keep him updated! thank you for the clarity! =)" ... written by kat
Good reading, Thank you " ... written by Melinda
This is the kind of reading I was hoping to get. He was able to clearly see the details of the personality of the person I was asking about, and so I feel I can trust his reading of intentions and future actions of this person." ... written by Anneliesa
Very caring and sincere and offers guidance. Was very intuitive about my situation and was able to provide answers I needed and how to handle my current situation " ... written by Holly
Thank you this was an interesting reading. thank you for your help and insight. although vague in responses, you still gave direction. i like how you did that :)" ... written by Yasmine
So much information. Kind and very clear. Genuine and doesn't sugar coat which is great. Whatever the situation he will definitely clear the air. Awesome" ... written by Christin
Fantastic. Very compassionate yet direct. Found him to be very accurate." ... written by Micheal
he is very patient and treat you professionally" ... written by dawn
quick with connections. will see if his predictions come true. thank you!" ... written by kat
"Love" is very special to me. He affects me very deeply and profoundly with his amazing insight and the generosity in his heart. He is really in tune with emotions and spiritual energy, and seems to understand the true significance of situations and events. Great man and awesome reader!" ... written by MerkabahMan633
he was very accurate in his reading and gave me a lot of clarity " ... written by Nadia
I could feel that what he was saying was true. He was telling my emotions. Thanks" ... written by Gabyjaby
he answered me detail and he told me to wait until march. very positive and i felted good after talking to him. i will be coming back and this is my second time. thank you" ... written by lifetarot
very sweet!! kind and honest, made me feel happier, will visit again soon :)" ... written by Anupama
quick with connection and very thorough with information. very helpful and i hope all comes true! thank you! will see the future results! " ... written by kat
LoveLight gave me a very detailed and positive reading. It was extremely enjoyable and helpful. I will definitely get a reading from him again in the future." ... written by AJ
clear, supportive, impartial but has a lot of empathy and is kind." ... written by tw
Superb! Connected fast and accurately to the situation. Read and gave great details as if reading from a script. Amazing how accurate the details and descriptions of the people involved were. Look forward to the things seen that are yet to come. Awesome reader!!!" ... written by Christina982
Thanks LoveLight, Great connections~" ... written by happy
healing :)" ... written by peter
Lovelight always has such good insight. thank u so much" ... written by smith
quick with reading. very in depth of everything. thank you. clarifies things when im uncertain about what he is trying to say. " ... written by kat
Great, thanks~" ... written by happy
wow he was litlle slow to start with mut i have to say he came fast forward and delivered . iam gald to come here he is GoooooD☆☆☆☆☆" ... written by loverboy
a very good expert,,, we had a terrific reading thanx so much" ... written by z
thank you so much he is an awesome reading very accurate too. He was very straight forward and good energy really good people. xoxo 10 star " ... written by cuteface1972
Thank you definitely connected to my personality. hope your predications come true. thanks" ... written by meg
doubtful and he was quick with connections and trying to help. thank you" ... written by kat
Very quick and responsive to my questions. He gave me solid advice on how to handle upcoming challenges in my career. I will seek his professional assistance in the near future. If you want the truth, you should try this psychic. " ... written by jc
Very good and checks in and is encouraging" ... written by Holly
His predictions are always consistent with the previous ones. He felt that I was upset and wanted to reassure me. I was upset indeed, and I hope he is right about the fact that I should be reassured. Thanks" ... written by Gabyjaby
Very descriptive and detailed. Addressed many concerns and helped clear the air. Amazing how he knew so many details. Excellent reader!" ... written by Christina
Gentle reader with good insights that I will take to heart. Will check back in with him again." ... written by Jean
I really enjoy this reader cause he can connect very quickly and he is very kind .Thank you so much !! God Bless you :) " ... written by sandra
Had an update with lovelight just hope all his predictions come true thankyou once again xx" ... written by t
Spot on. He descripted my personality and traits as well as the other persons exactly correct. He new the situation and is very gifted. DEFINATLEY as asset to the site." ... written by Mitchell
Clear to point thanks" ... written by ks
nice reading .. good insights. I will get back soon." ... written by ysty
confusing at points but clarified things and explained what he meant. thank you!" ... written by kat
Very good for my first reading. I was very happy and pleased that he gave me accurate reading. I had my husband with me and he was spot on with how my husband is to me." ... written by Gambino
love light is always positive, right on point and has very good interpretation of the situation and accurate advice. thank you!" ... written by A.smith
Very good and highly recommended" ... written by Andy
It was good" ... written by priya
LoveLight01 is awesome. He is sooo accurate. He is very intentional about what he says and understands your time is valuable. He is amazing and I always have wonderful readings with him!" ... written by J
Lovelight was amazing! I highly recommend for positive down to earth easy answers. Connected quickly and was spot on! Thank YOU!!!" ... written by Autumn
Great insight! I'll be back!" ... written by j
Great~thanks~" ... written by happy
thank you for the update reading " ... written by Melinda
WOW. What a reading. I asked questions and he was spot on about things, about our home, about my sister and it assures me that the rest is spot on too. Thank you LoveLight01" ... written by nadyakb
very detailed reading. i highly recommend " ... written by 1
He has been spot on and very helpful. Best readings ever!" ... written by Tjeff3
Thank you for the reading- very accurate as always " ... written by Melrose
I had to get a another update reading because something he told me that is going to happened did.. I am very happy about it awesome reading 10 star " ... written by cuteface1972
he is great as usual ,spot on everything!!!!!" ... written by me
He is awesome. He's straight to the point and maximizes his time with you. He is truthful and takes your time seriously. He has been very accurate so far and I'm grateful for his gifts!" ... written by J
Very quick and fast responds. Easy to talk to!" ... written by hearts111
His great connection gives good advices.." ... written by happy
he told me he was a medium,,,, but was not ,,,yet he proved how I felt ,,whats been going on in my Life andamp; what to expect for future ,,,he was pretty accurate,, " ... written by Michelle
Great reading very positive and intuitive. Made me feel alot better. Thank You!!!" ... written by Secunda
quick with connection. thank you" ... written by kat
Great reading, Thank you for the clarity!" ... written by Melrose
Thank You Very Much!" ... written by Brian
Lovelight 01 is a great reader. quickly to link to you and are very delicate understanding and compassionate, he knows his stuff. and I feel comfortable with what he says. he managed to get me to relax with his message. I come back it's a thing that's for sure. mild and warm, enthusiastic are words I would use about Lovelight, he knows what is going on. He is the Real Deal. and deserves ★★★★★ " ... written by Atman
Always feel better after i have a private with you ! ty" ... written by juie
Great Reader. He guidance, insight, and accuracy. He is wonderful!" ... written by J
Lovely man, whom I believe has the gift. He is very positive and encouraging. I can only wish and hope what he says comes to pass. I would recommend him most ardently. " ... written by John Yodice
good reader" ... written by ak
Thank you for your thoughtful reading." ... written by Jelena Momic
honest, accurate, give him a try! " ... written by Melrose
thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you for the update reading- im excited for valentine day! :) I will let you know if predictions come true " ... written by M.E.
He is very friendly andamp; honest. I feel positive what he told me concerning my Love Life will come to reality soon." ... written by cinderella295
He is very cute but i do not feel that he was connected to me or the being in my home. " ... written by midwestsierra
LoveLight01 wow..hit the nail on the head!! Definitely a direct view into my lovers mind andamp; heart. " ... written by Kathy
Thanks for the advice! I will an update soon." ... written by aprii84
LoveLight is a wonderful resource for direction. He is very direct and kind. I'm grateful for his gift and insight. His accuracy is spot on. " ... written by J
so compassionate and kind and wise. Seemed to get a clear connection and read my situation well. Made some very specific predictions which I am excited about. Will definitely be back!" ... written by Karen
thanks for connecting to my situation. i appreciate your help" ... written by meg
pretty good on the insight about my future " ... written by Jennifer2c
First time reading with Love Light, he was very fast and answered all of my questions. Thank you." ... written by Mel
Lovelight's candid exposure and deliberate poise is what sets him apart" ... written by JadeTeaJune7
He is truly remarkable and has provided guidance and insight into some tricky" ... written by JadeTeaJune7
LoveLight is my favorite " ... written by Melrose
Thank you Love Light for the update reading, helpful as always :) " ... written by Melinda
Psychic Love Light connected very well with my situation, and answered my question straight forward. He shares a very positive energy, put my mind at ease and he is no doubt an empathetic soul. I recommend him. 5 Stars. xoxox " ... written by Rose
he is always positive and i will come back when i feel negative again. ty" ... written by lifetarot
Hi LoveLight01, thank you so much for all of the readings that you give me, and with time all has come to be correct and accurate. Thank you for your understanding when I bug you so much about my relationship. You remain merciful while I shooting my questions out to you. I know it's hard trying to give me a reading and I am breaking down every sentence. But, through it all everything you have told me has been correct and true. So, if this last reading come to past then you will have big praises from me. You and I know this one is a journey for you as well as me....So far you rock!!!!" ... written by Tricey12
LoveLight is completely amazing. Always wonderful and accurate. He is so positive and honest. he can accurately see in my situation and provide direction. He is careful in his readings to make sure to give the most detailed and informative insight he can possibly share. I am extraordinarily thankful for his gift, talent, and personality." ... written by Jade
Quite simply the most wonderful person ever! so sorry our chat cut off! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by Tim
Simply the best, cutest, kindest, most considerate person. Very accurate and very concerned. I Am proud to say he is my friend not only just my adviser. He was able to tune into my energy right away! very recommended. Thank you very much! Will come back to update for sure. " ... written by Tim
First time with him but he is really amazing person, very tuned with my situation and answered my questions very fast, I will come back and I recommend him." ... written by John
Very encouraging and relaxing to chat with. Gets to the root of problems and situations giving you much food for thought." ... written by alexjhilt1959
Really kind and great reader" ... written by Christina
Great Reading" ... written by Tarotasot
he is quite good and to the point,I am totally amazed with the way he get into the core of the situation ,I will come back if his predictions happened." ... written by eventus
great!" ... written by Paulette
nice consultation!" ... written by kary
Thanks so much you are great and I will continue to keep the faith! Thanks for being honest with me its much appreciated! Awesome, best around. Always right about everything." ... written by pem
Thank you so much, i appreciate this a lot." ... written by MMarmalade
was quick with connection and helpful in guiding me to feel more positive! thank you" ... written by kat
what a nice reading a great guy, and was very helpful. good information! " ... written by Tricia
very helpful" ... written by gchild001
Thank you for your insight and connecting to the energy around me. I appreciate you insight and look forward to your prediction coming true" ... written by meg
quick with connection. thank you!" ... written by kat
was disconnected but went straight back into reading and was quick. very clear of what he sees for me. very helpful and really helping me stay positive for my situation. I hope all comes true! " ... written by kat
love is a great reader he gets everything so you can be sure that what he says is true. I am extremely pleased with his readings. he is super comfortable to talk to. he assure me back to what we talked about last time is still such. I have a really good feeling, I will come back at another time again ★★★★★" ... written by loverboy
LOVE AND LIGHT, your main strong points are only on love, not on general reading..." ... written by MMarmalade
He said that February was going to be good month and new start for me. Here it is Feb. 1st and positive things are happening already :) Thank you for the update readings, they help guide me along the way! Looking forward to this year and your predictions :) " ... written by Melinda
good read" ... written by emily
love light helps in meditation healing from a lot of things. And is very learnt it meditation. " ... written by karensp7
VERY ACCURATE! By far the most accurate guy I have ever had a reading from. Even when things don't at first appear as he sees it, things eventually come around and happens exactly ass he saw it. He has removed any doubt I had. " ... written by Tj
very supportive person " ... written by dheeren kumar
very good he tells it like it is." ... written by Brian
I had a reading a year and a half ago and Lovelight told me I would find a great love by June of last year. I met the man I will soon marry may 23rd and we are expecting our first child. Lovelight is very insightful and has proven in the past to be very accurate in his readings. I look forward to the changes he has seen in my future." ... written by Erica
He is more than brilliant. perfect reading i will come back for sure..." ... written by loverboy
LoveLight is the best! He has helped me through the last 6 months. I'm glad that his previous predictions came true because I'm excited about the new ones :) Thank you again " ... written by Melrose
I liked the spot on way how he mentioned about my questions and answered them in reassuring way. Could not have had positive energy delivered right to the door step without your help. Thank you so much for the care and loving words! Truly appreciate the time and energy! :)" ... written by Anonymous
Awesome reading Lovelight, thanks for everything. I hope I will make right decisions. I enjoyed the conversations very much. Keep doing your great work. Kind regards." ... written by COCOLO1989
lovelight is straight to the point after little while. give him some time and all will come to the fore." ... written by poquette
Such a beautiful soul of a reader here . He makes me feel always posiitive . I thank you so much !!" ... written by sandra
Really a lovely reader - peaceful and tuned-in. Highly recommended." ... written by lotus71
Thank you for your reading! God bless! " ... written by Rainbowspirit123
thanks for great connection and will see prediction come to pass." ... written by happy
He is amazing, cute and very fast, answered my questions what I feel right and his insight is consistent with other psychics here on Oranum. So, I hope his predictions will happen." ... written by Pamela
hope all will come true.. i will wait for him patiently" ... written by rubabe
A good reading . What he said seems true. I will recommend anyone to contact him" ... written by cinderella295
Great session. LoveLight is always informative, understanding and gets really in tune with the situation." ... written by Mel
seems to be dead on....good reading" ... written by Tc
Great reading thank you!!! ;) ;) ;) xx nice reader and kind god bless you" ... written by ..
LoveLight is very blunt, but he is honest and you have to be prepared for his honesty. Thank you LoveLight:)" ... written by Steph
I tried love and light out, he was very honest and knew what he was talking about. he gave me some great things to talk about and think on ... he is awesome !!!" ... written by gr8tday
Great Reading! He is always spot on and the update readings are always very accurate. It is like he knows what is going on without me having to tell him. He's my favorite" ... written by Tj
loved the reading. he was accurate and straight to the point. thank you so much. " ... written by lashun
Great Advice, Spot on about how I felt. Much Recommended A+++++++ , God bless you. " ... written by gopal
I appreciate your confirmation of the things I can see :)" ... written by Tie
Great~~" ... written by happy
Great always~~~" ... written by happy
It was getting good until my time was up. :(" ... written by Jessica
Its always a tremendous pleasure to talk with LoveLight gives the details and in a way that is very useful and understandable. Gotta love his readings!!" ... written by Mel
AMAZING reading! He was very accurate about every aspect of my situation. He didn't ask for any information other than names and DOBs to connect. The information flowed continuously throughout the reading and he was so helpful. I didn't really need to ask questions but I did toward the end. At one point, I felt that should ask "How do you know"?, to which he explained that he was reading energies. At this point, I could really feel strong energies of confirmation myself. I am psychic and I could feel the truth and validity of his words. EXCELLENT READING. 5+ stars. Highest recommendation. " ... written by MerkabahMan633
right on, and good energy" ... written by serenity
I got an update reading I am still on the right direction awesome reading thank you will check back in for another update 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
gave some advice, will follow, let us see!" ... written by f
He was spot on with my situation. I will be in touch with him soon with an update on everything I'm going through. I was so happy that I reached out to him and advise anyone who is living in doubt to reach out to him so that the doubt can be removed. He didn't sugar coat a thing which was what I really enjoyed. Overall great reading:-)" ... written by Peace2u2
He is amazingly accurate, right down to the hour, sometimes. He is also a sweetheart. Thank you, LoveLight!!!" ... written by Sarah
quick connection! good reading! thank you!" ... written by kat
Great reading and insight. Always very nice and positive." ... written by tj
a great and amazing connection. with great connection. i will be back." ... written by beauty
Great reading, hoping it's turns out as predicted!!!! " ... written by Will
Fabulous reading. Thank you very much!" ... written by Intuitnerd
awesome reading I have up date about some of the thing he told me that would happen yeah AMAZING 10 STAR" ... written by cuteface1972
well, I love his second reading and he is sooo positive with his reading not only about myself but also my loved ones..he knows a lot of things without me having to disclose anything..HE IS GENUINE People! Go for his expertise, Please if you want the truth!" ... written by angelnanthu
Great, always have a good connections." ... written by happy
Thank you my friend for the amazing talks. I am so looking forward to the next few months." ... written by Tie
Thank you for another awesome reading..Will come back with updates 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
Really great read. Very informative and positive. Excellent." ... written by Chris.
