About LoveExpert01

Psychic LoveExpert01has 14years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LoveExpert01has recently helped 26members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LoveExpert01's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Hello i am best psychic 8th generation natural born top rated world famous expert join me one call will change your life and i am here for your help.You are confused i have clarity for you.I am a gentle intuitive counselor.My prediction always became true.10000 readings.100% clarity.Love,relationship,career,soulmate,business etc.i have thousands of clients all over the world.Come to be for truth.

he is great one,very detail" ... written by me
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Excellent psychic 5 stars :)" ... written by Havy
Very accurate reader :)" ... written by Shubh
his amazing. 1 of the best on oranum." ... written by mo
good insight " ... written by golden
Accurate I'll see whats up with the situations as they come." ... written by
ok" ... written by deb51460
He is a very kind and amazing person. i have done readings and his time frame and predictions have come to pass. He is fast and tells u things which for me is a surprise. He is truly gods sent person ... blessings" ... written by jr
AMAZING! Very gifted and highly recommend! " ... written by Sandy
Very nice guy and super fast! I hope his predictions come true :)" ... written by Pickle
Went through a rocky path to get a reading with him! He's worth the trouble :) Always nice, and always a pleasure to read with. " ... written by Meow
He was really good, I am glad I spoken with him. " ... written by Antoinette
Connected really fast and highly accurate!" ... written by trying
HIghly accurate. been having a reading almost everyday since a week. He truly gets it..." ... written by trying
He was awesome!! Very straight forward!!" ... written by Super_angel
Highly accurate. Very helpful" ... written by Trying
He connected to the other person well and gave me some dates. I feel he is honest, and I will be back to confirm his prediction when it happens. Try a reading with him." ... written by angelszone
Accurate as always. He is very well tuned to the situation..." ... written by trying
Great reader!!" ... written by Trying
Great reading! Very accurate..." ... written by Trying
Highly accurate. He's such a good reader." ... written by trying
Thanks!Very intresting!I will be back!" ... written by Anita
First time reading - I liked him. We will see if prediction comes true tomorrow" ... written by Jennifer
real good" ... written by brandon
awesome! 5 stars" ... written by r
Good guy, thorough reading, waiting for it all to happen! Thanks, Love!" ... written by Lily
Connected well and gave a great reading!" ... written by nikki
Highly accurate reader! Great guy..." ... written by trying
Very accurate and understandable. I shall see what he says to come to past." ... written by nbarnes2
He knew my girlfriends past haunted her and i did not tell him nothing" ... written by Steve
Highly accurate! He understood the situation and gave amazing advice.." ... written by Dobe
he is fast to connect and very clear about his preditions ." ... written by solver
HE IS GOOD " ... written by SOLVER
Highly recommend, fast and accurate. A great reading!!! " ... written by Sandy
A very nice and connected reader.I will come back!" ... written by Whitediamond
seemed nice, had a lot of predictions for me.. excited now to see what happens next" ... written by rebecca
Wow I have had countless readings and LoveExpert01 definitleytold me things no one else had yet mentioned. I really like him. very quick, sweet, and accurate. I will be looking forward to those dates that he had predicted for me. I a mvery much looking forward with my life and have changed my outlook and way of doing things before I thought I was doing right but actually doing more damage. You are kind, intelligent, and very gifted LoveExpert01 I do plan on coming back! Thank you for healing my mind, body and soul in such a way. May you continue to impact inspiration and instill more love in others as u have done for me. xoxo! ThankyoU!" ... written by Lynn
Hes is amazing. I loved my reading. Five Stars. " ... written by M
he is awesome " ... written by Liberty
thank you so much...ur amazing" ... written by think
His deatil and great reader gives you time fram and i look forward for thing he said wil come to happens his very kind to. thanks" ... written by H
He is awesome to talk to, what ever you ask he has an answer, he gives you specific dates and he has a humble spirit very quick and he is worth the time!!!!!!!!!" ... written by Penie21
kind and understanding" ... written by angelszone
Im so excited with the information he has given me. I am looking forward to it coming to past " ... written by liberty
wonderful insight and clarity of situation. Love Expert connects very quickly and types very quickly as well. No waste of time with readings....I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for answers!!" ... written by Kathy
Great reader! Hope he is right" ... written by Dobe
Thank Expert. What a day full of surprises! Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
Pricey, but good to use and talk to." ... written by nbarnes2
Better 2nd reading..much deeper and informative...Thanx!" ... written by Rid1
There has not been one time that he has given me the same information. Every time he says that he has an update and new news it always that. I look forward to his updates. He is real, quick, and very honest and a pleasure to speak with " ... written by penie21
I would tell anyone that they should let him read for them his is awesome and kind very easy to talk to and he answers questions before I can get them out " ... written by Liberty
great update 5 stars! " ... written by queenbee22
Love it, and he look like he know what he is saying" ... written by Amie
I enjoyed this reading, it made me feel better about my relationship and helped me feel confidence about my situation. I truly think you are an great reader, many of the predictions have come true, so hope for this one." ... written by expert love
Excellent reader....he provides really very good details and he is honest..thank you :) 5*" ... written by CM
Hes really clear in the readings! Hes good" ... written by Tiffany
he is very professional. He provide very detailed readings to my personal love situation with specific time frame. I am waiting to see if things will happen next week as he predicted." ... written by sun
Thank You so much...Your amazing the most accurate and honest psychic on here. " ... written by think
I enjoy every session. I recommend him to everyone to try and I promise you wont be disappointed " ... written by Penie21
good man" ... written by mano
Highly accurate. He gets it!- Must try" ... written by dobe
Seems to connect accurately. Will have to wait until second week in July about dating and starting business. " ... written by BMJ
good reading" ... written by Ricardo
Always great details! " ... written by sally
I always enjoy every part of my reading with LoveExpert01. From his friendly smile to telling me exactly how things are playing out in my life. I really like him! I recommend anyone to get reading from him! How can you not love him? Thankyou!" ... written by Lynn
He is an awesome reader and he can heal. I really enjoy the prvt chats and he is quick, he always put out a lot of information (good information). He is always open and will give you direct answers to any questions you may have to ask him. He is very friendly and always has a smile on his face." ... written by Penie21
Awesome Guy " ... written by Penie21
Accurate and good" ... written by nbarnes2
great update reading" ... written by zimerili1
VERY GOOD" ... written by Saima Faisal
He is awesome I just wish I had all the time in the world to just sit and talk with him!!!" ... written by Penie21
will see how that goes " ... written by cfg
Excellent, detailed, very specific is how I would describe LE! It is always great receiving insight, hope, clarity, and encouragement from LE. He is always so positive about the outcomes even when they appear to be different from the outside. Highly recommend LE!" ... written by E
One of my favorite psychic's on this site! He can answer you truthfully, but still make you feel positive! Go to him if you need an accurate timeframe and positivity! " ... written by Vanessa
very good... will come again.. !" ... written by GBS
He is pin point accurate and to the point. He has really hit it home." ... written by nbarnes2
Five Stars!!" ... written by F
great person.. very accurate" ... written by GBS
great vibes... person.... will come again" ... written by Brian
Wonderful......quick to connect very accurate with predictions..." ... written by Kathy
Great reader. Highly accurate" ... written by Dobe
Absolutely brilliant, fast typist and connects accurately to the situation. The time frames that have been provided are the ones I was expecting, so am very pleased. I would definitely recommend....5 stars from me... :)" ... written by Z
5 stars for an excellant psychic....and he truely is Love Expert... number 1 .......appreciate all of the help he has given me and insight into my lovers mind and feelings. I will recommend him to anyone wishing to hear the truth about their love life...he is truely a blessing to me.." ... written by Kathy
Wow this guy is so amazing. It was such a great and very informative reading. He connected so well to my situation and gave me a lot of information. I can't wait to give him updates. You just need to give LoveExpert01 a try for yourself to see what I'm talking about. Awesome and Amazing!!! " ... written by mc
really good reading details ,details great " ... written by queenbee22
hopefully it will work out" ... written by Brian
I really enjoy every reading with him, I cant wait for things to happen that he says is going to happen " ... written by Liberty
Thank u for the insight, I will be patient and wait for better outcome. thanks for all the help. talk to u soon" ... written by ar
Very good and very caring. I will always come back to him as my favorite psychic. Thank you for a good reading" ... written by vanessa
alweys good" ... written by mano
Caring reader! Waiting on to see if it actually happens..." ... written by dobe
Interesting reading, we will see. " ... written by Handamp;H
Very good" ... written by Jyri
thank you dear....goodnight" ... written by think
Love Expert01 is definitely 5 star reader. He connects very quickly to feelings of all concerned. I am anxious to see his predictions come true. Some have already waiting for the rest!!" ... written by Katy
his very detail and amazing reader , he is correct and to point and help full." ... written by h
I really enjoy my readings with LoveExpert01 bc everytime he is on the spot and is precise in his predictions from the previous readings i had before with him. Truly sweet, genuine, has good vibes and really honest. I will be back I hope you have a wonderful day! " ... written by Lynn
He is very good will see predictions!" ... written by christina
What a great guy, most caring and gentle, warm and peaceful." ... written by zimerili1
I liked the conversation we had and can't wait until it happens " ... written by Olivia
thank you loveexpert01, will see if predictions come true. he is great to talk to thanks" ... written by kt
Once more he tunes into feelings from both parties to paint a" ... written by Kathy
Best psychic in oranum, honest, connect really quick, very experience psychic reader. spot on the situtation, accurate, thumb up. thank you for the awesome reading." ... written by expertlove
very good and detailed reading. He can tell you what is currently happening with your lover that you don't know. " ... written by sunny
told me some things..will wait to see if predictions come to pass. he is very kind and understanding" ... written by Priscilla
Wonderful as usual. It doesnt get ny better then this! Thankyou for my reading again. I will be back again you know it! Today you typed faster in responses which i really liked! Thankyou for my predictions which i know will come true bc you are always spot on accurate with them!! Ill see u later allligator! xoxo!" ... written by lYNN
Had demo with him it was very funny how it started out," ... written by queenbee
LoveExpert01 is a sincere man, who is consistent with readings. Great sense of humour and gentle soul. When I have doubts he delivers message with sincerety. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I really enjoy talking to him, he has told me many things that I am waiting to happen. Some things I have seen come to past already, I am truly excited for the rest to happen. I would recommend him to everyone he is an awesome person to talk to " ... written by Liberty
He is wonderful - simply wonderful. I cannot thank him enough and felt so comfortable talking to him. He really gave me good and soulful advice and those things are things I knew deep down inside but just needed to really hear it from someone and he knew everything." ... written by expert love
his such nice person and great card reader his correct helpful and gets to the point and tell you all his very good his the best his highly recommended to every one. Thanks:)" ... written by H
very accurate and helpful.. strong and positive reading..Great reader highly recommended! Only wish I had more time!" ... written by expert love
connected quickly and answered the questions accurately! I had a nice reading, he said some things that changed my perspective on my situation and I needed that:) Picked up on the situation very good." ... written by expert love
a very warm and compassionate man." ... written by zimerili1
Kind, sweet and caring. Will definitely come back for a reading. hope his predictions come true!" ... written by tscore
HE'S AMAZING!!:D" ... written by Kevin
I have to say ....he was very good. Really hits the mark with truth, reality of past, present and future. Take the will be helpful! " ... written by expert love
he was spot on with his predictions and straight to the point, I highly recommend. pretty fast and to the point! Gave me some really good insight and things to look forward to!" ... written by expert love
i thank him for being fast and accurate and for knowing what he is doing. for being welcoming and helping me with what i ask for. thanks " ... written by expert love
really surprised at ur information shld just be patient The truth will come out soon.. thx much for positive details " ... written by queenbee22
Excellent reading and shows a lot of depth in his predictions. Will keep him posted." ... written by BN
Always always always right on target....he reads the situations and feelings so well. I will be back for more updates!! Does not waste any time getting to business of your problems...concerns.." ... written by Kathy
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
The loveexpert1 is an awesome guy, he is careing and very intutive to your needs,. He allows you to open up freely and he makes you feel like you have know each other for years. I really enjoy talking to him and you would also. He is helping me with my love life and so far its going fantasticly . At anytime that he is on he loves speaking and talking to people and at no time is he rude or ugly. He has a beautiful spirit and humble heart. What i like most about him is that he always has a smile on his face." ... written by Penie21
Brilliant and powerful person, very honest and very powerful and will come back again" ... written by Brian
AWESOME Reading!!! wonderful psychic with a beautiful personality and spirit. Gave me great news. I look fwd to seeing the outcome come to pass. I will definitely be back for future updates." ... written by expert love
great reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Received lots of great insights from him with better understanding...he provides everything that i need to understand...and additional stuff that i do not know of...really appreciate his reading...thank you! :)" ... written by expert love
thank u so much dear for making my mind clear u were a honest reader and fast too bless u ." ... written by mfdes
I always enjoy talking to him and I am seeing little by little what he had told me thus far come to reality im excited ever the more of what he says is coming!!!!!! Talk to him you won't regret it " ... written by Pennie
Really great readings; he doesn't need a lot of information, he can picks up on what's going on and gives helpful advice, I have a clearer outlook and ideas on what I can do about what's been bothering me." ... written by expert love
ace..... brilliant" ... written by Brian
a most beautiful session is all i can say now." ... written by zimerili1
always on point and knows what the problem is he is amazing he is accurate !!" ... written by expert love
His very good. great person, he tells you think you don't now about, his very good can wait for thing to happen I recommend him highly to every one. " ... written by H
He was very good, he picked up on things that were true and accurate. Some of the things he said were very true and correct. He gave me good insight and advice and I wish I had more time to talk to him because I had some more questions. He is a great person and types very fast and picks up things really fast with small amount of information. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed. " ... written by Antoinette
he was very nice sweet and amazing" ... written by Andrew Wyatt
Thankyou for my reading! I really enjoyed the confirmation! xoxo! I will come back! " ... written by l
Highly accurate!" ... written by Dobe
GREAT ADVISOR VERY IN TUNE" ... written by Brandi7479
Thank you!He is great!" ... written by Vikingprincess
very nice man...i love talking to him in free chat" ... written by mandeep s gill
He seemed insightful on my situation. he gave me a date of October 18 so we will see if his prediction comes to pass. He was very fast in connected and typing" ... written by Gigi
SUPER amazing and very kind hearted. Such a spiritual soul and cares about people in general. Love Love Love him !!! Highly reccommended !!!!" ... written by expert love
A humble man ,, a wise man ,, " ... written by zimerili1
