About LeoBrown

Psychic LeoBrownhas 5-10years of experience using psychic abilities to help others and to find answers to their personal questions. Psychic LeoBrownhas recently helped 23members with psychic readings and intuitive revelations at Oranum. The testimonials below reveal what others have said about LeoBrown's accuracy and sensitivity as an online psychic.

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Let's face it, life can be both good and bad. We all need guidance no matter who we are or what status we may hold. That's why I choose to do this work. I'm help to you empower yourself in every way possible. If you're wanting truth, honesty, compassion and friendliness you've found the right guy. Love this life and yourself with it. We only get one per lifetime. I've been reading since I was 21 years old. I take pride in helping everyone who I come across, we are all one begin even thought we may not realize it. As I help each of you, you also help me to move forward and to never forget that I'm still learning, loving and growing just like you. So, let's help each other to become stronger, open and truly understand what it truly means to be free. It doesn't matter if you're gay/straight/bi/trans or black/white. If you choose to speak with me, for that moment, however long it may be. You're a friend and apart of my circle. Let's work together and heal together.

Live in Balance, Leo :)

He was great didnt waste and time or stammering or pausing very very good i would advise anyone to take him into private3 hes worth every cent of the money you wont be disappointed!!! oh (p.s.) he wont be .99 a minute too long get a great reading now while he's only .99cents a minute!!! Thanks Leo" ... written by welobey1
He knew so much about my situation I will have to come back and let him know how everything worked out in the coming months.He is wonderful!" ... written by luckygirl40
HE WAS HONEST AND I LOVE HONESTY!" ... written by stephsocali
Ohhhh A nice well presented and very knowledgable man. Honest and Open......Please try him!!!" ... written by GODDESS-NINE
One of the best on the site...LOVED the reading..he really connected...saw to the real motivations behind things and had lots of specifics without me telling him much." ... written by rockhoundcarrie
The reading was to the point!!Thank you!!" ... written by TrustGod
Hes amazing I love him!!!! extremely accurate and so lovely!! I would recommend him to all, I will be back!! Thank you Leo!!! xx" ... written by teatawest
FINALLY I remembered to add the stars! Anyway, Leo was sooo detailed and spot on with my situation! He confirmed a lot of things for me, without me going into detail! He just knew! OMG! He's that good! I highly recommend him, because he is just THE AWESOME!" ... written by wing-mei
So funny!!! Great energy!! It was his first night here, and I put him to the test!! I already kinda knew the answers to the questions I asked...and he was pretty much right on the money!! He used some terms that were sooo true to the situation. and put out a number that was the number of years in the future this was already kinda being talked about. Come on people he did great!!! Give him a shot, hes worth the .99 a min" ... written by crazypoetgirl