Good reading :) thank you" ... written by Alexandra
Spot on. he always remembers me and my situation without me having to say anything." ... written by Tayler
LoveLight is a very nice man. He has great patience and has become a good supporter of mine during my breakup. His update readings help a lot." ... written by Tayler
His connection is very good for the situations, feelings, pick up people energy." ... written by happy
Wow!!!..I love his reading so very much because he is just as accurate as my favourite Psychic and everything he has said brings more clarity in terms of my life and what I am expecting. He is a very calm reader and I feel very comfortable with him. Thank you Lovelight01. Very Highly Recommended guys! He is among the best of the best. " ... written by neelam
Great! Understands the situation and on point. Awesome" ... written by C9
Great reading." ... written by Criss
Great and precise reading! Enjoyed my conversation and positive motivational guidance. " ... written by Natalia Gromov
i found his words to be accurate, he said things that were accurate and true. he is very good at connecting with energy of the person he is reading despite the vehicle of a computer to negotiate. He confirmed what i already knew and i felt his words resonated with me " ... written by pam
Amazing! Five stars." ... written by Micthell
Very helpful and has definitely given me some clarity!" ... written by lauren
Thank you " ... written by Tie
Great as always~~~" ... written by h
He is calm and straight to the point he is good reading and truthfull" ... written by nolulamo
Very nice, good connection, but repeated a lot of the same phrases and I didn't follow everything he said. Was great the first time, this time so-so" ... written by Lari
Very kind, looking forward to seeing what happens, Thank you!!" ... written by Heidi
He is great, very accurate andamp; to the point. Give me a head up what is going to happen, so I will be prepared. I wish I had more to spend , so I could chat with him much longer. I recommend others to have a private reading with him. You will never regret." ... written by cinderella295
Well, very good advice and guidance as always. THANK YOU!!" ... written by JTJ
THANK YOU!" ... written by JtJ
Always wonderful" ... written by jtj
Great reader. You can't go wrong with his advice." ... written by J
THANK YOU!!" ... written by J
Thank you for the confirmation. " ... written by Tie
Great~~~thanks so much~~~" ... written by happy
sucks, he left me without saying a word" ... written by Julianna
He was great, fast and informative." ... written by C
always reaassuring on my lowest points, connects quickly, thank u :) " ... written by a
Great as always~ thanks so much~~~" ... written by happy
LoveLight's predictions always happen! I love talking to him because he is like a personal compass who is able to gently direct you towards your best decision. He gives regard to free-will, he is always respectful, and always accurate." ... written by JTJ7
I was skeptical at first, but gave him the benefit of doubt and he did not disappoint me. LoveLight01 went directly to the root cause of my problems. I already knew my issues beforehand, but it's nice to get confirmation from someone else without saying too much. Will keep in touch and see how the readings helps in the long run. " ... written by kan01737
Wow! What an incredible gifted man. Tunes in quick and right. Plus so compassionate. I hope to come back soon. He seems to read things the way they are. " ... written by kim
LoveLight was right about my career. But I am in financial issues and glad that you see it al positive and unfolding in the right direction. I appreciate and trust your vision and guidance:) Will be back soon to update. Thank you." ... written by happy
Outstanding, very pleased with my reading, very professional. Thank you! " ... written by Mel
Lovelight is an awesome reader . he gave me clarity on a situation that was concerning me . told me to have patience and everything would work out. I have read with him once before and pretty much what he said came to pass. he told me more communication my man is working things out in his head and for me not to worry and to stay positive !!!! so I give this reader 10 starzs very helpful" ... written by julie
Thank you, I am a bit anxious about the situation I am in. It is hard as you know. I will see what happens and hope and pray for the best. " ... written by Cristina
Awesome reading. Connected fast and told me peice by peice what is going to happen. Just like a story. Well i can't wait for this story to come to pass. I will be one lucky and happy girl. Thank You LoveLight1 for making my night. Give him a try you will not be disappointed." ... written by mc
Great read. very kind and informative. TY" ... written by Chrissy
As always, Love light is wonderful. So kind and lifted my spirits. He has such profound insight, I so greatly appreciate his guidance and direction. He is definitely a safe person to talk to, his room is a total non-judgment zone. THANK YOU, Love! XOXOXOXOXOX " ... written by J
Thank you for everything and the healing :)" ... written by Tie
first time having a reading with lovelight pretty informative and clear..will be back to update on situation" ... written by jim
Thank you so much! I feel so relieved after this! He is a very " ... written by Lina
He is so accurate, Spot on, I was skeptical what he said but he was right on. His predictions so far have halfway come true. I believe they are in the process of becoming completely true. I can see it coming as I follow his advice. Thank you so so much." ... written by Mel
Thank you for the insight and help." ... written by Mel
Fantastic reading, so sorry the funds ran out. Thank you for your kind and humble words. I do believe in the things we discussed, only time and faith will determine the outcome, as well as free will. Thanks again, I shall keep you informed!" ... written by Nancy
LoveLight01 was very accurate about my current situation andamp; gave me some valuable insight. Thank you :)" ... written by havy678
Always captures my heart and mind with his accuracy! He is never wrong and always honest." ... written by Jtj7
He picked up on some things that are usually overlooked. Much as I would have liked to steer the session, I did not. Thought perhaps I needed more general guidance. It's hard to jump without any feet, is it not? So, a base, or a foundation, was the focal point. It can be so nice to be reintroduced to one's self even if you've become long time strangers. So, go in with your questions--but realize that he might key in on things you had stopped seeing. We're never in charge, really, are we? Those masks we pick up in different places are never permanently affixed. Someone is bound to see past them, and if you've spent too much time validating them--fitting your self to them-- well, it might be a shock when someone addresses that person underneath. Purity--in a child. Do you know of a child who seems stricken by what they see and speaks freely about it even when all others are jabbering on about something totally different? At first, it might seem like they've talked out of turn, but if you allow them to continue and you really listen you'll be richer for it. " ... written by Anu
njoyed my reading" ... written by lovejones
He is friendly, nice and calm as always." ... written by happy
good and fast! accurate on who you are as a person how you feeling sends positive energies for positive thinking . try him out for your self!" ... written by Tamika
Honest, Kind, accurate and connects very quickly to the situation and remembers the aspects. Simply awesome and inspiring, thank you for the insights and compassionate help. Keep praying for me. xox" ... written by Mel
Very kind and encouraging." ... written by Marcell Mihaly
Thank you so much for the healing that was so needed! I can't wait to get back to you on this..." ... written by Tie
Good" ... written by J
Wonderful reading! On point!" ... written by J
He was a wonderful person to speak with! On top of that, he is very detailed and was in-tuned with my situation. He's also a very fast typist, so he gives you as much information for your time spent. I definitely recommend him!" ... written by Mel
Great Reading" ... written by edgar
thank you very good up date awesome reading thank you 10 star" ... written by cuteface1972
Always positive and uplifting. Did a healing on me and it always lifts me up!! Thank you!!" ... written by Kittenchops
This was a really great reading. He did a healing on me and I feel a lot better. Always makes me smile and is full of love and positivity!! Thank you!! xoxo" ... written by Kittenchops
He is lovely and connected very quickly to my situation. He offered very good advice to me to bring more positivity into it. he really can see and has an amazing gift which he uses in a positive way. Many thanks Lovelight, I am so grateful! :)" ... written by Kosmo
Really excellent reading, and it was good to hear from him and his insight. I appreciate the positivity and the insight into my relationship." ... written by BN
Just had another reading with LoveLight01. I feel that he is very good at picking up on my situation. The reading helped to ease my mind about a decision which I made. Highly recommend and I will be back for updates as needed. Thanks!!" ... written by LA
he made me relaxed and calmed me down by making me know what exactly is best for me. i feel less confused than i was before. thanks" ... written by dina
Very accurate and doesnt waste the point..thank you" ... written by Carla
Good to be back!!! I loved my readings, as always. They are awesome. I tried around a little bit, but I always come back to Love for a genuine and honest reading. He uses proper etiquette, is a quick-typer, a fast reader, and picks up on situations quickly. He provides honest answers to really hard questions. THANK YOU! XOXO " ... written by Jade Tea June 7
Lovelight01 was very sensitive and I got lots out of my reading with him, he made me relax and not worry so much. He saw things coming for me, that I did not tell him, and he was exactly right. I appreciated my time with him and would highly recommend him for a private reading. Thanks so much for a wonderful reading! 5 stars!" ... written by Roberta
Simply grateful for the help" ... written by jaqline
Always an amazing read and an amazing friend. xoxo" ... written by Kittenchops
Very kind and caring. Calming and supportive. I feel confident and supported" ... written by Dawn
I look forward to his predictions coming true. he picked up on the situation well and he gave me good advice. thank you for the reading" ... written by Eileen
I love him! He is amazing. " ... written by J
very wonderful reader very informative and gifted gave me positive energy healing and I feel better already!!! thanks again for your expert advise in my situation" ... written by julie
Thank you for connecting to my situation and giving me positive insight. i look forward to your predictions coming true" ... written by meg
great reading !!!" ... written by eva
thank u for ur insight! will be back for updates! tuned in pretty well" ... written by christina
Very good!" ... written by Ana Rotta
perfect" ... written by dee
Very warm and caring, and very accurate reading. His presence really calmed me and he gave me more clarity into my situation. Thank you, LoveLight!!!" ... written by G
Wonderful reading. Always positive and uplifting!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Your wonderful! I will keep you up to date :)" ... written by Tie
LoveLight is right on target gives good time frames and makes you feel so much better. Thank You for great update. I'll be waiting for Aprils predictions. " ... written by mc
he was spot on. to bad i ran out of credits before i could tell him that. hope to chat with him again!" ... written by lisa
great reading,and spot on " ... written by renata
Awesome and tender reading. The energy he gave me in this reading was needed...I immediately felt relaxed and quiet. He helped me see what I have been doing to hurt myself which was affecting my energy and happiness. He is teaching me to leave the past in the past, and to be able to move forward and be happy.....wonderful reading, thanks so much, I will be back for his guidance and wisdom and his gift! God Bless You LoveLight01" ... written by Roberta
Nice, easy to understand and spoke of things that I want to see happen. Will wait and see what comes about. I am hopeful." ... written by LalitainAR
Love is a one of a kind reader that is truly gifted. He has come to help me in so many ways, through healing he has relieved substantial amounts of pain in my life. I enjoy every reading with him and he is really one of a kind. Cherish your reading and try to absorb as much as you can of it, as it will be an experience to remember. Always positive and uplifting!!! Thank you Love!!! xoxo" ... written by Kittenchops
very quick connection. good insight. " ... written by mary
He seem to connect quick... but I wish I had more time for him to give more detail, I will come back with update. " ... written by Thanks God Bless....I will wait and see
You won't regret a private reading with Love! Always spot on." ... written by J
Wonderful, as always!" ... written by JTJ
Thank you he is a awesome and accurate reader came for an up date" ... written by cuteface1972
always great reading !!!" ... written by EN
Very reassuring with the situation I am dealing with. He was very compassionate and responded quickly. I felt he was able to connect with my and my situation and give me an honest reading. I pray and hope..... Thank you, I shall let you know the outcome. Blessings." ... written by Michmx
very kind, caring, id recommend" ... written by cc
Thank you, and Thank you!" ... written by Tie
Awesome!!!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Enjoyed my reading. Quick response time and easy format. Very excited for the future and grateful for the positive reading. Will definitely follow-up." ... written by claritysought
Excellent, excellent reading!!! I highly recommend LoveLight. You will be VERY, VERY GLAD YOU CONTACTED HIM. He is an excellent psychic and a caring and empathetic person. Please call him!" ... written by Sandra
Awesome. Just, awesome!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Pretty good. Got cut off and my cam didn't work for some reason, but good read overall and left me in a better spot than i was." ... written by Gracie
Thank you so much,, its a wonderful reading,," ... written by Han
Great update. he always knows whats going on. " ... written by Tayler
Very good reader, kind and insightful" ... written by alotlikedorothy
He is good and open minded, see situations clearly." ... written by H
As usual, he is precise and straight to the point. One of the best here. Thank you and will come back" ... written by Porco
He was very helpful and made me feel a lot better about my future." ... written by Keyara
Love is an awesome reader, one of the best here in my opinion. Kind, caring, non judgemental......honest as well. Always positive and uplifting. Thank you for all that you do Love, you have helped me so much. xoxo" ... written by Kittenchops
I had a wonderful reading and enjoyed what he had to say will come and talk to him again real honesty 2." ... written by lovejones3
Great reading. Always leave with a smile!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Very nice and is always nice to talk to." ... written by kittenchops
A gentle andamp; kind person, who guides me in a sincere andamp; understanding manner :)" ... written by Havy
Thanks Love, great as always, very calming, soul connected good readings always." ... written by H
Feeling oriented reading with great insights. Much appreciated." ... written by serenity
simply amazing!" ... written by christina
very accurate and kind... puts things into perspective well, will get another reading from him for sure :) " ... written by Meagan
Great talking with you" ... written by Tie
Thank you LoveLight! your insight is very accurate and precious to me:) I do believe and have lots of faith! I hope things start unfolding for me finally! Will be back soon on payday. Hugs and blessings!" ... written by Laurenna
Very gifted! I enjoyed reading and will speak with him again with updates. He gave insight on what my lost loves thoughts are when it comes to me and was spot on with his reading. Highly recommended." ... written by Peace2u2
Awesome person, great reading!!" ... written by Kittenchops
Awesome reading!!" ... written by Kittnechops
Great reading. Very accurate!!" ... written by Kittenchops
We keep getting disconnected but worth the money. :)" ... written by Kittenchops
He is so accurate and insightful, it is almost scary !! in a good way. The best guide and reader, just remarkable. A godsend to me for sometime. Thanks for the update message, I am not having funds to chat more, will come back soon. Highly recommended." ... written by Mel
Great reader. Always sending positive energy and reassurance. Awesome! " ... written by C.
Just amazing. Connects so well, and such a nice guy. Spot on info!" ... written by Freedom2211
Great reading, very uplifting and accurate. Thank you simple awesome." ... written by Lorann23
A wonderful spiritual reader. I give him the highest rate and will continue calling him. " ... written by sue
Great and accurate reading! " ... written by Jemina
He was correct regarding the problem and picked up on the energies straight away. will consult him again soon! " ... written by autumn
Thank you for the awesome reading! very professional. You helped me clear my mind and think more positively. Thank you for the positive warm energies and I will do what you advice. Thank you Thank you. Will be back for an update soon. :)" ... written by flovech82
He was able to tune right into my emotions and what was going on in my life. Great accuracy and compassion. I'd say he has a very powerful energy about me, so please be prepared for that. I'd definitely recommend him. " ... written by leia13
Wow! How positive was the reading today and everything that was coming up we spoke of the plans for the future and I'm amazed that this showed in the reading how exciting I'm really feel so positive now LoveLight and I really visualise my future with so much happiness now and again like I've said before it means so very much you a great guy." ... written by Mel
Great reading!!!" ... written by Kitten80
Great reading, very accurate. Kind and compassionate. :)" ... written by Kitten80
Genuine, caring person andamp; good guidance andamp; advice :)" ... written by Havy
very helpful update." ... written by tayler
Another amazing reading. Love sessions with Love! Thank you!!" ... written by Kitten80
wonderful person, beautiful soul. Accurate readings. Love is one of a kind!!" ... written by Kitten80
He offers great readings and reflection. His kindness and understanding truly compliment his abilities and gifts. " ... written by JTJ7
Awesome read, lovely person. Will be back for sure!!" ... written by Kitten80
Great reading and wonderful follow up. Always accurate." ... written by JTJ7
LoveLight always delivers great service and readings. He is truly gifted and always accurate. You cannot go wrong. " ... written by JadeTJ7
Amazing gift and a well balanced grasp on the reality of situations. Always impressed, always helpful. Thank You LoveLight01. " ... written by Meg
Very fast and good!! Reccommend doesn't waste time!! will see God Bless!!" ... written by P
LoveLight is an excellent, excellent psychic and a very kind-hearted person. He will give you an exceptional reading and is able to connect with you immediately. He is worth your time and money, and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM TO EVERYONE. " ... written by Sandra
Awesome read. Love Love. He's the best!!!" ... written by Kitten80
will try again" ... written by shnaz abdul
Made me feel 100 percent better about my situation" ... written by Meagan
Such great readings. Accurate, to the point. Such a wonderful person. " ... written by Kitten80
Good energy. positive feedback :) " ... written by nononoz1
Very good. Tuned into my energy quickly. Very sweet. I just wanted to ask a simple question that had to do with time frame. And he answered very specific. I hope you get a reading from him. Im sure you will enjoy! Thankyou!" ... written by Lynn
He always seems to lighten my mood and make me feel better about things that go so wrong. I will always return." ... written by Tayler
very caring energy - thoughtful and mindful reader - feel more positive and uplifted - great reading! " ... written by whenever21
You are so pleasant to talk to and truly gifted!" ... written by Tie
Awesome reading, wonderful person. :)" ... written by Kitten80
i feel relaxed anytime i talk to him." ... written by dee
Great reading, honest and open. Makes me feel very at ease. One of the best on here." ... written by Kitten80
thank you, you are great" ... written by wei hsun ho
Truly an amazing psychic, so gifted and talented. I feel so much better having talked to him. He brings clarity to my life that I can't find anywhere else." ... written by Kitten80
i love the calm energy he brings" ... written by jaqline
good reading" ... written by dee
He is such a kind andamp; caring person and always makes me feel better :)" ... written by Havy
Always wonderful. Always Accurate. Thank you." ... written by JTJ7
Exceptional readings!!! LoveLight gives me excellent readings, every time!! I have contacted him a few times now and I always feel better!! He tells the absolute truth and can connect with you IMMEDIATELY!! He is a very caring person and will give you an exceptional, accurate, truthful reading and will also give you care and concern." ... written by Sandra
Great reading, always thorough and accurate." ... written by JTJ7
Love is always spot on. I appreciate how genuine he is." ... written by JTJ7
very calm and sensitive soul :)" ... written by claudia
Always a wonderful reading with Love!" ... written by JTJ7
grateful for the positive energy he brings" ... written by jaqline
thank u!! amazing as always" ... written by cb
Very good. Excellent." ... written by Dwight
he was pretty cool and to the point " ... written by em
Thank you so much,, " ... written by Han
Always accurate and easy to speak with! You can't go wrong with a reading from Love." ... written by JTJ7
I felt he was pretty accurate and I will consider his advice ! thank you a lot " ... written by Gina
thank you for being there" ... written by jaqline
Great reading - really positive, and got the situation straight away. " ... written by Emily
Love is such a kind and genuine person. Always makes me feel better to talk to him. Can't wait for my next reading!!" ... written by Doubleheart
Predictions were right on! He is awesome!" ... written by Criss
First time read with him. I loved his calm demeanor and the fact that he was spot on. I can't wait to see how things go. Thanks!" ... written by Simple
Great to connect with this intuitive psychic. He is as caring as he is insightful. I appreciate his readings." ... written by serenity
he gave my answeres good reading" ... written by jackie royce
Kind caring andamp; very helpful " ... written by H
Very sensitive, and caring. Since I just had my reading, I am still waiting to see whether the predictions willl come true. But so far very happy about him. " ... written by Belzinha
thanks for the caring reading, it was a positive experience." ... written by Soul
I just really hope everything he says is true because I want to believe it!" ... written by gemini0605
Thank you, Thank you!" ... written by Tie
nothing but Love!!" ... written by Riss
Great insight, honest andamp; inspiring person :)" ... written by H
Lovely kind andamp; caring person andamp; always makes me feel better." ... written by Havy
Very insightful. Picked up on my energy quickly and gave specific advice on my character and what is to come.. Definitely recommend. " ... written by Amy
Five stars andamp; genuine caring man :)" ... written by H
Thank you! Thank you! If all this comes to pass that will be great!" ... written by Tie
Another excellent reading!! Thank you so much!! Love Light will connect with you immediately and tell you everything you need to know. You will be very happy. I highly recommend him." ... written by Sandra
Great reading, awesome psychic!" ... written by Mriss
great! warm, friendly, kind and positive! accurate feedback. :)" ... written by Nononoz1
5 stars for this kind, caring andamp; genuine man. Always makes me feel better about life :)" ... written by H
I know i can be a frustrating read, as I have many questions and I seek assurances and i can say that LoveLight kept me focused on the positive and for me that was important." ... written by lootty
Thank you so much," ... written by Han
very good, chat session cut out. But he was really detailed!" ... written by believeinlove
A beautifully positive and detailed person, with lots of insight and great advice to give! This reading had been a pleasure, and it told me things that I needed to know. Very lovely person, indeed~" ... written by Sara
my new found friend :)" ... written by Karla
he is so sweet always seems to calm me down and make me feel secure . he says to stay positive and things will work out" ... written by julie
thanks for helping and connecting to my situation . I look forward to your predictions coming true. thanks" ... written by meg
very helpful and brings positive energies .. i feel better now thank you" ... written by Karla
LoveLight is one of the best people on here. He is an excellent psychic and a very caring and gentle person. I highly recommend him to everyone. You will be very glad you contacted him. He will help you immediately!!" ... written by Sandra
Always giving a boost of positive and such helpful details, he is a joy to be around and very helpful!" ... written by Sara
Really sweet and great reader! Offers a lot to his readings. Not only does he give accurate details and good advice but, also sends positive energy and healing often. Superb!" ... written by C-tina
Very good reading and adding positive energy to my life when i need it most!" ... written by Jess
Wow! I am so looking forward to this..." ... written by Tie
thank you so much for reading, advice and kind words" ... written by gat
Beautiful reading from Love. He helped me so much to understand my daughter and what she is feeling, and help her feel at ease as well. Such a beautiful person and wonderful soul he has. Definitely 5 stars +++!!!!" ... written by Riss
very positive" ... written by maria
Great reader.. i keep coming to you as he is very fast during reading and doesnt waste your time and he is very direct to the point. I thank him because he has helped me a lot to keep clarity in my mind and move on during some difficult phase." ... written by CM
Very nice to connect, tells me truth, 1 prediction came to light, will see and pray!" ... written by P
awesome" ... written by Karla
Great!" ... written by C-tina
Cool! nice smile and gd advices" ... written by Pre
LoveLight01 was very good at giving me details about what the other person was thinking and feeling. He was able to give me clarity about the situation and ease my worries. I highly suggest having a reading, you won't be sorry. =)" ... written by Ashley
so helpful and feel that things will be ok a very nice person " ... written by mcbusted
Great sense of how things are working on an interpersonal level." ... written by serenity
Was a quick but effective reading" ... written by Adrienn
Thank you so much" ... written by Han
good source for positive energy" ... written by jaqline
he is good " ... written by loverboy
Had a great reading with Love. He is kind, caring, compassionate. Will gently give you the truth, tells you what you need to hear and will help work towards a solution. Great reading!! Will be back again for sure!!" ... written by Rissa
Awesome reading. Highly recommend." ... written by Karen
Great reading, couldn't have been better!" ... written by j
thank u amazing as always!" ... written by christina
Awesome psychic, great reading!" ... written by Tonya
What a wonderful psychic!!! Connects quickly and delivers his messages in the best way. Honest, concise, just perfect." ... written by Erika
Great guidance andamp; spiritual advice :)" ... written by H
Talk about a beautiful soul and amazing psychic! Not to mention, he's adorable, hee hee. He blew me away with his accuracy. Only things I would have known, and he knew! Unbelieveable!" ... written by Lisa
Very nice kind and truthful. He has a gift :)" ... written by Rebekah
First time having a reading with this person and he seemed to have a very good understanding of my situation and of the people involved. Has helped me feel a little more positive about things and would definitely recommend." ... written by sam
excellent!! makes me feel good everytime i talk to this guy! very accurate and helpful!" ... written by Karla mercado
great reading, good psychic." ... written by Elisa
Great reading by Psychic Love Light. He was spot on with my situation and gave me good guidance. " ... written by Albert
Omgosh, Love is so amazing, I can't even begin to tell you! Wonderful reading, I feel so much better!! Can't wait to talk to him again!" ... written by Kelly