very nice reading - hope prediction comes true. Thank you LoveExpert" ... written by Me
I love talking with the Loveexpert 1. he keeps me informed on changes that are accruing in my situation. " ... written by Liberty
Always insightful, and yes things have come to pass.... and even when all things point other way, they surprise me as they happened just like he says. Makes me laugh out loud when it happens. The best Psychic.!!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
There are lots of new updates that i received from him which lead me to many surprises...He has told things that i am totally not aware of and am very amazed by his reading...and he has predicted that i will come to know about it which i am looking forward to the outcome...really amazed with his interesting updates...thank you :)" ... written by expert love
very lovley reading :D will deffinetley return :) " ... written by Moa
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
so awesome! Gave me a super positive reading tonight and i really appreciate the honesty and comments he made about my situation :)" ... written by expert love
thank you so much! was very accurate and quick. until later!" ... written by scadoodle
Great session like always. Can always count on him for good advise and updates. Thanks again." ... written by expert love
Amazing reading!! Thanx so much!!" ... written by R
another beautiful update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Nice reading. I'm hoping his predictions come true." ... written by Eric
wonderful session,, just wonderful thanx" ... written by zimerili1
I really like him not only that he's very genuine, also he's very constant and accurate with his reading. I can really tell how he's really connected with me. Not only that hell give you prediction also and advice. I believe what he see because lots of his prediction with in the past unfolded. thank you again LoveExpert01. Whoever get a reading from him would be very lucky." ... written by akoguapa
very impressive reader -- clearly gifted and accurate in seeing my situation -- I will come for updates" ... written by me
I really enjoy talking to him he give very good insite on whats going on. Very nice and humble " ... written by Pennie
He was so patient and helpful which is what I need. Hopefully his predictions comes true. I so so hope it will!" ... written by expert love
The loveexpert1 is an awesome reader he is the only reader that has sent me messages and show that he is passionate about the helping me through my situation. He is always kind and he is very straight forward. I would firmly recomend that you try him because i promise he is worth the time. " ... written by Penie21
fantastic update" ... written by zimerili1
I appreciate his reading and predictions. He is quick to connect. " ... written by delilahlove
Was a great reading! Loved it so much, quick typer, so much detail sounded accurate and consistent really fantastic hoping for predictions to happen and will be back definitely. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry
Thanks Expert for a great reading for this week. Many issues going on and hope for a good outcome soon! I know you are right!" ... written by Charlie
highly accurate. thank you. hope u have more." ... written by dobe
good positive reading, so informative, he reads so directly, thank you so much. you've given me information to make my life easier. bless you!!!!" ... written by golden
The love expert is an awesome reader. He has told me many things that would happen and most of them have come to reality and im waiting for the rest to come true. He is very easy to talk to, careing, and he is very quick. He is very much worth the time and credits to talk to" ... written by Penie21
Very good, very patient. I hope his predictions will come true!" ... written by Agls
positive reading. good guidance. thank you so much Mr. loveexpert. Your reading was a little more higher level. I like the way your guide me. thank you" ... written by golden
He is an extremely kind and caring person. he types very fast and tells u everything and more. he is really gifted i had 2 earlier readings and everything he said has come to pass. he is really god sent and i am saying it out of full honesty. i have read may psychics here but he LoveExpert01 is really good. please do take him pvt he is someone whom u will never regret taking him pvt. thank u so much god bless" ... written by jr
good reading, he is very informative about parties involved, in depth personality traits, confirming, he is very good. Don't hesitate. I think he is great psychic, he gives timeframes, too. " ... written by golden
Very Good Reading and Advise!!! Thank YOU!" ... written by expert love
good reading, good insight" ... written by goldn
he connects really well and gave lots of details! :) highly recommended!" ... written by Saloni
I always enjoy LovExpert01 thats why i keep coming back! He is very sweet, and accurate, tells me the truth. Anyone and everyone should get a reading from him and you will know what I am talking about. Thank you again for my reading and have a wonderful day!" ... written by Lyn
Thankyou for insight! I will write you back when i find out about this situation. I will be back thankyou for my reading again!" ... written by l
Had an amazing reading with loveexpert. He is one of the kindest and the gentlest persons on here and very easy to talk to. He is optimistic and his energy is enlivening. I had an amazing session with him. Hope the predictions come to pass. He helped us a lot in the free chat also. Looking forward to his predictions. Thanks a lot." ... written by kulvadana
good positive energy" ... written by golden
Connects very fast, no tools! Many details and deep insight! Thanks again :) x " ... written by Cindy
u r amazing dear!! VERy much love and blessing!!! take care!" ... written by MA
good insight, right on situation. " ... written by golden
Quick, accurate, and cares very much that you understand what he is trying to say." ... written by expert love
he is my favorite psychic. he is so honest and real. His readings are life changing. I am so lucky to have found him. he has made such a difference in my life. Thank you!" ... written by expert love
awesome! :)" ... written by Karla mercado
Very reassuring of situation and patient with me. I appreciate the way he reads. I would consult again. " ... written by golden
good insight into very serious or emotional situation. He is great in message delivery and gives some very specific instructions. Correct in many things. Do not hesitate. " ... written by norcal
really fast typing gives you lots of details very good update !!" ... written by queenbee22
Great reader! Accurate and very caring. he truly gets it" ... written by Dobe
great reading..!!!!! Guides so well.. Has made a few predictions and truly understood my situation.. He deserves all the 5 stars.! He has a positive vibe that instantly cheers you up.. seems to calm and content even if you ask him 1000 questions.. Thank you thank you thank you.." ... written by expert love
great reading..!!!!! Guides so well.. Has made a few predictions and truly understood my situation.. He deserves all the 5 stars.! He has a positive vibe that instantly cheers you up.. seems to calm and content even if you ask him 1000 questions.. His writing spead is fast too. Thank you thank you thank you.." ... written by expert love
good reading, positive, 5 star. He reads spot on in a positive light but still tells you the truth and the challenges presented. " ... written by norcal
I have known this kind and gentle man for only few months now but he has shown me more compassion, more care and more wisdom than the closest people who have been around me for all my life. This man is a treasure and the people around him are fortunate by him and his manner." ... written by zimerili1
Amazing. seriously. he is your number one! because he is AMAZING!! thank you so much!! your kind words and guidance are simply the best!" ... written by expert love
LoveExpert gave me a positive reading. I can't wait for his prediction to happen. I will come back for updates. Thank you!" ... written by Moonchild59
An amazing human being!" ... written by MA
Great reading quick and accurate. To the point along with guidance. Would surely come back for future readings." ... written by expert love
quick fast update waiting to see the outcome of these issues thx you 5 stars" ... written by queenbee22
he is an awesome reader I love it " ... written by penie21
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Always my nice to see a friendly face! He is so direct! I love him thats why I keep coming baack to him! He is really a bright shining star out of this bunch in Oranum. I wish and nothing but the best for him! Stay busy my friend! Thank you again always for my readings thus far. See you again! haha Im sure!" ... written by Lyn
His readings are always Awesome " ... written by Liberty
fantastic man wonderful session be patient with him and he will unveil a treasure of knowledge before you.." ... written by zimerili1
excellent" ... written by michael
the loveexpert has always be an awesome reader to me, he takes his time with you but he is fast about giving you information. He is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable and will be direct with any answer to any question you may ask. I will continue to use him as my guide because he is awesome " ... written by Penie21
Fantastic and very fast connection. Highly recommend. " ... written by Sallie
An amazing reading with him!! prediction happened! trust me!!" ... written by MA
Great reading!! Very impressed" ... written by Ashley
awsome reader knew a lot about me without me saying i look forward to whats to come always very good, accurate and to the point. Thanks so much for your wisdom and I Highly Recommend expert for any kind of issues!" ... written by expert love
his reading was very accurate, his prediction happened faster than i thought. It's unbelievable and i was shocked for it happened so quick. Highly recommend him!" ... written by daisy
Like always a wonderful reading! This man is so gifted! Thank you for all your insight!" ... written by expert love
good insight, good reading of situation. " ... written by norcal
Absolutely wonderful reading his heart is pure and totally in it. He is a very compassionate man and very wise. " ... written by zimerili1
very fast at connecting!!!" ... written by Nina
good insight, positive reading, predictions from angels, no tools. this is best way!" ... written by goldn
he is an amazing reader as always!!! love the moment with him!!" ... written by MA
Detais, Spot on the point!!!" ... written by SS
This was really crazy! I got the exact info I was looking for and more! Fabulous reading! Thank you!!" ... written by CLG
A fantastic and extremely detailed update ,, thank you very much" ... written by zimerili1
he is such a honest reader!!! no words to express." ... written by RA
ABSOULUTELY FANTASTIC " ... written by michael
such an amazing person!! no words to describe!!" ... written by TA
He is just an awesome and passionate reader I am excited for the outcome of my situation " ... written by pennie21
thank you for the updates, quick to connect, good information given for my situation" ... written by love221
goodddddd amazinnnggggg" ... written by Nina
very honest reading and right to the point guiding u" ... written by kwt
very great! helped out so much! amazing psychic very satisfied" ... written by 221 love
awesome read! very fast !!! knew a lot of things about the situation in few minutes" ... written by K
Good follow up. Feels like we are heading in the right direction. " ... written by Moa
wonderful reading and great expert as always ,, our readings are always amazing" ... written by zimerili1
Thank you very much. He is so amazing sees so much, that I begin to shiver of happiness. Because everything is so on spot an honest. :) " ... written by Moa
ThANK U SO MUCH...amazing as always" ... written by love221
Fabulous reading as usual! Never dissapoints me! Initifty stars to him! Thank you!!!" ... written by Lynn
lets see what will happen" ... written by Nina
Wonderful reader as always" ... written by cm
Thanks. You have empowered me to look forward in my change." ... written by littlebuy1
Now it really feels like I have a clear picture on the entire situation :) Pray that everything will come out in a good way :)" ... written by Moa
the truth and very warm hearted when he does his reading I always enjoy him" ... written by penie21
This psychic is VERY honest, VERY fast and VERY accurate. You will not be disappointed. His predictions have come true." ... written by thinkblue
fantastic reading very detailed and very clear and wise." ... written by zimerili1
good reading, positive guidance, honest answers with advice." ... written by gldn
good honest straighforward answers to situation. He tells you truth but with positive outcomes for your ilife. " ... written by goldn
good answers and insight to problem and situation" ... written by goldn
he provided very detailed and accurate readings on whoever is related to you, your situations. very professional and patient too. Highly recommend him!" ... written by happylucky
His very good and to point ." ... written by H
great as usual" ... written by zimerili1
He Connected well. I believe what he said. Great reading" ... written by na
good, positive reading. good guidance and consultation. " ... written by norcal
expert is nice and can pick your problems and predict your future. Very nice man! I recommend him." ... written by happylucky
connects fast, and no tools" ... written by me
he has always been right and honest about everything.. i trust him more than anyone..he is my guiding angel.." ... written by dragonsrose
great session just great" ... written by zimerili1
very insightful and straight forward. a refreshing experience. thank you." ... written by happylucky
Thank you my dear friend for all the kindness and honesty you have shown." ... written by thinkblue
Great reader, provide me with great details within a short time. I will definitely follow his instructions and believe things will get better. Thanks!" ... written by happylucky
wonderful reading truly satisfying.." ... written by zimerili1
Best here in oranum!!" ... written by MA
wonderful" ... written by ;)
I am so much clearer on what is going on here, Im glad I came back to clearify the other questions I had, Thanks so much!!!" ... written by dragonsrose
excellent reading as always thanx" ... written by zimerili1
A good caring psychic !!!" ... written by TA
He is amazing - kind and generous and encouraging. He is the light and wishes that only good things occur " ... written by mona lisa
fantastic update ,, this man is so dedicated it is unbeleivable" ... written by zimerili1
Another wonderful reading great insight. A wonderful person thanks for all the encouragement..." ... written by Dragonsrose
honest anwsers, fast, explains situation" ... written by norcal
always positive about situation, fast andamp; honest answers, he's a sweet guy. " ... written by goldn
He has passion and compassion he is just wonderful." ... written by zimerili1
My most expensive dinner date - but well worth it! Love him - hope his predictions come to pass …..I will be back in a few months " ... written by Mona Lisa
good answers, positive, fast reading into situation. " ... written by gldn
amazed with words happy" ... written by inlove
very excellent reader" ... written by opiu
he is a great, warm person. you feel his energy and his reading skills are wonderful and exactly. he is the best here!!!! Thanks a lot and all the best and warm wishes for you!!!" ... written by Maria
the best reader in oranum always amazing and to the point" ... written by zui
very honest reading and right to the point thank you so much" ... written by marina
great update just great thanx" ... written by zimerili1
good energy, good reading, honest andamp; quick answers to questions. He's the bomb." ... written by Awesome
what a great reader!! the very best here and his energy is coming the long distance and you really feel it. a big hug from the two girls;-)" ... written by hopeful2
wow..............amazing. such a sweetheart too." ... written by stephanie
always terrific thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Very humble and honest person who gives reading very sincerely...and always try to give as many information he could so that i will be able to obtain alot understanding from him...he knows very well what i need to know and to help me in his ability...never regret to rely on him...he stays committed and takes pride in his work... :)" ... written by Dragonsrose
Best psychic reader ever...the details are very accurate i was stunned..." ... written by Dragonsrose
super reading thanx" ... written by zimerili1
Enlightenment is not always easy. Honest answers and rapid response. He mostly gives insight into near future which is good if you can hold on to your faith. I believe him but patience is key. " ... written by Great expert
Love Expert.....natural intuitive. great seer. anda healer to boot. Great guy, freindly and helpful" ... written by Artemus Gordon
Love Expert is the genuine thing. Hes a great seer and can show you whats really going on. Do give him a try. I found relief to my anxiety issues, and he does healing as well." ... written by Andrew Dice Clay
great reading. thank you, he is honest and fast. lightning fast n the keyboard. " ... written by starryeyes
He is the best psychic in the world " ... written by dragonsrose
thank you for inspiring me again dear!!!!" ... written by TA
THANKS! first reading, can't wait for the next one! Very spiritual compassionate man! I will keep updates on each reading. ty so much for your patience and kindness and quick connect" ... written by niki
Very best and honest reader! thank you." ... written by TA
LoveExpert, good intuition and his remedy has worked for me. Interesting guy, knows what he is doing. Do try him i feel he is for real." ... written by Nisagardatta Maharaj
great reading like always…things became already true what he told me! Good choice!!! be blessed" ... written by bella
fast and accurate!!" ... written by K