let me tell you that I'm very pleased for the reading I was with you, you confirmed me and I know you are the real deal. because your details were spot on." ... written by adam
He was accurate, to the point and very helpful. Would recommend him to everyone. " ... written by Elena
Amazing psychic! His words all true and he gave me great advice!!!!" ... written by Summerbreeze888
Another great reading from Love! :)" ... written by Mriss
guided me on the ryt path.. " ... written by Karla mercado
thank you" ... written by mandour
Clear, concise, to the point. Loved it!!" ... written by Noni
he was great " ... written by chloe
he clarify some things, but i will have to wait for the prediction come to pass" ... written by aerohopper
Very gifted and fast, detail.... He is awesome and trustworthy, very positive I trust what he says, they have come true!! AMAZING!!!" ... written by P
Good guy, enjoyed the reading." ... written by Mel
Wow!!! Spot on with everything. Highly recommend." ... written by Monica
thank you very much !!! very understanding and take stime to analyse every single thing ! very accurate :)" ... written by Rouben
wow and wow and wow , i told in private the same, this is a very special person, very sweet, amazing good energy indeed, really sees things like they are, yeah seriously one by one he was telling is indeed like it is, im not psychic but i feel he is VERY into the spiritual world , a god child ... god bless you lovelight01, i mean it !!" ... written by peter
Intuitive, connected immediately, felt optimistic fingers crossed on results. Recommend to connect!" ... written by BK
Had a great reading. Very informative and on point. :)" ... written by Mikayla
good job" ... written by mano
thank you so much for sending me energy." ... written by Leo
he is great lots of good information i will be back for sure..." ... written by Tor
Really sweet. Honest and detailed reading. Clear on the situation. Great reader!" ... written by Christin
LoveLight gives exceptional readings. You will be very glad you contacted him! I cannot recommend him enough!!" ... written by Sandra
Every time I have a reading with Love, I feel so much lighter, happier, more grounded. He brings me back to feeling Amidst all the chaos in this world, he's truly an angel sent down to help me, to guide me. He's such an amazing person and probably the most real, honest and gifted psychic I know. Never ceases to amaze me what he is capable of and how much better I feel after talking to him. When he does energy work on me, I feel absolutely amazing afterward. Like I'm bouncing on the clouds. Truly a beautiful soul in him sent by God to help us all. I am forever grateful to have the honor of knowing him and getting to experience his work and wonder. " ... written by Mriss
This guy is really good. Knows his stuff for sure. Give him a shot, you won't be disappointed." ... written by Trevor
Very talented and gifted psychic. Enjoyed my reading." ... written by Prettygirl
Great guy, really helped me gaining some clarity. Thanks." ... written by Matthew
Lovely, caring man andamp; always encouraging " ... written by H
awesome advice ! thank u for the enlightenment :)" ... written by Karla mercado
i love talking him he always connect to my current situation fast and is very accurate. he gives off positive energy and is very understanding and compassionate!! i recommend anyone to have a reading by him. i will gaurantee u will feel better and confident afterwards." ... written by amedley
Hes wonderful thank you so much!! :)" ... written by Travis
grt reading" ... written by mp
Thank you so much" ... written by han
Good Reading. Quite accurate" ... written by Meredith
An excellent, gentle thoughtful and true psychic. Lovelight is kind and gives accurate insights. Lovelight is clearly a psychic from many generations and knows how to use his gifts. You will spend your time well with him!" ... written by Chesha
Solid reading with a lot of good energy! I'm looking forward to the outcome. Keep on smiling!" ... written by sc
Fantastic session with Love. The most kind and caring, uplifting person on here. Gentle and sweet his messages are delivered, but always the truth. His readings are bar none the best out there. Truly gifted and always on point with EVERYTHING. He's my #1 psychic to go to with any problem, and he always helps me find a solution. Truly blessed to have him in my life. " ... written by Mriss
Great feel lighter already" ... written by Kalpesh Dullabh
well, he is very consistent with his readings. Hats up to you!" ... written by nan
Great Chat and cant wait!" ... written by Tie
Great reader can always feel so assure after his insights on the situation . Thank you so much for your help always . God Bless you :)))" ... written by sandra
what a sweet heart! loved his energy and reading. Will come back" ... written by chait
it is always a pleasure getting a reading accurate awesome 10 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
excellent reader!! :)" ... written by Karla mercado
Give me a really good advice and brought me to a higher perception of the situation which I'm currently at. It is a second time that I'm seeing him and so far I'm not disappointed." ... written by Matthew
I will trust him and wait for predictions to happen. overall great experience " ... written by tg
Lovelight is a great psychic and will give you an excellent, excellent reading. He can connect with you immediately and tell you everything you need to know. I highly recommend him." ... written by Sandra
I really treasure having readings with Love. It's always a wonderful experience getting his insight. He is the best at being able to help me and guide me through the difficulties I'm having in my life right now. Before finding him I felt so alone and overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do or where to begin to tackle the issues I was having in my life. He has helped to unlock my own abilities and help me realize that I DO have control over my life and I have the power to help myself and can set things in the right direction. I could never thank him enough. Truly a gifted psychic sent by God to help us all make sense of our lives. Such a magical person. Amazing. :)" ... written by Mriss
Hes wonderful!! :) thank you!!! " ... written by Travis
Very good reading - thank you so much LoveLight for the positive energy. I really needed it today! many blessings andamp; much gratitude. " ... written by Kelly
Love is such a fantastic psychic. Always quick and to the point, ALWAYS HONEST, even if it's not something you necessarily want to hear, he will tell you no matter what. He is such a blessed soul, and is sharing his gift with everyone that he can in order to help the lives of everyone he comes across. I am so glad I found him. He is so wonderful, I will never trust another psychic!!!" ... written by Kitten
Very nice and always answers my questions :)" ... written by Travis
Great reading. Very detailed and precise." ... written by Katy
Very gifted and intuitive. Knew right from the start what I needed help with. " ... written by Krista
Another great session by this fantastic psychic. I gain more and more clarity every time. He's really helping me work through some deep issues, things even a therapist couldn't even help with. Truly amazing. Thank you Love!!" ... written by Mriss
good reading" ... written by d
Fabulous reading. He really inspires me to be the best that I can be. He is helping me find my true life's path and follow it to the best of my abilities. So gifted and unique. You will never be disappointed in a reading with him." ... written by Kitten
This guy is really gifted. I had a really great reading from him. He connected fast and was very accurate and is also a quick typist which is great, didn't take him long to relay the information." ... written by Jay
Cool guy, good reading." ... written by Jesse
Wow, what a great reading! He totally blew my socks off! Can't believe the details he knew, only things that I would know, he knew about. Amazing!! Will definitely be back!" ... written by LaurenAnn
Great reading." ... written by Terry
he was really awesome great psychic, would recommend him to anyone. :)" ... written by Tina
Really good session. Unlocking the past and moving forward with Love's help and expertise. He is invaluable. Truly a gem. :)" ... written by Mriss
Awesome session, he rocks!" ... written by Jess
Really nice guy and very accurate reading. Would highly recommend to anyone." ... written by Shelly
very accurate reading im always satisfied with him in his reading so clear and in details." ... written by mfd
good to reconnect with this guy! excellent reading 10 stars!!" ... written by Karla mercado
Thank you so much for your prayer" ... written by nana
Thank you so much" ... written by leo
thank you always a pleasure 10 stars" ... written by cuteface1972
good" ... written by mano
Great session, blew my socks off. Loved it!!!" ... written by Beauty
Thank you so much" ... written by nana
Very Good and calming! Very possitive" ... written by Angeles
Such a lovely presence and such a helpful soul. He reaches out to you and helps you with such clarity of mind. Thank you and you truly live up to your name of spreading love and light on people like us! " ... written by simsim
Really a good psychic, honest and accurate. Will come back." ... written by AJ
Very positive and uplifting, knew things that only those very close to me would know. Great reading." ... written by Sara
Wow, great details, can't wait to see about predictions! Ten stars!!" ... written by Lana
Really good reading. He was able to tap into a lot of really important things going on in my life right now and very helpful." ... written by Alan
Reading was amazing. Couldn't have been better. Best psychic on here." ... written by Kitten
Great session, very helpful and kind. :)" ... written by Beauty
Very Insightful he knows a lot without you giving him information. He is also very positive. Hopefully his predictions come true. " ... written by Brandi7479
This guy is really good. I was skeptical at first but he is really on point with details, time frames, the whole bit. Hire him, you won't be disappointed." ... written by AJ
My friend Thank you! Many blessings." ... written by Tie
He is really a good psychic. I have been to a few others and he was so far the best, very insightful and had good details for me. Really going to help me get where I need to go." ... written by Monica
Went for help on my love life, and got what I needed. Thanks so much." ... written by Alan
Another really good session. He's so positive, makes me feel so much better working the issues out with him. Predictions are happening!!!! Amazing!!" ... written by Beauty
Such a powerful presence on this site and such a good person. He will work with you and make sure he brings back your smile. Try him once and feel the difference !" ... written by silver days
Thank you so much" ... written by Nana
Thank you that's really amazing, " ... written by Nana
Wonderfully gifted psychic, makes me feel so much better having his guidance in my time of need." ... written by Beauty
Very powerful full of light and love, does not waste time!!" ... written by P
Really cool guy and good reading. Got some good insight on a situation with my girl, hope it all pans out. Reading was really good though." ... written by Jaker
Clearly saw the people involved and the situation. Very good reading." ... written by Alex
Very great reading, very nice person. He did a wonderful job." ... written by Allison
I have no words. Just amazing." ... written by Beauty
Very good reading, very precise and accurate. Lovely person." ... written by Ashley
So this guy I assume lives on this earth, and rarely smiles, until i made him smile, anyway he was good with answering all my questions, detailed, positive, honest, and good vibe. Have yet to see the future, will send him updates............recommended" ... written by Delicious
wow very special session today, i learned a BIG lesson actually today thanks to lovelight01 , i can not talk about , too personal, but deep inside he gave me with a technique thank you " ... written by peter
awesome reading." ... written by Mriss
Love is so kind and helpful. Honest and sincere reading, full of love and light. :)" ... written by Beauty
Amazing!!!!" ... written by Alexis
good reading!" ... written by Jim
You got the financial issues, family issues, all the other issues right. Thank you for making me smile. Very accurate on so much." ... written by Lana
So i keep going back for his positive energy, accurate, right on the money, detailed with answers, future looks bright............" ... written by Delicious
Very positive and healing does not waste time.... Best detailed psychic on here!!! A good friend and Confidant!! Blessed human Being...." ... written by P
You were much of help thank you very much." ... written by Matthew
Thank you so much" ... written by nana
thanks :)" ... written by x
A bit slow to reply, but answers seemed genuine. Guess will have to wait and see if his predictions come true? " ... written by SSK
Was out of credit, but what love had to give was precious. He channels quickly, very clear english and fast typing skills. He is direct and compassionate. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great Advisor...very in tune with your energy. He can pick up on whats going on in your life and help you through it. " ... written by Brandi7479
Nice guy, good reading. Thanks." ... written by T
amazing reading, thank you very much lovelight" ... written by peter
unbelievable really he was telling today exactlyyyy same my intuition was telling me few days ago, crazy " ... written by peter
Thank you my dear friend as this is so hard! I dont know what I would do with out having someone to reach out too." ... written by T
Thank you so much" ... written by nana
very good reader." ... written by Emotionall_M
great reader" ... written by Emotionall_M
The immense amount of positive energy that he will send you will surely brighten your day. !!! He is package with positive energies . His predictions have been true and i am grateful that i cam across Oranum and meet him. Thank you soo much for all the positive vibes.. " ... written by Priya
Very genuine and cares about your situation!! Best on here!! Hes been right so far!! Thank you for your patience and Guidance!! :)" ... written by P
Thank you so much of what you tell me today " ... written by Nana
Had a wonderful reading with Love. So kind, caring and intuitive. Truly blessed to have found him. :)" ... written by Beauty
This reading rocked!!" ... written by Elsa
great feedback" ... written by nancy
Very direct and fast. He sees things as they are and is honest ad compassionate. Highly recommended. " ... written by Rita
He is lovely and very empathic." ... written by mins
Honest, such a good reading. He was amazing, gave me so much clarity on my troubles. Just a wonderful human being, you can feel his love when you enter the room. Also very professional. Highly recommend him to anyone that is need some clarity on their life. " ... written by Kendra
predictions 2 months ago come to pass.... good advise and caring" ... written by kmercado
Personable, friendly and connected quickly. Very positive. " ... written by LalitainAR
Quite nice and caring. Not exactly precise but in general accurate about my situation, even without me telling him what happened." ... written by Tiffany
Brilliant. Connected quickly and told me the truth. He was spot on with so many things. Will be keen to see about future events. Thank you." ... written by B
always feel much better when spoken with him, he is so caring" ... written by Nana
So my life has been a whirlpool, whenever I need uplifting I seek his help, Can't stop counting my blessings with his utmost positive disposition!" ... written by Mother of London
Thanks you so much," ... written by Nana
He was my first reading and I liked the feeling that he was focused on me. I can feel he was honest, I asked him about moving and he could tell I was worried about that and my career so its making me want to believe. All I can do is take his advice and stay positive and hope for the best. So thank you very much. " ... written by Heather
Nothing but inspirational positive flow of energy, recommended to all feeling low!" ... written by Billo
Thank you for being a part of my life. I would of never made it the past few months without you. You have a gift that you should be very proud about and never doubt what a great person you are. Best wishes!!!!" ... written by Flat
Good Reading" ... written by Brandi7479
Very nice and supportive. " ... written by Angel
I love this guy. His energy put me into the right frame of mind, and gave me hope for the future. I really recommend this guy if you're looking for a reliable psychic that is honest and sincere. Not only is he a good reader, but also handsome as well. 5 stars from me *****" ... written by justdoooittt
I have him down as one of my favorites, and with due reason. Always positive and helps calm my fears. I'm still waiting, of course, that's what he said I needed to do which is confirming what I'm hearing from a multitude of places! Definitely would recommend." ... written by LalitainAR
What a personality. I am so happy to have met you LoveLight01. Extremely accurate. You truly are a blessing from God to be gifted this special knowledge. Keep on doing the great work. It will definitely change many lives. All the best." ... written by Anita K
He was nice and positive. Definitely gave great vibes and all the information that I needed. He was able to offer me insight and advice where I felt like I made a new friend. I will be updating him soon! " ... written by Theresa Liu
Excellent reading today. Full of love, laughter and great insights. Truly enjoy my time with Love, he is one of a kind!!" ... written by Beauty
He is very lovely and caring. " ... written by mins
Very positive and loving energies along side great council which was very beneficial to my situation. I'm glad I choice him." ... written by Matt
Lovelight is really wonderful, very kind and put me at ease immediately. I've tried a few psychics on here, but he is definitely the best so far. I will be returning for sure." ... written by Kelly
Just wanted to update, one of his predictions just came to pass. Amazing!!!" ... written by Beauty
Thank you so much," ... written by Nana
Very helpful gave great guidance. i would definitely have a private reading with him again" ... written by crodgers1723
Really cool guy and gave awesome insights into my future. I can't wait to find out if it comes true. Many thanks my friend." ... written by Zeke
Very helpful and on point. He gave a detailed reading of the situation. Described the past, present and future.. Thanks for the insight. Staying positive :) " ... written by C D
Light was friendly, accurate as he read off my mind!! Love him!!" ... written by Claudia
Bright and shiny psychic star this man is. Just lovely, very accurate and helpful. Quick typer, lots of info, good English, easy to understand. Liked him very much. Will see about his predictions soon and will update him. Cheers!" ... written by Mindy
thank you soo much for your reading... hope everything is coming to pass.." ... written by Em
Thank you so much," ... written by Nana
Very positive and helpful and every issue. Cares deeply!!! He is spot on and doesn't waist your time or money. So glad to have met him. Very good soul!!" ... written by P
very nice and caring reader who listens and gives you lots of advice and help, he is very accurate with alot of details." ... written by awesome
always great reading, he make me feel so much better" ... written by Nana
This was my first reading ever and I have to say I was really impressed! He was very detailed and spot on with details, time frames, etc. Overall an excellent reading and I would definitely recommend him to everyone." ... written by Brenda
very good at what he does. thank you" ... written by raysa martin
fast connection and details hope predictions come to pass" ... written by thank you
You really blow me away LoveLight. Your personality is so great I don't like to leave the chat room esp. when I have no more credit lol. Your readings are accurate, truthful and pure. I appreciate all the help you gave. I have no words to describe how you always bring a smile to my face whenever I am down. Sorry I made you feel emotional, hope you will always keep on smiling too as you told me. I will wait for your email. Take care and hope to see and talk to you soon." ... written by Anita
This was my first reading - as personality, LoveLight01 comes across as very charismatic, strong, interesting to talk to - let's see how the analysis that he delivered will work. Staying positive and optimistic. :)" ... written by Emmy
Thank you! I am looking up always!" ... written by T
Thank you," ... written by Nana
thank you so much" ... written by Nana
Very good, need to make right decisions, so , leaving free will but, understandings... very REMARKABLE PERSON!!! Very DETAILED!!! Amazing, will see....!!! Prayers!" ... written by P
this is a great man he help me in so many way . I didn't belive but everything he told me has came to pass. thank u ." ... written by love jones
LoveLight is just great! Always positive and constantly encouraging, keeping us in his prayers! " ... written by Claudia
The Best Reader ever, anyone looking for guidence this is your guy! You won't find a better one on this website.........." ... written by Delicious
This name "lovelight" is perfect for you. I know you will do good with others as you did with me. I am both happy and sad. You are a gift sent from above and beyond. Continue with the good work and keep up the spirit you have in you. All the best!!!" ... written by Anita
I never get tired of talking to you. You truly are an amazing person. Wish you lots of success. It is truly a pleasure to have met you. I am sure everyone else will say the same about you if they have a reading done. Continue doing what you do best. XOXOXOXO" ... written by Anita
Do you want to know someone who is spot on? This is your guy, go for it, you will not regret it, my recommendations........." ... written by Delicious
He's a really cool guy." ... written by Chiara
Wish I could be like you....thanks for all that you do for me. I am really lucky to have met you. Your are so honest at what you do. Keep it up!!!" ... written by Anita K
Thanks for connecting to my situation. I appreciate your insight and postive guidance. have a blessed day" ... written by meg
thank you,, that's great, and thanks for the prayer," ... written by Nana
Will knock your socks off! Just try him you will not be disappointed.........." ... written by Delicious
Wow, unbelievably unique! FIVE STARS *****" ... written by Delcious
Nice readning. Felt like it was connected for sure. Thank you :)" ... written by Moa
The reading was a good experience. It was answers to my questions. Extremely happy. " ... written by Janine
lovelight01 was superb ...wonderful talent...stunningly accurate in his readings and I look forward to his predictions for the future.. straight to the point and very helpful and compassionate... honest and polite ...highly recommended" ... written by michael
very good and seemed to be accurate about where i am regarding my career right now and i trust that what he said will come true. only problem i had that he was a bit slow with his answer and not straight to the point but other than that i was very happy and pleased :)" ... written by renae
ABSOLUTELY fantastic" ... written by MICHAEL
Thank you and Thank you!" ... written by T
Really good, felt thing as they are. Now I have to wait and see! :)" ... written by Josee
Very nice, don't waist time or money, very helpful advice, he is very sincere!! WORTH IT!! He is an angel!! THankyou for all your help. I know you will be a big success!!!" ... written by P
Some inspiration he is! God's gift, may you always be successful in life! Thank you." ... written by Delicious
he is really good good in picking my situtation precisly great reading " ... written by sarujan
Thank you for an update on my situation and as always you have great and comforting energy around you." ... written by Matt
Reading seems like an addiction, is there a way without his positive energy!" ... written by Delicious
waht can i say this man is The REAL DEAL !!!" ... written by loverboy
he is great one of the best , he nailed all things rigth a way" ... written by loverboy
Endless positive energy, affirmations, Love with such a bright Light, no shadow of doubt, this is your bright and shiny Angel from above, ray of sunshine in your life, heavenly gifted!" ... written by Delicious
His confidence is amazing, his crystal ball (no tools) is crystal clear as far as I can see the future! Ray of SunShine, Thank you" ... written by Delicious
Thanks for all you did. I am really happy you helped. It is always is a pleasure to talk to you. Your are so sweet and knowledgeable. You were sent on earth for a purpose and it surely is paying off. Keep up the good work you are doing. God bless!!!! XOXOXOXOXO " ... written by Anita K
You're absolutely a wonderful guy. I'm lucky to have met you. You're too generous and kind which is rare these days. It was meant for us to cross paths somehow." ... written by AK
You're amazing! I find it hard to put a price on your energy, clairvoyance, and advice you give to me. You have served me well. You not only give me strength but you restore my faith in God that I so desperately need and sometimes forget. Your help has been so valuable to me. I really appreciate it. Thank you." ... written by A
Your generous spirit, compassion and authenticity are much appreciated. I am so glad to be connected with you for who you are. God Bless!" ... written by Flat
Thank you so much for the most accurate reading. I feel so much better after talking to you. It feels like you know everything about my life what is going on and what will happen. You gave me hope and reason to smile again. God bless you" ... written by Neel
I can’t even begin to explain to you how awesome I feel. On every level. I could go on forever about what you did for me." ... written by Anita K
what can I say,,,,,,, he is really great" ... written by nana
Thank you , its really great, as always" ... written by Nana
pointtttttttttt on !! very positive energy indeed" ... written by peter
I loved my first reading with him. I got so much good energy from him and advice. He knew my situation right away. Can't wait for stuff to start happening for me. Thanks and I"ll be back andamp; in touch! Much love and blessings" ... written by Amy
I am so pleased with his reading to me. He's on the spot. Thank you LoveLight for the clarity. " ... written by Royal
he is great! will tell you everything without asking anything else other than you name and dob!, will deff keep in touch with him!" ... written by maria
Very kind and very gentle. He doesn't waste time and really make you feel very comfortable." ... written by dlmad44
Omg he is awesome!!! And he's sweet, caring, and very thorough in his advice. He doesn't leave me hanging with questions. I highly recommend!!! :)" ... written by Aubrey
Omg, was he accurate!! And he was so supportive too :) Will come back" ... written by Aubrey
thank you, keep on smiling :) it helped !!" ... written by peter
Heavenly Gifted!" ... written by Billo
Thank you is insufficient. You know you’ve given me so much direction just like the last time. I feel so reassured after speaking with you—that’s the most important thing. I feel confident that I can handle this big step that I will be taking in the next couple of months. You’ve been wonderful! It’s been a blessing finding you on the internet. Take care. XOXOXOXO" ... written by Anita K
You have no idea what you have given to me. You are like an angel who opened your wings to help build self-development and spiritual growth back into my life. You are a gifted person. God Bless You Always! XOXOXOXOXO" ... written by Anita K
The way that you talk is so loving. It’s so powerful. I was astounded at how you do it. Take care!!!" ... written by SS
“You’ve really changed my life for the better. Wow. I can’t thank you enough.”" ... written by AK
Predictions are coming true in every sense, Thank you!" ... written by Billo
he was really nice, very positive, and clear" ... written by sofiacq
supportive, caring and honest. Even during my emotion, non emotion and intolerance to the current situation, he helps to bring sense of the situation. A great man and I'm very interested to see if the path he see's is correct. " ... written by B
its really great, amazing, as never want to stop talking" ... written by nana
Always good!!" ... written by P
Believe in his predictions, you won't be disappointed!" ... written by Billo
Thank you for your guidance! Very intuitive and positive!" ... written by Rosemary
Guiding Light of the life, something about his energy tells me life is going to be good from now on, I have yet to figure out future but can't be that bad, can it? Love, laughter and the works........Thank you!" ... written by Mother of London
He was AMAZING!!!!! So accurate, so loving, I really felt he was right on and knew everything!! :) Thank you LoveLight01!! :) " ... written by Alexis
You can have the best reader at your hand, belief can take you a long way, i highly recommend his guidance......." ... written by Billo
Good nature, always positive and wishing and assisting toward only good things toward you. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Very patient, just trying to believe in all the good, An Amazing Person, very nice!" ... written by P
That's really great , as always and thank for your attention and your caring, it always nice talking with you,, " ... written by Nana
Life couldn't be better, his help provides lot of directions with an exceptional guidence!" ... written by Mother of London
One of a kind! Can't beat it..........." ... written by Mother of London
that's was really wonderful, thank you so much for your attention and caring,." ... written by nana
Wow!! I love how well he connected! He remembered my situation perfectly, along with my date of birth and my love interest's date of birth. It was like having a good friend remember the all of the important details. :) He wanted to give me an update on my situation, and it was really spot on! He also makes you feel at ease and makes you feel adorable and loved " ... written by Aubrey
we just finished talking and it was really great, as always," ... written by Nana
very vague, would not be back" ... written by jujjs'fj
LoveLight01 provided me prompt, to the point good reading." ... written by Lakshmi
what can I say, he is so great, best reader, very nice man, " ... written by Nana
Thank you so much for the insight " ... written by Paula
Very good reading, I feel like I am guided correctly. Thank you so much" ... written by Cadesia
my 1st priv chat with lovelight1. he was spot on in my situation. will give updates as they come. " ... written by hmr
Words are not enough to describe his God gifted talent, not everyone is gifted but I can tell this one is, more power to your success!" ... written by Miss London
came back for an update, awesome reading, straight to the point " ... written by yg
Left me speechless! Just waiting for the time to come through, hoping for the best! Don't they say miracles do happen!" ... written by Done Done London
positive." ... written by geegee
Kind andamp; gentle person andamp; genuine opinion andamp; care given" ... written by H
very good reading!!! " ... written by jh
He is so loveeeeeeeellllyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! " ... written by Natalie Tayim
Lovely reading tuned in right away." ... written by Panaflower
That's really, really great, as always" ... written by Nana
Thank you! Thank you!" ... written by T
I feel so much at peace after talking to you! Thank you, I am at a good place now." ... written by A
Nothing compares to this angel!" ... written by Billo
woow thank you,," ... written by nana
You have amazing energy and a smile that radiates love. Thank you so much for all your guidance and wisdom. You have a genuine gift and I am grateful that you have been brought into my life. I look forward to talk to you again soon!!" ... written by F
Great!" ... written by Alexis
thank you...great reading" ... written by plutogirl
wow, omggg, can smbdy please tell me to stop thinking omg, amazing how smbdy can be so accurate, can see things so like they are, we had exactly the same intuition about the things we were talking about" ... written by peter
he is great,very goodreadingand with any information he gotthe essential points!!!" ... written by positive
absolutely brilliant. Connects quickly and tells you the truth without sugar coating. No tools needed because his gift is genuine and refined. Thank you for your help. I will definitely be in touch. " ... written by B
Good to see you and your smiling face...stay this way always." ... written by A
Nice reading, too bad it was cut short!" ... written by Mary
Thank you, that was great, as always," ... written by Nana
Absolutely brilliant. Every time I am blown away by his connection, truth and sensitivity. I will come back time and time again to hear the truth. " ... written by B
Very positive thank you" ... written by Brandi7479
doing some healing exercises, thank you for that :)" ... written by peter
He can give you all the unexpected positive results, recommended to all.............." ... written by Billo
HE IS GREAT MADE ME FEEL LOVED AND AMAZING" ... written by karrime bribiesca
truly amazing, you are so wonderful, great," ... written by Nana
Love your very warm, comfortable and loving energy. Thank you for sharing your gifted vision of love, goodness and faith. You have touched upon my heart in many ways, and helped me to open myself to new areas of growth, healing, and love. You have helped to put my mind at ease, so I may focus on what I believe in, and what I believe will elevate me to my next destination in life. Thank you so much for navigating me, encouraging me, and inviting me, to empower myself. Thank you again from the purest place in my heart." ... written by AK
Thank you for all the times you have talked to me and thank you for giving me solid advice regardless of what is going on." ... written by Sweet Soul
very nice guy , very nice reading , he was right about how i was feeling , i hope his time frames are right " ... written by nat
Energetic connection!" ... written by Billo
its always great and nice talking with him " ... written by nana
My soul feels full of excitement. I am so grateful you were chosen to help others. All the best and take care!!!" ... written by Sweet Soul
I really don't know what to say, just feel its really great , amazing, your caring attention and so genuinely warm," ... written by Nana
Helped me a great deal, thank you " ... written by Rudiestar1
Had a lot of nice things to say and gave positive information need to wait and see if it comes true." ... written by Sheila
You are a beautiful person that acknowledges talent as a gift from God, meant to be shared for the good of humankind. I'm glad I met you because you are definitely one of the best." ... written by Sweet
I will always be an advocate of what you do…so I hope you never get sick of the “thank-yous” because you deserve every single one of them! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." ... written by Annie
You have given me divine guidance when I needed it most in my life. Really, truly, appreciated." ... written by Anita
The charisma and power you have is just unbelievable, and a confirmation of your being genuine and sincere. Good Luck!" ... written by SS
I cannot express how much the universe was working in my favor. My soul needed a boost and you did it. My heart is bursting with happiness. Really, thanks to you." ... written by A
It was apparent to me that you are very genuine and speak things that really do have a basis in fact. You have made a believer out of me and I really enjoy talking with you today. I really appreciate all of your help and counsel and feel that this gift can only come from God. Take care until we talk again." ... written by Anita K
his energy level is so good, he's really level headed, answered some of my questions before i even asked, i have spoken to a few other psychics, he just wants me to do well, i wish i came to talk to him sooner" ... written by dfadsf
reading was assuring. now will have to see what happens and can post more after." ... written by malteser1970
I appreciate your good work…I am in awe of your many talents, kindness, and the goodness you bring into this world." ... written by Anita K
His cuteness is too charming as he keeps you smiling through the bad things that are happening in your life." ... written by ANTONIA
I was not feeling very positive and was having many doubts when I started my reading, but by the end of it I was feeling exactly the opposite. Feeling much better, my mind is much clearer and I'm back on the right track. " ... written by Diana
Know these blessings will always come back to you which you share with others. Wish you well." ... written by Ann
It was a great pleasure talking to you. Thank you very much for your comfort and support! Thank you, you are an angel." ... written by Ann k
Thank you so much, for spending time with me." ... written by A
I like this guy but my only problem was he took so long with me to start to connect and a parts of my credit were gone before he actually answered my question. Make sure you have enough credits to get all the answers you need. With that said, He was spot on and in fact something he told me turned out to be true the next day. I love how deep he reads you. He reminds me of another person on this site who to me is like talking to an angel. I will be back for a follow up" ... written by ezeepass
He has a lot of positivity radiating from him and the same goes for his reading :)" ... written by S
Thank you for bringing clarity, peace and hope for the future, at a time when I needed it most. Best Wishes Always." ... written by S Soul
In this moment, I knew I had begun my journey. I could feel my soul embarking on an amazing adventure." ... written by AK
I am fortunate to know you.You have helped not only me but a lot of people with this exception gift you have with honesty. God bless you always. " ... written by An
My journey has been pretty much filled with ups and downs, but I'm following my heart, and even though I do feel it might not be the "best" road to go, it's one I feel I need to take, and I trust you are there for me. Thanks so much for the guidance!" ... written by Kalika
You truly are a remarkable psychic and a genuine good soul." ... written by Anita
Thank you so much for the healing energy you always send my way." ... written by AK
Love Light gave me incite into something I really wanted to know and fulfilled it. I have seen him multiple times and he helps me with his connections that he makes and gives view into the loves of my life, their motives and thoughts. I'm thankful. " ... written by Merrysinclair
This man was so wonderful and did make me feel at peace and the things he told me , was what I was feeling like I needed to do., despite all others advice. I was so pleased with this reading and wish I could talk with him more. I will again follow up with him as I was so relieved and agreed with what he was saying, but money is a factor in not getting to talk with him more, but he was well worth what I could afford at this time and am very grateful to him." ... written by Kim Adams
always honest, and willing to help. it is amazing how he can remember and know about things you will ask him " ... written by maria
was down bit today, thank you for our session again" ... written by peter
Good read very positive, just need a little more clarity, but very good, best read on here!!" ... written by P
that's really great,," ... written by Nana
Really a great reading, he was wonderful. Would go back again for sure." ... written by bc
No matter how much trust and faith one has, sometimes doubts and fears can still creep in. I am so happy to have met you. Wish you well." ... written by Baby
There are times in someone's life when things become too much or do not make much sense...wondering if you are going in the right direction. Through your amazing gift, I was able to see what wonderful things are in my life and what an incredible path there is my future. Your talent is a gift that you share from your heart and that gift has made a very positive impact on my life! Love u for that. " ... written by soul
Amazing and descriptive!!" ... written by Wave
thank you that's really great, always the sweetest and the best to talk to," ... written by Nana
Be Strong. Be Kind. Be Loving. Be Compassionate. Be everything that you need or want to be. Love and teach you this and more." ... written by M
Great reading." ... written by Daniel
Thanks" ... written by paula
I am grateful to Lovelight. He has been truthful and honest since our first reading. Sadly, the path seems to have changed but I now have the clarity to make my decisions moving forward. Thank you." ... written by B
I have always experience the highest and most positive results with you. You are truly one of the most positive, wonderful, light-filled people on earth. Take good care of yourself. XOXO" ... written by A
Had a really great session with Lovelight. He is very kind and caring, and got down to the issue straight away. His reading was very accurate and informative and will indeed be helpful for much time to come. I look forward to his predictions coming true!! Will definitely be returning to see him soon!!" ... written by ml
good :)" ... written by Madison
Thank you for the reading I can't believe how much you knew about my situation,will keep you posted." ... written by smoffatt
A wonderful soul who lights your night in the darkest hour. Thank you for your advice and comfort. I am praying that your insight is correct. I will be sure to come back and report on his dates and time lines. Thank you for your comfort in troubled times. " ... written by B
This was a really good reading. Hope everything works out, will be back to update for sure." ... written by Amanda
thank you, for healing sessions :)" ... written by peter
healing session, thank you" ... written by peter
You are my most trusted source for guidance and encouragement when I’m feeling super stuck and totally lost. I’ve experienced deeper peace and profound healing as a result. Thanks so much for all that you do!" ... written by Flat
He made me feel comfortable. " ... written by Jane
thank you it was really great," ... written by Nana
Always a charm to chat with him!!!! Extremely delightful! His energy is contagious and he really knows his stuff! Give him a try! " ... written by Amy
Lovelight is very calm and he will try to help. Nothing is really harsh here. I will come back to him to update him" ... written by Mary
Great Reading, He is kind and wise, energy healer, 5 star reader" ... written by Awesome Reading
You have changed my life forever! I have learned to trust. I have learned to find answers within. I have learned that my life is as amazing as I dare imagine it to be. Nothing could have prepared me for the changes that just keep coming. I am the healthiest I have ever been. I am so blessed to have you in my life!" ... written by Annie
Thank You!!!! " ... written by Debbie
thank you i felt better" ... written by marieme
he has a very calming energy" ... written by jaqline
Thank you so very much, that's really great, " ... written by Nana
thank you for the session :)" ... written by peter
First time to see Love Light though I have been a member here for nearly 2 years." ... written by smbabey
I am truly blessed to have a wonderful guy like you in my life. You are my rock of all rocks! I trust you from my heart that's why I keep coming back. You have a heart of gold and a beautiful soul. Thank you for everything...your dedication, your love, your smile and your honesty!" ... written by Anita
He is the best from all psychics. Very positive :) You need to try him xx" ... written by Tatiana
Very accurate reading" ... written by Melissa
thanks for the great and lovely session with a caring and great psychic,, I do really appreciate all you said and did for me," ... written by Nana,
thank you so much for balancing," ... written by Nana
You are such a beautiful soul and spirit. I have come to see something within myself that, before, I'd only imagined. Quite a gift for me. Thank you." ... written by Anita
thank you, so happy to see you back," ... written by Nana
woow, that was great, " ... written by Nana
To hear things that I already knew inside was reassuring. I adore any chance to get to spend time with you. You enriches my life, brightens my day, and shares unexpected and welcome insights with me that I wouldn’t have arrived at on my own. It's a blessing to me knowing you are here when i need you most. Love always!" ... written by AK
I feel this psychic is very professional and right to the point. I've got a reading from him few times and every time it felt like it was genuine. I have seen some positive results from his predictions too. I recommend this psychic to anyone who is curious and is searching for answers. " ... written by SSK
i really enjoy this man he is so kind .I love when he finish I feel really good . I be so happy . hes my number 1to talk to." ... written by lovejones3
LoveLight really picks up on the situation at hand and I recommend that everyone give him a try." ... written by Zach
This was a really beautiful session with a truly gifted psychic. I am blown away. Impressive." ... written by Tara
very nice person, great readings " ... written by Salamaa
Thank you, that was really really great," ... written by Nana
thank you as you are a wonderful and caring psychic," ... written by nana
Thanks for the reading. You picked up my situation right away. thank you so much!!I'll be back with an update. " ... written by Angela
i like him. his reading was different. sent me positive energy which i felt. but he was honest and gave me good advice. Thoughtful advice. I really liked him" ... written by D
Even though my heart is nearly seized up with heartbreak, I am taking your guidance seriously. I am taking your words to heart." ... written by Annie
Very nice reading. Positive and honest. He is professional and polite. Hope the predictions are accurate. He puts you on the right way of thinking. Thanks a lot. " ... written by Ellenaa
healing session :) helps so much really " ... written by peter
thank U" ... written by Salamaa
thank you" ... written by Peter
it was too short but he conncted. " ... written by d
thank you, for healing :) " ... written by peter
Excellent, excellent reading!! Thank you so much!!" ... written by Sandra
Very accurate reading thank you very much!" ... written by Melissa
Excellent, excellent reading!! Love light not only gave me a great reading, but also send me some positive, VERY HELPFUL energies during the reading. I feel much better, he told me exactly what I needed to know, but I know too, he also told me the TRUTH. No sugarcoating. " ... written by Sandra
Spot on. Really well done seeing into my lover's path. " ... written by B
Very informative and reassuring." ... written by Bea
Thanks for the reading fast and to the point" ... written by Nicki
He tells me truth and predictions come true every time... He is a good friend and confidant, he is the real deal and don't waste money and time... He truly cares he is an angel with a true gift. He will succeed at anything he does. Great soul!! xo Give him a try he is the BEST!" ... written by P
great...helpful...positive energy" ... written by sitarasookdeo
Thank you so much that was really great ," ... written by Nana
ty, true" ... written by peter
He gives you great guidance, connects to your situation and is very helpful!" ... written by Melissa
woooow amazing," ... written by Nana
he is awesome and on point ans so compassionate and caring, highly reccommended" ... written by ollie46
Great reading accurate very detailed fast connection highly recommended" ... written by Lorann23
woooow, that's really great and amazing, as always" ... written by Nana
You have given me divine guidance, when I needed it most in my life. You're also very kind, caring, comforting, compassionate, calming, loving and blessed. I leave after this reading feeling great. I'm very thankful and blessed to have found you. Wish you well always!" ... written by Anni
Really great talking to you....enjoyed every moment of it. You gave me this gift in a time the energy was so needed. Thank you!" ... written by Akal
Your the best. Many thanks!!!" ... written by SS
your spirit felt honest and helpful and it made me very comfortable. " ... written by A K
Great reading. Connects easily, compassionate, easy, clear communication. " ... written by Jessica
woooow, you are really amazing, " ... written by Nana
Thanks that was great, as always " ... written by Nana
Very warm and insightful, a definite comfort with a truly amazing gift. Love it." ... written by A
Thank you that was really great, and what you said is really touching" ... written by Nana
He was very thorough and nice throughout the entire reading" ... written by Fab
LoveLight started working on sending me positive energis and it helps. he connects quick and he is really helping me out. He's good." ... written by Love His Engergies
I have felt such an amazing and positive change in me. Your words gave me the ability to let go of some things and be at peace but they also gave me the support I needed." ... written by An
LoveLight gave me another excellent reading. I really appreciate it. I really recommend him to everyone." ... written by Sandra
It was very nice. He sends very positive energies and wants to be updated on the situations. He connects fast as well and remembered me and my concerns from the last reading (Which i think is cool considering all the people he probably talks to)" ... written by Fab
Thank you so much," ... written by Nana
That was great , as a great psychic, have lot of caring" ... written by Nana,
An amazing talent and a beautiful heart. So glad we met." ... written by Soul
I was not only impressed by this skill of yours, but by your kind and caring nature as well." ... written by Sweet
Thank you for my reading!" ... written by Lynn
thank you for private, for your insights, ty :) " ... written by peter
He was just a little slow but he was able to tell me what was going on.. I believe he is a true about his answers..I will contact him again.. " ... written by randi1158
LoveLight is an excellent psychic. He can connect with you immediately and tell you anything you need to know. He is also a very caring and understanding person. I really recommend him to everyone!!!" ... written by Sandra
LoveLight is an excellent, excellent psychic. I highly recommend him to everyone!! He will give you all the help you need and you will be VERY GLAD you contacted him." ... written by Sandra
Very calming and positive energy. Lovely reading, thank you." ... written by Angela
Can't wait for my dreams to be fulfilled with his love, and light. He has become my LifeLine, can't wait to begin my new life, looks very positive from here on........... Thank you for helping every step of the way, I always look for your support in my down times and you have always come through for me........" ... written by Hope
Very Good" ... written by Eva
thats for your reading some good insight into my situation" ... written by j
Excellent accurate and fast!" ... written by Nelly
Amazing, just what i needed, light at the end of a very dark tunnel. " ... written by Francesca Lock
I didnt get a chance to read his profile, but during the reading. He just picked up some information through his psychic power like clairsentient, clairvoyant, etc...He didnt use any tools at all, no tarot, etc...." ... written by Anonymous
Thank you for your support and guidance and always lending a spiritual explanation to every problem." ... written by AK
You speak straight from the heart and has a unique, original quality I found refreshing. Your advice gave me something to look forward to. " ... written by Sweet Soul
Picked up on alot hope to see the changes he speaks of" ... written by diana
thank you very much for your insight " ... written by Paula
Great !" ... written by Ebony
Gives detailed readings, and is a very positive and honest guy from what i've seen so far." ... written by Fab
Absolutely brilliant. He sees things that just astound me. He picked up on a situation that I was worried about but didnt even say to him. Simply the best. Highly recommend everyone takes the chance to speak with LoveLight. One of the best on Oranum" ... written by B
The best reading ever! He is so sweet and pleasant. He will lift up your world and guide you to fulfillment. Don't go anywhere else. come here! 10/5 stars :) - 3time client" ... written by guideme123
did not connect with the question that i asked..maybe if i would have stayed in the reading longer..i would have received more info..." ... written by tiffany
My life is filled with his Love and Light, his positive energy, thoughts, dreams, full of joy, can't find a better guide than this one angel, such a faith i have in him, blinded by his hopes, his confidence in future, positive attitude towards life, my LifeLine, constant help in shaping my life, that flow of never ending loving energy..........welcome back my future" ... written by Hope Faith
ty for private reading :)" ... written by peter
He gave me a lot of information and it did make sense. I will contact him again. He is great and very cute.." ... written by aleasha
Great insight with a compassionate point of view. I was very encourage in the process and would highly recommend!" ... written by E
Your radiating smile makes every pain disappear, that future looks promising, insight into unknowns makes me look forward to the future, thank you for being there at all times for me." ... written by Hope
Thank you, it was great," ... written by Nana
Gave me a nice update and sent me some nice positive energies " ... written by Fab
I appreciate you so much. You are a wonderful guide and spirit, and I cannot wait to talk to you again soon. TC." ... written by a ka
It was a good session focusing on allowing me to relieve tension! I would recommend for those who require answer to love and life!" ... written by E
Really awesome reading..We did a healing session, and it really did lift my spirits and calmed me. I have just gained a good friend..His insight was very accurate.. and price was affordable. Thank you so much for your kindness and healing..I'll be back soon.. :)" ... written by Tina
When there was no one else available for me to talk to in an extremely painful and depressing time in my life, I reached out to you and you responded with very helpful guidance." ... written by Flat
Great Reading! He was able to connect instantly and provided great insight into my problem. He was able to get to the heart of the problem from all sides and provide great guidance. He's great and highly recommended!! To my surprise he remembered me and all my info when speaking in a completely different session! " ... written by Alicia
I really anjoy and love his reading, full me very good energy. Keep smiling" ... written by EliDu
it was great, been a little bit long time not talking with you, and its feel so nice talked again with you as always," ... written by Nana
He said he had an update for me and he remembered specific details of the situation without me having to say anything. He described the current situation very well (again without me saying anything). Very helpful and very calming and he sends positive energies as well." ... written by Fab
thanks for your update hope things work out like you say" ... written by joe
Can't put a price on what you do, that soulful presence of yours, that serene vibes, clearer insight into future, your radiating energy that I always look forward to, warm at heart, awestruck by your powerful confidence, how you promote positive energy in negative situations, your kind nature lures me back into more and more exploring future...............anyone looking for clarity I can promise he will make your worthwhile!" ... written by Hope
you are really great and what you said is really wonderful, " ... written by Nana
I have chatted with LoveLight02 twice now and will come back again! He knows how I feel even before I tell him. He is awesome and will continue to work with him on my issues! Especially if I can do the sale price!! :)" ... written by broncobabe
I am grateful to be on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to have such a knowingness of what is on the other side. All thanks to you. May you continue to do God's work in all His Blessings. xoxoxo" ... written by Anita
Great reading with time frames and confirmation of what is to happen. Great instruction with direction and feeling of positive energy with a non-judgmental approach to love and relationship. 5-star and would highly recommend!" ... written by E. R. Thorpe
he's great. i love when he sends me positive energy. very nice. have gone to him a few times. connects quick" ... written by Hes Great
Excellent!" ... written by J
Thank you for the lovely reading and i look forward to things turning around for me. " ... written by S
Very good, detailed,,,, 1 prediction just came through, waiting for rest... BEST ON HERE!" ... written by P
Nothing but "AMAZING" would correctly describe the ability of you. A warm, kind and assuring presence, my life is forever better for having met with you. I AM SO GRATEFUL!" ... written by Flat
woooow, i had an amazing session with lovelight, shocked that he said things so right and i didn't tell him this now or earlier" ... written by peter
omg scary accurate oh dear" ... written by peter
This was my first reading with LoveLight01 and I enjoyed it. It was nice what he told me. I hope and pray what he told me is true. I will definitely be back because I want to know more." ... written by Jbtforme
he is remarkable and comforting" ... written by T
great reader thank you " ... written by a
Thank you for your support and confidence. Your reading are very detailed and your conviction is what matters most to me. You give sound and good advice. Your reading gives me hope and happiness. Highly recommend him. 5 star reader. " ... written by D