the best of the best in oranum" ... written by lolita
great session thanx" ... written by zimerili1
LoveExpert has some real powers of healing and clairvoyance, go check him out hes a real help." ... written by Ernie Honeymooners
The best psychic ever the detail is mind blowing! thank you" ... written by dragon
I'm sorry the screen froze up." ... written by laurie
Love Expert has some real insight. hes good at healing too. highly reccomend him. repeated success." ... written by Edward Edwardian
Great predictions and he explains them so well, Love how he delivers!!!!" ... written by Great Reader
He not only understands your situation but helps you in every way possible. !! totally worth your time and money. I have been consulting him regarding several issues and his predictions have been coming true .!!!" ... written by dragon
Best reader on oranum, he is quick, sees to future and tells you honest truth. " ... written by Great Expert Reading
Love Expert....what can i say....he knows what he's doing. good at clairvoyance, and good at remedy and healing. a real helper. friendly too" ... written by Lamont Dozier
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
what a wonderful soul,,," ... written by zimerili1
great reader, he is awesome. go for it. " ... written by good reader
Another great session w Love Expert... HE truly sees what is going on. and heals also. appreciate his insight" ... written by Edgar Winter
great update thanx" ... written by zimerili1
he is so great and tells you predictions and answers" ... written by Golden Reader
he is a great reader. i highly recommned" ... written by good reader
He is awesome and you need to get a reading. he is the best. " ... written by Amazing Reader
5 STARS! Superb and Fabulous person on Oranum. Very Highly Recommended!!!!" ... written by dragon
great reading, he is honest and no tools. Go for it" ... written by AMAZING READING
Gave him a trick question to see if he is correct and he NAILED it!!! Awesome! Thank you for your insight!" ... written by Jennifer
Thanks for picking up my spirits today. I felt down but now I regained my faith in a happy future to come. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Such an inspiring soul!!! thank you." ... written by MA
He is very honest and tells it like it is! :)" ... written by Sal
My favorite psychic!! Very warm, kind, and gentle. I can rely on him for accuracy and truth. " ... written by Vanessa
he is great reader, predictions, insight, honesty" ... written by FANTASTIC PSYCHIC
Amazing insight w/out tools, honest, helps any situation. predictions, too. " ... written by great reader
Wonderful excellent reading with great clarity and understanding of both myself and my love. I strongly recommend a consultation with LoveExpert01! " ... written by Charlie
it was owesome i got uplifted" ... written by Karriro
great reading, no tools, honest, truth, no sugar. " ... written by Amazing REader
great reading, no tools" ... written by Best Reader
NO tools used, fast to answer all questions, predictions that come true. He is a truly gifted psychic and honest with his insight and gifts. " ... written by Great Reading
He is very spot on and I hope his predictions come true!! :)" ... written by Sal
He was so spot on! Highly recommended! :)" ... written by Sal
lets see what he said come true" ... written by myst
Love Expert never fails to deliver the good reading and healing. Hes proven accurate later on , too." ... written by Johnny Bench
Esteemed healer and seer, LoveExpert climbs the Mount Everest of understanding. Have seen and heard good things, helpful things w him on this journey." ... written by Sir Edmund Hillary
no tools, fast to connect, types like a madman to give great insight. " ... written by good reader
Great reader, no tools, best insight, predictions, luv him, over and over, he is my go to guy. " ... written by Fantastic psychic
Thanks LoveExpert for a lovely uplifting and powerful reading! You are amazing and help me feel better in every way! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
good, truthful, fast, no tools" ... written by good reading
He is so wonderful and very fast typing and reading all situations of life....I will be back for updates....five stars for sure" ... written by Kathy
Amazing twinsession with LoveExpert! Highly recommended and so very encouraging! Many many thanks and blessings for your readings!" ... written by Charlie
he is one of the best. was able to pick up on situation as soon as i even entered free chat before going into private. looking forward to things unfolding" ... written by hmk799
Thanks again LoveExpert for being such a wonderful psychic. I really hope so very much that your predictions come to pass. I also believe you can read the feelings and on thoughts of my love very correctly. Five stars every time!" ... written by Charlie
Love E. is the greatest. Go see him if u want the real deal in healing and reading the hidden things." ... written by Ibn al Fazir
Great healer and seer, knows mantras and remedies, kind and helpful person" ... written by Chillicote Otis
I like LoveExpert, hes freindly and helpful and a good healer and reader." ... written by Pali Wahg
he is very patient and work hard for his client. give a lot of detailed reading" ... written by sunny
I hope predictions are true ! I can't wait to see and know !" ... written by Sarah
Good ol' Love Expert. ...some real skills and heealing abilities." ... written by Dan Sedgweek
He cleared my doubts and I'm very grateful for that :)" ... written by Sal
Great readings all along! So happy to have found you! Excellent in every way!!" ... written by Charlie
You are so right!! Also giving me time frames and advise on how to take things is very helpful!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again! You always make me smile with your wonderful readings. Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
Lovely reading about a strange event today. I felt such a strong connection. Thanks for confirming me the identity. You are amazing!" ... written by Charlie
I like LoveExpert. he's given me some great advices and healings. always go to him for good remedies and he sees events about to happen." ... written by Preston
Excellent and very clear readings about the past, near future and expectations. I am very thankful for LoveExpert's help. Hope to soon be able to come back and say everything turned out just the way he predicted. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Very good and excellent readings all along! Thank you ever so much!" ... written by Charlie
very accurate and helpful" ... written by karly
Ol' Love Expert has some great skills both reading and healing. I enjoy his perspective" ... written by Oranumallah
great reading and healing!" ... written by Bubba Gump
great reading, looking forward for the predictions to come true" ... written by Mimi
I am amazed by LoveExperts abilities. He knew exactly what I referred to in the past and could give me answers on where I am now in my relationship. I recommend him from the bottom of my heart!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert ....what can i say? hes got great abilities. do give him a try." ... written by Eddie Arnold
Love to have readings with LoveExpert! Makes my day every time!" ... written by Charlie
Very friendly and knows what he is talking about. I would recommend him to others. " ... written by Y
Wonderful as always to talk with you and have a true expert's reading! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
THANK YOU VERY MUCH" ... written by mimiliebe
Great reading very detailed and accurate" ... written by Lorann
Thanks for confirming me that it really is worth waiting for him all of these endless days...bless you!" ... written by charlie
(Applaud) thank you for my reading times 3! So good! as always! So nice to see you again! I will come back and practice what you told me. xoxo!" ... written by Lynn
Great reader!" ... written by Cedric Von Crumpaloon
great guy, good greading, Good God1" ... written by James Brown
Thanks again for lifting up this day of mine with mixed feelings. Your readings bring light and clarity!" ... written by Charlie
very well done. Awesome service!" ... written by Fairytail
Excellent readings all along! Answers to so many questions. Bless your abilities!" ... written by Charlie
very accurate reading, i asked my self if i can read faster than he type, waiting prediction to happen" ... written by mimiliebe
My first reading with him and he typs quick and tapped in right away on my situation and the energy around it. I am very happy and will try him again for the future. thanks" ... written by leo girl
Very many thanks for giving me the insight into what actually is going on with my lover. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks for a great and reassuring reading!" ... written by Charlie
connected real fast and gave me insight on a conversation thanks" ... written by leo girl
thanks again, went in to ask a question I forgot. He is fast and quick to connect. I hope what he sees come true! Thanks" ... written by leo girl
Great reading!!!" ... written by Supreme Avatar Command
Thanks again for a very useful reading with many interesting details!" ... written by Charlie
good" ... written by ritesh
what a great and very kind and wise man, his insight is overwhelming indeed." ... written by zimerili1
details details details. This guy tells it all. Lots of information in the amount of time you have with him, with no pauses!! You get your moneys worth of information from him. He connects quickly and although things are not going the way he sees it, I don't know, maybe he sees things I can't, which makes him psychic??/ haha So I'm hoping his predictions come true, only time will tell. thank you!" ... written by leo girl
Wonderful chat as always- sorry to have to go now, but will be back!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again for a great great reading LoveE. I think they are so extremely accurate and also very much uplifting." ... written by Charlie
Thanks Love for picking up me tonight. I hope for the best and try to rest to feel better anticipating that your predictions come true." ... written by Charlie
very fast typing and connection. gave a lot of details. Although I do not see things they way he sees, I am hopeful it will come true. Not sure if I'm being given false hope or if it's truth. He's veyr positive, so I guess time will tell. thanks" ... written by leo girl
I love him!!!! He is amazing! I will let you know if his predictions come true!" ... written by Jennifer
really good update, hope to see thing happen soon" ... written by mimiliebe
always great sessions always,, thank you again and again ,, many blessings" ... written by zimerili1
he is great and fast! i will find out about his prediction few months from now. highly recommend him. i give him 5 starts" ... written by mita
great healer and seer. do give him a try" ... written by Eldridge Cleaver
so accurate, always fast, thank you for this really good reading" ... written by kuiipo5
Amazing reading and its true what he said am just waiting for her to come back" ... written by Husein
Thank you so much for your insight " ... written by paula
thank you" ... written by mimiliebe
Good reading." ... written by Princilla Presnley
thank u for the reading and all is i can feel" ... written by Husein
very positive update and hoping things will pass as he say, thanks" ... written by leo girl
Thanks again for a really nice reading! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
great just great " ... written by zimerili1
He is on point, is honest and doesn't waste time!" ... written by Emily
good" ... written by ritesh
really accurate, and the best her on oranum" ... written by kuiipo5
fantastic" ... written by zimerili1
Nice and helps out with the situation. :) " ... written by Y
Good reading. I felt validated.n i have before experienced good readigns and healigns" ... written by Geronimo Von Crumpleschweigert
had to go in for another update to reassure what I'm feeling about situation. thanks!" ... written by leo girl
hoping predictions come true, thanks" ... written by leo girl
He was good as usual! :)" ... written by S
thank you for this great reading" ... written by mimiliebe
Love expert1 has very clear visions. He is always there to pick me up with his positivity. Blessings! " ... written by Charlie0901
kind, and compassionate big master, whatever is the problem, he can see the situation clearly without asking for question" ... written by mimiliebe
thank you very much" ... written by mimiliebe
Thanks Love for your great readings all along! Helps me feel better in an instant!" ... written by Charlie
Wonderful Read, Quick and very informative" ... written by paula
he is a good reader" ... written by kahira
Great reading." ... written by Hiram Binghampton
thank u for ur readings and wish to it happens earlier than 15 dec" ... written by Husein
A very positive and on point detail Thank you :)" ... written by Blossom
thank you" ... written by mimiliebe
very good and accurate " ... written by hit_chi
I truly am amazed how he picks up on my situations!!! he is totally awesome. cant wait to see my future unfold for the better. thank you soo much for the positive insight once again." ... written by amedley
Thank you once again LoveExpert for a very detailed reading. Excellent in many ways. " ... written by Charlie
Great psychic! Highly recommended. He is so sweet too! :)" ... written by Vanessa
thank you" ... written by mimiliebe
Wow, he is very focused and I really like that. I will contact him again..." ... written by randi1158
very detailed up with predictions for this coming week. I'm skeptical but hopeful I guess. Thanks for your reading!" ... written by leo girl
Very good, very accurate. Thank you, I will come back again." ... written by helgsy
he gave me insights. first read.lets see " ... written by myst
Great reading! Now wait to see if what was said will come to pass. 5-star and would highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks Love once again for a positive and open reading with lots of details, which I can recognize. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
This is my first reading with Love and I was looking for reassurance of stuff I already know internally and he reinforced it. He's very accurate and spot on. I barely gave any information and his response is incredibly detailed....very detailed. There wasn't a doubt of his gifts. I'm thankful for his insights and words. I would defiantly revisit him again. " ... written by Merrysinclair
a true expert in the area of love. I love coming to loveexpert for a soothing talk about my situation in private. He knows things that I was worried about, worries that remained in my head and that I didn't reveal to anyone! :)" ... written by Vanessa
Excellent reading with detail and outcome of what the future holds. Highly recommend and will come back for future guidance!" ... written by E
Exciting, encouraging, and uplifting is what I felt during this reading! Gave me new hope and would highly recommend for anyone who is seeking answers!" ... written by E
Wonderful reading. Excellent and highly recommend!" ... written by E
excellent reading" ... written by Mobutu
well he was spot on with everything. At this point I have to wait and see if what he says comes to pass. He was a good reader." ... written by ucalatinlady
Very good reading :) Fast accurate and without asking details. I am very impressed and will certainly have another reading as things progress :) Thank You !!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
good" ... written by Sachin
Very fast typist and so far things are going smoothly as predicted! thanks" ... written by leo girl
I love readings with LoveExpert. He is so positive! Five stars! " ... written by Charlie0901
very good....... lets see how his prediction works" ... written by sachin
thanku for typing so fast/ he is consistent .im waiting to see. tahnku expert" ... written by myst
Thanks again LoveExpert for keeping me spirits up! Great readings all along!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent, awesome, and encouraging is all that I can say! LoveExpert01 always provides me with a great view of a positive relationship future!" ... written by E
thnx and hope everything goes well in her life as u said" ... written by husein
VERY GOOD " ... written by hit_chi
Excellent and always feel extremely encouraged after reading with LoveExpert01!!!" ... written by E
Straightforward, fast typer, honest and sincere. Thank you!" ... written by monalisa
Thanks again LoveExpert for giving such nice readings. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Amazing, excellent, and encouraging with specific timeframes! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Amazing! LoveExpert01 readings give me great hope of future!!" ... written by E
Amazing, encouraging, uplifting, and full of hope! This is what I feel when getting a reading from LoveExpert01!" ... written by E
he's very fast inm typing and is straightforward. No guises. Just honest truth., I recommend a reading from him. " ... written by Ebovea
Very nice reading, very little info needed to get a good grasp on whats been on my mind lately and very detailed information as well. Network had some issues but overall good reading" ... written by think blue
Great reading as always- happy to return for more insight!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert is a good man and helpful reader, deep insight and connection to healing and angels." ... written by Granville Cranville
Brilliant. happy with the reading." ... written by Abdul Paula
he was accurate" ... written by t
outstanding" ... written by Maryloves
Amazing! Excellent and inspiring and highly recommend!" ... written by E
Excellent! LoveExpert01 always is quick with information and wastes no time in providing answers to love and relationship matters! I would highly recommend for anyone looking for some clarity in life!!" ... written by E
Amazing reading and positive attitude, thnx highly recommended " ... written by husein
Excellent insight and reading into future! I came away confident and at peace with future possibilities!" ... written by E
Amazing! Great update and reading!!!" ... written by E