Excellent reading! Very honest and precise and sends positive energies your way. Highly recommended!!" ... written by Alicia
Exceptionally gifted, angels are not just in heaven, there is one down here that I can vouch for, you want to put a faith in something this would the place to go to!" ... written by Raja ki Raani
He is wonderful to be with. He is extremely efficient and accurate. He is here to guide humanity with truth, love and compassion. Try him for a reading and you will not regret." ... written by Neha
I love his honesty, integrity, kindness and most of all selflessness. He is truly divine. Very grateful for all of his healings and his kind heart. Blessings, light and love." ... written by Neha
Always out there with positive intentions, your inspiration is remarkable, calm and soothing energy you deliver, candid with truth, yet delicate with negativity, always look forward to making tomorrow better, your gift makes this world a better place!" ... written by Hope
I would suggest to anyone who need's guidance and spiritual counseling, please don't look any further. Feels great to see you again...xoxoxo" ... written by anonymous
He was good and positive.." ... written by Nag
Best on Oranum! This is my second reading with Lovelight, he is amazing, read my situation like a book and has given me so much to look forward to, along with excellent advice and timelines! Cannot fault him at all, you do not need anyone else! :)" ... written by Francesca Lock
Appreciated the update that gave great encouragement! Felt a sense of peace of what is to come in the near future." ... written by E
i got alot of positive feedback." ... written by Anna
great as always, ty :)" ... written by peter
You are such a warm and friendly person; it was as if I was sitting across from a long-time friend having a conversation. The pleasure of your company was very appreciated." ... written by An K
Thank you so much, that was really great," ... written by Nana
Remembered my name and everything about the situation. Very nice update, very positive and caring!" ... written by C
3rd session with Lovelight, cannot fault! He knows everything there is to know, about myself and my situation, i consider myself very fortunate to have found him, look no further, you've found the perfect reader!" ... written by Francesca
Thank you so much for bringing peace and happiness back into my life." ... written by Anita K
Amazing, just ad an energy healing session, if i had stable funds i would visit far more often! You need to have a reading with him! Seeing is believing! x" ... written by Francesca
very talented reader!" ... written by m
I am so excited for what's in store for me, especially for next year. I really appreciate all of your caring and support. You will never know how much you mean to me." ... written by A
Life couldn't be better without your gifted talent, your kind nature to spread the wealth of your gift to everyone who needs it, you deserve lots of compliments for that..........Thank you, Love as always.........." ... written by Hope-Faith
I look forward to talking to you every time, always wonder what's out there for give me a boost to live another day, enjoy life at its best, don't know what I would do without you........Thank you" ... written by Hope
Thank you very much for an insightful and accurate reading. You were spot on with the my current situation and provided good advice on how to navigate the tricky situations. You reassured and emphasised what my intuition had been trying to tell me. When it comes to my relationship, I just can't believe how accurately you described myself and my beloved. I would definitely recommend your services to everyone for readings or advice. " ... written by Nelly
He is truly divine. Very grateful for all of his healings and help. A silent power like the deep currents of the ocean, calming as well as forceful in light and love." ... written by Prat
I can't count my blessings to be influenced by your delicate ways, how humble and grounded you keep me, your encouraging words to look forward to the future, always coming through for me in sickness and in health, ........... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.........." ... written by Hope
Great. fast. like him." ... written by mm
Amazing once again, I cannot wait for all the great things that are coming to me, and i know that lovelight is helping them on their way. You need to stop relying on free demos and pay for something real! x " ... written by Francesca
Your positive energy and encouragement are invaluable for change and improvement. You gave me the tools to enable myself to go forward with a deep faith and confidence knowing God and you are always there for me. Thank you!" ... written by A K
i enjoyed the chat but left feeling confused...sorry" ... written by randi1158
Very good at predictiions!! Very patient and nice, very helpful,,,would like a little more detail. But BEST ON HERE!" ... written by P
i dont know what to say or how to describe about you,, " ... written by Nana
wooooooooww, thats really great" ... written by nana
a wonderful man. very kind, caring and picks up on situations quickly. have been a client for a long time and will always come back" ... written by b
Always excited to come and chat with you, you take care of every agony, soothe that fearful nerves, insight into unknowns, look forward to that future which promises sweet dreams and nothing but happiness.........Thank you" ... written by Hope
You know me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, you knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful!" ... written by An
Love and light transfers energy to you." ... written by rickyflynn
love and light is who you want in your life" ... written by rickyflynn
VERY GOOD! Best on here!! HEaling! Predictions are coming to pass!! What an amazing Person And healer!! God bless Thank you for all you do !!! " ... written by P
Never ending positive energy you share, and how you share it so selflessly, soothing to the soul, how it makes me feel content without worrying about upcoming future, I am open to receive all the great abundance in my life with your help...........Thank you as always for the love you share............" ... written by Hope
amazing " ... written by rickyflynn
Great man great being it was an honor to work with someone who invest so much feeling to you " ... written by rickyflynn
thank you so much,thats really really amazing, " ... written by nana
Great insight and understanding of relationship situation. It's as if LoveLight01 had been in the room with me while I have been dealing with relationship situation. Highly recommend as I feel a sense of calm and understanding more now than ever before!" ... written by E
Pleasure talking to you....always love to see your smiling face too. Take care. " ... written by anonymous
Wonderful reading as usual!" ... written by Alicia
Omg he is by far the best. The real deal and goes into deep description on the things he picked up or questions I had. In fact, I didn't really ask a question. He picked up a lot and whenever I come back to Oranum he will be the reader I choose. I would recommend him to anybody, seriously " ... written by Tekisha
Sent me positive energies of love and light. Thank you so very much, truly " ... written by Tekisha
wow this last experience with love light has been remarkable " ... written by rickyflynn
if you chose another expert you are simply missing out." ... written by rickyflynn
He is a great psychic and tells the moment I will keep going to him for help and answers." ... written by Dallas
its always great and amazing, talking with you" ... written by Nana
he is very kind and positive" ... written by very kind
great reading, would recommend him to all my friends. gives great insight and is very helpful. so far this psychic has been very accurate and that is why i keep coming back. " ... written by eisha
coming back for reading number 4 tomorrow! so far i am impressed with this guy. hes very accurate and gives good advice. so if your feeling lost and confused you need to get a reading with this psychic. " ... written by eisha
I love this psychic hes so amazing. he really knows how to connect with people and make them feel better. the positive energy has changed the way i feel. if you are going through a bad time hes definitely the person you should go to." ... written by eisha
pretty much spot on " ... written by raelene
if you are in as bad a place as i was. then you need love and light in your life " ... written by rickyflynn
This was my first reading with this psychic and it was interesting. he was able to pick up on my personality fast and knew how i was feeling. he did send me positive energy and i actually felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulder. its all warm and fuzzy felling right now :)." ... written by eishat
very good information pleasant, kind caring 5 stars good details" ... written by queenbee22
He was very insightful,very deeply connected and helpful in every way.Very caring person." ... written by Vikingprincess
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤" ... written by ❤❤❤❤❤❤
BEST OF THE BEST psychic on the Oranum, wouldn't recommend anyone else but this one!" ... written by Hope
very warm and caring person who put me at ease at once; lookin forward to his predictions to happen !" ... written by mdg
I have dreams and only patiently waiting for it to come through someday. " ... written by anonymous
Love light is an amazing friend i hope we stay together through my life " ... written by rickyflynn
I am in deep session with love light and i honestly have a permanent smile glued to my face!!" ... written by rickyflynn
love light and i have work together and he has helped me developed a positive vibration so high its unbearable feeling at times. I mean that in an astonishing way." ... written by rickyflynn
Oh my god i feel so amazing!!! wow what a powerful person " ... written by rickyflynn
I am in a healing vibration enhancement channel session with love light and the divine and i have never felt better in my life." ... written by rickyflynn
Lovelight is amazing i feel so alive from working with him he is my brother at heart and i am so thankful to god that he made us cross paths :):):):) " ... written by rickyflynn
I am continueing to work with love light cause even though he lifted up my positive energy the first time i want to see how far this can go." ... written by rickyflynn
Thank you, it was really wonderful, its great, " ... written by Nana
BEST OF BEST........words are not enough to describe your kindness, your generous nature, your soft and friendly disposition, your endless love, your positive outlook on life, your faith in unfolding future, Thank you for all that you do for me.........Love " ... written by Hope
thank you for being kind and sending the positive energy. it has helped so much with my stress and depression." ... written by eisha
thank you for the positive energy sessions. they have really helped me heal and come to peace with my current situation. i cant thank you enough. :)" ... written by eishat
His readings are awesome after two days of readings I feel like he know me and my positive energy already and I will keep coming back to him any time." ... written by Dallas
always so kind, sweet and gentle with your words," ... written by nana
I think he was very friendly " ... written by Kaitlin
No words can describe what good you really do for others, your generous nature is just tempting to bring us back again and again to tune into the future, not sure where you get all the vibrant energies from but it gives me a tremendous boost to look forward to tomorrow..........Love " ... written by Faith
Good Reading!" ... written by Alicia
hands down the best psychic in the world " ... written by rickyflynn
thank you!!" ... written by dasf
what a lovely man and accurate. peaceful healing session." ... written by amrain
wooooow, you are definitely fabulous," ... written by nana
Thank you so much, it was really great its quite long time " ... written by Nana
that was really great and exciting" ... written by Nana
he is quick .lets see" ... written by astro
love light is always like taking the biggest breath of fresh air life can offer you." ... written by rickyflynn
How enlightening and rich you make me feel every time you lift up my spirit, how pure and selfless your love is, I can't tell you how happy you make me feel, I have always been afraid to dream of the future but with you being by my side I am gathering courage to do so now, I have so much confidence in you that somehow I know everything will be alright! Thank you for letting me keep my faith in you, Love" ... written by HOPE
Love light is a great psychic to do right before you fall asleep just let him no you are very tired." ... written by rickyflynn
wonderful reading and healing really helped after the first time!" ... written by mdg
thank you for sending me positive energy!" ... written by asdf
LoveLight was very helpful and saw through to true situation very quickly and easily. He is very clear, and to the point. Thank you so very much Lovelight1" ... written by Margo
Very calming energy. So helpful and honest. I feel a lot better about my situation now thanks to lovelight. I also look forward to his predictions ! thank you :)" ... written by Life
good thank you, he's very understanding, he was able to describe what i was feeling at the very exact moment that i message him, and i really need someone to know what i'm feeling without having to explain it and because of this he is able to offer words of comfort and relief, thank you!" ... written by asf
Even when you feel you know the answers to your own questions, having someone confirm them is very powerful. I feel a sense of peace after talking with you. We really do control our destiny by the choices we are free to make. I know I was meant to find you. Thank you again for being you and I look forward to the New Year with all good things God has to offer." ... written by A
thank you for the reading! he is so insightful and really understands the core complexes of people. helps to explain a lot thanks!" ... written by sadf
good energy, it helps to calm down a lot, thank you so much!!!" ... written by dsf
good reading, interesting reading" ... written by dasf
wow, i love asking about random people and seeing if theyre right, they usually are right and never wrong.. it's unbelievable.. " ... written by sdf
thank you for always clearing my thoughts!" ... written by fasd
Hi i am so happy to have had the best session with love light to end off the year. i am a happy man full of smiles " ... written by rickyflynn
Great reading as usual! He's upfront and honest, very positive vibes! Thank you!" ... written by Alicia
another reading, I must say most pleasant and interesting- made me feel at ease- describing my situation- I will definitely return/thank you " ... written by lynn
great reading" ... written by lynn
I LOVE LOOKING AND TALKING TO LOVELIGHT.. He is awesome. I wish I could talk to him in person... " ... written by randi1158
A very calm and peaceful individual who seems to genuinely look out for your best interest. :) Thanks LL!!" ... written by J
I really don't know why i get so emotional whenever I talked to you. I guess it is because everything is so true and real. " ... written by Flat
Thank you so much. You really helped me make my decision. You told me the truth and I am much happier." ... written by Sweet Soul
I trust him.. He makes sense to me." ... written by randi1158
Everyone is right that he is a bundle of positive energy. Its my first reading so I cant vouch for his predictions but we did a healing thing and I did actually feel better - which surprized me" ... written by DS
Every chance you give me into the future, I take it personally to improve it, always cheer me up with your happy thoughts, how you always insist on me to stay positive and not to look back on the past, you bring me such a hope to look forward to the new beginings, how casually you say that everything I wish will come true that just makes my heart beat faster..............Thank you and Love as always...........with an eternal wish that may your wishes come true for the New Year..........." ... written by Hope
" ... written by j
wow love light i can really feel just as you said i was going to feel." ... written by rickyflynn
Your personality is so charismatic, don't feel like leaving the room, but time doesn't permit it, thank you for all the good vibes you send my way, your magnatic smile just enriches me on every level, your bright eyes just sees nothing but sunshine in my life............Happy New Year" ... written by Faith
Gives so much detail. No wonder he`s rated number 1. " ... written by Moongirl17
he didn't seem judgmental I liked talking to him and he gave me a time frame with specific details " ... written by stephanie
Very kind and encouraging. Grateful for positive thoughts and energies! Spot on!! " ... written by Takeda
It was good." ... written by Carolina
thank you!" ... written by tp
he is gooooood. very goood" ... written by pete
he is helpful and positive...i had a very short session with him and i hope what he says comes true" ... written by howtostart
thanks for a great update" ... written by mimi
thank you!" ... written by add
Eternal source of healing the hurt and pain, that charm to guide into unknowns, unmistaken insight into unfolding events, the power to convince the heart and mind, magical energy you provide is undescribable, Thank you for all that you do!" ... written by Hope
Gives so much information in detail. Very positive and calm responses. I don`t need to ask questions- he just tells everything I ought to know. Will be back. " ... written by Moongirl17
After only a few minutes, the connection was good. I enjoyed him very very much and he made my worries go away. Please try him !! " ... written by Lanajo
excellent" ... written by sam
Amazing how he described me without even seeing me! I feel this will be a great year and he was dead on with everything!" ... written by rosie
Thank you so much that's really great, amazing, as you are so lovely and caring, as always, I feel really well, after talked with you" ... written by Nana
worth having the reading. very good" ... written by dc
Genuine and gives sound advice. Thank you for always being positive and good words." ... written by Purple
I feel so blessed to have found Love Light... He channeled positive light energy to me and I received it. I felt it within a minutes time and instantly felt lighter. The weight I was feeling, was lifted.. My mind became clear and my heart became peaceful. He is very kind and genuine - On Point with his reading! I am amazed and extremely fortunate to have his help and guidance..." ... written by Jizz
Very quick connection and was sure of a timeframe. He was spot on in detailing my situation and personalities involved, with no information given. Good reading." ... written by Sherry
Every time I am enlightened by something new from you, keeps my energy flowing in the right direction, Thank you for smiles and happy thoughts you bring." ... written by Hope
I love your energy and sense of humor! You’ve helped me in more ways than one. Thank you’ve adjusted my soul." ... written by A K
What more can you expect from Psychic .LOVE LIGHT is a 100% authentic Psychic. He truly master to give hope and faith in life again. I get so calm after talking with him. his ability to really put things in place and remove all fear from your mind so you can focus on what you want in life instead of fearing it .... I will always highly recommend him because he is more than good and always give answers without sugar and other sweet substances. PSYCHIC LOVE LIGHT is The Real thing ... ❤ and Light always ." ... written by ❤ Boy
Great reading. Highly intuitive and gives a lot of detail. Thank you. " ... written by RR
thank you!" ... written by fadf
awesome reading. relaxing and reassuring." ... written by mar
great update lets see how it unfolds ty lovelight" ... written by a
Thank you for all the times you have talked to me and thank you for giving me solid advice regardless of what is going on. " ... written by Anita
He was helpful in the short amount of time we had i appreciate your help. Thanks" ... written by Kevin
amazing psychic spot on with my situation very recommended" ... written by Nelly
i just dont feel good right now. its noting about love light it has to do with somthing ekse..." ... written by rickyflynn
very nice and calming person great healinggive him 5 sttars" ... written by susanna
5 star great 2016 update God Bless !!" ... written by queenbee22
gave grate insight on my relation ship" ... written by 1345452
reading is amazing, but he tries to take all the credit and turn around ur question untill u ask him again and again and tries to finish the credit on him and when u tell him thanks, he says listen" ... written by Husein
thank you for your help!!" ... written by asdf
thanks!" ... written by asd
Yes, he really tells you how it is. He has so much energy it is truly amazing. He is very calm and has good advice. Now if I can put into motion the things we discussed. He says the near term will be great! What more could one want! Be Positive My Friends! Come To Him For Guidance! You Will Be Happy You Did!" ... written by Brian
very calming. thank you." ... written by ami b
He's a really great reader- he gets into the heart of a situation and tells you things about yourself you sometimes forget and helps you become positive again. 5 stars! fantastic!!" ... written by sahreen
Very enlightening and detailed. Covered everything and was a fast typer." ... written by Alex
very good! hope everything he says happens :)" ... written by Ashley
he is very good " ... written by pete
nice reading. cool pschic" ... written by mar
Enchanting as always, your ability to put things in perspective, easing the mind in peace, soothing the soul, efficiency in laying out situations, precise predictions are just few of the qualities of you described here, and there is more to you than just this.............. Thank you for your selfless compassion." ... written by Hope
Never ending source of positive energy, eternal charm of convincing how better the life will be, to be hopeful of dreams, and in that belief not letting my guard down sounds always optimistic to look forward to your insights. Thank you for keeping me on a straight line, appreciated........." ... written by Faith
Great and precise reading! Always upfront and honest, with great energy and positivity. Highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers, such a selfless being that you are is always convincing enough for me come back again. May God Bless you always......" ... written by Hope
WOW, what can I say. EXTREMELY DETAILED! I feel like I went through a complete exam of my relationship. I did not tell him anything and he was telling me how I was thinking and she is. And he was absolutely correct and accurate. Than he started telling me how things were and then where its going. Unbelievable! He is so concise and descriptive its as if he was in the room during our entire relationship. Thank YOU so much! His words are the TRUTH!" ... written by Brian
WOW, AGAIN! The energy and the gifts that he has are genuine. I am just amazed. He gave me some bench marks of time frames both in the coming month and in the first part of the year. I look forward to their advance and coming to truth. If you are thinking of having some guidance do not hesitate to contact him. You will be more than helped and happy! " ... written by Brian
stay positive and keep similes." ... written by Sweet Soul
I will see how things go!" ... written by PeaceandCalm23
Continued our healing sessions and I do actually feel better! I hope his plan and visions comes to reality. Very patient and deliberate calming on ones self he is. Thank You Again." ... written by Brian
very good reading straight to the point cant wait to see what happens thank you." ... written by enushi
Great guy. Great reading. Loving and caring and accurate. Will visit soon again for sure! :)" ... written by Joe
Great! :)" ... written by Joe
Exceptional reading! Provided lots of detail regarding my situation. Information was accurate with no questions asked. Truly gifted!" ... written by TS
Had a healing session. we`ll see the results" ... written by moon
This was an AWESOME READING!!!! Sooooo many BLESSINGS.." ... written by Nini52
Best reading on this site!!!! LoveLight asked one question and was thorough with his prediction. Very accurate. " ... written by TS
OK good advice and very helpful. Calming and exacting. Hopefully time will help and clear the field. " ... written by Brian
I have to trust him. He is amazing..." ... written by randi1158
I was going crazy, so I thought I better chat. Glad I did. He gave me more insight into my situation and tried to calm me down. Not to worry; things will be as he says. OK, great I will believe. Thank You for Your help! I really needed It!" ... written by Brian
I really enjoyed my reading with LoveLight01. He miraculously remembered my name, dob and my love's name and his dob. That was impressive. I hope and pray his predictions come to pass. I highly recommend him!" ... written by Jbtforme
Ok, nice session. Now, we will se if all he says comes true. I look forward to good times." ... written by Brian
My second session was wonderful, I will be back for the final one soon, thank you very much." ... written by libratan
OMG he w sooo great with all the calm sessions and step by step of what to do during the reading, so calm and very encouraging!!! Great man Loovelight01, thank you. I will be back for my second and third sessions." ... written by Libratan
Very kind" ... written by Christina
I adore any chance to get to spend time with you – every time we chat you enriches my life, brightens my day, and shares unexpected and welcome insights with me that I wouldn’t have arrived at on my own. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. " ... written by An
It was great, he was very CALM, and I was very emotional, he tried very hard and very much to calm me down, he was great, he encouraged me so much to stay POSITIVE. Thank you." ... written by Libratan
Thank you very much for the update and confirmation of both current and future events. Thank you for the advice; its good to hear ideas of how to proceed. Keep in touch! " ... written by Brian
He was good. " ... written by Jessica
your reading are absolutely great and really make me feel safe in my decisions continuing my path in my love life. hopefully your advice will guide me in the right path." ... written by Taurusboy14
Lovelight is a great reader!!! He was right and accurate. I will count on my blessings based on his readings. He is very gentle and calm as well.Thank you very much." ... written by Libratan
He is great. He is the most calm person and very caring. Puts thought into your situation and then tells you the thought he had the next time you speak. I hope all this comes to pass. He is Confident! Thank You Very Much!!! You always lessen my burden!" ... written by Brian
Wow! He is SO smoking HOT I wish he was a lot closer, oh MY god, yep" ... written by Sierra from MO
Another great, relaxed reading frm LoveLight. I feel at ease and confortable chatting to him because I feel like he truly cares and gives genuine advise. " ... written by Purple
Fantastic! He really sees the interaction. Tells you what is happening on the big picture and the end result. Very patient and understanding. Thank you for all you have done for me." ... written by Brian
Thank you lovelight for calming me down from my own feelings of fear." ... written by a
Thank you!" ... written by Shiny
its really great, sometimes its fun too," ... written by Nana
its been quite long not talked, but as always its really great, and nice talking with you," ... written by Nana
I didn't have enough information for him, but other then that, he did a very accurate reading with what he was given. He gave me a very clear, straight forward answer and am very glad I had chosen him for the reading. Thank you." ... written by FunlovinAngel
Very on point and overall good reading" ... written by Ash
Always a pleasure speaking to him and feeling his positive engergies." ... written by Alicia
Accurate reading on situation and energy and behaviour " ... written by Sherry
Well, now we will see if all the work and thoughts will pay off and come to fruition! Thank You For All You Have Done For Me!" ... written by Brian
good session healing energy. very positive." ... written by Brian
WOW, simple unbelievable what he sees. So calm forth right. Thank you for the help. I look forward to the result." ... written by Brian
I now have a courage to dream of future with your help, with your positive directions I can now wish for the best of the best, I have been down in dumps many times but you lift up my spirit so high, I can see the happy days ahead, I can see the abundance coming to me, no matter how negative my thinking is you always revert me back the right path, Thank you as always........Love" ... written by Hope
Simply amazing working off the energies and changing my life perspective. Great conversation and reaffirmation of past discussions. As well as, new insight into the love of my life! Thank You Very Much! Stay Positive!" ... written by Brian