I always feel empowered and encouraged after a reading with LoveExpert01!" ... written by E
Thank you for a detailed update!" ... written by helen
love your reading i hope everything comes true " ... written by catawald
Excellent! Great confidence when in reading with LoveExpert01!!" ... written by E
Love01 cleared some thoughts of doubt and unsure feeling about some steps I was taking toward my love life. He greatly reassured and gave insight into a romantic interest of mine for which sometimes feels like a puzzle and I'm horrible at puzzles and i'm always second guessing myself. His confidence and straightforward responses gave me a boost I needed. I wish I had more credits to speak with him longer but for now I know I will be back. I'm thankful for the messages he gave to me and also thankful I haven't yet made myself a fool in this life. I would totally recommend seeing LoveExpert01" ... written by Merrysinclair
good reading, will see if prediction comes to pass." ... written by Rochstad
Excellent! I am always encouraged after reading with LoveExpert01!" ... written by E
very good" ... written by karona
Love Expert is the main man, the brother with a psychic plan, he sure can, know your karmas and the healing marma....appreciate its never to late to state, love expert is the greatest great, and understanding of thy fate." ... written by Junior Wells
Simply stated, this was an excellent reading with many future possibilities! Now I wait for the passage of time to determine if these events will occur! I highly recommend LoveExpert01!" ... written by E
he was spot on" ... written by latin lady
Thank you Love Expert, i will contact you next week" ... written by Paula
very quick and very positive. hope to see what happens" ... written by tcpm
All I can say is excellent! As the days go by, LoveExpert01 insight into the future is becoming clearer and closer to a reality. I would highly recommend him as he is accurate and spot on with current relationship situations!!" ... written by E
thnx for the positive reading and hope it will be soon" ... written by Husein
Good reading! I feel stronger after every reading with LoveExpert01." ... written by E
amazing reading thank you i feel so much better will come back for another one soon" ... written by gumbo
he is a super quick typer. he was very considerate gave lots of information in quick time. really hoping for his predictions to come true.thank you so much." ... written by queen
amazing reader thank you so much for your insight I am super excited to see where this love takes me. 5 star great reader." ... written by edna
simply amazing, tapped into the deeper aspects of my situation, glad i found this reader" ... written by cheese
he provided me a very accurate reading which has exact date we scheduled. Highly recommend!" ... written by p
my favorite reader on oranum! " ... written by vanessa
Thanks LoveExpert for helping me out today. It was really helpful to chat with you." ... written by Charlie
Really good and patient to listen! I highly recommend him" ... written by a
He was amazing as usual!!! :) Highly recommened!! He connects so fast, is spot on and really caring too!!!" ... written by S
very caring and insightful reading i am believing for the predictions to come thank you for live chat and email will keep you posted on the outcome" ... written by gumbo
Thanks once again for a nice and very informative reading. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you so much for your quick answers" ... written by Paula
Thanks Love once again for spreading the good feeling and blessed spirit. Very much recommended! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
No tools required, he sees the situation accurately for what it is all of the time, he is consistent, truthful and kind. I turn to him for the answers I seek." ... written by monalisa
Thank you LoveExpert for your prediction. I will return very soon to tell you how things went!" ... written by Charlie
I did not see him today but thanks for consoling me. Life happens!" ... written by Charlie
connected with me fast, hoping the predictions will come true:)!" ... written by yassmina
Excellent reading full of information and insight!" ... written by E
Always enjoy a reading from Expert. Very good, thank you :)" ... written by FS88
Thanks Expert for you clear visions! They always help alot. " ... written by Charlie
Love is the fastest typer I have ever seen with the greatest of details. He gave me some reassurance, reinforcements and reiterations that I solely needed. I feel a kindness in him and I'm thankful for his words and insights. I got timed-out from our reading but he gave me much valued information for which I am truly thankful. I would recommend LoveExpert01. I will be back again for another session. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Excellent reading full of encouraging outcomes! Now, just wait to determine if predictions come to pass!" ... written by E
he is now definitely my favorite person on oranum, so much information in a short amount of time, highly recommend, thank you so much for all the info god bless you" ... written by cheese
Thank you so uplifting and positive! I hope everything will be come true :-)" ... written by mira
Thank you dear LoveExpert for picking me up just a little tonight. Great psychic with wonderful abilities. " ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading full of information and possibilities. Now I will wait to determine if things come to pass. Nevertheless, LoveExpert01 is a highly recommended when dealing with love and relationship matters!" ... written by E
I enjoy readings with LoveExpert01 as he is a quick typist and gives a lot of insight!" ... written by E
thnx for the reading and accurate till now " ... written by husein
he is a good psychic … " ... written by rose
Thanks Expert. I really like to see you and chat about my situation. Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
Lots of information. he types super fast and connects quickly. His contact prediction came thru for this week! Staying hopfuly that his prediction for next week comes thru! thanks!" ... written by leo
Excellent reading!" ... written by E
very very positive update which I am hoping comes true and excited for. I told him about my problems and doubts but he reassured me that everything is going to change in the new year. So I guess all I can do is wait and see. thanks!" ... written by leo
Thank you LoveExpert for supporting me this Fall. Merry Christmas and many blessings to you!" ... written by Charlie
Wonderful connection, understood my situation and connected very fast. Highly recommend!" ... written by phyl
thank you for the update. I had some concerns and he exlained things to me. Gave me predictions for this up coming week. So we'll see how things go. thanks" ... written by leo
Many thanks Love for your clear readings. They are great all along!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 gave me an insightful and reiterations of past information I needed for reassurance and also to be reminded of a beautiful path coming my way. Love is quite kind to me and his stellar detail and fast typing is always worth it. I always get the reading transcripts to re-read cause there's usually a jewel of info that I won't feel the impact until the 2nd read through. I appreciate LoveE. for his gift and words. I hope his current prediction will come to pass and of course, if it will definitely hear it from me cause it would be a big one! I thus far would recommend loveexpert01." ... written by Merrysinclair
Very encouraging reading! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks LoveExpert for a clear and great readings as usual! Five stars once again. " ... written by Charlie
excellent " ... written by girl
LoveExpert is a wonderful psychic and I have much respect for his abilities! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
i love this advisor... lets hope his predictions are connected! " ... written by Suzanne
Great reading!" ... written by E
Your readings just make me feel better and happy! Thanks again and let us have a very happy new year!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent...I always thoroughly enjoy my time with LoveExpert01. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Very inlightening read. he is fast and to the point" ... written by Paula
Thanks LoveExpert for you readings and visions. I think you are very right and look forward to a brighter next year!" ... written by Charlie
he was off about a few things. we'll see thanks" ... written by leo
Interesting reader" ... written by Sing
He is consistent and knows what he is speaking..." ... written by for expert..
this my 1st time with him, gave prediction but is a couples months out . I will let you know then , thank you" ... written by ***
Thanks for always answering my questions, whatever they are! Wonderful readings!" ... written by Charlie
Your so fast and quick. You should open up a " ... written by Paula
Awesome! I get so much information from the Love expert" ... written by Paula
I love getting readings with loveexpert!" ... written by vanessa
Indupitably, a stellar reader and guide." ... written by Harvey Kasselbaum
He's very good as always very fast and not waitsitng my money at all. The fast prediction he told me unfold. I can wait for the other prediction to come." ... written by Love youu
Good reading... reassured me that positive things are coming((BOUT TIME))... thank you gave me much needed hope and encouragement. Very fast connection and typist. thank you" ... written by DD
I love loveexpert!" ... written by Vanessa
He is such a wonderful very quick with his wisdom and enlightenment...I look forward always to our chats...He is the" ... written by Kathy
the lOVE EXPERT is so kind and comforting. I trust him because he has been accurate...thanks " ... written by randi1158
Love...him he is so wonderful...very quick typist also... I look forward to his predictions and check back soon for updates" ... written by Kathy
Taking all the sum of readings...Love definitely eases any pains and uplifts. His words and adamant nature about what he says sends a feeling of confidence in what he's trying to convey to you is truths and all other things are false. This is comforting in many ways without it feeling like illusions. I'm thankful for the many sessions I have had with LE. I would recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
This is one of he best psychics ever! he constantly types and is so very accurate so far . He told my friend is gonna want romance w me and i did not believe it --and sure enough the next day it happened i was contacted and told he wanted romance n more.. huh??? SO this reader's predictins blew me away -- his visions gives me peace and he is such a sweet and gentle soul. " ... written by Suzanne
he's very positive. I like listening to his perspective" ... written by T
5 stars....very good and spot on with his predictions too...I recommend him to everyone who wants answers." ... written by Focusing
Thanks LoveExpert for a great New Year's reading. I am sure we are getting there and your visions are right. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
This guy is awesome!! hmm maybe he read my mind and what I wanted to hear? lol. But he knows things.. that only I know." ... written by Demitri
Thanks again LoveExpert for your upbeat and confident reading. Hope really for good news soon!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading as usual! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Grateful for his insight, which verified what I had been feeling for awhile." ... written by SpunkySagHorse
Thanks again for the insight." ... written by Paula
Excellent reading always full of insight and information. He is a quick typist and highly recommend!" ... written by E
LoveExpert brought some assurance and uplifting messages that were reiterations from our past conversations and some new information. He is kind hearted and truly wants to give you the brightest news. I like my sessions with L.E and I'm hoping the predictions comes to in the greatest of ways. Thus far, LE eases the heart and gives the biggest hope that is not false. I recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
you are amazing....the best!!! very detailed and on point. Thank you so much god bless you" ... written by think
Simply the best - look no further!" ... written by Monalisa
Thanks Love Expert for yet another great reading! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
his vey nice person and good " ... written by H
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! God Bless You LE!" ... written by Margot
Thanks again LoveExpert for a one of your wonderful readings. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Awesome accurate, insightful. The things he knows about my personal life and work, kinda shock me. Wow recommended :)" ... written by Headinghome
Thanks for being so very clear. Many blessings for your wonderful help. I will call back again very soon. " ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert was right all along and his predictions are starting to show as coming true. Happy and thankful!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert is indeed an Expert! Very clear and to the point, very spot on with everything. Very grateful to you LE . . . . Love andamp; Blessings!" ... written by Margot
Was very confused about the the relationship. He has help me relieve some serious stress... What a wonderful man. Blessed he is" ... written by HH
Great as always! LoveExpert is a wonderful reader who will give you light and direction!" ... written by Charlie
Spot on" ... written by Claire
He is Great, wonderful,Uplifting and having always strong energetic, try him, he is good friend not only as being psychic reader." ... written by Sweet
HE has very good fast connection, pick up things easily, feeling of people energy and mind good." ... written by Swwet
Clear as crystal! Thanks for explaining me what is not apparent. I will return to tell the news!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you so much we will finish this " ... written by az
LoveExpert01 predicted a reply from my lover and it all came true perfectly! I am so happy if these events and LoveExpert helped me keep the faith for a very long time! Bless you!" ... written by Charlie0901
LE is very detailed and specific and answers all your questions distinctly. He is acutely and finely gifted. God Bless!" ... written by Margot
He is very energetic man all the times, very good focused on person situation and always have good lifting of people, and readind, predicting all his psychic power." ... written by sweet
Got to guy! Fast typing and wastes no time connecting. Doesn't ask questions...real deal." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Thank you so much for your wonderful " ... written by Paula
Thanks again LoveExpert for your confident answers to all my complicated questions. You are really awesome!" ... written by Charlie
Always good... and things have come to pass. LoveExpert is the go to guy." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Great great excellent once again! Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
wonderful connection as allways!" ... written by sweet
Thank you so much and God Bless you " ... written by Paula
Excellent as always! Always provides clarity and hope for future. Highly recommended!!" ... written by E
Tomorrow is the day of changes. Tell you all about it later!" ... written by Charlie
he is the best, my favorite reader on oranum, very quick and precise readings, always accurate =) " ... written by cheese
Thanks LoveExpert for your help and insight! Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent! I really enjoy the honesty and genuineness when receiving a reading with LoveExpert. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Interesting... gonna look forward to see what it is like in the future" ... written by HeadH
Spectacularly clear, concise, precise, and perfect! Wondrous and Pure Blessings to You LoveExpert!" ... written by Margot
Thank you, I will contact you again soon" ... written by Susan
he is very detailed, explained, very Heart to Heart, Deeo communicative, have a good connection." ... written by SW
Thanks again Love Expert for your great reading! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
great reading" ... written by crodgers1723
He is Great as always, very fast, great detailed." ... written by SW
A real pleasure to have a reading with LoveExpert, as always. " ... written by Charlie
A guiding friend!!!" ... written by MA
Got timed out in our session but I want to continue to say that LoveExpert01 still brings assurance and compassion to my life questions. His confident nature makes you feel at ease as well as his smile brings comfort. He is incredibly detailed in his readings and he types fast. I enjoy my reading with LE and will continue to visit and appreciate his insights that is needed. I'm grateful for his presence. " ... written by Merrysinclair
He is great and on point" ... written by Jenn
Thanks Love for your help and guidance. You are a wonderfully positive psychic!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you so much for your good reading this morning." ... written by Susan
fast typer - quick and accurate" ... written by monalisa
Always awesome. Such a great Reader, and totally worth taking the time to speak with him. :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LE is interesting reader, interesting man who is sees coming days or coming future, ppl energy, thinking, mind, situation." ... written by S
Great reading! I am always astonished with the details provided in the readings with LoveExpert01. He is always optimistic and full of faith about the possibilities of positive outcomes. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Very Wonderful insight and care. Truly gifted in many, many ways. Beautiful Blessings LoveExpert." ... written by Margot
Fast, Generous reader, spot on and accurate as far as I can tell. Recommended" ... written by Demitri
LoveExpert01 is always encouraging with the insight he provides. He is a quick typist providing a lot of details. Highly recommended! " ... written by E