Very descent , abrupt reading. RAn out of credit, but hopeful for the best. Thanks Sir" ... written by Jennifer Isabelle Fernandes
Full of positive thoughts and energies, I recommend him to everyone with questions and confusions. He will leave you speechless with his unbeatable insight. Thank you......" ... written by Hope
he was spot on" ... written by hunter
this reading was very accurate and the advice was very reassuring. i really needed a talk to this man and should have done it sooner. greatly appreciated this" ... written by Taurusboy14
Good Positive energies. Helping things to progress. Thank you So Much!" ... written by Brian
loving and caring. Thank you for everythingx" ... written by ami b
thanks for the reading!!! i really appreciate it!! Really honest reading" ... written by sfdadfa
I so enjoy your cheerful disposition and I feel honored to know you. I know you probably have an incredibly large clientele, but you have the gift of making everyone feel so very special. Thank you so much! XOXOXO" ... written by AK
noooooooo my pc froze...things were going good.." ... written by cherie
Enjoyed my reading and a little disappointed with what he told me. it is the same thing I hear over and over to wait and be patient. It makes me want to scream!! He definitely does not give you false hopes!" ... written by Jbtforme
Highly recommended psychic on the site, do not look somewhere else, this is your one stop "need to know" place. Thank you" ... written by Hope
Such a lovely gentle soul andamp; great reading, thank you so much :)" ... written by Havy
Thank you so much for the positive reading. I did feel as the information was very helpful." ... written by Shanil Kumar
awesome" ... written by Ash
Thank you for the great reading. You truly sees the true issues in my life. Excellent job!" ... written by rme
Wow, a marathon session! He is very direct and assures you of a great outcome. Very thoughtful and caring! Very dedicated. Thank you very much for everything!" ... written by Brian
Your charismatic smile always brings me back to discover more, future is brighter than ever with your help, I know there is something you know more than I do that keeps it in the positive direction somehow, I have yet to be known........" ... written by Hope
He is calm. very loving, loyal man have gives all postivity his own power of abilities through his connection." ... written by sweet
It is simply unbelievable, and I'm sure it is for Him as well, but within 24 hours of finishing our healing sessions, out of no where I get a text from the Love-of-my-Life, who by the way, I hadn't heard from since December 18. What a miracle... just out of no where and unexpected. So, my journey has been just as He said it would be and has been, the things that He said she would talk about, the feelings that He said she was feeling; and then later we meet face to face for the first time since November. And the messages continued just down the list like He said she would... "I miss being with you and I am thinking about you a lot." Now, am I out of the woods, no... still some more processes to go. But, I'm not going to lose this chance.. good things will happen with His guidance. If you ever doubted, let this reassure you. I am living the dream come true and will see that dream become REALITY. And with His Help... I'm Sure Of That It Will Become Reality! Do not hesitate and contact Him today! Stay Positive!" ... written by Brian
He really is very positive and gives you positive vibes so you can be positive. That has help my situation so much I cannot express. Thank you! You have brought me back up and I will continue our work for my ultimate Life Goal! Thank You and Bless You! " ... written by Brian
Very much enjoy his readings!" ... written by Jbtforme
i needed help finding a lost item... he is ok with conneciton" ... written by Jeannie
Aside from your outstanding professional work, I find you warm, generous and a very thoughtful soul. The work you do is amazing. I am grateful to be on my spiritual journey. I am grateful to have such a knowingness of what is on the other side." ... written by Anita
thanks for a great reading" ... written by sam
Out of the world, Wow is the word for that warm energy you ran me through, I so badly needed that, for all the people around me that envy every move I make, backstabbers show their true colors, only you can recognize the hurt I am being put through with my innocent disposition, or for being honest. I feel much lighter and safer at your corner..........Thank you " ... written by Mother of London
BEST OF THE BEST EVER........" ... written by Hope
I love him. I could look at him all day long.. However, I feel he is sincere and accurate in his reading. I have to see him at least once or twice a week." ... written by randi1158
WOW, nice session. Did a little healing work great feelings! Thank you for the advice and future game plan. I look forward to everything that you have said!" ... written by Brian
Great reading as usual!" ... written by Alicia
he was good at the end lol " ... written by Jacqueline Nicole Loustaunau
Very interesting...have to wait and see if predictions will happen in the future. Thank you Sir." ... written by Glory
His healing sessions are like floating in the clouds, look forward to all that's coming my way.........Thank you" ... written by Hope
another interesting yet detailed reading- to my situation- thank you I shall return" ... written by lynn
I will start with I never do feedback, but I do read it before doing things. So its time I be fair and give feedback to benefit the reader like me. I came here with questions, as to major choices I have to make. Lovelight gave me alot of info I would say more than I asked for. With me being vague and stubborn he was able to read right to the truth. He was able to pick up on things with great detail. Even with me being stubborn to not give much info. Gave me time frames, positive thoughts, just another look than I started with. I spoke with another reader a few days ago, both had similar readings. With a few differences. Only time will tell. Both had similar time frames. About the insight he gave me, he was very caring. Wanted to be sure I took care of me. I didnt give him much on me or how I felt he just knew. if your reading my post stop here and join his chat. He is what your looking for! Thanks again I will be back for soon.." ... written by Trobi77
gerat reading and energy work feeling much relaxed thank you lovelight" ... written by ak
i love this person. He is so kind and so easy to talk to. I hate I ran out of funds. When I get more, I will contact him again. " ... written by randi1158
great reading with many insights" ... written by lynn
Amazing as always, limitless positive energy you give out just leave me speechless, Thank you for your eternal support and what you do for everyone without being selfish......Love" ... written by Hope
thank you" ... written by peter
felt the vibe I was into" ... written by Gabyjaby
Getting an update and listen to the changes ahead. Thank You for everything and all the thoughts." ... written by Brian
Love Light is very consistent with his readings and I hope and pray that what he has predicted comes to pass." ... written by Jbtforme
Your vibrant presence is just encouraging to go on with life, the future path you pave is looking very promising, always uplifting with great energies, all the hard work you put in for humanity is commendable, your disposition of no expectations in return is very selfless and I just have to admire that........Thank you" ... written by Hope
This was my first reading with Love.. He is a very sweet person with a beautiful-inviting smile. I wanted a reading today, as I was feeling quite down..he picked up on me, without I´m giving him infos. he described me, the situation and the person involved very well. This reading was very positive, even I was expecting something else. Now its to wait and see, if his timeframe is right. I liked LoveLight very much - for sure I will come back.." ... written by Sonia
I was very vague with my questions, as I am new here and wanted to be sure I had picked a good person. Lovelight01 is just that, very positive. I came ready for bad news but he seems to think I will have a great change. I look forward to seeing the outcome. I will be back for sure." ... written by Trobi77
You amaze me every time, there is always something new to discover, it never gets old chatting with you, I am always reminded of how positive you keep me on my way of life, how you change the negative into something to look forward to, how cheery you turn situations into, somehow it always gives me a peace of mind knowing that everything will be alright with your help........Love " ... written by Hope
another great session matters of my situation, details given with time frames... " ... written by lynn
True to your work as always.........great job you are doing for everyone by keeping them positive. Thank you" ... written by Hope
LoveLight's predictions are remarkably precise and accurate. It's amazing how he's able to connect and tell me things without asking any questions. He's truly gifted!" ... written by tiffintegra
I always always love too chat with Lovelight, he is very good, very precise in timing as try to tell me the near future, plus to ease my mind with encouragements. Thank you very much Lovelight." ... written by Libratan
I am used to feeling cool sensations when it comes to energy. But this was something wonderful. Warm and very positive. Thank you very much. Truly. " ... written by Tekisha
A++ thank you for sending me amazing and healing energy. Still feeling it now. " ... written by Tekisha
thank you for the healing its really helping me " ... written by aa
thank you. positive, uplifting gives me hope in sad time.s" ... written by Coco
He brings you hope and calm. Positive thought and energy to obtain your life's goals, dreams and aspirations! There is no one like him anywhere. God Bless You! Thank You For Everything and Your Guidance!" ... written by Brian
Wonderful and charismatic as always, you are a people magnet, don't know where you get the energy to keep people happy and do good for them, only a selfless soul can do that, what you do for others is just rewarding in itself.........Thank you" ... written by Hope
amazing, positive, sweet" ... written by h
thank you for healing your work is great " ... written by aa
Thank you so much for your insight and advice on my situation. Thank you for your caring and help figuring out my mess... I really appreciate it!" ... written by Brian
Very kind and considerate. I went into reading feeling very chaotic and left it feeling as though everything is in order. Very Grateful. :)" ... written by Caite F
amazing reader, amazing energy, he was so on point and deeply connected." ... written by sweets
ty" ... written by peter
healing" ... written by peter
ty" ... written by peter
Very thorough. Pleasant. Accurate. This was my first reading with him and I will definitely come back. I came in distraught, and I left at peace. You will be amazed by him." ... written by DiAndra
So I came back today for positive energy. Still with loads of worry on my mind. Unsure of my direction still. So I planned to wait till the positive energy was complete to speak of my concerns. He asked a question, and before I could answer he responded to my un given response. Followed by, lovelight addressing EVERY worry and concern in my mind. He was able to see actions of my day, and without me owning up to what I did. He not only let me know he knew, he was sure to tell me Not to do it again. He is so accurate I have to just laugh cause it seems impossible for him to know, as I give little to no info for him to feed off. With any doubts I brought to the table as far as his ability he has shattered them. I take pride in the fact that people cant get over on me. They may thinks so cause I don't always make it known I know of their actions. And that's with little to no radar on. Being the strong mind stubborn person I can be I came here with full radar, only to realize I never needed it. I truly cant say enough, he will give you great insite and brighten your day. I don't think I have laughed or smiled this much in months. I am so thankful for his help, and will be back for sure. Hopefully me being honest will flood him with customers, but not too many as I don't want to wait when I return. Thank you again, and may god bless you lovelight, as he blessed me with finding you!" ... written by Trobi77
I leave our session feeling so refreshed with the well being of knowing my loved ones walk with me in my daily life and only positive well being surrounds me. XOXOXO" ... written by A
great reading and healing thank you lovelight" ... written by ak
my second reading with this guy and he is awesome " ... written by kkjfkljd
love your readings" ... written by nick
Everything he has said regarding the events and predictions to date has happened with no exceptions! The healing sessions have helped to correct the dysfunction and are slowly bringing us together. Thank You! It Is Simply Amazing! Stay Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
amazing healer he knows how to heal all your weakness all your issues thank you lovelight" ... written by ak
He and I did some healing sessions and I feel great.... Positive and ready for the future as he has forecast! He is very compassionate and really wants the best for everyone! thank You for everything and all your advice!" ... written by Brian
good reading, accurate " ... written by nicole
Loved the reading was consistent and accurate and hope predictions come to pass. Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Very open, honest, and direct reading. He's highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
Very good session of healing.... Let me tell you it is starting to really work and at first I never thought that it would, but I thought what do I have to lose. So, I'm glad I stuck with it. Now, I don't worry as much or have as many bad thoughts going through my head as in the past. More calm and positive and sharing this positivity with others! Its a great change and feeling to have! Thank You For Everything!" ... written by Brian
Thank You for everything you have done for me. I think we are making some positive changes!" ... written by Brian
thank you for the amazing healing lovelight was amazing feeling light and relaxed " ... written by ak
Thank You for the help and calm. " ... written by Brian
great awesome." ... written by jamira76
Amazing! Thank you for the positive energy! I needed it!" ... written by Sirimiri_77
thansk frnd for great reading " ... written by harjot singh
true reading" ... written by harjot singh
true reading frnd " ... written by harjot singh
Helping me heal, says I need more sessions, but cant afford, I pray he heals and tells me we see results...." ... written by P
it always nice talking with you, give me relief and piece of mind" ... written by Nana
it was great as always, its been quite long not chat but its very fascinating, you are wonderful psychic, " ... written by Nana
Ive boon consulting with LoveLight for many months. he has tapped into situations with ease and clarity. He has given me insight to all directions and now can make my decision with peace of mind. Thank you for your help. " ... written by B
You always lift up my spirit, I get peace of mind after talking to you that verifies my confidence in everyday life, when things make me nervous you get me to the point where I know it will all work out in my favor, regardless of all my second guessing........" ... written by Hope
Thanks for your reading.. You were accurate for many facts which i never mentioned to you.. You're a polite person and i hope your healing help me to get back in my life.. Just waiting for your reading to occur in the coming future.. I will surely come back again to consult you.." ... written by galaxyc006
Great update! He has never change one word to me from the time he and I began our journey together! He has reaffirmed over and over the future and the eventual outcome and that outcome has never changed in time frame or in results. I look forward to this positive conclusion; but really it will be a beginning of a new life. Keep Positive My Friends! The energy Will Overcome All Your Obstacles! Thank you for Everything!" ... written by Brian
Awesome as always !!!! get your reading from him" ... written by TheFairLady
Ugh! Ran out of credits! His energy, connection, andamp; supportiveness are great! I will be back again." ... written by M
he is very helpful and is too the point of giving a clear good reading" ... written by TheFairLady
Ok, slow processing" ... written by Andrea
You must know by now that you have a profound and lasting effect on people. You are truly blessed with your gift. " ... written by Anita
Thank you so much for the continued talk and support. You are correct cooler heads will prevail!" ... written by Brian
He gave me a very good reading. He understands my situation very well and seems to send forth positive energy towards me. I highly recommend him. I feel hopeful about the coming months. " ... written by RAM
Very good. Said very nice things. we are happy" ... written by Sanjivk58
best and wonderful helpful!!! thank you! feel better after talking. thank you so much! " ... written by bhumi
Thank you very much for the insights on my business and also for letting me know of its future. I will put the effort in and bring the positive energy into that arena too! Thank you for all of your support." ... written by Brian
CALM//" ... written by E
Thank you Very Much for the Immediate Help and Caring!" ... written by Brian
This reading was shocking, but I understand and suprised." ... written by Chance
very informative made me feel much better!" ... written by heather
You must know by now that you have a profound and lasting effect on people. I extend my heartfelt wishes to you for lots of success and happiness." ... written by Sweet Soul
Thank you again. It was nice to finish our conversation. You will have to come to Denver! you can stay at our house and I'll set you up in the office with the internet so you can keep contact with your clients who need you!" ... written by Brian
Thank you My Friend! Together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish! You have changed my outlook and situation. remember where we started back in January... how far we have come! Thank You!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for everything. " ... written by Brian
Thank you again... they just don't make those minutes as long as they use to!!! I really appreciate all your efforts!" ... written by Brian
Man feeling great after the healing session! These sessions are really turning things around and helping me to se the light and the truth. Thank You so Much. Staying Positive." ... written by Brian
very good reading" ... written by Gemstone
had a nice time enjoyed him. time run out really fast." ... written by ronica
very nice !" ... written by olivia
Eye opening" ... written by LaTonya
Informative" ... written by LaTonya
Awesome!!!" ... written by P
very helpful. I feel better after talking you . I actually lost hope but just talking it out and hearing positivity helps to fight and understand problems better. The healing session, i did first time, was positive. i could see the positivity within in seconds in me. this helps me stay strong and balance things. You're wonderful person and i really appreciate helping me out when i need it the most. Thank you so much!! " ... written by Bhumi
YYOu're a wonderful person and thanky ou for helping me out all the time. and looking so deep into my matter. YOu're healings make me confident and the predications are on point. i hope you recieve this " ... written by Bhumi
Wonderful and helpful!! predictions are point and healing helps stay positive! " ... written by Bhmi
Healing!! Great help have seen some predictions come to light!!" ... written by P
I hope all you said will come true. We will see. :)" ... written by usa
Thank you again for another reading. many blessings to you. " ... written by usa
Thank you for such an informative reading.. Many blessings to you and light. " ... written by usa
Thanks " ... written by Brian
Lovelight is seriously a supportive reader to my life!!!! I need him to encouragement with his gifted skill in readings, to let me know what is going to be happening and what shall I do. I need him. I thank him. Thank s again Lovelight!!" ... written by Libratan
he a goood" ... written by Mabel
How time flies... need more time." ... written by Brian
great session with him! he did healings and predictions and they start to unfold!" ... written by dmg
He was Ok." ... written by CuriousMarcus
amazing session!" ... written by coolgirl65
Thank you but extremely confused!" ... written by BRian
thank you" ... written by brian
Your generous spirit, compassion and authenticity are much appreciated. I am so glad to be connected with you for who you are. You are leaping in a direction that I am going. xoxoxoxo" ... written by An
Thanks for staying later to help out in a pinch!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for the update and help in my matter. I do believe that the tide is turning. Reclamation is upon us! And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death.... I'm not sure if there will be enough time for repentance! Stay Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
This has been an unbelievable experience for me. I thank the Lord every day that he has brought YOU in my life." ... written by AK
Appreciate all your hard work on people needing your help." ... written by Hope
Well, just as he said would start to happen.... exactly like he said! WOW!!! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
Absolutely wonderful!" ... written by briana
Thank you for the healing today!" ... written by briana
TRuely amazing!!!!" ... written by briana
He is truely spiritual and leaves you feeling loved and adored. Mind blowing experience." ... written by briana
Nice and informative! He tells you a lot of information." ... written by Y
I don't know of what to say... It is mind blowing, but slowly all of what He has said is unfolding. Her feelings, her thoughts, her actions in the exact progression that He outlined. There are still some barriers that need to be removed, but with His help I'm positive it can be Achieved! Stay Positive My Friends! " ... written by Brian
Very nice" ... written by brian
Lovelight01 was very nice. Very good. I would chat with him again. " ... written by ktm
LOVE LIGHT is right on target. Put me back in high spirits helping me with my situation. My worries are now minimized greatly thanks to his great gift." ... written by J
Love Light is very clear and to the point. I am very grateful for his help and will return for future readings. I look forward to his predictions coming to pass." ... written by J
Love light connected with me some months ago and was able to pick up on my emotional state and relationship immediately. He gave me very good insight and advice. Upon re-reading my previous chat with him, he hit all points about the person that I am dealing with. " ... written by J
thank you" ... written by dfkajsl;flk
Thank You so much the update was great! Thank You for everything" ... written by Brian
Thank you for keeping me grounded, keeping me in checked with reality, Life is hard as it is, but you make it easier every time by showing me the ray of sunshine, you never let me steer away from the bright side of the future, what would I do without your positive directions, and confidence! Love as always......" ... written by Hope
Thank You.... Closer! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
I feel light every time after talking to you, relieves all my frustrations and pain of the life, your vibes release into the positive of the day, you always asks to smile but sometimes it feels like it can only be possible with your help, how do you keep level headed is still the question of the century, hope all your work comes through......Thank you" ... written by Hope
Thank you for the healing session, I feel great. Thank you for the guidance and advice. Smiling through Sunday! Keep Positive My Friends! " ... written by Brian
Thank you for helping me w the strange situation. You Are the Best! Thank you for the guidance! you have never been wrong yet! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
Every time you help me out to get out of dumps for that I cannot appreciate your uplifting enough, it's hard to describe your unwavering support in my down times, you always pull me out of it, don't know how you do the magical work, but it always works, your every effort to keep me cheering no matter what, I have always left with your depth of charisma behind it, never to doubt what you can do to make it all for the better, never to judge an upcoming events, always believed in your word which had never let me down, so I keep digging in for more..........Love" ... written by Hope
Thank you for the healing session. You evaluated the timeframes of energy and talked about clearing out bad energies etc... Also gave some predictions. Good reading. Thank you. Bless you." ... written by interesting
Thank You again for hanging out late today. Really needed your help and advice. Great advice. Things are coming around just like you said!" ... written by Brian
Oh I need him so bad tonight to talk to me regarding my FINAL desicion, I do need him very much to tell me what to do. And YES he was there for me to answer my questions, and to tell me and to encourage me as well. Thanks a million LOVELIGHT!!!!" ... written by Libratan
Great nice guy, 10/10. Funny and wise. 3rd time talking to him, his past predictions always came true." ... written by Hazy
Always so positive and uplifting! Much needed!" ... written by sirimiri
My credits always run out so quick! I can't wait for his predictions to come true! A++++" ... written by coolgirl65
EVERYTHING he told me that would happen during our meeting happen just exactly as he said it would! The thoughts she had, the things she would talk about, the feelings she wanted to discuss.... IT ALL HAPPENED JUST AS HE SAID! The bonds that he said would begin... it is happening.... I can see it all in her eyes! Stay Positive My Friends! And, Stay With LoveLight! He will Guide You To Your Positive Future And Destiny!!!" ... written by Brian
He is very calm and decisive and never has changed his vision. Be Positive my Friends!" ... written by Brian
His healing techniques do work which is surprising. His predictions didn't exactly happen but the jist of it is believable and I can see that what he tells is true. He has a calm air about him and is polite and nice. Some of things he did say are true. Bless you. " ... written by Usa
Reading with Love was good. It took a little bit of time to gain momentum as far as information flow but I received what I wanted out of it. The information was accurate and I wished I had more credits for further reading but I would come back. I'm thankful for his insights. " ... written by Merrysinclair
good" ... written by hazy
You're a good person..Everytime, i consult you ,I feel so relax because of your positivity..I have never seen any changes at your words, although, this is the 2nd month of consultation for me.. I extremely wish your prediction come true even if it takes sometime to balance the life.. You're highly recommended andamp; i had already recommended my friend circle regarding you.." ... written by galaxyc006
I run out of words to describe your flawlessly flowing energy......" ... written by Hope
Man what an experience, I really didn't think the healing sessions would actually work but what results things are moving right along.... Thank You For Everything! Stay Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
psychiclovelight01 is very honest and straight forward. Its worth giving him the time he takes to come on the point, because his predications are true and his interntions to help other are also pure.. His healings are also very powerful and keeps positvity. I highly recommend him" ... written by bparix36
Great Reading! Always upfront and honest, gives you a peace of mind whether good or bad." ... written by Alicia
Speed of you reading how one feels is your expertise, that provides such an accurate direction into strange situations a lot, when seeing is out of sight you come to rescue it all, when going gets tough you make it easier to bear it, all the blessings you send to others' way is right back at you, Thank you" ... written by Hope
The healing sessions are really helping. I can see the changes happening and a feeling of peace is replacing the turmoil. I highly recommend him and have followed his advice and guidance and he has always been correct about everything! Be Positive My Friends! " ... written by Brian
Thank you for such a reading. I will take in consideration of what you are telling me. Have a wonderful and blessed day. " ... written by xo
Thank you for everything!" ... written by Brian