It was a good reading and will trust LoveExpert for readings in the future. I had a very good intuition about him and he was very accurate and empathetic" ... written by Maria
A wonderful update once again! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Great reading and such a patient and good psychic. Do not miss a chat with LoveExpert- always worth your time and funds. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks so much, Great LE, for detail" ... written by SW
thanks as always, for fast connection, fast detail." ... written by W
Thank you LoveExpert for giving me a clear view of the coming weeks and months. Bless you for having great gifts!" ... written by Charlie
I can always count on LoveExpert01 to see things from a positive outlook. He always provides detailed timeframes and predictions of what is to come. Highly recommended!" ... written by E
thank you very much for the detailed update!" ... written by t
Thanks LE! Great readings all along and everyone wishing a positive boost in their lives should consult you!" ... written by Charlie
First reading with Love Expert 01 and he blew me away. It's like he was physically present and so on point with difficult situation that I am trying to sort out." ... written by Jizz
Many thanks for a long and deep reading into past and future developments in my love relationship. It has really not been easy, but I trust your prediction of things finally turning around. Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
Truly Remarkable! Very Great Blessings to You LoveExpert." ... written by Maggie Mae
Always awesome!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Thank you so much for your information. Looking forward to predictions. " ... written by Shaza
That was a very good reading about my career development and love life. Many thanks!" ... written by Charlie
Thank You so very much Loveexpert . . . . you are always very remarkable!Great Love andamp; Blessings" ... written by Maggie Mae
Thank you so much for the positive insight. " ... written by KK
Excellent double session with LoveExpert tonight! I now feel confident I have made the right decision! I trust LE readings as so many predictions have come to pass. " ... written by Charlie
Love expert is great! He connects really good and gives great motivation. I will come back for an update. " ... written by angel
Excellent seeing and reading, and advising for help" ... written by Pritivi
LoveExpert01 is the psychic to consult when you need a positive help in your situation. He has certainly helped me in a big way. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks once again dear LoveExpert. I hope to get through this strange period soon into the sun and light!" ... written by Charlie
He is the light in the dark tunnel " ... written by monalisa
LoveExpert is a such a wonderfully positive reader. Keep coming back! Five stars!" ... written by Charlie
Amazing ability to ready me and my life! You are very gifted indeed LoveExpert!" ... written by Charlie
...such a calming spirit to be around. He talked fast just to deliver most of his service goods for dollar paid. He gave me an exact dates, that's something I was looking for. He paid full attention entire entire session which I call reading session, predicting real results and future. Very factual. We'll see... I do believe in his psychic abilities for now." ... written by Eva
cant wait to see what happens" ... written by caro
He is a very gifted person. thank you dear!!" ... written by TA
Wonderful person and really a true psychic. He tells me things that ring so true that no one knows and could not guess. And you know when he is right. Thanks Expert :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
connects with me very quickly like always. cant wait for his predictions to come to pass. always sincere and friendly!!" ... written by amedley
Very good insights and visions once again. Many thanks!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert is the psychic to go to for light and hope. Many thanks once again!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading! Always full of insight and information with specific timetable and predictions. Now, I just wait to see if predictions will come to pass." ... written by E
Returning client ... Love Expert is amazing..." ... written by Jizz
Thank you so much" ... written by Paula
Thank dear friend for a nice reading this Valentine's Day! Many blessings LoveExpert- your prediction came to pass just as you saw it. " ... written by Charlie
Psychic Love Expert is a very decisive reader, clear, direct, insightful. Thank You So Very Much! Great Blessings LoveExpert." ... written by Maggie Mae
very good! I am pleased with my reading" ... written by M
Thanks for confirming me that the house deal is still possible. Hard time negotiating, but I am sure I can make it!" ... written by Charlie
thank u!!!! hope the predictions come true. holding it in my heart." ... written by rainforlove
thank you for being patient and for your working hard to provide me very detailed updates." ... written by lara
Thanks Expert for a good pepp talk and have a good weekend!" ... written by Charlie
He is fast at connecting and brings so much value to the reading by covering all the details. Very kind and caring. Thank you!" ... written by Jizz
He is fantastic. Very connected and accurate! " ... written by s
Thank you soo much. Many blessings to you. " ... written by usa
Thank you sooo much!" ... written by xoxo
It is turning for the better. I really feel it now and that your predictions are coming to pass. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks LoveExpert for yet another confirming and nice reading. Many blessing my favorite psychic!" ... written by Charlie
Love is always a fast typer and detailed. I'm thankful for the kind words that are encouragements. Let's shall see if predictions will pass. This is the first that I can remember of him giving me a actual time frame prediction. I will update!!" ... written by Merrysinclair
Always awesome and full of good news :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Thanks Expert! I will return to tell you how things progress, since your prediction regarding my career came true to this point. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks again dear LoveExpert for a clear and very useful reading. Interesting to see things unfold. " ... written by Charlie
A very good and true friend. " ... written by TA
Highly accurate!" ... written by dobedob
Will wait for his prediction to happen! " ... written by chin
Thanks LoveExpert for clarifying something wonderful we were cut short of during the last reading. Many blessings for having your great abilities!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert is always so very interesting with everything he sees and communicates, and always Amazing and Remarkable! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Great to have confirmation that I am on the right track with many issues at the moment. Excellent reading as usual!" ... written by Charlie
This man has an AMAZING array of skills! You can feel truly Blessed when you come here. God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
So looking forward to future events that you see for me LoveExpert. I am ready! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Very interesting reading, put my mind at ease was really nice and understanding and a quick typer. Thank You! " ... written by Sherry
Very detailed reading! Waiting for prediction to come to pass!" ... written by E
Thanks Expert for a uplifting reading to begin this week! Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
Love expert is so gifted and very kind. He is fast at connecting to the situation and person in question. Very detailed it's like he is walking with you. I am grateful to have found him on here and look forward to his predictions." ... written by Jizz
Very good advice once again! LoveExpert is really a very good psychic and so positive in his ways. " ... written by Charlie
Always very valuable to hear lovexpert, and the wonders he conveys. Great Blessings Love Expert." ... written by Maggie Mae
LoveExpert is great and a wonderful psychic! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you for such comforting words. I hope all you say is true. Have a blessed day. " ... written by usa
Insightful, fast connection and deep and far. Very generous. Someone who will help you if you really need help. I highly recommend him." ... written by HH
Great! Straight to the point and always accurate!" ... written by Emily
Love Expert seeing is like major revelations . . . . surprising and remarkable! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
Very detailed reading with time frames. Now just wait to determine if predictions come to pass!" ... written by E
fast and accurate!" ... written by Emily
Always a Treat! Thank You Ever So Much LE. Blessings Always. . . . " ... written by Maggie Mae
LoveExpert was very quick and gave me a lot of information, but I had limited funds. I will check in with him again when i have more funds. I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
LoveExpert gives great readings every time with very much positivity. " ... written by Charlie
Excellent advise as always! Many thanks!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks LoveExpert for always having the time and energy to help and guide me on my way. Five stars and highly recommended!" ... written by Charlie
Been waiting to have a reading with him for a while, it was interesting. Didnt give me a lot of detail besides person feelings that i already know. Very kind, thank you!" ... written by Jessica
Excellent, detailed, honest, and accurate is how I would describe LE! He provides great direction and insight into your situation. I highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks Expert! Return soon to tell you how things play out. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 gave me an update on my romantic matters and I hold on to the faith that all will pass sooner than later in the greatest of light and love. I check in with Love every so often and his kindness and compassion has always held. His insight into another's thoughts I feel are spot on. He will mention certain things that I know he wouldn't have known. He's good like that. I want to one day throw a celebration and yell from the mountains if one of the biggest predictions he has always adamantly been saying and reassuring me passes....I will let you know. I recommend LoveExpert for the littlest and biggest questions in your life. I will continue to still visit his kind soul. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thank you for such a beautiful reading. Many blessings. :)" ... written by xo
LoveExpert is always very positive, friendly and helpful. Hope for good process!" ... written by Charlie
MY very good friend!! i will always miss him." ... written by TA
Love gave me some reassurance and beautiful insights towards things that I await to come into my life. I have great hope that they will and love's words pushes those thoughts ahead. I will cry with joy if and when predictions pass. I'm very grateful for the light that Love brings. I recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Predictions are coming to pass! Coming days will tell me a lot about many big decisions in my life. Bless you LoveExpert!" ... written by Charlie
Prediction came to pass today. I really felt I came home today and that I am making the right decisions. Can't wait for the other visions to materialize! Five stars" ... written by Charlie
He listens and gives great advice!" ... written by Emily
Great great readings all along! So many things LoveExpert can help me with, which is amazing. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 was so helpful and perceptive. He was really right on with his view of my situation! I highly recommend him!" ... written by W
thank you dear friend in the world amazing insane psychic:P" ... written by dragons
Thank you for the accurate and detailed updates" ... written by rose
he was quick and honest and confirmed a lot of things and still consistent from my last reading many months ago. Thank you for your accuracy and will come back to update you." ... written by nowk
Excellent readings all the way. Five stars!" ... written by Charlie
Totally the go to guy. Expert is so good, I have had predictions come true. I didn't know if it would happens, and was happy and surprised when it happened as he said it would and when., Wow....truly gifted. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Great reading thank you very much Love Expert. Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert for clarifying this final point. Great news indeed! Hope to see all of this come to pass. " ... written by Charlie
Psychic Love Expert is both a Wonder andamp; Remarkable. Very Clear and Precise . . . . . .andamp; Expressive! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
guy was typing like a mad man haha. straight forward does not waste time. looking for predictions to come to pass. " ... written by GK
Interesting reading... we will see....but I like the guy he is good" ... written by HH
Thanks LoveExpert! We will keep on working on this. Many blessings for your help. " ... written by Charlie
Seemed to be able to pick up very well on my situations. Will see if predictions do come to pass. cool guy fast typer. " ... written by GK
good reading many informations" ... written by Ben
Very Brilliant! Always Blessed Love Expert!" ... written by Margaret
Love Expert is truly an Amazing seer, very wise, and truly gifted! Great Blessings Love Expert!" ... written by Margaret
Great reading LoveExpert! Thanks again for being so professional and very much in tune with my energy. " ... written by Charlie
Yes! Will definitely return to tell you how things play out in the coming week. Very exciting indeed!" ... written by Charlie
Many thanks for the amazingly accurate readings! LoveExpert could describe my friend to the very detail, without any words from me. " ... written by Charlie
Great reading as always but we were suddenly cut off!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert for your uplifting reading with much light and hope! Blessings!" ... written by charlie
thanks.." ... written by freedm
Five stars as always LoveExpert!" ... written by Charlie
I wanted some of Love's sweetness and fast insights. He has some predictions for me for which I'm hoping will see the light of day upon the time frame he has given. My romantic endeavor or individual I would say doesn't really act upon well many of others readings for he is quite a "slow" case. But I too have blind faith and love for someone I hope will come out of his fear shell and come back to me. I'm thankful for Love's reassurance and reiterations of goodness that I needed. He is a kind soul and I appreciate the time, energy, and his typing skills that delivers in a short amount of time. I would recommend, always. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Great! Thanks again LoveExpert for your readings- always a pleasure!" ... written by Charlie
Ok got to finish the reading. Great- I really feel confident now. " ... written by Charlie
Good update! LE is always so detailed in his readings and highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks Expert for helping me feel better. Things you see will come to pass, I am sure, as they did previously. " ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading as always! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thank You again LoveExpert. Very Amazing! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Many thanks and blessings LoveExpert! You are great!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent reading as always, but we disconnected." ... written by Charlie
He did astonishing say something that no one knows… some of the stuff seemed like he connected… Not all though.. would recommend for others.. he is super friendly and positive..." ... written by for expert - april
I just want to say how amazing this man truly is. He connected faster than anyone i have ever seen on this site and he is an insanely fast typer too. he will not waste your time at all. Such a pleasure to get my reading done, answered multiple questions and beyond and i am definitely coming back. Thank you SO much" ... written by Mon
thank u dear great dost psychic...see u tonight" ... written by think
thank you dost.." ... written by think
thank you dost.." ... written by think
Thanks for it :)" ... written by L
Great reading as always! You so clearly see ppl around me- it is amazing. " ... written by Charlie
Quick typer, seems sure about what he is saying; going to wait for predictions to happen, I hope its true so will see. Thank You " ... written by Sherry
Thanks LoveExpert for you support! One step forward two steps back it seems sometimes..." ... written by Charlie
Great great! Thanks for super readings today!" ... written by Charlie
he is a real deal!!!" ... written by TA
I always receive wonderful insight and support. I also know that LE never misleads.... he tells truth. And I have had his predictions come true, even when I really believed circumstances would not support it. I laugh out load when it happens. He's terrific." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LoveExpert01 is very accurate with his readings. His predictions are spot on! He does not waste time,connects and types quickly. He will not sugar coat. He is honest with his readings. I have consulted with him in the past a few times. Thank you, LoveExpert01!" ... written by Moonchild59
Recommended readings for everyone! Great psychic!" ... written by Charlie
Really impressed with this man. he's such a blessing you have to give him a try because he'll blow you out of the water! spot on really fast readings. Worth the time and money." ... written by Mon
As usual, LE provides a great amount of information and is a fast typist! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Such a nice reading. Thanks again LoveExpert!" ... written by Charlie
Really interesting reading, quick typer gave me some numbered predictions so will wait for it to happen for next month, so a lot of detailed involved and I am optimistic " ... written by Sherry
LoveExpert gave me a green light and reassurance of some planned efforts toward my romantic endeavors and his insights leans all toward the positive. Tho nervous as I feel, I'm trusting that Love's support and his insights on another's emotions, thoughts and actions are accurate. I'm grateful for his kindness and I will update on how things will turn out, crossing my fingers to my heart, please don't let me make a fool or fail of myself. Love is on my favorite list by the way. I do recommend him. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Thanks for helping me out in a dark moment. I can always count on your visions!" ... written by Charlie on...always truthful....definitely 5 stars...I look forward to updates..." ... written by Kathy
Amazing reader. He gave me the hope. it was my first time reading with him and it was amazing. very fast connection, earth down attitude. Thank you. I will come back again." ... written by Tamara100
This man is very BRILLIANT. He takes his work and responsibilities very seriously, always gives his all for your wellbeing. God Bless You LoveExpert." ... written by Maggie Mae
Love says some things that really do hit some points that I wanted to hear and hope only to be truths. He has the greatest of energies and the kindest of heart. I adore him and appreciate all of his sights and guidance and understandings. I know I will be back for further readings as I wade through muddy waters. I do recommend him. He is one of my favorites. " ... written by Merrysinclair
so much detialds!! thank you !! felt pure energy" ... written by L
Amazing reader, thank you, five stars." ... written by Lee
Thanks Expert for your clear and helpful reading. Looking much forward to all your visions coming to pass. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
will see if predictions do come true. fast typer as always. " ... written by GK
Thanks Expert- always great readings!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert for a wonderful reading once again!" ... written by Charlie
Excellent and always so very detailed with lots of information to provide you with proper guidance and direction! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
he is good! " ... written by bvdbc
no. 1 on oranum thanku" ... written by think
VERY ACCURATE " ... written by AMANDA
Love Expert has deep insight, care and gentleness. Gifted, Guided, Sincere, Accurate. God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
I feel faith in my decision being the right ones taken. Excellent readings by LoveExpert. Highly recommended. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert- my true guide! Excellent and helpful readings all the way. " ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert! You predictions are coming to pass one after another. Great!" ... written by Charlie
thanks love expert, you are super accurate and you made me laugh. hope your predictions come true. you are very nice!" ... written by A
Quick typer, the details are nice and it is what I want to hear so will c how predictions come to pass. Thank You " ... written by Sheri
Still Remarkable! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
thanks" ... written by freedm
Very gifted and detailed psychic! Connects super fast and provides deep insight to my situation! Highly recommended! Thank you x" ... written by Cindy
Awesome man!!!" ... written by MA
i took another session cos LE could provide me with many details; i really had a good feeling with him !" ... written by dm
great reader; without any info he could tell whole situation! ty love expert !" ... written by dm
Remarkable work LE! Just Remarkable! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
Thank you 5 star reader. So much info!" ... written by Jill
LoveExpert is clear, vibrant, accurate, seeing far and wide. Ask him anything!! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
So nice to talk with you Expert! Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
LE is absolutely great! He provides great clarity and insight with specific details that have timeframes. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
very nice and nonjudgmental. Connects to exact issue very fast" ... written by Tamara100
Thanks Expert for a great reading once again!" ... written by Charlie
Extremely accurate, fast and no tools! Lots of details and insight, very kind and genuine x" ... written by Cindy
What an excellent reader, amazing and deep insight, without any tools and very quick! Million stars! Good price and also very kind, thank you so much! He is one of the best here on Oranum x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks Expert for a great update and very helpful reading!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert zooms straight in, focused, on top of it, always to the heart of the matter. God Bless" ... written by Maggie Mae
He was a very good reader. Very accurate and fast." ... written by Anja
Thanks for the visions and advice! Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
One of the best here on Oranum! Very fast to connect and great details and insight! Also very genuine and kind, thank you very much x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks Expert for a nice reading. Good to know how things are developing. " ... written by Charlie
A superlative reader, and ever so fast . . . . .always a Joy . . . .Thank You So Much LE. Great Blessings" ... written by Maggie Mae
amazing reading and he got it to the point directly" ... written by husein
Great, excellent, detailed, encouraging, and non-judgmental are the words used to describe readings with LE! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
excellent reader quick to connect. Lots of detail. I recommend him" ... written by Lady
thankyou dost! lots of good energy" ... written by think
Very much good information! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Just incredible, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray everything is more than true. I feel it will be." ... written by Amanda
thankyou dost." ... written by think
thank you dear...sorry i made ur coffee cold;p" ... written by think
Clarity indeed. I am sure you have the right take on things. Blessings. " ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert knows what he is doing. Great readings keep being delivered. Many thanks. " ... written by Charlie
LE makes a very solid effort in each and every reading, pulling together threads you may, or may not, be aware of. Always Remarkable! God Bless You LE" ... written by Maggie Mae
This was my first reading with him and wow - he is very fast connected and he also types very fast! Lots of informations given, of some I wonder, but one day i hope to reveal to be the truth." ... written by S.
good reading, thank you" ... written by cof
Excellent as usual! LE is very detailed and encouraging when it appears things are not moving in a positive direction. Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thanks for the update my friend :) x " ... written by Cindy
Excellent, Awesome! " ... written by E
LoveExpert is one of the best psychics around. Bless him!" ... written by Charlie
Great reading as always but we were cut off..." ... written by Charlie
understanding and acurate predictions" ... written by M
I love loveexpert! He's not only a good psychic, he's also a very good friend! " ... written by vanessa
he is sweet and positive and encouraging hopefully predictions will come to pass. Thank You " ... written by Cheri
Thanks again dear LoveExpert for your clarifying reading. " ... written by Charlie
Always a Joy to spend time with LE. Love watching him work! God Bless" ... written by Maggie Mae
Speechless x" ... written by Tatiana
Interesting, detailed and hopefully accurate so good reading super nice " ... written by sheri
This man is always a Blessing! Thank You so Very Much. God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Very fast and specific... will see how this will go. Thank You." ... written by W
Excellent as always!" ... written by Charlie
He connects very fast and without any tools! He types quick and give deep insight and details about the situation and people involved! He is also honest and kind, I highly recommend him x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks for a really sharp reading with exactly the right analysis. Excellent!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert sees deeply into situations and hearts, lively, God Gifted, Selfless. Truly Guided, very safe and secure to be with. God Bless You LE the granting of Your Dreams." ... written by Maggie Mae
thank you dear dost" ... written by dragons
good reading " ... written by sc
Thanks LoveExpert! My trusted psychic!" ... written by Charlie
thanks" ... written by freedm
If you are seeking clarity in love relations he is the man ....." ... written by Kathy
he's really good... thank u for the informative session " ... written by wow
amazing " ... written by .
Clear and concise information. Keep it up" ... written by M
He tells you like he is reading you, your book, your story, clear, no shadows of doubts, no typos. He is a Wonder! God Bless You LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
good..." ... written by ritesh
Thanks Expert for a nice reading. Talk soon!" ... written by Charlie
Love Expert 01 is wonderful to work with....he is very quick and doesn't waste your time and money. He clearly explains all matters and tunes right in quickly. I will be back to check for updates.....5 stars...always..." ... written by kathy
I have had a few readings with Love Expert. He's lovely and always provides lots of information. I have a great deal of faith in him!! thank you!! " ... written by Heather
Awesome!" ... written by E
LoveExpert01 gave me a hopeful reading with some predictions and outlooks that I greatly look forward to. I appreciate his kindness and his compassion is sincere. I've been seeing Love for quite some time and he does bring ease of mind and comfort. I'm thankful always and will return. There is nothing but recommendations coming from me for him. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Always good, and things Expert shares do happen....even when I doubt it due to circumstances. So always surprising :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Session got cut off prematurely to give a good feedback but I'm sure I'll get my fill in upon the next reading!" ... written by Merrysinclair
Awesome reader, can see through things clearly." ... written by HH
His visions are very detailed as is the information. Only time will tell and if/when that happens - I will most definitely come back to inform you!" ... written by monalisa
thanks for update" ... written by gk
Excellent reading! Highly recommend if you want a detailed reading." ... written by E
My first reading with LoveExper01... I am very impressed with how quickly he was able to connect with my situation. Very detailed reading... I will continue updates with LoveExpert as i feel he has touched on very significant details about my life andamp; is able to spiritually connect with me... Excellent reading!! :) " ... written by Nini52
Connects fast, no tools! Lots of details! Recommended! Thank you dear friend :) I will keep you updated x" ... written by Cindy
Thanks Expert for always helping me out with your readings. " ... written by Charlie
Always deep insight, and such a blessing! Ty so V Much LE. God Bless" ... written by Maggie Mae
Thanks Expert! Talk again soon- five stars as always!" ... written by Charlie
i was so skeptical, cause i done other readings with other ppl and they didn't come true. i've had 3 readings with him so far, and two predictions came true like he said. one the exact day and the other one, two days after he predicted it. looking forward to the other ones. " ... written by start
This was my first time having a reading with LoveExpect and I must say he had a lot to tell me! Wow. Thank you for letting me know what was going on. he had several predictions for me so as the summer comes I will update if they are to be true. " ... written by briana
So here is the Mega Review - I had been waiting for a specific person distant in my life to come back, a love. I had been seeing LE for quite some time on these matters of the heart. The most current prediction that this person would contact me on a specific day give....I had my doubts, cause other predictions have failed...but this ONE came true!! He nailed the actual day! I told myself that i would leap in the air and make a remark if it were to come true and IT DID. I'm still feeling astounded and surprised. I'm truly thankful for LE and his insights and his past persistence that things were going to be well and filled with love. His current insights on the road ahead for me and I hope a blossoming new start with a lost flame will be as lovely as loveexpert01 explains. I'm grateful and thankful and filled with awe by LE. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Excellent, Spot on, Very detailed, and encouraging is the best way to describe a reading with LoveExpert01. I highly recommend him!!!! " ... written by E
Thanks Expert! Best readings around, always making me feel better. " ... written by Charlie
Very good reading, thank you so much." ... written by ANja
he's pretty good and gives you a lot of insight of what is going on." ... written by Julianna
Thank You for being so Patient with me! God Bless!" ... written by Maggie Mae
Had a positive reading. will wait and seee. " ... written by -
Hope for the positive progress you foresee. Step by step and you are helping me along. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
i'm waiting for prediction to happen!!!" ... written by TA
He set my heart to feel bettter" ... written by forjettti
I haven't consulted with Love Expert in quite some time and he remembered all of my details and past concerns including person of concern. He picked up on situation at hand immediately and was really sharp with current situation and proper guidance. I find him to be very helpful and very kind." ... written by J
Excellent, awesome, detailed, encouraging, and insightful are the words to describe when receiving guidance from LE!" ... written by E
Wow! Really amazing predictions and really gave me a sense of positive thoughts for the future. Now just got to see if these predictions come true? However, overall good reading. He is fast and right to the point. Thank you, will visit soon again. " ... written by SSK
LE is great with very descriptive insight during readings! Highly recommend!" ... written by E
Thank You so very Much! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
LE is detailed, descriptive, and uses a lot of analogy to explain while providing guidance on life decisions. He is great and compassionate towards his clients! I highly recommend" ... written by E
Stands to be seen what will happen. I have faith in that everything will progress favorably to all sides. Thanks Expert for your advice. " ... written by Charlie
Seriously and always consistent . . .LE does not waver. He is a true hearted Blessing. God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
thanks for the update. fast typer. in detail. " ... written by gk
Great reading as always! I highly recommend Mr. LoveExpert01! Thank you !" ... written by Lynne
I wish I had such determination, and such certainties! God Bless You LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
good! job" ... written by sally
Great reading! Sorry for the bad connection!" ... written by Charlie
As always, full of surprises. I have had things that sound unlikely and significant happen, and when it does it makes me laugh out loud. LoveExpert01 - totally the goods :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
good!" ... written by saleha
he's seems very helpful!" ... written by saleha suleman
will see if prediction will come true. thanks. seemed to pick up fine. " ... written by GK
Love Expert is truly Amazing in what he sees and how he reads. Love andamp; Light LE, Lots andamp; Lots" ... written by Maggie Mae
Indispensable readings. Five+" ... written by Charlie
He is the best!!! waiting for prediction to happen." ... written by TA
Great update on my situation as usual. Go to Expert and know what is going on." ... written by Charlie
i like the way he helps!" ... written by sally
gave me plenty of details. will see if he is 1000% sure that the event will happen. otherwise he seemed to be able to pick up the points well. thanks!" ... written by gk
Thanks for detailed reading, my dear LOVE expert!" ... written by CUTE
There are insufficient words to describe LoveExpert01's predictions. Wow!! Time and time again he genuinely surprises me Totally the goods!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
good" ... written by ritesh
thanks for update. " ... written by gk
Thanks Expert! Nice readings all along. Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
thank you very much LE,cant wait for your predictions to come true" ... written by lizzybear
Thanks Expert. Great as always and will talk to you soon!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks Expert once again for your help and insights!" ... written by Charlie
thank you dear dost" ... written by dragon
Interesting reading will see if prediction comes to pass " ... written by ss
thanks always, great detailed readings" ... written by SWeett
Very insightful reader, thank you." ... written by Anne
Interesting reading, going to see what happens. Reliable reader so far.." ... written by HH
thank you from my deep heart for your great reading" ... written by mimiliebe
Thank you so much for the information. Very positive vibe about love expert. " ... written by RR
Well worth every penny. He is very detailed, fast and connects accurately. He does not waste time and is a good soul you can trust. I will be back for more.." ... written by Z
Always very good reading from generous person with lovely manner. He tells it how it is and is fast typer and answers questions and clarifies. Very good analogies. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Good one" ... written by new york
Very detailed reading in good way, will see wht happens." ... written by Sweetie