He is amazingly positive and steadfast on his visions. Never changing always direct and a matter of fact. Great having him help and being on your side guiding you. Thank You Very Much! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for the positive thoughts and words. Everything is coming together just like you said.... there is still a little ways to go but it is amazing how step by step this whole thing is unfolding. A few months ago I never thought we would see what is happening right before my eyes just as you said. It is almost like you wrote the script!!! AMAZING! Thank You! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
He did healing sessions with removal of negative energies.. Good reader. One healing session that was done by him in the past month did have some results although he said I need more healing which is true.. I hope his predictions come true. Thank you for such a wonderful reading.Bless you." ... written by Regular
Thank you for the reading. The computer froze so I had to end it.." ... written by usa
I have done the healing for the very first time, i can feel some positivity around me..I will be surely back for the next healing as it is required..thanks for being positive always.." ... written by galaxyc006
In January he told me briefly how this relationship would evolve and as time went forward he provided more and more detail and HE AND HIS VISIONS HAVE BEEN PERFECT WITHOUT ERROR! It is simple amazing! HE has never changed HIS thoughts or discussions regarding my relationship. If you want a person who cares and REALLY CAN DO WHAT THEY SAY THEY CAN WITH 100% ACCURACY THEN DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY..... CONSULT HIM! You will NEVER be sorry! He is THE BEST! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
You crack me up with your sense of humor, always quick witted, cheers me up, makes me remember things I have forgotten, seems like a lifetime ago I was happy with all that, nor brings back good memory, it makes me feel at peace knowing that your help will be there when I need resolution in my tough situations, Thank you for sharing your pleasant nature......" ... written by Hope
Thank you YOU are the BEST!" ... written by Brian
detailed information of upcoming events ,thank you" ... written by lynn
Thank you very much for evrything1 Healing session was great ...feel great." ... written by Brian
Thank you for smiles and assurance.........recommended" ... written by Hope
Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and future visions. Enjoyed the session today uplifting and positive changes are soon to transpire. Stay Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
xxxxooooo you rock the best ever thank you......" ... written by Aundrea Miller
mind blowing, thorough, just what you need to clearly understand just what the heck is going on and how to proceed to make sure you do with good faith :)" ... written by autumn
I was giving him feedback to what he told me would happen. Yesterday he told me: don't worry Brian, she is going to talk with you and explain everything. And today, just as he said, we met and she just started one thing after another. And just like he said this time and also clear back in January, she will continue to get closer and closer and she certainly has. Thank you so much! The healing sessions and all of our work and our positive thought together has turned this relationship around! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
Thank you very much. Positive thoughts and energies. great advice. Things are progressing." ... written by Brian
Very precise reading. No sugarcoating. Predictions happen!!" ... written by TS
You have got me out of dumps every time, not sure I how I can repay for that, money can't buy the happiness I get with your help, you always come through to help no matter what, I have learnt over the life time that most of the people around me cannot be trusted, but I find it otherwise with your selfless being, you deserve all the blessings in the world, you are meant to rescue others, only lucky ones will be served by you, and for some of us to bump into you is nothing but well lucked out Karma! You have mastered your craft and your tireless intentions to better others is commended exceptionally! You cannot be admired enough! Love as always........." ... written by Hope
I will know whether the prediction will become true for tonight.... " ... written by Emily
Great guy! Extremely gifted and talented. He has all the insights to any situation." ... written by Brian
Encouragement is the continuation of something Great! Thank you very much for being always available for guidance. You have been the glue that binds my dreams. Just as you said; things are warming up and greatness is at hand. Hopefully all will transpire. You have never changed your time frame or your vision and all that you said would happen has. Thanks Again for Everything! You Are The Best! " ... written by Brian
Great insight. Very detailed. Looking forward to the next few months. Thank you!" ... written by Erica McGilvary
mind = blown" ... written by autumne
He Is The Best! No One Is More Accurate Than Him! Do Not Waste Your Money and More Importantly Time! Consult, Listen, Feel and Act! He will guide you to your Dreams!" ... written by Brian
Sehr Gut!" ... written by B
Thank you my friend." ... written by Brian
Thank you for your guidance today. You are always correct! Best Wishes and have a Great Day! Be Positive My Friends!!!!" ... written by Brian
This is my first time doing a healing with love light and i must say I am very happy to have done this. I know there are other methods to healing that will not cost as much or provide a different type of care. But, sometimes people need more than that because the healing they try to do for themselves leaves them in disarray. I will say I am happy I chose to do a healing because I feel that my life will transition from how I was thinking about it today. Thank you for giving me a way to feel good again. " ... written by brianaaf2
Great update and great price!" ... written by Brian
Awesome! You will be inspired!" ... written by BB
Love light introduced some healing and energy work. He allowed me to connect on a level to help heal my heart and keep faith and hope for the future. He has been very kind and very positive throughout the whole experience and gave me a new perspective to the way i think. Thank you love light." ... written by Brianaaf2
All I can say is thank you! He is amazing!" ... written by Brianaaf2
doing some great healing work with love light! he is so sweet and caring. I am so happy to have found him" ... written by brianaaf2
Always open and honest! Highly recommended!!!" ... written by Alicia
He is the best on this site. He has great visions and has never been wrong in his predictions! Don't waste you time or money contact him for guidance and advice!!!! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
He is the best and so calm. He tells you everything you need to know. " ... written by Brian
Thank you very much for your assistance and guidance! " ... written by Brian
looking forward to light's prediction to come true. " ... written by Emily
Great reading! " ... written by Alicia
Thanks" ... written by Brian
thank you." ... written by bb
Thanks again you are the best!" ... written by Brian
Thank you" ... written by Brian
Very good insight!" ... written by Brian
Just amazing slowing progression just as he said... All the pieces are lining up the positive power is unstoppable!!!! Don't waste your money and more importantly your time with anyone else!!!! He is the BEST!" ... written by Brian
thank you for your love and guidance today!" ... written by bb
He opens your mind to a whole different world. Positive vibes for everyone to see. Manifesting the laws of attraction. " ... written by BB
Absolutely love him. I did some healing work with him and to my surprise just total WOW!!!! he blew me away. Everything i manifested was all summed up by a call I received from someone who didn't want to talk to me anymore. Things happen people, and this guy is the real deal!" ... written by Brianaaf2
have received fresh updates...will take note of some points and facts that he brought up and will look forward to his predictions to take place. thank u for providing detailed explaination ..." ... written by tinkle
Absolutely wonderful! You will not regret it!" ... written by Brianaaf2
Thank you Love light!" ... written by briana
amazing 10 stars!!!!!" ... written by BB
Thank you!" ... written by BB
Thank You!" ... written by Brian
Nice and patient!" ... written by Brian
There is no doubt that he is a good person with a clear vision regarding your life and problems.. I am connected to him since Feb of this year and working on my issue ..He always gives me strength towards the positivity and helps me to take careful steps.. I am eagerly waiting for his predictions to occur.. May your words come true for me andamp; everyone whoever is connected to you.. " ... written by galaxyc006
very good celar " ... written by paula
Thank you" ... written by brain
Thank you for the reading. I tell you many of my fears and concerns and your reassurance and patience really helps me. I'm glad you don't get annoyed easily or say impatient things. Thank you for such a positive reading. blessings to you. " ... written by California
very good brilliant reading thanks you very much chat again soon x" ... written by mandy
Thank you again. I really enjoyed our time today and thanks for listening. Great advice and guidance... positive!" ... written by Brian
Pretty accurate, very good." ... written by Shayla Jewell
very accurate very nice and easy to talk to and communicate with thanks great reading will come back again :)" ... written by mandie
I feel he is MY friend indeed. He tells the truth.. I will contact him again soon...thanks " ... written by aleasha
Updating the man on the situation. Thank you so much all the energy is working! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
thank you for the reading. hoping for the best." ... written by usa
Great!! " ... written by Destiny
Good" ... written by PJ
Very nice session of positive healing and energy. Slowly everything is coming into order. Thank you so much for everything!" ... written by Brian
awesome!!!!!" ... written by bb
Thank you for everything! This man is wonderful!" ... written by Bri
Thank you!" ... written by briana
Awesome!!" ... written by BB
That you love light for your time and energy today! Amazing!!!" ... written by BB
Love light uses his energy to help create and manifest new beginnings. He can help you get through tough times through healing with positive energies. " ... written by Bri
great guy, he explains very well and precisely." ... written by H
Good reading! Very positive and uplifting! I am very pleased and thankful!" ... written by Jbtforme
Seemed to be able to pick up the situation quite well. like the insight. Looking forward to prediction to come to pass. " ... written by GK
Nice update!" ... written by Brian
That one was enlightening, encouraging conversation. I always leave with full of hopes, removing my doubts of ever wondering what is in the storage for me. Thank you for your non-stop efforts in making my life better one day at a time, for that constant reassuring of what if.........much appreciated." ... written by Hope
Great Guy You really need to talk with him. Thank You for everything!" ... written by Brian
Lovelight01 is very intuitive and so nice. He radiates with kindness and concern. I have enjoyed my readings with him. He inspires me. He is hopeful and very positive. I feel like in the short time I have had readings he has made a connection and worked hard to relay to me what he thinks is important for me to know. I look forward to our next reading." ... written by kmoore
Awesome healing session today with lovelight01! Looking forward to more healing sessions and readings to help me through my situation. " ... written by Destiny
Upfront and honest reader. He has a way of making you feel calm in the midst of however you're feeling. He gives you direct and honest answers, no sugar coating but he also give you something positive to look forward to regardless of your situation. Highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
really good reading as getting update of my situ :)" ... written by autumne
Thank you for all your help." ... written by Brian
Thank you" ... written by Brian
LoveLight is my favorite psychic on this site. He always makes me feel better about my situation and re-assures me that everything is going to be okay. Waiting for predictions to come true!" ... written by Destiny
Thank you for the guidance. Things are progressing." ... written by Brian
He was a great reader. Very insightful into the person I was inquiring about. Would definitely recommend him!" ... written by TarotLover13
thank you for the healing session and providing more details on my insights...hope and believe things will get better with time...thank you :)" ... written by tinkle1
Had received some updates from him which is needed to keep in mind...he explains to the point and provided healing when required....appreciate him for putting on the important facts and to understand what is going on...looking forward to the future prediction...thank you... " ... written by tinkle1
Thank You!" ... written by Brian
5 star reading and a 5 star advisor. Feeling great. He is very connected. Thank you" ... written by dubyjudy
Thank you things are going well." ... written by Brianou
He is the best here. Very calm and nice very positive. Makes predictions and the predictions happen. Thank you for all your help!" ... written by Brian
so far so good!!! looking forward for the happy results!" ... written by Hanan
Cute reader :) but genuine" ... written by Suman
Everything is just as he said it would be and events are coming along just like he said. The positive energy is helping and it is all just amazing! I'm so happy! thank you very much for all your help and guidance!" ... written by Brian
Connects well and fast and wont waste your time. thanks for the read" ... written by Mon
He is my friend...I will contact him when I have more money.." ... written by randi1158
Wow, big steps today things are unfolding just like he said!" ... written by Brian
Very serious reader" ... written by suman
greaT! can get to thwe point!" ... written by h
very detailed and quick to connect see things from many perspectives. would recommend him as one to add to your favorites!" ... written by hb
Another great reading! I hope that predictions will come true as promised! Highly recommended reader- 5 stars. " ... written by Destiny
Thank you for everything you have done!" ... written by Brian
cant judge so soon" ... written by Pooja
Wonderful! Highly recommend!" ... written by W
Lovelight is very insightful andamp; a fast typist. I will await his predictions." ... written by W
Thank you so much for everything! Things are unfolding... Stay positive my friends!" ... written by Brian
Highly recommended. 5 stars! He gives good insight and is a good reader. Waiting for predictions to come true. " ... written by Destiny
He is really good, its a pitty my credit was over. But good feedback. And hope prediction comes to pass. " ... written by M
i feel a bit better for this reading hopfully it goes as he predicts i will be the happiest person in the world thankyou " ... written by gordy50
Thank you so much for all you do for me looking forward to the results." ... written by Brian
honest guy. seemed to be on point with the whole conversation. recommend! in the midst of waiting to see prediction come to pass. " ... written by GK
Great insight and advise. Will come back" ... written by Arno
very kind and honest...not all things I wanted to hear but still managed to turn things around in a way and start helping me...thank you" ... written by k
Thank you for the good job news! I appreciate it :)" ... written by lynn
By now you know my blind faith brings me back time and time again to get reassurance from you in every aspect of my life. Your vibrant soul captures my attention without escaping a beat. You have the kindest of hearts on this globe. I insanely seek your reiteration of future path of Love and Light...........You are much appreciated soul at my sunshine............Love" ... written by HOPE
Gave a lot of clear details. waiting for prediction to happen" ... written by bam
Qucik read. good" ... written by Arno
it was good" ... written by computerluv
Love Light 01 has really amazing gifts and is able to channel current situations efficiently and effectively. He is on point with people's feelings. I am waiting for predictions to come true. " ... written by Destiny
Very good...time went by too fast. Thank you for your confirmation lovelight01...shukran :)" ... written by Jihan "Gigi" Amer
Always direct and sincere reading. Highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
He is so positive and gives so much reassurance. I find his readings very promising and precise. I can't wait for our next reading" ... written by Julianna
He always makes me feel better and guides me towards a more positive path in life. He seems to really connect with my situation, which is why I have complete trust in him. Waiting andamp; hoping on predictions to occur. " ... written by Destiny
good one!" ... written by annie
Another great session as usual. " ... written by Destiny
Fantastic reading! Always send positive energy at the end of each reading." ... written by TS
Always an upfront, honest, and direct reading" ... written by Alicia
Love Light is truly the real deal. Positive, accurate readings every time! Try him now :)" ... written by TS
Positive reading!" ... written by TS
Thanks for your help" ... written by Abby
Went back for more...he's THAT inspiring! :) You can't go wrong with this reader. Thank u LoveLight01" ... written by Shahawk
Great guy...put me at ease - I'll be back for another reading :-)" ... written by Shahawk
I have been having readings with Lovelight for long time, many readings that ease my mind and keep my positive and love in track. He is very supportive and great in giving advice, remedies, and the energies that he knows for my issues. I keep coming back." ... written by Libratan
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" ... written by suman
Enjoyed his reading. His insight was on point ie: correct. Will be in touch." ... written by Rosie133
Excellent" ... written by A Fan
Really good reading, was reassuring andamp; I feel much better got the updates I needed. Thank You " ... written by cheri
Pretty good general reading" ... written by CMC
Came bk..makes me smile" ... written by suman
Lovelight was spot on and accurate about everything!!! he describe my love to the fullest and he described me perfectly without even seeing me. He has more to tell but I can't afford another 31.00" ... written by Bella Reid
His smile makes everything alright :)" ... written by suman
Thank you :)" ... written by Brianaaf2
Light was consistent with what he said before, he knows the situation well, and will come back for some more update later. " ... written by Emily
Great reading" ... written by Ar
thank you for the reading. You do healings and energy clearings. Bless you. " ... written by united
excellent!! very honest and will come again for future advice! thank you :)" ... written by Katarina
I appreciate your gifts. " ... written by Bella Reid
Love Light has been spot with the emotions around my situation, with so little information. " ... written by Bella Reid
Great reading with detail thank you for the updates! " ... written by Sheri
What a awsome time I wish I had more time to spend with him but as usual the money only stretches so far. He picked up on my troubles right away he found the sadness and the worry and the angry in my daughter. I will be back! Thank you Psychic Love you do have true and wonderful abilities." ... written by Shelly Walker
Good reading" ... written by Ar
good reading and healing session" ... written by penelope
I am looking forward to LoveLight's positive predictions to come to pass. I have had a reading with him in the past. I didn't think about his reading for a while till what he predicted about a person in my past happened. I can't wait for the next ones to happen. He is fast and does not waste time. Thank you, Lovelight! I will come back for an update." ... written by Moonchild59
He was dead on about me andamp; my boo relationship, glad to know my bae really cares" ... written by Jameisha
Good reading" ... written by AR
My first time with LoveLight01 and and he was a little slow at first but answered my questions promptly! Gave me some readings I will follow up with him in the next coming weeks if all is great! Thank You!!!" ... written by Manny
Thank you for your reading and the healing session. I hope what you told me will help. " ... written by xo
Thank you for helping me. it makes a difference!" ... written by xo
THank you for being here for me. You bring me some sort of comfort. " ... written by heartbrokengal
Does a wonderful job. makes me see the other side of someone when I thought I did but did not. Thanks a lot PsychiLove!" ... written by Winterstar5
Very insightful. Keep it up!" ... written by Amy
LoveLight was alot of fun and spot on with quite a few things i'll be back for sure" ... written by DIveeny
Thanks so much!!!" ... written by Darlene
thank u for ur reading, hopefully the next few months turn out well as u said " ... written by Tash
LoveLight01 is wonderful, caring and accurate. He very much understood my situation and provided me with some relief to a serious problem I am working through. I cannot thank him enough." ... written by Sue
Overall positive" ... written by Jai Praveen
unfortunately I wasnt able to continue... I hope he's correct in his predictions." ... written by Yahaira
amazing! totally on point" ... written by ladybug05
excellent psychic and fast reader. very honest. thanks" ... written by moly
Very good and detailed reading. He connected with my situation right away and gave great insight. Highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
Really good talking to you after a very long time. Really miss this. Hope everything works out as you say. In the mean time take care and keep smiling like you always say." ... written by Anita
Excellent, to the point! Thank you LoveLight01!" ... written by Amy
Thank you for the great reading and guidance. Good Job!!!" ... written by rme
He connects quickly, so far his readings have been possitive for me, i hope it will happen. He is kind and patient." ... written by masiell
Thank you LoveLight01! Very precise!" ... written by Amy
Excellent healing, well done! LoveLight01 is clear and concise!" ... written by Amy
Thank you LoveLight01! Always honest and to the point! We will always chat from time to time. Thanks again andamp; well done!" ... written by Amy
Very sweet and kind. Connected well, seems to know me well, anyway. Thanks so much...I will be back" ... written by Georgia
love!" ... written by Bella Reid
Excellent and precise!" ... written by Amy
Thank you for your wonderful reading, highly recommended...." ... written by judy
Good. " ... written by Ar
True sugar coating and straight to the point. Lots of positive energy during session! Truly the best psychic on the site. " ... written by TS
thank you for interesting reading" ... written by lynn
Thank you for your profound reading and advice LoveLight01! I will follow all that you say and give you feedback. You are on point with everything that has been asked of you! Will definitely chat with you again :)" ... written by Amy
Pleasant reading with LoveLight, guidance given- will return" ... written by lynn
fast connection with light" ... written by emily
Great reading! Always direct and upfront." ... written by Alicia
A very caring guy and is looking out for your best interests. Spends a good amount of time with you in order to promote well being and healing in relationships. Looking forward to my next session!" ... written by Kerry
I wanted to continue our reading but ran out of funds. I enjoy him and love to chat with him." ... written by randi1158
Great healing session, very intuitive reader, a pleasure!" ... written by Anne
One prediction came true, waiting on others!!! Positive, real, he asked me to do healing, but I can't at this time.... So HEALING, positivity.... prayers and peace to all!! God Bless!!" ... written by P
Really great reader. Does not type super fast but, is very accurate." ... written by C2
Yes, connected well, through I've ran out of money so cannot do healings today. Forgive me I must come another time" ... written by LA Woman
I enjoy my readings very much but I am skeptical because the timelines keep getting pushed out. I am hoping I can tell that this has happened as predicted. If it does I will of course be back." ... written by Jbtforme
Great information. Very informative. Accurate" ... written by C2
thanks anyways" ... written by mwisteria
Always a pleasurable experience. Thank you :)" ... written by Shahawk
great reading, great guy" ... written by DIveeny
Great meditation methods" ... written by TS
The best!" ... written by TS
great reading as usual" ... written by DIveeny
Great reading with a lot of detail and update thank you " ... written by Sher
Great Reading! Always positive regardless of any situation. He's direct and hones but gives you hope for the future. He has a calming affect and full of positivity. I've been speaking with him for quite some time and he's hands down the best. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" ... written by Alicia
he gave me impressive insight into my situation and a beautiful healing sesison that has left me feeling very solid. He gave me details into my current situation that I was not expecting and great advice on how to move forward. Highly recommended. " ... written by sarah
well connected, very kind, and with many accurate details- more than 5 stars- will return" ... written by lynn
his read was same as before... consistency" ... written by Emily
quite engaging, gives great feedback and is very respectful of diversity" ... written by DIveeny
Everything that he predicted has come true to the letter. It is simple amazing and I am so happy now. So if you are wondering, YES, he can tell you the or bad as to what will happen and then he can also guide you to the best possible outcome. " ... written by Brian
Love your charming smile...I consider myself forever grateful to have met you." ... written by AK
So lovely to see you after a very long time. Patiently waiting for my future to take a turn for good. Keep doing what you do best. God's blessings to you always." ... written by Sweet Soul
Thank you for touching my life with your light and being such a positive influence to me." ... written by ann
I hope he is right - I guess i'll know in the next 6-8 weeks. Seems positive and pleasant - this was my first reading with him, was hard to read his expression but seemed pretty sure with his prediction." ... written by Heather
always positive " ... written by hm
will come back if any of his predictions come true" ... written by thebest
You have helped me to let go of many fears and opened my eyes to my gifts. I can't thank you enough times." ... written by A
Great reading! He gives you a very calming feeling regardless of your situation. He's upfront and honest! I've been going to him for the past 6 months and he hasn't failed me yet. Highly recommended!! " ... written by Alicia
Was a powerful healer! helped loosen up the negative thoughts and thinking. " ... written by anonymous
good!" ... written by iris
Thanks for finishing up your thought with me... Accurate as always." ... written by Brian
Thank you! I appreciate all you have done for me." ... written by Brian
very nice updating with new goals. he is amazing and has always been correct! Thank you for everything!" ... written by Brian
Its amazing that he knew what has been me happening with me without me saying a word." ... written by Brian
Good update. TY" ... written by CB
wow, starting a monster update session too much information..." ... written by brian
Thank you for your insights!" ... written by Brian
thanks f reading, pick up things" ... written by sw
He is the best on this site. He really cares about the people who contact him and tries to guide them to a great and better situation and life. He is honest and will tell you the truth about any situation! He has helped me in so many regards!!!! Thank you for everything!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for your insights!" ... written by Brian
best psychic I've been to and I've researched and been involved with many His gifts are countless and he connects and guides in a compassionate, caring way. You can really feel that he cares about the people he helps and is passionate about his work. His healing presence is is so powerful that just by talking with him over the internet i could feel the warm healing energies he was sending me. I am so thankful i had the chance to have a session with him and will definitely be purchasing more sessions :) Thank you again, blessings" ... written by jenna
Too much information to go over..." ... written by Brian
He's the best here accurate and decisive!" ... written by Brian
Straight forward and to the point, Thank you." ... written by Brian
Positive energy!" ... written by Brian
Amazing positive energy" ... written by Brian.