Love eased my heart and mind and I'm so very thankful and so very grateful. My heart and mind says thank you to you LoveExpert01. He has given me assurance, guidance and insights that I so very much needed. I feel breath so to speak. My conversations with Love always helps me with life's worries, concerns and heart felt matters when I feel at odds. He's good at correcting and mending and piecing future pictures for you. I would always recommend Love fully to you." ... written by Merrysinclair
A true gentleman, and very accurate. Sees the issues to problems and how to resolve it or wait it out. Thank you Sir, you are amazing :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
no comment, loveexpert is unique, only truth, accuracy, kindness, and the most important, when he give a prediction, it happen" ... written by mimiliebe
Excellent! Highly recommend" ... written by E
I love loveexpert. He's a very good friend and a nice person! :)" ... written by Vanessa
Always a Blessing! Thank You LE. God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
i added you to my favorites, hopefully i do pass. Wish me luck :)" ... written by mwisteria
Excellent, fast, intense and accurate!!" ... written by Jennifer
LoveExpert is such an uplifting spirit and his counsel always alleviates the heart and mind. His insights are incredible because he can catch certain things that will happen. I forgot to tell him that one of the mild stone prediction for this weekend of seeing steps and some clarity happened quietly and surprisingly. His assurance and great energy is amazing and you can't not want to read with him all the time for the valuable guidance. I'm thankful for him and the light that he brings. I recommend him always and fully. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Always compassionate and fast. Very accurate and highly recommend" ... written by d
sound guy with sound advice! " ... written by vsdvwv
This Man always Amazes me! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Always Lively, and a very good reflection of situation. God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
thank you dost.." ... written by dragon
He is very reliable any questions very much detailed, and he had very good sense of humor and sensing power when he do reading." ... written by Sw
Always worth the visit and chat. Thanks again!" ... written by Charlie
brings comfort to the tormented souls" ... written by Amaranche
LoveExpert01 gave me a reading that I wanted to make last forever. I so greatly appreciate his words, his aligned readings that never diverge from the previous that attest for the accuracy. His delivery on information is detailed and sometimes stunning. He made my low heart rise and for that, I'm thankful that I could come to him and say nothing and he says so much. He exudes love and I love him for that. I can say - give him a try, take him for a private reading...he'll become a favorite. " ... written by Merrysinclair
LoveExpert is spot on with his readings! Great in every way" ... written by Charlie0901
He is very accurate...his predictions happen. Thank you!" ... written by KRISTIE
Excellent with a lot of details! Highly recommended" ... written by E
Very fast and consistence with last reading... offers in June. Let see. Thanks! :)" ... written by William
he is very fast I must say all I had was 7 credits and he managed to give me answers he doesn't waste your time im looking forward to predictions and surly will be back when they come to pass thanks so much ;-))))" ... written by alemil
Thanks Expert for the update. So much of what you predicted came to pass this month! Amazing! " ... written by Charlie
I wish I could have spoken with Love longer but the little time I receive is immense and means a lot to me. I'm thankful for his words and assurances and insights. He grants my heart some relief and release. His countless counsels and foresight has been valuable to me. I have been seeing him for quite some time and will continue to do so. I would always recommend LoveExpert01. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Excellent information and I see this already happening. Many thanks to you LoveExpert for really being so professional. " ... written by Charlie
Love Expert refreshingly reshapes that which he sees, with a light that is strong and bright. Great Blessings LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
Love Expert unfailingly gives valuable insights, clarity, and a steadfast consistency that both surprises and inspires. Love and Blessings LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
Thanks for the uplifting reading! Bless you Expert!" ... written by Charlie
Thanks ExpertLove, xoxo" ... written by Sw
Awesome reader... Never uses any tools... just connects with spirits andamp; engages all information from spirit guides. Love channeled energy for a very important issue in my life. There are time frames, plans, andamp; results. I look forward to seeing the outcomes... Wonderful, kind person. Will be back to chat about details andamp; updates." ... written by Nini52
He's given me hope at last! I'm praying this comes true thank you so much!" ... written by Amita
Thanks Expert for another great reading! Bless you!" ... written by Charlie
Great reading, fabulous connection. Will come again. " ... written by Diana
Startling! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Many prolific details, energetic, remarkable, and amazing. Healing too. God Bless You LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
LoveExpert is a wonderful reader. Five stars!" ... written by Charlie0901
he is really a non judgemental psychic!!!. very good one. thank you dear" ... written by TA
thank you man the best ever" ... written by mano
He is very patient, understanding, kind with the delivery of his words and very detailed with the information he sees. I appreciate his insight, I know I have the decisions; but at least I feel better informed. I trust what he tells me." ... written by monalsa
Thanks Expert! Hope to see all of this unfold this week! Many blessings!" ... written by Charlie
he is very focused, very much detailed, very much energetic man as always!" ... written by Girl
He is an awesome advisor. He wants the best for me and I appreciate that. I will wait on his predictions because right now, I just don't understand." ... written by randi1158
good and direct advice " ... written by vvvsdvv
Awesome reading, a bit of scared of how I feel towards it though.." ... written by HH
LoveExpert01 always sticks to his predictions. Sometimes I doubt that it will happen....then suddenly BAM! does just like he says. He is calmly certain of his sight, and like a true person has faith in what he sees. Messages delivered with sensitivity, clarity and most of all great insight. And extremely patient. :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
THANKS FOR UPDATE" ... written by gk
He is very gifted and gave several details to let you know he has a true gift like angels are around him. He is an amazing advisor and answer all questions you ask him. Very patient and professional yet caring. You should speak to him if you want details and quality reading as he is excellent." ... written by SS
We were cut off. Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 gave me a very hopeful, bright and lovely reading. His detail is immense and he connects quickly and streams his insights. He is so very kind and when I try to be contradictory, he always corrects which makes me feel confident in his steadfast and honest ways that he is so adamant and enthusiastic about what he see's. I've been seeing Love for what feels like forever and his readings have never been off. This is why I always come back. Plus his spirit is uplifting and his smile is genuine. I'm thankful for his guidance and insights and feel blessed for his words that helps the heart and mind. I would always recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazing details and fast with accurate info!" ... written by s
Thanks Expert for shedding light! always very much appreciated." ... written by Charlie
Thanks" ... written by Josh
Wonderful reading, and terrific man!! Consistent and steady, delivered with kind heart. Very insightful, and tunes in. Thank you Sir :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very nice and detailed...gave me peace of mind and heart." ... written by justina pop
Always remarkable and energetic reading with LE. God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
great reading, lots of info, good connection" ... written by Ameer
LoveExpert has always very clear and comfortable readings with the truth at it really is presented some time later. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you very much for the update xoxo" ... written by Cindy
Thank You again Love Expert . . . . Great Blessings." ... written by Maggie Mae
Good updates...always gives me hope! Sticks to his word with time frames and all. Thank you!" ... written by Amita
Thank you my friend for update!!! you have brought a lot of happiness into m life" ... written by TA
Ok, so here is the review... after weeks of consistent readings, and although I thought never going to happen... it did. Exactly as LoveExpert01 predicted. Truly this man is gifted. What he predicted, and how it played out could not have been more accurate. Even when I bet him it wouldnt....I was happy to loose that bet!! LOL..... Thank you Sir, you are truly gifted man!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit8
He is very focused, very much pay attention to his reading, lots of details..." ... written by sw
Love is still consistent in his readings and he gave me reassurances and more faith in the unknown and uncertainties in my love path. I truly am thankful for his words that fulfill needs and kindness that he gives. I will wait for these events he speaks of to come into fruition and than I will truly speak up and share a miracle. I would recommend and I would return always. " ... written by Merrysinclair
Amazingly accurate!" ... written by Ashley
Always a pleasure to get reading from Loveexpert. Even times of crises he sticks to his predictions. He really believes what he sees. Lovely gentleman :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Something that he predicted a year ago came to pass....was a small thing but was very true...master!!!!" ... written by TA
thanku dear.." ... written by dragon
we dont have timw" ... written by sneg
thank you dost" ... written by dragon
Great Expert! Have a good day!" ... written by Charlie
He is very detailed, interesting to talk with him." ... written by Sw
Thanks Expert for yet another nice reading!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 gave me some high hopes toward me getting to my destination in my romantic endeavors. I trust him and this is why i come and seek his insights and guidance. Some predictions fall through and some actually happen. At least in my case it's been 50/50. This doesn't stop me from seeing his kind and compassionate soul. I hope greatly for the most current prediction to come into my life. I'm grateful for LE and will always be grateful for the words that boost my heart and mind. He connects fast, detailed and accurate on reading others emotions. I would fully recommend him. " ... written by Merrysinclair
There is a session got cut off...but I will return!!! " ... written by Merrysinclair
He connects very fast to the situation and he is very clear !" ... written by HELLEN
thank you for help me to reading through all:)" ... written by samjhana
Interesting, very fast reading and seem accurate enough" ... written by HH
Thanks Expert! Remains to see how things unfold. " ... written by Charlie
he was very good. There is a time frame I will have to wait to see if it happens but it gives me something to look forward to." ... written by Raym
If what Love Expert tells me is true . . . then miracles really can and do happen! Love andamp; Blessings LE" ... written by Maggie Mae
LoveExpert1 is a great psychic and reader. Five stars!" ... written by Charlie0901
thank you so much I wish I could have longer but was having a few problems at my end, you have given me much to think about and can't wait till October for it all to start xx" ... written by rosslyn
thanks for the udate" ... written by gk
He is so precise, he told me a time for pregnancy, made me so happy :) !" ... written by Huanita
Was a very good update will have to wait to see what happens" ... written by Ray
Thank you LoveExpert01! Wow, what a reading! I will wait for predictions to pass and then will come back to you! 10 Stars for now :)" ... written by AR
he is amazing, gave me great insight and predictions. He is always spot on and a fast typer, doesn't ask questions...only gives answers. Amazing. " ... written by sarah
Super helpful, spiritual and delightful" ... written by AngieAces
He is very good and honest friend!! i am waiting for his predictions to happen!!!" ... written by TA
Love the reading! Love it!" ... written by Charlie
Always Interesting, Thank You Again LE! Blessings." ... written by Maggie Mae
Very fast connecting and typing!" ... written by Michelle
Very good psychic, i really hope his predictions come true" ... written by Nikkie
good" ... written by ritesh
Good" ... written by Jyri
Great updates! Very consistent with the time frame even on the 3rd time. Thank you." ... written by Amita
thanks for detailed reading as allways!" ... written by sw
thank you" ... written by n
He has always lifted me up when i am down. I don't have any special power like you but i will keep you and your family in my prayers. thank you so much." ... written by MA
Great guy to read with, very helpful and fast and accurate" ... written by Dio
Love Expert always AMAZES me with what he says, and the way he pulls it together. Great Blessings to You LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
Always amazing" ... written by von
Alot of information! thanks again." ... written by jypccc
Awesome reading again! Definetly going to take another session later on." ... written by Jypcc
best best psychic on oranum. thanku dear" ... written by dragons rose
positive, consistent and so kind really want i need to hear " ... written by sher
Great talking with LoveExpert! Very satisfied once again!" ... written by Charlie
He is my mentor and very good friend!! thank you for guiding my life my friend!! thank you so much!!" ... written by MA
thanks always being friendly, by loyality, try to connect all his best,and by his powerful energy." ... written by sw
LoveExpert01 puts up with my questions and doubts, and is consistent and laughs at my fears. A lovely man, who does not waste time and connects quickly. Fantastic sense of humour and great patience :)))" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Hope it all comes true, and I have known LoveExpert01 to be accurate in the past ... so hoping it happens. Thank you sir :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit8
Just awesome, makes total sense and is quick to connect. Really great reader :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I have had doubts in predictions before as circumstances meant probably unlikely... and have found out Love01 right!! Totally unexpected and amazed. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thanks" ... written by gk
Always good, kind, generous, good sense of humour and consistent. Terrific reader, and hoping latest prediction come to pass :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
This man can always surprise me! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
thanks for detailed update always! Great! hopefully, everything is right wht i think.thanks" ... written by sw
Nice reading again! I hope these predictions come to pass! :)" ... written by jypcc
Great reading" ... written by Joann88
thanks f reading" ... written by cu
Great guy! Helpful and truthful. very fast too." ... written by JP
Always helping me feel better! Thanks so very much!" ... written by Charlie
Really great reader, who tunes in fast and is consistent and funny man. Things happen... THanks Expert :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
he is an angel from god to me in this stage of my life!!!" ... written by TA
Thanks again Expert! You are great!" ... written by Charlie
Fast and clear, he connects very fast and answer precisely, no suggar coat1" ... written by Kunno
I have said Love Expert surprises me with what he sees and says, and he still does! He is very steadfast! Great Blessings LE." ... written by Maggie Mae
He gave a very uplifting, insightful, enlightening reading toward my love matters and I'm thankful. I have the greatest of hopes and look only forward to what he says will come true. I will return and will always recommend him. " ... written by Merrysinclair
New changes in life and I am well prepared thanks to the help of LoveExpert!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you kindly Sir! Excellent clarity and reading! We will chat again soon! 10 Stars for you! The best is wished for you always!" ... written by AR
Always awesome. and Accurate.... gives me good advice, guidance and tells me things I dont know are coming... and they happen." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thank you..great reading" ... written by dragons rose
first time asking love expert, will come back if predictions are true" ... written by octoberchoc
thank you friend! i will soon send you my wedding invitation lolz :)" ... written by tA
thank you dear dost! great reading and update as usual." ... written by dragons rose
He's very much on point with my situation, very encouraging and honest I will contact him again soon." ... written by dragons rose
Thanks for awesome update again! Very uplifting! Loveexpert01 is very fast at connecting and writing + doesnt waste time your time! One of the best if not best in Oranum!" ... written by Jypccc
I am Grateful to have met this man, and I do believe in what he says, and i will definitely update, when predictions he foresaw, happens..Either way, I found him to be Genuine and Very Very Compassionate, and I happy to have met Love Expert and I hope all of what he said will Manifest into reality." ... written by ben
Thank you for such an inspiring reading to me... I am hoping for the best. Will let you know about your prediction." ... written by Looking2beinspired
Awesome as always!" ... written by Jypccc
Great reading.. felt like talking with an old friend. Highly recommend this guy." ... written by Kayslee
Thank You" ... written by dragons rose
thank you" ... written by dragons rose
Consistent, kind, humouros and patient. Great readier" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thank you best gifted friend in the world...see u later" ... written by dragons rose
great update! thanku" ... written by dragons rose
thank you" ... written by dragons rose
thank you" ... written by dragons rose
great update" ... written by dragons rose
I only go to LoveExpert01. He is consistent, supportive, intuative, and accurate. Even when I scoff at things predicted he laughs at me and says it will happen. It does. Other psychic tell you that you need energy cleansing, or that they can change bad things .... LoveExpert01 is a true psychic and does not need gimmicks. He is the master :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thanks for constant keep detailing about his vsion." ... written by SS
amazing ,.,," ... written by shubh
LoveExpert01 does a very good job every time" ... written by Charlie0901
Thanks for help and guidance again, i feel much better!" ... written by jypccc
He is very honest and very long term seeing things in future. I hope his predictions will happen. Thanks for everything!" ... written by Lenna
Very honest, fast and generous reader. Have been using him for a while now.." ... written by HH
He is so awesome, I feel so connected with him. He always give me encouragement. I have to look for him everytime I am on this website. thanks" ... written by randi1158
very coonecting , and reads mind quickly , higly empathic" ... written by BHAWNA
True friend and psychic without doubt, many things he told me happen. Very fast typer, clear and to the point and cpnnects quickly. Straight to the point and thorough reading. Always trust him, to cover the questions you ask and provide further insight!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very nice and supportive reading. Thanks Expert!" ... written by Charlie
He is always there when i need a humble friend! thank you sir!!" ... written by TA
good" ... written by james
Fast connected and very detailed. I hope his predictions would come true!" ... written by KAMILLA
speechless. absolutely speechless. He is incredible. " ... written by sarah
The Best ...Awesome mindblowing" ... written by Shubh
thanks for all details as always!!!" ... written by Sw
I am waiting for prediction to happen!!" ... written by TA
True story.. real reading. Dont doubt about him. come check it..." ... written by Kayslee
very much on point again, wow! thanks.." ... written by Jypccc
Thank you sir :) Kind and straightforward. " ... written by Guest
Thank you dear LoveExpert! So much clarity on current situation! Stars for you! Will chat with you from time to time. God Bless!" ... written by AR
His predictions were extraordinary. I am waiting with patience." ... written by We R ALL 0ne
Thank you sir! Always lovely chatting with you. Thank you for the clear clarity in my life. Much appreciated. Heartfelt thanks! 10 Stars! God Bless! Chat soon!" ... written by AR
The information he has given out, help ascertain me on lots of things. A very considered and understanding person." ... written by HH
Thanks Expert! Have a good day!" ... written by Charlie
intense at times but good and interesting! worth trying!" ... written by nhboecnwdc
Love Expert comes up with the most interesting material . . . . .God Bless" ... written by MM
Thank you" ... written by El
Thanks again LoveExpert! It has been a tough day, but tomorrow is a new one:) Great readings and help all along!" ... written by Charlie
thanks as always detailed reading." ... written by Sw
Thank you my friend!!!" ... written by TA
Interesting predictions and knowledge! thank you!" ... written by jypccc
This was a very great short reading. I am sad that I ran out of money...I trust him because he is SOOOOO accurate in his predictions. I will have to get more credits. thanks" ... written by randi1158
Thank you! " ... written by Jypccc
Thanks Expert for your kind help. " ... written by Charlie
best reading on oranum" ... written by dragons rose
thanku world best psychic,,,its ok;p" ... written by dragons rose
Awesome as always! recommend!" ... written by Jypccc
Thanks Expert for your consistency. Blessings!" ... written by Charlie
very genuine reader!!! i am glad that i am able to share my moment with him. thank you for being a part my friend!!!" ... written by TA
my friend thanks for the light again whenever i a in darkness!!!" ... written by TA
Very good reading. Predictions happen. Thank goodness for LoveExperts guidance :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thank you" ... written by dragons rose
thank you doctor love" ... written by dragons rose
sounds phenomenal... awaiting some results, but he mentioned something that made me laugh because it was a worry of mine... " ... written by real love
Thank your sir! I will keep you updated on the latest reading! You connect very quickly and clearly. Chat soon! God Bless!" ... written by AR
Thanks for detailed update." ... written by SS
thank you so much for the reading " ... written by dolphins
thanku" ... written by dragons rose
Thank you. You have been big help for me. " ... written by jypcc
Very Deep" ... written by recruiter44
amazing amazing great great detailed reading" ... written by dragons rose
thanku" ... written by dragons rose
lots of detail... i hope it comes true ... all of it..." ... written by real love
awesome reader and friend!!! thank you dear" ... written by TA
thank you dear dost...amazing as always" ... written by dragons rose
I had a bad set of circumstances arise. I have spoke to LoveExpert and waiting to see what happens. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
I wish I had longer with Love but what he gave in that short bit of him still is great. His prediction, it is great indeed and we will see if that truly blossoms cause indeed that would be something out of this world. I'm grateful for his kind energy and love and thankful for his words. I will return and I recommend. " ... written by Merrysinclair
thanku" ... written by dragons rose
he is a very good friend now more than a psychic!!!" ... written by TA
Great readings every time from LoveExpert. Love to consult him!" ... written by Charlie
Great reader!! THe best on Oranum :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Once again, a thorough reading from LoveExpert!! THank you sir:)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Totallu connects well, and gives great advice :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Awesome reading!! LoveExpert01 is the best :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
He was very good, had a good connection, told me some things that blew my mind. I will go back and talk with him in a few months also. He was also very helpful on another call. Much appreciated all hard work, thank you." ... written by Lexie
Thank you. " ... written by ...
good" ... written by ritesh
thanks for detail!!! " ... written by s
Was good. To see predictions happen. Thank you" ... written by B
he answered all my qs very confidently, only time will tell....thank u and will be back to report on predictions." ... written by lovehouston
Expert is the best around here!" ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert01 is great, and as usual has good advice and clear vision. Very consistent and quick typer. Connects really we, and sees heart of issue. THank you Sir :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LoveExpert01 gives great readings and is ready to answer all questions every time!" ... written by Charlie0901
very caring expert!! thank you friend" ... written by TA
LoveExpert01 is very helpful and kind man!" ... written by Jypcc
Thanks again Expert! Sorry to have had to brake up early this time. " ... written by Charlie
LoveExpert delivers. Fast accurate connection, fast typer and needs no direction or ask questions....just delivers. Readings I have had have always been spot on!! Amazing reader!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Awesome reader, fast typer and connection is very very good @!! :) " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Thank you sir! Much appreciate your advice! Will keep you posted :)" ... written by AR
i really hope it comes true" ... written by froto
was a marathon reading with a lot of questions. looking forward to predictions" ... written by redgurl
thanku amazing doctor love" ... written by dragons rose
He is very good friend! thank you so much!!" ... written by TA
Remarkably consistent! God Bless." ... written by Maggie Mae
Excellent caring man, 5 star rating. Honest and accurate. The best one on oranum. You will not be disappointed. Try him. Thank you. " ... written by ArmaniG
Five stars! All the time! Many thanks!" ... written by Charlie
One of my fvorite psychics he has predicted many things that came true he is the bomb and" ... written by TeeLee113
10 star rating, excellent and straight to the point... Try him out you won't be disappointed. He's the best " ... written by ArmaniG
sir always helps" ... written by Shubh
so great omg!" ... written by alchemyst
Expert you are Amazing, The real deal, I just feel somehow all you say will really come true with me and my love this time, i will come back and update, thank you so much love expert." ... written by ben
Thank you Sir! Excellent reading! So many things that you have predicted have come to pass! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
lovely!" ... written by Ashley
He is unreal!" ... written by L
a very good psychic very fast typer and told me all i wanted to hear" ... written by runawayhorses
omgomgomg thank youuu!" ... written by alch
Love Expert01 is a wonderful reader! Always gives me faith and hope." ... written by Charlie0901
very honest friend and reader!!!" ... written by TA
One of the best Readings, without saying much he knew exactly what was bothering me and my concerns. He is amazing, a must try and i will be coming back to see him. I came with a heavy heart, and now i leave with my spirits lifted and hopes. Thank you so much Loveexpert01. Your the greatest :)" ... written by Diane
nice!" ... written by chin
Detailed reading andamp; v encouraging, types fast too! I will update when prediction comes! " ... written by seabreezy
Accurate, well worth the time and money!" ... written by Suzanne
Truly a gifted reader" ... written by Suzanne
This reader is excellent in what he picks up. So far what he has predicted has come to pass. " ... written by Suzanne
He is so amazing. I have to trust him.." ... written by randi1158
Thanks" ... written by -
Amazing Reading!! " ... written by Joshua
It was a positive and powerful reading, thank you." ... written by Finelace
Awesome as usual!!!!!!" ... written by Bratis
clarification on things. will update." ... written by redgurl
thanks!" ... written by c
I loved hearing you talk the reading this time LoveExpert! Thanks so much! Talk soon again!" ... written by Charlie
good reading. satisfying " ... written by bhawna
Great reading Expert! Thanks very much!" ... written by Charlie
Its always a pleasure talking to sir" ... written by Shubh
Good and optimistic" ... written by Newons
Love gave me a very in tune reading and he connects significantly fast. He is thorough and detailed. I can throw questions and concerns into his stream writing and it never deters him. His confidence and words come with great energy. These things brings energy toward yourself. He, in itself gives hope. I love that I can imagine what he says and his prediction is full of grace for me. I wish for this fully and to have him speak them is a thankful thing. I've been seeing LE for sometime on my love matters. He helps with the hidden thoughts and feelings of others that sometimes puzzles me or gives hardships. He is a blessed guide and I'm grateful. I will return and I hope, with the brightest of news and joy. " ... written by Merrysinclair
I really enjoy our talks and the information that he gives me. He is very quick and always friendly. Very easy to talk to and you can catch him on here a lot. I recommend that everyone try him " ... written by liberty
Totally gisted, uses no tools and tells you things that ring true without having revealed any information. " ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LoveExpert01 is by far the most outstanding psychic here. He is consistent, and delivers message with humour and understanding. Even when I have doubts he has none... and time and time again he proves to be correct. I have lost a few bets, but am glad I did as the outcome has always been as nature intended. Thank you Love Expert for your unwavering support :) xox" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LoveExpert is the real deal, no tools, tunes in very fast, and reading is direct and to the point. No time wasting here with LoveExpert. Your reading with LoveExpert will be life changing :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
good, we will see...." ... written by c
Thanks dear Expert! You are a great psychic!" ... written by Charlie
Thank you so much LoveExpert01!!! I want that happy ending too!!! :) You really are gifted!!! 10 star rating all the way dear friend!!! Love and light to you!! :) " ... written by 82Aquarius81
Awesome reader.... totally worth a private reading. :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
thanks for reading! look like dream! wll see what happen!" ... written by c
LoveExpert01 is terrific, connects without tools and his readings are given with great insight. Tells me things only a truly connected psychich could, and I know this as his predictions do happen. He provides terrific guidance and tells it how it is. Thank you Sir :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Terrific reading :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
THe best here or Oranum !!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
A true friend in time of great need :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very good reader and always thorough and consistent. Wel done sir :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
THere is no other like LoveExpert!! Thank you sir" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very good friend, kindness and compassion. Guidance required? Ask LoveExpert!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
No.1 on Oranum for a very good reason. Terrific reader and wonderful human being. Blessings!!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Well he types super fast. Gave me tons of information. I have not seen him in months and was surprised he remembered me and my situation. He is very positive and I was surprised of the things he predicted. Lots of specific things too. So he's either telling me what I want to hear, or he is the real deal. But I won't know for sure until the predictions happen. But thanks for the update. " ... written by jaqueline
Very very good reader :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
No. 1 on Oranum.... simply the best!" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Very good reader, the best on Oranum!! No tools, and very accurate :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
LoveExpert is insightful, considerate and on point. He require no tools and his insight is amazing! He is also true friend and has amazing understanding and great way of conveying on with clarity ad humour." ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Thank you Sir! Happy to be connected with you again!" ... written by A
Always helpful and positive" ... written by Shubh
TOtally awesome read. Hope progress is made, and look forward to another reading when LoveExpert is online :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Greeat reading very thorough, doesnt repeat himself and moves to new information" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
No. 1 on Oranum... and totally awesome :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Great Reader :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
Great reading sir, thank you :)" ... written by FriendlySpirit88
i am so happy to talk with him after a long time!!! take care my friend:)" ... written by TA
Always totally awesome!! His readings are insightfuly, and accurate. Things have come to pass. " ... written by Friendly Spirit
I really find LoveExpert to be one of the most reliable, consistent, considerate and humorous psychics here on Oranum. He is direct, fast typer and you get a lot of information in short time. Focuses on reading, advice when requestedoesnt social work you just tells you the facts and explains perspective of all involved. LoveExpert tells the truth and you can use free will to decide for yourself. " ... written by Friendly Spirit
Thank you for the reading sir! Will always chat with you from time to time! 10 Stars!" ... written by A
Thank you sir! Chat with you again soon! 10 Stars! Thank you for your care!" ... written by A
Thank you for update my friend!!!" ... written by noname
Point on so far w predictions" ... written by Suzanne
He is one of the best for future events" ... written by suzanne
He is detailed, fast typer." ... written by H
Had pvt with him for the first time. Can't believe how fast he is and accurate as well. Everything was so fast and so clear. After I asked my first question then he typed all the info. what I want to know about.., simply amazing! I wish his predictions come true. Many thanks!!" ... written by Di
excellent reader!!! waiting the prediction to happen :)" ... written by MA
extremely good reading fast very genuine and honest. lovely person " ... written by jr
What a kind andamp; genuine man andamp; so accurate! Excellent reading, thank you :)" ... written by havy678
an extremely knowledgeable man he can see clearly ,, he was able to see in to my situation with fine detail,, very impressive,, thank you for one of the best psychic experiences i have every had." ... written by zimerili1
He is very nice gentle and i hope accurate but will ave to wait n see " ... written by Suzanne