Continuing our marathon session...." ... written by Brian
Thank you." ... written by Brian
Pleasant healing session a lot of positive vibes." ... written by Brian
Amazing update into the future.... he has never been wrong." ... written by Brian
He is very gifted and is very accurate." ... written by Brian
LoveLight01 has an interesting way of trying to help others. I feel better after talking to him." ... written by -T
very accurate reading " ... written by nelly
Thank you LoveLight for the current reading. Very clear and concise. Thank you for the healing too." ... written by AR
Very nice" ... written by Brian
Outstanding healing session." ... written by Brian
Very nice to know....." ... written by Brian
Updates are always amazing with him!" ... written by Brian
He is very compassionate and will try to guide you through your worst experience." ... written by Brian
Spiritually gifted!" ... written by Brian
He is with out a dought one of the best readers i came across really shown me on who i will expect to meet in my life and feel much more happier and positive about this coming event i really appreciate LoveLight01 for my reading and will do anther reading in the upcoming future i have enjoyed this moment and it has opended up my mind and perspective on what will happen to me soon thanks very and much love for what he has done thank you :D " ... written by Alonzo may
was very impressed and awesome the fact that he knew what was going on with the question i asked sucks that i ran out of credits too fast :( was a great reading " ... written by Alonzo may
WOW, I am always amazed how he knows what is going on in my life. he is really tuned in. The nice thing is he not only gave me the insights as to what is happening, but also ideas as to what to do and possible outcomes of my actions!!! Great recommendations and counseling! If you were ever wondering if you should consult Him; Do Not Hesitate. Always accurate and understanding......... He has simply never been wrong! Thank You For All You have Done For Me!!!" ... written by Brian
Very insightful and tells it like it is. Thank you for everything." ... written by Brian
He is simply amazing. His insights and healing sessions are fantastic. Everything that he predicted would happen actually happened without any deviation from his words! As things started happening I just sat there in amazement watching all the events unfold. It was like watching a movie or an out-of-body experience... I knew the answers or the outcomes of everything that was happening... it was very serial! Thank You So Much For All Your Help and Caring For Me!!!! Your Positive Thoughts and Energies Are With Me Always! Best Wishes To And For You!!!!!" ... written by Brian
Very nice and uplifting healing session. Thank you for your wisdom!" ... written by Brian
Thank you so much for letting me know what is going on and how to deal with this situation!" ... written by Brian
Very nice guy. Great psychic and caring. " ... written by dubyjudy
thanks for kind and calm and detailed reading" ... written by CUTE
ok" ... written by P
thank u for reading today-really appreciate it:)" ... written by angel
Thanks so much for your information. He picks up fast and very accurate. " ... written by mn
LoveLight01 did an amazing reading. Very detailed, actually scary in detail to say the least. It was a wonderful reading and very enjoyable." ... written by Craig Hays
thank you, he is great" ... written by Maria940
Thank You" ... written by Vandra
Its been my final session of healing today, I felt really warm fuzzy energies, every time in sessions but today they were most intense. Ever since healing, I see things have started to shift. I heard back from the job offer I had, they will send me joining letter soon. This happened even before the time line and as predicted that I will have a job. I also felt lots of positivity and positive synchronicities in my life whenever I had a session with Lovelight. He is just as his name. Full of sensitivity towards you and loving care and he is light. I never felt anything negative after my interactions with him. Regarding my love life, lovelight offered a lot of hope and positivity. This is what I like the most about him that he encourages you to be happy, smile and take life in control too in addition to his positive support. End of the day, it is your decision to take his services or not or till when you wish to take. It sure was a wonderful session with him and I will update in next three months of beautiful changes that Lovelight has said will happen. Once again I wish him and everyone here good luck and want to say thank you for your services." ... written by Garima
The healing session very calming and beneficial.... " ... written by Brian
Thank you!" ... written by Brian
Very accurate! Nice session.." ... written by Brian
He simple the best... Honest and sincere!" ... written by Brian
he is good " ... written by ohood
He is really amazing! He told me all the things I wanted to know, without asking.He explained all about the person whom I love very much, clear my doubts. Thanks for everything !" ... written by BMX
Spot on with everything; knew things about my past partner that nobody else would have known! Excellent; very thourough; ALWAYS coming back to LoveLight01 for advice!" ... written by Abbey
He is nice and accurate." ... written by Dove
thank you for everything that you have done for me. I really appreciate it!" ... written by Brian
I continue to come back for his guidance because he has always been correct!!!" ... written by Brian
Thank you" ... written by Brian
Nice to see you" ... written by Brian
thank you for everything... I hope the best for you!" ... written by Brian
Thank you so much the healing session was great" ... written by Brian
He is full of great information. Thank you fro the guidance you were absolutely correct!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for your insights very good analysis!" ... written by Brian
His predictions always come to be my reality. He has never been wrong. Thank you for everything!" ... written by Brian
did healing so we will see...prayers and miracles" ... written by P
Thank You!" ... written by Brian
Very good. " ... written by Lene
read my energy very effectively. Would have liked to learn more but ran out of credits." ... written by Georgette
Psychic Lovelight has a positive, calm presence. I took readings and healings from him. Most of what he said makes sense and I hope the future turns out as he senses it. I understand nothing is written on stone and things change all the time. I have a lot of respect for what he is doing to uplift others. Sometimes when we are confused, we need to hear what we already know from someone. Just that can shift the whole energy in us. I came to Lovelight at a time confused about my love life and career. He intuitively picked what I wanted to hear about first and started talking about my love life. He assured me that the person I was confused about is actually good for me. I don't know what future will bring and I will certainly post another feedback when something changes. I am waiting patiently till then. One thing we can keep in mind is that any psychic or spiritual help can do their job of bringing clarity in our lives, suggest good things and support us. This is what lovelight has done. The sessions with him made my days brighter, hopeful and filled with positive energy. However, we cannot say that a psychic can change our future or do things for us. Regardless of what results may or may not come my way as I really lack any trust on goodness at this point in my life, it is nice to have someone reassure based on my energies that everything looks awesome. May be it will be like that. I want to thank lovelight and others here who do this, may be out of interest, may be for a living. Having been out of job, out of relationships and out of luck, I have learnt this that nothing comes easy. Everyone works hard at life. I wish him and everyone here, all readers good luck." ... written by Garima
Gave great detail into person and situation and what is to come " ... written by ajewel
Good !! Reading" ... written by TIana
I enjoy the reading from lovelight01 he is a very caring person.Who understands my feelings.Also guides me in the right direction. I will read with him again. Roxane Singh" ... written by Renee Singh
Thank you for the advice" ... written by Brian
Thank you again" ... written by Brian
It is amazing how he connects quickly and knows what is happening. Thank you for your advice!" ... written by Brian
Light has always been consistent supportive andamp; guiding well and giving accurate information. Thank you! " ... written by sher
I did not have a lot of credits but he connected very quickly and I learnt a lot . Very insightful! thank you!" ... written by J
Great readying!! I love it when the connect spiritually and mentally. NO card reading. Its great!! Extremely accurate. " ... written by Mari
Excellent!!" ... written by Cherie
great reader" ... written by pbenjami
intriguing" ... written by cyclegirl
amazing " ... written by hm
thanks for your reading" ... written by SS
great reading. lots of info." ... written by n
great work thank u" ... written by jude
Most amazing reading ever he was on point and accurate all the way time ended but will talk again for sure" ... written by Carrie
We did healing and his energy is incredible so on with time frames and knew things before I said anything. Truly gifted!!!!" ... written by Carrie
Thank you again for all your help." ... written by Brian
Nice job.." ... written by Brian
Where was this guy earlier in my life" ... written by Brian
Good Thoughts" ... written by Brian
Thank you for all your help!" ... written by Brian
Thank you for all you do!" ... written by Brian
Great Reading! Always upfront and honest. He gives you something to take and look forward too. He has this calm and humble effect on you regardless of the situation and you just know that regardless everything will work themselves out. You have to have faith, believe, and trust! Always great reading with him! Highly recommended!" ... written by Alicia
Thank you for everything" ... written by Brian
Thank you for your time" ... written by Brian
A true optimist!" ... written by Brian
Thnak you" ... written by Brian
Thank you for all your help today!" ... written by Brian
I always go back to LoveLight01 because he is right about everything and always sending positive vibes! Best reading I have ever received, truly!" ... written by abbey
Thank you!" ... written by Brian
very intresting i liked what i heard i am waiting patiently to see if it happens" ... written by froto
great thx" ... written by L
Very good!" ... written by P
Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me so far. Best wishes." ... written by Brian
Very Nice1" ... written by Brian
Thank you for all your help." ... written by Brian
Good information looking forward." ... written by Brian
He is the best! Very Accurate! Things that he says will happen come true!" ... written by Brian
Interesting, thank you!" ... written by Brian
Really appreciate all of the insight and the insights today! Thank you!" ... written by Brian
So far, so good, LoveLight01 has been able to describe the behaviour and personality of a person whom he has not met before exactly. Myself knowing the person I have been asking about very well and his current behaviour, LoveLight01 has given me details of the present situation which I am able to confirm is correct. I am still waiting for the time to pass to confirm if the time frame given for a certain event to occur is accurate and looking forward to seeing the outcome. He also remembered my details which enabled the reading to continue on with ease, rather than having to repeat all your info over again, it definitely made me feel confident that LoveLight01 is genuine and not a scammer and I will definitely continue to seek LoveLight01's readings and interpretations in the future. LoveLight01 gets straight into it, doesn't mess around and no time wasting which is the best part about knowing that your money was well spent and worth it. You will not regret!!!" ... written by Cherie
he is very nice and good... wish we had more time" ... written by francine
Good advice and insights to the current situation!" ... written by Brian
He has certainly been correct about the roller coaster events lately. Incredibly accurate!" ... written by Brian
Thank you. I feel lighter and better. I feel more energized and more positive." ... written by Brutus
He is very good at energy healing. He does take a few minutes (like less than 2 minutes literally) to connect but he is very accurate once he does. " ... written by Stephanie Williams
very good and calm" ... written by ioanna
fast connection. Fast typer. Didnt get my prediction. My time was up." ... written by Michelle
I really like Psychic Love Light's energy. Wish I had more time to talk to him. He's got a good vibe." ... written by Kevin Wolf Posse
Excellent and very very helpful. No words to describe him. He is too good." ... written by BHAKTI
accurate" ... written by L
thanks for prediction, will see what happen, and let you know.." ... written by CUTE
Very good. Quite straightforward without wasting much time and deeply understands everything which anyone would like to listen" ... written by BHAKTI JADHWANI
nice reading" ... written by chin
LoveLight01 has a great way of showing empathy and helps me to look on the positive aspects of my life. xoxo" ... written by -T
felt again so good to talk :), and yes accurate :)" ... written by peter
Great reading. Thanks for answering all my questions. Will come back for another reading soon." ... written by Jas
I really enjoyed this session. He gave me a lot of information and insight of my issue. He knew all about it without me even telling him what really was going on. He is amazing and I have always liked him but we were serious tonight and he was on it with a great deal of accuracy. thanks so much I will be back soon. randi1158" ... written by randi1158
thanks for the healing " ... written by kash
hope it comes true very intrested" ... written by Froto
Took a while for him to get started with the details beyond some general things, but once he did I could tell he was tuned in and he made me feel calm about it all. Once I have more time to talk, I will be coming back to read with him again. He's great. :D " ... written by Heather
Many things LoveLight " ... written by Roxane Singh
good" ... written by beautiful
Helping me heal, bringing my dreams to be true, I appreciate all that he is doing for me and his prayers, taking the time to heal and not wasting my time and money....waiting on predictions, but some are starting to happen....Blessings and divine light and love!!!" ... written by P
Very positive, HIGHLY recommend!!! Very Good Healer and listener, very positive feedback, he cares and doesn't waist time or money!! He has been helping me make my dreams come true....prayers, peace and light!!! :0)" ... written by P
nice reader" ... written by chin
He managed to connect in rather quickly and was fast to read the situation. He said things which were pleasant and accurate and lets see if it comes true." ... written by Joel
I've been reading with him for almost a year and it's always GREAT speaking with him. He knows who i am without me telling him and he's able to touch on my situation rather quickly. He needs NO tools. Direct and upfront. Doesn't tell me what I want to hear but what I need to, which isn't always what I want but always gives me something positive to look forward to. He's HIGHLY recommended. His accuracy has always been proven!!!" ... written by Alicia
very good xx" ... written by Mandy
ity was very insightful and interesting i hope everything comes to pass as said" ... written by froto
He is the most powerful and gifted psychic. Great energy. Fantastic insights. He always gets right the the heart of the issue and gives accurate analysis, helpful advice. His predictions from before happened and I am hopeful about what he told me today. The BEST " ... written by alan (merkabah man)
Really detailed and accurate. Gave me a healing too, I could feel it." ... written by H
I met someone yesterday who needs to take an std test. LoveLight said some helpful things that really blew me away. This guy is awesome. I will come back in the near future. He is the top psychic here." ... written by Ken
Good healing...Helpful, making my dreams come true, taking everything into consideration, getting me on my right soul path... I appreciate his help, and divine guidance and healing...He listens and guides you and doesn't waist time... Love, peace, and many blessings!!!" ... written by P
great insight in my situation, will return thank you" ... written by lynn
thank you for short session, with details" ... written by lynn
finished my first healing im looking forward to rsults i feel fresh" ... written by froto
done with second part of healing" ... written by Froto
just got done with first healing part" ... written by froto
He was on the point about my love relationship. Wish there was more time that we could continue our reading." ... written by Michelle Banks
good psychic, very expensive readings as compared to others. and chatting is a slow, so minutes runs faster. " ... written by Lucy
very interesting " ... written by Froto
An amazing reading. Great for relationship and love advice. Very very happy with my reading, as he was right about everything!" ... written by Cassandra
Very insightful, and on point with everything he said about my relationship and made me feel positive! Great reading." ... written by Cassandra
healing session :)" ... written by peter
ty healing :)" ... written by peter
Great, detailed, warm. Thank you for a very nice talk and healing session." ... written by Justina
ty for healing session :)" ... written by peter
as before Lovelight did a great job." ... written by Craig Hays
very good " ... written by fid
Yes good" ... written by Zoe
Very caring, compassionate, and healing. Helps one focus and regroup and stay on the positive. will come back. " ... written by BT
He been there helping me make right choices for my dreams and best interest for all!! prayers and blessings...." ... written by P
thanks" ... written by c
First time reading long time soul connection i dont know anything but I feel him " ... written by
Pick up things correctly. thanks for reading" ... written by c
I feel he picked up on a lot, I got a lot of detail from him but so much was repetitive and unnecessary so as long as time or money isn't a problem for you, take him to private. he was able to pick up on so much but spent too much time telling about what he was going to tell me and that I should add more credits. " ... written by Blessed Lovely
Thank you for t his reading. I hope that everything goes according to the reading. I am a little skeptical due to the distance between us." ... written by Rosalie Nicholls
Does a great job at conveying information. Also seems very caring about those he helps as well. Greatly appreciated" ... written by Craig Hays
Very kind gentlemen. goes the extra mile to help people." ... written by Craig Hays
still great" ... written by Craig Hays
does a great job" ... written by Craig Hays
It is really awesome that Love is willing to help me out lwith the current problem I am having. It is greatly appreciated." ... written by Craig Hays
Very good and on point. he confirmed everything i was feeling. I will definitely go back for more advice." ... written by Sylvia
lovelight is just like a sweet friend from far away that tap into your energies to cheer you up." ... written by Karensp7
love light is entertaining and funny. He makes me laugh but he does have some meditational healing skills." ... written by karensp7
Very upfront, honest, and positive reading. He gives you the information you need NOT what you want while always encouraging you to stay positive. He gives you this calm feeling regardless of whatever you maybe going through. He give you hope for better/brighter days. Always positive! Highly recommended.." ... written by Alicia
can't wait to see his predictions come true! very good!" ... written by doves
He is amazing, sincere and caring pyschic. The predictions he told me have come true, and this is the reason why I keep on coming back to him." ... written by lipstick
Love light gives a fruitful reading about career path and guidance on following ones success. He's a great guy because he's compassionate and very poetic." ... written by Karensp7
love light is amazing pychic and is willing to teach his client how to get back in the right path. He's skilled at meditation and helps his clients find their own way to keep their focus." ... written by Karensp7
love light is very colorful and brightens up oranum wih happy colors" ... written by Karensp7
Love light is thoughtful and very caring. He's very poised in his reading and at point." ... written by Karensp7
love light is serious minded meditational expert." ... written by Karensp7
Great reading.. very insightful" ... written by kpurnell
love light is a friendly psychic." ... written by karensp7
Lovelight was insightful and helpful. I could not use my cam so he could not see me and I felt his energy around me. There was a sense of care and calm in my situation." ... written by EricJMiles
He is great at healing work. Tells you what to visualize and takes the time to work with you on getting clarity." ... written by BT
love light is easy to talk too and is very sweet...................." ... written by karensp7
He picked up on some negative energies around me that I could feel too. I ran out of credits before I could get more information, but I felt he really was connected to me. " ... written by Caddy
love light is on the money with career path advice. Everything he told me was true. He give great pointers on your next steps to improve on the stumbles. He's very enlightening." ... written by Karensp7
Excellent Psychic and has healing gifts from God. He is a very kind and caring individual! Would highly recommend him! " ... written by nini
Very Accurate and excellent Psychic healer ! Highly Recommend! " ... written by nini
a great session indeed, most detailed into my situation- and great advice... I will definitively return for updates/thank you " ... written by lynn
He is spot on with everything he says it is true! He is a healer and light worker through God! I felt positive energy and good vibes! He takes his time and sends up prayers to God to intercede for Joy and happiness for others. " ... written by nini88
great and straight to the point! " ... written by maria
great, accurate readings" ... written by thobile
We have had several sessions where we do healing together. They are soothing and refreshing. With regard to the outcome that I cannot say as that will be in the future so in the future 3 months from now I will write again. " ... written by BT
Great reading! He really understands the situation and gives insight on people's feelings. Thank you will be back! " ... written by m
He gave predictions with timelines so we will see!" ... written by t
Love light is friendly and easy to talk to. He is a good guide in his predictions. He can be very sweet." ... written by Karensp7
Very good psychic! Accurate and caring healer highly recommend him! " ... written by nini
I like talking to love light brings a smile to my face :)" ... written by suman
Sweet" ... written by suman
good reading.. trying to stay positive" ... written by x
Helped heal with last healing session , bringing dreams closer... Genuine, helps you see clearly taking away negativity and doubt, and bringing forth Light, Miracles, Healing, and Blessings... Thank you for your kindness and caring and working miracles...xo" ... written by P
Good reader" ... written by suman
Good reader" ... written by suman
LoveLight01 knows what he's talking about. I can't wait to get another reading from him" ... written by Melody
thank u for the reading lovelight, i will continue to be positive and keep the smile. hopefully he will resolve his issues and finally take the steps he should ..." ... written by s
Love Light is insightful and very detail about his predictions. He has answered all my questions in depth. Most of all hes gifted and patient. He actually balances of you r energies bc in life we don't realise how that really affects us...............He's a sweetheart........" ... written by karensp7
love light is really passionate about helping others. His tactics are unconventional but it works and hes really a nice guy.........." ... written by karensp7
Love light is clear on his future predictions of my love life. Only time will reveal the reality but he's very precise. He's definitely gifted because he can see very far down the line........." ... written by karensp7
Always come to Light whenever I have doubt, fast connection as always. " ... written by emily
lovelight is giving me some predictions about precise readings. I have yet to see if its accurate but hes very practical and clear about it." ... written by karensp7
Compassionate and intuitive - realistic" ... written by CB
good session connection ty" ... written by lynn
He was great...very detailed, fast and to the point. Thanks a lot for the patience and nice words. I will stay positive and patience myself. Blessing to you! " ... written by Justina
the healing session seemed good, waiting to see how wil all work out, I will be back for teh last healing session with him. Tahnk you. Wonderful and warm soul." ... written by kagemusha86
He is an inspiring warm soul that gives hope and reassurance in matters of the heart! " ... written by Eric
Very strong connection, he is straight to the point and a good man of heart. Much gratitude" ... written by Axel
Thank you for all your help the past year, you have “created” a stronger, more confident person in me." ... written by A
Finishing up healing, very positive, understanding full of miracle, blessings, and divine light... Thank you for everything....xo" ... written by P
love light gave me some insight about my career and it seems to be fruitful. He's very easy going guy and very colorful in his prospects in ones life journeys." ... written by karensp7
Want something different that shows your love, life path and career direction?, then he’s for you, would highly recommend him. No doubt!" ... written by Annie
I don’t think there are enough words to describe your gift. Everything said to me during our session feels like a timeless truth. There is an inner knowing in my heart when you speak about my life. It is almost as if you come from a different dimension to give me guidance and the truth. My journey feels so right partly because of the acknowledgement I have received." ... written by AK
Good last healing session... Gave me discount at first then.... Thank you for your prayers, light, love, peace, and miracles... He helps you make dreams come true... He is a blessing and God's helper!! Many blessings. and Divineness!!! If thats a word... xoxo God bless!" ... written by P
He is the best on this web site. Very accurate and can see the details of your life. His guidance is impeccable! He has never been wrong! Don't waste your time and money with some one else." ... written by Brian
love light gives remarkable readings. Lets see if all will come to past." ... written by karensp7
Love light has given some sound predictions. He prays and does healing for his clients thru rough times. He's funny, cheerful and easy to talk to...............I recommend him highly" ... written by Karensp7
WOW, another fact full session with a little healing on top. It's a great feeling knowing he is thinking and supporting you in your endeavors. It really is comforting. I brought up a new situation today, and just with the name, he was able to tell me what was going on and how it was going to proceed. And most importantly not to worry. Yes, he is the best on Oranum. Don't waste your money on the others; unless you want the second best! Be Positive My Friends!" ... written by Brian
I was over the cloud to hear some good news, hope it all comes true, can't wait for upcoming events, soothing to my soul and calming my nerves as always, Thank you" ... written by SMILES..........
Lovelight has been helping me with a case and he predicted a good result. He has the ability to use his psychic ability to predict things in the distance future. And he's a really sweet and mellow dude. .....................I have a lot of respect for his gifts.............." ... written by Karensp7
Love light is a phenomenal psychic and he's gifted with impeccable insights. He's given me detail predictions about my life and some of which has come ot past.. He's very easy to speak too and is gives accurate predictions. He's also passionate about helping his clients succeed in life." ... written by kay
Thanks so much!!!" ... written by c
i will keep you on update and let you know, you picked up details that could not be known and i will will you know things as they unfold thank you!!!" ... written by cherie
he is great. he really understood my situation and gave me healing in the areas I needed I'm going back for more right now!" ... written by meredith
very good session. he is wonderful and helping me see where improvements need to be made" ... written by mary
this time felt good about cleansing. very good" ... written by mary
brilliant!!! I feel wonderful and much better after his healing" ... written by mary
feeling drained mentally his cleansings are awesome. I feel better about situation" ... written by mary
Love light has an amicable personality. His gift is surely there and he gives accurate reading and awesome healings." ... written by Karensp7
goes above and beyond :)" ... written by kalitay
love light is very enlightening in his predictions." ... written by karensp7
love light is gives genuine predictions." ... written by karensp7
He was good....never thought he could connect so accurately.." ... written by Nag
great and detailed reading." ... written by pearl
he is awesome....will keep update." ... written by dom
good reading gave me predictions will let him know how it turns out." ... written by anesia
Wow Love and Light was amazing. He picked up on my situation and gave great guidance. He is awesome. Give him a try and you will see." ... written by mc
What a wonderful first experience with LoveLight!! Just a beautiful person, honest, straight forward, and he read me right away--no problems!" ... written by J
Thank you for the reassuring information... all I can do is wait but you have helped me understand better what is actually going on!! Thanks and I will be back to let you know!!" ... written by Ash
very detailed reading connected to energies very easily...thank you for the insight" ... written by FP
Thanks Love, keep connected, friendly reading." ... written by happy
Great Reading very detailed and honest:) " ... written by Sunday
Great prediction!!!" ... written by Rain